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'V fm Z Q if Q E A :I S ? 1 F r -z 4 2 5 3 ' , H.,-f . gg ' -i 1' ,. 1 .- r 'A 5 5 5 , O 5 0 -, 1 1 V , I v 1 , 1 2 1 3 Q 3 L 3 Q f 3 , 5 , 1 ,E l g N 2, 3 N A 5 ly i 5 L, if 2 S . -3 . -IF, ,u '4" The Lexihgfonion Published by the Senior Class of 1954 STANLEY VAN ATTA Editor PHIL KIMBALL Business Vianoger MR. JOHN NEFF Advisor New LEXINGTON HIGH SCHOOL New Lexi ngton, Ohio I , . 1 .i we ii L 1. 14 To fhose men of vision who, in 1787, ordained that "schools and the means of education shall be forever encouraged" in what was fhen the Ohio Country, we grafe- fully dedicafe our Annual. 7 I I Mr. Linton D. Lewis Capitol University University of Cincinnati Principal --Government is ' i l.....M Mr. Myron H. Fowler Rio Grande College Ohio State University Superintendent 'E y h ,l i i .fx , k.., :gg Awww, is ' Q , it O Mr, Paul Martin Miss Jayne Bower Davis and Elkins Ohio State N College University, l Y " D'iver's Education Ohio University 25 4 Mathematics-Geogrcv Home Economics sltrr is ? sg phy , ti qri IL il if llllllas Miss Bertha Drury l Ohio University ' English fav' Q. M.-far Mrs. Natalie Van Atta Clarke College Vocal Music I ,,s, N 3445. -...... Mr. John Orrison Mrs. Margaret Bailey Davis and Elkins Ohio State College University Matl'lerT1ClflCS Business Education jf' VFW Mr, Walter Priode Ohio University lndustrial Arts Mr. William Weaver Ohio University Mrs. Lois Adcock Cornell University Ohio State University English, Lgfin History Mrs. Enid Van Atta Indiana University History, Civics, Health Mr. Ralph Readout Ohio University Physical Education, World Geography, Family Relations Mrs. Eileen Priode Otterbein College Michigan Universitj English, Public Speal ing. Nancy Chappelear Professional Hon. Men. Senior Scholarship Class Officer 2-3-4 Band 2-3-4 Newspaper 2-3-4 Glee Club I-2 Queen Attendant 3 Homecoming Queen 4 Cheerleader l-2-3-4 Scholarship Town I-2 Honor Society David Evars Professional Stands 3-4 Class President 3-4 Basketball l-2-3-4 Robert Strawn Professional Class Officer 3-4 Basketball l-2-3-4 Baseball 2-3-4 Football 4 Football 4 Student Council l-3 Varsity Club 3-4 Varsity Club 3'4 Treasurer 4 Secretary 4 Student Council 2-4 Annual Staff Vice-President 4 Track 3 Band l-2 Annual Staff Mr. John Neff Mrs. Gladys Folden Mt. Union University Ohio State University Science Typing, Stenography For their guidance through our iunior and senior years in high school, we offer sincere thanks to our advisors, Mrs. Folden and Mr. Neff. We leave with them our deep appreciation and our very best wishes. Donna Holt Professional Stands 3-4 Class Play 3 Class Officer 3-4 Band l-2-3-4 Oueen's Attendant Scholarship Team 2 G, A. A. l-2-3 Student Council 2 Cheerleader 2-3 Annual Staff 2 Norman Abram Business Stands 3-4 Bonnie .lean Abram Business Stands 3-4 G. A. A. l-2 Annual Staff James Abram Vocational Stands 3-4 Football l-2 Track 3 Annual Staff Byron Allen Vocational Track 3 Football 4 Stands 3 Varsity Club 4 Annual Staff William Anderson Vocational Patricia Ahern Professional Glee Club l-2-3 Triple Trio Stands 3-4 Class Play 3 G.A.A. l-2-3 Annual Staff my sw-1f.wfus-W omsfgmvm-sofa """9v'av Richard Bennett Vocational Stands 3 Class President 2 Football I Student Council 4 Track 3 Annual Staff Donald Anderson Vocational Stands 3 Class Play 3 Class President l Football Manager 4 Varsity Club 4 James Ansel Vocational Stands 3-4 Class Play 3 William Bond Vocational Stands 3-4 Kay Brown General Glee Club 2 G. A. A. 2 Librarian 4 Annual Staff vp 8 G, as Wim .w . Shirley Blanton Business Glee Club 2-3-4 Stands 3 G. A.A. 3 Annual Staff .fad Gary Camp Professional Stands 3-4 Band l Scholarship Team l-2-3 District Placement 2 Senior Scholarship Third place, county State Scholarship 3 Student Council I Newspaper l-2-3-4 Annual Staff 5 43, " I S 'L . 'Rx' 5 if Wi l l iam Buchanan Vocational Annual Staff Kathryn Byrd Business so-fi Archie W. Chipps, Jr. Vocational Nancy Clark Professional Glee Club l Triple Trio Stands 3-4 Class Play 3 G. A.A. l-2-3 Student Council 2 Librarian l-2-3-4 Newspaper 4 Annual Staff I Virginia Carney Business Stands 3 Glee Club l-2-3-4 G.A.A. I-2-3 "FNB 11489, qv: . ,. Evelyn Deavers Business Glge Club 3 G.A.A. l-2-3 af ... William Dalrymple Vocational Sfancls 4 Basketball I-2-3 Football l-2-3-4 Baseball l-2 Sludenf Council l-3-4 Vice-President Secretary All-M,V, L. Foofball Team Annual Staff Mary Daugherty Business Scholarship Team 2-3 State Placement G. A. A. l-2-3 Annual Staff ' ,sf1'i- 5 A in-fs Pclsy Dusenberry .L ffl W' iq w e Mona Dickerson Business Glee Club l G.A.A. l-2-3 Annual Staff fy i Slnirley Dobbins Business Glee Club 3 Annual Staff Business Stands 3-4 Glee Club 2-3 G. A. A. l-2-3 Librarian l-2 -4 -1""" . 'Sa fs 53. Thomas Grey Business Stands 4 Basketball l-2-3 Annual Staff ""',z Hattie Elkins General Glee Club I-2-3 Class Play 3 Class Secretary l Scholarship Team 2-3 Honor Society Newspaper 4 Annual Staff Raymond Goodfellow Vocational Basketball l-2-3 Football l-2-3 Librarian 2 Varsity Club 2-3-4 Track 3 .rim sill'- Joseph Hammond Vocational Stands 3-4 Football I Ann Nvae Hardy Business Glee Club 3 Stands 3-4 Honor Society 3 Scholarship Team I G. A. A. l-2-3 Newspaper 3-4 Annual Staff Carolyn Grube Business Glee Club 3 Stands 3-4 G. A. A. 2-3 inner George Haynes Vocational Class Secretary 2 Track 3 Varsity Club l-2-3-4 Football l-2-3-4 All-M.V. L. Football Team Kenneth Harrison Professional Stands 4 Scholarship Team I Newspaper 4 Annual Staff Donna Jean Hazlett Business George Hill Vocational Stands 3-4 Football I-2-3-4 Baseball I-2-3 Varsity Club l-2-3-4 John Holden Professional Band I-2-3-4 Scholarship Team l-2-3 District l-2-3 State 2 Basketball I-2-3 Band Contest 2 Senior Scholarship Test 4th in county Annual Staff Hon. Men. in District John Helwig Vocational Stands 3 'Gaz' liqggw Eugene Hollingsbead Ruth AN! Hoops Business Business W1 it Glee Club 2-3-4 K 31 ff' Q 'mafia ,54 Earl Hoy Vocational Stands 3-4 Paula Jean Hynus Professional Glee Club i-2-3 Stands 3-4 Class Play 3 Maiorette l-2-3-4 Honor Society 3 G . A. A. I-2-3 Newspaper 4 Maiorette Contest 2 Cheerleader l-2-4 Annual Staff X Lil lie Kennedy Vocational Annual Staff I in Don Hutchinson Vocational Football I-2-3-4 Basketballl-2-3 Baseball 2-3 Varsity Club 2-3-4 President 4 Student Council 2 Track 3 Stands 3-4 5 3 3 wr-gf -as-ww Doris Luster Business Stands 3-4 G. A. A. 3 Annual Staff Phil Kimball Professional Stands 3-4 Bancl I-2-3-4 Football 4 Class Play 3 Bancl Contest 3 Track 3 Annual Staff Lucille Le Masters Business Glee Club I-2-3-4 WWW ii L- Dorotby McCrady Business Glee Club I-2-3 Librarian 2 Annual Staff w 3 'ffl 31 , 'Sf I A he li fm' si' Madelyn Miller Professional Glee Club 2-3 G. A. A. 2-3 F. H. A. 2-3 Art Club 3 Stands 4 Annual Staff Thomas McCaig Vocational Stands 3-4 Football 2 'Wu-"i's Darrell Potter Vocational Proiectionist l-2-3-4 Stands 3-4 Basketball l-2-3-4 Football I-2-3-4 Vqrgity Club 2-3-4 Annual Staff it I , Sue Ann Nichols Business Glee Club l-2-3 Stands 4 Scholarship Team G.A.A. l-2-3 Annual Staff X ia X Bill Robinson Marilyn Nixon Professional Glee Club l-2-3 Scholarship Team 2-3 District Placement 3 Annual Staff 2 .J ,fi Joanne Reckner Q Q General p f - I 'jf 2 ro es ona tso Baskefboll l-2-3-4 Glee Clulill-2 x Jr. Class Play S ,Mft gl? T ' I9 ff i 1 ' 5 5.-c .4 5 . . Sit? ' il Charles Rcmsell Professional Stands 3-4 Class Play 3 Bancl l-2-3 Scholarship Team I Annual Staff Leif Cray ton Sh umake r Vocational Football I-2-3-4 Varsity Club 4 Annual Staff Gay Self General Glee Club l-2-3 Triple Trio l-2-3-4 Stands 3-4 Class Play 3 Band 2-3-4 G.A. A. l-2-3 Librarian l-2-3 Newspaper 4 Annual Staff Paul Shaeffer Vocational Stands 3-4 Basketball l-2 Samuel Sorrell Vocational Baseball 3 Track 3 Wayne Stalter Business Stands 3-4 Band l-2-3-4 Basketball l-2-3-4 Baseball l-2 Jane Shumaker Business Stands 3-4 G. A. A. l-2-P Student Council l-2-3- Secretary 3 President 4 Librarian 3-4 Newspaper 4 Annual Staff :MW Stanley Starner Business """' tands 3-4 " " 'K ,fB'bv: .4 " ' if' gf ' ' " MAJ' S re. 'ir-V - s XX , 11" it Neil Tittle Business Stands 3-4 Basketball l-2 Football Manager 2 Scorekeeper 3-4 Varsity Club 2-3-4 Annual Staff 'c"""""I'?f' ,,,,...-nag, Mary Louise Teal Business Stands 3-4 G . A. A. 3 Librarian 3 'Q' Annual Staff Ruth Ann Tracey Business Stands 3-4 B, Band l-2-3-4 G, A. A. l-2-3 Stanley Van Atta Professional Scholarship Team I-2-3 Disfricf 2-3 Vinton Walters Senior Scholarship Vocational 7th place in county Basketball l-2-3-4 Newspaper l-2-3-4 TI'CICk 3 Business Manager 3-4 Annual Staff Class Play 3 Track 3 Annual Editor Triple Trio Librarian 2-3 3 so f.- W f-f-, I- -- .. , . . Ned Welker Dean Wneatcraft Q., M E Professional Vocational 5-'35 Stands 3-4 Stands 3 Band 2-3-4 Scholarship Team 2 Class Play 3 Annual Staff ' dlIJ!!!l"' Newspaper 2-3-4 ' A -if Annual Staff qliy f 1. l Q 4 QW 93- l-ois Williams General Scholarship Team 3 Delores Wheeler Joanne Burt Business General Bowling Tean 2-3 Y-Teens 2-3 22 gggffggggmfgegw ww- -'s- History On a September day in l950, a freshman class numbering ninety entered through the doors of N. L. H. S. Many of the students were new, but we soon became acquainted and began to work to- gether as a class. Even those who had spent their iunior high school years at N. L. l'l. S. , realized that senior high school was new to them also. Thus we began our high school career. Our officers were: President, Don Anderson, Vice-president, Shirley Blanton, Secretary, Hattie Elkirs, Treasurer, Bill Dalrymple. Several of the boys played on the football, basketball and baseball teams. Our class also participated in band, glee club, and publication of the school newspaper. As the Homecoming Queen's attendant, we chose Mona Dickerson. The Student Councilmembers were Jane Shumaker, Emma Lou Johnson, and Gary Camp. At the close of our freshman year, we came to the conclu- sion that, in spite of the mistakes we had made, we liked this new and different school life. Our sophomore year began with the largest class in the school, having ninety-four members. The leaders of the class this year were: President, Dick Bennett, Vice-president, Nancy Chappelear, Secretary, George Haynes, Treasurer, Emma l-ou Johnson. Again we were active in sports, band, glee club, and newspaper work. The Student Council members were Gary Camp, Nancy Clark, Donna Holt, Don Hutchinson, Jane Shumaker and Bob Strawn. The class enthusiastically began its money- making proiects. Our Queen's attendant was Donna Holt. Ps our second year of high school ended, we were a little wiser and ready to begin a third year. Then, before we knew it, our junior year had arrived. The class now numbered eighty-three. To lead our clcss for this eventful year were: President, David Evans, Vice-president, Bob Strawn, Secre- 23 tary, Donna Holt, Treasurer, Nancy Chappelear. Student Council members were Jane Shumaker, Bill Dalrymple, and Dave Evans. The Queen's attendant was Nancy Chappelear. This year was to be no exception, and, therefore, we participated in the many extracurricular activities of our school. We uncovered hidden talent and presented a fine class play, "Dimples". ln March, four girls were named to the National Honor Society. Receiving this honor were Anna Mae Hardy, Hattie Elkins, Paula Hynus and Nancy Chappelear. After weeks of hard work and with the capable help of our class advisors, Ms. Folden and Mr. Neff, we produced an unforgettable Prom and Banquet. The theme was "Ohio's Sesqui-centennial ". 1954--Our senior year came before we were completely recovered from our hectic iunior year. Again we lost a few members and our class numbered seventy-four. To lead our class once more were: President, Dave Evans, Vice-president, Bob Strawn, Secretary, Nancy Chappelear, Treasurer, Donna Holt. Vik set to work with a class trip and a school annual in mind. But deep inside everyone's thoughts was concern for the future. What will our future be? College, nurses' training, service in the anned forces, secretarial work, or one of the many other fields? We were aware that our lives were just beginning. This year our football tecxn went all the way to be M.V.l-. co-champs. The co-captains were Don Hutchinson and George Hill. Our Homecoming Queenwas Nancy Chappelear with Emma Lou Johnson her senior attendant. Our Homecoming Dance and class play were two main events of the year. Now that our high school career must end, we think of the past. lt is sad to leave our school and our friends, but we leave happily and ambitious ly with a definite goal in our minds. ---Nancy Chappelear--- 24 Last Will and Testament We, the Seniors of New Lexington High School, Class of l954, being of well-educated mind and remarkable memory, hereby ordain and establish our last will and testament. Article l To Mr. Fowler, we leave a megaphone, so he can be heard not only in the building but also on the campus. To Mr. Lewis, we leave one toupee and a iar of "Mother Pletcher's toupee paste. To Miss Drury, we leave our congratulations for being the best teacher of 1953-1954. To Mrs, Enid Van Atta, we leave a pamphlet entitled, "Care of Grandchildren". To Mr. Weaver, we leave some map labels, so he won't have to fumble around with them. To Mrs. Natalie Van Atta, we leave a new scarf, so she won't have to wear her hats out. To Miss Bauer, we leave what is left of the Home Ec. equipment. To Mr. Priode, we leave one prize "baloney" bull. To Mr. Conn, we leave a few miserable band students. To Mr. Readout, we leave a mechanical finger flexer. To Mr. Martin, we leave a pair of elevator shoes. We leave Mr. Orrison sitting on top of the M.V.L. To Ms. Adcock, we leave some new Latin students. To Mrs. Priode, we leave the "Tale of Two Cities". To Mr. Neff, we leave what is left of the broken chemistry equipment. To Mrs. Folden, we leave one large box of Kleenex. To Mrs. Bailey, we leave a gavel to replace the one she broke while screaming at us. 25 Article ll Bonnie Abrcxn leaves her quiet disposition to Joann Corder. Jim Abran leaves his talkative moods to Dale Lett. Norman Abram leaves his tall tales to Larry Deavers. Patty Ahern leaves her diets to Henrietta Penrod. Barney Allen leaves--he hopes. Bill Anderson leaves his freckles to Donna Conaway. Don Anderson leaves his height to Ronnie Lucas. Jim Ansel leaves his book, "How to Make a Speech", to Patty Johnson. Shirley Blanton leaves her hearty laugh to Ruby Dyer. Bill Bond leaves his nickname, "Fuzzy", to Bill Conger. Dick Bennett leaves for Junction City. Joanne Burt leaves her saddlebags to Mrs. Folden to carry Kleenex in. Bill Buchanan leaves to wait for Barbara Chipps. Kay Brown leaves her hair rinses to Ruth Turner. Kathryn Byrd leaves to be with Ralph. Gary Camp leaves to see Frankie and to work at the A 8. P Store. Virginia Carney leaves her excess weight to Carol Sue Speelman. Nancy Chappelear leaves her cheerleading ability to her sister. .bnior Chipps leaves for West Virginia, we hope. Nancy Clark leaves her curly hair to Edna iso she won't have to put hers Bill Dalrymple leaves his glory to Richard Weaver. Mary Daugherty leaves her ability to play basketball to Judy Puterbaugh. Evelyn Deavers leaves her "Music" to any Junior girl. Mona Dickerson leaves for a full-time iob at Walters 5 8. IO. Shirley Dobbins leaves her typing ability to Ann Bookman. Patsy Dusenberry leaves for Crooksville. Hattie Elkins leaves her suction with the teachers to Thelma Shumaker. Dave Evars leaves his money to the coming Seniors. Ray Goodfellow leaves to manage the skating rink. U Tom Grey leaves his paper route to his brother, Jack. Carolyn Grube isn't leaving--Ronnie is still here. .be Hammond leaves his seat in Govemment to Dave Catchpole. Anna Mae Hardy leaves to take wrestling lessons from Mildred Burke. Kenneth Harrison leaves his sister to find another way to the show. George Haynes leaves left guard to David Cannon. Donna Hazelett leaves her seat in the Driver's Ed. car to Shelby Shirkey John Helwig leaves his brain to Mr. Neff to experiment with. George Hill leaves for Dixie. .lohn Holden leaves his ability to play the horn to "Wodgel" Smith. Eugene Hollingshead leaves with Hazel in '55. Donna Holt leaves her figure to Jane Russell. Ruth Ann Hoops leaves her quiet ways to Mrs. Folden. Earl Hoy leaves one bottle of nerve tonic to anyone who needs it. Don Hutchinson leaves to be with Mitzi. Paula Hynus leaves her boudoir voice to Marilyn Monroe. Lillie Kennedy leaves her Blue Waltz perfume to Mrs. Natalie Van Atta. Phil Kimball leaves to make his first million. Lucille Lemasters leaves her black eye-brows to her sister, Sophie. Doris Luster leaves her ability to get to Crooksville to Sally Cochran. Thomas McCaig leaves his receding hair-line to Johnny Diller. Dorothy McCrady leaves to become Anna Mae's wrestling manager. Madelyn Miller leaves her ability to laugh to Ruth Ann Clark. Sue Ann Nichols leaves her nickname "Lord" to her sister, Mary Lou. Marilyn Nixon leaves her ability to move fast to Doug Deavers. Darrell Potter leaves his ability to coach to B.M.O.C. Readout. Charles Ramsell leaves his superiority complex to Kenny Hazelett. Joanne Reckner leaves in a bright red Packard for Pennsylvania. Gay Self leaves her quiet disposition to Pauline Shumaker. Paul Shaeffer leaves his Toni to Edna. Crayton Shumaker leaves his ability to fight to his brother. Jane Shumaker leaves her temper to Mr. Weaver. Sam Sorrell leaves his hair-do to Harold Lee. Wayne Stalter leaves his seat cushions to his brother, Kenny. Stanley Starner leaves his iokes to the 7th graders who don't understand. Bob Strawn leaves old Cadillac springs to WiIlison's. Mary Teal leaves her name "Bubbles" to Sally Brown. Neil Tittle leaves with a big sigh of relief. Ruth Ann Tracy leaves for the "Gayiety". Stanley Van Atta leaves his ability not to grow up to Peter Pan. Vinton Walters leaves his curly hair to IW. Fowler. S Ned Welker leaves his little black book to Norman Rockwell. Dean Wheatcraft leaves appreciation of "Libby" iokes to M. Lybarger. Delores Wheeler leaves for Saltillo. Lois Williams leaves her ability in Latin to Renee Kimball. We nominate and appoint Mr. John Diller the Executor of this Last Will and Testament, to serve without bond. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have set our hand and seal to this, our Last Will and Testament, at New Lexington, Ohio, this l5th day of February, l954. The Seniors of l954 Witnesses: Barney Allen Dean Wheatcraft 28 Prophecy Bonnie Abram--joined Waves to be near Tate. James Abram--announcer for Jim Ansel 's floor show. Norman Abram--teaching Driver's Ed. at N. L. H.S. Patty Ahern--at last has found a sure reducing plan. Byron Allen--manages the A 8. P Store in Rendville. Bill Anderson--Star singer at The Rainbow Room, Park Hotel. Don Anderson--football manager at Ohio State. Jim Ansel--M.C. of floor show at The Park Hotel. Dick Bennett--moved to Zanesville to be with Loretta. Shirley Blanton--still undecided between D.H. and B. D. William Bond--continuing his Romeo role. Joanne Burt--owner of The Park Hotel. Bill Buchanan--as ever, walking Barbara to classes. Kay Brown--driving 20 miles per hour. Kathryn Byrd--with Ralph, supervises the New Lexington Dog Pound. Gary Camp--author of the book, "How to Be a Poor Golfer". Virginia Carney--cigarette girl at the Stork Club. Nancy Chappelear--has quit daydreaming, Archie W. Chipps, Jr.--New Lex's traffic cop. Nancy Clark--sponsor of a Lonely Hearts Club for servicemen. William Dalrymple--has lost all interest in women. Mary Daugherty--star basketball player of the "Rough and Ready" team. Evelyn Deavers--finally found one of the Moxie boys she wants. Mona Dickerson--planning a June wedding. Shirley Dobbins--now wearing smear-proof lipstick. Patsy Dusenberry--writing a book on " How to Get Those Crooksville Boys Hattie Elkins--raising pedigreed Manchester poodles. David Evans--has a brand new crewcut. Raymond Goodfellow--manages a skating rink in Bristol. Tom Grey--edits the Redfield Daily. Carolyn Grube--rearing future basketball players for Luke. Joe Hammond--lost all of his curly hair. Anna Mae Hardy--World's Champion Lady Wrestler. Kenneth Harrison--did lO0-yard dash in two seconds. George Haynes--owns a night club in Deavertown. Donna Jean Hazlett--still writing Dear John Letters. John Helwig--"Pro" basketball player. George Hill--plays for the Cleveland Browns. John Holden--New Lex 's new postmaster. Eugene Hollingshead--furnishing Hazel's new home. Donna Holt--trying to be true to one guy. Ruth Ann Hoops--still waiting for the right man. Earl Hoy--Tall Man in a circus C7' l0"l. Don Hutchinson--teaching Public Speaking at N. L. H. S. Paula Hynus--starring in Broadway hit, "Here I Pm, You Lucky People Lillie Kennedy--living in Nashville, Tenn. Phil Kimball--still chasing Gay. Lucille LeMasters--finally found a man. Doris Luster--running a taxi from the Alpine to New l-ex. Tom McCaig--manages a grocery in Rehobeth. Dorothy McCrady--partner in Shepherd 's Funeral Home in Moxie. Madelyn Miller--doing chores on Cheney's Ranch. Marilyn Nixon--still driving through pig pens. Sue Ann Nichols--living up to her name, "Fat". Darrell Potter--now a Toni boy. Charles Ramsell--selling used convertibles. Joanne Recknor--leading model for Power's Studio. 30 Gay Self--looking for fellows in a car. Paul Shaeffer--living in Elyria with Sue Ann. Jane Shumaker--raising little redheads. Crayton Shumaker--working on Priode 's Ranch. Sam Sorrell--going steady with Lillie Kennedy. Wayne Stalter--still running from all the girls. Stanley Starner--hunting the right girl. Bob Strawn--"Pro" basketball with the N.Y. Knickerbockers. Mary Louise Teal--conducts a"'Nbdel" school in Bristol. Neil Tittle--still in lith grade English at N. L,H.S. Ruth Ann Tracy--scrubbing floors for Dale. Stanley Van Atta--selling used ieeps to N.l-. l'l.5. students. Vinton Walters--managing 5 8. IO Store in Charleston, W. Va Ned Welker--head man of Ready-Mix Co. in Ohio. Dean Wheatcraft--owns New Lex 's only Riding Academy. Delores VVheeler--selling guaranteed reducing pills. Lois Williams--teaching Latin at C.S.G. at Columbus. ---Mary Dougherty--- 31 r WK. QFD! gow fa WI 4-on---...Y . ,W mf, -"'f'. QW? wa. ' Z., fa . 'f K 4, Q f 3 nf r wg, W Q , X M . ., .. , . - 3' Sw sf ,. 3' W .. .. 1 W New Lexington High School 32 l. Jim Poling, Gail Spurback, Roy Spracllyn, Bill Skeens, Neil Sorrell, Ralph Rose, Richard Vlbaver, Dale Lett, Russell Starner, Ronnie Lucas. 2. Harvey Prichard, Jim Miller, Harold Lee, Peggy Sherick, Henrietta Penrod, Joanne Wolfe, Hazel Smith, Mary Belle Morton, Tom Watkins, Ronnie Williams, Norman Rockwell. 3. Wilma Weaver, June Upvall, Faith Prichard, Jennie Masterson, Judy Puterbough, Shelby Shirkey, Jenney Reed, Nellie Shumaker, Bertha Williams. Juniors The Class of '55 is proud ofthe many activities in which their group has participated during the year. Juniors who were members of the M. V. L. co-championship Football team are: Rodney Dickerson, Jim Miller, Paul Gallagher, Vaughn Fink, Ralph Rose, Roy Spradlin, Dave Hill, Dale Lett, Neil Sorrell, Jim Kitchen, Deane Ault, Harvey Pritchard, David Catchpole, David Birkimer, Bemard Barne Bill Skeens, and Eddie Blakeman. Ps their junior attendant to the Homecoming Queen, they chose Janet Buchanan. Junior members ofthe Varsity Basketball squad are: Deane Ault, Jim Miller, Paul Gallagher, Ronnie Lucas, Ronnie Williams, and Dale Lett. The members ofthe Reserve team who are juniors are: Jim Poling, Vaughn Fink, Rodney Dickerson, David Catchpole, David Hill, and Ralph Rose. 34 51 Ir F I. Rodney Dickerson, David Birkimer, Jim Kitchen, Paul Gallagher, Lee Frazure, Bob Foster. 2. Robert Dobbins, Deane Ault, David Hill, Dave Catchpole, Greg Hughes, Janet Buchanan, Gerrie Elkins, Sally Cochran, Barbara Chipps, Bernie Barns, Vaughn Fink, Bill Conger. 3. Janice Groves, Patty Johnson, Mary Lou Hammond, Laurefta Hoover, Geneva Kennedy, Danna Conaway, Janice Barnes, Anna Bookman, Sally, Allen. ln December, 1953, the iuniors put on a very successful class play under the direction of Miss Bower. The title of the play was 'Our Miss Brooks". Donna Conaway, Janet Buchanan, Faith Pritchard, Wilma Weaver, Patty Johnson, Larry Deavers, Norman Rockwell, and Lee Frazer, were members of the high school band. Clms Officers: President Jim Miller Vice-president Paul Gallagher Secretary Vaughn Fink Treasurer Roy Spradlin 35 l. Bruce McClintock, Jim Epifano, John King, Bill King, Wade Kimball, Robert Henry, Larry Hughes, Dwane Rogers, Ronald Byrd, Brock Canniff, Robert Bristor, John McGaughey, Richard Johnson, Larry Kent, John Grey. 2. Joy McCrady, Elsie Randoph, Nancy Abram. 3. Richard Self, l.oVerne Harrison, Klene Brown, Freda Poling, Mary Jane Good, Barbara Norris, Shirley Hitchcock, Rosalie Nutter, Linda Dillinger, Sally Brown. 4. Ruth Ann Clark, Carolyn Johnson, Rosemary Chipps, Karen Buchanan, Sheila Dusenberry, Carolyn Parry, Marilyn Cannon, Joanne Corder, Florence Nutter, Rita Reed, Norman Losey. 5. Jerry Sands, Jack Howerth, David Cannon, Tom Whitehead, Rodney Abram, Floyd Downs, Richard Gibbs, Kenney Abram, Bill Harris. Sophomores Our sophomores have had a busy year. they have had a lot of fun working in a stand at football games and selling chances on a pair of pillow-slips. Aspring dance was planned with the help of their home-room teachers: Mrs. Priode, Mrs. Bailey, and Miss Bower. 36 i. Ted Sowers, Daryle Turner, Robert Wolfe, Shelby Wilson, Donald Waite Carol Sue Spnllman Sue Ann Vermillion, Paul Starner, Wanda Wilson, Roger Treadway, Robert Wolfe David Watkins Sam Sorrell 2. Jerrie Starner, Norma Starner, Patricia Stigler, Ruth Ann Turner Shirley Shlrkey Pauline Shumalcer Thelma Shumalcer, Judy Whitehouse, Patricia Von Sickle. The Band, the Glee Club, and the Athletic Department, all, are benefited by the participation of the talented Sophomores in their various activities. Class Officers: President Vice-Preside nt Secretary Treasurer John McGaughey Larry Kent David Cannon Gene Goldsberry 37 Tv l. Earl Bookman, Donald Carney, Martha Hammond, Clarence Fielder, Larry Dillinger, Glen Hammers, S H ' . 2. Bonnie Deidrick, Kenny Hazlett, Jerry Koehler, Kent Goman, Dale Boolcman, tacey arrison Myrna Jones, Leah Craig, Mariorie Cheney, Yvonne Goodin, Mary Lou Hanula, Dorothy Hoops, Nancy Dodinger, Carol Chappelear, Renee Kimball, June Jacobs, Roger Fitzgerald. 3. Ruby Dyer, Norma Compston, Thelma Hoover, Louise Brown, Marianne Hill, Sara Caldwell, Patricia Hardy, Ruth Kokemparger, Helen Dickerson, Betty Dobbins. Freshmen Getting a good start on their high-school career, the freshman class made its mark in several Fields during the year. Kent Goman's announcement at football games accompanied the maneuvers of the Marching Band with clarity and precision. ln basketball, they were in the groove too, having Roger Hutchinson on the Reserve Team and two Reserve Cheerleaders, Renee Kimball and Carol Sue Chappelear. Representing them as Student Council members were Linda Pletcher, John Busse, Stacy Harrison, and Joe Williams. 38 5,1 l. Ronald Throckmorton, Donna Wolfe, Barbara Thorp, Mildred Smith, Charlotte Shumaker, Mitzi Wilson, Mary Lou Nichols, Una Mae Shaffer, Mary Ellen Turner, Sue Stoneburner, Shelby Sherriclc, Joan Williams, Gene Storts. 2. Ronnie Siclwell, Gene Skeens, Joe Williams, Richard McGill, Gene Longstreth, James Wolfe, Jack Park, Harold Sullivan, Donnie Whitlatch. 3. Linda Mundy, Betty Skillman, Joyce Prichard, Linda Pletcher, Barbara Ryan, Genevieve Taylor, Shirley McMillan, Sophie Lemasters, Lou Williams. Newspaper staff reporters, Nancy Dardinger, Kent Goman, June Jacobs, and Roger Hutchinson, gathered news gf the freshman class for the Panther 's Pause. Their attendant to the Queen of the Homecoming Game was Linda Pletcher. Class Cfficers: President Joyce Prichard Vice-president Charlotte Shumaker Secretary James Wolfe Treasurer Roger Hutchinson 39 Eighth Grade l. Doug Watkins, Paul Sorrell, Jim Williams, Bob Kennedy, Bill DeBerry, Don Wilson, Kenneth Sfarner Gary Keller, Arthur Abram, Bob Anderson, Larry Thompson. 2. Paul Hutchinson, Ronnie Fink, Carol Rowe, Alice Rowe, Lena Searles, Patricia Munyan, Jerry Shirkey, Donald Cronin, Ronald Cronin. 40 l. Kenny Stalter, Shirley Sullivan, Norellen Simms, Kay Sowers, Martha Gall, Kay Rankin, Carolyn DeBerry, Charolette Walters, Joyce Shoemaker, Bonnie Van Sickle, Yvonne Young, Nyal Berry. 2. Jerry Hancock, Richard Spurgeon, Jerry Clark, Doug Cockran, John Byers, Bill Becket, Ronnie Hardy, Joe Huffman, Tom Charles. 3. Toby Wilson, Judy Sorrell, Betty Rexrode, Mary Anderson, Betty McGaughey, larry Coffman, Carol Strawn, Alice Shaffer, Nancy Godfrey, Glenna Williams, Sandra Frasure, Marianne Walsh Knot presentl. 41 " " K V Q i Seventh Grade l. Sue Thompson, Patricia Ball, Brenda Whittaker, Patricia Busse, Suzan Foraker, Barbara Yeardley, Scarlett Johnson, Sandra Bixler, Lois Caldwell, Beth Brown. Ann Chappelear. 2. Terry Dunkle, Pat Minqugh' Ronnie Clark, Linn Blanton, Eddie Studer, Roger Sidwell, Don Clark, Don Haynes, Wesley Shirkey. 3. Robert Denny, Charolette Mundy, Rita Sands, Alice Stoneburner, Janet Sorrell, Danny McGruder, Shirley Euman, Charolette Charles, Jane Dalrymple, Mary Jean Fickle, Robert Stiffler. 42 l. Jerry Spilman, Melvin Robinson, Norman Mccracly, Jim Mllleff Merle Hoover' John Plckere",Ralph Savage, Bruce Joseph, OH' Shumaker, Bruce Lockhart, Bill Henry. 2. Ronald Allen, Ernest Norris, Chester Van Horn, Jerry Kiener, Ronald Lacy, Michael Snider, Max Grooves, Ll'-"'fY Wolfe' Tom Wqlshf Bill Lauclerbaugh, Jerry Anderson. 3. Brenda Left, Carol Sue Narris, Mtry AHCC Vem0"'1 Brenda Elkms Sharon Wolfe, Edna Taylor, Lynn Gall, Shirley Sforls. 43 .QM S, -WT l Q , E i E i M Y X gg ' r it I-4 Mr. John Diller was born in New Lexington, Ohio. He attended a small country school near New Lexington for awhile, but, at an early age, wcs obliged to go to work. For twenty years he worked at the Star Manufacturing Company and became foundry foreman for an additional sixteen years. Leaving the foundry position, he became a mine foreman for the next ten years. ln 1950, Mr. Diller ccme to New Lexington High School to become its caretaker, and, from that time, has won the respect of the faculty and the students alike. Mr. C. R. Ridenour was born in Bowling Green, Licking County, Ohio. He attended grade school and high school at Glenford and is a graduate of Ohio University. Mr. Ridenour taught for sixteen years at Cadiz, Ohio. Seven years were spent teaching in rural schools, four years as Principal and five years as Superintendent of Schools. ln 1921, he gave up teaching and came to New Lexington to ioin his father in the grocery business. Mr. Ridenour has been clerk of the Board of Education for thirty-two years and has given, during that time, faultless service to the people and the schools of New Lexington. 44 if 1 Football The Panthers of New Lexington High School shared the Muskingum Valley League football title with the Philo Electrics. The Panthers started the season with a bang by winning four straight games before being stopped by bbw Concord, a team that wins games that they are sometimes not expected to win. Our team stopped to find out what happened to put them in second place in the M. V. L. , and then roared back into the win column by downing a tough Dresden team. Finally, they got their chance to get to the top of the league when they played Philo who was leading the pack, After forty-eightbruising minutes, Philo was the victor. Things were bad for the team for a week until they beat Glouster, and Roseville, the black horse team, upset Philo. That put New Lexington, Philo, and Crooksville in a three-way tie for the first place. Philo won a game in the middle of the week, and, in the final game between New Lexington and Crooksville, New Lexington won. This divided the football championship be- tween Philo and New Lexington. Football Honors: George Hill was chosen for both the defensive and offensive first teams of the mythical M.V.L. eleven. He was also invited to play in the T954 North-South All Star game at Springfield. He is the first to be chosen for this honor from the Muskingum Valley League. Bill Dalrymple was named defensive end on the M. V. L. first team. George Haynes placed as defensive guard on the first team, M. V, L, 46 New New New New New New New New New New Football Lexington ..... ..... 2 I ............ Lexington... ..... I3 .... Lexington.. . .... 14 .... .... Lexington. . . .... 33 .... . . . . Lexington. . . .... 33 .... . . . . Lexington... ...6.... Lexington. .. . .... 33 .... . . . . Lexington... ...7.... .... Lexington... .... 21 .... Lexington .... I4 .... .... 47 1953 Rosec runs ..... . M and M ..... Coldwel I ..... Marion-Fronkl in Roseville ..... New Concord ..... Dresden. . . Philo ..... Glouster .... Crooksville ..... iolympiudi l. George Hill, Don Hutchinson, Jim Miller, Dale Lett, Vaughn Fink, Paul Gallagher, Jim Kitchen, Ray Spradlyn, George Haynes, Jim Epifano, Bill Dalrymple. 2. Coach Jack Grrison, Bob Strawn, Rodney Dickerson, Dave Cannon, Brock Canitf, Crayton Shumaker, Dwane Rogers, Bill King, Neil Sorrell, Dave Evans, Deane Ault, Ralph Rose. 3. Byron Allen, Dave Hill, Phil Kimball, Gene Skeens, John Dillinger, Harry Prichard, .lack Howerth, Roger Smith, Bill Skeens, Leonard Stiles, Richard Gibbs, Jerry Sands, Carl Upvall, Gene Goldsberry, Bob Marlow, Coach Paul Martin. 4. Gene Starts, Richard Johnson, Ronnie Lucas, Roger Hutchinson, Dave Catchpole, Gene Langstreth, John McGau9hey, Eddie Blalceman, Bernard Barner, Harold Sullivan, Larry Kent, Ronnie Sidwell, Harvey Sorrell. Co-captains: George Hill Don Hutchinson Coach: Jack Grrison l. Dave Evans, George Hill, Don Hutchinson, George Haynes. 2. Phil Kimball, Bob Strawn, Bill Dalrymple, Darrell Potter, Crayton Shumaker, Byron Allen lnot presenti. Dave Evans Bob Strawn New Lexington High School will feel the loss of these departing seniors. Their hard play ancl good sportsmanship will leave something for the underclassmen to strive for. 49 Varsity Basketball l. David Evans, Bill King, Bob Strawn, Ronnie Lucas, Deane Ault. 2. Ronnie Williams, .lack Grey, Paul Gallagher, Dale Lett, Jim Miller. 50 Q "Star of '65 ? New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New Gene Goldsberry. V. 39 Lex. . .62. . .44 Lex. ..68. . . Lex. . .62. . . Lex. . .62. . . Lex. . .69. . . Lex. . .48. . .49 Lex. . .69. . .41 Lex. . .54. . . Lex. . .59. . . Lex. . .69. . . lex. . .70. . .47 Lex. . .53. . . Lex. . .52. . . Lex. . .65. . . Lex. . .45. . . Lex. . .56. . . Lex. . .56. . . Lex. . .53. . . Lex. . .58. . . Lex. . .58. . . Lex. . . . . . Lex.. Lex.. 44 43 42 Jim Poling, Jim Epifano, Dwane Rogers, Ralph Rose, Roger Hutchinson, Rodney Dickerson, Coach Paul Martin, Greg Hughes, Mgr., Jerry Sands, Harvey Sorrell, Dave Hill, Vaughn Fink, Dave Catchpole BasketbaH Schedule 1953-54 n Q Q Q Q Q 4 Q . Q Q Q . . Q Q . Q Q Q Q u . . Q Q . n . Q . . 4 . 4 Q Q . Q a Q Q Q Q Q a . . Q 0 - TOURNAMENT Nelsonville. . M 8. M. . . Philo .... Roseville .... Croolsville. . . Caldwell. . . Dresden ..... New Concord. . Glouster. . . . . Lanc. Sf. Mary's M 8. M ..... Philo .... Roseville. . . Crooksville. . . .Junction Cify. . Dresden ..... New Concord. . Lockland Wayne . Caldwell .... Glouster. . . Sl. Aloysius. . Murray City. . . Junction City. . Football Nellie Shumaker Sally Cochran Mary Belle Morton Varsi fy Bos ke fbal I Nellie Slwumaker Nancy Clmappelear Paula Hynus Wilma Weaver Reserve Bas lcefbal I Carol Sue Chappelear Pauline Slwumaker Tlnelma Shumaker Renee Kimball Lx i it Wi ills 1 ll 1? 3 Mr. Allen Conn Ohio Chio Band University State University sk , X in 'N' l. Johnson, Holden, P. Shumaker, D. Willison, Yeardley, Beckett, D. Deavers. 2. T. Wilson, Rockwell, P. Hardy, M. Cannon, McClintock, Pritchard, S. Caldwell D. Teal, Sorrell, L. Deavers. 3. Brown, Foraker, Corder, R' Hardy, 5. Johnsom Ball, Coffman, Studer. 4. Hynus, N. Chappelear. New Lexington The band had cu full season in 1953-54 starting with the Ohio State Fair where they played a formal concert. They produced a new show of eleven football games. They participated in the Christmcs Pageant in Logan and made a very good showing. One of the highlights of theyear was sponsoring of the Ohio University Band for a concert here in the audi- torium for the enjoyment of the school. f 3 3 5 , if .2 ' 1' i 'L 1 5 ,fs , , 5 l. Smith, Stalter, Byers, Weaver, Kimball, Frazure, Koehler, Huffman. 2. Welker, Speelman, Ben'y, Shumaker, Parks, K. Buchanan, Fitzgerald, Wilson, Van Sickle, Conaway, Whitehouse. 3. Denny, Stiffler, Walters, J. Buchanan, C. Chappelear, Parry, Thompson, A. Chappelear. 4. Holt, Self, Tracey. High School Band The concert this year wc: in the modern mood, and for the first time the band and glee club combined to produce some of the fine Fred Waring cxrangements. The outside of school programs played were a concert at the Rehobeth Grange and the Knights Templar parade in Columbus, Chio. 55 5 . Annual Staff l. Wilma Weaver, Nancy Chappelear, Mary Louise Teal, Jane Shumaker, Madelyn Miller, Bob Strawn, Marilyn Nixon, Anna May Hardy, Mary Daugherty, Bill Anderson, Bill Buchanan, John Holden, Barney Allen. 2. Lillie Kennedy, Paula Hynus, Darrell Porter, Nancy Clark, Stanley Van Atta, Gay Self, Ned Welker, Kay Brown, Dean Wheafcraff. Wilma Weaver, Junior assistant fo the Editor. David Cafchpole, .bnior assislanf fo fhe Business Manager. QT? 1 A-4 4 Q ,5,:,.,e- sw, i "4'A Advertising Paula Hynus, Pal Ahern, Chuck Ramsell, Neil little, Dave Catchpole, Donna Half, Jim Abram, Dave Evans, Phil Kimball. :?3""f"o ng lb Q Varsity Club l. Neil Tiffle, .lim Epifano, Dave Evans, Dale Left, Barney Allen, Don Hutchinson, Crayion Shumaker, Darrell Porter, Ralph Rose, Paul Gallagher, Roger Hutchinson, Ronnie Dickerson, Raymond Goodfellow, George Haynes, Bill Conger, Don Anderson, Greg Hughes. 2. Ronnie Lucas, Jim Miller, George Hill, Vaughn Fink, Bill Dalrymple, Roy Spradlin, Deane Ault, Jim Kitchen, Bob Sfrawn, Dave Hill. rs- -ls...,-ffw Annual Typisfs Shirley Blanton, Dorofhy -VlcCrady, Haffie Elkins, Shirley Dobbins, Sue Ann Nichols, Anna May Hardy, Bonnie Abram, Kenny Harrison, Mona Dickerson, Doris Lusfer. F1 x l4ewspaper Staff Jane Shumaker, Paula Hynus, Stanley Van Atta, Kent Goman, Joy McCrady, Nancy Dardinger, H':l'l'ie Elkins, Ned Welker, Nancy Clark, Gary Camp, Nancy Chappelear, June Jacobs, Anna May Hardy, Wade Kimball, Bill Conger, Donna Conaway, Wilma Weaver, Mr. Weaver, John Byers, GUY Self. x X Junior Class Play Nancy Chappelear, Nancy Clark, Emma Lou Johnson, Donna Half, Patty Ahern, Chuck Ramsell, Paula Hynus, Anna Hardy, Gay Self, Hafti Elkins, Don Anderson, Mrs. LaBuda, director, Ned Welker, and Phil Kimball. 58 I ' Y Il 1 ' I I ' ' ' Y 7 Q V 1 Y H h bill .xy Ly V Q9 lQ , if ' 'X Q we-w ' . m f 'Y K " we 'fr Q' l 5 ' , was f .av '- Glee Club l. Jenny Reed, Virginia Carney, Ruth Hoops, Lucille Lemasfers, Sally Allen, Jerry Starner, Geneva Kennedy, Ruth Kokensporger, Joann Corder, Pauline Shumaker, Anna Bookman, Marilyn Cannon, Shelby Wilson. 2. lnureffa Hoover, Shirley Blanton, Norma Sfarner, Barbara Chipps, Elsie Randolph, Marlene left, Carolyn Parry, Geraldine Elkins, Mary lou Hammond, June Upvall. 3 Honor Society Hattie Elkirs Mrs. Priode Nancy Cbappelear Anna May Hardy Paula Jean Hynus it H4 ' ,gush- l. Patrick Minaugh, Larry Thompson, Paul Sorrell, Joe Willicms, Jim Epifano, Bill Dalrymple, Jim Kitchen, John Busse, Bill King, Dick Bennett, Norman Rockwell, Ott Shumaker, Stacy Harrison, Wesley Shirkey. 2. Shirley Storts, Shirley Shirkey, Carolyn Parry, Marilyn Cannon, Sue Ann Vermillion, Jane Shumaker, Mary Lou Hammond, Faith Prichard, Betty McGaughey, Joyce Hcrbaugh, Linda Pletcher. Student Council The Student Council has become known as an important organization in school activities. The Student Council sponsored the Dad's Night Program at one ofthe football games, and, with the aid of the Public Speaking Class, helped to make our Homecoming Ceremony a success. We also had a Halloween Dance with the Jaycees furnishing the music. During the course ofthe year, we ioined the National Association of Student Councils. The members elected from the home-rooms are: Bob Strawn, Jane Shumaker, Bill Dalrymple, Dick Bennet, Faith Prichard, Jim Kitchen, Mary Lou Hammond, Marilyn Cannon, Carolyn Perry, Jim Epifano, Sue Ann Vermillion, Joe Williams, Norman Rockwell, Bill King, Shirley Shirkey, Stacey Harrison, John Busse, Linda Pletcher, Joyce Harbaugh, Betty McGaughey, Tommy Whittington, Larry Thompson, Patrick Minaugh, Wesley Shirkey, Ott Shumaker. The Council greatly appreciates the interest and msistance of its advisor, Mr. Lewis. 60 Senior Attendant, Miss Emma Lou Johnson, Junior Atten- dant, Miss Janet Buchanan, Sophomore Attendant, Miss Delores Pace, Freshman Attendant, Miss Linda Fletcher, Eighth Grade Attendant, Miss Mary Ann Walsh, and Seventh Grade Attendant, Miss Sharon Wolfe 1313, vt l -.3 Delorls Pace Janet Buchanan Emma Lou Johmon Nancy Chappelear Linda Pletcher, Nkary Ann Walsh, 40-ishf ' Z' Nhuvwwnusa. ml.. B H Q' Q w . 5 ll ff' M: Af A ww wwf fn, . yu. Junior and Senior Banquet Under the guidance of Mrs. Gladys Folden, the Junior-Senior Banquet proved to be a big success. Place cards and programs bearing the seal of Ohio's Sesqui-centennial, spring flowers and candlelight made a festive background. Mr. Myron Fowler, Superintendent of Schools, gave the invocation, David Evans, President of the Junior Class, welcomed the guests and Bob Mottern, President of the Seniors, gave the response as the program opened. Special music was presented by Helen Bauer and the high school Girls' Triple Trio. Attorney D. F. Trew was the guest speaker. Class Motto: Together we stand, divided we fall. Clcss Flower: Yellow Rose. Class Colors: Green and Vvhite. Junior-Senior Prom The theme of our Prom was in keeping with the Sesqui-centennial Celebration of the state of Ohio. A rustic log cabin was the center attraction with Bob Hallovx ay's band seated on the front porch. Quaint colonial lanterns were mounted on posts around the edge of the dance floor, and a huge, spectacular chandelier hung from a blue and white canopied ceiling. The grand march was led by class president, Dave Evans and his guest, Drenna Eccarius. 63 National Honor Society Marcl'xl2,l954 Paula Hynus, Nancy Chappelear, Bob Strawn, John Holden, Faith Pritchard, Nellie Sltumaker, Gay Self, Wilma Weaver, Jenny Reed, Jane Shumaker, Gary Camp, Stanley Van Atta, David Evars labsentl Anna Mae Hardy, Hattie Elkins. Faculty Sponsor: Mrs. Eileen Priode 64 am ,ew -is -'A Q1- ' n ff KK gi 3153 ffffbfeiv "Con rafulctio SUNNYHILL COAL CO EVANS REAMER Compliments of SAUNDERS 8. HOLDEN SERVICE Main 81 Mill Street New Lexington Ohio Compliments of CLOSSMAN HARDWARE CO. Zanesville, Ohio Compliments of DR. YEAR DLEY Optometrist New Lexington, Ohio Compliments of SWEITZER PAINT 8. HARDWARE Zanesville, Ohio Compliments of CLOCK GRILL "Where Strangers are Treated Like Friends." 205 North Main Street New Lexington, Ohio Compliments ot J. C. PENNEY CO. Zanesville, Ohio Quality Merchandise X Compliments of ,mm J N.. STlFFLER'S . Main Street New Lexington, Ohio Compliments of HATEM'S CONFECTI ONERY Admiral Appliances New Lexington, Ohio Compliments of MORRIS STORE Quality Merchandise New Lexington, Ohio Compliments of ELLIS DEPT. STORE Radio Service New Lexington, Ohio Compliments of EAG LES LO DGE New Lexington, Ohio Compliments of DUNKLE'S RESTAURANT Fine Foods - Refreshments New Lexington, Ohio ff X Compl imen Is of LUCKOFF'S MUTUAL STORE New Lexington, Ohio "The Pause That Refreshes Enjoy COCA-CO LA 6 C Compliments of JOHN JIM 203 South Main Street New Lexington, Ohio Compliments of VAN ATTA INSURANCE AGENCY Dependable Insurance Since I 905 THE NEWLON- FORAKER Dodge 81 Plymouth Cars 81 Trucks Admiral 8: RCA Television 8. Radio Sales 81 Service Compliments of PERRY HARDWARE COMPANY Hardware- Furniture Appliance New Lexington, Ohio Compliments of CATCHPO LE INSURANCE AGENCY Auto-Fire-Life Health-Accident New Lexington, Ohio Phone 291 Compliments of SHEERAN'S DRUGS Compliments of MAIN STREET RED and WHITE Complimenfs of HOME DEPARTMENT STORE Quality in Brand Merchandise Joseph A. Siemers New Lexington, Ohio Compliments of C . l.. C HUTE Funeral and Ambulance Service Phone I6 New Lexington, Ohio Fine Job Printing PERRY COUNTY TRIBUNE New Lexington, Ohio For all the News of the Community Compliments of BEN NETT'S CONFECTIONERY Compliments of CITY CLEANERS NOON AND FLETCHER T20 W. Broadway Courtesy of DR. R. J. BENNETT Compliments of CANNON'S MARKET New Lexington, Ohio Phone 650 We Wish the Best of Luck to The Class of "54" Everything in Building" THE SNIDER-FLAUTT LUMBER CO. New Lexington South Zanesville " Congratulation to the Seniors of 1954" MCCARTY' S RADIO AND T.V. Compliments of EVA M. BRADLEY County Treasurer Compliments of UNDERWOOD 81 UNDERWOOD Attorneys at Law New Lexington, Ohio CORDER'S MARKET Quality Merchandise" Phone 638-R Washers - Dryers SWALLOW'S MAYTAG CO. Electrical Appliances BIRKIMER-HUMPHREY FUNERAL HOME Invalid Car Service New Lexington Pho ne 87 Complimentsof WALTER'S 5g 3. 51.00 Nevg Lexington, Ohio Compliments of ECONOMY LOAN Compliments of D 8. B RESTAURANT 217 North Main Street Compl Ime nts of McBEE JEWELRY Compliments of NEW LEX BUILDERS SUPPLY AND HARDWARE Compliments of HOLDENS POOL ROOM l20 North Main Street Compliments of MILL STREET GROCERY Frozen Dessert--Ice Cream Compliments of LOGAN BUICK SALES AND SERVICE Phone IOI 245 Carroll Street Compliments of Compliments of MAY DRUG CO. SMOCK'S SOHIO SERVICE STATION Prescriptions-D'ugs Fountain Service Broadway Cosmetics-Tobacco Candy The Best in Musical Instruments Pianos and Organs MEMICHAEL MUSIC STORE I7 W. Church Street Newcrk, Ohio Phone 3916 Compliments of NEW LEX THEATER Phone I88 R Compliments of THE GEM CONFECTIONERY Meadow Gold Dairy Products 208 South Main Street New Lexington, Ohio Phone 167 Congratulations Clcss of "54 STARR'S DEPT. STORE Main 8m Fourth Complete Nbn's and Young Men Zanesville, Ohio Compliments of LITTLE PHIL INN 's Shop Somerset, Ohio Compliments 09 THE PERRY COUNTY BANK Deposits Insured up to SI0,0 Always Safe Always Sou Compliments of OO nd METZGER INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of LONGSHORE'S MUSIC STORE 57 North Q5th Street Zanesville, Ohio Con supply you with Everything in the music line.' Compliments of PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK New Lexington, Ohio Compliments of WlLSON'S MOTOR CO. l.ONZWAY'S FLOWER HOUSE 420 Church Street Phone 88 New Lexington,Ohio Compliments of JOSEPH C. ALLEN Attorney at Low COMPLIMENTS A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF THE LUDOWICI-CELADON C0 New Lexangfon, ohio The Class of 1954 wishes To thank you for Your advertising

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