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The QBIIJ Clown will in winter Built in 1650 by john Winthrop Qlbe Whaler 1931 1BuhIi5bch bp the Seninr Glass uf Zgulkelep School jfur Buys Hem ilnnhnn, Qlnnn. l W ,A+ ,::: .l , ,Q Winthrop Qtatue, Zgulkelep Qlampus John NYi11tl11'op the younger, who was born at Grotcm, Eug- lancl in 1606 and died at Boston. Massachusetts in 1676, was thc Hrst GLJX'CI'11LJ1' of Connecticut. He obtaiucd the Colmecticut Cllarter from Charles II. in 1062, and was the founder of New Loudon, Coxmecticut, and Ipfwich, Massachusetts. Page four Page five 1650 hp 301311 Mklintbrnp built in '7 Ginnm nuhrm, jfaztn JL ill 5341 him Ulu ID QB A the iguuuger, 060646765 fnunhet ui the citp QBII1 .ilietn Zionhon , Q. Main Street, gaetn 'iLonoon in 1874, looking north from State street N Page Sl 419173 jlietn lunhun ,.l-.u.01.-..na1.. Page 1874 Market bay in 13011 Ziunhun when Qtanhqma was a hop. Ibis hietn was taken from the i9arahe un Stats strut ionizing west 861197 atban Zlaale "I am not influenced by the expectation of promotion or pecuniary rewards. I wish to be useful, and any kind of service necessary to the public good, becomes honorable by being necessary. If the exigencies of my country demand a peculiar service, its claims to that service are imperiousf' This quotation was taken from a letter written by Captain Hale to a brother officer just before Hale left on his fatal journey. Page eight 177421 775 taught in patriot, be ale, t 19 HH Sith 39 EIB TJ Qiampus, tn kelep ul house, Z8 be snbnul U11 This binztn uf igulkslep Suggests the quiet Dignity which is tppiial of our srbuul Page ten m H Q 'bf-.... School Qintrance Qtunp 332 stuhents anh enter hp the luhaer left, for Qs he not of the Jfacultp. P ge eleven -4 - - ' Y V N -'5'5Tf: --., .fi-u I i 5 ' W Fi --I -1 My Mxi 4 J I 'X X xx . gg: 1-" QA A L.. Q f f , .. ,A i in 1 I V' THE 1931 VYHALLZR Bear 6171 Bulkelep ilu 1875 1 N . v 1 5 5,5 AA A 3 QL , , . 9" Q-J 'Ai -Q5 5 ,' ry If Page twelve ,. A .5 ,:::.ni1-zuxrt -H V ,.,,,.MA,,,,m.3,,,,' . nn- I' W I Page thirteen mba QEaz4t Qkntrame Eehieatiun Gin walter illilprnn Qlnle, the Qlllass nf 1931 respeetfullp hehirates this hnlume in recognition of his eight pears uf sineere serhiee as an in: struetur at Zgulkelep, ant fur big harieh wntri: hutiuns to the general ahhancelnent uf all tnbu mere su fnrtunate as tu some unher his guihanee. I' Wlifklll-2 3 ,,1?i?-f':-23z5?1TIQii'3- A J J gi , fW7f f"""! , Q' mf 1 15 '- 5---mf,f1,ff17f' xxiltfif-N 'a1f.LglQ.AL iii Qf'f'1f jf 1' " -T'W4'X-- --'Vw - -- 4---- 7 '- --N-A -- -f --f --V MN. Y , ,, WW-, ,,, ..,,,..-.,,,,,, r ' X' iS'l3f531E+?l393Z1r'n'Hf. 3513. LT1',5f5i3h'i-HfLf..'E?-1315 'Hui azsl l 'A V J W W , xl. lm, J . AA k' ' V I EW 4 KX X HH N L 4 viql P 1 ,Xl , mi UMH Hx. if X Xxxx JHMQQ '1, 1 an L ,QL 5 W 'im 1 4 N I i V x N 2 E X Q n f, F 'gif 4 f, L1 rf, 5 , i I 1 f Mi v 'Ui l I 'f 2 f 5 H? 3 1 . if , 4 M wi 1 1 1 1 I 1 Va i H 2 2 15 1 14 X, . 'i aft I Wi? if I E ' 1 s I flu I i 2 H N K 1 ik N i P x gl ' I 1 , ' Us IV: 4 1 'tis W v , liil f 3Z.g 3 iii! , i....,JL1L., ,, , Y W T.L"'H-J lE1ff'fH'f, "" 1gi'1gii3"T ii',.g:'J'5,i13g"i 5 . 'vivlwfgi gm ' ' """4"A" "' ""' " ' 3"' 5g , 5f51jEagQgggTy.ji ip ., ,i 1 .A 1: :fu . . :wm: 1 ? eqi 2 5 2 mwiiiup '-'--'-'Y-- ---' ---w--V--Y--,..,.,.V.. km win... ..,. .... ,..,..,-,,,,.,,...-- .,.,,,-,,..,,, . 1 1 ' 1 -G , -cc.-JR 1 9 i ii ' jg 1 1 1 'l'11 111'111l11cc 1111 :1cc111'z11c 1755111116 111 the 111:1jo1' ,I 111111115 that 112111: taken place at liulkcley during the past ycar, 211111 to give Z1 l11'i1'f 11i1'1g1'z111l1iCz1l sketch 11f the scl11111l life 111' each i111lix'i1l11z1l 1110111-4 l1c1' of 11111' class, have 1101-11 11111' 11111tives 111 the c1111111il:11i1111 11f this work. '11 NYC 1121111 511511 i111'111'11111'z1t1-11 Z1 s1'cti1111 111' 1'c111111- iscenccs 111 1-2111 111 11111111 Z1 fcw 111 the evcnts 211111 116111116 1'z11111111s 111 liulkclcy t1'a1liti1111. ' 1 NYC 111-licvc that this 11111111 will 111: cl1111'isl1c1l ' 1 1,, 115' thc 11lC1l11JC1'S 111 the class as Z1 1'e111i111lc1' of the t1':11liti1111al "l1z1i11'1y scl11111l 112115.11 211111 that it will bcc11111e 11111111 t1'ez1s111'e11 with cuch passing ycar. y , , . 1 -rl hc l'.111t111's. N . ,: - X - , S ' .-2 4 3 Z X , if X Q '4 - rv" df "ff" il J E 12 ' K L Q L IILP, U,E.,,,..,1.,,1..1.......Qw,,,.Q ,N lAAQ v ' fl 'A i 1 - ' ,,i, 'S 'Af 5 Y fT4+ 751 4 -1 c gcffff W -gc X1 I :T M cilri'-1 'f ag X N' 2:1 qi:-fx Fl cg ' N - 11-4 f 22 .2l'Q,-- .x, ' Pagrf sixfvvn X59 61- .ata PHILIP B. PASQUALE Faculty Advisor RICHARD P. SCHOLFIELD Editor-in-Chief RALPH P. SMITH Athletic Editor DONALD O'BRIEN EDWARD LATHROP Biographical Editors JOHN BRENNAN Joke Editor THEODORE S. DAREN Business Manager DAVID SMALL Advertising Manager HANS H. DALGREN Correspondinff' Secretary HENRY J. MQININCH Photographic Editor BURTON S. WHITE MYER S. SANDLOVITZ Art Editors Senior Assistants: Tyler Secora, Alec Shapiro, Joseph M. Kushner and Irving Freedhand mm Mmm Zlhministratiun IVA E R N EST ROGFR8 H59 ZH? Page eighteen Qhministratiun ,wfffiwi wff ff we L p KEROY ,f"'!'-,'a!.',vr' GBXE GEORG , e HWRMCUD Qulkelep Quart nf Trustees Veorffe H. Bathgzltc Ifrncst if. Rogers Charles 13. XXYLHCI' 1 , N Sidney H. Miner ...,.,.,......Y,A,..,...w,,,,7.. ,,,,.,,,, ,,,, ,.,.,,,,,, I ' r esident Arthur Ii. Shurts ,.... ,,.,,Y,,,,,,,,, ,w,,YA,,w, S e cretary Nathan Belcher ,,YY,,,,,,, ,r,,,,,,,, FI 'regsurer ,,i.,....Fx-Qfficio P. LCRO5' Hrllwvuod .r,,.., DR. kl. OT Page ninetegzn i'Cig'i1tUI1 bl. ,ii6Yill , .wr...YY,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, , Henry I,, llcfiuirc YY,,,. ,YY..,,.,,,..., Secretarg S MIXER Zgulkelep Qllumni Zlssuriatinn X Ilr, bl. Otis Miner .vrr. .....v..,r....,......,,r I 'resident Frank joseph i,i,.,.i,7,,r,,,i,.,,i First Yice i,l'L'Si4i6l11l ' 1 ..'i1l'C2lSl1I'SI' v as 1, Q 1850x1931 I g 9 - A s A I ref H PV in ig Q -9 'fuk -1 , Zin Qppreuatuun , B 1 -- I fl In recognition and appreciation of generations of X 1 K. J 54: 'IIN 1 P134 1 l gk faithful service we respectfully dedicate this page r - ' l 1 l'l' gig K v N 1 4 X P ri S fi to "The Belchersf' Bulkeley graduates, and to the ,i ' - present Mr. Nathan Belcher in particular. , N ,- Bulkeley School has been honored for three gen- , y -Q erations by the presence of a member of the Belcher L 0 family on its 3.C11111111St1'8.t1YC board acting in the 1 'tit '21-A . I V 14? 1 ' capacity of treasurer. In 1850 when Bulkeley xvas ,- ' il founded, Mr. Nathan Belcher became the first ' treasurer and served until 1884 when his son, Mr. A 1 Williani Belcher, took office and served until 1915. 5' 1' 1 served faithfully since 1915. He graduated from V, 1 Yale with an L.L.B. degree and served as a legis- . 1 4 lator for Connecticut in 1911-1912. cz fag ' Q1 X, 1 Our present treasurer, Mr. Nathan Belcher, has 9 e df ,XX f 9 'f 'f ill V BB, JH 54 , WS ,, N X W f f 9 2' Q ff 1 ,. 1 ,h 'p . . sb n A M U I. 1, ' - V Oi' 0 A-fo Q aft e st Gd 1 9,61 ix 17, 1 , KW N Q2 M X 1 .B A is ' , l. XXX Z I N X14 x .J 1 X P Q 1 T 1 Am- X QL? f lx , 9 Y :A s x Q65 Ji ag- E 1 N lr 3111 illilemurlam 1 y seslfivl- WW? 9 9 4 , P ,' l YN VVALTER ALANSON TOWNE N i L Born 1854 Died 1931 1 . . c .M , iarchei- 1877-1888 Principal 1333-1921 Y, Teacher 1921-1927 . "Personality begets personality, large men develop large , Q pupils. Unless there is a change, unless teachers and adminis- trators are chosen for their personality, and unless there is in-- in sistence on the 'human touch' element of school life, there will 6 if be mediocrity and uniformity in the human product graduated f' .x from the schools." The foregoing statement, quoted from an editorial which appeared some twenty odd years ago, points to .N the thinning ranks of truly great teachers. Today in New Lon- ii sw don and -in both the near and remote places of the world are I men in business and professional life who more and more appre- I ciate the incalculable benefits of their membership in a school made radiant by the personality and the wisdom of one of these i distinguished schoolmasters of New England. A 1 , ? Bulkeley school and VValter Towne are inseparable names 'Y max blended in tender abiding memory. For half a century a thou- sa11d boys who have passed through Bulkeley enjoyed the rare f privilege of personal contact with a great teacher who combined the human touch with scholarship. Now the eloquent, old master is gone to his home in the skies. Students no longer have 1 the opportunity for daily, intimate associations with the vener- an able Walter Towne, but ever fresh memorials of his mind and 2 heart will speak a Sursum corda to boys and n1asters at Bulk- eley school for generations yet to come. "Oh Bulkeley dear, Oh Bulkeley dear, The years may come, the years may go Thy light burns on, the trail shines clear The trail that leads to long ago." qv -Homer K. Underwood. 1 NS lt, if! 1 ,. 1 A 1,5 " ' 1 , M K9 r 'W 'v' UI , N, V U T muslim' kNQ 'J . -xxW,f,g,i,:,:Z:3,,f . 17 l . iianmer R iflinherhauuh, SZI38., 61.9. XVashington and Jefferson College, Ali., Yale University, KLA., Colum- bia University, Extension Courses. Principal Sewickley, Pennsylvania, High School, Supervisor of English, Fall River, Mass., High School: Sub-Master, VVellesley, Mass., High Schoolg Head of English Department and -Vice- Principal of Passaic High School, Passaic, N. Head of English Depart- ment, Classical High School, Newton. Mass. Editor, Sir Roger De Coyerly Papers, published by American Book Company: Macaulay's Life of Johnson and Selections from J0llI'1SO11,S writings, published by Charles Merrill Com- panyg English Leaiiet published by Association of English Teachers of New Jersey. Member of State Committee of Connecticut to prepare English courses for secondary schools. Member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Headmaster of Bulkeley since 1921. Page twenty-four Zliahle uf Qlluntents School Zfaisturp jacultp beninrs Glasses Qtbletins Zlctihities Beminisnences Zukes l ff ' A 1 'Q lt.. Iiaisturp uf Zgulkelep bnbuul Zltulh in the Qlixcerpts from QBIU imcurhs from 1909 Qlatalugue R. LICONARID ll. l5Ul.KEl.lCY. who died in l849. left by will a fund of about 2'p25,000, for the founding of a free school for the boys of New London, to be known as Hliulkeley School." with the provision that the fund should he kept invested until a m5uch larger amount should he avail- able. The original endowment has been increased hy several generous gifts and legacies, viz: From the estate of Mr. Asa Otis, 310.0001 from the estate of Mr. Henry P. Haven, 35,0005 and from the Hon. George F. Tinker, upwards of Sll.000 for the construction and furnishing of an extensive addition to the building. The original Trustees named in the will of Mr. liulkeley. live citizens of New London who secured the charter for the school in 1850. under the cor- porate style. "Trustees of Rulkeleyf' were: lllessrs, Nathan Belcher, XVil- liam C. Crump, john l'. C. Mather, llenry P. Haven, and N. Shaw Perkins. Of these Trustees. four served the school until death, the fifth, Mr. Nathan Belcher, resigned in 1884, after a trusteeship of thirtyffive years. During the school year l90-1 l905, the Trustees made some radical changes in the corporation management and in the course of instruction. Application was made to the General Assembly at its january session. l905. for authority to amend the charter of the corporation. The amendment was duly authorized by the legislature and was adopted November l7, 1905 by vote of the Trustees. This amendment provides for a hoard of seven instead of live Trustees. It also provides that one of the additional Trustees shall he the Chairman of the Board of Education of the City of New London. ex-officio. and that the other shall be nominated by the alumni of the school and elected under such regulations as the corporation may adopt. The adoption of the change of the charter increasing the number of the corporators to seven made the Chairman of the Board of Education at once a member of the lioard of Trustees. During the month of june, l90o, cir- cular letters were addressed to the graduates. enclosing voting slips, inviting them to vote for, as alumnus of liulkeley School. a resident of New London. who has been graduated at least five years, as a nominee for Graduate Trus- tee of the corporation. This canvass resulted i11 the nomination of llflr. Sidney ll. Miner of the class of 1896, and this nomination was ratified hy vote of the Trustees, June l3th, l906. Mention should be made of a memorial that has heen placed on the facade of the school by the efforts and generosity of the Daughters of the .Xmerican Revolution. The bronze tahlet is a memorial to Captain Charles llulkeley. who served in the Revolution and the VVar of l3l2, and to Leonard Hallam liulkeley, founder of the school, father and son, and it is most fitting that this record of the patriotism of one and civic generosity of the other should be placed on the enduring granite walls of Bulkeley School. Page tzvmzfy-sim ES. if ,T N x ,- Y WT Q 5 rl f - ff 1 G r" 1 f If If I , , gf . Ez: 14, . 'i 352 9' :FN , "f!",f' iii Wg' A2539 Gia 1253 f A- -.1 , was-. n Q. 5 . -Q. 'Q q,j'6Zf'!7, in Zxifdfdyfjf Wm .Q,2'fgQVE?,?!f 0' 'llf51 M4513 -Shir Xl-X 1- 11,43 fi' gym, Nggwmfaenl 1-4-:,vt:,f 1. X "Z ' . o" 1 . lf " V .3 . g,. V ' .Hi gs-S-"' ' Q1-:Fw ' ,' In 'We 33399 lb f' I - 1 H t,A.. ' lf P i!Qv,Rw 0 Q ,N fmxxfl-N' , 51 1, Q 2 5'g,"lsxgg 0:2 X pax.-Qlmffv 'Wy xxx V 5, X iff 72 Z-ffl 'WWW' f K 52E?f"N5".'v'Q2v J Y VH Will? ' , f .Www Q- 4 J , 54 - is 1 ,, 7' 'Q ,mWJ? alia? HW If ff" "f""fT' 'lf 12 05" M QA? f, ,, K f, n ,. A ,girl i i f d4 .,,,1 ,f,, 4l V -V !7445Z 4,4,,O,E,g1 jarultp Clarence E. Norris, A.B., A.M. graduate work at Ilarvarcl Lfniversity. 1908-95 1900-73 Haverford College, llaverforcl, I'zi,, 1909-123 business research work. Boston. 19133 Simmons College, Boston, took methods course in commercial subjects, taught :it Hzicldonlielcl, N. ul.. Iligh School, 1913-145 University extension courses. College fraternity, Phi Sigma Kappa. Honorary society. Phi Beta Kappa. .Nt Bulkeley since 191-l-Commercial subjects. Howard T. Pierce, A.B. Bowcloin College, A.B., 1918, Yice-Principal, Maine Central Institute, 1918 213 Supervisor of Illusie in public schools, Pittslielcl, Maine. At Bulkeley since 1921-Mathematics. Ernest W. Falconer, A.B. Boston University, A.B., 1917g Instructor Berkeley Preparatory School, 191-l-17: :Xinerican Expeditionary Forces, 19173 Instructor at Berke- ley Preparatory School, 1919-203 Principal of Epping High School, Epping. N. Il., 1920-21, Member of Sigma :Xlpha Epsilon. ,Xt Bulkeley since 1921-Matheinzltics. Page twenty-eight Brown University, A.B., 1900, A.M., 1902, graduate work at University of Berlin. 1907-83 taught at Brown University. French ancl German. Philip B. Pasquale, A.B., M.S. Hates College, Ali., 1921, University of New Hampshire, M.S., 19233 Hzirvzird University Raclio School, 19183 Columbia University Sum- mer School. 1922. tiracluate Assistant in Soci- ology. liconomies and History, University of New llampshire, 1921-22. Instructor of Social Sciences, Economies, and Sociology. University of Xew Hampshire, 1922-25. :Xssistzmt liflitor of Social Science Syllabus. University of New Hampshire. Honorary fraternity, Phi tiainina Mu, At liulkeley since 1925-History. liconomics. Flood E. Reed Valparaiso Lvniversityg llarvarcl L'niversityg Cienevn 'Institute of lntcrnzitionzil Relations. lleacl of Science Department XVhceler School, 1917-20. lleaclmaster. XYheeler School. 1920-27. .Xt Bulkeley since 1927-Science. English. William R. Canty, B.S. Bliclcllehury College, B.S., 19195 Athletic Direc- tor. Fay School, Southboro, Blass, 1919-203 Ath- letic Director, St. Louis Country Day School, St. Louis, Mo., 1920-2-l. Fraternitv, Chi Psi. -Xt liulkeley School since 192-l-Algiehra. Page twenty-nine Theodore Clare, A.B., Ph.D. University of Brussels Qliclgiuin, 189-l-1898Q, taught at Harvard University, 1899: The Hamil- ton lnstitute, New York, 1900, The Browning School. New York, 1908: Rutgers University. New llrunswick, 19203 The Kew Forest School, Forest Hills, Long lslancl, 19233 The Cniversity since 1928wFrench. Ray T. Reed llroviclence College, 1927g liroxvn University, 1928. .Xt liullceley since 1928-History, English,'n. T Elbert E. Orcutt, B.A., M.A. Yale College, l3.JX., 1907: Teachers College. Columbia University. M.A.: Instructor, Uni- versity of Chattanooga, 1907-19083 Heaclniaster, XYooflsville, X. H.. High School, 1908-1918g Heaclmaster. Plymouth, N. ll., High School, 1918-1929, l'resiclent State Teachers Association, N. H.: High School of Connnerce, 1929-19305 Meinlmer. Phi Beta Kappa. At llulkeley School since 1930-linglish and French. William F. O'Brien, B.S. School. Baltimore. Maryland. 1925. At liulkeley Connecticut State College. l3.S., 192Sg XYitten- berg-XX'arner-Allen Coaching School. Springfield. Ohio: Yale Summer School, 19283 Teacher- Coaeh, Stonington High School, Stonington, Conn., 1925-29. At Bulkeley since 1929. Biology and General Science. llea4l coach of athletics. Page thirty Eugene B. Lawrence, A.B. Tufts Collegc, A.B., 18893 taught at liecne lligli Scliuul, liccnc, N. ll. l'i'ofessOi' of Chcin- istry, Vliysics ancl .'XSt1'flI1Ol11j' at liulkclcy School since 190lgC'lit'1n5sti'y. Vliysics. Walter M. Cole Xmtliziiiiptmi Cimiincrcinl Cnsliing' .xfilflflllyl College: XYH1'Ck'81C1' 12115111958 lnstitutc, Lliiivcr- sity l'1X1L'l1S1Ull Cuiirses. Tzlnglit at XU1'111Z1.1111J4 lun Cmiiiiicrciull Yew linglznicl XlUCZL1101l1I1 Scliiml, llczul wi C1Hl1l111ClAC1ZL1 lJepzn't1nent, Rut- lzincl, Mass. .Xt llnllqelej' sinric 1922fCmxi1ii0i'- cial Subjects. Page fl1i1'fy-one Arthur F. Hertell, A.M., S.T.B. Tlicnnas gyinnzisiuni, lfipsic. f1'6l'IllE1l1j', 88w lluzinc Cullt-gc. A.B.. 18893 gracluatc stnclnn Ulu-rlin, 18903 Duznic College. AX Nl., 1893 C111 cagu 'flieulugical Seiiiiiizlry, S.T.11., 18951 gi 1 1 :ite stnclenl. l'11ix'ci'sitv of c1111L"lQ'lJ 189fm' 1'icm 1 . f . fessm' of Latin, lllziclcbnrn Cullcgc, 18911 1 giticliizlte stuclcnt Yale L'1iix'ei'sity. 1903-O31 X Xl 1904: 1'1'o1cssur of Xluclern lxiiigiizigcs. 1'ln n lfxctei- r'XCZll1Cl1ly, 1905-113 11l'0fCSS0l' uf Fllllfll l.itcratui'e ut Hates Cu11c-ge, 191121. .M Bul 165' since 1923fFrv11cl1. l.:1tin. Frank Hamlen, A.B., M.A. llzttcs College, A.B., 19213 Huston Univeisitx Xl X 1973 Xt 1111111-1 N-1973 lf x 8ll1LL ....-W ,Ng Carlton F. Small, A.B. l'i1ix'ci'sily nl' llicliigzm, .X.l3. First Licnten- zznt in U. S, ,Xriny l9l7-19: llflllflllill Cninininff- ton ,lnniur High Sclimvl, lilllllllllllgfllll. Mass.. lfJ23. Klcinlvcr mf Sigma lla-ltzl Kappzl ll'ZllL'l'lllfj'. Al llllllwlcx' since lU23'- llistuiy. S Henry P. Shay, A.B. Xinlicrst Cnllr-ge, .X.l3,. cnin lunclu, l9Zlg ,Mn he-rst lligh Sclnml, .Xmlicrst, Mass., N21-225 :inf taught the Social Soir-nccs at Bristol lligh School liristul, Ccmii. AXL liulkelcx' since V225-4l.:1ti11 lfrcncli. I A Walter Arthur Peck, A.B. Colgzitc lviiiversity. A.B., l9llwg tziugln at l,'ni-- E . varsity of Ywiiioiit, l'llfnvl7, Xlvurceslcr l'uly- l teclinic Instituto. l9lN-Zlg Tufts Xlccliczil anal 5 l Dental Sclmol, l92l-221 llzlllmusic lvilivcrsity, l9Z2-231 N'lSllllZ1 lligli Sclnml, l923-243 liriclgc- purt LiCllll'Zll lligh Sclnml, N24-25: lirnclnalc Cmirscs at Culninlmizz. W2425: ilraclnatc Cmirscs i'ii i V at Yale, 1112+251 incinlier ,-Xinericzin fllC'llllCZll i I xil' Sncicty: inn-nilmer Xuvzi Scotizin Institute nl E Science: lligli Sclimml of fmiiiiivrce. l92fmf3O3 q:,. ll , i tcziclivi' of Mzitliciiiritius zincl lfnglisli at linlkclfy since W30. il' Page tlzirty-114111 ,'3'1? , ,- if- , L H -N w iff' f L. ,, 1' "4 l I f I ,1-. ' ff :Q V ,' 1 ,-522552551 93.272,-If . ' . 54. 5 -. W -. . W X ,Q ffffffffffffffffffffffwwmvwfm f f,,ffiyW,,,y,y,, Q W M 7, if f, ua- W? f ff! 'f if . I , f W P5-gif' 5 -c, f f -.A 1-X9 ' '41 . fn, . ff RW ,' 5 I fuhfllm ' X JH ! NKBNM 4 .Wllkh1,,,U Q AM yu .ffm 1 NM 1 QW 9 W ff f' f 5: TN M bf M 'Z f ,gg X' , 'W M Mmm fy 3 ww W Z f wM VMWN1 -'-- nw 2 f ' :ii-1' .: ,., ff' gf f f vf :s:52:: fl 4 wk EI. ' , 5, M y f ymf M fa :J N f f , ,. ' 'Sv-:I 'iii?f'1'f1-'-?v'f:iSa-' '----116516PS2-2552-:q:y::A:a!S:aas::5gv 1 ,N -'- 5,,.4 X f "!f: ,..f,ffa A wwf., "-12:32 N 0, ff A WW1I'l!!!!'!! -f. ' ' ' qu Y 1 by 7 flf4,1Q1M,iEQ:W A 55 M W, -i ,-fwq X L mmf 5 we v 44 5 Q, +112 alan, Seniors Senior lass Zlaisturp It is pleasant to sit now and think back to the year of l927 when we first entered Bulkeley School, filled with hope and ambition. VVe soon found our place in school life and steered a steady course along our appointed path, with James Sullivan as our class president. During our first year Mercer Field was dedicated, and, with this added incentive to athletic activity, we were able to make a showing in all of the popular sports which was much better than average. We received honorable mention for the Potpourri play which we pre- sented. We were ably represented in the declamation Finals by two of our class members, and, as a class, we kept a high scholastic standing throughout the year. As sophomores, Howard Fern was our president. By this time we were well established in all of the major sports. Our class members formed the backbone of Bulkeley's athletic strength. VVe engaged strenuously in foot- ball and track. NVe won the intefclass baseball championship, and showed early promise of exceptional material for future teams. Wie presented the winning Potpourri play when we were Sophomores. a11d in December of the same year we enacted four plays on Sophomore Night which were well received by a large audience. Donald Ollirien won the finals for us in the declamation contest. Onlv one misfortune marred our second year and that was the untimely death of David l,eib, a fine class- mate. who was liked by all who knew him. Without a doubt our Junior Year was "Our Year." Williani Rockwell was president. Bulkeley's strong football team was composed largely of our class members and the team had a brilliant season. Gene Callahan, one of our number, pitched the Bulkeley baseball team to victory, after victory. and we finally won the Interscholastic Baseball Championship of the Eastern Connecticut and XYestern Rhode Island League. The track team came through a long, hard season triumphantly, winning the Tnterscholastic Cham- pionship for that sport. Our swimmers also won the title of "Connecticut Swimming Champions" for that year. VVe again won the interclass baseball contests, and when the vear ended we had set many new records which seem likelv to stand for some time. In the latter part of our Junior year we began the publication of "The Bulkelev Tiger," a weekly paper which was very successful. VVe received honorable mention again in the Potpourri, and all in all, were well pleased with our junior year. Vile are still under the leadership of Williaiii Rockwell. whom we again elected class president for this, our Senior year. XYe are maintaining the athletic standards attained last year and are improving our scholastic stand- ing as we begin to realize fully that the doors of Rulkeley are soon to close for us, and other doors are about to open. They lead, we know not where. but, even so, we must choose. and make the most of our choice. Some of us will go to institutions of higher learning, those less-fortunate will begin at once the struggles of life. In this. our last gathering as a class. we solemnly pledge a toast to the success of our members. May they carry on by the standards of good sports- manship throughout life. Page thirty-four Qlllass iBrnpbecp In '50 We made a perfect landing and climbed out of that wonderful hotel of the air, the new Air-Ray, in which we had been guided from Hollywood by the renowned pilot, Vito Irnpellitteri. YVe were at New London's billion dollar airport and had just returned from movieland where we had been, invited by the Comyn-Brown Produc- ing Co. to see the filming of the masterpiece of the year, 'Tools in Love," starring R. P. Smith and Donald 0'Brien. NVe called up the Greene cab office and picked out our driver and car by television. Needless to say we chose the new Lathrop 99, driven by the best dressed driver in New England, David Small. Dave let us out near the center of town in front of the Belgrade-Sisk Information Bureau but refused to let us pay, fnot because the money was badj but, as Dave said, "for old times sake." Well that surprised us some but not nearly so much as the appearance of "Goo" Brennan, pushing a baby carriage, and followed by Mrs. "Goo" and six little "Goos." VVhile we were standing there feeling sorry for this, our once happy classmate, who should bump into us, nearly knocking us over, but Constantine still walking in his sleep. VVe read the sign which was on his back advertising Schablein's shoes, but didn't wake him up. As we were hungry we decided to take a chance, and so went into Little's Lunch. 'l'he steak that Hill brought us was great Qlike the stoveb. Little said that his Ford was still running but that Rockwell and Marsden had refused to ride in it as they were now selling life insurance and didn't want to set their custo- mers a bad example. VVhen we came out of Little's we stopped at Dinoto's News Stand, and, while there, we purchased a little volume that happened to catch our attention, entitled, 'tVVhat Not to Say and How to Say lt," hy Professor Freedhand. Baum blew his whistle and held up all the traffic to let us cross the street. NVe later learned from Rowley, the Uhief of Police, that our old friend Mclninch was the city's best detective. XYe went into the Daren 8a Shapiro Ulothing Store and talked to 'l'ed and Alec about old times and the successes of some of our classmates. Daren told us that Creswell and Dahlgren had become rich on Miniature Polo, and that Nauta and Secora were making a clean sweep of the city with their marvelous in- vention, The VVhiskless VVhiskbroom. Fern and Kushner were doing big things at the beach with their DeLuxe Dry Baths. YVolfe's Credit Jewelry Store sure was a debit to VVolfe. VVe spent the afternoon in Callahan's Ultra Modern Theater and were thrilled by the sensational performance of Spinner and XViener, who were the main attraction at the time. Excellent music was furnished by Shep's-Simp Orchestra. Late that evening while we were dining at "La DeGaetano," a palatial restaurant, where you didn't have to bring your own, we got the low down on Scholfield from two corporation lawyers, Leary and Freeman, who told us of the forming of his billion dollar company which was to be run on a new "profit snaring" basis. Some of the chief profit snarers in with Scholfield were: Bert VVhite, the once famous artistg Por- ter, an enterprising divorce lawyer, Putman, the banker, and Brooks, the big better and yegg man from Chicago. XVe learned that the others implicated in this racket were probably designated to be left holding the bag. They were: Priolo, manufac- turer of sandpaper bath tubs, Northrop, worm gatherer for the Ragin Silk Co., and Inderfurth, professional aeroplane polisher. So it was, with heads in a whirl after such a hectic day, we went back to our rooms in the Uurtiss Hotel and crawled in, surprised that so many of our classmates were still alive. Page thirty-five V!!-.LE X' I l The class of 1931 introduces its class president, the honorable William J. Rockwell. "Bill" was voted the most popular boy in the Senior class and is one of our best athletes and scholars. He is always accepted as a leader in any school activity, and conscious of the position he holds. 'tBill" has set an example which we might all do well to follow. Lead on "Bill" and may your associates throughout life look up to you as we have done. I-v,.b!, ,I yn, iff, !L,?,?y?3 xx K C ,gn ,J'I7'C'4l""l, K 5 1 f .fi A -zisiwiii of ., ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.ef.TF,.,.r.,,f,egg Av ,,. lllli lfldl Xl-ll4lllx FREDERICK CARLTON ALM '6Carl" Classical Course Cross Country 4. "Carl" first appeared at Bulkeley this year. He helps us in our studies and stars in track meets all so unassumingly that he has won a place in our hearts. CHRIST NICHOLAS ANGELOPOULOS "Angie" Classical Course Even though t'Angie" recently came to us from our rival school up the river, he is already quite a figure around Bulkeley and is not only with us, but for us, You would enjoy meeting f'Angie." WOODWORTH BARBER "Bob" Classical Course "Bob" has a big reputation as a good-natured fellow and even our hard-hearted teachers find it difficult to say that he is anything but a willing worker and an understanding student. ROBERT J. BARRY "Bob" Commercial Course Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Basketball 3, 45 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Four Typing Awards. 'fBob" is a fellow for whom we are all thankful. Quiet and unassuming, he is always doing his bit for thedschool, whether it be in basketball, baseball or his stu ies. Page fhi1'ty-sewn . ,t.. ..-ff-1: w,A.,,:e--mv, , ...,-f- m ., ..v+qpn34.a..e.-,W fr t W w EDWIN DAVID BAUIVI t'Dave" Commercial Course Class Baseball 2g Biology Clubg Sophomore Playsg Assistant Manager Baseball 3. H Dave'l has always been a source of delight in the classroom. His never failing sense of humor and broad grin have lightened many tedious hours for his strug- gling fellow students. Rumor has it that "Dave" dis- likes school, but then it's only a rumor. MAX BELGRADE "Max" Classical Course Declamation Contest 1, 23 Biology Clubg Class Base- ball lg Sophomore playsg Tiger Reporter. "Max," one of our little boys, is a quiet fellow and a great favorite at Bulkeley. We are sure that he will come out on top. ra . '. 3 s .v LAWRENCE JOHN BRENNAN "Goo" Commercial Course Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 45 Varsity Football 3g Varsity Basketball 3g Cross Country 45 Class Baseball 1: Class Football 2g Whaler Staff 45 Varsity Clubg Typing piizesg Biology Club. Here is a little fellow who has made good in a big way. "Goo" is one of Bulkeley's smallest and best all around athletes, and one of the most popular stu- dents. He has that inexplicable something about him that makes you like him at once. WAYNE E. BROOKS "Brooks" Commercial Course Varsity Football 45 Varsity Basketball 4g Track 3, 43 Varsity Club. "Brooks," the great big man from the West, is one of our quiet students. He came to us last spring from Idaho and this year he made good in Varsity Football. If you don't like "Brooks" there's something wrong with you. Page thirty-eight CHARLES JAMES BROWN "Brownie" Classical Course Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 3, 45 Class Baseball 1, 2, 33 Potpourri 2g Sophomore Playsg Varsity Club. "Brownie," our six foot track star and high-pressure salesman, is a good student. If you want a good excuse, go to "Brownie," he's got a great line and the teachers all fall for it. WVILLIAM ALFRED BURR "Bill" Classical Course That splotch of dazzling yellow? No that'S H0 bouquet, it's only "Burr,,' one of our newer students. Besides being outwardly bright on top, he is just as bright inside that top. You'l1 have to ask a teacher to prove it though, as he himself is too quiet and modest. EUGENE ANTHONY CALLAHAN "Gene" Commercial Course Vice-President 2, Varsity Baseball 3, 45 Class Base- ball 1, 2, Varsity Club 3, 45 Secretary Varsity Qlub: Biology Club, Class Basketball 35 Typing Prizes: Royal 15 Remington 1, 2. "Gene," Bulkeley's great pitcher, is a boy whose fame may some day rival that of Lefty Grove. "Gene" won his every game last year and through him the Pennant was captured for Bulkeley. He is unusually quiet and reserved, and a really fine chap. HOWARD ALBIAN CARNEY "Carney" Classical Course Band 4. Howard has been with us off and on for about three years. Where he studies when not at Bulkeley no one knows. However, during our interrupted asso- ciation with Howard we have found him to be all that is desired in a fellow student. Page thirty-nine , F'-W 2 :N . 'fu 1 1 .f 1 A S r I a l I is -1 K ' it l xx' i xxffg f M534 -:Ali " 1 -9' "' - ' . HH- l9.Sl WHAl-l:R THOMAS HENRY CASSIDY Classical Course "Tom" is also one of our newcomers had a chance to make a name for himself. g. .3 'W ff RAYMOND HENRY COMYN Classical Course Cross Country 4, Potpourrig Physics a sense of humor that is far in advance him in fact." PAUL THEODORE CONSTANTINE Classical Course LUTHER FRANKLIN CRESWELL Commercial Course Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Biology Club. of his fellow students. za' Q-mama--1.-,,-Qfmm.s44-mms guy, A-v aw,-mn-A-,ma-.--WL...,r.:.-f.:-f:: ......, . . . ccrlwornss and so hasn't "Tom," though taciturn, has revealed a genuine understanding of his studies. You've got it in you, "Tom," let's have it. GfR'ay!9 Club 3. "Ray" is one of our most ingenious students. It takes years to really know 'tRay,' and then you are not sure, but he is a true friend and a fine fellow and has of most of us. His scholastic standing is high and some day we'll be glad to say, "Yes, I knew him, went to school with "Connie" Varsity Football 35 Class Football 1, 25 Potpourri lg Band 2, 35 Orchestra lg Sophomore Playsg Rifle Club 2. "Dead? No he's just asleep." We wish we could fathom Connie's secret for learning while in the state of somnambulism. However, though "Connie" may some- times forget himself, we have found him a good student. "Lute" "Lute's" cheery smile will surely win favor for him where'er he goes. During his four years at Bulkeley "Lute" has been using his smile on teachers very suc- cessfully, and has won a place for himself in the hearts Page f orty 1' r 1 31 Xfvf: , if ,Jn It -X -, -r I xx viwm ,Y,Y --H , f ,L-T,, i:f-, ,T-M L ex 'Ht ,f.f.f--:sis-Page--,.Y:..f .. -:ffm -- '- l H li l 52.3 l LJ W l l,f'xl.l':.l? JOHN BOSWORTH CURTISS ".l0hn', Classical Course We place our Vote upon John as the ideal repre- sentation of "The Thinker." There is nothing more inspiring than the sight of John walking, with his eyes on the ground pondering over a problem, oblivious to all the beauties of nature about him, even the rain. HANS DAHLGREN "Hans" Commercial Course Whaler Staffg Four Typing Awardsg Shorthand prize 33 German prize 2g Bookkeeping prize 2, 3. Hans has led the Commercialists for four years. He has obtained marks that have kept him away up on a lonely pinnacle but he is always glad to help another fellow and we all admire, and look up to, Hans. iv ' .1 THEODORE S. DAREN "Ted" Classical Course Assistant Manager Track 33 Manager of Track 43 Business Manager of Whaler 4. "Ted" is one of our superior business men, as is well illustrated by his fine work for this book. He is always busy and keeps his marks in the honor group. We admire "Ted" for his fine lcharacter. CHARLES DAVIDSON "Charlie" Classical Course Track 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 3, 45 Class Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Cross Country 3, 43 Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, Class Football 1, 2. "Charlie," our great track star, is an amiable fellow and a hard worker. He has been one of the most faith- ful track-men and helped to win many a meet. May you succeed in life as you have in track, "Charlie" ff 9 " "1 TQ,-K, , 1. t --.W we.. 1' . ,. J , ' is ,Ml , A . 1. 'X 1 1. 1 lf if ,- fe- ' W. me Page fo,-gy-one aw, Mx Vg,.f..,,.wa..d5gj' " Q :--A qu ,Y vs -' ff 1 "L"-UT. , ,L 'T 'Y-2331 wwf-Mfvffw-fmmsfgyn-va.-.-Nwmavmmwwmwwaxwfiklilmrsfnlfwlfsfam-w.rwrrf:1v,sm-vwaslr-f.,-ffzwmmkawwriwwvwfslmmunuxhffan, . ' 2 LV' 5' .1-M..-..,.,...,...M-....,.m...,--..-........-f..,-wawm.v-W..ww-f-w.f-waww.w-M-afwwwmwJwMmwwmamw.fwfmnga- aa-smiles-f --A-feffarzg-e'.::3'g-,--f 11: NICHOLAS FRANCIS DEGAETANO "Nick" Commercial Course Varsity Football 2, 3, 4g Varsity Baseball 3, 45. Class giaseball 33 Vice-President Varsity Club 43 Biology ub 2. ' If you see "Nick" grin once you'll like him. He is a great football player and as such has done much for Bulkeley. He is easy to get along with and has a keen sense of humor. FRANK DESANTIS "Frankie" Commercial Course Remington Typing Prize. "Frankie" is undoubtedly our most silent companion. While We gossipers are gabbing about affairs in the classroom, "Frankie" is storing up knowledge. Now he has a foundation which will last for a long time. We wish there were more like "Frankie," EZ: L JOHN FRANK DINOTO "John D." Commercial Course Varsity Football 4g Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Cross Country 3g Class Baseball. John has a very pleasing personality. He is al- ways willing to help and has a cheery word for every- one he meets. John is a good sport as well as a good student. HOWARD FERN "Sugar" Classical Course Class President 2g Manager Baseball 45 Varsity Foot- ball 1, 2, Swimming Team 3, 4g Cross Country 35 Declamation lg Potpourri 15 Varsity Club, Junior Prom Committeeg Biology Clubg Bulkeley Serenadersg Advertising Manager for Tiger. "Sugar" is the real spice of life in our class. Since 1928, his originality has been unsurpassed in Bulkeley, but strange to relate, "Sugar" declares that his joyful utterances are uninspired by any "She." Well it may be so. "Sugar" is a busy chap and employs his time well. Page forty-two IRVING ISRAEL FREEDHAND "Charlie" Classical Course History Prize, Divided Geometry Prize, First Latin Prize and Divided Second Prize, Tiger Reporter, Sopho- more Plays. 'tCharlie" is the genius of our class. Difficult assign- ments hold no terror for this little fellow, he literally eats them up and if he doesn't get 100W in CVBFY exam, well the teacher made a mistake. We might all do well to take a few lessons from "Charlie," OSCAR E. FREEMAN "Oscar" Classical Course Swimming Team 45 Cross Country Team 35 Track 33 Radio Club 4. Always willing to help others, Oscar has done much to make our school life a pleasant one. His modest manner and ready smile have won him count- less friends. JAMES GIANOCOPOLOS "Jimmy" Classical Course Varsity Football 3, Trzlck. "Jimmy" is our great language expert. He has sur- vived Latin and Greek and he still wants more. Well, like most boys from Groton, he seems to enjoy his lessons. That's the spirit "Jimmy," keep it up! SL LOYD STANLEY GREENE "Greenie" Classical Course Varsity Swimming 4, Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Decla- mation Contest 35 Potpourri 1. "Greenie" is a great favorite with all of us. He is one of our happiest members, finding nothing but good in all the happenings of the day. But somehow hap- penings of the night usually hold more enjoyment for this fun loving youth. Page forty-three I.-l...lf I4 A . an I4 L- . I IH! l9'il ' E' . . Vt HAl.l:R JAMES WILLIAM IIILL "Chick" Commercial Course Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Football 1, 2. It used to be "Chick," but since the day this boy tried to instruct some of our instructors, the title of "Professor" has been bestowed upon him. He is really quiet though, and we are still wondering why he let go this once. V' I If VITO JOSEPH IMPELLITTERI "Vito" Commercial Course Typing Prizes: Remington 1, Smith 1. To say that Vito is air-minded is putting it mild, he's 'fnuts" on the subject and really knows his stuff concerning airplanes. He expects to have his pilot's license soon. "Vito,' is a gentleman and a good sport. You'll like him when you know him. KARL HENRY INDERFURTH "Chick" Classical Course Class Football 25 Debating Club, Sophomore Plays, Rifle Club. Ah! my great big he-man from Mystic. Most of what "Chick" says comes under the head of sales talk, and he is absolutely the happy-go-luckiest fellow we know. You should meet "Chick" to appreciate him. .. -. .- JOSEPH MARTIN KUSHNER "Joe" Classical Course Class Baseball 2, 3, 4s Class Football 2'g Declamation 3, Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Playsg Varsity Minstrel: Class Track 2, 3, 4, Serenaders 3, 43 Tiger Staff, Whaler Staff, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4. "Joe," our musician has really done some great work for the school in this line. He is a happy-gp-lucky fellow and a true friend. If f'Joe" doesn't succeed no one will. , fwfr Page forty-fam' M " AV Y lv," ' A V .xx X I Q 2 , I. I., A.. 5 I I il 'zifi1iFii'f9:fi e 'I iwn Arm EDWARD FLINT LATHROP, JR. "Ned" Classical Course Varsity Football 45 Swimming 3, 4, Coach, Track Team, Varsity Clubg Tiger StaHg Whaler Staff. "Ned" has been at Bulkeley only two years but has made himself famous as a football player, swimmer and track star. This big jovial fellow is one whom we are proud to call Hfriendf' He is a good student and a writer of some note. FRANCIS T. LEARY "F. T.', Classical Course Varsity Football Manager, Varsity Club, Sports Editor, Tiger. "F, T." is destined to be a great journalist, if he keeps up good work. He has that professional look already, and when running out on to the football field with the doctor's case, well, professional hardly de- scribes him. "F. T." is well liked and we expect great things of him. ROGER WARREN LEWIS "Duke" Classical Course Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 4, Sophomore Plays. "Duke" is quiet, both in and out of the classroom. But when he feels the thrill of the trumpet under his delicately tipped fingers and raises the instrument to his sensitive lips, this quietness is forgotten and our own "Duke' shows folks what sort of music comes out of Mystic. .. in' .. JOHN EDMUND LITTLE "Eddie" Commercial Course Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Class Baseball 2, 3, Varsity Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee, Biology Clubg Civics Club, Typing Prizes: Remington lg Royal 1. 'tEddie," tall, dark and handsome, is a great man with the "wimmen." His collegiate Ford gets 'em, then he keeps 'em, maybe. "Eddie" is truly--a great athlete and one of the wittiest and best liked students in school. This world would be a much pleasanter place to live in if there were more "Eddie" Littles. N...f,. , -sf Page foity five Q5 ... ff L 1 Mini 'N' ' ' 'I W...-.. . - ,I , , 1 . ,KJ V V -'fi' g,,,1f", Am ,V a-J'1'zg,,-. 'tif ""' ,, , 4 , Y . .. ,-.:l:.1 Y W 4 f 4. W- "" - " 'r 2 H ' ff, , , , .4---v EDWARD H. MARSDEN "Doug" Commercial Course Bulkeley Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4. "Doug" is that mysterious young man who Hits around school, and around town, so quietly and busi- ness-like. He is always hard to find and is hard to beat when it comes to beating the drums. DAVID SOLOMON MASSAD "Dave" Scientific Course Declamation Contest 2. We expect a lot from "Dave" in the scientific field. His zeal in the pursuit of knowledge has kept him out of school activities, but high in the esteem of his teachers and classmates. ANDREW THOMAS McGUIRE "Mac" Classical Course Football 25 Prize in State Play Writing Contest. "Mac" is our playwright and authority on English composition. These two gifts coupled with a sense of humor have assured "Mac" of success and popularity. HENRY JOSEPH McININCH "Mac" Classical Course Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Football 1, 25 Photo- graphic Editor for Whaler 49 Sophomore Plays, Varsity Club Minstrelsg Class Track 1, 2. "Mac" has made many friends by his ready wit and his efforts in the cafeteria. Although "Mac" is often late he makes up for lost time when he arrives. He has always given his best and worked hard in what- ever he has undertaken. His ambitious co-operation has contributed greatly to the success of the 1931 Whaler. Page forty-sir ALBERT JOSEPH NAUTA "Snook" Commercial Course Class Baseball 1, 2. 3, 4g Typing Prizes: Royal. Underwood: Biology Club. nSI100k', has spent his four years at Bulkeley study- ing hard and playing jclass baseball. He has succeeded in both as we feel sure he will in life. NEWELL JOHN NORTHROP "Joe" Commercial Course Football 3, 4g Swimming Team 4g Class Baseball 2, 33 Remington Typing Awardg Biology Club 25 Sophomore Playsg Rifle Club 2. "Joe" is one of those popular fellows who work hard in school, and when it's over seems to disappear. How- ever, we feel sure that "Joe" will make good in what- ever he undertakes. DONALD FRANCIS 0'BRlEN "Don" Classical Course Declamation Contest 1, 2, 3g Potpourri 2, 33 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 Tiger Reporter 3g Essay Prize 33 Dra- matic Prize 2g Biographical Editor Whaler Staff. "Don" is that well-known and well-liked young man from Niantic, noted for his oratorical and dramatic abilities. "Don" is also a first class student and will- ing supporter of any school activity. SIDNEY PARKER "Sid" Classical Course Band 4. "Sid" shines in the band and in his studies but other- wise he is indeed quiet. We admire "Sid," Page forty-seven va ,av , A -A. ' ......:.. I 1.x x A- li 'r'r1Ffi175'QsT"i "wi1fi"fCiiiiiizi ' E .. 4 NORMAN V. PETTIGREW Commercial Course Norman is a transfer from Maine, so we do not know much about his former school life. We do know, how- ever, that during his brief stay at Bulkeley he has made many friends by his quiet smile and willingness to help. MAXWELL A. HAROLD PORTER "Mac" Commercial Course Potpourri 1, 2, 35 Remington Typing Award, Tiger Staff 3, Manager Basketball 43 Rifie Club 2, 3, 4. Mix thoroughly equal parts of business ability and friendliness and you have "Mac," one of the most popu- lar fellows in the class. If good common sense has anything to do with it "Mac" will certainly succeed. JOHN FRANCES PRIOLO "Johnny" Commercial Course Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 45 Track Captain 4, Class Basketball 3, Class Track 1, 2, 3, 4. "Johnny" is one of the three active captains in the school. For three years he worked hard on the cinders, and was rewarded last year when he broke the Con- ference 100-yard dash record, and was elected captain of the 1931 Track Team. May life be just another cinder path for you, John. LANSING CROWELL PUTMAN "Lanse" Classical Course Class Baseball 1, 2. "Lanse" is a quiet chap and disappears as soon as school is over, if not sooner. We all look up to t'Lanse" and admire him for his many line qualities. 'f D if l .- X.. fag.. R 1 44,'?!'l2 Cgffi if XX T 'wi'fYXx ,Q ,ggi Lfim, 'N . , .Q ,.,, - , . . Page forty-czgltt NATHAN HAROLD RAGIN "Nathan" Classical Course Swimming Team 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Remington, Royal, Underwood, Smith Typing Awards, Bulkeley Tiger Staff 3. Nathan has reached success, both in his studies and on the swimming team. He ranks among the first twenty in his studies and in his spare time has become one of the best swimmers in the section. ROBERT HOMER RAY "Bob" Classical Course Do We like "Bob"? Well we have to, we just can't help ourselves. 'tBob" is always ready for some fun, and his dry humor has, to our delight, disrupted many a class. QUINTEN SAVON REID "Quinny" Classical Course Track Team 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Rifle Club 2, 3. "Quinny" has been a great help to both the track and cross country teams. We wou1dn't be surprised if "Quinny's" long stride will some day make him famous. Go to it, "Quinny," WILLIAM J. ROCKWELL "Rocks" Commercial Course Class President 3, 4, Baseball 2, Football 2, 3, 4, Manager Swimming Team 3, Track Team 3, 4, Class Baseball 3, Potpourri 3, Varsity Club Treasurer, Junior Prom Committee, Remington, Royal, Underwood Typing Prizes, Dramatic Club 3, Class Basketball 3, Business Manager, Bulkeley Tiger 3. Allow us to present our senior class president, t'Bill" Rockwell, who is probably the busiest man in school. The football team and many social functions owe much of their sudsess to the eHorts of "Bill," Page forty-'niizc 4 GEORGE EARL ROWLEY "George" Commercial Course Baseball 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 4g Class Baseball 1, 25 Varsity Club 3, 43 Biology Club. Athletics are George's favorite pastime and he has had a great deal of success here at Bulkeley. Whether it's baseball or football George is right there with the goods. How he spends has evenings is still a mystery to us. MYER S. SANDLOVITZ "Murphy" Classical Course Art Editor for VVhaler. "Murphy" is the class artist and one of the best natured persons we ever met. He is a dandy fellow to work with and is an industrious student. LOUIS MICHAEL SCHABLEIN "Schab', Classical Course Reporter for Bulkeley Tigrer 3. Here is a typical Yankee, whose smile and ready Wit make him a good mixer in any group. "Schab's" sunny personality will long be remembered. RICHARD PEYTON SCHOLFIELD "Dick" General Course Junior Prom Committeeg Five Typing Awards: Asso- ciate Editor of Bulkeley Tigerg Editor-in-Chief of Bulkeley Whaler. With his ready smile and fine business ability, suc- cess is sure to come to "Dick," That he is ambitious is well illustrated by his creditable and voluminous work as Editor of this year book. Page fifty TYLER JOSEPH SECORA "Joe" Commercial Course Junior Prom Committeeg Biology Club 25 Typist for Whaler 4. Here is another fellow on our roster of hard workers, who says little but does a great deal. If we had more like "Joe" everything would go along as smooth as velvet. RAPHAEL JOSEPH SHAFNER "Joe" Classical Course The main activity for "Joe" is paying attention' to his studies. This one activity, however, is the all-1m- portant one so we readily say that "Joe" has done his bit. ALEC SHAPIRO "Al" Classical Course Vice-President 35 Assistant on Whaler Staff 3, 45 Potpourri 1, 25 Band 3, 45 Geometry and Trigonometry prizes 35 German prize 25 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Varsity Club Minstrel 35 Sophomore Plays. If you get stuck on a knotty "math" problem, go to "Al," He is Einstein's only rival when it comes to planes and solids. Maybe someday "Al" will advance some theory, understood only by himself. You can always count on "Al," JULIUS THATCHER SHEPARD "Shep" Classical Course Swimming Team 3, Captain 45 Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Football 25 Potpourri 2, 35 Varsity Club 3, 45 Junior Prom CQmmittee5 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Bulkeley Serenaders 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club Minstrel 3. g"Shep" not being satisfied with being about the finest musician in school took up swimming and became an expert in that art. Page fifty-one '11 'luv 3164 ROBERT ARTHUR SIMPSON "Bob" Commercial Course Class Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Manager Swim- ming Team 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 45 Typing Prizes: Remington, Royal, L. C. Smith, Under- wood, Varsity Club Minstrel 3, Bulkeley Serenaders 2, 3, 4. "Bob" is a small wiry individual full of vim and pep, an excellent trumpet player and very popular with the fair sex as Well as with us. He also "Croons" and how the "wimmen" love it. THOMAS FRANCIS SISK "Tefus" Commercial Course Band 2, 3, 45 Typing Prizes: Royal 1, 2, Smith lg Tiger Staff 3, Biology Club 2. We will long remember "Tefus" for his ability on the drum and on the typewriter. "Tefus" is popular with both faculty and students. DAVID SMALL "Dave" Classical Course Football 1, 2, Advertising Manager Whaler Staifg Assistant Advertising Manager for Bulkeley Tiger. Here is the class authority on clothes, personages, or what have you. Dave's cheerful grin is not only famous with folks at school, but with all persons of note who travel by way of the Union Station. Dave will soon own the station we are sure. RALPH POTTER SMITH "Bub" Classical Course Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class, Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Athletic Editor Whaler Staig Declamation Con- test 2, 3, 4, Potpourri 1, 2, 39 Varsity Club 3, 4, Band 25 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Tiger StaH 35 Varsity Minstrel. "Bub" is one of our most versatile classmates. No matter what is going on, whether social or athletic "Bub" is doing his bit and more. His ready smile and fine character have made him popular with both sexes. Page fifty-t wo , 5 ftllvy v 7 I MICHAEL JOSEPH SYRACUSE "Mike" Classical Course Radio Club. "Mike" is another one of the quiet fellovys, who are the real backbone of the class. He says little but is doing something constructive all the while. BURTON STANDISH WHITE "Burt" Commercial Course Whaler Staff Artist. With that contagious smile and a personality as pleasing "Burt" can go anywhere and make friends. He is a good student and a true friend. JAMES ROBERT VVHITE "Jimmy" Classical Course Class Baseball 2, 3g Biology Club 2. If you want a companion in any sort of venture just go to "Jimmy." He is ready for anything, thereby assuring himself of many friends. Let's go "Jimmy." BERNARD WIENER, JR. "Bud" Classical Course "Bud" is another of those well liked students who mind their own business and keep plugging at their studies. Good luck to you 'tBud." Pugc fifty-tlzrcc 1 LESLIE WILLIAM WILLIAMS "Les" Classical Course Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4g Basketball 3,45 Potpourri 13 Varsity Club 3, 4g Math Club, Varsity Minstrel. "Les,' with his athletic ability has procured for him- self a place on nearly all of the major teams. How- ever, this natural ability has not kept him from work- ing hard and steadily for success. Good luck, "Les." BENJAMIN JAMES WOLFE "Ben" Commercial Course Biology Club 2g Civics Club 2, Dramatic Club 43 Potpourri 4. 'fBen," one of our most amiable and dignified stu- dents, has distinguished himself as an zhctor. Nobody disputes his keen business sense and we all think him a fine young man. If you want a favor done or want to borrow a couple a hundred "bucks," see "Ben," he is always ready to oblige. WILLIAM BOOLE "Boole" Classical Course t'Boole" came to our school from the state of oranges, sunshine, and pretty girls, to-wit-California. He has only been with us for a few months but we know that he is an excellent student and we admire him for his wit and pleasing nature. We are sorry that we can't give you the pleasure of meeting "Boo1e" face to face but he came in too late to get his picture in this book, however you may call 3331 for appointments. in Memoriam DAVID PATTEN LEIB Classmate and Comrade Died January 2, 1929 Page fifty-fall 7 , .1- ,V 7.1-' ,145 2fffQQw5'1e Q Zz f' 37 ' Y' - ,, K dak? GY1Qg6Qg?qE3?v5q6pgi m!gAyQ M ,fu-S9 'QQ PQ' - Qavgifgil 0 ng' Q fy amiga? ,ggmass Q? 45935 main? Wm Zfcfpwoi WWW QW f,f3izi'LfZzf7 f1ffWWM'f' 75232 WM W W MQ 5 7 I M , ff MQW? WNW Hwjgf-Q awflwf. JVM f ' ' ,QQ- Wgfifwf gf5fQg,fQ ' - Wx XA 0 UYFVEGVW Wqxm Zfiwwff KZ my Qf,-,Mm if Efgfwf MQW I ' WA M 47 - CMN ff WW WMM ?fg,,,gL,W ifwf Hglfiw, ,272 1s1,.,,,A4 . C XX ,7,.,,M.2 957443 2 ZZ! f Omcfww ww new Q qH.,.Q7fQ5f MCLZ. JWWM, 222w'ff'VfQf6M V 2I23,jQf,QiA fiiirw f- jW'M'Z'Z1"'Q"'lQ Mm 'fain mit? gym 52 fww f3J5 Ef - 'aa-if T - T Ax Page fifty-fin' l 7f 'Aga Z L14 L-4 4 f ,vw f-f -1 rv p--. ww ,-4 f-1 -4 V w f ,, f fvw r-1 L ,Z F, Z 2 f Glass Superlatihes Most Popular .......w......w,...A..,. .VV........YVV.wY..w.. Most Brilliant ..Y,,, Most lincrgetic ,,,,. Most Modest ...., , Most Tardy '.,,. .,..,.,,, , Most Denierits ,..,,,......,.,vA Best All ,-Xround Klan YY,,,.,,,,, liest Opinion of Iliniself .,.,,, liest lilullfer ....,Y,,,,,, ,...,,.... l-lest Dancer ,.... . liest Looking ,.,..A Best Natured ,,,,,,, Best Musician ,.,, ,. . Class Loafei ',.AAA,.. Greatest Talker.. ,,.V,, ,A Most Cheerful Liar .,..,.,. NVittiest .....Y,,.,..,v,,......, Luekiest .,Y,,.....,,,.....,,,, I.east Appreciatecl YY.,,, Nerviest .,,,........,,,,,, , l.aziest ...r.,l Noisiest ..,,,, Shortest ....,,,,,,. lallest .,Y..,,,.,,...,....., XVOrst Grind ,.....,Y,,.,,..,,,.,,,.,.r.. - - v .- Did Most lor " 31 ....,.,..A,,,,...,,,,, ...,.. Biggest Drag with liacultg Xecds Il Most ....,,....,t Did Most for Iiulkelef ',,, llulkeleyis Greatest Need- Most Ilelpful Activity .... Do You Indulge in Neeking Do You Approve of Denicri USEZM Mr. Norris-Pay up! ...Vvilliain Rockwell ..,........IiZl11S Dahlgren .,,,,,lrving Frcedhanfl .,,,,.l4l1'Zl11li lJeSantis ,...,.,,,Rohe1't Barry ...,...lIoward Fern . .,,, Wayne Brooks ,H..,iCarl lnderfurth ,,,,,,,Rlaxwell Porter ,.,,,,l':fl1I'lLl11ll l.ittle ...mlialpli Smith ,,,....Davicl Small ,,,Y,.julius Shepard .Y,,,lidward Lathrop ,,,,,,lgCl'11fll'Cl Xkiener iYi.....i.Davicl Baum ,,,,,,,YlIoward Fern David Baum ,,,,,,,l,Zi11l Constantine ,ui..,.llowarc,l Fern Paul Constantine l3ernarcl XYiencr Max Belgrade lfrank Barber Irving Freedhanfl Xhvlllllllll Rockwell Donald O'Hrien Irving Freeclhancl ,,YXYilliznn Rockwell A New FaCult5 'YY,A,, Co-liducation ? ,.., ,....,. X 'es, 643 No, Freedhand ts .,,,..,,, .,,,i,...,..,,,,i,,,.,,. X 'es and No the Faculty Mr. Cole-'Are you all in your right Mr. Pierce-WVe have tickets for- seats? Mr. Falconer-Come on, break it up. Mr, Peck.-Ygu played the Wrong Mr. Pasqualee-A word to the wise is trump, sufficient. Mr, Hamlen-Look it up! Mr. Flood Reed-Precisely-examim Mr. Sma11-Take these notes' ation ethics. H ' 1 Mr. Orcutt-Do I make myself clear '? mr' Qu,Qe0t',u t the hour Mr. Canty-Get up on your pins! Y' men- fl S, Ely ano 'Ii ' Dr. Clare-Now, when I was in Rut- MQ- Ray Reed-Im gwmg you a break' gers- Hero s the way to do it. My, Lawrence-That will angwer, MP. Underwood-We figure that it will Mr, Heyte11..0ne hour and three pag- only cost you about ten cents each this QS! time. Page fifty-seven Zuniur Staff Zlssistants This page is in recognition of the services rendered to our Business Manager by joseph M. XYool. Theodore Sharaf, Dan Schwartz, and Alec VVolfe, and for the valuable assistance of Leonard Cooper who did much of the art work for this book. Page fifty-eight 1! TZ Q-Sfgfxxxq X- ' ' - I. aff' W . 'f A ,f rl-5. i W' w f .Ass ' QE! N ra X V ma If I ESS? xww Q E 5 X X Pb is 'SM l a xi' E320 V! X f f Y ffff ay. "EEL "-5 v ' 'Eau X. X Aan!! fx fab ' :LXX XWX AQQQW '1.5X'XNXX.. NXNXf-jfmhaxf, x 5 MXXXxxxxxwwmxwww N"-. ,KW XX QMEMQN igyfx Q-svs3'1"q-W ...lhiigw X QQ fL1e:,1fe'X Q -',. . ,,. 0 giiffgagva ' I -: :xx ,v....-s-e42?5i99Myp'A ati'-rxxmmmzixh-11 Nm X' TL T uvL+Zv1R31N""" X ' , X . 'XX ir, - - X- ' N Q.-s.-.... Q.-212..v4Qx. X : :C .K . N' ' ' Q .,A'-8Q23'fEH5'5 ' .yixfi XXO 0 Q 'TQ .,,un693"" M" W' - .-if: fha f fx ,In X M ,Am xx, itatifx ,x -1. K fx , X X 5' 1' XX i X NXQXXXl3NfXx,Q5xXXXST , ' .N 09.- , 92 QW, JW , aj- 5' gd U svul UIIEX, Avi 'i4"F XXX X X K 'F J 0 S A - -I-'NA 4 fr-Q-ZX :Vx X ., ry an S - M , md' E E "4 f' .W-533. 1 B x K U :IJ E E S, X' .-. WU VI mp, E g 2- , GX E 5 as XX ,ff 'lx k f I". 5 E E J i Q, Q5 Jn I 12 515. -""::1 - ' 2 : X 1?- f 'upfcfiklg s E -, N f , 1,33-, E ,- .L , IQ J if 3 E 5 Qi f 0 f A22-2'-S2315 i f A pn 6:-:gill-2 -- SA, XXX MV4'sv4 vfqvni r' -.,-2-:aye ..'.'.y.P1 Q..-'-.-. ' 5 E 'uf I 9.4.43 '54-xx f gg. V :gag-QQ. s-.' 39"'S5"A4'o'525G ' X X, '33 X .p,f'Qxg.'.Q.a ..., . , vfiiffzz- 'mfffgi f me, Z' - , I-0 -5 " x 'Q m 5 'M V UZ on 1337 x . ,, I . W'-2,40 'FN-'y' 2n"'1'4 49? ' N':'I'?2 .319 ' f O 64' JP, vi 4 - junturs .. "H -s,, ...a,..,....a-.v.... 'L - X ' , gfg, FU 1 11,3133 s ls' 4 -' 1 31 uniur Qlllass Zlaisturp We three year-olds, the class of 1952, started in at liulkeley by estab- lishing a record the very day we entered. Ours was the largest Freshman Class which ever registered at liullxeley. Xve numbered one hundred and eighty-two, and were full of vim, vigor. and vitality. Soon we were well acquainted with our upper classmen and. in due course of time, were challenged to a game of football by the Sophomores. louder the able guidance of Mr. Ray Reed, one of our teachers, we put in a few weeks of rigorous training, and then the clash occurred. After the smoke had cleared away the score board was still blank. VVe spent one more week in preparation and then trounced the mighty Sophs by a score of l3-O. ln an interclass track meet, held at approximately the same time, we Freshmen again demonstrated our athletic ability by defeating the Sopho- mores. Aside from our regular school work. the Potpourri next took our interest. XVe put on a play that everyone enjoyed. There were only two characters, but the piece was well done and won second place. We were represented in the Declamation Contest also, but failed to place in the finals. XVe tried our best but could onlv secure third Jlace in intcrclass base- f . g 1 ball. Our scholastic abilitv seemed to satisfy the facult' so the class was , . 3 practically intact at the end of the year. ln a football game played during our second year, soon after school started, we luckily defeated the gallant Freshmen in a hard fought game. The final score was 7-0. A number of our class members played varsity football this year and were indeed a valuable addition to the team. During this, our Sophomore year, basketball was inaugurated. At hrst there were only interclass games and in these we placed second. Basketball soon developed into a varsity sport and our class was also represented on this team. Wie worked long and hard to produce the tragedy, "Submerged," for the Potpourri and were rewarded for our efforts by winning first place. This play was directed by Mr, Ray Recd who deserves niuch of the credit for its success. Now our Junior year draws to a close, Xve have been well accounted for in all of the major sports as usual, our scholastic standing has been high, and we are ready to make next year our big year at liulkeley, as indeed it should be, for in athletics, as well as in our studies, we will be veterans and have three years of rich experience behind us. ' Page sixty fu -.13 tw. xr . A :, W all Ki ,., v. .f ' 1 r v M 1 1 .. 91 5-J .W 1 . su isa il 'fi ,ni 7,51 iui ku il 1 w fi? 2- E ll U 55 F1 1 R1 E3 H U 'K K4 as ra :fit M5 375 ,. 55' fi 216 ma Qu 'JW V18 VS QQ rs f"5S I My rt sw-ru sw vu-nw 1f'w.rf"1- rf'wrxiw:f:f"'f'::::?::: ::::nfm:i1 H151 2533! WHAl.Ir.R,,.:....-,,igmfgzf X .1 L 1932 .NSS OF CL , -i.,,...Y ,gf- ,, . U n,,,Qf' , 3 li 'H YW! ,.. is v w FQ m4 ai re F fi im 3 H :vm 552 Q? 5. li C3 ii fi YY WSI RFB A u fu LJ 'UC Cf! 4 1 El P A, ai rx E2 E U rs I5 Ei as li H 575 E 1 1' l avi hw s 2 15.3 I V' ,vc rx-, I Q 1 x 4 61355 uf 1932 Alfred Gagnon ,..,...A j. Bernstein ......... ., , ,,,,,,.w.......f. jules Racine .....Y... ....,, V.,, .,V..... Aimetto, julius Andrews, Kenneth Azars, George Barker, Daniel Barker, Roy Barry, Edward Baylis, jack Beaudoin, Frank Beebe, Horace Bernstein, joseph Bingham, Francis Boylston, john Brennan, Norman Brooks, Ernest Butler, james Buxton, VYinslow Buzenski. Iidmund Buzenski, Henry Carver, Richard Chapman, li-0XX'3.I'!l Clark, Clarence Cleary, john Collins, VValter Corkey, james Daghlian, Philip Davidson, Kenneth Davis, Arthur Davis, Larry D'Elia, Albert Delmore, Francis Derry, Robert Doroshovich. 'Peter Dyer, joseph Ifdwards, Xxvllllillll Ferber. Abraham Ferrier, Dan Gagnon, Alfred Gordon, Milton Hage, Badi Haleftiras. Perieles Hamil, George Hanson, Theodore johnson, Arthur jones, Chester Kaiser, Henry Keenan. joseph Keeney, Albert Kiernan, Charles Leviloff, Aforris Loftus, VVillia1n Lowery, George Lynch, Thomas Maher, Thomas Marlane, Daniel Marsdale, Allen Massad. Michael Mather, VVilliam MeCvarry. Michael Moran, Alfred Murphy, joseph Nason, Earle Newcomb. john O'C'onnor. liclward O'Hea. Thomas Olofson, Andrew Secretary ..,,.,,.....,.President .Vice-President and Treasurer l'hillips, Clyde Priolo, Louis Racine, jules Reed-Hill, Robert Reidy, joseph Roche, Paul Rose, Esmond Rose, Keil Saari, Neil Sepowitz, john Sharaf, Theodore Shaw. Stillman Shurts, Frederick Smith, Henry Smith, Lawrence Sousa, joseph Spiers, john Spinner, George Steacl. George St. Germaine, james Sullivan, Alfred Thomas, Edgar Tubbs. Paul XYeymouth, joseph XYhite, Zebulon XYhite, XVaters XVilensky, Abraham XYinakor, Sydney Nlloodvvorth, Carl XYoodworth, Richard Wool, joseph Zemel, joseph Page sixty-tu 0 Sf W J W , YM ' ., E ' f ,-mug, hh ff W U 5 E' ' 2'-WWW ' f se fifaxflflg k f 1' 155-y:g9'f"f? gilln XS! r Vx x I J 1 vs " ' S si' " X, X N ' f vi B i X , 5 X XX L' Syl V If ll' Q XY XX- Xxx NX ' ' I K A l XXX If- x ' F "fy ' lx " ' , Q V L, X, 5' x Y' " N! ' , . ,iff 1 -E' ,fir 'va ? if ee ' .qy f Q1,mQ, I, , 1, I ,.,,,vrn-ffzbfllf " ' , I M, f f . -X ' ISU wifi' " f V E 251' ? K ' f . K V I if " if Z W7 Erlgf w 5 1? v , HW f' f ,fm if f n' , 1 ' . 1.fX ,XA 'f wg 45-45, 4 f W W f - ff , f 1 4 3 Z2 ' fig W, Z Af , Q24 g -, , 5 WN 6773 ,gzlix is gg ,, .. - N H ' 4" '- .filff-' -yy: 'f'5 " "" 5 My ' L.-ftiraaau. ,EQ14 Qupbumnres bupbnmure Qilass Iiaisturp llere we are at the mid point of our high school life. NVQ have marched trinmphantly through our first and second years. In our first we spent the best part of our time with our studies and in getting acquainted with liulkeley and its many organizations. As lireshnien we beat the Seniors in an interclass track meet held soon after the opening of school. This first taste of victory made us feel quite proud of ourselves and we went forth with great enthusiasm to do battle with the Sophomores on the gridiron, but had the wind taken out of our sails without much ado. There was a line crowd at the field and everyone said that the game was a good one. Our first baseball victory came in our game with the liaeulty. XYe beat them by a score of 9-4. Soon after our Faculty victory we took over the Soph's team with a score of 4-l. In our first Potpourri performance we put on a comedy entitled. "lt Vvill Be All Right on the Night." The play was an original one written by the members of the Freshman class. The play showed the trials and tribulations of a coach trying to produce a play with a group of mediocre and indifferent actors. ln our second year we felt like veterans and set right ont at the be- ginning of the year to make good. We did admirably in most of the major sports. improved our seholastic standing, and are now ready to make the last half of our high school life resplendent with victories. Page sixty-fom' L? CLASS OF 1933 iw Qlllass of 1933 Frederick Keele liernard l'opkin .,,,,.. Elias Nahas ...,,...... Russell Fitzgerald.. Adelman, Norman Agen, Mortimer Allanaeh, Robert Bielecki, VValter Bjorge, Irvin Blenienthal, Leon Brevoort, John Cables, George Carney, Paul Cassidy, Charles Clark, David Clark, Richard Conklin, Janres Cooper, Leonard Corliss, John Creswell, Russell Curtin, Francis Daboll, Roger Dean, Burton Dimmock, Kenneth Doucette, Charles Criseoll. John Edwards. Cecil Einhorn, Morris Fattori, Morris Fitzgerald, Russell Fox, Xxvllllillll Gager, John Qoula, John Ham, Frank Hendel, Daniel llendel, l.awrence Hertz, Albert Hinkley, Arthur Hodet. Thomas Huntley. XYillard lmpellitteri, Salvatore lmpellitteri, Anthony Jayne, Carl Keefe, Fred Kierstead, Earl Latham, Robert Laputz, George Lewis, Milton l.ooby, Russell l,ubehansky, llarold Mariani, l'eter Mark, Frank Massad. Nicholas May, Hamilton McCarthy. John McDonald, James McLaughlin, Leonard Mcl.aughlin, Thomas Meuse, James Miller, Ernest Gershowitz, Sidney Miner, Edgar Gorton, Raymond llresident Yiee-l'resident ..,.....,,Secretary ,...,,,,'l'reasurer Moses, Carl Nahas, Elias Nauta, George Neilan, James Noyes, John O'Brien, Edmund Occhialini, Raymond O'Neill, Gwen l'opkin Rernarcl Quaintanee, Donald Rakosky, David Rowley, Harold Ryzewie, Harry Sabagh, Mitchell Satterly, Robert Schoonnian. VVilliam Schwartz, Daniel Scott, lYalter Sisk, James Smith, Morgan Seymour, Smithline Soltz, Merrill, S. Stefenski, Stephen Sullivan. Michael Tubbs. John Turner, Vernon Tytla, Milton Vogt. Frederick XVolf, Alexander XVolstencroft, Joseph Page sixty-six 1 5' Zi M -- My K A AA , ..A. li X X fbi? Y, XX WZQQ, aww!! fwfwm 1 - Dmnyyw' v X U, f - , ,gi fu .. X A n I W . M EN X 9 I, 2 f a. 4--1 X , rx' X f 'MM xx, "ww NNN' .355 J 1 fy W 4 74 V ff A 1 22? Q ":,g,. fX ,51y ' f 'awk f WV' 'gg:gZi13E22z2fEzgi1iG' ' M uf X ., -iid WW +L If 2 4 ' s4a5a.k X ff -.- X 1 A VA A W ,.::.f My xx, h Q .g:g4 ., i Q WWl!llq W fIfff1uw9Q1.ft H AWWV ww-H"' W-1wwff W ANU" " ff ' X ' NXXXWXB XX "" 'ff -:- 7 "S ff- Au f, A "' x. E 9 2 f, 'ff -.A 'xml ' X Mg 3 A fi fair ,. , A , 2 '11 " ' 'Q., " fa I ,- 442 iii: ff wfa. . E'3 "' 5 :air wffqg, ff iii: 5, f if ?E"s657E5Zinh'1 f fr- 'w f . 1 -' 'dfffzfffff-I X "' ff 1MM5fii if f .v ff ,WH 7' - :Z u 1 1 wa-if 'f ' H QM ffffffflllllk 1' gg-:wit he 1 :Q-111.111 u 'aim V , I hx nj my , -2 A f gf 0 26, flgfygggg 1 -Mfg? 5 4 Z ' a If 05,1 f f iw f 36' 'Z' 'v 177, ff 4' ' 2 , V, 'w 'f ' 322, ,, JE.: ,.,.- ' . 5 4? f g fegffizv :aaWinQf,,,,,,WW .W 74 f .I iff -f 2 'ff ' I 2 mm H .gf 4 - 4- ' ul- V , , 1 , 11 Twig, ? y TQ'-'aaern.--.-.'::nv. l ' 15 ' MX fD:1'B5bmBI1 f M :I Q 6, I 4. ,l.,.x..x.J.gQ i,n..,4.L- ,.b. h if 1 .. 2' v 'Pt . ' yr' ' f " if M" ' il 7M ff Ii f, , , THE l93l if WHMER The :Freshman Glass lYe have covered the first lap of our secondary school life and feel well pleased with Bulkeley, the school of our choice. Our first year has been a most pleasant 0116. We were cordially received the first day we entered and have since been treated with respect by everyone. VVe have not been made to feel that we were "lowly Freshmen," and have not been hazed by any upper classmen. This fine spirit which has been shown by both faculty and students has en- couraged and helped us in our studies and in our athletics, and we, as a class, wish to compliment Bulkeley School for this admirable democratic spirit. VVe believe that Bulkeley is indeed one of the finest schools of its type anywhere to be found, and We will sin- cerely endeavor to carry on by the rules of good sports- manship set for us by the preceding classes. XVe are looking forward to thrce more years in Bulkeley as a great experi- ence which we are privileged to enjoy. "Bulkeley Schoolf' may we live up to your traditions, and be better men for having been here. ' ' Page sixty eight 5 . f gf ,fil- X Q .t . -t .i - 4 , , -- -- . . e 5? -, , ,xi S 1 is ,fr L14 Y X, w, ...,f..r.,.,:.. 1 1-mf.. Q x v CLASS OF 1934 ., Q , 1 A rr: Z2 FT V1 Qlilass nf 1934 Arthur St, licrmame ......,. , ,.,....,..... . ,....., ..,.... . President Albert Tannenbaum ...... , ....................... . Philip Berry ,A,,,,V....,.,...,,.......... ....,...,,.. S ecretary Abernathy, Gerald Azars, john Baxter, Richard Berry, Philip liirmingham, Robert Blonder, Isaac Blotsky, Tony Booth, XVilliam Bronitsky, Irving Brown, Russell Carter, Charles Cartwright, Paul Cascio, Nicholas Cavanaugh, james Chamberlain, Edward Cody. Edward Connell, John Coombs, Charles Cooper, Samuel Crocker, Clayton Crowley, Cornelius Cutillo, John Dean, Harry Decker, Lewis DiMaggio, Thomas Dodge. XYilliam Donnee, Thomas Dyer, Lawrence Ebersole, XVilliam Facas, Anthony Freeman, Joseph Gaskell, XVinfield G-elinas. Edmund Glasbrenner, John Griffith, Theodore Hansen, Henry Harris, Selden Hathaway, Carl Hendel, Harry Higgins, VVilliam Hilsberg, George Homan, Hames Horan, Thomas Howard, Charles llullivan, Robert llusbands, George jacques, Robert Rane, Robert Katz, XYilliam Knie, VValter ' Koss, Morris Kurpiewski, Edward Lacey, Harold Langdon, XYilbur Leib, Amos Leino, Sulo Levine, Morris Liljenstein, Cecil Loiacano. Richard Loaioco, James Londregan, Timothy Losacano, Teddy Lyon, Xxvilliam Macknik, Tony Mallove, Mitchell Mariani, Roland Mark, Dominick Maynard, Elwood Maynard, Gsmond Maxson, Silas Messer. Charles Misarsky, Sigmund Montague. Lawrence Monty, John Moore, Kenneth Moykkynen, Kauko Mulvihill, Daniel Nelson, Frank O'Connor, Francis O'Connor. Raymond l'armalee, Frederick Parsley, jack Patch, Horace Perry. Russell Fetrosky, Michael Phillips, George Prentis, Arthur Yice-President and Treasurer Ralterty, Joseph Ransom, Roger Ray, 'Wilbur Reagan, VVilliam Reid, Leonard Reilly, Robert Rogers, Alton Rush, Lester Sabilia, Anthony Salowitz, Louis Schlink, Robert Schwartz, Harold Simpson, Chester Sleights, Mike Smith, Carlyle Smith, Donald Soltz, Alvin Sorel, Herman Spellman, George Spinner, Arthur St. Germaine, Arthur Strom, Atmore Sullivan, Donald Sullivan, John Sullivan, John T. Sullivan, Raymond Tagliaferri, Edmund Tannenbaum, Albert Taylor, Francis Terry, Kenneth Trafaconda, Salvatore Yivirito. Thomas XYalker, Thomas VVatson, Elmer XVatson, James XYeinstein. Frank VVessel, Morris VVilliams, David XYllli3.I11S, Lloyd VYilliams, Robert XYitham, Harry VVo-icoski, Edward Zito, Russell Page seventy -4'23?6J'5. x -1 'a . L g - , ,W at ,Q ik- ff Q - Z' 9 ' ' Sb., I I Yiy 47 ' 'if ' ' ' ' ' . 5 , 'I' " F' ., Z ' fm QQ.-" -R. I " , ,', fl. L-A il 'ua X XL Q:','i',j- 423: ' X, my ,, "H x ":k-xx?77 " ir- x KQXX . QQ. I 1 J7:-,.'4,-'rf x x . S 4 Q ' E503 QSVVI. fy, K mf + wr' bi Y If m'5'11,i4,,,.'-.-J- .1 '-'xiiaif f:-7-N' , 1 ,ff . ' H: -Aff - .--f, Jw- 2- nf" ve f ' l1f'!x ,-V.,-, V 1- If-"',,I,'.vXYf,' I , X f 'ai ' -,HW-sid' ,4 W ' ww w l'Q.?l, 65' 1.51335 In 1 fil,25Em' N mir Lf imxefl 1,'lI,'f291!-lr xx 1 , ,!, f h -et it far vvarglr 1 Qggliiwfy X7 , N -Q-4 L 51 -1 a.qyQl:f'f:, , X L' 6 1 fr- '-' f' gf. Ti r Mfg, ?-J 'ff xifkff '72 1' If ms Q E ' . an ' , - A. fbi L' s lm ' - '5 'L .. M A Y-KJ' Q ul:-'eva' .. , Fx", " ff' 'Y . Y ' V W ' H' fc 'fy' ' ' .JW Mf NH. ff - vp-. ff .5 if J MX , f , I rs- - Q N 1' E . :J If K 1 X ' ' , M J' . ' xmg sf' - Q1 A ' N ' -1 - xi Qtbletirs MERCER FIELD Q .wwf COACH XYILLIAM F. CTBRIEN Qlluzftiaptains VVILLIAM j. ROCIQXYELI. RALPH P. SMITH N I CH OLAS F. DEGA ETAN O Page seventy-four jfunthall 1930 XYhile most of the people were enjoying themselves at the beach, the football squad was sweating in those old familiar togs. Boy, but they were hotl And did those jerseys itch? XYell. l hope to spit. That little miracle man, Coach XYilliam F. O'Brien. hadn't seemed to lose any of his prestige or ambition from the last season. and he worked the squad till it was ready to call "quits.H Although the Bulkeley Football Team did not win any championships. they had a most successful season. At times the team probably did look like, well, anything but bright, but changes in the line-up struck the right combination and resulted in a very brilliant hnish for the l93O season. Opening up their season with Meriden High, the Tigers showed what had been accomplished in the early fall training, 13-O, boy. that's some score for the first game of the season. And on that awful hot day Bulkeley's hopes for a successful season were in full bloom. Did we tear down that Held, well, that old line just opened up streets for the backfield and they followed up passes and line plunges until we had pushed over two touchdowns. 011 the 9th of October we had the pleasure of beating Fitch. There was certainly some keen competition between Bulkeley and Fitch. Fitch showed a very remarkable improvement over their first season of football. Rowley. Collins. and Halfetiras scored the touchdowns for us by long and short gains through those widesopen spaces in the line. Fitch scored on a single long pass. Qur tackles certainly showed up well in this game. Yes sir, we played Stonington next. And we almost made our coach happy but that Brown and XYhite team did some tricky running and tied the score. Uh, we started off as if it was only a matter of time before weld run the score so high that we'd have to come home to get more numbers but it must have been the 13th. johnson did a lot of punt-blocking and the line opened up nice holes but the backtield wanted to take the other road. XYQ certainly blocked up that center of the line with R. P. and Wvoody "piling it upf' Score 6-6. Yes. we are coming to it: Viesterly beat Bulkeley 7-6. Not a bad score but it's the idea of it. You see. folks, it's like this, Bulkeley played a corker of a game but this Champion Xvesterly team was just one point better. Again the Tigers had a brilliant start but slowed down before the hnish and allowed Manchester to score. The opening minute of play Bulkeley marched the length of the held for a touchdown. But we didn't seem to make the best of the breaks we were given. if any. Qur line played very well and blohnsen, Saint, and Brooks proved a great hinderance to the capable Manchester backs. But Manchester's aerial plays tied up the score and the game. Page seventy-fiiwe t qfww XYe next played the heavy and fast Hillhouse team from New Haven. Bulkeley played them to a standstill in the early stages of the game, but the iinal score was 13 to O. We tried hard to score, but threw two scoring chances away through faulty playing. Tlaleftiras and Johnson played excellently for us. And now the climax of the season with our two strongest rivals, Tech and Norwich. XN'e went to Norwich determined to win, and we did. Talk about your Yale-Harvard games. well, here's a game which may be put down in the books as a game between the oldest rivals in the U. S. A. Some distinction, yeah? And this football team won favor too, working hard, and working together with not one muff or slip. The nrst half was scoreless but then we showed our better training and condition by beating them in the last. Rowley went ont tackle for 50 yards. Then Haleftiras took the ball out of bounds. Pat Haleftiras scored around end and for the first time in live years liulkeley beat Norwich. VVe can't do justice to these games in this space but we feel that maybe you'll remember yourself some of the wonderful work that our team accomplished. Now for Tech- Tech and Hulkeley were on even terms on paper, but as soon as 'he teams met on the field the "dopesters" found that they were wrong. The Tiger team who played against Tech was a wonder team, every man doing his part and helping the other man, the backfield following right through the holes made by the line. Play after play went on smoothly until the old score rang 26-O in our ears. Dat's sumthin'. No matter how hard the Tech backs tried they were swallowed up in a sea of orange jerseys. Towards the end of the game our entire third team was playing and still scoring. Our boys out-scored their opponents 95-41 and gained 310 more yards than their opponents. Therels a record for you "Old Man Timef' Page seventy-six i -W TEABI L XL FOOTBA To tell you who were the outstanding stars of the season would be impossible but we can give you a line-up of this wonder team out of which we might mention, that johnson, Smith and Gaetano were placed on the All Interscholastic team for 1930 with Smith receiving the honor of Con- ference guard for two consecutive years, but here's your line-up: Right Guard ...,.... ...... . Art Johnson Left Guard ....,, .....r.,.. B uzenski Right Tackle ....... .....,, R . P. Smith Left Tackle ....,. ....,...,,,, X Y. Brooks Right End ....,. ,..... v T. St. Germaine Left End ....,... ............,c., R ockwell Fullback .c...........,....... i,..... N ed Lathrop Right Half Back ..,... ,........, G . Rowley Left Half Back ,.,... .,.......... D eGaetano Quarterback ...,.. ....,.. 1 ,at Haleftiras Everyone was impressed with the spirit and attitude of this team. But we wonder who are going to be the Rockwells, Gaetanos, Smiths, Lathrops, and Brookses of the future? Who knows? In closing we might say that this has been the most successful season in Five years. Don't forget the men who deserve probably more credit than all the "stars," or big sixes. the men like L. XYilliams, J. Priolo, C. XVoodworth, and Thomas. Thanks. Look for a Championship team in 1931. Yep! That's right. Bigger and better every year. I Page seventy-eight LL SQUAD OTBA FO 6 W 1564 'FY 4111 fffovffif 5725 15 fl., 5 M , 5, Ge 06 1 Zgasehall sq 1 p Cllalupicmship cup won by Hxllkclefs team in thu EZlS'CQ1'11 CUllIlCL'tiL'l1l :md XYcstern Rhode Island Intel scluulzmtic League, 1930. Page eighty-mze i "v f-we SITE Zgulkelepki Qihampiunsbip Baseball Bear Meet the Conference Champions, the llulkeley baseball team of 1930. It was Coach XVilliam F. O,Brien, who was responsible. This was his first year as coach of baseball at Bulkeley. but the record of the team showed his fitness for the task. The early spring workouts were held at Caulkins Park and the coach looked over a Bulkeley squad for the first time. Hardly a month later the 1930 Bulkeley team took the field in a practice "gon with the Boys' Club of the City League. Our team lacked hitting power but our pitching staff worked better than had been expected. The three pitchers used struck out l2 Clubmen but the older and more experienced players came out on top with a 3-l score. After a siege of bad weather we opened our schedule with Pratt High of lissex. Ci-ene Callahan, determined to have a major part in the winning of the Conference title, pitched his first game. He held the boys from Essex to one hit, thereby practically shutting them out, and then won his own game in the second inning by smashing a double, to score Buonano and lieebe. The team was still a weak hitting aggregation, and, through their five errors, showed a marked weakness in flelding. For the fifth game of the season we journeyed to Stonington, and re- turned a sadder lot in more ways than one. Stonington clutched the game in the second with a hve-run rally. and before the day was done. added three more to the tallies. The hnal score was 8'-4. This was liulkeleyls second defeat out of three league starts: giving them an undisputed hold of Hfth place in the league and with the odds against them for immediate improvementg so said the critics. XYhen the weather finally cleared we took on the bows from the stony city, VVesterly. lt was a close game all the way through with Art Dayton having the edge over Novak of Westerly, in a ten-inning pitchers' battle. The break of the game came in the tenth when the out of towners' center-fielder dropped a pop Hy and let us score the winning run. The game ended with a final score of Bulkeley 4, YVesterly 3. Again the Champions tasted defeat and this time at the hands of XYind- ham. 5-3. All thoughts of a successful season were forgotten and the stands at Mercer Field were almost deserted whenever the Tigers took the Held. Page eighty-two , Zfoex ff 9L-.uvf " N Q7 , . f fha ff rm- N ig ' S ,V ri XI:.:44- 0 72 I s D ee be 50:11 - ff! Spas! X, WP? -'-z A yn-ng, . kk-- Kimu- u ,... A Annu- 5 N 'ax Qi if 0 XX jpsecf Ggfiaffd M for 1 ' A "nn 7 H : ,f"k 'gi - 5 . C 5 ' S ., , Q V V . Z - ,Wah nj 'RC s J , ww' my 36,9 nan, L- Cs Zinn. ,far B U I.KEI.EY'S CHAMPION SHIP TEAM , 11" -s , all i"'35if5.,.3'i'a-'ff' ' 'I' lil' ' .,.,..,......,.A. ..,, V 4151 Z l 9 I r . A good lot of batting practice was had by all when the Tigers took a trip to Cheshire, tnot the reformatoryl. Balls flew thick and fast in all directions. Bulkeley outrhit their opponents lo-14 but lost largely because of errors and walks, by a score of 20-18. Lady l.uek was still marked absent at liulkeley. Callahan piiched a wonderful game against our name-sake from up-state, but his good pitching went up in smoke as his team-mates committed six errors and failed to hit. liulkeley won, 5-l, but not Bulkeley of New London. Coach Ollirien began to revise his line-up and try new combinations to endeavor to get a real hitting, fielding, and winning baseball club. Spud Murphy was brought in from the out-Held to shortstop. His brother 'loe was moved from shortstop to third base. liarelay was moved from third to left field. llaleftiras was changed to the outfield because of his hitting ability. This combination seemed to be the makings of a real team. and we soon proved that it was, by defeating Deep River, 3-l. Dayton gave them eight scattered 'hits but was supported perfectly by the team. "Pretty lucky, sez yon!" :Xnd so said a good many more. but the fol- lowing Saturday, Hulkeley, with Callahan delivering, smashed the heavily favored Tech Huskies to the tune of 7-3. This put the Tigers in fourth place, their first step up the Conference Ladder. Page eighty-four , . I , .XP 'J' 5.22 V QSM! 5 7 D SQUA IBALL SP A B ur ada. Q 1 w Ll x 1 Bulkeley averaged an early season defeat by trimming Stonington 5-2. Another "dark horse" from the depths of OlRrien's bag of surprises. Frank Ham, hlr., pitched the game and did a creditable job. Bulkcley again stepped up the ladder and took second place under N. F. A. Aliut the lighting Tigers soon showed the world where they belonged. VVith Callahan again on the mound and his team mates hitting and Fielding excellently, the Bulkeley boys came home from Norwich singing a 7-l victory over our age-old rivals, N. F. A. To follow up the glorious X. F. A. victory, the Tigers evened the score of an early season defeat by shutting out the boys from the Thread City, 5-0. Dayton mastered the VVindham batters and held them to two hits while his maites "hit plenty." ,Xnd still the tide of victory swept on, N. F. A. again fell beneath our fury. The Tigers' triumph was complete in every department and Callahan put another notch in his "belt of unforgetahle victoriesf' XYhen all was said and done, and the score added. liulkeley had l3 runs to the small 5 of N. F. A. If Bulkeley men had been ducks instead of Tigers, they might have made the second liulkeley vs. Bulkelev game something except a scoreless tie. The entire game was played in a drizzling rain. until Finally the thrilling duel was ended when both teams scampered from the field in a baby cloud- burst. 1 I I age eighty-six 'Wg -i"i, x -ma ,Jw 5 The Tigers had now won back their full home town support so when Bulkeley and Tech met for a second time, there was not a seat left at Mercer Field or in the trees in the vicinity. Xothing could stop the lighting Hliulke- leyitesf' they had a grip on the championship and they intended to hold it. The Tech Iluskics were blanked at a score of 7-0. The next game was played a long way from home. ln a place called Braintree. Some of the fellows don't know where the place yet, but anv- way, we won, S-6. The seconds took the game up to the eighth inning and then the regulars clinched the game in the tenth. after the opponents had tied it in the ninth. Bulkeley finished up the season in line style by defeating XVesterly, 6-2, in ten innings. Ten-inning games seemed to predominate on the schedule this year. but then, we always do try to give every one his money's worth. A poor start and a strong finish! Right-of liulkeley Tigers finished hrst place in the league with 900fi4. nine wins and one defeat. The first Stonington game was given to the Tigers because of the ineligibility of one of the Stonington players. Although this made our record more impressive, it was by no means needed to clinch the Championship. Bulkeley lost several excellent ball players by graduation, but hopes for l93l are exceedingly bright with Callahan and Ham back to pitch and Murphy, Brennan. and llaleftiras still available. Page eighty-seven Ulihe Track Season The Bulkeley Track Team of 1930 worked through a long hard schedule and have at last. after a quest of six years, scaled the championship heights in Eastern Con- necticut and Western Rhode Island conference track and field competition. f , The success of the 1930 Tiger team has fulfilled ' a cherished ambition of Coach Frank H. Hamlen, Eng- lish instructor, who started the Orange and Black on the title trail in the spring of '24. For the first l four years Bulkeley did not compete in conference meets, but slowly built up a team that showed chain- pionship possibilities three years ago. Last year 1 Bulkeley competed in its first conference meet and l finished third. 1 To win this important conference meet Bulkeley tracksters swept through a strong' competitive field. winning by a margin of eight points. The victory was particularly sweet for us inasmuch as it wrested the title from Norwich Free Academy, our traditional rival. Displaying scoring strength in all but two ol' the thirteen events our track team had easily the best balanced team in the field, and was the only team to score three firsts. John Priolo, took the 100-yd. dash, breaking the former record of 10.6 by flying across the line in 10.3 seconds. Captain Dan Wetmore won his specialty, the quarter mile, establishing a new record of 54.3 seconds for this event. The relay team chalked up the third triumph in the half mile event, also setting a new record of 1 minute 37.9 seconds. Bulkeley school scored a decisive 64-34 victory over the Chapman Tech team in a dual meet held at Morgan park. The Tigers took nine out of eleven first places, and fattened their score with live second places and four thirds. Bulkeley's old rivals at Nor- wich were beaten by our trackmen in an exciting meet by a score of GOMQ to 521Q. This was one of the most interesting meets of the season. Each school took six first places but the Tigers managed to get seven second places while Norwich got five. The third places were also evenly divided between the two teams, each sharing six of the one point getters. It was any- body's meet until John Priolo overcame a lead in the relay and edged out past his opponent and slipped the 1 baton to Wetmore who finished well ahead of the last l Norwich runner. 1 The team was represented at the Rhode Island State Meet and scored three points in class "A" com- , 1 petition. The team also made a very creditable show- ing at the Yale track meet by scoring' twelve points CAPTABTJRIOLO with three second places. Our team lost its first meet of the year to South Manchester at Morgan Park with a score of 6215 to 3616. What opposition South Manchester met from Bulkeley came from Louis Donohue who took two' second places and one first in the field events, and from Wetmore who set up a new school record for the half mile which he did in 2 minutes, 9.4 seconds. John Priolo was chosen to succeed Wetmore as Captain. Page cighty-eight QUAD S 'RACK 1 E 11 1 ross uuntrp Ulieam XY1111 1116 1'111s1f 111 1111- 0111sf: 1'11111111'1' s1121s1111 111 1930 1111- 13111111-101' 1'1211'1'101's 11111s11011 11110 111' 111011' 11111s1 s111'1'1'ssi'11I 102118, .N1t1111l1g'11 1110 I1l1Il11bC1' 111 1111211 111e01s 11'1111 112121110011 1110 l1l1l1111L1l' 11151. 1110 1021111 l111'g'011 111 1110 1111111 111 1110 01111101101100 1110111 211 X111'11'11'11 211111 1'21111111'1-11 1111- 1i11211111111111s11111 f111' 1930. L11l141tll11 .X1111 211111 .X11'1'l'41 11ZlQ'llUl1 XYCTC 1110 11111s1:11111111g 1'11111101's 1111 1110 1021111. '11111-1' 0211110 11111 12110 111 1111- S1-:1s1111. 11111 s111111 11121110 ll 55111111 s111111'111g. 1iu1110101"s S1211' 111' 12181 j'k'ZL1'. CZll11Zl1I1 1'11211'10s 13211'111s1111, 11'21s 11111 211111- 111 1ll1l1iC his 11811211 l'L'C11l'K1S 1111' l3111111'10y, 111111 111 El 1001-111 111111121111111. fylll' H1's111101-111'21s 111111 C111Il1J1I1'lll r11L'L'11, :11111 01111011 111111 1110 sc11120 s11g'1111y 111 t1lC1I' 1'21x'111'. 132101111 ,'XL'Zl11Ql1lj', 211111 XX1L'Sf6l'15' 11'1f1'0 110Xt 1111 11111' 11s1 111111 111ey 211511 610116111041 115. 11111 111 1110 111'x1 21011 1110fIs 110 0211110 llllt 1111 11111, 11'0 110211 S11111111g'11'111, X, 17. A.. 111111 1.f'l11Z111 K101111111211. XY0 211'1- 1115111 111111111 111 11111 121111 111211 111' 111111 1110 Q,11Jl11CI'Cl1L'C L111211111J1l711' ship, 1-S111-0111111 211101 s111'11 :1 11111114 :11:11'1, 211111 111- 11111111 111:11 11l1Il1l'6' 111111111101 1ca111s 11'111 1111111 1110 1'11z11111151111s11111 11111011 11'1- 11211'0 111111. 211111 11'111 01011 11011Cr lP111. 1'1-1111111. CROSS L'OL'N'l'RY TEAM Page ninety BASKETBALL TEAM be Qaskethall Season For the first time since V327 liulkeley was represented lay a lmasketlnall team last year. Owing to the fact that the material was all new to Coach U'lSrien, he picked his men hy means of an interclass league, which extended until the beginning of lfehruary. liulkeley then played a short schedule of seven games. The first game was with the Alumni, and the young Tigers pulled quite a surprise hy defeating the "old boys." The next week Rtilkeley ionrneyed to Stonington, and here they were defeated by the more experienced Stoning- ton team by only a few points. The third game of the year found Bulkeley pitted against Fitch. ln this game we won our game hy rather an over- whelming score The following week our team played a return game with Stonington at the Y. N. C. QX. Throughout the first quarter we led the game but during the second quarter the lead dwindled and at half time Ston- ington was ahead and they held their lead until the last whistle. The next game was also a return game, this time with Fitch. Wie again defeated them by a nice score. A few evenings later we defeated the River- side A. hy a few points. ln the next to our last game which was played against Tech we were only alile to hold the strong Tech team to 16 points while we managed to gather only lO for ourselves. In our last game we again played Tech and were again defeated. Throughout thc season Barclay and Murphy were the outstanding players, and this season. as we have only lost one memher by graduation. we will prolmahly greatly improve our first year's record. Pane viinety-mie bmimming Team Fm' the llrst time in its histury, I-Sulkt-lt-y was rcprcscntecl hy a swim'- ming tcam last ycar. Tho tcani. nnrlcr thc ahlc cuacliing nf pXlx'rn ,'Xgniar, hacl a very sticccssllil season, xxnniiiig' llxc wilt of six mcvts. Practice startefl early in lJt'CUIlllJC1', and sninu twenty cancliflates tunlc up hsh-like haliits in urclcr tu luring laurvls to llnllccley in this new spurt. ,Xlitcr some time a team of twelve was rlinsuii ancl thcfy won thcir lirst nlctit, wllich was with the C'u1111t-Cticllt Agggics, hy a score of 3-l 30. lfx'crylmcly fvlt grcat aftcr that, as heating a college team is nu small task. 'l his hnhhle UfL'U1lllflL'l1CC was SUtJlllJU1'Sf, when we lust tu l'axx'tt1Clit't Scniur lliffh Sclninl, 34-32. Xlliat a heartache! lhc tcam ncxt tnnlq on the champions ul XX cstcrn ttninectictlt, XX arrt-n llarcling' High, and sunk thcm 42-22 clespitt' thc tact that thrcc nf nur team TN lll6l1llJCl'S were not ahh- tu hc' present. Our fricncls iruin l'awtna'l4Ct came hack again ancl 1'eccix'0cl a surprise when thvy triccl to sinlc us in our liwn pool, Taking' every Ilrst placv. litilkelcfs incrmc-n pilt-cl np 48 points tn the uppfnlciits lfv. Smith Klanclicstcr was tht' nvxt victim of thc Orang'tf and Black llect. ,Xftcr being rorclially 1'c't't'ix'cfl ancl clnly infurincrl that we were mt-rt-ly pi'actict' for tht' Nlanchcstcr lmys, we gmt XY2lI'lllCfl up ancl hanrlccl them a 38-20 clruwniiig. Ainmig a large crnwcl nl' cnthnsiasts l'3nllqclcy met thc enemy, Nuiwricli, ancl hawl not thc least trwnhlt- in winning' hy a stwwe of 54-l2, much tu tht' clisgust anfl lmwtitlcatimi of tht- lirmicl "rtisclt'ts" nl New l':llg'lZ111ll. Sn cnrlctl a liappy ancl very sticccssfiil scascwn. This ycar. vnaclivrl hy Xml l.atln'o1n. last ycar's high point SCiJI'61', antl captaint-rl hy ,lnlins Slicparrl. the llnlkeley hattlcships art- lmilqing ftirwartl tu another sncccssful scasun. Page' 11i11c'ty-tim iRemtnt5rm1nes 192711931 . Aw , ,QORSQ ?Ji.pGf7R Q. FRIQDICRIC XY. KIIQRCICR Zin '27 Do you remember that "gala" day, when. after days of expectation and preparation, we all donned our high silk hats, and our orange coats with their black sashes. and proudly paraded from the school to our new athletic Held? That sure was some day for us, we were only Freshmen then and most of us thought we were doing a big thing for our school, well we were, but we really didn't count so much as we thought we did. Our parade was graced by the presence of about one hundred of "our beautiful sisters" from XV. M. I.. who marched with us. The occasion was also greatly honored by a number of Coast Guardsmen who formed a section of our line and were led by the Coast Guard Band. Remember the line manner in which the New Londoners greeted us along the way. Vile sure got a big hand that day, and it certainly seemed as if everybody was out to see us. lt was a beautiful warm day. and every- body was happy. And why shouldn't they be? Had not Rulkeley at last been able to realize her dream of having a real athletic tield of her own. a held that would be worthy of Bulkeley's fine teams? Who made all this possible? NYas it the working of some .Nladdin with his lamp? No! It was just a gratuitous act on the part of one of our prominent citizens, Mr. Frederick XY. Mercer, 'tliulkeleyds great Santa," and who were the good men who were the incorporators and directors of the Bulkeley Athletic Association, well turn back to page ninety-four and you'll see most of them, they were: Cornelius C. Costello, Alfred l.igourie, Morris Lubchansky, Thomas F. Troland, and Thomas McGinley and J. P. .-Xrin- strong, Arthur ll. Shurts, Samuel Prentis. and llomer K. Underwood. all great liulkeley men. The dedication of Mercer Field was a turning point in the history of Bulkeley athletics. Sports always have and always will be an important part of the life of our youth. The training received in all branches of ath- letics is character building, health building, and essential to the physical and mental well being of a nation, therefore anyone who advances the cause of athletics is really doing a great work for his fellow man. May athletics with all that it means continue to thrive and grow at Bulkeley, and may our school always be a leader in clean sports. and good sportsmanship. Page ninety-six as 1 M 2 W. fm K iw, ,, W V, ,WE V A 47 . W , ' H 'Q K A ag, ' W S- , . V ,. M Z , 4f QA - E fx .........g , I 5 'QQASI ii All lx thlljlly Hx. ' 5 1 M f .,.. 6. s I 434 , ew if P KISEQW3 3 Q Wav, is K W. L , sw im. , hyf5. j , ,ff gf gg 5 M 4 5 'E-5 N 3 W Q . f ' M, 7 , ' A ii 'X A Q, , ff ,fi gr E, aa, f 2 wg H if af? ,, , ff- 'W' 45"K'L'N""w W I ,. 71. xx fy ee --AAA 'iffflif m ,k,,!'W,,5" 'QfF'5Ei:fi3y, fi, , '. ,A H 'M W Wmmih li . l . 7 11- wr.: Ii.....,..,..r...,,..W,.,.,...m.,.n,r.m.W.,,-....U sm limi 'Mb' XX!lXll?f? ZBuIkeIep's Jfamnus igasehall Team 1923 George Sheflutt ......., Tillotson Daniels ...,. Bernard Peck, Capt ....... .... XValter Barry ...7,7,.,,,,,,, ...,... Harold H utcliiusou ,,77.... ,,,,.. joseph Gaetauo ............,,,,........ VValter Rice. Cillbtillll-1":lCCt ,,.,.., ,A..., Vilallace MacDonald .......,,,... .YYw.... Edward Manshelcl .A,,,A,,..,,,,,..,,.,.,,..,,...,,,. ..... Coach Phillips . .if-,ff,,,:rQwmfsxfmmmm lwfmnmnalwiailazywmsmsunnxmmmwmwwswreii--I-Siwiemwnww Catcher Pitcher .,,.,First Base .Second Base ..Thircl Base .,.,.,.Sl1ortstop ,.,,l.eft Field Center Field .Right Field Payne ninety-eight m,.s.,:wf:4 wm.n',.-.N . , I - -,.,,w,.. .a.-,,-..w,p:--- -1-11:-1:1-3.21-2 '11 -rf-:ee-u...u-5+ 1-wx:-:fer-.rffez ef, 'Q-v-2-1-gee-u...f.+.A.w,....W... ,, ,, .,.f.i ...M ,Nd 1, , ,, , gg 7 f Z X kid F A 7 f MWA g .Z .IX I Mc i if Z Q. x N, ' W X a R Qgxscfsl E ' '4 X 1. ?f5W9? 1. wuulmm. 1 4 W 6? H V1 I ' ,aiika '-mv---un , fgihlii WH .,:?mm?x,2M.'f lwmgiw -bflllllwlgnmnf my ' f ,dd-I x Q 2' f ' Nair V x f, C -Y 2 WW ff Q 4 H - G' ' 0.-1-. 'conf '4'- Z .. .1'!f:155ff:':'! : 7 rf lf, 'him' lr," Qttihititifi Zgulkelep Zlnnual Eenlamatinn Qllnntest The sixth annual Deelamation Contest, one of the features of "Home and School Night," was presented on the night of March twenty-seventh. The winner of this contest is chosen from a field of eight speakers, which consists of two boys from each class who have been chosen by a series of elimination contests to speak in the finals. The winner has the distinction. and the honor of having his name inscribed on a beautiful silver loving cup which is kept at liulkeley School. and upon which are engraved the names of former winners. Before the speaking contest began there was a delightful musical pros- gram furnished by the Hulkeley NY. M. l. Qrchestra, under the leadership of Howard T. Pierce, and an interesting and educational talk given by the Rev. Ronieyn Danforth, who spoke ou the relation between the home, the student. and the school. The names of the orators and the titles of their selections are as follows: jack Elion, Class of '30, "The Sentence of Deathf, George Rausch, Class of '30, "A Battle XVith a Cannon." Ralph Smith. Class of '3l. "T'oussaint l.. O'uventure." Donald O,Brien, Class of '3l, "The Unknown Soldierf' Abraham XYilensky, Class of '32, "The Eighteenth .f'Xmendment." Joseph VVool, Class of ,32, "Prohibition" Edmund O'Brien, Class of '33, "The liloquenceiof O'Connell." Fred Keefe, Class of '33, "The Highwaymanf' The decision of the judges gave first place to George Rausch with an Honorable Mention to Donald 0'l3rien. The judges were: , Miss I. Mabel Archer Mr. Joseph D. Bunker Mr. M. R. Cobbledick Mr. Grant E. Fdgar Bliss Madeline Freeman Mrs. VVilliam D. Harris Mr. Perry Hollandersky Rev. P. M. Kerridge Mr. Leroy l.. l,iester Miss Delia Maroney Mr. Sidney H. Miner Mr, Edward Prince Page one hundred Potpourri The Sophomore class won the eighth a1111ual POt1JUlll'l'l which was pre- se11ted before a large and appreciative audience o11 the evenings of january 31, and February l. The Sophomores established a precedent in the history of the Bulkeley Potpourri by presenting a one-act tragedy. In other years the students have confined their efforts to comedy. The Sophomore play, entitled "Sub- mergedf' was a skillfully wrought drama based on the desperate plight of six men trapped in a su11ke11 submarine. The six Sephomores were: George Stead. Thomas lXleLaughlin, Carl VVOOClXVOI'tl1, joe Bernstein, Milton Gordon, and Abraham XYilensky. The SlllJlll3.l'l11C set was built by three students, jules Racine. .Xrthur Gagnon. a11d JXrthur johnson. The Freshman play also presented the first night, was a11 original one, written by the Freshman class. and entitled "lt XYill Be All Right on the Night." The play showed the trials a11d tribulations of a coach trying to 111ake a successful play with a group of indifferent movie actors. The part of Frenchie was ably played by Badi Hage. The first 6YCllll1giS entertainment was closed with the presentation of a brilliant fashion show by XY. M. l. students. and a musical entertainment furnished by the Bulkeley Serenaders. Un the second evening the Seniors presented the play which won honor- able mention. lt was Cllllltlfffl "The Merchant of Mysticfl and was their own version of "The lXlerchant of Venicef' The play was, without a doubt, the -best co111edy put o11 by students in several years. The play featured George Rausch as Shylock. John Murphy as Antonio, and John Saunders as Portia. .The Junior presentation was a drama by lfugene O'Neil. entitled "No 'Count Roy." The play was exceptionally well done by an experienced cast. with Donald O'l31'ien and Ralph P. Smith taking the lea.ding parts. They were supported by Julius Shepard and Vvilliam Rockwell. The Rulkeley XV. M. l. Orchestra furnished music before the opening of the performances and between the acts on both evenings. The second evening was closed as the first. with the Fashion Show, a11d the Serenaders. Page one hundred one Black QE'rcbths ln the year 1930 Charles Kebbe, a senior at Bulkeley School, blossomed forth with his splendid creation, "Black Orchids." This was the first original drainatitmvork byga sgident tlgit had been presented at Bulkeley for a number of years. Rebbe was assisted in the creation of the play by Mr. Frank llamlen who did much to make it a real work of art. The play was copy- righted and presented at the Robert Fitch lligh School in ,30 and has been produced at Lafayette College, where liebbe is a student this year. "Black Orchids" has been favorably criticised by several capable dramatic critics. The story is hinged around several murders which take place on the stage behind a curtain upon which the "evil omenf' black orchids, is painted. Despite the murders the play contains a great deal of time humor. The leading parts were taken by hludy Avery and Allan Nibbs. Miss Avery took the part of a young lady who suffered from "doubling up of the heart beats" and all because of Allan Nibbs, a young prosecuting attorney who was the direct means of solving the three mysterious murders which occurred during the course of the play. Both of these young folks played their roles in excellent style. Robert Boyle, as detective. and August Luck and jack Elion, as police oiticers, furnished the humor for the play by their uproarious efforts to solve the mystery. They were unsuccessful enough to allow the young prose- cuting attorney to become a hero and pop up finally with the solution. Eleanor Allen. the housekeeper in the mysterious house, showed admir- able talent in the interpretation of her part. Her acting several times drew applause. Betty Prentis, XYaltcr CJ'Connell and Ralph l'. Smith. portraying the members of an unhappy family, also pleased the audience. Miss Prentis played the part of a stepmother to the two boys and proved to be the one who committed the three murders. Kebbe, himself in the role of butler, was one of the most suspected of suspects and his acting almost surpassed his writing. Page one hundred two m Q F I LJ z FN w X f-54 Q , Y P-4 M ,- FN nf H cn 4 U The tile lub The liullqeley liitle Cluh was organixecl ahout two years ago, ancl since that time has progressed rapiclly unfler the ahle coaching of Mr. carlton lf. Small. ln their lirst year the team rlicl not clo much in the way of actual competition with other teams. the only mcet heing with Nlitlclletown. Last year the state league among t'onnecticut lligh Schools was extenclecl and the liulkeley team became a memlmer of this state-wicle organization. Our hoys were inexpcriencetl ancl clirl not win many meets. hut they cer- tainly macle ereclitalmle showings in all of their attempts. lryings was our high scorer and clicl much to hoost the linal scores ol. the team. ln aclclition to the rivalry with other ineinhers of the league. our team enjoyed lrienclly competition with memlers ol' the Coast tiuarcl .Xcacleinyy ancl gainefl consiclerahle line experience with these men. The team is a memlmer of the junior liitle Corps ol' the National liille Association, The memhers of this organization encleayor, each year, to aclyance as liar as time ancl skill will permit through the various gracles of marlqsmanship. lior creclitaldle work in this line memlucrs receiye rliplomas anrl meclals from the national association. The team is going strong this year ancl practicing regularly. Most of the memlters have now hacl a great fleal of experience ancl we expect great things ol them. Page one hzuzdred four f W f, kof Y N ww A fl 1 v HI. Limp? Jw .SX 'wr O df? 'Q 'TW-7b1TX 'm???7'f:, :ff ,C cf ' - fi fl V 1 P I 4 , 'A 1 4,'aI'v fx C! Y WX ,X W 4 2 Xffgw-JJ:,if"'N ,KLM ij W A y M ffl C7CJc,vLjfD5jgEjijlLZ3Lig .fvmlx i . ew ff Q X C T5 gv 14-1 j,.L.M.,,lL,,,N L jim '13 1 4 , I ,Mlm W7 QT? 11:51 QL r 3 1 X lifw A A12--KX X f-xg I Nxf- Nfllf.. FMA firlxj 1. , 1 C - x N, 5 'xf , kv . 1 'N F w ' Page one lzzmdred fl.1'f' igulkelep wi. 11111. il. flilrcbzstra liver since its inception nine years ago the llulkeley XY. M. l. Orchestra has been a real institution, and under the leadership of Mr. lloward 'l'. Pierce has lurnished niusic for all noteworthy events, poth in school and out, and has earned the respect and support of both the Bulkeley and XY. lXl. 1. student hodies, and the New London public. llirector Y,...Y,,......,.....,,,,,,,.. ..,.........,,,, Mr. Howard 'l'. lliercc Members l"lRS'l' YlOLlX .loseph M. Kushner, '31 Mary lnlohngren, '31 l,illian Hirsch, '3-lf ,Xnna Katz, '31 Annastatia Rondoinanski, '31 Ruth Antis. '31 Phyllis Rogers, '31 lidna Greig, '31 Frances Grisham, '34 SECOND V1Ol,1N Morris liinhorn, '33 Olive Morton, '33 Oswold Maynard, '3-l Mary Apostoles, '33 R, Creswell, '34 hvllllillll Katz, '34 Frances Hogan, '33 sl. Glassbrenner, '34 Y101.A Ruth Skaling, '32 Michael Massad, '33 PIANO Charlotte Luhow, '32 lsahel Dennison, '33 T R U M 1' ET Robert Simpson, '31 Moreland Cunningham, '30 CLARINET Albert D'lClia. '32 ,lulius Shepard. '31 CELLO BASS Mr. Flood Reed Theodore Sharaf, '32 TROMBONIE BARITONTC SAXOPHONLL lohn Boylston, '32 Richard XVoodworth, '32 FRENCH HORN Allen Creighton, '30 Roger Lewis, '31 DRUMS AND TYMPANY Eclward Marsden, '31 Page one hundred six f . Sf. f T' JT ll' NJ -1 -1 A V L.-4 v4 L, , l Q- 1 A 'f F. w I-J M Ld Y 74 Q Eulkelep Banu Director ..Y,...4....,,..........,. ,, Mr. Howard T, Pierce Solo Trumpet Robert Simpson, '31 Moreland Cunningham Second Trumpet Charles Leatherbee, '31 Roger Ransome, '34 Solo Clarinet Albert D'12lia, '32 Julius Shepard, '31 First Alto XYaters XYl1ite, '32 Third Alto -loseph lll. Kushner, '31 Alto Saxophone Neil Saari, '32 Daniel Hendcl, '33 Sidney Parker, '3l Fred Shurts, '32 Oboe Sidney XYinakor, '32 Kenneth Davidson, '32 Theodore Sharaf, '32 Members T R UM1' ETS First Trumpet Roger Lewis, '31 '30 Alle T n Creighton, '30 hird Trumpet Alec Shapiro, '31 Francis Taylor, '34 Tloward Carney, '31 CLA RIN ETS First Clarinet joseph Keenan, '32 Amos Leib, '34 Second Clarinet Tsaae Blonder, '34 A LTO HQRN Second Alto Albert Hertz, '33 Fourth Alto Morris Einhorn, '34 SAXUPHON Fl Soprano Saxophone Rob ert Derry, '32 Baritone Saxophone Richard XYoodworth, '32 B. Flat Baritone Roger Daboll, '32 TROMB ON li john Boylston. '32 Samuel Cooper BASS Samuel Katz. '34 Klussareky, 34 SNAR li DRUMS li. Marsden, '31 Thomas Sisk. '31 Faul Tubbs, '32 BASS DRUM CYMBALS blames Sisk, '33 Fred Parmelee, '33 TYMPANY AND RELLS F. Marsden, '31 Page one hundred eight 5, ffm S.. ' :is if S S? fi , 'D OUR BAX ,-..,-,,'-,", ,.,.',,-,,' '-4-.-.,.,.,.,-.Q 1-,,s,-'4 -4 'I 'I Zgulkelep Suzhou! Songs :- I I I ' 4 ALUMNI SONG 1: Oh, Bulkeley dear, I'd give the world :I To live again the lovely past 1: The rose of youth was dew impearl'd 1, Iill sing thy worth while time shall last :I Though former ways to new must yield 1: Old voices echo through the hall 'I Old cheers are ringing down the Held Old dreams to every student call. 1, CHORUS I Oh, Bulkeley dear, oh, Bulkeley dear, :I The years may come, the years may go 1: Thy light burns on, the trail shines clear 'I The trail that leads to long ago. II. 'I BULKELEY TIGER SONG! 11 The Bulkeley team is a tiger band, 'I They're fierce and fast and oh so grand, See them crouching on the line, 1, Cross the goal before the whistle of the Hump" calls time :I You never falter, weary, or loiter, 1: Hear Norwich 1ChapmanI begin to whine: :I See the Bulkeley tigers fight, 1: See the Bulkeley tigers tight, 'I Norwich fChapmanI team will crumble, down they go Jungle prisoners for the night, 1, See the Bulkeley tigers iight, :I Put Norwich CChapmanJ cubs to Hight, 1: So fight, tigers, Bite 'em! Bite 'em. 'I Bite 'em! Keep on fighting, tigers, :I Fight, you tigers, fight you tigers, FIGHT. 1: 'I III. 1 FIGHT SONG :I We will cheer never fear for the triumph near 1: As we fight for Bulkeley High, 'I When the teams begin we are bound to win, As the backs go tearing by! 1, As they go never slow thru a fighting foe :I We will roar for a score loud and long, 1: And we'll win for Bulkeley School 'I As we sing our fighting song. We will fight, fight, fight, when we're winning, We will ight, fight, fght, if we lose, 1, Ev'ry player knows when the whistle biows :I We can iight when ever we choose, 1: We will fight, ight, light, in the morning, 'I We will Hght, fight, fight, till the night, 1' We are bound to win today, 1: As we battle in the fray 'I If we fight, fight, fight, iight, fight! 2 rv. II AGAINST OUR WONDROUS SPIRIT 'I Against our wondrous spirit Naught can prevail, 1, Stand by your colors :I Let not courage fail-for we are with you 1: We are all together out for victory, 'I Hail to our team boys and Bulkeley School. :' Rah! Rah! Rah! 4 S ------------A------------ -------- ------,5 Page one huizdred ten 0 uw' lzzuzdrvcl claw nl, D. it 5IcIiuire: This IJIIICIDGITB' pie tzlstvs queer. Mrs. Nlziv.: Verlizips I put tim much lmluiiig in it. A 93 Olliiccif Yiwu czm't park thc-rc. I'urtcr: Sure I can, I just gut zi ticket for it. 39' Little: X nu know yuu re imt zi Imzicl Iuuking sort uf zi girl. Ilelciii Oh, you'cI say so even if ymi cIich1't think so. I.ittIc: XYeII. wc'rc square thcii. Youll think so even if I Cllfllllt say su. ,Sl JU Shurts: III-ury has the iiusclaln-Gil, :md wants to gm hcmic. Mrs. Mac.: Co home iiothiif. let him make the Cherry pics tmlay. , IIMIYJ ,-z ,4 .Xiigry I'ecI4-strizm: Say! ,Xiiitchri quttzi horiii Scliulticlclr Sure, wzmiia Iilmx' it? 393 Ilivctmi I'm zlfrziirl I have Imzul iiuws fur ymi. Yun will iicvcr hc :ihhi to wurk ZIQZIIII. Shuim: XYIi:1rIrIzL yuu mczui, haul iicxvs? H 3 XY, KI. I. I,:issiI-: Say! ,Km I the Iirst girl tw wlicmm yuu Iizivc cvcr ewcwii your love? Smith: Yvs, Ilvzir, :incl the niccst, Ima. A3 14 IQZIQIIII IIUXX' Ilia I lllllli? RIHCI Siu-ct I-imiigli tu Iqifs, Iizigiiii ,Xxx gm lllll I th IU! IiZll'IClDj'I Iict the lJ1'ISU1IC1'lS iiziinc. Q su we cam tell his mothcr. I Iliitmzuii IIC Says his mwthcr zilf I rczicly Iciiows his name. I Q ,sr 1' f' I 57 "" f :ft H Ile was Il Wvcsterii boy imtil Iileish- ' ' I mzui 5011i him yeast. IIXQIMD 'A' N. mimi? I kv, Page one hmzdrrfrl f11'r'Iz'c like El better 1111111 Ray: I feel . 1 every time I kiss you. 52:55:52 il 1 She: VVell. vou 11665111111 try to fret ,4,,l,f Nl ' - 1 .37 A .ggi - 1 to heaven tonlght. T ,fiiy fl P41 , N ,Q 9: T- 1 Creswell: l3on't sign u11 for Qeol- 1 owy l took the course Zlllll Cllflllil 1 I ls- 1 , F' 1, hke it ,- lielvrade: Xvllllt was the niatter? fi " 1 'S 1 - 1 Lreswell: XX ell, ylbll cant sleep - X X on rocks. 111 ye! at a t N ifglfl,, Nauta: XYh11t are yo11 ilfllllilllgf Sisk: Northwest Mounted, fi Nauta: XYhat do vou 1111-1111, North- A4 X west Mounted? ' Sisk: lt always gets its 1111111. V59 V59 1'l1'C9111f1115 D6511951- 11'11e1'9' 15 1115' Rowley: Bare knees are It luxury. 11111111117 U XYolfe: VX'hy? ltsthcr: The boys com11la1ned that 11011-16113 T1-V 11, get 111,141 1,1 1,1101 it scratched their hands 1111d I left i vs It UH' Mr, Pasquale: XYho were tl1e llllll- 5 199 utemen? l.ucy fjust back from P111-isp: I Massadr WHtCl1111ake1'S. Cllllit go to the dance tonight, my A V4 trunks havent qrrwed yet' . Shatner: You say you always RlCI1llllCl1f Gosh, what lilllil of Z1 l V - , Q3 ' ' ' . . . . cairv tu o tlasks. dance do you th111k this IS going to Cgmgtantine, Yeh imc full ,md hc' o11e for my friends. y I 9' 'fa' . Q1 .ae Irl.0i0'. I go? a. Sweilflob now' Autoist: XYhere C1111 l get auto working 111 a shlrt tactory. Inns around hemp Desantlst xx eu' why arent you Burr: At the railroad crossing. worklng today? Priolo: Oh, we're making night 15' 3 3111115 1111117 Mr. O'Br1en Cin liiologybi XYl111t 3 5 do pistols produce? llaren: XYhat do they Call those xorthmpi Shots' tahlets tl1e Gauls used to write on? :I ,sl Shapiro: GHl1lSt01lCS. 1 r Kind Old Lady: You had hoy, ,lg 5 why did you tie Il can to that dogs tail? 1 Dahlgren: No girl ever made Il Fern: Tl1Ht'S where l always tic lool Ollt of me. them. lf you know of a hetter 11laCa Secora: YK l1o was it then? l would he glad if you'd tell me. Page one hmzd red thirteen dc ,px Il lx ' Jails X, "Sr is of-2 5 I f J, Gagnon: Don't forget that the suc- cess of the party hinges on us to' night. XVhite: Righto, but don't you think-we-uheought to oil the hinges. Q9 3 Mr. Underwood Qto Freshmanj: Drop that cigarette. Frosh: Pardon me. sir, but I'm picking up butts for one of the Seniors. V52 V9 Pettigrew: You know, the people in California are awful dumb. Burr: Why? How come? Pettigrew: Vvell, out there they go to the bother of growing oranges when you can buy them on any fruit stand. V .ae ae julie: XYhy did they take Ned out of the game? Parker: For holding. Julie: lsn't that just like Ned! XYilliams: Illl have apple pie for dessert. XYaiter: All out. X'Yllll3.I11Sf XVell, then give me the raspberry. XYaiter: Sorry, sir, but the Waiters are not allowed to be offensive to the guests. 'M A Curtis: XVhat is the largest city in Iceland? Hill: Iceberg. V99 V55 Inderiurth: Have you got a pet name? julie: No. but I have a neck- name. JF 3 Mr. Pasquale: Tell what you know about Detirasse. Comyn: De grass grows green all around. 79 al Impellitteri: YVell, I Finally got in the movies. 0lBrien: You did? And how? Impellitteri: Oh, l paid the usual Fifty cents. 9 Q F 1 X MW: flimbidy Page one himdred fourteen 3Il'.I,lL'1'L't'I tluukiiig :it his u':1tehI: Ks we have Z1 Iew uiiu- utes In-It. I wouhl like Lu have suuief une :isle me Zi qiiestiuii that is ImtIiei'iiig' him. I XX'Iiite: XYh:1I time is it. please? A nl XIV. CJ'BiAieu giu Ihulugyli Xzuue three lqiucls uf huues. Lewis: IIuu1:u1 huiies. zuiiuizil huues. :uid timiiilwiies. ,SC ,SC .Xiign-Iiipiiiilusz XYhzu is ll vuuf Hitt? liiziiizuwipliisi .X iiersmi whii 7 kept iii prismi. ,SC ,il Ilm'kxx'eII: Wlhy are xxiucluiills usecl iii IIuII:uicI? Iferui Tu keep the euws uml. V4 JV Sisk: llziry tuhl me that she ivur-Y shipped hei' Iigure. Iieecli Well, wlizit clicl you flu? Sisk: I 4'lIlIJI'ZlCC1I her i'n-Iigiiiii. ,SZ .4 Freeinzui: :Xie yuu zi lrziiuefi nurse: I.uuise: Yes. I'l'CCIIIlllIf XX ell, lets see smue ui yuui' tricks. ,4 ,fl XIV. Ulirieii lui lniulugyii Why hzis Z1 2'I1'ZlH.C such zi Iuiig ueek? Scmiuh: Iieeziuse his hezirl is su Irii' ziwziy I-VOID his hcmcly. 'v M cl Tezielieri Lizui :my uf yuu rzifliiji fzius spell SL'I1C11CC'IZUIf'? Spiiiuer: XY. IS. Y. Page one hu11d1'0cl fiffffen QIIISIUIIIQYI Crm this fur he wurii iii the rziiu witliuiit heiug hurt? Siiupsuui Xuw. Izirly. rlifl yuu evei see :L skunk ezuiy :ui umhrellzi. .4 .-z Iiziuuiz I hupe yuull clzuiee with me luiiiglit. Sully: Oh, eei't:iiiiIy. I hupe yum Lluift thiuk I crime here merely Im plezisure. .4 .-L Seliuliiehli IImx"s husiuess, Klrs "KI:u'."? Hrs. "Muff 1 It's Iuukiug up jus iimv. 3cIiuIIieIrI1 Why flu yiiu say Imili- uig u mi I Mrs. "KIz1e": Iiecziuse ii is flzu mi its hziek. .4 .4 Clizicli fJ'I31'ieu: Xie yuu gwiiig' nu fm' ziuytliiug? I'i-fry Smith: Iii, yes. Umeliz Then get me Z1 ham szuiil wich. mqaa, Ahn: llow did he get that wrinkle ff, ,-lb on his forehead? Davidson: I guess it was from drinking his coffee out of a saucer. 79' JI Greene: I hate to be persistently horrowing, hut have you a spare eigarettef W Marsden: Certainly, here's a l'lueky. Z Greene: You don't happen to have fy a lighter, do you? Marsden: Sorry, that's the light- est I have. 'MMW0 UIMBWWW Wlllllfwf ff M A Kushner: l get an :X grade every morning. ,gs Freedhand: From Professor llanif ' ,Ia lin? ff Q .Z li, Kushner: Xaw. from the milk- 9 if Q C9 Qx man. V' -lulie: XYhat's a faculty? liarher: Oh. it's just a huneh of ':??Eii?3'l5!3ife'f....-.- ..,-- .va wee-.. men hired to help the Seniors run the school. l.eary:'s go window shopping. 3 M Schahlein: NX'liadda ya mean win- , dow shopping? -Ianeti l'm Sorry that l eouldn't LCHTYT VNU' lwkillg in WUNIOWS? see you when you called. hut l was SCl1?1l9ll'l113 AW! NOl3f'fl5"5 goin! having my hair washed, to hed this time of night. lirooks talmsentlyj 2 Yes, and those Vg Vg laundries are slow almout returning' things, too. Barry: l.oek the door before you Vg A go out. l3eSantis: How will l get out K2 a. m , parked in a f21T'l1lC1'iS illifll? drixel Farmer: lley! XYhat's the B31'1'5'f GU ill lWfU1'C X011 Q0 0111, nigiiter our they-Q? Iflglt til-Q2 and unloek it from the outside so Little: neu mn Do Wu think we cfm ew in if were lfffkvfl eut- I'd still he here if she was. 3 74 5 9' Mary: Oh. you have no idea how V much it meant to me when you kiss- Detiaetanor XN'illiams has a kind ed me last night. faee. Pettigrew: Really, I won a quart- ll. XYhite: Yeh. a funny kind. er on that myself. Page one hundred sixteen x.- 1' QQHHQUHCHHG cwiifiki gAmvwiIR'IVHS1E1P?1S -.l THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 For The Best Vacation You've Ever Had GET OUT O THE WATER Boating - Fishing -Sailing - Cruising - Racing WITH A W0rld's ChampionIQhnSQnSea-Horse Motor FOR DEPENDABLE POWER Eight Rope or Different Models 3109 to S405 Electric IM to 32 H. P. f.o.b. Factory Starting Let us select your boat from the fleets of Johnson Century - -' 4 'Q ' T E ' 5 I spffo - - WITH COMFORT AND - - SAFETY From 2595.00 up Johnson Matched Units CBoat 8: Motorj for as low as 5244.00 complete You are always Welcome at "New Lond0n's Boating Headquarters" B ats 8a Motors Sales 3: Servi Accessories Richardson and Matille T8.Xi Mattllews Service C,-ui S Gasoline-Su Oil Kermath Eng' MUNICIPAL PIER Opp. R. R. Station NEW LONDON, CONN. Telephone 2-2442 nnmmnu-nu mmm THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 THE MOHICAN HOTEL at NEW LONDON, CONN. 350 Rooms with Baths Fireproof RESTAURANT - CAFETERIA ROOF GARDEN - BALL ROOMS Unsurpassed for Conventions and Social Affairs All The Year ,Round Comfort and Service Special Rates to Permanent Guests Frank B. Walker, Mgr. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 COMPLIMENTS OF THE MONTE CRETO GARAGE Established 1905 BUICK CARS James P. Sullivan lllClL'1'i.l1l'fllfYCS, I changed couises. liclnaffihf I am so glad. l never clinl like enffineers, for they always leave blueprints on your neck. 1I-1unuumnmmmnnnnn m.mimu-m-nm. mmuumum um nn-mn -nn .Pg x ' Q A 'lllll1lllp2glllllll'll A. x V T'nnnn LONEWN assuming! COMPLIMENTS OF CONN Ctlunfectioners ann Glatersrs Try a B. S, Sunclae V Catering to Banquets, Dances, and other Parties H BAKERY S, F. PETERSON INC. - 127 stare sr. 305 state st. NEW LONDON, CONN. ' THE PEQUOT LAUNDRY INC Launderers since 1876 The Pequot Motto is: "QUALITY - SERVICE" Blankets Finished Like New - Guaranteed against Shrinkage Telephone 6217 New London, Connecticut 11HInIHnannuannnmmnnmnnu .mmnm-mumummlnnnmmmmmmmnuumn THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 ELMORE SHOE SHOP PAUL JONES SHOES Styles for High 11 Bank Street School and College Wear 35.00 Next to Whelan's l.CZ1lll6I'llL'Cfl have an idea. , . . , . Sccora-lie good to 1t. 1t S 111 a 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Gannon and Blarsters Fancy Groceries and Quality Meats 771 Bank Street TELEPHONE 9497 Opposite Montauk Ave. Strange place. JEDDO COAL Is The Aristocrat of Anthracite CITY COAL CO. EZEKIEL SPITZ 410 Bank St. Phone 3527 111111111111 11111111111 Donit Forget Harry'S Interwoven Socks - Imperial Shirts Y0ung's Hats - Lemar Cravats Compare! HARRY'S MANS SHOP 84 Bank Street THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 SCENIC SHORE LINE BUS ROUTE Our Buses are Ideal for Transportation to and from Athletic Events Charter a DeLuxe Shore Way Twin Coach for effortless, rest- ful transportation. The team rides in comfort-the rooters all together-a happy school-spirited group off to lend incentive to the athletes. TELEPHONE 5803 'IQWTHE SHORE WAY Hn enum SPECIAL 53:3 The New Haven....a Shore line Railvgay Co. CHARTER xl ihe Groton .ma Stonington Traction fo. ok Essex Flanders newlnnam- moist W G WMM V loci sm W my 'C it af.:-.C - A f Jyifnfv-Avwo ,L nmunm.1mmmnnmuummnunnInnlInnumnumumnnnnnnnmInnnannnnmnmmnnl I-lelen-John, if you must inhale your soup, try to get in tune with the music. nn-nn ummmum-ummmu -Innvuummnm-nmu un-unmum-nnnmummmunmummnn:nnmmumnnnmnmmnummm THAMES SHIPYARD, INC. Railway Dry Docks and Shipyards Towing and Transportation NEW LONDON, CONN. Lawrence A. Chappell, Pres. Frank H. Chappell, Treas. mmm rrrrfnnnnuunn THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 nnuunmmnnmmanmnnnuumnnummmmnnnunnul IJ:un-nununnmmm-nInuInnmnnnunuunu FINE CLOTHES FOR J. D. AVERY, INC. FINE FELLOWS Nash PaSSe11ge1' Ca1'S PERKINS T 391 Williams St. 111 Huntington Street PHONE 5334 NEW LONDON, CONN. 1nI111nIun1lnnuuunnnnuun-nnnurnnnuuunlnlllunlnnuuf Gnnuuulnunnnun unnuuunluluunl Small qtioing into ll hotelj-l'd like to have Z1 rum and bath. Clerk-Have you 21 reservation. Slllilll-xvllilt clam you think l am an lnclian? COMPLIMENTS OF ROCKWELL 81 Co. N. R. DE BIASI INC- Pfopfiefof Of LADIES' and MISSES' Rud0lph's Beauty Parlor i Wearing Apparel 12 Meridian St. Telephone 2-1710 253 State St. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 nnumannnmmnumninnumlmmnmmmLn inininmnmnmmiiminmmmmuuuum The THE J. Warren Cay Electrical Co. M. P. JOHNSON Incorporated 1903 19-21 Union Street C00 NEW 1,oNDoN, CONN. Electrical Engineers and Wholesale Confectioners Contractors ' All kinds of Electrical Wiring T in W and Repairing I Students' Lamps, Shades, Book- - 207 Bank Street ends and Appliances of all kinds. Green S Sz H Stamps given with every Cash Purchase NEW LONDON, CONN. uunnnrnnnlnnnnnnuinnuninuuunnnunuulllu un Tnuuuunlnln I1unnlinuuuuuulnnlnlnnulnnnn XYifc-You brute! l'm going right down aucl get a divorce. XVQH oiled lluslnaud-liet me one too. Telephone 3289 J. F. DENISON Distributors for Keystone Varnish Co. Wall Papers and Painters' Supplies PAINTING AND DECORATING 7-9 Howard Street New London, Conn. Everything Here for Boys THE S. A. GOLDSMITH CO. THE BEE HIVE 131-143 State Street New London, Connecticut THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 COMPLIMENTS OF A. GRAHAM CREICHTON Architect 140 State St. 1muinumm:InnnnHmmnunumnnInmmumumnnuu llill--XYliat made the Gelleral liurl'--'l'liing's in general, sir. nnnnnnmmmmuumm'ummmnnmmumumu COMPLIMENTS OF W111. B. Waterman Authorized Ford Dealer Main Street NEW LONDON, CONN. mmnuunuInuuuumummuInuuumum-.mmm nmnnnmmnnnn:ummmmmmmuvmmuunnummuannunfnun-muunnuum nnnuunnmm- New London, Conn. -mnuum-um nnnunnanuinnmmmnmumnnummnumm COMPLIMENTS OF MALOOES ICE CREAM CO Wholesale and Retail 370 Bank St. New London, Conn. mlm -mmmmmmlmnmnmm mm -nn mnn-num: COMPLIMENTS OF THE OUTPUT Clothing for Men and Young Men 27 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. THE BULKEL uumnuannnnnnn-nmunmuumnnmnuum H. B. DOUGLAS 81 SON Building Contractors BARROW'S BUILDING 263 State Street NEW LONDON, CONN. EY WHALER-1931 COMPLIMENTS OF MAX BOYER unnnnnnumnnnunmmm-num:nunuan-munnmummu mmumnnumnunum Smith-Dad, 1.111 a big gun here at school. Father-Then why clonlt l hear better reports? muunnumunuumnuuuvnumnmmm:umnunmuum-mn nnnuuuunnnnmumn Clark SZ Smith Quality Meats, Poultry, Game, Fresh Vegetables "One Friend Tells Another" Telephones 3336, 3337 115 BANK STREET COMPLIMENTS OF KAPLAN'S LUGGAGE L SHOP Louis Kaplan, Prop. 99 Bank St. NEW LONDON, CONN. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 FRED S. LANGDON Architect 240 STATE STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. InunInnm-nnmnnu-mmnuuuuumnInnnnmmuuumnnun-mmm ummm unn-num-nmmnmunununu Northrop-XVhy the down cast look? Boxing I'1'o111ote1'aMy cashier just gave his women the gate. mum-mmnnmmunmmuunumunuuummm-nun-mL vunmlmm,.........,..,., ...,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,,, COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF PALACE FRO - JOY RESTAURANT un nn-:ummmImmunun J. SOLOMON Books, Toys and Novelties 30 MAIN STREET NEW LONDON, CONN THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 THE HUMPHREY-CORNELL CO. WHOLESALE GROCERS Sparyard Street New London, Conn Distributors of Autocrat Teas and Coffee, Jones Superlative Flour, Sunkist Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Arthur and Henry Molasses, Pet Milk, Waldorf Canned Fruits and Vegetables. Also all kinfls of Groceries kept in a wholesale firm. Smith-l'cl like to see you apzlrt for zz moment. Qlulic-Say kid, what do you think l am :1 puzzle? Innnnnunnnu-ummn:ummmnn-mmum nnunmm.. mmm nnmnnnmmmn COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS or The New London TOWN HILL Clty Natlonal PHARMACY Bank 790 Bank Street NEW LONDON, CONN. Cor. Montauk Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF CONTI BROS. ICE CREAM and CANDIES 753 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONN THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 . ' A Q, . , A:,. Patroulze f f MRS. MACQS Home Cooked Food at The Bulkeley Cafeteria - ... All proF1ts go to , -, Bulkeley Athletic Association H I H urtcr-I iust saw Max liiis Babe in the Inav Yx'll1il0XV. Hill--Oli. ivhat a pane that is for the eyes. 1 46111 Keeping with the Trend of the Times alle ff alle DEMAND 4 r Q CLUB Pale Dr Ginver Ale Y an alla ale Its Matellless Flavor Never Varies THE BULKELEY WHALER--1931 11:nummn:-111111-nun:nlmmuinmmnn 1111111mnpnmnnnunnnmummmnmmmnnm:-num: COMPLIMENTS OF NOVITCH BROS. CLOTHING - HABERDASHERY 132 Main Street Klcfliiircfllo you knmx' what Ruth-No, Whitt? Nlcfltlircflly zxrm. COMPLIMENTS OF PEOPLE'S STORE 141-143 BANK STREET Clothing for the Entire Family On Weekly or Monthly Payments AT NO EXTRA CHARGE 1111nu11111mmmmnnm11in11numnnanuuununmmmu umnnnmmnmmumnnnmm111111111-1 New London, Conn. 'L' zilmut vuu mnmm "LET JOE, THE BARBER DO IT." Town Hill Barber Shop Joseph Maiorano, Prop. 796 Bank Street NEW LONDON, CONN. nu1111u111111111u11111111nun11umm1un:z1m11mn THE UNION AND TRUST CO. Incorporated 1792 61 State Street NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 F.l CRANDALL S SON I N S U R A N C E Plant Building NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT inummnmnnnunnnnmmummnmmuumnmnminmmm:uiinummIIIinanmn-nunmumnmn ittlcffl coulclift grasp ll pmhlcin I had lust night. NICIiliiicli--'l'hat's thc trnulmlc with lmlinfl flutes. COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN T. HANEY COMPLIMENTS OF INC' A MT.. Insurance and Bonds FRIEND Plant Building E NEW LONDON, CONN. SPENCER PHOTOGRAPHER Garde Building 325 State Street NEW LONDON, CONN. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 PUTNAM FURNITURE CO. Established 1889 Ernest E. Rogers, President fBulkeley 1889j William D. Harris, Treasurer CBulke1ey 1893j 300 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONN Illll'llllllllllllIlIIIIIIlIlIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllillllllllllllIllIIlIIIlllllIlIIIlIIIIIIlllIlIIllllllillllllIllllllllllllllllllllll 1llClC1'flll'tll+XYUlllil you care to go to the junior Hop? Edna-Sure thing. liiclerfurtli-XYellicr-woiilql you buy vuur ticket from me nnuuuinaninnnmi-mnmmnm-mum nimmunn ummm nmummmnumimvim-nun COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Morris W "ii Lubchansky EMIL SEIFERTVS h'- Class of '08 Whaling Bank Building NEW LONDON, CONN. SELLECK GAS and OIL CO. 53 jay Street 420 Bank Street THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 nunu-nuunmnuuuummumu mmumnnuInnmnumnmunummunnummuummm COMPLIMENTS OF CROCKER HOUSE BARBER SHOP The largest and most up-to-date establishment in New London Try the "Edmond Process Permanent" which gives you the natural wave Expert Manicurist - Chi1dren's Hair Cutting A Specialty Telephone 9827 JOHN O. ENO, Prop. mmnnummnmm:nnmmnunnmmInnuumuu-Inmum.. 182 STATE STREET 4mlnnnnanmnannnInnunnnnnnnInunnnmnmnmmmnn Simpson-You should see the way bloe Xlloppit clrilwblcs. VVilum--Huw perfectly foul. and docs he have to wear at bib when eats? mxmununnu uumn umumunumunm FELLMAN 81 CLARK FLORISTS Crocker House Block 186 State Street NEW LONDON, CONN. mmmmn nn umm un H. J. SHARAF 81 CO. Stationers Sz Booksellers 162 State Street Headquarters for SHEAFFER PENS and GREETING CARDS nannu.mmnnnz1nnnInnfInvI1IInI1nHan.HninIHI-1I1I1I-1nIninInmuInI.ninuI5unmmmununm BUDDY St COSTELLO, Inc. JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS 52 State Street New London, Conn. Let the New London Jewelers figure on your Class Pins and Rings lmIHIitnIIIHmmlnuumumm THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 C. FRED WASHBURN Successor to Wallace R. johnson Ilt1Sl1I'Ell1C6 - Real Estate 130 State Street NEW LONDON, CONN. Bacon Building Room 2 Qificer QTO XV, M. l. girl?--llcy, girlie, rlon't you believe in signs. XV. M. l. Girl--Oli, yes, oiificeiy but they told me that this car could clo anytliiiig. immuumnnnnmmunnninnmmm-ii mn un ummm-mmnmun nmnnnmum n Automobile - Fire Plate Glass COMPLIMENTS OF Burglary - Liability Insurance w i- fi wi Reuben Lord SI Co. JACOB SHERB 130 State Street Phone 3252 5 NEW LONDON, CONN. mmmiminiimimnimim THAMES SHEET METAL WORKS Iron, Steel and Sheet Metals Roofing Supplies 14 - 16 - 18 Hamilton St. NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT annum:innunnunmrmnnmnumumm iimm:innninmnumniuimn-nn-nu THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 COMPLIMENTS OF ARTHUR H. SHURTS SAMUEL M. PRENTIS THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 HENDEL FURNITURE CO. Makers of Happy Homes "We build your nest with a little down" I New LOl1dOl1,S Reliable Fl11'11ltl1I'C Store Phone 2-1748 219 Bank St., New London, Conn. 1IinIliininnnininmlmnnmnm-umm 1uinininlinmnnmumIIIinininnnImInninif-Iinuiinininniinmiinmnninnumnmummuum Shep--I suppose you hearcl about Fern? Sllllll-lxil, what? Shep-Some one gave him a pair of spats for his birthday, and he haf them half-solecl. Ininmninininnimuunmumnmnn mn I-mumm 1inninnmwnmmmnian :mum-muuuu nmnmnmnun , On all occasions- COMPLIMENTS OF Say it with FISHER'S FLOWERS E BOSTON CANDY KITCHEN State Street NEW LONDON, CONN. 190 STATE ST' Bowl for Health at PEERLESS BOWLING ALLEYS PETER SCURIS, Prop. 86 Golden Street New London, Conn THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 JANIE L. EDGAR AGENCY Real Estate and Insurance Office Phone 7497 Manwaring Building House Phone 5545 231 State Street NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT nn:numInI.I-:zuuuuInnmmm:lummnmumnnn mu Moriarty Bros., Inc. COMPLIMENTS OF I rn f::m 32 C L O T H I E R S 86 State Street SI fCronin Buildingj : INC NEW LONDON, CONN. ' Featuring J E W E L E R S Leopold Morse Co. and lifl gg Keller - Heumann Thompson Plant Building C L 0 T H E S NEW LONDON, CONN. '""i!QlQ1'lLl1E'QQIf"Iiil'ilIil"Qfllll' ulQ'QQfL"'iQH a 1Ql'l1iH'liQHIQIQQLI-I-N B1'CllllZlll-Yifilll, but they llrecl me. Brooks-VVhat fOr? . lg1'ClllIZlllfCJll. they said l wok tO much for granite. mmm---mnmmmannmnmmmmnnmummnnmuuummmnmInInInInmnmmmmmmmnm LISTEN, BULKELEY I TOG-OUT AT TARNEYS TOGGERY H NEW LONDON, CONN. WESTERLY, R. I. uummmnmumlunnunnInmnnnnnuunmuuunuu nannnuunnununmnumunnmmn L THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 COMPLIMENTS OF NICHOLS COMPANY, Inc. CFormer1y Nichols 84 Rogersj Wholesale Confectioners 30 Golden Street Phone 4456 NEW LONDON, CONN. I--Hmm-nmlmui l,Zltl1l'OlD-NCVCI' mind my Order. l cz1n't eat wllcre theres u smell Of paint. Shurts-lf yOu'll wait Z1 minute, "Neil" tlmse two 5Oung sheiks Will 'ln' going um nmnnmmnnn mn nun nm uuunm SHQES FIXED COMPLIMENTS OF AT E SHU-FIX B. M. BALINE FURRIER 11 Main Street 33 Main Street NEW LONDON, CONN. NEW LONDON, CONN. THE C. W. STRICKLAND CO. Hats Trunks Furnishings T Bags Shirtmakers 247 STATE ST. NEW LONDON, CONN. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 NASSETTA BROS. 81 CO., Dr. Successors to C. L. Wilson Woodworkers Sash, Doors, Blinds, Screens, Etc. - Made to Order Rear 263 Bank Street - New London, Conn. . .................................................................................,............ ..... ..... ................ .......... . Keeney-VVhere was the wedding? Hill-lla! Ha!-the jokes on you, the olfl man with the gun was goin duck hunting. nnnnnnuunnnannInII1nnuuumInnI-lm-nu-unnnmn 1Inmmm.mi-mnmumnu mmlm-nmmnmm -nmunumnn MONTGOMERY WARD 81 COMPANY New London's Largest Department Store Complete line of: Sporting Goods Ladies' Wearing Apparel Men's Furnishings Lingerie Furniture Yard Goods Radios Washing Machines Auto Accessories Tires 129-131 Bank Street New London, Conn. IuInmm:n:ummmaninnIunInin:un.mmm-ummm -4nfIn-IIH.IIInII4nnuI-IIn.1InInInnfun:mnmumuunumlmm MAURICE GRUBNER JACICS TIRE SHOP Distributor THE GENERAL TIRE 380-384 Bank Street New London, Conn. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 "We take the Dents out of Accidents" P. J. CARON Repairing Auto Radiator Gas Tank Fender Body Work Running Board and Moulding Telephone 7786 167 Howard Street New London, Conn. lmagine the embarrassment of ll bareback rider at a formal par Tiger. """'l'II mmm-mvumu HInnninmnnmmummmn nnnnmnnnmmnn mm THE SAVINGS BANK OF NEW LONDON A BIG STRONG FRIENDLY BANK 63 Main Street New London, Conn. Resources Over 530,000,000 Build up your Account with Us and Have a Share in Our Prosperity nunmuuuuvnuuIunnmunuinin1IIIfinIIIuInmmu1nIInmmmmnnnmm nnnnn.ummm.mmmnmm inInulmInHHIIIIIHIHIuHHHnIminIinninnnnnmmmnmnuu CAPITOL CANDY KITCHEN Delicious Ice Cream - Home-Made Candies Telephone 97 74 Prop. Jackson and Manos 83 BROAD ST. NEW LONDON, CONN. nninnmInnnumnmmnmmm mummnmummmnmumnmmnnmuuumnnn THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 CCSMOS N EW S STAND CF0rmerly C0nStantine'sD Corner State and Bank Streets NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT IInmunnnunnmmnmmum uInI1Hnunuu-mmmmmmmxmInmnnnmm--mummu Scholiclcl-I went throug'l1 hell for that girl. lJll.ll1g1'C1l+SO tl1z1t'S where you found her. nnmumv nnmmmmm umm: ml- uluInnnmIn1Ifun1nInIfnunnmnmnmunnnunmn B R A T E R ' S COMPLIMENTS OF THE ART STORE 4 S8 M ,sl 5 FINE PICTURES ARTISTIC PAYNE 81 KEEFE 5 PICTURE FRAMING 5 : ARTISTS MATERIALS - GREETING CARDS ,Q A GIFTS - NOVELTIES f E995 Architects and Engineers 211 Bank St. Phone 7131 lllllllll ulluull lllll ulllllll un? nlllllllllllu nulllnl nllllllllnlvl nunumumuummInlnannnnnnmuunmuuummlmunuumummunnuummmmummmmu New London has its Clothes Cleaned at SHALETT CLEANING 81 DYEINC COMPANY 11 MAIN STREET 2-6 MONTAUK AVE. Telephone 9825 Telephone 3317 1Inummunmunummuummu annnnnnnnmmlmnnmnmumm THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 THE LITTLE BIG STORE Choice Groceries, Candy, Cigarettes, Ice Cream and Soda PHONE 9883 97 Thames Street Groton, Connecticut mmmummmmmum-mm-mmmmmmimum-mmvmummmmmummmmmmnm-mumnmmlm mmm: liI'UXY1l--Ill Scotland, everylmotly is taking up Hyiug. XYie11e1'e-YVl1y? l'iTOXV11+X'VCll they liearcl that every eloucl has a silver lining. umm minuummmvmvmmninmnmmummm-mmm: inmmnmmmmmmuininummmumimmnminmmm THE GROTON LUMBER CO. GROTON, CONN. East End of Thames River Bridge ummm 1iminmmiimmuinnmummmim1inIiimmm-mnmmmnininmmnmammmm F. C. CHIDSEY COMPANY CINE-KODAKS CKodaksj Stationery Gifts Greeting Cards 115 State Street Phone 8490 THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 COMPLIMENTS OF SPORTING Crown Theatre Bldg. "EVERYTHING Slicparcls-XYQII, I guess ther Simpso114VVl1y? Shepard--I just asked her. uunmnmunnuun-ummm:nmmmmumv-mm JACICS OCEAN BEACH 66EI10llg11 Saidw ummm-nunumuann:ummmnmmmumn jay and Franklin Sts. GOODS STORE New London, Conn. FOR THE ATHLETE" ds use asking my girl tw the dance 1 Thomas L. Neilan SI SG 5 FUNERAL DIRECTOR S8 -I FUNERAL PARLORS 12 Ocean Avenue Telephone 7700 ummm uunnnuun nummmmmmuunumnmmn Phone 2-3396 NELSON B. BURGESS TEXAOO GASOLINE AND MOTOR OILS Washing Greasing THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 The Bulkeley Clubhouse was built by FRANCIS ALLANACH CONTRACTOR Phone 6533 32 Water Street New London, Conn Estimates Gladly Given Blmcmks-My wife is cuuki1ig climier fm' the lirst time today. XY ll x u me along and share it? Ixuwley+Cxertainlyl I hzwe always sllured your 1 muunmnnnmnnmnnnunmmmummuuummmnnu Lunnmununmmmmnm mm ummm NEW LQNDQN COMPLIMENTS OF SI - MUHEGAN TEE DAIRIES, INC. EMPIRE THEATRE ? 394 Bank Street Grade A Milk E 7E77 7477 -Q THE HOUSE OF BIG SHOWS Phone 9027 AND 73 Jefferson Ave. lullllllnlllIllllllllllllllllulnlnllllIlllllllllllllllllluununf lnnnu llllllllllllllllllllllllIlllulllllxllllnlllllulnl 1numnnmummuumnnv-.ummunInnunnnnmumnuunInnnummmnunuunuuannumnnmummnummumm THE ORIENTAL RUG and GIFT SHOP RUGS, ANTIQUES, GIFTS, N OVELTIES Repairing, Storing, Cleaning Done by Experts Phone 7462 794 Bank Street New London, Conn. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 NASH, THE NATIONS TAILORS Each garment sold direct to wearer and made to his measure Tuxedo ........... 327.00 Graduation Suits. . 823.50 E. P. Calvert Phone 8968 Babe-lid, will you run up the shade? lid--Say, what do you think I am, a monkey? C. F. MHCIQTIIIIOII 81 TATE SI NEILAN : Hatters and Furnishers Company 5 Garde Building T T'-"'TTTTT Bathing Suits 3 Lg Mark Cross Gloves Kislav Gloves 5 Stetson Hats C ONSERVATIVE Alligator Rain Coats ' McCallum Silk Hose tbl V55 .KAA,,,..,- 1 State and Green Streets INVESTMENTS NEWLONDON,CONN. InIn-1IninnnnunHHHI.HnmInH.IIInInIHunmmm-m-umw ...mum-n mm III.1ulnuinnummmmmnnn in 4uHnvmm-InnunnnnmnnunHInininI.1InImtInI1Innmummm.-mum mn IInnmmmmn-Hnn-nmun-I-mu COMPLIMENTS OF T. J. EALAHAN General Motors THE RA D 1 o s l EALAHAN HARBOR SODA ELECTRIC SHOP. SHOPPEQ INC- 517 Bank Street 420 Montauk Avenue Telephone 21915 Telephone 9842 mn-nnnnnmm nmmmn-an muInmmm'-numIn-mmmm. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 COMPLIMENTS OF ALLING RUBBER COMPANY NEW LONDON NORWICH WESTERLY Ginnie-You're too couccitccl about your beauty. Smith-Not at all. I cIon't think I'm half as good looking as I a .ummnnnmmumnnum-nn ummmumm-ummm nu nn-mumnInHmlnm-mm-mnnmn ummm GET IT AT COMPLIMENTS OF u R S CHAMPION O SHOE REPAIR ts ts DRUGGISTS 0' 123 32 Bank Street NEW LONDON, CONN. State Street NEW LONDON, CONN. EDWIN KEENEY COMPANY Books and Stationery 15 Main Street NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT nmmmnu THE BULKELEY WHALER--1931 num DRINK In Bottles Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of New Loudon 58 Woodbridge St. - Tel. 2-3760 nnnmm-nmnunumnnnmmlmumm vunnnummlmmmulm COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF 4 4 ' S' DR. E. RHEUBEN JAMES R. MAY ' DENISQN and Q Q JAMES A' MAY CHIROPRACTIC mmm Nerve Specialist muInnanuIuumnnun-mm'-uv mmnuumnnmum-numInmnnmnmuunmnummm-nu mat makes you walk that way? M1'.Xu1115 XXI Il1ClC1'fllI'Iil'i':Ci1Hi mzule this shirt I have on and I have to walk tl to h uumumuuu nnnnnnnum umm-I-mn uumluum-mn -I-ummm.. nm umm-I COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT H. BYLES THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 R. J. AMENTO From Hartford - Here every Wednesday Teacher of TENOR - BANJO - MANDOLIN - GUITAR UKELELE Garde Building Room 319 NEW LONDON, CONN. Hartford Studio 54 Church St. Hmm-muumannuumnnnm-nun mmm nuInmmm'Innnmmm-mmlummummm:mmummunmnmumu Mr. llZlllll6llil'lZlY6 you ever read, "To Z1 Field Mouse?" llzL1'sclen+XYl1y, no. llow do you ever get one to listen? :ummmmmummummmm mmm um-1.1 umm, -mmnmnm COMPLIMENTS OF RADWAY DAIRY INC. 29 jefferson Avenue ,SG ,SG Henry L. McGuire R CROW C1 Pasteurized Grade A f ass 0 MILK and CREAM 1901 Q, V, Fresh Butter and Eggs Mercer Building fame---vnfu NEW LONDON, CONN. phone 6252 ummuuuunnnn:nunmnunnmnuuuInmummmf-numu-nnunnmu nnunannnumuuumummnnummmuu "Good old-fashioned home-cooking-You really feel at home when you eat here" CARRIE ROGERS SHOPPE Telephone 9732 35 jefferson Avenue New London, Conn. ununmmuuunnunnnmnnmumummu mnnnnmmnnmnnnnn-num:nmuuumu THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 COMPLIMENTS OF D. E. WHITON MACHINE Co. .......................................... ..........: r.... l31'ooksfHax'c you seen one of those a man is lying? Rowley-See one! I marriecl one! mnnnunu-In-mlmmmu COMPLIMENTS OF THE BURR - MITCHELL CO. M Z4 Telephone 4966 36 'Water Street NEW LONDON, CONN. nInIfHInInInn-Innmmumuvuunmuuvnunuummuununm instruments which can tell mumnununu-nnmnnuuuunm nmfnmm- umummm- mmm: COMPLIMENTS OF The WO1ll3l1,S Shoppe, INC. Ladies' Dresses and Coats 236 State Street NEW LONDON, CONN. COMPLIMENTS OF A vb' SULLIVAN PRINTING CO. N 79 17 Masonic Street when THE BULKELEY VVHALER-1931 ummunmnnmuuugmmuuumuumnuuuu ummnnmuunnnanunnununm-nununummunnun COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF PEQUOT "' COAL Co. S. Victor Prince Phone 2-2261 140 HOWARD STREET unnmmunmmnn..-in-mm nununuumumnu-num: nnnum:-unumm-mumunmummun-mnuum Sisk-I'm going to steal Il kiss. Mabel-Let thc crime wave begin. JOHN F. MURRAY E. L. SCHOLFIELD sf SON ' ARCHITECT PLUMBERS 318 Mercer Building 142 MAIN ST. NEW LONDON, CONN. THE BULKELEY VVHALER-1931 COMPLIMENTS OF MODEL LAUNDRY SNOW WHITE QUALITY F. I. Fabricant, Mgr. 46-50 jefferson Ave. Telephone 9532 louis-NYho spilled mustard on this waffle, clear? lucy-Oh. I.uu1s! How could you, IIIIS IS lemon pw. ummm: mm nmm-nu-mnmmmnn-nununIn-I-mmmmnnmmunuummnnm-nn THE OLIVER WOODWORTH CO. BUILDERS NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT COMPLIMENTS OF GEARY, DAVIS AND KEEFE THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 COMPLIMENTS OF THOMPSON CHEVROLET CO. PASSENGER CARS AND TRUCKS SALES-SERVICE Mrs. Newlyweclvlhi afraid the biscuits are heavy, darling. Mr, Newlywecl-Tliat'S all right, angel. You only have to lift one tl time. numuuu mn mu mmmuuuumu -nm mm uunumnun un: um nnnnm COMPLIMENTS OF A MEMBER OF THE CLASS OF 1898 . ummm-nn .mminin1munn-nnnnnumnmmmmn BAILEY AND STAUB SAIL AND AWNING MAKERS 238 Bank Street New London, Conn. THE BULKELEY WHALER--1931 umnum-nnmnmuuinnuuuummumu IInII1IHuunnuunununuuuannnImuunnnuu-nun COMPLIMENTS OF J. OTIS MINER, D.D.S. Telephone 7300 48 Main Street 1... ........................................... ...........,.. hgxliilllllgll I have maclc mzmx Rockwell. Do Your "Bookshopping" at The Bookshop We have Books of All the Publishers THE BOOKSHOP INC. Meridian and Church Streets Circulating Library PHONE 8802 New London, Conn. takes, I have num 1lI2ll'l'lCCl one ummnumunnuummnum E. D. STEELE, INC. 227 State Street New London's leading Clothier and Furnisher for Men and Boys CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS HATS AND SHOES We are ne 'er unflersold COMPLIMENTS OF THE NEW LONDON NEWS CO. Charles Glassenberg THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 nnmnuuumnanumnuunnuuuuunumunmmuuummI1InInumnnmnnmnnmumnnnm:nnmnmuununmu SALES AND SERVICE DIAL-6365 WYMAN,S-ON-THE-THAMES R A D I 0 A. L. WYMAN 175 Thames Sr. GROTON, CONN. C A N F I E L D 9 S NEW LONDON BUSINESS COLLEGE Trains You For-And Places You in B U S I N E S S 1Iuunn:nummnmnnannan:nnuunununnnnnvnnnannmmInInIInm-nnuuuuumn mmmuuummunn nun :nn ir1S. , , . , XY. M. I. Prosh-Isnt that center, Iastf NV. M. I. junior-w.Xncl XYayne told me he hilfllft taken Out any other nummmnnunnmnnmnmmmumnmnmmmnnanmnuuumumvumuumnnmnmnnnnnmmnunmnnmnuunmnmmuuuunu COMPLIMHNTS OF DR. MAX HERTZ DENTIST 100 State Street New London, Conn. Woolworth Building - Phone 3133 -mununnnuuuuvuumnmunnuuuum uunuu mumumm THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 Special Room 2 xig ffjje E Tea Room l E' . B for S i g Library anquef z . Gifts 01' 2 Business established in 1920 by 2 Bridge Party l Mrs. Irene D. Young ""d Use Associates 1930 DIAL 8474 l Rachel H. Young - Walter S. Jackson ininuinnmnnnm-nnnmuummnmmmnnnu-mm-I nmmnumuum ummmmm Daren-.Xre you inarricd? Kl1ShllC1'-NfJ1JC, 'l still have to work for a living. uuuummnuummmmmu mmmmnm num: mum nm mmm - MODERN A. H. and A. L. Burr ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contractors Authorized Dealers FOOD SUPPLIES for Victor l Majestic Atwater Kent General Electric : Brunswick Radios Telephones: 5351 - 5352 - 244 Pequot Avenue Thor Electric Washer and ' Ironer Combined NEW LONDON, CONN. I 413 Bank St. Phone 3776 mmnmnnn-mn 1in:ummmininnn-mummuvuum- inuuuumummnummmmnumnmum mmm THE THOMPSON MOTOR CO., Inc. "New London's Original One Stop Service Station" Bear Wheel Washing Alignment Greasing 289 Bank St. - Phone 6312 Vesta Batteries, Simonizing Gas, Oil Accessories NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT THE BULKELEY WHALER-191 COMPLIMENTS OF RUSSELL H. CORCORAN nnnnmmnmmm muunnm COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Morris Mallove I The Nichols 81 Harris Co H- : Established 1840 ' The Quality Drug House Dignified Credit Jeweler High Grade Candies --- Toilet Articles, Etc. 48 State Street - NEW LONDQN, CONN. 119 State Street nnllrnnuInlunnunInlnnuuullulnunlIllnlllnlnlllrzunnuli fnnuvIanullulvIlluv1IInnanInulnlunllnuulull Fl'C61l18l1+DlJ you know what she told me last night? l11ClC1'fl11'tl'lilNO. Freemzm-Howclja guess it? mnnmuunmmunmnumnnmmmmInmmvnuuunmmn SAVARD BROTHERS, INC. The Store of Style and Quality Clothes, Furnishings, Hats and Shoes 134 State Street New London, Conn. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 IinnuInIfmuInnuumunmmnnan-IuII1IInIIIn1n1IHIvuIInI1II1III.1uIInnunuun11nnnuuI1IInnnuummmmnmmnm- SPICER ICE and COAL CO., Inc. Anthracite and Bituminous Coppers Coke Agent for Motorstoker Automatic Coal Burner GROTON, CONN. PHONE 9054 InInum-InInmm.-nmuumummnmumn munmmnumm.. IluHInInnnmumwmnnnmm XN'hite-1 think Smith is crnckecl. fiI'tiC11f:'-Xvhy? XYhite-His girl just dropped him. IZZY'S James N. Kelley Rendezvous for All Bulkeley Boys MORTICIAN Lunch and Dancing FM-CHC OPEN YEAR AROUND - PHONE 5538 62 Washington St. Ocean Beach NEW LONDON, CONN. NEW LONDON, CONN. COMPLIMENTS OF THOMPSON CHEVROLET CO. 64 Huntington Street New London, Conn. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 nininmnmmmumuumnnumnmuumni REAGAN BROS. The Store of Quality Fancy Dry Goods and Linens 147-149 State Street NEW LONDON, CONN. uni? fiinllnlnlIn:lulnulnnulllulnnnl munu-nnunmnuuinuumuunmm-mum SHEPARD and SWANSON Greet the Bulkeley Boys Fern-The doctor gets mad when I kiss you. Is it had for my htalth Maricwlt might be if you continue doing it. I'm married to nm 1mnimmnuinmnninmm:-ininininmlm-mmmnnn CAPITOL Haberdashery 120 State St. Authority on Men's Fashions FEATURING Stetson Hats Trojan Cravats Arrow Shirts mum gmmi-umm COMPLIMENTS OF GARDE THEATRE A Warner Brothers Theatre :ummmummmmm nm-1nnitnmmmmummmnuunmm. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 CADILLAC 81 LASALLE A. C. SWAN CO. NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT 126 Main Street 2 Cliff Street, Norwich nummmn unnmunumn ummmnmmumumlmmnluuumummmm mn mmf-ummm mn BlllllUll3.ll'C-xl21l'l'f' my tl2lLlg'llllCl'? XYl1y. slie's a mere cliilcl. Rowley-l know, lmut l tliouglit l'4l come early and avoid the rush. mu nn nnmuum mmumnnnn INSURANCE ALL KINDS Automobile, Accident, Health Life, Boiler, Fire, Liability REAL ESTATE Hought - Sold - Rented Sidney H. Miner Sr S011 REALTORS MANWARING BUILDING 231 State Street NEW LONDON nmmnmmm mminnvInIllinIinI1vuI-IinIUHummliumnmlm fm , . .. COMPLIMENTS OF MQCINLEY BROS., Inc. Real Estate - Insurance Manwaring Building 231 State Street ummm mumum-mn WM. VAN KEUREN CO. INC. Plumbing and Heating Contractors General .lobbing PHONE 9568 28 Methodist Street New London, Conn. i-1 THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 COMPLIMENTS OF -,fi TN . SCHWARTZ FURNITURE COMPANY 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111111-11111-1111111111-11111111 Coach fJiiiI'iCll fill filxll. Science f'l"l1e earth 111ox'es tl11'o11gl1 space at a 5 1 ite of IL tI1u11sa11cl miles per 1101111 lia11111f-l'1,11r giwss, Salifs old 1112111 kicked me out uf El two story xxi11fl11w last night and it Cllllll' tu meet me faster tl1a11 that. THE MARINERS SAVINGS BANK A Mutual Savings Bank State Street, next to Post Office - New London, Conn. Permanent exhibits of whaling relics open during banking hours. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 Pierce, Butler and Pierce Manufacturing Company 45 Pequot Avenue Wholesale Plumbing and Heating, Manufacturers of Eastwood Boilers and Radiation ummmanmumu-mumunummmmmmmmnmmmnvuInulmu-numInmm-mnuunnmunum llillgllu you take licnne cumolnlcs? SllllllSOll-NU, I take home girls. luninuInnIInInuInumuInunumnmummnm Immun: THE E CROCKER HOUSE COMPLIMENTS OF GOLF COURSE Golf Course, located on the Second Floor of the Crocker House J Sporty Hazards Natural Playing Greens CLASS OF 1904 Open from ll A. M. until Midnight mnnnmnnmn mmmnninmnHInmum-nnuumunmmm COMPLIMENTS OF THE' H. WALES LINES COMPANY B U I L D E R S NEW LONDON MERIDEN anananummmmmmnmmnnmm ,,,,,,Hmmmmmmnm THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 ABEN HARDWARE COMPANY 74-78 Bank Street Headquarters for Reach, Wright and Ditson Athletic Goods Complete Line of Sporting Goods and Ammunition NEW LONDON, CONN. mm-nvnummunnnmuunumunn uummm-munmmmmmnmmnmm--...Immm- Freefllizlncl-For two cents l'c,l kiss you, listlici'-llerc's a dollar, boy, and let's get going. nu 1unnmumnnnuumnlmnun.-uunmmm vmlm -nmmmu-num COMPLIMENTS OF CAPITOL M BARBER SHOP THE 83 Bank Street '-4 RAYMOND IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL COMPLIMENTS OF With our Sanitary methods 1 and Skilled Barbers, we ' 8K can serve you in the Best Up-to-date Fashion ALEXANDER CARUSO AND MoRs1CATo LUMBER CO. Proprietors ACME PRINTING COMPANY 76 Bank Street New London, Conn. Prompt Delivery GOOD WORK MODERATE PRICES E THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 mm:annuununumnmmnnnunnmnmuuuumu. COMPLIMENTS OF RLOOMFIELD GOLF COURSE Garfield Avenue G. D. GARVEY, Prop. COMPLIMENTS OF . R. Patterson. Inc. 407 Broad Street COMPLIMENTS or William C. Fox Q nmmnnnnuumuuunmmunnmnnmmm COMPLIMENTS OF CRYSTAL BARBER SHOP 83 State Street NUNZIO D'ELIA, Prop. mnIn-IanunnnnumnnnuInnnnmnumnnnu 1InlnHInIfIfIInInnumannuunmnmmuuau uunmmuunnannuummmnmmnmnmuuumum COMPLIMENTS or Julius T. Shepard And His Commanders of Modern Dance Music COMPLIMENTS OF Aaron A. Elfenbein Class of 1923 Compliments of VICTORY CANDY SHOP L. HALIKAS, Prop. THE BULKELEY VVHALER-1931 YOUR o 0 Go o Extends Opportunities for Recreation, Self- expression, and Purposeful achievements. MUsc Your Y. M. C. A." URE . QCESFBLICI'-i BECAUSE. HE woormh emu, ME our HERE TO pi.Ay COMPIJIMENTS n i ' H GOLF! I You WERE ' Q"L1i5"'fD or as ., i Q P -:- - EfE2E1E 2 E5Eih: A Isaiah Charles She wants to play this game-why t Her friends have said it's pretty h t Avoid then this young pl ght And bring YOUR girl friend here tonight. MIDGET GOLF COURSE 3 H. PUGH, Proprietor ' East of Montauk Ave., Opp. Lawrence Hospital COMPLIMENTS OF YELLOW CAB COMPANY Phone 4321 New London Connecticut num:mnnummunm THE BULKELEY WHALER-1931 THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHY FOR THIS BOOK WAS DONE BY IISIHIOIPD ST IDDIIO I Go swam! cis? . F ' 5 i-, V' gun. ,Cage -wmgga' ' Nil? Wfhe Very Best Grade of Pl10tograpl1y" SAY BULKELEY BOYS Photographs Taken Day or Night Studio Open Evenings MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - VICTOR RECORDS Classical and Popular Sheet Music Main Street Next to Day Office PHONE 4015 NN, 5 , X' A ff u v' N . 1 f' N, ' . ' 'cy f" V: .W f -' , N - 143 , - -f - Dfw N ,N N N .N ,-,Nfw ' X K X 4 f ,X N 'NN ,N N N! A my 1-i4A,,,-gli.. X .'f'N ,,, , IHINNN, 40" 'Q' W F , f 5 Ll fi l N 1942 f l'v,,,, 2 If Q ,N N- X A , , gN,?,,i ,NN -,N ,N,,N,NN,, N- NN , .N ,NN .X -N NNW N .N N 'ff' in "' mi, V 1 N- 3-- 1 f X. N ojjzifr ou fzlfnemi in art and reproduction: ' ' f 'lv' Y Q Heated I ron mmcientiozu Jewire and ln- f '- N , fi! 'N Q 1 Q ' ,quired by 4 gevmnze dexire to a'1.rtr1bu,le the but f The JA1-IN .sf OLLIER ENGRAVING co. f gy - N N Phomgmpbm, Anim andA1abm affFine LV SG 5+ Prinimg Pla1e:jZrBImle and Calor! N 'iS V I 817 W. Washington Blvd, Chicago N1 .N .- NN N N jg'2'3,z' "HU 25 if jf 'Q 5-WN 4 N N X NN g f? 'Z U ff ' T15 ' 5 ' 'F' , Q f' ' - K ' - -x x --4 A -i-f- 5" i g' 5 1 -' N 5"f'Enn.. W- wo., ' ' 41:f4X ' f X fi ,fi-1Lla'?ff?2 1- N, Q, - 21 , ji-iq K, ' E' ff -'PPM "K" + 'f' U7 ffff fm-,X 3, fr A ,sf XXX SX ff z , X if fff 'X-gm -M N - Mi J -X L 4 -A ,NN w' l , 'ffm 5 If ,ff f 1, Q .vu .1 f ,f-gm 1 f N, ff ffm f J!- f f , MW", f J f,4f9pQyWy ff 4 X if WW! if ,Q f fq 7 ' off! f , X ,.4.f,Z?ffj4 Y' ff? , ww f' , 5 74 M5 Q4 fi lfiffgff? Amy f ,H f ,f JK? 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Ind. 2 N X an . t MMF' N I' n K V THIS BOOK I L -K ' P H

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