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. f V Q i -VP L.. k 3.0,-x .,,.. , . .4 fr , -.' -ik, , ' , r.. A, . w rf, annul V. .,-11x1..Laa:.. :-n-v-n..-.a- -. Y.. Y g 1 ... . b- X H- 1- u- Y - -,D-E' , r"""s. fx ,f-A - l - 1 x A 45-fs, , . 'Na-an nj nl-XII-lllun Q? 5 W M n fb XyWfxf ? C ff WWTF Y- ...B ZW . X' fffxx X t an W Vg,- ,H 'Wf"'N ,,m1,,f'xNZQx :ck Q 4 f ' 'KN gf A , 1- QR 7m ., E - 104 4 ff? , 7 " 1 Nd, I 15 me as CLAS S MAT E 'M 12" 'S A M v J . M 22 5 . . A -Q2 -' mfw mlm on men scuool ICI I-I I ' IN MEMORIUM TO ROBERT KOENIGER AND CLARENCE BERG There are two open spaces in the ranks of the Freshman Class which are hard to close. The memory of our two schoolmates and friends, with their pleasant smiles and Cheerful sincerity in all their associations, is instilled in us forever. 5, rff'1b,,QW6. of 90 if 44 M y 'fp' V fit W ,t at l lf 310' . Q L QCLQJYM' x U, IZ' .J V' f Those Who Serve Due to the tireless efforts of Miss Alice Mulroy, many students of New London have been able to face life with a much greater foresight and with the ability to overcome any obstacle thrown in their path. She has moulded and influenced innumerable lives through her public service. This splendid work has been accomplished in her twenty-seven years of teaching, nine of which were in New London. Later she was called back into public service to work with our schoolboard for ten years. And as Miss Mulroy has given her years of service-so are the boys in the armed forces giving their services and their very lives that our freedom may be preserved. On every fighting front and in every corner of the world our boys ar: performing almost unbelievable tasks, thinking not of them- selves, but only of us. They are determined to keep the enemy and the horrors of war from our shores. They willingly gave their services when the call came. Let us so serve! l -..:-..:-.. g:. ...g,,-4 11 ,A ifai-A -li" fl' ,,, ':.-.:"'--' - Q,5b M1 l if l-on il i .v ,f K KW' U 1 'Viv' N' Chief of Staff MR. C. P. LARSON Superintendent of Schools To build all the things we have in America has taken a long time. Our America is the result of hard work, brains, dreams, and the ideals of millions of people. You just can't get an America like ours for nothing. Our America will be kept intact only if we are wide-awake, strong, and courageous. It is the hope of the Board of Education and myself that each of you who is about to graduate from Washington High School, and you who will still be in attendance, will be in a better position to defend America because of the educational opportunities offered you. C. P. LARSON, Supcrintcndcnt B d f Ed ' oar o ucahon Dr. C. E. Hammerberg Mr, R. V. Prahl Mr. E. H. Smith COMPANY CAPTAIN Mr. L. H. Schmallenberg Dr. M. A. Borchardt Ausrm CHRIST, M. A. Miss Alia' Mulrov 62-2624, u If 2' , 1 'A I - , ft! 'I A z lbxf ' ix ' 3 . v ' 1 1 4. I A t I L :J 1 -ts i , , General Staff J I if: I l ' ' . l E. N. CALEP Aumzev HADDON LEOTA P. KHNZIE. ' Ph. B. B. S. B. S. University of Wisconsin LaCrosse State Teachers LaCrosse State Teachers Economics and Bookkeep- College College ing Mathematics, Typing Physical Education and New London Stoughton, Wis. Science Beloit, Wis. Ai.1cisGoouRicH HAROLD P. IsAAcsoN B. S. B. E. Dakota Wesleyan College River Falls State Teachers Home Economics College - Andovcr, South Dakota Mathematics and Athletics Q M Spring Valley, Wis. I G. M. Cunnusswourn ALMA HALVERSON CECELIA KNAPSTEIN B. E. M. A. Secretary Central State Teachers University of Wisconsin New London COHFQC History and Geography Biology, Social Science, and Athletics New London FLORENCE Hlxssu B. M. St. Olaf's Vocal Music Mauston, Wis. Dodgeville, Wis. DOROTHT JOHNSON B E Central State Teachers College English and Library Stevens Point, Wis. LENNARD KRAUSE EARL W. NORTH L. M. WARNER B. A. B. E., Ph. M. B. E. Northland College Whitewater State River Falls State Teacher Chcmistry and Science Teachers College College Mcrcer' Wis. University of VViscons'n Agriculture English, Debate New London Madison. Wis. loim R. MCCORMICK R, M, SHORTEL1, B. E. B. E. Oshkosh State Teachers LaCrosse State Teachers University of Wisconsin College Physics, Aeronautics. an,I Physical Education and Mathematics Physical Fitness Seymour. Wis. New London Luczmii E. KRUEGER IEANETTE R. SCHIELKE WALTER B, XIVRIGIIT B. E. B. S. B. M. Whi'ewater State English Lawrence College TC3Chfl'S College University of Wisconsin Instrumental lV'usic C0mm9"Ce Stoughton, Wis. Appleton. Wis. Manitowoc, Wis. Mmm. Nocx ALVA I. THOMPSON B. E. B. E. Central State Teachers Central State Teachers College College Home Economics Latin and Social Science New London New London General Staff dl x O Privates Class MAm:Ama'i' Rirczimz IUNIOR Minas Rim: T AYIGIIHN liliNNIiTH Iiirriaizs President Vice-Prcsicierzt Secretary Treasurer What a year! Never having lteen so be- wildered and green in our lives before, we entered this huge abode with these Words stimulating us "Enter to learn." This we did or at least tried our best to do. We almost had a bitter feeling towards those "know it all seniors" as they strolled .ny while we struggled with our "coms", massive pools of perspiration forming on the floor. lXevertlieless we didn't let them bother us for we soon lost our inferiority complexes and were "one of them" at last fwe thoughtl. We donated a number of our members to the football, basketball, and track squads and thus caused even senior lassies' hearts to flutter. The Band, Mixed Chorus and V . h G'ec Club caplured quite a few of our miifaia cal minded colleagues. 'the F. F. A.. U. A. A., and B. I. A. A. found a nui1ib:r of ua on their roll, Forensics and debate kept some of us busy, too. We shed our books long enough to take part in the Commando Raid and had ai "super" time. Fred Astaire must have influenced some of our more graceful lot for we actually saw some of our rookies keeping perfect UQ rhythm. Our war bond and stamp sales increased rapidly, which makes us feel that our first exciting year has been successful in more ways than one. '1 S 0 u Bottom Row: M. Forster, P. liggert, G. Baehmwn, ll. Gee-rin, D, fitgcrst, V. Gorges. ll. Ar.1lt. ll.1l1'tLlZ. D. Bricco. Svwnd Huw: A. Anson. L. F0 munich., L. Frick. F. Bonnin, D. tfmvcl, Ii. Ikarls -. 1 V Cult A. Anson. Nl. f'sreakcr, M. Danke. Third Row: lf. Dani. V. Gast, lVl. flelmke. D. Bauer. L. Giiulvrstvi, L. Gu-lou, H. l:l'l'K'IIlilIl, M. Bork, Y. B 'elow. N. Dlley, L. Gorman, Top Rauf: ff. Darrow, N. llaerwaltl. C. Backes, T. Ifrviburger, G. Cuff, E. Blink, W. Fitzgerald, T. Borchardt. R. Crain. , - n - ' . . , A . ' 1 ' i ' . Freshman Ann linfflvrr1Ru11': l2.lVloscr.R.K1'.msc,L.Mncklin,l:.Ln1'f:m1, V. Kroll, T. Mutlwwson, C. Law, Milos. L llamlon. U. l.3'ou, D. Mcurzcl.Sm-mnI1x'mv: li. Knpirzkv. I. llcdtkv. M. Housv. L. Hnqgm, C. Nlcym-s l.. llmlllic. ll l'lcucx', R. Lyon. K. lcflvrs. R. K.1lwitz Third Row: L. Hogan, C. Mcslmliv, lf. Lough. ll lXlk'Nllll, S. lNl.1xtml. l.,Lv.1rm.m.C, Kuvlml, L. Kiclclmfvr, M. Lupp. l'm. Knapp, R. Lllllglllflll. Twp Ifuuw C. M.lItk.1. C. l..u'son, lx'llOIlSlL'Ll, V. Mulflul, D. Kmusc. L. Mcliuul. KlL'lIll7l'K7k1K, Millllrcl R lX ll Il I . luulm, . K ll zcu. lgilfftllll Rout M. Timm. A, rllimmcl, L. Pringnifz. D. llrcllwilz. D. Sclmroulvr, li. SLl1uln.1cl1cr, M. Pvlit lf. VVclwr. K. VVorm, R. Snwnll. S1-'CUVICI ROW! ll. Prilvlwcmow, B. VV0l1cr, Nugent, A. Smith, M Szlukclt. M. Qlmmlr. U. llrilvlwrnow, V. Prochno.-.' D' pooh., VA Stiqh, A, Sclwdlcr, Tlzircl Row: A Flllmnrz, S. Nicmutlm, M. Stcwzlrt. M. Ritcllic. L. S1JIilIllL'l', I. Rl-csv. ll, Rungc. li. Sclllmkc. M, VVclwla lf. Surprisc. V. Stcinlmulm, M, Plntrc. Top Row: CJ. Vvllc, Wlllllllllll, VV, Toltzllmll. lj. RCLllIhlIlll. M Vvtlcr, l. xlvlllg. G. Storm, I, Tlmompson. ll. RllIl51l'. K. Pmlul. O. Rivcknumu. Dfw Bottom Row: li, lagoditsch, L, Houk, C. Gerndt. E. Fitzgerald. E. Krause. E. Koplicn, W. Alicl, D. Alu-l. W lSt'l'tI!IltiIlil. ll. llent, M, Gorges, R, Fritz, K. Kan .i.iaii, joalwert, M. Dent, li. Kramer. Scronzl Ron' ll. Kuppt-rntiss. V. Krueger. li. liverts. lvl. Flniker, P. liasaeh, P. liurton. M. Gadtlis. A, Hutt. l'. Crari lf. klOl'llLlIl, M. l'mrt'ilting. Krause, P, Herres, H., Third Row: H, Harnian, M. lirault, M. Constfnn. G. l'isher. R. Bartlett, li. Hahn. A. Bill t-11, l. li.lllCl'IliCilld. ll. Haynes, G. Hcrrcs, Huxnblet. D. l:t'llI'l1h!H. M. Gunderson, M. lltiebner. Top Rc 'z Ci. lfslalwrook. H. Butt, Cristy. K. Geske. l.. lirnrat. li. llnntley, R. Grossman. A. Hedtke. li. l'lahn, C. l'uerst. R. Christian. G. Allen. C. Hellilv. Corporals Pr-as f--R. NEi,soN Vino-Pres. Kovueix "Hi, ya, Froshln shouted a happy Sophomore, remembering the days when he was a Ugreenhornn and the upperclassmen hollcrecl the same to him. "Oh, boy, are we lucky-gym only twice a week! But now we have to figure how Xi: 4X 2X 33 ZH filly' 23 jx IX X3l:lXf4f:? ? ? Do we have to take Algebra?" "l'leyl loyce. the style show is next week. Now, we can show-off the new plaid skirts we made in Home Ee. Dont you think mine is cuter than Betty's?" Well. the Sophomores really fell in line With their U. S. O. Talent Day program with acrolialic tricks. Hlileanor lfowellzzln. cpeszm rngers, Upadrewskisn, and the "pepsi-cola" cops in the dramatic version of the famous Sfage and screen hit, "Crime does not Pay." liashfnl? They were not-mceeinq the wondfriul attendance at the All School Party, and their "Clark Gables" and "l'lefly Lamarrs' fenionstrating their acting ability in the oneaact play. "The Ring and the Look." "Say, loe, l donlt feel so well. lets Slip school tomorrow." "Tomorrow", answerezl loc, "are the Semester Exams." "Chl I net it, Aw, clon't be scared: we'll pass." And the "l5ig Shots" sailed through the tests like the "Quiz Kids," and the results showed that tlze fieniuses bragged about their names being on the Honor Roll. Spring rolled along and with it came the happy thought of vacation, girls, and no more home work. As "taps" was heard in the distance they looked forward with eager eyes to the time when they would become Iuniors and have charge of the Prom. tl.. , Q 4 A A 4. Dotfom Row: K. Miclmclis. Mathcwson, A. Ricckmun, M. Myers, R. Rolls, Loss, Rickzxluy, L Lcinhzxrclt. H. llicl, R. Lathrop, R. Young, V, Volz, Scconcl Row: D. Rtrincrt, N. VVymzm, Y. L11 Murchc, li. Schocnrock, K. Pogorclski, R. Lonqric, G. Wzxlraltlu, B. Van Alstinc, L. Zclmcr, C. Rozcllc, B. Ruckdashcl, P. Wilmtcrs, E. Piel. Third Row: lvl. Mcinhurdt, L. Linlwcrq, M. Poppy, V. Rcdnumn, I. Suhimkc, M. Olvcrstadt, G. Winkclmun. E. Sclwocdur, l. Pilon, L. Stcvcr. A, Worm, D. Smith. C. Stcvcr, Maddcn, V. Ncilson. Top Raw: lt Olwcstcr, E. Laughlin, Lvmkc, A. Wolf1'z1tl1. li. Wornmm, E. Otto, Much, G. Wirlcklcr, R, Nelson, E, lVlcPCak, G. Rusch, M. Schrocdcr. G. Schounrock, R. Phillips, C. Schulz. , Sophomore Class Seuf - R. BARTLIATT Trcas.-C. Srcucr F.. I l I 1 ...J t 1 Bottom Row: Pa. Gesse. Berzill, A. Drath. B. Heinbrook, R. Huntley. L. Krenke. G. Hanlon, ll. liacqics. M7 Davis. P. Kellogg. C. Boettchcr, H. lohnsoil. R. Hoffman, H. Huntley. Second Rout: I. Butler. l. I'redrick. V. Huntley. B. Heidke, L. Gruetzmacher, ll, Bchin, l'. Lrawvunder. L. Grnwvunder. S. Kent. Cmddis. Ib Iglll-1-5, DA Giglwl, D, Gittcr, B, Collcr, Third Row: I. Draper, K. Crain, G. Heimbruch, L. Kimpw. lb 1111111111111 A1 Blagkg, D, Brigqo, R, Ht-rzlcldt, D. llOL'l'lIl, l. Grachel. IVI. Adclman. M. Hartquist, I. Hola 1111111, lA Cl1rigtt-ng,-11, li Klart, Top R0 -1 V, Kg-rgten. H. Hall, H, Gagnow, L. Frank, D. Browgi. lt. Kicckliaiicr, P. lagoditsh, D. Bunlgc, gsbdoh, R. Clilfki C BUCIOW- I- Ffl'3l7UfQf'f- I Y J 1 ' Y Y' 7' if Sergeants - ,v Q Pres.-L. STERN V.-Pres.-M. l"'lAR'l'QIIlS'I' "Aw, we dont have to work anymore, take it easy like the Seniors do." Results: detention or learning the art of scraping gum from the backs of chairs with Chisels. The luniors really went to town in the homecoming parade. The "Explosions" and the "Stink" b0mbS were the results of the new chemists. Iunior Victory Reporters were a great contribution to Debate explaining that you shouldnt drive almost 36 miles an hour! I wonder who is going to be King and Queen this year? "I hope it will be ................ . And so it kept on until the voting for the Presidency took place. Then came the second semester and the Iunior boys were simply 'itickled pink" over the idea of gym 5 days a week. They will Ilever forget those happy days of army cales- thenics. The top sergeant kept hollering "Fall in line, buck-privates "push-ups." Ready! l-2-l-2 iten minutes later-l 11-2-1-2, Come on! tArch that lwackll O. K.l men, we'll now have the Holfstacle course" and for your reward you may punch "schikelgruber" in the face. Some fun, hey fellows, but then it was to build you up to be "Supermen." The luniors also showed up their acting ability in the one-act play. Remember those days of rehearsals? It was fun though. Now we have to rack Our brains fOr the final exams, and just think, next year well be 'iCocky" SeniOrS. The lUl'li0I'S made good USG ofthe motto: "Enter to Learn" and in another year will "Go forth to Serve"-in the army! , we'll now have our l ' I 93. f ffsg - -4 Iiuttuni Rami: li. Smith, N. Lwirmzm, V, Ricckmzmn, R. Pclky, E. Magglc. M. Maxted, B. Lovejoy, D. Zzichow A. VVvi'ncr. G. Wuuchiiiski, O. Mcycrs, S. Rup lc. Sccom1Roui: A. Tliziy0r,C. Ocstrcich, B. Ricc, B. Ticks L. Tliomzi, li. Ticks. Ps. Oppcr, Nl. Rohan, lgoham, R. VVziincr. I. Prahl, G. Murphy. Third Row: li 'l'lmyi-r, R. Snukctt, S, Pogorclski, M. Sri-wart, lil, MCCl0llL', D. Zucgv, A. Slzidlcr, D. Scliimkc, L Sclizirtaiii. M. Rzuschkc, R. Lvr'cl1ci', R. Rzicliulwl, l. Smith, L. Thorn. Top Row: C. Popkv, W. Ricckinzmn lf. Gust. H, Plowiiiaiii, A. Scllv, T. Szitcrsfmiii, A. Wcwuliiiiski, L. Springmirc, G. Sullivan, D. Mcshkc V. Pi-tit. R. VVollc1'mnii, D. Smith, M. lVlcLziiigI1lin. Junior Class Scu.-D. Zxwiiow Trcasfl. CHRISTIENSHN 'C AFTER HOURS mummfva-, .4-K ' ' , , ,K .Q . LLL E. Pingcl. D. F0l1Sf21Cl. R. Noskovink, D, Huclmvr, M Blinli. lvl. Cclwliv, D. Zuvgc. R. Spochr, H. HL-blw R. Quant, C. Gorges, A. Ingoditsch, M. Ritchie, B. Van Alstixlc, D. Rccsc, D. Sclwocning. C, Bocttchcr L. Grnupmnn. Senior Class Play All School Play T. Borclmrdt, D. Zzxclmw, M. Hnrtquist. A. lint., L. IL'llL'I'S,R.DJILIHQICY.l:.SCllllllhlliCI',D,SII1lfl1,M.G-'llI'kL' C. Larson, I. Goddis, D. Rccsc. mil Bottom Row: H. Hebbe, A. Leppla, M. Ritchie. C. Boettcher, E. Smith, C. Boettcher. Top Row: D. Schoening, M. M' ' ' " axted, R. Warner, G. Murphy, R. Rieckmann, D. Huebner. The local troupe of Thespians No. ll9 started things off with a "bang" by drawing up a new constitution and initiating a group of amateurs. The "stars" sponsored the one-act play contest, giving each class a chance to show its acting ability. The winning class had its name engraved on a placque presented to the school by the Thespians. Under the direction of Miss Schielke, the Thespians presented a comedy of youth entitled. "Life Begins at Sixteen." The central characters were Paul and Frannie Hollis, sixteen-year old twins. The mother won a radio contest and with her husband had been rewarded a trip to Havanna. During their absence, Paul decides the Hollis Shoe Store will undergo a modernization and turns his talents to the private life of his sister Marjorie To aid him in these schemes, he enlists the "secret Seven." a society of sixteen-year-olds ol which he is president. Officers of the Troupe this year were: Donald Huebner, Pres., Carl Boettcher, Vice Pres., Mary Ritchie. Sec., and Treas. Maxine Maxsted. Thespians T ' .ff-:Qi 'H t , ,. . A Vocal Bombarcliers --Y i "A" lklnitt' Sqnacl: M, Gelirke. Christensen. Mr. North, G. Murphy, lVl. lVlaXted. VVashington High School may well be pgoud ol the merits of this years debate squad. debating the question "Resolved, that a Federal World Government Should Be listab' lished." The "A" squad, composed of lean L:1Flf1lClSCll and Glenna Murphy, alliirmative. and lVlarguerite Gehrke and Maxine Nlaxted. negative, distinguished itself by representing our sehool in the Wiscoiisin High School Forensic Association debate tournament held in the state capitol at Nladison. ln order to attend this state-wide event, the squad was required to win four out of six debates at its district tourname ' ' ' open to all high schools in the Oshkosh District, thirteen schools attending. Qur debate squad also attended the National Forensic League district debate tournament held at Nlare quette University in Milwaukee. The team Wo made numerous appearances at meetings ol nt. lhis tournament was local service clubs. A promising Freshman group composed the "B" squad. The affirmative team consisted of Tearle Borchardt and Willizim Fitzgerald. and the negative, Clifford Larson and Charles Mattka. Both of the debate squads were coaqhqd by Mr, North, "B" Debate Squad: VV. Fitzgerald, C. Maltka, Mr. North. C. Larson. T, Psorchardt. 'B' Debate Squad Propaganda Ministers First Row: G. Murphy, B. Lercher, I. Gaddis, R. Wainer. Second Row: lvl. Maxted, L. Ieffcrs. M. Hartquist. Third Row: 1. Christensen, M. Gehrke, C. Bocttcher. Fourth Row: W. Fitzgerald, D. Smith, Mr. North, Coach. The National Forensic League, commonly known as the N. F. L. is a national honor society. Students who have been accepted in the organization have to continue to do out- standing work in speech or debate or they are dropped from membership. New London's chapter has a roll call of eleven. The officers for the year were: Pres., M. Gehrke: Vice Pres., I. Gaddis: Sec., L. Ieffers: Treas., M. Hartquist. Twenty-one contestants, who survived the school elimination contest, competed in the All-School Final held on March 12. Our "All-School Champions" for 19'-13 were: Oratory, Mar uerite Gehrke: Extemp Speaking, Marguerite Gehrkei Non-humorous Declam, Clar- issa Loettcher: Humorous Declam ,Maxine Gaddisg Extemp Reading, Ellen Smith. The League VIII Contest in the Oshkosh diSfriCt Of the Wisconsin High School Forensic Assoc- iation, which was held at our school, brought honors to the following students: Oratory. Marguerite Gehrke and Ruth Wainer: Extemp Speaking, Glenna Murphy and jean Gaddis: Non-humorous Declam, Lorraine letters and Clarissa Boettcherp Humorous De- Clam, Maxine Gaddis: Extemp Reading, Ellen Smith and Dolores Zachow. This year the Conference forensic meet was held at K3Uk311113 on April 10, N. F. L. Forensics , , , s I Uorrorzi lfo z A, Miller. D. Huebner, N. Kuppernus, L. Knapp, D. Fonstad, W. Bergmann, C. Bcr 'clit l Smith, L. Linberq. Second Row: l-l. Miles. A. Werner, D. Smith. G. Fisher, D. Schroeder, Min it ll.l'1icc. ll. VVainc1', M Forster, G. Rusch. Third Row: Berzill, M. Quant, V. Krueger. C. Larsoi lloi'cl'zi:':li, IC lfrausc. M. Gadclis, Krause, R. Lctcher, R. Ory. V. Peters, G. Sanders. Fourth Roi llccfc. ll. Kfzplicn. lvl. Maxted, I. Cristy. L. Krenke. B. Weber, D. Runge. L. Thorn, O. Pribbcrnnu llutr. D. flchocning, D. Hanke, Top Row: I. Lemke, R. Lyons, E. Darrow, M. Blink. D. Kringi lluntlry. ll S.iw.ill, P. Kellogg, M. Raschke. Band 1 .... . l H 1 "Crash" went the cymbols, the flutes begin to twitter, and all the budding Dorseys and Iames leaped for their places as another re- hearsal got under way. Convinced that only "practice makes perfect," the members settled back for another session, directed by Mr. W. B. Wright. The new members caught on quickly and it wasnt long before we heard "The Knightsbridge March" being clashed oil :imply as routine. Came Spring and able soloists appearegl lighting for practice rooms as the annual Music Festival neared. Honest toil was re- warded once more. Finally, being able to relax, they did shyly but surely bring out thc moth balls as another season was at an end. Officers were: Pres., D. Fonstad: V. Pres. D. Reese: Sec.-Treas., V. Peters: Point Sec.. M. Maxted. llotloni lfoziw G. lXflnrpliy. Christensen. M, Ha:'tq.iisi', R, Spot-In-, G, Wgili'4itli, I,, 'l'lioi-ii, K. Crain. V. Volz. D. Schoenrock, Top Row: tl. Miltig, R. Oi-y, 'lf Borcliardt, M. liliiilr l Ltni t Runge. B, VVeher. i'Heyl Whos got any rosin?" "Oh darn, my E string just broke!" "Hey. Glenna. what did you do with my music?" Thus did the sixteen members of our Orchesta convene every Mon- day, Wednesday, and Friday to re- hearse their selections. iiThe Serbian Peasant Dance" was chosen as an eye operer and all nine violins proceded to fill the air with fiery music. Piano chords supplied the hackground as lovelv melodies floated through the veniilators into every classroom. A select group formed an ensemble and hecame a familiar sight in the en- tertaininent world. Appearances were made at the style shows, the plays, and for various other programs. Favorite selections included "Th: Bohemian Girl," "Viennese lVlemories" and "A Russian Episode." Several nienihers of the hand organfe ized a dance orchestra which played for various dances during the school term. Orchestra .5 ' 'R -y 1 X' J i i I. -f il' i .I Bottom lwrn: A. VVcrncr. Y. La Marche. S. Estlund. C. Bocttchcr, M. Maxtcd, O. Stichtmann, A. Sp'cttvr. l C. Gorges, li. Van Alstinc, M. Platte, D. Cvitter. Second Row: F.. Magglc, M. Quant. A. Lcppla. C. lihlkv. ,I ll. Love loy. li. Smith, N. Lcarman, V. Rieckrnann, R. Pclky, M. Stewart, I. Kroll. Top Row: lil. Blink. '- ' R. Lyon. D. Schocning, D. Fonstad. R. Quant, D. Mcshkc, A. Wocliiriski, F. Schumacher, D. listiuntl, R. Clark, T, Satcrstroni. HIGH :I MEDIUM "My heart is a silent vi-o-lin," so rcsoundcd the walls of the high school every Monday. Wedr.esday, and Friday as all the first hour classes raised their weary heads to listen. The Mixed Chorus was in session. Under the direc- tion of Miss Florence Hasse, the vocal depart- ment labored diligently preparing for its annual concerts. Their schedule included appearancq-1 for Armistice Day, Christmas, and the annual Spring Festival. Officers included D. Schoening, Pres.: B. Vail Alstine, V. Pres.: M. Maxsted, Sect.-Treats.: and D. Fonstad, Librarian. LOW I 'QQ Sweel Music Sfudenl' Council The Student Council con- sisted of sixteen members, who represented the various organizations and classes of the school. With R. Quant as their Pres: D. Schoening, Vice-Pres.: and R. Nosko- viak, Scc't.-Treas , they as- sisted in directing the extra curricular activities, promot- ed school spirit and student self-government, and aided in making a firmer and better school. During the year the Coun- cil prepared the assembly programs and also sponsored several dances after basket- ball games to raise money to purchase War Bonds. if t it - .1uSTicE QQUBI, ui!! G U ii C, Y " "ff " figs, tvs . .cries 22 xl 1 47 s Bottom Row: D. Schocning, R. Quant, G. Fisher. Second Row: D. Crain, I. Knapstein, E. Knapstein B Van Alstine. P. Iagoditsh, I. Walker, B. Fitzgerald. Top Row: G. Hanlon, R. Wainer, G. Murphy C., Larson, M. Gchrke. I.o!1wn lfow: ll. Schroeder, E. Krauze. S. Rupple, A. Ticks. W. Rieckmann, A. Rieckmann, H. l'iel. M. Gorges. F. Larson. Second Row: R. Young, R. Huntley, Cv. Cuff, D. Crain, C. Larson, C. Cerntlt, G. l'i1ersl. C. Stern. D. liuerst. Third ROIUZ E. Gflletzmacher, H. Guerin, T. Murphy. B. llackes, ll. Knutzen. D. Redmann, D. Krause, H. Macklin, R. Moser, E. Fitzgerald. Fourth Row: C. Loughrin, C. llolulns, V. Gorges, R. Krause, H. Gagnow, E. Worm, O. Selle, O. Rieckmann, li. Crain, D. Prellwiiz Top Row: H. Plowinan, li. Otto, K. Geske, G. Winckler, L. Iohnson, H. Tech, A. Selle, I. Much, V. Our "Land" Army The purpose of the Future Farmers of America is to provide training and recreation lor farm boys in high school. Ar the beginning of the year the Chapter made out a program oi activities under the direction of Mr. Warner. Some of the activities carried on during the year were: The parent and son banquet, the judging contest at Madison, and the sponsor- ing of a movie. A large food production program has been planned for this summer. Softball teams were organized for recration during noon hours. When the winter months came, the boys played basketball in the gym. Five games were played with the li Petit. Cuff. squad and two with the Shiocton Chapter. Officers were: D. Crain, Pres.: C. Larson. V. Pres.: S. Rupple, Sec't.g Cuff, Treas.: I. Much, Reporterp H. Tech, Watch Dog. l F. F. A.. Sports . Bottom Row: lVl. Gorges, T. Tech, A. Ticks. C. Cvernclt. Top Row: Cv. lfuerst, H. Gagnow. A. Selle, C. Larson, T. Murphy. I I lQ'uz:': P. llaiomoi. Huclii oi, D. Reinert, L. Schoeniclc. D. lVlcNutt. C. Ehllie, A. Laugh in telmow, B, l51u'lov.', M. Cufl, B. Ticks, H. Zeinpel. Second Row: C. Meshke. M. Brault, D leiv M lliteliie, ID. l5.iuei'. li. Piel. R. Laughlin, M. lilnnker, L, Gruetzinacher, Schimkc, M. Gaddis Tlurrl 'iw 1': V, Stick, l, Kroll, Buelow, M. House, M. Lapp, Schiinke. B, Knutzen, L. Harmon, Y. La M irclu. l'ii.ks, l, Pilon, G. Wiiikeliiiaiil. Top Row: V. Redmann, D. Schiinke, V. Rieckinann, A. Leppli M ll nike, l. Frederick, l. VVulker, V. Huntley, M, Oherstadt, K. Pogorelski, A, Iagoditsch. The "Home" Front The Future I-lomemakers association consisting of sixty-live members was under the direction of Pres., Anna Mae Iagoditsch, Vice-Pres., Audrey Leppla, Sec., Lucille Harmon, and Treas., Verna Mae Rieckman. This or- ganization provides opportunities for leadership training and an appreciation of homemaking as a vocation. As the members progress in leadership and in their ability as homemakers they may become affiliated with one of the three circles-candle, home, or flreside. During the year, the Future l-lomemakers under the supervision of Home Economics instructors, Mable Nock and Alice Goodrich, held regular social and business meetings, sponsored two style shows, and entertained the eighth grade students of the surrounding communities. The girls also contributed their bit toward the war effort by their Red Cross work. 4 tom Ron-: C. lioetteher. D. Abel. Top Row: P. Kellogg, D. Hanke, D, Reese, Darrow, W. Abel. C. Larson. Camera Club Batgom Row: C. Gor es. I. Grossman. E. Knapstein, M. Ritchie. Second Row: D. Hanke, M. Hammerberg. 'I. Kuppernus, I. napstein, C. Larson, D. Reese. Top Row: D. Huebner. D. Schoening, P. Iagoditsch. R. Rieckmann, B. Prentice, R. Quant. X Q lg Bureau of Records After the first few weeks of school, the "Classmate" staff was selected and assignments were handed out, under the direction of Miss Iohnson and Mr. Krause. ln due time the editor and co-editor had planned a war-time book with a military theme. The business man- ager worked out financial conditions under wartime conditions. The artist went to work at military designs, while the photographers were kept busy snapping pictures of all-school events. The rest of the staff worked laboriously over their write-ups to be handed in later or late! The typists hands then flew over the keys and off went the "Classmate of 1943" to press. Editor ........ ....... D . Huebner Co-Editor ................. ........ I . Kuppernus Business Manager ..... ..,,...... M . Ritchie Administration ...... ..,..,,.,,. C , Gorges Classes ............... ....... I , Knapstein Humor .,..... .,..... R . Noskoviak Forensics ...... ....... D , Schoenng Music .................. ............... R . Quant B0y'S Athletics ...... ......,,,.,,,,,,r C , Larsen Girl's Atllletifls ...... ......... M . Hammerberg Dramatcis ........... ,,,,,., R , Rieckmann Clubs ................... ......... .......... I . Grossman Art .,.,..,.......................,.,,............ E. Knapstein Typists .... C. Ehlke, P. Iagoditsh, B. Prentice .El x Bureau of Information The School Daze was started in 1936 as a project of the Iournalism class. Under super- vision of Miss Krueger, it is published weekly with the purpose of keeping students in- formed of all school activities. Sections of the paper contain news of athletic contests, classes, and the various organi- zations. A. book review column was published to get the students acquainted with new library books. The Usenior spotlight" characterized seniors. The inquiring reporter Ob- tained opinions of students on certain questions. The "News from our Neighbors" column acquainted us with what other schools are doing. And last but not least-the humor page- which made many a student chuckle. Along with the regular issues, "extras" were produced with colorful cover designs for special occasions, Co-Editors .......... D. Huebner, R. Noskoviak Headline: ..........,..................... A. Iagoditsch Calendar and Filing ..... ............ A . Leppla Assistant ................... ............ E . Draper Editorials ...... ...... D . Schoening Cartoons ,,,, ........ B . Lercher Features ..... ........... C . Ehlke Assistant ....... ...... P . Iagoditsflh Assistant ,............................ .......... D . Giebel Reporters-E. Zimmerman, G. Hanlon, B. Hayward, H. Hebbe, Kuppernus, B. Lovejoy, M. Adelman, R. Pelkey. Ty ists-B. Gesse, L. Thoma, B. Heidke, I-E. Spletter, O. Stichmann. Mimeographers-R. Ory, M. Myers, E. Kramer. Bottom Row: I. Kuppernus, E. Zimmerman, B. Heidke, B. Lcrcher, D. Giebel, E. Draper. B. Love Ioy, B. Gesse. Second Row: L. Thoma, R. Pellplf, P. Iaggditsch, A. Splatter, O. Stichmann, A. Le pla, M. M ers, E. Kramer. Top Row: R. Ory. G. anlon, .Hebbe, B. Hayward, A. Iagoditsch, M. Xdelman, D. liluebner, D. Schoening. 5'issS???Eiwssiw-1 ' , . . - V Morale Builders 2 . 'ln ,gpg E -eff' . '14 Bottom Row: li. Scluuuachcr, H, Miles. M. Ritchie, M. Tlitchic. D Giebcl. P. Crain, li. Lerclier. T. Murphy Scwoml Rout: G. Allen, D. Crain. M, Gt-hrkc. E. Kuapstciu, V. Ricckmanu, Mcllcak, Nl. llxaul, I' Kellogg. Top Row: D. Hauke, lircibiirger, U, llonstacl, M. Maxtcd, R, Vvaincr, G. Fisher, Kuapslem U. llucbner. D. Smith. The thirty peppy members of the Pep Club cooperating with their leaders, Pres., Dave Smith, Vice-Pres., Marguerite Gehrke. and beet-Treas., lane Knapstein, assisted with many of the activities of the school year. The club prepared one of the biggest events of the year, the Homecoming, taking charge of the bonfire, parade, and dance. The very successful HChristmas Hop" was added to the activities and two parties were also given. The one in the fall was a "war time" party which featured a scrap metal drive, commando tactics and a blackout, During the year Freshmen were initiated into the club and cheerleaders were chosen. The Club regretted the loss of Miss Klucinske, but her place was ably lilled by Miss Schiellxc who assisted Miss Halverson in the supervision of the club. Xl. .gg Ji 1 X1 wi .L J, f- . Kf: ,f I I V .gifs 1 ' .7 S 1 Q- Try. Ja . , I f ami 1 Bottom Row: L. Macklin, Mgr., C. Mattka, F. Larson, I. Rickaby. R. Lyon, C. Larson, T. Murphy, E. Blink. L. Wing. H. Plowman, R. Moser, C. Buelow, R. Huntley, Mgr. Second Row: L. Stern, E. Koplein, I. Beckinan, C. Bellilc, C. Larson, Klcinbrook, N. Humblet, D. Crain, K. Barlow, M. Dent, W. Bergmann. E. Mcpcak. Top Row: G. l-luntle ,K. Schoenrock. Bodoh, D. Hanke, A. Cummings, M. Blink. ll. Brown. G. Rohan, R. Clark, lzlitzgerald, H. Thompson, L. Sengstock, T. Satcrstroni, D. Smith, C. Schulz, Coach Charlesworth, The first day of school Coach Charlesworth welcomed forty-five with football suits. Seven lettermen were back to form the nucleous of the football team, making the outlook . bright for the season's maneuvers. The Bulldogs were about-faced in the first game by a strong Kaukauna team, 13 to O. Our revenge was macle at the Homecoming game by defeating Clintonville with a score of 26 to 12. A giant Shawano team beat us 25 to O. all 1 West De Pere tied us by a score of 7 to 7 with a lot of passes thrown by both teams. The East De Pere eleven went over the top to win 34-13. The last game of the sea- son was played at Neenah. Neenalrs homecoming made them a determined team and we lost this encounter, 13 to O. H . Sixteen letters were awarded at the end of the season and lim Bodoh was elected captain of next year's team. Al-1 though our team did their best, they were hit with hard luck on their "advances" to the "enemies" front line. - V-.N-, .1 . 1 r 5 Bottom Row: li. Pinglc, D. Bunkc, D. Crain, I. Bodoli. L. Graupman. Top Row: D. Meshkc, G. Huntley, L. Stern. li. lVlcPcnk. 1. Klcinbroolc. G. Hanlon. After a practice game with Wisconsin Rapids, the Bulldogs won their first conference game by beating Clintonville 18 to 7. Then came three losses: to Kaukauna 23 to 20, to Neenah 37 to 19, and to Shawano 27 to 23. The alumni, however, found our team too fast as we won 34 to 21. The next was an encounter with West De Pere in which we won 26 to 12. Our boys were defeated by St. 1V1ary's 21 to 20. but won from Kimberly 41 to 25. An amazing victory was taken at Menasha by a score of 32 to 26. Then we came back at St. Mary's by winning 26-25. Clintonville defeated us 20 to 17 in a hard played game, Kaukauna was beaten 26 to 21, but we lost to Neenah 33 to 27 and Shawano 25 to 16. Again we defeated West De Pere with a Score of 25 to 23. A determined Menasha team feat us 33 to 20. The cagers traveled to Shawano for the tournament and defeated Pulaski, but lost to Shawano and Bonduel. We finished in fourth place. Four seniors-Huntley, Graupman, Crain, and Pingle ended their basketball careers this year. Aerial Barrage Uotrom Row: ll. lzigoditscli. R. Lyon, Lemke, R. Sawall, R. Ioubert. Twp Roz:-z li. Icffsrs. V. Kroll, C. Gcrndt, W. Bergmann, L. Wiiig, D. Runge. f i f llntm,-ii lfuw: C. llellile, D. Kringel. N. Hunilvlet, R. R ossey. E. Pingle, L. Graupman. D. Hanke, L. Stern. I Rickalny, R. louhert, C. Larson. Second Roni: L. Hecltke, D. Heuer. L. Macklin, R. Lyon. T. Murphy. li. lilink. V. Kroll, H. lohnson, W. Ahel, D. Schroeder, R. Lathrop. Third Roni: W. Fitzgerald, H. Miles. D. Alvel, M. Dent, C. Schultz. D. Dent, R. Sawall, Lemke, R. Fritz, Monstacl. li. Gast. L. llringnitz, G. Cuff. Coach Charlesworth. Top Roni: R. Munger. H. Christianson. C. Mattka, E. lagoditsch. ll. Plownian. A. Ticks, A. Selle, C. Popke, R. Heiinhriicli, L. McFaul. R. VVallerman, R. Christian. 0ur"lv1osquii'o" Squadron After a lairly successful season last year, the New London track team entered this season with high hopes. Last ye n' the team won first at the District meet and fifth at the Conference meet. ln .1 triangular meet with VVanpac.i and Menaslia we took first place. We won second place in another triangular meet with VVisconsin Ravids and Willl aca. l This year seven letternien returned to form the nucleus of our squad. We enterecl a triangular meet with Neenali and Menaslia, another triangular with Menaslla and VVaupaca. the Conference meet. and the District meet. g 4 l f A Burton: Roni: D. Reese, D. Hanke. G. VVoc'iinsk'. C. Loughrin, G. Fuerst, P. Kellogg, L. Krenke. ll. Meshke. N. llumlwlet, M. Blink, R. Quant. C. Larson, R. Huntley. Second Roni: A. Ticks, H. lhoinpson. L. Stern. C. Buelow, L. Otis, G. Hanlon. Cv. Sanders, O. Nleyers. E. Geist. R. Kiek- liafer. M. McLaughlin, I. Seif, H. Huntley. Third Row: D. Schoening, Fitzgerald, H. Plowman. l.. Sengstock, R. Hunke, R. Spoehr, L. Spring mire, H. Hall. H. Tech. G. Krueger, G. Huntley. D. Kringel. Top Roni: D. Koch, V. Kersten, R. VVollerman, E. Pingle. Bocloh. L. Graupnian V. lvlagadanz. A. Selle. C. Popke, D. Lyon, G. Sullivan. l A A, --.AQC5 li I Iiuftuiu Rtuiiz D. Prellwitz, L. Priuguifz, R. Young, li. VVeber, M. Petit,T. Mathewson, I. VValleui'.uig. ll. Nlilvs . . , , - . Ci. Sli-ru..St-t'iviii1iu11': R. bawall, I. Rickaby, H. Macklin, K. lXlirhaelis, V. Volz. ID. Meutzel, 'l'. Murphy IQ. Runge. M. Vetter. I. VVhitmam. Third Row: Ci, VViuckler, C. Schulz, R. Phillips, L. Wiiitl, M. S.lii'at-tit-i I lx. XX'ui'iii, ll Retiiuaiui. VV. 'l'olt:iuau, R. Moser. V. Mcbaiil. 0. Rieekmauu. Top Rowzl C. Nlalilca. R l. uth. Ci. Sclioeiirock. li. VVoriu, li. Otto, G. Rus,h. I. Millard, L. McFaul. R. Nelson. K. Pinilil. O. Sul e Our Commandos 'l'lie lioys' lntramural Athletic Association, under the supervision of Mr. Shortell, was active in speedball, basketball, volleyball, and softball, with such individual activities as horseshoe, basketball golf, basketball free-throw. and ping-pong, Points were awarded for participation in sports and for taking lst, Znd, 3rd, 4th, and Sth places. Points required for a letter are l60 and must be earned in a two-year period. Officers in the year 1942-43 were held by Pres. C. Larson: Vice-Pres., Iohn liecluuauz Sec-Treas., P. Kellogg: Student Council Representative, R. Quandt. liiwfriwi lftiw: H. Ciueriu. lf. Fitzgerald, R, Lathrop. Loss, D. Heuer. C. Law. VV. Abel. U. liaeliiiiaii. ll. liricco, U. Lyon, C. Larson. Secmicl Row: M, Gorges, li. Koplieu. M. Ueut, U. lleut, ll. Abel. R. Lyon. li. L.u'sou, R. Ioubert, lf. Iagoditscli. lf. Kramer. Third Row: G. Cuff, C. Cieiutll, lt. llliiik, I.. Ioluisou, I. Lt-nike, V. Gorges, li. Darrow, K. Ieffers, V. Kroll. D. liuerst. I. Cristy. C. llvllilv. Twp Row: G. listeilirook. R. Grossmzm. H. Knutzen. R. Fritz. R. Hiiiitley. 'I'. lhii-tliai-til. R. Kiilwitz, VV. Fitzgerald. L. Hedtke, R. Crain, L. Ernst, H. Butt. fs..-'- uf L .A xx A -lb fivlfwfvl Rwwr A. llrlaske. R. Lercher. M. Raschke. lNKuppernus, E. Zimmerman. P. Williziiiis. I. Knipsu-iii, D. l3m'clim'dl. U. Cliiassen. SeconclRm1': R. 3lIlL'I'. B. Coller. M. Maxted. D. llxricco. l,. illlumrn. A. lagodirsth, Hoffman, lf. Rohan, M. Gehrke. l. Kroll. Top Row: S. Runge. M. .A-ClCll1hlll. A. Miller, ll. Hzuilc, ll. lagotlilscli, I. llrahl, B. Hayward, M. Hammerbcrg, Christensen. Cur Future W. A. A. C.'s The Girls' Athletic Association, under the supervision of Miss Kenzie, started with a large turnout for soccer. Archery accompanied soccer with the Aces on the beam with di rect hits on the red and gold. Midwinter brought basketball and bowling with a hilarious Christmas party and an initiation of new members. Volleyball and ping-pong played ai large part in the program for the winter months. Spring brought with it the baseball and tennis games. Officers for the year of l942-43 were: Pres., M. D. Hammerberg: Vice Pres., Chris- ensen: Sect.-Treas., C. Uestreich: Student Council Representative, P. Iagoditsch. Ilormm Roar: C. Stl-vcr, A. VVorm. B. Weber. D. Runge. I. Krause. D. Fe-hrman. B. Knapp. M. Suckelt. L. Gorman. ll. Burton. lf. Schoenrock. Top Rout: M. Constan. G. Fisher, M. l'mr.iu t. V. liriirgvr. M. Stewart. S. Maxted. H. Freeman, L. Gunderson. L. Learman, l. l'ilon, li. Van Alstinx. P. Hcrrcs. KENNETH ALLEN 'Kenny' CLARISSA BOETTCHER SARAH BROWN 'Sadie' "I speak in a monstrous little voice." BIAA 1.2.3 "Scatterbrain - you darling little scatterbrain. ' Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Band 1.2.3,4g Pep Club 4: Thes- pians 2,3,4g Thespian Pla 3,43 Senior Class Play One Act Play 1: One Act Play Director 3.4: Ext. Read- ing 35 Prom Comm. 3: NFL 2,3,4, Sect. 3: All School "Sometimes she sits anrl thinks and sometimes she just sits." GAA 1,2 KENNETH BARLOW Play 2 MAINARD BLINK "On the football fc-ld he did rule, and in the classroom lu- did fool." Mixed Chorus 43 Orchestra 4: Band 3,45 Senior Class Play 4: Football 2.3,4: BIAA 1,2.3.4: FFA 1,2,3,4: FFA Basketball l,2.3,4: FFA Iudg- ing Team 3 LOWELL BREITING 'Bry' "Let the world go as it may. l'll go either way." BIAA 1,2 33 FFA 1,2: FFA Iuclging Team, 3 "I'm going to sleep this period because I have to work next period." Football 4: Track 1,23 BIAA l,2,3,,4 HELEN BOCKIN "She has a quiet nature. but just a little fun won't hurt anyone." Connie' DOROTHY BORCHARDT I-IELEN BUTLER Blondie "Wliat would I do without "Dancing and playing Dorothy." through life I go. Never a GAA 12,14 thought for work or woe." Mixed Chorus 1: GAA l Twirler 12.3.4 BETTY BRINGER "Bored with education." Mixed Chorus 3.43 GAA 1,2 l"nANcxs Burrs VALnmA IEAN DILEY 'Diley' DARYL FONSTAD 'Fonnic' "Speak up, Francis, what "I never let my schoolwork "Strictly a woman's man, you have to say might bc interfere with my education." cvcn though hc 'is a tough worth hearing." Orchestra 123: Home EC. hombref' BIAA1,2,3 Club I Mixed Chorus 4, Orchestra 2,32 Band l,2.3,4: President 4: Pep Club 4: Senior Class Play 43 Track 3: BIAA l,2,35 Prom Comm. 3 DONALD CRAIN 'Irish' IACK FITZGERALD l "The weathcr's changeable- so is he." Student Council 4g Class Pres. 2: Pep Club 1,2,3,45 Football l,2.3.4: Track 2.3.45 Basketball 2,3,4: BIAA 1,25 FFA l,2,3,4: FFA Basketball lg FFA Iudging Team lg l'rom Comm. 3 "A dillar. a dollar. a ten o'- clock scholar" DoRo'rHY CLAASSEN 'Tootic' C "Mc and Dorothy. and Dorothy and me." Mixed Chorus lg GAA 1.2 AROLINE EHLKE 'Carey' "A cute little bundle of fun and ???" Annual Staff 4: Student Council 4: School Daze 3.4: Mixed Chorus 2.3.41 Glee Club 1: Thespians 3,43 Senior Class Play 4: One Act Play l.2.3: One Act Play Director 4: Home Ec. Club 2,3.4. Vice-Pres. 3. GLENN Fuuusr "There must bc a lot of work in him. for none ever comes out. BIAA l,2,3.4: FFA l,2.3,4: FFA Basketball 2,3,43 FFA ludging Team 2,4 IAMES CuFF SARAH FLLINKER "Quiet-but be careful." "Oh H Boy .' Thcrc goes a BIAA l,2,3,4g FFA 1,2,3,4: man" FFA Basketball 3,41 FFA Iudging Team 2,3 I lv'Ar:m1mzi1'1e Giennxii 'Fluffy' LEON GRAuP1viAN 'Flash' "Did you ever see a dream walking?" Student Council 4: Mixed Chorus 1.2: Twirler 1.2,3: Pep Club l.2.3.4. Vice-Pres. 4: Senior Class Play 43 De- bate 1.2,3.4: Ext. Reading 1,23 Declam. 1,2.3.4g GAA l,2,3.4: Cheer Leader 1,25 NFL 1.2. "Watch that boy. he's fast ."' Class Vice-Pres. 2: Senior Class Play 4: Track 2,3,4 Basketball 2,3,4g BIAA 1.2.3 FFA 1.2: FFA Basketball 1 FFA Iudging Team 2 , Dmronn HANKE 'Hank' "All the girls sigh When he walks by." Annual Staff 4: Class Pres. 4: Mixed Chorus 1.2: Orches- tra 1.2.33 Band 1.2,3.4. Pres. 3: Pep Club 43 Senior Class Play 41 Football 1,2,3,4, Capt. 4: Track 1.2.3.-43 Bas- ketball Mgr. 3: BIAA 1.2.3,-1: Prom Comm. 3: Camera 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4 CHARLOTTE Gonoias 'Ruby' "She 'Entered to Learn' and shc'lI 'Go Forth to Serve."' Annual Staff 4: Mixed Chorus 2.3.41 Glee Club 1: Senior Class Play 43 Home Ec. Club 1' Club 4 Eiioon GRUETZMACHER 'Rufus' "A swell guy-when you get to know him." BIAA 1.2: FFA 1.2,3.4: FFA Iudging Team 2.3.4 l'liar.iaN Gouon lVlAE DAWN HAMMERBERI3 l3ia'1"i'ia Goomiu. "Her shorthand ability is wonderful." IEANNE GROSSMAN BARBARA HAYVN Ann Bobby "She may be small, but a swell kid." Annual Staff 4: Class Treas. 2: Glee Club 2: Home Ec. Club 2 A IQ, "Her tongue-is famed to fllllslfr Her hand is armed with skill. ' School Daze 3.43 Glee Clul- l.2: One Act Play 3: GAA Council 3: Prom Comm. 3 "A little plump on the H 'MHiSlQ' mellow side." Glee Club 1.2: Home Ec. Club 2 I live because of sports. Annual Staff 4: Class Vice- Pres. 1. Class Sect. 4: Glee Club lg GAA 12.3.43 Vice- Pres. 3. Pres. 4 HAROLD Hesse 'Blondy' "CurIed to thc qucen's taste -what queen?" School Daze 43 Mixed Chorus 33 Thespians 4: Sen- ior Class Play 4: BIAA 1.2, 3.4: Prom Committee 3: All School Play 3 VVENDELL HOWELL 'Windy' "Army Air Corps-here I come 1" v GEORGE HUNTLEY "Studying may make you guys wise. but it makes me othcrwisc."' Football 4: Basketball 2.3,4g BIAA LUELLA HIDDE 'Lou' BETTY lrlumnuar "One of those dangerous red- "I have my fun but not in heads." 'Y Q school. X K GAA 1,2 X x '. P Y - xr X K X A hi. . -N 11. .sl ' s ' x.- Pussau. lfleuvnsnucu 'Russf ,F 'P DONALD I-IUEBNER 'Don' ANNA MAE Izxcomrscu "Gee! What a big man .' ll? "Our own Bing Crosby." "Sober, but not serious. quiet. BIAA 2g FFA 1,2 ' ' 51 Student Council 2: Annual 4, but fl0f idle." .Q XO J if Editor: School Daze 3.4. CO- Student Council 3: School r' ti .. 1' Lbditorc Mixed Chorus 1.35 Daze 3.4: Glee Club 1.2: il y N' Orchestra l.2.3: Band l.2.3,4. Senior Class Play 4: GAA , N J -X Q, Twirler 4: Thespians 4. Pres.: l,2,3.4g Council 33 Home Ec. A S' Senior Class Play 4' One Act Club l,2,3,4. Pres. 4: Prom y ' A yi X Play 1.2: One Act Play Comm, 3 S .K f Tx Director 4: BIAA 1.2: Prom X . 'tx Comm. 3: All School Play 2 X'.' ny. '. -' 1 N 1 xxx DELORES Houx 1 'Houkie' Nonaam' HUMBLE1' "Life's too short to waste in study." Mixed Chorus 1.2.33 Band 2: GAA 1,2.3,4: Prom Comm. 3 "A perfect tributc to a pcrfcct athlete." Class Pres. 35 Football 3,43 Track l,2,4: BIAA l,2.3,4: Prom Comm. 3: All School Play 2 Pi-m.1s Imomrscu IANE KNAPSTEIN DCNMD KRINGEI, "O thou maker of love, miss me not I" Student Council 4: Annual Staff 4: Glee Club lc School Daze 45 Band 2: GAA l,2,3,4: Council 4: Prom Comm. 3 "Ready to be kidded and ready to kid youf, Student Council 3,43 Annual Staff 4: Class Sect. 2: Glee Club 1,2: Pep Club 2.3,4. Sect.-Treas. 4: G.A.A. l,2,3. 4: GAA Council 2: Prom Comm. 3 "All work and no fun Is not the life for me. Orchestra l,3: Band l,2,3.-l Track 2,3,4: Basketball 2.3 BIAA BETTY KLEINBROOK DONALD KOCH 'Don' "As Frank as they come." "All great men were bashful GAA lg Home Ee. Club 1: boy-9' Prom Comm. 3 BIAA 1.4 Pfxul, Kmcman BERNICE KNUTZEN Inmm KROLL 'Sm-c:y "No lipstick on his collar." "Quietly and calmly she "1t's a mystery how she holcl -'-Sfudem Council 3: class comes and goes." that sneeze back." Treas. 3: Basketball Manager Home Ee. Club 4: Entered Mixed Chorus 3,43 Glee Cin 2,33 BIAA l,2,3 from Oshkosh l2: GAA l,2,3,4: Home lit Club I,2,3,4 EVELYN KNAPSTEIN 'Lolly' BERNICE KOPLIEN "Dark brown eyes are dan- gerous things, They sometimes keep one from getting wings." Student Council 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Vice-Pres. 3: Mixed Chorus l.2,3, Pep Club l.2.3,4: GAA 1: Prom Comm. 3 "No mirror she needs from morn till night. Her dress, her hair remain just right." Class Sect. 45 Orchestra 3 Band l,2.3,4 45 GRANT KRUEGER AUDREY LEPPLA ROGER MCINTYRE "I came' herc to talk for loc." 'BIAA l.2.3.4 "My hi h school days were full of gun, But oh! those high school nights." School Daze 3.4: Class Sec't. lg Mixed Chorus 2.3.42 Glee Club 1: Thespians 43 Senior Class Play 4: One Act Play "Girls may come. and girls may go, But I go on forever-undis- turbecl. BIAA 2 lEANNE KUPPERNUS PHYLLIS Loucmzm 2.3: Home EC. Club Vice-Pres. 4 CHARLES LARSON "A quiet boy . . . but quite :1 boy." Annual Staff 43 Student Council 4: Football 3.4: Track 2.3.4: BIAA l.2,3,4. Vive-Pres. 3. Pres. 4: FFA Pres. 4: FFA Basket- ball l.2.3,43 FFA Iuzlging Team 2.3.4 l,2,3,4. VERNA LuND "I'm no angel, but I do have fun." Mixed Chorus 35 Glee Club 1.2: GAA 1.2.3 GERALDINE MCPEAK erry "Blondes are bothersome. I like to be bothered." Annual Staff 43 School Daze 3.4: GAA l.2,3.4: Prom Comm. 3 ALICE LAucnuN "She's little but so is a stick of dynamite." Glee Club 1.2: One Act Play 3: Home Ec. Club 1,2 "I can live without Poetry, music and walkingg But an Irishman never can live without talking." Class Treas. lg Mixed Chorus l.2.3, Pres, 2. Treas. 35 Pe Club 2.3.4: Debate 2: GAX Cheer Leader 2.3,4: NFL ROBERT MATHEWSON 'Matty' "She takes the world as she "Work and me don't agree." finds ff- Football 1.2.31 BIAA 1.2.3 Glee Club 1.2.33 Home Ee. Club Kal .ve f. -1' .if ' "ff , 1 " -'FA s ' 5 lv 1 -V . A." ff' ' I HW v .- WL - ,Nl 1.1.4 If I 1 or-.-mf .ff-.My fa , X .,.Avl, MARIAN MHQKLEY RUTH OPPER EARL PINGLE True to hou many???" "Very studious, and how! "The year is going-let it Glec Club 1 But uihcn she gets started. go."' WOW 1' Entered from Freedom 1940. GAAI Senior Class Play 4: Track 2.3.4. Basketball 3.4. BIAA 2.3,4: FFA 2: FFA Basket- ball 2 ROBERT NOSKOVIAK 'Cookie' LYNTON OT1s "Well, Napoleon was small too." Student Council Sec't.-Treas. 4: Annual Staff 43 School Daze 3.4. Co-Editor 4: Thes- pians 2.3.45 Thespian Play 3: Senior Class Pla 43 One Act Play 2,35 One Act Play Di- rector 45 Prom Comm. 3: All School Play 3 "Not lazy, lust don't feel like working." Football 1.2.35 Track 1.2: Baskelball 1.2.3. BIAA 1.2. 3.4: Prom Comm. 3: Camera Club 4 Aurimr MllIhR ROBERT Om R,-M IHOLASKE A 110041 WVU? Ol l'Um0l'-U "Our little pee-wee." "You would not know she Wind 4 GAA School Daze 4: Band 2.3.45 WOFIYS- BIAA 1,2 But her duties she never shirlrsf' Glce Club l .2 PHYLLIS OESTREICH VALols PETERS "Eucrybody's H friend. no- "Euerybody's friend, body'-9 enemy' One Buddy's best friend." C102 Club L25 GAA l'2'3"l Mixed Chorus 1.23 Glee Club lg Band l,2,3.4. Treas. 4 CLIFFORD POPPY ROSEMARY RIECKMANN "Women, what are they? I never heard of them ."' Football 2,33 BIAA 1.2,3: FFA 1.2.35 FFA Iudging Team 3 "Thank heaven, my bus days are over I" Annual Staff 43 Glee Club 1.2.35 Thespians 3.4: Thes- pian Play 3: Senior Class Play 43 One Act Play 2: Home EC. Club 1,2 EUNICE RoLEs "The thinkingest thinker that ever thunk." RAYMOND QUANT THEODORE ROBERTS 'Ted' "New London's Nelson Eddy." Student Council Pres. 43 Annual Stall: 4: Class Pres. 1: Mixed Chorus 3.4: Orches- tra 1.2: Senior Class Play 4: Debate 2: Ext. Reading 23 BIAA l,2.3,4. Sec't.-Treas. 3: Prom Comm. 3 "Do your best, and Ieaue the rest, U What's the use of worry? Thespian Play 1.2: One Act Play 1.2.33 Football 2.33 Basketball 1.2: Track 2: BIAA l.2.3,4: All School Play 1 DERNICE PRENTICE "A swell secretary for some- one-" Annual Staff 4: Home EC. Club 1.2.35 School Daze 3 lVlARY RITCHIE "It's nice to be natural when you're so naturally nice." Student Council 2.3: Annual Staff 43 Glee Club 1: Pep Club 1,2,3- Thespians 2.3.4. Sec't. 4: 'Ilhespian Play 2.3: Senior Class Play 4: One Act Play l: One Act Play Direc- tor, 3.4- GAA lg Home Ec. Club 1,23 Prom Comm. 3: All School play 2,3 ROBERT ROSSEY "Crank up the Ford, and lct's 90- 'ifrack 1,2,3: BIAA 1.2: FFA DALE REESE EUGENE ROHAN 'Gene' 411,171 not just a musician, l'm a whole brass band." Annual Staff 4: Band 1.23.43 Senior Class Pl? 45 BIAA l,2.3,4: Camera lub 4 "I danced last night, I danced the night before. o Going to dance tonight like'I never danced before." Fciogball 3.4: BIAA 1: FFA Gmuun SANDERS lolz SEIF KATHLEEN Siviiim' 'Eid you cvcr lzcar Piccalo "1 livc thc lifc I louc-?:"' Hlfglifn you look at livr WUI ' ctr?" BIAA 13,45 FFA 1 an iappy smilc, Studcnt Council lg Orchestra You'll know that smiling is 2.3: Band l,2,3,4: BIAA 1.2. right in style." 3,4 DALTON Sc:noi5NiNu "HES tlzc captain of his soul." Student Council Vice-Pres. 4: Annual Staff 4: School Daze 4: Mixed Chorus 1.4. Pres. 4: Orchestra 1.2: Band l,2.3,-13 Thespians 4: Thespian Play I3 Senior Class Play 4: Oni- Act Play 3: One Act Play Director 43 BIAA l,2,43 Prom Comm. 35 All School Play 3 Lois Sciuoiaulcx "Slw'll bc faithful to thc navy forever." Glcc Club l,2g Senior Class Elay 43 Home EC. Club 1.2, rl FHANCIQS Sczmeoiznuu "Timiflfas a dCar." Gimcii SENNETT Class Scot, 3: Glu: Club l.2: Home EC. Clulw 1 "A talkic that has come to stay." GAA 1: Prom Comm. 3 l'Y::A Slammer Lim Sixuru 'Smitty' "Still zvnfcr runs clccpf' "Our future c:1rccr',1irl." Glcc Club l,2: GAA l.2,3.-1 lXlAE SHELDON 'Pccumu "Hl3llYHfh3'S lVlinnc-ha-lla." Glee Club 3: One Act Play 3: Dcclam. 2,3 Donornv I. SOFPA 'Icany' OPAL Sricx-ITMANN 'Stich' "lt's love that makes the world go round- Horrors ! How ming. shc's hum- GAA I, 23 Home EC. Club 1,2 "I like 'em good looking- Mmm, yeah? I like 'em all." School Daze 4: Mixed Chorus 2.3,4: Glee Club 1: Home Ec. Club 2 ARNOLD Ticks "Cheer up, sonny, don't you fret! Mighty good times are com- ing yet."' Track 3,43 BIAA 1,2,3,4: FFA l,2.3,4g FFA Basketball 23,43 FFA Iudging Team 2,4 ADELINE SPLETTER 'Toddy' HOWARD THOMPSON 'Howie' "Not only understood but "Early to bed, early to rise understanding." makes a man-like me." School Daze 4: Mixed Football 2.3,4: Track: 1.2 Chorus l,2.3,4g Band 1.2 BIAA 1,2,3,4 ELMER SPENGLER BETTY SNVEENEY 'Frenchy' BARBARA VAN ALSTINE 'Bobbie' "Blond to boys. and blind to "A 'whirl' of a roller-skater." "The ,girl with a golden girls- GAA 2: Prom Comm. 3 voice -' BIAA 1.2.4 Student Council 4: Mixed Chorus 2.3,4g Orchestra 1.2: Senior Class Play 4: GAA l,2.3: Home EC. Club 2.3: Prom. Comm. 3 l'1AwLiN SPOEHER HELEN THORN "l'm not Sleeping. l'm ill-Sf "I always try to do my best, , giving my eyes a rest." I do'what I can and leave the Orchestra l,2,3.4g Senior rest! Class Play 4: One Act Play GAA 1 lg BIAA l,2,3,4 l IVA IANH WALKER LOLIISA YouNG "There may be clouds, "l'rn just a country girl at But l'm enjoying the sun! heart." Shmc' Cwlee Club lg Home EC. Club Cvee Club 1,25 GAA l,2.3L 1 Home llc. Club llIIYLI,l5 NNlI,I.lAMS EVLQLYN ZIMMERMAN 'Evey' "Silence is more musical than "There are three things to my song." delight: a boy, a Car. and a GAA 1.214 Sunday night." School Daze 'lg Mixed Chorus 1.2.3, Vice-Pres. 33 GAA l 2.3,-1 DOROTHY WHNDT l'lliI,EN ZEMPEL "l don't say much. but l do a 'AYou can't stop me from lot of thinking." dreaming-in class." Home EC. Club 4 Aumwiu WINKLER 'lake' RICHARD Zuma 'Dick' "A good mixture of sense and "The smaller the mass nonsense." The greater the kick V' Glee Club 1: Home EC. Club Senior Class Play -1: Foot- 2 ball Mgr. 3: BIAA 1.2.3 Pres.-DELPORD HANKE Vice-Pres.-DALE Russia Sec't.-BERNICE KOPLIEN Trcas.-MAE DAWN HAMMERBERG Lieutenants With anxiety and determination we "cocky" seniors have unbelievably reached the last stage of our high school days. We are proud to have achieved this goal ut we look back on our first days with a slightly sad feeling. As greenhorn frosh we excelled. On the verge of tears we'd attempt once more the diffi- cult task of opening that troublesome locker. We returned library ooks on time, got to classes before the last bell, and worried about assignments. Round two proved to be triumphant as we proudly took possession of the Spirit Cup ffor one year onlyl. To be sure we shan't foaget those "pleasant ' gym days. The average stu- dent took at least four showers a year. hat happy days! Our junior year was a busy one with forensics, debate, track, football and basketball. Came May and the big event took place. Bluebirds floated gracefully over hand-made white cliffs and a fascinating lighthouse gleamed from the center of the gym. lt was a marvelous sight indeed! Now we have reached the final round, knowing that it has been a successful one, es- pecially "The Night of Ianuary 16", With serious faces, great ambitions and unlimited determination we march forth and set all these things aside to take bigger and final steps in hopes that these things may be enjoyed by others. Forensics and Music Clarissa Boettcher Music Daryl Fonstad Donald Huebner Bernice Koplien Donald Kringel Gold N Winners Athletics and Music Delford Hanke Music fcon't.j Valois Peters Gerald Sanders Dalton Schoening Athletics and F.F.A. Donald Crain Athletics Norbert Humblet George Huntley Earl Pingel Robert Rossey Forensics Marguerite Gehrke Mary Ritchie F.F.A. Glenn Fuerst Eldor Gruetzmacher Charles Larson Arnold Ticks l l l J . l 'Q 51:1 was ,I ly .J L04 ffl' U Na X X qv 'Nj- ' Q ..... -.1 v - 4 ' Fx, v' ' x, r mi . . 5 'Ji- 'X Y . 1 I, A J.. :-- " ,J f . gg: . 7 'ivy L A., . ff' ' ' 1 , 'ff . A. x li W I. N w , Afhga U 3 K. ve x ,K ,ul -V U Q. N, IJ, , A 1- ' .4 ,L ,bww ,y h ,, i 5 , YN F . .1, x '-fi" "wily, Vx I .1' .' 3. wx Q 1 V a . ., A. ,Q f ,R r -. 1 .QF Q 4 Y ' , N sq fm 'S if P1 1, 1' :A 75-V '59 w K 1 ' :ff 'W ' wh shqufv 1 "-Qwvi' .f'Igil1iLx 1 L 5 Y , A 2' . .5 , .-.W-f .-"M J! V fra + Ag Rx Q Q. ,, ., X ' s- ' 1 r ' '5 x 4,-557' 1 TW . 1- ,H Q' 4 , fr ffl fl- ,gn .1 L .fi 1-.1 . , , , ,.j'a- . "v - V'-. nik . mi: mn, L . 329 C 1 gg ' T I . . ..a' , ' ..,......... , 'w , . .I , . V ' 5 , ' QA - W .f A. J. r. . f , 1- ' ' .A lv 1 U- ks r .kg ' X ' , j 'f L5 1 '. 11 ' -b . '. 'P P .F-I . X K ' - Q 4 l. - 4 f" l K - - ,: 1,1 - Sf? v . -pg: . 4 if 3- - J '-P-am el-R74 Nw ' W.. ' : N--... 5, .-.LQ--J tiffw TJ?-" ' fgffxx , -ff' I PE 1, 1 :' ' . 4 ' .. - ' . 1-, 1, E, , '-V fwf- ' ' . ' if 14. . . 1 A QV- L, 2 3 .3 'A' 1' ' -N -f5.,.,' '-,435 '75 '-'1,Qfv - .i ,fi rl,-gi'-'Lx .41 , ,. Ig .' aw' 1 -F-Tp , f ' fr 54 , n -2 b. ,-gg..g.,, , ,I f s k 1-.J "-A I-. - . '. , ' 5-.AA n ,3:,5,Qp?'S'. -w f ' ' f A , ,,. . rw 1 m 1- ' " I' Q", f '+J5F-fa .1 h Q, any " '. Qui, 'fi V' 4, .' v : 3 - 1' Ei . mfr? ' . J -- Qf' "i'.'f!w.i1w5r'w5 J" . ' Ai- -5110,-.FI -.1. '-- -:r,Z,H,.. 'V ,. 1If'1'.51-"3 ' 5 ' ' .1 - - -,. r'- 1 x 3 a .4 v -.ab 'Q .-- aw , aff-,,, 1. .- Tp ,Q-,,w- V, . V aw .A , 37 A, f, aifgv -. 1 :K+ m :':,j', N W, -- 1, -5 . - Fnfgtgf: . ' X . ,. , - K vH,,,x 1 ., -. ,. V , , ... - 1. -- -, . 'f X 517. , . '. 'W' .' 'fhf 1 - JJ F' 'iki :'f : r K. M V wp, , , .. . ., ,, V' - . -J . ' f 1. A 'lf lv.-AQ, j at - ., GL 'gm' " ,, 4 - A' :Dwi-x v'20:S?.. . . V - A :af 15.1-'W,.f" f' Ak xiii ' 3 ' .- wg' f- f vw'-v'-,V-.-x V --5 ,:- 4-,ww 'Q .I L T, .,, ,.- g I W - iv 1. '-' 4' .- hz :4' AA J Q, N L . '-L rv-,,?M ' ie 5 g ' ima 435 Wk., Y Q A i 4' wa- 6- . I f ' '53 , .F E , M. , . , .,,,. 6433! , 4 v S K A-ww agar N, WWW, . 'Swam- 'gf Ll , , Y g W, , yr f i ev , n -,A E "?SfEsM4,H sim 12 1 warm? Q f V E ,, ,ya wwi k hifi EA' ffA.'qvel gn' f.1g:-- - 1- -..- - - ----.Wi-.:e,sz.rr V 5 1.4--,L1-L -. 1. .,,. N- W vv .W 5 if 'z ,fl

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