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 - Class of 1954

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1954 volume:

. if L u 1 , . + , 'S 1? x iii .Ti is 'eg 1 YQ 1' 37' ,Il 9 3, rs of , 1 'Dix A JJ 5.2215 "B QQIBB-qliaa I 8, . ,-JU Q ,A , .v -, n e . W 1 lisa' 7, U z. Af, 9 , , 'J' 4 yi ' -a- v g -ff, , gpg. , 'j1qs"gQ1Zix ,w"f.:.,, . 71125, , 9' 3:7 1. .V V: Vw B " is , F: 'D' J 1 .1 , , at ., r f ,, . z . ' H"':x .,Qg,,'1'. " wi . ' I L f ' -ff , o . . 14. '. 0? M, 'F' , ' , V, My ' L , - ' . .x gf -Vg, . X , , , 31 41:-A ,. 115'- v A X X i- , f ' Q 'F 1-H . 95 .-A, ,W Y f , V -l Sffw g LQ, - . X ,L ',4-.:-'Qf,- ' rf, , fl. qv A -gf'-A .fy 5, .W ' 11,1-:1 , g' w V' 1155, , v' 'ft l g, 'L',',fYc '4z?Lf'5Qu-,', uf' g i ffs. HQ., 'l,g, . 4? 4 " .Qui Q"'Z.1'-4"f1:f e5i'f'1f":"N75'32-1' .. J 1"5""' Q. 1 ' . , ' 1 ' A ' :I 4:--ff. .- A- ' iE'f ' .ff-5 'k lg 'Q ' 2"1??,J 'f7,f?fif."'f' ' Lf-555551151 L frm :,:sw.x 1 rf 2 ' ' W' "H-was wil? ,,.- '," pk Fr ,YN 531 . E 'Q fs. 5? L 5 , f:"P.' . Q ,, Jwwk w -N, yi- ,1c'V?, 'S My QM W, V dw ', 'Y Hgh- ' V, . 'VX . w-152 V In ,Qgwy A-. ,'., , N . f -:Lil ' is 1 + ,.w.,, V , . . 5 v'. 4'-19, ' 55542. , ' T Le, -fl 1.5, 4 3 1. 3:0 iw : f vs. w , '.-.H wa I - H1569 ,rl-. ' -3- , t , ',' ," W QQ Q., 1'-v ,W wk ,- iv-'ii'1'B"ll iwlfH.ZD.fL9lYKYl'5lJ.ElHR"" 1. W W-f2 i ' b 3' .L , M uf, Q 1 Q 'vgf'fff+m.1" ivy he 1 J.,-I .-W..-W.f.,,,,.1.,,W.W , .,,,,,- ,, I MEMIIRIIAM To "Dolly" Brown we are deeply indebted for an inspirational glimpse into a life, brief though it was, full of childhood's faith, honesty, simplicity and the true love of fellow man, in an era blotted by distrust and dis sension. ' IN MEMORY OF DOLLY bv Barbara Brown Take care of Dolly, Was the child's prayer. She now is with you, God, . Give her your care. ' I loved her so much, I cried when she went. But I know from Heaven, Dolly first was sent. She told me that soon She would leave me and go. Her face was so happy, Itishone with a glow. Forgive me, Dear God, ' I'was selfish that day. For I did not want You to take her away. But now I am Happy, ' For I know that she Is happy with You, God, And watching o'er me. Dolly Brown began her school days at New London School. During her high school days, when we remember her best, Dolly was active in many activities, including church, school, community and home. Among her high school interests were vocal and instrumental music. On July 6, 1953, at the age of seventeen, Dolly became the victim of leukemia, a fatal blood disease. Q Her life as our friend was limited but the memories of her friendship will last forever. RVN , -Q., ,ff ei , I Rx ,W MARY GATES Vocal Music A. B. COOK Science and Girls Coach WILLIAM E. CARIS Principal and Math IINII CLIFF BREES Coach and Industrial Arts HELEN PEARSON Commerc ial SHIRLEY BRANDMEYER Secretary BOARD OF EDUCATION-LEFT TO RIGHT: Earl Petzinger, Jack Harpe IW H0 F. N. REPPE Superintendent and Agriculture ey Locke, S. P. Shores, Frank :Kinnon. 5 DOVA TOMPKINS Social Studies ARLENE HARMS Homemaking FRANKLIN KRJEGER Band MARY IAYNE WILLIAMS English and Dramatics X , .J .., if 2 f xv iq -.Q Wiki :uri K lm.. S' K-if HGH! SIAH Co-Editor . Co-Editor . . Managing Editor Sales . . Advertising . . Sports . Photography . Art . . . Typist . .Ruth A . Bob Nichols Marilyn Wright Don Underwood . Sherry Piper Dick Davison nn Kannegiesser Cleo Carter . Benny Flam Leon McNeil Joann Thornton Kenneth Rhodes Norma Prehm Sponsor: Iowa-111. , TELEPHONE CO. VKX A QPF fill mziwa DONALD ARTHUR UNDERWOOD "Wood" QPresidenrJ "I can resist anything but temptation. " Basketball l,2,3,45'Football 1,2,3,45 Track l, 2,45 Informer Staff 3,45 Tiger Staff 45 Boys' Letter Club 2, 3,45 Student Council 2, 3,45 Class Officer 1,2,3,45 Projector Club 2, 3,45 Baseball l,2,3,4. MARILYN RUTH WRIGHT "Mertz" QVice-Presidentj "Short and sweet. " Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 Informer Staff 2, 3,45 Tiger staff 45 Girls' Letter Club 2, 3,45 Band 1,2,3, 45 Dramatics 2, 35 Operetta 1,25 Student Council 35 Class Officer 1,2,45 Jr, Class Play 35 Cheerleader 45 Sextette 1, 2,3,45 Mixed Octette 3,45 Flute Solo 35 Home- coming Attendant 35 Homecoming Queen 45 One Act Play 2, NORMA MARIE PREHM "Norm" " QSecretaryj "Tops in bookkeeping and she cooks too." Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 In- former Staff 3,45 Tiger Staff 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Dramatics 3,45 Operetta 1,25 Student Council 25 Class Officer 45 Jr, Class Play 35 One-Act Play 45 Clarinet Quartette 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY ANN KLNNEY "Dot" fTreasurerJ "If she can't find anything to laugh about, she'll just giggle." Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2, 3, 45 Girls' Basketball 2, 3,45 Informer Staff 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Dramatics 2,3,45 Op- eretta 1,25 Class Officer 45 Ir, Class Play 35 Twirler 15 Girls' Sextette 45 Octette 3,45 Drum Ensemble 1,2,45 One-Act Play 2, 3, 45 Librarian 45 Vocal Solo 4. LEON FRANK McNEIL "Mac" "Work has killed many a man, why die ?" Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45G1ee Club 1,2,3,45 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2, 3,45 Informer Staff 3,45 Tiger Staff 45 Letter Club 2, 3,45 Band 1,2, 3,45 Dramatics 3,45 Operetta 25 Student Council 1, 3,45 Class Offi- cer 15 Jr. Class Play 35 Projector Club 1,2, 3, 45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Brass Quartette 3,45 Brass Sextette 1,25 Boys' Quartette 3,45 Mixed Oc- tette 3,45 Trumpet Trio 25 One-Act Play 45 Vocal Solo 4. Sl IIIIIS ak H154 Sponsor: F. B. CRANE AND SON JEWELERS CMt. Pleasantj Sl IIIRS 1' 1954 LILLIAN IOANN THORNTON "Jo" "Not exactly a man hater, " Mixed Chorus 3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4g Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3g Informer Staff 4g Tiger Staff 4g Girls' Letter Club 3,4g Dramatics 2, 3, 43 Operetta 25 Junior Class Play 3g One-Act Plays 2,4g Librarian 3, GEORGE WILLIAM VICE "Henry" "A man is only a man but a cigarette is a smoke, " Boys' Basketball 2, 3g Football 1, 2, 3,4g Track lg Boys' Letter Club 1,2,3,4, QAppleton City, Missouri lj KENNETH EVON RHODES "Dusty" "A young man that blushes is better than one that turns pale." Boys' Glee Club 3,45 Boys' Basketball 2g Track 23 Tiger Staff 4: Boys' Letter Club 4, Dramatics 1,2,3,4g Baseball 2g One- Act Play 4. CKirksvi11e, Missouri lj CONNIE RITCHEY "Con" "Without a song the day would never end. " Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3, 4g Orange and Black Staff 1,2,3,4g Girls' Letter Club 1,2,3g Operetta 1,2,3g Student Council 1,2,3g Jr. Class Play 3g Cheerleader 3g Sextette 2,3,4g Girls' Trio 3,4g Double-Mixed Quartette 4: Triple-Trio lg Vocal Solo 1,2,3, fMedia- polis High 1,2,3.J FRANKIE RAY HOBBS "Frank" "The silent, attentive type," Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Boys' Glee Club 3,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Boys' Letter Club 2,3,4g Dramatics 3,4g Class Officer 1,2, fRich1and High 1,23 Sponsor: BILL'S MARKET X GARY LEDRU BLANCK "Sumner" "I favor a five-day weekend, " Boys' Basketball 3, Track 4, Projector Club 1, 2, 3, 4. JANICE JANE ELDER "Jan" "A bad excuse is better than none at all." Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3, Girls Glee Club 1, 2,33 Girls' Basketball 2,3g Girls' Letter Club 2,3,4, Dramatics 2,3g Operetta 1, 2, Junior Class Play 3, Sextette 2,3. LARRY GRANT NELSON "Pug" "Not as innocent as he looks." Football 3,4, Informer Staff 4, Boys Letter Club 3,45 Dramatics 3, Junior Class Play 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS YVONNE SMITH "Smitty" "Big things come in samll packages. " Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Informer Staff lg Girls Letter Club 2,3,4g Band 1,2,3g Dramatics 3,4g Operetta 1,2g Brass Sextette 1,2g Girls Sextette 3. LAWRENCE WILLIAM PENNEBACKER "Penny" "A live wire needs no charging. " Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Boys' Glee Club 1,2,3, 4g Boys' Basketball 3, Football 1,2,3,4g Track 3, Boys Letter Club 3,4, Band 1,2g Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2: Class Officer 1, 2, 3g Junior Class Play 3, Projector Club l,2,3,4g One Act Play 3, Boys Quartette 3. 10 Sponsor: BlLL'S MARKET Sl IIIRS I954 JACK LEE BROWN "Bun' "Great men are not always wise. " RUTH ANN KANNEGIESSER "Geezer" "Men interest me not--not much." Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Girls Glee Club l,2, 3, 45 Basketball 2,3,45 Informer Staff 1,45 Tiger Staff 45 Girls Letter Club 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Dramatics 35 Operetta 1,25 Student Council 2,45 Junior Class Play 35 Saxophone Quartette 1,2,3, 45 Majorette 45 Girls Sextette 2,3,45 Octette 3, 4, JAMES FREDRICK WILKE "Jazzbo' "Well, here I am, girls, " Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Boys Glee Club 1 2, 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Track 1,23 Boys Letter Club 3,45 Dramatics 2, 3,45 Junior Class Play 35 Projector Club 1, 2, 3,45 Baseball lg Cheerleader 25 Boys Quartette 2, 3,45'Vocal Solo 3,45 One Act Play 3,4 KAY ELAINE HAMILTON "Katy" "Silence is golden, " Mixed Chorus 1,2, 35 Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3,45 Girls Basketball 2, 35 Informer Staff 45 Girls Letter Club 45 Dramatics 3,45 Operetta 1,25 Junior Class Play 35 One Act Play 45 Interpretive Reading 45 Queen of Band Festival 4, KENNETH LEROY PUTNEY " Kenson" "I don't like money actually, but it quiets my nerves. " Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Boys Glee Club 1, 2, 3,45 Basketball 2, 35 Football 1, 2,3,45 Track 2, 3, 45 Brass Sextette 1,2, 35 Boys Letter Club 2,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Dra- matics 35 Operetta 1,25 Vocal Solo 45 One Act Play 35 Projector Club 1,2,3,45 Base- ball 1, 35 Ocnette 3,43 Boys Quartette 4, sponsor B1LL's MARKET 11 GLEN BENTLEY FLAM "Geef" "The Senior's gift to the Junior girls, " Mixed Chorus l,2, 3,45 Boys' Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Boys' Basketball 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Track 2, 3, 4, Informer Staff 4, Tiger Staff 4, Boys' Letter Club 2, 3,4g Dramatics 3, Student Council lg Class Officer lg Projector Club 2, 3g Baseball l,2,3,4g One-Act Play 3, ?' VIRGlNIA HUNT "Ginny" "Be it ever so humble there is no place like your own home," Mixed Chorus l,2,3g Girls' Glee Club l, 2,3g Girls Letter Club 2,3,4g Band l,2,3g Dramatics 2,3g Operetta 1,25 Jr, Class Play 3: Girls' Sextette Z,3g Brass Sex- tette l,2, av? LARRY WILLIAM RIEDEL "Riddy" "The greatest undeveloped territory in the world lies under his hat. " Informer Staff 4, LILA JOANN FARNSWORTH "Frenchy" "Waiting for that certain one. " Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4, Girls' Letter Club 4, Band 1,2,3,4g Clarinet Trio 3,4, I CLEO IEWEL CARTER IR. "Ollie" "I like to enjoy myself, it's so much fun, " Boys' Basketball 2,3,4g Football 3,4g Track 2g Tiger staff 4g Boys' Letter Club 3,45 Dramatics 3,4g Jr. Class Play 3g Projector Club 1,2, 3,4g One-Act Plays 3, 12 sponsor B1LL's MARKET Sl IURS 1954 M Sl IURS 1954 RICHARD JAY DAVISON "Jay" "Speak quickly girls, there's only one of me, " Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Boys Glee Club l,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football 1, 2, 3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Tiger Staff 45Boys Letter Club 2, 3,45 Operetta 25 Class Of- ficer 25 Junior Class Play 35 Projector Club 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Boys Quartette 3. SHERRY ANN PIPER "Pipe" "Your smile goes far but your personality goes farther, " Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3, 45 Basketball 2, 3,45 Informer Staff 15 Tiger Staff 45 Girls Letter Club 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Dra- matics 2, 35 Operetta 1,25 Class Officer 25 Junior Class Play 35 Twirler 35 Cheerleader 45 Clarinet Quartette 2, 3,45 One Act Play 25 Girls Sextette 2, 3,4, MARVIN LEE HAUSNER "Marv" "Faint hea.rt never won a fair lady, or escaped one either, " Boys Basketball 1,23 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2, 3,45 Boys Letter Club 1,2,3,45 Dramatics 35 Junior Class Play 3. fApp1e- ton City, Mo. ly DELORES FAE KUHLENBECK "Dee" "I never let work detain me from pleasure, " Mixed Chorus 35 Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Girls Letter Club 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Dramatics 35 Operetta 1,25 Twirler 1,2,3,45 Homecoming Attendant 4. ROBERT EUGENE NICHOLS "I've sworn to be a bachelor but girls still attract me, " Mixed Chorus 1,2,45 Boys' Glee Club 45 Boys' Basketball 1, 2,35 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,35 Informer Staff 45 Tiger Staff 45 Boys' Letter Club 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2, 3,45 Dramatics 3,45 One-Act Play 3,45 Student Cotuicil 45 Class Officer 1,25 Pro- jector Club 45 Instrumental Solo 1,2,45 Brass Quartette 2, 3,45 Brass Sextette 25 Octette 4. fRichland High 1, 25 sponsor: B1LL's MARKET 13 MASS Wlll Don Underwood wills his pet lizard to Tom Ritchey. We will hope that the lizard is as pleased with the change as Tom is. Leon McNeil leaves his love for dancing to Bill Carter. Frequently Leon had to miss football practice to attend dancing school. We'll hope Bill doesn't have the same trouble. Lila wills her seat in bookkeeping to Ruth Whitham along with her trained pen, "lnkspot. " We hope the pen will serve Ruth as well as it did Lila. Joann Thornton wills her ability to get along with teachers to Shirley Hillard. This was suggested by the faculty. Kenneth Rhodes leaves his drawing ability to Dale Blint to be used only in drawing admit slips. Marilyn Wright leaves her good times in Biology to Marlys Warth with this suggestion. "The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Bob Nichols leaves his cat and dog fight with Dorothy to her neighbor, Jerry Nelson. Better grab a dictionary, Jerry. Larry Nelson leaves his small appetite and girlish figure to Jeannie Wasson. Also an address as to where to buy a girdle like his. Marvin Hausner leaves his "Old Missouri Home" to Bill Carter. Remember, Bill, still whiskey runs deep. Jack Brown wills his love for bulletin boards to Sandy Hanks in hopes she has better ideas than he did. Bun's favorite saying, "Mmmm, boy! Ilike to post you! " George Vice wills his "old blue bug" to Barb Brown so she and Thelma can have something to talk about besides the weather. - . Cleo Carter leaves his fight against Communism to Pat Warth in hopes that it will take her mind off boys. Larry Pennebaker wills his complete deck of cards idiscipline cardsj to Jerry Nelson. Winning hand is guaranteed as they are all aces. Virginia Hunt wills her book on, "How to Catch a Man and Keep Him, " to Beverly Church, who she hopes will follow the text. Jim Wilke leaves his saxophone to Dale Blint so sweet music can fill the Halls of NLHS again next year. Ruth Ann leaves her admiration for football heroes to Thaylen with the hope that Thaylen doesn't let it interferwithher cheerleading. Dorothy Kinney wills her acting ability and fear of birds to Dale Blintwith one last hope. "Don't let it go to the birds, Dale. " Larry Riedel wishes to leave his irrestible way with women to "Pimp" Totemeier in hopes that he'll give them all a chance. "Be a sport, Wes. " Janice Elder wills all her good times with Gary and the Gang, to Gloria Hoffman with the understanding: "They're nothing but juveniles. " Smiling Smitty leaves all her boy friends to Pat Frank with a word of advice. "Watch those Rich boys!" Benny Flam leaves his basketball ability to Janet Brown. Let's keep this in the family. Gary Blanck leaves his ever-ready water guns to Jerry Nelson to be used only in physics class. , Frankie Hobbs leaves Jeannie Wasson to Dale Blint. Take good care of her, Dale. Frankie has plans. Connie Ritchey wills her shapely figure to Shirley Hillard. Con says, "You can have it Shirley, I've got my man. " Kay Hamilton leaves her strong voice to Burton Garland. Speak up Burton. Norma Prehm leaves her Citizenship grades to Janet Brown. we hope Janet works hard to deserve them. Delores Kuhlenbeck leaves her love for bookkeeping to Thaylen with the hope that she doesn't talk as much in bookkeeping as she did in shorthand. Dick Davison leaves his ability to handle blondes to Jerry Snyder. Confidentally, Dick told us his secret. Never take -them for granted. Sherry Piper leaves her fascination for the eruption of "Old Faithful" to Miriam Ander- son in hopes she appreciates it. Kenneth Putney wills his and Gary's hotrod to any junior boy who will go to the trouble of hauling it away. Last of all, the whole senior class wills to the whole junior class all the excitement and beauty of the last year of high school. 'WI vi I S' APPREIZIAIIU HI IIIIR PAM IS - This page is dedicated, in sincerest appreciation, to our parents. Your devotion, interest, and guidance have inspired us to the higher things of life and you have pro- d vided us with the necessities of living so that we might obtain an education. A MASS PRIIPHHIY As graduation was nearing, I began to wonder what the future held for each of the seniors, My curiosity became so great that I decided to go to the famous forttuie teller, Al1a'l-las Been, who sees all, tells all, and knows nothing. When I told her what my question was, she immediately took me into her mysterious quarters and prepared to look into her crystal ball, to tell me the future that lay in store for the class of '54, The first person to appear in Alla Has Been's crystal ball was none other than IANICE ELDER. To my surprise, she was supervisor of the children's ward in the New London Mercy Hospital, Next to appear in the crystal ball is KEN PUTNEY, assistant assistant to the Ninth Vice-President of the Ford Com- pany, GARY BLANCK, In the crystal ball we see Ken and Gary's new car, the "New Fudge '98, " painted the outstanding new color, chocolate mud. Suddenly the crystal ball clouded over and strange spiritual music came from above. It was JIM WlLKE'S millionth platter, entitled, "I Love Me. " I couldn't help admiring the fortune tel1er's orange and purple dotted kimono. Original design by the famous artists, PREHM and THORNTON. We saw VIRGINIA HUNT on one of her famous lecture tours based on her book, "How to be Happy, Though Married, Next to appear in the crystal ball are two confused characters in coonskin caps, FLAM hunting HAUSNER and HAUSNER hunting FLAM. She again asked me if I would like to hear something from the spiritual world, There came a squeaky voice, which proved to be little MARILYN WRIGHT who had gotten stuck in a test tube at S. U. I. Next in vision is GOVERNOR VICE, now running for his tenth term as governor of Missouri, If elected, he is promis- ing bigger and better fish for the men and "Moonshine and Roses" for the women, Then all was quiet and I saw SHERRY PIPER and RUTH ANN KANNEGIESSER still unwrapping the tape off their first patient, who had entered the hospital ten years ago suffering from a hang nail. PROFESSOR UNDERWOOD has just received his ABC, CYC, and CIO degrees from Powder Puff University, a famous girls school. Then we came across BOB NICHOLS who followed through with his plan to become an F. B. I. agent, At the present he is investigating JACK BROWN on suspicion of posting bulletins on government property, which is a federal offense. All of a sudden I see a wolf in the crystal ball. Paying further attention, I realize it is DOROTHY KINNEY, now starring in "Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, " Dot has the leading part, "The Wolf," Next in the crystal ball is FRANK I-IOBBS who married the former Jeannie Wasson. They're now farming in Lowell, Iowa, Next comes YVONNE SMITH who at the present is making plans for her future marriage to one of the Rich brothers. Next we see CLEO CARTER who is now the permanent cage manager at NLHS, He even finds time to do a little coaching for the girls' team, "Behold, what strange sight is this?" asked Alla Has Been. As the vision becomes clearer, I find it to be CONNIE RITCHEY. In her spare time, Connie is teaching the younger residents of New London how to drive. With such expert teaching, we are sure there will be fewer accidents. To appear next in the crystal ball was a man in artist's clothing, standing beside his great masterpiece, "Whistler's Father." We find this famous artist to be KENNETH RHODES, Now we see LEON McNEIL who is busy getting ready to divorce his fifth "mistake," We come to DEE KUHLENBECK, who is a hair stylist for President Eisenhower's secretary, KAY HAMILTON. She is getting ready to give Kay her famous hair style, "The Bush". Now we come to LARRY NELSON who spends all of his time shining the ball bats for the Yankees, Ah, and what do we have here ? None other than the famous LARRY RIEDEL who has taken over the late Al Capone's work in Chicago, His favorite gun moll at the present is the former LILA FARNSWORTH, who now goes by the name of Minnie the Bad, Now we have LARRY PENNEBAKER, who has made success in the entertainment world as a comedian. He has his own television show, called, "Watch It Once, " Last to appear is DICK DAVISON, who has never married, At the present he's head of the "Home for Old Maids, " This brings to a close our look into the future lives of the class of '54, On behalf of the Junior Class I would like to say "Good luck to you Seniors of '54, " 16 3 Q! fxylfx 'N 70 0 G X Jll IURS Gloria Hoffman QPresidentj Jerry Snyder QVice-Presidentj Patricia Frank QSecretaryj Miriam Anderson lTreasurerD Thelma Mason Jeannie Was son Barbara Brown Tom Ritchey Dale Blint Beverly Church Marlys Warth ALAMO THEATER B 8: D MOTOR CO. 18 no I Nw" . wh, I Janet Brown Shirley Hillard Thaylen Crosley Pat Warth Jerry Nelson Burton Garland We sley Totemeier Bill Carter Sandra Hanks Ruth Whitharn RITCHEY'S HARDWARE J N I U R S 1'W"mvTwf ,Fa ,,,,. ,iw Supll 0 M 0 R ES Jim Talbott QPresidentl .L l.9ffi,,e "l!lf!i2?5H5!YEii55E!W M, -24 fffssi-in my w.- -:Qi 1 1- i.. ..:., weg-V N- .. if it Y I1 yzvf, 3,5 5 VSV -5676 1 t . .555 ' 1 .K A iff! .fi ,J . . .Ui .. sf , X yccii 4 S ,M I A KJ is in wa 'f fr ' E lf: ,M N it N A ,. A if , wf ,f 3 M vwifqgf T - T its 1 1 ,Q f .,' Q f wr-Q W . use " '-Q, W.. Q x Larry Thomas QVice Pres j Delores Morrison lSecretaryJ Sylva Hanks QTreasurerj Joyce Williams Wilber Brown Jean Keever Carol Totemeier Gary Jay Williams Larry Putney Wayne Henessee Dick Thompson Jerry Darbyshire Paul Saunders Gary Beach Dennis Snyder Darlene Frank Shirley Ann Hale June Miller Roberta Earnest JoeAnn Horn DeSPAIN HARDWARE NEW LONDON JOURNAL Donna Brown Robert Linkin Lester Crouch Rolland Hopson Benny Hillard Elvin Swailes Darrell Hanks Leo Jacobs Frank Lee Bob Wallingford Rosina Ibbotson Jack Gray Sandra Richard Frank Hanson Donald Miller Sonja DeSpain Jerry Boal Saundra Dean Gerald Hopson Jim Peterson Paul Whitham SHORES DRUG STORE NEW LONDON CREAMERY . 4- 1 ., . ' 7- 52s f':g 'g'g if 'fz!-.zzaikiiufidkl L. L flu, .A , r,L V , ,rr, I-f ' QIUPHIIMURIS Jerry Sliger President I: R E S H M I Jim Toft V1ce President Mary Lu Toft Secretary Diane Harper - Treasurer Margy Richenberger Paul Farnsworth Jim Feehan Jack Chadwick Leon Durham 2' f' 'I Betty McCabe Iona Rice Ruby Rhodes Coleen Brown Caroline Lyon Jerry Dunn Doyle Morrison LeRoy Gilleard Jim Rapien ENGLEHARD'S BEAUTY SHOP E. N. SMITH, INSURANCE La Vonne Waddle Russell Wood Doris Hoel Patty Hausner Wendell Summers Carol Flayharty Eleanor Englehard Stanley Jane Mar shall ARPER 'S RED AND WHITE rnfsumr R Qbef Marcia Jackson Marvin Miller Mary Alice Thomas Pat Jackson Bill Nichols Carol Ann Warth Sandra Snyder Darlene Underwood . Stigge 11 , 'I 1 --I a :N wflfff I' .lq'7ff" R HGHIH GRADE Frank McCarl Dorothy Walker Roger Crawford Yvonne Miller Bill Denny Jerry Archer Dallas Piper Gary Woline Eddie Wallingford Esther Woodall J Wanda Hale Marjorie Hamilton Shirley Kuhlenbeck Judy Elder Wanda Richenberger Linda Oetken Luella Swailes Carol Cripple Diane Warth Judy Locke Donna Underwood Bob McCarl Larry Farnsworth Willis Bozarth Paul Thielbert Robert Hamilton William Wood Dick Lenz Wilbur Williams Dennis McAv0y Dale B1-issey Wendell Williams Mr. Mellem, QTeacherl Sponsor: R. K. CRANE FURNITURE Mt. Pleasant, Iowa iw' 452 7?-. ,, X .-Ealfgzi K -Y wg . .,, - - .za , it .1 Z ' 4' f If---,. . , M, , X. -4, in A J 5 afar """"' M y 1... M , . ..,.., -W. ' wide? 'l sk M .. ' an X X 5 gi' ,, 5 -1.1 L5 K ' V ,Q " ' -V .gsF .. W ."'L T' , . ' 'Sii?iimw.i " :',, ' 'fitgg---',."9 kf',' VV " A V 'T L'k' f ,T -fff ill , V. N"-'-O 1 .eitiffi 'xlilgiili "K.' i ' V- -' ,. L,,L , r , 1, .,.,.,,V.. ,4., L , L ..L, V , J A, nab. -. 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S 1 ' :gf iz Q V252 " A 'L ,LV " it X Bill Thompson Donnie Angstead Monte Dockendorff Ronald Lenz Maynard Jones Patty Petzinger Barbara Denney Shirley Harms Barbara Hill Bob Burkhart Marilyn Reilm Betty Rhodes Joan Miller Marcia Martin Judy Williams Linda Synnes Linda Kuhlenbeck Kenneth Nehring Karen McCabe June Feehan Dorothy I-Ioel Bill Broeker Suzanne Harper Mary Lu Hillard Judith Miller Teresa Putney Veronda Carter La Verne Keever Bob Snyder Daryl Brown Bruce Elder Bill Warth Robert Johnson Bill Grimm Arnold Crouch Tony Putney Carroll Reid Larry Richard Sylvia Layman Mrs. Ward lTeacherJ Mrs. Goudie fTeacherl gm IH QRAMZ5 BURKH James Runquist Dayle Linder James Helmerson Emory Enright Ronald Hildebrand Sandra Hobart Sharon Howell LeRoy Riley Keith Cfrinstead Paul Kampmeier Carole Kinney Helen Gilliland William Bugg James Little Donald Lee Jerry Krieger Kay Durham Gale Gilleard Betty Grimm Carolyn Miller Kenneth Joy Larry Smith Don Riley Donald Hanson Bill Shipley Jim Hausner Eddie Miller Linda Nelson Charlotte McFarland Mark Westerbeck Sandra Jackson John Warth Alan Strawhacker Gordon Beach Bill Kannegiesser Sharon Layman Linda Redfern Robert Shores Charles Smith Charles Noel Roger Smith William Oge Sandra Piper Marilyn Berry Karen Angstead Gary Dockendorff Shirley Sizemore Avon Coe John Evans Delores Miller James Oetken Patty Flesnor Judith Stocks Karen Hoffman Mrs. Allbaugh, QTeacherj Sponsor: LINDER " Melvin Hamilton Nancy Jo Foggy Mark Fitzpatrick Frances Ibottson Ralph Johnson Vicky Kramer Sharon Angstead Sara Jane Burkhart Jerry Fenton Bill Dillavou Jim Church Ron Reppe Dorothy Peterson Duane Swailes Rita DeSpain Sharon Krieger Sonja Jackson Mary Hill Evelyn Phillips Bill Launderville Larry Kuhlenbeck Lloyd Mille-r Sharon Jones Merlin Hamilton Joe Corman Juanita Lee Morris Putney Linda Reynolds Carol Phehrn Janet Grinstead Bruce Gipple Sandra Flesner Mary Engle Jerry Oge Larry Wilke Donnie Lonsbary Bill Lyon Fred Messer Robert Dillavou Stanley Blythe Larry Barron Doris Runquist Stanley Crouch Robert Corman Bonnie Colton John Shores Wendell Wallingford Sponsors: BYRON MILLER INSURANCE M155 FOX Vfeachefl DAVEYIS PAINT SUPPLIES MISS P8.l1lSOl'1 fT6aCheI', if 5 Z iw as in ' n J E. wif IM ,ff If I -if Zf: 2- Eddie Marshall Judy Hoffman Virginia Dodds Joyce Westerbeck Marilyn McCabe Roberta Rheiam Larry Wood Paul Launderville David Matheny . A f, Linda Layman Donna Hunter Darlene Baker Eldon Waddle Kenneth Hoffman Darrell Jackson I Edith Bugg Curtis s Nehring Mary Joy Larry Miller - I Sharon Brown Diane Strawhacker " Q"' cerei smith A Minnie McCabe w ,. 'mf 2' tab ep ,- nv' !5'xfv Larry Joy Joan Flaharty John Clark Gary Fenton Keith Hobart 'If' iff Patsy Brown f Iii f Mary Jane Helmerson Marylu Davey ,, Terry Feehan Judy Wood Carol Chadwick Deloris Dockendorff Lois Kampmeier Blaine McNeil - Eddie Blythe Marvin Hillard Paula Bozorth Richard Joffman Maxine Hill Mary Huddleston i Dianne Redfern it - Michael Nelson John McKinnon Rodney Linkin John Miller HIUIHH GRADE Aaron Coe Sponsor: PFEIFFER GARAGE Jeff McKinnon PAN-CO-VESTA CLEANERS Mrs. Grant, fTeacherj 1 r i n I' 1 L Qi 41' F 4 MW! V' exif" si f iz u 35 , Q z '-f-Wi: , x JI: " uf A -in ,, , L L, W xl u R x ,. 2-. 151 , v is gli' ef ' , - L as If LL ii. .V N , . ..,. , 1' W, L 1:2 -he . :jg , V .. L 4 'is A 2: . .1 :Nr ' , 'ii' wif if ag , ,, pf X ag. 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Pleasant Linda Harper Barbara Shipley Peggy Shipley Norman Westerbeck Robert Smith Mickey Mullikin Larry Schweitzer James Barron Barbara Dodds Danny Kramer Kathy Phippips Douglas Grimm Jimmy Ritchey Mary Brown Darla Engle Jane Warth Cheryl Darbyshire Marlys Lee Maribeth Oetken Reggie Smith Kenneth Rhum Bobbie Petzinger Butch Barry Neil Lyon Eddie Fitzpatrick Samantha Williams Karen Enright Larry Sizemore Billy Hanks Sheryl Wilke John Totemier Judy Walton Jerry Miller Dick Reid Rollin Smith Gary Joy Bobby Jones Mary Ella Bugg Robert Skeens John Runquist Connie McKinnon Gloria McCarl Nancy McNeeley Joanna Hahn Donnie Johnson Shirley Burkhart Danny Thompson Sharon Lee John Williams John Willey Sandra Howell Ralph Calhoun Linda Calhoun Dean Laundervill "W U W XM wmv . V- . .me i . . . Lg Mrs. Fren 3' 1' ,J J ,i:iV, C ch QTeacherj Sponsor: O'BRIEN'S BAKERY Jimmy Hixson Linda Anderson Stephanie Sieberts Sheila Williamson Margie Strawhacker Linda Kay Joy Sherry Jackson John Richard Harold Dreckmeier Danny Hoffman Tommy Noel Dennis Hill Deanne Hester Mike Westerbeck Marvin Corman C athe rine Launde rville F ranc i s C alhoun Dick Calhoun Terr Wasson Charlres Lowe Rita Woline Shirley Hobart Woodroe Warth Garland Smith Melvin Broeker Lois Calhoun David Weigert Harold Miller Sue Blythe Linda Jackson Cheryl Oge Helen Lyon Sandra Schmidt SICU D GRADE Mary Cather ine O' Brien Be verly Rhode s Karen Riley Annette De pain Bill Hoel Maureen Timmons Larry Reppe Gary Hilbebrand Geoffrey Seamans Claudia Colby Larry Crill M Milf' Dwi H111 6 fr fTeai1c11el7 61-I . 5 5 : li .T Q KV'l47'1i l' I- - -my Billy Wilke Susan Seamans Paulette Anderson Michael Hester Jerry Harris Phillip Stocks John Hawkinson Kenneth Simmons Edward Collins Connie Williams Gregory Lenz Mike Noel Sammy Wellington Stephen Farnsworth Carol Lovell Carl Loyd Gary Davis Linda Norton Robert Durham Ronald Eversman Larry Phillips Rose Launderville Burkhardt Greulich Mary Budde Bobby Alton John Grinstead Pauline Holmes Dennis Putney Constance Rhum Donald Hill Patricia Burkhart Marilyn Timmons Marcia Harper Susan Hanson Teresa Thomas Lou Ann Westerbeck Susan Miller Nancy Willey Kenneth Calhoun Donald Smith David Rhum Sue Kuhlenbeck Larry Howell Lindra McKinnon Jerry Prottsman Marjorie McCabe Pamela Corman Nancy Hanks Larry Kampmeier Edward Totemeier Sandra Anderson Steven McNeeley Judith Hookum Janet Mclntire Brenda Crouch Charlene Hamilton Joan Shelledy Sherman Skeens Donald Miller Gene Fitzpatrick Donald Dillavou Ronald Dillavou Terry Swailes Robert Lee Spgnsor Johnnie Breckmeier W1LL1AM5QN15 Gene Young D X Roma Edgingfon SPAHN at ROSE Mrs. Skinner, QTeacherJ Q Rwlf f Q xx BUYS' lllllll FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Darrell Hanks, Don Underwood, Bud Brown, Bob Nichols, Leon Mc- Neil, Frank Hobbs, Benny Flarn, Kenneth Putney, Dick Davison, Jim Wilke, Larry Pennebaker, Tom Ritchey, SECOND ROW: Larry Nelson, Jim I albotr, Dennis Snyder, Burton Garland, Marvin Hausner, George Vice, Bill Carter, Cleo Carter, Jim Peterson, Frank Lee, Jack Gray, GIIHS' HHH! lilllli FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Hillarcl, Janet Brown, Barbara Brown, Sonja DeSpain, Beverly Church, Dorothy Kinney, Sherry Piper, Ruth Ann Kannegiesser, Kay Hamilton, Virginia Hunt, June Miller, Marlys Warth, Donna Jean Wasson, Thaylen Crosley, SECOND ROW: Sandra Hanks, Roberta Earnest, Sylva Hanks, Pat Frank, Thelma Mason, Miriam Anderson, Gloria Hoffman, Yvonne Smith, Janice Elder, Joann Thornton, Delores Kuhlenbeck, Norma Prehm, Marilyn Wright, Lila Farnsworth, Sponsors: NATIONAL STUDIO---Burlington, Iowa JOHNSON AND RASSMUSEN---Burlington, Iowa 34 Clllli BA Il FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Wright, Sylva Hanks, Marcia Jackson, SECOND ROW: Sherry Piper, Norma Prehm, Darlene Underwood, Sonja DeSpain, Monte Dockendorff, Carole Warth, Gary Beach, Shirley Kuhlenbeck, Carol Gipple, Judy Locke, THIRD ROW: Sandra Hanks, Miriam Anderson, Barbara Denny, Patsy Peizinger, Lila Farnsworth, Bob Linkin, Darrell Hanks, Jane Marshall, June Miller, Beverly Church, Sylvia Layman, Avon Coe, Patty llausner, Dennis McEvoy, Jim Peterson, Paul Farnsworth, Leon McNeil, Bob Nichols, Eleanor Engelhard, Roberta Earnest, FOURTH ROW: Mr, Krieger, Paul Saunders, Gary Williams, Saundra Dean, Dorothy Kinney, Kenneth Putney, Marjorie Hamilton, TWIRLERSg Yvonne Miller, Janet Brown, Thaylen Crosley, Samantha Williams, Pat Frank, Shirley Hillard, Delores Kulilenbeck, MAJORETTE-Ruth ,Xnn Kannegiesser. IWIIHHIS LEFT TO RIGHT: Yvonne Miller, Janet Brown, Shirley Hillard, Ruth Ann Kannegiesser, Drum Majorctteq Thaylen Crosley, Pat Frank, Delores Kuhlenbeck, Samantha Williams, Junior Majorette, Sponsors: HOWELL'S SHELL SERVICE WALKER 'S CAFE FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Brown, Dorothy Kinney, Yvonne Smith, Sandra Hanks, Shirley Hil- lard, Carole Warth, Shirley Hale, Diane Harper, Mary Lu Toft, Sherry Piper, Beverly Church, Roberta Earnest, Marilyn Wright, SECOND ROW: Mrs, Gates, Sonja DeSpain, Sylva Hanks, Miriam Anderson, Thelma Mason, Sandra Richards, Jeanie Wasson, Ruth Ann Kannegiesser, Eleanor Engelhard, Marlys Warth, Norma Prehm, Joann Thornton, Carol Totemeier, THIRD ROW: 'Frank Lee, Gary Williams, Kenneth Putney, Jerry Snyder, Frank Hobbs, Bob Wallingford, Leon McNeil, Wesley Totemeier, Benny Flam, Dick Davison, Jim Wilke, Larry Putney, Bob Warth, S 5 . . 3. 1 T i s i i 'Y FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Brown, Janet Brown, Jane Marshall, Carole Warth, Lila Farnsworth Pat Frank, Pat Warth, Shirley Hale, Thaylen Crosley, Roberta Earnest, Marcia Jackson, Darlene Frank, Marilyn Wright, SECOND ROW: Mrs, Gates, Dorothy Kinney, Yvonne Smith, Sonja DeSpain, Diane Har- per, Mary Lu Toft, Miriam Anderson, Sylva Hanks, June Miller, Beverly Church, Carol Totemeier, Caroline Lyons, Darlene Underwood, THIRD ROW: Sandra Hanks, Shirley Hillard, Thelma Mason, Kay Hamilton, Sandra Richards, Marlys Warth, Delores Kuhlenbeck, Eleanor Engelhard, Jeanie Wasson, Ruth Ann Kannegiesser, Norma Prehm, Doris Hoel, Sherry Piper, Joann Thornton. Sponsors: J. A. HALE C. L. JENNINGS 36 GIRLS' QUARTETTE GIRLS' SEXTETTE SFT TO RIGHT: Marilyn Wright, Ruth Ann annegiesser, Sherry Piper, Roberta Earnest, .iriam Anderson, Dorothy Kinney, AT PIANO: Irs. Gates, Instructor, OCTETTE SFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Kinney, Miriam An- :rson, Marilyn Wright, Ruth Ann Kannegiesser, 'ank Lee, Kenneth Putney, Benny Flam, Leon cNeiI, AT PIANO: Norma Prehrn. Sponsors: FRANCIS MAGINNIS ALLisoN'S POOL HALL 37 la, LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Harper at Piano, Miriam Anderson, Shirley IIiIIard, Marlys Warth, Janet Brown. BOYS' QUARTETTE LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs, Gates at piano, Kenneth Putney, Frank Hobbs, Jim Wilke, Leon Mc- Neil. GIRLS' TRIO LEFT TO RIGHT: Sandra Richard, Mary Lu Toft, Carol Warth, Mrs, Gates at Piano. DRA AJIES FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Warth, Sandra Hanks, Miriam Anderson, Joann Thornton, Jeannie Wasson, Norma Prehm, Kay Hamilton, Yvonne Smith, Beverly Church, Dorothy Kinney, SECOND ROW: Mary Jayne Williams, Jim Wilke, Bud Brown, Burton Garland, Frank Hobbs, Larry Pennebaker, Gary Williams, Frank Lee, Jack Gray, Larry Thomas, BACK ROW: Cleo Carter, Jerry Darbyshire, Bob Nichols, Leon McNeil, Wesley Totemeier, Tom Ritchey, Leo Jacobs, Rolland Hopson, Saundra Dean, IIEAIZJ Pl YS TWO CROOKS AND A LADY QUIET PLEASE FRONT ROW, L, TO R,: Jim Wilke, Kay Hamilton, SECOND LEFT TO RIGHT: Miriam Anderson, Leon McNeil, Joann ROW: Beverly Church, Norma Prehm, BACK ROW: Mary Thornton, Mary Jayne Williams, Dorothy Kinney, Bob Jayne Williams, Gary Jay Williams, Jerry Darbyshire, Nichols, Pat Warth. Sponsors: PRIMARY OIL COMPANY COFFEE SHOP 38 'W REMEMBER MAMAH isa J: T7T'h'i' UQ! ,M-ui OW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Jayne Williams, director, Joann Thorton, Dorothy Kinney, Yvonne mith, Marilyn Wright, Ruth Ann Kannegiesser, Sherry Piper, Lila Farnsworth, ROW 2: Norma Prehm, 'irginia Hunt, Kay Hamilton, Benny Flam, Cleo Carter, Bob Nichols, Jim Wilke, Dick Davison, nd Kenneth Rhodes. HMEEE EUREISS ARCHERH ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Brown, Shirley Hilliard, Beverly Church, Gloria Hoffman, Sandra Hanks, Miriam Anderson, Mary Jayne Williams, director. ROW 2: Jeannie Wasson, Thelma Mason, Tom Ritchey, Gerald Snyder, Burton Garland, and Wesley Totemeier, Sponsors: MARSHALL MOTORS NEW LONDON PRODUCE SE Illll CEASS PEAY JU Illli IIEASS PEAY SIUDI I E00 Cll FRONT ROW, L, TO R.: Joyce Williams, Thelma Mason, Mary Lou Toft, Sonja DeSpain, Jim Talbott, LeonMcNeil, Jerry Sliger, Gloria Hoffman, Tom Ritchey, TOP ROW, L, TO R.: Mr. Caris, advisor, Ruth Kannegiesser, Don Underwood, Bob Nichols. I FURMIR SIAFI FRONT ROW, L. TO R.: Thelma Mason, Barbara Brown, Marilyn Wright, Dorothy Kinney, Joann Thornton, Pat Warth, Leon McNeil, Larry Nelson, Bob Nichols, Don Underwood, Editor. TOP ROW, L. TO R.: Pat Hausner, Mary Lou Toft, Ben Flam, Darlene Underwood, Roberta Eamest, Sonja DeSpain, Miss Pearson, Advisor, Miriam Anderson, Gloria Hoffman, Gary Williams, Gary Beach, Ruth Karmegiesser, Larry Reidel, Norma Prehm, Kay Hamilton. Sponsors: ABE RUBEN NEW LONDON LOCKER PLANT 40 PRUJECTUH STAFF FIRST ROW, L, TO R.: Wilbur Brown, Tom Ritchey, Larry Pennebacker. SECOND ROW, L, TO R.: Burton Garland, Jim Wilke, Kenneth Putney, Gary Williams, Jerry Snyder, THIRD ROW: Darrell Hanks, Bill Carter, Bob Nichols, Wesly Totemeier, Jim Peterson, FOURTH ROW: Leon McNeil, Dale Blint, Gary Blanck, Cleo Carter, Don Underwood, Dick Davison, Benny Flam, HBRARIA S LEFT TO RIGHT: Roberta Earnest, Carol Ann Totemeier, Betty McCabe Janice Elder, Shirley Hale, June Miller, Joyce Williams, Sponsors: EARL PETZINGER DeJAYNES JEWELRY 41 AWARD ASSINIIHY l UPPER LEFTQ This year Dick Davison received the Outstanding Citizenship Award from the Iowa State Bar Association. This award was presented to Dick by Don Bell who is a representative of the association. SECOND FROM LEFTQ Marilyn Wright and Bob Nichols were co-editors of the school annual for 1954, THE TIGER. Besides letters and awards, they received editors' pins. THIRD FROM LEFTg For winning a division l rating in the lowa State Speech Contest with his excellent interpratation of Poe's "Black Cat," Gary Jay Williams is presented with a medal by his mother and speech teacher, Mary Jayne Williams. UPPER RIGHT3 The salutatorian and valedictorian, Norma Prehm and Bob Nichols respectively, were presented with medals by Bill Caris. LOWER LEFTQ This year the boys were champs ofthe Southeast Iowa League. As reward for their efforts they received this trophy. Their record in conference play was nine wins and only one loss. This loss was to Wayland at Wayland. However, the Bombers fell to the Tigers on the Tigers' home court. Sponsors: CO-OP ELEVATOR CO-OP LUMBER YARD 42 Z: 'EN A52 Q wa f 'i' AL? A Q1 xy ' - 1 AW Qbffjlf gl I l MUXNXXW WATER aw' '11 Don Underwood Dennis Snyder C Benny Elam leo Carter 4 V Clifford Brees f- Head Coach If V T " ' 'o,,1r , , 3 'L wif- -' L11 Er Ti If ' jf ,ff. . f l .ai ... ,, V' 44,Vg g K 521 A ffl K . f S onnr g , f AZZA ,il V Bill Carte L arvzn Hausner I? 'Nj' ' I . 155' '-ffiif , XX A aj Je xx Bill C255 aw ASsh:jUMe11em TAS TE I CE CR EAM SHO1 . Q0 . CO A55 L Bch FRONT ROW, L. TO R.: Cleo Carter, Benny Flam, Marvin Hausner, Leon McNeil, Larry Pennebaker, George Vice, Ken Putney, Larry Nelson, Burton Garland, SECOND ROW: Mr, Brees, Tom Ritchey, Jim Talbott, Bob Nichols, Frank Hobbs, Bill Carter, Dick Davison, Don Underwood, Dennis Snyder, Bud Brown, Mr, Caris. BACK ROW: Larry Putney, Darrell Hanks, Jack Gray, Frank Hanson, Bob Wallingford, Jerry Darbyshire, Benny Hillard, Dick Thompson, Larry Thomas. Y I Leon Mcsen 541 I f - of .,, - H ., kbk I - "OA I Bud Biown QW Fxank Hanson .zpiaip Sim 1 alba" Larry Pennebaker Frank Hobbs Ken pumey of 3 w . . ' MW' we '- P P, 55? QE SX Dick Davison Co-Captain L ,. a1'rY Nelson George Vice Co-Captain Bllltgn Ga Iland Tom Ritchey U flm Taft CECIL NICHOLS, MOORMAN FEEDS PIPER PLUMBING AND HEATING f mfs. L.m, ' ..l JM' ., . ' W 'fix L 4557- . A .- - 1 if wi fi L 9, H , H 533 Wt' Q11 sl 1- pf: mvrkg 454 .Meie r ,ij . 45 if ig The Homecoming Queen of 1953 was Marilyn Wright, senior, and her attendants were: Thaylen Crosley, junior, and Delores Kuhlenbeck, a senior. They were chosen by the male students of N. L. H. S. from a group of candidates. The coronation ceremonies took place between halves of the West Branch football game. Last years queen, Monica Simmons crowned the new queeng Jim Wilke was Master of Ceremoniesg Crown Bearers, Sammy Wellington and Deanne Devore After the game, the Student Council sponsored the Homecoming dance, in the lavishly decorated gym. During the dance, Marilyn was pre- sented with a beautiful braclet. We were very proud of our cheerleaders for the 1953-1954 football and basketball season. They were two seniors, Marilyn Wright and Sherry Piperg and two juniors, Thaylen Crosley and Thelma Mason. They had fine attendance at all the games and did very much to encourage school spirit. All the students and faculty wish to thank the cheerleaders for a job well done. Sponsors: BECKERS JEWELRY fMt. Pleasantj PANTHERS REXALL DRUGS fMt. Pleasantl Benny Flam fCo-Captainj Don Underwood QCO-Captainj Dick Davison SIASII 'S RHIIIIIII 15 won 6 lost WE THEY Danville 42 41 Olds 68 60 Winfield 58 56 Olds 60 57 Wayiand 60 51 wapeuo 57 53 Columbus Junction 57 40 Donnellson 50 53 Ainsworth 56 55 Mt. Pleasant 50 53 Wayland 51 59 Salem 77 31 Hillsboro 64 39 Wayland 49 63 Danville 58 63 Winfield 68 56 Columbus Junction 65 43 Wapello 63 56 Ainsworth 70 47 Ft. Madison Catholic 51 74 Donnellson 63 60 IOWA STATE BANK W 5 S- 5 E - my SES? f ii ia S -my Burton Garland Bill Carter Dennis Snyder Leon McNeil ieiegggfzfm. -1 , I is fi 9 is X J J r sf 49 s'.? Tom Ritchey Jack Chadwick Jim Toft Jerry Boal Trophy n 9 fy gif X, 2 X5 BACK ROW, L, TO R,: Coach Brees, Don Underwood, Benny Flam, Dennis Snyder, Leon McNeil, Burton Garland, Dick Davison, Cleo Carter, Manager, Assistant Coach Caris, FRONT ROW: Jack Chadwick, Jim Toft, Jim Rapien, Jim Talbott, Tom Ritchey, Jerry Boal C 4 L 1, 45' - Jim Rapien ARMERS BANK I , wr - , 'kms Vim. fs X , . "axis 51 S if , ,V ,. 5 . I K JoeAnn Horn QForwardj ,lm i 5 5' li f 5',, r, L se r Mary Alice Thomas QGuardj s" ,A "r .f f xvl A mm f' s S 'kj xg g Nu 5 ets Jeannie Wasson fGuard5 Gloria Hoffman QForward5 1 .I . Rf' F Y' ' -,rr Wt, .f-v KJ Wf'L, V, -z L-f' Q21 iff y T is: Barbara Brown fGuardj Sandra Hanks fForwardJ Miriam Anderson Uiorwardj if s Although the girls won only one game they will lose only three girls y by graduation. The team was young f and needed a lot of experience. Toward the latter part of the season N ziiii' A i iAi Y W they began to come into their own. We are looking forward to big things from the girls in the coming years. Marlys Warth fForwardj Sponsors : P RINCESS CAFE HOAC-LIN'S Joyce Williams Giorwardj Sylvia Hanks QGuardJ June Miller fForwardJ Sandra Snyder qForwai-dj x 1 Ruth Ann Kannegiesser QGuardJ Dorothy Kinney QGuardJ Sherry Piper QGuardJ BACK ROW, L. TO R.: Manager, Carol Ann Warthg Sherry Piperg Sylva Hanksg Sandra Snyderg Eleanor Engelhardg Marlys Warthg June Millerg IoeAnn Horng Mr. Cook, Coach, FRONT ROW: Dorothy Kinneyg Ruth Ann Kannegiesserg Barbara Browng Jeannie Wassong Sandra Hanksg Miriam Anderson: Gloria Hoffman: Joyce Williams. Sponsors: BISHOPS STANDARD SERVICE EILEEN'S BEAUTY SHOP 51 Wm , gil 5-35 fi if 8 SIUU D FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Wallingford, Jack Gray, Darrell Hanks, Gary Williams, Frank Hanson, Doyle Morrison, SECOND ROW: Jack Chadwick, Jim Toft, Jim Talbott, Dennis Synder, Jim Rapien, Jerry Boal. yn FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Denny, Billy Warth, Wendell Williams, Jerry Archer, Dick Lenz, Kenneth Nehring, SECOND ROW: Mr. Mellem, Coach, Bruce Elder, Bob Snyder, Bill Wood, Don Angsrcad, Daryl Brown. JU IUR HIGH BASKllBAll IIAM Sponsor: GLADY'S BEAUTY SHQP BLOCK AND KUHL 52 JU IUH HHHIFUUIBAII FRONT ROW, L. TO R,g Russell Wood, Jerry Dunn, Bill Wood, Dick Lenz, Dallas Piper, Wendell Williams, Jim Rapien, SECOND ROW: Daryl Brown, Stanley Stigge, Jerry Archer, Jack Chadwick, Donnie Angstead, LeRoy Gilliard, Bill Warnh, Eddie Wallingford, THIRD ROW: Frank McCarl, Bob Burkhart, Willis Bozarrh, Bob Warth, Bob McCarl, Roger Crawford, Jim Feehan, Marvin Miller, Bill Broeker, JU IURIHGH CHllRllAUlRS LEFT TO RIGHT: June Feehan, Shirley Kuhlenbeck, Judy Locke, Patsy Petzinger, Judy Williams, Donna Underwood, Sponsors: KENNEDY'S DAIRY TEMPLE THEATER 53 Tom Ruchey Sponsor BENNER FOOD STORE Dick Davisor Cleo Carter Benny Hillar 00 My Wm' A '5L " 1 - 2 LAIY 1TANlToR. ff 1 'fr " 1 I 1 I I in H H V 4 M f X X ILL WW NEXT T TIME Bmauv , 4' -,, ,EY 'QA H f ,ff , n ff ' R .J I 4 QQ? 'f ,' 2 .. :f'A 6? w'i9.El HELEIWOKEI V 7 f wg KI TRIED ,BUT X ' 'IT'5 Hovuess p THOSE . YEARS MADE K '17 Qulrs A CHANGE SV' K H4931 vw? fflrjmw V363 55 fvviu f Q , -9- x iii , -, , -Q.. .,, Q, 'UN it N. t r' y h,L M ' 1 ,pe Halloweening ? Little Jo HT.. Doyle ? Marv and little Patty What a crew Royalty Careful with that acid! Thelma--l'm shocked! Just drawing. Old Grade School Buddies Sad Sack Bashful? Ken Kay and Dot Little Playmates In the dough Little Eamie Good Food! Girls! Guess what I just heard! 20. 21 22 23 24 25 26 Better study it good Marv, you may need it someday. Sweet Dot, Ruth Ann and Ben. Three's a crowd. A Basketball star, even in her younger days. Jerry with bangs, Just practicing for the real thing, X x ' AVN S , 5 , . v . Q 5 if 2 is 1-'hu y I-W' I0 . for ' sf, n 12 giifgtgtjlyj ,ff E ni .M K - 11? E. ifff W f f 7 i 4 fi-.'!5""',f.-2: V., f :iff H H 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 "Holy Cow!" A Look into the future, What will you have ? Only posing, My goodness, Little Ollie, There's been some changes made. Remember ? State Tournament, here we come! WOW! ! Left-right: "keep in step, kids, " Missourians Jay goes up and over. One-Act-Play Benjamin, the Frenchman, Remember fifth grade? True beauties Little crown-bearers, June Just posing, "And now, ladies and gentlemen , , , A real beauty Faithful Harley. Pep meeting skit. so f Nw it 17 -K lf. 'W J MOST POPULAR BOY MOST POPULAR GIRL BEST BOY ATI-ILETE D01 Underwood Marllyn Wrlght Don Underwood 54 MOST LIKELY TO BECOME BEST GIRL ATHLETE Kenneth Rhodes A MILLIONAIRE Ruth Ann Kannegiesse MOST LIKELY TO LAND ON MARS Larry Riedel 133535 1. F il ' Q7 Fl YA MQ 95 .Vg i ., Q I, P I 1 1'-3 R651 Stop 5+ f i Shqghxill In sf: -:QV iq., Y Q Q 'rw' -if 'Q W ,M "N" wxiguqa , 5 G A 1 K Ng vs , Q Aa 3 -V , .ff . - Q5 PW? Zh U ' 1 ff! .nz pk. 1 Q 'il Always to ge the r X af! P ri' 5 f ',,,,,,,,,-,,.i"'m'! 7' .-gasoil' L' 'sein' vu emu 2 ,,,'M2 ,-gas AELNMOU3 ff , , ,!.QE.lJQP,5z L AF j ' f A ,1 E m' ' fe f l? mg. mf L ' 7 is y , , A,,.h QV , Vyxiik , River Excursion. Oh! . What a bus ride. YQ wi I F 2 2-we 9234? Q " T 1 gif - ., I-I HAH Work and no PXaY. . . f f , . Q K,: In-K YA m EN R ebel , ' Sl-O the b ack. I, ent. At a leisure mom "Q" Keeping C001 Zzzzzzzzzzz! JHfSR. BA JRfSR. BA GR llllAIlSOF'511 in A v VVAV ' by I 1 X 1 ai, L ,V ,. ,,,i,,, , x 6 r V X X f rf ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Pennebacker, Dorothy Kinney, Jim Wilke, Yvonne Smith, Cleo Carter, Kenneth Put- ney, Larry Nelson, Marilyn Wright, Lila Farnsworth, George Vice, ROW 2: Connie Ritchey, Norma Prehm, Salutatorian, Benny Flam, Kay Hamilton, Ruth Ann Kannegiesser, Sherry Piper, Delores Kuhlenbeck, Joann Thorton, Frank Hobbs, ROW 3: Virginia Hunt, Janice Elder, Dick Davison, Kenneth Rhodes, Gary Blanck, Leon McNeil, Bob Nichols, Vale- dictorian, Marvin Hausner, Don Underwood, Larry Reidel, NOT IN PICTURE: Jack Brown, 63 ,A , as yi 53.4. CII IRIBIIIIIRS Earl Petzinger Cecil Nichols National Studio fBurlingtonJ Johnson and Ras smusen QBurlingtonj Block and Kuhl lBurlingtonl Abe Ruben Don Bell Iowa-Illinois Telephone Co. Byron Miller Davey's Paint Supplies Ritchey's Hardware DeJaynes Jewelry Bishops Standard Service Pfieffer Garage E. N. Smith, Insurance Iowa State Bank Glady's Beauty Shop DeSpain Hardware Dale Linder Perry Haist Alamo Theater Taste Ice Cream Shop O'Brien's Bakery Benner Food Store Dr. Paul McPheron Harper's Red 8: White Englehard's Beauty Shop Shores Drug Store B 8: D Motor Company New London Journal Pan-Co-Vesta New London Creamery New London Locker Plant Kilbourn's 555-Sl. 00 Store Spahn and Rose Piper Plumbing and Heating Elliott Chapel Cooks-Lunning Home Burkhart and Company Dameron's A Williamson's DX ' New London Produce Marshall Motor Company Primary Oil Company CO-OP Elevator' CO-OP Lumber Yard Eileen's Beauty Shop F. W. Walters, Lawyer Coffee Shop Francis Maginnis Al1ison's Pool Hall J. A. Hale Howel1's Shell Service C. L. Jannings Dr. Readinger Walker's Cafe Princess Cafe lMt. Pleasant! Hoaglin's QMt. Pleasant, R. K. Crane, Furniture QMt. Pleasantl F. B. Crane 8: Son, Jewelers QMt. Pleasant! Becker's Jewelry fMt. Pleasantj Panther's Rexall Drugs lMt. Pleasantj Kennedy's Dairy QMt. Pleasant! Temple Theater QMt. Pleasantj Lane's fMt. Pleasant, Tl'1ielbert's Farmer's State Bank 64 4' y vw W 'iff .-Q WA Fl? - vw, f.f'v1r?,:1fpx A. 4 1 L' 'r 45,3 1 s hi, f--g kg 3 'Gi' ,J -n E L. . '- 4 ' y'fZ 3 , FM ,A yn 2 A " rl 'L u I . ii , 4 li 1.7,-. 4 . Q.. uv, . . 2 , f 4 Q u , 1 ' 1121. Wa. ..,, .,,,.,, .. ' Q . M i ly .N ,. 5, ' f . Q , 4' " if ' 0 4' 0 ' ' -4 'v 1' , ',. . f.. .HA ,, , . ,- .. . v nb',4QL . . . 4 W5 . 1 . f J- '7 ' . sf. . ' H, .,g- y. . .4 , .-. lr: .,. - 'fwf- 1 . fn ., N ' WV. . Nw 1 . 4 'an ' . . V H' 1 , 1. 21 fl '. ' ' ,IL ' ' K " N 5 3 7. "'!"!' ' V 5 q1:.w mymswrsgmnux .4. In .ML -V lin - 3. f uw-.viz X 1 Y :wfa-.Q-1.,, +mN:..,.f:f7.m : Hfimnwu W1 1 ' 4 .22 , '12 ' W, .13 ,ws W 5 W J 1 '5- , Q., Qxxy j, ,Q 'Q 5,,: 1' LM . U ...- f- ff- . . Q.. .TCW ' riff.. qs. .mf .-1, . ,,. 1.5 X W hggaa, Mn' ww ' L .. ...W 4. ,M .,'g:'+ . 11 4" 15... , wr My , EER f 1. f f H. A-.131 'Q .f N-afQ.bi7l? f ff . ls 4 :, J. LQ -2 -1:1 V " iw' . we Q t . ,.,, KF., -TGI , . ig 4 s W "QU, QM H M if . ,. JI. Lil .1 , , H. M... .R L., . 1 em. , . .1 : 'X Q.. .M 2, ' 1 ?4 ff? F. . W 4 W m A ' F , E ,, ff J . ,N f , ,I , Q ji at P i 4 ' ' v .. " - ' a 7. ,B U .fx L sl 'I 6' 4 1 nf Q f. l .e u in ,3 iv' ' ,, 15 'Q ff . .P ' 4, N , . xi P7 '5 Y F fee' Y - v Q ,M qunuii 3? A ' Yqig +L ' Lia L Q-. 3 v - v .7 , v. 14 I Bi , , - r noois 8 '- , F325 'Q - I . ,l 'V a Q V! xx, I xf 1 : 5:5 , - 2,1- , H n Y "g?Tt1,, A-'T-ff. . A A .V , 4, Iv 4,-,. 70, , - fftgni' .-W-.Y wr-, - nM tl if 4 , .s , a 4

Suggestions in the New London High School - Tiger Yearbook (New London, IA) collection:

New London High School - Tiger Yearbook (New London, IA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


New London High School - Tiger Yearbook (New London, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


New London High School - Tiger Yearbook (New London, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 52

1954, pg 52

New London High School - Tiger Yearbook (New London, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 9

1954, pg 9

New London High School - Tiger Yearbook (New London, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 33

1954, pg 33

New London High School - Tiger Yearbook (New London, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 42

1954, pg 42

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