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KQ 1 w 'V i Fl ' T 1 ' , I , , 3 1 V 1 as . , 1 ziqialzia ir ' 1 A " 9 . .e 1' vfmifgk ' ' ,VJ ' :if ' N 3 Q, 3-2 :iv gg 1 1 ,ff . js! 'sm-gf., :fr , s yi- p hg,",g4-1 'sv ' W . , "ka nf 1 , ,wif-': ' ' -, T ,, V715 224' ' , ' ilifj' lf, ' 1 "' 315 9-n 3 FF' -- I ,.,,,Z-5 -3 1 -nf fe. f' f . r :nf fs -' f-4 1 . ' It . . E3 "' 7' ' ' A l ' " V 3',ff.Y' I 1 , 1 .,--4'--"' -'.JQ,,,,.-nv-'fl' lar.,-5 .I , V . A , Y?,T,.7.:Tf-j-:T-f1,: i-klzv..-K-Lg ,J -4311.513-4 ' 1 , ,-- ar " r- ' " 4" v j"k " 1. f e ,. - , ... fwf-,fa ff'ff':"f1'?.f iff? eff - 1 1 ' ' 16: fr--Q 'K . . fi ' f A V 1 A-7:'1 .T ' ,. T L1 '-.f.'."'2 . - ' -f ,. - . " 'Af .'CiL,, g" , -'-17381: Qi-75x'feJ.':V'3'J:f?fNZ '7 ' 1 f'pf""" .ff . -- ""1" E ' .. . . . ., ,.. , . , ,,,.A,:. . ,. .s A Q '- .V Q ' gn. -L. ,.',, il.,-A-, . ,-. - N , - 5 ,. ,, V - . . Through this door shall come purpose, truth, and leadership - THE CLIPPER STAFF I rf" :iii if W 1' I' ,Zim lx If uit, Rib 'zesenfs flae econ9 Zgcfcon o QI ll'l'l'll ST ll'F Mxchficl 'ihrrb Vnctor Spcruln E Pelcr Nfmhcll TIICFCSI Dourcrrr Ixmcs Brannm Nmq Fmr o Nhtrhewx Qhxfnrr Constintmc lx in llwls Robert Pack Ruth Nic ldms Nloml Cmqumri Berry Phllllps I rum Dcsrhlmps Ioscph A Tisu Fr Ink C roslwx Don1ld Holmes r --N s 'O assi'- Fdltor m Chxef Assocmtc Edltor Busmess Mfmager A lurrmng, Mqmgcr Arr Edxror Iltcmry Edltor Llterflry Edltor Sports Edlror Sports Fdxtor Actxxmu Editor Acrxvmes Edxtor Bnogmphy Edltor Bxogmphy Edxtor Flculry AL1XlSLI' Im mu xl Aduscr Art ALIXISCF M' X X15 S-E ,su bk agyr gpm! x wg If X Y I 4. 1 I ,GQW ' "a 'lg H205 iw? 9 I o 0 o Q P - f . 1 S r ' I wi, 9 . . . . A 3 ilf' , r r ' . - - f f ti. ? . , , Q. . I X - A . A 5 g V, , ,VI A , I I L Q 1 'H f 1 f b 51 ' ' 1 , X W, yi? o ' V . - " " xg? 3 ' '3 S . " "' , - X f ' X ' ,, . 1 ff A il Q ' A ' Q 'lf 5 J 1 . ' . 1 ' . V . r ,X ,Xia .g n o L . , , o , . 2 2' 'Q' A . ' Q . T , L. -K' NX ,yy ,i , W U A I 1+ N ,Q , .I 4 - x T51 Y -Ll WL, 1 - , x st ' ,,',Q3,h A 1 ' f ' .' I' - 1 I V 0 I Q ' Z' Q if Wx J , , . Z 5 ' , . - f . .r 1 1 -W -. 1 . . 43 9 K . S --, 5 I 'QQ' . ' har lr 5, . . , Q . 4.1 'z' ' ' A ,N , uwrx 3 , . l l W :Mt , .1 U 5, bk A, W 4 1 - A nw 'Y . L -2 V . xrxawj ,244 '29 HV - F H11- Q. 1 Q , fm V L . , . A .s,3gq4'fQfr.! . 1 G r - 4. .1 1. Q' ,h , X n' , 'L ' - , ru Ayr: 'xx' Q" K gn' Q , W - - . V 4M X '72'.2fJf2f-fvffy , 1 , , ff 'N f 3, 53 ff f r- ' ' ,- :- DR. JOHN C. ALBOHM To DR. JOHN C. ALBOHM . . I I, I I I I I , M . . . we, the Class of 1953, dedicate this yearbookg that by his leadership our schools will always stand as pillars against mediocrity. 9 CIINTENTS SECTION Administration .... Faculty .,..ii.., Classes ...,...A, Organizations ,4.... Departments 4...., Sports ....,,. . Features ..,,Ai, Senior Index .i.,., Advertising ,....... PAGE 11- 30 16- 29 31- 78 79- 98 99-103 104-119 121-131 132-134 135-168 .,-J,.A'.":,'R L13 ' 1-.. 1 H, A I A' D vu :Q x.',""?L,. V13-'ms-5,51 A 1 . x-in rl' Al .,,- if 'I ,','1f,3,-:Q--g-'-:AY V - .. tx , Q pm -J, s H, -, ,W -av., H' - -' 1: P v 5,1.,. , x 1 KA 4, X' 'nl' 5, H 1? ." 4:5 'fu -7 'Q f Au- "5 V "v ,LI --i ,l 'N . ..ff s.,-5 QM " .lyk r , IA , ' - 7 ' ' we.. A .- , F. f - 'tx iq 1 1 1,821.45 X -, A 'A' iff" ': 'Jil "Q" Q - . :1. - k- ' 9 'iff ' K g,'s . +4 ' g. ' "Wt . Q S.. . 7 :A K ,I I 'W M 1.1- 9 The essence of time makes the eyes bleary and unseeing, but time also enables the memory to become more acute and vivid. In early life man lives in the future, in later years he recalls past experiences, and in old age he lives almost wholly in the past. Thus, in this publication, the 1953 Clipper, we attempt to capture the historical drama which unfolds itself in the form of the newly completed addition. This edifice will un- questionably provide greater opportunities to the students of New London and vicinity. The forging of this strong link in the ever-expanding chain of our city's educational system was not accomplished overnight. For most of us, it is hard to visualize the amount of planning and construction which a project such as this entails. A pictorial review of the work already finished is the means by which we on the staff hope to capture the significance of this important annex to our young high school. Here, also in the 1953 edition, the editors of the Clipper have recorded the highlights, traditions, and spirit of New London High in an endeavor to reproduce the memories which we shall all hold so dear. If this multi-purpose is achieved, then we on the staff will feel that our efforts have been amply rewarded. ,ml X5 Z' .L " 9 . Nw' gi'W-fgi . i . '--. :.,,n .ht -5'-A,-,'A LM K 1 5-In - u.: - L 'I rs W -N an as Q 'I 31 M... ,..- - -.,- .....fv., . I 'O ' ,,5,:4.a::: a-n.unfHfr:.a-If 'l'35"1'4" QM-1' " I4 Q 1 ,J mf il ,O N 1' iffwv' f wr If wt - X 5 Alamshkfxk ' an ' is 5 'QD' 6132 -1 15-iii' 9 "l"',' V 1 'I "3 ,'hy'S-, N' 'ff-L'r , ,Wf ,frf -gaglyf-'I 9' 8' . . .H .- ,V .-f. . Y - ' ll- wp S? 'KJ g3.'h.y .,f4:e4'.'g ' xlihft if lg QQZQ 51Q?1'?S"".:i.,- 'TJ ..- U, 5' 4 vi .A 'S ai'-25" X' as-"5 sagem' ' ww, gf :fi?'Wf'1":? A: 'lg f' .5 ff ,1 , , Q, f ,P fl' T1-Lv' gif'-1 I 1 kv -ol' Qi' A W, gif Ji' , -V Axsafbir f R .I ' . ,.f' is x ,Q . 1 1' -X ff ,4 I cfs J., A , 1 W ' . Q ....,. .. Q...,-, . Q -Mc :Q I , ff fgx an - 'l J: ..af2 . a , '. 1 :. 'I . ,JI v, , f L4 . U.- QQE: - B. , v. Y 3-ar' - - -, 'fl an .-1 V , Q 'U ,v Q' K. .4 . x., ,,,, K .l,,M..,, L ,ggi 'ifwa' f .Y f - . ,N , .,,.,, , . -z.-A ., A ... .M ., ni , ,MF ' t 'V Y ,, A 4 . - qw.: -- . ., .Q QI ,-A,,.,:ih , wb Q' M A K bil.. ,ja KZ .xii K 1' .N .IJ ' X- Q--l21i.v.J.g'm.' w 1,4 Q f ,f - . 3 , 1. K U 4 A I Q ' ,- T. ' 1 .- A. N I 5 . ., . , 1 x my m ,. , , 'f",A ' v" ' , f-,5Jjf..h i , J Z M Q ,gb ' 1' ff, - - ' , 'lifvf' 1.3 ' AL wr iff- ri ' v, ' A , 7 " 5. ff-12-fEkf,fX41-Zigi x , I- V ,,L. - .A J W., 3 . L At a I .1 .1 Aszsifigq U.. -. A V ' " i?2"""'w . M .f , 1 . f , Q .ri Eff: v L ,M 3 f' .ai vuf'4- IQDWARD P. NEILAN EREDI-'RICK XX", EDGERTON SIDNEY B. ALLING President St-tremry Our Advancements Furthered By EXICIISIVP Efforte of School Board The New Iondon Bmrd of Edumtlon IS f1ced 'mth the dlfhcult task of superusmg the general DOllCl6S for the control operatlon and mam temnte of our publxt schools In the pwst few setrs the Borrd hfls ftrrxwed at the concluslon that 1 mergmg of the C1135 hlgh schools would present to the youth of New London 1 hlgher fmd more fully developed educzmonal system Thrs progmm offers two d1st1nct ddwantages oxer the arrangement formerly 1n tflett Fxrst 1t offers 1 strlet economy of trme fmd money much to the bentht of student md tqxpqycr Secondly nt ut1l1zes the democratlc concept emphftsxzed so constantly by our countrys 1de1ls 'rs exempllfned by the optxon of PLIYSUIDQ cnrher Q xomtmoml or 1c1dem1c currrculum Thrs rmnsltron txprhes the supcrnor gurdance exerclsed by the Board rn 1ts proxmon of rudtmentxry and qdmnced educmon for the Amerlcan youth FRED L NEWTON K' by xv! fr f M4 Z' BRADFORD R FROST MRS HILTN E LFNJA DR JOQEPH N CANEX . t t, , . V. . . . t . V. . I . . . - K A 7 v 1 1 E E . v Y f ' 7 . t . . t 4 . . , . 1 K 1 t 4 . D v . h Y V . . 1 L A -. . L T K Y ' ' t 4 . " . , . E , . . t. . . t t , t . . . Y , . . , t t t t . . . . . . Y . I . . . . . t t . t . t . .-35, , .yu 5 ,rw-.T v",,.' ' .w-1 e - . 1 'LI' :' ,A Y 3'J gi 1, . Ib. - ,. r . -, f-' 'Z-,, Q- Y-,ip Vvlz, 1 ..f' -f ,r", , . ,112 Liv' ' -x'gr'fff , i .-""Ui4. T" E E 4 . 4 7 . 7 , - - , t. 1 . . .t , . t , 1 . A Vrtal Cog ln Our Wheel of Progress Our present Superrntenclent of Schools was born rn Orange New jersey the son of a clergyman He later moved wrrh hrs famrly to Cumberland Mary land and finally completed hrgh school rn New York Crty Dr Albohm next enrolled at New York Unrver srty from whrch he was graduated rn 1933 He also recers ed hrs A M and Ed D degrees from New York Unrversrty He then became a lecturer at the School of Educatron of New York Unrversrty After com pletrng hrs graduate work Dr Albohm held the posr tron of Superrntendent of Schools at Rrdgefield New jersev prror to arrrvrng at New London Although he rs deeply engrossed rn hrs work he farrs he holds membershrp rn the Rotary and Arrston Clubs and rn several other local organrzatrons Berng the chref executrve of the Board of Educa tron and havrng general supervrsron and drrectron of all the publrc schools and of the personnel of the entrre school system rs no easy task The job requrres superror knowledge rn the field of educatron and a keen rnterest rn youth Therefore New London rs rndeed fortunate rn flndrng a man who has filled rhrs drflicult posrtron so capably that through hrs concentrated efforts the seeds of a more fully dex eloped educatronal system have been sowed DR JOHN C ALBOHM Superintendent MRS. EUNICE T. FLAHERTY MRS. MARY T. SHAY Secretary to the Superintendent Secretary of the of Schools School Board Office . . A 3 S ' , . I y . L . - r , . ' I . . . , has taken time to engage actively in community af- , r V . . . 0 O . l 79x CARLTON F SMALL Actmg Assnslanl Prlllflpql and Dean of Boys Thew Cuule Us Mr Small has ably admrmstered hls many dutles th1s year A grtcluate of the Unlverslty of Mxchrgan and holder of an AB from that school Mr Small was called to arms during the list two Vforld Wars He first appeared on the local scene as a member of the faculty of Bulkeley School vshere he taught hrstorv and cmcs durmg the years 1973 1947 Mr Small was appointed ASSISIWHI Headmaster of Bulkeley and held thts posttnon untrl 1951 when the local htgh schools were consohdited He vsas 'tppomted Dean of Boys for New London Hugh s first year Thls year ln addxtron to assummg hrs regular dunes as dean he has been ap pornted Actrng Assrstant Prmcrpal and has very adrottly helped ln the rromng out of school dtfiicultres Mr Foye 15 Asststmt Dean of Boys In adclltlon he teaches Mechimc tl Dravs mg and aduses the lumor class He spent the summer studytng rn the field of occu patxonology Mrs Cmheld ns indeed 1 frnend to each young lady her vnv to her xxirm and cozy office Yet for fifty mmutes each du Mrs Canfield stlll finds tlme to teach Latm Her summer vvts spent checking recommenda tlons for colleges ind work for graduates Mtss Dems ts co ordrmtor of the schools Guldance Program She ns responslble for student testlng and counselmg Mnss Davls also mtervlews students from mcommg states and idmmrsters Job placement for NLHS graduates Durmg the summer she d1d grad uate work at Bethel Mime toward the PhD WH LIAM I FOYE Alssrstant Dean of Boys PHYLLIS L CANFIELD Dean of Glrls ELEANOR M DAVIS Gu1dance Dlrector . . L C I I I l A O t . 1 r A l I U , - L ' VA . L Q., ' - 1 fs' ' . , V V rl L K Y f ' 1 i V . 1 I I L D of N,I..H.S. XVhen in trouble, every girl eventually finds f 1 'ta '. . ' . 1 1 7, . 1 . 1 , K . . . . . . . , Y A n X f. 1 . . . 1 A K. . ' ' ' l l l Head of Our School Famllv Born 1n Mlll1S Massachusetts Mr Holland recerved the first years of hls educatnon from the publlc school system rn lus home town He graduated from the Um xerslty of Massachusetts mth a bachelor of sclence de gree ln 1979 Entermg dxrectly rnto the teachlng pro fessuon that same year he taught untll 1941 During that twelve year span he held varnous posltlons at Ames bury Framlngham and Brooklnne Hngh Schools all rn Massachusetts At the latter lnstxtutnon he became Housemaster and sersed rn the capaclty of ass1stant prlncnpal untll 1946 Mr Holland recerx ed hrs master of educatlon degree rum laude from Boston Unlverslty rn 1937 Strll seek mg addntronal knowledge he contmued graduate work at Harvard LDIXCISIIYS School of Educamon Next came the prrncnpalshlp of Hrngham Hlgh School and a year later he acted ln the same posltron at nelghbormg Watertown Hugh School where he re manned untnl june of 1952 At present Mr Holland 15 workrng toward the doc torate rn educanon He also holds membersh1p rn sev eral educatxonal assocxauons and SOCICIICS We here ln New London Hlgh School Wrsh Mr Holland conrnnued success as our new prrnclpal We must all try our utmost to grxe hmm our most earnest cooperatron wxhrch he so rrghtfully deserves BERTRAM H HOLLAND Prmcrpal 4:35 'HQ W e x MRS LAURA BOYCF Secretary MRS IOTTII BEEBE Reglstrar MRS LILLIAN CARLYLE A Secretary 15 . MRS GLNHILDII SCHOONMAKER Secretary to the Prnnclpal o w s ' v . ' r 1 1 1, . .A . Q K 'L v c . V . . . L . . . , . 1 , . .. I V . ,s Y., ., . L . 1 z 4 , - 1 . v 1. 1 , . Q . a n 'I , If Qi' v FACULTY SM ERNEST W FALCONER Head of Mathemancs Department Dlatllenlatlcs Department ERNEST FALCONERS hours are spent teachmg Algebra Solxd Geometry and Trrgonometry He spent hrs free hours as Advrsor to the Student Councrl VUILLIAM CANTY teaches Algebra IH add1t1on to bemg Advnsor to our xery talented Dramatrcs Club FRANKLIN CROSBY teaches courses rn Algebra Trrgonometry and Sohd Geometry as well as bemg Counselor to the Freshman Class md fimncxal advrsor to the Clxpper MARY McLAUGHLIN teaches Elementary Mflthematrcs and Mathe matrcs rn Lrfe Durmg the past summer she dld graduate work at Boston Umversrty Algebra and Mathematncs rn Lxfe occupy THOMAS FLANAGANS class tnme He IS Head Football Coach and Counselor to the Freshman Class Durrng the summer he dxd graduate work at the Un1vers1ty of Connectrcut SUMNER MENKEN teaches classes rn Algebra and Plane Geometry WALTER PECK teaches Elementary Mathematncs Elementary Marhematrcs Plane Geometry and Refresher Math oc cupy HOWARD T PIERCE S school hours - N A S? C WILLIAM R. CANTY FRANKLIN C. CROSBY MARY LEE MCLAUGHLIN if THOMAS R. FLANAGAN SUMNER I-I. MENKEN WALTER A. PECK HOWARD T. PIERCE Commercial Department G LAURENS ATTXVILL department head teaches Bookkeepmg He IS adwsor to the Freshman Class and the Hrgh School Servrce Chest and rs Regxstrar to the Selecme Scrxlce He attended the Unnersxty of Connectrcut durrng the summer Typrng and Shorthand are oflered to the busrness students by MARION G ANDERSON Advrsor to the ClI'CLlllIlOfl Staff of the Compass rs JOHN J CASEY who also teaches Busnness lVIlIlI6ITl1IlCS and Bookkeeprng LILLIAN KANTER one of the mo new Commercral Department teachers has qunckly become an nntebral part of New London Hrgh She teaches junnor Bnsmess Tramnng., Bnsnness Mathematrcs and Typmg DAVID T KING admnmsters Bookkeeprng JUDIOI' Busrness Tram mg and Busrness Mathemancs He rs Faculty Adusor to the Tncket Commrttee and IS Presrdent of the Faculty Club MADELINE Z PARKFR teaches Typmg and jumor Busrness Tramnng and ns a Counselor to the Freshman and Sophomore Classes INANCY XVATSON the second of our new Commercral Teachers teaches Personal Typnng Ofhce Machrnes Busrness Law and Typrng She 1S domg graduate work at our state un1vers1ty FACULTY G LAURENS AI IWILL Head of Busrness Department AW' MARION G ANDERSON JOHN 1 CASEY LILLIAN KANTER 'C' IDIDNTI L, f xi I QXFAK6 ,IFN '79 8:41 3 DAVID T KING MADELINE Z PARKER NANCY P WATSON lb 1:4 I7 FACULTY P HENRY SHAY Head of langu nge Department mnshhd 'WWI MALCOLM G GREENAWAY JOSEPH A TASCA Foreign Languages P HENRY SHAY head of the Language Depart ment teaches Spanrsh rn add1txon to accomplrsh mg hrs many other dutres He traveled extensively durmg the summer Coach of the Track and Cross Country teams MALCOLM G GREENAWAY teaches Latrn and French and sponsors the French Club He traveled rn Canada and the Un1ted States durmg the summer and drd graduate vxork at the Unrversrty of Ver mont French clarms the class hours of JOSEPH A TASCA who rs faculty advrser to the yearbook staff and the advertrsrng staff Durrng the summer he was drrector of the boys camp at Camp Waquaset CAROLINE PARD1 besrdes teachrng Spanrsh and Italran sponsors the Italran Club She traveled rn Europe durmg the summer and d1d graduate work at the Unrversrty of Barcelona Spam Latrn classes The Compass and a post as drrector of school publrcrty provrde a full day for JOHN K BALENTINE In addrtron he serves as drrector of the extensron drvrsrons of Mrtchell College and en Joys the summer sun as manager of the mrnrature golf course at Ocean Beach Park A new faculty member JOSEPHINE MANS FIELD teaches classes rn Spamsh and French and sponsors the Spamsh Club vw! 5 ZAPOOTI cw N Ki- CAROLINE F PARD1 JOHN K BALENTINE JOSEPHINE A MANSFIELD F A C U L TY Seienee Department JOHN TROLAND, head of the Science Department and sponsor of the National Honor Society, teaches Chemistry and Physics. BARTHOLOMEW P. SCARPA, besides teaching Physics and Pre- Flight, is the Audio-Visual Coordinator. He attended an audio-visual workshop during the summer. E. ALBERT NITSCHE, instructor of Biology, attended summer school at the University of Connecticut. In addition to being chairman of the freshman and sophomore counseling program MARSHALL H. NYE teaches Biology. SOLOMON H GORDON teaches Chemistry and Science He was a camp counsellor during the summer Teacher of Biology WILLIAM F OBRIEN is also head coach and basketball coach He spent the summer attending a coaching clinic at the University of Connecticut and was assistant activity director at Ocean Beach Park A new addition to our faculty MILTON FIKE reaches Biology and Physics STEWART S CLARK teaches Science Science Survey and Conserva Hof' JOHN TROLAND Head of Science Department Cf 1 ff f BARTHOLOMEW P SCARPA AI BERT E NITSCHE MARSHALL H NYE fx SOLOMON H GORDON XVILLIAM F OBRIEN MILTON E FIKE STEWART S CLARK 9 , , v ' 1 1 ' K., ,Ai l I ,. f l i 1 g S If ' N... f' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , ' N.. 463555 ' I H 2 1 ' I A . . ii'-2 'f fl - .' 1 17 - FACULTY EVERETT T MCLOLGHLIN Head of Industrml Arts Department EDWARD I DOLNY CHARLES N FRANCIS Industrial Arts EVERETT MCLOUGHLIN not only teaches Ad- vanced Woodworking but also serves as Head of the Industnal Arts Department band manager ad vtsor to the baton club and treasurer to the student actxvrty fund EDWARD I DOLNY admmrsters courses rn Mechanxcal Drawtng and Woodworkrng He also ably advrses the H1Y Club A newcomer to the Industrlal Arts Department ts CHARLES N FRANCIS recently graduated from Kansas State Teachers College wtth a BS rn Educa non GEORGE H GREGORY IS the advrsor and coach of the Rrfle 'Ieam He teaches General Metals and attended the Umversrty of Connecncut durtng the summer JOHN S JACZINSKI recently dlscharged a ftrst lreutenant from the Untted States Army IS our Auto mechamcs teacher He also teaches Apprenttce Mechanrcs FRED R SOBIECH eflicrently mstructs classes tn Machtne Shop He also ts assrstant freshman base ball coach FRESHMEN 0 URPITATE me 2.15 l:g A gal! Q I f' 20 GEORGE H GREGORY JOHN S JACZINSKI FRED R SOBIECH D 9 1 ' I ' s I I , ' 5 O IQ 5 Q l ' Nr xx a x , , 1, , J I '7 V X iw' f 9 ,VA , , .f.-' Jftsu' "::" ,Illltl "1 ., l 3 -. '-' ' .' ,..-,tu 5 - It v Mn.. :Z 1, U13 :5 - I llll 71' - 5 G Q And Art Departments YNGVE SODERBERG mstructs students of Advanced Art Berng advrsor to the Art Department of the Clrpper consumed much of hrs trme He traxeled and pamted durmg the summer Just back from the Army ALBIN KAYRUKSTIS started a new class called Arts and Crafts He also teaches Mechanrcal Drawrng and advrses the Stage Make up Crew Blueprlnt Readmg and Mechanrcal Dravxmg occupy the trme of HARRY SANTANGELO He spent the summer domg graduate work at the Umversrty of Connectrcut A veteran of the Armed Servlces WESLEY STOFFEL teaches woodwork ABBOTT WHITE teaches Mechanxcal Drawrng General Metals and Dru er Educatron Durmg the summer he drd graduate work at the Umversnty of Connectxcut ROBERT XVUSTERBARTH ably teaches Woodworkmg General Metals and Drrver Educatron He rs also co advxsor to the Student Councrl DONALD HOLMES teaches art rn addrtron to advrsrng the Yearbook Art Staff and the Publxc Speakmg Club FACULTY YNGVE E SODERBERG Lz ALBIN K KAYRUKSTIS HARRY P SANTANGELO WESLEY W STOFFEL ABBOTT W WHITE ROBERT H WUSTERBARTH DONALD H HOLMES eemaznuvrs' BROTHER 7'-HATS M6 s flu? - b - FF' :I TNQ Maw, ,.., l . . . A rj . . . - . , Y. . rv ' mx k'X V, . . 44 I ' kc: I ' ' A' xg I. 1 ,L , 1 . ........ ..... 'll ll!ll:::::::::::::::::::::::::l:!!::::::.flE ,. , ' 7 5 f 4' .I 1 W T U W' , CM f V 0 'K -A U 5.3 T' 5 L gfl7S,g Social Studies Department PHILIP B PASQUALE head of the SocIal StudIes Department In structs classes In Problems of Democracy and UnIted States HISIOIY In addItIon to hIs many other dunes he IS co advrser to the Forum Club JOHN T CONWAY IS BusIness Manager of Ath1etIcs baseball coach and Instructor In UnIted States HISIOIY DurIng the summer he was assrstant to the Supenntendent at Ocean Beach Park PAUL SKRIGAN Instructs classes IH Problems of Democracy and Socral StudIes He also IS AssIstant Track Coach and IS an advrsor to the Freshman Class The Student CouncIl OCCUPICS much of the tIme of RICHARD SNAPE who teaches Econonucs HIstory and Problems of Democracy AssIstant grrd coach HARLAN STURGIS IS Instructor of EconomIc Geography and SocIal StudIes Admrmstermg Soc al Studnes IS MAURA G SULLIVAN who IS co advrsor of the Forum Club KATHERINE VARGAS teaches SocIal StudIes and Problems of Democracy In addItIon she served as advIsor to the Student CouncIl and the School Serx ICC CommIssIon TCHHIS coach and assrstant football mentor FEDELE MUGAVERO teaches HISIOYY and SocIal Studres WASHINGTON? DHI THE GUY JOHN T CONWAY PAUL S SKRIGAN RICHARD F SNAPE HARLAN M STURGIS MAURA G SULLIVAN KATHERINE B VARGAS FEDELE R MUGAVERO ON THE nou.AR' 4 "' I F A C U L T Y llomemaking Department ESTHER STENSBY, the head of the Homemaking Department, worked as a relief dietitian at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York during the summer. MRS. LEE teaches social studies and driver education. Teaching homemaking occupies most of LINA jACKSON'S time. She spent the summer as a governess. MARY ELLEN KENYON teaches cooking and other home- making subjects. WANDA ONIFER, who is a new member of the Homemaking Department, teaches cooking, sewing and other related subjects. Cooking instructor ISABEL PAGE is also a Sophomore class rf: advisor. DOROTHY SPURGAS, also a new member of the Homemaking Department, teaches homemaking in general. RUTH L. JACZINSKI, of our Homemaking Department, teaches sewing and other related subjects. LJ ESTHER STENSBY Head of Homemaking Department MARY D LEE LINA JACKSON MARY E KENYON -7 'rv' vii WANDA E ONIFER ISABFL F PAGE DOROTHY C SPURGAS RUTH I- JACZINSKI fe w , . ,H ,W fn. 7 f ' Q 'I -n 5 A Y 1. If n 5, - - . . 4' A K' ' fo Q A f Z .KT f'L..s':x X-1 , I is , . F A C U L T Y English and MARY T. TALCOTT teaches English in addition to carrying out her duties as Head of the English Department. She did graduate work at our state university the past summer, JOSEPHINE P. BEEBE conducts regular classes in English besides sponsoring the Cheerleaders. She traveled extensively in the United States and Canada last summer. Advisor to the newly formed Symposium Club, RUSSELL W. HARRIS, teaches English. During the summer he attended conferences on World Order and traveled through the Southern states. Along with instructing classes in English, MARION B. KELSEY does counseling work with Freshmen and Sophomores. JOSEPH V. MEDEIROS teaches English, advises the senior class and is an English advisor to the Clipper Staff. RUTH MOORE administers courses in English besides counseling Freshmen and Sophomores. She also sponsors the English Club. In addition to teaching English BENJAMIN H. PLOTKIN sponsors the Public Speaking Club During the summer he supervised a day camp MARY T TALCOTT Head of English Department VEABAL PAP!-'DICHTE Nomlrvnrlvs APPOSITIVE NouNS'1 01 JOSEPI-IINE P BEEBE RUSSELL W HARRIS MARIONI B KELSEY JOSIPH V MEDEIROS RUTH E MOORE BFNINLTT H PLOTKIN nl. Sc' i. l. ' F A C U L T Y Music Department Along wrth conductmg hrs dunes as prrncrpal advlsor to the Senror Class JOHN M SHEEHY teaches Englrsh Drama filled the year for FRANK D ROBINS who drrects the hlgh school plays rn addmon to cxrrymg rl full teachmg load rn Freshman and Sophomore Englnsh Meeting Junxors and Senlors each day rn Englmsh classes rs a full job for ROSE K STUCK'1 In addrnon to reachmg English and Socnal Studxes JOSEPH A SILVA IS the assrstant basketball coach He spent the summer attendlng a coachrng clrmc at the Unn ersrty of Connectrcut RICHARD BENVENUTI sponsor of the school Swmg Band has charge of the Band and teaches Music Apprecratxon The New london Hrgh Chonr the Freshman Chorr and the Strrng Orchestra are ably conducted by JOHN J McCARTHY Drrector of the cltys Audro Vrsual Axds IS MILDRED ABBOTT who also teaches Brology She toured the West Coast furtherrng her studres at the aud1o v1sual centers there and 10 addxtnon took Kodachrome prctures of the Western Unrted States JOHN M SHEEHY 'lx ff 14? Cf' if 1 J 1 6 ? X I F FRANK D ROBINS ROSE K STUCKY JOSEPH A SILVA RICHARD V BENVENUTI JOHNI J MCCARTHY MILDRED E ABBOTT . F, f' ? l 5 tl fr? lg! I ll ' II f l l ' ' ' I S l qElN'h 9' rm HEART library Miss Frances Peck is a familiar figure in the library. She is always ready to render service and aid in selecting the proper books. Over the past several months her incessant efforts have completely altered our library system into a well organized unit which is indexed to the last text. Mrs. Marion Morris, alias the Florence Nightingale of New London High, is our constant worker against diseases and ills. Mrs. Morris carries on a strict program of student hygiene. Mrs. Ethel Morris assists the librarian and also does some clerical work in the superintendent's office. Mrs. Potter, new to New London High, helps with school attendance. Vi F7- H1 I H- up - ETHEL G MORRIS MARION K MORRIS ARLENE POTTER K Butters J Shine M Benfeldt R Waring and 1 Romagna use library facilities to prepare for those mid year exams - if -YQ ' i, H Q M2 Custodian and Cafeteria A popular figure around the Hale Burldmg 15 Thomas FIISH The Nathan Hale sectmon a com paratrvely new and up to date structure IS kept from showmg ns wear by Toms constant efforts Mr Spot Remover Austm Ruddy IS the man responsdie for the spodess appearance of our scx ence laboratormes and commerclal rooms m Bartlett Ha The huge appetrtes of the New London Hxgh School teen agers are amply satrsfxed by Mrs Drea and her krtchen crevs Her preparat1ons help to allevrate our cafeterxa problem Mr Mrchael OConnell can usually be found clean mg up after some of our more careless students rn the busy Chapman Bulldmg Grvmg Mrke the ever helpmg hand are Harold Hap Wlnslow Mr Ken neth Avery and Mrs Anna Enms Plctured below are left to rxght H Wmslow K Avery and M OConnell THOMAS FRISA 90 R Mrs E McLoughlm and Mrs N Drea AUSTIN RUDDY 11:14 I I ll. . 4 ,, ,, U. 1 ' - K Y Ili, .I-S., 1 ' ' ayqp 5 . W X ' ' fr! f 6 uf V2 Uh V. I I 27 PERCY E. NEFF Born: March 5, 1898 Died: July 1, 1952 "Perce," as he was known to his as- sociates, was a real friend and a fine gentleman. Never one to seek individual honors, glory, or fame, he sought ways and means to lend a helping hand in preference to all else the world had to offer. 131169 3521 PAUL F. GOSS Born: June 3, 1902 Died: August 6, 1952 A pat on the back-a hearty handshake-a jolly laugh-these charac- terized Paul Goss, whose death was indeed a grave loss not only to N.L.H.S. but to all schools with whom he had dealings. Yearbook photography was his life's work. He was responsible for building up Loring's yearbook section, a special unit whose duty it is to help yearbook staffs and to keep them happy. As a photographer he gave unsparingly of his energy to the betterment of our yearbook, for though he was active in many schools, New London High was his great love. PTA Members of the executrve commrttee of the PTA are left to rrght Mrs Mc Claren Nlrs Mcl1g,ue Mr Holland Mr Woodford Mrs Arnold M155 Talcott and Mr Archer A yery rmport 1nt relitronshrp rn any hrgjh school IS th If yyhrch CXISIS between the te1chers and the p1rents An org1n1z1t1on knovyn IS the P1rent Teachers Assocutron trnes to m1l1c rhrs connectron 1 closely kmt one I 1st year the Hrst New london Hlpll School PTA vs IS formed lt V15 desrgned to 11d p1rents of school chrldren rn understmdmg the problems of youth today Spec1hc1lly rt enrbles p1rents and teachers to meet rnform 1lly and drscuss YN1yS Jfld me 1ns of rmproymg both the school 1nd the chrld The gfrtherrngs frre held once 11 month wrth 1 mrmmum of four meetmgs per school year At the lf1st conference several students partrc rpcrted rn the prognm Talks dealxng mth 11r1ous ph1ses of school llfe were presented by students of 1ll four yerrs Some of the subjects were schol1rsh1p gurdmce and unrversal mrlltary trammg By havrng the students take an actrve part m the PTA the members hope to rnfluence more parents rn school affarrs frnd thus hue them enroll m the organ1z1 tron Our band 1nd cholr entertamed at some of the conferences our best solo Qrtrsts 1lso partrcrpated The Student Councrl has offered xts IS s1st1r1ce by ushermg parents frround the school The Parents Nights vehlch are held from trme to trme are mdrrectly sponsored by the PTA At these trmes p1rents drscuss wrth teachers the progress of therr chrldren are wpprrused of therr vte1knesses 1nd strengths erther rn geneml are1s or specrfrc subyects The 1957 D3 sl 1te of offrcers rs as follows Leland Woodford Presl dent Mrs Tessre lrtvym Frrst Vrce Presrdent lohn Archer Second Vrce Presxdent Mrs Fred PTCIFICI Thrrd V1cePres1dent Mrs ames MCTlgllE Fourth V1cePres1dent Mrss Mfrry Talcott Recordmg Secretary Mrs Wrllnam Arnold Correspondmg Secretary and Mrs Sldney Lrttman Treasurer D R Mr and Mrs Wells recerve necessary mformatron from J Muller as daughter Nancy looks on rballedo N Corkey and J Impellrtterr are ready and wrllrng, to help Mr and Mrs Adams and Mr and Mrs D Rrballedo pomts the way for Mr and Mrs Petrrnr Bergamo , , . - 1 1 14 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 Q 1 7 1 ' 1 f- . , , ', 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 t .L J l,, . 1 L , , 1 1 ' 1, 1 ..1 . 7 1 , 1 1 1 1 -. 1 , 1 1 1 . 1 -- - 1,1, 1, - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , 1 . 1 . 1 - 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 , 1 , . 1 1 r .4 1 1 1 . 1 , 1 1 . 1 1' . V , i , . 1 - 1 - . , Y x . . . . 1 . 1 1 .. 1, 1 1 1 1 2 . ' 1 . ' , r ' ..-, 1 '. 1 , - . ' r . ' . , ' . ' . 1 - 4 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 - 1 ' 1 . , .1 , . w . . . . r 1' ' -1 ' 551 7: 'Q H 'Ni 1.1-f i l D-""""4 12 kfkl 4,4 '? SENIOR CLASS ADVISERS John M Sheehy joseph V Medeiros Mary T Talcort Carlton F Small Nancy P Watson 4.5 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Victor Spezrali Treasurer Kenneth Willoughby President Donald Burns Vice President Raymond Burke Secretary THE SENIOR CLASS The class of 1955 has come to the fork in the road Some will elect to continue into the realms of the road leading to the open world which awaits them All will encounter entirely new experiences of a type they have never before undergone but inevitably marking the transition from the teens to maturity From the day we entered these portals our prime endeavor has been not only to follow in the foot steps of our predecessors but also to forge ahead toward a high level of accomplishment perhaps to set a precedent in achiexement We have produced among us a number of leaders well capable of being the pace setters of tomorrows world We place our trust in the future seniors to main min and to hold high the ideals which we have practiced and furthered in our four years t p t 1 L if . ff , - 1 , - higher education, while their classmates will follow 3 7 . . V ' a l . i . ' . l - ,-,- , IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Dorothy Noyes V1cePres1dent joseph Impellxtterr Presl dent Dolores M13 Secretary Peter Vme Treasurer THF JUNIOR CLASS As proud jumors the cl1ss of 1954 xs h1ppy to ohscrxc th tt vnc 1re now ofihctally recogmzed 1s nmportmt le1dcrs tn 1ll school actmttes It seems thtt but 1 fcxx d1ys 'ago me were wanderlng er r1t1cally 1round the school entertng every room but thc proper one However 1fter perh1ps the three most en1oy1ble xurs of our hxes the cl1ss had reaped the fruxts offcrcd bv school lrfe 1nd now eagerly exhxbtts the lmrcls 1ch1cxcd nn sports scholarshlp and extra currltultr tctmncs The cl1ss has cxercxsed much 1ddcd effort durnng, thc p1st school year rn attempt mc to prep1rc ntself for thc fiml challenge In new of thc fact fh1f many lunuors obyect to xmtchmg thtlr hugh school d1ys vnhxsk so merrlly by thc cltsss enthusmsm 1ppc1rs to be swelltng con sttntlx tml rhlt cllmxctlc d1y when they a burst forth md trxumplmntly proclatm We are nom tmc Scnnors fu His, Aduscrs to the lumor Class are left to rtght Mrs Stuclty 'slr loye Nlr Casey and Nirs Lee hiflf 'K' 1' 'cur aj I , AV 111,10 J 5 -, 'f A 'fp ? i X 'pk 3 N sf yi. fy! 1 1 5 Ky Ut' ' I TRACY BALLESTRINI JOAN E. BANNING ROBERT R. BARNES LESLIE H. BARNETT Q3 l Y A J' BRUCE A. Q 'l , - K vi- ' W ' Breaking ground for .fhe addition. ' X ' i - 1 1 M f , 7 f w j 1 IRENE L. BERAN 3-"T Mfgwgdrn VL ,MLA uv' I was wtf x-ggi, wx iff' .1 Ji' JACQUES BERNSTEIN ARTHUR BETTLES STELLA C. BIGORNIA KENT A. BITTERS -N 1 'U' ,- 4 1' X, T3 X 'lv v Lv x v 5 y Af lil' an A ARLENE CEKALA LOUIS T. CHIAPPONE XWAYNE B. CHURCH LAWRENCE CLARKIN .1 'J it-fa 13:7 i, RALPH J. CLARKIN 1- ' ' 1 wafxx L 'IV ff,,g,NMU4, 'V P , t F, Q JEAN D. CONNELL EMILIO A. CORSALETTI 'U y' 'I Mb!! 'S L. w,.N iff' ill? ' 1 I , J :nfl lk DX! P'r2 ,l .gf1s -at -3' JAMES M. CLEARY DONALD COHEN HARRY W. COLONIS K 5 i 2 r 5 I . s i ". 'F""'.. " Swv MF? , f., , , ,.l .5 .4,. . - '.X-,'- 'i ,-"f3'7i"'Q,"., if " A 7 Y' ' - ' ' ' x ' . Y "- M' ' 5-"A ' A' ' ,1 '. ' 1 J - A' - ..-fg:5Zg:f.b:'f , ,g. 42"-L-1 . , 7 5' 7 X .4 .ff-..,f'-'35 ,, fn 5- - - , 'A an 1 1 K v A. fm- -A ,ff-:w.4'r.L'5f2.-., . - J , ,, . ll rx -' I A I f Q! 7 v WINSLOW E. CRAINTPEIELD ELAINE CROCETFI Sl1If!l'7l1 mzfifipation. Pk l CHARLES E. CULLEN 55' X li' ., , . Fifi fi v-:if zu wmv.. nf, lmnhiiyg. fa'h"""' '11 - 'H Iffiffiffffffif JOHN A. DARNELL xpyxyq Y, fn- 7 ANN I.. CURTISS V. iw: ,4riIL "' f 'x ,,. 1 Y 'Iii' QS' 'fx 5.1 RONALD N. D'AMICO EVERETI Q DA , a , . f x Q3 Q-15' 1 X34 N- UN QC JX- .W ig ARTHUR R. DAVIS RICHARD J. DAYS LAURA V. DESCI rw--I II' ' Hmm! asf? EY -5 ff? 5-LMI FRANCIS C. DEVENDITTIS CONRAD V. DEV 'f 'K I , Q 'V . 9- -'- :---4- ' f"-'I' ,K5,,4.,. i ,, M 'nlifxn '- ' . 5. .. ygzgg- -f Pj' ':Qfg'ff3:" Qui ,guna-nf 4900 'S J . . DAVID J. Dc-XWOLFE HAROLD F. DID 1 li K IA! ,lj X NELLIE I.. HARRIS 1 .II HARRISON I0 w JC 'Xhfkx Qtr . 7,1 ' W-t of f-vwk 'MJ " f IJUQII over a number of years. By October, 1950, all financial and legal transactions had been completed to the extent that the city government could go ahead with the purchase of the Chapman Technical High School, now recognized as New London High School. Thus, for the first time since 1873, through the efforts of the Board of Education, the citizens of New London became responsible for public education on a grade one through twelve basis. Progressive strides were then taken towards a modern addition. Facilities. at the time of the hrst investigations of the school problem, provided for the accommodation of only 950 students. The decision resulting from this disclosure was that the city would have to meet the responsibilities of expanding and improving the hxtures already at the high school, since an additional 900 entering students were ngured on within the following three years. Conse- quently, the existing Bartlett and Nathan Hale city-owned elementary schools were made an integral part of New London High. The total additional rooms made available by these steps were twenty-seven. To complete the trans- formation, the pupils enrolled at Robert Bartlett and Nathan Ilale Schools were transferred to the Charles B. Jennings Schoolls ln turn, the seventh and eighth grade pupils of the latter ihstittition were shifted to Bulkeley School, which then' became the city's only junior high school. There was also the question of Williams Memorial Institute, the school ,for girls. A plan was devised whereby the Board of Education would provide for the education of - ,. ,st ,fs 31113 'JI' x " ,nr .KJ 3, ,. s.-v,, , JJ 17 bus. I v ' ' ' 4 A RAYMOND B. HAWKES ROLAND E. HAYES EUGENE R. HENDRICKSON MAUREEN HIGGINS 3 WAYNE HILLIAR BETTY HOLMES I Y FRANK HOPKINS VIOLA M. HUBBERT SHIRLEY E. HUME WILLIAM HUNT 'O 0 My S' . gtbuyflf 4 X K I Sf ':. 1 A EVELYN J, HUNTER RALPH IORLANO ELINOR P. JAGOLINZER SHIRLEY A. JENNINGS :fi K A S. if ' I i- Q , fl J ' ' f 49 J ' f f , f ' " ' H, 1 I xi -Li, f sw X 1, I A GLORIA V. JOHNSON ANTHONY AUJCYCE, JRj ,I U 'E -'A Ni, ,ke Elway L, CONSTANTINE G. KANABIS WILLIALI KBENEY I 'I , The old and the new , K K .. ,fy 4 ' 1 Q65 9-'C - .1-'ff 'ir 7 Mt J, JOHN R. KELLY JUDITH A. KINNEY GEORGE j. KOHL ROBERT DUNN r.. AJ W '-v 9 'CSV 04' .E KD 3' -Q. , Ir I ff, X ,fa R5 . fi My I iii' 1 .di E X 5' I WN' Y ' 'L "" ,i ' PHILIP J LENTINE SIDNEY H, LEVINE , ROBERT I-I. LEWIS EHwfffwf:fMffw.x 0-an -, 'Sf GARY T LITTLE GEORGE M. LITWIN ,ALE . t is I 3 fx It , .G,I , I MARGARET LLOYD af" KJXJ 1 Refi' 'fa 5 J' Irs-,lv-f"' 'X ANNA B. MAIORANA 'dr' 7.25 Q 'Q I ' '0""nv 'V RICHARD D NIARLCJWE EDVUARD J. MARSHALL ANTHONY LIPARULO v-" 1 . g 0- 51 'A -7 . NY . ' Q5 .. 9. , . A , OHN H. LOK M-A '- Q 4 .rf W K ANDREW R. MANNING ARISTEDES K. MANTHOUS 4'-'f-P oz' I A??i:3'2s 21 :I N I- ' i 91 BEVERLY A. INIARSIEAL' vt X I f 4 --', I .',f.f -- , I . X l Q I . LEON MARTIN if X 'h 51-ff' tif f iw 'V 'Qs-ui N A I mm If N N ,,, A J, ug U QQEXJXXIXAJ-TN5gJXX1Xkykrw4 If . -vL1"5lJ1 k I Ly .M 41 ,ff .54 UMW N KX, "V -.:. 5 .sk M Q xl ' IRA S. MAY RUTH P, INIEADNIS I MARY T. MEYERS S' x .WMI RAYMOND J. MILES EDWARD J. MITCHELL ELEFTHERIOS P. MITCHELL Li Aauff- Wfyfx N fi s LAWRENCE R. MONTALI AVERY L. MORGAN FRANCIS MULLEN JOQEPHWEJ MULLEN WAN fxo ' sf +- bJf'i,y- '-:gy CHARLES FA MUNGER MARION H. MURPHY ROBERT A. MURPHY BARBARA A. C1 . iii' I T I I .mn Lf , "" m FRANK 1. MUSCARELLA JOHN MUSCHINSKY .--4-2,w.f 4..- " " f '--.,.:S7l A ' 1.4:1"A ' "'1'-'51 ,' ,144 0--gary'-'-efzsxl ...'1.:-- 'g"t2 X, In Qtr? 3' ""-5 If --"snr . rss- 'Q' 'QQ. R' ' ,.e'"'-"kg "' -sf Qu.- A 1L"07'772,.f eye New of Ike gjnznafixqzz'-J' -1 E., J pi! ,R E x. f I -NUJA. 'lp ,' . 3? J. 1' 'L '-v ' ' ,A , Q . f-,. 1' ' -9- , Al I SK fi u 5 I .dt . , JJ, dry-v .fl Q ' X I J' st 'J 0 . xv ,- E . BISRNIGE 'O'f'p1EAL', -' ' ROBERT NICKERSON 1 'N gf -i' iii' JAMES M, O'CONNOR RICHARD E. OLIVER 'DONALP HARKER f UQ. 1 li 1 ,f I GliR'I'RUDli L. PATTON VALARIE j. PAYNE ROBERT D. PECK GLORIA C. PENNELLA ,gl ix as ...... girls enrolled thc-re for the next three years. Vifhen the School Board no longer wishes to make use of the facilities at Williams Memorial Institute, the Trustees plan to make it a private school for boarding pupils and day pupils at tuition costs to the individual parents. At the present time. New London I-Iigh's three struc- sufhcient space for the enrollment. However, the growth of our city and the surrounding communities tures afford will. in time, cause an overflow of students into the high school system. This excess will have to be met by the con- struction of another building, which, it has been decided will take the form of a combination gymnasium. cafeteria, auditorium, and classrooms, built as a connecting unit between the Chapman and Nathan Hale buildings. The 6 ANITA J. PERCY T' Mel 514 i Z 3,7 was H new edihcc- will have its entrance on Lincoln Avenue, where L ' Us the surface of the land is level. This site tends to conceal otherwise obvious background defects, as well as to provide Cft for an attractive and practical entrance. Q Inspection of the interior of the auxiliary wing affords f a view of the cafeteria-community unit, which will serve , L the multiple function of dining space, dance hall, freshman EJ., pm homeroom, and theater. Further investigation reveals that M, ' ', ,k the gymnasium will serve the dual purpose of auditorium W5 - and physical education center. The playing floor is fifty ' Jm feet by eighty-four feet with six foot side aisles and ten jk!! ,V JA , foot clearance at both ends. It will have a ceiling height nj ' A 'X of twenty-two feet. Featured are electrically operated folding -'J I . L' doors which divide the area into two sections for use by AJ -' S , T fo' 'Al ,I ty 7' l , 1' N Lydia . ra, DSHAEL V. PETRINI EI.Ige.BETH L. PHILLIPS ' lafv' M A VJ! l.. OX eff RICHARD J. PHILOPENA LOUIS M. PICA T. PICKETT M 3 rp X it L .-ur' Q , 1-f A J 1 I 1 1 f 1 fa 4 ff 5 12 2 6 X J , - 'ff -'if J: N. 'Z K Srwaw LY zz' ' J. ca' 'g af " ,J , '- 5' . 6 'Q , .J W0 1 -V nr, K :4 1,5 jg!?i'r:L, 'j'Tgu,.'1- 5 "'-.5526 . ' . f .fL::14g13. 'ggi'-17" .4 :,zj"1',,:a,g N '55 .A 9 '1 ' X JOHN W. scovr ji E U Av r 'AVN 'Q--Y MARY J. SELDEN -,x -RoTaEjz'r fsSEVIEILl " JULIUS SHABAREKH R H' Lx...?"J x'7RUW'K. N' wx , unix-1 nf' A - K l 'W'lI1 'Je- , . q.AYA "' -,fm-als fd X -i -J FREDERICK F SENTELL DELBERT C SETTLE 2 - f Ks.- ':f - I X' e-s, . ,v 421. . A ,,4,,,,. v-'W fi V ,Q .-,JA w f'-w.- "rw -"' 1 , Q-' .nf ,x In-""'s 1 ' Lt , . 9-14 J 2 f K E , ,l 1. ,vnu not , I 1, A . ,fad n ,. V1 :YPIWJ 91,1 ar. . H- " "1 X 1 MATTHEW SHAFNER ALBERT F. SHASHA 5 x iz" JOSEPH MJ SHIQRB U-ue' Jaw. -v, ' 0 . 1 vu i I I The mmzeffing H115 bC'l1l"0671 Cbajmzmz ami Nathan Hale EDWARD J. SILVA , JOHN P. SHINE LEO G. SMALLEY sax, 'L' 'C-A DAVID SMITI-I f r- RALPH MARTIN . . , X, ff f 1. - iffy Mft :Et-'Y 'I fff N I fyafjc 'ffl 1 f ' J f I , J f J X JOSEPH G- SNEIDFR CHRISTINA A. SOUSA lI'f1111fr 111111111 111 Nfzfbmz Halo cuff I M, W W1 1 QF' va -ff VICTOR A. SPEZIALI JOHN E. STADNICK JAMES L, STEVUART PALMER U. ST. GERMAIN F' ' . Z, 'J ? ' A 6 24 v a". 'U Q, 'Q ,i' 75-n K RIJSSLLL 'If STODDARD LEE A. STRICKLAND HARRY R, SULLIVAN ALBERT C. SWANSEN Vi' mf Xi' A 4 rlMA?Y"r' , 1 if A f A xq ' IV? X f i A. WILLOUGHBY DANIEL C, WOLVERTON F. WILCOX A MICHAEL J. ZIEZIULEWICZ I I ' Zin illilemnrp of "rw: JOHN WOOD J' 'NJ ROLAND J. ZOZZORA CAROL HAEFNER RICHARD A. BEAUCHAMP JACKIE LEE MAYNARD Class of 1953 Class of 1953 Died March 22, 1951 Died August 3, 1951 54 ll' 34 IJ: Aronsofi N Fargo an d A Mulli n ar r e Bar Erifg den W Byars l ion Club fesri?f?,,g'5P1ay their Sm! emor Swlixifxgical memmff S I es of aPPf0val make wit Mr. Medeiros expounds on the functions of grammar to his third period class which is pictured in part by R. Oliver R. Gordon B. Wiercioch C. Cullen and D. Burns. M. and W. Rabon New London High's sensational acrobatic team limbering up for the coming Variety Show. A. Percy's mellow tones grip her audience in musical fascination. f'I"LlT1TFPn -1 Y ,JE Y' 'lg' f 7 '-'A "fi "':., 4 A finw fri "i' N' New London High School x if- W 43, ,F i fi . . P' N '- fri 1. ' f . haf' Ls: 1 X l gg Wk. FFF 5. Vfff 4 ,ig ' J' A- .. -vw"-"'.l:n-'ff ' ' f '-f- ',' , -"1 4 --Ajv Y f Y 4 -f' T!l1tifi5'i1:-Ej"f ,,--,,,.,.....:.z.---, ' Y - ---!h'FQ if "Q 'i"'13l'i-iilll' - " - ' - - The Finished Product X - 57 UNIUR - Class of 954 MR SILVAS HOMEROOM Fnrst Row left to rrqht J Patel J Patcr N Patterson E Sabra C Pangllman D Rebmann C Peterson E Percy O Second Row Mr Srlva R Rowland B Rose A Orbe L Pacnhcr D Roselund R Rowley K H Robbms yy' Y. U Thnrd Row R Ruest W Rathbun T OConnor G Pangrlman B Salvatore R Rose R N 1 Q -'Y Redrngton J Rrley L Pennella N Plerfederlcl W Park J Roggero H Pumerantz x'!fl' 58 Nga 'T' MR MEDEIROSS HOMEROOM Flrst Row left to r1Lht I Snmonc. A Sheehan J Snow C Spadaro N S J Sulllvan J Van Loan H Sfhnurr Second Rom Mr Medertos H Starkvweather E U ucuom 1 Sylvester Svuder R LJALUCCIOUI Shme E Taylor R Sheedy R Shauzhnessy L Tortora Thml Row R Segal W Senkovx D Taylor R Turner L SmlHfOWSkl R B Southworth M Tutchro D Sullrvan S Sxmon R Thurlow XX mrth D Sousa W Schultz J R Strrckland Moore E Slff , 1 . Z- n - v -- y -K v f 1 - A- ,-1: - - . ,. . - IQ. . ' '- V .ug - . , , , , , , g g ,- .. . C . ' " J . - - , . ,. ,- ,- ,- , ..' V n - x - 1 - r - x - x - - """5' x v f 0 -2 , Y- am A I' , . 5 17 1 , . K V I I, .,l1A.,.f S - ll , 1 Ne.. ,f , "" Vs. "Lf M' I , .. ,. ',-.T . h l V' V. , V ,, f , ' ' ' , ' , . R , ,. , . , . . JQA N: 'KJ MR CASEYS HOMEROOM Frrsr Row left to rrahr M jullarnne B Holmes I Lerper P LaV1er C Hurshman Lake A Larsen I Jacobs P lxozel. Second Rovs A Lawrence R Lavore R Koles R Lenney L Kearmg F Hilton E Lanrer I Impelllrtcrn L Kerr J LHVOIC T Ialxe Th1rdRovx C Horner R Krier P Howard N Keramndas R Jerome R Hutchmson R Holbrook J Lemmon K Hoaxelanll R lamourlne L lckes 11 Q ,pq Q' MR. SKRlGAN'S HOMEROOM First Row. lcfr ro right' F, Maz7clI.1, D, May, V. Mlrnn, F MrCarrhy, IT. Muecgxrella, M N1mhc,N, Nc.1l,AI. Malsonc. R, Marrin, Scuonll Rmx li Ioiarono, A Mamurinu, R. NCHU.l, M, MacDonald, R. Muck, R. Moore, G. M1rchell,A Lorcllo, M, Murphy, R. Lord, B. Marnhull. Third Row' D, Lonu, R. Nelson, D, Murphy, R, Newman, R. McLaughlin, E. Marsh, G. Manos, NX' Mark, Menghi if L 1 6 I MISS MCLAUGHLINS HOMEROOM Frrst Row left to rzcht Mlss McLau hlm J Dewolfe K Douton B Edwards M Eaton C Errshman A Fable H Fletcher C DAm1co Second Rom F Faulkner R Enos R DeB1as1 J Defange A Dahl C Drmmoclc J Espxnosa R Elenowrtz Th1rdRon E Duclos W Dev ne F DeI.aura R Feclus R Davlclson W Flrman P Doulcos S Ebby V Elcn J DIMALLIIJ L Faltonl J Dupllce B Dean L 7 F' Fm MR FLANAGANS HOMEROOM Frrst Rom left to rrght B Gelmas NI Hlggrns M Fneclberg Ni Flood S Gerrrsh N Hall D Gatheral F HIQEIHS F Glulrano Second Ron R Grnllo G Hawkes XV Green M Hancock J Geer P Hewrtt R Gada W Grrflin T Groark W Foley P Gaboury D Francrs Thnrd Ron R Hallxsey J Granneld j Freeland J Grondzxk G Haney L Glaclu W Herndon E Henderson J Geaglone F H111 R Halpern I Glorclano MR. PIERCE'S HOMEROOM First Row, left to right: P. Bli- ven, R, Benowitz, L. Borges, G. Ameral, M. Beit, B. Bellian, C. Baker, C. Breithaupt, F. Beebe. Second Row: Mr. Pierce, R. Bal di, B. Becker, R. Birchall, R. An- dreoli, F, Avillar, E. Boska, N. Bouchard, A. Annibalini, R. Blake, J. Ahern, F. Barca. Third Row: C. Atkinson, W. Boguszewski, R. Blodgett, S. Bec- ker, T. Benson, P. Bongo, R. Barry, C. Boyle, A. Bezanson, j. Archer, D. Allberry. gaN?'EG5SN5N Frrst Row leffg J Chap man S Caldrell Brousseau J Camphell A Chapman j Buddm ton S Dadson N C1n quanta E Brrght Second Row T Chapman R Carnarolx A Cooper R Chap J Co ta J Caulheld Broun G Cnrlllo Thrrd Row L Broccolr R Chap pell R Chrlstenson T Cara nauah R Cook S Colonls W Cavanaurzh M Cohen D Bur gess MR WHITE S HOMEROOM FxrsrRovx left to rnght B Wade B Wxllrams V Wrnrers R Wrl lramson J Ward L Young C Zullanl Second Row Mr Whrte M Wood R Wheeler R Wara komsky A Vme I Wong J Vxrga Thrrd Rovs 1 Wadsworth C Vme J Wllletts H Vargas T Whltty P Whrte M Wexnberg Za Pg! R 3 dent Madeline Hartman secretary A Devivo presi SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS are, left to right W. O'Donnell treasurer' Mary Hartman vice-presi- dent 1'-1' fm N 'rw U C0 ADVISORS TO THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Mrs Isabel Page Miss Mary McLaughlin M E Albert Nitsche Mr P Henry Shay qi it THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Slowly approaching us is the completion of our second year, the half-way mark in the best years of our lives. In the period of time that we have passed at New London High School, most of us have estab- lished the foundations of our future intentions and desires. The primary school attitude has undergone a distinctive change in which our views, concepts, and attitudes have been broadened and matured. No longer do we possess our initial approach toward everyday problems but rather a more serious outlook toward situations that often confront us. Also, as our second year of high school comes to its end, the focal point is concentrated on the coming two years, the years that will complete the foremen- tioned transition. Our junior and Senior years offer us the complement of these past years in which we have partially developed new means to approach our undertakings. The Class of 1955 will utilize in its best possible manner the facilities which have been long in the construction phase to express its gratitude to the taxpayers and all those who have made them possible L , , 4 Y 1 1 , 1, z f , i My Q '21, NT H yla va ."t., ' is ,- if . l , ' ', r. . , . . . . r X THE FRESHWIAN LLASS The ettes of 1 new field of edueltlon were opened to us when we entered the hills of New london Hugh Qehool Students representrng, sexerxl of the em s ertmmrr sehools were gfrthered together on a du of therr own to get the i,ener1l liyout of the hrbh school eourses 1nd how the rnstrtutron wis operated Then we w ere rntermrngpled wrth the other three elrsses rs the schedule got undetwfty The Hrst few weeks were the testrng beds durrng whreh we bee mme reeustomed to the new type of homework eurrreulum Newer 1nd hrotder tetrxrtres were offered to the errnd of the rerdemxe portron of hrgh school lxfe Agun the freshmen were well represented rn the sehool s sports progmm 1nd outslde aetrvrtres Sxnee we made our bmxe entrance the freshmqn elrss has ttleen great strrdes rn the drrectron of be comrng 1 put of the New London Hrgh Famrly XY'e hue eompleted now our mftyor adjustment wrth Hytng colors - FACLITY ADVISORS to the Freshmnrn Chss 'ere Mr Slerlgm Mrs Cftnfleld Mr Atwrll and Mrs Ixekson FRESHMAN CLASS OFFIQERS tre left to rrght treftsurer I Brown vrce presrdent T Ctldrello seerettry N Corleey 1nd presrdenr G Woodworth 15 1 'Sf Y l yr .- V A -1 4 rs . . . " 'L . ' ' ' . ' Y k V .' , ,, y. K A V . .L A -. V ' ' y I X incoming freshman elnss, offsetting the continual ,, ' , V vs ' ' - 1. f t 1 N A '. ' A ' Y ' ' I ' - , , , t . . . . ' 1 , . .r , . ' , . T. L ,' 'y I K W .I V ' - I if A ' 4' 1 f r V I ' sk "1 1 D - 'Y 0Pl'l0l IUBES - Class of '55 Q! il KH MR SHEEHY S HOMEROOM Frrst Row left to rnzht l Bates D Beckvuth B Andrade B Andreolr I' Arsenault Bendfeldt L Bernstenn D Allen X Barca Second Row Mr Sheehy R Bass 'l Avery D Barrey L Batch J Batty B Bauer Alherr W Allen W Benedrct W Adoclt Thxrd Rovs R Aqurar W Barrs F Armburst G Beebe G Antomac T Bentley R Atkms 1 Adams R Anger R Auld R Alger W Baborsky V ' 'grew' f-. MR CROSBYS HOMEROOM Fr st Row left to reht 9 Blake B Bmlloss B Cllvral S But Nir Crosby J BllfC1flC S Brennan R Bonanno j Camplell Second Row ln Blrxen l Brouwer B Braeavn S Blanchard E Butler C Brown S Brltlxman J Burr B Bur ess P Burxet P Boureault C Blake Nl Brshop Tl'11rdRtm Xl Blmlerman Bowes F Butler A Brochu J Bxenlcovusltr G Burgess R Booth W Boyle G Browne R Brown W MISS MOORE S HOMFROOM Frrsr Rovs left to mehr H Damels B Clarke N Crouch E Compton J Corcoran S Dahl E Carver I Chappell Serond Row A1185 Moore NI Carson G Cole H Chmppone C Clausen N Crurse K Cuddy M Charlop J Condon NX Carbon Thrrd Row D Carlson P Chapllmlrr C Coburn L Carpenter R Connolly W Conary J Casey R Curtm F Cleary vw' I Tl' MRS STLCKY S HOMFROOM vu l lr ru rr hr P Donuun A DaL.1ur.l B Dmlan Y Deschamps J Doucetre C Du n l Dlmmmrlx T Dome rc L P w L x luv .1 rw ne D r lx Devme w f mu xx Dug Don mx Delaxura I Dnmmoc lx D ku Delrmorru F Drnwnnx li Durne F Ddosra A Derhaxnc J Dougherty A DeY1wo R Doxmur MRS. KELSEY'S HOMEROOM First Row, left to right: D, Evans, E. Fielding. J. Duggan, C. Fredella, C. Dumont, R Epstein, J. Franlcewicz, J. Dyer. Second Row: Mrs. Kelsey, H. Fortier. T. Edgecomlw, B. Evelyn, il. Edwards, L. Gaetano, L Epps, A. Ferrante. E. Fiallcoslcy. B. Eisenstein, D. Durfee, P. Francis. Third Row: R. Edgecomh, J. Ericson, R Ellis, C Fisher, T. Fraser, J. Epps, W. Gadbois J. Edwards, M. Gabco, 1. Feeney, R Dwyer. G MRS. BEEBE'S HOMEROOM kin, M First Row, left to right: M. Harris, J. Hart, B, Hamler, L. Harris, R. Gunn, N. Haney, L. Green. C. Granata. Second Row: Mrs. Beebe, D. Gray, G. Gannotti, J. Grillo, M. Hartman, M. Harley, M. Hartman, B. Geiger, D. Gautlenzi, M. Gatheral, P. Gonzales, H. Golumhic, A. Grasso. Third Row: R. Grills. B. Harkins. D. Geer. R. Gruning, D. Guimont, R. Harper, C. Hallisey, P. Greene, J. Gergulis, F. Giordano, G. Geer, V. Goss, XV. Graham, R. Grout. MR HARRIS'S HOMFROOM Ylrsr Row left ro right C Holt VI jessuck r Jullarme N Keenan J Kenyon D Karpovas L Kerns l lmpdlmcrl B Hcnaulr Scfonll Row Nir Hxrrm R Klxndcltcr D Hochn P johnmn C Hume E Kelpnsh J Kmrnm, Cl Kaplan N lcrnrm Nl ox C' Kane 'Ihml Row F lxanc M Hyatt R Hlscox R ean L Hcavcnor R Kmg., R Islexb W Hoss R johnson T Joncs R jumorg MR ROBINS HOMFROOM sr Rrm l Nhnlnrcn 7 Inman C Luzzx P Niaclxag, Ni Niahonc upmAl.L NI ldl'lCC C lmlrx NI Nl.nlaL .1 luxslu C L urxnu umm S 'Vlansfcl S London S l ar .1 lu r I1 II A M P luads I' Nlann W on . ', K' I , , A . , .l , . , . , 1-1' j, 1. 4 , . - -,l .J 1. . I 2 .. " -, . , . 5 , . J , . " , . ', . , Fir ', left ro riuhr M. . - . ., Q 1 , 1. ', . . f ' ', . . . y, V. Kr . 4 Q. .. . ..' . hl n. SL-mn-l Ruw lf. Rmlwns, C1 Kuuhcr, -I Krupfmvauc, A. lnusllun, M. I.aVallie, Krauth, j Krly- ', M. Ma lc, M K 'k. N. I. 3 l'n ky, H. l .12 'l l, . , . 'wi' - sh ll, L. .4 per. l-lll ll R W j. Lcnn y, I Nlnrmnr, wl l.lfVnl'l, . uclnnxs ,.,' , 1. l , . L p, C1 Nl.lI'AYlLld, C1, Ml1LArrlmr, A lnyarulrm, D. Lcw1S,D. Martel, 'If Kovallk. 67 MR GRFENAWAX 5 HOMEROQMJ Flrst Row 'left to mehr M Mountzoutes M Mountzoures AICSSIUR P Medma M Niessnna R Morettn G Mattatall P McCaffrey A Memman S d Row Mr Greenavnay A Martm N Munger F Olson B Margaret I Mur phy V Montesn A Menghx M McCue M Mazon j Mfyevj Muller M Nmchols B BIOSICI' H Murtha Thnrd Row D OConnell A Mamn W Maynard 'fell R Moreash I Nott R McN1ckle J Mullen J MtNe1l D Mazella A Murall aryglu N X MR PECRS HOMEROOM Flrst Ron lett to rght I P1n.1 D Retanatn Nl PJlHlfllSll'l0 T Robolledo F Pudxah Potts J Perrlno Nl Onupgnlt 'Nl Oltlrmd betond Rnvx L Prmmt lx Ptnlleton Nl Olxane I Rtmly W Reewt A Palmxern D Allerys I Peltxer 'Nl Pmtrovsslu Rasxe Y Ponrltr C Pcrltms Thlrd Row N Pennell R Palvxlonxa XX Renfexss XX O Donnell L Prestott A Pxne A Papalxa E Podeszvfa R Rando R Olsen j Rlcatta R Petty R Ressler , ,.. l ,. , . ' , . ' ', , . , ' V4 ' ' v , . , . 1 t, . , . K. . 'I It - x -. ' -.Cr l' ' -J' ', N :xx - YQ". 'X N, V. ', 'j 1 .. f, . 'f ,l. ' 4 , . , . ' , . . ., . 'L ,.. ' , , 't', . ", . , . ',, ,.. . . '. 1. " . X , . -1 . I , - , . , . A V, 1 . MR KINGS HOMEROOM Fnrst Row left to rmht R Rowley K Shea B Saunders B Scully S Serahn S Senkewxtcz T Schnurr M Shunts A Ron Second Row Mr Kmg l' Salvatore R Sxvla H Rnchards M Sheflott A SlCgl8ff E Roystet M Shahareck L Snff I Ronmck I. Scott E Snlvestn Thlrcl Row L Sham I' Roland R Shea J Rxordan R Sarpu E Schultz R Slclerwxcz D Shea K Sargent D St Germaxn j Shea MRS VARGASS HONIEROOM F st Row lf to rxtht NI Sruhcllclt I 'Iraslt F Squtrc Nl Sousa K Sullxwan Nl lmr z 1 o XI Sul IN n mnl Rmx s r nun Su nm li The p Tlflany K Sugrue ms Lcnu 'In IH rm mltu :rx r T Lltsth N Lltralnc R Smxrh G Sutr N Sulluun R Sml 'lr get ' A ',, " ,t,I ys, B. lfti, M. 'lllyl r, . . .S l xx Sc t ' Mr, VA my Ci Sull '. , bl. . ll' '. , , nr , ' ' ', . ' , M, ltr ,pl Su -- XV. Sylvm, A '. jlor. 'l'l1 l R T S l. M Sn lx n, R St cet, . ' , .' " -, . ' , , e 3, C.,'l'wlur11tx1, .'.,' ' . .. th, MR. STURGIS'S HOMEROOM First Row, left to right: B, Yuhas, R. Woitysiak, R. Washton, S. White, B. White, S Walsh B. Zito R. Zito. Second Row Mr Sturgis M Varelia B Venditto E Way R Walsh L Weaver N Wells N Whelan M Weinheri, J Yvon S Wallner T Whelan Third Row R Vcnditto R Wrinn G Wilkinson R Woodford C Wood E Young F Waite J Watterson M Wargo H Weiss L Vennari FRESH N Class of '56 MR SNAPE S HOMFROOM First Row left to tight L Beeht I Alderson B Alexander IN Btnvenuti F Abell D Benovuitz j Averx CS Barker D Aquitantc G Bathese Bartsth C Alexanltr F Adams X Altms W Builaqua R Beniamin L Alucantler A Alfie-ti Thirl Row Alriero R Barnes Alhano S Bergman B Barbour C Babtock W Barn hill P Bertano F Butts K Bates R Ames B BiLl'Dll"I G Barker Y Barros 1 - . , . . . , - l - - Y - . - , , . - ', . , . , . . ' , , ' , , , . , . . I 4 , , ' I i., ,V , . v I ' . ,Y I , K A- Second Roni Mr. Snape, XV. Aquiar, D, Bainc' D, Avampato, R. Barnett, M. Beaney. E. -- Q - 1. K.. ,A R' Y- xl l .- ,V U , C 'v '- ,A. l X VJ, V . - .Ja ' .Av .' -. . ' ,3. ' ' '. . ' - -Q '93 W 11 MISS SPURGASS HOMEROOM Flrsr Rows left to rnaht l Johnson M Kelley A Kxng G Jones E Jameson T Jullarnne Second Rovu Mlss Spurgas R lxclley D Klng C Kay B Kerr E Johansen P Kenny S Johnson L Kelly Thmrd Rovu D Jnsnph E Jacons N Johanson W Kelsey C Jameson W Kerr H Joyce R Janovxc A Jordan MISS MANSFI EI-D'S HOMFROOM Fm: Roux, lc-lr ro rluhr D lhrmwls, Ii fllllmm, J flwnrmgxlnulm. fl. Cornish, A. Chaplinski X' flmprnnn, Y f lmppa-ll. l filllllllwnlxl M-wrlll Row Mass M.1mf:L-ll. l., N Clsrlz, fl. Conncll, C. f.clc-nmno, N. Corkcy lDfUI'1IJLllIS R fo Llml l flmsm 1 N . 1 , . . p '. 1, . pl arson.. f,lll'k,llllSliI, li. Cforno1s,C Cole 7' 'l'h1ul Rfm I, f,uf'fcy, R f.:-uluzm, J lJ.ln.m. XX' Qlcnry, R. Conover, R Cobvnn, A. D3fllHAU If Ihvls, lx Dsinnhcr, R. Lolllns, lx, Chrzstcnscn. MR MUGAVEROS HOMEROOM First Row left to right J Dietrich E Douton E Falk G Ellis K Dellaporta C Del Priore P Falk M DeCo5ta H Donahue B Demarfo Second Row Mr Mutgavero S Downes N Eltrinaham P Euan S Downes A Devlin D Dimmock D Enos S Dimmock B DeGaetano S Donahue C Dechaine H Days D Emmett B Doerfier A Eckert Third Row R Douchette J Dolan R Eberle K Delaporta C Dtiggers L DeAngelis W Ernst A Dupee E Drea E DeCosta R Dawley J DeNoia J Evatte MR LEE S HOMEROOM Gilman P Gunnoe A Fulton Ni Grrllo B Frcdrrg betonl Ron Nlrs Lee Girl I Grabner C line M Ferrmte C Gloxer J Flanders Ferate R Gelinus D Gmbner NI Ftrritno B Frazier R lollows Y Green 'F Gaylor Thrrd Row R Farrell R Faulkner R Gotti J Creen J Garrett D Gaboury R Grusti A Fletcher R Fuchs P Filardi R Flynn R Grippo R lreeman , Q r v ' Q - a ' . V ' . , . , . , - , V , - , - , - I . , . , - v - I v " y ' 1 - n - r - 1 - n - a - x - ' First Row, left to right: G. Gray, V, Giuliano, J, Fogarty, J. Green, M. Gensburg, C I '1 . ' . . A ' , , 4, , 1 , . ' , . ' ', . Fl I A 1 v - 4 1 w - 4 ' v - V v - 1 - 4 ' - MISS PARDI S HOMEROOM Ftrst Row left to rt ht E Hall S Hess D Hubbert R Irwtn C Guem M Henrotaux M Gutnn I Hall D Hannaford K I-Img Second Row Mxss Pardn L Henault D Hays N Hartuns, W Howarth E Htggms G Hubbert S Hodge T Hansen M Htggms G Hollts Thtrd Row E Hemtt A Heqmann 'I Hargey R Htll R Hayes R Htckey E H111 N Htggtns R Hollts J Htlton j jackson D Hansen J Hayosy MR BALENTINE S HOMFROOM Smxtht C Straqusa H Stockforl bcwntl Row Nlr Balcnttnc D Sullnan H Southard L Sulltxan P Smtlxssan R Stack vmathcr lx Stust l Smtth D Smnh B Stttlaeltck lhtrl Rcm M Smtth XV Sttnson B Stucnson Nl Sltphtcs K Ststarc J Snow M Slectte Sommon H Stevens lx Stefansltt , . , . , . , . . ' . . . Y . . - , - , t , - ., - , - , 7 I . 7. . . ' ' ' I ' ' - .' ' ' . . . 1 - ' 1 - . , - , - lr - 1 ' n - 1 ' Y x ' v - 1 - y - r - ' , First Row, left to right: B. Snikcn, S. Stoner, -I. Sullivan, A. Sizet, B. Spats, B. Smith, G. " ','.'t g,f..' , .. , , Qt 'g , .T A ,t 4' -, .. '-,. ', . , MR FOYE S HOMFROOM Fnrst Rom left ro r1Lhr T Perry C Recanan M Pescarello M Redlngron R Pecora J Payne R Pernzzl Second Row Mr F056 J Pennell J Pma W Reagan T Pxascxk M Rabon W Reagan T Pescarello D Prcntxce T Qulnn Th1rdR0vL D Reno A Pensls M Rakoslq D Plelson A Perry W Reed R Perknns W Plcrson A Randy Os m, MRS PACT 5 HOMFROOM dl fmt Ron ldr to r1Lhr 5 Pnrlxer NI p1l.1ClOlL1l0S NI Pdpayohn B Noxnch H C sen E Nmltah Sammi Rnxx Nlrs Pa e I Puller C Parks A OConnor A OBern R Palladmo R N 1'-.on M P,1pp,u..op0ul1s Tl'11rlRon XX Osmrson P Part: R Palmer W Olson N Palladlno R Palladnno R P.x:qu.1lln1 j Nevlllc MR SANTANGELOS HOMEROOM Fnrst Row left to rxght C Rxce M Santora M Rlce J St Germam C Rogulskl P Rossettn D Rossx Second Row Mr Santangelo R Rlbner J Salamanca S Saunders C Matrom S Ronmng C Santere R Rlce Th1rd Row 1 Roach J Rogofl B Sartorx R Rutter S Rugglero E Rolfe G Rowland 'i A'- it MR DOLNYS HOMFROOM l'rst Rov. lef to ncht l Shclton C Shaharcclrt P Shea J Scruy H Sahfner S Scarpa Sctond Row Nlr Dolm N Sllxa C Shtpatnn H Sham B Schastxan D Scott N Settle J Storm Nl Sexton Thlrd Row j Slkorsltm P Schnelder R Shaplro W Schofield J Scott H Shannon A Searle R Shcflott gl Shortal R Senltovx NIR TASCAS HOMEROOM First Row left to right J Zaist G Swinyer J Wightman H Sylvia M Swanson Swan S Tunucci Second Row Mr Tasca J Sylvester I' W terhouse T Teixeira S Sullivan A Tudisca C Woitysiack R Verity P Toohey Third Row L XV1ll1ams W Swift R Vivnrxto A XVaner H Vincent R White F MR CANTYS HOMEROOM First Row left to right B Waterhouse J Valliere A VUhntt', J Wolfgram C Tynan J Termmesn E Wood Second Row A Sweet M Vendetto K Taylor R Thurlow F Walsh A Terranova A Vocalina J White D Yee Third Row R Tuneskn D Twnss G Woodworth R NanderVeer J Weinraub E Swan son R Sulman E Van Loan , , ' . . . . , D Q : . . , , , 2 a , . , . , . ' : . ' ' , . ' , . ' ' , . , . , . , Williams, A, Trainer. , . I : , . , , X ', . '. , V , . ', . . ' I' ' I . I V. , . - X .ig MISS SULLIVANS HOMEROOM Fxrst Ron left to rnght F Carpenter D Burgess B Carey N Burgess l Brown J Brown A Bucko N1 Brown Second Rom A Caldrello R Camppo A Cantos S Campbell B Canestrarn S Bnggs B Campbell B Campagna N Canros B Burma P Broga D Casey Mnss Sullxvan Th1rdRovx D Brown R Camnlluccx J Beyer R Carver E Carney R Butt F Brochu R Caron D Callahan C Castro R Bresler 13 MR. PLOTKlN'S HOMEROOM Ifirst Row, left to rruht: E, Kohl, H. Leipcr, S, l.irwm, B, Kostenko. H. Leiper, A. Ligget, R. Lnnmr, If. Lemmon. Scwntl Rfmg Mr Plutlcin, R. Kmclx. C. Lord j. Linuamfclter j. Lake, D. Lavoie, B. Lcwyant, K. l.L'..lkll, li. I.a,urotrer1.1, D Kruprmmuc, ,l. l..ll'l7.l, S. Kultcr, S. I.uPrcsto. Thirtl Rrm R4 Lemmon. l.g1v1n, D, Kllllllfl, XV, Lenncy, P. Kuutsovasxlis, M, Leach, F. Lilwcrty, R, l,41rhrup,D. l.1nclwy,ll, Krlnllwmlzns, CQ, l..1urlc. ' vs v ' ? o 23-L. MRS. K ENYON'S HOMEROOM First Row, left to right' A, MtCuc. S. Main. S. MutweeH, A. McNeil, J. McNeil, J. Malloy P. Martin. Second Row: Mrs. Kenyon, R. Mursie, I.. Mtliennti, E. Marshall, A. Maden, G. Mark, W Mansfield. Third Row: VI. M.1cDnng1ld, C Mtllwuin, KW. MLNnmara, 1. McTigue, W. Mahn, J. McCar shy. V, Marcucci, L. McEwen. MRS. jACZINSKI'S HOMEROOM First Row, left to right' B. Mugmero. C. Morgm. -I. Miller. F. Morrill, H, Nash, M, Mor rison, N. Medina. Second Row' Mrs. Iaczinslqi, R. Mileski, B. Nelson, j. Morhtt. T. McTigue, F. Moretti, D. Mitchell, E. Nc-al, S. Morgan. Third Row. R. Nero, M. Misarski, M. Mostowy, G. Miller, T. Murray, F, Muscarella, J. Mingo. :Q-Q, X 4 xg Li ,,-1... STUDENT COUNCIL Front row left to right D May J Brown D Burns K Willoughby Cpresb J Impellitteri Cvice presb M Hartman ftreasurerj D Noyes F Beebe Second row N Gay S Dimmock L Siff A DeV1vo M Shabareck M Hartman A Cantos L Caldrello Third row A Vine R Donovan 1 Sweeney R Petrini V Speziali S Simon R Andreoli G Woodworth Officers of the Student Council are: j. lmpellitteri, Vice Presi- dent, N. Fargo, Secretary, Mad. Hartman, Treasurer, and K. Wil- loughby, President. H N.- , STUDENT COUNCIL Under the guidance of Mr Richard Snape and consonant with the desire of Mr Holland to realize an efficient student govern ment the student body and faculty have established a representative council from among those students most capable of assuming lead etship in the solution of school problems This council consists of the Senior Class and junior Class officers along with the other class officials underclass elected representatives and specially selected upper classmen with a member representing the Senior Council. At the beginning of the school year the Council convened every week in the discussion of any problems which had confronted members of New London High School but at the completion of the first semester meetings were rescheduled to include every other week. Many students have brought their suggestions to the doorstep of the Council for improvements of school facilities and the legislative body has gladly com- plied. Serious situations have been introduced which involve money matters, one especially notable was that of the soda machines whose proceeds reimburse the Student Activity Fund. Too many bottles were being misplaced at the cost of the school. After pleadings by the faculty for their return, the same crisis prevailed. At this point the Student Council was asked to investigate the mat- ter. The problem was incorporated into the Council's agenda and was duly acted upon. Warnings were issued by the senior members and the loss declined consider- ably. As a result of New London High's founding only two years ago the Class of 1952, its first graduating body, left with- out establishing an alma mater, due to their being pressed for time. Therefore, numerous requests have been presented to the Coun- cil for a method in choosing a permanent alma mater. A special branch committee has been formed to record songs which are to be played at the student government meetings. Of the several presented, only three are to be selected, which, in turn, will be played to the entire student body via the public address system. After repeated presentations ballots will be distributed and elections will follow. In this manner the melody will be chosen. Immediately fol- lowing this balloting will be a lyric "con- test" to see who can submit words best suited to the melody. The results will be placed in the hands of the Student Council members, and in this fashion an alma mater will be born. Faculty advisers to the Student Council are: Mr, Snape, Mrs. Canfield, Mr. Small, Mrs. Vargas, and Mr. Wusterbarth. THE COMPASS A marked change in appearance and a strong influence in formulating student opinion have characterized the work f The Compass in its second year of publication Added cxpericnce gained by key members of the editorial staff has brought about bctter coordination of the photorzraphy and nevss dcpartments variations of format and improvement in lournalistic style and writing All work on thc papcr with the exception of actual print ing and cngrawrng is handled by members of the staff Each editor has his or hcr own department and all work is planned carefully to achicve satisfactory results A typical issue is startcd in this manner First assignments are given to reporters Constant revision as to lenrzth and style is made by the editorial staff Regular features are styled by the editors Pictures and cartoons are prepared When all necessary material has been organized it is sent to the printer for preliminary proofs These are read and cor rected with great care The corrected galley proofs are then returned to the printer who makes all necessary changes rn the type and a new corrected set of page proofs is received Further proof reading is necessary to catch more minute errors Then the matters of page layout headline and other technical aspects enter the picture Finally the entire paper is studied for any uncorrected errors before the printer takes over After hours of sorting and counting by the circulation department the paper is distributed to the student body All this could not take place however vuthout the skillful guidance of the faculty advisor john K Balentme who has had years of yournalnstrc experience As head man when any problem arises his suggestions and recommendations o all phases within the yournalrstic field enable the staff to look with pride upon the accomplishments of the past year B aa 65x14 COMPASS ADVERTISING STAFF First row left to right K Cuddy V Krupovage L Gae tano T Doucette A Cooper P Martin V Barca Second row D Beckwith H Southard Mr Balentme E Silvestri I VanLoan J lmpellitteri r' T'-VX wav Y 'X Compass-chief L. Aronson confers with D. Callahan on official business COMPASS STAFF First row left to right: S. Burgess J, Brennan D. Callahan L. Aronson S. Simon S Ebby N Cinquanta. Second row: C. Pangilinan M. Higgins L, Siff S. Brickman J. Sabia A Sieglaff U Sheck M. O'Kane N. Lubchansky R. Washton Mr, Balentine. Third row: N. Eberle S London C. Kanabis G. Mitchell N. Richards M, Shafner R. Worakomsky M. Sherb H. Dean G Kutcher o- vu v-7 .lg l f K i 5 gf ,Al 'U T. f-1, v RIFLE CLUB The Rifle Club is attended by New Lon- don's "Davy Cr0cketts" who wish to gain a valuable insight on the proper use and care of firearms. First row, left to right: Mr. Gregory, J. Archer, E. Marshall, W. Byars, J. Mus- chinsky, R. Larson, J. Murphy, M. Bishop. Second row: A. Taylor, C. Rose, J. Shea, D. St. Germain, W. Firmin, R. Moore, R. Smith, J. DeLaura. Top row: R. Siderwicz, E, Daniels, R. Rose, B. Devine, L. Waite, R. Chappell, R. Woodford, N. Higgins, R. Koley, R. Gruning. CHESS CLUB The Chess Club is the haven of the in- tellectual few who have taken a liking to this extraordinary pastime. First row, left to rightt D. Rebolledo, L. Siff, J. Sweeney, R. Washton, F. Squire. Second row: Mr. S, Gordon, R. Senkow, E. Compton, R. Dolan, J. Wadsworth, S. Brickman, B. Bragaw. Top row: P. Ga- boury, J. Adams, R. Smith, P. Settle, G. Woodworth, R. Gorra. 0 F5 PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB Members of the Public Speaking Club are tutored by Mr. Plotkin in elocution, presentation, and quality building essential to those who wish to become orators. First row, left to right: Mr. Plotkin, H. Shaw, L. Smalley, A, Rog, F. Squire, S. London, Mr. Holmes. Second rowi R. Ep- stein, N. Munger, W. Mahn, S. Park, L. Constantine, B, Kerr, B. Bragaw. Third row: R. Peck, R. Buell, A. Zarate, E. Siff, R, Woodford, J. Rubin, N. Richards. ITALIAN CLUB The Italian Club serves as a supplement to its academic half, by offering cultural and pertinent information dealing with Italian customs and language. First row, left to right: A. Vocalina, B. Andrade, U, Schecl-c, I.. Giordani, B. Loi- acono, S. Caldrello, J. Scotti, A. Alfieri. Second row: Miss Pardi, W. Bevilacqua, R. Pescatello, M. Palmisano, F. Lasala, N. Cin- quanta, M. Alfieri, B. Venditto, A. Larsen Top row: S. Mazzella, M. Ferrigno, A. Lorello, J. Sabia, J. Grondzick, R, Gada, J. Delaura, A. Casimono. 'E if ENGLISH CLUB Another newly formed organization is the English Club, which delves into the realm of literature. First row, left to right: A. Alheri, B. Snitkin, J. Brown, R. Freeman, B. Bau- mann, M. Day, E. Novitch. J. Wallay, R. Petrizzi. Second rowz H, Wood, R. Stubelf ink, H. Shaw, A. Guinn, R. Neto, N. Settle, C. Tynan, F. Bucko, J. Linuamfelter, R. Longo, Miss Moore. Top row: J, Wolf- luram, S, Litwin, J, Gardiner, A. O'Connor, A. McNeil, A. Devlin, J. Sullivan, E. NWood, H. Days. A NE. 6' JI. SPANISH CLUB Distinguished speakers of Spanish heri- tage, colorful films, gay dances, and a joyful picnic offer to the Spanish Club members a divetsilied social life, First row, left to right: R. Meadnis, J. DeGange, M. Sherb, A. Joyce, F. Lond- regan, R. Tuneski, A. Ericson, M. Zieziu- lewicz, B. Gariepy, Second row: Miss Mans- held, S. Bigornia, M. Weinberg, J. Meyer, N. Douglass, A. Manthous, J. Ronnick, M. Sheflott, J. Camillucci, J. Kinney, P. Me- dina, D, Rebolledo, P. Francis. Top row: B. Schultz, C. Rose, L. Aronson, R. Peck, G. Sneider, A. Cooper, D. Wolverton, D. Callahan, J. Rubin, J. Freeland, L. Con- stantine, H, Traystman. The band entertains at half time during the Hartford Bulke- BAND The school band is an active organization provid- ing many varieties of entertainment. Under the capable directorship of Mr. Benvenuti the band makes many public appearances, The students of New London High always anticipate seeing this group go through its many formations at half-time during the football season. As winter puts in its appearance, the student body anxiously awaits the annual con- cert, during which the band shows off its talents with many different musical selections ranging from "bop" to "long-hair". Besides being seen at the football games and at its concerts, the band is a highlight at the local parades - bright in the colors of green and gold. These public appearances mean long hours of prac- tice. The members of the band under Mr. Benven- uti's watchful eye, may be found each band period i ley game, diligently practicing for one form of appearance or another. F 'K Although the New London High Band, now a fr L composite of Bulkeley and Chapman Tech, is only 'fri in its second year, it may be considered one of the 2 f foremost groups of the kind in this area. Proof of , its recognizability was a request made early in the S first term for New London to appear, with other Q schools from all over Connecticut, at the annual 3 Harvest Festival in New Haven. This group does not perform for any laurels or honors, but merely A. De La Cruz plays solo at the band concert. N. Fargo, Drum Majorette. First row, left to right: A. Morgan, R. Sabia, J. Perry, W, Silvia, L. Ickes, G. Mitchell, R. janovic. Second row: J. Caufield, R. Deveau, F. Faulkner, A, Grasso, D. Sweet, R. Meadnis, R. Donovan. Third row: j. Archer, A. Martin, W, Greene, H. Dimmock J. Hawkes, B. Lavoie, D. Barry, H. Arnold. Fourth row: P, Vine, W. Church, R. Christensen, K. Hoagland. Fifth row: M. Canestrari, E. Daniels, W. Cranfield, J. lmpellitteri. y BAND for the enhancement of New London High's already creditable reputation. A high creative point this year has been the bands experiments with a new type of march, "The Saints". Making its debut at the Harvest Festival in New Haven, and played at half-time during the last few football games, this lively march literally introduced a new style, characterized most noticeably by a jazz idiom and an exacting demand upon the musicians for technical versatility. Although the band is very active as an organiza- tion, providing much entertainment for the public, it still manages to find time to entertain itself. During spring vacation, for example, band members go to New York where they visit many places of musical interest. In addition to making this annual trek, the band plans at least one all-day picnic. One must not overlook, finally, the absolutely es- sential work of Mr. Benvenuti's two able assistants, Ruth Meadnis and Betty Phillips, who, acting as band secretaries, file and distribute materials during each band session to the members of the band, and the work of Nancy Fargo, drum-majorette, who takes over the marching leadership of the band during parades and at football games. In any case, whether it be at a football game, a parade or a concert, the band will always remain New London High's "pride and joy". "l R. Perry, R. Sabia, A. Morgan and V. Elci playing at the band concert. g f 1--v. V. Payne leaves stage at end of her piano solo during the band concert, First row, left to right: F. Squire, C. Harwood, B. Taylor, C. Raynes, E. Phillips, W. Byars, E. Mitchell. Second row: S. Becker, W. Cavanaugh, J. Snow, E. Silvestri, R. Grills, T. Chapman, L. Aronson. Third row: R. Dwyer, W. Conary, T. Pescarello, L. DeAngelus, H. Fortier, R. Silva, R. Pasquilini, R, Sevieri. Fourth row: B. Cotnoir, D. Avumpato, R. Fuchs, J. Mullen, B. Dean, F. Avaliar, P. Gaudet. Fifth row: J. Ruggeri, R Chappell. 6 tl P I, v 3 STAGE CREW The members of the Stage Crew are the unsung heroes of our dramatic pro- ductions. Their tireless efforts have con- tributed invalualwly to the success enjoyed by New London Highs stage presentations. First row. left to right: P. Martin, H Southard, M. Shurts. A. Roy, G. Kutcher, J. Potts, R. Xwashton, D. Rebolledo, A. Messina. Second row: Mr. Kayrultstis, V. Krupovage, F. Arsenault, S. Serahn. M. Nelson, N. Harrison, L. Siff, J. Krupovage, E. Compton, N. Lubchanslty, B Cabral, K. Cuddy, D. Evans. Top row: J. Giri, H. Golumbic, J. Laurie, L. Carpenter, J. Maranda, B. Settle, L. Gladu, A. Wagner, D. llerman, R. Booth, j. Archer, E Stark- weather, S. Bergman. THE SYMPOSIUM Here are gathered the philosophers of New London High who study the writings and teachings of Plato, Aristotle, and Homer Front row, left to right: Mr. Harris, A. Shasha, R. Buell, F. Londregan, M. Sherb. Second rowt A. Manthous, M. Rutberg, M. Shafner, L. Smalley, B. Wiercicnch. INTERMEDIATE BAND l'nder proper :guidance and direction, the memlvers of the intermediate hand xxill become the future musicians of our senior hand. First row, left to riuhtz D. Avampato, L. DeAn,uelis. -I. Parker. L. Clarkin. A. Cialdrello. R. Grout Second rou R Dow- sett. I Garrett. VI. Snow. S. Lapresto, -l. McN1chol, T. Lake. Third row: R. Klines telter, G. Laurie. F. Dimmock, Pl. Casey. F. Blixen. H. Vincent, R. Ames Fourth rom. L. Coffey, R. Campo, S. Downey. P. Larahee, Mr Benvenuti. 86 SENIOR BATON CLUB The Senior Baton group is one of the most popular organizations in the school They perform at football games special assemblies and they are in i.,reat demand for local parades First row left to right J Kinney N Fargo J Camrllucce M Shaberek A Ericson Malorette F Edgecomb M Shef lott M Beit L Cavanaugh Second row R Gordon M Keenan M Eldridge P Burvetr L Borges D Noyes B Schultz D May JUNIOR BATON CLUB The Junior Baton Club is made up of future malorettes who practice the rudn ITICFIYS and CXCICISCS UCCCSSZTY IO become members of the senior group First row left to right S Tunnucci J Cavanaug.,h B. Scully A. Lricson-Leader C. Santere P. Egan S. Hess. Second Row: A. Madden B. Mansfield M. Beany B. DeGeatano K. Sullivan B. Adleman H. Richards Mr. McLoug.,hlin. Third row: C. Celantano C. Leach J. Wightman N. Cor- key W. Reeve N. Crouch D. Gaudenzi A. Liggert. STAGE MAKE-UP The members of the Make-up group work hand in hand with the stage crew. Expert make-up makes for realistic settings, First row, left to righti R. Meadnis, D. Bettels, K. Cuddy, V. Krupovage, J. Ban- ning, A. Rog, F. Squire. Second row: Mr. Kayrulcstis, D, Evans, -I. Miller, B. Thorp, M. Dell, A. Guilles, N. Cruise. Top row: N. Bidwell, E. Compton, A. Cekala, N. Harrison, S. Cadrella, S. Sullivan, R. Mad- den. 87 lat STRING ORCHESTRA The String Orchestra is a new addition to New London High's activities and attempts to teach students the methods of string presentation. Seated, left to right: D. Scott, E. McCarthy, D. Mitchell, J. McCarthy, P. Green, P. Destler, M. Misarski, A. Hegman. Standing, left to right: R. Shea, M. Mahoney, E. Schultz, Mr. McCarthy. if FRESHMAN CHOIR First row, left to right: F. Carpenter, G. Altlerson, ll. Avery, H. Olsen, J. Dietrich, B. DeMarco. Second row: N. Chappell, S. Hess, A. Guin, M. Ferrante, C. Glover, j. Miller, B. Cochran, N. Burgess, M. Rabon. Third row: li. Falk, B. Falk, B. Marshall, B. Bauman, P. Patti, G. Hilton, A. Darling, W. Pierson, M. Ferrigno, G. Swinyer, Mr. McCarthy. Top row: M. Redington, D. Lavoie, li. Morrill, F. Liberty, j. Weinraub, F. Sistare, C. Petcharlt, A. McNeil, S. Dim- mock E Bartsch S Sullivan Mr. McCarthy leading the Boys' Choir at the band concert. CHORAL When a student passes the music room during almost any period of the day, the voices of boys and girls practicing for one of their many appear- ances greet his ears. The Glee Club practices many long hours to maintain its noteworthy reputation. The Glee Club is a very familiar sight at the concerts and related school productions. For example, the concert this year gave these groups the oppor- tunity to give the public an idea of their vocal ability. Each group had its own particular songs, but in several selections combined their vocal tal- ents. For each performance several students are singled out to perform solo parts, showing in that way their own particular accomplishments. This year Ralph Clarkin, a member of the grad- uating class, sang the solo part with the Girls' Glee Club marking a striking contrast with the girls' voices with his deep bass voice. This showed to the audience Mr. McCarthy's different forms of musical presentation. Another soloist in the winter concert was Carmella Spadaro, a junior. SENIOR CHOIR First row, left to right: B. Williams, E. Fielding, N. Cinquanta zon Munger, V. Payne, R. W'illiamson, C. Harwood, M. Ma row: C. Spadaro, E. McCarthy, S. Caldrello, R. Gada, A. Olbrys, J. St. Germaine, J. Sabia, A. Palmieri. Third row: land, R. Woodworth, F. Waite, 1. Murphy, T. Benson, R. Gladu, G. Manos, A. Cooper. k Mt. McCarthy leading the Girls' Senior Choir at the band concert. The Glee Club has been subdivided into three choral groups, all under the direction of Mr. John McCarthy, The largest group is the Choir, which is made up of selected boys and girls usually from the upper classes. Among its numerous scheduled presentations, this choir is to sing at the graduation this year. The two smaller groups are the Girls' Glee Club, consisting of girls other than freshmen, and the Freshman Choir, open to freshmen on a selective basis. Their public appearances include the concert and the State Festival. The Glee Club's repertoire of songs ranges from popular to classical: the group is versatile as well as competent. If you have a reasonably good singing voice, your chances of being selected to the choral group are promising: but, on the other hand, if your voice resembles a rusty hinge, some good advice would be to follow other courses. The Glee Club is a very active organization, the students are proud of it and await its performances with high anticipation and appreciation. CHOIR First tow, left to right: T. Rebolledo, A. Percy, B. Neal, C. Holt, E. Bright, j. Salley. N. Keenan, Mr. McCarthy. Second row: R. Smith L. Carpenter, B. Pennell, B. Rose, A. Casimono, U. Scheck, J Brown. MacLaren, V. Martin. Third row: P. Bongo. E. Mitchell C, Munger, A. Zarate, R. Christensen, M. Cohen, W. Crampheld R. Perry. vs t gg XX N X , XX ll. ps A Q X fl S . i Q S X Z S , 5 C. Spadaro singing a solo at the band concert. IS IFF! lirst ri x i Pcr x S W,l1llL R Bcnimin C Dev in 1 1 ti n r Xt sn.: f Brcithaup I 1 n ctin im ocs la l Brennan R art mess c lxcrns P johnson Q s t ro I DLX o M 'Slalom .tyr '. VL. 'evc-, . . Ayer. . mrinet '. Royste, Nl. Harte if . . a st , . Ll urls. li. Turner, D. Beckw' vxx' X Drstussmf. the hner pomts of yearbook plannrng are ldxtor M Shcrb and Assoc1ateEd1tor V Spezralr FLIPPER STAFI' As IS done every yelr the Chpper prcssroom once agfun hrs been tstken out of mothbllls The clatter of busy typewrnters fllls on the errs of the plssers by who know thu 1n effluent 1nd tble stlff under the dlrec txon of Mr oseph Tmsu hue once more been brought mto the retlm of yourmhsm For you you the student h ue we produced thus yestrbook Theme bnogrfxphnes hnstorxes dmwnngs by 1m Bren mn and Mr Holmes photographs 1nd 'Ill the requxsltes hue been lncorporxted ln an all new and sprrkhm, llyout Nlncv Fargo Ruth Meldnls lftura Deschlmps md Betty Phxlhps sorted recorded fmled 1nd xrrmged senxor lDlOgl"lPl11CS to gxye you 1 book you wtll be proud of when you hwppen to browse through tt nn yewrs to come Mnke Sherb edltorln chref and Vnc Spezuh xssocmte ed1tor have tewmed up to glve the annual nts theme cl1ss hxstorles nnterynews orgtnxm non reports foreword 1nd f1culty sectnon 'md to mstke the f'-ll'l"ll dedlmtnon 1nd memorml remembmnces C' Kambxs md R Peck h wc dnsplwyed thenr wrntlng 1b1h In ftddntnon to the precedlng dutles tht gurls of thc smff labored extenslvely rn typnng the copy 1 rxsk mvolvrng mwny hours of work Club wrntcups were 1dro1tly hlndled by Mat Shftfner whlle the plague of pxcture cftptnomng md student plftcements occupred much of the total stftffs txme After comprhng 'Ill thxs work accuracy w1s the next goal leuhng to the proof readmg of all the materml and 1ts consequent dehvery to the prxnters who developed gfllley proofs 'md re turned them for correctlons 'md revrslons of v1r1ed types qhgnment layout and other perttnent revnstons Functlonlng xn conyunctnon wxth the hterstry men 1nd women have been the members of the Chpper Adver tnsnng Stlff led by Peter Mxtchcll busmess m1n1ger md Therest Doutette ftdvertlslng mamger The busl nessmtn IH Il1Cll' hours after school S0llLll' the local md surroundnng Qommunnty busmess estftbhshments for B Phnlhps and N Crnquanta buslly at work preparmg copy L., li T Y .5 film: ILIPPER ADX ERTISINC STAFF Flrst row, left to rnght V Barca, 1 Maffet, A Rog, T Doucette, M Papalohn, M Gmsberg C Shepann Setond row P Mntchell, D Mrtchell, M Eldndge, A Curus, 90 T Danaher B Brauaw, B Novntch, P Egan, A Gumn, T McT1gue, Mr Tasca Thrrd row F Novxrth, E Kohl R lrwrn, V Payne, B Lewyant, M Meyers, M MtTxgue, G Kaplan N bhafner, D Sousa, j Kenyon, T Hansen W I ! . . 1 , ' ' V 1 1 1. 1 1 . '1 1 1 'A 1 1 1 , ' - J X . J 1 'z, 1 ' ' ' " A 1' ' 1 1 1 V ' 1 1 L' 1 ' . 1 RV 1 V , 1 . 1 1 ' 1 Q ,-1 ,. Q u V 1 1 1 , 1 , 1 1 1 V i , . b , . V . .V V 1 V V. Y - - 1 1 V ' ' X '- . A . . . L' . 1 T . , ' 'x , 1 , ' , 1 1 , 1 1 lf- y ' ' K TL v A 1 A 1 ,. ties in bringing the sport highlights of the year to you, 1 1 ' ' ' ' ' , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 , ' ' 1 L t ' I . - 4 , 1 Q 1 1 ' ' L l K ' 1 L ' - T 1 1 y 1 ' . A' I , A ' ' , I 1 1 , 1 ' 1 ' , 1 ' A 1 1 . '- , . V , . . l - ' ' - ' 1. 73" A' 1 f '. r, v' V, A " 1 L I , V l , 4 1 , gr X 3 1.1 lil, ' - I 1' VV ""-11 ,,,,.. CLIPPER STAFF First row, left to right: R. Meadnis, N. Fargo, M. Sherb, V, Speziali, T. Doucette Second row' Mr. Tasca B Philli s R. Peck, M. Shafner, I.. Advertisements, the backbone of . . , . p , Deschamps, J. Brennan, N. Cinquanta. ads, which help make the publishing of the Clipper financially possible. Easy as it may sound, the job of making the rounds in search for clients and tabulating the results is often an onerous task and more than once has presented serious problems. However, the group's untiring efforts have produced outstanding re- sults. A problem facing the Advertising Staff similar to that of the editors' is the question of layout, position- ing, and design. Painstaking care has been taken to comply with the clients' demands as to the context of the advertisements. The two widely different factions of the Clipper Staff have found it enjoyable to work with each other to bring you a brand new yearbook. Only through the cooperation of the entire staff have we found a smooth outlet for the assemblage of the Clipper. It is the earnest hope of the staff that the student body is fully pleased with the annual we have engendered. dag. Dar , . ra-Q.. "Meeting the Deadline" is toured by the work of L. Deschamps, N, Fargo, ant R Meiidnis. J, the Clipper, are totaled up by T Doucette. li V 1,1 1-Tbwfsi, M. Shafner and R. Peck find a hit of amusement while figuring UU! ii OUT. caption for an annual laye f -cc? !flI""N ,J 5 Q . .. J . 3 5 xg: 1 91 L XTIN CLUB Largest club in the school is the Latin Club which this year sponsored an active program featuring guest speakers and group socials First row left to right M Mountzoures L Pina E Novitch M Beaney N Corl-:ey S Simon L Siff B Adelman J Avery M Montzoures T Qumn Second row Mr Bal entine S Hess M Grillo R Tuneski D Knauff G Schneider P Vme R Segal 1 Sweeney R Shapiro A Darling T Danaher J lmpellitteri F Adams P Smilgin Third row A Madden R Lathrop T Groark M Rutberg J Weinraub R Warakomsky T McT1gue H Shaw S London LATIN CLUB First row left to right C Holt R Washton M Shurtz C Celantano S Serafin M Red xngton J Marshall A DeLaura A Guinn Second row B Rose D Hoehn J Grabner E Morril F Nicholson B Giger N Shaf ner B. Burgess B. Bragaw N. Crouch J. Brown. Third row: M. McCue A. Sieglaif L. Weaver N. Whelan J. Davison J. St. Ger- main J. Murphy B. Butler A. Menghi N. Lubchansky G. Muffet. PROJECTION CLUB The Proiection Club is one of the most important clubs in the school, It provides our teachers with necessary supplementary audio- visual aids and is a vital link in our educa- tional program. First row, left to right: P. Bongo, B. Settle, L. Tortora, F. Hill, Mitchell, A. Cooper. Second row: Mr. Scarpa, D. Starkweather, H. Golumbic, R. Rose, J. Lennox, M. Blonder- man, Mr. Nitsche. Third row: A. Wagner, H. Vargas, R. Shea, R. King, R. Lenney, J. Freeland, Y. Eisenstein. DANCE COMMITTEE The Dance Committee is comprised of those students whose main ohiective is to provide interesting and attractive decorations for the school's dances. Pictured are, first row, left to right: N. Mun- ger, Shirley, D. Mitchell, Buddington, B. Kerr, J. Warcl, J. Kenyon. Second row: M. lildridge, J. Connell, B. Mansfield, D. lloehn, D. Gaudenzi, J. Reetier, B. Marsie, Y. Deschamps, j. Grillo. Top row: B. De- gearrto, C. Fredella, V. Payne, B. Bellian, B. Tiffany, L. Siff, N. Corkey, M. Wood, M. Redington, B. Thorp. First row, left to right: C. Zuliani, B. Holmes, B. Wade, A. Messina, C. Breithaupt, R. Mor- etti, S. Bigornia, C. Avery, G. Patton. Second row: Mr. McLoughlin, B. Moshier, L. Bern- stein, L. Young, J. Brown, D. Meek, H. Rich- ards, P. Egan, R. Washton. Third row: J. Archer, H. Colonis, R, Shea, P. White, S. Levine, R. Lenney, B. Sevieri, M. Cavasino, L, Carpenter. FORUM CLUB Through the Forum Club the renowned orators of NLHS are given a hne opportunity to burst forth with their own opinions and viewpoints upon issues of current interest. Highlights of the cluh include interschool delutes, which offer training and experience in group thinking and citizenship. Pictured are. first row, left to right: M. Papa- john, M. O'Kune, N. Richards, R. Buell, A. Sieglafi, L. Smalley. Second row: Miss Sulli- van, P. Gahoury, ll. Colonis, R. Segal, M. Shafner, B. Pysz, WX. Reudel, j. Sweeney, Mr. Pasquale. NIAWMRER 9 CLUB First row left to right D Callahan DcGam.e R Donovan Second row Sweeney I Menehi R Shea Mr Conway Tabulatint the evenings scores are J. DeGant,e and j. Menghi. THE VARblTY LLUB Through the efforts of Mr john T Conway the Varsity Club of New london High School had its bcginning two years ago and since that time it has enlarged immensely Many of our sports inclined students find their way to the threshold of this or ganization whose reputable name is known through out the school Under the general superxision and aid of Mr Conway and the able leadership of its officers Donald Burns Kenneth Willtmtighby Robert Murphy and Raymond Burke the club vu is originally formed for the purpose of dclxing into loc il athletic problems and questions concerning our ithletic pro grim in thc school Also thc club lcncls its serviccs to school actixitics and programs that may for some rc ison or another run short of help Perhaps this list function of the orginizition is the greatest reason thit it is so wtll known by all members of the student body Regular mcctings are not scheduled but rather the Varsity Club convenes only when the officers or the faculty idvisor sees fit At these meetings each member of the club his the chance to further his knowledge of the sports of his liking Occasionally hlms are shown and through these ind seweril other mediums the quilitics of sports minship ind school spirit arc cnlargcd md furthered 0 VARSITY CLUB First row, left to right: Mr. Conway, J Callahan. P. Lentine, R. Tuneski, K. Wil loughby, D. Burns, R. Murphy, R. Burke ll, Traystman. F. Deventlittis. H. Beran Setond row: rl. Stiitlnitk. VI. Ricatta, A Lawrentc-. VI. Giordano, gl. Gross, li. Brown li. Dutlos, W. Aldcrson, AI- DCCiLlIlj.lC, A Manwurinlu. Third rowi N. Richards, M Shafner. M. Rutberg, gl, Wiatr, F. Lond Kegan, DI. O'Connor, lmpellitteri, R D'Amico, ll. Colonis, R. Buell. Sweeney F st row, left to right: R, Christensen, J. lmpcllitteri, A. De La Cruz, W. Byars, j. ullen, l.. Aronson, B. Dean, F. Avillar. Second row: K. Hoagland, W, Church, P. Vine, G. Hawkes, R. Barry, H. Arnold, R. Perry, W. Silvia, L. Derkngelis, R. Sabia, V lflci, A. Morgan. SWING BAND So you want good dancing music . . . may we present the New London High Swing Band. The lights are dimmed and then the strains of the theme song float across the room. This is the familiar setting for every school dance. The Swing Band is composed of a selective group from the large band and consists of nineteen mem- bers, fourteen of whom play at one time during the dance with the other five alternating. In previous years all the music played by this group was ar- ranged by its director, Mr. Benvenuti, who has now stepped off to the sidelines, letting the members take over the majority of the musical arranging for them- selves. These arrangements are not all from the recent products of the musical world, but also include the ever popular ballads. Our Swing Band has become a "must" at all of the school functions. It plays for the students' danc- ing pleasure at all the dances and for their listening pleasure on special occasions such as the Variety Show. This band has acquired quite a name for itself, for which it can justly take a bow. As all school functions must have a business man- ager so must this too have one. The business manager of the Swing Band is Mr. E. T. McLoughlin and acting as a student manager is joseph Ruggeri, a member of the marching band. New London High is extremely fortunate in having a dance band to whose lilting strains the student body can drift for an evening of pleasant dancing, be it a waltz, fox trot, or a jitterbug. There is no doubt that all the students think that this group can measure up to any dance band in this area. L. DeAngelis and his magic accordion entertain during intermission. Swingsters, W. Byars, J. lmpellitteri, and P. Vine are counseled by maestro Benvenuti. ' +995 YW ploy DRAMA c, 1 W. Senkow persuades P, Hewitt not to call the police in a scene from "Ram- shackle Inn." is E. Siff, VU, Senkow, and R. Koley of the army argue with I.. Caron, Mayor of Adano, as villagers Du- plice, and R. Segal look on. S. Simon, F. Hilton, and R, Evelyn enacting one of the outstanding scenes from "A Bell for Adamo." gr- C-'I THESPIAN SOCIETY First row, left to right: B. Edwards, R, Waring, B. Marsie, N. Fedus A Archibald. Second row: Mr. Robins, N. Lubchansky, J. Duplice, G, Maranda D. Herman, R. Enos, A. Sieglafl. The play,s a thing wherein all hands combine The New London High School Dramatic Club, under the capable direction of Mr. Frank D. Robins, has proved itself one of the most productive organizations in the school. Working closely with an allied activity, Troupe ll69 of the National Thespian Society, the group annually pro- duces six plays. These range from one-act productions for drama festival contests to the conventional three-act presenta- tion. Although the public sees only the finished product, there are many branches which are as vital to a play, such as: the actors themselves, the make-up crew, under the guidance of Mr. Albin K. Kayrukstis, which actually creates the phys- ical character of the actor, the stage crew and the electrical specialists who provide the background and setting for all presentations, program and publicity experts whose efforts aid in making each and every play a success, and lastly, but most important of all, the director's long and varied exper- ience which provides the actors and actresses with excellent means to gain full knowledge of stage convention. Mr. Robins, a member of the New England Theater Con- ference, has been directing at New London for approximately four years. Among his presentations are, "My Sister Eileen," a comedy-farce, "A Bell for Adanof' a Broadway show adapted for the New London High Dramatic Club by Mr. Robins, A bewildered look appears on R Buells face as he .I- is confronted by L Siff and C Harwood Y' -:ws f '., ff' DRAMA CLUB First row, left to right: A. Rog, M. Papajohn, R, Washton, D. Evans, D. Har wood, G, Luzzi, T. Rebolledo, I.. Alderson, R, Meadnis. Second row: Mr Robins, S. Blanchard, L. Sifif, R. Sulman, J, Albano, W. Senkow, J. Archer, W. Barts, R. Evelyn, R. Vivirito, S. Burgess. Third row: D. Buell, T. Groark K. Leach, L. Gladu, F, Hilton, E. Siff, R. Koley, S. Simon, R. Segal. and a recent production of a mystery-farce, "Ramshackle Inn." In the first play given this year, "A Bell for Adano," S. Simon, S. Blanchard, T. Groark, and R. Segal portrayed the main roles, The parts were not particularly easy ones for high school dramatists. Characterization was quite difficult, since the setting requires speech in broken English. The theme of the play deals with the reorganization of Adano, a small Sicilian town recently liberated by the United States Army. A competent major, portrayed by S. Simon, works conscien- tiously to clean up the city by democratic methods. He ac- complishes his goal, but, in the process he unfortunately loses his position. The second production, "Ramshackle Inn," stars C. Har- wood, R. Koley, B. Marsie, I., Siff, G. Hilton, and M. O'Kane. This play has no real theme, but, is rather a mixture of murder, mystery and comedy. The purpose of this per- formance is to delight the audience rather than present a theme of a more serious vein. In connection with the National Thespian Society, the outstanding actors and actresses receive points on the basis of time spent, effort, and result. Though few dramatists re- ceive enough credit to become honor Thespians, B. Marsie, A. Archibald, S, Jennings, N. Fedus, and R. Waring have achieved this goal. The stage is not the only medium of entertainment available to this industrious group. Special holiday programs have been presented to the entire student body over the public address system. Mr, Robins, in conjunction with Mr. Richard Benvenuti, musical director, are preparing a radio adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's short story, "Masque of the Red Death." The activity schedule for the club included a trip to New York, picnics, and attendance at dramatic productions throughout the state, Although the Dramatic Club may not be one of the largest money makers. it provides pleasant relief for its stu- dent participants from the habitual Schoolday routine. DRAMA .4 fgffigifi -' .af ,ing .25 5. - I ' 'R '-1 .'.:xiLQ't4Ir.fZ-'. 5- A'?P2SfZ3S51. ,gig-5 , Z1 . 11- Ni ...... H -1. .'q.'. , Frank D. Robins Director , LFX K L. Gladu and his girlfriend, C. Harwood, express a note of dissatisfaction to L. Siff, FBI agent, in "Ramshackle Inn." M. O'Kane's shouts prove to be in B. Marsie welcomes vain as G. Hilton and J, Weinraub back her son, G. Hil- continue fighting in "Ramshackle ton, from jail. Inn." First row, left to right: A, Messina, j. Banning, A, Archibald, P. Tunnucci, R Larson, N. Fedus, C. Devlin. Second row: A. Sheehan, M. Papajohn, R. Irwin D. Rebman, L. Green, M. Shurts, B. Novitch, M. Washton, Mr. Greenawayi Third row: H. Weiss, M. Wargo, G. Hawkes, R, Wrinn, S. Park, R. Hawkes, B. Moore, C. Wood, J. Shea. FRENCH CLUB One of the most progressive organizations at NLHS is the French Club, under the direction of Mr. Greenaway. The year's schedule includes dances, social gatherings, and lectures by guest speakers, many of whom have either lived in France or have traveled extensively through the country. The speakers give the club members accu- rate accounts of the French language, its people, and its culture as a supplement to their class work. Probably one of the most anticipated events in the entire school is the annual sojourn to Montreal, Canada, which is spon- sored by the French Club. This year the club decided ro invite those students who are not members of the organization and who expressed a desire to make the journey. A fee of slightly over sixty dollars per person is indeed well spent, when one con- siders what you get for your money now- adays. The scenic trip to Montreal, tours to points of interest, such as museums, art galleries, historic battlefields, and churches are included. On the lighter side are hockey games, visits to ski slopes, toboggan rides, mountain climbing, and last but not least, good French food prepared by famous French chefs. All in all, this annual trip to a French country makes the French Club one of the most popular and active clubs in our school. A. Chapman, J. Kenyon, J. Davison, E. Boska, R. Hawkes and J. Shea receive their birth certificates from K. Green' away en route to Montreal. First row, left to right: E, Higgins, R. Epstein, j. Kenyon, Y. Green, A. Liggett, F. Mitchell, K. Cuddy, B. Phillips, I.. Young. Second tow: B. Burke, C. Glover, N. Cruise, N. Lubchan- sky, A. Menghi, M. Nelson, N, Crouch, S Serarin, C. Swigman, Y. Poirier. Third row: M. Meyers, N. Whelan, N. Harrison, F. Hew- itt, C. Brown, G. Kaplan, F. Boska. A, Sieglaff, M. Nitsche, E. Compton. ii? iii.. if F ,-3. , ,- ,1 ff' Z Z ,1 ,,.-E if 4.3 1 Oflli 0 ff' 1"'Fnh?QQ' ,,,. . .. ng. -1-1 """' if 1 2 I. 9 A 1 Q f L 4 f 2. , . LL ,YV ' I .16 . ,,-u3.,TgTl' 'A do 'U U 44 v. L v I , ire' , i 1 'Vg-4? ,Xu .' f ig 7 K nz' 31- ' fx. ,571 'iff' '59 .xlx 'mg ff" P" trliw 54. IME' 4 P 1 fi if 57 r .wi pn px ':'e5i5i', ' 15' -mi S I S-Q 1 l 'viii 4. K l , 'ff Q S BASEBALL SQUAD First row, left to right: J. McClave, J. Malone, E. Glynn, C. Devlin, J. Romano, 1. Harran, J. Buonocore. Second row: D. Burns, J. Shine, W. Crampheld, J. Giordano, D. Pinch, S0 ilinagrag P. Bontgo, kl-l. Traystman, P. Lentine. Third row: J, DeGange, manager, G. o wort , J. Sha are h, M. Rutberg, j. Muschinsky, j. O'Connor, W. Devine, E. Silva, A. DeWolf, C. Thesis, F. Londregan, manager. 0 N 'I The 1952 New London High baseball team enjoyed a most successful season compiling a 10-2 record. Led by a host of returning veterans the team combined good hit- ting and a tight defense which bolstered an average pitching staff. The Whalers' only two reversals were administered by a strong Norwich Free Academy nine. In both contests the Whalers took early leads but faulty pitching in crucial moments proved costly for the Green and Gold. Ably coached by jack Conway, the Whalers featured a formidable defense which "pulled out" of many tight spots. Eddie Glynn, Phil Lentine, and Jack Malone sparked the inner defense while "ball-hawk" Connie Devlin and diminutive joey Romano patrolled the outfield in strong fashion. New London High scored an easy 13-5 win over Norwich Tech in the '52 opener behind the hitting of Connie Devlin and Harry Traystman. "Dev" connected - for two circuit clouts driving in 5 runs while Traystman had a perfect day at the plate with 4 for 4. Taking advan- tage of the wildness of Woodrow Wilson's hurler, joe 106 Jay, in the early innings, the Whalers downed the Middle- JACK CONWAY town nine 8-7. Holding an 8-0 lead at the end of 4 Coach u. ii ..-ls 1 r- i 'A' f 95"-A - , - 'vi V ,Qian-' ii , -- at ,, ' :- 6 'I-an-Mgtggvf 1 Y. jack Malone Phil Lentine Carfher First Base innings, the Whalers went hitless the remainder of the contest and only a brilliant fielding play by shortstop Eddie Glynn saved the Green and Gold from defeat. Wynn Crampfield pitched the Whalers to their third straight triumph, a 5-2 win over Billard Academy. A four run Hrst inning proved to be more than enough for Wynnie who fanned 9 Admirals. The Whalers swept the series with Norwich Tech in a 17-1 decision behind the two-hit pitching of three Whaler moundsmen, Terry Bren- nan, Jim O'Connor, and john Muschinsky. Whaler bats- men connected for 16 hits including a home run by Connie Devlin. The Whalers extended their win streak by once again outpoinring Billard Academy 5-3, behind the three-hit hurling of Bob Sinagra. A five run eighth inning high- lighted by Eddie Glynn's triple overcame a two run deficit and extended the Whaler win streak to five. Bob Sinagra spun a no-hitter as New London High defeated Stonington 10-3 in a duel called at the end of Eve innings because of rain. Devlin, Traystman and Malone with two hits and Phil Lentine's round tripper led the Whaler attack. Norwich Free Academy handed Coach C0nway's combine its first defeat 8-5 behind the brilliant relief Burns shows good batting form Q . at 'X 1 ' ,N "1-'. - Ed Glynn Shortstop i 1 U ,. ...,A Dan Pinch Second Base Glynn scores against Norwich .t E Glynn looks one over pitching of jerry Murphy. Feature of the game was three circuit clouts by Norwich batsmen in the fourth inning. NLHS soundly trounced Fitch 20-0 for its seventh victory in eight games. "Tate" Harran pitched six and one-third innings of hitless, runless ball in sparking the Whalers to the win ust about everyone on the team enjoyed a good day at the plate with joey Romanos four hits and Eddie Glynn and Phil Lentme with three hits each leading the attack on four Fitch hurlers Nookie Brennan pitched and batted NLHS to its eighth victory of the season an 8 1 win over Stonington Brennan pitched seven innings of one run four hit ball and got two hits in two trips to the plate joey Romano and jack Malone with three hits each led the NLHS nine to an 8 3 win over Fitch Tate Harran and Wynn Cramp field shared the pitching duties for the Green and Gold NLHS chalked up its 10th victory in eleven games as it trimmed Windham High 14 7 Donnie Burns with a triple and two singles led the Whaler attack NLHS dropped its season s finale to a strong Norwich Free Acad emy nine 8 5 The Whalers were led by Joey Romano who drove out 3 hits Coach jack Conways combine ended its season with a successful 10 2 record X if Hs?-is-'G ,Siva 'N-f 10 'MR' gsm. -L eff . 3 H Traystman beats one out Eddie clotheslines a single to left field J Buonocore and C Devlin hustle toward the dugout THE SEASON New London Norwich Tech New London Woodrow Wlison New London Billard New London Norwich Tech New London Billard New London Stonington New London Norwich New London Fitch New London Stonington New London Fitch New London Windham New London Norwich FOUTBALL Arnie Manwaring's Fine running and wellrdrilled defense combined for the Whaler win in the seasonal opener over a strong New Britain eleven, 13-6. The Whalers hit paydirt twice in the first quarter with Manwaring and Joe Giordano doing the scoring. With Ronnie D'Amico, Sam Savona and Billy O'Donnell, the defensive standouts, the Golden Hur- ricane was held to one touchdown scored late in the final period on a pass play which covered 60 yards. The Whalers continued along the unbeaten path with a convincing 26-12 decision over Notre Dame of West Haven. Held to a 6-6 halftime deadlock, the Green and Gold gridders broke the game wide open with two third period scores which were sparked by the running of Ray Burke and Ernie Brown. Defensively Phil Lentine, jimmy Epps and Joe Giordano goes over for the first score against New Britain. Football Coach Tom Flanagan with assistant coaches Harlan Sturgis and "Dates" Mugavero. THE SEASON New London .....,...... 13 New Britain 6 New London .,... ...... 2 6 Notre Dame ,,,. .,.....,. . 12 New London ...,....... 20 Hartford Public , . ,. 7 New London .... ..... 2 0 Windham ...,.....,.. ...., 0 New London . .......... 0 Weaver ..,.... ,....... ,..,,, 1 8 New London ..... ...., 1 3 Hartford Bulkeley ..,.. 0 New London .,.,.,..... 39 Fitch .........,.,............. , 20 New London ..,.. .,..,. 7 Admiral Billard ,, 14 ll ,fe 'B-,,rol.M 1 ' joe Kelly returns punt vs. Hartford Public. 109 A. Manwaring cuts through to down New Britain foe ,M . ., - . , A-, '. - ' , '57 f ' ' ' ' -:R ,- . Q ' -- .-.,. ' ' .nsuuif - 'mi . fy ' ty 911 ' L- ww.. -. ' ,. '. - - , Q " ' : YT - ., W' ,, H., . ,K v Mtftf, ' - ' ' 41- ff-..,1 - - 41", ' N A m ' ,-1-"f" 2' ' ,W .ff 'fwqg ' 'H' -' - ., ' 42Wavq1f" in 1' A I -M 1 i Maw I V ,k l '-W-L.-, . 1,..g4" A U 35' 55 M54-s'1-S+ QS? we fJ52:s?', gf .E ,, , ,n 50 2? X. ,v 2 S' 'iv-'Q 'QW wif Qfe 10522155 98 ff 5. 516.25518 gl sg 45 3F In 30 ,W Xi .g v ' v"v ,""f , lg' ,' 0, L W my,,'G'a .. 21 .iq '5 'J' 3 1QWQ Qi iii? aw: ' "R I . 'L lllnl l 1 gb V K ' Qu .f-+,..,.rvvyfwisWWuavlt11iN': , I3 , 'SI B ,Dt.,W M..V, W . ' A U 'NO' 1 .v r' + .ffl Y s" ' . E' 1 3' . 1 " 4 ,I if Ast fb ui. '-l'Wf Q x :L,i'?'sL:' , ! I J lf' 69. F ,S K ,ri Blodgett brings down Greene in Weaver game. sive, while Bob Blodgett and Ron D'Amico starred defensively. Breaking up a scoreless duel with a pair of touch- downs in the final quarter, the Whalers defeated Hartford Bulkeley 13-0. Ernie Brown, double duty performer, starred for NLHS as he set up both touch- downs with his brilliant running and his interception of a Bulkeley pass. New London's defensive line led by Phil Lentine, Sam Savona, and jimmy Sullivan, left little to be desired. Our rivals from across the river, Fitch, invaded Morgan Park conhdent of victory, but went home on the short end of a 39-20 score. New London High's attack was in high gear as Arnie Manwaring, Ray Burke, and Ernie Brown gained yardage almost at will, and Bobby Murphy's passes consistently hit Bruce Beran forces Dubois to sideline in Windham game. D'Amico exerts the extra effort to make a tackle vs. Weaver their targets, Bob Blodgett and Bob Tuneski. Al- though the Whaler attack was devastating, joe Dal- laire, Fitch halfback, was the star player on the field as he scored all three Tanager touchdowns and was a workhorse throughout the afternoon. NLHS dropped its season finale to an older, more experienced Billard eleven, 14-7. The Whalers scored first on a 50-yard pass play from Murphy to Tuneski. However, the heavier Admirals pushed across touch- downs in the third and fourth quarters, which proved decisive. The Whalers were unable to penetrate through Billard's forward wall so Bobby Murphy's accurate pitching stood out offensively, while Phil Lentine, Ronnie D'Amico, Sam Savona and John Stadnick, playing their last grid game for the "Green and Gold" were the defensive stars. Co-captain Manwaring scores against New Britain. F4 i lv -is 0 M- lf 1 Q. B. Harmon and C. Petchark receive last minute instructions from Coach Silva. FRESHMAN SQUAD Front row, left to right: B, Harman, J Pina, C. Petchark, G. Woodworth, J. Scott L. Rutter, H. Kombouzis, K. Stefanski Second row: Mr. Silva, S. Downey, D joseph, M. Greenaway, J. Danao, B. Cleary J. Lake, J, MacDonald. Top row: A Sweet, mgr.g R. I-Iayes, R. Pasqualini, B Eberle, C. Jameson, J. McTigue, A. Darl ing, 1. jackson, D. Callahan. over-confident, the Whalers whipped the Connecticut State Champs, 69-53, in a great team victory. This win was a personal triumph for Ken Willoughby. The NLHS forward was assigned the task of cover- ing Wilby's All-State center, Dick Clary. Indeed, lanky Ken performed his duty to the Not only was Clary limited to 11 points, after netting 29 in the quarter-finals, but Willoughby came up with 18 and did an excellent job of rebounding. In the title classic the Green and Gold displayed tremendous potential and teamwork which had carried them to Boston. In the worst defeat suffered by any finalist in New England play, the Whalers smothered De La Salle of Newport, R. I., 71-42. Immediately after hopping off to a 16-6 lead, the New London five appeared champion- ship bound. The game Rhode Islanders closed the gap to 16-12 before Coach O'Brien regrouped his forces as the first quarter ended. After that, the Whaler zone defense and speedy offense snowed under the opposition. Donnie Burns, with 19 points, turned in one of the greatest games of his career as he stole the ball, dribbled through the befuddled De La Salle combine time and time again, and generally awed the crowd with his outstanding play. Although Burns, Ken XX'illoughby, and jim O'Connor were named to the all-tournament team, the Whaler drive towards the New England crown was characterized by great team play. The crowd goes wild as Burns does The nearest thing to flying, j. Epps drops one through. it again. 'Q ,Q 4 1? 1 W 1391 , M "! f"W fv I mi 'M if f ia Xi ' Q 'xx TRACK MALCOLM GREENAWAY Coach THE SEASON New London 55 Stonington 44 New London 76M Windham 27M New London 49M Hartford 54M New London 49 Fitch 55 New London 60 Norwich 44 New London 49 Hartford 55 TRI-ANGULAR MEET New London 54 Windham , , 54 Hartford The Green and Gold of New London High came from behind to beat Stonington High School 55-44 in their first contest of the season. Trailing, going into the last two events, NLHS scored 15 points to go in front of their opponents. Leroy Peret won the broad jump with a leap of 18 feet, 3 and V4 inches. Other standouts for New London were Charles VanAtta and Norman Richards. In their initial tri-angular meet of the year, New London gained a tie with Hartford Bulkeley as they each TRACK SQUAD First row, left to right: J. Watt, N. Richards, F. Brower, E. Shultz, R. Waller, S. Ebby, A. Lawrence, P. Discordia. Second row: W. Blake, J. McNeal, J. Gigalone, J. Impellitteri, B. Beran, J. Maxwell, J. Nenna, R. Degaetano, Third row: Coach Greenaway, J. Epps, W. Cooper, J. Lake, R. Shea, S. Levine. fi 57" icq'-G Us Wgiwxbf-. -Q. ' N Rlchards followed by R Buell set the pace C Van Atta wms Stonmgeton 100 yard dash scored 54 polnts to Wlndhams 22 The Whalers captured thenr share of first place wtns dunng the contest as Larry Morth Fred Davns and Gene MarcAurele won the javelxn hugh lump and dnscus respectnvely m a1d1ng New London s causes On the dual meet stde of the day NLHS beat Wtndham 76M to 27M whtle they lost to Hartford 545 to 49W Fltch took the measure of the New London Whalers by a declsnve margtn of 55 49 The contest was held on Fttchs home course and a strong wmd contmually hamp ered the lumplng events Standouts for Fitch were Eld redge Schoomacher and Metzger wlth 15 6 and 10 pomts ID that order New London Hlgh came ln second nn a trtangular meet wlth Hartford Public and Norwlch Free Academy , , .agp -4 akin-:Jag 'DV' , ,. -r-4.. Up and over with F. Davis. They re nfl ln .1 mile run at the Stonington meet L. Morth aims for a javelin heave. In winning, Hartford took seven out of twelve first places. Winners for the Green and Gold were VanAtta, Richards and Morth. In the dual scoring, New London turned back Norwich while losing to Hartford 55-49. The team needs replacements for VanAtta, Roland, MarcAurele, Discordia, Davis, and Peret, who were the principal point-getters for the Whalers and who were graduated last june. Most of the meets this season will be run at Morgan Park where a new track has been set up. Watt, Richards, and Callahan, middle-distance, and Impellitteri, hefty weight-lifter, will form the nucleus of the 1953 track season. N, Richards breaks the tape and an- other record. L. Peret braces himself after a high leap. State harrier competitors led by "Ace" Richards. av'-4' X ia. CROSS COUNTRY The NLHS Cross Country team completed its second undefeated season in two years. This year's team won both the Connecticut State and Mid-State Championships and was rated second best in New England, First victims of the NLHS harriers were Windham, defeated I8-37. In succession came NFA, beaten 22-33, Westerly, overcome l7f7v8, and NFA again, l7-38. Our harriers defeated nine teams in the Mid-State and twenty-one teams in the State Meets to bring back for the second year in succession the first State trophies! Co-captains Norm Richards and jim Watt finished one-two in both meets. Watt was second in the New Englands, which were run in Providence, Rhode Island. Richards broke the Norwich and Coast Guard course records formerly held by john Kelley. The team has suffered no losses in two years since the opening of NLHS. Co-captains Richards and Watt and also john Callahan and Harry Colonis will graduate this year. Prospects for next year appear good. The jayvees ran second to Nor- wich in the Mid-State Meet and captured three out of four dual encounters. CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD Front row, left to right: N. Richards, J. Watt, R. Eberle, A. Fletcher, D. joseph, T. Fraser. Second row: Coach Cvreenaway, R. Blake, R, Akins, E, Schultz, A. Zarate, C, Co-captains N, Richards and j. Watt dis Petchark, J. jackson. Third row: R. Shea, F. Avillar, M, Greenaway, jr., W. Senkow, play trophy awarded to NLHS for captur tl. Giri, W. Burdick, A. Caldrello, R. McNickle. ing state laurels. J Callahan leads the pack in lumbering up exercises NW. Senkow and young lvl, Greenaway pate each other on a trial run. XX J. Callahan trudges into the last lap. Af' Bounding into the homestretch are 1. Ri- catta and R. Buell. New New New New London London London London THE SEASON . .18 Windham ., H22 NFA . .. Westerly . ,.,l,. 17 NFA GOLF New London's 1952 Golf Team, coached by William O'Brien, made a fair showing this past season by posting an over all record of two wins as against three losses. The Whalers found the range against Norwich Free Academy with a win at the N.L.C.C. and Norwich's home course. Fitch took measure of the New Londoners twice while N.F.A. racked up one victory against the swinging four of NLHS. Next year's team will have four out of five reserves back in action. They include Matt Shafner, Bob Peck, and co-captains Mike Altman and James Cleary, all expected to do a stand out job. Pictured are, left to right: J. Cleary, T. Edwards, Coach W. O'Brien, M. Altman, M. Shafner, and R. Peck. THE SEASON NLHS M NFA NLHS .. 1 1 M NFA NLHS M Fitch NLHS . 1 1 NFA NLHS .. 2 M Fitch 9M 6M 11M 10 15W fffffa af f 1 Ss f'X ,A .mf G-sfi 4-v 8 :ffl . , SPOTLIGHT P 1. Ward, C, Zuliani agree that Coke's a natural. L. Prescott is pleased with his model J. Geer. Q gp Q l T 1 L Q. I 1 if i J I 5' 1,-t,..3g 1 1 ,, K I fl. Cfelantano gives out with a recent Xwithout the services of our olhte helpers NLHS cuultl not run smoothly rmtllrionr Prcturetl ahove are, hrst ww, left to riuht: A. Sheehan. I, Puvne, S. Mann . Perrin , , . - l CQ. Ritanati. Setwntl mu L. Russ, j. Matharen, W Arlen-tk. l Rav, li. Moretn, B Duurller. Thlrd ruw. li, MtfQarthy, C. Spatlam, M Rue, Kr, Srnytln, YI. Vfatlswurth P. Shay. MRM 34 x .1 Z if 'Q 'S 52? 5 , A-,H N: ,1v.,.,,M . , ' , . Q f 1 J gvzqcwwafw Q- 51,1 ..5'..11 .f.Qg'-33 aww- sw-:X L "VKX ' . NK. -,. ' ' , - X fL'- V X ff 6541- ,vl"i,. V, 33p5,v,y?3 A .Q ,, rf f N NN Q N, if 'N'-Fnfiff -'W 'I - ,,1j,-WR ,.N, W N , , Q 'M I Jw' H fm 'Q f .ww LY .."" 'x.4wXf",,ff " ,"--fm N , ,, , N :aim ,- V ' '1 fgilzweef,-gygfg. - ,f ,, .dh f .lam - , w fmfzczfgf-, :L 13" PP ' wfW?ff?"j'fFif 'su A W gzf. Q F 1 3' L ii ob, N 'Q' QW ww-cn ,X K -un- W 'W 1 A C' Eli -V 1 Y ,- 4 1 'Yu- bvvjw . -I-1 Q T11 I K 1- . . r r. ' . . 0 ,L G K..-ml Q4 Q 5 I 4 . fr x 'P' ul A-'I Ll, Q Y F ef ,U f Q X- f 5 5 'f T, sn ' f, W l 4 D '1 5' V I 3 LAN? IN TRASCHOOL State Senator Moses Savin presents poster award to "THE RABONSH Sara Burgess, NLHS art student. Other contest winners Were: J. Brennan, D. Schnurr, and G. Pangilinan, Caught by our camera lens at the Halloween Dance are: T. McTigue, A. Guinn, I. Moffatt, N. Corkey, M. McTigue, R. Caron. 0,41 F 'Kr HN W 'S' 7 O , . 4 -15575 Hx' fx ', 1 ' wr . gf. R i 5 Y :Vi figs? I :ll 'r . l.::i . J' .' P 49 1- 'v . , ,4-D 'P 1, 1 A XXX M A ,nl "' Q' aff' ' 'Fm v . 5 .1 K .3 -, 1 IOHN B AKFR A e uk 3 4 French 7 Dramatic Clu I WILLIAM II ALDERSON 1 I-reshman Athletic Club I Spanish Club Football l 2 3 4 Basketballl Baseball 3 4 MICHAEL A ALTMAN Mike Political Science I 2 Harpoon Rep I Ireshman Athletic Club I lntramurals I 2 UN Forum I Spanish Club 3 Gulf 7 3 4 tCoCaptJ Basketball I CIAROLYN F AMADON Carol JAMI S A ARCHER lm PhotoB Latin Club Spanish Club Dramatic Club Stage Crew ALYCEJEAN ARCHIBALD Archie French Club 21 Pres J 3 4 ITreasJ ramatlc Club I 2 ec tTreasJ Biology Club 2 Latin Club I Dance Committee I 7 Thespian So iety 3 fSec J f ITreas J taL,e Make up 4 HARRY P ARNOLD Buster Stace Crew I Band I 2 3 4 Swing n 2 3 LEWIS P ARONSON Buzzy Compass Ed in Chief 4 Compass Cir ation Editor 3 Band I 2 3 Hi Y 4 Spanish Club 3 Clipper Ad vertising 3 Whaler Staff I Bulkeley Minstrel I All New England Band GURDON C AVERY Bus MARY J BAILEY Mickey Forum Club 3 Science Club 2 Glee C u I 2 Latin Club 3 YTeens 3 JAMES R. BAKER - "Bake" WILLIAM L. BALDINI-IIWee4WeeII Baseball I 2' Basketball I' Varsity I TRACY BALLESTRINI-"Stacv' Spanish Club 2 3 4' Art Club I 2' Science Club I. JOAN E. BANNING - 'IJoanieI Baton Club Z' Dramatic Club I' Stage a e-up 1 2 3 4 tPre.J' Fren Club 2 3 lProJ,ram Pres.J 4 CSec.J' Y-Teens 4' Tennis Club 3. ROBERT R. BARNES - IISteamerII Athletic Club I' Basketball 2 3' Foot- 2 . LESLIE . BARNETT 1 II eSII B nc I 2 3' Rifle Club 3 4' Chess Club 4. BRUCE . BERAN - IIB-RanI Football 3, 45 Basketball I, 2 5, 5 Track 3 45 Band I 25 French Club 3 tTreas,J5 Varsity Club 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Class Secretary 25 Hi-Y ,, 4 tPres.J5 Dance Band I, Z5 - tramurals. IRENE L. BERAN -- 'IRenieII French Club 2. 3 lSec.J 45 Stage Makeeup 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 3, 45 Tennis Club 3. JACQUES BERNSTEIN Shorty Soph Class Treasurer Football Team Manager Letter Club Jr Class Dance Committee ARTHUR BETTLES STELLA C BIGORNIA te Make up Crew I 2 3 Dance Com mittee 3 4 Spanish Club 4 Band 1 2 KENT BITTERS Tarz GERARDJ BOURGAULT Gerry French Club I 2 3 4 Photograph I 2 3 ProJection Club I Rifle Club 4 JAMES P BRENNAN Jim Spanish Club 2 Variety Show French Club 4 CPresJ Compass Staff 3 4 Clrpper Staff 4 CAROLJ BROWN Butch Dance Committee 2 3 4 Biology Club 2 Girls Basketball I 2 IIRNEST E BROWN Tack 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4 r sity Club 3 4 Spanrsh Club 3 4 RICHARD BUELL 3 Photo Al Foruml 2 3 4 Vce Presl Spanish Club 3 Latrn Club 2 3 Chess Club 3 4 Drama Club 2 3 4 Symposium 4 Varsity Club I 2 3 4 lntramurals I 2 Public Speak ing 4 Minstrel Show I SARA B BURGESS Latin Club 4 Dramatic Club 3 4 IStudent Council and Sec Treas of Sophomore Class at Lincoln High Schooll BARBARA R BURKE Barb French Club 2 4 Tennis Club 3 Glee Club 4 RAYMOND H BURKE Ray Basketball 1 tCapt.J 2 3 4 Football 2 3 4' Varsity Club 2 3 iTreas.J 4' Student Council I 2 3 4' Vice-Pres. of Soph. Class' Sec. of Junior Class' Treas. of Senior Class' Spanish Club' Senior Council. DONALD E. BURNS - "Don Bseball I 3 4' Basketball 1 2 3 4 tCapt.J' Football 2' Spanish Club , 4' French 1 2' Varsity Club f CPres.J' Hi-Y Club 3 4' Fr h. Athletic Club 1' Vice-Pres. of Junior and Senior Class. PATRICIA E. BURROWS - at Baton Club 2' Make-up Crew' Y-Teens 2 3 4' Spanish Club . WILLIAM P. BYARS - I i Ban I 2 3 4' Swing Band 4' Rifle Club 3 4 tTreas.J' Rille Team . ROBERT F. BYRNE - 'I Athletic Club' French Club. DONALD F. CALLAHAN - II aI Compass 3 4 tNews Editorl: Spanish Club 3 lPublicity Chairmanj 4' Track 3, 45 Intramurals 2. JOHN J. CALLAHAN - II.-ack., - 3 French Club 2, 35 Latin Club 15 Span- ish Club 35 Cross Country I 4Co- Capt.J, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 35 45 Var- sity Athletic Club I, 2, 3, 45 Fresh. Athletic Club I. JOHN J CALLAHAN Jac Mushy Spanish Club 2 3 4 Varsity Club 3 4 Fresh Athletic Club I Football 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Fresh Basketball Hi Y Club 4 JOYCE A CAMILLUCCI Joyce YTeensl tSecJ 2 3 fSecJ 4 Baton Clu 2 3 4 Latin Clubl 2 CSecJ Spanish Club 3 4 Science Club 2 Stage Malte up 1 2 3 4 MICHAEL CANESTRARI JULIA CARRIER French Club 1 LEWIS P CARON w Football 1 French Club l 2 3 Dra matics 3 4 Intramurals 1 2 ANNA L CASIMONO Ann Italian Club I LORNA A CAVANAUGH Baton Club I 2 3 4 Dance C m mittee I 2 3 4 French Club 3 MICHAEL P CAVASINO Mike Italian Club I 3 Basketball I ARLENE J CEKALA French Club 1 2 Dance Committee 1 2 3 4 Stage Make up 4 Spanish Club 3 4 YTeens 4 Glee Club 4 LEWIS J CHIPPONE Lou Baseball 1 WAYNE B CHURCH 0 l 2 3 4 Swing B nd 3 French Club 2 3 LAWRENCE J CLARKIN Larry French Club 2 CTreas J Latin Club 2 AA Homeroom Rep 2 Glee Club I 2 3 All State and New England Chorus Beginners Band 4 Managers Cu 3 Cross Country I 2 3 4 Track 1 3. RALPH J. CLARKIN ee Club I 2 3' ChoIr ' Class Play 3. JAMES M. CLEARY - im French Club I Z' Varsity Baseball I' Fresh. Basketball I' Class Treasurer 2' Golf 2 3 4' Spanish Club 3 4. DONALD COHEN - IIDon Fresh. Basketball 1' Athletic Club A-I' Latin Club' Spanish Club' Forum Club. HARRY W. COLONIS - Varsity 2 3 4' Chess Club 4' Cross untry I 2 3 4' Track 2 3 . JEAN D. CONNELL French Club 2 3' Dance Committee EMILIO A, CORSALETTI - 'Babe Pres. of Fresh. Class' Fresh. Basketball' B n I, 2. WINSLOW E. CRAMPFIELD Baseball I, 2, 3' Football I' Band I 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club I 2 3, 4' C it I' Harmony I. ELAINE E. CROCETTI - IILaineII - "Linny" Dance Committee I, 25 Spanish Club 15 Stage Make-up 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2 fSec.J5 Projection Club 1 CTreas.J5 Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. 5 , 1 - " it " - -- " . - -- 5.-' Trl' 2, ,, 5 ..5 I . 5 - " " 3 I' - 5 5 - I 5 5 5 ' , . I' . ' - IIBIIIII I 5 I 5 5 'I f 1 - 1 'W 1 . -"s 1" I ' -,. H I 'J I 9 " I .5 35 I A-'I I ,I . QI I . I A5 5 5 , Y 3, 1. 5 5 s 5 - , . '- II II I I 5 I 1 3, 4, I - --Le 5. . 5 - , - IIJI, 'I . ' ' ' I 5 5 5 5 - - U5 5 5 " ' ' H H 5 5 , , 3. D . - y ' 5 D ,Qi 1 . ' . 5 5 ' -5 5 I - I r , . 5 Q 5 5 5 Va- - ' .' " ' 0 ' .Ic' , ., I I III. 5 S J I . ' U -II I II ' - Cross Country l, 2, 3, 45 Track I, 2, ' ' ' -- -5 .5 -5 5 5 .5 1 i e - 5311 "" 55 . U 5 .5 5 5 5 Q- 5 ' ful I I I 5 I 5, 5 5 I I , I 9 I 5 A ' ' 5 I I 5 5 Ba d v y' , 5 - a , 4, 1, 21 I u , ..-- '- lb ,Q 'f Q5 . ' l . -"' " Ib5 5 5 5 5 v n 1 a ' , v I 4, 2' 3, 4 ' ' I ' 5 v NJ H 5 5 5 5 5 a 5 5 5 5 5 5 ' ' I 3, , I 5 . I 35 " I 5 5 5 SS 5 5 M k , I, , s , I ch I I I 5 ' 5 5 "B0b'I 5 5 C0 5 5 5 5 5 54 15 5 5 5 3 ball , 5 ' ' I 'BU' , , d 5 5 5 5 5 2, 4 H L 5 5 35 4 ' H a I 5 5 , 5 5 Bob-- I ' a d A C I' , 5 4 , I I I I 5 5 I 5 h0I I J I' ' 3 n Cl CHARLES E CULLEN Chuck Football I 2 ANN L CURTISS Clipper Advertising Stal? RONALD N DAMICO Ron Latin Club 2 Spanish Club 3 At le c Club 1 Varsity Club 2 3 4 Photography Club l Dramatic Club ootball I Tr Thespians 3 Hi Y 3 4 EVERETT D DANIELS Dex Band I 2 3 4 Glee Club 3 Chorus 4 Stage Crew I 2 Dramatic Club JOHN DARNELL Political Science Club 1 2 Latin Club 2 Forum Club 4 ARTHUR R DAVIS Bo HiY 3 4 QTreasJ Band 2 3 Rifle Club 2 Photography Club LAURA V DESCHAMPS YTeens I 2 3 4 fPresJ French Club I 2 3 4 Forum Club 3 Clipper Staff44 Tennis Club 3 Library Assist ant FRANCIS C DEVENDITTIS- Dev Basketball 1 2 3 4 Class Officer Treas 1 3 Student Council I 2 3 Varsity Club 3 4 Commercial Club Senior Committee CONRAD V DEVLIN IR Connie Varsity Club I 2 3 4 Class Officer Vice Pres I Basketballl 2 3 4 B se b I 2 3 4 Baseball Capt 3 4 DAVID J DeWOLFE Dave Rifle Club 1. HAROLD F. DIMMOCK - "Henry n 1 2 . DREW R. DRINKARD Symposium Club. FRANK E. DUPEE ' n I 2 . PAUL C. EATON - 'Skip" Basketball' Intramurals I 2' Spanish Club 3' Rifle Club 4. NANNETTE K. EBERLE - "Blonclie' Tennis Club I' Bowling Club 2' Com- pass 4' Spanish Club 4' Dance Com- mittee 4' Glee Club 2 3 4' Swim Tam l 2, FANNY A. EDGECOMB - " an" Baton Club I 2 3 4' French Club 2. MARGARET G. ELDRIDGE - "Mickey" - eens I, 2, 3 4' Baton Club l, , 3, 4, Spanish Club 33 Dance Committee CAROL J. ELSWICK - "Peggy" Y-Teens l, 2 CSec.J, 3, 4g Latin Club I lVice-Pres.jg French Club I, 23 Dance Committee l, 2g Dramatic Club I, 2, Biology Club lg Science Club Ig Baton Club 1, 2. ALICE M ERICSON Baton Club I 2 3 4 Cleaderb Span Club 3 4 1SecJ YTeens I Latin Club I 2 CPresJ NANCY J FARGO Nance Baton Club I 2 3 4 Band Mayorette 3 4 YTeens I 2 3 4 Dance Com m tee I 2 Latin Club 1 2 tge Make up 2 3 Library Assistant 2 Soph Class Sec Treas 2 Clipper Staff lLrterary Edj 4 Student Council CSec7 4 Variety Show 2 3 4 Laurel Girls State Representative 3 NANCY K FEDUS Fed Honey Latin Club I French Club 2 3 4 Dramatic Club 2 3 4 CSecJ Thespian Society 3 4 YTeens 1 MARY E FLETCHER EDMOND C CANNON Moon Spanish Club 2 3 Cross Country I 2 Track I 2 Ban I 2 3 4 YTeens1 CPresJ 2 fTreas J 3 4 QTreas J Stage Make up 2 3 French Club 2 OLIMPIA GENTILE Ltmpy Dance Committee 1 2 3 PETER E GILMORE Pete Ban I 2 3 4 Footballl 2 Fr nc Club l ROBERT S GOLART Basketball 3 Baseball I 2 Spanish Club 3 MAURICE B GOLDBERG Murry Ban 2 3 4 ROSE M GORDON Rosa Rosie Baton Club 2 3 4 JOHN E. GROSS - "Jack" Spanish Club 3' Football I 3 4' Com- pass Homeroom Representative 3. PAUL T. GUIMONT Photo "B' Club' Intramurals 1 2. RICHARD J. HANCOCK Jr--' Dick' Latin Club 2' Spanish Club 3' Intra- mural Sports I 2' Whaler Rep. I 2' A. A. Rep, 2. ROBERT E. HANDFIELD - "Bo CATHERINE HARKINS NELLIE L. HARRIS Baton Club I 2 3. NANCY F, HARRISON Y-Teens I' Band I 2 3' French Club 2 3 4' Stage Crew 3 4' Tennis Club 3 4' Stage Make-up 4' Montrealers 4. RAYMOND B. HAWKES - "Ray" French Club I 2, 35 Dramatic Ig Sci- e e 1, 2. ROLAND E. HAYES - " " Intramurals 1, 2. EUGENE R. HENDRICKSON "Gene" MAUREEN HIGGINS WAYNE HILLIAR BEI IY HOLMES - "Peanut" Y-Teens Ig Dance Committee 4. FRANK HOPKINS VIOLA M HUBBERT Dance Committee Make up French Club Glee Club SHIRLEY E HUME Shirl Stage Make up Italian Club 1 WILLIAM HUNT Buster EVELYNJ HUNTER RALPH IORLANO ELINOR P JAGOLINZER Ellie SHIRLEY A JENNINGS- Smokey Band I 2 3 Projection Crew 2 Dance Committee 3 4 State Contest Play 3 Forum Club 4 Public Speaking 4 Dramatic Club 4 GLORIA V JOHNSON Go YTeens I 2 3 4 Baton Club 1 2 Spanish Club I Glee Club I Make up Crew 1 ANTHONY A JOYCE JR Bu Basketball 3 4 Spanish Club CTreasJ Baseball I CONSTANTINE G KANABIS- Butch Fr Athletic Club I Spanish Club 1 3 fSecJ Political Science Club 1 2 Compass Staff 3 4 1Sports Edb Clip per Advertising Staff 3 Latin Club Symposium 4 Forum Club 4 Hi Y 4 Clipper Staff 4 qSports Editorj WILLIAM KEENEY JOHN R KELLY Ke Basketball I 2 3 4 Intramurals 1 Student Council 2 Latin Club 2 Spanish Club 3 4 CProgram Chair many JUDITH A KINNEY Judy B on Club 2 3 4' Stage Make-u ' Y-T ens 2 3 flnter- Councilb 4 fVice-Pres.J' Spanish Clu 3 4. GEORGE KOHL Rifle Club 1. ROBERT DUNN NORMAN KOZEK EUGENE S, KUZIA - "Gene A 2 3 4. RICHARD C. LAKE - Dick Basketball I 2 3' Spanish Club ' Latin Club 2' Senior Council 4. CLIFFORD J. LAMOURINE JR,- ..Bu .. Baseball I' Senior Homeroom Repre- sentative for Compass. ROBERT H. LARSON - ' Rifle Club 2, 3 4 lVice-Pres.J, Draa matic Club 2 3g Science Club 2, French Club 2, 3, 45 Program Chairman 4, Rifle Team 3, 4. FRANK J. LASALA - "Salas" Athletic Club I, 2, Intramurals l, 2g Italian Club 4. ROBERT H. LAVOIE - "Lavoie" Forum Club 4, Political Science 1, 2 fSec.J 133 4 . - " " l - "Al" . D - "vi" v - , v v vb 2 - I , L . n ' n j E 1 - Q h- ,1- ','If, - 'H " fl 2 . It , S it , g ' t , . 3 Sa - "' B0 2, F' ,.2, 3,' 4, ack 3, 4, f ' f. I , - ' 2: 3' I V ' l L T , , 9 y ' ' . . . , Q . A , 3 - , I 1 U I H U , - " b" Q t - -- -- ' 9 4 ' .I I l , . i y I I . ' . - " d" RICHARD J' DAYS '- uDlCkH PAERICIA I- QAUDET - HPHUYU 3, 43 Student Council Representative 45 f ' '-I . ' I U - . - H I H - ' 5 ' , 2, ' ' ' , , . 4- . g ' ' ' , g ' . H U Cl ,', , Q - , 5 C h - 5 l. -, 4? ' - - Q I I I , , Q a - d , . .i - ' I I U all , , , Q . . . ,. ,, ,. A ' l at I r , , .- -- , , y , 2, 3, e l, , Clug Ba d , , 3, 4 b - v Ba d , , 3 ' ' , rt , , . . , , , , . ' 5, 4. e ' , . . ' ' I f L1 F - , ' , , ' "Bob' nc YT , , 2 RO ' 2 3 4 ARTHUR LAY Tim ootball I 2 Track 2 3 4 n murals I 2 Harpoon I 2 Business Clu 3 4 PHILIP J LENTINE i Football I 2 3 4 Basketball I 2 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 CCo Captj Varsity u I 2 3 SIDNEY H LEVINE 1 Football I Track I 2 3 4 Rifle Club 3 Dance Committee I 2 4 ROBERT H LEWIS w Spanish Club 2 3 Photo B I Mn strel l Art Club ANTHONY LIPARULO I Band I 2 3 Italian Club 3 4 Latin Clu I 2 French Club 3 GEORGE M LITWIN Stage Crew l Rifle Club 1 2 3 MARGARETJ LLOYD Peggy Stage Make up 2 3 Dance Committee 2 Italian Club 3 JOHN H LOK John Photo A Club I 2 Spanish Clu FRANK T LONDREGAN Fresh Athletics I Fresh Basketball I Masque 8: Gavel 2 Latin Club 2 Mon trealers 2 Valley Forge 2 Chairman of Annual Spanish Club Dance 3 Spanish Club 3 4 qPres J Forum Club 3 4 Baseball Manager 3 Varsity Club 4' Managers Club 3' Symposium ' I-ti-Y 4. ANNA B. MAIORANA Italian Club I 2 3' Make-up I' Dra- matics I 2' Y-Teens 3 4' Dance Com- mittee 1 2. ANDREW R. MANNING Rifle Club, ARISTEDES K. MANTHOUS- it Spanish Club 2 3' Symposium 4' Photo B 2 CVice-Pres.J' Chess Club 4' Cross Country 2' Intramurals. RICHARD D. MARLOWE - 'Ace Athletic Club I. EDWARD MARSHALL - Rifle Club 2 3 4' Stage Crew I' Pro- jection Crew I' Track 2' Football 2. BEVERLY A. MARSIE - " ev" Dramatic Club I 2, 3, 4 CPresJ5 Thes- pian Soc. 2, 4 fPres.J5 Latin Club Ig Science Club 25 Forum Club 3, 45 Dance Committee I, 25 Y-Teens 25 Variety Show 25 D. A. R. Citizenship Award. LEON MARTIN IRA S. MAY - "Leb" Track Team 2, 45 Rifle Club 4. RUTH P MEADNIS Gigi YTeens I Clnter Club Council Rep resentative at YTeen Summer Confer en e 2 fVlCC Pres 3 Clnterclu Councilb 4 Band 2 3 4 fSecJ Latin Club I Spanish Club 2 CVtce Presj 3 4 Stage Make up 2 3 4 Dramatic Clubl 2 3 4 Science Club 2 Clip per Advertising Staff 3 Clipper Staff fACIlVlIlCS Edltorl MARY T MEYERS French Club 3 4 Glee Club 4 Tennis Club 3 Clipper Advertising Staff 4 RAYMOND J MILES Ray Fr Athletics I Spanish Club 2 Intra mural Sports I 2 Athletic Rep I EDWARDJ MITCHELL Ace Rifle Club I 2 Glee Club 2 3 PETER E MITCHELL Terry n I 2 G ubl Rep 4 Business Club 3 fVlCC Presb Proyectron Crew 3 4 CPresJ Clippe Advertising Staff 3 Clipper Business Mgr 4 N E Music Festival I 2 N E Choral Festival 2 3 Montrealers 2 Minstrel Show 1 Variety Show 3 LAWRENCE R MONTALI Larry Spanish Club 3 AVERY L MORGAN Morg Bandl 2 3 4 Swing Band 2 3 4 FRANCIS MULLEN JOSEPH E MULLEN oe Football I 2 4 Basketball I Track I 2 Bandl 2 3 4 Swing Band 3 4 Harmony I 2 CHARLES F MUNGER 3rd Charlie French Club I 2 3' Glee Club 3 4' Track 2' Cross Country 2. MARION H. MURPHY- Murph French Club I. ROBERT A. MURPHY - Murph Football I 2 3 4' Basketball 2 3' Varsity Club 2 3 CSec.J 4' Hi-Y 3 4. BARBARA A. MUSCARELLA- "Barb Dance Committee I 2' Cheerleading I 2' Senior Council 4, FRANK J. MUSCARELLA- 'Musty -- 'El Diaril JOHN MUSCHINSKY-"Hollywood Ba eball 2 3 4' Rifle Club 2 3 4 fPres.D. BERNICE D. NEAL Choir' BeBops. ROBERT NICKERSON - "Nick" Basketball 1, 25 Lettermen Club5 Hi-Y JAMES M. O'CONNOR -- "Jim" Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Fr. Athletic Club Ig Spanish Club. RICHARD E. OLIVER - "Dick" Latin Club5 Spanish Club5 Athletic Clubg Student Councilg Basketball I5 Intramurals. JAMES LOCHRIE DONALD PARKER GERTRUDE L PA'I'I'ON Gert Latin Club l Dance Committee 1 VALARIE J PAYNE Tootstebelle Choir 4 Glee Club 4 Dance Commit ICC 4 Clipper Advertising Clipper Pub licnty Stair 4 YTeens 4 ROBERT D PECK Bob Fresh Athletic B Forum Club 1 2 U N Forum l Spanish Club I Clipper Advertising 3 Clipper Staff 4 iSports Editorj Harpoon Collector 2 Compass Collector 3 Golf 2 3 4 Public Speaking 4 GLORIA C PENNELLA Go YTeens I 2 3 QPresJ 4 Italian Club 2 3 Stage Make up 3 Business Club 3 Science Club 2 ANITA J PERCY Speed Dramatic Club I Variety Show JOSEPH R PERRY Joie Ban 3 4 RAPHAEL V PETRINI Ralph Science Club 2 Italian Club I 2 So phomore Class Vice President Student Council 3 4 ELIZABETH L PHILLIPS Betty Band 1 2 3 4 CSecJ Dance Com mttteel 2 YTeens I 2 3 4 fSecJ French Club 2 3 4 Yearbook Staff 4 RICHARD J PHILOPENA F IP Football I 2 Basketball I 2 3 4 Fr Athletic Club I Varsity Club 1 Varsity Club 2 3 4 LOUIS M PICA Athletic Club 1 WILLIAM T. PICKETT - Pic BERNARD PLAISTARD HUGH S, PORTER BERNARD F. PSYZ - Bernie Dramatics 1' Projection Crew 1 2' Science Club 2' Chess Club 3' Forum Club 4' Band I 2 3 4' Swing Band 2' Public Speaking 4. KENT T. RAMBUSH French Club I 2. CAROLYN R. RAYNES Y- eens I CTreasJ 2 fPres.J 3 4Treas.J 4' Band 1 2 3 4' Business Club 3' Latin Club I' Tech News 1. ROBERT REAGAN FLORENCE M. RICHARDS - ' 0 Latin Club I5 Make-up I, 25 French Club 2 35 Beginners Band I5 Arr 2 35 Arts 8: Crafts 4. NORMAN RICHARDS CHAPPELL M. ROSE - "Chap" Spanish Club 35 Spanish Club 45 Rifle Club 3, 45 Photo B Club 25 Whaler Collector 25 Fresh. B. Club lg Latin Club 2. SENIOR DIRECTORY F , 5 -n H l ,H , 5 In tra- - U l 5 - - U I U", - I - .. .. b,'.' " fr, . .B ' 1 - -'Sw A 'ji' -. ' 1, ' .2-. . '2 ci b , ,' ,'4.' ' ' I . V' 2 2 ' I 'I it 5 ' -.f .. .- - "S'd". . . . i ' . ' ' ,i si . - -"If: . . 1 .-" - - . 2 "5 . 9 9 1 - ' ' . ' ' 1 . ' 9 ' ' . - l H b ,l .l y l l . -" " l -- -, Ba d , , 3, 45- lee Cl , 2, 35 , ' 5 -. 1 2 GARY T. LITTLE - --Ga" Compass Circulation 35 Home Room 5, 4: Glee Club 4' ' ' " - 9 H ' b r I - 5 ' - v r ' ' l, is l- 5, , - 1, 2. , , L - ' . . . - 5 - "J j' -, -" " 'f Z 5 , 5 4, y , , i y ' U ku UR H " , , , 1 1 1 1 1 s , , , , , U T ' ' "Ed" t I l i i B 'Fl " 1 2 3 4 JULIAN RUBIN Ruby Band I Latin Club I Political Science 2 Clipper Adv Staff 3 Spanish Club 3 4 Forum Club 4 Public Speaking 4 WILLIAM P RUEDEL B1 Prolection Club I Science Club 2 Forum Club 4 JOSEPH V RUGGERI oe ProJecnon Clubl Band I 2 3 4 MARTIN RUTBERG Marty Political Science I Band I 2 Intra murals I 2 A A Rep I Chess Club 3 Latin Club 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Compass 4 Symposium 4 Varsity Club JUSTINE A SALLEY Tina Glee Club 3 4 Choir 3 SALVATORE P SAVONA a Football I 2 3 4 fCo Captj Base ball 2 3 Varsity Club 3 QVice Pres J 4 BARBARA M SCHULTZ Barb Baton Club I 2 3 4 Spanish Club 2 3 4 Y Teens 2 Library Club 2 JOHN W SCOTT Spanish Club 2 3 Glee Club 1 2 3 Chorus 4 All Stare Chorus MARY J SHELDON M G Bookkeeping Club 3 Oflice 2 3 4 Newspaper 3 Variety Show 3 FREDERICK E SENTELL Fred DELVERT C SETTLE Bert Photo B Club I Intramurals I 2 CCaptJ Compass Stal? 3 Chess Club 4 Stage Crew 4 Prolection Crew 4 Dance Committee 4 Class Represen tative 3 ROBERT J. SEVIERI -- "Bo Band l 2 3 4' Stage Crew 2' Dance Committee I 2 3 4' Chess Club 4' Italain Club 2' Science Club 2' Dra- matic Club 2. JULIUS SHABAREKH Photography B Club 1' Spanish B Club 3' French Club 4' Baseball 3' Intra- murals I 2. MATTHEW SHAFNER - Hoagy Basketball I' Golf 2 3' Photography 1' Latin Club I 2' French Club 2 CSec.J 3' Forum Club I 2 4' Symposium 4' Clipper Staff CLiterary Editorj 4- Com- pass Staff 4' Intramurals I 2' Mon- trealers 2. ALBERT F. SHASHA Intramurals I 2' Band I 2 3' N. E. Musical Festival l 2' Latin Club' Spanish Club 2 3' Italian Club fPres.J 43 Conn. Musical Festival I, 23 Foot- b I. JOSEPH M, SHERB - "Mike" Clipper lEditor-in-Chiefj 43 Clipper Advertising 33 Compass CBusiness Mgr.I 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Latin Club I, 23 Fr. Athletic Club I3 Sym- posium 43 Intramurals I, 23 Harpoon 23 Whaler Rep. 23 Minstrel Show lg A. A, Representative 23 Latin l Prize3 Biology Prize. JOHN P SHINE EDWARD J SILVA on Baseball LEO G SMALLEY ee Photo Club I Intramurals l 2 Po litical Science 2 Latin Club 2 Spanish Club 3 Forum Club 3 4 Rifle Clu Symposium 4 Public Speaking 4 DAVID SMITH smmy RALPH MARTIN IOSEPH G SNEIDER George Photo Club I Latin Club 2 Spanish Club 3 4 Intramurals I 2 CHRISTINA A SOUSA Tina Baton l 7 3 Dance Committeel 2 ariety Show I 3 4 Ita Club 2 VICTOR A SPIIIALI SPIZ Art Club I Spimsh Club 2 3 QVICC 2 Poster Chairman 3 Clipper Staff CAssociate Editorl 4 Student Council 2 4 Intramurals I fCaptJ 2 Glee Club 2 Symposium 4 Senior Council 4 Senior Class Sec Spanish III Prize 3 U S History Prize 3 Nutmeg Boys State Rep 3 Nutmeg Boys State Junior Counselor 4 JOHN E STADNICK Johnny Football3 4 Baseball 1 4 Track 2 4 JAMES L STEWART im PALMER U ST GERMAIN Saint RUSSEL T STODDARD Rus Athletic Club I Intramurals I 2 Dance Committee 4 LEE A. STRICKLAND Rifle Club 2. HARRY R. SULLIVAN - "Sully ALBERT C. SWANSON DUANE F. SWEET - "SWeety B n I 2 3 4. ROBERT D, TAYLOR - "Tay' Spanish Club I' Latin Club l. JOYCE M. TELAGE - "J " Glee Club I' Y-Teens 3 4. MATTHEW G. TIRREL - "Matt' Football 1 2. SARA L. TRAVIS - "Sherry Spanish Club 3' Latin Club 1 . HARRY R. TRAYSTMAN Baseball I, 2 3 43 Basketball I, 2, 3 4' French Club 1, 23 Spanish Club 3 1 Political Science Club 23 Hi-Y 3 4' Freshmen Athletic Club 13 Varsity Club 2, 3, 43 Whaler Room Collector 13 Spanish Club Dance Chairman 43 Vice- Pres. Hi-Y 4. JAMES W. TRIPP - "Jim" Freshman Athletic Club I3 Basketball 13 Student Council l, 23 Athletic Rep. 23 Latin Club 23 Spanish Club 3, 4. ROBERT S TUNESKI B0 Football 3 4 Basketball I Baseball 2 Track 3 4 Freshman Athletic Club 1 Political Science I Latin Club 2 fVice PresJ Spanish Club 3 4 fVice Presb Varsity Club 3 4 H1Y 3 4 Sy posium 4 PETER S TUNNUCCI Pete Icky French Club 1 fVice PresJ 2 3 fVice Presb Rifle Club I Biology Club 2 Dance Committee Compass Re 3 4 ELIZABETH J TURNER iz Beth Glee Club 4 Baton Club 1 LILLIAN A Van NESS Baton Club 1 Glee Club 4 BARBARA E VARNEY Barb Y Teens 1 2 Glee Club 3 ANNSHIRLEY M VESCOVI Ann HELEN M WADE Bobo Variety Shows Concerts FREDERICK WALLACE RICHARD I WARING Dick Dramatic Club 2 3 1PresJ 4 QVice PresJ Thespian Society 3 fPresJ 4 fVice Pres J Make up 1 2 Science Club 2 Forum Club 3 4 Dance Com mittee 3 4 Variety Show 2 Business Club 3 Drama Festival 3 JAMES c WAIT Jim Y F T French Club 3 4 Cross Country 1 3 4 CCo Captj Varsity Club 2 LEONARD WEINBERG JEAN M. WELCH - Smiley Glee Club' French Club. BOGDAN WIERCIOCH JAMES F. WILCOX - Lover Athletic Club 1 2' Intramurals 1 . KENNETH A. WILLOUGHBY - Ken - Big Will Class Pres. I 2 3 4' Student Council I fSec.J 2 CTreas.J 3 QVice-Pres.J 4 fPres.J' Projection Club 2 3' Var- sity Club 2 3 CVice-Pres.J 4' Home- room Capt. 1- Basketball 1 2 3 4' Track 1' Hi-Y 4. DANIEL C, WOLVERTON - 'Dan Freshman Athletic Club 1' Latin Club 2' Spanish Club 3 4. JOHN WOOD MARY T. WOOD Dance Committee 2 3 4. MICHAEL J. ZIEZUILEWICZ -- "Ziez' - "Mike Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 43 fPicnic Chair- manj 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basket- ball I, 2. ROLAND ZOZZORA - IIDIZH Glee Club 2. CAROL HAEFNER Art Club. 135 SENIOR DIRECTORY - " " . . - " b" 331' . -"s" ,-3 ,U 3 i I . Y -" 'lr' i ' . 'HL H . , .-S ' Q. -. ' 1 'Z ' ' 1 ' Q . . . 'D . w' ' . ' n i ' 1 1 m' ' z. I I . 1 -' i b45 ' N H H H 1 ' 3 if 3 ,y , s ' I.. ' 4 ' --L-,---- 1- T 3, 4. ' ' ' ' ' I H 2 - 3 - -- - i- 3 - -' . . - "Lil" ' 5 i ' 4g V 'I tl .il , 2, , 3 liari L ' . - "s 1" A '- - " " BEVEQY J' SCANLON - ..Bevf. i Pres. J, spaQlQiil.ic.iiub Dancgchaifniaii gtaIian4Club 3, Baion Club 1,Trlmeeni E -C 3, 3, . - .,J. ,, ' 5, 4 ' , D 9 ' ' 5 - H U 3 ' ' -U U H M. . .'1, 2, 3, Z rack 1, 2, 5, itz, Q i i H 5 ' 2' 1 ' I . 3 - 3 3 , - -i L, ' , 31 4i bn y .. . .. Y 7 , 5 a d , , , ,l .1 ,Y 3' I, n, y v 1 1 O , y H , , , , , . . . , Q2 all l i ,i 4' ' H i y ATTORNEYS AT LAW Aaron E Elfenbem 302 State St Tel 2 4359 J James Floyd 309 State St Tel 7842 Gruskm 8. Gruskln 204 Garde Bldg Tel 2 1621 Morrls Lubchansky 231 State St Tel 4432 LoulsC Wool State St Tel 8561 BEAUTY SALONS Clark s Beauty Parlor 17 Umon St Tel 7458 Croker Barber Shop 182 State St Tel 9827 Emma s Beauty Shoppe 90 Ocean Ave Tel 9687 Phul s Barber Shop 126 Wlllets Ave Tel 2 0376 Rudolph s Beauty Studlo 10 Merldlan St Tel 2 1710 CLOTHING Centrale Dress Shop 439 Ocean Ave Tel 7307 Centrale Specialty Shop 435 Ocean Ave Tel 3670 N J Gorra 8. Bros 239 State St Tel 7191 Laurie s Inc 223 State St Tel 7569 Regal Fur Shop 33 Mann St Tel 6749 DENTISTS HenryJ Buzenskl Garde Bldg Tel 2 6230 Joseph D Gltlm 325 State St Tel 5676 Norman Keutleman Nnantlc Tel Nlantlc 9 8888 Alan MacDonald 302 State St Tel 6179 Albert Rook 159 State St Tel 2 8296 Alec R Shapiro 325 State St Tel 4894 Carl Stoner 325 State St Tel 5298 Avery Zukerman 302 State St Tel 2 6219 DEPARTMENT STORES Oakdale General Store Montvllle Wllson s Dept Store Mann St Nlantlc Tel Nlantlc 9 5521 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Kenn Radio 407 Broad St Tel 2 4296 Electruc Motor Repair 454 Coleman St Tel 4403 New london Llghtmg Fixture Co 86 Bank St Tel 4158 GROCERIES D Amlco Bros IGA 48 Blackhall St Devlne s Universal Food Store Uncasvllle J 8x W Market 126 Crystal Ave Tel 2 1891 Radgowskl s Universal Food Store Montville 136 MONUMENTS Bottmelll Monumental Co 585 Broad St Tel 6289 NOVELTY STORES Benols Brothers 53 Bank St Tel 9705 Central News Store 50 State St Tel 5522 PHARMACISTS Court Drug Co 331 State St Tel 2 5026 Read s Pharmacy 393 Wllluams St Tel 2 1818 PHYSICIANS R N Taylor MD 159 State St Tel 6707 D G Traggls MD 256 Montauk Ave Tel 3 0760 H Spitz MD 183 Wllllams St Tel 2 6463 REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Thomas Dorsey Jr 159 State St Tel 7482 Janne L Edgar Insurance and Real Estate 231 State St Tel 7497 Sidney H Mmer 81 Son 231 State St Tel 4421 Ralph R Rakosky 325 State St Tel 2 5355 RESTAURANTS Crown Restaurant 83 State St Tel 9920 3 9117 Vnc s Restaurant Montvnlle Conn SERVICE STATIONS HC Burdick s Gulf Station and Garage Cor Church and Mann Sts Tel 5840 Landgraf s Texaco Service Station Cor Jay and Franklin Sts Tel 9905 Ocean Ave Service Station 440 Ocean Ave Tel 2 3844 Sullivan Motor Co 19 Jay St Tel 2 4459 SHOES AND SHOE REPAIRS DlMarco s Shoe Repalrmg 804 Bank St Macnone Brothers 93 Broad St Tel 3 9327 SODA SHOPS Boston Candy Kitchen 190 State St Tel 3 9286 Capntol Candy Shoppe 83 Broad St Tel 9774 Hollywood Soda Shoppe 83 Broad St Tel 9911 Nlchol s Soda Shop 80 Broad St Tel 9988 Paramount Sandwnch Shop 27 State St Tel 3 9013 Sodoread 1 13 Truman St Tel 9818 Stanley s Dairy Bar 85 Wllletts Ave - I , ., . ' I I ., ., I , ., . ' 1 , ., . ' I 'I ' . . , ., . . , ., . I 'I ' I Q I 'I ' ., ., . ' ' " ' , . . I , ., . ' I 'I ' 'I f I 'I ' ' , . . . I 'I - . . , ., . . . I , -, . ' I . I . . II I - I 'I ' I 'I , ., ., . . ' I I . . ., ., . I I ., . , ., ., . . . I . , ., . , ., . . , ., . ' Dr. . ', ., . - Dr. . ' ' . . ' U ' I ' I I ' Fife 8. Mondo's Restaurant, Boston Post Road, Dr. , , I . I I - - I - I I ' Dr. , ., . Dr. , ., . - Dr. . ' , ., . - 1 - I Dr- , -, - . ' ., . Dr. , ., . - ' ' ' I . ., . I . . I II I . . - . , I I . .I . . I II II I - . , .. , . D , ., . ' . , ., . ' F .I 'I . . I al 1, , ol I ' ' I I -I ' , ., . ' I I 'I ' I ' I 'I I - , ., . , . . I ' ' ll II I -I - ' I 'I ' ., . . , . . I I ' +A. -'01' -'01 K E E N E Y S STATIONERY - OREETINO CARDS . ' . L J SOLOMON INC 30M ' Steet L do . STATIONERY AND OFFICE SUPPLIES 'II' cu o - 8046 d 22032 0af01'040101-0012010 09010'-020N00N01'0-0v'0P'0-010110024-0K0 GENTILELLAS FRUIT STORE FANCY FRUIT BASKETS P 6 BkSt 980 OR SMITH INSURANCE Insurance Since T848 253 STATE STREET Tel 2 8537 010001022001 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 S New London Conn WHITON MACHINE COMPANY T90 HOWARD STREET NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT MODERN ELECTRIC C AND L RADIO 8. TELEVISION 90 BANK STREET NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 M9 ,V . ,T , T ,' v ,, v , , - , , ,f R , , , ,, , ,- . , Q .. 16 .I so U, - Z E -n S 3 . G S9 O. O 0 E - 3 C R Q cn - 3 In ' ' Q. Z .y N -g Q CD 3 I S . -5 Ti T . 2. ' 2 . 2 - 3 . -I 2, 3 .b x Q 3 ' :J .1 " U7 X 9 . u 'U 3 3' If - -. 3 '1 In 5 Q V5 5 o J ' , . 3 Q. - 2 O 5 D . fb 5 ' . F? S 3 L Vi F . ' n o 3 D ac? , . . , , . , 1 . . ,65- L01f01f0P 62 w0101f-Off? JN-0'201-0K01l02-010 f0"01101f-01 0N0fl0fI0R01 10110402 10 MARCILLE TV Phone 2 8583 57 BLACKHALL ST 10110110 All Leadmg Brands of TV and Radio Sales and Service 10110110101 JEDDO COAL LEHIGH COAL York Heat OII Burning Equapment Mobile Heat CITY COAL COMPANY 410 BANK STREET New London Conn Telephone 9757 ITALIAN FRENCH BAKERY Frank Randy Proprrefor 684 BANK STREET New London Connechcut 1011010010110 0110110 10110210 101102-010110110101 0110 010110 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 2 2 PROMPT FREE DELIVERY SERVICE WATERFORD PHARMACY George Wanat Reg Ph Phone 3 1500 134 Post Road Waterford Conn PRESCRIPTIONS PHARMACISTS THE BOOKSHOP INC Merudlan and Church Streets New London Conn Phone 9195 M I L LA R D S TELEVISION HOME APPLIANCES Sales and Servlce 363 BANK STREET New London Connectucut Mullard J De Blass THE HOLLY HOUSE SUPER SANDWICHES SUNDAES an BANANA SPLITS 92 HUNTINGTON STREET New London Connechcut 2 5 3 2 2 2 E 2 2 5 2 5 2 2 400' I . I 'R N 1 ' I ZS 'O ' I . I , . Q- L 4 N I ' x 105105 - ' 10110' 1051 WHEN YOU GO TO COLLEGE A subscruphon to The Day wlll be luke welcoming a friend from home It will keep you unformed on curreni local happenings and wall shoo the blues away Dally by Mall prepand 3 MONTHS S4 75 THE NEW LONDON DAY '04 Your Good Evening Newspaper DIAMONDS JEWELRY WATCHES W H B U H R N WATCHMAKER Tel 4294 Tel 2 5536 125 BRIDGE sr GROTON CONN 105 STATE sr NEW LONDON CONN 01020147 10' C009 FURNITURE NC! I8 S N O W S NEW LONDON FURNITURE BOOT SHOP STORE Furmfure Applrances and Bedding 237 STATE ST 140 BANK smear FAMILY STORE Free Parking Nexi to Custom House THE MINER 84 ALEXANDER LUMBER CO Lumber and Building Maferlals T50 HOWARD STREET New London Conn Phone 4355 0 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 . . gp 5 l - 0 I . 0 ' T . 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SON CREEM AUTOMOTIVE Funeral Home SERVICE I2 OCEAN AVENUE AUTO PARTS Edward P Ne Ion H bet A Nel NEW LONDON NORWICH x JKONQYJI'-029' 'I43 I 2 I 2 I 2010 0610? ' xv E 5 5 New London, Connecticut ' . i u r . ion - ? G K LUCIA RUBAUDO THE EATON 81 WILSON CO. Teacher of Piano Classical - Popular Marine 81 General Hardware Beginners - Advanced 208-218 BANK STREET 118 OCEAN AVENUE Phone 4301 Phone 4479 EVINRUDE OUTBOARDS WOOLSEY PAINTS Czunr CDLYER Leading makes small boats MARINE EQUIPMENT 8K SUPPLIES Tel 7023 Long Hull Road Groton Conn SHO FIX COMPANY MAIN STREET TURNERS BICYCLE SHOP 524 BANK STREET Tel 2 2297 P o 21 E e gSlpp rs Dy dAlIC lorsl x 0v0K0f0N0"'-0' 144 . , 1 I . I - h ne 91 Shoe Repairing - Waifing Service New London, Conn. V nin j e e Q !7'-0X9"0'40x9Y0N'-?51?310'19'l05'079940440'49 90"'040'C0"6x THE SHEFFIELD TUBE CORPORATION JIMMYS TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE K AT Z 5 d T 7 We R I I Se vce 30 BOSTON POST ROAD 60 BANK STREET New Lo do Conn Tel 5044 SI DN EY B ALLI NG REALTOR 154 State Street New London Connectlcut Phone 2 8547 M A R Y L E E S H O P MCGINLEY BROTHERS INC S art Sp rts Real Estate dl sura ce 234 STATE ST 231 STATE STREET New London Con New L ndon Conn 040N0Y0'-011-0' 'I 45 I 3 5 ' 5 , 5 Gfffs an 0 5 Formal ar - en a r i New London, Conn. n n i , . m o wear an n n , n. o , . S X I A . . Ili OCIAN AV! M if prlnn owers Nlwloumn KW M 1 I-0N0'l0'0N0"0 VICTORIA SHOPPE Modern Corsetry Fme Lmgene an Casual Sportswear Hosiery 81 Gloves Mrs D Smitty Graduate Corsetlere 243 STATE ST New London Conn Tel 2 3542 COSTELLOS FRAME SHOP Picture Framing Tel 2 6355 11 UNION ST New London Conn Summer Sesslon July 6 to August 14 Fall Term September 7 NEW LONDON BUSINESS COLLEGE 231 STATE STREET Phone 7441 DIAMOND CHOCOLATE SHOP 319 BANK STREET Phone 9908 New London Conn PETERSON S RESTAURANT Confechoners and Caterers Breakfast Lunch Fountam Servlce Dmner Candles 247 STATE STREET New London Conn One of Connecticut s Best Loved Tradrtlons Mall Orders Anywhere ROBERTS ELECTRIC SHOP 108110 BANK STREET Tel 8313 New London, Conn Radios Records Television NEW ENGLAND CIGAR AND TOBACCO CO. 447 449 BANK STREET New London, Conn Phone 5515 WHOLESALERS Cigars, Clgarettes, Prpes and Smokers' Articles Sundries, Candles, Fountam Syrups and Drugs x7'7'0"0'H0"0Y0N7f7f0140'0'011?k?"0'40Y0N7 0'f014?0'0'20Y A W 27 f f f f f W, 4 GFS f' X- , ' ' ' d ul - W fwfffx, ,',f4,W ' f, Off: wif' 105, I f , LI a I5 A 1 ' . 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I 4 I 3 I I ' S' lz " 0 '9 2 :I : o :' 3 ss ,- g 5 ' - o - I I I I t I 40"-01'02 SEIFERT S BAKERY MACARTHURS 225 BANK STREET 224 226 STATE STREET N Lo don C Lo do THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE OF NEW LONDON Commercral and Savings Accounts CAPITAL 5300 OOO SURPLUS 5700 OOO Member of Federal Deposrf Insurance Corp Member of Federal Reserve Sysfem CAMPUS FLOWER SHOP NEW YORK SHOE REPAIR AND GREENHOUSES 138 MAIN STREET 1951 BLUE RIBBON WINNER 1952 SILVER CUP WINNER I5 SUNSET ST Phon 27707 O d Tel 3 9043 THE DARROW 81 COMSTOCK CO Marine Hardware 81 Supplres Pamfs 8: Varmshes Agents For U S Coasf Guard and Geodehc Charts 8. Tables 94 96 BANK STREET Phone 5357 New London Conn x0'G0'6N0"v0"0K0v'-0'0K0240v'0N0"s02fQ?vf-00f0' 0'K0N0f'0N0N0'I 0'0"-02 0f0v40f I 48 3 2 E I I I I I 2 5 si -7-101' '01 061207 - f0Y01' 4056 I o E Z 2 Q f 5' 2 " 5'- :J Q 'Q :I - . O I , . 5' 5 , O 2 . 3 2 9 3 Z : . Q . :I : m 'I I . I I ' ' ' 1 Z 5 ' S 2 ' I'- . . O 3 3 0- . . ' 0 P .3 0 0 S S P P xy, . . , vo, Z., , . , . 0110 101 '01 NEW LONDON ACADEMY OF HAIR AND BEAUTY CULTURE THE SCHOOL OF SKILL Mary E Walke S Phone 8647 325 State Street New Londo Conn 40'10K0 61s90 L01'0f6510'6 X THE GRINDER SHOP Spec alty G de s At Noon T me 276 CONN AVE Ac ss F om Bartlett FRED S LANGDON A ch ted STATE ST N L ndo o LINCOLN OIL COMPANY DISTRIBUTOR Essohe t F el Ol E Ol Burne 771 BANK STREET New London Tel 2 9486 OLYMPIA RESTAURANT DELICATESSEN 309 STATE STREET New London C nn W T GRANT CO T33 STATE ST N Lo do o onFV THE HARBOR SHOP Ba a d Lu cheo ette We ake ou o ce cream b ead cakes pastry O de s to Take Out Phone 3 9110 420 MONTAUK AVE Ne London Conn X MAROON EY MAHN MOTORS N 276 BROAD STREET 9 Y 0-s0'M0f0l0f'0' 149 3 5 ,, ,, i , rin r ll i Il . r, upervisor . . ro r - n, . . a u i sso i rs ll r i ll S 325 . ew o n, C nn. ew n n, C nn. , Q , Kn w or alues Ice Cream r n n n ' I ' m r wni , r I C , r r A Sal s - Will s - Service w , . - x GROTON YOUTH CENTER Chfldrens Clothing Shoes Toys Juvenile Furmture 201 THAMES ST Groton Conn Phone 8800 -'0N0'0'-710'-0 NELSON BROTHERS Esso sERvucE CENTER 282 BANK STREET New London Conn Models RAUB S Scout Supplves Sporting Goods Hardware 26 BANK STREET Phone 2 2508 or 2 3397 M J Banos Prop UNITED MUSIC .luke Boxes for Rent Plwonograph Records Radio Service 413 BANK ST New London Conn THE CROCKER HOUSE New Londons FRIENDLY Hotel Phone 5371 L QUINTLIANI Tarlors 8. Clotlners Tuxedoes to Rent 204 BANK STREET New London Conn Tel 7371 Iso EDDY S MARKET UNIVERSAL FOOD STORE MONTAUK AVE New London Conn Excellent Lme of Meats Groceries Vegetables and Frozen Foods Tel 9557 Free Delivery 0-f0w0f0w0'w-av . , . I I , . , . I - . . . , . New London . , . II I ll I 206 . , . I . I I ' I I I I 3 -7H0Y JAMES DRUG COMPANY THE NATIONAL PLUMBING INCORPORATED COW Apothecaries to the Medical Profession And The Home 356-364 BANK STREET Since 7913 New Londo Conn l8l BANK STREET AT PEARL New London Conn MICHAEL S DAIRY 01 Qualaty Dairy Products -014917 629 MONTAUK AVE Dual 9464 EMPIRE CLEANERS 81 DYERS OF NEW LONDON 36 TRUMAN STREET Tel 2 3437 H MARCUS CO 46 N BANK STREET New Lo don Conn A B te to Eat an Someth ng S eet THE PINK CRICKET 235 STATE STREET Sk lled pe son el and a mode n plant comb ne q ck e e and at most easonable prnces NEW LONDON PRINTING CO INC Co Pearl and G een Streets Tel 4533 0"0N0Y01'0K0' T51 Q- I 3 Z -O . Q CO ,Q .... ' IE.-. 4 W0 2.-4 nO . C1 lg . 13 -. E i Z Q :1 0 'Ou , N - 5'- 5 -im '1 U' . . 0 . 3 .D C - fi --2 .I X90 . , . . . ELITE BARBER SHOP -0'0l0 4-afgilx BUY AT 25 STATE STREET B R A T E R S New London Conn 253 STATE STREET New London Conn WALLER ANDERSON 81 SMITH 302 STATE STREET New London Conn LEOS SHOE REPAIR 7 MONTAUK AVE New London Conn Tel 7380 SHOP LUMBER CO 258 BANK STREET New Lo don Co n A J IMPELLITTERI 33 BROAD STREET New London Conn JOHN T McacDOUGALL ROBERT E BYLES '-0"0K0 -0'-0N0Y-020'-0' THE CHAPPEU- FUEL AND RAY C. SMITH FUNERAL HOME 'I52 IZ ' , V21 ff W i ww? ull' .. l 1 W 1Wf Wm, THE SAVINGS BANK OF NEW LONDON "A Mutual Savings Bank" Deposits in the bank are guaranteed in tuII by the Savings Banks Deposit Guarantee Fund of Conn Incorporated WE SELL U S BONDS and STAMPS CENTRALE SANDWICH SHOP MOHEGAN AUTO PARTS AND BAKERY COMPANY 445 OCEAN AVE 43 JAY STREET New London Conn Phone 9-'04 Dorothy H Vne New London Conn THE AJAX MANUFACTURING COMPANY Manufacturers of Forg ng Mach nes Forg ng Presses Forg ng Rolls Hot Sa ng and Burn g Mach nes W re Dra ng Stra ghten ng 81 Cutt ng OH Machines Bar Draw ng 81 Stra ghfenlng Mach nes 317 DEWART BLDG New London Conn x 0" SYLVESTER TEXACO STATION 197 coLMAN sweet Phone 39314 Automat C car washer 700AM 8OOPM axonavonawav I I '0's016'10f 201- - 1010 101 102' , . . -I , . . i I ' i i - i i - wi 'n i i wi , i I i - - I . i 1 1 1 , . X T54 47'0196"70 -10"0'6x Three big friendly Super markets to serve you TUNXIS SPORTSWEAR MFG. COMPANY, INC. BEIT BROS. SUPER MARKETS With Conveniently located Stores at 82 UNION STREET New London, Connecticut Cor. Main 8. Masonic Streets 821 Bank Street, New London 213 Thames Street, Groton JOHN P JANOVIC Real Estate Insurance 325 STATE STREET New London Conn W N L C 1490 KC NEW LONDON CONN ARWOOD Precision Casting GROTON CONN BROOKLYN NY TILTON NH 155 0l0"0"0I040'V . , . , . I I O - M, , r :.,. -ff, V- - , . , . . I ' - ' ff0'f0v1010"0vG0 10f'0-'0v016 X CALLAHANS PATENT MEDICINE STORE JOHN CLef1yJ CALLAHAN 229 JEFFERSON AVENUE New London Conn TRU Damsh Pasfry Coffee Cakes Weddmg Cakes Barfhday Cakes VOGT S BAKERY MAN sr NEW LONDON CONN Delicious Pastry Rolls and Cakes God Creates the Vonce Correct Tralmng The Good Sunger Consult LEMPI S RIMPILA Teacher and Dlrecfor of Smgmg AUDITION WITHOUT OBLIGATION 242 CONNECTICUT AVE Tel 2 7737 New London Conn novltch thcrs Hunhng 8. Flshmg Equrpmenf LINSKI ENTERPRISES John Lunsk: Propnefor BURR MITCHELL 332 BANK STREET NEW LONDON CONN 01011-0m9'f6fs0v 0H0K?0'0K0" 6 I , . . , . . . I I I . ' , . - Q I , uulnyln-.L-mlm -ummm: -1. -,-- , . I 15 40K0NQl0'10vs0 I-0Y0'6K FASHION FABRIC CENTER II6 BANK STREET TEL 2 3597 YARDGOODS OF DISTINCTION MALLOVE S Vlslt us for your Class Rmgs Also a Complete Selechon of Popular 81 Classlcol Records 74 STATE STREET Phone 7519 Flowers For All Occasions FISHER FLORIST 204 STATE STREET Phones 5800 81 5960 Phone 8082 W O N G S Chinese 8, American Drshes Any Order Can Be Made Up To Take Home 78 TRUMAN ST New London Conn Open Dolly From 'II AM to 'II PM 157 LUKES SHOE SERVICE 193 BANK smear Tel 31215 Luco Llparulo-Prop I952 Nahonal Silver Cup Winner of Shoe Service Competmon 0'0N0'0"0'0' I I I Chop Suey - Chow Mein I - !N0"0N0'-H0102 0'0v0"0K040N0'f0 10N-010-102101011-01'0X0f'-01 WEEJUNS GIRLS LOAFERS BY BASS B U R R S SPAULDING SPORT OXFORDS 224 PEQUOT AVE New London Conn SAVARD BROS WILLIAM POUDRIER JEWELERS Keepsake Daamonds Homllfon Wafch Agency Silverware Clocks Jewelry BANK ST Tel 5598 NEW LONDON CONN The Store for Official NLHS Rmgs Manufocfured by I7 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 8 BOSTON NEW ORLEANS PROVIDENCE 63 201201-710' 61 201-01'0M0'f '01 G-0? 10'-01 CONNECTICUT APPLIANCE COMPANY JACK s PLACE 103 MMN STREET 825 MONTAUK AVE NEW LONDON CONN New London Conn A A Halosy Phone 7232 -ff-0T 0"9'99N-?K0'f-0" '7' 0"0'10" 913107 I 58 '02 3 ' 1-I-1 ' K l u 'va ' I I - ae NOX . . X u I ee F ' . I . U 1 O an E L , -I . T 8g T DAIRY BAR AND BAKERY THE NIANTIC LUMBER CO. BROAD STREET NIANTIC, CONN. New London, Conn. SORTOR CHEVROLET CO INC FOR THE BEST SEE US 425 BROAD STREET NEW LONDON CONN THE CASUAL SHOP UNIVERSAL FOOD STORE Q F , e MAIN STREET "mf" MSS' NIANTIC CONN MAIN STREET Ncmtc C Pho es A y Tme 9358 6625 ECONOMY FURNITURE MART NIANTIC INCORPORATED NEW ENGLANDS MOST MODERN THEATRE W e g Wolfe We nbe g Mg 731 BANK ST Ne Londo 5C0"0v0f0w-or 0'f0N0f-?'10'w0v0K0'v4-0-f0"-0w10w0k001010w0v-0v 1 59 10201 0K0M0Y 401 10' 050 011 ' 02' ' I Z 2 , 1 9 S Q 3 -4 ' fb -1 0 0.9, 3 .. U Q v - I 33 2' I N . -1 5 -- 2. EIT ' Q W1 -. -. " -. CQ Q 5 5- 55 2' 5. 3' , 2 1 L g 5-Q V' N Ln fp Q 2 I F' -. 9. CLQ , -4 .. 3' za I Ir - I w Q "' : 3 U1 N CD g n 2 v- 2 H' P 3 , KQV 10-' - - - oxawwaeasorfaforarmwffawaabtamoxaasawx SALES O MANAGEMENT O MORTGAGES O APPRAISALS R' h . IC ardli ugh Realtor -02274 '01 -0' Prompt Courteous Emclent Servlce Phone 5200 Complete Real Estate and Insurance Servrce Member Fldellty 8. Surety STATE 81 HUNTINGTON STS Amenccn Insmufe of Bonds NEW LONDON CONN Real Estate Appraisers UNIVERSAL FOOD STORE S 397 WILLIAMS ST New London 929 BANK STREET New LO don C0 H BARNEY LONDON YOUR FRIENDLY GROCER eTpforYuF e F 81 M GLASS CO ety GI s f 446 COLMAN ST New Lo do Co WATERFORD DRIVE IN THEATRE ROUTE 'I A 'v0' 0'-05202-?K0M0f -0N?v-0'1'-0M-05'-0" 160 u 0y um -4 9.. . Q I Z . 5. o Q M 3 ua ' -N :I O Q :: 7 -5 AAAA 44 44 P 2' o S' . 3 ' I C o Q , 'U -I 3 3 , C : rn . 'I :g V, 'U c 3 Q Q . E I N . . E J MURPHY INC BERNARD S Mom Street New London Conn Your Frlendly Ford Dealer Ford Cars ond Trucks Soles 8K Service Genulne Ford Ports TeI 2 5374 230 STATE STREET New London Conn CAPITOL SERVICE STATION Umfed Mofors Service Aufolrfe Service Range and Fuel Ofl Tires Bafferres Phone 2 0691 New London Conn CLUB How a Coke? RUBY GLASS COMPANY 632 BANK STREET PLATE WINDOW GLASS MIRRORS AUTO SAFETY GLASS INSTALLED Phone 2 5448 40Y0'0'40P'0"0'f0' 'I6'I I I I I 2 5 63 402' f01'0101 170' :: I . I I 7.8 . Ir . , . 9 I l I - 0 x I T I Ny ' I Z1 . 0- : - E E M . T' O . . 0 '1 I 5 I 2 I . 9 I S I n . S J' - ' cn rr Q . Q . .. . C02N0' 40" 402 101 X9- E 2 S 2 S E 9 S 2 5 9 9 Q S 9 5 2 5 5 5 S 9 6 5 9 5 9 '01 THE WINTHROP TRUST COMPANY 310 STATE STREET New London Co,,,,eC,,CU, 464 OCEAN AVE TeI 2 3557 CENTRALE DRY CLEANERS New London Conn Member of Federal Deposrf Insurance '010101'0'1f0110 101101 401 I0101'-0 1010110110 020110 01 Corporahon 1010 MAYFAIR DINER When lfs Good Food Hs the MAYFAIR We Cater to Parhes and Banquefs Tel 3 9136 2'I0 BOSTON POST ROAD NEW LONDON CONN 401 101' 91'f A01 , , . . Ei' so O I v v l . . Q. V 4- . i Wan Y-S 13- nik - ll I , I I N 7' ' - 1 . - Ly, . , . ,. , ,, . . . ROGER MOTORS INC OLDSMOBILE OCEAN AVENUE GREENHOUSES FLOWERS TELEGRAPHED ANYWHERE Sales Sefvffe 2010110101 Floral Designs for All Occasions 155 MONTAUK AVE Tel 2 4444 TEL '74 New London Conn OCEAN AVE New London 64 Nl COpp Lawrence Memorual Hospntall I 2 3 2 5 2 9 2 2 2 E 2 I I I .M THE CORSET SHOP 20 MERIDIAN ST New London Conn B 8. M SERVICE STATION Cusfom fiffed by Ida G HofTman 283 BROAD STREET New London Conn Grrdles Bras 81 Lmgerre All Famous Makes 162 DRIVE THE GREAT NEW 1953 ual-S male WF f CIIDIPLETELY NEW DUAL STBEAK STYLIING 'I' NEW LONGEIl WIIEELBASE 'k LDNGEB, LOVELlEll, ll00MIEll BODIES 'K' SPECTACULAB NEW 0VEll ALL PERFDBMANCE 'A' NEW 0NE PIECE PANOBAlVlIC WINDSIIIELD AND BEAR WINDOW i' PONTIAC'S WDNDERFUL NEW POW'Ell STEERING' A GENERAL MOTORS MASTERPIECE There never was a finer Pontiac nor more reasons for ownmg one The beautiful new 1955 Ponlnu IS longer, roonuer, completely restyled from bumper to bumper with strikingly handsome lnterlor luxury, spec tacular new over all performance and new Pontiac Power Steermg' for effortless mlrlvlng at Its vers beat See thls great General Motors masterpiece real soon for brllllant new proof that dollar for dollar you can't beat a Pontiac '0plumal al erlra mal Allll0'I'1' AUTOWl0llll.E CONll'ANY o 42 Nlontauk Ave., New London Q56 5 SQQSSSQSSQSSSSSQQS 555995 966595556 555956595 S956 ELECTRIC BOAT CO 0 W M M M 0 CONNECTICUT GRDTON 9 C 9 1 Q ., 3 T Q I 3 . Q T 3 T Z F 5 ' .. 9 . 5 . Q ., 3 E Q Tl 5 2 5 2 5 3 5 2 5 2 ii 10110110 ALITY qlull EKD MIL NEW LONDON 81 MOHEGAN DAIRIES Phone 9027 75 JEFFERSON AVE Ne London Co 101 01 010110110 101101101101 40' SCHALLER MOTORS INC DODGE PLYMOUTH 939 BANK STREET Phone 2 5321 New Londo C 101 RE NU wrfh TH SHALETT CLEANING 81 DYEING CO 6 MONTAUK AVE New London Conn Sow all than ai the Back of c dial on your PFAFF'W'L""'m PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY Lo ocon Profe o ol Bu ld ng 3 2 2 I 5 Q I 5 9 5 1 9 I 1 3 I 5 2 1 1 9 1 3 101010110' 10101101101 0110 101011011010101101 01101101 101 '01 n M Ifhrvhhlhhiliulhl DIAI.-A STITCH 5 J num. mn Q Z' r wmaour P1 Arucnumm Q 4,..,pgs"19!?i l avg! 9 Como! phonhr TZKMS BASE CITY SEWING MACHINE CO T28 BANK ST Ne London Co e B ododConetcu1Ave Phone 6195 Ne London C PERRY 81 STONE 95 Wafche Damo d Je ely Sl e E o dCra esSIaIo ery Oppos ie Moh an Hotel X0110110110 -01'0110110'0110110Y01G01101k?'1101101'01101'01101'01101 0110110102-01'-01' G ffs 2 25 5 1 E .1 2:8 ' ' "" . 4 ,551 :li-1 -.':511:1' ,. Q I L f I E H- ' 5 2 1:21:11 1 ' - - w ' .- "'A :I f 3 5' - ' . 3, -11: ,Q 5313135 ,gpg z3..1.1,g:egz:f 523: 2:23 0 0 " " "'1:E22Q1E 11' , 11E',:,'EQQ:1" :H1"Q' O 51 ou TTI 3' 1 . Q :1 ... ge F' E " n U' Q -1 H Q 0 Ox 2 ... : 3 5 2 w 2 - V, 2 I no J Q I f 9? m B n N H T T -n 5 N W O 3 J 2 C. 3 3 n 2 ' -. Q P -n it J -' vu "' ' , S -- . 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Suggestions in the New London High School - Whaler Yearbook (New London, CT) collection:

New London High School - Whaler Yearbook (New London, CT) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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New London High School - Whaler Yearbook (New London, CT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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New London High School - Whaler Yearbook (New London, CT) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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