New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH)

 - Class of 1954

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' 4 4 1 ...A , J? 1 up Jr '. ,wg ., -I-Q, . a vp. 4, !21 . 1Ef"'f, 1, ., .JF L - fsgm. Ziff E. 't - .wyx-gc A sg Ffa, 1 1. . f 4-,. -1 jf, E, if 2? -a . 2. H? -fn. is , La, T Q A " Q. vY'E'-,Q 1 Z :Q , 'b - " Mu-J .. ' 1 ,f 5 J py,4,,Q - . V 1:5555 fi, up . gnu ff" ", - 4 'A uf -, - " " 1 ' 'F -.1 8 4 F u .. ,UT-, Q P . E' , . FA4 0 , Q ' . 1 u 'ms ' ! " , 1 I. 3 . n v 1.1. gn - 1., hw, -u".,' .wi F. Wi I-- F e 31' - F MN' .. 4 f.'f. A 4,9 .1 :. ' JL.. ' 333-Y ,K 1, .ff CF' js Y. 4: 'J '. , , 4,w,1. H. '43 t R N 5, , A ' w ,, I' - ' Xfeseh-6 L gl 4,47 I 14' The Fifteenth Edition of the M E M I R New Knoxville, Ohio Members of the New Knoxville School District The Senior Class of 1954 would like to take this oppor- tunity to thank the many friends who so generously supported us morally and financially so we could make this Memoir possible. It has indeed been a pleasure to have an opportunity to record some of the activities and memories of our school years. We indeed hope that you accept our work with satis- faction and pleasure so that our final efforts as Seniors may be ct success. Class of 1954 IOYCE HENKENER Editor 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Administration Faculty - Seniors - Underclassmen Elementary Athletics Music Activities 3 KQV' 4355 5 , ' ' 77:3 '. ,wg M92 Wm P , .W I f 4 , .. , ,Q 'W af wwe? + N 'ff W ' ,ffwfh 42 ww Af, 3 My sim 'M Q1 'JH' . W 1 8 -N., 'V .5 O., WWQQQ 5' is . H V., . W, '3 3, ,, Wk ,K 6 n xg. ,,,."w. ugwm mm' an - " Y , . f., 'mf X s .. .. 4 M, x Ax 1 f ,F - wa 4 V .8 - , ,,, . 'Q , " , - .. " 'N ' , ,V "' lg ' 2- Q, "4 u -LW N 'Q' H ' Y' ' 1' M f"" V J' ' ' 1 4 . . W ' 'dry f' A. by at 'lf iz 1' 'On 'F f Zan W 'L ' 4' H x 3 an M K A N - , ,E . . M4 , 'Q ,ch yu ,e Q.. x-. Q fm V.. ,. E, n " . ,, ,A V, ' 5 "" b -X Q xg """- hug gm "Q -. 'K . M' ' 4 , -1' M 1 w :M ' f N . .N yn W u 7 'fm Q -. ,wx M F3 .451 In an L , , "f 4 A ,Q 3 A, ,,' 'H "fa, 'f N 42. -. 'N 5 M 2 " 518. " . Q, gi W u- in ,, -, Q "' ..' . W3 'Q' M " ' Q. w is M f' I W UW Q MMM h A q, Q, A X ,v , -. N I vw ' gl an 7 K ,, "Su, M' Q. " ' m. N . .. N .W x ,Ma is gp -Q ll 'gin 'Q Q Q- W- l N- Q, au f. 'N x n 'ln 'KA '1 49,1 1 . 'S 'lb , x N , ' Q H 22 N: W B mfv 5? Q' " - "'-Q.. 1, f , ,K Y 'N I' 75 4, 4, I xlg' feseh .6 ADMINISTRATION Mr. G Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. G Mrs. Mr. df Mrs. Mr. 6 Mrs. Mr. :S Mrs. Mr. :S Mrs. Mr. 61 Mrs. Mr . 6: Mrs. Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. df Mrs. Mr. :Sf Mrs. Dr. 6: Mrs. Mr. df Mrs. Mr. 6 Mrs. Mr. df Mrs. Miss Mary Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. G Mrs. lVlr. G Mrs. Mr. df Mrs. THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOlR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE William Ahlers Harold Arnett Wilson Arnett Orville Aufderhaar Elbert Baird Harold Bambauer Walter Beickman Iacob Berlet Charles Bielefeld Iohn Bielefeld George Bierbaum Reuben Bierbaum D. A. Bode Harry Bowersock Paul Bradford Paul Bubp Buddemeyer Oliver Buddemeyer Everett Burden Dale Chivington Albert Clausing Mrs. Caroline Clausing Mr . df Mrs. Mr. 6, Mrs. Mr. df lVlrs. Mr. 61 Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. 61 Mrs. Ferd Clausing Leonard Clausing Charles Cox Charles Culp LeRoy Deerhake Raymond Deerhake Diegel Brothers Mr. 6 Mrs. Mr. 6: Mrs. lVlr Russel Diegel Milton DuBois . Raymond Duhme Mr. 6 Mrs. Mr. Gr Mrs. Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. 6- Mrs. Mr. 6 Mrs. Edgar Donnerburg Albert Eisert Benjamin Elshoff Edwin Elshoff Floranz Elshoff Lawrence Elshoff Mr. Leonard. Elshoff Mr. 61 Mrs. Mr. ci Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. 6 Mrs. Mrs. Iulius Mrs. Lillian Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. 6 Mrs. Lester Elshoff Arthur Eschmeyer Richard Eschmeyer Zelotes Eschmeyer Eversman Eversman Myron Eversman Oliver Eversman Mr. 6 Mrs. Mr. 6 Mrs. Mr. 6: Mrs Mr. 61 Mrs. Mr. 6: Mrs Mr. G Mrs Mr. 6 Mrs Mr. G lVlrs. Mr. df Mrs Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. 6: Mrs Mr. G Mrs Mr. G Mrs Mr. df Mrs Mr. 6, Mrs Mr. df lVIrs Mr 55 Victor Fledderjohann Reinhard Fledderjohn Robert Fraunfelter Norville Freymuth Carl Frische Raymond Froning Andrew Graessle F . A. Grewe Dale Grimes Benjamin Gritzmaker Henry Gruebmeyer Virgil Gruebmeyer Ferd Haberkamp Gustave Haberkamp Orin Harlamert Robert Harmeyer . William Harmeyer . Chester Harrod . :S Mrs. Harold Harrod Rev. :Sf Mrs. Gilbert Heaton Mr. :S Mrs Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. :Sf Mrs. Mr. 6 Mrs Mr. 6 Mrs Henry Heidt Vernon Heidt Gregor Hein Benjamin Henkener Henry Henkener Mr. 61 Mrs. Raymond Eversman Mr. :S Mrs. Mrs. Ernest 5555 G Mrs. . 6: Mrs. Mr. 6, Mrs. Mr. ci Mrs. Mr. Gr Mrs. Wesley Eversman Feil . 6: Mrs. Bryan Fisher Arthur Fledderjohann August Fledderjohann 6: lVlrs. Edward Fledderjohann Fred A. Fledderjohann George Fledderjohann Herman Fledderjohann lVlrs. Matilda Fledderjohann Mr. df Mrs. Ralph Fledderjohann lVlr. 6. Mrs. Vernon Fledderjohann Mrs. Iohn F. Henkener . 6: Mrs. Kermit Henkener . 6: Mrs. Leonard Henkener . 6 Mrs. Orley Henkener . 6: Mrs. Raymond Henkener 5555 Mr. 61 Mrs. Roger Henkener Mr. 6. Mrs. Walter Henkener Mr. 61 Mrs. Arthur Henne Mr. df Mrs. Alfred Henschen . 6: Mrs. Allen Henschen 6: lVIrs. Benjamin Henschen 55 Mr. E. H. Henschen Mr. :Sf lVIrs. Ferd Henschen Mr. G Mrs. Fred Henschen Mr. 6, lVlrs. Herman A. Henschen lVlr. 6 Mrs. Herman F. Henschen Mr. 6 Mrs. Leonard Henschen 55 . 6: Mrs. Lewis Henschen . 6, Mrs. Raymond Henschen Mr. 6: lVlrs. Verlin Henschen Mr. 6. Mrs. Victor Henschen Mrs. Howard Hinze Mr. 6: Mrs. Kenith Hinze 555555 6, Mrs. Benjamin Hoelscher . 6, Mrs. Emil Hoelscher 6. Mrs. Noah Hoelscher 6 Mrs. Ralph Hoelscher . 6 Mrs. Raymond Hoelscher . 6. Mrs. Walter Hoelscher Mr. 6. Mrs. Oliver Hoerath Mr. 6, Mrs. Arthur Hoge 6: Mrs. Carl Hoge 6 Mrs. Gustave Hoge . 6, Mrs. Ioel Hoge . 6 Mrs. Kermit Hoge 5555 BOARD OF EDUCATION 1953 G. G. SCHROER E. HENKENER President Vice-President 2nd term lst term Ian. 1, 1950- Icxn. 1. 1950- Dec. 31. 1953 Dec. 31, 1953 W. L. ALSTAETTER lst year Ian. 1. 1953 Dec. 31, 1953 A. K. MANBECK L. F. DEERHAKE F. B. KATTERHEINCH lst term appointed term lst tenn Ian. 1, 1952- Ian. 16. 1950- Ian. 1. 1952- Dec. 31,1955 Dec. 31, 1953 Dec. 31, 1955 7 i BOARD OF EDUCATION 1954 W. E. HENKENER President Znd term Ion. 1, 1954- Dec. 31. 1957 W. L. ALSTAETTER Znd year Icm. 1, 1954- Dec. 31, 1955 F. B. KATTERHEINRICH Vice-President Ist term Icxn. 1, 1952- Dec. 31, 1955 L. F. DEERHAKE A. K. MANBECK L. W. SCHROER 1st term lst term lst term Ian. 1, 1954- lun. 1, 1952- Ian. 1. 1954- Dec. 31, 1957 Dec. 31, 1955 Dec. 31, 1957 8 X - , 73 SQHTC I' ' A' FACULTY THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE Mr. 6. Mrs. Norman Hoge Mr. 6, Mrs. Benjamin Hole lVIrs. Caroline Holtkamp Miss Esther Holtkamp Mrs. Sarah Holtkamp Mr. 6. Mrs. Donald Howe Miss Gertrude Hudson Mr. df Mrs. August Huelsmeyer Mrs. Hilda Iauert . 6. Mrs. Vernon Iauert . 6. lVlrs. William Iones . 6: Mrs. Clayton Kantner . 6. Mrs. Addis Katterheinrich . 6. Mrs. Alfred Katterheinrich . 6. Mrs. Benjamin Katterheinrich . 6. Mrs. Elmer E. Katterheinrich . 6. Mrs. Florenz Katterheinrich . 6: Mrs. George Katterheinrich . 6 Mrs. Henry Katterheinrich . 6. Mrs. Hiram Katterheinrich . 6. lVIrs. Howard G. Katterheinrich 555555555555 Mr. :S Mrs. Howard P. Katterheinrich Mr. 6. Mrs. Myron Katterheinrich Mr. Raymond Katterheinrich Mr. Mrs. Robert Katterheinrich 55 . Mrs. Verlin Katterheinrich . Mrs. Wesley Katterheinrich Mr. Mrs. William Katterheinrich Mr. Mrs. Willis Katterheinrich Mr. Mrs. Abner Kattman Mr. Mrs. Ernest Kattman Mr Mr. Mrs. Fred Kettler 55 . lVIrs. Milford Kettler G :Sf 6 6. 61 6: 6. . :S Mrs. Lee Kattman 62 6. . 6. Mrs. Lewis Kipp 6. :Sf 61 6. Mr. Mrs. Allie Klopfenstein Mr. Mrs. Herbert Klute Mr. Mrs. Robert Kohler Mr. Mrs. Elmer F. Kruse Mr. Mrs. Homer Kruse Mr. lVIrs. Virgil Kruse 55 6. 6. . 6. Mrs. William Kruse . 6: Mrs. Alfred Kuck :Sf Mr. Mrs. Andrew Kuck lVlr. :S Mrs. Byron Kuck Mr. 6. Mrs. Calvin Kuck Mr. 6. Mrs. Dale Kuck . 61 Mrs. E. R. Kuck . 6. lVIrs. Florenz Kuck Mrs. George A. Kuck Mr. 6. Mrs. Gustave Kuck Mr. 6: Mrs. Harvey Kuck Mrs. Hattie Kuck . 6: Mrs. Homer Kuck . 6. Mrs. Howard Kuck 55 55 Mr. 6. Mrs. Martin Kuck Mr. 61 Mrs. Orloe Kuck Mr. 6. lVIrs. Paul Kuck lVIr. 6. Mrs. Sylvanus Kuck Mr. 6. lVlrs. Theodore Kuck Mr. G Mrs Mr. 6. Mrs Mr. 6. Mrs Mr. df Mrs Mrs. Olga Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. Henry Mr. Iames Mr. df Mrs Mr. CS Mrs Walter A. Kuck Walter B. Kuck Willis Kuck Lawrence Kuhlman Kuhlman Edward Lageman Lageman Lageman Benjamin Lammers Henry Lammers Mr. 6. Mrs Lewis Lammers Mr. df Mrs Wesley Lammers Mr. :S Mrs R. I. Laughlin Mr. 6. Mrs Rogene Lehman Mr. 6. Mrs Stanley Lehman Mr. 6. Mrs Kenneth List Mr. :Sf Mrs. Iulius Longworth Mr. 6. Mrs Ferd Lutterbeck Mr. 6. Mrs. Fred Lutterbeck Mr. 6. Mrs. Lester Lutterbeck Mr. 6 Mrs. Lewis Mahn lVlr. Oliver Mahn Mr. :Sf Mrs. A. K. Manbeck Mrs. Sarah Maneke Mr. 6. Mrs. Richard F. Maurer Mr. 6, Mrs. Fred McCabe Mr. 6. Mrs. Walter McClure Mr. :Sf Mrs. Bernard McCullough Mr. 6, lVIrs. Leon McCullough Mr. 61 Mrs. Edward McCune Mrs. Amanda Meckstroth Mr. 6, Mrs. Elmer Meckstroth Mr. 6 Nlrs. Ferd B. Meckstroth Mr. George Meckstroth Mr. 6. Mrs. Fred W. Meckstroth Mr. 61 Mrs Harry Meckstroth Mr. 6. Mrs Herman Meckstroth Mr. Gr Mrs Lawrence Meckstroth Mr. 6. Mrs Leroy Meckstroth Mr. 61 Mrs Vernon Meckstroth Mr. ol Mrs Dale Meyer Mr. :S Mrs Walter Meyer Mr. 5 Mrs. William Meyer Mr. :S Mrs. Kermit Miller Mr. 6: Mrs. Milford Moellenkamp Mr. 6. Mrs Dale Montgomery Mr. 6, Mrs Ferd Montgomery Mr. 61 Mrs Lowell Morrow Mr. 6: Mrs Iohn Musser Mr. 6. Mrs Ralph Nave Mr. 6 lVlrs Benjamin Neuman Mr. 6. Mrs Leonard Neuman Mr. 6. Mrs Allen Niemeyer Mr. 6. Mrs Benjamin Niemeyer Mr. 6. Mrs Donald Niemeyer lVIr. 6. Mrs Edward Niemeyer Mr. 6: Mrs Florenz Niemeyer Mr. 6, Mrs. Henry Niemeyer Mr. :S Mrs. Oliver Niemeyer Miss Ruth Niemeyer '-1' g"'vr' fr 1' ' HIGH CHOOL FAC LTY EDUCATION Bowling Green State University A. B. G B. S. Ohio State University M. A. St. Louis University Miami University SUBIECTS Biology General Science Physics IOHN R. MUSSER V. E. KATTERHEINRICH Superintendent KENNETH LIST Principal EDUCATION Wilmington College B. S. EDITH WISSMAN Kent State Universit ACTIVITIES EDUCATION Miami University B. S. ACTIVITIES Girls' Gym Class SUBJECTS Elementary Music High School Chorus Iunior Play Advisor Senior Class Advisor SUBTECTS Reading 8 Arithmetic 8 Plane Geometry Algebra 1 Solid Geometry MARTHA HABERKAMP I EDUCATION. EDUCATION Ol:oSState University Wjgexgerq College Ohio Northern University ' ' Acrwmss ACTIVITIES Eighth Grade Advisor Senior PIUY Advisor Iunior High Gym Freshman Class Advisor Boys' Gym Class SUBIECTS 11 h ggzifiaucgizch English ix, x, xl, 5. XII World History SUBIECTS English a Science 7 History 8 American History Social Studies 7 ll Y HIGH CHOOL FAC LTY EDUCATION Ohio State University B. S. ACTIVITIES Sophomore Class Advisor SUBIECTS Vocational Agriculture IX 6. X Vocational Agriculture XI 6. XII Farm Shop ANNA NEWELL EVALYN SCHULTZ EDUCATION Ohio State University B. S. Ohio University SUBIECTS EDUCATION Bowling Green State University B. S. ACTIVITIES Memoir Advisor Iunior Class Advisor Band GLENNA FOGT SUBIECTS Typing I G II Shorthand Bookkeeping General Business EDUCATION EDUCATION Ohio Wesle an Ohio State University B. A. Y B' S- Acrlvmss L I IEUETECTS Iunior G Senior Reception cfm , Seventh Grade Advisor Aflfhmehc 7 SUBIECTS Dramatics English 7 Home Ec I, II. III, G IV 12 ELEMENTARY F C LTY First Grade EDUCATION Bowling Green State University B. S. Bluffton College Indiana University Ohio State University University oi Denver M. A. SHEARL SPARKS Fourth Grade EDUCATION Bowling Green State University B. S. Ohio University EDUCATION Bluffton College Bowling Green State University Ohio University Wittenberg College Second Grade ARAMINTA GRIMES LULU GRILLIOT Fifth Grade EDUCATION Shelby County Normal School Miami University Ohio Northem University 13 Third Grade EDUCATION Auglaize County Normal School Bowling Green State University Ohio Northern University C. 11. STIENECKER Sixth Grade EDUCATION Auglaize County Normal School Bowling Green State University Ohio Northern University OFFICE Left to riqhi: Ioyce Henkener, Mrs. Ccxrol Kuck, Mr. Katterheinrich, Ned Kutterheinrich. cmd Roger Eversmcm. 1953-1954 CLASS SCHED LE Az 1 zu. , wr. sm: S nm sm, mm. ser. :Smal rm. . Q ' Q A Hlzggzex-haxurieka, Lin Huherkaaap mana, :Juan Seizure: Prqmiau mag: , wxamazq, A 1 ' woo , , , 1 as na. ev rm. -7 ik B Gym an aa. as mm. 5 an. A A fllffff C ' ' em.s-m'u.'1'm M116 K ' '- " amy am snglxnn mn . mm. qipoaking maps. fm. Ag. , an 15 wan. V 18 19 1 .xc fa n AA ' eq zu. rw im. S ' av nm. as sm. 21 rea. 24 nm. s am. 555 'Sandy Han Arifh B worm Annan: Bums Ee, Typing I Vee. Ay X, ff ijfggf ,V A w 16 mam-y us .zzssmw as I s 9 1 zu a 11 Ag? D ze rm. as na. av Pm. sz sm. 3 ax an. as m. as nn. .Q :msn mum Eflmxs Guam. mggxxsu 8 scum. annual: from se. sandy sian. ' -veg. ai, ' 1' C 1 '1' ran is E .A . .MAA 13 ' M Q va E 15 1 Simi.: ' ' as sm, ea an. za sm. as sm. Wax rn. 27 in. 21 Au. " '- F1135 my-ms fugwrn 1 sway B811 Saunas 'I time Fa. Hhvrtbmd YW, As- -: 3 F '1 15 1 sv gsv 1 xx 9 a :S an a 15 A , jg I ' as sm. C aff in. an m. az au. mhz. I M im, as I-ns. W mn. ' 1" A I ' "3 A- -f W Blgmntmy - ,. ,.,,- , , 18:45 cumin anna mum. 211311331 10 mummy e X am ae. Typing 1 sway mn mm 7 wsu, ' A A Af. : :mama 22 5 as 18 ni Q4 IY 14 12 B 3? Tan. Im. ' A ' Q i? Y' " ' asm. mm. eww, mm. am. mam. ' A' f,fff 'F 8: B , ' ' ' '- , FW'-2' angmn 91 xml-mm :may mn ming rx mm :mp mam xx an-me mms , ' ' 35 xiiawry x5 95 13 9 10 nan. 'Emp ' V J A A- mm. asm. xivm. man. asm. seam. em. mm. , 1,-'ij ,2:A,'-T51 ' 31'?lUlW!Y!', H f 1123135 X axalegy anaamg 25 Engzaah ll sway mm. mglim 1 muxueaa rm :aim mum 1 .mum ' A V Q Ai zz 15 xa L5 av 'n-smug so 9 5, rm. zum. Fri?-I V Q V F Q 1 H. 3 . ., gn 3 3 ., A -A Il.. gi , 1. A Junior Ylaqr Senior Play Wy, egg k' Yaarbmk as ' b . gg?-gg V, . , E15 u j Wei. 'mam Rowlrkibrs Study 33511 Wm' 3341 A A2 2' 54 WM A' ' A , , . ' N A , A . . A , A , A .BQ 315 :Z ., 5' .n.w.M,. A gg. ,rzrMu:..,. ,Q . .Again ,:. ,,.. ,L .,.,. ' ,,,, M- A.., .M ,.,,., ' ' 14 I l SENIORS Mr. :S Mrs. THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE Donald Nolte Mr. Edward Nuesmeyer Mr. 6: Mrs. Paul Nuss Rev. 6. Mrs. Loren Onweller Mr. 6: lVIrs. Mr. G Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. G Mrs. Mr. di Mrs. Mr. :S Mrs. Miss Anna Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Edward Opperman Eugene Opperman Herbert Opperman Myron Opperman lames Ott Richard Overley Daniel Pierce Poppe Henry Poppe Simpson Poppe Mrs. Lela Porter Mr . G Mrs. M.r. 6. Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. :Sf Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. :S Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. :Sf Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. 61 Mrs. Willis Price August Prueter Iames Prueter Clarence Rain Iulius Rain Reinhart Rain Glenn Ridgeway Harley Rodock Merlin Roettger Omer Ruese Orval Rupert Alma Sawmiller Eugene Schaffer Ward Shafer Emil Schneider Mr. lohn Schneider Mr. 6 Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. lVIr. 6: Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. :S Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. 6 Mrs. Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. df Mrs. Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. :Sf Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Miss Anna Henry Schnelle Kermit Schnelle Norman Schnelle Lawrence Schroeder Edward Schroer Elmer Schroer Ewald Schroer Gustave Schroer Harvey Schroer Herman Schroer Ioseph Schroer Leonard Schroer Leroy Schroer Schroer Mr. Richard Schroer Mr. 6 Mrs. Mr. 61 Mrs. Florenz Schrolucke Harry Schrolucke Mrs. Louise Schrolucke Miss Mary Mr. 6: Mrs. Mr. 6. Mrs. Mr. Gr Mrs. Mr. G Mrs. Schrolucke Norman Schrolucke Robert Schrolucke Wilson Schrolucke Don Shroyer Mr. Elmer Schultz Mr. 5 Mrs. Mr . Oliver Elmer H. Schultz Schultz Mr. 6, Mrs. Emil Schwabero Mr. 5 lVlrs. Richard Schwabero Mr. 6. Mrs. Roger Schwabero Mr. 6 Mrs. Adrian Settlage Mrs. Alice Settlage Miss Leah Settlage Mr. Lester Settlage Mr. 6. Mrs. Noah Settlage lVlr. 6 Mrs. William Settlage Mrs. Rosa Settlage Mr. G Mrs. Mr. :S Mrs Oscar Shaner Iohn Scheblo Mr. 6. Mrs. Harold Shuster Mr. 6. Mrs. Ralph Shuster Mr. 6, Mrs. Andrew Skapura Mr. :S Mrs. Marion Smith Dr. G Mrs. E. P. Sparks Mr. 6: Mrs. Don Stienecker Rev. :S Mrs. Lewis Stolte Mr. 6. Mrs. Carl Stolzenburg Mr. 6. Mrs. Elmer Stout Mr. 6. Mrs. Harry Stork Mr. 6. Mrs. Paul Stork Mr. 61 Mrs. Edward Stroh Mr. 6 Mrs. Vernon Stroh Mr. 6 Mrs. Richard Sudman Mrs. Caroline Sunderman Mr. 6. Mrs. George Telljohann Mr. :S Mrs. Oliver Timmerman Mr. :S Mrs. Harold Thees lVlr. 6. Mrs. Henry Vohs Mr. 6. Mrs. Leonard Vohs Mr. ci Mrs. Reinhart Vohs Mr. 6- Mrs. Oliver Vordermark Mr. 6. Mrs. Lester Vornholt Mr. 6. Mrs. Alvin Warner Mr. Gr Mrs. Benjamin Warner Mr. 6. Mrs. Florenz Warner Mr. 6 Mrs. Henry Warner Mr. 6. Mrs. Oliver Warner Mr. Martin Wehmeyer Mr. 6. Mrs. Charles Wellman Mr. 6: Mrs. Conrad Wellman lVIr. 6. Mrs. Donald Wellman Mr. 6. Mrs. Eldred Wellman Mr. G Mrs. Ferd Wellman Mr. ci Mrs. Howard Wellman Mr. 6. Mrs. Paul Wellman Mr. 6. Mrs. Carl Werheim Mr. 6 Mrs. lames Wessel Mr. Carl Westerbeck 55 . Arnold Wierwille . 6. Mrs. Ezra Wierwille Mr. 6 Mrs. Fred Wierwille Mr. G Mrs. Harry Wierwille Mr. 61 Mrs. Orlando Wierwille Mr. 6 Mrs. Orville Wierwille Mr. 6. Mrs. Ray Wierwille Mr. 6. Mrs. Reuben Wierwille Mr. Roy Wierwille Mr. 6: Mrs. Harold Wietholter Mr. 6. Mrs. Lester Wissman Dr. G Mrs. H. S. Wolfe Mr. 6. Mrs. H. W. Zuege Birthday-March 11, 1936 Basketball 1, 2, 3: Base- ball 1, 2, 3: Student Coun- cil 1: Vice-President oi class 2: Memoir Staff 4: "Excuse Me Please" 3: "Mother Is A Freshman" 4 4: Class President 4 Birthday-Dec. 11, 1936 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4: Secretary oi Class 1, 4: Secretary of Band 4: President ai Chorus 4: Student Council 1: Library l, 2: Home Economics 2, 4: Memoir Staff 4: Echo Staff 4: Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 2, 3: "Ex- cuse Me Please" 3: "Moth- er Is A Freshman" 4 E BILL BEICKMAN President ANNETTE HINZE Secretary ICR ALFRED MANBECK Vice-President NED KATTERHEINRICH Treasurer 17 Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 4: F. F. A. 1: Baseball 1, 2: Basketball 1, 2: Man- ager 4: Memoir Staff 4: "Excuse Me Please" 3: "Mcther Is A Freshman" 4 Birthday-Iune 10, 1936 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chcrus 1. 2, 3, 4: President ol Class Z: Treasurer of Class 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Base- ball 1, 2: President ot Band 4: Ofiice 4: German Band 2, 3: Memoir Staff 4: Echo Staff 4: "Excuse Me P1ease" 3: "Mother Is A Freshman" 4 Birthday-April 10. 1936 LASS PROPHECY The prosperous city of New Knoxville lay garlanded and expectant beneath the Iune sunshine of the year 1974. Today the seats of the N.K.H.S. stadium were rapidly filling with hundreds who wanted to have part in the reunion of the class of 1954. The old-time members gathered for the opening march. There were heads with graying locks-if the truth is to be told there were heads beginning to lose their locks, but the old fires of enthusiasm bumed in eager eyes and perennial youth glowed in their hearts. The band finished the introduction off a lively march and the class of 1954 took its place on the flower-trimmed platform. The music changed to the strains of their old Alma Mater and the assembled members began to sing with trembling but proud voices. As the song ended DALE HENKENER, the well noted president of the Lonely Hearts Club, stepped forward and began: "Ladies and Gentlemen, schoolmates of the good old days. and friends of bygone years. Before I pro- ceed with the address of this occasion I wish to present the members of the class of 1954 and give you a few facts concerning them. I will begin with LLOYD KUCK. Lloyd is the thief of the class: he stole an office from his opponent and got into the legislature-now he's in Congress and no telling what he'll get into next. Then here's PHYLLIS SCHROLUCKE. She always had a fondness for chickens. calves, and baby baa- baas, so of course she became a veterinarian. THOMAS FISHER is in the State Hospital-he has charge of it. His motto is "Nuts To Us." We are proud of IOYCE HENKENER who has become the first woman president of the United States. Although it was impossible for her to be with us today, she sent her private telephone operator, IANET ELS1-IOFF. who persistently listens to all of the president's personal calls. ALFRED MANBECK is a worthy doctor. He is an allopath, and while it's said that all paths lead to the grave, I want to tell you that Alfred doesn't lead patients there very often. Maybe this is because of MAR- LENE WISSMAN, his private and very helpful nurse. NED KATTERHEINRICH, as you know. is principal of N.K.H.S. at this time and RUTH HOGE has charge of the English department. They both wanted to teach in this school in order that they might have revenge on future classes for the roasting the Faculty gave them during their high school years. DALE STOLZENBURG is part of the backbone of the country-for if good farmers are not the country's back- bone tell me what is. Dale gets all of his prize cattle from CHARLES SCHROEDER who owns the biggest cattle ranch in the state of Texas. ARLENE VVIERWILLE came today in her own private plane, "The Sneaky One." She has just retumed from Germany where she has been teaching in a private school for flyers. Yesterday at the Kentucky Derby a horse by the name of "Quick Silver" won first place. This horse was ridden by the world famous jockey, NED WIERWILLE, who is here today and believe me he is loaded-with mon- ey. NANCY WIERWILLE lives here in New Knoxville with her wonderful family. She, as most of you know. is the mother of the famous Niemeyer Octuplets. Last week the New York Razor Blades won the world championship basketball trophy. They are coached by our very own Bl1.L BEICKMAN. I might add that all of Bil1's players get their hair cut at Luke's Lucky Barber Shop owned and operated by LUKE STIENECKER.. The Reverend GLENN WILLIAMS is here today. Glenn is pastor of the Evangelical and Reformed Church located in Shinbane. a suburb of New Knoxville. ANNETTE HINZE, the famous fashion model from New York, is not able to be here with us today. but she sends her love and told me to tell you that she will see you in the new issue of Fashions For Women. You have all heard of the new miracle drug "Ridapain." This drug was discovered by the well-known surgeon MARLENE MCCULLOUGI-I. Lost week Marlene saved the life of that glamorous movie star, Carolyn Conroe, alias IEAN ANN I-IENKENER. Iean was rushed to the hospital after she accidently swallowed a diamond shoe string. ROGER EVERSMAN arrived this moming in his first successful invention, the folding automobile. As you can see, it is folded up, lying on the chair beside him. Now, dear friends, having introduced the old class of 1954, I will proceed with the address to which I invite your attention." Here the recital of the class reunion ends, for if we endeavor to recount what the flowery orator of the day said, the farmers in the audience will not get hcme in time to milk the cows in the morning. 18 Birthday-lune 28. 1936 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer of Class 3: Office 4: Memoir Staff 4: Echo Staff 4: Home Economics 4: German Band 2, 3: "Excuse Me Please" 3: "Mother Is A Freshman" 4 Birthday-Feb. 2. 1935 Band 1, 2. 3, 4: Chorus 1, Z, 3, 4: Baseball 1, Z, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Man- ager 4: Memoir Staff 4: F. F. A. Sentinal 2: Ass. F. F. A. Sentinal 1: F. F. A. Reporter 3: F. F. A. Student Advisor 4: "Ex- cuse Me Please" 3: "Moth- er Is A Freshman" 4 E IOR IOYCE HENKENER Editor GLENN WILLIAMS. Ir. 19 LLOYD KUCK Assistant Editor I EAN HENKENER Chorus 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Sentinal F. F. 1-X. 4: Me- moir Stafi 4 1 ......... go l f, , , 5374 1 . Birthday-May 5, 1935 Band l, 2, 3, 41 Chorus 1. 2, 4: Library 1, Z.: Home Economics 4: Echo Staff 4: Memoir Staff 4: Cheer- leader 3, 4: Pianist of Chorus 4: German Band 2, 3: Cafeteria 4: "Mother Is A Freshman" 4: "Ex- cuse Me Please" 3 Birthday-Oct. 25. 1936 LAST WILL and TESTAMENT We, the departing Senior Class of 1954, being of sound body and mind, hereby publish and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. To our beloved teachers, we bequeath our lasting affection and a large measure of thanks for the constant and capable manner in which they stood at the helm during our voyage through school. To the Board of Education, we leave our sincere thanks for all the things they have done for us. To the underclassmen, we leave our ability to learn. I, William Beickman, will and bequeath my ability to play baseball to Donald Heidt. I, Ianet Elshoff, will and bequeath my musical t?l voice to Ella Mae Kuck. I, Roger Eversman, will and bequeath my ability to use "high-faluting" words to Paul Ott. I, Thomas Fisher, will and bequeath I, Dale Henkener, will and bequeath chief to anyone who needs I, lean Henkener, will and bequeath I, loyce Henkener, will and bequeath I, Annette Hinze, will and bequeath my driving ability to Ianice Eversman. my ability to look innocent when caught in mis- it my height to Lee Clausing. my "gift of gab" to Nancy Prueter. my ability to think up excuses for getting out of seventh period study hall to anyone who can use it. I, Ruth Hoge, will and bequeath my ability to get straight A's to Wayne Bambauer. I, Ned Katterheinrich, will and bequeath my hair-cut to Ronald Kuck. I, Lloyd Kuck, will and bequeath all my excuse blanks and absent privileges, to Elnor Arnett. I, Alfred Manbeck, will and bequeath my masculine handsomeness to Dean Kuck. I, Marlene McCullough, will and bequeath my love for tall men to Doris Eisert. I, Charles Schroeder, will and bequeath my basketball ability to Dean Deerhake. I, Phyllis Schrolucke, will and bequeath my love for the farm to Dixie Shuster. I, Luke Stienecker, will and bequeath my brilliant remarks to Robert McClure. I, Dale Stolzenburg, will and bequeath my quietness to lane Henkener. I, Arlene Wierwille, will and bequeath my ability to get my history by fair means or foul to Annett Aufderhaar. I, Nancy Wierwille, will and bequeath my ability to go steady to Gloria Wierwille. I, Ned Wierwille, will and bequeath gladly all my books back to the school. I, Glenn Williams, will and bequeath my power to please the girls to Robert Deerhake. I, Marlene Wissman, will and bequeath my jolly personality to Nancy Haberkamp. To this school, our beloved Alma Mater, in order to show our appreciation of all that it has done for us, we do, in this last will and testament, hereby bequeath the amount of ten thousand memories with which to erect a bronze tablet, a lasting memorial of the Senior Class of 1954. 20 Birthday-March 12. 1936 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4: Library 2: Secre- tary of Class 3: Memcir Staff 4: Echo Staff 4: "Ex- cuse Me Please" 3: "Moth- er Is A Freshman" 4 Birthday-March 6, 1936 Chorus 4: Library 4: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Farm Shop 2, 4: Ass. Secretary of F. F. A. 2: Ass. Vice-Presi- dent of F. F. A. 3 IOR ARLENE WIERWILLE DALE STOLZENBURG DALE HENKENER MARLENE WISSMAN 21 Chorus 4: Basketball 1, Z. 4: Baseball 1: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Ass. Secretary of F. F. A. 2: Treasurer of F. F. A. 3, 4: Memoir Stall 4: "Excuse Me P1ease" 3 Birihday-April 4. 1936 Band 1, 2. 3. 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Economics 1, 2, 4: Library 4: Me- moir Stafi 4: Echo Stafi 4: "Excuse Me Please" 3: "Mother Is A Freshman" 4 Birthday-Oct. 19. 1836 CLASS HISTURY On the seventh day of September of 1950 the class of 1954 entered the New Knoxville High School. Our class consisted of eleven girls and sixteen boys. We had fourteen members of our class in chorus and ten in the band. We also had nine boys out for basketball and six out for baseball. During the year we lost one member of our class, Robert Eisert, who found other interests. In the fall of 1951 we entered the Sophomore Class with twenty-four members. Pat McCue moved back to her home in Connecticut and Vernon Stienecker found new interests. Our class took an active part in school activi- ties. We had eight boys playing basketball and four on the baseball team. We also had interest in music, for we had fourteen in the chorus and thirteen in the band. The two flag bearers and a cheerleader were also in our class. On September 2, 1953, We had twenty-four members in our class. Our class had seven boys participating in sports. There were fourteen in chorus and band. There also were two cheerleaders elected from our class. On the seventeenth of October we presented "Excuse Me Please," which was a great success. Also on May first we presented the lunior-Senior Reception in honor of the Seniors. During the year we lost Don McCullough and Carl McCune who took up farming. The Senior Class of 1954 entered their last year of school life with twenty-three pupils. Our class took an active part in sports and music as we had done in the first three years in high school. During the year Larry Westbay joined the Armed Services so we only had twenty-two members left in our class. On the twenty-sixth of March the Seniors presented "Mother is a Freshman," a three-act comedy, which was a great success. 22 nmhaqy-July 25. teas Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1. 2, 4: Librarian ot Chorus 4: President oi Class 1: Cafeteria 4: Library 2: Home Economics 4: Ofhce 3: Echo Stafi 4: Memoir Staff 4: Cheerleader 4: "Excuse Me Please" 3: "Mother Is A Freshman" 4 Birthday-Ian. 23, 1936 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chonrs 1, 2, 3. 4: F. F. A. 1: Echo Staff 4: Memoir Staff 4: "Excuse Me Please" 3: "Mother Is A Freshman" 4 E IOR MARLENE MCCULLOUGH THOMAS FISHER CHARLES SCHROEDER RUTH HOGE 23 Band 2, 3, 4: Chorus 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Base- ball l, 2: Class President 3: Memoir Staff: F. F. A. l, 2, 3, 4: President of F. F. A. 4: Vice President of F. F. A. 3: Reporter of F. F. A. 2: "Excuse Me Please" 3 Birthday-Nov. 16, 1936 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1. 2, 3, 4: Office 1, 2. 3: of Cafeteria 3: Treasurer Class 1: Vice-President oi Class 3: Librarian of Chorus 1: Librarian Band 3: Vice-President of of Band 4: German Band 2. 3: Home Economics 4: Echo Staff 4: Memoir Steffi 4: Majorette 1: "Excuse Me Please" 3: "Mother Is A Freshman" 4 Birthday-Feb. B. 1936 Name Nickname William Beickman "Willie" Ianet Elshott uhm.. Roger Eversman "Possum" Thomas Fisher ...romu Dale Henkener "Harvey" Iean Henkener "Hank" Ioyce Henkener "Whitie" Annette Hinze Hmnz.. Ruth Hoge ,,Hoqe.. Ned Katterheinrich "Benny" Lloyd Kuck uned.. Alfred Manbeck ,,m,. Marlene McCullough "Corrie" Charles Schroeder "Charlie" Phyllis Schrolucke "Phil" Luke Stienecker "Lukie" Dale Stolzenburg "Sto1zie" Arlene Wierwille .,Ez.. Nancy Wierwille "Artie" Ned Wierwille ...ronyu Glenn Williams uh.. Marlene Wissman uwissy.. THIS A D TH T Favorite Saving Censored What Huh Don't Know Do You? Hey Sweet Baby! You Know It Could Be Shoot No Matter Awk Censored Could Be You Dumb Bunny Yea Nuts Oh Shut Up The Heck It Is Awk O For Pete Sake Better Believe Could Be You Know It Favorite Song Tenderly To Be Alone Heart Of My Heart You Belong To Me Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes I Love You Truly Temptation Star Dust Deep Purple To Be Alone Oh Mine Papa Heart Of My Heart Forever And Ever Heart Ot My Heart Tenderly Kiss To Build A Dream On Changing Partners I Believe Indian Love Call There Stands The Glass Iones Boy Ebb Tide 24 Ambition None Secretary Carpenter Aeronautical Engineer Mustache Trimmer Nurse To Be Successful Secretary Business Teacher Business Man Famier Horticulturist Writer Famer Teacher Singer Farmer Dress Designer Airline Hostess Organist Iockey Secretary Probability Bachelor College Professor Dumb Farmer Basketball Referee Opera Singer Missionary Editor Oi The New York Times Miss America President Ot U.S. History Teacher Comedian Girls' Gym Instructor Truck Driver Horse Thiei Taxi Driver Post Hole Digger Basketball Coach Dare Devil Race Track Driver Cat Catcher Trapeze Actor Movie Actress Bu-:bday-Ian. 25. 1936 Band 2. 3, 4: Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4: Secretary of Chorus 4: Memoir Staff 4: Echo Staff 4: Home Economics 1, 2. 4: Ass. Cafeteria 4: Maiorette 2. 3, 4: "Excuse Me Please" 3: "Mother Is A Freshman" 4 Birthday-Oct. 29. 1936 Chorus 4: Basketball 1. 2: Baseball 1: F. F. A. 1. 2. 3, 4: Assistant Secretary of F. F. A.: Memoir Staff 4: "Excuse Me Please" 3 SENIOR NANCY WIERWILLE LUKE STIENECKER NED WIERWILLE IANET ELSHOFF 25 - f .1-'fy-ff . Chorus 4: Office 3: Bas- ketball Manager 3, 4: Echo Staff 4: Memoir Stall 4: "Excuse Me Please" 3: "Mother Is A Freshman" 4 Birthday-Sept. ll. 1936 Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Chorus 1. 2, 4: Librarian of Chorus 4: Echo Stall 4: Memoir Staff 4: Home Economics 1. 2, 4: Cafeteria 4: "Ex- cuse Me Please" 3: "Mother Is A Freshman" 4 Birthday-Aug. 29. 1936 N118 C LENDAR SEPTEMBER 8 School Starts 10 "Echo" stafi organized 11 Luke's birthday "Al" joins chorus 14 Iunior Class picks play Chonis gets mixed with girls' gym 17 Arlene gets haircut in study hall 21 Seniors start taking pictures Iunior play characters picked 24 Endicott and English speak to Seniors Senior girls go to study hall for a change 25 Pictures taken Girls' gym class learns new dance step Z8 Home Ec. girls see movie OCTOBER Z Gets laws laid down again 7 Seniors get pictures taken 19 Marlene W. is 17 Z0 Seniors get out-ol-town ads 23 Senior girls play on Maypole Iunior play-SUCCESS 25 Ie-an's birthday 26 Ottar Bergiledt and Audrey Vermet give talks to students 28 Nichools VanLuken shows pictures on the Netherlands 29 Ned W. is 17 30 No school-Teachers' meeting Band Mothers' Bake Sale Senior girls' Orchestra plays NOVEMBER 3 Seniors select Memoir covers 6 P.T.A. Carnival Seniors place first in talent show ll Armistice Day Magician show 12 History class serenades "Mus" on his birthday 13 First ball game with Anna-won 55-54 16 Char1ie's birthday 17 Public Speaking Class goes to Lima radio station, WIMA 20 New Bremen wins-54-44 24 Phyllis is 17 26 Thanksgiving 27 Delphos Wins-70-54 DECEMBER 4 Beat Fort Recovery--58-47 No school-teachers' meeting 5 St. Henry wins-59-50 10 Seniors Decorate Christmas Tree ll Annette's birthday Minster wins-46-45 13 Christmas Band Concert 15 Beat Botkins-59-56 18 Win over Cridersville-60-54 23 Christmas Program by Graders 29 Beat Hoagland-Iackson-77-56 26 IANUARY 4 School begins again 6 Group pictures taken Red dislocates arm 8 Captain Conner and his dogs entertain students Beat Buckland-72-52 Memoir Staff selected 11 Beat Spencerville-67-56 15 Senior Scholarship Tests New Bremen wins-47-49 19 St. Ioe wins-77-65 22 Minster wins--54-60 23 Thomas's birthday 25 Nancy's birthday 26 Three teachers sick Married seems to be the by-word 28 Dramatics Class prepares play 29 Inspector visits school Waynesfield wins-N64-57 30 Mendon wins-46-42 FEBRUARY 1 Musser lays down basketball rules 2 Ground Hog day Iunior's birthday 3 Memoir staff pictures taken 4 Snow ball tights 5 Coldwater wins-60-58 6 Ruth is 18 7 Bond goes to Troy 9 lean loses skirt 12 Cridersville wins-59-58 13 Chorus and Band delegates go to Delaware 16 Beat Buckland in tournament-64-47 18 New Bremen wins 70-60 19 Seniors pick play 24 R0ger's birthday MARCH 6 Dale's birthday 9 Representative from Bowling Green speaks to Seniors 11 Bi11's birthday 12 Arlene's birthday 26 Senior Play-GREAT 31 Scholarship Tests APRIL 7 Mr. Katterheinrich's birthday 9 Spring Band Concert 10 Benny's birthday 15 8th grade Scholarship Tests 23 Spring Chorus Concert MAY 1 District State Scholarship Tests 5 Recl's birthday 7 Iunior and Senicr Reception-WONDERFUL 14 High School Party 16 Baccalaureate 20 Commencement 24 Last day of school-GOOD E IOR Band 1. 2. 3. 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary oi Class 2: Office 4: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Secretary of F. F. A. 4: Memoir Staff 4: "Ex- cuse Me P1ease" 3 PHYLLIS SCHROLUCKE ,,,,,.,,,, V 1" ..: 2 ROGER EVERSMAN V-----" is nil-many-Nov. 24. 1936 ,.,.,,, Band 2' 3' 4? Chorus 1- 2- 5 3, 45 Library 4: Home Ec- ':'1 onomics 4: Cafeteria 3: f IV: ,," ,".'- 5 ,, Echo Stall 4: Memoir Staii ',.' Q 4: ,Excuse Me Pleuseu 3: . .,,.. . . ..,,,.,.,. "Mother ls A Freshman" Birthday-Feb. 24, 1936 SENIORS IN FIR T GRADE First row: lleft to rightl Ianet Elshoff, Marlene McCullough, Iean Henkener, Iames Kenl- terheinrich, Dale Henkener, Annette Hinze, Marlene Wissman, Sharon Binkley Second row: Phyllis Schrclucke, Nancy Wierwille, Charlene Stolte. Ruth Hoge, Arlene Wierwille, Ianice McCollum, Ned Katterheinrich, Sharon Stahly, Roger Eversman Third row: Mrs. Caroline Holtlcamp, Luke Stienecker, Ned Wierwille, Charles Schroeder, Dale Stolzenburg, Donald McCullough, Bill Beickman 27 MEMIOR STAFF Left to right: leon Henkener'Senior Editor: Ioyce Henkener-Editor: Mrs. Schultz-Memoir Advisor: Lloyd Kucl:-Assistant Editor: Annette Hinze-Class Editor Lerftiorriqht: Ned Wierwille-Photography: Luke Stienecker-Photography: Ruth Hoge -Bus. Mgr.: Roger Eversmon-Asst. Business Mgr.: Dcrle Henkener-Prophecy: Marlene McCullough-Prophecy Left to right: Nancy Wierwille-Class Will: Arlene Wierwille-Class Will: Alfred Mcmbeck-Sports Editor: Marlene Wissmcm-This cmd That: Bill Beickmon-Sports Editor: Ionet Elshoit-This and Thor Thomas Fisher-Activities: Dole Stolzenburg-Activities: Phyllis Schrolucke-Calendar: Ir. Willioms-Activities: Charles Schroeder-Clcxss History: Ned Kotterheinrich-Assistant Closs Editor A 28 v ENGLISH First row: lleit to riqhtl Ruth Hoge, Annette Hinze, Phyllis Schrolucke Second row: Bill Beickman, Marlene McCullough, Nancy Wierwille, Marlene Wissman Third row: Thomas Fisher, lean Henkener, Ioyce Henkener, Ar- lene Wierwille Fourth row: Alfred Manbeck, Dale Henkener, Ianet Elshofi, Roger Eversman HI TORY g First row: ileit to rightl Bill Beickman, Iunior Williams Second row: Roger Eversman, Charles Schroeder, Ruth Hoge, Arlene Wierwille Third row: Dale Stolzenburg, Iean Henkener, Annette Hinze, Phyllis Schrolucke Fourth row: Thomas Fisher, Marlene McCullough, Nancy Wierwille, Marlene Wissman Fifth row: Lloyd Kuck, Dale Henkener, Ioyce Henkener, Ned Katterheinrich Sixth row: Alfred Manbeck, Luke Stienecker, Ianet Elshofi, Ned Wierwille TYPI G II Standing Cleft to riqhtl Annette Hinze, Marlene Wissman, Mrs. Schultz fteacherl First row: Luke Stieneclcer, Ianet Elshoif, Marlene McCullough Second row: Nancy Wierwille, lean Henkener. Phyllis Schrolucke, Ned Katter- heinrich Third row: Thomas Fisher, Arlene Wierwille, Ruth Hoge, Ioyce Henkener 29 Q, OLID GEOMETRY Left io right: Thomas Fisher, Bill Beickmcm, Alfred Mclnbeck Left to right: Arlene Wierwille, Annette Hinze, Marlene Wissmun, Ruth Hoge, Phyllis Schrolucke E ERAL BUSINESS Left to right: Ncmcy Wierwille, Ned Kcxiterheinrich. Icmet Elshoif, Luke Stienecker, Ned Wierwille 30 HOME ECO OMICS First row: Phyllis Schrolucke Second row: llelt to riqhtl Nancy Wierwille, Marlene Wissman, Ioyce Henkener, Mar- lene McCullough. lean Henkener, Ianet Elshofl Third row: Arlene Wierwille, Ruth Hoge, Annette Hinze TYPING I First row: Cleft to rightl Charles Schroeder, Glenn Williams, Ned Wierwille Second row: Alfred Manbeck, Lloyd Kuck, Third row: Dale Henkener, Roger Eversman FARM HOP Left to right: Charles Schroeder, Lloyd Kuck, Dale Stolzenburg 31 APSHOTS 1. Ella Mae Kuck. Roberta Schrolucke. Iuli Hoge. Ned Katterheinrich, Ioyce Schroer. Karen Lammers. Sharon Vordermark. 2. Old Glory. 3 Dean Hoge. 4. Lloyd Kuck. Ned Wierwille. Ned Kallerheinrich. 5. Larry Roeitger. Iohn Schroeder, Billy Kuhlman, Donald Eversman. Earl Harlameri. Dale Mecksirolh, Glenn Culp. Richard Bambauer. 6. Marlene McCullough, Dale Henkener. 7. Dale Henkener. 8. High School Party. 9. V. E. K. 10. Peter Popcorn. ll. V. E. Katterheinrich. Iohn R. Musser. 12. Baseball Players. 13 Lloyd Kuck. 14. Sharon Vordermark, Lee Clausinq. 15. Iunior Williams. 16. The Christmas Tree. 17. Iunior Williams. Luke Siienecker. 18. Mrs. Haberkamp 32 v ' 73 1-eseh I x!!f l ,- I' -f UNDERCLASSMEN THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE A. K. Manbeck 8: Son Nursery Arnett, Wilson I. C. Begg and Son Seed Corn Aufderhaar, Mildred V Life, Health. and Accident Insurance Bambauer, Robert Farm Seeds and Fertilizers Bielefeld Publishing Co. Commercial and Specialty Printing Blue Ribbon Hatchery Equipment, Remedies and Chicks Brookside Dairy Brown, Leland Welding Chic's Grocery, Harold Howe Meadow Gold Distributor Deerhake, Le Roy Farm Ditching Elshott's Market Groceries and Meats Eschmeyer, Eldred Duroc Hogs Eschmeyer, Lawrence Duroc Hogs Eversman, Mr. 6, Mrs. F. F. Teachers of Voice, Piano, Organ Eversman Oil Company Cities Service Products Fledderjohann, Vernon Brown Swiss Cattle Grimes' Dairy Bar 6: Restaurant Grimes' Quality Market Harlamert Egg and Poultry Co. Harrod Brothers DeKalb Seed Corn Henschen, Leonard Holstein Friesian Cattle Hoelscher, Walter Iob Printing Hoge Brush Company Brushes NEW KNOXVILLE Hoge Lumber Company Boards Katterheinrich Cabinet Shop Custom Made Cabinets Katterheinrich Motor Sales Sales-Chevrolet-Service Katterheinrich and Piehl New Knoxville Cement Tile Co. Katterheinrich, Robert Roofing, Heating, and Plumbing K 6 S Service Pure Oil Products, Tires and Accessories Kuck, R. H. Real Estate Broker and Insurance Counselor Kuck, Sylvanus Contractor-Carpenter, Ph. 2-60 Kuck's TV and Appliances Everything Electrical for Farm and Home Lammers, Silas Registered Brown Swiss Magnatonic Products, Inc. Meckstroth Motor Sales Ford Sales and Service Meckstroth Paint and Body Shop New Knoxville Supply Co. Plumbing, Heating, and Wiring O. I. Koenig, County Representative Wapakoneta Production Credit Association Rodehetfer, George I. and Son Spotted Poland China Hogs Rodeheffer, LaVerne Breeder ot Spotted and Black Poland China Hogs Shellenberger Garage Warner's Garage General Repairing, Dependable Used Cars Wellman, Ferd Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Wellman's Nursery Growers of dependable nursery stock for 60 years Wierwille, Art Contracting and Hauling 34 UNIOR C ASS Ax-melt Aulderhaar Wanda Bambuuer Wayne Bambauer Larry Clauslng Lee Clausing Robert Deerhake Ianice Eversman Ioyce Froninq Nancy Haberkamp Donald Heidi Dean Hoqe Iohn Hole Paul Kalterhelnrich Dale Kloplensleln Paul Ott Don Reilly Marilee Seltlage Philip Skapura Ruth Wamer Decm Hoge - - - - President E""'Y" Schuh' Larry Clausing - - Vice-President Annett Aufderhacnf - - Sec. 6 Treas. Advisor "WW" W """'T' ' 'ffamg'-"1" x 1 OPHO ORE ASS Gene Bubp Eileen Clausing Dean Deerhake Violei Dudqeon Doris Eisert Donna Eschmeyer Clark Fronlng Nolan Harlameri Iuli Hoge Anne Iones Dean Kuck Ella Mae Kuck Ronald Kuck Karen Lammers Norville Freymuth Advisor Robert McClure Mariorie McCune Ned Niemeyer Io Ann OM Evelyn Schroer Ioyce Schroer Lee Schroer Roberta Schrolucke Nathan Stieneclcer Sharon Vordennark Ruth F. Warner Annely Wierwille Roger Wierwille President - - - Dean Deerhake Vice-President - - Ned Niemeyer Sec. G Treas. - - Clark Froning ll ,H w y FRESHMA CLASS Blnor Amett Iantce Aufderhaar Martha Eschmeyer Tom Fraunfelter Iane Henkener Iames Henschen Billy Hinze I oann McCullough Margaret King Dennis Lammers Ioann Kettler Blll McCullough President ---- Iames Henschen Vice-President ---- Billy Hinze Secretary - - - Ianice Aufderhaar Treasurer - - - Gloria Wierwille David McCune Phyllis Moellenlramp Roger Moellenkamp Nancy Prueter Dixie Shuster Leland Shroyer Tom Shroyer Bob Starett lay Staufier Willis Telllohann Dixie Westbay Gloria Wierwille Martha Haberkamp Advisor SNAPSHUTS ,fig 1' 5123. Rf' me wwf. WY? .J .. th. ,U7 55.25 Q 'X 5221 it 2-' Q Q slew fl ewes YQ. as BEM 'T75' ' Mr' 1 l. lean Henkener, Ianice Eversman. 2. Dean Hoge. 3. Mrs. Schultz. 4. KLeit row: 'lfront to backl Ioyce Henkener, Arlene Wierwille, Ruth Hoge. Glenn Williams, Roger Eversman, Ned Katterheinrich. Right row: Kfront to backl lean Henkener, Ianet Elsholf. Marlene McCullough, Phyllis Schrolucke, Marlene Wissmcm fcenterl An- nette Hinze, Nancy Wierwille. Allred Manbeck. Tom Fisher. 5. Left to right, first row: Mrs. Kuhlmun, Mrs. Mus- ser, Mrs. Katterheinrich. Mrs. List, Mr. List. Second row: Mr. Kuhlman, Mr. Musser, Mrs. Schultz. Mr. Schultz. Third row: Mr. Katterheinrich. Fourth row: Mr. Wissman, Mrs. Wissman. 6. Charles Schroeder. 38 l l M!!! .' I., 712 Fey!-tc ELEMENTARY THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOlR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF TWO AND ONE-HALF DOLLARS OR MORE Armstrong and Company Fine Dry Goods and Gifts Since 1860 Axe Cleaners Barnett's Plumbing and Appliances Your Maytag Dealer Blanket Reprocessing, Inc. Fine Blanket Laundering and Rebinding Buchanan's Federated Dry Goods, Ready to Wear Clear's Shoes Buster Brown Shoes for Boys and Girls Compliments of Clover Farm Stores Compliments of E. I. Mackenbach Insurance Agency Compliments of L. D. Fleagle and R. K. Fleagle - D.D.S. Compliments of Modern Paint and Supply Company Compliments of Sherman 6 Company Compliments of W. V. Barton, M.D. Durnell and Sons, lewelers Diamonds, Watches. Iewelry Earl H. Rodeheffer Auctioneer, Phone 4522 Endicott Photographers Frank Fortman Quality Home Killed Meats Hainline Patent Medicine S Wallpaper and Paint Hay's Service Station Gas, Oil, and Accessories Home Banking Company Howell Electric Electric and Gas Appliances IOIG ST. MARYS Huber Furniture Company "The Home Should Come First" Hudson Iewelers Elgin, Hamilton, Diamonds Hunter's Printery and Office St. Marys, Ohio Ideal Drug Store Prescription Specialists Iaspersen Supply Company Mill, Electric and Auto Supplies lohns' Furniture Supply "Where You Send Your Friends" Kattman Feed Store Kellermeyer's Men's Wear Men's and Boys' Clothing Klosterman Carry-Out 200 East High Street Lawler's Greenhouses The Beauty of our Business is Leader Printing Company Leffel's Restaurant "Iess and Vi" Lois Beauty Shop Midwest Electric Inc. Electric Service for the Farm 66 Motors Inc. Oldsmobile Sales and Service Neely's Drug Store Reliable Prescriptions Ne1son's Bar-B-Que 800 South Wayne Street Paris Cleaners Modem Method Cleaners Parker Motor Sales Chevrolet-Buick Priess Shoes Shoes for All the Family tContinuedl Flowers EIGHTH GRADE Iohn Buddemeyer Delmer Chivinqlon Doralene Chivinqton lean Eversman Iohn Froning William I ones W A6 We Tad Kaltman Emily Kruse Larry Kuck Ierry Lulterbeck Elmer Neuman I cmice Schrolucke Iohn R. Musser ':' : ,iii V32 MSM? .,,. . -in Doris Setilage Grace Setilage Elaine Shusler William Sudman Beverly Warner Don Warner SEVE TH GRADE A Top Row: Ioyce Bambauer, Mary Bambauer. Mary Bierbaum. Don Clausinq. Gene Deerhake. Larry Elshol-f. Sandra Elshofl Second Row: Rosalyn Eschmeyer. lean Gritzmaker. Doris Heldt. Billy Henschem Donald Henschen. Ianet Hoge. 'I'hird Row: Marta Hoge. Larry Howe. Ronald Howe. Gary Katterheinrich. Linda Kattman. Don Kiefer. Fourth Row: Doris Klopfenstein. Darrel Kuck. Iames Kuck. Kenneth Kuck. Thomas Kuck. Sandra Lanuners. Filth Row: Patricia Laughlin. Jerry Lehman. Larry Lonqworth. Larry Mcliibben. Ronnie Mcliibben. Dolores Ott. Sixth Row: Iohn Scheblo. Doris Schroer. Kenneth Schrolucke. Allan Smith. Larry Snyder. Robert Wierwille. Anna Newell Advisor ff M' 4 42 SIXTH GRADE Richard Bambauer Dale Manbeck Dean Clausinq Thomas McClure Donald Eversman Harvey McCune Linda Fledderiohann Dale Mecksiroth Dale Grimes Karen Meckslrolh Karen Gruebmeyer Larry Nxemeyer Earl Harlameri Larry Roellger Patricia Hinze Gary Sawmiller Larry Iauert Ioyce Selilage Mark Iones Edward Shupp Perry Kantner Kathleen Wellman Ierry Kuck Laura Wlerwmlle William Kuhlman Ralph Wlerwxlle C. R. Slienecker Teacher 43 FIFTH GRADE Barbara Bambauer Roger Kallerhelnrlch Paula Bubp Richard Kuck Glenn Culp Robert Kuck Kay Dleqel Danny Meclrslrolh Gary Elshof! Daniel Mcllbben Larry Fledderiohann Michael Overlay Karen Grltxmaker Gene Schrolucke Louise Henschen Sharon Schrolucke Michael Henschen Mary Hoelscher Ierry Hoolscher Terry Huston Ioyce Howe Lee Katlerhelnrlch lohn Schroeder Diane Shusler Alberla Wierwllle Bob Wlerwille David Fraunieller Lulu Grllllol Teacher F0 RTH GRADE Betty Baucher Rebecca Buddemeyer Connie Elshott Iames Elshoif Mack Elshoti Cheryl Eversman I ohn Harlamert Susan Harlamert Marilyn Harrod Sharon Henkener Ann Henschen Danny Henschen Dennis Henschen Ronald Holl Steven Iones David Kattman Leona Kin ' if V '. ' ' g Er ,.1n ' , "t Om King. Ir- "-, 'Q ': in R A 1,. ,Q ,, by ,,.V 3 Q. " - ' E Stanley Kuck , A N Diane Lammers , quuizuuul ,Ai ll . " R V- ,nbe 'mx " ' 1 Thomas Lammers jg V"A ., Michael McCabe , ' 1,.": T at bV:',, X 1, ,,,""' L i-3, 'lf . M' . . V F W L., ,c,v Eugene Opperman Ir. T :, I 'R Q ' Kathleen Rodehetler ?A V x u- ' V Q ,zzu 2 D if - eeee ,L ,Q A , ,. t A.v: . A Richard Scheblo fl ,A V . Bonita Schroer U Ulf ' A- : L ,, a -. t -ffl --v'- r . , of , ,,. A ' 35 l , , ,. ,f4.g,, , A .ujillx H, Q ,, M' ,Q g 'N '25 :'-- '-.' .f "" X :" Q " r . ,. ' 'o'Q .1': ' V" :" I T., Z . Q- -H, .E ,Ii "" Il . . Connie Schroer 1 N- is , V, ,.: . 1 . f D ,zz Robert Snyder -"' V , ,: I ..- 31,3 1 -' f A , , ' , ., 3 wg ,.-- 'A :.. " ,VII it .q,,i Ian Staulier 'H in Russell Stieneclzer 5. ' " '43 ' M ,SAA l .,.', ff' ..., , ,fl e " - ,f I Joyce Sfofk ti f '- R , 1 1 , V.,.,, . Shearl Sparks Teacher THIRD GRADE Gary Bambauer Gary Bradiord Kay Elshoi-i Ruth Eschmeyer Robert Grimes Orville Heidi Sharon Henschen Thomas Howe Iames Iauerl Guy Katterheinrlch Mary Vordermqrk Betty King Marilyn Kruse lane Kuck Marcia Kuhlman Gary McCune Iudith McKibben Rebecca Meclrstroth Stanley Nolte Karen Rain Iudith Schrolucke Dennis Slmpp Stanley Wietholter Edna Katterhelnrich Teacher SECO Suzanne Bambauer Linda Davis Donna Elshofi Iolm Eversman Karen Fraunfelter Randayl Henkener Iudith Hoelscher Nicholas Howe Kim Katterheinrlch Ted Katierheinrich Gary Kuck DCR DE Ronald Kuck Roben Laughlin Iohn Longworth I ames Manbeck Iames Meckstroih Florence Opperman Patricia Rodeheffer lane Schwabero Lynn Stork Richard Wierwille Araminta Grimes Teacher FIR T GR DE First row: Iack Bieleield, Linda Bradford, Terre Deerhake, Ioann Elsholf, Ioyce Eschmeyer, David Fledderiohann, Lee Fledderiohann. Second row: Robbie Fnsche, Connie Gray, Linda Grimes. Sheila Grueb- meyer, David Henschen, Ruth Ann Henschen. Iohn Hinze. Third row: Iames Holl, Dennis Howe. Ianet Katterheinrich, Kathleen Katterheinrich, Wayne Kettler, David King. Elaine Kuck. Fourth row: lane Kuhlman, Beverly McCune, Ianean Meckstroth, Iames Lee Meckstroth, Kenny Lee Meyer, Karen Niemeyer, Tommy Nolte. Filth row: Karen Nuss, Darell Rupert, Shirley Schafer, Donald Schroer, Wayne Schroer, lean Schrolucke, Iames Schwabero. Sixth row: David Shafer, lr.. Donald Shroyer, Larry Shroyer, Ierry Stauiter, Craig Stienecker. Roberta Stout, Elaine Sudman. Seventh 1ow:Gerald Wolie, Caroline Holtkamp-Teacher. 48 ,- ,llf ' ATHLETICS THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF TWO AND ONE-HALF DOLLARS OR MORE ST. MARYS tContinuedJ Rhodes Super Market - Everyday Prices We Do Not Meet Prices: We Make Them St. St. Marys Blankets Marys Decorating Company Wallpaper and Paints St. Marys Foundry Company St. Marys Laundry and Dry Cleaning St. Marys Market St. Marys Ready Mixed Concrete I Mile East of St. Marys on Rt. 33 Strehl Shoe Repair Expert Shoe Service The Gordan-Hauss Folk Co. Why Worry? See Limbacher Everything in Insurance William Stinebaugh Real Estate Broker Wisner's 5c to SBI Store St. Marys, Ohio American Budget Co. We Pay 4472, Interest. Why Take Less? Amstutz Hatcheries U.S. Certified and Approved Chicks Crown Cleaners Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing Crown Controls Company, Inc. Manufacturers of Electrical Controls Ernie's Barber Shop Expert Sanitary Service G'lb d H NEW BREMEN Lock Two Mills Lock Two. Ohio McKay Woolen Mills Wool Batting, Blankets, Yams. and Rugs Moore's Store Auto Accessories, Paints, Toys New Bremen Rubber Company 215 West Plum Street Schelper's Old Reliable Super Market Quality Meats and Tasty Foods Schwieterman's Drug Store I erg an egemler Corner Washington and Monroe Sts. Phone 118 Funeral Directors and Home Furnishings Hoeft Cleaners Cleaning. Pressing. and Tailoring Home Furniture Store Where Price Tells and Quality Sells Koepers Shoe Store Sun Printing Company Iob Printing of Every Description The First National Bank Vornholt Brothers and Son Funeral Directors Home of Ball Band Rubbers, Shoes, and Repairing Western Ohio Hardware Co. Kuenzel Mills Co. New Bremen Blankets, 1002, Virgin Wool Frigidaire Appliances. Hdwe.. Kurlee's Paints Wint's Restaurant 50 GRADUATING LETTERMEN 'L , b 1 E 2 fag' 6 lll l V3 all X E ff X I I -:::.v::lv ,f:., ? i -..,,,- Q Zi .. ,:, X N V 4 G I 3 , 5 31 .VR ff? A .1 ' V , ,,,. ,,A15: 'i'A If X 1 l " " "Q , .. ---'1 5 ,,1' v 4 I , l Q 1 1 Ei , M . ,E 0 , 'I KX xl l z uz VV.. I in X57 " l 2 2 lv' 'JP Q 'if .- , lyfi V f . If I tk ,A , ., fl l ' 5 f 5 , 'fffil , il? Top row: Lloyd Kuck-center, Dale Henkener for ard, Charles Schroeder-guard Bottom row: Iuniol Williams-pinch hitter. Bill Beickman-cenierfielder. GRADUATING CHEERLEADERS lean Henkener Ma lene McCullough 51 VAR ITY BASEBALL Front Row llelt to rightlz Dennis Lammers, Don Reilly, Nolan Harlamerl, and Dale Klopfeusieln. Middle Row: Nathan Stlenecker, Lee Schroer, Dean Hoge, Ned Niemeyer, Larry Clausing, Clark Fron- ing, and Willis Telliohann. Back Row: Dean Kuck, Paul Ott. Iunior Williams. Bill Beiclrman, Robert McClure, lay Slauiier, Robert Starett, and lohn R. Musser. lCoachJ 1953 FALL RECORD R H E R H E New Knoxville 4 5 4 Botkins New Knoxville l 3 2 New Bremen New Knoxville 5 4 0 Sidney Holy Angels New Knoxville 6 3 2 Buckland New Knoxville 9 5 1 Sidney Holy Angels New Knoxville 0 Z 3 New Bremen 1953 FALL SEASON The New Knoxville Rangers won two games while losing four games this fall. Due to a large number of injuries and the loss of six graduating lettermen the Rangers didn't have quite as successful a season as in the past. The Rangers should field a good team in the future with more experience and a lot of practice. 52 8 VARSITY B EB LL NAME POS. AB H BA R FC E Iunior Williams 3b. 2 0 .000 U 3 2 Larry Clausing lb. 15 6 .400 4 27 1 Dean Hoge p.6rf. 9 3 .333 3 3 0 Dale Klopfenstein 3b. 17 2 .118 2 15 I Don Reilly cf. 17 0 .000 2 4 0 Paul Ott rf. 5 0 .000 3 1 0 Clark Froninq p.6ss. 10 2 .200 1 8 1 Nathan Stienecker lf. 11 1 .099 l 2 0 Nolan Harlamert c. 14 4 .286 1 24 1 Lee Schroer 2b.6ss. 14 2 .143 5 ll 1 Ned Niemeyer lf. 5 0 .000 1 1 0 Willis Telljohann rt. 5 0 .000 0 2 0 Dennis Lammers 2b. 4 0 .000 0 5 1 1953 SPRING BASEBALL AUGLAIZE COUNTY NORTHWESTERN DISTRICT TOURNAMENT TOURNAMENT R H E New Knoxville 3 4 5 R H Minster 1 1 2 New Knoxville 7 12 Gomer 2 5 New Knoxville 8 9 0 Cridersville 1 Z 4 Ku xviue 1 2 4 New Knoxville 0 3 N23 Brgmen 0 0 1 Ft' Recovery 2 4 AUGLAIZE COUNTY TOURNAMENT TROPHY SPRING BASEBALL FA .333 .963 1.000 .933 1.000 1.000 .875 1.000 .958 .901 1.000 1.000 .800 The baseball squad is again eagerly looking forward to the spring baseball sea- son. Their main goal is to make a good showing in the Auglaize County Tournament. New Knoxville has won the county tournament for the past three consecutive years and hopes to repeat again this spring. 53 VAR IT Y BA KET BALL Left Side lback to frontjz Lloyd Kuck. Dale He nkener, Dean Hoge. Willis Telliohann. Robert Deerhake. lVl'ddl 1 e Coach Iohn R. Musser. Right Side Cback to frontl: Lee Clausing. Larry Clausinq, Charles Schroeder. Clark Froninq. Dale Klop- fenstein. 1953-1954 SEASON The New Knoxville Rangers Basketball team ended their season with a record of seven victories and eleven defeats. The Rangers had a very tough schedule. They started out by defeating Anna by one point in a very close game. Then the Rangers were outsized and out scored by New Bremen. Then they came up against the tall and fast Delphos St. Iohns team. The Rangers had a five game winning streak which was broken by New Bremen by two points. In this winning streak they defeated the fast Spencerville team. After losing to New Bremen the Hangers went into a seven game losing streak. In this losing streak the games they lost were only by a few points in the closing parts of the games. LEAGUE SEASON The New Knoxville Rangers finished in a tie for third place by winning two out of five games. Their victories were their first two games. They were Cridersville and Buckland. The Rangers were defeated by New Bremen in the final quarter by two points. They lost to Minster by six points. In their last league game they were beaten by Waynes- field with whom we tied for third place. 54 VAR ITY BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT The New Knoxville Rangers started the Tournament by drawing Buckland. The superior Ranger team defeated the Buckland Bucks by a score of 64 to 47. The Rangers then played the New Bremen Cardinals, who had drawn a bye. The lead changed hands a few times in the first halt but the Cardinals came back stronger in the last half. The Rangers stayed within a few points of the Cardinals in the third quarter: but, New Bremen pulled away from them in the last quarter to beat the Rangers 70 to 60. Then the Rangers went into the Consolation bracket where they played Criders- ville. The Rangers started by rebounding and scoring better than the Barns: but, in the last half the Cridersville Barns gained control of the backboards and outscored the Rangers by a score of 64 to 46. This ended the season for the Varsity Squad. TOURNAMENT SQUAD CLeft to rightlz Wayne Bambauer. Dale Kloptenstein, Robert Deerhake. Ronald Kuck. Dean Hoge. Lee Claus- inq, lohn R. Musser tcoachl. Lloyd Kuck, Larry Clausinq, Dale Henkener, Charles Schroeder. Clark Froning. Willis Telliohann. 55 VARSITY B KET B LL Games Freethrows Total Ave. Pts. PLAYER Played Att. Made 'Zfb Points Per Game Dale Henkener 18 46 25 .543 82 4.556 Lloyd Kuck 18 86 38 .441 208 11.556 Charles Schroeder 18 119 80 .672 236 13.111 Lee Clausing 18 S8 34 .500 206 11.444 Clark Froning 18 82 42 .512 211 11.722 Larry Clausing ll 19 8 .421 26 2.364 Dean Hoge 16 28 10 .357 44 2.750 Willis Telljohann 6 0 0 .000 4 .667 Ronald Kuclt 3 2 1 .500 3 1.000 Dale Klopfenstein 4 1 0 .000 0 .000 Wayne Bambauer 1 2 1 .500 3 3.000 Robert Deerhake l 0 0 .000 0 .000 1953-54 RECORD New Knoxville ..... Anna ................................ 54 New Knoxville ..,............. Buckland ......... ........ 5 2 New Knoxville ................ New Bremen ................ 54 New Knoxville ,...,,...,.,,,.. Spencerville ........ 56 New Knoxville ..... Delpllos Sl. Iohns 70 New Knoxville ,,,,,,,.,,,,.,., New Bremen .....,. ....,... 4 9 New Knoxville ..... Ft. Recovery .........,........ 47 New Knoxville .....,.......... St. Joseph .. ........ 77 New Knoxville ................ St. Henry ......... ........ 5 9 New Knoxville .............,.. Minster ................, ........ 6 0 New Knoxville ...., Minster ......... .....,.. 4 7 New Knoxville ...,.,.....,.... Waynesfield ....... .,...... 6 4 New Knoxville ..... Botkins ..............., ........ 5 6 New Knoxville ....,....,..,.,. Mendon ....., ,....... 4 6 New Knoxville Cridersville ................,,.. 54 New Knoxville Coldwater .... ........ 6 0 New Knoxville .,,............. 77 Hoagland-Iackson ,..,..,... 65 New Knoxville Cridersville ..... .,..,.., 5 9 RESERVE SEASON The New Knoxville Reserve team finished their season with a record of nine vic- tories and nine defeats. They had a hard time finding a winning combination. The Re- serve team had six of their team-mates dress for the varsity. There are five freshmen on the team. All of the boys saw action and they practiced all season which should help them develop into good players for the future varsity teams. 1953-1954 RECORD New Knoxville ,,,,,........... Anna ...........,.................... 38 New Knoxville Buckland ...... ........ 2 3 New Knoxville ................ New Bremen .................. 46 New Knoxville SpenCel'vill6 ........- ..-.-A.- 4 4 New Knoxville ..,...,,........ Delphos St. Johns 38 New Knoxville New Bremen ....... ...-.... 3 5 New Knoxville Ft. Recovery .......l........., 43 New Knoxville St. Ioseph ....... -------- 3 8 New Knoxville ................ St. Henry ........................ 51 New Knoxville ...............A Minster ...-........- -------- 3 4 New Knoxville ................ Minster ......... ........ 3 7 New Knoxville Walmesfield -'----- '------- 3 9 New Knoxville ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Botking ,,.,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 40 New Knoxville ................ Mendon .......... ........ 4 1 New Knoxville Cridersville ............,....... 32 New Knoxville Coldwater .. w.-. ---.-.-- 2 2 New Knoxville Hoagland-Iackson .......... 31 New Knoxville ................ Cridersville -------- 38 56 RESERVE BASKETBALL First row: left to rightl: Robert Deerhake, Dale Klopfenstein. Nathan Stienecker. Second row: Bill McCul- lough, Don Reilly, Wayne Bambauer. Willis Telliohann, Dean Kuck. Third row: Dennis Lammers. Billy Hinze. Lee Schroer. John R. Musser tcoachl. Nolan Harlamert, Iay Sta utter. Ronald Kuck. SEVENTH and EIGHTH GRADE w First rcw: Cleft to rightl Allan Smith lmanagerl, Tad Kattman, Ierry Lutterbeck. Larry Lonqworth, Billy Sudman. Darrell Kuck lmanagerl. Second row: Iohn Froning, Iohn Scheblo. Larry Kuck, William lones, Iohr: Buddemeyer. Robert Wierwille. Third row: Larry Howe. Ronald Howe, Larry Snyder. Don Clausing Kenneth Schrolucke, Larry Elsholf. Gary Katterheinrich. Gene Deer- hake. Don Keiier, Donald Henschen. CHEERLEADERS and MANAGERS First row fleft to rightlz Darrel Kuck, Allan Smith. Second row: Beverly Warner. Elaine Shuster, Emily Kruse. Doris Settlage. 57 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Ioyce Froning. Marlene McCullough, Janice Eversman. lean Henkener RESERVE CHEERLEADERS Gloria Wierwille. Karen Lammers. Anne Iones. Elnor Arneit MANAGERS Alfred Manbeck. Glenn Williams Dean Deerhake. Luke Stienecker 58 X! -' f, ffeseh-6 A, l MUSIC THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF TWO AND ONE-HALF DOLLARS OR MORE Abbot's Shoe Store X-ray Shoe Fitting Archer Memorial Works Auglaize Furniture Company Everything for the Home Bowsher Hardware Company "Everything in Hardware" Brown's Restaurant lust Good Food C. I. Puetz Doering Hardware Co. Hot Pt. Appliances, Plumbing and Heating Eda's Style Shop Millinery and Accessories Frost 8: Company Roofing, Siding, Sheet Metal, Ph. 6171 Gross Lumber Company East Benton at Wagner Ave. Hartard's DeLaval Sales and Service Hartman Iewelry Store Iewelers Since 1876 Hemmert's Shoe Store Shoe Service Herring's Half-Hour Laundry Wapakoneta, Ohio Home Savings 8: Loan Real Estate Loans - Insured Savings Iacob's Upholstery Shop 304 East Auglaize St., Wapakoneta Iacob Werner and Sons Meat Packers Since 1894 Iauert Carry-Out Tops in Party Needs Kah 6: Co. Meats, Groceries and Locker Service WAPAKONETA Kennedy Potato Chips 708 Maple St., Wapakoneta Kenneth Hay's IGA Market Wapakoneta Koneta Cleaners Wapakoneta, Ohio L. E. Brant 8: Sons, Incorporated Mi1ler's 5c and Sl Store 21 East Auglaize Phillip's Flowers "Say It With Flowers" Piel Bros. Clothing Co. Clothing - Furnishings - Hats Reliable Motor Sales DeSoto - Plymouth - Diamond T. Trucks Sheipline's Firestone Store Tires. Tubes, Batteries. Home and Auto Sibert Shoe Rebuilding 122 West Auglaize Siterd 8: Brookhart Funeral Home Wapakoneta, Ohio Smith Brothers Electric Co. Frigidaire, Maytag, Hoover Appliances Steinbaugh Lumber Company East North Street. Wapakoneta Stolte Iewelers, Wapakoneta Bulova Watches, Keepsake Diamonds The Peoples National Bank Wapakoneta, Ohio, Member F.D.I.C. Uhlman Department Store Wapakoneta's Favorite Trading Place Wapakoneta Daily News Quality Printing and Publishing W. B. Iauert - Construction - Excavating We're Not Satisfied Unless You Are Welfare Finance Co. 60 DRUMfMAMHi Left to right: Marta Hoge, Iay Staulier, Nancy Wierwille. Tad Kattman, Karen Rain. An nette Hinze. Bill McCullough, Pairicia Hinze. .HlIOR,BAND First row fleit to righilz Grace Seltlaqe, Beverly Warner. Mary Bierbaum, Ioyce Settlaqe, Mary Bambauer, Ioyce Bamhauer, Karen Meckstroth. Rosalyn Eschmeyer. Second row: Roger Katterheinrich. Maria Hoge. Sandra Lammers. Tad Katlman, Don Claus- ing, Patricia Hinze, Danny Meckslrolh. Third row: Don Warner. Kenneih Kuck. Dale Grimes. Dean Clausing. Perry Kanlner, Thomas McClure, Doris Heidi. Sandra Elshoil. Fourth row: Thomas Kuck, Larry Iauert. Larry Roettger. Gene Deerhake, Donald Eversman, Gene Schrolucke. 61 BAND First row ilett to rightlz Ioyce Schroer. Larry Iauert, Thomas McClure, Doris Heidt, Ioyce Settlage, Marta Hoge. Ianice Aufderhacrr. Second row: Arlene Wierwille, Dean Deerhake. Marilee Settlage, Donna Eschmeyer. Ianet Elshoif. Marlene McCullough. Third row: Glenn Williams, Donald Heidi, Paul Katterheinrich, Billy Hinze, Annely Wierwille, Ruth Hoge, Dean Kuck. Fourth row: Thomas Fisher, Robert Deerhake, Dean Hoge, Ruth Wamer, Alfred Manbeck. Roger Eversman, Nathan Stienecker. OFFICERS President - - - Ned Katterheinrich Vice President - - - - Ruth Hoge Secretary - - ----- Annette Hinze Librarians - - Iuli Hoge, Karen Lammers 62 AN First row Cleft to rightl: Nancy Wierwille, Grace Settlaqe. Tad Katlman, Don Warner, Patty Hinze, Anne Iones. Second row: lean Henkener, Eileen Clausing. Sharon Vordermark, Marlene Wissman. Beverly Warner, Nancy Haberkamp. Karen Lammers. Third row: lay Stautter, Bobby McClure, Annette Hinze, Ioyce Henkener, Elnor Arnett, Phyllis Schrolucke, Ella Mae Kuck, Willis Telliohann. Fourth row: Mr. Carl Frische. Paul Ott. Ned Katterheinrich, Bill McCullough, Iuli Hoge, Roberta Schrolucke. The New Knoxville Band ot fifty-eight pieces, under the direction ot Mr. Carl Frische, has played on the following occasions since school was out in May of 1953: Memorial Day Services, Summer Concert, St. Marys Community Day, County Fair, State Fair, Wapakoneta Fall Festival, Christ- mas Concert, Spencerville Basketball Game, Buckland Basketball Game, Mendon Basketball Game in formations, Hockey Game at Troy, Cities Service Party and Spring Concert. Several members of the band participated in the Music Festival at Delaware in February. Some also participated in the Contests of District III O.M.E.A. in Lima in March and in Shawnee in May. B3 CHORUS Sharon meyer. meyer. kamp. Arlene First rcw tleit to rightlz Dixie Westbay, Dixie Shuster. Ioann McCullough. Ianice Auiderhaar. Ioyce Schroer. Vorderrnark. Marlene Wissman. Nancy Haberkarnp. Second row: Karen Lammers. Ianet Elshoii, lean Henkener. Nancy Prueter, Eileen Clausing. Martha Esch Ianice Eversman. Marilee Settlage. Mrs. Edith Wissman. Third row: Margaret King, Annette Hinze, Nancy Wierwille. Ioann Kettler. Annely Wierwille. Donna Esch Anne Iones. Ioyce Froning. Fourth row: Evelyn Schroer, Ruth Warner. lane Henkener, Gloria Wierwille, Elnor Arnett. Phyllis Moellen- Phyllis Schrolucke. Marlene McCullough, Ioyce Henkener. Fifth row: Roberta Schrolucke, Iuli Hoqe, Ruth Warner, Wanda Bambauer. Annett Auiderhaar. Ruth Hoge Wierwille. Ella Mae Kuck. OFFICERS President - - - Annette Hinze Vice President - - - - Dean Hoge Sec.-Treasurer - - Nancy Wierwille Pianist - -------- lean Henkener Librarians - - Marlene McCullough, IanetE1shoff 64 CHOR First row llett to riqhtbz Billy Hinze. Willis Telliohann, Bob Starett. Donald Heidt, lay Stauller, Dean Deer hake. Luke Stienecker. Second row: Nolan Harlamert, Roger Eversman. Glenn Williams. Paul Katterheinrich. Iohn Hole. Ned Nie meyer. Third row: Dale Stolzenburq, Larry Clausing. Thomas Fisher, Charles Schroeder. Ned Wierwille. Fourth row: Allred Manbeck, Lee Clausinq, Lloyd Kuck, Philip Skapura, Ned Katterheinrich, Dale Hen kener, Dean Hoge. The chorus began the 1953-1954 school year with sixty-eight members. We were under the direction of Mrs. Edith Wissman. The chorus had the privilege of having nine members of the chorus participate in the chorus concert at Delaware. This concert was held on February 13. The following members participated: Ruth Hoge, Ioyce Hen- kener, Roger Eversman, Marilee Settlage, Ella Mae Kuck, Ned Katterheinrich, Donald Heidt, and Iames Henschen. The Spring Concert was held in April. The chorus participated in the Baccalaureate services which took place in the E 6: R Church on May 16. They also participated in the Graduation services which were held in the school auditorium on May 20. 65 ORCHESTRA First row: Cleft to rightl: Marlene Wissman. Ioyce Henkener. Annette Hinze. Ianet Elshoif. Second row: Marlene McCullough. Ruth Hoge. Phyllis Schrolucke. lean Henkener. Third row: Nancy Wierwille, Arlene Wierwille. BEGINNERS First row Cleft to rightl: Robert Grimes, Louise Henschen. Kathleen Wellman, Karen Grueb- meyer. Second row: Linda Fledderiohann, Mark Iones. Bob Wierwille, Gary Sawmiller, Ierry Kuck. First row lleft to rightlz Larry Fledderiohann, Terry Huston. Danny Meckstroth. Glenn Culp, Roger Katterheinrich. lei-ry Hoelscher. Gary Elshoif. Second row: Louise Henschen. Alberta Wier- wille. Robert Kuck. Iohn Schroeder, Diane Shuster. Kay Diegel. Barbara Bambauer. Mary Hoel- scher. Third row: Charlotte Poppe, Paula Bupb. Ioyce Howe. Karen Gritzmaker, Michael Overley, Daniel McKibben, David Fraunielter. Fourth row: Michael Henschen. Richard Kuck, Lee Katter- heinrich. Gene Schrolucke. Bob Wierwille. 66 f llf ' K, ACTIVITIES THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF TWO AND ONE-HALF DOLLARS OR MORE Bishop's Citizen's National Bank Complete Banking Service Compliments oi Economy Savings 84 Loan Co. Compliments of Subler's Super "E" Stores Cook's Spot Mighty Fine Hamburgers Dekker's Greenhouse, Florists 768 Spruce Street Flint Electric - Crosley Appliances Siegler's Oil 6: Gas Heaters Francis 8: Goffena Shelby County's Largest Fumiture Store Gallaher's Drug Store G. A. Smalley, Inc., Sidney Blacktop Driveway Material G. C. Murphy's 5 6, 10 Cent Store Gruebmeyer Construction Company Harley-Davidson Motor Sales Phone 2516-2, Sidney. Ohio Harris Iewelers Lima Loan Company Lochard Heating 6: Air Conditioning, Inc. Chrysler Airtemp Heating 6. Air Conditioning Lu Gene's Ladies Ready To Wear SIDNEY Miami Chick Hatchery Necchi - Elna Sewing Circle Omar Bakery Fresh Bakery Products to Your Door Peoples Federal Savings 6 Loan Assn Pickering Insurance Agency 221 S. Ohio Ave.. Complete Ins. Service Rhees Clothes Men's Apparel Ross Pattern 6 Foundry Company See Us For All Patterns Sarver's Music Store "Everything In Music" Schifi's Shoe Store Shoes for the Entire Family Sexauer's Bakery, Inc. Smart Shop Snapp's Sales 6 Service Admiral Television G Bendix Washers Thoma Iewelry Since 1838 Uhlmans Department Store Sidney's Leading Department Store W. E. Baumgardner Power Farm Equipment Zimpher Electric Service N. Dixie Highway - Phone 7650-1 Dr. R. C. Schnelle Veterinarian .,,. Gudorf 8: Moorman Appliance Co. Complete Home Appliances - Sales 5 Service Minster Machine Company Post Printing Co. Fine Commercial Printing MINSTER Stamco, Inc. Steel Mill Equipment Streaker's - Minster :Sf Wapakoneta Oliver Farm Equipment Westerheide Tractor 6 Motor Sales Ford Cars, Trucks. Tractors 68 SENIUR CLASS PLAY Mother Is A Freshman CAST Sitting fleft to rightl Arlene Wierwille ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,. , ..A. H elen: a sophisticated girl interested in men William Beickman .,... ..... P rolessor Michaels: an extremely good-looking man Ruth Hoge ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..,,,,,.,,,,,,,,... ,,.. S usan: a pert, winsome girl of eighteen Luke Stienecker ,,,,,,, ...,.. B obo: a pleasant-looking but somewhat conceited Chap Ieqn Henkener ,,,,, ,.....t.,. , , ....,,,,,,,, Clara: a scatterbrain that tags after Susan Thomas Fisher ,,,,,, ,......... , ........ B ill: a likeable good-natured college boy Nancy Wierwille ..... ....,. M iss Davis: receptionist at Green Hall Girls Dorm Ianet Elshoif ,,,,.........,,.., ,, ,,,, .,,,.,,,.,.,.,.,.... B unny: a cute, rather naive girl Marlene McCullough .. .. ,.......,. ...........,,,. C arrie: a happy-go-lucky girl Standing Ned Wierwille .... ...r. S tage hand Ned Wierwille ,.,,..... ....t.. S atge hand Roger Eversman ,,... ,...,.,,,,...,.,.,.........,.,...,.......s........,...,.,, S tage hand Dale Stolzenburg .... , .....,...,.........,,,,,...............,...........,,,,,,,,. Stage hand Marlene Wissman ,,,,.. ,..............,,..,...,,, ........ M ar ge: a pleasing but rather heavy girl Ioyce Henkener ..... ,, ................,.,............................. Sylvia: a studious-looking girl Glenn Williams ..,.... ,..s. D ean Gillingham: a dignified and austere man in his sixties Annette Hinze .......... .. ...........,,.. Abigail: an extremely attractive woman oi thirty-tive Phyllis Schrolucke .,... ,...,...r...... M rs. Miller: a quiet. pleasant woman in her titties Allred Manbeck ..,.,..,,, ............. H owie: a likeable good-natured college boy Charles Schroeder ..... ,,,,.,...,.,.,...............t..,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,t,,,,,r S tuge hand Dale Henkener ....... ..,,,,..., .... ,,,......,,, ,.,........,,. .,,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, S t a g e hand The Senior Class presented their class play "Mother Is A Freshman" on March 26, 1954. The play was a great success. The cast enjoyed working with Martha Haberkamp, their director, and they wish to express their sincere thanks to her and to all who helped with the presentation of their play. 69 JU ICR CLASS PLAY "Seventeenth Summer" CAST Sitting tlleit to rightb Lee Clausing ,Y,,,..A..,. ,,...,..,..... M r. Morrow. Angie's father Ioyce Froning ...,.., ,..... M argaret, Angie's engaged sister Ianice Eversman ,...,., ,,..,...,..,,,... K itty. an impish qirl ot ten Marilee Settlage ,.., ,.....,.............. L orraine. Anqie's hopeful sister Larry Clausinq ,e,..e., ......,.........................,e,,...,......,..,....., L on'aine's hope Annett Autderhaar ,.,,,, e.,.... A ngie, charming, sensitive girl of seventeen Dean Hoge ,,.............. .,... I ack, tall, good-looking boy ot about eighteen Standing Kleit to rightl Paul Katterheinrich ...,.. ,..,, S tage hand Paul Ott ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.... ,.,,,........ ,..,., S t age hand Wayne Bambauer ....,. .......A............,.....,.,.,.,,.,. S taqe hand Wanda Bambauer ....., ..., Mrs . Morrow. Anqie's mother Iohn Hole r.r..rr.,r.... A.rrr..A....,,.......,...,,..,,....,....,... A rt, Marqaret's fiance Donald Heidi ,,,,,, ................. F itz, a gangly fellow oi about nineteen Don Reilly .........,,..,... ........ T ony. smooth and handsome boy oi nineteen Nancy I-Iaberkamp .... .......................,.,,....,,........,..,,... I ane. a menace to Angie Ruth Warner ...........,. ,,.,. M arqie, an attractive, but selfish lriend oi Anqie's Dale Klopienstein ..., , ,,.... ,,,.,.,,,,.,,,..,..,,............,.,,,.,..,.,....,............. S tage hand Robert Deerhake ..... ....... S taqe hand The Iunior Class presented their class play "Seventeenth Summer" on October 23, 1953. The play was enjoyed by a large and appreciative audience. The cast enjoyed working with Mr. Kenneth List, their director, and they express their sincere thanks to him and to all who helped make their play a success. 70 LIBRARY Left to right: Ruth Warner. Mariorie McCune, Doris Eisert, Mrs. Grewe. Clibrurlunl. Standing: Wanda Bcmbuuer. Martha Eschmeyer. W N HO UR I DI TRICT STATE CHULARSHIP TESTS Standing: Robert McClure, Eila Mae Kuck. Lett to right: Ned Niemeyer, Annett Autderhucxr, Ioyce Froninq. Bill Beickmcxn. Dean Hoge. 71 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First row Cleft to rightlz Wayne Bambauer. Bill Mc Cullouqh. Paul Ott. Dale Klopienslein, Lee Schroer. Donald Heidi. Paul Katterheinrich, Tom Shroyer. Second row: Leland Shroyer. Dennis Larruners. Dean Deerhake. Clark Froninq. Robert McClure. Tom Fraunlelier, Robert Deerhake, Roger Moellenkcxmp. Mr. Freymulh Ukdvisorl. Third row: Charles Schroeder. Ned Wierwille, Lee Clausing. Lloyd Kuck, Dale Henkener. Glenn Williams. Dale Stolzen- burq. Roger Eversman. FETERI Left to right: Marlene McCullough lstudeni helperl. Mrs. List lcookl, Ianet Elshoil Cstudeni helperl. Mrs. Kalierheinrich Kcookl. Mrs. Kallmcm lcookl. lean Henkener fsludent cashierl. 72 xr ' BU DHI ERS Left to right: Clemeni Stienecker. Arnold Huberkamp. Leroy Schroer. Oliver Buddemeyer, Kenneth Lis AN ITOR Lawrence Kuhlmcn 73 SNAPSHOTS 1. Iohn R. Musser. 2. Nancy Wierwille, Arlene Wierwille. 3. Martha Eschmeyer. Nancy Prueter, Ruth War- ner, Annelt Auiderhaar. Wanda Bambauer, lane Henkener, Ianice Eversman. 4. Marlene McCullough. Lloyd Kuck. 5. Annelte Hinze. 6. Marlene McCullough, Ianice Eversman. lean Henkener. Ioyce Froning. 7. Iolm R. Musser. 8. Nancy Wierwille. 9. Phyllis Schrolucke. IU. Marlene Wissman. 11. Mrs. Haberkamp. Roberl Mc- Clure. 12. Mrs. Fogt. 13. Roger Eversman. 14. Ianice Eversman. Wayne Bambauer. 15. Ned Wierwille. Ned Katterheinrich. 16. Willis Telliohann, Elnor Amett. 74 Hx Ai' i ,, - 1? X 'rf AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS , 7 - ,- g., ff 4,-, 1'-,' ,-. , -. 4 , - , . -. ,-,Q ff,-:Sf-,gf . ' .av 7, I 7:95 Tri? . . 2 2, .5 5 ,X . . , ,LF It Q Y A ' 4 , V 4 A . 11, .:..-J "ai-.211 -'Nu " 'a 4. f H r. , -gg.,-'kv' F. .,,,.., 1- -1. 1 4. -f E , ,si JI.. K, ,Q K J, V, , ,.. ,V ..,,. H .A ii, 1-1 -J H . v- 1 , 1: 1-1, , 1-..-.

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