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-A .- if -.4 . W: ,. , , -'ff - V v xx-I X. 1 w Lis" u 1. .. J y 1, 1 4 fn 4. "'. n 1. -' ,r 1 ., -- K v , 4 N, 14' lO 2 DU SH 1954 JOO XXXXX ll l XJDOCX XJODGC JDGOCX JDGDCX XJDODC xxxxx 9 -.....- .7 o 3 :cocoa ',r' XJOGQC ff' Jooocx 8" 4 xxxaoc xxzocx xxxxx 7 5 5 xzoocx aooooc Dwwm mm THE TIME OF OUR LIVES Jooooooooococx NEW LISBUN HIGH SIIHUUI. ese are Reminders - of our Senior g at 881' N. A uf our Schnu 'wa-L our Friends ,00 0000 000 0000 00000 00 00 000000 11 12 1 10 2 I 0000 0 0 ENGLISH 009 6 0000000000000 000 nf our oomci-BPUQG B H 0 s M E E Classes INDUST R-U-L AR TS Qffgsjay OOO OOO 00000000.00 53 -SG oun- OOO OOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOC 9 X 3 as X 4 7 o 5 -- of our TU IIUMPLETE THE TIME Idle Moments . - . UP DUB LIVES DEDICATIUN To Mr. Robert Tremain, whom the class has always admired, whose high ideals and character have been an inspiration to us all, and to whom the class wishes to show its apprecia- tion for his many services to our school, this Wa Du Shuda is dedicated. ADMINISTRATION Mr. Harry Newman, formerly of the Oxford-Endeavor High School, took over the duties of supervising principal of the New Lisbon Schools on January 18, 1954. Mr. Newman is a graduate of North Dakota State College, and has his master's degree from the Uni- versity of Wisconsin. Miss Sally Laboda serves as office secretary and school nurse. B01-mn UF EUUCATIUN The aim of the Board of Education is to promote the general welfare of the school system that we, the future citizens of New Lisbon, may progress with the ever changing world. The Board has, throughout our four years in New Lisbon High School, graciously administered the policies of our institution. Its experience , judgment, and thoughtful consideration have backed our every worthy endeavor. I-ir. Byron IfIcKewin has served the school since 1949 as director of the board 5 Mr. Arthur Wahl became treasurer in 19515 I-Ir. Edwin Wangen, clerk in 1947. So may we, the class of 1954, take this place to show our earnest gratitude and sincere appreciation to our kind and con- scientious administrative body. FACULTY The Class of 1954 proffers its sincere apprecia- to the faculty for imparting to us their know- ledge, that we might have a more comprehensive view of life 5 for guiding us in our work and play, and for molding us into better citizens. JOHN MYERS Stout Institute Industrial Arts HELEN HOLMES Carroll College English, Latin, Librarian FLORENCE CHBISTMANN Whitewater S. C. Comercial ROBERT MCGUIRE Platteville S. C. Agriculture, Civics - ROBERT SEERING Lawrence College Band, Glee Clubs J OYCE APPELGREN Stout Institute Home Economics RUDY HAUGH W. ELLIS PALTON Lafayette College History, Football, Baseball Coach HAZEL WALCUP LaCrosse S. C. English, Librarian I , 5 ,5 s Y is f 1 assess 7'iVzff?W W fssesai f f ffi'a If-Eli TH . , River Falls S. C. Mathematics Track Coach RIC HARD SCh1 LLUI' LaCrosse S. C. Science, Phy. Ed., Assistant Coach ARBIN E. YORK Whitewater, S. C. Social Studies Commercial Basketba-l Coach ROGER MCCALLUM Stevens Point S. C. Science, Geography, Guidance Director mg, 'J 'if' 4,4 - 'U' if akf Q Q.. Clubs--Anna, Calendar-Audrey, Business Mgrs.--Jim and Jerry Alumni--Dolores, Senior Class--Joyce Adviser--Mrs. Walcup Editor--Mary Ass't Editor--Juanita Sports--Warren, Social-Pat, Photography-Nancy, Typing--Lucille, Music--Marlene Art-Bette ANNUAL STAFF The l95A wa Du Shuda staff has endeavored to present a written and pictorial review of the time of our lives. We have hoped to delineate those ideals. which have influenced us, little glimpses of school life at work and at play, the cherished traditions we have upheld, and the spirit and joy of the friendships that have made us one. It is our gift to you, our class and our Alma Mater. President, Jerald Nelson, vice-president, Bruce York, secretary, Joyce McCathie, treasurer, Mary Mortensen, advisers, Mr. McCallum and Mr..Newman. CLASS Twelve years ago, the present class of '54, with clean, bright, and expec- tant faces, walked through the doors of various school buildings for the first time, to venture into the mysteries of the three R's. bbst of them, eight years later, again entered into a new hall of learning. This time it was N. L. High--and to most of us it meant something exciting. Although we admit we were rather frightened, soon this feeling passed and we entered into the various activities with zeal. We elected Jack Davies to head our class, vice-president, Bruce York, secretarg Jim Hubbard, and treasurer, Darlene Ness. ln our sophomore year, we climbed another step on the ladder of knowledge and education. To start the year off right we elected our class officers and representatives for the student coun- UF '54' cil. Our class officers were: presi- dent, Ronald Lauden, vice-president, Carl Christmann, secretary, Mary Mort- ensen, and treasurer, Wilfred Meyer. George Green and Audrey Anderson were our first representatives on the stu- dent council. Upper classmen at last! To show our seniority we flaunted our new class rings. The junior prom was the high- light of the year. Our junior year was very successful under the leadership of George Green. The other officers were vice-president, Bob Dahlke, secretary, Juanita Hartin, treasurer, Anna Milfs. The time has come when we can really be called the Class of '54. We have produced leaders in sports, cheerlead- ing, forensics, band, glee clubs, and other extra curricular activities. We have endeavored earnestly, energetical- ly, and enthusiastically to make New Lisbon proud of us. Barbara Ameigh HA regular star, out every night.H Glee Club 25 F.H.A. 45 Librarian 45 Pep Club 3. Audrey Anderson nShe enters things with zeal and zest, mm rmmsin www- ledge widlthe best.n Glee Club l,2,3,45 Student Council 25 Prom Com. 35 Fixed Chorus 3,43 Latin Club 3,45 Newspaper Staff 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Forensics 4. Clifford Bennett Uworry and I never met. H Track l,45 Forensics 3,45 Baseball 2,35 Drama Club 3,45 F.F. A. 45 Intramural Sports 2,3,4. Albert Bigalke Uhany his friends, none his foe.n Baseball l,25 Bas- ketball l,2,3,45 F. F.A. 45 Football 1, 2,3945 Lettermenis Club 3,4. CLASS John Bond nl'm partial to blondes.n Baseball l5 Basket- ball l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Prom Com. 35 Football l,2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Senior Ball Court of Honor 4. Phyllis Bowen Ulf ever a girl was full of fun, I'm sure you'll find it in this one.n Glee Club l5 Prom Com. 35 Librarian 1, 2,3,45 Forensics 3, 45 Pep Club l,2,35 Drama Club 3,45 F.H. Ao 40 Carole Bradley UShe's an upright, downright, all right girl. H Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Pep Club l,2,3,4. We I5 41 Warren Brewer HA studious sort of lad is he5 No doubt he knows what his future will be.H Orchestra l,2,3,45 Intramural Sports 35 Annual Staff 45 Pep Band l,2,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Latin Club 35 Mass Band 4. Colette Carlsen HIn school a quiet lass she seems tobe, But who knows if it is true when she is free?N Homecoming Court of Honor 35 Glee Club 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 35 Prom Com. 35 Pep Club l,2,3,45 F.F.A. 4. Leroy Christensen UMy schooling has really done no harm, But I still feel safer on the farm.H Basketball l,2,35 F. F.A. 45 Intramural Sports 253,45 Track 3,4- begin Carl Christmann HNow, I don't see it that way, Mr. Ein- stein.H Band l,2,3,45 Class Vice-President 25 Orchestra 3,45 Boys' Glee Club 35 Basket- ball l,2,3,43 Mana- ger I5 Annual Staff 45 Badger Boys' State 35 Bhxed Chor- us 35 Bess Band 35 Forensics 2,3545 Newspaper Staff 25 Prom Com. 3. Carroll Clark UHis bashful and good natured smile is well remembered. Baseball 2,3545 F.F. Ao FQFQAQ Secre' tary 45 Intramural Sports 2,3,4. Glen Clary UHe is always feel- in at his best, Q when he can be the constant pest.H Boys' Glee Club 153, 45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Intramural Sports l, 2r3:4' Nancy Dahlke NShe's an energetic lassg Adds much to the spice and flavor of our class.u Band l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Pep Band 3, 45 Pep Club Treasur- er 25 Prom Com. 35 State Music Festival 35 Annual Staff 45 Student Council 45 Senior Ball Court of Honor 45 Mass Band 45 Glee Club l,2,3,l,. Ill it 5 'Sr B253 H t??9ia5iGYQt?52 V ' 4 gl mwmff Q H 1. 5 'L ygefwewgafs:'5 .4. , 4 . ,w"""i' 4 ' 'df ,K xi , VS gggigyy, 4-i , rppug aanf 5f,.rir ' f gi fr A Q f 5 . "'F'Q-ff 911.1 " 4 V' . -4,....:nJT2Q'n,J imgf, ,I wWme.wv Q ....,.5..,,,,..,, .Nw 4 , .5 l . , . 1 fn- fl - 'Q-3?if,m-NSI 1 - .. 'Mf.n,,vgu.ei, - ,I pn -,lg 'ugg,,:,a,,.q,',u ,isnt a,,A,w,,.a,p .- ,, 9 ' 1 '21 if .."f'4'7"'?, 1- ' S, , , 5:5 0.5 vga?-3533. :.,,.em,, '1'8"SgQ'w ' 39' . -. tif 222 55 ii , 1 'Je N if u . x "sf" We in 'lf gb A x is g"Z WW:fi.?52ii-SV 5 'Eff ffifkz F iwimadaaawwdmg k xwwkwaaamwamwawuaaa 5 . J 2 at - -1,ggzssgvsiwdrivwliif' H la, f fl lf:--msvkl-X-' z.. E I tt all' ' - a-- 5- 1 YI: ,M xfk. 5 V H mi' : za: -r -un' lf 55-51Jg,z:jKk ,mf Qa'4l,.liw, lf "I ' s 5 5 4 .55 uw Y s 'Q . , . p 1 Y wr - W .Maw ,fat . . 2 .1fEH"::32:-'4 raaaag haaadika , ':, " !35f ,z,45' Q gggjfkfgg. g fsfgfzska 5. 1 gfstff-:am .s f Lai? A QHWJW .47 4453 .iw a .. W!f1a f 4 . y.f,5'tw,52w Q, my 1:3551 Y 2- ez 3' ,11A,, ,--A,. 3i,, f,t 4 gf K. ' if - - swiwixf 3 24f?'i'.fi7 7 l ' Wana, f F553 ' 'f'f4i""f:ff . ' F - ,wakes at r ,ii A wfiznkf ' K , ff r yup!!! Robert Dahlke Wklthough he's no surgeon, he does a lot of cutting up.U Football l,25 Base- ball 1,25 Basketball l,2,3,45 Class Vice President 35 Newspa- per Staff 35 Prom Com. 35 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Boys' Glee Club 3,45 Track 45 Prom Court of Honor 3. John Davies HI believe in part- nerships.H Football l,2,3,45 Class President 15 Baseball l,2,3,45 F. F.A. 45 F.F.A. Pres- ident 45 Basketball 1,2,35 Pep Band 3,45 Boys' Glee Club 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Forensics 2,3,45 ln- tramural Sports 2,3, 45 Band 2,3,45 Mass Chorus 43 Track 2,3, 4. Richard Davis UI just couldn't get here on time.n Football 1,25 Intra- mural Sports 3,45 Track l,2. Patricia Dorn uln this modern day and age, dark-haired girls are the rage.U Cheerleader 15 Band 2,3,45 Glee Club l, 2,3,45 Pep Club l,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Prom Com. 35 Sen- ior Ball Court of Honor 45 Mass Band 45 Annual Staff 4. CLASS Elizabeth Fink HSome day my Prince will come5 I wish he'd hurry up, the bumln Glee Club l,2,3,45 Pep Club 2,35 F.H.A. 45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Librarian 3,45 Prom Com. 3. Betty Fuller nQuiet and rather shy, but she'll get there by and by.n Charles Georgeson UYou can't keep a good man down, not even in height.n Baseball l,2,3,45 F. F.A. 45 Basketball 1,25 Track 1,45 Prom Com. 35 Hot Lunch l, 2,35 Football 3,4. No time, like tomorrow UF '54' i mg? Jon Gollmar NI'll try anything once, and twice if I can get by with it.H Boys' Glee Club ls Baseball 1,25 Intra- mural Sports 43 Let- termen's Club 43 Track 3,43 Football l,2,3,4. Marlene Gordon uLead me not into temptation, but show me where it is.n Band 1,23 Glee Club 132,43 Mixed Chorus 43 Intramural Sports 23 Forensics 23 F.H. A. 4. R a George Green fart tit 412 , if . 1 , - an-., ,Q X ,A .g.- , v - ,J-ff . f -f V 5--::ae:.--3, A ,t 'ii 5 , gy I 3 , 1 sa- UGets his beauty sleep in classg yet he never fails to pass.U Band 1,2,33 Basket- ball l,2,3,43 Base- ball l,2,3,43 Foot- ball l,2,3,43 Let- termen's Club l,2,3, 43 Prom Com. 33 Class President 33 Homecoming King 4. Daniel Henkel nLife is easy and smooth and slow3 take what comes and let the rest go.H Baseball 23 Football 2,3,43 Track l,3,4j I..Stt6I'IIlH1'S Club 3,4. James Hubbard nSystematic in his work, he has a regu- lar study period once a semester.n Football l,2,3,43 Intramural Sports 1, 2,33 Baseball l,2,3, 43 Lettermen's Club l,2,3,43 Track 2,3, 43 Annual Staff 45 Forensics 33 Class Secretary li Prom Court of Honor 3. Theodore Hysell HTime, Tide, and Ted wait for no woman.U Boys' Glee Club 33 Mixed Chorus 33 Let- termen's Club l,2,3, 43 Baseball l,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Homecoming King 43 Football l,2,3,4. Lucille Jepperson nSpeed is her watch- word on that type- writer.H Glee Club l,2,3,45 Fixed Chorus 3,43 Prom Com. 33 Annual Staff 43 Newspaper Staff 43 Pep Club 2, 3,43 Mass Chorus 4. to hit th ' 1-ff -E 151 ,I A ' - 3 Cit i' i-M "ni ' if' , 'nu ' " gi, .. A , L . ffl., W. 4.3. LM e books A Q X f Raymond Katuin HA gentleman, stuf dent, and athle- lete too, He's the tackler of the foot- ball crew.U Football 3,45 Let- termen's Club 3,45 Track 3,45 Intramur- al Sports 2,3,4. Gail Kuska UA contagious laugh and a sunny smile.n Pep Club l,2,3,45 Homecoming Court of Honor 25 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Drama Club 3,45 Forensics 3,45 Fixed Chorus 3,45 Newspaper Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Prom Com. 35 Intramural Sports 3,4. Ronald Lauden UBetter put me in, eh, ooach?n Football l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Base- ball l5 Lettermen's Club 3,43 Prom Com. 35 Class President 25 Newspaper Staff 35 Senior Ball King 45 State Track Meet 3. Virginia Lewandowski UI don't care how you spell my name, Because it won't al- ways be the same.n Glee Club 1,25 Prom Com. 35 Forensics 45 Drama Club 3,45 F.H. Ao 40 Inst Paner CLA Richard Lutz nHe's saving his amp bition for future use.u Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Football l,25 Track l,2. Fred Macomber Ul've dug and dug and at last I'm through.u Football 35 Football Manager 45 F.F.A. 43 Intramural Sports 2, 3,4- Juanita Martin UA happy, helpful, winsome lass, A worthwhile addition to any class.H Band l,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Sec. 35 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Vice-Pres. 45 Foren- sics 2,3,43 Badger Girls' State 35 Prom Court of Honor 35 Class Sec. 35 Annual AsS't Ed. 45 Orch. 45 Prom Com. 35 Mass Chorus 45 Senior Ball Court of Honor 45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 State Music Festival 35 Pep Band 3,4. marked SS I5 41 Joyce McCathie nYes, this life is getting serious.n Pep Club 2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 News- paper Staff 45 Latin Club 3,45 Mass Chor- us 45 DAR 45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Class Secretary 45 Prom Com. 3. Janet McKegney WA girl of silence is one of sense.n Band l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Mass Band 4. L Thema McNutt nI'd rather study men than books U Pep Club l,2,3, F H A 4, Glee Club l, 33 Librarian 3,4 Wilfred Meyer WNearly killed by the train of ideas running through his head.n Band l,2,3,45 Intra- mural Sports 2,3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Forensics 3,45 Class Treasurer 25 Baseball l,25 Football l,2,3,45 Prom Com. 3. Anna Cook Milfs nThe ambition to succeed and the will to realize it.H Transfer student 35 Class Treasurer 35 Annual Staff 4. Mary Mortensen UA cheerleader full of fun5 She's loved and admired by everyone.n Band l,2,3,45 Orch. l,2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chor- us 3,45 Pep Club l, 2,3,45 Officer 3,45 Cheerleader l,2,3,45 Pep Band l5 Newspa- per Staff 2,35 Class Officer 2,35 Prom Com. 35 Prom, Home- coming, and Senior Ball Court of Honor 2,45 Annual Ed. 45 State Music Festival 35 Mass Band 4 Erwin Neitzel UA likeable chap we all agree, A ready smile for all has he H F A 4, Prom King 3 ? ui J -y.-+1-1fwg,p,f. W , 5, ,Z we .,i:iZfgig.LZig,Z5ff, A 115' fs,-,Q 1 v .Lg an-5 -:sf II! '1 D . I r-rn CID ' "l A I cn - , C13 lo. D rw- i I hd is ' 0 0 Q . . 0 gi- 0 CII g EL III +4 - r-o- la III JU .583 . as 500 . FJ "' Qfffffwaiiigfaajifffie Q eii4'4' 15 ,lfi yreh fa, if ' I TQQWK S :gf .ft 41' , P' 'Q ap, 3 A ,WK AE pst 5 ' 45: f . J. . 2 ei? Y? .5 ,i M55 fa' it WF li? , ,ci L.,, CFE, , rtrt ff if 5 ,wif if mi we J T my SV' S, VX? ,.. 'L is? . , . fea:.,A51f'Nm s. ,- a:,,5Q.,.a5wig5 , '..-f S Lk! I sais if it 19 if-I5 Q 2 ffm E George Neitzel nOne of those quiet thoughtful fellows.U Baseball 1,25 Foot- ball l,2,3,45 Track 35 Intramural Sports 2,3,45 Lettermen's Club 3,4. Jerald Nelson WThe only way to get ahead is to use the one you have.U Forensics 2,3,45 An- nual Staff 45 Senior Ball Court of Honor 45 GassPresident 45 Basketball l5 Base- ball lg Boys' Glee Club l,2,45 Student Council 35 Prom Com. 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Drama Club 2,35 Prom Court of Honor 3. Darlene Ness nwhen she blushes, I wonderif she burns.u Pep Club l,2,3,45 F. H.A. 45 Cheerleader l,25 Class Treasurer 15 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Homecoming Court of Honor 35 Drama Club 2,3. Jack Oakes nllm hungry!!! Basketball l,2,3,45 Prom Com. 35 Senior Ball Court of Honor 45 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Baseball 3,45 Football l,2,3,4. Helen Olson UQuiet and friendly, she loves to smile.U Pep Club 2,45 Prom Queen 3. uild CLASS Mildred Petrick HI was a girl scout until I was old enough to be a boy scout.N Pep Club 2,3,45 F.H. A. 4. Bette Ann Rabuck NA loyal friend and a good scout, always ready to help you out.W Band l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Pep Band 45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Prom Com. 35 Annual Staff 45 Latin Club 3,45 Newspaper Staff 45 Mass Band 4. Dolores Regelin UHappy is she who is employed in the pur- suit of knowledge.H Glee Club 1,25 Prom Com. 35 Forensics 3, 45 Drama Club 3,4s Pep Club 2,3543 F-H- Ao FQHQAQ Presi- dent 45 Annual Staff 4. the la er UF '54' Beverly Schlicht UShe is little, she is wise. She is a terrorfo her size.n Glee Club l,2,3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 F. H.A. 45 Mixed Chorus 3,4- Ross Schroeder nThe world belongs to the energetic, but who wants the world anyway?H Boys' Glee Club 1,25 Track 1,25 Intramu- ral Sports 2,35 F.F. A. 4. I . Eloise Steele HCheerful and gay5 ready for work and ready for play.n Glee Club l,2,3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Drama Club 3,45 Prom Com. 35 Forensics 3, 45 Newspaper Staff 45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Annual Staff 4. which Jean Stickney UShe's spoken for but not taken.U Librarian 1,25 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Glee Club l,3,45 Prom Court of Honor 35 Rron.Com. 3. Marlene Strand HAlways laughing, never sad, plenty of good and not much bad 0 H Band 2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Pep Club l,2,3,45 Secretary 45 Senior Ball Queen 45 Student Council 35 Pep Band 45 Mass Chorus 4. Elaine Wiora UBecauSe I'm small is no reason to fret for I'll shove thru the world and get there yet.n Pep Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 35 Librarian 3. Bruce York nHe'd rather hug a basketball than any- thing else. Well, just about anything else.U Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball l,2,3,45 Class Vice-President 1,45 Football l,2,3, 45 Prom Com. 35 Band 1,25 Lettermen's Club l,2,3,45 Tennis Champion 2,3. WCB C lIl1 AHUNUR STUDENTS VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN Fourteen students in the 1954 graduating class have averaged above 90 in their four years of academic work. They are: Audrey Anderson Carole Bradley Carl Christmann Nancy Dahlke Lucille Jepperson Gail Kuska Juanita Martin SCIENCE Joyce McCathie Wilfred Meyer Jerald Nelson Bette Rabuck Dolores Regelin Ida Eloise Steele Bruce York was ALL-AROUND STUDENT CITIZENSHIP ATHLETICS HALL FAME SEN 35519-JAABR AMBER D A R ANNUAL EDITOR rA 'wgjf A ?HmA uf VM i K wma, C Rpm ANS ALL BADG. CLASS Although the class of '55, with a membership of 49, is the smallest in school, it is outstanding in every activity. It has produced leaders in sports, cheerleading, forensics, glee club and band. The class officers were, presi- dent, Ronald Dargag vice-president, UF '55' Lucille Hysellg secretary, Audrey Haskeg treasurer, Pat Barnharst. The class advisers were Mr. Jack Myers and Phu Robert McGuire. William Waterbury and Carol Nelson were king and queen of the prom on April 30. , wr 'uv' ROW l: ROW 2 ROW 3 ROW Z, 2 EDW 1: PDW 2 ROW 3 ROW 4: Barnharst, S. Barnharst, F. Wehman, J. Haske, D. Martin Martin, C. Nelson, J. Mortensen, A. Haske, L. Hysell, B. Kopecky Halverson, A. Haske, K. Moran, D. Lutz, E. Barlow, M. Gordon Stickney, E. Agena, R. Parmenter, J. Hitzler, R. Darga, D. Jensen, Walden mi M Haschke, L. Olson, B. Nelson, A. Johnson, W. Waterbury Peckham, C. Christensen, L. Mortensen, A. Maass, J. Ristow, Johnson Hemenway, D. Wiora, D. Hancock, A. Hansen, J. Tulcus, A. Walden Pohle, L. Pusel, K. Deisinger, R. Crane, J. Klevisha, P. Stankus CLASS The sophomores, having their trad- itional green rubbed off, show pro- mise in athletics with Edward Koson, Dave Fellows, Bruce Schubert, Gary Heiberg, Fred Bosacki and Ronald Braund outstanding. Beth Lane and Carol Kish have achieved prominence UF '56' in forensics. The class officers were: Ronald Braund, president, Everett Peterson, vice-president, Mike Anderson, secre- taryg Leah Baker, treasurer. Phu Richard Schmidt and Phu Robert Seer- ing were the class advisers. ROW l: ROW 2: ROW 3: ROW 4: M. Lutz, G. Heiberg, F. Bosacki, E. Peterson, E. Koson, B. Batko M. Benson, L. Tulcus, D. Carlsen, L. Schroeder, D. Miller, J. Schlicht, P. Stankus B. Lane, V. Dorn, M. Fuller, L. Southworth, C. Jarzynski, C. Kish, M. Davenport X R. Hoeft, B. Rabuck, M. Macomber, R. Bond,yu11,f.B1Fuy54g, B. xsiaschke, D. Gnw,B.Lmm N baba, MJ 0 , 'y Jvlfg 'JY 5 ROW l: WDW 2: ROW 3: RGW 4: iz? .ffih fp D. Fellows, B. Schubert, R. Raymond, R. Braund, L. Southern, H. Warner L. Baker, B. Fish, D. Haske, D. Clary, M. Hansen, B. Langer, D. Larson N. Strand, J. Duckworth, L. Sissulak, R. Martin, R. Petrick, J. Olson, S. Peckham V. Mitchell, L. Walker, L. Foster, J. Barrett, M. Anderson, R. Schultz, J. Kelly, J. Haase CLASS The 62 freshmen, after their riotous initiation, have settled down to the routine of school life with great enthusiasm. We could see the boys were ath- letic-minded because the majority of them participated in sports. Both boys and girls were active in for- ensics. wings '57' The class officers were: presi- dent, Jon Rondestvedtg vice-presi- dent, Edward Hysellg secretary, Car- min Logingg treasurer, Kathleen Davies. The class advisers were Miss Joyce Appelgren and Mrs. Helen Holmes. X 4, ROW l: ROW 2: ROW 3: ROW A: L. Olson, H. Hoeft, V. Martin, R. Neitzel, E. Hysell, T. Dickman B. Carpenter, D. York, I. Zinke, E. Tessmer, B. Richter, D. Nelson, A. Jensen, J. Wheeler B B. Martin, J. Heath, L. Degler, E. Olson, S. Barlow, N. Haske, B. Brown, D. Stickney D. Davies, M. Nelson, G. Halverson, W. Davis, F. Tierney, M. Wonderly, E. Georgeson l ROW l: fROW 2: ROW 3: ROW A: A H. Menneke, R. Fish, L. Fijalkowski, J. Martin, S. Wiseman, J. Rondestvedt B. Crawford, W. Bell, T. Kennedy, A. Nelson, M. Peckham, K. Davies, G. Sikorra A. Delap, C. Hicks, M. Kraiss, A. Gurrath, E. Braund, M. Halverson, C. Loging, B. Fellows N. Pohle, C. Nelson, B. Bunker, R. Henkel, V. Schmig, R. Bowen, R. Donovan, D. Martin CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 3--Freshman registration. hun McNeeley unlocked the door at 6:00 A.M. for Terry Kennedy and Jin Heath, who came early to get the best seats. 7--The faculty met. It discussed ways to spend 2 perfect Labor Day. 8--Upperclass registration day. The feet lagged today. 9--The classes received books and a little added attraction, the first assignment. lO-After a week of hard work, our first vacation. A Juneau County Teacher's meeting was held at Mauston. lA-Hot lunch program began today. Good food is here again. l5-The Pep Club was organized and officers were elected. lo-Cheerleaders were selected by the faculty. 17-A lyceum program, the Rollateers, was held in the gymnasium. Everyone dug out the old skates when he got home that afternoon. 18-Rockets off to a flying start! Defeated Hills- boro, 41-O. 21-The first class meetings were held. fOr would riot be a more'descriptive word?J Officers and student council members were elected. 22-Faculty picnic was held at Castle Rock Park. Poor day for a picnic, eh, teachers? Clt rained cats and dogsll 23-The junior class selected the pattern of its class rings. 24-First P.T.A. meeting of the year was held. 25-Rockets whip DeSoto. Zo-Mr. Patton and football players attended the Penn State-Wisconsin game at Madison. 30-Freshmen and new teachers were initiated. The proverbial lambs were led to the slaughter. OCTOBER 2--Yea, a victory over Cashton. 3--Mr. York, football players, and cheerleaders attended the Wisconsinflhrquette game. The girls were a pretty sight running around barefoot in the rain with football raincoats on. --School was dismissed at 2:00. Oh, happy day! 4 5 1953 - - 54 -Class meetings were held in which the Homecoming court of honor was chosen. The annual staff ed- itor and zfsistant and the business manager and assistant were also chosen. -Annual staff was appointed. Some thought it was going to be a cinch. Dreamers! -parents' Day. Rockets defeated Elroy. -Columbus Day, but we had school. Columbus de- serves a better break than that! --Seniors looked their best today. Why? Morrison Studios were here to take senior pictures. 15--The pep rally and bonfire were held tonight be- fore the homecoming game. A real hot night! o--Big day and night! A big parade and football game with Wonewoc in the afternoon. That night, the Homecoming Dance, music by Russ Nelson. --Westby crumbles under New Lisbon's mighty line. -The Future Homemakers of America was organized for the first time at New Lisbon. Officers were elected. Something is going to be cooking around here pretty soon. -Class meetings ere held. Big treat at 4:00-- free sticks of gum for everyone. NOVEMBER --50 years of football with Mauston. New Lisbon broke the tie in the number of games won. -o-Teacher's Convention at Milwaukee. Hurrah! no school for zl da s 2 Y - --Armistice Day. Also, the Uwheelu began to turn. The nwheeln is a club with a total mem- bership of eight senior boys. Bruce York was elected uhubn. --Sadie Hawkin's Day race and dance. A lot of the boys and girls moved the fastest they've ever moved. lt took three senior girls to get Wayne Bell! 18--Rockets started the season with a Wbangn by defeating Reedsburg. 20--Rockets gathered speed with a victory over Ne- cedah. 25-26-Thanksgiving vacation--one good thing to be thankful for. zuvzl wkli , 1 .3 .. , -5 .. A .Ea 4. ,Q . 2 x . ,,., gifs QQEH . ai Q it ii rw Z ix lf 5- if A 5, . fi 1.5 i t gt .p gtpg.t CALENDAR DECEMBER A--Teamwork wins over Westby. ll--A defeat for Camp Douglas. Our team is red ho 13--Christmas concert put on by the high scho band and chorus. It was enjoyed by everyone. 15--Hilltoppers clipped by Rockets. 18--Christmas vacation started. 29--2 points decide the game for the first loss' the season to Tomah Indians. JANUARY o---A lyceum program featured Vincent Burns, a poe 8--Rockets zoomed over the Hillsboro Orioles. 12--New Lisbon beats ye olde rival.....Mauston. l3--Faculty meeting. Is that all them there teac ers has got to do? Sitting around at meetin thinking up new ways to make us work! lc--Basketball game at Necedah. If Warner'd had Suit on, they'd put him in too. 17--Rockets boost March of Dimes campaign with victory over Wilton. l9--The Rockets kept up their good work with a w over Wonewoc. 20--Juneau County conference of coaches and princ pals at Elroy. 21--Semester exams. 22--Semester exams. This gets monotonous! New Li bon nosed out Westby by a four point lead. 26--Another victory over the blue-gold of Mauston. 27--Oh, oh, report cards today. Such a foolish w to spoil a good day. FEBRUARY Morrison's here to take group pictures. Ever one wore his best smile. 5---Rockets shellacked Camp Douglas. 10--Lyceum program featuring Harry Lund demonstra ing table tennis techniques. A word to t wise: Never play table tennis with your mou open. 12--Once again the Rockets clobbered the Hillto perse 13--Senior Ball held at the Legion Hall. The se iors were really rolling in dough after tha Hal Hal lo--Rockets nip Bangor. 19-Upset by Hillsboro. Ouchl 24-New Lisbon whipped Kendall in the first tourn- ament game. 25--Close game with Wilton, but we came out on top. tnj gggggiyfkil 27-We showed Hillsboro this time! .QM qllg ,sea N t.,,i Fm., MARCH f iszfs-ij' 'fi' 2 Eii gxqi ' 3---State supervision. What a treat for everybody, sir . .V, sg Ky Q ' especially Mr. Hatfield and Mr. Ennis. .2.Q W Q ps 1: 5---Rockets win playoff with waunakee at Tomah. a ly J I ll--New Lisbon loses to West Salem in the section- ,wif al tournament at Sparta. -S 'iih Z i'i' N 4 ' it ' ' l2--Rockets win their final game over Platteville, QQ? for consolation honors. The end of a very gig? successful season. img? lo-Mass evacuation after field trip to West Salem lt 18-20-School was relatively quiet. Why? Seniors if took off for basketball tournament at Madison. 20--21 Nfirstsn at solo and ensemble contest. APRIL 3--Donkey basketball game. Seniors vs. faculty. The ones with four legs were the donkeys. 5--Lyceum program, the Carrolls. 13--Baseball game, Wonewoc, there. 12-lo-Five days of rest as Easter vacation is here. it iiiy uup 18--Easter. It should come oftener than once lrtfggdf year. pi ,i MW' 22-Home game with Westby. 23-Preprom dance. gap A 27-Necedah, there. yfpl- ,ft 30-Junior Prom--Paris was never like this! Hills- l pyi 4--Home game with Elroy. 8--Band festival. Hup-2-3-4, Hup-2-3-4. L8---Camp Douglas game, there. boro game, here. 30--Senior class play, Annie Get Your Gun. 28---Final exams. That's an old story now, both at home and at school. i0---Baccalaureate. JUNE ---Commencement. We Finish to Begin. ---School is out, and so ends the time of our lives. CLARINETS: M. Mortensen, W. lhyer, M. Strand, J. Phrtin, R. Thompson, J. Duckworth, H. Cure, L. Olson, C. Loging MELLOPHONES: J. Hanson, B. Rabuck, L. Mortensen CORNETS: M. Christmann, D. Dahlke, J. McKegney, M. Macomber, D. Fellows BELLS: J. McKegney PERCUSSION: B. Rabuck, L. Sissulak, L. Baker, M. Davenport, E. Tessmer BASS: C. Christmann Forty-eight members make up the New Lisbon High School band which is directed by Robert Seering. Its first pub- lic appearance this year was Parents' Day. Later it gave a fine performance at the Homecoming game with Westby. N Other highlights of the year included the Christmas con- cert, solo and ensemble contest, and the music festival at Portage. ' Each year outstanding players are chosen to perform in Dorn, S. Wiseman, M. Anderson, A. Lamson, R. Schultz CORNETS: R. Dono- van, J. Martin, W. Brewer BARITONES: G. Sikorra, K. Davies, J. Davies, TROMBONES: J. Rondestvedt, V. Martin, N. Dahlke BASS: B. Fellows DIRECTOR: Mr. Seering TWIRLERS: K. Moran, H. Hoeft, C. Kish, J. Mort- ensen, M. Nelson. the mass band at the music festival. Those from New Lis- bon were Nancy Dahlke, Bette Rabuck, Mary Mortensen, Pat Dorn, and Warren Brewer. Mr. Seering directed "Liberty Belln march. The Pep Band, which consists of twelve members, gave a tremendous boost to our team and the cheering section with its rousing marches at games. The eight students in the school orchestra played for several school dances and some outside performances. PEP BAND QSBOIVQ ROW l: Pat Dorn, Karen Moran, Mike Anderson, Sharon Wiseman ROW 2: Leah Baker, Carl Christmann, Mr. Seering, Juanita Martin, URCHESTRA 49 SEATED: Pat Dorn, Wilfred Meyer, Marlene Strand, Warren Brewer, Juanita Martin, Bette Rabuck STANDING: Mike Anderson, Sharon Wiseman, Ethel Tessmer, Leah Baker, Nancy Dahlke, Jack Davies vmrlene strand SENIUR BAND MEMBERS Nancy Dahlke Wilfred Meyer warren Emewer Jack Davies Bette Ann Rabuck WMO Ptensen Patricia Dorn an-it 3 Marti 121 2 "if fm W 4 Y A in s' GLEE ELUB BUYS' GLEE CLUB f- Qngc:zC?Q 6 l1 ,f 3: 1' if Y O In 3' 'E' 3' 2 5 5 as f f 1 Q gn 'fiiil 515 fi? Q T .sa T.: J 5 .5 is W , 3555, ROW l: Nr. Seering, J. Ristow, R. Bond, J. Martin, M. Gordon, M. Cordon, S Peckham, N. Macomber, L. Fijalkowski ROW 2: H. Strand, P. Dorn, J. Peckham, B. Fink, L. Baker, J. Mortensen, G. Sikorra, E. Tessmer, B. Nelson, T. Dickman ROW 3: J. Barrett, R. Pohle, B. Lane, N. Haske, B. Ness, D. Hancock, L. Sissulak, C. Kish, E. Steele, G. Kuska, A. Haske, Hemenway ROW 4: D. Fellows, R. Hoeft, N. Dahlke, C. J Martin, M. Mortensen, L. Jepperson, J. McCathie, J. D York ROW 5: K. Deisinger, P. Stankus, R. Walden, son, F. lhcomber, J. Nelson, B. Dahlke, R. Donovan, G. MIXED The New Lisbon Girls' Glee Club, under the direction of Robert Seer- ing, is made up of forty members. Its first appearance was December 13 at the Christmas concert. The Boys' Glee Club, also under the direction of Robert Seering, consists of twenty-two members. LL Anderson, Stickney, M. Kopecky, A. Schlicht, D. W. Bell, E. Bradley, A. Anderson, K. Moran, McKegney, T. Kennedy, R. Braund CHURU5 The Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs make up the mixed chorus. Those chosen to sing in the mass chorus in the evening concert at Portage, May 8 were Marlene Strand, Joyce McCathie, Lucille Jepperson, Juanita Martin, Dave Fellows, and Jack Davies. I R. Darga, A. Johnson, E. Peter- LETTERMENJS CLUB ROW l: ROW 2: ROW 3: Jack Oakes, Charles Georgeson, George Green, Ted Hysell, Raymond Katuin, Alan Johnson Wilfred I-leyer, Jack Davies, Albert Bigalke, Fred Ilacomber, George Neitzel Ronald Darga, Jon Gollmar, Daniel Henkel, Bruce York, Jack Bond, Ronald Lauden, Erwin Neitzel, Jim Hubbard ALL CUNFERENEE "QQ, ii,- Q gil QL: 'V g..,J Qf. ' Left to right: Jack Oakes, Albert Blgalke, George Green, Hysell, Raymond Katuin, Bruce York FUUTBALL 'UUR TEAM' ROW l: J. Oakes, A. Johnson, C. Georgeson, G. Green, T. Hysell, R. Katuin, A. Bigalke, B. York, J. Hubbard ROW 2: J. Bond, L. Olson, J. Gollmar, G. Neitzel, R. Darga, R. Lauden, E. Neitzel, W. Waterbury, D. Henkel ROW 3: Coach Patton, J. Davies, F. Macomber, E. Hysell, D. Lamson, K. Schmig, W. Meyers, P. Stanlms, E. Agana, Ass't Coach Haugh 51 vs --we . V' ., 4, y T -. fx 17 HU . - M. ,. -i f - Y .4 " ' f "7 "h ,'- ' I f 1 3 '- , 5 . 3 555 U . " g in '-ff'-4" W " W 74 . 5 nr ,f.:5'.-1'-jei , ,5 ,mv " ff: .H up :5,L,:3,3:x :'3f-:'5.-'- - ' ' -5.1: - 1-Wi' W " fI4r:25?iZ"?Jfl xi igig Q ' ' f s B Ed '. . -l"'S R S, E. .gf 2 'Y' it , 4 :A 1 -,., ,-', fx N .- 41 , X ,K 1. 5 ' ' , ff . ...F ,. 4 H gg X1 1 - - -, -V V Y . - T .,.. 1.53 -- ... 2, 41 f.. yi, k, - q.1ggn,, - .ar . ' "ti dal , ' wi ,ns 3 'N -- ' 'S fp in : k, ' AQ fl 0 -55 gg -' gf? , Q ff. f - 9 V .Q - '- F my-G fs ,nm sf? ad T Trii 4' .wr ,, 1 9 HILLSBORO SEPT. 18 Rockets roll over Hillsboro in sea- son opener by a score of AO to O. The Rockets scored twice in the first quarter. Hysell ran 20 yards for a T.D. Green made the next score on a 12 yard run. In the second quarter Hubbard went 14 yards for a T.D. Green scored from the ten. The third period went scoreless with many of the reserves in. In the final period Hysell and Darga each scored. N.L.'s 40 points were the highest of any high school throughout the state! DE SOTO SEPT. 25 Rockets win 32 to O over DeSoto. The Rockets won a victory on a muddy gridiron. In the first period Green ran 3 yards for the first T.D. Lauden and Hubbard both scored in the second period. Oakes scored in the third period and Hubbard in the last. CASHTON OCT . 2 Rockets whip Cashton 51 to O. Green scored first. Darga then made it 13 to O. In the second period Darga He also went for a T.D. Lauden scored off left guard. made the fifth T.D. Hubbard got the first T.D. in the last period. Hysell went 45 yards for the next one. Agena tosseda.touchdown pass to Meyers to end the game. ELROY OCT. 9 The Rockets outscore Elroy 32 to 7 on Parents' Day. York scored the first T.D. Green made the next one in the second period. Hysell scored on a 20 yard run. Darga went off left tackle for a T.D. in the second period. In the last period Lauden went off right tack- le for a T.D. Lovelace scored the only T.D. for Elroy and carried it for the extra point. WONEWOC OCT- 16 New Lisbon rolled over Wonewoc in the Homecoming Game by a score of 50 to O. Green started the scoring ' Y ' A ' Q, 1 6 A 2 ' Ygfsfe- 9 9-, bei ," K AW sv is Y Ag I M ,.,.z,5U M F 5 4 in the first period. Darga also scored on a 3O yard run. In the second period Oakes got a safety. York and Hysell teamed up for two touchdowns. Lauden made it 36-O. In the third period 'waterbury went 34 yards for a T.D. Oakes ran another 25 yards for a T.D. Wonewoc was able to cross the goal line only once when an offside nullified the touchdown. MAUSTON NOV. 3 The Rockets scored another smashing victory over Mauston by a score of 40 to O. The Rockets scored in every period. Darga got two of the New Lisbon touch- downs and Green, York, Hubbard, and Hysell each scored one. Green booted 3 extra points. New Lisbon had I9 first downs compared to 3 for Mauston. The Rockets completed 3 of 10 pass attempts and Mauston completed I of 0 tries. The victory over Mauston gave New Lisbon a one-game edge in the 64 game series. The Rockets have now won 30 and Mauston 29. The rest were tie games. This game ended an undefeated season for New Lisbon. The Rockets rolled up a total of 292 points for the season, for an average of almost 42 points per game while yielding only 14 points to their opponents. WESTBY OCT. 23 New Lisbon won an undisputed championship of the Scenic Central Conference by beating Westby 47 to 7. This is the fourth championship for New Lisbon since the league was organized six years ago. Green opened the scoring in the first period. Lauden scored a T.D. in the second period. Darga went over center twice for two touchdowns. In the third quarter York connected with Oakes for ten yards in the end zone. Green then plunged through center for another T.D. He also made another T.D. in the final period, when he went off left tackle from the six yard stripe. The kick was good. Westby's sole T.D. came in the last quarter. A A Q' ,N s 'ff-"" I i m i f. Q - 3 A ,p gg, , ,. A , 7 , ' A 4: , LWK L X evwagnaU-flif vvrn ":i tfwaas v1?,, me naman awsw+ f , Q? v ,, , . Q V Q 3 at-ii A, ww 5 I ., . I K 3 smisi3?Ww'y,i,e- Hf'w +ff5xetal.w f'-W' , E I rw A .5353 , .f ,lf 3-Li saga ,E 5 V F Y in AX, "ii"- 1 - z -' ' it ,V L if ..r,, g ,,, 'E w .., vp H 2 L. to R.: R. Pohle, E. Agena, B. York, B. Dahlke, J. Bond, A. Bigalke, R. Lauden, G. Green, R. Lutz, J. Oakes, A. Johnson, D. Martin, C. Christmann, T. Hysell. Reedsburg-----45 New Lisbon--- Necedah-----20 New Lisbon--- Wonewoc-----43 New Lisbon--- Westby------39 New Lisbon---- Camp Douglas---37 New Lisbon--- Elroy-------40 New Lisbon--- Tomah-------59 New Lisbon--- Hillsboro-----36 New Lisbon--- Maustonf-----55 New Lisbon--- Necedah------L1 New Lisbon--- Wilton------50 New Lisbon--- Wonewoc------38 New Lisbon--- Westby------51 New Lisbon--- Mauston-------50 New Lisbon--- Camp Douglas---35 New Lisbon---- Elroy--------49 New Lisbon--- Bangor------50 New Lisbon---- Hillsboro----49 New Lisbon---44 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Kendall------42 New Lisbon---- Wiltonp------43 New Lisbon-- Hillsboro-----61 New Lisbon---71 PLAYOFF Waunakee-----53 New Lisbon----o8 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT West Salemf----69 New LisbonF--- Platteville---62 New Lisbon---- HOME GAIES NECEDAH NOV. 20 New Lisbon defeated Necedah on the local floor by a score of 56-20 for their first conference win. Eleven players saw action for the Rockets as they took an early lead and coasted through to a win. Ted Iwsell hit 12 and Bruce York lO for the Rockets. The Rockets defeated Necedah, in a return game there, by a score of 58-Al. WOIIEWOC NOV. 24 The Rockets scored their second con- ference win over Wonewoc on the home court, by a score of O2-43. The Rockets jumped in to a lo-3 ad- vantage in the first quarter. They were in front 3O-13 at the halftime and 45-26 going into the final quarter. Bruce York was high-point man with lb. Hysell got 13 and Oakes l2 for the Rockets. New Lisbon also won the return game with Wonewoc by 17 points, 55-38. WESTBY The Rockets advanced JAN. 22 another step toward the Juneau County league cham- pionship by defeating Westby 55-51. The game was close all the way with New Lisbon ahead l5-l3 after the first period, 28-25 at the half and 40-39 go- ing into the last period York, with l9 and Hysell with l7 took scoring honors for the Rockets. The Rockets won a return game over the Norsemen, on their home floor, by a score of 5l-39. CADE DOUGLAS New Lisbon beat Camp home floor by a score of The Rockets jumped to the first quarter. They lo at the half and 43-30 last period. DEC. ll Douglas on the 56-37. a l3-5 lead in were ahead 25- going into the Hysell led the Rockets with l9 points. The boys exactly doubled Camp Doug- las's score at Camp Douglas by defeat- ing them 70-35. ELROY PEB- 32 The Rockets moved another notch towards a perfect conference season by defeating Elroy by a score of 64-49. The Rockets held a l7-l3 lead at the end of the first quarter and were out in front 34-27 at the half and 52-40 going into the final period. Ted Hysell was leading scorer with 23 points. New Lisbon won a hard game from El- roy, there, by a 56-40 score in a re- turn game. HILLSBORO FEB. 19 Hillsboro spoiled a perfect confer- ence season by beating the Rockets 49- 44. The game was nip and tuck all the way. Hillsboro had an 18-lo lead at the quarter and were in front 29-28 at the half. They were ahead 39-34 going into the final period. Ted Hysell was high for New Lisbon with l3 points. In a return match with the Orioles, there, New Lisbon barely nosed a vic- tory. The score was 38-36. L. to R.: B. Christensen, K. Deisinger, R. Donovan, R. Darga, B. Schubert, E. Koson, J. Rondestvedt, G. Heiberg, D. Fellows, W. Davis, T. Dickman, D. York, T. Kennedy, J. Heath ., . .4 - : - --www., .ag . was saa TOURNAMENT DISTRICT TOURNAMENT KENDALL FEB. 24 In their first tournament game the Rockets won easily from Kendall 64-42. Hysell and Oakes were leading scor- ers for the Rockets with 18 and lO points respectively. HILTON FEB. 25 The Rockets beat Wilton in the sub- district finals by a score of 67-43. Ted Hysell, Bruce York, and Jack Oakes did the bulk of the scoring for the Rockets with 15, 12, and ll points respectively. HILLSBORO FEB. 27 The Rockets took the district cham- pionship by defeating Hillsboro, 7l-ol. The game was a real battle all the way. The Rockets managed to get a l9- 18 point lead at the end of thefirst quarter when York dropped in a long one. Ted Hysell copped scoring honors with 25 points. York had 17 and Christmann had 15 for the Rockets. PLAYOFF WAUNAKEE In the playoff game the Rockets beat Waunakee by a score of 68-53. The Rockets jumped into a l6-7 lead in the first quarter. Ted Hysell led the scoring for the Rockets with 19, and Christmann and York followed with 15 and 13 respectively. MAR. f SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT WEST SALEM MAR. 12 The Rockets' dream of state tourna- ment honors was shattered when West Salem defeated them by a score of 69- 66 in the sectional tournament. The Rockets were behind 59-50 going into the final period. They rallied Strongly and almost pulled the game out of the fire but time ran out on them. PLATTEVILLE MAR, 12 The Rockets won consolation honors by defeating Platteville, 65-52. The score was tied at half-time and the Rockets were ahead 44-43 going in- to the final period. Platteville then rallied and was ahead 59-57, with two Christmann then minutes left to play. got a field goal and two free throws and Jack Oakes got a goal to give New Platteville Lisbon a 63-59 lead. scored again and it was 63-61. York and Lutz each added a free throw while Platteville was getting one charity toss and the game was all over. The athletic council which determines the sports activities of the school, consists of: Mr. Haugh, Mr. Tremain, Mr. Ray- mond, Phu York, Mr. Patton, and Mr. Schmidt. Track Coached by Rudy Haugh, the New Lisbon track team scored 55 points to win the conference track meet at Sparta on May o. Those competing were Ronald Lauden, Ray Katuin, Jim Hubbard, Louis Pusel, Harland Davis, Dick Robinson, George Neitzel, Ted Hysell, Jack Bond, Jack Pi- tel, Ryan Walden, Jack Davies, Bill Jen- Sen, and Bob Dahlke. They placed third in the sectional track meet at La Crosse with Lauden and Hubbard placing first and second, respectively. This made them eligible to compete in the state meet at Madison Baseball Coach Patton's baseball team had an undefeated l953 conference season. They started the season out with a bang, win- ning the first game from Wonewoc by a score of ll-O. Dick Dahlke pitched a no-hit ball game against the Hillsboro team. The team won their fourth consec- utive championship when they defeated Camp Douglas by a score of 6-4. In the district tournament they won the first game from Camp Douglas, but later lost to Tomah in the championship game by a 5-3 decision. PEP CLUB 06 OOO It is the fundamental objective of the Pep Club to keep up school spirit, and it does a first-rate job. Under the guidance of Mr. Seering and Mr. Patton the Pep Club really went to town this year in preparing pep meetings before games, organiz- ing a successful homecoming, and sponsoring candy sales and dances. Officers are: president, Mary Mortensen, vice-president, Juanita lhrting secretary, Marlene Strand, treasurer, Nancy Dahlke. OFFICERS AND ADVISORS Left to right: Carol Kish, Mike Anderson, Mary Macomber, Shirley Peckham CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Karen Moran, Audrey Haske, Janice Morten- sen, Mary Mortensen 3 S A ii! is ' Ri, s 1,55 3 - L J ' HUME The homecoming activities for New Lisbon High School got underw way with the traditional bonfire and pep rally the night before the big game with Wonewoc. The parade was led by the high school band. The co-queens, Karen Moran and Janice Mortensen, and their court of honor followed in convertibles. The rest of the parade consisted of high school, J. C.N. and grade school floats. The band marched onto the foot- ball field after the parade and COMING went into a formation that said "Hi" to the alumni. From that po- sition they formed WNLU and played the school song. The game proved to be as suc- cessful as the other activities, with New Lisbon winning, 50-O. The co-queens reigned over the homecoming dance that evening, with the co-captains of the football team, George Green and Ted Hysell. A perfect day was ended with the dancing to the music of Russ Nelson and his orchestra. 19 JUNIUR PRUM 5 g J , f .t2f.,:: f g 'Lx 9 1.g J On the evening of May 8, 1953, couples stepped through the gate into an enchanting land of windmills and tulips. The royal couple for the evening, King Erwin Neitzel, Queen Helen Ol- son, and their subjects danced to the music of Hal Edwards and his orchestra. The court of honor was composed of: Shirley Peckham and Bob Dahlkeg Marilyn Brunner and George Greeng Jean Stickney and Jim Hubbard, Jerry Nelson and Juanita Martin. We shall always remember the fun and effort that went into making our prom a success in every way. nln an old Dutch Gardena we found memories to be cherished, and real- ized that one phase of nthe time of our livesn had passed. 5 3 gx SENIOR BALL February 13 and nBlue Mbonn recall to mind poignant memories of the sen- ior ball, leading event of the winter social season. Couples danced to the music of Chuck Carroll and his orch- estra in the beautifully decorated American Legion Hall. It was a night to remember. Ronald Lauden and Marlene Strand were crowned king and queen by the president of the senior class, Jerald Nelson, and his date, Nancy Dahlke. Queen Marlene and King Ronnie led the grand march, followed by their court of honor: Juanita Martin and Jack Oakesg Mary Mortensen and Jack Bondi Nancy Dahlke and Jerald Nelson, Pat Dorn and Bob Dahlke. The students and the many people who have attended the senior ball through the years have helped to turn it into a most enjoyable high school tradition. FURENSICS llQ Sixty-eight students signed up for speech contests during the 1953-54 forensic season. New Lisbon was represented in the league contest at Elroy by Wilfred Meyer and Mary Macomber, non-original oratoryg Jon Rondest- vedt and Ryan Walden, original oratoryg Beth Lane and Kathleen Davies, non-humorous declamatoryg Gail Kuska and Carol Kish, humor- ous declamatory: Juanita Phrtin and Betty Kopecky, four-minute speechg Sharon Barnharst and Aud- rey Anderson, extemporaneous read- ingg Carl Christmann and Dolores Regelin, extemporaneous speaking. Contestants were coached by IES- Hazel Walcup and Mrs. Helen Holmes. NEWSPAPER STAFF SEATED: Mrs. Holmes, Betty Kopecky, Audrey Anderson, Lucille Jepperson, Eloise Steele, Gail Kuska STANDING: Nancy Strand, Mary Macomber, Sharon Barnharst, Dave Fellows, Arlene Maass, Joyce McCathie, Helen Hoeft, Irene Zinke, Bette Rabuck TYPISTS AND LAYOUT ARTISTS Elaine Wiora, Dolores Regelin, Betty Fuller, Virginia Lewandowski, Mary Mort- ensen, Lucille Jepperson, Gail Kuska, El- oise Steele, Jerald Nelson, Nancy Dahlke, Marlene Strand, Carol Bradley, Juanita Martin, and Helen Olson. This marks the seventh year the Uwen Nobsiln has been published in New Lis- bon High School. The advisers, Mrs. Christmann, and Mrs. Holmes, and co-editors, Audrey An- derson and Lucille Jepperson, preside over the staff which is composed of sen- iors and several underclassmen, with re- porters from all the classes. They at- tempt to write articles and bits of in- formation that will appeal to the stu- dents as well as inform them of school activities. ti vs' STUDENT COUNCIL The student council, organized by thu Tremain in 1951, formulates the policies of our school and provides a medium through which social standards can be made and kept high. Each class elects two representa- tives in the council. The seniors are George Green and Nancy Dahlke, who are president and secretary, re- spectively. The juniors are repre- sented by Lon Mortensen and Karen bbrang the sophomores, by Carol Kish and Edward Kosong the freshmen, by Dwight York and Wallace Davis. LIBRARY CLUB Any time of day is the time to visit the library--if you can con- vince the study hall teacher that you have work to do. The student librarians assist with charging books and tabulating circu- lation. Pictured are Mrs. Holmes, Audrey Haske, Janet Ristow, Sharon Barnharst, Shirley Johnson, Edna Bar- low, Dolly Lutz, Lucille Hysell, Car- min Loging, Marcella Halverson, Mar- ian Fuller, Mrs. Walcup, Betty Fink, Thema McNutt, Barbara Ameigh, Phylis Bowen, and Ava Walden. aywiiki? 1 RW 7 . ,-ff' NN, qw' T UU IJ EN 1 Q fv H The Future Homemakers of America, organized this year under the direc- tion of Miss Joyce Appelgren, has 51 members which are from all the home ec classes. On November lO the club took a trip to Hillsboro for a F.H.A. ral- ly. The officers are: president, DO- lores Hegeling vice-president, Betty Kopeffkys secretary, Lucille Hysellg treasurer, Carol Nelson. This is the first year for the llu- ture Farmers of America, which has A7 members. They are boys from all the agriculture classes. This club is an active social organization with two basketball teams, the A and B teams. The officers are: president, Jack Daviesg vice-president, Jerry Klevi- shag secretary, Carroll Clarkg treas- urer, John Haskeg reporter, Everett Petersong sentinel, Edward Hysell. A, vi Jap C4 ., Compliments of Good Luck, 1954 Graduates PERFECT DRY CLEANERS W A I-1 I- 9 I W. R. Robertson, Prop. New Lisbon, Wisconsin Good Luck, Seniors Compliments of I-A 0 N 9' F. M. Reed and Company C New Lisbon, Wisconsin Building Supplies of all Kinds CLASS Robert Artz Penelope Batko Joseph Belsky Erwin Bires Verdon Braund Marilyn Brunner Mary Lou Christensen Marjorie Connor Ardell Cook Eugene Crawford Richard Dahlke Harland Davis Carolyn Degler Cynthia Fellows Earl Foster Aleda Halverson Congratulations UF Gordon Halverson Lester Hansen Joylynn Heath Marion Hoover Joan lbes Larson William Jensen Yulan Jensen Allen Jones Ronald Kahl Leo Kennedy Donald Kish Stanley Koziara John Kroeger Nettie Lutz Bernard Martinson Marilyn Mason Leola McNutt ies are l53I Marilyn Miller Barbara Nelson Marilyn Nelson Carol Nipper John Pitel Rachel Pohle Geraldine Reisen au Janice Ristow Gretchen4Ritchart Richard Robinson Sharon Robison Joan Sikorra Donna Tessmer Gerald W.gner Earnest Wehman Donald Zinke Compliments of QTTWUR REXALL STORE GI' D uQual1tg s t Reaso: ole Prices' rugglst May Success Be Yours USHY It with Fl0WBPS H J' Mortensen Nnw LIbBON Gaihllllbc New sbon, wisconsln Mr G Mrs Floyd Koch, Owners tp' St Paul A, Lyon F Good Luck, Class of '54 , VVh RHODE S LniLQA SHOP eeler ro Lee Ormson Jim Murphy, Prop. Compliments of ' I VVh1te s Hara Your Authorized Studesaker Dealer New Lisbon, Wisconsin CLASS Carol Barnharst Mabel Bennett Raymond Blackburn Robert Clark Audrey Clary Avis Fellows QE Louis Henkel Herbert Hoover Roy Jarzynski Bonnie Jensen Ilse Kaack Robert Klevisha George Fink Jerome Komiskey Robert Fish Mary Alice Lane Gloria Franks Joanne Lawrence Jennie Mae Gordon Thelma Lee Lawrence Gugdahl Leona Hanson Joan Haske Highway Compliments of Cafe Eugene Menneke Sally Oakes Iris Olson 1-mn has-I IN smam, FEED AND FERTILIZERS , D New Lisbon, Wisconsin Compliments of VICTORIA HOTQL nND Ray Gordon, Prop. New Lisbon, Wisconsin I52l Alice Petrick Janice Pohle Jacqueline Richter Robert Ritchart Roy Schmidtke Rodney Schmig Genevieve Stickney Darlene Tessmer Donald Tremain Colin Wahl Loren Walker Janet York Compliments of TI-1E DUGDIJT Jew Lisbon, Wisconsin New Lisbon, Wisconsin Congratulations, Class of '54 SUNDIN'b QUALITY DAIRY li 1 Best Wishc 1nball's New Lisbon, Wisconsin ULower Prices Every Compliments of Compliments of ,Qt U E N Z E D J' z'f1IlihL's LOOK SICK? New Lisbon, Wisconsin Tomah, Wisconsin Cood Luck, Seniors C0mPl1mBHtS Of Wholesale Parts and Accessories Herman Martin, Prop Tomah, Wisconsin Hustler, Wisconsin 9 um' 'F 'th W?XW.FT1 ' I caf'o' ' ' IIIIIIIIIIERHiiEHii' ly! Ellrt Ill E3 E5ia:rlElQIIE CLASS Germaine Barrett Marion Bigalke Evelyn Belsky Audrey Blank Evelyn Bond Betty Bosacki Wayne Burdick Ernest Christensen Harold Christensen Jack Christensen Henry Cook Dianne Dahlke Sharon Eberhart Herbert Finger UF Alice Greeno Louise Hancock Harold Hansen Edna Haschke Elaine Haske Doris Jensen Theodore Koziara Lorraine Kroeger Irene Lee Vera Lindley Donna Martinson Janet Moe David Moran Donna Peckham Kenneth Peterson '51, Shirley Peterson Charles Prill Marilyn Richter Gerald Ristow Marjorie Schlicht Forrest Schroeder La Donna Schroeder Della Schultz John Sissulak Hilda Strohmeyer Shirley Tremain Lorraine Vavrick Joan Wiseman Maureen Wood May Success Be Yours Best Wishe I HUSTLE COOPCLEAL Good Luck, Graduates La Crosse, Wisconsin Hustler: WJ-SC0I1Sl!1 Institutional Food Specialties 2305 West Erie Street I l20I3lION'I I C'E'.Em1i99. C0- Hardware Appllanges ChlC8g0 12, 11113018 Do you have a NGoalW for the Future? Are you holding the line financially? REGULAR DEPOSITS IN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT WILL HELP TO ACCOMPLISH BOTH NEW LISBON STATE BANK New Lisbon, Camp Douglas, Hustler Compliments of LEMONWBIJ VALLEY TELEPHONE JO. New Lisbon, Wisconsin May Success be Yours L.C. ITETLEIQ New Lisbon, Wisconsin Compliments of ICHCDFFQI New Lisbon, Wisconsin dest of Luck in the Future Compliments of Schultz Variety Store Byron McKewin, Prop. New Lisbon, Wisconsin We Aim to Please Buh's Eitg Service Robert Crawford, Prop. Compliments of flll-1,1 New Lisbon, Wisconsin Congratulations to the Graduates WALKER STAINLESS SQLIPLENT CO. ' New Lisbon, Wisconsin Compliments of C.E. Maciumher Bag, and R n,S Attorney-at-Law New Lisbon, Wisconsin C OMPLIMENTS OF - S 0 The Finest in Meats-and Groceries i r ' TOE-11-IH, WISCONSIN ' ri' 41 Congratulations Class of 1954 Cohaliments of "FRESH-UP" With Seven-Up! N If W L I f I3 0 N U P TIME!-ADGUI Seven-Up Bottling Company QUALITY COMMERCIAL Tomah wisconsin I-RINTING IS OUR SPECIALTY Q Hospitality and Good Food Compliments of al-LVIL.lL.' CAFE. N V A K J E R 1 L.a.l.fG1Z.-L , Tomahs wisconsin Mauston, Wisconsin Good Luck, Graduates C0mplimentS Of S e r I S S t U r B TOI-AH DRY CLgI..aWlL-LC Serving this area for 29 years Congratulations When You Can't See Well--See Waugh Cn..i,2I'LL-L k,nrQIl'2'G COMPANY D It . D a V 1 d W q h g . " Optome tri st" Tomah, wlsconsln Two Miles East of Tomah on U.S. Hwy. 12- Best wishes Compliments of A - L III U 5 U P P MARSHALL-WELLS STORE Ed. Kastner, Owner Mauston, Wisconsin Mauston, Wisconsin -TUNEAU COUNTY SCHOOLS MOVE For Extra Energy"--' AHEAD WITH RURAL ELECTRIFICATION Compliments of Oakdale Q l 1 . ' Grade "A" Dairy Foods A Member-Owned, Tax Paying Electric Tomah, Wisconsin Co-operative Serving All Juneau County Compliments of FEY'S Your Wa du Shuda Pu lisher Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin Compliments of ANDEASLN UFFIJM SLTILY Mauston, Wisconsin Compliments of Denicke Bros. Phone 3-3211 Immiston, Wisconsin Congratulations hONAOB COUNTY FINANCE QU. Tomah, Mauston, Kendall Best Wishes John Sexton and Company Post Office JS Chicago 90, Illinois Compliments of TOMAH AUTOMOTIVE SDPELY, INC. 800 Superior Avenue BEURBE GREEN District Agent Lutheran Mutual Life Insurance Co. May Success Be Yours STICKNEY AUTO WRECKING Used Automobiles and Parts New Lisbon, Wisconsin Good Luck, Class of '54 TESSMER'S BAR liAnNLflf 9 CLOTHING AND SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Elroy-Mauston--Hillsboro Band Instruments--Pianos WARD BRUDT 208 State Street Madison, Wisconsin 1 uEvery Bite A Sure Delightu New Lisbon, Wisconsin Compliments of Phone 3.12 Tomah, Wisconsin M 0 D I I 0 N 9 I Good Luck, Seniors MARACHUWSKY3 Your wa du Shuda Photographer Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin Congratulations Compliments of I . . C A R L S S H U E S III U P Ferguson-Weston Clinic New Lisbon, Wisconsin New Lisbon, Wisconsin Good Luck, Seniors Glendenninq ncial Club New Lisbon, Wisconsin Uther Contributors Hustler Hardware, Hustler Hepburn's Shoe Store, Mauston Coast to Coast Store, Mauston A. Q L. Auto Supply, Mauston Casey's Cafe, Mauston Saemische's Bakery, Mauston Skogmo's, Mauston Schultz Bros., bhuston - Hemenway Service Station, New Lisbon Tessie's Tap, New Lisbon Home Theatre, New Lisbon Harebo's Highway Service, New Lisbon Herb's Tavern, New Lisbon Jack Pitel V Pladium Sports Bar, New Lisbon George R. Sinclair, D.D.S., New Lisbon UwNWw,Tmwh' ' Hansen's Radio and TV, Tomah Pete's Place, New Lisbon Rocky's Automatic Sales, New Lisbon Fran Blaschke, Tomah Frank J. Bunker, Inc., New Lisbon Lester Hall, Insurance, New Lisbon Ben Tremain, Assemblyman, Hustler Gordon's Radio and TV, New Lisbon Wehman's Store, New Lisbon Brown's Texaco Service, New Lisbon Tralmer Sales and Service, Tomah Moe's Store, Clifton Clifton Garage, Clifton Larsen's Tavern, Clifton Claryfs IGA Store, Hustler Park Hotel, New Lisbon Wright's Dairy, Mauston A. F. Luisi, D.D.S., Mauston Harold Cox, Optometrist, bhuston Hill's Cafe, Mauston Flying Saucer Cafe, Oakdale Connie's Bar, Hustler Peckham Service Station, Hustler :I 1 P-. ,U 1 -.un 7,-ps:-'rf-7,1-rqxg,rvEyv:'I-lv .x1gfgg7Jyi,5fgq7-pvc'-:::: -p-f v -, - -ml-5 w. wrq-5 ,..,, - Z - . I, n,- - xg:-,1 , J, .L W ,.. . . .YM 5 . 5 L. , wi .Q , b ' A 4 -n .f L at 4 u , Pr, , l .YQ M .Y ., wp 'r 'J , ol 'Liz v. nj '. 31 Lf ,- . AT: , I ,Jn . ,a .- 55 v. fa, 'M 1 , ,N .. Q e v Pkwias- 'Jug :M . . '-14. 4.,, . - f.: ln , ,.k .ug -. , A V F271 I-:V 13 ,X -. -. wg, SG I ' 's if ,.., , 'I 1,,-,- . , sail' 'rfi . ijvvf 1 Ari' W." , . 1 'y -1. VJ., - Q ,l' . 1 , , -,. .,. nl! 'L fi .-5 A Z

Suggestions in the New Lisbon High School - Wa Du Shuda Yearbook (New Lisbon, WI) collection:

New Lisbon High School - Wa Du Shuda Yearbook (New Lisbon, WI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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New Lisbon High School - Wa Du Shuda Yearbook (New Lisbon, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 59

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New Lisbon High School - Wa Du Shuda Yearbook (New Lisbon, WI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 38

1954, pg 38

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