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1, af '- L 13' 'Lg - 1-v . A ..g J V .- w, 1 1 V - 4, A .- Qui: ,JL Y 1 Yu " 'iff ' , 1 if . - HC -Q-if ..- ' 'M Wit. V , Q4 n 4 -l,'I..-A w T ig, A il J 1 l f , x 0' 1 - 4- J'-. 'wx n 4?'1 ' tilt VVltU ill Published By NEW LONDON HIGH SCHOOL NEW LONDON, OHIO FORWARD In future years when lite becomes more than a mere dream, we hope that you will leaf through our year- book to recall the pleasant and cherished memories of your High School Alma Mater. Volume XXXHI CLASS MOTTO "Life is G-od's gift to us: what we do with it is our gift to God." fbecficalian MR. DANIEL CLINGER For the four years that we, the Seniors of New London High School, have walked the halls and attended classes, we have always been aware oi the presence oi Mr. Clinqer. In his honor, we, the class of 1957, wish to dedicate this year's Wildcat. He has given us valuable assistance in studies as well as various organizations. We appreciate all you have clone for us. BOARD OF EDUCATION ,Eau W ,. . . ROBERT H. WENNER, President RUTH MOTTER, Clerk ARCHIE CASE NORM AN L. MERRILL ELMER I. SCHACHT. Supl. IACK H. HODGKINS DR. H. A. ERLENBACH IVAN GOODRICH Assistant County Superintendent RALPH R. BROWN County Supermtendent of Schools MISS HILDA OXLEY Assistant County Elementary Supervisor -na ss ma gm E E 3 1'-2 'Zh 56 fQ K ss H a a mmal was fx-- mm ma-1 x S -mx mam?- m Q Us gs. as Q a ms H mmf: Us E BH-S8- Principal of High School msn H wa M mg M wma Mrs. Be-Hy Hamlme School Secretary ...Z FACULTY U IOHN A. ANDERSON B. S. Willington College Ohio State University Vocal Music IOHN H. BACON B, S. Cornell University Ohio State University Mathematics, Science HERBERT CHAMBERLIN B. S. Ohio State University Agriculture DANIEL W. CLINGER B. S. Bliss College Commercial LEROY COLLIER Rio Grande College Oberlin College 7th Science, Geography English LELAND V. GIRTON B. A. Ashland College Kent State University Bowling Green State University Government, History is in TW ess. me .mi X. Hi gl fi .i gm! . 5 ii 1 Q sn heya-QTE :Dig 1 we .ig-Hi sets . EYE new ,,..Hm:Z M is ww if es is s x .-.- I -. 5.5 'ips-'. W M t .. .,.,. , t its W w s N vi MRS. THELMA P. HATZEL B. A. Fairmont State College West Virginia University Horne Economics DONALD H. IERRY B. A. Muskingum College Allegheny College History, Phys. Ed. KENNETH E. LABORIE B. A. Miami University Kent State University Science, Speech MISS REBECCA E. LARKIN B. S. Wittenberg College English, Spanish LEONARD MACHLES B. S., M. A. Ohio State University Music JOHN L. MCGOWAN B. A., M. A. Ohio State University Kent State University U. C. L. A. English, Phys. Ed. MRS. WILMA G. PIERCE Ohio University Bowling Green State University English, Geography MICHAEL I. PERLICX B. A, Youngstown University Kent Slate University English, World History, Iournalism, Geography EUGENE T. SMITH B. S., M. A. Bowling Green State University Ohio State University Harvard University Science, History, Latin IOHN R. WILLIAMS B. S. Central Michigan College Art, Industrial Arts TEACHERS COFFEE BREAK ilk The CLASS of 1957 OAR Q SENIORS NITA ANN SONDRA DALAYNE ZIMMERMAN WHITE "Neem" "Birdwoman" April 28, 1939 lanuary 28, 1940 Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, Z, 4 Girls' Glee Club Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 4 1 2 3 4 Senior Sextet 4 Annual Co-Editor 4 , Concert Band 1 Q I-lonor Study Hall 2, 3, 4 Marching Band 1 Quiz Bee 3 Majorette 2, 3, 4 Speech Contest 4 Tattler Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 FTA 3, 4 Thespian Society 4 FTA Vice President 4 Intramural l, 2, 3 Scholarship Team Intramural 1 , 2 EUNICE LORAINE RALPH EDWARD WESTPALL WEINER "Pee Wee" "Little Weiner" November 23, 1939 May ll, 1939 Fl-IA PTA 3 it Basketball Manager 3 Tattler Staff 4 ELEANOB IEAN IUDY IRENE SWITZER WARGO Minden "learner" September 5, 1939 August 31, 1939 Marching Band 2 FHA l, 2, 3, 4 Concert Band 2 4 FHA Reporter 2, 4 Twirler 3 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Drum Majorette 4 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Thespian 2, 3, 4 FTA 4 Girls' Glee Club 4 Thespians 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Honor Study Hall 2, 4 Co-Editor Annual 4 Tattler Staff 4 Sponsored by New London Savings ci Loan Banking Company DARRELL L. STONER CARL EDWARD "Stoner" STOBER September 25, 1939 "Moose" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 February 12. 1938 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2' 3' 4 Track 3, 4 . Basketball 1, 2 Class President 2 - . Track 1, 2 Student Council 3 B b H 3 Tattler Staff 4 ase a , FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Conceit Band 1, 3, 4 . . Chorus 3 4 FFA Vice President 3 ' FFA President 4 Boys' Chorus 3 Thespian Society 3, 4 Chorus 3 Thespian Society Vice President 4 FTA 3, 4 FTA President 4 State Ensemble Contest 3, 4 SENICRS W Eg Siam ,fag ,aw an IOAN EILEEN SCHNEIDER "Ioanie" June 10, 1939 PHA l, Z Girls' Glee Club 2 GEORGE HARVEY RAY nsonny.. December 28, 1938 Mixed Chorus 2 Tattler Staff 2, 3, 4 Thespian Society 2 Football 1, 2, 4 FFA 3 4 l,2,, 3 4 Track l, 2, 4 Quiz Bee Z ' ' Boy's Glee Club 1, 2 Marching Band 2 3 4 Parliamentary Procedure Concert Band 2, 3, 4 Contest 1' 2' 3' 4 Honor study Hall 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1' 2 Scholarship Team 1, 2 Class Treasurer 4 Class Secretary l Student Council 2, FTA 3, 4 4 Library Ass't 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Intramural 1, 2 lf? WU W. la , - Pm sm E lm M uaxgii - . smears az 3855? lf, - Hana LOUIEDA HARRIET IOYCE ROSE SKALA SMITH "Louie" Tune 25, 1939 FHA l, Z, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Thespian 4 ga a Sponsored by Newlon Metal Products Company why.. May 4. 1939 THOMAS CLYDE PORTER U-I-ornu December 18, 1939 FTA 3, 4 Marching Band 1, 2, 3 FTA 3, 4 COHCGYI Bind 1, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team 3 Intramural 4 ELEANOR MAE PARAIVIORE "Ellie" May 16, 1939 Chorus 1, 2, 4 Girls' G-lee Club 1, Z, 4 FHA 1, 4 Tattler 1 SENIORS WILLIAM I. PIERCE "Willy" May 21, 1939 Marching Band 1, Z, 3 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4 State Solo and En- semble Contests 3, 4 Intramural 1, 2, 3 Thespian 4 Football 4 1 Track 3, 4 FTA 3 RICHARD ALBERT N ESTOR .fnichu August 7, 1939 Football 1, 2, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 3, 4 Thespian Society 4 FTA 4 Class Vice Pres. 1 Class President 3, 4 Sponsored by The E. Biqlow Company IAMES LOWELL VIRGINIA LEE PIERCE im" November 14, 1939 PARKER "Ginny" October 9, 1939 Boys' Glee Club 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee Club 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Treasurer 4 Tattler 4 Thespian 4 Scholarship Team 2, 4 Co-Editor Tattler 4 .fu WM, wzglaa 2, ir rflim ,,, fmtmf u . rf-z'zwx4, 3 HERBERT Il-XY KNAPP "Herb" Iune 2, 1939 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 4 , Track 4 Baseball 4 Thespian 3, 4 Football Manaqeqr l Basketball Manager 3, 4 HAROLYN SUE HYATT "Hari" September 17, 1939 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Quiz Bee 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team 2 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Vice President 2 FTA 3, 4 Prince oi Peace 3, 4 Thespian Society 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 Orchestra 1 Honor Study Hall Z, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 State Solo and Ene sernble Contest 3, 4 i SENIORS sa, IULIA ANN MARTIN uludy., December 9, 1939 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, Z, 3, 4 Thesptan 4 Tattler 3 Prince of Peace 4 Honor Study Hall 4 IANICE ANN HOLKENBORG "Holley" and "Ian" February 8, 1939 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 2 FTA 3, 4 FTA Treasurer 4 Thespian Society 4 Scholarship Team 2, 4 Sextet 4 Annual Staff 4 Dance Band 4 Honor Study Hall 3, 4 State Solo and En- semble Contest 3, 4 Sponsored by Ohio Body Miq. Co. WILMA IRENE MARETT "Pete" October 1, 1939 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 FHA Secretary 3 FHA President 4 Class Treasurer 1 Student Council 4 Student Council Sec. 4 uit i1ltl,:"hBl'h H ROSEMARY FAITH HILEMAN "Rose" August 4, 1939 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Se-xtet 4 Tattler Staff 1, 3, 4 Thespian Society 3, 4 Prince of Peace 3 FTA 3, 4 Intramural 1, Z, 3 Thespian Clerk 4 FTA Secretary 3 Homecoming Attendant 4 Quiz Bee 4 I UDITH ANNE HAUSER Uludyn August 29, 1939 Speech Contest 4 Marchinq Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Sextet 4 Tattler Staff 1, 3, 4 Prince of Peace 3, 4 FTA 3, 4 Intramural 1, 2, 3 Thespian Society 3, 4 GEORGE DOUGLAS FETTERMAN ,T-rag.. April 5, 1939 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1 Basketball 1, 2 lntramural l, 2, 3 Dance Band 4 State Solo and En- semble Contests l, 4 DORIS MAE HARDING "Dorie November 27 1938 Chorus Pianist 1 Chorus 1, 4 Honor Study Hall 4 Spanish Club 3 Scholarship Team 3 I 4 IUDITH ANN EMCH uludy.. March 26, 1939 FTA Historian 3, 4 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Concert Band 1, Z, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4 Scholarship Team 1, 3 Intramural 1, Z, 3 Tattler Staff l, 2 ,4 Thespian Society 3. 4 Honor Study Hall 2 Prince of Peace 3, 4 Sextet 4 State Solo and En- semble Contest 4 ti D is 2 was SENICRS "Eddie" October 30, 1938 Basketball l, 3, 4 FTA 4 Track 1, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 3, 4 EDWARD HAMILTON SUSAN LYNN GUSCOTT "Susie" December 17, 1939 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 FTA 3, 4 Secretary oi FTA 4 Class Secretary 3 Girls' Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4 Library Assistant 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team Z, 3 Honor Study Hall 2, 3 Marching Band 3, 4 Concert Band 4 Queen Attendant 3 Girls' State 3 Annual Staff 4 Intramural 1, 2 Thespian Society 4 Sponsored by Perry Chevrolet SENIORS PAULINE BEATRICE DENGER nDengn luly 25, 1939 FHA 1, Z, 3, 4 FHA Vice President 4 Tattler 1, 2, 3, 4 Thespian Society 3, 4 EDGAR EARL CRABBS "Pee Wee" October 17, 1939 FTA 3, 4 Football 1, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Baseball 3 Track 1, 2 Chorus 4 Boys Glee Club 4 Student Council 1 Thespian Society 4 CLARENCE CALVIN CONSTANCE PAY fsfeggggs gjg :cm ml- ' :-:-M: 1: eaeaafgmsag :HW aasmiamag - I 5 COY COLLINGWOOD Sonny "Connie" -can i August 27 1933 February 16, 1939 F 1 2 3 4 Class Secretary 4 FFA OHICGT 3 4 Class Treasurer 3 FFA Bask tball 1 2 3 4 Honor Study Hall 2, 3, 4 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 1 4 Q Q . gt H Girls' Glee Club l,2, 3,4 1 Thespian Society 3, 4 Tattler Staff 3, 4 Intramural 1, 2 my OLIVER STEVEN CLOSE Mono., March 4, 1939 Boys Chorus 3 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1 Track 1, 2 Sponsored by Finc11ey's Drugs and Miller Bros. CARI. RAY CHANDLER "Butcher" March 15, 1938 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Chorus l, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4 FFA Treasurer 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Thespian Society 4 IEAN ALICE CAWRSE DAVID LAWRENCE "Jeanie" December 25, 1939 Class Vice Pres. 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Student Council Vice President 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Thespian Society 3, 4 Thespian Treasurer 4 Tattler Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Scholarship Team 1 FRANCES ANNETTA BAXTER "Fran" October 20, 1939 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Concert Band 1, Z, 3, 4 FTA 4 Thespian Society 4 Girls' State 3 Annual Staff 4 1-lonor Study Hall 4 Intramural 1, 2, 3 BURNER "Virg" April 5, 1939 Football l, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3, 4 Pres.. Student Council 4 The-spian Society 3, 4 President Thespian Society 4 Class President 1 Tattler Staff 3, 4 Corliditor Tattler 4 Buckeye Boys State 3 FTA 3 Chorus 1 Scholarship Team 1, LOUISE LEE ANDERSON "Louie" March 23, 1939 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1 Student Council Secretary l FTA 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, Z Girls' Glee Club 1, 2 Tattler Staff 1, 3, 4 ' Thespian Society 4 Thespian Sec. 4 Queen Attendant l, 2 FootBal1 Queen 4 FINLEY WELLER HAZEL IOYCE BENNETT BENEAR 'If-erqyv HBHIH Aug. 22, 1938 October ll, 1939 Baseball 1 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Sponsored by Elmer Glaser Ford Sales 6: Service and Bob's Village Restaurant CLASS HISTORY The time is September, 1953-The place is room ll, New London High School, New London, Ohio,-The event is the beginning of high school for the future class of 1957. Our Freshman year was a big one as usual because it laid the foundation for our coming activities. Most of our efforts were toward making money. We helped at both basketball and football games to secure this means. ln our Sophomore year, we really became a part of the school in activities. Members of our class took part in such things as thespian plays, quiz bee, football, basketball, music groups, and vocational groups. Outstanding in our memory of our Iunior year is our prom. The banquet was held at Sheffield Shopping Center. Following the meal, We broke into several groups for a portion of the evening's entertainment, the most popular place being Columbia Ballroom. To make matters complicated, Cleveland witnessed a tornado that night. A breakfast was served at the New London Legion hall plus an auction and dancing. As we began our Senior year, our first thought was toward replenishing our treasury for our Senior trip. Besides the usual game concessions, we sponsored a swiss steak and fish supper. Being our first try at this sort of thing, the supper was unusually successful. There was never a dull moment because we were always deciding such things as class colors, class flowers, class motto, invitations, programs, pictures, and many other things. After much deliberating, we chose the yellow rose as our flower, navy blue and white as our colors. Our motto is "Life is our gift from God, what we do with it is our gift to Him." , On April 7, we left for Washington. This, we agree, was an experience we shall never forget. The three days were spent in sight-seeing, and we had lot of fun. It was hard returning to school after the gala time, but we had even bigger things in store for us. We were on the edge of a new life. We looked forward to the closing days of school with mixed emotions. Before us yet is our Baccalaureate Service on lune 2, and our Commencement Iune 6. Since our Freshman year we have had two additions to our class, that being Doris Harding who joined us in our Senior year, and Eddie Hamilton who joined us in our Sophomore year. Our original Freshman class consisted of: Louise Anderson, Frances Baxter, Hazel Benear, Iunior Bennett, David Burner, lean Cawrse, Carl Chandler, Oliver Close, Connie Collingwood, Clarence Coy, Edgar Crabbs, Pauline Denger, Iudy Emch, Doug Fetterman, Susan Guscott, Iudith Hauser, Rosemary Hileman, Ianice Holkenborg, Harolyn Hyatt, Herbert Knapp, Wilma Marett, Iudy Martin, Richard Nestor, Eleanor Paramore, Virginia Parker, Iames Pierce, William Pierce, Thomas Porter, George Ray, Ioan Schneider, loyce Skala, Louieda Smith, Carl Stober, Darrell Stoner, Iudy Switzer, Iean Wargo, Ralph Weiner, Eunice Westfall, Sondra White, and Nita Zimmerman. We, the 42 members of the Class of 1957, leave the halls of New London High School with the deepest appreciation and loyalty. Sponsored by Crumrine Cleaners CLASS PBCPHECY As I watch television l suddenly notice that my favorite show, "What's My Line," is on. To my surprise l discover the contestants are members of the Class of l957 of New London High School. The first contestant is Louise Anderson. She has a job which really suits her perfectly. She can come in at noon so she can sleep in after those big nights. ' Frances Baxter has an interesting line. She is the only nurse in the United States that gives painless shots. Hazel Benear has just returned from her trip to Europe which she won in a Singer Sewing Contest. Because of his driving ability and record, junior Bennett has just been appointed Patrolman in New London. He has promised to let his classmen off easy. lean Cawrse is a life saver for all typing students. She has invented a typing eraser that cannot be detected on typing budgets. This invention has made her a heroine among all students. After playing his first basketball game in Madison Square Gardens, Carl Chandler has lengthened the court by two feet. Have you heard of the model home? The woman of the house is Connie Collingwood. She is feathering her nest with Bob and her children. Clarence Coy and George Ray have established a drag strip in New Lon- don. This saves much money that had previously been spent for tickets. Their cars have equalled unbelievable records. To the astonishment of all, one of the panelists on the show is Edgar Crabbs, the famous comedian. He was always a card in class. Pauline Denger is the manager of a Bridal Shop. She has complete charge of the planning of a wedding. It is rumored that she will be the new editor of "Modern Bride." Since her graduation from college, Iudy Emch has returned to NLHS as accompanist for all solos and the choir. That answered the question as to who would play the piano when she graduated. After working summers at Ward's, Eddie Hamilton now has an office of his own fully equipped with a time-clock that will punch 7:00 and 4:00 just any time it is punched. The mystery guest on the show is the famous Iudith Hauser. She gained her recognition by performing "MacBeth". All her experience was from her senior English Class. Have you recognized the bubbled laughter on many television shows? Without a doubt we all know that it belongs to janice Holkenborg. We knew that some day her giggles would be heard from coast to coast. Harolyn Hyatt has returned to New London High School after graduation from college. She teaches all commercial subjects. Her slogan is "Let's get those fingers going." Iudy Martin has used her restaurant experience to help her obtain a chain of restaurants all around the world. Her specialty is fried fish, thanks to her experience at the Senior Supper. Doris Harding is America's finest executive secretary. She topped off by marrying her boss. Now she really manages the business. Richie Nestor is coaching in Clarksfield University. He has a special letter for all boys who have had an appendix operation. Susan Guscott has a special air line between Fitchville and Florida. Cf course the only stopping place is Marietta. Sponsored by D. B. Barnes Clothing and Shoes Eleanor Paramore and Loueida Smith are the joint owners of "A Beautician Salon." They have just discovered a new type of hair-cut, but the government has forbidden the use of it. So they are content with making buns. Parker's Pizza House is really booming. Virginia has had so much ex- perience from eating pizza during high school that this just couldn't help but succeed. Hollywood's most eligible bachelor and play-boy is lim Pierce. But true to his motto, "Love them and leave them," he is still single. Carl Stober has the country's best research farm. Now he is working on a type of corn that can be harvested just during school hours so the agri- culture class can get out of school. Sondra White is the country's top consultant for fashions. All fads have their beginnings with her. Darrell Stoner broke all records by running 99 V2 yards for a touch-down in the latest Brown's game. What was so heart-breaking-it was for the Wrong team. Eunice Westfall now owns 512, of the stock in the Lehman's and Westfall Pastry Corporation. Since purchasing the 51st stock, the corporations name was changed to Westfall and Lehman. lean Wargo still hasn't made up her mind whether to be a nurse or a teacher so now she is teaching nursing. The only trouble is when the "girls" get together for a hen party. Doug Fetterman is now Bob Cummings assistant. The only bad part is Doug develops the pictures while Bob dates the girls. Life is full of problems! Ralph Weiner has the combined occupation of being President of all Hot Rod Clubs and journalist for the New London Times. His column is entitled "How to Win and Influence Hot Rod Drivers." Nita Zimmerman has fulfilled her dreams by being elected "Teacher of the Year." She gives all the credit to the New London FTA. Iudy Switzer has achieved the record of typing lOO words a minute while twirling a baton. We knew her abilities would take her places. Bill Pierce is teaching history at one of our famous Universities. All the students hear about is the Civil War. ln order to pass the course, they must firmly believe that the South should have won. Rosemary Hileman has been doing the LUCY show in LUCY'S absence. We knew those jokes would get her somewhere. Ioan Schneider has opened her own school. The requirement is that you must take at least seven subjects. David Burner has been appointed head engineer on the satilite. Now he may wear his engineer boots all the time instead of just on Saturdays. Herbert Knapp is the manager of the Ohio State basketball team. He gained his experience from high school days. Ioyce Skala is an all around Private Secretary. Big executives don't know what they would do without her. Oliver Close has a lumber school. The members must yell TIMBER real loud in order to pass the course. Wilma Marett has invented a machine that will make money without work- ing. Some day she will win a prize for that. The Winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine was Tom Porter. He invented a drug that takes the place of gasoline. Sponsored by Ferrell-Gardner Wood Products CLASS WILL ARTICLE I We, the Class of l95'7, being of reasonably sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. To Mr. Anderson, a chorus that will sing Knot talk? when he wants them to do so. To Mr. Bacon, a year's supply of the loudest tles imaginable. To Mr. Bender, an automatic machine to sign detention slips. To Mr. Chamberlin, a bus ot his own to take his field trips. To Mr. Clinger, a tree period so he could relax tor once. To Mr. Collier, a freshman science class who will do reports willingly. To Mrs. Hatzel, more girls to capture honors in style shows. To Mrs. Hainline, oitice help that will type the menu perfectly. To Mr. Ierry, Senior girls who attend their gym classes. To Mr. Laborie, eligible girls who know enough to be quiet. To Miss Larkin, the best oi luck in her new line ot lite. To Mr. Machles, more instruments to fill out a well-rounded band. To Mr. McGowan, a group ot husky boys for Iunior high sports. To Mr. Myers, a winning combination in basketball. To Mr. Perlick, a senior English class that will hold it down to a dull roar. To Mrs. Pierce, more trips to tell her class about. To Mr. Schacht, a bunch of seniors who will let him have a little sleep on the senior trip. To Mr. Smith, all sorts of wierd insects tor biology experiments. To Mrs. Smith, a shorthand class that knows their shorthand better than we did. To Mr. Williams, a new radio for art class. To the cooks, a whole lot ot new menus. To the bus drivers, cotton for their ears due to the noisy students. To the Ianitors, students who will leave a room orderly. To the underclassmen, we leave the wonderful times experienced in New London High School. CLASS WILL ARTICLE II I, Louise Anderson, will my old beat up baton to Carol Cowie. May she have as much fun with it as I did. I, Frances Baxter, will to Iudy Finkel my seat in Symphonic Band and my ability to act as it I were smart so the teachers will give me good grades. I, Hazel Benear, will to Bernice Fowler, the right to skip study hall with- out getting caught. I, Finley Bennett, will all my school skipping to my Uncle Paul Young and brother Ioe. I, David Burner, will to "Buck" Staples, the right to be as lazy as me and do the least as he wants to. I, Iean Cawrse, will to Loretta Hall and Ann Funk, the right to have all night PJ. parties any time and all the time without disturblng their parents. I, Carl Chandler, will my ability to Gerald Geiger to run into walls and not get hurt. I, Oliver Close, will my sense of direction to Iohn Howard so he will know where he is. I, Clarence Coy, will my good behavior to Don Iackson. I, Connie Collingwood, will to Corrine Towstiak my position as Secretary of the Senior Class tin hopes she will have the minutes of the last meetingi. I, Edgar Crabbs, will to the Iuniors, the right to goof off in English class and listen to Mr. Perlick complain. We, Pauline Denger and Wilma Marett, will the art of skipping study hall to Sandy Bohn and Loretta I-Iall. Be careful kids or you'll get caught!!! I, Iudy Emch, will to Gloria Delamater, a capable freshman, my position on band and chorus. I, Douglas Fetterman, will first trumpet in band to the lucky person who gets it next year. I, Eddie Hamilton will to Ierry Perkins all my excess tat. I, Doris Harding, will my ability to get straight A's to Martha Ward and Bonnie Ewell. I, Iudith Hauser, will my piccolo to Sandy Golding. Count your blessings that you have a small instrument to carry during long marches. I, Rosemary Hileman, will a well-used bass clarinet to my sister, Adele Hileman, so she can be a full fledged member of the "New London odd- instrument." I, Ianice Holkenborg, will to any underclassman who gets talked into it, the job of making the stencils for the marching band music. I, Harolyn Hyatt, will to Kay Erlenbach and Marla Ringler, my ability of not making up time during my four years of high school. I, Herbie Knapp, will to Gary Staples, my seat on the bench in basketball. I, Iucly Martin, will to Mardic Smith, my seat in speech class and my knowledge with which I blackmail the instructor. I, Richie Nestor, will to Gordon Staschke, my fullback position on the football team, and the right to take kids home after practice. I, Eleanor Paramore, will to Barbara Moore, my ability to tell the truth. I, lim Pierce, will to the next editor of the Tattler the right to spend their spare time "working" on the Tattler. I, Bill Pierce, will my band chair to Len Ebel. I, Tom Porter, will my job in the drugstore to Daryl Tulk. I, George Bay, will to Ianet Stokes, the good times that I had in my four years of high school. I, Ioan Schneider, will to Mary Sauer, my library key and the many memories within. I, Louieda Smith, will to Sylvia Meek, my right to go steady and break up as many times as she wants. I, Ioyce Skala, will my many memories of New London High School to the coming seniors. I, Carl Stober, will to Ierry Chandler, the occassions to skip Ag. Class any day he wants to do so. I, Darrell Stoner, will to Gordon Bonney, my sore and creaky knees and ankles. We, Iean Wargo, Virginia Parker, Susan Guscott, and Iudy Switzer, will our tables at the pizza house to any lovers of Pizza. I, Ralph Weiner, will my ornery disposition to Bob Campbell. I, Eunice Westfall, will my job of Vice President of I.ehman's Bakery to Martha Roeder. I, Sondra White, will to Mellaine White, my worn out pair of majorette boots. I, Nita Zimmerman, will my student teaching to Gloria Thomas. 5' 2 MQ xx I 4 ' Q S fs- zip? .. IUNIOR CLASS FOURTH ROW, left to right-Don Bauer, Iirn Harper, LG-Onard Ebel, Gerald Geiger. THIRD ROW-Wilbert Harp, Don Foster, Bob Campbell, Bolo Cotter, Bob Howard, Ierry Chandler, Paul Finqulin, Eddie Frank, lim Cawrse. SECOND ROW-Donna Budd, Coralie Betz, Robert Brooks, Doren Davis, Mick Coombs, lean Burton, Rose Hodges, Dixie Coey. FIRST ROW-Bonny Ewell, Regina Grilley, Loretta Hall, lean Brant, Clara Clevenqer, Ann Punk, Sandra Bohn. 559 V FOURTH ROW, left to right-lim Shibley, Weldon Pucler, Bill Knapp, Tommy Robertson, Gary Staples, Terry Lucal, Norman Snyder, Morris Snyder. THIRD ROW-Ronnie Seariqht, Paul Younq, Gordon Staschke, Errol King, Ola Miller, Iudy Ward, Martha Roecler, Zaiqa Lanka, Ruth Rounds. SECOND ROW-Marcella Nestor, Mardic Smith, Mary Ann Marett, Bobby Randleman, Larry Hurst, Ioan Weaver, Ioyce lones, Gloria Thomas. FIRST ROW-Betty Wolcott, Nancy Thompkins, Iudy McCullough, Corrine Towstiak, Dawn. Powers, Sylvia Meeks, Martha Ward. SOPHOMORE CLASS - . A, 4 M as ' rw? 1-Q S- ' L- 3 f My-. Q M - LW ., 1 . ,, K J '- -fs F .. , t Law 5, g EA - I . t f l 1 T fi it ' 3 T' M fr F ,Am :Hel I I THIRD ROW, left to right-Gary Edler, Alfred Coy, Don Iackson, Barrie Hauser, Dave DeSanti, Bruce Brazie, George Baxter. SECOND ROW-Phyllis Ehrhardt, Darlaine Cooke, Marlene Burrows, Mary Arm Best, Ariane Barnes, Carol Burrows, Beverly Frank, Iudy Finkel, Helen Goldsmith. FlRST ROW-Shirley Gray, Nancy Hamilton, Wilma Bene, Ronald Baker, Ernestlne Case, Lois Eldridge, Dorothea Ciphers. t B t V 1 ......L. T' FOURTH ROW, left to right--Leroy Stober, Eddie Shaver, Dick Smith, Ishmael Spears. THIRD ROW-lim Mitchell, lohn Meyer, Bill Spencer, Sandy Tidswell, Virginia Fredies, Susan Reid, Robert Roeriq, Ralph Scyoc, Mike Powers. SECOND ROW-Lois Snyder, Carol Murray, Sandy Murr, Eloise Upton, Rosemary Wilson, Teddy Towstiak, Sandy Sutherland, Sue Shanfelter. FIRST ROW-Nancy Westfall, Donna Thomas, Marilyn Paramore, Shirley Stiles, Ieanette Skala, Geraldine Martin, Emma Randleman. FRESHMAN CLASS 'H 'rfiw 2" :fqfwT' A I c.lWf,-Pfr- 5-all 'l i'a'Ti1 ' i ' A 3 I 1 Q f"'L-,.fi , W , -- is I I at I' I in I 1 I not I -, L. I I I , r - I ,L . A L THIRD ROW, left to riqht-Gary Burt, Richard Carroll, Iohn Howard, Carlos Collins, Elvin King, Gary Bonney, Bob Harp, Gary Byron, Ronnie Betz, Winiired Knapp, Tom Brundaqe. SECOND ROW-Oliver Davies, Orlo Hartley, ludy Campbell, Lulu Gray, Ianet Copley, Marcia Kirkpatrick, Bernice Fowler, Linda Garrett, Kathleen Duta, Gloria Hodges, Philip Brittain, Terry Fingulin. FIRST ROW-David Cline, David Davis, Gene Punk, limmy Crabbs, Carol Cowie, Gloria Delarnater, Rachel Kane Mary Ann Knapp, Katherine King, Tony Denslow, Earl Brightbill. THlRD ROW, leit to riqht-Gilbert Searl, Richard Shannon, Ierry Perkins, Philip Mourton, Torn Steinke, Karen Siaples, lewell Miller, Rosalie Risner, David Wells, Iames West, Richard Weathinqion, Otis Randleman, Guy Lucas. SECOND ROW-Hubert Snyder, Verne Runkle, Iim West!-Brrnan, lim Martin, David Oney, Ioyce Lowery, Sharon Lucal, Dorthy Nichols, Lois Winfield, Tom Randleman, Larry Merrill, Don Murr, David Powers, Roger Ulm, Paul Schneider. FIRST ROW-Darryl Tulli, Dennis McConnell, Ruth Redman, Glenda Thaxtion, Carol Porter, Bonnie Warqo, Vivian Shannon, Iviellanie White, Sandy Miller, Sally Schneider, Iirn Lawrence, Charles McClave. EIGI-ITH GRADE 1 FOURTH ROW, left to right-Iohn Gregory, Bob Hunter, Paul Kiefer, Randy Bender, Don McClave, Ronnie Dill, Billy Mann, Roy Iohnsou, Bob Ewell. THIRD ROW-Luther Cotter, Norma Cotter, Carol Hensley, Betty Gernrnel, Kay Erlanloach, Barbara Knapp, Roseann Clark, Harold Hall. SECOND ROW-Marilyn Martin, Carolyn Mann, Iacqueline Matthews, Charlene Frederick, Sandy Golding, Iudy Hodges, Nancy Brooks, Kathleen Lewis, Susan Burrows. FIRST ROW-Paul Booth, Allan Iones, David Hartley, Doris Duta, Patty Foster, Larry Dishonq, Gerald Cowie, Billy Iohnson. - . I ' , I 3 ! . 2 I ,Y --- ..,. ,.. A L- W , -.4 5 THIRD ROW, leit to right-Phyllis Walton, Winston White, Susan Miller, Marla Rinqler, Ioyce Potts, Martin Snyder, lack Murr, Ierry Steinke, Art Parsons, Larry Smith. SECOND ROW-Dean Risner, Irene Radcliffe, Marilyn Tester, Marvin Smith, Rodney Williams, Norman Miller, Marilyn Ux, Ianet Stokes, Archie Smith. FIRST ROW-Charles Wolcott, Patty Riedy, Dolly Steward, Donna Rhoads, Gay Runkle, Iune Paramore, Ronnie Ulm. SEVENTH GRADE I ' , .. 1, V EEEE r ,wr ,' . y , In Q .., l -' .. N .gr . FOURTH ROW, left to riqht-Roger Everrnan, Arnold Cole, Iarnes Darnron, Bob Paiton, Gene Brazie, Adele Hile- man, Cathie Ienninqs, Gregory Barnes, Edqel Hall, Bill Cooke, Nathan Owens, William Briqhibill, Barry Miller. THIRD ROW-Susie Knuclsen, Ralph Owens, Georqe Foster, Carol Hobbs, Margaret Frate, Bonnie Iackson, lanet Cole, Doris Goble, Lois Burt, Oscar Close, Fred Hartman, Susan Farnsworth. SECOND ROW'-Raymond Kilen, Ossie Parsons, Charles Kinnel, Larry Booth, George Lanka, Steve Farnsworth, Harry Hartman, Ray Baxter, Rosemary Hartman, Myron Knapp. FIRST ROW-Carol Neel, Patty Delamater, Tom Lawrence, Iaclc Miller, William McCullough, Sally McConnell, Don Lawrence, Mark Knapp, Ronnie Poole, Barbara Moore, Iuanita Hamilton. 'X r FOURTH ROW, left to right-Gayle Sutherland, lean Rieske, Bernard Spears, Richard Shriver. 'DHIRD ROW-Karen Erdmann, Sharon Erdrnann, Alice Timbs, Ramon Upton, Frank Shaver, Larry Robertson, Barbara Young, Ruth Zimmerman, Sandra Stober. SECOND ROW-Beverly Randleman, Sharma Searl, Helen Weiner, Philip Ward, Marvin Ward, Clifford Switzer, Evelyn Radcliffe, Myrtie Raililfe. FIRST ROW-Dean Runkle, Glenn Sprague, Mary Ann Staples, Carol Randlernan, Leslie Sackett, Burton Runkle, Ted Denslow. UREANIZATIUNS rv My ANNUAL STAFF Left to riqht: lean Cawrse, Ianice Holkenborq, Harolyn Hyatt, lean Warqo, Frances Baxter, Nita Zimmerman, Susan Guscott, Ioan Schneider, The annual staff of the 1957 edition of the Wildcat has Worked long and hard on this year's production of the book. We have tried to make this annual an enjoyable book, not only now, but in the year's to corne. The Annual Staff was chosen by the hiqh school faculty. Co-Editors- Co-Copy-Editors- lEAN WARGO SUSAN GUSCOTT NITA ZIMMERMAN IANICE HOLKENBORG Co-Proof-Eclitors- Co-Business Editors- FRANCES BAXTER lEAN CAWRSE IOAN SCHNEIDER HAROLYN HYATT The Annual Staff would like to express the appre- ciation of the entire Senior Class to all who have in any Way made this year's annual possible. We would especially like to thank our page sponsors and patrons: We are grateful for the assistance and help ot the Mihali Studio and the New London Record. Our deep- MR' GIRTON est thanks is extended to our advisor for his lonq and Sponsor ' patient hours With us. ti Q" ap SCHOLARSHIP TEAM FOURTH ROW, left to right-Ishrneal Spears, Terry Ward, Leonard Ebel, Gary Staples, Torn Steinke, Errol Kinq. THIRD ROW-Linda Garrett, Araine Barnes, Ioan Schneider, Ianice Holkenborq, Nita Zimmerman, Ginny Redies, Iudy McCullough. SECOND ROW-Carol Burrows, Sally Schneider, Martha Roeder, Rosemary Wilson, Doris Harding, Darlaine Cooke. FIRST ROW-Guy Lucas, Ronnie Betz, Gary Bonney, Tom Brundaqe, Oliver Davies, Iohn Meyers. SEATED, left to right-Rosemary Hileman, Mr. Perlick, Miss Larkin, Iudy Emch. STANDING, left to right-Gary Bonney, Ginny Redies, Richard Weathinqton. A sharp team of well-read youngsters repre sentinq New London Hiqh School won the An- nual Lakeland Conference Ouiz Bee and the coveted conference plaque April 24, l957, when all schools in the conference competed. The Ouiz Bee was scheduled in each of the conference schools as an assembly proqram. lt consisted of 72 questions on current affairs. New London's team consisted of Judy Finkel, Gary Bonney, Rosemary Hileman, Judy Emch, Ginny Redies, and Richard Weathinqton with Tom Randleman as alternate. Our lead- inq scorer was Gary Bonney who answered l2 for l2. This year marks the first time New London has Won first place. Miss Rebecca Larkin and Mr. Michael Per lich were the co-sponsors of this year's Quiz Bee Team. STUDENT COUNCIL .ru ml- Elixir v -y' an : A -1: e SEATED, left to right-Ariane Barnes, Wilma Marett, Zaiga Lanka, lean Cawrse, David Burner, Mary Ann Marett, Ioan Schneider, Ianet Stokes. STANDING, left to right-Gary Bonney, Robert Harp, Carl Chandler, Mr. Schacht, Steve Farnsworth. The Student Council has been active this year in trying to make school lite more pleasant for the student body. It has planned several assemblies: especially one at Christmas and one at Easter. For these two occasions, everyone dressed up in their good clothes on "dress-up" day. This made- the servi- ces more impressive and helped us to remember the import- ance oi both occasions. We hope that this Will become a cus- tom oi New London High School. We are still Working on the public address system and hope to get it installed before the next school year. A popcorn machine was purchased this year to be used at concessions. To help our community, the Student Council had a March of Dimes Ball and turned over all the profits to the March ot Dimes Fund. The Student Council met every two weeks each month. lt was their duty to assign concession rights, which they did, to all classes and organizations. President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor DAVID BURNER IEAN CAWRSE WILMA MARETT MR. SCHACHT Sponsored by Firelands Electric Co-Operative, Inc. THESPIAN thi , f' i E. Q T A E t, . , k ,, , y i I A A rfri,..p.t grf' I r i I I 5 I I I fiat' r , I ' . ,Q I 1 t J - I a THIRD ROW, left to right-Don Bauer, Iames Pierce, Leonard Ebel, Richard Nestor, Sandy Bohn, Iudy Switzer, Iean Wargo, Herbert Knapp, George Ray, Gordon Staschke, Gary Staples. SECOND ROW-Marcella Nestor, Theodora Towstiak, Mardic Smith, Connie Collingwood, Pauline Denqer, Corrine Towstiak, Ioan Schneider, Iudy Martin, Frances Baxter, Sondra White, Donna Budd, Ioyce Iones. FIRST ROW-Mr. Lalooree, Ioan Weaver, Nancy Thompkins, Harolyn Hyatt, Iean Cawrse, David Burner, Darrel Stoner, Louise Anderson, Iudith Hauser, Iudith McCullough, Iudy Emch, Ianice Holkenborq. The Thespian Society, Troupe 1347, in N.L.H.S. is now three years old. Election of ot- ficers were held for the year and they were: David Burner, President: Darrel Stoner, Vice President: Louise Anderson, Secretary: Iean Cawrse, Treasurer: and Rosemary Hilernan, Clerk. This year the society presented two plays. The tall play was titled "Problem Father." The cast consisted of Leonard Ebel, Louise Anderson, Iudith Hauser, David Burner, Iudy Mar- tin, Darrel Stoner, Iirnniy Mitchell, Corrine Towstiak, Ann Funk, Sondra White, and Richard Weathinqton. The sprinq play was a more mysterious play "Come Out Cf The Closet." The cast chosen for this play was Connie Collingwood, Iudith Hauser, Iudy Martin, Harolyn Hyatt, Zaiqa Lanka, Mary Ann Marett, Gary Staples, Darrel Stoner, Leonard Ebel, Iimrny Mitchell, and Gary Bonney. A lot of work along with fun went into the presentation of these plays. We hope that next year's Thespians are as successful and put as much Work and effort into their activities as they did this year. Sponsored by Smith Tire Sales FTA FOURTH ROW, left to right-Bill Pierce, Gary Staples, Leonard Ebel, Eddie Hamilton, Edgar Crablas, Richie Nestor, Tom Porter. THIRD ROW-lean Warqo, Zaiqa Lanka, Iudiih Hauser, SECOND ROW-Ioyce Iones Mary Ann Marett, Rosemary FIRST ROW-Iudy Emch, Io Zimmerman., Mr. Girton. 1 Frances Baxter, I-Iarolyn Hyatt, Nancy Thompkins, Martic Smith, Coralie Betz, Loretta Hall, Louise Anderson, Sondra White. Donna Budd, Mudy Martin, Ann Funk, Corrine Towstiak, Ioan Weaver, I-Iileman, Iudy McCullough. an Schneider, Susan Guscoti, Darrel Stoner, Ianice Holkenborq, Nita TATTLER THIRD ROW, left to right-Sandy Bohn, Iudy McCullough, Mardic Smith, Mary Ann Marett, Iudy Emch, Virginia Parker, lean Cawrse, Wilma Marett, Pauline Denqer, Connie Collingwood, lean Wargo. SECOND ROW-Ioan Weav er, Ioan Schneider, Rosemary I-Iileman, Iudith Hauser, Louise Ame derson, Sue Shaneielter, Sondra White, Corrine Towstiak, Loretta Hall. FIRST ROW-Darrell Stoner , Gary Bonney, David Burner, Jim Pierce, Ralph Weiner, Mr. Clinqer. Sponsored by New London Record ne fm - FHA . ,. .. .5 Q ,B was - nga an is ,, as ai -uf as : w ' were .... . l . Qi. .. Jews 1 r - M '-' K -fv---.W ifmrf.-. ? ,mr , E .. - .W N l,,3g,,? ,L 51' ,ll , ' nyl- ,1 W 'iiibfwr 1 --W we W- - fee- 1 -ww-Q if . .1 - - gr 'u ? . 'EW ' 44 . 4 .. 4 4 .-A Y: ' l , 1- I l FOURTH ROW, left to right-Eloise Upton, Wilma Bene, Carol Burrows, Gloria Thomas, Martha Ward, Eleanor Paramore, Loueida Smith, Sylvia Meek, Dawn Powers, Lois Snyder, Ola Miller, Sondra Murr, Sally Schneider. THIRD ROW-ludy Martin, Connie Collingwood, Ioyce Lowery, Sharon Lucal, Clara Clevenqer, lean Brant. Eunice Vlestiall, ludy Campbell, Marlene Burrows, Gloria Hodges, Carol Murray. Regina Grilley. SECOND ROW-Ruth Redman, Nancy Westfall, Bonnie Ewell, Donna Thomas, Bonnie Warqo, Mary Ann Knapp, Hazel Benear, Carol Porter, Nancy Hamilton, Dorothy Nichols, Janet Coplet, Lois Winfield, FIRST ROW-lean Wargo, Marcella Nestor, Virginia Parker, Ruth Rounds, Pauline Denqer, Wilma Marett, Loretta Hall, lean Cawrse, leanrie Burton, ludy Ward, Mrs. Hatzel. FFA -'3'Y H H.. U V I W -A - M. Y... lei. ' , W L l ., H 1 ve ' ' 'A . 1 ' M, ' N. , . H , L L , u u 'A 2- ' it M . ,Ma M L.. X -rw ' 4 4 1 . THIRD HOW, left to right-lim Cawrse, George Ray, Gary Burt, Bob Harp, Bill Spencer, Phillip Mourton, Elvin King, Dick Smith, lim Harper. SECOND ROW-Ronnie Baker, Gene Funk, Paul Schneider, Hubert Snyder, Don Iackson, Gordon Staschke, Larry Hurst, Ronnie Seariqht, Don Foster. FIRST ROW-Eddie Frank, Weldon Puder, Alfred Coy, Clarence Coy, Carl Stober, Ierry Chandler, Carl Chandler, lim Mitchell, Mr. Chamberlin. . Sponsored by Niclcles Bakery Thomas and Brown, Allis Chalmers and Iohn Deere LIBRARY LIBBABIANS Iudy Emchl Swan Gusconl Ioan Schneider. FRONT ROW, lell to riqht-Susan Reid, Rosemary Wilson, Beverly Franks. SECOND ROW-Mary Ann Mareti, Iudy Finkel, Mary Sauer. Tl-HRD ROW-Marlha Reeder, Zaiqa Lanka. Sponsored by Bailey Implement Company lava' xffv 5 Sponsored by Burner and Sutherland Hardware HOMECOMING Fall Home- Coming 1956 Queen Louise Anderson Attendants Sharon Lucal Sandra Suiherland Rosemary Hileman Nancy Thompkins www ,W Md, .,.. v Sponsored by New London Equity FUUTBALL COACH-DONALD IERRY 1 ,H Z f -,' A ii xx 'gi N . , S ' A k- V ' n is B. RANDLEMAN G. BONNEY G. BYRON F. STEINKE F.B.-RICH NESTOR B. KNAPP I. MITCHELL R.E.-DAVID BURNER NL Opponents 38 Lcudonville 20 25 Clearview 6 l 2 Huron 26 57 Wakeman 6 l9 Massillon Soph. 12 36 Marqaretta U 26 Vermillion 18 O Wellington 32 U Amherst 14 G. LASH o. RANDLEMAN RT'-HM PIERCE D. FIELDS D. RINGLER I--G-GEORGE RAY Q.B.-DARREL STONER The 1956 football season was a very successful one for the Wildcats. They opened the season by defeating Lou- donville 38-20, and continued their qood Work by Winning 6 of the 9 qames played. The L. MYERS G. GEIGER P. MOURTON I. CRABBS Assisiani Coach L.E.-CARL CHANDLER H Q-.. ,mx : Q mms- : -VH- .W a E -U G. STAPLES D. BAUER L.T.-CARL STOBER nm,-ta.: -ei , 5""UEm?Q" team is looking forward to an even more successful season next year. L.G.-HERB KNAPP G. STASCHKE B. HAUSER LG.-EDGAR CRABBS D. WELLS I. SHIBLEY BASKETBALL Gerald Geiger, Iirn Harper, Gary Lash, Bob Randleman. Nestor, Eddie Hamilton, INDIVIDUAL POINTS Stoner ....,e... .. .....,.... -220 Chandler ....,,B,,,........ 208 .- Randleman -- .... 88 Burner .... ..., 7 3 Geiger -- .... 50 Hamilton L- .... 37 Lash ..... .... 2 5 Nestor ..-- ---- 24 Knapp .... --.. 2 3 Staples ........ .... 2 0 Staschke ,..-...- -.. 6 LESLIE MYERS, Coach B E S E R V E T E A M SECOND ROW, left to riqht-Iimmy Crabbs, Iirn Mitchell, Don Bauer, Gary Byron, Barry Hauser, Ronnie Baker. FIRST ROW-Terry Ward, Tom Steinke, Elvin Kinq, Eddie Shaver. Sponsored by George Iohnfs Western Auto SECOND ROW, left to right-Gordon Staschke, Gary Staples, Leonard Ebel, FIRST ROW-Herb Knapp, Dave Burner, Carl Chandler, Darrell Sltoner, Rich OPPONENTS NL 31 Huron 62 45 Marqaretta 44 39 Monroeville 53 47 Vermillion 68 52 Wellington 67 51 Amherst 59 59 Clearview 7l 50 Huron 85 51 Marqareita 57 56 Wakeman 59 46 Vermillion 66 52 Wellington 79 50 Amherst 72 5 1 Clearview 70 59 Greenwich 98 TOURNAMENT 58 Monroeville 60 North Fairfield Cl-IEER LEADERS V A R S I T Y Left to right-Corrine Towstiak, Loretta Hall, Ann Funk, Mardic Smith. RESERVE STANDING, left !o right-Sue Shanefelter, Teddi Towsliak. KNEELING, left to right-Carol Cowie, Sandy Miller. IR. VARSITY Left to right-Ianet Stokes, Gay Runkle, Betty Gemmel, Doris Duka,Marla Hinqler. TRACK TEAM THIRD ROW, left to right-Otis Randlernan, Barry Hauser, Tom Robertson, Iim Shibley, Gary Lash, Gary Staples, Don Bauer, Bill Knapp, Bill Spencer, Bob Randleman. SECOND ROW-Alfred Coy, Leonard Ebel, Gordon Staschke, lim Pierce, Richard Weathington, David Burner, lim Mitchell. FIRST ROW-Alvin King, Phil Mourton, Dan Ringler, Herb Knapp, Eddie Shaver, Richard Nestor, Darrel Stoner, Carl Chandler. The Wildcat cindermen have done a fine job this year. They won fourth place in the 'Wesleyan Relays at Ohio Wesleyan Uni- versity, and tying a meet record in the process. The foursome of Bob Randleman, Dan Ringler, Richard Weathington, and Darrel Stoner tied the Sprint Medley Relay time of 1:40.53 seconds. In the Lakeland Conference Meet with Vermilion, Huron, Wellington, Mar- garetta, Clearview, Amherst, and New London, Vermilion won the Meet with 67 points with New London being second with 48Vz points. Dave Burner set a conference record by running the mile in 4:58.2. Rich Nestor Won the shot put with a toss of 45' 8W". lim Pierce also broke the record of 2113.5 in the 880. His time was 2:1 1.5, unfortunately, however, a boy from Clearview won the event in 2:lO.5. We have been beaten by only two teams this season, Clyde, the first meet ot the year, and Lorain High School. IR. HIGH FOOTBALL THIRD ROW, left to right-Richard Shriver, Bill Cooke, Frank Shaver, Gerry Redtes, Larry Merrill, Paul Kiefer, Ierry Steinke, Mr, McGowan, Larry Smith, Art Parsons, lack Murr, Martin Snyder, Gene Geiger, 'Winston White, Gregory Barnes, SECOND ROW-Barry Miller, Billy Iohnson, lim Crawford, Ray Baxter, Steve Farnsworth, George Lanka, Raymond Kilen, Larry Robertson, Glenn Sprague, George Foster, Oscar Close. FIRST ROW-Charles Wolcott, Burton Hunkle, Don Lawrence, Dean Runkle, Paul Booth, Torn Lawrence, lack Miller, David Hartley, Ronnie Poole. IN FRONT-Clifford Switzer, Bill McCullough, IR. HIGH BASKETBALL I , ,.s'.l..a,.,.t1 W1.7,-,l .. t I we -- lil f Z LMI, THIRD ROW, left to right-Ramon Upton, Rodney Williams, Robert Ewell, Paul Keifer, Winston White, Iohn Gregory, Barry Miller, Bill Cooke, Larry Robertson, Randy Bender, Mr. McGowan. SECOND ROW-Dean Runkle, Bill McCullough, Don McClave, Steve Farnsworth, Raymond Kilen, Ronnie Poole, David Hartley, Paul Booth, lack Miller, Glenn Sprague. FIRST ROW-George Lanka, Larry Smith, Frank Shaver, lack Murr, Art Parsons, Jerry Steinke. MAIQRETTES Lefi to right: Louise Anderson, Sondra White, Nancy Thompkins, Marlene Burrows. Standing: Judy Switzer MARCHING BAND i Sponsored by C. E. Ward Company SYMPHONIC BAND THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT OF 56-57 Early in August the NLHS Marching Band began its practices for the com- ing marching season. Besides the regular appearances at all home and away football games, the marching band marched at the Huron County Fair and led the annual Halloween Parade. After the marching season ended, the mem- bers of the band were rewarded with a trip to Columbus to attend the Stanford- Ohio State football game. This trip was sponsored by the Music Parents Club. The next task was remaking the marching band into a concert band. After many hours of hard work and concentration, the Winter Band Concert was presented. This year the Lakeland Conference Band Festival was held at Huron, at which New London was represented by half of its symphonic band. ln March the New London music students invaded the district solo and ensemble contests at Tiffin. New London was Well represented with twenty- two entries. This year We were not only represented by instrumental entries but also by vocal entries. At State contests, which were held in Bowling Green, we had two superior ratings. These were the Saxaphone Quartet, formed by Iudy Emch, Gloria Delamater, Mary Ann Marett, and Darrel Stoner, the Brass Sextet which included Douglas Fetterman, Larry Smith, Harolyn Hyatt, Bill Pierce, Richard Weathington, and Thomas Brundage. The rest re- ceived Excellent ratings: Darlaine Cooke with an oboe solo: lanice Holkenborg with a flute solo: Sandy Sutherland with a clarinet solo: Gloria Delamater with a saxophone solo: Sandy Sutherland, Ariane Barnes, Harolyn Hyatt, Darlaine Cooke, and Ianice Holkenborg in a Woodwind Quintet: and Harolyn Hyatt, Marcia Kirkpatrick, Marla Ringler, and lanet Copley in a French Horn Quartet. The biggest event of the year was the Spring Music Festival with all its colorful formals. At the festival the third presentation of the Arion Foundation Award went to Harolyn Hyatt. The band concluded the year by playing at Commencement, a fitting way to end the year. This year Mr. Iohn Anderson joined the high school faculty as vocal teacher. There were five vocal ensembles to represent the vocal part of the music department at district contests. In March, lanice Holkenborg and Iudy Emch were sponsored by the Rotary to participate in the Wilmington College Folk Festival Chorus. The high school chorus performed at several of the school assembly pro- grams. At the Spring Festival the chorus sang two numbers with the accom- paniment of the band. The girls' chorus and the boys' chorus were also features of the Festival. The last performance of the year was Baccalaureate. The Music Department is becoming more outstanding in the activities of NLHS every year. TEEN TCNES DANCE BAND SECOND ROW, left to right-Doug Fetterrnan, Donald Iackson, Larry Smith, Robert Brooks, Tom Brundage, Richard Weathington, Susan Reid, Mr. Machles. FIRST ROW-Darrel Stoner, Mardic Smith, Sandy Sutherland, Beverly Frank, Mary Ann Marett, Gloria Delamater, Ianice Holkenborg. TEEN TONES The Teen Tones were organized in the Fall of 1956. The band consisted of six saxaphones, three trumpets, two trombones, piano, drums, and bass fiddle. ln the beginning their main function was to furnish the music after the basketball games but as the year progressed, they became more active. ln February, when the Student Council sponsored a March of Dimes Dance, they were called upon to furnish the music not only for high school students but adults of the community, too. After many hours of practice, they prepared to play for more dances. After everyone had practiced all day for the Huron County Music Fes- tival, they furnished music for a Before Dinner Dance for all the participating students. They then began to play for -out-ot-town dances. Their first Was a Iunior- Senior Dance at New Haven High School. Another engagement was for the Basketball Homecoming of South Central which was held at North Fairfield High School. Their last and topmost performance Was playing for Monroe- ville's Iunior-Senior Prom. lt became a regular habit for them to stop for something to eat before returning home and leaving Mr. Machles behind with the bill. The band could not have been organized without the help, co-operation, and patience of Mr. Machles. ' Everyone Wishes the Teen Tones as much success in the coming years as they have had this year. IUNIOR I-II BAND MIXED CHORUS - 1 , - Q, if-. if ,,, A ,, s W . .2 ""mrfa- 1 - -1-- FIFTH ROW, left to right-Iim Mitchell, Edgar Crabbs, Alfred Coy, Leonard Ebel, Gary Bonney, lim Shibley, Darrel Stoner. FOURTH ROW-Ola Miller, Iewel Miller, Rose Hodges, Iudy Ward, Zaiqa Lanka, Ruth Rounds, Marcella Nestor, Marcia Kirkpatrick, Kathrine King, Clara Clevenqer, lean Brant. THIRD ROW-Bernice Fowler, Nita Zimmerman, Sandy Bohn, Ioan Weaver, Araine Barnes, Iudith Hauser, Sue Shaneielter, Nancy Thornpkins, Ianice Holkenborq, Marlene Burrows, Dorothy Nichols, loyce Lowery. , SECOND ROW-Mary Ann Knapp, lanet Copley, Martha Ward, Gloria Thomas, Sally Schneider, Sondra Murr, Carol Murray, Shirley Gray, Phyllis Ehrhardt, Helen Goldsmith. FIRST ROW-Donna Thomas, Ruth Redman, Bonnie Ewell, Nancy Hamilton, Indy Campbell, Mary Ann Marett, Rosemary Hile-man, ludy Emch, Corrine Towsiiak, Vivian Shannon, Marilyn Papamore, f 2 , ,V ' if 1 "3 CT' ' l i it jg WT 'ffl .W ,.,, . 1 . WJ V T I KL' I t i , , . . ,- .L ..,,l.,1, J.. , ,L Y .-,,,1,,,j A . ,ie , Q l...,. I , .,..l--,.., 1 , : ' , Y. 5-i,i.l ,Vw , FOURTH ROW, left to right-lerry Chandler, lim Pierce, Carl Chandler, Iim Cawrse, Martha Roeder, Iudy Finkel, Frances Baxter, Tom Randleman, Richard We-athinqton, Ronnie Betz. THIRD ROW-ludy Switzer, Virginia Parker, Mardic Smith, Sandy Sutherland, Sandy Tidswell, Harolyn Hyatt, Doris Harding, Karen Staples, Lois Winfield, Marcia Kirkpatrick, Iean Warqo, Sue Reid, lean Cawrse. SECOND ROW-Wilma Bene, Ann Funk, Darlaine Cooke, loyce Iones, Donna Budd, Rosemary Wilson, Beverly Frank, Eleanor Paramore, Connie Collingwood, Ginny Redies, Susan Guscott. FIRST ROW-Emma Randleman, Dorothy Ciphers, Loueida Smith, Sylvia Meek, Dawn Powers, Carol Burrows, Iudy Martin, Mellanie White, Teddie Towstiak, Carol Cowie. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB L lf N 52+ 1 - - - .. 4 t L r t ., -vf--i--+- L ,fr FIFTH ROW, left to right-Rose Hodges, Iudy Ward, Martha Roeder, Zaiga Lanka, Ruth Rounds, Marcella Nestor. FOURTH ROW-Iudy Switzer, Virginia Parker, Louieda Smith, Ioan Weaver, Sandy Tidswell, Ariane Barnes, Coralie Betz, Gloria Hodges, Linda Garrett, Karen Staples, Sue Reid, Judy Finkel, Ginny Reclies. THIRD ROW-Donna Budd, Dorothy Ciphers, Sandy Bohn, Rosemary Hileman, Sandy Sutherland, Iudith Hauser, Sue Shaneielter, Iudy Ernch, Marc-ia Kirkpatrick, Janice Holkenborg, Harolyn Hyatt, Eleanor Pararnore, lean Wargo. SECOND ROW-Mary Ann Knapp, Mardic Smith, Gloria Delamater, Darlaine Cooke, Ianet Copley, Martha Ward, Beverly Frank, Dawn Powers, Nancy Thompkins, Frances Baxter, Susan Guscott, Nita Zimmerman. FIRST ROW-Teddie Towstiak, Bonnie Ewell, Iudy Martin, Mellanie Vtfhite, Mary Ann Marett, Carol Cowie, Connie Collingwood, Sandy Miller, Iudy Campbell, Rosemary Wilson, Corrine Towstiak. BOYS' GLEE CLUB l Q ill THIRD ROW-Leonard Ebel, Tom Steinke, Iohn Howard, Iirn Pierce, Darrel Stoner, Gary Bonney, Ronnie Betz. SECOND ROW-lim Cawrse, lim Harper, Edgar Crabbs, Ronnie Searight, Alfred Coy, lim Mitchell, Don Murr. FIRST ROW-Larry Merrill, Bob Brooks, Iim Crabbs, lim Westerman, Ronnie Baker, Don Iackson, Tom Brundage. GRADE SEHUUL Rpm. G9 - -,, 5, Qifmx sf X Q sip? ELEMENTARY FACULTY Mrs. Ida Mrs. Viva Mrs. Emily Bradish Hyait Williams FIRST GRADE Mrs. Gladys Mrs. Roberta Miss Esiher Chase Gray Paddock THIRD GRADE I J + E " I ' I 1 rs J .I ,f..,n Eff Mrs. Marguerite Ross Mrs. Elizabeth Mahaney .. Li' ,I -r H.. 'J I 4' -A. sg v. A' :.- , ' W' 4 ,Q 'il Q Mrs. Kathleen Miss Helen Bender Baker SECOND GRADE Mrs. Alberta Mrs. Dorthie Weaver Ringler FOURTH GRA DE ,s.. " ,, , :':- ' .1 S' 5 . L .IE iiift Miss Eleanor Mrs. Gertrude Mrs. Bonadine Mrs. Mary Mrs. Iona Ketchum Gharst Foster Finkel Robbins FIFTH GRADE ELEM. MUSIC SIXTH GRADE SIXTH GRADE ELET i it l"' i Stl FT!!- H! l t Q N , E - I ' . ,re . +ol:ll.l,f-..l,,.. -2-e--'-f - 1 -- , i . -f. . ,- I. .1 ...El Wi., THIRD ROW--John Johnson, Orbie Case, Magdalene Case, Phylistine Collins, Ioyce Newsome, Wilma Hunter, Curtis Bradley, Iames Pararnore, Carl Cotter, Marcella Grosscup, Sherri Snyder. SECOND ROW-Dorcus Hale, Elizabeth Bennett, Georgia Blair, Mary Knapp, Ioan Smith, Nannette Martin, Leonard Rieske, Bernard Ewell, Gary Ewell, Mrs. Finkel. FIRST ROW-Bertha Weiner, Pauline Murr, Harley Leisure, Stevie Hall, Lewis Harp, Fred Cole, William Meek, Nancy Runkle, Rietta Hale. THIRD ROW-Robert Cooke, Iames Snyder, Ianice Pierce, Carol Wenner, Anthony Kirkpatrick, Ellen Kirkpatrick, Bar- bara Landis, Frances Webb, Rodney Stover, Richard Marschall, lay Sirnecek, Ierry Iohns, Dora King. SECOND ROVV--Molly Heckbert, Sherrill Cooke, Vicki Hanson, loyce Copley, Larry Steward, Karen Monroe, Allison Barnes, Ianis Gilbert, Ieanene Iohnson, Allan Grilley, Iames Massie, Mrs. Robbins. FIRST ROW-Betty Porter, Edward Vosatka, Bill Darnron. Michael Miller, David Stewart, Vicki Knapp, Billie Ann Iackson, Pam Frank, Io Ann Garner, Susann Ehrhardt, Terry Lee Krurnrey, Ioyce Matthews. ABSENTEES-Garry Dishong, Susan Snyder. FIFTH GRADE THIRD ROW, leit to right-Rosella Sesco, Betty Harris, Rich ard Sackett, Russell Mahaney, Larry Walton, Stephen Miller, Lyin Leach, Beth Ewell, David Motter, Tom Ward, Robert Sprague, Joan Harmony. SECOND ROW-Mrs, Gharst, Lula Eaton, Danny Brundaqe, Charlotte Cooke, Ruth Burns, Patty Cline, Susan Grilley Duane Aumend, Kathy Delarnater, Rhoda Hartley, Steven Farley, Richard Riedy, Geraldine Young. FIRST ROW--Sharon Pence, Mary Lou Sanders, Peggy Stone, Alice Cowie, Dianne Crumrine, Seward Matthews, Charley Crawford, JoAnn Cowie, Barbara Rhoads, Ristie Murr, Nancy Erickson, Janet Anderson, Kitty Calhoun. ABSENTEES-Linda Thompson, Lois Harvey. T , 1 , . or . THIRD ROW-Joe Miller, Lenna Snyder, Charles Timbs, Anna Scyoc, Stanley Jent, Brenda Bowman, Ernestine Oney, Linda Kidd, Ruth Evans. SECOND ROW--Miss Ketchum, James Wray, Douglas Randleman, John Sanders, Goldie Patton, Harold Paramore, Joseph Enderby, Ronald Knapp, William Mourton, Norman Harp. FIRST ROW-Charles Gardner, Wilburn Parsons, Dan White, Joyce Denslow, Dolly Hale, Richard Harwood, Oren Close, Violet Young, Janet Anderson, Marcia Crabbs. FOURTH GRADE I g,.. 1 1 I 1 1, r t 1 LLM, . .- THIRD ROW-Steven Cooke, Linda Hobbs, Iulia Garner, Mary Davidson, Connie Heston, Iean Rinqler, Laura Murr, Randy Glaser, Dean Campbell. . SECOND ROW-Mrs. Mahaney, Linda Knapp, Linda Swanqer, Neil Lewis, Charles Favidson, Roger Fye, Iudy Cooke, Esther Weiner, lane Ferrell, Linda Farnsworth, Susan Brooks. FIRST ROW-Helen Williams, Diane Wallen, Nickie Petroff, Katherine Iones, David Neel, Marion Paramore, Francis Matthews, Curtis Howard, Daniel Distel, Walter Hartley, Linda Mourton. ABSENTEE-Megan Meyer. THIRD ROW-Bill Ferber, Iuanita Owens, Michael Smith, Don Perry, Io Ann Zimmerman, Christine Hunter, Richard Landis, Roger Kirkpatrick, David Aumend, Kevin Geiger, Robert Liss. SECOND ROW--Clinton Ward, Michael Miller, Danny How ard, Carl Jennings, Iirn Grilley, Charlotte Cook, Sandy Dor- wart, George Harris, Iohn Burk, Sharon Davidson. FIRST ROW-Charlotte Case, Pamela Murr, Elizabeth Mahaney, Sally Funk, Ricki Ulm, Leonard Searl, lean Bradford, Linda Riedy, Cynthia Crawford, Carole White, Ianet Crurnrine. ABSENTEES-Gregg Heidrich, Mrs. Rinqler. - FOURTH GRADE 1 Q l 1 l . 'l 'A , rr 9' We Ml-M.2l-acl, A-'Ti'-lA"P'l' E' ' . S 'voir " 'r 1' I f ' i I .W ..k.. 5 l THIRD ROW-Garen Bowman, Raymond Losoncy, Layman Poole, Donald Brazie, Bobby Phillips, Columbus Hunter, Wayne Poss, Linda Pence, Bernice Battle, Ricky Evans. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Weaver, Stephen Martin, Cynthia Ranclleman, Banche Bennett, Ralph Gardner, Gary Thomas, Iohn Gisclon, Glenn Damron, Connie Poole. FIRST ROW-Carl Crabbs, Kathryn Coombs, Tommy Stewart, Shirley Hall, Ioyce Anderson, Mamie Evans, Lewis Williams, Barbara Iackson, I. B. Patton, ABSENTEES-Marian Eaton, Walter Fife, Oscar Parsons. THIRD GRADE THIRD ROW-Douglas Stoner, Paul O'Reilley, Donna Snyder, Ioyce Pierce, Barbara Marshall, Mary Ellen Landis. Barbara Barcly, Kathleen Schacht, Michael Farley, Warren I-Iainline, Dennis Frate, Larry Hall. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Chase, Donald Webb, Robert Wolfe, Bernice Ray, Sheila Hanville, Cynthia Murray, Ianet Iohn- son, Mark Pasek, lames Heckbert, Cynthia Bowerize, Elizabeth Martin, Iill McCullough. FIRST ROW-Virginia Gregory, Iackie Smith, Susan Riedy, Melanie Esch, Charles Davis, Marilyn Moman, Iohn Cop- ley, Pamela Coombs, Monte Hall, Iudy Runkle, Billy Leach. THIRD GRADE THIRD ROW-Iohnny Farmer, Michael Randleman, Lawrence Perry, Robert Ortner, Earl Erswell, Ice Stevens, William Oney, Karl White, Eddy Harris, Edwin King, Ronnie Hall, Robert Krisha. SECOND ROW'-Mrs. Gray: Mona Marsh, Dolly Lang, Chris Farnsworth, lean Ross, Mary Io Rowland, Regina Parsons, Laurie Gilbert, Tanya Murr, Vickie Ewell, Glenn Iohns. FIRST ROW-Linda Campbell, Mary Kay McConnell, Nancy Funk, William Collins, lay Thomas, Keith Hall, Bobby Zimmerman, David Crawford, Arthur Campbell, Lois Ander son, Debby Grilley, Shirley Darnron, Iuanita Miller. THIRD ROW-Iames Hall, Frank Hall, Alvin Tirnbs, Kermit Hunter, Dallas Case, George Snyder, Randolph Handle- man, Phillip Parsons. SECOND ROW-Miss Paddock, Martha Chaffee, Patsy Sue Close, Larry Risner, Larry Classen, Mary Ann Ferrell, Iarnes Goble, Douglas Murr, Robert Hales, Edward Wallen. FIRST ROW-Walter Ruess, Ricky Hotchkiss, Iackie Youn g, Maurice Bowman, Sue Leach, Danny Kidd, Bonny Ebel, Marilyn Martin, Patricia Young, Darryl Rankle. ABSENTEES-Josh Fife, Iohn Ux. SECOND GRADE t , , A , . Q X it . A A D " , , 5 TA' t 1 'W iw .-....... .. . . E ,L . , . , ,,..-, , , , A , . , un x 1 , , THIRD ROW-George Glass, Iane Baker, Carol lean Frederick, Deborah Smith, Eileen Campbell, Iewell Rippey, Alva Owerzs, Sharon Lewis, Ianis Iohnson, George Spears, Mark Meyer. SECOND ROW-Larence Nee, Lawrence Neel, Larry james Cooke, Douglas Southerland, Larry Keith Cook, David Williams, David Preslan, Larry Murr, Burl Ewell, Iames Dorwart, Miss Baker. FIRST ROW-Carol Hall, Lucille Eaton, Michael Petroff, Dane Wolfe, Keith Leqman, Cheryle Hess, Ioyce Gorby, Martha Bloom, Christine Kilen. l l l l l l l I l l A l l Q l l Q THIRD ROW-Cathy Erswell, Marcus Iones, Ioseph Snyder, Rlchard Cooke, Paul Ienninqs, Alan Paramore, Marla Ward, Allen Handleman, Robert Mahaney, Debby Brazie. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Bender, Gloria Hanville, Janice Cooke, Ianice Poole, David Lilly, Linda Duta, Bonnie Ferrell, Susan Guess, Dale Krumroy, Michael Gilbert. FIRST HOW-dCordell Hunter, Nora Bennett, David Smith, Edward Murr, Rita Ulm, Elizabeth Frank, Robert Gregory. Ianet Cook, Sandra Williams. I ABSENTEES-Raymond. Carroll. SECOND GRADE I I CI' I I I I I I I at I , EIU THIRD ROW--Stephen Sanders, Edward Moman, Charles Fife, Raymond Bowman, Norene Crawford, Clarence Case, Dennis Rumsey, Gary Harp, Paul Kidd. SECOND ROW-Glenna Darnron, lane Hunter, Danny Bassler, Iames Young, Paul Martin, Michael Hartman, Stephen Bowerize, Mrs. Ross. FIRST ROW-Roger Hunter, Thomas Radcliffe, Sandra Martin, Geraldine Wallace, Sandra Poss, Carl Wyatt, Clayton Damron, David Goodman. ABSENTEES-Wiliam Howard. FIRST GRADE THIRD ROW-Ianei Howard, Danny Hamilton, Ernest Leach, Frederick Monroe, Carol Ortner, Burce Harp, Ronald Hales, Gregory Hess, Brynn McKee. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Bradish, Frances Lang, Bruce Knapp, Lora Lucas, Ioseph Murr, Michael Marsh, Ietfrey Iones, Leon Haynes, Thomas Hall, Barbara Kidd. FIRST ROW-Lucy Owens, Karen Leach, Thomas Laconsy, Richard Murr, Steven Krisha, Sharon McConnell, Sharon Hess, Donald Oney, David Matthews, Belinda Bodqkin. FIRST GRADE 'r r 1 1 1 1 I 9 I V r I ! ' Ie l THIRD ROW-Charles Shuman, Iohn Sutherland, Karen Thomas, Roger Stover, Larry Searl, David Stocking, Gordon Petitt, Norris Shriver, Kenny Paramore, Marni Smith. ' 4 SECOND ROW'-Melissa Snyder, Mary Sacketi, Iames Schachi, Roger Shane, Rodney Sutherland, Billy Tucker, Bill Rieske, Harlan Thomas, Marvin Randlernan, Mrs. Hyalt. FIRST ROW-Cynthia Thomas, Carl Senqsiock, Nelda Young, Iohnny Petroff, Lois lean Ward, Dickie Rowland, Debby Phillips, Danny Ux, Rose Oen, Slephen Wheisione, Eliza Wallen. I 'W ll Ei 1 'fn err'- TVI View gr? i , from I THIRD ROW-Albert Coiter, Ursula Heibuizski, Donna Bowman, Laura Lee Cooke, Nancy Cook, Iennifer Chamber- lain, Rodney Anderson, Keith Coombs, Guy Barker. SECOND ROW-Mrs. Williams, Mary Crumrine, David Bricker, Sue Ann Geiger, Elaine Gardner, Iudy Distel, Iefirey Evans, Hairldene Case, Ioan Cooke. FIRST ROW-Dale Goodman, Penny Campbell, Nancy Ferrell, Sharon Erickson, Susan Crabbs, Connie Ebel, Iudy Craw- ford, Billy Enderby, Henry Case. ABSENTEES-Iames Cotter, Spencer Carroll. PITCHVILLE Fitchville Faculty Fitchville School . M 5,51 , SEATED-Mr. Roderick Ricrhter, Principal Mrs. Christine Marett, Mrs. Hazel Earl. SEATED-Mr. Frederick Riqhter, Principal. SEVENTH AND EIGHTI-I GRADES t THIRD ROW, left to right-Ierold Sly, Carol Chandler, Kathie Schneiter, Ronnie Allen, Tack Thompson, David Ritchey, lames Harvey, Twila Garrett, Alan Cutcher, Thomas Cawrse, Robert Snyder, Rita Best, Ieannene Burton, Richard Fry. SECOND ROW-Mr. Wise, lane Wirernan, Corrine Hunter, Rue-Vonne Harvey, Betty Warqo, Bill Burton, David Davis, Tom Wilson, Ierry Porter, Ray Edler, Carol Oney, Vivian Oney, Nancy Reid, Shirley Roeder, Mr. Riqhter. FIRST ROW-Gayle Smith, William Wireman, Indy Chase, Torn Shannon, Arlene Bauer, Tonnie Oney, Roland Hunter Ieanine Wilson, Tom Roeder, Nancy Shannon, Roger Coy, Sandy Kaltenbach. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE . 1 THIRD ROW, left to right-Mr. Wise, Dale Hunter, Iohn Porter, Robert Earl, Iur, Charlain Wireman, Evelyn Krisha, Jerry Bisel, Arene Olshewski, Dinah Garrett, Ian Sauer, Thomas Roeder, Albert Gillian. SECOND ROW-Ianet Bauer, Robert Wilson, Stanley Burton, Ir., Lois Schneiter, Ierry Roeder, Iames Pyanowski, Doris Deppen, Michael Ritchey, Michael Olshewski, Roger Edler, Robert Cutcher, Lesley Baker, Mrs, Streng. FIRST ROW-Tim Porter, Phyllis Chandler, Billy Conley, Betty Iune, Terry Wilson, Shirley Chandler, Mary Blaha. Roger Oney, Bonnie Shannon, Larry Eldridge, Pauline Best, David Baker. TI-IIRD AND FQURTI-I GRADE -wg,,, , M, Mm .Q , yu I 7 , thi Www- fw M Q1 THIRD ROW, leit to right-Mrs. Marrett, Bobby Conley, Mary Lou Deppen, Betty Slone, Danny Bisol, David Wire- ITIGU, I0hH CFGCGUUS, Danny Helton, Gary Gott, Billy Bracken, Shelia Fleming, Alice Reid, Dennis O'Dell, Mrs. Streng. SECOND ROW-Kenneth Wilson, Dennis Clawson, Timmy Brant, Charlene Williams, Teddie Staples, Iudy Hoffman, Ioyce Cutcher, Ralph Chandler, Margaret Shannon, Mary Coy, Murray Stevens, Blair Hunter. FIRST ROW-Danny Trimble, Terrie Lumadue, Clyde Oney, Marjorie Eldridge, Linda Chandler, Billy Kaltenbach, Susan Hunter, Maureen Baker, Eddie Stein, Rosetta Tolliver, Dennis, Fleming. , SECCND AND FIRST GRADE THIRD ROW, left to right-Mrs. Earl, Sandra Mills, Sharon Deppen, l-liqhley Wireman, John Reeder, Marilyn Gott, Larry Olshewslci, Billy Schlaqel, Steve Garrett, Virginia Garrett, Dale Fry, Ronald Folliver, Cecelia Garrett, Myrtle Harvey, Beverly Chandler, Mrs. Marett. SECOND ROW-James Hilton, Joyce Roeder, Robert Williams, Jimmy Conley, Barbara Warqo, Gay Hilton, Maryle I-lickok, Diane Clawson, Barbara Chandler, Donna Perkins, Charles Perkins, Hassell Garvey, Robert Skillicorn. FIRST ROW-Chrystal Campbell, James Hunter, Julia Garrett, Jimmy Oney, Naomi Trimble, John Von Kamp, Betty Brewster, Robert Krise, Linda Morrow, Terry Oney, Charlene Wilson, Mark Stevens, Eileen Baker, Larry Trimble, Edna Stein, Leonard Tidswell. COOKS CUSTODIAN Lett to right-Mrs. Coy, Mrs. Staschke wr " 1 a as a ma 1 E H ,U l SSB rf, 'ia a Eiga M ,E nz a mlggmw it an .aawma Ugg H a a a an it an E aw-, an H f Alnlsmlm Mmm Bs, as H a X aa.tiF aa' a ms sms S?-V ir , ,lwgjieiw R me a 2 ,gre li it ai 5 , , iiriggge Mr. Rolland Bauer Mr. Roderick Riqhter Principal Bus Driver Rolly Bauer C L A R Ii S F I E L D Faculty Clarlqsfielcl School Left to right-Mrs. M. Woodworth, Mr. Cecil Martell, Prin- cipal, Mrs. lenirose Marett. FIFTI-I AND SIXTI-I GRADES THIRD ROW, left to right-Harry Byron, Darryl Thomas, Leonard Foster, Beverly Hormell, Dale Harp, Corwin Nichols, Iohn Nichols. SECOND ROW'-Gloria Warqo, Glenna Hormell, Suzanne Dill, Ronnie Cole, Donald Whaley, Robert Whaley, Ima lean Case, Mr. Marett. FIRST ROW-Wayne Spencer, Robert Wolcott, Ioe Kinnel, Donna Lee Barker, Ronald Rodeheaver, Kenneth Warqo, lim Bates, Lester Bates. TI-HRD AND FOURTH GRADES it - a - -w ' ,i - I 1 , raw-Y , sa' "0 ' it V ' .. ,fr l ive? THIRD ROW, left to right-Rosemary Foster, Paul Conry, Tim Tester, Tom Tester, Rich Harris, Lyle Merrill, Bob Mann, Ruth Frank, Diane Schoville, Austin Gray, Thomas Whale y, Edgar Case, Mrs. Marett. SECOND ROW-Mike Boose, Sandra Warqo, Iimmy Kinnel, Iohn Selka, Marilyn Gray, Bill Smith, Patsy Bates, Connie Harper, David Harp. FIRST ROW-Tom Nichols, Iirnmy Smith, Larry Wolcott, Roberta Cole, lim Case, Don Thomas, Dale Foster, Cheryl Frederick, Dennis Thomas, Mary Lou Allen. EIRST AND SECOND GRADES 'fr SECOND ROW, left to riqht-Virginia Ferrell, Glenn Gray, lim Whaley, lane Conry, loarme Welch, Diane Rode-heaver, Earbara Rodeheaver, Beverly Adams, Iim Hormell, Iohn Bates, lack Harris, Mrs. Woodworth. FIRST ROW-Dean Gray, Susanne Boose, Kathy Puder, Steve Took, Danny Manns, Iames Cole, Mark Thomas, Larry Reep Bill Spore, Bill Allen, Dennis Hall. MRS. TREVA WELCH GEORGE WARGO COOK BUS DRIVER SNAPSHCDTS 1 122.4 Q1 MR. CONRAD LUCAL CUSTODIAN COOKS Left to right, Marian Mitchell, Ada Rider, Vi Brown, Katie Dawson. NEW LCDNDON CUSTGDIANS Left to right-Clyde Hotchkiss, Vic Weaver,- Orville Howsman. BUS DRIVERS FRONT ROW, left to right-Roland Bauer, Clyde Hotchkiss, Roy Baker, Herbert Chamberlain. SECOND ROW-Wayne I-Iofstatter, Iohn Vogts, Sr., Willard Barnes, Robert McConnel, lack Rumsey. kwa Y gygwt H P. lisa Sponsored by The News Centre PAGE George Iohns' Western Auto The News Centre Bailey Implement Company Crumrine Cleaners Burner :Sf Sutherland Hardware Bob's Village Restaurant D. B, Barnes Clothing and Shoes New London Equity Findley's Drugs New London Record Perry Chevrolet Eastman Funeral Home SPCNSGRS Elmer Glaser Ford Sales 6: Service Ferrell-Gardner Wood Products Ohio Body Mfg. Co. Miller Bros. The C. E. Ward Company Nickles Bakery Firelands Electric Co-operative, Inc. Funk Construction Company The E. Biglow Company New London Savings ci Loan Banking Company Smith Tire Sales Newlon Metal Products Company Thomas and Brown Allis Chalmers and Iohn Deere PATRONS Ben Franklin Store l. E. Hubbard Iennings and Churella H. A. Erlenbach, M. D. P. B. Kirkton Farm Supplies and Hardware Snyder Electric Lee's Mobil Schindler's Restaurant O. M. Grissinger Hardware Richards and Burk Stoners Market Henry S. Siddall john Staples Ir. Corner Market C. S. Dr. L. Pasek A. 5 P. Store Ella Marlowe Hat Shoppe Lehman's Pastry Shoppe Knapp Shoe Store Bauer Electric New London Greenhouses T. H. Smith, M. D. West End Greenhouse H. I. Guscott Garage Fitch Funeral Home Otto F. Lanka, M.D. Cor-Ted Beauty Shoppe E. L. Vosatka, D.D. S. Lawrence, Realtor 'I ,, : -T. w. - 1+ , ."' u J,- I 'Ju 1 'H If F , L. J . N. li. I1 rd, 1 . ,Q +9 QW , '- x. ,Mn n 1 , . 3 x , x . a 1 . y -. . - W -1.4, 1 -. ,L-r M534 ff ! "1' 1 51,5 ' ' ,FQ Y 1 ' 135 ffQi'.l 5:1 , ji 3-1: G15 - Yficfi wi 131 . Mt- A 1, ,if ., ff! X ..A' FEI . f ' Wg' - ual lv -.:: 'I . , AIAA .7361 .. :fc 'ffl . ".ytfQI ' .LJ IH.-11, grgglg Aiff?TlN , 4I, f ffl!! ,P 315555, ' FTF1 2 -1:7114 . if W1 t-.1EA,l:- 'Q . JT? 1 ' . .,.' rrp " Nprr:-. ..J- ,M -.4,..'.....a ...,. -.,..,..Y, Y J V V- - -.q..,-L-,..L-Y -., ..,,-., 7. , ... ..... Y., G! avg 4.-

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