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1, ,.,-,- ,W 1 ' , Y "' In . 3-'37 'if '4'TF7f'r f "7" Www- ,M --P-. ' 'S ff- , f V 'fl fi?-5 fzzgf 3 , Mg... , Y -,lux W 5 r Sl . 11 4 I . , u ,V U. b 1 .5 Q. if .AA 7 -4' I , 5 0 J P .- ' 4.2-f , -f.:'::- -f-1 "' J ' ww. 1 4 f 1. . x . 'I L . 4 I ' I A 1' 1 :V ! ' 1 'T 1 . fl- , . K ,- 123 Ai V , - ,' , x 1 4 n . f w T652 f 'U 1 5' .3 . 8. 'Lv 1 f 'Sf , -. , .. 'X x , - + 4 X f , f X- .4 n . - KJ 'P 4 ' 1 1 y W X 1 K,C H 4 J 4 ,J U gi,-., iff' ' vi MH, tr 5E4'k:'v - rf' . .v 41 A 7, It milf' , 1 . 1 ff, 1 JT V 'ff' . 1, rr-4 I ff! V s , I . v . I -,f QF ' P V J' V 'Q ' , Q ,111 W N , , - -Q :Z , , " JJ-.,1 'H-Q. , 1, 1-7'S.,, '- ig, 'Y 1 ,lj-1' . ggi-,-xi?-f.5 ""' f'fr,x'3- " ff- N ,. gy , N J, ,fuge . - , Tyr ,,,, .gr ,-xg 5g,,.?:- - , Q 'Q 11: " . N V - ' 'Q--T .-,-'. +-- ' -fi 1-."f 'W ,. -. wp' ' xi?gsx'AgQ-Y.: Q23 " mx' ""'.,-1' .,,-,Y-z,..1fn-L. -- A .. I...-4,i1vfI.21f , , L 'Y " as- V,... Y f L" .gn -A, fo, V ..w.,4'4.-' ,ig-17,5 , ,. 'Q .. .L+ r--h ' 4,119 V ' . , xg . :SQA ?4"4E'f 'iq' P '-7,:1:,g?1Q--S :ZLL-.-A -.-,- f--'H ,Q .M A-...fx . ,Q A , " 'f-L-L'5'.'+Aff5?f-36N-f 'f f'7jf1i1y?L'5:2.F:-- 21' 5' V I x - -1'l.'?v-. ' 1 N-Ni. 1 umm , ,, in , ff 1' 'rj' ff I , f 1 V 1' ,.. , qi, N . r hu v d:,T,: 1 h 'hav H- K .. 1 A -A 4 . A 1 . . J, , I , 4 , . . . '- , W "A, -Q ' -li T ,.- s wg w , ., ' ---- w if W ..1'41'1.:.i-fr, .i ' -' -1:E1.:..3s..' 'mis-PaisnW"' 1..1:a.t. .-,hs .. 3 . L.. rm 172 '-..zL, .- .Asia THE NEW LISANNIAL is thc story of thc '-83744 school ycar :tt NLHS. B ' clcclicaltinrf this hook to You thc mcmhcrs of thc 2l1'1HCkl forccs from this school, 5 e- 5' f wc ho wc to show in somc small wa our uwrccixttion of what ou strc doinvf for l Y 3- us. - Wc, also, hopc that thc pugcs of this zumuul will hclp luring luck plcusaumt amd humorous mcmorics of your days at NLHS. SFR VICE B0 YS j. Lucllcn AI. Kvllalm F. BiHlll1jl4ll'll1CI' . 1 R. I'mm.'r BQIIIIIIQRIYIIHCI' Billll11Lf1ll'lllt'I' E. Brcnm'n1.1u C, SnwI1k C. Buyd D, Slmanlfx' R, Punlgctt XY. Kendall VC, Scmlcr R, MlbIXIgtbIlll'I'1 H. Tvfamlfuld NV. Kvlth C Mlllcr Lowery SERVICE B0 YS .luck Slxxml XNVJIYIM' llccsmm l'lau'ry B1llllIlg2ll'lIlCI Virgil Huuvvr lh-Ilu-rt Snow Eulwurnl l3.mmg.1rtm1 Arllmr Snow -Iunmcs Lcnlicy -luck llnul tlvll, flrlillc Vfanllcr Halycs l1.u'l Allwrtslm Hillltilll Hunlnllcstun Halmlul Sclmfk l'anul Raw Vv'nrd Rulwcrl Sliclilcmam XN'lllvm' licmlnll Gcnrgc Kvmlalll Rnlwrt Kcltlx Vs'ill1ur Hnycs llulwrt llanrlnw Rqyumwml Kellum I-I. D, Aisxaom B. S. Bull State Tcticlzerx' College Gmdutzte Vv'orlq, lmliumi University Social Studies Under present emergencies, our tendency is to view life's activities in terms of present advantages, present good and present happiness. Let us not loosen our' selves from community and personal ideals. Let us rememher that our choices affect the other person's happiness as well as our own. Let us properly evaluate the past good and success of our school and look forward to new good and success. This year's classes with their sponsors, have planned and provided wholesome rec' reation and entertainment, Class olhcers and organizations have successfully asf suined details and responsihilities making for a good school year. Class treasurers, with the school treasurer, Mrs. Leakey, have efficiently han' dled activities and funds. Assembly programs, class and committee meetings have licen made easier hy providing an activity period in the daily schedule. We sincerely hclieve "We are now hecoming what we are going to he." Page Four THE FACULTY LELA SHROYER B. S. Ball State 'Teachers' College Home Economics, Biology and Music INA HUMPHREY LEAREY A. B. Indiana University Commerce, English and Physical Education RUTH BLUNK A. B. Earlham College Latin, English, History and Geography OPAL LAMBERSQN B. S. Ball State Teachers' Col' lege English, Mathematics, and Li- brarian MARGUERITE CRAWFORD B. S. Central Normal College Graduate Work, Louisville College of Music, U. of L., School of Music at jordan Conservatory Music and Art V. J. CLODFELTER B. S. Purdue University Science, Agriculture and Physf ical Education Page Five SENIURS 0F 1944 President '43 Secretary'Treasurer 444 President Service Club '44 Silver Typing Pin '44 Stud. Secy. for Mrs. Leakey jimtown journal Staff VERNA HUMPHREY Secretary Service Club '44 Vice'Pres, Booster Club '44 Silver Typing Pin '44 Stud. Secy. for Mr. Clodfeltex' jimtown journal Stall Cast "Too Many Husbands" "Cast "Paul Faces Tire Short-- age.. Cast "Toby Doodle Dandy" Salem High School '-11342 CHARLES HUNT President '42-'44 Basketball '4lf'42"43f'44 Track '41-'42 4-H Club 2 years Stud. Secy. for Mrs. Crawford jimtown journal Stall Cast "Too Many Husband-." Cast "Toby Doodle Dandy" RICHARD LUELLEN Treasurer '42 Basketball '4l"42f'43-'44 Baseball '41-'42f'43f'44 4fH Club '41f'42f'43f'44 Silver Typing Pin '44 Stud. Sec. for Mr. Clodleltei' jimtown journal Staff Dariy Team '44 Cast "Too Many Husbands" Cast "Toby Doodle Dandy" HELEN QUERY Vice-President '42 Sunshine Club Secy. '41 Glee Club '4l"42 Booster Club '44 Silver Typing Pins '43944 Stud. Secy. lor Miss Lamber' son jimtown journal Staff Cast "Too Many Husbands" Cast "Toby Doodle Dandy" DoRoTHY RAINES Booster Club '44 Silver Typing Pin '44 Stud. Sec. for Miss Shroyer jimtown journal Staff Cast "Too Many Husbands" Cast "Paul Faces Tire Short' age.. Cast "Toby Doodle Dandy" IRA PAUL SNOW VicefPresident '41 Secretary '42 Basketball '41942-'43344 Baseball '4lf'4?.-'43944 Track 2 years Stud. Secy. for Mr. Ankrom jimtown journal Staff Cast "Too Many Husbands" Cast "Paul Faces Tire Short- age" Cast "Toby Doodle Dandy" RICHARD WICKER President '41 Vice-President '44 Basketball '42-'43-'44 Baseball '43744 Track l year 4-H Club 7 years President 4'H Club 1 year 4-H junior Leader 2 years Pres. Co. junior Leaders, 1 year Al Dairy Team 3 years Silver Typing Pin '43-'44 Band '4l Student Secy. for Mrs. Blunk jimtown journal Stall' Cast "Too Many Husbands" Cast "Paul Faces Tire Short- age.. Cast "Toby Doodle Dandy" Page Six SENIUR GLASS HISTURY Our freshman year in high school began, as usual, with the initiation. Everyone surf vived with no more than two or three scratches. In October we gave the annual Hallowe'en party and invited the whole high school. This was the largest event of our freshman year. In December Miss Leakey entertained us at her home near Straughn with a turkey dinner. Then Eileen Matney gave a Valen- tine party for the class at her home. At the beginning of our Sophomore year we still had Miss Leakey as our sponsor and the class was beginning to feel that they were really a part of the high school. Activities during this year included a theater party and a New Year's Eve party at Dick Luellen's. Most of the class attend' ed the dinner at King's Inn given by Miss Leakey. The second semester began with Miss -Leakey resigning to teach at New Castle and Mr. Davis acting as our sponsor. The year 1943-43 at New Lisbon started with thirteen Juniors. In October Lillian and Lucile Russell left us, but in Novemf ber Verna Humphrey moved here. The officers elected were: Neal Barlow, presif dent, Gayle Reece, vice-president, and Eileen Matney, secretary and treasurer. Mr. Clodfelter was chosen as our sponsor to replace Mr. Davis who had left. We were slow getting started to sell candy and ice cream, but did very well on both of these. Helen Query entertained us at her home with a Hallowe'en party in October, and in November we had a theater party which everyone enjoyed. On March 19 we MOTTO : put all our efforts into the junior play, "Too Many Husbands," coached by Mr. Clodfelter. This was a threefact farce com' edy which brought many laughs. It helped to finance the junior'Senior reception, which was held at Richmond at the Elk's Country Club. 'After dinner we went to the show and saw "Night Plane From Chungfkingf' In our senior year the first thing was the initiation which was held at the Memorial Park. Everyone came through without a scratch. This was a bad night because it rained about 9:00 o'clock. On November 23 the class went to Inf dianapolis to see Sonja Heinie, who was Fair Coliseum in her November we lost a who got married to a of the class, Eileen Neal. at the Indiana State Ice Revue. Also in member of our class last year's member Matney and Willard In December we had mas program in the an exchange of gifts, good time. charge of the Christ' assembly, which was and everyone had a As we started the home stretch there were several red letter days on our calendar. March 31 was the Junior'Senior Reception which we really enjoyed. April 7 we gave the Senior play "Toby Doodle Dandy," a threefact comedy. April 23 Baccalaureate services were held in the school gymnasium. April 28 was the last day of school and that night Commencement Exercises were held in the gymnasium of New Lisbon High School where eight Seniors received their diplomas. "Let the Hope of Today Ring the Bells of 'Tomorrow Page Seven COLORS: Rose f Silver FLOWER: Sweet Pea THE CLAS WILL We, the Senior Class of New Lisbon High School, County of Henry, State of Indiana, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make public and declare this our last will and testament, in the manner following, that is to say: I, NEIL BARLOW, will my studious manner and independent attitude to Albert Lee Bennet. I, CHARLES HUNT, will my position as senior class president to any capable Junior that can please both the boys and the girls. I, VERNA HUMPHREY, will my art of los' ing and misplacing things to Joe Bob Blunk. I, DICK LUELLEN, will my love for the Mooreland girls to Wayne Stringer, he seems to appreciate it. I, HELEN QUERY, will my conscientious diplomatic nature and ability to work to Ramona Miller. I, Donori-IY RAINES, will my tempermental disposition to Don Faucett. I, IRA PAUL SNOW, will my ability to steer clear of trees while driving to Wanda Thomas. I, DICK WICKER, will my theory "there is safety in numbers" to Herschel D. Ankf rom, Jr. We, AS SENIORS, would like to leave to the teachers our cofoperative attitude and best wishes. To the Freshmen we leave what is left of our brains, ability and vitality. To the Sophomores we leave our beauty, glamour, and personality. To the Juniors it is our pleasure to be' queath our reputation as dignified and ideal seniors as they may carry on next year. IN TEsTIMoNY HEREIN, we have in the a- bove words bequeathed and willed our worldly possessions to our worthy heirs this first day of April, 1944. Witnesses : HERSCHEL D. AN Kaos: V. J. CLODFELTER PARTING ADVICE Neil Barlow: Don't take more than two subjects like Office Practice and Geometry the same period. Charles Hunt: Don't make too good grades your first year because you're expected to live up to them. Verna Humphrey: Make up your mind where you're going to school before you are a Senior. Dick Luellen: Start getting on the good side of the teachers while a Freshman be' cause a Senior hasn't a chance. Helen Query: Get your lessons in on time because there is always extra work for asf sembly periods. Dorothy Raines: Don't work on the annual and the class play at the same time . Ira Paul Snow: Take as few subjects as possible because you have to take four a semester when a Senior anyway. Dick Wicker: Beware of female entanglef ments. Page Eight SENIUR PRUPHECY Clodfelter, our beloved sponsor, mops his forehead and sighs wearily as he trudges from another of those Senior class meetings. He seems to be dreaming of the day when peace will again rule the earth and the Seniors will be graduated. Dream. I bet he does dream of us. As he goes home to take his daily before supper nap, suppose we follow and merge into his dreams and find out. We now have him lying down on the couch in the living room. Poor fellow, we must have been terribly hard on him be- cause he falls to sleep incredibly fast. He seems to be having a nightmare. No, he just thought of the Seniors again. He is sweetly dreaming now, but he can't keep from thinking about those Seniors. He is having another nightmare. No wonder for he seems to be on some South Sea Island and of all people he seems to see Pop Hunt selling ready-made grass skirts to the femi- nine population. His only rival is Dot Raines, a mercenary missionary, teaching the natives against such things and besides her wares are only half price. He mumbles something about they haven't changed. He seems to be rambling in his dreams. It is pretty foggy where we are, so it must be London. It is. I wonder who could be here. He is seeing a long table at which are seated important people from all countries. Can you believe it? Who is there but our own Helen Query. She seems to be presid- ing over them and they are discussing and negotiating the world peace. ' This scene fades out and our dreaming sponsor grows restless again. We seem to be strolling in a fashionable part of town. A distinguished looking gen- tleman is walking down the avenue. It is Dick Luellen who made quite a fortune Page Nine selling Willkie buttons to collectors and made a name for himself playing profes- sional ice hockey as the star goalie for the Cleveland Barons. This last scene disturbed our sponsor more than somewhat and hc murmers, L'Who'd have guessed?" Although this last scene disturbed our spon- sor, he now is acting like he is having a whole herd of nightmares. As we watch, a courtroom comes into view and who is the criminal lawyer but the fabulous I. P. Snow. He was intending to be a criminal but one of the faculty changed his mind and told him he could do better as a crim- inal lawyer. He is noted for his ability to consume a pint of the best liquor before go- ing to court. Who is the gentleman who looks up from his copy of "Esquire" to whistle and then pound his gavel for order in the court? Why it is Judge Neil Barlow. Who is the prosecuting attorney but the famous career woman, Verna Humphrey? She is the ex- ample that a career woman can have a home and family. She is happily married and living on a farm when she is not work- ing. She travels everywhere by airplane. Clodfelter seems to be enjoying what he is dreaming now as he is smiling as if to say, "just as I expected. That couldn't be my- self - but it is." In a striped suit I am sit- ting on a bench writing. I am the editor of the "Alcatraz Weekly." This scene seemed to put our sponsor in a much better frame of mind, but he is now rolling and tossing like a rowboat in a hurricane. And no won- der. There he is, still a private in the U. S. Army. A Sergeant seems to think he is not digging his ditch fast enough. This is too much for him, and as he rolls off the couch. We had better leave in a hurry! DICK WICKER Top row, left to right: Ermadean Shock, Melba Shafer, Wilma Fowler, and Ann McKillip. Middle row, left to right: Henry Saul, Annabelle Goar, Mary Lou Faucett, Richard Beeson. Bottom row, left to right: Vv'ayne Stringer, Gladys Chew. Garnet Maddix, and Harold Paul. JUNIUR CLAS HISTURY We entered our junior year facing the fact that the end of the N. L. H. S. highway was in sight. We had our Super Delux filled with thirteen jolly juniors with our sponsor, Miss Shroyer, at the wheel. We were speeding along when hefore us appeared "Mr, and Mrs. America." We stopped to investigate and found ourselves in the midst of presenting a threefaet com' edy. After some time we resumed full speed hut were forced to stop in order to leave Doris Owens in the care of her parents hecause of ill health. The most important event of the stops af long the highway were yet to oecur. The sign, "juniorfSenior Reception" loomed just a few laps ahead. We stepped on the gas and after many long hard days of work and planning. we reaehcd the climax of what we had heen striving for the past months. , By the time we had succeeded in making this a memorable occasion for the Senior Class we found that this would prohahly he our last year with Dick Beeson whose next stop will he an army camp. Our class oflicers are: Wayne Stringer, president, Gladys Chew, viqefpresidentg Melha Shafer, secretary and treasurer. FLOWER : Rose COLORS : Blue and Cold MOTTO z "It is better to wear out than to rust out Page 'Ten . ive l X41 -rc i - c N W MQ , RX Top Row, left to right: Lloyd Werking, Thelma Brenner, Audrey Semler, Donna Owens, Wanda Thomas, and Hershel D. Ankrom, Jr. Middle Row, left to right: james Crone, Mary Barlow, james Hall, Donald Faucett, Doris Carroll, Richard House. Bottom Row, left to right: Edward Pleasant, Enid McKillip, Martha Daniels, Helen Me' Nabb, Ramona Miller, and Paul Stover. SUPHUM URF HISTUR Y On the unfortunate day of September the fourteenth in the year of nineteen hundred and fortyftwo a group of fourteen hoys and girls started their journey to higher learning as "Green Freshmen." During our first year we survived the initif tation and entertained the high school with a Halloween Party. We also took part in other school activities. In the month of Septemher on the seventh day, the year nineteen hundred and fortyf three we entered the sophomore class. Durf ing the year we lost two memhers and gained two. This left us with our original nuniher, eighteen. We helped show the freshmen how to "take it" and have entertained the school Page Eleven with an assemhly program and a play per- iod. We also took part in various kinds of programs given and various other activities outside of N. L. H. S. The class officers are: Edward Pleasant, president: Hershel D. Ankrom, jr., vice' president, Doris Caroll, secretaryftreasurer. FLOWER: White Lily. COLORS: Cuhonnet and Gold. MOTTO: 'ifflimb though the rocks be rugged." le., 4. '1 Axm . 9, 51 - .T- Top Row, left to right: Doris Pleasant, joe Bob Blunk, Myron Matney, and Wanita Russel. Middle Row, left to right: Eugene Kirkendall, Wanda Stover, Helen Snow, and john Chew. Bottom Row, left to right: Albert Lee Bennet, Charles Luellen and Theodore McKillip. FRESHMJIN CLASS HISTURY In the fall of 1943 twelve green Freshmen took their place in the assembly. Four of them were new in our school, three from Ashland and one from Sulphur Springs. On Friday, September 24, we all came to school the funniest looking group anyone had ever seen. Eugene Kirkendall got the prize for the worst looking. In the evening we were taken to Memorial Park where we had a weiner roast and a good time. In October we had the Halowe'en party, as was the custom, but this time it was diff ferent. We invited the whole community. We started the second semester with our original twelve students. In january Roy Brenneman moved to Connersville. March 14 we went to New Castle to have our pictures taken for the annual, and March 17 we had our assembly program. This program included a onefact play, "Paul Loses the Ration Books." Four of G .4 our boys took part in the USO program in "Army 'Tensionf' Although our class is small, we hope to con' tribute our part to the school. This year' our class furnished a yell leader, the stud- ent manager, pianist for chorus, two in school orchestra, five in chorus, three o'1t for basketball, two out for baseball. four in 4fH, one in Service Club, and five in Boost' er Club. Mrs. Leakey is our sponsor. Our class oilicers are: Charles Luellen, Presidentg Roy Brenneman, VicefPresidentg ' Helen Snow, Secretaryffreasurer. FLOWER: . Gardenia. . COLORS: Blue and Silver. 'MOTTO: - "Follow the Gleam. SONG: Follow the Gleamf' -v it Page Twelve 5-f 35.312 I 'r 0 .,- I - 'L 5 ne- First Row: Werking, Paul, Blunk, Willey, Beeson, Second Row: Reed, York, Shafer, Ankrom, Clampitt, Brcneman, . Third Row: Riggle, Bertsch, Wincllester, Stringer, Zizler, Clampitr, Miss Lumberson, Sponsor Fourth Row: Kendall Sweeney, Brenner, R. Werking, Herr, H. Query, Mrs. Blunk, Sponsor tA'3fA GRADES - SEVENTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President ffff- Dean Shafer Vice-President Charles Werking Seeret:1ryfTreusurcr Valaire Clampitt EICHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS President '-fff Annabelle Clampitt VlCC'l,I'C5iLlC11C Rohert Werkiiig Secreta1ryfTreasurer Mary Lou Kendall Page Thirteen 6 'QS 3rd-4th Grades Mus. wirisoiz BAKER Tcachci' Hi I thi lilll ti iv Third and Fourth cil'lldCS Ll lwilfghglggd f1iiUU.UU Wtiffil Uclwciisc Stamps and Bonds ring the ycar. Thcy contri' c 517.011 to thu Rnd Cross. 1st-2nd Grades Mas. wirsuia otsisoiw Teacher The Red Cross has hccn the major outsidc activity of thc first and second gradcs this ycar. To dat-: they havc contrihutul 55301313 and hops to rcach 3540 hcforc school closes 5th-6th Grades Mus. W. W. smnm Teacher The Fifth and Sixth Grades worked hard on two scrap drivf us. Thu moncy from onc we placed in the school fund. Part ot' thc nioncy from the other was uscd to src tht- mow ing picture, "Madam Curio." The rcst was given with our donation to thc Rnd Cross. Ahout 540,00 was contrihutcd to this altogcthcr. THE STAFF The editorial staff of this puhlication have endeavored to put this Nu Lisannial at the top ol the list of those heretofore puhlished. The cofEelitors, Helen Query and Richard Luellen, had the full cooperation of Busif ness Manager, Richard Wicker: Activities Editor, Verna Humphreyg Feature Editor Dorothy Rainesg Sports Editor, lra P Snow, Art Editor, Charles Hunt: Picture Editor, Neil Barlow, and the ahle assist' ance oi the class sponsors, Vance Clodfelter and Ina Leakey. First Row: Barlow, Luellen, Humphrey, Snow. Second Row: Wicker, Hunt, Raines, Mrs. Leakey JIMTOWN JOURNAL This year we had eight menihers and the faculty advisor, Mrs. Leakey, on the "jour nal" statli. As there were eight pages we were kept husy getting news. We used the rotation plan so that each senior would have a chance to know all the pages first hand. The 'flinitown lournal" was puhlished monthly, due to the paper shortage and the lack ol time. As no journalism class was olliered, this was a part of Typing 12. We had a lot of fun in puttnig out the paper although there were some narrow escapes, The usual prohlems were "Do you have enough continued material to finish my column?" and "Where's the correction fluid and the green stylus?" Several times the "Journal" was not ready for sale until 11:49 Friday inorningg hut, after all, the time set wasn't until 11 150. We wish to thank all those who helped in the puhlication of the 'flimtown journal" and those who hy their suhscriptions made it financially posihle. We, the Seniors, leave the journal to the Juniors and hope they have as much fun covering the news as we did. COMMERCE DEPARTMENT Sliisjet-is ollereel in the Commerce Depart- journal" and served as student secretaries ment this year were Typing l, 'Z and 3, to the teachers. All seniors have majors in Shorthand, and Uiliee Practice. Senior eonif mercial students put out the 'flimtown Page Fifteen Commerce. a Standing: Miss Shroyer, E, Schoek, VV, Fowler, G. Maddix, G, Chew, D. Raines. Sitting: Anna McKillip, M. Shafer, M. L. Faucett. HOME ECONOMICS 1943-1944 has heen a rather eventful year in the Home Economic Department. We were engaged in the hig Cafeteria Calming project last fall, when some cabinets and a sink were carried into our midst. These cahinets, which were placed on the south and east walls of the room, have added much to the storage and work spaces in our kitchen as well as improving the ap' pcarance of the room. An apartment size gas stove has also heen added to our kitchen. Utensils such as skil- lets, mixing howls, lwutcher knives, and GIRLS' 4-H The Cirls' Happy. Hustlers 4fH Cluh undf er the leadership of Miss Shroyer had a very successful year during the summer of 1943. There were 21 memlaers enrolled and the year was finished with 91 percent completion which is 16 percent higher than the state completion average. Five projects were carried lay memlwers of the elulw. They included 9 in Baking, 11 in Clothing, 1 in Canning, 1 in Food Prep' aration. and 1 in Room Improvement, mak' ing a total of 23 projects carried. The elulv memliers won two sweepstakes rilwlwons and many other awards at the dish towels have also lween added to the room. The social activity for the year was the Christmas party given in honor of the mothers. This was a joint project of junior and senior high school girls. The party inf eluded a short program, recreation, gift exchange, and refreshments, all in keeping with the Christmas season. A spring party of the senior high school girls in this department finished the year's activities. CLUB county fair. Two medals came to the cluh: one to Doris Breneman for winning in the junior dress revue and one to Annahelle Coar for winning sweepstakes rilwlwons in canning. Any cluh memher over 17 years of age, who has shown ahility in a particular pro- ject is eligihle for Junior Leadership. The junior Leaders last year were Barhara Delaware, Helen Snow, Ramona Miller, Mary Lou Faucett, Annahelle Goar, and Audrey Semler. Three of these girls had fulfilled the requirements to attend the junior Leadership Banquet which was held last fall. Page Sixteen 1, . -1 Q ,-game vw -31 VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT The seventh and eighth grade boys have had introductory work in most phases of agriculture for partial preparation for fu' ture Vocational work. Freshman and Sophomore boys have had livestock production and selective problems. The Junior and Senior Agriculture class have had a variation of Farm Ivianagement and Livestock production. BOYS' 4-H The Dudley Township Boys' 4H Club was well represented last year at both the counf ty and state fairs. Thirty-three members collected a total of 81 awards, 8 of which were championship ribbons. The club also had a state poultry judging team composed of Hershel Ankrom, Paul Stover, Albert Bennett, and Lloyd Werkiiig and a state dairy judging team made up of Richard Wicker, Wallly Leonard, Kenneth Myer- holtz, and Dick Luellen. Lloyd Werkiiig was high individual scorer at the state poulf try judging contest and Wzilly Leonard was second high individual dairy judge at the state dairy judging contest. This year we already have the winning country grain judging team made up of Donald Faucett, Harold Paul, and Roy Breneman. Mr. Clodfelter was ably assisted last year Page Seventeen All vocational classes had some work in farm shop on repair and construction. Judging team training has been incorpor' ated as a part of all agriculture work. A great measure of success had been enjoyed in recent years in Dudley Township judgf ing work. Mr. Clodfelter was the instructor in charge of all Vocational Agriculture. CLUB by junior leaders Richard Wicker, Ken' neth Myerholtz, Richard Luellen, Audrey Pickering, Wally Leonard, AFred Semeler, James Lamberson and George Pickering. Club officers last year were Hershel An' krom, Presidentg Lloyd Werking, Vice' Presidentg Mary Lou Faucett, Secretary' Treasurer, and Audrey Pickering, Club Ref porter. The club also had members attending the various club camps, leadership training schools and other county fairs during the summer. Swine production is the leading enterprise in our locality and the club led the county in this project. Our club had 100 percent completion and received one of the two seals offered in the county last year. The N. L. S. Cafeteria has lween in operation for 12 years. Mrs. Wissler, who was assisted this year lay Mrs. Miller, docs a fine job of preparing lunches for the students and faculty. This is "Bill" Ballard, our custodian, handy man, and friend who is still ready to do his part what- ever it may he after five years of faithful service. We appreciate, more than we sometimes say, the many things that Bill doees for us every day. Page ,Eighteen D if, JM , ,. s jx. ,- -4 SENICR PLAY The Senior Class presented the play, "Toby Doodle Dandy," April 7th, in the high school gymnasium. The play, a three-act comedy, told of the happenings in the Mat' thew's home when they hired new servants. Toby, a small town boy, who believed he was making good in a big way, applied for the job of handy man. The housekeeper and the supposedly F.B.I. man turned to be spies and were trapped by Toby and Lyle Granger, pretty young Jerry Mat' thew's husband. The antics of Toby and the hard hearing maid brought many laughs from the audience. The play was coached by Mr. Clodfelter. Robert Rogers ......... ...... R ichard Wicker Horace Matthews ....... .............. I ra Snow Hilda ........................ ....... H elen Query Toby .................................... Charles Hunt jerry Matthews ............ Verna Humphrey Madame Beatrice LaCoyne .. Mary Barlow Susie .................................. Dorothy Raines Lyle Granger ....... ...... R ichard Luellen .. JUNIOR PLAY The junior Class presented "Mr. and Mrs. America," December 3rd to a large crowd in the high school gymnasium. The play was a comedy in three acts and centered around the dreams of Trudy, the irrepres- sible young wife, who also is able to in' trepret them. Marshall, her husband, mov- ed to a new home when Trudy foretells a great misfortune to the house where they are then living. The things that happen in their new home caused the play to be one that the audience loved with everything turning out all right in the end. Miss Shroyer coached the play. SERVICE CLUB On December 7th fthe anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harborj a group of stud' ents who have brothers in the service met and organized the Service Club. Their big project was the USO benefit prof gram sponsored March 3rd in the school gymnasium. This was an allfschool show, featuring patriotic music by the school band, two oneeact plays, "A Girl In Ev' ery Port," and "Paul Faces the Tire Short' age," songs by the girls chorus, and novelty numbers by the freshmen boys and seventh and eighth grade girls. Sixty dollars was Page Nineteen l. I taken in plus a hundred and twentyffive dollars in bonds and stamps. Other projects this year included a school service flag, an honor roll, and waste paper and tin can drives. Members are: Neil Barlow, President, Wilma Fowler, VicefPresidentg Verna Humphrey, SecretaryrTreasurerg Mary Bar' low, Audrey Semler, Ramona Miller, Ermadean Schock, Helen Snow, Dorothy Willey, Thelma Beeson, Betty Paul, and jim Crone. Mrs. Leakey is the sponsor. w S 60001. CALENDAR SEPTEMBER . . . 10 School year began. Two new teachers on the staff, Mrs. Crawford and Miss Hamblen. 20 Spiceland baseball game, there. 23 Mooreland baseball game, there. 24 Freshman initiation at Memorial Park. Nice rainy evening. 28 Knightstown baseball game, there. 30 Lewisville baseball game, here. OCTOBER . . . 1-2 Dairy Team went to Purdue. Enjoy' ed the IllinoisfPurdue football game. 5 E. A. Richardson, poet, gave assembly program. 9 Election of class officers. 12 Henry County baseball playfolf. The winner is Knightstown. 15 First issue of Jimtown Journal out. What a scramble. 21'22 Teachers Institute-Indianapolis. 2'if26 Registration for ration book No. 4. Students enjoyed the vacation. 29 Community Hallowe'en Party sponf sored by the Freshman Class. NOVEMBER . . . 14 School scrap drive. 2 Yell leaders chosen. Ermadean Schock Audrey Semler and Charles Luellen winners. 11 Armistice day program by juniors. 12 Band Concert-"Music In the Air." Directed by Mrs. Crawford and en' joyed by all. ' 15 Senior recreational program. W 16 Booster Club organized. 19 Mooreland basketball game, theref V ' I 23 Straughn basketball game, there. 24 Thanksgiving program" sponsoredf by the eighth grade. Rev. Sanders from New Castle was the speaker. , 24 Judging team won county meet in 4- crops. 25 Seniors went to Indianapolis to 1944 " Ice Revue. 1 A 30 Sophomore recreation program in gym. 30 Physical exams given to all high school pupils. 1' O DECEMBER . . . " 3 Junior Play, "Mr. and Mrs. America" was presented. 4 7 Service Club organized. . 8 Tuberculosis Test given to Grades 1, 3, 8, 11, 12. 13 County H. S. Principals meeting. N 14 Annual Bushel of Pennies Contest X sponsored by Henry County T. B. As' LI' sociation began. ' 21 Home Economics girls entertain their mothers with Christmas Party. x N. r ' . U I Page Twent .4-. " , +-U" . .,, - ..... . 1 pq,-, - v gc... , -: Wg "?ff ' a 1.41 4, " "D wget' 6' 'V Z P' 23 Seniors resent Christmas ro ram 4 , P P 8 . 'gg pg.. Vwith Rev. Brunton as speaker. The 'vig annual gift exchange was held follow' in ing. . .sp 232 .Out for Christmas vacation. The -AI rat.. '. teachers probably needed it. I 55 T28 Alumni basketball game. -' , -M' A v b'9'eQgflg ' ' -I " ',.g'4,' ,JANUARY ... . A ' 4-'fl 3 I Back to school after vacation. Enjoyed .' 4 5 A 5 H ...Q Q -' :"'i vacation. New Year's resolutions 7 broadcast-and broken. L . LJ-f Semester exams. Oh, me! HF A 1' 8 , .. n tk 'IA fax V , .H "M 10 If-Pr 11 ,gh 7 +..f ""f:5Q .. ,iffy " . nic' -- .4 ' ,Q 14 59:- V County Tourney drawing announced. New semester begins. "Hoosier School Master" preseiited by Rev. Sanders. Sponsored by eighth grade. Freshman recreational program in the gym. 7? 1S'22 County basketball tourney at New Castle. Spiceland winner. I L, -- 18 Tri-Township Institute in gym. Good 59. 'QW talks, but small attendance. .gf 4' 27 Junior recreational program. WY' ' A I ' JT, FEBRUARY . . . ' A l I' 8f9 Deep snow. No school, but oh the fun '- - on sleigh rides. . ll Lincoln Day' Program presented by them' L - . glffiql , ., ., '4 R' 5.1 13 if Sophomores. V Work on annual begins. Did we know Q ' what was ahead of us? ,..1. 0 , . We in . . ff?" 5,1 .4 .1 .. ,' 3' .V ff ,. 'L Q fQV2,'x 'QA .I 'ff' Page Twenty-One "T if 16. i A fn.. .l'. V ll ' h nw..- Junior Class sponsored Valentine party. 15 Sectional drawing announced. 24 Sectional tourney begins. MARCH . . . 1 Red Cross .drive began. 2 H. S. Night at Church. Large at' tendance. 3 Service Club presented patriotc pro- gram for the benefit of the USO. A large attendance and everybody enjoy' ed it. 4 Several basketball boys enjoyed the regional tourney at Muncie. 16 junior party at Melba Shafer's in hon' or of Dick Beeson. At least I think it was a junior party, although a. few Seniors were present. 17 St. Patrick's program in gym. by Freshmen. ' JuniorfSenior reception. What an evening. Did I say evening? APRIL . . . 7 Senior Play, "Toby Doodle Dandy" was presented. 23 Baccalaureate Service. A. F. Bymc, speaker. 24 Final exam. week and did the mid- night oil burn! 28 Commencement with J. H. Wilsolm speaker. Eight Seniors graduate. 28 School out for another year. 'b mf .. if . J,P"',w:f s . Sl 'Q-r Ni. """W3+ ! 5 .sh SX vu 1':,,aw, X C1 ow 1 - 1 REMEMBER WHEN . . It rained at the Freshman Initiation? Jim Crone had a crew hair cut? Eileen Matney resigned from the Senior class? Wilma and Garnet were "fuedin' females?" Dick House tried to drive over the fences on the way home from Wilma's? Joe Bob forgot Don Faucett's trunks at the County Tourney? The Seniors were young and unwilling Freshmen? Charles Shackleford went to school here? Don Faucett was Kirkendall's rival? Mr. Ankrom spilled ink on Harold Paul's desk? We used to have parties in the gym at night? Verna Humphrey came to New Lisbon? Charles Hunt helped Wanda Thomas sew in the Home Ec. room? The Seniors went to Indianapolis to see Sonja Heinie? The juniorfSenior reception was held at the Elk's Country Club, irrlllichmond? Dick Beeson and Harold Paul went to New Castle seven nights a weak? Wanda Thomas drove into a tree? Ira Paul went to Cadiz. to see the ball games only? Luellen and Stringer were dancing masters? Dick Wicker was going steady with three girls at the same time? The juniors had a few uninvited guests at their party? Vance J. Clodfelter came to N. L. H. S. to teach? Ira Snow baptized his play book? john Chew had a date with Thelma Beeson? Dorothy Raines wore pigtails to school? The talented Senior Quintet sang that popular old ballad, "Pistol Packin' Mam:l?' Helen Query gave her book report in English class? Neil Barlow was the class president for '42f'43? Dorothy Raines received a shower on the steps? Mrs. Leakey reported about Agnes and the latest additions? Ramona and Mary wrote a daily letter each to someone in Spiceland? Richard Luellen fired the furnace? Page Twenty-Four PIN- UP PARADE N. L. H. S. PinfUps .........,. ,...... M elba Shafer N. L. H. S. Best Students .,.. .... A nnabelle Goar Biggest Flirts .................,.. . Best Dressed ,,,... Gabbiest Person ..... Prettiest Girls .................. .. Public Nuisance No. 1 .,..... Best Aethlete ................ Best Looking Boy ..... Wittiest Person ..... Teachers Pet ...... Most Bashful .i .... Worst Temper ,. Prettiest Smile ...,... Biggest Baby ..,.,. Luckiest Person ,.... Unluckiest Person ......,........ Most Likely To Succeed ..., ...... "Freshest" Freshman .,.. "Silliest" Sophomore ..,r ".Iolliest" Junior ,.,..,. ss Most Digniliedu Senior Page 'Twenty-Five Melba Shafer Wilma Fowler Ira Paul Snow ..... .. . ......,. Dick Beeson Dick Beeson Jim Crone Dick Wicker Paul Stover .. Wilma Fowler ...... ..,.... G arnet Maddix Dick Luellen Eugene Kirkendall Dick Beeson Dick Wicker Hershel Ankrom, jr. ........ Harold Paul Dick Wicker Thelma Brenner James Hall .. .. Wanda Thomas .. Wanda Thomas Wayne Stringer Dick Wicker ..., Dick Luellen .. Annabelle Goar Dick Luellen Verna Humphrey .. Garnet Maddix Dorothy Raines Melba Shafer Thelma Brenner Verna Humphrey Dick Wicker Charles Luellen Joe Bob Blunk Ramona Miller Melba Shafer Helen Query JUNl0R'SENl0R RECEPTIUN The Juniors and Seniors had looked for' ward to the month of April especially be' cause of one activity, the Junior-Senior Ref ceptiong however this being war times any' thing can happen. On March 6th the jun' iors suddenly awakened to the fact that it would be best to have it in March. For two weeks we had been very curious and very obliging to the juniors. We hated to do it, but since the Juniors had sent out wild rumors about Chicago, Indianapf olis and Cincinnati, curiosity got the best of us. On March 31st at 12:45 noon, the Juniors, Seniors and teachers left for what we thot was Indianapolis. Since we were headed east, that guess was out. After traveling thru Richmond, it became apparent that we were headed for Dayton, much to our surf prise. Some of the places suggested by the Jun- iors to go see were Dayton Waterworks, Frigidaire Division of General Motors Cor' poration, LoosefWiles Biscuit Company, Dayton Daily News, Patterson Field, Wright Field, Radio Station WHIO, Sac' red Heart Catholic Church, and Newcom Tavern. On account of several factors our tour was limited to three or four places. After this we were really hungry and ready for dinner at the Miami Hotel. Up until now we didn't know whether to expect a hamburger joint or the best hotel in town. It turned out to be nearer the last. Soon after dinner the juniors escorted us to Station WHIO for a broadcast. After en- joying this we started back to New Lis' bon. Page 'T'wentyfSu First Row: Blunk, Miller, Werking, L. Goar. Second Row: R. Werkiimg, D. Pleasant, Breneman, M. L. Faucett. Shafer. Third Row: A. Goar, U. Clampitt, Ankrom, Stringer. Fourth Row:D. Faucett H. D. Ankrom, jr., Herr. THE SCHOOL ORCHESTRA In the fall of 1943 eight students, led by Miss Lela Shroyer, started the organization of the New Lisbon school orchestra. It resumed rehearsals the third week in Sep' tember, 1943, with a new leader, Mrs. Marguerite Crawford. It now consists of twenty members and several more with various instruments who will soon enter. On November 12, 1943, the orchestra pre- sented "Music In the Air," a threefact comedy play and concert in the school gym- nasium. The proceeds were used to buy music and other material for the organizaf tion. The students have worked hard and have furnished -music for the Junior and Senior plays, the USO Program and Comf mencement. After the progress of the past two years nothing but success could be expected. A lot of credit should go to the two leaders, who have worked so diligently, and the co' operation of the members. GLEE CLUB Twenty'two students responded to Miss Shroyer's invitation for those interested in a choral music adventure. There was a slight increase in number over last yearg moreover some of the voices had matured greatly during the summer vacation so we looked forward to a very successful year of harmonizing. Very early in the year we lost a talented member of the bass section, Charles Hall. Later another dependable bass, Roy Breneman, moved away, leaving Page Twe11tyfSeven us twenty members and the pianist, Doris Breneman. Our main activities for the year included special numbers at the annual Thanksgiving program, a double quartet number sung at church during the Christ' IDRS season, a quartet number at the Or' chectra Concert, girls chorus number at the USO program in March, Chorus program at the Ashland P. T. A. meeting in March and special numbers by the chorus at New Lisbon Church on April 2. all First Row: Snow, Semler, Shafer, Maddix, Chew. Second Row: Pleasant, Miller, Humphrey, Fowler, Brenner, Goar. Third Row: McKillip, Carroll, Owens, Raines, Faucett, Schock. Fourth Row: Daniel, McNabb, Russell, Mrs. Leakey, Instructor. GIRLS' PHYSICAL ED. The year l943f44 saw the Physical Ed girls in new blue swing suits. In the fall and in the spring they play softball. In the winter they play volleyball, Newcomb, deck tennis, indoor soccer, and basketball besides marching, exercises, and work on the mats. BOOSTER CLUB . A Booster Club was organized this year by the junior and Senior High School students. The purposes of the club were to get a large cheering section behind the team, to plan pep sessions, and to boost school spirit. Officers for the year were: President, Wilma Fowler: VicefPresident, Verna Humphrey: SecretaryfTreasurer, Gladys Chew: Reporter, Garnet Maddix. STATISTICS Dick LUBLLEN Characteristics: Cheerful. Occupation: Being CofEditor. VERNA HUMPHREY Ambition: Be in Navy. Occupation: Being a Senior. Pastime: Reading. Ambition: To be an actress. Characteristics: Likeable. Pastime: Studying shorthand. IRA PAUL SNOW Characteristics: Peppy. Occupation: Trying to write class his CHARLES HUNT tory, Occupation: Art Editor for Annual. Ambition: Fly like the birdies do Ambition: To be expert at hic-cupping. Pastime: Going to Cadiz. Pastime: Studying Senior Play. Characteristics: Changeable. Characteristics: Friendly. NEIL BARLOW RICHARD WICKER Occupation: Keeping up with annual Occupation: Business Manager. snaps. Ambition: To be a glamour boy. Ambition: Business Executive. Pastime: Dreaming of Lewisville, Pastime: Reading. Characteristics: Flirt. Characteristics. HELEN QUERY DOROTHY RAINES Occupation: Being CofEditor. Occupation: Activity Editor. Ambition: Be a secretary. Ambition: To meet Gary Cooper. Pastime: Sleep. P2lStimCI Drearning. Characteristics: Dependable. U Page 'I'wentyfEigl1t .ta--'wi :- -Y-A rx :.1ugwvv7gv-ig 1: First Row: Ankrom, Principal, Snow, Beeson, Wicker, Coach Clodfelter. Second Row: Matney, Stringer, Paul, Stover, Werking. Third Row: Kirkendall, Faucett, Ankrom. BASEBALL The Tigers had a very tough time with baseball last fall. There was little interest in the student body and there were only three or four boys on the squad that had played any baseball during the summer. Most of the boys were inexperienced or at least inexperienced in their positions. At times they looked like the f utu re mighty Tigers in the making. At most of the games we had only nine or ten men, consequently our reserve strength wasn't. Paul and House did the major part of the pitching with Wicker on the receiving end. They had plenty of speed and would have won more games if they had received bet- ter support. Paul and House took turns at pitching and playing third base. Beeson was stationed at short and Snow held down first base. Fauf Page 'Twenty-Nine cett, Vv'erking, Nlatney, Breneman, Luellen, Kirkendall, Stringer, Ankrom and Stover filled in the rest of the positions. Brene- men was one of the leading batters when he injured his knee and had to drop base- ball. Paul turned in the only victory of the season at Lewisville in the initial game of the season. The batting averages were: Snow ..... 429 Beeson 3 'i 7 Wicker .... .,.. 3 3 3 House 286 Paul ...... 262 Faucett .. 2 38 Werkiiig 1 l 1 Luellen .. 'Zi0'l' Brenemen 400"' Stringer ...,.. 1673 fir we YELL LEADERS, Lcft tu Right: A. Semlcr, C, Lucllcn, E. Schock. TIGERS 1943-44 SEASUN Mt. Summit Moorcland Straughn Cadiz S. Springs Spiccland Alumni Cadiz Lcwisvillc S. Springs Mziys Mt. Summit Strzxughn Miltmiii Kcnnzuxl 1st Tcztm W T 'v 'w 'Ind Tc'x"1 1 -w -1 XV T 46 30 10 13 3 0 43 18 14 30 26 12 11 i 47 36 17 31 50 42 22 19 QOvertimcj ZS 20 19 24 44 20 44 21 17 IS SS 34 9 30 A4 19 01 16 27 28 16 12 A2 41 02 22 20 28 47 46 ZS li 23 20 50 21 SCORING First Tczlm Beeson Paul Housc Snow Wicker' Stringer uc cn L ll Hunt Cronc 140 114 108 99 57 17 2 2 1 COUNTY TOURNEY W T Kcnnard 33 29 fOvcrtimcj Straughn 25 26 SECTIONAL S. Springs '58 32 New Castl.: Z6 43 Sccund Team Lucllen 76 Faucctt S 0 Cronc 36 Hunt 3 1 Stringer 18 Wcrkiiig 17 -a 'Ankrom I .- Mntncy 7 Page 'frhmy BASKETBALL The Tigers started the season with four ol the lirst five hack, only Daniel Shafer was out. We put a small hut last quintet eonsisting ol Vwfieker and Beeson at guard. Snow at center, Paul and House at lorwards. Stringer, Crone, Luellen, Hunt and lfaueett formed a eapahle reserve team. This was a successful year for the Tigers who won lil and loft 5' in the scheduled games. At the county tourney we had to play the tirst game with Kennard and Won hy a seore of 33 to 10 in an overftime. That night we had to play Straughn who drew the hye and eonsequently was a fresh team. They heat ins hx' the score ol' 25 to 26. In the sectional we played Sulphur Springs and won hy the score of '58 to 32. Vv'e could have ra'sed the score a lot more hut the eoaeh pulled out the live and let the second team play. ln thc seeond game we had a hard time tinding the range. New Castle had the most he'ght he- eause we had no hoy over 7510" and they averaged 6'-l". Vdc ga e the Trolans a good game for one quarter and hall' ol th' second quarter and then the height took elleet and the tigers fell laehfnd. The tinal score was 43 to 26. There are hut two olli the first live to graduate hut Dick Beeson has to go to the Army. We wish the Tigers in '447-15' all the luek and a hetter record than we had. Those lost hy graduation w'll he Richard Wicker, guardg Ira Paul Snow, center: Richard Luellen, center, and Charles Hunt, guard. The New Lisbon Tigers had two memhers on the all county team this year. They are Dick Beeson and Richard House. -1 Row: Ankrom, Principal, Wickei', Beeson, Snow, Paul, Cludlelter, Coach. Nttond Row: Matney, Stringer, Blunk, Student Manager, Hunt, Werkiiig. 1 Row: Chew, Kirkendall, Faueett, Ankrom, Stover, Luellen. it 46 'v' an 30 -up Q, , ,- -nt First Row: Hunt, Wicker, Beeson, Paul. Second Row: Werking, Clodlclter, Coach, Snow. Third Row: Ankroin, Faueett, Stover. TRACK The New Lishon Tigers resumed track where they left off last year, with all hack but Calvin Shafer finile man, onefhalf ll1ilC,, and Daniel Shafer thigh jump and pole vaultj. The Tigers have quite a few out for track and have a good schedule with Mt. Suinf init, Spieeland, Iviooreland and Camhridjge City, and, of course, the county. The prohahle starters for the different events are as follows: 11111 yd., Beeson and Paul: 2241 yd., Beeson, House and Paul: 4413 yd, Snow and Vxflekerz SSH yd., Vdiekf er, Stover and Ankromg Mile, Ankrom, Werkillg and Chewz Broad jump, Beeson and Paul, High jump, Crone and House, Shot Put, Hunt and Faucett: Pole Vault, House and Paul: Mile Relay, Beeson, Snow, Ankrom and Wicker: One'Half Mile Ref lay, Paul, Crone, House and H.ll1t. Track is a relative new sport, heing only four years old at New Lishon. We have heen adding to our equipment. Wt' have a good team this year and after a few vie' lories to keep the lioys enthusiasm we hope to win the county meet. Page Tliirtyffwo vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv VVVVVYVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV THE SPOT SANDWICHES AND SOFT DRINKS Corner 21st and Broad New Castle FURNITURE RADIOS APPLIANCES B A U G H M A N ' S Phone 304 New Castle 1115 Broad Sts. IT WILL PAY TO INVESTIGATE Farm Bureau Auto and Life Insurance C. R. WHITWORTH, Agent RIDGE DRUG CO. Phone 115 7 1579 E. Broad Street New Castle, Indiana CHUHARDT'S ANDWICHES Courtesy of OFT DRINKS UNDAES ODAS Stanley Mortuary I B o w l i n g NEW CASTLE 1621 Broad St. New Castle, Ind I EMPLOYERS CALL FOR OUR GRADUATES Employers . that is the test of a good school- , and the advantage of better training. will call for you, too - f f when you are ready. NEW CASTLE BUSINESS COLLEGE 1811 Broad St. LAALLALAAAAAAAAAA Page 'Tl1irtyfThree "The Home of Opportunities" New Castle E. E. Dillon, Mgr. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALAALAAAAAALAAAAALAALA vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv FOR THE BEST CLOTHES IN NEW CASTLE G O O D W I N S The Suwc for M611 Since ISSN FUR BETTER FURNITURE . . . SHUI' IN NEW CASTLE AT CIllll"l'M NEXV CASTLES MUST POPULAR FURNITURE STORE F R A N K ' S FURNITURE STGRE THE CENTURY PRESS 'KTIIQ Hc.1LIqu4u'tcr5 Eur School Supplies" I,I'llIlCl'S of 1944 New Lisamniul Ill fi. Ivinm St. N-sw Castlc Y V VV? V Tv tv Phunc 717 vvvvvvvvtvvvvv Page TI1l7'lf"FKllL7' vwvvvvvvv v IN NEW CASTLE . . . . . . SELLS THE CLOTHES vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv New MEADOW'S PHARMACY Eighteenth at Grand Castle, Indi Phone 1071 DRUCS OF QUALITY AND PRICE MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT MARY TYNER'S SHOP NEW CASTLE LLQLLLLLLLLLLALAQAA Page 'I'hirtyfFive Henry County Farm Bureau Co-Operative NEW CASTLE - STRAUGHN "Anything and Everything L1 Farmer Needs Delivered 'To His Door" 44. xAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Myers Implement Co. 806 South 18th St. M Phone S88 New Castle "Henry County's Most Complete Implement Company" Semler's D-X Service New Castle 14th and Fleming Where New Lisbon People Meet In New Castle De Luxe Beauty Shop If Tom' Hair Isn't Becoming . . . 'You Should Be Coming Compliments of MILLER DAIRY Cambridge City, Ind. To Us. D1AMoNDs WATCHES Comlgifents JEWELRY GIFTS . . Henry County Building and LOEII1 Assn. JEWELER .Quality and Dependability New Castle GREETINC CARDS For All Occasions Dorothy Coffin Gift Shop 1225 Race St. New Castle ALLLLLLLLLLLQLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL We pay 3 percent on Savings For Building Repairing or Purchasing a Home. 13 11 Broad Street New Castle AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALA A Page Tl1ivtyfSix vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv The Calland Sport Shop 117 N. Iviain St. Offers The Most Complete Assortment of Sporting Goods, Athletic Equipment and Wheel Goods In Henry County Bob Luellen "Tour Sporting Goods Dealer" VVVYVVV 777777777vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv COMPLIMENTS . . . HUTCHEN S GREENHOUSE FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Compliments Clifford M. Howard and Son Cambridge City W. F. Johnson Youa JEWELER Cambridge City Peoples State Bank Cambridge City, Indiana LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLQQLQQQQMLLQLLLLLL Page Tl1irtyfSeven MORRIS DRY GOODS - FURNISHINGS MENS WORK CLOTHING Cambridge City, Indiana The Henderson Store ALWAYS oooo VALUES Cambridge City RAY DOLL GROCERIES AND MEATS Dublin, Indiana AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA C TTVTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?vvV77TVv7v7vvvvTTTTTYYTTTTVTTTTTTTv 7 Compltments of DON ARNCLD Guarantee Tire and JEWELER Rubber Co. 12th and Race sts. New casuc I lm Broad St- Ncw Castle Phonc 416 Oomplfmfnfs Of Taylor's Pastry Bennett's Grocery Shop 'lsth and Gram, TASTE THE DIFFERENCE New Castle Phone me New Castle Compliments of Bartel, Rhoe 86 Rosa Co. Rose City Millinery OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1308 Broad New Cixstlc 921 RlChm0ml NEW CASTLE I-IATCHERY FOR OVER 15 YEARS The Birthplace of Better Chicks Phone 270 H. K. Cook, Mgr. New Castle WATCHES f DIAMONDS - JEWELRY f GIFTS C O F F I N ' S "Quality jewelers Since 1873" Compliments of D- H- GONE Printing CO- FURNITURE ima HARDWARE Crcenheld, Ind. Cambridge City Phone 39 LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLALAALLLLLAAALLLLLLLLALLALLQLQLLLAAA A A Page 'I'hi'rtyfEight vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv771977 YvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvVVVVVVVVVVVV Henry County Tire Store I-oN THE SQUARE'- New Castle, Indianvi Pontiac Cadillac G. M. C. Trucks Williams Motor Sales Phone 154 f Res. 842 1109 Broad St. New Castle, Ind. Compliments of Hurdle Studio New Castle Dale Printing Co. STATIONERY - CARDS SALE BILLS I. O. O. F. Bldg. New Castle Compliments of Coca-Cola Bottling Company New Castle, Indiana Wheii In New Castle . . EAT AT SteHie's Restaurant BRUNNER DRUGS Cambridge City, Indiana PURE-BRED DUROCS Always Bring Good Returns For Your Feed Frazier and Ankrom Snyder and Malcolm INSURANCE AND BONDS FOR EVERY NEED GEORGE W. 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Suggestions in the New Lisbon High School - Nu Lisannial Yearbook (New Lisbon, IN) collection:

New Lisbon High School - Nu Lisannial Yearbook (New Lisbon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


New Lisbon High School - Nu Lisannial Yearbook (New Lisbon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


New Lisbon High School - Nu Lisannial Yearbook (New Lisbon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


New Lisbon High School - Nu Lisannial Yearbook (New Lisbon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


New Lisbon High School - Nu Lisannial Yearbook (New Lisbon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


New Lisbon High School - Nu Lisannial Yearbook (New Lisbon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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