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Name Rank Troop 1Ym:Br0nC0 1944 Bronco taflf Cadet Colonel D. F. lVIclVIillian, Editor Cadet Captain Sullivan, L. B., C0-Editor Cadet Captain A. S. Nlenasco, flryirtmzl Editor Cadet Nlajor H. L. Hussman, Staff Cadet Corporal R. D. Taichert, Bmifzerr Cadet Lieutenant VV. P. Brown, Pfwtogmjrfzy Cadet Sergeant W. D. Blackwell, Plzfoiogznpfzy Cadet lf. B. Klein, PfmZog1'fl,i1l7y l,ieutenant-Colonel H. P. Saunders, Jr., Faculty Azz'wirw Captain A. N. Carter, Ffzrzzlty Admira- Professional Pliotograpliy: First and Third Class pictures by Ball Studio Regimental pictures, by Rodden's Studio T BLE OF CO TE T Dedication: Page Six The School Year: A Prose Record: Page Nine Administrative: Page Twenty-Eight The First Class: Page Thirty-Five The Second Class: Page Fifty-Seven The Third Class: Page Sixty The Fourth Class: Page Sixty-Nine m: :: The Fifth Class: Page Seventy The Sixth Class: Page Seventy-One The Regiment: Page Seventy-Five The Cluhs: Page Une Hundred Twenty-Pour Sports: Page One Hundred Thirty-One The Hall of Fame: Page One Hundred Forty-Three Inside the Forty: Page One Hundred Fifty-Seven Last VVords: Page One Hundred Seventy-Pour Gui' Advertisers: Page One Hundred Eighty THE COLOR GUARD These are the symlwolsn-the State and the Nation, and the Regiment, too--which stand behind Institute men forever. Lieutenant-Colonel Ewing L. Lusk Always the foundation of Institute training and tradition, the High School Department became in fact again the Very hulwark of lnstitute life. For the first time in many years, cadet officers- the leaders of cadet spirit-have been chosen from the younger cadets. Their early maturity, their resourcefulness, their leadership, reflect the care in supervision of many men, and it is to their Academic head, whose role has such importance in their develop- ment, that the First Class dedicates its annual for l944. -PHOTOGR LI ICUTENA NT-COLOR HL LUSK fPage 81 THE SCHOOL YEAR IA Prose Recordl fPage 101 New conditions met the returning Corps of Cadets in Septem- ber: the First Class had dwindled to a token few: fourteen, in the place of a hundred seventy-three in the previous graduating group. The Army reached deeply into the Second Class as well, and the junior College, ignoring the threat of losing still more of its enroll- ment through the possible drafting of seventeen-year-olds, opened its classrooms to a scant hundred boys. Not all the hundred remained to complete their college year-but then, even the A. S. T. P. pro- gram was abandoned by the Army before the end of the year, and there was a scurrying of feet toward the training camps. Third Classmen sported the complex stripes of sergeants of all degrees, the Second Class paraded boots and buttons, the Corps was organized for its new yearis work under the direction of a new Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Lieutenant-Colonel J. B. Wise stepped into the Nlilitary Qffice in a most difficult year: his own force was diminished by transfers, his cadet leaders were an average of two years younger than usual. That he met the challenge which faced him need hardly be said: with wisdom and patience, with understanding and skill, he directed the Corps toward another outstanding year of military achievement. Colonel VVise came to the Institute from San Antonio, where he had already had experience as P. of NI. S. 81 T. A Virginian, and a graduate of V. NI. I., lClass of 19153, Colonel VVise chose the Army as a career. An lnfantryman until 1940, he transferred then to the Cavalry. ln October, Captain James H. Wlatson joined the military staff, coming from the C. R. T. C. at Fort Riley, Kansas. A gradu- ate of the University of Georgia, class of '39, Captain W'atson grew up in Alabama. His popularity is attested by his appearance in this year's Bronco Hall of Fame. Major Stapp, Major Posz, and Captain Robinson filled the fPage 111 remainder of the military staff, each one taking on additional burdens imposed by the war. The Commandant's office functioned--shall we say bril- liantly?-under a depleted force, with only two Junior Tacs for the greater part of the year: Lieutenants Cohen and Stanford. A third, Lieutenant Charlie Smith, former colonel of the cadet corps, joined the tactical force in Nlay while awaiting a call to the U. S. Army Air Forces. Perhaps quite a few cadets failed to realize that the lnstitute was one of but four schools allowed to perpetuate its Senior R. O. T. C. training this year: like the snows of yesteryear, the remainder simply vanished. NI have guaranteed your loyalty and your coopera- tion," wrote Colonel Pearson early in the fall, "you must not fail them." There has been no failure, for it has been a successful year. The Faculty showed with new faces: Captains Sawyer and Bachenheimer, teachers of Nlathematics and Spanish, Mrs. Mar- fPage 131 fPage 141 garct Nelson, lVIrs. lVlyra Kelly, instructors in English. College instructors found themselves with full high school schedules, and one of the instructors who most loves to teach found himself annexed by Nlajor ErWin's complex Headquarters organization. In this War year, visitors of rank Were frequent on the campus: lVIajor General Terry Allen, commander of the famous First Infan- try Division in its heroic days in Africa and in Sicily, even spoke to the boys of his foreign service While his fifteen-year-old son, Terry, Jr., listened modestly from the audience. The host of visitors, many of them alumni, is innumerable: among them: Lt.-Col. Dave Ackerman, former assistant to the Commandant, now in the chemi- cal warfare service, Lt.-Col. E. L. Lusk, Jr., son of Colonel Lusk of the High School Department, lVIajor F. lVIacKie, Post Engi- neer of the Alamogordo Air Field, Captain Joseph Scannell, former Institute tennis star, now of the Air Corps, Lt. H. B. McKay, for- mer swimming champion, Air Corps, Lieutenant R. D. Kirk- patrick, U. S. N., Whose younger brother is still a cadet, Captain C. J. Kronauer, Air Corps, former Cadet Colonel. While some of these men were signing the Register in Head- quarters, others like Lieutenant John C. QRedj Morgan were achieving fame in battle. Lieutenant lVIorgan of the Class of '34 was presented with the Congressional lVIedal of Honor by General Ira C. Eaker in England, his citation: "For miraculous and heroic performance in an American heavy bomber attack on Hannover in July, l943." German prisoners of war appeared for work in the Institute stables in the fall, neither exciting nor demanding attention for their physical energies, but reminding all of us that there are Institute Exes in both German and Jap prison camps who may not fare so well. lVIiraculously, this year, Colonel Sam Agee, West Pointer and Institute graduate, reappeared in America, after escaping the Nazis -just how, he is unwilling to say. fPage 151 fPage 161 Varsity football bowed to the inevitable, and retired, leaving the Colts the big team of the year. On the whole, inter-collegiate competition dropped away considerably, and intramurals took their place as a cadet interest: intramurals, that is, plus the obstacle course, the new bayonet course, greater intensity at drill, an over- night bivouac, drill with the regulation Springfields instead of the wooden guns used during the early shortage of small arms. Cadets also grew used to the sight of the Garand, the Carbine, and the 37 mm. antitank gun in actuality, and no longer had to make an academic study of them from the R. G. T. C. manual. The drills, the use of weapons, the experience of leading and being directed, all turned eventually to the annual Corps Area Inspection and G. I. For the Corps Area inspection, Colonel B. H. Coiner, former P. of Nl. S. 81 T. appeared, just prior to the annual Government Inspection, and then there was G. I. itself, with its classic routine of inspections, questions, practical problems in the field, and classroom barrages of abrupt query. Wfeekly Sally Port competition grew so keen that sometimes the entire walk before E Barracks was filled with the many who were called, as always, only the top few were chosen, with the finalists subject to ear and neck inspection of the most critical sort, and on occasion contestants were asked to show their handkerchiefs, or to turn up their trousers so that the tops of their shoes could be seen-and here was always the tricky Uby the numbersn manual of arms. Socially speaking, it was a good year, although girls were not as plentiful as usual for the dances, and therefore the stag lines were inordinately long-and in the opinion of the daters, in the way. The First Class began losing members early in the year, despite its small size, Sullivan, Bronco editor, saw Uncle Sam's crook't finger mid-way in his first semester, and the tedious job of editing fPage 171 fPage 181 the yearbook fell to McMillian, who also spent a few days under Army supervision, but who later was released to return as Cadet Colonel for the remainder of the year. Every evening, the drums rolled out Retreat, supplementing the buglers, and Sally Port became an uncovered area Where old and new cadet alike was expected to salute-and thus Went a bar- racks refuge from saluting for the weary G. C. and his assistants. Nearly every Nlonday night there was a cadet hop, enlivened by Captain Huntls rhythmic organization. Besides the Cotillion Club, which functioned with such regu- larity, other clubs reassembled-but gone was the pre-medic organ- ization of former days, a casualty of the draft-age idea. The International Relations Club was very active, under Nlajor Kelly's able sponsorship, and Cadets King and Polk distinguished them- selves at the I. R. C. Conference in Canyon with sound and able opinions, well expressed. Colonel Pearson furnished several evenings of entertainment and enlightenment, particularly in the appearance of Dr. Allen Albert, great housing authority and geographer. Jack Nlajors, humorist, gave the boys a much appreciated talk on Japs and on Paducah, Kentucky, and lVlr. Ralph lVIelville, glass blower extra- ordinary, performed incredible feats of dexterity with his equip- ment before the astonished eyes of a small but very appreciative audience. These engagements proved very popular with cadets and they were well attended by outsiders. The "IU Club, which started off the year with but four letter- men, was increased several hundred per cent during the school year, for riflemen were lettered, and awards were made in football, basketball, and polo. Swimming was informally conducted, track received brief but concentrated attention during the late spring, the peak of the track season being the intramural meet just before Commencement. fPage 191 fPage 201 Examinations for the Navy V-5 Program, or for college entrance boards, or for Annapolis or VVest Point--or standardized tests in Chemistry, English, Spanish, and a dozen other things- all these Were constant reminders of the outside World and its call upon the cadet corps, immediate or soon to come. These things were offset by the mail man's more or less regular visits, by movies and dates and dances, and by such things as the Pup Tent,s beauty con- test, which crowned lVliss Betty Sue Brack of Stephen's College Beauty Queen of the Corps of Cadets. lVliss Brack, in the Bronco's opinion, was a most attractive, appealing choice. The Maxferick, the cadet literary magazine, disappeared, for Want of financing, a staff, and contributors, but The Pup Tent car- ried on ably, appearing in a dozen issues between September and May, and guided by Cadet Major King With all the skill and forensic ability for which he was already famous When the year began. Speaking of cadets, there is one to whom The Bronco touches the brim of its cap with a tinge of awe: Cadet Lieutenant Brown, W. P.: because he is a wizard on electrical fixings, the Command- ant's Office has been able to summon a boy to Long Distance with- out wearing the O. D. O. down to the ankles, because of the same skill, the Natatorium was filled with delectable organ music fema- nating from the Auditoriumj during the Final Ball, and because of his photographic skill many of The Bronco's pages are finally filled. As the Commandant remarked, on commencement day, "VVe,re going to miss that boy around here." Thanksgiving Day was most enjoyable, although the Corps followed the precedent established last year of not celebrating Homecoming because of the difficulties of transportation and hous- ing exes in large numbers. The span between Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays was so brief as to be negligible, but in that interval there were wild rumors afloat, even to talk that there would LPage 211 LPage 221 be no holidays at all. There were, of course: and they conformed to the dates already announced in the Catalogue, much to everyone's astonishment. Now it is perhaps time to pay tribute to another cadet: Lex Connolly, who joined the Armed Forces in December. Lex was a great polo player and a gifted writer, and it is particularly as the latter that his absence was keenly felt by both The Bronco and The Pup Tent. His never-failing good humor remains with us in memory. The First and Second Class Dance was a harbinger of the year's end. It was moved to the Post Exchange this year, Where under the crystal candalabra, the dancing took on a Latin-American air: zarapes covered the walls of the Lounge, candles in bottles adorned the tables of the PX proper, the costumes were particu- larly attractive, and many of them came direct from Mexico for the occasion. This is not a chronological record, so letls go back to January for a moment. There was no snow in January, and although there were cold days and nights, the drill schedule was conducted With- out much fear of Weather's interference. It was in January that information came to the school which sounded like, and was, Insti- tute achievement from afar: of the Class of '43, twenty-three fin- ished their officer's course at Fort Benning, Georgia, together: Alexander, Allmand, Anderson, Barker, Curto, De Nlontrond, Ewing, Gellert, Glasebrook, Hayden, Hinckley, Hindi, Lieurance, Nlenasco, lVIinton, Ramsay, Roderick, Russell, Snowden, Spencer, Terrill, vanFradenburg and W'ard. During the holidays, Chandler and Paul Hinckley left school, preparatory to entering West Point, Sanders, Tom lVIcClure, Tipton, Arnot, and Swanner, Went into the Navy, Sullivan, Eng- land, Boatman, Young, Chancellor, Johnson and Lace entered the Army. Others departed, singly or in pairs, and one began to notice LPage 231 l l li fPage 24l the vacant rooms in barracks, their blinds drawn, doors locked, their stoops not quite so dustless as the adjoining quarters. NVith The Bronco staff decimated, a cry went up from the First Class appeal- ing for help: it was late in coming, and that accounts, perhaps, for the fact that a new precedent was established with this issue: it was not available for signing at the end of school, and all apologies are made herewith for that contratemps. The overnight bivouac was the most strenuous military endea- vor of the year. There were skirmishes and clashes by night, and rumor insists that two cadet platoons were entirely lost for a time. Be that as it may, it was a tired Corps of Cadets which returned from its labors, and many a story was told of tall evasion and maneuver. A rifle was missing next morning, some compasses mis- placed temporarily, but at last everything was accounted for, and new blisters might burn, but were hidden by stout shoes. The Final Ball committee, with Gerrity at its head, struggled mightily to produce a worthy dance without cellophane, crepe paper, or new board: not even a double-A priority would have pro- duced them. The Gym was decorated at last with flags and shields bearing regimental insignia, and in the Natatorium-the hardest of all places to mask effectively-there was a huge Institute shoul- der patch, glowing yellow and orange and soft black under ultra- violet lights, which reflected in the water and cast the spell of a full moon on the spectators. His Excellency, the Governor of New Nlexico, attended with a party which included Nlajor General Allen. lylajor John E. Smith labored mightily over the Final Ball, as did the entire cadet committee. Commencement, altogether, was a busy and brilliant occasion, its significance dimmed by only one irretrievable absence, the loss of Cadet Nlajor Roy F. Wlard. The fact of his death must remain a part of this yearls history, as his memory will remain with all who knew him. fPage 251 fPage 26j Thus the year in hrief review, as it appears to the editor of The Bronco. A yearbook should not he filled with teXt, however, hut with pictures. In the sections which follow, the editor has kept his words well to the hackgroundg if a picture is worth ten thousand words, then let the following pictures speak for themselves. Q 4 , 'W B 6 8' J,, ,A Ylffq. if x 'X 3 wg, v f FQ S ' 'shi ':z ju?- kigm , W? 4? BOARD OF REGENTS THE GOVERNOR Ol9 NEW' MEXICO: His Excellency lNl1'. Dempsey Mr. DOW, Qll121lI'IH21D lVl1'. Hinkle Judge Compton lVlr. Dauglltry lVl1'. Becker No picture available fPage 281 IIII SL PIQRI N'l IfNIJHN'I'2 Colcmcl D. C. Pcz11'sm1 fPage 291 fPage 301 HEADQUARTERS Captain Bird ' 11111111114 ,mid ,f fi lNfIiss Bates Nlaj or lirwin Ainong tlie keepers of records and dispensers of Casli and other articles: lXIajor G. L. Erwin, Bliss lVIOdene Bates, Captain Russell Bird. THE :XCADENIIC HEADS: I,icutcuullt-C'ol0nel G. B. Duffield, Lieutenant-Colonel Lusk fPage 311 1 O-1 - lt W. ii, M X 2 Q!! me fi. Q . ll X ,. fl Z 5, v -'rf ,. ,rw :.- ,wi v U4 ff' L f -fl -'N-'l"1 , -Q fwn. F Q V9 A 'gg f is F I WL' Fl if Q at 1- i 3 MU 5 COMMANDANTS OFFICE TIIIC CONIMANDANT OP CADFTS: I1icutellaut-Co1o11cl H. P. Suundczrs, Jr. fPage 331 fFage 341 tra FAMILIAR FACES OF THE JUNIOR COLLICGP Nlajoi' Kelly, lXflaj0r lVlCClu1'e, Captain Anderson Captain White, Colonel Duffield, Captain Faleoni Captain Sykes, Captain Roudebush, Captain W. First Class LPage 361 FRANK M. BERNICK Regimental runner-up in the 115-pound class in boxing, and versatile intramuralist, Bernick has been at the Institute three years. Likable and rather offhand, Bernick settled down to become a Corporal in '44. Also in his First Class year, he became President of the Newman Club. His home is in Iowa City, Iowa. XVALLACE D. BLACKVVELL Photographer, and ardent competitor in athletics, Blackwell was a regimental sergeant in the Corps. He was a regimental Winner in boxing in '43, and was photographic editor of The Bronco and President of the Camera Club in '44. His home is Amarillo, Texas. lQPage 371 fPage 381 EDWARD G. BUCK Buck entered the Institute in his Second Class year, becoming cor- poral, sergeant, and staff sergeant in '44. A combination of the languid plainsman and curious student, his friendly attitude has been felt in both classroom and barracks activitiesg his home is in the Indian-sprinkled state of Oklahoma, city of Muskogee. A member of several clubs, he Wears a few Rifle Club medals to prove his variety of interests. PGVVHATAN CARTER, JR. Carter, P., was called to active duty from his status as E. R. C. enlistee in his third year of Institute life. Corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, and second lieutenant, he would have continued advancement in military rank had he been permitted to finish his First Class year. A good student, and physically active, Carter distinguished himself especially in Varsity foot- ball, tumbling, trapshooting and swimming. His home is in the familiar town of Roswell. fPage 391 fPage 401 TILFORD A. EVVING l Corporal in his second year, EWing's chief interests lie in intramural sports and study-perhaps in the order named. Always a good horseman, he was a member of the Varsity jumping team his rabbit yearg football, baseball and swimming complete the list of his intramural activities. From the deep south: Lexington, Kentucky. CHARLES R. GREER Another First Classman called before graduation was Greer, a First Lieutenant upon leaving school, and progressively before that corporal and second lieutenant. Rather a phenomenon in these war years, Greer almost completed five years of Institute training before going into the Service. A basketball wizard, he lettered consistently and became a member of the all-star Colt team. He was active in the Newman Club, and intramural sports. Santa Fe is his home town. fPage 411 fPage 421 HARRY L. HUSSMANN, III The good commander of K troop, Cadet Major Hussmann added immeasurably to an El Paso-family tradition: that of friendliness and good nature, of likable personality. He rose steadily through all grades of rank, earned his 'T' in varsity basketball, belonged to the Camera Club and the Jumping Team and the Bronco staff, was chairman of the spring dance of '44 and vice-president of the Officers' Club. El Paso, of course, is at the southern end of New Mexico. THURMAN M. KELSO In two years to the rank of Cadet Second Lieutenant, Kelso has shown integrity and purpose. He is known for joviality, seasoned with common sense. An Honor Society member, his academic rating has never been known to disturb his friends. To him, the Officers' Club was the best of organizations. A native New Mexican, he hails from Clovis. fPage 431 LPage 441 FRANK H. H. KING See the Hall of Fame for this gentleman's reappearance: another five- year graduate, famous in his cadet apprenticeship for forthrightness and originality. The rank of Cadet Major was his in his First Class year, and to his military rating he added the distinctions of Pup Tent Editor and Valedictorian. He was also a Ruppert Award winner, and vice-president of the First Class-but these are only a part of his record of accomplish- ments. It is only just to say that King's Valedictory speech was the finest ever given in the school's history. Until the Army calls him, King will be at his home in Fort Worth, Texas. DON F. MCMILLIAN What does it take to make a Cadet Colonel? Whatever it is, here is the 1944 model from N. M. M. I. As a second classman, McMillian Was presi- dent of the First Sergeants' Club, Final Ball Committee member, First and Second Class Dance committeeman. Over his years at school he gathered a wide variety of athletic and military honors, President of the First Class, President of the Officers' Club and the Cotillion Club, Bronco Edi- tor-Best Drilled Cadetg Harry Morrison cup Winner-letter-man-it could easily go on. Most popular and personable, McMillian deserves all that the good will of the Institute can bestow. fPage 451 LPage 461 CHARLIE J. POWELL Graduate of both the High School and College Departments, Powell has fluctuated a little academically, but settled down to a burst of activi- ties, including a good showing on the grade sheets. He skipped the cor- poral's rank, then took successive places in the Corps until he emerged as Cadet Captain commanding Troop C. Football, softball, and tennis were his athletic interests. Quiet, sociable, extremely likable, Powell comes from Borger, Texas, a few paces from Amarillo. LCUIS B. SULLIVAN In four years, Sullivan rose to the rank of Cadet Captain and distin- guished himself in publications interest until he was named Bronco Editor for 1944. As a Third Classman in 1942, he was given the Thelin Award as outstanding new cadet, and held the American Legion medal the same year. From corporal in '42 to captain in ,44 summarizes his military achievement, his personality and capability assured for him a high position and great esteem in the Corps of Cadets. A good student and a lover of literature, in wrestling, jumping, and basketball, he was a vigorous and ardent participant. He is a member of the Institute's California contingent, coming from San Jose. LPage 471 fPage 481 TEDDY L. SWANNER Throughout his two years at the Institute Swanner has added to cadet pleasure, not only as an orchestra member but also as a most personable and likable chap. On the military side, he rose to the rank of staff sergeantg in athletics, boxing and touch football were his favoritesg in academics, he leans toward engineering. He comes from Slaton, Texas. JOHN G. WVRIGHT, JR. A sergeant in his First Class year, Wright was chiefly interested in cadet activities, and notably in horsemanship and on the Rifle Team he proved his skills. Wrestling, baseball, tennis and track all took his time, yet he Was active in the International Relations' Club and sound in aca- demic studies as well. His home town is Paris-yes, in Texas. LPage 491 fPage 501 ROY F. VVARD Some time before his serious illness and death, the following was Written for The Bronco: "Roy's chief claims to friendship are his natural cheerfulness, his high sense of honor, and his clean character. As a friend we know of none more sincere. We admire him, We love him, and We hate to lose him." Let the paragraph stand here, now, as his epitaph. IN 'lQHIi SIiRX'IQ' I UI 'l'IIIi XA-X'l'Il DX f 1 w l,lzl1'k,C1. D. C,'llIHIHi11S, H. G. Crow, A. H. Dillmzm, R. EI. U1Hcm,U.XI. Dow, I. In ftllmtt, ly U. Green, bl. R. ,... ..V .11 if K. Q 'T ' W ff 3 N 5 ", '52 'MQW IN THR SERVICE OF THE NATUDN: Hardin, J. 'lf Hinshaw, C. K. Johnson, NI. C. Kelly, F. I.. Killmrn, H. NI. Ki11g,S. R. Lucy, bl. H. Lcff, M. G. "Yu """Q"" X .1 55 IN 'l'IIIi SERVICE OI" 'l'HIi NATION LfCO1'111l'LI7 R. Lusk, If. 5 IXICGIIIIIISJ D. B. AICIIIIIIS, H. L. KIilcs, IT. If. KIOCIQ, P. H. Nunn, R. R. H. PO1'fC1', I.. P. IN THE SERVICE OE THE NATION: Owens, E. Ripling, VV. I. Roofs, A. K. SIi1l,lgIlfC1'j G. NI. Stokes, S. D. Sumner, G. Vittitoc, J. D. Vollmer, E. -Fm IN 'I'III' SERVICE OI 'VHF NATION: Hayes , In. P. y QYZIFIYOH, R. Henry, YY. S. clm-k, 11. I. Summer, Ci. w Pussctt, C . H. r 1 . lcrrlll, 1.14. Him, xl. I.. vii 1 IN THE SE RVICP OF THE NATION VVSIIS, U. T VViIIiams, Ii. VVinder, G. Snodgrass, 'I VVitherstine, B1-ashar, K. '. VV. J. K G. THE SECO D CLASS Cadet Captain Gcrrity, prc:sidc:nt5 Cadet Captain Felch, vice-presidentg Cadet Captain Oakes, secretary. fPage 571 THE SECO D CLASS Abercrombie, J. D., Arnot, H. C., Atkinson, M. L., Becker, R. J., Bohnet, G. D., Boyd, C. D., Brittan, L. A., Brown W. P., Bunten, J. A., Campbell, E. W., Chandler, L., Chappell, B. B., Chi-istesson, B. L., Craig, J. S., Crawford, L. Deal, S. M., Dix, WV. O., Egbert, O. E., Ellis, T. J., England, W. P., Feder', M. C., Felch, F. J., Friedman, B. H. Gerrity, J. L., Gibson, R. A., Grant, F. E., Griffith, C. H., Haldinian, J. B., Hannett, A. T., Harrison, J. L., Har- rison, R. L., Hastey, T. W., Hinckley, P. R., Hindi, S., Holloway, J. N., Hoover, H. C., Johnson, W. R., Kahn, K. A. Lace, E. L., LaPrade, P. VV., Lonzini, A. S., Losey, G. M., Luck, B. K., McClure, T. H., MacDonald, K. R., McEntire E. F., McFarland, H. B., Maloney, J., Martin, C. P., Menasco, A. S., Miller, J. C., Miller, L. D., Miller, R. M., Moore K. W., Murphy, A. M., Norton, M. L., Oakes, A. R., Papin, J., Parish, G. J., Patrick, E. D., Regester, H. W., Rippy W. P., Sanders, J. C., Saville, R., Schlofman, A. S., Schoonover, C. M., Scott, S. M., Sharp, T. R., Sheehy, J. L. Shelton, J. M., Skiles, XV. B., Smith, T. F., Snell, J. D., Strathearn, D. L., Stripling, W. C., Stryker, E. M., Stuart D. S., Tannenbaum, I. R., Thomas, S. H. Tipton, R. G., Trau, F. G., Wells, G. D., Wheeler, A. B. C., Willard, F. VVood, J. R., VVoodbury, J. M., Wright, J. G., Young, M. R. LPage 581 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES: The Third Class ""--Q ff, FHE THIRD CLASS OFFICERS WITH COLONEL LUSK LPage 591 The Third Class l l pw., l ' Abercrombie, J. L. Addington, J. J. Agostini, G. J., Jr. Alderman, J. M. Allen, E. R. l l Anderson, J. M. Archenhold, VV., Jr. Athey, J. R. Baucus, VV. D. Bedford, ll. G., Jr. :.l"w W. ftp l Bell, T. M. Beloat, J. A. Boggess, XV. S. Bonner, F. R., Jr. Bosworth, P. R. l Boyd, R. N. Bracke. V. Bradley, C. G. Brisbin, L. G., Jr. Buffington, R. M. 1 fPage 611 ,fm fifrlw Cabell, B. M. Campbell, J. D. Bujac, J. N. Byerly, L. G. Byrd, H. D. l Campbell, R. L. Carmody, A. R. Carter, A. Chambers, R. H. Chancellor, C. VV. Chancellor, J. H. Closson, T. C. Cohen, R. M. Compton, J. G. Connolly, J. A. ,gf Corn, W. E. Cox, R. R. Craddock, W. D. Craft, A. M. Cruise, E. A. fPage 621 an Curtis, J. L. Donahue, J. P. Drury, R. T. Egbert, H. C. Emerson, G. S. Eugler, T. Forbes, D. L. Fowler, T. V. Galbraith, Y. H. Galloway, C. R. Garrison, D. C. Gerrard, C. C. Gibbs, E. C. Gilmore, C. E. Gore, R. M. Green, F. C. Griffith, C. M. Guenther, R. B. Grimm, S. L. Haggart, J. G. LPage 631 Halsey, J. W. Hammond, K. J. T'l3.1'ClQDlkl1l, R. T. llarding, J. R. Harris, J. T Haughton, H. S. Hayes, T. M. Heilfrou, J. Hester, C. E. Hill, F. J. Hinton, E. Hobbs, W. L. Hoehu, F. G. Holesapple, R. W. Hord, H. F. Howard, J. H. Ika1'd,VV. G. Johnson, S. W. Jones, P. H. Kahn, K. A. fPage 641 Kaplan, J. D. Keller, E. C. Kelly, O. T. Kerr, R. S. Kilburn, R. S. Kilburn, C. Klein, E. B. Landers, J. B. Larson, R. M. Lamson, W. M. 3 Leckner, C. S. Luck, A. A. Mcljride, D. L. McCauley Mcllroy W . Mclntosh, B. G. Mclntire, E. B. Marr, W. K. Marshall, S. H. Matsinger, J. R. fPage 651 :We l fa, ' fl K Meyer, W. J. Micander, J. B. Miller, R. L. Mulkey, R. C. O'Malley, J. F. --.Q----- J... . """' J J JJJJ J JJJ J JJJJ J J F F J J J J f"' 2 1 ---- . .... ... ::"" -vlv A E ............. X ? ....... . :s'1f:s2.s,.1:f:z:z:a:s :a: . "f'. -f" 51 "-' X 'il 1' 2 we F I sw. if E . Ostenberg, C. S. Owens, R. J. Hancock, R. H. Patten, E. L. Pauley, E. W. Peddie, R. S. Peters, F. G. Prina, Z. C. Reed, F. J. Richardson, W. C. Ridgeway, W. E. Rockwell Ross. R. E. Ruffin, L. E. Rush, V. C. LPage 661 Savile, R. Schulze, S. P. Schuster, F. P. Scott, D. C. Sears, J. R. Seigfreicl, J. W. Shillingburg, D. M. Slaughter, D. W. Smith, A. E. Spencer, S. S. Steward, C. R. Subera, C. M. Suiter, G. E. Sullivan, E. Terrell, A. P. Thayer, I. C. Thompson, R. R. Tipling, R. M. Tipton, G. Tomlinson, L. S. fPage 671 Tompkins, J. G. Ward, C. F. Watkins, R. A. Watson, M. J. Weed, M. G. Welch, W. C. Westervelt Wheelock, G. R. Williams, I. B. VVoods, M. G Worsham, J. P. YVright, K. A. Rohr, R. M. fPage 631 THE FOURTH CLASS Abell. B. W.. Angle. F. E., Antila, E. F.. Appel. J. W.. Argall, F. G.. Asher, J. W.. Baca. O. C.. Barrett, A. R.. Baucus. W. ll.. Bea- mon. A. PI.. Beard. l.. S., Bellamark. F. W.. Benton. J. T.. Bernard. E. G.. Berry. ll. M.. Blake. H. D.. Bosworth, P. H.. Bowers . v J B. T., Brain nd. E. H.. Breer. L. C.. Britten, B. F.. Brown. F. S., Brown. H. L.. Brown. H. L.. Bryant, T. A.. Byrd. S. J.. butler, J. C. Calvert. D. R.. Casabonne. P. J.. Chauyin, E. D., Clayton, F. G.. Cole. P. J.. Cole. R. S., Collier. T. M.. Connelly, XV. A.. Cowan. R. J. Z . Cox, R. R., Crosby. F. W.. Cullinan, J. S.. Culver, ll. A.. Danenberg. H. D.. Davis. li. W., Delanoy, P. N.. Dickinson, R. B.. Donald .I. J.. Dreyfuss. P.. Duckworth, E., Durant, B. S.. Eberhardt. R. M., Fatheree. C. W.. Feuquay, E. P., Forbes. D. L.. Frazier. J. R. , . Gaines, J. M., C J.. llarrell, Holden, J. M., Keyes. N. IC., Logan, l". V., Garrison, R. L., Gates. R. B.. Gentry. R. Fl., Getzwiller. J. B., Graham. ll. S., Guy, C. A., Haggerson. VV. L., Hall L. J.. Harris, YV. N.. Hayes, J. D., llead, C. J., Hickman, VV. D., llilton. L'. N., Hinkley, YV. E., Hogzaboom, H. R. Howard, C. A., Hughes, R, B., llundahl, J. C., Hunter, C. L.. Hurd, L. E., Jones, L. K., Jones, VV. B., Jordan, L. VV. Knowles, R. L., Koch, R., Kranzthor, W. A., Kunkel, J. B., Lambirth, L. R., Latham, T. L., Levin, H. J., Lewis, J. A. Love, K. C., Lownes, V. A.. lllr.-Cutcheon, E. E., McGavock, M. M., Mclntyre. XV. B., Maloof, P. F., Mantz, R. T. Marsh. P. V.. Melim, R. D.. Messenger. W. P., Mora, C. VV.. Muir. J. D.. Murray, E. F., Nail. VV. R.. Nixon, J. C., Orndorff. C. L. Palmer. J. XV.. Patrick. T. B.. Paxton. D. ll.. Payson, C.. Peel, D. NV.. Phillips. li. G.. Pollick, D., Price. ll. V.. Pruitt, L. B. Rauch. I... Roberts, H. A.. Rosson. H. F.. Sammons. M. M.. Sanchez. N. D.. Saville, D. ll., Schnack, T. L.. Schneider. G. A.. Schnur- mucher. li. P.. Schoeb. J. D.. Schooley. R. P.. Schultz. J. Z., Seymour. A. T.. Shultz. XY. B.. Singer. J. L., Sisk, D. A.. Smith. A. YV.. Snayely. J. F.. Snow. C. C.. Stoops. W. M.. Strathearn. L. M.. Suess. G. Sullivan, E. G.. Swanson. C. H.. Taichart, R. D.. Temp- est. J. 'W .. 'lh ompson. B. L.. Thompson. B. C.. Turner, R. 'Wu yanLint. Y. A. J.. lYalton. XY. A.. VVard. T. B., Warren, R. T.. W'elch T. F.. Wells. V. M.. Wells. Z. R.. Westaway. J. V.. Westerman. R. L.. Wilder. G. G.. Williams. C. N.. lVilliams. D. Cf. Williams D. XY.. Williams. F. YY.. Wilson. J. G.. AYllllIl'lllg'Ql'. R. l... lYolfe. D. D.. Young. V. R. fPagIe 691 TH FIFTH CLASS Abercrombie, D. E., Agnew, G. C., Allen, T., Appleby, W. R., Beckwith, D. VV., Best, J. B., Borschow, I. X., Bracker, R. M. Burton, J. F., Burton, R. S., Campbell, J. W., Cavin, S. H., Colter, D. B., Colvard, G. T., Coope, R. L., Costa, N. R., Creson R., Currie, E. C., Davis, J. W., Davison, O. H., Dawson, A. B., Decker, D. R., Derrick, J. T., Dickie, W. C., DiLorenzo, D. L. Dodds, C. F., Dreyfuss, M., Ellett, W. D., Ellsworth, R. L., Farmer, J. E., Fletcher, C. F., Forbes, A. L., Franusich, R. M. Fulmer, W. W., Gore, F. M., Gunn, M. P., Haddad, E., Hawkins, C. W., Hermann, J. R., Hosmer, C. W., Heyde, R. R., Hill E., Hill, H. B., Hillger, M. L., Hilton, W. B., Hixson, C. L., Hoffman, C. W., Holt, W. E., Hord, D. B., Horton, B. K., Hutch- inson, P. K., Hyman, M. L., Ingber, P. J., Ingle, C. W., Iverson, S. J., Jacobs, S. M., Ke'ly, J. H., Kendall, T. P., Keye P. F., King, B. E., Kirkpatrick, L. N., Lang, D. M., Leake, C., Leakou, J. S., Lilley, J. E., Lockhart, C. H., Lockhart, L. Long, C. O., Lovelady, J. W., Lowrey, W. G., McBee, W. D., McGrath, H. J., McMordie, F. F., McMordie, J. J., Martin H. B., Masterman, J. S., Mather, J. W., Miller, V. L., Noble, T. B., Northcutt, R. A., Oakes, H. G., Olds, J. W., Parker B. VV., Patterson, J. B., Pfleuger, J. S., Polk, W. R., Potter, L. H., Prina, F. S., Rempel, S. H., Repp, D. P., Rittscher H. W., Roberts, D. H., Rodgers, C. L., Romero, J. H., Rosseau, R. B., Rubenstein, E. F., Schaefer, E. S., Schneider, Ji. D. Scrutchins, W. B., Sears, J. P., Shepard, M., Shotwell, J. J., Shuler, A. C., Spalding, J. W., Spitzer, S. P., Staley, T. G. Standish, V. O., Steves, C. A., Stewart, V. L., Stine, G. H., Toles, J. P., W'arren, H. A., Weiss, B. L., Wilde1', C. V., Wilford E. F., Williams, L. W., Wilson, R. G., Woodard, G. W. fPage 701 THE I TH CL SS Bell, K. VV., Bellamak, J, V., Bernarclin, D. M., Bretz, R. M., Brittinggham, L. G., Butler, C. K., Cain, B. L., Gover, J. P., Hubbard, S. J., Hooper, J. D., Hutchings, R. K., Koch, C. E., Martin, W. S., Minton, W. S., Muldrow, R. V., Nuttall, R. R., Parmer, J. F. Phelan, J. F., Rushmore, J., Slaughter, T. V., Souris, H. A., Stablein, J. E., Stahmann D. F., Stites, C., Stumberg, T. H., Valdastri, M. J., Wleiss, N. D., Wheeler, S. O., Wilson N. A., Younger, E. B. fPage 711 fPage 721 HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY OF 1943 C Y U SQ? :NGA OO Q03 .sf :CD ug.. :Ai :S EJ mv, Z: ,NO NVE ,EU ,JJ ,na :AE U 'GS new Ea UB LZ in 3 is :fm 2? me is 95 UD inn .EC if GS U FAMILIAR FACES OF 1944 ! 'fa 'ggi 4 -"- .. :,. 5 5 i RA ?,XQ W is ga C Q a Captain Blake Captain Bachenlieimei' Mrs. Nelson Captain B. Captain Starr Captain Nelson Captain Hunt Captain Sawyer lVl1's. Kelly fPage 731 A 5 .M i I THE REGIMENT Q ,g The Big Hurdle: G. I. Inspectors LPage 751 Re imental taff lPage 761 Regimental Sponsor Bliss Evelyn lVlclVIillian Cadet Colonel MclVIillian Staff Sponsor lVIrs. R. L. VVarne The Regimental Staff before the Thomas Nlemorial Building: Colonel NlelVlillian5 Second Lt. Nliller, R. Nl., S-43 Second Lt. Alclernlan, sl. Nl., S-2. Bliss lDCl,1'CtC1', Stuff SIDOHSCN fPage 771 fPage 781 HEADQUARTERS TROOP CAPTAIN: Oakes, A. R. FIRST LIEUTENANT: Boyd, C. D. SECOND LIEUTENANT: Kelly, O. T. FIRST SERGEANT Galbraith, V. H. SERGEANTS Blackwell, W. D. Miller, L. D. Ross, R. E. Schulze, S. P. Sheehy, J. L. Wright, J. G. CORPORALS Anderson, J. M. Cox, R. R. Curtiss, J. L. Garrison, R. L. Hammond, K. J. Howard, C. A. Logan, F. C. Phillips, E. G. OLD CADET PRIVATES Bunten, J. A. NEW CADET PRIVATES Abell, B. W. Addington, J. J. Agostini, G. A. Atkinson, M. L. Butler, J. C. Decker, D. R. NEW CADET PRIVATES Dodds, C. F. Ellsworth, R. L. Farmer, J. E. Gover, J. P. Haggerson, N. L. Hickman, W. D. Hinton, E. L. Hord, H. F. Ingle, C. W. Lechner, C. S. McDonald, K. R. Maloof, P. F. Martin, C. P. Oakes, H. G. Paxton, D. B. Rempel, S. H. Rodgers, C. L. Romero, J. H. Schlofman, A. S. Stuart, D. S. Subera, C. M. Van Lint, V. A. Ward, T. B. Warren, R. T. Wilder, G. G. Wilford, E. F. Wilson, R. G. Woodward, G. W. 'l'roop Sponsor Cadet Captain Oakes, A. R. HEADQUARTERS TROOP Troop Sweetheart Nlrs. C. I.. Oakes Bliss Nlary Wrooclarci Troop FIeafIqua1'feo".Q: Captain Oakes, A. R.g First Lieutenant Boyd, C. D.g Second Lieutenant Kelly, O. T.g First Sergeant Gal- braith, V. H. fPage 791 ' " "' 4' Y First Platoon, under the command of First Lieutenant Boyd, C. D. x fPage 801 Second Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant Kelly, O. T N .. r R A , -1 1 xl Q ,,:-Q - 1 ---h :5- f' 5: . L i I 1' . jg 1' if f ., , .',, " f ' 5 ":"-:' .,:, I '... I I ' 75 :": E: -:s:E:ie- . M "".. " ij Y x A 1 A , ' , ' ::-':2 f f Q.q.q .:' uulzlu fm ""-V ,, , .,.:, E .,::: E 'V A ' "" . f 1 'if gb "' , ....:. 5 "':' I ??K"iF'V fi' zzz 1 .E buuuu , i"': " -gg , " . -:"--- ? 5-5' 'V , MT 'Z' 12- '. ' , '-" 'X" -25 W QS M? 5 ' P' f ' llv- vs :sa::-IQ.. . M we I, -, Kg: .,,, --,--, A ,K ffm .ng s ----.,: I M 29 A: A was ' "V- f ' - X ., K '. i , Q ,ag ..::, ,,V.., - A. , in ..., 'S Q I .I W . . , Q' 'I "" E ,.,, xg 54 -"'- 2 2:35-'E :-. "" XL I is ix.. ,' I I-5 , 'Q ,. W 3 :,,.,5 ,, .ii ,-V:V ,T j . 1 , .. -, , 7 , , , - Q wt? ui, f ..,. .Rv k Z1 M W W Dress Riglmtglkessf 6 'fx , in "'4,, Q Ready fPage 811 it M Close Range Harmony fPage 821 Stack 'Em "Aw TROCP A CAPTAIN: Gerrity, J. L. SECOND LIEUTENANTS: Brown, W. P. FIRST SERGEANT Guenther, R. B. STAFF SERGEANT Buck, E. C. CColorJ SERGEANTS Baucus, W. D. Carter, A. Kerr, R. S. fColorJ Pauley, E. W. Thompson, R. R. CORPORALS Bernick, F. M. Klein, E. B. Mulkey, R. C. Ruffin, L. E. Williams, E. W. Woodbury, J. M. OLD CADET PRIVATES Hinkley, W. E. CPFCJ Levin, H. J. Rohr, R. M. NEW CADET PRIVATES Appel, J. W. Beard, L. S. Bohnet, G. D. Bonner, F. R. Brown, F. S. Campbell, R. L. Casabonne, P. J. Hastey, T. W. NEW CADET PRIVATES Chambers, R. H. Compton, J. G. Creson, B. P. Dawson, A. B. Deal, S. M. Drury, R. T. Durant, B. S. Eberhardt, R. M. Forbes, A. L. Fulmer, W. W. Gibbs, E. C. Gibson, R. A. Gore, F. M. Hawkins, C. W. Hermann, J. R. Heyde, R. R. Lawson, R. M. Luck, A. A. Matzinger, J. R. Patterson, J. B. Roberts, H. A. Seigfried, J. W. Shotwell, J. J. Strathearn, L. M. Stryker, E. M. Sullivan, E. Sullivan, E. G. Wheeler, A. B. C. Wheelock, G. R. Wolfe, D. D. Younger, E. B. IPage 831 ,paw Cadet Captain Gerrity, L. A TROOP Troop Sponsor Troop Sweetheait M1'S, L, E. Ruffin Nliss Aleen Hinkle Troop Headqucwte1's: Captain Ger- rity, J. L.g Second Lieutenant Brown, W. P.g Second Lieutenant Hastey, T. W.g First Sergeant Guenther, R. B.g Staff Sergeant Buck, E. C. LPage 841 i The First Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant, Brown, W. P. The Second Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant Hastey, T. W. fPage 851 Prepare for . fPage S61 Inspection! Aw N Inside, And Outside lsgx if 4 -vwfff ,M ,fxfgw ww 2 12 2 W fiigw MQW, 1. 'J 3 ,wwfzw .vp 2' F 4-feb, A, f ,JJ abgqgaqggf XfigsfgkgfKQwlm?gff6k?s1aag3g2wWMmvwmWiM??Q:giiW,bWw5g, And All The Town e.-.-.-V'-WV VVAA A A.. pl ,., 1 if "'2:W MQ M V? ,.,... Z Z ,,' .A.. i I : ,..'i if 2': ' --' "" wwf """A" WMV' WW WW -ww-ww M ww ..,-- f , ivlmw-, T Q . Qewmm Aww fPage S71 fPage 881 'TBM TRCCP CAPTAIN: Felch, F. J. FIRST LIEUTENANT: Hannett, A. T. SECOND LIEUTENANT: Marshall, S. H. QActingj FIRST SERGEANT Ostenberg, C. S. SERGEANTS Byerly, L. G. Gore, R. M. Harris, J. T. Steward, C. R. CORPORALS Calvert, D. R. Connelly, W. W. Ewing, T. A. Haggart, J. G. Losey, G. M. Shillingsburg, D. M. OLD CADET PRIVATES Howard, J. H. Hundahl, J. C. CPFCJ Koch, R. Peddie, R. S. Snavely, J. E. Thompson, B. L. NEW CADET PRIVATES Antila, E. F. Baca, O. G. Breer, L. C. Brisbin, L. G. Collier, T. M. Costa, N. R. Davis, J. W. Delanoy, P. M. Derrick, J. T. NEW CADET PRIVATES Emerson, G. S. Franusich, R. Gates, R. B. M. Griffith, C. H. Hancock, R. H. Hardeman, R. Hogaboom, H. Hughes, R. B. Hunter, C. L. Hutchings, R. Jordan, L. W. Lewis, J. A. Lowery, W. G. McGav0ck, M. Martin, H. B. Mora, G. W. Nixon, J. C. Peel, D. W. Price, H. C. Scott, S. M. Sears, J. P. Smith, T. F. Strathearn, D. Suiter, G. E. Thomas, S. H. Thompkins, J. T R K. M L G. Valdastri, M. J. Warren, H. A. Watson, M. J. Wintringer, R. Wood, J. R. L Cadet Captain Felch, F. HBM TRooP " Troop Sponsor Troop Sweetheart Heirs. Harry Fclch Nliss Doris CYIIZIIHIWCFS Troop Herzdquu1'fm'.':.' Captain Felch, F. J.g First Lieutenant Han- nett. A. T.g Second Lieutenant Marshall, S. H.: First Sergeant Ostenberg, C. S. mv i 2 r i fPage 891 First Platoon, under the Command of First Lieutenant Hannett, A. T IPage 901 Second Platoon, under the Command of Lieutenant Marshall, S. H. Prepare to Nlount Blount! fPage 911 49 fig and Use. IPage 921 T3 Maj 'N " ,, 7 K 1' 1. Wfeapons: Theory NC" TRCCP CAPTAIN: Powell, C. J. SECOND LIEUTENANTS: Saville, R. Holloway, J. N. FIRST SERGEANT NEW CADET PRIVATES Guinn, S. L. SERGEANTS Garrison, D. C. Friedman, B. H. lVIcIlroy, J. H. Watkins, R. A. CORPORALS Craft, A. M. Egbert, H. C. Hobbs, W. L. Landers, J. B. Williams, C. N. Williams, D. W. Young, C. R. OLD CADET PRIVATES Clayton, F. G. Cole, R. S. Hilton, C. N. Sharp, T. R. NEW CADET PRIVATES Agnew, G. C. Bastian, A. W. Bell, K. W. Blake, H. D. Bradley, C. G. Bryant, T. A. Burton, J. F. Campbell, J. W. Colter, D. B. Cowan, R. J. Craig, J. S. Culver, H. A. Danenberg, H. D. Dickie, W. C. Duckworth, E. Ellett, W. D. Forbes, D. L. Gerrard, C. C. Hessmer, C. W. Hester, C. E. Hutchinson, P. K Iverson, S. J. Kelly, J. H. Kirkpatrick, L. M. Lenzini, A. S. Love. K. C. Noble, T. B. Prina, F. S. Prina, Z. C. Pruitt, L. B. Roberts, D. H. Schultz, J. Z. Scrutchins, W. B. Snow, C. C. Steves, C. A. Thompson, B. G. Wells, Z. R. W'ils0n, J. G. fPage 931 HCV' TROOP Troop Sponsor lVIrs. Perry F. Powell Cadet Captain Powell, C. Miss Norma Purvines LPage 941 Troop Sweetheart .- H Troop Heccclquarter.s.' Captain Powell, C. J.g Second Lieutenant Saville, R.g Second Lieu tenant Holloway, J. N.g First Sergeant Guinn, S. L. First Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant Saville, R. Second Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant Guinn, S. L. fPage 951 Wi-4 f if if? if gi Preparing for Inspection 4 VV .,:,:,:.1,.,,, , My ,:,,,1.,. . , A if 6 N , , Mi ..,.,.,.,.,.,., ,. Q , ,.,. ,W ,Q '31 11 6 fPage 961 And for War 'P , , 1 , L? x 'Q ' , 1. 1, .El . f " 'vis 'T 5 K, ff,,, Q W Ai I il X M 2 5 2 S W I Y wwjM,,.q yup S if Y iw gbfigi 5548 5 ,W 3 W Aa' 5' wwf' :M ,way Sk . ,Wi :.. Q23 if i J,-K f M. 2, rw Q W - W 5 av .,: , Q V . ' Vi Q x 8 , W 'ENT' W4 1 Y W .I ,f 'M an iw -S 52 wwf Dress! ,wi wg, 1 N X X 2 , W .'.: , "': TM X f F- , q I 1? I ' qv X 2 A TQ I , I 'Z WW, N' Zz A - 3 Q- 'X ,Ee 1 Aw :,.:-- Aw .......:.. 5 . " - , -:-:::5,5,: 15. 325, :tb W Q- 'V ff! j ' K 13-. S ' A Vx ' Q- W 1 Q K x ,M I X . vi i V X Q Vulu g, Q 9 '- ,, 1 i ,WNJ ' 9 Q 6'-1 ' ' . , :, , Ai A,, . ,. ::l, 1 , - :. , , ,Q . .g 9 , , s , . , , U . ,zf - 'Q 1M,g ,vy , in , N ,.:,,1 ,:.,. , vv.,,,:" Q ' :Q -,.v 5 'ffggg X if '. S i 1 X ,.,.:. 1 :.,, .,,::. X gf... 5 i Q PM D I "M WM' A - 2 5 1 f 'b Port! 1 X . I-E: 1 . ws m' kl.: ' 5 V , ? -Sgr., , . -, V Present! 'Isa ' - Q il Ml H 'L " lPage 971 fPage 981 "EM TRCOP ' CAPTAIN: Luck, B. K. FIRST LIEUTENANT: Menasco, A. S. fActingJ SECOND LIEUTENANT: Hardin, J. R. FIRST SERGEANT NEW CADET PRIVATES Shelton, J. M. CActingJ SERGEANTS Tipling, R. M. Welch, W. C. Williams, I. B. CORPORALS Cohen, R. M. Dickinson, R. B. Harrell, L. J. Messenger, W. P. Scott, D. C. Sears, J. R. OLD CADET PRIVATES Hoehn, F. G. Latham, T. L. Patrick, E. D. Seymour, A. T. CPFCJ Westaway, J. V. CPFCJ NEW CADET PRIVATES Abercrombie, D. E. Appleby, W. R. Beard, W. A. Bernard, E. G. Bretz, R. M. Campbell, E. W. Donald, J. J. Dreyfuss, M. Dreyfuss, P. Ellis, T. J. Frazier, J. R. Gunn, M. P. Hall, C. J. Haughton, H. S. Hooper, J. D. Hoover, H. C. Hyman, M. L. Jacobs, S. M. Kendall, T. P. Keyes, H. E. Lang, D. M. Lilley, J. E. Lovelady, J. Miller, J. C. Miller, R. L. Miller, V. L. Muir, J. D. W. Northcutt, R. A. Peters, F. G. Ridgeway, W. E Rippy, W. P. Sanchez, N. D. Shepard, H. M. Slaughter, T. Suess, G. E. Wilder, o. V. Williams, D. Wilson, N. V. C. A. Q .uint Captain Luck, H. lx. E TROOP 'ltrfyop Spfjusgr Troop SWCCtilC2l1't M1-S, ljuglq Bliss Chana Harvey Troop HmdqurrrferS.' Captain Luck, B. K.g First Lieutenant Me- nusco, A. S.g Second Lieutenant Hardin, J. R.g First Sergeant Shel- ton, J. M. in - IP.-age 991 F First Platoon, under the command of First Lieutenant Menasco. IPage 1001 X2 Second Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant Hardin 52 ,W QB- x N--,of ...Q 1--f-.... gg L 5 FM if ffis Gunnery 1 9" Q fu. X Nome11clatu1'e 'N Ji iff 5 J . if fPage 1011 z 0 .,:: z Ground W f ',,,,,, M Groups fPage 1021 1 ----- I J- . , .. .... J if Q ff H M S if ggarwf fu ' A win" ,mgfy M 2 risk... - X W1 Y f zzzzll Y' 5 I .af fn. Drill EW 5 2' 5 wwf Jaws -.... 9 , :.,,.. fa W If Ease.. "'1.Q,.:.. - :::5ei5":," " .... H ,gy 1 i X .ff if ...Q X Q J ...::.:.:..,.. W K W J M .,.,...,,:. ,, 4 N f ms? V"'f ,Q W . X y, WM . - V I 3' V5 Y 3 'MM 5: Q , 1 5 Wg B, y, 5 4: 'Y W- .H-3 mx W 6 A 1.1 V I legs, -, 'WW " , , has ,:,:,:, " V V ' ' , ' ,S V, it 2 Maw? : W V, I W4 A-'-l- Q f ., V, , K 'Q ' - X 3 ' ' nw '- f , N L ::::: 5 2 Ly A 'L 75 H " Q Bm Q ' " Q, 3 N 1 "::E5Ef' A - .MM . .,i.,,, , A . Q ' 5 ff . X 1 Q . xxx ..,, , ww-fc. bww V' vi i f 1 2 - .. H A , . if or .. U -11:2 -1 '-4 W . . M55-am. . V ' -' ,, ,w':." . : K' .gf V' ' f .S- A " 'Q rj ,F n Lg!!! .1 mm., ,, SEi,::..::::,gEE:'f4-1.. ,. wma vwwww A if ff 3 "2' :-:1-"' f ,,.g,.:' : .1.,,,,,,:,,. afmmn NF" TROOP CAPTAIN: King, F. H. H. CMajorJ FIRST SERGEANT Johnson, S. W. SERGEANTS Archenhold, W. Carmody, A. R. Kahn, K. A. Mclntosh, B. G. McIntyre, E. B. Micander, J. B. CORPORALS Cullinan, J. S. Gentry, R. E. Head, C. J. Heilfron, J. Holesapple, R. W. Kaplan, J. D. Kilburn, C. Tempest, J. W. OLD CADET PRIVATES Brown, H. L. KPFCJ Fowler, T. V. Grant, F. E. Hill, F. J. Melim, R. D. CPFCJ Rauch, L. Schuster, F. P. KPFCJ Ward, C. F. NEW CADET PRIVATES Bellamak, F. W. Bellamak, J. V. Bernardin, D. M. Brittingham, L. G. Colvard, G. T. SECOND LIEUTENANTS: Feder, M. C. Allen, E. R. NEW CADET PRIVATES Coope, R. L. Davison, H. Guy, C. A. Hayes, J. D. Hill, E. Jones, W. B. King, B. E. Kunkel, J. B. Leakou, J. S. Lockhart, C. H. Lockhart, L. McBee, WV. D. McGrath, H. J. McEntyre, E. F. McMordie, J. J. Martin, W. S. Minton, W. S. Nuttall, R. R. Olds, J. W. Rittscher, H. W. Schnurmacher, E. P Shuler, A. C. Souris, H. A. Spitzer, S. P. Stablein, J. E. Stahmann, D. F. Stine, G. H. Stites, C. Stoops, W. M. Stumberg, T. H. Weiss, B. L. Weiss, N. D. Wells, C. M. WVesterman, R. L. fPage 1031 'CFM TROGP Cadet Nlajoi' King, F. H. H. Commanding V Troop Sponsor Troop Sweetheart Nlrs. Frank H. King Miss Patty VVeiss fPage 1041 Troop Headqucwteona' Captain King, F. H. H.g Second Lieutenant Feder, M. C.g Second Lieutenant Allen, E. R.g First Sergeant Johnson, S. W. 1 First Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant Feder. ,K ,, - MNNXN mu W Second Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant Allen. fPage 1051 fPage 1061 Wvatcr Cooled ff: li b , W 4 , Model 1903 Pzuuldc Rest Right Shoulder M Best ,if ,, K g 45 PI'lCI'ldS LPage 1071 fPage 1081 MCM TROOP CAPTAIN: Egbert, O. E. SECOND LIEUTENANTS: Kelso, T. M Maloney, J FIRST SERGEANT NEW CADET PRIVATES Richardson, W. C. Ewing, R. H. SERGEANTS Feuquay' N' P' Boyd, R. N. Graham, R. S. Bracke, V. Gilmore, C. E. Ikard, W. G. Harris, W. H. McBride, D. L. Hoffman, C. W Holden, J. M. CORPORALS Holt, W. E. COX, C- B- Hord, D. B. EHSUGT, T- E- Hubbard, S. J. Kilburn, R. S. Knowles, R, L, McIntosh, J. W. Leake, C, Marr, W. K. McMordie, F. F Worsham, J. P. Muldrow, R, oLD CADET PRWATES Murphy' A' M' Beloat, J. A. Orndorff, C. L. Boggess, W. S. EZIISE' Slaughter, D. W. Pfleugela Woods, M. G. ' ' ' Reed, F. J. NEW CADET PRIVATES Rosson, H. F. Allen, T. Sammons, M. M Aligle, F- E- Saville, D. B. Bedford, H. C. Schaefer, E. S. Baucum, W. H. Schoeb, J. D. Berry, H. M. Shultz, W. B. Borschow, I. I. Smith, A. W. Bracker, R. M. Wells, G. D. Burton, R. S. Willard, F. Cavin, S. H. Williams, L. W. Davis, E. W. Wright, J. C. Cadet C aptain Egbert, O. lt. G TROOP Troop Sponsor Troop Sweetheart Nlrs. Orville lfglvert Bliss Betty Cheney Troop Het1dqum'fe1's.' Captain Eg- bert, O. E.g Second Lieutenant Kelso, T. M.g Second Lieutenant Maloney, J.g First Sergeant Rich- ardson, VV. C. fPage 1091 X First Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant Kelso, T. M fPage 1101 S X, Second Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant Maloney, J 'S . , -fx .1 . 1VI2'lDCL1VCl'S BY W,-Jxaag, XWYNA' ,X . 1, if 1 it w . ' ,.,Y., A 3' ' fd , 1 1 ,Q ' , fa QfQ11?'iWj.',,.1mf,,f5:fQ :mf . .-.b::..M 'ffm 1 xv -ml' - YY g. ww.. in 1X'I1H121Ul1'C I P a ge 1 1 1 1 'H A 1 ,: ?fQ 1-AA , fl A I IW Monday Day . . fPage 1121 X Or Any Other "I" TROOP CAPTAIN: Norton, M. L. SECOND LIEUTENANTS: Harrison, R. L. Smith, A. E. CActingj FIRST SERGEANT NEW CADET PRIVATES Corn, W. E. SERGEANTS Chancellor, C. W. Patten, E. L. Spencer, S. S. CORPORALS Benton, J. T. Byrd, H. D. Cabell, B. M. Campbell, J. D. Gaines, J. M. Schnack, T. L. Taichart, R. D. Welch, T. F. OLD CADET PRIVATES Brainard, E. H. Schneider, G. A. NEW CADET PRIVATES Argall, F. G. Asher, J. W. Beamon, A. G. Best, J. B. Cain, B. L. Currie, E. C. Donahue, J. P. Fletcher, C. F. Galloway, C. R. Getzwiller, J. B. Ingber, P. S. James, L. K. Keye, P. F. Koch, C. E. Kranzthor, W. A. McCutcheon, E. Mantz, R. T. Mather, J. W. Nail, W. R. Parish, G. Payson, S. C. Phelan, J. F. Polk, W. R. Pollock, D. Potter, L. H. Regester, H. W. Repp, D. P. Rockwell, J. L. Rushmore, J. Schneider, J. D. Schooley, R. P. Singer, J. L. Snell, J. D. Staley, T. G. Stewart, V. L. E. Tomlinson, L. S. Trau, F. G. Weed, M. G. fPage 1131 Fil Troop Sponsor Mrs. NI. L. Nor awww V .. ....W.., Cadet Captain Norton, NI. L. "IM T R O O P 1 Z 3 21 fPage 1141 Troop Sweetheart Niiss Alice W'oolsey Troop Her1df1zm9'fers.' Captain Nor- ton, M. L.g Second Lieutenant Harrison, R. L.g Second Lieute- nant Srnith, A. E.g First Sergeant Corn, W. E. 'xx First Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant Harrison. Second Platoon, under the command of Second Lieutenant Smith. fPage 1151 Sallyport LPage 1161 And Area ., gm KK .- Sv? ww' rfgl it . be 'F , an -an-1, Precept 4.1. A, f, ff . 'n S ,,f K 'sk j,'I,,, , .W Q ' ff-F' f ' x' . 1 ' 1'2" Al H Q iw Q, K 'Mm -' 1 fs' agar, igzi f ,. 1 Wg' f f 17' ' " Jx ?k I u 2 5 R H ilgsi 5 3 ilgmmf pmwwwuyx .mfs-wvj-.Z ,.,,, K -'-NX fx' fwhwwg - w r 'Wham "'iQiv,iw. N, Example lPz1ge 1171 fPage 1181 "Ki, T R C O P CAPTAIN: Hussrnann, H. L. CMajorJ SECOND LIEUTENANTS: Bujac, J. N. Terrell, A. P FIRST SERGEANT NEW CADET PRIVATES Closson, T. C. STAFF SERGEANT McFarland, H. B. QCo1orJ SERGEANTS Buffington, R. M. Jones, P. H. CORPORALS Bosworth, P. R. Craddock, W. D. McIntyre, W. B. Meyer, W. J. Thayer, I. C. Wright, K. A. OLD CADET PRIVATES Crosby, F. W. Haldiman, J. B. Lownes, V. , Murray, E. F. QPFCJ NEW CADET PRIVATES Beckwith, D. W. Bell, T. M. Bowers, B. T. Brittan, B. F. Brittan, L. A. Brown, H. U. Chappell, B. B. Chauvin, E. D. Cole, P. J. Cruise, E. A. diLorenzo, D. L. Dix, W. O. Fatheree, C. W. Green, F. C. Halsey, J. W. Hayes, T. M. Hillger, M. L. Hixson, C. L. Keller, E. C. Larnbirth, L. R. LaPrade, P. W. Marsh, P. C. Masterman, J. S O,Malley, J. F. Palmer, J. M. Rosseau, R. B. Rubenstein, E. F Rush, B. C. Sisk, D. A. Skiles, W. B. Standish, V. O. Stripling, W. C. Swanson, C. H. Toles, J. P. Turner, R. W. Westervelt, R. D Wright, J. S. MIC? TRO O P Troop Sponsor . rs. Harry L. Hussrnann det Major Ilnsslnmm, H. In Cornrnznnl i ng Troop Sweetheart K I iss Gene Downey K0 Y L T1-fmp HmfIfyz1cz1'fc1'.w.' Major Hussmann, H. L.g Second Lieutenant Bujac, J. Ng Second Lieutenant Terrell, A. P.g First Sergeant Closson, T. C.g Staff Sergeant McFarland, H. B. Wage 1191 First Platoon, commanded by Second Lieutenant Bujac, J. N. my LPage 1201 Q Second Platoon, commanded by Second Lieutenant Terrell, A. P 5 ' K :'T:, """A' K E Af -E 1-,Qf"?f. Wfix Qi "1 . K X "Af','Qfw'.-as Toi 1 e rs Raillwirds 'Lf ssf ki -5 "" A . AAAA. ,,,. , L , -1.g:gg1.,. Q M fPage 1211 Caution H I ,.,. mc, ,- --vv ..,.,.,.. b .,A.: V ..., ' ' ,.., In Q - V . 2 5 4 A A -::.:,i.:.,1: . ' ,, "-" ' , f .,., fb af X ff f K Q A A Q' ' 1, x Q ' G ' A,.,.,. ,Y g f Q . 2 5 A .... I ,W -V , m f g. n 'pf Q. X K '5 f Q ' "A' ., ,, ----- ' 2 R' -- " "f , ' Q A " - ...... f ff W. - "VV" f ww ' " 4 ' E' 1 5 5 2 M3 .. lw gm m 'A W ' ,- ...A 1-5 , . . H Q N gl W , , "' ,. M Q My wk -"' ' W 'I 1' V K Z : -P 2 J 2 ll: 'f A W AJ s T: 'f .,,,. 5 alum! ....1 U , f Q 1 H ,. -V--- 2 A , ,V,. ' VV ' ,, ' A'A' AAAA, Q ,,.. ,,, f ' PA'- ..:::::,. in-R E ,,,, 1 A : Z9 A- 'N A U Q llllll Q ., ' tj' ""' : ff I' E I , "ww, gigs: -, E E: :Eff Q b .A jx ..,,, ' "" j LPage 1221 Half-Right Face LIEUTIENANT-COLONEL J. B. VVISE P. NI. S. SL T.: He supports the Regiment, the flag. lPage 1231 4 The Clubs THE OFFICERS' CLUB The Officers' Club, leaders and morale-builders for the Corps: McMil lan, D. F., president, Alderman, J. M., Miller, R. M., Oakes, A. R., secre tary, Boyd, C. D., Kelly, O. T., Gerrity, J. L., Brown, W. P., Hastey, T. W. Felch, F. J., Hannett, A. T., Marshall, S. H., Powell, C. J., Saville, R., Hol- loway, J. N., Luck, B. K., Menasco, A. S., Hardin, J. R., King, F. H. H. Feder, M. C., Allen, E. R., Egbert, O. E., Kelso, T. M., Maloney, J., Norton, M. L., Harrison, R. L., Smith, A. E., Hussmann, H. L., vice-president, Bujac, J. N., Terrell, A. P. THE FIRST SERCEANTS' CLUB Leaders for 1944-45, the First Sergeants were Galbraith, V. H., Guen- ther, R. B., Ostenberg, C. S., Guinn, S. L., Shelton, J. M., Johnson, S. W., Richardson, W. C., Corn, W. E., and Closson, T. C. fPage 1251 THE I CLUB Snavely, Pauley, Carter, A., Boyd, Egbert, Norton, John- son, J. W., Parrish, Rush, Thompson, R. R., Hastey, Con- nelly, R. R., McElroy, Deal. T H E C O L T C L U B Welch, W., Garrison, R., Galbraith, Shelton, Allen, Garrison, D., Slaughter D Ikard Chancellor, Byerlyg Norton, Blake, Dickinson, Menasco, Oakes, Terrell, McIntosh Tempest Cox, Micander, Levin, Wright, Hoehn, Green, Sullivan, E., Frasier, Wheelock Thompson Watkins, Williams, I. B., Campbell, Chambers, Roberts, Cruise. fPage 1261 THE HONCR SOCIETY Composed of only students well in the upper ten per cent of their classes, the Honor Society members are: Star Group First Class: Kelso, T. M. Third Class: Allen, E. R., Anderson, J. M., Bedford, H. G., Buffing- ton, R. M., Cruise, E. A., Drury, R. T., Guenther, R. B., Hammond, K. J., Hancock, R. H., Hardeman, R. T., Heilfron, J., Johnson, S. W., Keller, E. C., Kelly, O. T., Lawson, R. M., Ridgeway, W. E., Schuster, F. P., Wheelock, G. R. Fourth Class: Casabonne, P. J., Fatheree, C. W., Gentry, R. E., Graham, R. S., Haggerson, N. L., Head, C. J., Howard, C. A., Hughes, R. B., Kranzthor, W. A., Lewis, J. A., Logan, F. C., Lownes, V. A., Melim, R. D., Nixon, J. C., Sanchez, N. D., Smith, A. W., Tempest, J. W., Thompson, J. G., van Lint, V. A. J. Fifth Class: Hord, D. B., Dawson, A. B., Rubenstein, E. F., Shotwell, J. J., Stine, G. H., Wilford, E. F. Sixth Class: Nuttall, R. R., Slaughter, T. V., Stites, C. Medal Group First Class: Buck, E. G. Second Class: Wright, J. C. Third Class: Galloway, C. R., Gerrard, C. C., Kilburn, R. S., Marshall, S. H., Miller, R. L., Tomlinson, L. S., Westervelt, R. D., Beard, W. E. Fourth Class: Bellamak, F. W., Forbes, D. L., Hogaboom, H. R., Holden, J. M., James, L. K., Roberts, H. A., Rosson, H. F., Schoeb, J. D., Schultz, W. B., Suess, G. E. Fifth Class: Bracker, R. M., Burton, J. F., Dodds, C. F., Polk, W. R., Rittscher, H. W., Shepard, H. M., Spitzer, S. P. THE INTERNATIONAL RELATICNS' CLUB Under the expert guidance of Cadet Major King, president, the Inter- national Relations' Club varied somewhat in attendance, but these were the standbys: Norton, M. L., vice-president, McFarland, Sheehy, J. L., Polk, Boyd, C. D., Kelly, O. T., Pauley, Powell, C. J., and Lenzini. fPage 1271 THE LIBRARY STAFF Bujac, Brown, H. L., Kilburn, Byrd, Carter, Mclntire, Schuster, Patrick, Hannett, Hobbs Mrs. Anderson, Captain Hunt, Kaplan, Brown, W. P. MODEL CRAFTERS 4 Under old Lea Hall, and Cadet Woods, model craftsmen Worked all year. fPage 1281 DE MOLAY CLUB A full turn-out of De Molays, gathered 'round Colonel Lusk and Captain Kost. PUP TENT STAFF urns: dui nil Qi The complete Pup Tent staff Cquite a few missing from this picturejz King, F. H. H., Editor, McIntyre, E. B., managing editor, Kelly, O. T., business manager, Young, C. R., Howard, J. H., Schuster, F. P., Siegfried, J., Slaughter, D. W., Tipling, R. M., Ross, R. E., Kaplan, J. D., Lownes, V. A., Keller, E. C., Brittingham, J., Spitzer, S. P., Hannett, A. T., Young, C. R., Brown, W. P., Klein, Stine, G. H., Guy, C. A., Miller, L. D., Peddie, R. S., Melim, R. D., Feder, M. C., Carter, A., McBride, L., Hammond, K., Taichart, R. D., Mcllroy, J. H., Rush, V. C. fPage 1291 THE COTILLION CLUB Comprising the most socially-minded group in school, the Cotillion Club this year was officered by Cadet Colonel McMillian, president, Menasco, A. S., vice president, Chandler, A. L., secretary. FINAL BALL COMMITTEE The Final Ball, honored by the appearance of His Excellency, the Governor of New Mexico, Mr. John Dempsey, and Mrs. Dempsey, and by guests high in the armed forces, by patrons and alumni, was guided by Cadet Captain Gerrity. Members of the committee: Felch, F. J., Oakes, A. R., Luck, B. K., Egbert, O. E., Norton, M. L., Boyd, C. D., Brown, W. P., Bujac, J. N., Maloney, J., Feder, M. C., Maloney, L. D., Miller, L. D., Bos- worth, P. R., Emerson, G. S., Heyde, B. H., Beard, E. W., Major John E. Smith, Captain A. N. Carter. THE CADET ORCHESTRA fPage 1301 Captain Hunt, Fletcher, Feuquay, Wilford, Ingle, Sheehy, Lechner, Schulze, Logan, Westervelt, Ross. Sports fPage 1321 PORT The shift in emphasis from Varsity to Colt and Intramural sports has marked the greatest change in Institute athletics from preceding years. But loyalty and interest were high in all activities, from the first of the Colt football games to the last of the polo encounters during Commencement Week. The Bronco pays its respects to lylajor Brown, Captain God- frey, and Captain Ryde, particularly, for a successful athletic year, and does not forget the invaluable assistance of other members of the Faculty and Military staffs. ll? POLO A Varsity sport which lost none of its flavor: the squad: 5 4 Z Ai fPage 1331 Connelly, J. Wells Hastey Johnson Egbert IP.-age 1341 A fPage 1351 One defeat, three victories, for the following line: Line: Campbell R. L., Terrell, Boatman, Slaughter, D., Garrison, D., Garrison, R. L. Chancellor, backfield, Williams, I. B., Hoehn, Kelly, O. T., Alderman. fPage 1361 Assisted by Cheer Leaders, Cadet lung power. 3 5 Everything in the Balance Pilcup COLT SQUAD: Cruise, Alderman, Garrison, R., Garrison, D. C., Allen, Welch, W., Welch T., Kelly, Frasier, McElroy, Warren, Hoehn, Spencer, Dickinson, Shotwell, Blake, Sisk Slaughter, D., Cole, Clayton, Collier, Watkins, Valdastri, Peddie, Lilley, Chancellor, W. Olllalley, Green, Iverson, Campbell, J. D., Corn, CMgr.J, VVilliams, I. B., Ikard, Appell Eberhardt, Boatman, Terrell, Byerly, Harris, Heyde, Roberts, Campbell, R. L. fPag'e 1371 fPage 1381 Posed in the Gymnasium: Thomas, Norton, Murphy, Pauley, Deal Closson, Captain Ryde, Parrish, Pressman, Boyd, Tomlinson, Galbraith. OTHER TEAMS 5 5 -:qgrgzv :V , 5 1 . F mg gf 5 " 'FQ mf ix ' like Golfers with Captain Nelson, including such swingers as Bernick, Ruffin, Woods wa, -nw, ....,,, x Www WWWM, , W i A Mm fww., ,, , A f A, Rifle Team: Medal Winnersg trophy snatchers . . . fPage 1391 .9 ' l fPage 1401 Up and Over Close-Quz11'tc1' Horsemaluship 'ST' V 2 M... ...K The Nfzmly Art Vis Nlainly Intramural lPage 1411 ?"?T'W7 X a:s:s?s f mx r Q ,X 55 5 4 fPage 1421 Goal To Go all of ame Of cadets and their associates, this section: dedicated in all good humor to those who appear in these pages. W Captain And61'sOn-- Biggvsl Bull- Tfzmwvr fPage 1441 NICBride-Biggafl Ubmcm Killer Lieutenant Stanford C'1m.f5Z Tac Carmody- Cvllfflff f'Ww ia? 2 gs 'S 'Hx 'E xw Bemick-Croofeadanf Bas! Dmzcfff' Cha-:rc with Nfrs. W'atsorU 55 IKM' Captain Whtson- LPage 1451 fPage 1461 Bl421i1lU1'd'- Lzlzfzlrf aa!! 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Price 2 B051 N KYZIIITHZ LPage 1511 Leakou: Best Dfmcer V I I' Felchz A4051 LOU6?fjCk Sally Saunders: Cfzztasff Girl fPage 152j Captain Sawyer: Most Popular Ifigfz School I 7Z!1fl'7lCZO1' 5 ei Lieutenant Cohen 1 Biggcxt S7I'6lkC7, Mfzsl Cwzczcitcrl Captain Starr-A Mfzxt Respected I mtrzzczor Nlrs. Stapp- B17.8'f Dmzcar Nlillermf Sloppimt O 1 Mrs. Saunders- Nlwi PClf7Ill!I7'g IUMA Bvzzzfzfifnl fPage 1531 T? T E x 3 E MISS BETTY SUE BRACK STEPHENS COLLEGE PUP-TENT QUEEN O11 this page: Miss 50111111 'lxz1ylo1', lfxurt VX'c11'tl1g Miss Betty Nlorrill, El Pusog Kliss Gwen Knox, XYC21fl1C1'fOI'd, TeXas5 Nliss CwOI'l'i1'lHC j0l111so11, Los Angeles. Q- 3:2 e l SN Q 1,2 ' ,mf 5 is Vx gf Y 1 -NX 1 . L. JXG fPz1ge 155 swailff ggw , uuwwxwibmww -uv.'L'JH5Qarnu-. m ,N vn- an Db! 1 5' 65' .ul 1 In QQ 5, If fi ,, 4. 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Price, PX 'Wm P ff ' awww, M V W wriiflw LPage 1621 Staff Table Drug Store Rev Healer?- fPage 1631 new 'Q7??'f' ' 'Z 'ff-Hikfw www' A ez VSV: K mimi? wu- 12103 A if? mwmmgw W fwmgixmw wmv , W -, fm. ,M Ng? 19 N4 www- we J, M my was my ww, f vm m 2 WW S MW M, wqwagk My 1' L- rm , , . -. i Y JW' F " , ,. w ,g A f .J A ,. r , . f 2 Wim 3' SW2'f?4', ' ,,:,m.w,.mM',,A, , ., W. .A ---"""i M A 1... - '25-aw -A w A ' ' K .4fw'fm,vfYT25Qg,ffWi5i1,Xf1 . '? mmwmwwmfn, ,. .-nquv-f-- MW I .Q 1 -'M Qi?" A 'nnv1.,g-at ' snug , I nn. Vfammj, -3 ., ,., Q AMO., - V Hyun: , - 1 s J QFPX ,wxnm...WuwQ And Dances-- Social Affairs Took Place in the PX R fPage 1651 Of Guns LPage 1661 And Enemies, And Such , V ,, ,. ' . I ' , .,. 5 am? A Q :H ..::.:E-SL. :n g-.,g,:---'-:iEi,:ar,,,::.. 1 Q " , ., - Y -' ,W Wilzg Q as f 2- g , ., i ik w we N P-i"1.?3ff " x " 1 2 V uma -0 ,. M- Nmfw, , .ywwzfffwmfam 0 ' L-KWH? 'mm eevffz- an44,L5iLffi,i' . x L, V, ' ,fx ,aww ' 5-sm writ Life Has .ez N' ' , x x Na, xr ' I Aspects ,w , ..1.,..-:,,,,:. -.,. Q ze, muh . w s rffwmnske E i ,ww M4 t. fmqw ..,... .11 11. 3 , Q, fi by N 3 fc , 'B gi nj.. Y , Q N. Its Nlorc Strcmxous ,Z ..,., ,. X8 .rw if 1 ,TZ .'.,'. ,,:.,., ' '.,' 2 . 2 Ujage 1671 fPage 1681 On the Field The Stars Performed And in the Gym W'izard A VVorkers Sleuth Nlemorable Qccasiou fPage 1691 fPage 1701 Indoors: Checkup Display Revery And Using Drawing Guns, Same LPage 1711 Target fPage 1721 Taxi! w ,-Q, Aiwa yr ,,., if , vw sv Hi... 5, ., X if f' ' H ,, 'x , ff? zz ,H 3 1' ' 5 2, , . W 5, , - H-ff ,, X , by W 0, V wil A :gl . 'gawk-V . --.:. , , 2 fb , ff J'Af i ,Z -- wi' 222' 1' '- . ., ,.,, , A I D 1 .:,.., . 2 """"' "f - -Z.: .. in Ei. 1 Iv I ,..,,, Zi n- ff I RCVICW if - I ' ' ': A N, .' ' J ' fr ' 'Ir f , Q I , , .. W V y 55335, ix V- V In x x -iadxgrwvvwww ,qw If 1 .:A"x,i, 1, ' H 9 ' . .,g . f ' 1 Zif?:?'5'1 f W -:ITM ,. V - M ,W ., ,. QM- - ' vm" A W1 M333 X 5 M, I agp, . .:::F.f-fffi ' "" 5 :" d"'W' V x' " " Q --H fy?" T ' N' "'1""' f A n W A f 7 Reconnalssancc -21 , K j :,' M' x x 3 .ug.:f' LJ ' lr J , fw lfl A -:L M2 , i , . -Qwwnn., N L- I f' Alf V xg 6 'V M-, 4 Re-appearance fPage 1731 Last Words HEADQUARTERS The New lVIeXico lVIilita1-y Institute, Roswell, New Mexico lWay 30, l944 1. Under the provisions of paragraph 32, AR 145-10, the following promotions within the Corps of those Cadets who will not return to the Institute on account of age limitations are hereby announced effective this date: Majors Oakes, A. R., Gerrity, J. L., Felch, F. J., Luck, B. K., Norton, M. L., Egbert, O. E. CAPTAINS Corn, W. E., Guinn, S. L., Guenther, R. B., Closson, T. C., Boyd, C. D., Menasco, A. S., Hannett, A. T. FIRST LIEUTENANTS Alderman, J. M., Bujac, J. N., Brown, W. P., Carter, A., Hardin, J. R., Harrison, R. L., Feder, M. C., Maloney, J. M., Shelton, J. M. SECOND LIEUTENANTS Archenhold, W., Boyd, R. W., Bracke, V., Garrison, D. C., Kerr, R. S., Micander, J. B., McIlroy, J. H., Jones, P. H., Spencer, S. S., Stew- ard, C. R., Pauley, E. W., Watkins, R. A., Williams, I. B., Welch, W. C., Miller, L. D. SERGEANTS Hobbs, W. L., Haggart, J. D., Curtis, J. L., Byrd, H. D., Landers, J. B., Wright, K. A., Marr, W. K., Ruffin, L. E., Atkinson, M. L., Bohnet, G. D., Hoover, H. C., McIntyre, W. B., Miller, J. C., Rippy, W. P., Scott, S. M., Smith, T. F., Strathearn, D. L., Stripling, W. C., Wheeler, A. B. C., Wright, J. S., Bedford, H. G., Bradley, C. G., Chambers, R. H., Gibbs, E. C., Gilmore, C. E., Hancock, R. H., Hardeman, R. T., Lawson, A. M., Seigfreid, J. W., Wheelock, G. B. CORPORALS Deal, S. M., McEntire, E. F., Miller, R. L., Tompkins, J., Trau, F. G., Willard, F., Wood, J. R., Agostini, G. J., Bell, T., Campbell, R. L., Hinton, E. L., Hord, H. F., Peters, F. G., Prina, Z. C., Reed, F. J., Rush, V. C., Subera, C. M., Sullivan, E., Weed, M. G., Westervelt, R. D. By Order of J. B. Wise, Lt.-Col. Cav. P. M. S. Sz T. fPage 1751 fPage 1761 HEADQUARTERS The New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, New Mexico lVIay 30, 1944 2. Under the provisions of paragraph 32, AR 145-10, the following promotions and appointments within the Corps of Cadets are announced CAPTAINS Kelly, O. T., Ostenberg, C. S., Johnson, S. W., Richardson, W. C., Hastey, T. W., Allen, E. R., Galbraith, V. H., Baucus, W. D., Thompson, R. R. effective this date: SECOND LIEUTENANTS Kahn, K. A., Heilfron, J., Mclntosh, B. G., McBride, D. L., McIntyre, E. B., Patten, E. L., Sears, J. R., Sheehy, J. L. FIRST SERGEANTS Byerley, L. G., Bosworth, P. R., Carmody, A. R., Connelly, W., Craddock, W. D., Hammond, K. J., Logan, F. C., Worsham, J. P. SERGEANTS Campbell, J. D., Kilburn, R. S., Mulkey, R. C., Anderson, J. M., Campbell, E. W., Beard, W. A., Chappell, B. B., Griffith, C. H., LaPrade, P. W., Losey, G. M., Parish, G. R., Schlofman, A. S., Skiles, W. B., Stryker, E. M., Stuart, D. S., Wright, J. C., Cabell, B. M., Shillingsburg, D. M., Brisbin, L. G., Donahue, J. P., Drury, R. T., Gerrard, G. C., Green, F. C., Keller, E. C., Matzinger, J. R., Benton, J. T., Calvert, D. R., Cox, R. R., Chief Bugler, Cullinan, J. S., Gaines, J. M., Garrison, R. L., Har- rell, L. J., Crosby, F. W., Haggerson, N. L., Head, C. J., Hinkley. W. E., Howard, C. A., Hughes, R. L., Lewis, J. A., Messenger, W. R., Phillips, E. G., Smith, A. W., Taichert, R. D., Williams, E. W. CORPORALS Bonner, F. R., Craig, J. S., Cruise, E. A., Emerson, C. S., Galloway, C. R., Halsey, J., Hester, C. E., Martin, C. P., Ridgeway, W. E., Rohr, R., Suiter, C. E., Angle, F. E., Antila, E. F., Appel, J., Argall, F. G., Asher J. W., Baucum, W. H., Beamon, A. E., Beard, L. S., Bernard, E. G., Berry, H. W., Blake, H. D., Bowers, B. T., Breer, L., Brown, H. U., Butler, J. C., Casabonne, P. J., Chauvin, E. D., Cole, P. J., Collier, T. M., Cowan, R. J., Culver, H. A., Davis, E. W., Dannenberg, H., Duckworth, E., Durant, B. S., Sanchez, N. D., Saville, D. B., Schnurmacher, L. P., Schoeb, J., Schultz, J. Z., Schultz, W. B., Sisk, D. A., Stoops, W. M., Strathearn, L. M., Suess, C. E., Sullivan, E. G., Swanson, C. H., Thompson, B. G., Turner, R. W. , Van Lint, V. A., Wells, C. M., Wells, Z. R., Williams, D. C., Agnew, G. C., Allen, T. M., Appleby, W. R., Best, J. B., Borschow, I., Bracker, R. M., Burton, J. F., Burton, R. S., Cavin, S. H., Cooper, R. L., Dawson, A. B., Derrick, J. T., Dickie, W. C., Dodds, C. F., Dreyfuss, M., Farmer, J. E., Fletcher, C. F., Franusich, R. M. Eberhardt, R. M., Fatheree, C. W., Feuquay, N. P., Forbes, D. L., Frazier, J. R., Gates, R. B., Gentry, R. E., Graham, R. S., Guy, C. A., Hickman, W. D., Hogaboom, H. R., Holden, J. M., Hunter, C. L., Jones, W. B., Jordan, L. W., Keyes, H. E., Knowles, R. L., Krantzthor, W. A., Latham, T. L., Lambirth, L. R., Love, K. C., Mantz, R. T., Mora, G. W., Muir, J. D., Nail, W. R., Nixon, J., Orndorff, C. L., Palmer, J. M., Patrick, T. D., Pollock, D., Price, H. C., Pruitt, L. B., Roberts, H. A., Rosson, H. F., Fulmer, W. W., Gunn, M. P., Heyde, R. R., Hermann, J. R., Hillger, M. L., Hixon, C. L., Hord, D. B., Ingber, P. S., Ingle, C. W., Kelly, J. H., King, B. E., Kirkpatrick, L. N., Lang, D. M., Lockhart, C. N.: Lockhart, L., Northcutt, R. A., Patterson, J. B., Polk, W. R., Prina, F. S., Rempel, S. H., Repp, D. P., Rittscher, H. W., Rosseau, R. B., Shepard, H. M., Rubenstein, E. F., Shotwell, J. J., Spitzer, S. P., Standish, V. O., Steves, C. A., Stine, G. H., Wilford, E. F., Wilder, C. V., Williams, L. W., Woodard, G. W. PRIVATES FIRST CLASS Bell, K. W., Bretz, R. M., Martin, W. S., Slaughter, T. V., Stites, C. By Order of J. B. Wise, Lt.-Col. Cav. P. M. S. Sz T. FINAL BALL Climaxing the social events of the 1944 commencement at New Mex- ico Military Institute was the final ball given last evening at Cahoon Armory. Hosts were members of the second class who honored at this time members of the graduating class and dignitaries of the state and school. In keeping with wartime decorations were simple but most effective. Across the north entrance was hung a huge American flag flanked on one side by the British flag and on the other that of Russia. All around the wall of the huge ballroom were hand made flags of the Allies, these were interspersed with shields bearing the insignias of the different divisions of the army. It was beside these that the cadets, by appointment, found their partners for the dances. On the east walls, fenced off by painted practice bombs and ropes were a machine gun, a 37 millimeter gun and regular army rifles grouped around flowers before the huge service flag of the school, which bears two large stars, a blue one for the 2067 boys from N. M. M. I. who are in service and a gold star for the 105 former students who have been killed in action. Directly across the room was placed the governor's box where dignitaries of the state, members of the board of regents, their wives, and Col. and Mrs. Pearson sat to view the dancing. Against a white star studded curtain at the south end of the ballroom under a shell of black and red, the N. M. M. I. colors, sat the fine Institute orchestra who under the direction of Captain Ted Hunt played entrancing music for the dancing. In the natatorium, against a royal blue curtain and reflected in the blue, blue waters of the pool, was a huge illuminated replica of the regi- mental shoulder patch worn by the cadets at N. M. M. I., flanked on either side by crossed swords. These were made with luminescent paint and shown out clearly in the darkened room lighted only by soft violet lights. A luminescent sign placed close by showed the dance numbers as they were being played in the ball room. Tables and chairs were placed about the pool, which was decorated about the edge with many potted palms. Organ music coming through loud speakers connected with the organ at the auditorium was played continually during the evening for the entertainment of the guests. Sgt. Joe Sckubish of the R. A. A. F. was the organist. The 1944 ball was marked by dignity and the presence of many and different uniforms and the lovely long sheer summer evening gowns worn by the cadets' girls, who were present from all over the country.-From the Roswell Daily Record. fPage 1771 LPage 1781 THE OLD POST This is our Alma M ater, This is our stalwart Institute 5 We,ll hafve her always on our way , Alemories are with ns day by day 5 We will remember Kayztets marching, VVe will remember Kaydets playing, And bngles in the sunrise, All of our life beneath blue skies. These are the thin gs that cannot foanish N o matter where we go- Old friends, old post, Place we lofoe most, In you our hearts will grow. QQ 79 Gentlemen, You Are Dismissed Nw 36 if Q 5 as Q? Qi if 225 Q ga 'fam as x as ' f,'.- T 4 'K W as im ,, 7 Lea ADVERTI EMENT VVe, the members of the 194+ Bronco business staff, Wish to thank the following advertisers for their help in making the 1944 Bronco possible. Business Nlanager 4 , R. D. 'l'aichert Asst. Bus. Nlgrs. . . . J. S. Cullinan lf. C. Keller T. bl. Hayes T l 1 l l I I l l I l 5 u-.nn1ml11-...1...11.111.-...i..11-...1.-......-lli...------L1--.1- 7 We're Proud of New Mexico Military Institute -Proud of the record the former cadets are making in the 'war to preserve our American way of life. --Proud of the upstanding manly cadets who spend nine months of the year with us. --Proud of the opportunity we have to meet the parents and friends of these cadets. Yes and proud of whatever part this community-'with its actfiie churches, modern business houses, hospitable people-has had in making N. M. M. I. a better school each year. Always at Your Service Roswell Chamber of Commerce ni.-unimv 1111-1-11- 1- 11-11-1--11-111111-111-111 1 1 4. fPage 1821 PHOTOGRAPH CF RUSHMCRE MEMZ?il-L, SOUTH DAKOTA HEIR IDEALS ARE YOUR INHERITANCE AND YOUR TRUST American sci-lmuls lime ulix 1155 liumlmil Cl0XNI1 the high iclf-als of lhc l1UllI1I'lPI'S of this nuiion. And Ariic,-1'iCu11 youth has Colltimwml io build, the l,'UllIllT5' uCri'o1'1li11g to lllom. Especially now, when people look to thc peace of toinorrmx, those iilffals are signi1'iCz1i1t . . . for on thcm rests the liopc of lDllilf,liI1g 21 lwttm' imrlil. The Kew 3lf'Xil'0 llilitury luslitutc 11115 fuslmerl great mvn in this .lhUTCI'i1'LlIT truflitirm. As 1'0prPSenta- tive of 0110 of New' My-xif-:fs imluslrivs. we con- gratululv thc' IlI'CfrlfNl gruillluliiig vluss with full mn- IrlQlCIN,'t,' that thi-5 will l'LlI'I'ff 16:1 lhv dL'INOf'l'L1i'f' lhily xref inhcritiiigf. UNITED STATES POTASH COMPANY lnccrporufed CARLSBAD v NEW MEXICO fPage18 0201: 3 was I ! l :-r---------4.-qpn-n----------1-.p--an- I rr cum ratulatulns FROM NEW MEXICO'S f NEWEST I . . . to one Z of New MeXico's Q OLDEST ' and 1 PRoUDEsT . . . I I I i i -. .it ' I i A New MCXICO Military Institute l . . i on the ocoaslon of the graduatlon of the : Ti ' ' 1 1944 LASS ' Great work . . . we're proud of you . . . New Mexico Military Institute, the 1 New Mexico institution, and cadets of the class of 1944, the graduates of - the 1944 class of the New Mexico Military Institute! ' The history of New Mexico Military Institute is a tribute to the integrity I of its founders . . . the character of its principles . . . the loyalty of its ' faculty and cadets. i Graduation is the Big Day the Class of '44 has worked for . . . they have i earned their graduation! And we . . . Hinkel's, Roswell, and Hinkel's, Santa - Fe . . . are proud to join in honoring both the class of '44 and the New - Mexico Military Institute. I I .- , E Roswell e S Santa Fe 1 k I NEW MEXICO'S MOST BEAUTIFUL FASHION STORES . . . NEW MEXICO'S HOMFS ' OF AMERICA'S FAMOUS NAMES OF FASHION AND INTEGRITY 6111!-T, 2 .T 1 iU.T.U.iUl0llllO19Kli0lUi0lUiI!-?-rllllb Ulil!!l0il7llliUllYf-OillilllOl!!-illlillI fPage 1841 uiuqrozo U I! 54 Years o Service to the Southwest O Established 1890 FIR T NATIONAL BANK ROSWELL, N. M. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation E U U U U U U U I u U I I I I Q S I E i ! 1 1 3 gn D 341 xi 1 1 :ui 1 1111111111: 1 1 1 znqpnzwznz- anozogozz mini fozo fPage 1851 0:01111ixiiiiiiiiiiiiixxxwiiiiiiizmiiinqpxriz U U H H H l Pool Manufacturing Co U il s , I X i I - I X i UWM N A M at A Milifary Y "X A SHIRTSWISLACKS Pool-shrunk Galoardine, Broadcloth, Poplin i and genuine Cramerton Army Cloth Shirts, - both officers' and regular style. Regulation i coHars and pockets Good - looking, comfortable, long - Wearing l Slacks of genuine Cramerton Army Cloth- S finest twill made-holds colors and lustre " longer- guaranteed against shrinking or L fading. U - INSIST UPON THE GENUINE l H ' -- i Made Only by I 5 H l 3 SHERMAN, TEXAS l:K,,,,::,:,:-- - ii.. - -U-- page 1861 -------,:,,,-,---------,-, -1K..,-..,---,,,,,-,,-,,:, Graduates We Salute You SO MUCH DEPENDS ON YOU, THE YOUTH OF OUR NATION! YOUR EDUCATIONAL ADVAN- TAGES WILL BETTER FIT YOU TO TAKE PART IN MAKING THE BETTER WORLD THAT IS TO FOLLOW THE WAR . . . JUST AS A SOUND EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND WILL BETTER EQUIP YOU TO FIGHT THE VVAR, IF YOU ARE GOING FORTH FROM THE CLASS- ROOM TO COMBAT DUTY. REFINERIES, INC. Artesia, New Mexico U U U U U U U U U U U U U ! ! ! ! U U U U ! U U U ! U U U i ! II U U U II U U U U U U U U U ll 2 ! 1 -.. -1 zlzwqpuzozuznc: zu: 2 1 11: 1 311051113 1 2 3:1 .2 :. 11: 1 ::u:u..-vim.. lPage 1871 I ! I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 9:0101 zu: I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I i. I I Il I I I CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY IN HISTORY FOR CONSTRUCTIVE WORK IN BRING- ING ABOUT PEACETIME CONDITIONS IN A BET- TER WORLD. THE PRESENT DAY TURMOIL OFFERS A CHALLENGE TO EACH MEMBER OF THE CLASS. BE SURE TO ACCEPT THIS CHAL- LENGE AND TAKE YOUR PLACE IN THE WORLD AS MEN OF TOMORROW. IT IS OUR SINCERE HOPE THAT EVERY MEMBER OF THIS CLASS WILL REACH THE ULTIMATE IN SUCCESS AND ACHIEVEMENT. 014-21:11:11: zz: zxmzzuz-u:::::1:1:zqupzlxzz-11111114 IPage 1881 1 1 1 1 1 1 gp 141 1 1 1 1 1.1.1.,1.,1n1u1o:o 914 inl- :vi I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I ll bcuz: UCCA THEATIQE nge U U H U u It has been 21 pleasure to know you. Those of you who go U from our midst-We wish for you the good things of life. U II Q II 3 E 9 THEATIDE THEATRE 3 H ,My y y W- 5 - Z 3 ,ee...,,,e.-.,,, ...,, y :::1z:1:g1:::..1,5:.,::Zzgzzgz. ,14:gq,.g:.:z-.1-Uznio E I O ! Your Coach Awzuts, S1r! 3 H . ,..,. ,, ,u,.,. ,,,M w,AW ,M ,,, M., uue, ,,,, ye eeeeee ,,,.,., ,.e. ,,,.e ,,,,,,q,.e. , , e ,,,,,, .. 4 . .. The Latest Type Clipper Bus ' I Cadets have found, for many years, that our buses fill the most modern idea of fast, H comfofrtdble, convenient, and economical travel. U 11 FAST TRANSCONTINENTAL SCHEDULES H 1' . . 4' ein Hqexuzn ranzpnriairun Gln-, glue. g -,-y-- - - ..,,, ......, - , , S... , een, 5 LP:-xge 1891 0:0103 ll H - U U II -+ ofllillsx U 66 x.I?l QSQX 'a f - U L -.r NPN 2 vi ff' ' 12353 -A M 1944 H 'lg f oq - .R ffo E U cc as Q A Veteran of Many Years For 91 years-through wartimes and panics- U H MON ARCH FINER FOODS 9 have maintained a reputation for dependable quality and value- I and today-as always-the lVlonarch Lion Head Label is your U assurance of truly finer foods. U E Rjvrvzfrzzrrrmtzzrz1:-:::::::::::::qp:gum:i:::::: U - 7 ' Q 9-4 KILQKP Post W ar Miracles 3 :Ss Q me , - my 15, A No one knows exactly what they ll be . . . but everyone does E know that Electricity will be a vital part of their development, ' electronically or otherwise. You, with your excellent scholastic preparation, are at the U threshold of the greatest opportunities the world has ever known- E opportunities for construction in place of destruction. We wish you A outstanding success. Electrically Q Yours U REDDY KILOWATT l l A Southwestern Q , l Pusuu ssnvlas f J LW U Co U mpanq U l o:o--u- - - fPage 1901 We Thank You, Cadets Serving you with increasing photographic artistry-courtesy-and the best service humanly possihle is our practical way of saying that we sincerely appreciate your patronage. The Ball Studio lfrances Butler i H e 3 and Staff 9 9 Q cmultons- u into e U l s l 2 "IDE KNCDID H0lD'1 3 3 Mrs. Qlaclqs Lutz Phone 333 i : l U i li-.- - - ,- ,- ........... .... . ,-....,-,,- - ......: ...L .g. Q--..---,..----- ..- ----- - -,-- ,--- --- lPagre 1911 whirl 1 o H Q '-hu-iWW'guw2Fu- 'UM on FF '- ! U U U ! U U ! Y B. F. Fields, Jr., Ed VVilliams. Foster Karins, Otis llrenneman H We Want to DEDICATE this space to the OLD CADETS of the N. M. M. I. H who have served-and are now serving their Country with Honor in the ' World's War. E To these Fine Young Men who have gone before we want to add the fol- f lowing Outstanding Cadets who are serving as Officers of the Class of . 1944-and to the Ones Who Will Graduate this year. ,, Col. D. F. McMilLian, Mavjm' Ward tdeceasedj, Maajm' King, Majm' Huss- U mrm, Captains Fetch, Gerrity, Powell, Luck, Egbert, Mrwton, Oakes, Ist ll Lieuts. Boyd, M 67111800 and H amfzett. U OUR BEST WISHES TO EVERY CADET II ll U U Ed W 1'IIUz'a,m.s' 5.2.2-2::-.:...:--.::::.-:---.- - ., -.- - - - --- U U U ' "Hl' B'ldN M'U' Q e ping ui ew exioo i H -Our slogan and our pledge. Southern U Union has been providing natural gas to E the city gate at Roswell since August, 1929. U H . U ii 1 0 l Southern Ilnlon Gas U ,, dwfzf ZWW7 U W f U ll ! U E 014.101 1111-11:11:31 1- zz z z :. zxxrxgqpggglqnzupxxlxxqpzlz lPage 1921 -g-,-----1-1--- ----I--1-----lv-'axe lillllllilllllllilllv TT-TTT -ivv T'-i "'1iTTTTg U U U U U U U U U COMPLIMENTS OF - U Maler Uniform Cap Mfg. Co. 5 1119-21 So. Los Angeles St. Los Angeles, Calif. Richmond 0179 U U U U U U U U U II 2'2U2in'U:":U:'U:U"'U:'U:'zi' mil' 'fl' M: 2 I 3 : :Un I :"' 3T :q0Ul'Pm:n1' ron vous: ' IAZT P'-AY A5 You 59 U U fm- UU lU U PROGRAM -X U U 1" ,,Ull ""U U X A v 5-if Uiffgif I ,l-' U of A Q n n Cadets H 11 ff . n I who Q f A- fi A 'i H Il X ee--N L CHIC ',,.: 5 U U -'f' H 11 H H Equipment for all outdoor sports 0 H Hunting equipment I Fishing tackle H Outdoor games C I H Indoor games Omp cts Archery tackle Q Q MILITARY OUTFITTERS U Complete and 1 HOBBY SHOP S 0 C- IT' Cl tl . il with a fine selection of H UPCNOY U1 hm 0 Img H Model Kits and Model Supplies U U ' I Q if Rag, Q nanoumne co.- C L O T H I E R s U E E E iolvozo A .g.-.,-1- - - .. - -,- -,- -.-.-,-,-. - -.,-..g. fPage 1931 o oem: 0191 01 91 111 91 111 31 1101 11 0 o1n1:11o1n1n1o1n1 :y1 11,101 0:0 0:0 U u U n U U il I H 6 4.0 Roswellfs Finest Hotel The Niekson Welcomes the Parents and Cadets of N. M. M. I. COFFEE SHOP IN CONNECTION RATES-31.50 UP -iz I : : 2 :.: : : : - :iz : -.,-..g. .g. Champion Knitwear Co. Roches ter, New York Makers of Monogrammed Institute Sport Shirts and Jerseys 101 1 1 1 1 1 1 10.1111010111 1 1 1 in fPage 1941 01 nz: 1 101014 1 14 1 1010101 1 14111101 1:11111 1:1 1 1 ri: 1 1010101 101 1 rio 101111-1121111111111 01 .1 CLARDY'S DAIRY Producers and Distributors of QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS SINCE 1912 0 202 E. 5th St. Phone 796 101 1110111 1 1 -1 1 1 1111 1. 1 1 1 111 1111101 1 1 1n1v1o1u1u1 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 Sunset Creamery Protected Dairy Products 14 11 1111 1 1 1 11110101 1 1 1 1 1 1 1:1 1111 1 111 111 11,1 1 1 11111 1111111111 111111111111111111111111 Equitable Building 81 Loan Association 4- -if o hs- -- -DIRECTORS- HIRAM M. Dow E. G. M1NToN DAN H. WILMOT J. W. MINTON S. P. JOHNSON -W 0 lie- -ATTORNEYS- HERVEY, Dow, HILL AND HINKLE 111m111111111111111111 1111 1 10101o1o1o11r11v1o11v11v11r11v11v1 101:05 , Time to G t Out oor -1 Whatever you need, from a V, i pipe to a camera, for a better 1 'fli summer, you'll find it here. In- ' 15 cidentally we've many gradua- 1 1' l ' tion gifts for the bov friend or I o, . l L for "hen" i XX- ig o SODA FOUNTAIN . O MAGAZINES The Pecos Valley Drug Company :po..1o11v11v11i..-111011i11a11111y11v11y11111110111101 Boswell Plumbing 8: Heating Co. "ESTIMATES CHEERFULLY FURNISHED" -TELEPHONE 305- 111 111111 1111 1 1 1 11111111 qu 1u11v11m11:1 1 1n11v11:11r1111q: xv v1 nan: 11:1 1 1 11111:11a1o1o1o1o1o.1u1o111 1111 1 111111 1 1 11,1 1 1 10101 1 Q .9 .. --.g. Willis Ford Agency, Inc. ALI. LINES OF INSURANCE "The Service That Satisfiesu -' -iii 0 fi? '- 304 North Richardson Ave. ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO 1 111 9:0 U I 2 :.,:..g. 1-11111111111111115 The drink everybody knows 4- 7 72 I ? DRINK f firwz' U U I I I I I II ll 114 Q 9.4-1111111 1 1 111111111111 11 1,1 1 1 1111111044 e-11111:11-11:11111111v11111111w11111111r1111o1o4no...1ngo .5 e Greetings to the Cadet Corps I 0 from the Sweetest Place IH the U Pecos Valley I . C L Ln 's on ectzoner C K 1' C ' U P s f y ,, Bob Dalfens Q H ,1,,1.,1,,1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.,1.,1,,-.,1.E REAL PRECISION H HAND-MADE AUTO BODY W BOOTS VVORK 5 Quality Boot and Shoe Repairing E. T. AMONETT 5 . H 316 N. Rich. Phone 203 5 SPORTING SADDLERY GOODS GOODS II .,....,:..:..:. : I : : - :i,: I .2 .. :.,,.,-.,...,-,.g. fPage 1951 1 031101010101 1 1 :zap 101 101010101 1 101' 9:0 101011 0 10101 U U U U U u U U U ii o 0.0 H H 4..- U 0 I U SHE LEADS THE X 3 n be - I - I - f G STYLE PARADE AGE'-.QS f , v U for 1 U 0 Sport Wear 51 V " 1 ' ll f' A Ii' E 0 Formal Wear Q E C Casual Wear X 6 I Q When She Buys Here X l o 1 U o Q , 1 I 1 g Ll. NIIUFYIX. U ' , .-..--------- -- - - - , H 5 DANIEL PAINT SZ U GLASS CO M U 3 Picture Framing Wall Paper H Eafy-Set Store Fronts Pittsburgh Paints U 3 -,PHONE 39- '4101 1 1 1 1:1 10101010101 1 1 1 1 10191424 0:4 Q - - -- - - - U o U U U Central Hardware, Ine. ll . Q 227 N. Mam E E Roswell, N. M. Phone 177 U U Q 1:0-1:11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1101 1 1 1 1 1 101vofo 03-04-w04n01 1 1-0101010101010101 1 1 1 1 10142, 9:0- U 0. 'I I - 5 H 5 . l aaa, inunnn. U , .5ndDRYcl.EPmERS U S T 0 R A G E U Blankets or Woolen Garments H through the Summer ll CONCRETE MOTH, FIRE AND THEFT E PROOF STORAGE VAULT E Charges Are Reasonable i See Us Before Storing Your Clothes E Phone l6 0:41 1 1 1 1 1 1 10101010101 1 1 1 1 101 LPage 1961 U Q Wa' 0201011111111111141111101 cwlenn ltt'1..x Ladies Ready-to-W ear 1mr111111111111111114:1 .g.,:.,-.,...,:.,:.,: :.,-.,:.,:.,-.,:.,:.: Z :.,:..:.,- McNally-Hall Motor Co. CHEVRULET-SERVICE--BUICK Complete Reeapping Plant Goodyear Tires Sixth and Main Phone 104 l101010101010101 1 1 1 1 1 10101010101 Kemp Lumber Company HOME BUILDING SERVICE 1 1 1 1 10101010101 10101010r: 1 -1 1 1 BOOKS - GIFTS GREETING CARDS FOUNTAIN PENS SOUVENIRS - STATIONERY Cobean Stationery Co. 208 N. Main St. Roswell, N. M. Q 0,010101010.101-110-N 1- 1 -mp 10q.0.p010104.0: 011101011111111111111 1 1 1o1o11:11:101o1o1o1u1u1u1o1 1 10111101 r1n1u1u1o1o1n1u1u1o1u1o1o 141 1 1 1 cp 1 1:1 1 1 111 1:11111 YOUR JEWELERS While in school and After Graduation Hu 'S Jewelry Store 1111111111111111n1o:o Mrs. Leeis Cafe 303 North Main 1:41:11 11111 1 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1011 ...:.-- :,-.:,-.: -,- :iz : : 2 :.,-.g. Platt Drug Roswellls Most Complete Drug Store 1:01 0:0 0:1 1111: cu 1r1o1w:o v:.,: : : :.- Q :,: :U:ug : : : .1 .,f.!m,m..,:. U Furnishings and Interior Decorators ii -nil . lg.-- PURDY'S FURNITURE CO. Q H 11111115 101111111-10101111.-111n11o.a 30,101 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -.1 .1 -: 1 --lfrirszo Weintraub Brothers Q 1321 Noble Street H Philadelphia, Penn. U o 02014,-pl: : -U: : QU: :I : -. : ,- ,.. -.- ...i-..,. -.,:.-.:.,: : -i: Q Q : : : : Q... -,Que-.:. U i Purity Baking Co. Fine Bakery Products B H -- ---------- - -.g. 3,1141 Q -pi.. - - 2... - - - - - up-1-.q5n--4 -1---1 ,,,-,---..---,,1,-,,:, N. S. Meyer, Inc. i Hinkle Motor Co. . Ginsberg Music Co. i Boellner's Jewelry Store 5 Zuni Courts - 101 1 1 1 1 1115501011: D 1 1 1 3 1:1111 1 1 11:9 1:1 1014-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 xfxwsoenwzq lPage197I 0:03 1 I II I 1zziwiiimcniiiiiiixioiozo .v -to 4 :nz ! U U I I U U ii U U QUALITY PHONE 175 SERVICE H ll I U I U U Pecos Valley Lumber U U I C I U ., U I U Ompany Q Ballard i "Own Your Own Home" H , 3 g mbulance ' I I g Building Material-Builders' Hardware U II II . ' N 5 910 South Main n . I, 5 U Phone 400 H SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT ., ' U U U U U i 200 s. Main sr. Roswell, New Mexico U . U U 5 U E - - - ....,......... I! I cfmxrgasutrzzmzzzxrzzzzozzzzzzzzzzzzzz 11:11:11 U U OFFICIAL IEITVELERS FOR THE U CLASS RIIVGS OF THE i NEIf1f' IWEXICO IWILITARY INSTITUTE. . . I ., Since 1832, at its original founding, this establishment has been distin- guished as designers and producers of Military and Naval Insignia . . . and have been continuously honored by the patronage of the Government of the United States, the Army and Navy Departments . . . and the Officers N of the Service. U AN KSXWBI D IL . . . Dl E BA Jewelers Sllversmlths Stationers Q E : I 3 ESTABLISHED 1832 Z 1218 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 5 A INQUIRIES INVITED U ! ll 0230101 1:1 1 1 111 :aus 1 xxx: 2 1 1 1:31111 1 111111: 11111011 1 fPage 1981 PRINTING BY HALL-POORBAUGH PRESS ROSWELL, N. M. ENGRAVING BY SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING CO. FORT WORTH, TEXAS COVERS BY AMERICAN BEAUTY COVER CO DALLAS, TEXAS

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