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1-..., X Y ,,, i M - J l New Mexico Junior College is a unique development in education. The junior college came into existence july 1, 1965. The establishment ofthe school culminated more than twelve years of effort from the people ofLea County, New Mexico. With the passage and enactment of the 1963 junior College Act by the New Mexico Legislature, the people of Lea County began to immediately carry out the pro- visions of the legislation. This action provided an unusual and unique experience for the people of New Mexico. It gave them the opportunity to voluntarily tax themselves to support two years of education beyond high school. October 28, 1964 saw the first election to establish a junior college district in Lea County. It was necessary, under enabling legislation, for each of the five districts within the junior college district to approve the school by at least 15 per cent majority. On januaiy 20, 1965-in a second election-Hobbs, Lovington, Eunice, and Tatum overwhelmingly approved the creation of New Mexico junior College. The beautifully landscaped college is located on a 252 acre campus three miles northwest ofllobbs, New Mexico and Sixteen miles southeast ofLovington, New Mexico on state highway 18. This first edition of the NMIC Thun- derbird has attempted to capture a year ofbuilding. V X I In 'I A . Pannell Is The First President "The New Mexico junior College President is the chief executive officer of the college board, and the administra- tive head of all divisions and departments. He may delegate responsibility for the operation of the various segments ofthe college, but he shall bc responsible to the board for the results achieved." Dr. H. C. Pannell, retired public school superintendent of Lovington, New Mexico, is the first president of the first junior college in the Land of Enchantment-Home of the Thunderbirds. 'f a-gg as 'W-fail! it gag, A 1 --l,., , N 1 X -.5 N"'- 1 - s r- A ' -lx . .- - iff" College Meant Meetings, Waiting .I Academic Dean gohn Shepherd outlined fhcult rewonsibility at the first meet- ing ofthe 1967-6 teaching stuff in the college Piine rts Auditorium. ji Roy Amis, Hobbs freshman, digs dee 1 in his jeans to , .i come up with the necessary cash to purc mse ai beanie. E ii E Q gmt! Q gl' Il A First Opportunity For Many ibqmg-I NIV XVuiting, waiting :Incl more waiting was the scheduleiduring registration. Over 1000 lreslnnvn and sophomores enrolled lor the junior college full term in 7. Cheerleauler elections lvroughl anxiety to the coeds. 5 Beautifully Landsoaped Campus The beautifully landscaped junior college campus in- cludes 58,395 square feet of lawn, 600 square feet of gravel, 258 cubic yards of top soil and a variety of trees and shrubs. The grounds have a look of mountain scenic grandeur amidst dry desert surroundings. An oasis in Lea County. Not only lwcautiful, hut llmctional, the school plan has as its center the lll'Jl'kll'y. This facility is the center ofthe academic program ofthe junior college. An eye catching mosiac surrounding the Fine Arts Auditorium depicts 'Color ofTime, as it expresses the passing of clay. A modern sculpture marks the NMJC campus entrance 6 Rocks and mountain plants make for a pleasant meeting. ,g -S V- J- - Q rr- 9-nv , 1' Q' x -1 p , us a 1 I ' C ,. ' if .1 aw." -' ' ,..nff,j ,. ' S" i' w. 2' f-P , Q ' lx V 'I .i v .K -,-5 76 -z 3"'1 J 4-ff 4 x Notes are compared on the Academic Building steps. L f iniuu-QL. The Fine Arts Auditorium sports a covering of glass mosaic tile 84 as .lv A - .1 , .,..m.. 1,,,.j X V- .gan ,an 4 i if Modern audio visual techniques ure practiced by instructors. Social events marked ai close knit tllculty atmosphere for teachers. 8 1 Academic preparation and student understanding are a must. H. ,..-'Age . I-"-T, yy ' '78, F i n Long liours olstudy paid olli lor students who wished to succeed. if?f"rli .-If ,,f" . .411 The Faculty Is First A In order that New Mexico junior College may achieve its goal olisewing all collegiate nge and adult students who desire to learn, two general types ol' courses are offered: College Transfer und VOCilflO11ill-TC'Cl1lllC21l. The college transfer courses are designed to parallel the lower divi- sion courses ofI'erer.l in colleges and universities. V ocu- tional-Teclniicul courses ure planned for students who wish to become technicians, engineers and businessmen. Teaching Staff 9 ' 0 Llbrary-A Center Of Lea1"n1I1g Librzuy stacks are ilV2lil21blt' to StlldC'11t5 alt night fbr study amd reflection, 'IO o And I11struct10n Librzlry shelves have nmleriul for l'6St'ill'Cl'l und plealsu re. The doors are always open in the center ofthe junior college 'I 'I Tor, reviews a class lueprint '1 2 ,is rf' ,fx it I f . , S4 al 1 ff- X- we 'fir " 'lSxa-ggiv'-' A complete machine shop is a feature ofthe V-T program. An auto mechanics laboratory provides practical training. Iames Hooper, dralfin Y instruc- problem. WHEN J . W I-if -. A . W, I K w.:gLL.q ' i v' HI-IU ,xi ' 12 i if Vo-Tech Training Meets A Need tw N 'FF' nk' ig k I. Florence l'lllCl'llI1t'l6l'COl1gl'ill1llli1lCOC.l 17 new practical nurses. The need for people in service occupations is increasing at such Z1 rate that the supply is not meeting the demand. The Vocationul-Technical division of New Mexico Iunior College provides training in a diversified selection of skills designed to meet the vocational and service needs ofthe community and the country. Welding, drafting, auto mechanics, computer program- ming, practical nursing, machine shop and middle man- agement curricula present a vareity of opportunities for students wishing a two year program or for those who desire to specialize. Sergeant Major, a simple form ofbridge, took up time. ' ' 'TI 1 'J-f, !"",,,a,rRf. t And some of us ate tater tots, Dr. Peppers and tacos. "I call Spades! Spades are trumps. Are you any help? iv Yum ,Vg-, Spades, Shakes And Sergeant Major - ' S f- -V S ' , jf5'FT'f'T'-"T1ESf' . .r'k"" 'lien if ' 15 A ' 1 gin' ' . ' H . . . if.- ' I :iii 5 7"-' H '?54'- I" , -557,531-" L ,- ' ik. 4-if Sonw days we had hours, others we ate in an hlll'l'y as we bid. QColo1' Photos by Ron Tuylorl We spin yarns, but who bClIeV6S us? 15 Singers, Rance Wasson, Gary Porter and David Spencer, helped swingers enjoy assemblies. Halloween brought costumes to il dance that fiightened the witches and hob- fohlins. Saectutors ut activities ex Jressed the feelinf of B 1 I la V the junior college community through sleepy eyes of those trying to burn the academic candle ut both ends. All these were 21 part ofcollege life. Swingers, Singers, Sleepers And Awe Singers, Wasson, Porter and Spencer moved the swingers. Some had problems of their own amidst assembly pomp. ' ff '1 eg g,sjia.,i .r-CBT" How about that sports fans? Faces of amazement, wonder. 17 '-'W E ,si 3? : 53,35 . ,- 'l"""'F"' ff Aug. gk ffr'i"'Y1'!:Hm'??4f 55 -fgzsf 1 . wggw. X f flax meffl' :L ., .535-V., . ug .1 , 1 ,At - A.: -4,4 'i , ,1-. 4 'Ff- ' 4.0.1, 11595 f-36 ,-, f, --":v.3,,f , l . I :'.N vfE?'- Q xv .. SL 1,33 32, gk. 5' 'fimfv ..N.,?. .Abmgc-J, ' hun, Ji 3? LII ' ', .:,,.,, ,41 ,SX "f if UCTIO NAL STAFF From the Class of 1968 To Dr.H C Pannell H. C. Pannell is a well known New Mexico educator. He was superintendent of schools in Lovington 32 years. He has been a high school principal three years and a coach- science teacher three years. The president has two children, Dr. Harlan C. Pannell, M. D. and Mrs. Ruth Heunansen. He and his wife, Iulia, live in Lovington at 1105 West Avenue H. Pannell, the first junior college president in New Mexico, has a B. A. from the Uni- versity of Colorado, M. A. from Colorado and a L. H. D. degree from Eastern New Mexico University. He was Governor of Rotary, District 552, in 1947-1948, President of New Mexico Education Association, in 1948-1949, Covemoris representative to the VVhite I-louse Conference on Education, 1955, ENMU Chairman of Board of Regents, 1959-653 Member of the Economic Development Commission, 1951-1952. He scived three years in the Navy in the South Pacific in 1'VOl'lClX!Vi1l' ll. The first sophomore class to complete al two year curriculum offers this yearbook as its legacy to the President of New Mexico junior College. 5 1- A 20 I!-31 iid X "V .1 ' v ,Q , Qfzw ,gg 'M SE' ' Six Q -. ..'5TK- -' Q' x Q55 : Ze ,-f,. gh: 1 WQPQZI,-' -b an - I' x gif'-4' J' ,fart 11 56 I W' NA.. .- ' T. '? .3.m,,: - -Q A , l - X 1, ' ' ff. ' 1 J ,I . .1 Yi Vg , -, 4.5.-. nm C' :qi f .- V ., -Q 4 -., .5 T..,,,. l .." 'F-'try .. .L '- .r-232 -Q-. BLANCHE K- C01-I-IE, Rb'giHf1'21T, 211161 IU- IOHN SHEPHERD, Academic Dean, and Instructor of Sociology structor of Art Appreciation 22 LOHN D. COLLIE, Director of Evening' College and CARL C. CARLTON, Director of Student Per Elglort Course Program, and Instructor of oundations of sonnel Services, and Instructor of Education uca lon IRVIN E. SIECENTHALER, Dean of Vocational-Technical Division, and Instructor oi' Welding JOHN R. MALONE, Counselor, and Instructor of Psychology L.- 1. Gfficers of the Administration 23 Sometimes We I-Iad Fun The faculty smiled upon the junior college. A happy group of well trained specialists, the instructors en- joyed the company of one another at social functions as well as 8 am. meetings. Wives and husbands were invited to parties where all were asked to Sample added calories. A ready joke was the byword tor people who enjoyed a bit of humor. Practical jokes played a part in the fun. An intellectual atmosphere prevailed amidst the air of levity. 24 IVF 1' , ,J 25 tx 5' GAYLAND W. ROBERTS, Instructor of Alge- bra for General Education, College Algebra, and Review Algebra DONALD W. GREEN, Instructor of Botany, and Anatomy and Physiology 26 6 ' RICHARD L. BEANER, Instructor of Algebra for ' ' General Education, Finite Math, Genera Physics, and Slide Rule ROBERT E. PEARGE., Instructor of Botany, Zoology, General Ghemisty, and Organic Chemistry t GEORGE R. BIGGS, Instructor of Botany and Zoology V i e v 1 E i 'a rl il 4 I Y , X, lxl' i 1 If ROBERTA L. NORRIS, Instructor of Introduc- tion to Education, Psy- chology, Child Psy- chology, Introduction to Psycho ogy, and General Psychology IWARVIN K, 540011137 lnsfmctol- of Ingroduc- GERALD R. MARTIN, Instructor of Algebra and Calcu- tor Ps cholof , C- iral P' 'h l Y , A l' l 1115 Psyycliollggy, Quill! Eclilclzltioxizilbgslycgiglggy pp wc 27 MARVIN .CUNNINCHAM R., Instructor lfEnglish and Span,isI1 fOhE WALKER, Instructor of Eng- 1 's 28 3 I 1 I A r MARIE N. CAMPBELL, Librarian, Assist- MARJORIE S. WAITS, Instructor ant in Charge of Public Services of English by -if JAMES E. POWELL, Instructor of English and journalism f. I ORIN HATCH, Librarian I 4 1 ". DAVE E. QLIPHANT, Instructor of Englxsh and British Literature - Gi' H .f"' RONALD R. BLACK, Instructor of History LOLEET SPEEC-LE, Instructor of Physical Education 30 lfswsvw ww' , .,,,.. .Y . Tut .pf 5 . .W , . Tb , ii -It , A 71. '. tw: W- . .1 iw E s eg' E ' x 1 534 ' UA- .L , vp? "HTL Wir ' ' 3'-L L W, . 455 If 5 LCE L. SCHWARTINC, Instructor of Government and conomics X' GRIFFITH F. HENSON, Instructor of History and Geography LEWIS D. CATON, In structor of Physical Edu cation and Coach ROSS W. BLACK, In structor of Physical Edu cation and Coach 31 Administrative Personnel Offer a Variety of Services H ur-1 N553 - K The Administration building, which doubles as a Student Union, houses a complex variety of service oriented per- sonnel. Their duties require long hours of detailed rou- tine that makes the junior college run smoothly. Without these able secretaries, cooks, receptionists, bookkeepers, and custodial personnel, business would not function. This college was fortunate to have such a dedicated crew. Pictured here are Ray Farmer, chief of mainte- nanceg Velma Fay McCold, cook, Earnesteen Patterson, cook, Ava Scale, presidents secretary, Kay Peek, cook, Vivian McKelvy, bookkeeper and Blanche Collie, reg- istrar. 1 1 F r X Vg xxx P N ELSIE RUTH COLEMAN, Bookstore Manager MONETTE WALKER, Registrafs office 34 iq ,, , if .if V1-' .v. " 'xxx 4 gif-' 1 ' . . X. A 3. W I I , Y X , ,ys-paw., H5 H: - . ,Ng ,-.-- -u . Q L. , . .. 'X I 1 5' 1 15- 4' pf, V I ,X . ' - '37 ' . ', It 67 x, , 5 .- ' 1 f ' A k - . BETTY ROSE CAMP, Student Personnel Secretaly f -1 IAN BLACK Reglstx lr s Ofhuu M qw 'uh of' I. ' If MARY JANE SALSMAN, College Transfer Sec- -retary CEARLDINE PORTER, Business Office JUNE LOVING, Business Office W x . ,- SUE PIKE, Vocational-Technical Secretary ERYSTAEEOLLINS, usmess ice , 1 DOROTHY HENRY, Deans' Secretary IOANNE HENRY, Receptionist XQIAN MCKELVEY, Business ce I 35 i 3 ,X 'Q-si ku... lx 17" ' The Busy Business of Building E if B Lam... . rr , " :XJ ? A -I2.:.2' 15 122:22 .... ' - ,gre .'-'ia f. ' .. , QVI, , ,. ,-4-Lv,-f,-lfyf f 'niilwwiv I A H, , A Um . af?7?,Y,5.-"-if' ' Fw '- ef :Q:.fg,:' ,Quo blr 4 ' A gr wi: .,, . '74, 'v Ll-596K Q 'F ,,,7Q'5-j.'.' al f-"V Periodicals offer entertalnment and educational readmg for students at 13-' i' , as-is I -1-.1 . ,.ff"'A W The library offers a pleasant atmosphere for study and comparing notes on term papers. IOYCE REPELLA, Library Clerical Assistant 'x ,ff .F ' 1'?9f3' 4 4 MARGARET MQGRATH, Library Clerical Assistant Q 39 FLORENCE L. HACHMEIER, Head of Practical Nursing Instruc- WILLIAM D. BAILES, Instructor of Automotive, Machine and tion Welding Technology OSCAR N. COSTON, Instructor of Data Processing Technology , .-A I' -lb.. , Wax! JO ANN M. MAHER, Instructor ofPractical Nursing 19" 225 WINTON L. SMITH, Instructor of Elec- tronics, Technical Mathematics and Drafting Technology JAMES E. HOOPER, Instructor of Drafting Technology D. JOHN LATHROP, Instructor of Business and Accounting 42 GRANT L. LUND Instructor of Color and Design, Drawing anti Ceramics VI 33 it NELL BASS, Instructor of Business, Shorthand and Busi- ness Mathematics ELMER A. KIEKHAEFER, Instructor of Salesmanship, MARY HACELSTEIN, Instructorof Accounting Marketing-Head of Middle Management Program N' 'K f 1- 1... EDWARD E. COHAGEN, Instructor of Public Speaking, DORIS FLEMINC, Instructor of Music Appreciation and Choir Director Shorthand and Office Practice ill' ' fl' n Typewriting, Board member Ferrel Caster, standing, dis- cusses up coming legislation with George Mansur and R. L. McLean. Chairman Finn Watson prepares to ink a decision as advised by F. L. Heidel. 44 i "' "" 'J-'-I-'ilff' FAQ' . "' -. ' 'f mg.-al5-fqi 5.4A1if" , 'iff 'Z 'Sl A ' f r w 1 . -, T f. ,,,fI-,Q .X 'U ' ' 4 'Ugg 4 I E: U'i::,ff' ' Q A 5. .1-i'3gg- ,. fi .Q 1 E- f', .4CL"7', V A A , - fu- , 4U'Ef'f' . .. . 1' ,- 73?P5 .7'ffS2 r 'rv' Q".'f"i.'Q'..f3" " if " w " U 13 .l- I-ff.: 5, ' ,- J' , A . v 15 Em nil ,.J:.. .j,,,K. 5, ,Qf5'f?V3ffi+'f+5i?- . Ln'..15,,Lr. I, A J- ,.l.1i-. X ' 1 W 1-'J' S1 . 5 'X - ' Q 'Q Qu f 115' Qt H A N Q5 ll ,.,q I ,Q Ax r if I-.1 4 STUDENT LIFE Student Council Leads Students, Ardent class ofhcers take part in a regular Tuesday council meeting. President David Morgan is surrounded by his student body officers, Front row: ju y Smith, secretary-treasurerg Pam Adams, freshman representative. T055 row, Bari Cogburn, Student body vice presidentg and Susan Mc onald, freshman sec-treas. 1 48 romotes Spirit Q? x. i-.., ilpavica Morgan presides as veep Bari Cogburn presents a report on the winter snow omia . 3. rv, 1 G. 'f f. r -uw , . J if .. ,W D- V 4. . .-4'. N - ., ,Z Council sponsors Griflith Henson and Carl grlton lend a guiding hand to student airs. 49 F5 -Q. X 1-s . . 1 - Q. 7 x 0 If X 51 . ' A .. ff' -. , ,ir K I X 1 X ag 5 . 5 qv 4- ,X ' .-aff. . -Aff ' ni? V . . ' ' ' X I .e , .J Linda Beaner, Rosie 0'Grady, Carolyn Marshall, Pat Rodgers, Iudy Bartley and Sandy Byrum were candidates for Winter Royalty Attendant Sarah Carter was escorted by Bill Hounshell. Pat Rodgers was chosen 1967 Snow Queen at the annual snow formal in the gym Dec. 19. The dance was postponed once because of over four inches of snow. The queen candidates and their sponsoring or- ganizations were: Judy Bartley, student councilg Carolyn Marshall, basketball teamg Pat Rodgers, Spikesg Linda Beaner, drafting clubg Rosie O,Crady, basketball teamg Sandy Byrum, Ofzlzice Education Assoc. and Sarah Carter, Lambda Sigma Phi. 51 nf ' Mickey Mathis outlines a story for the Totem. Sherrie Miller mails exchange papers to over 200. Ceorgetta Neel prepares news releases l for district media. 52 An Award Winning Publication Danny Webb, advertising manager. The junior college Totem, edited by freshman Bill Cousins, introduced an ex- panded monthly publication. Future plans call for the paper to publish semi- monthly and possibly weekly. Students working for the Totem learned skills in writing, editing and photography in journalism. in .-ww l - , Q Bill Cousins, freshman editor, was responsible for publication 53 Publications Staff Helen Rodgers, Editor Greg Scott "-A 1 ,gil 1' .ni ff' JJ ' jpfiyvdgshslf' I Ron Sebring 54 " i Janice Caudle Ron Nelson Willie Jordan l lu W s l Ron Taylor James Lewis Mike Hardin A Q , -:TQ -:M 5 q3gg?4.I1-, -7 .nf,,f. ,wa-:f.f f Av 1 ll l ' lie, . ,.w,.w . .qi , ve. . ,, , ,. 'Y 'u. X. N. Semester In L P. . 31, 'Q S3 15 gs. ,pu 41 Cramming for finals proved to be the thing to do as exams rolled around sooner than most expected. Fresh- men found the challenge presented by college life some- thing new. Sophornores found a new junior college face in 1967-1968. Faculty were pleased and disappointed all at the same time by exam results. Some passed, others found the business of learning too much. Finals Presented Challenge ,, 5.3!-el l . Student life had many facets. Library study, physical fitness, student newspaper, pep assemblies and finals all played important parts in campus activity. Many found college was not "going to school" but a way of life. Junior college philosophy was a new concept for many students taking advantage of the "open door" policy. "1!Q1, W VY 1 Y t ss r 1 37 JK, I ,ff .- Xiu!! I 1 Qqh r.. t-, -vw 1 M' 'MJ 5 ww -iv. Student Life Has Many Avenues if A1 n 1X 'lx Funky Broadway Boogaloo, and... The Skate S 9355 ' . ,1 11, 13-I-115.-.f 7 W ,N T-, - ML. ff-1521-1 11 . ,QU -' -1-. .11 ' , . 1 111.,1.- , 1 5 N Q, -S.. -. , , '1 X . ,- ,ja .1 . 1,...:.-, l .LV +1.17 1,1, ff.: If T ,. 1- 1 . gi . ..,, , . . . , .L 1 Y f., Y 'ml' 1 ' ' Q' 31' 51" 11 .:, 1-A-f ,. : 5 1-Ng-1 - I gpg..-J 1 1 " " 5. 1 1,1-i.'1l,.4 151 Q" 'f H E- - "-. fr:-Q 1' ,, - : 'A ,..11 pw' . '. 1-,., .-1: ' . ,: - -. , . ,.g1. . . -... .. . ,. . f.- ,.-'11, A 11 ""' 5'!f7.'. . . 1 lin- 'I A EQ 1 1 Q V '- .1 -1 '- ' J 1 J Wil, ..1, 1--V12 vw115f-53111, A ' - I ' 1:1 'f '1 'I 'ITA X 's 11 1 F , 1 A J fi 1 1 1 1 -5'-. 1 , "I We fx. 'Q 1 1 1 ' ' if 'ifii 1 MSL! r -.-11 HJ' '1 V fl 'Im t t Y xx .1 121 1'1+MZgf-Q7?' if A 'Qi15agg1:,111-1:,, 15,5 Eff' -' ' 1 1 -5'm--'1C'7::ga- -1-31:4 "' E 4- X F 4 -r M 'g'W:7' -337' 'gm ' ff ' 1 n-1 ffm, if 1 I W 1 1 ' EIWLJD' x 71' Y' A 3 f ' 'i?'1Sg1f' J' 4 X 1 1, 1 111 1 N l 111' Luwxri N 1 1 1- w , 1,4 X ', ' f x r T t r L ui' J 5 2 If :Q 1 ll J 1 I , 1. ' --1,4 1 . f h I -rw +1 w fifu. 1 18555551 X-'WZ 1 V, rA.' 'ffmnn 1 " '!+l3"1F5"r21H1' f-1 ,-.1.'g31g'.'v:Li" ff''Zi1'T"1.f7"5:Z51'.f1. .7,:-.Q4J 1.1, .Y,- 1 . 1 1 3951 'A Q 15- we 1 1 53 -', gil. .QQ .n T l 32.1131 . 11" "gh 1 :QL42 nfl' 'L J- X I I The annual homecoming activity included a parade through Hobbs, queen crowning and a dance in the gym. Three girls were chosen to represent the college from a Held of five beauties. This was the I-irst home- coming celebration in the new gym. Homecoming aftemoon pep ralley. Homecoming '68 Something Special And the Thunderbirds became firemen. 63 FRANK VRSKA, Business Manager 4 ---..,. 1 'x i . 11 fgrf 'Z.+5'3" pf' -T' ,' 'TT :fl ff Q, -Y fm, ,r ll sl 4 J' 'R if 'J A- of - x h '-9 31 ff' 2- A - 14' ' ' Q 5,0 'P ff ,s D' 'K va -A' , 5 M., I ,I mmfgfvjr -,LL ,J h , x N N ' S. Q- ,'- r YE 5 4 H' N '-QS! 4:21 "" 2 Fifa! . 'fy-A 5 r'.q'-x ' 5-Q 'Q s ,,L,. f 'wx 41 472 . Af , 1 I to 'A M J SHCI! R15 llElil?o'l'lLl'l mx P HRM I'l' 'W s ""l1lyI6w- M t ,JQI A .J M ,C I 1.-' ' 79-,fi Mir- ' 5 25' uf' A , K 41 I T. ik, ,ff , '12 s .4-4 :H K : . P .ff 1151 if . .-smwr j. ., ga" " ,aw 13.1. -Q, 275, .7. '9 ' , ash 'a 'J 1 , 5 ' L-1 .2 'a -A Hz-'f' - J' 'j 5 . '. '.'f1fJx' ' " ,rf-C ,xqfn fl ' 1 . . 2 '-,flu ': rg. ,Hg -.v j . V I f. " f5ffjUf5g'31Q.f.. W4 nf, . 5- Spring Semester Registration Spring semester saw 900 students returning to the campus to continue their studies. Lines, procedure and digging for pennies in the bottom of jeans was the order of the day. Freshmen and Sophomores scanned the news- paper for enrollment information. un.-4 TI-IE THUNDERBIHDS ...Qu YW 2- fs l. T-Bird cheerleaders Margaret Hanna, Annette Glenn, Judy Bartley, Judy Smith, Sharon Smith, and Donna Hoover. Yell Leaders Spark Thunderbirds Six saucy spirit symbols sparked the second basketball season with drills and yells during breaks in court action. The vivacious personalities of these young ladies at- tracted fans to ball games to boost the T-Birds. Head cheerleader Sharon Smith, a sophomore, lead the yell team at home and away. Practicing drills on the campus, cheer group checks timing. Initiating a new gym and physical education facility, the basketball team and the cheer squad added an extra touch to school tradition. It was a year of building, precedents and getting acquainted with the junior col- lege philosophy. The cheerleadefs part in the athletic program added much to the modern campus. 1. 1 jl lv- I, A l .1 Q4 - - 7 il' sz 1 ir- I 1 ' .141 , . wli ' A l'As . 1 ' S . U i - ..., L 69 XJ f' 4: Joe Carr enlivened one of the pep rallies with some fitting poetry Thunderbird Basketball, 196 - 68. l Billy HOISCY Soph. Jal, N- M- John Scott Soph. Carlsbad, N. M. Elmer Singletary Sopll. Bronx, N. Y. 70 T - Birds Enter Season With Prospects High New Mexico junior College entered the 1967-68 season with prospects for a championship in their Hrst year in the Western Junior College Athletic Conference. Led by iive lettermen and a fine group of freshmen, the T-Birds were ranked among the top five in Region V all year. With 6-7 Elmer Singletary and 6-5 Lee Coleman lead- ing the way, the junior college garnered second place and consolation trophies in the Odessa and South Plains tournaments. Singletary and Coleman were all-tourna- ment in both, as well as the Hill junior College double- header. Coach Dale Caton and athletic director Cary Fisher Soph Lovington N M Bobby Vincent Soph. Midland, Tex. Ross Black i L n Andrew Pettes Frosh. Las Cruces, N. M. Mark Withrow Soph. Abilene, Tex. Elmer Singletary shoots over Ranger's Cobb in the Odessa toumament Trainer Dave Robinson and manager Dave Stucky Lee Coleman shoots over the outstretched arm of Ranger's Ulric Cobb. jay Vaughn Frosh. Bronx, N. Y. J e t Qeo. r It KN ' + xx .A f ' . . H ' I 1 . L . Bob Hines Frosh. Yonkers, N. Y Cary Kilgallon Frosh. Troy, N. Y. , , . n .732 Track Team Presents Leading New Mexico Sprinters The 1968 track season opened with promise with names like james Lewis, Andrew Pettes, Ben Gaines, Richard Lewis, and other famous high school athletes from New Mexico and other states. The team challenged conference records. gi Easier Coach Ross Black welcomes high jumper Ben Gaines and Gaines' father to the junior college. 76 wufm' ,,,. , , ng- tw. I, .S u 1 I' ri ,g .ng 'U 'iw . 7:5 - A :f la KT? Andrew Pettes .K Q . 'i B .'z Q. sul , will 5' ' Richard Lewis The Thunderbird Cinder Squad 77 ' 1 K. f . E ,Fi ,T K w,..jy .K , -6369 Ygi, T' fl, , . ' 4 ,I f' ' x1 3' ' an . fs , is X ' P ' Y W: l. 3 Ji?-' ,' . -., , - Q : '.-li 3,1 lv. 4 . . if ,- K x ,, 9 , 1 i 6 qv v -1, Y . A .JP rr I. U - if !". - A1 .ef 'fefqg JSBRIM wh., .ai L! 1:31. Qu, F xg f fa 1 F -1 4 f , 1 , Q 8 J W " l ' gr , R, xl 4 ' . 'lr' Q 9' 'v E, Af ft. J- , wi-1 Z , T . , 11- . ii 4 x 1 It 'I 251111, ur' F A- . ' ' up ,C .4155 gg -. - A 'P f?v1,ffw?' --' - 1 .- 'ff- 4, Q' Q fu .. -fi? R. eg Q f " ' Z . z'5gL.3f 125, N1 u ' '-,v. , ' 'il' :JJ - ,- , ," ' " v ,lf .nl-. ' ' , :f !:' ' .fl 1 1' iii ' T - z Q .yi l f ., N .. Him. 1 ,I K Ag ' .iQ-ffggsiii . - :,.L:j.49f1 " ., A I 1,-fl iffy' 1 5 f':f J , ig r -V uf kk ., 3. m 'A 5 :F -A ,n ., ,L , ,, ESR!! A A as 1 V 1 fxssigswi, . 1 :Q V- 9 TEES? gm if 1551355511 ' 1:23 m,f,g5waf1f-Q .,,wa,,.,.. Nygwzz- ,ww - gwzf-1 "' ' M11 'bak :fr eg? Wa, ,fy 1 tif: my fsg4,M:fifg,: fi q,,:wQ, Hy? 1 if :ig mf v 7-'ggi' wh .UNI , if fsfbgzhzwifii x- www 1 M ma,,,,Mm,, r, N 5. mg: ffm: ,mv -W.: sv: , 1' eww ,, ysn-,pw ' fm vw +1 - .m Q? M 5 x11 4 1 15" 1 Women's Recreation Association members and sponsor Loleet Speegle. omen's Recreation Association Judy Schnmubert vice pres Janice Baulch president and Tonna Clardy secretary treasurer I Gymnastics Are Important to Physically Fit NJN -. 5' ,I Q GANIZATION S Q19 E, N ,,,1.-' 4 I W y 1 3 '-V. L ' L V ' 3 " 71 4 Kali-" -' l '- -5 .2 5" 3 Vie - --jx X 5 4 ' Q. 'ww Q W wi -'H " 311. ' K. it ' -- - " IIL ' ' , 4' L - ,Q-xzj i ' M- . ' - w , 4 , 4, f 1 A ' -" Q 111' 'A-- ," ' -1 5? 4 1 3 Q,IY.' . 4. -r A ' .4 - ' . N, ' H 15- uqiq, 12.6 x X " x R 'E A '4 - 4 f ' yi ii! ,fly V Ji... V 1 1 gulf' L. ' ' 41 ':LV'.5?e r +1 ' X35 ,, 4 4, ' ., 4 4. pg, 1 , ' iv. ..., , 4. - ' -2,, ,. . 1. , .V 4, . , -- ' .- : 445, , 1-wif 4 f, ,.N., " .'-K., I-43, .- , 'shin' -- fig? :E ,,., ,gl i A Q tr xx jg: Ja V555 -M, H ' " ' ' " v. ",.-xg-5 f . H "V A , ,Rl l ' 41 V A ' A - . V , xg, 1,3 P44 . ii ,frlefg 3 - A-,V ' TX . A. Q. f . v 514 ,. es: .,Y, 41 "f:- L X v ' 1' ' ugly, ' X Q4 3 4 ' wha 'Cla u- ' XXV' H ., 1, in i 4 T! 1 k,.' .V ,, 374 ,L X ' , , . .D -l""I' ' Q , u - Nw 1 -4 I x Y-f ,.,', I --4241 , .X s :Q , 'Q' ' Y- . Y '25, ' P 1- X "iff "' . . ' .. g' Y , Xi Yajh 'grit-.4 : 'iff K- F I nf 5546 L . A vg 1 + a Q X NX rwjf: . 4, g f' ' X I -4-5 y L. , rw "'--15? ll E' f' K Ja 4 . I 4 wi S ' 1 X . u - Q 5' Y s. ,,. ,lm A. ,I Jfy w 'Ni s , , '45 V , WT' Q' W ' "4 33 g"i,y.,s 'l -' XR A is gm L' 11 N 1 T4 J' YL W if 4 X ff! Q, 5 5 'W iii Sf 1 4 , I 1 ' wx xr- ' K 425 N 1 17. 1,1 H x 'ETF' EW HHML xml 'v OEA oflicers presented plaque to 1 .- Bob Moran. Gffioe Education Is Active Club Seated, Paula Fisher, Virginia Keel, Carroll Freeman, johnny Youni Carol Walker, Janice Ciese, Yvonne Barclay, Rita Morris, Ruby Garza, Vickie Higgins, Diana Rodriquez and Alice Calderon. Back row, Nel Bass, sponsor, Letha Pierce, Alta Peck, Kay Sanders, Tom Reed, Oneta Muller an Oscar Coston, jr., sponsor. Officers are, standin Caroll Free- man, secretary, CarofWalker, vice. pres., David Robinson, trea,s.g and Virginia Keel, reporter. Seated, Johnny Young, pres. 85 Drafting Club ofiicers are, Tracey Stockton, vice. pres. James Carminatig pres.g James Hooper sponsorg rf Ronnie Walls, treas. Ronnie Kimbell, sec. -.Q Drafters Affiliates of American Institute of Design Front row, Ronnie Kimbell, Pete Tumer, Ronnie Sebring, Larry Lunsford, James Gregg, johnny Moore and Randy Doyal. Second row, Ronnie Walls, Gary Cotton, Tracey Stockton, Glenn Singleton, Angus Abeita, Greg Perchard and Randy Evans. Top Row, Bennie Anderson, James Carminati, Lloyd Drennon, Steve Borland, Gilberto Ibarra, David Gates and james Hooper, sponsor. 86 Mid- Management A First For Junior College 'Vi' - x,3's A "'i"f ii vf 712 ' T-L -Heli ' ,nl ' H '.:u'z.1L 194- 25:33- - " YLWGZ Q----..,1,, Q x The mid-management club is an affiliate of Distributive Education Clubs of America. Members first semester were, seated, Jackie Spurlock, Mxchael Johnson and Jerry Redmond. Standing, Elmer Kiekhafer, sponsorg Rod Roddy, Jim Dillman and Gamet Villers. 87 AMBL CS Sponsors Spikes Chapter s-ff'-' lar Harry Elliott, sec. treas., discusses concession stand project with Carl Sumruld, pres. and joe Hamzy, vice. pres. Members seated, Gary Porter, Loren Molleur and Jim Monfredini. Stand- ing Jorge Lopez, Mike Weems and Ray Middlebrook. 88 L Spikes met the fall semester with Eastern's Houndsmen. Wien . " -'H I ' a 'L ? 'iii -'KS 7.51. -.,.. ,I Spikes sport sfsirit jug won during pep ralley at a weekly meeting. Members are Bill Miles, Charlie Brown, Mike Luker, Bill Carter, Mark Williams, Car Sumruld, Paul Tesky, Carl Simpson, Bobby Irvine, Tommy johnson, R. E. Taylor, Lumpy Williams and Joal Stockton. Sponsored by the American Businessmenis Club, Loving- ton Chapter, the young men on campus founded the "Spikes" The chartered organization emphasized brotherhood, character and Americanism. This was the men's largest organization at the junior college. 89 LSP olhcers, from the top, are Diane Downey, Marlene Drennen, Jo Prudot, presidentg Sarah Carter, vice presg Janie Breckon and Anna Gail Morrow. Lambda Sigma Phi is a sorority dedicated to promote friendship and cooperation among junior college coeds. School spirit is one of the club's main objectives. LSP's Cheryl Cecil Won the campus beauty contest as the organizatiolfs entry. Sponsors are Blanche Collie and Roberta Norris. Lambda Sigma Phi Sooial Sorority Chorus Is Favorite in Yellow Jackets f X 1' x . 'vb' , x x' nfsr. 5?-,V .1-,g,j' -3 ,Vg ,a -T5 x. , I ' . 3 ,' "-P ,- Sw? Af' '-J '.,u. g 1. A ., 3 ' ' 4 .'1 .,. 1 wr 'AJ -.,: l'-",g.'.-L' ' The junior college chorus pauses during a rehearsal in the academic plaza. Emmett Cohagen, directorg Io Prudot, secretary-librarian 'ln Carrie Stephens, vice-president and Gary Porter, choir president. Dana Iohnson, accompanist, 'Sf'- 1' ,. f f l X . ,.qn ALQ .1 I 1 s ' Q 1 1 Q - '1 , , D Nl Q L . n 92 is 1968 T-Bird Staff Produced Annual M? .. - 'fi xx- i I L' Co-editors of the yearbook Pam Adams and Paula Davis. Ruth Ann Matthews James E- Powell Business Manager Publication Director ,rv-" Xf' ' i .iffyffj ..... .' .",f ,,f 1 Af!! L.. Cindy Harder, Classes Editor Paula Fisher, Production Editor 91-J ' ' i 3 gi I, Alice Calderon, 46 94 Typist Yearbook Staff Worked Hours 11 Ruby Garza, Copy d' I 1 rt v HGNORS James Carminati Man of the Year Selected as the most outstanding male scholar, james Camiinati is a 1966 Hobbs High School graduate. james is an engineering major. Georgette Neel Woman of the Year Tapped by a special faculty-administration board, Ceorgetta Neel, plans to transfer to Eastern New Mexico University. Georgetta is an English-journalism major. Who's Who at New Mexico Junior College V Jerry Weaver, Chemistry Butch Hale, Anatomy and Physiology Wh' il 1 V W "' ' l ,,r nf -fl Bill Cousins, Journalism Iames Carminati, Mathematics The junior college Who,s VVho was chosen by the faculty of each area of discipline represented. The yearbook honors section is special recognition for outstanding academic achievement. Cathryn Elaine Hunter Elementary Education Pat Rodgers Physical Education th, ' , . R,-in.. l x - 'JL ll .1 w - . .., , .- -: T ' , v .- ., ' '- 'Q,.. :. .J , "3 ,-,ww---1.--q-mg: .,. -V 1 n I I V- A ' ' ', iii-4 .-, , , 1 . ' ' - '. ma- .,A.,i-f-'T-H A f H W'-g,1f5iw,fL1 AU, ,.. ..., .vu . v ' -r y,. I M .. - . ,iv - -1 '- Q A . Q 1"1f4"Nw'-ff.l1:5l.ff5T.- ,s-avi A l - 3,3 ':',H.i! 5 ,. '.. i V. 'l . 71 Ll--.-5-LJ,1,55-xJILr"s. rf l:w,iq',.,' 3,-'.,,g-yip,'g,..-.'A.. -in D .raw Qi'w3.'W-N91 l B: ,Zig-4uQ:,i':w' M L Lu,9'L'zL !fgQLff" ., Danny Thompson Physical Education JC Who's Who fiilryu . V 7 Ronald Day Sebring Art . -wyaew.-.44-A ' Lrg' W' ir. ,,, . .Al , f. '. .V W- ,- .sip Bobby Vincent Athletics JC Who'S Who Edward Blevins Electronics Lloyd A. Drennon Drafting Technology . A ., V 11 , L ii- 1 ,Je . ' -Q' . ,, G 'Leg' Q - Q, .19 Laray Lunsford Nyda Womack Tra es and Industrial Educ. Nursing Carol Freeman Jimmy Burk? Secretarial Science Data Processlng e ,F-,X I 8 105 Pat Rodgers 1968 Snow Queen .,,,s.g-sk Judy Smith Basketball Queen Rosie 0'Grady Athletic Queen fU?'Qg vn.,.-- 108 1 . Y an 5' Cheryl Cecil Miss NMJC Beauty me A Wealth of Beauty Rita Bruner, Mid-Management it fn: V 4 K- V-u 'I ' .. 1 L-, ll :itil . digit' I I . J .l ffl-fi Judy Fowler, Spikes A style show, luncheon and light conversation were on the agenda for the first annual junior college beauty contest. A board of five judges chose three girls whom they thought best qualified to represent the Coeds of the junior college. Each contestant in the Miss New Mexico junior College beauty contest modeled junior-miss garments furnished by LGZltt'l,S. The style show was moderated by Mrs. Zana Willey. Mrs. Zana Willey Style Show Consultant Beauty queen candidates were, top row, Rita Bruner, Cheryl Cecil, Judy Fowler and Connie Mayfield. Front row, Rosie O'Grady, Paula Fisher. and Bari Cogbum. The judges met each candidate personally and chose the beauty from special criteria. 0 0 0 Fashion Awards '68 Leah Dodson 'I 'I4 Panda Kidd "57Y'J David Robinson Bill Carter Becky Rawls fu:-A, ,nl Sophomore Paoesetters A inf Cary Fisher Rosie O'Grady I 1 X1 Freshman Pacesetters Leroy Blackburn Sarah Carter ziizhzi : 3 fn F m v jx. : - YJ. . xi . . 1: ',15iA3f"5g: , ' 4 4 5 1 M m .gi g ,i :Y ""lf' T'g'1 I H' - 1.1-57?-7 ' . . 1:5355 -, 1 . 1: 9 235' gg r s-T -.C Jai A , fi' '9x 'fi' ' EE- 557?'l - , s CLASSES Officers Govern over 200 Sophs ,,..- 1 AM, , V' .mfg B572 Y? Lal Sophomore class ofBcers are, seated, Paula Fisher, vice pres.g David Robinson, presidentg and Janice Baulch, secretary-treasurer. Standing are Mack West, and Gary Porter, class representatives. 120 Don Abbott Mary Beth Adams Frank Andrew Marie Ashbrooke Neal Attaway Janice Baulch Ted Baughn Linda Beaner Darrel Beasley Sharon Bennett Greg Bradford Larry Bradford John Brinkley Johnny Broadus Charlie Brown Karen Bruner Janet Buck Jimmy Burke Lionel Bums Rex Buslzff Joe Cad ell Alice Calderon Kitty Caldwell John Campbell Larry Carlisle James Carmanati Janice Caudle Jeanette Chapman Carol Childers Bari Cogburn Larry Colbert Darlene Collins Mary Cook Cary Cotton Jimmy Davis Ross Davis ef ' 53 ' li 2 Q , 9 J lx , ".' y I 1 l 'l i F3 N' Q! A 1 F131 S- ,,,, ' , ' l1"3EE if I ,grain '22 ' I X fl' fi r 51 X 1 lik F 'I iz L :Ir Nl 'l Junior College Makes History n 1 V ,ii Je ri wwf- . 1 1 L- ra S . 'N W L 8 F 4 , l 1 ' f X , wx MAX ., l. f x fi . 3 ls? M 122 if vs' V N I rl 3. r :X F, I9 af -T Roy Davis Iodv Denning Ronald Dill Jim Dillman Margaret Dorsey David Doyal Lloyd Drennon Ian Eckrote Dick Elbert Albert Fairweather Jane Falk Jonathan Farmer jimmy Fielder Iohnnie Fields Gerald Files Ann Fisher Gary Fisher Paula Fisher Iudy Fowler David Freeman Carol Freeman Ianice Frenzel David Garner Michael Gamer Iuanita Garrett Janice Giese Vivian Gillian Annette Glenn james Gray Gene Gunderson Rudy Gutierrez Benny Guy Pat Guy Gerry Hahn Ianie Hahn Butch Hale lL T-5 ...f September 23, 1965-Iunior college oliicials, Dr. H. C. Pannell, 10511 Shepherd, T001 Siegentlla-161' and Virgil HCDIY met principals from Hobbs, Lovington, Tatum, Eunice and Ial to outline Pf0P0Sa1S for the DSW 5011001- Dicky Hammond Joe Hamzy Margaret Hanna Linda Hines Lonna Hill Kenneth Hopkins Dewey Hopper Mandy Hopper Iammy Huggins Cathy Hunter Gilbert Ibarra Bobby Irvine Susie Ieffcoat Billy Johnson Tommy Johnson Lillian Jones Ronnie Kimbell Steve Kemp V3 . 'Q V . 1 . if, .f 1 if l 4-ef i ill J with H 'S' 1? '3 A ,N ll '39 fw- es' Desert Has a Face Lifting If ps L4 x W L l xx. ,vw 3 4? r -.0 I-1-'tv 124 ii' N JF Larry Lawson Johnny Lee Herbert Lewis Larry Lindsay Lamell Lipscomb Jorge Lopez Thurman Lowe Buddy Luck Larry Lunsford Karen Maddox Cheryl Mayes Stella McCreesh Kerby McCoy Beth McCallum Bill Miles Allan Miller Loren Molleur Jim Monfredini Clovis Moore Wanda Moore David Morgan Dickie Morgan Judy Morgan Gary Murdock Ceorgetta Neel Dwayne Nelson Angela Rose O'Grady Ida Oliphant Mary Lou Olvera Alan Overmeir Kenneth Parker Rita Parker Johnnie Patterson Ray Payton Alta Peck Greg Perchard March 9, 1966-A busy place is seen three miles north of Hobbs on state highway 18 as workmen engage in sub- surface construction of the first junior college building. Harry Pittam Sonny Pope Gary Porter Marlene Powell Ella Mae Prudot Glene Pruet Becky Rawls Barbara Ray Frank Raybon Myrlene Read Ierry Redmond Teresa Renchler Cherry Riddle Beulah Ridenour David Robinson Mary Rocldenbery Iaclcye Rodgers Pat Rodgers l ...J-li 1 f9' f-Sv I , r " ' fwn , I First Class , XS Sli lrql N, l Q I Began in 1966 X. l I, ,' X. TS' .19 .. 1. X -'J' 1 j x ! , Mr, is X, 1 r 2 il ,, - 'fm 1 r ' 'Q .K ' fl . . ' in 2 " 'f'l 7 if W ta. . 'fi Q e ss,, ie! A .vo .Q, ' tif it , ,r 34 . -91 il ,U el, tf?fa ..--V K ',w KU n Q Ianet Rook Gene Rucker Idell Savisky Terry Scarborough Judy Schnauhert Earl Scott Charlie Session Carl Simpson Sidney Simpson Patricia Sinclair Elmer Singletary Glen Singletary Carol Shelton Tommy Shelton Jean Smith Betty Smith Dennis Smith joe Smith Iucly Smith Sharon Smith Doug Speegle David Spencer Mike Stanley Ioel Stockton David Stuckey Marguerite Sumner Carl Sumruld Lawrence Sutton Martha Tatum Joe Taylor Paul Teske Emery Throneberry James Tomlinson lane Toomire Ioy Trout Terry Trout Rose Vela Bobby Vincent Mark Withrow Johnny Wilson Gerry Williamson Royal Williams Hazel Wheeler Mack West Mike Wesley Jerry Weaver Ronnie Walls Gaylon Walls Robert Walber Carol Walker Weldon Yarbro Deanna Young Greg Young Johnny Young A Dynamic Freshman Class "MW, Freshman classes officers are, standing, Paula Davis, representative, Bill Willey, president and Pam Adams, representative. Seated are Connie Mayfield, vice pres. and Susan McDonald, secretary-treasurer. 128 Edith Adams Pam Adams Irma Lee Aduddell Angus Abeita Gary Absher Karen Albright Ricky Allen Bennie Anderson Mickey Anderson Daniel Antes George Arnold Emily Attaway Bob Atwood Jimmy Atwood Antonio Aquinaga Lorene Bachman Sammy Backman Opal Baker Benny Baldwin Connie Ball James Banks Rickey Barkley Kathy Barton Mike Baskette Betty Beadle Nina Beaner Darrell Bearden Linda Beason Charles Behlen Larry Behm Barry Belew Sharon Belew Sylvia Benge Gene Bernhardt Ina Carol Berryman Gayla Bess Carolyn Bishop Leroy Blackbum Eddie Blevins Nelia Bluitt Larry Bly Katherine Bolding rl' . Il ' A 4 .1 l "'2 1fillL A A '- f- , I E rw, A ez ' 7 Y dl ,Q 3 1 if f I Q lg 'A :fr-: Aqi lr D Www ' X f f' f' 1- 'x I Mr? ' 'lil X 'r ,T ,r,. r ' i ,Q ' r" -'i . '-T LL-,rr :ni I-. I . 1'-F'-fd. . 'H3i'?l. 44 J if " 4 . I . Y ii! I 1 ra 1 nal 4 'fi K i ,L I xl I f 1. W W W 4 41? K 'Q I , , 9' ,T se' fa xii r JM I K. ' I 5 N 'ikzfswl 129 NWS. l if ' xx Yr 1 B , f x x f1"l .I l 'r ,,, ,-.. 'I A . NJ re I . Y 5 X rg JM Li 4 . ,:-'11-3 ,aw -,fl ' 1 , 29- 1' '- f' 1 , is Tia. ...Y , - ' 0, , f , . 4' R ,lui 5, . 'i Bug f B .- ,.. nr, . , 130 Gi l X fem, 'x 'A 4 S ng p . JM? , i" L. yarn- 5 1. 'vv -49 Fx., . V, Nt' 1 " 2 . .24 '- . f , N , . 1 1 --rr ' ' - 1 E,-.I A A "9. 'Q 1 3 1 l Q41 l ,E ls Dudley Bolles Doris Booth Curtis Boozer Steve Borland Ioanne Boyle Ianie Breclcon Timothy Breckon Wilma Brewer Allen Broadus Eileen Brow George Brown June Brovsm Bruce Broyles Rita Bruner Darlene Bruton Joe Bryson Lynda Buckhanon Nita Burnett Davicl Burns Shirley Burns Barbara Busby Marie Buslce Barbara Buzbee Sandy Byrum Margaret Cabrera Ann Caffey Sharon Callaway Teresita Cantu Iohn Capps Bill Carter Sarah Carter Karl Cates D'Linda Cathey Cheryl Cecil Toby Chanley Bob Cheney Roger Christopher Jean Christy Ro Clark Bobby Clay Clemmie Clay Beth Cochran Freshmen Neena Coclce Herbert Colfer Karrt Colley Silas Coleman Mike Collins James Cooper Vera Corbine Gene Cornwell Bill Cousins Cathy Couy Odes Coy 3 Ioan Cox A ' W, 9 5 M Lee Cox q Ronald Cox Wallace Crawley Billy Criss Isabel Cruz Larry Cypert F' K- -gre' Bobby Daniels Jimmy Davis Michael Davis Paula Davis Ieryl Davidson Freddie Defoor l January 1, 1966-Dr. I. E. Siegenthaler accepts enrollment forms from the Hrst applicant to NMIC, Kathy Sue Schnaubert, as Hobbs High principal Virgil Welch observes. E .- x-JL .X X m- Cary Dement Bobbie Denney Iohnny Dickens Ierry Nell Dillow Diane Downey Randal Doyal Marlene Drennon Mike Duff Nancy Duffey Iohn Dyer Sylvia Dyer Royce Eades Jeannette Evans Randy Evans Tonya Evans Ianice Ellison Mark Estes Vivian Fancey Mark Farris Red Farris Thomas Fennell Roxann Field Douglas Fletcher Mary Fletcher Dorothy Fisk Margaret Flowers Oneita Floyd Curtis Fort Faye Fortner Geraldine Foster Drew Fuller Frances Fulton Iackie Gabbard Dorothy Gabbert Edward Canaway Adell Garlitz Ionnie Garrison Bill Garvin Carolyn Garvin Joy Gasaway David Cates Dorothy Gillett Mildred Givens Claudette Gladclen Gary Glober David Gober Mike Gomez Cenivieve Gourley Gary Grammer Andrea Grayson Jerry Grimes Jean Griffin Jesse Green Iohn Green Leon Green Kevin Greenway Rosa Gregory Darrel Griffin Mike Groves Connie Guery Carolyn Gunn Roy Gushwa Troy Hahn Ronnie Haley Randy Hnmes Larry Hamilton ,Q-' .-4' . .mi li .A 1-fy' xl A n Q f x K.,- NLE: .f . .Liv .-r , . M, , ffp -27 S , .HQ ix . 'iq 5 N Freshmen 9. n I g cb ' l i " ia X 1 si K I I ,Q af 'W ,-B 1 i.'e' 1 W f i- Al' ,ew 1, . , . B he , , 1 A , :.:.:.q55 I . il n V '3 Q 1:1 ,, 2 - -,Z ,Q I ' iw . .Isp Ag qi x. V v. ff- H , I 1 if I r M 1-'I 4 ' Wy ' CX 23 son, chairman of the NMIC board. 'I33 February 10, 1966-A S2 Million signature by Finn Wat- I' , ', M .jf 1 "-fel, S I ' ly' Fl 1.51, ff 1 .X : LJ Ii ,1 -3 L fi Iudy Hamilton Judy Hancock Iirn Harbison Iohn Hare Cindy Harder Mike Hardin Joe Harvey Andrew Hatchetts Danny Haas Helen Hays Lola Mae Henderson Odis Henley Larry Henson Wayne Henson Don Herd Linda Hicks Steve Hickman Vickie Higgins Lonna Hill Netha Hill Gary Hind Dixie Hinton Io Ann Hobbs Jimmy Hodge C. Hoffman Alvey Hogan Ginny Holbrooks Jo Ann Hollingsworth Donna Hoover James Hooten Mike Hopkins Greg Howell Bill Hounshell Diana Huffman Mary Ann Hughes James Huggins Iammie Huggins Weldon Hurst Gilberto Iberria Delores Ingle Ro Ivans Bob Ivy Theresa Jackson Maxine Jernigan Fred Jenkins David Jett Dana Johnson Jay Johnson Jenny Johnson Judy Johnson Lena Johnson Mike Johnson Tommy Johnson Kathy Joiner Jimmie Jones Leona Jones Doyle Jordan Willie Jordan Connie Kelch Martha Kerby Betty Key Panda Kidd Jeff Kieth Gary Kilgallon David Klimka Sue Knox Freshmen 49 f' ly A V' Y' ,a r X -4" I rf. UK 1. X ---vi' - E 5' ':" : Y? D X W l It lf: N ff' ik If i fb R 1 Aix A Ax Gia, an 'A I .I u 'fu fgj - iff' D - fri N ' if ll ,L ir J . lk i M V di- - I Nl x J , G R y i N-LQ, February 15, 1966-Ground breaking ceremonies at junior college site-a first in New Mexico. .-.Y fur..- Y,.., ,M K . . ?:f: X . i i , N s is ii EEK "'? ii if 'FR' , ,RH Vi Y sr 136 gli i, ii, - 3' X I i .", . lg ili- L r, 'V Q C, ' -. 'S l HG' ' I at ' A Ianis LaFountaine Ray Land Mack Langston Mary Lawson Margaret Layland Mary Layton Kenneth LeBlanc Evelyn Ledecke Alan Lester Sarah Lewis Beverly Leverett Kathryn Lindsay Erlinda Lopez Jorge Lopez Loma Love Emma Lovett Linda Luker Mike Luker Rubin Mack Sue Mahood Connie Mayfield Iean Marburger Ierrel Marburger Stephen Markley Carolyn Marshall Ruth Ann Matthews Steve Marts Joyce May Richard Meek Mary McCall Michael McCasland Edith McCormick Bonnie McDaniel Bill McDonald Carolyn McDonald Susan McDonald Lucy McFadden John McGee Nancy McGee Thomas McGrary Nancy McGregor Doris McKee Pam McMahau Wanda McPeters Jay Miller Sherrie Miller Ray Middlebrook Kenneth Moberly Maxine Molleur Delbert Moore Johnny Moore Anna Gail Morrow Carolyn Morton Randy Mosley Oneta Mullis Dee Tom Murphy Bill Murphy M. A. Murphy Wayne Murrell Jack Naylor Linda Nave James Nelms Ron Nelson Alcena Nickell Jackie Noack Freshmen r L 1 A To ,' l 'YJ ' ju A i - ' , I 4 . l fi - is Y , 1 r um' 'I 'l L r - ' 1 l 1 ' ' - ' 1 ' -'-P? ll f. I ' fr' '? 'YZ y A I A ' 4 A 1,31 I., if fi !2 ,I 'Q 1 V wx- A f J' 1 ' 1 , A .,,, Q .... 'A ' , W 'll A l , Wig l my ,jj ' . . ' W D 4' ' ' V 0 ,QI-, ,f f ra We I al l ff 1 f 4 W m V' I' Ii. 1- li I ' , . A - I' 4? A I rl J , I April 22, 1966-Right on Sched- ule-Construction of adminis- tration building of NMIC is on schedule, according to school ollicials. Classes are to begin this fall. 137 W ":""i L ,- avi - .LL-Q r A.: W , , W.: f'f' r H f , ,146 1 Ii' , I IX EA. it 5 -s ifr- X- v xN ,Fm f , fa 1 1 --'sn f"! I nl ff-11 fi 8 . L if v . 1 ffl " 'L f 'P ...., ' :E ' - N 'su su ir V4 1 N i Q i V 4 I. 1 I NU LLM 1 . i xi' 138 Billy Nowlin Wayne Olds Rebecca Oglesby Mary Nell Oliver Randal Overbeck Rita Overton Thomas Owings Barbara Pace Billy Jack Parker Rodney Parker Justine Parker Jimmy Parmer Eloise Patman Barbara Patterson Larry Patton jimmy Paquin Rajene Pennell Charlie Pharis L. D. Phillips David Pinson Gerry Pinson Mark Pippin Ellen Pollock Tommy Polly Dwight Pryor Jo Prudot Virginia Raabe Jimmy Raines Ierelyn Rarden Sharon Rea Billie Reagan Darrel Reasner Thomas Reed Kenneth Rhea Dorothy Richards Bradley Rice Debbie Richmond Diana Roach Cary Roberts Gradean Roberts Sondra Roberts Carolyn Robbins Freshmen Homer Robinett fy - N Allan Robinson W i ' . N, ,i Pat Rodgers ' 'N ,l Diana Rodriquez 5 .1 . 21,11 Helen Rogers 'a .Z A LN 1 I W A 'KH , A Ieffry Rogers I . V' X ll L' '1-far.. Ronnie Rogers Hazel Roundtree Ka e Saflel i Billy Sanders ' 'N Gary Sandoval . I Bonnie Sarlf .. , -. . V 5 'Q - RS ' Ar 11' 2 C , iv ul I , I ack Sarlf Barbara Schaaphok I Larry Schlotterbaclc Larry Schmitt Q Ralph Schmidt Michael Schwarting gg f 7 1 E v Donna Scott , Gertrude Scott Greg Scott Ronnie Sebring Eddie Setters , . fig' A, j ", , ' in Egfr , ' i Q ' :H . 1 May 31 1966-Moving Along-Construction of NMIC is on schedule and now half completed, H. C. Pannell, president of the college, an- nounced today. Picture taken from entrance now being prepared from State Road 18 into the college grounds. Four buildings under con- struction. Left to right, Administration, science, vocational-technical, Unit B isteel framework visiblel and vocational-technical, Unit A. Pannell said the construction will be completed "possibly a few days before the deadline" of Sept. 8. 'I39 at '33' eg Qi! f EJ ' , . 1 2 I 5 J X M kr l IVA, ' I ' 'Q Ar "2 ,.4b ' I ' 1 V4 L.-nk .Jy fl. 140 fo- uf? NIU, A n f Qi-are Q, F' Dan Shaffer Nancy Shelley Tommy Shelton Shirley Sherman Rebecca Sherrod Barbara Skalencla Bobbie Skelton John Simonds Carl Simpson Sidney Simpson Gail Sizemore Cleta Smith Doyle Smith Iake Smith Kirk Smith Linda Smith Marcia Smith Mike Smith Rita Sousa Bill Spears Wanda Spencer Owen Standfield Ierry Stark Carrie Stephens Darrold Stephenson Ioan Stephenson Danny Stevens Cary Stevenson Ginger Stewart Deborah Stockard Darlene Stubblefield Tracey Stockton Colene Stone Virginia Stone Iohn Strange David Stroud David Stuckey Doris Sunday Melba Taff Fred Talbot Benny Talley George Teague Leon Terry Wanda Teston Milton Thorp Judy Thornton Wanda Thomton Tom Thomas Danny Thompson Gary Thompson Ioan Thompson Larry Throneberry Lois Tidriclc Jerry Tipps Fem Triplitt Francine Troop Betty Tumer Jerzy Tumer Ion Tumer Leora Tumer Lequetta Turner Lori Turner Pete Tumer Tisha Tylich Sharon Uyeno Bonnie Vance Anim Freshmen l .,-:. i X., 'Ri ' 5 l .f-1 AA- " Y? IU i Y' mf if 4e 'Mi'lF ,,-v fxfr V-5 I .D 717 WC? fi i V x., .Y-5 vhs A ?l:'2T'.: iff fii ' ' - A i fi'-as 5 'I QE, ' Q 15. gs--sifg ll' V" . . " ' ...- . - ,A . 32. June 15, 1966-Today's Progress Report-Workman with tamping hammer in the foreground is preparing ground for laying of concrete sidewalks. The ad- ministration building is in the background. HI s X - '. I l 4 15 le, 1 . l 'Q T I f Y XX XL .1 2 I ru- , u 'Fa' I x vo 5" 1.. ji' - 'sm' Hug: I f H A I 1 , Wi IVY x 'gl Y is dk if -. If M r P lla' ' '1 J: Q-'Q 142 , f me V Q, , tg! X . , , k all M Carrol Van Cleve Sammy Wright N da Womack Glbria Woods Robbie Wiygle Mozelle Wise Elsie Wise Shirley Wilson Patsy Wilson Loma Wilson Danny Wilson Betty Willingham Diana Williamson Sandra Williams Gwyn Williams Earl Williams Corkey Williams Alice Williams Bill Willey Mike Wilborn Mickey Wilbourn Geet Whitekiller Ierita Whitehead Vickie White Joe White Terry Whitaker Shirley Whinery Rick Wheatley William Wells Robert Welch Mike Weems Mark Webb Danny Webb Danny Webb Kary Weaver Rance Wasson Beverly Walthall Rebecca Wallace Ross Walkup Elizabeth Waldrip Janice Walker Sue Waggoner Vermelle Yoakum Faye Yoder Paulie York Alfred Young Louise Young Louise Young Tommie Yowell Mike Zahn Mary Zapata Lillian Ziebarth Paul Adams Penny Akin Anella Andrews Ionisue Cearley Patrick Gormley Eddie Kerr Marietta Martin Shirley Oliver Lorraine Perry Diana Roether Freshmen 1 ' ii' in I . slr U -- . W . F55 X M ' I 3 Y ' Q' i 5 Mr 'ii' ' E-1w-3ygfF" September 14, 1966-Welcome to NMIC-Dr. I. E. Sigenthaler, at podium was one of the fac- ulty members who addressed approximately 400 students of NMJC at an orientation pro- gram. 'I43 Il: -rg: 'Ea , - ,. A qi.. ,,...,.,, rw.: -. V I Lava' H 1, ,.l,. ," 'I f .',,:v:Q'K?E: rj, 1. V' 'fx p VAN.,-M sw H. ,,,,,o.,, if-,arise-,f.a::rs.wu,11u.w-. October 23, 1966-First junior college student oilicers are Jerry Blanton, Lovington, presidentg Rosie 0'Grady, Lovington, sec-treas.g Charlie Brown and Sharon Dillman of Hobbs, representatives. , . a-gf' , , A.-, ,ST fz .jx f l 121-if-fini - -LH . 1r.2,1Ug.. wr . V H., ,H . A," Q f f5:f7l'91mf. --.43 -ll' V ,Y 1, .-il L., . H- A, 4 I Lal' . 144 'Mg ' ff A Touch of History November 21, 1966-A portion of the crowd to hear the NMIC dedication ceremonies gather in the mall. In the background is the science building and the vocational facility. October 14, 1966-Six cheerleaders of the undefeated Thunder- birds pose before a scale model of the campus. Left to right are Pat Young, Carol Bates, Ernie Vietor, Sharen Cocke, Sharon Smith, and Judy Smith. Il -0 145 gg f n 14 V ... g l R . 4 ,ll I I wr lil ' au - I I,-I I flh , ge ,:" .Q li" I . ll " .' --a -gs 01 dvi ll 5111. 'S I .bil A A ., I I-I MINI if I I I 'ri ,lrl I I ll Ui gf November 21, 1966-Dr. Tom Popejocy, president of the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque is edication speaker. i IFF i we New Mexico The pictures for the brief history appearing in yearbook were furnished by the Hobbs News-Sun taken by jim Rawis. The dates accompanying pictures were the dates they were published and the dates of the events cited. the and the 1'1Ot i ' 1.7 November 21, 1966-Mayor Walter Linam, center, talks to Finn Watson, left, chairman of NMIC board, while President H. C. Pannell smiles with pride. 146 Junior College-A Reality Architects' drawing of the junior college campus. 5 . :gill- ' in r.:F-is-ltika, -.... f--,.--fu' ,A 147 Hail New Mexico Iunior College! Why? We will start again. Finished. The end. Tomorrow. But. Good Idea! Let's do it tomorrow. What has been done-or rather what has not been done? Where did we start and where did we end? We did not paint a portrait that is uniquely NMIC nor did We depict the lift of a typical New Mexican. We did not even tell a story. In short we did not publish emotions, but rather attempted to instill an impetus for emotions within each of us. NMIC's first yearbook Devotion and cooperation never seem to be fully appreciated. This book has been published only with the aid of many outstanding individuals. Mary jane Salsman was always here when we needed her most. Ruby Garza and Alice Calderon made themselves available on every Saturday that we needed them. We did not have a large staff, but they helped whenever they could. Without the leadership and capability of james E. Powell we would have never had the quality and variety so necessary for this publication. Hey! What is this? Plaudits for everybody? We found out that it is impossible to please everyone, if anyone. We tried! As for Mr. Powell-Whew! And, in conclusion, we thank each student, faculty mem- ber and campus observer for supplying the material-the spontaneous tears and the inevitable laughter-with which the total experience is obtained. Another yearbook. Another ending. But. Pam Adams Paula Davis fl " l f 3. . ,M , . - 1 . ' ..,, - ff' ff' xl: 'L H X, ff' 4 I 1 ' r D H X . if. V I s .' I. . 1 N10 .n K ' A 1 K g E YR-uv I ,1 P 5 5 .ne -K """A-hp ...- 1 .J n .,.. ,n Q1 'xl -P826 v Maintenance xx K 5 A. C. Smith Grounds '- L - , ,,. .I-A L .1 1 ' X 1 N , - v . xy VI ,1 N , .U 5 X I ' . " W X w X .X Y , X' X A Y' . g Lg Oscar Evans Mamtenance Supervlsor Esther Norton Student Union asv.. ,. ,V . .. JJ. x, 'L Q -M Nm Travis McCrimmon Vocational-A -Q-,i Maintenance ,3, .I -N -1 ' 1 1 X K Staff c ?vf1""' ,-arf' Clifton Cobbin Science Academic James M. VVhite Fine Arts ,J :V ,jf . N . 3 ,J 1 K I. T. Hare Library 4. 'Q' X Wayne D. Dean Grounds Albert Smith Gym Iosegh Hannah Aca emic .I+ 11 xx 'x , 'i A ' 1-,Q "- A 1 QI' yr: QWLL L Y GRUBEN-BURKHART OLDSMOBILE-CADILLAC INC. 'lTrc1de Automobiles Where Quality and Courtesy Go Hand in Hand" 800 N. Turner 393-4116 Hobbs, New Mexico 5- 'La X A215212 TAPES - RECORDS 706 N. Turner 393-6213 Hobbs, New Mexico N R, 1 N1lll.ER-WAlDROP HERFF IQNES Fi ', w " I : 1 Eff 1 "?1- f, . 1 liz J gb ' ' Q, N Jin nn- 1 1 ,et. , U -- eQ'e1 'A -:P Creative Excellence in School Jewelry, I-' 19 "'l 1145 OF ' "2 ' ' l ill Awards, Fine Paper, and Publishing "Ye Colonial Shoppe" I 1' l l HERFF lONE5"'X"'N 401 N. Turner 393-6911 Hobbs 155 eg' I Your Complete Family Department Store Post Office Box 1297 Phone 396-3688 Lovington, New Mexico esternbc QE 11150 - STORES AND ASSOCIATE SIDIFS Everything for your home 81 car needs Home Owned 8. Operated by Zearl T. Young, Inc. Authorized Agents Steamship - Airplanes Railways GH0lSON'S World-Wide Travel 1300 N. Dal Paso Hobbs' New Mex' United Chemical Corporation of New Mexico "It costs less to use our service" 501 N. Leech Box 1499 323-6215 24 HR. SERVICE 393-9664 Lorette Gholson Lyle Gholson Travel Consultants Hobbs, New Mexico Makes water work Math instructors Roberts and Martin didn't always agree on their approach to the subject This Page ls Sponsored By HOBBS HOUSES, INCORPORATED Loncl Developers AN D ME-TEX SUPPLY COMPANY South Broodmoor Building 158 Sheer enjoyment was shown in the eyes of these athletics, as they watched cheerleader tryouts. LQIPW- BUSINESS DIRECTORY ADAMS CARPET CENTER 704 N. Shipp 393-5046, Hobbs BERTRAMS SHOE STORE 107 E. Broadway 393-5834, Hobbs CAWARD'S YOUTH CENTER 115 W. Broadway 393-2137, Hobbs CLAUDIA'S INC. 104 N. Turner 393-4741, Hobbs GEN'S FLOWERS and GIFTS 514 N. Turner 393-4153, Hobbs GIPSON'S GROCERY 1524 Alameda 393-6523, Hobbs HAROLDS SHOES 123 W. Broadway 397-1212, Hobbs HOBBS FLARE 114 Dunnam 393-5141, Hobbs JACK Gnd .III.I. SHOPPE Broadmoor 'Arcade 393-2771, Hobbs JACK PRICE VOLKSWAGEN 1717 N. Grimes 393-4131, Hobbs J. C. PENNY CO. 104 W. Broadway 393-2213, Hobbs JOE'S GULF SERVICE 201 S. Turner 393-3661, Hobbs CITY CLEANER'S 816 E. Broadway 393-5022, Hobbs JUNE'S BEAUTY ROOM 1704 N. Main 394-2137, Eunice MASSEY INSURANCE 518 N. Tumer 393-9013, Hobbs MOODY REALTY 518 N. Turner 393-7111, Hobbs M 8 W FURNITURE 121 E. Marland 393-2524, Hobbs MURRAY'S BEAUTY SALON 111 W. Dunnam 393-9528, Hobbs PADGE'S FLOWERS 114 W. Adams 396-2972, Hobbs PAPER CLIP, INC. 200 W. Taylor 393-5113, Hobbs RAPP'S TELEVISION SERVICE 315 E. Sanger 393-3210, Hobbs REESE PRESCRIPTION SHOP 121 N. Dalmonf 393-4515, Hobbs RODGER'S MUSIC CO. 401 N. Turner 393-5821, Hobbs THOMPSON'S FURNITURE and HARDWARE 208 W. Broadway 393-5126, Hobbs W. J. LEWIS 8 SON Pain? and Wallpaper Co. 213 E. Broadway 393-3431, Hobbs +C.,- Of' T4 7s T 0 246646442 9 gf ' Abbott Bl'0fh9l'5 General oilfield Ruthole and Wuterwell Contractors conhudars We Specialize in Oilfield Caliche Road Building Hobbs Bulldozers - Rollers - Compressors Graders - Oilrrucks - Rousrabouts Lovingfon Phone Hwy. 392-5034 H o b b s, N .M . Grandfa lls, Texas Odessa, Texas RIGHT a nd BRIGHT FO R D AT E S i s r T e i s - , , BATTERYMMAENET Arledges Q L0Vi"9'0" Hobbs 3964554 For Dependable Service T f " 'lzl f ff wo Business Machines, Inc. Olvetti Underwood Typewriters And Figure Machines - Dejur Stenorette Dictat- ing Machines, Office Furniture 8. Supplies A. B. Dick Duplicating Sup- O plies I1 if 9l5 N. Turner Hobbs . ll l l' Sl P Aff 0 Pliliifs Jw GREEN STAMPS Serving Leu County Since 'l950 cash Mun 211552 We Appreciate ggfaig . YwfPQff0fmQe ' Discount Center ln Business For Your Health 'L . i p ll 1 . ' ' , 1 393-7759 1 ' 300 S. Turner Hobbs 161 u f our STOP BOWLORAMA LANES M HN M UMW Q W-it IFA 4 CITY DRUG I W G Pesc pt Co plete Ll e D ugg st of G fts 396 3300 221 N M Lovingfon NCIurke Oil Well Servicing, Inc. Hobbs, N.M. COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR FRIENDLY C. R. ANTHONY STORES OF lEA COUNTY 392-5531 LOCATIONS: HOBBS BROADMOOR LOVINGTON J I N M HOBBS DOWNTOWN EUNICE Q , . . 395-2331 -IAI- rwim. N Q all x Q5 . QD ' QQ fig," .flamegs Lfwurcznce - 1 N f ' - 4: INCORPORATED U A v XJ 1, 'C-' Y .3 INSURANCE- Bonus " iooo N T EX 3-5181 - ' P l ' Hoses. New Mexico Q. ' 11. X -' ' ' .' A' 'I Youre COMPLETE , Y PROFESSIONAL Younlmdm ANQEIIJRANCE ' EVERYBODY., 1, 1 'TSSSEQZET !fff:17Q,Zi?i"' Shiga - 'L - A1 M HJ, 4, l ug- if-1 A , ' AGENT FACILITIES I T14 We're on the Go! - Go NMJC! Stop in for Tasty Tempting Treots :i :f?ZTii DAIRY MART E. Bender Blvd. 392-5808 Hobbs SERVING NEW MEXICO SINCE 1937 163 D A 8. S Oll WEll SERVICING, INC. 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M. lBilly WALKER 42 years of continuous Service W Oil Field Transportation Hobbs, New Mex. 1480 On the Dial 5 1 , ,fmt iwriin 1 'OADSWE 'mms 501 NORTH MARLAND BLVD. , I it 3, H I G H W A Y 1 8 0 1-loess, New Mexico 88240 I 2 F Realty T 5 81 CONSTRUCTION CO. I.ITTlE FOOD SERVICE NADINE LovELAnY - REALTOR Call Us For Any of Your R 1 T Real Estate Needs es cngon New Homes or Equities Loaunnge LoAr-as . FHA . ai. .coNvsNruoNAL , . if me Dial EXpress 3-6205 fi nr susv om EX 3-ma uBC1Cking the Thunderbirds" REALTORS? "Remember You Buy Real Estate Every 2 :EEZ-E.-.I E Day, Either For Yourself Or Your Landlord" gmt '?g?f3'thb'90yyN.ioAL Qgso V nouns Our Cook Has A Day Ott 4'4" Does Yours? ol I I I . Hoses 1 Official Photographer for . . MISS NEW MEXICO STATE LEGISLATURE STATE SENATE RAMADA INN Miss Rosemary Brown Miss New Mexico, 1967 J. C. Maxwell M. Photographer .-1.-5--f f I ,rlr 2 1-j'!g!fi' McNuughton's Furniture New and Used Furniture Sales Upholstering and Repair Service 396-2151 23 East Central LOVINGTON, NEW MEX. 170 JL! Hobbs Gus Company S. Fowler Ittl WATSON K nnsmnonal ITS1 EZEEEEU EIHZHB nm!-2" . K, Q iijm R Ig- Th C. MUMFORD AGENCY ' Insurance Q III 0 R IE 1 1 4? Q E HOBBS, N'M. E . AREA BROKER FHA VA e , n Xn 'I,g LOANS Q APPRAISALS 0 Yh.393'7l76 6 I m 418 N TURNER h Hosss 393 9141 mmm 3' THE MUSIC BOX Sporting Go d - H bb' - R d - 101 West Broad y f 1 in the f Id sl-IOP FOR MEN f"'N'X . Z 102 W. BROADWAY PHONE 393 5462 NEW MEXI00 BMIK ANU TRUST CU. Leading the way in Lea County. .. SIX BRANCHES TO SERVE LEA COUNTY HOBBS - LOVINGTON - EUNICE - JAL BROADMOOR 8. BEL AIRE , "xi: 'ff 1 :mx 'rf?:ff: ::-:-:ra , . -,-..,,g,, 1 5 Y-,ling gi . .. 1 --:i5ijj5.,. 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Turner Your Friend and Neighbor Chrysler-Plymouth-Rambler Serving Lea County Since 1938 .fn noomfirznn time YOAKUM TIRE COMPANY 321 West Broadway Express 3-9153 HOBBS, NEW MEXICO MORE PEOPLE RIDE ON GOODYEAR TIRES THAN ON ANY OTHER KIND! 176

Suggestions in the New Mexico Junior College - Thunderbird Yearbook (Hobbs, NM) collection:

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