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Un 5 nf 'ch Exxon Mig!!! chnol p Q ts Qlfhe ffflswsmate 1935 e onion Qflensz e ,Mew ffrrnAon,'Wtsconsi.rr re an nf KP urfteuis BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK I ADMINISTRATION II CLASSES ATHLETICS FORENSICS FEATURES ET CETERA .wil III IV A V VI P J -J fi ,AI ,f MW My gfaffp W W J 131.1 OIL ig lgh Qchoul J 1 fa A f f A f X f do LQ A My 3 ' XMI fy? KQWDY JJ KJ! xx N"f'f ' 1 l,AJ Dj' M, ff ffljpbfjv, V 'f ' C ' f , 5 M 5 A Q ehicatelx To Harold H. Helms, our super- intendent, to whom we extend a most hee 1-ty welcome . V. Q 5 4 fa l .ff .lin Wlltli tu Zwxn En jurfh 'tn Sexve ti with hrmglrf That the pictures and the re- miniscences which are brought to you on these pages will enable you to live again your h ppiest and most carefree school days, the staff of the 1935 "C1assmate" offers to you this yearbook. -. fl 'S 4 We Ai ff ANI 4 gd' is jhmrurstwtwn VKA7MM7 Vjmiifii' fm M Xozzjwvcuog ,2474-N f N SW - 55 Wu ai at 27 I U Q 4 5 if ,D-,trait-I .f ' 7 ' ' V4 f"Z4, if rfwlv-c A -f-M 744- " O ,.,- vc, C..A-V, V41 C , ' Q J , .4 .M 'X P14 4-4-- ! Nh' - fl - 1 ,f-1 1935 Stern, Pres. H. Smith Wendlandt Z5euuIl1 E Helms .gupm mteulwut ff MM! ,M , Qmfmig 5 31 JM1-N ABN-x. rx an-In dvi , 'x 1 E N rlesworth G W :Jayson F s 51-2- gen A M Prlncipal, Jr H1gh Halsor, Anne Halverson, Alma, N Hhlverson, Icne E Heffernan, R C Hoffman, Gertrude M Manual Arts English General Business Social Science Science English English History Eng11sh Agriculture Home Econcmica fs rf X as nlt H , o J Howard, A1106 W Knapsteln, Cecell Lucas, llen G Mulroy, John Rice, Loretta L Schweers, HdPP16t e Stacy, D Taggart, Rrba ld Vorba, A Yelland, mdlth uUS1C Latin, L1brary Secretary Hlstory, C1t1Z6UShlP Sc1ence,and kath Clty and School Nurse C0mm6PC1a1 Atnletlcs, Mathematlcs C0mmSPC1a1 Algebra, Physlcs Geography, Engllsh WH Q X 3 " I or YQ i , Q r AES , l -ffl 3 R Q ' 1 'X kg X F r Q -X -I0 ...3 l-e'-t-- 0.1. mf, 0 Y 3? 3:9 Clflassw pjrqgyb S' 1 Class 1935 President Robert Krause Vice President Clarance 'ottgetreu Secretary Wayne Watkins Treasure Charles Vorby The class of 1935 gathered for their fourth year under the leadership of president Robert Krause, vho had served as presi dent of his class for four years During that time, he was as sisted in the freshman year by Verna Handschke, William Stern, and Kenneth Palmer, during the sophomore year, by Agnes McNichols Charles Worby, and Harry Millard, during the Junior year, by Opal Ziemer, Wayne Watkins and Fred Krause Of the eighty eight members who were graduated by May 59, eleven had Joined during 1tS last three years, and five form er members were among those graduated in other schools, Ester Mae Bruyette at Manawa, Delma Colyer at Clintonville, Louis Kersten, Appleton, Marcella Roloff, Oshkosh, and Arvella McAloon Green Bay. Many people of the class were interested in music, and many took part in forensic and dramatic entertainments and in athlet- ics. Special honors were awarded to Agnes McNichols, in declama- tory and to Marcella Barlow in extemporaneous reading. Such men as Greenlaw, Palmer, Gottgetreu, Watkins, Millard, Clark, Longrie Lathrop, and Krause helped to make up the football and basketball teams. Margaret Wright won scholastic honors for the class during her junior year by earning the Student Honor Cup. Other students who attained scholastic honors were: K. Polzin, H.Frie burger, M. Noack, 0. Ziemer, M. Brault, J. Calef, A. McNicho1s, C Meehke, E. Doud, V. Gorges, L. Tank, D. leshnick, V. Oeetreich, K Palmer, A. Berman, L. Peters, L. Stern, and C. Gottgetreu. The success of the class was due in no small was to their advisor, Miss Alma Halverson, who guided them through their fri- ghtened days as freshmen, and willingly offered a helping hand in their final days of glory as seniors. -B Z B I! .s . , .7 2:54, ai: Q5-na, '-sf, ffawlmsu 2 2, -fam vfzif. -: ' I of . J ,f U F x . . . - .U mann 321145 Mem we Mary Catherlne Allen Allen It's that Irish personality Entered from Milwaukee, 1932 r- atory 5, 4, Basketball 2 Annual 4 Glee Club 1, 2 3 V1V18IlIl8 Babcock 'Archie' It takes a girl 11th technique to et b S Y Entered from Port Nashington, 1932 Track 4 Annual 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 Cheer Leader 1, 2, 3 Dranntic Club l Helen Ba ckes Ba ckes W wonder who he is, Helen Declazmtory Tryout 1 Marcella Barlow Sally Ah' These talkative people Oratory4 Declam Tryout l E tempore Readlng 1, 2 5 4 Annual Lucinda Behm 'Cinda' True to qvf mny? Glee Club l if Ions Bender 'Bennie ff good die young In mmural 2 3 4 Sidi? Hiking 4 Annual 4 Glee Q ub 3 45 Class Tournament 2 3 4 Baseball 3, 4 Alice Berman Bernnn The brains have it Entered from Henaskn 1932 ra J Nota lft lr tory 3, 4- Extempore Speaking 43 Extempore Reading 33 Renard Staff' 15 No Dc 10 Ge Ae A 1. ll Lucille Bleck-- Lucy' Here, there and everywhere-that'a Lucy. Extempore Reading 43 Intramural l, 2, 43 Prom 4g Annual 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Class Play 4. U uf!! ,,g,,ff4w ,LM-c v' Tivuq 14416 docs it We 3 maxi ww HJ 1 f J P G I 9 6 B I X LXAXH E g"'5 XNx9,'X1SP XQVXHVQQ gm .f ,QM falter oel ll nlxaye e Ba ketball 45 Uyvf FWF Le-.14 ff ABQ e all 4, or Guard 1, 2 A WBPSLB lt I, elsz fk nf? qaRl,H3be 1 uet er all rcund blrll ecfy DIXLI Play rs 4, Declam 1 Prom 3, School rd Cla s Play 4 Jane Calef Jane Sne s a glfl who does ner own Lhlnklng Free D1XOn Play rs 4, Prom 3, nrnual 4 Detit D clam me dlrb A B 4, Orcne Patrlck Clark Hor e He 1Fl6S any tklrb orc htllGl1C Assoc V1ce Pree 4 Foot La 1, Class lcurney, rack, l, 2 , 4, Basketball l eth llllem bOttP1ll 'Kenny Ch ve s 111 to flrd my goal , Intranural, 1, 2, 3, 4 k tball 4, boitoall 4, 2, 3, Track 3, nnual 4 P6121 ouslre Izzy Ie wlsh you l d ol luck, Ismae tramural 1 1 e Club, een Da son Daweon A Wlnnlng way, a frlendly smlle Pres Pep Club, x Readlnb, Claes Phy,mmwl,4,Immmmrll 2 Crchestra, Glee Club, l 2 3 Drum major 2, 3, 4, School Plly 3, 4, Prom 3 lerla Dernbach Va lhat blbgl6 1ce Pres G 4, Hx Readlng 2 Intramural 3, 4, Class Tourney 1 2 Annual, Claes Play, 45 Glee Club 1 25 Prom 3. 'I' 4lIIlIIII',, H 2 Q 1 AZ . J- ,gz 5' f P-.,. ' gg-'4 :al A 'fi' A:Qf yflhv ' -gg 'K 1 TJAXQ, 135, - E4 -'f,.Mw ..v H - - u Mv- . t Inf X 'fb , A-ll' yn - .', , ' I good S - nts S 3, ' I , . .. Baek ' 1 5 F. F. A. A, ' ' 4 f 5 YQ jj sn S L 4 . ' 4 . c 1' . rf '.--nSa1lyn Sn ' lot -9 ' L rx 1 XP LL 'C :I - SU Q .' . ' ' V U L " ' 'vi' ' L rt' ... ' ls ' 'L f e ' 1 . 5 ' 25.4 A 5 s 1 D.-ll' I' 1 I ' Q . - 'G ni ' e ' ' A. 5 fa 9 25 6 -' . J5 EX. F u '17 45 School Play 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Pep Band 45 and 2, 3, " ' s- ira Z, 3, 45 ,. - 'w , --n K., n ' n .L ni X. .af A Co H ' 1 ul A . ' '. 5 I ,,Jf ' 'l Q f ' 3 - a 'W 3 - - . rn . K lr' ' 'N " --1 u , I' ' '1 ' . Q B -k ball Q ' ' Y' ylx I I bla 0 0 38.5 9 l' I' ' 1 I'- Q ,., F 1 ysJ X 0 uaro ' 'A X N My ' S 1 ' 0 . . 5 G e l ,, , ., fe 1 be 1- - 5 5 Q 5 0 A u I ' . 7' ' l I O 5' , 5 .42 W ' a s s 25 ' 0 , Va ' --u lil rn . V. 0 Q Au Ao ' Declaml S - ' W 5 1, 2, ' s 9 3: Qs esawwg 43314155 qw Sf' K V Q Q' 3 1 , - W3 gf!!! E ,ffavklfcbu 53 N' Q 'X 'Q A1166 De Young Al' MiSCh19f thou t afoot take what way thou wllt ec'y and Tres f G . Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Track 4, In tramural l, 2, 3, 4 Sk,1ing 4 Hiklng 4 one Club 1,3 32, 4, 0rchestr5,2, 3 1 - , v J K , , - , 'J pf 'gf' M J, bv I fy - mn SY "' ey Tie mag 6TUiXd11R, 9y1CS.P:'Xf'- 'f' Int ramural 54 , Tgucrnamdnt 4. ' ,rf - mf' 'Q' x' 'ov ., B E B F 9 X I B f' - I Q Q 'Il .. 11- 0 ar vu . S I O O AI Al s ' s . 3 , s J V 'J' h - P ee' J t . S U f f W f tg lx Q f V ya 4, gy ' 1 0 X, Elleen Douidf'boudbVt I Northpoiths contributioahffofwv London -- N ---,Y 0 De' --I N --I 11 . . . ' 43 ' d ll 43 -.Q Annual 4 ' Beatrice Erdman Beaty Easy to get along with . Entered from Shiocton 1933 clam Tryout 2, Extempore Readlng Tryout 4, Basketball 1, Glee Club 2, 4, Service Club Shlocton Kenneth Fehrman Fink Where's the g1rl fT16Dd' Golf 4, Inter class Meet 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural 3, 4 Edward Fermanich Curly' The ten o'c1ock scholar Cllfton Fonstad 'illli Binsteln and the clarinet Vice Pres of Dlxon player! Sec'y Tres Music Club 4, Debate 35 Oratory Tryout 43 lnnual 4, School Play 4, Pep Band 43 Ban 2, 3, Orchestra 3, 43 Class Play 4 Helen Freiburger Fry' Yoo Boo! Billle Intramural 2, 34 Pro 3, Annual 4, Pep Band 4, Glee Club 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 4. f W-aisle 32125 -was Wil- Vlta uar ow V1 a fe re wonder1ng wro lt 13 ton1bht, Vlta Declamatory 3, Skllng 4, H1K1Hg 4, Arnual 4 ulee Club 3, 4, Cheer Leader 4 ntered from Ianawa 1932 lreas of Pep Club P All School Play 2, Cneer Leader l, 2, Declam 2, Chorus 1, 2, Treas Audubon oo clety, Basketball 2, aseball l 2 much to say I tra ral 4 Vlf 18 Gorges J1HHl8u Always f l f ep B tball 4, Prom 3 Annual 4, lu l 2 K Q1 ence Gottgetreu 'Clarney Al rr t, Clarence, get to work F tball 1, 3, 4, Basketball 1 2, 3 4 Baseball 1 2 Inter class et 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, ter class Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Lester Graebel Les I m for the Freshmen Intramural 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3,4 Kenneth Greenlaw Greenlaw Aw, don't bother me, I want to sleep Football 1, 3, 4, Basketball 1 2 3 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Inter class Meet l, 2, 3, 4 Intramural 1, 3, 4 Carl Haese-- Haese' Nhat are you thlnklng about. Baseball l 2- Intramural 2, 3 45 Inter-class Neat 2. W1ll1am Haese -nB1llN S1lence 18 golden. Track 25 Intramural 1, 2, 3, 45 -- . B P' "' iw Eg, I, ,311 !!r: fs , f Q4f, ':' 4 f.7x?f? c,.1' ... '5.,.:,:.-xx 1, -1 ' , " ,. --oo n l ' X . . .W . . X l N l 1 9 5 5 A ,vx ' A I . 2, O ' ' 0 . lr O I . rw , . . . K B , Louis Glasenapp--uLouien Never has Y 0 fp JF ' , ug n X: v A '. . --,, . . 1'i U 4 p . g p ' at N . 5 . N5 dis I , b , . , ffl 1 ' 1' 'X I ul -- 1 ,V , ' 1 x -l J AWA . ' J ' 2 9 5 9 5 ' ' Me ' ' ' ' In- 1 I . --va n I O C . f l D D-N N I ' 1 is , . . O 3 I 5 C N I 'I It ' - - 9 . D 9 U bt pyw f of 1 f idk Handschke--'Ida' Nogfgepg 1 NE. , Za., 'I Tl 5 ss' '55 M1246 M, J T V r . v '-ff U Xt'-fi X Cf A VV! C-'44-1.. MAJLIVX 01,-fl. uizvf f2?'6LL, a,aAL-Lf1w W X L'1" 19W not very short, but a ways a all-around sort. , Verna Handschke--'Verna' Love make 'J L1' f ,J - j ff the world go round. , Vice. Pres. l5 BasketbalLh45 Base ball 2, 45 Hiking 45 Prom 35 An- nual 45 Glee Club 3, 4. dwbkpz Qof f' w xbwf ,fp Anna Marie Hayward--'Stretch"'V in task, she is readily 1 She'll try to complete it, ever the cost. Intramural 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Donald Herres--'Bud' You can't keep a good guy down. Football 25 Annual 45 Color Guard 3. Harianne Hippler--'Hizzie' No one complains of a girl like her. Declam. Tryout 25 Basketball 45 Annual 45 School Play 2. f r s . Ruth Hoerning--'Ruthie' V.,,.,ca1f she dance! xif,-as Basketball 4. 4 V' M n w I , Russell Hotchkiss--'Sandy' The drunsticks and laud. Football 2, 35 Basketball 45 Base- ball l, 25 Track 2, 3, 45 Inter- class Meet 45 Intramural 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Orchestra 3, 4. Russell Johnson--'Fuzzie' Hy Pal! Football l, 2, 3. Zi -2 ei a Ti v mm 555 Meer red Kr u e Fr t2 Oh' A blond Tre 3, Track 3, School Play 2 Robert J Kr u e Stalk H15 wlse crack and Jokes some-t mfs make the teachers provoked re l 2, 3 Pr Atkle 1r c 1' Football 1, 2, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1 Inter ass M et 1, 2 Prom 3, Color Guard 2, 3 Robert Kurszevske Bob Where s my flnbernail file' L6lV1D Lathrop 'Smoky' See hlm wlth Llc Cubs next year FootLall 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3 4, Intramural 2, C ass Tournament 3. Orville Long,rie-'Hunka' To one tc all. Football l, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, ' Prom 35 Annual 4 Beth Loughrin--'Beth' Is the size any advantage! Baseball 2. Carlton Maas--'Professor' Just a minute, I've got another one. Annual 45 Band 2, 3 June M. llathewson--'Junie' Hands off! x Basketball lg Glee Club 1. Q 9535! me QQ 15 E 'B an AZ f :- X '! "1 KSA B I AV .' 1. al 1-1 am me r-'AK ,fn -'We ':If ,gt ., ., .' - rigs if n C N I I f-. U "" 4 A 0 gl 5 hai on his shoulder. i . I . A , 7: , . a S --gg gg . . .S ' i : p A D . V 4' 'L P Ss , Q 850 A t , Asso . .-3 3, 45 ' 1 ' 25 -cle e , 3, 45 ' ..o --so n ' 0 'sl 1 ' Y - F ' -- ' . ld . X I sl, 0 Q 1 Q 2, 4. . 7 - 2, ,' 0 f5j1.f6sJ'Qjf'q,.,,,,,.!l of J- -, P u ,WM -f f-farmer if 4., 1 fs, , ,QVC-NNE , l- me aff! V1 ' 'V a. .1 fu 1 H -B Z 3 S 'T I .7 "" ak' ' "4 he 'QM QM r Q F- X f f, ' 'Y' , - X ,fx X 1'-54:4 . '::,,f:MM.:XBu E, 7, -A-x, ',..3..'l: 4, , . I 19 if !.,,,..l l ' .12 ,,,qps.r-Cai-Q! 'AA' ff . f4,.,:-,..i.,4.fV' ,HJ 42"-M ,. , . . 9 f ' Agnes Mchichols--uP1cklesn A friend ' f"'r" 4fX'W'Uj qd. l to one and all-even the freshmen. A2 Vice Pres. 25 Vice Pres. Forensic Association 35 Debate 2,,3,i4, D - A ' -r 'L' clamatory 1, 2, 3, 4Qjr:oir3g9Zpf fi-5,447 Club 4, axzemggrp aaa ng, im, 3 ff fl , 45 Annual 4. ,gg if l ' gf' fr, ' Q' J J." , ' J catherine Meshke 1 ' , tk-rf e stenographer? ,Jff'5?' Debate 3 orarrguygmp ,, Reading 4, Hiking, " Daniel Kesnnick-- Danny Danny, do you miss the alumni? b Intramural 2 3 4' Color Guard NA , Inter class Bas ent 4, Prombilffpn !5V, Harry mile d nf L we W to Stevens ,Ap reas o , Basketball 1, Baseball 1, Z 3 4 Inter clasp 1 Z,,3g?5 3, y Int aw lbffi-fknnpal 4 Color Guard 2 Beth Monte Beth I never tell a lie unless the truth sounds silly Debate 2, 3, Gratory Tryout 1, 4, Extempore Speaking 4 Skiing 4, Hiking 4, Annual 4 Ellis Monte Tex A revelation of ginger and pep entered from Texas 1933 Annual 4 Tnomas Mulroy 'Tommy School days, school da s, happy, happy daze Intramural 2, 3, 4 ochool Play 3 May Noack Baby Being a friend to ev rybody, she's everybody stao Basketball 1, A 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4 K x,, 7 1 f V f,Vk!! ,lag , n QL H01 Zgei l s ' 4 U D , 5' .5 ! " . , , Q 2. - Q it ,Q 1 U13 . 'T' A1,'8,ed.V E' , V ,D VJ LU, T . z, ot avi, 2 3,1 4,N gf, 5 ' s . , .KA R I 2, 4- ,- ali I by 5 4 ji' ' 4 me I V --ll ll - . - --n n - Y ,X L' . ,Q ' . 1 . C, , n ' W S Q., W --,, ,, . . W: .-, . v I KIJRQJ nh ,I . A ,,-iv, vlnqf- I ,, ,, ll 4 1 I W-me 321455 wemfff Jalter 4 OSStP81Ch dally Halter h s declded to play th plccolo now Treas 4, Cratory Tryout 4, Intra mur l 3, Prom 3, Annual 4, School Play 4, Pep Band 3, 3, 4, Band 3,3 , Crchestra Z, 4, Dance Orchestra HHFU1Q Oesterm1er Pat Shoo' Fly, everybody, anyoody Don t bother me Basketball Z, Track l, Intramural, Class Tourn Z, 3, 4, Prom 3 Vernamae Pace 'Pace The fllllng StHtl0n and then Hollywood Declamatory Tryout 4, Annual 4, School Play 3, 4, Class Play 4 Kenneth Palmer nKenny Played the gentlemen, stud nt, the athlete,he played them all well Treas l V1ce Pres Pep Club 4 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1 , Baseball l, 2, Golf l Track l 2 3 In r lass Meet 3, Intra Qi pfpo nual 4 , , Color Myigfiifgean g,,ndf'P'elky 'Cleopatra Me for red heads Band Z, 3, 4, Glee Club 2 La Verne Peters Bunny Ready to be kldded and ready to kid you. Prom 35 Annual 4. Ir1s Poehlman-- Ikey' Tease but be careful. Declam. l, 2. Kathryn Polzin--nPuss' A glance of the eye, a dlmpled cheek, A cheer- ful manner, and the plcture 18 Complete. Extem. Reading, Prom, Glee Club 35 School Play 1, 25 Annual 4. ' 2 . 5' -'QQ ,V Ex haf: 1 Lx-M :F ',: ' ' --ll" n ' 4. -' . - 45 Color Guard 4,35 Class Play 4. V - --us so . 3 I --I ll- ' ' -D N - s ' - a I 9 2. . S , 1 5 fb ' ' ' 45' P 35 An ' a ' u 3,L 5 JV , f 0 1 ,J N ,, l -,'Il I' ' I I s 7A'fZW me Eybuzl' 1oy Polzln Roy Not lazy, Just don't feel llK6 worklrg Baseball 2, 3, Intramural 2, 3, 4 lalne M Pratt Pratty Hotcha' Sugar Bush Treas and Sec'y of Pep Club Declam 3, Annual 4, Glee Club 2 3 Barbara Retzlaff Bob Green Bays loss lS our galn Declam 1, 2 3 4 B sketball 4, entered from Green Bay 1934 Glee Club l, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Drama tlc Club l, 2, 3, Class Play 4 Owen P Salndon Oops1e He s illled w1th fOOl1ShH6SS that cannot ret ln much ser1ousnese Football 1, Z 3 Track l, 2, 4 Orchestra 2 Intramural Class Play 4 N1ll1am Schmldt 'Blll A very am b1t1OUS man wlth h1s v1ol1n Helen hasn t any spare tlme anymore Pres Muslc Club football 2 3, 4, Prom 3, Ar ual 4 Pep Band 4, Band 4, Dance Orchestra 4, Color Guard 3, Orchestra 2, 3, 4- Agnes ochoenhaar 'AgW QU18t and serene and takdQ'things as they ap pear X Annual 4 Harold Starks Sharkey A youth llbht he rted and content, I tra vel through thls orld Color Guard, 3 LdW1D Stern Ed Come, boys, leth get the teachers and bowl them a Bama mntered from Hortonvllle 1933 Football 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Inter class Meet 3, 4, Intra mural 2, 3, 4 V ,Nl ,MMM Q!! MW wif' af' yvxgvx J .. . S71 ,XJ 'mzlfz ' M15-Jia elf- nwyfbf ff orralne Stern Lorry Saturday d!! and Sunday HlghtS are glven to the Xffjuhf ed from Hortonv1lle 1932 mpore Readlng Tryout, Sk11ng, g, Class Play 4, Baseball 3 i2Qx ll 2, Glee Club l, 2, Prom 1 t Lucy Competltlon to f om Hortonvllle 1 101 er of G A eclamatory 3, Baseball -xga k 4, Intramural 2, 3, 4 ament 2, 3, 4, Skling, om 3, School Play 3 action ln Appleton' l Baseball 1, 2, Inter ur ey 1, 2, Bowling 4 Via xy! she takes WJ g1 nds lt, and W vylfjff I-B Wire, many ali afgssai M M Annual 4 L1 lamae Sfrossenreuther Fat lg COHtFibUt10D from Sugar Bush Prom 3, Glee lub 3 Chauncey Supr1se HSUPPISO Stlll water runs deep Luella Tank 'Sweety P1e I always dld like plumbs' Prom 3, Annual 4, Glee Club 2, 3 4, Band 3, 4 Don Van Groll Donny Watch n1m blush ntered from M8n1BtS6 Hlsh School 1933 Band 1, 2, Annual 4 F F A Pres1dent, Vlce Pres 4 Sec'y Tres , Reporter, F F A Baseball A Basketball 4 are aw . ,, .IU , Q .. . S' -4 f 2 -v .1 1. , "SILK-iff, 'AL' 2 f,1.'f.'5x' 'fig vs' ,W KJ ' W ,V - 4, ,X lv f 4 " X X 7 .LJ ' j-u n . X 11,1 S ',h! s V . - -- V ex I ' f J b P . f V- . , x I - 5 ,f B . . f I - '.-.u n - ' ' 1 ' l 13 hi xl L1 re ' 932. X P ' ,' ag . . A. 45 . I' u S ' , I . O V I 4 5 I ,C S 5 ' ' 5' X ' ' 'ns 4 ' ' ' . ' Nr W' lJ.L-S473 -nBilln Hey, Bill-- at 2 e u ' Z x - . ' s . I - c ss 1 ' ' . Y 2 5 A . AB. -J . 6 6? N. fi an 517' 1 Q Gr x ' fx ' . N ' a I ,e 1 ' , Ql- IL 71 KF ' fr ' s I 1 A, A f Q . C, w 3 J Q., vw Irsy - --n n A ,fy Y, 4 y K . -- - U' . , -Q . , Q . . , 4 f ' ' 0 -JXXQB x ' --N n ,- ' A . 3 Nj My ' ' ' 3 . ' 4 d K ' U I 5 .Q 'S' J ,. X 0 5 1 O O I X " g 'Xl gl il ' lift Fe Fo o o N as 'Q ,ff 3 ,' .. Q ,f K Tqj . h 1 ,, i X ggi nj x - ' H lv Shim Q mi fy MZ! ,Wang E K S' 1 Wayne I Jatklns Red N ver ready, always late, le SD1l63, y u walt nt r d CO1Ch5O Sec y 3, 4, Tres Ath assoc , Track, Class Play 4, Football, Basketball, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Color Guard 3, Inter class et 2 3, Hutn Wells Shorty Today I love you, but don t trust me tomorrow Declam 3, 4, ax Readlng, Base M lntram ral, Glee Clab l 2 3, 4, Annual, Track, Skllng, Hlklng 4 Kathryn Nllklnson Kate I have a weakn ss for Stevens Polnt Prom 3 Annual 4, Glee Club, Band l, 2, 3 4, Orch 3, 4, Dance Orch 2, 3 Eduard Nzlson Ted Independence plus' Nothing ever bothers h1m Intramural 2 3, F F A V1ce Pres Secy, Tres 4, Basketball 4, Baseball Pres 4 Reporter deba er, !f Q4 James Nzlson J1m A good and always laughlng Intramural, Track 3, 4, Debate Inter class Meet 4, Schq Play 1 Junta! arles Worby Chas e,tur e down cold Class Tourn , Hockey, l, 2, 3, 4, Tres , Annual, Claes Play 4, Se 2, Basketball l, 2, Intramural 3, 4 Margaret Hrlght 'Mardy She earned her title, the w1nd1est debater Debate 3, 4, Ex Speaklng 4, Hik ing 45 Prom 35 Annual 45 Band 2. Opal Zlemer - Oe A g1rl both under stood and understandlng. V1ce Pres., Prom, School Play 3, Dance Orch.,Annua1, Hlking 43 Ex- tem. Readlng 2, 3, 45 Baseball lg Glee Club, Orch. 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 3, 4. f X' W I f"Y QW WWW ,fi ,yif yffr , fwkl K 5, 25 ' 'WML n ' 4 x?A 2 : iv Q L 9 I ig Fri: A,1l'fN1 !.2q: " 1 sat 2wf.::?T4 'ff uw, fn- 3 U- 1 - 'His V' if ffl '7 W , ,lf 7 .17 . .J . --Ill I! A Q x , I , , . ' . y' f' .R D., Q -.- . ' Q . o K J M3 9 40 I j . I , . 'Q 'C I J' ball 3, 45 Class Tourn. 2, 3, 4, J A' V f f 1 ' ' Q-iv ll V I V, e ' . Ggfy ' , 1 ,f ' , ' h --rs n . I l . I . 5 ' , . C I J I 0 5 . . . 4. ,. --, .,, nf ff 1' ' , -Q if I ' 91 , ', 456, ch --lc ll Elem X Q 9. F 0 - C ,, ' az- V I . c ' . , ll -- ' ' I U. S . - ,, ,, . W The class also made itself D0tiC880l8 in other fields In E7 :.WAw23 me B N K 9 X" WM 39155 ew W Q' AY Class of 1936 lresldent Samuel Huzzar Vlce Presldent Cllfford Krohn Secretary ndward Wendlandt Treasurer Gerald Dorschner The present Jun1or Class were the first freshmen to enter the Dlxon H1 n School Slnce then twenty four have wlthdrawn, but seven new members have Joined the class Much lnterest was shown by the class 1n music as six stud ents were members of the orchestra, wnlle band claimed ten JUD1OFB and 1n the orchestra, Marllyn Litts, B Quant, and n Ploetz cup1ed f1rst chairs The Junlors were 1Dt6P9St8d 1n athletlcs also Those compet lng ln basketball were Uller1ch, Polaske, Huzzar, Ho1er, and Krohn Th1s same group with the addltion of Baerwald, Zaug, and Wendlandt made were not to be became members debate, O'Brien for the member Dorothy Grace made a Junlor of the up a good share of the football squad The girls left behlnd 1n athletics, and so a number of them of the G1rls Athletlc Assoc1ation lelchior upheld the honors for the class Robert name for h1mself by acting as cheerleader, not only Class but also for the Dlxon High School. He was a Pep Club as were Loretta McAndrews, Beats Restle, Dernbach, B. leidam, Grace M8lCh1OP, Marilyn Litts and Valo1s Wagner. The scholastic showing of the class was one of the flnest. Honoes went to M. Litts, L. Hobbs, F. Kusserow,G.le1- ch1or, R. Waushesock, V. Walstrom, B. Jeffers, B. Quant, G. Guen- ther, L. Tank, E. Allen, M. Eggink, P. Spurr, M. Ruckdashel, I. Sm1th, B. McLaughlin, and E. Parfitt. Those attain1ng the A11- School-Honor Roll were, Kathleen Doud, Grace uBlCh1OP, Lena Dodge, Freida Kusserow, and Della Watson. The outstanding social event of the year was the Junior Prom, put on under the supervision of A. A. Vorba, advisor. .5 5 Q 3 4 V .7- 9 5'4.XX'A I5 F AV r'1"2, f'.':! v If -' '123 6 - 'Q - -'Etc' yn Am' 'fvu Q Tfax l'f'.. M"- il' U y.-' 1.-'t q, n I- ll I 'xv W' A o 'fx vi G is Q fx: ' w 1.55 . ul 51 ' W wg: if L' , 0 ' --', g. 2 'A' ' ,Z L32 51,1 NV1-. IV, 4 u. . af A li..-J.'r4 N 1Q:V ' nj e .-. . . .g. O . Y - . Q . ' e qs . . .. 0 . . . . . , . . . N O O - ' , 4.4 ........ .- ' ,.f1 YQ, .7 1 -.TYY,, , Nl uf' X H f 5 ,, JUn10P Class Row l Baerwald, Gall, Jeffers, Dalloy, Falk, Kllngert, Cooney, UBatee, Colller, Flnch, Barlow, Kramer Row 2 Jero, King, I Knap- gateln, Ingersoll, Herres, Dorschner, Kopitske, Dorsey, Fuerei, rigusserow, Bellile, Guenther, J Allen, Dernbach Row 3 E Allen, P Justlnger, GPBICHBH, Andrews, Baerwald, Brown, Joubert, Brehmer, Backes, Hobbs, Egglnk, Buss, Fuhrman, Fletcher, Fehrman Row 4 Y Abraham, Estabrook, R Knapsteln, ChlCh98t6F, Handrlch, D Holer 3 fflanagan, Ferg, Krohn, Huzzar, Clegg, Davldson, Fast, Frltz, Doud Kent ' Ro 1 Tank, Ualstrom, Watson, Shaw, Nebb, Plant, Schuh, Ruchdash J all McLaughl1n, Parfltt, Meinhardt, Peterson, Pues Row 2 Lon yi 5 lgrie, Sommer, Schoenhaar, Loca, Madden, Litta, Stroeeenreuther,J Mulhaney, Sweedy, Restle, Prahl, Spurr, Walmer, Melchoir, lalker,' Qgalntance Row 3 Wendlandt, Polaski, lathewaon, 0'Brien R Wmlson, Smlth, Schwanz, Ploetz. R01 4 Martin, P Y N Schwanz, Zaug, Plumb, Sullivan, Wauehesock, gg off, Marasch, Liskow, Wendt, lcllralth f Q of X, 'ffwjf Q , ID ' X X,-fe 1' 1" f X' f H nh-A 1 fl X! 1 C I , , ' " l . F . . O ' 0 'U f, U 3 . , If S' ' . . ' ' . sg 3 ' f X D S' 1, J 3 - - X - 3 '-5 ' ' . Q Q g Al LI 1, ,yy .73 ' U -4 , or-' ' - ' 1 If 4 ich, Sells, Schpeubhe, D. Smith, Wagner, lcAndrewa, k2Fi dt 'L ,l' ' . u - ,Q fu, I Y I - I . .I ' ,,y! 1,1 V: , XV 5 ' J. ., L. rj I ' lj N Q. fff' Kyla Q ' VH! ' , M x2 I ay 2 . , ' ' , ' D l V , V 7 . ,, , f . ,N,. 4' t 4 ' M A64 Q 5, I , 1 y : ' ,' w ' A ' f QJIPASH 3 MGM NN QWKG-A2 522165 Class Presldent V1ce Presldent Secretary Treasurer 1937 Kenneth Frelburger Donald Secard Herman Platte Richard Cole The sophomore tree, even though it has had to weather many storms 1n competltion agaznst 1ts fellow trees, has managed to wlthstand the gale, and through the watchful care given it by 1ts advlsor, H188 Taggart, has grown up one hundred n1neteen strong in school sp1r1t and actlvitles The ma1n supportlng root of the Sophomore tree 18 Kenneth Freiburger, class presldent Several other strong roots branch 1ng from thls ma1n root are Donald Secard, the vice presldent Herman Platte, the secretary, and Richard Cole, the treasurer The trunk of the tree is fam1l1ar, and upon examlnlng it one finds that it is made up of four rlngs The center rlng is very small w1th the name Freshman prlnted upon it The second ring has the name Sophomore upon it, in extra large letters Of course the other two rlngs are the Junior and the Senior classes Glanc1ng up 1nto the tree, we s1gn whlch reads: SCHOOL ACTIVITI 1nto four sectlons, and we see the see m ny branches of dlfferent S These branches are d1v1ded sophomores among them trylng of shapes and sizes. In the center of these branches is a large . . E U . . ' . ' z 0 to act very outstandxng because they recelved second place 1n the athlet1c and the f0P8DS1C drive What a urprise we have when we look at the leaves on th1s tree' They azz lot ordinary leaves but the football and basketball heroes They seem to be wav1ng br1skly, even though there 18 llttle breeze The boys out for football numbered eleven, whlle the boys out for basketball numbered slx These boys were not large ln number, but belleve me they had the wall to w1n The class had twenty students on the honor roll wlth Oral Ladw1g and Beverly Eggers sharlng ln the All High School honors MW W-maine. 39155 MM we VERA-I fp W ,Awe QW !y,!4,ZfiZAjSophomore Class Row l-Barlow, Glelow, L. Knapp, Bleck, Dent, Abraham, Konrad, Buss, Dean, Dailey, T. Foy, Kopitzke. Row 2-Dexter, Houk, Garret, Jeffers, B. Foy, R. Knapp, Brault, Kroll, Burton, Cornell, Calef, Brown, Baker, Beckmann, Kringel, Farrell. Row 3-Bohlman, Clegg, Christensen, H. Freiburger, Hoffmann, Anson, Backes, Crane, Collar Gorges, Eggers, Hammerberg, Hall, Cla sen, K. FT61bUTg6F, Herres. Row 4-Davy, Greuntzel, Gena, Kleinbrook, Frederick, Glocke, Cole, Ferg, Demming, King, Fermanich, Hintz, Green, Fonstad. Row l-Ziemer, Stern, Zernicke, Steingraber, Riedel, Tate, Schultz, Surprise, Loughrin, Longrie, Leach, Mundt. Row 2-Plant, Rudinger, McNichols, Zimmermann, Petit, Rumenoff, Smith, Schoenroch, Theime, 0'Brien, Witt, Wirt, Watkins, Tech, Wege, Soffa. Bow 3-Lipke, latthewson, Roloff, Ladwig, Iestphal, D. Secard, Spearbraker Warnecke, Prahl, Rosenberger, Nader, Popke, Rogers, Le Beau, Row 4-Laughrin, H. Roloff, Platte, Smith, VanLaarhoven, L. Roloff leiklejohn, J. Secard, Schmidt, Yost, Laux, Otis, Spangler. .5 5 9 S AZ . .7 I 9 L ' 4 KW A : 2 EV s 'g :4,, I' 2 . . 1 25 .- '! I: 'J' F T.u' RFQ' "f v 2 ffa xx ff-P1 X " 5 il, 'r:.- fp- Q la ll l"xs fl ,...4. ,qu-1 5 ' 'IW . 7 B 'nie Nx K 7 Clase PP6S1d6Ht Vlce Presldent Secretary Treasurer of 1938 Marla J1llard Rlchard Thorn Nllllam Thurk Robert Hetzer The hundred forty two students who enrolled ln the freshman exerclto represented twenty 31X schools Mar1e Mlllard was elect ed dux, Rlchard Thorn, prlmo centurlon, and Nllllam Thurk and Robert Hetzer tr1bon1 mllltum Mll1t6S repr sentlng the class 1n debate were LO1S Vandenburg, Gertrude Backes, and Dorothy Raschke In oratory Orv1ll Helnke and Robert Wllk1USOH took part mxtem poraneous speaking was entered by Ph1l1p lark and David Knap steln, extemporaneous readlng by Lo1s Vandenburg Gertrude Backes, Vera Halstrom, Lols Vandenburg, and Dorothy Raschke acted as representatives 1n declamatory n the athletlc SX9PC1tUS the f1ght1ng ml11t6S were Ph1l1p Clark and Franc1s Helen Davy, James Meshnick, George Demmlng, Harold Gottgetreu, and James K1ng 1n basketball The g1rle, also, were organized, and elghteen took part in many outdoor sports Ruth Hanson, Val1ta Guyette, Grace lndrews, George Demmlng, Jean Talady, Donald Stern, and N1neton Hells represented the class 1n bard Wlnston, also a member of the pcp band, played a barltone as large as himself Orchestra members were v1olinists Lo1s Vandenburg, Luc1lle Cousins, and Dorothy Chr1stenson The most formldable h08t1S the freshmen met was the honor roll, however q1Ch8Fd Thorn reached second place the f1rst six weeks per1od ani led lt the other three per1ods M183 Hoffman was advlsor to the group D1d the 6X9PCltUB always bel1eve 1D worklngo No, at the all scnool party, they put on'No, a Thousand 11mes Non, ln which Ruth Hanson, Coquettlsh damsel, and George Demmang, a dapper cavalier were ass1sted by Henry McDan1els, Lee Smlth, Marze M1llard, June Queeman, and nlalne Reetz ' ' . I ' Meinhardt assisted by Lee Smith, Elton Beaudoin, Bernard Stern, , . I . . . Wwe 39155 W W' Freshman Class Row l Backes, Ensign, Bergman, Davis, Eggert, Collier, Johnson, Dailey, Christiansen, E. nnepp, Moede, Hetzer, Edminister, Beau- doin, Kurszevski, Donner. Row 2-Finch, Hanson, Fuhrman, Houk, Graichen, Davy, Brown, G. Freeman, Hill, Knapstein, Dobberstein, Koebel, P. Knapp, Davis, Gorges, Heimbruch, Kramer. Row 3-Guy- ette, Longrie, Hahn, Clark, Heinke, Bergman, Demming, Gottgetreu, Kent, Dorow, Millard, Harris, Burmeister, Beaudoin, Cousins, Goodwin. Row 4-Close, De Young, Garrow, Hippler, Garot, Kringel, Brault, Hayward, Danke, L. Freeman, Bleck, Brush, Frederick, And- rews, Krohn, Hutchison. Row 1-Walstrom, Queeman, Southard, Specht, Thurk, Marie Rohan, Thompson, Wilson, Wells, Sweedy, Witt, Young, Vandenberg. Row 2- Wells, Radichel, Sells, Swinton, Rolfs, Raschke, Schuelke, Smith, Swinton, Heating, Sagmister, Magolski, Marguerite Rohan, Zemple, Stichtman, Seefeld. Row 3-Schoneck, B. Stern, Whitman, McDaniel, Hagalska, Pues, Sullivan, Restle, Wilkinson, Volx, E. Stern, E. Thorn, Polzin, Talady, Reetx, Rogers, D. Smith, Row 4-V. Wilson, Newmann, Roloff, Norris, G. Rohan, Heinhardt, Thorn, Prahl, N. Schneider, G. Schneider, D. Stern, Meshnick, Rohloff, Poehlman, Stiles, Quant, Roth. -H U Q 3 .5 , 3. rue a. f ,. '. .ZS gn! -. , . '141 ': sua, ' 2 5 Q'-M gf- -1- , V V t - 1 xx, ,-M H: '51, fmrtvifivu E 5, . !.1.x,,',-.Qc .,. - ll ,7l, e,,e V ! Q 1' J , .4 P- v N I il' 1 A 4,, J Wm 59155 M W Seventh Grade Row 1 H leon, Longrie, Heating, Linder, Babcock, Palmer, Graham, Ullerich, I Fuerst, Sofia Row 2 Krause, Fuerst, Jensen, Weber, Specht, Frank, Dodge, Seering, Kellogg, Ross, Jeffers. Row 3- Brush, Wetzel, Heimbruch, Plowman, Heartz, E. Fuerst, Fonstad, Dexter, Michzelis, Wilson, Smith. Row 4-Meikledohn, Quant, Mavis Woeshnik, Poppy, lanske, Ham erberg, Zerrenner, Frank, Else Sterne Eighth Grade Ro! 1-Bohman, Brown, Slemons, Dent, Queeman, Dean, Ransom, Wat- kins, Ploetz, Huebner, Row 2-Prahl, Fox, Fonstad, Hathewson, Krause, Dawson, Freeman, Lemke, Uanske, Dexter, Sells, Graham, Bringer. Row 3-Hanson, Chegvin, Miller, Schertz, Sackett, Otis, Hartquist, Besaw, Hu blet, Christian, Mc Kay, Frank, Soffa. Row 4-Zernicke, Hammerberg, Heier, Cole, Huxzar, Estrabrook, Thorn, Webler, Ploiman, Sofia, Hotchkiss. H D 'B . su Avy , ". :"4 :Vai : . I avq.'1 51, '.: ..- , ' , '. :YS , - ng J 0' "-:fn ' nz! fk'!f'fX' 23 do 2 sn' 3, p F: :lf '1 1.-if fn-L ng gg QNX 'fxa F1 n Lffgg . wi Abi , 'A-1? 3 , , , , , 4 ' , e , , 5 . . f. ' p , I . 1 . , . ' ' - ' I ' , 9 -X, N . 4 " .L o e ' xma 3936155 Q14-fm Z.: Ig -,f Qld? ,lf X l 1 V vii? -5 f rj W5 ltfxcs . x X 1 1 X X.. ' :2ff"NH 3 Q1 C yyvyxgybz M . yi Nearers of An honor award 1n the form ent who has earned three or more 1cs or muslc or forensics or any a total of three letter awards the Gold N of a gold N ie given to a tu letters in any phase of athlet comb1nat1on of the three to make The last year of competltlon must be durlng the sen1or year of hlgh school The following have earned gold N's since 1930 1931 Harold Bleck Monroe Brown George Cooney Nllliam Dayton Harold Foy Margaret Gorges Annah Johnson Clayton Kellog Frederick Buelow Wesley Calef Irvin Demming Leonard Dernbach Donald Farrell Orvllle Gorges Bennard Beseett Iris Dean Ellzabeth Demming Harold Eggert Abner Haney Orville Jessie Harold Karsten Robert Anderson Irene Coller Louise Demming David Freiburger Herbert Hammerburg Howard Heimbruch Victor Kleeow Marshal Ladwlg Carl Learman Alice Naparella Charles Pfelfer Ruth Plumb Floyd Baby Fred Raby Gertrude Radke Wyman Schimke 1932 Beatrlce Hippler nlton Jeffers Helen Mulhaney Ardell Roepke Randolph Sagar Alvia Schaefer w1111aM Sohrweide 1933 Jeannette Knapetein Robert Laux Beatrice lanske Glen larks Geraldine Noack Gladys Polain 1934 Harold Kitowski Georgiana Le Beau laurice McDermott Robert Pfeifer George leidam Bernard Plumb lary June Rickaby Georgia Schantx Mllton Schroeder Merlin Sennett Charles Soffa nthel Stern Melvin Neetphal Lorraine W1edenbeck Irvln Ziebell Stanley Ziemer Alice Z1emer Kenneth Anderson Frederick Noack lary Wendlandt Arthur Palmer Herald Brown Leroy Ramedell Gordon Roepke Edith Runnele lerle Shepard Genevieve Smith Neal Talady Annette Thomas Cl1fford Schlmke Arline Shepard Jean Stedjee Jeanette Stern Alva Thompson Harry Welle Raymond Wilcox 5 E B li avr Q1 - 25" :YA : P kVdi'1il' V72-M . ' .-' '. Y'2 ' YI 1' 1 . 'ffl '-2 fx!-' 'f"X' 5 2 saw ?+'N1v 'AZ II' '1r-- fit .ag 5 u. .11 XX 'f Fw , . d- .- O . . . . . e e , . . F.. . . . . . '1 . wma? 32155 new we The Athletlc A asoc iatlon kj Presldent Robert Krause V1ce Presldent Patricn Clark MW Secretary Kenneth Freiburger Treasurer Wayne Watklns Lwalf U nver s1nce 1ts organ1zat1on in 1923 the Athle c1at1on UfAyc14J- has played an lmportant part 1n the act1vities the New Londo Hlgh School Its ch1ef a1m 18 to promote the VHFIOUS branches of athletics and to g1ve the students a d1rect hand in the manage ment of the sports 1n which they compete A campalgn for membershlp 1n the assoc1at1on is held at'QA! b651DY1Hg of the school term To encourage and to st1mulate ln terest in the assoclatlon, speclal beneflts are offered to those students who become members These benefits are xirst, the four classes are g1ven an opportunity to earn polnts toward the Spirit Cup The class havlng the hlghest percentage of 1ts students as members earns twenty points The next highest earns fifteen pointsg the third highest class ten po1nts, and the class with the lowest percentage gets five points. The second benef1t derived from membersh1p concerns the stu- dent indlvidually. Every member of the Athletic Association 18 prlvileged to purchase tickets to athletics contests at a rate lower than that charged to non-members. Th1s last benefit alone offers an opportunity for saving a considerable amount of money, since the membershlp fee is only ten cents. The race for h1ghest membership this year was not so keen as 1n years gone by, the sen1ors winning with eighty-one per cent. The sophomores were second w1th a percentage of sixty-oneg the Junlors thlrd w1th flfty-s1x per cent, and the freshmen fourth wlth forty-n1ne per cent. The sen1ore as a result, won twenty polnts toward the School Spirit Cup, the sophomores Ion fifteen polnts, the jUHl0TS, ten points, and the freshmen five. The money obtalned from the membersh1p drlve, is used 1n helping to finance the athletic program of the high school. 5 E B H 1 , 5 -9 s' 4 nv 4 I5 p my 4 .4 ,, V325 I v f, s !'3 , Y -1 C' '-:":. '.:,' fn if W' ' Q y. 7AX-, I-.Av " Z n f f, 1.-u fp- my 3 ,mpg tx 1---,kymvw , I , X I 1 I V x u 'V V, f '1 1 n n w r I n 0 1 , l. I If , . . . . . .- . . L e v. L. . . . - Q . . . J . 0 7 :Www 3 N dvi! nvxgybz M V1 AVML fa, ff W VH lawn! ig-MLM M Football VQJVL, fjf Wifi' Pow 1 K reenlaw, K Frelburger, P Clark, B Ullerlch, W Wat 1 s, O LOHbFl6, L Polaske, E Nendlanit, N Demmlng, K Palmer S Huzzar Row 2 D N Stacy, Coach, M Lathrop, Pat Clark, C Gottbetreu, J Felo, R Krause, C Krohn, B Schm1dt, A Glocke, Student ianabers, D Coller, G Demmlnv, G M Charlesworth, CAS Coachb Row3M Otls, H Lauz, J Secard, H Millard, D Holfr, G Baerwald, Zau , Masknase, F Me1nharlt, S Barlow Letter Men 1934-1935 Georbe Baerwald Patrlck Clark Wed Demmlng Clarence uottbetreu Kenneth Greenlaw Sam Huzzar Robert Krause Football Schedule Date September September October October October October Opponents C1iBt0UV11l8 West De Pere Kaukauna Menaeha Shavano Neenah Cl1fford Krohn M81V1D Lathrop Orville Longrie Harry Millard Kenneth Palmer Robert Ullerich Wayne Watkins They vt E F5 II .4 . , : Fla bfi, asm, W.: :,'1.Q1': ra- "Er, LLL ' 2- T., 7.2 Qfgxl. 'IP . f wknq' W , ' 1 ' rw. S-f . '. ' , n,.p , ' 4 ,UXLLKXJQN , .Un , , . l . I - 15.11 : " I 0. o ' ' e . ' e e o " e e C e - e 1 u ' e -'7 0 Jo 0 . I e . E . Y Jg Hg Y I . ' O - We 21 ' 5 5 27 24 0 5 0 6 12 0 28 20 13 13 27 0 0 BY!'llNfBE 'U VI The Football Sea son 'ith the five lettermen who returned for the 1934 football season for a nucleus, coach D N Stacy, assisted by G ll Cknrle sworth, soon built up a worthy aggregation A quarter back was found in Deming, whose puntmg and passing was superb and kept the enemy guessing continually For fullback, the squad mde a find in Palmer They were always sure of a few yards when h plowed through center on a line snnsh Watkins, halfback, nnde himself responsible backs Uller1ch and sp1rit they showed and White's center for three of the season's touchdowns Half Baerwald deserve credit for the gr1t and in every game they played Huzzar, the Red played every minute of every game, whlch is a remrkable record All the linemen won approval for their staunohness and spirit when pitted against teams superior in bmwn The pass re celvlng of Lathrop and Greenlaw, ends, led to practlcally all the season's touchdowns Krause and Millard's defensive ability at the tackles mde th: were deadly at guard was one opening up holes the other guard, them a standout throughout the year Both of and equally prominent on the offense Longrie of the best in the conference His ability at in the line narked him a strong opponent lrehn, outside of be1ng strong and defensive nan, threw some accurate long passes when called into the backfield Clark and Gottgetreu displayed fine football throughout the year On September 21, the season was opened in a non conference tilt with Clintonville. After leading through most cf the game, the result of a touchdown made by Greenlaw, Clintonville finally tied the score 6 to 6. During the following week, New London, opening her conference schedule at West De Pere, won an easy victory over the Black Plnntcms 24 to 0. On October 5, the heavy Kaukauna grid machine invaded the field. After a strenuous score- less battle, the Kaws finally broke through to score a lone touch- One of down in the met llenasha turned home game which ended 6 to O. On October 12, New London in a night game, and after a fierce battle they re- on the long end of a 28 to O score. the finest games of the year ns played against the Shawanc Indians. The last play of the game was when Watkins half back of the New London team, grabbed a pass as the timer was whistling for the end of the fourth quarter and went over the line tying the Redskins 15 to 15. The season closed with a game with the Neenah Red Rockets where both teams, numbed with the cold, fumbled through four quarters to a scoreless finish. 5'A, gg.: E 5' :TL F'-Q: . .N f nf. " 1 E 47, Q .1 -.2414 ': f'5xF4WKAX5H 2 me ,ffil-X 255 0 e e e ' , .. I o 8 C , - . . . , . I , - U 0 O I U Q 4 O Ro! 1 Barlow, flanagerl Watkins, Demming, Polaske Row 2 D N Stacy, Coach, Gottgetreu, Krohn, Krause, Lathrop, Heier Letterman 1934-1935 Edwin Demming Clifford Krohn Clarence Gottgetreu u81V1B Lathrop Donald Heier Leon Polaake Samuel Huzzar Robert Ullerich Robert Krause Wayne Watkins Basketball Schedule DATES November November December December December December January January February February February February February February larch 2 PLACE TIA! Waupaca Weywauwega West De Pere Appleton Shavano Kaukauna Neenah Clintonville West De Pere laupaca Clintonville Shanano Kaukauna Neeneh Stevens Point Total 4 TEAM len Conference Games lon 9 Loet 6 IW ' C . A. B. 3 23 16 20 12 27 9 23 10 12 7 17 24 19 14 11 23 29 13 14 14 22 41 14 8 21 29 8 26 12 11 31 26 19 16 15 33 22 January 25 lenaeha 27 16 16 6 1 26 25 10 8 5 23 14 14 5 8 26 22 15 15 23 10 11 19 35 9 24 9 22 25 26 8 10 5 24 30 10 9 ........388 35 213 146 ww 39155 fit ff Row 1 Smith, Clark, Platte, Freiburger, Beaudoin, Stern Row 2 Meinhardt, Glocke, Hotchkiss, Schmidt, Yost, Heskmick, Deming Ba sketball Following a few week's practice, the 1954 1935 basketball team journeyed to Waupaca for an opening tilt in which they were victorious Three defeats followed the opener, leyawega, here, Appleton here, and Stmwano there Hitting their stride after the defeats, the team realized three consecutive victories Neenah, Olintonville, and llenasln Following this defeat, New London, beat Nest De Pere. hupaca here, Clintcnville there, resulted in two victories. The latter was a conference gane in which the subs had a chance to play. Meeting New London here on Febrmry 16, Shawano again proved themselves better. After giving Kauknuna a beating the next, week, New London held second place, but dropped to fourth when Neenah upset them at Neenah, to close the conference play for the season. To prepare for the tournament, New London played Stevens Point. They were defeated 30 to 24 in an exciting game which at one tile nas tied 24 all. Going to Clintonville to start tourna- lent play against Two Rivers on lhrch 14, New London won 26 to 35 Pitted against Sturgeon Bay on the second night, she lost by a single point, 24-25. The same night Shawano downed Oeontc who led 9-3 at one time. In an upset, Sturgeon Bay beat Bhauano on the last night, 25-22, and won the district championship. it 59 H E Q Q .19 11, g r'.:,. , X L 'hx' '. 9: - gm - .K -ff- z aus, :wa : gm: -' 'sl Kfwlmsu 2: -5, .-A-N f,fg15.,o,:.f , 7 Q . 1 O O O I e J' W'-Wy - VI v :LW by ' QM M! Girls' Athletic Association Durin the last years there has been nothing in the way of athletics in which the girls of the high school could part1c1 pate to earn a letter During this year, however, a Girls' Ath letic Association was organized to promote the athletic interests and actilities for high school girls and to endeavor to reach a higher standard of sportmanship throu hout the school The program, which included such sports as roller skating, ice skating, golf, swimming, skiing, tennis, hiking, basketball, and the various events in track, allows for the awarding of points to members who participitate in these activities These events are arranged so that each memoer has an equal chance to earn a letter, which 18 presented to any person having two hun dred points A pin is awarded any member having three hundred points The girls who play on the basketball team which places in the annual girls' tournament are awarded points in addition to the minimum number of points for being on the team The points may be earned over a period of four years Due to the fact that the seniors had only one year in which to earn a letter, they were given an opportunity to get a letter by earning only one hundred points Any girl in the entire school who was interested in the or ganization was eligible for membership. The regular meetings, were held four times during the year, and special meetings were called by the council which consisted of the following: Grace Kelchoir, president, Valeria Dernbach, vice president, Alice De Young, secretary-treasurer, Lucile Stern, publicity manager, Maud Brown, tournament manager, and Dorothy Dernbach, chairman of points and awards. Bach chairman was responsible for the com- plete organization of her sport. She appointed whatever commit- ees were necessary. Eighty-nine girls were members of the asso- ciation. D. N. Stacy, coach, acted as advisor to the group. 'L L,- ! E B , - all 11? A . 3 9"f KYABIH I nVg.'1I. Ffa! , 1 'L U' 'HFS fr. Q -Q I '-:Ca ug, A-vi' u W- ' m 7 r NN fl.. , F: N "1p,- it gag .5 1 , frgx. Wx -y hy' , N, , 1 ?'f' J V OC f M I My as i ff . 1 ,Ju I ,, 1 A X ' QU, yv' JAJJJ . ,jj SMU, , ,A ffft . J A . .7 . I D . . - .7 . ' 6 H . V . . . . . . . . .L. ., e . . I . . . L . I I I ywvavxm y VI Girls' Athletic Associatlon Row 1-Brown, Hanson, Dernbach, Jeffers, Konrad, Buss, Cousins, Colller, Guyette, Beaudo1n, Bergman. Row 2-Clark, Guenther, Hc- Nichols, Wllkinson, Dawson, Fletcher, Knapstein, Herres, Hammer- berg, Babcock, Millard, Davy, De Young, Bender, Freiburger. Row 3-Le Beau, Retzlaff, Garrow, Abraham, Gorges, Handschke, Hayward, Hoerning, Lltts, Bleck, Dernbach, Hall, M. De Young. Row l-Lois Stern, D. Zlemer, Platte, Zimmerman, Queeman, Rledl, Pues, W11BOD, Tate, B. Wells, Vera Walstrom, Row 2-Zernicke, Monte, lelnhardt, Steingraber, J. Smlth, bchoenrock, Wright, H. Pues, Reetz, lelchior, Talady, Rogers, Viva Walstrom. Row 3-Pet- arson, R. Wells, Spurr, Norris, Wagner, Lucllle Stern, Noack, Mc- Andrews, Doud, Rohloff, Lorralne Stern, Meshke, Shaw, I. Smlth, Raschke. 5 h xg 2 5' A ' A ' A V4 ' P -v' Q 'J is f-.25 v, Q, 5.15 ng: ,me K, J! -.,,,, M:L,fEhWACf5H E? fg,DQSy,5f?QL:f 4 ' fl L Wi! f ". Vg Y' ""'.TLB: 'dell-K iff Intramurals The students in intramural basketball were grouped into two more experienced boys comprised the Hager League The teams were captained by seniors Baerwald, Clark, Fehrman, Greenlaw, Hatch hiss, Millard, Palmer, and Worby, who chose the names of Big Ten schools for their teams The round ended with Hotchkiss s Goph ers on top ot the heap with six victories and one deteat Because several players dropped out, new teams were chosen for the second round, the six captains being Fehrman, Greenlaw, Hotchkiss, Millard, Palmer, and Norby P lmer's Michigan aggre gatlon came out undefeated in five straight games The high light of the round was l1ch1gan's 27 to O victory over the second place Iowa quintet An interesting game was played between the senior players and the faculty, the seniors winning 21 to 18 Four teams comprised the Minor League They were called the Bears, Reds, Cards, and the Packers, and the captains were G Dem ming, H Gottgetreu, L Glassenapp, and M Dorschner The Cards, captained by L Glassenapp, won the championship The girls, too, were interested in intramurals Sixty four girls enrolled, and eight teams were formed They were captained by G Melchior, B Jeffers, L Stern, D Dernbach, V Dernbach, M Noack, M Brown, and A De Young Noack's team started the season with a bang, and she held the lead until the half of the round Jeffers team started with a bang, out they lost every game D Dernbach s wavered between the high and middle places, while V Dernbach's started with a weak protest and gradually climbed toward higher places Young hung on to first place and allowed no defeats Stern's lost their co rage and stayed near the bottom, while Brown's team started out with bad luck which they overcame gradually. The games ended with De Young in the lead, lelchior and D. Dernbach tied for second, V. Dernbach, Brown, and Noack ti d for third, and Stern in fourtn place. F 6 B nv . .7 9 ' ' f N 4 B I at . ' A nl, pn? It -'V n W' , 112 5 V 1 - A.: :I-511 sl V, nwff... L. , ..,.'.,'.f.. hx , 1-xg, ,J leagues according to their size and ability. Eight teams of the . O . . , - I u O . . , i a . .Q - . . . . - 1 . 1 n ' . . . T . . . L . O . O I O O . ' . . 0 . . . . . - . . . r . I . I I 0 O O I O O . . . g I . . 0 . D . . H e De 1 ' ' , 3 crf- ' . If I Q JJ 4, D ,Y A 1 , 4, ry y PM aff 2 . !s..,,,i,- .2 ,gk XX N x Q g 5Ng,,.AN..gLgN-,,. ..,.-.-,., .faxenszc af rv -fff ""4 Jax' .f DJ LXL yzfyyb 7-0-4.7 ""'f-rk. 7s.44 N-77 -IC-421 Zfylxzx lam 7, 1.1 J . r 1 -I A V ,, i Yau' V .31 I Lk xy wg nxt sv, ,M J R Xb ,- , if' fl QR! X Nl X' ff n If L, If Aff - 4 K I-'V W I 'Z ,f x N - - ,via Q ---Q i, . If?-.QQN N--T -.-. ' ' xx, + - V, -M ' '1- .gii V WT, , .X R , XX K jpg, 54-f' X jf 'K-, Q , , , I gf J V f x ' xc V X I' K , -,, , --f I X f , AD .,,sfv'-Q I C X , f' I A , , , YY .1 g k f 1,1 , K 17 'C X H, - A , , L, p , ' . -I fy! 3 if fl 9 4 ,1 k A K' - ff-'11 . 'I f , Y 4 P ,LZ V ff! f 'fai,.Q Cf f Q wma. 39.1655 M W N The Forensic Association President Agnes MCN1ChOlS Vice President Samuel Huzzar Secretary Jean Dawson Treasurer Patrick Clark The Forensic Association was organized in 1923 It was formed to encourage forensic work and to allow students to attend forensic events at prices less than those offered to the general public In 1932 the membership fee was reduced from twenty five cents to ten cents, where it has remained Much interest was shown ln the new association, and because points could be earned toward the Spirit Cup, the classes put on a membership drive each year At first there were only two forensic events, oratory and declamatory. In 1926 extemporaneous reading and extemporaneous speaxing were introduced. Now regular debate work, also, is 1n- cluded. The forensic program opens with inter-school debates in the fall and closes late in the spring with the state and league speaking contests. Each phase of the work gives the student practice and train- ing in public speaking. By taking part in oratory, the person learns to interpret convincingly the ideas of some one else. Declamatory shares with oratory in being the most attractive event. The selections read are of a dramatic or humorous nature, and the speaker aims to learn how to entertain. extemporaneous reading gives an opportunity to learn how to keep an audience in- terested in a reading. Extemporaneoue speaking is probably the most useful of the activities. The student seeks to acquaint himself with the current topics of the day and then to present the facts about them in a brief and concise manner. He must use his own resourcefulness both in organizing and presenting his material. In addition to his training, each member benefits financially since he may attend the all-school play, the Senior Class play, and Stunt Night at a lower price of admission than the prices charged others. A E B ll nv! t . .7 9 B' e,x,'4 B F ni' .': Il: . .. I A - 1,3 -' nl .1 1.3114 I .T-Q fi- 'V 'fix' 'A -A 1 2 gal K 3-Aviv 7' I QI, -, f. . on ,vp-X, Q, .5 .all 1" 'I 6 Ll.. Q .i . 'F . . . . . . . . . - . e . . . . . . . . . W-ner.. 322165 New W- ,,-J Row l lalstrom, McN1chols, sarlow, monte, Watklns, Backes Row 2 Raschke, Jrlght, Retzlaff, Lltts, uant, Stern, J Calef, C Calef low 3 71Sm6T, Clark, Knapsteln, Spangler, Demmlng, McDan1els, Berman, Hetzer Forenslcs A number of phases of publlc speak1n are open to students ln the New Lonlon H1 h School In add1t1on to debate, there 18 work 1n both readlng and speaklng Ten senlors, two Junlors, two sophomores, and two treshmen Look part 1n expresslve read1ng The br up was 1n charge of MISS Alma Halverson In the tryouts Agnes McN1cnols placed f1PSt, Sarah Jane Calef, second, Marcella Brault, thlrd, Aurella Dalley fourth, Crystal Natk1ns, flfth, and Opal Zlemer, slxtn People who slgned up for declamatory work lncluded three senlors, three JUH1OP8, two sophomores, and f1ve freshmen Those who won places ln the el1m1nat1on contest lncluded Barbara Retz laff, Agnes MCNICHOIS, Gertrude Backes, Aurella Dalley, Beryl Mae Jeffers, Vera Valstrom, Carolyn Calef, and Dorothy Raschke Because so few peoole were lnter sted in extemporaneous spelklng, no prellmlnary tryouts were held, but Alice Berman, Aurella Dalley, Beth Monte, Marbaret Wrlght, Dav1d Knapsteln, Ph1l1p Clark, Henry McDan1el, and Robert Hetzer, worklng under thelr advlsor m N Calef, represented the school lght senlors, f1ve JUHIOFS, two soshomores, and one fresh m n competed 1n the prel1m1nary contest 1n oratory Of the group the flrst s1x people wno placed and who were, therefore, entitled to enter the flnal tryout were: Bur.on Quant, Lucille Stern, Mar- llyn Litts, Marcella Barlow, Harold Spengler, and A1106 Berman. -n U me av .ws , :- fs lie x': B I LV .': :: .. l . , ivy. I .1 V 1:42 'f'T,S 'gin' 'ff' Av 5 an ff. NX 2.A1g- 2 1,-1.-R 11 Q IH - 1 "xH Q' ff! ,I , L V v , , 4 S V r 5 , , 1, , , : 4 1 ' ' , ' W s , 5 ' I, .' 1 I S ' 3 ,, D , 1- , . K , , - I I X ' 1 . vi ' . , . cl , . f' ' .., V . , ., . . Q .V I I Z -A . . I . . I fl L ' ' O , 6 . . . . . . 'Y L1 . ' ir' o l I E' I I I . . , . . 0 I . . . U . . . . . A . . . . . D a. . . . . . . ' e L . . . . . . T . . . - - 1 1 C D I , . . . . . All n - 3 . . . . . Rowlldelchior, Wright, llcNichols, Vandenberg, Row2 Baches, Raschke, Spangler, Wilson, Crain, Wilxinson, Rudinver, Dailey Debate In answer to the cell for debaters of the year 1934 1955 twenty students r sponded Of these Lois Vandenberg, Roy Crain, Agnes McNicho1s, Grace lelchior, James Hilson, and Margaret Wright composed the A team, and the remaining six, Aurelia Dailey, Jean Rudinger, Harold Spengler, Dorothy Raschke, Robert Wilkinson, and Gertrude Backes, were known as the B team. The debate season proper opened January 30 when the negatives of our team met C1intonvi11e's at Clintonville and were defeated by a score of 100-94. The following day the affirmative team met Vest De Pere at New London and won by a 100-95 percentage. The next week the negative team met the East De Pere affirmative team at New London and were again defeated 100-97. The last conference debate was held February 11 when the affirmative team journeyed to Shawano and was defeated 100-97. The debates were judged by a one-man Judge who graded each team according to the presentation and the value of material, and its ability to refute. The debate season closed larch 4 when lanawa's two teams met our B teams in a practice debate at New London. Following the debate a luncheon was served the debaters of both schools and an interesting prog-em was held for the enjoyment of those students. " 1 wwe 39.1455 ev M .features ww 59.1455 eww Row l Stern, Chegwin, Hotchkiss, Kleinbrook, Kellogg, Pelky, Brown, Ziemer, B Dean, Hanson, lillard Row 2 Hartquiet,Le1la Tank, D Hanson, Wilkinson, D Ziemsr, Buss, Baker, Guyette, An draws, Eggers, Litts, J Dawson Row 3 Luella Tank, Vanlarhoven, Broun, Talady, Wells, Konrad, A. Dean, G Calef, Friegurger, Dem ming, Strossenreuther, C Fonstad, Spengler Row 4 Ostreich, Handrich, Schmidt, J Calef, Hall, D Fonstad, Ploetz, Plumb, Quant, K. Frieburger High School Band There was no rest for band members Regular practices were held throughout the summer preparing for weekly concerts Forty nine members were ready to start serious practice in Septe ber. The bandfs largest section las the clarinet with H. Brown, G Fonstad, I. Litts, and O. Ziemsr as its soloists. Solo cornetist, B. Quant, was probably the band's outstanding member with H. Frieburger to assist him. The flutist were led by E. Zernicke. The sax section consisted of two altos and one tenor with K.Wilk' inson in solo-alto sax xhair. The three horn players had I. Ploets to lead them. Outstanding trombonists were J. Calef, D. Fonstad, and I. Schmidt. The baritone and bass sections were strengthened by two old timers, I. Wells and W. Oestreich. B. Hotchkiss led the drum section as solo snare drummer. The bas- soon was played by P. Hartquist, a Junior high student, and the oboe by B. Eggers, former tenor sax player. Beverly also acted as music libararian. Te assist the band in financing its say to the district music festival held at lenasha, a Band Booster Club was organized. Competing bands at that tourney were classed according to the ev- erage experience of the individuals composing them. lew Lendon's bend competed in class C. H Q S sk , J' 2 Nik "4 S Z 3. yah' r'.:...' , ,k I ',,N v' - 93 4-an - -. ZA, 'i'U '-sf,.fewImw,.23 -5, -Abu 'ANZ- W ,W , ' e e ' I O s ' e e ' . 0 e e ' e e e . . 0 Q 2 Q0 Row l Spen ler, tank, Spearoraker, Block, Hayward, Noack, SChm1dt, Classen, Cra1n, Konrad Row 2 Brown, Thieme, Roloff, Z1emer, Dal on, Oestrelch, Spenc r, Vandenber , Cousins, Christ1anson Row 3 Zcrnlcke, D Fonstad, Litts, Calef, C Fonstad, Quant, Hotchklss, Ploetz, Fre1burger, Wilklnson High School Orches ra The second 1n lmportance 1n the muslcal organlzation of the school 13 the orchestra It conslsts of one bass horn, two trom bones, one saxophone, elght f1F8t violins, ten second violins, three clarlnets, two cornets, one drum, one French horn, one alto horn, one flute, and one piano The orchestra resumed 158 rehearsals on September ll at the openlng of school Bill SChm1dt sa1d he was gust achnng to scratch at the 8tF1Dg8 again Haudle Brown was all papped up to make her clarinet do lts best Jane Calef's trombone seemed to sl1de its best Everyone was ready for a good year The orchestra has not appeared in public as much as the band but when lt has, it has shown its ability On November ll, It gram 0 Hoh, music 1nstructor in New London High School, played a beautiful violin solo The orchestra also played for the all school play, 'Dollars to Doughnuts', and the Rotarian s party for the farmers ' rw played at the Grand Theater to help fill in on an Armistice pro- Q ' 1 - . ff n - ff' I 9' I ,' , 1 IW,--.lf 1 xlrANH 9 6 f u 4 Row l B Wells, Backes, Block, Southard, Davle, Chrlstlanson, Knapp, Tate, D Z1emsr, McN1chols, Walstrom Row 2 Dean, Buss, O Zlemer, Dawson, Flatcher, Thorn, Schlmke, H Wells, Zemple, Z9FH1Ck8, Brown Row 3 Bender, De Young, Dernbach, Nege, Quant, Wllklnson, Frederlck, Knapstein, Kang, Hall, FF81bUP56P Row 4 Lella Tank, Luella Tank, Garrov, Wagner, Handschke, Noack, Esta brook, Lucille Bleek, Warnecke, Restls, Popke Girls' Glse Club The glee club of the high school is an organization for girls Vocal tests were made, and any girl who is not a monotone is privileged to become a member At the close of the semester, those unable to carry their own parts are eliminated The club of forty nine members met every Tuesday night, and under the direct1on of 0 J Hoh vocal appreciation increased , and a successful organization was maintained Special classes Christmas pageant vhlch was presented bexore the assembly The club samg a number of carols, A dust was rendered by Beata Restle and Jean Dawson A group composed of Beata Restle, Charity Popke, Vita Garret Vers Hall, Jean Dawson, Opal Ziemer, Bonnle las Fletcher, Ruth Valle, las Noack, and Betty Wells sang several numbers for a pro gram at the Methodist Church Several girls from the group also sang on Christmas Eve at the Episcopal Church, and the entire group sang at the Baccalaureate services on lay 26 nw were held for practice before Christmas in preparation for the -'?MfZLBRm 2' gag i Row l Ploetz, Konrad, ggers, Lltts, Wells, Hotchklss, rre1burger Row 2 Brown, C Fonstad, Oestrelch, Quant, Schmidt, Calef, D Fonstad, an Laarhoven Pep Band Becaus of the dlfflcdlty of transportlng a reg lar band t out of to n basketball games, a small 81Xt66D plece pep band vaa or anlzed Row 1 Hotchklss, Ziemer, ggers, Holer, Quant, Spencer Row 2 Oestreich, Schmidt, Brown Dance Orchestra In connectlon with the hlbh school orchestra, the school had a dance orchestra Although they began late, they proved to be qu1te a sensatlon :JUL fi - 3 - . - n - " 0 . o V . 1 1 . U I 0 J 0 Q - 15 ' ' q 5 ' - "A ,vf JI!! J ,J ff , f , , I Vlfvff' , ' A- AVUI ft N , '7 S! K Q'-'xy xpx ij' I 4' 7 I h -1 . 491 ,ef . in qlf' I ' ll A ,f,f',' ., ff - L - . E . ' - Vp, Q M h , L - if . . Y If y 'D ' W 0 . . ' Wd yi . ,4 , I , ,L ! , I' IK ' jr .L I 'ff ' 1 mme ,MLZS5 meexacfffc, How l Herres, Jeffers, C Calef, Polzin, Ziemer, Mulroy L O'Br1en, Brault, R 0'Br1en, Hippler, Pace, Dawson R Calef, Gralchen, Oestreich, Fonstad, leiklegohn, Stern Dixon Players President Jane Calef Vice President Clifton Fonstad Secretary Marcella Brault Tr asurer Walter Oestrsich About a week after the all school play 'Dollars U nuts' was presented, a group of seniors organized a club o st d drama and to produce plays Any one who had taken :ol play was eligible for membership in the club The mem r ship, however, was limited to twenty-five, and any person rece ing two-thirds majority vote became a member. A fee of twenty five cents a semester is charged each member. Because it is the object of the 'Dixon Players' to keep the school interested in drama, to provide entertainment, to make the programs of the club educational, profitable, and enjoyable, at each meeting an entertainment of some kind was given. Sometimes a play was read, sometimes imitations of movie stars were given by members. A study of drama, also, was begun. On larch 8, an unusually humorous play, 'Cabbages' by Edward Staadt, was given by the club in connection with a music concert by the high school band. It is the intnetion of the club to use the receipts from any plays or entertainments to purchase equip- ment and proparties for the stage in the auditorium. Much that has been accomplished has been due to the guidance of the club's advisor, H. H. Brockhaus. H Z B an 4 , , : 9 I'e xv. B P av x'1nIs r'.?: Y, Pkg' Q:-'S , ' -! 13.9, "'5fTl f m .Ut ' 3 1' 0' X e 5 ka .5 F , I of ' " e . . e Ro L ' . ' . osx J . X x . . F S E . rt i 0'Brier, Pace, C Calef, Herres, Fonstad, J Calef, Oestr ich, Jeffers, Brault, Graichen 'Dollars to Doughnuts' James Boland has a wife and three children, Caroline, who asks her psrrets to fake poverty for a week because her fiancee detests riches, Hortense, who asks her parents to pretend to b rich because her prince dislikes povertyg and Chester Prince Sergie, George, Aunt Flossie, end Piggot bring the truth out The play was presented by I Brault, V Pace, C Fonstad, C Calef, B Jeffers, J Calef, H 0'Brien, I Graichen, H Herrexs, and W. Oestreich. 'Cabbages' Oil was found on the Grossmeir farm. lr. Markle traces their family tree at a cost of 32,000 and that much to have it quiet. Hr. Grossmeir suggests that his wife have her family tree traced, but she refuses to be stylish any more. Those who took part were: C. Fonstad, V. Pace, J. Dawson, C. Calef, K. 0'Brien, and H. Brault. 'The Perfect Pickle' Ir. Jones and his wife plan the marriage of their daughter to Hamilton Cabot III. Ned Graham, whom Doris really loves gets a recipe for a crisp dill pickle, gives it to Mr. Jones, and re- ccives 820,000 for it, which he eventually gives away. The play was given by W. Watkins, C. Fonstad, Lorraine Stern, B. Retzlaff, V. Pace, L. Bleck, H. Brault, J. Dawson, V. Dernbach, C. Saindon, K. Palmer, C. Worby, K. Cottrill, J. Calef, and W. Oestreich. I . I 'A I . . . . L 8 X owen, 39155 M wg Bernard Babcock Ruth Brehmer V1v1an Clasen Louise Demm1ng John Garot Margorle Garrow Leona Glasenapp Mar aret Hazelburg Reglna Herres Albert Krause Earl Krause Arlene Lyon Margorle Mason Grace McLaughl1n George Melchlor Robert M1llard Robert Pfelfer Rodney Platte Robert Putnam Mary June R1ckaby Katherlne dogers Phyllis Ruckdashel G8OPg1a Schantz Esther Schroeder CBth9V1R6 Schultz Margaret Sm1th Jean Stedjee Jeannette Stern Alva Thompson Harry lells Raymond Wilcox Those persons whose names are members of the graduatlng class of Alumn1 Class of 1934 CCC Camp Rlpon College County Normal Junlor College CCC Camp Mercy Hospltal mployed Normal School Mrs Arthur Flsher CCC Camp Normal School Employed Lawrence College Bus1ness College Univers1ty Unlversity Kos Grammar School CCC Camp Lawrence College Normal School Employed Employed County General Hospital Oshkosh Normal Employed Employed County General Hospital Normal School Normal School University CCC Camp New London or rema1n1ng at home. C1ty Polnt Rlp0n Berlln Phoenlx, Arlzona Three Lakes Oshkosh M1lwaukee Wausau New London Three Lakes Whltewater Sheboygan Appleton Appleton M8d1BOH Madison England Three Lakes Appleton Oshkosh linneapolls, Mlnn Barrington, Ill. Milwaukee Oshkosh Sheboygan Menasha Milwaukee Kaukauna Kaukauna Madison Eagle River not listed above and who were 1934, are either employed in lk ,-'.-X 'I fy If' ,U BEC' X wr, 1 . mf J v C' J H P- VU C B no t, .vi .7 2 z" ra 2 .., 'S f-,-:, u , ' . 92 .1 ,J -.yfk T -cf'.f'a. v'offf" 1 " 3 5.-T, ?AAw -: Y -Ir-, Wim K--. ., ,, ...f-.Nx ,',g, v-- xl p E X ' X X KJ 4 X wb . tj I 1 -L E . 24 5 W. . . Q . W ' T1 A Row l-lc N1Ch01B, Brown, Pratt, Herres, D Dernbach, lillard, Helchior, Dawson, Hanson, Rogers, Polzin Row 2 Hammerberg, Gar row, Restle, Eggers, Calef, Krause, Wagner, Black, Litts, lcln drew, V Dernbach Row 2 K Freiburger, 0'Br1en, Platte, leikle John, F Krause, Heidam, Greenlaw, Palmer, Demming Pep Club Early last fall the Pep Club was organized for the purpose of providing pep at school events Seniors Elaine Pratt, Jane Calef, Jean Dawson, Fred Krause, and Kenneth Palmer, who proposed he idea, were made charter members Miss Alma Halverson was ap pointed advisor and members from the classes were elected Since the club is a permanent organization, it plans to increase its membership each year and hopes to secure those interested in the activities of the school. The organization appointed committees to take charge of pep meetings for every football and basketball game and every foren- sic contest. The committees arranged their own programs, and so' stunts, band programs, and speakers were featured. The chief eo- cial activity directed by the club was an all-school party. Every student took part. The evening'e grand march was led by Jean Dawson, pep club president, and Fred Krause, assisted by vice president Kenneth Palmer and Laverne Peters. With the open- ing of the second semester, ten new members were voted into the club. The entertainment for them was a sleigh-ride party. The party rode for two hours and then gathered at the Charlesworth, advisor of the cheer leaders, where Valentine decorations, the club topped an enjoyable chili, cake, and cocoa. After lunch, the pledge both the old and the new members. home of G. H. surrounded by evening with was taken by 52 -WA lyk, 'M : su: g 155 Future Farmers of America Row 1 Schoneck, A Sw1nton, Glelow, L Wllson, Van Groll, R C Heffernan, Advlsor, Gralchen, Wendt, R O'Br1en, Plant, Colller, Foy Row 2 Flnch, Allen, Nestphal, Mulroy, Rohan, Loughrln, I O'Br1en, Green, L Ferman1ch, Hlntz, Rogers, Longrie, Walker, Hoag, Hutchlson Row 3 Dobberstein, Magolsk1, V Nllson, Ma thewson, Garrow, Newman, Voltz, Mart1n, Loss, Gens, C Swinton, Madden, Danke, Brehmer, Heinke, M Rohloff Row 4 Popke, Green law, Klatt, Ch1chester, Sull1van, L Rohloff, Meshnick, Meidam, C Rohloff, Boelter, Bast, Llskow, Clegg, n Fermanlch, Stern Thelr mblem vmnlgde y4!I '25 I kin 4' 9'CuL"o n of N The emblem of the Future Farmers of America is made up of four symbols the owl, the plow, the rising sun and a cross of an ear of corn surmounted by the American eagle The owl 18 sym bolio of wisdom and knowledge, the plow 18 the symbol of labor and tillage of the soil, the rlsing sun is emblematlc of progress and the new day that w1l1 dawn when all farmers are the product of vocational agricultural schools, and have learned to cooper ate, the cross sect1on of an ear of corn is 1Hd1C8I1V6 of the national scope of the organ1zat1on, as is also the American eagle The emblem 18 protected by copywrights v 1 - . . ., . e e 0 e . . O . . . - . , . . . 1 . . - . . ' , - . 0 n e " ' . . . . .-, . e e e ' E init 1 J -4 5' M NV' 'xx 41 s , 1 ' X ?' ix 2 . ' H XX ,f , Q 5 X F ,kr 00 an 'YA , ff "1 ik x- . . L 'Sauk- J ,A t 4 0 it- 'xxaf , .X I . A I, vi, , 1.5 ' 11 . . 1 . . . . . . . . e ment., 32255 was effe- Rol 1 Ven Groll, Ueshnick, Wilson, Clegg, R 0'Brien, I 0'Brien Row 2-Roloff, Madden, Liskow, Green, B C Heffernan, coach Future Farmers The Future Farmers of America is a na+1onal organization with chapters in each state in the United States, Alaska, the Philippines, and Hawaii It is an organization of boys enrolled in vocational agriculture courses covering phases of farming, plant husbandry, animal husbandry, farm mechanics, and farm eco nomics In addition to classroom work, farms in the vicinity are used in research and progect work In wiSCOUS1U the work began in 1917, and there are today 6000 boys enrolled in 108 chapters The chapter work is carrled on 1B the same manner as that of most secret organizations e 0Tg8n1Z8t1OD has its own erblem, colors, uniforms, and ritual. An F. F. A. fFuture Farmers of America, member may acquire four degrees for his accomplishments in agriculture, Green Hand, Fu- ture Farmer, State Farmer, and American Farmer. Rach degree carries with it special honors and a badge. The New London Chapter of Future Farmers of America was organized September 26, 1934. The officers elected were: presi- dent, E. Wilson, vice-president, D. Van Groll Secretary, I. Graichen, treasurer, D. Wendt, reporter, R. 0'Brien. The members chose W. Graichen and D. Van Groll as delegates to the state meet at Madison, October 5 and 6. At that meeting the state judging contests were held, and Nei London was represented by fifteen boy in three Judging teams: of livestock, R. Fermanich, H. Liskov, I Wilson, and alternate, K. Cottrillg of potatoes, L. Dobberstein,0 Westphal, U. Neuman, and alternate, J. Karting of crops, 0. Heinke, H. Voltz, J. Rogers, end alternate, D. lendtg and F. T. A delegates, I. Graichen, and D. Van Groll. 'B Z B G 4 g, 5. 19 k'4 x'4 B F? AV Q'1 I4 rnz! I , , ,I ,115 , -Q , 0 '-:fu 0:5 ' A Q ', 1 1 7 A f,..,' 1 I I '4'1-- fun Q 3 'fxe F' ess , 'A 'se ,4f: hx an ' 5 . X A i 1 f Q , cj ' e e e . e e e . . . .J . . e - 1 v I 1 . . . e . . O . O . . . f . Th . . . . :I Row 1-lonte, lcNicho1e, Ziemer, Dernbach, Dawson, Polzin, Wright, Freiburger, Gorges, Barlow Row 2 Hlppler, Calef, Stern, Watkins Palmer, H0tChk188, Fonstad, Iorby, Schmidt, Herres, Handschke, Bleek Row 3 Stewart, Tank, Bender, Garrow, Haas, Monte, Cott tall, Fzlkanson, Van Groll, Wells, Pratt, Allen, Peters 'The Cleesmate' The need for an interestlng, newsy perlodical wh1ch would furnish a means of keeping a record of school HCtiVit18B was the incentive for eetab11shing 'The Claeemate' larly editions contain many lnterestlng items In 1910 Grace Laib won a spelling contest Among the seniors in 1911 were Hattie ldminster and Louise Krause R Ialmer was captazn lf the football team T Knapstein was a member of the Clase of football captain Dorothy Stern, G Werner, and J loneted were on the debate team in 1915 and Beth Stanley took the leading part in the operetta Editor of the 1917 Glaeemate was G lerner I Borchardt, J lonsted, and G Polzin were members of the claes In 1926 G Charlesworth was eenlor president and I Cochrane ed1tor The following year the preemdency was held by G Dern- bech and the editorehip by R Cooley Succeeding edltore were lthel latteeon, Jean Deeeel, C lulroy, I Ludwig, J Cochrane, and D Rebbe. rw 4 1912. Gertrude Beyer was lay Queen, and B. Strossenreuther wal ww 391155 ev W XT Q QQ 1 gif: 0 '95 I mx Mugs! p 1 V1 ll a1'vuv XJ! 451 Qfete ra WLQXMZ3-f-,Zi ,ZA-c,Za..,..C Q34-Q-ox 1 Q B HI :Yr is' :ZLJN AQ - 4 -1 f' if ' 1 x XXNN' ,h A. I . 'e?"V " ",,, 'WNW ,f J . -X mm 43 , , , nij ,r -"f + 1 Xxx ,J ' ' gm 1 X Q , 5 grylefgg .Q D.-I -f f f A - .Y I . ffl-1.4.0-9 . ywnmgy -. Q-1 f tt 'YIWASH LAST VILL AND T STA. OT THE CLASS OF 1935 We, the class of 1935 of New London High School, County of Waupaca, State of Wisconsin, being of doubtful mind, weak under standing and failing memory do know declare this our last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills heretofore made by I Orv1l1e's shyness to Doc , and Red's love to Doris Ziemer II Verna s school 1rl complexion to Grace Melchior, and the blushes of Mary Catherine and Vivienne to Bette Rogers III Anna Mar1e's graduation dress to Vera Nalstrom, and Bill Schmict's ear muffs to Iggy Polaske IV 0pal's spare time to Bob' Farrel, and Bob Krause's, Ken Greenlaw's, Ellis Monte's ambition to Kathleen Doud V Jean's musical echoes to Elna Estrabrook, May and Luc1le's violins to Mr Heh, and Cl1fton's broken clarinet reed to Maudie Brown VI Kathryn s, Ela1ne's Ruth's and La Verne s gig les the sober underclass men, and Verna Mae's, Jim s gift of gab to Helen Davy VII Roy s Vivian to be well taken care of by Harry Ferg and Elizabeth Laughrin e daintiness to Luella Petit VIII H1ldegarde's latest coiffures to Bessie Classen, and Iemae Cousin'e blond locks to Betty Wells IX Hargaret's geometry, physics, chemistry note books t the needy underclass men, and Bill Stern s, Edward Vilson s lie to 'Tiny' Herres. X. Alice and Ione's vim, vigor, and vitality to Harold Spengler, and Vita Garrow's dancing to Geraldine Guenther. XI. Marianne's, Jane's, Li1a's Agnes Mc Nichol's cheerful- ness to the melancholy, and Valeria's sunny disposition to Hilli- csnt Gall. XII. Kathryn Wilkinson's good attendance to Kate leinhardtg Walter Oestreich's, Robert Kursevski's, Melissa Stevart'e, Luella Tank's, Eileen Doud's determination to Melvin Rohloff. XIII. Gottgetreu's, Lathr0p's, Palmer's, Millard'e athletic ab1l1ty to our next championship teams. XIV. Pat'e vocabulary to Beryle Jeffers and Robert Knapetein, and Agnes Schoenhaar's speed to Edith Parfitt. XV. Russell Hotchkiss's technique at the drums to Mr. Hoh's next drum BSCLIOHQ Glasenapp's, Dorschner'e, Graebel's famous orchestra to the school. XIV. Chas Worby's car to Maxine Knapstein, and Lucinda'e com- pact to Bernice McLaughlin. XVII. Catherine Meshke's, Helen Backes's, smiles to Beverly Eggersg Marcella Barlow's brown eyes to Crystal Hatklns, and Tommy Hulroy'e freckles to Bonnie Mae Fletcher. g L ' Q x' 3 1 t ' :' - - K. Al E Q xy- if 1 'J f'-2 -- '. 1 f. S? 5-gqe Q .1 Q c...,-L '-5' At? "X" 3 ' 1 -'AV su. .I-T' -ff ,.. .., H ,Ak .,,,M,, 1 E KENT . I. . . . ' an . . . . . , . use ' ll I e e , T. . I O - . . e . A . . 0 . e ' U 0 . e e . . . - - e . e I ' I , g to , . ' . .- e ' e . , . . e . I e . . Q 0 - v 2 Q mms 591155 mqmfifc- Senior Class Will CCon tb son, 'arlton Maas s, Edward Ferman1ch'e curly locks to Mr Stacy XIX Harold Starks's, Ken Fehrman s dreamlness to Stub Klatt, Iris Poehlman's disposition to Dorothy Fehrman XX Bill and Carl Haese's alineness to 'Able' Abraham and Dorotny Raschke, and Halter Boelter s Edwin Stern's, Daniel Mesnnick s, Owen Saindon s extra lenght to the Kopitzke brotners XXI Harold Oesterme1er's love for girls to 'Billy' Thurk Ruth Iells' and Agnes MCN1ChO1S' freshmen boys to their sisters, Betty and Kathryn XXII Ruth Hoernino s, Virginia Gorges dates to the Kramer sisters, ana Bred Krause s love to the olondes XXIII Beatrice Erdman s up to dateness to Loretta lcAndrels, Beth Monte's rapid speech to Beatrice Finch XXIV Lorraine Stern's sober walk to Mildred Krlngle and Hen riet a Burton, June Mathewson's penmanship to Elmer Dexter XXV Chauncey Surpr1se's, Russel Johnson s hangout to eorge Barlow, Lucille Stern's temper to Arlene Quant KIIH Sb out hands at New London, v1SCOUS1D, this the 30th day of May, 1935 Class of 1935, New London High School Did you see: Bob Krause and Vera Waletrom at the prom! The moon that Annie Hayward pulled from the sky! The mouse Henrietta Burton stepped on! Daniel Meehnick wearing Pee lee Dorschner s suit! Agnes McNichols wearing Lila Stroseenreuther's dress! 'Eddie' Wendlandt out for track! Luella Petit playing basketball! Tiny Herres studying! Harry Millard at the tournament! Boob Meidam pole vaulting? Margaret Wright re ding a true story the fourth period! Stacy'e car parked other than on Wyman street! Hr. Vorba with a wig! Elie Honte'e hair without a curl! Trials Sleeping in Social Problems claee Opening locker 238 Filling the waste baskets with gum Taking girls to dances Getting Fred Gen'e Ford car started gf 4 Em :Va Q Q ' 1 A ,"T,E- HA W biz. ' g ,'.,..Q If HA I 'I v-- ff' is B nn 1 fxt. 1'- I XVIII. Barbara and Ida'e spit curls to Lila Tank and Della Wat- . I ' A I ' I I C . . . . 0 0 ., . uw. - 0 - : ' ' ' ' - ' L . ' . . . . w . e Y' I e ' U . , L. L , l 1 0 0 . ' ' ' ' . . . UU . . ' OG 0 ' . I mussel 59155 mfamfffe- Hear ye' Hear ye' Mr Brockhaus Now let's not make thls too scholastic Mr Hoh I ll .ark you a cordlngly It can an l1ve M188 Hoftman 'And tnen she woke up to flnd lt was only nlghtmare r Vorba OKe So wh t Mlss Alma Halverson You may o on wlth your study M133 Taggart Now l1sten here You may not thlnk what a aacher says 13 very lnterestlng, but you better llsten anyway Hr Charlesworth When I was work1ng on the boats at JISC Dellsn Nhen I was at Stevens Po1nt Oh' Thls Younger Generatlon Mr Charlesworth 1n Soc1a1 Problems Class: 'We always went rlght home after our hlgh school partles and at eleven o'clock too Cllfton onstad Yes, but there weren t any cozy corners t go to 61th8P A d1SCUSS1On on the planet was be1ng held ln Physlcs class Mr Vorba Ruth, what 18 the moon? Ruth Hells 'I don t know anythlng about the moon Russell Hotchklss w' The heck you don't" The students 1n PhyS1CS class were talk1ng cars Mr Vorba 'The cars are usually designed to su1t the women Valerla Dernbacn 'S that s how you wot your car? Mr Vorba b1ushed"' The Soclal Problems students w re r qulred to hand 1n toplcs for dlSCUBS1On on Ch1ld Labor Mr Charlesworth readlng from a paperbz Jny don t Mllwau kee work shops and other 1Pqt1tUt1ODS have ch1ldren9' I1 Harry Mlllard 1n Physlcs classl Aw, a Ford 15 no good,1t don't even need gasollne to run them, trey can even run on water Mr Vorba stared very hard at h1m Mr Vorba nas a ioldj Harry fblushing very hardlx I mean a model T llke 5111 Stern s Outstandlng Sen1ors Bob Krause--Presldent of hls class for S11 years. Clarence Gottgetreu--member of Basketball DlStFlCt Champlons I934 Margaret Wright--Wlnner of student honor cup of 1934. Jean Dawson--Drum major for two years. Flrst Pres. of Pep Club. Jane Calef -First presldent of the Dlxon Players. Agnes NcNichols -Winnlng decla1mer for four years. 5 QU Q , , 3 Q I' 4 x.'4 B ' 1 Ay Q-va , P.: 5 I f. ' Q?"S , .1 .I U--f'- MEI fl Vvfkf' 'w ' 1 Q 1 ANN, Z., - f 11 U f-v up 3 ..f- ,-39-41. C I . --ll ' ll I . --' ' 2 c ' '--or--' 't be d ' ' .N - . -Q k ' . . a ' n I u . --" "--or--" a 2' 1 , -fn 6 ' w Atl . . . . . 'H U 0 "N . 1' D 0 --or--of V - ll . . . . . . . Y " 9 .n ' F ' : N ' - 0 . ' ll . . . . . Q 1 . : . :uv - u ' 3 I I ' ll . . I nA 0 ' 0' ' . ' ' I 3 . 3 I ' n f ' ' : O v O -ll o o 0 o . w 3 3 . . . . . . 0 K . 1. ' . - . . C. . Q . ,, . . I , - I n - L f u o . 0 C 0 Q 'A ' D s Q if ,, . . . 1 O what 391155 ee ,We Je ve a hletes both Dlg and small, some food, some better, some no at all, And fivht they w1ll, though the game seems lost Exertlng great efforts, 9 matter what cost The f1eld 18 muddy and Coach S acy ex ted ell auare 0' the danber the e s xnwlted ulaa Icnbr e 18 plottlnb ulth Palmer and the team And Lathrop calmly drlrks from the muddy canteen A heavy s lerce drops on the hlgh school gym, The fleet Bob Ullrlch was Just put in The whistle blows, and the crowd roars, Krause's famous spiral again has scored A flash, a soft breeze, Oh yes, 'tis the track, That hundred yard dash's not be1ng held back Now Krause lopes by, just flnishing the mile, Ihile Greenlaw hurls the d1scus in h1s own unique style Noack k Black Class of 1935 Just a little bluffing Lots of alr, qulte hot Makes a rec1tat1on Seem l1ke what lt s not L1ttle spots of knowledge, Little puffs of wlt, Makes the slmple Freshmen Thlnk the Senlor s IT Old Classmates Marcella Brault F8811Dg an artlcle in Stenography in which the follow1ng appeared D Early preparation ln school will save many a rocky road in our later life.' Teacher: 'But some of us don't believe that, do we?' Marcella: 'That doesn't sound rlght. What should it be?' Wanted An alarm clock: Fritz Krause Sleeps Kenneth Greenlar A girl: Kenneth Cottrill Curly Hair: Kenneth Palmer A mana Vivienne Babcoch A career: Harry Millard A freshman: Ruth Wells, A Warner Bros. contracts and Agnes HcNicho1s Vernamae Pace H Z 3 I1 1 - 9 I' 4 lX'A I5 r 'I -v ' - .1 - 5' 5 11 F r'.f: , 'L 'aku Sa s . Q .1 pxq- -nf, ---, AR! f Q ,Ta--. 1-n-107, l"11--V JI- H1 gu.f.-hx-,fA,V,v- -r 0 + ' - v v "' U L D v . O. u ' , ' .A . Q . . ,L . V. . . u 2.1. TF ' l Q " , 5813 ' . '. I -' rk . r i ' X . ' W " . c 1 - . A ' Q . . . . .L A .' ' 1 " . . - - 1 e O . O . Y . . x 0 -- . . A . . , I . . . , . : c . . O u - 5 W M M. C' 1 'L 'jf m QW Lf ,VW H. Al'-V Wm cs. K1 KQV YA! fn-ov -W 6' ULU g, iff 1 f :ff j my fffav- ff My ,gil X M! ,g.fJ"fo,0 f Gy 4 ff! flgvgff If ro I Q,a.,e-r K ALA L ..r--'L k kg e gi UA- K of A. Q R B X X91' L- . so Lf X 7 s MXPX! IEXI I is 1 , kj!!! L? i V 1 gxr 32' fu U7 H, , W ' ,. ' 'O -. 11 . JJ 1 I-,LC V ' ' 1-fb ,givin ' 43 ' Y Q, 1 Q' , 1" '31 "if, if 'fl , ,, , I N V' CV wsu, ' " ' 1 ' lx ,J V Fi! f A Mizz, if kgv-1 , 4' rv 5 .Af , . J 2 -y 1 QQ A U Q "" I " JR -4-K ax I ' J s H-Nl N-X f ' ' ,J . ' -1 . f , uf I L1 .K , I it f U J .XX 7 ,1 L4 f IJ .1 -, ,g fm Jw X W. 21 hx , Jw K .J X K l -L 4 ,NU nf' N X ' , NC., ' f 1' XLYF . it ' ,rfb 'S K1 'J' . X 'Y I 4' . . f f.Lff..,,f.- L J fc. ' fl fr "4 ' 5-', " 'Y a U9 N 'Mf'fL," ' -aff: . , ,474 -J , 'AJ 'I' X " 'Uni . Zffii. . J QJ 1 344?lj1"f Q , 121 ' 4 4 I le- ' J 4 1 I ' . I f,I,,.' 1 W: 'aaa 5, ffl! l ' ,iff J A, f ' v 'o ,L ' 1' J L A A "x4ff?" 3 A f 1 TM 1 6.1262 .i4,?' A W Vfffylflf 0 " 1: " . ' ,, 2' -X. J ,,f?--- ' N - ,. PI: , Ps . 'X A " . -QM JJ - K x- ' . va I ng, Q - , 1 ,I ,V I' KN -,3 AL, A X f Tia 'X v 1 ' , I LJ cl 'N 1 1 ,AA ,X .. MJ. 5, . 1 -4 A M,,Xy.,f'A- x X X. I X xv A- 1 x J jx 'Y K-.l- K X R' . H L r A M" ' xl ., 3- K , L, A , L K -X ,Q-1, LH- K4r'lf1N , - ' N 3 N 1 K I M 1 I W 7 L ,VL

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