New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH)

 - Class of 1958

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New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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4 -vf"""" ' '4v"I. Q"- v' -X-xv' .X ,' . - Jf ' - 0 ' ,tc 'Q 5 AJ " " " -7u"QirL, qi, ' f' 1' ', 1 4 ,I . Rss, a O ,: ,: Alu 43' ' -- . qgfw 1 F1 o 1 1' ve If "1 X g In ,5 -'x ' , 1 Q 5 4 ' F fl, U' Q L sg. gf K N I ' : ft U." V a ' ' V ':."' ', 2 Ol 5 1 l . , ' ' o 1 ' ' I I 5 ' 'E .fa Z :I 'nf 5" t :"'.f 5 5 E uQx5 43553, 1 ,-:' 7 CI JP , ' ' 2 X23 fn KHELS :::52 CZ, 'TNI ,1-.lE?sJ!1,,ir:,x -lllgir Administratlon M Faculty Activities Music I :EgElffff':::::l.k I .0 . C K i-,X 'ff' :V 'lt v, J R Local ---------- 2 ik -------- 5 ----12 ---------20 Sports -------- 2h Elementary ---- 28 Upperclas amen- 50 Seniors ------- 57 Advertisers---65 LOCAL -X , My L, if Wi .., Jia' Y' 5 K JF QQ an "ff ,W . ' 1 ' W 5 - A G, My V X ' Y . M.: -, f-'g wgaiwisii , l1v,lsQf'az4sa'wf ffw-hwfx-,:,-',. 1 , 3 7, ,: ff 1 V ., I I! ,..' V X,-1 " ff , 5 - ,, . -M 1 " ' MLN ' Mfl""J? 'M K'2izJ M'yws: -,. 7 4 . . W. NW Q,-f z v,. :A . ml I,,, 1 K ,- ki ,V Agr i,-is. MMl5g,,M Q ,gqiegl A L 2ii4gggi,j L 1" ' 'fi I ' V N Mk W .fif1::fff- 'A L M LM ,,,,,..,..-f gg- " -:Elf R ,,AW N ......Q- , A , Q N, L,,A I H5 am v is 1 f Q LEU: 'V -1: M M. 1.,.. ,J , Q I iv- lim' ti-LIS Gflll'l'1M- ,lg ,- e, , ......,. Q N : .g 2 M- x VEQHUDPE, 'f 3 3. 3,,,Wi.,V-0 -:mgusmi-,,, r 4 , .., ...m . L MW: J . A ,,A,Lm ---- - u :5l?l- f, . ' V, --A 4' - H . --- .M--,,f..x .,, mm, , 1 - ' S-'Z',,:"'i'f91 : -sf , ,- , :gg . , ,.k, ,, ff,ggpf f ,, , ,LLL . .. I ---- wwf-mf K ., wi: 4. fa .HU LQCAL Maw Krmoxvtllle BOARD l EUC A'-3195 Q , 3 Bowling Green State University A.B. 84 B.S. Ohio State University St. Louis University Miami University SUBJECTS: Physics IM J eznrzcz J C l Upeflnten ell! Wilmington College B.S. Kent State University . SUBJECTS: Hefglbefg C0lleQe A Algebra I ' - Plane Geometry suwscrsr acu g f'i90'if?me"Y Latin ndustrial Arts Bl0.'0QY, ACTIVITIES: Ohio H'Sl0'fY 31 Government Senior Advisor Somal 5lUd'eS 7 Junior Class Play Advisor History 8 Boys' Gym ACTIVITIES: Senior Play Advisor Senior Home Room Teacher I' W I' Ball State College B.S. Earlham College indiana University SUBJECTS: Business Training Bookkeeping Typinq I 8t ll Business Law ACTIVITIES: Junior Advisor Memoir Advisor "lvy l.og" Advisor Photography Club Advisor 5 me A ll l'tLa NNGLEPLCLITLP Otterbein College B.S. Wilmington College SUBJECTS: American History American Government World History Health Driver Training ACTIVITIES: Eighth Grade Advisor Junior High Gym Boys' Gym Basketball Coach Baseball Coach ,f7fl?l.l Wittenberg College Ohio Northern University South Western Teachers College Ohio University English 9, IO, II, I2 Freshman Advisor "Ivy Log" Advisor gaculffg Ohio Wesleyan B.A. SUBJECTS: Science 7 84 8 General Science Home Economicsl 2 3 4 ACTIVITIES: Seventh Grade Advisor Jr.-Sr, Prom Advisor 6 gr!ifA ?fM55man .. .O. B.S. ACTIVITIES: Girls' Gym SUBJECTS: English 7 8g 8 High School Chorus Elementary Music Jil. KZ!! Fairfield County Normal School Ohio University Capital University Bowling Green State University B.S. Ohio Northern University SAW! SPWL, 5,1 Jr 4 Bluffton College Bowling Green State University Ohio University Wittenberg College A , SWIG. f?..:..- -. acuffg na alfer einrir:L Auglaize County Normal School Bowling Green State University Ohio Northern University QA! Bowling Green State University B.S. Bluffton College Indiana University Ohio State University University of Denver M.A. 'u 8 P I. ll hi Merlin Roettger, Arnold Haberkamp, Kenneth List, Mr" Dorothy Kattisanf Mrs' Viola Sullivan' Oliver Buddeleyer, Clem Stienecker Mrs' iolet Shuiter' 9,544 Lawrence Kuhlman Mrs. LaRue Schrolucke 9 . ,,,, NwddQH' Epmd mmdQHwmEU mOHxOmwQ UQHUHHOU QFm5PDdHQ 5 Pddm WOOHOHOWQ JHCQQ WWF? O5mEPmdHQ H59 bwdm FHUHWHQ gwmpdg OWWH0m wFm5m Gmc MUWHHmU HH QdU W md5 'JNB OwwF0m PodP4HdPmm mbmwpng Fm Pa, THMHOHQ HOmUHm HH MDTPHmU HO mcbougwmpob Pwmmdwm H MHCDW mmHF HHQHDHUW ZQSQHH mOO40H WOHHQQ Uma DOH WWWUW PHPHU Q MHCDW NHH Qms. mcm Scam mn H A6501 mmpw DOHQDO0 m qwupbm HH mOaQ mC. mim wwe W 9 P DHHGU m 400 m Hamm N 400 PM D W Q k 400 bm m W r DHSDW M4mHmEmU mP0dOHq Q00 D JEFF RCD! ZWHF Hmdwb HH QMMMJDU 05OHCw'mHH FH ?CmHO MDWFHMU m MgUmd4HwHO5 MSWPHQU Q PB. Q04 d M6592 wmv? HQUHUW H UHUHOMQ MDWHHmF N MHPWOUG Qimo QUCH Www QUCH QCQU QUCH. QCGM. . guna A- : h . .C H Q. r D V 4 . I , A. , I 0 .7 w 1 0 O 4 E , . C . Ld. Q imm- I 1 . , 14 . , . , K H I lr U 0 U X X I I7 X I X X X X 1 X 1 X X 1 N 5 R ww. . , G . . n -I v mogm mO.H mega! mwwp Goo. Pm. OUHO mwmd. QUCH. H mb M N X N xf N N Y N N N X W4 N 'NN N X N1 1 X N! W V u F W 3 h Pk . . t . 'X J . p l . UH. Q . . . HUGH 1 . h 1 . G . . 4 Hgmw. G . ' SEPTEMB R 3-First Day Bill S. is 17 ll-Janice S. turns 17 19-Happy Birthday, Jean I 17th OCTOBER 1-Juniors choose class rings. First Basketball Practice 2-Individual pictures taken -- Smile 7-The flu bug bites 8-Girls go bowling! ll-Junior Play postponed---Flu lk-School dismissed because of the Flu 18-First High School Party--Sucess 20-Bill S. goes to Chicago for FFA 25-No School---Teacher's meeting Band Mother's Bake Sale Band plays at Wapak 26-Cider Thme at New Bremen -- Band plays 31-Halloween---BOO! NOVEMBER 1-PTA CARNIVAL--HUGE SUCCESS M-k-H dinner 6-Last play rehearsal--Yea 8-Junior Play-The More the Merrieri ll-Career Day at New Bremen 15-First Game-Buckland-We Won 19-St. Henry-There-Lost 20-Mendon Game--Lost 27-7th and 8th grads program -No School--Larry K. turns 17 -Minster Ball Game--Lost 28 29 DECEMBER 3-Spencerville Game postponed--Snow 5-Seniors take Ohio Employment Test 6-FFA Banquet 13-New Bremen--Iictory--Evil Friday?? 15-Band and Chorus Recital 20-WaynesfieldfThere-Won Grades l,2,3,give Christmas Program 23-No Schoolllllfli 25-Merry Christmas!!! 27-Holiday Tournament at Botkins 28-Got Runner Up Trophy 30-Skating Party JANUARY 1-Happy New Year 3-School Begins---Already? 3-Cridersville-Home-Won 10-Senior Scholarship Tests--Buckland-H me lk-FFA Basketball Game - lo-Semester Exams Senior Girls serve Civic Supper 17-New B emenfThere-Evil FridayeLost Finish Semester Ex ms-Tad turns 18 18-Jackson Center--Victory 20-Elily K. is 18 21-Anna-There ------ Don Warner beccmes 18 22-Doris S. turns 18 2h-Minster-There-Defeated 27-Spencerville--Home-Lost FEBRUARY 1-Cridersville--There-Won h-Sidney--Home--Band played 7-Botkins-Home--Ro School--Teachers meeting 10-Wapak St. Joe---There lk-Happy Valentines Day 15-County Tournament 16-Beverly W. reaches 18 18-County Tournament 21-Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade program 22-County Tournament 29-Missed it again--Grace is still 4121 MARCH M-FFA Coop Quiz Contest 5 new? Used desks arrive S-The Ivy Show 21-Senior Play-January Thaw-Success 28-Juniors give High School Party APRIL 1-District State Tests 2-Pre-School clinic M-Good Friday--No School 11-Chorus Recital 15-Elmer N. is 19 18-8th Grade tests High School Party-Last for the seniors 25-Band Concert MAY 3-Final District State Tests 9-PROM---GREAT 12-Bacc. Practice in church 13-Seniors return from glorious trip 18-Baccalaureate 20-Commencement 21-Final Exams 22-Final Exams -Last day for Classes -Report Cards 23 27 Doris " NQ - x ,K- y M4 .i v F125 1. A35 .. ,,..W ww. v ,K sh? gf KF i ii' - in if Vi' , . Q ,Xi ,A. ,, ,M . 2 ag. ,V ,, 1 -fr z , .. , Emma Ja. 8. iii I1 A N , - ':.,.- ? f I , I 3 Y 'K cs , fs 1, - tl ean Evermm as Janice schrolucke 8' Gmc' Set 'ge ,Jnzafwf Emily Kruse, Jean Eversman, John Froning, Jerry Lutterbeck, Q John Buddemeyer 995 'Wu 'fi yi 6 S 'QE , 45' three Don Warner, Elmer Neuman, A Bill Sudman John Buddemeyer, Tad Kattman, Don Warner, 5 Doris Settlage JW ip? Cast of Characters' Left to Rmghtz Don Kiefer, Marta Hoge, Sandra Lammers, Gary Kltterheinrich, Linda Knttman, Mary Bierbaum, Rosalyn Eschmeyer, Larry Snyder, Jean Gritzmaker, Doris Heidt Kenneth Schrolucke, Em u Jane Roode, and Kenneth Kuck Absent' Darrel Kuck Drrector Mr KSHH aafgb-a WW C7 Cast of Charaeters Left to Right Emily Kruse, Larry Kuck, Bill Sudman, Bill Jones, Grace Settlage,Beverly Warner, Don Werner Janice Schrolucke, John Froning, John Buddemeyer, Jerry Lutterbeck, Doris Settlage, Jean Everlman, Ted Absent Elmer Neuman Director-Mrs. Theme - Oriental Paradise Hostesses-Joyce Bambauer and Delores X 2 The Famous Dragon Paradlie Band Stand The Exlt Table The Greatei Setting -Mothers Great Job done at the Variety Show by Joyce Settlage and Kenneth Kuck. Senior Play . '1 quit! "Says Emlly Kruse Get that tipzzzzxsz Pizza Kings--Jim Henschen and Dean Deerhakel Steve Kruse, Dennis Henschen Danny Henschen, and Bob Snyder. Band practices marching. The Jury Decides Q mmf W Sharon pays the consequence The nineth grade boys hula 18 The Make-up Kids Mm Let's Dance Teachers Remove Ties M.C. E ma Jane Roode V Let'S Eat M.C. Kenneth Schrolucke I9 .J FIRST ROW: Cleft to rightl Doris Settlage, Patricia Hinze, Sandra Lammers, Rosalyn Eschmeyer, Beverly Warner, Peggy Katterheinrich, Janice Schrolucke, Joyce Settlage, Louise Henschen, Sandra Elshoff, Grace Settlage, Mary Bierbawm SECOND ROW: Karen Gritzmaker, Linda Kattman, Elsie Steinke, Doris Heidt, Doris Klopfenstein, Mary Bambauer, Laura Wierwille, Diane Shuster, Emily Kruse, Linda Fledderjohann, Barbara Bambauer J za., ve- 51 1 Www, -af' Director--Mrs. Edith Wissman 3 FIRST ROW: Cleft to right! Joyce Howe, Alberta Wierwille, Paula Bubp, Jean Gritzmaker, Em a Jane Roode, Mary Hoelscher, Jean Eversman, Karen Gruehmeyer, SECOND ROW: Pat Laughlin, Sharon Schrolncke, Janet Hoge, Doris Schroer, JOYCE Bambiuef Marta Hoge, Kathleen Wellman, Karen Meckstroth 20 J' FIRST ROW: fleft to rightj Terry Huston, Roger Katterheinrich, Donald Henschen, John Schroeder, Dale Grimes Jr., Donald Eversman, Daniel Meckstroth, Gary Elshoff, SECOND ROW: Robert Kuck, Richard Bambauer, William Sudman, Jerry Kuck, Larry Jauert, Don Clausing, Kenneth Schrolucke, Mark Jones, Dean Clausing. O Z' IRST ROW: Qleft to rightl Glenn Culp, Dick Kuck, Larry Leffel, Dale Manbeck, erry Lutterbeck, John Buddemeyer, Tad Kattman, John Froning, Darrel Kuck, Don Kiefer, COND ROW: Bob Wierwille, Larry Roettger, Jerry Hoelscher, Kenneth Kuck, Jerry Lehman, onald Howe, Gene Deerhake, Perry Kantner, John Lowenbergh, HIRD ROW: Gene Schrolucke, Michael Henschen, Larry Niemeyer, Thomas Kuck, Elmer Neuman, :Ll Jones, Bob Wierwille, Gary Katterheinrich, Bill Kuhlman Absent:Larry Fledderjohn, Tom McClure, Larry Longworth, Don Warner 21 O 0 2 2 3 4 Q 5 O H +7 U -H en tner, an, Bob Wierwille, Perry 5 'E' .zz Q 0 U Fl 5 S2 Kenneth Schrolncke, 0 5 D 5. Zi 2: s-T 0 John Lowenbergh, 3 E 0 0 5: O FD 5 .8 H 0 uret, 'H an v. gn Q UTP: Blgovgm 5 :E d hd 'U tl E-0 Hoge, A te Mir Settllge, ers, Joyce Lamm r dr: 5' Henschen, Danny Jane Roode, Emma Roode, kstroth, Jean Mec 5 B a .Q ea 1' -Il' 5 on K M 0 O Q U U2 0 E O U N f.: 5 0 U-1 U 0 s be A M U 52 .CI fs 5 hd K 0-I W-0 O .CI Q r-1 C11 I 3 '1 A 4-I 1-I B I 1-I Ir! M O 2 Modern Tones--1Real Greatllll NGO Man Gon The now famous uCan Can Girlsn Soda shop at the Youth Center 717 TOP ROW? D9-Uflb' Meckstroth, Ronald Howe, Dale Manbeck, 84 John Schroeder. V Bottcm ROW! Roger Katterheinrich, Gene Schrolucke, Perry Klntner: Larry Niemeyer: 8: Robert Kuck. Q? Karen Gruebmeyer, Patty Hinze Peggy Katterheinricn, 85 Alberta. Wierwille Www-QQ Top Row: Left to Right Tad Kattman, Mark Jones, John Buddemeyer, Jerry Lutterbeck, Larry Longworth, 5 Larry Leffel. Bott m Row: Bill Kuhlman, Bob Wierwille, Larry Kuck, Bill Jones, Q Tom McClure Beverly Warner, Jean Gritzmaker, Doris Settlage, 5 Sandra Lammers 3 , BACK ROW: fleft to rightl Larry Jauert, Bill Kuhlman, Gene Schrolucke, Kenneth Schrolucke, Larry Longworth, Larry Kuck, T mmy McClure, John Buddemeyer, Jerry Lutterbeck, Ronald Howe, Robert Wieryille FRONT ROW: Cleft to rightb Gene Deerhake, Allan Smith, Danny Meckstroth, Larry Howe, Robert Kuck, Dale Manbeck, Tad Kattman, John Froning, Roger Katterheinrich, Glenn Borkosky 777 F Don Clauling Alfa Allan Smith Larry Jauert r 65-Wapak St. Joe-89 O -r John Buddemeyer 9 B111 Jones Tad Kattman Larry Kuck Jerry Lutterbeck Baskef' 2, C G 7E A Baseball Bal! NOKO NUKO 66-Buckllnd-H9 22-Buckland-1 61-St. Henry-80 . M-New Bremen-12 u5,Mendon,57 Left to Rlghtz Tad Kattman,John Buddemeyer: h,Buckland,3 52-Min.ter-6h Larry Kuck, Jerry Lutterbeck, A John Froning 3-Sidney-A 37-Ft. Recovery-6h 53-New Bremen-50 N8-Waynesfeild-37 U8-Rosewood-M3 49-Botkins-Sl 52-Cridersville-36 6h-BuCkllndr6l 58-New Brunen-70 M7-Jackson Center-U5 61-Anna-Sh 65-Minster-81 75-Spencerville-68 72-Cridersville-6h 77'SidHey-79 79-Botkins-5h 43-Waynesfeild-57 l-Sidney-ll O-New Bremen-10 O-Sta Henry-18 'fl 42, QR" 'iff ,bo 45, .NOALCLHQIQ N' ml 3? 'bo xox Lffff GPCLJQ eh: 12,0 's ' :vw 6' 2: R Q-Emi grcwle N5-'QA O 1181- O E9 30 so X0 xx X 0 ,ax O N ,- F5. l"Ll'l'le5 BCOIQJ glade 'O ,lp fQ. 6 x 4? S ix ,LQ 31 SK livin WG if I econcl grade Y- S.-V.. 4 'x I' Hmm ,,,,, W1 Grade 6. 7 5 'D 0601-,f 421 'GL 43? 6 L55 Jgafferlzeznrcc 6 www Swag 2 M Q61 A X web 'Q 12- X0 mag, qw-'vi 'Za Q0 C9 X36 ,xo C' W! swing' lv 4. 6' 5113 I. 0+ ix' fb '79, Ce .qx 35 'W il Cf 91 C, X80 6-0 E9 QQ? vw' so lc . I 'O ,Cb 3406! .o do Ko Fable 4. C9 3 x QT X so 946 '5 -0 l ,gb Go '70 K N0 XO 6 X ,MLA 4. I nuff male 4 .621 Q' K1 xl"'1,g w:E"3'S . -gg-Mr rx KG Fade 0lll"f K 'Q 'F' I' 44, Q, CZ 0 SKK 95.1 ,oo 4, 5 E9 'Sb 65:9 X nw X 1' 0 'ow K gowfl. Fade 10. az 0 Q .9 6 0 X 6 x ag! fx X I iq-pr K if 46: EVA IUK WS"A"" X rzfhof A WM'-.. Q9 'VP' X fs, N0 0: O I' MQW I K xc. Q fs .mg 91 'K 6. -4- o,- Jffk Qmfle .asf -arf ff 0 xg 6,76 G J' 2' I' ! Q. -awk' ff O 55" 'L Q, ' fsiifiauv' 'C G 2? 52? 'bv J fill grade 8 ff '56 1Al'N"x 1. 19 Q Q6 XZ? I -l 'po lv 6 Wm Sfienec era .idk gfa 612 5' K X29 X0 .xg .Ko O I' QS A of 44 '4 uw .fn if XG agu- G17 '51 -. ,, va :Sf Q O .gzxlu gm 9 .. ' 2 ,989 84' 'Ox K its 956, .90 ix I' I K O ,aws- X5 I' i Co N ellie 6 Q0 'qs-1' ellen! Pa? QQ oo do 0,76 M., QM W "fx,, ey. 0 'SK Wa ff? 'Cf' 5 Nt- 0 0 elle!!! l"CL2 'US wr1- yawn, O Raw -0 6 69 my-. gofforsbgis ,ghd gpacfe X6 E? 'P' F muff! 0 X0 Z0 ex wc' 'S' K0 my 31 'Qs cflghfl, gra Q 60 "WS up-N-N 40 'Du E- wang, 'b 'es' 1' Q gfflfde MSWNQ gixgw Barbara Bambauer .1 X5 Cf 81.07" W, 07 SW Glenn Cul.p of 1- .L Joyce Howe an ' Qi: '1 4545, gQg,,'?"' ,Y gf2:f"f' if Peggy Katterheinrich X Jerry Kuck 'x G1- 'O 0 W 66, 'o , . 'Uv V45 Q- 'Bw Xe, 0 -S We Cf Bob Wierwille f- ,, - P ww- ...Qs Q S Xb 46, 'b 45 0' QX 'Um ,-M., ix K 137 KM-3' 6 '7- '55, 0 52 3 0 O Ks JH we H1 08' uf'- A ef oi XO 'b QQ I 3 4-,ZF -o fo 'L 0 -O iz'-J 'O a oo up-.. 'QQ 'f if 46 I -CV0 fo 00 '91- 6 ' O Q - 0 ox 6. 'P 96 'K ll,l'llOI'6 X O Sz Y- 55 X9 '2 CZ 6 1' . Q7 'PS 530 unwrd 0 'x O6 I 'Ko of E9 S0 5 was In September of H5h', we the graduating class of H56H entered the New Knoxville High School with twenty membersg ten girls and ten boysf IIIKSI toTiedIeiipelctedlffighiischoioliilifecwase quiteedieffererrtsefremeeelefeeees mentary life but we quickly adjusted to it. The class was well represen- ted in music and various sports activities. Two of the girls, Beverly WWEFBETIIEIHEIEIHHHI iLeI'felcwereccchosenrcheerleaderssf eeeeeeeeeeeee eeaeaeeeee eeeeeeee a a ae- In the fall of H55H we entered the Sophomore class with nineteen members. During the summer we lost Dorelene and Delmer Chivington, but gained Pat Reilly and Betty Homan. This year we were all in chorus and five were in the band. Also five boys were in sports. We had our first taste of showmanship as we gave a Halloween party for the entire high school students and all the faculty. In the fall of "56" we entered our Junior year even smaller than the previous year for during the summer Betty Homan moved to Sidney and Elaine Shuster found interests elsewhere. We purchased our class rings. and .gave QQI' SCQQUQ H169 ScC11QQllPQFT'.Y5. a Christmas Part-Y' we also presented our Junior Class Play "Junior Prom". Wedaldsod sponsoredll our Junior-Senior Reception "Oriental Paradise". We were well repres- ented in chorus and band. Seven boys were entered into sports. The class of "So" entered their last and final year as proud and dignified seniors. Linda Leffel left school and reduced the class to fifteen members. We presented our Senior Play "January Thaw" and were honored guests at the Junior-Senior Reception. We went to New York for our class trip, which was enJoyed by all. We will long .arememherlandlcherish ourryearsloilschoolgandgespegiallyqthezgraduatiohg excercises. The Senior Class 5 7 ' 58 1 4 e s five foot ten, as eyes o r H ' - 22 2 h f b own Wherever there's fun, he's sure to be found H 1 e plays on Knoxville's basketball team J In math and science he's really keen. www,LZyM Baseball, 1-2-3-h- Ivy Log Staff, 3-M- Memoir Staff, M , 'H Z3 ef' Basketball, 1-2-3-h- Majors, Math, Science, English Minors, History, Commercials Photography Club, 3-h- Class Play, January Thaw Art Director of Ivy Log Secretary-Treasurer, 1-2- Vice-President of Class, 3 President otiClass, h 'wry enior gfazid icerd In height he stands five-foot eight nBrains of the Classu he does rate. President of Chorus, Vice-President of Class Don't quite know who is his lass. Thenolen Ford trucks' at his command And as a singer he is grand. Majors, Math, Science, English Minors, History, Com ercials, Latin Chorus, l-2-3-h- Basketball, 1-2-3- Baseball, l-2-3-h- Photography Club, 3-h- Ivy Log Staff, 3 Memoir Staff, M Class Play, Junior Prom President of Class, 2 Vice-President of Class, H Vice-President of Chorus, 3 President of Chorus, 4 Senior Class Play, January Thaw WM ffm? ffl: Editor of the yearbook iscshe The girl that we call Beverly. Five-foot six with hair of brown Her cheerleading never let us down. Majors, History, C mmercials, English, Science Band, 1-2-3-4- Chorusgil-2-32b- g e Cheerleader, l-2-3-h- Ivy Log Staff, 1+ Editor of Memoir, N Library, l Office, 3 Class Play, January Thais Chorus Librarian, 2 eSecretary-Treasurer of Bands 3 fill' a 918855 3 i CZzZm4,Qf,,,,,,,., Janice Schrolucke, petite and sweet Everything about Herlneatf i l Shirked no duty, came thru smiling Class funds, journals, her time beguiling. MaJors5 English, Cgnmercials Minors, Home Ec., Science, History l l wmw3LZyM Ivy Log Staff, 3-h- Memoir Staffg M Library, 2 Class Plays, Junior Prom 8 January Thaw Stencil Editor of Ivy Log, 3-h- Class Treasurer, M 25,25 a-'MQ 3 The girl you love, Band, l-2-3-h- CMNMIQGJ- Ivy Log Staff, M Memoir Staff, M Reporter of Band, U lvvv ras-avr? enior-A In basketball he does excell Enchanted by a denoiselle. In height he is six-foot two Hair of brown, eyes of blue. MaJors, Math, Science, English Minors, Commercials, History Chorus, l-2-3-M- Basketball, 2-3-h- Baseball, 1 Ivy Log Staff, M Memoir Staff, M Class Play, Junior Prom Editor of Ivy Log, H Senior Class Play, January That Jeanie with the light brown hair she's always fair. She's five foot four with eyes of brown She's quite a girl to be around. yMaJors, Science, Commercials, English Minors, History, Latin Class Plays, Junior Prom-January Thaw Qhleigfww Production Chief on the Journal staff And out of every Joke gets a good laugh. A red Ford convertible parked at her door And Don by her side, makes her heart soar. Hair and eyes both of brown And on her face nary a frown. Majorsg Minorsg Home Ee., Science Chorusg l-2-3-M IVY L9SrSt5ffi M Memoirg M Library 5 2- 3 Class Playsg Junior Prom-January Thaw Editor of Ivy Logg h English, Commercials r Frtivrzf rrrrrrr rrrrr 1 ,W ski- v Tad Kattnan, five-foot eight Can't wait till he will graduate. Eyeseof blue andsfull of cheer 2 2 This is Tad his senior year. President of our high school band We wish him luck, we think he's grand Majorsj Math, Science, English Minorsg History, Collercials Band5l-2-3-h- Chorusg 1-2-4- BmmwnhlQ8w- Baseballg l-2-3-4- Photography Clubi 3-4- Ivy Log Staffg 3 ' Memoir Staffg M President of Bandg M xViEefPf6EidEitPof Baldj 3 ' President of Classg 1-3- Vice-President of Classg 2 Class Playg January Thaw 'Bigstick Barneyn six-foot four Tallest man on our basketball floor. When coming to school he's always late we hope he's in time to graduate. with blue eyes and brown hair Larry Kuck, c mplexion fair. MaJors5 English, Commercials, History Minorsg Science . Chorus, 1-2- BuRwdhl48J- Baseball, 3-14- io . Memoir Staffg is ' Class Play, January Thaw eniorfi Five-foot ten and dark black hair On the basketball team none can compare. In baseball also he did excell In math and science he does quite well. He knows the girls from here and there And wants to be a millionaire. Majors, Math, Science, English Minors, Commercials, History Chorus 5 l- 2- 3-14- Basketballg l- 2- 3- ls- Baseballg 1+ Memoir Staff 5 P+ Class Play, Junior Prom Senior Class Play, January Thav A little artist we have here Full of fun and lots of cheer. Her sense of humor will always do with hair of brown and eyes of blue. Majorsg Science, English, History, Commercials wmwgbayb Cheerleaderg M Ivy Log Staffg M Memoir Staffg M Libraryg l f Class Playsg Junior Prom-January Thaw Office33 Chorus Librariang 3 QMWQ3 J t?fllC7lY5 Elmer Neuman has blond hair In school activities he did his share Elmer also has dashing blue eyes And on his motorcycle almost flies. Cars and motors are in his line As a mechanic his work is fine. Majorsg English, Vo-Ag, Ind. Arts Minorsg Math, History Chorusg l-2-h- F.F.A.5 l-2-3-h- Memoir Staffg 4 Class Playg January Thaw Treasurer of Vo-Agg 2 Vice-President of Vo-Agg 3 President of Vo-Agg M Bill Sudman, Vice- of F.F.A. Fans work to him is almost Play His hope in life is to be a plowboy A trip to Chicago made him leap for Joy. His favorite subject is industrial arts With school we know he'll 480265, Majorsg F.F.A., English Minorsg Industrial Arts Government Chorusg l-2-3-M F.F.A.5 1-2-3-M Photography Clubg N Memoir Staffg M Libraryg 1 Class Playg Junior Prom Secretary of F.F.A.5 2 F.F.A. Student Advisory Vice-President of F.F.A. en iam Her birthday comes four years Patiently waiting till graduations here. A clarinet she plays in the band And in the chorus lends a hand. Her height is Just five- foot two Hair of brown, eyes of blue. Majorsg English, Cc History Minorsg Home Ec., Science Bandg 1-2-3-M Chorusg 1-2-3-H Ivy Log Staffg 4 Memoir Staffg B Class Playsg Junior Prom January Thaw Treasurer of Classg l Vice-President of Bandg h January Thaw 3 Lots of freckles and sandy hair In the concession stand he did his share. He's Treasurer of F.F.A. Ambition ---- To be a farmer some day. .Eovuwafvmvv Majorsg Ind. Arts, Vo-Ag, English Minorsg Math, History Bandg 1-2 Chorusg l-2-3-M Baseballg l-2-3 F.F.A.3 l-2-3-M Memoir Staffg M Class Playg Junior Prom Secretary of F.F.A.3 3 .M 64 Treasurer of F.F.A.5 H , w Senior class Playg January T1 Crneb Mrs. William Ahlers David Arnetts Wilson Arnetts Harold Arnetts Elbert Bairds Harold Bambauers Robert Bambauers Roger Bambauers Jacob Berlets Paul Bradfords John Bielefelds Harry Bowersocks Oliver Buddemeyers Leonard Clausinas Adis Clicks Charles Culps Raymond Deerhakes Reuben Deerhakes LeRoy Deerhakes Nick Dosecks Mr. Ray Duhme Richard DuBois' Roscoe Egberts Albert Eiserts Benjamin Elshoffs Calvin Elshoffs Edwin Elshoffs Floranz Elshoffs Kenneth Elshoffs Lawrence Elshoffs Lester Elshoffs Erhard Endres' Arthur Eschmeyers Eldred Eschmeyers O. V. Etters Earl Eversmans Myron Eversmans Oliver Eversmans Raymond Eversmans Roger Eversmans Mrs. Selma Eversman Wesley Eversmans Bryan Fishers August Fledderjohanns Edward Fledderjohanns Fred Fledderjohanng Mr. Herman Fledderjohann Mrs. Matilda Fledderjohann Ralph Fledderjohanns Carl Frischeg Andrew Graessles Fred Grewes Dale Grimes' Ben Gritzmakers Henry Gruebmeyers Virgil Gruebmeyers Ferd H. Haberkamps Gustave Haberkamps Harold Harrods Arthur Hennes Don Henkenzrs Ufhegr L. J. Hen.eners Orley Henkeners Roger Henkeners walter Henkeners Allen Henschens Elmer Henschens Ferdinand Henschens Howard Henschens Herman F. Henschens Leonard Henschens Lester Henschens Louis Henschens Raymond Henschens Victor Henschens Mrs. Carolyn Hinze Kenith Hinzes Benjamin Hoelschers Emil Hoelschers Noah Hoelschers Oscar Hoelschers Ralph Hoelschers Raymond Hoelschers Walter Hoelschers Arthur Hoges Gustave Hoges Mr. Herman Hoge Joel Hoges Kermit Hoges Mrs. Loletta Hoge Ned Hoges Norman Hoges Oliver Hoges Mrs. Caroline Holthamp Mrs. Lydia Holtkamp Donald Howes Eugene Howes Harold Howes Gertrude and Paul Hudson Carol Iretons William Jones' Clayton Kantners Alfred Katterheinrichs Allen Katterheinrichs Mrs. Anna Katterheinrich u Mrs. Benjamin Katterheinrich Miss Edna Katterheinrich Elmer Katterheinrichs Mrs. Emma Katterheinrich George Katterheinrichs Henry Katterheinrichs Hiram Katterheinrichs Howard Katterheinrichs Myron Katterheinrichs N. P. Katterheinrichs V. E. Katterheinrichs William E. Katterheinrichs Willis.Katterheinrichs Abner Kattmans Lee Kattmans Milford Kettlers Richard Kettlers Mrs. Matilda Kiefer Louis Kipps CTheJ Allie Klopfensteins Herbert Klutes Paul Kohlers Elmer Kruses Mrs. Homer Kruse Lester Kruses Virgil Kruses William Kruses Adrian Kucks Kuck Bros. Byron Kucks Mr. Dean Kuck Edwin J. Kucks Florenz Kucks Gustave Kucks Mrs. Hattie Kuck Mr. H.O. Kuck John Kucks Robert Kucks Sylvanus Kucks Walter B. Kucks Willis Kucks Mrs. Olga Kuhlman Reinhart Kuhlmans Robert Kuntzs Edward Lagemans Fred Lammers' Henry Lammers' Lewis lammers' Wesley Lam ers' Stanley Lehmans Kenneth Lists Julius Longworths Frank Lowenberghs . Fred Lutterbecks Lester Lutterbecks Mr. Robert Lutterbeck A.K. Manbecks Markus and Wilkins Richard Maurers Fred McCabes walter McClures Bernard McCul1oughs Leon McCulloughs Elmer Meckstroths Ferd Meckstroths Harry Meckstroths Lawrence Meckstroths Leroy Meckstroths Vernon Meckstroths Norman Metzs Robert Metzgers Dale Meyers Walter Meyers Ralph Meyers Willis Millers Harry Moellenkamps Lewis Mahns Dale Montgomerys Ferd Montgomerys Lowell Morrows xThe2 Mr. Edward Nolte Benjamin Niemeyers Don Niemeyers Florenz Niemeyers Henry Niemeyers James Niemeyers Oliver Niemeyers Paul Nusa' Edward Oppermans Myron Oppennans Carl Otts Woodrow Piehls Miss Francis Piepmeyer Roland Poppes Simpson Poppes Willis Prices August Prueters Don Prueters Elwood Prueters James Prueters Orville Prueters Clarence Rains Q Leonard Rains Reinhard Rains Merlin Roettgers Chester Roodes Omer Rueses Roger Schaeffers Gene Schafers John Scheblos Emil Schneiders Henry Schnelles Norman Schnelles Anthony' Schoenleins Herbert Schoenleins Lawrence Schroeders Edward Schroers Elmer Schroers Ewald Schroers Gustave Schroers Harvey Schroers Herman Schroers John Schroers Joseph Schroers Leonard Schroers Leroy Schroers Robert Schroers Carl Schroluckes Harry Schroluckes Ralph Schroluckes Wilson Schroluckes Clarence Schultzs Mr. Herman Schultz Mr. Oliver Schultz Walter Schultze Emil Schwaberos Adrian Settlages Mrs. Alice Settlage Benjamin Settlages Lester Settlages Mr. Noah Settlage 0 CTheD Roger Settlages Mrs. Rosa Settlage Rufus Settlages Oscar Shaners Harold Shupps Harold Shusters Ralph Shusters Leon Smiths Marion Smiths Mrs. Evelyn Snyder E.P. Sparks' Arthur Steinkes C.R.Stieneckers Lewis Stoltes Miss Em a Stork Harry Storks Elmer Stouts Carl Stolzenburgs Edwin Strohs Ralph Strohs Richard Sudmans Vernon Sullivans George Telljohanns Mr. Harry Thielker Mr. William Thieman Victor Thobes 4 Wilbur Thobes Oliver Timmermans Henry Vohs' Leonard Vohs' Oliver Vordermarks Lester Vornholts Robert Vornholts Alvin Warners Benjamin Warners Florenz Warmers Oliver Warners Charles Wellmans Donald Wellmans Eldred Wellmans Ferd Wellmans Howard Wellmans Paul Wellmans James Wessels Mr. Carl Westerbeck Arthur Wierwilles Fred Wierwilles Harry Wierwilles Nonman Wierwilles Hilmer Zueges Aufderhaar, Mildred Insurance Bambauer, Robert Farm Seed, Fertilizer 5 Lime Bob's Pure Oil Station Gasoline, Oil, Tires Batteries Lubrication, Tune up Chic's Grocery, Harold Howe Meadow Gold Distributer Eschmeyer, Richard we Specialize in Oak and Walnut Timber Eschmeyer, Zelotes Duroc Hogs Eversman, Mr. a Mrs. F.F. Teachers of Voice. Piano and Organ Haberksmp Jewelers lflll Precious Gifts That Last Harrod, Harold DeKalb Seed Corn and Chix Heidt, Vernon Breeder of Landrace Hogs Henne, Arthur L. Duroc Jersey Hogs Henschen, Leonard G Son Holstein Friesian Cattle Hinze, Kenith New Knoxville Supply Co. Plumbing, Heating and Wiring Hoelscher, Walter Job Printing Hoge Lumber Co. 5 Hoge Brush Co. Boards and Brushes Jauert and Hoelscher Implement Co. Massey Harris, Ferguson Sales and Service Katterheinrich Cabinet Shop Cust m Made Cabinets Katterheinrich Motor Sales Chevrolet Service Phone 2:70 Katterheinrich, R.R., Plumbing Co. Plumbing-Heating-Roofing Air-Conditioning Kruse's Tastee Freez America's Most Popular Dairy Dessert Kuck, Harold Water Well Driller Phone k:28 Kuck, Robert H. Real Estate Broker Kuhlmans Insurance Agency LHKmmm Iammers, Silas Registered Brown Swiss Leffel, Walter Life Insurance Magnatonic Products Inc. Meckstroth Farm Sales Gehl Sales and Service Meckstroth Paint and Body Shop Mildred's Beauty Shop Beauty with a Smile New Knoxville Cement S Tile Cement, Cement Tile Q Building Supplies New Knoxville Welding Shop Peoples Savings Bank, The Rodeheffer, Kenneth Spotted Poland Chinas Rodeheffer, LaVerne Breeder of Black Poland China Hogs Schafer, Gene Dirt and Pit Run Gravel Shellenberger Garage General Repairing Cars Trucks and Tractors Warner's Garage, Florenz Warner Sohio Products, Goodyear Tires Dependable Used Cars Wierwille, Mrs. Ezra Distributor of Vi San Food Supplement Wellman Nurseries uDependable Growers of Nursery Stockn 67 Abbot Shoe Store 22 East Auglaize Street Archer Memorial Works Auglaize Furniture uEverything in Hardwaren Doering Hardware Co. General Hardware Plumbing and Heating Friend's Office Supplies and Equipment Kenneth Hay's IGA Store Roger Henkener, Attorney A. Offices in New Bremen and Wapakoneta' Koneta Cleaners Miller's Laundry 8 Dry Cleaners Phonesg 630613 3551 Niswonger Chevrolet Inc. Chevrolet-Oldsmobile Teddy Bear Fine Sandwiches Fountain Service Frost and Co. Roofing, Siding, Sheet Metal D. G. Gott, Dentist CCompliments ofl W. T. Grant Co. Known for Values Gross Lumber Co. Charles Hartard DeLaval Sales and Service Phillips Flowers nSay It with Cursn Piehl Brothers Clothing Co. Clothing-Furnishings-Hats Ruck Modern Decorating lll East Auglaize Street R. H. Schaefers, M.D. CCo pliments ofl Sheiplines Firestone Home and Auto Supplies Stolte Jewelers Luggage-Keepsake Diamonds Wapakoneta Daily News Your County Seat Newspaper Welfare Finance Corp. nSafetyn Since l9l9 Werner Super Market Since 189k Paul wisener, Jeweler Boeckers Market QCompliments ofj Schnelle, Dr. R.C. Ccompiiments of? Gudorf and Moorman Appliance Complete Home Appliances Sales and Service Hausfeld DeLaval Dealers Milkers and Bulk Coolers L. and L. TV and Appliances Leisure Time Beauty Shop Shirley Hausfeld, Proprietor Minster Farmers Co-op Exchange Grain Elevator-Quality Feeds 68 Co. Farm Supplies Minster Food Storage Co-op Inc. Super NEW Market-Frozen Food Lockers Minster Furniture fCompliments off W Minster Impliment Company International Harvester Equipment General Supply Minster lumber Minster Machine Co. Minster State Bank Post Printing QCongratulations froml Barnhart and Bricker-Firestone Store Philco Appliances - TV - Radio Refrigeration - Tires - Tubes Buchanans Department Store Dry Goods, Ready to wear Clears Shoes Buster Brown Shoes for Boys and Girls Compliments of Dr. E.M. Conner, Optometrist D. Armstrong and Co. Fine Dry Goods and Gifts since Donnerbergs TV and Appliances 215 East Spring Sons Jewelers Durnell and Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry Fortman, Frank Quality Home Killed Meats G.C. Murphy C0- Variety Store Gill's Flowers and Gifts 203 East Spring Street Goodyear Service Store G.E. Appliances - Tires - Tubes Hainline Patent Medicine Wallpaper and Paint Hal1's TV and Appliances 311 West Spring Street Harold's Flowers HFlowers For All Occasionsn Home Banking Co. Howell Electric and Furniture Spring at St. Clair Compliments of Hotel Fort Barbee Huber Furniture Co. Furniture - Rugs - Appliances Hudson Jewelers Elgin - Hamilton - Groton - Diam 1860 Hunter Printing E Office Supply Co. Compliments of Ideal Drug Store John's Furniture Floor Covering Kattman Feed Store oO2 East Spring Street Kellermeyer's Men's Wear Men's and Boy's Clothing Lake Drive-In Restaurant Day and Night Service Lawlers Greenhouse When you HSay it with Flowersn It's beautifully said 17- Leader Printing Co. Leffel's Restaurant nJess and Vin Leonhard's IGA Super Market St. Marys, Ohio Lois Beauty Shop we specialize in permanents A Mader Electric Motor Service Mary's Jitney Restaurant CCompliments ofb Midwest Electric Inc. Electric Service for Rural Consumer Owned and Managed and Urban Use Modern Paint and Supply Co. Dean and Barry Paints Motel 33 East City Limits Phone 6281 Neely's Drug Store Reliable Prescriptions Parker Motor Chevrolet and Buick Sales onds Dr. Place and Place, Veterinarian 69 Priess Shoes weatherbird 5 Stride-Rite Shoes R.J. Burke Insurance Agency Complete Insurance Service E5 Shorty's Sport Shop Y' 'See Shorty for athletic equipment Slonkosky Studios fYl Steele's Radiator Service 3uo west. Jay street R St. Marys Blankets CCompliments ofl St. Marys Decorating Co. Wallpaper - O'Brien Paints - Drapery Kirsch Hardware - Window Shades St. Marys Equity CC mpliments of, St. Marys Feed A Grain Seeds - Fertilizers St. Marys Foundry Co. St. Marys Hardware Auglaize County's most c plete hardware St. Marys Laundry d Dry Cleaners New Knoxville Agent Haberkamp Jewelers St. Marys Market CCompliments off St. Marys Ready Mix Concrete One Mile East of St. Marys on Route 33 Strehle Shoe Repair CC mpliments ofl The Union Building 8 Loan Co. Opposite Post Office Safety for Savings Wisener's 5d to Sl Store - Salt - Master Mix Hudson 5 Wayne Feeds - Baumgardner, W.E. Power Farm Equipment Citizen's National Complete Banking Service Dekker's Flowers lOh East Poplar Dixie Auto Parts and Equipment Co. First Federal Savings and Loan Francis Furniture Floor Covering and Appliances Gallaher's Drug Store G.C. Murphy Co. Harris Jewelers Jerrold's Good Clothes for Men and Boys Klipstine Lumber Co., The Miami Chick Hatchery Inc. Minton's Market Fancy Food For Fine Folks Peoples Federal Saving and Loan Sidney Fashion Center Inc. Formal and Bridal Gown Specialist Sidney Paint and Supply Co. Dean and Barry Paints Uhlman's Department Store Sidney's Leading Department Store Wagner Hotel Zimpher Electric Service North Dixie Highway Phone Hy 20501 Congratulations to the Class of n58H Beatrice Foods Bremco Alfalfa Mills Inc. Cox's Greenhouse NFlowers For All Occasionsn Crown Controls Co. Inc. Manufacturers of Electric Controls Dietrich Egg Plant Phone h35l Ernie's Barber Shop Expert Sanitary Service ' Gilberg and Hegemier Funeral Home and Home Furnishers Hoffman, Paul Interior and Exterior Decorations Wall Paper and Paints IGA Corner Market Kitzmiller, Elmer Floor Sanding and Rug Cleaning Co pliments of Leo's Place Lock Two Mills Lone Pine Sohio Service Station Minnich Carry Out 3 West Plum Wints Restaurant Moeller's Market Quality Meats and Groceries 107 W. Monroe Street Moore's Store Mr. E Mrs. L.F. Sturgill Lifetime Guaranteed Mufflers Poppe, Mrs. Wilfred Kiddie Shop Poppe Shoe Store C mpliments of Dr. Michael Rabe Ritter Electric Electrical Construction Rupert, Orval D. Distributor of Marathon Products Schwieterman Drug Store Seiberling Latex Products Division of Standard Industries Inc Stamco Inc. Steel Mills Sun Print Printing and Addressing Compliments of The American Budget Co. C mpliments of Vornholt Funeral Home Wilbur Insurance Agency Uwe have the bestn Wuebbenhorst Decorating and Sport Shop 71 We the class of "58" would like to thank all the people of the community and surrounding areas for their spiritual as well as financial help. Without your sup- port we could not have made this "Memoir" possible. We would also like to thank the many students who did so much to complete the yearbook. Beverly Warner Editor Mary Bambauer Assistant Editor

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