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DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of 1953, wish to dedicate this edition of the Nu Lisannial to the students of New Lisbon High School who have been or are now serving in the armed forces throughout the world. gs ...ix TRUSTEE John Reynolds ADVISORY BOARD Arthur Fowler David Lilly Carroll Smalley HDIHIHISTRHTIUH FOREWCRD America needs well-trained citizens willing to give their best talents and efforts toward the preservation of our American form of government. If our country remains strong, it will be because of a never-ending stream of educated patriots ever alert to the dangers abroad and here at home. You graduates of the class of 1953 face a great challenge. Will you meet it? LQ N473 George M. Small Principal his-f itz?" K V ., g xg fix x 1 1 if I iw 5 X 1 x 1 ,X ei if Q . -' 3213 'Q - x,Q, i . .N if A Wk AQ i, Q .. 14. . i , W I Taught to U18 IUTIB of 81'liCliUI'Y stick s fncuuu Vflt SEATED: Mary E. Millikan, Indiana Universityg Marguerite Baker, Ball State Teachers Collegeg Ina Mae Leakey Indiana University: Mary Lou Garver, Indiana Central Collegeg Ethel Reavis, Ball State Teachers Collegeg Mar- tha Herr, Ball State Teachers College: Ruth E. Smalley, Ball State Teachers College. STANDING: Roy A. Kline Ball State Teachers CollegegCarl V. Smolik, Ball State Teachers Collegeg Ray A. Pierce, Indiana Central Col- lege: George M. Small, Hanover College, Jordan College, Indiana University. 3 HIUHS W ndell Poore President e Pres. 4g "Hobgoblin House" 4g Co-editor, Annual Staff: Student Mgr. 4g Sulphur Springs High School 1yr.g Nickname-Redg Vice- Bookkeeping: Virtue - Senior Class Pres.g Ambition-To be President of the United States. Jack Garvin Vice President Pres. 2g V. Pres. l,4g "Pleased Ta Meetcha' 3: Stage Manager 4g Activity editor, Annual - k 3 4g Vice- Staff: Basketball l,2,3,4, Trac , ' - T bea workg Virture-driving, Ambition- o bachelor. Grades. Ambition line. Ruth Anne Treas. l,3,4g Sec 1,45 'Pleased ta l-louse? 4: Silver 4g Advertising Ed bition To get a r Secretary Betty Stringe , Vice Pres. 2g Sec. 3,44 4-H Club 1.2: Boo- ster Club 3,4g "Pleased ta Meetcha"3g "Hob- goblin House" 45 Silver Typing Pin 35 Co- edltor, Annual Staff: Cheer leader 1,2,4g Band l,2,3,4g Vice-Arguingg Virture -Good - ' -To make the annual dead- Herr, Treasurer 2- Booster Club President . Meetcha' 3: "Hobgoblin Typing Pin 4g Band l,2,3. itor Annual Staff: Vice- Home Ec.g Virture-Sec. to Mr. Klineg Am- - M.R.S. degree. MW I WHS YUIII' UESl'lfUl, U8 William King 2 'Pleased Ta Meet- Vice Pres. l,3: Sec. : cha" 3: 'Hobgoblin House"4: Feature editor, Annual Staff: Basketball l,2,3,4: Baseball l 2,3,4: Track 3,4: Chorus l,3: Nickname- Bill: Vice-Home Ec.: Virture-Accuracy in typing: Ambition-To be a farmer. Fred l-luddleston Chorus l,2,3,4: 'Pleased Ta Meetcha' 3: ' " - Activity editor, An- "Hobgobl1n House 4. nual Staff: Basketball l,2,3,4: Baseball l,2, 3,4: Track 3,4: Vice-Hitting Mulberry trees with trucks: Virture-sleeping. Barbara Jean Pence 4-H Club l,2,3,4: Booster Club 2,4: F.H.A. 2: Chorus l,2,3,4: "Pleased ta Meetcha' 3: A 1 'Hobgoblinl-louse' 4: Picture Editor, Annual staff: Girls State Fair School 3: Vice-Driv- ing: Virture-riding in Airplanes: Ambition- Housewife. 'Pleased ta Meetcha' 3: 'Hobgoblin Hous 4: Picture Editor, Annual Staff: Vice-Spin ning around: Virture-Washing dishes: Am bition-To be a farmer. Ray Hall el' Wade Wilkinson "Pleased Ta Meetcha" 35 "Hobgoblin House 43 Sale Mgr., Annual Staffg Basketball 1,2, 3,44 Track 3,4g Chorus l,2,3,4g Vice-Run- ning around during school: Virture-Book- keepinggAmbition-To be a master mechan- iC. Mary E. Millikan Don Burchett Pres. 1,3g Treas. 2g "Pleased Ta Meetcha" 35 "l-lobgoblin House" 4g Sports editor, Annual Staffg Basket- ball l,2,3,4gBaseball l,2,3,4g Vice- Home Ec.g Virture-Curly hair: Am- bition-To make toy ballons. Class Sponsor 6 I ji gf X X I X 7, f x qyh, L , W ,1- k SENIOR HISTORY As we, Seniors of 1953, look back over the twelve years spent at New Lisbon High School, we recall many interesting and perplexing CXPEIICIICCS. The fall of 1941 we proudly walked into the school building, not knowing what lay ahead for us during our school days. We toiled through the first eight grades with the usual additions and losses to our class. We thought we had reached the height of our careers when we graduated from the eighth grade, but since, we rea- lize that we had much to learn. As green freshmen, we found out what it was to really be a part of the student body. After surviving the initiation, we felt more at ease in the daily routine of school life. We had our serious moments, and finally settled down to elect officers. The class elected Don Bur- chett President, Jack Garvin Vice President, Betty Stringer Secretary, and Ruth Anne Herr Treasurer. During the year we sold pop-corn for our main source of income. We also had concessions at the county tourney. We lost Marshall Shipley and Junior Razor during the summer. Mrs. Lamott was our sponsor. During our Sophomore year we made money by selling cokes, and had several cake and turkey raffles. With the addition of Barbara Pence from Mt. Summit and Wendell Poore from Sulpher, we numbered ten. Our leaders were Jack Garvin President, Betty Stringer Secretary, and Ruth Herr Treasurer. Mrs. Alfred sponsored our class. We sold ice cream. Diaper Dans, magazines, and Christmas cards to strengthen our Senior Trip Fund. Our Junior Play entitled, "Pleased Ta Meetcha", broke all records. Seniors at last! To start the year off with a bang Wendell Poore was elected President,Jack Garvin Vice President, Betty Stringer Sec- retary, and Ruth Herr Treasurer. We worked hard selling candy and ice cream and served a chicken dinner for the Farmers' Institute. Finally, in the early part of May, 1953 ten Seniors in blue caps and gowns stood on the platform and received their diplomas. Walking out with mingled emotions, we realized that we were at last "Alumni" of the New Lisbon High School. X lx ll Hx' U. 5. 4' , ,-fx ' b -.QQ-A X ' 'I s- ' X 'W' 1- :i X V I Wade Wilkinson, Bill King, Mrs. Millikan. Fred Huddleston, Don Bur- chett, Ruth Ann Herr, Wendell Poore, Betty Stringer, Barbara Pence and Ray Hall. PARTING ADVICE FROM THE SENIORS OF '53 Fred Huddleston Betty Stringer Bill King Barbara Pence Wendell Poore Ruth Anne Herr Ray Hall Wade Wilkinson Don Burchett Jack Garvin Leave girls alone if you want to become a basketball player. If you don't know your parts in the class play -- Postpone it!! Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Take Speech to learn how not to talk. A Work hard to keep from working. Don't think of graduating until you have 12th year Home Ec. Don't let anyone sell you a used Plymouth. 119405 Take advantages of Senior Privileges. Don't do what you can get out of in school. Always drive to school. flf you can, 8 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY This is Louella Parsons reporting on station N.L.H.S. The occasion is the annual get together of the 1953 graduating class. Although many have aged the past twenty years, everyone is in the jolly mood, including their dear old sponsor, Mrs. Mlllikan. Fred Huddleston, the well-known football coach at Purdue, is really strutting around. It seems that his team has just won the Big Ten Conference Championship. Jack Garvin, world-famous inventor, has just received a patent on his latest inven- tion, wind-shield wipers for eye glasses, What next????? The Honorable William King, Senator from Indiana, has just returned from a jaunt to Cuba. This very famous Senator is the one who has succeeded in sponsoring a bill to have a nation-wide speed limit of ninety-five miles an hour. Wade Wilkinson, owner of "Wilkinson Sales and Service," in New Lisbon has just an- nounced the new price on gasoline, 92.5 cents per gallon. Inflation is now with us. Ray l-lalland Son are the owners of the largest farm in this area. They have the neat- est and cleanest hog pens in Henry County. As we look around, we find two very happy young women. One of our girls married as soon as she finished school. She is Barbara Pence. She is now married and has her rings to prove it, one on her finger and one through her nose. Betty Stringer, who went into the field of education, is now president of the Vassar College. It is a very cheap school,only 82,000 per semester. just call her if you are in- terested in enrolling your young lady in the Vassar. Don Burchett, the famous auto designer and builder, has just come out with an out- standing automobile, called "Geronimo." Seems as though he got his ideas from his old Plymouth he drove during his high schooldays. Anyone wanting a demonstration, please have all insurance paid up and be prepared for anything. Another well-known member of the class, Ruth Ann Herr, was the first woman to drive in the 500 mile race at Indianapolis. Having broken all speed records, she is now concentrating on air racing. As you know, this program is sponsored by "POORE'S HONEY WAGONS." You will find Wendell Poore's jet propelled honey wagons in every state in the Union, Canada,and Mexico. Be sure it is Poore 's Honey the next time you are in need of good honey. And so until next year, this is Louella Parsons signing off for the Class of 1953. 9 f- ff .fs is Q' Q5 l Mr. Roy Kline Ralph Snow Imogene Loveless Betty New Garris Stearns '9' W ' 'YZ' Phyllis Boyd Phyllis Riggle Bill McKee Zella Carpenter Russel Curnutt Doris Abrams 131-elyn Hanen We began our year with thirteen members, and as the year progressed we lost Elmer Hall and Jack McCubbins. Among the year's activities were a class party early in the year and later, a Christmas party. To increase the class fund, we sold magazines, Christmas cards, and had a scrap drive. Bill McKee won a fountain pen for selling the most three-way specials. We are also planning our class play which is to be presented April 17, 1953. Imogene Loveless and Garris Stearns represented us as Queen and King candidates at the fall festival. We have one girl in 4-H club. Two members of the class represent us in band and three in chorus. Three of our boys participate in basketball and two in baseball. President . ....... Ralph Snow ' Sec.-Treas .... Imogene Loveless Class Colors ..... Blue and White Class Flower . . .... Red Rose Class Sponsor ....... Mr. Kline Class Motto "The Key to the Door of Success Reads 'Push' " Z' YOU. WTUIE UH ITIY SIEIQE 'I love YOU SU . : X - H I , , 1 , 9 T X -qu-f 5 f . X5 4 1 Q " s ' rs Shirley Poore Marvin Matney Mary Garvin Peggy King a."" , wil S - 1 Carroll Hunt .. N f nr ""' S 1' . D Q fl ff S an x 1: 0 I V X N Q ' " 7- if'-'i Egfflii Mrs. Leakey 1.5 inf' Bob Smith Lila McCubbins Ronald Curnutt SUPHUIHUHES Class Colors: Green 81 Cxold Class Flower: White Rose Bud Motto: It is better to wear out than to rust out. . fn K Lucille Mills Dan Werking Anne Wilkinson Bill Atkinson '?"' Bill Disbro Linda Heiser George Parkhurst Sue McKee Ir. Stickleman Grace Davis Bob Sebring The class bought rings: had a party at the park and a Christmas party at Sue McKee's home. Anne Wilkinson represented us as a candidate for queen, and Shirley Poore represented us as a candidate for king for the fall festival. Peggy King was one of the yell leaders. We had six boys in basketball and five in baseball, two in 4-H, three band members and seven in chorus. Our class had charge of the coke machine this year, and we sold at all the home games. OFFICERS President: Shirley Poore Vice President: Marvin Matney Secretary: Mary Garvin Treasurer: Peggy King Class Sponsor: Mrs. Leakey ll st.. 'Q fn. 4' Perry Frost 1 555 it in Delmar Razor Don Davis Carolyn Vaughn fnfsumfn Diane Kellam X . '9' sift 1 5 V D7 . s...,,J . N . janet Garvin I .-' WP' 1 K in Lg f 5v:b, Don Wright 'T' Lois New On September 1, 1953 twelve green freshmen entered New Lisbon High School. One of our most exciting moments was initiation planned by the Seniors. We had several class parties. Donald Davis represented us as one of the yell leaders and Diane Kellam was elected queen of the fall festival. We sold popcorn at all the ball games. Most of the boys played on the basketball team. President ............. .... P erry Frost Vice President ...... . . Delmar Razor Secretary-Treasurer . . . Donald Davis Class Colors ....... . . Green 8: Gold Class Flower ............ White Rose Bud Class Sponsor ............. Mrs. Leakey Class Motto "It is Better to Wear out than to Rust out." 12 -C' Mrs. Garver . fi ' -,-40. Phil Boyd .417 K Louise Alberts sc" :',, .ES s 'EK' Y.. is r N J - u Ray Allen Puckett EIGHTH n "1 .Q Q f 0. kai GRADE T Z., A Mr. Pierce, Sponsor, R. Atkinson, Pres., I. Werking, V-Pres., I. Hannen, Sec., M. Humphrey, Treas. L A. C, QT, A i V - ,L g, , 4 M -'IJ NJ ,K vt 'I 57' ,J ,W .5185 . X" .- - -J--r ' . - -L V -5 ke i ,. , B , M' . ' . C. Heiser, G. Roberts, J. Stearns, S. Watkins, D. Faucett, B. Disbro, G. Manifold, E. McCubbins. SEVENTH GRADE - I ff, 'ty N, D. Robertson, P. Wright, B. Garvin, D. Hallgarth, H. Atkinson. A 5445, .5 19 i rs k'V 3 va 1' D ...r , - C- , , 4 I -3-' .. 'S Q 'J v X ... Q, ... . P X 'H f ' S . X' H. Meadows, I. Runyan, C. Carpenter, L. Bruton, P. Sebring, D. Nation, H. King. SIXTH , - . an 1 ,-6 f -' GRADE 1 .3 yo A 5, j 1 -s , i A Mrs. Herr, Teacher, J. Humphrey, R. Manifold, B. Peacock. I' x x f taunt. ,rv 81. ' ' xf'Y X ,Elf Kg -.2 x,, X in lk .'nL ft J. Stearns, J. Nation, G. White, J. Razor, K. Puckett, J. Baumgartner. FIFTH , . ,. 4 "' rg rg, Q. -. . 'O ',, v GRADE f L. Q S S 'K A . . . . - x ax- ,, , '1 , L. Crim, R. Ford, H. Heiser, I. Kellam, D. Macy. R. McCubbins, J. McKee, J. New, P. Osborn, L. Semler, D. White. ,X 6 xi R Q A . f-A X 13 X Foulm-I ,Z Q, .,,, ,, -p 0' ggnngg R A la 1.f?l.f.as1l,,A Mrs. Baker, Teacher, K. Atkinson, B. Osborn, E. Ford, J. Nation. H- hw. lm ,K ' Q. Vu- ?"4g5 4 V' 5 t I ' " ' , B '- 9' ' if 5 .At . . -.1 A to ' 13. L A f .xiii .-:sn J. Garvin, J. Puckett, B. Hunt, G. Paul, B. Semler, G. Gentry, J. Carpenter. THIRD GRADE " N' l fe Q, if X in K 0 Ii. ,A , - -' 4 lp' N' -T Q 1' ,ik 1 in Kr HX 4' C .-+9 df rw ,tai f M. Werking, B. Sweigart, I. Baumgartner, D. Hedrick, G. Abrams, J. Humphrey, C. Waters, D.-Sebring. SECOND GRADE ,r"'ii ai: T5 -ti AAL -C3244 A Mrs. SITl3U6Y.Teacher, K. Boyd, O. Main, M. Vaughn we . '-"' ""' A' is "' 'P - A X ,A W , M V ,. .,,,, -,., ... V s ys 4 sm Y' Ig! .4 E .. 1 1' I 'Q 4 .. I. Turner, K. Carpenter, C. Herr, A. Helser, M. Razor. fs pm .st I fa ,Ln A Q , FIRST GRADE X ff- R R is i ' L f - iw f ' . . I Sw' As D. Stickelman, S. House, B. Barlow, J. Robertson, I. Reynolds- - f- G , ' -Q- Q R B ,Q . .Q ., . .V s -fs ...L "IFJ f' 'jg' ' ' I V ' -9 - C , , f ' 5,4 D- WBTHDICI. E. Kellam, R. Engle, I. Swelgart, I. Turner, D. Ragan. 14 :gi Q f Q11 fm-egsiigxgl da??ff Q - I . . X M A :Q Es? if .fu 5-Q54 5 ills A LIE 5 Good Old QUIUEI1 PUIE days Q I l It M ystack f 1 6 6 0 I WHS Yau were mv Y u wma an my sim WHEN WG WEN QE i3w3'f5 ?i BAND We started the year with 20 mem- bers, from the 6th grade through the 12th grade, with Mr. Smolik as our director. August 29th, the Dudley Township Band went to the State Fair to take part in the Centennial Parade. During the year we played for the Farm Bureau meeting, and marched at several ball games. We sponsored a Variety Show, and entered the District Contest. The Band Parents sponsored a Smor- gasboard at Straughn to raise money for honor sweaters and new uniforms. To complete the year we played for the various closing activities of our school. Ruth Ann Herr and Betty Stringer received honor sweaters. The Junior Class had two members, Jarelyn Hanen and Ralph Snow, who received honor ,A , ' .str i T' -B. Neva Lisbon pins. B Band CHORUS 1952-1953 This year our chorus had twenty -one students enrolled, with Miss Ethel Reavis as our director. There was a group of members selected to repre- sent us to sing in the State Fair Choral Festival. We gave a minstrel show which was to help raise money for our choir robes. We raffled a pair of pillow cases and sold sandwiches to raise money also. The mothers met in February to decide on our robes. The choir took part in the county music festival. We also sang for Baccalaureate.Altogether, we had a 'ery fine year. Mr. Smolik Intermediate Band "1 V117 4-H CLUB HISTORY OF 1951-'I952 Our 4-H year began with 17 members and with Mrs. Aldred as leader. We started our year with the election of the following officers: President, Jarelyn Hanen: Vice-President, Barbara Pence: Secretary, Linda I-leiser: Assistant Secretary, Jean Ann Hanen: Treasurer, Lila McCubbinsg Recreation Leader, Joanna Werkingg Health 8: Safety Leader, Goldie Hollopeter: Reporter, Esther McCubbins. These officers then attended officers training school at Spiceland. The Junior Leaders were as follows: Linda Heiser, Jarelyn Hanen, Lila McCubbins, Barbara Pence, and Goldie Hollopeter, who attended Junior Leader meetings during the summer. Jean Ann Hanan, Linda Heiser, Darlene Nation, Deloris Faucett, Goldie Hollopeter, Julie Hollopeter, and Bar bara Pence entered the judging contest. Jarelyn and Linda gave a Senior Demonstration and Gail Manifold gave a Junior Dem onstration. Gail received a blue ribbon. Barbara Pence repre sented us at the Girls' State Fair School. Gail Jean was selected to take her can of beets to the State Fair. yn..- Altogether we had a very successful year. BOOSTER CLUB We organized a booster club this year, and although we have only sixteen members, we can make a lot of noise. Officers are as follows: President: Ruth Anne Herr, Vice President: Jarelyn Hanen, Secretary: Barbara Jean Pence, Treas- urer: Zella Mae Carpenter. The rest of the members are Janet Garvin, Lois New, Dianne Kellam, Phyllis Boyd, Linda Heiser, Mary Garvin, Rose Ann Hays, Louise Alberts, Carolyn Vaughn, Anne Wilkinson, Grace Davis and Ronald Curnutt. The yell leaders are Peggy King, Betty Stringer and Donald Davis. Our sponsor is Mrs. Garver and our co-sponsor is Mrs. Leakey. 16 Left to right W Poore Manager R Kline Coach B King S Poore, W. Wilkinson, R. Snow D Bur BASKETBALL Those receiving honor sweaters are Garvin, Wilkinson Huddleston and Poore QStudent Manager.J Mt. Summit Moorelana Straughn Cadiz Webster Kennard Milton Sulphur Springs Lewisville Saratoga Lewisville Cadiz Mt. Summit Kennard Sulphur Springs Moorelancf Straughn Daleville Second Team R. Kline, C. Hunt, M. Matney, B. Atkinson, B. Smith, G. Parkhurst W. Poore, Manager. Junior High Team Frontrowg Left to right: Disbro, Robertson, King, Carpenter, Sebring, Humphrey. Back row: Roberts, Atkinson, Meadows, Garvin, Watkins. BASEBALL Those receiving bars for honor sweat- ers are: Huddleston, Burchett, and King. 1952-53 Left to right: Roy Kline Coach, G. Stearns, G. Parkhurst, M. Matney, B. Smith, D. Burchett, W. Poore. Front: C. Hunt, B. Atkinson, B. King, F. Huddleston, R. Snow, P. Poore. Bat boy: J. Garvin. 18 r JUNIOR PLAY The class of '53 for its Junior play, presented a comedy entitled "Pleased Ta Meet 'cha". A stolen neck- lace, a game of murder, and Elmer Hicks with his yellow shoes and watermelon preserves, proved to be more than enough to keep the audience wide awake and interested. The members of the cast were: Rose Hays as Martha Bixby, the mother: Wade Wilkinson as Henry Bixby, the father: Betty Stringer as Betty Bixby, their daughter: Ruth Herr as Marie, the maid: Fred Huddleston as Elmer Hicks: Jack Garvin as Beevy, the de- tective: Don Burchett as Archie Pomeroy, one of Betty's boy friends: Bill King as Andrew Grimes, a guy who claims to be a detective: Barbara Pence as Helen Maxwell, a girl friend of Betty's: Jarelyn Hanen as Ruth Adams, another girl friend: Ray Hall as Howard Wills, a boy friend: Ralph Snow as Binks, the butler. The play was under the direction of Mrs. E. Aldred. SENIOR PLAY A mystery entitled "Hobgoblin House" was presented on October 31 under the direction of Mrs. Millikan. Characters were: Darius Krupp QDon Burchettj the old caretaker of Hobgoblin House: Miss Priscilla Carter fRuth Herrj the present owner of the house: Marian Carter QPeggy Kingy Priscilla 's niece: Jill Carter QBetty Stringerj Marian's younger sister: Frank Harlow fWade Wilkinson! Marian's fiance: Jack Loring QBlll Kingj Iill's fiance: Susan Parkins fBarbara Pencel the "Henglish 'ousekeeper": Henry Goober QFred Huddlestonj the darky gardener: Delilah Worts QRose Haysy the darky cook: Bluebeard Bronson fwendell Poorey an escaped maniac: Bill Wilkins fRayHallJ,his keeper: The Headless Phantom QPhyllis Rigglej the ghost whose head is found hanging in a closet. -an-L.:-lui Potato Chips? 3x 4Y 76 Thanks Herb. What s Cooklng ? Ouch, my finger! II Who 's holding up the line? The Wheels A SIlICh xn ume A-I' , 'N311 -.N- Iust Wait! I Debits- -Credits--Accounts Receivable Just Call Me Three Fingers!! Now I'1l tell you it's like this? Shut the window this draft is getting me 1'?'fH.ll A Mistake 1I1 ,fit 5, If J gn Xb f 'Ili lvl' X V l f 'A' TAATM, , I 5 . Y 4 , sua y I ' A 1 5' ' AJ 7 t :ks Of? 'N ff' -'I-xx 'I LX' 1 This page is dedicated America. ARMY: NAVY: AIR FORCE: K xp 4, 'O . xx xox f,, X . Sl it 'if 1 1, '11, A ff' 5 , 1 , . 0 Y . -xv 1 sf .15 5 j, .3 mx X . Ev I .,u...l-I, 5 N 1 - UNITED STATES ARMY to the Graduates of New Lisbon High School, now serving in the Armed Forces of Pvt. Jack Reed Pfc. Robert Thompson Cpl. Paul Thompson Pvt. Eugene Query Raymond Kellam Curtis Crabtree lack Carrol James Hoover Pfc. James Miller Sgt. Charles Werking A llc Sgt. Ira P. Snow , f .r. .4 . . g Pvt Sgt Pvt Pvt Harold Query Gerald Riggle William Coon William Bremer Roy E. Thompson Robert L. Herr Albert L. Brenner Clifford Parkhurst Sgt. Bobby G. Loveless A llc James Meeks A llc John Meeks A .N , ,Q -. , if, f . X 4 T, .5 , .f" r . , 3 gf? f' gg. g Ms fb.. Y' A A -Q. .5 1. 5. . I f T T .... 55 p Q xffmk - K: . 'I ' A T.-J" 'Y R P. ' . ' l gs- , fr.. A -NI 'mv 'M ' . xiffiixa 3 . ,. ' A ' ' il 4 f ' .fgh-3 ,68 3 fag J , . Q V .V 4 ..,f. .. M A ' 1: - HALL OF FAME Best Looking ------------- Prettiest Eyes ------------- Most Likely to Succeed - Prettiest Smile ----------- Best Dressed -- - Friendliest ----- - - - Best Date ------- - - - Most Ambitious - -- Most Popular ------- - - - Best Actress 8: Actor -- Worst Night Owl ------ Cutest - -------- -- Merriest ----------- ------ Most Sophisticated Senior Iolliest Junior ------------- Silliest Sophomore -------- Freshest Freshman - -- Peggy King ------ ------- Mary Garvin ---- -- Don Burchett --Jack Garvin Jarelyn Hanen --- --- Bill McKee Janet Garvin Mary Garvin ----- -- Imogene Loveless Ruth Anne Herr ----- - - - Sue McKee ----- -- Don Burchett --- -- Don Burchett -Garris Stearns -Don Burchett Jarelyn Hanen --- --- Bill McKee Peggy King --- Betty Stringer - - - - - Betty Stringer --- --- Peggy King --- Ruth Herr Mary Garvin -- Betty Stringer --- Zella Carpenter - Sue McKee ----- Carolyn Vaughn - Garris Stearns - "Red" Poore Russel Curnutt --Jack Garvin Shirley Poore --Jack Garvin Garris Stearns --- Bob Smith Delmar Razor 1 IT S ALL YOURS We the Senxors of 1953 being of sound mrnd do hereby bequeath our great possesslons to the followrng underclassmen Ruth Anne Herr wrll my abtlrty to wtn typmg pms to Garrls Stearns Wendell Poore wrll my ability to drive to Delmar Razor BE CAREFULI I Barbara Jean Pence wtll my seat rn the assembly to any one rt ftrs I Fred Huddleston wlll my herght and btg feet to Brlly Joe Dtsbro Betty Strmger wrll my yell leadmg abthty to Garrts Stearns in case he forgets how to play bal1""'P'7'P'P I Don Burchett wrll my curly hau' to Don Davis Keep it curled always! I Wade Wtlktnson will my abthty to get bookkeeping to any one who wants to keep books I Jack Garvin wlll my apron to the oncoming boys who tntend to take Home To thrs our last will and testament having been read and approved m witness of Mrs Milltkan our Class Attorney we now set our hand and seal and descend the steps of New Llsbon l-hgh School for the last trme f 1 ZW l I' ' . . . I . . . I, . . . Q . n . . n I: Ray Hall, will my ability to do dishes to Robert Sebring. Ec. I ' 1 ' x xv X X x N X xxx I lx N ff. ,X 1 W 24 RQ f ,, 2: . , fulfil , 1 . 'o l-.L 5 . ! A - lr. Rggfs ..,. QR? 7 lo., I j"f'f2 A . 'Q .5 FMT' , 4,,,.- , School oays, school days Good old golden RBHCHHI Tiling Taught IB tho to FV SUCK I WHS YOU? U8S1'lfU1, U3I'EfDOI UBEU YDU WBFE ITIY Q81 in CBHCD WHEN W WE You wrote my 1' 6 o,you so' DRINK 1 Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc NEW CASTLE, IND. At All Times it 's Doug's Drive Inn Stat Road 3 8: 38 for Better Sandwiches Complete Soda Fountain Service "Meet You At Doug's" "Let's Go Where the Crowd Goes" Best Wishes from the Harris Stock Yards Cambridge City, Indiana O. B. McCullough Real Estate 8: Insurance Federal and State Income Tax Consultant Phone 37942 Dublin, Ind. Compliments of Ray Do11's Grocery Dublin, Indiana Best Wishes from Peoples State Bank Cambridge City, Ind. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp New Lisbon Telephone Company George Wilson, President Warren Herr, General Manager William Hyter, Lineman Newby-Paul Mobile Service Station Wheel Balancing Car Washing NEW CASTLE, IND. Ph. 1142 Free Parking for Customers Schuffmarfs FURNITURE STORE Serving Henry County for More Than 40 Years Complirnents of I-I. and K. Furniture Co. NEW LISBON INDIANA FOR FINE FURNITURE Floyd Leaky Home Store GENERAL MERCHANDISE PHONE 2102 Paul's Texaco Service Sky Chief Fire Chief Havoline Motor Oils Marfak Lubrications Wave Wash Automatic Car Washing Spray Glaze NEW CASTLE. INDIANA TELEPHONE 1025 25TH AND BROAD ST. Get the habit of going to the Redelman's Store first Plenty of free parking-Store Hours 7:30-5:00 Monday thru Saturday Closed Wednesday Noon Hardware, paints, dry goods 1826 GRAND AVENUE Wayside Gift Shop 2017 Cherrywood Avenue NEW CASTLE. INDIANA Shop here and save as Gifts for all occasions Art. flowers, Jewelry, Toys, Unpainted plagues, 8: etc Fischels Jewelers 1320 Broad St. Diamonds Watches Jewelry For All Stinson's Office Equipment and Luggage 115 North Main St. Phone 3000 New Castle ROYAL TYPEWRITERS Bank with the Citizens State Bank New Castle Lewisville Spiceland Mt. Summit Member of F. D. I. C. You can afford a PACKARD "If we appraise your trade in!" Modern Packard Sales "On The Ridge" 1540 Broad St. New Castle Ph. 91 Sidney E. Baker Agency General Insurance 1409 Race St. New Castle Phone 58 "The Family Market" 2702 Broad St. New Castle Fresh Vegetables Groceries Meats Wayne Feeds Best Wishes from Cutshaw Super Market Cambridge City, Indiana Compliments of the Henderson Store Cambridge City, Indiana Miller Dairy Ice Cream and Dairy Products Cambridge City, Indiana Morris, Inc. Dry Goods Furnishings Men's Work Clothing Floor Coverings Window Shades Venetion Blinds Awnings Hoover Cleaners Phone 35261 Cambridge City "Friends of the Students" Wilson Brothers Music Store 1504 Grand Avenue Ballard Ice Hardware "The Friendly Store" P1'101'1e 634 1310 Broad St. New Castle, Indiana Phone 300 New Castle Gasoline-Oil -Road Service Compliments of Lamberson Marathon 18th and Grand New Castle Ph. l02'I Bouslogs Appliances New Castle, Ind. Phone 63 Rose City Millinery "for beautiful hats" 1308 Broad St. New Castle Phone 647 Semlers D. X. Service 14th and Fleming Where NEW LISBON people meet in NEW CASTLE Clifts Shoe Store 1310 Broad Street New Castle, Indiana 'IFAMOUS FOR QUALITY" Compliments of Rita Anne Shoppe New Castle lackson Auto Sales "Quality Used Cars" l'Ith and Broad St. New Castle Ph. 333 1 Your mother's wedding ring came from Edwards - Jeweler 33 years in New Castle Caty's D. X. Service Station "Road Service" Grand and 21st St. New Castle, Indiana Phone 1083 Harmon H. Hoy Jeweler New Castle, Indiana Sun Glo Service Station 1602 Broad St. Phone 1179 New Castle, Ind CPete Shepherd-Managerj W. E. Osborn Co. Plumbing-Heating-Electrical 212 S. 14th St. New Castle Compliments of LLOYD BEALL Mens Wear Meet your friends at the Burger Basket Plate lunches-Mon. thru Thu. 65c Chicken Dinner Sl.O0 Corner Broad and Main Street Burger Basket plus 5C drink - 40c Marson I ewelry Store Diamoncls-- Watches- Jewelry Wallpaper Cambridge City, Indiana Best Wishes from Westem Auto Cambridge City, Ind W. F. Iohnson "Your Jeweler" Diamonds-Watches-Jewelry Z5 years in Cambridge City Phone 31151 Hilbert F. Iones your Pontiac Dealer Cambridge City Phone 37461 Compliments of I ohn Deere Farm Implements Cambridge City, Indiana Ohmit's Store Fu rnitu re--Hardware Groceries Cambridge City Best Wishes from Mac's Farm Store Cambridge City Compliments of Howard Sz Son FUNERAL HOME Cambridge City, Indiana D' d' R t t imon s es auran Bundy Brothers "A Good Place To Eat" , for furniture NO BEER-FOUNTAIN SERVICE K- P- Building Cambridge City, Indiana Cambridge City Best Wishes Rihm's Market from Frozen Food Lockers Becker Greenhouse Cambridge City, Ind. Cambridge City Doc Van's Wampus Room Pl11ll1pS Shoe Store and Repalr Home Made Soup 8: Sandwiches "Shoes for the Family" Recreation, Ping-Pong, Basketball 129 West Main Cambridge City Dancing Cambridge City Indiana C 1' t f th omp lmen S O e Welsh Darling Square Deal Hardware BARBER SHOP Cambridge City, Indiana Cambridge City Gifts Books Radios Printing Phonographs Stationery Greeting Cards Office Equipment 'The Century Press" 212 South Main New Castle Horney's Fine Musical Instruments 1215 Race St. Phone 1184 New Castle Pianos, Band Instruments Sheet Music, Records Television Courtesy of Stanley Mortuary Norris Crawford New Castle Indiana Phone 376 "24 Hour Ambulance Service" Ramsey Auto Sales the home of Oldsmobile Sales 8: Service Life time guaranteed used cars New Castle, Indiana Phone 2594 and 3154 New Lisbon: We are glad to have played in your streets when a Van's Dance Studio 212 South 12th St. youngster' New Castle, Indiana Claude Stanely Classes in all styles of dancing for General Finance Corporation Children and Adults New Castle Phone 2462 Residence 2701 -J Unger SI Stapleton Broad St. "READY FLAME" of the fBottled Gash for Home Heating--Cooking-Hot Water Refrigeration Phone 751 New Castle Complete Sales 8c Service in "BOTTLED GAS" News Republican New Castle, Ind. Luellen Sporting Goods "Complete Sports Market" MoCubbins Garage New Lisbon ll7 N. Main Phone 372 New Castle, Indiana Phon 2059 Complimen George W. Wilson Of Insurance and Bonds New Lisbon Kellam Implement Sz Supplies Ph. 2408 New Lisbon New Lisbon Welding and Machine Shop Curlett Food Market 1549 Broad St. New Castle, Ind. "Builders of Farm Equipment" John Ragan Telephone New Lisbon, Ind. New Lisbon 2356 Compliments of Batsons Service Station Cox Garage Arc or Acetylene Welding Motor Rebuilding Mobile Gas and Oil Phone 25-Millville Cinderella Gift Sr Beauty Salon Wood Motors H M G Florence urst ary ard SALES AND SERVICE Marilyn Moore P1'lI'le 5-3535 and 27 Cambridge City Indiana Knightstown Spiceland C l' t omp lmen S D. W. Grossman Of Realtor IVICCOIIIlaClC Cate Farms Town Properties Knightstown, Indiana Compliments of Cambridge Feed Mills, Inc. M f f Durham 81 Company anu acturers o Cambridge Feeds 8: Supplements of Dunrieth, Indiana D011 Smith, PreS- C. L. Personette 81 Son D. X. SERVICE IVIYGIJS and IVIOIOIS "FORD'S OUT FRONT" Fish Produce-Meats Phone 3141 348 Walnut State Roads 3 and 40 Tele. 5-Fll Hagerstown, Indiana Fisher Mortuary Cambridge City, Iidiana Phone 35151 Bond Sales Company Television-Radio-Appliances Hot-Point , Admiral, RCA Cambridge City, Indiana Allen Chevrolet Corporation Cambridge City, Ind. Phone 37931 Compliments of Hubers Cafe Cambridge City, Ind. Yukon Ice Cream our specialties MALTS FRENCH FRI ES HAMBURGERS ICE CREAM "We make our own Ice Cream" Forest H. Meek -Florist- New Castle, Indiana Phone 234 Stringer Appliance Sparton Television Phone 3950 New Lisbon Bennett's Grocery 25th and Grand Ave. New Castle, Ind. Schifis Shoe Store Nationally Advertised Shoes at lowest prices Corner 14th and Broad Phone 1146 New Castle Rinehart's William Motor Sales SERVICE STATION Cadillac and Pontiac D-X Gasoline D-X Motor Oil Lubrication-tires-Accessories Tel. lll5 Corner Broad 8: Zlst Sales 8: Service 1109 Broad St. h l 4 New Castle P one S Compliments Compliments of A of C. O. Batson Tapscotts Lewisville Ph. 4-F21 Of Course Cliff Payne Sells the Clothes Rust Motor Sales Kelvinator Refrigerators Hudson Cars VANCES 1. F. IRVINE f Standard Service Station 238 East Main Street Knightstown, Indiana State Road 3 and 38 24 YEARS Answering the Needs of Young Men and Young Women To Obtain a Thorough Business Training and to Find Suitable Jobs Pau1's Service and Supply Day and Night School New Castle Business College "The Home of Opportunities" 1811 Broad St. Phone 705 Phone 3075 New Lisbon E. E. Dillon, Manager Millville Grain Company Purity Feed Pence Flour Cement Poultry Supplies REYNOLDS GROCERY Grain Seeds Fence Posts Salt Lime Groceries Paints Drain Tile Meats Coal Galvanized Roofing Water Tanks Hog Waterers OIL AND GAS Q Phone New Lisbon 3288 Grinding and mixing our speciality Straughn R. R. 4 New Castle, Indiana Compliments of the Henry County Farm Bureau Coop. Assn. Inc. New Castle Straughn Spiceland Lewisville BRANDENBURG FURS ....,. 31.00 NEW CASTLE LAUNDRY .... JOHNSON CLEANERS ..... . 1.00 COURIER TIMES ........... ARNOLD JEWELRY .... . . . 1.00 BRITTIANS CIGAR STORE . PLAZA MEN'S SHOP . . . . . . 1.00 DIXIE BEAUTY SHOP. . . . . . , . 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 Perfect Circle Manufacturers of Piston Rings and Power Service Products Jornsk 'V f-1. 5 rrnrrcr ,H .L craft: is , . 0 Q ity, gr An Indiana Industry Since 1895 Periect Circle Corporation Hagerstown, Richmond, New Castle, Tipton, Indiana, U.S.A. Subsidiaries: Muskegon, Michigan and Toronto Ontario. Canada I Ii- .- ...I I .,II I.- I I ,I L I'ILm' fl 'S-I-EW? . . -Fl-I II. J-I' -h- If J-I I II -I I -III n I I I t I ' II ' l ' II I I I I 1 n I L I 1 I ' I L I. IL' I I I F' ' I I I IlJ I I I - I I I I I ' I I I I l'I' I MI. .I- I . I .-I I. I I ' I I 1 ,.. II I I I I I I Apr.. . I I II ' -II I III 1 'I t1 T' 'L I I I I I I I , .'iI-...Q I3 B. '1 I I I.' -I "' in: . . . . H3 r I. '15"r-.'- . "4 1 I- .J ' ""l' E. ' ' ' I , I "I ' I. . - I Il I I I I IJ I ' 'I I .'II- I I

Suggestions in the New Lisbon High School - Nu Lisannial Yearbook (New Lisbon, IN) collection:

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