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:ug EDICATION THE CLASS OF 1949 DEDICATES THIS ANNUAL TO Charleef cfbeck 'ufalfer glzompaoli granlelin feweflen THE DECEASED MEMBERS OF OUR CLASS Z Editor -in-Chief .... Associate .Editors -... Treasurer . . . Sales Manager . . . Assistant Manager . . . Art Editor ............. Assistant Art Editor . . Sports Editor ..... . ........ Assistant Sports Editor Composition Editors . . . THE FLYER STAFF 3 .T eanne Mullen Pat Dove John Olson .Carroll Terry . . .George Obenchain .John Sander 5 Laura Burnside . . .Bonnie Ross Ruth Webb Mary Frances Stewart Beverly Stockdale Dorothy Fagan Bob Cash Dewey Servies li E. P. CASSIDY DONALD D. DOUGLAS LELAND MELVIN B.S., A.B. Vocational Agriculture B. S. E. B.S.E.. L.I...B. B.S. Agriculture Coach M.S.E., Mathematics M. S. E. Mathematics Science ETHEL B. QUIGG MARY HAZEL HARRISON VIRGINIA BECK B.S.C. A. B. B. S. A.B. Social Studies Vocational Home Economics Commerce Latin Physical Training Biology I I I I 4 PAUL WILSON MERLE O. BUCKLEW CHARLES DeBUSK A. B.: M. A. B. M. Physical Training Social Studies Chorus English Band 5 ELTON MILLIGAN FLORENCE SERVIES HOBART R1s1.EY B S Commerce A B Enghsh Speech Socxal Studxes x-mzsl.. ALSTON IMOGENE DeBUSK Grade 4 BERNICE c. HAINES Grade 6 Grade 5 ETHEL LAMB MARGARET EDWARDS DONNIS WIDENER Grade 3 Grade 2 Primary Teacher 6 RUTH WEBB Sunshine Sunshxne Presxdent UZ Chorus Band Student Councxl IZ KP:-esndentl 12 Class Vxce Presxdent ll .Tumor Play Annual Staff Assocmate Edxtor of School Paper IZ CARROLL WAYNE TERRY Student Councxl Speech Club H1 Y 3 Treasurer Basketball Vxce Presxdent Secretary Treasurer Annual Staff .Tumor Play Crop Judgxng lD IZ LAURA BURNSIDE Sunllnne Chorus Band Presxdent 12 Secretary Treasurer 1 Vice Presxdent Iumor Play Student Council Annual Staff 8 BOB CASH Basketball 4 Hx Y Annual Staff MARY FRANCES STEWART Toadxe Band .Band Presxdent Chorus Sunshme Sunshxne Vxce Presxdent Jumor Play Vxce President Student Council Annual Staff 12 I IZ ll JOHN CHARLES OLSON Student Council Z Speech Club I Hi-Y 3, President flll Boy's Chorus 1 Class President 19.10, Yell Leader UZ, Junior Play Annllll Shlff Bind 3 PATRICIA DOVE Sunshine Q41 Chorus IZ, Junior Play Annual Staff Speech DOROTHY FAGAN JEANNE MULLEN Sunshine 4 Chorus 4 Speech Club 1 Band 4 Junior Play Annual Staff GEORGE OBENCHAIN Class President fl lj Chorus 2 Bend 4 Band Librarian U22 Hi-Y 3 Hi-Y Secretary 3 Student Council 1 Drum Major 3 School Paper Editor 1 Junior Play Annual Staff Sunshine 4 Glee Club 1 Annual Staff V9 BONNIE LOU ROSS DEWEY KEITH SERVIES Sunshine H1 Y Chorus Boy s Chorus Speech Club Basketball MaJoret1e Yell Leader Annual Staff Annual Staff Crop Judgmg H1 Y Annual Staff Basketball 511115111112 Boy 5 Chorus chorus Annual Staff 10 ' 4 '- 3 4 ' 1 1 1 ' 4 1 ' 1 JQHN SANDERS BEVERLY STOCKDALE '- 3 , 4 . 4 . l 1 4 V' HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF '49 In September of 1947 a group of noisy, robust children cluttered the halls of the New Market School---that's us--- the Seniors of 1949. p Since 1937 we have been an active hilarious group who have caused our teachers many headaches. Members of our first grade were as follows: Walter Thompson, Leroy Largent, Ruth Webb, Jane Steele, Eddie Harrison, Dewey Servies, Margaret Booher, Patty Smith, Johnny Sanders, Robert Cash, Richard Kelly, Paul David Clahan, Rex Ross, Jeanne Mullen and Carroll Terry. A Aside from learning some of the fundamentals from our teacher, Miss I-limes, our first year was uneventful, as far as we can remember. During our second grade of school, a carnival was presented, our class gave a "Southern Plantation" scene. A contest was held that year between Jeanne Mullen and Ruth Webb. Remember girls? The boys doll! When we entered the third grade we found that we had many new members in our class due to the closure of the Parkersburg School. We were pleased to enter into the fourth grade because now we had recess with the older children of the grade school. While we were in the fifth grade on one of our class members fell head- over-heels in love. We won't mention any names but his initials are C.A.R.R.O.L.L. T.E.R.R.Y. The sixth grade was a very exciting year. The girls proved that the boys are not the only ones who have athletic ability. The girls defeated the boys in two basketball games, in fact the boys were skunked in one of those games. Upon reaching the seventh grade, we were very proud to be upstairs among the High School students. In both the seventh and eighth 'grades two of our class- mates, Jeanne Mullen and George Obenchain were Yell Leaders. After a hard grind of eight years, we reached our goal--- entering High School. As was the custom, we like all other Freshman were initiated. However, instead of hauling the boys into the country the girls were the victims. Our Junior year we were very busy preparing for the Junior-Senior Reception as this was our responsibility. This included selling ice cream, as well as cokes, candy, T. Shirts, scarves and giving a box supper and presenting a play. At the box-supper, square dancing was enjoyed by everyone. ll The members of the Junior Play Cast were as follows: Mrs. Agnes Martyn Laura Burnside Gracie Martyn Pat Smith Bob Martyn George Obenchain Marilee Martyn Jeanne Mullen Mr. Henry Turner Carroll Terry Doris Turner Ruth Webb Sammie Turner John Charles Olson Aunt Lydia Mary Frances Stewart Begonia Pat Dove Nicodemus Wayne Rhoads After giving the Junior Play, and attaining success, our next concern was giving the Junior-Senior Reception. The 1948 Junior-Senior Reception was given at the Masonic Temple in Crawfordsville. The Temple was decorated with the theme "Moonlight and Roses." The music was furnished by the Wabash Collegians and dancing was enjoyed by everyone . Now we are Seniors and on our last stretch of road to High School Graduation. Some feel, sad, some gay, and some just hope they make it, but we imagine some of the teachers will shake their heads and say "Thank goodness, that is over!" The Seniors who are anticipating graduation are: Bob Cash Jean Mullen George Obenchain Mary Frances Stewart Carroll Terry Bonnie Ross John Charles Olson Ruth Webb Dewey Servies Beverly Stockdale John Sanders Dorothy Fagan Patricia Dove Laura Burnside CLOSING EVENTS April Z3 Junior-Senior Reception May 1 Baccalaureate May 6 Commencement May 7 Closing of School JUNIOR-SENIOR RECEPTION The annual Junior and Senior reception of New Market High School was held April 23, 1949, at the High School Gymnasium. The tables were beautifully decorated with the Senior class flowers, the yellow rose. The theme, Stardust, was successfully brought to a conclusion by the "Falling of Stars" to close the reception of 1949. 12 CLASS PROPHECY As we leaned back in our easy chairs for a long quiet evening, we picked up the latest edition of the "New Market Times." The headlines read "Attempted Suicide." The article didn't mention any names, but it seems that the poor boy resided in the southwest corner of New Market. It appears that he was having girl trouble. The column at the sextreme left of the paper told of the graduation of Carroll Terry from Mechanics College with a degree of M.A.S. QModel A Starterj. His new place of business is Bowers Station. We wondered why he picked this city for a location? ? Also on the front page we saw where Miss Ruth Webb broke her leg while riding down a canyon of "BalHinch." We saw where Dewey Servies had won a spelling contest at Purdue University. He credits his great success to Mr. Wilson's English class. We turned to the society page and read where Mr. and Mrs. Cline Hughes the former Miss Laura Burnside were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Delano, the former Miss Dorothy Fagan. The girls were graduates of New Market High School. Mr. and Mrs. Delano reside with her parents in Ball-linch. Miss Jeanne Mullen and Mr. John McCammack anounce their wedding date. It will be the second Tuesday in the fifth week of June 1961. Miss Beverly Stockdale held a voice recital for her pupils from Waynetown. It has been reported that the pupils are running in close competition with the teacher. On the advertisement page we found an ad which read: "Grand Opening of Obenchain's Grocery Store." Reduced prices on the following articles--Flour that the cat has slept in Qstill usable., Wormy Apples, ten cents a peck: Fresh Fruit just arrived from South America by dog sled: one dozen left-handed broomsg and candy bought from the Junior Class of 1949. Another ad read: "Giant apples for Sale" a Special price on "Dove's Delicious" and "Busenbark's Seedless." fNo wonder these are giant apples, look who raises theml. We will trade apples for household furniture built forwear and tear. 13 In want column we read: Wanted--A good English student, please, F.E.T.C.H. him to Mrs. Servies. Help Wanted--Speech lessons for Bob Cash who would like to express his ideas more clearly. All applicants must pass a thorough exarnination, or something by Paul Wilson. On the sports page we saw a big game advertised. Toadie Stewarts "Labor Canyon Reptiles" versus -"John Sanders' Manglers." The game will be played at the armory and will be refereed by Bossy DeBusk and Alvey Mills. The Reptiles are in fine pre-garne shape as they have been killing snakes. The starting line-up will be as follows. Reptiles: Forwards--Hazel fR.edQ Harrison and Fetch It Servies. Guards--Skinny Beck and Shorty Quigg. Center--Dead-Eye Mills. .Tohn Sanders' Manglers: Forwards--Grizzley Risley and Toughy Milligan--Guards--Merle Bucklew and Pauley Wilson. Center--Slim Douglas. This should prove an exciting game, because teachers are always rightfff We see where "Teddy Alfrey" Jr. the son of the former Miss Bonnie Ross won. a first division in twirling. He gets this from his mother. Leland D. Melvin has taken over the principa1's job at Batesville. I guess he is following in Mr. Cassidy's footsteps. Mr. Cassidy has progressed in the law profession. He has just been elected to the State Legislature, where he is trying to pass a bill prohibiting the wasting of taxpayers money in public schools. As we had read all the news about our fellow classmates and former teachers, we folded the paper and lighted some of Senator Cassidy's cigars. But we quickly threw them away and as we staggered up the stairs we wondered if we would live through the night. Signed by Class of 1950 Ura Fool Iva Paine lrna No Gonna Say 14 l THE SENIOR CLASS WILL As the time grows near Everyone begins to shed a tear While they see their chums passing on. We are those chums who are passing on The world beyond the classroom Here is hoping soon, To see them all again. We we all know, you are waiting to see What we are willing you Until we see you again may you be happy and gay With these things heaped upon you. To "Horsey" Willett, Pat Dove would like to give a good portion of her pleasingly plump figure. Carroll Terry, bless him, wills Donald wmeu his ability to love, lose, and smile again. From Dot to Dot goes her ability to catch her man and keep him. To Royce, Bonnie R. would like to give a nice juicy cake of chewing gum to stick behind his Car. It isn't said to mean harm, but Carroll would like Dean to keep his spot on the Basketball Bench warm. To Charles Lytle goes Ruth's influence with Mr. Wilson which enables her to get a front seat in History classes. Bernice wouldn't you like some nice long side burns like Laura's. We are quite sure some of John Sanders' height would help Wayne in his basketball playing. Jim, wou1dn't you like to get along with the teachers like George O. does. From now on we hope Norma can spell as well as Deweyg or maybe better. Wesley, Ruth says you may have her seat on Harrison's bus. To Glenn Lawler, goes a portion of Beverly Stockdale's ability to make a favorable acquaintance in all the neighboring towns. 15 Won't Homer be glad to sit in Toadie's chair in Band and play solo trumpet? Bob Cash would like to will his ability to be quiet to Pat Baker who keeps the halls ringing. To .Tane Steele, who is on a diet, Jeanne Mullen wills her slim figure. George wills his ability to lead the New Market High School Marching Band to John Fruits. To Basil Hockersmith, J'eanne wills her ability to understand English literature. "Slugger" Olson wills Richard Rush his looks in his yell leaders uniform so he can have all the good looking Crawfordsville girls asking him for dates during the Sectional Tourney. To Rosemary Lyons, who is engaged, Pat Dove wills her ability to set a definite wedding date. Bob Cash would like to leave Mal Scott his ability to get rid of certain girls--namely, Eva J. Jarvis, before they get too serious. To Bob Ewbank, "Lucky" Olson wiils:hi's ability to get good grades under his favorite teachers, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Bucklew. To Clayton Jones, Dewey Servies wills his ability to keep his car in running condition Qbe sure and fill it up with gas, Clayton, so he can go see all his girls. To Mr. Cassidy the Secretarial Class wills plenty typewriter erasers and a large supply of carbon paper. The Senior Class wills Mr. Wilson an electric eye' so he can find his students during Activity period. To Mrs. Quigg we give a rubber stamp with Mr. Cassidy's name on it so she won't have to run all over the school house trying to find him so he can sign checks. The Senior Class wills an escalator to Mr. Douglas who is losing weight from climbing so many stairs going from the shop to the assembly 16 To Mr. Risley we give an iron rod so he can keep his beloved students under control. The Senior Class leaves to Miss Harrison a rug in the doorway of the library so she wonftf. slip. W " The Senior Class wills Mrs. Beck a date book so she will be sure and announce the tests before- hand. The Senior Band members will their ability to play musical instrurnents to Mr. Bucklew so he can teach other students to take their places. The Senior Class leaves a large book of novels to Mrs. Servies so she won't require her Literature students to write so many stories. The Senior Class gives Mr. Melvin their heartiest congratulations for producing a fine Dall team and also their hope for a very fine team next year. The Senior Class wills Mr. Milligan a large note book so he can keep track of the Seniors, who are always skipping out of his assemblies. The Seniors will Mr. DeBusk a telephone, which is to be installed in his home room, so he won't have to make so many trips to the office trying to arrange J'r. High Basketball games. We, the Seniors of 1949 do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament written this First day of March, 1949. Witnesses: Jeanne Mullen Laura Burnside Mr. Wilson .Tohn Olson Mrs. Quigg Mary Stewart 17 UNDERGRADS ELEVENTH GRADE :I na miditz !W'Il' TENTH GRADE 19 S E V E N T H G R A D E E I G H T H G R A D E N 1 N 'I' H G R A D E V zo THE HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 50 We started out the year w1th a b1g hello to all the teachers whether we lxked them or not The class went to the assembly wxth a total of Z3 students as the .Tunlor Class of 49 We started the day off w1th the greetrng of our Enghsh teacher Mrs Serv1es When the per1od was over most of us went to spend the rest of the day wlth Mrs Qu1gg Mr W1lson and Mr Bucklew Mr Melvm greeted all the boys who had gone out for the sports of the school The boys 1ncluded .hm Thomas Malcolm Scott Homer Strckler Dean Wmmger Wesley Maxwell Donald W1llett and the newcomer Glenn Lawler Sn' of the boys made the A Team Also Mr Bucklew greeted the students of the class who were to Jom h1m the band and the chorus The band members are Homer Stzckler John Fru1ts Royce Armstrong R1chard Rush Bern1ce Stewart Patty Baker wh1le the chorus had Patty Baker Norma Brunes Rosemary W1llett Rosemary Lyons Ethel Graham Dorothy Knee .Tohn Fru1ts Royce Armstrong Robert Ewbank Homer Stlckler On about the fourth week of school we went down to Mr Rxsley s room pxck out a play for th1s year We fmally came to a conclusmn on Just Ducky The cast cons1sted of Rosemary Lyons Dorothy Knee Bermce Stewart Royce Armstrong Charles Lytle Malcolm Scott J'1m Thomas John Fru1ts Norma Brunes Pat Baker, Ethel Graham and Homer St1ckler under the d1rect1on of Mr R1sley The class ordered the class r1ngs and some of them ordered the class sweaters The usual p1ctures were taken and as luck would have lt the camera d1d not break before the rest of the school had the1rs taken The offlcers th1s year are Pres1dent Royce Armstrong V1ce Pres1dent .R1chard Rush Secretary Pat Baker Treasurer .Tane Steele Much of our t1me was devoted to makmg plans for our receptxon w1th the assxstance of our sponsors M1ss Harr1son and Mrs Beck We w1ll say ad1eu w1th a rernmder to you that we are mtendlng to become the Senlors of next year 21 . ' ' ' in Richard Rush, Charles Lytle and Bernice Stewart. , . ' ' to HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 51 We have finally been promoted to our second year of high school and find it even better than the first. We started off the year with a bang by winning the class tourney. We drew the Freshman and won by a score of 35 to 17. We then played the Juniors and again proved victorious. We believe that we have many talented people in our class. We are proud to have several Sophomores playing ball. They are Charles LaFo1lette, Perry Hockersmith, John Alexander, Basil Hester, Don Hallett, Jim Lowe, Don Gentry, and Harold Gentry. Danny Rice is student Manager. Mary Beth Hester, leads -yells for the A team and Don Kivett the B team. Our Band members are Carol Sue Baker, Joan Doyel, Phyllis Johnson, Nancy Webb, Basil Hester, Alice Steele, Mary Beth Hester, Norma Rodgers, and Barbara Seaman. Since last year we have lost eight members from our class. They are Jerry Boling, Jack Douglas, Jim Harkrider, Delores Stities, Bob Stringer, Walter Sheets, and Raymond Wray. Our desire for next year is to prove to be successful Juniors and to do everything in our power to better our school.. ZZ HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF '52 The "Green Freshies" as we are known now, have an enrollment of 33. We gained one but lost him. In our first class meeting we elected officers for the year: Keith Stewart, President, Darrell Lester, Vice-Presidentg Loren Hampton, Secretary and Treasurer. On the Student Council we elected Nancy Gardner and Joann Rendfeld. Mr. Douglas is our sponsor. In the class tourney we lost our first game to the Sophomores by ten points. Then we played the Seniors and they beat us by two points. In the band we are proud to have Kay Carr, Sue Carr, Nancy Gardner, Bob Gilliland, Loren Hampton, Eva Jane Jarvis, Joann Rendfeld, Sharon Smith, Mary Ann Wilson, Bill Wilkinson, and we hope Ben Rice will be in by surnrner. We have a few in the chorus also. We have ll boys in the Hi-Y and about 15 girls in the Sunshine Society. In a year or two New Market may have a good basketball team with the Freshies coming up. The Freshies on the team are John Fairfield, Loyal Delano, Darrell Lester, Keith Stewart, Bill Wilkinson, Bob Gilliland, and Loren Hampton. Our class colors are Green and Grey. We are very sol ry that one of our members, Sue Carr, has been stricken with Rheumatic Fever. We hope that she will improve satisfactorily and return to us later. Right now our greatest ambition is to be Sophomores 23 KT A TEAM B TEAM Z5 I L P E i BASEBALL TEAM CLASS TOURNE Y CHAMPS Z7 SPORTS A good year was experienced in baseball at New Market High School in 1948. The boys played six games and won all, with the exception of the county playoff game with Wingate. The outlook for 1949 is, bright as the entire baseball tearn will be back. again. New New New New New New Market Market Market Market Market Market BASEBALL Waveland New Ross Alamo Ladoga Waveland Wingate CLASS TOURNEY 14 fCounty champ game, The annual Class Tourney was held on October 12th and 13th . The first night the Sophomores defeated the Freshman by a score of 37 to 18, and the Juniors- defeated the Seniors by a score of 20 to 18. In the Consolation game the Seniors defeated the Freshman by a score of Z5 to 23, and the Sophomores were proud to be called the "Class Tourney Champs" after defeating the Juniors by a score of 30 to Z7. New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market Market BASKETBALL Kingman Ladoga Alamo Linden Russellville New Ross Darlington Richland Waveland La Crosse Alamo Ladoga Ladoga Roachdale Waveland New Ross Linden Waynetown Darlington SEC TIONAL SCORES fdouble overtimel fCounty Tourney? New Richmond 40 Ladoga 45 Waveland 42 KX JR. HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM JR. HIGH SPEECH CLUB 30 BAND STUDENT COUNCIL CHORUS 31 TWIRLERS SHARON SMITH BONNIE ROSS NANCY GARDNER GEORGE OBENCHAI HARRIET .TARVIS PATTY BAKER B TEAM YELL LEADERS A TEAM YELL LEADERS I JR HIGH YELL LEADERS COOKS AND CUSTODIANS 32. C LARINET QUARTE T LINDA ALEXANDER SAXOPHONE QUARTET BRASS QUARTET BOYS' QUARTET 33 BAND NEWS During the summer and early fall of 1946, we had our first experience of marching. We first tried our luck on the gymnasiurn, then we graduated to the ball field, and finally, one day we proceeded to go downtown. Since we knew the basic fundamentals of marching, we were eligible to participate in a band contest at Linden on September Zlst. This was our first time to march in public. Four bands were entered in the contestg we placed third. However, it was said that had we had uniforms, we probably would have placed higher. But our greatest problem was to find a way of obtaining sufficient funds for them. It was decided to 'canvas the community, with the idea that we might receive enough for the down payment. Three days later when the money was counted, we were amazed to find that the entire cost of the uniforms had been collected. As soon as possible the order for our long-desired uniforms was on its way. The uniforms arrived around April 12, in time for the District Contest held at Crawfordsville where we placed second. Then at the District Contest last year we received first, and at the State Second. This year we are planning to win first place at both the District and the State. On Wednesday August 25, 1948 we took part in the Riverview Tournament of Bands at Chicago. On September 9th we won first prize of S100 for the second consecutive year in the Farmer's Day Parade at the Indiana State Fair. On September 17, we marched in the parade at the Ellestsville Fall Festival. Governor Ralph Gates headed the parade. On October Z, we were invited to parade and maneuver at the Wabash- Carroll Football Game. On October 5, we marched in the Presidential Parade at Indianapolis. Everyone saw the President. Then on October 16, we climaxed our marching season by participation in the Montgomery County Fall Festival at Crawfordsville. On December 14th the band and chorus gave its annual Fall Concert. Many other dates of our calendar have been taken by Fish Frys, Barbecues, and ball games. We have played at all home games and some games away from home We are now looking forward for some of our coming dates. On March ZZ, we will participate in the Montgomery County Music Festival. On April Z, we will play in the District Band Contest, and our annual Spring Concert will be held on April IZ. 34 l At the time this annual goes to press, the band, or sub-divisions of the band, have performed on 52 different public programs. The officers pf the band are: President Mary Stewart Vice President Royce Armstrong Secretary-Treasurer Bernice Stewart Librarian George Obenchain Director Merle O. Bucklew CHORUS NEWS The School year of 1948-49 marked a new era in the High School Chorus. At the beginning of the school year a four part mixed chorus was organized. There were 53 voices in this group. They appeared in the Christmas Concert, Montgomery County Music Festival, Spring Concert, and Baccalaureate. We hope to have a better chorus next year as we will have one more year of experience. 35 r I HISTORY OF SUNSHINE SOCIETY The New Market Sunshine Society began its ninth year as a member of the State Sunshine Society under the sponsorship of Mrs. Virginia Beck. The officers for this year were as follows: President, Ruth Webb, Vice President, Pat Baker, Secretary, Nancy Gardner: Treasurer, Nancy Webb. Soon after school had begun a meeting was called and candidates for membership were registered. After the candidates were registered we had 50 members in our Society. After joining the Society the new members were compelled either to wear long-underwear, their dresses on backwards, high heeled shoes, pig-tails and wide brimmed hats or to write a 500 word essay which was to be read in front of the assembly. Only one girl, Mary Ann Wilson, chose to write the essay and it proved to be very entertaining. In September plans were made for our formal initiation which was to have been held at the Christian Church, but due to many conflicts it was postponed indefinitely. On Thanksgiving the Sunshine Society and the Speech Club gave a short Assembly program. One of our money making projects for the year has been the selling of assorted cards. During the Christrnas Season we, with the aid of the Hi-Y Organization, delivered approximately 50 cheer baskets to the sick, needy and elderly of the community. On' February 14 we entertained the basketball boys and the teachers at a supper and dance. Speakers for the evening were Coach Bill Melvin and Bill Etherton with Mr. Risley acting as Master of Ceremonies. During the evening a "Basketball King," Glenn Lawler, was elected. Plans are being made to give an Ideal Ladies' Luncheon in April. 37 HISTORY OF THE HI-Y The New Market Hi-Y Organization began its fourth year as a member of the State I-Ii-Y for boys. The officers elected the preceding year immediately started the club a going. They are as follows: President .............. John C. Olson Vice President .... . . . John Alexander Secretary ...... . . .George Obenchain Treasurer .... . . . Carrqll Terry Sponsor .... . . . . Leland Melvin The first step for the organization was the induction of the Freshrnan norninees. The rough initiation consisted of wearing onions around their neck, carrying a doll, long underwear covered by short pants, ladies wide brimmed hats and four-buckle boots. After rough initiation there were 40 members in the New Market Hi-Y. A Christmas Dance, jointly sponsored by the Sunshine Society and the Hi-Y climaxed the drive to help the needy, sick and poor people of the community. Santa'Claus arrived and delivered gifts to everyone and the remainder of the even ing was spent dancing. The Annual Formal Dance to be given in the Spring will be sponsored as usual by the Hi-Y. Plans for this dance have not been completed but we are sure that it will be a very successful dance for all. 38 ff-X -.1 cqufog 'mpgs 'A . V? 1' 'c, " -I L-- WALSWORTH umpqnunlnun wanton-rn :novrnns lu-u..l...U.u.A. 40 i CONGRATULATIONS SEN IORS! COMPL-IMENTS OF LAYNE 81 THOMPSON GRAIN CO. GRAIN - FEED - GRINDIN G - MIXING OF FEEDS "MASTER MIX" FEEDS DEFIN ITE FEEDS FOR DEFINITE NEEDS PI-ION E 75 NEW MARKET, IND. NGBLE REEVES FUNERAL DIRECTOR 2-105 ' KET I . THE FARMERS STATE BANK NEW MARKET, INDIANA ESTABLISHED' IN 1903 CAPITAL 85 SURPLUS 850,000.00 'A' 'A' 'k --OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS-- A. J. Armantrout, President V Charlie Sayler, Vice-President E. W.. Yount, Cashier Elmer J. Rice Wayne Vancleave Harold M. Coons 'A' 'k 11' MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION WILSCDN BROS. FLORIST i L. B. EHer 84 Sons AUTHORIZED DEALER SALES F O R D SERVICE CARS -- TRUCKS --- TRAC-TORZS NEW MARKET, INDIANA SUNDRIES NOTIONS JOE'S ' GRILL FOUNTAIN SERVICE Cnmpllimenrs from Qbenchcrin Bros. GROCERY AND LUNCH PHONE NEW MARKEJT' PARKERSBURG, INDIANA New Marker Lumber Ycrrd BUILDING MATERIAL - HARDWARE - ROOFING - PAINTC PHONE 126 NEW MARKET, INDIANA KENNETH MARGUERITE1 'll K 8g M Gr: ALWAYS GOOD FOOD PHONE 120 NEW MARKET, INDI. LUN OHES SHORT ORDERS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES' FURNITURE Eskew Furniture Store Compliments of New Market Co-operative Telephone Co. New Market, Indiana Lc1rew's Grocery 8g Mears New Market, Indiana Phone 21 Residence,124 Powers Locker Service Frozen Fruits and Vegetables New Market, Indiana i Phone 164 Seaman's Custom Slaughtering Takes this Chance to Congratulate the Members of New Market High School Martins Grocery Groceries - Meats - General Merchandise Phone 29 New Market, Indiana Cline C. Sayler's Garage Expert Auto Repairing and Auto Accessories "Bear" Axle and Wheel Aligning Service Phone 121 New Market, Indiana It's GRAHAM'S GROCLESRY For Groceries and Gas Roachdale Phone Parkersburg, Indiana Get Your Potted Flowers - Vines - Perennials - Novelty Plants and Pottery from SERVIES GRLEENHOUSQE New Market, Indiana Compliments of Your Local Barber WALLACEE CAPLINGER New Market, Indiana GARDNER'S FLOWER SHOP , Phone 81 or 180 New Market, Indiana A Complete Floral Service - Corsages - Novelties - Gifts

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New Market High School - Flyer Yearbook (New Market, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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