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W7 'l v w ff .gg 1 , 4 4 4 i W MEMORIES JA, gif ff H9 X lol I , 1 ! r , 1 Qigousg ' DEDICATION su .I 5 Ti S ii X ,i L u We, the class of 1952 are proud to dedicate this year's Exodus to the purpose of everlasting and United Peaceg and to all those who have given willingly of their efforts to establish a high brand of democracy and raise the flag of freedom not only in our own U.S.A. but through- out the world. 2 l -1 hz Exodus, 1952 Published By The Senior Class of New London High School Number 5 June, I952 Editor -in-Chief STAFF Vernon Squires Assistant Kenneth Rich, Jr. Business Manager Richard Wry Assistant Phillip Dow Co-Production Managers Jane Lovering, Laura Homan Sales Manager Assistant Alumni Editor Sports Editors Art Editor Assistants Photography Editor Assistant News Editors Specialties Assistants Secretary Adviser Phillip Dow Richard Wry Dorothy Jaster Janet Whitcher, George Edmunds Sylvia Huntoon Jean Weber, Kenneth Rich, Jr. Vernon Squires Berton Gray Daila Ozolins, Laura Homan Janet Whitcher, George Edmunds Jane Lovering, Kim Rich Dorothy Colburn Miss Eleanor C. Parker 3 EDITORIAL When we first realized early in the fall of 1951 that it was time to begin planning our Yearbook, that discovery suddenly brought home to all of us the fact that this year we were the class that would be graduating in June. We had watched other classes come and go, but we never really thought of ourselves as going. Now, suddenly we were faced with the prospect of a Senior Play, a Yearbook to produce, a Class Trip to plan for and a Commencement to think about. As we look back now, many memories come to mind. We hope that this yearbook will serve as a reminder of some of them. Ours is the 5th "Exodus" to be produced. We had fun reading the four others -- now it is our turn. As you go through the following pages, we hope you will enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed putting them together. 4 i K9 X Bm -14 N so S x, Q? S S , ,. , To the Members of the Class of 1952 May I extend my congratulations to each of you at this im- portant time in your life. Graduation marks a turning point in your life, as you increas- ingly become more on your own and less dependent on others. The effectiveness of the training, both of the school and the home, will be measured in terms of how you adapt yourselves to new surroundings, whether it be higher education or ern- ployment. Let me stress the importance of getting along with others. Cooperation and a respect for the rights of others are fundamental to success. I would urge you to fully exercise your rights of citizenship. This privilege carries with it a responsibility to participate. You will have a part to play in determining domestic and international issues. A satisfactory solution to many of these depends upon an interested, upright and discerning citizenry. If I can help any of you now or in the future, I should be happy to do so. I wish each of you success in your endeavors. Sincerely Your s , Z.AWKf9ZZf ' Superintendent of Schools 6 To the members of the Class of 1952: You are approaching the date that has been foremost in your thoughtsifor a long time, but as this date comes closer, you find that'L'is necessary to say "Good-Bye" to old friends and familiar places. It is difficult to do this. Your plans, which have been made during the last few years, also are about to take a more definite shape. It is my hope that, in a small way at least, we at New London High School have helped you toward your goal. There will be times when it will seem easier "to throw in the sponge" than to keep plugging. You have shown us many times that when the going is the roughest, you have the ability to come through. Exercise these abilities in the future and I am sure you will attain a rich fulfillment of your plans. Sincerely, Principal ADMINISTRATICN School Board Dura P. Cr ockett Vinita L. Gay Catherine T . Squire s Superintendent Principal Gordon B. Flint Robert J. Livingston FACULTY Eleanor C. Parker, Language, Dramatics B. A, Mount Holyoke '41 M,A, Boston University '51 Adviser to the Class of 1952 Robert J. Livingston, Principal, B.S. U.N.H. '32 M.S. U. of Vt. '35 Biology 'I hear we're working you too hard." 8 "Let's have it quiet in here, folks." Vincent F. Gates, Shop, Auto Driving B. Ed Keene Teacher's College "How many times have I told you to disengage the clutch?" FACLI LTY Mary E. Ryan, Business, Girls' Basketball B.S, Ed. Salem Teacher's College 'Anybody coming to practice tonight?" Richard D. Dart, History, Physical Education, Basketball B,S, University of New Hampshire U49 "Look, fellows, work it in!" 9 FACU LTY Herwood W. Curtiss, Mathematics, Sciences B. of Ed. Keene Teachers College Holy.Cross Summer School U. of Maine "Watch out! Sodium is dangerous! Alberta C. Fisher, Glee Club, Orchestra, Music Education B.M. U. of Vt. Student of Heinrich Gebhard of Boston "You boys keep quiet while I help the sopranos." 4 Phyllis H. Curtiss, Home Economics B. of Ed. Keene Teachers College Summer School U. of Maine "Don't let your tongue get ahead of your needle." IO STAFF 6 Beth S, Woodward, Dietician Keene Teacher's College Mrs. Jules Pellerin, Assistant "Dear Mrs. Woodward", - "Yes, there are seconds today." Della C. Spiller, R.N., School Nurse Laconia Hospital '21 Boston Floating Hospital '25 "Take off your shoes and wait in line." Weston Ray Qbetter known as "Skeet",l Janitor "Now what's broke loose." I1 STUDENT COUNCILOF I952 FIRST ROW: G. Powell, J. Weber, R. Livingston, representative for teachers, G, Edmunds, M. Granger, J Hodges. SECOND ROW: A, Pitts, K. Allyn, R. Funke, J. Squires, O. Hayward. As last year, the Student Council consists of 10 members, a boy and girl from each class in high school and eighth grade. Class represent- atives were elected as follows: Seniors, George Edmunds and Jean Weber, Juniors, Janet Hodges and Glenn Powell, Sophomores, Marguerite Gran- ger and Richard Funkeg Freshmen, Arlene Fitts and James Squires. In the annual election run by the campaigning council, officers were elected by the casting of votes from grades 7-12. George Edmunds led the votes for President with Jean Weber as Vice President and Mar- guerite Granger holding the title of Secretary-Treasurer. The plan for the host and hostesses from high school is now back in schedule for the younger grades, just to remind them of their proper manners and such at the lunch tables. The annual High School Christmas Party, a Student Council Festivity, went into full swing with the decorative tree enfolded with a spray of cards, ornaments, purchased for the occasion that can be used yearly, not to mention the colorful array of gifts distributed by our Santa Claus none other the Kim Rich. Assemblies and dances are being planned for future dates. This Council and the ones in the future with the valuable aid of Mr. Livingston and the backing of everyone in school will prove to be a proud step in Democracy for the youth of NLHS. 12 M ,M W X, SW 'U Y fb fx? ROGER CARD ALEXANDER ,.R0g., Monticello High lg Senior Play 45 Business. Future: Undecided. Pr-uttrv FARNUM Dow ' "Phil" Vice-President of Class 25 Student Council 25 One- Act Play l,2,3g Senior Play 45 State Speech Tour- nament 25 Mixed Glee Club 1,25 Boys' Glee Club l 25 "Sophomoronics" Staff, Sports 25 Yearbook Staff: Sales Managerg Assistant Business Manager 45 Bas- ketball l,2,4: Baseball l,2. Future: Armed Services. DOROTHY ELAINE COLBURN "Dotty" President 25 Secretary 45 Student Council 2,35 Sec- Treas. 29One-Act Play l,2,35 Prize Speaking 35 Sen- ior Play 45 State Speech Tournament l,2,3g Essay Contest l,2,3,4g Mixed Glee Clubl,2,3,4g Girls' Glee Club 2,3,45 All-State Festival 45 "Sophomoronics" Staff5 Production 25 Yearbook Staff, Secretary 45 Girls' State 35 Basketball l,2,3g Captain 4. Future: College. l4 'I BERTON MILLS GRAY "Rusty" One-Act Play l,2,35 Senior Play 45 State Speech Tournament 1,25 Essay Contest 3,45 Mixed Glee Club l,2,3,45 Boys' Glee l,2,45 Band l5 "Sophomoronics", Production staff, Reporter 25 Yearbook Staff, Photo- grapher 45 Basketball l,2,35 Ski Team, Captain 3,4. Future: College GEORGE AVARD EDMUNDS President lg President of Student Council 45 One-Act Play 25 Senior Play 4g State Speech Tournament l,2, 3,45 Dartmouth Interpretation 35 Essay Contest l,2,35 Mixed Glee Club l,2,4: Boys' Glee Club l,2,45 Band 1,25 Orchestra 1,25 "Sophomoronics" Editor 25 Year- book Staff, Sports Editor 45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Base- ball l,2,3,45 Ski Team 4. Future: U. S. Coast Guard. LAURA MAY HOMAN Secretary l5 Treasurer 2,35 Student Council l5 One- ActPlay l,2,35 Prize Speaking lg Senior Play 4g Essay Contest l,2,3,45 Honorable Mention 2,3rd5 Prize 35 Mixed Glee Club l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,45 Orchestra l,2,3.4: All-State Festival 3,4g "Sopho- moronics" Staff, Production 25 Yearbook Staff5 Pro- duction, News 45 Girls' State 35 Basketball l. Future: Nursing. I5 SY LVIA HUNTOON VI Syllv Senior Playg Business 45 Essay Contest 3,45 Mixed Glee Club l,2,3,45 "Sophomoronics" Staff, News 25 Yearbook staff, Art 45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Captain 45 Softball 2,3,4. Future: Marriage. I. JANE ELIZABETH LOVERING "Janie" Secretary 25One-Act Play 2,35 Senior Play 45 Essay Contest 1,2,45 Mixed Glee Club l,2,3,45 Girls' Glee Club 2,3,45 "Sophomoronics" Staff,Production-Sports Editor 25 Yearbook Staff, Production-Specialties 45 D.A.R. Girl 45 Girls' State 35 Basketball l,2,35 Cap- tain 45 Softball 2,3,4. Future: Colby Junior College. I6 DOROTHY LANE IA STER "Dotty" One-Act Play l,2,35 Senior Play 45 Essay Contest l 253,45 Mixed Glee Club 1,25 Girls' Glee 2 Orchestra lg "Sophomoronics" Staff,Reporter 25 Yearbook Staff Alumni Editor 45 Girls' State 35 Basketball l 4 Man 1 ager 4. Future: College. 'AQ DAILA RITA OZOLINS "Dine" j Fueda High School, Germany lg Memmingen High School, Germany 25 Antlers High School 1, Okla. 3g New London High School 4g Senior Play 4, Mixed Glee Club 4g Basketball 4. FUTURE INTENTIONS: College or Ballet School. F ALBERTA ANN PUTNEY "Bertie" "Al" Sunapee High School lg Prompter, Senior Play 4 Softball 4. FUTURE INTENTIONS: Traveling. 1 r KENNETH MERTON RICH, IR, !lKimll Vice-President 4: One-Act Play 1,2,3g Prize Speak- ing 1, third prize, 2, second prizeg 3, second prizeg Senior Play 4g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Boys' Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Band 4g All-State Festival 3,4g "Sophomor- onics" Staff, Art Editor, 3: Yearbook Staff, Ass't Ed- itor 4g Basketball, Manager 4g Baseball 2g Ski team 3,4g Co-Captain. I7 DOROTHY ROBY "Dotty" One-Act Play 25 Mixed Glee Club 1,2,3g Basketball 4. FUTURE INTENTIONS: Undecided. VERNON TUTTLE SQUIRES "Vern" President of Class 3g Treasurer 1,45 Student Council representative 3, President 3g One-Act Play 1,2,3g Prize Speaking 1,2, second prize 3,45 State Speech Tournament 1,2,3,4g Essay Contest 1,2,3,4g Mixed Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Boys' Glee Club 1,2,3,4g All- State Festival 3,4g Sophomoronics Staff 2, Editor-in- ' Chief and Specialties Editorg Yearbook staff 4, Ed- itor-in-Chief and Photography Editorg Basketball 1, 2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g YMCA Youth and Govern- ment Program 3. FUTURE INTENTIONS: College. PHILLIP AYER THOMPSON "Dick" One-Act Play 2: Baseball 1,3,4g FUTURE INTEN- TIONS: Undecided. I8 :VN JEAN DOROTHY WEBER "Jeanie" Class Secretary 3: Vice-President 4g One-Act Play 1,2,3g Senior Play 4g Essay Contest 1,2, 2nd prize 4g MixedGlee Club 1,2,3g Girls' Glee Club 2g "Soph- omoronics" Staff, reporter 2g Yearbook staff, Art 4g Girls' State 3: Cheerleaders 3. FUTURE: College. GEORGE VERNON WEST One-Act Play 23 Senior Play, Scenery, curtains 4 Mixed Glee Club 1,2,3g Band 1. FUTURE: Undecided. BETTY LOU WHIPPLE llsetsll Simonds High School 1,23 One-Act Play 3g Senior Play 4g Mixed Glee Club 3,45 Basketball 3,4g Soft- ball 3. FUTURE: Undecided. 1.9 JANET EVELYN WHI TCHER "Tools" Senior Play 4g Essay Contest 2g Glee Club l,2,3,4g "Sophomoronics" Staff, Sports 2g Yearbook Staff, Sports, Specialties 45 Basketball 2,3g Cheerleader 1,2,3,4. FUTURE INTENTIONS: Undecided. RICHARD ARLINGTON WRY "Dick" President 45 One-Act Play l,2,3g Prize Speaking l 2,3,4g Senior Play 4, State Speech Tournament 1,2 3,4g Dartmouth Contest 3, Essay Contest l,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Boys Glee Club 1,2,3,4g A11- State Festival 2,3,4g "Sophomoronics" Staff, Assis- tant Editor, Specialties 25 Yearbook staff, Business Manager, Asst. Sales Manager, 4g Basketball 2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g FUTURE INTENTIONS: College, religious study. THE CLASS OF I952 X. SENKORZ 1? W X 'QW I I Q, 3 'i Q '7 5 6' 9 I0 ll 12 '5 spunmpg Iaxped uosduxoql ISQM MM selgnbg Aqog Sug.1aAo'1 19puexa1V I6 Aaulnd 1aqo1gqM ll9!Zi xaxsef uoolung umqlog suqozo 1aqaM uenuopl Moq FRESHMAN YEAR--INITIATION 4.4 It was in the fall of 1949 that we entered NLHS to become the Class of '52, though that seemed a faraway dream to us that first September. I, a freshman arn a schmoo. t As such I must bown down to you. I come before you on my knees, And pray, "have mercy on me, please!" This was the terrorizing verse that confronted us that day we were slapped with green goo. The girls were clothed in burlap bags, their hair in rags, and feet swimming in men's boots, books enclosed in suit cases. The boys were in their night shirts and rubbers, crowned in bath- ing caps. All went tripping and kneeling up the street at noon between the rungs of a ladder. By night we thought we were getting used to the idea, but those soph- omores just dumped the tricks on us, from dancing in barrels to washing sneakerized feet. That was a night to remember -- night-"rnare", that is! 23 JUNIOR YEAR--PLAY AND PROM .Z During this helter-skelter junior year our little gang decided on a real dramatic adventure. One April evening Qbelieve it or notl we had a "Mad Breakfast". It was in the form of a play which we presented with the freshman and sophomore plays. It was a big night for every- body. In our play things became so confusin' when Mr. Long QDick Wryj came to study psychology at Betty Whipple's boardinghouse, under the impression that all the boarders were a little on the nutty side. Mr. Jones QVern Squiresj and his accomplice lLaura I-Iomanj helped to create this impression and when Mr. Long really saw the boarders, Mr. Roberts fKim Richj, Dixie Barselle, Dotty Jaster, Jane Lovering, Eliot Clemons, and Jean Weber fthe maidj, he became very distrubed, though at the conclusion he discovered that they were reasonably sane after all. The junior prom was the big social event of the year. The atmosphere was of "Springtime in the Park" with a starry sky, old fashioned street lamps, and flowers amid the green foliage. Messer's Orchestra provided the music. The Grand March was led by president, Vern Squires, and Norma Oksa. Refreshments were served from the booth in one corner of the park. 24 SENIOR YEAR--THE PLAY One of the highlights of senior year is always the pro- duction of the senior play and this year was no exception. On November Z we prouldy presented "Seventeenth Summer", a play based on the novel by Maureen Daly. The cast in- cluded Laura Homan as Angie, and George Edmunds as Jack, in the lead roles, ably supported by Dotty Jaster as Lorraine, Dotty Colburn as Margaret, Jane Lovering as Jane, Jean Weber as Margie, Phil Dow as Father, Betty Whipple as Mom, Janet Whitcher as Kitty, Kim Rich as Art, Vern Squires as Martin, Eliot Clemons as Fitz., Dick Wry as Tony, and Daila Ozolins as Rita. Other members of the class contributed greatly to the success of the performance by their work on tickets, business, posters, candy, scenery, lighting, make-up, pro- grams, sound effects. Prompting was well hand- led by Alberta Putney. ,mm-V. , 31 xii. 25 B V ca e rx e , -V 'W 'PWC ""eq on N90 S7 pu-+"' Q ' -mr 72 'iw Xe, QT kaurea beg-f wg-if 4175 L., s VVS ho'i'o1 :V t' 'V' 'if L V 'K , .A ' 21 , ff gi , J t ,wifi K IA 15 'bg M 00' sy. 'zvwg' Y 45:3 be o OFFO5 Q'57s jecfi 57' '11-'Q 'TY N QQ" XJ' Qc A J, 75 ' A She Qq+C.jT Q K X ear mlb-Xbxa if L 'ff' w , + oc 'TGA W ..., Q35 ff ,0- Pk Af 0 'R 9 988' gf! - QOWG 572 "0" e9 40 5 G' QBQSKA Q A g H , . -1 ixekssggvsgiyw - ' K I ,V ,j2.,'f3 ' 5 , 1 dwg- ' V., 3 lsss . J. f V D .1 .5 . .gr Q G l J 9 0 0 iw . 09 967, sum X ' bb 'B T Sfoge Sguare 'UQ R. C. ALEXANDER: Real Clever Arguer. Saying, Don't that frost ya? Pastime, Hanging around Huntoon's House. Song, "Daddy's Little Girl". Peeve, Nosey People. Food, Hot Dogs. D, E, COLBURN: Dick's Ever Close. Saying, Oh My! Pastime, Talking. Song, "Make Believe". Peeve, Dishonest People. Food, Icecream. P, E, DOW: Pretty Forceful Debater. Saying, Looking for something? Pastime, Passing the time. Song, "Make Believe". Peeve, Crooked politics. Food, Fish. G. A. EDMUNDS: Girls Are Entranced. Saying, So What? Pastime, Reading Poetry. Peeve, People. B. M. GRAY: Big Muscular Guy. Saying, Sink a shaft. Pastime, Driving. Song, "The Three Bells". Peeve, Police chiefs. Food, Steak. L. M. HOMAN: Leaves Many Heartless. Saying, Don't let it bother you! Pastime, Dancing. Song, "Tell Me Why". Peeve, Two- faced people. Food, Icecream. S. HUNTOON: So Happy. Saying,,Go play. Pastime, Sports. Song, "Blueberry Hi11". Peeve, High Mucky Mucks. Food, American Chop Suey. D. L. JASTER: Dick's Little Joy. Saying, Let's go places and do things! Pastime, Stamp collecting. Song, "Summertime". do things! Pastime, Stamp collecting. Song, "Su.mmertirne". Peeve, Big Wheels. Food, Spinach. J. E, LOVERING: Just Ever Lovely. Saying, That's life. Past- time, Sleeping. Song, "Because". Peeve, Leeches. Food, Cough drops. D. R. OZOLINS: Dance Routine O.K. Saying, Take it easy. Pastime, Dancing. Song, "September Song". Peeve, Onions. Food Cake. 28 A, A, PUTNEY: Always A Pushover. Saying, Dieu Vous Gar- dez. Pastime, Writing, Dancing. Song, "Undecided", "Down Yon- der". Peeve, Other People. Food, Tuna Fish. K. M. RICH: Keen Marine Rover. Saying, Don't ya know. Pas- time, Sailing, swimming, skiing. Song, "On Moonlight Bay". Peeve, Women, Food, Lobster. D. ROBY: Darling Rascal. Saying, Doncha know. Pastime, Sleeping. Song, "Down Yonder". Peeve, Getting up in the morning. Food, Popcorn. V. T. SQUIRES: Very Troublesome Student. Saying, That's the way it goes. Pastime, Photography. Song, "Slow Poke". Peeve, French. Food, Vanilla Icecream. P, A. THOMPSON: Pleases All Teachers. Saying, Try your lights. Pastime, Seeing Betty. Song, "Slow Poke". Peeve, Teach- ers. Food, Lobster. J. D. WEBER: Just a Darling Wonder. Saying, I feel so jazzy. Pastime, Dancing. Song, "Sentimental Journey". Peeve, Anything above 4' 10", Food, Fried Mushrooms. G. V. WEST: Getting Very Witty. Saying, How's business? Pastime, Driving. Song, "I'1l Sail My Ship Alone". Peeve, Home- work. Food, Apple pie. B. L. WHIPPLE: Busy Little Woman. Saying, Laugh, I thought I'd die. Pastime, Henry. Song, "Slow Poke". Peeve, Small-town gossip. J. E. WHITCHER: Just Ever Wishing. Saying, Are you sure? Pastime, Dancing and swimming. Song, "ln the Mood". Peeve, Troublemakers. Food, Love. R. A. WRY: Ruins All Women. Saying, I'm sorry, I won't do it again. Pastime, Seeing DOT before my eyes. Song, "O1' Man River". Peece, Practical application. Food, Lemon Pudding. 29 E 1- i x V24 fn' R if x If 1, its E is ER '35 Fa ff fr .4l'f5 5. V 'Xx ...N K 4 gm-.M ff QQ? , r W r 733 1-QS, faiau zff Cx I gf-1 9 X GLEE CLUB The glee club this year has a goodly number with twenty-one sopranos, thirteen altos, three tenors and eleven basses. The group sang three selections at the senior play and then started working on songs for the Christmas Cantata. The boys' and girls' glee clubs gave selections and there were several solos as well as com- bined selections from the "Shepherds Cantata". Other songs were "No Flower so Fair", "My Sheep Were Grazing", "Jesu Bambino", and "And the C1lory'. The main event of the year was the Spring Concert presented in March with the Sunapee glee club. The program consisted of six selections by the combined clubs, three by each club separately, three by the combined girls' choruses and three by the New London Boys' Chorus, three by the Sunapee Boys' Chorus, and two by the combined boys' chorus. The last musical event of the year was Pops Concert in May. As usual that was fun for everyone with some specialty numbers. Those representing the glee club at the All-State Festival were: Dorothy Colburn, Sopranog Laura Homan, Second Soprano, Richard Wry, Tenor, Kenneth Rich, First Bassg Vernon Squires, Second Bass. 32 ORCHESTRA FRONT ROW, left to right: A. Fitrs, K, Allyn, E. Worthen, Mrs. Fisher fdirectorl, N. Rowe, L. Rowe, D Allyn. SECOND ROW, left to right: R. Lovely, D, Prew, J. Allyn, F. Barton, J.Woodward. The New London Orchestra has been performing for four con- secutive years. Many new members have joined the orchestra this year to replace the seniors who left last June. The lack of experienced members made necessary more practicing rather than performing this year. However, the orchestra did play selections at the spring glee club concert. The twelve members of the orchestra are: Laura Homan, pianog Arlene Fitts, first violin, Karyl Allyn, first violin, Elizabeth Worthen, first violin, Flora Barton, fluteg Nancy Rowe, and Dennis Allyn, clarinet, Dale Prew, saxophoneg Jerry Allyn, John Woodward, Bob Bovely, and Lawrence Rowe, trumpet. 33 GIRLS' A D BOYS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: I. Gray. I. Lovering, D. Colburn, Mrs. Fisher, L. Homan, E. Health, G. Edmunds. SEC- OND ROW: G. Rich, B. Wells, E. Gay, N. Rowe, M. Granger. THIRD ROW: B. Sirnonds, P. Albee, S. Kidder, V. Murray, The Girls' Glee Club had another successful year singing at the Christmas Cantata, Spring Concert and Pops. Some of our favorite songs were "Little Papoose", "Like Barley Bending" and "Deep River". FIRST ROW: B. Spaulding, G. Edmunds, V. Squires, R. Wry, B. Gray, K. Rich, B. Worthen. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Fisher, L. Enman, J. Allyn, J. Squires, F. Davis, D. Prew. The Boys' Glee Club becomes increasingly successful. Some wonder- ful songs were on tap for the '52 season. The Spring Concert featured one of the most fascinating ballads the club has ever presented, the "Dart- mouth Winter Song". Several snappy numbers were given at Pops in May. 34 FIFTH ANNUAL ESSAY CONTEST Left to Right: J. Adams, L. l-Ioman, Mrs. Dean, D. Ozolins, K. Rich. The Woman's Club held its annual essay contest this year with thirty- six participants. The subjects were: l'm Glad I'm a Girl -- or a Boy -- Because, The Effect of Television on Our Lives, People Are Funny, My Religion. The winners of the 1952. contest were Kenneth Rich, first prize, Laura Homan, second prize, John Adams, third prize, Daila Ozolins, honorable mention. The judges were Mr. Guy Williams, Miss Jane Martin and Mr. Stanley Wenmark. FIFTEENTH HEIDELBERG CONTEST Q 1 ll-is Y Left to Right: G. Edmunds, J. Barton, R, Wry, J, Cragin, V. Squires, B. Wells. Prize Speaking on February Z9 saw eleven contestants: Kenneth Rich, Joy Barton, Sue Kidder, Gladys Edmunds, William Lermond, Richard Wry, Beverly Wells, Vera Murray, John Cragin, Jerome Allyn and Vernon Squires. The winners in serious declamation were: Richard Wry, first prizeg Joy Barton, second prize, Gladys Edmunds, third prize, Kenneth Rich, honorable mention. The winners in humorous declamation were: Beverly Wells, first prizeg Vernon Squires, second prize, John Cragin, third prize, Vera Murray, honorable mention. The judges were Mr. Richard Crosby, Mr. Orville Robertson and Mr. Conrad Potter. 35 BAD FIRST ROW, left to right: L. Rowe, trumpet, N. Rowe, clarinet, D, Prew, saxaphoneg K. Rich, drum: I. Allyn, trumpet, F, Barton, flute, D, Allyn,c1arinet. SECOND ROW, left to right: Mr. Curtiss, directorg J. Queen, percussion: R, Lovely, trumpet: J. Woodward, trumpet: J. Clough, baritone, G. Edmunds,clarinet. fAbsentj William Clough, lll, trom- bone. 36 CLASSES AT LH Down here, we shape the future. Click . . . click . . . click . . . click . . .Look, Miss Ryan, I'm typing! What evil lurks in the minds of chemists? 37 0 "Oh, John, 1et's pull another leg ffl" "What ails it, Arlene? Won't go in a straight line?" This is the class with more person- alities than a zoo. KB W I fl- "L ,r 1 XQQLQQS 9 W WI TER SPORTS AT NLHS LEFT TO RIGHT: Denny Allyng Billy Clough, Jr.: Jimmy Queen, Jerry Allyng Kim Rich Bert Gray. 40 CHEERLEADER FIRST ROW, left to right: Barbara Bickford, Alice Weber, Beverly Simonds, Gay Ellen Rich. SEC- OND ROW, left to right: Janet Whitcher, Mrs. Curtiss fadviserj, Daila Ozolins. There were six cheerleaders this year, quite an active group. They had the same uniforms as last year -- maroon skirts and white blouses. The girls all worked well together and worked up some new cheers and motions. The specialty this year was acro- batics. Some of the new cheers were: "Success", "Little Red Rooster", "Red Hot", and "Stamp cheer". 41 BOYS' BASKETBALL-I95l-I952 FIRST ROW: R. Stuart, V. Squires,-G. Edmunds, R. Wry, P. Dow, B. Spaulding, V. Barrett. SECOND ROW: Coach Dart, J, Adams, S. Barrett, G. Walter B. Worthen, D. Prew, K. Rich fManagerj, During this season the Varsity Team played the following game sz 33 Z8 36 New London Bristol New London Hopkinton New London Enfield New London 54 Vilas New London Andover New London 17 Charlestown New London Charlestown New London 37 Hennmer New London I-lopkinton New London 46 Bristol New London Sunapee New London 75 Warner New London Vilas Tournament play-off New London Henniker New London 46 Troy New London Warner Tournament New London Andover New London 49 Charlestown New London 2.9 Whitefield New Consolation London 51 Woodsville Z7 41 46 45 43 46 39 47 31 63 f' ,,fN.1w.N-...+A .5 n . .A X 1 -fm 1 Fw mdmawfmw 43 GIRLS' BASKETBALL r FIRST ROW, left to right: V. MurraY. J. Gray, D. Colburn Qco-captainj, J. Lovering fco- captainj, S. Huntoon Qco-captainj, D, Ozolins, S. Kidder. SECOND ROWg left to right: Miss Ryan Qcoachj, B. Wells, G. Edmunds, D. Lamson, E. Gay, M. Granger, D. Jaster fManagerJ. The season of '51 and '52 was one of the best years for hard work, good spirit and basketball skill. Our girls' team made the games exciting with the forwards' long shots and terrific support from the guards. Even though we will greatly miss the Seniors next year, we know the team will continue to move ahead. Two exciting games that thrilled everyone were the ones with Bristol and Simonds, very fast games though heart-breaking because we lost each by one point. Individual Point Sc or e s Lovering 2.30 Gay 19 Murray 91 Wells 4 Kidder 64 Homan 3 4A Girls receiving awards for participating in basketball are as follows: Dorothy Colburn, Sylvia Huntoon, Jane Lovering, Judy Gray, Vera Murray, Susie Kidder, Marguerite Granger, Beverly Wells, Eileen Gay, Gladys Edmunds, Daila Ozolins, Debra Lamson and Manager, Dorothy Jaster. 1951-52 SCHEDULE TEAM OPPONENT NEW LONDON Bristol 39 38 Enfield 14 31 Andover 23 32 Hopkinton 22 31 Sunapee 18 28 Henniker 39 30 Warner 38 37 Andover 38 43 Hopkinton 26 31 Henniker 34 24 Bristol 69 58 Warner 36 33 45 BASEBALL SEASON As this page went to press snow still covered the athletic field, but thoughts were beginning to turn once again toward baseball. Last year's team won four and lost four games during the regular season. We went to the baseball tournament where we were defeated by Warner. This year Coach Gates was faced with a rebuilding job, as a number of last year's varsity did not return. However with several up-and-com- ing freshmen and last year's returning varsity members, it is hoped that New London will have a successful season. 46 'S I Q 69 Q65 Q JP' rf x X7 X5 f I U ff0, C 5 5 E, ,Z N' M ff W X f ffl 1 XL! V, - X Q X MQ f f 1' I ALUMNI CLASS OF 1947 John Bickford is stationed in Arizona in the Air Force. Avon Chad- wick is working in an office in Ashland, Mass. Bryce Cleveland is in the Navy. "Jackie" Cricenti is a secretary in the State House in Concord. Jane David is at Becker Junior College in Worchester, Mass. Grace Eydent is working in Concord. Mary Granger is a secretary at the Household Finance in Concord. Ali-Lou Richards, Mrs. Arthur Lake, is living in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Jerry Cross is in the Marines. Janis Heald married Bob Wallace and is living in New London with their baby boy. Vincent Lee is working at the Dry Cleaners in New London. John Lull is in the Navy and is now out to sea. Jerry Stanley is in the Air Force in Illinois. Charlie Whittemore married Betty Call and is in the Army. Paula Wood, Mrs. Buddy Smith, is a nurse at the New London Hospital. CLASS OF 1948 Jane Barrett, Mrs. Bob Shackett, is working in Newport. Mary Lou Barton, Mildred Pratt, Gerene Trudeau, and Sumber Woodward are all Seniors at UNH. Phyllis Carter married Wayne Atwood and they have a baby boy. Ronald Cleveland is in the Navy. Marilyn Colburn has one more year at UNH in Occupational Therapy. Frank Eydent is attending UNH. Edwin Edmunds is in the Army and stationed in Kansas. Bill Hayes and Bunny Hill are married and are living in St. Petersburg, Fla. Steve Huntoon is in New Jersey in the Army. Donald Kristl is married and now living in Framingham, Mass. Bob Lull married Dottie Prew and they have a new son, "Stevie." June West graduates from Mary Hitchcock in Hanover this year. Roger Williams is in the Army in Kansas. CLASS or 1949 Loren Ayer is in the Army in Germany. Evelyn Bickford is studying to be a nurse at Peter Bent Bingham. Marcia Conklin is at a musical school in Potsdam, New York. Joan Crane married William Lyons and they have a girl, Deborah Ann. Nancy Gilson is married to Bill Sanborn and has a little girl. Doug Hall is working in Franklin and is engaged to Joan Surette. Priscilla Heald is working in a beauty shop in Concord. Barbara Holteen is at UNH. Jackie Homan is in the Air Force in High- lands, N. J. Janice Kimball married Edward Plimpton. Danny Kristl is in the Air Borne in Kentucky. Olan Murray is in a Navy school in California. Dottie Prew, Mrs. Bob Lull, now has a baby boy. Jules Pelerin is at UNH. Jane Rowe is training to be a nurse at a Hospital in Concord. Bill Thurston is at Bates. Roland Warner is in the Army and was wounded in Korea. He is now being hospitalized in Japan. Sylvia Woodward is at Johnson's Teachers College in Vermont. 48 CLASS OF '50 Alice Beals is married to David Hurd and studying in Keene Tea- chers College. Betty Call has married Charlie Whittemore and they are now living in Illinois. Anita Colby is working in a radio station in Washington. Ed Dexter is attending the New England School of Watch Repairing. Eleanor Edmunds is studying at Colby. Bert Murray is work - ing at home. Bob Pilon is studying at U. N. H. to be a doctor. Marilyn Powell is married to Dick Bacon and is working for Don Sieburg. Mar- jorie Rudner is keeping house for her father. Johnny Sargent is in Korea . Marilyn Spaulding is engaged to Wallace Williams and is working for G. E. in Syracuse. Pete Thompsonis a truck driver for the town of Sutton. Shirley Waite is in the Air Force and is stationed in Denver, Colorado. "Smike" Whittemore is in the Medical Corps in Labrador. Wallace Wil- liams is working in Syracuse. CLASS OF '51 Arlen Ayer is in the Army and is stationed in Oklahoma, Ruth Barrett is engaged to Paul Gagner and is working at the Joy Manufacturing Com- pany in Claremont. Beverly Brown is married to Louellyn Ramsdell and is now in Lebanon. Ella Carpenter is married to Arnold Lowell and is living in Franklin, Mas. Norma Cushing is engaged to Chick Frost and is studying in the Concord State Hospital to be a nurse. Nancy Davis is going to Forsyth Dental School in Boston. Lois Enman is attending Col- by. Mabel Granger is at Keene Teachers College. Ester Hayes is a telephone operator at Claremont. Florence Hill is working in the Clare- mont hospital. Henry Kidder is studying at U. N. H. Francis Ladouceur is working and going to school in Manchester. Ralph Marshall is attend- ing U. N. H. Henry Meinecke is attending Maine University of Engineer- ing. James Moreland is taking engineering at Tufs. Norma Oksa is studying at Colby. Dallas Patten is working at home. Jane Pellerin is in Hanover taking nurse's training. Claude Prew is in Texas in the Air Force. Fred Rich is studying at U. N. H. Carrie Smith is attending Colby. Marjorie Whipple is working in Newport. Horace Whitcher is working for Wesley Woodward. Mary Whittemore is engaged to Art Quimby and is working in the telephone office in New London. Elinor Young is taking a music course at U. N. H. 49 CLASS OF I955 HRST ROW, left to right: D, Buck, D, Prew, H. Rayno, C, Hosmer, D, Prescott, J. Huntoon, D. Palmer E. Gay, Secretary: A. Fitts, A, Weber, B. George. THIRD ROW: E, Barrett, I, Jaster, J. Perry, G. Ozolins J. llatherly, D, Lamson, B, Simonds, L, Pond, N, Rowe, FOURTH ROW: J,SquireS, J. Allyn, F, Davis, I: Cragin, D. Biggert, D, Heath, L. Enman, R, Cnshing,C. Whipple. NOT PICTURED: W. Lerrnond, President L, Hurd, R, Palmer. AUTOGRAPHS 50 SECOND ROW: J. Robinson, M, Tilton, G. Rich, Treasurer: S, Barrel, Vice-President, Mr. D:.rt, Advisor: CLASS OF I9 4 FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Albee, D, Robinson, Treasurer: J. Adams, President, Mr. Gnres, Advisorg H. Johnson, Vice-President, B, Wells, Secretaryg M. Granger. SECOND ROW: G. Edmunds, G. Ilather1y,R Bradford, V. Murray, S, Kidder, THIRD ROW: R, Deno, R, Funke, A. Stetson, E. Roby, NOT PKITURED V. Whipple, S. Evans, AUTOGRAPHS 51 CLASS OF I953 FIRST ROW, left to right: E. Carpenter, J. Davis, Secretary: V. Barrett, President, Miss Ryan, Advisor, G Powell, Vice-President, B. Spaulding, Treasurer, B. Willard, SECOND ROW: F. Chadwick, B. Bickford F, Barton, I. Gray, E. Heath, A. Rayno, J, Hodges. THIRD ROW: T. Davis, R. Chadwick, R. Stuart, G Walter, B, Worthen, G. Bentley, AUTOGRAPHS 52 SCDMETHING EW HAS BEEN ADDED! Phys-Ed headwork! Watch that road, Veda! Speed limit 15 m,p,h, 3 A , Q-., A t M M, f. Whee! Safe landing! Open the GATESg here we come! kv?- SPONSORS OF EXODUS Mrs. Mabel M. Ward Mr. and Mrs. M. Roy London A Friend Dr. and Mrs. H. Leslie Sawyer Mr. Vincent Gates Mr. Richard Dart Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Livingston Worthen Rest Home Dr. and Mrs, Oliver S. Hayward Mr. and Mrs. William Loney Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Woodward Carrie Smith A Friend Mrs. Charlotte D. Meinecke Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rivers Mr. and Mrs. Myron Adams Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mis s Eleanor Herbert D. Swift Dura Crockett Alphonse Soucy Lovett and Mrs. Arthur Whitcomb Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harris Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rich Mr. and Mrs. Orra Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Miss Eleanor Rev, and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Clement Lovering H. W. Curtiss Parker A. E. Wry G. T. Sawyer Mary Lue Barton Mrs. Ann F. Pardy New London Florist Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Duffett A Friend A Friend Paul Morey Dr. and Mrs. J. Duane Squires Dr. and Mrs. William Clough Jr. Class of 1953 Class of 1954 Class of 1955 The Faculty House Mr. and Mrs. Frank Butler Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Fisher Mr. and Mrs Benjamin S. Davis Mr. and Mrs Eliot Clemons Mr. and Mrs Wayne Wheeler Miss Mary Ryan Mr. and Mrs Edward Adams Mr. and Mrs Oscar Colburn Mr. and Mrs Richard Lull Mr, and Mrs Clayton H. Dow G ings and Congratula from the NEW LONDON BAPTISQT CHURCH B Wh F Th CI H952 COLBY JUNIOR COLLEGE FOR WOMEN 55 PERSONALIZED PORTRAITS AND IT'S ALL DONE VVITH LIGHTS There's magic in lights . . . add a light here, place a spotlight there, and your portrait takes on the appear- ance of real form and individuality. Your Vantine photographer knows how lighting ef- fects can be best used . . . How easily they can reflect your personality. Your Yantine photographer knows best how to se- cure the sharply etched photograph your engraver de- sires of the important senior year . . . The victories of the athletic teams . . . The brilliance of social occa- sions . . . The Prom . . . The plays . . . The debates . . . The expression of everyday life on the campus. That personalized portraits by Yantine are important is attested to by the fact that over 300 schools and col- leges repeatedly entrust their photographic work to Vantine. OFFICIAL PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO 132 Boylston Street Boston, Mass. 56 Congratulations COMPLIMENTS OF To The Class of 1952 ERNEST E. WELCH THE FOUR SEASONS Sf SUN GIFT SHOP ELECTRICIANS C0ziie2zmz2NS M- E- WALKER 3 Plumbing nd Heating LIFE INSURANACE POLICY PRUDENTIAL SETH A. LAMSON NEW LONDON AGENC TELEPHONE H8 Y Frigidaire Dealer NEW LONDON INN DON SIEBURG New VILLAGE STUDIO lT's FUN TO .PAINT Class and Private Compliments of ROBERT G. POWELL PAINTER 81 PAPER Lessons HANGER at McQuaide Paints "' Wallpaper iiliinf ' N L d Unitized T lephone 5514 Elkins, N. H C pl f Compliments of THOMAS B. WEBER INTERIOR 81 EXTERIOR MARSHALIJS GARAGE PAINTING Paper Hanging - Pittsburgh Paints Elkins, New Ham h re Tel. 160-23 New London, N. H. Tel. 55-23 Fred A. Pressey - Walton W. Chadwick C. FRED A. PRESSEY AND Co. PASTEURIZED F IH d A bl S MILK and CREAM don, N. H. Telephone ondon, N. H. Telephon l ll :KIRK HEATH COMPLIMENTS OF Building Materials and Plumbing Supply Co. STEAM 8. HOT WATER HEATING MIAMI BATHROOM CABINETS Telephone New London 'l09-2 L N H l'1 EMMA L. COLBY INSURANCE NLa NHph V, Compliments of CULLEGE SPORT SHOP KRANS 'N TOWN AND COUTRY SHOPPE H EDGEWOOD INN Fm,-me 3, Fo,-res, Sqmpsgn Ladies' Fashions and Sportsw Children's Wear C ngrofulai' s, Senio When the family step f a special dinner d l ed, bring the e Hi f NLaNHph N EW LONDON PHARMACY New London New Hampshire Telephone 25 2 The Place Where You Can Get Most Anything Drugs - Sodas - Cosmetics Visit Our Sports Store "Everything For An Athlete Best Wishes from Ed EDMUNDS' BUS LINE AND TAXI SERVICE Charter Bus Service -TQ- All Points in New England and New York State For Taxi Anywhere - Day or Night - Phone New London 9-3 or 138 EDWIN F. EDMUNDS, PROP. 61 JEWELRY WATCH REPAIRING EARL R. BERRY COMPLIMENTS OF THE CRANEHURST C pl f Complim I BETTY,S BEAUTY SHOP G' W' DEAN N GULF STATION N CLAUDE M. PREW Spurfon Television RADIO SALES AND SERVICE Refrigeration ew L d N Hompsh T 20 14 R. M. JONES SHOE REPAIRING "lust behind the library" N London N H h Comp I i men of P. M. T HURSTON Compliments of WHIP-O-WILL BOWLING ALLEYS N hS N h M IS P TII67 BILLINGSLEYS RUSSELL SPAULDING PLUMBING STORE AND HEATING EDMUNDS' DRY L PLEASANT LAKE GOOD STORE RESTAURANT Compliments of MESSERS' DAIRY Cpl f NEW LONDON FUEL CO. Hotpoint Appliances Homgas Blue Coal and Fuel Oils complifmenl Best Wishes 0 to The Class of '52 WESLEY B. WOODWARD Carpenter and Builder SARGENT 81 HUNTER Tiles, Linoleum, Paints N L d WARREN SARGENT N AND Hph BERKELEY HUNTER New London New Hampshire To The Class of 1952 LAKE SUNAPEE COUNTRY CLUB and HOMAN THE FLGRIST LULL 84 PRESCOTT, INC. A. S. LITTLE AND SON, INCORPORATED KIDDER GARAGE COMPANY Best Wishes For Th NEW LONDON CLARENCE B. GRANGER CLEANERS AND conffacm .ma Builder BAKER MAINTENANCE Compliments COMPANY Complete Buildi gM infenun Repairs - Alterations - New Constructi Elkins, New Hampshire Telephone New London 109-2 New London N H P hi Good Luck and Sincere Best Wishes To The CLASS OF 'I952 THE NEWPORT GUARDIAN TWIN LAKE VILLAGE 450 Acres on Little Sunapee Lake Our facilities include three shuffle board courts, two tennis courts, 5 hole Golf course, fishing boats, canoes, sun pier and beach. During July and August we have movies, entertainers, picnics, dances, bridge and bingo parties, also a supervisor forthe chiIdren's playhouse and beach. For rates and picture booklet write Ruth S. Kidder, New London, N. H. 68

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