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In Los Angeles Baldwin Hill Reservoir cracked then broke releasing a torrent which wrecked hundreds ay' evacuated homes but produced few casualties. Quints were born in Aberdeen, S. D., and in Venezuela in the same week. Here two cjthe American quints pose for pictures before going home. Lyndon B. johnson of Texas took omce immediateb follow- ing President Kennedys death and afhrmed his intention ry' continuing the foreign and domestic policies rfhis prede- cessor. Leaking gas exploded during the jinale zy'an ice show in Indianapolis, killing 649 and injuring many others. Rcmsomedjor .8240 000 Frank Slnatra r returned home sakb two days a er being kzdnaped and posed with his sister Tina, leyt, and hzs mother, 'Fm Eve I In ik as 4 4 qvgx VP' 'K . . -1- , . .,.. 4... .V 21. , 1 ' ,vt as wg fi? T E , r., x -,gg N , WAQQA x N , , wimgyisi . . , ,g,,,a1-fsfif? M..,,mg, 'Q W' 1. '-E1 , 29371, . Q gn -' . 5 5 bl, It v QQ, gf.. ! ,1 A ' 'W' i' 15 . ,. My g ma' .W-.. , , ,Az ."'WQ' X Y' M, -ferr ' Q". ' .A-y:Qx-aw ,I gui-Q ,, .4 Au-2 lv A Zi. w 4 4 Q ww wx ,Z 'K 45213, R ' V at M' X, A , MW 5, QM .H 1 wifi x .,, I :fi g ik -my Ui W. fi v ' 4 vc-.. 53 " iii 1 1 -'sf A l j Ein NEW LONDON HIGH SCHOOL .1 NEW LONDON, NEW HAMPSHIRE 1964 DEDICATIGN 1964 We, the class of 1964, would like to dedicate this product of our industry and talent to the gentleman who has contri- buted in so many ways to making our high school years so rewarding and memorable. Thank you, Mr. Hill. 2 EXODUS STAFF BUSINESS MANAGER Mary jean Barrett co-EDITOR co-EDITOR JUDO EdmLlHdS Agnes Wheeler ADVISOR Bruce H. Crowder L -- R: Typists Marilyn Simpson, Marsha Herseyg Photographer Donald Davisg Co-editors June Edmunds, Agnes Wheelerg Business Manager Mary Jean Barrettg Section Editors Carol Hurd, Chris I-Iskell. 4 l 'f jupzlcr photographed in red light with its satellite Cany- medr, upper right, casting u shadow on thc planet's . surface, top center, -Ml. Wilson and Palomar Observatories ADMINISTRATIO GORDON B. FLINT Superintendent of Schools ROBERT J. LIVINGSTON Principalg University of Vermont, B. S. 5 University of Vermont, M. S. FLOYD P. BAILEY Keene State College, B. of Ed. 5 Industrial Educationg Driver Education. KEVIN I. BARLOW University of Massachusetts, B. S. fForestryQ5 Biologyg General Science. 6 LINDA H. BARTER University of Illinois, B. S. 5 University of Arizona, M. S. 3 Home Economics, General Business, Cheer- leading. NORMAN Cl-IARPENTIER Plymouth State College, B. of Ed. 3 Social Studies, I. V. Basketball Coach. BRUCE H. CROWDER Keene State College, B. of Ed. 3 Englishg Yearbook Advisor, Newspaper Advisor. HERWOOD W. CURTISS Keene State College, B. of Ed., University of Maine, M. Ed. 5 University of Maine, 18 credits toward M. A. in Mathematicsg Algebra, Plane Geometry, Band. 7 WILLIAM I-I. FREEMAN University of Bostong A, B. in Historyg Master of Education, 19635 Member of Phi Alpha Theta3 Social Studies. DAVID FORBES Plymouth Teachers College, B. of Ed. 5 Mathematics ALICE P. HARRIS Frenchg Lating Middlebury College, B.A. 3 Foreign Language Institute at St. Anselm's Collegeg Colby Junior College, Graduate Credit. CHARLES MARSTON Social Studiesg University of N.H. , B.A. 5 Plymouth State College, M.E. 8 JACQUELINE P. RAYNO Englishg B. S., Keene Teachers Collegeg University of New Hampshire, Graduate School. WALDO E. SANDERS B.A., University of New I-Iampshireg Social Studies3 Englishg Driver Education3 Working toward Masters, University of New Hampshire. JOHN F. STOHRER Englishg Counselorg B. of Ed., Plymouth Teachers Collegeg Graduate Study, P.T.C. MAURICE TAYLOR Springfield College, B. 5.5 Chemistryg Physicsg Girls' Basketball. .44 CARL D. I-IILL Physical Educationg Boys' Athletic Coach -- Soc cer, Basketball, Baseballg B. S. , University of Maineg Masters Degree in Physical Education, Boston University. ALBERTA C. FISHER Glee Clubg Music Educationg B. S. 3 University of Vermontg Student of Heinrich Gebbard of Boston. ERNEST E. WELCH Typingg Office Practiceg Babson Institute of Administration, B. S. RONALD P. WYMAN Artg Keene State College, B.E.5 Dartmouth Siunmer School, 1963. 10 MISS CHASSIN MISS SARGEANT MRS . CURRIER PRACTICE TEACHER MR. CROWLEY MR. DAY 11 MISS FARINGTON 4? 4' if Bus Drivers: G Mar eorge Croteau, Richard Lei shal, Ed Edmunds, Norm Pric ghton, Ed 6. Cust 12 odians: George Enmon Bags: 1 and Albert Shoals. Brown, Fred Davis, Raiph Mrs. Pauline Dayton TAFF 5 255 L5 13 Mrs. Linda Gay Mrs. Helen Enman Mrs. Beulah Sholes Mrs. Mary Gay Mrs. Della Spiller ELEME TARY CHOOL TEACHER Mrs. Helen Colburn Mrs. Beverly Knox Mrs. jenny Lull Miss Grace McAllister Mr. Richard Pomeroy Mrs. Lucy Woodward SE IORS The Solar Corona photographed during a total eclipse from Green River, Wyoming. -Mt. Wilson and Palomar Observatories fveewf' VICE-PRESIDEN T MARYJEAN BARRETT Class Secretary 15 Vice President 3, 45 Business Manager, Yearbook 45 Business Manager, Magazine Sales 45 Glee Club 1,2545 Girls' Glee Club 45 Cheerleader 15 Majorette 1,2, 3, Head Majorette 45 Honor Banquet 15 Prom Committee 3. PRESIDENT DANIEL WILLIAM CONNELL, III Class President 45 Student Council 35 Soccer team 2, 3, Co-Captain 45 Ski team 2, 3, 45 Junior Prom Decorating Committee 35 St. Paul's School Advanced Studies Program 35 Glee Club 45 Honor Banquet 1, 2, 35 Senior Class Usher 3. SECRETARY JUNE DAWN EDMUNDS Student Council 15 Class Secretary 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3,45 Girls' Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 Co-Editor of Yearbook 45 Magazine Sales Manager 45 Junior Prom Decorations Committee 35 Dance Com- mittees 1,2, 3, 45 Tri-Town Concert 25 All State Chorus 45 Natlonal Latin Exams 1, 2. 16 TREASURER CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM I-IASIGELL Class Treasurer 43 Newspaper staff, co-editor 43 Yearbook staff 43 Basketball 13 Soccer 1, 33 Ski Team 23 Band 1,2, 3,43 Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Boys' Glee Club 2, 43 School Plays 2, 3, 43 One-Act Play 33 Prize Speaking 1,2, 33 Graduation usher 33 Dance Committee 2, 33 Magazine Sales 43 Radio News Program 3, 4. STUDENT COUNCIL CAROL LEE HURD Basketball 1,23 Glee Club 1, 23 Dance Committee 1,2, 3,43 Prom Committee 33 Magazine sales 43 Class Vice President 13 Student Council 2 , 4. STUDENT COUNCIL NORMAN CHARLES PURPLE Student Council 4. KAREN LEE ANSART Basketball 2, 35 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F. -H. A. Secretary 4. ROBERT WIILIAM BARRETT, IR. Class Treasurer 15 Vice-President 25 Glee Club 45 Band 1,25 3, 4, Baseball 152, 3,45 Basketball 1,25 3,45 Co-captain 45 Soccer 1,2, 3, 45 Class Marshal 35 Profile Boys' State 3. MARION BLAKE Andover High School 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 25 Letter Club 1,2, 35 Glee Club 152, 35 Newspaper 1,2,35 The National Honor Society 35 Vice-President 35 Most Valuable Guard Award 1,25 "Crisco" Home Economics Award 35 F. I-I. A. President 4. I8 GILBERT LEE BOOTH Wrestling Team Varsity 1, Audio Visual Aids 1, 2, 3,4, Glee Club 43 Prom Decorations Committee 3, Second Prize Magazine Sales 4. RUTH MAE CI-IAMBERLIN Andover High School 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1,25 Music Appreciation CAROL ANN CLAPPER Glee Club 1,2,3. JOAN DIANE COMBIE Letter of commendation for performance on National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test 35 American Legion Auxiliary Award for History 35 Honor Roll 1, 2, 33 Honor Banquet 1, 2, 3. GINGER MARIE COTE Basketball 1, 2, 43 Future Homemakers of America 3, 4. ROBERT JOSEPH CRICENTI Soccer 1, 2, 3,45 Ski team 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 45 Class President 2, 3, One-Act Plays 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4, Na- tional Merit Scholarship Finalist 4, American Legion Freshman Award 1, National Latin Award 1, 25 National French Award 3, M A A Math Test, New Hampshire Honor Roll 3, St. Paul's School Advanced Study Program 3. CYNTHIA BOND CURRIER Honor Banquet 15 One Act Plays 1, 3, Art Exhibit 1, Prom Committee 3, Dance Committees 1, 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll 1, 33 Class Treasurer 2. DONALD CLARK DAVIS, JR. V Ski Team 3, 4, Boys' State 3, Yearbook Staff Photographer 4, Maga- Play Prompter 3 . DONALD HENRY DIMMICK Glee Club 1, 2, 3,45 Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri Town Concert 1 Pops Concert 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Economics and Industrial Education Program 35 Band 13 Glee Club Auditions 1. Wg zine sales captain 4, Prom Committee 3, Dance Committees 1, 2, 3, 4, 4 CHESTER GAY LV. Basketball 1, 2. BRUCE ALFRED GOINGS Baseball 2, 3, 43 Soccer 2, 45 Glee Club 1, 33 Industrial Arts Fair 33 Art Exhibitsg Science Club 1. EILEEN ANN GRAYSI-IAN Manchester West High 15 Glee Club 1, 23 Girls' Basketball, Manager , 45 F. H. A. 4. MARSI-IA BERNICE HERSEY Glee Club 1, 2, 3, F.H.A. 1, 2, 4, junior Prom Committee 3. DALE CURTIS HISLER Band 1, 2, 35 Ski Team 1, 3,43 Student Council 1, Plays 1, 2 KAREN LYNN JOHNSTON F.H.A. 1,2,3,4. DOUGLAS MATHEWS ON Soccer 1,25 3,45 Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Co-Captain 45 Baseball 1,2, 3, 45 One Act Plays 15 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 15 Student Council 25 Magazine Sales, lst Prize 4. BENJAMIN KEZAR clee Club 1,3,4. SANDRA LOUISE NELSON Andover High School 1,25 35 Glee Club5 Newspaper5 Carnival Attendant5 Cheerleader5 l.etterc1ub5 F. H. A. Treasurer 4. 24 RICHARD CONRAD NEUMANN Ski Team 1, 25 Basketball 3,43 Glee Club 43 Dance Band "The Ex-- tremes" 2, 3,4. ALLAN PALMER Industrial Arts Fair Award 3g Magazines Sales 43 Indusuial Arts and Home Economics Fair 3. DAVID GERLAD PELLERIN Band 1,2,3,45 Ski Team 15 Plays 1,2, Stagehand. PATRICLA ANN POMEROY Glee Club 1,2, 3,45 Basketball 3, 45 Sodcer Cheerleading 25 F. H PETER HARRIS PRESCOTT Dance Committees 1,2, 3, 45 Prom Decorating Committee 3. JAMES LEO PRES TON Class Play 13 Ski Team 2, 3,45 Ski Awards. 26 JANET LOUISE ROGERS Class President 15 Class Secretary 25 Student Council 35 Basketball Cheering 1,253,415 Soccer Cheering 1,2, 3,45 Majorettes 2, 3,45 Glee Club 152, 3,45 One Act Plays 152, 35 Girls' Glee Club 15 Prom Com- mittee 35 Latin Award 25 Girls' State 3 JAMES ST. MARTIN Glee Club 45 Prom Decorating Committee 3 MARILYN ANN SIMPSON Glee Club 152,35 One Act Plays 35 F. H.A. 2,3,4. CHARLES RONALD SPAULDING Cardigan Mt. School 15 Ski Team 25 Baseball 1, 3, 45 Soccer 3, 43 Glee Club 45 Student Council 15 School Cabinet 13 Honor Banquet 25 Boys' State 35 Cdeclinedj. GERALD RODNEY SMITH Andover High School 1,2, 35 Basketball 1,2, 35 Baseball 1,2, 35 Track 3 PETER SUMNER STANLEY Ski Team 15 Proctor 25 Football 2. SHARON ETHEL STOWELL Glee Club 15F.H.A.1,2,3,4. REBECCA ANN TILTON Andover High Schoolg Glee Clubg Newspaper 1, 2, 3 JOHN EDWARD WATERS Andover High School 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Newspaper 2. ' , sis .1 1 ,wg KENNETH WEST Band 2,3,45 ski Team 1,2,3,4 AGNES LILLIAN WHEELER Class Treasurer 35 Dance Committees 1,2, 3, 4, One Act Play 35 Na- tional Latin Awards 1,25 Co-editor of yearbook 45 Girls' State 35 Honor Banquet 1, 2, 3, junior Prom Decorations Committee 3, Art Exhibit 15 Honor Roll 1, 2, 35 D. A. R. Girl 4. 30 SPE CIALTIIE S xx x 5s 5 Us f m 'V Q 3 ms SENIOR SUPERLATIVES 9 Q6 qi' 54052 who MOST ATHLETIC Bob Barrett and Doug Mathewson O 6,100 is Doug Mathewson , Chr1s Haskell, Rick Neumann Jeff-'Y Sm' and Carol Hurd 32 DHV1d 0682508 6006 Agnes Wheeler and Chris Haskell fi 635 X49 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Q9 Q53 BbC 950 v0 v ge, MOST MUSICAL Chris Haskell, Bob Barrett and Gil Booth LOOOQ flf OS? 65,0 ofo v - 00 Q ?' Bob Cncent ' Bob B and joan Comble 33 9 Sf D C 11 Q9 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Q0 Q69 few Q? vs '59 Q9 Ss Q, f Q Cp QS' G 1 B th BEST DANCERS Marsha Hersey, Norm Purple, Sandy Nelson, and MOST COOPERATIVE june Edmund w I g Mathe Carol H BEST LOOKING J une Edmun an Id Spaul o er Marsha Hers y d I B t CHD. 3. ding, ds, J Rs dDanC nell I ITIALS KAREN ANSART "Streak" Likes skiing, sports cars, boys, dating, going to movies, but dislikes snobby people, Chinese foods, loud Sophomores. .Hauntsz Bradford, nearest restaurants, Newport's Red andWhite. Favorite foods: Fried chicken, ice cream, fried scallops. Favorite song: "Mean Women Blues" and songs by Roy Orbinson. Most content when sleeping and in Mr. Welch's classes. Suppressed desire: To own a sports car. MARYJEAN BARRETT "Jean" Likes dances, majorettes, music, new cars, but dislikes taking tests, study halls, and making decisions. Favorite foods: pizza, cheeseburgers, and french fries. Favorite song: "Exodus" and "Rhapsody in Blue. " Most content when asleep. Suppressed desire: to own an expensive Car. . . . "Oh! Ya!" and"You ain't to swift." ROBBERT BARRETT "Bruiser" "Beast" Likes sports and our jazz band, but dislikes nothing. Haunts: Tennis court and Market Basket. Favorite foods: french fries and ice cream. Favorite song: "Summertime," Most content when sleeping. Suppressed desire: to be a comedian .... "Watch it, Buddy!" ' Wir MARION BLAKE "Blakie" "Nic" Likes dancing, records, bowling, but dislikes insincere people. I-launts: Laconia and home. Favorite foods: fried clams, and hamburgers. Favorite song: "Maria. " 'Most content when dating. Suppressed desire: to change places with the teachers for a day .... "Is that right?" 35 A RUTH CHAMBERLIN "Ruthie" Likes dancing, dating, sports, boys, but dislikes people who grind their teeth. Haunts: diners and Spa. Favorite foods: hamburgers and pizzas. Favorite song: "Moon River." Most content when with people. Suppressed desire: to be a medical secretary and to get married .... lloh ya! ll JOAN coMB1E Likes boats and vacations, but dislikes fish. Favorite foods: plum pudding and chocolate ice cream. Most content when homework is finished. Suppressed desire: to travel around the world .... "Oh No!" GILBERT BOOTH "Big G" Likes hunting, guitars, fishing, mechanics, but dislikes study-hall and Mr. Greenan. Haunts: The "L" house and judge Bean's. Favorite foods: steak and lobster. Favorite song: "Hard Traveling." Most content when asleep. Suppressed desire: to become a millionaire. . . . "What?" CAROL CLAPPER "Clap" Likes swimming, hunting, dancing, but dislikes fishing, and Mr. Marston's surprise quizzes. Haunts: girl's room at grange. Favorite foods: pickles, ice cream, Cherries. Favorite song: "Surfer Girl." Most content when dancing. Suppressed desire: raise a family. . . "Oh boy. " DANIEL CONNELL "Danny" Likes skiing, tennis, Al Hirt, all good clean fun, but dislikes scollops, breakfast, broken shoestrings, "The Martian Record Hop," runny noses. Haunts: Shower room, Favorite foods: beans, Thanks- giving dinners, scramble eggs. Favorite song: "Moon River." Most content when falling asleep. Suppressed desire: to have a magnetic personality .... "That's just Great." 36 GINGER COTE "Gin" "Crash" Likes radios, hunting, fishing, and "Roughing it, " but dislikes loud people, back seat drivers, Mr. Marston's surprise quizzes. Haunts: M. B. andColbyLibrary. Favorite foods: steak. Favorite song: "A White Sports Coat." Most content when in world geography class. Suppressed desire: to be a captain in the Air Force .... "There must be an easier way to do this." ROBERT CRICENTI "Radar" Likes sps-asp, tennis, skiing, sports in general, but dislikes boring speakers, especially in English class. Haunts: tennis courts. Favorite foods: coffee sodas. Most content when goofing off and playing tennis . "Hey, that's a hummer." CYNTHIA CURRIER "Andy" l Likes a certain someone and old Fords, but dislikes conceited people, fish, homework. Favorite Foods: fried clams, lobster, and pizza. Favorite song: "I Remember You." Most content when sleeping. Suppressed desire: to be a second Florence Nightengale. DONALD DAVIS "Don" "Donnie" Likes skiing, boats, food, "that greasy kids stuff, " all Boston pro teams, but dislikes some teachers, slow boats, all New York pro teams. Haunts: Here, there, everywhere. Favorite foods: beef stew, spaghetti, clams, french fries. Favorite song: "Moon River." Most content when a New York team looses especially the Yanks. Sup- pressed desire: to be able to out-yell Ernie. Favorite saying: let's pull a Herman. DONALD DIMMICK "Don" Likes a semi-classical music, singing, watching T. V. , but dislikes sauerkraut, and silly girls. Haunts: Colby Jr. College's faulty butt room. Favorite foods: veal scalloponni and Chinese foods. Favorite song: "Slaughter on 16th Avenue. " Most content when swimming and watching T. V. Suppressed desire: to visit Europe .... "Laugh it up." 37 JUNE EDMUNDS Likes Longfellow, folk music, madras, basketball, AuH2O, but dis- 1 likes bowling, Favorite foods: ice cubes and coffee ice cream. 2 F . . u . . . . avorite songs. The High and Mighty, " "Kisses Sweeter than Wine, " l sire: many. . . . "Yuck!", "Tomorrow can't be much worse." CHESTER GAY "Chet" Likes anything, but dislikes homework, teachers like Mr. Welch. Favorite foods: corn and potatoes. Favorite song: ones by Rick Nelson. Most content when the bell rings at 3:07. Suppressed desire: to see Mr. Curtiss win a noble peace prize or to become a teacher and dic- tator. BRUCE GOINGS "Big Bruce" Likes females, but dislikes angry females and fathers. Haunts: Lake Sunapee and Beach parties. Favorite song: "Only In America," Most c t t h ' ' ' on en w en at beach parties. Suppressed desire. to have a red Jag. . . . "That's life!" ELIEEN GRAYSHAN Likes swimming, but dislikes skiing. Favorite foods: spaghetti, pizza, and apple pie. Favorite song: "My Boyfriend's Back." Suppressed desire: to become a teacher .... "I don't believe you." CHRISTOPHER HASKELL "Chris" Likes music fall kindsj, Lake Winnepesaukee, sailing, swimming, and Sue, but dislikes school buses. Haunts: music rooms. Favorite foods: roast pork, steak, and deep dish apple pie. Favorite song: ' "Th 1812 O " ' ' e vertune. Most content when with a fellow music lover. Suppressed desire: to conduct a symphony orchestra .... "until next Friday morning this is Chris Haskell for N. L. H. S. " 38 and ' Town Without Pity. " Most content when happy. Suppressed de- MARSI-IA I-IERSEY "Peanut" "Herseybar" Likes music, water skiing, hiking, fishing, and trips to Claremont, but dislikes boys names that start with "E," snooty people, motor scooters. Haunts: ASW in Claremont, Favorite foods: steak, pizza, cheeseburgers. Favorite song: "Crying. " Most content when in the arms of that someone. Suppressed desire: to assist Dr. Casey .... "Isn't it romatic! " DALE HISLER "Porky" Likes hunting, sky diving, parties, taking showers, but dislikes people who talk too much and heavy drinkers. Haunts: Camp Kearsarge, Orange, Mass., Paterson, N.I., the "L" House. Favorite foods: any- thing you put in front of me. Favorite song: "Surfer joe. " Most content when in the air or in bed. Suppressed desire: to become the world's champion sky-diver .... "Hey Charlie!" CAROL HURD Likes horses, sports cars, music fall kindsj, dancing, but dislikes re- pulsive people. Favorite foods: apple crisp, coffee ice cream, chicken, dill pickles. Favorite song: "The Days of Wine and Roses." Most content when riding horse back. Suppressed desire: to join the John Brich Society .... "I ain't proud." KAREN JOHSTON "Lynn" Likes dances, cars, working, but dislikes riding on buses. Haunts: Iim's house. Favorite foods: french fries and hot fudge sundaes. Favorite song: "Detroit City. " Most content when with jim. Sup- pressed desire: to be a Physical Education Teacher .... "Oh Beans. Q u 1 1 . BENJAMIN KEZAR "Ben" Likes cows, machinery, and Nancy, but dislikes alcohol, school, and two faced people. Haunts: Carleys Garage and Otterville. Favorite foods: chocolate milk and cheeseburgers. Favorite song: "Surfer Joe. " Most content when asleep. Suppressed desire: to do away with student teachers .... "Feature that!" 39 V -N DOUGLAS MATHEWSON "Doug" "Gil" , Likes all sports, Model "A," tennis, parties, cooking and baking ,at T. L. V. , BLONDES, but dislikes stuck-up girls and getting up early. Haunts: Judge Roy Bean's, "Weigwam, " M. B. , Sand and Gravel, Pellerins. Favorite foods: fried clams and steak. Favorite song "Papa joe's. " Most content when at Oneonta State or "Weigwam. " Suppressed desire: to drive a Cobra .... "Bologna. " SANDRA NELSON "Sandy" Likes skiing and dancing, but dislikes reading. Haunts: dinner. Favorite foods: fried clams. Favorite song: "Moon River." Suppressed desire: to go to Europe .... "How about that." ALLAN PALMER "Butch" Likes big trucks and girls from N. Y. , but dislikes noisy girls and cheese. Haunts: everywhere. Favorite foods: thick steaks and ice cream. Favorite song: "Hit the Road Jack. " Most content when driving a truck. Suppressed desire: to beat Doug and Deak to the cafeteria. . . . "Tough! " DAVID PELLERIN "Deak" Likes sailing, hunting, scotch whisky, putting Pork in the shower, but dislikes cops at night and suspension after putting Pork in the shower. Haunts: Beanie's, Weigwam. Favorite foods: spaghetti. Favorite song: "Washington Square." Most content when with Judge duck hunting. Suppressed desire: to kill a duck .... "P1ease Mr. Livingston I don't want to go." I RICHARD NEWMANN "Rick" Likes sports. Haunts: basketball courts, tennis courts, and M. B. Favorite foods: coffee, ice cream, and sodas. Favorite song: "Moon River." Most content when playing basketball. Suppressed desire: to go to college. 40 PATRICIA POMEROY "Pat" Likes one particular boy, clothes, pizza, but dislikes snobs, noisy buses, and cold pizza. Haunts: King Ridge. Favorite foods: anything edible. Favorite song: "You Can Never Stop Me Loving You." Most content when sleeping, at a good party, or doing absolutely nothing. Sup- pressed desire: to be a model .... "Oh, Forget it!" PETER PRESCOTT "Pete" Likes fast cars, but dislikes girls who smo e. avori chicken, french fries, and steak. I-launts: M. B. Favorite saying: "shake it easy." Favorite song: "Footsteps" Most content when working on a car or driving. Suppressed desire: to get good marks. k F 'te foods: fried JAMES PRESTON "Pres" N Likes golf, sports cars, electric guitar music, GIRLS, but dislikes sarcastic, inconsiderate people, loud clothes, loud girls. Haunts: Dog House, Kezar Lake, King Ridge, Cambridge, Mass. Favorite foods: pizza, cheeseburgers, fried clams, french fries. Favorite song: "Hitch Hike," "Wipeout," Most content when with the gang or skiing. Suppressed desire: to leave Mr. Welch speechless. NORMAN PURPLE "Norm" "Pinky" Likes fast cars, slow police cars, but dislikes dishonest people, flat tires, strict teachers. Haunts: Blodgetts Landing, Newport Theater, the . . .lk local soda fotmtain. Favorite foods: steak, lobster, hamburgers, mi shakes. Favorite song: "Surfin U. S. A. " Most content when spending money which is not mine. Suppressed desire: to graduate .... "That is the way the cookie crumbles! " JANET ROGERS "jan" Likes Waterskiing, horseback riding, friendly boys, but dislikes snobs, girls who pretend they're something they're not. Haunts: Brown's jam room, Cookie's house. Favorite foods: pickles, steak, hot fudge sundaes. Favorite song: "Surfer joe. " Most content when skiing on Lake Sunapee. Suppressed desire: to water ski at Cypress Gardens .... "uh, uh, Joey. " 41 MARILYN SIMPSON Likes clothes and good food, but dislikes people who think they're better than someone else, book reports, the "Ratt1etrap" bus. Favorite foods: french fries, chicken, steak. Favorite song: "Moon R1ver." Most content when asleep. Suppressed desire: to become the first female astronaut. . . . "Are you sure?" GERALD SMITH "Hair" Likes girls and cars, but dislikes school and work. Haunts: the local garage. Favorite foods: spaghetti. Favorite song: "Washington Square." Most content when sleeping. Suppressed desire: to own a sports car. . . . "That's smart." N RONALD SPAULDING "Charlie" Likes sports, but dislikes the Green Bay Packers and foreign foods. Haunts: everywhere. Favorite foods: hamburg and anything that's chocolate. Most content when watching the Giants and Yankees on T. V. Suppressed desire: to understand Algebra .... "Another 'A' Cricenti, you make me sick!" PETER STANLEY "Pete" "The Bandit" Likes VW's "Marty's, " C. C. , "Bud," speed, but dislikes R. G. , state cops, road blocks, and courts. I-Iaunts: Tows1ey's, Bean's, and the the Barn. Most content when drunk. Suppressed desire: to race at Le Mans. Favorite foods: knockworst and beer. Favorite song: "Washing- ton Square." Favorite saying: "When in doubt. . . . " JAMES ST. MARTIN "Jim" Likes hunting, fishing, almost everything, but dislikes a mad girl- friend. Haunts: M. B. and ASW. Favorite foods: anything. Favorite ll song: Detroit City." Most content when with Karen .... "Wohoa Boy!" 42 SHARON STOWELL "Sheri" Likes dances, parties, service guys, but dislikes studying and getting ' ' R t. Favorite foods: lamb up early. Haunts. M. B. and Pines estauran and french fries. Favorite song: "Let's Go Steady Again." Most con- tent when talking to someone I like. Suppressed desire: to be a nurse. . . . "You don't say!" REBECCA TILTON "Becky" "Beck" Likes boys, dancing, and dating, but dislikes homework and stuck-up ' ' d : a hetti and people. Haunts: my boyfr1end's house. Favorite foo s sp g meat balls Favorite song: "Stranger on the Shore." Most content . . . "Oh, don't sweat it!" JOHN WATERS "Bucky" i Likes sports and listening to records, but dislikes loudmoths. Haunts: ' ' f d : h' ken and steak. record stores and bowling alleys. Favonte oo s c 1C Favorite song: "Mack the Knife." Most content when sleeping and listenin to records. Suppressed desire: to be a comedian. . . . "Smile S and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone." KENNETH WEST "Westy" "Ken" Likes nice people and skiing, but dislikes Shakespeare. Haunts: King Ridge in the winter and everywhere in the summer. Favorite foods: french fries, frappes, steaks. Favorite song: "If I Had A Hammer." Most content when sleeping. Suppressed desire: to have fun .... " Censored! " N AGNES WHEELER "Aggie" ornin s Marsha's ood humor, the world in general, Likes snowy m g , g but dislikes Khushchev and late telephone calls. Haunts: Bonnie's house. Favorite foods: french fries, lobster, shrimp, chicken. Favorite songs: songs by Roy Orbinson. Most content when laughing. Suppressed desire: to overthrow Khrushchev's regime and set up a democratic government . 43 when eating and watching T. V. Suppressed desire: to Join the service. W l l GUESS WHO? l , x X f X ff SX E-Q 'mt -D' ' C O tywmsx gig : M151 b -kxjo - IPD QOH HECK , 0 'D ,WW ,V '- , N to ' Q fr ,Q Tig xy? ,Q j xg? t -' ' ' Q . .."' ffff :iauef ueafmew turf 13 uareyf SPONSORS OF THE CLASS OF 1964 Mr. 81 Mrs. john Ballin Mr. Robert F. Brianas Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank Cricenti Mrs. Carolyn Ansart Mr. gl Mrs. Robert Barrett Mr. gl Mrs. William F. Kidder Congressman 81 Mrs. james Cleveland Mr. 8: Mrs. Mead Hartwell Mr. 81 Mrs. W. T. Andrews Mr. gl Mrs Robert S. Messer Mr. gl Mrs. Daniel W. Connell, jr. Mr. gl Mrs. Harry Barrett, Sr. Mr. gl Mrs. Arthur 1. Little, jr. Mr. gl Mrs. Dudley Coonley Compliments of a Friend Mr. gl Mrs. Wm. L. Pomeroy Reverend 81 Mrs. Theodore Yardley Mrs. William H. Fitch, jr. Mr. Arthur Prescott Mr. 81 Mrs. Russell Dimmick Mr. William Roos Mr. gl Mrs. Frank E. Crayshan Mr. Sz Mrs. Donald C. Davis Mr. 81 Mrs. James Bewley Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold D. Hurd Mr. 81 Mrs. Oakley M. Hisler Mr. 81 Mrs. Floyd Bailey Mr. 81 Mrs. Erwin Nelson Mr. G. Robert White 46 CLASSES Clusters ol' stars in the Sagillariu ra hed with a I0-inc s region of the Milky h lcns. Way photog p ' d Palomar Observatories -Ml. Wilson an 1965 Secretary: Leelee Woodman Treasurer: Shara Hartwell President: Martha Brown Vice -President: Stephen Chamberlin mx - - .H Q 6 1 i mQ,,,,M X " mmm -,-..-1 - L'-NA' - - In q KMA .A., ,, I - Y i g ,:1 wwfmmw 4, gf A , fx, . ...,,L,,. M1-:www , f gg, , K . 2, 25? f Q , QQ 21 QI E 2627354 W 'Nl X mga! f an X we adwuli, Q lbw QQ - ,Riga X we 'w ,N QQ, Q ' . ww. 4 ',"1:S:1.J at 1. '5e2gYi21LLf,r?1 . 1 ifw . I If we r H SEWFWE A Mr' "-Qs' 1'-fzwff-ww.-Q W , . N . aff, 6? H xi ,, gi Y zhl ""?v'5"' if -MQW wx , , E ' . f X, -1 X , .Il K K 'V i ' , X "ll,-fin A " 9 Eg. av ,mg M ,wi QW sf , m, L. V L gf A 'H E if 1 3 I ad A H f ll A A EEST' my Q NW .Ei-W 6 k . . 'is fm gf 1. Ln lx 'XS iv .. ' " :L :- KN 1 1: ., 1966 231 n"i""z infix 1 Secretary: Betty jean Brown Vice -Pre sident: Richard Kidder Treasurer: Raymond Streeter President: Jean DeLand FRONT ROW, L -- R: S. Mclntoshg HoWard5 L. Towneg B. Brown. BACK ROW B. Dufordg J. DeLand5 I. Lustg M. Lash. FRONT ROW, L -- R: S. Hun toong J. Jillsong S. Holtg C. Phelps. BACK ROW C. Long- fellowg D. Boltg S. Keyser3 D. Hathaway. A a FRONT ROW, L -- R: Advisor Mr. Bar- lowg R. Buttrickg J. Murphyg B. Chad- wick3 D, Kidderg F. Richardsg S. Chellisg P. Almstrom. BACK ROW D. Ramseyg P. Lewisg R. Thomasg R. Jonesg L. Fordg H. Bukerg R. Kidderg M. Haywardg R. Streeter. N 1 FRONT ROW, I. -- R: Advisor Mr. Welchg M. Robertsg T. Romaineg L. Simpsong R. Gay, T. Chadwickg R. Brownellg B. French. BACK ROW: S. Smith W. Vaughng W. Daytong D. Hislerg W. Ordwayg S. I-Ieathg R. Cove. 1967 Secretary: Sally Prescott Treasurer: Susan 0h1er Vice -President: Peter Roos President: Janice Currier FRONT ROW, L -- R: D. Rocheg P. jones5 S. Prescottg M. Saxbyg D. Fitch5 C. Morri1l5 D. Prescott. BACK ROW E. Ionesg R. Brianasg M. Parson B. Goveg P. Wilsong R. Eichellg S. Ohler. 1 nun FRONT ROW, L -- R: D. Blairg E. 53 Hathawayg R. Folsong I. Patterng A. Chadwickg R. Charlesg R. Ansart. BACK ROW I. Emersong R. Heathg Webbg I. Leeg D. Spauldingg K. Whee1er5 D. Shaw. H. FRONT ROW, L -- R: M. Richardsong S. Bealsg A. Petersong L. Baileyg I. Iewellg J. Tiltong Advisor M.r. Forbes. BACK ROW M. Davisg S. Sawyerg K. Mi11er5 L, Ritchieg K. Nagleg J. Currierg M. Gessner. FRONT ROW, L -- R: Advisor Mr. Charpentierg P. Roosg D. Mi11er3C. Decatnrg J. Hodgesg M. Cochran5 G. Wells. BACK ROW D. Graccg H. Eatong W. Prescott5 M. Butlerg L. Fordg B. Crotcaug B. Butcher. EIGHTH GRADE . . . .-...- .1 FRONT ROW L -- R: I. Noonang V. Deang G. Rogersg M. Mullerg M. Simondsg K. Graceg V. Gayg C. Cheneyg I. Iohnstong I. Foleyg Mr. Marston. MIDDLE ROW: S. Patten5 B. Eavensg J. Deang T. Kirwang R. Greeng J. Andrewsg R. MacMichae13 T. Nilesg R. Dayton5 R. Derbyg R. Heathg J. Jeffrey' R. Gay. BACK ROW: R. K1dder5 R. PYICCQ 1. Ballmg D. Sleburgg R. Kimballg A. Sholesg D. DeLandg R. ,Marton5 M. MacMichae13 T. Muller. EVE TI-1 GRADE FRONT ROW L -- R: A. Badmingtong S. Duford, M. Allyng P. Wheelery L. Sholesg D. Lyonsg M. Mullerg A. Connellg M. Bealsg K. Kinsmang S. Whee1er3F. Spauldingg D. Benedictg S. Buker. MIDDLE ROW: S. Olandg S. Lu115E. Toddg S. Wheelerg P. Spragueg D. Oppenheimerg B. Cochrang L. Grayshang G. Spragueg 1. Wallaceg B. Wheelerg I. Hathawayg S. Oland. BACK ROW: T. Raynog G. Raynog J. Emersong M. Williamsg S. Baileyg I. Kiermang G. Campbell: G. Williamsg S. Benedictg Advisor Mrs. Barter. 54 TIES The great spiral nebula in Andromeda is believed to bc much like our own Galaxy. Two satellite nebulae ap- pear. -MK. Wilson and Palomar Observatories TUDE T CQU CIL ' """""""'llQi lllliiililln EFF u-Q.w,NW, M WW an-if 7 ,... " L -- R: L. Nilesg S. Keysarg L. Sawyerg S. Baileyg Advisor Mr. Sandarsg President B. Connellg Vice-President B. Chadwickg N. Purpleg C. Hurdg S. Buker. STANDING: B. Chadwickg M. Mullerg Secretary-Treasurerj. Emerson. 56 FHA L -- R: P. Wilsong P. Pomeroyg S. Ne! Donald. BACK RO ' song P. Davisg M. Blakey K. Ansart W. M. Herseyg D. Hathawayg B. G - C. Clapperg J. Tiltong D. Bolto - g M. Simpson. S. Huntoong B ove, K. Iohnsong M. Richardso ' n, D. Prescottg P. Chadwick. . Mac 11, J. jewel. E. G1-ayshang , OYS GIRLS SL B STATE l ROSEYS5 . A Wheelemj' V155 I 5' ALL STATE .I P. Porqelioys J. R Cricelltlgs Din-11T11C . ' dss ' Edmlm , 141. ww W, f 1 W A , 51 2 ff Q 5' , W Q ii-5'ii1'L ' I ,F f ss , F , ,N W , , .- ux::::i'5,221 H - T M w L g '02,?zWW'W"2T5, ' if pm- VM 45' n'ZW"IIffw5.. 7 'rw IW f f Aww 7 My My I N V ww' N W 5 ' 'S V. -1? ilk Sw, 1 I .ij -6 41 x.,, +33 Ax XWMW Q .- ai W, www.- ff ,ww JM 3 ' K 1 Q' ff, Y if Qzf A 2 I, 2 V ,V ,fp- L. To R.: P. Lynn, P. Chadwick, J. Be- langer, M. Barrett, I. Edmluids, J. Roger, L Gibson L Stewart, D Roche P ones . . . V . J . BACK ROLN: 1. Brianas, L. Parson,, A. Peter- sen, M. Lash, S. Sawyer, 1. Lull, B. Klotz R. Eichell, K. Howard, B. Chadwick. GLE L. to R.: R. Cricenti, J. Emerson, D. Connell, Mrs. Fisher. 60 LUB L toR 'S Beals B. Brown, B. Duford, . .. . , J. Currier, E. jones, L. Neumann, Philbrick, L. Sawyer, J. DeLand, Cook. FRONT ROW: S. Hartwell, Ohler, M. Bewley, C. Barrett, L. Woodman, I. Cheney, N. Parker, Bailey. M. A. D. L. L. to R.: B. Barrett, B. Connell, R. Spaulding, R. Neumann, C. Haskell, C. Campbell, R. Shaw BACK ROW: D. Spaulding, M. Cochran, D. Kidder, Ci. Booth, R. Thomas, D. Ramsey, R. Kidder, M. Butler. BAND Q. L. toR '1stROW'L wlsodman Mr C u C H .. . . , . ur ss, . oward, R. Cricenti, K. Wheeler, D. Mathewson, L. Lauridson, M. Bewley, S. MacIntosh, B. Brown, T. Little, B. Chadwick. 2nd ROW: J. Badmitton, J. Jeffey, D. Pellerin, S. Heath, C. Campbell, L. Neumann, E. jones, S. Sawyer. 3rd ROW: W. Hayes, L. Allyn, L. Towne, J. Hodges, J. Currier, R. Shaw, D. Kidder, K. West, R. Shaw, J. Kiernan, T. Niles. 4th ROW: L. Sawyer, C. Barrett, N. Currier, B. Cochran, R. Barrett, S. Bailey, B. Duford, T. Kirwan, S. Lull. 5th ROW: D. R ' ' ' amsey, C. Brown, L. Balley, M. Brown, M. Philbnck, P. Currier, M. Cochran. 62 Mr. Curtiss Head Majorette M. Barrett, L. Woodman, J. Rogers, B. Mac- Donald, P. Pomeroy, A. Cook. 63 A.,,,,f"' "'s"'J'-Q-M - X'--. Boys' Ensemble Girls' Ensemble C. Knowles, G. Booth, H. Blunt. "The Extremes" 64 ATHLETICS Comet Cunningham as seen in December, 1940. Time exposure causes stars to make tracks on picture. -Ml. Wilson and Palomar Observatories R. Cricenti, R. Neumann, M. DeLand, OCCER D. Mathewson, D. Gay. B. Connell, P. Rayno, D. Connell, R. Barrett, P. Roos. Co-capts: R. Spaulding, D. Connell Mr. Hill. 'FY da. f. nz.. ...iv L. to R. FRONT ROW: Mr. Hill, W. Chadwick, R. Barrett, R. Cricenti, D. Connell, M. DeLand, D. Mathewson, R. Spaulding, R. Neumann, D. Gay, B. Connell, P. Rayno, P. Roos, L. Spaulding, Man- agers I-I. Wright, P. Currier. BACK ROW: D. Shaw, D. Miller, N. Crisp, B. Vaughn, S. White, D. Sliter, R. Kidder, D. Ramsey, B. Chadwick, -G. Kimball, R. Jones, H. Buker, J. Lee, F. Richards, D. Spaulding This year's soccer team had a moderately successful season. With four wins, two ties, and six losses, the team was eligible for the State Tournament playoffs for the fourth straight year when we lost to Tilton-Northfield in an exciting overtime period, two to one. New London Bristol . . . New London Hopkinton . New London Goffstown . New London Hillsboro .... New London Pittsfield .... New London Tilton-Northfield New London Hopkinton .... New London Goffstown . . New London Hillsboro .... New London Pittsfield .... New London Tilton-Northfield New London Bristol ..... State Tournament New London. l Tilton-Northfield Results: New London New London 27 Towle 264 . 44 New London Stevens 281 .59 New London 26 Towle 262. 20 SKI TEAM at Stevens Stevens New London 282.7 New London placed eighth in the Class "L" meet in'North Conway. 4 '68, x State Division B-1 Meet New London'362.59 Sunapee 353.97 Stevens 346.11 Towle 340.69 Conant 280.33 Hinsdole 258 .53 Peterborough 2129. 70 .f,AQ PX - FRONT ROW L-- R: Mr Marston D Connell J. Preston K West D. Davis D. Kidder R. Kidder, B Cricenti, Mr., Forbes. SECOND ROW: 'A. Saxbyi K. Shermlm, .D. I-Iisler, D. Hiysler, B. Buteher, R. Cove. BACK ROW: D. Ramsey, N. Crisp, A. Chadwick, R. Gay. X-'Lt' N111 VARSITY BASKETBALL BACK ROW: H. Wright, Mgr. 5 B. Conne115D. Gayg M. DeLand3 R. Spaulingg R. Shawg P. Currier, Mgr.5 Coach Hill. FRONT ROW: P. Raynog J. A11eygD. Mathewsong R. Neumanng R. Barrettg W. Chadwick. New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London State Tournament Hopkinton Goffstown Bristol Hillsboro Hanover Tilton-Northfield Towle Hopkinton Bristol Goffstown Mascoma Towle Hillsboro Hanover Mascoma Tilton -Northfield New London 70 Alton New London 66 Epping New London 39 Walpole Coach Hill's "Bobbies" of our senior year had a considerably good season. Their season record showed 10 wins and 6 losses and they won 2 of the 3 games played in the New Hampshire interscho- lastic Athletic Association tournament series. Leading varsity scores were Doug Mathewson and Rich Neumann, with a total of 302 points and 246 points re- spectively. 'ilu - qi I 5 1 RONT ROW, L -- R: B. Duford, M. Brown, I. Downs, G. Cote, B. Klotz, I. Belanger I jillson C Sawyer . Bewley, L. Neumann. SECOND ROW: Coach Taylor, J. DeLand, K. Johnston I Merrill D Prescott N 'ller, J. Lull, M. Lask, S. Prescott, C. Miller, S. Beals. BACK ROW: N. Leab M Davis P Pomeroy P nes, E. jones, L. Sawyer, E. Grayshan. New London Hopkinton New London Goffstown New London Bristol New London Hillsboro New London Sunapee New London Tilton-Northfield New London Hopkinton New London Bristol New London Goffstown New London Hillsboro New London Tilton-Northfield 73 j.V. BASKETBALL FRONT ROW, L -- R: T. Little, Mgrugj. Emersong P. Roosg R. Jones B Chadwlck R Streeter Coach Charpentier. BACK ROW: J. Ieffreyg D. Spauldingg S. Baileyg H. Buker J Lee D Shaw R Martm R He ath . New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London New London I-Iopkinton Goffstown Bristol Hillsboro Hanover Tilton-No Towle Hopkinton Bristol Goffstown Mascoma Towle Hillsboro Hanover Mascoma rthfield Tilton - Northfield 74 J.v. HEERLEADER L. to R. L. Bailey M. Muller C. Cheney K. Neumann F. Spaulding S. Buker VARSITY CHEERLEADER L. to R. A. Cook S. McIntosh L. Stewart L. Woodman L. Gibson J. Rogers L. Towne J. Currier B. Brown OCCER CHEERLEADER L. to R. I. Rogers L. Gibson L. Towne S. McIntosh A. Cook j. Currier B. Brown L. Stewart L. Woodman Coach Hill and Joe Hodges. New New New New New New New New New 'b N96 '40 London London London London London London London London London FRONT ROW L-R: D. Harris, R. Messer, D. Mathewson, W. Wheeler, W. Chadwick, J. I-lodges, R. Billingsley, R. Barrett, P. Rayno. BACK ROW: Mr. Hill, P. Armstrong, L. Simpson, R. Spaulding, D. I-Iisler, R. Streeter, Mgrs. I-I. Wright. Absent: R. Newmarm. Br1sto1 Hopkmton T11ton Northfield H111sboro Sunapee . . ,. . . Hanover . Bristol . Tilton-Northfield Hanover ...... em Qs .fi BA EBALL . . 13 ' .... . . 4 . . O ' ..... 7 New London. . 15 Sirnonds . . . . . . 4 1 i 5 - ' ' 1 . 3 ...... 6 . 3 ..... 10 13 ...... 6 8 . 10 6 5 Richard Messer tags Bob Barrett. 76 ADVERTIS T . mar shown pointing directly overhead. -Mt. Wilson he 200-inch Hale telescope on M! Palo and Palomar Observatories Best Wishes to the Class of 1964 LAUREN CE R. SPAULDIN G PLUMBING AND HEATING Tel. 526-6361 and NEW LONDON FUEL COMPANY Tel. 526-61161 Best Wishes to the Class of T964 SUGAR 'N SPICE from . "Drop in and have a meal or a snack" FREE DOM ACRES FARM Best Wishes from THE CHlLDREN'S SHOP New London, N.H. THE COUNTRY PRESS New London, N.H. Don Davis Browsing NEW LONDON HARDWARE STORE Best wishes to the Class of 1964 CLAYTON A. MILLER INC. Elkins, N. H. Q Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates Bus drivers: - Red -Ed B. - Fred - Ralph EDMUNDS' BUS LINE Best Wishes to the Class of 1964 NEW LONDON CLEANERS Tel. LA 6-6541 Students Always Find Something To Buy At THE VILLAGE STUDIO mf 1 MOBILE CURRIER AND PHELPS INC. AUTOMOBILE MECHANICS Repairs-Tuning-Up-Anti Freeze Grease And Oils Andover, N.H. Tel. 735-5234 Radio Dispatch Service F 5 - - 1.::Qr1r.e -- - :mee Donnie picks out KIDDER a ski parker at the MINIATURE GARAGE COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE Jean Enjoys The Friendly Services of Mrs. Anna Rich. THE NEW LONDON TRUST CO. Member of the F. D. I. C. ,.,. ...HM . .,.r. .W Complimenis of NEW LONDON FLORISTS Best Wishes BETTY'S BEAUTY SHOP Compliments of NEW LONDON INN BARBER SHOP AND SILHOUETTE BEAUTY SHOP Clarence and Barbara Lull Prop. M.E. WALKER Plumbing and Hearing Frigidaire Dealer Elkins, N.H. ,5n.4V5""'f 1 J Pll.K91B.lJ,VB7KN1 N!WLQDW.!!WMAIAPO0fl NINVCIIZNPOII-MMIII!! Compliments of BUKER AIRWAYS INC. HASKELL'S GENERAL STORE Wilmot Flat Tel. 526-6141 Compliments of CRICENTFS MARKET Compliments of SHIRLEY S. CALL SL CO North Sutton, N. H. L I I1- Best Wishes To The Class of '64 NEW LONDON NEW LONDON CLEANERS PHARMACY Tel. LA. 6-6541 "Where you can get most anything"1 New London, N. H. Phone IA 6-2261 FAIRWAY MOTEL New London, N. H. Tel. LA. 6-4041 Compliments of Compliments of PREW'S RADIO AND TELEVISION HAYWARD REFRIDGERATION CO. New London, N . H . New London, N . H . To the Class of '64 Best Wishes from ROGER'S BOATE L, INC. Compliments of WALTON W. CHADWICK Compliments of NEW LONDON AGENCY REAL ESTATE 8. INSURANCE New London, N.H. Compliments of MT. SUNAPEE MOTEL Mt. Suncupee New Hompshire Compliments of MARTIN'S HARDWARE Newport JOHN R. KELLY PHARMACY INC. John R. Kelly Jr., B.S., Reg. P.H. Phone IOO Newport N. H. Compliments of DES BARRES POULTRY FARM Compliments of BILLINGSLEY'S STCJRE Elkins, N. H. THE HAYWARD PRIDE Fine Food New London N.H. E. A. DEXTER JEWELERS Giffsf Wclch cmd Jewelry Repairing Main Slreel New London "We becl The bushes you gel The buys." TRY WHITE 8. WHITE Newport and New London, N. H. Newport 730 New Lonclon LA. 6-7IOI Complimenls of LAURIDSEN'S ANTIQUES Best Wishes To The Class of 1964 THE NEW LONDON BOWLING CENTER "BowI Candlepins -- The Ideal Recreation" Donotion from MIKE THE BARBER Andover, N.H. Compliments of AUDIO ENGINEERING CO 526-2000 New London, N.H. Compliments of VERONDALE STORE Prop- Mr. ond Mrs. Fred S. Gorton Compliments of SOLOMON'S, INC. New London, N.H. Above: A short step toward disarmament was taken with cautious optimism with the signing of the limited nuclear test ban treagf in Moscow. Seated' Sec. cy' State Dean Rusk, Andrei Gromjko, LordHome. Premier Khrushchevstands be- hind Lord Home next to UNM Secretapf General U Thant, Adlai Stevenson and 4 . Q . U. S. Congressional leaders. Right photo: Red Chinese-Russian re worsened during the year as they battled fir leadership cy' world comm This Moscow meeting between Mikhail Suslov, lql, and Teng Hsaio-P August failed to produce accord. ' An unidentyied priest went to the aid if a wounded soldier during a revolt in Venezuela. For this picture Hector Rondon won the 1963 Pulitzer Prize pr news photography. Mm? World Events in Review-196 QQ- 'fs Pope Paul VI began his reign after the death eJPope john XXIII. Pope Paul re- convened the Ecumenical Council and at jear's end planned an unprecedenledjournq to the Hob: Land. Lgt, below: Dr, Helge Ingstad veteran Norwegian explorer fzund remains house Viking settlement in Newfoundland dating 500 years bwre Columbus. A huge landslide into Vaiont Reservoir in northern Itaba sent a wall if water the vallgv below destnyring Longarone and killing some 3,000 people. ln'-EN. llibuli- X Y . N , V' 'Q 'S ff, l I a 1 1, f a 'J x, . 1 if ' , . v I 4 A 1 ., , A- .1 .A V! alll Ibm 1,1 ,Aff I' I

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