New London High School - Whaler Yearbook (New London, CT)

 - Class of 1929

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Text from Pages 1 - 160 of the 1929 volume:

9 .5 0 . ' , v 3 . . ?.f7i1,. 4 K X' we ,J xx , "P , ' ,aff iw: fl 1, T-V' ' um A - ' .,-...aft I ,N , 'BQ nf. , ' .ah ' - 5, . 4 f- 'fire F .45 ,lv ' iw- T' , , - - 4, ' -1' P' pf , l YH.. A A 4 l . E V f Q E .. I 'QQ ' . ' f ' ., ,. 713.1 ,ff . , 4 ' ' . ' ., ,. . 'M' , , '1 ' - fi' 4 A L .. .,f f .ew Q. , - .. v ,. .- - f V ' .' -Nu -, f z 1 ,,. s V D "L X J.. . .3-'Vim M-,,.-w-ff: 1 - 4- ' A-" ,ag . . F35 3-gf 5 . ,Fl r -ak l , 3, wc .. 2 gr H , 3 -rg. ' " A' ' - ' ' . . v '. . t 1.5 M ' i 1-, .L ith. L' 'L ' A25 uni. nat 5 5, , 1. I 1 . A . M 'A '- ' 4 - . , , . - - 1 . -9 f fi X Hb 2 .V f,R1lffb". -Q. , . 4,2 ' tm' Q' 4 BLi,':": t . v rf' -in uf ' Sa Q22 ,'i,g.., .L ful- .MZLJZ A VZ: lm JA. :vw - Q ,M V 5 .-.yzgfgvkg . N A , 0 ' h ' . -' .,.'--' -.-f 3 F '11 v 'A P ' .. . ' J ""'f,"x. . .M 1 . -. '. .ww . 4.24, pa- W- ri .Mn . ' . . f . M. f--...iv2fM 2.f. ffaaf - . A1 .. I , V nl Qtr . . kibwlvkg zbif,'. If "Q-,,f, ,z A t . 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Ll r ' K W SSL l 5' 4 n 1 -f 0 P " 0 K J ! unlbvllnsllnedl by the 3 gf , SENIGR clmss 3 A Y v Q I E 092 5' 0 GD K9 - a I V f . unllllee 5 nm X 2 GY G 0303 2 , N V , + New ' fn Sf X ' lbmmdlmm, Comm. g K .711 N ,W ' . 55' Q3 OU 7 X " v ' 1 I V- d X N " ' Y' Q- Qliibjfqf M , 1 4 .7 'Q - A N- f Y - Marg'---"':':T-id, !2V"55h,,Q ,, ,,,,.-gr Y -:x- in Z :vm V' 490 v oaomfoaenr nuff vQgAf:9o.v' A1n:gvQ,g. ,t', ' vv. v 1 1 ,,aq.q, 14 E 339 EYJMQMLER s HMT? n .. ..-..--,?:3!lo1. Y x 'g .ff ,agp X il IAQ! fwf ku E f J S, arf 2' 4 1 X lv M em '-1 ' "1 xl IIDIEIIDIIGATIIUN T HE class of nineteen hund- red and twenty-nine respectfully dedicates this edition of the Whaler to HOWARD THAYER PIERCE ln appreciation of eight years of generous service, interest, and amiable friendship. Page four' Q- E 93 f , " f' 4 T-fax 5. -ee .. -..Y 5C'F0QzDDNQ2, ' 9 J p"'--A.-'.Q I 'Q ---- r. 't ..- ' 9,5 4 , , 1929 WHALER ,Dying . I -as , J 0 - A nnnasm ' ,jfjjj ,Q af lI"' fb . pl IH 505 - N .ME f' if -,., f, 5 i E E 5 E I 5 Q 1 2 E a 1 E 3 "" 3 2 E E s E H 2 if 5 P - 4 f Elk QE Xi W Illlllllllllll llllllll O f , Mtv? .f W ' ' ' E i iikfi 3, Page five 9 X , di Q15 A -ff N A QA CQ,-f .. f 4, 7f"X f M 1,11 Qi: 1, 1 JfQQ,,-ff -iilgfr-fffb IJ A".-'-.4g.t ' we Z ei ----,A WHALER 'alias' 'ron P4221 .. fliglv--"':.N El: "I f'mh7:l?"ll -Z l".,,n ,. ,.-"' I ., 'lm -wn4'd,'u ""luq 3. vllllu, ll ---'-""""'1tsVe5' '.r1Pf"" - e' - t "'iPf:.'i5'il9i i " IIiil"""t:'-'sizes E5-: Q P A hnulmii- li i ilgxifnlir fl 'lull' .. ,ll""4 "N luul. ..'-11 . 15 y M ........ xi lu e l ll q. . .FT i il""' IIN MIIEZMURIIAMI L i. WILLIAM nnmcxu-an e 5 E Jfeneneep 27, 1845 September 3, 1928 E E E E one entrees of new me join mm, Zgulbeley ern: E E E E oents of the present bay ano partieularly with the E E i E E alumni who attenoeo the school During the thirty if 2 E gi years between eighteen hunoreo ano eighty four E E E E anh nineteen hunoreo ano fifteen, in paying lohing 3 E E tribute to the memory of william Zl3elrher. illllr. E E E fi Eelrhefs long life meant much for publie ano E E E E pribate gooo. The halue of his leaoership in the 3 E E 'Q aims ano poliries of this school reach beyono the E E E E bounos of praise, for he was keenly oehoteh to E E E E iBulkeley ano promoteo as well as eherisheo its V E 'E E welfare for nearly half a eentury. Sotuoents of E E E E the future will not only inherit the benefits of his E 5 E 5 offieial stewaroship but they will eateh the inspi: E E E E ration of his gentle eharartrr ano his Christian ex: E 5 ample, his faithfulness to ehery publir ano prihate m,v,. outy, ano other qualities of personal :harm whirh f i' 4255" make the reroro of his fruitful life both as a eiti- ifixil :Quill , , , .' -----it .. " M, ."l'.'. en ano an official of our community. W,,, , " LJ .,.llu,,fK'63'i umilllit I J, ifgggr l gig,if,..,,lE5El.:.. lggg1Q'3!u::2q'l' y gym' fl: E V f- ' W gg y gn l ' gHf,Zr .Q..nEffPi4 L. '-. -1.-fum..-'I M 1 'yuh Q V.. Q nn' H1 in 6: IJ. r-X Y lt '-ll.:--:iff X eg. Je' ' w,., -Il- f flfl-:1,' ""----'f.fa::1inllls. 'ff ellluirssii--"' Page six QR - A... --X ff CCV f fl' 1, K' --N Y - . W XJ ' ' ' CC eff-flrifr , ,A 2 Hffg- x V -- QQAUJ, Q Xzlbsfgib up aff, im . ww ,. ,I NK, I' - M x nn.: , ff i ,fi I fffn . ,N-li I x I -.J .gh """l .2 , A , if ' -rkyf ' ' if" ' 'wr f., f -W A Q' 2 W V 7 1 gi' ' 4 ,W , v4 ,-. I ,mx rick, , XWV4 , jk ji yi? .X ! . Uk cgi! X I7 le' ,, 1f, lX a L, 1 1,1 XX 'i V YE?-'fix Page seven ,f 3 ' , ,f Q: J .. Zsf' I , .X L '- fiff XLT' X R wi ii ' ' -3 . K if xj ffl ii If J' 1929 WHALER Jlulunlllllullllllnlunulululrllunuululnllullllllll ?i?i?i3?i We, the editors of the nineteen hundred and twenty-nine VVhaler, present this volume as a cumulation of our earnest efforts and sincerely hope that it will equal, if not surpass, the previous issues. The purpose of the VVhaler is to serve as a lasting memoir of the happiest and most carefree period of our lives, that of our life at Bulkeley. VVe earnestly hope that the record of this year's activities will afford the reader much present enjoyment and many pleasant reflections in the years to come. Q - s Q ff3 fffii fjfp v V 3-2 1929 WHALER ,',.-0s.a--.... of fo 'Q 'J as M : 0 ' ...O 9 7 li Y A V ,- 'S. -an 1 O ' ' ' J , ""--..-------"'j." 5 1 1 1 1 1 I E Q f Page rznine f , ' - 3 A I Z7 .X ff - , -.Cv-, -KT-A CD 'L sx., , , QA ,ff p gzaf -4 V' Kg .f 4 AQ ' .'5S' 5S9Qoosg,v iqgolx?-Jigi A in 5 , f --""ef5gii,0e swf 0, ' 276 1 , s Q X mf 2 K0 1 -J, I 5 5 Q- 37 5 W '11 4 Q E A W Q E 9- E 3 2 FD' cs- ,Egg E+. E+: 95. 5' 5 5, 5 1 Y . E 2 zz fn Rf , 2. 3 521 '45 1 2, S 5 w ' g 4 m gr 3 Ar K 3 3 yy 5 m ' U 1 g 5 rfb, Q at 5 1, .luv-Egrsss ossx , ., . fe Q3 W Qlf 'Q' I 5' 9 TZ. Nw N, QQQD f K S N - A 'jx gi Kai 1 Z7 5 !-X,,,.v.JyMESz S Y Y A XJSQJJQJ SSEX N5 4 4 JMJ, gg 1929 WHALER pg,m,,w,,QE -Q5 e e .- , f ",,4n4-.. .,4e 'Lx ."o. 9 gp. , - 'eg 7 " .4 Q. li V l I ' Y M' -----.:-3 !" . Lisp? 5 'E X I 5 'lx .fff Page eleven C 1-JZ :A- 5 A - , 'f?iif-ixff 1 1 P ' " Q n-"O. 'O p'..- 2 , "' O C A Q ,i Y H Y 5. -Q1 a 0 ' s 5 - Q- fl! -W 1929 WHALER , Qf J A SCHOOL ENTRANCE Page twelve fN 'A ff C6 'dw K- P KK 7 45 1,1 - - 1929 WHAL ER in pjfpfwvmq I" o I. s O s Z 3 : I 2 1 1 , I 'Q 2 f F 0" 4: .-" Q 5 9 gy x i E LL pw wir? BY N LOB I MA "U ce Q Cb 60- :- S- Y 1'0- Q Q S Em WL -xfffgfwf QQk'If12f ff14X 3-q ' -'zkyff 2 r fi WN x- X 99320 FWQCJCQ X1 1 l f y I l 3 dl KF l I ' , J f ll L XXQ r f 5 I ? G A fl lf KC f pf jg? l 'QP' Eggmv- I ji 1 1 I 2 X W' , .4 Q, -",I, ,,,g1av1dUavarq ,",,? QQ I Gi F 1 lg lv 1 A J' 'gf' "2 fl I K Q .I 'r 1' . 0' K Nl P '94 gy C 7 ll A' O K ' l fl! 79 M 4 L k I must go clown to the seas agam, :LPN I SWS 1 P " Qxai To the lonely sea and the sky, J k ll 7 'g And all I ask is a tall Ship, ' I 3 J g And a star to steer her by, f' Q And the wheel's kick and the wiucl's song 3 j And the white Sail's Shaking, f if l M And 21 gray mist on the sca's face, l 1 -John Masefielfl. V I S 3 A l NX l g V! o ' A 5 3 -'fe .53 6' ' 5 .. 4 "mt, aoaaoo,'?fA?,,sSSSSQQxxu ,Q f f 'N . 1 - If 7 '12 Q II, IW? ig? QR QL I, 1 A, P7 wg INK? ,AI gl: e l1g,," I I , - ,fl lg Q 4 Y '11 hm: -JI f'N F 1' 7 ie! 54. U' I M. he fjlilllt yl X I I must go dow 11 t the seas '1 E111 55 SWRX f ff? 'O 9 tttst X 0? KN here the u d Ike a vxhetted km Amr aII I a Ix Q 1 merrv arn Ircm a Iau Img IeII vw rc er Rnd qulet Ieep md '1 eet CIICHII en th Iugt IX ox John Nlaseheld l '11, nance., 7,3 f ,,gsSSgQsxx .Q I I I I I 65 v ' any gg I I I 0 W Q 0- I I N f In A 'gc ,Q WK 2 S Q I I K' ' 0 . eq '1, :gg F X I F T- 7 fro' To t var' g JS-f life, Q, I g To the guII's way and the NVI121IC,S way ' I Q s-I! Q I x"n 'S I' ' lifeg gt, f K g . I s ' i. I 1 y , ' 7 VVI1 e o fic "S 'er. ' L9 1- gl I . , I ax e g If V Q O ' I 'S 7411 sv. .. 4 .'o,1' "Q 1159 55 ' ,--.q 1929 WHALER 's. Q 7 l', -...'Q 0" "x 'Q - :po Q. M - ,, I an O' D -., - ' ' x . ' . -gu---nO" ..' Qhministratiun Zgulkelep Baath nf Trustees Mr, Miner President Sidney H. Miner, President Nathan Belcher, Secretary Ernest E. Rogers Charles B. XXYZIHCI' George H. Bathgate Arthur H. Shurts P. LeRoy Harwood, CX-officio igulkelep Qlumni Qssuniatiun Secretary ,,,,....,. James E. Ahern President Page sixteen President ..........,i........... i....,i,, First Yiee-President ,.,....,s Second Vice-President .............. Treasurer .....,.,....Y....... ........ James E. Ahern ....,,..lJz1x'id Chappel Dr. Otis Miner Creighton Teviin ...,,Frank S. Joseph GQ-1 f - ff W Q ggi? ffggipjj, ,Zsffklf if R 5 1929 WHALER r' -"' , Q 0 QP: M 5 ,' -1 u .A 9 T 4 Y 0 ' ' T TC Y VY A f J ,,-- 5 'DQQQQQQ ' ' Jan , ilaisturp uf Jgulkelep Qcbuul Qiiolh in the Qtxcerptf from GPIB ilkewrbs from 1909 Qliataluguue R. LEQNARD H. BULKELTZY, who died in 13-19, left by will a fund of about S25,000, for the founding of a free school for the boys of New London, to be known as "Bulkeley School," with the provision that the fund should be kept invested until a much larger amount should be available. The original endowment has been increased by several generous gifts and leg- acies, viz: From the estate of Mr. Asa Otis, Sl0,000g from the estate of Mr. Henry P. Haven, 35,0005 and from the Hon. George F. Tinker, upwards of 311,000 for the construction and furnishing of an extensive addition to the building. The original Trustees named in the will of Mr. Bulkeley, five citizens of New London who secured the charter for the school in 1350, under the cor- porate style, "Trustees of Bulkeleyf, were: Messrs. Nathan Belcher, XX'il- liam C. Crump, john P. C. Mather, Henry P. Haven, and N. Shaw Perkins. Of these Trustees, four served the school until death, the fifth, Mr. Nathan Belcher, resigned in 1384, after a trusteeship of thirty-five years. During the school year 190-l-1905, the Trustees made some radical changes in the corporation management and in the course of instruction. Application was made to the General Assembly at its January session, 1905, for authority to amend the charter of the corporation. The amendment was duly authorized by the Legislature and was adopted November 17th, 1905, by vote of the Trustees. This amendment provides for a board of seven instead of five Trustees. lt also provides that one of the additional Trustees shall be the Chairman of the Board of Education of the City of New l,ondon, ex-officio, and that the other shall be nominated by the alumni of the school and elected under such regulations as the corporation may adopt. The adoption of the change of the charter increasing the number of the corporators to seven made the Chairman of the Board of Education at once a member of the Board of Trustees. During the month of june. 1906, cir- cular letters were addressed to the graduates, enclosing voting slips, inviting them to vote for as alumnus of Bulkeley School, a resident of New l.ondon, who has been graduated at least five years, as a nominee for Graduate Trus- tee of the corporation. This canvass resulted in the nomination of Mr. Sidney H. Miner of the class of 1886, and this nomination was ratified by vote of the Trustees, June lBth, 1906. Mention should be made of a memorial that has been placed on the facade of the school by the efforts and generosity of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The bronze tablet is a memorial to Captain Charles Bulkeley, who served in the Revolution and the XVar of 1312, and to Leonard Hallam Bulkeley, founder of the school, father and son, and it is most fitting that this record of the patriotism of one and civic generosity of the other should be placed on the enduring granite walls of Bulkeley School. Page seventeen - i QQ9ZA f- 'filfgliffjcii -,.... 'Q T J 3 1 un O, Q 41 S -51 ' 0 ' ' S ..,- X550 H, 1929 WHALER Zlaumer 33. illinhermuub, QI. ig., 41111. QI. Washiiigtoii and Jelferson College. A. H., Yale University, M. A., Columbia University, Extension Courses. Principal Sewickley, Pennsylvania, High School: Supervisor of linglish, Fall River, Mass., High School, Sub-Master, XVelles1ey, Mass., High Schoolg Head of English Department and Vice-Principal of Passaic High School, Passaic, N. J.: Head of English Depart- ment, Classical High School, Newton, Mass. Editor, Sir Roger De Coverly Papers, published by American Hook Company, Macaulay's Life of Johnson and Selections from .lohnsonls writings, published by Charles Merrill Company, English Leaf- let published by Association of English Teachers of New Jer- sey. Member of State Committee of Connecticut to prepare English courses for secondary schools. Member of Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Headmaster of Bul- keley since 1921. Page eighteen C55-2-f?5-tgffeff-Pie f Qffg' l l , 1 , I fi- -,,,..-... ,1- ,,,1 . ,..-...- ,....l ,,...-- ii- ,,.-., N 'kg 'V -f A 1 ' -: ' -fs n fx' J' , Y' X L' .-A I N' I. Lyla I - ng 5"- -x ' W' v V' ' dt' flifigfiaivix EW A N1 N mf' ' A I ,agsn Aw va . .s N .A "ff .5 42: Fifsiiwzri "' 7 ' ' ff' ' '55 5'f1?7:i5QS'31Ex' .iff ZS- -tlwf-M :wx p,,,,1X um 9,17 lon Ns .AX J 2 N 5511 'T S 5 X -5133! w'eV T MQW 5 .. LLM W liiiiiihiffw' f 'N . jf K "' !QQg."5 L'A'l.'A'h1 I tzihtaxg ,Z-'f " "+2'14ff11:r-1- wi- :- f N fJ wQ.--',f- 1.--w--'- 4 , .Q, ,nil .-ig, sq, sg, , C839 '-:ik U S, 'GJ' . A ' 51920. 1. gf 51-:wg , J X x - K Ka , V. ,.-Qzisifami. "-' -4 Bl 5 A .-K-t'3?-x:g::.2e'f-5.949 -' X CX4 -1 Q Ap',o1Z-qQ,..m-1.24545 O -te N KP m " -' :W-r-yivnrrna-user' "If ""'N k 11, 1 Q' '1'3b,' 1 1:2 4 +A ' f.. , :,y:.z, 501' 9 0 ' V . Q f g., f C -9, 4 + , is ' 1 ' - .422 1 ffm 1Efp??51'7 . , f AK ,A o - ff I I' v'f,bz,?l t ff 1 yy: W1 V V501 f f A11 In N lin We 75 'MNC jltfxf La 'nqzll-3526. N ,egg ' RXQQQQQ '51-.: Mu ' ' ' - .v 5 321. , ' 1 4 S K 4,-pq-zxng X,- , 54" - J 1- . , . . . L., g'1 .!'f5'1,x.::,,, - 4 ty, '- . Zo- : g , s -f v f -.--1.5 . .4 - - ..e:.:, -- f'5 'K '. ' I Q as 3:-53 r-3 's.!,2'f2' "iii " .wM4s4',w 153 ngwgpolv- V, ro 9' ..L " 4 s S 1 ' 9 X 25 Q 551 .3-Tl A . -. 1 L-Q rw ff gong ' "'k3X 4 o '. 1 ,Q .nt x ' fax' 4 1: '1 .::OIx '3' 93:1 NYXX X .ll ' " ' -2'5x.xf, - Z 'Q ffdl A je f ,P 1 A . , K SJ -fkmseg, , at .3 -' of v X L lf g. N J 17,9 ,Z 11 '33 l ,xxx x g? fx 4x,v'.v , .T '- - 55 x 'F 1- ' I 24 " k ' ' X xt. fx '.0,,v.a ,' 4 n f- n ' X - 1 ' -., K1 ' J: '--sf,-zz fx' Ffa' . x -.-,-A f, v f.-,. -: - -- 'ffl Jn an .0 6 -, ' --. - I - -3 'cgi fs l I I' f DW- f iz-'N ' J N N5 '-:-5 C. .1 I X14 w iq ' fn:- , ,- I I 1 mx-D .114 4 MV " FN- VL X 'w f ,uf V 4 E E 6 '. s I 3 K 'M fu! , . r g 5:54. -. :Sf , , , Q, -1 K 1 " v' 7' E 3 'fa .x ' 4 ' "S-.. - M " ' ' -" 9-'.'1 .i.' 5. 4 I 7 g ' ,Q O' 'fo . A., 3 0 J- , uf.-, ,r EE.: 0, 0 'll , .nfil .O tj xl lg My Q f I 4 1 f K I X H' Q H 1 XII' "' k' K x A in V ' .":-Gmc" I ' 'H ' ' -: 2-:J 1 QQ' ' ', 2:25 .WY ,.,' N ,f ,1 ' - ' ' fit? ok',0.9:p-Q A- I i 'L ,wx . " : XY", Q A -75 mx a , ': W - U , - ',. 1 55 'SL 5- f Egrff I KLA., A r D 5' 'F EE. ' 5 4 ' X ff " " I 5 fy , x ' 400 K 0 S.. H 2- 4 51 'J 'liwbyq Ax .I 11 X ww 24 '51 , H ' " 'f v I . ., ' xr v I I0 7 1 5 ll h 32 o na' 1 :WW , , 4 00 1 "N 'A' aff sv' f ,,. I ' . on ,e . -, , I , 'A we 1 E .Vg J' 5 ,, E2 3 !"f7f7 'mi NW W T K ' -- l ' 5 x "" mil' 'tw' X i ' i- .1 1 K 147. K -, L! 1929 WHALER D ,ar-aa-- Q.. 'Q 1 Q -ff' 1 5. - 1 I Q ' ,- 140 Howard T. Pierce, A. B. Bowdoin College, A. B., 1918, Vice-Principal, Maine Central Institute, 1918-21, Supervisor of Music in public schools, Pittsfield, Maine. At Bulkeley since 1921-Mathematics. Page twenty 9 . Clarence E. Norris, A. B., A. M. Brown University, A.B., 1900, A.M., 1902, graduate work at University of Berlin, 1907-83 graduate work at Harvard University, 1908-93 taught at Brown University, French and German, 1900-73 Haverford College, Haverford, Pa., 1909-12, business research work, Boston, 1913, Simmons College, Boston, took methods course in commercial subjects, taught at I-Iacldonfield, N. J., High School, 1913-145 University extension courses. College fraternity, Phi Sigma Kappa. Honorary society, Phi Beta Kappa. At Bulkeley since 1914-Commercial subjects. Ernest W. Falconer, A. B. Boston University, A. B., 1917, Instructor Ber- keley Preparatory School, 1914-17, American Ex- peditionary Forces, 1917, Instructor at Berkeley Preparatory School, 1919-20, Principal of Epping High School, Epping, N. H., 1920-21. Member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. At Bulkeley since 1921- Mathematics. oe. - 3 - CQ! 'C' Q T?- 3,-Q 'S "Z3-- f ,4-4A-Q I 1929 WHALER D Q "a .., We ' - '- , .qI, I Q -' , ,,-1451 ------ Philip B. Pasquale, A.B., M. S. Bates College, A.B., 19213 University of New Hampshire, M.S., 1923, Harvard University Ra- dio School, 19183 Columbia University Summer School, 1922. Graduate Assistant in Sociology, Economics and History, University of New Hamp- shire, 1921-22. Instructor of Social Sciences, Eco- nomics, and Sociology, University of New Hamp- shire, 1922-25. Assistant Editor of Social Science Syllabus, University of New Hampshire. Hon- orary fraternity, Phi Gamma Mu. At Bulkeley since l925fHistory, Economics. Ernest A. Patchel, jr., A. B. University of Pennsylvania, A.B., Pennsylvania State College. Taught at Shenandoah High School, Shenandoah, Pa., State Teachers College at XYest Chester, VVest Chester, Pa., New York Flood E. Reed Valparaiso Universityg Harvard University: Geneva Institute of International Relations. Head of Science Department, Wheeler School, 1917-20. Headmaster, XVheeler School, 1920-27. At Bulkeley since 1927-Science, English 05 Military Academy, Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y, Page t1vm1fy-one 'L 1 or ffgfa :Sci ?f9:9?2i: 5 X' ' 4 ',.- -4n, 'Q - L " ,-' lv: Z '2 ,, - ---, WHALER 9 5 -1 " . H gt: ' e or do i e' Carl G. Andrews Alfred University, Ph. B., 19045 School of Edu- cation, Yalparaiso University, EQLB., 19103 Post tirariuate XYork, 'lfeachers College, Columbia, two years. Student, llletropolitan Opera School, New York City: Instructor in Directing, lirie School of Music, liric, Pa.: Supervising Principal, Cleve- laiicl. X. Y.. liichmondville, X. Y., Tivoli, N. Y., and XYooclhriclge. N. Y.: Research and Field work with the L'nix'crsity of State of Xen' York two years. Memlncr ol' X. lf. A. and various other pro- fessional organizations. :Xt ljulkeley since l927- liiology, Civics. Ray T. Reed llrovirlencc College, l927g Brown University, lO28. .Nt llullceley since l92S-History, linglish, Latin. Anthony J. Hamernik, A. B. Colgate University, A.B., 19203 Principal of lilgin lligh School, 1920-21, Instructor of Lan- guages at Keystone Academy, Pa., 1922-27. At liullqcley Since l927--French and German. William R. Canty, B. S. Middlebury College, HS., l9l9g Athletic Direc tor, Fay School. Southhoro, Mass., l9l9-20, Ath- letic Director, St. Louis Country Day School, St. Louis, Mo., l920-24. Fraternity, Chi Psi. At Bul- keley School since l92fl.iCommercial Arithmetic Page twenty-tivo Q ,. , ' V - rfN..z'Q-Qyis -- 421-gg Q ,,4-4- ,A 4 ' 1929 WHALER 1 ,h. Theodore Clare, A.B., Ph. D. Lfniversity of l-lrussels C,Bc1giumj, 1394-18985 taught at llarvarcl University, 1S99g The Hamil- ton Institute, New York, 19003 The Browning School, New York, 19083 Rutgers L'nix'crsity, New Brunswick, 1920g The Kew Foresi School, Forest Hills, Long' lslancl, 19231 The University School, Baltimore, llarylancl, 1925. At Bulkeley since 1923 -French. Eugszic B. Lawrence, A.B. Tufts college, .X.lZ., 18893 taught at Keene lligh Fcllntmsl. lie-ene, X. 11. Professor of Chemis- try, illijusics anal .Xsiroiiwiny at llullcelex' School since 1902- Qilieinistry, l'hysics. i Arthur F. Hertell, A.M., S. T.B. 'l'homas gyninasium, Leipsic, Germany, 18853 Doane College, ,X.13., 1889: ggrzncluaic stuclcni at Olwrlin, 181,101 Doane College, .X. Xl., 189.13 chicago 'l'ln-ological Seminary, S.',l'.1i3., 1895, gracluate stu- clcnt, L,vl1iYCl'S11f' of Cliicago, lS9o1 l'ro1csso1' of Latin, lilacklvurn College, 1896-1905: grzuluate stu- clenl Yale University, 1903-05: ANN., 190-ll ljro iessor of Moclcrn 1,:ingiiag'es, Pliilliius lixeter .Xcaclemy, 1905-113 Professor ol' lircncli literature at llates College, 1911-21. .Xl llnllicley since 1923 -French, 1.atin. Walter M. Cole Cushing Acacleinyg Northampton Commercial College: XYorcester Business Instituteg University lixtension Courses, Taught at Northampton Com- mercial: New lingland Vocational School, Head of Commercial Department, Rutland, Mass. .Nt Bulkeley since 1922aConnnercia1 Subjects. Pngv f1c'm1fy-flzmf' S3 di f - N c - fi A . ig -Q 1 4, my o :.-o4 gi. E ' " . -l.. 0 , ' 4 9 's I-M i o f ' - f A 3 1 lx... -----,-,- I Y .A 1' ----...'D, ,--"1-3.1 2 P - ...O 1929 WHAL ER aww Y 114. W W , I .s..' . ------123091. 4 j J Thomas R. Cook, A. B. Colluy College, A.B., 1922: Sub-Master and Di- rector of Athletics, .Nshlancl lfligh School, Ashland, Nc., 1922-23. l:l'Zl1CI'lll'Ey, Lmnhcla Chi Alpha. At Bullielcy since 1923-ffhlnglisli. Frank I-Iamleri, A. B., M. A. Bates College, A.B., 19215 Boston University, M. 1923. ,-Xt Bnlkeley since 1923flfnfflish C , . Carlton F. Small, A. B. Lvnivcrsity of Nlicliigan, A.B. First Lieuten- ant in 1'. S. Ariny, l9l7-19g 'Principal CUlll11ll11g1011 .lnnior lligh School, Cuminington, Mass., 1923. Mcmlicr of Siginzt Delta Kappa fraternity. At llnlkelcy since 1923fl1istory. Henry P. Shay, A.B. Amherst College, A.B., cuni lancle, 19215 Am- - herst lligh School, Ainhcrsi Mass., 1921-22g taught and the Social Sciences at Bristol High U School. Bristol. Conn. At Bulkeley since 19254 Latin, French. Page fwc'11fy-bfouz' - K iY'DQ,2'r "inf '41-QA C72 f f BL B XR?2Qaf'- iff B Z 1. 19 f "f" X i 5 1, ,riff 1xi.Lx ' x-ZA: f 31 A 2 X Hi' ,L-,gif ff w Q65 ooo a u9,, , 7 51? 7 7 '7 'W 7 V , g if! V -A Y' -vi' N -.. ff 5' 2 W Q-A x' 5 1 X ' ! M "'-. 54' fs Q ' is 1. QW, '01 4 5 v I f s Q Q V' llllllllllu WW 5 sz: fllnn, 0 5 : E- -no W flllll fW0 5 , " 'QW' ' ' s ' E 2 S : 1 N ihlasav QW- 1""m. L-1 1:-2-al' 5' 9 :L N f W 4:1-::: 3' f' , 'D Q 1 A 3 ,. A gem -- ff H-1 ,, ,ff AKQX up A44eQ-:-'N A '- ' .. A V 5I'Q'Q::,3 - liek" ' 1 2 ' V 'NX BA C C r" FXK X - I i ,E L5 X, ,552-5239. oo '94 ' L X- y' 0 Gvxx 7 .. . 53.4, . 51 A 5 n . ,aa v f '91 ov' U Y I 7' 2 ' 'fr-3 , , ' . 1 ' ,-1 1 A 1 'Q , 1 fLL,L,!f!5Z, ,. , E X . c , K x F.. 4- F f 4 g -'P 'Q-" WWW , " "1 1 . l , X H - H 9 gg 1- , ' , ' - f 5 0 -fa ew : "sf K "QW 2 4 ' , o X , , .I A ll 0 'K X . , f ,..',g- If Sv 1 4 fr .12- Y' 1 X 1 n 9 4 W4 e3 . ' 9 ' - g 7, .5 D017 W1 aol?-,Ni is-5 Us 1 V0 I0 - I , , . Y 101, Q7 , X332 'Q gf -:' vi Xxxxm' 'S K 1771 -J -::g-:-. . 1' 992--111121- -'R ,gE?d!11:1g1E:::'. 53. . - 1 . W ' Wi".-A 1 lx 4 ,ik ,135 f i K 'i Ex . GR-X L., f -x N few-:'w::" ' f - -R. . ...uv 'I . . fx :uv . . X, eg- 2 -SFA HY. Sy., ' 1 0 QX .-2 x ' --- sv' ww, 'It' ' ' .vw - 4-Hn ,, . X X ' ' . 0,444 5 . '1 - f - - - x -.-. Q a 1 . tl 1 0 4 4 . , . N, 1. rw K 50 .--9, -- v. 3 wgp' ' :ii KJ Q. X 'R 'aux Q' 6 I R -' . ,. . 'Jn W' S ' '-55 '01 Jw 2.9 l I f P I X X , 1 0 , - . . 1 , 5 . -' , X X . 1 -., Q :H .1 X f 1 A r' D -- l - 1531 My X ,I LJ 1 lxw fill X gh-.1 --. . A , 1 5 2 1 - , 0 , 9 f - - - . . - f K " L' EE 2 ' 6.53 fl ' ':4-3 HF-M J ' '-if y 'I' ' X ' " ' Vo f ,v xbk . , Y ' 1 w ' X 6 ': 7 n I x 1 V 3 Q 1 lu F' D If "ll ' 'W 059, J v lov Q Q N. x V i - , 79 Qi' SE IORS , L Y KJ ,-4---Q-, . 0 i Y' my were D ' ' an 'M' Qlllass Ifaisturp It seems that more than four years have passed since that day in Sep- tember, l925, when we first entered this school in the role of students. We were an ordinary Freshman class, distinguished neither in size or numbers, but in keeping with the general increase of each entering class and the de- crease of the average stature of the boys themselves. However in our first year we took hold well and produced two football varsity players. Nor were our abilities solely along the physical line. In our first Pot-Pourri, we ranked second, headed only by the Seniors by a bare margin. Uurs was a clever skit composed and coached by Mr. Under- wood. During our Sophomore year, interest in dramatics waxed. The Pot- Pourri was our triumph. Our winning selection was a one-act play, "The Deadlockf' This play was cleverly written, and well acted. During the same year our classmates with vocal ability secured places in "Bul Bulf' XYe seem to have been too much occupied with school work during our third year to have taken much interest in many activities except major sports, tennis and track. Qui' class has always been well represented in track and in 1928 one of our members made the tennis team. This year under the leadership of Wattersoii, we made a success of the Junior Prom, supplying a good time to all. XVatterson has been our leader since l926. Lane was president of the class our Freshman year. No year has passed so quickly as our Senior year. During this short year, we have not been idle. XYe have reorganized the Dramatic Club, an organization which has not been functioning since '26. The Pot-Pourri, the Senior Play, the Declamation Contest and the Niagara Debate have all contributed in making our last year busier than any that has passed. XVith the above record behind us and the whole world ahead of us, we, the class of l929, cannet help making names for ourselves, some ini the busi- ness world, others in the professions, and still others in science. We all have the greatest opportunities ever offered to young men going to college or into the world. lt is with regret that we leave Bulkeley, whose friendly stone walls have sheltered us during four of the happiest years of our lives. But regret is not alone in our hearts, there is hope, ambition-ambition to do right as we have been taught to regard it. To the under classmen we hand the torch and bid them to carry it high. Farewell. Pa-gc twenty-sin: 9 X K- fi K- ii -4- fr gg g Q-33,21 .lg -QiqZ. ci 'A,--4-.- 1929 WHALER . 'lags l' 'I x .'o,, - 1 . 'Q 99 M Q ., 1 'l .Q 9 .74 . o , '- - ' 'r ' "uns 'v lQQQ9Q99-1 Qlilass Brupbenp New London certainly has changed since the good old days of 'Z9. Ten long years had come and gone and left their changes. As we sauntered down State Street names on office windows brought remembrances. There was Bob Lane's office. He was a prominent bond salesman now. He had even succeeded in selling an insurance policy to Mr. Hertell. A little farther down the street we came across Anello's Yenetian Dance Hall. Poor boy! It seems that he finally had entered Yale after four years of trying only to be kicked out in his fifth year as a freshman. It nearly broke his heart and now he was drowning his sorrows. We went in to cheer the poor fellow up and met lid Bangs. He and his orchestra, hot from Broadway, were burning up the city. It is said that he left 5teele's when they refused to give him his annual raise of 50 cents. lieebe wielded a torrid sax in Bangsls Revelers. Near Main Street we noted "lJodd's Daring Detectives" on a sign over a very mysterious door. XVe entered with fear and awe and discovered that Dodd and Healy had joined forces, thus terrifying all criminals into sub- mission. At the Day office we learned that Coaches Mitchell and lielbruno of Army and Yale predicted victory for each. The Day's artist, Quadliana, gave us the low down. There on the corner of Bank and State was the magnificent Brockett Building. The offices of Brockett, Redden X Mitchell, Real Estate Agents. occupied the entire first fioor. The rumor was that they had sold most of Long Island Sound to poor suckers from Flanders and Nlystic. Just around the corner at the Capital was featured "La Revue Parisienneu of M. Charles Tighe. Most of the Parisienne girls in it had never been farther east than Groton! just across the street we saw the shop of Hyman XYilensky, Licensed Pawnbroker. VVe went in to have a chat and came out with a brass bed- stead, three mops, four harmonicas, a pair of loaded dice. an accordian, and no money. He nearly had us pawn our watches to buy a beautiful cornet: "The very one l.ane played in the Bulkeley Bandu claimed Hymie with gusto. As the hour was growing late, we adjourned to l'eck,s Restaurant and traded the mops for three hot dogs. During the evening we went to the Capitol to see this revue of Tighe's. Tighe had gone to Canada and acquired French. He spoke it so fast and with such an accent that Dr. Clare himself would have a hard time keeping up with him. He and "Mopey', jolson sang a duet that wasn't at all bad. The picture was called "The Handsome Halfbackf' Brad Gregory played the lead and did it well. jones was the villain, he had raised a beard for the part, or rather he had let one grow. Mandell doubled for Gregory in the love scenes with Greta Garbo. Page twenty-seven e of N fs ag ,,4-..4-. X 1929 WHALER 5 1 I" ..'o .000 fs .t ' ..- : QP- M ' ,. 4 p W iff- a ' a ' ' a e ' - J .lx 5 -..-i----.1:, . ' -si ' Ja .0 Introducing James Cjinnniel XVatterson, president of the class of 1929, and one of the most popular young men of the entire student body. Jimmy has earned laurels in many roles and realms of school life. The best compli- ment we can pay to Jimmie is just to point out that his most becoming attribute is his great modesty and demo- cratic spirit. XVitl1 Abou ben Adhem may his tribe in- crease. , Page ttvewty-aiglzt Q , Z' - ff IXAQ- M Q- 1929 WHAL ER QW ,Mamma ' U.. P 'I 'oo e l ' "1 Z ' "'- I -4 2 f . ' .I ALO ' Y ' V Q ,. 1 EDMONDO JOHN ABBIATI "Eddie" 'Classical Course Class Baseball, 1, 2, 3. "Eddie" hails from the wilds of Pleasure Beach. Yes, it's true someone really lives there. Eddie surely is an asset to '29 with that Nash of his with which he comes to our rescue whenever we are in need of transportation for our Band or track team. DOMENIC DOUGLASS ANELLO "Dom" Classical Course Junior Prom. Committee, 3, Debating Club, 3g Pot Pourri, 1, 2, 35 Cheer Leader, 43 Dramatic Club President, 4. Three cheers for the cheer leader. "Dom" sure is hot stuff as a director of applause, to say no- thing of his ability in Lating yes, to say nothing. EDWARD DELANO BANGS "Bangzy" "Eddy" 'Classical Course Whaler Staff, 3g Pot Purri, 1. Addicted to rhyming and tumultuous neckties and demonstrations of the similarity between the "VOX HUMANA" and the saxaphone. Eddy is a good dresser, good mixer and good fellow. R. AUSTIN BATTLES "Bat" 'Classical Course Prizes: lst. 'Math., 23 lst. French, 3, 2nd. French, 23 Class Vice President, 45 WThaler Literary Editor, 43 Assit. Manager, 3, Pot Pourri, 1, 2, 35 Radio Club President, 45 Corresponding Secretary, Dra- matic Club, 4. "Bat" has been an information bureau during his stay at Bulkeley. "Ask "Bat!" is a slogan among the almost students. "Bat" has taken his share of prizes. Page twenty-nine 9 X ,N f 2 ' f -- ff ,Ecu ,4-4-4 L Q 'Mgt Q I .'Q o . 'Q ., u ... , ,U O ,L Y r . 1 O' ' W --n-o0"' Page thirty i -15zmzZ23E: f, DAVID M. BEEBE "Dave" "Bebe" 'Classical Course Class Track, lg Orchestra, 4. "Bebe" doesnft care much for report cards but he is right there as a good natured fellow and sax player. LOUIS LLOYD BELGRADE "Curly" Classical Course Class Baseball, 3g Class Track, 4, Cross Country, 35 Radio Club, 43 Biology Club, 3. Looking well after the Shekels "Curly" exhibits all the salient characteristics of the born financier. He is as generous as the day is long, and his hearty laugh is apparent after any joke for his sense of humor is the keenest of his sensibilities. MAX MITCHELL BELGRADE "Mackie" 'Classical Course "Mackie" has never been tempted by our student activities for his work, after school, keeps him too busy. Wine, women, and song play an important part in his young and innocent career, and as a dancer he surely can step. JAMES BRENNAN "Jim" "Hercules" Commercial Course Class Secretary, 4, Athletic Editor of Whaler, Varsity Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Football, 1, 2, 33 Cross lCountry, 4, Junior Prom Committee, 35 Base- ball Captain, 4g Capt. Cross Country, 4. The fact that "Jim" has had to work hard out- side of school hasn't interferred With his athletics as his record shows. He is noted for his good na- ture and strength. Those of the other sex love him and we are proud of him. GQ- f . -I ,-axffif 5 FHS-'19 ff' ' 460 ,J Afcy f' ESQ B 41234. f ,ii41ff' 1929 VVHALER p 3 I" -.'Q ' .1 1 -an 4!- M - 0 -75 f , . 0 ' -- v og.-nbh"' ,,..-q,4 4 1929 WHALER IV' .A D f Y. Q 'AJZ 6 WILLIAM ALDEN BROCKETT "Bill" "Baby Face" 'Classical Course Second French Prize, 3g Declamation Finalist, 1, 25 Niagara Debate, 3g Treasurer Debating Club, 3g Pot Pourri, 1, 3. "Bill" has a real sense of humor and often uses it to the amusement of us all. His English themes and French compositions are nobody's business. Last year "Bill" gained a place in the Niagara De- bate through his oratory. KENNETH ROBERTSON BROWN 'tChick" Commercial Course First Remington Typing Prizeg Pot Pourri, 1. "Chick" is a good natured unobstrusive fellow and in the classroom he affects the innocence of a new born babe when anything "goes wrong." JOHN HURLBUT BUELL "Bud" "Buweele" 'Classical Course Varsity Football, 3, 4. "Bud".hails from the wilds of Quaker Hill. Pro- bably this accounts for his interest in hunting and fishing. MELVIN A. CAMPBELL "Mel" Classical Course Varsity Football, 43 Baseball, 4. We expect great things from "Mel" in the com- ing baseball season because of his record made in the City League as a sure hitter. "Mel" is quiet but very Well liked. Page tlLi1'ty-one 9 Y, 'wig f e' h fZT5L - " fxwff gf Q' ifCQ92ee iw-Vfisfi' 'V 'Q ,',,---,,- 1 'Q -00 fs 'Q 0 CP. Q , . Y ,- Ia., Q -,,-- ' M 1929 'VVHALER p geffnmtb rms, L , .., sw R 2 sf W, o ad, f Page thirty-two ALBERT PERKINS CHAPMAN "Chappy" Commercial Course Typewriting Prizes, 35 Varsity Football, 1, 23 Track, 1, 2, 3, 45 Cross Country 4. "Chappy" is our track star. He has not been idle in other sports, as is seen by the above list of activities. WILLIAM CLINTON 'CHELF "Chelfy" Classical Course "Chelfy" doesn't seem to care much for school activities, but we can all tell how eager he is to get to his classes by his Hying start at the gong. f -. ap r FRANCIS EDWARD CORRIGAN "Doc,' Classical Course Class Baseball, 25 Class Football, 1. "Doc" intends to follow his father's profession and be a dentistg we wish him much success. So do the girls at "Connecticut Collegef' - CHARLES STANLEY DODD "Dectective" General Course A quiet chap with aspirations for Scotland Yard f'Dectective" is Mystic's leading sleuthg .not that Mystic needs a, sleuth, but he'll outgrow Mystic in time. at f E Mafia, X29 ff fx 460 ,164 X49 31 A-112, 'f 'if 1929 WHALER D -,-C. J I C ' hp I --'o Q, 'a ., . .,, ' , 0" .4 Y . 1' A. ' Y ' Y IQQDQU--1 LEONARD EDGAR DUNN "Dunny" Commercial Course Varsity Track 2, 3, 45 Inter-Class Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track Captain, 4. Dunny seems to have confined his athletic activ- ities to track. He has made quite a name for him- self in this sport. 3' 1' KENNETH SHERMAN EDDY "Eddy" Classical Course "Eddy" joined us when we were Juniors. But even in his short stay at Bulkeley we have all learn- ed his ability in English and eagerly listen to his essays. ROBERT GRANT EDGAR "Bob" Classical Course Varsity Baseball, 3, 4, Inter-Class Baseball, 2. It's too bad we haven't a swimming team at Bulkeley for "Bob" would shine there. But watch him next spring at baseball. 'W -7 11' Q- .. H THOMAS ROGERS NEWCOMB GARDNER "Tom" Classical Course Biology Club, 2, 35 Banjo Club, 2, 35 Radio Club Treasurer, 4. Everyone in Bulkeley knows "Tom" and his Ford and it is sufficiently complimentary to his me- chanical ability that the darned thing goes. Page thirty-three fiqg f ' -. ff N I ,--- ,f-' 'QQ .4 IL ...' ,.- Q.: 2 , -... 1929 WHALER Y 9 7, .'ng....-Q ----,1-f!an j QI KARL GREENLEAF "Karl" Commercial Course Three Typewriting prizes, Advertising Asst. Whaler, 33 Declamation Finalist, 2, Radio Club, 25 Biology Club, 25 Pot Pourri, 1. This tall lanky blond hails from Groton. "Karl" is Well liked by his instructors and fellow students. EEE' BRADFORD E. GREGORY "Brad" "'Garveyi' Classical Course Photographic Editor on Whaler, 43 Varsity Foot- ball, 4, Class Baseball, 2, 35 Asst. Mgr. Whaler, 33 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4. You thought Garvey went to Yale. He does, but we have our "Garvey" too, and it wasn't his fault that Yale lost to Harvard either. In regard to the , orchestra, "Brad" qualifies as a first class fiddler. win gun THOMAS GUADLIANA "Tom" "Chang" Classical Course Class Football, 35 Class Baseball, 2, Pot Pourri, 2. "Chang" is our brute man and is proud of it. His chief delight is to scrape his finger-nails along the blackboard. He writes a mean French exam, too. HOWARD HANSEN "Swede" Classical Course Class Baseball, 2, 35 Varsity Track, 3, 45 Class Track, 33 Cross Country 3, 4. "Swede" couldn't do wrong and conceal it. No, not with that schoolboy complexion suifused in a maiden blush. We all like "SWede". Page thirty- f our S3 A as X g " 2 ffQliiC'5 4 , TNQ- 3.-A ' - 1 X Cx , If A 4 ff , fQ9'9??.2+ riff! fs! 1929 WHALER A . 'Jag EARNEST ALFRED HEALY "Moses" "Adolphus" Classical Course We really don't know much about "Moses". But in the short time he has been at Bulkeley he has identified himself in Chemistry, and how! GRAHAM SHEFFIELD HEDDEN "Gay" Commercial Course Class Baseball, 2, 3g Track 2, 3, 49 Cross Country, 4. "Gay" is one of the few boys in Bulkeley who wears his class numerals made in Inter-Class Base- ball. He showed up well in Cross Country and Track, too. Y f PERCY THOMAS HENNIGAR "Bub" Classical Course Junior History Prize, 33 Varsity Football, 43 Squad, 3. On the gridiron "Bub" always fights till he has to be carried off. He is a firm believer in the say- ing: "Silence is golden". French is his specialty. SAMUEL WILLIAM HOLLOWAY "Sam" Classical Course "Sam" is a very quiet, unobtrusive fellow and al- ways minds his own business. Hence he never gets lnto trouble and by virtue of his attentiveness in class must have learned a great deal in his four year's stay at Bulkeley. ' 1 I 4, f 0 0 CEN 2 H .,. f 1 .' O . - - ' - f , r ------"' ' Page thirty-five Cr - Q ' V rf Q QkXg f ' gi 9-lla ' gfgffff G" ' A A Q- .Q ,L 49 ' A LA "' ,,--.-q,.- 1929 WHALER 5, 3 v J .E " nu' , 7 1 fi' J 5 X4 .1 Page thirty-six CARL IRBNY ' Classical Course Varsity Football, 45 Varsity Track, 45 Cross Country, 3. Irby entered our class when we were starting our Junior year. However he soon took interest in school activities and has been, this past season, one of our best football players. FRED JANSSON "Fred" Classical Course "Fred" hails from the wilds of Groton near the old quarry, but that does not prevent him being a good fellow and an amiable companion in the classroom or in the woods. He certainly loves to go duck hunting. JOSEPH JOHN JONES Commercial Course Business Manager of Whaler, 45 Declamation Finalist, 35 Debating Club, 35 Football Squad, 35 Asst. Adv. Mgr. of Whaler, 35 Gold Prize in Decla- mation Contest, 3. Jones is one of those boys whose public speaking has made him popular at Bulkeley. His hard work in collecting ads. for the Whaler has contributed much to the success of the book. LEO WILLIAM KOSOWSKY "Manager" Classical Course Prizes, German, 2.5 English, 25 Economics, 35 Editor-in-Chief of Whaler, 45 Class Football, 35 Football Manager, 45 Asst. Football Mgr., 35 Asst. Adv. Mgr. Whaler, 35 Declamation Finalist, 25 Ni- agra Debate, 35 Debating Club, 35 Biology Club, 25 Letter Club, 45 Secretary and Treasurer Dramatic Club, 4. A Here's the boy who embodies the desirable char- acteristics: generosity, helpfulness and versatility. When they handed out brains "Manager" must have been at the head of the line. His above record speaks for a busy career at Bulkeley. fx 'fwffifc' C fxttjff f"5 449392, A -2251?-5' 'V Q.: "2 V, -...A WHALER p 5. -11: 7,50 'B f B f V A , ALEX KOSS "Al" Commercial Course Bookkeeping prize, 3. "Al's" a quiet, hard-Working fellow from Flan- ders, where men are men and the women like it. Though not very active in school life "Al" promises to be a diligent and proficient bookkeeper. JOSEPH MATTHEW KRYNITZKY , "Joe" Commercial Course Eight Typerwriting prizes, Band, 4g Assistant Secretary Whaler, 4. The old saying, "Still waters run deep," applies well to "Joe". He is a great asset to our band with his clarinet. ROBERT WILBER LANE "Bob" Classical Course Class President, 15 Class Baseball, 2, Band, 4, Biography Editor of Whaler, 49 Biology Club, 2. It is extremely difficult to pick out "Bob's" out- standing characteristic. He is a good all around fellow, a sincere friend, a ready helper and an earn- est student. Bob is about the most popular boy in school and such popularity surely is deserved. T . T . T . IRVING LUBCHANSKY "Lubby" Classical Course Varsity track, 45 Radio Club. "Lubby" is the formidable shiek from Ocean Beach. It is that he wants to be a "Joe Can- nibal" or become eligable to the House of David that he rarely shaves? After all he is quite a tear in Senior Math. l Page thirty-seven 9 - ggi!! 4 QQQQQCQ ,hi -4 ",,--Q-- -,.-1 at .0 ' 'b ,-- is: 'a ,, . -.., WHALER 9 Q , ' 4 e r - . -. s.'... ,-' A .4 . ,V A P 3 ISADORE JAY LUBCHANSKY "Itcha" Classical Course Varsity Football, 1, 2, 43 Varsity, 3, 4g Class Base- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4. "Itcha" uses his great bulk to great advantage on the football team. He is about as dainty as an elephant, but a better friend is hard to Hnd. LOUIS MANDELL "Mandy" Classical Course Track, 39 Cross Country, 3, 45 Class Track, 35 Class Football, 3. "Mandy's" good nature combined with a sense ,of humor makes him liked by all his classmates. JOHN PHILIP McCORMICK "Mac" Classical Course Class Baseball, 3, 4. We wonder at "Mads" numerous absences. The faculty is continually saying. "Anybody here seen McCormick?" Yet he seems to get by. JAMES JOSEPH McQUILLAN "Mac" Classical Course With his studies at school and his duties at the Western Union, "Mac" is kept extremely busy but he never complains. Page thirty-eight 9 e . . ,wi-K f -if wfrfkyqqys, up AQ -X ,-ffQ5-gb, C 1. .6354-?l?Q 4-K ,,.- - 1929 WHALER ' D i AUGUSTUS MENGHI "Gus', Commercial Course Typewriting prize, 55 Art Editor of Whaler, 45 Varsity Football, 33 Track, 43 Pot Pourri, 1, 23 Dra- matic Club, 4. "Gus" is our rising artist. His drawings have done a great deal to make this year's Whaler a suc- cess. "Gus" has shown up well on the stage too. PHILIP J. MESSINA 'fPhil" Commercial Course Typewriting prizes, 3. "Phil" is one of the few boys in Bulkeley who hasn't got into trouble during his four years stay at school. He is of a quiet and courteous nature, liked by all. JAMES GORDON MITCHELL "Mitch" Commercial Course Typewriting prizes, 3, Junior Shorthand prize, 33 Biology Club, 23 Pot Pourri, 45 Corresponding Sec- retary of Whaler, 4. Every once in a while there comes to Bulkeley a man whose ability makes him noticed from the very beginning. Such a one is "Mitch", one of the best natured chaps of the class. He has a clear, plural track mind with no sidings. "Mitch" cer- tainly knows his Shorthand. JOSEPH FRANCIS MITCHELL "Joe" "Cagle" Classical Course Varsity Baseball, 3, 43 Class Baseball, 25 Decla- mation Finalist, 3, Biology Club, 35 Ass't. Manager of Whaler, 35 Debating Club, 35 Pot Pourri, 2, 3. We believe that "Cagle" must have had a hand in choosing the All American eleven. By his oratory he could put anything across. Page thirty-vzine Qgsifs- T -P Ko I2-s 4 4- , .Q 44, 9' ,. 1929 WHALER I, 4... hx 0, " ' or " " Q 9 w . e f, ' ' A' 1 .' Q ::,f!4.1. , -Us at Q0 Page forty JOHN MONTRELLO "Monty" Scientific and Classical Inter-Class Baseball, 25 Track, 2, 3, Varsity Track, 2, 3, 45 Cross Country, 3, 43 Pot Pourri, 2. "Monty" is a great Track and Cross Country man as we all know. A case of a big thing crowded into a little space. WILLIAM G. MOORE "Bill" Classical Course "Bill" has been in Bulkeley only for his Freshman and Senior years, spending the interim in Hartford and glad to get back. FRANK CHESTER NORTHRUP "Northrup" Commercial Course Varsity Football, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Baseball, 1, 2, 3. 'Charged with liking Football and Baseball better than double entry and Gregg, a glance at "North- rup's" splendid record on the diamond and gridiron and he is excused. THOMAS TRANCIS O'CALLAHAN "Cal" Scientific Course Track, 3, 4, Cross Country, 3, 45 Interclass Foot- ball and Baseball, 3, Junior Prom. Committee, 35 Debating Club, 3. "Cal" has been so engaged in track and other things that he has little time for school work. He's so cheerful and aimable that his failings are for- given. "Cal" is the class humorist. Q , -' '- as g r' fc' fue- fl fx CN . If I Eff iQ3 fgkf :Jiri 'gif i as ii! X X 9 .v,....f -.u f , ,H a-4-. r 'Q Q9 'Q --. 1929 WHA L E R p ' O' .4 1. in , f ' s ' 1 . -Q-.,' Jag! ALBERT OLOF OLSEN "Mopey" "Al" Commercial Course Typewriting prizes, 3, Track, 1, Class Baseball lCapt. 21, 35 Class Football, 1, 3, Assistant Secre- tary Whaler, 4. We firmly believe that no one ever saw "M,opey" angry or sullen. He is well liked by all his class- mates and judging from his list of typewriting prizes, "Mopey" pushes a mean key. WILLIAM PECK "Tuddie" Classical Course Class Baseball, 2, 35 Class Football, 3, Biology Club, 23 Pot Pourri, 1. Besides women, Peck has several other interests. In addition to being manager and general utility man of Peck's Restaurant Cadv.J he is quite a hunt- er, dancer or what have you? JOSEPH NEWTON PENNEY "Joe" Classical Course Orchestra, 1, 25 Class Baseball, 2, 3. "Joe" doesn't seem to care much for school but he upholds his average and stays out of trouble. JOHN JOSEPH PESCATELLO "Jack" Commercial Course Typewriting prizes, 3. Yes, "Jack" takes a Commercial Course and as the majority of the Commercial students finds no time for extra curricula activities. Jack is an earn- est student and promises to make a success in life. Page forfy-ov 9 - ri E-.7 P 23 N -X Cr ,Q-EEKQ cc! -1-X s 5?Q19?9f2 'C -Je if if ,4-.4,- N 1929 WHALER g ' -1... 45555047 f Q 1' .'o - . Oo I 0 Q. A v .guns sn.J 4,4 .V 3 . 1 0 T ' up- -n-ov"'q Page forty-two , JOHN PETROSKY "Johnny" Commercial Course Varsity Football, 3, Varsity Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 43 glass Track, 15 Class Football, 1, Pot Pourri, 1, 3, The man with the wonderful pair of hands. '4Johnny" could wring half dollars out of noses but he never picked a pocket. He can use the old "mit" well at baseball too. DOUGLAS SABART PORTER "Doug" Commercial Course "Doug" arrived in our midst this year from Bris- tol. Little is known of his past, present or future but he surely does attract attention tripping the light fantastic to the tunes of Shepard and Swan- son. CHARLES W. REDDEN "Charley" General Course Niagara Debate, 3, Debating Club, 3, Radio Club, 3. Redgen is one of our best debaters. He upheld the opinion of the class in the 1928 Niagara Debate. He shows great interest in Engineering and we hope he will design a quick closing highway bridge over the Thames at New London. JAMES GARDINER RINGLAND "Jimmie" Classical Course Class Baseball, 3, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4. We couldn't imagine the orchestra without "Jim- mie" and his violin. Lately by the crash of his cymbals you can be sure of his presence in the band. His stay at Bulkeley has been quite an asset musically. 'J K if i jf C ' ff J ",,0Q44.... Q my ", --- 1929 VVHALER- ' ,v 4, i p 'N .Q-, 4 Q " ' 3 Xa .1 ISADOR RONALD SCHINMAN "Izzy" Classical Course Class Baseball, 2, 35 'Class Football, 35 Junior Prom Committeeg Ass't Mgr. Football, 35 Pot Pour- ri, 15 Dramatic Club, 4. "Izzy" and his Dodge are well known at Bulkeley. Whenever volunteers are called to transport the school's teams "Izzy" is always among the first. For, "Who Wouldn't rather burn gas than go to school," says "Izzy". MAURICE SCHNEIDER "Mush" Classical Course Varsity Football, 2, 3, 45 Class Baseball, 2, 35 Radio Club, 3. "Mush" has proven himself an able Football playa or these last three years. We don't believe "Mush" ever loses his good nature even if he does have to work hard out of school. ARTHUR WILLIAM SEBASTIN "Art" Commercial Course Typing prizes, 85 Assistant Secretary of Whaler, 4. Courteousness and politeness is "Art's" long suit. He leaves behind a four year's record of good scholarship. Trained in the Commercial Course, he should do well in the business world. IEEE HARRY SEIMANN "Harry" Commercial Course Typewriting prizes. Seimann is a typical example of that class of quiet, conscientious, and energetic workers who bother no one or are themselves disturbed. "Harry" is one of our foremost typists for he has a large number of prizes. as you can see. Page forty-three 33 X GQ- - A 4 irwffifgfql , Q.. "3 W ...QA WHALER , Y Y f Y -- Q. " Q 12, 1' I I I I I 5 - Q 'Iago Page forty-four GEORGE WILBUR SMITH "Smitty" Classical Course f'Smitty" has only been with us a short time but he is already widely known for his good nature and strength, to say nothing of his twelve o'clock ex- cuses. JOHN 'LAWRENCE SULLIVAN "John L." Commercial Course! Remington Typing prize. Like his namesake, "John L." established a great reputation as a puncher but has taken most of it out on the typewriter. TIMOTHY SULLIVAN "Tim" General Course Class Baseball, 2, 33 Class Football, 3. "Tim" is the 'Huckleberry Tim' of Bulkeley. He has brains but they are misapplied. But who knows "Tim" may be a success after all. EEE CHARLES TIGHE "Tig-he" "Sonny" Secretary and Treasurer, 1, 25 Treasurer, 4g Var- sity Football, 3, 43 Class Baseball, 2, 3, Jun'or Prom Committee, Class Baseball Capt., 3g Whaler, 33 Pot Pourri, 1, 3. "Tig-he", the boy from Groton, upholds the com- muter's end in athletics. Liked for his humor and good fellowship and loved by the other sex for his good dancing. 9 - fx f ? -5 A j 1. gf' L cdr, Kff:Zz,fQff2.-so A,--4,-- I 1929 wx-IALER www M 2 9' '."4 V Y Y V ,A V Y 1 ' dz. 1 Y Y Y 'Y Q. 6 -Zi Q, ' 'Apu JAMES WATTERSON "Jimmie" Commercial Course Class Pres., 2, 3, 43 Joke Editor Whaler, 45 Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Track, 2, 35 Basketball, 35 Junior Prom Committee, Biology Club, 23 Football lCapt., 43 Pot Pourri, 1, 25 Football Cup, Junior Marshall, 3. After one looks at "Jimmie's list of school activ- ities what remains to be said about him, except that he is at all times a clean sport, is that he hasn't an enemy in Bulkeley. HYMAN WILENSKY "Hymie" Classical Course Dramatic Editor of Whaler, 4, Baseball Mgr., 43 Assistant Mgr., 33 Declamation Finalist, lg Debat- ing Club, 33 Bul Bul, 2. "Hymie's" stay at Bulkeley has been marked by ardent participation in oratory and acting. In both fields he has established a good record. His scho- lastic standing has been high too. HARRY JOSEPH WILLIAMS "Harry" Commercial Course Typing Certificates. Hailing from Old 'Mystic is quit a stunt in itself which probably accounts for the fact that "Harry" has not given as much of his time socially as we wish he had. "Harry" pushes a fast key on the typewriter. LEO L. WINAKOR "Drum Boy" Typing prizes fUnderwood, Smith and Reming- tonjg Bulkeley Band, 4, Declamation Finals, 35 Semi- Finals, 2. What's a band without a bass drum? Yes, "drummer boy" has greatly helped the band. He has beaten his way to three prizes on the typewriter too. Page forty-five ' M f ,..-.q- A a r' 9. ,..---gt Z "3 H ,, ...OJ WHALER D as -su 0' " Y ' Y Y W W- ' J fx, ..-. ---,-,!!a.1 HERMAN JOSEPH WOLF "Herm" Classical Course Here is direct antithesisg such a quiet energetic, and unobtrusive lad with the cognomen Wolf- We hardly know he is present until he is called upon to recite and then there is no question about it. - ..: ..' STANLEY BERNARD WOODS "Stan" Classical Course Class Baseball, 35 Football Assistant Manager, 35 Pot Pourri, 1, 2, 3. "Stan" has upheld the honor of the class in sev- eral Pot Pourris. He possesses no mean ability along the theatrical line. Qhhine tn beninrs "Give thy thoughts no tongue, Nor any unproportion'd thought his act. Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar. The friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Crapplc them to thy soul with hoops of steely But do not dull thy palm with entertainment Of each new-hatch'd, unHedg'd comrade. Beware Of entrance to a quarrelg but being in, Bearit that th' opposed may beware of thee. Give every man thine ear, but few thy voiceg Take each man's censure, but reserve thy judgment. Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, But not expressed in fancyg rich, not gaudyg For' the apparel oft proclaims the mang Neither a borrower nor a lender beg For loan oft loses both itself and friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry. This above all: to thine own ,self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man." -Shakespeare. Page forty-six X 9 2735 ff" 3 Y iT ,cyl W 'vii' ' X' ' Y' H ,I Q CO'.'.. QQ' Qu X 5 x - - jsigsx' ff 1- vi? gxlgku Q 5 - Y nav. ' If 3?,9:Q.' V4! W 19' Q 5, -1,901 'I' a'.'9'C'L' YL! ' 4,453 un,-5 A Al 1 Q. HY5r41-'a '..l ' '49, 1 sz in ' 6? Y-17. , U 4' a?'3333"f1' V' ul W3 ,gpg-Ag . P Q Kill I I ,ai 1 51 fn 6x'vi.15!,.,:j" - 1.-.s Algal, x .ggd f'?4'A'-srqj? R- A- nn 5' A : xv ,lx ..- '- am, ' .9 , - ...- '-K ' Af vvm,-+R". - - gr! .M's'J?'- I Q gv04'.lR5'.?. L 4 yQv , . I n0,m'f"'--' ' ? " -,l JN 5 -,,l, 1 1 X .5 nw' 1 n': '2 I, n',I , ,Q 4 :l',f' ' ' ng!:flQ an g I-15 421 I 4 ,n 1 4 ww "Xe :N rf - '::gsX I5 50 sk 4 ' s:X 'x 9 5 f' ,. f X Y K .- I a 1 1 4 ,,, X 1 3 gf A. X s ,, . 8 ' :Ei N E 1 5 Y A: "xii X g 'fi' 'fx' 3 Y A ' 'Q ' :iv ' 5 Q , ' . U ' Q ,Qu n' Y! . A if 1 K g gil Arelpvxvdw mv- is 0 'ls . C V ' ""- g f ' , 0 ,mx .... -:rl lf,?1vL-'H-xl 2 --L 'l get 3 1' x,'-- X 1 --- - lb . A ff F ., 'r5"' ' Q -- 5,9511 -Q" ff' 'I 1 1 xflgwq, 5' ' 1 0' v 0'I1Xs . ' . X' 18" 0 f fs g jvfalq ke' fffxnf: :Q if r 'v 'iff 'K V' 1-X S-' MQ Bail . ', . ' nts f- ' 94, J X ENN A L L 253432: .- M465 fo OO! p , .. ,osvisgy . -: -N nv A I '-- , X x 5? x ss ' J' L4, X ' Wwe ,Q ' s ,Qu .. - " W, . , 9 E: "" A t, f,?"'T ' 901' v '. 7 un Qi? '49 HW v 'O - , E Qt, ,. " ""fP4': V6 32,2 1 f 1 x 'fi on , '9'eo1 9.3 -ng, " x X .I yn I an .vlft +9 1 imp fl 9: K 'X 5 1 T2 fy E, ... ,V XX KKK A J 5' I ln' 'ov oy -2 .-.X X.. ova' I0 - 1: ' 1 so Q ui ' flq NN X 5i"Tx-5 3 00 , W5 B frm mm XX Z 2 -5 f 6, X xzivld-F Y. ."'-:.5'::1.v:.- Q. Q Q t assbx . .3 s 1 1 5: Q I Q: X x ek x I H" 0 1 'Q tn' WN '04 I -Suk 131' A X20 ' I lg f - -ra' An, . -1 .1 nn W, 'I' 'FW W .. ,hw-gtg' ., ,, p',l1,1l. ' 4 sql' 9" . K nv' 191' ' .nl,n'fI.' nf V 11,116-5:-:-' 'liiihizw' : ll I ,Z ' 4 irllifffdll N . ll l--1m j .ff f "' A , NJ N J, iw., x QI ,: ' R: fx s 4 ::f.g N 4 , . . S Q 53" V X gb? I ga 5 ""'u f r -1 . 'R , - S ,:-Q. x 9 A X .gx - N S "?g,,.,-, .333 V EMM .ml " - - 1' mmf . . 'nu nf. mln 5- lglglzff ' " : . Q : -'.- - A : NRM --' Q, -: wx 3 : ,. wlmxm JJ ' Xl ,af 11 f -:P f'L4-4-- f J ' -:A V A 1 -xr . P 4 1 ,.,.,, V, 4 - , 1 ,n w - . . v , s 4 X303 .- V 1 .Mn ' ' -' .,Q , .1 R f,q.-:J-5-w X,,. n ah X -515' .1 -, , .,,.v.- ' n'u jx "VY N . K ,ya 10' v-s J 1 1' ' I , - , M 0 :Y I L '15 Q '.-' ' f'??0 4 xqv-ax 440 . , ca '-Q gwhk? n a 9, ,wig U A s ', 1' 1 0 1 S'-u.v.q1,v.c , in , 1 ,, C ' ,ep ' M .WA x v.-1 xr'n3C-f-"lx 111 W I 9:2 N f f xr -5" V x .,.,.gr,mmmm" X f 7 14 ,F Ov A 'X 1,4 I X f i xw' 4 A' ". IAEA! X , We M spu , 'ws S f ag - sf I 4, 11' ,v - Au' D X 1, -01 1' A' l 1' 'T ' ' I NK .Q "' a.-' 1? .f' F' "' " 511 J k -2 ff f E- ff W - nu: XX N 1 -.- - n I 1. . V X, -- r f :' .-Nqr 5' 1"55'5:!5'??: ' 'f:.!?..L'I, " ' -K XX K V JU ICRS LJ W K ,,4-.q,,. Q Q 1929 WHALER -l 4 I' .'1 ' p .. - ' ' ' ' Q QhQ09-o' iiaisturp uf the Giles uf 1930 It was on a bright September day in 1926 that we Freshmen entered under those portals of Bulkeley School. This marked the beginning of the high school career of the class of 1930, and also the four year course, or is it destined to be longer for some of us unfortunates? During our first year at high school, we proved ourselves to be faithful Freshmen. We were very active in the field of sport, being well represented in both football and baseball. In regard to the annual Pot-Pourri, it can be said that the Freshmen put on a very clever sketch. Our ability for choosing a leader was shown when Gordon Shepler was elected president of our class. Tn the Annual Declamation Contest our two representatives upheld quite favorably the honor of the class of 1930. Our second year found us elevated from "Faithful Freshmen" to "Steadfast Sophomoresf' Much more interest was taken in the major sports, football and baseball, and our class was even represented by a few exceptionally good players. Our class spirit was further proved true when excellent showings were made in the several inter-class track meets, held in October. Immediately following the first quarterly exams, Richard Gray became our leader, with Joseph Cleary as secretary and treasurer. As was the case in the preceding year, our sophomore representatives in the Decla- mation contest displayed marked ability and were indeed a credit to our class. The most outstanding event that occurred in our second year was the fact that we won the annual Pot-Pourri. This was only made possible through the fine coaching of Mr. Cook and the conscientiousness shown on the part of the participants of the play. From "Steadfast Sophomoresl' the class of 1930 developed into "Judi- cious Juniors." Their first sign of wisdom had a chance to present itself when in the election of officers, james Morrissey was appointed president, VValter Buddington, vice-president, Herbert Vogt, secretary, and Manuel Buonano, treasurer. Our activity in music this year is much more pro- nounced and noticeable in contrast to other years, since we are well repre- sented in the Bulkeley orchestra and especially in the newly-formed school band. Following the custom of previous years the Junior Prom will most likely be a success. Also, it is expected that the Junior Class will make a fine showing both in the coming Declamation Contest and Pot-Pourri, since the participants with two years' experience, under the guidance of our very capable instructors, ought to be well-fitted and trained for these events. Page forty-eight Q. C fx f P ' ui L , if get 5 'QQLQ-Q12 f ,,--.q-, :,.-- Qi.: Z 3 W -...A WHAI.fER pgfffwflf 'q -qs, 0 W' Y f " K 'A ' ' 'J 'QL' 5x .. --,-,-J 0 .. QV Wi o m 2 I-14 O U2 U2 41 A U Pagv forty-:zine 9 , 'RQ K- '-Tfxwfg-,A C65 CEE.-if '- K ,111-K-3 ' f 'X CR ,, -71? X-52 ii ,Ziff-ffpy ,X "W, H 1929 WHALER ynHP lv j3:,...' ' C A 3 Qtlass uf 1930 President ..,......... Vice-President ,,... Secretary ..,...,,,A w,.,..,,, . Treasurer .........,.......... w ,, ,,,.,,, A,,Y Arsenault, Harold Fidel Barclay, XVilliam James Bell Barrows, Kenneth NVillis Beebe, Allen Gallup Belgrade, Harry Louis Birenbaum, Harry Boyle, Robert Leo Brown, Courtland Francis Buddington, Waliter Clayton Buonano, Man"ual Andrew Burrows, Albert Brickley Burrows, Albert C. Buxton, Edward Brewster Campbell, 'XYill'iam Neal Canestrairi, Milo Robert Chabasinski, Casimir B. Cheney, George Philip Chiapperini, Frank Chiapperini, John Church, Stanley Clark, Newman Comstock Cleary, Joseph George Cornforth, XYilliam Hutchin- son Creighton, Graham Allan Cunningham, Andrew More- land Darrow, Joseph Gilbert Dean, Harold Delmore, Joseph James DeNoia. John Joseph Donahue. Louis Richard Elion, Jack Edward Fabricant, Milton Feldman, Martin Ford, James NYallace Gagnon, Edward Albert Gariepy, Fred Raymond Gaudet, George Alexander Gigliotto, Louis Gray, Richard Mason Greene, Stanley Lloyd Huddle, Franklin Pierce Irving, VVells P. James Morrissey XYalter C. Buddington ..r......,..,. Herbert G. Vogt Manuel A. Buonano Jordan, Charles Graves Kalmanovitz, Calvin Kalmanovitz, Morris Kebbe, Charles Maynard Keyes, Richard Lewis Kinney, Qsmond Llewellyn Lamb, Raymond Armstrong Latham, John Robinson Latham, Leroy Blake Lawrence, Richard Brown Luck, August Henry Mackenzie, Herbert Douglas Mallen, Joseph Maynard, Dalton Tingley Morrissey, James Henry Murphy, John Stephen Myers, Harry Archibald Neilan, Edward P. Neilan, John Edward Nibbs, Alan McLeod O'Connell, VValter Frances Putnam, Lansing Crowell Rausch, George Rifkind, Bernard David Robertson, Daniel Edward Roche, James Thomas Rogovin, Isadore Russell, Everett Charles Sammataro, Rosario Michael Saunders, John Francis Seifert, Frederick Shepler, Gordon Louis Siminowitz, George Smith, Richard Robert Smithline, Joseph Soodalter, Arnold Strazza, Peter Strickland, James Lawrence Sullivan, Robert Vincent Vogt, Herbert Gustave Vogt, XValter Richard XVener, David Woodbiiry, John Everett Page fifty . Q , ' A ' A f' fe WL -X 'fi-SEQ f Qi, CQTZZZ fi-X ff 'if f f .fi .- , C ' XY , 'xx 4 , f W , Y--3 ,,. , u ' , bIb3g9'P' 6 div'-555 "' 292 3 Q, ' : 1 Dossyqasvf' con Hmmm 1:25159 wif! R ff. JQXX , 7X5 X Xl-fx N NL V x 5 Q x AX ,X N vw g y . eff . k y I 6 . " XJ' ,X X Pugf' fifty-vm' ix. -. A. Y X - Y H f s K N ,Q ffs 9 4 , ,4-,-n,4 1929 WHALER ,, .M MQ .Y ' lan 1 Q". Qtx 'X 1 .,, 0 4 ., O -5.4. Y Y - -- Y -- . . , -.nqof"" Snpbnmurz Qlllass ilaisturp On a September morning in 1927, we, the class of "3l,!' entered the hal- lowed, and to awesome, portals of Bulkeley School to begin our studies in this seat of higher learning. lt certainly was a change for us when we learned that we were not going to be trampled on by the upper classes. As freshmen, we must have been put down as hopeless by the upper classmen, but we soon changed their minds a bit. As a matter of fact, they weren't far from the truth because, as examinations passed, we missed a few faces. In our school sports we made up for whatever we lacked in the scholastic line. Many of us went out for football and were looked on as hopeful for next year. In class baseball we tried for the cup but the "grand old men" were too much for the class of " '3l." In school baseball a star pitcher was found in our ranks, Iohn Devine, and he certainly helped the squad. pg T In the dramatic line we distinguished ourselves by coming in for sec- ond prize in the Pot-Pourri. Wfe also did well in the Declamation Contest. As a new year came around and we became "mighty Sophomoresn it was said that we were very proud of the change. Still, in spite of that, we in- tend to keep up our record. Unluckily we met an upset in the first part of the year. The Freshmen and we each organized a football team and had two games. NVe tied the first one and lost the second. The Freshmen cer- tainly were good. The newly organized band is made up almost entirely of Sophomores, and we feel proud of the lucky ones. Our English class, under the direction of Mr. Cook, is preparing a number of one-act plays which will be given in the assembly. With Mr. Cook's coaching we certainly hope to make a hit. Our first quarterly examinations are over with and although the Fresh- men may become the hosts to some of us, none have been condemned yet. just at the close of this first semester of the second year the class of 1931, as well as the remainder of the school, was suddenly overwhelmed with sorrow. After a brief period of illness but one attended with excruci- ating pain resulting from an infection, our brother classmate, David Leib, died on January twenty-third. Dave has left a record behind him which may well be described as the perfect life of a real boy. He was a talented musician, an excellent scholar and a happy, generous friend. Page fifty-two 9 X . ' R rf , E O25 1 ,jx-ml, 1929 w HAL E R 1 H J-,51dEf" ,ED ,,,.. ,, Wriylfgv ,,-.,---AfSr" f: Yi'TX'7f ', FY , "'-.. l5"'Z'7T , .l-,:4 1511.1 . :3:j1:fZ,,H1-frf::11'LL,f..,..J ' 1-1-g:g:::3:.-.,.g 'X J 1, xx Jfji ' f 7 ' D A if F 1931 CLASS O h- Q. Q Q AY. 4 N- 2 A 45' 2 Q rm in N, xx ,, s 1,1 Q Cf X ..-h,, M vel .. , gg f x.. wx XX "T" :'-if- - - .r-1: ' Cui ,ffa in if - f , ,l , .. . ,-.V-A---- ' X.!v,,,-in .---,., N if Yi ........-, N, . ,.,, -,,,.., ry AW TIA T 7 T L lt! W3 ff? if ,ll Jfiffilmv K 61111111 'v ""'.g 2 l 'V' KX Y ilu jPBIemuruam J 1 K l DAVID PATTEN LIEB 7 ig Scllooluvlte 'md Comrade Kg! '- . . lllecl liuuau 7 N929 -f I.: " X . X D J I QCTQC shi .0 Su cltulx xou xxcl one X our sou md x ou Xuc no one u ex luux The ro'1cl you took but only Phat your ways Of glaclugss and your spirit Q' laughter, left au aching acc XVithi11 our heart That no one else could hll. Now seeing a blossom-cove1'ecl luough, Or a white crown of snow Qu far luluc hills, we know The worlcl is sweetcr For your having Jeen A-Xwhile withiuf' 6 x O, x N5 I y P P lr' be Q Qs Si X Hb tv? I . II, :canoe an , ,GSSSQQ 5, 'lf fa If O 1 ,sl A515 .' N, E X , I L I A XJ-f' 'u w ff? H N' at 2 Y. , 'r WX . Q' - lllddi 1 h 1 0 'il -"'l' I ,""r1 Q- x l lm ltaaoq. fX f lvl' x 1 - Ax 'Q 7 QK 6 Why if il .f I X R T 59, E' , - '2 2vS 1fY4,,X Q I gg B J f 7 l 2 M . 4 f 4, j A 5 g 1 9 8 , , s ' 1 CX N ' f I s 2 M we , E54 l M 'Yi JM- . f .' Q' 5 ,ll lip 0 alll! n ffgfliagssstsgxl .3 5 X 1929 WHALER ,, If 'boa .' 5 . . ' ,u Q, O O 4 . i ' Vw ' i ' j lg .0 W 5 QEIHSS nf 1931 CLASS OFFICERS Piesiclent ..,...,..... X ice-President ..,.,S..,,. 5CCI'CtZl1'f'-TYCEISLIFCI' .,., Aguiar, Alvaro Barry, Robert John Baum, David Edwin Belgrade, Max Betts, Joseph Oliver Bogue, Floyd Anthony Booth, Nathan Way Bosworth, Robert Graham Boylston, John Wood Brennan, John Lawrence Brown, Carl Lankes Brown, Charles James Butson, Eugene William Callahan, Eugene A. Comyn, Ray Henrv Constantine, Paul Theodore Creswell, Luther Franklin Curtiss, John Bosworth Dahlgren, Hans Holger Daren, Stanley Theodore Davidson, Charles Graves Dayton, Arthur Leroy DeSantis, Frank Dick, Edward James Dinoto, John Frank Donohue, Dan Joseph Donovan, James George Duhaime, Albert Cyril Dupuis, William George Eaton, Ralph Kenneth Edwards, Ellsworth Frank Faulk, Henry Fern, Howard Foley, George Henry Freedhand, Irving Israel Freeman, Oscar Eric Gaetano, Nicholas Francis Gianacoplos, James Greenleaf, William Atherton Hansen, Theodore Nicholi Hill, James William Impellitteri, Vito Joseph Inclerfurth, Carl Henry Kushner, Joseph Martin Lasky, Joseph Martin Leary, Francis Thomas Leib, David Patten Lewis, Roger Warren Little, John Edmund Lubchansky, Isadore Irving Magowan, Thomas Franklin Marsden, Edward Haynes Massad, David Solomon May, Salvatore Page fifty six Howard Fern Eugene Callahan Ralph P. Smith McGuire, Andrew Thomas Mclninch, Henry Joseph Meuse, James Russell Mullen, Thomas Frances Nauta, Albert Joseph Neff, Leo Mason Northrop, Newell John O'Brien, Donald Francis Parker, Sidney Payne, Harry Nelson Pearce, Edward Marshall Perkins, Sherwood Arthur Perrone, Anthony Joseph Pinkman, Woodrow Vincent Porter, Maxwell Harold Priolo, John Francis Ptashew, Sam Ragin, Nathan Ray, Robert Homer Redford, Charles Robert Reid, Quinten Savon Rockwell, William Joseph Rodensky, Abraham Rowley, George Earl Santacroce, James Frank Schablein, Louis Michael Scholfield, Richard Peyton Sencora, Tyler Joseph Shafner, Raphael Joseph Shapiro, Alec Shepard, Julius Thatcher Shepler, Paul Roberts Shurts, Frederick Fengar Simpson. Robert Arthur Sisk, Thomas Francis Small, David Smith, Clyde Raymond Smith, Henry Holt Smith, Ralph P. Smith, Richard R. Spinner, George P. Sweet, Courtland E. Tuthill, Gordon S. Ware, Harold W. Wetmore, Daniel M. White, James R. ' White, Burton S. White, James R. Whiting, Wilbur Wiener, Bernard Williams, Leslie Williams, Raymond Wolfe, Benjamen Wood, Edward E. ,Q . -1 , f' W - CCB. 1 WQ... K- ' -S CF 'L jf- Z f f mii2'Z5,52+ff alex i ti!! if AXX7 g m NVHALER wwwwu ,,. ... - ' .'o z --- is-2 2 f 'W ,Q ' . ,y . Qu -fii - , H25ih5S3,, HQQI5 Quai ."i s-----sp-O' WWW ,JOO0 Page fij'fy-sezvml f ' Z 'ESL ,liigijcjgiyw fiiigib 'M"' -E-NxXf4f15b -.5ggQQZ2?f.QSEff,,23 Q' 1929 WHALER ,, Q,!... T V A 'I Q 0, ' Q 'O Q5 J 2 ,, 1 an .J r A , f . 1 -gb ' T Y' ,-f ei 0001109 Ziaisturp nf the Qilass uf 1932 On the tenth of September, we, the class of 1932, entered Bulkeley and gazed upon our teachers, upper-elassmen, and surroundings with expres- sions of amazement and awe. Our class, with an enrollment of one hundred and eighty-two students, was the largest that has ever entered Bulkeley. lt was a very short time before we were thoroughly convinced that "getting along" at Bulkeley was an easy task. At our first assembly, we probably felt for the first time that we were at the turning point of our lives. As a result of the fine example of school spirit, displayed by our upper classmen, we resolved to do our best and achieve a high position in the annals of the school. After students were fairly well acquainted with each other a class meeting was held in which Vtfalter Collins was elected president. Affairs went along, as usual, until October hrst. This day was set aside for the Freshman-Sophomore track meet at Mercer Field. The track meet proved a very enthusiastic one, resulting in a victory for the Freshmen. On the eleventh of October the students of Bulkeley had the first spec- tacular struggle in football between the Freshmen, coached very capably by Mr. Raymond Reed, and the Sophornores. The game resulted in a tie, and thus kindled a great amount of enthusiasm between the two teams. However, on the twenty-second the Freshmen proved superior by defeating the Sophomores, thirteen to nothing. Just before the end of the football season, students were called upon to organize a new Bulkeley Band, under the leadership of Mr. Pierce. Very good material has been found in our class, and as we hoped and predicted, the band has been a success. On the two days preceding the Thanksgiving vacation, we had our hrst quarterly exams. Qne might humorously think that they were given to us at that time so we could have something to be thankful for on the holiday- the fact that they were at last completed. Our class is not only good in athletics but also in scholarship: for the casualties of these recent exams have proved very few. The class of 1932 is able, sincere and devoted to Bulkeley. lt should establish an enviable record for achievement and school spirit. lt has, of course, like all human institutions, a few defects. In spite of all its defects, however, our majestic class will sail on and on, making history for itself and for dear old Bulkeley. Page fifty-eight S3 f P' f --x i ,js ft L qcy W L E R jpjfJ:5H,!z,11Jz :"". ' H I I s I O I g X o Q ' -.: 1 xl 5 ox .0 O - gl , 1 N gg 5 1 NI L' , il- ,D Ji'ffy 32 ASS OF 19 CL J lx N1 J , 'J r J 1 J N P G 9 .li Page fifty-7H'1m ,X MX' A,aq-An-.- Q 1929 WHALER , 'Q , o 0 QE: M E 9' . s..'4 9 I 14- , '23 1 . 1 O ' 'DD QDQCWW' . ' lcon jgc L Cllllass uf 1932 President .....,. ,,7,........................-........................,. Acker, Robert Bruce Fusconi, Delio William Allanack, Robert Chapman Gada, Gaetano Azars, George Andrew Aimetto, Julius Arthur Aitken, Robert Lee Gagnon, Alfred Joseph Garland, Ralph Howard Glass, Richard Sherman Andrews, Kenneth RichmondGoodrow, Raymond Allen Bailey, Robert Thomas Barker, Roy Cornell Barker, Daniel Cleveland Barry, Edward Baylis, John Stansbury Beebe, Horace M,ercer Bentley, Frank Bliven Bernstein, Joseph Lewis Bjorge, Irvin Bingham, Francis Lester Birenbaum, Benny Birs, William Otis Bradley, Frank Jasper Brennan, Henry Norman Browne, James Kenneth Butler, James Philip Buxton, Winslow Hurlburt Buzenski, Edmund Ernest Buzenski, Henry John Buzzell, Gordon Campbell Cables, George David Carr, Harold Raymond Carver, Richard James Ceresky, Stephen William Champlain, Stanley William Chendali, Reno August Clark, Clarence Howard Clark, Richard Gordon Waldo Klinck John Sylvester Clarke, Cleary, Collins, Walter Joseph Corkey, James Edward Corliss, John Donald Costello, Fred Wilson Crumb, Ralph Warren Daghlian, Philip Bewer Davidson, Kenneth D'Elia, Albert Leo Delmore, Francis Paul Derry, Robert Hayes Devine, John Michael Donovan, Arthur Edward Doroshivich, Peter John Doyle, John Vincent Duerr, Edward Carlyle Dyer, Joseph Peter Edwards, William Charles Ferber, Abraham Irving Ferguson, Walter Thomas Ferguson, Donald Odber Ferrier, Daniel 'William Fletcher, Harold Ellsworth Foster, Clifton Leon Frank, Eugene David Page sixty Gordon, Milton Martin Gorra, Richard Francis Grey, Joseph Durfey Griffith, Theodore Franklin Haliftiras, Pericles Ham, Francis Henry Hammel, George Joseph Hammond, Richard Hoinsky, Charles William Holliday, Harry Francis Houlihan, Thomas Edward Hull, Raymond William Irving, Malcolm Avery Jacobsen, Norman Jacob Jensen, Oliver Ormerod Johnsen, Arthur Wilber Johnson, James William Kaiser, Henry W,lliam Kaplan, Harold Keeler, Edward 'Carroll Kiernan, Charles James Kosowsky, Edward Morse Koss, Morris Kovalsik, William Edward Lapin, Milton Joseph Leviloff, M,orris Loftus, William Joseph Lowery, George Willis Lynch, Thomas Edward Macey, Barrie McCarthy, John Francis MacDonald, James Edward McGarry, Michael John McGregor, Kenneth Beach McGuire, Morgan Kennedy McLaughlin, Thomas James Main, Archibald 'M,cNicold Mallett, Fred Henry Mark, Frank Marsdale, Allen Smalley Massad, Michael William Mather, Robert Carroll May, Hamilton Morris Miller, Ernest William 'M,isarsky, Manuel Joseph Moore, Charles Thomas Moran, Alfred Francis Mull, Benjamin Alden Murphy, Jeremiah Joseph Murphy, William Patrick Nash, Gordon Augustish Neilan, James Farrell Newcomb, John William Newcomb, Garfield Harry Xlalter Collins Noyes, John Henry O'Connor, Edward Francis O'Hea, Thomas George Olofson, Andrew George Olsen, Clarence Gerhard Paradise, Edward John Parenteau, Arthur Richard Parker, John Richard Patterson, George Hamilton Peck, George Henry Perka, Henry Perka, William Phillips, Clyde Creighton Phillips, Harry Philopena, Albert Paul Priolo, John Richard Racine, Jules Albert Reed-Hill, Robert Ellis ReHill, Peter Gerarll Reidy, Joseph Gilmary Riozzi, Tony Joseph Risch, Ernest Roche, Paul Conaty Ragovin, Samuel Rose, Esmond Leon Rowley, Harold Warren Rowley, Lincoln Russell Rush, Richard Henry Saari, Neil Edward Salowitz, Hyman Santangelo, Philip William Sapowitz, John Sharaf, Jacob Theodore Shea, Francis Jerome Sleights, Mike Smith, Lawrence Palmer Snow, James Benjamin Sousa, Joseph James Speirs, John Lirigo Squires, Harley Wayne Stanton, John Stead, George Owen Stefenski, Stephen Michael St. Germain, James Joseph Sullivan, Alfred Will'am Tatcher, Albert Franklin Taylor, Carl Ezel Thorner, Hans Frederick Trail, Kenneth Hubbard Tubbs, Paul Burton Van Artsdalen, Wm. 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T' X15 N W Lxgfffk X g fgw ' I X xx? .A-2 ? gJC'f 1 I ' -9 . fat? fig! f X 555555: 9' 2 E 2 E 29,59 Qwoggugu ' F-Vg.-. ,lisp J -nz, 'S Q n o"" . w , ' 31: Q, x I Q 5 E 5 ..g.:,.',y!Q,. ,-1 Qfmgffaf Q., f f!! ' 'V' ' " 1 " 1 S 7,921 0 'W1'Q1'4.Q 1 6: -ei" "X-A s4fV?'5'Q' 1 9 1 f N mv 'QI-Qfgvtsw 1 1 :: A ,' xg" 1, S, ,X , ,PW "nav, gl IU. ' T.. ..,, S' 1 . " N x.. , ,gd 'van I ... v W Qf K 'fab' 'S 5 W0 , K I ' Q, 1 -' , f X Nxxxm hw-lf" ' X 00,7 ffm lin' S 'Lag J Sp X Arm ll' XV. JSMT,-N, -as X X ES I L K u 0'. ' l ,,4-an, l su, 44 fig 'o, W I5 .0 Q .1 a .., ' ' ,I . C D .'."'o-us-- 0'1" 1... i V ng Eulkelep Sabian! Qtbletic Jfielh, Zlncurpurateh The presentation of Mercer lfield to liulkeley School necessitated a very definite and permanent arrangement regarding such important matters as incorporation, management of construction and improvements, permanent supervision of the lield, and last hut not least the custody of the Athletic . Funds derived from school games and the future leasing of the field to New London clulms. Mr. Mercer. the generous donor of the held, suggested that it would be appropriate as well as advan- tageous to name the acting president and former presidents of the Alumni Association as Incorpo- rators of liulkeley School Athletic Field. This suggestion was heartily endorsed hy hoth alumni and students. These excellent men who have been so successful in promoting the interest of their alma mater in the past and the present, of course, would not and did not demur in this new appoint- ment. And so. the following esteemed graduates Thomas E. Troland Pqnesident ot the school became the illustrious incorporators of liulkeley's new Athletic Field: Cornelius C. Costello, Alfred Ligourie, Morris Lulvchansky, Thomas E. Troland, and Thomas S. Mcfiinley. The next step in the organization was the selection of a Board of Direc- tors. The ahove named incorporators hy virtue of their office were the nucleus of a Board of Directors which was increased by the appointment of four additional memlmers to include the following--all good men and true- J. P. T. Armstrong, Arthur ll. Shurts, Samuel l'rentis, and llomer K. Underwood. Thus it works out that the real ownership of Mercer Field is vested in the Alumni. Every boy when he graduates lmecomes in a very real sense one of the permanent owners of the field. . D ln providing for the future management of the field and for the handling and keeping of accounts. it seemed a wise and more convenient plan for the Board, henceforth, to underwrite all the athletics of the school in so far as receipts and expendi- tures were concerned. ln pursuance of this policy the Directors elected Samuel N. Prentis as Grad- uate Manager of Athletics. Needless to say Mr. Prentis is a most popular choice for this position. He is an ardent llulkeley fan and his interest in sports, dramatics and all other students activities 1 , has kept him in close touch with the undergradu- ates. Samuel M. Prentis Graduate Athletic Manager Page sixty-two 93 , K' 2 , n , rf SZ o 7 f 1, -. 1929 WHAL E R QW pjgifzmf 1 W -- -:Zigi-29+ . ' Y .4 Y Y c.c -- . . 'lag' I .'9 4 I 'Q 4 Q. z Y .f-- . . - Q 00005039--tr Xearly two years of activity and achievement have been completed in the history of llulkeley School Athletic Field, lncorporated. There was a big program of operation and management confronting this organization when the gates of the new liullceley Field were opened for the first game of football on October l5. 1927. The last ten months which constitute the record of this issue of The XYl1Zl.lC1' are signalized by another splendid gift from the founder of the field. On New Year's live the Treasurer, Arthur ll. Shurts, received a letter from Frederic XV. Mercer containing a check for live thousand dollars to be applied to such needs and uses as the Board of Directors might determine, Thus this genial gentleman who is popularly known as liulkeley's Santa Claus, estab- lished a record that surpasses that of his legendary prototype, for l5ulkeley's Santa was still filling - ' stockings after Christmas Day had passed. The AFth511iegQHiE'fU1"CS possession of this impressive sum will be a wel- come aid to the l92S budget of bills-payable and will also make possible several contemplated improvements including the completion of tennis courts, the painting of the fence and grandstand, and possibly the addition of a running track. "Forward" is both the slogan and policy of the Alumni Directors and the Mercer Field is certain to become an institution with ever-increasing value and beauty. The Nlvhaler would be an incomplete chronicle of Bulkeley School and Mercer Field history, if it did not in this connection introduce the name of a valuable custodian of Mercer lfield, the peer of all field making experts, a resourceful assistant coach for all sports, a faithful, hard-working man. and a good natured friend of both boys and men- Patrick If. Kleskell. lt is difficult to set forth the full measure of his true worth to Mercer Field and its varied interests. "Pat" is just the man for these multiform activities. He is just the right man in the right place. Nay his life and his serv- ices be prolonged for at least a hundred years. "Pat" Meskell Page sixty-three G' X f -L 1 - f as ,il-1 by 1.-X f93Ql1 rr -22-fZ,Zg3f .,--4- O.. Ja. 3 2 3 ,f fi. 1 'Q .--- Qi, Z 'Q P .- ...O WHALER 9 Y -ff. Y Y Q. f ' . . N mggf ... - ,,.., - Q .A L11 P-I Ln D5 LTI o D4 U1 E V4 Pagjb sixty-four Q - 'gg!f11 fm Q59 2-Q i -3221?-f 59 - ' Q: .52 1929 WHA L E R pfflgumeq Z4 Y Y L23 - 12" A , Y -49 f , O.. . ,?:3 ..'Q ' ' 7-E-Q52 Cr. '.1 A '..' I "...' . -X XX K X XX I V , In 1. 4.-V V . 'X G If if Q .x 04, Wx U C' T f' V gf X JuSCPR 4 W Svbmfxwx I 11 ixx 1 H L ! BASEB LL 9 ,, 4 'fifxwffx Afas QQQTJQM ff g al 46222 ' '? X 1929 WHALER 1" "0 4 70.44 M 2 g ,' . an 0 D 'N' 'I .qu Q ' ' '- '- ' ' ..'U0s.uQ-aQoD"' .1 lag' Baseball beasun 1928 The success of the l92S team was due largely to the untiring efforts of Coach Canty and Captain Harold Bernstein. Coach Canty was greatly aided by the splendid material that turned out for the team. VVith fifty candi- dates reporting at the first call, the prospects for a successful year bright- ened. Christening thc new Mercer Field diamond in true Bulkeley style. our team handed the invading Westerly team a 30 beating in our first game. The second game was with Plainfield, a new oppo- nent on the liulkcley schedule. Rallys in the fourth and sixth innings gained us another victory. Then came the Deep River team, which for many years had been a preliminary game for Bul- keley. The boys from 'Deep River supported one of the best pitchers in the state. VVe were badly beaten by a score of 9 O. After receiving its first set back Bulkeley took revenge on the strong Gilbert team, another new addition to the liulkeley schedule, by defeating them 4-0. The next game was a return engagement with XYesterly. This contest was closer than the first, and ended in a 2-l victory for Bulkeley. The Hartford Public High game being called off we next faced Stonington, an old opponent. Staggering two poorly-supported pitchers with a shower of fifteen hits Bulkeley's Orange and Black batsmen swamped Stonington by a score of 14-4. Ralph Seiman's unassisted double CAPT. BRENNEN play was the outstanding feature of the game. Supporting Johnny Devine, a Freshman twirler, by heavy and judicious hitting combined with accurate helding, our boys came from behind and defeated La Salle by a score of 12-8. In the next game Bulkeley proved that it could handle a bat, when we knocked two South Manchester pitchers for fifteen hits. The score was 15-Z in our favor. Then came one of the best contests of the season, a return game with Stonington. This made Bulkelefs sixth straight win in a row and its eighth in nine starts. The final score was 6-5. Breaking its winning streak of seven games by an unfortunate slump, Bulkeley dropped its second game to Branford by a score of 9 6. In our next game we vanquished Plainfield by a score of 6-2. Page sixty-six 9 , f' ' o T ' Txwffx A 5 Sf 'SY xiii gas TEAM BASEBALL AQ f N go M, ,YQ VA TM A "QQ, f w M! a N ' s,E,I XV A E M mba T nm? AVP? ? Q 5 5 , 3 l'.'5 I l ' 5 n I A -' " 4 . p U V . V Q 0 5 M M,,,,, , , 3 5 . I X I .'1 ' ' ' a' ' ' L.. ...:, fmvwa 2" f S R I .-2 .,. 2 f I v l ' ,V,'. - X- ' 0 ' I W W W -Wm W W W 4M , M 1,9gQ U ' 0 K 25 M 'Q 'M 6, AfAA f A 4" at aa ff' RM A AAA 1 A K 2 5 " lm- A-A-Q N Wi H N gp S I" W 1 my QE :S WQ- ' 5..-.ZXTKMKY fl, L3 L- -X ,'f CLx -,,fil"s'T.fbTX li?"-'Lf 1929 WHALER 3 Q, A Ja .1 4 r' ."' O Qs' : p l 4 , .,- K , . n I ' T .,--n s0"" The next opposition came from Central High of Bridgeport. Costly errors in the third inning gave Central High a 7-l victory. After three defeats Bulkeley staged a comeback by beating Congress High, another Bridgeport team, by a score of 3-l. Heavy, consistent hitting and close helding gave us the victory. Then came the first of the long awaited for games. The XVildcats. very much determined to win the state title, received a great surprise when the Orange and Black took the lead away from them in the eighth inning. The game was forced to go eleven innings before the Tigers could be beaten. The feature of this slugfest was the home runs by Jarvis of Norwich and Vi'atterson and Locke of Bulkeley. They were greatly aided by the timely hitting of Cummings of Norwich and Brennan and Seiman of Bulkeley. The score was ll-10 in favor of Norwich. Three days later Mercer Field was the scene of battle with the W'ildcats. Two thousand fans saw the Tigers take the worst beating of their lives. Frank Locke, not yet fully recovered from the strain of the eleven innings of three days before, started on the mound. During his stay the Rose City boys nicked him for four hits while he fanned one and walked another. The fifth inning Johnny Petrosky sauntered out to his relief. This was Pe- trosky's first appearance against Norwich. Poor support by the infield for both Locke and Petrosky aided in the defeat. Greenls homerun over the center field fence was the only such accomplishment by a high school boy. Morris High champions of New York City Tnterscholastic League, handed us our last defeat to the tune of 6-O. Frank Locke won the last pitching duel of his career at I-Sulkeley when the Orange and Black trimmed Putnam High at Mercer Field by a score of 3 Z l ' Throughout the season Brennan was behind the plate. Bunk Gordon covered first base p W hile Bernstein took care of sec- T cond . Ralph Sei- man patrolled the territory be- tween the sec- ond and third and Joe Mitchell and Johnny Mur- phy covered the hot corner. In the outer garden we had Ellis at left, VVatterson at L center and Gig- liotti played right field when Locke was pitching. L L X' . Page sixty-eight Q - rf fd ' w S, 371 ff ",4q.q-. n'.- 'gl .....1 I s I 6. Q. I , . , . 1929 WHALER pywmms es,'.u.h.N ?:,h.'e f i Y , - N353 ' - - 1 ,Avi The prospects for an exceptionally line baseball team this spring are bright as the team will be pilotecl by Coach Henry ll. Shay, who has been chosen to succeetl Coach Canty. The team is also fortunate in having sex- eral players who are consiclererl as having excep- tional ability. Around Captain .Iames lirennan as a nucleus the team shoulcl be able to give a splenclicl account of itself. Uncler the stewarclship ot' Coach Shay anfl his energetic climinutive manager, llyman XYilensky, a heavy scheflule is being' contemplatetl for the spring' campaign. The schedule calls for games with some of the fastest teams of Connecticut. 'l'he team will also play our olcl rival, Norwich, in a home in home series which shoulcl be of double im- portance as it is to settle the question as to superior- ity in this inter-school annual contest, as well as cle- cicling' the championship of Eastern Connecticut anrl Wiestern llhocle lslancl. Crerlit is also tlue to Nlr. .Xrthur l'. Shnrts, our genial and csteememl treasurer of llulkeley ,Xthletic liielrl. lncorporatecl, for making' it possible for llul- keley teams to enjoy such a splencliclly plannecl schecl- ule. Nlr. Shurts has been giving' a great cleal of his valuable time ancl energy in ortler that llulkeley boys may always enfoy the benehts to be clerivecl from efficient linancing of athletics. 'lihe entire school is looking forward with en- thusiasm anfl interest to the resumption of athletic relations with our olcl time rivals, Chapman Tech. 'lihey have agreecl to reopen athletic relationship by playing' Bulkeley baseball this spring ancl football in the fall. COACH HENRY P. SHAY Klr. llitchcock, their principal. has promisecl the traclitional basket of apples to the winners. llowever, Nlr. llitchcock states that he thinks the basket of apples will be kept at home this year which we all term Uapple-sauce." Nev- ertheless, all parties concernecl, especially the stuclents ancl alumni bodies of both schools. are elatccl that both schools are again to enjoy irienclly athletic relationship. Page sixty-nine X 0. AQ f . - ,Z-fx rx c :lf L f f'9-L-K - ,pf f Jia 'A, n Q. -"' fi si . . ' : awww ll R Qwwgwfys .ig, -ii ,1:2h.i. A Y f Y r r 5 . ,X Page seventy WL f .fx if flaw' QQ-ff bf 1 Q - 'X Xfccgv .,,-fxg f.xw?f .fx 1 4222 - Z0 -' - 5 5 i ,',,oo4--Q.. :,..- 43: Q., . ... 1929 WHALER 9,,,,w1L.uQ,,a v .f4 +e1 . 'y , . '-. mv mn13,,, ,- ' w1,,,9V Q 'Q wg TH EH ff FGOTBALL fN Page svrrlrlty-orzv ' ' --X f - -- -'-'X A as we Xc3 " " Y If N . K A , , X h? :KV x Q! , .fQ+:: L ,.f,f'N - X-1 Mg., g-X ,,. 129 1929 WHALER 9 . Q. I .,.- hx so. 0 Q. : , , ' 'ua 4. ' " Q , - W , 5' -qu O 'Urn---s-sO"' its 1... if T T 3 4 Jfuuthall For the lirst time in the history of the school we have had pre-season football practice. lt was originally intended that we have spring practice but with the advent of good or suitable weather the baseball squad took pos- session of the field. Joe XN'atterson, star tackle of Providence College and of liulkeley and State of Connecticut while here, offered his services as coach. Xlith his brother -lim- mie, the captain, all arrangements were completed and a small squad was on the scene at lXlfercer Field two weeks before school opened. The time was taken mostly for conditioning and adapting the recruits to the environment of football. XYhcn Coach Canty returned the squad was in shape and after routine practice of a few weeks it was an easy matter to take over the visiting East Hartford team in the first game. l'3ulkeley's young and untried team got off to an impressive start by defeating East Hartford to a score of 21-O. Frank Northrup, Bulkeley fullback, scored two touchdowns. Gregory scored the other. Northrup successfully drop kicked after all three touchdowns. Ripping great holes in the Bulkeley line, Meri- den fought its way to victory in our second game. The center of the line seemed to be the weak spot CAPTAIN in the liulkeley line. lXleriden's fullback continually WATTERSON made live-yard gains, straight through the center of the Grange and Black line. The final score was l2'6. Hindered by a wet and slippery field, the Grange and Black lost the nrst out of-town game to Stonington. The game was played in a drenching rain at Uwen's Field. Stonington. From the first whistle to the last play Stoning- ton outplayed Bulkeley in every quarter of the game. The game ended with a Zl-O score in favor of Stonington. Westerly lfligh defeated our boys by a score of l2-7 in a game that marked the resumption of football competition between the two schools after a lapse of live years. XYesterly scored its first touchdown in the open- ing period on a series of line plunges, a forward pass, and a l5-yard end run. The Blue and XVhite scored again in the third period when a liiulkeley punt was blocked on the Z5-yard line and a Xkesterly lineman picked up the loose Page S0'l7l?1I.f.Il-f"IUO se f S T " D'fG1cPc9l' s .. ff .f f' ' - 'fx 1 Z X.-X 1 ' gs- 7E'fff-s-Drilszgf' fig S "X -X-9- ci: J ' ' ' if f F I '3 wg ,f w ,Q uv. R9 r- 00 Qs 2 I D' t" ffl JJ my Ea H E M fig Tw l Wg ,Ji LQ V N14 ,SD my W Q! 3 Q FOOTBALL TEAM Z I 1 1 E ', ,Q 0--A -,.. I 'Q , "s 'Q , -.. 1929 WHA L E R Q' gl O, 9 Y ,L , i W 4 f - f Y A , . ---Ill f--' ' - ' fb ball and ran clear for a touchdown. liulkeley scored in the last quarter, making a long march down the iield. A penalty gave Bulkeley the ball on the one yard line. Westerly held for two downs, but lrby dove head first over the pile of scrimmagers for the touchdown. Bulkeley Tigers defeated XYindham in the fifth game of the season. Bulkeley, receiving the kick off, immediately started off on the road to vic- tory by completing two long passes. Aguiar, Bulkeley halfback, was the star of this game. The Bulkeley line opened the holes and Aguiar did the rest. The game ended with a 12-6 score in our favor. A heavier and more experienced Hartford High School team defeated us by a score of 14 0. The held was a sea of mud and it seemed impossible for any of our boys to gain a foothold. Bulkeley played its best in the sec- ond quarter. Two long passes netting 50 yards brought Bulkeley down to the 15 yard line, only to be interrupted by the whistle ending the half, thus killing our chance to score. The Orange and Black then traveled to South Manchester, whose fast and tricky backheld caused Bulkeley much trouble. l3ulkeley's only score came in thc second period when two long passes placed the ball on the one-yard line. Art Dayton, Orange and Black quarterback, took it over for a touch- down. Northrup tossed both of the passes that put Bulkeley in scoring position. Que was a 30-yard heave to Barrows and the other was good for 15 yards with Dayton on the receiving end, The final score was 18 6. Two fumbles aided :Xnsonia in defeating Bulkeley by a score of 19-0. The best work on our team was done by Captain lkiatterson, right tackle, and Dick Gray, center. lnnumerable tackles were made by both men. An- soniais scoring was done as a result of straight line plunges. Norwich Frec Academy overwhelmed liulkeley by a score of 13-0. A brilliant crowd of about 5,000 people packed the bleachers and occupied all available standing space. At exactly Z o'clock Bulkeley Hand, attired in colorful uniforms, marched on the field playing the National Emblem March. The entire Bulkeley student body journeyed to the game, and thus Bul- keley's cheering section was complete. Bulkeley was on the defensive most of the time: fighting hard. but unable to hold back the avalanche of Red and XYhite backs that ripped through their line time and time again. Northrup was called upon many times to punt from behind the goal line and his cool-- ness in these tight places kept the Red and VVhite from rolling up a larger score. At the close of the season a loving cup was given to Capt. James Xliatter- son for his brilliant playing throughout the season. Page seventy-four Q X 'L T a w- E fi Lic' ' 5' 1929 WHA L E R y 0 :,.ncg M E " I 5 .. O C -' . 5 ' . 4 s V V J .""0....--.--.::! !"' ,? , e - A 1 ii . 1, si I 6 X ,, x, T 5 ,i- ii: F I 1 fi' ,X ? Y zz 1 ie , E4 ,S 1 E . Tj. i L, w Q 5 O' egg V2 T" ,J FQ 23 9' , x ,i O O 4,5 h LT-4 32 , 5 Page sfveniy-j?1ff 9 X f- 'WQ K- ? ' x fri AQ-5 'A A - A Y Y A . qgsfdi ggi . E?Q.ciQp,d 4 . XJ '-4:-I 1 - Y :-- 44- X -' ' f N. u -- ',!u.,- I I I T223 Glrack beasun 1928 It is safe to say that tl1e tea111 tl1at represented Pullxeley on the track 111 1923 xvas one of tl1e best track teams i11 the historx of the school 'lhe team coached by Mr. Hamlen Zlllfl captained by Eugene Belden was a success 111 every sense of the xvord. The success cannot be judged bx the number of meets xvon and lost. Out of four meets Bulkelex xxon txx o Bullvelev xx as entered in the Rhode Isla11d I11te1 scholastic lVIeet at Kingston, a11d Yale Inteischolastic Meet at New Haven. Bulkeley co111peted xxith all the leading High a11d Preparatorxf schools 111 Connectmut a11d tf 4' 14, . ' 2 Rhode Isla11 d. ,f -,. 1 'fl 1i-" Tl1e first dual inert xxas with Stonington W, ,. Norwich 461-3. CAPTAIN DUNN Z5 6 Page seventy-six Q! esac! sf 1-f , -X , X aff: Ki, i?f1si- w fEC69 fjfii 'f no IL" - -A--q...'o ,- Q2 3 ' 1929 WHALER 32235 This xvas tl1e closest meet 111 xx hich Bulkelex ex er participated. Not until the final heat of the last event had bee11 run off was the result certain First and second places 111 the 720 yard dash would have given Stonington '1 txxo plllllt maigin But Ray lllunsch saw to it that second place xx ent to ' Bulkeley, clinching the 111eet for Inulkelcv by the cou11t of 55 2-3 to 52 l 3 Tor the fourth successixe tin1e Hulkeley defeated Noixx 1cl1 I11 the con1pet1 tio11 tl'll'CC Bulkeley reroids were broken In the higl1 jump, i11 tl1e jaxelin throw a11d 1n the low hurdles. I11 tl1e 111ile lllll Bulkelex took tl1e first tl1ree places. The final score was Bulkelev 572 3 The Bullceley tea111 went out of 1ts class xx hen competing xvitl1 the strong VX a11e11 l'I3.I'Cllll0' TCHUI of Bridgeport. Though we lost bv a score of 63 33 txvo nexv Bullceley iecords xx ere made whe11 Gen tilella xvent over the bar at te11 feet three and one half inches a11d Munsch cut Phip Cirax s old record down to 551-5 seconds South lltfanchestcr xx as ou1 next opponent They l1ad one of the best teams 111 tl1e st tte and defeated us by the score of '57 40 Czentilella Chapman, Sullivan, and Belden showed the Rhode Island boys what mate111l comes from Bulkeley Chapman accounted for a first i11 tl1e javelin, Gentilella w1tl1 a tie for seconl place i11 the pole vault, Belden with a tl1ird in the 1111le and Sulhx a11 xx 1th a fourth place in the broad jun1p. Bulkeley placed sixth 111 the 111eet Though far fI'Olll cleaning up the Tiger CIHCTLI pou11ders at least made a Good sl1oxvi11ff i11 tl1e Yale lnterscholastic Meet 1t Nlew Hax en , 1929 WHALER ',f 'Q... I ...- 532 M 3 19 Y Q 44. Y , f , i-231 -- ff ' - -fa , '- .. -:::f.. ' bmw 5 E 4 H H M O QL' DG P+ Page sez'er1ty-seven Q , A Cb ' 5602 1 it :XX -ff: ff Af ,4 ' -Lgzvzap - . 'lags ' I 'U O W V i 9 Y n 1 O - ' Y Y C ir 1929 WHAL E R Qllross Clliuuntrp Ulleam No cross-country team in the history of Hullceley School has had greater honors come to it than those that were piled upon the team of l92S. This year Bulkeley had a most successful season resulting in only two defeats. This speaks well for the team and the able coaching of Mr. Hamlen. Qctober 18, llullqeley met its hrst defeat at the hands of Chapman Tech. It was the first time in seven years that llulkcley had played Chapman Tech. This meet was a time trial for members of lioth teams. Although Bulkeley did not win they had the satisfaction of seeing their captain, jimmy Brennan. come in ahead of the whole pack. Xwesterly invaded our territory with a long list of victories. Cotter and two of his teammates left the Bulkeley boys in the dust. They not only de- feated Bulkeley but broke the course record. Cotter's time over our two and one-half mile course was l2 minutes and 31 seconds. Our team traveled to Stonington to take on the Stonington team. This was an easy meet for the Grange and Black Harriers. Three Bulkeley Qmen, Gagnon, Q!Calaghan, and Hansen, were tie for first. ln one of the closest cross-country races ever ran in New London, the Bulkeley team defeated Norwich Free Academy by a score of ZS 29. Gagnon, a Freshman, was the hrst Bulkeley man and the third man in the race to finish. The team journeyed to Suffield for the main meet on its schedule. The Orange and Black men hnished second in this quadrangular meet. The four teams finished in the following order: Suffield scored 17 points, Rul- keley 41, Simsbury lO0, and Stonington llO. Our last meet was the lnterf scholastic Conference meet held at Stonington, Bulkeley men finished 12, 15, IS, 19, and 22. Page seventy-eight 4 9 1 rl' "o,. q D ' . I Q 1 -EC e -e 1.-QQZQQDE.. . . Ha fs. .-- Q 1 0 0 ' 7 ,- e 0 The Eulkelep Qllluh Zlauuse Besides spacious, level playing grounds sufficient for all the regular sports, Mercer Field has a Club House which has already hecome a model for other organizations and schools to follow in building a held house for them- selves. The Bulkeley Club llouse is a duo pattern in respect to locker rooms and dressing rooms for both the home team and the visiting team as well as separate shower rooms. Every convenience and accommodation is supplied. The layout includes a stock room and manager's office. .Ns one of the units of the Nlercer Field equipment, this Club llouse matches the Cirand Stand in its attractive design and practical advantages. , l i l Page seventy-nine 9 X sig 1 fyffiies- Rf ef Viigj-R - Ai X CN 4 if If Q 4' is ii lil? .gi Q4 49531 a fiffe ff 4 Z gag, D 1 ."'g 1929 WHALER 5- - T 3 ' ig-Q5 'P, S-Q22 ' - April 12 .,,Y,,...YA..... April 15 ,A... ....... April 17 .7,......,...... April 20 ...,Y...,,...... April 24 ....,i...,...... April 27 .....,.V,,,..... May 2 ,.,.. ,,i,,.. 4 K l ay ,.,., ..,.w.. May 9 ..... ...,... Nay ll ..... ,,..... May 15 ...., ,....i . May 18 ..,.........,,,. May 23 .,,,, ....... Nay 25 ,,i,, ....... May 28 .....,i,,,,,,,,, May 30 ....,,,w........ June l ....i, ....... June 5 .,,.. ..,..,. J une S ........,,,..... June 12 .........,V,,,.. Sept. ZS .wv....1........ Oct. 5 WV1... wA..... Oct. ll ,..... ....... Oct. 18 ...... ....... Oct. 25 ...... ....... Nov. 2 ...... ....... Nov. 11 ................ Nov. 16 ................ Nov. 23 ...... ....... Baseball Scbehule 1929 Friday ...,,, Saturday .............. XYCClHCSC1Zlf' Saturday ..,.,......... XYed11esday Saturday ..........,... 'l'l1ursday Saturday ..........,... 'I'hursday Saturday . lYCCl1lCSClZLY Saturday . Thursday Saturday . Tuesclay .. Thursday Saturday . XNCCl11CS!l2ly Saturday .......,.Y.... XX'ed11esday Deep River at New 1101111011 fptillfllllgb Branford at New 1.01lClU1'l Stlblllllgtilll at Sto11i11gto11 XYesterly at X'Vesterly CR. 1.5 VVi11dl'1a111 at New Ilillflflll Kingswood Prep at NVest Hartford NVZLITCII Harding C15ridgeportQ at N. L. Cpiilllllllgp Cl1ap111a11 Tech at New Loudon Sto11i11gto11 at New 1.o11do11 Norwich at New 1.o11do11 XYi11dham at New 1,o11do11 Norwich at Norwich. Roxbury Prep at Cheshire, Conn. liridgeport CCe11tralj at New 1.lJllClO1l. Cllilplllilll Tech at New Loudon XX'esterly at New Loudon Norris High YQ at New 1.o11do11 Bay Path Institute at Spri11g1'ield jfnnthall bnbehule 1929 Saturday ............. Saturday .. Friday Friday Friday ..... . Saturday .. Monday .............. Saturday .............. Saturday . ....... . 1Xl6l'lflCll at 1Xl4.'TlL1C11 New Haven fHillho11sel at New Loudon Sto11i11g'to11 at New l.o11do11 Wresterly at VVesterly XYi11dha111 at XYillima11tic Hartford at Hartford South Manchester at New Loudon Chapman Tech at New London Norwich at Norwich Page eighty 9 - WQ- F z 4 - ff N cc' eff L f1,f'5 c rx Co , Q iff gi ,g9'9Qf,: r . ' --X K 2: E , E E-. -- K XXX - 2 Q x N X f..- 0 , 1. 1 XXX QQ FP V" l l X QQ, X' .-,--1 IIA l. :.:.-.u:: f'.'. :3:, n 1 ii51225 ::iXr?i72:",,i:e' l . QW",-RDQQXWQ -. Iq,'n.A,','17l"1 :gag Qs H, "X p-5 XX -'QUE A 'gg I 'ah' I SN X1 esgmsggaqizil :hai Nmgvfij '- ' I! gag, ggf,:z77Aw,,,5 :.:4iyg5s55 gl, Hx 0 W Qxx, 575 X H I, w ..,,. --.,, nh.:-4 Q.:-7. , : :55'5g5: -5 5 'iifgifgjiafilzfw Msg ':5f'si51 ," 'E "lf -:w.,'-Q7'-. s. ' x -Ag w .., ,-.,.., ,.'g.,. 4 , , v I... -: :- 'qkE:-: - X 7 7 f:g X Q ::.Y::.'- lg-.V -Q a. iz.. V4 ff-:-: . I x , 54. X -- v , I' -ss: 'QQGQQIIIZA1' If E . N X n.:xSR2Q"gl1lll'f" v. "I 'Mx N- .71 Saazuxwf' -I' iz age if -1-3536! -- 1 Pr UNH 'fW Am. L 7.x-3 ... J. W-51--2, lef 2 f n - nun . W , 'ul '-1. 1 YE- AWP' mn ,15fxma' lyk-5:-' "- " 'I: -lla: -A.. 11 'as -- 'I.q35. "' --1 1 - 3--.. -. -11--mg: -- --E-- -- - ::. . 2 f .,1wl -In ENE an g' 1:-ll I qllkixe, "' :.'l NH- gun.. gr Einjk L: 5:52317-5' 52 . , me . fy 1 eq --i':',,,?l':: --15:55-.W -- -I F5 m fx, y.:: ggi--. :qty X ' ff ::5 : -:'. --- 'Nfiw :Ill 'I vl :gi III, i I ulllh f-:xi . -1 i F A if X u A E4 g , ,42 MXV5olr,- fu 1 Eff X Q f X Xi f a25::'i??i5'2:. 222si29BEf??!QgE5-SEQ. . Ll f- ' "H s -'3fLNL'VL1L P A ' ' Lx. ,S , - QL x fv 'J' r-awww: mx. '-:law .. - ' . . X -1 4 vx. .Aung .5 I , - ,., , . ,C ffggx '5"""5' .- 1:1 - - ax- ' is fx Af' " , J Yfmkr 'f s ' ' S 'em rw - Jevfvww 2- wig , S Qzsgx K! , l 8. 7 ,l 'e.,x K X xg. Q 1 X ggggxtgw Q X ' ' . ' 1. 'R :?3"Q?Eag:f-Y H Q -A F57 .F f k Jrr R I X 4 'il' ' N 57' EE 1 9 J, -I L G- I. , F f' ,x 1 ,ZEN E:gif1i'w"' , ,, E2 .im-92 . I IL DK X + "5 01, -' , my . 1392 f 'wmv-:an w y f - 5 w- ,, p4 w-4 ng- f .-e Kb 3 We flf 1, ' 1 X -1 f ' 1 I 'we aw f ' 55 X X W fm! -M f 1 Xi lm "1"""1' X I ' 2 if Y W' ' ol ZX - TK ,A X us X Q QQ? AcT1v1q-I x KJ QAQQ. .fi ,-" Gs: 'a ,, - .. 19z9 WHALER , 5. Y 'N , s . I , o 1 '...'Uus -4n-ov"' iagara abate winning sam Un the evening of Klareli 12, llJ2S, the seeond liullceley llehate. spon- sored hy the Niagara lfngine Coinpany No. l, was held at their engine house. liesides the nienihers of the eonipany. the mayor, eity manager and other prominent nien of the eity were present at the debate. l'reeeding' the forensic hattle an elahorate hanquet was served in an attractively decorated rooni. The dehaters were announced hy ludge Costello, a loyal friend of Bulkeley. The resolution was as follows: Resolved, That all future Bond issues should he under the direet control of the people of Xew l.ondon. The Seniors, represented hy 'Frederick llycle, Robert Ferguson, john Farrel. and Murray Ciruslcin, upheld the negative side of the resolution. The Juniors upholding the affirmative argument were XYilliani liroehett. Charles Redden, Herbert Sehwah, and Leo liosowsky. The victorious Seniors were eoaehed hy lNlr. Philip ll. Pasquale and the juniors hy Mr, Carlton lf. Small. The dehate was a "nip and tuekv contest and furnished a great deal of interest and excitement. The juniors were defeated hy the more experienced Seniors. lloth teams furnished sound arguments and stated good points that proved that dehating' is one of Bullceley's outstanding features. The winners have their names engraved on the shield presented to the school hy' the Niagara Engine Company for the .Xnnnal Dehating Contest concerning questions of Ciyie XYelfare. Page eighty-two . ix" - 'N we ' . ' 45, wffgiscyts. " lg:f"' x. K I,-Y- A f s If lf' X 9? 1' fQf5T'fjf2i?' :X ' jffLK'f-f-'I Z 0 .I ' 1400 5 'A ,Q-Q--. i.--'ost-: Z '2 ,,. ---,A WHAQFRA Bulkelep Zlnnual Eenlamatiun Cdlnntest The increasing interest shown by both the public and student body in competitive public speaking has brought forth what is known as the "Home and School Night" at liulkeley. The plan of having every boy in the school participate culminates in a public contest in which the eight best speakers, two students representing each class, compete for first honors. The win- ner has the honor of having his name engraved on the Bulkeley School Declamation Trophy Cup. On the night of Thursday, April fifth, the eight speakers presented their selections in a manner befitting the class's best speakers. Before many of the prominent men and women of the city as judges and a large audience, the orators delivered their addresses in a perfectly spirited man- ner. As an added attraction Mr. Franklin Pierce delivered a short address. The following are the contestants, names and the selections rendered: Norman Rose, Class of 28, George Rausch. Class of iy30, 'Toussaint L'Overture" by XYen- "The Vision of XYar,'y by Ingersoll. 6 Phillips. Robert Ferguson, Class of 28, "Napoleon," by Charles Phillips. XVilliam Brockett, Class of 229, "The Men of 1776," by Ur. Parks Joseph Jones, Class of '30, "New Fngland Civilization," by Frye. Hadlai Hull, Class of '31, "An- tony's Address at Caesar's Fu- neralf' Cadman. Howard Fern, Class of Sl, "Spar- tacus' Speech to the Ciladiatorsf' by Kellogg. Joseph Mitchell, Class of '29. "Selection from XYebster's Bunker Hill Orationf' The decision of the judges gave tirst place to Norman Rose with an Honorable Mention to joseph Mitchell who came a close second. The judges were: C. E. Dimick of the Coast Guard Academy Mrs. Charles B. Graves Attorney Phillip Z. Hankey Attorney Arthur T. Keefe Prof. David D. I.eib of Connecticut College Mayor James A. May Mrs. Donald G. Mitchell O. Pomeroy Robinson Page eigh ty-three ' MY ji A ,,, 1929 WHAL ER A I' , I ..."o ,... it M B or ' ' " 0 p - ,wi 1 - f . ,, an C ' ' .' ' 12275 i C in Q-- gn avi", . 'loo Miulngp Qllluh Open to students who undertake some special project or study. Faculty Advisor President ..,.......,....,...,...,.....,. Xice-President ...,.,.w..,.,.....,,... Secretary and Treasurer .,..A,, Members Porter, Maxwell Y,... Callahan, l2ugene..,,.... Spinner, George ,.,...,, ' Gaetano, Nicholas ,....... XYolfe, Benjamin ,... Brennan, John ,,,.. Foley, George ..,,eeoe. Northrup, Newell v,... Littel, Edward .....,i,, Simpson, Robert Ye.,, Sedora, Tyler ,e,,,,,,,i Magowan, Thomas .,,.. Creswell, Luther Sisk, Thomas .,Y.... Meuse, Iames ,,,Y,. XVhite, James ....., Bogue, Flaycl .... Dahlgren, Hans XVhite, Burton Baum, David .... Harold, NYare .e,,.i Rowley, George Perkins, Arthur Fern ...,.,....,.......,..... Burrows, A. C ......... Brown, Carl ...... Page eighty-four Q ...,...,.....Carl Andrews ,..,.........David Baum, '31 Maxwell Porter, '31 r,,,,....George Foley, ,Sl Study or Project Chart ...................Nutrition Chart ..,..,.,..Collection of NVoods Manufacture of Chocolate ............,.Study of Protozoa , .,.c,.... Harmful Insects ......,....Study of Bacteria .......Proprietary Medicines ........Study of Bread Mold .............Stucly of Yeast ...........Tree Chart XVater Testing .....,,e.Stucly of Ventilation ..,,,,,.,,...,.,,..Foocl Nutrients ..,,,,Proprietary Medicines .,............,,..Disinfectants ......,Bacteria in Milk .......Skeleton Study ......,....,,..Bircl Chart .........Study of Yeast .........Cereal Values Preservatives ........Vitarnin Chart ........Useful YVoods .......XVo0cl Collection ....,....VVoofl Collections 649' f K 7 sf ' 96 of f - , f iifqikaffwiigg ff RWD --'-Q: - V Y T -,pi C '. 'Lg ...OE 1- 1 HA 1.2 Q! b9Z9 i A Djpzcnfgm QE .,,, ,,,, ntl! 00" K Q2ib:dI9'7' sQZ3 We 'if3S9?fx lsAlls4 , X i 1,7 w V , 4 5 1 5 Qui ZLL 4 , J Pdflf' cfaylzfy-jim' FX. ' ff'f M ' Y Y - A -5-S LQ N ' X fw ,Q-An-. ' 1 AO' 'Q22 .Q N- "E H .. - ...O WHALER D 5. Q - 0, I , V Y ,, 'fu zbrf -' . The lucky Break "The Lucky Break," a three act farce comedy, presented by the Bul- keley Senior Class, aided by the Senior Class of XY. M. l., at the Bulkeley fkuditorium, proved to be one of the best plays ever produced by the schools. The entire play takes place in the lobby of the lrlotel Mullet in a small town of Connecticut where ,lohn Bruce, a handsome and successful busi- ness man, retires to rest. He becomes interested in Nora Mullet, daughter of Martha Mullet, but gives up all thoughts of her when he finds her in the embrace of Tommy Lansing, a young painter. Tommy had only paid attentions to Nora to deceive Mrs. Barrett, a scheming society matron, with whose daughter, Claudia, he is actually in love. Mrs. Barrett has her wily plans to "hook up" her daughter with Bruce. llleanwhile, ,lohn Bruce is attempting to buy a tract of land suitable for a factory, from old Abner Ketcham, a wily Connecticut Yankee. But Abner intends to make it a cemetery and has delegated his nephew, Benny, to sell the lots for him. He refuses to sell the tract for less than SIOODOO, but Bruce outwits him. He induces Benny to write sales letters to a list of New Yorkers, all Bruce's employees. The latter purchases the lots, under instruction, for a total of S20,000, thus leaving Abner in great wrath at what he terms a Nkfall Street trick. Tommy Lansing finally elopes with Claudia Barrett, leaving an ambig- uous note which leads Martha Mullet and Bruce to think that he has eloped with Nora. Mrs. Barrettls delight at this turn of affairs changes to out- raged wrath and sorrow when she finds that it is her own daughter who has eloped. Thus Bruce finds his way clear to take Nora to his heart. The entire success of the play was greatly due to the able coaching and hard work of Mr. Horr. His diligent work was greatly appreciated by the entire Senior Class, In perfect cooperation with the cast and stage man- agers he produced a play of which the school can well be proud. Page eighty-six 9 a s -W , f' CCY oe. T B -s e Q: c ,,5gZS?ff l'.'l I 'v A I 3 1 U 5 QA if f' gl... 65- 5 s I 3' X, F' m W Ll K!! W! I X M YJ 'Q 5' gf .gi,5if, EA BR CKY OF "LU ST CA 'T' Q Q fx: fm S. D' -.. S 'u E' 'Q 3 A QQ. W Nzq f TNQ- ,Q 1: QQXL f::'wf'8 403 C f xffZf ,,KX A A . z 55 ,ZDZXLSZ 1' A f :KX QL'-gyg-D42 5,,., FLZQQ iii' D x ,---.- ," 14, - 1929 WHALER ,, 4, "'- - . L n ' 'O M .' 0' , i- -,fi j S. -11 , O - 1... i A i 013132 1928 19st-iBuurri The Sixth Annual Pot-Pourri held true to its course in being bigger and better than any of its predecessors. Presented two nights running, it received the acclamation of the audience that filled the auditorium of Bul- keley School. The hrst night, the Alumni presented a Minstrel Review as the first act, in which were songs, laughter and jokes. iWitli Mr. Costello as inter- locutor and a chorus of singers, the audience greatly enjoyed the selections presented. Next came the first class play, that of the juniors, a comedy skit en- titled 'fiiassedfl This was a one-act college play alive with humor, action and romance. Brockett and Mitchell are striving to win the heart of the campus sweetheart. After a stormy argument and hght between the par- amours, XYoods, the lonely freshman, enters and overcomes the upper- classmen with the announcement that he has married the girl of their affections several days before. The audience was then entertained with a special act entitled "Bits of Magic." by john Petrosky of the junior Class. These slight-of-hand tricks with cards were greatly enjoyed by the audience. Next came the roaring Sophomore play, f'Tuning Inf' VVith a clever lighting effect they produced both a broadcasting station and a living room where the broadcasted selections were received over the radio. Through- out the play the audience was kept in a continual spasm of laughter by the antics of the broadcasters. Then came the highly praisefworthy performance of the Freshmen. Their sketch was entitled "The Bowery Night Schoolf, showing the hard characters that are formed on the East Side of New York. The side split- ting play had the audience in an uproar over the attempts of the teacher, Shapiro, to maintain order, and of Constantine. the School Director, attempt- ing to impart knowledge to the hard-boiled class. As an end to the classes' performances came the noble Seniors with their presentation, "The Amateursf, The act is supposed to be that of a cast herearsing a play. The play opens in confusion with a selection by a special orchestra that could not be called music. Then Manager Munsch began his play. Gruskin is threatening Neistat in a demand for money. just when the audience are becoming thrilled by the bloody threats, Gentilella enters with M. Shapiro, the heroine, and clears up the mystery. This production was considered one of Mr. Hamlen's best thrillers. Finally to end the evening's performance of dramatic talent came again the NV. M. l. Fashion Review with its array of beauty. The hnal decision gave the Sophomore Class first place. The Fresh- men were runners-up. Page eighty-eiglzt sf -a ff fd -N K- i 7 Y X Cs - li D E: M 1929 WHALER D QW Bramatin Qllluh President -w..,............... .. .,......, Domenic Anello Yice-President .......,,,,,,,...... ..,Aw,, 5 Ioseph Mitchell Secretary and Treasurer ..... ......... L eo Kosowsky Corresponding Secretary ..,.. ...,,,. I Q. Austin Battles Faculty Advisor Wiilliam Brockett Augustus Menghi John Montrello Isadore Schinman George Rauscli Joseph Smithline Members Ray Reed George Gaudet Herbert Vogt Alec Shapiro Joseph Kushner Maxwell Porter Ralph Smith Donald O'Brien ' 11? -WS- ' 3-' Bahia Glluh President ..,,,,, ,...... R . Austin Battles Secretary .... ........ C larence Olsen Treasurer ...... .........t.... .iie.... T l iomas Gardner Members john Montrello Howard Hansen Edgar Dunn Francis Corrigan Thomas Guadliana Isador Schinman Louis Mandell joseph Mitchell Samuel Holloway Irving' Lubchansky Page eighty-nine 9 - 1 fX i TQ fe: T -if-3 ' Y ' CTO , A X-' f f gi Qdlfia G 'iif'x 1929 WHALER n QQ, I Q 4C'fs .O '. E: 5 "'g 9-7 ? 5:11, my rgeagzbqbz' 2 3 J F 'la 'Do.---n-oP"' . F' QW N , fl JOQJQ 6 ' ' Ts ' 7 N V 1' WN 59 5 1 fy f Hg is f Fl lf' V ' W rg 3.1 i g 5 Vw LI W ' I I n 1 w q 1 u ' I fl -w n 11 K, px It fx xwx' ' I I I jg , l W ' I 3 I Y I I I U ,1 I i, ', M M .I ll !! , !'! 'fl or 5 V1 R I M Y . I ml 7 - + 1 If 11' .rj ,' MI .I II il ll X if 'I ' ii E: x ll Page 'l7Z'77Ufjj 'wi E f!Q-ggfq"s, lf T22 ',,4--Q-. w:""' WHA'-ER awww M., 33,63 i i i 4 J 23937 Jgulkelzpxflfli. 11111. El. Qbrcbestra Personnel First Violins C Saxophone Catherine Czunpluell ....w,,w,,, , ,. 'ZS llzivicl lieebe o,,i,,,.,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,, ,,,, ' 29 james G, 'Ring'1ancl, If .,,o,o , e 'ZW Sidney Winzikor ...i,.,,oooooooo '32 Rosel Hempstead ,,,,,,,,,, , , '20 C131-inetg Teresa Keating Y,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,, '20 ,-Xllsert lTEligi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, .,.,, ' 32 .iXnastueia Rcmdmnnzlnski .Yi, Y,,,, ' 29 Rielizircl XYooclwoi'tl1 .A ..'SZ lfdna I.OXY61'j' ...i,Y,i...,,,, , A, '30 joseph Iirynitsky ,.,,,,,,,,,ii, '29 Ruth lXlldl'CXYS ..,,,,,,, ,,,, ' SO Trumpets lirzulforcl Gregory ....o .... ' 29 Uuvicl l.eib .ooo..i.ioii e ee ,Sl .Indy .Xvery ..........i,, , 'SO Robert Sinipson ,YYY,.,,,, '31 Shirley Dunn ,Y,w..,.,,..,, .Y., ,,,.. ' . 32 Rolnert Mather Y,,,Y,,,,,,..,, , '32 Mary Holmgren .,....,i,,,,,,,,,, ,Sl Horns Second V,o1, Q Klurelzincl Ciiiininglizun .e,, '30 1 in. . . v U M ,lwelwll Kushner ,.oooo..oiooi..... e 331 Helbmt xiii 00 lriorclon Tuthill ,,,l,l,,,,,,,, , ,,,, 'Sl Hcmw, Kuiwm P ,ZS Ruth Antis .e,,..,.,,i,,,,, ,,,, ' 31 ' N "'i'i"iA""""' ' 3 Y. ' P Wbel lim-nhtem """ "" , 20 lfclwaril Klarsilen ,,,,,,.. ....,. , 31 Olive Morton ....,, ..,. 3 l Piano lqdnfl fgrfg """"' "" , i'lZll'1'y Hll'Cl1llZllll1l ,,,,,,,, ,30 ' mm Xa L """"" """"""' ' 0 C'l1z11'lutte Llllrow ,,,,,........, ,32 Viola Cello Ruth Skaling Mr, Flood Reed Page ninety-one ik X rr , dQ -X - yx Q2 ctw. X " fl- - S CE If l 71' g2f fs.-X e gif? is T 1929 WHALER ,pw 1, 9 I' F " x 1 . , Q! M ' 0' U0 Q -fi T A. A - A A , S -u, F 0 - ' 04. , ' ' ..--.-----""' 6 The igulkelsp Zganh An organization that has long been desired at Bulkeley School has been formed. Beginning with raw recruits, some of whom had never played a brass instrument before, Mr. Fierce developed the new Bulkeley Band. After several weeks of hard practice and diligent work on the part of all members, the band made its first appearance on the Friday preceding the Bulkeley-Norwich Football game. Attired in new uniforms, the band, composed of thirty students, left the school in the morning and marched to the Day Building where they played their first selections. After serenading The Day, the band, with Mr. Pierce leading, marched up State Street to the First Congregational Church. Beneath the office window of Sidney H. Miner, president of the Bulkeley Board of Trustees, another concert was played. The band next marched to the Mercer Building and serenaded Frederick VV. Mercer, and then resumed the march to XV. M. 1. where the girls were serenaded during the noon recess. The band then returned to the school. The band was heartily received wherever they offered any selections as the applause of quickly gathered crowds proved. The second appearance of the band was at the Bulkeley-Norwich foot- ball game at Norwich. The band made up for the team's defeat by its snappy appearance and good playing. The Norwich fans heartily applauded a Bul-1 keley organization. Since its organization the band has had a very extensive schedule. At Christmas time their good cheer entertainment and concert was heartily re- ceived and appreciated by the unfortunate children of the Sea Side Sani- tarium. A special band benefit performance given at the Capital crowded the theater to capacity and won the sincere approval and appreciation of the New London public. The Strand Theatre of Mystic featured the band after having its stage enlarged for this purpose. Now that this fortv piece brass band has proved its mettle it has been called on very frequently to render selections. One night of the New Lon- don Auto Show was featured by the appearance of the new Bulkeley organ- ization. The Elks' Charity Bazaar this February also featured our band. Much credit is due to Mr. Pierce, who succeeded in getting the instru- ments for the band, and his diligent work and able leadership. Thanks are also due to Mr. Charles Perkins and H. O. Jenks for the assistance that they rendered the boys. Page ninety-two 33 a TQ. T. A 5 4 - , sf' J C3 3 'f JZ 71?-gif ,4--.. l'.. K O s s , Hg. Q f io op... A95 5 I" M W b A BAND BULKELEY E TH Page ninety-three WL ' 'xfriqfu 5.4 ' 2ff'f' f9 :...- Qi: Z .2 0 ...A WHALER D Y -,Z. V vig, - r , ' Q , 4 -- f , , - J '- ,... ---::ff- -' it 'bibfgy Zlssistant Managers '1 'ef Literary Milton Fabricant Alan Nibbs Advertising Jack Elion Fred Gariepy Joseph Smithline Bernard Rifkind Secretaries Albert Qlsen Arthur Sebastian Joseph Krynitzky Art John Chiapperiui Page ninety-fofzw 'wi i ' erwrfis ffm rip-f - ' Il -'x - , 1355? X-12 QKEx j5g? i -44. Q y- f f f ".. 'L"., -......2 ' ' 'lo ' c,A an W WDW- QQ u.,.--Q ...... ',,- lap! ' 5 5'2r-'M ,195 -'FKA 1 g J? --.Qs - Q i2??j y55 3 ? ' ' X ' gig ' I X - , .1:. ' - -.3-?..2-1 ia pg: I M kd, ,V 4' ifgfyc -rg g ' W f'-- U f WML PX E- Wm? K A' MH1f'a Q fl SX ggi f ,J Q 4, :ay- Vx WW Qi 53-Q F5 M - x ix ,UW -x -Ev way! ff A 'aa 2 2523 ,Qs -, A fi ,, 4, ' QQ -:II Q W5 3 if Z 'Si va B 3 E , . 3 if g E 1125 if 5 afgwf, Wg . if 94 .913 ' . If fy, . ' QI, ' 2445 9 i if W M N ' . rj, ia? x , JF' "1 fiJQ,,,, WMM? if 2 ' - Q "'Qfij,,f I W ES' Fi Z il? 414 R. , WW 2 x Q5 WMO R+ , '. v' jvff by t0 il. 'Wi A A U A+ ?7 JE 2 L0 X WX i if ffm - E affix Ae! pi? X ayzwwg J JJ 5 ax -ij" ff fj,,w.u.Lf7fa1M- S 'A 115,44 Y HMM! Q,-h fi ff Qqgbbiyj 4fLMf...zfL Q Q iw ' . V ' !,.-,. . .L q x"'- Za ' E HL: VXVALQWQ ,501 7L Q g g? ' ' ?1fQ"W5?wg S ai 1 Q ggi? F Page ninety-fi1'0 9.. ,, Q, f Q6 fmdx -- f A . Qx 1929 NVHALER M 1-ct-FU qaygrsc D D ei, Qllass Svtatistins Most Popular ..... Most Brilliant ..... Most Energetic ...... Most Modest .....,. Most Tardy .................. Most Denierits ......l.Y,,....,.... Best All Around Man ,,,.....,,... Best Oponion of Himself ........, Best liluffcr ...t.,,t,..,....,,,..Y,,,.. Best Dancer ......, . Best Looking ....,,, Best Naturecl .o..e. Best Musician ...A Class Loafer ie,,,,,... , Greatest Talker .......r, Most Cheerful Liar .,,, . Least Apprcciated YY,,,, Nerviest Luckiest ...r,i XYittiest ....... Lazicst ....,, Noisiest .,..,7.. Shortest ,Y,, 3 ,,t,.. Tallest .,i,....,,,..,..... Xkforst Grind ..........,....,...,..,e,, Did Most for "29', ..,,,Y,,..,,. Biggest Drag with Faculty Reeds It Most .,,,,,7....,.....c...,, Did Most for Bulkeley .....i,,,, Hulkeley's flrcatest Need ,,,,. p Viatterson ....,,,,,,,l3attles ulsfosowsky ,,.,...Holloway ......Mandell ..........,.,.,,...,.,Brockett iii5'i"'i""' XVatterson Al" Chapman ones ..............'l'ighe ...,.....Brennan .,.,.,..Petrosky ......,.Ringland lleclden ...mjoe Mitchell ..,,..........,mlfclclj' ,,..,.,Heunigar Ofallahan Hangs , 0'Callahan XX'oods Wiilensky Wilensky Ultchan ,,,,,....,,..l'lealy Kosovwsky ..................,lones M ost Helptul Actlvlty .........,..,. ........,..,,,,,...,.,, Do You Indulge in Neckingl Do You Like Math? ,...t.,i....,...,.,, .,,... Do You Approve of Denieritsz Easiest Lourse ....,t,,,tt,.,,.,,,,,,,,,, ............,,,,'l'im Sullivan .WW,,,...Kosowsky, janitor ...,,,,Gy1n, Smoking Room Athletics, l'ool Yes. "7l"3 No! Dodd s, 'Slug No! Q'Callahan Yes "7l l' .1 3 No! llrockett Chemistry Page ninety-six 9. X QL , 1 a L feel ' 1525?-gi' ' Z 1929 WHALER gym . x2LZQQ 'El Q :N DN 71- 1 'I' 'KN ww Pugr' nillvfy-xc'1'r'11 9, g f ,-, " f - 4 - l Q 1929 WHALER D Z - e -----, .Q 'Q F I 0 l .,- T e . e -ss, O ' f ., TS-'rnassvf Mr. Reed-How do you stop the flow of water in a valveless pipeline? VVoods-Freeze the pipe, sir. Buell-XX'hy does a Scotchman have a sense of humor? Irby-XX'hy? Buell-l-loot mon! It's a giftf Church-'XVhy do you call Mr. Small "Thermometerl'? , Corrigan-Because he is gradu- ated and has so many degrees! Northrop Cto Sullivanj-Hey, Tim did you vote for the honor system? T. Sullivan - Sure, four times. Mr. Norris--Use the word Umeta- phoru in a sentence. Greenleaf-I gave the girl a kiss- thatls what I met her for. jones-Is she the kind of girl to Whom you would give your name? .Kosowsky--Yes, but not my right one. A somewhat inebriated passenger stood on the deck of a liner gazing at the flashing light of a far-off light- faws of laughter, and turning to a fellow-passenger, whispered: "Shee 'at feller over there? 'S tried t' light 'at cigar twenty times now, and dam t'ing's gone out againfy 42. ozo .fa Messina: Xllhat are ou runnin f D y g or. Pescatello-To stop a fight, sir. lh"lCSSll12l-xXYl'l0,S fighting? Pescatello-Me and that fellow back there. .g. .g. 4. ltchaiCoach, give me a jersey. Coach-Say, who do you think I am, Omar the Tentmaker? Barber-VVet or dry? BrockettsComb my hair and cut out the politics. Page ninety-eight house. He suddenly burst into guf-R Father Qcarving turkeyj-Neck, daughter? Daughter-VVhy, father! .Io 0:0 sfo Seiman-NYhy do rabbits have shiny noses? Sebastian H Because the powder puff's on the other end. 4. Q. .9 Jansson-I hear your dog was run over and lost his tailg did it spoil its carriage? Chelf-No, it just spoiled its wag- gin!" .g. .9 .g. Mr. Cook - Mclninch, decline money. Mclninch-Teacher, please don't talk foolish. .g. ofa .g. Peck-Louis, lend me a dollar. Belgrad-I can't. .I've only got a half. y Peck+XYell, gimme the half, then, and you'll owe me a half. joe Mitchell-Gee, I passed the Math exam today! MoorehHonestly? Mitchell-No, the usual way. Elion-My mother explored my pockets today. Kosowsky-VVhat did she land? Elion-Oh! The same as any ex- plorer-material for a lecture. 4. 4. 4, Montrello and Hanson were watching a barber singe a China- manls hair. "Gee!" said Hanson, "He is hunting 'em with a lightln A. llllllmlii ! ,iw M5 '514 9 TL f fNc -K r e - 'Q X- ,.--- , - , Ax , J-5' X f" C!fT'f'2Z:f??'1-X be ?Q593ii- - H ff K - "I, 1929 WHALER p 5 e 1 ,4-4,.- , g.. 'Q To Q 1' ' "U, O - -,:su 3 h.' Groton had bought a new tire en- gine and the chief of the hre depart- ment, gathering the boys together, suggested that an appropriate motto be placed over the fire house. The thing was debated and several sug- gestions made. Finally Brown stood up and said, "1 move the following motto: May this fire engine be like all the old maids in our village, al- ways ready, but never called for." Mr. Norris-'How much time did you put on your lessons, Jones? jones-About an hour, railroad time. Mr. Norris-VVhat do you mean by railroad time? Jones-Including stops and inten- vals. 0:4 sto -:Q Tighee-Do you think I will make her happy? 0'CallaghanflYcll, she will al- ways have something to laugh at, anyway. 0 Mr. Cole--NYhen is your birthday? T. Sullivan-XVhat's the differ- ance? You arenlt going to give me anything. XY. M. I. Girl Cgiving her ilipper an outing in her roadsterj - XVould you like to see where l was vacci- nated? Bangs Cexpectantlyj-Yes, indeed. XY. lll. l. Girl-XVell, keep your eyes open and we'll drive past there soon. . - 4. .g. .g. Battles-You have been eating oranges. Guadliana-How can you tell? Battles-By the skin on your face. .tv 0z0 .14 Mr. Hamlin-VVhat is the mean- ing of the word marriage? A. Olsen-XYell, my father says it isn't a word, it is a sentence. She-Airplanes will never be pop- ular among the smart set. Brockett--VVhy? She-There is no place to park. , . - -1 V' a 5 f- ffl: 7,1 92553 V' , ' y ,, J., , it GL A,MENGil:i .10 0:0 .14 Mr. Hamlin-XYhat do you think of Il Penseroso? Schneider-It's the best lO cent cigar on the market. are 0:0 Q0 "You'll come home crying when your last scent is gonef, said the mother skunk to her wayward son. 0:0 0:0 4:0 XYilliams-XYill you join me in a bowl of soup? ChapmanADo you think there will be room for both of us? .g. 4. 4. Mr. Pierce-ls Shean in school this year? Mandellfl havenit shean him. .10 0:0 02. Ofallaghan fwhen a Freshman to Mr. Falconerj-V-Do you know me? Mr. Falconer-No, l don't know you. 0'CallaghanAAre you sure, Mr. Falconer? Mr. Falconer W- l'm sure I donlt know you. O'Callaghan--Did you see me come in? Mr. Falconer-Yes. O'Callaghan-How did you know it was mc? 0:0 0:0 ff. Itzkovvitz4My brother doesn't smoke, swear or drink. Brennan-Does he make his own dresses, too? Page ninety-nine - ' i W i ' file if K 1929 WHALER ,, 4',f'?7 . O A Y I ", ,- Q-.--,.... o ,QC In o Q' Q55 3 ,"' "'g 9 'l Q O .'in., - , -- 'Wea t Actress-AI can't marry you, I have a clause in my contract. Knight-That's all right. My father's a surgeon. Buell-I like Mr. Hamlin's course on Shakespeare. He brings things home to you that you never saw be- fore. HeddenaHuh! I've got a laun- dry man as good as that. Aviator-VVanna ily E' She-Oaa-oh yeth. Aviatar-XYait. I'll catch one for you. O Father-As I passed the parlor door last evening, I saw my daugh- ter sitting on your lapg have you any explanation? CampbcllaYes, sirg I got here be- fore any of the others. Mr. Lawrence-Name three arti- cles containing starch. Corrigan-Tvvo cuffs and a collar. Af f P f Z . 1 -' A-MENGIL' M. like to tery? John Belgrade-How would you be buried in a Jewish ceme- I.. Sullivan-I'd die first. Kossi'l'ell mc, what does the Monument stand for? Groton Gregory-Vllell, you see, it would look kind of silly lving down. az. 0:0 :ze Irving I.ubchansky - VVhy do fish have scales? Mandell5To help the sailors weigh anchor. Page one hundred Mr. Pasquale-IrVhat's the mat- ter over there? Brennan-A Boy Scout did so many good turns he got dizzy. She-Do you believe in love at first Sight? Edgar-No, indeed. She-Ch, dear! Xvell, come back tomorrow night. Petrosky-My girl doesn't love me any longer. NYolf-VVhy? Petrosky-I'n1 long enough now. 'S' 'I' 'Z' Noank Girl-Marry you! W'hy you couldnlt even keep me in pin money. ' Lane-XYhy I thought you were past that age. Coach-Has anyone taken a shower this afternoon? Chapman-XVhy, are there any missing? .14 0:0 off Mr. Small-Vlhat is Ancient Greece? Frosh--The stuff they use in the lunchroom. .fe 0:0 02. Mitchell-l,et's go to the dance tonight. Redden-VVhere? Mitchell-Down to the Depotg two trains are going to Charleston. 84 ozo ff. Petrosky-Mr. Cole, I don't think I deserve a zero on my exam. Mr. Cole-I don't either: but that's the lowest mark I could give you. ez. ofa 4. VVoods-VVhat do you call a man who drives a car? Abbiatti--It all depends on how close he comes to me. Since Gardner's mother forbade him to drive one-handed he has hired Eddy to chauffeur for him. - a as 5 - ffgga X M K :ig ff'-QL A K Cx 'f lf,-rf 4 x., f AQ 'ieb.Ial a ae dig' - - 1929 WHALER p v ! 'H o A 1 ', ----.-.- 'Q ! M ', ,' I nn. .ff- l '01 ' '-Q 59' s.------v"' A., Ringland-Gee, you look sweet enough to eat. She-Yes, I do eatg where shall We go? -2. 0:0 QQ Brown-I hope the snow keeps up. YVilensky-XYhy? Brown - Then it wonit come down. vfo 0:4 .za Mr. Murphy-Don't let me hear any bad reports about you at school. Donavan-NVell, Dad, you know how easily those things get out. 'E' 'I' 4' Mr. Falconer-VVatch the board closely and I'll run through it again. ,fo 0:0 Q. Eddy'-I'Ve asked three girls to go to the Prom. Penney-Are you running an ex- cursion? 'I' 'Z' 'E' Mr. Andrews - An anonymous person is one who does not wish to be known. My Lord! NVho put this tack on my chair? McCormack-An anonymous per- son-l 'ie 'Z' '5' Redden - A reformer would change the name of Hollywood to Follywood. Schuman-The Hellywood. '5' 'I"!' Louis Belgrade-Htl am studying when you come in wake me up. Max-All right. .g. .g. 4. From the bench with baggy breeches Comes Jim Brennan with a smile. Now the third strikeg Helen Blazes! He has missed it by a mile. '5' 'Z' 4' Tighe-NVhen we reach the bend in the curve I'm going to kiss you. She-Isn't that going a bit too far? A worthy preacher of the mission church, speaking in the Auditorium --Hell is full of cocktails, bighballs and peekaboo waists. Gardner Qup in backj-Oh, Death, where is thy sting? o o o Q.. 0.0 Q.. Dunn-Don't smokeg remember the Chicago Fire! VVinaker-Don't spitg the Johnstown Flood! remember Lane-This must be an incubated chicken. Mrs. Mac-XN'hat makes you think so: Lane-No mother would have a daughter as tough as that. ofa 0:0 sfo ff X WWW Xf 'rr' Z j ,w"ul"fL?1w qi Z K N- ff? f -A Qfiff A MENGHIM "YX'hat are those holes in the floor?" "Those are knot holes." "They are too!" 4:0 Q24 ego Mr. Andrews-I got Hamburg and 'lava on the radio last night. Healy-No, now you can't make me believe that they deliver gro- ceries with that contraption. asv ozo nf. Your son is pursuing his studies at school, isn't he? Mr. Smith-I guess so, he's al- ways behind in them. Page one hundred one 9 V fr 2232235 ,,,,---q-.Q. 1, 8. ,-"' 25: 1 0 ...L WHALER 9 V4.1 aww S Page one hzzwdred two ,330 i f-:QL A vd Q05 -rxxf Qg,f:j.,Z 44232 47 1 THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 Compliments of Q02 Q02 SS' Q 'N we LQ' ,LL THE MOHICA HOTEL THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 Compliments of ACME PRINTING CO. 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Electrical Contractors Authorized Dealers for RADIOLA, MAJESTIC, FEDERAL, ATWATER KENT RADIOS Thor Electric Washer and Ironer Combined 413 Bank St. Phone 3776 THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 nuumumnmnnnmnninunummnnnnmmn In11innummmmmnuummunnmuuumummmum- IZZY'S COLLECIATE SESAME Caters to all Bulkeley Boys LIGHT LUNCHES HOT DOGS COLD DRINKS Popcorn and Beach Novelties Open All Year Round unummm-nnmmnmmmnmnnnummnmnummm-nu INSURANCE ALL KINDS Automobile, Accident, Health, Life, Boiler, Fire, Liability REAL ESTATE Bought-Sold-Rented Sidney H. Miner 81 Son Realtors Manwaring Building 231 State Street New London mmunnuumnummmInnInmunumuuu-nm mnilInninnnunninumnanununnmmnnm Moriarty Bros., Inc C L O T H I E R S 86 State Street CCronin Buildingj NEW LONDON, CONN. Featuring Leopold Morse Co. and Keller - Heumann Thompson CLOTHES uvninnnmnuummmnnnnnunnmnnmmmmumuuum. THE HUMPHREY-CORNELL CO. Wholesale Grocers Sparyard Street New London, Conn. Distributors of Autocrat Teas and Coffee, Jones Super- lative Flour. Sunkist Canned Fruits and Yegetalules, Arthur and Henry Molasses, Pet Milk, XValdorf Canned Fruits and Vegetables. Also all kinds of groceries kept in a wholesale firm. un nunumnmumnmummmm nnIinnmminunnuunumunm THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 Compliments of ALLING RUBBER COMPANY NEW LONDON NORWICH WESTERLY Do Your "Bookshopping" s LAPITOL At The Bookshop Haberdashery We Have Books of 120 State St. All the Publishers Authority on Men's Fashions THE BOOKSHOP INC. Featuring Stetson Hats Meridian and Church Streets , 5 Torjan Cravats Circulating Library . Manhattan Shirts Phone 8802 nunnuummnmmunmumnmumnnnmummmin nmuumlmm:numnuvnuunuumu THE WINTHROP TRUST CO. Complete Banking Service Plant Building NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 nnInIlummnnumnnmuunumnnnmanvuunmmm-ummmnnnmnmnuun COMPLIMENTS OF ARTHUR H. SHURTS 'S-52Qiv'5.l9R SAMUEL M. PRENTIS THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 Compliments of THOMPSON CHEVROLET CO. Passenger Cars and Trucks SALES-SERVICE THE CARDE CATERINC- CO Restaurant and Grille Catering - Soda -Ice Cream THE COLONIAL SHOPPE i 305 Stt S t NwLondO C t t Compliments of THE F. H. 81 A. H. CHAPPEL COMPANY COAL AND LUMBER THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 Compliments of PAYNE 81 KEEFE Architects and Engineers Compliments of JAMES R. MAY and JAMES A. MAY Compliments of D. E. WHITON MACHINE CO. Sea Food of Every Description G. M. LONG CO. Telephone 5341, Groton THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 inmmnunununumuninmumumumnn Compliments of NEW LONDON NEWS CO., INC. Charles Glassenberg Newspapers and Periodicals FIREWORKS JOBBERS Bank Street New London, Conn. nnummmmmnnmmmnuumnn Compliments of A FRIEND mmm nnnimmnmnnuunnunnunnmnuununnum P E C K ' S RESTAURANT Two Good Places To Eat HOME AND HERE Bank Street New London, Conn. Compliments of THE J AMES HISLOP CO. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 nllInnluumumnumnnnumm:an anunnunmmmmnunnnnumnu THE SAVINGS BANK N EW LONDON A BIG STRONG FRIENDLY BANK 63 Main Street New London, Conn. Resources Over 324,000,000 Build Up Your Account With Us and Have a Share in Our Compliments of QI. szo sro CHAMPION SHOE REPAIR Q o .44 0.0 sz. 32 Bank Street New London, Conn. umnmumn B Compliments of ' .g. . IVI. BALINE Furrier 33 Main Street New London, Conn. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 THE BULKELEY CLUBHOUSE Was Built by FRANCIS ALLANACH CONTRACTOR Phone 6533 32 WATER STREET NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT ESTIMATES GLADLY GIVEN Compliments of GET IT AT F. C. CHIDSEY Co. STARR BROS KODAKS INC. Stationery Novelties DRUGGISTS State Street 115 State Street New London, Conn. Phone 8490 THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 nnunnuuummlmnnmnuunmmmnmnmumv innanuununnnuununuuuunnunmnu Compliments of Compliments of EMIL SEIFERT9S TROY LAUNDRY New London, Conn. Compliments of E. L. SCHOLFIELD F. D. Crandall and ARCHITECT S011 ' General IHSUIHHCC E Plant Building, 318 Mercer Building NEW LONDON, CONN. NEW LONDON, CONN. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 Telephone 6051 C. H. WILLIAMS ANTIQUES BOUGHT AND SOLD Furniture Repairing and Upholstering Sunfast Draperies A Specialty 16 TRUMAN STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. Iunmmm-mvnnnmmmnnnnunumummnmmnu mumumnmmnnmunnnuumnuunnnnmnnnnumu nnnunnnunnnlulnuuunmummnnmmnmnnnn ununmnnumannunnnnninnnnunmmumnnnu Telephone 3289 J. F. DENISON DISTRIBUTORS FOR KEYSTON E VARNISH CO. WALL PAPERS AND PAINTERS, SUPPLIES PAINTING AND DECORATING 7-9 HOWARD STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. mmmmmmmInnuummnnmmmmnnmumnum muimnnununmmm1nnumInInnnnmnmmnuunu mnmnmmummm:mnummuummmmnmn innuInnunmnumnnnInmurmurmmmunmnun Telephone 8280 Free Delivery E A T M O R E F I S H I FRED A. SLATE SEA FOOD or ALL KINDS When You Think of Sea Food Think of S1ate's 80 TRUMAN STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. ummmmannnnnIun-nmumnnnmmmannum nnmmmmnInImnnununnnnmmnnnmunuumnmu Telephone 9997 POST ROAD SERVICE STATION WM. ROBARE, Mgr. AUTOMOBILE ACCESSORIES Vulcanizing Free Crank Case Service Gould Batteries Bank Street Corner jefferson Avenue NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT nnnum:mummnnumnmuuumuuunnmummn mn-ummm umanannnmum:nummunmnnnnn THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 GRANDSTAND MERCER FIELD THIS GRANDSTAND HAS BEEN BUILT BY THE OLIVER WOODWORTH COMPANY Estimates Gladly Prepared And Submitted Telephone 6919 THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 C. E. B E A C H VELIE and MARMCN Sale and Service mmmn nmmmmuuumnnnmnunmmmmmnan mnnnu unm-nmnnnmnmnnrummmnunnnnInunnuvInnumnnnnnunuunmummmu For the Students Lunch Downyflake Doughnuts Always Fresh DCWNY FLAKE DOUCHNUT CO. 37 Main Street New London, Conn. nuunmnnmnnmuunnmnmnuumuunnmmmnmun-muunnmunnmnmnInunumuunnnunnuummmm umunnnnnanannuunnmuuuvnuuumnmnnummnumuanulInif-mnmmm:unninnu-Ininnnumunnnuun THE LITTLE BIC STORE Choice Groceries, Candy, Cigarettes, ICE CREAM AND SODA Phone 9883 97 Thames Street Groton, Connecticut ummnuununnmnnnmnnmununmmnnu-nnmnuInninlunuumumununnnuunnnunannnmmmnmnnmun nnuannnananmnnunnmmmumm:'ImmunmInmmmmmInInmu-nunmnumnnInunmunmunmumumm WM. VAN KEUREN CO. INC. Plumbing and Heating Contractors General J obbing Phone 9568 28 Methodist Street New London, Conn. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 SPICER ICE 81 COAL COMPANY . Qlncolrporated uumnunmnuu un Old Company Lehigh New River Bituminous ICE WOOD Phones 9055-9054 GROTON CONNECTICUT Knox Hats Compliments of Bates-Eight-Shoes ' E. D. STEELE, Inc. Nichols and Rogers Stein Block Clothes Wholesale Confectloners Outfitters For MEN and Boys ' 30 Golden Street Phone 4456 Compliments of GEARY DAVIS AND KEEFE THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 HARRY J. KENNEDY Sanitary Plumber and Heating Engineer Z1 Howard Street BRATERS PICTURE STORE Fine Pictures Fine Framing Art Material Greeting Cards 102 Main St. Phon New London, Conn. YE LONDON GRILL The Sandwich Unmatched 5 A Meal Incomparable 107 State Street e7131 NEW LONDON, CONN. ummmnimumnH.mnnInvulnnnuuInIInIuInnnnHIHvuunnnnmnunnninumummmmumn EDWIN KEEN EY COMPANY Books and Stationary 15 Main Street NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT nummnmununnmnuuununnuumunuvmmmunInInunmmnnnmumuuI THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 CADILLAC CSI LASALLE A. C. S W A N C O. NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT 126 Main Street 2 Cliff Street, Norwich nunanmnmuunmmummunnnummnmn-un mmmmmmum mmnnnnnnnm BAKERY 81 PASTRY SHOP We Specialize in WEDDING CAKES 25 Main Street New London, Connect cut nnvumn mmunumm-nnunmunmnnnn inmanummmnnuuunmmmnuumnunnmnunumm Service With A Smile CAPITOL CLEANERS 81 DYERS Office and Works 46 Bank Street We Call and Deliver Phone 2-1198 THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 Maurice Grubner Distributor of THE GENERAL TIRE 380-384 Bank St. Compliments of C. R. STOOL Central Coal Co. E. B. PATTERSON INC. 407 Broad Street New London, Conn. Phone 7603 Good Luck Bulkeley Jack The Hatter v Q Q.. 4,0 Q Fashion Hats and Togs" 107 Bank Street New London, Conn. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 Compliments of PEQUoT COAL Co. 6' Phone 2-2261 140 HOWARD STREET Compliments of Wm. B. Waterman " 'S' Authorized Ford Dealer Main Street SHEPARD 81 SWANSON Greet the Bulkeley Boys Compliments of Morris Mallove Credit Jeweler 111 Bank Street NEW LONDON, CONN. NEW LONDON, CONN THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 nmmnunnnmlmn-unmumunumm mmuunmuunnnumnununmmmumnmuunu THE THAMES TOWBOAT CO. Railway Dry Docks and Shipyards Towing and Transportation NEW LONDON, CONN. Lawrence A. Chappell, Pres. Frank H. Chappell, Treas. umnmluuul mnnnnmumuumn "Where Good Food Is Served" THE CINDARELLA INN Quaker Hill New London Road R. W. Patrick, Manager Telephone 9777 J. D. AVERY, INC. Nash Passenger Cars 391 Williams St. Phone 5384 THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 unnunmmmmnnnnnnumnuununm HFELLMAN 81 CLARK Florists Crocker House Block 186 State Street NEW LONDON, CONN. FOOTWEAR For The ENTIRE FAMILY Shoes, Hosiery Slippers, Rubbers G. R. KINNEY CO., Inc. 53 Bank Street mu 5nnnn:mnInmnnmnnnnnnmmmnmnn H. I. SHARAF 81 CO. Stationers 8z Booksellers 162 State Street Headquarters for Sheaff er Pens and Greeting Cards THE NICHOLAS 81 HARRIS INC. The Quality Drug House High Grade Candies Toilet Articles Etc 119 STATE STREET Compliments of THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 On all occasions- Say it with F ISHER'S FLOWERS State Street New London, Connecticut H. R. DOUGLAS 81 SON Building Contractors BARROWS BUILDING 263 State Street New London, Connecticut mm uannnmmnuunnnmnununununmmun CREEM ELECTRIC CO. Automotive Electricians U. S. L. Battery Service 741 Bank Street. Phone 9449 SHOES FIXED AT SHOE - FIX 11 Main Street New London, Connecticut THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 nummmmnmmnmumnummmumm nmnvuIueinnunummnuuunlumnumnnmunumn T. N. M. LATHROP, Inc. Authorized Duco Service Station AUTOMOBILES 12 Montauk Avenue NEW LONDON PINE CLOTHES FOR FINE FELLOWS PERKINS 15 Washington Street NEW LONDON, CONN. CONNECTICUT IACICS PLACE Ocean Beach, Conn. Frankforts, H a m b u r g Patties, Hot Toasted Cheese Sandwiches "Love at first bite" Compliments of CROCKER HOUSE BARBER SHOP The largest and most up-to-date establishment in New London Try the "Edmond Process Permanent" which gives you the natural wave. Expert Manicurist Children's Hair Cutting A Specialty Telephone 9827 JOHN O. ENO, Prop. nnnnnmmnumunnnnnnuunuuuuuuuuumn 182 STATE STREET THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 C asatfba. 'Locl e A Pom' mu. qnoiim gzouu. x ff? iff 'jf , HOSPITALITY i fm? 'Jimi -an - f "i,M4T'F"i"' ' GOOD FOOD f Ml Y 5' 'Q 1 1 3' 17' 4 lg XX? f ' Q, S if igiaiaim ffl! ' S if H .:' . '1n"..-1,2 , 5 frmxr :wi 2. 'Ts 51' A r wi, ':i".i!55aMiiiizi L A ,V A Of I-Sw ' fififii 'iE'iiH5'q'1'EQi1l5El!i i". 'A 'V g Y' as X-g55'a:uge:a:5"' 5 ' d , . ,-'Ill Q " x N ik!! ai.: -,gn:""j'E'3wu! I X: .xl ,I N I in . -1 4 , A '-" 2 !3r::5,i'jqw.2i',L559 fag. A, W N A' -' S SLS ' f A ,, , 412 ' mu" Q .S .. L i ii We X. COMPLIMENTS OF A MEMBER OF THE CLASS OF 1884 nunmmInnummuunmunmnIn1nnnnnnnunnnumnnunlun nnumnnuuunnmmmnmmmnnnfInnInanInInuunnnnmmnmunnnnuunnmmmnmmm.nnmmnn SULLIVAN MOTOR COMPANY Automobile Repairs and Aeeessmies Du 111011 Tires Phone 2974 19 Jay Street -ummmmmnuumnm inunnnll1nlunllnInnInmnunlunluuulllln THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 Compliments of THE MONTE CRISTO GARAGE Established 1905 Buick Cars James P. Sullivan uummunnuunmummm'mumnnnumnmnmu nn1nunnIinnnmnnnlvnInnuImmumuunnmm Compliments of THE BABGOCK PRINTING PRESS MFG. CO. unnunmnannumnnunnnmnnmnnmnunnnnanunuummnununannnmnnnmnnn nunnmmnummmnnmnmnnmnnnmnunnumnnmunnmmmums:an:mnmuuuumuuu PUTNAM FURNITURE CO. Established 1889 Ernest E. Rogers, President fBulkeley 1889j William D. Harris, Treasurer CBulkeley 1893j 300 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT mnnunmmunnununnmnuunmnnn nnHnnIunnninummmnnannnnnunannumnnnummnmnmnnn 6 THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHY FOB THIS BOOK WAS DONE BY BISHOP STUDIO FROM A SNAPSHOT TO A PANORAMA The Very Best Grade of Photography, SAY BULKELEY BOYS Photographs Taken Day or Night STUDIO OPEN EVENINGS Main Stret N tt DyOff Ph 4015 THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 nnmnmnnmmnumnnnmmuummmum Compliments of McGINLEY BROS. INC. Q 4 o Real Estate - Insurance Manwaring Building 231 State Street Compliments of ECCLESTION BUS SERVICE We Transport The ll :Jinnmmumnnnuuuuununmnmmunm Compliments of David J. Mulcahy Real Estate-Insurance Plant Building State Street Compliments of Q The New London City National , Bank Bulkeley Athletic Team New London Connecticut THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 saies and service Dial-6365 WYMAN'S-ON-THE-THAMES Radio A. L. WYMAN 175 Thames st., GROTON, coNN. nnumm:nuiinmununnnmnm uimmmmvminiinmunmmniunv.imuanmimi:niumnunnunnmnunn umunnmmnnnuumuuumunuunnmnnnui Secure a Business Compliments of Training at CANFIELITS New London SULLIVAN BUSINESS COLLEGE CO. Students May Enter - at Any Time I Day and Evening Sessions Manwaring Bldg., 231 State St 17 Masonic Street W. E. Canfield, Prop. Phone VVinthr0p 126-3 mnmnmmnm mmnmmnnuimnmnnummni mum ininlininnunmmnmunmnnmnnunnmnn IiniinmumnmininuiininnuinniinininIinIuviiIinrninininnlnvuIuiniIiniinininininviInIininiinun-mum'mnnumnuimmi THE EATON AND WILSON CO. Builders, Hardware and Sporting Goods Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Piping Steam Fittings 208-218 Bank Street NEW LONDON, CONN. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 JANIE L. EDGAR AGENCY Real Estate and Insurance Office Phone 7497 Manwaring B ld g House Phone 5545 231 Stat St t NEW LONDON, CONNECTICUT C mpliments of C mpliments of voefrts BAKERY BURR-MITCHELL C0 and PASTRY SHOP Teleph 4966 36 Water Street 95 Truman Street NEW LONDON, CONN. NEW LONDON, CONN. mmm'nnnumumnnmuumunmnmuG fmmInummmnnnmummumuumumunm mmmmn 1nunmlfluInnanIII1IunnnlruIHHuf-1nIuInuInummummnnnmuumnn A. IRLANDI MEATS AND GROCERIES OF SUPREME QUALITY Phone 2-1615 80 Ocean Avenue NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT nmmummnnmumnmunmmnmm IIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIHIIIIIHIHIIIIIIII THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 New London Has Its Clothes Cleaned At SHALETT CLEANING 81 DYEINC COMPANY 11 MAIN STREET 2-6 MONTAUK AVENUE Telepho 9825 Telephone 3317 , C mpliments f M. P. JOHNSON CO. THE 4. 4. 4. RAYMOND VVholesale Confectioners 85 207 Bank Street NEW LONDON, LUMBER CO. CONNECTICUT I nnunu:nullnulluulnllInlnllullllulllllnlllnunlnnlnn:nn G:nnnllnxnnInnlInnnuInlnllnnnlInlnlvllululllllllllll mmnmmnnmmunmnnuununInunuunanlnnnnmuInInunnunnn1nmmmmununmnummmnanumummunnnum LAWRENCE HALL BOWLING ALLEY AND POCKET BILLIARDS We Have Installed the Latest Brunswick Tables Try Our Improved Bowling Alleys A. B. SIMPSON, Proprietor num ummunmnmmmm mumumn mnmnun THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 BUDDY 81 COSTELLO, Inc. JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS 52 STATE STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. Let the New London jewelers Figure on Your Class Pins and Rings mmmn nun nnnuummnuu THE MARINERS SAVINGS BANK A MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK State Street, Next to Postoffice New London, Conn. 24 Hour Service mmumunuumnnunnnmnunnnmmmmmmunmnnannmnnmumummmmmmmuumn unnunnnmmmnuummmmmunnfnnnlmumfmnmmm-nmummnnmunmmumnmnumnmuu THE GAGER-CRAWFORD CO. HPURE FOOD STORE" Dealers in Food Specialties Phone 4364 19 Main Street 4365 New London, Conn. THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 COMPLIMENTS OF THE GROTON 81 STONINGTON TRACTION CO. AND NEW HAVEN Sz SHORE LINE RAILWAY CO. NEWELIJ H. E. Malquardt SI .0 GLIDDEN GROCERIES AUTO REPAIRS 4, 4, ,,, Generators 5 F 't S ' lt Starters rm a pecla 'y Ignition as -:Q 'sf 53 Thames Street Groton 179 Thames Stfeet G 'C THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 COMPLIMEN TS OF THE CAPITOL CANDY KITCHEN 87 Broad Street NEW LONDON, CONN. Iunanunmmnnnmnmun:nu nun nummuunu ummm: S. Peterson, Inc. ,Max M525 R372 hffgon Silky ' 5 257 Qlnafrttinnern anh Cllatrrrra Hot Chocolate Sauce Sunday 20c Immun mmmmmmnmmnnnnmnnuunmunmmmnmI REAGAN BROS. The Store of Quality Fancy Dry Goods and Linens 147- 149 State Street NEW LONDON, CONN. Boy's! Send Your Friends To: L. E. KINNEY For Gifts MYSTIC CONNECTICUT THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 nmlnullnlnlnluulnumnmnnnuunmnnm Compliments of G. F. RADWAY Ph Milk Dealer ofa 'Qc 6:6 Phone Broad Street Ex. THE S P E N C E R STUDIOS otographs Music Radio Garde Building 327 State Street mini lyunmmmmmmnmmmuuummmnnnnuu Compliments of CARROLL QUALITY LAUNDRY Phone 2-1418 Moore Court JUS. GENTILELLA Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Ice Cream Cigars and Tobacco 691-693-697 Bank St. New London Connecticut Telephone 6066 THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 a nunnuuumm HENDEL FURNITURE CO. Makers of Happy Homes We Solicit Your Valuable Business New Londonis Reliable Furniture Store Phone 2-1748 219 Bank St., New London, Conn. Compliments of Morris Mallove Plumbing and Heating Contractor Telephone 4143 Shop and Residence 33 Tilley Street New London Connecticut unnnInnunnnm-unnumnmumnunmnuummuunnn nm: Inunnun-numuumumunnnmn MODERN CLOTH- ING STORE Naval and Military Clothing Cleaning-Pressing TAILOR MADE SUITS 522.50 94 Main Street New London Connecticut mmmunnmumnnmnmuu nunumunnnmmnmuuuu TATE 81 NEILAN Mark Cross Gloves Hats, Furs, Furnishings, Ladies, Sport Hats, Umbrellas, Raincoats and Sweaters, Stetson Hats, Dobbs Hats, Riding Breeches Corner State and Green Streets NEW LONDON, CONN. nmuununmlInnnunmuulnuunvnmnuuunnmn nm:nuInnmnmeanananuuuununnnuuunnlunnnmu THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 CLARK 81 SMITH Quality Meats, Poultry, Game Fresh Vegetables "One Friend Tells Another" Telephones 3336, 3337 117 Bank Street ulmunnnunn nuuunmmmmuum annununnunuunmmnmumu THE GROTON LUMBER CO. GROTON, CONN. East End of Thames River Bridge COMPLIMEN TS OF A BULKELEY N. F. A. FRIEND nulnulnlmumnnummummumnnan THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 um:mmininannunnuanniinmunanIninnmmunmmnm New London Awning and Canvas Company Successors to B. F. Bailey 8: Son E. E. THOMAS, Mgr. Sails, Awnings, and Tents A Truck- Covers 13-15 Division Street New London Connecticut Telephone 9277 mmnnuunum THE UNION BANK and TRUST CO. Of New London, Connecticut Incorporated 1792 Always at your Financial Service Everybody Welcome 61 State Street NEW LONDON, CONN. mm:mmnmunnmn Since 1858- JEDDO COAL has been The Aristocrat of Anthracite Coal CITY COAL CO Ezekiel, Supt. GROTON HARDWARE CO. JOHN L. coUcH, Mgr. Builders' Hardware, Paint, Glass, Seeds, Farming Tools and Household Utensils 169 Thames S-treet GROTON, CONN. Phone THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 mum: uuuunmmnmnnnum:-nnuunmmmmu Get the CREAM for that PARTY at RUSSELL'S BRIDGE PLAZA FRO-JOY ICE CREAM Agents for WHITMAN CANDIES GROTON, CONNECTICUT INSURANCE If you are thinking of procur- ing INSURANCE PROTEC- TION. call Phone No. 9596 or No. 3539 and get quotations from W. Irving Dowsett No. 171 Thames Street GROTON, CONNECTICUT General Insurance Agency Automobile, Fire, Accident and Health, Life, Marine, and all lines of Bonds - Surety, Fidelity and judiciary, secured in all the Stock Companies. Ln:numunumn-nnmnmmuuunmn-mumuun Compliments of the NEW LONDON DAIRY CO. Pasteurized Milk and Cream delivered at your door-step every morning. PHONE 428 90-92 Main Street NEW LONDON, CONN. THE J. WARREN GAY ELECTRICAL CO. 19-21 Union Street NEW LONDON, CONN. Electrical Engineers and Contractors All kinds of Electrical Wiring and Repairing. Students' Lamps, Shades, Book-ends and Appliances of all kinds. Green S 8: H Stamps Given With Every Cash Purchase THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 LISTEN, BULKELEY I TOC-OUT AT TARNEYS TOGGERY 128 Bank Street Canal-at-High NEW LONDON, CONN. WESTERLY, R P L 'Q P' CLUB BEVERAGE CO. NEW LONDON AND NORWICH Mlvoaaglg LQHMMZ, A THESEALQFQUALITYFOO S . of 41 wfsw' L 69,7 '99 THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 COMPLIMEN TS OF C O N T I R R O S. ICE CREAM and CANDIES 753 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. nnannunmnmmmnnnmnnmnmnmnnmummmuummmmuummm:nunnnnnmnuuuunuumnn Inun:mnummmnnIumnanunnnnnunuvunnunuIumunnnumnnmmmnnnnmumnuuuumunuuuu COMPLIMENTS OF NEW LONDON GRAIN COMPANY S'mon Sulman, Prop nuumnnuununmmmnnmluunnnnmnnmmm nnunInH1nnnnmnnnInuInIInnimu-mmmnmnn COMPLIMENTS OF ABEN HARDWARE COMPANY 74-78 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. munnnm nnInmumnmmumanunnnnnnmmnmnmnmun un:nunmununnmnummnnmnuuannnmnnmununnnnnunuuunnnnnnunnnuununummunnmnmunnunnn COMPLIMENTS OF THE OUTPUT Clothing for Men and Young Men 27 BANK STREET NEW LONDON, CONN THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 J. G. L O S E N O AUTO TRIMMING Top and Curtains - Door Lights and Windshields 19 REED STREET NEW LONDON, CONN. Phone 6489 ummnnmmnn HOLMES FISH MARKET GOOD FISH At Reasonable Prices Local Fish A Specialty Phone 6441 685 Bank St New London, Conn. mnmunummn CROYVN BEAUTY SHOP Marinello System Hair Goods- Finger Waving Toilet Preparations Parker Method of Hair and Scalp Treatment 71 STATE STREET NEW LONDON, coNN. u. um nm numn1nnnnnumummnnnu Compliments of THE MOHEGAN DAIRY CO. Perfectly Pasteurized Milk and Cream 72 jefferson Avenue .mumsuuunmnnnunnmnnunmn New London, Connecticut inmumnmnunumummuminnuininuuununnnunun THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 N :nnmmmnmuumunmmmunmnunn COMPLIMENTS OF S Victor Prince Compliments of Morris Lubcliansky 0 0 0 0, 50 0,0 Class of '08 Whaling Bank Building NEW LONDON, CONN. nn 1inannuuunmnnnanunnmnuunn-nnnum CoMPL1MENTs OF MAX BUYER Compliments of Perry J. Hollandersky 0:0 0:4 0:0 Class of 1905 154 State S-treet NEW LONDON CONN THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 uxunlmnunnunmunmnununuumnmn nnnummmuununmuunnulnmnmnuunnnnl COMPLIMENTS OF THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE 250 STATE STREET NEW LONDON Compliments of JONES GARAGE 0:0 020 0:0 GROTON, CONNECTICUT CONNECTICUT Compliments of 'sn Y. M. C. A. CAFETERIA 0:0 020 0:0 Next to the Mohican THE BULKELEY WHALER-1929 Everything Here for Boys CExcept Outer Clothingj THE S. A. GOLDSMITH CO. The Bee Hive 131-143 State Street Compliments of 0:0 0:4 :zo FERNVS RESTAURANT 68 STATE STREET We Serve the Very Best mInnInnnmmmmnunnlnnmnummm llllllnlnnmummunuuummmuunm New London, Connecticut numnuumnnunnn mn nun u unumuuuuumnnn um num u Compliments of HARRY FRISCHMAN General Insurance R E A L T 0 R Room 4 108 STATE STREET mnumuummanummnnnnmnnn nunnnnnnuvuununnnnnumnuumnmnuumnn NOVITCH BROS. HABERDASHERS - HATTERS Also Manufactures of Young Men's Sport Knickers and Pants 132 Main Street New London, Connecticut fa c v 0 ' , -rx 5623332 79 Jlahn 61 Ollier Again 9 wi , ff W' 6' X Q . , Tl f 'E "fs W 23 ' ' ' Ri , f1',"S-T58 FD wifi? I Eu? V' 0 W AQ .lj tx.. Q Y f QUE are America's largest school annual designers and engravers because we render satisfaction on more than 400 books each year. Intelligent co-operation, highest quality workmanship and on-time deliveries created our reputation for dependability. JAHN 8: OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Tbotogmpbers, Artists zzndhlakers of Fine Printing Plates for Black or Colors. 817 W. Washington Boulevard - Chicago elep one MONROE 7080 ' , l 'Em W . on M5395 lg? lg Cm T h 6l edo notsub letany L cj ' X art or engraving f ' QQ il Qzgx ,gay F"cSA'5' rw , - fir amos? ,L 1 'W . ' X 1 4 . -v' x A X 'fi ji ' Siljif -? s'f e i fo , on Q i a e ligl P f gf BENTON Y M J XX 1 E llih Dig' E QEVIEW SHOP 2 Fowler. Ind. E.: 2 E 3 "' 4? X f X f X K X ,,: 3 ,fyf ?k, if f-'EI -as-, "' ls' .lf N... nf I I 24 K 'f'i"?' it U Q g U if lg Q of. fa?" if , .' . N ,ying 4 u fi',.?,' N: 'fc V ,'a Q s 'if 35. " 800 'gif' q'lg -.5 1-1""' as "-'..1's" qu 10? Q A"J ' '-vit., ,I be 'E , U if l 'Q I 4'

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New London High School - Whaler Yearbook (New London, CT) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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