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5.1 N ,wiki , N Lfiffm wj3ws'K1ff'y v x ' J '11 A f fflffw V24 W wwf W' 9' ff W ,M ww 'f Q, M F, Q H YW VQQMWUWMGQWL? M W Q KN , WJW V f W fm off I PRGLCDGUE THE FACULTY ADVISER Cto the editor-in-chieflz "It's a good idea, that, to make the scheme of your Bronco the typical activities of a typical day, beginning with reveille and end- ing with taps. By a little wrenching, you can manage to include even the week-end functions. The regiment in daily routine . . . informal . . . no class groups so large that not a single face can be recognized . . . every cadet in school appearing in his troop section, with the members of his squad, only, so that he will be clearly recognizable as a personality . . . all of an agreeable novelty." THE CADET CORPS Cappalled by rumorbz ,"How can a whole year be included in one day? Informality? Only a few dress uniforms? No stiff-shirted profs in full dress? No formal troop or class pictures? Lots of pictures? Very little copy? One can recognize every cadet? "Oh! evil day! "Resolution: "We will tar and feather the editor and hang him from the Sally Port by his toes." THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Cto the worldjz "I wish to bring you yourselves as others see you. I thank: "Harvey Poorbaugh: Tolerant man with a gross amount of practical knowledge. We repeat traditionally, 'The book couldn't be put out without him.' "Robert Ball: Ready at any time of day or night for action. "Paul Horgan: He controlled my worser ideas, thank God. "Benton Stone: He brings us us as we hate to see us. "George Bode: Poor, worn, unappreciated business manager, the best the Bronco's ever had. "William Gilkey: That writer supreme. He saved me, I thank him." -W. P. CASSEDY, The Editor-in-Chief THE B R O N C O I9 3 7 UBLISI-IED BY TI-IE REC-BIMENT CF CADETS AT EW MEXICO MILITARY INSTITUTE - ROSWELL, N. M. 1 3 . il- . "H - --. ., Ii "' .-' 1141- f' .- W -f h -, ., i xv 1 J:-Y www six , 1 .Q S 'Xb x N- A 9'-tm w sf' ,M MW gasp ., , I -.-..,.-Q.. -au- h-i.9'Q..53tfi3" 1-Nil ,L , 1+ Q ZW W4 'VP' . ' M wr' Eager: IQM.. 5 3644 ,W ,4 V . S-:ff wr- 1-r, ' -is 'S 'LN Q Iver' 'QQ if ., , ,, -, .4f,:L.,, if -,gf Y sk -T1 " .T-, :fi 15, W 5 E' " .' ,A 5 , x U. , , 'fr ww- ,fMA.f:. 'L""'4 W .4,,.W, ,W Yffm-pe-me ..-..-4.1 . 1 ,,., Ky Q Vp .. v I Y, , I i325 .fm- fa ' 5, L, 13531 v an n. Q A-as ,Af A Af'-ffimn A. Mm' 2535? f 'fe'-w f ' " 1 ., . 5, W, --Q, . 4 . an sz' . fu N L- iz Q ff M K w 1, mygnfg., , v my A 3 ' X - e Vx, ., 2 -ii M, ,, A , , V Z' 1 3 2 'T H' 1 Q 0 f- izsfzszik , , 'Qi fu - --- -- - ,gy , . ' M 1 uw vw wx M x "'!,f.:-at .' vii: Left, 5 1 .2 ,flfpigf .' ,"i"T5'fZ ,,2ir'Z',v:- I ' K. 1 rf V- w , 1 W NM H 11 mf H mm rp w 1 1 HQ. X x We dedicate this Bronco to RUBY The Dearest Little Lacly on the Hill 6 25 A. M VEIL I i Y 1 Page Six - AND BUGLES IN THE SUNRISE 0 "Was that first call or second call?" o "Third call, GaWd!" o 'Sfunny the Way the mattress seems to fit a cadet's back right before get- ting up. 'Sfunny the way the shoe string always breaks at that crucial moment. o "Captains, dismiss your troops!" o "AW, What's the use? We can't go back to bed now." i Y 7:I5A.M. BREAKFAST RCLL CALL "mam- , I Q .. 1.112- 7-gf, , ' 'gf-'rig Mb- , ' Q 4 Y 2532 ig U Lx. xx 1: L44 la Q n.. QW , go, szifms aim Z Y , :wma Ex Ryu f Z W1 ' i ?:fg :kfvrxx ggi? 5 X, - jj: 2. A N -' if 3 M4 L Zi ,QT , 'M , 5 xl ' 55355 - 1 1 i i A 1' :1 Q 1 Ei! Q .1 i - 7- ' EF ' ' , ilu , fl -:Q 2? A 17.5 f, , ,flux 2 ""Qgf?f Egg 'QT ' 'Z ,Q ? 57:2 i w-ff,?1f?2E E 25 --5:-:-H-71 'Z F - 7 K ffi Y Y 'W 'M ' -' '?:? . Y ,mf Y: " , ' it " 1,4 fx' E . i'v ' Ti' mi ',Jv.4 . 5 f A wi, if ' 4, .i.,.4., "-Q. , fn- -SWE? 1 - I i - A. Y ,I , ,I 3, A 5:T -,, 5 Q -, 535 ' V 1-35: .1,: ": , L gang ' v V - - N, ,, 1 X WWSL Kuy- 5:2 , --fi '-3 I E Z. - 533-1" . 1 if K -3, Page Ten REST! LEAVE AT --- WHILL! o The gold bricks make a dash for the door of the mess hall and are off to the hospital on feet that Will develop severe pains in the next few minutes. Sun- shine and her bland disregard for tales of Woe and anguish meet them at the door. The C. O. Writes busily. A cadet with his heels dragging the cement and the corners of his mouth drawn tightly disappears up the steps toward the Ward. The gold bricks peer after him enviously. MISS VERA UNRUH MISS CLARA E. SICKA Nurse Assistant Nurse BETSY, SUNSHINE AND MORE SUNSHINE DR. IRA J. MARSHALL Physician, in the Clinic GOLD BRICK'S PARADISE MAJOR H. P. SAUNDERS, JR. CAPTAIN HAROLD KELLY Commandant Assistant Commandant o This school is his World, and he is its god, earning the respect and admira- tion that We unbegrudgingly give him. a The other boys have their good moments too . . . We suppose. LIEUTENANT R. H. PEARSON LIEUTENANT T. B. STAPP Tactical Officer Tactical Officer LIEUTENANT 6. SETH ORELL Tactical Officer Pale Thirteen THE I-ICNGR BOARD Wagnerg Boschkeg Rappg Malcomg Kritserg Major Saunders g Tempestg Wad- kinsg Booth, H.g Lusk, M. D. 3 Blackg Anison The Institute That homey How did this sweetheart touch get in here? There's a long, long Oh, Gawd, what trail a-winding! a clay! 9 : I 5 A. M. FIRST PERIOD QVER teen 2 1 5 . 5 1 1 1 , i.i..-.-...-.-.,,...,....1.......,....A.... . .-........w.m.T.f W--..m..w, f--W---m-wwmwvwwmumn. sW:gsZX1WEEE - JUNIOR COLLEGE DEPARTMENT Lt. Colonel G. B. Duitielcl Captain G. Merton Sayre BA., M.A. B.A., M.A. Dean of the Junior College French, Biology Major James R. Kelly B.A., M.A. History and Psychology Major John E. Smith Captain Charles F. Purcly B.A., A.M., Ph.D. B.S. Physics Chemistry Major John McClure B.A., MS. Chemistry Major Maurice G. Fulton Captain Vernon Knapp Ph.D., M.A. B.A., M.S. English I Geology Captain Alirecl N. Carter B.A., B.J., M.A. English THE FIRST CLASS o The annual trip was the first activity of the First Class of 1936-37. The group attended a football game between the Institute and University at Albuquerque. This was one of the most orderly trips held by any First Class. 0 On November 28, the First Class was invited to the customary dance by the second class. Called a "ship- wreck" dance, it was a general masquerade in which the participants frolicked about in various costumes. o The crowning achievement of the First Class was' the carnival which stands forth as a milestone in First Class activities. The proceeds from the carnival have gone into a memorial for the school as a trace of the largest and most progressive First Class of their time. TEMP EST Secretary Sz Treaurer ZI N N Vice-President MALCOM President E 6 J 2 1 E K Page Twenty-one ,N Page Twenty-two . Aggggggw William F. Alexander "Snake H ips," "Alex" He hails from Wichita Falls, Texas. Hels six feet-two, has blue eyes, and weighs 166 pounds. Women, cross-word puzzles, and dancing are his interests, while red- heads he dislikes. Activities: Rifle Club, '36-'37: Kleckner Social Club, '36-'37: Spanish Club, '36-'37: Inter- national Relations Club, '36-'37: DeMolay, '36-'37. Future: University of Arkansas-Law. "Gosh, but she's sweet." Willard Baker GCBake,3, IGBill93 Comes from Quinton, Oklahoma, and is proud of it. He dances like a dream and has a perfect line of chatter. His interests are women, basket- ball, swimming, dancing, and cross- word puzzles. Activities: Basketball, '36-'37: Tumbling, '36- '87: Baseball, '36-'37: Vice-President of Kleckner Social Club, '36-'87. Future: Oklahoma University-Novelty Busi- ness. F. A. Blankenbeckler "Blank" He's popular, good-looking, a woman killer, neat, but his milk- shakes are awfully thin and as a "soda jerkl' he has failed miserably. He is chiefly interested in golf and women. Activities: Officers' Club. '36-'37: Junior Football, '34-'35-'asp Debating Club, 'as- '36: International Relations Club, '36-'37: Final Ball Committee, '36: Soda Skeet, '36-'s7. Military Ranks: Corporal, '35: Sergeant, '86: First Lieutenant, '36-'37, Future: University of Texas-Law. "Y ou got sompin' there." Douglas C. Allen 'f ff 1 "Doug, Doug ass" He is one of the best waiters in the mess hall, and a good sport. In- difference and gross trifling are not foreign to him. He's mostly interested in a little girl named Callita. Activities: German Club, '36-'37: Basketball, '36-'37: Baseball, '36-'37, Future: University of Colorado. Charles C. Bassett, Jr. "Bwi.1y,': ffrnpze-threat," "chem" He's good-natured, but at the same time continually looking for trouble. He is a distinguished athlete. Activities: Football, '35-'3G: Basketball, '86- '3'7: Swimming, '35-'36-'37: Rifle Team, '35-'36. Military Ranks: Corporal, N. M. M. I., '36- '37: Sergeant, N. M. N. G. Future: Denver University N. N. S. T. C.-- Accountant. George Bode, II "Georgie," "Boad" He has the round, happy face of a baby, crossed with that wily ex- pression of a fox. In business he will succeed. He is unscrupulous and crafty, yet everyone he deals with likes him. His chief interests are draining the Roswell folk of their hard-earned lucre, and his love life. Activities: Final Ball Committee, '36: De- Molay, '35-'36-'37: Pistol Club, '37: Busi- ness Manager Bronco and Pup Tent, '36- '37: Fencing Club, '37. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'37. Future: University of Michigan-Law. fiohhhhh my Pat? Max P. Arnold "Filbert" He performs his duties -even goes to rev. occasionally. He's hard on Rabbits-even cruel-that's what he thinks. He loves N. M. M. I. His chief interest is the girl he left in Marysville. Activities: Basketball, '36-'3'7: Tennis, '36-'37 : Volleyball, 'se-'avg Rifle Club, 'as-'37, Military Ranks: Corporal, '36g Sergeant, '36-'37. Future: Stanford. "That ain,t nothing." William F. Beaty "Billy Very genial, fine personality, good friend, top-rating concocter of wild tales, modest about self but brags about Kansas. He is interest- ed in tennis, basketball, and books. He is conscientious and has succeed- ed as a cadet officer. Activities: "1" Club, 'ss-'as-'sig varsity Basketball, '85-'36: Honor Society, '36-'3'1: Officer-'s Club, '37. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '86: Second Lieu- tenant, '36-'37. Future: University of Missouri-Journalism. "Captain, my Captain, our fear- ful trip is o'er." Horace Booth "Little .loev Horace is conscientious, serious He is minded, and conformative. our Captain Adjutant and fits the job. Activities: Swimming Team, '36: Pistol Club, '36: Officers Club, '36-'37: "I" Club, '36- '3'7: International Relations Club. Military Ranks: Lance Corporal, '34: Cor- poral, Sergeant, '36-'3'I: First Lieutenant, Captain Adjutant, '36-'37. Future: Boeing School of Aeronautics. "The following men. have re- ports." Page Twenty three R. W. Boston GiBob,9 Boston is slightly conceited over his military rank. He studies hard and makes good grades. Loafing and accounting are his chief interests. Activities: Varsity Football, '85. Military Ranks: Corporal, '86: Sergeant, '87, Future: University of Wisconsin-Business. "Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so." James D. Camp rsjimmysa He's enthusiastic and cooperative. He's pleasant, but doesnit study much. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'87, Future: Uncertain. Richard S. Clark He is more or less lazy. His articulation far exceeds his vocab- ulary. He claims deep interest in English with hopes of writing stories of a new and different nature. Activities: International Relations Club, '36- '37: Spanish Club, '36-'37. Future: Colorado School of Mines-Engineer. Page Twenty-four Walter H. Boyd swan' He is ambitious, conscientious, neat. Low grades have held him back. His chief interest is the Army. Activities: Neatest Cadet Medal, '86: Out- standing Rabbit, Troop I, '36: Winner McKay Swimming Trophy, '87g Captain Swimming Team, '86-'37: Captain Water Polo Team, '86-'B7. Future : Army. Chandler E. Campbell "Cueball" He has a fine sense of humor and is a gross, gross trifler. However, his yearning for knowledge is lax. His chief interest seems to be break- ing school rules. Future: Southern California. "Quiet Callanf' W. Edwin Cololentz "Little Ed," "Cobe" Six-feet-two of men folks from Quinton, Oklahoma. A swell room- mate with plenty of what it takes to get along. His hobbies are polo and cross-word puzzles. Activities: Polo, '35-'36-'37: Secretary-Treas- urer of Kleckner Social Club, '36 '37. Future: Oklahoma University-Ranching. "Oh, to be in Oklahoma." Arthur Brueggemann "Pug," "Stinkie," "Booger,', "Fritz', Intelligent, generous, with plenty of what it takes to get along. He is interested in athletics. Activities: Football, '85-'36: Boxing '35-'36- 'sip Track, 'ss-'36-'avg "I" Club, 'ss- 'se-'am Military Rank: Corporal, '86-'37. Future: Stanford. "That's the Nuts !,, William P. Cassedy "Spike,,' "Coon," "Gross One" Spike is gross sloppy, although he makes a half hearted attempt to be neat. He has a very large chin fwhich is seldom if ever shavenl. He is undoubtedly one of the most popular cadets in school and is very practical. His chief interest is foil- ing Whitlock, and doing original and excellent gross trifling. Activities: Final Ball Committee, '35-'36: R. O. T. C. Camp, '36: Editor Bronco, '36-'37: Prince of Wales Club, '8'I: Officers' Club, '36-'37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '34-'35: First Sergeant, '35-'86: Captain, '36: Major, '36-'37. Future: Stanford-Journalism. "W hat makes you so gross?" Frederick L. Coogan "fackie," "Pinkie" He is good natured and a fine athlete. He's clean cut and true to his ideals. Track and Rabbits are his chief interests, while girls he dis- likes. Activities: Tumbling, '35-'36: Track, '35-'36- '3'I: Swimming, '35-'36. Future: Oklahoma University or Stanford- Business. -el "Eff ' n Page Twenty-five x N7- lb - Page Twenty-six Jack F. Corbin KSRed5! Corbin has red hair and thinks he's tough on the Rabbits. He's co- operative and friendly. Activities: Polo, '34-'36: Pistol Club, '36: German Club, '35-'36: International Rela- tions Club, '35-'3'7. Military Ranks: Corporal, '36-'37: Sergeant, '37. Future: Randolph Field-Aeronautical En- gineering. Charles R. Downie GFDOCSS Downie was considered a fine soldier. It is very unfortunate that he had to leave immediately after Christmas furlough due to sickness. His friends here have missed him. Military Rank: Corporal, '36. Robert S. Frick "Bob," "Doctor" He earns an "A" in Accounting 7 which isnit easy to do. His person- ality is unusual and very pleasing. Activities: Boxing, '86-'37: Tennis, '36-'37: Basketball, '36-'37, Military Ranks: Corporal, '36: Sergeant, '36-'3'I. Future: Denver University-Business. "I'Zl betchaf' Mark A. Corbin I6Andy5! Andy is swell! He eats tremen- dous meals, has a good sense of humor, is jovial and a very likeable fellow. His chief interest is the hard- ware business. Activitim: Kleckner Social Club, '37: Inter- national Relations Club, '36-'87. Future: Hardware Business. Stewart E. Earhart 6GStew,93 Gi-Io!! A soldier, a student, and a horse- man. An active member of the Prince of Wales Club, but above all a real friend. He's most interested in music. Activities: Polo, '36-'37: International Rela- tions Club, '36-'37: DeMolay. Military Rank: Sergeant, '36-'8'7. Future: Kansas University-Mining Engineer- ing. "Back to th e sagebrush and rattlesnakesf' Ralph S. Fuller vRalphie" He's a good kid, conscientious, studious, and no matter how one may try, his faults remain covered. Taking pictures of people in ern- barrassing poses, and giving com- mands to an imaginary squadron are his chief interests. He dislikes Ros- well's feminine sex. Activities: Secretary-Treasurer German Club, '36-'37: President Zoology Club, '37: Camera Club, '37: Final Ball Committee, '36. Future: Baylor University-Medicine. "They'll find his bones-.D William W. Cox "Bill," "Coxey," "Foxey" He is the home-loving type, studies hard, makes good grades, doesn't talk about himself much. He is interested in horses, ranches, and drill. Activities: Sharpshooter: Pistol D: Stable Honor Roll, '873 Pistol Club, '85-'36: First and Second Dance Committee, '35: Final Ball Committee, '36: Cotillion Club, '36- '37: Officers' Club, '36-'37: R. O. T. C. Camp, '36. Future: New Mexico State-Ranching. Frank A. English "Frankie" He hails from Carrizozo, New Mexico, and goes with a girl named Rhoda. He plans to be a doctor when he becomes an old man. He is the cause of much trouble on "B" stoop, liking to mess with chemicals, dump beds and throw water. Activities: Kleclcner Social Club, '36-'3'7: In- ternational Relations Club, '36-'37: Ger- man Club, '35-'36-'37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '36: Sergeant '3'7. Future: Medicine. Grady M. Furlow "Buck Gradef, "Arkansas', He was a charter member of the original Midnight Revelers and later of that hell-raising brother- hood of the Light House. He is gross to room with, but his room- mate wouldn't trade. His chief in- terest is money-making. Activities: Polo, '34-'35: Boxing, '35-'36: R. 0. T. C., '36: Officers' Club. Military Ranks: Corporal, Sergeant, '35-'36: Second Lieutenant, F i r s t Lieutenant, '36-'37, Future: Army. "I don't think I'll study anything tonight, I can catch up tomorrow night. 93 Page Twenty seven Charles C. Gatevvood iicateyn Gatey is lazy, but he gets the job done. He's rather sensitive about his love-life. He trifles occasionally but always ends last. In the long run, Gatey will come along O.K., for he is adaptable to situations. His pet aversion is Kistler. Activities: Vice-President German Club, '36- '37: Pistol Club, '36-'37: DeMolay, '36-'37 3 Pup Tent Staff, '36-'37. Future: Medicine. "That makes you an Elk." James W. Gibson "Gib,', "Scraunchy,v "Gibblets" A real fellow in the true sense of the word. In three years, he has never had an enemy, and has always been in a good humor. Heis a friend anyone would be glad to have. His chief interests are evading women and dogs, and reading cowboy stories. Activities: Junior Football, '34: Rifle Club, '35: Pistol Club, '36-'37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '85-'36: Second and First Lieutenants, '36-'37. Future: Texas University--Petroleum En- gineering. "Buck up." Frederick C. Harrison 'Treddiei' He's a pessimist concerning trivial matters. He has his own opinions and ideas to which he adheres strict- ly. He's impatient and restless. Sports are his chief interest. He dislikes sacrilegious remarks on love. Activities: Varsity Football, '35-'36: Swim- ming, '35-'36: "I" Club, '36-337: German Club, '36-'37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '36-'37. Future: Undecided. "Oh, my aclhesionsf, Page Twenty-eight Dale B. Gerdeman Cicertyil Seemingly he studies all the time. He's very much in love with a sweet little babe in Pueblo, Colorado. Ask him about her. His chief interests are music and chemistry. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'37. Future: University of Michigan-Chemistry. "Aw, now, quit." John A. Gillies "Jag," "Arrain,,' "John Airplane" He's ambitious, shy, has an un- reasonable inferiority complex. He's clean-cut, friendly, an d of high character. Activities: Honor Society, '85-'36: Final Ball Committee, '36: Officers' Club, '36-'37: German Club, '35-'36: Sharpshooter: Pistol D. ' Military Ranks: Corporal, '35: Sergeant, '36: Captain, '36-'37. Future: University of Illinois-Mechanical Engineering. Albert C. Hatcher "Hatch," "Pass-in-Boots" Hatch always has a smile at Rev., he always cleans the room up, he studies hard, and is true to his ideals. His chief interest is annoying the tactical force. Activities: Wrestling, '35-'36-'37: Football Manager, '36: German Club, '35-'36. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '36: Second Lieu- tenant, 'ae-'37, Future: Dartmouth-Medicine. "All girls are that way." James C. Gerhart "Mex,,' "Gerjones" He's a fine athlete, and sometimes knows his place. Gerjones is really a swell fellow and all of his as- sociates think a lot of him. He has the ability to use his head and his own initiative. Activities: Colt Football, '35: Varsity Foot- ball, '36: Varsity Basketball, '37: Colt Track, '35: Varsity Track, '36-'3'l: Vice- President Third Class: R. 0. T. C. Camp, '36. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '36: First Sergeant, '36: First Lieutenant, '37. Future: Soldier of Fortune. Bernard Ginsberg "', The high standing, both military and scholastic, that Bernie has made is worthy of mentioning. Success at Stanford looms in the future for him. His chief interest is orchestra work. Activities: Orchestra, '85-'36-'37: Honor So- ciety, '36-'37: Soda Skeet. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '36: Second .Lieu- tenant, '36-'37. Future : Stanford. James E. Hays "H ip po," "Fatso," "Jib,' His appetite is limitless, he's fat, overly talkative, and a gold brick. Hels companionable and a good friend who will stand by one till the end. Activities: Volleyball, '36-'37: Tennis, '36-'37: Biology Club, '37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '86-'37. Future: Missouri University-Furniture. W G s U I: K. B A ..21:w' f - i ..:. iz., V F , Page Twenty-nine JUNIOR COLLEGE DEPARTMENT Captain l-loward l-l. Alden Captain Clark E. Storm B.S., M.A., Ph.D. B.S. Mathematics Mechanical Drawing Mrs. Marjorie L. Alden B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Mathematics Major Leonard B. Plummer Captain Otho F. King B.A., M.A. BS., M.B.A. German Commerce Miss M. Margaret Decker B.A., M.A. Spanish Captain Coryton M. Woodbury Captain L. Thompson Godfrey BS., C.E. HS., M.A. Mathematics Economics and Government Maior Thomas M. Kleclcner B.A., M.A. Economics and Public Speaking I-IALL OF FAME First Class Tempest Cox Norris Best Soldier Sloppiest Officer Most Conceited Most Influential Blanlcenbeclcler Zinn Whitlock Neatest Officer Most Popular Grossest Trifler Biggest Fool Gatewood Most Unconscious Gillies lnnis Most Bashful Best Student Biggest Woman Hater Gerliart Jenkins Hardest Boiled Most Sportsmanlike Page Thirty-three iifzrk 3 Vw 53- ui Page Thirty-four N ff?" B' fkxx E x W H 1311, .Jufeff ' Niki? 4. ,Qu E321 F- , E . wwf .fm . w ,wi , K 2-'Riu wgjgin 3 1 21 L 1 nw, ?,. W , az" - K r is ry ,. X g , 35 -well-I K All Me' V o ' s ' f 1 1, . v- Vw! 1 I Q: 17, : Bettis W. Heard Joe Dean Hennessee Charles A. Hindes "Beettees" He's slightly conceited and makes an awful lot of unnecessary noise. His sparkling personality brings him many friends of both sexes. His chief interests are playing tennis and working accounting. Activities: "1" Club, '36-'mg Society Editor Pup Tent, '3'7: Varsity Tennis, '36-'3'7: German Club, '36-'37: DeMo1ay, '36-'37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '87, Future: Undecided. "Thais not the point, though." Wallis Whipple Hinsen SG He's fat, and jolly, a spendthrift, and overly generous. He's extreme- ly gross, but everybody likes him. His chief interest is golf, while his pet gripe is mounted drill. Activities: Golf, '36-'37: Bronco Staff, '85- '86-'87: Pup Tent staff, 'ss-'se-'avg Inter- national Relations Club, '36-'37: Com- merce Club. '36-'87: Tennis, '86-'37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '86-'37. Future: Stanford-Banking. "Censored" Robert H. Huston High marks go to his carrot konk. He has a happy and carefree disposition. His chief interest is cattle. Activities: Polo, '35-'36-'37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '86-'37: Sergeant, '36-'37. Future : Rancher. "I would that I were miles away from here." "Three Star" Very congenial and considerate. One of the best sportsmen to haunt N.M.M.I., conscientious and popular, in short, he's one of the best guys living. His chief interest is athletic. Activities: Football, '34-'35-'86: Wrestling, '34-'ss-'ss. Military Ranks: Corporal, '35: Sergeant, '86: Second Lieutenant, '36: Captain, '36-'87. Future: Army. "He,s a good guy." Edward F. Hogg "Rasputin," "Hosie" Heis outwardly lazy and indiffer- ent, but underneath he's ambitious and conscientious. Activities: German Club, '35-'36: Interna- tional Relations Club, '36-'37, Military Ranks: Sergeant, '86-'3'1. Future: Diesel Engineer. Ralph B. Innis, Jr. G6Ralphy!, Some people seem to think he's an "apple polisheru due to his ex- cellent grades, but he really works hard for them. Our nominee for the smartest cadet on the hill. He's a fine soldier and willing to trifle. He is most interested in getting "A's" and in billiards. His pet aversion is the mess hall food. Activities: Honor Society, '86-'37: Officers' Club, '37. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '86: Second Lieu- tenant, '36-'37. Future: Colorado School of Mines-Mining Engineering. "My Cod, that foodf' "Charlie," "Herbie" A likeable roommate, considering that he's from Colorado. He's a good sport, has a good disposition, and hails from Walsenburg, Colo- rado, the coal-dust town. Activities: Rifle Club, '86-'37: Vice-President of Kleckner Social Club, '36-'37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '36: Sergeant, '36- '37. Future: M. I. T.-Chemistry. "Wham you say, oh, for Colo- radof' Robert F. Hunt GCP,-incer, CS-Hap!! Everybody thinks he's clowning, but he has common sense and a quick, witty mind. His chief inter- ests are Roosevelt, war, and women. Activities: Swimming, '36-'37. Future: Newspaper work. Robert B. Jaffa "Bob, Little Colonel, Napoleon" A swell roommate, but a little that way about girls. Outside of being duty struck, he's an all-around fellow. He's mostly interested in dancing and photography. Activities: Junior Football, '3-'84-'35: Pistol Club, '36: Officers' Club, '86-'3'I: Final Ball Committee. '36: R. O. T. C. Camp, '36: Camera Club, '36-'37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '34-'35: Sergeant, '35-'36: First Lieutenant, '36: Captain, '36-'37, Future: Electrical Engineering. Page Thirty fxve i Charles E. Jenkins Robert T. Johnson Samuel G. Johnson "Kingfish" He's a real guy, always a sport. He takes his sport seriously and de- serves his title as a "real athlete." He's everybody's friend, and a good one too. He is most interested in football and wrestling. His pet aversion is taking care of "Bo-Bo." Activities: Varsity Football, '35-'36 : Wrestling, '35-'as-'arp Tumbling, 'se-'avg "1" Club, 'ss-'a'z. Military Ranks: Corporal, '36-'37. Future: N. M. M. I. P. G. "Have yo got a mawlceting book?" "I'll go up to my hoosef' John C. Keller GGDOCH Keller is a kid who has been around quite a lot, taking things as they come every day, not looking ahead. His chief interests are metal working, and c o l 1 e c t i n g girls' pictures. Activities: Trap Shooting, '36-'3'I: German Club, '36-'37 : Falling off horses. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'37. Future: Baylor--Dentist. "You ain't lying." David S. Kritser, Jr. "Dave," "Krits" Although Dave smokes stinking cigars, plays a notoriously terrible game of golf, and doesn't appreciate Roswell's fair sex, the cadets like his sound judgment and good ideas. This year he is the most respected cadet on the hill, which without doubt is his due. He is interested in photography, reading, golf, shaving, smoking. Activities: Tumbling, '34-'35-'36: Rifle Team, '34-'35g Expert Pistol D: Captain James Medal, 'asp Officers' Club, '36-'sh R. O. T. C. Camp, '36: First and Second Class Dance Committee, '36: Final Ball Committee, '36. Military Ranks: First Class Private, '34: Corporal, '35: Sergeant, '35: First Ser- geant, '35-'36: Captain, '36: Lieutenant Colonel, '86-'37. Future: Texas A. h M. "Good Blow." Page Thirty-six CGB0b9! He spends most of his time study- ing or writing letters, especially to a buxom lassie of Champagne, Illinois, whom he no doubt loves ardently. He is interested in listening to the radio, tooting his sax, and writing letters. Future: University of Colorado-Mortician. "Beef:-adeep-ado." Richard C. Klett, Jr. "Bo-Bo," "Klett" Bo-bo's the pet ape of the cadet corps. He's very good natured, and is liked by all the cadets. Whatever type of business he goes into, he is sure to succeed. His chief interest is football., while his pet aversion is keeping care of "Kingfish" Jenkins. Activities: Football, '35-'87: Wrestling, '86: President German Club, '36-'3'l: "I" Club, '35-'37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '36: Sergeant, '36-'37. Future: University of Purdue-Chemical En- gineering. "W ell, sound off." Fred H. Lacy "Beetle Brain," "Cue Ball" He's swept the floor twice in two Vears. He wears his roommate's socks, uses his stamps, buying no- thing, but considering everything, hels a swell egg. Women, tennis, and sounding off the loudest are his interests. Activities: Tennis, '35-'36-'37: German Club, '36-'37: Pup Tent Staff, '36-'3'Z. Military Ranks: Corporal, '36: Sergeant, '36- '31 Future: N. M. M. I. P. G. "Sammy," "Champ" He's a person easy to know and easy to like. He's talkative and cocky and can back it up. Hels impetuous and ambitious, yet considerate of others. He's overly generous, and he is interested in boxing. Activities: Boxing, '36-'37: Tumbling, '36-'37 : swimming, 'as-'sip "I" Club, '36-'a7. Military Ranks: Corporal, '36: Sergeant, '36- '37: Corporal 158th Field Artillery, '36-'37. Future: Kansas City Western Dental College- Dentistry. "Say, boy, . . " John H. Krannavvitter "Goldylock.s',, "Russian " "Kranawitz 9 73 Krannawitter is a fool for money, being quite akin to his roommate, V. Buskirk. However, he has a nice personality and makes a hit with the women. He will always help the other fellow. His interest is collect- ing locks of hair. Activities: Manager Basketball Team, '37: Pup Tent Staff, '37: Cotillion Club, '37: Rifle Club, '34: Track, '36: Officers' Club, '87 : Expert Pistol D. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '36: Second Lieu- tenant, '36-'3"1. Future : Uncertain. Harold E. Lane "Flash" A gross hell raiser and trifler, often baring his face in town at odd moments. A distinguished track man. He is interested in athletics. Activities: Football, '35-'36: Basketball, '36- '37: Track, '36-'37. Future: Undecided. "You, donft say." .- I I I I 1 Eg Q . Q-. E. T J wgg, . ,fu ii M 522: 522' Y iii? issefg lux HF ri 1 1 a N , wg we QV N 1 ' W! N u nw Page Thirty-seven V . A ' L 1, - ' 4 I , W Q- 2 '2iwi,.2S KQV- l -' ..:..xL,5Qf .:l, 1:14 1 1 M Y, L, .. - f nl' Qi ,, 111, 7 A 1 Q? " , QQ. , H ' 'ff Page Thirty-eight 1. ,,, yf 'M fl:-14 - W mm .-5. Ben K. Lawson "Benfica As a roommate one could not ask for anyone with a more obliging at- titude. He's always ready to join the activities of the mid-night social club. Nothing his roommate has is considered too good for him to bor- row, even part ownership in the most beautiful picture on the hill. His chief interest is his gal back home. Activities: Rifle Club, '35: German Club, '37. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'37. Future: Business. "1 wonder if he stuck us." Edmund O. Mahoney ..Ed,. Ed never takes anything serious- ly. All he wants in life is a good time, and he gets it. He's a sucker for the women and has proposed twice this year. Activities: Boxing, '35-'36: Track, '36-'37: International Relations Club, '36-'37: Junior Football, '35: French Club, '35-'36: Zoology Club, '36-'37, Future: Matrimony-apparently. Donald B. Martz "Don," "Donald Duck," "Sally,' Don is quiet, reserved, admired, and respected by everybody. He has the qualities of a model cadet officer, as is proven by his troop. His inter- est is in collecting girls, pictures and fans. Activities: Tumbling, '35-'36-'3'l: Pistol Club, '35-'36: Officers' Club, '36-'37: R. 0. T. C. Camp, '36: Sharpshooter Pistol M. Military Ranks: First Class Private, '3-4: Cor- poral, '35: Sergeant, '35: Captain, '36-'37. Future: Randolph Field-Aviation. "Wish I were rich instead of so blame pretty." Jack Lee "Jack" A gross trifler, conscientious student, excellent football player, and generally popular. He catches hell from the women. Activities: Boxing, '35-'36-'37: Football, '35- '36, Military Rank: Corporal, '35-'36. Everet Allen Malcolm GCIggy,!5 5GAce3, Lazy, ill tempered, vindictive, but a good roommate. He is interested in athletics and collecting slide-rules. Activities: Varsity Football, '34-'35-'36: Var- sity Boxing, '35-'36-337: Golden Gloves, '35-'36-'37: Varsity Basketball, '37: "I" Club, '35-'36-'37: President "I" Club, '37: President First Class, '36-'37: Pistol D Expert. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '353 Second Lieu- tenant, '36: First Lieutenant, '36: Cap- tain, '36-'37. Future: Naval Air Corps. "Time's a-wastin'." Edward M. Miller "Eddie" He is a good sport, and doesn't have an inferiority complex. He will get a long way in this old world by either hook or crook. He is interested in any kind of sports. His pet gripe is N.M.M.I. Activities: Football, '35-'36. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'37. Future: University of Louisiana.. "Eat, drink and be merry for to- day we live." Stanley McCreery "Crab Orchard," "Mac,', "Stan" Crabby is an athlete of the old school. He's not only a gross trifler but is very unscrupulous about it. He would do anything for revenge. Activities: Football, '85-'36: Wrestling, '35- '86. Military Rank: Sergeant, '36-'37. Future: University of Illinois-Engineering. William T. Malcolm "Packy," "Sleepy,' Just a big., good natured, easy go- ing boy. Hels interested in athletics. Activities: Football, '36-'37: Basketball, '36- 'svg Track, 'asp "1" Club, 'ss-'s7. Future: Stanford or University of Washing- ton. Future: Publicity. 'Thacker docf' Jack Moore Moore has done very well in his two years. He is an excellent stu- dent, pretty fair looking, and a good athlete. His chief interest is boxing. Activities: Honor Society, '36-'37: Officers' Club, '36-'37, Military Ranks: Sergeant, '36-'37: Second Lieutenant, 37. Future: Stanford-Civil Engineering. Page Thirty mne IS THE NEW LIFE IN, SIR? v Captain Paul adjusts his glasses, and bends his head over the Pup Tent copy at the desk. A few cadets are scattered over the tables and a few are bunched around the magazine rack. Several are looking longingly at the cadet With Esquire. Someone is Whis- pering loudly. o A bell rings and a trim form ap- pears at the door and Walks precisely to the desk. It is Captain Douglass. Nods are exchanged at the desk as Paulsy Boy gathers his papers and makes for the door, head first. His open Ford sedan is outside, George is already in the seatg there is a moment of starters and gears and they are gone. A cadet stands on the steps gazing after. CAPTAIN PAUL I-IORGAN CAPTAIN R. R DOUGLASS Librarian Assistant Librarian 5 1 Y Page Forty-one r K Page Forty-two Nix X Richard A. Murry "Bar-fly," "Dicky Bird" Bar-fly looks very quaint over a soda fountain. He's very indolent, making reveille only once a week. However, despite all of this he's well liked by the cadets. Activities: New Mexico National Guard. Future : Army. sfu.J bs.. '-,fa-adrift! LN: Lf Wfqv Robert W. Nicholson CCNick,!7 GGB0b9! Bob is a congenial sort of per- son, keeping to himself a lot. He is interested in crossword puzzles. Activities: International Relations Club, '85- '36-'37 : Prince of Wales Club. Military Ranks: Corporal, '36: Sergeant, '36-'37. Future : Business. Raymond E. Pence "Ray," "Pickle" He is quiet, a good egg, but at the same time he's one of these hor- rible camera snoopers. His hobby is photography. Activities: International Relations Club, '36- '3'I: Secretary Camera Club, '36-'37: Pup Tent Staff, '36-'87: Swimming, '36-'37, Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'37. Future: Unknown. J. William Neal CSBill,,3 CGTex3, Bill is a home lover, a hard and industrious worker, and a swell fel- low. His chief interests are live stock and polo. Activities: International Relations Club, '85- '86-'37: Polo, '85-'36-'3'I. Military Ranks: Corporal, '86: Sergeant, '86- '37. Future : Cattleman. Morgan A. Noble "Tohoku" A good old egg from Texas worth knowing. His interest is horses, more horses, with polo mixed in. Activities: Polo, '35-'36-'3'I. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'37. Future: Undecided. "W ho cares." Philip B. Pitz "Philbert" He's rather slow and lazy. How- ever, he's a woman-killer of a mild form and is extremely generous. Activities: International Relations Club, '84- '35: Volleyball, '35-'37: R. O. T. C. Camp. '36. Military Rank: First Class Private, '34: Cor- poral, '35-'36: Sergeant, '36-'37: First Lieutenant, '37, Future: Unknown. J. Donald Nicholson CFNick,9, GCDOHIDI If he is here when this is pub- lished, he's lucky. His interests are high grades and athletics. Activities: International Relations Club, '36- '37. Future : Law. Tom R. Norris "Tom," '6Ada,,' "Stonewall," "Filtha McNasta', Tom is always griping, but is really worth knowing. Knowing milk- maids is his chief interest. He dis- likes War College. Activities: Colt Football, '3-4: Officers' Club, '86-'37: Colt Basketball, '35: Varsity Basketball, '36-'37: Junior Football, '35. Military Ranks: Corporal, '35-'36: Second Lieutenant, '36: First Lieutenant, '86-'37, Future: Oklahoma University-Banker. "Honey," "Ain't that b e t t e r , honey," "Hof, Joe F. Provine 6610699 He's gross. However, he is am- bitious, extremely sensible, and a real friend. He's good-natured and takes a beating without any grace whatsoever. His interest is absorbed in women. Activities: Sleeping, '36-'37. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'37. Future: Texas University-Petroleum. "Quick like a mouse." Page Forty three Arthur T. Ratcliff GIA,-t,!, GCRat9! He seems to be very kind at heart, for he has adopted countless num- bers of stray dogs wandering about the campus. He's well-up on mili- tary matters and tells Major Selby his mistakes. Wine, women, and polo are his interests. Activitim: Polo, '35-'37: Officers' Club, '8'7: International Relations Club, '35-'37: Ger- man Club, '35-'37. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '36: Staff Sergeant, '36: Second Lieutenant, '36-'3'I. Future : West Point-Army. C. Roy Regan 'fHillbilly" We appreciate his motion pic- tures of cadet life. They bring us memories which we would like to forget. However, Regan rates with the women and generally gets along by himself. His chief interest is motion picture and photos. Activities: Vice-President Camera Club, '36- '37. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'87. Future: University of Alabama-Visual In- struction. "Buy a Ford." N. Randolf Reese GGRanny99 Ranny has dedicated his career here to rest and peace. He is the ideal roommate, cooperative, gener- ous, and lots of fun. He is the per- fect picture of laziness. His interests are dedicated to wrestling and hunt- ing. Activities: Wrestling: Hunting. Future: Law. 97 "Mash on, .Strong Heart. O. Allen Roberts, Jr. Homer S. Sanders, Jr. GCAl,75 Gigob Neat as a pin, smart as a whip, persistent as a bull dog. If genius is the capacity for taking pains, he should rival Einstein. Boxing, hunt- ing, and his harmonica are his in- terests. Activities: Boxing Team, '35-'36-'37: "I" Club, '36-'37 5 Officers' Club, '36-'37: Rifle Club, '35-'36. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '36: Second Lieu- tenant, '36-'87, Future: Oklahoma University-Petroleum En- gineering. "Oh, yea." Joseph W. Scannell Cijoei, Joe's practical minded. He's a fine golfer, tennis player and rifle- rnan. He has red hair and the per- sonality that goes with it. Activities: Junior Football, '84-'35: Varsity Tennis, '35-'36-'37 5 Final Ball Committee, '36: Officers' Club. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '35-'36: Second Lieutenant, '36-'37: Captain, '86-'3'7. Future: University of Oklahoma--Petroleum Engineering. Page Forty-four Robert C. Rogers lCB0b,,3 6GROg3, He's a good man both in athletics and in a military line. He is a good rider and enjoys the company of horses. He has done well in his two years here. His chief interest is polo. Activities: Polo, '35-'36-'37: Officers' Club, '37: "I" Club, '35-'86-'37. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '36: Second Lieu- tenant, '36-'37. Future: University of Arizona-Cattle. Clinton C. Seymour "Clinf' He was well liked for his gen- erosity. Circumstances caused him to leave before his year was com- pleted. Activities: Officers' Club, '36-'87: Captain James Medal, '35g Neatest Cadet, '34-'35: Boxing, '34-'35: Rifle Team, '35: R. 0. T. C. Camp, '85, Military Ranks: Corporal, '34-335: First Ser- geant, '35-'36: First Lieutenant, '36-'8'7. Present: Hobbs, N. M. Sandy He's rather slow. At the same time he's well liked and never makes himself conspicuous. He will get along in this world. He's thrifty and works for part of his tuition here. His chief interests are radio and mechanics. Activities: International Relations Club, '36- '3'1: French Club, '35: Polo, '85: Glee Club, '36, Future: Business administration. E. Damon Shipp "Ed." He is considered tough with the Rabbits, and has not yet brushed the hay off. However, he is well liked. His chief interests are ranching and cattle. Activities: Officers' Club. '86-'87, Military Ranks: Sergeant, '36: Corporal, '35- '36: Second Lieutenant, '36-'3'I: First Lieutenant, '36-'37. Future: Rancher. "I,ll be on it." 1 1 f ag? 58 X 1 1 1 1 Y' 1 ' ,Ex 1 Q, A 1,5 1 . 1 fy 32? , f1 X 111, Y. 1 'vffssmw d'L,L:1 H ...A A Am, ..E?:a1 X, Mgt., ,gy 11 ff, 1 555555 ..-,,,., ,Q - 1, 11 11 19 Q 1 1, f 1.5 ',5,5s1 -1 ' ST-'Ea wmzw 1 ,fr Qi 3655 - 3 Q: . , -fvefmw' 1 . H - W 1 5 .7 1. - A-Jaw. M911 . HE., 1 1 1 1 4 A I Y i 1 1gQ11,11,f3 2 i 11 5 3 ! E i 1 -fi "' -9241 H A faq, 1 1 H E H 1 1 2141 1,111 1 iiii, " 11 Ll I 1211 H 'E F 1 4 I i 1 1 Page Forty-five ,' ,, V K . 1 f W V I V Page Forty-six George A. Simmons, Jr. "Georgie Porgie, Jeep" Georgie bringls more death and heart breaks to t e women than any other cadet. He's a swell roommate and a fine fellow. He is interested in selling hogs at a loss. Activities: Officers' Club, '36-'37: Final Ball, '35-'36: Tumbling Team, '35-'36: Soda Skeet. Military Ranks: Corporal, '35-'36: First Lieu- tenant, '36: Captain, '36-'37, Future: Oil Mills. "Leis go to bedf' Gerald P. Snyder GCGerry37 Gerry is a strong silent type. He's conscientious and practical. Heis a good student and soldier. He is most interested in baseball and ' GC 7 77 getting As. Activities: Honor Society, '35-'37: President Honor Society, '37. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '86: Second Lieu- tenant, '36-'37. Future: Stanford-Civil Engineer. Rone B. Tempest "Lambie," "Short Legs" He is our "little" colonel but this adjective limits only his size, not his personality, accomplishments, or worth. He is distinguished in both athletics and military achievements. Activities: President Officers' Club, '36-'37: Secretary-Treasurer First Class, '36-'3'7: Secretary-Treasurer Third Class, '34-'35: Boxing Team, '34-T353 Runner-Up Golden Gloves, '35: "I" Club '35-'36-'37: Final Ball Committee, '36: Outstanding First Sergeant, '36: Pup Tent Staff, '36. Military Ranks: Corporal, '34-'35: First Ser- geant, '35-'36: Lieutenant Colonel, '36-'37. Future : Stanford. Fred Sklar I 6 He's extremely popular with the cadets. At the same time he's bash- ful around the women. He's a good roomer and will be remembered. Activities: Junior Football, '84-'35: Varsity Football, '36: Junior Basketball, '34-'35: Officers' Club, '36-'37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '35-'86: Second Lieutenant, '36: First Lieutenant, '86-'37. Future: Oklahoma University -- Petroleum Engineering. R. Bernard Spivey 6610633 A gross trifler, a stooge to his fellow-stoopers, and generally ignor- ant. However, he's generous with a pleasing personality. Activities: Orchestra, '36-'3'7: Rifle Club, '86: Bar Hound, '36-'37. Military Rank: Corporal, '86-'37, Future: Texas University. Alfred L. Thelin "A lf' "Governor" A good roommate but egotistical in some of his manners. A very quiet person, bashiul to a certain de- gree, he's ambitious, neat in appear- ance, obeys school rules very strictly. He is most interested in wrestling and muscle building. Activities: Junior Basketball, '34-'35: Honor Society, '34-'35: Sharpshooter Pistol M: Wrestling Team, '37: Officers' Club, '36- '37: R. O. T. C. Camp, '36: Secretary- Treasurer Zoology Club, '37. Military Ranks: Corporal, '34-'35: Sergeant, '35: Master Sergeant, '36: Captain, '36: Major, '36-'37. Future: Northwestern University-Dentistry. "Meta paca oye estef, Roy O. Smith "Smitty" He studies hard, seldom goes to town, hates girls, but loves his radio. He is most interested ir1 annoying people with his radio. He hates girls because he's bashful. Activities: President Radio Club, '36-'3'7: Second Orchestra, '35-'36: International Relations Club, '35-'36g Pistol Club, '37: Band, '35-'36. Future: Colorado University-Chemical En- gineer. i"Suckin.g for it, ainft youf, Benton Stone "Junior" Stone is the grossest of the gross hecklers. His camera eye is always seeking a foolish pose of some poor innocent cadet. He has been one of the main factors in making the '37 Bronco possible. Activities: Officers' Club, '36-'37: President Camera Club, '36-'37g Honor Society, '36- '37: Bronco Staff, '35-'36-'37: Pup Tent Staff, '35-'36-'87. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '36: Second Lieu- tenant, '36-'37. Future: N. M. M. I. P. G. Thurston L. Thomas "Tomy A cadet who never sings when he's happy. He hates mounted drill with all his heart. He repeats that the horse never treats him right. After all he makes a pretty good all- around cadet. He is a lover of good old New Mexico dust storms, and al- ways likes to sweep the dusty rugs. Activities: Tennis, '36-'37p Rifle Club, '36-'37. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '36: Second Lieu- tenant, '36-'37, Future : Uncertain. Page Forty seven PHYSICS LAB CHEM LAB READING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: GEORGE AND PAUL "TI-IE GREEN TERROR" WI-IEW! GLAD TI-IAT'S OVER ' h Page Forty-nine W 1' 25? , , , L, XL 5 Vx Diff 1 , X. 5 :fm w y . , M W . I 1331132 -W Vw n A A x. 1. K. 4 K K :lg E? 'lib W ww. .wut-,. , W Aw XT N 1 Q 4, 1 w K Page Fifty 1., Qu piggy 5. ' ,EE i . I 1 i ' 25235 1 IM I :v Roy B. Thompson, Jr. SER0y!3 He is a distinguished polo player. However he is indifferent to military achievement, as a cadet. He is jovial, hard-boiled, and commands respect. Activities : Polo. Military Ranks: Corporal, '34-'35: Sergeant, '85-'36: Second Lieutenant, '36-'37: First Lieutenant, '36-'37. Future: University of Arizona. Joseph C. Tuell SCJ' Cu!! C610-10,99 66Dip!7 He is a good egg, a fine athlete, and he will trifle on occasion. Activities: Wrestling, '35-'36-'37: Tumbling, '35-'36-'37. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'37, Future: Randolph Field-Air Corps. William H. Wadkins "Cap'n H enryf' "Wad,,' ultchyv Wad is a cadet of the old school and one of the best. He is honest and has a mind of his own, not easily swayed. He is an all around good fellow and a swell roomer. Activities: Secretary-Treasurer Officers' Club, '36-'3'7: Cotillion Club President, '36-'s7g Final Ball Committee, '36: R. O. T. C. Camp, '36: Honor Board, '36-'3'7: Sons of American Revolution Medal, '36. Military Ranks: Private, First Class, '34-'35: Corporal, '35-'36: Sergeant, '36: First Sergeant, '36: Captain, '37: Major, '37. Future: Army. Robert C. Tibbets "Tibby," "Two-Bits" He's fond of making investments that pay. He's a hard worker, if you can get him to work. Tennis and books are his chief interests. Activities: Tennis, '35-'36-'87: Officers' Club, 'ae-'a7. Military Ranks: Sergeant, '36: Second Lieu- tenant, '36-'37. Future: Kansas University--Petroleum En- gineering. "To be or not to be, that is the questwnf, John B. VanBuskirk "Van Shysterf' "Pinchpenny" He is a man of big business ideas. His line is old but all the girls fall for it. He's not such a bad fellow considering he has been here five years. His chief interests are busi- ness dealings, rifle teams, and girls. Activities: Rifle Team, '34-'87 : Pistol Team, '35-'36-'37: Pup Tent Staff, '36-'3'1: Officers' Club, '36-'37: "I" Club, '36-'37, Military Ranks: Corporal, '84-'B5: First Ser- geant, '85-'36: Captain, '36-'87. Future: Colorado A. 6 M. "Make me a pricef, H. Henry Walden CGBILJD 9 Walden is indifferent to school authority. However, he is a swell egg and a real friend. He is lazy, at the same time possessing the energy to work if he has to. Activities: Wrestling, '35-'36-'3'I. Future: Engraving. Alan V. Tice SSAP! One c h a rm i n g gentleman, a splendid sport, and what's more than either, a regular fellow. Interest: sports: pet aversion: DeSanders. Activities: Football, '35-'36: "I" Club, '35- '36-'87: Basketball, '36-'37, Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'37. Future: Commercial Trailers Business. "Good place to be from." Charles Viles His main interest was centered in aviation. Activities: Wrestling, '36-'37. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'3'7. Future: Insurance Business. Harold J. Weiller "I n fanf' He's a good sport about the teas- ing he gets. His girl friends give him trouble, and he gets very jealous. His interest lies in letter writing and dances. Activities: International Relations Club, '36- '37: German Club, '36-'37: Pistol Club, '36-'37: Swimming, '35-'36. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'37, Future: George Washington University-U. S. Foreign Service. "Now I'll tell one." Page Fifty-one Jack H. White "Any 0op" Ally is a swell fellow and has proved to be a good cadet officer. He is liked by the men in his troop, and generally by the cadets. Activities: Officers' Club, '36-'37: Junior Basketball, '31-'33: Colt Basketball, '83- '35: Junior Baseball, '31-'34. Military Ranks: Corporal, '34-'35: First Ser- geant, '35-'36: Captain, '36-'37. Future: Business. Homer F. Wilcox, Jr. "Homerette He's a native of Oklahoma, often seen around the vicinity of Tulsa when the weather wasnit too hot. He plans to become a leading factor in the oil business by learning the trade from the ground up. His chief in- terests are hunting, fishing, and women. Activities: Trap Shooting, '36-'87: Kleckner Warren Whitlock "Whit," "Latch,,' "Fat-Latch" No common sense, elephantine, vindictive, revengeful. Runner up for the most popular First Classman. He's without doubt the grossest trifler ever to hit this school. The cadet corps would loose its sense of humor without him. His chief interest is in trifling. Activities: Officers' Club, '36-'37: Colt Foot- ball, '34-'35: Cheer Leader, '85. Military Ranks: Corporal, '35-'8G: Second Lieutenant, '36: First Lieutenant, '36-'37. Future: Los Angeles School of Embalxning- Mortician. "Where's Thorndike." "Am I to assume." "It's a damn good thing." Vincent M. Wieser "Squeaky" Wieser is certainly very congen- ial and his personality is one which everyone likes. He is inconspicuous and at the same time very active. He doesn't study much but he gets the job done, which is his chief aim here. Activities: Tennis, '36-'3'Ig Volleyball, '36-'37. Military Rank: Corporal, '86-'37. Future: Texas Christian University-Miller. Donald R. Williams He's smart as a whip in school, and his even and friendly person- ality will insure his later success. Activities: International Relations Club, '36- '37: Camera Club, '36-'37: Varsity Swim- ming Squad, '37, Military Ranks: Corporal, '36: Sergeant, '36- . , , , . - - 'am ZZ:31CSl:b"35lg,7:?7' International Rem- Lg' Futugigirlgerixxirity of Cincinnati-Aeronautical Military Ranks: Corporal, '86: Sergeant, '36: ' ' ' '37' Never studies. He cheats th e Future: University of Oklahoma-Oil. Cadet C01-P5 and likes to act tough. He is interested in cattle. Activities: Polo, '35-'36-'37. Military Rank: Corporal, '36-'37. Future : Ranching. Henry Richie Wilson Dean S, Zinn "Richie,,, "Carrot-Top," "Buck,,' "Abe" CSASPQD He is one of the finest of the many fine boys at the Institute. Dur- ing the winter he is a woman hater, but what he is in the summer .... His pet interests are money making and tormenting Whitlock. Activities: Tumbling, '36: International Re- lations Club, '36: Officers' Club, '36-'37: Associate Editor Pup Tent, '37: Light- house Watch, '86-'37, Military Ranks: Corporal, '35: Sergeant, '36: Second Lieutenant, '36: First Lieutenant, '36-'37. Future : Army. "How do they expect us to learn anything when they change the lesson every day?,' Page Fifty-two Clinton M. Wood "Clint" He's a member of the track team. He's cheerful, kindhearted and a good fellow although his chief inter- est is Rabbits. Activities: Junior Football, '85-'36: Varsity Track, '37: "I" Club, '3'l. Future: Uncertain. He's devilish and inclined to mis- chief even in his sleep. He won't stay in his room after taps. He is a bad influence on his roommate, but all in all, he is a good sport and deserves his title as the most popular cadet. His chief interest is Captain Sayreis French. Activities: Tumbling, '34: L. E. Watson, '35: Final Ball Committee, '36: Will Purdy Cup, '36: R. 0. T. C. Camp, '36: Editor- in-Chief of Pup Tent. '37: Charter Mem- ber of Honor Society: Vice-President of Officers' Club: Vice-President First Class. Military Ranks: Corporal, '34-'85 fReducedl: Sergeant, '35-'36: Captain, '36-'37, Future: West Point. "0h! if I were only a Majorf' ea '-....' 1 E M, ii, Page Fifty-three Page Fifty-four Captain Douglass Neatest Lt. Colonel Lusk Most Respected Major Kelly Most Conceited Captain Sayre Most Duty Struck I-IALL OF FAME Faculty Major Plummer ' Sloppiest Most Unconscious Laziest Captain Lanham Choose Your Own Captain Carter Biggest Goon Major Kleclcner Most Radical Captain Knapp ' ' Biggest Snake Captain Ellis Most Bashful Captain Woodbury Biggest Bull Thrower Major McClure Most Popular fwith stooge, aboveh White Biggest Bull Thrower Wilson Lighthouse Keeper Kritser Most Respected Malcom Best Athlete y-six HALL OF FAME First Class Miller Best Dancer Simmons Best Looking Reese Laziest Cassecly Biggest Goon Van Buslcirlc Crookedest Biggest Woman Killer l-lennessee Best Build Krannawitter Most Love Sick l-lunl: Most Radical Page Fifty-seven Page Fifty-eight TI-IE SECCND CLASS FINAL BALL COMMITTEE MUSICAL MAVERICKS BURTON President DeSANDERS Vice-President DUDLEY Secretary-Treasurer MAN TH E BOATS! o What ho? Could a mere shipwreck drag together such a motley crew as this? It seems so. Some are a bit bedraggled in appearance, While some are resplen- dent in their borrowed finery, so to heck with the life- boats and 1et's go native. 4 L ' . :I fe: -- ,, ' .1:.,1f-,E ,-55 -'-'- . ' - ff 1 2 , . AM. K In b:,:, .v.,: 3 as ::::.,: E ,.,..w .:::.b... ,..:.::.: :Z AIVA 1 A? ...... T lll I I , ' 'iff 'N Q5 " 55'fIif:': ' , fr: H - 4, ' vvl .J:Ii5:N:"'.,.:J"'Zx:,. f ,. I" V11 . -.'1R:l:I-1' ' . ..... H HF: MQ. I , -:,,.: ., .. .,:::W -- v--v ' 4255 ,I .- 1" 3 ' '- ,, I W' -A fs, , - f-gyess-P : ' ---' A '- , ,-V H.:-4-1-'-'I - 'I1:if" 1 5' wal! Vg ""I ' Q ZXQV -f u ' ., A-', . 1' - . ..,, ff - --,'f as: , "mf-rf Swv- .. f 2 ' an 79 ' F 1 - "EVP : W X 1 41, .. ,.,. . ., Q 1 f ff V-2 - a " f 1 H5 , .,,Eg,vg,,.-, 'ye 11 5, Q, 1 Hu b, Q, -, 1+ , gf if-V:g5,s sf-1, I 3- QL: i 3, ' -ggi: 'Q V fqws ' :1-- x H -15 ' ., ' ' f. ., 2 .. P- Q ' 'X Qi ' V . ff , M "' , -5fs:'w3'?fR5z5? : x -sz, A I C. -2 x X' 2 .... 1 llll v yn ,. ,Q I .. X, ,JM . NX . '- iv- f ,:-i,:'.,f1 Ygibif? MR, .,,4,KW . ,A wyxx, A Sgziagxg A 5 K Ar x',5 S 4 N xii ,X f A, I 523, f'wa,:.:fSf,z: mf-Wf',f?,IfWW1'2 ' w -- X Q 5 gf F Page Sixty-one 1 5 i Page Sixty-two I-IALL OE FAME Heads of Departments - Ladies - Enlisted Personnel Sergeant Day N eatest Sammy Baker Sloppiest Mrs. Saunders Best Dancer Best Dressed Most Beautiful Ruby and the ice man Major Erwin Tig'hl3eSt Sergeant Robinson Most Popular Maior Selby Most Radical Happiest Family Sergeant Cassidy Hardest Boiled Ruby Posz Most Popular Cutest Kayo Cooper Most Fickle HALL OF FAME Qld Cadets Shirley lrvine McKee Hardest Boiled Biggest Woman Killer Best Looking Meyners Clancy Hayden Most Conceited Most Bashful Most Unconscious Biggest Goon Roberts, W. L. Greene Grant Rapp Laziest Best Athlete Best Build Most Popular Page Sixty-five Page Sixty-six HALL OF FAME Old Cadets Larson DeSanders Lusk, M. D. Biggest Bull Thrower Most Duty Struck Most Sportsmanlike Biggest Snake Horan McClure Moran Putty Grossest Trifler Neatest Grossest Trifler Crookedest Sloppiest Ambrister I-lebenstreil: Black Biggest Fool Most Radical Most Love Sick I-IALL OF FAME Rabbits Wood, F. O. Biggest Goon Ellis, R. W. Most Unconscious MacGillivray Goss Most Best Looking Sportsmanlike Ludwig Koury Grossest Trifler Best Athlete Woodrull: Our Apologies Most Popular Most Respected Allinson Biggest Woman Hater Weed Biggest Fool Mundy Biggest Bull Thrower Bimson Most Radical 1581 Bm. . W ij, up f 22: 37: fif: 1 wg Page Sixty-nine i E Page Seventy HALL our FAME Rabbits Kennedy Baer Larner Gerlach Best Dancer Biggest Woman Killer Best Soldier Biggest Snake Losh Hughes Spurgeon Larraby Sloppiest Best Rabbit Most Love Sick Most Bashful Picard Lee Best Student Laziest L Vi. - A -I , !. b'Li?15g ,px ,J Q.. 115 l lil T ssl' .Q- , fn , uf..- I- X Au I 3'z I: Y ' if l - J K , Y A i i if-.iff . :-53 y E !QA- x l 7 i fgh. AQ: 1 LM.-Qfwwi-4:1 - Q J Page Seventy-four SEATS! REST! Q The rabbits Watch with glances from over their labor of meting out milk and Water Wholesale to see how bountiful Will be their starved lot When the table head and his henchmen have parcelled out their share. o "What do We have today, Mister?" o "Steak, Sir." 0 "Well, isn't that nice g for a change, I suppose. Cap must have killed an- other horse." o Table: "Hal Ha! I-Ia!" I-IIGI-I SCI-IDOL DEPARTMENT Lt. Colonel Ewing L. Luslc Captain Patrick Gratton BS., M.A. B.A., M.A. Principal of the High School English Captain Dwight l-l. l-l. Starr B.A., M.A. English Captain Vester Montgomery Captain Ralph D. Morrison Bs., MA. B.A., M.A. English Chemistry Captain J. Bryan Ellis BS., MS. Physics Captain l-larry D. Blalce Captain James S. Lanham B.S. B.B.A., M.B.A. Biology Commerce Captain Charles S. Whitney, Jr. BA., M.S. Mathematics 1 Page Seventy-eight THE THIRD CLASS CARROLL Secretary-Treasurer MOQRE, T. B. President MATTI-I EWS Vice-President FREDERICK SHIELDS ADAMS, Albuquerque, New Mexico ROBERT LEROY ALLINSON, E1 Dorado, Arkansas ARNOLD BURT ALPERT, Denver, Colorado HENDRICK MCHENRY ALPHIN, El Dorado, Arkansas GEORGE CONSTANTINE ANISON, Gallup, New Mexico JOHN CHARLES ARBUCKLE, San Diego, California BILLY BERT ARMSTRONG, Roswell, New Mexico CECIL OTIS BAILEY, Gainesville, Texas KENNETH CHESTER BALCOMB, JR., Albuquerque, New Mexico JOHN CLAYTON BANNISTER, Phoenix, Arizona WILLIAM JOSEPH BEARD, Tulsa, Oklahoma THOMAS BRUCE BENTON, Albuquerque, New Mexico ALFRED BLAIR BLANCHARD, Denver, Colorado DONALD BOOTH, Oakland, California WILLIAM EARL BOOTH, JR., Riverside, California DAVID CANNON BOYD, Dallas, Texas THURMAN BRANIFF, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma HOWARD CALVIN BRATTON, Albuquerque, New Mexico MARCELLUS DOUGLAS BRYANT, JR., San Angelo, Texas FOREST BEAMER CALDWELL, JR., Woodland, California JOHN UBERTO CALKINS, III, Berkeley, California JOHN SCOTT CARROLL, Del Norte, Colorado ROBERT CHRISTENSON, Salt Lake City, Utah JOHN FREDERICK CHRISTENSEN, Savageton, Wyoming CHARLES BROWN CHRISTIE, JR., Wichita Falls, Texas ' WILLIAM JESSE COULTER, JR., Denver, Colorado WMM .QB ,IK HERMAN REVERE CRILE, JR., Roswell, New Mexico I fi yr, , Q? I FRED ROBERT CROLLETT, JR., Albuquerque, New Mexico Q, ym VV of 5 WILLIAM STEELE CROMBIE, JR., El Paso, Texas WE? Wd? CHARLES NEWELL DAULTON, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma NV! AS DE LLANO, JR., Loredo, Texas J WILLIAM LUCAS DINWIDDIE, Berkeley, California HARRISON ALLEN DUNLAVY, Santa Fe, New Mexico FRANCIS AUGUSTUS ENGLEHART, JR., San Antonio, Texas AMOS CHARLES ESTES, JR., Wichita Falls, Texas WILLIAM ROEDER FLATO, Kingsville, Texas Page Eighty . Jq, ,H If R M ' F d 'Gsm ,I Q? V42 IL... 37351 Page Eighty-one .ff 4' fy! , 1 9'-A 1 QQ' WJ M., EU lxd '49, v , y, ex ,I OJ JJ ff . . vfi 'gms 5 ,LA fi gm H iii L F Page Eighty-two 'YQ 12. ff S qs Y iw: fv- 3251 f"f?fv' 'E K .IAMES HALBERT GAMBRELL, IR., El Paso, Texas JESSE PERSHING GERLACH, Douglas, Wyoming ALFRED RILEY GILL, Albuquerque, New Mexico CHARLES EDWARD GOETZ, Tucson, Arizona FRANK LHAMON GOODWIN, Roswell, New Mexico ELMER HALE, JR., McAlester, Oklahoma SAMUEL WILBUR GREY, Borger, Texas RAYMOND LEYDEN HARRISON, JR., Albuquerque, New Mexico THOMAS DANIEL HARRISON, Clovis, New Mexico BECKFORD KIBBEY HORNE, Tucson, Arizona RODNEY CHARLES HUF FINE, Kansas City, Missouri FRED R. HUNT, Brookland, Massachusetts HUGH ROBERT HUGHES, Cushing, Oklahoma VAN RENSSELAER IRVINE, Midwest, Wyoming GEORGE JOSEPH, Reading, Pennsylvania GEORGE HIBBERT KIRKHAM, Eagle Grove, Iowa WILLIAM THOMAS KNIGHT, JR., Wichita Falls, Texas EDMUND DON KOESKI, Chicago, Illinois . ' - ROBERT E. LEE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma SM, ,HP Jeb .J 'X h .n THOMAS EUGENE LUSK, Lovington, New Mexico U? V Ur "iff GEORGE MARCH, santa Fe, New Mexico M I VV V SAM HOMER MARMADUKE, Shawnee, Ok ahoma K JOHN ALEXANDER MATTHEWS, Albany, Texas HEDRICK MCGINNIS, JR., Sacramento, California JOHN MCCLURE, IR., Roswell, New Mexico RICHARD DICK MCMINN, Salt Lake City, Utah CARL LEOPOLD MILLER, Houston, Texas ' EDWIN HOCKADAY MITCHELL, Kingfisher, Oklahoma GEORGE BRUCE MONTGOMERY, Berkeley, California JOHN HUGH MURPHY, San Diego, California TOM BURNS MOORE, Sherman, Texas JAMES MURRAY O'BRIEN, Brentwood Heights, California WILLIAM HARRISON O'CONNOR, Ponca City, Oklahoma LEMUEL CHARLES OVERLOCK, El Paso, Texas MILTON EDSON PARKER, Bartlesville, Oklahoma JOHN DURAND PATTERSON, IR., New Bern, N. C. Page Eighty-th 0 DONALD FLANNER PATTERSON, JR., New Bern, North Carolina WILLIAM RAY PETERS, JR., Alice, Texas ROBERT LEWIS PIPES, El Paso, Texas ROBERT HARTER POWELL, Glea Rock, Wyoming BRADFORD HOWLAND PRINCE, Santa Fe, New Mexico MARSHALL HENRY QUESENBERRY, IR., Fort Worth, Tex THOMAS RICHARD REBER, Glendale, Arizona GEORGE THOMAS REYNOLDS, Las Vegas, New Mexico CLIFTON LORINE RICHARDS, IR., Tulsa, Oklahoma WILLIAM LEE ROBERT, Roswell, New Mexico LEON FAIR RUSS, JR., Dallas, Texas SAMUEL MELVILLE SCOTT, Oakdale, Louisiana GERALD EDWARD SELF, Midland, Texas CASH TAYLOR SKARDA, Clovis, New Mexico DEXTER WALDEN SMITH, Denver, Colorado JACK ZURICH SMITH, Nara Visa, New Mexico HENRY PATRICK SODEN, JR., Kansas City, Missouri FRANK WARREN SPONABLE, Paola, Kansas GAYLE STOCKDALE, Enterprise, Oregon ROBERT A. STUART, JR., Ft. Worth, Texas WALTER LEE THREADGILL, Taylor, Texas IACOBO ELIAS TOUCHE, Chihuahua, Chih., Mexico ROY MARLOW TOWERS, Pawnee, Oklahoma OLIVER MOORE TUCKER, Columbus, Ohio JOHN ORMAN TURNER, Mansfield, Missouri THOMAS PATTEN WILDER, Santa Barbara, California JULIAN WILLCOX, Bremerton, Washington FREDERICK E. WILSON, JR., Albuquerque, New Mexico JOHN GIBBON WOOD, Portland, Oregon WILLIAM RUPLE WATSON, Mexico City, Mexico CLARENCE RUSSELL WEBB, JR., San Angelo, Texas P nge Eighty-f Dlll' RICHARD THORNE WERLICH, San Diego, California FREDERICK WINSLOW WUNDERLICH, Fort Stotsenburg, Pampanga, P. I. 6, 'Sq M' 1 is Y , V-,Aviv ,X 'Ijdgi ! . . ey 4 Page Eighty-five I-IIGI-I SCHOOL DEPARTMENT Captain Charles F. Ward Captain Earnest W. Seago B.A., M.A. B.S. History History Captain Arthur 6. Ellingson B.A., M.A. French Captain Temple V. Price Captain I-larry E. White HS. B.A., M.A. History Spanish Captain John C. Kost, Jr. BA., M.A. Latin TI-IE ALLIGATOR POND COLONEL D. C. PEARSON MAJOR G. L. ERWIN Superintendent Adjutant v REPORT TO HEADQUARTERS FIRST VACANT PERIOD! o Is he going to get a telegram or has Major Erwin de- liberated over his money order and refused? How keen the glances that Major Erwin casts from behind the bars! Does he ever miss anything? o Through the door of the Superintendent's office a rubicund face signifies the presence of the Colonel, firmly ensconced in his swivel chair, ready to warm or scorch as the case may demand. o Must Miss Bates be so efficient? Well, yes, actually. o "I believe that's all, Captain Bird, unless-yes, there was something else-um-um-oh yeah, a bar of soap. I haven't been able to take a shower for a week." CAPTAIN R. G. BIRD Accountant MISS MODENE BATES Registrar TI-IE OFFICE r s 4 Page Ninety HALL OF FAME Disciplinary and Tactical Aw, get out and push! Lieutenant Posz Lieutenant Bearly Sloppiest The Bird! Lieutenant Downey Maior Saunders Lieutenant Stapp Yummy! Most Respected Most Popular Biggest Bull Throvver Captain Kelly Lieutenant Orell Best Looking Hardest Boiled Most Duty Struck Lieutenant Pearson Lieutenant l-lieb N eatest Grossest Trifler Most Conceited 3ooP M l -. M.. - 1 x-1 " W A W .F - , -- , 1- :-. w. www- w w w ,- w xzfwww w. fs- .ie M 4..'n w J M x 1- Awf, -. , W, N if "M 'K- M fm 5:1 Haw f 4, w w gi w lt ik m , w ww w w M -www 1 , 2 4 1? sf, 'bp - 1 - ' ' " www ww' w M w Www w " ww ww w aw ww www w ww I Page Ninety-foul' MAJOR A M NORTON LIEUT. S W DOWNEY Asst P of M S. Sz T. Tact1calOff1cer MAJOR JOHN E. SELBY Professor of Military Science and Tactics HUT! HUP! HIP! HUP! o More trouble for the troop com- mandersg the tactical force is gathered in a knot in the middle of the scorching field. Lieutenant Stapp thinks that something should be done about the arms. Lieutenant Orell dashes up on a foaming steed and mercilessly crushes a cadet officer. Captain Hart bemoans the sloppy saber manual of the younger generation. Major Selby thinks that it's not right g it's Wrong! And the third rabbit from the end contemplates the delicious pleasure of splitting the stock of his gun over the thick cranium of his cranky sergeant. LIEUT J H BEARLY LIEUT R O HIEB Tactical Officer Tactical Officer CAPTAIN A. J. HART Assistant Professor of M. S. 8z T. THE REGIMENTAL STAFF Lieutenant Colonel Tempest Sergeant Cotton Lieutenant Colonel Kritser Lieutenant Wilson Captain Booth, I-I. Lieutenant Furlow MISS KATI-IRYN TEMPEST MISS HELEN I-IUTTCN Sponsor Sponsor MISS CARLIE BARNES Sponsor REGIMENTAL INSPECTION Page Ninety-seven m a Page Ninety-eight HEADQUARTERS TRCOP Sergeant Pickard, Corporal Hays, Whiting, Potter, Douglas, Corporal Mor ton, Pearson, Roettger, Green Johnston, Wood, M. C., Sergeant Williams, D. R., Corporal Knight, Scott Sergeant Reppa, First Sergeant Gabbert, Thygesen, Bailey, Brown, C. T., Corporal Hughes, Cree, Grad, Rihl, Converse, Sergeant Murphy, R. C. l HEADQUARTERS TROOP Sergeant Mitchellg Brinegarg Smith, W. G.g Garbrechtg Mariong Harrisg Svven song Donovan, J. J .5 Buellg Brannong Hunn Sergeant Earhartg Burnsg Asburyg Grirnaudg Horan 3 Corporal Gerdeman Tuttleg Talbot REGIMENTAL INSPECTION Page One Hundred One N THE I-IEARST WINNERS Braniffg Harden 5 Webbg Giffordg Matthewsg Lieutenant Ackerman THE RIFLE TEAM SQUAD LIEUTENANT ACKERMAN' LIEUTENANT FULLER FIRST SQUADRON Major Wadkins First Lieutenant Rogers Corporal Gill CI-IARGE! NORMA CROSS PRACTICE REVIEW Sponsor .XX --,- - XX -X X X ,.,.. .X .. . .. ., ,X .,. ..,, .MA . ,, ,. .. V, VV , Y X 4 - X WX- X.- : f . ,. , . X- -X , X, X NU- g.gyygX X. ,VV .NX .VH .IX ,, sf .Xu "M-."y" " ,ff ' ff' '- " 5-'aiu ,,,,. . .. 3 :'XX-'iff ,-'V A..k ' 'X .xw.,z,g,,,:f-"'- X f' Vi- ' 1 31:5 ", , 1 .X -' Wa. .X ,, X .V 2 f , X X: ,,, ' ' "" f ' gm .. 1: -2 'ff fi ff 4. VQVEV 1: m.X,:::Eg 915 ,gm ffXX35g:,. Q f- JJ ,V ff Vf5VfV VV,VVVVx v A VJVV1.g5M.:X5 A g in Z I' 4 'A 9 t 2 X 2- -. ' ' ' 'Q X 'S x 2 "" 'w ' 1 1 '1 i.jV'XX.X 15 Q . XX W . -X , - XX-vswwi . x 5 f - WM' - 1 'Z Y' 4 z X - .- ff- f i ,QL " , 4.7 'QT ff.. . " , VVXVXfXf1 VV . .5 V-V. , VV 'fif QE X, .VX-g xg, VV if jg X f '1'i1"e?XQx"',i',1 ' ' ?.".W1.. fc-X5 Lf -N H ,. ,Z .2 ' M in 5 , X My A V - ' ' ' ' ' X 1? " fl , ""k 7 2--F2 4' 32 XE, f . . .. ' , X V , V V . , V ,VIA VX -X- -X , . -,,- ,IVV we 1 3" ,, X"' .- , . X , X' - -Q . 5 gi ,Xi QX f ' W' , XX .X ', .X fir X-,X wtf XX-.Vw X5 gi X,-VfxE.'X5,,V.,,.Xs v X 39 X Vcg ' V ,VVX .L W.XXfXiVV AXXXXVVVVAV--, vi' ::X,VX,XQ, X-'XXX1 -IXfX 51 X, 'fQ WX: .g ,gX.f"yaV-:gy yjgL.,L--' X, , lv X - .-., N X X. ' XX 1 A ' . -ex ' '+ W' V I -XZ. ',, . nina 'X '-if .iff . - r I 'W' 35' "'Q:'? ' ' .' '.7f2'T1" "'k 'YT 2 " .X ,jii ffsgz-'gi 31' sf? X' g"I2j??S . 1 21 vi! X3 X X ' ff ' f ff?" x -' 1' -. 53 ' --'F J 42, '- 1 if , 'iii I' ' 2 'ZX ' X 2 ski-.sw -'ir 1' ' I X " fl X XV,V: VX ' M 5 3 . ' " X ' "' - B ' ,X . ' --X 1 an ' I '," ' ' .5 "'5 X ' . X. 1 ,. X. H, XX X X 1 ' . ' X, 1 T ,..,, XV V X .XXX ,.,, . X ,. - A X- :.X Q . -f-X + -. X ? X .. VX-V., ' VX Vi: X f X V f .. Q X , ,W , , . X V K. . A ,.. N. X. .V X I . . ,- A N VV M., VV VLVVNVVVYVVVVV 5. V V an VV V A X. ...X . S. X. V 2 ,J . ,,. A.: , V. , .. ,. .. .. X -V.,.,... . V V V 1 " .3 f, Q . ,, ,QV V 2- -1 X X. -5 V. .X. M X N 5745. 5 ,x - ., - Q, 1 ., X 1 f',p,"A . . .j' X XXeVgs,gy-,Q : Xi,-,VV. ,S X ,.X,.X1eg,wXX::'1rf":X " X., ' 1. W X: 1 51, , X' Q Xqg H H X X x2fiX 4, X Q- X .- 2 vwzef- 1-s-S K X ' X 1.51. f MP2 M ' " 9 M-gfw , I e . . , X , X - X - X -is '- 'ff .- ., , X, 255- 5' X11 ew? M, ,..... .V..VVA,. 4 V- 'W X.-' :V ' 94.31 X, , , . 3 X ,.,1 ,,., qdm V. PM XX 1 -Q'-Ql'5'X k,'f" -- ""'-' X. X x ff- fX'X"wi.D? . '7-- 711 wwf- A XX,X X 'vf',f:f Ffvi ,,. -M"'X-- 2'-' - ,,,,X, X. 1 vw 4:-XXX ,fr-XXL 5 V X ,XX ' '-'FX X W' mf K -X-fog .. X .3 X X X . f f 'X " 'X . ' , 'MX' X M... : f X -MQ-,?gXy.:.,'Q:gzgX: f f L ' ' ,' .. gg-,Xe-. Xj, 3,-1'-1. yy: :K mr 5 'gm X 'A Y hae, ,M fs, ,X- 4 X-,-wf"X"- ' XIX? Q "4 -J ,' I XY' f-9 .5 1- X 'WW ww 9 1,1 ij' ,gigfi X M1 'XX ,M XXX: VW 'X T ,,: X .. VY. X- XX -- ,X ...X ' Q 1 5 W, .1 .gif-.xz-' ,Z-'R'-41--'+"Jy.,-,N .f gl: ZX. --.:""',.:g-A '-L- ,v -."'QfXf1iw1'X?...1ff,,-P1gNffy.2.a -.,-'wiafx ,I 55MffX,,,': aXQ.X..'sX-X,g:.fvf'L,X,-Xi2f':4 "QQ"-f:-:RFQ "sX'XX:Xf 'iXX.X.'.a,5f2XX.XX,'Xev ww-'5-s'X"f, 5-wg-,g-Q M2 ",,, fl---'My-:.mX-ffm-X-.-..-Xm G5?:f5,vX'Xw?5?S2??i:tfXx2Xf-zmaf' - ZX. .W.fx,.,X.,.XsWe,53Numa?U.:.?,X,.f.XmX2iSa.ffE.m:MmwiwfmfEX9XfLmar2wX:XXa!mXI.miEz'lwffmmmwx HE-1v4fXX'XfL?5'-fXX-MLW-XXw?mm:QeLh11XXM .gfw Xw X a.n.Xr.x . .w..X.2w..X ..-.,X.f..f,.M as Page One Hundred Five 1 Page One Hundred Six TRGCJP A First Sergeant Blackg Koeskig Colobg Roberts, W. L.g Sergeant Snowy Corporal Mintong Haydeng Wood., F. 0.5 Moffetg Allinson Englehartg McMilliang Grayg Daltong Corporal Caldwell, F. B.g Rushg Huffineg March Sergeant Bostong Wood, J. G. 3 Vandenlourghg La Pradeg Mayesg Corporal Reloerg Dunlavyg Toucheg Shackleford Corporal Moore, T. B.g Self g Peters, W. R.g Howlandg Corporal Prince g Stumm, G. B.g Robbg Hutchinsong Sergeant Gilkey TROCDP A Lee, R. E.g Stumm, R. A.g Peckg Ellis, L. C.g Corporal Webby Booth, E. W.g Hines 3 Hartman Lieutenant Shipp Captain White, J. I-I. Lieutenant Tibbetts FRANKIE W. MILEY Sponsor TROOP AT REGIMENTAL INSPECTION Page One Hundred Nine Page One Hundred Ten TROCJP B Sergeant Green, T. W. 5 Corporal Sodeng Carrington, Okerstromg O'Connor Corporal McClure, Fowler, S. H., Wunderlichg Montgomery, J. H. Horne, Bannister, Bimsong Ramsdeng Corporal Quesenberryg Roggenkarnp Eldridge, Fay Sergeant McKee, Powell, Brattong Hagerty, McGinnis, Corporal Matthews Sturnlourgg Hueterg Bryant, Johnson, C. T. Tooraeng Benton, Calkins, Pipes, Corporal Lusk, T. E., Fernandez, Stout Murray, R. R. TRCDOP B First Sergeant Yeltong McWhirterg Mundyg Hookerg Stoutg Corporal Booth, D. 5 Marmadukeg McGinnisg Murphy, J. H. Lieutenant Blankenbeclcler Captain Ma rtz A Lieutenant Thomas, T. L. SALLY MILLER Sponsor TROOP AT REGIMENTAL INSPECTION i Page One Hundred Thirteen w Page One Hundred Fourteen TRCOP C Sergeant Cottong Corporal Gatling Katzenbachg Gambrellg Tucker, O. M.g Ridgevvayg Crombie Corporal Haleg Williams, C. T.g Barnardg Ernbryg Adamsg Morrisong Sharp Corporal Threadgillg Boyd, D. C.g Burns, D. B.g Byers 5 Kerry Lee g Prattg Greer Sergeant Hustong Corporal Alphing Gundlachg Zinn, F. B.g Dinwiddieg Blanch- ardg Guldmang Diamosg Wear TROOP C First Sergeant Dudleyg Crileg Boweng Harrison, T. D.g Ba1combgA1pertg Zinn, F. B.g Yoakum, T. V.g Sharp Captain Simmons, G. A. Lieutenant Sklar Lieutenant Furlow Lieutenant Rogers JUSTINE JAMES Sponsor TROOP AT REGIMENTAL INSPECTION 1 4 Page One Hundred Seventeen Page One Hundred Eighteen CAMP 0 With characteristic originality, Major Selby decided that the advanced students should spend four Weeks rid- ing to and from camp instead of carry- in' on in El Paso for six Weeks. About six hundred miles were covered in all. It Was the habit to ride all morning, then groom the sweating nags, then eat a very tasty meal Without the pre- vious use of Water. But now, looking back, one can see the practical Value of this trip. SECOND SQUADRON Maior Cassedy MISS ANN MCCLARAN Lieutenant Gerharl: MISS PATTY MCCLARAN Sponsors REGIMENTAL INSPECTION THE PISTOL SQUAD Top row: Sklarg Gibsong Whiteg Gatewoodg Gabbertg Bodeg Sandsg Smith Bottom row: Weillerg Clomang Carrollg Levvisg Captain Hartg Ambristerg Krannawitterg Cottong Booth WQ,-,. ' 1 L 2'-' " v 1 v ff V. .nj .-,, f . .1 ' V .V ,. . .iff mf V , . . , , . , . . Q silt, '.,. eg.. -izzl gif .Q Vi? A ,V Q 1, I ggf' 1 ' A , ' PM V Q' I up , . 2, -- b.., , . , in ax.. , Y' ' ' .- ' A ' A -- ' XY A " V if P' Y Y. '. 1 ' 3 Y F ' V .L f ' 3 . Y YYY Y" 7? Y Xf filix 'A P X H 11 lm gm? V. , F ,VMQQI ,gl . m f 3 - ' n' Q N I i ..,' 5 . A , , ' f g . .," . ,N V ' - .:'Qi TLA . Q ,I Q? ,,, , v We l - A . ,. A , , ., V ' ' ' 2' ' '2f' '-'2 ., . in . i . V .. . . ..... VVV VV , ... .... . fL.gvi:i,sMe,,gg?5:iEg, .TA 3. ,V,v C v-'A gym ,.,,.,Nk3M , . . . ,, . H ,. , .V X K , ,:1,,.,:Q l,,,.,I,y.N,,?,M,,,t:?:2:0.KW.Wm! P' fggfiiw aff'-if " v . ' , :QL X -'WX-W -F25 .-,-Q - ' . . ' L"iYf.f,, ,'f,'ff . , "" 2 3'-3 Q ..,k .- TQ Q 1 "W , fifmxif- A V an ' K A , 5 A 1 uf- .,.e ,av " ' . X iff., 8, V ' A4 Ei, gl- , 1' hu- -Q, .' ., F, A ,- 1 'ir AW! I 3? -f K: ,, , .,. V 1 4 ig W J' .f 0 .fl , V . . . . V, .V,. .. ' fm ' , A V A V' ' f . . V I E Page One Hundred Twenty-one P x x V Page One Hundred Twenty-two TROCP E Patterson, D. F., Smith, D. W., Franz, de Llano, Corporal Nye, Tidmore, Wil- burn, Goodwin Burns, W. S., Sheridan, Hall, R. E., Corporal Clark, R. S., Horner, Wilson, F. E. Thompson, R. D., Larraloee, McGill, Corporal Pence, Bartlett, Baer, Wagner Sergeant Greene, Estes, Lavery, Doran, Wilson, H., Funk, Bushnell, Watson O d TRCDOP E First Sergeant Lusk, M. D.g Flatog Kopmang Richardsong Laveryg Corporal Armstrongg Kelleyg Ballingerg Bucher Lieutenant Ginsberg Captain Zinn, D. S. Lieutenant Snyder MOLLY GERHART Sponsor COLUMN OF FOU RS , K 3? M. M , X ., ..-. ' " , me 2 A gwzg Q If ' WM M gms X R I W--S' M V Page One Hundred Twenty-six I TRCDCDP F First Sergeant Rapp, Boschke, Harrington, Edgar, Corporal Heard, Weed Brown, G., Holleyman Beach, Watson, J. E., Kronaeur, Greer, N. C., Patterson, J. D., Evans, R. E. McMinn, White, D. W., Sergeant Fuller, R. S. Christensen, Kobbe, Thomas, H. C., Bradley, Corporal Harrison, R. L., Cros- by, Hubbell, Richards, Sergeant Hindes 5355 as Qi' Q0 0 Sponable, Dufek, inton, Rushmore, Bain, Sergeant English TROOP F First Sergeant Rappg Caryg Harpy Parker 5 J. W. 3 de la Penag Corporal Larsong Dohrerg Naylorg Losh Captain Scannell Lieutenant Cox, W. W. Lieutenant Moore, J. MISS ELOISE WALLACE Sponsor THE TROOP AT MCUNTED INSPECTION Page One Hundred Twenty-nine Page One Hundred Thirty TRCDCP G Sergeant Neal, Weiller, O'Brien, J. M., Patterson, G. N., Dickason, Miller, P. L., Corporal Carroll, Quevado, J., Quevado, R., Goetz First Sergeant Meyners, Miller, C. L., McKay, Borden, Gossett, Corporal Lewis, O., Button, Robinson, Joseph, Laycook Sergeant Johnson, S. G., Lindsay, Swords, Fowler, H. C., Zabloudil, Corporal Wiley, Baca, C. B., Baca, H. B., Johnson, S., Botterill Savage, Slaner, Gregg, Simmons, F. F., Corporal Wilcox, J., Norton, Weaver, Clancy, Treichler 0 h TROOP 6 First Sergeant Meynersg Gillespieg Munozg Gerlachg Towersg Reynolds, G. T.g Christieg Kritser, T. M.g Leonard Lieutenant Roberts, O. A. Captain Jaffa Lieutenant Krannawitter EDITH TARLOW Sponsor TROOP AT MOUNTED PARADE ! Page One Hundred Thirty-three -- , 3 - -' " "f . 'gwfxrww 'MW' W - 1. .1-. ' . ff , VV--lfwg-ff,VVVQQBQQQTQTZTI r . f V , W-WW . - . - .f - V- ' -, f. L. -- ww .ff 1. . .,., ,,,, 5.1.5. - .M ' .., '. gg: .ew :::::'Af:--1: ff:-. f.-sf -. V . '- gg: f Q QV! ' ----"' ' ,, L ' 16 ' 6 , .. yf n 1? ...,,.,. , -V 4 S RS ,QQ 2 fn- ..., ., ' . ' ' WM' - 1 - --'- ' '- ' 4 -Q ' 2, .V - 2- -:- . " ":::f"' V , -' 'V -F ' ..:.-'-::s.:e:V':E211 - .. "-' I . 2- :5::. -F' ----"--- ' " . ' --.5 V4 -ga-1:5-:ij ,gf "-' 1 -f: - ' 'fy 5 -. s' 2 J ,. '--- x gl Q Q V f n Q-' n,,. V mx Ez- ., ....-. - ,. ...,..,,,..,,i,vl . fy ...Q F, , -. M - :EW . V -I , .aff W Y , ,, ..f,. .. .sq fx, , Q g .,.. ..,.,4 .,,..., .,, .,.,,,,.,.,. ,,,.. ,W ., , ,,,,, , V :.,., . V . , Q, H , ,,,, , LM V, . X ' . XV , V 1 f . : M H Vf' ,. Y ' ,V g V: i f N V M A . fwwf . : V . .. . , A V - has A AL ' , f ' V A .. f- f- W ' " , -. 5 - WN 'Q .X VV! fe: ff -:-. . . 7 V , A-f f-M1 V- 2 - VV . - , N , ' .+L 1 . ' ' ' .-.. " ,.. , -fl if" -'--f I "" f 3 f'k.,MwV 'W . "" ' "ig 'K f lf 4 : . - -'-" f W W 'Y' ' ' 'V ' W . - f - 'rw - iff ,V , ----- xiii 'X ' -V ' - ' wit Y.-ff' fl JW Yi. E fa g ' " A - V f , " ,ner Vi .,... ff' I . 'awww -V , i,.f,.ff L X1 Ui- 'ff' 515151...I':i-:.:--1:..-'..I W'1f"'3V4 .31r5:5"5':z Ff" '5:' V ' " WK ' .f' .--ak. -.1qf'..f"". ' x "" : "" -W .... 4F:'fEf'rE51.i2i- wr .:.::f5i:fE2 .,.. :. - F XY ' . "1 . I -, ff? V' ff 'Q-' iq " " 945' 39: V 'V ya' , 5 V Y' : wx :XP wig, A Af, I - .. V. ,jr , ., .. -A I X A., t V , I . VN, ,Y .: , , . we . V MLW... A Ax? ,V Q N I 1 . . .. .. , . ..... . ., Q., . - ,, V. 4 V, , -4 .... . . x , .. .Wm .. . wa. , a fm . V " L ' , 4 ,, 29 '-1 .V V A' ' , A fa 4 " - " " 1 . ,M ., . 'VV1- - 2 at Q, Q :FLM fi -MW: V SQ :X . .. "' A' ff iflf 3 2 V ,V f Q 'Y W f ,' 1.2 52 if ., W f W,-4 .Q ' 'U 'Q' WWE , Q ---- -f f - V -- U- 1 .,.,,.,.,.,, , ,,., , Page One Hundred Thirty-four TROOP I-I Sergeant Rice, R., Shusterg George, Cox, C. A., Goss, Gatlin, A., Camp, Stan- ley, Ludwig, Norwood Sergeant Arnold, Neill, Walsh, Daultong Corporal Doldeg Turner, Smith, C. Rodey, A. O. Sergeant Willcox, Colterg Kennedy, J. D. 3 Russ, Corporal Lee, J. g Walden J. C., Tucker, Parker, M. E. Corporal Jenkins, Antonidesg Corporal Amloristerg Christenson, R. 5 Gerlachg Peterson, S. H., Coleg Lewis, Q. TROCP I-I First Sergeant Shirleyg Kirkhamg Picardy McQui1kin, W. R4 Corporal Stuart, R. A.3 Wendelg Holmang Johnson, C. W. Lieutenant Norris Captain Gillies Lieutenant Hatcher BETTY CRAWFORD Sponsor TROOP AT DRESS PARADE I i. 1 1 R I , I , Q 1 ' 'k , , H ,p1: .,51: e:a it,.,A S 'lu v .. ' :,V' gzg Pz ' Z,.A ,i.E5 gff I 1-- 'f fzl 4':Q ,,.V , :": 1Q-Qi ".,'i':' 3 iii 1A1'vA ' :if S ."' 3 2 E i Q Z E 5 '12":P 'QQIA ::" .A-M:2 1' A- QM1 Q Q- :VE zz- X ,, .. :A1 - Q ' ' I, 1 1 - sf Q r Page One Hundred Thirty-seven Page One Hundred Thirty-eight THIRD SQUADRON MISS MURIEL TI-IELIN Sponsor ALLEY OOP! MAJOR THELIN LINE OF TROOP COLUMNS! OFFICERS' CLUB TRCDOP I Allen, Baker, V., Corporal Miller, E. M., Chaves, Larner Sergeant Frick, Corbin, M. A., Garner, Corporal Provine, Cooney, Hoopes Sloan Sergeant Hogg, Corporal Boyd, W. H., Evans, G. W., White, B., Mahoney Stevenson, Churchhill, Smith, C., Dakin Curry, Macgillivray, Switzer, Malone, Nicholson, J. D., Curto, Hughes, W. R. Sergeant McCreery TRooP I First Sergeant Caing J ohnstong Hollandg Parrish 3 Macgillivrayg Corporal Tuellg O'Conne11g Charlesvvorthg Bird Lieutenant Gibson Captain Van Buskiric Lieutenant Wilson, I-I. R. Lieutenant Ratcliiie GRACE JCI-INSON Sponsor TROOP AT DRESS PARADE TROOP K Corporal Arlouckle, Ridgway, G. U., Campbell, Austin, Weston, Marra, Little, Ellis, R. W. Sergeant Smith, R. O., Coogan, Woody, Cartwright, Baker, Peters, W. C., Rice, R., Tolleson Sergeant Nicholson, R., Means, C., Dalin, Howard, Kennedy, J. Y., Bassett, Austin, Casebier Sergeant Klett, Koury, Callan, Bode, Kistler, Mason, Gatewood, Botts, Grant Page One Hundred Forty-five i Page One Hundred Forty-six TROCDP K First Sergeant Batesg Sandersg Hollomang Barryg Spillerg Corporal Harrison, C. F.g Donovan, R.g McConnel1g Larronde Captain Malcom, E. A. Lieutenant Whitlock Lieutenant Beaty MRS. LOREN MALCOM Sponsor TROOP AT MOUNTED PARADE TROOP L Sergeant Pitzg Sergeant Brueggemanng Runyan, E. T.g Johnson, P. D.g Cor- poral Lawsong Hutchinsg Burrellg Giffordg Alexander Coblentzg Murphy, J. F. 3 Runyan, D.g Lovvreyg Corporal O'Brien, J. B. 5 Lee R. E.g Harvey Sergeant Jonesg Sandsg Woodruff g Stroeckerg Hortong Corporal Nololeg Smith D. Lg Whitmang Hunt, R. F. Reynolds, D. C.3 Corporal Tice 5 Winchester g Reese 5 Hagedorng Clydeg Horton Corporal Reagan 5 Heloenstreit Page One Hundred Forty-nine Page One Hundred Fifty TROOP L First Sergeant DeSandersg Corporal Lawsong Langhamg Woodruffg Sandsg Corporal Wieserg Landesg Sturgis g Stroecker Captain I-lennessee Lieutenant Innis Lieutenant Stone MRS. J. M. I-IENNESSEE Sponsor TROOP AT MCUNTED CLOSE ORDER GOT A NICKEL? o The doors of the Post swing crazily. The room reverberates with the boom of the jazz box While the electrically amplified sob of some siren charms the boys, humped over the chairs, feet tapping, faces inanely blank. o Sloppily dressed cadets stir With a ceaseless run behind the fountain, squirting dark gooey syrups into tiny cups and seizing frantically at the nickels on the Wet counter. o Kayo is punching at the cash reg- ister behind the candy counter, cigar- ette drooping from between tinted fingernails with jacket to match. LIEUT JAMES S. COOPER MRS. JAMES S COOPER Post Exchange Officer Post Exchange ' "IS THE MAIL UP YET?" on "My gosh, it's timeg are you sure it isn't up ?" o "How come there's mail in this box? HoW'd you explain that?" 0 "Well, you need'n get mad." o Through the little squares, Lieu- tenant Posz is deftly poking envelopes into the A's. o "My God! Boys, look! It's two letters. Two of 'emi' o Paper crackles. A serious expres- sion is on his face. o "My darling Jack, -- l+:I5 P. M. ATHLETICS Fifty-six Nap, .1. sk li? 'xv 'YR x 1 Ag I , F I, 1 11,5 11 11, - XF . .3 911119. 51 1 , .bfi ,-L. 'x ah zz: i .- Q ' M. ' QM, ,. . X 1 9. ,K 1:1 , if , Hi x A 1- 535322: K.. , FW1-11-Le' ??f531.',-1115 f2F!1?ig'1i- Fa., xg- .pgs . 'Ig 3515. .1 Q' 75:E9":"5.'E ' 'lf3i'k'6-1 . -.E 4 P' X M.: 'N ,f : .Il 1 mg Ig. : '. .fi '-HSA ui qs '-u 'Ui 'T'F ,l:::Q :gg .M , 5 . . A Q V' 1. N Q T3 34 2' 4 gg 1 w ii 'Q 1 x 'pts 1 W f H .55 1 V 1' 51. 1 W'-'11 ' .if in 1 I. 11 51.1 . Ag, 1 . -.. -1,1 11 1 uf' 1 -' -.115-1 1 1 . E . -1 Q, 1 ,, 1 , 11111 Q, ta, -' we In , '.. 1'- W in . , I .1 , 5"-A -sig 1 .ff ,..?f411., 111 Q? '1"11'11'11 , , .,1'1 1 ,,'- 1 ,VV W ,232 111 11 11. 11 La- , . 123 .532 ' 'HE 54 , .- ..... .5563 ,. -1 '11 'x .. , Y 'S 1-IUVQA - "' Q """i5' J. 1,1-Jizz. 1.1.1:1. ,A 1-1 arf? Page One Hundred Fifty-eight Major Brown Head Coach Greene, P. J. Half-back Holland, J. P Guard VARSITY FOOTBALL Bassett End Roberts Tackle r Malcom, W. T. End Captain Godfrey Line Coach Macgillivray Half-back Jenkins Guard Malcom, E. A. Half-back Brueggemann Tackle Holloman Full-back 17 VARSITY FOOTBALL Klett Center Lee, J. Quarter-back Baker, V. Lane Quarter-back End Koury Tackle I-lennessee Guard Miller, E. M. Quarter-back 5 1 J ! Page One Hundred Sixty-one - ' I VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD 0 With the return of twelve veterans, Captain Brown had an unusually good basis for a football machine for 1936-37. Seven new stars were added to this array, and the football team swung into action. o After showing flashes of power in the first game with Wayland, the Broncos really hit their stride in the brilliant game of defensive football played agains the Texas Mines. o Panhandle Aggies came, saw, and were conquered in a game which was but a warm-up for the traditional enemies, the New Mexico Aggies who were due the 17th of October. Without a doubt the most thrilling game of the year, that afternoon saw the let-down for the hitherto all-victorious Aggies who fought, first with surety, then desperately. The results, 13-7 in favor of the Broncos, saw an old score settled. o Athletic relations with the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque were severed after a game of unorthodox roughness and questionable officiating on the part of the University players and officials. o The Broncs soon retaliated, completely swamping the Eastern New Mexico Junior College with a score of 25-6. The State Teacher Mustangs took their dose later with a score of 13-7 , favor of the Institute. o The heavier and older men of the previously victorious West Texas Teach- ers were held down to a 0-0 tie, a moral victory for the Institute. o In a blaze of glory the Institute gridsters closed their season against Normal with a 20-0 victory that cinched the State title for them for the first time since 1933. This game also closed N .M.M.I. football careers for Hennessee, Malcom, E., Jenkins, Klett, Miller, Brueggemann, Malcom, W., and Lee. However, with 10 lettermen returning for action, it is a safe pre- diction that football laurels of '37 will stay on the campus of N.M.M.I. Hatcher fstanding, front row, leftj was team manager. THE "I" CLUB n The "I" Club is composed of the men who have won letters in some of the varsity sports. It is one of the most important clubs in the school. o Those men not in the picture who are a member of the club are: Maddox, Malcom, W. T., Robert, W. L., Braniff, Scannell, Gerhart, Burton, Heben- streit, Johnson, S. G., Moore, J., Roberts, O. A., Hatcher, Minton, Spurgeon, Nichols, Wood, Green, T., Boyd, Booth, D., Bimson, Ramsey, Walch, Williams, D. R., Gambrell, McMinn, Hueter, Guy, Harden, Webb, Gifford, Matthews, Thompson, R. B., Shirley, Bannister. Top row: Holland, J. P., Booth, D., Holloman, Malcom, E., Gray, Tolleson Second row: Beaty, Patterson, J., Lee, J., Mason, Baker, V., Macgillivray Third row: Van Buskirk, Murphy, J. H., Rogers, Means, H., Brueggemann, Heard Fourth row: Threadgill, Jenkins, Boyd, Cain, Koury, Miller, E., Lane, H. Bottom row: Tice, Greene, Klett, Coogan, Bassett, Harrison, C. F., Hennessee TI-IE COLTS Top row: Yoakum, T., Alpert, Hagerty, Stumm, R. A., Dunlavy, Bradley Hooker, Captain Storm, Coach Bottom row: Gambrell, Skarda, Prince, Matthews, de Llano, Caldwell Kelly, McMinn THE JUNIORS Top row: Fowler, S. H., Wilson, F. E., Weston, Charlesworth, Hueter Barnard Second row: Bryant, M. D., McMillian, Woody, Moore, T. B., Wood, F. O. Hubbell, Kopman, Bain, Lieutenant Orell, Coach Bottom row: Burns, Naylor, Lahm, Holland, J. G., Wood, M. C., Thomas Smith, Anison Page One Hundred Sixty-five Page One Hundred Sixty-six 7 54 1 VARSITY BASKETBALL Malcom, E. A. Bassett Forward Forward Gray Guard Mason Gerhari: Forward ' Center Baker, V. Burton Forward Guard VARSITY BASKETBALL o General lack of experience, a small squad, and an injury jinx resulted in a poor record for the Broncos this year in spite of the spirit displayed. Seven men earned letters: Baker, V., Bassett, Burton, Gerhart, Gray, Malcom, E.g and Mason. The return of five of these men holds promise for a successful season next year. 0 Captain Godfrey worked hard trying to find the right combinations in two games played with the Fort Bliss Cavalrymen. In the conference, the Broncos lost their first two games to the Teachers whom they outplayed in all but the score in the first game. o On their home court, the Institute won their first conference game over the Portales Rams, 38 to 31. o The cadets next journeyed to El Paso where they stepped out of their class to play two Border Conference teams. The Texas Mines defeated them twice in two extremely close tilts, and the New Mexico Aggies completely outplayed the Cadets and won both encounters by lop-sided scores. The fighting spirit of the Broncos was noticeable in these two gamesg although the Aggies domi- nated the playing as they pleased, the cadets went down fighting. o The New Mexico Normal next met the Broncs on their home court and won a pair of conference games 38 to 26 and 41 to 34. Injuries to Malcom and Lusk proved harmful to the team. o The Conference leading New Mexico Mines won their first game handily by a score of 38 to 25 but the Cadets put up a stiff defense in the second game to display their best performance of the year. o The Cadets wound up the season by journeying to Portales where the Rams reversed the tables on them and eked out a close victory, 34 to 29. In this final game the Cadets lacked the pep and spirit they had shown through- out the season. ' VARSITY TRACK 0 Shortly after the Christmas holidays, the track team, under Captain Seago, began to take shape. Practice meets with the Roswell High School team supplied the only competition before the two big meets. o Early in April, a dual meet was held with the New Mexico School of Mines at the Institute: Coogan took first in the 440 and second in the 220. Lane took first in the 220 and 100 yard dash. Greene, P. G., Brueggemann, Ger- hart, Nicholas, Spurgin, and a team composed of Minton, Wood, Green, T. W., and Coogan took first places. Koury and Yoakum made excellent showings. The results were: Institute-78, New Mexico School of Mines-53. o The last meet was the New Mexico Southwestern invitation meet at Las Cruces. In this, the Institute came out second with Lane and Coogan out- standing. Greene, P. G., Minton, Prince, Gerhart, and a team composed of Minton, Wood, Green, T., and Coogan made a distinguished performance. o Letter men are Coogan, Lane, Greene, Minton, Gerhart, Brueggemann, Koury, Nicholas, Spurgin, Wood, and Green, T. Si h Page One Hundred Sixty-nine 5 Page One Hundred Seventy COLT BASKETBALL Back row: Capt. Storm, coach, Gill, de la Pena, Crollett, Bratton, Hueter Christenson Front row: Overlock, Prince, Fowler, Skarda, Dunlavy, Lusk, T. E. JUNIOR BASKETBALL Back row: Armstrong, manager, Hall, R. E., Davis, F. L., Hines, Wood, F. O. Van Denburgh, McMillian, Lt. Orell, coach Middle row: Clancy, Norton, Naylor, Scott, Bushnell, Dufek, Fowler, H. Front row: Quevedo, R., Switzer, Kerr, Burns, D. B., Towers, Wilson, F. E. McGill POLO Maior Norton Means, I-I. Rogers Thompson, R. B. Shirley Bannister SEASON OF i936-31 N. M. M. 1. 13 La Mesa, Texas 3 Southwestern Cpen Polo Tournament lFort Blissl N. M. M. I. 11 N. M. M. I. 12 N. M. M. I. 7 Eighth Cavalry 2 Special Troops 3 Fifth Cavalry 4 Southwestern Championship Won N. M. M. I. 8 Oklahoma Military Academy 2 N. M. M. I. 12 Oklahoma Military Academy 3 N. M. M. I. 7 Arizona University 5 N. M. M. I. 8 Vernon, Texas 2 N. M. M. I. 7 Oklahoma University 3 N. M. M. I. Arizona University N. M. M. I. La Mesa, Texas N. M. M. I. Ft. Bliss Cstarsj N. M. M. I. Arizona University N. M. M. I. Arizona University N. M. M. I. 8 La Mesa, Texas 1 N. M. M. I. 12 Oklahoma Military Academy 6 N. M. M. I. 4 Oklahoma University 7 N. M. M. I. 12 Oklahoma University 3 o The 1936-37 team completed a very successful season by playing eighteen games and losing only one. In the fall of 1936, it entered the annual South- western Open Polo Tournament and won the title of Southwestern Champions very handily from army and civilian teams. Its next trip was to Arizona where it defeated the University in a two game series. In the spring of '37, the team invaded Oklahoma carrying its own horses and confident of victory. Here it was to meet its only defeat of the season handed down by Oklahoma University. However, in the second game with the University, the cadets re- deemed themselves by completely trouncing their opponents, 12 to 3. o Because of the excellent showing of this year's team, the Institute is planning to send it East, where it will try its metal against the Eastern schools. The first game will be played against Cornell University on the 29th of May, to decide the unofficial Inter-Collegiate Championship. After this game the team will invade Chicago, Kansas City, Omaha, and will accept other invitations from schools or civilians. The horses will accompany the team. VARSITY POLO SQUAD Page One Hundred Seventy-three BOXING o Starting off the boxing season with a complete 8-O victory over their Canyon opponents, the boxing team has proved itself the best of the last four years. Roberts, Moore, Johnson, Lee, Cain, Tollison, Hebenstreit, and Koury were the winners. o After this sweeping victory over Canyon, only three schools entered for the annual Golden Gloves Tournament, and some cadets were forced to meet their own men. The five year championship record was maintained. Sam Johnson received a silver loving cup for captaining the winning team. Rob- erts, Moore, Johnson, Lee, Malcom, and Koury were champions and received golden gloves. Tollison, Hebenstreit, Doran, Kronauer, Cain, and Ballinger received silver gloves. o Under the excellent coaching of Captain Woodbury, the boys worked hard and trained in earnest throughout the season. WRESTLING o At the opening of the '37 wrestling season there were but three men who had previous experience in the ring: Hennessee, Jenkins, and Hatcher, who were to form a nucleus for one of the best teams in the history of the school. After a series of elimination bouts, Slaner, Rushmore, Allinson, Threadgill, Hughes, and Thelin were chosen to fill out the team. o The first meet with West Texas Teachers served as proving ground with only one Bronco emerging victorious, Jenkins in the 135 lb. class. Slaner won by default at 115 lb. D o In the annual Golden Gloves Tourney, however, they proved their mettle after hard labor for two months under the coaching of Captain Woodbury and the aid of Lieutenant Pearson. They played a tie with the West Texas Teachers. o Slaner again won his title by default, Hatcher emerged victorious at 125 lbs. 3 Theadgill won his matches. The rest of the crew suffered losses, but the margin of the three winners proved to be enough of an advantage to provide the necessary points for a tie. VARSITY TENNIS o Cutstanding achievement of the cadet raqueteers for the past season was the second consecutive win of the state conference title, and the third con- secutive capture of the singles championship of the state. Meets were played with West Texas State Teachers in the Fall, which the cadets won, and in the Spring, which the Canyon teachers carried off. Scheduled meets with Texas Tech and the Aggies fell through. Back row: Capt. Horgan, coach, Benson, Sloan, Bedwell, conference doubles champ, with Murphy, J. H. Front row: Murphy, J. H., conference singles champ, Heard, Scannell, Braniff, captain Varsity players not pictured: Lacy, Donovan, R. , Stayton VARSITY SWIMMING o Defeated for the first time in its history of intercollegiate competition, the N.M.M.I. tank team dropped its first meet of the season to the University of Colorado swimmers by the score of 43-32. The close competition between the two teams caused six new records to. be established out of the nine events. o The loss of the Medley relay started the cadets' bad-luck streak. Donald Booth of the Institute was the only double winner of the meet. He slashed six seconds from the old record in the 220 yard free style. His next record was in the 440 yard free style. Bumstead, University of Colorado lowered the mark in the 200 yard breast stroke. Walter Boyd, cadet swimmer, added another record for the Institute in the 100 yard free style. Booth, Bimson, Ramsey, and Boyd composed the winning relay team, slashing ten full sec- onds off the old record. o Recovering from their defeat, the cadets completely submerged an invad- ing tank team from the West Texas State Teachers College 68-7 . Every first place was taken by a cadet swimmer, and to complete the day's victory, the Institute water polo squad ended on the heavy side of 14-3 score. o Three new records were set in this meet: Bimson in the 50 yard free style, Boyd in the 200 yard breast stroke, and Hueter in the 150 yard back stroke. Back row: Reverend F. B. Howden, Jr., coach, Wagner, Williams, D., Booth, H., Brinegar, Walsh, Curry, Ramsey, McMinn Front row: Gambrell, Bimson, Hueter, Booth, D., Black, Boyd, W. E., Patter- son, D. F. 1 k Page One Hundred Seventy -SBVEI1 S , . fx ,A N 4. . L 5, ,V . ,v ,, I ,f . a:-.: I.. ., , ,V .. X5 M , ' ,Mt qi fi 1" 1 . F 1 f ' '- 3" "': ,s:9-" :,. H ,, - , m , w e-':: t. ,,-.: ff"m'fQ7 - m'?:5EM5'1'l , " ..,,H, V515 f1,'g:"f1f2ifEWf2fZ'S'42' ,. 'T' Hwix-fi: I "W 51:23 'Eff """ 2 '-W? f , . mn . va , Q , naw : g.:.1.:::::a-:ei:f:., . if- -if .-,... . M "'?f22K2f5':2"f'e:"-w.1'f nik- ff - .f x ' ff .4 ffvwa KJ wry- f :.::...'-:Mg:3::,,i .. ' i f f b ffifigfwgifz -if M M M ' ' ' f" '?fQ?2fgWf2 f5 f 1 g kavigwsw , .. V ff'- . ,Q ,zlygm fm, ,' W ' z 5' , 3 ' W , 5 nf N , ,M X .1:4,,g,g.,M .,,,,.,,h,,.. .NN ...A 1 9 4. 5, 4 ,, Q, .. . . .. . , .my ,IW . :..' 'M -1 " . , , '- " , M Page One Hundred Seventy-eight YES, CRILE, WE SEE THEM "TAKE THEM OVER AT THE WALK!" CAIN COMES THROUGH AGAIN "WE MAY STAGGER BUT WE'LL NEVER FALL" -Anonymous ' GIVE HIM THE OLD 'ONE, TWO'! BATES AND FAMILY GOING SOME PLACE, BOYS? LET 'EM HAVE IT! 6:00 P. M RETREAT .k 935' ff . .IQ 5 if .ff ' 4 M .. , -1 4 W '4. in H' . .- W f f uu'1,Y!,3 :M ' A ,, av' ,L PM W -- ' "1 fi, A f ff -Q W l . 2 ,. 6? G V 4 Y-FQ, Q, , ' 1 T73 12,5 E, , df' my nu M ' ew sw wig sa Tl-I E KITCI-I EN IMAGINE: o Six hundred turkeys a year. o Eight hundred pounds of dressed turkey served Thanksgiving. o Four hundred eighty-five pounds consumed on that eventful night. o Turkey 'til the seventh of January! CAPTAIN BATES AND THE FAMILY LARDER TURKEY! o First Week: Oh boy, turkey! o Second Week: Ummm, turkey. o Third week: Turkey? o Fourth Week: Yes, turkey. o Fifth Week: You eouldn't tell by looking, but you can't fool me by this time. It's turkey. o Sixth week: Well, I like hash, any- how. l V 6:40 P. M. PICTURE sl-low FORMATIQN 'rf'-w , X JS ,.Vi,,, ,, ! QW Xu .Y-3. .., , mfg .f:.,1x-- r.. -4- ?n.n'-'..f' .'iE3'!.",7 '. . +I,-3, -f Lw.,i2,w ff'-:wir -f ,M N H , was SSH N Mraiiti, .rbzws .li EEE EIMS W4 M ,, 4 . 5.5 ',JazHT' ' BQQWW W, N .241 4 Q u wx .Q H' V , .,.. L,.,:. ,,, .X H ,,,.b A A L wx ' -R1 OFFICER OF THE DAY! REPORT! SIR, FIRST STOOP D, ALL PRESENT. Q The dim globes shed a pitiful glow over the study hall desks. In the studious quiet, concentration almost creaks. The silence grows ominous. o "Whatcha doin', Bob?" o 'Gettin' my math, but I'm going to give it up. I don't feel like doing it anyhow." o "Flip you for this nickel." . HO. KR! o Boots are heard along the stoopg at first remote, coming closer. Papers and letters go sliding under the desk and on the floor. The coins go into pockets and a book is snatched and opened. There is a moment of silence as official eyes peer in the windowg then activity is resumed. 1 8:1-L5 P. M. 6 1 TATTQQ, POST EXCHANGE ,v,. 1 1 .,,,1e dz s I M:.j.,.f-V.-P , 'f-:Sf Y ml wry? H fifse. , HZ-E92 ' , X ,.,, J U fl, ggiixc, . W 4 L I , im ,mf , w ' wx Zia, , 1,-,Q cv- If , . ,M Q-, A Y xx f-Y H v J ff ' . - f 3 V ., f-f-.ES , ' ff'91Tf" jig' W '.,, 4-if x x' '. .ag , -f ,- -J' '.f . 5 ' in F23 , V' 1 :E-'U ,, 1,15 i ' Q My 1 -ii 'qgiwwl f : , 'Vg-gmwgs"' ,1 7 W . 120.3 ii is , X .V Nw , i'jf"": .- 4, is--gf, ' lfg' , Hai"-01 ,2 -1 5'5" Y Y ig-:::, v .. ,SL 1 ,sv-1 J wg My 'lf' N 111 wi, :R r I Q1 "ww '4' . -:Q HX, jf :S l- 'gffz' ' Y, , 5, 5 EU, Y , i 1 f j 1 K 3 V ' N ii, W .I 'K .I . ' "1 ' TY "'. I '. 1 . -,J i , 'EE , ' .Q fy ,Q A. , Q, mi 1 ' -,Q :i"!iPf - LH' 6 4 -Enix " k -- , N -. A, wr' W H '19 ri ' - ,- 2. ,qv , .meg n- , Wa, . sg 1+ sq ' 3 'Q fi , w f i mf X 1 Ser 1? f 'L ,+ 5,6 vr rf'-F 1 li E . . 1 fl ' W f N..:5q '. v jg ff- W ggi, lggf-f, ' ,,wsf1g2" ,if 4 -par, , 5 .A A , - J ' ., 4.29 , 3,2 4, , Q ,, gg ' .,"'1 W1 " J , H ' if im' 1: ' ' 1 f ' ' -, .' vw l5-E5'i'?q-g-f.--- .,, , , - iv . "1'1'f"---1'-2.1:-T15-'"" ".,111ugL, . x r ,1- , 11, Fife M '- 1' --fgrzfgg, -- ,wu--e. ..'i , ' -jg1::,zsi,s 21 'UQ ", , L L W i',':1f'a'l"'13 .L 5, V, M I J E1 f J .'E'5u1-QU.. A .Q 41,5 . , sr - uf . - Y - --L-..,- , 1 ,- Q 1, f ' 1 ' -A Q ffrmsfz " ' 2 - . Q Y Y g'jH'?"f:'v3' F-fgiffl' ,JLETI Qtr ' ,Af X .- f:,:f.s m-4, 'ug ,Qin r.. M, -,.- I , , 2 fig 1 -6 in V. -' , f me-, J Wi:-fg,.4?if" W' - - 1 5 f he 4 Q I ggi , , 1 - - -rg - , , Y 24? ,1-:1.,". A - ,T-an-."' 'Q-74-'Q-, ie?--.:' f 4 1, ww ffQA:m, y2if'23l ,.?f.Q-1:55- Eff' . Jx ' 93: 'mf v vifc W, ef f J saw , . A 2 9- ,Q GM, -,,, F 6- .v,H'f'?,iyE' Z' H - .7 If w m Y 5' , '1 1 A ' 3 1 , ff Q" , ' 'TE' ' TQ AY , 'Li 1 ' 'fi - gf I 'f 1' 1 ' ,T , ,W ,,,, A , ., ,E ,. - E, A- , A ' 5 -, -' --"fw:.,.' r ' Y, gf , ll ' 5 i ' 1-ii Q5 5 , Q . ,V . 1: .f f1W?i'r4fF-F .N . , rf . BQ I 'lib f 2555, ,, . ,mx Mi, M , ' 3' E K V fy 5 , , . ,4 ., ,, , , , ,, .Q -, , ,. , - qv- ,aa ..., , ..,., , r WLLSA Aifiifh i ' -- " ' ' 1 -1-W'f,:if1wi,s 1, 1 2-gl-913 Elsie wks? , - - , 4,., : as . 5 , -an THE INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB o "Mussolini's a Fascist." o "Fascist or Communist, what's the difference?" o And so far, far into the night. o Memories of the championship bull-throwers of the barracks voicing their knowledge or opinions. Major Kelly finally rising to explain everything so we can get back on solid ground again. A little more knowledge of this world of ours in our minds as we go back to barracks. Memories of the International Relations Club. THE GLEE CLUB o Some may sing too softly, and some may sing a bit too loudly, but the evening is a pleasant one. Con- fidentially, Mrs. Saunders must be a wonder to keep all this crowd of cowboys corralled. But all they ask is a songlthey can sing, and the devil take the hindmost. THE HONOR SOCIETY Cadets attaining academic distinction PRINCE OF WALES CLUB Furlow Kritser "Now, horsey, Was Cigaro has a that nice?" nightmare Gillies Zinn The idea is to avoid the "Wonder how you get shock, not absorb it this thing out of reverse." KK Whitlock Somebody call the humane society Lt. Orell Listen, Nag! You don't rate it." 9 1529 . X 'Q' 2 Q' wwf 3? ew we W3 M f X ss. NX X fl" XX ww "' -...vw .. If... X' W A X H 'NA X X, Xwfwj Z s 'X'-'T V Q-.wwf '- ,XM Xl A as X-. , K V .. XX. -',.:,YUX- dx Q K f.. XX , 55 S-Bm Q3 'A' " VJ., ,X up V f 'f QM 1 fe? xX, My T 4-f'...' '-"' SX:-'Q 942' w Xa mf , 3+ 5 '45 X av if ,3 X 3 Ayfitw X91 1 X f-5,853 S 'Qian Q XX V39 V ,. 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'A -, - H - A.i. fX.1X'- --XX - - ' X . . 3 f .. ' f .. l . '- ' ., L, ..... ...:,: ,- ... ,g..:, . X... ..3..-.... 1-..,..... . ,W . X . .. -.X . Page One Hundred Ninety-three Page One Hundred Ninety-four The Camera Club The Stamp Club sponsored by sponsored by Major Smith Captain Douglass and Captain Horgan The Spanish Club The Radio Club sponsored by sponsored by Captain Ellingson Major Smith and and Captain White Captain Sayre The German Club The Waiters Club sponsored by sponsored by Major Plummer Captain Bates n SWING IT, BROTHER! 0 What is more formless than the noise that arises from the orchestra room While each player is Warming up? The great horn is belching, the drummer is fussily pulling his mysterious contraptions into reach, the yowl of the deceased cat is resurrected as the violinist picks at his eternal fifths, and the saxaphone is topping it all off with his brassy nasal tone. o "All right, boys, page two." o Noise ceases except for the fluttering pages. The Wand of authority is poised, then set into cadenced agitation. 0 Visions of the dance at the harmony of sweet sound! Left to right: Captain Hunt, Boschke, Bailey, Yoakum, E. W., Morton, Langham, Hughes, Asbury, Chaves, Murphy, R. C., Roettger, Talbot, and Knight. o Eight good men and true. Oh, boys, hovv can you do such things to us? Why have you let our filthy rivals have the numbers of our best girls? But you are lifeblood of our social activity, and thanks are due you. THE COTILLION CLUB Standing: Wadkins, Boschke, Cox, W. W. Seated: Black, Reagan, Captain Hunt, Krannavvitter, and Van Buskirk. Page One Hundred Ninety-seven W 5 W E Page One Hundred Ninety-eight WHISPERIN6 SWEET NOTHINGS SAME OLD LINE WOULD YGU CALL THIS AREN'T THEY THE SWEETEST THE ELITE? THINGS! PUP TENT AND BRONCO STAFFS Standing: Pattong Irvineg Caing Hueterg Heardg Woodruffg Co1tergTempestg Krannavvitterg Wilson Sitting: Gilkey, Literary Editorg Captain I-Iorgang Stoneg Captain Carterg Bode, Business Manager, The Publicationsg Zinn, Editor-in-Chief, The Pup Tentg Gossettg Cassedy, Editor-in-Chief, The Bronco THE EQUESTRIAN DEKE K: s 1 Q Page Two Hundred One 111' 1 1 1 1 QE? 11 1 11 1111.1 1 1 ,. U1 11 1 111 111, 11 11 L11, li 11 111 1111 . '111j11 1 1 .1.,1EE 1 1 '1 1 11 1 ' WE 11 1- -fl'-1- 1 ' ' ' 1 1- 1 .H . ..,. 1 1 1 '1' 1 1 ..,., 1: "1 '1'1'll. . , fl . 1-we-4.-1,w.' -L 1,1"'i1-'Fu"?'7" V5 1 ,. 1583 111 1 1 1"1u'11?9?272f 11 .-.111-1.11-g. 1, , V , . 4 1 U 11? -A 1... 1. 1 .,,, 1 -ga. 'A "'1' 11' x11!11"111"11l?Q111. '111111 H1 1,1 2,1-1. wj-11:. ,,,,, 1: ,,.1.,. ul? 1 - E ' - 1. ,1 ' .... 1 1 , "-- 11" . - 1 .fp 1 1' ,gr 1 . A 35 11l11i??,111 12.1,111, 11w1M..11 QR Q MH X :lg N Anl- 1 11 . , L.. -5.- Li j 1- .-'HH Y ' ,, " 1 ' 1 5 11111 1111111 . 11111 -I ' .1 ' ' :In 1 --"' ' 1 " 1 1 '-f.:.':1:::1-:- . 11 1 Q 11 '- 1 ,A -1.1 - 1 Lgfgigwn.. R111 1115551-7515151-1g1'1i..:.E .,..- 1411111 111111117 11 1 .,,,,1 -1 f.121"' 1-111 " '111 11 1: 1 11 . '31 '1' 1! 341 P" - ' ' 7 ' W S 1 '17 21' 4 ' E? " ' ' M1 1. CE M, . . 1 5 1- '1 'H 111 ' 4' 'f 1 11: 11" -f:..5:"r"' " 111 111 ...- gEEiE"'Er1:S5': 1 ' - - if.. YS '10 11 '. ' A " H .. 1 1 . 1 -4511.-El' 1 . -- frm" 'V - ' 1 . 1' ' ff". Wx"'--"z'1'6E1?ff" E fn. 111.21 1 - W1 ,. 1,1 1.-1 g-i5g3.1'11-12? W -I 1' . "11. 1111113521-1 111,,1111,1'11,111 -111.155 ,111 1 L -11:1 ww: R! 1 .li 111 111 1111117111 1.13 1.331 :f1M111LU N 1 ' ' . -21.55525 "" 1 1h. x' -:Z ' 532911 ' GEMM 111 '11 11111111 w. 1 , A if fx l:,+f,113g111 . 1 1 1, W. 111 1 11111"11g11 1 A .. ' 'ref .:. '1 1 , ..-1111 1 1 f - 1 ' 1 1- 2111. 1 . - 1 -.- .. 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V: - 1 1 - -1-- 4, 1 1 1 fy! fi: gf' g - nit, , 11 'W' 211 'F 1 . ?s1z1 11 . 1' 1 -1 11111 1 1, 1 111 V1 1 .. .' 3' ff... L '1' M 17 R ' 7 1 iff " -, Ie. ' " 1 11.- 1g 1-'111"11 1 1 ' 1 5 15 If 11 -31 1111321111 11 ' 111111111 12 .11 , ' ,- .1 l . in iz,-4' 1 1 Y 11 11 111 51111111111 1- 1112931 1 11111, A .1 1 2-1-13151 . Y - M H V- 1 M X N 11 'M ' ' 1 -11 111 .11-1 .1 11 1 1-111 5 111 11 I f 1 11 1 f g g 1' 1 1 ' 1 . A '1 Il 1-1-.'15i,fQ5?'f, "' 11 1191 111 ' . if 1:5 " 11"1lJE' '1:11:1 11 11 11 f 1111.111 1 1- Z ig1i1111:.-111 .11113 1 1 1111111163 1 K ig gg- 15.5 ' ' W s 1 Af 1111111 mE'111A11m11kffM11 1 1 1 1 J 1 11141111 111-ww - ' 1'1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 3 "AEE S 'N M ' , 2? 111 . ' 17 . 1 1. 1 1 if 11 NZSQQH iq 1 F' 11 11' 312 111 -Y . . F il 4 f'fF111W'11.111.11" QW11 11 1 5 1 'J 'iff 111 Y ,fg 1-1.111 111141511 "1 Hep 'J7,1.1'11'11 11!Q111iW?'1'1 ' 'gfifi' ' A 1 1 , ' 11 .1 ' 1 " 1 ,gi j , f K 1 ' 111111 111134-11.1111 1. Mi 1 1 , 1-' J.. A . -1...t.g,, 1 11111111111,,,1111111111111115,1,g1,1111 M11 : ,. 4, .1 1 -1? 1 1 11 1 111 1'11 1111111 1 ,w 1'1 1' Y V9 f U V.'- I M ' iii' X M J ignum V LW51111 .W1111111 111 25191 111 1111111115i5i11x 11, H 11 W 115611111 V H if, Yi f R: i V 1 i 1 i11 2 -21,3 11 11Q11g5'1r 71 Y - 1111 ,H I0 oo P. M TAPS BRONCO STAFF W. P. Cassedy, editor-in-chief George Bode, ll, business manager f Benton Stone, cadet photographer William E. Gillcey, literary editor W. C. Peters, typist J. P. P. Larronde, assistant cameraman . Captain Paul l-lorgan, Faculty adviser Robert L. Ball, pl1otograpl1er l-lall-Poorbaugh Press, printers GOOD-B YE, Cadets and the Best of Luck .7 REMEMBER US AS "The Cadetps Friendsg' RED BALL H. H. RAY EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATIVES FOR DEHNER MILITARY BOOTS STOCK SIZES Sz MADE-TO-MEASURE DRESS BOOTS FIELD BOOTS POLO BOOTS IN YOUR CHOICE OF FINE LEATHERS REPRESJENTING FRANK BROS. Manufacturers of Military Equipment SPECIALIZING IN MADE-TO-MEASURE OFFICERS" UNIFORMS, SLACKS, BREECI-IES Sz SHIRTS 34,666-'ltJ7z41fe, C L 0 T HIE RS FIRST ATIO AL A ROSWELL, N. M. hi CV OFFICERS F. HINKLE, President C. HOBBS, Vice-President J. E. MOORE, Cashier FLOYD CHILDRESS, Assistant Cashier and Auditor F. W. BLOCKSOM, Assistant Cashier DIRECTORS DAN H. CAHOON CLARENCE E. HINKLE J. F. HINKLE C. HOBBS C. F. JOYCE L. T. LEWIS J. E. MOORE ge Two Hundred We extend our best Wishes and congratulations to the graduating class of 1937 - CHQ 51299-H - Growing Background for N. M. M. I. Artesian wells furnish an abundance of water not only for agriculture but for trees, shruhery, grass, and flow- ers which make Roswell attractive-beautiful-an ideal setting for the Institute. 9100 gallons 7 00 other artesian minute-largest wells in the in the world valley This community is proud of New Mexico Military Institute, proud of the boys who are graduated there, happy always to be of service to the students and patrons Cof the schoolj. Roswell Chamber of Commerce MAKERS OF THE NEW MEXICO MILITARY INSTITUTE CLASS RINGS THE BROCHURE "GIFTS" MAILED UPON REQUEST -from which may be Selected distinctive Wedding, Birthday, Graduation and other Gifts School Rings, Emblems, Chfwms and Trophies of the Better Kind Ei BAN K5 Bl DD IL 'ers Sllversmithg gt . Jewe atl0ners ESTABLISHED 1832 . 1218 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA Wre Are Glad if our cameras have helped to perpetuate your memories of N. M. M. I. We extend our best wishes to the class of '37, The Ball Studio Robt. L. Ball Bronco Photographer YUCCA Theatre We Wish you a pleasant and profitable vacation. And will be happy to Welcome you back next fall. To THE UNDERGRADUATESZ- To THE GRADUATING CLASS I- It has been a pleasure to know you. As you go from our midst-We Wish for you the PEC S good things of life. ln School Today . . . Through Life Tomorrow ,Q There is nothing that is more precious than your eye-sight . . . Protect it with the scientifically correct 1- E- S- A BETTER SIGHT LAMP l l wrrrlrwe it rn ii i f Qwmp wang ' 5 ' lRc1Dsw4ellH,NfewlMlae1xilllcqb gTHddE ght Hclmiltolis- ustrite "IDE KHOID HOU?" Mrs. Qladus Lutz PIIOTIC3 333 , ,mar Q xv L, Q-XA , 441, Q lf? ,- F A L O . W .,-xy sq 1 -J ':.-: :Ax W l ,ra i X? -' f 1 Q- I A ,, x r - ff ' 'fl 5 Jil' A Lv. .- 'v' Nl o ' 4: -11'!f!Z"xln Q, +10 --A". f ' 1, shun u ve f MIINABCII FINEB F0008 When you louy Monarch Brand, Whether it's Coffee, Cocoa, Tea, Catsup, Pickles, Salad Dressing, Fancy Groceries, Sardines, Dried Fruits, Canned Fruits, or Canned Vegetables, you are assured you are getting the finest the World produces-and Monarch costs you no more than many other inferior grades. Look for the Lion Head on all Monarch packages. QUALITY FOR 84 YEARS REID, MUBDIICH 8: C0. Established 1853 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS PgeT , i. 15, 2 rl ,. I xl! N JA All l lf if , ly l Pool-shrunk Galoerdine, Broadcloth, Poplin and genuine Cramerton Army Cloth Shirts, both officers' and regular style. Regulation collars and pockets. Good - looking, comfortable, long - Wearing Slaeks of genuine Crarnerton Army Cloth- finest Twill made-holds color and lustre longer-guaranteed against shrinking or fading. mrfm-vga! 'I SHIRTSWSLACKS INSIST UPON THE GENUINE O Made Only by Pool Manufacturing Co. SHERMAN, TEXAS ,E- , ,iisiiiq iif 'iiiifffikgii Z " ' N I H - if ' - 2 5 5 E 55215-51:1g5 - 'gl l l i z s s s z i - l l , 55i1Wf515i515155555255 if V'A' ' , .-:Az :Nagg:g:':':-:I:Qi:f:Q:E:2:2:E:3Q'jS2:g:f:2:2:2,f'f:,fi:-:':f:':3Q2 ,", zfzfqz 2:3'2:525:5:izi1123:5:177:5:5:115:I:1:1:5:I:f:1:3:5:35:5:5:5:C:1:2:5:T2I:1:3:I13:1:5:1:iz1:1:5:fi5:7:Z:7:I:5:C:F:1:5:I1I:5:2:5:1:I:5:Z:I:5:1:I21:1:1:7:5:5:5:?:5:1:5:1'f:4:f:7 "-. -5:i:1:1:2:i:1:I:1:2:1:7:2gf:1:i:2:1:i:1:f 0 'i.' Q'i'z5 Vi-:2'f5:j5 u f 5 f v n l ...,.,. ..,. '1.- ,,.., . "' Go by Bus l 9 SERVING S N. M. M. 1. AND 0 ECONOMICAL ITs PATRONS o ENJOYABLE SINCE 1926 o DEPENDABLE O TRANSPGRTATION CCD., Inc GOOD MEAT is essential to the development of SOUND MINDS and STRONG BODIES That's Why N.M.M.l. buys the best- PEYTON'S The Peyton Packing Co. Inc. CDel Norte Productsb 9 lu W here the Smartest Styles and moderate prices meet A Roswell institution fully ap- preciating your patronage and at all times ready to serve you with the smartest apparel at prices consistent with quality. ROSWELLDS FINEST The Nici-:son Hotel Welcomes the Parents and Cadets of N. M. M. I. COFFEE SHOP IN CONNECTION Rates-31.50 Up They,re Coming in the Windows!- That's the way the Roswell Daily Record Covers Southeastern New Mexico Circulation audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulations The only recognized circulation check-up among Class "A" Newspapers We Carry Barracks Briefs!! P ge Two I-Iundre d GRAIN -SALT-RAN CH SUPPLIES Wholesale and Retail O FLOUR AND PAPER-WHOLESALE ONLY ROSWELL TRADING COMPANY KATY9S CAFE A Good Place to Eat Steaks a Specialty 1185 North Main Gross-Miller Grocery Company, lnc. THE BATTLE CREEK HEALTH FOOD AGENCY AND MONARCH PURE FOOD PRODUCTS 119-121 W. FOURTH sT. PHONE 444 Equitable Building E6 Loan Association A Safe Place For Savings HIRAM M. Dow, Pres d nt E. G. MINTON, S t y The Cadets Store CLARDYS DAIRY , for all S ' t' G d 48, por lgfd 00 S Producers and Distributors A Hardware Needs of of . QUALITY DAIRY l ' PRoDUoTs 1' , OLD CADETS N' C B k oft NEW CAEETSG t A t d . q H . SINCE 1912 "We Sell To Sell Again" ABIIE-IQQXYRI-,S St. HARDWARE co. . A Taste Thrill MCNally-Hall ' Motor Co. Pure Sixth and Main Streets MM ' Wholesome - -- ? G Pecos Valley Coca-Cola Bottling Co. CHEVROLET-BUICK Storage-All-Night Service "Where N .M .M .I . Patrons Pcwlc Their Cars Western States Grocery Company 0 FOUR PEAKS FLOUR 0 Telephone 406 Roswell. N. M. BQALLQARDDS QAMBULQANCE 121 West 3136. Phone 400 C I N. M. M. I. MABCIIES 0N! HIGHER AND HIGHER EACH YEAR AS YOU GO THEREFORE Congratulations Are In Order To All I Keep On Climbing 0 "OUR PLACE IS YOUR PLACE-YOUR DOWN-TOWN I-IDQS." SINCERE GREETINGS TO YOU L E L A N ll 9 S C"D0ug" M oores and his Boys Q -SEND IT TO THE- ROS WELL LAUNDRY COMPANY We are Licensed DRI-SHEEN Operators CDry Cleaningj Phone 5 or 16 Wear Clean Clothes Designers and Makers of UNIFORMS for Quality and nh Savings That New Mexico fl y All America Military A Appreciates - 1 Institute and many other of ' M L the largest colleges bi and schools in the "F, United States. 'if 51 I Q gi I , 5 Montgomery W ard l-lirsch, Weintraub 6- Co. Mai" 8 Second lloswell, N. DI. 1321 Noble Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. QUALITY PHONE 175 SERVICE PECOS VALLEY LUMBER COMPANY "Own Your Own Home" Building Material-Builders' Hardware Wall Paper, Paint and Glass 200 South Main Street ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO f. M. Radford Grocery Company Clncorporatedj Wholesale Grocery We are one of the largest handlers of Food Products in the United States PgTHdd All the Equipment used by the New Mexico Military Institute is furnished by Q CHARLES MEURISSE 6? COMPANY CHICAGO, ILL. The World's largest makers of fine Polo Sticks and c l t tf'tt f P lo, R d d H t Roswell Building 81 Loan Association Organized in 1901 Loans on Homes L It stRates EyPy t J I' HINRLL P d t R H M CUNE V P d t H D 0. HAMMOND, Se T J. C. PENNEY, Inc. Where the Nation Shops and Saves l5oellner's Everqbodijs Nickson Coffee Shop Ciiq Cab Cldhe Doque Uuocd Confeoiionerq REAL HAND-MADE MILITARY BOOTS DANIEL PAINT SL Made To Your Measure CO. -- P'lCf'll7"6 Framing Wall Paper BOOT AND SHOE REPAIRING 7 Lowe Bros. Easy-Set Stofre Fronts E. T. AMONETTS 39 Where You Bay Sporting Goods Hlnsu-F C1-HCS The Willis Ford Agency ALL LINES OF INSURANCE Chr-ives Countq Abstract and lnsurance Co. "The Service That Satisfiesv Rooms 25, 26, 27-First Nat'l. Bank Bldg. -Phone 93- ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO THE SWEETEST PLACE IN THE PECOS VALLEY Thirty-two years in the same location. Giving the best in Service and Quality Merchandise. Kiplingk Confectionery Modern, Quiet, Comfortable From 51.50 Hotel Gilkeson OFFERS ITS WELCOME TO ITS , YEARLY INCREASING HOST OF OLD FRIENDS In the H eart of the City Bob Dakens 214 North Main 3rd at Richardson Q 1' ' , Cammtns Garage gtk S- SALES and SERVICE Dodge Brothers and Plymouth Motor Vehicles 4 C. H. GLOVER, Prop. Cut Flowers and Floral Designs For All Occasions Artistic Corsages for the Final Ball 05 W. Alameda St. Phone 275 P g Two I-Iundr d S t I Dr. A. P. Horwitz Kemp EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT LllJTLb9T GLASSES FITTED Company 203 J. P. white Bldg. Hours 2 to 4:30 P. M. HOJVIE BUILDING SERVICE HIHKIG Motor Co. WHOLESALE AUTOMOBILE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES RO SWELL, NEW M EXICO Dr. Connor DENTAL SURGEON . PHONE 600 Se'rIv1Tng Southeastern New Mexico Since 1.920 FUD TH E GI FT DR. THOS. J. PEARSON DENTIST First National Bank Bldg. H U Phone 124 JEWELRY STDIQE PLAY! SMOKE, I HH III! mmm muh ww' EAT! MMP FURNITURE COMPANY THE BEST TAABLES llll-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII uull Illljlll lunlu n luxnxx lljllllllllllllllllllllf-I THE BEST FOOD THE BEST TOBACCOS THE LARGEST STOCK OF PIPES COHIPZQIQ JEWETT'S Home Furnishingb ge Two Hundred E ght OUR BEST WISHES TO THE We welcome the op- portunity of extending every courtesy and ser- vice to Cadets. Q 0 DRUGS 0 TOILETRIES O SHAVING NEEDS Q sorr DRINKS o SUNDRIES PECOS VALLEY DRUG CO. SEIBERLING TIRE Distributers Southeastern New Mexico PIOR RUBBER CO. Roswell Auto Company CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH -V LQWREY AUTO CO. '8 PHONE 210 ALL NIGHT STORAGE Washing, Greasing Filling Station Service -Soft Water For Your Radiator- INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS PHONE 189 REYNOLDS LABORATORY JAMES T. REYNOLDS, Medical Technologist COURT HOUSE ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO DR. W. W. PHILLIPS DR. I. J. MARSHALL DR. C. M. EIFFERT DR. C. W. LANDER 215 W. 3rd St. Phone 30 Compliments of Sunset Creamery Cobean Stationerq Companq takes this opportunity to thank all cadets for their past patronage and desires to ex- . tend its best wishes to the graduating class HOME OF for success in their new fields. SUNSET ICE CREAM AND MILK ' Pg TwoHunddN t Q When You Think of Life Insurance Compliments of Think of MA LER Will C. Lawrence UNIFORM CAP New York Life A Everything FOR YOUR CAR AT A SAVING V High quality-low prices- Satisfaction or your money back. lbizfssiszf... .alwesfemeessyppfygj Auto Radios lim!-200 Stores ln tlge West ruxi, 329.95 UP B Q ' "' Easy Terms 117 W. 2nd St. Roswell "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" O Corsage Bouquets a Specialty Compliments of BUSY BEE CAFE JIM RALLIS . nafnnll 7 lured Glu. N. M. M. I. Representative G. M. FURLOW, C-400 The Staff of the 1937 Bronco take this opportunity to thank the merchants who have cooperated With us in making this Bronco possible. GEORGE BODE, Il Business Manager PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS BY ROBERT L. BALL ROSWELL, NEW MEXICO O ENGRAVINGS BY SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING CO FORT WORTH, TEXAS I PRINTING BY HALL-POORBAUGH PRESS ROSWELL, NEVV MEXICO

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