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1 ? i 1 5 I J 4 1 2 5 I I L UHF! THREE EEFIEUNE LLHTH N L H E 'a ':. 1 'E-. 3- lb 9, QE!! imi il? Dedication To the memory of Neal A. Wells, adviser to the Class of 1953 our freshman year, whose interest and understanding helped us on our way, we dedicate this yearbook. 2 The Exodus I953 Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF NEW LONDON HIGH SCHOOL NEW LONDON, NEW HAMPSHIRE NUMBER 6 JUNE, 1953 STAFF Editor-in-Chief Verne Barrett Assistant Bruce Spaulding Business Manager Jeraldine Davis Assistants Janet Hodges, Glenn Walter Co-Production Mgrs. Janet Hodges, Eleanor Heath Sales Manager Assistants Alumni Editor Sports Editors Art Editor Assistant Jeraldine Davis Janet Hodges, Glenn Walter Annie Rayno Barbara Bickford, Bruce Spaulding Fay Chadwick Elizabeth Willard Photography Editor Glenn Powell New s Editor Specialties Assistants Secretary Adviser Flora Barton Elizabeth Willard, Barbara Bickford Eleanor Heath, Annie Rayno, Evelyn Carpenter Barbara Bickford Miss Eleanor C. Parker 3 Editorial The Senior Class proudly puts forth the sixth edition of "The Exodus." We hope you will enjoy its contents and approve of the changes we have made. As the years separate us from our high school days, we hope this year's yearbook will serve as a reminder of our good times here at New London High School. At this time we take the opportunity to wish the underclassmen the best of luck in the future and to ex- tend our thanks to a faculty who have given us much help through our high school years. 'lfffwu 3 f ,X V ,? mo! X V '- xl NN Q 0 my E125 To the Members of the Graduating Class of 1953: Congratulations to each of you on the satisfactory com- pletion of your high school course. The next chapter in your lives will be largely of your own making. You complete your high school work at an interesting time. Opportunities will likely present themselves in about the ratio that you are prepared to take advantage of them. There has never been an easy time for young people. Pursue your formal education -- if possible -- for our modern age seems to offer many opportunities to those with technological know- how. But most important -- find a line of work and a way of life that interests you -- then give the best that's in you toward that end. As alumni you join with all other graduates in demonstrat- ing the real value of New London High School. I am confident that your accomplishments will justify our faith in you and serve to strengthen the good name of your school. Sincerely yours , filfzwffffidf Supt. of Schools 6 t' To the members of the Class of 1953: When you became members of New London High School as freshmen, it looked like an endless climb to the top of the hill or the time when you would approach the auditorium knowing you would be receiving your diploma and serving your affilia- tion with the school as an active member. Now that the day is approaching with unlimited speed you are, no doubt, thinking back on your years in high school and asking yourselves many different questions. Why not pause a moment and review your lives up to this time. You will find many accomplishments to be remembered with pride, but you also will find some failures. Perhaps you hope to forget the failures, but if you think carefully, I am sure you will realize that the failures have been important to you also. Your character has been strengthened by both the accom- plishments and failures if you have used them as stepping- stones to the achievement of higher goals. By learning to think clearly you will be well on your way to a successful life. It is my hope that each of you will always have a small cor- ner in your heart for New London High School. You are a part of the school and the school is a part of you. Sincerely, Principal 7 Administration ' School Board: Vinita L. Gay,Cathe- rine T. Squires,Dura P. Crochett Superintendent: Gordon B. Flint Principal: Robert J. Livingston Facult Robert J. Livingston, Principal, Biology B. 5. U. of Vt. 32 M. S. U. of Vt. '35 "Gum is nothing but flavored rubber! ! !" Herwood W. Curtiss, Mathematics, B. of Ed. Keene Teachers College Holy Cross Summer School U. of Maine Adviser to the Class of 1953 HPEOPLE! ! ! " Sciences, Band 8 Eleanor C. Parker, Language, Dramatics B, A. Mount Holyoke '41 M. A. Boston University '51 Adviser to the Class of 1953 "If you can't do nothing, you can do some thing! ! !" Facult Jacquelyn R. Elliot, Business, Girls' Basketball, B, S. Cd. Nasson College "Let's not get silly about it!" Richard D. Dart, History, Physical Education, Basketball B. S. University of New Hampshire "Of course, there are exceptions! Lorna M. Swain, Home Ec., General Business, Basketball, Cheerleaders B. S. Home Ec. Nasson College "All right, people, let's be quiet!" 9 Faculty Vincent F. Gates, Shop, Auto Driving B. Ed Keene Teacher's College 'Have you an admittance slip?" 10 Alberta C. Fisher, Glee Club, Orchestra, Music Education B. M. U. of Vt. Student of Heinrich Gebhard of Boston 'The whole soprano section talking again? Staff Della C. Spiller, R. N., School Nurse Laconia Hospital '21 Boston Floating, Hospital '25 "Take this and go into the nurse's room!" Beth S. Woodward, Dletician Keene Teacher's College Mrs. Jules Pellerin, Assistant "lt's just plain hash!" Weston Ray fbetter known as "Skeet",j Janitor lx "What have the kids done now?" ,S S Ji 11 Q sz. Sr'-t Student Council FIRST ROW: E. Gay, R. Livingston, representative for teachers, J. Davis, B. Spaulding, S. Kidder, I. Adams. SEC OND ROWg R, Biggert, K. Allyn, R. Duford, L. Enman, J. Butler. The Student Council representatives elected this year are: seniors-- .Terry Davis, Bruce Spauldingg juniors--Sue Kidder, John Adams, soph- omores--Eileen Gay, Leslie Enmang freshmen--Karyl Allyn, Roland Dufordg junior high--Judith Butler, Robert Biggert. The advisor is Mr. Livingston. Officers elected to the Council through votes cast by grades VII to XII are: president, Jerry Davisg vice-president, Bruce Spaulding, secretary-treasurer, Eileen Gay. The Student Council has been active this year. It has sold emblems, sponsored assemblies--one for United Nations Day, one for Thanksgiving, and one aquiz program which everyone enjoyed. A whole series of assem- blies is planned for the year. The program of having hostesses at the grade school tables at noon has been successfully carried out by the Council. Members are also in charge of providing music during the lunch hour. The Council sponsored the Christmas party again this year and has planned a movie dance for the spring. All members of the Council would like to express thanks to Mr. Livingston for his interest and guidance and to the student body for its cooperation and support. 12 ERFIDUHTEE s f"" Q ft' 3 x VERNE EUGENE BA RRET T ketball 1,2,3,4, co-captain 3, Baseball 1,2,3,4 FUTURE, U. S. Navy FLORA IOYCE BARTON "Joy" Student Council representative 2, One-Act Play 1,2,3, Senior Play 4, Essay Contest 1,3, Prize Speaking 1, third prize 2, second prize, 3, second prize, State Speech Tournament 1,2, 3,4, Mixed Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Girls' Glee 4, Band 1,2,3,4, Orchestra 1,2,3,4, All-State Festival 4, Sophomoronics Staff, Reporter, Yearbook Staff, News Editor, Girls' State 3, Basket- ball Manager 4 FUTURE: Undecided Graduates President 3,4,Vice-president 1, Senior Play 4, Sophomoronics Staff Assistant Editor, Yearbook Staff Editor-in-Chief Bas BARBARA ANN BICKEORD "Barb", "Barbie" FUTURE: Keene Teachers' College EVELYN CARPENTER llEviell' IIEVII Senior Play 4, Mixed Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Girls' Glee 4, Year- book Staff, Specialties FUTURE, Undecided ,, ,fa M Secretary 4, One-Act Play 1,35 Senior Play 4, State Speech Tournament 1, Mixed Glee Club 1,2, Sophomoronics Staff Specia1ties,Yearbook staff, Sports Editor, Secretary Special ties, Girls' State 3, Cheerleader 1,2,3, Captain 4 ,fl A is? te, fr -. 14 Simonds High School lg Senior Play 4g Baseball 1,2,3,4 One-Act Play 1: Senior Play 4: Sophomoronics Staff, Produc- tion FAY ELAINE CHADWICK 'Foo Foo" One-Act Play 1,2,3g Senior Play 4g Prize Speaking lg Essay Contest 3g Mixed Glee Club 2,4g Sophomoronics Staff, Artg Yearbook staff, Art Editor FUTURE: Undecided RICHARD STANLEY CHA DWICK "Dick" FUTURE: Business School IERALDINE PATRICIA DAVIS lllertyll Secretary 35 Treasurer 2g Student Council Representative 1,4g President of Student Council 4g Senior Play 4g Mixed Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Sophomoronics Staff, Reporterg Yearbook Staff, Business Manager -- Sales Manager FUTURE: Undecided aafcgl k,7Q,.t,,, -. A 013' Ni' E975 A X A 55' 7 THOMAS W. DAVIS "Tom" FUTURE: Undecided 15 ELEANOR EVELYN HEATH "Ellie" New Market Grade School, Springfield Center, Senior Play, Business Manager and Prompter, Mixed Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Girls' Glee 3,4, Sophomoronics Staff, production, Yearbook Staff, specialties FUTURE: Marriage JANET MAE HODGES lllanlv Treasurer 1,4, Student Council representative 3, Senior Play 4, Mixed Glee Club 1,4, Sophomoronics Staff, production, Yearbook Staff, Assistant Sales Manager, Assistant Business Manager, Production Manager FUTURE: Undecided GLENN F. POWELL at Vice-president 3,4, Student Council 1,3, One-Act Play 1, 1-in Senior Play 4, Sophomoronics Staff, Production Manager, Year- book Staff, Photography Editor, Basketball 1, Manager 4, Base- ball 3,4 FUTURE: Military Service ANNIE JEAN RAYNO if "Annie" Senior Play 4, Prompter and Business Manager, Mixed Glee L Club 1,2, Sophomoronics staff, Reporter, Yearbook Staff, S Specialties and Alumni Reporter, Softball 2,4 FUTURE: Undecided 16 as X BRUCE JAY SPAULDING President of Class 15 Vice- President 25 Treasurer 35 Student Council Representative 2,45 Vice-President 45 Sec.-Treas. 25 One-Act Play 1,2,35 Senior Play 45 Essay Contest 35 Mixed Glee Club 1,2,45 Boys' Glee 1,3,45 Band 1,25 Sophomoronics Staff, Editor: Yearbook staff, Assist. Editorg Basketball 1,2,3, 45 Baseball 1,35 Ski Team 2. FUTURE: College ROBERT LAWRENCE STUART Lynn Classical5 Senior Play 45 Basketball 1,3,45 Baseball 1,45 Ice Hockey 2. FUTURE: U.S. Navy GLENN ALAN WALTER Simonds High5 President of Class lg One-Act Play 35 Senior Play 45 Sophomoronics Staff5 Specia1ties5 Yearbook Staff5 Business Manager fAssist.y Basketball 3,45 Ski Team 1. FUTURE: Further Education JW ELIZABETH HARRIET WILLARD "Betty" Amherst High School5 Secretary 15 One-Act Play 2,35 Senior Play, Prompter5 Essay Contest 25 Sophomoronics5 Specialties5 Yearbook Staff, Art, Specialties, Production5 Softball 2,3. FUTURE: Marriage 17 Class of I953 FIRST ROW: E. Carpenter, F. Chadwick, J. Hodges, V. Barrett, G. Powell, B. Bickford A Rayno B Willard. SECOND ROW: H. Curtiss, J. Davis, E. Heath, R. Chadwick, B. Spaulding G Walter T Davis, F. Barton, E. Parker. President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Advisers . . OFFICERS 18 . Verne Barrett . . Glenn Powell Barbara Bickford . Janet Hodges . . .Miss Parker Mr. Curtiss LL FH MW L September 3, I 952 The first day of school at New London High School! As we all returned to a different and better class we couldn't help but wonder what this school year would have in store for us. We entered that door very curious and wonder- ing what the new teachers would be like. I think that we all agree that this has been a very pros- perous year. Some are looking forward to returning next year and those that won't be returning next year will always think of the good times at N.L.H.S. 20 Bruce Helps! Initiation - l949 i Janet and Betty Tom Hulas Faster, Verne! 21 ., 2 :if ,J AY t 5 Two Dolls--Stuart and Worthen we Q iff, 39" ,w 2 jk' Q K ge 3XS f ,gn I Qt, Wan. M D 22 We Publish- Q . ' 3 fflftmplf I 57 fe We Juniors got out the 1952 Handbook - "Under The Dome." We're proud of the new cover design. Z.'S9Wl""' Editor Rich and Artist Enman colla- We, the Sophomores, publish the "Sophomoronics" each month. borate on the cover. 23 Senior Play ".lanuar Thaw" G. Powell, F. Chadwick, B. Bickford, R. Stuart, J. Davis, F. Barton, G. Walter, J. Hodges, B. Spaulding, V Barrett, R. Chadwick, T. Davis. .l Knew it! Bribery! You were taking a shower! I'l1 be forced to have you thrown out! We're engaged' Remember? 24 UNT Q FIRST ROW: L. Swain, coachg V. Whipple, Assisr. Managerg B. Simonds, D. Lamson,I.Hatherly, S. Kidder, V. Murray, G. Edmunds, L. Pond, J. Barton, Managerg J.Elliort,coach. SECOND ROW: S. Stevens, M. Granger, N. Rowe, J. Livingston, G. Rich, B. Wells, R. Pellerin. Girls' Basketball Although the girls' team won very few games, they showed us good sportsmanship, hard work and high spirits. By the end of the season it was very difficult for any opponent to beat them. We are sure that next year they will be well rewarded for their work. 1952-53 SCHEDULE Team Opponent N.L. Bristol 26 32 Andover 54 33 Henniker 59 31 Sunapee 42 34 Bristol 29 31 Simonds 46 31 I-Iopkinton 32 23 Andover 54 35 Henniker 47 40 Hopkinton 38 27 Simonds 36 38 Sunapee 42 52 Enfield 28 43 26 FIRST ROW: J. Adams, S. Barrett, V. Barrett, B. Spaulding, G. Walter, L. Hurd. SECOND ROW: R. Dart, coach: R. Lovely, R. Cushing, P. Bovard, L. Enman, F. Davis, G. Powell, manager. Boys' Basketball The boys' basketball team started the season with as inexperienced group, having lost Edmunds, Wry, Dow and Squires from the class of '5Z. In the opening game Bristol beat us 57-34 on their new floor. In this game Sherm Barrett broke his collar bone. After beating Andover we lost to Henniker and Sunapee before defeating Vilas Z8-2.0. In a close game Bristol beat us again 48-43 but we won over Hopkinton, Warner, Andover and Henniker before losing to Vilas 57-50. Charlestown beat us 51-33 but we bounced back with easy home victories over Hopkinton, Warner and Sunapee before again losing at Charlestown 57-40. Our last game brought a victory at the expense of Enfield 57-25. This entitled us to enter the first round of the Class C Tourney funder a new 16-team set-upl. And we were defeated by Henniker 42-37 after leading 16-6 at the first period. That left our total record for the year 10-8 which wasn't bad considering our lack of experience and the caliber of the teams which played: both Henniker and Vilas reached the semi-finals, Charlestown the quarter-finals in Class C and Bristol the Quarter-Finals of Class B. At the end of the year Verne Barrett and Bruce Spaulding were elected Co-Captains and had done much to deserve the honor. Bruce Spaulding was the top foul shooter with a 57.170 average. Greatest number of points for the year were made by Verne Barrett and Robert Stuart. 28 1 w 1 w Y New London Orchestra FIRST ROW: Mrs. Fisher, director, M. Granger, S. Sherburne, piano, K. Allyn, R. Wheeler, E. Worthen, violin. SECOND ROW: R. Wheeler, horn, F. Barton, flute, D. Allyn, N. Rowe, clarinet. THIRD ROW: R. Lovely, J. Wright, trumpet, W. Clough, trombone: I. Allyn, I. Woodward, L. Rowe, trumpet. Girls' Glee Club FIRST ROW: O. Buck, R. Pellerin, J. Livingston, E. Heath, D. Gessner, V. Murray, J. l-Iatherly, S. Kidder, G. Rich, N. Rowe, M. Granger, K. Allyn. SECOND ROW: P. Albee, G. Edmunds, I. Barton, B. Wells, J. Wright, Director, Mrs. Fisher. 30 FIRST ROW: L. Wright, piccolog P. Chatellier, E. Hein, D. Prescott, D. Allyn, L. Worthen, S. Sawyer V. Brown, clarinet. SECOND ROW: I. Clough, baritone horng G. Clemons, trombone, J. Butler, J. Bar- ton, flutegN. Rowe, clarinet, R. Wright, I. Squires, bass drum, C. Hein, snare drum, J. Queen, cymbals J. Wright, trumpet, J. Livingston, J. Lovely, clarinetg Mr. Curtiss, director. THIRD ROW: R. Wheeler bass horn, J. Allyn, R. Lovely, trumpet, W. Clough, trombone, D. Prew, saxophone, R. Wheeler, horn J. Woodward, L. Rowe, trumpet, H. Welch, baritone horn. NEW LONDON SCHOOL BAND has grown this year. The band played on four occasions and two members KN. Rowe, J. Allynj played in the All-State Concert. The band and school are grateful to Mr. Curtiss for his splendid work. 'N' N 31 Bubbles! od party , h uh P Christmas, 1952 Oh boy! Tired? ,R Q :Sl ,flivfn Ti I -Q ' nl,-. 'AI' I w'4 1 "Q 4 N 4 .fl In , W Q' "-- 'T ' I f' s 'V , Winter Sports --v""' ...ns-1' A .,,,,. ,X ,F ' 33 CHEERLEADERS: M. Hersey, K. Allyn, B. Bickford, B. Simonds, I. Livingston, D. Gessner Grand March Basketball Banquet 34 Heidelberg Speakers FIRST ROW: J. Barton, G. Edmunds, D. Gessner, K. Allyn. SECOND ROW: I. Allyn, V. Murray, R. Funke. The SixteenthAnnual Heidelberg Speaking Contest was held on March 4. Judges this year were Mrs. Alice Harris, Miss Alice Goodspeed and Mr. Robert Sawyer. Winners in the Humorous Division were: First, Dianne Gessnerg Second, Richard Funkeg Third, Karyl Allyn. Winners in the Serious Division were: First, Gladys Edmundsg Second, Joy Barton, Third, Jerome Allyn, Hon- orable Mention, Vera Murray. nnual Essay Contest Winners J. Adams, B. Bickford, N. Rowe, I. Barton. Winners oftheAnnual Essay Contest sponsored by the New Lon- don Woman's Club were: First, Barbara Bickford f"If I Had a Month to Live"jg Second, Nancy Rowe f"The Best Things in Life Are Free"jg Third, John Adams f"If I Were Presidentuyg Honorable Mention, Joy Barton flt' I Had a Month to Live"y. Judges for the contest were Mrs. Winifred Williams, Miss Gladys Moore, Rev. Walter Blankenship. 35 PT March Madness The Jolly Four F' Barber Welch Victim Harris Charleston Kidder, Murray Elliott, Swain Jannie Lok Juggler 36 EFH NE I GLEE CLUB this year has twenty-two sopranos, nine altos, three tenors, and eight basses. We sang at Open House, gave a Christmas Cantata and presented the Spring Concert in March. The last event of the year was the annual Pops Concert. Representing the Glee Club at the All-State Festival were sopranos, Joy Barton and Gladys Edmunds, alto, Marguerite Granger, and tenor, James Squires. J. Squires, 1. Clemons, L. Human, B. Spaulding, R. Cushing, J. Adams, R. Funkc, R. Lovely, D. Robinson, J. Allyn, Mrs. Fisher, Director. 38 Spring Concert 39 THE OLD LADY SHOWS HER MEDALS This play by Barr1e was the One Act play presented by the Class of '53 The Old Lady J Barton Kenneth Dowey B Spau1d1ng Neighbors B B1ckford Minister 'TZ K Q J . 'Q wi Pops E Fishermen'-s Breakfast Weighing In Evening in Paris 43 9 . X .. 1 4, . 'Q 'vw' - 1 -Q. 1 -A--f f- ' 'N 1 - l"Q5f Baseball - I952 Hopkinton 3 New London 2 Hopkinton 13 3 Warner 12 10 Henniker 12 8 Warner 14 1 Andover 11 0 Sunapee 8 0 Sunapee 14 9 We Tried! 44 mf3,,,3...w- se as . rx , 3 frsngiiffz -we 4-'QS 1: 7353-.AfQ1ma4g:gEQ'gY5 if Junior-Senior Picnic Parker and Ryan Advising f?J . W A, 2 ff? bil' v as 5, 45 K in 1.93 6 94 ,,,,.jq5i,,W ar , W, lff' '.75.2f M vm- sv M .,.-+G' :gg :WW 2' 1 Z' 'lf' 3 Rx EPE1:um1:a-:ssl i' '31 z i off Ig? "' S if Xf N i . EQ 5 ' ' k Q .. , ii? .- M IIT 5 JL Wos I, J '63 4' 1 as XB! Bas-L FI'Hwle',J-Q. CNMP' 'Pre sxwdsn-KI, Besl- Musncnan' QQHJ woman drwi PPA: Mo s-I LHULH -L0 SUCLEEL1 E525-1 w OM-H SS F' Ev-sd I 1251? . :Zi LJuvQn.Jg dqlx hObViYN'l'5 ,,.,. ' cv, FSF' g , X 's X 4 5 'X 'S I "' f '. 1 X : I B884 QNX-Ground C-QUY B-qL1+2S+ Clufa-X284 Cbiq qcwmz. Luniarl VAN? 48 Q 1- W 'Q 4' - Vx ! ,f BCS-F DPPOSITION S . -,-. .fm X, , Q., . Q "Wim N ' ,, A A A 69 5 aqsr 7 war -gui N- BPST CUT EST fly C:-rg xx 1 :X 5' xl W BesT DANCER Home href ,Ziff-2' BCST Annsr A T. K-.r X ffm W A . v Specialties VERNE BARRETT Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food FLORA BARTON Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food BARBARA BICKFORD Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food EVELYN CARPENTER Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food FAY CHADWICK Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food RICHARD CHADWICK Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food JERALDINE DAVIS Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food THOMAS DA VIS Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food V. E. B. Very Energetic Boy Silly girls Can't fight city hall Make Believe Watching T. V. Chicken chow- mein F. J. B. Flutes Just Beautiful Social Security Jimmerin catfish God's Rainbow Shines For You Going places and doing things Honey dips B. A. B. Bashful About Boys Bossy people Oh Brother! Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes Collecting stamps Ice cream E. C. C. Engagement Comes Calling Talkative men Good morning. How are you? Why Don't You Believe Me? Writing to Germany and knitting Hot dogs F. E. C. Forever Enjoys Company Wild drivers Holy Mother You'll Never Walk Alone Talking on the telephone Italian spaghetti R. S. C. Real Swell Chap Dull moments lt's tough Stardust Sports and rabbit hunting Venison J. P. D. Just Pretty Daring Whiskery men Is that a fact? Summertime Dancing Fried clams T . W. D. Trouble With Dames Women Oh yeah! Korean Mud Traveling Baked beans 50 Specialties ELEANOR HEATH Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food JANET HODG ES Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food GLENN POWELL Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food AN NIE RA YN O Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food BRUCE SPAULDING Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food ROBERT STUART Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food G LEN N WA LTER Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food ELIZA BETH WILLARD Peeve Saying Song Pastime Food E. E. C. Engagement Comes Calling People who listen on the telephone I told you sol Anytime Writing to a soldier in Korea and dancing Fried clams J. M. H. Just Made Happy The Service It's different! My Baby's Coming Home Writing to Bud Italian spaghetti G. F. P. Good Friendly Photographer Women drivers Speak for yourself. John! Wish You Were Here Sleeping Chocolate cake A. J. R. Always Just Robert's Prejudiced people One of those kind, huh? Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes Watching T. V. Banana cream pie B. J. S. Born Just So Girls that swear I'11 clue you in Gramma's Lye Soap Studying Fried chicken R. L. S. Really Loves School Girls that smoke Don't get all shook up Nola Hunting Banana cream pie G. A. W. Genius At Work Quiet life "Damn it" Oh Happy Day Colby Ir. College Steak E. H. W. Ever Healthy Woman Quiet people Guess you'd think so. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes Being with Dickie Lobster 51 Alumni CLASS OF 1948 Jane Barrett, Mrs. Bob Shackett, is living with her husband in Virginia. Mary Lou Barton, Mrs. Charles Belden, is living in New Hatfield, Mass. Mil- dred Pratt, is engaged to Lt. James DeRocher and is teaching in Chelmsford, Mass. Crerene Trudeau is married to Carroll Cheslowski. Sumner Woodard is in the Army and is stationed at Virginia. Phyllis Carter is married to Wayne Atwood and they have two children. Ronald Cleveland is in the Air Force. Marilyn Colburn is a Senior at UNH. Frank Eydent is attending UNH. Edwin Edmunds is in the Air Force and is stationed in Porto Rico. Bill Hayes and Bunny Hill are married and are living in Elkins. They have one child. Steve Huntoon married Eileen Sullivan and is in Korea. Donald Kristl is married and now living in Framingham, Mass. Bob Lull married Dottie Prew and they have a son, "Stevie". June West graduated from Mary Hitchcock and is now going to college in Salt Lake. Roger Williams is in the Army, stationed in Germany and is engaged to Evelyn Carpenter. CLASS OF 1949 Loren Ayer is in Germany. Evelyn Bickford is in nurse's training at Peter Bent. Marcia Conklin is at a music school in Potsdam, New York. Joan Crane married William Lyons and they have a girl and a boy. Nancy Gilson is married to Bill Sanborn and they have three children. Doug Hall is in the service. Pris- cilla Heald is married to Alfred Morency. Barbara Holteen is at UNH. Jackie Homan married Dotty Lundregan and is in the Air Force. Janice Kimball mar- ried Edward Plimpton. Danny Kristl is out of service and is attending NEC in Henniker. Oland Murray is in the Navy and is stationed at Virginia. Dottie Prew, Mrs. Bob Lull, has a baby boy. Jules Pellerin is in the Navy. Jane Rowe, married Arthur Bucklin. Bill Thurston is studying at Bates. Roland Warner is in Sylvia Woodard married Jim Rice. CLASS OF 1950 Alice Beals married David Hurd and is now in England. Betty Call married Charles Whittemore and is now in Florida. Anita Colby married Donald Brown and is working in Boston at a radio station. Ed Dexter is in the Army and is stationed in Maryland. Eleanor Edmunds married Ray Cragin. Bert Murray is in the Air Force and is stationed in Texas. Bob Pilon is studying at UNH to be a doctor. Marilyn Powell is married to Dick Bacon. Marjorie Rudner is keep- ing house for her father. Johnny Sargent is stationed in Portsmouth. Marilyn Spaulding married Wallace Williams and they live in Syracuse. Wallie is at- tending Syracuse University. Pete Thompson is in service. Shirley Waite is in the Air Force. "Smike" Whittemore is in the Medical Corps and is stationed at Westover Field. 52 CLASS OF 1951 Arlen Ayer is in the Ar my and is stationed at Oklahoma. Ruth Barrett mar- ried Paul Gagner. Beverly Brown married Louellyn Ramsdell. Ella Carpenter married Arnold Lowell and they have a baby. Norma Cushing is training to be a nurse at Concord State Hospital. Nancy Davis is going to Forsyth Dental School in Boston. Lois Enman is attending Colby. Mabel Granger is at Keene Teachers College. Esther Hayes is working in Newport. Florence Hill married Gordon Davis. Henry Kidder is studying at UNH. Francis Ladouceur is in the service. Henry Meinecke is attending University of Maine studying Engineering. James Moreland is in service. Norma Oksa is studying at Colby. Dallas Patten is in the service. Jane Pellerin is studying to be a nurse at Hanover. Claude Prew is in the Air Force and is engaged to Janet Hodges. Fred Rich is in the Navy. Carrie Smith is attending Colby. Marjorie Whipple is working in New- port. Horace Whitcher is working for Roland Baker in Elkins. Mary Whittemore married Art Quimby and has a baby. Elinor Young is taking a music course at UNH. CLASS OF 1952 Roger Alexander married Sylvia Huntoon and they are living in Cleveland, Ohio. Dotty Colburn is attending Colby. Phillip Dow is in the CB's and is sta- tioned in California. George Edmunds is in the Navy and is stationed in New London, Conn. Berton Gray is in the Navy and is stationed in Virginia. Laura Homan is attending Colby. Dottie Jaster is working in Boston. Jane Lovering is attending Colby. Daila Ozolins is in Philadelphia. Alberta Putney is married to Dick O'Day. Kim Rich is attending Hilder School in Washington. Dottie Roby is working in Warner at the Austin Sanatoriuin. Vernon Squires is attending Williams College. Dick Thompson is working in Sutton and is engaged to Betty Willard. Jean Weber is working in a bank in Connecticut. George West is work- ing at a garage in Franklin. Betty Whipple is working in Newport. Janet Whit- cher is working in the telephone office and is engaged to Robert Lewis. Dick Wry is attending Bucknell University. 53 lass of I9 4 FIRST ROW: S. Kidder, B. Wells, V. Whipple, M. Granger, D. Robinson, G. Edmunds, P. Albee. SEC- OND ROW: H. Johnson, J. Adams, V. Murray, R. Deno, R. Funke, V. Gates. FIRST ROW: S. Stevens, J. Robinson, E. Barrett, S. Barrett, G. Rich, F. Davis, M. Tilton, N. Rowe, J Moody, B. George. SECOND ROW: R. Dart, D. Lamson, L. Hurd, C. Hosmer, C. Whipple, D. Prescott J, Hatherly, J. Huntoon, D. Palmer, J. Wright. THIRD ROW: B. Simonds, R. Palmer, J. Allyn, L. En- man, P. Bovard, D. Biggert, R. Cushing, J. Squires, D. Prew, L. Pond. 54 Class of I9 6 FIRST ROW: M. Hersey, O. Buck, D. Gessner, O. Hayward, I. Clemons, J. Livingston, K. Allyn, R Pellerin. SECOND ROW: I. Elliott, M. Patten, H. Mitchell, R. Duford, R. Lovely, W. Wheeler, E. Car- Autographs 55 Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Leon Bickford Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gates Mr. and Mrs. Clement Lovering Mr. and Mrs. Earle W. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Davis Mrs. Charlotte D. Meinecke Miss Eleanor Parker Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Swift Tracy Memorial Librarians Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hodges Mrs. Bowles Mrs. Robert Wright Mr. and Mrs. Myron Adams Rev. and Mrs. A. E. Wry Dr. and Mrs. William Clough, Jr. Mrs. Emma Colby Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Chadwick Dr. Barton Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Colburn Vernondale Store, Sutton Mr. and Mrs. William Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Heath Mrs. Mabel M. Ward Dr. and Mrs. Oliver S. Hayward Mr. and Mrs. Alphonse Soucy Mrs. Ann F. Pardy New London Florist and Mrs. Mr. Clayton Fisher New London Cleaners and Dryers R. M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rich Miss Swain and Miss Elliot Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Walton Chadwick Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lull Vista Hall Farm Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs. Harry Barrett . and Mrs. Clarence Granger . and Mrs. Homer Rayno Mr. and Mrs. H. Curtiss Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dart Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Woodard Mr. and Mrs. R. Livingston Class of "54" Class of "55" Class of "56" PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS AND IT'S ALL DONE WITH LIGHTS There's magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spotlight there, and your portrait takes on the appear- ance of real form and individuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting ef- fects can be best used . . . How easily they can reflect your personality. Your Vantine photographer knows best how to se- cure the sharply etched photograph your engraver de- sires of the important senior year . . . The victories of the athletic teams . . . The brilliance of social occa- sions . . . The Prom . . . The plays . . . The debates . . . The expression of everyday life on the campus. That personalized portraits by Yantine are important is attested to by the fact that over 300 schools and col- leges repeatedly entrust their photographic work to Vantine. OFFICIAL PI-IOTOGRAPHER WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO 132 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. NEW LUNDON INN DON SIEBURG New VILLAGE STUDIO Ph NEW LONDON PHARMACY New London New Hampshire Telephone 25 2 The Place Where You Can Get Most Anything" Drugs - Sodos - Cosmetics Visit Our Sports Store "Everything For An Athlete Best Wishes from Ed EDMUNDS' BUS LINE AND TAXI SERVICE Charter Bus Service -TQ- All Points in New England and New York State For Toxi Anywhere - Doy or Night - Phone New London 9-3 or 138 EDWIN F. EDMUNDS, PROP. A. S. LITTLE AND SON, INCORPORATED KIDDER GARAGE COMPANY Compliments of Compliments f SUTTON GENERAL STORE 0 Self Service ALLEN WRECKING CO. Full Line of Meats Groceries and Hardware Tel. Sutton 666 sullen' N'H' Compliments KELLERS GENERAL STORE of and SNACK BAR TAYLoRs Loose Specialize in Hamburgers md Franks Open All Day Sunday Tel. Sutton l97 Prop. Geo. Carlson Blodgett Landing PERRY'S MARINE SERVICE Compliments Of Boats and Motors for Sale and Rent Real Estate Community Store Clarence B. Perry Blodgett Landing Blodgett's Landing N.H. Compliments Pat Rooney, .lr.'s of DOG HOUSE coLBY HOMESTEAD FARM Hot Dogs and Hamburgers with Variations Lake Blaisdell - Tel. Bradford 88-I2 Boating Bathing Reg. Shorthorn and Hereford Cattle New London, N.H. Congratulations To The Class of 1953 Complimems of CROCKETT'S DAIRY THE FOUR SEASONS GIFT SHOP New London New Hump h Compliments of M. E. WALKER ERNEST E. WELCH AND SON Plumbing and Heating Electricians Frigidaire Dealer KRANS TOWN AND COUNTRY SHOPPE Ladies' Fashions and Sportswear ChiIdren's Wear New London, Ne H p h Compliments of THE MARKET BASKET New London, New Hampshire Compliments of RUSSELL SPAULING PLUMBING AND HEATING Tel. 88 New London, New Hampshire Compliments of EDMUND'S DRY GOODS STORE N London New Hamp h Compliments f WORTHEN'S CONVALESCENT HOME Avis S. Wortlren, L.P.N. Tel. N. L. l52-4 CHARLES W. SANBORN C ,. omp :ments of Painting 8- Decorating Pc hu in - Si ns l.uu. s. PRESCOTT, :Nc Pe' ns 9 9 Wallpaper - Glass - Paints Complete Building Service Elk ns New l'l p ll Tel. 264 Bradford, N.H. G ngs and Congratulatio from the NEW LONDON BAPTIST CHURCH C g Z nd Best Wishes T Th CI fl953 LAKE SUNAPEE COUNTRY CLUB AND HUMAN THE FLORIST an SARGENT 8. HUNTER Tlles, Llnoleum, Points WARREN SARGENT Compl imenfs of AND BERKELEY HUNTER New London, New Hampshire Co' Hotpoint Appliances CLAUDE M. PREW Holngas Blue Cool Spartan Televlslon RADIO sALEs 'nd AND SERVICE Fuel ons Refrigeration New London, New Hampshire Tel. 20-14 Compliments Compliments of of P. M. THURSTON CRICENTVS MARKET New London New Hampshire Compliments of C ON GRA TULA TI ONS CLASS OF 1 953 B'L'-::gg'EEY'S And a Word to You Proud Parents Start Them Off on the Right Foot Elkins New Hampshire With the Perfect Present Tel. 160-2 A LIFE INSURANCE POLICY Compliments of PRUDENTIAL ROY EMERY SETH A. LAMSON Custom Sawing 8. Slabwood NEW LONDON AGENCY Elkins New Hampshire TELEPHONE 118 Twin Lake Villa 450 Acres on Little Sunapee Lake Our facilities include three shuffle board courts, two tennis courts, 5 ' hole Golf course, fishing boats, canoes, sun pier and beach. During July and August we have movies, entertainers, picnics, dances, bridge and bingo parties, also a supervisor for the children's play- house and beach. For rates and picture booklet write Ruth S.Kidder, New London, N. H. , I iw- - lT'S FUN T0 PAINT Class and Private Compliments of ROBERT G. POWELL PAINTER 8- PAPER HANGER Lessons McQuaIcle Paints "" Wallpaper Blrge AI SUNAPEE STUDIO 1-hnmn, Unltlxed In New London Telephone 55-I4 Elkins, N.H Compliments of MARSI'lALL'S GARAGE Fred A. Pressey - Walron W. Clladwl ck FRED A. PRESSEY AND CO. Funeral Home and Ambulance Service Elkins, New Hampshire Tel. 160-23 New London, N.H. Telephone II6-2 .I EWELRY WATCH REPAI RING EARL R. BERRY New London New Hampshire Compliments of THE CRANEHURST Compliments of BETTY'S BEAUTY SHOP New London New Hampshire Compliments of G. W. DEAN GULF STATION

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