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Me W17a'cm' Published by The Senior Class of 1955 New London High Sehool XXXI New Lond Oh Dedication We, the Class of l955, dedicate this edition of the Wildcat to our faculty. We honor, in particular, the faculty of New London l-ligh, but would also like to in- clude in this dedication all of the teachers we have had from grades one through twelve. We are indebted to you who are devoted to the teaching profession and by this dedication we show our appreciation. Administration o BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to right: Mr. Robert E. Pierce, Mrs. Ruth R. Matter, Mrs. Hazel S. Leech, Mr. Robert H. VVe1:ner, Dr. I-I. A. Erlenbach, Mr. E. Schacht. ' l . Dr. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mr, Erlenbach Matter Leech VV en ner Pierce Clerk President V. President We, the Class of l955, wish to express our appreciation to the members of the Board of Education for their leadership and service in the continued development and maintenance of the New London Schools. Superintendent E. J. SCHACHT B. S., M. Ed. ADMIN ISTRATIGN School Secretary MRS. JEAN RUMBAUGH High School principal Elementary School Principal G. W. BENDER F. D. CHASE B. S. Ed., M. A. B. S. CUSTODIANS Mr. Orville l-Iowsrnon Mr. Vic Weaver BUS DRIVERS Wayne Hofstctter Rolly Bauers Lyn Deeley Bob McConnell Willard Barnes Carl Burrows Roy Baker Jack Rumsey Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. COOKS Marian Mitchell Katherine Dawson Velma Potts Mabel Barnes High School Faculty O HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Cornell JOHN H. BACON B S .University JOHN P. WILLIAMS B. S. Central Michigan RUTH M. HARTFORD A. B. Ohio University WILMA GREEN PIERCE A. B. Ohio University DONALD H. JERRY B. A. Muskingum College EUGENE T. SMITH A. B., M. A. Bowling Green Ohio State HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY WW S' ...-Y' JOHN L. McGOWAN A. B., M. A. Ohio State University UCLA KENNETH E. LABORIE A. B. Miami University WILLIAM L. JONES A. B., A. M. Davis and Elkins College West Virginia University . . .. ,.,, ....... -.- ..., LEONARD MACH LES B. S., M. A. Ohio State University DANIEL W. CLINGER B. S. Bliss College JAMES C. GRIFFITH B. S. University of Illinois HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY R. LESLIE MYERS TH ELMA P. HATZEL B. S. A. B. Bowling Green State University Fairmont State College COUNTY NURSE FRANCES LAWRENCE EONADINE M. FOSTER B. M. Heidelberg College o Seniors PRESIDENT ROYCE ARTHUR GANZ "Butch" December 28, I936 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Football I, 2, 3, 4 Track I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 4 Thespian Society 4 F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Class President 4 Annual Staff 4 SECRETARY VIRGINIA MAY COY :lGinny1l May II, I937 Girls' Chorus I, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Girls' State 3 Prince of Peace 4 Thespian Society 4 F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary I, 3, 4 STUDENT COUNCIL LAWRENCE E. GRANNEMAN Ill-arryll January 25, I938 Basketball 3 Football 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Marching Band I, 2 Symphonic Band I, 2 Orchestra I, 2 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 Prince of Peace 4 Thespian Society 3, 4 Student Council President 4 Scholarship Team I, 2, 4 Tattler Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Quiz Bee 4 SENIORS VICE PRESIDENT THEODORE BURTUS HARDY H-I-edu January 3I, I937 Basketball I, Z, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Track I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 F.F.A. I, Z Student Council 2 Class Vice President 4 TREASURER PATRICIA ANN PARKER upattyu October ZI, l937 Marching Band I Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Prince of Peace 4 Thespian Society 3, 4 F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 4 Tattler Staff 3 STUDENT COUNCIL STANLEY WESLEY SWITZER llorvll June I8, I937 Honor Study Hall 4 Basketball 2 Football I Track 3, 4 5 Boys' State 3 Thespian Society 4 F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Scholarship Team 2, 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Sponsored by Huron County Farm Bureau BERTHA GERTRUDE ANDERSON llGertll February 8, 1937 Marching Band 1, 2, 3 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4 'Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Tattler Staff 2, 3, 4 GERALD EUGENE BRANDAL "Phant" August 29, 1937 Basketball 3 Football 3 Track 3 ELLA MAE CRAN DiALL February 21, 1937 Honor Study Hall 4 Marchin Band 2 3 4 Q 1 1 Symphonic Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1 F.H.A. 1, 2 BETTE LOU EVANS 11Rag-Moplz October 6, 1937 Girls' Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Prince of Peace 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Vice President 2 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Tattler 2, 3, 4 SENIORS i E 3 1 JOAN ANNETTE BILTON "Sister" Moy 10, 1937 Girls' Chorus 1 F.H.A, 1, 2, 3, 4 ROLLAND RAY BURT-ON "Slim" April 19, 1937 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Football 1 Track 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 SHIRLEY JOAN DELAMATER "Sadie" June 7, 1937 Honor Study Hall 4 Symphonic Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Girls' Chorus 2, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 4 Thespian Society 4 F.H.A, 2, 3 Class President 2 Scholarship Team 1, 4 Tattler Staff 1, 3, 4 Annual Staff Editor 4 Quiz Bee 4 MAROLYN LOUISE FYE December 5, 1936 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 New London Savings 84 Loan Banking Company JOE FRANKLIN GORSUCH II-,cell June 2, l937 Honor Study Hall 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 Boseball 3, 4 BEVERLY JEANNE HARTMAN "Flexie" August 28, l937 Girls' Chorus l, Z, 4 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 4 F.H.A. l, 2, 3 Tattler 3, 4 CLYDE HOTCHKISS Moy 9, l935 Prince ot Peace 4 JOYCE ANN JACKSON "Shorty" October l, l937 Marching Band l, 2 Tattler l SENIORS WILLIAM EUGENE GREGORY IIBHIII March 4, l938 Honor Study Hall 4 Scholarship Team 4 Quiz Bee 4 MARLENE SUE HUMPHREY "Hump" April 5, l937 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus Z, 3, 4 Prince of Peace 4 F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 4 JACK EDWARD HUBBARD "Jack" December 20, l937 Honor Study Hall 4 Track 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Boys' State 3 Prince of Peace 4 Thespian Society 3, 4 Scholarship Team l, 2, 3 Tattler Stott 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Quiz Bee 4 ESTHER CHRISTENA KELLAR September 30, l937 Girls' Chorus 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 3, 4 F.H.A. l, Z, 3, 4 Sponsored by Heiser's Studio cmd Comero Shop VELMA RUTH KING ,iskipfi July 13, 1937 Marching Band 2, 3, 4 Symphonic Bancl 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3 Girls' Chorus 1 Mixed Chorus 1, 2 F.H.A. 1, 2 CHARLES DAVID LINDENAU "Chuck" October 21, 1936 F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 SARA GRACE MARETT "Sally" October 13, 1937 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team 3 Tattler Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Council 3, 4 RICHARD DUANE MOREY "Dick" September 8, 1937 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Symphonic Band l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4 Thespian Society 4 SENIORS Sponsored by E. Biglow Company SHIRLEY ANN KNUDSEN "Shorty" December 12, 1936 Prince of Peace 4 F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 NANCY JANE LOGAN "Normal" June 21, 1937 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4 Tattler Stott 3, 4 DIANNE EILEEN MCCULLOUGH August 26, 1937 Honor Study Hall 4 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Symphonic Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Girls' Chorus 2, 3 Mixed Chorus 1, 2 Girls' State 3 Prince of Peace 4 Thespian Society 3, 4 Scholarship Team 1, 3 Cheerleader 1, 2 Tattler Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Library Assistant 2, 3, 4 JAMES PARKER PIERCE "Jungle" February 11, 1937 Honor Study Hall 4 Basketball 2 Track 4 Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Symphonic Band 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Thespian Society 4 Class President 1 4 4 Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3, 4 Tattler 4 Annual Staff 4 Quiz Bee 4 All Ohio Boys Band 2, 3, 4 CHARLOTTE MARIE POOLE "Frankie" August I2, I937 Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4 Symphonic Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra l, 2, 3 Girls' Chorus I, 2, 4 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 4 Library Assistant 2, 3, 4 CARL KEITH ROBBINS "Keith" April ZI, I937 Thespian Society 3, 4 F.F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 RICHARD DOLAN SEARIGHT llmickll December 30, l936 F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 MARY ANN SUDA llMaryll December 27, I936 Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Prince of Peace 4 F.H.A. I, 2, 3 SENIORS PAUL SIDNEY PORTER IICOUHIII June I, I937 Marching Band I, 2 Symphonic Band I, 2, 3, Orchestra I, 2 Prince of Peace 4 Scholarship Team I, 2, 3, Tattler Staff 3 PHILLIP ALBERT SCHNEITER nsnydeu March 19, 1937 F.F.A. l, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 LAURETTA MAY SNYDER llReH-ll Marching Band 2, 3, 4 Symphonic Band 2, 3, 4 Girls' Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus I, 4 F.H.A. I, 2 STANLEY ALLEN TESTER "Stan" April 5, I937 F.F.A. 2, 3, 4 Student Council I Sponsored by Newlon Metal Products Company 4 4 ROSE MARIE VARGA "Blondie" May IZ, I936 Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Student Council I Cheerleader 4 MABEL EDITH WARD September 22, I937 Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Tattler Staff 4 WILMER EUGENE WHITE "Stitcheye" January Il, I938 Basketball I Football 2 Track 2, 3 Thespian Society 3, 4 Tattler Staff 3 JOSEPH EARL WOLFE "Jumpin' Jae" July 22, I937 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Track 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Marching Band I, 2 Orchestra I, 2, 3 Prince of Peace 4 Thespian Society 4 F.F.A. I SENIORS JOANNE LOU WARD IIJOII November 28, I937 Honor Study Hall 4 Marching Band 2 Symphonic Band 2 Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4 Thespian Society 3, 4 F.H.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Scholarship Team I, 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 Library Assistant 2, 3, 4 VERONICA JANE WEAVER "Jane" April 7, I937 Marching Band 3, 4 Symphonic Band 3, 4 Orchestra 3 Girls' Chorus I F.H.A. I, 2 Tattler Staff I, 3, 4 ROBERT EUGENE WOLFE "Bussy" July I7, i937 Basketball I Baseball I F,F.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Sponsored by Ohio Body Manufacturing Co. - "Ship by Truck" CLASS HISTORY We, the Class of 1955, have finished the first and most important step of our lives. Now we would like to review a few of the happenings of the last twelve years. We entered the first grade in September 1943, but as of now, there are just a few left who were there to witness that memorable occasion. Our teacher was Mrs. Kirkton, but she was unable to teach us for the full year because of illness. Mrs. Marett taught us during the remainder of our first year. At this time we had little thought of even finishing grade school, but on being promoted to the second grade, we began to anticipate the time when we would be on the second floor and then maybe the sixth grade. Miss Gole was our second grade teacher and was well-liked since nobody received a "spanking" that year. We thought we were very fortunate in our third year for this was the first time that a third grade was to have a room on the second floor. Our teacher that year was Mrs. Burns and we were not so lucky with the "lickings" that year. We then progressed to the fourth grade. Our teacher was Miss Upton and we rememe ber how we used to enjoy the stories of her life as a missionary in Bolivia. Two new members joined our class that year. They were jim Pierce and Paul Porter. Mrs. Gharst took over in the fifth grade and under her guidance we had a very event- ful and happy year as we climbed the fifth rung of the elementary ladder. Then we gained the summit, or so it seemed, as we entered the sixth grade. Under the instruction of Mrs. Wisler, we reached the height of intellectualism. jack Hubbard joined us this year. As We entered the seventh grade, we discovered very quickly that instead of being at the top, we were again at the beginning. However, we rapidly became accustomed to life in high school and completed a very interesting first year in N.L.H.S. The eighth grade saw us preparing in anticipation of our graduation from junior High and again we were big shots only to be let down on entering high school. jane Weaver joined us this year. Our Freshman year was a big one as usual with the coming of the new students from Fitchville, Hartland, and Glarksfield. These students were: Stanley Switzer, Royce Ganz, Shirley Knudsen, Rolland Burton Cwho had moved to Fitchvillel, Phillip Schneiter, joan Bilton, Mary Ann Suda, Patty Parker, Rose Varga, Virginia Coy, Fritz Sauer, and Rich- ard Searight. Again in our sophomore year a new group of students came in, this time from Roches- ter. These were: Ted Hardy, Velma King, joe Gorsuch, Marolyn Fye, Bob Wolfe, jo- anne Ward, Mabel Ward, and Joe Wolfe. Another new entry from Greenwich was Nancy Logan. Our Junior year was filled with many activities, including our junior play, "State Fair" the first to be sponsored by the Thespian Society, and the junior-Senior Prom which climaxed a most eventful year. Bill Gregory joined our class this year. It was our privilege to be the last class to enter school under the supervision of M1'. Ira L. Landes, for he retired at the end of our first year in 1944. Our next superinten- dent was Mr. D. P. Bodenbender, who was here for three years. At his departure in 1947, the superintendency was taken by Mr. K. G. DcGood, who was here for five years. At the beginning of our sophomore year in 1952, Mr. E. Schacht came to New Lon- don as superintendent and it is under his supervision that we graduate. CLASS HISTORY As we look back on our school experiences, we must express our sincere thanks to the teachers who worked so diligently that we might be in the place we are today. The original Senior class in New London included: Bertha Anderson, Jerry Brandal, Rnlland Burton, Ella Nlae Crandall, Shirley Delamater, Larry Cranneman, Beverly Hart- man, Marlene Humphrey, Joyce jackson, Esther Kellar, Charles Lindenau, Dianne MC- Cullough, Charlotte Poole and Wiliner White. At the same time that this group was beginning school in New London, loan Bilton, Virginia Coy, Royce Ganz, Shirley Knudsen, Patricia Parker, Keith Robbins, and Phillip Schneiter, were doing the same in Fitchville and Richard Searight was starting school in Clarksfield. Marolyn Pye, Velma King, joe Wolfe, Robert X'VO1fC, Joanne Ward, and Mabel Ward were taking the first steps through the door of the Rochester first grade. A11 in all, 28 members of our class were beginning school careers in the area schools that send their pupils to N.L.IrI.S. Others joined our class as we have noted and togeth- er we make up the inimitable Class of 1955. As a class, we are looking forward to our Baccalaureate Services on Sunday, May 22, and our Commencement Exercises on Thursday, May 26. Rev. Lawrence Crawford and Rev. Harold Allem will collaborate in our Baccalaureate Services and Dr. Glenn L. Clay- ton is to be our commencement speaker. 0 CLASS PROPHECY At the 1975 Alumni Banquet of good old N.L.l'l.S., the Historian of the Class of 1955 reported that the graduates of that year are now engaged in the following pursuits of life: Two of the '55 graduates have migrated to Norwalk-at the largest bank, serving as chairman of the board, is Patty Parker and over at the Court House is Marolyn Pye, sec- retary for the County Commissioners. Mary Ann Suda is in Cleveland working with her sister. They are co-sales' managers at I-ligbee's and their new ideas have revolutionized the shopping industry. Virginia Coy is now the head beautieian at one of the leading hair stylist salons in New York. The don-eagle haircut is coming in to popularity again-not only for boys, hut girls, tool Jack l'1ubbard, who received his NIA. degree in construction engineering, is now work- ing hard on a man-made space satellite. Unfortunately, he ran out of fuel while up there and as yet he has not found a way down. Bertha .Anderson is Second Lady of the Land, and earlier this year she entertained the class of '55 at her Waslrington vice-presidential home. Sponsored by Kr1opp's Shoe Store CLASS PRQPHECY Charles Lindenau and Jerry Brandal are managing an enormous gas station at East 33rd and Walker Blvd. in prospering New London. lhe profits have been of such a nature that future plans include an oil well in Texas for a direct supply of gasoline. Holland Burton, star center for the New York Knickerbockers, is still going strong. just last evening he pumped in 40 points in a play-off game. Because of her hard, honest labor in a dime store, Ella Mae Crandall now manages an entire chain of dime StOI6S across the nation. Charlotte Poole, one of the leading hair stylists in the country, has a television program on weekdays CChannel 892. This show appears in 3-D, color, and panorama. Royce Ganz, owner of a 10,000-acre farm in Tennessee, is presently trying to cross a Florida orange and an Ohio apple. The results are discouraging, but the future looks brighter. Ted Hardy won a football scholarship to Georgia Tech. As you all know, he has re- turned to New London High School as football coach and has turned out his first winning football team. joe Gorsuch, because of his mental aptitude, finished business school in six months. After graduation, he promptly organized a large adding machine firm now known as Gor- such and Sons. Their largest model weighs two tons Cfor adding large figuresl Shirley Delamater has obtained an lVl.A. in education and still plans to teach elemen- tary school, although at present she is rearing her own family of six. Clyde Hotchkiss, owner of Clyde's Super-Duper Super Market, has drawn the nation's attention with his atomic-powered shelf fillers. The entire store is manned by atomic robots. Clyde's future plans include building another of his super markets on the moon. Soon after graduating, Phil Schneiter attended a welding school in Cleveland and grad- uated vvith honors. He has done several special welding jobs across the nation and pres- ently is working on a pipe line in Arabia. Dick Morey, the New York millionaire playboy, claims to have dated every girl east of the Mississippi. He is taking the next plane to Las Vegas to start on his western engage- ment. Jane Weaver attended a stewardess school and at present is assigned to the run between New London and Capetown, South Africa. Stanley Switzer, the famous charter-boat owner from Florida, has been promoted to Captain of the U. S. S. United States. His first day on board ended in disaster as he ordered the ship backed into a dock. Paul Porter, now a chemical engineer, was a crew member of the first space-ship to the moon. There he has recently opened his own laboratory which is located adjacent to the second crater on your right. Beverly Hartman, a very industrious girl, has two part time jobs. She is one of the smiling girls on the Jackie Gleason Show and also models bathing suits in lVlacy's store window. That low-flying airplane turning somersaults over New London yesterday was piloted by Bill Gregory, now a daring stunt pilot. At the county fair this year, there appeared a fabulous darcdevil driving show, "The Searestersn. The partners in this extravaganza are Dick Searight and Stan Tester. Sponsored by Ashland Sanitary Dairy CLASS PROPHECY Bette Evans is still operating her dancing school. Iler latest dance is a mixture of the Bunny I-lop, I-lokic Pokic, Fish, and the Charleston. Dianne McCullough, the famous actress on Broadway, recently completed an engage- ment in New London. She is starring currently in "Left With the Cale." Nancy Logan, the abstract artist, is teaching in art school. Her latest prize-wining cre- ation was madc by her pct cat "Foo-Foo", who walked on the canvas with itsr paint-cover? cd feet. Sally Nlarett, known for her speed in typewriting, is now working part time for the Von Schnible Truck Company as well as caring for her family. Velma King and Esther Keller are two of the nation's best stenographers. Their com- bined speed records have never been broken. It now stands at 399 c.w.p.m. joe Wolfe, who is constable over in the growing Village of Rochester, has never let a crook slip through his clutches. Isle always catches them with his hot Ford. The surgical ward of the new New London Hospital is now under the supervision ef Dr. Marlene I-Iumphrey. Two of her capable assistants are Lauretta Snyder and Joan Bil- ton. A frequently-heard remark in this department is "May I cut in?" Joanne Ward, better known as the brain, is working as a secretary in an experimental laboratory. She married the lab technician. Keith Robbins, after graduation from Ohio State, purchased a 350-acre farm next to the farm of Royce Ganz. His Berkshire hogs escape into Royce's orchard and eat his ex- perimental orange-apples. Shirley Knudsen, always inspired by Mr. Clinger's lectures on the May Company, is now their chief accountant. Jim Pierce, who received his Ph.D. in Education, is an English professor at Vassar. During the summers he sa i ls his raft to the Polynesian Islands to visit his native girl- friends. Larry Granneman has recently been promoted to art editor of the "Saturday Evening Post". It is said that Larry argues loud and long with retired Norman Rockwell over the effect of his paintings. Bob Wolfe has attained financial success as owner of the doughnut hole factory located in the old school building at Rochester. Have you seen Hedda I-lopper's latest hat creation? The latest style, a bird's cage with a live parakeet inside, was designed by Joyce jackson. Wilmer White owns that big farm just south of New London. The "White Rectang- ular Farmn is experimenting on Kentucky Blue grass-trying to make it green. Mabel Ward, still working hard, has traveled to France and is taking a cooking course at one of the most famous cooking schools in the world. Rose Varga also traveled to France with Mabel. She has to keep slim because she is modeling for Dior. Mabel has helped Rose Varga by developing a chocolate sundae with very few calories. With this review of the accomplishments of the Class of 1955, we cn conclude but one thing. We are proud of every one of the members of this class on this, the twentieth anniversary of their graduation. We can only guess at the happenings of the next twenty years, but we know that everyone of them will continue to strive to do his best. Sponsored by Waldorf Studio CLASS. WILL lVe, the Class of 1955, being of a sound and brilliant state of mind, do hereby make decree, and publish our last will and testament. We hereby bequeath to the faculty some of our most valued possessions: To Mr. Schacht, a scholarship team that will bring back the highest honors for N.L.l-LS. To Mr. Glinger, a completely new typing department full of new equipment. To Mrs. lrlatzel, several hundred bolts of material to make an unlimited number of dresses. To Miss Hartford, a quiz bee team that will be undefeated. To Mrs. Rumbaugh, a new duplicator machine, so she can manufacture unlimited numbers of detention slips. To Mr. Laborie, a chemistry class that will not blow themselves up. To Mr. Maehles, a choir that will excel at the state contest. To Mr. Smith, a hundred-foot roll of paper, so he can make new "wall-paper" for his biology class. To Mr. McGowan, an undefeated junior High track tream. To Mr. Bender, a school full of students who do not get detention slips. To Mr. Bacon, a large economy size compass for demonstrating problems to the me- chanical drawing class. To Mr. Jerry, a gym full of new equipment to aid the excellent football team. To Mr. Myers, an unruly eighth grade math class. To Mrs. Pierce, a fresh new Seventh Grade class that is, as usual, lost in the vast halls of N.L.H.S. To Mr. Jones, another quiet American Government class. To Mr. Griffith, another very unruly Ag class. To Mr. Williams, another well-equipped art room, complete with archery shop. Furthermore, we, the Class of 1955, do hereby bequeath some of our most cherished possessions and memories to the students. I, Ioan Bilton, will to Donna Davis, my ability to stick up for Greenwich. I, Rose Varga, will my cheerleading skirt to a successful cheerleader of next year. I Velma King, will to Wanda Knapp, my typewriter and the right to type stencils for lNlr. Glinger. I, Ella Mae Crandall, will to Barbara Blaha, the ability to play first trombone in the band. .- I, Bill Gregory, will my height, every inch of it, to anyone who can use it. I, Paul Porter, will my "pear-shape" to Tom Day. Sponsored by Eastman Funeral Home 7 CLASS. WILL I, Joyce Jackson, will to Barbara Patchen, my ability to erase on typing budgets with- out getting caught. I, Patricia Ann Parker, will to Lila Heitsche, the right to go to all 4-I-I meetings and to have fun with the boys. ' I, Shirley Ann Knudsen, will to Joan Koolcen, my ability to get A's in shorthand class. I, Marlene S. Humphrey, will to everyone in the Junior class, the right to eat brandy candy between classes. I, Ted Hardy, will my love of sports to Ron Bunkle. I, Bollartd Burton, will to Tom Burrows, my dog sled and the right to tell big tales of the olden days in fifth and sixth period industrial arts. I, Virginia Coy, will my ability to skip gym classes to Shirley Byron. I, Joe Wolfe, will my "Ford Buss" to "Space" Marett, my chemistry book to Bod Streng and my slender figure to Darty Dunn. I, Jerry Brandal, will to Doug Tullc, the right to get out of eighth period study hall. I, Marolyn Fye, will to Hazel Bencar, my ability to keep quiet. I, Keith Robbins, will my ability to make noise in Ag. class to Bod Streng. I, Boyce Ganz, will to Howard Dura, the responsibility of being president of the senior class and the F.F.A. I, Richard Searight, will the chances I take when on Ag. trips to Howard Cramer. I, Beverly Hartman, will to Barbara Stone, my technique of going steady during my senior year. I, Wiliner White, will to Doug Tulk, my good behavior in all eighth period study halls. I, Phil Schneiter, will to Richard Bilton, my ability to work in the office seven periods out of eight. I, Stanley Switzer, will to Calvin Cole, the right to "goof-off" in Ag. class and still get Ads. I I, Mary Ann Suda, will to Barbara Blaha, the right to have a clear conscience and the ability to always do the right thing. I, Mabel Ward, will to Donna Davis, my seat in Mr. Jones' American Government class. I, Shirley Delamater, viill to Susan Lawrence, the right to be in all school activities, all church activities, and stay in honor study hall. I, Dianne McCullough, will to Marie Springer, my position in concert band. I, Clyde Hotchkiss, will my woodworking talent to Don Chandler. Sponsored by Glenn Jennings CLASS WILL I, Jack Hubbard, will my position on the Tattler Staff Qand the heaclachesj to Glenn Stewart and Dave O'Hara. I, Bette Evans, will to Peg Meloy, my pink and black shoes. I, lim Pierce, will my battered tuba to Tommy Brundage. I, Jane Weaxfer, will my seat in home room to any poor Junior who can use it. I, Joanne Ward, will my ability to make honor study hall to any brainy junior. I, Nancy Logan, will the right to "goof-off" in art class to Pat Perkins. I, Stanley Tester, will my quiet ways to Bill King. I, lo: Corsuch, will my position on the football team to Jim Shibley in ith a slightly usctl bottle of smelling salts. I, Larry Cranneman, will my ability to take seven steps between the low hurdles to Darrel Stoner. I, Chuck Lindenau, will my "hot-roddin"' ability to Howard Cramer. I, Charlotte Poole, will my winning personality to Betty Haynes. I, Bertha Anderson, will to Dave O'Hara, my dangerous and exciting episodes in art class. I, Esther Kellar, will my natural blonde hair to any underclassman whose peroxide bottle is getting low. I, Dick Morey, will first trumpet in the band to the lucky person who gets it next year I, Lauretta Snyder, will my interest in 4-H activities to Carol Myers. I, Bob Wolfe, will my black and yellow "beetle" to any "hot-roddin"' junior. We, the Class of 1955, being of sound mind and body, do hereby sign, seal, and publish this, our last will and testament. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1955 Sponsored by Crumrine Cleaners High School Classes o IUNIOR CLASS FIRST ROW, Left to right-David O'Hara, Thomas Day, Susan Lawrence, William Dunn, John Marett, James Brown, SECOND ROW-Janice Bauer, Richard Bilton, Bar- bara Blaha, Shirley Byron, Art Campbell, Sue Case. THIRD ROW-Donald Chandler, Howard Cramer, Louise Denslow, Howard Duta, Dean Emerson, Donna Foster. FOURTH ROW-Roger Fowler, Arthur Frank, Joyce Franklin, Donald Hardy, Betty Haynes, Lila Heitsche FIFTH ROW-Margaret Hess, Ruth Keifer, Howard Kessler, William King, Patricia Knapp, Wanda Knapp Sponsored by G. W. Delamater Trucking and Pure Oil Co., L. E. O'Hara JUNIOR CLASS wo- v 'Mu' A I i E l i FIRST ROW, Left to right-Joan Kooken, Robert Springer, Glen Stewart, Barbara Stiles, Betty Stiles. Martin, Ruth McClave, Beverly McQuate, Sonia Mekoleskel peggy Meloya FOURTH ROW-Barbara Stone, Dorothy Story, Rodney Streng, Douglas Tulk, Bruce Upton, David SECOND ROW-Carol Meyer, Janice Oney, Arthur Weiner. Paramore, Barbara Patchen, Patricia Perkins, Doris Poole. FIFTH ROW-Anita Westfall, Rosalie Wilson. ABSENT-Thomas Burrows, Calvin Cole, Donna THIRD ROW-Ronald Runkle, June Ryan, Marie Davis, David Selzer. Sponsored by Norwalk Bottling Works and Parson's Jersey Dairy W ,,,soPHoMoRE c:LA'sis THIRD ROW, Left to right - Douglas Eetterman, David Burner, Orville Collins, Robert Geyer, Carl Chandler, Ed Hamilton, Jean Cawrse, Frances Baxter, Oliver Close, Junior Bennett. SECOND ROW-Harolyn Hyatt, Janice Holkenborg, Edgar Crabbs, Don Gray, Ed Cum- mings, Judy Emch, Rosemary Hileman, Susan Guscott. FIRST ROW-Pauline Denger, Lueise Anderson, Judith Hauser, Connie Collingwood, Cleo Bartow, Hazel Benear, Lucie Ellinwood. .,... . .. ,. ..,. ,., . W .,. . ,... .. ,, . ,,,., , ,A ,.,, ET ,,.,,.,.m1.,..,, :Ia ..,,. :W Y. ,. . -I 1 K., ,, , -.N.k A V, may I FOURTH ROW, Left to right-Norman Snyder, Carl Stober, Bob Smith, Bill Pierce, Nor- ris Snyder, Dale Myers, Darrel Stoner, Eugene Rogers, James Pierce. THIRD ROW-Tom Porter, Sidney Murray, George Ray, Richard Nestor, Ken Ratliff, Jean Wargo, Louieda Smith, Ruby Penwell, Virginia Parker. SECOND ROW-Herb Knapp, Sondra White, Joan Schneider, Judy Switzer, Rena Murray, Joyce Skala, Eleanor Paramore, Donna Tester. FIRST ROW-Ralph Weiner, Nita Zimmerman, Wilma Morett, Emily Wolfe, Wayne Oney, Eunice Westfall, Judy Martin. ABSENT-Barbara Adams, Robert Suda, Roger Weaver. Sponsored by Miller Bros, ond New London Tractor Scales it Q FSR ESHaalf1,l!-XN C'-A55,, FOURTH ROW, Left to right-Rose Hodges, Donald Fields, Jean Burton, James Harper, Wilbur Harp, Robert Howard, Errol King, Donald Brandal, Wanda Luteman, Anna Harvey, THIRD ROW-Robert Cotter, Larry Hurst, Mike Coombs, Don Bauer, Ralph James, San- dra Bohn, Coralie Betz, Patsy Enderby, Cecelia Delaney. , SECOND ROW-Nancy Blaha, Joyce Jones, Donna Budd, William Knapp, Lorette Hall Ann Funk, Don Davis, Jean Brant. FIRST ROW --Chester Heidl, Donald Johnson, Robert Campbell, Gary Cleland, Doren Davis, Robert Brooks, Bonnie Ewell. 1 FOURTH ROW, Lett to right-Paul Fingulin, Terry Lucal, Jerry Chandler, Floyd Denslow, Robert Eldridge, Gerald Johnson, Martha Roeder, Ruth Rounds. THIRD ROW-Gary Staples, Edward Frank, James Shibley, Weldon Puder, Roger Motter, Marcella Nestor, Mary Sauer, Tom Robertson, Robert Randleman. SECOND ROW-Gordon Staschske, Dawn Powers, Corrine Towstiak, Joan Weaver, Ron- ald Searight, Lora Tacketf, Margot Terner, Mary Ann Marett, Sylvia Meeks. FIRST ROW-Martha Ward, Gloria Thomas, Judy Thomas, Mardic Smith, Judy McCul- lough, Nancy Tompkins, Betty Wolcott. ABSENT-Carmita Brazie, Yvonne Case, Jamcs Cawrse, Gerald Geiger, Regina Grilley, James Holcomb, Lillian Murr, Judy Ward. EIGHTH GRADE David Bilton Bennett, Barrie Hauser, Ishmael Spears, Bruce Walter Lovelace Darryl Farmer, Lois Allem. THIRD ROW--Pat Lewis, Marlene Burrows, Beverly Franks, Sutherland, Theodora Towstiak, Mike Powers, Sue Shanefelter, Dan Ringler, Terry Ward, Ariane Barnes, Lois Snyder, Don Jackson. SECOND ROW-Wilma Bene, Ollie Norris, Carol Murray, lma Jean Hunter, Jeannette Skala, Ann Karnes, Eloise Upton, Sandra Murr, Connie Hurst, Eddie Shaver, Wayne Smith, Carol Tester. FIRST ROW - James Mitchell, Joe Runkle, Nancy Westfall, Cerita Herrel, Mary Lee Richards, Fred Weiner, Ezella Parsons, Nancy Hamilton, Darlaine Cooke, Eilleen Biele- feld, Marilyn Paramore, Ronald Baker. SEVENTH GRADE I i . f 1 ' , ' in i ' it liagiilag '3-4' 'Ti Karnes, Harry Shreve, Otis Randleman, Arthur Parsons, Verne Runkle, 'David Wells. SECOND ROW-Gilbert Searl, John Pierce, Judy Rosenberger, Martin Snyder, Lois Win- field, David Powers, Hubert Snyder, Carmel Tockett, Paul Terner. FIRST ROW-Richard Weathington, Sandra Miller, Mellanie White, Donald Murr, Roger Ulm, Marvin Smith, Thomas Randleman, Darryl Tulk, Emma Jean Murr, SEVENTH GRADE FOURTH ROW-Kenneth Hahn, Richard Carroll, Elvin King, Michael Clark, Jewel Miller, Darryl Downing, Kathleen Duta, Marcia Kirkpatrick, Gloria Hodges, Betty Hennen, Har- old Delaney. THIRD ROW-Ronnie Granneman, Judy Campbell, Janet Atha, Patricia Garrett, Linda Deeley, Robert Hunter, Gary Burt, Gary Bonney, Robert Harp, Thomas Brundage, Gloria Delamater, Guy Lucas. SECOND ROW-David Cline, Kathryn King, Meredith Brazie, Eunice Allern, Lula Gray, Terry Fingulin, Mary Ann Knapp, Janet Copley, Carol Ann Cowie, Orlo Hartley, James Lawrence. FIRST ROW-Carlos Collins, Gene Funk, James Crabbs, Dennis McConnell, Phillip Brit- tain, Larry Enderby, Marilyn Martin, David Hartley, Charles McClave, Arthur Lucal, Tony Denslow, John Howard. C Sponsored by Victoreen instrument Company AND OUR ENROLLMENT SOARS VVhen the 1954-'55 school year began in September, 387 students were enrolled in the upper six grades. The largest class was the Freshman class with a membership of 77, but the 76 seventh graders were pressing very closely for this honor. VVe, the Seniors, were the fewest, numbering but an even 50, and today we are but 45 in number. The elementary school again mushroomed and a total of 457 shining faces appeared the day after Labor Day. Again as in every recent year, the first grade was the largest with 36 pupils in each of the three first-grade rooms. Although some rooms seem to have a preponderance of boys and others a majority oi: girls, the statistics say that New London School has 428 boys and 416 girls, a rather close division of the 844 students. As the enrollment soars, so docs our number of teachers increase. The stall' now con- sists of 32 teachers. Also the number of buses needed to transport pupils increases and this year a new 60- passcnger bus was put into service making a total of six New London buses now carrying pupils to school each day. As the student body grows, the corridors of New London School bulge more and more. No rooms have been added for high school purposes for the last 30 years and only four new rooms have been added for elementary purposes. To remedy this situation, a bond issue was passed last fall and the Board of Education has plans for the remodeling of the old gymnasium and the adding of a second floor to the new elementary building. lt is the hope of all of us that when the next school-year rolls around there will be fou 1' classrooms, a cafeteria, and new shop facilities awaiting the high school pupils, and four new classrooms ready to be occupied by the elementary grades. There is little doubt but that there will be more students than ever awaiting the opening of school next September. Sponsored by West End Greenhouse o Elementary School ELEMENTARY FACULTY ro is rs. Hyatt rs. Williams FIRST GRADE Miss Baker Mrs. Bender Mrs. Ros SECOND GRADE M s. Chase Miss Paddock Mrs. Robbins Mrs. Weav THIRD GRADE FOURTH GRADE M s. Gharst Miss Ketchum MVS- Finkel Mrs, Wls FIFTH GRADE SIXTH GRADE SIXTH GRADE FOURTH ROW, Left to right-Paul Keifer, Merle Crandall, Joyce Potts, Marla Ringler, Kathleen Lewis, Larry Smith. THIRD ROW - Susan Miller, Randy Bender, John Gregory, Jock Murr, Michael Blake, Marilyn Ux, Diane Dorwart, Archie Smith, Roy Johnson. SECOND ROW--June Paramore, Gay Runkle, Jocquelin Matthews, Nancy Brooks, Pat- ricia Meeks, Robert Ewell, Betty Gemmel, Winston White. FIRST ROW-Dottie Steward, Ronald Ulm, Donna Rhoads, Saundra Golding, Judy Hodges, Allan Jones, Kay Erlenbach. ABSENT-Charlene Frederick, Dean Risner. THIRD ROW, Lett to right-Donald McClave, Myrna Calloway, Richard Shriver, Roseann Edens, Alice Timbs, James Domron, Madaline Carroll, Charles Day, Clifford Goble. SECOND ROW-I-larold Hall, Eunice Calloway, Luther Cotter, Eugene Brazie, Norma Cot- ter, Janet Cole, Gary Farmer, Rodney Williams. FIRST ROW-Irene Radcliffe, Doris Duta, Patricia Reicly, Ronald Poole, Barbara Moore, Norman Miller, Helen Weiner. ABSENT-Gracie Case, John Kidd, Gerald Cowie, Myron Knapp. FIFTH GRADE I Z Jul f if lm ' TWWS " J S a J 5 FOURTH ROW, Left to right-Willard Smith, Cathy Jennings, Ramon Upton, Ruth Ann Zimmerman, Myrtie Ratliff, Bobby Patton, Roberta Luteman, Gregory Barnes, Barry Miller. THIRD ROW-Beverly Randleman, Suzanne Farnsworth, Steven Farnsworth, Marvin Ward, Jean Rieske, Gayle Sutherland, William Cooke, Adele Hileman, Lois Burt. SECOND ROW-Fred Cole, Jackie Miller, Carol Hobbs, Paul Payne, Ray Baxter, Sharon Hatcher, Glen Sprague, Margaret Frate, Barbara Young, FIRST ROW-Patricia Delamater, Carol Randleman, Mary Ann Staples, Evelyn Radcliffe, William McCullough, Don Lawrence, Tom Lawrence, Doris Goble. ABSENT-Raymond Kilen, Sally McConnell, Leslie Sackett. THIRD ROW, Left to right-Larry Robertson, Eugene Geiger, Bernard Spears, Orbie Case, Arnold Cole, James Paramore, SECOND ROW-Frankie Shaver, Neil Brandol, Mark Knapp, Bonnie Jackson, Sharma Searl, Magdaline Case, Juanita Hamilton, Ossie Parsons. FIRST ROW -- Carol Neel, Mary Knapp, Dean Runkle, Burton Runkle, Dianna Harvey, Elizabeth Bennett Sherrianne Snyder. ABSENT-Junior Tackett. FOURTH GRADE , FOURTH ROW, Lett to right-Jerry Johns, Ellen Kirkpatrick, Richard Marschall, Rod- ney Stover, Robert Cooke, Janice Pierce, Anthony Kirkpatrick, Carol Wenner. THIRD ROW-Lana Runkle, Vicki Hanson, Dora King, Sherrill Cooke, Vicki Knapp, Jay Simecek, James Massie, Alan Grilley, Karen Monroe, Barbara Landis. SECOND ROW-Janis Gilbert, Susan Snyder, Bertha Weiner, Martha Heckbert, Betty Jo Porter, Allison Barnes, Joyce Copley, Jeanene Johnson, Pauline Murr. FIRST ROW-Joyce Matthews, Terry Lee Krumroy, Jo Ann Harner, Pam Frank, Larry Steward, Billie Ann Jackson, Susann Ehrhardt, Nancy Runkle. ABSENT-James Snyder, Edward Vosatka. THIRD ROW, Left to right-Gary Ewell, Lonna Snyder, Carl Cotter, Phyllis Collins, Joyce Newsome, Grace Tackett, Barbara Campbell, Dora Ellen Hunter, Lilly Dean Kidd, Kenneth Collins. SECOND ROW - Larry Farmer, Weldon Price, David Stewart, Lewis Harp, Charles Price, Leonard Rieske, Bernard Ewell, Georgia Blair. FIRTS ROW-Michael Miller, William Mourton, Diane Farmer, Gary Enderby, Anna Mae Scyoc, Nanette Martin, William Meek. ABSENT-William Damron, Eleanor Williams. THIRD GRADE FOURTH ROW, Left to right-Patricia Cline, Joan Harmony, Thomas Ward, Gloria Col- lins, Lulu Eaton, George Ford, Stephen Miller, Ruthie Burns. THIRD ROW-David Motter, Duane Aumend, Wilburn Parsons, Richard Riedy, Robert Sprague, Steven Farley, Larry Walton, Charlotte Cooke, Ronald Knapp. SECOND ROW-Geraldine Young, Seward Matthews, Beth Ewell, Nancy Hotchkiss, Lynn Leach, Katherine Delamater, Alice Cowie, Rhoda Hartley. FIRST ROW-Kitty Calhoun, Jo Ann Cowie, Gary Smith, Barbara Rhodes, Peggy Stone, Lois Harvey, Linda Thompson, ABSENT-Janet Anderson, Nancy Ericson, Richard Sockett, Betty Harris, Mary Lou San- ders, Susan Grilley, Danny Brundage. . --- W- - -ff-"Wa ""7"""' r , I , 41 'armies' ,i r' , I 1" ii I L ,. , ..,, Ha-, , Lg. I I I FOURTH ROW, Left to right-James Wray, Shirley Westfall, Stanley Jent, Charles Timbs, Joe Miller, Patsy Carrol, Douglas Randleman, Janet Smith. THIRD ROW-Harold Paramore, Linda Lou Supple, Norman Harp, Linda Sue Kidd, Barbara Gray, Brenda Bowman, Laymon Poole, Jennifer Norris, Charles Gardner. SECOND ROW-Dianne Crumrine, Ristie Murr, Dan White, Joseph Enderby, Charles Davidson, Sandra Farmer, Jake Clark, Richard Harwood. FIRST ROW-Lewis Williams, Brenda Payne, Marcia Crabbs, Jerry Gardner, Ruth Evans, Connie Poole, Eva Lea Williams. ABSENT-Janet Anderson, Ernestine Oney, Oren Close, Goldie Patton, SECOND GRADE FOURTH ROW, Left to right-Linda Knapp, Michael Smith, Randy Glaser, Donald Perry, Jean Ringler, Clinton Ward, Roger Kirkpatrick, Robert Liss. THlRD ROW-Pamela Murr, Robert Phillips, Carl Jennings, Neil Lewis, Richard Landis, Linda Swanger, Esther Weiner, Jo Ann Zimmerman. SECOND ROW-David Neel, Marion Paramore, Nickie Petroft, Francis Matthews, Linda Riedy, Marilyn Gray, Dianne Wallen. FIRST ROW-Linda Mourton, Barbara Jackson, Carol White, Megan Meyer, Helen Wil- liams, Katherine Jones, ABSENT-Michael Miller, Cynthia Randlernan. THIRD ROW, Lett to right--Judy Cooke, Mary Davidson, Marian Eaton, Dean Campbell, Steven Cooke, Julia Harner, Linda Hobbs, Bill Ferber SECOND ROW-Charlotte Cook, Sandy Dorwart, David Aumend, Bernice Battles, Char- lotte Case, Kevin Geiger, Roger Fye, Gregg l-leidrich, George Harris. FIRST ROW: Walter Hartley, Janet Crumrine, Daniel Distel, Sally Funk, Jean Bradford, Christine Hunter, John Burk, Jane Ferrell, Susan Brooks. ABSENT-Sharon Davidson, Steven Hotchkiss, James Grilley. , SECOND GRADE .Q . ,K . , .WMM ,..M M, ,M , k , . WW H my Q - - I . M ' Y A -4:1 :JE12a,Q"'aM , . , , H, I , KM., if ,,m,,,Q.,mMEmfa, V 1' - 1 i , -M . 1 i - ' ffl53f5ai,ma?fi'm THIRD ROW, Lett to right-Blanche Bennett, Stephen Martin, Raymond Losoncy Kali-HC PErsonskColumbus Hunter, Atig Kidd. ' - arry isner, Bett Williams, Gar Thoma ,N ' ' Evans, Dallas Case, Ralph Gardner.y Y S Michael Randleman' Rlckey FIRST ROW-James Patton, Carl Crabbs, Mamie Evans, Kathryn Coombs Glenn Damran Ricki Ulm, Leonard Searl. ' ' ABSENT-Don Brazie. FIRST GRADE FOURTH ROW, Left to right-Paul O'Reilly, Joyce Pierce, Lawrence Perry, Alvin Timbs, Thomas Shreve, Donna Snyder. THIRD ROW-George Snyder, Phillip Parsons, Douglas Stoner, Edward Tackett, Robert Ortner, Robert Wolfe, Mary Jo Rowland, Janice Poole, Allen Randleman. SECOND ROW-Walter Ruess, John Ux, Jackie Young, Kathleen Schacht, Jay Thomas, Bobby Zimmerman, Mark Pasek, David Williams. FIRST ROW - Regina Parsons, Susan Riedy, Cynthia Murray, Thomas Radcliffe, Lenox Williams, Judy Runkle, Darryl Runkle. ABSENT-William Oney, Ricky Randleman, Diana Schuh, Joe Stevens, Ernest Wallen. FIRST GRADE Glenn Johns, Barbara Marschall, Norman Murr, Janet Johnson, Ronnie Hall, Paul Kidd, THIRD ROW-William Howard, Mary McConnell, Danny Kidd, Larry Hall, James Heck- bert, Juanita Miller, Gary Harp, Robert Hales, Elizabeth Martin. SECOND' ROW-Keith Hall, Sheila Hanville, Warren Hainline, Robert Krisha, Mary Lan- dis, Richard Hotchkiss, Marilyn Miller. FIRST ROW-Marilyn Maman, Edward Hotchkiss, William Leach, Jill McCullough, Allen Payne, Jack Leisure, Tanya Murr. ABSENT--Deborah Grilley, Carolyn Lang, Sue Leach. FOURTH ROW, Left to right - Raymond Carroll, Barbara Bardy, John Farmer, Jeffrey Blake, Larry Clossen, Earl Erswell. THIRD ROW-Donald Case, James Ford, Christina Farnsworth, Lance Carter, Irene Clark Michael Farley, Virginia Gregory, Linda Campbell, Jean Boss. SECOND ROW-Maurice Bowman, James Goble, Susan Cox, Cynthia Bowerize, Nancy Funk, Charles Davis, Dennis Frate, William Collins. FIRST ROW-Shirley Damron, John Copley, Melanie Esch, Laurel Gilbert, Bruce Andrews, Nora Bennett, Pamela Coombs. ABSENT--Karen Gemmel, Vicki Ann Ewell, George Glass, Donald Williams, Sandra Collins. 0 Activities o Grganizations Q Publications 0 Athletics o Spccch Music ANNUAL STAFF i Standing-Mr. Schacht, Joanne Ward, Royce Ganz, Jim Pierce, Lorry Grannemon. Seated-Shirley Delamater, Dianne McCullough, Jock Hubbard, Stanley Switzer. The members of the staff of the 1955 Wildcat express the appreciation of the Senior Class to all who have in any way made this years Annual possible. We thank all who have contributed articles and snapshots, we are grateful to our page sponsors and patrons: We appreciated the assistance of our printer, Mr. Day, and our photographer, Mr. I-Ieiserg and especially do we thank our advisor, Mr. Schacht, for his long hours of help. Co-Edi torsrin-Chief: Shirley Delamater Jim Pierce Co-Copy Editors: Jack Hubbard Dianne McCullough Art Editor: Larry Grannemau Business Committee Joanne Ward Royce Ganz Stanley Switzer Sponsored by Wotts' Morothon ond Funk Construction Co. STUD NT CQUNCIL SEATED-Corrine Towstiak, Sandra Sutherland, Mellanie White, Joan Schneider, David Burner, John Marett, Nancy Bloha. STANDING - Phillip Schneiter, Stanley Switzer, Mr. Schocht, Lorry Gronneman, James Brown. The N.l...I'l.S. Student Council has had a husy and fruitful school year. Mr. Schacht was again our advisor and Larry Crannenian was elected president. The Council met twice each month during the year and worlced on various projects. They assigned the rights to the concessions. Six assembly programs were sponsored for the student body during the year. At intervals during the year a deserving pupil was se- lected and his name posted on the "Citizen of the Wieck" plaque in the hall. Members of the Council served as hosts and hostesses at several meetings held in the New London Schools. A member of the Council also servcs as host or guide during each period of the school day. We desire to have all visitors feel welcome all the time. Our big, long-standing project finally reached fruition this year. After three years of hard work we now have an automatic bell system. The system, although not yet com- plete, is a most welcome addition to our school system. Sponsored by Western Auto Associate Store SCHOLARSHIP THIRD ROW-Robert Geyer, John Marett, David Burner, William Dunn, Paul Porter, James L. Pierce, Gerald Johnson, Gary Staples, Thomas Day, James P. Pierce, SECOND ROW-Jack Hubbard, Susan Lawrence, Barbara Blaha, Susan Guscott, Martha Roeder, Nita Zimmerman, Joanne Ward, Judith McCullough, Shirley Delamater, Larry Granneman, Stanley Switzer. FIRST ROW-William Gregory, Joan Schneider, Janice Holken- borg, Marie Springer, Harolyn I-lyatt, Mary Ann Marett, Chester Heidl, Robert Brooks. On March 30 and 31, New London High School students competed with each other seeking membership on the scholarship team. The winners of first and second place in these preliminary scholarship tests qualify for the final District-State Scholarship Tests which are held at Heidelberg College in Tiffin each year. However, since a student is allowed to take but one of these tests, some students finishing third or fourth can make the scholarship team as alternates. Representing New London this year in the various subjects are: General Science, Rob- ert Brooks, Gary Staples, Biology, James L. Pierce, Ioan Schneiderg Physics, jack Hub- bard, Paul Porter, Algebra, Gerald Johnson, Chester Heidlg Advanced Algebra, Tom Day, William Gregoryg Plane Geometry, David Burner, Susan Guscott, World History, Robert Geyer, Harolyn I-Iyattg American History, Williain Dunn, John Marettg Senior Social Studies, Iames P. Pierce, Stanley Switzer, Spanish I, Barbara Blaha, Martha Roederg Spanish II, Joanne Wardg English I, Mary Ann Marett, Iudith McCullough, English II, Janice Holkenborg, Nita Zimmerman, English III, Susan Lawrence, Marie Springer, En- glish IV, Shirley Delamatcr, Lawrence Granneman. SCHOLARSHIP HONOR STUDY HALL An innovation to N. L. H.S. this year was the more than half A's on his six weeks report card. This makes him eligible for the next six weeks' Jim and Jack organized. For the first time in the history of the Ohio History, Government, and Citizenship Tests, New London has two county winners in school at the same time. jim Pierce was the county winner as a Junior last year and Jack Hubbard placed first in Huron County this year. These two boys have kept up the tradition of New London High by winning this contest. New London has had thc Ilurou County winner for five consecutive' years. Honor Study Hall. To be eligible for participa- tion in Honor Study Hall, a studert must receive ' time at the conclusion of which a new group is QUIZ BEE William Gregory, Thomas Day, James Pierce, Gory Staples, Shirley Delomoter, Jack Hubbard, John Marett, David O'Haro, Harolyn Hyatt, Joan Schneider. Miss Hartford, Advisor. A new activity of the Lakeland Conference this year is the Quiz Bee. The Quiz Bee is to be an annual affair of the conference, helping to arouse interest in current events. Six contestants from each conference school are to compete as teams in the final compe- tition. The final Quiz Bee is to consist of seventy-two questions divided as follows: Interna- tional Affairs, 18, National Affairs, 185 Science, 125 Sports, 125 Literature, 65 and Fine Arts, 6. The questions are to cover thc period from September 1 to April 1 of the cur- rent school year. Miss Hartford is sponsor of the local group which has been meeting regularly to re- view current affairs. A local competition will he held to select the six leading contest- ants for N.L.H.S. This group will then compete with Amherst, Cllearview, I-Iuron, Ver- milion and Wellington. OUR LIBRARY STANDING-Charlotte Poole, Dianne McCullough, Joanne Ward. SEATED-Judy Emch, Susan Guscott, Joan Schneider, Carol Mey- er, Susan Lawrence, Marie Springer. "Books, like friends, should be nmny and well chosen." Our school district library is a busy place. I-lere all of the New London School. pupils and teachers come to borrow hooks for reference work, book reports, and just reading for funr In addition, our library Scnds books to Clarlcsfield, Fitchville, and Hartland Schools, whose students later come into our school. Mrs. Marjorie P. French is our librarian. She has nine student assistants who are chosen by a faculty committee. Our three senior library assistants, who have now fin- ished most of their library work except for helping instruct the new girls are Dianne Mc- Cullough, Ioanne Ward, and Charlotte Poole. The other assistants are Susan Lawrence. Carol Meyer, and Marie Springer, juniors, and Judy Emch, Susan Guscott, and Ioan Schneider, sophomores. Mrs. Jennie Landes assists in the library during the noon rush periods. During the Past year our library loaned 31,289 books to 1,354 registered borrowers. Mrs. Marjorie P. French Sponsored by Firelonds Electric Cooperative, Inc. TATTLER ni., wt THIRD ROW - Shirley Delamater, Nancy Logan, Jim Brown, Glen Stewart, Larry Granneman, Jim Pierce, Bill Dunn. SECOND ROW - Betty Evans, Jane Weaver, Beverly Hartman, Joan Weaver, Corrine Towstiak, Joan Schneider, Mabel Ward, Dionne McCullough, Mr, Clinger. FIRST ROW-Lucie Ellinwood, Pot Perkins, Bertha Anderson, Judy McCullough, Doris Poole, Pauline Denger, Marie Springer, Jack Hub- bard. Each year the Tattler editor and staff aim to improve on the work of the previous staff. So Editor lack Hubbard and staff endeavored to live up to all expectations. This year every page of every paper was legible. Why? We have a new A. B. Dick electric mim- eograph machine. What a replacement for our over-used, over-aged, hand-operated mat- chinel This new machine uses a water-base, quick-drying ink which doesn't penetrate tl1e paper. Therefore, this year we could print on both sides of the paper and We could also wash the ink from our hands and clothes. Since the paper could be printed on two sides, fewer pages were needed and the Tattler became an 81A"x1l" production. In this form it was much easier to handle. As can be seen in our picture above, the staff was not large, but with the cooperation of all, an interesting Tattler appeared fifteen times during the school year. Sponsored by New London Record THESPIANS THIRD ROW-Royce Ganz, Stanley Switzer, Bill King, Dick Morey, Jack Hubbard, Larry Grannemon, SECOND ROW-Mr. Laborie, Jim Brown, Susan Lawrence, Ron Run- kle, John Marett, Wilmer White. FIRST ROW-Dionne McCullough, Shirley Delomoter, Jim Pierce, Pat Parker, Judy Switzer. Our Thespian Society in N.L.H.S., Group 1347, was installed April 6, 1954 and has progressed a long way during its initial year. This past school year the Thespian Society has sponsored several Plays. "Beauty and the Beef" was presented late in the fall. The one-act Play, "The Lotteryn was presented at the formal initiation of new members this spring. Later in the spring, a short three- act Play, "Hillbilly Weddin"' was given for an all-school assembly. The year's activity was concluded with the spring production, "House for Sale, I-Iauntedn. Under our advisor, Nlr. Kenneth Laboirie, the Thespian Society has had a very success- ful first year here in New London. Several unclerclassxnen have now gained membership in the Society and several more are at the threshold of admittance. These students are the members who will begin another year's activities next fall. Sponsored by Ferrell ond Gardner FOOTBALL THIRD ROW-Ron Runkle, Jerry Chandler, Carl Stober, Carl Chandler, David Burner, Darrel Stoner, Richard -Nestor, Jim Brown. SECOND ROW - Mr. Jerry, Howard Dura, Charles Lindenau, Lyle Moffit, Ted Hardy, Joe Gorsuch, Royce Ganz, Bill King, Mr, Myers. FIRST ROW-Gary Lash, Rodney Streng, Don Field, Howard Cramer, Herb Knapp. ABSENT-Larry Granneman. Coach Jerry NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON SCORES LOUDONVILLE 25 CLEARVIEW 7 25 AMHERST 7 I9 26 6 HURON i9 25 VERMILION 7 O LORAIN St. Marys 52 6 CASTALIA l9 6 MASSILLON sQph.14 6 WELLINGTON 32 FOOTBALL Mr. Jerry, Ron Runkle, Bill King, Carl Chandler, Ted Hordy, Mr. Ed Sherman of Muskisgum College. The Wildcat gridders opened the season at Loudonville and took it on the chin, 26-19, but displayed an interesting, exciting brand of football in their first game under the tu- telage of Coach Jerry. The next game was New Lond0n's opener in the new Lakeland Conference and the ,Cats Chalked up a victory over Clearview 26-7. Then followed another conference victory over Amherst, a defeat by Huron, and then a mud-victory over Vermilion. This Vermilion game will long be remembered as it was rained out on Friday evening and then played Saturday afternoon with the Wilde ats splashing to a 25-7 Victory. For the last half of the season the team continued to play good football but they could not quite Click often enough as they compiled the same season record as did the Wild-- cats of last year. The Lakeland Conference record ' for the first year was three wins and 2 losses as Wel- lington took the crown. Seniors on this year's squad include Royce Ganz, joe Corsuch, Larry Cranneman, Ted Hardy, and Q Chuck Lindenau. TTYTlmt Wellington Bonfire Sponsored by Smith Bros. Tire Soles QUEEN DIANNE Attendants Susan Lawrence and Lueise Anderson, Queen Dianne McCullough, Attendants Lorette Hall and Joanne Word. Homecoming 1955 BASKETBALL STANDING-Mr. Myers, Art Campbell, Joe Wolfe, Bill Dunn, Bill King, John Mcnrett KNEELING-Ted Hardy, Howard Duta, Rolland Burton, Royce Ganz, Ron Runkle. S C O R E S NEW LONDON MONROEVILLE 57 NEW LONDON HURON 65 NEW LONDON WELLINGTON 49 NEW LONDON AMHERST 46 NEW LONDON SAVANNAH 66 NEW LONDON NEW HAVEN 72 NEW LONDON CLEARVIEW 72 NEW LONDON MARGARETTA 59 NEW LONDON VERMILION 57 NEW LONDON GREENWICH 58 NEW LONDON HURON 67 NEW LONDON WELLINGTON 40 NEW LONDON AMHERST 43 NEW LONDON CLEARVIEW 87 NEW LONDON VERMILION 54 NEW LONDON N. FAIRFIELD 45 NEW LONDON T-WAKEMAN 62 COUNTY TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONSHIP NEW LONDON 60 NEW HAVEN 46 NEW LONDON 63 MONROEVILLE NEW LONDON 74 GREENWICH 5l DISTRICT TOURNAMENT NEW LONDON 51 SULPHUR SPRINGS 55 Sponsored by Burner-Sutherland Hclrdwore COACH MYERS Mr. Schacht, Mr. Myers, Ron Runkle, Ted Hardy, Bill Dunn, Rolland Burton, Royce Ganz, Howard Dura Counfy Superintendent Mr. Brown. HURON COUNTY BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS ,,, ,, ,.,.,.,q --rv -v--v- BASKETBALL The Wildcat cagers got off to a slow start losing seven of the first eight games. The team, playing for the third straight season under Coach Myers, played very interesting ball through this series ot aeleats but always tell a few Points short. The last half of the season was a brighter story with the team winning eignt out of nine before bowing out olf the district tourney. 'T his was the first season in Lakeland Conference participation with Amherst, Clear- view, Huron, Vermilion, and Wellington. New London's record in the Conference was 5-5. The highlight of the season was undoubtedly New London's rampage through the op- position at the Huron County Tournament held here in New London. The Wildcat hoopsters Played real championship basketball in every game and captured the winner's trophy for the second consecutive year. Seniors on this ycar's team of I-luron County Champions include Rolland Burton Royce Ganz, Ted Hardy, and joe Wolfe. 0 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM STANDING-Doug Fetterman, David Burner, Orville Collins, Carl Chandler, Carl Stober, Darrel Stoner, Howard Cramer, Mr. Jerry. KNEELING-Richard Nestor, Edgar Crabbs, Don Brandal, Eddie Hamilton, Gary Lash, Robert Randleman. Sponsored by Bailey Implement Company SPRING SPORTS FIFTH ROW-Orville Collins, Wilbert Harp, Herb Knapp, Ken Ratliff, Mike Coombs, Gary Staples. FOURTH RO'W-Jim Brown, Deon Emerson, Bill Dunn, Gerald Johnson, Bill Knapp, Tom Robertson. THIRD ROW - Rod Streng, Ron Runkle, Larry Grannemon, Jim Pierce, Rolland Burton, Jock Hubbard, Don Bauer. SECOND ROW-Ted Hardy, Stan Switzer, Royce Ganz, Dorrel Stoner, John Marett, Bob Randleman, Eddie Hamilton. FIRST ROW-Howard Duta, Jerry Chandler, Dove Burner, Joe Wolfe. For the third consecutive year the Spring sports program at N,L.H.S. has included both track and baseball. The members of the track team are practicing diligently under the guidance of Coach Jerry and are aiming at places in the district meet which will qualify them for the state track meet. Last year, meets were held with Vermilion, Amherst, Ashland Reserves, Mansfield Re- serves, Clearview, Huron, and Wellington. Weather pennitting, these same teams will compete in the various track meets. The Wildcat thinclads this season are already vic- torious over Loudonville and are setting their sights on the first Lakeland Conference Track Meet. Three members of last year's mile relay team, Royce Ganz, Larry Granneman, and Stanley Switzer, plus Ted Hardy, are hoping to again qualify for the State Track Meet and to improve on last year's performance. The baseball squad is working out under Coach Myers, getting ready for the Huron County Baseball Tournament. Several of the team members remember the happy experi- ence of winning the Huron County championship two years ago and are hoping for a repeat performance. The Wildcat nine faces Wakeman in the first round of this year's tournament. Senior members of the Spring squads include Rolland Burton, Royce Ganz, joe Cor- such, Larry Granneman, Ted Hardy, 'lack Hubbard, jim Pierce, Stanley Switzer, and Joe Wolfe. Sponsored by Lehrncm's Postry Shoppe IUNIOR HIGH ATHLETICS , W w H M-.,, ,V Qi. FOURTH ROW, Left to right-Jerry Perkins, Barry Hauser, Gerald Johnson, Bill Knapp, Errol King, Don Bauer, Gary Staples, Don Brandal, Mike Coombs, James Cawrse. THIRD ROW--Carlos Collins, Mike Powers, David Wells, Elvin King, Terry Ward, Richard Weothington, Ronald Grannemon, Eddie Shaver, Dan Ringler. SECOND ROW--John Howard, Jim Crabbs, Gary Bonney, Art Par- sons, Terry Fingulin, John Pierce, Paul Terner, Gordon Staschke, Mr. McGowan. FIRST ROW-Tony Denslow, Gene Funk, James Mitchell, Joe Runkle, Robert Horp, Verne Runkle, Phillip Brittain, David Hort- ley, Donald Murr, Coach McGowan The seventh and eighth graders had an active year in sports under the leadership of Coach McGowan. The highlights of the football season were the two games under the lights. The game at Amherst ended in a tie all the way around. At Wellington the squad was split into two groups-the eighth graders lost to the Dukes but the Spunky seventh graders turned the tables so that New London gained a split for the evening. The basketball season was rather uneventful with almost the entire team coming from the seventh grade. The season ended on a sweet note as Wellington went down to de- feat in the season's finale. Our track team looks quite promising with Jim Mitchell, Otis Randleman, Dan Ringler and Eddie Shaver being our three-sport men. Sponsored by New London Equity CHEERLEADERS RESERVE Mordic Smith Corrine Towstiak Ann Funk Doris Poole 1 I I I VARSITY Rose Varga Betty Evans Lorette Holl Bertha Anderson i JUNIOR HIGH Darlaine Cook Sondra Sutherland Theodora Towstiak Ariane Bornes MARCHING BAND MAJORETTES Doris Poole, Sondra White, Dianne McCullough, Susan Lawrence, Lueise Anderson. The N.L.I-IS. Marching Band began the year by marching at the Huron County Fair. The same week inaugurated the Fall football season and the first marching show of the year. The Wildcat 55-piece marching band presented a show for every football game except one-Oh! that mud at the Vermilion game. The Halloween Parade was something to behold. Most of the band members were masked and in cos! tume. The marching was especially atrocious-gob lin steps and spooky strides. The entire band attended the Ohio State -Purdue football game as guests of the Music Parents Club and had a very enjoyable day watching the Buckeyes romp. As in the past few years, the Marching Band will parade for the Memorial Day exercises of New Lon- don, Fitchville, and Rochester. Sponsored by The C. E. Word Company SYMPHONIC BAND I FIFTH ROW-Susan Lawrence, Mr. Machles, Robert Geyer, Jim Pierce, Robert Brooks, Corrine Towstiak, Judy Switzer, Joan Schneider, Theodora Towstiak. FOURTH ROW-Dick Morey, Douglas Fetterman, Edward Shaver, Donald Jack- son, Tom Porter, Bill Pierce, Barbara Blaha, Lauretta Snyder, Ella Mae Crandall, Mary Ann Marett. THIRD ROW-Peggy Meloy, Frances Baxter, James Mitchell, Lois Allem, Mar- cia Kirkpatrick, Velma King, Harolyn Hyatt, Edward Frank, Dan Ringler, Bev- erly Frank, Nancy Blaha, Judy Emch. SECOND ROW-Paul Porter, Shirley Delamater, Ruth Keifer, Janice Bauer. FIRST ROW-Dianne McCullough, Marie Springer, Sandra Sutherland, Rosemary Hileman, Judy McCullough, Darlaine Cook, Ariane Barnes, Joon Weaver, Judith Hauser, Janice Holkenborg. Following the season of the Marching Band came a series of try-outs and long rehears- als from which emerged the Symphonic Band. The organization of the Symphonic Band this year had to follow a faster tempo than usual because of the invitation to play at the annual meeting of the Fireland Electric Co-op on December 2. The next performance was the lVlid-winter concert in February followed by participa- tion in the Lakeland Conference and Huron County Music Festivals. The first Lakeland Conference Music Festival was held at Clearview. This was a selected group and there- fore only a part of our group played in either the 'A' or 'B' festival bands. Mr. Robert Fraser ol? Cleveland Heights High School was guest conductor. The Huron County Music Festival was held in New London again with our own Mr, Machles in charge of arrangements. Mr. Ernest Manring of the Cleveland Public Schools was guest conductor of the All-County Band. Sponsored by Elmer Glaser Ford Sales MIXED CHORUS FOURTH ROW-Ruth McClave, Bertha Anderson, Vir- ginia Coy, Esther Kellar, Patricia Parker, Rose Varga, Mary Sauer, Ruby Penwell, Nita Zimmerman, Rosemary Hileman, Judith Hauser, Coralie Betz, Mary Ann Marett, Martha Ward, Judy Thomas. THIRD ROW-Frances Baxter, Loueida Smith, Sue Case, Nancy Logan, Shirley Delamater, Jean Cawrse, Jean War- go, Janice Bauer, Susan Lawrence, Virginia Parker, Char- lotte Poole, Mabel Ward, Joan Schneiter, Janice Holken- borg, Sandra Bohn, Martha Roeder. CIMA' SECOND ROW-Judy McCullough, NancY Blaha, Rena Murray, Eleanor Paramore, Peggy Meloy, Doris Poole, Harolyn Hyatt, Susan Guscott, Barbara Patchen, Marie Springer, Ruth Keiter, Marolyn Fye, Wanda Knapp, Son- dra White, Lueise Anderson, Barbara Stiles, Janice Oney, Mr. Machles. FIRST ROW-Lora Tackett, Lauretta Snyder, Ann Funk, Nancy Tompkins, Judy Emch, Judy Martin, Marlene Humphrey, Betty Evans, Beverly Hartman, Mary Ann Suda, Barbara Blaha, Lila Heitsche, Connie Collingwood, Corrine Towstiak, Joan Weaver. CHORUS FIFTH ROW--Ruth McClave, Bertha Anderson, Virginia Coy, Esther Kellar, Patricia Parker, Rose Varga, Mary Sauer, Ruby Penwell, Rosemary Hileman, Judith Hauser, Coralie Betz, Lauretta Snyder, Lora Tackett, Nita Zim- merman, FOURTH ROW-Jim Pierce, Roger Fowler, Dick Morey, Carl Chandler, Tom Day, Gerald Johnson, Larry Granne- man, Darrel Stoner, Bruce Upton, Jack Hubbard, Robert Brooks, Mary Ann Marett, Martha Ward, Judy Thomas. THIRD ROW-Frances Baxter, Loueida Smith, Sue Case, Nancy Logan, Shirley Delamater, Jean Cawrse, Jean War- go, Janice Bauer, Susan Lawrence, Virginia Parker, Char- lotte Poole, Mabel Ward, Joan Schneiter, Janice Holken- borg, Sandra Bohn, Martha Roeder. SECOND ROW-Rena Murray, Eleanor Paramore, Peggy Meloy, Betty Haynes, Doris Poole, Harolyn Hyatt, Susan Guscott, Barbara Patchen, Marie Springer, Ruth Keiter, Marolyn Fye, Wanda Knapp, Sondra White, Lueise An- derson, Barbara Stiles, Janice Oney, Mr. Machles. FIRST ROW-Nancy Blaha, Judy McCullough, Ann Funk, Nancy Tompkins, Judy Emch, Judy Martin, Marlene Humphrey, Bette Evans, Beverly Hartman, Mary Ann Suda, Barbara Blaha, Lila Heitsche, Connie Collingwood, Corrine Towstiak, Joan Weaver. MUSIC - MUSIC - MUSIC The Choruses, both the Mixed Chorus and the Girls' Chorus, were included in the invitation to perform at the Firelands Annual meeting. This was a big night for the musicians of N.L.H.S. and all the participants and director, Mr. hiachles, were proud to accept 'this invitation. The Choruses also participated in the Huron County Music Festival. The All-County Chorus numbered over 300 voices. OF this number, 68 girls were from New Lon- don. The N. L. Mixed Chorus has a membership of 73 boys and girls. Anon Award Both choruses competed in the District Band and Chorus Contest at Bascom with the Mixed Chorus receiving a I or "superior" rating and the Girls' Chorus meriting a II or "excellent" rating. The superior rating eamed by the Mixed Chorus entitled them to par- ticipate in the State Contest at Marion late in the Spring. The members of the Chorus will be attempting to emulate the fine record of last year's Mixed Chorus. Contest time also found our instrumentalists practicing hard. Fifteen New Londonitcs took part in the Solo and Ensemble Contests at Heidelberg College in Tiffin. They re- turned with four superior and five excellent ratings. These participants were: Clarinet solos-Sandra Sutherland, IIg Marie Springer, II, Dianne McCullough, I. Alto Clarinet solo-Judy McCullough, I. Baritone solo-Bill Pierce, II. Tuba solo-jim Pierce, I. Miscellaneous Trio-Judy Emch, Dianne McCullough, and Marie Springer, I. Brass Octet-Dick Morey, Doug Fetterman, Bill Pierce, Barbara Blaha, Ella Mae Crandall, Lauretta Snyder, Jim Pierce, and Velma King, II. Clarinet Quartet-Shirley Delamater, Dianne McCullough, Marie Springer and Paul Porter, II. Those musicians receiving superior ratings were eligible to participate in the state con- tests at Bowling Green. jim Pierce received a superior rating in the state contest for the third consecutive year. The other contestants did very well at the state contest with all of them receiving excellent ratings. As the annual goes to press we are building up to the climax of each year's musical ac- tivity, the Spring Concert. But we are also speculating about the winner of the Arion Award. The Arion Award is something new this year. Sponsored by the Music Parents Club it is to be awarded to the boy or girl representing the best in music in N.L.H.S. He or she must be tops because the selecting committee is to consider: scholarship, service, co- operation, musicianship, attendance, diligence, participation, and character, and that person should embody the best traditions and heritage of New London High. Sponsored by New London Doiry INTERMEDIATE BAND THIRD ROW-Mr. Machles, Hubert Snyder, Tom Brundage. SECOND ROW-Janet Copley, Elvin King, Richard Weathington, Gloria Dela- mater, Ronald Granneman. FIRST ROW-Mary Ann Knapp, David Wells, Paul Terrier, Mellanie 'White Mary Lee Richards, John Pierce, Orlo Hartley. BEGINNERS BAND FIFTH ROW-Frank Shaver, Mr, Machles. FOURTH ROW-Merle Crandall, Paul Keifer. THIRD ROW-Judy Hodges, Barbara Moore, Gayle Sutherland, Gregory Barnes Barrie Miller. SECOND ROW - Marilyn Ux, Randy Bender, Burton Runkle, Tom Lawrence Raymond Kilen, Don Lawrence, Bill McCullough, Mary Staples, Marvin Ward: Larry Smith. FIRST ROW-Nancy Brooks, Ray Baxter, Bill Cooke, Betty Gemmel, Adele Hile- man, Patty Delarnater, Leslie Sackett, Kathy Jennings, Saundra Golding. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIFTH ROW, Left to right-Louise Denslow, Cleo Bartow, Donna Tester, Barbara Adams, Naniy Logan, Pauline Denger, Connie Collingwood, Wilma Marett, Jeanne Burton, Mar- cella Nestor, Sue Case. FOURTH ROW - Patsy Enderby, Mrs. Hatzel, Wanda Knapp, Patricia Knapp, Margot Terner, Ruth Rounds, Judy Ward, Anita Westfall, Beverly McQuate, Joan Schneider, Shirley Knudsen, Rose Marie Hodges. THIRD ROW-Esther Kellar, Patricia Perkins, Martha Ward, Joan Kooken, Joyce Frank- lin, Joan Bilton, Marolyn Fye, Eunice Westfall, Judy Thomas, Bonita Ewell. SECOND ROW-Marlene Humphrey, Virginia Coy, Bette Evans, Mardic Smith, Lorette Hall, Doris Poole, Hazel Benear, Emily Wolfe, Jean Brant, Rena Murray. FIRST ROW-Bertha Anderson, Joanne Ward, Jean Cawrse, Jean Wargo, Rose Varga, Janice Bauer, Mabel Ward, Patricia Parker, Ruth Keifer. The fifty-seven FHA. girls met regularly each month during the school year. This year the girls earned money by handling concessions at several football and basketball games. They also sold crepe-paper shakers of the school colors. Interesting activities of the year include - the initation of our new members, the making of candy for the P.T.A. Festival, the very successful Mother aad Daughter Ban- quet, the Christmas party and the exchange of gifts, the distribution of civil defense fold- ers, "Conelrad", to keep the people of our community alert in case of enemy attack, the "Career Dayin Home Economicsi' at Norwalk, the Sadie Hawkins Dance in the new gym. We, the FI-l.A. Seniors of 1955, wish future Fl-I.A. members the best of luck. President - - - Rose Varga Vice President - - Ruth Keifer Secretary - - Jean Cawrse Treasurer - Ianice Bauer Advisor Sponsored Officers Reporter Historian - Parliamentarian Song Leader - Mrs. Hatzcl by Nickles Bakery Iean Wargo Patty Parker Mabel Ward Sue Case FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA ': I Rt EN 5,5 "iQ, FIFTH ROW, Left to right-Stanley Tester, Richard Searight, Charles Lindenau, Roger Motter, FOURTH ROW-Wayne Oney, Robert Suda, Jerry Chandler, James Harper, Ralph James, Oliver Close, George Ray, Don Gray. THIRD ROW - Gerald Geiger, Gordon Staschke, James Cawrse, Edward Frank, Ronald Searight, David Selzer, Carl Stober. SECOND ROW-James Schibley, Donald Field, Howard Cramer, Howard Duta, Arthur Frank, Arthur Paramore, Richard Bilton, Carl Chandler. FIRST ROW-Phillip Schneiter, Calvin Cole, Keith Robbins, Royce Ganz, Stanley Switzer, Rodney Streng, Mr. Griffith. Thirty-five boys made up the roster of the F. F. A. of N. L. H. S. during the 1954-55 school year. Officers for the year were elected at the first meeting in the Fall. President - - Royce Ganz Sentinel - - Robert Wolfe Vice President - - Rodney Streng Student Council - - Phil Schneiter Secretary - - Calvin Cole Reporter - - Stanley Switzer Treasurer - - Keith Robbins Advisor - - Mr. Griffith Under the supervision of Mr. Griffith, numerous educational trips were taken dur- ing the year. The big event of the first semester was the 3-day trip to Chicago, The ln- ternational Livestock Sliow, and the Chicago Board of Trade. The Co-op Day of the Farm Bureau at Norwalk, the Parliamentary Procedure Con-- tCSt, the County Agronomy Meet at Greenwich, the trip to the Northern Ohio Egg Asso- ciation Market at New Washington, and other trips of lesser importance will long be re- meinbered. The annual F.F.A. Banquet was again a Parent-Son banquet and was well attended. Iflacli year this annual affair is one of the big highlights of the program and this was no exception. The departing F.F.A. Senior boys challenge the future seniors to continue this worthy tradition. Sponsored by Thomas 8. Brown Implement Company Sponsored by Joe's Barber Shop ' Q, Sponsored by The News Centro OUR PAGE SPONSORS C. E. Ward Company E. Biglow Company Joe's Barber Shop Heiser's Studio and Camera Shop Huron County Farm Bureau Newlon Metal Products Company New London Savings and Loan Bank News Centre Ohio Body Manufacturing Company Bailey Implement Company Elmer Glaser Ford Sales Ferrell and Gardner Fireland Electric Co-operative, Inc. Lehman's Pastry Shoppe New London Equity New London Record Nickles Bakery Smith Bros. Tire Sales Thomas and Brown Implement Western Auto Associate Store Ashland Sanitary Dairy Burner and Sutherland Hardware Crumrine Cleaners D. B. Barnes Clothing and Shoes Dari Delite Eastman Funeral Home Funk Construction Company Glenn Jennings G. W. Delamater Trucking Knapp's Shoe Store Miller Brothers New London Dairy New London Tractor Sales Norwalk Bottling Works Parson's Jersey Dairy Pure Oil Company Victoreen Instrument Company Waldorf Studio Watts' Marathon West End Greenhouse OUR PATRONS A 8. P Store Bauer Electric Ben Franklin Store BeVier's Dry Goods Bob's Village Restaurant Ella Marlowe Hat Shoppe Clark Brothers' Garage Corner Market Fitchville Store Gilbert Howe Sohio Guscott Garage H. A, Erlenbach, M. D. Hunter's Store J. E. Hubbard Insurance Joe Lash and Son Buick Sales Lee's Mobil Service New London Drug Store New London Greenhouse O. M. Grissinger Hardware Parco News Service Perry Chevrolet P. L. Richards Insurance Reynolds Lumber Company Sackett Funeral Home Siddall's Cash Market Snyder's Electric Stoner's Market Stone's Farm Implement Weekley's Elevator AUTOGRAPHS V 4 ll -f ' 1 Wrr r ' z ' 1

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