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I I ' ' -A' f b '- -' "' "'.' ',, -' ' " ' Cl- gn, ' ' " , 1' ,"." df' Lf ., ,, l,.E"H" ' I . . 1 -X ' ' , . f -4 www ffm Ja ff, , L, 5 55,01 draw Q1 ' Iff A , 1 ., if HF. 1 r f . g h I A. ' I Q A' fi ' 4212 Q A f ,, Q ' -1' - yr' 1 I 2,457 ' Og' Q 0 J I -M 4, 1 .4757 ' I E 4 ff p,f5 03' V EFS J fy- - - - W fi fir 0 0 4 5 1'A A H fl' 2 p f. 'WOW 5 fa? 0' X I -74 ' ff E 5 .'. sq y 5, , ,A , , W - ' 4 'N 1 . ,, A , v. 4. 5: 1 . .,':, I, . V. A. A A .I H 4 Mgr. , Q ! - V , y Q I! zu .. . ' - ,,- -N .V F,-531.1 H , 3 jk ,. ' , . . W . 1 ,, . ,, , . ,. -L .- -.- . ,,,, , '..- ,A ---, g -1- ,.-.,..f v ' , ,- i -.. W-, ,- ., ' - ' '- -- H ' ' r '-' 'f s - g I l f v "'2-"1'f""""- - ' K ' -' 'L ' " ' F4 ' Y T 1 -V N -, H " , . " ' l 7 '1" " , C ,-' ' -- ' ' ,, " 1' , 11- : ' L ' , A . " ' Published by THE CLASS OF 1954 NEW LONDON HIGH SCHOOL Volume XXX O New London, Ohio f i fV4,WLdfuf6f',f, Sclqdfgyj f TLWV' f!7e!xfG01J0 bf 5Q5mPJdffD0fO777or7 l U I L , A 4: ,. ,,,,,,wwun-NN. Y:Fq-+N"'Pi,Bx 1 SX l Xxx X J 1 ""--...,,,,,.hNQm Q1-Y 2? Q-f-.,.--1--w-f-N--w.w..r.. .EGM 'v , -0-1.,..,.,,.ib W mmm? X -:qu-M-wu,.nmnLA J Y-1'111-lm.-4-wva-,. E , x W .L "' ta: :H U -- 11-' ' ' - Cliffs-n,,,,., . r-:v.""w:,,..,,, ,S-.EF-,LAB a.,.,,n.mmG ""'-'---N-...Y NN"-:Qu ""--xxghhm -,.,,,iw-V Mm Tile Seasons Af As books of school memories are added to the book shelf annually, a collection of themes can be seen. This year a simple, but logical, theme has been chosen to guide you through the past school year at New London High. We hope that you will find it easy to follow the path of "natural sequence" in re- viewing the activities of the school year, I953-l954. So, as a last farewell from the seniors of l954, the events of the year will march through the pages of this book with the aid of our theme, "The Seasons". May this arrangement of material meet with your approv- al and may this yearbook remain an undying bond between you and your school days at New London High School. Sponsored by V-ictorecn Special Products Division L fx lt til '- 6 New london Hgh School ' i g f Q. ' A I ' 5 ' ! , ,, ,J -....ff' RUTH R MOTTER Clerk ROBERT E. PIERCE HAZEL S. LEECH, V. Pres. DR H A ERLENBACH, Pres. ROBERT H. WENNER BOARD OF EDUCATION Behind the scenes of our school life works a group of Five citizens called the Board of Education. Little recognition is given them for their work of planning and carrying out the policies of the school. The many responsibilities of the Board of Education fall into four broad classifica- tions: policy formulatingg the approval functiong the evaluation of policies and prac- ticesg and the function of selecting the chief school officers. To name all the problems that confront a Board of Education would he impossible. It is to these people that the students of New London owe much of the 'success of their school days. Sponsored by Ohio Body Mm-zufacturing Company if J Mr. Elmer J. Schochl- Superintendent B. S., M. Ed. Baldwin-Wallace College Wesfminsfer College The University of Chicago Mr. G. W. Bender High School Principal B. S.Qin Ed., M. A. Kenl Slate University Ohio University University of Wichita ADMINISTRATION Mr. F. D. Chase Elementary Principal B. S. Bowling Green State University Defiance College Ashland College Ohio Universiry to FACU LTY Daniel W. Clinger B. S. Ohio Northern University Bliss College Ruth M. Hartford A. B. Ohio University Thelma P. Hatzel A. B. West Virginia University Fairmont State ' Leonard Machles XBXS. in Ed., M. A. in Ed. Ohio State University John L. McGowan A. B., B. S. in Ed., M. A. UCLA ' Ohio State Kent State John H. Bacon B. S. Cornell University ff wrt? . it . Q 1 Q ,. ,f . 2 J-W H .,:f-.."',., if 'Q - K 1' ,.,Q,f,Q." , 11 :,. " 4 f 1 . t 1 1 '5 mf , 5 x YW . . if. W fa: -3- I,"w?fs: . ,.,.V v,:-AMS 'K-35' f- e ., p, WH M. W , s.:.: -H-A Leslie Myers B. S. of Ed. Bowling Green Stote University Wilma Green Pierce A. B. Ohio University Elmira Kehm Shaffer B. S. Otterbein Boyd M. Sobers B. A., M. A. Western Reserve University Ohio Northern University University of Wyoming University of Howoii Paul N. Thorburn B. S. in Agriculture Ohio Stote University Kenneth E. Wable B. A, Muskingum College 5 3522 John P. Williams B. S. in Ed. Centro! Michigan Jean Motter Rumbaugh School Secretory TEACHERS' COFFEE HOUR Lef Custodians f to right Mr. Orville Bielefeld Mr. Albert Campbell Mr. Vic Weaver Left Cooks to right Mrs. Mitchell Mrs. Potts Mrs. Dawson Mrs. Brandal Absent: Mrs. Barnes ' 1 Bus Drivers Left To right: Carl Burrows Rolly Bauers Roy Baker Wayne Hofstafter .lack Rumsey Bob McConnell Carl Watkins A12 S 'K 5 if N, ji . ii .., '- Q K S 34 1: 5 W B "g'AZA- .ws Fl Y xr 9 an-:'?,'5 .IQ b M ig 2,5 ip - '52 L, f ,5 , , gk - W 11,-Ijik MIS 3 1faf',, 1 ' Sl, Q " .21 H an i Q H- J1'2 laik if Tgmgiuwafg .Lg '. ' U' rg' ' A igmhml gi, M A R X il 5 " 15 x f 3- .f K sg ga, Egg Q Q bf . T at W? Q K . ,Q- Bw 554 - T Z 'RQ .:.,.: A V M W u 1... :. -ah. f 5 ,fx 1 2 . vi is 1 w W f iai '15 vm, ' V il: , ' -LI -' V 55 5- N- .E .....V.:. , V A I Z ,W ' Rig N 7 ,fi if 5 , - I vi Q 8, "5 'iii 25 N 4725. JL Q. L ,fx r l H i Jimi 5 ,Q . I. gg? as Mgii? 2 8 ui as ly ,Q,-S, - , 1 V ' ,, fl, r X -Lwg w+?gE:4mf N ww-kafw, M X 'W A, f . 3 in ww- . wggw, 1 ' W M R 'fi-f,.,: 9 N 4 M -V I wars mf .A nw. -V Q-1' is . s' wx! Q W ,., Hyip' , 4- as-R, 'Rr' :Egfr A A N K, A M 1 L C ref MH p . T-A ' - vw +1 .g Q W1 A haf' 55315-fa-f 1 '- N - -A K 1' W ,- V--5: mfr: my 1- KL ' f is , , ,7 5, A A .. was 'RMK , A gif '95 ff, 'ggm 2 rvvff! A 1 5-M3 fig ' ' fx . Q Um ,M , Vx, W. 1 5 g M, Wu .iw ,, ww ,K xL,U,.,yALs1,m x P 'U W N 'if wxma' 1' - WSW gm SF' A ,f "E'53',,?3 'N Q' ag - --Xa... -b igf, M-,Xe - .4 R M mi Q QQ Q, M W Q- Nga , fi. Q 'X-W E. KA 'A -2 ,- w sw, N' 51,17--.? . A wm! ,V K ,,1f,1W1,w.V,-Z WX Q . r X53-"."Si'5'V ' ' Y M -X E 5.5 H- W Q Q Lx 'L :fx ,mm J 'J- .,. we . V Me M Q.- X if 1' U .,,. ,L -1 - 'wi Sm 'Q X M ,ww .Q- is Hn Y E SENIOR ACTIVITIES nvmwrimwwifi 1 Left to right: Gordon Marett, Dean Hansen, Gaylord White, Lucille Atkinson, Gloria Chase, Vivian Conklin. Our senior year has been very eventful and extremely memorable. One of our first activities was the night pep rally to inspire school spirit for the big Wellington football game. Included in the preparations was the making of a life-size dummy to represent Vlfellington. This dummy was escorted to the park by the band. A snake dance was held on the way out and also around the huge bonfire. Then the foo:- ball boys threw tlW6lliI1gtOH,, into the fire and the student body joyously left the park. As is the custom, wc prepared a throne and engaged an orchestra for the dance fol- lowing the Homecoming game. VVith the aid of the colored lights in the new auditorium, we had a very beautiful kingdom for the queen to rule over for one night. So, with the crowning of the queen, the seniors' last football season ended. The presentation of the annual senior play provided both us and the community with a great deal of laughter and tears. .. VV e sponsored record dances after some of the home basketball games, which afford- ed pleasure to many and money to our treasury. By the end of the year, we all felt like one big happy family. So, when we dis- covered that Mr. Sobers' birthday was on a school day, we secretly went to great lengths to surprise him. With a great deal of success with the surprise party, we enjoyed a noon of refreshments and merriment. Of course, the two big events in our lives were baccalaureate and commencement. When we marched down the aisle, we realized that we were stepping from the sheltered high school days to the out-side world to work in what we were best suited. The events of our senior year will remain in our memories as we look back to the wonderful high school days spent in New London I-ligh. Sponsored by Burk Farm Equipment W? ,glhvi U A ., .1 ? x . V , , . 3 f-4 , 4 I 1 ,A Q I . A 1 f , Q A , 4: . P Wg 1, Name: Lucille Atkinson Nickname: "Luke" Birthdate: February 4, i937 Activities: Choir 3, 45 Glee Club l, 45 Tattler 45 Annual 45 Todayfs Teens 35 lntra. Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Schol. Team 35 Prince of Peace 45 Jr. Play Tech. Staff5 Sr. Play5 Class Treas. 45 Football Queen 45 Cheerleader l, 3, 4. Name: Gerald Robert Case Nickname: "Casey" Birthdate: June 8, i936 Activities: FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, 45 Glee Club l5 Basketball l, 2, 35 Baseball 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Jr. Play Tech. Staff. g . , as e ummm. ,E x Name: Dan Frederick Bauer Nickname: "Danny" Birthdate: February 26, i936 Activities: Glee Club l: Marching Band l5 Symphonic Band l5 Tattler 2, 45 Annual 45 Basketball l, 2, 35 Baseball 3, 45 Fcotball 3, 45 Track 2, 35 lntra. Basketball l, 45 Prince of Peace 45 Speech Team 45 Arn. Legion Essay Winner 35 Plays 3, 45 Speech, State Finals 45 Thespian Society 4. Name: Carl Lloyd Cawrse Birthdate: July 3l, i936 Activities: FFA l, Z, 3, 4- V. Pres. 3, Pres, 45 Annual 4, Basketball l, 2, 35 Football l 45 Jr. Play Tech. Staff . be .-at X W,- lrgtx if-,w -is . .Y was 1 Name: George Walter Benear Nickname: "Buggy" Birthdate: October lO, l936 Activities: Tattler 45 Basketball Mgr. 45 Baseball 3, 45 Football 3, 45 lntra Basketball l, 3, 4. Name: Gloria Lou Chase Nickname: "Glo" Birthdate: March 3l, i936 Activities: Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Glce Club l, 2, 3, 45 Marching Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 Tattler 3, 45 Annual 3, 45 Today's Teens 35 lntra Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Schol. Team l, 2, 3, 45 Prince ot Peace 45 Music Contests l, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 45 Speech Team 45 Am. Legion Essay Winner l, 25 Plays 3, 45 Treas. of Class 25 Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 45 Thespian Society 4. Name: Vivian Pearl Conklin Nickname: "Viv" Birthdate: July l3, l936 Activities: FHA l, Z, 3, 4, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band l 2, 3, 4, Symphonic Band l, 2, 3, 4, Today's Teens 3, lntra. Basketball 3, 4, Plays l 2, 3, 4, Class Secy. 4, Cheerleader l, 2, 4. Name: Shari Lynn Dill Birthdate: February l8, l936 Activities: FHA 2, 3, 4, Marching Band l, Tattler 3, 4 Style Show l, 2, 3, County Musical l, 2, 3, 4, Play Tech. Staff 3, 4. ' -' . . if Q f :ERIE-' :ja . Q-suis r ' :-: ,, ' we - -he 1 . V' as fl 65 1 SENIORS Name: Duane Ivan Davis Nickname: "Coondog" Birthdate: February 26, 1936 Name: Irene Francis Earl Nickname: "Reenie" Birthdate: June I9, i936 Activities: Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band l, 3, 4, Symphonic Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Tattler 4, Annual 4, Today's Teens 2, 3, lntra Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Schol. Team l, 2, 3, Prin:e of Peace 4, Speech Team 4, Music Contests 3, 4, Plays 3, 4, Class Secy.-Treas. l, Ohio Test 3, 4, Buckeye Girls' State 3, Thespian Society 4, Am. Legion Essay Winner l, 2, 3. Name: Edgar Miles Denger Nickname: "Ed" Birthdate: July 27, l936 Activities: FFA 2, 3, 4, Choir l, 2, 3, Tattler 3, 4, Glee Club l, FFA-Speech Meet, Prince of Peace 4. Name: Barbara Ann Ellinwood Nickname: "Bains" Birthdate: October 9, l936 Activities: FHA l, 2, 3, Choir l, 2, 3, County Musical l, 2, 3, Tattler 4, Annual 4, Today's Teens 3, Style Show l, 2, 3, Am. Legion Essay Winner 2, Jr. Play Tech. Staff, Sr. Play Tech. Staff. Hn ,a g-Emma Name: Donald' Lee Everman Nickname: "Ebe" Birthdate: April 19, 1935 Activities: FFA 1, Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, lntra Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Name: Mary Lou Garrison Nickname: "Lou" Birthdate: March 31, 1936 Activities: FHA 1, 2, Glee Club 1, Tattler 4, Today's Teens 3, lntra. Basketball 3, Speech Team 4, Thespian Society 4, Style Show 1, 2, Plays 3, 4. Name: Marilyn Louise Frank Nickname: "Frankie" Birthdate: February 7, 1936 Activities: Choir 1, Z, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Symphonic Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Tattler 3, 4, Annual 3, 4, Toclay's Teens 3, lntra. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Schol. Team 2, 4, Prince of Peace 4, Music Contests 1, 2, 3, 4, Speech Team 4, Style Show Acc, 1, 4, Am. Legion Essay Winner 1, 2, 3, Plays 3, 4, Grade School Musical Acc. 1, 2, 3. Name: Fredrick Eugene Gibson Nickname: "Fred" Birthdate: September 6, 1937 Activities: FFA 1, 3, 4. Name: Jerry Lee Franklin Nickname: "Coon" Birthdate: Sept. 20, 1936 Activities: Glee Club 1, Basketball Z, 3, 4, Football 1, 3, 4, Track 3, lntra. Basketball 1, Jr. Play Tech. Staff. Name: Jane Marie Griffin Birthdate: July 16, 1936 Activities: FHA 2, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, Symphonic Band 1, 2, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Tattler 4, Annual 4, Today's Teens 3, Schol. Team 1, 3, 4, Prince of Peace 4, Speech Team 4, Style Show 3, Jr. Play, Sr. Play. 7 Name: Dean Ernst Hansen Nfckname: "Dad" ' Birthdate: February 14, 1936 Activities: Tattler 1, Annual 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Class Pres. 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Track 1, 3, 4, lntra. Basketball 3, 4, Prince of Peace 4, Speech Tram 4, Am. Legion Essay Winner 1, Plays 3, 4, Thespian Society 4. Name: Phillip Blair Hopkins Nickname: "Flip" Birthdate: February 26, 1936 Activities: Choir 2, 3, 4, Tattler 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 3, Intra. Basketball 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play Tech. Staff, Boys' State 3. SENIORS Name: Roger Hamer Nickname: "Little Tige" Birthdate: April 13, 1936 Activities: Tattler 4, Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Football Mgr. 1, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play Tech. Staff, Track Mgr. 1, 2. Name: Dixie Lou Hyatt Nickname: "Dix" Birthdate: Nov. 17, I936 ' Activities: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Symphonic Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Tattler 3, 4, Annual 4, Today's Teens 2, lntra. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Schol, Team 2, 4, Prince of Peace 4, Music Contests 3, -1, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Thespian Society 4, Football Queen Attendant 4. Name: Richard Douglas Hines Nickname: "Duncan" Birthdate: Aug. 21, 1936 Activities: Choir 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Symphonic Band 1, Z, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, Tattler 2, 3, 4, Annual 4, Track 2, 3, Baseball 4, lntra. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Schol. Team 3, Prince of Peace 4, Speech Team 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play Tech. Staff. Name: Jim Kearney Nickname: "General" Birthdate: March 7, 1936 Activities: Tattler 4, Prince of Peace 4, Speech Team 4, Play Tech. Staff 3, 4. Name: J. Allen Keifer Nickname: "Keif" Birthdate: August 19, i936 Activities: Choir 4, Annual 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Am. Legion Essay Winner 2, Play Tech. Staff 3, 4, Thespian Society 4. Name: Gordon Cecil Marett Nickname: "Moe" Birthdate: August lO, i936 Activities: Annual 4, Basketball l, 2, 4, Baseball'2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, lntra. Basketball 3, Prince of Peace 4, Speech Team 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play Tech. Staff, Class V. Pres. l, 2, 4, Class Secy. 3, Buckeye Boys' State 3. Name: Gerald Maurice King Nickname: "Piney" Birthdate: August 20, i936 Activities: Glee Club l, Tattler 2, 4, Annual 3, Speech Team 4, Jr. Play, Speech State Finals 4. Name: Marilyn Mae Massie Nickname: "Tiny" Birthdate: May l, l936 Activities: FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, Today's Teens Activities: F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Style Show l, 2. Name: Dale Roger Luxon Nickname: "Fogger" Birthdate: April l8, l936 Activities: Basketball 2, Baseball 2, Football l, 4, lntra, Basketball l, 2, 3, Schol. Team. l. Name: Dale Morey Birthdate: April 26, i936 Activities: Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 3, Marching Band l, 2, 3, 4, Symphonic Band l, 2, 3', 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Tattler 2, 3, 4, lntra. Basket- ball 2, 3, Prince of Peace 4, Student Council l, 2, Jr. Play Tech. Staff, Sr. Play. Name: Thomas James Nestor Nickname: "Tom" Birthdate: November l7, l936 Activities: Basketball l, 2: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4: lntra. Basketball 3, 4: Sr. Play Tech. Staff: Class Treas. 3. Name: Carolyn Ann Ray Nickname: "PolIy Ann" Birthdate: March l8, l936 Activities: FHA 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2: Marching Band l, 2: Today's Teens 3: lntra. Basketball l, 2, 3: Style Show 25 Jr. Play Tech. Staff: Sr. Play Tech. Staff. SENIORS 1 Name: Nathan Lewis Potts Nickname: "Nate" Llirthdate: June 3, i935 Activities: FFA l, 2, 3, 4 Football l, Z, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 4, lntra Basketball l, 2, 3, 4 Name: Virginia Faith Ray Nickname: "Ginny" Birthdate: May l8, 1934 Activities: F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: March. Band 2, 3, Symphonic Band 2: lntra Basketball l, 2: Style Show Z, 4. Name: Shirley Marie Randleman Nickname: "Shirl" Birthdate: June 5, i936 Activities: FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Style Show l, 2, 3, 4 Name: Dorothy Irene Ryan Nickname: "Dot" Birthdate: July 22, i935 Activities: FHA lj lntra. Basketball 4. A t, N, 'V' A ., sl 5 5 - 'E gg-'QB we JJ" , . ,ww 1 9 3. it .,, 1 ,,,5:',g,. . 1 .- : 1 1 , s., 1 Q 5,1 ... W it L.: 1 -' a -ae- . -, -We tant? 1 - new 6 f. 1. ag if t HM: Y iw' .Jade 35.5. fe Name: Erwin Sclieder Birthdate: April 11, 1936 Activities: FFA 4: German Exchange Student Name: Dale Kenneth Springer, Jr. Nickname: "Hotrod" Birthdate: November 7, 1936 Name: Betty Florence Showers Nickname: "Betty Babe" Birthdate: February 18, 1934 Activities: FHA 1, 2, 35 Choir 3, Tattler 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Style Show 1, 2, 3. Name: Robert Eugene Weaver Nickname: "Weader" Birthdate: June 3, 1936 Activities: Glee Club 1: Marching Band 1: Tattler 4, Bas-ketball 1, Z, 31 Baseball 35 lntra. Basketball 45 Play Tech. Staff 3, 4. Name: Creighton Thomas Staschke Nickname: "Crate" Birthdate: October 20, 1935 Activities: FFA 1, 2, 3. 4, Glee Club 1, 2: Football 1, 2 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: lntra. Basketball 4. Name: Ralph Burton Westfall Nickname: "Curly" Birthdate: February-25, 1936 Activities: Annual 4, Basket- ball 2, 3, Football 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4: lntra. Basketball 2. if for f Name: Elizabeth Ann Western Nickname: "Betsy" Birthdate: May 23, i936 Activities: Choir l, Z, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Symphonic Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Today's Teens 3, lntra Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Schol. Team 3, Prince ot Peace 4, Student Council 3, Speech Team 4, Sr. Play Tech. Staff, Class V. Pres. 2, Librarian 3, 4, Annual 3. Name: James Morris NVoIte Nickname: "Moe" Birthdate: October 24, i935 Activities: FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, Baseball 3, Football l, Track l, 2. SENIORS Name: Gaylord Coleman White Nickname: "Gay" Birthdate: October 2, l936 Activities: Choir 2, 3, Glee Club l, Tattler 3, 4, Annual 4, Basketball l, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, lntra, Basket- ball 2, 3, Schol, Team 2, Prince of Peace 4, Student Council 2, 4, Speech Team 4, Jr. Play, Sr. Play, Boys' State 3, Thespian Society 4. Name: Franklin Clinton Randleman Nickname: "Weasel" Birthdate: July 8, i936 Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 4, Baseball 2, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4, lntra. Basket- ball 3, Class V. Pres. 3. Name: Oron Kelsey Wilcox Nickname: "Bud" Birthdate: August l6, i935 Activities: FFA 2, Tattler 4, Track 3, Prince of Peace 4, Speech Team 4, Plays 3, 4. Name: William Leroy Randleman Nickname: "Billy Des" Birthdate: February 20, l933 Activities: Choir 2, 3, Glee Club, Basketball l, 2, 3, Football l, Z, 3, Track l, 2, 3 X F 9. La Donna i We, the class of 1954, wish to dedicate this page of our yearbook to the memory of our classmate, LaDonna Moffit, the daughter of Mr. Elmer Motfit. LaDonna was born June 29, 1936, and died October 6, 1953, a victim of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. LaDonna attended Fitchville Grade School and joined our class in the freshman year, 1950. She was well-liked because of her quiet, friendly manner. She joined two vocal music groups, the girls' glee club and the choir because she was fond of music. Helping with programs presented to the school to commemorate holidays was LaDonna's contribution through her membership in Today's Teens. LaDonna also entered into activities of the Future Homemakers of America. The class of 1954 mourns the loss ofa fellow classmate who will be missed by her many friends. CLASS HISTORY Once upon a time, twelve years ago, in fact, we wandered into Miss Hubbard's first grade room to behold the first steps in education. We mastered such arts as the alphabet and the addition and subtraction of numerical combinations, Soon we moved to the second grade room across the hall. Our guide here was Miss Cole. The new students this year were Dean Hansen and Virginia Ray. Mrs. Stentz entered our lives on the third rung of the ladder, and we welcomed Gloria Chase to our midst. The teachings of Miss Burke were appreciated in the fourth grade. Slowly, but sure- ly, we were advancing up that long ladder. Variety is the spice of life, and we found our variety in the many teachers we had in the fifth grade. Miss Upton, Mrs. Swearingen, Mrs. Scheid and Mrs. White took their turns at trying to teach us. Nathan Potts and Betty Showers became fellow members. Allen Keifer, Dale Morey, Marilyn Massie and Dale Luxon joined us as we rejoiced in the thought of being the oldest students in the building. Mrs. Wisler, Mrs. Gharst, and Mr. Chase taught us some more of the fundamental subjects. Having our classes in the high school building and greeting Dixie Hyatt into our class were new to us in the seventh grade. Our home room teacher was Mr. Rogers, who helped us enjoy our first night class parties. Miss Murphy was our adviser in the eighth grade. Here we experienced our first graduation. We turned from our grade school days to the exciting high school career. Fitehville, Hartland, and Clarksfield contributed Lucille Atkinson, George Benear, Gerald Case, Duane Davis, Irene Earl, Barbara Ellinwood, Fred Gibson, jim Kearney, Gordon Marett, LaDonna Moffit, Tom Nestor, Dorothy Ryan, Creighton Staschke, Don Everman and Carl Cawrse. Mr. Semilia took care of our many headaches in the fresh- man class. When we advanced to the sophomore home room, we had Mr. Schmidt as our ad- viser. Oron Wilcox and Betsy Western increased our enrollment. Everyone helped in the drive for scrap which helped boost our treasury. Our junior year was quite active and very nice. Vivian Conklin came to us by the addition of Rochester to the New London School District. We added to our treasury by working at football and basketball games. Among the social events of this year was our junior Thanksgiving dance. We worked diligently to prepare for the Junior-Senior Prom. VVe used the theme "Under the Sea," which turned the gymnasium into a very lovely "Under the Sea" atmosphere. Then we enjoyed working together to present "Cheaper by the Dozen". We had an exchange student from Germany with us our last year. We enjoyed having Erwin Scheder with us. Edgar Denger, Morris VVolfe, Mary Lou Garrison and Dick I-lines left in the grade school to resume their studies at Hartland and then joined us once again in their fresh- man vear. Ralph Westfall started with us, but left to join the Fitchville Grade School. I-Ie, too, came back later on in the school career. Those who have been together at New London all twelve years arc: Dan Bauer, Shari Dill, Marilyn Frank, jerry Franklin, 'lane Griffin, Roger Hamer, Phil Hopkins, Gerald King, Carolyn Ray, Bill Randleman, Clinton Randleman, Shirley Randlcman, Dale Springer, jr., Bob Weaver and Gaylord VVhite. Sponsored by Siddallfs Meat Market rfyqy fl l X . ffj rf, if CLASS PROPHECY Lucille Atkinson is now running a supersonic jet airline service between New Lon- don and Florida. Ralph Westfall is a designer of ultra-modern cars. His latest creation is a car made entirely of transparent plastic. He can examine the motor without raising the hood. I The new "Miss Typist of the Universe" of 1956 is none other than Irene Earl. She made a net of 250 words per minute. If you would like to buy a good, trained coon dog, go to the school for the training of Coon dogs run by Duane Davis. VVe just heard one of his prize pupils treed a coon and then climbed up after it. just finished making a tour of Italy are Julius LaRosa and Marilyn Frank, now star- ring on Broadway. Marilyn ean't speak Italian, but she thinks that Italy is a very "in- teresting" country. ' ' Gaylord White is the editor of the NEW YORK TIMES. He has a small Cadillac business for after hour amusement. The owner of the "Sleepy Girls' Hotel" is Gloria Chase. She decided that after her sleepless parties, some quiet, comfortable place was needed. Bob Weaver has become a world famous lecturer. On one of his trips to Europe. he was asked to go to the castle of the King of Siam. We hear that he soon will finish his lecture series to the Kingis children. Betty Showers has an agency in New York to help prospective brides in the plan- ning of their weddings. She also owns an exclusive flower shop on Fifth Avenue. Phil Hopkins, a physical eulturist, is the model for the "Atlas" muscle-building ads. Barbara Ellinwood is the world famous trainer of wild animals. She just made a movie called "I Brought 'Em Back" or "Hard Fight, Mom, But I VVon". Dale Luxon is the owner of the "Pack-em and Stay Packed" meat company. He worked his way up from pickling pigs' feet. Shirley Bandleman is now a teacher of the home economics department in good old NLHS. She has a small, modern home for the girls to put to practical use. The star quarter-back for the Cleveland Browns is Creighton Staschke. VVe heard he made six touchdowns in one quarter. lVIorris VVolfe is the head mechanic For General Nlotors. He just invented an inr- visible windshield for people who do not like to clean them. As a reward for her excellent work, Virginia Ray has just been chosen the head in- terior decorator for the White House. Oron Wilcox is the owner of the famous VVilcox Brick Farm. He started by mak- ing a brick outdoor fireplace and just eouldn't stop. Vivian Conklin is an instructor at a cheer-leading school for midgets. It gives her confidence to be the tallest girl there. VVC find that jerry Franklin has received his engineering degree and owns his own company which is presently building the first sky scraper in New London. It is to be the tallest in the world. Since Bill Bandleman has always liked to fish, he now owns his own fish hatchery. There will be no problem of where to go fishing, Bill. Betsy Western finally got her driver's license.. She now runs the "Betsy-Drive Carefully" driving school. In his chemical experiments Dan Bauer has developed a new substance that will eat anything. He has just one problem -- he hasn't discovered a container for it yet. The expert, the one-and-only George Benear, is the official head shaver for television wrestlers. Ilis newest "cut" -- the "shave-it-all". Sponsored by Knapp Shoe Store H1 11" ,-.x V I XX. CLASS PROPHECY Out Texas vvay, Tom Nestor is a millionaire cattle man. It's rumored that it takes him two weeks just to get to his barn. rl he new University of Fitehville, one of the top ten colleges in the United States, has finally got Gordon Marett, former head of the athletic department at Harvard, into their employment. Flash! VVC have just received the information that jane Griffin has won the elec- tion. She is the first woman president. Watch out, men! Gerald Case is the swimming instructor at an exclusive hotel outside of New York City. He earns enough money to buy a small estate and keep it in good condition. Guess who broke the sound barrier just the other day? None other than Dixie Hyatt, the new test pilot for Douglas Aircraft. Carl Cawrse and Fred Gibson are famous agriculturalists. They have developed a new type of onion that doesn't smell. While going through Germany, we heard a lot of American slang. We learned that Erwin Scheder is teaching it in the schools of Germany. Mary Lou Garrison and Dorothy Ryan are the heads of a hospital for sick and in- jured animals. They performed an appendcctomy on a snake recently and all went well. jim Kearney has just got in touch with Mars with his short wave set. VVC hear that he plans to go there and teach them how to "soup up" an atomic car. The "oscar" for the best production managers went to Allen Keifer and Dick Hines. VVe must admit that their job on CBS TV has warranted such an award. Marilyn Massie now has her own line of cosmetics. Her latest product is a vanish- ing cream for people with double ehins. 'Edgar Denger is another Barney Olficld. He drives ear No. 33 in the stock ear races at the VVorld's Stock Car Races. His most daring stunt is driving the car off I1 five-story building onto a frozen lake. Don Everman and Dean Hansen are wealthy oil men in Arabia. The only time we see them is when they come home for a "River Rat" reunion. Carolyn Ray is finally the proud owner of her own Holstein dairy farm. She man- aged to buy it because of her discovery of a cow that gives 20 gallons of milk per day and requires no care. Gerald King, state flight patrolinan, has stated that his favorite pastime is giving tickets to pilots who swoop too low and frighten people. Dale Springer is the author of a new book, "Auto Repair-Before and After". He started on his way with the development of a motor that will go 200 miles an hour. Nathan Potts now owns a new type of store called the "Self-Serve Farm Machinery Market". His policy is that, in return for the use of the machinery, they must work five acres of his land. The publisher of that national magazine "Outdoor Life" that is sweeping the coun- try in popularity is Clinton Randleman. The editorial in the last issue was entitled, "Distinguishing Points in Wornis for Better Fishing". The famous sportseaster is Roger Hamer. I-le is in great demand all over the na- tion, but has declined all offers for one night so that he might broadcast the VVellington- New London football game. Dale Morey has invented and is a manufacturer of a typewriter that docsn't make mistakes. All typists are forever indebted to him. By designing her own dresses, Shari Dill has gained her claim to fame. She now designs wardrobes for the ten best dressed women in the world. Ferrell - Gtl1'!l71Cl' - Custom Cabinets i.. fl if I CLASS WILL A ARTICLE I We, the seniors of '54, will to: Mr. Wable-a trackman who can make the one-hundred yard dash in 9.8 seconds. Mr. Schacht-a new public address system so that the morning announcements Can be heard more clearly. Mr. Bender-Students who will willingly make up time. Jean Rumbaugh-A senior class that will not need as many absence and tardy excuses as this class did. Miss Hartford-a pocket grammer book for each English student so that they don't never speak bad English. Mr. Sobers-American history and government students who will have their current event questions written out before class. Mrs. Hatzel-A Home Ec. class that will not burn its cookies. Mr. McGowan-Enough strong "Atlas" jr. high "men" te have a winning football and bas- ketball team. Mr. Clinger-a second year typing class who will type their law budget to perfection- without the help of an eraser. Mr. Machles-A silver baton and a new album of "Peter and the Wolf". Mr. Thorburn-F.F.A. officers who can keep order in the meetings so that parliamentary procedure can be carried on as in contests. Bus drivers-A sound proof enclosure to sit in when they drive the "searchers for knowl- edge" to and from school. Cooks-Upperclassmen who will sign up for lunch. Janitors-Students who will not mark the walls and throw paper on the floor, or leave the pencil sharpeners full. The Juniors-Mr. Sobers, who will teach them to be as gracious-charming-obedient- tactful-good-looking-intelIigent-trustworthy-lovable-courteous-and sophisticated as .we are. Mr. Williams-A cord of wood and a ton of clay for his next year's art class. Mr. Bacon-A mechanical drawing class that will not play darts with the dividers. Miss Shaffer-We leave a new mop and a can of Drano for the lab. Mrs. Pierce-Students who will take trips this summer so they may intelligently discuss the geography of the United States. ARTICLE I I l, Dick Hines, will to Paul Porter, my position on the "Tattler" staff. l, Phil Hopkins, will to Jack Hubbard, my ability to make small explosions in chemistry lab. I, Bob Weaver, will to Dick Morey an extra day in the week to catch up on lost sleep. l, lrene Earl, will to Patty Parker the right to be the most traveled senior, living, as we do, on our backwoods estates. l, Erwin Scheder, will to Fritz Sauer, the right to be an exchange student to Germany. l, Shirley Randleman, will to Charlotte Poole my excess weight. l, Duane Davis, will to Lyle Moffit the right to sit in art class to see that others work. l, Barbara Ellinwood, will to any first year typist the one typewriter that doesn't skip in typing class. l, Gerald King, will to my brother Bill, my speaking ability. I, Virginia Ray, will to any needy art student my art ability. l, Jim Kearney, will to Joe Wolfe my appetite. l, Gaylord White, will to Jack Hubbard the wonderful times and sometimes- headaches of being editor of the "Tattler". Good Luck, Jack! I, Mary Lou Garrison, will to Pauline Denger my late, late hours to stay out and have fun. I, Dale Luxon, will to Howard Duta, the right to play ping-pong during classes. Sponsored by New London Dairy I 1 J f CLASS WILL I, Creighton Staschke, will to Rodney Streng my great ability to play football. I, Dorothy Ryan, will to Pat Parkcr my ability to hold my temper while playing basketball. I, Morris Wolfc, will to Royce Ganz my right to raise Izroilers for the Farm Bureau. I, Carolyn Ray, will to Velma King, Esther Kellar and Lauretta Snyder, the many good times on the school bus. l, George Benear, will to Howard Cramer, the right to have his head shaved every spring. l, Betsy Western, will to future librarians, the library ke I, Edgar Denger, will to Clarence Coy, the right to go with any girl that he wants as long as I approve of her. Y. l, Gloria Chase, will to Shirley Delamater and Dianne McCullough, the habit that I have acquired through high school of being late to everything. We, Dean Hansen, Gordon Marett, Tom Nestor, Don Everman, will to Jim Brown, "Tig" Runkle, John Marett, and Dave O'Hara, respectively, our positions in the "River Rats". l, Marilyn Frank, will to Joanne Ward, the right to thoroughly enjoy the senior year and lot the grades come as they may. I, Allen Keifer, will to Ted Hardy, the right to pull curtains any time he desires. I, Betty Showers, will to the halls of New London High School my many happy memories I, Clinton Randleman, will to Royce Ganz, the right to make four touchdowns in a football game. I, Roger Harner, will to Darrel Stoner my ability to "rough up" in basketball games and not get caught. I, Dan Bauer, will to Larry Granneman, as a senior the right to argue with any teacher. I, Fred Gibson, will to Bob Wolfe the right to make and break all the hot rods he wants. I, Jerry Franklin, will to Jerry Brandal my place as the slew foot of the basketball team. I, Nathan Potts, will to Rolland Burton my good grades in American problems. l, Jane Griffin, will to Anita Westfall my ambition to learn to drive. I, Dale Morey, will to Darrell Stoner my position in the New London High School Band. l, Shari Dill, will to Bertha Anderson the r' ht t 'h as long as she wants. ig o go wit whomever she pleases and for I, Oron Wilcox, will to Joe Wolfe my way of getting out of study hall. l, Marilyn Massie, will to any girl the right to skip school without getting caught. I, Bill Randeman, will to my brother John, my speed. I, Gerald Case, will to Keith Robbins the right to get the attention of the senior class in home room every morning. I, Carl Cawrse, will to George Marett one well-used set of tires for his car. l, Ralph Westfall, will to Don Jackson, my gun and coon dog. We, Dixie Hyatt, Lucille Atkinson, Vivian Conklin will to next year's cheerleaders some well-worn lungs. I, Dale Springer, will my Florida tan to anyone who is so lucky. Sponsored by D. B. Barnes, ClOff1i7'Ig and Shoes Left to right-Stanley Switzer, Fritz Sauer, Nadine Everman, Sally Marett, Virginia Coy, Phillip Schneiter. , sw jj- fs? i fc jr. Officers fr Activities The 1953-54 school year got off to a good start for the juniors. During football sea- son they were given first choice of concessions and re- ceived fifty percent of the profit. Eleven ineinbers of the junior class were on the foot- ball, basketball, baseball and track teams. In late October, the class began planning for its float to be entered in the annual I-lalloweycn parade. Incident- ally, the float took first prize of ten dollars. Three of the four reserve cheerleaders were juniors. During basketball season, the class sold Wildcat pins and held record dances after two of the home games. On january 29th the jun- iors sponsored a round dance with Larry Hines' Orchestra furnishing the music. Included in the spring play cast were ten juniors. They had fun planning for their dances and other im- portant events of the school year, but the most fun was the Junior-Senior Prom for which they started making plans in the early spring. It was held in honor of the Se- niors at Oberlin Inn on May 15, 1954. All in all, the junior class had a very profitable year and is eagerly awaiting its senior year. Top Row ll. to r.l-Nadine Evermran, Esther Kellar, Marolyn Fye, Marlene Humphrey, Shirley Delamater, Joan Bilton, Velma King, Betty Evans, Virginia Coy, Beverly Hartman. 2nd Row-Joyce Jackson, Shirley Knudsen, Miriam Howard, Larry Granneman, Rolland Ray iuruo Top Row ll. to r.l-Dianne McCullough, Lauretta Snyder, Rose Varga, Patricia Parker, Nancy Logan, Mable Ward, Sara Marett, Veronica Jane Weaver, Joanne Ward. 2nd Row - Cla ton Matus Stanle Switzer Wilmer White, Jr., Y Y I Stanley Tester, Jim Pierce, Joe Burton, Doug Dill, Ella Mae Crandall, Coleen Benear, Bertha Anderson. lst Row-Jerry Brandal, Royce Ganz, Jack Hubbard, Mr, Clinger, Ted Hardy, Joe Gorsuch, Clyde Hotchkiss, Bill Gregory. R CLASS Wolfe, Paul Porter, Dick Morey, Charles Lindenau, Mr. John Bacon. lst Row-Don Tulk, Keith Robbins, George Marett, Lyle Moftit, Robert Wolfe, Fritz Sauer, Phillip Schneiter, Richard Searight. NAFsent-Mary Ann Suda, Charlotte Poole, Lyle ee. ' l Sponsored by Dari Delite und Niclzles Bakery Jim Brown John Marett, Bill Dunn, Rodney Streng, Richard Bilton. , J QTN - xx-J' SOPHOMORE Officers -- Activities The sophomores seemed to have started a rather frantic year early when, in the sum- mer of '53, they sponsored two of the only dances New London had. Everyone had a good time, although the class treasury seemed to benefit very little from all this. When sch ool resumed, they found themselves again with the largest class roll of any, 72 members. The first thing that entered their minds those first few weeks was football, in which there was an unusually large number of sophomore boys participating. "Gee, where has all the time gone?" was the question most of them were saying when they found those first few months had gone by so quickly. But they soon got back in the "swing of things" when they saw basketball and the various other activities rolling around. Again there was a large number of them out for basketball and other activities. Sponsoring a record dance after one of the games and being in charge of a few concessions during the year helped to boost a rather de- flated treasury. After basketball, the music department seemed to take ov- er with many sophomores par- ticipating in the contests. They also held a class party which turned out to be quite a success but nearly made Mr. VVilliams a nervous wreck! As the sophomore year drew to a close, they all seem- ed to realize more and more just how short their high school life was going to be and found themselves looking forward to their junior year. Top row ll. to r.l-Don Hardy, Dean Emerson, Bob Martin, Jim Brown, Clarence Coy, Dean Cole, Lou- ise Denslow, Joyce Franklin, Barbara Blaha, Betty Haynes, Donna Foster, Ruth McClave. 3rd row-Art Franks, Howard Kessler, Tom Bur- rows, Howard Duta, Bill King, Bill Dunn, Don Chandler, John Marett, Tom Day, Richard Bilton. Znd row-Mr. Wable, Ruth Keifer, Susan Lawrence, Shirley Kinter, Art Campbell, Howard Cramer, Cal- vin Cole, Sue Case, Beverly McQuate, Shirley By- ron, Mr. Williams. lst row-Donna Davis, Patty Knapp, Jane Crabbs, Margaret Hess, Wanda Knapp, Lila Heitsche, Janice Bauer. W ffl SOPHOMORE CLASS .J X' If Top row ll. to r.l-Dorothy Story, Della Wireman, Barbara Patchen, Marie Springer, Douglas Tulk, David L. Miller, Arthur Paramore, David Weiner, Janice Oney, Patty Perkins, Rose Wilson, Wanda Parsons. 2nd row-Charles Meade, Glen Stewart, Ronald Runkle, John Randleman, June Ryan, Margaret Me- Ioy, Barbara Stone, Gail Thompson, Rodney Streng, Bruce Upton, David O'Hara, David Miller. lst row-Doris Poole, Carol Myers, Sonja Mekoleski, gliis Schaffer, Ania Westfall, Barbara Stiles, Betty ti es. Sponsored by Crmnrine Cleaners and Funk Construction Company Left to right-Wilma Marett, Joan Schneider, Richard Nestor, Edgar Crabbs, David Burner, Lueise Anderson, Freshman Officers G' Activities This year has been a big one for the freshmen, now that they're considered part of the high school and have a full-fledged interest in many of its activities. They were able to make their own deci- sions for the first time about school courses. They had a choice to select from: Span- ish, general science, general math, home economics, voca- tional agriculture, industrial arts, and algebra. This is the year they gain- ed some wonderful class- mates from the neighboring communities of Clarksfielcl, Fitchville and Hartland. As ways to help the class treasury, the freshmen sold concessions at several football games and at the Huron - New London basketball game after which they sponsored a record dance. 'They also had a coat-checking service at one of the Huron tournament games. This year members of the class were active in various sports, such as basketball and football, and the class is just- ly proud of the record they made. They also took a very ac- tive part in many other ac- tivities. Among them were: orchestra, symphonic band, marching band, choir, and the school paper. All in all the freshmen consider this a very successful first year of high school and are now looking forward to their sophomore year. Ci FRESHMAN CLAS'S Top row fl. to r.l - Pauline Denger, Cleo Bartow, Darlene Downing, Lucie Ellinwood, Wayne Oney, Ken- neth Ratliff, Herb Knapp, Loren Enderby, Ralph Wei- ner, Edgar Crabbs, Don Gray, Judy Martin, Eunice Westfall, Hazel Benear, Emily Wolfe. 4th row-Darrel Stoner, Dave Burner, Orville Collins, Carl Stober, Roger Weaver, Robert Streaty, Robert Geyer, Bill Pierce, Carl Chandler, Richard Nestor, Dale Myers, Douglas Fetterman. 3rd row-Robert Sucla, Sidney Murray, Orlando Close, Joan Schneider, Janice Holkenborg, Annetta Collins, Jean Cawrse, Jean Wargo, Frances' Baxter, Louieda Smith, Oliver Close, George Ray, Ed Cummings. Znd row-Judy Emch, Barbara Adams, Susan Guscott, Harolyn Hyatt, Jim Pierce, Eugene Rogers, Jr. Bennett, Tom Porter, Rosemary Hileman, Judy Hauser, Virginia Parker, Judy Switzer. lst row-Miss Hartford, Lueise Anderson, Sandra White, Rena Murray, Eleanor Paramore, Connie Col- lingwood, Wilma Marett, Nita Zimmerman, Donna Tester, Mr. Machles. ,D EIC-HTH GRADE 6' ACTIVITIES , , WQ v . , Top row ll. o r.l-Robert Brooks, Donald Johnson, Robert Campbell, Stanley Anthony, Michael Coombs, Donald Brandal, John Murry, Tommy Robertson, Billy Knapp, Donald Bauer, Ralph James, Frank Murr, Robert Cotter. 4th row--Robert Howard, Everett Meade, Gerald Johnson, Gary Staples, Don Field, Junior Parsons, Gerald Geiger, Floyd Schaffer, Paul Fingulin, Robert Humphrey, Floyd Denslow, Leonard Smith. 3rd row-Margot Terner, Ola Miller, Rose Hodges, Robert Randleman, Gary Lash, James Shibley, Errol King, Yvonne Case, Wanda Carroll, Judy Thomas. 2nd row-Lora Tackett, Patricia Llndenau, Mary Ann Marett, Loretta Hall, Ann Funk, Donna Budd, Joyce Jones, Martha Ward, Joan Weaver, Mr. McGowan. lst row-Sylvia Meek, Judy McCullough, Lillian Murr, Dawn Powers, Regina Grilley, Bonnie Ewell, Corrine Tow- stiak, Patsy Enderby. Absent-Judy Ward, Carmita Brazie. The SEVENTH GRADE 6' ACTIVITIES Top Row ll. to r.l-Gilbert Searles, Mike Powers, Dan Ringler, Billy Bennett, George Baxter, Barrie Hauser, Ishmael Spears, Bruce Brazie, Terry Ward, Bobby Roerig, Darryl Farmer, Ralph Scyoc. 3rd Row-Vernie Mae Carroll, Ariane Barnes, Eddie Shaver, Fred Weiner, Donald Jackson, Joe Runkle, Jimmy Mitchell, Ronald Baker, Gearline Case, Patty Lewis, Lois Allem. 2nd Row-Theodora Towstiak, Sandy Sutherland, Shirley Blair, Claudette Harvey, Sandra Murr, Emma Randleman, Lois Snyder, Eloise Upton, Ernestine Case, Darlaine Cooke, Ollie Norris, Marlene Burrows. lst Row--Ima Jean Hunter, Marilyn Paramore, Nancy Westfall, Louise Stone, Shirley Gray, Carol Murray, Beverly Frank, Nancy Hamilton, Ezella Parsons, Mary Lee Richards. Absent-Chester Spears. X-,X . ffdl..-14 ff -fl--f- --fh N l 1 x lm ,Q up y , ' A Ya-3 in ' i i f ' .r L - Q ' A -N059 1 I iq 7 -A' -l' pid. GRADE SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Due to the incrtased enrollment in the elementary school, two school programs were given during this year. Grades 1, 2, and 3 presented a very fine Christmas program just before the Christmas vacation. In March, grades 4, 5, and 6 presented an entertaining program based on the folk songs of America. A nature study trip to the park was taken by hits. Bradish's room. The children studied the many evidences of spring and then wrote a story of their experiences. The boys and girls of Mrs. I-lyatt's room paid their annual visit to Grandma Sprin- kle Caged 942 on First Street, entertaining her with stories and songs. Mrs. Williams' boys and girls planted marigold seeds weeks before Easter and re- ported on the growth and care of the plants. Their weekly newspaper seems to be a big success. The boys and girls in Mrs. Ross' room are really reading library books. Each time they complete ten books, they receive a prize. A grand prize will go to the one reading the most books. Miss Baker's room felt very proud of its Easter egg tree, which is a revival of an old, old custom. CA number of other rooms also had nice trees.j The boys and girls in Mrs. Chase's room visited the Don Snyder farm to see the sheep sheared and to see the wool bundled and weighed. They had been studying about th raising of sheep prior to their visit to the farm. The health scrap books made by the boys and girls in Miss Paddock's room helped them to remember many of the important rules in caring for their bodies. The fourth grade, consisting of Mrs. Robbin's and Mrs. Weaver's rooms, visited the Firelands Museum at Norwalk, Ohio where they saw many of the things they had been reading about in Singing Wheels. The fifth grade, colnposed of Miss lcCfCl1L11T1,S and Mrs. Gharst's rooms, visited the Diesel shops and the classification yards of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at Willard, Uhio. ' During its study of transportation, Mrs. Finkel's group had an interesting room display of the different models of automobiles. Mrs. Wisler's sixth grade group recorded one of their reading lessons on the tape recorder. It certainly was interesting to hear ourselves reading aloud. .X sv is Top row ll. to r.l - Otis Randleman, Tommy Brundage, Paul Terner, John Pierce, Gary Burt, Elvin King, Richard Carroll, Phillip Mourton, Guy Lucas, David Wells, Robert Harp. 2nd row - Jimmie Crabbs, Jimmy Lawrence, Terry Fingulin, Hubert Snyder, Carmel Tackett, Ronnie Granneman, Harold Knapp, Gary Bonney, Roger Ulm, Richard Weathington, Tommy Randleman, Dennis McConnell, Gene Funk, lst row-Mellanie White, Janet Copley, Carol Cowie, Sandra Miller, Meredith Brazie, Marcia Kirkpatrick, Eunice Allem, Gloria Delamater, Kathryn King, Lois Winfield, Mrs. Wisler. Absent-David Cline. Mrs. Finkel Mn, We, SIXTH GRADE Top row il. to r.l-Orlo Hartley, Donald Murr, Verne Runkle, David Powers, Darryl Downing, Mike Edens, Raymond Staskiews, Carlos Collins, Art Parsons, Martin Snyder, Bobbie Hunter, Marvin Smith. Znd row-Lula Gray, Janet Atha, Rosalie Risner, Gloria Hodges, Louise Owens, Jewel Miller, Kathleen Duta, Phyllis Walton, Judy Campbell, Mrs. Finkel. lst row - Larry Enderby, Darryl Tulk, Emma Murr, Marilyn Martin, Gloria Markham, Mary Knapp, David Hartley, Charles McClave, Leroy Denslow. Absent Bette Hennen, John Howard, Philip Martin. T' ni.. e l- I r T fa , . JM.. .c Qrl Ewell John Gregory Ro Johnson Paul Keifer Michael Blake, Randall Bender. 2nd row - Mrs. Gharst, Charlene Frederick, Miller, Marilyn UX, Jackie Murr, Dean Risner, I 1 Y 1 I Smith, Merle Crandall, Archie Smith, James 1 4 Top row lleft to rightl -Joseph Streaty, Robert Larry Root, Susan Allan Carrol James, Nancy Brooks. lss row - Kay Erlenbach, Dotty Steward, Donna Rhoads, Gay Runkle, June Paramore, Betty Gemmel, Judy Hodges, Saundra Golding, Jacqueline Mat- thews, Patricia Meek. Absent-Marla Ringler, Ronald Ulm. Mrs. Gharst Jones, Winston White, Kathleen Lewis, Joyce Potts, Top row ll. o r.l-Rodney Williams, Gerald Cowie, Gary Farmer, Ruby Davis, Gracie Case, Joe Ann Harold Hall, Charles Day, James Damron, Clifford Meade. Goble, Donald McClave, Richard Shriver, Luther Cot- lst row-Irene Radcliffe, Doris Duta, Patricia Riedy, ter. Barbara Moore, Norma Cotter, Helen Weiner. 2nd row-Roseann Edens, Alice Timbs, Madaline Absent-Oscar Close, Eugene Brazie, Miss Ketchum. Carroll, Ronald Poole, Norman iviiiler, Myron Knapp, Miss Ketchum f X LL ,,., . r A , , J W, as Y 2 ,Q Q--MQW, A ,. 1. ,. Top row ll. to r.l-Raymond Kilen, Ray Baxter, Marvin Ward, Robert Rhine- berger, Robert Davis, Gregory Barnes, Bobby Patton, Barry Miller, Ramon Upton, Willard Smith, Chas. Wm. Cooke, Stephen Farnsworth. 2nd row-Mrs. Robbins, Evelyn Radcliffe, Doris Goble, Myrtie Ratliffe, Barbara Anthony, Glenn Sprague, Don Lawrence, Tom Lawrence, William McCullough, Jon Streaty, Jean Rieske, Ruth Ann Zimmerman, Caherine Jennings, Lois Burt. lst row-Patricia Delamater, Carol Randleman, Mary Ann Staples, Alice James, Sally McConnell, Gayle Sutherland, Adele Hileman, Margaret Frate, Suzanne Farnsworth, Beverly Randleman, Sharon Hatcher, Barbara Young, Carol Hobbs. Absent-Jack Miller, Leslie Sackett. Mrs. Weaver FOURTH GRADE Hamilton. Sherrianne Snyder. Q Absent-Carol Neel. in Swain- - w-Hfsewls Mrs. Robbins Top row ll. to r.l-James Paramore, Orbie Case, Larry Robertson, Frank Shaver Ronald Ross, Donald Ross, Bernard Spears, Evan Tackett, Jr. 2nd row-Mrs. Weaver, Magdalene Case, Sharma Searls, Mark Knapp, Dean Runkle, Neil Brandal, Burton Runkle, Eugene Geiger, Ossie Parsons, Juanita lst row - Diana Harvey, Mary Knapp, Bonnie Jackson, Elizabeth Bennett, Top row ll. to r.l-Mrs. Chase, Larry Steward, Edward Vosatka, James Massie, Alan Grilley, Jerry Johns, Robert Cooke, Jay Simecek, Richard Marschall, Rodney Stover, James Snyder. 2nd row-Janis Gilbert, Joyce Copley, Vickey Hanson, Jeanene Johnson, Barbara Landis, Ellen Kirkpatrick, Imogene Case, Janice Pierce, Carol Wenner, Karen Monroe, Vicki Knapp, Allison Barnes, Sherrill Cooke. lst row-Joyce Matthews, Nancy Runkle, Pamela Frank, JoAnn Harner, Bertha Weiner, Billie Ann Jackson, Martha Heckbert, Susan Snyder, Lana Runkle, Geor- gia Blair, Dora King Absent--Anthony Kirkpatrick, Betty Jo Porter, Pauline Murr. THIRD GRADE Mn Chase T p row ll to rl Miss Paddock Michael Muller Gary Enderby Carl Cotter Kenneth Collins Larry Farmer Charles Price Garry Ewell Bernie Ewell Leonard Rieske Znd row Joyce Newsome Patsy Carroll Bill Damron Lewis Harp David Stew art Weldon Price Terry Markham Billy Mourton Billy Meek Phyllistlne Col Inns Gracy Bell Tackett 3rd row Eleanor Williams Diane Farmer Nannette Martin Wilma Hunter Anna Mae Scyoc Magallne Meade Lonna Snyder Miss Paddock Absent Barbara Campbell 0 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T 2 1 1 r I ' l ' - 1 1 W ' 1 1 1 1 f I I ' , -. , - . X. ,M,a,.,,-..... ....,..QlV1,a,f ,.. 1-.. E 4 -, l l. M m 6 4' Y. Y F 'Q' '-1' I , --,... gs 1 5 J "'f'U"' H ' - ' ' " - " '- V A.. ..l'-.L '-N...-.,:Q,z:.:.:1. .. Q . - fa . - .Y - al, JJELI.. . ...Q ' ".e's4.4,L:N ,Aw .. 'f' H' " ? lee, 151. 131 ,. Z ii' M, Y, , T p row ll to r l Gary Smith Wllburn Parsons Seward Mathews David Mot ter Robert Spragu Richard Rredy Duane Aumend Ronald Knapp Larry Wal ton Danny Brundage Steven Farley George Ford Ill 2nd row Miss Helen Baker Betty June Geraldine Young Alice Cowie Susan Grilley Joan Harmony Mary Lou Sanders Lula Childs Ruth Burns Patricia Cline, Charlotte Cooke, Gloria Collins, Barbara Rhoads, Lois Harvey. lst row-Kitty Calhoun, Jo Ann Cowie, Beth Ann Ewell, Nancy Erickson, Nancy Hotchkiss, Kathleen Anthony, Sharon Sobersi, Janet Anderson, Peggy Stone, Rhoda Hartley, Katherine Delamater, Lynn Leach. Absent-Stephen ,Miller, Tom Ward. Mft- ROSS SECOND GRADE Brenda Bowman, Shirley Westfall. man Poole, Harold Paramore, Mrs. Ross. Sue Kidd. ....- -.Y-V W. WW W -. Mis . .,,.,,,,.,.,.,,..,,.,,.....,,,.c.,,.....-.--....-...... , i I 1 e14..z.s . . ., i -. l .l -,,,.-,,' - 1 Miss Baker Top row ll. to r.l-Douglas Randleman, Billy Joe Mosley, Edgar Case, Stanley Jent, Charles Timbs, Joe Miller, Janet Smith, Jennifer Norris, Barbara Gray 2nd row-EvaLea Williams-, Connie Poole, Ruth Evans, Ernestine Oney, Dianne Crumrine, Goldie Patton, Charles Davidson, Charles Gardner, James Wray, Lay lst row-Dan White, Jerry Gardner, Lewis Williams, Richard Harwood, Joseph Enderby, Ristie Murr, Minnie Stewart, Marcia Crabbs, Janet Anderson, Linda Absent-Oren Close, Norman Harp, Richard Sackett, Sandra Farmer. Z 5 -f Mrs. Bradish f 5 Top row ll. to r.l-Roger Fye, Ralph Gardner, Mary Davidson, William Ferber, Karen Bowman, Marian Eaton, Steven Cooke, Dean Campbell, Blanche Bennett, Rickey Evans. 2nd row - Jane Ferrell, Mamie Evans, Charlotte Cook, Susan Brooks, Calvin Davis, Judy Cooke, Dallas Case, Charlotte Case, David Aumencl, John Burke, Carl Crabbs. lst row-Teddy Carroll, Janet Crumrine, Kathryn Coombs, Betty Williams, Don Brazie, Sally Funk, Glenn Damron, Sharon Davidson, Daniel Distel. Absent-Jean Bradford. Teacher-Mrs. Bradish. FIRST GRADE A Mn' "W" X x Top row il. to r.l-Mrs-. Hyatt, James Grilley, Michael Miller, Stephen Martin Julia Hamer, Linda Hobbs, Roger Kirkpatrick, Gregg Heidrich, Kevin Geiger, Neil Lewisi. 2nd row-Carl Jennings, Philip Parsons, Charles Harvey, Christein Hunter, Cathy James, Bernice Battles, Pamela Murr, Marion Paramore, Robert Hales, Megan Meyer. lst row-Barbara Jackson, Linda Mourton, Sylvia Meade, Marilyn Gray, Francis Matthews, Katherine Jones, Barbara Harvey, Walter Hartley. Absent-Richard Landis, Steven Hotchkiss, Robert Liss. Top row ll. to r.l-Alvin Timbs, Michael Smith, Oscar Parsons, Clinton Ward, Donald Perry, JoAnn Zimmerman, Linda Knapp, Cynthia Randleman. 2nd row-Linda Swanger, Larry Risner, Carole White, Leslie Snyder, David Neel, Nicky Petroff, Esther Weiner, Leonard Searle, Howard Ross. lst row-J. B. Patton, Eddie Tackett, Gordon Wable, Randolph Randleman, Jim Swinehart, Michael Randleman, Linda Reidy, Gary Thomas, Helen Williams. Absent-Bobby Phillips, Diane Wallen, Jean Ringler, Ricki Ellen Ulm. Teacher-Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Williams FIRST GRADE MRS. FOSTER MISS TSCHANEN Elementary Music Teacher 5PeeCh Thef3PlSf FOOTBALL Top row fleft to rightl -Jerry Brandal, Larry Granneman, Howard Dutagi, Carl Cawrseili, Jerry Franklinili, Bill Kingiii, Allen Keiferili, Dean Han- senili, Dave O'Hara. 3rd row-Coach Wable, Don Tulk, Royce Ganzifi, Ronald Runkleili, Dale Luxonil, Gerald Casefi, Ralph Westfallik, Dan Bauerii, Carl Stober, Dave Burner, Coach McGowan. Don Everman l Q l l 2nd row-Gordon Marettiliili, Don Evermangili, Ted Hardyili, Joe Gorsuchik, Creighton Staschkeiiiifi, Nathan Pottsiiili, Tom Nestorim, Herb Knapp, mgr. lst row--Richard Nestor, Howard Cramer, Jim Brown, John Randleman, Darrel Stoner, Rodney Streng, Richard Bilton, ii' Letterman iHiTwo-year Letterman l Q- X Dean Hansen Jerry Franklin Gordon Marett Q-IR i if Q, .. if .ljyig F xg +353 t a t V I' Sim? xa M wwe it J H '53-'S' K fy 33655 'give'-f QM. 354 'tg :sw gag Q 'ggi -15" U"'QvJS2-Q is Q-21 5-Li. -. I NN- ' -H , Jff 5,15 X - , V 4111.1-W. "Fi -in If ani.. v : ' L 5 12.5 -fl fi - it 'K 'za-2 1 f . ' 4.334 h e ,L-gm , ,ke x, , , M fa is ' V 1 ' I-Q I R flee, 2 J-u,vj,-5 2-jffgp I i. , - R 1 WS Qi ya E428 rf gn -M 2-5 n QISS his , N1 ss FOOTBALL I-"Soup's on! Chow down!" 2-Westfall throws him for a loss. 3-Senior Fo tb II MeQl3Ei'sg 4-"Let's all do fhe Charleston" HIGHLIGHTS W3 fvdfwi-.'lsL k fffligf-M lr wggiW l-Massillon's Mather shows filmg 2-Ted Hardy crashes overg 3-"Easy Nate!" 4-The Brass and familiesg 5-Ralph Westfall - most valuable playerg 6-Night game. Seplember l 8 ..l.... September 25 ..,..,, ,fi October 3 ...... - Ol October l 6 9 .....,. October l6 ,e,.. October 24 ...,, October 29 ..,,. November 6 .oo.., November l3 .... New London l25 Amherst New London l8 Loudonville New London 44g Massillon Sophomores New London l8g Lorain St. Mary New London l3g Vermilion New London 6g Huron New London 25g Casfalia Margaretta New London 205 Cleveland Lutheran -,------a------ New London 6g Wellington 32 20 25 46 l2 47 20 24 32 LXC9 XX Zi 6 HOMECOMING Left to right-Dixie Hyatt, Sally Mareft, Lucille Atkinson Lueise Anderson, Susan Lawrence. .,- - - . 1- 1, X 3 RJ VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Sponsored by The C. E. Ward Co MA1oRETTEs Standing-Drum Majorette, Dianne McCullough. Ist row - Barbara Stone, Susan Lawrence, Doris Poole, Lueise Anderson, Bertha Anderson. w a Ll. 1 , ii .... T: , --1--13.31545 - Q. x1"'s.f1,-,xi-gy-1-2 ..., ...., , ikffii5-ij'53,Q3"Qf21 !,x.15'Z1.C?TrSQL ' .3 " I LLII. KJ' 'Q' 37415-1'-3 - I 1l'2LZLTLLf.'3,, ' 33-L "3 has- na V 1 , V - V ..'-...-335 -... zz-......m' -- ' -1".m...-ra:-:.-.,-1-.:,.,i ..-,':.::.-.a 4 an. Dianne McCullough me .ax was an 'E s .mv 2 ,am ma Q Am KITTENS Top row ll. to r.l-Gary Lash, Gerald Johnson, Hauser, Edgar'Crabbs, Darryl Farmer, Terry Ward Don Field, Gerald Geiger, Leonard Smith, Gary ,Donald Brandal, Mr. McGowan. Staples, James Shibley, Robert Randleman. lst row-Joe Runkle, Michael Powers, Frank Murr, Znd row-Donald Bauer, Michael Coombs, Barry Billy Joe Bennett, Billy Knapp, Jimmy Mitchell. jR. HIGH CHEERLEADERS Corrine Towstiak, Ann Funk, Mary Ann Marett, Loretta Hall. in ww :mv M, im ,Z- mm ,gm v - .HA an W if-:QC Q .,,,,,.,, waivi A H 'KVM .vi 'QQ it V' EW a www ward-- mx a w mxw zz E M ka VAN ' lg f,,af', ,. KV., A M - W ME: -wx V W ' Mmm W1 ' W , 1, ,ww53AzD6Mv'3w' W x,.AM.,,,.,,,v,, , . ,www LA 35, Xgsgfg-,?3?,,1:j5Hi?: , ., ws,-LW mv wmww . W A B'f ' skww-hs'w.zWf ' ax gig? A V . wwe wnrggg-Q 'A si 4 gsgww mwwz-iw H gm K ,.,.,.,ggf ,L ywwwf .,v...rfk ,W . ig will , hE:,mm. :fy M wwwm A M W W mm ' 52 Q ' W ovnwznrl' a mf Kms N wx-nw KM... W WJ Q- 'J ,-,.Q,mwa.y 3'-m?M , x as . ..,x.1 311992 ,A ifgj ,AH Q X ' gg Mg,-Q U As 9.. .1 4 V 'S .A , w 4 L." W ,. 4 ,A m 1 . ,sw an , .1 mg ,W Q. M W ,, swf - - fy .- X7 ' fwgm-cgi, 'rg f a5,."1't ' X M1 M , , - -A www, -' fs-.. A 4-11 -M B, ..,fi,Sf wi ' if M X qw", MwM1E'Q.7:i,'QHgm ffl ,i : Q 1' I F ' .... QMQQMX-lm f . gf W-fn-W-Q Mu 7 www I M 4 M51 'vb W -, LVL-I"4:::f-f A. A gagg.:-w'ui'?f'?9S'gJ'? L ,A ,, 2' P 1 LM'L?E'?f-11 M 1- M Q N ' . 1 Ag- ,.f' ,.,,,.. .x:Jm5,l,',1LQQfJQ - 'M' x WM- f ' 15545, ' M- '- --vi-.-X-KJ f-:img Q MW My wa V VX-4g5!Y,,,,,,W4h1'f!,.:1 M !--xm-x:rf--f,wxhxf- x.- - ' . , -kgwg,-Mm L. ,pg-'fff."'W F15 H 1g,g,k,fk,.ef--ff: nf rw '.:5r:W-,VH-1+ WM' My K X W H .I ,i1"L'fJL?' -M f 33 fflmwfimifinfwmf A- N. qm,iw:Qa,4:aaw:e'. ffwwf ' af -' -MMM ffff- f K V - - L' K A f ' k M M Vi,-gka, W, W - W, ,ww M .hi ..,.'d i W W 'ini-fL'.'. A595 Yu. NL "W fnhf Q i,, 'HCWH k?"'lN"W W X 'U' 1 .4 :W ' W M W ..2j'Q4,.f,'-M' ' f. 'W M. MM, - f .x.,- T K- .vw A+ ,W 5!.T4.,',M ,EGM .gf M mv. 2 , W W 5 f M + , , , f, V! X L--1 ,, uulu f A K4 w v A 9 wan 5 7 SENIOR PLAY A melodrama in three acts, entitled, "East Lynne," by Mrs. Henry Wood, was present- ed in the New London High School audi- torium Thursday, November 20. "East Lynne" is known as the "grand- daddy" of all "meller-drammersn. The new dramatization of the novel preserved all the spirit of the old play and added more laughs than any old-fashioned "meller-drammer" ever had. The play deals with the plight of Lady Isabel Vane, who is left orphaned and pen- niless in her late teens, because, unknown to her, the home where she spent her child- hood, East Lynne, was sold to Archibald Carlyle several months before her father's death. Raymond Vane, her only relative, offers her a home, but his wife is so cruel to her that she rejoices when she receives a marri- age proposal from Archibald, whom she soon learns to love. Half mad with jealousy be- cause of Barbara Hare, also in love with Ar- chibald, Isabel leaves her husband and son and runs away with Sir Francis Levison. She soon realizes his worthlessness, and, in the end, returns to East Lynne to see her sick boy and to see good triumph over evil. Lady Isabel ,r,,,,,,,, Mary Lou Garrison Archibald Carlyle ,,,,,,,, Gaylord White Sir Francis Levison ,,,,,.,,,,,, Dan Bauer Cornelia Carlyle ,,,,,,.,,.,... jane Griffin john Dill ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Lord Mount Severn .......... Emma Illount Severn ,loyce ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,, Wilson .,,,..... Barbara Hare .,... Richard Hare .,,, Clare ,,.,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,, Little Willie Ml Dean Hansen Dale Morey Irene Earl Marilyn Frank Dixie Hyatt Gloria Chase Oron Wilcox Lucille Atkinson Vivian Conklin N SENIOR PLAY Standing Ileft to rightl - Dale Morey, Oron Wilcox, Lucille Atkinson, Dixie Hyatt, Marilyn Frank, Dean Hansen. 2nd row - Irene Earl, Dan Bauer, Mary Lou Garrison, Gaylord White, Gloria Chase, Jane Griffin. Ist row-Vivian Conklin. Standing ll. to r.l-Mr. Sobers, Phil Hopkins, Jim Kearney, Shari Dill, Jean Franklin, Don Everman, Tom Nestor, Dale Morey, Oron Wilcox, Lucille Af- kinson, Dixie Hyatt, Marilyn Frank, Dean Hansen. Znd row-Betsy Western, Roger Harner, Barbara Ellinwood, Carolyn Ray, Irene Earl, Dan Bauer, Mary Lou Garrison, Gaylord White, Gloria Chase, Jane Griffir. Ist row-Allen Keifer, Dick Hines, Vivian Conklin. BASKETBALL Er Standing lleft to right! - Howard Dura, Jerry Franklin, Rolland Burton, Bill Dunn, Joe Wolfe. Center-Coach Myers, George Benear, mgr. ln V-Gordon Maretf, Ronald Runkle, Clinton Randleman, Roger Harner, Ted Hardy Darrel Stoner, Royce Ganz. 1 fl KF I 5 Starting line-up of varsity basketball team. December 4 .......... December 5 ..... , Deccmbir l l .,.. Dccembcr i8 ....,.. December 19 .... January 9 ....... January I6 ........ January 22 .,.,. January 23 .... January 26 ......,. January 29 ....... February 5 ..... .. February 2 .........,,, February l2 ....... February I9 ...... i5:Away Games SCHEDULE ii:Now LonC'on 525 Berlin Heights New London 245 Savannah New London 575 Amherst iiNew London 415 Milan .. ii:New London 515 Wellington New London 625 Margaretta New London 375 Walqeman New London 6l5 Wellington :l:New London 5l5 Monroeville New London 495 New Haven iliNew London 5l5 Amherst New London 575 Vermilion New London 565 Lorain St. Mary New London 425 Huron New London 495 Greenwich Y if 5, 2 . V - , . ,P N .LM Howard Duta receives trophy for Huron County Championship. TOURNAMENT February 23 .,... New London 505 Greenwich 39 February 25 ...,. .. . ..,. New London 385 Wakcinan 37 February 27 ....,,. ..... N ew London 475 Monroeville 45 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT March IO ..... .... N ew London 465 Huron 72 Scnior members of varsity basketball team. ,, 1 0 40 ANNUAL Let's see-that picture was here u minute ago." STAFF I I I O yr f Gloria Chase, Ralph Westfall, lrene Earl, Marilyn Frank, Gordon Marett, Miss' Hartford. The annual staff was late in organizing this year, but, nevertheless, with a lot of team work, we managed to publish an annual. Editor Gloria Chaie and Advisor Miss Hartford did much of the preparatory work in planning the book. Then, u ith the help of Gloria's assistants, Dixie Hyatt and Dick Hines, they worked out tl1e details. This laid the foundation for two other editors of 'the staff", namely, the art editor, llalph VVestfall, and copy, Marilyn Frank. Ralph had two able art assistants, Barbara lillinwood and Dean Hansen, to aid him in working out the clever art work in this an- nual. Although Marilyn had much help from Carl Cawrse and jane Griffin, several representatives from the organizations and classes helped us get correct information. To those who contributed time and copy, we wish to extend our thanks. All the vvrite-ups then went to Proof Reader Irene Earl to be carefully checked. Of course, a very important committee, the business department, must not be for- gotten for we would not have been so financially well-off. Gordon Marett was the cap- able head of this group with Allen Keifer, Dan Bauer, and Lucille Atkinson helping him keep the records and solicit for ads. One other group which we feel must be mentioned is the junior editors. They did a fine job and will have a foundation for next year. Those who were Chosen from the junior class were: Junior Editor ,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Dianne lVleCullough Junior Business Editor ,,,, Stanley Switzer Junior Proof Reader ,4.., ,,,,,,,, I ack Hubbard Junior Art Editor ,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..,.,,,.,,,,,,.,.. Larry Granneman So, with the cooperation of everyone and by burning the midnight oil several nights, we wearily succeeded in completing the 1954 "VVildeat". ' li A! 'TASKETBALL Reserves j r. High Reserve Cheerleaders Although the Wildcats did rot have an impressive record during the regu- lar season Cthe record was 7 won and 9 lostl, they went on to finish in a blaze of glory by romping off with the Huron County Championship. N0 one who saw or participated in the tournament games will ever forget the excitement of those games or the close scores. In the first round of tournament play, it was a fairly easy victory over Greenwich with a score of 50 to 39. The second game proved more diffi- cult with the "Cats" winning by a one-point margin: New London, 383 Wakeman, 37. In the final round, New London defeated Nlonroeville hy eke-ing out a two-point lead in an overtime, The final score: New Lon- don 47g Monroeville 45. The team then advanced to the district tournament where it suffered defeat from Huron, 72 to 46. The teanfs members who won their letters this year were: Roger I-larner, Jerry Franklin, Clinton Randleman, Cordon Marett, Royce Ca n z, Ted Hardy, Holland Burton and Howard Duta. .za Fifi M I ,,. v, , J -.eww , w gm-si?" rg '- V1 , Ria? 3. Q I Q 'Y 4 W wt fg7r,a'?5 'ia' Q Zwgmw. 'S iii Q.. xv .::,,. iwyggg 15: 5 BW Q 1. Q1 11' ,mf I ,Q1 5 ff QQ A 1 , .ru N '32 fig ,, N A A-.4 dw. 195 S ,mm Q. Q Q age ll' is ,Ag Q9 TATTLER Top row lleft to rightl-Bertha Anderson, Marie 2nd row - Mr, Clinger, Barbara Patchen, Judith Springer, Dixie Hyatt, Joan Weaver, Edgar Denger, Hauser, Sandra White, Barbara Stone, Betty Show- Oron Wilcox, Dan Bauer, James Kearney, Marilyn ers, Patty Parker, Miriam Howard, Nancy Logan, Frank, Corrine Towstiak, Jane Griffin, Gloria Chase. Shari Dill. 3rd row-George Benear, Roger Hamer, Dale Morey, lst row - Beverly Hartman, Jane Weaver, Betty Gerald King, Wilmer White, Paul Porter, Dick Evans, Gail Thompson, Gaylord White, Jack Hub- Hines, David O'Hara, Phil Hopkins. bard, Judy Emch, Rosemary Hileman, Lucille At- kinson, Irene Earl. The "wheels" confer STAFF fir Dick Hines, Jack Hubbard, Bertha Anderson, James Kearney, Dave O'Hara, Gaylord White, Mr. Clinger. The willing and energetic "Tattler" staff has accomplished some definite changes this year. Each year an editor strives to print a better paper for the students and, at the same time, tries to get his staff members to work with one another. For the first time the ads were changed and placed throughout the newspaper with the news. Thirty-six ads were seen in the papcrg therefore, there were generally six pages of news. Each ad was just as interesting to read as the news because little jingles were made up about each one. Another great change was the switch from the two column system to the story col- umn system, typed clear across the page. Much credit should also be given to the advisor, Mr. Daniel Clinger, for the time lie spent in helping them iron out the many varied problems. All in all-ups and downs included-a good, news-filled, up-to-the-minute record of the school activities was published regularly in the New London High School "Tattler". STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right lstandingl--Edgar Crabbs, Jim Brown, John Marett, Mr. Schacht, Gay- lord White, Fritz Sauer, Keith Robbins. Left to right lsittingl-Gloria Chase, Virginia Coy, Sally Marett, Mary Ann Marett, Lueise Anderson, Sandy Sutherland. xv ' A ,' ,f l 1' l-' As everyone knows, the Student Council does a number of things throughout the school year. A short summary of the things it has done so far this year follows: At the beginning of the year it was decided, after much discussion, to let the Band Parents have the concessions for all the home football games. After the games were over, the question of how to split the money had to be decided. A permanent motion was made that the Juniors get 50 percent, Sophomores get 20 percent, Freshmen and Seniors get 10 percent, and FFA. and F.I'l.fX. each get 5 Percent. Then the money from the football programs had to be split. It was decided that the Student Council should get 2-7ths and the upper four classes 5-7ths, Since the old fire drill signs were very marked up and some of the rooms didn't have any, there was a committee appointed to make new ones for every room. Sponsored by The New London Record OFFICE ASSISTANTS Standing lleft to rightl-Carolyn Ray, Dorothy Ryan, Edgar Denger, Fred Gibson, Joe Gorsuch, Gordon Marett. Seated--Marilyn Massie, Lucille Atkinson, Gerald King, Dick Hines, Nathan Potts. Fritz Sauer, a member of the Student Council, donated two barrels for vvastepaper to be put in the new auditorium. John lylarett and jim Brown painted them and put them in the gym so that they would he there for the intramural games at noon and for the tournament games. During the tournament the Student Council sponsored the coat- eheck with all of the classes participating and helping with-this project. On May 7 and 8 there was a state convention held at Toledo. It was decided to have the president and a junior attend. The plaque in the hall 'hearing the name of the "Citizen of the Week" is another of its projects. A person is nominated by Student Coun- cil who has done a good deed during the week. The main project now underway is the sponsoring of the purchase of the "Master Time and Program System". This is a clock that automatically rings the hell at any time for which it is set. lrcf Top row llett to rightl-Don Gray, Erwin Scheder, Keith Robbins, Orlando Close, Oliver Close, Howard Kramer, Fred Gibson, Clarence Coy, Dean Cole, David L. Miller, Art Pararnore. Third row-Mr. Thorburn, Art Franks, Chuck Lin- denau, Carl Stober, Howard Duta, Carl Cawrse, Stan Tester, Carl Chandler, Stan Switzer, Royce Ganz. Second row-Calvin Cole, George Ray, Bob Wolfe, Peter Holkenborg, Phillip Schneiter, Richard Sea- right, Creighton Staschke, Nathan Potts, Morris Wolfe. First row-Donald Hardy, Edgar Denger, Richard Bilton, Rodney Streng, Gerald Case, F. F. A. The F.F.A. this year had thirty-five members. The officers were as follows: President: Carl Cawrse. Reporter: Rodney Streng. Vice President: Royce Ganz. Sentinel: Phillip Schneiter. Secretary: Fred Gibson, Student Adviser: Orlie Close. T reas urer: Gerald Case. Student Council Rep.: Keith Robbins. Two members of last yez1r's F.F.A. organization received the State Fanner degree. They were Ronald Streng and Robert Gray. At the Huron County Fair they received second place on their conservation Project. and 96 percent of the members exhibited at least one of their Projects. Richard Bilton and Orlie Close were their delegates to the state convention in Columbus. They also participated in the district and state dairy, general livestock and soil judging. rl' he theme of our annual banquet was the silver anniversary of the F.F.A, Our speaker was Mr. Dale Ring, who is the president of the Ohio Association of the F.F.A. Top row-Wanda Parsons, Ruth McClave, Pat Par- kins, Hazel Benear, Emily Wolfe, Vivian Conklin, Carolyn Ray, Janice Oney, Donna Foster, Beverly Hartman, Nadine Everman, Eunice Westfall, Judy Martin. Fouth row-Sally Marett, Miriam Howard, Shirley Knudsen, Barbara Adams, Anetta Collins, Sue Case, Jean Cawrse, Jean Wargo, Beverly McQuate, Shir- ley Kinter, Nancy Logan, Shari Dill. Third row-Loueicla Smith, Virginia Parker, Joan Schneider, Shirley Byron, Janice Bauer, Ruth Keifer, Donna Davis, Jane Crabbs, Margaret Hess, Patty Knapp, Mabel Ward, Rose Varga, Patty Parker. Second row-Shirley Delamater, Marlene Humphrey, Betty Evans, Virginia Ray, Shirley Randlernan, Rena Murray, Anita Westfall, Donna Tester, Eleanor Par- amore, Wilma Marett, Connie Collingwood, Pauline Denger, Mrs. Hatzel. First row-Sonia Mekoleski, Joyce Franklin, Barbara Stiles, Betty Stiles, Marolyn Fye, Wanda Knapp, Virginia Coy, Esther Kellar, Marilyn Massie, Doris Poole, Cleo Bartow, Darlene Downing, Louise Denslow. , F. H. A. Officers: President: Vivian Conklin. Vice President: Rose Varga Secretary: Joanne Ward. Treasurer: Shirley Byron. Student Council: Virginia Coy. This year the F.l'l.A. members earned money by selling refreshments at a basketball game. They are very proud of the fact that they are niembrs of both the State and N11- tionul F.l'l.A, This is the first year that they have ever been a member of the national organization. Through the combined efforts of the F.H.A. and Home Ee. classes, the girls entertained the P.T.A. at one of their meetings. At the end of the school year there was at total of 64 members in the F.H.A. Mfg, I Speech if fDepartment As its first major activity, the speech de- partment prepared for the local Prince of Peace contests. These were held at the New London Methodist Church, the Fitchville llflcthodist Church, and the Olena Presby- terian Church. Gloria Chase, Mary Lou Gar- rison, Richard Hines and Gaylord White be- came eligible lor the county contest by win- ning here. Gaylord Wliite won the county contest and vient on to the district. Although Gaylord didn't win, he did a fine job rep- resenting New London. The speech students started memorizing speeches for the Bowling Green District bpeeeh Meet. Before going to Bowling Green, they gained experience by public ap-- pcarances and a practice meet at Clearview which enabled them to get three first places at the contest: Dan Bauer in dramatics, Gay- lord lVhite in extemporaneous speaking, and Gerald King in original oratory. They next took a one-act play, "The Sum- nions of Sarielq to Berea where they receiv- ed an "excellent" rating in the class B com- petition. Gaylord VVhite and Gerald King competed in poetry reading. On April 6th the Thespian Society Group 1347 was installed in this school. Since the society is for all the upper classes, any stu- dent who wishes can enjoy speech work. Two plays or more will be given, and speech will be offered all four years. The seniors are proud that this national organization has come to New London and know that it will be a benefit to all future students. ri fl TH ESPIANS Standing lleft to right!-Mr Sobers, Jane Griffin, Gaylord White, Gloria Chase. Seated-Allen Keifer, Dean Hansen, Dick Hines, Dan Bauer, Dixie Hyatt. Absent-Mary Lou Garrison, Irene Earl, 1-.2 .. - V.-.. uv - ' ' ssLsAw.1x1n 'uu:.f:zan-,11H-A:andxf-112.11114:.':es,:-L--2:11:45 ezzvmff rvuvw vz-1-.-:van :se n+.:::. :f:n:f-ua : :A Q1 au-:xv . . u1:raLcf'.,x- - In-----:. N -, - . I 9 Q 5 ., 5, ' ,zj ' f -r . Q as Q . QQ , E 5 12,3 Q' 5 .. 5 H il-fr Q, I A . Q ' E ij 'ax 5 u V kv T? ,W QQ W if . . ' xi , h Q .,,. V.,.,,. . ,QQ Q Q gp .Q 99 f in - Sw. 4 Q . Q Q ...R ,W . ? , Q A .E ' " AEE A ' Q ' wx 5 A ' - Q X 5 me-. X Q? Ed! .Q .4 Jfggg, E 5. 5 fm - 455,55 135-5551 D - Q 55 . +5wg5,Qffsf.,, .. Q S, 5 1 1 f ' W. ww' W4 HM, ' s ,W 5, ,5 Q ,X 1 W 5-55, , . s ,f -N ' 1? ai E 5 gi" - yfwf W 55- E QQ L HQ1- -'-Eng? QQ . . ,yn QQ ' 5,34-ax -Q ., Q , M ig:-fy 5 QQ 571. A ' ' Q WW QQ: g. ?wmwxwvsmHff .ww wi ' . Q . , k Q . Y Iwgfww A QQ F , I .5:5:.5E5.5. 'W Q A ' ' L 4 ' .. 5 M -6 5.55 5555 555 H, 5 Alix VMSXI: 'Qi? ,W.,Q M 9 K L X ev ww w T5 MN : Ev sg 5' " ax 5.- , -A 1. N , fm Q gg, 5 . . .1 x. Q Q 1.352 f ff . , H3 5 fi .- - Q f--,sw 5 Vg . . Q 5 51 5355 "" Q 5'-QQQL ' 15 2 f 'NW .. wg .5 .W Fm W, 1 wg 15945 bd 6 Q. C ' l :- Q-Q K., Af ' Qu if if Y H ' 'N 5 5" 'H ' ' X X '53, f- Q V' -5 .5 ' Eg? n Ek V A W 5 umkw 2? 'Ffa at Ln Vf th ' .uJN'sfa.ww59U'W.?k- .3 hr 5' . , Q . 5 ,. ,W N ,Jw-5.-:,., mm- pq 1 w. Q 5. N 5 ' EWQQZQQQQ if -1 - '55 342 l5i'4f'?5 5 'MQW Y. an B ...wwf , .Q -YQ" mx - WVQQQQ- X ,35 QQ B4 aff-5,95 vs' V N ' , f ,Z Q, 1 . sf 5 wp ab' ,QQ 54,5555 W., W5 55335 'MQ A 5, - , VQMMM, J-f' Q53 fn 1' im., l Lx H9 If ' li .fq,m'Q?13ffa,,-4-X.. ' 8' fl S . . Q 55 5 . als-Vg, K. X -TMA, 1.m'1Q7-fywfgil Q Q wr - N N Q any giiiq 5: 1 QA' 5. . sv 5. 5 . 5554 5' a- wg f1.fQ QQ! Q U WU ' QQ Q if w:LQ3Q.5f' 5' X 15 .35 Q5 ,Q ' 11' Qi' Egg.. w5i1'fHH L C.. ,,,,,.g.u Q53 J' N Qwmihwm gigfwiglz.-wli .M . f'?Z.?'f pq. . Q55551-555sffg,5e,55,5Q 4555 W5 .. ,fm Ni, '-M 51. Q35 "N WQQJS gaggg-'V jx - .gm Mfg-Q ,. ..gggg'32 .. iw: 25 ' ' X '7 'A 5 5 3 " . - fn 55 Q 'X 5.5. ..5f5 . Cf- . f Ya 5' . " I-: Q wi. . A R ' - V M5 fi? 355 W.:l-if? Mfr?-WA R-bf 'Q -M ??'5'i'f5 3 5 mf? iw - 1 . S 35. J? .5 -if it 1 QQ- ' iii? QQ QQ 3 M QWQ 9 '5'?-Q wi 5 gm ffwigg-A KZ . QE A ay N vsiimi agghviz Q. gyda Q.-V www q..kj E Egg! I EQAL 'gin QW f 5:5.5.:,. - .A . .Q .Q gfy Q Q fix X P gh 1 -T Q, j Q 433.15 gag j,,ffQ5fif,Q EF .gjgm gags ' A i 'A N I Q W? 5 5 'hi' 53555 5" J 53 5 " gfifg K 55,13 Q" Q QQ ,if xHW1?NNlgQ HQ, A I QQ 3 5 1 U gnu. 3 5, . .. Q A ijvT,QQ.- isgltiggqhiw N Ag 5 5 5 I QB . . Q5f1fwj,,, K ggim Xfgva 'W 2 , ,, QQ MQ . 5 ,, 5,5 F,Q, ,A 51, ,N 5. , , Q H I XQ QM QQ Q2 .5 " ni..55 gig im, N5 ' 5 . 1' , 52453 55 5.5 . A f f - kim 5 5 5 I i i 'QM 1 Magi Ng? gsm -.. ' , ,.,,x.g Q55 ivy- 11 ,Qu . ,Q-QQ fdsiii g -5. yy 1. -Z-JH: Wh 315' --ifjkf 'ifgb Q"jefQ .... -HW 'K X A . 5 5 WSWS 5 5' ,aw W.. 'ffs-.5-gfffxfm, 5 fa 5 5 - 5:15. ' 2 iw ' ' ,QQ 'iw mga? . 315. . :a im ., f. new .5 ww .5 w . ff' Q -- 5 . . , ef., 55- 52:25, tex., 5 . 44 ,N f F211 J Q 5 5159535 Q. 3 5,55 digg. A 5 55, - if 93 55 Q Q 5.5 M3563 . Q . N M Q3 ?gQ,f3wr+n Q-Qi ,I A-51 ' R QB , Q 31 1 Wi, 5 5 -5 5 gm' 1 5 '15 . . 5 ' ' Q , L-E f Nga N HQ. : 5-rm! Y' 5. 55555 .. -5- 5.15. QW Q -.M 2 3 5 ' af 5 . wsggsg 5 5 it sl Ng 3 H ji , Y Qi" .QQ Q5 5:5-2 Q:f:-jj 51-wi , T' 'BW' -,w ax X . W ' 1 W 5.5 5:5 . qi if , -'W' 'S 'S W "5 , 5. uf '. E ?1'55?,1"' K - PM ua: - ,. Q :-: j , ' I QQ ,Sz 4 M. 1 5 'Q 5 5 49 3 I Q, 1 ,Q .5 M Mk , W Q Q.. ff .5 -- . 92 Q .5.5.Q , W X -Q V w fm ik, Q M Q 5 Q? Q Q. ,iw Q 'Q A ,G Q 5, QW. Q .QQ Q 5 15. E -A gg .,.r5.55.5 ,.,.. K3 Q'qx'5 A " ' Zami ' .. J-iii ,Q M , . 5. 5.5 QQ 5 A ii -. ,,,.5.f Z,'5 QFQ V N ' ' I Tw fa 5 ' VK - wif 5 - as 55 5 55 5-5 4 3 W . 519 . . . xx -5 . H 554. ' frm- f 5' :Ls 5 'fy . .5 55, P55 1 ,H V 9:35. Q 1, 55 .. .. gem 5 AQ.: ,gg ,Q 5, .55 UQ ' Q -5.5. 5 3, . my' B E nnnl, .IQ Q W Q I M 5 2 R' . Q ""' - 'fy H:-It W - E. ff' " E5 tx ,555 '- W M H . QE -.55 PM -A . . Q 5 1 . . ' P5 - Wk 5 .5 P 1' -QQZQQWV P" 55' if E," ? +R w ZW gfwfsqmfq N ix V W i r" TW5 fi xii? Q Ql"'Isff Q5 ?i.5 f 'mw'xfYEy. Emi' ww EL.: 55 ' pg Q,, .. QQ ' -5 :: in 'E - gg Q QQ., Q W Q 7 X Q56 5 'ft Q' Q 5, 5 , S55 Q Q Q5 gi? QQ ,Sign Q Fx QW . Qs M15 - 5,.5g5555Q 4 E ' 4 5 Q Q1 -5. 555-555.5 w Q':QQi5QQQQ Q Q ,Q,. -Q Q., pw' " ' -- ' W- 1 5.5. 4 ,, 1. 5 ' 'L 1? ' 355' ' 5 5 ' Q S ae Qs M 5 . : , . f 1 ' -- 5 ' -- .-.- Q5 22 - - Q 5 H+ Y, .ia , .. F- 1 .- wi" J , Hg? - 5 iw N X - A 'ff . 5 . W A 5 ,fi 'H '-' Q' M My-1.5 M iffl - gm if Q -iw ' 2? Y' all 129- "" ' 'gi - ' 'X' Eff' E A' H ,5'?3'g1 9 'irff Standing llett to rightl - Jane Griffin, Susan Lawrence, Corinne Towstiak, Sandra White, Mr. Machles. Third row-Margaret Meloy, Ruth Keifer, Vivian Conklin, Frances Baxter, Irene Earl, Douglas Fetterman, Dick Morey, Dick Hines, Bob Geyer, Jim Pierce, Bill Pierce. Second row-Paul Porter, Janice Bauer, Velma King, Harolyn Hyatt, Lauretta Sny- der, Marilyn Frank, Barbara Blaha, Ella Mae Crandall, Dixie Hyatt, Darrel Stoner, Dale Morey Charlotte Poole, Judy Emch. First row-Gloria Chase, Dianne McCul- lough, Rosemary Hilernan, Judy McCul- lough, Joan Weaver, Judy Hauser, Janice Holkenborg, Betsy Western. 1 i 1- " 1 I , , 1" ff I ,il Z xy, i i Music Department Standing - Mr. Machles, Corinne Towstiak, Ja ne Weaver, Susan Lawrence. Second row - Joe Wolf James Kearney, Jim Pierce Irene Earl, Doug Fetterman, Harolyn l-lyatt, Dixie Hy- att, Judy Emch, Marilyn Frank. V First row - Gloria Chase, Jane Griffin, Shirley Dela- mater, Dianne McCullough Marie Springer, Janice Holkenborg, Betsy Wes- tern, Darrel Stoner, Dale Morey. During football season the most active of the instrumental groups was, of course, the marching band. Many hours were spent practicing music and drilling for formations- necessary preparation for presenting good half-time shows. At the close of the season, the concert band took over, and the strains of marching music changed to a more classical nature. On January 15, this band presented a mid- winter concert which was very well received by a large audience. The strings had their chance, too, in the orchestra which was organized during the second semester. A very successful season was also enjoyed by the vocal groups, consisting of: girls' glee club and two mixed choirs. The combined choir was rewarded for its hard work in the District Music4Contest by receiving a rating of "superior," which qualified it for the State Music Contest, held at Capitol University on April 24. Individual musicians were given an opportunity to test their skill at the District Solo and Ensemble Contest at Tiffin this year. Receiving ratings of "superior", which enabl- ed them to compete in the state contest, were: Marilyn Frank, singing a soprano solog ,lim Pierce, playing the tuba, Bill Pierce, playing the baritone, Judy McCullough, playing the alto clarinet, Gloria Chase, Dianne McCullough, and Marie Springer in a clarinet trio, and Marilyn Frank, Irene Earl, Dixie Hyatt, and Douglas Fetterman in a brass quar- tctte. From the state contest, ,lim Pierce brought home a Usuperiorv, the others rating "excellent" and "good". All the groups, vocal and instrumental, participated in the Huron County Music Festival, held this spring at New London. They again joined forces to present the final performance of the year, the annual Spring Music Festival. MIXED CHORUS Top Row ll. to r.l - Betty Haynes, Lucille Atkinson, Bertha Anderson, Barbara Patchen, Vivian Conklin, Nita Zimmerman, Marie Springer, Carol Meyers, Barbara Blaha, Lila Heitsche, Esther Kellar, Virginia Coy, Doris Poole. 4th Row-Nancy Logan, Shari Dill, Dale Morey, Doug Dill, Allen Keifer, Bill King, Jim Pierce, Carl Chandler, Bob Geyer, David Miller, Larry Granneman, Miriam Howard, Jeon Cawrse, 3rd row-Susan Lawrence, Janice Bauer, Frances Baxter, Loueida Smith, Phil Hopkins, Orlando Close, George Ray, Bob Martin, Jack Hubbard, Susan Guscott, Janice Holkenborg, Marlene Hum- phrey, Ruth Keifer. 2nd Row - Connie Collingwood, Rosemary Hileman, Jane Griffin, Irene Earl, Mabel Ward, Patty Parker, Rose Varga, Marilyn Frank, Betsy Western, Harolyn Hyatt, Sondra White, Lucise Anderson, Judith Hauser, Mr. Machles. lst Row-Dixie Hyatt, Wanda Knapp, Eleanor Paramore, Judy Emch, Rena Murray, Marolyn Fye, Joanne Ward, Gloria Chase. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Top Row ll. to r.l-Nancy Logan, Shari Dill, Lucille Atkinson, Bertha Anderson, Vivian Conklin, Virginia Coy, Esther Kellar, Carol Meyers, Barbara Blaha, Jean Cawrse, Doris Poole, Betty Haynes, Judy Martin. 3rd Row-Susan Lawrence, Janice Bauer, Frances Baxter, Loueida Smith, Nita Zimmerman, Barbora Patchen, Morie Springer, Lila Heitsche, Susan Guscott, Miriam Howard, Marlene Humphrey, RUTH Keifer. 2nd Row-Connie Collingwood, Rosemary Hile- man, Jane Griffin, Irene Earl, Mabel Ward, Patricia Parker, Rose Varga, Marilyn Frank, Betsy Western, Harolyn Hyatt, Sondra White, Lueise Anderson, Judith Hauser, Mr. Machles. lst Row-Dixie Hyatt, Wanda Knapp, Eleanor Paramore, Judy Emch, Rena Murray, Morolyn Fye, Joanne Ward, Gloria Chase. -,?.,?E.U ... , V. 11251 ,. ,.,.a,,N,, KR IUNIOR HICH BAND Standing-Ronald Baker, Mr. Machles. Second row--Jim Shibley, Tom Porter, Carl Chandler, Eddie Shaver, Don Jackson First row-Jim Mitchell, Barrie Hauser, Sandra Sutherland, Lois Allem, Mary Lee Richards, Ariane Barnes, Beverly Fank. Absent-Dan Ringler. f . i nr x ,. F' Q .1 1 1' va T E- l i 1 2 5 -Q W, A. li sl , few: Standing lleft to right! : Irene Earl, Gordon Marett,,Mary Lou Garrison, Dean Hansen, Dixie Hyatt, Gloria Chase, Dan Bauer, Gaylord White, Dick Hines, Gerald King, Marilyn Frank. First row: Jane Griffin, Vivian Conklin, Roger Harner, "Spot", Phil Hop- kins, Oron Wilcox, Mr. Sobers, K, lf SPRING PLAY The Spring play, "State Fair", was presented this year by the National Thespian So- ciety. State Fair, an outstanding novel, was made into two major motion pictures as well as the play. The story is as follows: The Frake family leaves for the State Fair with Mother and Dad taking their entries for contests: home made pickles and the hog, Blue Boy. The younger Frakes, Margy and Wayne, find their own interests: Margy, the roller coaster, and Wayne, the "hoopla" stand. Both Margy and VVayne are romantically interested at home-in I-larry and Elea- nor-but they are ready for a State Fair fling. Margy meets Pat, a columnist, and Wayne meets Emily, who attends fairs with her father. As the week passes, Motl1er's pickles begin to get surprising publicity, and Blue Boy's fame grows to tremendous proportions. The older Frakes do not suspect Pat's hand in this for they do not know what his profession is. With the approaching end of the fair, VVayne and lX-Targy both must make difficult decisions concerning the two people in their lives. As it turns out, everyone is happy about the decisions they make, and the Frake family leaves the State Fair with many pleasant memories. Last Spring our class very successfully presented a three-act comedy, "Cheaper By The Dozen". ,. TRACK Because of the new building which was built on the west end of the track, the "Cats" couldn't have any home meets. Even though the boys couldn't do anything but practice short runs, they Put on some good Performances. rlhe "Cats" opened theiseason at Amherst. Bill Randleman set a track record in the 100 yard dash Crime 10.4 sec.D. The boys put forth all they had, but Amherst had a very good track team. Final score, Amherst 77, New London 41. The "Cats" next traveled to Vermilion, and the boys wanted a victory very badly. New London got 7 first, 6 second, and 8 third places. Vermilion got first, 5 second, and 4 third places. The final score was New London-60, Vermilion-58. The team then journeyed to the Firelands League IX-'leer in Sandusky. The boys put on a good showing at this meet with Clinton Plandleman and Bill Ran- dleman placing first in their running events and the Q ,.,.,.. Standing lleft to rightl-Coach Wable, Creighton Staschlce, Royce Ganz, Lyle Moff.t, Dean Hansen, John Randleman, Ted Hardy, Clinton Randle- man, Herb Knapp, mgr, 2nd row-Dave Burner, Larry Granneman, Stanley Switzer, Ronald Run- kle, Gordon Marett, Robert Streaty, Howard Dura. lst row - Carl Chandler, Dale Luxon, Ralph Westfall, Bill King, Jim Brown, Duane Davis, Dave O'Hara. relay team bringing home another first. New London ,,,,, ,sf - . Z I .....,.: s ,M . V W got third in the meet. , The District lylcct was held at Nlanslield this year. Our 2580 yd. relay team, which had not been beaten all season vt on the b80 yd. relay again. lhis qualified them for the state. The boys in the relay team were Clinton liandlcnian, lirank liandlcman, Ted Hardy, and bill liandleman. Lettermcn ior the season were: Howard Dura, Tom Nestor, lioycc Ganz, led Hardy, Dean Hansen, Gor- don iylarett, Lyle lvloffit, Clinton liandleman, and rranl-2 Randleman. BASEBALL The Wildcats succeeded in gaining the county championship in the 1953 season with a record of 5 games won, 2. lost. For the first game they traveled to North Fairfield and were defeated ll to 10 in a twelve-inning game. then they vient to Greenwich for the tournament. After defeating Vlfakenian 5 to 3, and Greenwich 3 to 1, the "Cats" advanced to the county finals where they beat lylonroeville by a score of 4 to 2. At the district tournament in Clyde, they again won from lX'lonrueville, 5 to l, but were defeated in the second game by Portage 2 to O, on a one-hitter. Those who were on last year's baseball team were: David Twaddle, Ken Downing, Bill Dunnii, Bill Har- ner, Gordon Marettiii, Ted lflardyii, Bob VVhite, Prog- er Harrzert, Tom Nestorik, joe Vlfulfem, Gaylord VVhitei". TRCt1lT1'7TWg Lettermarz . Dunn Rolland Rae Burton Carl Chandler, Dan Bauer Darrel Stoner Coach Myers First row Herb Knapp mgr Richard Nestor Roger Harner, Duck Hines Howard Duta Nathan Potts, Ted Hardy Standing lleft to rightl-Gerald Case, Gordon Marett, Tom Nestor, Bill si l i X5 MLIBRARY STAFF Left to right: Marie Springer, Dianne McCullough, Gail Thompson, Joanne Ward, Charlotte Poole, Susan Lawr- ence, Betsy Western. The main purpose of this library is to enrich the lives of the people in our community and school. The actual use the pub- lic makes of the library is the only reward for the work being clone. This year the total circulation increased to 230,644 books, and H13 lenders. Other signs of growth are the new rural book service, the increase of high school employees, and the addition of 732. books, a new World Book Encyclopedia and a new Atlas to the bookshelves. There were many events this past year which were held for the purpose of better acquainting the public with the facilities MRS- FRENCH " LIBRARMN Offered- Af 1110 lJCgiH1'1iDg Of the YCHI, there WHS 2111 Open house for the faculty with the theme of "An Apple for the Teacher". Following' that came an open house, an antique show, plus a new bookcase display in mem- ory of Stella Townsend. These events commemorated both the annual National Bookweek and New London's one hundreclth anniversary. Later there was a Valentine party for the faculty of the rural schools CFitchville, Glarksfield and lflartlandl, who are using the library and whose pupils will later enter New London High School. The continuation of our student library plan, which now includes seven girls, has contributed much to the success of the library this year. The student librarians are: Betsy VVestern, senior, Dianne McCullough, Char- lotte Poole, and Ioanne Ward, juniors, and Susan Lawrence, Marie Springer and Gail Thompson, sophomores. The present Board of Trustees for the library is: Mr. Kenneth Kirkpatrick, pres.g Mrs. Ark Gilbert, vice pres.g Mrs. S. B. Cummings, Mrs. Gerald Fowdon, Mrs. Harold Pmingler, Mr. E. Schacht and Mrs. Marjory French, librarian. l 1 SCHCLARSH P TEAM Biology-Ronnie Runkle, Rodney Strong. General Science-Dave Burner, Robert Geyer. Cllelnistry-Jack Hubbard, Paul Porter. Algebra I-Connie Collingwood. Plane Geometry-Marie Springer, Gail Thompson. American History-Coleen Benear, James Pierce. World History-Bill Dunn, john Marett. Senior Social Studies-Gloria Chase, Iane Griffin. English I-lean Gawrse, Ioan Schneider. English ll-Thomas Day, Susan Lawrence. English lll-Sara Marett, Joanne Ward. English IV-Marilyn Frank, Betsy Western. Spanish I-Judy Emch, Nita Zimmerman. Bookkeeping I-Dixie l-lyatt, Lyle Neel. lntram-ural Champs Girls' Intramural Basketball Champions Boys' Intramural Basketball Champlons lSeniors'l lSernorsl Standing ll. to r.l - Betsy Western, Top row H To ry Dean Hansen Tom Gloria Chase, Dorothy Ryan, Dixie Hy- Nestor, Don Everman aft- . . Q. lst row Phul Hopkins Dan Bauer lst row - Lucille Atkinson, Vivian Creighton Staschke Nathan ports Conklin, Irene Earl, GRf ,M ,-. uw Sporzsorcrl Inj' News Centre .1 2 jf -f' - . 'Q Y' -0 , . " . . g A Q " . ' ' 'I5',': ' 51 EQ. L-A ' x PATRONS Ufatts Marathon Service Station Ben Fraalcliiz Store New Lorrrloiz Drug Store P. L. Riclzarils Insurance BeVie'rs Corner Market ,loe's Barber Slzop joe I-lzablmril, lizsurarzce SlfU1ZE1'lS Market Glenn. llcmzirigs l'Vest Emi Creeizlzouse I-l1mter's Store Nfeeklejfs Elevator Rey:-zolrls Lzimlzer Cornpaziy Smith Tire Sales Miller Brothers S17l1lllCI"S Electric G-uscott Garage Teri-zer Ford Sales Bailey Implement Clark Brotlzers' Garage A. aml P. Fooal Store Parco News Service Mobil Gas Station Bauer Electric Sackett- Eastman Funeral Home Perry Chevrolet, Inc. Ufesteru Auto Associate Store Sponsored by Savings and Loan Banlaivig Co. and VValdo1'f Studio of E11gI11eeri1ig AUTOGRAPHS Hof, K..-.. af KM' 1' wb L, L! ......L.-............,.-...pu .AL . ....-, . H v ,. ......-.........-aw... ,-,.............. ,.. ,J 4A ,. ,.., ,, ,.-.. ,, ..n-n.m.4:..:..-,-.z,,-...T Q.. i V ff ' A aa...-., ,..,.,, ::1.f.-1.1.-A .,.l. .94--'

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