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3 1 1 ! l 2 1 5 I ! i I E E4 i u I I '4 K 1 14" '4' n :mu .rfgiwpg -1 lax' - , K .R .. we . g ' 4 . 'A' - vat f -.9 " . ...-1-. . . -,i , .,, - .. my . . Jr i' -,. . 'X-w R13 .I fu' . -I ,. 'vc--i 1 AH' s ' . K.. - l"Sn" 4 y 'iff A 1. .f ' 4 ' 'fm . ...CY .J 'Q Y, l 4. x 'fi .. .d.,!k,' ,, . . f 1 Q U 4 ' ff 1. Wy rg... nn I, 1-,. 4-M. va, . ,, ,. -f Q X . . V475 .-- - 1 .ug v. ,..,,.f. . .1 .,,,,f V . 61.1 .wg Ullfgift 1 ,' 5 46.-y ww 5 I .fn ' . ... , ' 4, K ' .. ' wg 1 IK- w'.A - - Ag' .fc . ,J .a - ., . -,.4.,z ., a ry,.e??A V , -adult, ,. ... A++-, . . u- -. ' lj- r . rf .- 'nf' r .. - .,, . ,s J 1a.X.., '.: 4- X I. F-L .MEI . . ififif. N 334.335,-ff:fQg1if..2If' , , Hifi -wwf! ,. ' ' - '79-.Z 23'-:., wmffhig-1' -- Q-ii: 'i fffv 'e'. . -QITM 1 '.?..,.Qg: f 3 -U ..52"v' ,wk :nw is f -42' 1' ' 'f M- 'J' V 6" .Lx 1. 'ffl '- 34 A. Hn. - I 1 .,.,v. x -, 3 31 4 . . , ' 1 .ji ', 1 . .531 .fx .. 3. HW, -.nw , .2 sf ' . My Q.. o W, THE a Du huda CLASS OF 1959 CLASS MOTTO What We are to be We are now becoming CLASS COLORS Blue and White CLASS FLOWER Pink Carnation Edited and Published by THE SENIOR CLASS New Lisbon High School New Lisbon, Wisconsin 1 M Q 35 is ' ., ' F' f A 55, 3. ,F ,ii W, Bookkeeping??? l aaa ggamaar gkiw ut:v? 3 ' .iwxrwawaga .v.:ftaa2ww r - s Rik? Play ball HQMSQQ ,QNmww- life WARN Green freshmenlll INTRODUCTION what technique!!! Why do we call N.L.H.S. our school? A stranger upon seeing New Lisbon High School would probably notice that it is a lar cream brick two-storied building fronted by railing-enclosed grass and walls leading to t main door, and if he were to enter he would notice classrooms, halls, and lockers. However, those of us who come here every day know that N.L.H.S means much more than t physical structure. It means the boys and girls who, working with their teachers, come for . education and for activities. Through active participation in clubs and organizations, in mu ic, in sports, in addition to classroom work with study and preparation, and the friendshh made, school has become an important part of us seniors. As we leave New Lisbon High Schoc we will cherish many fond memories of times past. The memories of these last four years mm N.L.H.S. pug school. Here, in picture, we present freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors at work ands play, preserving within these covers all that is N.L.H.S.--you and your accomplishments. L hope this annual will keep these wonderful years as alive as they are today. AS we were. Q' Our heroes R990 Q ,bc Studying hard WA DU SHUDA STAFF . . . kss't. Advisor, Yiss Kose, Adviser, lr. Simpson. kss't. Advisor, Tr. S in mfr.. Q J ,,, 11. Sitting: J. Rabuck, Jr. Editor, K. Voigts- zhild, Editor, S. Davies, Ass't. Editor. ltanding: J. Nalden, Sports Editor, 1. Clary, Business Mgr., L. Moravek, Business Mgr., H. Jensen, Sports Editor. Sitting: A. Henkel, Social, S. Smith, Mus- ic, J. Hansen, Calendar, K. Dorn, Typist, Susan Selkey, Art Editor. Standing: Y. Hemenway, Snapshots, M. Halverson, Senior Class Editor, S. Halverson, Typist, M. Nel- son, Photography, S. Gordon, Calendar, A. Zrary, Class Will and Prophecy, J. Rabuck, lrt Editor, L. Stenholt, Music, A. Greeno, Alumni. abuck, Jr. Editor, K. Vzigtschild, or, S. Davies, Ass't. Editor. Mr. Simpson US Mrs. Christmann Mrs. Schroeder Miss Hose I 1, ,ff wwlg -A K - Y, nd M ,af .A Qyg if A k T I ,ff W' Af3WQ' .x wxwgg, Mr. Hansche :MM L J QFh?:fTw ,i 4? ivii MT, ig WW. wmv bgf Y YE fg,,5fgQQ3 hygkvfi rl, ,.., l Egg Mu Qnnciu Y fwdagx. Mr. Newman MP, Benrud Mr. York DEDIC T10 Ne, the Senior Class of 1959, are proud to dedicate our annual to our Faculty as a token of appreciation for their assistance during our high school years. Ne hereby dedicate to-- Mr. Newman for his untiring efforts in the right paths of higher education. guiding us in Mr. Benrud who was willing at anytime to give advice or councel. Mr. York for his efforts to produce a good basketball combination out of the material we supplied him. Mr. McCallum for his help in steering us down the right path in this Space Age. Mr. Haugh with his usage adviceu and help matics field. in the mathe- Mr. Elliott who we have learned to respect because of his sincerity and frankness. Mr. Kohn who has paved the way for a brighter road in our football era. Mr. Johnson who helped us with our Prom anytime step in and aid us with our problems. Mr. Pritchard who never was too busy but take a few minutes and help us in some of our jects. Mrs. Pritchard for not only helping us music, but who was one of our main supporters riculum actvities. and would at what he could academic sub- in our vocal in extra cur- Miss Cooper whom the Home Ec. girls could go to for councel and opinions. Mr. Brosig who was busy with grade students, but would still be willing to help us in high school. Mr. Hansche for his help in teaching us how to speak correctly and use a better vocabulary. Miss Hose for her friendliness and good nature. Mrs. Schroeder whom we saw only half days but her out- look helped brighten the day for us. Mrs. Christmann for her help in commercial work and who wasdasways willing to give that extra time whem it was most nee e . And last, but not least, Mr. Simpson for the help he gave us in the '59 Wa Du Shuda. editing this, ... n---An Mun Da-I4-nlnnnfl .1 ve . . . 1 Mr. McCullum Mr. Haugh Mr. Elliot Mr. Kohn .. -r-1...--... 1 4 x F 1 LaVerne Harrison A. Shirley Davies Margo Nelson ages ester of school. the grades they have maintained the last four years. Kay Voigtschild Glenn Miller HONOR These are the students who haq B aver- or better at the end of the seventh sem- These people are to be congratulated for STUDENTS Sharon Pfaff James Bell Maree Halverson Left to right: V. Pres. J. Georgeson, Ad- visor Hr. Haugh, Treas. 3. Selkey, Advisor Hr Newman, Sec. S. Davies, Pres, L. Sten- SENIORS M- We started school in September, 1955. Many of us were strangers in the school, but we soon became acquainted with one another. Je were initiated and started our first year of high school. We elected as our class officers: President, John Dvorak, Vice-President, James Georgesong Treasurer, Diana Haskeg and Secretary, Judy Nelson. Je chose as our class advisor Mr. York. Our student council members were Harley Hicks and Shirley Davies. Ne were promoted to Sophomores. We had our turn at initiating the new freshmen. In our early days as Sophomores we elected as officers: President, Keith Clary, Vice-President, Irvin wehmang Secretary, Sharon Smith, and Treasurer, Margot Nelson. Ne chose as our student council members, Judy Rabuck and James Bell. Our advisor was Miss Haskins. We were now upper class men. Our officers were: President, Larry Stennoltg Vice-Presi- dent, Alex Craryg Secretary, Annette Henkel, and Treasurer, Harley Hicks. We chose Mr. Johnson as our class advisor. This was a big year for us. We got our class rings right before Christ- mas. On May 3, Queen Annette and King Bill reigned over prom to the theme, HSail Along Silv'ry ho:n.' Our student council members were Leo Moravek and Elaine Haschke. Seniors at last. Je started our final year of high school. Our officers are: President, Larry Stenholtg Vice-President, James Georgeson, Secretary, Shirley Davies, and Treasurer, Susan Selkey. Our class advisors are Mr. Newman and Mr. Haugh. Our student council members are Kay Voigtschild, Kay Dorn, Leo Moravek, and LaVerne Harrison. We had our Christmas Ball on December 27. Queen Karen and King Jack reigned over it. We got our Senior pictures a couple weeks before Christmas. We are now looking forward to our Senior class trip and graduation. We will always remember the many good times we have had at F.L.Y.3. and the many new friends we have become acquainted with. . Sponsored by: Carl's Shoe Shop, Rabuck's Grocery, Koch-Weston Clinic, New Lisbon, Wis., C1ary's IGA, Hustler, Nis. JAMES BELL llJimmyll Intramural Sports 1, 2,3,H5 Student Coun- cil 25 Forensics 25 F.F.A. l,2,3,k5 Prom Committee 3. RAYMOND ARCHAMBEAU llRayll Basketball Manager 2,3,k5 football Man- age? l,2,35 Pep Club 35 Lettermen's Club 45 Prom Committee 3. ARLYN BENSON llBens ll Baseball 1,25 Foot- ball 1,25 Basketball 15 Intramural Sports l,2,3,M5 Prom Com- mittee 3. Sponsored by: J New Lisbon, Wis. ERNEST BELL NErnieH Football 1,2,i5 Bas- ketball l,a, 5 Base ball l,2,3, 5 Intra- mural Sports 2,3,M5 Lettermen'e Club 3, M5 Pep Club H5 Prom Committee 35 F.F.A. l,2,3,h5 Christmas Ball Court H. SUZAN BIGALKE llsuzyll Wen Nobsil Staff H' Pep c1ub15 G11-15? Glee Club 15 Prom Committee 35 Intra- mural Sports l,2. ohn E. White Motor Sales, EILEEN BENNETT UDitterH Intramural Sports 1, 2,H5 Pep Club 1,N5 F.H.A. 15 Prom Com- mittee E5 Wen Nobsil Staff 5 Christmas Ball Court H. SHIRLEY DAVIES HTigerH Band l,2,3,h5 Band President N5 Mixed Chorus l,2,35 Girls' Glee Club 1,2,3,L"i Girls' Glee Club Secretary N5 Prom Chairman 35 Student Council 15 Assistant Annual Editor 45 Wen Nobsil Staff U5 PSP Club l,2,3,b5 Class Secretary Us PGP Band M5 Forensics 25 Intramural Sports 1, 253,14-5 FQHUA. Ehristmas Ball Court JEANETTE CHRISTENSEN HChrisU Mixed Chorus 35 Pep Band M5 Girls' Glee Club Robe Custodian M5 Band 2,3,N5 FOr- ensics 25 F. H. A. 1,2,3,M5 F.H.A. Sec- retary 25 F.H.A. Re- porter M5 Library club 1,25 Christmas Ball Court M. it f' ,ffl KAY DORN llRedll Band l,2,3,H5 Pep Band l,3,M5 Pep Club l,2,3,U5 Forensics l, 2, 3, M5 Student Council H, Student Council Secretary H5 Prom Court 35 Annual Staff M5 Homecoming Court 15 F.H.A. 15 Intramural Sports 1, 2,3,45 G.A.A. 15 Wen Nobsil Staff U. KEITH CLARY llclaryll Football l, 2, 3, M5 Volleyball l,2,3,M5 Basketball l,2,3,M5 Track 3,H5 Baseball l,25 Class President 25 Lettermen's Club 3,45 Prom Court 35 Pep Club 45 Annual Staff H5 Intramural Sports l5 Forensics 25 Prom Committee 3. WILLIAM DUCKWORTH "Bill" Basketball l,2,3,l+5 Track 2,35 Baseball 3,45 Football 35 Pep Club M5 Prom King 35 Prom Committee 35 Lettermens' Club N. Sponsored by: Eakin's Garage, New Lisbon Wis. ALEX CRARY uAlexH Baseball 15 Football 35 Boys' Glee Club 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Class Vice-President 35 Prom Committee 35 Prom Court. SANDRA GORDON t HSandyH Girls' Glee Club l, 25 Pep Club 1,25 In- tramural Sports 1,25 F.H.A. l,2,Mg Foren- sics 23 Mixed Chorus l,2. JOHN DVORAK IlJOhnll Football 1,25 Track l,2,3,4g Boy's Glee Slub 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Lettermen's Club 35 Intramural Sports l,2,3,kg Prom Com- mittee 3g F.F.A. 1, 2,3,H, Class Pres- ident lg Pep Club H. MAREE HALVERSON UMarieU Forensics s,3,Hg An- nual Staff H, Band M, Mixed Chorus 35 Girls' Glee Club 3, H5 F.H.A. 1. JAMES GEOHGESON IlGeoI,gylI Class Vice President l, Mg Lettermen's Club President Mg Football Homecoming King Hg Football Co- Captain H5 Football l,2,3,Hg Baseball 1, 2a3au5 SONIA HALVERSON USoneeU Mixed Chorus 3, Mg Girls' Glee Club 3, M, Intramural Sports l,2,3,Hg F.H.A. lg Pep Club 1, 2, 3, M5 Annual Staff Mg Prom Court 35 Prom Com- mittee 35 Homecoming Court 85 Wen Nobsil Staff . Sponsored by: walker's Stainless Steel Plant, New Lisbon, Wis. 2 .X ALIDA GREENO Forensics l,2,3,M5 F.H.A. 1,2,3,l+g Prom Committee 35 Pep Club H3 Girl's Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus lg Annual Staff H. YVONNE HEMENWAY UYvonneH Girls' Glee Club 35 F.H.A. l,2,3,bg Prom Committee 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Pep Club l, 2, 3, Mg F. H. A. Treasurer 4. JANET HANSEN IIJanll Band l,2,3,Mg Girls' Glee C,ub l,2,3,M5 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 F.H.A. .,25 Pep Band 2,3,H5 Pep Club l,2, 3,Hg Prom Committee 35 Intramural Sports l,2,3,Hg Wen Nobsil Staff H, Homecoming Court 33 Annual Staff H. ANNETTE HENKEL HNetteH Intramural Sports 1, 2,3,M5 Pep Club l,b, Prom Queen 33 Class Secretary 33 Annual Staff 45 Wen Nobsil Staff H. Sponsored by: Ne Lisbon. Wis. w Lisbon LAVERNE HARRISON nHaI.r.yll Forensics 25 Foot- ball l,2,3,Hg Intra- mural Sports l,2,3, M, All-Conference Hg Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 2, 3,H, Student Council H5 Prom Committee 3, Badger Boy's State Pep Club 42 HARLEY HICKS llHarll Lettermen's Club 3, N5 Lettermen's Club Secretary Hg Class Treasurer 35 F.F.A. l,2,h, F.F.A. Secre- tary H, Mixed Chorus lg Basketball l,2,3, N5 Student Council lg Pep Club Hg Prom Committee 35 Annual Staff 45 Football 1, 2,3,l+' Baseball 1 2 a,N5 All conference State Bank, New ELAINE HASCHKE HLanieH Intramural Sports 1, 2, Pep Club lg Glee Club lg Cheerleading lg Student Council 3, Wen Nobsil Staff kg Prom Committee 3. HERMINA KOZIARA lIMinall Prom Committee ag Wen Nobsil Staff , F.H.A. 1. HAROLD JENSEN lIGuSlI H3??l5fCKS Football 1, 2, 3, M, F,H'A. 1 2, Girls, Basketball lg Track Glee clui '1 2 3 M- 3Su4 Baseball 1,25 Mixed Chorus'1'2'32 Intramural Sports 1, Pep Club. ' ' ' 3,Hg Prom Committee 35 Lettermen's Club 3,H5 Mixed Chorus 25 Boys' Blee Club 2' Forensics 2, Annual Staff 4. CALVIN LEWIS llcalll Football 1, 2, 3, hs ARTHUR MARTIN IIArtlI Track 3 H' F.F.A. 3 , Hg F.F.A., Treasurer gbggig g:3?ntramura1 Kg Lettermen's Club Sponsored by: Ron's Market, New Lisbon, Wie- CLIFFORD LARSON nClickH Football 3,45 Track 3,h, F.H.A. 1,2,3,u, Lettermen's Club 3, Hg F.F.A. President 2,3,H5 Prom Commit- tee 35 Christmas Ball Court N. MARGOT NELSON v1Magg ot n Band l,2,3,45 F.H.A. 15 Pep Band 3,H5 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Intra- mural Sports l,2,3, M5 Forensics l,2,35 Wen Nobsil Staff 45 Twirler l,2,3,M5 Ma- jorette 2,3,H5 State Music Festival 35 Cheerleader 1,25 An- nual Staff H5 G.A.A. 15 Class Treasurer 25 Prom Committee 3. JULIA MYERS HJuliaU Transfer Student H5 F.H.A. U5 Girls' Glee Club H. KAREN NUTTALL HKarenU Pep Club 1 2 M 3 . F.H.A. 15 Prom Comm: ittee 35 Wen Nobsil Staff 45 Christmas Ball Queen H. GLENN MILLER HGlennH Gasketball l,2,3,M5 Track 35 Baseball l, 2,H5 Volleyball 25 Lettermen's Club 3, H5 Prom Committee 3. JUDITH OLSON llJudKll Pep Club 1, 5 Home- coming Court H5 Prom Committee 35 F.H.A. 55 Wen Nobsil Staff Sponsored by. Fey Publishing Co., Wis. Rapids, Wis. LEO MOHAVEK III-'eo ll Lettermen's Club 2, 3,u, Football 1,2,3, H5 Track 3, 45 Pep Club H5 Forensics 2, 3,h5 Student Council 3,45 Student Council President M5 Letter- Men's Club Vice- President H5 Annual Staff H5 Intramural Sports l,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Home- coming King 45 Foot- ball Co-Coptain N. JUDITH RABUCK llJudyIl Girls' Glee Club 1,2 3,M5 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 35 Pep Club lg Homecoming Court lg Student Council ly F.H.A. lg Intramural Sports 1,25 Annual Staff Hg Prom Com- mittee 3. FRED PETTIS "Freddy" M SHQSSSJZWF ggiigiiilk' if 35rOA Transferred Student Committee 3. ' Mg Homecoming Court 4, Peg Club Secre- tary . f MARGARET REYNOLDS uMargieH RONALD REYNOLDS nRonnieH Sponsored by: Ben Franklin Store, New Lisbon, Wis. JOHN REISENAUER IIJack1l Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,4, Prom Committee 35 Track 35 Christmas Ball King H. DOROTHY SCHLICT HDOI.-tl! wen Nobsil Staff H5 Pep Club 15 Prom Committee 35 Glee Club 15 Intramural Sports 1,25 Mixed Chorus 15 F.H.A. 1. BRUCE RHUTASEL HR-ubdyll Football l5 Football Manager 35 Basket- ball l,2,3,b5 Base- ball l,2,3,h5 Prom Committee 35 Badger Boy's State falter- nateD 3s Lettermen's Club 3,h5 Volleyball i,2,3,M5 Pep Club 3, LEONARD RICHMOND Il Lennyn Transfer Student 35 Basketball 35 Track 3,H5 Football M. JOANN SAMPSON IIJOII Library Club 25 H5 Girls' Glee M5 Pep Band M5 ensics l,2,3,M5 Committee 35 F. l,2,l+. Band Club For- Prom H.A. VIVIAN SCHROEDER Uvivianu Pep Club l,2,3,H5 F.H.A. 15 Prom Comm- ittee 35 wen Nobsil Staff 45 Football Homecoming Queen M5 Intramural Sports l,2. SUSAN SELKEY IIS-uell Transfer Student 25 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, N5 Prom Commit- tee 35 Girls' Glee Club President H5 Pep Band M5 Band 35 M5 Football Homecom- ing Queen H5 Class Treasurer 45 Intra- mural Sports 2,3,M5 Pep Club 4. Sponsored by: B. J. Shannon, O. D., New Lisbon, Wis., Ward-Brodt Music Co., Mad- ison. Wis. KAY VOIGTSCHILD nvoighn Band l,2,3,M5 Pep Club l,2,3,H5 Foren- sics 25 Badger Girls State 35 Student Council H5 Student Council Treasurer M5 Twirler l,2,3,k5 Pep Band H5 Jr. Annual Editor5 Annual Edi- tor hi Intramural Sports l,2,3,45 prom Committee 35 F.H.A. 15 Library Club E5 Wen Nobsil Staff 5 Christmas Ball Court H5 G.A.A. 1. LAWRENCE STENHOLT nLarI,yu Band l,2,3,H5 Foot- ball 1,2,3,h5 A11- Conference 3,H5 Bas- ketball 2,3,U5 Class President 3,N5 Prom Court of Honor 35 Homecoming King H5 Pep Club 4. IRVIN WEHMAN llIrvll Sponsored by: Koch's Flower Shop Kim- JOHN WALDEN HJackU Football l,3,k5 Prom Committee 35 Annual Staff H5 Lettermen's Club H5 Christmas Ball Court 4. ba11's New Lisbon, Wis., Neitze1's Furn- iture Mart., Christensen's Fabrics, Tom- ah, Wis. ,Ki i, vu? f s I! I ,lcks 'Effi- FROM DIAPERS TO DIPLOMAS ,Alf Q-+-'P' 2-QM 3 0,1 'QL 'fn -vi .5 Ib 'bub- 223 way? MW .. no X 5 ,Lf ,uf .E X QL , 'V 173, i I . 32, A 1 B v 9 I L K ,. , F... 9 wdfqffi 'Nj A .1 4 r U :- , Q ,g WM- Af , Mk' ' A Wg Q . p - f A if my Nba 4 ' A L, 3 5 ' ' . Q 3 1, V i . fs:-.'.,. ,Q A K I I Q I - , an ' A M f-W 1 S' ' Af 1 3 f ' ' l f A Q . l 4? . ivmi . : ' ,. ' M9 'w ff j Grade School wc 'FJ' "U YQ Days Q1 G X ,f i n W-Qf my N .wg Y KV22: ,OOQCJ 1 T f 4.4.3 I . gmac L. Voiufeg, D71 M-YZQQY-1 L.. I, I-I5-:D9Qhii"c5Qg'9I, 1' . .- ' Y." y- 5 3 P 495' ' id x+1 650931 9133+ 7 Biidge gf? Gibvi L, 59022 cffva I. DO-Yslrls ' 'et 3, , X G O A Yomoa nate. ate! 96 5. Davies' D .PVR T. Nehman, J. Gefrgeson, H. Hicks, L. Stenholt, L. Moravek, Football All-Conference 353.5 5' ' Mwwww- Wig ,QT 1 1,. . ' az ? - Y f LW ,Q f:f?Nf, ,m i,1:s , 1 'ff5f2ffi,fig3Q. A A 7 QQ f 'gun ,,,e:y :g.fg'1.zy gfg,:,g:5x,L,,k fu: ,, gj QW' X-Wwe' ad 'N QQ. ig W,,,,wNMN- ,V k,k.,, .y -,:.,f--,. ' M. Nelson, Majorette We K, - , Volgtschiid .'i.II1u3- 1 7 . ' 3 Hdltir O WILL WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF N59U, WILL THE FOLLOWING ITEMS TO THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE Ray Archambeau--wills his daily walks to Jack Clary. Ernie Bell--wills his Ford to any Junk-yard that will take it. Jim Bell--will not leave without Jane!!! Eileen Bennett--wills her seat on the bus to an underclassman. Arlyn Benson--wills his freckles to Conrad Greeno. Suzanne Bigalke--wills her wad of gum to Stanley Pudlo. Jeanette Christensen--leaves her seat in English to anyone that wants it. Keith Clary--leaves his old parking places to find new ones. Alex Crary--leaves his shapely legs to Judy Haske, who always admired them. Shirley Davies--leaves her locker number with her locker. Kay Dorn wills her Hred Hairn to Mr. Elliott. Bill Duckworth--leaves his HMercU to any one who will pay for it. John Dvorak--wills his rd pants and boots to Carleen Haske. James Georgeson--leaves with Sue??? Sandra Gordon--leaves the school building. Alida Greeno--leaves her long, golden curls to Cheryl Murphy. Maree Halverson--wills all her money to who ever wants it. Sonia Halverson--leaves Elroy to some one else. Janet Hansen--leaves happily. LaVerne Harrison--leaves his HHarem to Girlsn to Gary Gray. Elaine Haschke--leaves with Red. Yvonne Hemenway--leaves without cleaning out her locker. Annette Henkel--leaves her position in the Lettermenfs Club to John Waterbury. Har ey Hicks--leaves his ability to sing to next year's Glee Club. Mildred Hicks--leaves her position on the HHonor Rolln To NEars Lutz.N Harold Jensen--leaves as soon as possible. Hermina Kozaria--wills her slip collecting job to Ronald Wood. Clifford Larson--wills his shyness to Gloria Fish. Calvin Lewis--leaves about 2 feet to Bill Breeno. Art Martin--leaves his Hsnow shoesn to Mr. Kohn. ggigirgyers--leaves her ability to get along in Social Problems to next year's Glenn Miller--leaves his HChevyH rest for awhile. Leo Moravek--wills his ability to tap-dance to Sonja Ormson. argot Nelson--leaves her position as drum majorette to Charlene Bryant. Karen Nuttall--leaves to get married. Judy Olson--leaves Kendall to someone with more ambition. Fred Pettis--wills his motor cycle to Mr. Benrud. Sharon Pfaff--leaves after just getting here. Judy Rabuck--wills John to herself. Jack Reisenauer--wills his typing ability to Mrs. Christmann. Margaret Reynolds--leaves her joke telling ability to Patricia Parlow. Ronald Reynolds--leaves the Beanerv for a short time. Bruce Rhutasel--leaves all by himself. Leonard Richmond--leaves his brother to take care N.L.H.S. Jo Ann Sampson--wills her good grades to someone who needs them. Dorothy Schlict--leaves to find more boys. Vivian Schroeder--leaves the boys along. Susan Selky--leaves with James?? Larr Stenholt-leaves some Gossip. Kay goigtschild--leaves her hunting ability to Marshall Dixon. Jack Walden--leaves his figure to Hazel Clawson. Irvin Wehman--leaves Dutches, sadly. 1 Q X 2 i ,,,,,... qu i fi J 4 sd Clockwisei Mr. Johnson, Advisor, J. Rabuck, Secretary, C.' White, Vice-President, H. York, Treasurer, M. Simpson, President, Mr. Kohn, Advisor. In September '56, the Class of '60 entered N. L. H. S. We started the year by bein iniated and then we settled down to work. As sophomores, we came back and took our turn at initiating the freshmen. Upperclassmen at last! We are busily preparing for our Prom with the theme, HStairway U the Stars.H Our class officers are: President, M. Simpson, Vice-President, C. White, Secre tary, J. Rabuckg Treasurer, H. York. Student Council representatives are E. Tiber and E. Koca Our advisors are Mr. Kohn and Mr. Johnson. r r I , ,i,, ' Q .. +R- 'N We ' Q . vbr ' ' . r , fK-:.. ' ",, i Z' :::E I , A w 1 A , I 5 , ii" S 5 av K Q ldtt Q B- A8933 G. Baker J, Barnhargt N- Barnharst C. Brasch 5 r A gr , Q ,r s rx lc 5 . H M V 2 Him wi 2 aft .a., ,,,, , Q ' fl ' Q fs fmt' 53' ' -L r' -w?'... 3 5, J , trr. - , J 1 r.rrr..r,r ' S E, 2' 1 ' ,1.:,H:.. .ppm 5- LN. -, if 'P' Li C. Chaffee H. Clawson R. Crawford C. Dixon J. Felker T. Graham R. Granger S. M335 H 1 He., - if ,. - - I ,Q . ...Q 5 ,. . L' 1-gg, :- ,f gg. f , 'Q . ' Y - Af , f , -.2 so ggi? ' -so ,E '+L ' ,E V L TW . .VV ...L A VV QV V Q. VV gl V7 V I ,je , , Q :f 'V iw., 5 'sig -' ---' 'H V L ' -L ,Y 1 1 2 . - W ,V M .an-.I --:V - , L - I - . f ,L Q L M i M , k G. Gray C. Greeno C. Haschke T. Haschke D. Haske M. Heath S. Hemenway Q L 1 f ' V3 ,. -. V5 ,,:.. A V V ir' K -' f f ' VV , 7 I .. MV 7, .V ' V -V V if , gm VVV .VV X V V VV zkyk VV fr, V, V ill 1 '..L, M L L 1. . 1 1.- -L. . L ,,, L . ' ...... .. L Q. ,,,. F , ,- V V V , V :VV V VVVNV we G. Jensen U. Kelly E, Koca B. Krause K. Larson W. Leupold P. Lewis VV 5 gg. ,V W .. VV 4 Vt ... ...,V ,Vw VW V V-VV V ,fm VV VUV 'iw 4 V V ' ,. 1' 'A V' S ' ' VVV ., V, y ...Q-'fflff . , :Tm V L ..Lf 1 M 2 ' M M1 , H2 L w ssss M .M 5 L. L 3. Luke D. Lutz S. Lutz S. Mason M. McCathie E. McGowan C. McKewin , , krgr I ,' f A '- 2' L F L 1 g f ' ....... 4 V V VV VV .':' is 'Sw HU 'MW H "S, f ' 1-:' Sis .V --fm .I H: -f" . , L sg. . '1: .,,,,.,,w 'N L " .1 'lj '1' , Hy' K E i '..L' A A J" 5 . ., V W -rf '55 ' 7' 5 'L'L ' N. s ,..- ' VQVVVV 55,1 VV fd V ,I V ,, 3 VVVW, - wi M L - o ff. - L L, M. Mc:Nee1y 15. Murphy R. Neitzel D. Ormson S. Parmenter C, Pickett . J. Pitel l VV V Vg VV J VV V V ,, ,, V ,.. .V , V, V V . .. , VA .K 11 52723 -- - VV 4- ww V L, iw .-... of-lf' , 9' x ...L -S55 , J 1 ' EF: :':. aff. f ' wily, V V v 1 :F"1'W3,:v ':- -1:' so F1129 L' rf" V .VV V V V i , VV V V3 V , V K ' . I f. , A W ' ' ' QQQ-15 111 5 K I vii, E ' I -f , 'Q J. Rabuck J. Richmond L. Schultz P . Selkey M. Simpson Y, Stenholt A. Thompso V I, . ,, V 2 gi s V ,, V V1V VV 'W ' ., ff' Q -:gg . ig, LLL , so 4 ,Q - L L - 2 , P 4 I . ' A s ii:-Cf' S57 2 L - v ' wi ' ,. - Q' " A' U , 225 ' f if 'V M 51 . ' "M J. Th0lI1DS0n E. Tiber L. Wa ie g J. Waterbury C, white A. Wood H. York Left to Right, R. Larson, Treasurer, 4rs. Christmann, Advisor, G. Braund, Vice- Jresident, Mr. Elliott, Advisor, B. Davies, Secretary, J. Crawford, President. SOPHOMGRES Sixty frightened freshmen entered N.L.H.S. in September, '57. We were initiated and the elected our class officers. In '57 we came back vowing to get revenge on the freshmen by initiating them, but w didn't get the chance. Our class officers are, President, J. Crawford, Vice-President, G Braund, Secretary, B. Davies, Treasurer, R. Larson. Student Council representatives ar D. Bennett and J. Clary. Our advisors are Mr. Elliott and Mrs. Christmann. e. ' D e A 5 f"' " V wafif, fagfm my gif 'df .,iQ5 iff 'tag' wean' ii', Yi B' l E L ,fn - s A ' r M' sfii L. Babcock A. Benson G. Bond B. Bowen n iiii to r.. .-1 S 1 ri . ... :mis A ge: J 122 5 , . 1 --1 -.VM fa Q ik? we rw Wm-W'. iffir ..., 'fE.f' i T 1 r 'is ... ,, D ,Einar . W K ,. K f giggig X ikyri , Q vzla K: ix., I V, .A V ,gy H ax ,wif 3 . ,. V, Z. 3 a M 4 T- Brasch G- Braund c. Bryant J- Clary B. Crawford J. Crawford B. Dahl Sponsored by: Dr. Stetler, Dentist, F. M. Reed Lumber Company, Electric Shop ...H of Y 1 , Q r 4 L ' 2. 'WV ' "' 5 5722 -' " ' - . V A ,1 5, 'Q K A " ' I 4 V 1' K 5 fl3"'i.' K f ... f f: .1-' s- vlgti. :V .H 95' .1 .. V? I V 1 5 i H.. 2 .fn 9' R.:-i A w4'K' i.v'.f 'star 1 Ii wr' r s W' , , 'QM . KF .fi 11 kkyr ' I ' i. Q V, A J Q Q' 'Q . ,V . ,Z K ,V K .. KE .K -R SXIA I .,. Mom.. Q , :',: , L 6,7 I ,E :V F W f "', s. , . Us s. . ' fm .fi .- . , ' , Y x f ' 2 - '11 . - A .- 1. - . . 'J , ,, t - .V E "' --z We , -gJ'.- a-so - ..w-fag' ..1i' .os if F . .Y D. Davies H. Dsglor D. Donor T. Duckworth E. DVOPHK t"- Ldgefton R' Engegfets . .Q "'D A?X --. ,iwaki . , s..1t . D . wide -?niW f A ' f gf ,, I IA ,... , K . K' 'of' , Q-vw Y? ' UVQQQXQ 'iiyi y L ?f D s Q wlu Rfk w fiif L2 'D1" if ?5qD 25, 4 fwgir X Y f . ft . gifMsi'4' . .2 .fi me M-. .f'ga +ffii1'WfQ1.. f J. Erdman R. Ferdon G. Fish D. Georgeson P, Hagen L. Hansen p, Hanse V M Vfk I V L J I i sf' ' ?d.. 'W iiw' M 6X"i Qg v?55?aW'51 QEEVQQ 'Q 5 it --WV t "', Q? r . , ' J, L 5 5 ' . 3 ' ff -QL ' J , N 'fd .4 Q V 21 s 1: ... si. .' D Q 4' E5 , ? ,.' F Nwlxsi tn, .,,, ,YL pf .s,.mimL W , ggi , TX K -Vf A ,V 5 Li? ' , . 5 Y J- Haske L. Hicks R- : i 1 il Q jg ' 1 1- ,M . it ,W P l Johnson M, KQSOH J. Krotzman qs .. f 1 4. K ,f so ,W .. .W 51. ' .-, i3?L' igfxd .Env Ei. ,,,- E ?' ' 14- sv HF' D D R. Larson S. LarSOH C- L99 J. Litkea G. Lutz 5 xv. P. Kuchar L. Lange , Sh 'L' .,'.,,, 1 ,K. I .K s,Ma3 W x L 3' TE 5g.a i ?sM' i.3 I 'wt . . 1 ...k- lm' 3 J. Maki J. McKegn ,XL M. ... NLs -5 f. Q .,,. . Liz X i. 5 iff f4'i2? jg.: gflmhx V . . - I 1 . to ., . -. Q .if 4 0 .-.D 1-.eww ?. fry my ESR f it , ' ...7 -D W - ' o ' Qirte psf tr L 'sift a.2i. .... 465. 1 .f,E?f J , Light ". iw S 5 UL LQZM :2" . EY5s.f vJU'ii1ds?w-as J . is ago. ig ,ries E5.m Q fit iliggggi f. 5 f ' i - ifid Wswlf H M- MuPPhY A- Nelson L. Nelson c. Nuttall E. Patti J. Pstriok s. Pudlc L ' u 2 imfg ,kb i3gi. ..?X ig L ggi . W fii sf. i.'L red Wg. f K tttsstt 9 g?..:s. iii? .... - ' I fk,'k X iikw. K I i 5- "fL"x Vw . ...wi if .f D A. 13 G. Robison s. Robison K. Sampson J. Southworth K. Sitckney D. Thompson G- Voiztschii Sponsored by: Kieta's Market, Bert's Standard Service, Frank's Barber Shop 'Man hum-A-H+ nr-.. 1'.x..1..-.. ui- 7 . ff? If . if M Left to Right: K. Rondesvedtg President, E. Ramasauskas, Vice- President, Mr. McCullum, Advisor, P. Agena Secretary' Miss Hose Advisor5,P. Jensen, Treasurer. , We entered N.L.H.S. last fall as scared, lost, and happy freshmen. We were lucky this year and didn't get iniated. Our first duty as freshmen was to elect our class officers. They are: President. K. Rondesvedtg Vice-President, .E. Ramasauslfasg Secretary, P. Agenag Treasurer, P. Jensen. Student Council representatives are: T. Edgerton and T. Jensen. Our class advisors are Miss awp ,N .,.,,. fi Q., Q, :L .f,.', . ,A X . I 2? fy yfgff 5 Hose and Mr. Mcflullufn. .5 5 ,K V. , .A . f:f:, lf? 1!'i'55g?:!a P . Agena ' in .rir 5 T ' T i s nns in 1 . - f , 4 s 5 1.- fw ' o T. T rw. '1 V - ' 3: Na+ ' V- " is V L 15 if ' -- ' xi. f , 'l" " Q . 'Y ' 5 ,. 1 ' I , . , ' f ,' i yh 15Q,ij.f vfkf ,it Jkif -K 1 - ,,wLJ ,V VLKV Vrgiyk wrw ,E V I 6 L Yi? i rr, A .. fx 3 W ' Y 4.3. in H , f' B. Anderson S. Anderson R. Bai-ia J. Barlow D. Beller- B. Benson C , Bennett , r 4 - , .,V,, , A T 1 , ,, ' ,,. ' . 50 'g ir, I I , , I A 4. A 3 Ng! aj, A ,V i zgg .,,,.l H F: I A S. N K L K 3 VZ . F 8 M M M 'V b , '. T . C lark B , h R. Crawford Cure L. Decora P. Decorah C. Edgerton J. -Granger Sponsored by: Pete's Tavern, Bob's Gam- ble store, F. J. gunlser, Eine. Murphy'S n--L-- dhAn Mau e nh Q, Lm,.-,ML s. 2 3 m, r , f 7m ' 'vfufwk Y' f' R 12 5, gig ..'y'a5 3'j A .jg W- -gk as A gi .," M 5 .E 7, ,. A wigs? 5 .,. Lkrr S N 'fa . X , g r .A 29 NWC' w S. fzgnf .9 ? L ,L L 2 e L, J ng X5f,fW .Q .S . seen MWWWXMUM Aggg . i gh ,. 5, m A J M W, Greene D. Halverson D. Harrison J. Haske ET. I-iasiie M. I-Zaschke gy in ' f l ' fx, . a Q , A ii t .,,. i SR A A I , n N Jsse 5 - g L1 aw g y , ., ff , S gfww A-vm. xg- 7 gm H .agin g .M x 1 L:,, L 'L N , V ifgggmw . QS .J ,,, V K g 525' E, gif? N ggvw ,g3M:' ' I W S ,T"V bf .WEN fm VQWVM N' WN 7 ' n ,. wi L. Iemenvay D. Hopper J. Isaacson C. Jacobson J. Jensen p, Jensen A s ' S X 1 ,-"' f'k-: Q It . w5f5f x A ,1'- Ninn- K , if'.' f" ffm u-5, MQ. .W ,' Vryh ,"- W. r I ..-M R R- Larson J. Lawrence D, Lutz J. Koca S. Koca .fir-'Z 'Q 3 furawi VQSLW " V f E. -Z . ': 1' . ,. , . ns . H ,V my 54' L '-Uv as .N ' QK? f 2 Q5 i Q, 1 S. VWg.'. 'f.i', 'L' , -.,V, Ts.. K. Laing we L. MGYIUS YW , as 5 'Q if J it ' -52 MW J D. Nicholson X MgimsTLp mn. R .sewer f new X C. Nuttall J. Olson R. Haschk ETQEJ fi? , , ig J ohnsc F51 afeisan iif B. Mart , 'H 1'- Q , .3 .. si 1 gi' N Q. S. Ormsm J. Martin D, McNee1y snss C NW J lwaf J was JJSMNF was M1'f'?f '- 1' J fi 4 jak an, Jef ,asf ,Q.qqi?q as Q .Liv , W P V 9 I E '1, .,,, , S , f , P A ' g.g,. wg . s ,'..' 11, if lif '2.Q!'Sc as., k'L' L Sik V X . ,g... X ,v,::K jeg . X :.,:. ' A ga if if 3 i 1 Awgg .,,, ..: my gay 1, J .U Ffxkjksswfiyi ,A.. ,w.,a P. Parlow S. Pfaff P. Rago J. Richmond K. Rondestvedt H- Rurvp. L' Sena L b , ,.. . M li k M 1 .s W L I ..n 1 . ' . f b y W 43 lf Q, ' so Jlyz , Y'-', E I KM V,,k wh , M k we., VKVA . In .i 5 in Jses S ss.J 1 J Ng D. Wagie K. White R, wood R. Schuldt J. Selkey S. Seffield M. Tierney Dr. Sinclair, Dentist Perfect Dry Cleaners, Glamour Beauty Salon, Skogmos, New Lisbon. Wis. Sponsored by: Mr. Richard Brosig, Art Uwhat have you got for supper tonight?H Miss Lucille Cooper Home Economics Vhen I was down at Berean Turn off the door and shut the lights.H Mr. Lee Johnson, Industrial Arts HGet to work.H THE FACULTY W 1 Mr. Roger McCallum, Biology, Science HGet the wheels in your cerebrum working and place your posterior end in the chair.H Mrs. Rachel Pritchard, Vocal Music HTeachers should have respect.H iwkgi Miss Irene Hose, English 9 5 l HGet back in your own seats.U Mr. Harry Newman, Principa UI've got a little more ex perience than you.H Mr. Robert Hansche Mr. Donald Elliott, Mr. Neil Kohn, Physical Educatic Eng1i5h 11 gf 12 American Problems "If your're not dressed, sit H5timu1at1ng, ViVid,W HDon't just sit on your duff.H down.H er f' MA6AZi7f I9 5035 if ie if .... Mr. Lloyd Benrud, Curriculum Mrs. Madeline Schroeder Mr. Arbin York, Ciyics, Co-ordinator American History General Math, World Histor Hrake one step at a time.H Hcnaries, Turn around.U nIQe0iraphy,td Boogkeepine Mp, L p -t h d Mr. Roy Simpson Chemistry fn 1'Y1HS 0 C011 use YOU InStinugengglcMigi5 and Agricuiture ' Mr. Rudy Haugh, Mathemati HLGJCIS puntgl "Darn rlght-, Martin." Whoopee, I m all done." vm-mgQ,, Mr. Wangen, Mr. Curtis, Mr. Clary, Mr. McKewin, Dr. Weston Seated: D. Bennett, L. Harrison, K. Dorn, L. Moravek, K. Voigtschild, E. Tiber Standing: C. Edgerton, Mr. Hansche, E. Kocoa, Mr. Elliott, J. Clary. Sponsored by: Monroe Finance Corporation, Denicke Chevrolet, Novak's Jewelry Tiny Tots Wear, and Hansen's Department Store, Mauston, Wis. X. . N if W First Row, Left to right: M. Simpson, M. Heath, L. Moravek, J. Georgeson, H. Hicks, J. Richmond. Second Row: J. Walden, M. Murphy, B. Bowen, R. Neitzel, C. White, K. Clary L. Richmond, Manager J. Clary. Third Row: Coach N. Kohn, Manager J. Barnharst, Manager E. McGowan, P. Selky, L. Harrison, I. Wehman, Coach D. Elliott, Coach R. Simpson. Fourth Row: H. Jensen, C. Lewis, T. Duckworth, L. Olson, G. Robison, J. Krotzman, C. Larson R. Crawford. Fifth Row: H. Schultz, C. Jacobson, A. Thompson, E. Koca, J. Waterbury, H. Hurup, D. Harrison, G. Baker. Our football team won the Co-championship of the Scenic Central Conference after winning five out of six conference games. Three of our players were picked for the first team All-Cuiference. They are: Harley Hicks, Guard, Leo Moravek, Guard, Larry Stenholt, Back. wehman, H. Hicks, B. Bowen, M. Simpson, L. Moravek, Georgeson, Standing: R. Crawford, C. Larson, K. Clary Heath, H. Jensen. QS QW' Coach Elliott, Co-Captain L. Moravek, Coach Kohn, Co-Captain J. Georgeson, Coach Simpson Two of our players were picked for the second team. They are James Georgeson, Back and Irvin Wehman, End. Players receiving honorable mention are Mike Mauston Desoto Cashton Elroy Wonewoc Hillsboro Westby Heath, Back and LaVerne Harrison, Center. The football team elected James Georgeson Leo Moravek and Larry Stenholt as Co-Captains. I. Wehman, P. Selkey, C. Lewis, H. Hicks, L. Harrison, L. Moravek, K. Clary, Standing: C. Larson, M. Heath, R. Neitzel, J. Georgeson. For wg! E V 5 WE Q1Qcmrge:sm tu i'h1"fJW. Un: griddrsvs :atormfed bafilb-a-1-...,MUQm V gf the lead from We-sziby and rigifq gtg-S., Si gg 0 ip, 235- bu ' ' 59 5,5 1-A G79 n-4 CL en O Nr! I3 D-C4 sa '1 ,-. U- W o ag 12 maxi' g. y. 6:3 UQVI 3:3 Q Wwe: D lhllli is 'sxsguenb px fs U1 'UQ 'Ungr 11 Said asaazxax me 55 mgffxqm 0 f-:L . D miaiifgii 3' EES? pg U5 Q':::gaEgA 5 gig svifw 'D Sam 3 aww ... go The Vi W 3 s ca. 4-1"'Q5 so My Xe W gm cz 2 G' JU 'pax 94 QD 351' ,.,. 4 O N'-4,1 -'-T40 v, H+ N WF Q Yirqroq .1235 38 I Q H pm! ag UH W 1' "awk ww. . .205 .,LA 'iiwmym ,,L,mg'fffJf1e EPQSFHQ , U. , .:,za:eW.3 A M L4 A .3 ww, ,M U4 , W Jay 503,151 km! M , ' .-.zayxg My A f :lj 2 Braves we the entire second half. Q 5: sg f . New Lisborfs winning off? N K 9 K' ,Q 0 MTM ' wiih if -v QI g'm'9f" :Ru c Q 5' fmt? 1' 'N' Y my . ' N, M m . Q LaVe1'ne Harrison .51 -Fm 6: 5 hm--b ' - mf 2 231 ff 2. ff Mounts gg' gf gy 'Ii fx . , , yr-5 Q if ff J ff Lxons swirled!" A " ' .Q Wwq mf 'Rgf' cwflia II'V1,I'1 Nehmilfl if xl 'fm f ?'5UEJ' ,Y my Ligwnu F nd , Q 57 gy wah .Wm fb ,L 4., .,,, E is if 3 rm G H 4-sp ,ir A E s at the seven and ua, 17? 'Q 'H f.,'a?':",, gi ft' Q 25 53 E! M 'mi We lbriiig-gmt as: mm a six. Comb ' V V QQ C WGN' w?Qiinm93 21? my 1'ea,,,H:Qoach Gulsvigk, vtsiygrs lost star E175 'Q ,, mfs V: 9mDan.5d'5h ferbmzk P31l1G!'3iff'i!lUl!! sec 'N 59135 N ' g,g,aalfS1y v quarter and after he went in if 0 'D Q Q5 22 5151 fag Uday ' pidezam with A mad Egg 5 is ,Q Qi H grew 'orseman smack mder nf the M se '42 . ,A Q if Q , ,, M .. .gif-LW, f,,,G,.s 26' fum fn xwwgi Nb, L X Y it 13523 11 . XG' , md ck -. W er 4 M,-"""' - ?2,f1H1'.Sf X ff3F A X mn t'alV.'in Le ' Lisbonmwai a P15508 Wi , W Mn and going t, mjzh xegennsggl Q00 fat bo!! A down 5015 to Liibfms 0313" 5' - -'70 Q9 4 line, from where to EFOY1 9 slashed oil' tackle by defeaied, ia 6 ritory. He also scorn :ling lustre O53 .xding with Xa I was the i,.92.Qf3g'5 an ggwgmk ' of the 95,55 a an 062 K, 12 UL 22 1 W3 -H gm finished wh ,gg 21' 3, A f gg, Y, www ,,, Ln my e Rockets Harmon SCOYE' 5, Syl, ig 3 umm? mi sawn victor Q Smash. 2 0 -qgigygvwghgm .35 CliI'lqOI'd L a -N-mg an me ss. 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Reisenauer, Hascnkc, Ei. Hicks. ., WN 'P+ GB' TEAM G ' 1?lf-YJ' ' 3f,e,e, Q.,. ' 1 ' 1 Q Q . M J Wi 'ff sfw Q? s x . K f wwf, 'J JE a 1 1 A f. w qu,- ,, front row, left to right: B. Bafia, T. Jensen, G. Jensen, G. Voigtschild, J. Felker, L Hemenway. Second row: M. Heath, J. Crawford, G. Braund, J. Koca, F. Pettis, T. Duckworth Third row: Manager E. McGowan, L. Schultz, A. Thompson, C. Dixon, R. Crawford, C. Jacobson, G Robison, Coach Elliotte U-sw' 1 . '.-J ewan 4 NW n i no il ,..r 4A 1 , j f 554 Q a :nf - L .. VKLLL , Y i '35 1 VSLW 55 K x A kyk, xx in WO we if SENIOR LETTERMEN ,SR, H. Hicks MFA' wg, :N f 'F ' ,-., f - Y? 0 fly' QQSJ, M. 5 A, ,g ii h h, W ,A exif 1 '.,,., . fy 4 L 5 H,wM,, g? M gg MWWWMWMW ggi? E iigi igirf Ei QQ bs 3 'f' 3 B- Rhutasel 5 3.4 q3fvf :www 4, WQQ WQ' fig f . i 1 'ff QZEQQWV ' A NWI' asf' ' in ' ' I Qflirr- 4'!w 5 :-J a M zgl :I ,A A ' K ' in 0 , .92 f 7 D Q. hell , 4. I L J Q5 Bottom Row, Left to right: J. Bond, G. Braund, 6:1 B. Bowen, P. Selkey, Second Row: J. Richmond, J. Dvorak, T. Bond, L. Moravek, K. Clary, Third row: Mr. Haugh, L. Richmond, I. Wehman, J. Gordon, J. Macomber, G. Miller, D. Dahlke, Fourth Row, H. Jensen, G. Bigalke, L. Kriegel, C. Lewis, D. Rurup J. Harebo, C. Larson. C rg, Sponsored by: McDermott's Music Mart, Band Instruments Instrument Repair, Mauston Drug Store, Mauston, Wisconsin, Koch-Weston Clinic, Dyer's Drug Store J. Dvorak, K. Clary, L. Richmond, H. Jensen New Lisbon, Wis. Tirst row: n. nicks, J. Ielker, M. Lee, S. Murphy, H. Betthauser, G. Jensen. Second row: Coach N. Kohn, Manager R. Archambeau, B. Duckworth, J. Crawford, J. Robinson, J. Waterbury, J. Georgeson, Coach D. Elliott Top row: R. Pettis, N. Olson, E. Bell, M. Davis, B. Rhutasel, L. Harrison, C. Jacobson. BASEBALL SDOHSOPGG by! Mauston Drug Store, Mauston, dis., Dyer's Drug Store, New Lisbon, His. X., Eb -a First row Clarinets: K. Voigtschild, S. Davies, M. XcCathie, 5. Qhef- field. Second row: L. Yehus, E. Davies, 3. Robison, K. Stickney. Third mow: P. Agena, B. Anderson, J. Granger, P. Hansen, P. Robison, J. Lau- den. French Horns: L. Langer, 5. Smith. Snxophones: J. Richmond, M. Halverson. Trombones: C. Jhite, L. Stenholt. Baritone: J. Koca. Percussions: C. Mchewin. Tuba: T. Duckworth. Mr. Pritchard. Left to right: President, S. Davies, Secretary-Treasurer, M. McCathie: Vice-President, K. Simpson. Flutes: K. Dorn, K. Jhite. Oboe: C. Litkea. Trench horns: M. Nel- son, J. Hansen. Saxophones: J. Rabuck, K. Rondesvedt. Tuba: A. Ihompson. Ccrnets: H. Simpson, G. Robison, G. Voigtschild, T. Clark, M. HcKewin. Bassoon: G. Lutz. Bass Clarinet: B. Cure. Tenor Saxo- phones: C. Bryant, J. McKegney. Baritone Saxophone: H. York. Drums T. Hehux, J. Nangen, J. Christensen, J. Sampson, S. Selkey. Twirlers: K. Voigtschild, M. Nelson, S. Smith in .hw W, avi . ,aw . a v fewgr 5 e P E MH- 'li . on QVIN .M the -'fr' .Q 'T-1 f-'-1 ' 131' " 5-'-.. 1:aIvl2'2-'-1 A-' -- X K' ' h"h E. ' -if E2-:ff -M, gg... We V 'K E151 if life-lvl H15 .l xwk Qbqsx W 5 T. e - feeg..?ese.aerel,.l. 51 if N . .. 1 q,1,,4, , ,.,,.,...-.--.. F -.W . , , . .. , , ..,,. mapa f.f,-W M -W W nW??'W7 X Senior Af fi-?"'5f1 51132 f il YL, Eff mf 4 l E 'CV A . ,gf Y9 Band My ff.. ,,,ffgi,1'jz '5.,ka'3?MQffZ , X, 5, Members X. .Q -a i XV Y .zezfzf ee e V eee .L g,,57 e .V ,:,.,pgff.:fQ 4 i . e , , ,rf 357 I KX. 13559 " -A LQ 5 3 5 il .sg 9 Q, 'ff aww-N fix N xy H Q , , , "'W' Fr" R' . 'K . ,xx . X If if ge . ' - 5 X New U V' Q' Z xr S 5 xg "-- yy n ww M X ' ' N , if qw .N T W X! ' HV' N, '-My ' ' x 1 ' ie' in - ,X 1 X , . e ff iseegffef' 1,41 .K 2, X . , Q 3 fl up w ,. .f H e Y. 'K t .. ' nl 'WW4 ,Nfl Q. P , X A Q iff: f ,- . ff V -f ' eee' S, Wm X - ' . tem .4 K I X Vi Y -. , 45 'A 'V S, fo" ' e . ,v 1 wee. Q Y 1 , .V X ul :QM A M Q A MX X' XX L, A .L ll 1 an X . -gg ix si M , , id 1 Y if X' H M Y - . ..,,,m:i:jfz- ' ' V ,. nl " 1 MA.. Khin W ' ' -5 , I hex f , . I V K A s A J' nf J" ' ,, .. ,N.,,,, Q 49 gi . f 'N I . 1 1 VT x Q' ' L" , r ' . k jg: ,' IZ'-sf Y-4,3 H X I T! 2 w e O91 ,ffl ewa- P 1 ye. +1 'W W 14' w , f. 1 1 in A - ' :gl LL, WH: Q.. 1- k ' , 1 1. an ff, ,, 3 7 .- , ' .. ' A 1-3. , '- ,,. ' 23:3 - ,... N W, - . W 1 ei' A 2' f, fx 1' 1 i V- Q f i, lv, . m :l , -si T . N., . . , 4 ." A E , vu 4- . ' ,.. 4 , J if " l4'4!,'.:::.f: f-gg., f,fjgm'L' ,.. ..e, ,,..fF .,,. if . ee N 7, S l s x if s .s is .L Q 3 4 I I ,U A - I fn - .. L ,Wg . 2 . W 17 I I 'W I I ' ' l p 31 var 53 57' X X. 'E x R ' J air 6, ,Q Iw i A W Q 'H wg I W 3 1 fm l g s M u x ii ,mv X 6 M 'Eli ,fi 21 4 .Hi Lg -R31 H5 M, .gg 13 RN M 11 N3 X EQ mx K. 6 T - e..,e.. f 3 MQ V .., . . . X 'Ax NH W W r ' 5 W gi? ls N 'A 5 mf ' N 'X ., : ff 1 A f V . ,, , . I dw "WN W 'G-'Ig 5. ee.e.. 1 3-9 3. .pif:g1 iiggf fggliigfffgiggfeggeggfgflgie . l , V . f f 1 - A' q H " ' 4, f- Af, -,M -Zi fr - -V f ---M" "1 :fri fi::':L':.' ,msg i:iLg.'5'g.,. Q qc 'Pa new - ,m Hm""'F'!H""T'5F"A -' 1-31. .,.'1-vie. . ,'z . .M--.L-ff :.'2-,512.,SliJf::i23f.l"TW' WWWWWH azsruaalxo 1974 JC Bohtom row, Left to righti Mr. Pritchard, J. Rabuch,nhi York J Mchegney, G. Lutz. Second rowg S. Selkey, M. Simpson T. Clark. cv. min.. L. termoit, A. Thompson. Third row: J. gampsgn J' Christensen. ' ' Bottom row, Left to right: K. Voigtschild, S. Davies, S. Sheffield, L. Mehus J. Hansen, M. Nelson, K. White, K. Dorn. Second row: K. Rondesvedt, J. Rabuck J. York, J. McKegney, G. Lutz, B. Cure. Third row: T. Clark, M. Simpson, Mr Pritchard, C Tlhite, T Duckworth, S. Selkey, J. Sampson, J. Christensen. Bottom row, Left to right: C. Edgerton, E. Tiber, D. Wagie, L. Langer, B. Anderson, L. Scha1 K. Stickney, B. Benson, H. Clawson, S. Anderson, Mrs. Pritchard. Second row: J. Grangf A. Nelson, C. Nuttall, P. Agena, L. Mehus, G. Lutz, J. Meyers, B. Williams, S. Mason, K. Whif M. Hicks. Third row: J. Haske, S. Halverson, J. Rabuck, J. Hansen, B. Krause, D. Halvera J. McKegney, Y. Stenholt, E. Dvorak, J. Sampson, S. Robison, C. Johnson, J. Richmond. Third rc K. Sampson, B. Davies, J. Christensen, K. Rondesvedt, B. Cure, S. Sheffield, K. Larson, M. Halve GIRL'S GLEE CLUB S. Selkey, President, J. Clawson, Vice-President, S. Halverson, Treasurer, S. Davies, Secretary. Accompanist, S. Sheffield. XM' I A I Q 1 1 L. Stenholt, I. Wehman, A. Crary, K. Clary, King B. Duckworth Queen A. Henkel, D. Haske, S. Smith, K. Dorn, S. Halverson SQ! e o 'VQQ V .Q-A C96 Q sg Ex-King W. Olson, King B. Duckworth, Queen A. Henkel, Ex-Queen R. Stickney, Crown bearers, J. Halverson, J. Duckworth Queen A. Henkel, King B. Duckwo Sponsored by: Bill's Mobil Station, Len's City Service, White's Store, Dick's High- way Service, New Lisbon, Wis. JUNIOR Ha V N30 S1190 2 0 Q0 " X L' S X30 te J. Duckworth, J. Halverson 1250 PROM Qfa' ask MQW' ,Z S . f. aff " 5 Q 5 fl Q l it as ,Him E fc, .l,:i Q15 if- if mx. of One of the biggest and most important events of our four years in high school was our Jun- ior Prom on May 3. The theme song was, HSail Along Si1v'ry Moon. The gym was aglitter with blue and silver streamers looping to the center and the year of our graduation placed in the middle. We had a heart shaped archway with a decorated trellis and path on which to walk through. On the walls we had the words to the theme song and the names of the court in black and silver glitter. On another wall was a black and silver silhouette scene with colored lights rotating on it. It was very enchanting and beautiful to all who saw it. OW Queen K. Nuttall, King J. Reisenaur 9 5 V - Q' E. Bennett, J. Walden, J. Christensen, A. Benson, C. Larson, S. Davies, E Bell, K. Voigtschild. v C9003 S :Emma Back row, Left to right: L. Moravek, J. Georgeson, L. Stenholt, First row: V. Schroeder, S. Selkey, D. Haske. To make the Homecoming joyous, we beat Westby 6-7. That night everybody was happy. We had three kings and queens this year instead of the usual two. The gym was decorated with blue and white streamers sashaying the ceiling. On the walls were the names of the court, players and cheerleaders. Buddy Daugs and the Rocketeers provided the music for the evening. Mr. Kohn, our football coach, awarded the elected Co-Captains footballs painted blue and white with lettering on them. The cheerleaders received megaohone placques. Back row, Left to right: P. Hansen, B. Davies, J. Selkey, C. McKewin, S. Pfaff, First Row, E. Ramasauskas, B. Krause, J. Olson. 66 Q99 G Sponsored by: Mauston Dress Club-Q Murphy, Agent, C. E. Macomber, Soren TV and Appliance, C. E. Robison Son's, New Lisbon, wis. Front row: S. Smith, K. Voigtschild. Second row S. Bizalke. H. Koziara. J. Hansen. M. Nelson, K Dorn. Third row: E. Bennett, M. Halverson, J Olson, S. Halverson, E. Haschke, Fourth row: V Schroeder, K. Nuttall, Mrs. Christmann, A. Henkel D. Schlict, S Davies. WEN NOBSIL STAFF K, J xg EGM vm . J . Qpwqi QQEQbQ1g. YM' x,'50W'y yy, Qpycb qabv' 69,6 xo gOf f-K' OX3' 1 660 4 eau, 00 'wr . 'V 9409 ' Q95-'I' LO cy 6655 Q0 1 ' e ' 90 ' 3 - - QOWQG' QWYMQ- WeQGO0e2e2551 fe- ww- Q00 O ' 493' 900' 5' 45097 ' CCW' 46- 900 if Mai? 5- OX WW' el- 99 Wclowwggwwe' 1- We ,ix60xi,,G 'xxx B - 5308815-, NQIXEOO' 0- x O. 'QS XGAOQLVW xovcjfy-, X 5 'WAX' Q,. XA ,b ey- l2,?,f,x5Gf1:q6c609" Q, 90" 3 - Qkgwyvbee ' M960 1 3' 5.95 wff' xlfoqv' 9- 0- 09., Q85 Q6 Qfxcxa QQXXW 3 . QJQGQIO 'GS-, Oe,6gC' ig. KXQQ., QGOQQ A069 v', P 0 Q YM Q S60 40? G OO cxxf ,va Sn 5 W X OwoK'5i01v'?,- 9 92 fi-wg' NX- 6 5 'B O' ia? 3 s Q0 9 ' O65 96-w iv S6 019 04 Q. Q,f5f'99o 3 We 5-Q 'o Gs Q QXQC 5 'v . gd fb ei 5 . S6gEQ6dO5 2 ', ,M 1 x ,f ,f , 711!! V 09 ' gym 9. QS6W9.1 K2 Q2 QJQ- 'A 63,09 5 QVOQ' VnW.J f5 ,ff ii W ,MN , WM NW 5 SPOH Sgred by. M'L1enzer's 5 New Lisb On . 7 Ni f-. X X Q - X U Q11 'CQ ips ere J1Q7wO,gV.G ZJQAW je J., t iw AA: J 8' be 37: VO 11 Cv T , ' , r J' 7 QL' J xi. SG5' tj? ' JP- F. 68106 Q Jin J, ' O DOJ, be A066 C'-fy, . S XQ 1945 OO , 50 J ' 1 In , GQ' JZP. ,ff - J SOO JQJZOZJ J J. U,,N' ,yholgbt 65 J , PL VV. .4 X, .61 -ij 19 JpJ.Oef307Q. Jfislwbe 8 LSO " gf 61770 O, J' PG, QQ ' O5 is f S917 1104 QQ' ' J-4' J 'G Q52 ,J S.'O Of- Sf' 'S S61 Y '-'QQ ff. ' JQQIVFO' -'Ef S249 ,Q ,K , Lb'5Z1f.,,GGOifQ'Z'Q,5J1SOj7J,Qi, 5911970 'yi ,got b '- 9618 fhof' O ' ,y'9Ofy -' C,,".,,,. C 'VB ' C91 J Q5 ' ,4 mm N 0: A JN JSJVJ' 07832 27. X, Jfisk' ' ' ' CJ. ' JC 6' J IQ Cx 1 ' QA St ". G- SC? XV ybjsfls u 7 JG MIS QU 4 -ARM -! ,T M 'J iffy J, jf V V'-' " A ' I ' x 4:76 O J If? 4- fc-QQ " 7' 66... M, 75 'f Wfssvf JSQKJ 0 ,5 6, 256 5 irony rod, Left to rlght C d erton, o Femenway, 1 oreeno, M155 Coo er laske, D agle Second rc emenwa5, B Martln, D Hopper, D Ander son I.. agl , J Isaacson, C lwutta L rd r w Langer, clawson flyers, B Benson, G Lutz, J Granger, B Anderson rourtn row J Sampson Jlclte, P Parlow, T Wondesvedt, fehus, c Johnson, J fartln Elrth row Sheffleld, Poca, hr1s+ensen Lawrence, Gor on, Leals, Pfaff, B Lure A :ff 1: 2 E5 mr , E 'Q' gs W 'X k ,P c 1 W 1 I YA CY J ef . .5 swQ.QW ,f ,K ' F- , ' J v,,. g ,. ff R. W, "Il e 1 g Q,3i,, ,Q?3if qi 5 . M, gg a. Front roy, Left to right: R. Johnson, H. Kicks, Mr. Simpson, J. South- worth, L. Hicks, L. Edgerton. Second row: D. McNeely, G. Jensen, B. Bowen, S. Pudlo, T. Haschke, R. Ferdon, J. Krotzman. Third row: R. Engebreison, D. Haske, J. Bell, J. Barnharst, M. Wahner, N. Leupold, J. Dvorak. Fourth row: C. Chaffe, P. Selkey, E. Bell, C. Lewis, E. Koca, A. Martin. C. Larson. Front row, Left to right: E. ley, H. Hicks. Second r C.-Larson, B. Bowen. gg P" eemwgumkr '-1f Q M ,,..,,, . N, , qw r,,, . wi ,, I Pi' Kaffe f ' ' A .wg 3 1' - Www 7 ,M Y, . L... .2 if.: ' . 5 Giiixceis .Rv ARI Sitting: C. Lewis, C. Larson, H. Hicks Standing: ow: N. Leupold, P. Selkey, C. Lewis, A- Bell, L. Hicks, J. Dvorak, J. Bell, D. P. Se McNee Martin lkey, G. Jensen. 7 , i g .P 9 Qgbqflv F my tif' if ', 'xr N..,f . 4 5 Front row, Left to right: Hr. Kaneohe, o. Lu5er.oL, L. larg L, . Qreeno, 5 Hemenway, Miss Hose. Second row:. G. Lutz, S. Mason, L. Nelson, J. Sampson, J. Haske, K. Hicks, L. Wagie. Third row: N. Halverson, L. Menus, J. Richmond, K. 5ampson, 5. Dvorak, K. Rondesvedt, H. York. Fourth row: P. Parlow, K. Larson, H. McCathie, P. Lewis, L. joravek, S. Sheffield, Y. Stenholt. F ORENSICS Front row, left to right: J. Bell, Mr. Daven- port, A- Henkel, L. Moravek. Second rov: K. Clary, J. Georgeson, S. Davies, H.'HicKs, G. Miller. Youth Governs Juneau County in 4 uf? 6 X , f. 15 gwf Q. -.'.. 6' ' g I ' 10 7 rw E W, 'VX B- It 5 5 Q00 , it AWE fn. km A it A 15, Mei - , fwfr Eggs f ,-,f P, 'ff Q? 'FF - 5:27 Q Lg' iksw' , gif , 1: - 1 I my -1 ,V 'S-... Q UH, 1 1- 'Y' 2- 8 A il, Lg .12 L., 1,1 bl! WSH :xr . V . ,512 -2 Q. ,uh W ,. , R -g,,F Q cad Q :alxg 1-13 I iv 'Ar ill Qu 3 4 'r .V + 3 sp Q ' X A wif! few fl? a K' Jw 1 Wu f,r's1 THQ 1' ' W ,ef xi H. S+ ,Ui ,Y , V X2 E N2 4 , 'V' fi 5 A Q, 'Cv aiavyg, C,i,1.,?s Q' 1 'W nf Hs Ok, L A.- IW . .rl X IE ' 5 K, ., In if 'fx - - . -M, .J if AIA? s NG ' .-1. t 112, fy, EP' 3 ,cult V5 'fy , rt. ,L wa, , , 1 - .KK t,f,,,wsk 'WY' , '11L111 3,- if K f, ,A S .W ' flu SM Q Leia , N mi 55, Nw wid 3535 W . 4?'ga ' S 'M View I Tiflilff' if '11 . .QF favs 1 ww, Sf THE CALENDAR .o '59 'S 5 'S 'J o- S' 5 N E. Y? '51 Tu E :xg " e , e 22 4. as sf sf 5 4: J' Qx 5 cw 5 Q 5 r 0 A? 4? 2 0 P9 0 0 D a 0 W .9 Q Q1 R gg :JE g L N 0 Jw xy C56 Q7 'Pi "' ea 'E "' 'E 0 ' 3 40 -df' X90 Q.973 7 6' Q 0 A 0 0 u -0 L? 0 -9 1? J 94- v' rn 0 Z V' 5 . 0 o 'Y 9 S9 bw 'eff f-A 2, fs- 25 'H C Soo? 3 sf 0' 619 Is-'Sf Cz? 'C io 0 0 m 4 d 44,11 Q70 Q15 C4590 Q vs -o s 430 C1106 as A- 3 H 4? 'gioac Og: , Wegnw QQQQ obo in 5 of q'0,e"Cb 9" N-M' 1 O o Q 0 y Jgd9 395 Got Q 0 64 h.6ec.m'S,f8 I GJ' JZ, '21-Y' qi-gT.v'rv 9'2O-0 2h" etate B sketball T A .v,,ber h,,5eck HOP . 'Ur Dr l8'I'uth Geverns J nanent 11 I+--B Team Cheerleaders elected uneau Ueunuy ecuber 8--J 17--Elrly Forensic meet ,550 8 uniers get their is -e6bn1 C1833 rin 49- E. JJ 01- S at Necedah 50 1 '53 Pictur, 'shall Nllfnmenf' Q g ai his es can 94,0 -oe' Q6 097 wig' 45' .90 cl'-"6 0' 0 4: QU' :f 'Q 1? v' J Qp b 139 654 H Q0 'CV Sponsored by: Hepburn's Shoe Store, Kast- ner Brothers, Mauston W , is., Bassinette, Tomah, Wis., Highway Cafe, New Lisbon, Wis. CLASS PROPHECY TEN YEARS FROM NOW, WE WILL SEE THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1959 AS FOLLOWS: RAY ARCHAMBEAU is manager of the basketball team at the University of Wisconsin. ERNIE BELL is driving truck for Arthur Voigtschild. JAMES BELL is still trying to get Jane Haske to marry him and settle down. EILEEN BENNETT is star,of stage screen and television. ARLYN BENSEN is the Chief of olice in Lone Rock. SUSAN RIGALKE is the owner of Dave's Tap and is going bankrupt. JEANELTE CHRISTENSEN is married to a millionaire and is living in Europe. KEITH CLARY runs a small pub down in Mauston, formerly known as HNick'sH. ALEX CRARY is tending bar for Keith. SHIRLEY DAVIES owns a chicken farm in Cucumonga and is quite happy. KAY DORN now Dr. Dorn is kept busy pulling teeth and filling cavities in New Lisbon. BILL DUCKWORTH owns the Mobil Station and also the Dickman girl. JOHN DVORAK is still in High School dating all the underclass girls. JIM GECRGESON is Phy Ed coach of New Lisbon. SANDRA GORDON is owner of the HBeaneryH where she makes a nice pile. ALIDA GREENO is leading safaries into Africa. MAREE HALVERSON is a dance instrctor at Arthur Murray's studio. SONIA HALVERSON is married and leading a very dull life. JANET HANSEN is in the Waves? I LAVERNE HAIRISON is the Mayor Chief of Police, and sole population of Hustler. ELAINE HASCHKE is married to aRedH and the mother of many. YVONNE HEMENNAY is teaching people how to swim at Mill Bluff. ANNETTE HENKEL is giving flying lessons in Arabia. HARLEY HICKS is the owner of a large worm ranch in Texas. MILDRED HICKS i i f H l ' C h hi h .i, U ' ht 'l .H HAROLD JENSEN hgsrgggnngegggnged ig Sing SESS Foy lgfe?a ses nlg cram ers CLIFFORD LARSON is owner of the local hardware store where he and Sandy do alright. CAL LEWIS is star basketball player at the University of Wisconsin. ART MARTIN is up in Alaska using his Usnoe shoes.H QULIA MYERS has disappeared. GLENN MILLER is a well-known genius and has volunteered to be the first man to go to the moon LEO MORAVEK is teaching tap dancing in his own studio. MARGOT NELSON is an old maid, but still has fun. KAREN NUTTALL is selling shoes in Hawaii. JUDY OLSON is giving body building courses. FRED PETTIS is a well-known recording artist. SHARON PFAFF is busy giving Richard orders. JUDY RABUCK has married John and they are living in Chicago. JACK REISENAUER is one of Keiths steadiest customers. MARGARET REYNOLDS is owner of a beauty parlor in Madison. RONALD REYNOLDS is red cappin at the New Lisbon Depot. BRUCE RHUTASEL is the owner 0? the Park Hotel. LEONARD RICHMOND is still trying to et through English 12. JO ANN SAMPSON is appearing in the Hghaggy Uogu movie. DOROTHY SCHLICT is Chief of Police in New Lisbon. VIVIAN SCHROEDOR is a waitress at the Target Bluff. SUSAN SELKEY is art instrctor at the Teachers College. LARRY STENHOLT owns Harebos Gas Station. KAY VOIGTSCHILD is in che Nacs. JACK WALDEN is teaching Math in New Lisbon. IRVIN WEHMAN is just loafing. Sponsored by: B. J. Shannon, O. E., New Lisbon, Wis., Ward-Brodt Music Co., Mad- ison, Wis., Brahmstedt Music Co. Wis. , Rapids, Wis., L. N. Grieber, Herf-Jones Representative, Indianapolis, Ind. W' Y' -Q.. 'L' Fififii y r -3 , .:,-

Suggestions in the New Lisbon High School - Wa Du Shuda Yearbook (New Lisbon, WI) collection:

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