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New Lexington High School - Lexingtonian Yearbook (New Lexington, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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f THE LEXINGTONIAN Published By The Senior Class Of I957 CO ORS Q 1 JACK PARK BETTY SKILLMAN BUSINESS MANAGER ADVISOR ROGER SMITH WILLLAM V-'E9.V'ER G O O O The Lexinglonian , 1' A 9 ,Ni F Y yt A sf gtg' In New Lexington Hugh School New Lexington, Uhlo l957 Table of Contents Dedication Adminis tration Seniors ---- Undergrads Athletics --- Activities - Advertiseme nts E -. . - - - - - Annual Staff Jack Park, Betty Skillman ----------------------------------------------- Co-Editors Roger Smith ------m------- - -------------------------------------- Business Manager Joe Williams, Jim Wolfe, Iohr. Busse, Gene Skeens, Ronnie Sidwell, Marlene Lett, Roger Fitzgerald ---------------------------------- Business Assistants Kent Goman --------------------------------------- ---------------- Class Historian Tom Hall, Don Teal, Dick Goodin --------------------------------------- Sport Editors Iune Iacobs, Patty Hardy, Genevieve Taylor ---------------------------------- Artists Ruth Kokensparger, -Nancy Dardinger, Charlotte Shumaker ---------------------- TYDiStS Linda Pletcher, Renee Kimball, Carol Chappelear, Barbara Ryan, Bonnie Deitrick, Ioyce Prichard, Martha Hammond ------------------------------------- Other Reporters Marianne Walsh, John McCabe, Alice Shaeffer ------------------------- Iunior Members Hands Dedication We the class of mneteen mmdled fllty seven respectfully dedlcate tlus Hubllcatlon to ll NDStr1at play x ll'1 mat Qrt Jslasm H. lNDSt1at sootnet e s len l NDS oltstrelc ed to s Cco t oer 51 Q es I I , , V ., - y l F I A I A-lf ' ' L e 1 . hw . HI-.NDS that togl with noble purpose "R Y I ' ' 1 "gf: 1 :mai Ll " fl' Ll r he 5, f ni nu"Q.'. Superintendent MYRON FOVVI ER In the highly technological society in which we are now living it is imperative that young people prepare to take their place in government and industry. We hope that your High School training will serve as a stepping stone to prepare you for a worth- while position in service to your fellow members of society. Principal LINTON D. LEW'IS How easy it is for us to become so wrapped up in our own personal interests a nd concerns that we sometimes fail to appreciate properly those values that alone are eternal and necessary for true happi- ness. George Washington gave us sound advice - good not only for those who want cultural democracy, but for those who think that helping people see and meet a need is more fruitful than always trying to give them what they want. Washington said, "Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair." I 3 1 w x I - 3 1 . XA! MRS. HELEN TAGUE MISS JOY MCCRADY MRS. ANN STUDER Health Nusa Secretary Secretary INS. C. RLIiCT1XL,,.I was porn li Box-:lgig hir. '.'.'alL:r "I3hr.f.j:" Dgllcr was Lori. . Eff-:,, iie atzexdeu mg: school at Gleifori Ie:-. L:I'l.i"'CZ'., Aijiur scnocl me worksQ at in 5 51 5:55511 gf Gill? Ijigzferslty. Ii L21 Star MLW-, 51,223 Cifripaig' ' 15:6 pecarff- f A r L' ,g,:ce::1:y arid 331:13 1,5 l'1fCY1"5I1. 1.f-5.15.5 1:2 53A w '- J ...sgziess lf New Lemigtzi, S ' Sgr... Jrgier. 1: 137- Qi :ik QQ: :La 1: :fic Baerd of Lcgcemg: Z. 'f C , LZ. Chlfr :arm 2" LL:-gxjt, '.v.-- - ':.,,,, h . -. L,.'...S .A-DJ :L V " Iv, L-1-1.51 ' , " S ti., MRS . EILEEN PRIODE Engllsh MR. PAUL MARTIN Driver's Education Physical Educauon World Geography Coach MISS BERTHA DRURY Enghsh MR. WALTER PRIODE Industnal Arts MR. IOHN NEFF Science MISS CHRISTINE STAGE Home Economics MRS. GLADYS FOLDEN TYDUTQ Stenography MRS. ENID VAN IITTA Health Cwics I-Iisgory MISS CAT HERINE BOOK Englxsh Lau: MR. G. S-LLEN CONN MRS. NATALIE VAN ATTR Band Musxc MR. LOUIS FLORES Mathematlcs Coach MRS. MARGARET BAILEY Busmess Educatlon MRS. BEATRICE S.-IUNDERS Yamxly Relatxons Mathemaucs PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER JACK PARK -Professional- Senior Class President, Buck- eye Boys' State, Student Council 15 Band l-2-3: Music Contest 35' Football 45 All-M.V.L. H. M., Basketball 3-45 Scholar- ship Team l-2-35 District l-25 State 25 Senior Scholarship Test, Varsity Club 45 Sec. - Treas. 45 Newspaper Staff 2- 3-45 Annual Co-Editor, Iunior Class Play, Honor Society. JOHN BUSSE -General- Vice-President 3-45 Annual Staff 45 Student Council 1-25 Varsity Club l-2-3-45 Baseball l-25 Football 1-25 asketball l-25 Stands 1-2-3-4 of BARBARA RYAN -Professional- Scholarship Team 1-2-35 Newspaper Staff 2-3-45 CO-Editor 45 G.A.A. 2-3-45 Secretary of Class 3-45 Junior Class Play, Honor Society 3-45 Annual Staff 45 Senior Scholarship Team, 3rd Place in County, Honorable Mention, Stands 3-4. RONALD SIDWELL -General- Football 1-2-35 Basketball 1 23 Track Z-3, Varsity Club 2-3 Class Treasurer 3-4. CAROL CHAPPELEAR -Professional- Cneerleader 1-3-45 President New Lex Band 35 G.A.A. 2-3-45 Polnt Chairman 2-35 Presldent 45 Majorette 3-45 Band 1-2-3 -45 jumor Class Play, Girls' Basketball Team 35 Annual Staff '15 Qucen's Attendant 45 Pep Club 45 Stands 3-4. LOUISE BROWN RUTH ANN CLARK -Busxness Educauon- -General- G.A.A. -15 Pep Club 47 Vice- Presldent-15 Assxstant Treasurer 35 Parlxarnentarlan Z5 Glee Club 25 Home Econorrucs Style Show 1-25 Stands 1-25 Senxor Scholarsnlp Test, Stands Z-3-4. IOAN CABLE -Busxness Educatlon- Class Offlcer 15 Glee Club 1-25 Band 15 Cheerleader 25 Varxety Show 25 Stands 1-3-45 G.A.A. 4. LEAH CRAIG -Business Educatlon- F.H.A. 1-2-3-45 G.A.A. 1-45 Home Economics Style Show 1-25 Stands 1-2-4. DON CLRNEY NANCY DARDINGER -Gen9y51- -Proiess1ona1- Stagdg 4, Newspaper Staff 1-2-3--25 Co-Eciltcr 45 1.mrar1an25 GHZ. ,,1, . .Z-3-45 I-r.10r Class Play, Annual Staff 45 Stands 3-45 Senior scholarship Test, Pep Clue 45 Honor Soclety. MARGIE CHENEY -Buslness Educatlon- F. li.A. 2-3-45 County Offlcer 25 Offlcer 2-3-45 Glee Club 25 Class Off1CCf 25 Home Eco- nomlcs Style Show 1-25 Stands 2-3-45 Pep Club 45 Stands 1-2 3-42 G.A.A. 4. BETTY DOBBINS -Business Education- F.H.A. 2-35 Treasurer 35 junior Class Play-Usher, Stands 1-25 Home Economics Style Show 1. DOUGLAS DEAVERS ROGER FITZGERALD -Vocational- -Vocational- Band 1-2-35 Pep Band 1-25 Stands Band 1-25 Stands 1-2-35 Junior Class 3-4. Play, Pep Band, Pep Club. BONNIE DEITRICH -Business Education- Stands l-2-3-45 G.A.A. 2-3-45 Offi- cer 3-45 Queen Attendant 35 Pep Club 4: Style Revue 1-2-3: Annual Staff 45 Junior Class Play. KENT GOMAN -Professional- Newspaper Staff l-25 Business Manager 3-45 Annual Staff, Band Announcer l-2 3-45 Vice-President 35 Class President 35 Scholarship Team 1-2-35 Senior Scholarship Test, Sth Place in County, Honcr Society, Iumor Class Play, Base- ball 1. LARRY DILLINGER DICK GOODIN -Vocational- -Professional- Football l-Z-3-45 All-M.V.L. H.M. Class President l-2-35 Football 45 Baseball l-2-3-15 Track 2-3-45 Student Basketball 1-2-3-45 Varsity Club 45 Council 35 Stands 3-45 Varsity Club Glee Club 1-2-35 Minstrel 2-35 Junior 3--15 President 45 Pep Club 4. Class Play, Annual Staff, Baseball 1-2-3--1. X ly, RUBY DYER -Business Education- G.A.A. 2-45 F.H.A. 15 Stands 1-2-3-45 Home Economics Style Show 1. 47 t YVONNE GOODIN PMT HARDY -Busmess Educatgon- 'P1'Of95S1Of161- Ba 123, Secretary3, G A 234, Scholarship Team 25 Iuruor Class Play, Annual Staff 45 Pep Club 45 Stands 3-45 Semor Scholarsbxp Team5 Honorable Mention ln County. TOM HALL -Profess1onal- Baseball 15 Football 25 Stage Manager 35 Student Counc1l4g Vlce-Presldent, Annual Staff 45 Stands 3-45 Varsxty Club 2. MARY LOU HANULA 'BUSHIGS S EGUCBUOH' Llbrarian 4: Stands l MARTHA HAMMOND -Business Educatxon- Class Presldent 25 Glee Club 2-3--15 Style Show 1-Z5 Stands 1-2-45 SChOlBISl'llP4T9Bm Z5 F. H.A. l-2-3-45 Treasurer 45 G. A.A. 45 Stands 45 Semor Schol- arship Team, Pep Club 45 Hom! Socxety. KENNETH HAZLETT -Vocat1onal- Football 3-45 Basketball 25 Track 2-3-45 Varsxty Club 4. GLENN HAMMERS MARIANNE HILL -B.1slness- -Busxness Course- SIGZGS 1-2-3--1. Stards 1-25 G.A.,1.. 2-35 F.I-LA., Iungor Class Play-Usher, DOROTHY HOOPS -Business Education- G.A.A. 45 Stands 1-3. THELMA HOOVER -Business Education- Glee Club 45 G.A.A. 2-45 Stands l -2-3-4. RUTH KOICENSPARGER -General- F-H-A. 25 G.A.A. 2-45 Giee Club lg SChOlal'Ship Team 25 District Placement, Junior Class Play, Annual Staff 45 News- Paper Staff 45 Librarian 45 Stands 1-2 3-4: Senior Scholarship Team 45 Honor Society. 4 IERRY KOEHLER -Vocational- Band 1-2 -3-4. RENEE' KIMBALL -Professional- Cheerleading, Football Z-3-45 Basketball l-Z-35 C.A.A. Z- 3-45 Glee Club 35 Homecoming Queen, Stands l-2-3-45 Pep Club, Annual Staff, junior Class Play. MARLENE LETT -Business Education- Band 15 Newspaper Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Scholarship Team 25 Basket- ball Cheerleader 2-35 G.A.A. Z-3-45 Glee Club l-2-3-5 Junior Class Play, Pep Club 45 Librarian l-25 Stands l-2-3-45 Honor Society. IUNE JACOBS GENE LONGSTRETCH -General- -Business Course- Glee Club l-2-3-45 Newspaper Staff Football 1-2-35 Basketball 25 junior l-2-3-45 Annual Staff, Librarian 2-3-45 Class play, Stands 3-4' Queen Attendant 3. M. my-' LINDA PLETCHER -Business Education- Student Council 15 Queen At- tendant l5 P.H.A. 25 G.A.A. 2-3-41 Band 35 Newspaper Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Pep Club 45 Stands 3-4: Home Economic Style Show l-2. SHIRLEY MC MILLAN BARBARA REED -Business Education- -Business Education- F.H.A. 1-2-3: News Reporter 3: Iuruor High C Club 1-2-35 stands 1-2-3 Class Play-Usher' Stands l-25 Home Sr le Review 3, f A Y Economics Style Show l. MARY ANN MATTIS -General- G.A.A. 3-45 Stands 3-45 Glee Club 1 2, Pep Club 4. UNA MAE SI-IAFPER -Professional- Iunior Class Play, Librarian. MARY LOU NICHOLS SHELBY SHERRICK -Generab -Business Course- G.A.A. 2-3-45 Scholarship Team Z5 Home Economic sryle Show 2-31 F-H-in Junior Class Play, Pep Club 45 Stands 2-3-41 ViCS-Pf9S1Ci6HI: G.A.A. 3-4: 3-45 Senior Scholarship Test. Pep Club 45 Lucrarian 4: Snands 1-2-4: Senior Scholarship Test . G.A.A. 3-45 Pep Club 45 Stands 45 IOYCE PRICHARD -Business Education- Class President l5 Scholarship Team l-35 Style Show 1-25 F.H. A. 2-3-45 Officer 3-4: G.A.A. 2-3-45 Stands 1-2 -3-45 Annual Staff 45 Pep Club, Senlcr Schol- arship Team, Honorable Mention in County. rv ' MILDRED SMITH -Business- Stands 15 P.H.A. 25 Glee Club 35 Variety Club 3. li -nv CHARLOTTE SHUMAKER -Business Education- Vice-President 15 Home Economics Stands l: Style Show l-25 F.H.A. l-2-35 Stands 25 G.A.A. 2-3-45 Junior Class Play, Annual Staff 45 Newspaper Staff 45 Pep Club 45 Stands 3-45 Senior S cholars hip Test, Honor Society. GENE SKEENS -Business Education- Pootball l-2-35 Stands 3-45 Student Council 25 Varsity Club 3. FRANCIS STALTER -Business Course- Annual Staff 45 Business Assistant, Variety Show 1-2, ROGER SMITH -Professional- HOTD1' S0Ci9fY 3-42 Senior Schol- arship Team, 7th Place In County, Band 1-2-3-45 Band Contest 35 Junior Class Play, Newspaper Staff Z-3-45 Bus- iness Manager 3-4: Annual Staff 45 Business Manager, Schol- arship l-2-3. BETTY SKILLMAN -Professional- G.A.A. 2-3-45 Newspaper Staff 2-3-45 Co-Editor Annual, Class Play 35 Pep Club 45 Likrarian 45 Stands 3-45 Honor Society 3-45 Voice of Democracy Contest 3-45 Scholarship Team 1-2-35 District l-2-35 State 2-35 Senior Scriolarship Team5 lst Place in County5 3rd Place in D1st.rict5 4th Place in State. GENE STORTS -General- Fwfball 1-2-3-4: All-M.V.L. 45 Bas- ketball 2-3-41 VarsityClub 2-3-45 Vice- President 4. HAROLD SULLIVAN -Vocational- Foothall l-25 Basketball 25 Stands 3-4 DONALD WHITLATCI-I -Vocational- Stands 3 -4. GENEVIEVE TAYLOR IOE VVU-LIAMS -GeneraI- -Bus1ness- Stands I-2-3-45 F.H.A. 2-3-45 County Student Council 1-3-45 Treasurer 35 Historian 3: News Reporter 3: County' Presldent -lp Newspaper Staff 2-3-45 Treasurer 4: G.A.A- 4: Annual Staff 4: AnnualStaff-15 Stands 1-2-3-45 Vlce- Iumor Class Play, I.1L1ar1an.3. Presldent 25 Pep Club -1. DONALD TEAL -Professional- Band l-2-3-4: Pep Band 2-45 All-Ohio Boys' Band 3-45 Annual Staff 45 junior Class Play, Stands 3-4. MARY ELLEN TURNER -Busines s- LOU WILLIAMS Busmess Educatxon G.A.A. 25 F.H.A. 25 Home Economlcs Style Show I: Stands l-2. MITZI WILSON -Business- F. I-I.A. 2-35 Stands 2-3-45 jumor Band l-2-35 Horne Eocnormcs Stands I5 Class Play, Style Show 2. Style SHOW 1' IOAN WILLIAMS -Business Course- F.H.A. 25 Style Show, Stands 3. DONNA WOLFE IAMES WOLFE -Professiona1- -Vocational- Lltrarian 3-43 G.A.A. 2-3: Stands 3-4: Secretary lg Stands 3-45 Annual Staff, Annual Staff. Pep Club 47 Stage Manager 2-3-4. CLASS COLORS: Blue And Silver CLASS FLOW'ER:I Red Rose CLASS MOTTO: Today We Followp Tomorrow We Lead Class Poem We are as proud as the angels in heaven For we are the seniors of '57. Oh, we've waited for this day so long, But now we're singing a different song. Never again will we be all together Like we were before, through all kinds of weather. For now we must be on our very own To raise our family and build our home. We'll look back and remember some things Our banquet, our Prom, our Junior Class rings Our Iunior class play entitled Midnight Nothing is unimportant, no matter how slight. We've studied hard and racked our brain To bring our school a little fame. So now we leave with a heavy heart But of New Lex High, we're always a part. -----Ruth Kokensparger l to w Q V A V! 4 SoY1:0"5 18 "5" ,fi Class History Any class history brings back a variety of emotions. There are happy memories and sad memories, and without fail each can be fully visualized even when recorded in so small a space under such unconventional headings. JUST ROUTINE In the fall of '53, when we started our freshman year, nothing seemed different from our two preceding years. Ac- tually there was no difference other than the fact that we were finally starting into high school. Mrs. Adcock and Mr. Priode were our advisors that year, and they put up with us for the whole year. Now that we had started into high school our class officers meant more to us. Joyce Prichard was president, and the other officers were: Charlotte Shumaker, vice-president: Roger Hutchinson, treasurerg and James Wolfe, secretary. Joe Williams, John Busse, Stacy Harrison, and Linda Pletcher were our Student Council members. Linda also was the freshman attendant at the homecoming that year. MIGHT BE FUN The following year we again assembled at N.L. H.S. This time we were looking forward to some good times, and we had them, too. In November we had a hayride that proved to be a lot of fun. In the spring several of us were lucky enough to go to the Junior-Senior Prom. Members of our class made up most of the band that year. We also had a number of classmates placed on the news- paper staff. One of the staff artists was elected queen's attendant: she was June Jacobs. We were led by: Martha Hammond, president: Joe Williams, vice-president, Marjorie Cheney, treasurer: and Gene Storts, secretary. Our sponsors that year, who also, helped to lead us, were Mrs. Priode and Mrs. Bailey. We were represented on the Student Council by Gene Skeens and John Busse. IT CAN'T BE MADE This year we got down to business on moneymaking schemes. Our methods were fairly successful and certainly presented in forms unusual. There werethe usual stands and class play, but besides that there was the "l956 Bakerama", the Christmas dance known as "The Silver Season Soiree", the Dungaree Doll contest and dance, and the raffle known as the "Spring Roundup". Yours truly, Kent Goman was president, and was ably assisted by: vice-president, John Busse, treasurer, Ronnie Sidwellg and secretary, Barbara Ryan. Our class advisors were Mr. McCoy and Mr. Weaver. We elected Bonnie Deidrick junior attendant. In the spring we elected Jack Park to go to All-Ohio Boys' State at Camp Perry on Lake Erie. Our Student Council members that year were Joe Williams and Larry Dillinger. The National Honor Society members were also selected. They were Betty Lou Skillman, Barbara Ryan, Kent Goman, and Roger Smith. The special events of the year, of course, were our Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. The settings for both were "An Oriental Garden". Much work on the part of the whole class went into the fine details of the prom. SO WE WERE LUCKY Finally we reached our senior year. Mr. Weaver and Mr. Montgomery were our advisors. Again John Busse was our vice-president: Ronnie Sidwell, our treasurer: and Barbara Ryan, our secretary. Jack Park was our new president. Tom Hall and experienced Joe Williams were our Student Council members. During the summer the class made a good bit of money with a refreshment stand at the Perry County Fair. More financial success was had at the Christmas dance, "Crystal Holiday". This year we were well represented in athletics by boys with ability. On the football team we had Jack Park, Kenny Hazlett, Dick Goodin, Larry Dillinger, and captain Gene Storts. Jack, Dick, and Gene were also on the basketball team. This was the year we elected the Homecoming Queen from our class. Renee Kimball was queen, and her senior attend- ant was Carol Sue Channelear. New Lexington was well represented in the Senior Scholarship Tests, with six seniors placing in the county, two in the district, and one in the state. Betty Skillman placed first in the county, Barbara Ryan placed third, Kent Goman placed fifth, Roger Smith placed seventh, and Joyce Prichard and Pat Hardy received honorable mention. Barbara Ryan placed third, Kent Goman placed fifth, Roger Smith placed seventh, and Joyce Prichard and Pat Hardy received honorable mention. Barbara Ryan also received honorable mention in the Ohio University District. Betty Skillman placed third in the O. U. District and received honorable mention in the State of Ohio, placing among the upper five per cent of the seniors in the state. The last project of the year was the publication of this annual. With it went the end of our high school days, but memories live on and so do we. Kent Goman r' The New Year 5 Eve We Did The Town The Day We Tore The Goal Post Down We Will Have These Moments To Remember l The Ball Room Prize We Almost Won We Will Have These Moments To Remember ,gsm -S-www Last Will Arid Testament Of The Senior Class Cf IQ57 We, the Senior Class of 1957, being of sound mind and excellent memory, and best class ever to leave New Lex High School, leave our last will and testament to be executed as follows: ARTIC LE I We leave Mr. Fowler in a blizzard of snow, still having school. To Mr. Lewis, we leave the famous words, "I want to see you, you, and you in the office. " We leave Mr. Neff finally taking his hat off inside the school building. We leave Mr. Priode a book entitled "Do It Yourself". Mr. Martin leaves for the nearest "rest home". We leave Mr. Montgomery writing a book about the behavior of girls. We leave Mr. Flores a new edition of a "Family Relations" book. We leave Mr. Weaver what is left of our class funds. We leave Mrs. Priode a new and "maybe" better Public Speaking Class. We leave Mrs. James Van Atta a new group of seniors to report to the guidance room. We leave Mrs. Enid Van Atta still talking to Miss Drury in the hall. To Mrs. Folden, we leave Gene Longstreth to help teach typing Il. We leave Miss Stage a car, so she can get there faster. We leave Miss Book a "quiet" 7th period study hall. We leave Miss Drury with the title of being the most helpful teacher in the school. To Mr. Conn, we leave Jack Park to help direct the band in between football practice. To Mrs. Saunders we leave a 7th grader to get her a glass of water. We leave Johnny Diller to clean up after the IUNIORSl ARTIC LE II Louise Brown leaves to be Elvis Presley's secretary. john Busse leaves in a trail of dust for "parts unknown". Ioan Cable leaves her "quiet ways" to her brother, Gene. Don Carney leaves to join the service. Carol Chappelear leaves her ability to get along with Jack Park to Patti Ball. Margie Cheney leaves to replace Gale Storm in "My Little Margie". Ruth Ann Clark leaves her reading ability to Iim Howerth. Leah Craig leaves Mr. Martin with gray hair. Nancy Dardinger leaves her title of "neatest girl in the school" to Kathy Newsom. Doug Deavers leaves his careful driving ability to Mr. Martin. Bonnie Deitrich leaves to be with Larry, but rg to raise a football team. Larry Dillinger leaves with Bonnie to start his own football team. Betty Dobbins, leaves her ability to tell jokes to anyone who thinks they can. Ruby Dyer leaves her height to Ruth Ann Goodin. Roger Fitzgerald leaves to paint a house for Genevieve and himself. Kent Goman leaves to take over the announcing of the O.S. U. football games. Dick Goodin leaves his "winning ways" to Larry Thompson. Yvonne Goodin leaves the boys from C-Town to Dotty Shiplett. Tom Hall leaves his Red P.I. 's to Barbara Longstreth. Glen Hammers leaves to start his own riding academy in Saltillo. Martha Hammond leaves her slim figure to Rita Wilson. Mary Lou Hanula leaves her ability to go out with other girls' steadies to Linda Rowe. Pat Hardy leaves her dancing ability to Betty Rexrode. Kenneth Hazlett leaves to be a midget in the circus. Marianne Hill leaves to raise little Randolphs. Dorothy Hoops leaves her long hair to Mr. Lewis. Thelma Hoover leaves her blonde hair to Charlotte Walters so she won't have to bleach hers. June Jacobs leaves to sing on the "Ozark Jubilee". Renee Kimball leaves her "winning ways" that attract the 7th graders to Betty Rexrode. Jerry Koehler leaves his "wiggling ability" to Elvis Presley. Ruth Kokensparger leaves her long fingernails to Barbara Stalling. Marlene Lett leaves her cheerleading ability to Joyce Harbaugh. Gene Longstreth leaves his "hot, '49 Ford" to Dick Willison. Mary Ann Mattis leaves her ability to get Corning guys to Judy Bletzacker. Shirley McMillan leaves to find out what is behind the "green door". Mary Lou Nichols leaves her ability to go steady with a certain Corning guy to anyone who wants to try. Jack Park leaves his lucky "l3" at middle linebacker to Tom Tucker. Linda Pletcher leaves to start the construction company of McMillan and Pletcher. Joyce Prichard leaves to raise little Hills. Barbara Reed leaves her quiet ways to her sister. Barbara Ryan leaves to take over where Dr. Kinsey left off. Una Mae Shaffer leaves because she doesnft want to stay. Shelby Sherrick leaves to raise little Turners, "Not like Mary Ellen". Charlotte Shumaker leaves her comical disposition to Mimi Anderson. Ronnie Sidwell leaves to be a "double" for Robert Mitchum in the movies. Gene Skeens leaves his coaching ability to Coach Martin. Betty Skillman leaves her "A" average to Patti Ball. Mildred Smith leaves a book entitled, "How to Read Movie Magazines in Class". Roger Smith leaves to be in the O. S. U. Band. Frances Stalter leaves her ability to get a certain Corning guy to Rita Ansel. Gene Storts leaves his honor of being football captain to Stalter and Tucker. Harold Sullivan leaves his good looks to "Mississippi". Genevieve Taylor leaves to keep house for Roger. Don Teal leaves to star in his own production, "Here I Am, Girls". Mary Ellen Turner leaves her jokes to Jo Puterbaugh. Don Whitlatch leaves Marlene, but will be back to pick her up later. Joann Williams leaves her ability to get boys to Dorothy Dobbins. Joe Williams leaves his good looks to his brother, Jim. Lou Williams leaves her driving ability to Mr. Martin. Mitvi Wilson leaves her perfect attendance record to Steve Williams. Donna Wolfe leaves to be with Ronnie. James Wolfe leaves his nickname, Crow, to Miss Book. CDrawn Up Byl Linda Pletcher Barbara Ryan CSignedl 'Tffn Witness: Shirley McMillan Joyce Prichard NA ME Louise Brown John Bus se Donald Carney Joan Cable Carol Chappelear Margie Cheney Ruth Ann Clark Leah Craig Nancy Dardinger Douglas Deavers Bonnie Deidrich Larry Dillinger Betty Dobbins Ruby Dyer Roger Fitzgerald Kent Goman Richard Goodin Yvonne Goodin Thomas Hall Glenn Hammer Martha Hammond Mary Lou Hanula Pat Hardy Kenneth Hazlett Marianne Hill Dorothy Hoops Thelma Hoover June Jacobs Renee Kimball Jerry Koehler Ruth Kokensparger Marlene Lett Gene Longstreth Shirley McMillan Mary Ann Mattis Mary Lou Nichols Jack Park Linda Pletcher Joyce Paichard Barbara Reed Barbara Ryan Una Mae Shaffer Shelby Sherrick Charlotte Shumaker Ronnie Sidwell Gene Skeens Betty Skillman Mildred Smith Roger Smith Frances Stalter Gene Storts Harold Sullivan Genevieve Taylor Donald Teal Mary Ellen Turner Don Whitlatch Joann Williams Joe Williams Lou Williams Mitzi Wilson Donna Wolfe James Wolfe NICKNAME Luigi Hot Rod Don Joanie Chappie Slim Ruthie Lee Nance Boats Little Red Dillie Yoo-Yoo Elvis Satch Go! Manl Puddin Red Tom Red Marty MYTT Hardy-har-har Pluto Meddy Hoopsie Hoover Shorty Rinni Jake Cookie Letti Stretch Annie Ornery Small change Parksey Dag Prich Joan Barb Oona Shelby Charlie Sidi Andy Bet Midge Smitty Bloonhead Stortsie Fred Genny Ray Unk Whitty Jo Willie Tudy Jojo Moot Crow il Senior Secrets WEAKNESS Money Elvis Presley Pretty girls Blue eyes Food Laughing Pop corn Blonde hair Spaghetti Mrs. Priode Clothes Red hair Certain C-town boy Dreaming of Elvis Genny Renee' Females Boys from C-town Pretty girls Food Convertibles A guy from Corning Television State Patrol Money Sailor named Ronnie Green Chevy Talking Uniforms One certain girl Being tickled TV, movies, pizza Spending money Gene Corning guys Corning guys Eastern Avenue Roy David Dishes Chocolate Candy Convertibles Darlye Boys Dot's Mother Women Good books Gary Chrysler 300-C Bill Kinsel School Sarah Roddie Money Working at Hatems Marlene S. A New Lex guy Pizza Lloyd Snakes Ronnie Pizza AMBITION To be a mother. To be rich. Rest after 12 years. Live in Florida. Spike Jones Pianist. Invent something. To become a doctor. To get married. To become a nurse. Undecided. To be Mrs. Dillinger To graduate. To own a car. To graduate. His "Merc" hitting. O.S. U. Truck driver. Graduate anti buy a car. To stomach Lima Beans. To own a horse farm. Office worker. To own Dunkles. To be successful. To get married. To go West. Join Mickey Mouse Club. To own a car. Study art and music. To be a good teacher. Business school. Private secretary. Medical Assistant Sec. To be a pilot. To go to Scotland . Secretary. Secretary O. S. U. Go to Florida. To be Mrs. Hill. To get a job. To become a nurse. Nursing. To be happy. Medical Assistant Sleep through Government . To keep out of work. Be a teacher GO to California with Dad. O.S. U. Marching Band. Telephone operator. Hunting To graduate. Mrs. Roger Fitzgerald Take Over Lawrence Welk Blue eyesl Architect To keep Jim A happy life Taxi service. Undecided Beautician Meat cutting. HOBBY Music and dancing. Cars and boats. Hunting A "56" Chevy Boys Music and flirting. Reading Men Clothes Eating Larry Bonnie Dancing A scrapbook of Elvis Mechanics Hi-Fi Eating and sleeping Running around Models .... all kinds Horses Glenn Miller records American Government Ballet Hunting Dancing Napping in S.H. Skating and dancing Painting Dancing lessons Ponies Listening to records Sewing Guns Pictures of Elvis Day dreaming Reading Jazz G Water Skiing Talking Working Banging my guitar Reading Skating Eating Luaghing Dot Cars Reading Talking in honor S.H. Dixieland records Friends Some certain girl Girls Painting Pictures Elvis's records Models Driver's Education Chatterbox Boys Collecting Records Reading Chatterbox ffm f .ffl Y 4 1 I Wi iff, 'QQJTSN-lt! Q! 4....iX-f-'25, wa x 'QW ff ,, .. f p ,gf X2 N n.Q..u-- .W M , ,.....,, w ,- ww Mx, 4 7v :. Q T . V -t3'Q'TN ------' Qld? Xi, -5 ,Q , ww' - , f g . I sn 1' L 3 Y yvialux T322 U 4 -Vw, if :ab T' '45 2 ' .553 1 I 1 3 I - 1 lv 1, I a -fl.. i f Q Norellen Slms ,klrce Shaeffer Ierry Shlrkey Don Smith Ron Smlth Paul Sorrell Leeman Spracllln Rlchard Spurgeon Laura Stdrner Richard Sramer Carol Strawn Shlrley Sulllvan Larry Thompson Marlanne Walsh Charlotte Walters Charles Wllklnson Yvonne Young B1ll Woods Toby Wxlson Rita Wllson Don Wxlson Tom Tucker Soph om ores FIRST ROW: janet Self, Rlta Sands, Barbara Tobachan, Algae Rowe, janet Sorrell, Sue Thompson, Barbara Yeardley, Wanda Reed, Becky Storrs, Sharon Wolfe, Brenda Whrttaker, Betty Lou Stlles, Dotty Shlplett. SECOND ROW: Chester Van Horn, Howard Splres, Rusty Strifler, Roger Sldwell, Douglas Walnwrxght, Charles Shumaker, Herbert Reed, Tommy Ryan. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Barley, Tom Walsh, M6lVlS Rornhson, Larrv Wolfe, Dzck Wllllson, Ott Shurnaker, Pat Stalter, Ralph Savage, Brll Wood, Wesley Srurkey. FIRST ROW: Jerry Anderson, Kenneth Deavers, Charles Baker, Donald Abram, Patsy Browning, Anne Chappelear, Beth Brown. SECOND ROW: Patti Busse, Patti Ball, Suzanne Foraker, Sandra Bixler, Lily Ball, lane Dalrymple, Carolyn Ewin, Anna Compston, Beatrice Dumolt, Mary lean Fickle. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Priode, Ronald Clark, Lynn Blanton, Shirley Eurnan, Brenda Elkins, Charlotte Charles, Marian Cook, Leo Birkimer, Donald Clark. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Denny, Jack Compston, Terry Dunkle, Charles Bankes, Larry Burnett, Sam Allen, Gene Cable, jim Billingsley, junior Crum. Sophomores FIRST ROW: ,Terry Miller, Donald Ziollgngsnead, Sally Jolly, Rath Kgmball, Ly: Gall, Hazel Eazlett, Barsara Longstretn, Brenda Lett, Indy Guy, Fern McClintock, Sue Norris, Pat Minaugn. SECOND ROW: Mr. Flores, jerry KlingLer, Norma: Harris, Bill Henry, Norman MCCYGUY, Merle Hoover, john Pickrell, Bruce Joseph, Ich: Hayzes, Brace Locknart, B1liLaader:aogr., Ronnie McK1r.r.ey. 30 1--I1 1 1 FIRST ROW Gertrude Hogue Rath Boley Kara Fealty Mme rel e Iohn Foraner Gene hampnrey SECOND ROW Ruth Crum Bem erly Lescallette Mary Hammond I x Breese Sally Klrg Conrle Nderson Lmda Lew1s Dee I-all Dellla Hugrzes Q"l8I'lE Edwaras THIRD ROW Roger rderson Tom Ervm Blll Klrnur ae jack Cheney Joe Abram Dale halt Harold Haaletl Donalu Icc Max Groves Rod ey Lacey Iacn Lacey Larry Cardrer Danny Good ellow FOURTH ROW Mlss Book Jarrea Chuan Donalc De , P 1lGrosseroacher Iames Harrle F res h m e n -1 IRST ROV Do .a Cl Watn T bam e .ro 0 nwel N. a a 1: me l aECO' D ROW Y Seal I e P C a Mdflt e Q :. I ae ar L.c, E65 xl 5 5 r oss ea e Pa lerso a e' Patterso Mala Ta: er IRD ROW Pa Ve 2, r Lero, aaxt .fx rle, MCG l Ba ar at O 6 G D C Mar ly Ma Mar,aret wr te B ll Wal e 5 Dax f' VNOL FOLRT-1 ROVM 'L Prxoce Ra cal Pen eto Dc.1Q PT CUOYG Lo gsrre ual are alte a e Pre NCC 0 K 31 1 , ' ', n - , ' 'Ia ci n, ' , '- ' '. : , ' ' , . , -cy , - . , . 'Q , , I , l , 'L ' . ' 2 f"-A , - . wiv. ', , R" , ' 1 1 7 1 17' , V , ' 11 l', ' . 2 v', ll' '.', Q KKK", AVR . , '-v .- X. ' 1 " , 'J f Q. Q, J I , , ' 1 'V' ., " M ' -. 4 . T l 5 Z - in 0 . F "J: r 1 ' dns, ommy Szerner., Larry ' "Q , Ca LR C 'l, Betty ,1cCor.'h , Doris' 'ea s. ' .I : Jud ' S. o Put rbaagh, Icy -1-rs'-gn, ' "n 'a.::er', Kath 'Jr 1, I Rf 'e, Phflg Fader, T ady R , I' R 1 Ii, I F- - r., . 'anne 'n . : al .. 1 NE , " R ox, All "' . GLU, rb a ' allgxg, B :nie S3191 Y, Caro, 'laZZ'F. 1' ': rr., N "1 r, 1' ' ': r , 'LJ wie. ' I' ': hr. , Yf'l GA U1 1 ' f D07- r. 't:, 1:,r.r.nyTnorT.gscr,, Gt' Slms, Iirrg' " felrnaz, W ' 'r T'g'.x', Mme Maxam, -Q1 A LLr.t C . FIRST ROW IudyScr1bner Lxnda Pratt RosemaryORe1lly Max Holocraft Dxck Frankhauser Edo1eSelf SECOND ROW Jud Smrk Y CY Sandra Rusxng Beverlle OSSIPQGI Cheryl Householder Marllyn Balley Sharon Balzc Dxane Elklns Sandra Curlff Mane W1lson E1leen Saxton THIRD ROW Larry Leanlng Burt Snyder Tom Douglas Mlke Folk Rodger Locchel Iames Mlller Vlrgll Rowe B111 Dobolns Davld Dxckson Leonard Parry Bob Snyder Pat Saunders Eighth Grade FIRST ROW L1nca McClo, Pa 'va ton Bc Go a et T Pr 3 llc Slowell Marx S e w ll ans Delare S a e .rod e f' ! " : ' ", tty Ball, ,l..1. S 5, :nge Stgles, Ruin LL: odgz, S-s1e Allen, I ZA xzer, rc: " ' ' A , g Treadv.-ay, Estella McCloy, Pat Saunders. SECOND ROW: Roxxge Sales, Floyd Kennscjf, Larry Mclilnley, Lyle Rocpnsor., Bob Stalter, ten' "'1' 1 .. , . 1 rner, Paul P-r ', Io ,1llette, George Hexkzlxszn, Dcia1i'.'.1LLga:5. 32 FIRST ROW Marv ne Tarner Della ,allen B-amcc Vvllson Donald Monety Ioe Sowers Gary Dusernerry SECOND ROW Carolyn ha muck Patty krdetto Elorse Saxton Mane Ball Judy Abram VICKX Brantor Susar Valertme Mcncy Wrlsow Snlrley Moyer THIRD ROW Danrue Dyer Paul Glllette Harold Moore Richard Werdner Paul Fltzpatrrck Ralpn FUICLIL sor Georae Byers Roger Ioseph FIRST ROW Emrly Davxs 195519 Emerson Judy Wlllxams jack W111l6mS Pete Wlllxa s Daud Mrller SECOND ROW hope Sowers Susan Yeardle, Evelyn Summel Barbara Euman Darlene Wxlllams Bonrxe Tobachak Paala Gor o Slnrley Way e Narcy McGaughey Cher,l .weaver jaretliozlowsm Tl-1lRD ROW Terry Wllllams Darry Lamocrt Donalc MCK r Baan, Vhlttaner C L McCaoe Rolla c St rts R ssel1Coon Batty Braesa larr, M11lcr Mrs Var Atta 'z' 1 ' , ' , " , -, , ' - 1 '. . : ' ' , , , , , ' ' ., . . . , 1 ' -' r, . ' . I ' , , , , , Q 'l A H 4. ' " , - : ' , , " , . A , ' - I ' ' 1 ,I A., , ' , , , , a' a a n, . ' n , .' r ' 1 , ., -,V 1 A - I v ,Z I , I .I - I I ' H-Ny, am f' ' . r . L P ,, rt' o , .1 , - ' 'A 2, " , . . . Hands of friendly competition. We, the graduatxng class of 1957, wlsh to dedlcate this page to our all-around athlete, Gene Storts. Besldes belnq member of tne track team, he was selected for the All-Muskxngum Valley League team in both football and basketball. 34 E 'Q , nga? if . -fi: 1, z .-:ft V ' , ' ' 2' C F Q 5 V , , X -4-A -. V 2 ' f . A. 3. 'ju - v ,N ' Hjywhg-ffiliit-I ew Q .q LA " ' A . , -1,-,Q ' Q 1- 5,5 ' 53 Q- , fy ,, 1 ' K ' - 'J' x. 'll' , .,w?Pi4 123- A Q, exam, .av -Er., A . , K N ,,,f"" ,.,f' ' . 1 4 if T , , Q , ' if ie M li A 3 ' 1,..g , 1 N, W ,W , 3 VE , - -in zu 'if -un: .-val .dau 5-ii n eff' , 1 . 'P A if - , Q. 1 1 X f 5 W' Q? x - A gf. V gx A iii 1 f' 5 4' ' W L - .,n1 ' "2 i, 12' 11 9 ' I lt ku' M A' i . 5 5 ., 1 New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Lexington Basketball Schedule V. R. 42 32 M 5, M 42 33 New Concord 67 28 Philo 47 32 Roseville 48 28 Caldwell 62 35 Crooksville 66 44 Dresden 64 47 Glouster 69 45 M ci M 75 38 New Concord 65 29 junction City 64 21 Philo 61 35 Roseville 58 42 Caldwell 62 39 Crooksville 56 35 Dresden 64 33 Glouster 45 37 Athens Class "AA" Tournament 36 Pomeroy V. 58 81 74 63 43 67 72 42 56 lOl 59 54 72 75 53 55 66 74 63 Dick Goodin Gene Storts lack Per A . 1 The New Lexington team got off to a bad start by losing the first four games. Then the spell was broken and the Panthers of New Lexington finished the 56-57 season with a fairly good record, Our best game was with Orooksville. The Panthers and the Ceramics have been rivals for many years, and we were very proud of our team for winning this contest. Crooksville not being accustomed to a large floor were run to death during the first half. They were not much resistance for the powerful New Lex team the second half. The fourth quarter ended with the Panthers leading the Crooksville team by nine points, 62-53. We, of the Annual Staff feel that congratulations are due our coaches, Louis Flores and William Montgomery for the exceptional way they brought the Panthers abilities and desires to the forefront. The value of true sportsmanship was displayed at all times, even though we were not always victorious in the final scoring column. We finished up this season with a 6-12 record. Geri 'hwy 1 K- E., w. K an 4 ,9,. .H G 1: . I 'f a ma u K - Lgl V My ' w H ,E M 9 gf fy V-'A sf Q5 4 Q. , . ,, K 1 E va 2 5 if ,gi if .1 A 7 Q Y . sf K V- E it .A i,Q f 4- 2 Q 'Z' W X E 91:4 YQQHU mmf EN! Iwi Fu l""W-as " ' Aw Q qw K 1 . On September 7, 1956, the New Lexington High School Panthers scored the only touchdown for Army at the Olympia in Zanesville. The first regular season game was played at M Sf M, which the Panthers won 12-9. The second game was played on our own gridiron. We beat Caldwell 20-l3, for our 15th straight home victory. One of our best games was played at Roseville, but New Lexington was defeated by a score of 26-19. The next week New Concord played us at home. The big powerful team beat us 62-O. Our next game was at Dresden. We played a good game, but got beaten by a small margin, 27-19. Philo came to New Lexington on October 25 with a 3-3 record, and left with a 4-3 record, by beating the Panthers l9-13. In our last away game of the season, Glouster beat us 33-19. Finally came the game that we had all been waiting for, New Lexington and Crooksville. The game was thrilling to the very end, as we came out the victor, -26-7. The great coaching of Coaches Martin, Flores, and Montgomery made our team a winner in every true sense of the word. Our season wasn't the best, but the spirit of the game is what made us a winner. Gene Storts was selected for the first M.V. L. on both offense and defense. Larry Thompson made the second team as a defensive en d. Larry Dillinger, jack Park, and Tom Tucker each re- ceived an Honorable Mention. New Lexington 6 Dresden QOlympiaJ New Lexington 12 M 5, M New Lexington 2 O Caldwgll New Lexington 6 Chancgy-Dover New Lexington l9 Roseville New Lexingtw U New Concord New Lexington 19 Dresden New Lexington 13 Phjlg New Lexington 19 Gloustef New L9XiY1Q'COY1 26 Crooksville if '49fW"f?9"W? ,, 5? M, '-21 re' . , f A., . Q is X Q' A . S ,Q 'T i. Q O .4 5 I K fi" fi 1.!, . uf 5 A yi 5 A 1 k fi --QYL , 1 -n"J' 4. 'Q V . ' 'fl T ji? Eggs , -x- f ' FA 3 'E ir? fag: n if. rf Elf YQ! ' si r x 'X ' ' 1 f ' gl - arg ,xii Y' ig I 3 E 5 A iv 3 3 ' . '.' 2 ,-5.1 '2:I5f- 3, , K '..'.. 1-. 52,1 :li 4 ,:-- 6 Q ..v,, . G , sqm a- . . .. Q. . . ... u.-.. -.-,.. 3,-..- H.. ..,.', ---f- U. .'. 9 944 A. - ,N .1 953, . aw " 1 a9-Q R XM, ,K 5 'K , Qi , xx ,V f - 1 r, 14, -Q rg 'ff' If . , V "wk "Q, -' ' Q A"" The busy hands of an actxvlty fxlled school program Pubhcatxons Dramatxcs Music Scholarship and Student Government ewspaper Staff Honor Student Council Society Q7 44 als, in K 4., , , t I , x it Q Junior-Senior Prom This is the prom we presented in the spring of '56. George Freshwater and his hand, who were really splendid entertainers, did a fine job with music to please everyone. Our theme was "In An Oriental Garden" and was carried out in every detail from the vine-covered lattice work around a garden swing to the beautiful pastels of the profusion of the colorfully lit artificial flowers and finally to the Oriental styled bandstand. fit au? Junior-Senior Banquet The Junior-Senior Banquet followed the same theme as the prom. The sophomore boys who served were dressed as Chinese coolies and chopsticks were given as favors. The speaker for the evening was Tommy Richards, a past alumnus of New Lexington High School, who is now a staff photographer for the Columbus Dispatch. N., Y' Junior Class Play Our Iunior the cast were: Julia Greenwood ...----------------- -------- Clarie Greenwood ------------------- -------- Bob Morris ----------------------- ---------' Samuel Hardman ----------------- ----------- Ellen ------- 4 -------------- ------------- - - Leonard ------------------- ---------------- Ioe Howard ---------------------- --------- Hugh Nichols ---------------------- -------- Mr. Smith ---------- ---------------------- Paula Ward Mrs. Wick Kate Bagley Eddie Bower --------------- ----------- ----- Class Play was entitled Midnight. It was a mystery and comedy. The members of Mary Lou Nichols Renee Kimball Roger Smith Kent Goman Marlene Lett Roger Hutchinson Don Teal Gene Longstretch Earl Bookman Nancy Dardinger Ruth Kokensparger Mary Ellen Turner Jack Park The play was presented under the direction of Mr. Gilbert McCoy. Senior Class Play The title of our Senior Class Play was "No More Homework". It was the story of what hap- pens in a high school when the principal, the vice-principal, and the secretary must all be absent on the same day. The officers of the student council take over, and they find themselves in a lot of hot water before the day is over. Besides getting the basketball team off successfully to the State Tournament, they must also put on the Class Play. The students, teachers, and the janitor and janitress were portrayed in such a way that the play was filled with many hilarious as well as serious moments. Since this yearbook had to go to press before the cast was chosen, we have no pictures ofthe cast. FHA C-lee Club Football Cheerleaders Joyce Haroaugh Reree Kimball Carol Strawn Kaye Rankm Reserve janet Pattersor joy Putteroaugh Varsity Cheerleaders Betty MCGQ qghey Joyce Harte dgn Kaye Rankin C51ro1Cnappelear Cheerleaders Brenda Lett Ieane Patterson Lett MCGaughey Shlplett Turner Longstreth Ice Walters Ball Fealty Teal Rexrode C Chappelear Householder Turner I Schrxbner Buder Guy M Schrlbner Parry Hardy Dlckson Wolfe Luchoel Putterbaugh Lewls Stffler Self Koehler Coffman R Denny Thompson A Chappelear Foraker Saxton Holden Smith D Denny Thompson Yearoley Beckett Willson Brown New exmgton ugh School Band Carol Cwaopelear 3 G Bet! MCGaug e RQ 9 l l I I I I I I I I I I I 'I I I ' ' 4 I ' W I I I I ' I I I I I I I I 5- I I I ' ' I ' I I I I I ' YI I V1 I V I Cook, joseph, Hughes, Wxlson, Busse. I I Q Y- Jens' Lett 3 Betty' -xr de Robert s Funeral Home Compliments Of Phone 87 Metzger Insurance Company 304 M111 street Phone 228 113 N h New Lexlngton Oh1o Ort Main New Lexlngton Oh1o Compllments Qf Pontlac Sales And Servlce Smocks Sohro Seryrce Station WIHISOH M0t0f CUIUPHHY We GlVS TV Stamps Phone 633 Broadway New Lexlngton Oh1o Phone 8 O Broadway Compllments Of V Bartlett s Grocery Thel and l Body Shop Expert Body Repalr Somerset Road New Lexl ngton Oh1o Ellrs Department Store Radlo Televlslon And Appllances Phone 107 803 Monument Square 50 Compllments Of Koonts Auto Supply Phone 1212 Broadway New Lexl ngton Oh1o 7 . O O O . 0 , . New Lexington, Ohio s ? I Compliments Of lamb's Dry Cleaners Phone 105 Broadway New Lexington, Ohio The Star Foundry and Machine Co. Phone 225 Madison Street New Lexington, Ohio Home Department Store Clothes For Every Occasion Phone 256 lOl South Main The Perry County Bank 1 TNSUR4 S , Q fp 9 N XX 5 MEM B59- lO5 South Main Phone 6 New Lexington Ohio luckoff s Department Store South Main New Lexington Ohio Compliments Of Van Atta Insurance Agency Seri ing lou Since l9c., Phone ltlu lf2 South Ma n lxew Lexington Ohio McCarty TV and Apphances McCarty s Is The Place To Go If You Want To Buy A New Philco Phone 361 104 South Main New Lexington Ohio Compliments Of The Perry Hardware Every Household Need Phone 797 ll4 North Main New Lexington Ohio . ee 'iz " Q 1J.'t3.?,.? 2 5 ....,...... 3 ua roluor T S Y. xx . , ll I "Clothing To Fir Every Need" ' e Comphments Of PERRY COUNTY TRIBUNE South Ma1n New Lexrngton Ohio NOON AND PLETCHER GROCERY Phone 398 West Broadway New Lexlngton Oh1o Compllments Of ANDY MANSFIELD 'S BARBER SHOP East Broadway New Lexmgton Oh1o CARNEY S SERVICE STATION North Ma1n New Lexlngton Oh1o Compllments Of HUDDLE AUTO PARTS INC Phone 630 Broadway New Lexlngton Oh1o Compllments Of HUBBLE S HARDWARE STORE South Ma1n New Lexlngton Oh1o Compllments Of BAILEY S VARIETY STORE South Ma1n New Lexlngton Oh1o POWELSON TIRE SERVICE Phone 89 700 North Ma1n Compllments Of KELLER S GROC ERY Phone 473 Eastern Avenue New Lexlngton Oh1o Comphments Of R I NDCON IEWELER Phone 44 R 14.5 South Ma1n Compllments Of PAGE S SHOE STORE Phone 1054 South Ma1n New Lexlngton Oh1o Compllments Of CITY SAVINGS AND LOAN South Ma1n New Lex1ngto 1 Oh1o New lexmgton Auto Wrecking Company Phone 137 R West Broadwav New Lexlngton Oh1o Compllments Of FOX S MOBIL STATION Iunctlon Clty Oh1o Comphments Of BRAD S BARBER SHOP West Brown Street New Lexlngton Oh1o , ,I I - I I . I . - I I I I U I I I I ' I I ' New Lexington, Ohio I . . , I I ' , ' ' 1 , ' O l I 1 ' I I l I I . I , Compllments Of CITY DRY CLEANERS Phone 266 311 South Maln New Lex1ngton Oh1o Comphments Of D AND B RESTAURANT Phone 52 North Ma1n St New Lexlngton Oh1o Compllments Of TIPPLE BARBER SHOP North Mam Street New Lexlngton Oh1o Compllments Of STERLEY HENRY S PURE OIL STATION North Maln St New Lexlngton Oh1o BUCK S NEWS STAND North Maln St New Lexmgton Oh1o Compllments Of R I BENNETT D D S Phone 254 North Maln St Compllments Of ECONOMY SAVINGS AND LOAN Phone 23 North Maln New Lexmgton Oh1o Compllments Of CATCHPOLE INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 291 North Maln St Compllments Of PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK Phone 40 110 North Maln New Lexlngton Oh1o Compllments Of DR CHARLES MCDOUGAL Phone 160 213 North Maln New Lexlngton Oh1o Compllments Of DR R L YEARDLEY Phone 163 107 West Brown New Lexlngton Oh1o Compllments Of IOSEPH ALLEN ATTORNEY LAW AT Phone 76 107 1X2 South Ma1n New Lexlngton Oh1o KING S SOHIO SERVICE STATION Phone 929 West Broadway New Lexington Oh1o GRAY S MOBILGAS SERVICE STATION Phone 133 Broadway New Lexlngton Oh1o DUNKLES RESTAURANT Phone 1052 Broadway New Lexlngton Oh1o Comphments Of HATEM S APPLIANCES Monument Square New Lex1ngton Oh1o 53 I I I . I . i I I , . - DR. . . , . . . I . I 1 ' New Lexington, Ohio I l 0 l I . I . ' I I I L. I ' I I X - 1 I 1 I . I . u - I Compllments Of The Ludowlcl Celaclon Co Congratulatlons Seruors Of 57 McBee Jewelry Phone 785 106 South Mam Street New Lexmgton Ohlo 0 O 1 I ll ' ' I ll I I Compllments Of John C Furgason Attorney At Law Phone 185 North Maln Street Saunders and Holden Sohlo Servlce Statlon Phone 72 R South Maln Street Compllments Of The Ball Cllnlc New Lexlngton Ohlo Red and Whute Store Phone 84 12 1 North Maln New Lexlngton Ohlo C ompllments Of Eva Bradley Your County Treasurer Good Luck Senlors Compllments Of Cannons Market Phone 65 0 Jefferson St New Lexlngton Ohlo I I l North Main St. Householder Tractor Supply The Perry Drstrrbutrng Company Wrseman Dany Sheerans Drug Company Compllmen O Phone 24 N w Lex 277 B dway N W Lexington, Ohio 148 E t B dway Complimen s O Ph 159 or ain Crooksville, Ohio N W Lexington, Ohio C L Chute Company Sunnyhill Coal Company Best Wlshes To The Class Of 1957 The Snider Flautt Lumber Co Phone 700 Iefferson Street C ompllments Of Joyce Stucllo Tops In Photography lll West Wheellng Street Lancaster Ohlo New Lexington, Ohio THE END K f E bkff X,. J' 19,0 ,Q I 2' MN' W" bl 1.90109 company' lc' Fu 'ju UTQ l JN WW ,Wm WM 0 Sf Jjjyy WQAMLLXQ Wg, MV M 9MQ,AKgpm fb W M qw' Q5 M WM! Qi l X LQ 32 H N ,,A w Mg ,M ww ww' S R QA My 5 X 6115 Q, gjfm 5 Q, 0. K 6 www 5: X DU' .Q M . 5 WM 1 dy 'C if Q X '9 TL J 2 W gg S ix X5 My 5 Q E M E qwfif Lrg 10 kan? M Jiffy MM W F 7 Z? if

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