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I X 2:-Q , N qw cms -'32 4 ,gf fi? 69 z xi 4:17 5 J 9,2 2 QQ g'e' 'Q7 A9 Q55 3' are 'gy sig krgf -by shi .0 DX ? 5 I ,P xv 2 . Q 9 5 L 5 J N57 ig' '29 Q' Ulf 5 45? 2 Ds Q23 64 -59 SXB ,Af 82: Igxx , S , S 1 Cv W7 .gb N2 'if N42 fxf .if Q9 -a .V x X SY 'X ' f X 2 XX LQ! N' Y9 NX I 1 91 Q 'sx s?,f -A, Y ,Pg I! X Q9 Dix' ,Q Q F I ff F DEDICAfION GH he L ma! Q Q, Xlff- ',. . fgm'L J A We, the Class of 1954 -- the first class to enter the new build- ing -- dedicate our yearbook to New London Central School. From the outside it seems to be a brick building with green lawns and many trees. But to us who have been inside the building for grade school and four wonderful years of high school there are memo - ries attached to each tree that has been planted by classes in the past. The red brick is a symbol of activities and classes in which we have participated. We hope that all future classes will come to have as many happy memories as we have now stored up to treasure in the years to come. 2 THE E ODLIS I9 4 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF NEW LONDON HIGH SCHOOL NEW LONDON, NEW HAMPSHIRE Editor-in-Chief Assistant Business Manager Assistant Production Manager Assistant Sales Manager Assistant Alumni Editor Sports Editors Art Editor Assistant Photography Editor News Editor Specialties Assistants Secretary Adviser NUMBER 7 JUNE, I954 STAFF Richard Funke Donald Robinson Gladys Edmunds Veda Whipple Marguerite Granger Vera Murray Sheila Moss Marguerite Granger Sylvia Kidder Beverly ,Wells, Howard Johnson Richard Funke Gladys Edmunds Donald Robinson Patricia Albee Elmer Roby John Adams, Arnold Stetson, Ronald Deno Marguerite Granger Miss Eleanor C. Parker 3 EDITCRIAL What is a high school? Is it brick and cin- der-block walls, tile floors and hard, uncom- fortable chairs? Is it aplace ofbooks and teach- ers and an atmosphere of eternal, relentless campaigns to impart knowledge to bored stu- dents? Is it a place to spend the fleeting hours between basketball games, plays, and dances? Well, it is all of these things to a certain extent, but moreover, it is a part of your life. As we leave New London High School, we have a feeling that the curtain has been drawn on one act of our lives. We have tried in these few pages of the Exodus to capturea portion of what high school really is . . . the good and the bad . . . and the actors and actresses on this stage called life. MMM! zdfwxq, 4 MLK! 1 V I r fM ev f 1 L WI SY? f-"f'XN MDN f 'fm M NDPWV ' Q, X A 4 VV rj! ff ff' wx x,, U l' f U! 'lf X J -- W Y' - - -1-r jul!-ti-Quan... Multi' -5-' lS"7l lil 1gutr ' . , -wULH5Q 5 ,LLL To the Members of the Graduating Class: Congratulations to each of you as you gradu- ate from New London High School. Your rec- ords, both individually and as a class, will stand as an example for those who follow. Opportunities for a full and wholesome life can be had by those of you willing to make the necessary effort. Success will come largely in the degree that you are willing to help your- selves. As you become alumni of New London High School, may you always remain interested in its welfare. The standards of a school are really measured by the accomplishments of its gradu- ates - not by the marks they received as stu- dents. Sincerely yours, fg'l61fg Supt. of Schools 6 To the Members of the Class of 1954: After what has seemed like four long years in high school, you are suddenly faced with the realization that it has been four short years. As you go through life, you will find that time has a tendency to shorten itself as you add years to your span of life in much the same way. It is up to you to make the most of the years ahead of you, and there is no better way than to allot your time carefully so as to include those things that will make yours a better life. Each of you will use many different methods to reach the goals you have set for yourself, and you will find that there will be many disappointments, but if you learn by your mistakes, you need not worry about the successful attainment of your goals. The facultyjoin me in wishing you happiness in the years that lie ahead of you. Sincerely, Principal 7 DMIN ISTRATION School Board: Catherine T. Squires Frances W. Sawyer Dura P. Crockett Superintendent: Gordon B. Flint Principal: Robert J. Livingston FACU LTY M.S. Eleanor C. Parker, Languages, B. A. Mount Holyoke '41 M, A. Boston University '51 Adviser to the Class of 1954 "Ladies! ! Gentlemen! !" utrll Robert I. Livingston, Principal, Biology B. S. U. of Vt. '32 U. of Vt. '35 and we will continue to have fire drills until it is quiet! " Dramatics Herwood W.Curtiss, Mathematics, Sciences, Band B. of Ed. Keene Teachers College Holy Cross Summer School U. of Maine Adviser to the Class of 1954 . and for heaven s sake, don't blow it 8 FACU LTY JACQUELYN R. ELLIOTT, Business, Girls' Basketball. B.S. Ed. Nasson College. "Put those caps back on the typewriter!" JOSEPH P. FREITAS, History, Physical Education, Basketball. B.S. Springfield College '5l, M. of Ed. Springfield College '53. . "Now when I was back in Springfield college ........ " LORNA M. SWAIN, Home Ec.,General Business, Bas- ketball, Cheerleaders. B.S. Home Ec. Nasson College. "Bev, pick up the ice -cream wrapper from behind the radiator and put it in the waste basket. 9 s FLOYD P. BAILEY, Shop, Auto Driving. B. of Ed. Keene Teachers College '53. "Girls, you came down to get tools, not to talk to the boys!" ACU LTY ALBERTA C. FISHER, Glee Club, Orchestra, Music, Education. B. M. of Vt., Student of Heinrich Gebhard of Boston. "A little louder on the tenor part, girls!" PAULINE M. FELLOWS, Practice Teacher, Laconia High School '50, English, Jr. High Social Studies. B. of Ed. Plymouth Teachers College '54. 10 DELLA C. SPILLER, R.N., SchoolNurse, Laconia Hos- pital '21, Boston Floating Hospital '25, "How many more of you out there?" WESTON RAY fbetter known as "Skeet"y Janitor. " 14 tables today, boys!" STAFF BETH S. WOODWARD, Dietician. Keene Teacher's College, Mrs. Mary Gay, Assistant "Yes, I peel everyone of those potatoes by hand!" 11 TUDENT COUNCIL "P"--, 'lv' FIRST ROW: Mr. Livingston, R. Funke,S. Barrett,O. Hayward. SECOND ROW: L. Rowe, G. Rich, D. Prescott, D. Gessner, G. Edmunds, S. Dean, J. Woodward. The Student Council, representative body of the student govern- ment, came of age this year. For the first time in Council history, we sent representatives to the Student Council conventions. We carried ona great many activities, including a one-act play by the Plymouth Players, the annual Christmas Party, and such varied assemblies as quiz shows and talent shows. The representatives elected this year are: Seniors, Gladys Ed- munds and Richard Funkeg Juniors, Gay Ellen Rich and Sherman Barrett, Sophomores, Dianne Gessner and Oliver Hayward, Fresh- rnen, Dianne Prescott and Lawrence Rowe, Seventh and Eighth grades, Sandra Dean and John Woodward. Officers elected by the student body were: President, Sherman Barrett, Vice-president, Richard Funkeg Secretary-treasurer, Oliver Hayward. 12 f 65? jf pig J? 5" 1 """.f.--A-X' .'NLi f' kj '. WGRADQQT H MWTEU f EW Q NH SSP? QN'mk5X'UW'f"1""' a p' VX N 2, 1 f 4 ,-2s"k LJ I Om V' WUI I W JL ,Q at My GRADLI TES JOHN FRENCH ADAMS "Johnny" "Al1 great men are dead, and I'm not feeling so well myself." President l,2,4g Student Council Representative 33 One -Act Play l,2,3g Senior Play 45 Essay Contest 2 third prize, 3 third prize, 45 Mixed Glee Club l,3,4g Boys' Glee Club 3g Sophomoronics Staff, Assistant Editor, Sports Editor: Yearbook Staff, Specialties As- sistant: Boys' State 3g Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 3, 4. FUTURE: University of N. H. PATRICIA LOUISE ALBEE "Patti" "I've studied human nature and Iknow a thing or two." One-Act Play, Prompterl,2,3g Essay Contest 3,4g Mixed Glee Club l,2,3,4g Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4g Yearbook Staff, News Editor. FUTURE: Nurses' Training, Keene. RONALD FRANCIS DENO "Ron" "Rome wasn't built in a day." Senior Play 45 Yearbook Staff, Specialtiesg Basketball 4, Baseball l,2,3,4. FUTURE: Undecided. 14 GLADYS VERNA EDMUNDS "Ed" "Waging war and peace, she left in a huff and a taxi !"' Secretary 35 Student Council Representative 45 One- Act Play 2,35 Senior Play 45 Prize Speaking l, third prize 2, first prize 3,45 State Speech Tournament 1, 2,3,45 Essay Contest l,2,3,45 Mixed Glee Club l,2,3, 45 All-State Festival 35 Sophomoronics Staff, Editor, Specialties,Production5 Yearbook staff Business Man- ager, Assistant Art Editor5 Basketball l,2,3, Co-Cap- tain 45 Cheerleading lg Softball l. FUTURE: Colby Jr. College. RICHARD WILSON FUNKE "Dick" "Work is the formula for success - it's as simple as that." Thomas Jefferson High School fSan Antonio, Texasj l5 Student Council Representative 2,45 One-Act Play 2,35 Senior Play 45 Prize Speaking Second prize 3,45 State Speech Tournament 3,45 Essay Contest 2,45 Mixed Glee Club 3,45 Boys' Glee Club 35 Sopho- moronics Staff Art Editorg Yearbook Staff Editor-in- Chief, Art Editor. FUTURE: College. MARGUERITE GRANGER "Maggie" "The rock on whom we trust." President 35 Secretary 45 Student Council Representa- tive Secretary-Treasurer 25 One-Act Play l,2,35 Sen- ior Play 45 Essay Contest l,2,3,45 Mixed Glee Club l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,45 All-State Festival 35 Orchestra 35 Sophomoronics Staff Editor, Production5 Yearbook Staff Production Manager, Assistant Sales Manager, Secretary5 Basketball l,2,3, Co-Captain 45 Softball l. FUTURE: Colby Jr. College. 15 HOWARD WARREN JOHNSON "Red" "Wisdom is made up of ten parts, nine of which are silence." Treasurer lg One -Act Play l,2,3g Senior Play 4gEssay Contest 2g Mixed Glee Club lg Sophomoronics Staff, Boys Sports Editorg Yearbook Staff, Boys' Sports Edi- torg Baseball manager 3. FUTURE: Undecided. SYLVIA JUNE KIDDER "Sue" "Fundamentally we are alike, but the Lord has in- serted a mysterious something extra which makes individuality." Treasurer 43 Student Council Representative 3g One- Act Play 2,3g Senior Play 4g Prize Speaking 23 Essay Contest 2,3g Mixed Glee Club l,2,3,4g Girls' Glee Club 2,3,4g Sophomoronics staff, News and Sports Editorg Yearbook Staff, Alumni Editorg Girls' State 3: Basketball l,2, Co-Captain 3,45 Softball l. FUTURE: College. SHEILA SYLVIA MOSS "There 's not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of one small candle." Bridgewater High School QMass.J 1.2.35 Senior Play 4g State Speec Tournament 4g Mixed Glee Club 45 Girls' Glee Club 43 Yearbook Staff, Sales Manager. FUTURE: College. 16 VERA LAURA MURRAY Southington High School, Conn. lg One-Act Play 1,2, 35 Senior Play 43 Prize Speaking 2, honorable mention, 3honorab1e mentiongEssay Contest 2,3,4g Mixed Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Girls Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Sophomoronics Staff 2 Assistant Editor: Yearbook Staff 4 Assistant Production Editorg Girls' State 35 Basketball 1.2, Co- Captain 3.4: Softball lg Bowling Club lg Mariners lg Latin Club 1. FUTURE: College 4 Manager. FUTURE: College ELMER WILLIS ROBY "Elmie" One-Act Play 2,3g Senior Play 4g Sophomoronics Staff 2 Specialitiesg Yearbook Staff 43 Specialities. 17 DONALD CLARENCE ROBINSON Don Vice-President3,4gSecretary1 Treasurer2 One Act Play l,2,3gSenior Play 43 Essay Contest 2 3 4 Mixed Glee Club 1,3,4g Boys' Glee Club 3 Sophomoronics Staff 2 News Reporterg Yearbook Staff 4 Assistant Editorg Photography Editorg Boys' State 3 Basketball BEVERLY COURTNEY WELLS 'Bev' VEDA MAY WHIPPLE 'Dee' Secretary 2g One-Act Play 1.2.33 Treasurer 3g One-Act Play 15 Senior Prize Speaking 1 first prize, 2 first Play4gMixed G1eeClub1,2,4g Sopho- prizeg State Speech Tournament 1,2g moronics Staff NewsreportergYearbook Dartmouth Interpretation lg Essay Staff Assistant Business ManagergGir1s' Contest 1,2g Mixed Glee Club 1,2,3, State 35 Basketball Assistant Manager 43 Band, Drum Majorette 3,4g Sopho- 3, Manager 4g Softball 1. moronics Staff, Sports Editor: Year- FUTURE: Commercial College book Staff Sports EditorgBasketba1l 1, 2,33 Softball 15 Cheerleader 1,2,3. FUTURE: College CLASS OF I9 4 President,John Adams,Vice-President Donald Robinson, Secretary Marguerite Granger, Treasurer Sylvia Kidder 18 Pegs RA M -If., L , ,pf J 6 -1 1 SW P0191 u - C45 r' 11. X xx i Q if 1 I + Q xxx X " E 4 X N x . Xyfxxix T Q ly-Q - f il 4 :fr L Nisnn A - S br 1 "Q 1 CLASS OF I957 FIRST ROW: I. Champion, J. Kezar, D, Prescott, E. Hein, Secretary: B, Clough, President: P Chatellier, Vice-PresidemgN, Davis,TreasurergL. Rowe, N. Denney. SECOND ROW: M, Ludwig W. Lull, D. Keller, L. Chadwick. J. Preble, J. Cragin, S. Sherburne, E, Worthen, E, Hurd, Mr Freitas, Advisor. THIRD ROW: C, Williams, G. Cote, D. Rowe, A. Demo, S. Lull, G. Baker, M Mason, W, Mathewson, D. Whitcher, UTOGR PHS CLASS OF I956 FIRST ROW: R, Pellerin, D, Gessner, K, Allyn, Secretary, C, Davis, President, R. Lovely, Vice- President, T. Rudner, Treasurer, J. Livingston, M, Hersey, SECOND ROW: Miss Swain, Advisor O. Hayward, B. Mitchell, M, Patten, E, Carpenter, Miss Elliott, Advisor. W. Wheeler, absent. LITOGR PHS CLASS OF I 955 FIRST ROW: S. Weeks, B. George, J, Robinson, E, Gay, Secretary, L. Hurd, Presidentg L. Pond Vice-President: N, Rowe, Treasurer, M. Tilton, S. Stevens, A. Fitts. SECOND ROW: D. Palmer G. Rich, B. Simonds.I. Perry, C. Whipple, D, Lamson,J. Wright, E. Barrett, R. Palmer, Mr. Bailey Advisor. THIRD ROW: J. Allyn, P. Clark, R. Cushing, F. Davis, S. Barrett. I. Squires, P. Bovard G. Huntoon, D, Prew, C. Hosmer, D. Prescott, L. Enman. D. Biggert, absent, UTOGR PHS ACTIVITI E Leapfrog! 'Look sharp . . . Feel sharp Q , Hard at work Uj on 'Sophomoronics' " . , , to you, Skeet, the first copy of our 1953 HANDBOOK." r 23 -if 'NP' If MA KIM!! iT' 1' it '36 ll Z"-fi "Jv- 5 ,s...9"f1 s ' 0 N 'Q' YF'Q'f1. 11 711 I 1 1 E X , 1 1, r V1 11, 1- V1 1' 1' V 3 ff , 1 , 1 1, 1 I 1 ' ' 11 1 i ' Q f 1 11111 111. X f . 1 2 f 1 Q f 1 1 QL 1 X 1? 1 I X 1 Q I 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 LJ' I 1 1 J J i lf! ,1 S' X 6 1 X 1 JS 1 I 1 1. x . J 1 Jx 1 1 JD n cg u ' 1 ' 1 1, 111 1 1 1 1 H 1 X. T, , , N " 1 - Y fa' V g - 3 1 , 1 3 04J"4""' PVC-if 1 K I , .ij-,U J, 1' x' V . TA I 11' I I 1 19 111115112 11 j R.! f5i,,4 A 1 Q 1 ei Q in p U fx ,wp tx H tt? x 1 ff' N QI! 1 THE GLEE CLUBS The Glee Club this year contains 24 sopranos, 14 altos, and 17 basses. The first pre sentation by the group was the Christmas Can- tata. The main performance was at the Pops Concert on May 7. Several members took part in the All-State Festival. Instead of a Spring Concert, the Glee Club participated in a Regional Festival at Hopkinton including a joint concert with Hopkinton, Warner and Sunapee directed by Dr. Bratton of UNH. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Fisher, Miss Parker, B. Simonds, B. Wells, A. Fitts. SECOND ROW: D. Ges sner, V. Murray, I. Livingston, E. Barrett, G. Rich, R. Pellerin, G. Edmunds, D. lamson, S. Kid der, P. Albee, N. Rowe, M. Granger, K. Allyn. 26 POPS CONCERT I953 Pops Concert was made a big suc- cess by the enthusiastic singing of the combined chorus and the many specialty acts. Both girls'andboys' Glee Clubs gave fine performances. Dickie Cushing and Jim Squires play- ed their guitars with Dick Funke, Leslie Enman and Jerry Allyn adding the lyrics to "Too Old to Cut the Mus- tard." Seven Junior and Senior girls dida"take off"on the song, "Love in Bloom." T" The combined chorus sang "Dry Bones" with some of the members playing various odd instruments, such as a bell, xylophone and rattles which helped make this one of the most popular numbers on the pro- gram. EW LO DON SCHOOL ORCHE TRA The Orchestra, under the direction of Mrs. Fisher has fifteen members this year. They are: left to Right, lst row: W. Lull, Flute: D. Allyn, Clarinet: J. Kezar, Clarinet: J. Lovely, Clarinet: S. Hayward, Violin: L. Worthen, Violin, A. Fitts, Violing R. Wheeler, Violin. 2nd row: Mrs. Fisherg H. Welch, Base Horng R. Wheeler, Alto Horng R. Lovely, Trumpet, J. Wright, Trumpet, L. Rowe, Trumpet, R. Wright, Drums: S. Sherburne, Piano. The Orchestra has played at the Christmas Concert and Senior Play. They will also take part in the Pops Concert,Regiona1 Festival and play at Graduation. 28 EW LO DON SCHOOL BA D A D MAJORETTES ROW 1: Left to Right: B. Simonds, G. Rich, B. Wells. J. Perry, L. Pond. ROW 2: L. Wright, S. Sawyer, E.Hein, D.Prescott, C.Hein, I. Squires, R. Wright, E. Gay. J. Lovely, N. Rowe. ROW 3: I-l. Curtiss, Directorg N. Denney, R. Wheeler, I. Livingston, W. Lull, L. Rowe, I. Wright, T. Rud- ner, D. Allyn, J. Kezar, H. Welch. ROW 4: I.Queen, I. Woodward, W. Mathewson, W. Clough, I. Preble, D. Prew, R. Wheeler, J. Allyn, R. Lovely, I. Clough. ABSENT P. Chatellier. The New London School Band gave several performances through the year and at last, wearing their long-awaited maroon and gray uniforms, led the Memorial Day Exercises in May. We all hope that the band, under the direction of Mr. Curtiss, will continue to expand and improve in the future, as it has done in the past. Left to Right: L. Pond, B. Simonds, B. Wells, head majoretteg J. Perry, G. Rich. 29 The Junior Prom - 1953 SONG OF THE ISLANDS The decorations were grass huts, black kettles and Hawai- ian girls with grass skirts. The orchestra was the Y a c ht Club Orchestra from Claremont. The grand march was led by Marguerite Granger and Richard Funke. V 59'f II 1954 is initiated--From the multiple miniature pony-tails topped with tin pans to the lone hip-boot, with men's long underwear and burlap bags cinched by rope in between, the girls in the class of '54 were a sight! The boys were equally picturesque with one high heel and ankle sox, a girl's sweater, skirt and bathing suit top with a baby's bonnet covering ribbon-bedecked hair. In this gala apparel the class of '54 earned their way through the doors of NLHS by pulling the class of '53 uptown in a cart. The evening was also embarrassing but lots of fun. We'll never forget John directing Gail or Veda washing Lin's hair with "Halo", 32 The Senior Play of I953- "STATE FAIR" , 25:2 --QE : - g fff guys gn! Q , 1' if - . : 1 is-5 gf- .- W .xr we if 1 Eisgsfg-2m5,g'?39'f5ai5'z:if55'5i3 T ' wf'4?f5"m5?l?52P73i33?ff331'? ' S 7' T 'TZT 93 i.' , ' - . ' 'E 5TATE Q ,W A , - v.,'-' '3-if ' -, :Q . 1 . ' . T V ,. T T55 ,OM ,, F' 5 ,t k yi ' 0 V - , ,H V x H, 5 . 5 f 3' " Q I ff I. l X,,, Y 1 2 X I W L 6 dmavrv Y , - , lx, E . ' -Q K ef l l . 5' 1 U I' .i 1 g i . Yi. - - . 5 ,V V .,.. "" "" V , 33 -gi Q 5 THE WIDOW'S PLIGHT OR VIRTUE VICTORIOUS "--I--.."""--... "Get, him, Occifer!" "Please, give me my marriage line s only a bird in a gilded cage' They put the 'melo' in 'drama 34- PRIZE SPEAKING Winners of the 17th Annual Heidelberg Prize Speaking Contest given March 13,1954 were: Humorous--Jacqueline Kezar, "How Beautiful with Mud" Sheila Moss, "Myrtle Sees Basketball" Karyl Allyn, "Has Anyone Seen Me Lately?" Serious-- Dianne Gessner, "The Littlest Angel" Jerome Allyn, "The Slaver" Sally Stevens, "Karen" James Squires, "The Robe" Other contestants--Jeannette Wright, Jane Livingston, Gay Ellen Rich. Prized were awarded by Mr. Herbert Swift. ANNUAL ESSAY CONTEST SPONSORED BY NEW LONDON WOMEN'S CLUB Mrs. Curtiss, Secretary of the Woman's Club, R. Funke, third prize: D. Prescott, honorable men- tion, I. Allyn, first prize: O. Hayward second prize. 35 ASSEMBLIES OF I954 n Joyn- above, Spelling Bee winners Passing out presents The Student Council sponsored several assemblies in the course ofthe school year. Afall quiz program was won by the senior team. The Christmas Assembly featured a Stephen Benet radio play followed by the tree and party. The Webster Dictionary Company awarded pins to winners of a Spelling Bee. Perhaps one of the best as- semblies was the Talent Show. Several speakers addressed the school including: Col. BenC.Limb of Korea, Rev. MacFar- lane of the Civic League and Mr. Darling, Guidance Director of Northeastern Univer - sity. Other assemblies featured movies. below, Talent Show Performers The "Liberace Brothers" 36 I4 TRwJ'EV5!V5W-JFS I 5 .,fS5'f .ZLIL l GIRLS' BASKETBALL left to right: B. Simonds, J. Livingston, E. Barrett, V. Murray, L. Pond, E. Gay, S. Kidder, G. Edmunds. Second row: N. Rowe, M. Granger, C. Whipple, V. Whipple, Coach Elliot, D. Lam- SOII. L The girls, this year, played War- ner, Sunapee, Hopkinton, Henniker, Bristol, and Andover. They were captained by Mag Granger and Gladys Edmunds. Good luck in the years to come, girls, and keep up the old NLHS spirit! 38 BUYS' BASKETBALL ROW 1. Left to Right: L. Enman, L.l-Iurd. I.Adams, Captaing P,Bovard, S. Barrett. ROW 2: Mr. Freitas, Coachg D. Palmerg R. Lovely, W. Mitchell, R. Palmer, R. Deno, D. Robinson, Manager. The N. L. H. S. boys didn't enjoy a too successful season this year. In spite of this the team played good basketball and showed good sportsmanship. The boys were invited to the Keene Teachers College International Basketball Tournament. Playing such teams as Troy, Merrimack, and Weare, N. L. H. S. finished third in a field of eight. 39 CHEERLEADERS ROW 1, Left to Right: K. Allyn, M. Hersey, B. Wells, I. Preble, R. Pellerin, N. Davis. The cheer team this year consisted of Karyl Allyn, Marlene Hersey, Bev Wells, Janet Preble, Roselee Pellerin, and Nancy Da- vis. The girls had two sets of uniforms and Miss Swain made ma- roon and grey pompoms to dress up the blouses. There were many new cheers this year, with a lot of peppy ac- tion. Among the newcomers were "What do you Say?"g "Fight Cheer"g "Twir1 my Turban"g and "We're on the Gym Floor". We allhope the cheer team will continue to improve in the future as it has done this year. 40 w N YQ 263 49 BASEBALL ay' FIRST ROW: O, Hayward, I. Clemons. SECOND ROW: F. Davis, I. Squires, W. Clough, Coach Gates, J. Allyn, R, Lovely. THIRD ROW: Manager Johnson, L. Hurd, G, Walter, R. Chadwick, B. Stuart, V, Barrett. J. Adams, R. Deno. 'John L" in actionl 42 A .FJl...i-.Iii I Jr N A .E ."juRTf-msn BALL CLASS HIGHLIGHTS Mode of Transportation - Scow Hangout - Colby Point Saying - "This is the city." Pastime - Parking Beverage - Cider Peeve - School Song - "The Monkey" Car - Ford Band - Mr. Curtiss' Sport - Basketball Colors - Blue and White John Adams . . . "All great men are dead, and I'm not feeling so well myself.' Patricia Albee . . . "I've studied human nature and I know a thing or two." Ronald Deno . . . "Rome wasn't built in a day." Gladys Edmunds . . . "Waging war and peace, she left in a huff and a taxi!" Richard Funke . . . "Work is the formula for success - it's as simple as that.' Marguerite Granger . . . "The rock on whom we trust." Howard Johnson . . . "Wisdom is made up of ten parts, none of which are si- lence." Sylvia Kidder . . . "Fundamentally we are alike, but the Lord has inserted a mysterious something extra which makes individuality." Sheila Moss . . . "There's not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of one small candle." Vera. Murray . . . "A Gloomy day makes a human rainbow more noticeable." Donald Robinson . . . "Nothing is so strong as gentlenessgnothing so gentle as real strength." Elmer Roby . . . "Doing what 'Can't be done' is the glory of living." Beverly Wells . . . "lf something doesn't turn up, l'll turn up something." Veda Whipple . . . "The caged bird that sings all the while is not a captive." 44 X . 2 4 531: W' wwf , K f 1 ,Q , ., - .. 6 Iffa I. F. Adams P. Albee R. Deno G. Edmunds ,, ., . 1. .. vsp .. ...s..wG,.rv. r. Lf- - . -- rm,-.. :1::1 -.'r1'z H553-2.12: I. H I I 5-1'If,f':f" .31 ..: T' Sf5k'fL53l'- 1 1 1- ' Q rL-lf1W2?l "'- , ,. 'milfzfiwgilvi .fswee2'fs', ' :" W 'J " f 5155 E, .H .xg 7 .A 'f'vs'fe, f TQ. -11. . - .-inifgs R. Funke M. Granger H. Johnson S. Kidder S. Moss V. Murray D. Robinson E. Roby B. Wells V, Whipple 45 'Q .l, .i4Lmfl.ysf X, .X X. .. a . H Q Q S . , . . -'na if F If J i r sf RQ? 'ZF r, x -f i' 4-,, Ag' . -s af- -g r.. W - r f N WA Best Athlete Who's 541, ?b N Q: p .gf1,,r ., f m 5 'Z A J Bei f :W f f ,f 1' 1 ' I s K I 1 xi . I lx 1. L ' ' 21 XT, Sky I Asafi y Y l Most Unpredictable I I Our Littlest Angel Who ff ff V M 4 1 tl ' xg - est Photographer Best A11 Around Gal Class Chatterbox 46 - 5' A. A I J'- Q , A Class Comic Easiest to Get . X I m ! Along With V x Q0 f f t X':.:E':' . 0, . W it ance , Who's M Who t f flluafl 5 50 , T. Cute st SPECIALITIES John Adams Peeve Song Saying Food Pastime Patricia Peeve Song Saying Food Pastime Albee Ronald Deno Peeve Song Saying Food Pastime Gladys Edmunds: : Peeve Song Saying Food Pastime Richard Peeve Song Saying Food Pastime Marguer Peeve Song Saying Food Pastime Funke ite Granger : Howard Johnson Peeve Song Saying Food Pastime Sylvia Kidder Peeve Song Saying Food Pastime JFA Just Fooling Around Childish Girls "Rhapsody in Blue" "Take it easy" Steak Parking PLA Petite L'Amour Not having a license "That's Amoure" "That's the breaks" Fried Clams HBugsll RFD Right for Dames Girls that smoke "Ebb Tide" "Is that so?" Fried Clams Driving GVE Generates Violent Electricity Not having a car "'Ti1 Then" "Leave me a1one" Celery Babysitting RWF Really Worries Females Life in general "Stardust" "That I don't believe" French fries Dining at Sal's MG Mighty Gay Getting up in the morning "The Autumn Leaves" "Pretty likely" Pickles Writing letters HWJ Has Women Jumping Cars that aren't Fords "Carribean" "Open her up." Sirloin Steak Ice fishin' SJK Some Jolly Kid Smoking "Stranger in Paradise" "So what?" Olives Sleeping 48 SPECIALTIES Sheila Mos s Pee ve Saying Pas time Food Song Vera Murray Peeve Saying Pastime Food Song Donald Robinson: Peeve Saying Pastime Food Song Elmer Roby Peeve Saying Pastime Food Arnold Stets on Peeve Saying Pastime Food Song Beverly Wells Peeve Saying Pastime Food Song Veda Whipple Peeve Saying Pastime Food Song S. S. M. Small Strange Maiden Alcohol Ba Ba Ba Boom telling "funny" jokes Sauerkraut and Frankforts "Tenderly" V.L.M. Vivacious Lover of Motion Boys that drink "You give me a pain!" Going to the Post Office Tomatoes "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" D.C.R. Delivers Cute Remarks Drunken Drivers "Snap it up, kid." Scaring the Senior girls Hamburg "Via Con Dios" E.W.R. Ever Wandering Robber Drinking I never say the same thing twice! Hunting Vanilla Ice Cream A.E.S. Always Evading School School "Guess probably" Working on his car Ice Cream "Little Red Schoolhouse" B.C.W. Beckons Croydon Way Gossips "See yer 'round" Dick Chocolate Ice Cream "With These Hands" V.M.W. Very Modest Woman Cigarette smoke "Do you feel better?" Charlie Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream, Corn "Because" 49 ALUMNI '49 Loren Ayer is still in the service. Evelyn Bickford is engaged. Marcia Conklin is in New York. Joan Crane, Mrs. William Lyons, has a boy and a girl. Nancy Gilson, Mrs. William Sanborn, now has three children. Jim Granger is out of the service and will continue school. Doug Hall is in the service. Priscilla Heald, Mrs. Alfred Morency, has a baby girl. Barbara Holteen married Charles Smith last October. Jack and Dottie Homan now have a son. Janice Kimball, Mrs. Edward Plimp- ton, has two children. Danny Kristl is attending New England College in Henniker. Oland Murray is still in the Navy. Dottie Prew, Mrs. Bob Lull, is living in town. They have a son. Jules Pellerin is now attend- ing Colby Jr. College. Jane Rowe, Mrs.Arthur Bucklin,has a little girl. Bill Thurston graduated from Bates, and is now in the service. Roland Warner is married. They will live in Keene. Sylvia Woodward is mar- ried to Jim Rice. '50 Alice Beals is in England with her husband, David Hurd, and son. Betty Call and Charles Whittemore are married. Anita Colby married Donald Brown. Ed Dexter is married and is still in the service. Ellie Edmunds, Mrs. Ray Cragin, has a daughter. Bert Murray is still in the Air Force Stationed at Texas. Bob Pilon is in his last year at U.N.H. Marilyn Powell, Mrs. Dick Bacon, has a little boy. Marjorie Rudner is at home. John Sargent is still in the Marines. Marilyn and Wallie Wil- liams are living in Syracuse, N.Y. Pete Thompson is in the Service. Shirley Waite now has twin boys. "Smike" Whittemore is still in the Air Force. '51 Arlen Ayer is in Turkey. Ruth Barrett is married to Paul Gagner. Bev Brown is married. Ella Carpenter, Mrs.Arnold Lowell, has alittle girl. Norma Cushing is inNurses Training in New Jersey. Nancy Davis is working in Massachusetts. Lois Enman has a job in Boston. Mabel Granger is a junior at Keene Teachers College. Esther Hayes has re- married. Florence Hill married Gordon Davis. Henry Kidder is work- ing at home. Francis Ladoucer is in the service. Hank Meinecke is at the University of Maine. Ralph Marshall and Jimmy Moreland are both in the service. Norma Oksa is still at Colby. Dallas Patten is working at home. Jane Pellerin is working at the Mary Hitchock Hospital in Hanover. Bud Prew and Janet Hodges are married. He is still in the Air Force. Fred Rich is in the Navy. Carrie Smith is working in New Britton, Conn. Marjorie Whipple is at home. Horace Whitcher is in the service. Mary Whittemore, Mrs. Arthur Quimby, has a baby. Elinor Young is engaged to Loren Ayer. 50 '52 Roger and Sylvia Alexander are now living in town. They have a daughter. Dotty Colburn is going to Colby Jr. College. Phillip Dow is still in the C. B. 's,George Edmunds is in the Navy. Bert Gray is still in the Naval Branch of the Air Force. Laura Homan is engaged to Phil Dow. Dottie Jaster is engaged to Dick Chadwick. Jane Lovering is go- ing to Colby. Daila Ozolins is in Philadelphia, attending a ballet school. Alberta Putney married Dick O' Day. Kim Rich is attending Annapolis Naval Academy. Dottie Roby is working in the telephone office in town. Vernon Squires is going to Williams College. Dick Thompson and Betty Willard are married. They're living in Sutton. Jean Weber is living and working in Hartford, Conn. George West is in the service. Betty Whip- ple, Mrs. Henry Patten, has a baby girl, Bonnie Jean. Janet Whitcher is engaged to Robert Lewis. She is working at the telephone office. Dick Wry is attending Lyndon College, Vt. '53 Verne Barrett is attending Bentley College in Mass. Flora Barton is going to C.J.C. Barbara Bickford is attending K.T.C. Evelyn Car- penter is engaged to Roger Williams. She is still working at Edgewood. Fay Chadwick is working at the telephone office. Dick Chadwick is at- tending Pierce's College in Concord. He is engaged to Dotty Jaster. Jerry Davis is attending C.J.C. Tom Davis is working in Mass. Judy Gray is attending C.J.C. Eleanor Heath married Kenny Butcher. Janet Hodges married Bud Prew. They are in Louisiana. Glenn Powell is working at Don Sieburg's. Annie Rayno married Robert Gagnon last Oct. Bruce Spaulding is attending Hebron Academy, Me. Bob Stuart is attend- ing Marion College in Indiana. Glenn Walter is attending Plymouth Teachers College. Betty Willard married Dick Thompson. They're living in Sutton. Berkley Worthen is in the Navy, and on a cruise around the world. 0 51 42 Q MKS 5,1 if Q PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS AND IT'S ALL DCNE VVITI-I LIGHTS There's magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spotlight there, and vour portrait takes on the appear- ance of real form and individuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting ef- fects can be best used . . . How easily they can reflect your personality. Your Vantine photographer knows best how to se- cure the sharply etched photograph your engraver de- sires of the important senior year . . . The victories of the athletic teams . . . The brilliance of social occa- sions . . . The Prom . . . The plays . . . The debates . . . The expression of everyday life on the campus. That personalized portraits by Vantine are important is attested to by the fact that over 300 schools and col- leges repeatedly entrust their photographic work to Vantine. OFFICIAL PI-IOTOGRAPHER TO CLASS OF 'I954 WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO 132 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. NEW LON DON INN NLd NHph DON SIEBURG 8 CO., INC VILLAGE STUDIO N Ld N H p AIIThgPh gph Best Wishes from Ed EDMUNDS' BUS LINE AND TAXI SERVICE Charter Bus Service - T0 - All Points in New England and New York State For Taxi Anywhere - Day or Night - Phone New London 9-3 or I38 EDWIN F. EDMUNDS, PROP. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I954 And a Word to You Proud Parents: Start Them Off on the Right Foot With a Perfect Present A LIFE INSURANCE POLICY PRUDENTIAL Seth A. Lamson New London Agency Telephone II8 Compliments of KIDDER GARAGE COMPANY 'Ti A A ' G ings and Congratul from the NEW LONDON BAPTIST CHURCH LAWRENCE W. ROWE Sand Gravel Loam Power Loading Tel. Sunap ee 74'-3 Compliments ofthe Compliments of NEW LGNDON FUEL CO Hotpoint Appliances Homgas Coleman MARKET BASKET and New London New Hampshire Fuel oils Compliments Compliments Of of P. M. THURSTON CRICENTVS MARKET New London New Hampshire lT'S FUN TO PAINT Class and Private Lessons AT SUNAPEE STUDIO in New London Compliments of Marvin J. Murray NEW LONDON CABINS Tel. 353-21 New London New Hampshire Compliments of MARSHALL'S GARAGE Fred A. Pressey - Walton W. Chadwick FRED A. PRESSEY AND COMPANY Funeral Home and Ambulance Service Elkins, New Hampshire Tel. 160-23 New London, N. H. Telephone 116-2 Compliments of Compliments Clarence B. Granger Of CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Tel. 97-3 New London New Hampshire TH E CRAN EHU RST Compliments of BETTY'S BEAUTY SHOP New London New Hampshire Compliments of G. W. DEAN GULF STATION Compliments of Best Wishes from Bob BlLLlNGSLEY'S STORE EDMUNDS' BUS LINE AND Elkins New Hampshire Tel. l60-2 Charter Bus Service To All points in New England and New York State CLAUDE M. PREW Spartan Television For Taxi Anywhere - Day or Night- Radio Sales and Service Refrigeration Phone New London 138 New London, New Hampshire Tel. 20-14 TWIN LAKE VILL GE "The Villa" a resort hotel "The Village" a summer colony 450 acres on Little Lake Sunapee, including hotel, cottages, woods, fields, five hole golf course, boat house, bathing beach, children's play house, tennis and shuffle board courts. Write Twin Lake Village, New London, N. H. for picture booklet and rates. C g I C pl ments of To The Class ofI954- CROCKE-l'T'S DAIRY THE FOUR SEASONS GIFT SHOP N L d N H p h C pliments of M. E. WALKER ERNEST E. WELCH AND Plumbing and Heating SON Frigidaire Dealer Electricians Tel. 343-2 New London Town and Country Shoppe Lynneffe Holden and .lessie Lovering Women's Apparel and Sporrs Clothes Compliments of LULL 8. PRESCOTT, INC. Complete Building Service Elkins New Hampshire Compliments of THE OLD WAGON SHOP Antiques Lunclleonefte Compliments of RUSSELL SPAULDING Plumbing and Heating Tel. 88 New London New Hampshire Compliments of EDMUNDS' DRY GOODS STORE New London New Hampshire TRAIL RIDERS AMERICA Young and Old enioy the Charles E. Shepard Memorial Trail Ride Every August. VERNONDALE STORE A. Sikel, Prop. No. Sutton General Merchandise We carry a complete line and tonic. Compliments A Of ALLEN WRECKING CO. Auto Wrecking and Junk Dealer Sutton N. H. Compliments of Compliments of Sutton General Store Self-Service THE MEN'S SHOP Full Line of Meats New London New Hampshire Groceries and Hardware Tel. Sutton 666 Compliments of Building and Repairing Aluminum Combination Windows JONES, SHOE SHOP Waldo S. Woodward New London New Hampshire Compliments of RED GA BL ES New London New Hampshire Compliments of HOL TEEN'S FLORIST SHOP New London New Hampshire Compliments of MESSER'S DAIRY C plirnents of A. S. LITTLE AND SON INCORPORATED Compliments Of DUKE ROWE I C g latio The Class of1954 SARGENT AND HUNTER CO. Vikon Wall Tile Fl g P g cl V ylPl C pliments of COLLEGE SPORT SHOP B W l' 'O C pl'mens f Th Class of1954 KIRK HEATH NEW LONDON Building Materials CLEANERS AND DYERS and Plumbing Supply C NEW LONDON PHARMACY New London, New Hampshire Telephone 25-2 "The Place Where You C Get Most Anything" Drugs - Sodas - Co Visit Our Sports Sto 'EVERYTHING FOR AN ATHLETE" Compliments of COLBY JUNIOR COLLEGE for THE FUN OF IT! -rhacidm, af '54 BLOOD, SW SPGNSORS George D. Graves, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Moss Mr. 8: Mrs. Gerald Roby Mrs. Ann F. Pardy Mr 8: Mrs. Myron Adams Dr. Sz Mrs. William P. Clough, Sr Mr. 8: Mrs. William Mathewson Mr. at Mrs. Daniel Deno Mr. 8: Mrs. Gordon Davis Mr. Sz Mrs. Ralph J. Whipple Mr. at Mrs. Clarence Robinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth Rich Mr. 8: Mrs. Herwood Curtiss Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Livingston Mr. 8: Mrs. Morris Langley Miss Eleanor Parker Mr. 8: Mrs. Oscar Colburn Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Lull Mr. 8: Mrs. Alphonse J. Soucy Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Butler 67 SPONSCRS Miss Swain 8: Miss Elliott Mr. 8: Mrs. Clayton Fisher Mr. 8: Mrs. Floyd Bailey Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Harris Mrs. Whitcomb 8: Miss Lovett Mrs. Emma L. Colby Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Wright Class of 1955 Class of 1956 Class of 1957 Mr. 8: Mrs. Herbert D. Swift Dr. 8: Mrs. William P. Clough, Vista Hall Farm Miss Wade and Miss Freeman Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence Lull Mr. 8: Mrs. Wayne K. Wheeler Worthen Rest Home Mr. 8: Mrs. Orra Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Dart Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl Duffett 68

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