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F L-.Lt Mg Q? n 2 5 v -fr- rr . TW? -. A wigs'- S I ,n ff? . r- 1-i -1' S. .-Q Fu 57, .,. ' Y' f ag?" 15591 -H ijt.. M., Nh . K-. ,. :ff ,, -. 1 .pf- '1 ,Li "Qi , ' ,li '- 51 ' f u- . I , 45,2 fl? - AM 45 . 7 1 " lk , s' ' ' Q F., , Q". 'ie 3' 1 bk , 4 I v . F 0? if A Ui, fi? 3' Yi FE U3 W? 'A-L f JF? ., -iv N 1 1.- J ,M- .L ,S 3' -4.4 ',,1 V, I , ' 1 ,ga- L. The Class of 1958 Presents Wa Du huda Class Motto: "Not at the top, but climbing." Class Colors: Blue and White Class Flower: White Carnation Edited and Produced By New Lisbon High School Students Q ucfifon YLVLO As it is the custom to have an introduction in brief and direct. New Lisbon Annuals, we would like to make ours We seniors are leaving with memories we will revere long into the future. Memories of various activities and unplanned events that will remain that at the time of happening seemed insignificant inisce and spend many happy moments lost in our It has been with a deep sense of gratification lishing this 1958 Wa du Shuda. It is to serve as a New Lisbon High School. and help us in our journey thru life. Occurrences and unimportant but we know later we will rem- memories of our high school days. that we have had the pleasure of editing and pub- written inscription of our four enjoyable years in O Qbscfica fiom We the Seniors of 1958, dedicate this annual to Mr. Newman to show in a small way our appreciation for his help during our high school years. As Freshmen he helped us get set on the right paths of learning, as Sophomores he continued to guide us, as Juniors he helped us in the many activities we sponsored, and now in our senior year we realize what a help he has been to us. We admire him for his versatility, his spontaneity, and we dedicate, as a token of our high esteem and appreciation, the 1958 Wa Du Shuda to Mr. Newman. A' -'--'I-1-F A' - A-- 'f 1-unnlal-' - "'A'nnha'A' -" gall ., W ...M - A Vo, 1 it L M- Q Lh xp Asst. Editor, Judy Pitelg Editor, Harriet Cure, Jr. Editor, Kay V0iSh'fSCh11d FLEISBRMNIS Front row, left to right: M. Christmann, Business Mgr., J. Pitel, Ass't Editor, H. Cure, Editor, K. Voightschild, Jr. Editor, Second row: W. Olson, Business Mgr., Mr. Simpson, Annual Advisor, J. Robinson, Sports Editor, T. Bond, Sports Editor, Mr. Elliott, Ass't Advisor. First row, left to right: C. Ulrich, typistg R. Stickney, Class Will and Prophecy J Granger, typist, R. Mortensen, photography, M. Lee, Class Will and Prophecy E Ristow, Clubs, R. Thompson, Senior Class Editorg S. McMahon, Snapshots Second row: J. Robinson, typistg L. Kriegl, Clubs, D. Rurup, Art Editor, K. Schroeder Art Editor, J. Macomber, Snapshots, D. Dahlke, Music, L. Jensen, Calendar, B Durec Alumni, K. Flagg, Social. -I ENIOR .5 OQO 2 5 QQQZZ3 As the end of the seventh semester came to a close our two top students were very close. Marilyn Christ- mann and Katie Gobar are the two girls that deserve every bit of credit due them. Four others who were behind them were Janet Granger, Eileen Ristow, Louise Regelin, and Harriet Cure. A11 of these people are to be complimented on what they have done for our high school and them- selves. 5 , Q50 21 Left to right: Mr. Newman, Advisorg Mary Owens, Treasurer: Gigalke, Vive-President: Marvin Davis, President, Ruth Thompson, Secretary. Our high school days were started in "54". We were greeted 'by a remodeled school and the upperclassmen, of which some re willing and some not so willing to see us. We were initiated and thus classified as students of N.L. High. The rest of our year sed rather uneventfully. Our officers were Katie Gobar, President, Ruth Mortensen, Vice-President, Jeanette Robinson, treas- rg and Jerry Robinson, Secretary. Mrs. Gobar was our advisor. Ahh, now is our chance to get even and to initiate the lucky Freshmen. After this, our year was very quiet, but we sure made way around. Our officers were: Marvin Lee, President, Harrl-et Cure, Vice-Presidentg Carole Ulrich, Treasurer, and Eileen tow, Secretary. Mrs. Gobar was our class advisor. Upper classmen!!! As we began our Junior year we started off with a bang by winning first prize for our Homecoming float. received our classrings just before Christmas and for the next few days we were busy comparing them with others. Queen Ro- .le and King Wayne reigned over our Junior Prom on May 4, to the theme, "My Last Night In Rome." Our officers were: Tom- Bond, Presidentg Wayne Olson, Vice-Presidentg Judy Pitel, Treasurerg and Janet Granger, Secretary. Mr. Justensen was our 'iso:. Seniors at last!!! Again we started out with a bang by winning first prize with our float for Homecoming. We received our Sen- pictures a few weeks before Christmas and were busy collecting pictures of our cute classmates. We combined the Christmas ice with the Senior Ball which we called the Christmas Ball. Queen Janet and King Gale reigned over the dance. We went to ineapolis on our class trip and .attend-ed the Ice Follies and Cinerama- Then finally Came graduation, which we all were look- forward to forlfour years. Our officers were: Marvin Davis, PreSldel'lt9 Gale Blgalke, Vl0e'PreSidentS Mary Owens. Treasurer! , Ruth Thompson, Secretary. Mr. Newman was our advisor. JOHN BELSKY LYLE ALLEN "Johnny" "Lyle" "Going to the dance to- "You're a hood." night?" F-F-A 1-2-3-49 Baseball Band 3-4g Mixed Chorus "Q-'-Joi' lg Intramural Sports 1- 1-2-3-43 Boys' Glee Club 2 3 4. 1-2-3-43 F.F.A. 1-2-3, Forensics 1-2-3, Orches- tra 4. FIAROLD BETTHAUSER "Harold" "What do you mean?" Mixed Chorus 3-45 Boys' Glee Club 3-45 F.F.A. Secretary sg 1-'.F.A. vice President 45 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-45 F.F.A. 1- Z-3-4. MILDRED CLAWSON "Millie" "Hey, that's pretty good" F.H.A. 1-45 G.A.A. 15 Pep Club 3-45 Homecom- ing Court l5 Girls' Glee Club 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Intramural Sports 1-2-35 Prom Committee 3. TOM BOND HTony!7 "Va-va-va-vooom" Football 1-2-3-45 Co- Captain 45 Baseball 1-45 Basketball 1-2-3-45 Track 2-3-45 Volleyball 3-45 Class President 35 Let- termen's Club 3-45 Boys' Glee Club 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Prom Court 35 Forensics 35 Annual Staff 45 Christmas Ball Court 45 Homecoming King 45 Prom Committee 3. GALE BIGALKE "Gilly" "Well-nothinn F.F.A. 1-2-3-45 Class Vice President 45 Football 1- 2-3-4: Basketball 1-2-3- 45 Track 2-3-45 Letter- men's Club 3-4. f-.5 -gif 5 MARILYN CHRISTMANN "Chris" "Hey, can I borrow some money?" Band 1-2-3-45 State Mu- sic Festival 35 Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 Orches- tra 35 Pep Club 1-2-3-45 G.A.A. 15 Forensics 1-2- 3-45 State Forensics 15 Intramural Sports 1-2-3- 45 Prom Committee 35 Badger Girls' State 35 Student Council 45 Wen Nobsil Staff 45 D.A.R. 45 Annual Staff 4. DUANE CLEVENS "Mosey Clegens" 'Give me a bottle of milk." Snow Ball Court 4. Sponsored by: Victoria Cafe, New Lisbon, Wis. 'i--.qw . , LORRAINE DAVIS "Rain Rain" 'Get the heck out of mere" Pep Club 2-3-45 G.A.A. l5 Prom Committee 35 Band 1-2-3-45 Girls' Glee Slub 1-2-3-45 Girls' Glee Club Treasurer 45 Prom Court 35 Homecoming Court 15 F.H.A. 1-25 For- ensics 15 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4. l-IARRIET CURE ' "Fingers" "Really? You're kidding" Band 1-2-3-45 Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 Pep Club 1-45 Prom Committee 35 In- tramural Sports 2-3-45 Class Vice President 25 Junior Annual Editor 35 State Music Festival 35 Forensics lg Annual Ed- itor 4. DAVID DAHLKE "Carl" "Big Deal" Football 1-2-3-45 Base- ball 1-2-3-45 Basketball 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Track 3-45 State Music Festival 35 Badger Boys' State 35 Prom Court 35 Annual Staff 45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Boys' Glee Club 3-45 Lettermen's Club 45 Student Council 3-45 Student Council President 45 Orchestra 3- 4 MARVIN DAVIS Llsamlf "Just a jiffy" Transferred Student 25 Basketball 3-45 Basket- ball Homecoming King 4. -6 -gpm! JOHNNY DELAP "Red Burlap" "Ohhhhh!" Baseball 1-3-45 Basket- ball 1-25 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-45 P r o m Committee 3. Sponsored by: Jaffe's, Tomah, Wis. 'TREF BARBARA DUREC NBarb!7 "Yah, I know" F.H.A. 1-2-3-45 G.A.A. 15 Pep Club 1-2-3-45 Home- coming Queen 35 Prom Committee 35 Homecom- ing Court 25 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 2-35 Glee Club 2- 35 Annual Staff 4. ARLISS ERDMAN "Erdie" "Doncha get it?" Transfer student 25 Band 3-45 Pep Club 3-45 Prom Committee 35 Intramural Sports 3-45 Mixed Chor- us 25 Girls Glee Club 25 Christmas Ball Court 4 JANET GRANGER CCJanH "Got any gum?" Pep Club 2-3-45 F.H.A. 1-25 Class Secretary 35 Prom Committee 35 Sen- ior Ball Queen 45 Annual Staff 4. KAREN FLAGG "Karen" "I'm getting sick of this" F.H.A. 1-2-3-45 G.A.A. 45 Intramural Sports 1-2-3- 45 Girls' Glee Club 1-2- 3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3- 45 Homecoming. Court 45 Wen Nobsil Staff 45 Annual Staff 43 Prom Committee 35 Pep Club 1-2-3-4. HAZEL FAULKNER "Haze" "Don't tell" Library Club 1-2-3-45 F.H.A. 2-35 Pep Club 1- ARLISS HANSEN "Ar1iss" "Be quiet you kids." Wen Nobsil Staff 45 For- ensics 25 G.A.A. 15 Pep Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Band 3-45 Library Club 25 Intramural Sports 1-25 F.H.A. 1-2-3-45 Prom Committee 3. KATIE GOBAR "Guber" "Let's sing." Class President 15 G.A.A 15 Intramural Sports 1- 2-45 Pep Club l-Z-3-4 F.H.A. 1-25 Band 1-2-3-4 Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-4 Student Council 45 For- ensics .1-2-3-45 State For- ensics 35 Library Club 1 Prom Committee 3 Snow Ball Court 4. Sponsored by: New Lisbon Times-Argus, New Lisbon, Wis. ANNA HITZLER uAnnn :ke those napkins off tray!" 'ls' Glee Club 2-3-45 red Chorus 2-3-45 Li- ry Club 1-25 F.H.A. -3-45 F.H.A. Report- 4. 4 Q 5 i f :we 5 1 ,oo,sh 5 J 1 53555 5 ,,,. , , ,j. JAMES HAREBO UJin11Y "Hi ya Pheeb" Football 1-2-3-45 Base- ball 1-2-35 Christmas Ball Court 45 Forensics 1-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 35 Boys" Glee Club 3. EUGENE JENSEN "Gene" "I don't know!" F.F.A. 1-2-3-45 Imra- mural Sports 1-2-3-4- CLAYTON JACOBSON "Clayton" KSHHY7 Baseball 2-3-45 Basket- ball 25 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4: F.F.A. 1-3. Sponsored by: Ron's Market, New Lisbon, Wis. MARCELLA HENKEL "Marcy" "Don't you believe me?" Pep Club 1-2-3-45 Home- coming Court 45 G.A.A. nfl 15 F.H.A. 1-2-35 Glee -' Club 3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Prom Committee 35 Intramural Sports 1-2-3- 45 Wen Nobsil Staff 4. JOYCE JENSEN uJoycen "Ya, I know it." F.H.A. 1-2-3-45 Pep Club 2-3-45 Band 3-45Wen Nobsil Staff 45 Library Club 25 Prom Committee 3. - LORRAINE JENSEN "Jenny" "Gee, I'm tired." Pep Club 1-2-3-45 F.H.A. 1-2-3-45 Intramural Spts. 1-2-3: Girls' Glee Club 2-3-4: Mixed chorus 2- 3-45 G.A.A. 15 Prom Zommittee 35 Annual itaff 45 Wen Nobsil Staff JOHN MACOMBER "Mac" Say listen--" Football 1-2-3-45 Track i-45 Mixed Chorus 1-2- L-45 Boys' Glee Club 1-2- i-45 Forensics 1-2-3-45 Zhristmas Ball Court 49 knnual Staff 45 Letter' nen's Club 3-45 Mixed Zhorus President 49 'rom Committee 3. MYLES LARSON "Flash" "It'll cost ya" Football 1-35 Baseball 15 Intramural Spo-rts 35 Prom Court 35 Prom Committee 35 Forensics 3. 5 I LARRY KRIEGL ..Kreg,, "Just a minute." Football 2-3-45 Track 3- SANDRA MCMAHON usandyn "Oh Really?" Intramural Sports 1-35 Band 3-45 Girls' Glee Club 1-2-45 Mix-ed Chor- us 1-2-45 F.H.A. 1-45 Pep Club 1-2-3-45 Library Club 1-25 G.A.A. 15 For- ensics 1-2-35 Annual Staff 45 Prom Committee 3. f., its MARVIN LEE HMarv!l "Ain't it sickining" Student Council 2-3 Class President 25 mural Sports 3-45 ball Manager 3-45 Chorus 1-3-45 Boys' Club 1-3-45 Baseball 2-3-45 Forensics 1 Badger Boys' State Prom Court 35 A Staff 45 Lettermen's 3-45 Pep Club Sec 45 Mixed Chorus President 4. Sponsored by: Ben Franklin Store, New Lisbon, Wis. "QB" N. My X ik MARY OWENS "Mary" you get this stuff?" Club 1-2-3-4: F-H-A 3-43 F.H.A. Vice sident 43 Library Club G.A.A. 13 Intramural rts 1-23 Homecoming rt 33 Homecoming 'en 43 Class Treasurer ?rom Committee 3. if-f RUTH MORTENSEN "Mort" "Drat" Orchestra 3, Band 1-2 3 43 Girls' Glee Club 1-2- 3-43 Mixed Chorus 1-2- 3-43 Mixed Chorus Sec- retary 43 Cheerleader 1- 2-33 Pep Club 1-2-3-43 Pep Club Vice President 43 Class Vice President 13 G.A.A. 13 Forensics 13 Prom Court 33 Basketball Homecoming Queen 43 F.H.A. 1-2-31 Intramural Sprts 1-2-3-43 Annual Staff 43 Prom Committee 3. RUTH PETRICK HRuthH "Drop dead!" Pep Club 13 G.A.A. 13 F.H,A. 1-2-3-43 Library Club 43 Prom Committee 33 Intramural Sports 1- 2-3-4. er- BARBARA PECK "Barb" nohv? FJ-LA, 1-2-33 Forensics A 2? . Ky.. WAYNE OLSON "Souse" "Oh come on, please." Football 1-2-3-43 Base- ball 1-2-3-43 Intramural Sports 33 Lettermen's Club 2-3-43 Prom Com- mittee 33 Prom King 3: Boys' Chorus 3-43 Mixed Chorus 3-43 Forensics 2- 3-43 Class Vice President 33 Annual Staff 4. S . 1-2-3-43 Library Club 1- 2-43 Pep Club 1. . is . "" K - 32322 'ii -251 . 3-. -. .... :: -fz - if 1 2 Ea 551 e Q fs: w -': :eras-,za--'ae--eg.. .- Sponsored by: New Lisbon State Bank, New Lisbon, Wis. .,,f JUDY PITEL "Piddle" "Yah, but-" Pep Club 1-2-3-43 F.H.A. 1-2-3-43 Forensics 1-2- 33 Assistant Editor 43 Prom Committee 33 Glee Club 3-43 G.A.A. 13 Wen Nobsil Staff 43 Mixed Chorus 3-43 F.H.A. Pres- ident 43 Prom Court 33 Librarian 1-2: Intramur- al Sports 1-2-3-4. J EDNA PUSEL "Edna" "Birdy Dird" Glee Club 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Library Club 1-25 F.H.A. l-2-3-4. JERALD ROBINSON "Jera1dine" "Ignorant! ! !" 3and 1-2-3-45 Band President 45 Football 1- B-3-45 Co-Captain 45 Bas- :etball 1-3-45 Track 2- 3-45 Baseball 45 Class Secretary 15 Homecom- ng King 45 Basketball Homecoming Court 45 Jhorus 3-45 Boys Glee Zlub 3-45 F.F.A. 15 In- :ramural Sports 35 Ann- xal Staff 45 Lettermen's Ilub 3-45 Orchestra 45 ?rom Committee 3. LOUISE R EGEL IN "Reggie" "Oh, go on!" G.A.A. 15 F.H.A. 1-25 Forensics 1-2-3-45 Wen Nobsil Staff 45 Librar- ian's Club 1-2-3-45 Prom Committee 35 Forensics 35 F.H.A. 4. 2 out EILEEN RISTOW "No it's not, no it's not!" Pep Club 2-3-45 G.A.A. 15. Annual Staff 45 Prom Committee 35 Band 1-2- 3'4Z.Band Secretary 45 F.H.A. 1-25 Class Secre- tary 25 Cheerleader 15 Homecoming Queen 45 Basketball Homecoming Court 4. DOUGLAS RURUP lKDoug1! "Hel1o! I" Transferred Student 25 Track 2-3-45 Football 3- 45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Boys' Glee Club 3-45 For- ensics 4. Sponsored by: Wa1ker's Stainless Steel Plant, New Lis Jon, Wis. JEANETTE ROBINSON "Squirt" "Oh I don't believe it" Cheerleader 1-2-3-45 Sr. Cheerleader 45 Pep Club 1-2-3-45 Pep Club Presi- dent 45 Class Treasurer 15 Band 1-2-3-45 Band Vice President 45 Orches- tra 45 F.H.A. 1-2-35 Prom Committee 35 G.A.A. 15 Forensics 15 Annual Staff 45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Girls' Glee Club Presi- dent 45 'Librarian Club 15 Intramural Sports 1-2-3- 45 Wen'Nobsi1 Staff 4. RUTH THOMPSON "Ruthann" "Have fun" ap Club 1-45 Girls' Glee .ub 1-2-3-45 Band 1-2- 45 Mixed Chorus 1-2- 45 Forensics 15 Intra- ural Sports 1-2-3-45 AA. 15 Class Secretary Prom Committee 35 mual Staff 4. KAREN SCHROEDER "Karen" "No, I don't mean that" Pep Club 1-2-3-45 G.A.A. 1-25 F.H.A. 1-2-45 Sen- ior Ball Court 45 Prom Committee 35 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-45 Library Club 15 Annual Staff 45 Wen Nobsil Stall' 4. HELEN WALDEN uwauyn "Why don't you guys do your own work?" Orchestra 35 Pep Club 1- 2-45 Girls' Glee Club 1- 2-35 Mixed Chorus 1-2-35 Band 1-2-3-45 Forensics 1-2-3-45 Prom Commit- tee 35 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-45 State Forensics 2. X J 5,5 532, CAROLE ULRICH "Flame" "Will you be quiet?" Band 1-2-3-45 Band Sec- retary-Treasurer 35 Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-45 F.H.A. 1- 2-35 F.H.A. Secretary 25 F.H.A. Treasurer 35 Pep Club 1-2-3-45 Pep Club Treasurer 45 Class Treas- urer 25 Student Council 15 Cheerleader 15 Prom Court 35 Homecoming Court 25 Annual Staff 45 Intramural Sports 1-2-3- 45 Wen Nobsil Staff 45 G.A.A. 15 Prom Commit- tee 3. Sponsored by: Eakins' Motors, New Lisbon, Wis. ROMELLE STICKNEY "Smelly" "Hello Wheel." Band 1-2-3-45.Pep Club 43 Prom Queen 35 Stud- ent Council 35 Orchestra 394 Prom Committee 35 Mixed Chorus l-2-3-45 Girls' Glee Club 1-2-3-45 F.H.A. 1-2: G.A.A. 15. Snow Ball Court 45 Pep Club 1-2-3-45 Forensics 2-45 Intramural Sports 1-2-3-4. GEORGE WOOD "George" "Can it." Transferred student 25 F.F.A. 2-3. f 'Q ir JW .1 L..1.. ...Q S OL fgils ' wa? vf, :asm was we YR Kiqmi D V485 'mud '25 fig gp f gf 1 N aw-5 Ns rv Ov K ' . N in l H, Alf" x lx,',. 1 f 'E 52 4 'WW' 415 fu.. ' A "tr-ffl" KR'- 0 -QQ W .,,,,f1v- ., 'gin -Q T' '5- y 'ff 'lm .ff .., 'fi' J if 'll X uv 3 -H ?',f', Q E V4 Ir -af lu, 1 5 ti ,A I , , 1 W . l Bi 'm.....1 ,. if at 16 -- iQ' W 3 J X P W3 . x M. Z 3 5 ' ' Lowa ,fad Qfzczcfuafiofz QL! L ' 23-1-f - vis: . . K- ,j,L , . 'rrp s 4 5 We, the Senior Class of "58i', wish to distribute the following items to those whom it may concern. LYLE ALLEN - Wills his oil wells to Stan Pudlo. JOHN BELSKY - Wills his note reading ability to Jeanette Christensen. HAROLD BETTHAUSER - Wills his driving ability to Jerry Felker. GALE BIGALKE - Wills his ability to get caught shooting pheasants by Ben Little to anyone wanting the privilege. MARILYN CHRISTMANN - Leaves her honor of D.A.R. to Mildred Hicks. DUANE CLEVENS - Duane doesn't will anything, he'l1 be back for the first quarter next year. TOM BOND - Leaves his ability to get that CLUNK of a Ford started and get to school by TEN O'c1ock to Glenn Miller! HARRIET CURE - Leaves willingly her red ears and her giggles to Addison Wood. LORRAINE DAVIS - Wills her hectic WEEK-ENDS to Twinkle Batko!! DAVID DAHLKE - He refuses to leave his apple polishing ability because he wants it for further use. MARVIN DAVIS - Wills his witty uncalled for remarks to Chuck White. JOHN DELAP - Leaves his freckles to Irvin Wehman. ARLISS ERDMAN - Leaves her knack of telling JOKES to Alida Greeno. BARBARA DUREC - Leaves her great tumbling grades to Charlene Briant. HAZEL FAULKNER - Wills her curly hair to Mary Ann Koson. KAREN FLAGG - Leaves her great compositions of "love" letters to Art Martin. KATIE GOBAR - Leaves her position on the honor roll to Bobby Johnson. JANET GRANGER - Sadly leaves her love of bike riding, babysitting, and ESPECIALLY going to Kendall dances. ARLISS HANSEN - Wills her Camp Douglas romances to Yuvonne Stenholt. JIM HAREBO - Wills his red Olds to anyone STUPID enough to drive it !!?? MARCELLA HENKEL - Wills her stubborness to Helene York! ANNA HITZLER - Just sadly leaves. CLAYTON JACOBSON - Leaves his shyness to Clifford Larson???? EUGENE JENSEN - Leaves his love to Wausau to Laverne Harrison. JOYCE JENSEN - Leaves her smashing cymbals to Bonnie Dahl? LORRAINE JENSEN - Leaves her LATE hours to Marie Halverson??? LARRY KRIEGL - Leaves his scientific knowledge to Chester Chaffee. MYLES LARSON - Wills his RAZOR to Bruce Bowen although he needs it himself!!!l!! VW MARVIN LEE - Wills his ELROY GALS to anyone willing to take them. J JOHN MACOMBER - Leaves his childish ideas to Mr. Kohn!!! SANDRA McMAHON - Leaves her guys class ring to any woman man enough to take it away. RUTH MORTENSEN - Leaves her flirting ability to Shirley Luke!!! WAYNE OLSON - Sadly leaves his parking ability to any com petition???? MARY OWENS - Leaves SHORT and SWEET. BARBARA PECK -- She's selfish, and won't leave a thing. RUTH PETRICK - Leaves her cud of gum to her Social Problems class chair. JUDY PITEL - Happily leaves with Harold for WHO knows where??? EDNA PUSEL - Won't leave her diamond to anyone. Can you blame her? LOUISE REGELIN -- Leaves her arguments with the teachers to Leon Hansen. EILEEN RISTOW - Leaves her ability to pass fellow students. "It's a good thing or we all wouldn't be passing." JEANETTE ROBINSON - Wills her cheering ability to Gloria Fish. JERRY ROBINSON - Leaves his "love" for embalming to any dead beats. DOUGLAS RURUP -- Leaves his tackle position to Cheryl Murphy. KAREN SCHROEDER - Leaves her Florida tan to Harold Jensen. ROMELLE STICKNEY - Leaves her ability to DRIVE a car, "and THANK GOODNESS she leaves it." RUTH THOMPSON - Leaves everything EXCEPT Gale. HELEN WALDEN - Leaves her drums to Susan Selkey. CAROLE ULRICH ,- Leaves her ability to watch "As The World TU1'I1S" to any band m6mb9l'S who HTC halfillg their ' horns fixed. - GEORGE WOOD - Leaves his CHOICE seat in English to Bruce Rhutasel. ' WE have also agreed to leave our good times as a "bunch" to any other CIHSSGS that can have as much fun BS we've had together. , . .. L - , ,asnlaka-..l Q12 cb Z1 Left to right: H. Hicks, Treasurerg A. Crary, Vice-president, L. Stenholt, Presi- dent, A. Henkel, Secretary, and Mr. John- son, Advisor. On September 6, 1955, fifty-nine green freshmen walk ed up the plank to join our Rocket ship and start on a four- year excursion in the sky of education. We were initiated before starting the trip. After a three month "furlough," we came back ready for another year aboard the ship. We started off great by initiating the freshmen. Three down, one to go! Queen Annette and King Bill reigned over the Prom May 3 to the theme, "Sail Along Silvery Moon." Our class captains are: Larry Stenholt, Presidentg Alex Crary, Vice-President, Annette Henkel, Secretaryg and Harley Hicks, Treasurer. .3 .ir , si, K. Q " X ' ' fx, ,, ' 1 5 2 11 'i aa. gg rx K ,JA - "X ' . R. Archambeau E, B911 J. Bell K. Davis l at . f t 1- . .toa . J A '34 , -5? 4 ff 1 A gt .A A .,, . cf A H 'aw .,.. , A ,Lg '-iir' A - A 4 X 1 'Q ' A A 'e'ti A laal . A- .. . A .rll , e..e lzy A :AA AA. A rl A as f 1 g .. a A n ., E. Bennett A, Benson S- Bigalke J. Christensen K. Clary A- Cfafy S- Davies Sponsored by: Hansen's Department Store, Mauston,Wis., Denicke Chevrolet, Mauston, Wis. E 1 A . i .V . H gk- 5 if W W- X N L Wi' 4. "1 . gg. W A ,- V 3 . I 'fi . 3 I W .. L....,R .K :LV K fi? n I 'sz , H J ' V . - K 1: 1 I iw- . X W K' Dom W. Duckworth J- Dvorak J- Georseson A- Greeno M. Halverson S, Halvel-sod J -. -gn W .,, 54- . ff Q S, '33 I , 4' ' 2 ' i W if W we s is . N ' X V . J. Hans-en L. Harrison E. Haschke D. Haske Y. Hernenway A, Henkel H. Hicks M is . ' ' f W , .Q 4 A . 7 - n R. E X - L I -. E i' I' f . w . -' ' M. Hicks H- Jensen P- Kosen H. Koziara C. Lewis J, Lutz A, Martin S Q: ' 51. . Ji mi N 'W' if . X938 ssss no ? . 5 . -,L,s .NX ag VX K Y W s s f X W f .. . M. McNee1y G- Miller L. Moravek M, Nelson K. Nuttall J. Olson - F. Pettls I Il sw? , . A I -sg, . .. ' L " ":' 22 n f X? N 'J J V I. I S' K I . N 'Zh K ' 1 X 'L fl Q K -1 K, Q-V . 'ifixf ff... We .j J. Rilbllfk J. Reisenauer M. Reynolds R- ReYH01dS B. Rhutasel J. Sampson D. Schlicht 2' .V- . ' 6 f A .3 V ' I LI . ?'3?2., KL 'if 1.17 I N is X M g. XC Q, 9 I r x ,V ., 7,.Ly, . XY 'Q I -, X , . . - XM A' ' - . s- 21525 hi N X mt, 'V XV' f-W qi V. Schroeder S- Selkey S. Smith L- Stenholt K. Voightschild J. Walden 1, wel-,man Sponsored by Dick's Highway Service, New Lisbon, Wis., John E. White Motor Sales, New Lisbon, Wis. O O 020 ,261 Left to right: Eileen Tiber, Treasurer: John Waterbury, Pres- identg Mrs. Christmann, Advisorg Arden Thompson, Vice- President, and Hazel Clawson, Secretary. On a nice fall day in September '56, sixty scared fresh men entered the Rocket ship. Soon after we joined, we were initiated and thus became true members of the crew. Again in '57 we came back, but as sophomoresg this time it was our turn to do the initiating. Believe us, we did. Our class captains are: John Waterbury, Presidentg Arden Thompson, Vice-Presidentg Eileen Tiber, Treasurerg Hazel Clawson. Secretary. E I .sykh I, A U if 21 ff . W I.. .QI K lg firh q "W :M . vw 5, W n . i eee A T 1? sw N .. . . NM I, V L . S B. Agena G. Baker J- Bamhafsf 9 : L. . kp, Q H H ,, '-r 'L e,, S a S . r- iii A 'ZV ' e ':" ieeee n I' iv ff'-3, 'jf ky Y- v. W Nui' :W 5311291223 S dna? A f ' 'JCI' 12? . B. W. Barnharst T. Batko C- Bfasch C. Chaffee H. Clawson R. Crawford Dahl Q V lk: ,, gpg: K :V h K , . E In kj K f A "' E f .C S y M4 . ' A kkp. in v'.-- , A Y I M' K K. .M if r W e ea. " ' ,r an W ea we ,. 5 . . s 5 X- D. Doller ' M. Engebretsen J' Felker E. Geiske J' Gordon T. Graham R, Granger Sponsored by: Highway Cafe, New Lisbon,.Wis., Andy's Service Station, New Lisbon, Wis., Dyer's Drug Store, New Lisbon, Wis., Kieta's Market, New Lisbon, Wis. H.. .L L? wi-'ai ' '-3 . 5 -Faces . 5 Tw' Q3 it G. Gray C. Greeno .fw- .. 'jjilff L ,. ,H . A , N CNE iles ' G. Jensen R. Johnson C. Litkea S. Luke um , 1.4 S. Michel Murphy ' -' - N, -1,1 A' sau 1 2 J. R.abUCk . " , GG if . . . T V I em l . D ' if x nn" fi' E. Tiber L. wagie !': 'W T C. Haschke in. ,bi if y n n , . D. Kelly 7. U D. Lutz , . fl 4' 1' i. J . -' 1 s H . ' ., ..a . 9 ,wi sf' Q y gg, 'Q L mb! tt 'un fs it Ni lt bm .7 R. Neitzel E f at sa is :fk l. . 5 2 Q 1 ty' ' . -age.-s. P. Selkey JF 4 . ia. f . ,A w--K. k ' i . v L. J . Waterbury T. leap .f - 4-Ni.. , 1 .. af ff Haschke W... Q Q M 1 A . , .. 1 . YY . . E. Koca ' X Q 4 Q R H W5 K . . Q.. s X IX v i- f ,A Q . D. Haske i are -' qi. fu ? K. Larson -455 I .S . X S- Lutz S. Mason .. agp: X ,y S to 9 'M' 'fi' . .Q K 1' eg -, 'iw .2 S D. Ormson S. Parmenter AW?-1- ' x Lf.. a' , Y Q K. ' ,g?f'iE2f- ex -fenwh M. Simpson S K . .X A H . v W C. White Sponsored by: White's Store, New Lisbon, Wis., C. E. Macomber, New Lisbon, Wis., Bi11's Mobil Station, New Lisbon, Wis. A J. Southworth .fir if .V , ., -5 .Q , . -gitf .. .4 .5 al' In -' "' . 9' A- Wood 5' V 1 54" M. Heath f Q3 . Q ' .gbz W. Leupold 1 -as gdb 1 'V Ki A7 M. McCathie J. 7 . b ,K N. in .- 3. C. Pickett -S2 'link aw 4 . ,. , Hemenway I i . ff' 0 up xx' .2-f iii P. Lewis at C. McKewin ' 4 J. Pitel Q7 A- L 1 " . ,X W x ,Ax , I' .1 Y. Stenholt A- Thompson ,Qi Rx, .ef H. York 4.3 5 '. 4.1 C, Zindorf New I-45503, WiS- Stickney Auto Sales, 261 'SQ Left to right: Elaine Dvorak, Vice-President, Jane Haske, Treasurer, Bonnie Davies, Secretary, Mr. McCallum, Advisor, Gertrude Lutz, President. Last fall, sixty frightened, green freshmen joined the Rocket ship. Just after we joined the sophomores initiated us, making us true members of the crew. Our class captains are: Gertrude Lutz, President, Elaine Dvorak, Vice- Pres- ident, Jane Haske, Treasurer and Bonnie Davies, Secretary. 'K :V . A: K as I' - . S :,. va .iam fm - - ,srsi fi'-if A Q' f 'Q 4 "ii" .gl .gf L it l S - if - S 'ix K s , S pg f 1 X is 1. "':, ff 'W X 'Q R, V A I 'fl' ' 1' pk - , . A L, Babcock D. Bennett A. Benson S. Benson R. Berry J. Bond Q .shi B .t Q .2 'Ii ff L may A A , al 'If r4.,fgj l " .a.a . a f eirrss . tvo.. if ' " S s or i e if l s . +4 2 1.. me EIMS , iri ' Ji B. B owen T. Brasch G. Braund C. Bryant J, Clary B, Crawford J' Crawford Sponsored by: Koziara's Texaco Station, New Lisbon, Wis., Troxel's Pure Oil Station, New Lisbon, Wis., Mauston Station Bank, Mauston, Wis., Monroe Finance Company, Mauston, Wis. X. 'N , H , . ee .. he . I , egg A if .Q 'if X? , 31, i H ' f . V. , 4 - . - ' -a - ' -5 , 'fir -19' 1 'af ,, w .. C P N ' ...a 1' , - 4 - .fe A, 3 V E. S i. in ' ' ' r4 B, Dahl B. Davies J. Davis K. Davis R- Degler T. Duckworth E. Dvorak W X. as . 1 . i' K ' Lk S f K , 2 4 . ., , .. . X.aa M 5? , L L , S.. ec... fs: - I ' ., ,fe ,fp ' I N. ,W 'i . if L f , N an ' .:V, ' . x, ii: sez: .as , i ' . L' I L. Edgerton R. Engebretsen J. Erdman R. Ferdon G. Fish D. Georgeson P, Hagen 1 -,. ' , AQ , M af' ix . . ' h .3 .- W .wpx I my A A i -, .T-Y . A -X. Q, 'V 5 e M 'W a"s .. fi ' ef : . s s " 1 . I Q-,ffkmg xr X - I R s f , - Skk, K . .L if 'FY J it L ni S 4I'2..m1lm L. Hansen P. Hansen M, Haschke J, Haske W. Heath L. Hicks J- JHDHUSCh e, . ig .i f 5 ' 7 'ei ' , '-'f if 'R H:- -.. -. .,-- fi if 'Q ' ' 'f fL-- 4. -T-Q, 1 , - 1 f W S . ,,.. . ' ' I - - safe " MQ m eiix ig .. "' f R A 1 2 T Sf f ' 1 M Q S I V. 5 33. 'llb ' 3 . ' 1 M. Kosen J- KTUYZYTIHI1 L. Langer R. Larson S. Larson C. Lee J. Litkea ' .1 I V L -2 1 , ' dv -M V 'f' 1 . '. f- I f f b eq , swf L 0 4 - if S' Q .LZID R XM In 5 Q, ,,,.k 7 K I E , X.. . xxmng A x XV!! G. Lutz M, Murphy A' Nelson L- Nelson C. Nuttall J. Petrick S. Pudlo , 'V " ' 5' V U ? N1 - 4 ' 1 K . . , fe, M .AMVIL . , . , NV , .,N m in f 77 ... E ,Q ta. Q f ...ri Em., . S1' f fb A ' K ' K ,gm G. Robison S. Robison K. Sampson R. Saylor K. Stickn-ey G. Voightschild J- Zindorf Sponsored by: Sutton Portrait Studio, Mauston, Wis., McDermott Music, Mauston, Wis., Hepburn's Shoe ' lds Jewehly and Tiny Tots Wear, Mauston, Wis. Store, Mauston, Wis.. Nova Mr. Neil Kohn, Physical Education 'lGirls, BE QUIET!!!" Mr. John Richmond, English 11 8a 12 "Some lucky girl has ALREADY got me!" 3 - E . a'-4+ ,smi- r Q' f Q Mrs. Rachel Pritchard, Vocal Music Mr- Lynn Pfitchafdi f-wiu you PLEASE take your music Instrumental Music home and PRACTICE? '-WAIT A MINUTE and ru get my clarinet." Mr. Rudy Haugh, Mathematics My, My, My. Q, ...M- Mr. Lloyd Benrud, Curriculum Co-ordinator "WALK down those stairs!" . Mrs. Blanche Gobar, English 9 :SL 10 Miss Lucille Cooper, "Either be QUIET or go back to your Home Economics Study hall-" "Lct's get that F.H.A. rollingi' 'FFL 'Hy Sponsored by: Hillside Ranch House, Mauston, Wis., Koch's Flowers, New Lisbon, Wis., Hustler Hardware, Hustler, Wis., Mauston Drug Store, Mauston, Wis. X Mr. Roy Simpson, Chemistry and Agriculture Let's have your OWN answers." H,,,. Mrs. Florence Christmann, Mr. Donald Elliott, American Commercial History and Social Problems "YOU KNOW you're behind, don't "Would you mind being quiet you?" GIRLS???" 0195 Oni O thi W Mr. Harry Newman, Principal "rm not trying to influence you, BUT--" Mr. Lee Johnson, Industrial Arts and Drjvefs Education MF, Afbln York, Civics, General MF- Roger McCallum, "WHERE are you ggjngy WHAT are Math, World History Sz Bookkeeping Biology, 5591109 and GSOSFHDIUY you doing, and WHERE. do you "Post your totals, not TOAST your "I mark on a curve." be10ng?'7 POTALSN Sponsored by: Busy Bee, Mauston, Wis., Bob's Toggery, Mauston, Wis., Kastner Stetler, Dentist, New Lisbon, Wis. ..m..N.w.mus..M,,.,a .,,r... .. . , . Q0 fuqgefzf Q9 Qfzccf D. B ett, M Standi . Lee, D. Dahl ng: .L C1-awf m"'9"'N-1 ge. 41,'fs.,j'- ke, M. Chrisrlnalm, K. Larsen, C. White, orq E. Hasohke, L. Mora vek, K. Gobaq Mr. Elliott .1 W wg' was Dt ' xp 9 w K6 YAC Nl' ' CAN , NV ' mis' of NV ' Q 1 nge W 3 New 12, l Dugou WIS-v h, T0ma Marty .ture Fufnl . 1'S . Neltzeis. .sbonv Wiisbon, W E 1 ne ' Ortens C1-ea J. M t Dry . H- feC by' . Per Qred W1S-, 5p0ns. bon, L15 First row, left to right.: M. Henkel, R. Stickney, C. Ulrich. Second row: K. Schroeder, L. Regelin, M.'C1awson, K. Flagg, J. Pitel, M. Christmann, J. Robinson, A. Hansen, J. Jensen, L. Jensen. dvogaif Staff Left to right: L. Regelin, J. Jensen, A. Hansen, K. Flalg, M. Clawson, J. Robinson. Left to right: L. Jensen, M. Henkel, R. Stickney, K Schroeder, J. Pitel. Mrs. Christmann W-44-N flflflio 3 VVVEO ""'I.?"9 Harriet Cure, Annual Editor Jerry Robinson and Tom Bond, Football Co-captains "C?" Dave Dahlke, Badger Boys' Stateg Marilyn Christrnann D.A.R., Badger Girls' Stateg Marvin Lee, Badger Boys' State Marvin Davis, Jeanette Robinson, Senior Cheerleader. x A, S4 as u-I ,,, 'fa' A X: s 9' r +69 Mr. York, -N-.wmv 1-.0 n...- X fu S Q? , 45: s , 1 If -'- I Basketball Captain Basketball Coach lw f-G W Bottom row, left to right: E. Tiber, S. Larson, S. Hemenvvay, R. Mortensen, J. Robinson, M. Henkel, L. Langer, C. Lee. Second row: S. Robinson, L. Wagie, H. Clawson, S. Halverson, A. Benson, M. Hicks, A. Hansen, K. Gobar R. Stickney. Third row: M. Lee, T. Brasch, J. Bond, L. Davis, M, Halverson, D. Callows, M. Clawson, K. Larson S. Pudlo. Top row: B. Davies, J. Dvorak, R. Larson, G. Braund, C. Ulrich, J. Pitel, H. Cure, W. Olson, J Macomber, D. Rurup. 3,705 aw John Macomber, President, Ruth Mortensen, Sec., Treas.g Marvin Lee, Vice President. M ,T-N. N .. '- M' ., - -.5 K U. W - -swf L ' 1. i .wr Bottom row, left to right: Y. Hemenway, K. Stickney, L. Nelson, A. Nelson, K. Davis, D. Haske, G. Lutz, Mrs. Pritchard. Second row: J. Zindorf, J. Haskc, E. Gieske, S. Mc-Mahon, K. Davis, J. Rabuck, E. Pusel, M. Simpson, A. Hitzler. Third row: K. Flagg, H. Betthauser, J. Chris tcnsen, P. Hansen, S. Davies, J. Hansen, L, Jensen, E. Dvorak, K. Sampson. Top row: A, Thompson, J. Belsky, D. Dahlkc, L. Richmond, M. Christmann, S. Selky, M. Murphy, J. Robinson, J. Crawford and R. Thompson. tv . ...Q-fl '1- . , it 4. , . if '59 4,7 ' 5 ixnsk hi -- xt, 3 , 4-an Bottom row: M. Simpson, J. Bond, T. Brasch, M. Lee, A. Benson, C. Lee, Mr. Pritchard. Second row: R. Larson, J. Robinson, J. Dvorak, J. Crawford, S. Pudlo, H. Betthauser. Top row: D. Rurup, A. Thompson, J. Macomber, J. Belsky, W. Olson, D. Dahlke, G. Braund. Sponsored by: F. J. Bunker, Inc., New Lisbon, Wis. Bottom row: K. Davis, D. Haske, J. Robinson, R. Mortensen, Mrs. Pritchard, S Hemenway, L. Nelson, K. Stickney, E. Tiber. Second row: J. Haske, E. Gieske, S Halverson, H. Clawson, S. McMahon, S. Robison, Y. Hemenway, G. Lutz, M. Henkel Third row: L. Jensen, R. Stickney, K. Gobar, A. Hitzler, E. Pusel, L. Langer, M. Hicks, J. Rabuck, K. Davis. Fourth row: D. Callows, K. Larson, M. Halverson, S. Davies, L. Davis, A. Hansen, J. Hansen, E. Dvorak, K. Sampson. Top row: H. Cure, J. Pit-el, M Christmann, C. Ulrich, S. Selkey, B. Davies, K. Flagg, M. Clawson, J. Christensen. QW ,, W Jeanette Robinson, President, Romelle Stickney, Vice President, Lorraine Davis, Sec., Treas. 473 T' 0723161461 Harriet Cure, Carole Ulrich, Romelle Stickney, Ruth Mortensen, Jeanette Robinson Katie Gobar and Marilyn Christmann. Q64 5201 Jeanette Robinson, Harriet Cure. Sponsored by: Sorenson TV and Appliance, New Lisbon, Wis., C. E. Robison and Son, New Lisbon, Wis., Len's Cities Service, New Lisbon, Wis., Pot'ter's Sales and Service, Mauston, Wis. Band: First row Clarinets: R. Thompson, R. Mortensen, C. Ulrich, R. Stickncy. Second row: K. Vo1ghtsch1ld S. Davies, L. Davies, M. McCathieg Third row: S. Sheffield, B. Cure, L. Mehus, B. Davies, S. Robison K Stiekney, P. Agena, B. Anderson, J. Granger, P. Hanscng French Horns, L. Langer, S. Smith, Trombone C White, L. Stenholt, Baritone, J. Robinson, J. Koca, Cornet, T. Clarkg Drums, A. Hansen, S. McMahon H Walden, J. Jensen, J. Belsky, J. Christensen, Mr. Pritchard. J. C 'M .. Q. ls. 'T swf. .Q zilr . .. I , gf' ' C ' . ,. 1: X Z, l 5, f3'P"GX S H ' if smog iretr . sa 5 A . A w' xref Q J . QR, 1 .1 5 it ,PM t was , . 'LL A A A V .. JL H- i S .f,. ,,,, Agewf.. K Twirlers, front row: M. Nelson. Standing, T. Batko, K. Voightschild, S. Smith if 'Fw' E 5 ' FP Ye 1 vm ' , Q..- .4 HIT! I X 4 44 3 ' In G 4 gg I 7 U hA pb 4 J jg, l JV A f 3 31k"'ex I E .I .Al fi' I ' "Q, 'Jain 2 SFF 'Ir , ' . f I? f f Y ' 15, 'N b i X K ' k f A S5 4' 0 QQ , J -f ' u L,,L , m S X 4, . we-:L-u , fi S im K 4' f 0 RQ Wg f 'WMO '--UQQ A , W Q' sciiliaf ighsuudr, anion me mggli JOHN Bottom row, left to right: M. Nelson, J. Hansen, H. Waldcn, J. Jensen, J. Belsky, A. Hansen, K. Dorn, Mr. Pritchard. Second row: J. Macomber, Sp Mas nu, J. Rabuck, E. Ristow, C. White, T. Duckworth. Top row: M. Simpson, M. Christmann, H. Cure, K. Gobar, R. Stickney, C. Ulrich, R. Mortensen, R. Thompson. 0,35 ' 4- y-gr if Bottom row: Mr. Pritchard, H. York, E. Ristow, S. Mason, J. Robinson. Top row: A Thompson, C. White, J. Robinson, J. Macomber, M. Simpson, D. Dahlke, J. Belsky. Sponsored by: Clary's IGA Store, Hustler, Wis. POR S '5- MW imfm.. jw"'lS ttorn row, left to right: R. Archambeau, H. Hicks, M. Heath, J. Robinson, T. Bond, Clary, B. Bowen, J. Waterbury. Second row: Coach Kohn, L. Harrison, L. Moravek Wehman, P. Selkey, D. Dahlke, W. Olson, M. Lee. Top row: C. Larson, L. Stenholt, Bigalke, D. Rurup, J. Harebo, H. Jensen, L. Kriegl, J. Georgeson and J. Macomber. -- 1-mg-111--. . --7 -- 1 ,, I 7--7--Q. y-- mi-m- 1. ww 24 Front row, left to right: H. Hicks, C. Larson, M. Heath, J. Macomber, L. Moravek, L.. Harrison, B. Bowen, J. Georgeson. Back row, left to right: J Harebo, L. Stenholt, W. Olson, L. Kriegl, D. Dahlke, I. Wehman, G. Bigalke. Center: Mr. Elliott, Asst. Coachg Tom Bond, Co-captain, J. Robinson, Cof captaing Mr. Kohn, Coach. "" 'U W7 ,9f,,,4ff" ua oft... Sponsored by: B-ert's Standard Service, New Lisbon, Wis. 9 I I i Bottom row, left to right: C. Lee, W. Heath, D. Ormson, G. Voightschildy S Murphy Second row Asst Coach Mr, Elliott, G. Robison, J. Bond, J. Walden, J. Crawford, M. Simpson. Top row C White J Barnharst E Koca, E. Bell, A. Crary, M. Murphy. W 2. " 5 9 X: . 1-, st Q i 'l 1 ,L .-,- F f f A 'S mg Nj, . Z ,N H U 'N ,. 5 I Q , i. , .V ..ic',",fx.w V 'I I N H , f, . ,.-- A I UW5, ,fr K ww, I ll. X 3 V K lllfl s f"'3'I l ,V X X frHW,Q,.- K 3. vit, sw A f ' V 2 x'f-l, ww 1 - . ' :fb C ' '- .. 'Zz' . ,lf . - t S ' , iz Wad -'fm Bottom row, left to right: B. Duckworth, H. Hicks, T. Bond, T. Haschke, K. Clary, Mgr. R. Archambeau, J Robinson, G. Miller, D. Dahlke, B. Rhutasel, G. Bigalke, M. Davis, I. Wehman, Coach York. 50' QQJVPK 8- W Vwfg xefff Marv Da Ve J Fclkor B Duckworth, H. Hicks, G. Jensen, G. Robison, J. Crawford h t Mr. Elliott Bottom row: . , . ' k A. Thompson, L. Stenholt, B. Barn ars , G.B R.A raund. Top row. D. Has e, rchambeau, D. Koca, E. Bell, J. Reisenauer. , M U .if ,east af' Diana Haschke, Carlene Haske, Jeanette Robinson, Margaret is . McCathie, Sharon Smith. .X Q... K ig ,. ' fx 5 '59 A'Wi2..w'A .' "-f,'af. 'les . get 'ff' 55 M mf sv. vat.. - Diana Haschke, Carlene Haske, Jeanette Robinson, Margaret McCathie, Sharon Smith. 5 pw' -F.. 5 ,QF 4' as: I., JoAnn Zindorf, Jane Haske, Elaine Dvorak, Bonnie Davies. CQSZZ, "F Q' SQQX -. it 'S 55' rg 13' R 'K NJ 1, r gr.. A -V' egg . 9 X 1 it A wi' Kew- L- 'LOL H. Jensen, J. Dvorak, D. Dahlke, J. Robinson. Bottom row: C. Nelson, H. Jensen, J . Dvorak, D. Dahlke, J. Robinson. Top row: Mr. Haugh, H. Betthauser, K. Schafer, J. Macomber, D. Lamson, L. Rurup, G. Bigalke, T. Bond. fi Bottom Row: Mr. Patton, D. Lamson, R. Donovan, M. Lee, Bi. Rhutasel, W. Olson, J Waterbury, Mr. Justes-sn. Top row: D. Nelson, J. Georgeson, F, Tierney, H. Hicks QQ. D. Bowen, B. Carpenter, T. Kennedy, L. Harrison. day Sqbz 6145462026 N.. is 435 f' f 3. Bottom row: J. Waterbury, B. Bowen, G. Jensen, M. Heath, H. Hicks, J. Robinson. Second row: L. Harrison, J. Macomber, D. Dahlke, K. Clary, W. Olson, L. Moravek, T. Bond. Top row: J. Harebo, D. Rurup, L. Stenholt, L. Kriegl, J. Georgeson, C. Larson, G. Bigalke, I. Wehman. '21 SOCI L u O 0284, 01726, f2 King Jerry Queen Eileen Queen Mary King Tom , M W 'F Q51 Q -.fs ,"' Y. ' -' M D Z: e A ! sm f ,gi 9 9' .. ,, -fvfsgf' fm - ,, - v 1 H ' S' " k fii Q L Q 1 X. ,, 1, i V -at I ..,- , xaga Front row: K. Larson, R S. Halverson., M. Henkel fa 'Qi' . . .,1 .3 Q . .mg . , 1 1-, - s.. K , if K V f ' av mx f f . , gh. . f, -'H k s, I V .7 U. .. . 5' .1 . 2. Y ' i ' K -ME 67.f1f.1'. 1 IES f P . Hr "NP ", Q 1 , Lf' i ' gif ii. "'.sT7L'f?Eff? . " ,:--, - :5- :v ii 'E " 'Y ' Y ki' ff . 'A VAV' ' .E 5 W L X A g 2 ' gr 1 . 2 2 I A -fwfr". af'-z 7 , . .,Q'Hf.z2fw 3 H Q :.-an A W ,",- wr' ffm -xiii f A1 1 -W J ' 2 V, gif.,-fy ti' we - - we if fin' . L L K . eeee 5 a ye x V k fi ' K V K ,.-EQ ?" 4 ., . .a.,.s1 yy M1 , Degler, B. Agena. Back row: K. Flagg, J. Hansen, J. Haske, rr Cgfclafmaiy A N i 51,3 y lg: x -Y A Y' 5 King Gale Queen Janet D . Q, :We -'zw ! O 5 5. KJ Q 42? H ' Q? 5 . i D. Cleven, K. Gobar, J. Harebo, R. Stickney, A. Erdman, T. Bond, K. Schroeder, J. Macomber. Y . w Q' i K. x,,. ha in 2 J. X , 'mmf -X , - , "Af 5. ' , ,, W' Q 1-' K rig e Q - . iff Q I 1 f' ' . W-Jem f-21l3'kff1-- - I isj ., 23554K . fa ,iw 'Q , I - fi -25? L A - 2 ig .. -1 , 4 1 n Q . r 1 f egg: Q K W ' , GIF? 4 K K . ' 142 k "' f .H SSW- nge' . I Y g I L ,Y . f,y. X , Queen Romelle King Wayne I Past King, Bob Carpenter and Past Queen Marcella Halverson Queen Romelle and King Wayne Crown Bearers, Candy Stowell and Blake Olson. R. Morte K . 900 WX' YV Q3 3. 05' Da XJ- sew 9 66 .NXO -6 . C Wei Uxfxcb' J C2325 2002 Izsen, . D mg W Ols avis, J on, M. L . Pitel, C. Ulrich, Queen R. Sticlrnejg arson, D. Dahlke, T. Bond, M. Lee. O2 Front row: A. Nelson, L. Langer, S. Larson, B. Crawford, G. Fish, M. Owens, E. Tiber, Miss Cooper. Second row: K. Schroeder, S. McMahon, J. Haske, S. Robinson, H. Clawson, G. Lutz, K. Stickney, J. Zindorf, L. Nelson. Third row: E. Dvorak, R. Petrick, A. Hansen, H. York, E. Pusel, A. Hitzler, M. Clawson, K. Davis, L. Jensen. Top row: J. Pitel, J. Jensen, J. Petrick, B. Davies, P. Hansen, C. McKewin, J. Christensen, B. Durec, K. Flagg, J. Pitel. 'WW' N First row, left to right: H. Clawson, Treasurer, M. Owens, Vice-President, J. Pitel President, K. Flagg, Secretary. Back row, left to right: A. Hitzler, Reporter, J. Pitel Parliamentariang B. Durec, Historian. I Wa .- - gf' J' Bottom row: H. Betthauser, J. Davis, C. Zindorf, J. Southworth, Mr. Simpson, B Johnson, L, Hicks, L. Edgerton, L. Hansen. Second row: J. Dvorak, L. Allen, T Haschke, S. Benson, S. Pudlo, R. Ferdon, G. Jensen, J. Krotzman. Third row: P Selkey, J. Barnharst, R. Neitzel, D. Haske, J. Bell, M. Murphy, P. Hagen, W. Liepold Top row: C. Lewis, E. Koca, G. Gray, E. Bell, G. Bigalke, C. Larson, U. Jensen, A Martin, C. Chaffee. A gs 2. we wrniq ' ' . " " Htl. - - LT., 99 " 'ji A f-si ' 0' S .7251 W 5, as-iff 4' M' 3. ' - R h f' Q e .L . . ...... so i wife . . - A L 'M' "" ...Q rssa """'r Front row left to right: E. Jensen, Treasurer, H. Betthauser, Vice-president, C. Lar- son, Presidentg L. Allen, Secretary. Back row left to right: G. Bigalke, Parliamentar- iang P. Selkey, Reporter. iq? 'Si -A i Bottom row, left to right: A. Erdman, E. Ristow, S. Smith, D. Haske, J. Robinson, R. Mortensen, M. Owens Mr. Kohn. Second row: C. Litkea, L. Jensen, K. Schroeder, S. McMahon, M. Henkel, K. Gobar, M. Lee, R. Stickney. Third row: K. Dom, J. Hansen, S. Davies, L. Davis, M. Clawson, K. Voightschild, J. Granger, C. Haske, H. York. Fourth row: C. McKewin, J. Jensen, B. Durec, H. Walden, R. Thompson, K. Flagg, E. Dvorak, K. Sampson, M. Nelson. Top row: R. Archambeau, B. Rhutasel, H. Cure, T. Batko, J. Pitel, M. Christmann, C. Ulrich, M. McCathie, B. Davies. 1 W .1 lei '1'!"'l'Y'F'A My will RN T Q F Pep Club Officers: Pres., J. Robinson, Sec., M. Lee, Vice-Pres., R. Mortensen, Treas., C. Ulrich Bottom row, left to right: Mr. Richmond, C. Greeno, L. Edgerton, L. Hicks, A. Greeno, S. Hemenway, G. Fish L. Langer, Mrs. Gobar, Second row: L. Wagie, L. Nelson, J. Zindorf, G. Lutz, J. Haske, J. Felker, H. York E. Gieske, J. Sampson, M. Hicks, K. Gobar, M. Lee, R. Stickney, K. Davis, J. Bond, K. Dorn, M. Nelson, S Mason. Third row: E. Dvorak, K. Sampson, C. Bryant, B. Peck, M. Halverson, K. Larson, R. Petrick, M White Eagle, E. Haschke. Top row: H. Walden, B. Davies, L. Regelin, M. McCathie, M. Christmann, B. Bowen W. Leipold, W. Olson, J. Macomber, A. Thompson. Oz S . QQQJ QQ? 555 Top row: H. Faulkner, C. Bryant, K. Voightschild, L. Regelin, B. Brasch. Second row: S. Smith, A. Crary, Mrs. Gobar, S. Hemenway, B. Peck, R. Petrick. Sponsored by: Wis. Power and Light Company, Tomah, Wis., Frank's Barber Shop, New Lisbon, Wis., Bassi- inette, Tomah, Wis., Towne Shop, Tomah, Wis. . , I September October November December January February March April May CYQZEIZCJQ 'Z Back to anot'her year after I1 good vacation. Anyone have a comb? Pictures today. Teachers meeting. Goody! Goody! Lost close football game to Mauston. Darn! Class meetings. Who got what? Football game at DeSoto. Lost again. Big day for the Juniors. Picked out their class rings. Congratulation boys!! Won football game at Cashton. "Ossie" came to talk to us on safety. Water pipes broke. Wasn't that a nice break? Got the pipes fixed and had to come back. Lost game to Elroy on our field. Started brush hauling for the bonfire. What a riot! Wonewoc defeated us on Parents' Day. Oh! Oh! State inspectors today. Be on your toes! Bonfire and Snake Dance. Sure had fun. Homecoming! Queens Mary and Eileen and Kings Jerry and Tom. Also finished up taking Senior pictures. Crime isn't it. Aren't they cute!! Seniors' proofs came back. Sing sweet. Vocal music concert. Teachers convention today and tomorrow. Aren't we glad? Open House. Freshmen got it today. Initiation. Basketball game with Bangor here. Nice goin? boys. F.H.A. meeting in Hillsboro. Mauston defeated us on their floor. Oh boy! Girls get their chance at the boys today. Another vacation! Thanksgiving. Retakes for Seniors. Better be satisfied this time. Lost basketball game to Necedah on our floor. Juniors are all in a dither. Class rings came. Defeated Westby on their fioor. Good going. Senior pictures came. Oh horrors! Lost to Sparta. How discouraging. Christmas Concert. Elroy beat us on their floor. Christmas Dance. Queen Janet and King Gale reigned. Christmas vacation started. Had a swell time. Had to come back and start work again. Teenage dance here. A real mixer. Basketball Homecoming. Queen Ruthie and King Marv lead the march Be My Valentine. One day vacation too. Forensics meet here. Keep working winners. Music elimination contest. Pretty low spirits. Don't blame 'eml League Forensic at Elroy. Congratulations, Wayne. Armed Services Day. Serve your county. Reedsburg Music Contest. Good work, Helen, John, Margo and Harriet. Baseball game at Wonewoc. Class Play. Big relief for the director. Seniors' class trip. A day not to be forgotten. Any seniors tired or--?? Band and Music Festival at Reedsburg. Junior Prom. Dance me loose. State Music Festival. Quite an honor. Baccalaureate at night. Annual Night. Thank goodness it came. GRADUATION?? Now what we going to do? I 2 ri ' .Y N. ' .M'1'gg,y' x H , MESA 3, L1 , L--A ' ,guy 53:19, X X ' 'L 3 an X If 5 3' -af I . ,, Wh .,,g 4 I n mia? ., cd up m 2 - wx- cmuu' Y A L ,'.. .N - P 'FY' 1 I I J 'Lg rm! Q 473' FG. ,5 wh A FNAHT' 2. 4 -Q . V N 4 N A - ,f what Lvl-N' r 'V f A 1 ,AX .- QW . .7 . 1: .af 7 t m' vw ,, Q C 909 ' vs. I , As Q ? Q.. 'Ein-0s1,,,. we Ok' X .x wi X Q - X, , I ,.,1'- VVish0n 7 g I 115 v x ,, ,iiwxy 'N 0 I 13111 F un 1 M51 N155 .L-ding um' fzlc-vw .w " ' Nwxv N. sp . 2- SWQC1 auw:n'l lb' w y hw wp ww, Short S ' .-W .., hurts " ...ii ri whuff H X Uwa--.' !ll21SSv:, ws f ,f v W 1 Suun- 'Ww ' ,... N g l hu I QQ. ii Q x.5 4'A.. -if rt , x 5lHll'l putty fn! I 1 -'is Y! Z5 wf? woes! F , 1 rl' aw- Af -M .il 4? -we Sxuvl allwuarxw V --o Q--v' :mul D 4 as wmv' 45 Q Q 0 On reading the lines on the palms of the Senior Class hands, we see members of our class in a great many professions. The lines show that in ten years these people will be in the following places: Marvin Lee lives in Elroy and runs a swank drive called "The Slop Shot." John Macomber is a lawyer with a staggering fee. Sandra McMahon is busy at her beauty shop cutting people's hair. Ruth Mortensen has finally settled down to a home' life. Wayne Olson has just hit broadway and is starring in "Lov ely You." Mary Owens has control of her own gambling casino. Barbara Peck is head of the speech department at the University. Ruth Petrick is dancing in a night club in Milwaukee. Judy Pitel is broadcaster of farm news on channel 3. Edna Pusel owns the famous "Whistle Stop" and does her own cooking. Louise Regelin has just been chosen the 1968 Alice-In- Da iryland. Eileen Ristow is happily married and is studying nursing. Jeannette Robinson and Verlyn were finally married and own a chain of night clubs. Jerry Robinson is teaching girls Phy. Ed. in La Crosse. Karen Schroeder is giving swimming lessons in Florida. Romelle Stickney is now singing up in the north woods. Carole Ulrich is chief welder for General Motors. Helen Walden is grinding feed with Jim. Myles Larson is still trying to build a rocket to fly to the moon. Lyle Allen is a hunter in Africa suffering from the heat. John Belsky directs dancing at Arthur Murray's studios. Harold Betthauser is an auctioneer in the Belgium Congo. Gale Bigalke is married to Ruth Ann Thompson and the Owner .of Ron's Grocery Store. Marilyn Christmann, with her cornet, has surpassed Harry James. Mildred Clawson, a beautician, now waves and curls your hair. Duane Cleven is still red capping at the New Lisbon depot. Thomas Bond is a jet mechanic at an Alaskan Air Force base. Harriet Cure is happily married and is teaching Phy. Ed. in California. Lorraine Davis, disillusioned in her love, has joined the Waves. David Dahlke owns and operates the Milwaukee Journal. Marvin Davis is playing basketball with the Boston Celtics. John DeLap is game warden of Juneau County. Arliss Erdman and Bob are married and are busy raising kids. Barbara Durec teaches Home Ec. in Necedah. Hazel Faulkner is now assistant librarian to Ethel Dowden. Katie Gobar owns a pop corn standg she sells it by the kernel. Karen Flagg joined the Waves to find Pete. Janet Granger has received her cap and is a full-fledged nurse. Arliss Hansen is a tymphany player for the well-known Mr. Domres. Jim Harebo is Sheriff of Juneau County. Anna Hitzler operates a dieting school for girls. Marcella Henkel is a registered nurse in Chicago. Lorraine Jensen is now producing the Arthur Godfrey Talent Show. Clayton Jacobson is a ranch owner in Texas. Eugene Jensen is president of the Better Builders Construction Company. Joyce Jensen has a column on love problems. Larry Kriegl is the new manager of the DuPont Chemical Research Labs. George Wood has taken over as President of the Modern Farmer's Association. Douglas Rurup is now owner of Cozy's and is making good money. 672.11 Mac 1 1 Q .3 11 fi

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