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f X I5-5 0 X3 .3 f fy XA. , A .. '92 'ix 3 "W ii 'is ,? -gn C7116 Cqfpfqce -,-,1...- Our thanks go to Portia Pershing who is the school sec- retary. She has helped at lunch- time and occasionally substitutes for the grade teachers. Her effi For the past two years Mr. R. R. Watson has been our superintend- ent, teacher and advisor. His work with the Boy Scouts and his enthusiastic attitude have been greatly appreciated by the school and community, ciency and willingness are appre ciated by everyone with whom she works. Clarinda, Iowa ' MCCALLA HARDWARE "Everything to Fit C, Your Needs" FOSTER-HARMON-WILLIAMS MORTUARY Clarindai Iowa 'X E CLARINDA HARDWARE Clarinda Iowa ,-5 ' 2, f I' ,C k 29 .1 fl Y- r M x, IU' bm "a f-Uv. i , ffl I F df' 'S g- The Board Of Education 'XA N BP 'N -XNDI' HSON ,fl ,Q as Rl r .151 1 Hs ,,f' A X' OTI5 WOOD -lbs NU In The Annual Staff Of 1958 , '-,-,... . 6, .l At the begmnmg of the school ycar a group of glrls went out and sold ads to the merchants of the local towns The staff mcludes from left to r1ght Mamlyn M1ller Darlene Young Jamce Harms, Janlce Gray Nancy Young Jeann1e Rlchey Stephame Pershmg We w1sh to thank the merchants of the vxcxmty for makmg our annual a book to remember 1n years to come Xv 4 We thc mc mhcrs rf h 'llnm r staff vush to cxnrmss our gratnudl fr r the co op: rauon of 'he 'aiu tx rm rchanvs ard lrvs vt ul axe made our J s 1 We smcerflw ho 14 v a um. Lnwow rradmg ll lr' h s mum as A UN 'X wg: her The Sta' n ludes fron' lu 1 N JNI ROW I L C s 1 rs x Hlrrls Educ Nl lrllsn 'X11' 111 r 1 ml 1 lu Icrshl N1 Fllblllg Nlrg PX! lx HON Hara I5lX C adn s NIA g 1 l l 1 Q I-ms 'Nlu f lrgaret foldmg X 1 Ruth lhompson 1 d 'N s Hulser -Xdnsor L rr, I k LYlN1'li un f A f x u Sports Hrnnda N1 cr Spf rts 4 Jlannln Hlche -X llN.1lltS if 1, U.: . Q VIILISITR S. PERKINS Drivers Training Soc-iology Science' MRS. FRANCES HULSER Commercial LOREN SLEMP Music T-'il MRS LELA STITES Home Economics English DR E J JANSON Veterinarian Gengral Practme Large and Small Animals Phone 75 Gravity, Iowa -1- E is. . -if' L MRS, VERA ZIMMERMAN Sorial Studie-s English Speech '16 34 x WARREN STA NTON Mathematics Coach MRS ESTHER KEESEY English G B HENRY Vocational Agrirulture l Biology Shop GLOHlA HIDNOLH President Look out! l still might do something great. Band ............... 2 Basketball . . . . . . 3, 4 Softballu. .. 3,4 Track .... . . 3, 4 Y-Teens ,,,,,, , 14,4 Chorus ..... .... . .. 4 Student Council ..... 4 Queen Candidate , .... 4 JOAN WINGEH Secretary You can tt-ll lit-r by the noise shs- dom-sn'l make, Hand.. ......... l,2,f'l Y-Teens ...... l,2,3,4 Student Counvil ...... 2 Softball ............. 2 Class Sec-rotary ..... 4 Homecoming Queen . . 4 LARRY LEEK Student Council A woman is as old as she looks, a man is never old until he stops looking! Football. ....... 2, 3, 4 Student Mgr .... .... 1 Band ........ ..... 1 , 2 Track... .... 1,2,3 F.F.A .... ...1,2,3 President .... ..... 1 Treasurer .... . , . 3 Speech Play .... . . . 2 Declamatory ......... 1 Basketball ....... 1, 2,2 Class V. President.. .1 Class 'l reasurer ..... E Student Council Treasurer . 4 Pep Band ......... 1, 2 Boys' Music .... 1,2,4 Annual Staff... 4 N RICHARD FERGUSON Vice-President Quiet, shy, and reserv- ed, he gathers knowl- edge unobserved. 3 F. F. A. ......... 1, 2, Student Council ...... -1 Senior Class V. Pres. -1 Basketball . ........ . 2 Tran-k .... ..2 WAYNE WOOD Treasurer A miss in the front seat is always better than 2 in the engine! Basketball .... 1, ZZ, 3, 4 Baseball... 3 Track ..... ........ 1 ,2 Boys' Nlusiv .... l,2,4 Class Treasurer ..... 4 Student Council Treasurer. . . 3 Junior Play ......... 3 Senior Play.., 4 JUDY SUE FOSTER Student Council What's she thinking? You'll never know! Basketball .......... 1 Cheerleader ..... 2, 3,4 Band ......,... 1, 2, 3, 4 3 Twirler .... ........ Majorette ........... 4 Homecoming Queen Candidate . . . 3 Shamrock Candidate . . 3 Junior Play ......... 3 Senior Play .......... 4 Y-Teens ...... l,2,3,4 4 Annual Staff ......... 4 Student Council ...... 4 Chorus ......... 1, 2, Junior Play . . . . . 3 Senior Play... ...4 STEPHENS CONGDON gl THORNELL I WALKER IVIILLHONE Electric Water Lawyers Systems Clarinda Mills Homer S. Stephens Pumps Kent H. Thornell Plumbing Paul L. Millhone Clarinda, Iowa NOT AT THE TOP, BUT CLIMBING! WANDA OWIH N5 I'd llke to be a man hater but I just haven thc ht art Y TU ns Y lu n S1 crm tary Baskutblll C hc erls adm r Softball Tratk Twxrlar Mmnr Staff Band St 1 Fl tary Snowball Prlncess NANC Y YOUNC Never ready always P b tshf. smlles s we wan Studs nt C num 11 Studs-nt C ounrxl N4 Y 'I mnCal11nst Glrls orus Clrls Chu! Mlxvd C horus Band Pop Band Vocal Solo Homuommg Quttn andxd ne Track Softball Baskc thall l'VI1.m r :taff Declamatorx State bpeech Wmmr Jumor Plat Semor Play FITCI-I'S 1 O0 St up We G1vc S 8a H Green Stamps Clarxnda Iowa RlC'II!-.HD BAILIIHI ICBTHC? hcrf- to study, not to be dlSIY'ZiC.ICfd -by women. land l'asketb L Iraf k Cross C ountry Junmr Plan Sl mor Play Lrglamatory C lass X xce Pres Studtm C ounrll Pre s In s' C horus It 1 Band Ont Mt 'la s C AROL C BASE Somethmg old some thlng new that's what she 5 lnokxng forward Basketball Band Majoretu Band Tre asurcr Chorus Carnival Qui on C andldate Mmer Staff Softball Y Teens :tudentD1rettor Jumor Play DUNN X XIII' HN IKI LSOJ My carur has men chosen Basketball Softball Track C hes rlt d 'X Turns Cxrls Chorus Twlrlt r Mxjorn ttm 5 udCnt C mum xl 1dr nt C nun 1 rt Horns c onung C andtdatt C armxal C andldatt Band I mlmru Dt tl tmatorw Jun or Plas bfnlor Pl as ELIFRIT'S FEED St GRAIN Phone 81 291 Hopkxns TVIISSOUFI Larro and Myzon Feeds Fc rtlltzer Custom Grmdlng St Mlxmg .IANICE HARRIS The longest way 'round is the sweetest way home. Yearbook Editor .... Yearbook Coallditor . Basketball Mgr. , . . Band ........... 1, Y-Te-L-ns ...... 1, 2, Girls' Glee- Club . 1, 2 Shamrovk Qut-1-n .... Class Pri-side-nt ...4 1 Speech I lays .... . . Junior Play , . . Senior Play ........ Accompanist .,.. 2, SHIRLEY CRAWFORD A st-nsiblu girl with a studious mind. Y-Teens . ..... 1,Z,.l,4 ZELLER CLOTHING COMPANY Clothing Store For Mon Bedford Iowa HOWARD THOM PSUN Hr- may be quiet in school but you'd be su prised! Band ..,...... l,2,3, Basketball .... 1, 2, 3, Baseball... ...., .... F. F. A. Prxident . .3, r- 4 4 3 4 ilg""., 'lol COLORS: Pink And Aqua JEANNII-1 RICHEY She is a master of ht-r fivlds, and fcw fields she d1dr1't master. K Basketball ...... 1, 2, 3 . Softball .... .. I, 2, 3 Band ....,.... 1, 2, 3, 4 Pc-p Band ......... 1, 4 Sludcut thndtlvtor of Hand .... 4 YA'I't-ens .,,,,, 1, 12, Ii, 4 Y-Teens '1'r'vasurt-r .. 'I Y-Tor-n Vicv-Prus. . . 4 Dt-clamatory . . .1, 2, 3, 4 Glu- Club ....... 1,2,4 Yuarbook . .. . . 3, 4 Junior Play . . . . . 'S St-mor Play .... .. . -I Spcvch Plays . . . . .. 2 Class Secretary .... , 2 Class President .,... 3 MARGARET GOLDING Some people think twict bcfort- they spvakg mt-, 1 speak twitt- before- I think. Basketball .... l 2 i,4 Track ........ l,2,'i,-1 Softball... ,. 1,:,ls,4 Band ..... .. 1,z,'s,4 Y-Teens ...,.. l,2, 3,4 Class Librarianl, 2, 3, 4 . I Declamatory ,,,,,,, 1, 2 Glee Club ....... l,2,4 Solo ....... .,.. 2 Yearbook .... .,, 4 Junior Play .... . . 3 Senior Play . . . ..... . 4 Class Presidt-m .... 1 WIH1RT'S LOCKKRS Custom Processing Y J A ,N , 81 Slaugh- N , tering Q, Clarinda Iowa - A -It FLOWER: Sweet Pea RICHARD THOMPSON I neither worry, nor do hurry. Agriculture . . . l, 2, 3,4 F. F. A. Reporter .... 4 Boys' Chorus ..,.... 4 Junior Play ....3 Senior Play .... .... 4 LEAH PAYNE She's here---I heard her giggle. Y-Teens ...... 1,2,3,4 GAMBLES STORE Clarinda Iowa I JANICE GRAY If at first you don't suc- ceed, try someone else! Basketball ...... 1, 2, 3, 4 Track .... .. 1,2,3,4 Softball .............. 1 Y-Teens ....... 1,2,3,4 Vice-President ....,.. 3 Class Secretary ...... 3 Yearbook ........ 2, 3, 4 Business Manager .... 4 Band .......... 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club ...... 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus ........ 2 Piano Accompanist.1, 2, 3, 4 Declamatory ...... l, 2, 3 Junior Play .......... 3 Senior Play .......... 4 Snowball Princess Candidate .4 RUTH THOMPSON Acts like an angel, but just wait until you get to know her! Basketball .... I, 2, 3, 4 Softball ....... 1,2, 3,4 Track... ..l,2,3,4 Band ......... 1, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens ...... l,2,3,4 Y-Teen President .. . 4 Declamatory ,..... I, 2 Glee Club ....... l,2,4 Yearbook .,... . . . 3, 4 Junior Play ......... 3 Senior Play ........ 4 Class Secretary-Treas Student Council ..... 4 FRANCIS McKEE Oft' times I just sit! First three years at Fairfax, Missouri. NEW MODEL DAIRY Clarinda A Iowa Sometimes l sit and think, 121 an RQ,5' I J 1 --H 1 ka' X Infatuation 0 GOOFING around again. X L ' Little Growing Richard u p Fast Senior Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1958, city of New Market, County of Taylor, and state of Iowa, being of sound mind, do declare this to be our last will and test- ament: To the faculty, we leave the relief that we are leaving and give unto them the privilege to putting up with those who take our place. To the Janitor, we leave the Job of collecting any gum that has been left under desks and etc. in the last four years. To the class of '59, we leave the responsibility of carrying on the tradi- tions of New Market High School in years past. Wasn't she a DOLL! To the class of '60, we leave the ability to get around teachers by mak- ing them believe that we have something more important to do whether we do or not, To the class of '61, we leave proof that it isn't impossible to become model students. 'o f I Shirley Crawford, will my quiet ways to Sue Pratt and all the gum I chew to Violet Squires. I Wayne Wood, will my stature to Verl Baker and my ft-et to anyone who v needs a firm foundation. I Larry Leek, will my friendliness to Alan Cox. 1 I, Richard Bailie, will my flattop to Andy Blake. W-Q I I Nancy Young, will my ability to be late to Mrs. Huiser. .1 I, Carol Chase, will my ain'ts in English Class to Mrs. Keesey and my 1 love for '49 Mercurys to Margaret Anderson, I, Ruth Thompson, will my Y-Teen announcements to Joy Drennen. I, Judy Sue Foster, will my love for Clarinda guys to Mary Young. I, Jeannie Richey, will my ability to get along with Mr, Slt-mp to Benny Jetton. I, Gloria Ridnour, will my diamond to Kay Jones. I, Leah Payne, will my shyness to Connie Capsey. I, Richard Ferguson, will my wavy hair to Clifford Pershing. I Janice Gray, will my seat in study hall to anyone who can put up with all those Junior boys. I, Janice Harris, will my piano accompaniment to Katherine Crawford. I Margaret Golding, will my artistic ability in Y-Teens to Margaret Anderson. I, Donna Miers, will all my plans t"j to Harryette Anderson. I, Wanda Owens, will my sense of humor to Myrna Miller. I Howard Thompson, will my Job as President of the I-'. F, A. to anyone who can sell all that candy. I, Richard Thompson, will my studious ways to Dusty Whitehead. I, Joan Winger, will my smile to Phyllis Golding. I Frances McKee, will all my girlfriends to Jim Miller. Blondy I 4 Signed and sealed this 15th day of May, by the Senior Class of l958! 1. . 11.5 , 1 ll! Margie Judy 81 Donna A REAL COOL CAT!!! Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Kelso, Jr. Des Moines fi' ,,, I, v 7 if v i . N97 ss! . Janice, What are you doing? Calif, Richard Watch out! ' Ruthie Baccalaureate Services SUNDAY MAx 11, 1958 HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM 8:00 P. M. Processional .... ....... M aynard Potter Invocation ..... . . Rev. D. S. Johnson Music fSoloj . . . ....... Marilyn Miller Scripture .... . . . Rev. Lacy Thompson Prayer ..... ..................... R ev. D. S. Johnson Sermon .............................. Rev. C. M. Potter Music qSo1oJ. . . Comfort Ye One Another ...... Joy Drennen Benediction ....................... . Rev. Lacy Thompson Recessional . . . .................. . . . . . . . Maynard Potter Commencement Exercises HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM 8:00 P. M. THURSDAY MAY 15, 1958 Processional ....... . ......... ....... M aynard Potter Invocation .......... .......... . Rev. D. S. Johnson Music ....... It's Spring Again .... .... G irls' Glee Club Introduction of Speaker .............. .... R . R. Watson Address . . . Superintendent of Schools Pottawattamie County .... Mr. Ernest Barker Presentation of Class of '58 ...... .... S UPI- R- R- Watson Presentation of Diplomas President Board of Education Paul Golding Announcement of Honors ............. Mr. W. S. Perkins Class Appreciation ..... U. . Class President, Gloria Ridnour Music QSOIOI. .On The Road To Mandalay. . Margaret Golding Recessional ................. 1 .......... Maynard Potter F. . Rnd In the N-inc mad Er hnaXXY oodx Bdeg fgnei Hotxyv' 60 The Boss LARSON LOCKERS OP1Tz MOTOR COMPANY New Market, Iowa Clarinda, Iowa ME '.F..F,P? fi L-I QQ "'-2 3 E lltoolu-He ca :"wq, 5 QW' A 'V H gr' 53ll"'i1i,,, ,Phu Vx fs ri--11' 1 H511 '1 zrsor xl 1 I'rI'51d':1' .1 11. N -. rf-'arg ' Ira .asun r Nl f fmnf 1. li: 1 151mmv1vfr T7urlr-me' Young Duud Hugh:-sp ,If-urwrw hurrn-1' Hounuf l'u'tS Lmda Franks kndy Hfukv Maurn 1- C hasw' 'Vluiva Hxdnouz' Ylargarr-I liakm-r Karolyn Gum Eddie Malrwm Karon 'I'zoxr1 Gladys SYIVVFSOU Kaye: Jones Hogrr Glassgow Harryulle Anderson .lim Strough Kay Cmlxns Alma 'Nh I-'arland Keith Cabbage Donna Larson Joys e Spring Roger' Gan! .Iudy Pe-rc rman :hors I um and N In-r N101 o Jury Ines Our Ffure I.1vs" Brenda Mlllmrr ,lan Hargxs Darwm Larson Junior Class Play K I N59 Friday, November 8, was thc- opening night of the Junior Class Play, "Dear Diary". The story was based upon a teen-ago girl who kept a make-believe diary. When her father found the diary, then the trouble started. This rollicking, fast-moving comedy was ably presented and directed by Mrs. Vera Zimmerman. Members of the east were as follows: Janet Maxwell fKay Collinsl, John Maxwell QDavid Hughesl, Connie fHarryc-tte Andersonj, lit-tty Lou fMarilyn Miller, Wilbur Qliddie Mala-oml, Hercules flien Jettonl, Bernadine QSM-phanie Pershingj, Marvin fMauriee Chasey, Aunt Mary fDonna Larsonj, Miss Murray flsinda Sparksl, J. C. Mallory 1Andy Blakey, Molly fJanice Hargisy, and Miss Lewis fBrenda Millerl, Junior-Senior Ba nquel On April 22, 1958, the Junior Class of New Market High School entertained the Seniors and Faculty at a banquet in their honor. The guests passed through a giant heart into the gym The lovely red and white decorations, the fluffy hearts, and the spirit of love and spring-time all about gave the night that extra sheen of glamour. The theme was "Sweethearts on Parade", The delicious banquet was prepared by the Junior mothers and served by the Sophomore class. Music for the prom was furnished by a local swing band. Clarinda Iowa Llberty 2 -22 17 SONDAG IMPLEMENT COMPANY L. 3 3 li T I 50 MILLER PRODUCE Clarinda Iowa Llberty 2 - 3 834 Hama' 1 P'.k.Y1..v 11: Xl, p f'iB'h"I'l'1l 1 av. or 5 f rf ,, V f -V-., .a..vKa I Donald Hollar d Nludent Sm- I'ra" Ye-rmm Hxat' Phyllxb Goldmg Kamherxne Warm Niarvm Fergusur. Icy' sa Hargzs Nara ix 0" Maynard Po",-r Margarr-' ,-11.41-r-an Sharon 'whim-:'s Dusty Whxw-hvari Davxd Vxmugh K hftlard Pwrshm Lmda .-Xnderswrx Ch-rw Heavvrs Lkmnmc- Capes-y :XXIVIH Lawson .Iudv Adams 11,,.f.A I.1L' 'ini-. My. . :mme-:1 Marv Young 4 oririxf- Baku P :1-ft Wal" 'D Martha Permis Sharon Wxlvs kiarllgti Vlvrs .fs i I'm here too! Ain' 'uv il ,pn',,, wg. as ' XL ' 1 A Liked 'n Yes 5' Couldn't be could it? QS Cute Wasn't he? Wa: ' -is .mf-,-I Donit get shook new Who's your friend, Doggie? s ' it 'K f i 4 Q 6 ' . , , ' I' ,u Q q ,- fs 7 f l A M , I A x Where's the No'-The Tw ' 1 A The Karg other tooth? Maynard! V . technique! 1 3 Who's Who Sophomore Class '21 Larry Karg David Strough David Strough Kenny Stites Larry Karg Larry Karg Maynard Potter Marvin Ferguson Dusty Whitehead Alvin Lawson Alvin Lawson Larry Karg Gene Beavers Kenny Stites David Strough Maynard Potter Best liked TV Program Best All Around Pri-ttiest Eyes Cutest Prr-ttiest Hair Brst Personality Friendliest Most Graceful Wittiest Most Awkward Biggest Feet Most Studious Best Sport Biggest Flirt Neatcst Prettiest Smile Most Talkative Best liked Radio Program Best liked Song Best liked Autor Best liked Aetress In the past! Nice resemblence coach! Barbara Bix Margaret Anderson Marilyn Miers Marilyn Miers Barbara Bix Barbara Bix , - 'A "5" Marilyn Miers ' ' ' Sue Pratt ' f Sharon Walters A Phyllis Gold ing Barbara Bix an , Donna Winger Connie Capsey Barbara Bix I l Connie Capsey 7 'Z' 5 Mary Young Q , ' Joy Drennen Gunsmoke ' -A , WHB Top 40 You're So Square Sue Connie April Love Pals? Usually Raunchy , Roc k Hudson Jayne Mansfield rv. A C , t- I!" Pl' ' -. 4-. L Judy at Camp rr, ,, Windy Ah, now for Today! Band Day Results anmher rest! A5 usual- ! , 1 1, ff ii. Dusty The Almighty Auto gm Two busy to eat! ,, 1.1 -Q d. Q Asy, She never gives up 2 . .5 " - ' 4 , 'Y Z ,. awk 1-4 ' M , Good Company Colors Pmk and bxlver Memo Be bure You Are Rxght Xnd The-n Co Ahead, 1 , l I l gt Q?-" ., , , 'fs M I' Os JE. X it Ti? I , .J 'Y A. -inn' .119 i f ' . r f ' - N' .D lv 4'-' C' Davld Prat1fPresxde-nt, Marxlyn Rlchey-Vice-President, Karen Gary-Secretary, Ralph Shaffer-Treasurer. Faye Whuehead, Larry Blx, Shlrleann Lxmnger, Dxck Lovltt, Joan Troanel, Bob Runyan, Vlolet Sflulrus. Delmar Ferguson, Eleanor Long, Allan Cox, Myrna Mxllvr, Ronme Orrne, Sharon, Reynolds, Connw Thurman. Bcvurly lilavk, Vorl Bakor, Judy Whuohz-ad, .hm NllllL'!', l,1la Paynv, Donmv Strough, .lolunu Manklc. Bob Glassgow, Wilma Baker, Rlrhard Chase, Kaye Whnehead, Edward Young, Mxrxam Wood, 21 'JP' it 'U' - ' av 3 " N X'-fl, , . . . . x . . 'N 3 . ,- , . .... . '17 Dutt-h1efi,ongJ Whitehead Sisters 1 . l : fl 9 5 ii 4, Rt-ul Dum kt-y lunot ent th--n ' fliolnlly 51.1 ..--' !- f' U Queen Jolene King Bob Who's Who Freshman Class Bn-sl All Around Prettiest Eyes Cutt-st Prettic-st Hair Re-st Personality lfrie-ndlit-st Most Graveful Wittiest Most Awkward Biggs-st Feet Most Studious Biggest Flirt Neatest Prettiest Smile Most Talkative Marilyn Rirhey Karen Gray Karen Gray Judy Whitehead Marilyn Ric-hey Faye Whitehead Karon Gray Jolene Mankle Myrna Miller Judy Whitehead Beverly Blank Faye Whitehead .Iudy Whitehead Miriam Wood Connie Thurmar Wilma Baker Gunsmoke Popeye WHB "Top 40" Ranchy 1-Ilvis Presley Pat Boone Gale Storm Elizabeth Taylor Marilyn Monroe- -chi i' . if S, It started f' ' 25 this way! - , ' " -I -,,. C'an't you smile" .ew ,, . 1. x' R , J- X tl ,xx Fascination lt started all right Is it cold out' .2 L I . f" -ff' ie Go Ahead 'Y' 9 I it -,L-rv 1' fs 0 di ' David Pratt ..Di David Pratt mp? Richard Chase Ralph Shaffer David Pratt Robert Runyan Ralph Shaffer Robert Runyan Allen Cox Ronald Orme Jif-k Lovitt lim Miller Dirk Lovitt .iichard Chase Robert Glassgow llest liked TV program 114-st liked Radio Program Best liked Song X, Best liked Actor Best liked Actress vi Mxwf 1 A' r .. Lg' 1453, .. .A I' Good Lookin' ? et Q x ' x Why were you ground ed " -5. -qi .Q - 'i- A 4' M Little Chase' lt's tnere somewhere Don't know " Love It! Torture! Jpalous, Bluv DavDreaming Girls, Don't smile too much! 'Q . f .. . f. , 5 5 J in . ,Na V5 .t A ' . 0 .B 4 J Freshman Inlhahon an lar!! xf X 'nl' nv- , . S I u M f J S kt- ll 'll 9, A Coon I O ' fa fi' D' I ,, Y 4 1 Q - nf" 1 ' ' Ply. 1 A l'h1- uml1nr'S gl RUSEGRANS GHEVRULET GU. Zu XXX Q 90 '35 li! -, - . NK 'N M, X Q - Sales C111-vrolet Sp-rvi. Q fl' OKUCI used Cars T mzvks AX Phon Q- 5 1 Hopkins, fXlissou"i Numy, whm I d 2 Linda, Marilyn, Janice at Youth Camp l. Q Q- Memories Of The Past 5-, iw What's up Sharon? The morning after the night before-'s hike to N. M, -we, , Who's this? Ralph Donnie, David, Jirr Little Brother! A LONG time ago! Typical Teen-Agers ft 'A 'L' fm. if 1 H Y 8 4 ,,. , -6'-Q, S 1 H 2 2 it G X ' ' J x i -T: ' te "' gig, L V' M, 1 , , 9' " j' RG, JH, -, JG, -, KG They started early! WOOD S BLUEGRASS New Market Iowa ,.,-Q.-'W 'The end of a Perfect Day! Faye, Dusty, Kaye JURD- 'ii' Y' TAYLOR COL NTH MOTOR Bedford Iowa Kids must play! JH, RM, KG Hillbilly-Cowgirls 'P ---.-, l A iw... Wv think Jan and Linda got in tho wrong picture .J 13 '5' 1 If 3 7 5 JK 'P' S95 ev-+1 "T""4iM3li..a ""' gf ,ja-'J 4 'FW bT'7"l'xf-'fix 4514 'mink' U F 1 U: fix 'Va Q if 'W -'aff Football Team Mmers M1ners M1ners Mmers M1ners M1ners M1ners Clearfleld Stanton Westboro Co1n College Sprlngs Emerson Hopk1ns .ZFX f X New Market MIDGPS started the season of 1957 gr1d1ron play wlth a turnout of 20 boys to be coached by Warren Stanton The boys showed excellent team work as they defeated 5 r1val teams fallmg only to the 2 top teams 1n the conference Two boys were out w1th shght 1nJur1es Larry Leek and Ron Po cs recelved honorable mentxon on the All Conference team B111 Brown was hlgh scorer for the Mmers th1s year Larry Leek was capta1n Losmg but one semor lmeman Larry Leek we look forward to a more successful season next year CLARINDA JI Nlou COLLEGE 3 3 Spet 18llZ mg m the Salts qc rvu c Freshman gl Sophomore Years of Hxghf.-r Educatlon EX ANb MOTOR INC. Clarmda, Iowa CHEVROLET .7- , , ig V , V 5, 1, Z' 'U f pr Njjkwwnv ,gQL9,:.,V,wyW Y W I of , - L7 " , I I V . N 4' 4 .-i.,. , .5 an I ga my , M 5 , 1, My Qvbi . VR My - A yn T 1 ,,,,, . f W4 ,Ai yy , 41, ,M me ,. 1 ,W 1,1 f,,,,3 - any 4 K .,j., vw w A-f-5 .J . , N , Era! Q 4, I -V ina k',sf 1 R ll , A, I Ll, , :f 4' - im. tr ry Af 1 QA 0 ,I 'V r., i A -. h ' iw' at ,A f f 0 . A- ' ' , , 1- ' an 'F .1 f , ,s.tfY..-lv gil fm." I , , . li, Q . 1 3 , Y ,, I , I , , V V Q 1 4 e . - s - A ff. W - ,v - I X ' s V 6' Q 'L I , . . . A ., 9133! We - xy. A4,,fj5??pJ'1n , A , -px' ' K , A we .- - -..., F, , , t, A, t ,VH , .Lt r 'L l 'Hi , - . "WT 11, N - . V. .' , ,r ,N ,I Q Jgugv. X 5 4 I T5 4 y: , ,M lg. - M t """ m on K I 4 U . A I A v ,x l 1 L kb inqgofxy Qt, 5 1, :Wit ,L. .t W, 7, xg . , ' 0 ' 7 40 ' 7 x. 6 ' 26 , ef ' 12 ' 13 - ' 57 ' 6 zxe 7 13 VN! 12 ' 44 5 if ?- , . . . , . . - l. . . . . . . . I I I . I3 . "3 . . ,KN . ' , I A I I Q, ities. A Y ' ll L ' BILL'S RECRE XTION PARLOR x x I 4 N A 7' fkfiv ff aw X LQ X G' Mng t'l"Inc1:-vu, A fn See Us For Your Prmtmg Ne cds ARTCR-XFT PRINTERS C'1:1r1nda. O I , 5. I 5 ff E'5i"'n 5- H M-Y-n w : 1 r F' 9 H x rl' A - J 1 x is f A Z X gi" ,, X ".,,, a,0 xtxw 'It xx. i. Vari E . . 32 w ' . A -, 4' ' '29 " r jx if Q? 'f 2fQ , f- g 1 , f E if V , V ,rl -' 2 if O 1 A o t I- . Y Q -- - - 'M - , fx Nfw Mafkff IOWW lil' I 412 Bettcr Printing-11 C0515 No More uf heerleader RAI-I 1 1 Girls' Basketball -+, . -Q., g 3 y. H ggi, I f' .J , iv' I i BACK ROW: Left to Right: Mr. Stanton, Coach, Connie Capsey, Judy Peterman, Karen Troxel, Sue Pratt, .Joyce Hargis, Martha Perkins, Mary Young, Janice Harris, Student Manager. FIRST ROW: Melva Ridnour, Ruth Thompson, Carol Chase, Margaret Golding, Phyllis Golding, Jan Gray, Gloria Ridnour. 38 Clearfield 28 54 Northboro 55 Northboro 32 43 Braddyville 43 Braddyville 28 41 Sharpsbu rg 22 College Springs 39 33 College Springs 54 Gravity za 37 Coin 34 Coin 43 61 Sharpsbu rg 45 Nodaway 48 57 N0d8W3y 34 Clearfield 36 41 Gravity Little Seven Tournament Mine-rettes 30 College Springs 44 Sectional Tournament Mincrettes 33 Villisca 51 We want to GXYEDG our sincere congratulations to the New Market Minerettes for their fine job this season. The girls worked ve-ry hard and brought home nine victories out of eighteen games. The Minerettes were rewarded with a beautiful consolation trophy as the result ofthe Sectional Tournament. We also want to congratulate Mr. Stanton for his outstanding job of coach- ing the girls. AL HEIL, JEWELER rt Carved Diamond Rings x 0 Hamiltoxaillglg, Gruen H O.. f ' A 'J C, Smith, Corona and Q . , . Q r . Remington Portable Typewriters f U 571145.-X rxrs li CONGRATU 1, 1 N LATION -ffl, SENIORS TELEPHONES X in Church of AND " Christ New TELEPHONE Market SERVICE lt "LITTLE DINER" Clarinda, Iowa Marie Wilcox Phone 2-3982 R thxe Snapshots Jan BPO Marty Phil Mary Joyce Judy Chaser UNITED FOOD MARKET Clarinda Iowa Peewee Connie Margaret Melva CLARINDA OUTLET STORE Boys' Basketball 'Inf ,-U, The Miner basketball squad started the season with a victory over Clearfield. The team lacked the fire for a winning streak. This didn't discourage the boys as they had another victory over Nodaway. Conference play was not good at all as we lost to College Springs in the first round of the Little Seven Tournament. Next year we look forward to a successful season with Coach Warren Stanton as most of the team will return. Wayne Wood and Richard Bailie are the only Seniors Your Je?1v1:?eI:'IfSi'r?ce 1905 Clarinda, Iowa E -----':-,.. Clarinda, Iowa H Syracuse - Haviland Jack Eldwards, Manager I N Elgin - Bulova Gooch s Feed ,'Ilw Towle - Gorham STATE SAVINGS BANK County-Wide Banking Service Member F, D. I, C, Bedford Clearfield Gravity Sharpsburg . V 1- KLEANALL DRY CLEANERS The Only Bargain in Dry Cleaning Bob is Quality Curt W Nl Q X 1 lf my wi F 5 N 5 Wayne Bill GENUINE :bud Ken Don Llttle Richard A1275 Keith sk . p, x f Q . 'xii x L J, is x is Richard PETERMAN TRACTOR Bob Larry SALIS AND SIIVICI Hl.I.lS'Cl'llII.ME Coach Dave Maurice COMPANY Clarmda, Iowa Clarmda Iowa Girls Track Boys Track NEW MARKET OIL CO. Goodyear Tires We C ongratulate the Class of 1958 C. G. Wilson W. D. Kite Bc-rnice Wilson Johnny Mank H. M. Brown Burton Strong WALKER FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Llberty 2 -2153 Clarinda Iowa 7ff+5+i 'IZA s 3 SJ Q - . 5 fn.. -4, i X-C' Band ' 3' "" ' The first public appearanee for the New Market Band was August 26, 1957 at Gravity, Iowa. The appearanee was for the Christian Ladies Aid Society. Twelve numbers were performedg ineluding marehes, overtures, and novelty numbers. Free iee eream and pie were given all band members. September 28, 1957 the New Market Band performed in the Clarinda Band Jamboree, Donna Miers was eleeted Queen Candidate to represent New Market. After the parade all band members were given free passes to the movies, roller skating, or dancing. October 12, 1957 the New Market Band went to State Contest at Bedford, Iowa. They reeeived a rating ofsl-II-II. November 2, 1957 the New Market Hand was seheduled to mareh in Mary- ville Homecoming Parade, but the trip was ezineelled bt-eause of siekness. Mareh 21, 1958 the New Market voeal and instrumental Students went to Tarkio College Musie Festival to receive ratings on their performanees. Marc-h 22, the New Market Band went to Tarkio College Music' Festival and played three numbers. April 26, 1958 the New Market Band went to the Drake Relays at Des Moines and marehed in the parade and all hand members were given a free pass to the athletic events. May Il, 1958, the New Market Band went to Shenandoah, lowa to the State Music Contests. Ng: - 2- o X ..Q?-,555-'.a47.igs. my 4 ' cam t no r HARDIN PENDERGRAFT THEATILH DRUG 'ED STORE ml ' Bedford New Market Iowa Iowa B ,D D ff4, V 574 X N NEXN - 455 f1'7 if 0 5 We ar cf Vp G fry Yarn:-rl W' proud of Ou dUd' Our t - Sup ng' and A1.d Qwflns' C WIFICIPS' J I 1 FUSWI' drll-yn AHC-r arol 017880 canne . S n and l : Itlar, rnajorptttl 'Y If 4 f.f'7d 'fhb .l af: S075 s. 1' , Wa' form' Q' -D X. ff ' OWQ i xv Our Director I l ,,,!k-'-uri 1 'P . ,- , ,D ru r Lx 1' ,X "' .,'f 1 5. A K x xg- JL I. z 1, X X s ,D . . f M X " I ' . nf Donna NIIPTS was rhv Queen ' Candidate to fha- Band Jambon-0 C1 'd , f pt mb-r2". PEP BAND Pr'aCv.1reDowntown! at arm 3 Ne O 1 ' 5'?A:FR W1-zu, S . ., 1 Mobllgas - M 4 22 CLOTHING ----' --- ' " 'W' ' Clarinda Everything ..:::: . :ff:::i' HOME ' , for the --r::'::!g1::::-,EF OIL Q ll lx' V I :s r '- A' I ul y , men! -L., - Clarmda 1 FRONT ROW: SP1 UND HUW: THIRD RUXK: I-'OVH IH ROWt Members of thn- Girls' Chnrus arr- from lvfl vo right: Judy Sue FOSIEY, Marfyn Milli-r, Hzirr'yc'I1m- And:-rson, Dairlp-nv Young, Sara S: ow, Miriam Wood, .lcannv Garnvr, .loyru Spring. R Fayv Xklim-hm-ad, Fharcvn Walw rs, ilzirgarm link:-r, ilinxnn Xliln-5, Judy ldanas, .lurlyV.h1I1-livarl, Nur' Pratt, lolvnn- Xlankll , Kuju lun- 5, Huy XKliile'liQ-ad, Nlr, ill-nip, C'aYl1w-rinv Xlzirrif R, Glnria lildnnur, liars n Gray, .l--4inni1- Ili lily, .lq-4 .- Ilargis, Wilma Hake-r, Margarm Golding, Karulyn Gam, .lLlll1lk'HLil"l'lS, Nam y Young, Nlargari-1 Anderson. Connie Capsvy, Barbara Bix, Mary Young, .lanin r Gray, Kalhf-rinv Crawford, Phyllis Golding, Joy Drennun, Ruth Thompson, Pi. hov, Gladys SliVhl"SO!l, .,lan1ufHargis. Nlnrilvn QQ Tl- r:.:,- rs iff fha lilfys' Vhmrus arf- frf :ri ivf! 'f z.,3l.': PM N Ii l1l1'.'. r 511-:':., Lavid Pzai, Gi-:iv lil-1,'.'f rs, Karin:-'li N'l'lS,'m1-, .'.:iy'n lkfnns, ,Xndy Ella-av-, l.a:'r1.' l,llAk, Hill lS:nf,fw:, l-Lvgfz Gazv, llif hard :xailly nl 4 U31 'ill-'.' l4al,,?. Nlxaff' :, lddn- fzudvrson, Benny .JL-thnx., Inxld X4:ff.ggli, l1f,',liL.n',aw, lm'-.'lifa:,Ei:1'1f' H. llazd l.m'L" Elddis- 7.131 nn, If'f'mH Jfifhffl, ll If" I- 1 1 v 38 Xflpirv-S, Student Council Members of the Student Council from left to right art-2 FRONT ROW: President, Richard Bailieg Vice-President, Donna Kelso, Secretary, Nancy Youngg Treasurer, Larry Leek, Ruth Thompson, Eddie Anderson, SECOND ROW: Barbara Bix, Juuy Jostf-r, Donald Holland, David Pratt, Kenneth Stites, Bill Brown, Richard Ferguson, Richard Thompson, Marilyn Miller, Gloria Ridnour. The Student Council has thc responsibility of working out all the activities for the year. They plan such events as the Homecoming, Carnival, and the Christmas Program. They even trim the Christmas tree! With their leadership and through the cooperation of the whole student body, they are looking forward to much progress in the future of New Market High School. East Side Square Clannda. Farm Seeds 9 N Garden Seeds Member ' Nursery Stock Feeds FDIC Pet Supplies Garden Tools and Federal F BERRY SEED COMPANY The Home of "Gro-Coated" Brand Reserve FARM AIND HOME bUPpLY PRUGI-PS Ely ln HARDWARE Campbell "Furniture" Clarinda Bedford Iowa Iowa Y-Teen Purpose The Y-Teen purpose is expressed by the symbol--the tnree sides of the triangle re- presenting Body, Mind, and Spirit. The Circle around the triangle stands for a Y-Tec-:n's Circle of friendliness and service to home, sehool, community, country, and world. May we think of the circle surrounding our triangle as the friendship and fellowship of Y-Teens with eaeh other and with all other people which makes all our efforts to build our own personal triangle worth-while. This purpose expresses what is behind our efforts in this Community. We have tried to benefit our school by sponsoring Thanksgiving baskets, Christmas Caroling, etc, We wish to express our gratitude to the community for Supporting our organization and for backing our efforts to be of service to our Community. 4 'a Q ' ' - HPROPANE GAS" in Tanks or Bottles PEERLESS erwte - WILSON GAS at HARDWARE Co. Laundry and Dry Cleaners Mar 57955 - No. Side Sq. Clarinda Clarind-3. Iowa 5 19 Su, Q BROWN'S SUPER YALL' SHOE FIT CO. FOOD STORE "A Fit for Every Foot" North Side Square Clarinda, Iowa . Clarinda Every Day Low Prices vt Z Th GMU 6' Y. 8,4 , U- Th Terln , CK Roww mflmhfagulmt : 1-,V , lf' drgd 414- f and V f' ,Yr hp! U if h rn 5 f f 011 a- f'-.Q 'Er 'fry V Th r f AT U '1 . ,Hd F'-Sp, HOW' Sefwf' I Karol ,arson C I 'fw- v 9 ? E 5' 3 lj fy JI7 -5 ' at-. id:-sfnda wf'llg,,HVnCd,,,, mt. . O"fA 1 A WW ' M111 "mb r- n s "Q-inru ' 'Ula W3 so hpsh' 'Wd l"f "W 1' Rh Sur I r- hp 5 I f-. If 'War , 'S am, 01 ,h h fo pak firm! " fam gd!-,,, fro, 0 bu 1 lr t I S3 aff "M F' wwf "gm of , arhg,,. JPL' yo Cr-ay '1ly. H' 'gem fl I 1 - ' ' ' Jr-1'.S1rj,A,Jif'X, 81375. .gym-if""L'1pQ5rLZtP'e'It5. Al , Urs gfqaiyl-Ili. anda bf7derSOn ' lm ' Nth , Wvns 1 'Tw . I 1, . rfnun' rauryypsnn ' U115, ag D1-5.81 uso r J' fwI"hs Y - IR vu yf-.xr was 'M Xmwm M A.. Xlzm. v .xh1flxw.mhm-ld ll:Ylll'gfVIHlII1.llxIli1AI"w 23, I',Il 5 K1.u'1:.dkxwvx1zxg!l..'rci rlufhf-d YI1' luusxv, H11 Q'w'!1 -VIN 5. 4-,.3 dm d !'-'s',g- fx ,1..'l. wl1w,xt'11k-5 md .4 E-.Lf -V '.x::.,1:1 wha I. f- ww! ,rw .dfx 1' 'hw rmddlf w:"h1 fi u. - 1. IM' high 1-un' w!"h1 ','."'1,Iig1 mn- '.Lh1:2XX.1r,d.4x".x v. X: frmxrt- ci imm lull P .,.X wss Lt, ,1 xx 11'I1l'I'1 F ry - mmty, The- A.1!1d1d.uf- .a--P1 '.K.1:.d 1 Ha -125, 5' tim: g W xt' Cray, 5' 111-mr, XI' 1' .'.1 Uldrifw .r, j'."1:v:g wT,iI1l" HJ. J-f, W'-17 1 ygd,-Dug-L, 3-pn' 5151 vw , V?'.j.,1.N l111dLI.Q, S vl rim' , 1q,,g-L1,L',yg,x- v -- -. E' ax- 11- Kid, f kk, 3' Z'M:"w ,U 1, 1wf1vx,,A 1 xx- H - dt. 5 v 511 .-.?:. L ul? 'lu C'L.XHK'5 G HUC' RRY Xa-w Markvt Iowa . C'la1'irud,1, Ifwfa J Fig! L, WILLLXKI5 SERVICE S'1'.X'I'IUN kj L. L'H.XXX'lhLJHD A SHORT-1 GXH. 7111. lglrindu, Iowa 5 xx I 2' 57 Royalty 1 i - gan iq my X ,.... Fo0tbaIIH m ommg 195 1554 T lIDa 1958 1' 'NIC TTI TRI C K 81 TR XCTOR C O 422 Q'-.QS Hour ImLrnatmn11H.arxcstfr Dunst Anfox fy Phonc Hopkms 'fps 'P ax Say It Wlth Flows rs Wcddmgs XHD1VCI'SdI'1CS C orsagfs Budthddys Etc C L XHIND X C RFEINHOUSF We st S1dc Squarc f"' ' - 5 - I ,, C 5 ' 5 , 3, ' I 5 ' , A A f Q , fa, ,a ,f l ' ,wa 2 - A C .AW -a Q, ' 4 ' . I 1 - 1 . K y 7 , . , 4, .- n,,, Q . Y ' l s ' 0 I Q, ' , Q ' sf. u , 'v my H" E 5 ' ,.z.1' ' I I ' ' . .M il ' 4 f A 1, 1 3 Q O LAC . H 7.1 - ,W A ' J ' ' ' L-LY' A ' Z.: 14 -'mmff 2.f,f2f., . ' T 2, i ' A 'iff f QT T f ' N ,is . L - 1 I 5, 'QF ' ' ' . A. 5. , , , U ., , v 4 T , . 5 -but Q , B . A rl A Q V X. ,,4 'A . C ' I 1 n V V, . , y- 5 f 1 , ! I . 2 : .," W I , 4: fb - V Q , . A , 4 ' 1 J ' . , M 1 ' L 7 f s A 2 K. , I . Q. Y- uvn Snowba nf e " " 11 . H T Y A v Y 1 I . 1 , lr is X . -J . V A I . X A 1 . , ,- f , - , 7 I - , , , A J A, - 545 ' . L 1 P I . " , ' 1-' . 1 '. , . .....,-,. . , 4 . , K . T . - F v i Reigns '58 I . lr Ma gg h Ha 15 Lnom nd L, Moore 'XII TTI H XRDVS X1-if F XRNIERN 'XII Tl XI INSI R XNC E C OXIP XXX UUE 141115 AIISDOUF H1 dford Iowa a I N mm 5 A A ' 1 1 I Donna Larson .Tan Gray , 'K urv-' Goldmg Ru! 'Yhcrnwpsfm .lam rg ' if J ' Q x ! Pl O' ! i N 5 1 4 'A I . It I XX A A g , Ttwmgh '.l3'..:n 1 11115: Na'-'iv '-Krod Larry 'V 'Lg .'-Ntiurscn 1 SQ, x, X I x '1 N I NH: X v - , - X . , - A 1 : X z. -1 ,-J.- z. , f l' Q 1 , 1 4 1 ' ' y ,. . , , . i .A . H X, 1' ' lslfun-. 11' . x - 5 L... , ' f 7 ' .N ' 'ul ll Vocational Agriculture Thi' Offli 1-rs arc- from ll-ft to right: St-minal, Roger Gantq Vic-L--President, ,lim Strough: RvPOFU'ff Rlfhafd Thompson: President, Howard ThompsongSec1-etary, Eddie Mal:-omg Treasurer, Ronnie Ports, and Advisor, Mr. Henry, Vocational Agriculture in high school embraces the teaching of agriculture as a practi- cal art as well as a scientific subject. A recent survey in California of 327 business con- cerns that hired agriculturally trained workers n. is centers, Out of 24, 305 persons employ- ed, one fifth of them needed more agricultural training. In the immediate future these firms indicated that they would need 1400 additional trained persons to fill vacancies and to provide for new vacancies, For over one half of these employees, high school agriculture training was a need for college graduates in agriculture to the tune of 24, 000 of which there were only 12, 000 graduates available. In the F. F,A, this year we have 31 members in our local chapter. There are 290 chapters in the state of Iowa and about 7,000 members. The F, F,A, program includes training in Leadership, Co-operation, Public Service, and Supervised Farming. FARM RS CF f -'Z ' "" Taylor County FARM BUREAU Bedford, Iowa Phonic 142 Insurance Services Farm Supplies "Thr Voir 1- of Organized Agriculture" t 1 OLDSMOBILE GARAGE MILLER MOTORS Clurinda, Iowa Clarinda, lowa .-.INL X HOLLAND 901 'un .ff HIL H XRD 4, rl ROGP. H ia ',.,l!', .1 2 -q . i' DAX. 4 ja 'UW' S C 3' G11 , wg., .11 is V .H,:, wwjq 1' Q" R ' 'I' xv - A' ,'3 ' ' YN ' , I- - -, .- QA... 'S .,,-1 L..- WALTERS MOTTO-Learning To Dog Doing To Lcfarng Earmng To LIVCQ Llvmg To Serve! ALLEN CHASE " LARRY fx -555' 'fx .. 4. 5 at 4, , Q - - N . , f S "' 'E SHORTY'5 TV SHOP - Nu-w Market, Iowa SHUM FUNERAL HOME BL-dford, Iowa "we Sn-ll The B1-S1 ,xnd svrvicl- Thx- Rt-51. " Declamatory Mrs. Zimmerman and her declamatory students have had a very successful year. Twenty-four students went out for declam this year. Our home contests were held on January 22 and 23. The winners were: Dramatic, Harryete Anderson, Margaret Anderson, and Marilyn Miller, Humorous, Stephanie Pershing, Kenny Stites, and Sharon Wilesg Oratorical, Jeannie Richey and Joy Drennen, Interpretive Reading, Richard Bailie, Margaret Anderson, and Andy Blake. Those receiving I's at the preliminary contest were Harryette Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Marilyn Miller, Stephanie Pershing, Sharon Wiles, Jeannie Richey, Joy Drennen, Richard Bailie, Margaret Anderson, and Andy Blake. We were very proud to be the school to bring home the most I's from the preliminary contest. These people will go on to district, and we hope there will be several who will go to State. All the contestants are very grateful to Mrs. Zimmerman who has put in many long hours to get the students ready for contest. CONNORS' INC. Clarinda, Iowa Buy Better for Less at Connors' ur PAGE COUNTY STATE BANK Clarinda, Iowa I. I - -it No asset we possess i A quite so valuable as the good will of those we serve. The Faculty-School Board Banquet The Annual Schoolboard-Faculty Dinner' The Sophomore Home Ec. Class di The Home Ec. III Class did the dccoratlng of the Iunchroom and the tables PAUL. Blauk GOLDING Smith P-XRbONS New Market INew Market Iowa Iowa Q -.v " . - u. 5 , Qi 'Q' 'Q at 1 I as ,K , C 'X , ia 'J , 1 X M .tri ft ,, . ' .g A 1 V 4. gi ft A ef Sf i,9gN-fgQ"',": X .1 Z X f Aug. ll S Oc ll Il ll ll cpt It H ll ll ll ll H It H H ll H II I ll H ll ll H ll H II t. Memories Registered for school. Senior class rings arrive. First football practice, Half day of school. Grind really begins! ! Band to Gravity for icc cream social. Membership campaign for Y-Teens begins. First day of marching band. School pictures taken. Everyone smile! Softball starts. Lots of sore arms. Elected class officers and student council representatives. Y-Teen picnic at the park. State I. Q. Tests ! ! l! First football game here with Clearfield. Miners won 7-O!! Band to Corning for Centenial. Softball girls to Blockton, "Lost, " First Y-Teen meeting. Recognition service. for new members. School out for morning, Everyone to Clarinda to see show "Ten Commandments". Football at Stanton. Lost 40-7. NO SCHOOL! ! Teachers to meeting at Bedford. G. H,A,A. Softball tournament held at New Market. N, M. girls lost to Prescott. High School girls play Jr. High boys after school. Ask Jimmy W. what happened to the SEAT of his jeans! Softball game with Gravity. Jr. High boys and high school girls both lost. Football game with Westboro. Won 26-6. Band Jamboree at Clarinda. Donna Miers was our queen candidate. Softball game with Gravity. Lost 29-2 8. Freshmav' Initiation and party. Bob R. and Jolene M. elected King and Queen. Seniors had lots of fun--just ask any Freshman. Football game at Coin. Won 13-12. Y-Teen Fall Conference at Clarinda. First girls' basketball practice. Everyone is stiff and sore except Coach Stanton. Football game with Amity. We lost. Band to State Marching Contest at Bedford. We received the only II rating in Class D. Who put the toad in ttuth T. desk? You'd have thought it was an alligator! ! ! I Football game at Emerson--we won 13-7. First nine weeks tests! We'll ruin our f'Brains"! Oct ll I Oct ll Nov, II H I ll ll U Dec H II ll ll Jan. ll ll Y W as X x 1 I 9 Of 57 81 58 as Nine seniors took National Merit Scholarship Tests. University of Kansas program in gym. Q., J Football Homecoming. with Hopkins. WON! ! ! ! f Joan Winger crowned Homecoming Queen. Dance ll I, afterwards at the Community Hall. More tests for the Seniors--aptitude tests this time. The flu bug is around. Senior pictures taken. They didn't break the camera either. Jr. Class Play--"Dear Diary" First basketball game with Clearfield. WON BOTH! ! ! Seniors to Clarinda for Prospective Teacher's Day at Clarinda Junior College. Northboro teams here. Girls victorious and boys lost. Braddyville here. Boys lost but the girls won. Results of the aptitude tests. You'd be sur- prised at some of the results. Ball game at Amity. Both teams lost. Thanksgiving Vacation. Gravity there. Boys lost and girls won. Coin here--we lost both games. Nodaway there. Lost both again. Y-Teen Vesper Service at United Missionary' Church. Clearfield game there--lost both. At Northboro. Christmas Vacation begins. School reopens. Carol C. and Margaret G. both are flashing diamonds!!! New Year's Day- ----------- Anyone Sleepy '? ? ? 7 'P ? '? 'P Braddyville here--Girls won and boys lost. Sharps here. Girls won and boys lost. ' SEMESTER TESTS!!! Amity here. Lost both. Little 7 Tournament at Clarinda. Home Declam Contest. Congratulations to the winners. No School! Weather bad--Essex game postponed. At Coin. Lost both again. Y-Teen Snowball Dance. Wanda Owens crowned Snow Princess. Everyone enjoyed themselves University of Kansas Show. Basketball teams to Sharpsbour. Girls won--boys lost Nodaway teams here. WE WON BOTH GAMES! ! ! !! 'jx atv 53.55, xo Feb. H ll ll ll Mar. MEMORIES Qcon'tj Gravity here. Last home game for the Seniors. Girls won and the boys lost. Speech Contest at Clarinda. New Market brought home I0 number I ratings. Girls Sectional Tournament at Villisca. Girls won consolation game against Prescott. Boys Sectional at Coburg. Boys lost to Essex. Juniors ordered their class rings. University of Kansas Program. Y-Teen Father-Daughter Party. District Speech Contest at Harland. Boys basketball squad to Kansas City to the Tournament. " Basketball girls and Cheerleaders to Des Moines for State Tournament. " Music and Speech Contest at Tarkio. " Carnival " State Speech Contest " Y-Teen Spring Conference at Clarinda. " Al Bell Show in Gym. Apr. University of Kansas Show. " Senior Class Play Q 'gi " State Music Contest fVocall 94 rpg 1 " Little 7 Track Meet at Clarinda. L ' uv - - i Junior and Senior Banquet and Prom. Eli " Drake Relays. Gee! Were we tired! 5 yxglg-4 " Baseball Sectional. 'H Q' May State Band Contest. Let's have a I. " Senior Skip Day--Kansas City. "' " Looks like the seniors had FUN! l ! " District Track Meet. " Baccalaureate. " Class Night and 8th Grade Graduation. ' Commencement. Speaker Mr. Ernest Barker. H FREEDON AT LAST! ! ! ! is U K: Y ' Alumni Party. It's the Seniors turn to be M ll initiated. ff f ff X 4 UU, COVER PRATT INSURANCE AGENCY ,-,-,.. E NEW MARKET BARBER SHOP New Market, Iowa ' I ' 44 New Market Grades IR' WN I? 'iff' 6-4 C, 52 I 7-g,, 3' 4 hr-0' ,alv- -.1 in if Qv ,, .I L., ,,, I 'L A' 5 Hn .7 X ' " 4 15,9 I W 'Q IQ 5 f , 5 i' Q 1 ef- vi! il ,ll I 'I my 7 Seventh And Eighth Grades X- Y N , ' ' I 'E 5 s 1 5-Q 57 ,.. I, gp-I I 55. F' 'L il at-'- PIEIXT HfI',Kj '.'I's,, I:I51f IMI-'m:, NI' Ixm II:1r,g.a, 'II:nj. HI-ri:-Q , Xrrmld 'Xlr Farland, Iiugvr Flrong, fIIiY"- Ilzyvw z MUNI? H1-'Jw I uf 1' 'In IIwr1:LfwI:I, Im '.'..u'sw., I I 1'.. gh: I-I-".m1Id5, I'h.IIx1' 'X'Ia"1wx, Norm-vm IIN :.:,-Q., III-I IH md: rp'L1f'. 'IIII"I Hrfyk I md '.'I'r .1-,, I Ian- '.Iu zs, '-Hur.: Iiivm , fzmf' l:ir1II:1gI-, Ifrmus I.:-I-R, Indy I'mn-:'. I PI I'III Ii4M'.A Iiwdrr Xzlrir-farm, III hard KICIUILQ- , Imrxxnzg IiL3'mnIdb, If--zm IhUmp:uIm, IS:-vm .I f'4Z'gnSr'v!1, lnyw X'1'f I II' III 'iH'.'.: II1II'I IH' zff' " ugfas Pia", XI.1:'1Iyn KK nod, Cary ISIX. 'S l Little Gary ii' :iam Fi Joyce M rs Bu rt on Bang BANG' Janet Phxltp and Tony xn bed U mo' Hugh .hm Watson Melvm Har-gxs C'ary Bxx Ph1llxp Niattox Dean Thompson Gary Howes Loyd McCoy Denms Leek Rxchard Mankle Joel Pendergraft Tha Jun1or Hxgh baskt tball team pliyed 4 gimts out of Wh1Ch they won 3 and lost 1 Fvtn though the year was not too successful the exptru not and fun has bac n 1I'lXf8.lU able Thc 1r Coach, Mr Watson feels thcrc arc sc vc ral playc rs who w111 be prospects for the hlgh school squad Q0 RObF AND TUTTLE LUMBER COMPANY haw Market Iowa Lumber and Buxldmg Mau rlal osts, Tlle, Pamts Etc- 522356 Fifth And Sixth Grades Davxd Mr Vomb Trudy Hvngard Galen Hartrran Linda Bcavn-rs Tommy Ferguson Lanny Orr Donnie Jon-fe Danny Pratt Ucnn1sH1fks .Iac,ki1-1 luytcm Jumor Huynwldb Rmhard Thurman Gary R055 Linda Long Patty Joni-s Terry Orr Judith McFarland Dnmex McComb Ann Johnsrm Cfharles Long Nurriauf 1-:.,.f- Hoberi '-'zn,,g'. Nancy' Hzx Tony 911'.a David Bak!-F 'E al' ni 6 'Y' ,v' si' I as 7' -' xg EE f Q 1 5? X n f A. v f-'PI' at 5. fi .,'- -' Ax i3 '23 'L' f , fi-ff-A I- ,NQW4 Led'-L' , F 4-'1 x1 --1,1 sl, R' l . In lll 5 1, 1 ' 6 . ff, E f X E-"' Y 3, iv- 4. 1' Y L- , 7 Mrs . Durlm-no Millvr T I'hird and Fourth Grades 'Y Q ','1', m ' l- Zh A I 111' ,AQHL C 'v-tz. f ' lf Iii 4 i?w' 1 Y' 5 ' x "MTV, ,' 1 ' u C' ' ,X I I ' , V. 1 D pr! 4 ' - 9 . N 't I ' 4 9 ' --f If 3 ,-.- .-'Q cr' hmmm Radiu- Hlllie N1cNPese 'vlabel Johnson C 1 5 1 N13 ry Rf-yrmlds ,yx If- - If 'S .,anr:s,. ms. Randy l,c-wxs Sand ra Graham Nanny Ferguson Dwlght Hicks Patty Capsey f'OllE:t-Fl Johnson Carol Pffrkms Darrell Mu-rs Sand ra Yearous George Baker 'ianry Urmv Vhvrjfl Hartrran Bx1lyYouhg Joyce Slaxght Lyle Cox Barbara Long .H-airgv IM", ww' Q .aw 'nz' Warren .lnmfb l lamr- kkaod 'udy Yh'..:'nu Mrs. Delores Matthews 'Q ll COMMUNITY FEED HY-VEE MILLING FOOD AND STORE GRAIN Bed ford Iowa Clarinda The Iowa Best for Tele phone Less" 2-2216 Kindergarten Karen Karg Chrlsty Clayton Denean Anderson Robert Wilson Gayle Adams Bunny Dukes Cheryl Holland Bev ky Graham Jane Dam-er Ric ky Strough Kathy Carmxrhael ,g,5,5sz, Seventh And Eighth Grades Fitth And Sixth Grades -, -ff -. ..fs -e ne Q X NL U . . F, I 1, , , . , H , . arm Loans 4 1, N10-INO Lomm1ss1on .g, Qi., i 1 G 0 A Q C1.AR1NDA COAL at Q --112 L I . 535 -I 4WD Sppcial Loans v' .33 CONCRETE fo. W 3 ,M Ready Mixed Concrete 59 X B i ' New Market Iowa 'GAR DUDOVN EXD10SiVf'S 1 E is L Cx -W , 9' . ' , lf- 'Y Q 45" I ' W , . . xi in 5 Q 4,1 31 ,Q H" V, 31:1 f In V ' ' M ...f w 1. f 1' . 1 S -W a , O 2- -a 'W-I 5' Wir Wd 'C' ' :X 0 QT ' H! t , A g, W Xa ,v Q , . R ,f I , I I 3' -, ,A A N r I A fb-ip. X G W 5 r K Q1 9 Q '-nm 15 A 5 1 P 1,-, x fff ff, ' 4 sl '- ff., 11,2 :Q K., ,Z Q 1 'ws -g v 3' 5 fr. 'mf :ak f.::. .fn ,... 9' , - "4-,' V , 5 A ' ' W' "ik A qxi If - .: 4 ,I . H vii A v o 5 ' .x f J 7 .els Kindergarten Grade Snapshots ""'Sn,. Ld! FY A 091 Y- . ' Ia my Tony "Cutie 4' vu A 'fi f- 'Mgff 1-jf: lde Co o Rodney . Hargis ' Stan' Sreps 1 1 In 9 - What you doin"' Nam'-y What's in the basket! Joyce S. 5 fs. C 4 . Eighth Grade ,ilk Graduation if -1--. , ., And B , Sentor Night LlS'I TUESDAY, MAY 13, 1958 8:00 P. M. HIGH SCHOOL. AUDITORIUM Processional for Eighth Grade . Senior Class History .......... Music................ Class Will .... Music . . . ...... . Class Prophecy, . . Skit ............ Class Poem .........-........... .......-........ ... Presentation of Awards Citizenship Award . . . . . . Commercial Awards . . . Music Awards ....... Athletic Awards .... Speech Awards .... Special Award . . . Song......... Isthatso! -..-.....-...- You should have seen the look afterwards! American CUDAHY PACKING CO. New Market. Iowa Z. The Executive Suite' . . . Miriam Wood ........Joan Winger . . . . . Jeannie Richey . , Eighth Grade Boys Eighth Grade Girls . . . . . . Nancy Young . . . Senior Class Legion and Auxiliary . . . . . . .MrS. Hulser .Mr. Slemp . .. .Mr. Stanton . . , Mrs. Zimmerman Mr. Watson . . . Eighth Grade The nt-xt question is- QQLDQ ililjb E :rg J. DALE FOSTER Furniture - Linoleum Venetian Blinds - Rugs East Side Square Clarinda, Iowa L -suv- Hu ea-H7 Our Helpers '69 ax Q T x p Q g , NJ We want to thank our rooks Verna Brooks and VlO16.ICl3SSgOW for perparxng many fme meals for us Thexr hard work xs appreciated by everyone l Merle Blake our lustodxan has kept our school buxldxng 'Q and grounds lookxng neat and attrac uve He has spent many hours fleanmg and hxs work IS apprzcxatcd by all Our bus drxvers have played a very xmportant part ID the school day They carry students to and from school xn all sorts of weather They furnxsh trans 'fl Lewxs Carmlchael, mhorty Brooks, and Noel Caroenter 4 K portauon to the acuvnxes The drwers are from left to right Ivan Sparks, g4 X 4 I ' '1'J'6H, 5 JA! -1' SLATER FARM STORE HARDWARE Congratulatlons Clarlnda. IOWR ' . f I -x Hopkms, Mo Semors' M' ffl ' ,F X LYLE ULMER KN . ,.. 'Q ' ' JJ sf .1 A' , 4 W- , ' 1 if X .Q 'g i 3 wx C 11553 jr 1 , , i ,Q - I - A I' , - NV- .x llll "UF R545 'QE f-431' A3 0 X 1 ,izgfsfgfg ,X fifalaeztwwg CLARINDA BOOSTERS Grimes Rollerdrome Dr. James A. Campbell Landis Furniture Store '-'Skating for Alln '-'Foot Specialistn nSwap-Shopn Blanche's Coffee Shop Livingston Clothing We1and's TV and Radio Iowa Power 81 Light Co. J. G. Handford C. S. Hausen Electrical Appliances Insurance "Your Decalb Dea1er" Art's Shoes Richardson Lumber Co. Martin's Shoes ---- "Your Neighbor for the last 72 years" Runyan Standard Station "You expect more from Standard and you get it" J V' 'HA If BED FORD BOOSTERS W. 1 Severs-Stacy Hardware Times-Press ' Buy Your Hardware From Us County News-Printing y Dougherty Grain Elevator Wilson Implement Co. ' j Thompson's Clothing John Deere Machinery I Ready-to-Wear Clothing Bedford National Bank Mainstreet Cafe Member F.D. I. C. Good Food Glass Implement Co. Cliff's Repair Your Case Dealer A X - Mechanic Style Shop Q A w W f A Blake Music Company Latest Styles 5 4 it 3 g Everything in Music Newkirk on ,A y I HOPKINS BoosTERs Hopkins Journal Ehlerts Elevator NEW MARKET BOOSTERS 'P'5t"tE'I.T5cTlE" e Fred Smith 2 General Repairing if lf? A. H. Glines Conoco Service Station If by chance you pass this way And see this place of learning The doors that have opened since long ago Will keep on, through the century be turning If by chancc you pass this way And see the children playing You can put your mind at easc Because education a foundation is laying. If by chance you pass this way Wondering what those walls could say l'll bet that many a tale could be told Of mischievous def-ds at work and play. If by chance you pass this way And see the seniors walking thru' thc door To start their lives out on their own And face the world as never be-fore. And if by chance you pass this way And your heart sings loud with joy That we can have these hallowed halls For every girl and boy. Margaret Gold ing Jan Gray WSW' MARCELINE,MlSSOURI Zz M 133901 QCMQQQQ COQQQQQQ. and fUlflLUQflSlflQS

Suggestions in the New Market High School - Miner Yearbook (New Market, IA) collection:

New Market High School - Miner Yearbook (New Market, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 44

1958, pg 44

New Market High School - Miner Yearbook (New Market, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 22

1958, pg 22

New Market High School - Miner Yearbook (New Market, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 22

1958, pg 22

New Market High School - Miner Yearbook (New Market, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 71

1958, pg 71

New Market High School - Miner Yearbook (New Market, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 68

1958, pg 68

New Market High School - Miner Yearbook (New Market, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 36

1958, pg 36

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