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.LGU 5 1U This is our story --yours and mine-- NU LISANNIAL '51 presented by N L H S Studio Producer ------ ---"' "" ' "" GSQPSB M' Small Director ------ -------- --------' IHS M- LGHKSY Assistant directors: D. Clark, N. Aldred, E. Reavis, R. Palmer, C. Smolik, R. Meier, - L. Stoudt, M. Baker, and 0. Harkness. STARRING Howard Hamm Joan Huddleston Bobbie J. King Vivian Loveless Jeanette Matney Thelma McLean Eugene Query Gerald Smith Ronald Thompson D0r1s Watkins Q kb 'Suggortigg Cast Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen Starlets Grade Students This is our story--at cork and at play, in classes and at extra-curricular activities. It is a true account of the days of our year September 1 1950--Hs 4 1951 . , y , 85 41 10 lfl'l6t l fel' TRUSTEE John Reynolds ADVISORY OARD Arthur Fowler David Lilly Carroinsmalley 'WF ww-"""" A V, ,AW W.,,,.,,....N--w--W-A ' "W ' ,,.,.f-"' Zffx , fe-:aan In sawfff.v 5 OUR SPONSOR meckcafion We, the Seniors of 1951, would like to dedicate this annual to our sponsor, Mrs. lna Mae Leakey, who, through our four years of high school has given us gui dance and friendship. Nhen our days were darkest she always brightened them with her gay sense of humor and practical advice, which has been very inspiring. We affectionately dedicate this volume of the NuLisannia1 to you, Mrs.Leakey. ADMINI ST RATICDN 2 I 5 4 1 ova PRINCIPAL 0I"2lfUOI" Another school year is coming to a close! You seniors will soon be out of school and absorbed into the com- munity. Congratulations and best wishes! All this should remind us of a never-ending responsi- bility to our public schools. Preserve and cherish your school system. Should it be changed, our nation will lose one of 1t's last bulwarks of freedom. You must keep the America we have known. Become an active school patron. Support Amerlcanlsm in the voting booth. The only way to retain our freedom is to earn it daily.--George M. Small. WA . .. iff w , l!fgAfRQj r Robert Meier'fi""'4' fffba! M' .S. Ball State B.S. Indiana University 4 ag 5 ,4g,4,,,4 ' Ethel Reavis Nondes Aldred-AQ, ' af., 'B.S. Bali state B.s. Indiana Universin 'A-.hw-i' George Sma11 M M.S. indiana Universit ' " 4' '7 fn" na-L X orothy Clark na Mae Leakey A. B. Taylor University A.u. indiana University Carl Smolik was absent when the picture was taken. Ctdllgy Robert Meier Leora Stoudt indiana University Earlham College Huntington College arguerite baker Opal Harkness gall State Muskingum College Ohio Northwestern University MM Wy... SE IURS m IBD iN R : A BOBBIE JEANNE KING President 5,4 Yell Leader 3,4 Silver Typing Pin 3 Chorus 1,2 F. H. A. 2 Nu Lisannial, activity editor Jimtown Journal Staff 4 Weasnful Bobby' 3 mGert1e's Unclen 4 CLASS OFFICERS President---Bobbie Jeanne King Vice-President ----- Howard Hamm Sec.-Treas.---Jeannette Natney QEQSS COLORS Rose and White FLOWER Rose T0 night we launchg where shall we anchor? DORLS WATKINS Secretary-Treasurer 2 Secretary 5 Silver Typing Pin 5,4 Chorus 1,2 Nu Lisannial, sales manager Jimtown Journal Staff 4 HBashfu1 Bobbyu 5 HGertie's Uncleu 4 New Castle Business College RONALD THOMPSON Student Manager 4 Basketball 2,5 Baseball 2,5 Nu Lisannial, sports editor H3ashful Bobbyu 5 HGertie's Unclen VlVIAN D. LOVLLMSS Treasurer 5 Gold Typing Pin 5,4 Nu Lisannial, feature writer Jimtown Journal Staff 4 Njashful Bobbyn 5 HGertie's Uncleu 4 New Castle B1siness College MARJORLA JOAN HUDQLBSTON Booster Club 4 Nu Lisannial, picture editor Jimtown Journal Staff 4 NBashful Bobbyn 5 HGertie's Unclen 3 HOWARD HAMM President 2 Vice-president 4 Basketball 2,5,4 Baseball 1,2,3,4 Nu Lisannial, advertising editor Haashful Bobbyn 3 HGertie's Unclen 4 JEANNETTE LOUISE MATNEY Secretary-Treasurer 1,4 Vice-president 2 Silver Typing Pin 3 Gold Typing Pin 4 Chorus 1,2 F. H. A. 2 Nu Lisannial, editor Jimtown Journal Staff 4 HBashful Bobbyn 5 HGertie's Unclen 4 GERALD SMITH President 1 Basketball l,2,5 Baseball l,2,5,4 Nu Lisannial, sales manager H5 HBashful Bobby NGertie'5 Unclen 4 THLLMA MCLLAN ollver Typlng Pln Chorus 2 4 H Club 5 Booster Club 4 Nu Lisannial, activity editor Jimtown Journal Staff Mt. Summit l year HBashful Bobbyn 5 UGertie's Uncleu 4 PAUL EUGENE QUERY Basketball 1,2,5,4, Baseball l,2,5,4 Nu Lisannial, spo HBashfu1 Bobbyn 5 HGertie's Unclen rts editor 4 4 1 4 rm f 3 , H 4 4 v 'ff Q 'IJ 1-Q! I , 1 ,vvi I 655, E 1 1 , W. 1 ,Y 3:53 ' 55 Ffzff X A, firi- :.' 13.31-7, .f,,j'w . Qi' . ' Ei," . V, H -'H . V . ' M' - . .- ,fy-: W, ., 1 . ,bg - ,.w:f2v,5e ff., gf.: g' 3gg'g'lJ "i1 . ' pf, - 4 f , gg: ,r 1 .1 'Q M? nga -wif , , ., .,!1.3j,5,1- - Vi-TQ ff" ' gj ,,,4,X.g,?H1ff " N-, ,Q ml ,mi A, .h 1, ,G ,QR .W .Mi A . .V fi , 595321-ififiefQ:s.':T:12,'1,,,? gif Q , f."'1V2'f , fgru' -'wi f5"wfZ21 'ff , . Yi' w .- gm -j - , , ,gk S' ff" -' '5','7K"'-'QS-157 -:VET - 311 2 .1 ll! H -?'iy'i'm'gg3!i'S1f?fEF is! :Exif if V , '31f2'-Q -. 11 13:-7',J-V, , ' F9 V' 395 is v gA "?'Er.' ,fx-"Cf ' , , 'w ' ' ,' kg" ifra., ,, rf. " " 1 , ' - ' 'Af' 'fu ' -1 ' ,Y' Q , 1 , fw gffiij,-liys-.'Ln , S, K 1, , -" - 5 - - 1, A . - :J V 3 -' , K RISK , A ' ' L 7 ff LN, - wwf H -- ' ,,g, 1151 wiv ,.,,,"f3fi,, M1 - .5 wg w1'.11.,, - stuff , Us '33 "f'.T"f' - 5, i ,x K fu -f ,: f1,e:w.,2z,1ggg 21. 3, gf A A A , .lp-V -,fbi-13,43 . .- -pf L Vg ' , 3755 f is, ,Q ,gpg-', f 1 afgb- '5-1..Mi23T1-, 1 N f , 2 ,-, , 1-rw---1 2 i EAL, 4 z 5. f2,ff,9g,,, A A gp ' ' ' if' - ' ff T'f235.fQQ 1 f gif , 5 , , .' id-5n,f '.'.,Q?' 'S - ' . -mi S.1g:+,,?,:e1:25,':- w , 1.-f. 1 - 4A .5 7-4,-.H+..l ,BJP I K N1 , ,. V yyu, ,351 F' i .,,, J., i 5 fy' -Q" , ' f-. df: ' -- 'L . Y ,Y J' ' W 2'1" ,fy .. W 3" I i .Q - . ,yfgfw 'JP , fa" . Gi ,111 Jil' 3 ' i' 'A '43h5gvf- 1-., , WN, v - fp f iz-51 gg. VJ :Sf , - ' A 95405. 5 fn ilu' . 'S ' f. -9,-. '- 'A is " il K,-lilialwl. , N54 'iff P ff V 1 aff Ajit M-Q5 - H. 1, .x ,VI . - W '- H11 'lil'-21,1 -4' Y :Wi . 91 L' 1' 5 ffxi ff t 0 I 135: ge, if A 55. M - 2. 13 I, ,. if fmi ' if 1:1 EF ' Syl E 5 f . 1 .V I., 1 w 5 - -+4-.N .gg vi' My -F' an . x 042186 L Snior GAIM, ,Mabry Freshman: The class of '51 entered New Lisbon High School in 1947 with an enrollment of 12. Later ,ye were joined by J. C. McCubbins, of New Castle. the most exciting event, of course, was our initiation. We were then full-fledged members of New Lisboh nigh School. Our big social event of the year was the Freshman Hallowe en Party. We were the first to decide that while we were having fun we could also make money from the Hallowe'en Party by having a carnival Queen and a big old-fashioned Square Dance. We enjoyed a class party just before Christmas. In another event we were first--to sponsor a skating party at New Castle Hollerena. We sold popcorn at the basketball games. sophomores: We started our second year with 12 mem- bers. Clarence Barnes joined us from Straughng and we lost Ruby Rains, who moved to Sulphur 'Springs, and sponsored a skating party and had a big high school party. Everyone came and had lots of fun. We ordered our class rings and sweaters and were very proud whenl we received them later in the year. To-increase our funds we sold cokes. Juniors: We lost 2 members of our class during this summer. Clarence Enrnes enlisted in the Air Force and J. C. McCubbins joined his father as a mechanic at the garage. This year we planned a series of square dances to raise money. Another event was our Junior play nmshful Bobby." We took the Seniors on a trip to incinnati and later had dinner at the Mound Hotel at Brookville, We worked hard all year selling con- cessions at the county tourney and thinking up other ventures to increase our fund for the Trip East. Seniors :W The End at last: We have arrived at our des tination--Seniors--with lO members. ,We produced our Senior play, "Gertie's Uncle," and worked hard for our big event--The Junior-Senior Trip East. We had a wonderful time and saw some of the great historic places that we had studied in school. Ve also started a new project on Arbor Day, by planting a tree and our class flower, the rose, in the Athletic Field with appropriate ceremony. Uur extra curricular activities were initiating the freshman, presenting the Christmas program, publishing the Jimtown Journal and the Nu Lisannial. The climax of the year was Baccalaureate services and Commencement. 'Today we walk slowly down the halls of New Lisbon high School for the last look over the past and go formawonderingjwmt the future holds for us.--DLW STATIQS HOWARD HAUM Nickname: Howdy Pastime: Seeing the funny side Virtue: Watching television Vice: Getting in on time Wants tothe: A farmer Likely to be: In the Army Characteristic: Witty JOAN HUDDLESTON Nickname: Jo Pastime: Riding horses Virtue: Truthfulness Vice: Very particular Wants to be: Farmer's wife Likely to be: Just that Characteristic: Independent BOBBIE JEANNE KING Nickname: Bobbie J Pastime: Working bookkeeping virtue: Making good grades vice: Being in a good mood Wants to be: Office worker Likely to be: Farmer's wife Characteristic: Dependable JEANETTE MATNEY Nickname: Jeanie Pastime: Working at home virtue: Quiet disposition vice: Being on time Wants to be: A model - Likely to be: A housewife Characteristic: Amiable VlV1AN LOVELESS Nickname: Viv I Pastime: Making good grades Virtue: Making the Honor Roll Vice: Working bookkeeping ahead Wants to be: Office worker and wife Likely to be: Wife and office worker Characteristic: Pleasant ' T 1 C S THELMA MCLEAN Nickname: Mac Pastime: Dreaming Virtue: Pep Vice: Having a temper Wants to be: Office worker Likely to be: Married Characteristic: Speedy EUGENE QUERY - Nickname: Gene A Pastime: Keeping the car running Virtue: Talking about N.J.K. Vice: Staying out late Wants to be: A farmer Likely to be: Married man Characteristic: Agreeable GERALD SMITH Nickname: Bud Pastime: Joyce Murphy virtue: Keeping gas in the car Vice: Teasing people Wants to be: Millionaire Likely to be: Farmer Characteristic: Mischievous RONALD THOMPSON Nickname: Ronnie Pastime: Being student manager virtue: Keeping on the job vice: Disagreeing with people Wants to be: A farmer Likely to be: With Uncle Sam Characteristic: Carefree DORlS WATKINS Nickname: Dottie Pastime: Working at the store virtue: Making good grades Vice: Teasing people Wants to be: Secretary Likely to be: An executiye Characteristic: Tempermental en iam M010 ec? lt was a great day for Hrs. Leakey when she put the last of her things in the suitcases and checked to see, for the tenth time, if her round-trip bus ticket to California was still in her purse. Before she knew it she was on her way, settled back in her seat relaxing, just looking out of the window. The bus was first scheduled- for Cincinnati where Mrs. Leakey planned to spend the day. She checked in at Q hotel, freshened up a bit, and went into the lobby td sit down and catch her breath. Just when she was lean- ing back, she noticed a television across the room. immediately she went over, tuned it in to the Ruth Lyon's Show, then went back to relax. A familiar face flashed over the screen. Mrs. Leakey thought for a minute, N1've got it, that's Thelma Mc- Lean, a student 1 use to have at New Lisbon High School. When the program was over, she went down to the radio station to have a chat with her. She ask Thelma if she had.seen or heard anything from the Class of '51 and she said that she hadn't. Aiter congradulating her on her success and bidding her good-by, Mrs. Leakey went back to her hotel to prepare for the trip on, as the bus left in the morning Ior Tex- SS. She was off again the next morning rather early. The bus was rolling along through Texas at top speed when Mrs. Leakey noticed the bus began to slow down. She raised herself up so as to see what was causing it to slow up and she saw a long line of semi-trucks, some having horses and others steers in them. -The bus pulled out and started around, then Mrs. Leakey noticed the writing on the side of the trucks HJoan's Rodeo.n 'When the bus passed across the road she saw a sign reading, HCome to the Rodeo! Just outside of Dal- las. See Joan and her widely known rodeo show.H Mrs. Leakey went to see the rodeo when the bus stopped over in Dallas. it was a very exciting show. Then ov- er the loud speaker she heard the man introduce the own- er and star rider of, Joan Huddleston. herself in person. This time Mrs. Leakey knew she was one of her students from the Class or '5l. She had to get back to town to catch the bus and so she didn't have time to talk to Joan but deep down she was very glad of her success. The bus reached California from Texas in fairly good time and her first move was to register at a hotel. She'rested, the remainder of the afternoon, had a good night's sleep and started out the next morning to look over the city of Hollywood. She was walking down through the business district and stopped to look at a beautiful show window of a large dress shop. She decid ed to buy herself a new dress and before going in she glanced up to look at the name of the shop and read a- loud to herself HBobbie King Dress Shop.n The name re- minded her of a girl she use to have in school. She en tered the shop and none other than the owner of the shop, Bobbie Jeanne King, came forward to wait on her. Mrs. Leakey told her that she had seen Thelma in Cincin .nati and Joan in Dallas, Texas. She ask Bobbie if she had seen any of the gang from the Class of '5l. HNell,H replied Bobbie, HLets sit down on this comfort- able davenport and i'll tell you. l didn't know where Fhelma and Joan were, but 1 do know where the rest of the gang is located. Bud Smith, is a captain in the Navy, here in California at San Diego. Howard, Ronald, and Gene are living in illinois and are doing big farm- ing.H 'nvivian and her husband moved out here too and are liv- ing in Beverly Hills. Besides housekeeping, Vivian has an oxrice job in a large department store. 1 can get hold of Doris for you in just a minute.N Bobbie called to a clerk and ask her to tell Doris that she would like to see her. While waiting for Doris, Bobbie Jeanne explained to Mrs. Leakey that Doris was her bookkeeper and advisor and had been since she had first opened her Dress Shop. When Doris saw that it was Mrs. Leakey, she was very glad to see her. The three chatted back and forth when Mrs. Leakey said that she had seen and heard about all the Class of P51 except Jeanette. Doris said, UWell, as Bobbie Jeanne has told you about practically all or them, i'll tell you about Jeanette. She works here too, as a model. By the way, there she is over there modeling that gown. She won't be able to come over for a while but you can see her in a little while, won't you wait?U She glanced down at her watch and saw that it was 5p.m. nOh my: li have to be back at the bus at 5:45 and be- L+ 1, 'I wa Q. A! . 1 ,-gn 1 'ki 5 'PGA 2 fit ' x fs, 'S Q , 4 ., ,w, ,. X-4 gwy , " 7 ,-bw - zu V-V32 1- 1 . 3 t fi XAQQQ , 4 ' fm J1. i ,.,4, sides 1 have to check.out of the hotel. Tell Jeanette 1 said 'Hello' and Vivian also, Bud too, if you happen to see him sometime. lf you will write down Howard's, Gene's, and Ronald's addresses. 1 will write them a letter when 1 get back home. 1'm very glad 1 got to see you and good-by.n She went outside, hailed a taxi, got in, and happen to think that she had forgotten to buy the dress that she had gone into the shop to get in the first place. Just as it was in the beginning, she was on her way home before she knew it. As she settled back in her confortable seat, she thought to herself, Success for the nClass of l95l.H--J.M. PARTING ADVLCE Don't do today what you can put off until tomor- row. --Howard Hamm se sure you're rightg then go ahead.---Joan Hud- A dleston Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do to- day. --Bobbie J. King Say less, listen more, and you will be wiser. --Jeannette Matney Don't wait until the last minute to get in your term'paper. --Thelma McLean Don't neglect your education--although other nice things may come along too.--Viviannloveless My advice to any underclassmen is to put your studies first and work hard at them. .von't wait till you are a Senior. --Gene Query Always read your history before going to class. S --Ronald Thompson Take your report card back on time. Don't wait until vacation and then have to make a special trip. . --Gerald Smith lhile going to school, don't try to G0 too many things Cat least in your Senior yearl.-Doris Wat- kins Judi an jafamenf We, the Senior Class of the City of New Lisbon, County of Henry, State of Indiana, being of sound and dispos ing mind and memory do hereby make, publish, and de- clare this to be our Last Will and Testament of the following manner: 1, Howard Hamm, will my height to Jack Wissler. I, Joan Huddleston, will my place in Home Ec. class to .anyone that wants it. I, Bobbie Jeanne King, will my U. S. History book to any one who can struggle through it. I, Vivian D. Loveless, will my gold typing pins to the Juniors. I, Jeannette Matney, will my ability to talk to James Hoover. I, Thelma J. McLean, will my Physics book to the in coming Freshmen and Sophomores. I, Paul E. Query, will my ability to play basketball to Fred. I, Ronald Thompson, will my bookkeeping book to anyone who wants to be a bookkeeper I, Doris Watkins, will my ability to get history to the incoming Sophomores and Freshmen. Good Luck! I, Gerald Smith, will my ability to take revenge to m certain faculty member. She'1l understand. Signed SENLORS '51 f --, Q SN 185 104 ,. , ,,,,.,,,..,.-....M....s....,.,, union! 1. Jack uissler, Ava- dot Frost, Millard Gog gin, Jean frost, B111 Coon. 2. Jim Hoover, Dean Frost, Darrel Roberts. 3. Betty Shaw, Lowell Goar, Ina J. Thompson. 4. Bob Howard, Lola McKee, Jim Cline. 5. Deloris Abrams, Aus- tin Carpenter, Dorothy Query. CLASS OFFICERS Pres.---Millard Goggin V.-Pres.--Avadot Frost Sec.-Treas.-Lola McKee CLASS COLORS Blue and Silver FLOWER Carnation MOTTO Climb tho the rocks be rugged. ffUwQE A We YF". R115 Q6 W? .I , T? Y Jia. JAX: gi g 0 1 Hi: , tx nk' . O is ,Q io if btw ' 'J I 51s ihq9Jj 'Qg7, Svzi is 'sf ggi in avr 'WWE , :,: Ilhn ,ii at ff f 1' A XMAS CQ QF x T859 We Juniors began our class. Two of were James Cline second semester we Mrs. Lloyd George, New Castle. unior add the year with seventeen members in these came during the summer: they and Austin Carpenter. Before the had lost Avadot Frost, who became and Betty Lou Shaw, who moved to We also began the year rather low on funds, and this was to be the year of the Junior-Senior trip East. Be cause of this, we sponsored many things. The projects Wereq a chili supper, a skating party, magazine subscriptions, Christmas Cards, and selling ice cream. Two 'scrap raffles at the Tuesday iron drives, a square dance, home games, and our Junior class play, NRest Assured,N were other events. The class had a turkey turkey being given to Company for reaching our supper before Christmasg the us by the Curtis Publishing goal in the sale of magazines The most exciting event of the year was the nine-day trip mast made by the Juniors and Seniors and their sponsors to Washington, D. C., New York, Niagara, and many other historical places. Junior 'class attractions include: five boys out for basketball--Goggin, Carpenter, Coon, Goar, and Wisslerg three boys out for baseball--Goggin, Coon, and Wisslerg three boys in the band--Wissler, Goar, and Hoovergtwo members in chorus--Ina Jean Thompson and James Hoover, trophy winners in the magazines sales contest were Bob Howard and James Hoover, certificate winners were Lola McKee, Dorothy Query, Ina Jean Thompson, BettyfShaul, Austin Carpenter, Darrel Roberts, Jack Wissler, and Mil lard Gogginq and as for wealth, the Junior class is a- bout the richest class in school--in diamonds. Miss Clark is the class sponsor. SH On, to WA 'efezOm,...mfw YORK- 53 1 511' l i-- 5-7- 5-Q f SGPHCDMCDRES j,QW L iWebf 9" Sun X 29: , limi? fe .Sap 0l'l'l0I"2 6165 Across: Bill King, Betty Stringer, Ruth Ann Herr, i Barbara Pence, Fred Huddleston. l Down: Wade Wilkinson, Ray Hall, Jack Garv1n,Don Burchett., Wendell Poor entered Feb.1D t 4 A cmss oFF1cERs f President ------------------- - ---------- Jack Garvin , sywifl V1ce-Pres1dent- --------------------- Betty Stringer Secretary ---------------------------- Ruth Ann Herr Treasurer ----------------------------- Den Burchett CLASS cotons W, ge ?f3fi? Black and Red FLOWER d Red Rose CLASS MOTTO Plan your castle in the airy then build your ship - to take you there. 'E A , t - X.:-so - 42185 L v '-'l SOIQL 0l'I'l Ore CKGJJ We started our Sophomore year with eight members. A week later Barbara Pence, from Mt. Summit, came to join us. Two girls were glad to make it three in a class with a majority of boys. Our big event of the fall was the NCountry Carnivaln that we sponsored. It was a community affair and en- joyed by all. Another event of importance to us the first semester was ordering our class rings. It was a happy day for us when they came, for we were really proud of them. In order to increase our class funds we sold cokes all year. Other money making affairs were selling hot dogs and having a chili supper. In the second semester we were joined by Wendell Poor, from Sulphur Springs. Again we were glad for another member, as our class was still sma1l.L Sophomore class contributions include: six boys out for basketball--Burchett, King, Huddleston, Wilkinson, Poor and Garving three boys out for baseba11--Bur- chett, Huddleston and Kingg two girls in the band--Bet ty Stringer and Ruth Ann Herrg one girl in F.H.A.-Bar bara Penceg Betty Stringer is also a yell leader and all three girls are members of the Booster Club. Mrs. Aldred is the class sponsor. qQ7V X n sa Z 'Fx T 186 4 10 www L, Sr REQJ-Q' . MQ?l 1 ix is QE? wi . - A .1 . X 'igkuyuo-v hangin ,..h feast so ,s' rgf or 7 K :A a I ' Ov i qt T, K it . X Q a 7 f n egg ? r sf 5 e'sf gaQgHf1a5. 1 K Aflf 5 A . Q ' K,5L, . 5 -kikk Q ,K iiSZblk5lLl7l611 1. Ralph Snow, Kosetta McKillip, Elmer Hall, Phyllis Higgle, Phyl- lis Ebyd. 2. Garrls Stearns, Bet ty New, Bill McKee. 5. Jarelyn Hanan Imo- gene Loveless, boris Abrams. 4. Zella Carpenter, Clifford Parkhurst , Norma Breneman. 5. Arthur Dishman, Cor lyn Parkhurst, Jack McCubb1n. CLASS OFFICERS Ppgg,--Russell CUPDULL Sec.-Trees.-G. Stearns CLASS COLORS Blue and White FLOWER Red Rose MOTTO The key to the door of success reads 'PushT TREE S Crabapple fx fl, 1- . . gi ' Q ', 9 cue is. Q j 1' sr .... fr et --.' I .fL5' 415V fin. , li' ?f eifrfiii L S RiEJ!g Yew ..,x , ,M id k, eefwsffs dune few' 2 x 6' ., .8 . -. f ' f 11... , NI.: .NI H -S If F 3 3 in 5 D' H - Q . . n . ft x 'f 1 f 1 X. J, I l X X.. A 33 5:3 Q? 'wwii gfwf Q ewafif fees 'Q? . a S s ,f.s- , ..a . avi! Q i.5b 6 by -'Q jl"Q:5Al'l'l6I'l G66 On a beautiful day of September second in the year of our Lord One thousand nine hundred and fifty, a promising group of intellectual appear- ing youths started their freshman year at the New Lisbon High School, some barefooted, others dressed in their best bib-and-tuckers, as they all are are individually pictured aboveQ During the first part of the year there were many happinings that are too numerous to record here, but many students of the class have been able to carry on their giggles and mischievous- ness of grade school daysg and, of, course, as only freshmen can, the resourcesful afi of blush ing and bashfulness. Most of the class did, and to develop educationally. Some of the outstanding achievements of the class are--Two boys on the varsity basketball team, with four of the boys on the second teamg four boys participated on the varsity baseball teamg two girls and one ,boy being members of the high school bandg twelve members out of eighteen of the class sing in the high school chorusg three of our freshmen girls belong to the Booster Club. Activities of the year-- Freshman initiation Sponsored Holly wood Ani- Class meetings mal Act , Class parties Sold pop-corn at school functions individual projects start ed to raise money for Junior Q Senior trip Class sponsor is Mr. Palmer . ' 'fc '..' A'45 Corn - V - - 3 I as n, ,A Us . -A-1 4 :Q may - 4 We ::.1.', ,515 186 4 Ill Awww , e . '. fs wr Nm' ,ew', "'7f"' xiii I ll 'f w 5 X ,,gg Apffg fg,f1t fxigig ruffle n Q ff- 1 A W :W t 'V 1 , ,K K K .W 1 X ., KV7' Q A , 1 ' M ' P I M4 J ft-ii n reg, Qwiigq A 1ft'w5 5 Q. Yfggfoif ifibrw Z arms e be NW3' in rg if nip, if 2-so if tg'u: tr5,,ef Ex im' I -vw K K S Qzghgfw ,.:.,,v f?3'1' ,ig iiQk w Ji 4 ff , . -. -e ' , 4.3 -3-1 ' t 'vwwv eiwwiq S ' o rf X , s,nf,w, True e Vf ?g 'Sf ,I x 5 , . .,l Q , f , , ' Q ' Shiga ififf t t rQQW llliaag 7-8 GRADE Top Row: Donald Wright, Lois-New, Perry Frost, Merel McK1111p, Phil Boyd, 2nd Rolf Carolyn Vaughn. Billy Joe Disbro, Louise Alberts, Carpl Hunt, Diane Kellam 5rd Row: Junior Sticklemen, Lila McCubb1ns, Daniel Working, Goldie Holopeter, Eugent Eckrote, e 4th Row: Sue McKee, Johnny Puckett, Janet Garvin, Robert Wes- ton, Mary Garvin, 5th Row: Bill Atkinson, Peggie King, Linda Heiser, Robert Seb- 0. 55 ,ff err,-. R53 V mmf ELEME TARY Y' , 'V ...nk TW" ,G ' ninnsgg ' f ,A ,QQQ ...,.JA I alt: ,VQ HWIIF Sqnn fi :V,':: l..q: Z L I K bfv, I - I Q1 ,, 5- - n-X 1 5 ii 1136 4 119 - 133936 ?g5'wil nn, ,wtf 1 ,.. t I E E ii--X mi, 5 n, ,V . L 'l We L L C... 2 "" , 1 'lin i 1 :X J J 9 RQ' J 'X 5 . ,n,,, ,.. sgng-yxsf 8 fnf 5G 5 ,Q,, :gwewgi Q ,S Tj! v1 Qwiigii ,Qsga Q' ' fflwifgs A G n, - L' ' Qi W LXL ' X- G n n f L e Top Row: G. York, M. R. Disbro, I 2nd Row: J. Bunyan, Hollopeter, E. Watkins 3rd Row: E. McCubb1ns Manifold, R. Atkinson, 4th Row: B. Lowery, H B. Garvin, 5th Row: C. Heiser, D fills. GRADES 5-6 . A q Abrams, B. Weston, G. Roberts, J. Werking . Atkinson, D. Hallgarth P. Sebring, JL I I M. Humphrey, J.A. Hanen, M. York, G.J. King, J. Stearns, C.Carpenter, D. Nation, Faucett, S. Dishman, P. Wright. 186 104 r im: Q 213' .I ,A ,ff 1 3 -me Q if 'k 'Q""P -Q K: Q gk NI isgggilii ,giggi -W' is g I qw Q 7 , 4 . .4 ifvsrv' Y - L. X? " X e VM e fun t Y 01, N ,5 A ,..,- '- in 2 i f Lf? 5' Q , A f ff -' L it GRADES 3-4 Top Row: Patty Osborn, David White, Linda Semler, Johnny Keiiam, and Sue McKee. Znd. How: Raymond Ford, Louis Morrow, Lois Crim, Dewayne Macey, and Jimmy New. 1 Srd. How: Harold Heiser, Wilma Stearns, Kenneth Michele, Ginger White, and Joe Bumgartner. 4th. Row: Jo Anna Humphrey, beverly Peacock, Roger Manifold, Helen Morrow, and Janice Puckett. Sth. Row: Jimmy Nation. . ,... .4-W, . m3 UD Q 1-l QI CD P4 , Q . 1- ffl Top Row: 2nd. Row: York. Srd. Row: Waters. 4th. Row: Bnmgartne 5th. Row: Abrams. .i.Qfwn- , , . Q, sv 31, sf- : 16' .,,g6-... x Q5 f 4f Vi J. Carpenter, E J I' Garvin, B. Hedrick, D Werking, L Lowery, K. 3 A .4 J ee J . .ff ,Nr J .life '4,,5' G 1-.1.G 25mfy's J'i. ,fm rre t ' 1, N.. ' ,Li ,.iN iffy fg5 2AQ?Y' F H T i 'Z' 1 " 'Q' "' C' J J or 2 .::... J, A A N, k,k. K, Q' We P .qi rr ,J ,M , L Q , y ywy ysil I ik ivgk., Q ,M ,fb Q f X f we . .QQ I I k k ,su A . ' 1 ,..,,gQ4. N 'N GG ,,, . ' W1 v, AQNNSQF , 6 A amos 1-z Ford J. Nation, G. Paul, and B. Semier 'J. Hunt, B. osborn, K. Atkinson, and G. Sebring, N. Eckrote, J. Humphery, and C Jones, G. Gentry, H. Hollopeter, and J. Hollopeter, K. York, J. Puckett, and G. I Q Zi Ji .vw ,sv ' . wwf Twq -W Nr TX, G 0-o' K? i,'f Mafgool sw Back row: Thelma McLean, Doris Watkins, Gerald Smith and Ronald Thompson Second row: Bobbie J. King, Jeannette Natney, and Vivian Loveless Front row: Gene Query, Howard Hamm, Joan huddleston, and Wrs. Leakey Ten seniors and one hundred annuals of sixty pages each with the best write-ups we could do and as many pictures as we could afford--that was the layout. We started our annual rolling by selling ads firstg then we set up a budget and planned the annual page by page. Senior pictures were taken by Goodlander Studio of Muncie, as were most of the group pictures Howard Hamm took some of the group pictures. All other individual pictures were taken by the National School Studio of Indianapolis. We hope that you will enjoy now and in the years to come the history of this school year 1950-51 as we have recorded it in pictures and in story form. The staff is as follows: Jeannette Matney, editor: Gerald Smith and Howard Hamm, advertising managersg Doris Watkins, sales managerg Bobbie J. King and Thelma McLean, activities editorsg Vivian Loveless, features and art workg Joanliuddleston, picture ed- itgpg Ronald Thompson and Gene Query, Sports editors: and Mrs. Leakey, advisor. Ehck Row: Joan Huddleston, Bobbie Jeanne King, Ina Mae Leakey . Front Row: Vivian Loveless, Thelma McLean, Doris Wat- kins, Jeanette Matney. J IMTGWN JOURNAL The Jimtown Journal, our mimeogrgphed school paper was printed by the Office Practice class this year as there was no regular Journalism class. This year at Christmas we put out our first color- ed edition of the Jimtown Journal and gave a copy free to each family in school. WASHINGTON, NEW YORK, NIAGARA, AND POINTS EAST The Juniors and Seniors left on Saturday, April 14 for that long-dreamed-of, hard-worked-for trip by bus to Washington, D.C., New York City, and Niagara Falls via M1ller's Tours. The first day included traveling through Ohio and part of Pennsylvania where we stayed over night in the steel city of Pittsburgh. On the second day we saw the Forbes Field, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, University of Pittsburgh, the Skyscraper College, World renowned Pennsylvania Turn- pike seven tunnels, Allegheny and Blue nidge Mountainsg Carlisle, Mollv P1tcher's town, Gettysburg and tour of battlefield. We spent the second night in Washington at the Annapol1s Hotel. The third dav we take an elevator to the top of Wash- 1 ton Monumant for a broad view of the city and later H8 had a group picture made at the Capitol. During the ' 1 rt Memorial third day, we also visited the a rpo , drive along the Potomac to beautiful Mt. Vernon. Also we visited museums, the home of the Lee Family, Arling- ton Natlonal Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. we had the evening free to do as we chose. The fourth day we left Washington early. In the morn- ing we went to Philadelphia where we visited Congress Hall, where Congress first met, and Independence Hall, that housed the Liberty Bell. and the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Fran there we took Highway No. 25 to Lincoln Tunnel and New York City. W0 stayed at the Shelton Hotel and had the evening free. The fifth day included sightseeing in upper and lower New York City, also a three hour boat trip around Manhattan Island. The tour for the day ended at the Empire State iuilding where, from the top of the world's tallest building, we saw the entire city spread out before us. Again we had the evening free. The sixth day we had free for plans with our sponsers. The seventh day, we went sightseeing in upper New York City and spent the night in the hotel. ' On the eighth day we drove to Niagara in the morning. We crossed the Rainbou Bridge into Uanada going through the customs and spent the night in London, Ontario, in the London Hotel. The ninth day we werewhomeward bound by way of Chatham Windsor Canadial U 5 Customs and Detpoi oo t. W tjred but happy. 'We were glad for the hours spgnzeig making our money to go on the trip, for we appreciate more than ever before this wonderful country of ours ff am A 'Q -X l"!f'If': :ICJ ddxr 1 S mg? M .L ' r enior lgfag 'Gert1e1s Uncle,n a three-act comedy, was presented by the. Senior Class, December 13, in the school audito- rium. It is bad enough when a girl has to see the sweetheart on the slyg but having a girl friend im- personate the uncle so the sweetheart can be her cous- ln, then having the real uncle suddenly show up ----- is bound to bring trouble for them--and fun for the au- dience. That is the plot in capsule size. CAST Ursula Trueblood Birdie Trueblood Irene Borden ---- Jackie Borden--- Gertie Lombard-- Henry Lombard--- Sarah Eggert ---- Nelson Adams ---- Sheriff H1cks--- Stage Manager--- Director -------- -Joan Huddleston ------------Jeanette Matney -- ------- -Vivian Loveless ---Doris Watkins Bobbie Jean King -----howard Hamm - - ----- Thelma McLean - ------- Gerald Smith ------------Ronald Thompson -----------------Gene Query -Mrs . Ina Lea key 1U4Zl5b unior Wag 'Rest Assuredn was presented by the Junior class on March 50, 1951. It was a three-act comedy about Mr Morlock, a grouchy old man who doesn't like anything but money. fe won t let his daughter Mary become en- gaged to Jce Lanconl, because Joe's papa is poor. Here the two old fellows start a feud that puts the Hat- field4McCoy affair to shameg but in the end a reformed Mr. Morlock makes vast promises, okays the wedding, and peace finally reigns at the Morlock's. CAST Mr. Norlock-- Mrs. Norlock- Mary --------- Jessica ------ Mildred ------ Joe Lanconi-- Luigi Lanconi Martha ------- George Plew -------------- Lucifer ------ Miss Akers--- Mrs. Schmaltz Mr. Erown ---------------- Mr. Black ---- Jake ------- -- Mrs. rrinck-- Stage Managers----- - Director ------- ------ -----Millard Goggin ---------Lola McKee - ------ Dean Frost ---------Jean Frost --Ina Jean Thompson ---Austin Carpenter ------Jack Wissler -----Deloris Abrams -------Jim Hoover -----Uorothy Query --------Lowell Goar Zella Mae Carpenter ----------B111 boon ---------Jim Hoover -----Darrel Roberts Zella Mae Carpenter -----Robert Howard 'James Cline ----4M1ss Clark Ss CROWNING THE FESTIVAL QUEEN 5 .XO 69, fb CHRISTMAS TREE 1415, 1950 , ay? 0 T H E W A Y study our lessons we go to school have our fun eat our lunch THIS IS THE WAY... WE SELL OUR WARES ...Seniors---candy.... ...Sophomores---cokes .Juniors---ice cream C5 5 Freshmen---pop corn Typing--Mrs . Leakey Home Ec--Mrs. Aldred Shop--Mr. Palmer Girls Phys. Ed.--Miss Clark English 11--Mr. Small Biology--Mr. Meier World History--Miss Clark Algebra--Miss Clark 1 'The elevator to success is not running- take the stairs Cone at a time, please! nL0ng Distance--???' W. The Fountain of Youth' BAC K IN Tl-SUSE BA BY DAYS ,gif-w'1 ,K 0 C lfmdi. Q50 JP? 0 49 .Ss 've 48 'M 6 9 um II v mil f 16100 E Y, dig u, Lkk A AF ' 1 ,M,. ? I 33.5, V Mall' . W 7 x X M ,Jai-ix K 1 935, eg ' V 3 F ? H -' 29 XM A : ' 1 U 7 Qu QE NG' Q P! uf i in Q' .Nkf .::. hr 0 4' ,E E L ' I V11+lll -r""j"" 2185 64 U 1 WHO'S WHO at NLHS Cvoice of the Student Best Looking Most Popular Best Dressed Best Date Best Student Best Athlete Best Actor- Actress Best Singer Best Citizen Luckiest Unluckiest Friendliest Wittiest Happiest Gabbiest Teacher Pet Most Likely to Succeed Freshiest Freshman silliesevsophomore Jolliest Junior Sharpest Senior Mr. NLHS 8c Miss NLHS BOY Millard Goggin Garris Stearns Howard Ham Gerald Smith Gerald Smith Millard Goggin Garris Stearns - Howard Hamm Jimmy Hoover Bill McKee Howard Hamm Fred Huddleston HowardhHam Howard Ham Howard Ham Jimmy Hoover Millard Goggin howard Hamm Russellicurnutt Uon Eurchett Jack uissler Howard Ham Howard Hamm Body, GIRL Jeanette Matney Bobbie J. King Jeanette Matney 'Betty Lou Stringer Jeanette Matney Betty L.Str1nger Bobbie J. King Doris Abrams Jeanette Matney V1v1an,Loveless Lola McKee Jean Frost Jean Frost Jean Frost Ina J. Thompson Betty L. Stringer Jeanette Matney Zella Carpenter Ruth Herr Dorothy Query Doris Watkins Bobble J. King BAND Among the highlights of the year were the appear ances of the Dudley Township uniformed, marching band under the direction of Mr. Carl Smolik. The band played at the ball games, the Tri-township Farmers! Institute at Lewisville, and sponsored a Band Concert in April. CHORUS The outstanding event of the choral group this year was the Christmas cantata, 0Prince of Peace,' given in the New Lisbon audi orium Dec. 20. Miss sthel Beavis was the directf- Special music was also prepared for baccalau' .te and commencement. ii Q , Q-.M Jw! 5347? wh' I l".H.A Jarelyn Hanen, ina Jean Thompson, betty Shaw, Jean Frost, barbara Pence, Fhyllls soyd, Uoralyn Park- hurst and Hrs. Aldred, the sponsor. School Librarians Thyllis Riggls, Zslla Mae Carpenter, lmogsne Love- less, Rosetta McKil11p, .L sna oetey New. 4-H This is the girls 4-H group. Mrs. Aldred is the leader. . ,.:g,--, .1 41.0-., waf. v - ixfsfflfq Iii - -Y f,, gI?5!f5 '? . 'iS'562?? X ,W K ., . 3 ' xfv' 1. Q-:LL f . Q Q J, .SES .-.ff x Q N 42155 Fw W. . J wg, Q SX Q 1 . , .. 9 . I..-,M fi JU? ,iw g ..,. Q ' 'ME mv, .. SN, . -. ggi . fu figlig KW ,, iififiiffi Wk .: ' ' - wt, . - g.g:.gyg'g.1 fr, X w...v.-nv' my w J 3 ,M . Yge-,A 5511 as-Sf? K X ALK. Y ,Y .,m4, , :Q . Q ' 5 ,t . E , if B fs 5995 gb sv-GQ' 95 FIRST TEN TIGER KITTENS SECOND TEAM 6 5: dgb 1 UIQLGU Back row: Art Dishman, Don Burchett, Fred Huddleston, Coack Palmer, Bill Coon, Garris Stearns and Bill King Front row: Millard Goggin, Clifford Parkhursts, Howard Hamm, Bud Smith, Gene Query and Ralph Snow. B A S E B A L L Two years ago we acquired a home diamondg last gear we got new uniforms and some needed practice. his summer, if we can get a team together to drill on fun- damentals,pwe'l1 be ready to play ball when school starts in September. Those receiving honor sweaters or bars are: Smith , Hamm, Query, and Thompson Kstudent managerj. 1950-51 Schedule Kennard Sept 12 Spiceland Sept 12 Straughn Oct. lO Sulphur Oct. 15 Knightstown Oct. 17 Summit oct. zo Lewisville Oct. 24 Back row: Art Dishman, Jack Garvin, Ronald Thompson, Coach Palmer, Robert Howard, Bill Coon and Don Burch, ett Front Row: Austin Carpenter, Lowell Goar, Howard Hamm, Gene Query, Garris Stearns and Millard Goggin. B A S K E T B A L L This year almost a new Tiger team was built upg and with the loss of only two players by graduation this time--Hamm, at center, and Query, forward, the outlook for the 1951-52 season should be good. Those receiving honor sweaters are: Hamm, Query, and Thompson Qstudent managerl. November November November November November November December December December January January January January February February February February 1950-51 Schedule Mt. 'ummit Kennard Mooreland Straughn Cadiz Milton Huntsville Sulphur Spr Lewisville Cadiz Lewisville Losantville Mt. Dummit Straughn Kennard Milton ngs Sulphur Springs T Knightstown H H H T Lynn T H T T H H T H H F Q5 WL lirg5Z'9 ST if l,2 ., Vw'i if Q .D E ffggfw f i+f 6100 1 di Q Miss N.L.H,s N.L WN 1 Queen Dil -....-........- 1' if 4 t"'1' Pv-.4 , -e ' w gicqbvfm 4. J F - .,,,. XL Q -,fx-vw., L r E QQ! ' s 31 "kQ3:'5a J u R, 'Nw Jil n i HO ORS 'Ullman-:M-. 6150 'L 'x .a ""1 N.L.E H O R N O O L R L This page is dedicated to the graduates of N.L,H,S now serving in the armed services. We are sorry more pictures were not available. Virginia Owens, Air Corps Roy Thompson, Navy Curtis Crabtree, Navy Bob Herr, Navy John Meeks, Air Corps James Meeks, Air Corps Bob Loveless, Army Bob Thompson, Army Don Faucett, Army Calvin Shafer, Army Ira Paul Snow, Air borps Jack Carroll, Navy Dorvin York, Air Corps Paul Thompson, Air Corps THIS TOO WE SHALL REMEMEER The large map of Korea hanging in the assembly. Often we looked at it and wondered if in a few months it would mean much more to us. I I The gals that bid in hearts and made it in diamonds: Vivian, Dorothy, Avadot, Lola--and the junior sponsor. The hurry and suspense just before the Jimtown Journal wasflnished--but it always made the deadline. The posing for annual pictures--we got out cfa few classes too. A Class playsg they meant practice and studying--but the show went on. A The sponsoring of events to make our goal for due Jun- ior-Senior trip. The tunes played by the D'-151037 township -bandg Tennessee Waltz, The Thing, Merry Oldsmobile, and Bicycle Built for Two. Working against the Annual deadline--Mail Embargo due to railroad strike plus week's vacation brought on by weather conditions. The good aroma coming from the cafeteria about the fourth period. We knew Something was cooking. Planting nour treen and nour roseW'on the Athletic Field. The last minute studying for final exams. The many places we saw on our trip to Washington, planned by Millers Tours. The experience of being Snowbound and the low temper- atures for a couple of times. Caps and gowns, roses, Eeccalaureate and Commencement exercises. k un W, Z3 gg , 595, , ml. QV, i Q il li A Y, -533: F' 2.1 1, I '?'ff ff ' I , 1 we 1. 2 x E 5' r I Q,a'iLfl,k, j f ,vikin- ,V 5195 , gf 31" ' 'iiiyi 'iff -. W' - Mgt, ff Q, 7, i7 H , 3+ fn tiff , 153- "vi if ! ,Ml ,, . V ig, 'first' e.1,.. ,M aw. N - L k Y Q . ,Q S. , -f', ,'fi,"bvf', K ,.,,,:,V. ..,, , -I 5,21 4 Qaffi -u ,i LL ,,,e, W, vi., a, 1 , . , 1 v . , f WJ wg.. Q V-5 ,. . V-.1 v X Y ga , M .Q . 1 K I ,, .iffy 2 gf," 9' Us Si: a, leg: ., -:fu K: Q- .Q-,af 3 . 123 ,,. , gli ,bmi Q XJ -A? 1 75:1 M ,Q F wc' X.: f 31 QL xi-Fr' k .- Q 357 'Iwi 1 gp- f wg .- fe! 18 ' f na. Q, W f 5 .fam 4 Q15 F-s "K-4 9 ' SY. 11' ,+V 3 ,SQ HSE! -b mfs--, ,Q I' .Q 4 Q c -'Elia f,..,: V. Af 1 xl , 1 M 4 -Ci fx I? - 532 fha -,r ' , in 'Q' 9 'f - '-fr? .X XM 5. r J A Mfr, ., ,G ,, f--if' " 'yi .gi'ig2f5'4!. me W , ,A - if Ei, . ? ,L fs? Lf' Rafi! pffff -"bk" i -Vfeis, , 1 5, ,, Q' gf - , gt - f 1:-15-2.5 ,J A PARTING ADVICE TO THE SENIORS FROM THE FACULTY Mr.Smal1 fEng1ishJ: Mind your p's and q's. Mrs. Leakey CCommerciall: Be sure to select the right type. Miss Clark CHistoryD: Keep your dates straight. Mrs. Aldred iHome Ec.D: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Miss Beavis CVocalDr Sing your troubles away. Mr. Smolik CThe Man with the Enndls The right key al- ways helps. Mr. Meier fBiol0SY7: Cut the monkey-shines or you'11 make me believe in evolution. Mr. Palmer CPhys. Ed.7z D0-push-ups! NCW COMES THE TIME WHEN THE C L A S S of ' 5 1 IS SIGNING OFF--- S0 LCN G Us been ood To Know auf V , W,i,qg,4,gg ag 1k 4 - ,,.fw,.. X ivfvilgggi 52 1:55 Mfwfaliif Qff iigiw ,,-. . isi- gggs K labs A 'sm tw-Q. . 3 Q b Q R fy 4 Q . -. -V Q9 . M. L , , ...,... . ZX ,S fs: il W7 .aw f w k fe V L.1.,W.-.. - .Qgvgagg-gfg ,V V. , , . x .L?1,..Nffg'5qTvQg1 3,i:.:,, Q , x ,ax It ,M Xww... 1 f K .- -Q , . - - PM K A, Q -.fx-,Lg ,, Q A 7 K X Q4 ,Mawcfm-4 L 'qiggimggv wiki 1 WL L 32731. A 1: V1 gigs 'rvikm 5555'- 'W ' , YI T315 FX . gn , S JR-t. ,Q nf' Q w-if www awww 1 910m MU fwfwwwuxmmln x-'v a K X X MM, WV MAN HILL : Ex? -1:1 -...,3g5gl.f:,.t A M., 'fai r'-i.,.N.,.,. f ' M--f --WWA, .W , ..,A,.,,... . ,, 1-QNQAQQT ff, 0.5, .523-:a,,-ggf . . , ww Q.UQ2.,,i xwyigw g ' . S .- W , L. igfx1.'ffti1Y 'W7t""""'?'x 353 5 gs f? .sq WW Qfffbfw WW Wx, ,QW 3.7 7-7? 0 '11 J' Jwwfwzi WJPMJAM Wi!! V ff CMQMQ fwuwa I ,,. . ssl 11 H4 a Tw ,H bi Z," A AJ AKK5 WMM+.f.,, wk K ,M ww, .f , A Aff I Aj ,2':5 ' : , I 'St ag .3 :Q Q 1 H WM ff y . P 1 f , 533. 4 1 I 55 4 do whoa 'J a"""'i-f i ' K msn , , ,1z.. .. 'ldgdmm i , i' K i ' ' m '. ., g. -Z-.fig ".-,,r :QE .-,:,lQ - w- fx' .QNQQLP seg P -'QI1 V-2, -.-5 ,M-'H . 13 , ' . .-Q 4 QE 45: ,,.,f" f- "V Mf- W Q ?'m5,, . , ,M Wm, 4 ' - ..,f ff x .. ,ff WMM? 1 ,WM If wa- .Q- T 'v. .jV. f, . , 4 ...f 5 x 7 ' ,gf A. g , P . .n'. 1 ' , . f , X - 1 xf- x ,, 1 "i"q55Y 'K -3.1 .pm Pig? 'f 'riff' H ' H1 -s - 13' 1 4 X 1 4,11 .. M, N. ,... , -, Sf. - J.. ez 1" "-1: .vl- sf' A '. A., U4Zl5b i 1 Say it with Flowers Compliments of BEcKEa's GREENHOUSE HOWARD FUNERAL HOME Cambridge City, Indiana Phone 86 Phone 61 Cambridge City, Indiana Flowers for all occasions 1 i H 1 - ,3- Everything for the Sportman NEW CASTLE LUMBER COMPANY SPALDING E RAWLINGS Paint-Hardware-Building Materials Athletic Lines Kitchen Cabinets and Millwork Sweaters end Jeekeee in eeeek phone 15 New Castle WHITEY KESSLER'S sPoaT SHOP Richmond, Indiana fwms R" and Dairy Products Cambridge City, Indiana l -I -4 1 .5-M ,we,-i- V " 5 ' A' 5, ' I 1 g v- . , W ft ffm rw Q . , ., W, f,, , ,.-..5V , .R if r f K Q ,, JH' 3 in ,s 1 -,rw . fggg. .ii-itz, : Ki'-QE , f ' l ' ' L11 2 Wir. ' .K . . 'ixlg N fzii' .W rg - '7 .52 gc g an 'wr ' " :. mv-1 f LJ f- F 3 A K . In T 'Ia Q., M ,Vu .5 .X - i ', sg' W . " 1-, '- '11, - . A , ,' B H, " ,, '1..'Q ,ff ' .ff 1 -A + 1? , we , 1 ,117 ' - '-'z ' fT k:1.,5L, f.,,1i.AQ,r .vlici itz. , ,ng . fffgsw 11-15-?irf 'new .. 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Suggestions in the New Lisbon High School - Nu Lisannial Yearbook (New Lisbon, IN) collection:

New Lisbon High School - Nu Lisannial Yearbook (New Lisbon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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