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 - Class of 1955

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- N W NT ,A lv V '4 1 N D V A I m w l I , A V V V if I an Q id IL- if I N 3 MAH' V 6 my 'F h Q 2 V 3'-HX: Q V Em Mx 'ki li c X - A X , 3,- V F In h - fl. G A X Vg V K ii Q W W M N M 2 mm gmauw Maxaman :EZ S gm my Z gi 'L WMM UV in 5 i in My me mg EV MA qi AW: Mx ,um Z H :A V 2 My 2.- Um mm .I ww Mm W A M 1 Ummm? W W Mg Eu A an -5 aww , q , n .AV i E U W I q ,V Q qi A T W- W. 4 A, A A-mmMm x :'M:E WEg ii XMWMEHRWK ggi? .VVV mlml'at ummm?ggmmmmmamgigEmmmgwmgggggwmwmmvmEg my gbAV 5 tzgmm gifh kM, WiRM5EE5332kwin?inWvgimi H Q X .75 E01 770 Citizens of the New Knoxville School District: We, the Seniors of 1955, wish to thank everyone who was in any way re- sponsible for making this publication of the Memoir possible. With the cooper- ation and the financial assistance of the families and businessmen of New Knoxville, we have been able to publish our accomplishments of the past year. We also wish to thank the businessmen of surrounding communities for their additional support. With this edition of the yearbook we have listed our educational facilities and activities. We hope this will be of benefit to you as it is and will continue to be to us. With this publication we have recorded the happenings of the past year, and hope that you will enjoy these happenings as we have enjoyed them. We feel that through the publishing of the Memoir we have gained much valuable experience that will be of benefit to us as we go into our various paths of life. Lee Clausing, Editor Z TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration 5 Faculty - 8 Seniors 13 Underclassmen 29 Elementary 37 Sports 49 Music 61 Activities 69 3 THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE Mrs. Clara Ahlers Mr. 8: Mrs. W. L. Altstaetter Mr. David Arnett Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Arnett Miss Lillian Arnett Mr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Wilson Arnett Benjamin Aufderhaar Orville Aufderhaar Elbert Baird Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Bambauer Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. Roger Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Bambauer Bambauer Walter Beickman jacob Berlet Mr. 8: Mrs. john Bielefeld Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. George Bierbaum Reuben Bierbaum Rev. 8: Mrs. D. A. Bode Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Miss Mary Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Bowersock Lewis Bowersock Bernard Brady Sam Branham Leland Brown Paul Bubp Buddemeyer Oliver Buddemeyer Dale Chivington Albert Clausing Mr. 8: Mrs. Ferd Clausing Mr. 8: Mrs. Leonard Clausing Mrs. William Clausing Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Culp Mr. Lee Deerhake Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. LeRoy Deerhake Raymond Deerhake Reuben Deerhake Robert Dicke Mr. Harry Diegel 8: Brothers Mr. Russell Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Diegel Edward Donnerberg Milton DuBois Wilbur Dudgeon Mr. Ray Duhme Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Eisert Benjamin Elshoff Calvin Elshoff Edwin Elshoff Mr. Ferd Elshoff Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. Florenz Elshoff Lawrence Elshoff Lester Elshoff Art Eschmeyer Ernst Eschmeyer 8: Mrs. Julius Eschmeyer 8: Mrs. Lawrence Eschmeyer 8: Mrs. Zelotes Eschmeyer 8: Mrs. O. V. Etter Caroline Eversman 8: Mrs. Earl Eversman Lillian Eversman Lydia Eversman 8: Mrs. Myron Eversman 8: Mrs. Oliver Eversman 8: Mrs. Ray Eversman Sally Eversman 8: Mrs. Wesley Eversman 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. Zane Faurot Bryan Fisher Arthur Fledderjohann 8: Mrs. August Fledderjohann 8: Mrs. Edward Fledderjohann Emma Fledderiohann 8: Mrs. Fred Fledderjohann 8: Mrs. Herman Fledderjohann Matilda Fledderjohann Myron Fledderjohann 8: Mrs. Ralph Fledderjohann 8: Mrs. Vernon Fledderjohann 8: Mrs. Victor Fledderjohann 8: Mrs. Dan Fledderjohn 8: Mrs. Reinhart Fledderjohn 8: Mrs. Robert Fraunfelter 8: Mrs. Norville Freymuth 8: Mrs. Carl Frische 8: Mrs. R. H. Froning 8: Mrs. Andrew Graessle 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. F. A. Grewe Dale Grimes Benjamin Gritzmaker Henry Gruebmeyer Virgil Gruebmeyer 8: Mrs. Benjamin Haberkamp 8: Mrs. Ferd Haberkamp 8: Mrs. Gustave Haberkamp 8: Mrs. Herman Harmeyer William Harmeyer XX QQQRQWWS W fp W in X Mr. 81 Mrs. Rev. 81 Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs 81 Mrs 81 Mrs 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE Harold Harrod Gilbert Heaton Henry Heidt Vernon Heidt jack Heistan Don Henkener Kermit Henkener Orley Henkener Roger Henkener Roger Henkener Walter Henkener Art Henne Alferd Henschen Allen Henschen Elmer Henschen Fred Henschen Herman A. Henschen Herman F. Henschen Howard Henschen Lester Henschen Lewis Henschen Raymond Henschen Verlin Henschen Victor Henschen Willis Henschen Caroline Hinze 81 Mrs 81 Mrs 81 Mrs 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. 81 Mrs. Kenith Hinze Watt Hodges Benjamin Hoelscher Elmer Hoelscher Emil Hoelscher Noah Hoelscher Oscar Hoelscher Ralph Hoelscher Raymond Hoelscher Walter Hoelscher O. W. Hoerath Arthur Hoge Carl Hoge joel Hoge Gustave Hoge Herman Hoge Kermit Hoge Ned Hoge Norman Hoge Oliver H. Hoge Benjamin Hole Herbert Holl Mrs. Caroline Holtkamp Miss Esther Holtkamp Mrs. Sarah Holtkamp Mrs. Wilhelmina Holtkamp Mr. Owen Hover Mr. 81 Mrs. Donald Howe Mr. 81 Mrs. Carol Ireton Mr. 81 Mrs. Vernon Jauert Mr. 81 Mrs. William jones Mr. 81 Mrs. Clayton Kantner Mr. 81 Mrs. Addis Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Alfred Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Allen Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Arthur C. Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Benjamin Katterheinrich Mrs. Byron Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Katterheinrich Miss Edna Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Elmer Katterheinrich Mrs. Emma Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. George Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Hiram Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Howard Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Howard P. Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Myron Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Noah Katterheinrich Mr. Raymond Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Verlin Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. William E. Katterheinrich Mr. 81 Mrs. Abner Kattman Mr. 81 Mrs. Ernest Kattman Mr. 81 Mrs. Lee Kattman Mrs. Matilda Keifer Mr. 81 Mrs. Fred Kettler Mr. 81 Mrs. Milford Kettler Mr. 81 Mrs. Richard Kettler Mr. 81 Mrs. Lewis Kipp Mr. 81 Mrs. Allie Klopfenstein Mr. 81 Mrs. Herbert Klute Mrs. Edna Koenig Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Kohler Mr. 81 Mrs. Homer Kruse Mr. 81 Mrs. Lester Kruse Mr. 81 Mrs. Virgil Kruse Mr. 81 Mrs. William Kruse Mr. 81 Mrs. Adrian Kuck Mr. 81 Mrs. Alfred Kuck BOARD OF EDUCATION W. E. HENKENER F. B. KATTERHEINRICH President Vice-President 2nd term lst term Jan. 1, 1954- Jan. 1, 1952 Dec. 51, 1957 Dec. 31, 1955 W. L. ALTSTAETTER Clerk Znrl year Jan. 1, 1955- Dec. 31, 1955 L. F. DEERHAKE A. K. MANBECK L. W. SCHROER lst term 2nd term Isl term Jan. 1, 1954- Jan. 1, 1952- Jan. 1, 1954 Dec. 31, 1957 DCC- 31, 1955 Dec. 31, 1957 7 '36 X4 GQ Q D XX MW ,K 3 f MSX EVEN L EW KNOXVILLE F ACI LTY Bowling Green State Unv. A.B. 8: B.S. Ohio State Unv. M.A. St. Louis Unv. Miami Unv. SUBJECTS Chemistry Biology General Science Miami Unv. B.S. ACTIVITIES Girls Gym SUBJECTS English 7 8: 8 High School Chorus Elementary Music V. E. KATTERHEINRICH Superintendent KENNETH LIST Principal MARTHA HABERKAMP EDITH WISSMAN 9 Wilmington College B.S. Kent State Unv. ACTIVITIES Senior Advisor Junior Class Advisor SUBJECTS History 8 Plane Geometry Trig. Algebra 1 Physics Wittenberg College A.B. ACTIVITIES Freshman Advisor Senior Play SUBJECTS English 9, 10, 11, I2 Public Speaking EW KNOXVILLE FACULTY JOHN R. MUSSER ANNA NEWELL Ohio State University Ohio Wesleyan B,S. B.A. Ohio Northern University ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Sophomore Class Advisor Eighth Grade Advisor jr. 8: Sr. Prom. Junior High Gym SUBJECTS glaiilliegslallil Coach science 7 Baseball Coach ggsgfngcg I' H, HI, 31 IV SUBJECTS American History American Government Drivers Training Social Studies GLENNA FOGT NORVILLE FREYMUTH Ohio State University Ohio State University B.S. B.S. SUBJECTS ACTIVITIES Latin 1 8: Z Seventh Grade Advisor it ri 8 Ar hme c 7 8: SUBJECTS Voc. Ag. IX 8: X Voc. Ag. XI 8: XII Farm Shop 10 EW KNOXVILLE FACULTY OWEN A. HOOVER CARL FRISCHE Ball State College Ohio State University B.S. B.S. Earlham College Ohio University Indiana University SUBJECTS ACTIVITIES Band Junior Class Advisor Ranger Roundup Advisor Memior Staff Advisor SUBJECTS Bookkeeping Typing I Typing II Shorthand Business Training C. R. STIENECKER EDN A KATTERHEINRICH Allglfifize COUHIY Normal -Sfhffol Auglaize County Normal School BOYVIUIS Gfeell Sfafe U.UlVef5lfY Bowling Green State University Ohio Northern UmVe1'51fY Ohio Northern University 11 EW KNOXVILLE FACULTY LULU GRILLIOT SHEARL SPARKS Shelby County Normal School Miami University Ohio Northern University ARAMIN TA GRIMES Bluffton College Bowling Green University Ohio University Wittenberg College Bowling Green University B.S. Ohio University CAROLINE HOLTKAMP VIOLA KATTERHEINRICH Bowling Green University Miami University B.S. Bluffton College Indiana University Ohio State University University of Denver M.A. 12 Bowling Green State University x Q 6 6 Q9 QQXQX Y QQQQ, is THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE NEW KNOXVILLE ARNETT, WILSON Begg Seed Corn AUFDERHAAR, MILDRED Insurance Agent, The Ohio State Lffe BAMBAUER, ROBERT H. Farm Seeds and Fertilizers BIELEFELD PUBLISHING CO. BLUE RIBBON HATCHERY Equipment, Remedies, and Chicks BRICK'S BARBER SHOP BROWN, LELAN D Welding CHIC'S GROCERY, HAROLD HOWE Meadow Gold Distributor Compliments of BROOKSIDE SANITARY DAIRY Compliments of MAGNATONIC PRODUCTS, INC. ELSHOFF, EDWIN Carpenter and Contractor ESCHMEYER, ELDRED Duroc Hogs ESCHMEYER, R. T. Hardwood Lumber EVERSMAN, MR. 81 MRS. F. F. Teachers of Voice, Piano, and Organ EVERSMAN OIL COMPANY City Service Products FARM BUREAU CO-OP Feeds and Farm Machinery GRIMES' DAIRY BAR GRIMES' QUALITY MARKET HABERKAMP, GUSTAVE Painting, Decorating, 8: Papering HARLERMERT FOODS INC. New Knoxville and Dayton I-IARMEYER, ROBERT Accounting and Tax Service for Small Business HARROD, HAROLD DeKalb Seed Corn and Chix HENNE, ART Registered Duroc Hogs HENSCHEN, LEONARD Holstein Friesian Cattle HOELSCHER, WALTER Job Printing HOGE BRUSH COMPANY Industrial Brushes HOGE LUMBER COMPANY Where Good Homes Begin 14 HOLTKAMP MRS. CAROLINE Magazine Subscriptions, New and Renewals JAUERT 81 HOELSCHER IMPLEMENT CO Massey Harris and Ferguson Impl. K 81 S SERVICE Pure Oil Products, Tires and Accessories KATTERHEINRICH CABINET SHOP Custom Made Cabinets KATTERHEINRICH MOTOR SALES Sales - Chevrolet - Service KATTERHEINRICH, ROBERT Roofing, Heating, and Plumbing KATTERHEINRICH STORE Hardware and Bottle Gas KUCK, MRS. MARVIN Parakeets of all colors KUCK, ROBERT H. Realtor and Insurance Counselor KUCK'S TV AND APPLIANCES Everything Electrical for Farm and Home KUCK, SULVANUS Contractor, Carpenter KUCK, WILLIS Electric Wiring KUHLMAN INSURANCE AGENCY LAMMERS, SILAS Registered Brown Swiss LEFFEL, WALTER Life Insurance MANBECK, A. K. 81 SON NURSERY MECKSTROTH FARM SERVICE Gehl Sales and Service MECKSTROTH MOTOR SALES Ford Sales and Service MECKSTROTH PAINT 8: BODY SHOP MILDRED'S BEAUTY SHOP "Beauty With A Smile" MILLER, CHRIS 8: SON NEW KNOXVILLE CEMENT TILE Cement, Cement Tile, 8: Building Supplies NEW KNOXVILLE SUPPLY CO. Plumbing, Heating, and Wiring RODEHEFFER, CARL Contractor, Building 8: Carpenter Work RODEHEFFER, GEORGE 8: SON Spotted Poland China Hogs RODEHEFFER, LAVERNE Breeder of Black Poland China Hogs SCHEBLO, MRS. JOHN Spirella Figure Stylist SE IORS DEAN HOGE President Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Vice-President of Class 15 President of Class 3, 45 Vice-President of Chorus 3, 45 President of Band 45 "Seven- teenth Summer" 35 Dixie-Land Band 45 Ma- jors: Mathematics, Science, English, History. LARRY CLAUSING Vice-President Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Base- A I' ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Vice-President of Class 3, 45 Iiiiz :'r - ,':""i'. ' F.F.A. 15 Library 15 "Seventeenth Summer" , it ""':: 35 Memoir Staff 45 "All American Family" 45 ""---' :1-- " j: Majors: Mathematics, English, Science. in Vbvq ' 3 f a 95. 'TY , ANNETT AUFDERHAAR Secretary Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Editor of "Rangers' Round- up" 45 Vice-President of Class 25 Secretary- Treasurer of Class 35 Secretary of Class 45 Librarian of Chorus 45 Office 1, 45 Library 35 Cheerleader 45 "Seventeenth Summer" 35 Memoir Staff 45 "All American Family" 45 Majors: English, History, Commercial. JOYCE FRONING Treasurer Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 "Ranger' Roundup" Staff 45 President of Class 25 Treasurer of Class 45 President of Chorus 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 "Seventeenth Summer" 35 Memoir Staff 45 "All American Family" 45 Majors: English, Science, Commercial. 15 CLASS HISTORY We, the Senior Class of 1955, entered New Knoxville High School as green freshmen on September 4, 1951. Our class consisted of eight girls and eleven boys. During this year we gained a new member, Richard Shroyer, of Wapakoneta. High school life was more complex, but we quickly adjusted ourselves to this change. Sixteen of our members joined the chorus while seven were in the band. Our class was well represented in sports. Eight boys were in baseball and eight in basketball. We returned to school in the fall of 1952 as Sophomores, with a class of eight girls and thirteen boys. Our new members, Dale Klopfenstein, moving to our district from Botkins and Don Reilly came from Lima Shawnee during the summer. We had thirteen members in chorus and seven in the band. We had five boys in baseball and seven boys in basketball. Also two girls were chosen cheerleaders during the basketball season. During this year two of our mem- bers, james King and Richard Shroyer, found interests elsewhere, while Ronald Kuck dropped back at the end of the year. On September 2, 1953, we began our Junior year with seven girls and twelve boys, dropping Betty Parke during the summer when she moved to Peoria, Illinois. During this year we were all proud to receive our class rings. On October 23rd our class presented the play "Seventeenth Summer," which was a great success. On May 7th we presented the junior-Senior Reception in honor of the Seniors. Our class remained well represented in chorus, band, and sports during this year. One of our classmates, Janice Eversman, dropped out in the spring of our junior year. We, the Senior Class of 1955, entered our last year of high school edu- cation as dignified seniors on September 7, 1954. During the year we lost one member, Dale Klopfenstein, which gave us a total of sixteen members left in our class. We again took part in many of the activities as we had done during the first three years in high school. On the first of April, the Seniors presented "All American Family," a three-act comedy, which was a great success. We were the honored guests of the junior-Senior Reception, which was sponsored by the class of 1956. We will long remember and cherish the week of our graduation exercises. 16 IORS LEE CLAUSING Editor Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Sec- retary-Treasurer of Class 15 Assistant Report- er of F.F.A. 15 Reporter of F.F.A. 25 Sen- tinel of F.F.A. 35 Secretary of F.F.A. 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 "Seventeenth Summer" 35 Editor of Memoir 45 Majors: English, Vocational Agriculture. PHILIP SKAPURA Assistant Editor Mt. Gilead High School: Chorus 1, 25 Bas- ketball 15 Baseball 15 Football 15 New Knox- ville High School: Chorus 3, 45 "Rangers' Roundru " Staff 4' Assistant Editor of Mem P r ' oir 45 "All American Family" 45 Majors: Eng- lish, Science. WANDA BAMBAUER Band 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 "Rangers' Round- up" Staff 45 Librarian of Chorus 45 Library 35 Cafeteria 25 "Seventeenth Summer" 35 Memoir Staff 45 "All American Family" 45 Majors: English, Commercial, Home Eco- nomics. WAYNE BAMBAUER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, Z, 35 Vice- President of F.F.A. 3, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Library 45 Memoir Staff 45 "All American Family" 45 Majors: English, Vocational Agri- culture. 17 CLASS PROPHECY It is the year 1975. just twenty years ago my class graduated from New Knoxville High School. I've never seen some of my classmates since we returned from our class trip to New York City. As l think about these old-time friends of mine, curiosity about their present-day life over- whelms me. So I am going to visit each of them. Would you like to come along in my private helicopter to take a peek into their lives? First let's go back to good old New Knoxville. This little village has grown into a thriv- ing city, due partially to the conveyor belt which passes through town. The designer and fi- nancier of the belt is Mr. Dean Hoge. Conveyor belts are only a side-line with him, however. His main business is designing barn-shaped auditoriums and skyscrapers. Mr. Donald Heidt, a fa- mous name in the field of carpentry, is the head carpenter for all of Mr. Hoge's building projects. South of town is a dairy farm covering 320 acres. It is a famous spot in Ohio, for here was developed a breed of cows which produces eighteen gallons of milk a day. The owner of the farm? Mr. Wayne Bambouer. On another farm near New Knoxville live the famous -i- quintuplets who are now seventeen years old. Their mother Was the member of the class of '55 who was known as Marilee Settlage. New Knoxville is also famous for being the home of the "World-walkersn basketball team. It is owned and coached by Mr. Lee Clausing. New let's fly over the countryside to New York City. There, in New York City Hos- pital, a tense drama is taking place. Rows of white-faced nurses stand tensely outside of a door marked "surgery." It opens and the head nurse, Miss Ruth Warner, nods to the other nurses and says, "The operation was a success." Yes, Dr. Philip Skapura has performed another miraculous opera- tion. In his private office, the Doctor relaxes with a cup of coffee supplied by his competent sec- retary Miss Wanda Bambauer. Without her assistance, the Doctor could never stand the strain of the endlessness of his work. In another section of the city we find a huge building named "The Froning Institute of Art." The owner, Miss Joyce Froning, is famous, not only for her works of art, but also for her dress designs which are worn by all the up-to-date women in the world. In the suburbs of the city is a huge airport crowded with people. They are waiting to witness the blast off of the first space ship to fly to the moon. The captain of the crew is a brave man we know well. Will Mr. Paul Ott ever survive to come back to the Earth? After the space ship has disappeared, some of the people at the airport hurry to the Yan- kee Stadium. They are anxious to see the Yank's important outfielder and pinch-hitter, Mr. Don Reilly, as he plays in the last game of his career. Baseball critics are expecting him to take over the coaching job of the Yankees next year. Next, let's go across the ocean to Europe. There we will meet one of the United States' representatives to our world government, Mr. John Hole. Mr. Hole is one of the most valuable members of this organization. Whenever the atmosphere in the assembly room becomes filled with tension and bitter feelings, he can always think of a joke which makes the other members laugh, thus relieving the tension. On the way to Europe we meet another helicopter which circles ours as though to get our attention. Its driver must recognize us. Oh, of course! It is Miss Annett Aufderhaar. By communicating with her by means of our inter-helicopter phones, we learn that she is just re- turning from an extended tour of Asia and Europe. She will use the information she has gath- ered to write a book about world conditions. Back in the United States she is known as the dean of an Eastern university. As we arrive in Europe, we head toward the famous Clausing observatory in Switzerland. It is owned and operated by Mr. Larry Clausing. His many new astronomical discoveries have made Mr. Clausing a member of the Society of Important Scientists and Astronomers of the World fthe SISAWJ which has only twenty-one members. And now, let's go back to New York City. On the way we catch a glimpse of one of the new airjets which can cross the ocean in three hours. These airjets, which have completely revolutionized the field of aviation, are owned by Mr. Robert Deerhake. We are now back in New York City. I must hurry away, for I have an important en- gagement. You may come along to Carnegie Hall if you wish, for there I am to give my first really important piano recital. My name? Miss Nancy Haberkamp. 18 SENIORS ROBERT DEERHAKE Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, F.F.A. 1, 3, 4, Assistant Sentinel of F.F.A. 45 Library 4, Memoir Staff 45 Majors: English, Vocational Agriculture. NANCY HABERKAMP Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 "Rangers' Roundup" Staff 45 Office 25 Library 3, "Seventeenth Summer" 35 Pianist of Chorus 4, Dixie-Land Band 45 Memoir Staff 45 "All American Family" 45 Majors: English, Science, History. DONALD HEIDT JOHN HOLE Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 25 Reporter of F.F.A. 3, Student Advisor of F.F.A. 4, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Library 3, 45 "Seventeenth Summer" 33 Memoir Staff 49 Majors: English, Vocational Agriculture. Chorus 1, 3, 45 Baseball lg Office 33 "Seven- teenth Summern 3, Memoir Staff 4g "All American Family" 45 Majors: Mathematics, English, History, Science. 19 CALENDAR SEPTEMBER First day of school Bus inspection Election of class officers Patch test Seniors solicit all day-Oh, what a life! First Edition of "The Rangers' Roundup" Junior play parts picked First play practice Juniors pick rings Phil breaks windlow OCTOBER Seniors solicit NK and community during week Ohio History, Govt., and Citizenship Tests First High School Party given by Sophs Nancy is I7 Individual pictures taken-Smile, please! First basketball practice Juniors present "Love is in the Air"-SUCCESS 1 Drapes fall on Nedb Last day of "freedom" for basketball guys Band parades at Wapakoneta Band parades at St. Marys NO SCHOOL.-Teachers' Meeting Band Mothers' Bake Sale Senior girls try their hand at soaping windows Hallowe'en NOVEMBER "Bumbar" has the measles First pep meeting Armistice Day-No School! Beat Anna in first basketball game of season Happy Birthday, Muss! Seniors have pictures taken Hunting season opens Twenty boys have "rabbit fever"!! New Bremen goes down to Rangers-61-54 7th and Sth grades give Thanksgiving program Thanksgiving Defeat Botkins-73-41 DECEMBER Seniors pick Memoir covers-At lonz last! Bill Mc acquires "curly locks" overnight Ft. Recovery wins by a close 66-68 Beat Cridersville-69-40 "Muss" gets the feel of the belt jane loses her pony-tail Senior girls decorate for Christmas Senior boys go to English class Delphos St. John wins-87-53 Christmas Band Concert Mr. Shiraef talks on Russia St. Henry wins-49-69 Win lst league game of season from Buckland Juniors give High School Party-QUITE a show!! We beat Botkins-71-65 First three grades give Christmas prosram Christmas vacation begins--AHHHHH! A MERRY CHRISTMAS! St. joe loses-54-35 Training rules off for rest of Holiday Season! New Year's Eve JANUARY HAPPY NEW YEAR! New Year's resolutions broken Back to "The Grind" Group pictures are taken Senior girls are "on the loose" all day Rangers go down to New Bremen-53-47 Mendon loses-53-46 Wayne does ditching Rangers defeat Spencerville Herbie gets lost coming home from game!! Sr. girls take Homemaker of Tomorrow Tests End of first semester We win over Minster-70-56 "Auf" gets caught in mouse trap-OWWW!! Happy Birthday, Ruth! RANGERS DEFEAT WAYNESFIELD!! 77-59 Senior girls celebrate with "slumberless" party Upper six grades go to see "Julius Caesar" Senior Scholarship Tests We bow to Cridersville-52-48 We lose to Coldlwater by a close 50-48 FEBRUARY Ground hog sees his shadow Phil has a birthday Beat Minster in overtime-53-58 Students "slide" to Delaware for Music Festival Mrs. Haberkamp goes ice fishing-no success! Typing room gets that "woman's touch" Duke and Bob take their hot rod out for a trial run "Pev" turns 18 Individual pictures come-AT LAST! The "Flu Bug" keeps "Muss" home Chemistry and Ag. students visit Magnatonic We trounce Buckland in last game of season Be My Valentine? RANGERS DEFEAT MINSTER IN lst GAME OE TOURNEY WE BEAT CRIDERSVILLE IN SEMI-FINALS Washington's Birthday-NO SCHOOL Jr.-Sr. Agricultural students go on field trip RANGERS COUNTY CHAMPS-Defeat Waynes- field 42-44 District, here we come Three senior girls "teach" 8th grade science class Rangers receive championship trophy "Muss" draws Alger MARCH New Knoxville is dlefeated by Alger in District Seniors pick play-late, as usual! Paul turns 18 Seniors are swamped by "admirers" demanding pictures Hoge directs chorus Pre-School Clinic NO SCHOOL-Teachers' Meeting Operetta by 4th, Sth, and 6th graders P.T.A. Carnival Combined Chorus and Band Concert Preliminary District-State Scholarship Tests "Ferdie" is 18 APRIL Seniors present "All American Family"-- THE GREATEST! Underclassmen's day to shine-Fool's Day Mr. Katterheinrich celebrates a birthday Good Friday-No School Happy Easter! Wanda and Wayne turn 18 Spring Band Concert Eighth Grade Tests Chorus Recital MAY Final District-State Scholarship Tests Juniors give WONDERFUL reception- Thanks, kids! Baccalaureate Service Commencement Last High School Party NEW YORK, HERE WE COME!! Last day of school SE IORS DON REILLY Basketball 33 Baseball 2, 3, 43 "Seventeenth Summer" 3g Memoir Staff 4, Majors: English, History, Science. PAUL OTT Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 23 Baseball 1, 3, 45 F,I'.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Memoir Staff 4g "All Amer- ican Family" 43 Majors: Agriculture, English, History. MARILEE SETTLAGE Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g "Rangers' Roundup" Staff, 43 Vice-President of Band 4g Library 33 "Seventeenth Summer" 3g Mem- oir Staff 43 "All American Family" 4g Majors: Home Economics, English, History. RUTH WARNER Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, "Rangers' Roundup" Staff 45 Library 2, 3g "Seventeenth Summer" 35 Memoir Staff 49 "All American Family" 4, Majors: English, Sceince, Home Economics. 21 To our well-deserved faculty, we wish to express our sincere thanks for their patience, LAST WILL and TESTAMENT Upon leaving this school, we the Senior Class of 1955, being of sound mind and body, do hereby, declare and publish this as our Last Will and Testament. help and guidance during our school years. To the Board of Education we extend our sincere appreciation for all the things they have done for us to help make our task less difficult, belongings for which we have no fur- ther use. I, Annett Aufderhaar, Will and Bequeath my "gift of gab" to Janet Hoge and my abil- ity to take a cartwheel to anyone who tries. I, Wanda Bambauer, Will and Bequeath my blonde hair to Linda Leffel and my ability to have fun to Betty Homan. I, Wayne Bambauer, Will and Bequeath my long legs to Donald Henschen and my Ag grades to Roger Wierwille. I, Larry Clausing, Will and Bequeath my ability to operate the milk dispenser to the next year seniors and my ingenious ideas to Dean Kuck. I, Lee Clausing, Will and Bequeath my Basketball a bi lit y to Elmer Nueman and my height to Tad Kattman. I, Robert Deerhake, Will and Bequeath my fighting ability to Gene Bulp and my love for "hot rods" to Larry Kuck. I, Joyce Froning, Will and Bequeath my cheerleading ability to Ruth Warner and my short hair to Janice Aufderhaar. I, Nancy Haberkamp, Will and Bequeath my quietness to jane Henkener, and my mu- sical talents to Ronnie Kuck. I, Donald Heidt, Will and Bequeath my driving girls to basketball games to james Henschen and my ability to "goof-off" to Roger Moellenkamp. I, Dean Hoge, Will and Bequeath my rhythm to jay Stauffer and my ability to have a girl in every town to Bill Sudman. I, john Hole, Will and Bequeath my dry jokes to anyone in next years chemistry class and my physique to Bill Hinze. 1, Paul Ott, Will and Bequeath my absence privileges to Julie Hoge and my ability to work in shop to Bob Starett. I, Don Reilly, Will and Bequeath my baseball ability to Don Warner and my quietness to Lee Schroer. I, Marilee Settlage, Will and Bequeath my love for "Possum's" to anyone who loves animals, and my many spurts of pep to Violet Dudgeon. I, Philip Skapura, Will and Bequeath my "windy stories" to Robert McClure and my curly hair to jerry Lutterbeck. , I, Ruth Warner, Will and Bequeath my interests in New Bremen to Karen Lammers and my dimples to Nathan Stienecker. 22 AMERIQDVN fit Wl4lllNMlCN'l' Ifirxt Row: 1Lef! to right! Wayne Bamhauer, Philip Skapura, Wanda Bamhauer. Annett Aufderhaar. Second Row: Larry Clausing, Nancy Haberkamp, Ruth A. Warner. Marilee Settlage. Paul Ott. Joyce lfron- ing. Third Rout Dean Hoge, Don Reilly. Lee Clausing, Donald Heidt, Robert Deerhake, john Hole. Standing: Mr. Musser, teacher. VOCA'l,"lli'4M, .iiiiiilillIl1l,'l'lJlll+I lLeft to right! Paul Ott. Lee Clausing, Mr. Freymuth, teacher, Way'ne Bambauer. Robert Deehake. Donald Heidi. 'IW PING ll First Row: fLeft to riglytj Joyce Froning. Nancy Haberkamp, Wanda Bambauer. Second Row: Philip Ska- pura, Ruth A. Warner, Annett Aufderhaar, Marilee Settlage. Stamling: Mr. Hoover, teacher. 23 ENGLISH liirsl Row: CLefl to right? john Hole, Don Reilly. Second Row: Nancy Haberkamp, Philip Skapura, Dean Hoge. Third Razr: Joyce Froning, Annett Aufderhaar, Larry Clausing, Lee Clausing. Standing: Mrs. Hab- erkamp, teacher. FARM SHOP fLeft to rigbtb Mr. Freymuth, teacher, XVayne Bamhauer, Robert Deerhake, Lee Clausing, Paul Ott, SHUli'l'HAND 1Left to right? Mr. Hoover. teacher. Wanda Bamhauer, Marilee Settlage. 24 DRIVER TRAINING First Row: iLeft to riglatb Wanda Bambauer, Joyce Froning, Ruth A. Warner, Wayne Bambauer, Robert Deerhake. Marilee Settlage, john Hole. Second Row: Mr. Musser, teacher, Lee Clausing, Paul Ott, Larry Clausing. PUBLIC SPEAKING 4Left to right! Nancy Haberkamp, Mrs. Haberkamp, tteacher, Don Reilly, Donald Heidt. HUME ECUV PMICS fLefl to rigbtl Marilee Scttlage, Wanda Bambauer, Ruth A. Warner, Annctt Aufderhaar, Mrs. Newell, teacher. 25 ACTIVITY SNAPSH OT S THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE NEW KNOXVILLE Shellenberger Garage Warners' Garage General Repairing, Cars, Trucks, Tractors General Repairing, Dependable Used Cars Stauffer, Roger Wellman's Nursery Prudential Insurance Agent Growers of Dependable Nursery Stock for 61 Years The Peoples Savings Bank Wierwille, Art Contractor and Hauling THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF TWO AND ONE-HALF DOLLARS OR MORE NEW BREMEN American Budget Company We Pay 4'7b Interest, Why Take Less? Kuenzel Mills Company New Bremen Blankets 8: Gold Lace Flour Amstutz Hatcheries LOCk TWO Mills. U. S. Certified and Approved Chicks Lock Two, Ohl0 Beatrice Foods McKay Woolen Mills New Bremen, Ohio Nefv Bremen' Ohio Bremco Alfalfa Mills, Inc. Moores Store New Bremen, Ohio Muellerys Menswear Cox's Greenhouse Poppe Shoe Store New Bremen, Ohio New Bremen, Ohio Crown Cleaners Ray Busse New Bremen, Ohio Livestock Crown Controls Company, Inc. Manufacturers of Electrical Controls Dr. L. H. Schmidt Congratulations Class of 1955 Ernie's Barber Shop Expert, Sanitary Service Farm Bureau New Gilberg Bremen, Ohio 8: Hegemier Home Furniture Store New Bremen, Ohio Koeper's Shoe Store Home of Ball Band Rubbers , Shoes 8: Repairing Schelper's Super Market Schwieterman Drug Store New Bremen, Ohio Stamco Inc. Steel Mills New Bremen, Ohio Sun Printing Company The First National Bank Vornholt Brothers 8: Son Funeral Directors Western Ohio Hardware New Bremen, Ohio Wint's Restaurant We Serve The Best MINSTER Dr. R. C. Schnelle Post Printing Company Minster, Ohio Fine Commercial Printing General SUPPIY C0-, H- J- Hegamafm Sommer's Sales and Service Coal and Building Material, Sorgum Mill Minster, Ohio Gudorf 81 Moorman APP1'anCe Co' . Streaker's-Minster 84 Wapakoneta Complete Home Appliances-Sales 8: Service Oliver Farm Equipment Minster Lumber Company-Phone 112 Q ' Complete Business Material The MIHSICY Cafllllllg COITIPHIIY Minsfef Machine C0mPanY The Minster Farmers Co-op Exchange Minster Mgtor Sales Grain Elevators-Quality Feeds-Farm Supplies Oldsmobiles and Used Cars Zimpfers Jewelers Minster State Bank Watches, Clocks-Repairing 28 X X Nb NX W9 X gs eu Q CSA QQGXK N9 X X S 1 -v---9 THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF TWO AND ONE-HALF DOLLARS OR MORE Anderson 8: Haney "Building Supplies" Axe Cleaners Baker Auto Electric and Parts Chrysler and Plymouth Barnett's Plumbing and Appliances Your Maytag Dealer Barnhart 8: Bricker Dealer Firestone Store Home and Auto Supplies Buchanan's Dry Goods Ready to Wear Buel Lumber and Supply Co. "Everything to Build a Home" Carl R. Ike Insurance and Real Estate Charm Beauty Salon Merle Norman Cosmetics Clear's Shoes Buster Brown Shoes for Boys Compliments of Baxters Barber Shop Compliments of Clover Farm Stores Compliments of L. D. Fleagle and R. K. Fleagle Compliments of Modern Paint 8: Supply Co. Compliments of Montgomery Ward Custers Barber Shop North Front Street D. Armstrong and Co. and Girls Fine Dry Goods and Gifts Since 1850 Durnell and Sons, Jewelers Diamonds, Watches, Jewelery Earl H. Rodeheffer Auctioneer, Phone 4522 Endicott Photographers Fred R. Seibert Attorney at Law Hainline Patent Medicine Stor Wallpaper and Paint Harmon's Trading Post New and Used Furniture Harold's Flowers Flowers for all Occasions Home Banking Co. St. Marys, Ohio Howell Electric Electric and Gas Appliances Huber Furniture 84 Appliances "Homes Come First" C ST. MARYS Hudson jewelers Elgin, Hamilton, Diamonds Ideal Drug Store Prescription Specialists jake's Place Jasperson Supply Co. Mill Electric and Auto Supplies John's Furniture 8: Floor Covering "Where You Send Your Friends" Kattman Feed Store Kellemeyer's Men's Wear Men's and Boy's Clothing Klosterman Carry-Out 200 East High Street Lawler's Greenhouse When you "Say It With Flowers" Its Beautifully Said' Leader Printing Co. Leffel's Restaurant "Jess and Vi" Lois Beauty Shop Phone 4252 Midwest Electric, Inc. Electric Service for the Farm 66 Motors Inc. Oldsmobiles Sales and Service Pairs Cleaners Modern Method Cleaners Peoples Store Clothing and Shoes Priess Shoes Shoes for All the Family Rainbow Soda Grill Meals, Sandwiches, and Ice Cream Rhodes Super Market, Everyday Prices We Do Not Meet Prices, We Make Them Shorty's Sport Shop See Shorty For Atheletic Equipment Steele's Radiator Service 340 Jake Street St. Marys Blankets St. Marys Dairy Queen "The Cone With The Curl On Top" St. Marys Decorating Co. Wallpaper, Paints, and Draperies St. Marys Foundry Co. St. Marys Laundry and Dry Cleaners St. Marys Ready Mixed Concrete l Mile East of St. Marys on Route 33 St. Marys Service Station St. Marys, Ohio l. Gene Bubp Eileen Clausing Dean Deerhake Violet Dudgeon Donna Eschmeyer Clark Froning juli Hoge Anne Jones Dean Kuck Ella Mae Kuck Ronald Kuck Karen Lammers Marilyn Leffel Robert McClure Marjorie McCune Ned Niemeyer Jo Ann Ott Evelyn Schroer Joyce Schroer Lee Schroer Roberta Schrolucke Nathan Stienecker Sharon Vordermark Ruth F. Warner Annely Wierwille Roger Wierwille Prexident - - - Ned Niemeyer Vice-President - - Dean Deerhake Secretary - - - juli Hoge Treasurer - - Sharon Vordermark Owen Hoover Advisor Elnor Arnett Janice Aufderhaar Martha Eschmeyer Tom Fraunfelter Jane Henkener James Henschen Bill Hinze Joann McCullough Douglas Katterheinrich Dennis Lammers Joann Kettler Bill McCullough Phyllis Moellenkamp Roger Moellenkamp Nancy Prueter Dixie Shuster Tom Shroyer Bob Starett Jay Stauffer Willis Telljohann Dixie Westbay Gloria Wierwille President - Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer - James Henschen - Jay Stauffer - Elnor Arnett - Jane Henkener Anna Newell Advisor John Buddemeyer John Fronnig Tad Kattman Janice Aufderhaar Grace Settlage President - - Tad Kattman Vzce President - - John Buddemeyer Secretary - - - Beverly Warner Treasurer - - John Froning Delmer Chivington Doralene Chivington Jean Eversman Emily Kruse Larry Kuck Linda Leffel Elaine Shuster William Sudman Beverly Warner Martha Haberkamp Advisor Betty Homan William Jones Jerry Lutterbeck Elmer Neuman Doris Settlage Don Warner 33 V JUN!! DRS NI' WORK liirxl Razr: 4I.efl ta right? Marjorie McCune. Annely Wierwille, Ella Mae Kuek, Marilyn Leffel, Joyce Schroer, Roberta Schrolucke. Secaml Razr: Violet Dudgeon, Jo Ann Ott, Lee Schroer, Nathan Stienecker, Robert McClure, Juli Hoge, Karen Lammers. Tlnird Razr: Roger Wierwille, Clark Froning, Ned Niemeyer, Gene Bulwp, Dean Kuck, Sharon Vordermark. Slandingz Evelyn Schroer, Eileen Clausing. Ruth Warner, Mr. Musser lteacherl, Donna Fschmeyer, Anne Jones. Ronnie Kuck. Dean Deerhake. 'l'lll'l lNllliH'l'llll PUS S1 IRHI HRH DHHS First Razr: flrft la right? Phyllis Moellenkamp, Janice Aufderhaar, Joann Kettler. Nancy Prueter, Joann McCullough, Dixie Shuster, Billy Hinze. Secaml Razr: Jane Henkener, Douglas Katterheinrieh. Gloria Wier- wille, Martha Fschmeyer, Elnor Arnett. Willis Telliohann, Dennis Lammers. Tbirfl Razr: Dixie Westbay', Jay Stauffer. James Henschen, Roger Moellenkamp, Bob Starett, Bill McCullough. Shnzrlifzgz Martha Haber- kamp Lteacherb. 34 ' THE AMBITIUUS FHESHMEN Ifirsl Row: 4Left to riglatj William Sudman, jean Eversman, Doris Settlagc, Elmer Newman, john Fron- ing. Second Row: john Buddcmeyer, Emily Kruse, jerry Lutterbeck, Beverly Warner. Tad Kattman. Tlairn' Row: Grace Scttlage, William jones, Linda Leffel, Larry Kuck, Don Warner. Stamliug: Elaine Shuster, Bet- ty Homan, Janice Schrolucke, Martha Haberkamp treachery. IW SXAPSIIQ 36 " YDQYOSYONNNQ X C3 6 6 W bu was N QW N KE Q4 J 2 1 FSB X4 THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOlR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF TWO AND ONE-HALF DOLLARS OR MORE St. Marys Tool 8: Die, Inc. Die - Molds - Jigs - Fixtures Strehle Shoe Service Expert Shoe Service The Union Building and Loan Co. Opposite Post Office - Safety For Savings Varsity Bowling Alley Bowl For Health ST. MARYS Whitey Straker Scrap Iron, Rag, Metal, Paper Why Worry? See Limbacher Everything In Insurance Wisener's Sc to 351 Store St. Marys, Ohio WAPAKONETA Abbott's Shoe Store X-ray Shoe Fitting Archer Memorial Works Auglaize Furniture Co. Everything For The Home Auglaize Lumber Co. Lumber and Mill Work Big Chief Wapa Wapakoneta, Ohio Botkin's Food Market Congratulations to the Class of 1955 Bowsher Hardware Co. "Everything In Hardware" Brockert Brothers Sinclair 402 South Wilillipe Street Brown's Dairy Brown's Restaurant just Good Food Brunswick Billiards Carl A. Abe Coal Co. Coal, Builders Supplies, Purina Chow Club Restaurant Food and Beverages Collins Ford Sales Ford Sales and Service Cotner Coal Co. Coal and Building Materials Doering Hardware Co. Hotpoint Appliances, Plumbing, and Heating Ed Ankerman 8: Sons Welding and Ornamental Railing Eda's Style Shop Millinery and Accessories F 8: F Cigar Store 119 East Auglaize Street Flowers By Dudley Exclusive Styling Fred's East Side Market Pearl and Bellefontaine Streets Frost 8: Co. Roofing, Siding, Sheet Metal, Phone 6171 Friend's Office Supplies 8: Equipment , Everything for the Office Gamble's "The Friendly Store" Hartman Jewelery Store Jewelers Since 1896 Herring's Half-Hour Laundry Wapakoneta, Ohio Home Savings 81 Loan Association Real Estate Loans - Insured Savings jacob Werner 8: Sons Meat Packers Since 1894 Jauert Carry-Out Tops In Party Needs Kah and Co. Meats, Groceries, and Locker Service Kenneth Hay's IGA Store Wapakoneta, Ohio Metzgers' Auto Repair 7 North Water Street Millers 5s to S51 Store 21 East Auglaize Street Miller's Laundry and Dry Cleaners Quality 8: Service, Not Our Mottog It's Our Business O. H. Erb Wholesale 8: Retail of Live 8: Dressed Poultry Parker's Lunch Piel Brothers Clothing Co. Clothing - Furnishings - Hats Phillip's Flowers "Say It With Ours" Purdy Garage, Inc. Studebaker Sales andi Service Ridenour Shoe Service 404 Bellefontaine Street Ruck's Modern Decorating Store 111 East Auglaize Street Sell's Tractor Sales Ford Tractors and Farm Equipment First Row: Joyce Bambauer, Mary Bambauer, Mary Bierbaum, Don Clausing, Gene Deerhake. Second Row: Larry Elshoff, Sandra Elshoff, Rosalyn Eschmeyer, Jean Gritzmaker, Doris Heidt. Third Row: Billy Henschen, Donald Henschen, Janet Hoge, Marta Hoge, Della Homan. Foulztb Row: Larry Howe, Ronald Howe, Gary Katterheinrich, Linda Kattman, Doris Klopfenstein, Dar- rel Kuc . Fifth Row: james Kuck, Kenneth Kuck, Thomas Kuck, Sandra Lammers, Patricia Laughlin, Jerry Lehman, Larry Longworth. Sixth Row: Ronnie McKibben, Dolores Ott, John Scheblo, Doris Schroer, Kenneth Schrolucke, Carolyn Shroyer, Allan Smith. Seventh Row: Larry Snyder, Robert Wierwille, Mr. Musser, Advisor. Absent: Larry McKibben. 39 First Row: Richard Bambauer, Dean Clausing, Donald Eversman, Linda Fledderjohann, Dale Grimes, jr. Second Row: Karen Gruebmeyer, Patricia Hinze, Larry Jauert, Mark jones, Perry Kantner. Tbird Row: Jerry Kuck, William Kuhlman, Larry Leffel, Dale Manbeck, Thomas McClure. Fourth Row: Harvey McCune, Dale Meckstroth, Karen Meckstroth, Larry Niemeyer, Larry Roettger, Gary Sawmiller, Joyce Settlage. Fifth Row: Edward Shupp, Kathleen Wellman, Laura Wierwille, Ralph Wierwille, Norville Freymuth, Advisor. 40 First Row: Barbara Bambauer, Paula Bubp, Glenn Culp, Kay Diegel, Gary Elshoff. Second Row: Larry Fledderiohann, David Fraunfelter, Karen Gritzmaker, Louise Henschen, Michael Hen- schen. Third Row: jerry Hoelscher, Mary Hoelscher, Raymond Homan, Terry Huston, Joyce Howe. Fourth Row: Lee Katterheinrich, Peggy Katterheinrich, Roger Katterheinrich, Richard Kuck, Robert Kuck, Daniel McKibben, Danny Meckstroth. Fifth Row: Michael Overly, John Schroeder, Gene Schrolucke, Sharon Schrolucke, Diane Shuster, Al- berta Wierwille, Bob Wierwille. Sixth Row: C. R. Stienecker, Teacher. 41 First Row: Rebecca Buddemeyer, Connie Elshoff, james Elshoff, Mark Elshoff, Cheryl Eversman. Second Row: Marilyn Harrod, Sharon Henkener, Ann Henschen, Danny Henschen, Dennis Henschen. Third Row: Steven Jones, David Kattman, Stanley Kuck, Diane Lammers, Thomas Lammers. Fourth Row: Michael McCabe, Eugene Opperman, jr., Kathleen Rodeheffer, Richardf Scheblo, Bonita Schroer, Connie Schroer, Robert Snyder. Fifth row: Jan Stauffer, Russell Stienecker, Joyce Stork, Lulu Grilliot, Teacher. Absent: Ronald Holl. 42 Firxt Row: Gary Bambauer, Gary Bradford, Kay Elshoff, Ruth Eschmeyer, Robert Grimes. Second Row: Orville Heidt, Sharon Henschen, Raymond Homan, Thomas Howe, James Stewart. Third Row: Guy Katterheinrich, Marilyn Kruse, Jane Kuck, Marcia Kuhlman, Sharon Leffel. Fourth Row: Garry McCune, Judith McKibben, Rebecca Meckstroth, Stanley Nolte, Karen Rain, Judith Schrolucke, Dennis Shupp. Fifth Row: Mary Vordermark, Stanley Wietholter, Shearl Sparks, Teacher. 43 First Row: Suzanne Bambauer, Linda Davis, Donna Elshoff, john Eversman, Karen Fraunfelter. Second Row: Randayl Henkener, Judith Hoelschcr, Nicholas Howe, joe Katterheinrich, Kim Katterhein- rich. Third Row: Ted Katterheinrich, Gary Kuck, Ronald Kuck, Robert Laughlin, John Longworth. Fourth Row: James Manbeck, james Meckstroth, Florence Opperman, Patricia Rodeheffer, Jane Schwabero, Lynn Stork, Beverly Thobe. Fifth Row: Richard Wierwille, Edina Katterheinrich, Teacher. 44 nd First Row: jack Bielefeld, Linda Bradford, Terry Deerhake, Joyce Eschmeyer, David Fledderjohann. Second Row: Lee Fledderjohann, John R. Frische, Constance Gray, Linda Grimes, Sheila Gruebmeyer. Third Row: David Henschen, Ruth Ann Henschen, John Hinze, James Holl, Dennis Howe. Fourth Row: janet Katterheinrich, Kathleen Katterheinrich, Wayne Kettler, Elaine Kuck, Jane Kuhl man, Beverly McCune, janean Meckstroth. Fifth Row: james Lee Meckstroth, Kenny Lee Meyer, Karen Niemeyer, Thomas Nolte, Karen Nuss, Dar ell Rupert, Shirley Schafer. 45 S C0 D GRADE Sixth Row: Donald Schroer, Wayne Schroer, jcan Schrolucke, james Schwabero, David Schafer, Donald Shroyer, Larry Shroyer. 590971119 Row: Robert Jerrold Stal-lffef, Craig Stienecker, Roberta Stout, Elaine Sudman, Gerald Wolfe, Araminta Grimes, Teacher. FIRST GRADE Sixth Row: Joyce Prueter, Robert Prueter, Kendra Rodeheffer, jack Schrolucke, Kent Schultz, David Schwabero, Donna Settlage. Seventh Row: Donna Shellenberger, jeffrey Shuster, William Stroh, William Sullivan, Jack Thobe, Ned Vordermark, John Vornholt. Eighth Row: JoAnn Wierwille, Mitchell Wietholter, Caroline Holtkamp, Teacher, Matilda Fledder- johann, Assistant. 46 First Row: Paul Bierbaum, Pamela Cox, James Deerhake, Joann Elshoff, Bruce Eschmeyer. Second Row: Nancy Fledderjohann, Linda Fraunfelter, Harold Harrod, Ann Henkener, Connie Henschen. Third Row: Greg Henschen, Douglas Hoelscher, Marsha Hoelscher, Carol Hoge, Sara Hoge. Fourth Row: David Ireton, Neil Katterheinrich, Douglas Kuck, Sandra Kuck, Ted Lammers, Joe Leffel, Joyce Leffel. Fifth Row: Rita Maurer, Marylou Meckstroth, Neil Meyer, John Opperman, Charles Overly, Stephen Piehl, Joan Prueter. 47 THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF TWO AND ONE-HALF DOLLARS OR MORE WAPAKONETA Service Tire 8: Tread Co. Wapakoneta, Ohio Sheipline Firestone Store Tires, Tubes, Batteries, Home and Auto Sibert Shoe Rebuilding 122 West Auglaize Street Siferd 8: Brookhart Funeral Home Wapakoneta, Ohio Stinebaugh Lumber Co. East North Street, Wapakoneta, Ohio Stolte Jewelers, Wapakoneta, Ohio Bulova Watches, Keepsake Diamonds, Luggage Teddy Bear Fine Sandwiches and Fountain Service Bishop's Paint and Wallpaper Briggs Drug Store Rexall Drugs Carey Greeting Card Store Hallmark Cards Citizens National Bank Complete Banking Service Compliments of Sub1er's Super "E" Stores Compliments of Wheeler's Market, Inc. Cook's Spot Famous For Hamburgers Dixie Auto Parts Flinn's 5, 10, and 25C Store Variety Merchandise Francis and Goffena Furniture and Appliances Gallaher's Drug Store Harris Jewelers Harley-Davidson, Motor Sales Phone 7981-8 - Sidney, Ohio Jerrold Clothing Store Sidney, Ohio Kastan's Jewelery Gifts That Last Kaufman's Store 35 Years In Sidney McKaig Glass Shop Plate Glass Service Miami Chick Hatchery, Inc. Minton's Market Fancy Foods For Fine Folks The Wapakoneta Machine Co. Machine Knives The Wright SC 8: 10C Store A Friendly Store Uhlman's Department Store Wapakoneta's Favorite Trading Place Wapakoneta Daily News Wapakoneta Lightning Rod Co. Earl B. Winget, Proprietor - Phone 7261 Wapakoneta Truck Co. Weber's Restaurant Wapakoneta, Ohio Welfare Finance Co. SIDNEY Montgomery Ward and Company 129 East Court Street Omar Bakery Fresh Bakery Products To Your Door Peoples Federal Savings 8: Loan Ass'n. We Make Bgth Farm and City Loans Pickering Insurance Agency 221 S. Ohio Ave., Complete Insurance Service Rhees Clothes Men's Apparal Ross Pattern 81 Foundry Company Sarver's Music Store "Everything In Music" Sexauer Bakery, Inc. Sidney Chip Company "Ray's Chips - Fresh Daily" Sidney Fashion Center, Inc. Wedding Gowns 81 Formals, Our Specialty Sidney Printing 8: Publishing Company Printers and Publishers Snapp's Sales 8: Service Admiral Television 8: Bendix Washers The Photo Shop Complete Photographic Service Thoma Jewelery Since 1838 Uhlman's Department Store Sidney's Leading Department Store W. E. Baumgardner Power Farm Equipment Zimpher Electric Service N. Dixie Highway - Phone 7650-1 k' YJ fi 6 QQ 59 X N N 1 X VARSITY BASEBALL First Row: Dean Deerhake, Managerg Robert Starett, Delmar Chivington Don Warner William Jones Jay Stauffer, john Buddemeyer, Tad Kattman, john Froning. Second Row: Nathan Stienecker Ned Neimey er, Don Reilly, Clark Froning, Dean Hoge, Larry Clausing, Dale Klopfenstem Willis Telljohann Lee Schro er, Paul Ott, john Musser, Coach. New New New New New New New S Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville 1954 Fall Record R H E 3 6 1 Botkins 4 4 0 New Bremen 15 13 S Buckland 6 4 1 Sidney 5 5 6 New Bremen 3 9 4 Anna 16 1 1 1 Buckland 1954 Fall Season This past fall the New Knoxville Rangers enjoyed a very successful sea son, winning six games while losing only one. The loss of two graduating let termen put the Rangers in a slight predicament, but the positions were soon filled. With a lot of practice, the Rangers steadily improved and gained much valuable experience, which will help them in the future. 50 Clausing Hoge Klopfenstein Ott Reilly C. F roning Niemeyer Schroer Steinecker Lammers Telljohann Starret Stauffer Bucldemeyer Chivington J. Froning I+ all POS AB 1b 24 p-rf 15 c 17 rf 11 cf 21 p-2b 21 3b 15 ss 20 p-2b 10 c 4 lf 19 rf 1 rf 1 1b 0 rf 5 p 1 Player Averages H BA R 8 .300 5 2 .133 2 4 .235 5 3 .272 4 8 .381 6 7 .333 7 5 .333 3 10 .500 9 0 .000 3 0 .000 1 6 .315 3 0 .000 0 0 .000 1 0 .000 0 1 .200 1 1 1.000 1 Spring Season The varsity baseball squad is anxiously looking forward to the spring season. The team is hoping to come back and win the county tournament again this spring after losing it last spring for the first time in four years. F RESHMAN PROSPECTS 1. 1. 1. FA 960 000 961 666 000 952 851 850 813 000 800 000 .000 000 000 000 Left to right: Don Warner, john Buddemeyer, Delmer, Chivington, William Jones, john Froning, Tad Katt- man. 51 VARSITY BASKETBALL Buck Row: fLeft to riglatj Coach John R. Musser, Willis Telljohann, Larry Clausing, Lee Clausing, Ron nie Kuck, Clark Froning, John Buddemeyer. Front Row: CLeft to rigloth Nathan Stienecker, Bill McCullough, Robert Deerhake, Dean Hoge, Wayne Bam haucr, Lee Schroer. I f' Q 1 9.14-55 Varsity Season The New Knoxville Rangers closed a successful basketball season, winning thirteen games and losing only six. The Rangers won their first three games, and then lost their fourth game to a stubborn Ft. Recovery quintet. They then defeated Cridersville. Their second and third losses were against a fast Delphos team and a tall St. Henry quintet. They then won seven out of their next eight games as New Bremen hand- ed them their fourth loss. During this time they defeated a strong, fast Mendon team, and a highly regarded Waynesfield quintet. They then lost their next two to a revengeful Cridersville team and a highly regarded Coldwater team. The Rangers then defeated a determined Minster quintet in an overtime game and finished the season by defeating Buckland. This ended the regular varsity season. League' Season The Rangers finished in a tie for second place in the Auglaize County League. They won their first league game by defeating Buckland. They then lost to New Bremen on the home court. Next the Rangers defeated Minster and the League champions, Waynes- field, which put them in a three-way tie for first place. But they lost their last league game to a very aggressive Cridersville quintet and therefore finished in a second place tie. 52 PLAYER Wayne Bambauer Larry Clausing Lee Clausing Robert Deerhake Dean Hoge Clark Froning Ronald Kuck Lee Schroer Nathan Stienecker Bill McCullough Willis Telljohann john Buddemeyer New Knoxville. . New Knoxville. . New Knoxville. . New Knoxville. . New Knoxville. . New Knoxville. . New Knoxville. . New Knoxville. . New Knoxville. . Individual Scoring Record Games F OULSHOTS Played Attempted Made Av. 13 13 7 .538 19 46 17 .391 19 147 93 .633 14 4 1 .250 15 12 5 .417 19 104 47 .452 19 76 43 .566 17 33 10 .303 7 14 7 .500 5 2 1 .500 19 57 27 .474 3 O 0 .000 1954--55 SEASON RECORD Anna ........ ..... 4 9 New Bremen . . ..... 54 Botkins ............. 41 F t. Recovery ......... 68 Cridersville .......... 40 Delphos St. john's .... 87 St. Henry ............ 69 Buckland ........... 5 1 Botkins ............. 65 77 New Knoxville ....... COUNTY New Knoxville ....... New Knoxville ....... New Knoxville ....... New Knoxville ....... New Knoxville ....... New Knoxville ....... New Knoxville ....... New Knoxville New Knoxville Buckland ..... .... CHAMPS Total Points 21 119 389 9 31 247 195 32 ll 3 121 2 Av. Per Game 1.539 6.263 20.474 .643 2.067 13.000 10.263 1.882 1.571 .600 6.368 .667 St. joseph ...... .... 3 5 New Bremen... ....53 Mendon ....... .... 4 6 Spencerville . . . . . . .56 Minster ....... .... 5 6 Waynesfield . . . . . . .59 Cridersville .. .... 57 Coldwater . .... 50 Minster . .... 53 53 County Tournament The New Knoxville Rangers drew Minster in the opening rounds of the Auglaize County Tournament. The tall and more experienced Rangers defeated Minster by a 55-40 score although Minster stayed close to New Knoxville in the first half. The Rangers then played Cridersville who had drawn a bye. Again the Rangers' height helped them and they defeated Cridersville by a 55-34 score. The Rangers then met Waynesfield, the League Champion, in the champ- ionship game. The Rangers got off to a good start and at the end of the first quarter were leading 13-7. At half time they held only a two point margin. But by playing ball well, held their margin the second half and defeated Waynesfield by the score of 44 to 42. Northwestern llistrivl Ton rn ann-nl The New Knoxville Rangers drew Alger in the opening game of the Northwestern District Tournament. Alger was hot while the Rangers were cold and Alger led 37-ll at half time. Although the Rangers fought back des- perately during the last half they were unable to gain enough and lost by a 59-40 score. That ended the season for the Varsity squad and the high school basketball career for five graduating Seniors. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Anne jones, Karen Lammers, Annett Aufderhaar, Joyce Froning. 54 RESERVE BASKETBALL New New New New New New New New New Back Row: iLeft to right? John Buddemeyer, Robert Starett, Douglas Katterheinrlch, Bill McCul lough, Dean Kuck, Lee Schroer, Nathan Stienecker, Dennis Lammers, Larry Kuck. Front Row: iLeft to rigbtb Jay Stauffer, Bill Hinze, Jerry Lutterbeck, Tad Kattman, John Froning. Reserve Season The New Knoxville Reserve Team finished their season with a record of eleven victories and eight defeats. Four of their members dressed for the varsity squad. They lost only three out of their first thirteen games. Then when these members played only on the varsity they didn't seem to be able to find the right combination. But they finished the season with a good record, as most of the teams they played had larger boys. Five of their boys were Freshmen, and with the experience they earned they should be able to develop into good varsity players by their junior or Senior year. 1954-55 Reserve Season Knoxville 27 Anna ........ I8 New Knoxville St. Joseph .. Knoxville ....,.. 28 New Bremen .... 24 New Knoxville New Bremen Knoxville ....... 42 Botkins ...... 22 New Knoxville ....... Mendon . . . Knoxville ....... 23 Ft. Recovery .... 34 New Knoxville ....... Spencerville Knoxville ....... 38 Cridersville ..... 28 New Knoxville ....... Minster .... Knoxville ....... Z6 Delphos St. johns ..... 59 New Knoxville ....... Waynesfield Knoxville ....... 57 St. Henry ....... 50 New Knoxville ....... Cridersville . Knoxville 44 Buckland ....... 20 New Knoxville ....... Coldwater .. Knoxville 38 Botkins ........ 22 New Knoxville ....... Minster . . . New Knoxville ..,.... 55 Buckland ...... Iil1ISICIiX'lfl lllllililil,IC.Xlll4IliS Left to rigbl: Gloria Wficrwillc, Linda Lcffel, Beverly Warner, Elnor Arnett Nl NN fUQlCliS Le!! lu riglvlz Dunn Ducrhaku. jim Hunschen, Robert Mciflurc. 56 JUNHHRLHHHH BASKETBALL liirxi Row: 1Lefl lo right? Allan Smith, Managerg Mark Jones, Gene Deerhake. Ronald Howe, Larry Howe Donald Eversman, Donald Henschen, Manager. Second Row: William Kuhlman, Larry Elshoff, Robert Wier wille, Larry Longworth, Larry Snyder, Kenneth Schrolucke, Dale Manbeck. JUNHHIIHGH CHEERLEADERS Left to right: jean Gritzmaker, Marta Hoge, Sandra Elshoff, Mary Bierhaum. 57 GR Uf W 1 LARRY CLAUSING Forward LEE CLAUSING Center WAYNE BAMBAUER Guard ROBERT DEERHAKE Forward DEAN HOGE Forward 58 LET ERME DON REILLY LARRY CLAUSING PAUL OTT DEAN HOGE 59 Wi . 'Y V Q ' -,--- "fi Q . YM, ' VV 0 , V8 I if Q 1 3 93 1 -' In E 2 E 4 2 - t '3 fi 3 1 . 2 .,, , ,.,.,.. ,,., V 9 X 4 , Ai "A 1" ,'-- ":: if '2-Y"',' 2 ffff,f3Q?,,Q yt 3 X 3' ' ir' Q, J gg E X Q99 X .QE THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE Mr. 8: Mrs. Andrew Kuck Kuck Brothers Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. Hattie 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. Byron Kuck Calvin Kuck Dale Kuck Edwin Kuck E. R. Kuck Ferd Kuck Gustave Kuck Harvey Kuck Kuck Homer Kuck Howard Kuck john Kuck Martin Kuck Orloe Kuck Oscar Kuck Paul Kuck Vernon Kuck Walter A. Kuck Walter B. Kuck Lawrence Kuhlman L. B. Kuhlman Olga Kuhlman 8: Mrs. Robert Kuntz 8: Mrs. 8: Mrs. Edward Lageman Henry Lammers 8: Mrs. Lewis Lammers 8: Mrs. Wesley Lammers 8: Mrs. R. J. Laughlin 8: Mrs. Rogene Lehman 8: Mrs. Stanley Lehman 8: Mrs. Kenneth List 8: Mrs. julius Longworth 8: Mrs. Ferd Lutterbeck 8: Mrs. Fred Lutterbeck 8: Mrs. Lewis Mahn Oliver Mahn Lewis Manake Sarah Manake 8: Mrs. Richard Maurer 8: Mrs. Fred McCabe 8: Mrs. Walter McClure Amanda Meckstroth 8: Mrs. Elmer Meckstroth 8: Mrs. Ferd B. Meckstroth 8: Mrs. Ferd Meckstroth 8: Mrs. Harry Meckstroth Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mrs. Lydia Mr. 8: Mrs Lawrence Meckstroth Leroy Meckstroth Robert Metzger Dale Meyer Ralph Meyer William Meyer Harry Moellenkamp Dale Montgomery Ferd Montgomery Kermit Miller Norman Miller Willis Miller john R. Musser Ralph Nave Allen Niemeyer Benjamin Niemeyer Donald Niemeyer Florenz Niemeyer Henry Niemeyer Niemeyer Oliver Niemeyer Miss Ruth Niemeyer Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Nolte Mr. Edward Nuesmeyer Rev. 8: Mrs. Loren Onweller Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs Eugene Opperman Myron Opperman Carl Ott Richard Overley Mrs. Anna Poppe Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Poppe Mr. 8: Mrs. Simpson Poppe Mrs. Lelia Porter Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. August Prueter james Prueter Orville Prueter Clarence Rain Julius Rain Leonard Rain Reinhart Rain Kenneth Rodeheffer Merlin Roettger Harley Rodock Omar Ruese Orval Rupert Alma Sawmiller Roger Schaefer Eugene Schaffer DRUM MAJOR and MAJURETTES Ifirxl Row: Karen Rain. Second Row: Marta Hoge, Tad Kattman, Patricia Hinze. Third Rauf: Kenneth Kuck, Donna Fschmeyer, Doris Klopfenstien, Anne jones, Thomas Kuck. CONCERT BAND liirxt Raw: Mr. Carl Frische, Director. Serond Row: Eileen Clausing, Karen Lammers, juli Hoge, Sharon Vordermark, Nancy Haberkamp. Third Row: Robert McClure, Paul Ott, Elnor Arnett, Grace Settlage, Marilee Settlage, Ruth F. Warner, Thomas McClure, Perry Kantner, Dean Claus- ing, Ella Mae Kuck. Fourth Row: Don Clausing, Beverly Warner, Kathleen Wellman, Nathan Stienecker, Tad Kattman, Donna Eschmeyer, Douglas Katterheinrich, Dean Hoge, Dean Deerhake, Joyce Setrlage, james Henschen. Fifth Row: Jay Stauffer, Willis Telliohann, Anne jones, Dean Kuck. 63 A HCHI, Il BA 'D lfirxt Row: Marilyn Leffel, Kenneth Kuck, Annely Wierwille, Dean Deerhake, Douglas Katterheinrich, Don- na Eschmeyer, Wanda Bambauer, Dean Hoge, Nathan Stienecker. Second Razr: jay Stauffer, Marilee Sett- lage, Ruth F. Warner, Thomas McClure, Doris Heidt, Ella Mae Kuck, Thomas Kuck. Third Row: Patty Hinze, Gary Sawmiller, Dean Clausing, Don Warner, Nancy Haberkamp, Perry Kantner, Roberta Schro- lucke, Anne jones, Willis Telliohann, Dean Kuck. OFFICERS President - Dean Hoge Vice-President -- Marilee Settlage Secretary - juli Hoge Librarians - Janice Aufderhaar, Elnor Arnett During the 1954-55 school year, the New Knoxville Band consisted of seventy-three pieces. The band, under the competent direction of Mr. Carl Frische, had a successful, active year, appearing at the following occasions during the summer of 195-i and the following school year: Memorial Day Services, Summer Concert, St. Marys, Community Day, Auglaize County Fair, Ohio State Fair, Mercer County Fair, Wapakoneta Fall Festival, St. Marys Hallowe'en Festival, Christmas Band Concert, the St. Joseph and Buckland Basketball games in forma- tions, the combined Chorus and Band Concert, and the Spring Band Concert. From this hand a group of advanced musicians was chosen to form a concert band. The Concert Band appeared at the Band Mothers' Bake Sale and also took part in the Christmas and Spring Band Concerts. It also partici- pated in the O.M.E.A. band contest in Ada. Several individuals from the band participated in the music festival in Delaware and also in the District III O.M.E,A. solo contests in Lima. 64 ARCIYIIJNG BA 'Il First Row: Elnor Arnett, Paul Ott, Kathleen Wellman, Doris Klopfenstien, Don Clausing, Jean Eversman Beverly Warner, Karen Meckstroth, Grace Settlage, Mary Bierbaum, Karen Gruebmeyer. Second Row: Rob ert McClure, Donald Heidt, James Henschen, Juli Hoge, Karen Lammers, Janice Aufderhaar, Sharon Vor dermark, Tad Kattman, Eileen Clausing, Joyce Schroer, Larry Jauert, Marta Hoge, Joyce Settlage. CR ADUATINC MUSICIA N S Left to right: Dean Hoge, 8 yearsg Paul Ott, 6 yearsg Donald Heidt, 6 years: Wanda Bambauer, 1 year, Marilee Settlage, 7 yearsg Nancy Haberkamp, 7 years. 65 CHORUS Firsl Row: Beverly Warner, Doris Settlage, Marilyn Leffel, Dixie Westbay, Linda Leffel, Betty Homan, Joann McCullough, Grace Settlage, Jean Eversman. Second Row: Nancy Haberkamp, Emily Kruse, Eileen Clausing, Janice Schrolucke. Martha Eschmeyer, Dixie Shuster, Joyce Schroer, Marjorie McCune. Third Row: Mrs. Wiss- man, Director, Marilee Settlage, Joyce Froning, Annett Aufderhaar, Ruth F. Warner, Annely Wierwille. Joann Ott, Sharon Vordiermark, Janice Aufderhaar. Fourth Row: Jane Henkener, Nancy Prueter, Ruth A. Warner, Wanda Bambauer, Violet Dudgeon, Donna Eschmeyer, Karen Lammers, Phyllis Moellenkamp. Fifth Row: Ella Mae Kuck, Elnor Arnett, Elaine Shuster, Joann Kettler, Gloria Wierwille, Evelyn Schroer, Juli Hoge, Roberta Schrolucke, Anne Jones. OFFICERS President - Joyce Froning Vice-President - Dean Hoge Secretary - Juli Hoge Treasurer - Karen Lammers Librarians - Annett Aufderhaar Wanda Bambauer Pianists - Nancy Haberkamp Ella Mae Kuck 66 CHORU First Row: Bill Sudman, Don Warner, john Froning. Bill Hinze, jay Stauffer, Tad Kattman, jerry Lut- tcrbeck. Second Row: Larry Kuck, Dennis Lammers, Bob Starret, jim Henschen, John Buddcmeyer, Bill Jones. Third Row: Donald Heidt, Willis Telljohann, Ned Neimeyer, Ronald Kuck, Dean Kuck, N athan Stienccker, Douglas Katterheinrich. Fourth Row: Elmer Neuman, Larry Clausing, Philip Skapura, Lee Clausing, Dean Hoge, John Hole. Absent: Dennis Lammers. During the 1954-55 school year the chorus was composed of fifty-seven members under the capable direction of Mrs. Edith Wissman. The highlight of the chorus's year was its annual Spring Concert in April. Also, it took part in the Combined Chorus and Band Concert. This was the first combined con- cert ever to be held in New Knoxville. The entire chorus took part in the O.M.E.A. chorus contest in Ada. Sev- eral members of the chorus also participated in the music festival at Delaware. They were part of the 1000-voice chorus which was a highlight of the festival. 67 JUNIUH BAND First Row: Louise Henschen, Patricia Hinze, Karen G1-uebmeyer, Marta Hoge, Sandra Lammers, Karen MCCkSIl'0Ih. Robert Grimes, Danny Meckstroth, Roger Katterheinrich. Second Row: Mark jones, Thomas McClure, jerry Kuck, Dean Clausing, Larry Roettger, Donald Eversman, Gary Sawmiller, Larry -Iauert, Gene Deerhake. Third Row: Linda Fledderjohann, Kathleen Wellman, Doris Klopfenstein, Mary Bierhaum, Mary Bambauer, Doris Heidt, Joyce Bambauer, Don Clausing, Ken- neth Kuck, Kenneth Schrolucke. FL 'l'0Plfl0NljS First Row: Ronald Stauffer, Steven jones, Russell Stienecker, Joyce Stork, Ann Henschen, Diane Lammers, Michael McCabe, Thomas Lammers, Stanley Kuck. Second Row: Marilyn Harrod, Shar- on Henkener, Rebecca Bucldemeyer, Kathlyn Rodeheffer, Cheryl Eversman, Connie Schroer, Con- nie Sue Elshoff, Bonita Schroer. 'Third Row: Richard Scheblo, Danny Henschen, David Kattman, Mark lilshoff, Robert Snyder, James Elshoff, junior Opperman, Dennis Henschen. 68 X X SQ QW WY X Q 6 VJ xl VX X IQXN 1 ff .I- f K Y-'J MX Egg, THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE Mr. 8: Mrs. John Scheblo Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Emil Schneider Henry Schnelle Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman Schnelle Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Schroeder Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Benjamin Schroer Edward Schroer Elmer Schroer Enoch Schroer Ewald Schroer Gustave Schroer Harvey Schroer Herman Schroer Mr. 8: Mrs. joseph Schroer Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mrs. Louise Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Leonard Schroer Leroy Schroer Carl Schrolucke Florenz Schrolucke Harry Schrolucke Schrolucke Norman Schrolucke Robert Schrolucke Wilson Schrolucke Marvin Schuller Mr. Elmer Schultz Mr. Oliver Schultz Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Schultz Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence Schulze Mr. 8: Mrs. Emil Schwabero Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Schwabero Mr. 8: Mrs. Roger Schwabero Mr. 8: Mrs. Adrian Settlage Mrs. Alice Settlage Mr. 8: Mrs. Benjamin Settlage Mrs. Lewis Mr. 8: Mrs. Settlage Noah Settlage Mr. 8: Mrs. Rufus Settlage Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mrs. Evelyn Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. William Settlage Oscar Shaner Donald Shroyer Harold Shuster Ralph Shuster Andrew Skapura Leon Smith Marion Smith Snyder E. P. Sparks R. 1. Stauffer Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Rev. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Miss Emma Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. C. R. Stienecker Don Stienecker Lewis Stolte Carl Stolzenburg Stork Harry Stork Paul Stork Elmer Stout Edwin Stroh Vernon Stroh Richard Sudman Virgil Sullivan George Telljohann Harold Thees Mr. Harry F. Thielker Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Oliver Timmerman Henry Vohs Leonard Vohs Oliver Vordermark Lester Vornholt Robert Vornholt Alvin Warner Benjamin Warner Florenz Warner Henry Warner Oliver Warner Charles Wellman Conrad Wellman Donald Wellman Eldred Wellman Ferd Wellman Howard Wellman Paul Wellman Carl Werheim james Wessel Benjamin Wierwille Mrs. Caroline Wierwille Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Ezra Wierwille Harry Wierwille Norman Wierwlile Orville Wierwille Ray Wierwille Reuben Wierwille Mrs. Elizabeth Wiethoff Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Wietholter Dr. 8: Mrs. H. S. Wolfe Mr. 8: Mrs. Hilmer Zuege E IOR C ASS PL Y '6All American Family Annett Aufderhaar Ruth Warner .... Robert Deerhake Joyce Froning . , . . . Wayne Bambauer Wanda Bambauer Larry Clausing ...... . ....... . . Nancy Haberkamp Standing Lee Clausing .. Dean Hoge Don Reilly Donald Heidt john Hole ..... Philip Skapura .. Paul Ott ........ Marilee Settlage .. THE CAST Sitting ileft to riglall . . . . . . . . Avisg Lucy's adopted daughter , Lucyg Mrs. Butler's wealthy sister . . . ...................... Stagehand . . . . . . Carrie Butlerg the mother Bobbyg the fourteen-year-old son Grandma Butlerg hub of the Butler wheel Bruce Fordg Carolyn's fiance .. Carolyng the spoiled daughter .. Stagehand .. Stagehand Stagehand Stagehand Roger Butlerg the father Billg the sixteen-year-old son Peter Smithg the Widow's son The Widow Smith The Senior Class Play "All American Family," which was given on April 1, 1955, was enjoyed by a capacity audience. The between-act skits were also greatly appreciated by everyone present. The cast reatl en'o ed workin with their director Mrs. Martha Haber- S Y J Y 8 , kamp, and wishes to express its sincere thanks to her. 71 UNIUR CLASS PLAY 66L0ve Is In The Air" Left lo right: Dean Kuck ...... Ella Mae Kuck .. Eileen Clausing .. Roberta Schrolucke Ruth Warner .... Robert McClure .. Ronald Kuck .... Clark Froning .... Dean Deerhake . . . Juli Hoge .... Anne jones . . . Lee Schroer .... Ned Niemeyer .... Karen Lammers .. Gene Bubp ....... Sharon Vordermark THE CAST Member of the Member of the Gert Truitt, a good Member of the Stage Hand Lady's Auxiliary Lady's Auxiliary wife and mother Lad'y's Auxiliary Elmer Truitt, head of the Truitt tribe Delivery Man Beanie, boy-friend of Maggie Roscoe Blipp, bashful suitor of Gladys .. Gladys Truitt, recent high-school graduate . . . .. Jackie Summers, the girl across the street Hugo Nogginocker, pal of Clarence Clarence Truitt, a leader of Hope Springs High .. Maggie Truitt, half-child and half-vampire . .. Gramps, the peppery, zestful father of Gert . . . . . . . . . . . . . Poodles, Maggie's pal The junior Class presented their class play "Love is in the Air" on Oc- tober 22, 1954. The play was enjoyed by a capacity audience. The juniors wish to express their sincere thanks to their director Mr. Kenneth List and to all who helped make their play a success. 72 CAFETERIA Left In right: Mrs. Vernon Sullivan, Mrs. Dorothy Kattman, Mrs. Wilhelmina Holtkamp, cooksg Roberta Schrolucke, Sharon Vordermark, Ella Mac Kuck, Evelyn Schroer, helpersg Mrs. LaRue Schrolucke, cashier. LIBRARY Left to right: Wayne Kettler, studentg Donald Heidt, student librariang Kenny Lee Meyers, studentg Phyllis Moellenkamp, student librariang Mrs. Grewe, librariang Linda Grimes, David Fledderjohann, studentsg jzmice Aufderhaar, student librarian. 73 lllflflllll Left to right: Annett Aufderhaar, Lee Clausing, helpcrsg Mrs. LaRue Schrolucke. secretaryg Wanda Bam- bauer, helperg Mr. V. E. Katterheinrich, Superintendent. IDHIVPHRH' 11lAlNlN1L lfirxt Row: Marilyn Leffel. Anne jones. Marilee Settlage, Joyce Froning, Wanda Bambauer, Ruth A. War- ner. Wayne Bambauer, Mr. john Musser. instructor, Lee Clausing, Larry Clausing. Second Row: Donna Esch- mcycr, Ella Mae Kuck. Marjorie McCune, Violet Dudgeon, Nathan Stienecker, Robert Deerhake, Ronald Kuck, john Hole, Gene Buhp, Ned Neimeyer, Eileen Clausing, Ruth F. Warner, Joann Ott, Evelyn Schroer. Annely Wierwille. Tlairzl Row: Lee Schroer, Paul Ott, Roger Wierwille. 74 NRANGERS' ROUNDUP' S'l'Al"l" Left to right: Nancy Haberkamp, Joyce Froning, Annett Aufderhaar, editor, Wanda Bambaucr, Ruth Warner Philip Skapura, Marilee Settlage. CUNCICSSIUN STAND Left to right: Donald Heidi, Marilee Settlage, Philip Skapura, Don Reilly, Wanda Bambauer, Nancy Haber- kamp, Paul Ott, john Hole, Ruth Warner. 75 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First Row: Dennis Lammers, Elmer Neuman, Mr. Norville Freymuth, instructor, Bill Sudman, Don Warner. Second Row: Roger Wierwille, Lee Schroer, Clark Froning, Dean Deerhake. Third Row: Robert Decrhake, Paul Ott. Wayne Bambauer, Donald Heidt, Lee Clausing. FARM SHUP Left to right: Mr. Norville Freymuth, instructor, Bill Hinze, Roger Moellenkamp, Willis Telliohann, Lee Clausing, Dennis Lammers. Paul Ott, james Henschen, Wayne Bambauer, Robert Deerhake, Douglas Kat- terheinrich, Bill McCullough. 76 BUS DRI ERS Left to right: Clement Stienecker, Arnold Haberkamp, Leroy Schroer, Oliver Buddemeyer, Kenneth List ANITOR Lawrence Kuhlman 77 AUTOGRAPHS .h gf. 'i x . 5... .ie at ae, .534 lggfiii' ..-HY .,- .-.. . ... , V 7 ,1fv.,. ,, ,. V., W-. . ......... ..,. -. - A-AM Y A V , g . , , V .... .-.,.,, ...H - .. -..-za.-ds..-..4.....Q....-,,,,-fgizuH.M?n?-TF:-.:.,,,.,,.,:i.z3:.T:7L. ,T 7.72, A -::.,..,,...,,......... ,. ,. ,.-Liv, -YQ H 7273: --:ITS-i .:f.:...,.,i,.,.-Ni T7-51, - . ,. ,. , . . i"j"r15 ' 55.5, 74 -:.-. .2 A"':F,2q'r f:- SQ"---,' ' Q ..,i,.:r.-4 V .1 .. . , nl , ,JJ ,.:.J ',g1..,.. ., .,,.vs,,d,..- xr., ,M .. -...,., ,,,4,.,. -E ,, . . .. ,mm ,li iff? '- r t .J A , QT, 1 wr- 4 .9 '. 7.553-2., 5,E-.3f' ' ' 1 55-.AL .-x--.f Mfg- -.,,fgg,'3?,s3,. - ,. yr --Jw -zwa' 1' '- 'f 4 1- VL- " -" , 3- f, "- 1'- " - . H ' zu. ,1-1.5.3 -r 'F - 424 Q '- fi 4 Q5 . f ,. ., ' Jvc,-.. ff?,'rm,' 1.4! eff :ELK ..,r 7 V .57-,. M v.- .v.,,,.i, , 'Jug v . '- , ...-.gad 1. ,f 2+fn9.'v-.4 qiflisr wx TQ- ' 3 ' 'WU f Leif-K v3d"'k' Q-g."'ih'4.2-'iw' - .V .- ., J L -5213 j 5 -A - 'Q gg -, 'L.,.L,'w,RL Q ,,L " 1-.ju I. ., 2, QR:-21-1.f'. - ' 1 if gilff' Mn...--,-Q:-I.-ffm'---'ff--'-" J". .M .- ., -1 r-:Qtr is f' 5 '- -4 -gap 1'X,,.-:fl - 45,1-, --',J.- - '24 .r 5 v7-5.,,,g,5'f,.f:w f':'f'5qi-1.P'wf 4 -31y,p,g .h j . V. M - ' -'L ' fx " fgw? f ' A 1 "" f W, TQ' 9 2 "' q5'zN:.'5wi-'f3'5-' 'q w 1 g ' P f f ' ' A ' ,Cx K g,.A..".,-F'-fi?" - . . , , . . W . 1 ,,,.., Pg ,few--?.,.'9,fisg W .15-if-. ff--'cfilYfT5"wif17",55? "1 "ff L " s " " ' f '- H , .ff I . ' ' F yi. Hi42ff"M'.' Q- .""2'35"-,f"'i'f77f7Z!4 'V -s 1.1-4.5 i.f"f, ' A . .. ' . A- ' f- . Q - -' .- P -f 4"."f..-fr -fvl- ' 1 I ' if -i J"1"' -Y .- - , I i - kz. . . . R4- . xx: ' ' . 1 f'e. . X . . IS. , . , V t.. mx, w .f x ' -- ""' u--x-4-1..,-.-.-Ng.-.F f -up-v-ff "" """ gp- ' . U :Ysk'f'fj-bi ', F. .L " , . A' . " f . I , fi' K 'I7 :TQ - - ., ' ' ' T - 1 'f frf -zgwdf , .- . b g , ' - gg ik-.Rv ., . , 3, . ,r.,- sz.. - --r ' . , I .:- .sv . ' vt

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New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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