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. 95? in AX lx, 5- 55 ag-1 A ki ' ' S2 'wx na., 'AAN x . ,XY J K I cp ,vfrlwjlv E1 f 1 PQ fVU,,,ff'A, mf. . '21 ' Ep ' A , V a .- X 4+ . Ps. 590' 'C R. . r ,, 4 3. L, y-.1 A I A r 3 if X A Pu. rw ' 'ffl , I. 4 1 7 49" :z fri fi 1 S I: g- e yi ,Q gl 1 ,Q H E 3 i Y. J , 1- W 4 2' 4 .- , . ll? ,wil 1- 'r ..l. 1 L ----f--- -------N 1930 f-f---- - --- --------O mm mn ---n------- The QBIUI Volume III MCMXXX lilnhliahrh hy mba Sveniur Glass 39am jlllahisun Zlaigh Snhunl viuioiniuini 11 ini: r1oioio:1r1oi4ri1r1cxioj1r:1r:1ri1r14r1c11rjar14:14:ax14x1c 1014 x1o1o1nioi1 -101011 .:e Qoj1vi1ri4r1o:cr10jojo14ricxjo14 --- --------l mm emi -0- ---- 1- - jfuretnurh Within the covers of this book We have sought to portray and preserve a year of High School associations. Some day we shall turn to its pages and then all the happy recollections of school life at New Madison will crowd upon us with magical freshness and charm, then shall We re-live in spirit the days spent within these hallowed walls. ------ -- ---N 1930 --.----- -----.- f ff X x FN :Qing If K .-., l! ' lf. fx . n ig is Q' ' E ag' mg I ., Q In 9... P- 'fm jfanultp Seniors Ukinhzrnlassmen Zltbletins Zlctihities Grains Britt o xq 039 11011njoj1rjo1:r1ojo14vi4ni1x:u14x11r1mx:ax:4r14r11r1o1fr:4 adn 01011 xioioioiojojcxixxixxixrjcxioiaxjcxioiaxi v ,M 0.014 In s WVVN- Lx , 331' NEW MADISON SCHOOL SCHOOL SONG Your colors may be dark or light, But we'l1 be true to the Green and White, And what ere we do and where ere we go- We'll always root for New Madison School. CHORUS: New Madison The dear old Green and White, New Madison For you we'll always fight, And on the field or in the gym We'll always strive to win. RAH! RAH! RAH! Fight, Fight, Fight- Our colors to sustain, Fight, Fight, Fight- The Victory to wing And a Sis Boom Bah and a Rah Rah Rah For the dear old Green and White. -By James W. Hopkins ----- ----- - -1-------0-N 1930 f----- -- -- -1- ------. --,--- --, arm-emi -1: -2 2 -2- ---I I l l I ! n E a l Q ! I ! x1-ninvicrzqlifxienzixxzniciaifzfvzxcxia njojuiojcxjoqboioioiuioi 11011 1viojoiojoiojoioioirr1fn:4ri1xjcxi1r11rj4x:1xi1x1mr1m 0 Behicatiun We, the Senior Class of 1930, dedicate this Owl to the Board of Education, in appreciation of their untiring service for the school. ---- - - ---1 - --- - -1 --N 1930 -----I ------ 1 - -- - 1- ----. ---. mm om: --------,-1-------1--- 111510 111,11 11011 -ioinjoiavjojoiasjcrjvioiojewia if 10104 111:31 rjoiojoiaxioioicvjvjasiojqniois viuioiric VI A C Q 0:4 bo: Q ! ! u ! Q ! a n u n l ! ! Q 5 e 5. ! n n ! a s ! ! n l ! u l xiojoioxoiojoioixrjcxjcxjojoioiu 2101014 1:1111iioiujoioiuifiininiojoioifnicxioiarirxifriarifvirvioifxiuqbcxjaxicxicric rn 0:41103 11011 bu igh Editors ...... Business Managers ........ Girls' Basket Ball ....... Boys' Basket Ball ..... Girls' Music ........... Boys' Music ........ Agriculture ......... Calendar ......... Grades .......... Grades ................ Alumni Editor ....... Alumni Editor ....... Joke Section ....... Baseball ....... Art ............. Art ................................ Circulation Manager ...... Circulation Manager ......... Circulation Manager ........ Clubs ............................. Dramatics ........ Uhr ivtaff Adonna Cox Juanita Eley LClay Coblentz Robert Neanen Myron Toohey Byron Harter ...........,..Edna Berrey Stephen A. Gary ....Inez Billhimer ...Gerald Wright .....George Burns ....Mary Conover ......Robert Drew .........Mary Teaford .......Barbara Hill ............Ray Hill ...........Ralph Hill ...Harold Howell ......Mary Ketring ......Hope Murray ........Ralph Neanen .Raymond Royer ..........Eugene Short .....Donald Stump ...Virgil Rinehart Pictures ......... ......... F rederick Schlientz --------M--M-mulwowm------------ f RWQ janultp :Ti 1. 'A . 4 A . 4. x VA' -.ii . -if- , ' ".1..-' ,. " A ' -' 'J ' 'gl ' I C , I 'V Il. of Q , -1 . , 3. L- 'J. Q. . w, 'Ir A if': .cv "V V1' 1 I J' f. u ' N' , ix . -. ,,'v.. I' v'-.if ag ,HE 'wimsf .1 A 32.3.1 u.. , -0 ' 'Q .N 1. ' -.ry .41 Yfff-f' ff' :imgfr ..-. -. . ' -. W: . w , .Jig . . 1, f , Z.. 'f' Q. 'sr QR. 1' "1g?'. vjfj' :vii . L W H' ff, . fy., I , 1 1.31. 5. .few - 31 rib Q12-iff V 'f. Yup., 31: 33.59, Ml.. I X VJ, H5-' M Q :gi Q 'J Lx, . r'f"'2L5 -.ln K ' K-HSL 'fe ' 21 W l 3: iff., 1 fgqcgx .-,aww M. 9 'fd-. L u., 1 mini F . .9 1 A1 ' -- QA... . IQ Q4 ff- . .Y . ij, . .zjixag ' nt ' vt-.J fa ,JV In 1. in ' 'er-.E . .Qiiizfi .- " ' 1: A. ' , ..a.. 3? 4 gg: il-35, I .-j',...- .- 4 "J r' - . f . r- 1. H.. 1 ,. 5. in E. . .U 15. 35 fly. . if-:EQi'3'1' 'GN iff. il 4 'll ...f '5'ff7s.a 1 s Mi ,J -Vw. L ,. -yn' "1 A.. X. .. .4 . .. v. ' AL'-lem' J., 1 jf' ffif ' qriuig' rr- 251 . . A, 'FTA ...wg .. 1Ufi'Q Za' ' ,. . .'c,:- .. 4.1. .312 ,ah 1 1. 4. pd' , Q-iff-g. iyugglgbfzkfx .ny rffgzl-.,. .. A 'AW ,-5 .U ,. '1- 2 , . :un-. 3573951521 H." . -l 'FN .1 .255 .35 .qsw-5 Inf. QW 7 4 l' H' . ,, . .HJ fin ...,sf.....55 Q.. . .. 1 .f 3M .H -1 35.1. .fl . 1..f PM-, -Q . 3. V f, A 4. .0 4, ..,. hx.. y:f'?'i'f.j k .V 1 . . . .W . .1 1 . .,,,. 4 'rlin' ,. x .J-121. ii ,,., - .1 -mf , ,.... '. ..-. .. .Z' iff ' 51, T- . .In 29' .- .5 5-5. ff.. X f- -dun.. .wifi ' mg, '3,1.'.' .k -. 'fi' A 5 -1-1-' f '5 .1-.51 VL- +'g..:- 25:2 H 1 , ' ' "ri-2 fi... s KH' - ..":f?' H ' ' gg...-x. . if.: L gm.--f .1 V'Q..g1 ' . 1 ' --1T.Ul'R:k 7 Diff? " 1 1"'. .. Au- I 554535 i,f5Q,31',..'k, Vx... , ' 'u,.gj.. , - " 1 -Q.. ww.. 3- -, ,g..?1v1i.:"'..n- Q, W' 23.1 .-,, L ' 'rf .M .-... ,.."i' -"' '. 1 H . ".,,...'-M425-'.ff..'ff 1:1 -b ..' '. .g. ,r-.:. -L I .ga-'r---'i V ,wf ,- S ' .mf fa . 1.wUH:.'f'1- M. 'Fe 1...--f-12' as.: ...g A ',--ui 6 'ii:.23e+w.. M..-.. P 2-. ,. .95-a. ws-1..':1, .P gl. w W Q 1 ' .M : - . . 4 .bfi ka' ,L ' M lffi EEA., 1 an, 7'6" tf fm ., - we lu.. www " ..... vm, - ,t Ei? '?'Y .aff 2.21. FV .Z :-Z 5.2"'fl??-' .. .,. . W.. . ,i gyrs-5 1: AS' .1 . .YV V.: ,I WV. ,5 Q .1 .31 , -. '.,z.'-W1?1L in gif' xr n Lg' 3 , 'AA ,fv ai., l 1 .ff . . J NH ,if W .. ...IQ W as 4 iv J ' df .X ' x F if ma -mn.Yfw 1 N '19 0 Q, ' 5 . .. F' i51: ,'wi?i,H" 51.1 1-. fbi ' , Q' 'A 'Gi ' K Q 1411153 'wif A i f if 9415" A is ...VF .. ...ff Q. f A . " ' . fiify ikfg ' 3 ,gm av , ' rr 1 HM ' . J W X gp ..2:.v ' H F I Lgxgj.. Zif J ,Q gtqe:tjij4g .QI .. .' :v-, .E4 L .i'."fiz.. 1 13:1 ' ' Jai 2-'Eff -gif' .TF ff! V' vi? in . J, .Rf 5...-1 ' ii?-il. 4341 , 'f ' '-al... .L ,fv if' . JL., .55 1 v .513 .fe -' 4.1 f V4 I QW' ffl. . . 51. 0. 1 I7 . -2?-V Pu :Tha ' n :jf EXMIQQL' 1.5 F? 'iii er I . r I I ., Y is 5 ,Q an .' J. ..fv . . +A , 5.311 ,V if i 'N .V 13 is 5. - .Ze .3221 f ,Fi .-J H. v'4 H4 ,'. wiv. .-. Q' .5-"1 2 3-' .bg V., -- if., 4 T""'41fqN lil. 'ex .'4:4f,I"y 21353: 21:55 3" i4 -'-1 "L .1-'Lf 9.9 .iw Q1 'E+-fx 'iv Q' ,,,..4egf-ai, S.. 1'l'.'. - i 4? ' in-.'g1.4..w.w .Ni-:fe-1'.. ' .12 v -. . --1 -fa'-'srgxwgzhfd ' X . .. Q j'-by' V7 41uQi'E7w::4'a,.'.4if.?1L .:- ' L . -..:-. 'qfg-.5 ,JF ly'-f "..kZ- . .fjf .A J NI. 4 . L.. .s - . 1 ,.,. . r . ' 4 ,- D x' ' - L1 5-1 . ,A w.-1 . -.1...- '..f -- 15 Cx u,t'3i!' ff fig. :gf P' V 'ge ,..,.. ' in . L '.. ' M115 -. .4 1-ls, Q. 5 ...T . ,C .iq-.8 '5 ., ., F. .E Qi. H... V 3 Ur... .I .Q 5. 4. ., - - , , 1-nt' 'JL gggwsf-E?iV J: 51- . Y .r-1 '35, - ' :1 f wifi, -.xg 25535 Zigi. 14.25. V ...'rg,f. X. . .L . .1221 '..5:v. '. -Y, ,lf ' ' 5.31, I :4"':l yrg.l.:.,'1 . GV.-yf' gl! S-.V is . .iq .'. J. F, .V : 'fbi ': 'Ji gif- .Q Q- ' - , '. 'fel Sw? 73. f.. ,. - 'z f"'?.-xi ' "' ' Nl ar.. ' MW' ,--ly... . ff ' 1 ' L' 4. mr.:- 'jFFg--'4'5.,.. .. weiskiuk, me .. :yu 1 xa nw. .- dwif 1-6. . -- :..1:x M, E, H ' ' ' X- lzfy II V., .V jx." Jai: ' gf.: L i:-M - 1,1 A - .644 U E - w .mil -f., - ' --5 -9:5 . ' ' '5 ' -.- 1 . W1 1 . " :':- Q' iff:- vii 5-JT! 'TT4 ' 'ff .2 'f '5 .1 V ' ' " MQ . ff el ' Q .. .-. b Q. . tfifff . iff -u Q. QU. Y WL.. . ,xg . -.' . 1 -. . '.n -L s. L- . ,rf Q. lv 4 1. 1 f .-.A.4 K fj- , I 'UE -'J iff 4 L" 1' 5 .VLH 'F' '5' fi? E' . . . .'. . . r L- f. v 'lk' W 4 . . .I -V . 1 - --- --- - --I arm emi -1- -------,- -1- --- --- WILBUR F. HOERNER Superintendent of New Madison Village School Earlham College, A. B. Columbia University Economics, Boys' Basket Ball Coach if 0 use - ---. - -----N 1930 ---.--1---- -1------ -- -- -1- --- Elev II ii H il i ! Q l l Q n Q 4 I I ! 4 0:0 H 12411 l l l l Q l ! ! l 03511111303 11201 PZ 2010103111114 it Tw Iv - 1930 1-----N -1- ---1 ---- -4 mm opml ---i--i----------..-1 HOMER E. MIKESELL, PRINCIPAL Ohio Northern University, A. B. Ohio State University History, Science CATHARINE KATZENBERGER Western College for Women, A. B. University of Michigan, M. A. Latin, English WILBUR B. WOOD Ohio State University, B. S. in Agriculture Vocational Agriculture BEATRICE POLING Miami University, B. S. Miami-Jacobs Business College Typewriting, Shorthand, English :xoxo vioxx 101014 -ioioiozoinioioix rioioivif-if 1014 111 Doioicrifxioicrimsioioiavjojszisxixwicxia -if ioiuioioie 34111 0:4 ozonioioioiwrjwninjoinxrvz 101-n1cvio:.r1cx11uio14::.n11n1-r1.n:n1-r:4r:o14rjoqbuioioi utojoizri sxfniwnjanzoicsjfxiavioiwniojojcrjmxzarioc 9:1 ri 11 11 riniu MARTA HESS Wittenberg College, A. B. Home Economics, Girls' Basket Ball Coach. WILLIAM SCHWARZBEK Wittenberg College, A. B. Science, Mathematics JANICE R. SMITH Earlham College, A. B. Miami University Music JAMES W. HOPKINS Alma College: Band Mhz Gini N 1930 ----,- -------M -- - --- Th'r uzmznxuzuzuz-,aufvxuxnx-rx:qu:-1:11:11 14v1u1n1n:u1u:u1-axuxuxnzuznza0:4 C 1 U ' n 5 U E u ' U u U H u - S H U A Il . 4 S U U U II ' : 4 L' U II , , U . U II U H U -4 U U -1 '1 U ' 4 . .4 J U . U U U 4 U II .g.-..-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-..-.,-f.. 1930 .,-.,-..-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,-..g. Fourteen ff 7., 1 , I V ' 1 X 'IX 1 f ff :U , Q . I ' . Si g fl xg E ' Iv A 's H 1 . .5 Seniors OiOIQOQOQ DQ IQ DD lQlli0QOQOQ DQDQUQU QUQDQUQ DQUQ YQ! inrioioinioioicxizl g Byron E. Harter "Judge" President Clay S. Coblentz "Dumpy" Sec'y-Treat. E l B- B- Mgr- 2-3: Jr. Sz Sr. Class Play: Baseball 1-2-3-45 B. B. 3-43 Latin Club 1 Pres. of Class 1-43 Advertising Mgr. of i , 1 i Annualg Winner of Discussion 33 1-2, Jumor Cass Play' I Discussion 4. Editor of Annual. l Four years ago in September, 1926, a jolly group of thirty-four entered New I Q Madison High School. We were called green "Freshies" by upperclassmen, but i l didn't mind. At this time several in our class began their basketball careers. We I l were the last freshman class in the old school house and we had much fun the latter Q S part of the year when we finished the school term in the K. of P. Hall. I Q The next year we entered our Sophomore year at the K. of P. Hall. And when E l we entered the New School House a couple months later Supt. Wenrick and Prin. i Q Hoerner laid down such very strict rules, that some thought they were in jail Q l instead of school, but it was because they were not very strict at the K. of P. hall. l Q Our class was always called the most mischievous group and the rules didn't take I 5 much effect on us, although we got many "Bawling Outs." Q Another year we found our class entering as Juniors. This was our busy year I ! making money to give the Senior Reception at the end of the year. In this year 5 we gave a market and our class play, "Oh, Kay!" I Q As time sped on the class reached the Senior year with a membership of twenty- ! six. The year closed successfully with the publishing of our Annual, the first in 3 five years. Q a 2 0:OI0l01lPl0i0l1PilTlilll0i4l11Ki1i0C fill i0l0l0iUi'i iii! iii! i1l0.lQ:O Seumrnn :goto rioxxjoinxoiui 10101011 4:1011 vioioiuinricrjojojoicrifsjfriodmniojoioiozoizrjuifxi niuiujoioiojoixxjc rjoiojozoioiuie 11, oxen-N Q . - ! - N ini hi iii 1 1111 2 1- Suriv mm cam ------------------- JUANITA ELEY--"Buck" B. B. 1-2-3-45 Choral Club 2-3-4, Pres. 45 Latin Club 1-23 Jr. Sz Sr. Class Playg Clas Pres. 2, Sec'y 15 Editor of Annual. ROBERT DREW-"Urick" Agriculture 2-4g B. B. Mgr. 4. BARBARA HILL-"Barb" Choral Club 1-2-3-4, Librarian 3-4g Alumni Editor of Annual. GERALD WRIGHT-"Hank" B. B. 2-3-43 Baseball 3-45 Glee Club 2-3-4, Pres. 43 Band 43 Orchestra 1-2- 3-43 Jr. Sz Sr. Class Playg Music Editor of Annual. ---- -- -- -- ---- -- -- ---- 1930 -------- ------M --- 050110151 li 1 lil i Dill Iii ll l 51010 iili lilif ll illiifi if 1 7101 lliilpx 2 5 1 l g 1 f l 5 A 1 I ROBERT NEANEN-"Bob" i l Glee Club 3-45 Baseball 1-2-3-45 B. B. I 1 3-43 Class Pres. 35 Jr. Class Playg Cheer l l Leader 1-2 5 Agri. Club 2 5 Business I I Manager of Annual. i 2 1 l 9 1 U 1 f 1 5 1 ! ' Q 3 HOPE MURRAY-"Hoppie" I l Choral Club 1-2-3-45 History of Music I I Club 25 Sr. Class Play. i Q l 5 S i 1 F 1 ! 1 l 2 3 EUGENE SHORT-"Gene" l - Agriculture Club 1-2-3-45 Baseball 2-3- ' 5 45 Circulation Manager of Annual. i 9 1 U 1 F 1 f 1 U 1 Q 1 MARY TEAFORD-"Red" Q l Grade Write-ups for Annual. l Q 1 l 9 A 1 3 I g 1 5 1 5 1 1 2 0:0Q11i111010i010i0ir init Z 111 30111301 1 010101 12 ini:11v1u1111gu3n11a1u101qg:g Ninrrnn 114:janjfrznzcrjasiaxicnz501011n14n1o:4v11n:cnqMr1011x14r1o1sn:1n:oj0:ax11v:o11rj1:14rzojoiojojoic Fi' as 1 n I mm owl .,-,--f-- --------.----M ------ ------------- 1930 DONALD STUMP--"Rip" Agriculture Club 2-3-43 Circulation Manager of Annual. EDNA BERREY--"Berrey" B. B. 2-3-4, Captain 43 Latin Club 1-25 Jr. gl Sr. Class Playg B. B. Editor of Annualg Scholastic Honors 3. GEORGE BURNS-"Georgie" Agriculture 2-3-43 Agriculture Editor of Annual. MARY KETRING-"Ket" Choral Club 2-3-4, Vice Pres. 45 Jr. Class Playg Art Editor of Annual. uiuizziuioioi rioinioicrievioioiolc vi0jo10i11i1licrZ014s10i011sjcr11r1oj1-i1-joioioicxiojoiojtbrp v:o Doiojtrioiojoioja -1011 'iojozojoioiujcric wjujoioic vii wiricnimxjc rjoiojoioioioq xioiojoimnioicrimrioicrifnjmrifricricxifrjaxjexierjcnjoift f MARY CONOVER-"Connie" B. B. 2-3-45 Orchestra 3-4g Choral Club 1-2-3, Sec'y 33 Latin Club 1-25 Sec'y of Class 1-39 Jr. Sz Sr. Class Playg School Editor 3-45 Chapel Committee 2-3-45 Calendar of Annualg History of Music Club 2. RAYMOND ROYER-"Punk" Agriculture 2-43 B. B. 45 Baseball 4g Circulation Manager of Annual. RALPH NEANEN-"Neanen" Baseball 1-2-3-4, Captain 45 Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Librarian 3g B. B. 2-3-4, Cap- tain 4g Band 3-4g Boys' Glee Club 45 Agriculture Club 25 Circulation Mana- ger of Annualg Senior Play. RAY HILL-"Hill" Glee Club 2-3-45 Agri. Club 2-3-4g Alumni Editor of Annualg Sr. Class Play. ------------------ 1930 hill! it 1 ini ill! it illillihivllili Twenty- 1 Q 1 1 1 ! l Q Q i ! ! Q 9 S' Q Q: II is ! ll II I II ll ! ! u u I 3. r1o1oj4-1010141011 ioioiuiojoioioje iojoiojoiombc 2 0:0 D011 0 vi1r:o1o11x11v11r1011xjo1oi1r11n1o11 011 4' T mnemmm--mm-------M mm-m----------elmo w my-r FREDRICK SCHLIENTZ-"Fred" Cathedral H. S. Indianapolis 1-33 Glee Club 43 Baseball 2-43 Band 43 Sr. Class Play. MYRON THOOHEY-"Larry" Glee Club 2-3-43 Jr. Sz Sr. Class Playg Cheer Leader 3-43 Business Manager of Annual. VIRGIL RINEHART-"Rinie" Baseball 3-43 Dramatic Editor of An- nual. STEPHEN GARY-"Steve" Roosevelt H. S. Dayton 13 B. B. 3-4g Glee Club 2-3-4, Vice Pres. 43 Baseball 2g Latin Club 23 Jr. 8: Sr. Class Playg Boys' B. B. Editor of Annual. 110101011fic1111101111111xi1ri1r11xi1r1ojo11xi4x1o11rjo11xi1r:oj1111111r110!0 14. 111 11011 m11,1o:o1o14::1r11r:1a1o:1 bin 3010101111011 0 :Q Dio nxoicxxmvjcnifrxoiojoioiujojwnxnnioifniojojf 1101014:jcxiojx101011111xiwnifxicsixnierjxxifljwricnifxjcrjoioiojoqoqboioifxisrir o 0,0 oz: ADONNA COX-"Coxie" B. B. 4g Latin Club 1-23 Jr. 8z Sr. Class Playg Editor of Annualg Scholastic Hon- ors 3. RALPH HILL-"Fat" 3-43 B. B. 2-3-4g Jokes for Annual: Sr. Class Play. INEZ BILLHIMER-"Billy" Choral Club 1-2-3-45 Latin Club 1-23 Jr. 8x Sr. Class Playg Music Editor of Annual. HAROLD HOWELL-"Howe Orchestra 1-2-3-4g Band 3-4g Baseball 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 2-3-43 B. B. 2-3-43 Jr. Class Playg Agri. Club 1-23 Baseball Editor of Annual. Q! The Gm! we D011 iliii 111 iiili lining 1 01411011 if it 1 wil Z I ri 2010101021 Tw my-th 2 - Q:- 050110111111 1 io: :civil 1- 1, Quin 11303ri1inioio1oi1i11431111102950 g , , 1 Q ein iliilamsun laugh inhuul 2 2 Qllnmmencement Szasnn 2 I 1930 i l April 25 May 14 Q 2 Senior Class Play, "Seventeen" Junior-Senior Reception Q May 2 May 16 H Q Seventh and Eighth Grade Party Commencement Exercises Q May 11 Wade E. Miller, Speaker Q l Baccalaureate Service May 17 Q 2 Rev. J. P- Hendrix, Speaker Alumni Reception 3 I CLASS ROLL i g Edna Berrey Stephen A. Gary Ralph W. Neanen i Incz I. Billhimer Byron E. Harter Robert J. Neanen l George E. Burns Barbara Ellen Hill Virgil A. Rinehart 3 Clay S. Coblentz Ralph B. Hill Raymond E. Royer E Mary M. Conover S. Ray Hill Frederick H. Schlientz D Adonna V. Cox Harold D. Howell Eugene W. Short 1 Q Robert E. Drew Mary J. Keti-ing Donald W. Stump i Q Juanita Eley Hope Murray Mary Ethel Teaford Q Q Myron E. Toohey Gerald F. vvi-ight Q Q Class Ofllcers:-Byron E. Harter, Pres. Class Colors:-Black and White l i Clay S. Coblentz, Secy. l I Class Flower-Old Fashioned Yellow Rose i Q Class Motto :-"Facta non Verba" I i "Deeds not Words" I i BOARD OF EDUCATION E K J. D. King, President William Neanen, Vice-Pres. i i W. H. Brown, Clerk Raymon Hill i Jesse Broadstock '- l i Q FACULTY Q Wilbur F. Hoerner, Superintendent Catherine Katzenberger, Latin Q 1 Homer E. Mikesell, Principal Beatrice Poling, Commercial l Q Wilbur B. Wood, Voc. Agriculture Marta Hess, Home Economics Q i William Schwarzbek, Math. - Science Janice R. Smith, Music l f l 5 Baccalaureate Qzrtnres 3 Q May 11, 1930 l Processional i Q "Jerusalem the Golden" .,..., .....,,......... . . ....,,.,,,.,.... ..,,. ...,,.,... , E wing i l Mixed Chorus E I Prayer .....,.........,..,......,.. ........ .....,.. ,,..,.,..... .... . . . R ev. Duckwall i - "Fairest Lord Jesus". ........,....,..,.,,...,....... .,.,.,, ..,,....,... W i llis Q Mixed Chorus Q Q Baccalaureate Address ..,.... .,...,... ..,., ..... R e v . J. P. Hendrix I Q "Praise Ye The Lord" ..... ,.,,.,...,.,........,..,...... ,.... .,,....,......., G o u nod i i Mixed Chorus i Bene-diction .. . .... ....., ,,...,.,. ,..........,,......,,.., ..... . R e v . Duckwall 2 Q Recessional Q 2 2 92001011212 11131: riuiririnin io: oiuiiiixirivi icioiqimilioioxo Twenty-four Jane Baxter . Lola Pratt ...,.... May Parcher ..A.A Ethel Boke .......,.. Mary Brooks ......,.,,.,..... ------U mm emu Mrs. Baxter ....,..... A.,......... William Sylvanu Mr. Baxter .....,.. s Baxter Joe Bullitt .......,.., Genesis .,..........,. Johnnie Watson ......... George C1'ooper ...... Luioioioi Qeninr Cllilass flap Friday, April 25, 1930 "5ehenteen" Mr. Parcher ....,..,..........,.,..............,...r......,,.. .,,..x..... Wallie Banks ....,...,....,......,....,,,..,.. Scene-In the Hall of the Baxter home. Time-lst Act: Noon, on a June day. 2nd Act: About two weeks after Act 1, 3rd Act: It is evening, about mid-August. 4th Act: Same as Scene 1. Directors-Miss Katzenberger, Miss Poling .. .,.. Adonna Cox Mary Conover Hope Murray Inez Billhimer Edna Berrey Juanita Elcy Gerald Wright Byron Harter . Fred Schlientz Myron Toohey Stephen A. Gary Ralph Neanen .n Ray Hill . . Ralph Hin 1Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French of New Yorkj Music ............. Invocation ,..,.... "At Sunset" ,,,,. Qllass ni ahinetezmthirtp New Madison High School 2-to Cllummenozment Qtxerrises Oration .,....,,...,.,..,.., "Polka De La Reine" .. Oration ......,.... Special Music ,,.. "Car-mena" .. Class Address ,, Presentation of Diplomas ......,. Benediction., Music .,.,... .... School Auditorium Friday Evening, May 16 PROGRAM 1930 Girls Choral Club Mary Conover . ,,.. School Orchestra ,...,..Rev. Gillespie . ,.,. . Cross . Adonna Cox ,. .. Rail' Berrey Girls Choral Club Pres. o - 1930 -f-U- ----'-- Senior Boy's Quartet , .. ,,..,..,,.. Wilson ,........Wade E. Miller D. King f Board of Education Gillespie . .... School Orchestra P1 Q lCQ ilQil0QOQf Twenry-fi ioioiavierioioioioifvzuioieozo xioioioznic rivinjoioioic 111 we 111014111 ii riojc 14 -iarjcnjanjojoicmioixxioiojojamxcxif 5 o . 0.0 be rc 0:1 I I I I I I I . . I bzmur will I l We, the members of the class of one thousand nine hundred and thirty of New I Madison High School, since our period of years as members of this school is short, I do hereby will: Q First-We, as a class, give and bequeath to the teachers, peace and rest all the I days of their lives. i Second-We, as a class, give and bequeath to the Juniors our great athletic I ability and pleasing reputation. 1 Third-We, as a class, give and bequeath to the Sophomores our high scholastic g average. l Fourth-We, as a class, give and bequeath to the Freshmen our great musical i talent. I Fifth-I, Inez Billhimer, as a member of the class of one thousand nine hundred 3 and thirty give and bequeath my great ability of "tickling the ivories" to Pearl Crick- I more. I, Barbara Hill, give my timidness to Edna Carothers. I, Ralph Neanen, I give my position as center on the B. B. team to Buryl Wehrly. To Robert Bashore, I I, Harold Howell, give my musical ability of playing a cornet. To Robert Mowry, I, I Robert Neanen, give my pleasing nature and ability to make a big hit with Palestine E girls. To Raymond Deacon, I, Myron Toohey, give my great talent of tap dancing, Q I, Byron Harter, do will and bequeath my oratorical ability to William Hans. I, i Adonna Cox, give to ReEtta Pickens my "Curly Locks." I, Mary Ketring, give my position as chief cook of the Senior class to Pauline Nisonger. To William Hans, I, I Stephen Gary, give my position as having the leading role in operettas, etc. To Fran- I cis Neff, I, Hope Murray, give my great talent of art. To Robert Hyde, I, Gerald I Wright, give my ability to play the saxophone. To Pauline O'Dell, I, Mary Conover, Q give my reputation of being the youngest member of my class. To Charles Over- I beck, I, Ralph Hill, give my power of kidding the teacher into believing I have pre- 5 pared my lesson. I, Mary Teaford, give to Pauline Dubbs, my quiet and peaceful l disposition. I, Clay Coblentz, give my position as most intelligent member of Physics class to Betty Rogers. I, Edna Berrey, give my scholastic honors to Mildred Hoff. l To Elizabeth Mikesell, I, Fredrick Schlientz, give my large vocabulary. I, Juanita I Eley, give my position as center on B. B. team to Elizabeth Falknor. I, Virgil Rhine- I hart, give to Maxine Brightenstein my chewing gum, which I use to aggravate the Q teachers. To Lloyd Brown, I, Robert Drew, give my short and stubby physique. I We, Raymond Royer, Donald Stump, George Burns, Ray Hill and Eugene Short give l to the future agriculture class our success of sponsoring a Community Fair under the I management of W. B. Wood. g i We, the class of one thousand nine hundred and thirty, do hereby sign this on I the fourteenth day of May, 1930. I I I I I Q:Qj0Q0l0Q0i1iillKll0ili1ilili0i X101 Ulllilllil illifliflililllllllli i4 Twenty-six mm eml ---f-,- -.-1-------,--- xi01o:oi4r1o14v1cxi1r1oio14rio4 901010101011rio1oio1nioi1ri:Q11:iawieniciioinioicxjoivjcnioioiaxioiaijaozo oznpoxoioiojozozozoza WN Tklnherrlassmen 101011:4p1010141o1v1,1f,1014,11,14,11,1f10101n101414.1f,14,14gmixn1o14nno1rs1n1o1ev1011np011y1n101011n1o1fr:4v11v11r14Cvi l I i f i ! l l U l U Q ! The 91111 Www 5:5 HAOK DRWERS ,N n -lM0------------ va 0:1 njfxicrioioioinrjxniocnxixxifbi-:ini fini-vzoioioiojfvi rx rioiqxoi xinioioif niojoioinioiojoioie 11010191411 rioxujoioioim .4 02014 :- :- ! -. H: niuioioiuioiiriniuiuiuioinxin 2r:izrioiuinininrioiuif1101011111 Sluninr Glass Third row, left to right-Raymond Deacon, Charles Overbeck, Buryl Wehrley, William Hans, Roland Karns, Elizabeth Mikesell, Elizabeth Falknor. Second row--Bernice Fisherlfack, Frances Neff, Robert Bashore, Robert Hyde, Betty Rogers, Pauline O'Dell, Lloyd Brown. First row-Pearl Crickmore, Edna Carothers, ReEtta Pickens, Pauline Nisonger, Pauline Dubbs, Mildred Hoff, Maxine Brightenstine. Glass Qbfficrrs President ................................................ Williain Hans Secretary-Treasurer ........ ....... M ildred Hoff Class Historian ............ .......... li Iildred Hoff Class Poet .................. ....... P auline Nisonger Faculty Advisor ........ ........ M r Mikesell Glass Qlnlnrs Royal Blue and Gold Glass Jlilottn "Fortes fortuna adiuvat" "Fortune favors the brave" 1-2- l l l I l I E 0,0 -----M - --- -1 -I -1- ---N 1930 fm- -1-,- 1- -------1------W , nd ' ozoyzozoioioioiujoioir11014111111r1c1:111o1nj01o1n11n:11111I111oio1oj411c1q1111111111 11111 winxnzojojojogojfnxnxojojozoiojaxinif rio Qlllass Iaisturp In September 1927 twenty-nine pupils of various talents and abil- ities arrived in New Madison for a High School education. Unlike preceding and succeeding classes, they did not find receptive school house doors, but were compelled to start work in the K. of P. Hall until the fine new school building was completed. We, together with our fine faculty led by Mr. Wenrick, the superintendent, were constantly complaining about the inconveniences of our location. However, those troubles of a few weeks vanished in the new era of attending classes in a modernly equipped, and well-disciplined school. Routine work proceeded minus radical interruptions, with a mini- mum amount of the proverbial Freshman discomfiture. This was due probably not to the sympathy or faint hearts of the upper classmen but to a general feeling of timidity in a new building and Principal Hoerner's new regime. Under the leadership of Mr. Hoerner, class advisor, and Mildred Hoff, class president, there was an abundance of typical Freshman hilarious social hours. The following autumn we returned to find Mr. Wenrick absent and Mr. Hoerner in his place. The year was uneventful, and with rising self-esteem, there was an unmistakable evidence of the growing promi- nence of certain class members in the various fields such as music and athletics. Directed by Mr. Hoerner and William Hans, class president, we sponsored and enjoyed three excellent parties. Now in May 1930 the class as Juniors have weathered severe finan- cial shocks, worries and triumphs. Production and the sale of school pennants along with a successful market have engrossed our best finan- ciering ability. . With the never-erring assistance of our superintendent, class ad- visor and president, the class is approaching the great social function of their High School career, the Junior-Senior Reception. The class, through its established courage and self-assertion, looks forward to success through the maxim "Fortune befriends the bold." Clilass 39112111 When we entered High School We were Freshmen gay, We sometimes shirked our duties And for that we had to pay. We're the Juniors of 1930 And have won a worthy race, From what we have received of it It seems quite worth the pace. We owe much to the teachers Who helped in time of need- 'Twas mostly individual work For "study" is our creed. Our teachers told us how, With strong determination, We must always study hard To acquire an education. They say we're model students And this we know is true, We're working hard to reach the top So we can all be Seniors too. 1 Q Q e1 5 e 5. Q Q Q Q 1 1 Q Q Q Q 1 Q Q ,Q -101114-if-14111111 vja1ie1141i111cvicri4x11n1c11c:jc r:o1oju11:i4njcn1oj4rj4f141ioio1cm14vj4111-14 Q I I-5 no oo o Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 5 Thirty-one .:------- -- 1- - - - ---- - -'--- arm emi -0- 2 ! Qopbnmnre Glass Fourth row, left to right-Lowell Emrick, Wilson Dubbs, Myron Drew Albert ! Stephens, Elza Sink. Third row-Hilda Murray, Violet Hartcr, Esther Hill, Laveria Cox Eugenia Lawrence, Vernetia Crawford. Second row-Ralph Drew, Harold Peden, Herbert Alexander, Carl Hindsley Dorothy Olt, Lucille Burns, Margaret Wilt. First row-Sheldon Hoff, Helen Roark, Rachel Stoner, Thelma Clem Goldi E Wichael, Treva Wills, Helen Hill, Robert Crawford. Qlllass Qmfirers D Presldent ......................................... ...... Secretary-Treasurer ...... ..... Class Historian ........ ...... ....Esther Hill .Lucille Burns Thelma Clem Class Poet .............. ......... H elen Hill Faculty Advisor ....... ....... M iss Poling Glass Clllulnrs Nile Green and Silver Qlllass iliilnttu "Let him who deserves it reap the reward" .1.-..-.------ ------ --- - --- -0- 1930 f--- - Thing-two no 0:0 1010102 11.11-ri M sioiojojojoi rioicrioioioioioioi ozovxa Qlllass Ilaisturp "Let him who deserves it reap the reward," is the motto of the class of 1932- We entered High School with the determination of each one reap- ing this reward. We chose as our class colors, Nile Green and Silver, and our class flower is the Pink Tea Rose. Under the capable direction of our advisor, Miss Poling, and the efficiency of our oflicers, the class has registered a most successful year. We look forward with high hopes to next year as "Jolly Juniors." We have the determination to dare and do the right. We hope to reach greater and better ideas and ideals as the coming years will bring. Clilass iBuem N ow here's to the Sophomores of 1929, E rnest and willing to do, W hatever is required of us- M akes us strong and true. A nd don't forget, we like our fun, D ays would seem weary I know you will agree S ophomores are always cheery. O we want to be Juniors, N o time to waste, you see. O ne little year from now H ow happy we will be. I n time you all must- know, O ur hopes and aims are high. '2 be a bunch of Seniors 9 and nineteen still sigh. . Thirty-rhr acne emi -------------,---,---- A91 r:v1ojojcio11r1o11njo14sio14rjcrj4v1cv11oj1111n1frjojcnjc l-9 53 O s Q ! 4 1 1 l 1 I Q a Q l l !.- Pl Q--------------wmewm------------- 3 i 020 Thirty-four jfresbman Gllllass Fourth row, left to right- Francis Falknor, Norris Hemp, Herbert Hans, Voncla Geeting, Carrie Rose, Eugene Hetzler, Donald Townsend, Hershel Hicks. Third row-Norma Eley, Dorothy Straker, Dale Coblentz, Ralph Beatty, Carl - Jones, Robert Oda, Irma Stump, Velma Brown, Ruth Bowman. Second row-Ellsworth Slorp, Norma Worch, Juanita Wilt, Thalia Harter, Faye Bosworth, Agnes Wiley, Kenneth Hoover, Edith Bowers, Richard Brooks. First row-Emma Geeting, Clarence Crickmore, Kenneth Flatter, Keith Slorp, Virginia Slorp, Mary Emma Allen, Jeannette Bashore, Elsie Hollinger, VVanda Howell. Qilass QBffi:rrs President ...................................................... Carl Jones Secretary-Treasurer ........ .......... H erbert Hans Class Historian ............ ................ N orma Eley Class Poet ............... ........ M ary Emma Allen Faculty Advisor ....... .....,. M iss Katzenberger Qllass Qliolnrs Blue and Silver Glllass jlliluttn "Possumus quia posse videmur" "We can because we think we can" --,-,----- -f- - ---- ---- f- -1- 1930 --- - ------ - - -- - -- --- Oiorioioioioiuilioi1221111211111 :o3o2o1v?o11xie2n1114:1un3o2o21n l l l l 2 E Glass ilaistnrp i The Freshman Class of 1930 now numbers forty. We are proud i of the fact that this class is the largest in the High School. Five new i members have been added to the number since school started and we Q have had no members to leave. Q A few weeks after school started the Sophomores gave a party in Q honor of the Freshman Class. On November eighth a Freshman party Q was given at Wanda Howell's, and on January eighteenth a coasting Q party was held at Juanita Wilt's- S This year two boys and two girls were awarded numerals for their Q ability to master the art of basketball, and should be capable material i for making successful seasons in the future for N. M. H. S. Q We have enjoyed this year and think we have been greatly bene- Q fitted by spending it together here. We all earnestly hope that the A Freshman class will continue to grow in knowledge in the future as it Q has in the past. l l 2 fllilass iBnem Q Here's to the Freshmen of "29" Q Who Work and toil all of their time Q Whom the school, hearing their laughter, Q Hails as a jolly good class. 2 Brace up, you Freshmen of "29" Q Put on a smile and step in line. l Why live without a little fun, Q As on the steps of life we run? Q So let us enter into school Q Obeying all the laws and rules Q With lots of spirit, joy and pep, Q Try with the rest to keep in step. 2 Do you know, you Freshmen of "29," i We've just begun to have a good time? l The world holds much toward which to aspire l So let's resolve to go "higher and higher." l I l l l I ofvpoioiniuinioi mia 1024 1u2o:o1o2o4 I ning. 14 14 1 ygvgqgug .g,.1,,1,.1,,g,,:, 0 ,ia.1o1Qoio1oi4 micxiuiuiojnioiojs O he Thing-five 0 0.0211 i 1011111 1 11111 111 in L14 vin mm mn -0- -1--- -1- -,--- -- 91 14110 HOPE' CLAYE QA W S MARY K, -Q' mem-r-:NCD ff B25 H. MA RYc. 9:0411 ni :ini 1:1 rg 21 1 1 1 xi Thi y- ' ,Aw ,M k,1pgg5,.+ 'X K . Q-.J fi fav. U A O MA QYL, ga Z 20 -0- 1930 --n-----u--,------------ 0:4 3010101014viojoioioiojojoiojf,je:civic-10:1r1o14n14m:o14r:4:1o1o14n:cx1o11v14m11r1o11v14mioiojujojozozoie rinzoiozoiojojoicozo 952 Qtblztins olstlu' , Lllu'.xA,l1uhiaJl1 3BaszhaI1 Third row, left to right-Buryl Wehrley, Mr. Schwarzbek, coachg Eugene Short, Second row-Elza Sink, Virgil Rinehart, Ellsworth Slorp, Raymond Royer, Clay Coblentz. First row-Lloyd Brown, Robert Neanen, Ralph Neancn, Harold llowell, Gerald Wright. Baseball is handicapped very much in our school owing to the fact that we have no diamond to play on. We must therefore limit our practice to fundamentals, and play most of our games away from home. Thus far this year we have been able to play but one game at home. At this particular time we secured Thorne Merrell's pasture field and laid out a crude diamond in it. We have excellent baseball material in our school and we feel sure that our coach, Mr. Schwarzbek, could produce a better team than he has if he could only have a diamond to practice on. The present team is nothing to be ashamed of, having won three games and lost one thus far this year. NM O New Madison at Palestine .................. ....... 1 1 6 New Madison at Monroe fPrebleJ ....... ..... 2 7 New Madison at Hollansburg ......... ......, 1 3 12 Palestine at New Madison .......... ....... 1 4 11 QllQ01Dlllii1li0i1Q71ivl1ll01 0TlilQill'llilililQ1li0 Thi: 0 arm emi -1- ---- ----- --- - -----1 rj-0:0 ::1miojo14:oiar1o14nj1xi4-jaw:o1oj1,1o:o11 1:-11 14-if l1vio:o1u1ocpo:4 1-14114 -101 njcxicniojoio:ojojo1o::x11rjo11r:1x:1rjo:4r-:4v:1 0:1 pc ly-uint At 111 iq 0:0 210111101111:nicrifieviaiariwbicbifxifricbifxicbilxicxiojfvicrjxxilrifvrriaxiffbcrifricljoicbioivrioivrioirrioioilr1u1o1u1o1o:o1o101f gi 0:0114 1 I Q .. ------------1 any emi ---,-,-0-------1---,-- All Buys' Basketball Top row, left to right-Buryl Wehrley, Myron Drew, Robert Drew, Mgr., Coach Hoerner, Harold Howell, Ralph Neanen, Ralph Hill. V Bottom row-Stephen Gary, Gerald Wright, Robert Neanen, Clay Coblentz, Raymond Royer. Basketball season opened October 16, 1929. Twenty-eight answered the call for candidates. We elected no captain, appointments were made at each game. Robert Drew, who was chosen Student Manager, proved to be very capable. The season proved to be a successful one, due to the concentrated efforts of our coach, Mr. Hoerner. Although we were not quite as successful as we were the prev- ious year when we won 21 games and lost 6. This year we Won 11 games and lost 10. Monroe Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. the Darke County Tournament, held at Greenville February 22, we drew and were defeated by a score of 17-10. NM 0 NM 0 15 Hollansburg 25 Jan Dixon 21 15 22 Gettysburg 26 Jan. Monroe 15 20 27 Ansonia 8 Jan. Greenville 23 20 6 Palestine 29 Jan. Union City 29 22 13 Morton Imps 28 Jan. Arcanum 14 26 20 Gettysburg 23 Jan. Jackson 13 33 21 Hollansburg 28 Feb. Versailles 29 15 31 N. M. Alumni 25 Feb. Union City 21 19 3 Palestine 24 Feb. Arcanum 18 20 10 Ansonia 13 Feb. Monroe 10 17 11 Morton Imps 17 Total .,.,. , 465 352 itll P101 iii Fl i0i0l0i lllblliilli 1 0D0i0i it i 7Q0iUi0l IQ0l0Q0l0l0Q ofoboicrievicrioiariasioiqsifxioifvicxjoiaxjanjxrianjc viuioiauboioiojoiojfri0ioi4x14r1o1oi1r10i4x:4x14xjo14xjo11v14rioiciioix-1010101-9:0 foxioiojoiojojoi-rin1:42111101111:riarioioiaricviiniojixiojojoirvjcxianifxisrqmv14r101o1n1ix1:x1nin1: vioicniirioioioinnioioiwrio-icvioC0'o i 2 1 The 61111 1014020 Girls' Basket Ball r1ojo1o:4ri1x11v11r1oj1njo11v11x:4r11ri1n1ex1cvjojcxiexja Top row, left to right-Violet Harter, Norma Eley, Elizabeth Mikesell, Coach Hoerner, Juanita Eley, Elizabeth Falknor, Coach Hess. Bottom row--Barbara Hill, ReEtta Pickens, Edna Berrey, captaing Mary Con- over, Adonna Cox. The basket ball season started November 1 with twenty girls out for basket ball. We had two new coaches, Mr. Hoerner and Miss Hess, who deserve much credit for the success of the team. After very stringent training and practices, we became very eH'icient. With the keenest competition for supremacy we achieved much honor and compensation for our efforts. xioia-iocboia The Darke County Tournament was played at Greenville, February 22 - March 11, New Madison taking' second place. New Madison played their first game against Franklin, who has defeated them for the last three years in the tournament, and defeated them by a score 8 - 7. The next game was played against Jackson township and we defeated them by a score 25 - 20. New Madison then met Pales- tine in the finals and was defeated by a score 9 - 14. Nov. Nov Nov Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Hollansburg Gettysburg Ansonia Palestine Gettysburg Alumni Palestine Ansonia NM 0 NM 0 Z1 Jan. Monroe fPrebleJ 30 9 37 Jan. Monroe fDarkeJ 12 8 13 Jan. Greenville 27 21 29 Jan. Jackson 25 13 31 Feb Versailles 18 25 6 Feb. Arcanum 17 6 18 Total 1 , .313 240 15 -H 1930 ----1------------W in 0:0 51 o - -. 'Q o 3 -Q 0 0.011111mir1201:riu1n:n1n1u1u14rinin 3010111101:riniuiuiuinriuiuioiuqo NM. Q SENIO O ! 302 6 i ..' Illl!DQIiQ!iQ!lQCIlllillQOQllQHQllQ0lUl01 1 UQKIQOQUQUQUQIif1UQ!lQllQllT0lUi0QllQKO:O F on y - t wa Q N Qctthities v1o:ojo11vj4rj1r11v:4n1o14s11njoi1r11vj1n1oCno:o1o1o:oi1ricv:'xicn14n:ojcrjo1 rio:-niuxuz ri xioioioq 0:0 o:o,1oj1r1oiojo1ujo1o10joic 5020101 131101 iii 1 3 2114 1:10101 latin Illlluhs Third row, left to right-Miss Katzenberger, teacher, Norris Ilemp, Albert Ste- phens, Francis Falknor, William Hans, Richard Brooks. Second row-Carl Jones, Velma Brown, Norma Eley, Elsie Hollinger, Vonda Geeting, Vernetia Crawford, Agnes Wiley, Kenneth Hoover. First row-Emma Geeting, Pearl Crickmore, Rachel Stoner, Jeannette Bashore, Norma Worch, Treva Wills, Helen Hill, Virginia Slorp. The two Latin Clubs of New Madison High School were organized in the fall of 1929. Once a month we had meetings instead of our regular class work. The members have found these clubs very bene- ficial and interesting. We learned about the Roman Gods and the customs of the Romans. Members of the clubs gave reports and par- ticipated in short Latin plays. Officers of the Freshman Club are: Consul fPresidentJ-Carl Jones Praetor CVice-Presidentl-Norris Hemp Censor CSec'y-Treasurerj-Virginia Slorp Quaestor QReporterb--Velma Brown Officers of the Sophomore Club are: Consul fPresidentD-William Hans Praetor 1Vice-Presidentb-Pearl Crickmore Censor fSec'y-Treasurerj-Treva Wills Quaestor fReporterJ-Helen Hill Forty-fi 0 .1114-1:-1 14,11-1014 U11 1,14 Iiojojujx icxianjoicvicwixiievjeijcifiiewjcijsszenjcricmzfrjanpf-i4:1o1o1a-1010101014 ignzninjoioif I1 rd 'Q 00 O I I I 1 I I I I 4 I n 1 ! 1 ! U! missin: 1 iz 101111: :1111 oxo 2411 If iiii 1111 101- 1 1010.0 -1- -- -- -- - -I -1- ----------l arm emi --- ---- - - -- -0-- Girls' Cibnral Qlluh Fourth row, left to right-Miss Smith, directorg Mary Ketring, Elizabeth Mike- sell, Juanita Eley, Betty Rogers. Third row-Esther Hill, Mildred Hoff, Pauline O'Dell, Vernetia Crawford, Inez Billhimer, Pauline Nisonger. Second row-Velma Brown, Violet Harter, Hilda Murray, Barbara Hill, Norma Eley, Faye Bosworth, ReEtta Pickens. First row-Pearl Crickmore, Virginia Slorp, Goldie Wichael, Treva Wills, Helen Hill, Mary Emma Allen, Elsie Hollinger, Jeannette Bashore. The Girls' Choral Club was organized in the year nineteen hundred twenty-six by Mrs. Stockton. In the spring of nineteen hundred twenty-seven we gave an operetta entitled 'tYanki San." This operetta was the fiist operetta given by the Choral Club. In the fall of nineteen hundred twenty-seven we again organized a Choral Club under the direction of our former teacher, Mrs. Stockton. That fall we gave an operetta called "The Feast of the Red Corn." The next spring we gave an operetta entitled "The Piratc's Daughter." In the year nineteen hundred twenty-eight and nineteen hundred twenty-nine we had a lot of new members but had several of our old members with us still. Mrs. Stockton was still teaching and ready to help us. With her assistance the Girls' Choral Club presented another operetta entitled "In India." In the year nineteen hundred twenty-nine and thirty which is the fourth year for the Choral Club we have with us a new teacher and instructor, Miss Janice Smith. On March twenty-first the High School gave an operetta which consisted mostly of the Girls' Choral Club and Boys' Glee Club called "The Toreadorsf' This produc- tion proved a great success. -1- l- -- l- - -- 1- -- - --l----Q--I--N 1930 -,---- - - --- - - 1- -- -- - -4 ry-s'x 0..- - -- ----- ------M 1930 ----- ----- - -f-------- New wmv moss rf rn ' 2 9 500:-2 :ii SHHSE 'U : 5 2 fb I U1'C'D'6' 5002- Q U2 ' 2 P1-1 X , ff3.5g2mmg:4g rcolffm-1 qgiwa-fe5'f1a'Lf1 i 40055-N 5.0 ,S-lg: f-lg Nr-rg , i mPU'Uq,1 ....wc-+m3PqrD m rv-?,:"O 'TFC-4 H 5 4 mdmgdvgwlw ff 522-Tn. N 0 on 2-was My l Q 5355533 9-102 5"5sv'-Efc 'O o od --1 0 :f:3fPgffSgn'aQw:-w. of -4552 F0525 Q Ewswxwma-swap gum WM- i Wwe-rm w"'t3" rn,-5'f-T1 v-s CDI 50 'S -s m "Emo Q -rum-f will N om Ggmio QD' WSHW fb gm m 90255 er i '.J"....4-v-mg5- '+G M5-'UD-.Em n:,g,.1US:" O m A NMSZO Q "'5',f.,'Dm:'gQ fUD'U'E'l.'i3 Evra? i 91 O 'U may-' ""m rf ?::pa'5f:'T30'35i'252E-E S221 55112. i gmgg 555100025 U' 5'O EQ? ,.,..'-'iai - fDgs,'2f'EUiZ5,"5SPES., 55 5552 SQ? I F, M . 5aFf2.,5"3-ffnfni' sz 3618272 32.5 i 'za-Nagar? ima mm nazi QE - Q'-s -'1 .- ru pq ,.. U1 P-sw.-Q:-sm 'Omg 2 ,-5 mn N ... E ! 222.2 50 Q Sffweag if-.arrzff 'Q 35' Kg Q "4 Q- 'U E 32" :O '-45: 50215 cnt-fmm gmtli Bt-,,::.,.,m 5 ,1.,75 O ,D in 053 9546 5 ITD- :ru A 5 ,gm " 5' i'Df'E2322 50922 fig Q-fs Q " ,5GWm"e?+5 5"4m": m2393254 U24 x Q ' 0-4. 5525255533 BL-2922 ff: 522: SSE N ef --L-+ N '4 O Curb'-' OO. ra -- 'fgzfffwm 5 Haw -Wg, 5:0522 gig' E' "" ma- o Q..32.Q' ,og .-1 K., mm , 'pr 3 . 3 252 Q4'-'tn FQ 971 'ammwg ' B' - mg,-,N Omer, 5'm,'.-fn-'n o'Uo5'm '11 Q, 55.--5 ...ISQIQ :fmr o F5-mm S ... 4-v-...W,... ,.,00 Qm ca :fm 592 'S -"o2J'N'4:,Q.x- O... no an :SHUI-: Q- fu i 0:-1-+0 fb ff 'Ur-nm.-..-. 14 Q.."4 rn r: 5 --mg.-.gnc gmc: - Q - 5, gf I SEQUQQQP ggivi m ai 2 gmc? m 2'-' ffgifdw Q3-, 0 I N P-4 -1:4 I3 NC.. f-e -5 5 5- U3 J ,,4'gt'Dg'Cr'DOZg .409 CJ' m cn Q 4 algae waag sggweg 2 ' :L 5 E I -1' : wfgm 1+ -- e' ' cgtgtffllnggfr 29-'img m E ' Q O FD... u O Z 5 5 - '93 :ODEO Ndwms P : Q 'T 'FU vm f--F 7:1 Q-rl: "' - P ' 0202 :nm eo-FDS ,- S 9' 959 Q - wg rar -- ' "' . fu US Q63-S ,COG sw Q fn UU 9' U gg2N:g2: ra-325' :S H P 5 5 g 'ivggsf 'bw-ww 3 Q fe ' U NQZW' 'az 5 '2f--A "1 E H C ' i Wm' 5 Of""7 ' C SJ 3 o fn :rm '-5 Q , 5.-9' Wng, f:D"m'UK1 pq M '3 1 1 :'-:SH -1 is -- 'D 'S 'D m l E'E"3- E-'S-H Qfgic- S E gi E' L: - :"4Fm -nl-+52 ."ifi.'4z I :' Q. .' s. I sioiojcwiojoioioiavioicrjcricnif-:o1o11rioj4x19ojo14xioj1j1:1o:o1oja-11s14 iniojoif-1414 CD4 1414111 if if if is 11 if-ioicozc 10101014 0:0 D1 Forly-seven rio: 110101011 rCbo1u1:r1.x1o:-xinxiwicvioixvix nifxjoioioiojoifxicsjfrjojcsioiivioif 1101014111114 xiuioioinjoioioix '11 02011 o -4 -C QQ. B' -. o sq Q30 i I 1 ,. --i acne emi --- --Y---.-,----W Frederick Schlientz Paul Brown Harold Bashore Wilbur Gabbert Paul Rogers Betty Rogers Jeanette Bashore Ralph Hill Lois Hill Esther Hill Kenneth Oler Keith Max Mania iBer5unneI Hilda Murray Lowell Peffley Robert Sando Mr. Owen John Gillespie Dale Brown Harold Howell Raymond Deacon Joseph Hendrix Richard Ross Thelma Clem Eugenia Lawrence Minstrel Ruth Anna Duffield Mary Emma Allen Elsie Hollinger Hubert Kimmel James Gary Violet Harter Vernita Crawford Edgar Brown Burldean Hileman Ralph Schlechty Ralph Neanen Neil Schlientz The Boys' Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Schwarzbek, de- cided early in the fall to present a minstrel. The program, arranged by Mr. Schwarzbek and members of the club, consisted of popular songs, dancing and jokes. After considerable practice the Minstrel was given on the night of January 28. It proved to be a success and was Well liked by everybody. It Was the first of its kind ever given by the New Madison High School. ---i-1-------1 ------M 1930 01011 is ini: 1010: rin if ini 110102 O 'e l l l i I l l l i l I l i l l rjoio1oioi0j4njo11 :ninja A bio3vio:1:fr1ojoj1vjo:ricri1x:41j4x11r11s:ax14s1o1o2xj1n1cx1c ozo.11rxois:jf101410:4vie:icuiisixviex1o1oju11r14n1ax1o14n11nj1n1cr1:r1o:1:1o:4rGh1s1fr14v:cxi1r1oio1fn:1ni4xj1rjo:n1o:o11n:an1o11n1o:1n1cx11sco:0 Grchestra Fourth row, left to right-Ralph Hill, Miss Smith, instructor, Ralph Neanen, Mary Conover, Gerald Wright, Kenneth Necessary. Third row-Harold Howell, Anna McGlothin, Ruth Anna Duffield, Hilda Murray, Frances Neff, Violet Harter, Glen Harter, Jeannette Bashore, Vernetia Crawford. Second row-Paul Brown, Burldean Hileman, James Gary, Eldon Gillespie, Rob- ert Sando, Neil Schlientz, Dale Brown, Robert Bashore. First row-Richard Ross, Doris Dubbs, Hubert Kimmel, Lowell Peffley, Harold Bashore, Edgar Brown, Wilbur Gabbert, Ralph Schlechty, John Gillespie. QBperetta One of the most important musical events of the year was the operetta, "The Toreadorsj' by Otis Carrington, which was given in the school auditorium March 21, by a selected cast of High School students. Helen Hill and Vernetia Crawford were outstanding in their sing- ing, and were ably supported by Myron Toohey and Stephen Gary, their lovers. Due to the illness of Gerald Wright, Myron Toohey sub- stituted for him. For the same reason Mr. Owen filled Ralph Hill's part as the wealthy farmer. The splendidperformance was due to the time and effort of the entire cast spent in trying to make this operetta the best that had even been given here- The success of the production was greatly enhanced by the fascinating Spanish dancers and the humorous bull fight between the false toreadors, Lloyd Brown and Harold Howell. D1lQOQOQOQU.0Q iQ! Q1 ul QIVQUQC QUC 1 fin .4 QI QI QUQVQ QllQllQOQOQOQODl For 9 2' 6 E. l Q I Q ! ! l l I l l l l l J:- rioicnjcrjs-joievjcsjojoiojcrisnioic 24' fo- --- -- -- - - -- -- -- -- - -H-U arm emi -1- -1-1 - --- --- ------W 0 50 F bn iffy jfuture jfarmets of Qmerira Fourth row, left to right-Mr. Wood, teacherg Charles Overbeck, Raymond Deacon, Myron Drew, Buryl Wehrley, George Burns, William Hans, Lloyd Brown. Third row-Wilson Dubbs, Donald Townsend, Robert Basho1'e, Ellsworth Slorp, Donald Stump, Hershel Hicks, Raymond Royer, Ray Hill. Second row-Ralph Drew, Harold Peden, Dale Coblentz, Robert Drew, Lowell Emerick, Elza Sinks, Ralph Beatty, Eugene Hetzler. First row-Clarence Crickmore, Kenneth Flatter, Herbert Alexander, Carl Hindsley, Herbert Hans, Keith Slorp, Robert Crawford, Sheldon Hoff, Robert Oda. The Future Farmers of America is the national organization of students enrolled in vocational agriculture. Our local charter was granted by the Ohio Association of Future Farmers on November 12, 1929. This is a young but growing organization whose purpose is to pro- mote vocational agriculture, to create and nurture a love for country life, to encourage recreational and educational activities for vocational students, to strengthen 'the farm boy in himself and his Work and to promote scholarship. .A boy has the opportunity to pass four distinct degrees if he meets the requirements. These degrees are 111 Green Handg 125 Future Farmer, 135 State Farmer, and Q43 American Farm- er. This year we are nominating four boys for the State Farmer De- gree. One of the requirements of being a Future Farmer is to have a satisfactory home project. This has tended to raise the standard of projects already in that more certified seed and registered livestock are being secured each year for the project work to say nothing about the farm accounts that are being carried extra. - -1- -- ---- H ----- -0- 1930 -3--1---x-W - --------M --1--W P11020 1101011 10:4 x1cx11n:ojo14xjoj1n14ri4v1o11x1o14x1cni1ni1r:4x1amzarj1xioioioioioin w1o:o1o14x14n1o1o11njo1o:o:4r14v11r:4x:4r1o14x1e114 0 0.0 D1 DUDUQ 3, 3202! DQ IQ IQ PQUQUQO QOQOQUQ IQUQ Q PQ lQ0Q0,0Q0Q0,'pa I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I gf' ,fti o"g5 i 60 M SC Y Qgricultural Qnapsbuts The Vocational Agriculture Department was started in the summer of 1927 by our present teacher, W. B. Wood. Vocational Agriculture in the United States was made possible by the passage of the Smith-Hughes Act by Congress in 1917 pro- viding a sum of 53,100,000 to be spent annually in agricultural education work. The list of activities of our department as shown below will indicate the nature of the work conducted by the Vocational Department. I-Our class room work. 2. Exhibits at County Fairs. 1 1. IBQ hour periods daily. 3. Exhibits at State Fairs. Q 2' Fleld trlpsj IV-Judging Contest. i 3. Home projects. 1. Local judging' i II-Community Service. 2. County judging contests. - 1. Seed corn testing. 00,000 earsj 3. Sectional judging contests. I 2. Community spraying. f1,10O gal.J 4. State judging contests. I 3' ljoultry Clfluiljg' 00000 hens, V-Short courses fevening classesj. l 4' heed puirc asmg' , 1. Classes for adults Q1 a yr.J I 5. Purchasing registered livestock. 2. Classes for men 16-25 yrs. ctwoy I 6. Securing baby chlcks. I u l 7. Canada Thistle Control. VI-County wide Voc. Agri. Program. 8. Rope Splicing. 1. Pest war fwar on noxious pestsl. I 9. Pest eradication. fLice, rats, etc.j 2- Oratofiical Contest Hater a 10. Soil testing. sect1onal.contestJ. l 3. County agriculture club meetings. III-Fair Exhibits- 4. Agriculture basket ball. 1. School and Community Fairs. QNO games lost in 1929,30,. 3 In our judging contests, we have won our sha1'e of first places. We won fourth 1 place in the State General Livestock Judging Contest held last summer at Ohio State I University. The team members were Wilson Dubbs, Robert Crawford and Sheldon I Hoff. Raymon Deacon represented our department in the Oratorical Contest and I won third place. I 2 if 103014 if 103: 211111 1011 10101 1 Iriiviflitrivivioivivvioif 301011 303.92 Fifty-one 0:01 0:0 F :oiui-rio:-11uzuiuiuiuiwznz-:zu 11411111,imvia:inrimriviniuiniucbui -E 5 W 0 far ff rye, -.,-.,-.,-.,...,-.,-.,...,-.,-..-.,-.,-,,-.-.,. 1930 .-.....-..-..-.,-.,-.,-.....,-......-.,...,-.,... iffy-two 1 Q n Q i l I I E ! I i Q20 5010119101011r:o1o1mr:cnjoicx:4rjojoio1mv11xi1rj1r1rxi1n11rC 9:0 110101-nioinioloiexjojoifrisrifrjoinnixriariwnjojcxisnicxjaxioixvjoje -mmm----mm--mmwwfwmmmwm---------- Zbnme QEcunon1icsu7Beparnnrnt Fourth row, left to right-Mary Ketring, Elizabeth Mikesell, Miss Hess, teacherg Mrs. Snyder, assistant :Esther Hill, Laveria Cox, Violet Harter. Third row-Edna Carothers, Hilda Murray, Inez Billhimer, Pauline Nisonger, Ruth Bowman, Mary Emma Allen. Second row-Dorothy Straker, Carrie Rose, Edith Bowers, Maxine Brighten- stine, Faye Bosworth, Thalia Harter. . First row-Lucille Burns, Helen Roark, Dorothy Olt, Goldie Wichael, Margaret Wilt, Wanda Howell, Juanita Wilt. Did somebody say, "What have the Home Economics Girls done this year?"' Well, here is a little inside dope for you and don't let anybody tell you differently. Let's first take the Freshmen. We can't exactly say green in this case for here is what they have shown us they can do: Plan a menu of any sort-breakfast, luncheon or dinner, and actually make out the grocery order, cook it, serve it, and last but not least, eat it. They not only eat, but also observe the rules of etiquette while enjoying the food. That's proof enough, don't you think? So take your choice for a good cook. Now for the Sophomores. Why think of it--they have made for themselves in this short school year a complete outfit, besides each one making a study of their own particular type, getting a general know- ledge of colors and styles best suited to themselves. "11"""'CD zsag mV1"" . :: SDSL., '41 1-fwlrisw gps...-U, '-:C rv- E-"M ... H53 mis.-l lion? sfsgw mr-4.-Eff-r seas? 5-C, 5.4-1- itcgpmff U, ... gessm U' 555'-gc fbfpfbv-gm-r Szqmg Nia-SUE' ZCIAOO5' mO'UCrf- ,.. CD""4 :Wm 0 xml'-' faves m U'v-f- 4-v-n:i31r'D':S 5'Q.sL'1 o costgg 3 mrrn. CDN mn-. -1 "" 5 'Logan wgfeggv 52303 0QcnmO5' G"'c1.3 u-HCDFDCDQ-4 Q. me ...Oo 5 :Cor-r'-" UQE-megs :seam 225215 fl':+-wCPQ.- 02011 ! 2' -w1womm------------ rj4r:1ni4r:1r11rjcri1mjaxj1x14x11 ricwjnicxioioicubcxiaxieliojcricnjcrianjc wa 5 Q 5' 2 'I' ! ! Q I 1 I l l Q 1 i ! arm em -1-----i-1--1----W uwnlp ,msn Presented by the Junior Class of 392111 jlllahisun Zbigb Sshnnl Friday, October 25, 1929 CAST Sheila Thayer, young daughter of an obscure scientist ....,.. .....ReEtta Pickens I Evelyn Thayer, her handsome and ambitious cousin ,,..... .,.,.. P auline O'Dell i Grandma Thayer ..........,.,.........,,..,,..........,.................,.... ,,.......... M ildred Hoff l Lynn Delorme .,..,......,,.,..,.,......,...... ......,.,...............,.,.. ...... . P auline Nisonger l Billie Bainbridge, young American ace ..........,,....,....., , . ,....,. William Hans l Nathan Lansing, a pampered young man of wealth ...... .....,, R aymond Deacon l Sancho de Garcia, young Mexican ....,,..........,.,......., , ,.,.. Robert Hyde Q Dr. Delorme ......,...,i ....,..,.......,,.,...,.....,. .... L l oyd Brown i Miss Finnerty, spinster of 45 ..,, . ,..,..,. Betty Rogers Q oc M 5 The Qlinreahurs l Cast of Characters I Senor Dictorio, wealthy farmer, great admirer of toreadors-Mr. Owen fRalph HillJ i Benita and Juanita, his twin daughters ....,,.......,.......,...., Helen Hill, Vernetia Crawford l Juan and Pablo, admirers of Benita and Juanita .....,..... Stephen Gary, Myron Toohev 1 fGerald Wrightj l Senor Swateo and Senor Whackeo, beggars masquerading as toreadors Brown, Harold Howell 2 Dolores and Maria, friends of Juanita and Benita ,...,.,... .. Mildred Hoff, Inez Billhimer I Dancing Girls S Goldie Wichael Emma Geeting Treva Wills Jeanette Bashore l Mary E. Allen Violet Harter i Virginia Slorp Thalia Harter l Thelma Clem Velma Brown 1 Eugene Lawrence Laveria Cox S Chorus of Girls ...,.. ........ G irls' Choral Club Chorus of Men .,.,... .,.... ...,,....... ............... ...,...., . . B o ys' Glee Club i Director ....,......... ...,.,....,...........,...,....,,..............,..........,...... M iss Janice R. Smith 3 Assistants ....... ....... M iss Katherine Katzenberger and William Schwarzbek 1, 05.14 Q E -. F i 3' e '1 2 a ---- 1930 oi 1 1 io: ri ilivirioioioinioiz 1101011020 iioioiuiuioioiaxioioic 114 xioioiojcvizvioicrjavioioisxioif 10104 rjoioioioioinioioimix 0:0 Grains QL-Xyagibzm. -f?"'J-ina, 4-Z xx 94" :SLN I 'G ' ff 55453 Fiflyffiuf xzox- 1101: nz nz-1 11111111 xo n2o:n2oi414::1ng:1o1 11111411030 5 Eighth, Grabs g Fourth Row, left to right: Mr. Owen, Teacher, Bud Martin, Ruth Anna Duffield, l Lois Hill, Kathleen Flatter, Lucille Wright, Esther Banta, Helen Alexander, Nettie i Drew, Wilson Johnston. i Third Row:-Dorotha Conover, Florence Hartman, Lucille Worch, Ruth Crom- I well, Frances Emrick, Lova Martin, Helen Schlechty, Monna Rexrode, Walter Drew. Second Row:-Mary Catherine Ward, Frances Snyder, Mary Riegle, Adah Rice, Agnes Teaford, Buryldean Hileman, Weaver Noggle, Kenneth Baumgardner, Dale I Brown. 1 i First Row:-John Gillespie, Lester Hollinger, Paul Brown, Dale Karn, Robert i Miller, Earnest Hindsley, Dale Broadstock, Willard Sullenbarger, Edgar Brown. i ' OUR FOURTEEN AIMS 2 1. To invest our time-not just spend it. l 2. To play for the sake of the game-not for the score. l 3. To accept defeat without making excuses. l 4. To attain victory without boasting. 2 5- To use our influence to improve conduct at inter-school contests. Q 6. To appreciate good music and to learn to produce it- I 7. To seek to understand why laws are made, and then obey them. I 8. To Work for world peace. I 9. To learn what is going on in other countries as well as our own. i 10. To respect public property. I 11. To work willingly with other groups of school and community. l 12. To keep our building clean and neat. 13. To use-not abuse-our privileges- I 14. To prove to the community that the money spent for our school is Q an investment-not a liability. Q E 1:1901 :xi Z 1 2 xiuigioiuioq 0101 in-1 1:30311 1 1:11 111030115 I Fifty-num Q rj1x1cx1cr1o10:oioioj4bjavio11bio:o1cr14x1wrjoxuiniox adn xii14rim1101:r:4:o1o1oimxj1n14x1oio14r1cr:axj4r:4ri1r1rxj1x:ri1x:4x11x11 V' D1 O20 I I behentb Grabs Third Row, left to right-Mrs. Koons, teacher, Charles Sink, Irvin Pipenger, William Noggle, Neil Schlientz, Keith Max. Second Row--Glen Brown, Lowell Flatter, Opal Martin, Norma Hill, Mac Rex- rode, Wilbur Gabbert, Hubert Kimmel. First Row-Martha Jane Noggle, Leah Mae Lipps, Kathryn Sinks, Mildred De- Camp, Helen Emrick, Hazel Alexander. As leaves collected in the hollow of the grove, we are assembled. With but four of us, Wilbur, Norma, Leah Mae and Kathryn having spent their entire school lives here, we now are twenty-one. Keith has been with us except the last half of his first year, and the last half of his fourth year. The first year of Hubert's work was done in Butler township. Mac entered from Monroe, Preble, in the second grade. Helen came from Greenville in the third grade. Martha came from Braffettsville in the same grade. Neil and Opal joined us in this grade from Lebanon, Ohio, and Harrison township, respectively. William started here but left us and again joined our class in the fourth grade. Hazel came from Harrison township the same year. Kenneth entered while in the fifth grade from Eaton, Ohio. Earl came from Brookville in the sixth grade, also Mildred, having previously been a member of our class, rejoined us but left in February of the present year, to enter Palestine school. Glen came here from Monroe, Darke, in the same year. In the present grade we recived Lowell, Charles and Irvin- The first two came from New Paris, and Irvin from Palestine, though he started his school in Nashville, Tennessee. All are enthusiastic basketball players. The boys with their six- foot-one center enjoy defeating the eighth grade team. With half of them under size, the girls play a real game. "Though they come and go, yet we are seven! Fifty-eight -- ---- - ---- 1- mm emi - --- --- - --------,--- -- rjcozo rioiojoioioioioioia 11014 11010101110111010101110111107110:4rioioioqnoiojoioioioifx:o:ojo1o:oio1o:o:o:oj4 0:0 ! I I I I I I I I I I I I I I A P' I9 OJ O I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0:0 90101014 02911011rixrierj:111:ifwif:jfxii111rioi1vie:jcnicniewifni:rioicxicvicriwriojojfniarinnqboioifrjarifrioiinjfriexx:xioioiojoicrirnjoinniojoioinniocozo ! E 5ixtiJ Grabs Fourth Row, left to right-Miss Ebberts, teacherg Maurice Lowman, Glenn Har- ter, Mary Karns, Virginia Gary, Marguerite Sanderson, Dale Brown. Third Row-Velma Billhimer, Ruth Spitler, Lowell Toohey, Robert Sando, Joseph Hendrix, Gerald Burns, James Gary. Second Row-Eldon Gillespie, John Fisherback, Frederick Roberts, Robert Eley, Charles Peden, Clarence Broadstock, Lowell Peffley. First Row-Helen Ward, Virginia Burns, Helen Mull, Mildred McGlothin, Harry Wald, Richard Ross, Ralph Schlechty, Harold Bashore, Mabel Hale-absent. In September of the year nineteen hundred and twenty-nine our class came together with twenty-eight members, nineteen boys and nine girls with Miss Ebberts as our teacher. One of the girls was a new student, Mabel Hale from Kentucky. VVe were glad to welcome her into our class and she soon became one of our best friends. Two weeks later Marguerite Sanderson entered but she stayed only two months. Norma Necessary then entered and made our enrollment twenty-nine. Although we are not very old, we take part in all school activities. Eight of our boys are members of the School Band. Miss Janice Smith is our music teacher. We also have seven pupils in the orchestra. All of our interests are not academic. We have had several parties this year, at Hallowe'en, St. Valentine's Day and we also had a surprise party for Miss Ebberts on her birthday- During the basket ball season we had a team with Ralph Schlechty as captain and we now have a base ball team with Robert Eley as captain. We have enjoyed this year very much and while we all hope to be members of the Junior High next year, we shall still remember the sixth grade. Fifty-ni' --- mm owl 0--1---------1 ------ - -1-- --'- 1930 -------- - -------- - -- - --- v11vj1n:cvj4njo14rio1cxjo11xj1r1o1oj1x1o:4nio:cv:cni4nicioiojcozo 14 x1oio:o11:cr11rio1cn14r:4n1cri1nj1x14r:1ri4n11s14n1o11rj41c E 0:0 of 901:vie11:1101111-vioxxri:rioioiojojcxiojoioioxnriixicxic xiozozoioioioioioiojixjoioioioxoioiexioiuifrioioioioioioinc i ! D ! ! l i u ! u ! ! ! 5 ! A F-' 0 O0 O ! ! u u ! ! u ! u u ! u u 1 S ixly 9 l10eO ,i 'U l in Jfifth Grabs Fourth Row, left to right-Miss Hawes, teacherg James Mills, Margie Rexrode, Doris Deacon, Ruth Vietor, Herbert Hetzler, Deloris Lee. Third Row-Myron Emerick, Rose Anna Howell, Paul Rogers, Charles Bowers, Harold Alexander, John Noggle, Joseph Eliker, Keith Emerick. Second Row-Kenneth Oler, Harold French, Ray Hindsley, Donald Sullenbarger, Earl Lawrence, Lowell Spitler, Delbert Wilt, June Hill. First Row-Dorothy Inloe, Joan Hodgin, Verda Harter, Doris Dubbs, Katherine Lipps. Joanna Thomas, Mary Ellen Monroe, Edith Martin. In the fall of nineteen hundred twenty-nine, there were thirty-one pupils enrolled in the fifth grade. Elma Lease withdrew at the end of two weeks to enter school at Dayton. Mary Ellen Monroe withdrew later to enter school at Upland, Indiana. Kenneth Rose, of Richmond and Carrie Bryne, of Greenville, both entered this spring. We have had much practice in salesmanship. We have sold tick- ets, mottoes and seeds. Harold French won the fountain pen awarded to the one who sold the most tickets for "The Worthy Vagabond." Besides academic work, social good times and philanthropic work, our class has been represented in athletics of the elementary grades. We have a basket ball team with Paul Rogers, captain, a boys' base ball team with "Bud" Wilt, captain, and a girls' basket ball team with June Hill, captain. We have been rather unfortunate in our games, but we are still hoping. Our year, as a whole, has been successful and we trust that the following years will end just as favorably as this one. - --3---J asm emu -----,--.--- ---- --- - jfuurtb Grabs Fourth Row, left to right-Miss Bashore, teacherg Eudora Drill, Paul Banfill, Clay Burns, Gilbert Banta, Kenneth Brown, Carl Beatty, Charles Riegle. Third Row-Harold Banfill, Addie Broadstock, Jasper Emerick, Paul Karn, Dwane McGlothin, Joe Miller, Margaret Eubank. Second Row-Glen Hendrix, Clyde Crickmore, Joe Bosworth, Donald Snyder, Howard Mull, Elsie Duckwall, Richard Eley, Roderic Lowman. First Row-Charles Gillespie, Mildred Johnston, Ruthanna Falknor, Jean Thomas, Evelyn Dalrymple, Mary Royer, Beatrice Riegle, Clarence Ward. On the second day of September, nineteen hundred twenty-nine, we entered the fourth grade. There were thirty of us. In November Frederick Sink came into our class from New Paris. In February Jose- phine Teaford moved here from Arcanum- Gilbert Banta moved to West Manchester in March. In the same month Marian VVindmiller moved here from Anderson, Indiana, and Elsie Mae Arthur from Mone- roe township, Preble county. We have banking on Tuesday. The largest sum we have banked at one time this year is ten dollars and forty cents. In March we had a surprise party for Miss Bashore on her birth- day. We had refreshments of popcorn and candy, and spent the after- noon in ciphering and spelling- We have three teachers. Our art teacher is Mrs. Overbeck, our music teacher is Miss Smith, and our regular teacher is Miss Bashore. We like all of them very much. I-I ----i arm emi ----- --- - ------ -1---- --- niacin n1cu1ojo1ojojcf1ozo:1njojoiujujc x11v:1r1cnjcf11ni4,11rj1x11.14r11 M11 rioiujfvjclicrjfxicrienjojcrioierjcviojojoicvjcric 1:1114 sic ! l l l ! n 1 ! ! Q l a ! I 9-9 '-9 OJ O ! l ! ! l ! n ! ! a ! u Q ! .!. Sixty-one rc 0:0 Q I 2 Ulbirh Grabs i Fourth Row, left to rightQMiss Eley, teacherg Marlene Miller, Ray Ward, Melvin 1 Steck, Ethel Royer, Mary DeCamp, True Hofacker, Norma Rife, Q Third Row-Bessie Coblentz, Richard Fisherback, Marvin Dale Lowman, Roscoe l Vietor, Louis Broadstock, Winona Harter, Mary Noggle, Gerald Teaford, Myron Hill. Q Second Row-Irene Hetzler, Madonna Thomas, Everett Davis, Herbert Ketring, ! Wilma Harter, Ruth Rhodes, Marjorie Ray, Joe Franklin Brown, Donald Butts. Q First Row-Marvin Gabbert, Scott French, Glennis Simmons, Donald Berrey, I Paul Ross, Lloyd Alexander, Joe Lipps, Elsie Mae Monroe, Lowell McGlothin, Clark l Burns. l We entered school in September nineteen hundred twenty-nine a Q happy and care-free group. But after school began in earnest our cares Q were many and great. Of course, they were not burdensome cares, Q because We like our studies. I We are a very delicate class, and the first week of school We were Q greatly afflicted by the poison-ivy from our play ground. We were Q very courageous, however, and carried on, even though our eyes were I nearly swollen shut- i Then came the small-pox scare, and we were again tortured with Q sore arms and bodies. We could stand the misery though, since we I had so much peace of mind. Now, you see our teacher was afraid to Q shake us or administer any kind of punishment for fear of hurting the Q sore arms. Q l We are the largest class on the first floor, having an enrollment of I thirty-six, We started out with thirty-five, then lost two girls, but they Q were replaced by two more girls and one boy. i In spite of all our troubles we have had very good times together, Q and will be sorry to see the year close. O:O10QOD0iC Q11 QlQ1i4lQOQ0ii QUQKPQUC UQ! QUQI illQ1Q1QOQOQIQ4Q1QIlQOQl Sixly-two --0 asm emi ------ --r--,--------W ----------- --- --- ----- -0- 1930 ,---- ---1- --------i-i--- -f-,----- -- "1 -1-----1 acne emi ----1-1---- - -- -1- - ------M Sfecnnh grabs Third Row, left to right-Mrs. Overbeck, teacher, Warren Wogoman, Glen Rite, Robert Windmiller, Gene Sarver, Howard Deacon, Betty Hofacker, Earl Buhrman, Donald Royer. Second Row-Ralph Flatter, Dorothy Noggle, Robert Mull, Mabel Wogoman, Raymond Martin, Clarence Karn, Kenneth Hetzler, Leon Pence, Harley Alexander, First Row-Ruthanna Hill, Donna Barnhart, Jeanette Lawrence, Junior Johnson, Mary Schlechty, Donald Brown, Harry Mills, Marcella Straker, Eugene Burkett. Helen Louise Flaig fabsentl Eighteen boys and nine girls entered the second grade in Septem- ber. During the year Mabel and Warren Wogoman moved to Dayton and Gene Sarver to Preble county, where he now attends Monroe town- ship school. In March Francis Byrne from Greenville, Jennie Hileman of Richmond, and Wilma Brewer from Greenville township were en- rolled. Miss Smith teaches music here each morning. The pupils are learning to read notes from their books. Every Monday afternoon the pupils join in the story plays and rhythmics given through the School of the Air. These are directed by Miss Alma Ruhmschussel of Dayton, Ohio. There are no poor spellers in this class because they have so many teachers. Miss Bashore, Miss Eley, Miss Ebberts and Miss Hawes each teach second grade spelling one day of the week. The work has not been so hard that the girls and boys counld not grow. The chart recording the monthly weights shows that each is at least one inch or more taller and several pounds heavier than when first weighed last September. 10:0 aioioinioiojc -11-101011-jc u1o1o1v194 rin: nioioiojf viujoioioioioioiojoioic Sf' -. X E C 2 0.0 be rc 0:9 b11ri1r1cn14r1cr:4x1cn:1x14r:4xi1 114 :if xio1o1o1ojo:o11 nirimrznjfvicxjairxirixnicxiciqvxrifrjcxiscn nioje xioiojoioxoioioio 0:0 ,first Grabs Fourth row, left to right-Miss Minnich, teacherg Robert Mitchell, John King, Elmer Beatty, Merl Davis, Harold Ward, George Royer, Howard Alexander. Third row-Ernest Hollinger, Walter Monroe, Leonard J. Emerick, Harold Lee Creech, Junior Falknor, Donald Eley, Robert Ward, Lowell DeWayne Thomas. Second row-Vernedia Byers, Vera Timmons, Betty Ann Lipps, Donna Jean Reck, Lucille Crickmore, Waldo Royer, Earl Schlechty, Betty Thomas, Altha Karn, Wallace Monroe. First row-Ruth Deacon, Helen Louise VanOrmer, June Sarver, Marjorie Kim- mel, Pauline Brawley, Doris Hill, Betty Snyder, Mildred Aileen Riegle, Annabel Broadstock. On April the fifth, nineteen hundred twenty-nine, invitations were sent out to thirty boys and girls to spend the following Wednesday as guests of the teacher and pupils of the first grade. When the day ar- rived twenty-six of the children responded to the invitations and camo to spend the day at the schoolhouse, thus getting for many of them their first glimpse of school life. They were entertained with songs, games and lessons, and when school closed for the day they went home anx- ious for the time to come when they should return to begin their school career. This time arrived on the second day of September nineteen hun- dred twenty-nine, when thirty-three pupils entered the first grade. Work and play began that first day and has continued to progress very nicely throughout the entire year. Besides the regular school subjects, instruction in music was given by Miss Janice Smith. -----M -----'-- -1- --I-N 1930 f--.--0-- ---- U- 1- ,-- -1 --- Sixty-four 1--1----- ---1 arm emi - -- --- ---- --- - --- Britt . n ,p . N 1 ' Vu, - 4 I I! 3" . . ". F f Q. 1 7 . 'Q' 1 ' gf. 5151. 51, '21 .Elf 43 ' Tait M- 'A' . . -. fi 1' ffl, lub: -4'. ,J ' 'P 1' - --, Qfifrf fi 1+F',"H J L 1 . ' " WJ: 'P "F 4 ." .i,3g'. ,I ,Wi -. 52 -' I 1 f gg '21 I. fx . Ek -Q 4' 'gf .ig 'slll'1i1.." ' 2 1 fi Pg til: . v'! A L.-1 "g I 53.1 ,fi Pg :fy 'NQ '-1,1 , Y we fi fl I Eflflrx, IZ: 3- -.Y .elzvly af , L, 5 , .Q Liu-,- g -2 ' .M ,, , J I 1 , 19- -51 ""' 5 'J' .xr ' . 2.3 ' f"F' . -1 - ,! in 2?-+ ' ' 1 1 I , .wi ,1..gI'L .Mill 4 ,, It v I A 3 .ii W , "lit-N-21 34 . -11 if 'f' .wr z-If f ' , W ffl if gig . -if l h... 1 N - - , fqkgii v "1 j f '- a 5. 1.1, 9:'.?:p', . Q 1 g fi rg, 35, E, LJ f 'W ..V 'f .Q -,Q 5 Q f 1 3 AV, , 'vii 'iff' - Q ' mn X. ' QA , -1 I 4 . . ,vf y L, ,lj ' 5'-u1 E4 f"f"Eq' i "1 J ' ,',. ,,:, 3 X A. . Wm, .. L 'QJL5-5H'a-.FEL 5 lg - , gil' iv F. V 4 ' fi 1 , :Kr ' ' , -- :gr 4 , 3 .54-x, A .V . 1 A ' x A ,V k. 2 Qi- f' I .- 1 ' ,. 1 ., I 5 " 5' 'li.?"V. 4 Y 5' 'f - 1 ,., x, ,V L' QL.- V. . ,. .QA xv ,+ 1 1 sl I -4 - I J - . ' 2' . r ', . I 'r Q " ,i . 1... S M, A " - h i. -.s-iw fi-hi'-3 gf Q, , V. ,v i gk -gh ., xf'L: .gq,l:A . , . ' 11: vu- - V if w-A-4 4 'iz' 55V-1,6 , ' ,fij fai jx . 1 Q gl ' 1 . , ' , :-f, Q , Bffvl a ' , , I H 3 5 img., V . ' 4 03101011rifnjwvjfrjcrierioixrjcxicvinsievixvjexifnjsnjcvifxinioioiojoiojojoi sq x njvjoifx1mr1cn11vi.rj1r11xj1nicv:1xj1r:1rjoioiuioiojoioiodbzb Qlumm CLASS OF 1895 Roscoe Beetley, 424 Euclid Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana. CLASS OF 1897 Harry Fulkerson, Eldorado, Ohio. Edna Hecker, New Madison, Ohio. Owen Loofbourrow, 405 South 14th St., Richmond, Ind. Eddie Eubanks fDeceasedD. Vangie Loofbourrow, East Hall, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Cecile Whitley fHarterJ, Mays, Indiana. Homer Loofbourrow, Chisholm, Minnesota. CLASS OF 1898 Maud Coblentz fWarnerJ, Greenville, Ohio, R. R. 8. Amzi Miller, Custer, Michigan. Harry Collins, New Paris, Ohio. Frank Ray, New Madison, Ohio. Clifton Smelker, New Madison, Ohio. CLASS OF 1899 Charles Billman, New Paris, Ohio, R. R. Earl Thomas, 730 Ravenswood Drive, Evansville, Indiana. CLASS OF 1900 William H. Brown, New Madison, Ohio. Olive Miller fVan Meterj, 417 Bennett St., Bridgeport, Ohio. Sumner Loofbourrow, 2242 Buxton Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. Roy Smelker, New Paris, Ohio. Charles Wright, New Madison, Ohio. CLASS OF 1901 Marie Blair fLowe1lJ, 1046 Washington St., Jaynesville, Wisconsin. George Duckwall, Eldorado, Ohio. Martha Gill, 3625 Kenwood Ave., Indianapolis, Indiana. . Ralph Thomas, Painsville, Ohio. Chalmer Coblentz 1DeceasedJ. Mamie Davis 1SharlockJ, 6357 S. California Ave., Chicago, Illinois. May Slorp, 337 Pursell Ave., Dayton, Ohio. CLASS OF 1902 Mable Thomas 1Reidi, Painesville, Ohio, R. R. 5. Rheba Murray fSpensleyJ, 400 East Church St., Oxford, Ohio. Carrie Shriver fHawkeyJ QDeceasedJ. Charles Judy, 4808 Goethe Ave., Lewis, Missouri. Forest Coates Ernest Minton, 129 Asher St., Lafayette, Indiana. Ola Wright CSladeJ CDeceasedJ. CLASS OF 1903 Otto Downing, 123 N. 16th Street, Richmond, Indiana. Cloda Hageman fDufIieldJ, New Madison, Ohio. Roy Murray, New Madison, Ohio. Laura Davis QHillJ, 61 Store Ave., Telham, N. Y. Fanny Kelley fSlorpD, New Madison, Ohio. Hallie Miller fMuhlemanJ, 507 South Lincoln Ave., Bridgeport, O. Anna Wright fLytlej fDeceasedJ. fill! i010i1'l 010101 li0l010Q"Q0.0QOQ1Ii0l1lQOQ4 Sixryese ! GI fa' 6 E ! i l i l D l l l i l l l I 'I' f: -Q o :a 'o' - --- 1- ---- ----- -----I-W leso ----I: 2 - I : --:- :--- 2 --- viuinivxiuiuiniui 1: 1. if Quin ini 11111 101 1021xiniuiuiuiuian W. H. STUTZ, J. E. SANDO We Employ a Lady Attendant and Assistant Embalmer CALLS ANSWERED DAY OR NIGHT Ambulance Service To or From Any Home or Hospital All New Equipment-NU-3 Way Funeral Coach, Two New Studebaker Ambulances XVIII HAVI1: oIflflCliS AT NEW MADISON, OHIO ARCANUM, OHIO PITSBURG, OHIO Phone 16 Phone 22 Arcanum Laura, Ohio We Carry a Full Line ol Furniture, Rugs, Stoves and Linoleums ,,-AT,, NEW MADISON and ARCANUM Q2-Z TUTZ 81 SANDO h 1 10:1 0 0.0 Z4 -if mvimciwimrxfri 111111-ic 19101111 1 not 050310111 llili Pliliilliillili 1 ll 5101! if i Yilllfliiili QCli010QOQ010i0li 0:5 U , Q CLASS OF 1904 I i Harley Billman, Westerville, Ohio. I l Chalmer Harter, New Madison, Ohio. Corrine Flaig QMickJ fDeceasedJ. I 3 John A. Phillips, 708 W. Walnut St., Kokomo, Indiana. I Q CLASS OF 1905 I i Irene Jones QSnyderJ, New Madison, Ohio. i Q Jennie Ray QNoggleJ, 1833 Coventry Road, Dayton, Ohio. l Q George Thomas, 205 N. Homewood Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Lola Lawrence, Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. I I Austin Smelker, Richmond, Indiana, R. R. 2. I I George Smelker CDeceasedJ. I I Herman H. Thomas, 3116 S. Hardwood St., Dallas, Texas. Q I Harter Wheeler, 516 N. Broadway, Greenville, Ohio. l I Merlie Shumaker QC0blentzJ, New Madison, Ohio. I 1 Claude Ullom, Springfield, Ohio. i I cLAss OF 1906 Q I Irene Coblentz QKimmelJ, New Madison, Ohio. I I Charles Dowler, Calodina St., La Cross, Wisconsin. i I John Duffield, New Madison, Ohio. l 1 Dorsey Hill, 79 Como St., Columbus, Ohio. I Q Lodema McFarland fTeegardenJ, 47 Norwood Ave., Albany, N. Y. A Pearl Duckwall QMcG1'if'fJ, Arcanum, Ohio, R. R. I I Warren Dufiield, New Madison, Ohio. I I Denzil Hill, New Madison, ohio. Q I Bertha Taylor QNixonJ, Arcanum, Ohio. i 2 CLASS OF 1908 I - Edith Banks fShelleyJ, New Madison, Ohio. I I Edgar Coblentz, New Madison, Ohio. I I Grover Hughes, Youngstown, Ohio. I I Codrus Brown, Elkhart, Indiana. I I Walter Collins, 267 Oadmount Ave., Hartwell, Cincinnati, Ohio. I William Hollinger, New Lebanon, Ohio. I Florence Thomas fCookJ, 4943 Butter Worth Pl., Washington, D. C I I cLAss or-' 1909 I I Madge Brawley QDeac0nJ, New Madison, Ohio. I I Walter Downing, 421 E. Market St., Washington Court House, Ohio I I Elsie Eliker, 1000 Huffman Ave., Dayton, Ohio. i I Charles Kimmel, New Madison, Ohio. 5 Rosa Crawford fHowellJ, New Madison, Ohio. Edith Ebberts QHarrisonJ, Eldorado, Ohio. I Hallie Harter QHowellJ, New Madison, Ohio. I I Letha Mages QDenneyJ, 714 South 12th St., Richmond, Indiana. I I Joseph Ray, 310 Acton Road, Columbus, Ohio. Q cLAss OF 1910 I Raymond Hill, New Madison, Ohio. I I Herschel Nisonger, 146 E. Lake View, Columbus, Ohio. I Q Pearl Thomas, New Madison, Ohio. i I CLASS OF 1911 I Arthur Brown, Bloomington, Ohio. I Edna Darland fUngrichtJ, Richmond, Indiana. Q Q Theodore Eley, Union City, Ohio. I l 1 2 ozaboioioioioioi nnuroiuiu 10: si:--90101 I 0:01011 if 1014 301 nic 1o1o1o:oio:coQ Sixty-ni Yh' 0 1: U30 1:51 110141141io:o1411r1141io14v111:411f11c1i11j11:41i41:w11411o11 110101011 01011 vioioirriojoiox 11o:411o:o1:11411a1:f11o111:111u1o:411: 01 95,11 ., . c Q, H: 13 111 2111111 110101411 241141 The 292111 211111113 3121211 2 1 311: Glumpliments -OF THE- jfarmrrs State Eank ,iaetn jlillahisnn, QBDDJ Compliments To the Class of 1930 E. F. PRICE Department Store PHONE 34 NEW Munson, on-no 1412411 Hello World! Do You Enjoy Having a Good Store in a Goocl Community Owned by Home Folks? Yours for Prosperity S A V 0 NA S T 0 R E 4134114 11113 1o1111o1ui11io1 3 If1101111o1cx:1ri4r11ricxi4x11x1sx11r11n1oi11jo14nj1r11r1014n71v1'0 0:01011rio1o:njn1oj1n11ri1r11sj1r11sjo:cioj4ni4n11r1cni11i4x14x11 1- ------- --A---M mm emi ---- ----1 -------------W -. 101111 Charlie Flaig, St. Paris, Ohio. Q Edgar Hageman QDeceasedl. Horace King fDeceasedJ. i Russell Reynolds, Hagerstown, Indiana. Q Lydia Collins CNoggleJ, 143 Decker Ave., Dayton, Ohio. i Ralph Duckwall, New Madison, ohio. Q Glen Eubanks, 408 Corwin Ave., Hamilton, Ohio. I Lena Flaig, Leland Ave., Dayton, Ohio. D Diller Howell, New Madison, Ohio. i Wallace Smelker, 1643 Coruia Ave., Columbus, Ohio. Everett Trittschuh, Lewisburg, Ohio. l Stanley Kimmel, New Madison, Ohio. g CLASS OF 1912 i Earl Broadstock, New Madison, Ohio. I Olive Duckwall fCoovertJ, New Paris, Ohio. i Raymond Farst, Hollansburg, Ohio. Leroy Farst iDeceasedJ. I Edwin Hollinger, Clovis, New Mexico. l Mary Hyatt fLewisJ, 3236 Wanderview Drive, Dayton, Ohio. i Lova Mikesell QBartonJ, New Paris, Ohio. Harry Mikesell, New Madison, Ohio. Ruben Sellman, Urbana, Ohio. I Martha Hollinger, England. i cLAss OF 1913 I Edna Smelker fHaldermanJ, Columbia Station, Ohio, R. R. 2. I Edna Ebberts fBarkalowJ, Germantown, Ohio, R. R. D Geraldine Eley fMcLearJ, Arcanum, Ohio, R. R. I Conover Gabbert, New Madison, Ohio. l Merlie Hileman fWolfD, 509 Northern Springfield, Ohio. I Harry Hoff, Westerville, Ohio, R. R. I Paul C. King, New Madison, Ohio. 1 Edgar Loofbourrow, New Madison, Ohio. Q Ruth Nossett fDowningJ, New Madison, Ohio. Q Jonas Royer, Greenville, Ohio. i CLASS OF 1914 Q Edwin Eley, 315 Iona St., New Orleans, La. I Ralph Nisonger, 1189 Wildwood Ave., Dayton Ohio. Q John Sawyer, Box 357, R. R. 1, Long Beach, California. l Albert Smelker fUnknownJ. i Paul Brown, Spring Valley, Dayton, Ohio. I Everett Thomas, New Paris, Ohio. Cicero Hudson, 60 Buttles Ave., Columbus, Ohio. I Edgar May, Defiance, Ohio. i Helen Ray fHamiltonJ, 1804 Coventry Ave., Dayton, Ohio. l Faye McCabe fTrittschuhJ, Lewisburg, Ohio. I Irene Griffin fArmacostJ, Hollansburg, Ohio. . Garnet Hoff fStaufferl, Savona, Ohio. I Mary Flatter fGoodyearJ, New Madison, Ohio. I Earl Mikesell fDeceasedl. Sibyl Loofbourrow fBowenJ, 854 Lecona Drive, Cleveland, Ohio. 2 cLAss or 1915 1 Ruby Wilt fAdamsJ, 1821 Martin Ave., S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. I Clifford Branson, 108 N. Park Ave., Tucson, Arizona. I 2 vioiciifviwwiruicriuvirrifvioilu nioiuioioif imrixmifriwianiuiixrgcnjcvifbzt Seventy-one --i arm emi ---.-.-.-.-K-.-.-..-,-.,-. Qlungrzriulaiinns tu the Glass nf 1935! 2'-C55 giiizrrtins' Bragg Shire Neiu Jiilzxhiz-1111, flmiin The Miami Granite and Marble Co. Opposite Forest Hill Cemetery Piqua, Ohio The Best of Memorial Craftmanship it 102131 1 fra 1:3 mini: 1:1 241101 1930 To time Students of New Madison, Ohio IAIIDKY Look into the future, but look with an eye that does not fear. Insurance - Safeguarding your property interest gives you peace of mind in the days to come. Insure in Sure Insurance Thomas Insurance Agency NEW MADISON, OHIO 112111010102 1:3165 1 in 2 1 1114 bzorioioioioiojoifrjojoiojoi1xjfni1rjo14xj1r:cxi1r1oj1n1oi1r1mxjoian11rio:-:qs xloininioil rinjfxioioiuioiojfniojuioiojojoinjnizxq Q Jesse Chrismer, West Manchester, Ohio. William Flaig, New Madison, Ohio. Byron King, 'fo Guardian Trust Co., Cleveland, Ohio. Charles Mote, cfv National City Bank N. Y., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America. Clara Nossett QEdwards3, Winchester, Indiana. Mary Nyswonger, 561-4th St., Arcade, Dayton, Ohio. Ruth Royer fBrowerl fDeceasedJ. Obed Wagner, Greenville, Ohio. CLASS OF 1916 Irvin Bolinger, New Madison, Ohio. Merle Brawley fStephensl, New Paris, Ohio, R. R. Elinor Duckwall fStephensl, 33 Calm St., Dayton, Ohio. Elza Gower, Supt. School, Box 26, Plain City, Ohio. Herbert Harter, 1024 W. 2nd St., Dayton, Ohio. Emile Jones QCorderJ, 1656 Preston Ave., Akron, Ohio. Byron Loofbourrow, 2308 Woodward Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Mildred Loofbourrow QBowenJ, 919 South 22nd, New Castle, Ind. Dale Nisonger, 1023 Richmond Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Tresa Royer fMillerJ, North Manchester, Indiana. Paul Stephens, 73 W. Lake View, Columbus, Ohio, CLASS OF 1917 Esther Alexander fDaughertyJ, New Paris, Ohio, R. R. Marie Billman fHoffJ, Westerville, Ohio, R. R. Delbert Dean, 12 Emmitt St., Dayton, Ohio. Edith Duckwall fJonesJ, 137 S. Hedges St., Dayton, Ohio. Cora Ebberts fHenryJ, New Madison, Ohio. Hallie Hoff fNisongerJ, 1023 Richmond Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Velman Lawerance fLoomisJ, 2102 Evelyn Ave., S.W., Cleveland, O. Frank Mages, Vu U. S. Veteran Hospital, Chillicothe, Ohio. Addie Noggle, 324 North A Street, Richmond, Indiana. Byran Noggle, New Madison, Ohio. Mary Noggle QBolingerJ, 1433 Shoop Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Victoria Nyswonger fMoteJ, Laura, Ohio. . Mary Poppaw, New Madison, Ohio. Clarence Snyder, Arcanum, Ohio. Charles Thomas, New Madison, Ohio. Frank Thomas, Butler, Pennsylvania. Josephine Threewits 1Lambl, Amboy, Indiana. Ida Timmons QPiersonJ, New Paris, Ohio, R. R. Russel Wilt, New Madison, Ohio. CLASS OF 1918 Esther Bookwalter, New Madison, Ohio. Cappie Crawford fMcEntireJ, 819 Mulberry St., Kokomo, Ind. Roy Emrick, 125 Ridge Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Orville Funderburg, Eldorado, Ohio. Lester Geeting, Arcanum, Ohio, R. R. 3. Alberta Harter fHimesJ, 59 Sandhurst Drive, Dayton, Ohio. Edgar Hileman, South Eighth St., Richmond, Indiana. Elbert Jones, 195 N. 6th Ave., Columbus, Ohio. Kenneth Low1'y, Westerville, Ohio. Robert McClure, Dayton, Ohio. May Mikesell fSnowJ, Knightstown, Indiana. Ruby Overholser fColeJ, Greenville, Ohio, R. R. .-- arm emi -----.-------------- iilihii i 11 itll!!! 1 Ui! ii il i if ilviilii it iiliiblili itll! Sevemy-rhr 0:0 1111014njo1oj1r14n11j4nj1:4nj1xj4:4i1w11vi4:an14vioi41ax:41o1o1cic mjcx1o1oiojo1vi4 9 2 0.0 bl xc 0:0 x14x1ojoj4x1oiojrr14x1o:ojo14r1oiav1a iq noioioioioioinjr rioiojfrioioimrioioiojarioir 0101011 ijoirrixnioioiojoioioifxirrioi 02014 S I T i i fa fe C ve 5 - -- ------ arm emi ---n--- ---,- ------- - W ,A GASOLINE S Q KER osE1vE 2 5 Mo Tok OILS WINXXX GREASES THE WHITE STAR OIL COMPANY Dependable Products Compliments of your local Veterinarian DR. B. H. CLEM The New Wayne Theatre GREENVILLE, omo HCZTIIC Home of Better Q ,, 731ctures ALWAYS A GOOD PROGRAM We have the new improved 1930 Model Western Electric Sou d System 1930 The Greenville Union Stock Yards Darke County's Cash Live Stock Market Where you receive Packers' pr s on home weights. fNo Waiting,-CNO Guessingb Calves received on Monday and Tues- day, and Friday and Saturday M. O. BAUGHN, Manager PHONE 1011 ' 111030311 1:13 1 ir 2111 1 3 M oivioivbiriiriirioillitlioioioi-110111 0l4i0l0i0i0l1Dl1!Q1DllDQlDl0Qli1Pi . I Ruth Pyle fFrymanJ, Dayton, Ohio. I I Hazel Smith fTrissellJ, Greenville, Ohio. I I Velma Swinger QPerryJ, New Madison, Ohio. I Harold Viets, 2517 E. 3rd St., Dayton, Ohio. I I CLASS OF 1919 I Margaret Brown QKohlerJ, Arcanum, Ohio. I Byron Threewits, Union City, Indiana, R. R. 5. I I Helen Brawley fHamielJ, 1241 Euclid Ave., W., Detroit, Michigan. I Robert Gilfillan, New Madison, Ohio, R. R. 1. Margaret Ozias fKingJ, New Madison, Ohio. I W. Leonard Eley, Gratis, Ohio. I Elva Roberts QMillerJ, 59 N. Brodley St., Indianapolis, Indiana. I Robert Howick fUnknownJ. I I Rosie Burckhardt, 509 North 7th St., Terre Haute, Ind. I I Blanche Wilt fYoungj, Wavely Ave., Norwood, Ohio. I Helena Barnett QMillerl, Greenville, Ohio. - Mary Fisher QMcMathJ, 907 North G St., Richmond, Indiana. I Marie Eley fFalknerJ, New Madison, Ohio. I I Ruby Crawford QKetringJ, New Madison, Ohio. I I Orville L. Lawrence, 200 West Rankin St., Flint, Michigan. I Joseph Hihdsloy, 205 ciihioh si., Columbus, Ohio. I Orville W. Lawrence, 1813 North A St., Richmond, Indiana. I I Paul Hamiel, 1241 Euclid Ave., W., Detroit, Michigan. I I I cLAss OF 1920 I I Estella Wilt, 1137 Lindadista Ave., Dayton, Ohio. I Bertie Clark lFisherJ, New Madison, Ohio. Orla Crawford, 1172 Wisconsin Blvd., Dayton, Ohio. Lillie Gauby fSchlechtyj, New Madison, Ohio. Harry Harrison, New Paris, Ohio. I Lola Hill fHillJ, New Paris, Ohio. Beryl Hoff, 255 East Gray St., Columbus, Ohio. I orviuo Hoff, New Madison, Ohio. I I Hazel May QBennettj, 610 North Maple St., Eaton, Ohio. I I Lucille Merril fGilHllanD, New Madison, Ohio. I I Wylnetta Ozias, First National Bank Bldg., Dearborn, Michigan. I I Irene Patterson fPattersJ, 2502 Hoover Ave., Dayton, Ohio. I Gertrude Ray, Thornville, Ohio. I Helen Riegle, 723 Edgemont Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Ray Rhinehart, 102 South 7th St., Richmond, Indiana. I Gerald Roberts, New Madison, Ohio. I Cecil Royer, North Manchester, Indiana. I I Eva Schell fGephartJ, Middletown, Ohio. I I Frances Sinks fFellersJ, Arcanum, Ohio. I Omar Thomas, 13 North A St., Richmond, Indiana. I Ione Threewits fWenrickl, 1312 Central Ave., Middletown, Ohio I Benjamin Timmons, Gratis, Ohio. I CLASS OF 1921 I Loucille Hageman, New Madison, Ohio. I Ruth Kimmel, New Madison, Ohio. I Mildred Smith fMerrillJ, Bradford, Ohio. I Mary Wilt CShewmanJ, 301 Maple Ridge, Ann Arbor, Michigan. I Helen Bohn fAlexanderJ, 209 W. Seminary St., Liberty, Ind. I Edna Eley, New Madison, Ohio. I Gertrude Thomas Uonesj, New Madison, Ohio. Q.QPOQ011lQ4lQOD4lQ0i0lClQ0l4D10l4ll0l1l1 1 Uiiiiliif Il l0Q IQ! Dllbilbllliibllbililia 01 m C In J -. 'C 5 C is 41201121 2131 ill? 212111211201 D 02111 1 il Zvi 3 ii 113:31 3 1 -------------------I acne emi -t,-----n---.----.-- MCCORMICK - DEERINC FARM OPERATING EQUIPMENT and INTERNATIONAL MOTOR TRUCKS GREENVILLE INTERNATIONAL CO. 1 12 North Broadway Phone 151 College Grade Courses , fgioi e y e, In Business 'M Accountancy - 2 Bus'n ss Administration g 'e we Secretarial Stenographic 3 Stenotype CMachine Shorthandl General office Training QQCQ Cream Siale Aulliorized Degrees Confened Buchanan's Ior Quality Miami-Jacobs College DAYTON OHIO Buchanan's Ice Cream Served ' Exclusively in OUR SCHOOL ,i,3,,1,,3,,g,g,3.,1,,1,g,,g1.,g,1,g0 :ningi1u:o:o3o1o1el:lr1r1cx1o1vO'O I Mildred King fBrawleyJ, 2023 Tuxedo Apartment A6, Detroit, Mich. l I Pearl Stephens, 945175 S. Brown St., Moore Apartment, Dayton, O. 1 i Audry I-Iarter fMurrayJ, 214 S. 9th St., Richmond, Indiana. H Dolores Lawrence fThreewitsJ, Union City, Indiana. I l Robert Browley, 91 W. 10th Street, Columbus, Ohio. I I Rolland Brawley, 2023 Tuxedo Apartment A6, Detroit, Mich. I I Edward Shriver, 1024 W. Second St., Dayton, Ohio. I I John Fisher, 102 South 2nd St., Richmond, Indiana. i Q Charles Ricker, Arcanum, Ohio. l l Ralph McKee, Richmond, Indiana. Q 1 Forrest Lowry, Westerville, Ohio. I Ralph Royer, New Paris, Ohio. . I Russel Eley, New Madison, Ohio. I Q Pool Threewits, Union City, Indiana, R. R. 5. Q l Elmer Drew, New Madison, Ohio. I l Garnet Gruver, 237 East Fourth St., Greenville, Ohio. I E Mary Timmons, New Madison, Ohio. l I CLASS OF 1922 I ! Walter Jones, New Madison, Ohio. I ! Carl Shewman, 301 Maple Ridge, Ann Arbor, Michigan. I I Noel McCabe, 30 Show Ave., Dayton, Ohio. I I George Brown, 57 Burns Ave., Dayton, Ohio. I Q Alice Roberts fThomasJ, New Paris, Ohio. I 5 Elva Eubanks, 6 S. Sunset Place, Dayton, Ohio. I I Sherla Eley, Urbana, Ohio. 1 I Allan Clark, 220 Cherry St., E. Grand Rapids, Mich. l Dwight Harter, New Madison, Ohio. I Harold Hetzler, 71 West Eleventh Ave., Columbus, Ohio. I I Earl Trittschuh, 'fo International Electric Co., Barranquilla, I I Columbia, South America. I I Wilson Smith. 3510 Louisia St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I Q John Stockton, Vandalia, Ohio. I I Byron Stump, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. l E Charlene Hoff fWienfordnerJ, 1131 North Main St., Dayton, O. Iva Fowble, New Madison, Ohio. I I Ruth Charles fSchaar5, Greenville, Ohio. I I Jennie Riegle, Cambridge City, Indiana. I I Hazel Crawford, 2104 Wilder Ave., Honolulu, T. H. Q I CLASS OF 1923 E i Myrtle Shewman fWilliamsJ, 806 W. Race St., Troy, Oiho. Q l Ethel Martin, New Paris, Ohio. l Q Lloyd Barton, 1512 Edison S., Dayton, Ohio. Lucille Cox fBrightensteinJ, Arcanum, Ohio. I Marie Snyder, S. Fifth St., Richmond, Indiana. I Alma Burckhardt, 314 North Tenth St., Richmond, Indiana. I Faye VanOrmer fDeceasedJ. Q Esther Charles, Girls Club, Middletown, Ohio. Q Q Weltha Noggle fCoxJ, New Madison, Ohio. i Q Mable Puterbaugh fEyreJ, New Madison, Ohio, R. R. 3. i l Clay Bennett, Greenville, Ohio. Raymond Thomas, South Sixth St., Richmond, Indiana. I I John Mills, Pearl Harbor, Hawaiian Islands. I I Robert Eyer, West Manchester, Ohio. I g Gerald Hileman, 32 South Hatfield St., Dayton, Ohio. I I QSQDUQOQOQ Yiililii P1 ll llllil llliilill I lli4vl0i1 lil 'l'7illll!ill.IlillilDQl Seventy-uvm no 0:0 njujoiozoiojojoiojc 1101014 1:11111 ,101 nqmi :cn-11.1101 rjoioiojmxinioioioicxjoiasioifx:u:4r:o:o:o:1r1nio:4x:o1o:o1wx11 vu 0:0 ! H. f3..+L .gc ,, '?l"'j.,1.f?' 1 L. I P nl KC' O Y U 5... Welle? iss-. 'Dim U UM! hW'l"ffl'1M Mv Iwru eq! 'Y uiuiuiuiuioiui 1 ini 1014: 103111031 1 101 10101: in 101 Is M Tea Y . IX N + 5 Uv h' lf-1 P ff 1 H! 5. 9- i i .31 2' ' lsfiigfl ,ff Q 1 . :: o INLUS we O Nl qc.:-. -.....uD. ,cm -, :aux K, v X X U K :WGN - o if f' Q of Tl, llyal Cl fi 'J IHA Do Your Remodernizing Now! We are Headquarters for Lurnber, Paints and Hardware J. A. FLAIG 8: SON "Everything for the Builder" U. R. M. A. STORE Our Truck Comes Right to Your Door WE BUY Cream, Eggs and Poultry 4?-Z5 C. J. F LATTER . ,'h :Quinn 1930 Congratulations Class of 30 on Completion of Your High School Course and Our Best Wishes for a Happy ana' Successful Fulure lil orthrop Bros. Cafe "Where the Gang Bathers" 1:10101 -3 in cs: 1: 3 2 21:2 1111 1-'Z' mimnjoicxicniwnjrviasicriojoifxjarjoiwrioirria 4 Lloyd Snyder, Richmond, Indiana. Forrest Timmons, New Madison, Ohio. Fred Alexander, New Madison, Ohio. Mary Flaig fBostickJ, 213 South Third St., Richmond, Ind. CLASS OF 1 924 Dorothy Smelker fStocktonj, Vandalia, Ohio. Dyer Thomas, 114 N. 39th St., Louisville, Ky. Helen Thomas, New Madison, Ohio. Maurice Threewits, Dayton, Ohio, R. R. 6. Pearl Bashore, New Madison, Ohio. Daisy Clopp, Greenville, Ohio, R. R. 3. Violet Eliker QMikesellJ, Hollansburg, Ohio. Lois King fDanglerJ, New Paris, Ohio. Mildred McAvoy fMurrayJ, 251 S. W. 2nd St., Richmond, Ind. Helen Neanen, 48 South Tenth St., Richmond, Indiana. William Rogers, Auborn Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. Iva Saylor, Osborn, Ohio, R. R. 1. Paul Shumaker, Dayton, Ohio, R. R. 6. CLASS OF 1 925 Bennie Mills, Van Cleve Hotel, Dayton, Ohio. Violet Mills, 6 S. Suwnset Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Albert Mote, O. S. U., Columbus, Ohio. Garnet Nisonger fThreewitsJ, Union City, Ind., R. R. 5. Ruby Royer fMcClureb, 111 South Tenth St., Richmond, Indiana. Frances Ebberts, New Madison, Ohio. Louise Flaig fCammarnJ, 166 West Northwood Ave., Columbus, 0. Helen Howell QOlerD, New Paris, Ohio. Gilbert Kelly, O. S. U., Columbus, Ohio. Mildred Lawrence, Murray Theatre Bldg., Richmond, Indiana. Dale Barton, 1.512 Edison St., Dayton, Ohio. Gale Barton, 1512 Edison St., Dayton, Ohio. Margorie Brumbaugh, 639 Nicholas Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Helen Crawford, New Madison, Ohio. Oral Drew, 1810 Young St., Cincinnati, Ohio. Marco Rush, New Madison, Ohio. Elbert Stockton, New Madison, Ohio. James Wiley, New Paris, Ohio. Lulu Wilkey fKrickJ, Greenville, Ohio. CLASS OF 1926 Robert Good, New Madison, Ohio, R. R. 1. Howard Buhrman, New Madison, Ohio. Frank Timmons, New Madison, Ohio. Dale Valentine, O. S. U., Columbus, Ohio. 1 Kenneth Ginger, 3505 Hoover Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Roy Laughman, Bradford, Ohio. Eudora Crawford, New Madison, Ohio. Mary Jane Charles fJarretteJ, 43555 South 13th St., Richmond, Ind. Echo Combs, Eaton, Ohio. Everette Saylor, Osborn, Ohio, R. R. 1. Nellie Wilkey fFisherJ, New Paris, Ohio. Olive Puterbaugh CBrasierJ, Eldorado, Ohio. Treva Wright QCharlesJ, Richmond, Ind., R. R. 3. Pauline Wilson fO'BrienJ, Greenville, Ohio. -1 ----- -----'- ---- -1- 1930 - ----- ---1-----'-f--1--- 1 1 1 1 1 1 l I l I 1 1 Q 1 G S' Q et l 1 1 1 1 1 1 l I 1 1 1 1 .2 Q01 111 Seventy-n 'ne ----------,--, arm em -0- - -n--- --- Un the Qflzrss uf 1EI3l'I QHHIQU QBHHFJB Ulgiza Qrnnllnl mins-sible me Effxfrnh Qlunglwdulziiiuns QIIWDIINIHIESQWQ Kodak Elms Qooa' Eats Toilet Accessorzcs Fountain Service THE Compliments of Robert S. Harsh 8: Associates INCORPORATED Darke County's , Oldest Department Store gl'ffJlfFft5 ann Seventy-Nine Years , of Service To the Community 122 East Broad St. Columbus, Ohio ARCANUM, : : OHIO ROBERT s HARSH H K DAvrEs C. A RUBRECHT 101 103- 101- 1: qw: zu: 101011-1 naruto:-rt fr 1 11 11 I-1 101101 -? I I I I I I ! I I ! I I I Q 5 S E I I I I I I E . I I I I I I I nj'nj1n1o:ojoj1v1o1cnicr11r:o1ur11x11r14x1cv11xj4x14r14 1 0:01011xjojojoiujujoiwx:1r1.x1o1mv1ojoj1xjojoi4r11n14r1cr14n1oj1n1 it o ri: v 0 I 59 5Eg?52?55E5?g5i?95?5QE59 ???53?5?g??g??55P 5i5????3595 -4 rv-'-"Em"f""'-4--"'::x"4-smrnimmf-:mm-sv-1,1 '1'-sN55""m2r:f'E'E9'-'1'4 '4',E.g'-an-v-x"!w:5m0 Q U3 5"m'f:E.U3.g45':'Q2'mU3.0m.3:-'ggfqocug moo5EE.gfDgmm5'4:rugEf,L'1g3 35:55-'5','-jg-3:2-.Z 0 0 vez: 0 cn :HH mfF"",.U:25':S'-' "w '- g :ss 450 Q m P-su: 'fem ..."1e+ cl-,...':v',...D'-x F1-..-n D-uz 0 D' mm gp G, mp gow N WZ I-+05 ff- "'2J',.. mm 9-'pw "' ' 1+ 'Q c E Q- :S 0 P3 -Www: 2 go SSQSOQQSMEQHSQQEQEQZQESQ S5g?555sawS2gQgQg 5s552Oaaw5Q 11 0915- mr-0047 mc-en,,,..,m:s 5 ww: ,., ... ,..m co o O crm-g:' ., s . 5 E50",,4.....L-C55-,3W3O'4 rf'-s"':fD mo---m5'4Og-'1'f5E:E UD- HUQUNQ :Rug 0-s Q--Q,-fb'-'mm U'-g5",tBri'UtD" 'pmm"' '1:3C3i3"'Uq's '1 :Woman ED zfpcnFD'i.:,-N'gp an ff,-,.m'1g- -U"l1-U-,...m 1 7,1 Q Chew o -- xg U'cnZ 5 53, O ,.,.-... I3 -'D bmggo' 5 --'mn' 'Om-Zo :NN 309: rn NPC'4cn"'C,-4 '9 FHCDS-.'-'mf'1c.NF Q Q2 5 '2N55mngFz5yS3ww:2'gm :32gF13m?'i5m35g5 y923znAZg3w ' QWUMWEAH-AH' m"55Um'c'5gwZ0 "Na owe U' "1" cz rn F' U' cn '.-.g:m- Q-,Ulm r-12'-:mm N, Ms CD. Aq C215 P-glpg,-,UQ,,,Uqc.-I 51-Pg,-I H m me 2 W Hgagmnggssaggwgwphggrsz QQEQNQQGEMNQQHSH sfgwfgsfimm C3 "'o'i:1N""E. 'Dim Q' 0105- 'D :r'iwUqE."f2':mETm' Ufg E.fl1-'-0357 gqgzf - : rvem iwmzz wN5EAWmaOBW2 QW Eizimmum 2'z: mO2?w5Eg I l CUM Sv 351-pp.. ,-gqqp go-U ,,. O , -- 972550 :Im '... 1-' -rn .......gg32 Pr' ,4 ,1 V SD' Ha. Q.: fb md. CSQQ..--ev-at O Q Qmiogw 3O'5:3mQ:C1o pai 83aS0355E'252S: o9'B59Y52S4 ,.. "' --- fU'....5Q. o - f--- "" 2 "' wo I Q oF3EO3mgmOg P Hd mEw4 S Sym QQ BgO'gw 9 5mOO:owS 3 I 3 5 H9533 315.-gm ggigimogmgw. Ab t,,LI1.:DfcQQ,,:-I-N5-EO o,:D":Sw-J-,,,-"U2 . C , W . .2 U 0.54 ..-1 -"Q ' ,.....- p.:, cr V232 E- -m"'9O"'O""E1 "' 5:3 "-"'4'-'- 91-fQ1V'o. 5.'Oom P-4' E 5 YS: aq?aEw52?Egz5E SSE? 5SEU'5?Q29 FQSH? 5 Hz'53iQ2 w ' U5-Q ws?-O-my--'wave M O :L-,'25S'Qam5' ffm? -U 2P?:5'Q2' O O sa: "" Pdf' ' 5' "' :r 1-f9':':0o- J' ' ,. be-' C : mcg 53025--2 5 gym os W aw oswmsm ego N S 55? i 5 gum 5:3-9 Q: Z pcm g, 9 YE Pm giag ggi, g 2 gg Pgg ' ::2'm 5556 -IU Q Q-,fc 00 0 C: :s-'IS' -o H' ' -H- o , ' ,-- ,,... -.Pu v-' 5 O 'C .UQ CD fl! Q SO Q g Sm 5 299 55 1 fa m9fs 5 N U 2 9 F - gax gg 5 33 5 5-P Q9 O gg mow: U 5 3 3 oo ,..." .... ' - -' .' - :- Q 053- 45 O :O . O g 5 I-I Uqgjhg 1: o H N H., Q - 5 mg 5 HP Q 2 F O 9 5 59:3 9 F S Q 95 Q, Q- .. 'O lx ,... 14 rn NH, O ' - ,... , - ' ' O FD l fig rf-nj I-1 OD' Q' 9 O 9 D' ::" O ff 05- '41 5 T" v-4 O O ..-. O "" "" 5' U1 -H W Q. ,...fD ' be 5 5' 9 o -.... l ao cg .... o 9' ,,,, G 5- ' 0 F' . -. sv - ,.. , ' ' U O S 2 E S H :s - . "' i E 3- 5 2 2 - Q ' Q J"' ,F I op- Q O Q if if I 9 9 L PS1 Dillliillfililliiiflifllfililiiiliilillfliilliibiliitk 131011 Y10COCiD.0IOIOI4PI1l1lbC4PIlP14bCOIil1 'I' Q. B' -. 'C 1 O 5 Q 2111111111 2 1 1:1111 11:13:11 1 :xi 1:1111 1 in McNutt Barber Shop North Main Street NEW MADISON, : OHIO 1-----0 mm Best Wislnes To The Class Ol 1950 Becky's Vanity Shoppe All Lines of Beauty Culture. NEW MADISON, OHIO TlBBETT'S Comphmem of Plumbing sf Heating co. 81 Qiontrartors 725 Mainenienmona, rua. li 319 W. Pearl Street Union City, Indiana Best Wishes tor a Successful Future to the Class ot 1930 The New Madison Grain Co. Grain, Flour, Coal and Wayne Feeds Glen Karn Auto Co. V. E. CHENOWETH, Prop. Chevrolet Products International Tractors and Implements GLEN KARN. : : OHIO "Sang 311 with ililnmernn 39? Chas. Roberts 8: Son NEW MADISON, OHIO No Eclucatiou is Complete Witlnorrt Mtrsic The Hopkins Music Studio 208 East Fourth Street GREENVILLE, OHIO 1930 1---2 ---- -- -- -1- ------ een -0- ------,- ------.- ------ ---- ----H mm emi ----------,- -- Vernie Crawford, 209 Irving Ave., Dayton, Ohio. Galen Eley, Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana. Helen Sinks, New Madison, Ohio. Wanda Bashore, New Madison, Ohio. Lowell Vietor, Miami Jacobs, Dayton, Ohio. Oscar Ullom, 38 Allen St., Dayton, Ohio. Delbert Peden, New Madison, Ohio. Kenneth Pierce, Greenville, Ohio, R. R. 1. Pauline Emrick, Greenville, Ohio. Doris Hoff, New Madison, Ohio. Merlie Mills, New Madison, Ohio. Dorothy Mikesell, 403 N. 19th St., Richmond, Indiana. Willis Kyle, Eldorado, Ohio. Blanche O'Dell, 124 North 7th St., Richmond, Indiana. Onda Laughman, New Madison, Ohio. Emil Stump, Arcanum, Ohio, R. R. 3. Virginia Riegle, West Hall, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Dorothy Drew, Savona, Ohio. R--Zh Jin jllllemuriam M. A. BROWN Founder of New Madison High School Z it 201 313:11 ini minima ni 110101011 it 20201 il 14 10101011 'I' 'Q i' fc S 3 ' if Q 1,4 91 n11n11r:4vj4nj4rjo14r:4n:ur1o:cni1-j4ni1vjcv1cv:1 bo1o1o1o1c:11vj1x1o1o:cmj1:14x14x14v14rZ4r14v1oiu1o:n14n1o1o11rjoj1v1cv1oj4o:0 Y oioinioioiuiuic,tu11014:iwr1o1cn1o14a11x:1r11r:o1o14x:o:1x:ojo:4r:1x1cxq soioixrioioioioze110101414xicnioiojcriojoiojvioioiuqfzo E :ui -- - -4-1- ----- --------U acne emi -.-- ---- -- - ---,-- - - Geo. 0'Brien Kr Son, Inc. Qtitp jllilills GREENVILLE. OHIO 91911 ! Genuine Made- to-Order SUIT, TOPCOAT or OVERCOAT 322. 50 and Up Everg Garment Cut and Tailored to the Inclivicluc-11 Ivfeasuremeuts Phone, Write or Call Satistaciion or for an Appointment Money Refunded Phone 691 P. 0. Box 201 .' 'l'ROY, OHIO rio: ini 1 ini 111:13 ini 11111: G. :- y-f 1930 The jlllluhel Granny ann jllileat jliilarket V. A. BROWN, Prop. Phone 85 NEW MADISON, OHIO :fini 1 1 11 miniuioioiuinic ini 0:0 I I I rioioiojoii rioiojoiojoioje bds: 0:0 Sept. 2-fLabor Dayj The first day of school. It sounds natural to hear the school I I I I I I I I I I I G S' 6 E. ! I I I I I I I I I I I I I. Cllalenhar buses running through town. Freshmen are as green as could be expected. We have four new teachers and the Seniors are trying to see which will be the first to get "bawled-out." Sept. 3-Second day of school and everyone is still "walking the chalk." Sept. 4-We heard that they were talking of installing a swimming pool, if so, we Sept. 16-The chapel committee met today and made out the programs. Sept. 17-Miss Hess thinks it would pay some of the boys in the study hall to buy Sept Sept Sept Sept U2 UJUJUJUDUZUJ m me-nc-aznmm 'U "U"U'U'C!'U'U F' F'S"5"'E"S"'E" 0-Er-lp-N-'!DU:CJ'1 T-crrflll 0 IDU-US 3557232-Em' 53530 Os: "OwETo-E'-52' o-Swsggmmg EESWMEAQ o-,,S.5S,"g"'C,, SD'-'i1-Ev- 5-'Q ':.'t'DmO"'..-N !"::.::'ogfs5' UQ rr- WWF' 5 9514-v-C Q ,D Sgcigem ' '4m"fo::-fg. H505-. r-U 5-'thx 595 5 agegig '4 ,.,,5"2,':!mrf- ""r-ev-40 'U O0-'Doma- s igigme '4 52 om'5i5'...' E: H1549-'Fe 23 rvoserfj. ro :rmgom ' rb"C5...g.. 'BNC' U3mUQ'4'-1 mo -rn B 52 KU Earn 5- 'mm 2 eg: .235 5-' mag Q iso 5 ..- h-'sig new- ,.. eww - 272- Q... mcg T+"'fD Gnd. Egg 556-1 255 ?Fi iiiiiliiiiiiiii 17011 could make good use of it. Eversharp pencils according to the number of times they use the pencil sharp- ener. -First chapel program. The new teachers perform. . 18 . 19-Visitors today. . 20-Baseball game with Monroe fPrebleJ and were beaten. . 2 3-Mr. Hoerner went to Columbus. Seniors had a test in Economics. Sept. 24-Very warm again today. It's hard to keep the Seniors out of their home room-they like to work out Physics problems over there. Sept. 25-Chapel again. Adonna wants to know what causes all those things in Sept. 26-A lot of excitement today-an airplane fiew over the school building. Physics lab. First P. T. A. meeting tonight. Sept. 27-Baseball game with Hollansburg. "Brownie" caught a "fly," "Dumpy" Sept. 30-Blue Monday. Ralph H. delights in pestering everyone in Physics lab. Oct. 1-Chapel this morning. Pictures taken in the afternoon. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. got a black eye, and we beat by one point. I I I I I I 5 I ! I I I I I Q-9 G9 CA? O I I I I I I I I I I I I E 2-"Steve" bit Mary K. today in English class. 3-Received the pencils we are going to sell. We were entertained this after- noon by music in the gym. 4-Seniors had to write diaries in English class, and as soon as the diaries are read "Hank" warbles, "Let me call your sweetheart." There must be something wrong with him. 7-Big Smallpox scare. Everyone gets vaccinated. 8-A bunch of the boys attend the Pumpkin Show at Bradford. 9-The girls go to the Pumpkin Show tonight. 10-Six Seniors are absent today. Myron T. and Ralph N. practice "solo dancing." 11-"Three" out of the six received registered letters today. 14--Fred gets a call from Richmond Nurses Home and Oh! how he was called fdownj. The boys even reminded him of it when he came to school this morn- Ing. 15-Fred doesn't take the joke so well. 16-Physics lab. The boys insist upon working at every table except their own. Quite a few absent on account of vaccinations. 17- 18-A quartet composed of Fred S., Byron H., Albert S., and Mr..Schwarzbek in chorus this afternoon. sang 21-"Steve" is back and it rained all day. 22-Byron's engraver finally gets here with "them cuts." 23-Snowing today. Physics class gets too loud. 24-Famous exclamation-Ouch, I bumped my vaccination! 25-Raymond R. fainted today-he heard that some of the Seniors stayed up until twelve o'clock studying. 28-Start making band capes. 29-Need more help to make capes. 30-Big Hallowe'en party at Community Hall. 31-Somebody soaped the school house windows. Band goes to Greenville to- night. 1-No school this afternoon. Decorating booths for the School Fair. The "Victory" uses lots of gas. School Fair is a big success. Eighty-five 0501101010111-:n1u1l111 1 1,1010 101.1 1 111 101 1,14 11 qpoqpnzuoio ! i ! I 2 W elding, Cylinder Honing Batteries-All Types I i Machine W ork Battery Repairing g 3 l 9 l f I 3 HODGIN MOTOR SALES 2 5 i Q . Q Modern Automotive Service E S Un A1IMake Cars 2 Q NEW MADISON : OHIO I 5 2 I I 5 i Q Generators, Starters Pistons, Pins, Rings i 3 I Q Electric Motors Repaired Starter Gears and Radios I 5 I 3 i f l 5 i 2 Geo. A. Katzenberger g 2 Quang anh COll8I'dtLllCltiOl1S to the g Q Elnuuranrr 5 Q "mass at 1930" j In Office of the Greenville l B -1f1- C 5 S ul mg Ompanq Our hope and wish is: Q i 324 Broadway : : Greenville, Ohio UMGIJ GOCI1 Of 9011 live C1 111189 Q and lmappg lifen i I i 3 'Q 2 "YOUR MONETS WORTH AT ALL TIMES" 1 W H BROWN 2 g D. W. THREEWITS ' ' Q Pro rietor of Q Brp bouts : Shoes pl 2 grandpa Clark Station Elevator i NEW MADISON, OHIO 3 Q I 3 2 QSQQDQIQUQ Q4 Qi Q Q D Q4 Q -UQ i QU. 1 UQUQ la i Q1 il Q li Qi i QI 101 Qlialfb Eight ix 5011vioioifrieriunicrjcxienjojoicrjfnievjfbitxjlrjlrjojtyjiviti 0 Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov. Nov Nov Nov. Nov Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov Nov Nov Nov. Nov Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. 4-School house looks as usual again after the Fair. 5-Election day. We will have to break up that party in the back. of the room during Physics class. 6-Chapel this morning. Someone killed a frog in the lab. 7-All the teachers in a bustle to get away as soon as school is out. 1-Teachers attend the teachers' meeting at Dayton. No school today. Three c eers. 11-Armistice Day. Have visitors from Greenville. 12-Everyone playing "Yoyo," even Mr. Owen. 13-The "Triumvirates" let the Senior class in on the Annual secret. Mr. Hopkins writes a school song for us. Little episode after school-those includ- ed were B. H. vs H. M., M. K., P. O.-V. R. official. 14--Pauline O'Dell and Myron Toohey are elected Cheer Leaders. 15-Have Chorus and Pep Meeting. Basket ball game with Hollansburg to- night. We won. 18-Byron H. hasn't been able to find his voice for almost two weeks. It will be too bad when he does find it. 19--The rest of us have the best time talking since Byron lost his voice. 20-You would think we had a boiler factory instead of Physics lab. 21-Everyone is nervous over the game tomorrow night. 23-Play at Gettysburg tonight. The girls got frozen and beaten. The boys won. 25-Basket ball girls are looking rather "blue." 26-Getting ready to close up tomorrow. We always believe in preparedness esnecially when it has something to do with leaving school. 27-Received an advertisement from Robert S. Harsh, Columbus, Ohio. Played Ansonia. Thanksgiving vacation. 2-"and we had turkey and pumpkin pie and whinped cream and , " 3-Ralph H. performs a favor for the Seniors by holding the door shut so they can't go to class. Received an advertisement from Herf-Jones Co., Indian- apolis, Indiana. 4-Mr. Hoerner is going to start a penitentiary. Donald S. hangs the Christ- mas Bell up in the Senior room too early and gets to take it down after school whether he misses his bus or not. 5-Test in English. Donald is the "bell boy" now. 6-A shot was fired at the Seniors during Economics class. Palestine beat both games tonight. Terrible. 9-Everyone kind o' down in the mouth after the games Friday night. 10-If those Junior girls don't stay out of the Senior room-I don't know what we could do about it, but something will bannen. 11-Chapel. 'Received an advertisement from Miami Granite Sz Marble Co., Piqua. Ohio. 12-Had a chalk fight. Our side won. 13-Boys play Morton. Got beaten. Received an advertisement from Green- International Co., Greenville, Ohio. ville 16-More good news-Economics essays due Friday. 17-Mr. Schwarzbek thinks we better write an essay in Phvsics, too. 18-Chapel. Received an advertisement from White Star Oil Co., Eaton, Ohio. 19-Practice for Christmas play. It's snowing. Hurrah! Received an ad- vertisement from Geo. O'Brien 8z Son, Greenville, Ohio. 20-The "Divinity Play" is given in the afternoon along with the rest of the Christmas program. Christmas box and school dismissed. Played Gettysburg this evening. Girls show good fight-but they got beaten. The boys won. 30-Lots of visitors. 31-Play Alumni tonight. We beat them. 2-Everyone full of the New Year's Spirit. In fact, too full. 3-Play Palestine here tonight. Girls won. 6-Exams this week. I guess that will calm you down. Surprise party at Robert Drew's and Oh! how it rained. 7-Study, study, study, study. Everybody studies. I wonder why? 8-Chapel. Mr. Wood lectures Seniors about racing to the door. 9-Exams! And are they hard? 10-More exams and finally they are over. Played Ansonia and beat them. 11-Grade cards given out. Turn over a new leaf now and start all over. It is very plain to see that Ralph H. is favored by the Physics teacher. He lets Ralph N. in on the secret--"you must come in the lab. with a question in mind, and your attitude helps a lot." 14-The teachers have established a whole new set of rules. Sounds interesting. galphdH. defines "polarity" as being the name given to the people living in o an . iininitriixitvitv-3011! lsioifvilvilrivifviiviiiilrillillicxitrjfri vie 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ! I Q 1 Q 9 S 6 .et Q l Q ! 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 Q 1 ! -Z' Eighty-seven 0:0 ! l I I I ! l I I ! I I Q 0.0 D4 E ---- -l-'------ - --- ----I arm semi -U ---- -,---.--,-,-,- Kimmel ras, GROCERIEIS - - IXXIEATS -2-53 FANCY and STAPLE GROCERIES QUALITY MEATS - FRESH and CURED FRESH ERUITS and VEGETABLES BAKED GOODS - FRESH DAILY TOBACCOS - CIGARS - PIPES 2-Z5 KIMMEL '11 C. D. KIMMEL '09 Proprietors S. F. igh y- I CO111PIIl1lG11tS of E. E. Cl-IENOWETI-I "Quality Above A ll " HERRF-JONES C0. OF Chrysler High School and College Jewelry -AND- Commencement Invitations Goodyear and Goodrich Tires Oficial feuaelers Io Ihe N ew Madison High School Parts for All Cars INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA Nlgyy IVIADISON, CJHIO nguioiuililili 1 1 1 1 3011104 :mini ng 1 3 11311 3 1,3 3 ,g 3 .gh 1010101 mnio1cr1oi01n1rs1cr11xi1xi1xi4rj1x1oicxio1crj1xjo1ojo1ojoq0'0 0 Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar Mar. Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar. Mar Mar -----.-.-------. mm emu -----.---.--.------- il5T'Chapel today. All that you could hear this afternoon was-Oh Yeah? ea . 16-Girls are all stiff from too much basket ball practice. 17-Received our new suits. Play Monroe QDarkeJ tonight. Girls won by 4 points. 20-The boys want new suits now. They think the suits won the game. They don't know the half of it. 21--M. K. and B. H. had a fight today. 22-Chapel. Everything is O. K. with M. K. and B. H. 23-A bit nervous over the game tomorrow night. 24-Play Greenville tonight. Oh, boy! what a game. The girls won. Boys beat Union City. 27-Decided to have our pictures taken at Dayton. 28--We can't decide on a class flower. ' 29-If they don't start talking louder in Chapel, Mr. Hoerner will do the an- nouncmg. 30-Latest joke-the boys think they can beat Jackson tomorrow night. 31-Play Jackson tonight. Girls won. We don't think so much of a Lady lteferee. Boys were beaten. 3-Physics lab. Steve and Ralph N. challenged each other to a iight some day. Received an advertisement from Tibbetts Plumbing 8z Heating Co., Union City, Indiana. 4-Basket ball practice last night and plenty stiff this morning. 5-Chapel and still they don't talk loud enough. 6-Ralph H., Steve and Byron H. get kicked out of Business English class. 7-Play Versailles tonight. 10-The operetta books are here. "The Toreadorsf' 11-Took a few pictures today. 12-Chapel today. 13-Have try-outs for operetta. 14-Boys will play Union City tomorrow night. 17-Another Blue Monday. Plenty cold out today. 18-Played Arcanum. Adonna's guard got a little scrappy. Boys were beaten. 19-No Chapel this week. 20-Drew for the Tournament tonight. Oh! what a blow. Girls drew Frank- lin and the boys drew Monroe. 21-Not much school today. The boys are making plans for their trip to Dayton after they win first place at the Darke County Tournament. 22--Tournament at Greenville. New Madison very well represented. Boys lose to Monroe and the girls beat Franklin one point. 24-The basket ball girls are all excited over their victory. 25-The boy held a foul shooting tournament this noon. 26-Have operetta practice this afternoon. 27-Big Physics test today. 28-Part of the games tonight and the basket ball girls can't go. 1-Played Jackson this morning and beat them. Played Palestine in the eve- ning and were beaten. 3-Everybody is kind 0' quiet today. 4-Turn in all basket ball equipment. The Seniors kept theirs as long as pos- sible. 5-Chapel. We Wish some of those soloists would practice at home. 6-All you can see today-finger-waves, hair-cuts, and permanents. . 7-Seniors went to Dayton to have their pictures taken. Went through the School and Masonic Temple. My, how it rained. Art 9-Four new boys in school, no wonder the girls all look their best. 10-The proofs came and some of the Seniors were certainly disappointed. 11-One of the new boys is certainly making a "big hit" with all the girls. 12-Senior girls have been teaching down stairs. 13-Everyone is getting the measles. , 14-Operetta practice. The dancers in the girls' chorus are certainly a knock- out. 17-Operetta and orchestra practice all day. Robert Drew doesn't let the measles keep him at home. . 18-The orchestra went to Greenville tonight to play at Elk's Hall. QGettin' Goodj. ' 19-Had the orchestra and instrumental elimination contest this morning. Operetta practice tonight. Hank has the measles so Myron T. is taking his place in the operetta. Eighty-n N 1930 f------------------ xiojoioioioivioioinofo nb: niojojojcnjfrjfnicrioiariariavicxioiclicvjvicnic 101011 0:0 ine 0 O:or:o:o1o11r:o1o11viojoi11n:1r11r1ojuj1r:frj1xi011rj1rioi1x1arjo:1ri1n11vj1rqb1x:1rj1viujnioifr11r:1x:1rj0jn11x11ri1x11rj1njuj1r1o11rj1ri0C0.0 110101 vi 113 2 11 1 li ui 3 za 1 1010 urns asm ---------- --------- -- Best wishes tu thz Glass of 1930 Qing? 10211 INSURANCE Life Insurance for Melx, Women and Children from 1 dag 'to gears. Health and Accident from 15 gears to 70 gears. We write all forms of .Autonlolsile IIISUYOIICG. O UR PHOTOGRAPHS 1-SERVICE IS OUR Mono" SM 'TH 'S STU D'0 R. D. Peflly, Insurance Agency PHONE 309-B New Madison : : Ohio 1111130101021 101 il 11 il 11 20101 1 DAYTON, OH IO 11101111111 1 3 10111 102110 0:0 D111r1o1o:1:jo11r11r14n:1m11n11w1o11x11r1o1o1n11x11x:1r11:j1w9o1o11xi1x1o:o:1r11vjo:1m:4ri01ar11w:4x11n11v11f1o:o:o:cn1o11v11r:o14xjoio11o:9 Ozlliflililibliblllliilillllllllllllilibilllil i0i0l0l0l0llll1l1iDllll0i4lilliCllidO 5 1 I Mar. 20-Practiced for the operetta all day. Ralph H. broke-out with the measles. I I Mr. Owen is taking his part. Received a donation from J. C. Penney Co., Greenville, Ohio. I I Mar. 21-Oh! what a day. Those poor pianos will need tuning again. Will present I I the operetta tonight. Mar. 24-All the Juniors and Seniors went to Richmond today, and went through I I Earlham College library. I I Mar. 25-We'l have to watch Edna B. and that little Sophomore boy. Mar. 26-Chapel. Bookseller causes a lot of excitement. Seniors received their I I class play books. I I Mar. 27-No school today on account of the deep snow. I I Mar. 28-Orchestra and instrumental contest tonight. Mar. 31-Everyone is practicing hard today. I I Apr. 1-Literary and music contest tonight. I I Apr. 3-We can't decide which one of the Seniors should take the part of the dog in the class play. I I Apr. 8-Every pupil test. I I Apr. 11-Literary and music contest at Arcanum. Apr. 17-County literary and music contest. We won two gold medals. I I Apr. 18-End of eighth month. It can't be long now. I I Apr. 19-Spelling contest. I I Apr. 23-The Seniors are working plenty hard, if you can imagine them doing any- thing like that. I Apr. 25-Senior class play. "Seventeen" I Apr. 26-Ciphering contest. Apr. 29-P.-T. A. meeting tonight. I I May 11-Baccalaureate service tonight at the school house. I I May 12-Exams. May 13-More Exams. I I May 14-Junior-Senior reception. I I May I6-Commencement. That's all. I I May 17-Alumni reception. I lzfegzgeggzisizgagzgziz g5ieg5ggzgegegzgigsggsgsgsgeie .z2s2s2a2si52z2zEsSs2eil I I . I I Harold Howell - You seem to have no interest for me. I I Inez Billhimer - No wonder, you never invested any money on I me. I Q52-W I Clay Coblentz - Give me a ticket to Palestine. I Ticket Agent -- Going to visit the Holy Land? I I Clay Coblentz - Just a little missionary work until Monday I I morning. Q?-5' I I Mary Ketring - "If you were my husband, I'd give you poison." I I Byron Harter -- "If you were my wife, I'd take it." I CZ-5 I Mr. Mikesell - fGoing around in one of those revolving doorsj I I "Bless me! I can't remember whether I was going in or coming out." I Q2-5 I Donald Stump - fAfter returning from Daytonj "I wonder what I makes the policeman so fat." I I Fred Schlientz - "It is because of the traffic jam you caused." I Q2-5 I Myron Toohey - Did you miss me when I was gone? I Raymond Itoyer - Why! Wasn't you here yesterday? I I up-my I I ReEtta Pickens - "Now Mary do you think Gerald is conceited?" I I Mary Conover - "Conceited? Why, every time it thunders he runs to the window and makes a little bow." I QQ-J I Mr. Smith - "Do you want a large or small picture?" Byron Harter - "I'll take a small one." I Mr. Smith - "Then close your mouth." ofbaxicriixicnicviivimxii 10301: in 1030101 1 nguxoioioioi 1010: xioioioioiotnzo Nine ry-one 'into' "1" 1 "' "N" 3 3' 101010 101' 101 1 'ini P10101 1 tvtvtmr, Q . 1 2 9 i ' 9 l l l l l l s p Q Q ugllf i - - Q 2 f Q Q esterflelh g i Q Q Q GREENVILLE Q , 1 , 1 , 1 3 Q 1 l 5 i , 1 , 1 1 2 f 1 l i 9 i 5 CompIz711wzf.r 0 f No one is born wise. Few people i S giizgitizsiiga,Luigi is Baffel Robe 81 Rosa Company 2 : Tl19ll tlleg will give anqthing for it. Wholesale and Retail i Q f. . . i S ueerer ge Modern llfflce and School Supplies i Q Q35 Desks, Chairs. Safes, ming Cabinets 3 S t Manufacturers of Rubber Stamps i l Qpyou ivan! a Canlnlfwzzzf I1llfIlL'l1fIl0lI, i 110-iff sw i ! s E THE CUMMERBIAL NORMAL CULLEGE Phone 1916 Q21 Main Street Q GREENWLLE RICHMOND, IND. 2 5 1 5 1 5 ! 1 1 i I , I V903 3 3' 2011 if 1 li 'il 3 viviviniuq 1 0101 1 1 1 1u3o1u1n14,1f gf 30101495 Nivzetu-two :1r:o111o3cnicr14rjc:o141o1oj4r:cx1cv11v11r1r14njcv1oj151crunnin:-xx rx 1014 nioiojoiojoioicvjojoianifnjoioiojcsqbzo 931011114 Q---------.--Hymncm1mm--------mmmm- Mr. Mikesell - fln General Science classj "What bird has been thought by some to bring sorrow and trouble to the house over which it hovered." Kenneth Hoover - "The stork." Q2-.y Mr. Wood - "There's a student in this class who's making a fool of himself. Now when he's finished I'1l begin." Q22 Mr. Schwarzbek - QExplaining sympathetic vibration in physics classj "When a body vibrates in sympathy with another we call it sympathetic vibration." Byron Harter - "ls that why a dog howls when a train goes by." C2-Z' Juanita Eley - "Won't you kids be surprised when you grad- uate?" Edna Berrey - "We'll, we've been expecting it for several years." I.iEiEiEQE?EEii5E?EE5E ""' " ''E3E5E5E5E5E3E5E5E:f1:'I5 ' ' "'A""""'A " "'A' 1 E5EzE552E5E2EaE2l Zlmagine Eugene Short - Entering a dancing marathon. Gerald Wright - Attending college and carrying an advanced course in aviation. Hope Murray - Causing the Vogue to go out of style because of not wearing the newest French attire. Fred Schlientz - Revising the English vocabulary. Donald Stump - Posing as a model of a self-made man. Ralph Neanen - Advocating the idea that basketball should be abolished. Barbara Hill - Giving an oration to an audience of three thousand people. Byron Harter - Voting a straight Democrat ticket. Edna Berrey - Giving arguments for and against marriage and divorce laws. Ralph Hill - Had concluded that all men are not created equal. Virgil Rinehart - Grasping the idea it would be a great honor to sit in the county seat. Stephen Gary' - Still debating Prohibition in its deepest phases. Clay Coblentz -- Finally chosen as food administrator after studying physics nearly all his life. Mary Conover - Had contributed to the world an honest and truly definition of the word "love." Myron Toohey - Preaching to the multitude on Look-out Mountain. Robert Drew - Posing as a second Will Rogers. Harold Howell - Recommending horseradish three times daily for quick relief. . Juanita Eley - Being chosen missionary to Africa. Mary Ketring - Decided whether to be a Republican or Democrat leader in the next presidential campaign. Ray Hill - As a second William Jennings Bryan, George Burns - Being President of the United States. Robert Neanen - Broadcasting weather reports for Palestine and vicinity. Inez Billhimer - Tap dancing in the Roxy Theatre. Mary Teaford - Still looking for a hero. Raymond Royer - Thinking of taking the Binet-Simon Mental Test. Adonna Cox - Being an old maid. --------.,-------1-,-- 1930 -------1-n---4-------- Ninty-Ihr .0 xio1en11x11m1r11r11n1oj1xi1ni1r1lvI1rjoj4vi4xjojc:4ri4nj4r:1-101014njoiojojoia-1014 2 021 xc 0:0 px riojojoioqnriojoi- FORD CARS - TRUCKS - SERVICE P arts and Accessories Our E:QZZIf77787If 115' ffze ffzfeyf 'wffh modern labor yfzfvzkzg a'efuzk'ey 191' is CDO lx? cn 'Sm E 2 cu is -1 2 Q22 O EC: 21:3 Us Ez O-4 2 0:01014 ' l 11010:-1101 r1.:1u1.x1o:.r1.r1n1w1n11r1oj4 1--i ----- - ---- ------, mhz oem -U------- --- -- -- 1- -0-- ------------ 1930 -'--,-0- -- - -- - ----- --- iq 0:0 xicxiozoicnjoiojoiojoifvjwricvjirifvji xif:ji114111s1o1o1o1en:1rjo:cr1cn:o1ex1exi4s14vjo11x14sjex14rj1xjav:1rj01oQxojo14v1ojo1o1nj4 0:4 10:4 ---0 mm owl -0-1,--y-I-1--i----l-0 NEW HIGHWAY OPEN an RCW Indian trail zig-zaggmg through the only a tradition. The white settler ed it but scientific road building to gain a mile and save half an era demanded a direct The swift, of hi ghways. For Stafford has been a methods have been Experience has blasted eat up energy and block Stafford your c the direct rr in books bearing g ved by Sta S ENG LIS, 1 In A 1 ' e qgfif ps N------y ---- -- - - ---W 1930 ------- - -. -- nioicrjiviojojujojoiavicvioie10:4m:o:o:ojo1o11n:ojev1o14icviliariicriiaviwifrifrjfifrzievicicriiericxxoze 2 0:0 9014 o sq 024 xjoir nioioiojoiozc x:crjo:o:o1o14r1o:o:0i1x1oioC nuiarjoiuioioiuix 10101411014 rjcrioioiojoiuioioiujojr 0:0111 ! Nm -. ui ui 1 1 31113 111 11:1 10111 Buy Furniture The Direct Way and save the difference Direct Furniture Store 112-114 E. Third St. GREENVILLE, OHIO The 0931 I 1014111311 111 1 14 1:11111 "Religion, Moraliiy, and Knowledge being necessary io Good Government and the Happiness of Mankind e.. 2-Zh New Madison United Brethren Church George iiiehm Co. Sporting Goods and Toys All Kinds of Seeds Richmond, : : Indiana l Congrafulaiions To ifre Class of l930 "SPIKE" Greenville Press Shop W TAILORING r ,- 1 , l and DRY ix CLEANING A ,le 1 1 CUSTQM RUB and TAILORING Upholstery Cleaning 135 East Third Street Phone 977 gn, nxuiuxrinivinioiiiuinioinioif JJ

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