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.ww-'neu Q , V, .,.AY,,- , A.,---- , VJ ,gp , qw. .. f -- .1 ,Q v um, , . ,,,,,., - , L. f . 1 A9f'f-" THE THIRTEEN TH EDITION of the M E M O I R Published By THE SENIOR CLASS of NEW KNOXVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 1952 New Knoxville School District Citizens: This 1952 Yearbook represents the thirteenth edition of our New Knoxville School Memoir. The Senior Class wishes to thank all of you citizens of our New Knoxville School District for your friendly reception and fine cooperation when we ap- proached you for contributions to help publish our 1952 Memoir. We also want to thank the business men of New Knoxville and surrounding communities for their additional help so that our yearbook has become a reality. The publica- tion of our 1952 Memoir has indeed been an educational and pleasant venture. We hope that in years to come our lives may reflect the appreciation of your school and community good will and spirit and that some day we may aid in providing the educational instruction and facilities which we have enjoyed in the past twelve years. This, therefore, is our pledge: We will continue the wonder- ful heritage we have received and present it to future generations. Class of 1952 Allen Vordermark Editor 2 TABLE OF CON'l'EN'l'S Administration Faculty - Seniors Underclassmen Elementary Music Activities Athletics 3 IN MEMURIAM Mary Ann Neuman , .Q In loving memory of Mary Ann Neuman, a true friend and classmate. Mary Ann was with us only a short time but we, her classmates, will always remember her as our friend and companion. 4 THE SENIORS SCHOOL present ADMINISTRATION THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE Mr. and Mrs. William Ahlers Mr. Ray Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Harold Arnett Miss Lillian Arnett Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Arnett Mr. and Mrs. Orville Aufderhaar Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bambauer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bambauer Mrs. Matilda Beickman Mr. and Mrs. Walter Beickman Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Berlet Mr. and Mrs. john A. Bielefeld Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bielefeld Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Bierbaum Dr. and Mrs. D. A. Bode Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bowersock Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Caroline Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Caroline Paul Bradford Bernard Brady Brigner Leland Brown Oliver Buddemeyer Albert Clausing Clausing Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Clausing Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Clausing Mr. and Mrs. Charles Culp Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Deerhake Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Deerhake Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Deerhake Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Dudgeon Mr. and Mrs. Albert Eisert Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Elshoff Mr. and Mrs. Floranz Elshoff Mr. Kenneth Elshoff Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Elshoff Mr. and Mrs. Lester Elshoff Mr. and Mrs. Erhard Endres Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Epperly Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Eschmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eschmeyer Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Rev. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Zelotes Eschmeyer Caroline Eversman and Mrs. Earl Eversman and Mrs. F. F. Eversman Lillian Eversman and Mrs. Oliver Eversman and Mrs. Raymond Eversman and Mrs. Robert Eversman Selma Eversman and Mrs. Wesley Eversman and Mrs Vernon Feldwisch and Mrs Bryan Fisher and Mrs. Arthur Fledderjohann and Mrs. August Fledderjohann and Mrs. Edward Fledderjohann and Mrs. Fred Fledderjohann George Fledderjohann i and Mrs. H. A. Fledderjohann Matilda Fledderjohann and Mrs. Ralph Fledderjohann and Mrs. Vernon Fledderjohann and Mrs. Victor Fledderjohann Willis Fledderjohann and Mrs. Norville Freymuth and Mrs. Carl Frische and Mrs. R. H. Froning and Mrs. Omer Gardner and Mrs. Andrew Graessle and Mrs. F. A. Grewe and Mrs. Benjamin Gritzmaker and Mrs. Henry Gruebmeyer and Mrs. Virgil Gruebmeyer and Mrs. Ferd Haberkamp and Mrs. Gustave Haberkamp and Mrs. Orin Harlamert Chester Harrod and Mrs. Harold Harrod and Mrs. Gilbert Heaton and Mrs. Henry Heidt and Mrs. Vernon Heidt BOARD OF EDUCATION 1951 G G SCHROER A. W. FLEDDERJOHANN P . Vice-Prexident resident Znd term Jaflndfefgol Jan. 1, 1948- Dec. 51, 1953 Dec' 31' 1951 W. E. HENKENER F. H. HABERKAMP lst term lst term Jan. 1, 1950. Jan- 1, 1948- Dec. 31, 1953 Dec. 31, 1951 N. P. KATTERHEINRICH L. F. DEERHAKE Clerk appointed term 22nd year Jan. 16, 1950- Jan. 1, 1951- Dec. 31, 1955 DCC. 31, 1951 7 BOARD OF EDUCATIUN 1952 G. G. SCHROER W. E. HENKENER . President Vice-President 2nd term lst term jan. 1, 1950- Jan. 1, 1950- Dec. 51, 1953 Dec. 31, 1953 L, F, DEERHAKE V. H. BIELEFELD appointed term Clerk Jan. 16, 1950- IST Year Dec- 31, 1953, Jan. 1, 1952- Dec. 31, 1952 F. B. KATTERHEINRICH A. K. MANBECK lst term 15t fefm Jan- 1, 1952- jan. 1, 1952- DCC- 31, 1955 DCC. 31, 1955 S THE SENIORS of SCHOOL present FACULTY THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE and Mrs. Donald Henkener and Mrs. Henry Henkener and Mrs. Kermit Henkener and Mrs. Leonard Henkener and Mrs. Orley Henkener and Mrs Roger Henkener and Mrs. Walter Henkener and Mrs Arthur Henne and Mrs. Alfred Henschen and Mrs Allen Henschen and Mrs. Benjamin Henschen Edward Henschen and Mrs Elmer Henschen and Mrs. Ferd Henschen and Mrs George Henschen and Mrs Herman A. Henschen and Mrs. Herman F. Henschen and Mrs. Howard Henschen and Mrs Leonard Henschen and Mrs Lester Henschen and Mrs Louis Henschen and Mrs Raymond Henschen and Mrs. Verlin Henschen Victor Henschen and Mrs W. H. Henschen and Mrs. Kenith Hinze and Mrs Benjamin Hoelscher and Mrs. Emil Hoelscher and Mrs George Hoelscher and Mrs. Noah Hoelscher and Mrs Ralph Hoelscher and Mrs Raymond Hoelscher and Mrs. Walter Hoelscher and Mrs. O. W. Hoerath and Mrs. A. F. Hoge and Mrs. Gustave Hoge and Mrs. joel Hoge and Mrs. Kermit Hoge and Mrs Norman Hoge and Mrs. Oliver Hoge and Mrs. Benjamin Hole Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Holl Mr. Kenneth Horn Mr. and Mrs. Donald Howe Gertrude and Paul Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Vernon jauert Mr. and Mrs. William jones Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Kantner Mr. and Mrs. Addis Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Katterheinrich Miss Edna Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. Florenz Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. Henry Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. George Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. Myron Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. Noah Katterheinrich Mr. Raymond Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. Robert Katterheinrich Miss Ruth Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. V. E. Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. Willis Katterheinrich Mr. and Mrs. Abner Kattman Mr. and Mrs. George Kattman Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Kettler Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kettler Mr. and Mrs. Milford Kettler Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kettler Mrs. Matilda Kiefer Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kipp Mr. john Klopfenstein jr. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Klute Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kohler Miss Bertha Kruse Mrs. Caroline Kruse Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Kruse Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kruse Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Kruse Mrs. Adiel Kuck Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kuck HIGH CHOOL FACULTY EDUCATION Ball State Teachers College B. S. Columbia University M. A. ACTIVITIES Varsity Basketball Coach High School Boys Gym Junior High Gym Junior Class Advisor SUBJECTS Bookkeeping I T ing I YP Typing II EDUCATION Wilmington College B. S. Ohio University ACTIVITIES Junior Play Sophomore Class Advisor SUBJECTS Solid Geometry Plane Geometry Algebra I Advanced Algebra Arithmetic 7 Arithmetic 8 Reading 8 Science 8 ROGER J. STAUFI-'ER Superintendent V. E. KATTERHEINRICH Principal KENNETH LIST N ORVILLE FREYMUTH 11 EDUCATION Bowling Green State University A. B. 8: B. S. Ohio State University M. A. St. Louis University Miami University ACTIVITIES Memoir Advisor Senior Advisor SUBJECTS American History Biology General Science Physics EDUCATION Ohio State University B. S. ACTIVITIES Freshman Class Advisor SUBJECTS Vocational Agriculture IX 8: X Vocational Agriculture XI 8: XII Farm Shop Science 7 Reading 7 HIGH CHOOL FACULTY EDUCATION Defiance College B. S. 8: A. B. ACTIVITIES Senior Play Eighth Grade Advisor SUBJECTS English 8 English 9 English ll 8: 12 Public Speaking Home Economics II EDUCATION Heidelberg College A. B. ACTIVITIES High School Girls Gym SUBJECTS Latin II PHOEBE MCQUILKIN CAROLINE BRIGNER .l LUELLA EVERSMAN CARL FRISCHE 12 EDUCATION Miami University B. S. ACTIVITIES Junior and Senior Reception Seventh Grade Advisor SUBJECTS English 7 English 10 World History Social Studies 7 History 8 Elementary Music High School Chorus .. EDUCATION Ohio State University B. S. Ohio University SUBJECTS Band ELEMENTARY FACULTY C. R. STIENECKER Sixth Grade EDUCATION Auglaize County Nor- mal School Bowling Green State University Ohio Northern Uni- versity EDUCATION Auglaize County Nor- mal School Bowling Green State University Ohio Northern Uni- versity Third Grade JOHN R. MU SSER Baseball Coach Reserve Basketball Coach Fifth Grade EDUCATION Ohio State University B. S. Ohio Northern Uni- versity EDUCATION Bluffton College Bowling Green State University Ohio University Wittenberg College Second Grade SHEARL SPARKS Fourth Grade EDUCATION Bowling Green State University B. S. Ohio University EDUCATION Bowling Green State University B. S. Bluffton College Indiana University Ohio State University University of Denver M. A . First Grade EDNA KATTERHEINRICH ARAMINTA GRIMES CAROLINE HOLTKAMP 13 LIGHTS AND HIGHLIGHTS .a:.2asae.::- -' 7 I SPENCERWLLE NJOJGIVELLE Z ei ,EHWISHER H cosakinutiit , Q - , "" .2 2 . 17: A32 . , 3 SA .V KELLER . .1555 r E - , '-axcmoswlr .mr-nnsfxA5cif uqvu ,,.,. . . .mu..m,,aa xasxvfzasttes .. -1 '51 4: Hssmtiii ,,., ..,.. . .,,., .... ,,.,.. . , I is 7359355 55 S5 W?ERWtLLE. gpU4LLgn, .Q gg. Y s Q 555191-BAHERI, ,. I-. , UWM-FR 33 I mwcm 'rf "Wil,-:::Anmun -00. , ssosmenxs ...,.,,.. ...,. . ,.,. ..,.... , . men ---44 if as sc:-inet-sz ws!-was .sg rumuou 98 4 ,IQ , , ii.. .. .. ,.,,. Q . 1,41 2 . ' . 'QI by-X I. New Knoxville 64--Spencerville 63. Highlight of the Rangers basketball season. The Rangers gave Spencerville its only defeat of the season in the last seconds of the game. 2. Lee Kuhlman took first place in, "Ohio History, Government and Citizenship Test", and received free trip to Ohio University. Lee tied for fourth place in, "Senior Scholarship Test", in Auglaize County, also received honorable mention certifi- cate in Bowling Green District and honorable mention certificate for being in the upper five percent in the State of Ohio. 3. Lee Ann Walters won first place in, "Daughters of the American Revolution Test", and was selected by the national committee as the Good Citizen of New Knoxville School for the current year. 4. Rangers and Coach Stauffer with the Runners-Up Trophy of the Auglaize County Tournament which also gained them a spot in the Northwestern District Tournament at Celina. 5 8: 6. Paul and Carolyn Griffin ftoo late to classifyb entered New Knoxville School as second and first graders, respectively, in the latter half of the year. 7. Bill Henkener in rare form as he pitched no-hit, no-run game against Cridersville, Rangers winning 5 to 0. 8. The "big three" getting ready for commencement exercises. Marilyn Henkener, saluta- toriang Lee Ann Walters, valedictoriang and Lee Kuhlman, president of the Class of 1952. ON E YEAR AGO EESSEXH l. Winners in the Final District-State Scholarship tests at Ada. Ruth Hoge won a tenth place certificate in English IX and Roger Eversman an honorable mention certificate in General Science. 2. One of the beauti- ful scenes at the 1951 junior-Senior Reception. The entire gymnasium was transformed into "The Garden of Tomorrow." 3. Trophy won by the Seventh and Eighth Grade basketball team as they annexed the Aug- laize County Tournament. 4. Ruth Hoge and Lee Ann Walters compare medals won in district competition in the American Legion Essay Contest. Lee Ann won first place and Ruth second place in local competition. The title of their essays, "The American Constitution In A Modern World." 5. The winners in the United Nations Contest. Howard Smith and Bill Henkener each won monetary prizes for first and second place, respectively, while James Niemeyer in third place won honorable mention. 14 THE SENIURS of SCHOGL present SENIURS THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOlR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cook Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kuck Kuck Brothers Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. hir. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Kuck and Mrs. Edwin Kuck and Mrs. E. R. Kuck and Mrs. Ferd I-I. Kuck and Mrs. Florenz Kuck and Mrs. Gustave Kuck and Mrs. Harvey Kuck Hattie Kuck H. O. Kuck and Mrs. Martin Kuck and Mrs. Theodore Kuck and Mrs. Vernon Kuck and Mrs Wallace Kuck and Mrs. Walter A. Kuck and Mrs. Walter B. Kuck and Mrs Willis Kuck and Mrs. Lawrence Kuhlman and Mrs Leroy Kuhlman and Mrs. R. W. Kuhlman Robert Kuhlman and Mrs Benfamin Lammers and Mrs Henry Lammers and Mrs Wesley H. Lammers and Mrs R. J. Laughlin and Mrs. Stanley Lehman and Mrs Kenneth List and Mrs. Julius Longworth and Mrs Ferd Lutterbeck and Mrs. Fred I.utterbeck and Mrs. Lester Lutterbeck and Mrs. L. C. Mahn Oliver Mahn and Mrs. A. K. Manbeck Sarah Maneke and Mrs. Richard Maurer and Mrs. Fred McCabe and Mrs. W'alter McClure and Mrs. Bernard McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Kermit McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCune Miss Phoebe McQuilkin Mr. and Mrs Ferd Meckstroth Mr. and Mrs Lawrence Meckstroth Mr. and Mrs Leroy Meckstroth Mr. and Mrs Vernon Meckstroth Mr. and Mrs. Robert Metzger Mr. and Mrs Walter Meyer Mr. and Mrs William Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Harry Moellenkamp Mr. and Mrs. Milford Moellenkamp Mr. and Mrs Dale Montgomery Mr. and Mrs Ferd Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. John R. Musser Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nave Mr. and Mrs. Allen Niemeyer Mr. and Mrs Benjamin Niemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Donald Niemeyer Mr. and Mrs Florenz Niemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Henry Niemeyer Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Niemeyer Mr. Edward Nuesmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Edward Opperman Mr. and Mrs Eugene Opperman Mr. and Mrs Herbert Opperman Mr. and Mrs. Myron Opperman Mr. and Mrs Carl Ott Mr. W. A. Parke Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Henry Poppe Mr. and Mrs Simpson Poppe Mr. and Mrs. August Prueter Mr. and Mrs. james Prueter Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Rain Mr. and Mrs Julius Rain Mr. and Mrs. Reinhart Rain Mr. and Mrs Robert Rice Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Roettger Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rodeheffer Mr. and Mrs Lavern Rodeheffer f I Band 1, 2, 5, -'ig Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 "Clementine" 55 Home Nursing 25 Li- brarian 45 Memoir Staff 45 Home Economics 45 "Spring Fever" 45 Class President 2. E IOR RAMONA ESCH MEYER MARILYN HENKENFR AMERICAN HISTORY Librarian lg Office 2, 5, 45 "Clementine" 55 Cheer- leader 2, 5, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Secretary of Class 2, 45 Librarian of Band 3, 45 Treasurer of Chorus 52 Secretary of Chorus 45 Memoir Staff 45 Home Economics 45 "Spring Fever' 4. First row: Cleft lo right! Allen Kuck, Melba Henschen, Marilyn Henkener, Ramona Eschmeyer. Second mu james McCullough, Franklin Sawmiller, Carol Schroer, Lois Schroer. Third roun' Norman Wierwille Lee Ann Walters, Allen Vordermark, Henry Telljohann. Fourth rouu' Lee Kuhlman. 17 E OIR STAFF Q7 as 1 zs :ve -J-.-Q..-,,',,, 'm -+- r'?'6',- 'lx' ' Bottom Rauf: Ileft lo right? Henry Telliohann-Will and Testamentg Ramona Eschmeyer-Riff and Raffg Elaine Kuck-Social Editotg Norman Wierwille-Class History. Secomz' Roux- Melba Henschen-Senior Editotg Allen Kuck-Photography: James McCullough-Photographyg Carol Schroer-Class Editor. Third Row: Franklin Sawmiller-Sports Editorg Lois Schroer-Business Managerg Marilyn Henkener-Calendar 8: Prophecyg Lee Kuhl- man-Sports Editor. Fourth Roux' Allen Vordermark-Editorg V. E. Katterheinrich-Memoir Advisorg Lee Ann Walters-Assistant Editor. 18 E IORS MELBA HENSCHEN , -.X Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Q ALLEN KUCK Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g "Clementine" 3: Home Nursing Zg Of- fice 4g Memoir Staff 4g Home Economics 49 "Spring Fever" 4. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. Sentinal 25 F.F.A. Presi- dent 5, 49 Basketball Manager 45 Baseball lg "Clementine" 55 Memoir Staff 45 "Spring Fever" 4. VOCATION AL AGRICULTURE I Left to right! Allen Kuck, James McCullough 19 CLASS HISTURY In September, 1948, nineteen bold freshmen entered the Freshman Class in New Knoxville High School. Our class opened the year with nine girls and ten boys. High school life seemed rather complex but we quickly adjusted ourselves as we took part in the many school activities. There were many musicians among our group. Nine members of our class joined the chorus and eight played in- struments in the band. Our class was also sports minded, being active in both baseball and basketball. Dorothy and Lois Sholler moved to Ywapakoneta during the year, reducing our class membership to seventeen. We began our sophomore year with fourteen members, losing Carl McCune, Valgene Phillips, and Virginia Rostorfer during the summer. The class roll had additional changes during the 1949-1950 school year. Don Prueter dropped out of school and Dorothy Keiber moved here from Dayton and became a member of our class. Our class again played an important part in the extracurricular activi- ties of our school. One of our girls, Marilyn Henkener, became a cheerleader. We entered the junior year with a total of fourteen members. We presented the Junior Class play, "Clementine", which was a great success. ln january we received our class rings, of which we are very proud. We also had the honor of presenting the junior-Senior Reception for the Class of 1951. Our class membership was again fourteen when we came back in the fall of 1951 as dignified seniors. Dorothy Keiber moved to St. Marys during the sum- mer. but Elaine Kuck moved to New Knoxville from XVisconsin and we were very happy to have her graduate with us. Our musicians made up an important part of the band and chorus. Four of our boys played on the baseball team, and three were on the varsity basketball team, all received letter sweaters. Marilyn completed her third year as a cheerleader. The Senior Class play, "Spring Fever", was a great success. We will long remember and cherish the week of May 11, 1952 as the beginning and end of our graduation exercises. 20 11,2 ,.,. ,, ,. ,,:5.-EE: r xg : .... f. : .,,,"i sz ,si Liberty Union: Band l, 23 Chorus 1, 23 Class Treasurer 25 G.A.A. l, 25 F.H.A. l, 25 F.H.A. Trea- surer 23 Office 2. Ply- mouth: Band 3. New Knoxville: Band 45 Chor- us 4g Class Vice-President 45 Memoir Staff 44 "Spring Fever" 4. ,, 4 E IOR ELAINE KUCK LEE KUHLMAN HOME ECUNUMICS Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Bas- ketball l, 29 Basketball Manager 3, 44 "Clemen- tine" 5: Class Vice-Presi- dent l, 23 Class Treasurer 33 Class President 4g Li- brarian I, 54 Memoir Staff 43 "Spring Fever" 4. fLeft to riglall Lois Schroer, Marilyn I-Ienkener, Melba Henschen, Carol Schroer, Lee Ann Walters Ramona Eschmeyer. 21 CALE SEPTEMBER 4 lst day of school 6 Boys fall asleep in English 7 Senior girls break the ditto 10 Carol tells of heartthrob lHARRYJ??? ll The things Marilyn has seen!!! I2 Ramona picks up a toad I5 Boys play football in the rain 17 Allen finds love behind counter I8 Billy joe thinks women XVERE important! 19 Juniors pick class rings 21 Senior girls can't figure it out- Why doesn't someone tell them???? 25 Don and Mary B. stand in hall during English 26 Billy Joe pitches no-hitter OCTOBER I Senior girls scared by monster-CFLYJ!!! 7 Elaine is just 17 8 Melba, Lois, and Ramona "HICK',???? 9 Marilyn gets love letter from a bathroom co. 12 Cheerleaders chosen 17 juniors furniture damaged by Halloweeners 18 Freshman girls TRY to play football 18 Allen goes with a Freshman??? 22 CROSS DOG in office. BEWAREH!! 23 Seniors pictures are taken 24 Franklin has activity in heady Guess what. 26 High School Party given by Sophomores 30 Virginia Rostorfer, former classmate, dies NOVEMBER 1 Juniors are proud-class rings arrive 2 Mr. Stauffer has a birthday German Band serenades him PTA Carnival 7 FREAKS!! Senior proofs arrive 12 VEK declares World War III in History 15 Boys go hunting-YIPEE-Quiet around Strange odors in History Class l9 Mr. Stauffer gets rid of moustache!!! 21 Thanksgiving vacation Mona Lisa is discovered in Home Economics 22 Lost our lst game to St. Henry 45-44 50 We defeat New Bremen 57-4l DECEMBER 4 Home Economic girls tempt boys with cake!! 7 Beat St. joseph 8 Defeat Buckland 52-37 9 Christmas Band Concert 13 Home Economic girls prepare a dinner 14 No school--Snowstorm! 24 Mr. Freymuth gets HOOKED!!!!???? 25 Merry Christmas everyone 26 Mission House Local defeats us 28 Ft. Recovery too tough 29 Ramona goes to the hospital 31 New Year's Eve JANUARY l Ezie is 18 22 DR 2 New Year's resolutions broken 3 Back to school!! Everyone happy??? 4 Beat Waynesfield 85-56 8 Cooking girls serve a tea 10 Miss McQuilkin and Melba BANG Girls scared by skunks! 11 Defeated by Cridersville 70-67 Ramona returns to school 12 We beat Shawnee 15 We beat undefeated Spencerville 64-63 I9 Holy Angels lose 22 Anna defeats us 25 We defeat Buckland The band performs 29 Public Speaking Class presents a radio program We defeat St. Rose 65-64 THRILLER 50 Ez and Lloyd have it "OUT" FEBRUARY 1 Seniors take tests at St. Marys Lee Ann takes answer sheet along???? 5 We defeat Coldwater 8 Botkins loses Boys get new basketball suits Seniors get play parts-ugh! I4 Be my Valentine? "Old Goats" day 15 Minster defeats us 20 Lee wins 4th in county on Senior Scholarship Test 21 We defeat Buckland in our first tournament game 23 Minster defeats us-we are runners-up 27 St. Henry defeats us 50-49 in opening game at Celina MARCH 4 Mr. Schwinn of Miami-Jacobs College speaks on "Change-Or Short-Change Yourself" 7 High School Leap Year Party 15 Lee Ann becomes 18 20 Civic Club gives a sports banquet Ramona becomes 18 28 Seniors present "Spring Fever", which was a great success Henry has a birthday APRIL 1 April Fool's Day Preliminary District-State Tests 4 Band Concert given 7 Mr. Katterheinrich reaches the age limit 18 Chorus recital Allen V. is 18 24 Pre-school clinic MAY 3 Final District-State Tests 5 County chorus recital 9 Juniors give Seniors a wonderful reception 11 Baccalaureate Service 13 Melba reaches age of 18 today 15 Commencement-Larman Sherwood, Blind Humorist-Philosopher is speaker E IORS JAMES MCCULLOUGH FRANKLIN SAWX' MILLER F.F.A. Sentinal 5: F.F.A. Basketball 2, 5, 4: F.F.A. Treasurer 45 Memoir lg "Clementine" 35 Vice- Staff 45 "Spring Fever" 4g President 33 Memoir F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. Staff 45 "Spring Fever" 4. FARM SHOP K Left to rigbtl Norman Wierwille, Allen Kuck, James McCullough 23 :MQ U D 3o:oE2 Sm: -BENEGSO 32:3 WUNNEU Daw QF :mmm AUMHEUEBSM am .P W :SLN Ewa 8553: UMEEUQE WCM-abt 20635 3332 :Nmvv UEBBS? ENE.-OZ :mwmgn new Jam: V-OOD Esato 9,2 N895 as QF zgggmz SNES? :CQ DOA LOEWMU: get WE-E EOE 3,3325 .um -AOEHQI: V-IEE.-UEOP co:4 L . l Emi Hal? he-Sava: gem shim E MCEHNEQ :OTEOA gsm: CEEOEUVH ECU: LEQEW: : HNEMGQ 0-nga UNSC m-Bagged dam -'BCH' -Sohtm msg L3NN:L.2NN:m: 38952: wats-W 0-Q95 SEO Sao Ein 2-Dax: .seem -OSU --NESS: gh :S as man: mm-U bv-USE 0.33 H-CEQ: GEORGE Dacia mais-HQ gag OF A-UOQ: IEEENJZW czxcsm :TKOEA H-Cow H' can :mecca mi!-NF :bw Msgs? :uvazmz swag:-CUE SEA :E 3:3 H: EEVOEOU was :Ewan M-EEO A-DZOOM: EE-EDM UUA :Ego 'LOGZ HSUOQ asm v-636562 mcommmgo-dm Liv-USM: u-USM H5-21 A-as :Em jo: es? mhcomgm 33-me wa:-QW UCOACEW Lv-03:5 V-USM OGRE H52 we go --:oem Lean: gzgbyr CNSC? E32 3 OF mace mac-UQCVH 28302: Ggtmgm 2:02 Saw: use EE L80-M do: -swim EDQO H-not Ona mg-gin wizug-SDSU :umwmdzz Huge-abm gh-:NE :Tyco-Nm: CSEO? 3-Gm liao 0-AQUA! Kwon W-Saga 2 0:-OE: HMKOELUWH SHOES! mgwkgm Stgsm -Smwqsspsl QQNNMNQ SNNHN NEESGNZ 2594 S6 i X1 7- Band l, 2, 3. 43 Chorus I, 2, 5, 43 "Clementine" 'ag Home Nursing 23 Of- fice 2, 4: Memoir Staff 43 Home Economics 43 "Spring Fever" 4. E IORS CAROL SCHROER LOI S SCHROER 'l'Yl'EWlil'l'lNG :f" N .... '. -' In 'i i-.. ,:,:, :E lzzgu ,. L Q Class Treasurer 43 Presi- dent of Chorus 43 Chorus 1, 2, 5. 43 Librarian 1. 43 "Clementine" 3: Memoir Staff 43 Home Nursing 23 Home Economics 43 "Spring Fever" 4. First row: fleft to right! Carol Schroer, Marilyn Henkener, Elaine Kuck. Second row: Melba Hen schen Lee Ann Walters, Henry Telljohann. 25 CLASS WILL We the Senior Class of 1952, being of sound mind and body, do hereby, declare, and publish this as our last will and testament. ARTICLE 1-To the Faculty we wish to express our sincere thanks for their patience, help, and guidance. ARTICLE 2-To the Board of Education we extend our sincere appreciation for all the things they have done for us, fo help make our task less difficult. ARTICLE 3-To the underclassmen we leave these belongings for which we have no further use, I, Ramona Eschmeyer, will and bequeath my love for New Bremen to Arlene Wierwille, and my uncontrollable temper to Lester Settlage. I, Marilyn Henkener, will and bequeath my love for trunks to Ruby Lutterbeck, and my cheerlead- ing ability to Greta Hole. I, Melba Henschen, will and bequeath my ability to drive a car to JoAnn Kuck, and my muscular build to Luke Stienecker. I, Allen Kuck, will and bequeath my love for farming to Ned Katterheinrich, and my strong physique to XVayne Bambauer. I, Elaine Kuck, will and bequeath my studious nature to Ralph Schrolucke, and my good grades to james King. I, Lee Kuhlman, will and bequeath my ability to play second base to Paul Katterheinrich, and my love for "butch haircuts" to R. Stauffer. I, james McCullough, will and bequeath my quiet-like ways to Lloyd Kuck, and my studious nature to -lean Henkener. I, Franklin Sawmiller, will and bequeath my ability to smile to Roger Evcr:man, and my flirting ability to Billy Joe Henkener. I, Carol Schroer, will and bequeath my dry remarks to Howard Smith, and my stately walk to Larry Westbay. I, Lois Schroer, will and bequeath my ability to get along with teachers to Roger Bambauer, and my blonde wavy hair to Ronald Kuck. I, Henry Telljohann, will and bequeath my troubles about girls to Thomas Fisher, and the first "Nickel" I earn exceeding one million dollars to V. E. Katterheinrich. I, Allen Vordermark, will and bequeath my brown wavy hair to Dean Hoge, and my love for mathematics to Betty Parke. I, Lee Ann Walters, will and bequeath my love for one man to Mary Lou Kiefer, and my temper to Alfred Manbeck. I, Norman Wierwille, will and bequeath my ability to get kicked out of class to Larry Clausing. and my basketball ability to Don List. In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hand and seal, this fifteenth day of May, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-Two. Signed The Class of 1952 26 an 9: SENIOR ' HENRY TELLJOHANN " J- e If l ' I ' S ' I - ALLEN VORDERMARK 9? H 5 fx Baseball 1, 2, 3, 49 Band Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4g 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2. 3, 43 45 "Clementine" 53 Class "Clementine" 33 Librari- Presidenr I, 33 Memoir an 35 Office 4g Class Sec- Staff 4, Spring Fever" 4. retary 1, 3g Band l, 2, 3, 49 Chorus 1, 2, 5, 43 Memoir Staff 43 "Spring Fever" 4. PUBLIC SPEAKING fLefl to riglotj Norman Wierwille, Ramona Eschmeyer, Elaine Kuck, Lois Schroer. 27 C ASS PROPHECY The mysterious land of the future rises before our eyes on this early morning of May 15, 1977. As we glide rapidly through space, our attention is attracted by a magnificent glass home in the very center of the metropolis of Shinbone. As the clock strikes eight, the shade rises, the bed automatically folds into the wall, and LOIS SCHROER steps on the escalator and slowly descends to the kitchen. Upon her arrival at the kitchen, she presses a panel of buttons, and immediately her breakfast is placed before her. She is preparing to leave for her position as Head Superintendent of "The Schroer Sanatorium". A short distance away, we see the homestead of the noted Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, JAMES MCCULLOUGH. Twenty-five years ago, this small-town boy left his home to embark upon a career in wrestling. Today he is known to millions as "Curly Kid McCullough". Suddenly to our amazement we encounter a gleaming rocket ship. It is operated by MARILYN HENKENER, a sales lady of sawdust products, made exclusively by a great lumber company. Through Marilyn's sales technique. sawdust products are rapidly becoming a part of every American home. From there, we proceed to Dayton, Ohio. Here we find our friend and classmate, ALLEN KUCK, who is practicing his career in veterinary medicine. His business is continually thriving because horses are again becoming prominent in this part of the country. In this city, we also meet NORMAN WIERWILLE, who tells us that he is now working as an orderly at a prominent hospital in Dayton. He is the one who is re- sponsible for this hospital being known as one of the cleanest in the country. In his sparetime, he spends many pleasant hours with his favorite nurse. As we continue on our journey, we soar above a Kentucky Army Hospital and see another of our former classmates, ALLEN VORDERMARK. Allen is recovering from a wound inflicted while on K.P. duty for which he received the purple spleen. As a renowned news commentator, he is awaiting his dis- charge so that he may return to his program, "Vordermark's Predictions of Things To Come", featured on television. Quickly, we guide our plane to Chicago, where we have a short visit with LEE KUHLMAN, owner of the largest chewing gum company in the world. He tells us of his new chewing gum, "Atom Apple", the only gum made with atomic energy. Upon our departure, Lee gives us samples for his teachers and friends, assuring us that it will give them added vim and vigor. As we stop for lunch in a Chicago restaurant, we pick up a newspaper and find a column written by Pouella Larsons, who is really our classmate, ELAINE KUCK. Her column, full of all the latest gossip, is read by people all over the country. As we turn the page, we see a large picture of the noted matador, HENRY TELLJOHANN. He is now working on his second million zigging and zagging the bulls of Mexico. We hope he does not zig when he should zag. From there we proceed to Hollywood, where we find RAMONA ESCHMEYER, photographer for "Modern Scream Magazine". Taking pictures of her friends during her high school days has greatly con- tributed to her success. Hollywood has it that LaBelle Eschmeyer's romance with Gregory Gable is on the rocks. We now find Ramona photographing FRANKLIN SAWMILLER, better known to us as "Doc". He can now be seen playing "Tarzan" in his new movie, "Tarzan and His Wife". Quietly, we enter the Louvure Theater, located in Paris, France. The lights are dim, a hush prevails over the audience. Slowly the curtain rises and soft lights flood the stage. The music begins and from the background, Madamoiselle CAROL SCHROER, the world famed ballet dancer pirouetts across the stage. She is greeted by tremendous applause. Her debut in France has ended with great success. As we make our return to New Knoxville, we see large bill boards procla'ming the appearance of MELBA HENSCHEN, a renowned colortura soprana of the Metropolitan Opera. She is scheduled to arrive at the New Knoxville Airport where a huge crowd is awaiting her return. New Knoxville has become famous the world over for its one and only law office. Since LEE ANN WALTERS moved in with her excellent debating ability and knowledge of law, all of the other law offices have been forced to close. And now as we stop and look back over our trip in search of our classmates, we find that we have enjoyed it very much and we are sure that all of them have made a great success in life. 28 lu n , , 5, , Y-A E IORS LEE ANN WALTERS NORMAN WIERXVILLE Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus Basketball 1, ,2, 3, 4g 1, 2, 3, 49 Librarian 1, 2: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g F.F.A. Office 3, 43 "Clementine" 1, 2, 3g "Clementine" 35 5g Treasurer of Class 1, Memoir Staff 4g "Spring 25 Home Nursing 2g Feverl' 4. Home Economics 49 Memoir Staff 43 "Spring Fever" 4. SOLID GEOMETRY I Left to right! Allen Vordermark, Lee Kuhlman, Henry Telljohann, Franklin Sawmiller. 29 ACTIVITY HAPSHOT fLeft to right! I. Carol Schroer. 2. Ronald Kuck, Ann Fledderiohn, Henry Telljohann, Carl McCune, John Hole, Marilee Settlage, Marilyn Henkener. 3. Lee Ann Walters, Marilyn Henkener. 4 Lois Schroer, Marilyn Henkener. 5. Allen Vordermark. 6. Lois Schroer, Ramona Eschmeyer, Melba Hcnschen, Lee Ann Walters, Carol Schroer. 7. Lee Ann Walters. 8. Marilee Settlage. 9. Robert Deerhake, Betty Parke. John Hole, Ruth Warner, Annett Aufderhaar, Janice Eversman, Joyce Froning. 10. Joyce Froning. 11. Marilyn Henkener. 12. Bill Henkencr, Ralph Schrolucke, Lloyd Kuck. 15. Luke Stienecker. 30 THE SENIORS of vw- 5. ' r SCHOOL present UNDERCLASSMEN THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE Mr. and Mrs. Orville Rupert Mr. and Mrs. A. VU. Sawmiller Mr. and Mrs. john A. Scheblo Mr. and Mrs. Emil Schneider Mr. John Schneider Mr. and Mrs Henry Schnelle Mr. and Mrs. Norman Schnellc Mr. and Mrs Lawrence Schroeder Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schroer Mr. and Mrs Elmer Schroer Mr. and Mrs Enoch Schroer Mr. and Mrs Ewald Schroer Mr. and Mrs Gustave Schroer Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Schroer Mr. and Mrs Herman Schroer Mr. and Mrs joseph Schroer Mr. and Mrs Leonard Schroer Mr. and Mrs Leroy Schroer Mr. Richard Schroer Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schrolucke Mrs. Elmer Schrolucke Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Florenz Schrolucke Harry Schrolucke Norman Schrolucke Robert Schrolucke Wilson Schrolucke Emil Schwabero Mr. Herman Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Settlage Mrs. Alice Settlage Mrs. Lewis Sectlage Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Dr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Noah Settlage William Settlage Harold Shuster Ralph Shuster Marion Smith E. P. Sparks R. Stauffer C. R. Stienecker Carl Stolzenburg Miss Emma Stork Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Dr. Mr and Mrs. Harry Stork and Mrs. Paul Stork and Mrs. Edwin Stroh and Mrs. Vernon Stroh and Mrs. Richard Sudman and Mrs. Vernon Sullivan and Mrs. George Telljohann and Mrs. Harold T hees and Mrs. Rual Thompson and Mrs. Oliver Timmerman Henry Vohs and Mrs Leonard Vohs and Mrs Charles Vonderhuevel and Mrs Oliver Vordermark and Mrs. Lester Vornholt and Mrs Leon Walters and Mrs Alvin Warner and Mrs Florenz Warner and Mrs Henry Warner and Mrs Kermit Vi'arner and Mrs Oliver Warner and Mrs. Arthur W'ellman and Mrs. Conrad W'ellman and Mrs. Donald Wellman and Mrs. Eldred Wellman and Mrs Ferd Wellman and Mrs. Howard VC'ellman and Mrs. Paul Wellman and Mrs. Carl Werheim and Mrs. james Wessel Carl Wfesterbeck and Mrs. Ezra Wierwille and Mrs. Fred Wfierwille and Mrs Harry Wierwille and Mrs. Orville W'ierwille and Mrs Raymond Wfierwille and Mrs Reuben Wierwille and Mrs. Harold Wietholter and Mrs. H. S. XY'olfe and Mrs. Herman Zwiebel JU IOR CLASS 1 ,V wr . A ' 5 ., 3 -K -f - 1,-1, V- , '. , ,1 "1 . , S' A at . If .T v- A 1 , 0 I iz 5 " If A-5:7-" .T 5, l Q .asv M- 'git '- ' M i 'lx tl ft ,R A L i s 9' S I J rl M . i EY! , If ..., 4 ,, 1 'Y la at - .-H. 'K ht ' W 19 R .-.V 1. at wr. X if it 'V Vx A -gf, :., kg. 1 8 ,sl -an A. V, y-. Q 1' Q if .Q ., 6 - 15' ' 65, 1' . '- A Q Z . f s S ' h X tv.: it Q A! S 'le bt . . L L Fl lxfissf " v i nf.. Bottom row: fleft to right! John Schroer, Mary Schrolucke, Ralph Schrolucke, Lester Settlage, Howard Smith, Elton Stienecker. Second row: Don List, Ruby Lutterbeck, Carl McCune, james Niemeyer. Third row: JoAnn Kuck, Shirley Kuck. Fourth row: Greta Hole, Mary Lou Kiefer. Fifth row: Ann Fledderjohn, Bill Henkener. Sixth row: David Arnett, Roger Bambauer, Mary Buddemeyer, Lee Deerhake, Roger Deerhake, Leonard Elshoff. We, the Junior Class, entered the 1951-52 school year with twenty-three members. During the year we lost Harold Moellenkamp who found interests else-where. We received our class rings of which we are all very proud. The class decided on an entirely new design which is very beautiful. Our class presented a three-act play "Great Scotts" which was a great success. On May 9th we gave the Junior-Senior Reception in honor of the Senior class. It was greatly appreciated by the graduating class of 1952. Our class is well represented in basketball, band and chorus. We also have two cheerleaders in our class. OFFICERS Roger J. Stauffer g.: Advisor 'giffif' , Lester Settlage President john Schroer 'Q Vice-President Don List A Secretary Mary Schrolucke I" i'if.? . 4 Treasurer 33 OPHO ORE L SS ,aw at .1-e 1 vs ff + f F3 1 '- 21, rn... , 1 A In - V ., 31. t L 12 151. 'L . A X ,-',,., ' T ' f-A aff, . v xx ,By 'YZ Q v it V Q V- I , :gf ,.: V , 1 " :-1.1 ., . , VA" V ',,,A , 1 hw? 1 1 a 1 to 1, 5' sa Bottom row: K left to right! Larry Westbay, Arlene Wierwille, Nancy Wierwille, Ned Wier- wille, Glenn Williams, Marlene McCullough. Second mu: Phyllis Schrolucke, Luke Stienecker, Dale Stolzenburg. Third row: Don McCullough, Marlene Wissman, Charles Schroeder. Fourth row: Ned Katterheinrich, Lloyd Kuck, Alfred Manbeck. Fifth row: Joyce Henkener, Annette Hinze, Ruth Hoge. Sixth row: Bill Beickman, Janet Elshoff, Roger Eversman, Thomas Fisher, Dale Henkener, Jean Henkener. We entered high school in the 1950-51 school term with twenty-seven members During the year we lost Robert Eisert who found interests else-where. We are proud to state that Ruth Hoge and Roger Eversman won scholarships in English and General Science, respectively, as freshmen. In the fall of 1951 we entered the Sophomore Class with twenty-five members. Patricia McCue returned to her home in Bristol, Connecticut during the summer of 1951. During the year we lost another member, Vernon Stienecker, who found new interests. Our class is again well represented in the various school activities which include basketball, baseball, band, and chorus. One of the cheerleaders is a member of our class. OFFICERS Kenneth List Advisor Ned Katterheinrich President Bill Beickman Vice-President Roger Eversman 1 Secretary-Treasurer 34 FRESHMAN LASS 1 " " ' . A X ,b 9 1 X i J, - L 9 - . ,Eff ' A -Y' . 2, Am. A i ' l ty Q' Ml.. if J- '. X t V ,,.,: Z 3 Fl .. V W! 1 a t a ss K at . .ss K i QW. .. Di. f X E A V. 1 X 4 5 X iff a . 'F -' I s , is i - Q Q , , Q - , ,- , x .A . , ., A .x v "1 . 4 YL I "ti ' Bottom row: fleft to rigbtj Paul Ott, Betty Parke, Marilee Settlage, Richard Shroyer, Ruth Warner. Second row: James King, Ronald Kuck. Third row: Paul Katterheinrich. Fourth row: Joyce Froning, Nancy Haberkamp, Donald Heidt, Dean Hoge, John Hole. Fifth row: Robert Deerhake, Janice Eversman. Sixth row: Annett Aufderhaar, Wanda Bambauer, Wayne Bambauer, Larry Clausing, Lee Clausingf We entered New Knoxville High School in September of 1951. Although we began as green freshmen we soon became accustomed to the routine. At the beginning of the school term we had nineteen members, but we gained a new member, Richard Shroyer, who moved into the New Knoxville School District from Wapakoneta. We are well represented in the various school activities which include band. basket- ball, baseball, and chorus. Norville Freymuth Advisor Janice Eversman President OFFICERS Dean Hoge ,.:' g Zg, : A I Vice-President Y a Lee Clausing W Secretary-Treasurer 35 ACTIVITY SNAPSHOTS Cleft lo right! 1. Dennis Henschen, Jan Stauffer. 2. Barbara Bambauer, Sharon Schrolucke, Karen Gritzmaker. 3. Betty Parke, Ruth Warne.r, Joyce Froning, Janice Eversman, Wanda Bamhauer, Annett Aufderhaar, Nancy Haberkamp, Marilee Seztlage. 4. Sharon Henschen, jane Kuck, Bonita Schroer. 5. Mary Buddemeyer, Mary Schrolucke, JoAnn Kuck, Ann Fledderjohn. 6. Elton Stienecker. 7. Ronald Kuck, James King. 8. Nancy Wierwille, Mary Lou Kiefer. 9. Leonard Elshoff, Ralph Schrolucke, Elton Stienecker, David Arnett. 10. Joyce Henkener, Janet Elshoff, Marlene Wissnian. ll. John Schroer. 12. Marlene McCullough, Jean Henkener, Nancy Wierwille. 13. Michael McCabe. 14. Darrel Kuck, Alan Smith, Don Clausing. 36 TM SENIORS of ' SCHOOL present ELEMENTARY THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF ONE DOLLAR OR MORE NEW KNOXVILLE Arnett, Wilson J. C. Begg and Son Aufderhaar, Mildred Life, Health, and Accident Insurance Auglaize County Farm Bureau Co-op Bambauer, Robert, R. 1, Botkins Farm Seeds and Fertilizers Chic's Grocery, Harold Howe Meadow Gold Distributor Deerhake, LeRoy Ditching Elshoff's Market Groceries and Meats Efchmeyer. Fldred Duroc Hogs Eversman Oil Company Cities Service Products Eversman's S'ore Dry Goods and Appliances Fledderjohann, Fred Pfister Seed Corn Grimes Quality Market Groceries and Meats Haberkamp, Gustave Painting and Papering Harlamert Egg and Poultry Co. Harrod Brothers DeKalb Seed Corn Henkener, Raymond Contractor Henkener's Sales and Service Station Henschen, Leonard Holstein Friesian Cattle. Chester White Hogs Hoge Lumber Company Holtkamp and Schrolucke Brown Swiss Cattle jauert and Hoelscher Massey-Harris Sales and Service Katterheinrich Store Hardware and Appliances Katterheinrich Motor Sales Chevrolet Sales and Service Katterheinrich, Robert Roofing, Plumbing, and Heating Koenig, O. Wapakoneta Production Credit Ass'n. Kuck, E. R. Brookside Sanitary Dairy Kuck, Homer Refrigerator Service Kuck's IGA Market Groceries and Meats Kuck, Robert Brookside Dairy Bar Kuhlman Insurance Agency Kuck, Willis Electrical Repair Lammers, Silas Registered Brown Swiss Cattle Magnatonic Products, Inc. Meckstroth Brothers Gehl-Sales and Service Meckstroth Motor Sales Ford Sales and Service Meckstroth Paint and Body Shop Mi1dred's Beauty Shop New Knoxville Supply Co. Plumbing, Heating, and Wiring Parke, W. A. Stran Steel Buildings Peoples Savings Bank Poppe Brothers, Spray Painting New Bremen Rt. 9561, Phone 21-39 New Knoxville Rodeheffer, Kenneth Spotted Poland China Hogs Rodeheffer, Lavern Spotted Poland China Hogs, Stock for Sale Schrolucke, Eileen Accordian Sales Shellenberger Garage and Service Station Thees, Harold Radio and Electrical Repair Warner's Garage General Repairing, Dependable Used Cars Wellman's Nursery Growers of dependable nursery stock for 60 years Wierwille, Art Hauling and General Contracting v-'7-gp "" ' '- f -'-nywwef--f -- EIGHTH GRADE Left Right Eileen Clausing Dean Deerhake Donna Eschmeyer Clark Froning Ann Jones Dean Kuclg Phoebe McQuilkin Advisor Right Left . . Doris Eisert Violet Dudgeon juliann Hoge Nolan Harlamert Karen Lammers -Ella Mae Kuck Robert McClure David McCune Jo Ann Ott Reinhold Paulat Lee Schroer Roberta Schrolucke Sharon Vordermark Ruth Warner 39 Ned Niemeyer Marjorie McCune Joyce Schroer Evelyn Schroer Nathan Stienecker Leland Shroyer Roger VVierwil1e Annely Wierwille .Y Fl ll ,YW , Vx 1 EVE TH GRADE Left Right Right Left EQ U 1 .yy Elnor Arnett James Henschen ii q,,4 Janice Aufderhaar Martha Eschmeyer t'E' g Billy Hinze Dennis Lamrners i f . lz, . ,'- Joann Kettler Margaret King M Caroline Brigner Joann McCullough Bill McCullough Roger Moellenkamp Nancy Parke Jay Stauffer Willis Telliohann Advisor 4 0 Nina Fay Blair Howard Schroyer Phyllis Moellenkamp Dixie Shuster Nancy Prueter Gloria Wierwille Dixie Westbay SIXTH GRADE Left John Buddemeyer William Jones Right Right Left John F roning Jean Eversman Kelly Epperly Larry Kuck Tad Kattman Emily Kruse if ff 1 , Q kv gig f iff' .f . . ,sg Q C. R. Stienecker Jerry Lutterbeck Helmut Paulat Janice Schrolucke Elaine Shuster Billy Sudman Teach er I 41 Elmer Neuman Rollin Lutterbein Grace Settlage Doris Settlage Don Warner Beverly Warner 4 f,..,. , , FIFTH GRADE Left Right D y Joyce Bambauer Mary Bambauer Michael Daniels Gene Deerhake Rosalyn Eschmeyer Jean Gritzmaker Donald Henschen janet Hoge Ronald Howe Gary Katterheinrich John Musser V Teacher joseph Kohler Darrel Kuck Thomas Kuck Sandra Lammers Larry Longworth John Scheblo Carolyn Shroyer Alan Smith 42 Right Left Don Clausing Mary Bierbaum Sandra Elshoff Larry Elshoff Billy Henschen Doris Heidt Larry Howe Marta Hoge Don Kiefer Linda Kattman Kenneth Kuck James Kuck jerry Lehman Patricia Laughlin Kenneth Schrolucke Doris Schroer Robert WierwHIe Larry Snyder 4191- - Jerry -191 -. - 0 RTH GRADE Left Right Richard Bambauer Dean Clausing Linda Fledderiohann Dale Grimes Patricia Hinze Larry Jauert Kuck Tommy McClure Harvey McCune Larry Niemeyer Larry Roettger Edward Shupp Shearl Sparks Teacher Kathleen Wellman 43 Right Left Donald Eversman Lloyd Epperly Earl Harlamert Karen Gruebmeyer Perry Kantner Mark jones Dale Manbeck Billy Kuhlrnan Karen Meckstroth Dale Meckstroth Joyce Settlage Gary Sawmiller Ralph Wierwille Laura Lee Wierwille in--vfxvgvuggpppq-wr-we.-.-----vw," 'vv - tr-reg,-7'-7-wvn raw THIRD GR DE Left Right Barbara Bambauer Glenn Culp Gary Elshoff Larry Fledderiohann Michael Henschen Jerry Hoelscher Right Left Kay Diegel Donald Daniels Louise Henschen Karen Gritzmaker Joyce Howe Mary Hoelscher Edna Katterheinrich Terry Huston Lee Karterheinrich Robert Kuck Danny Meckstroth Hartmut Paulat Charlotte Poppe Sharon Schrolucke Diane Shuster Teacher Richard Kuck Roger Katterheinrich Peter Parke Michael Overley Gene Schrolucke John Schroeder Bob Wierwille Alberta Wierwille 44 ' I . gg Q, 'Q be Q R fi-' , ,4.,.. n HGXL, . 'f Q. 9 K . Q, I I , 'Ah' i X 1' 'Rik' - 'bf 439 Y, S. 1 , saws: .I Q' il E Q Q! F Q1 w M- ' Qu, Elgin QF i' David :,.., hr 9. 1 + :2 ' 4 . G Qs- ,, 'G at 1 X., I las- ,' G Q5 A A 1... ' u i Q. .1 ' Qi P if " Ria 9- J X..-. I gel IF Q, it Hs' Q. x x. ECO D GRADE Left Right Rebecca Buddemeyer Billy Daniels Mack Elshoff Cheryl Eversman Marilyn Harrod Sharon Henkener Dennis Henschen Ronald Holl Kattman Araminta Grimes Leona King Ora King Thomas Lammers Michael McCabe Kathlyn Rodeheffer Richard Scheblo Bobby Snyder Jan Stauffer Right Left james Elshoff Connie Elshoff Susan Harlamert john Harlamert Danny Henschen Ann Henschen Guy Katterheinrich Steven jones Diane Lammers S'anley Kuck Connie Poppe Eugene Opperman Connie Schroer Bonita Schroer Joyce Stork Russell Stienecker Wi'- 6- Q X Xfxv if - If , 'K '9- .xv 'E z."' 'ibn lwflx. WA I F N. Q ul .g y J Q .mx 9' 1 ta. ' or s vi 5.4 P QQ 1 G! . 1'4" . F -...A s. R ,V ,. ,5 FIR T GR DE Left Right Gary Bambauer Gary Bradford Ruth Eschmeyer Robert Grimes Sharon Henschen Thomas Howe Caroline Holtkamp Mack Kruse Marilyn Kruse Gary McCune Rebecca Mecksrroth Judith Schrolucke Dennis Shupp Teacher 46 Right Left Kay Elshoff Paul Dzalamanow Orville Heidt Nancy Gruebmeyer Betty King James Jauert Christine Kohler Marcia Kuhlman Jane Kuck Karen Rain Stanley Nolte Stanley Wietholter Mary Vordermark THE SENIORS of SCHOOL present MUSIC THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCFSS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF TVVO DOLLARS OR MORE D. Armstrong 8: Co. Fine Dry Goods since 1860 Axe Cleaners Barnhart 8a Bricker Inc. Firestone Store Bennett's Shoe Store Harry Priess, Owner Buchanan's Federated Dry Goods, Ready to Wear Call and Rye Motor Sales East Spring St., Chrysler, Plymouth City Coal Sales 8: Hav Co. E. High sr N.Y.C. Yds. Durnell and Sons, jewelers Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry Endicott's Studio Frank Fortman Quality Home Killed Meat Hainline Patent Medicine Store Hegemier Lumber Co. Building Supplies, Phone 6237 Home Banking Company A. E. Horn Floor Covering A. Hoselton Plumbing and Heating Howell Electric Electric and Gas Appliances Hudson, Jeweler Elgin, Hamilton, Keepsake Diamonds Ideal Drug Store St. Marys, Ohio Carl R. Ike Insurance and Real Estate jasperson Supply Company Mill Electric and Auto Supplies john's Furniture Where you send your friends Kellermeyer Men's Wear Men's and Boys' Clothing Ken's Bike Shop Schwinn Bikes, Whizzer Motors Lawler's Green House Fresh Flowers For Fine People Leader Printing Company Leffel's Restaurant "Jess and Vi" ST. MARYS Limbacher Agency All Kinds of Insurance Meyers Service Center Clean Used Cars, Phone 3659 Modern Paint and Supply Co. Dean and Barry Paints Morris Sc to S51 Store Variety Merchandise 66 Motors Inc. Oldsmobile Sales and Service Nelson's Bar'b'que Rt. 66 South Paris Cleaners "Modern Method Cleaners" Parker's Garage People's Store Clothing and Shoes V. S. Pfenning and Sons jeweler and Optometrist Rhodes Super Market--Low Everyday Prices We Do Not Meet Prices, We Make Them Roby's Shoe Repair Service S. and S. Radio and Television Shorty's Market Shorty's Sport Shop See Shorty For Athletic Equipment Smitley Implement Co. Farmall Tractors, McCormick Machines St. Marys Blankets St. Marys Decorating Company Wallpaper and Paints St. Marys Laundry and Dry Cleaning St. Marys Ready Mixed Concrete 1 Mile East of St. Marys on Rt. 33 Dwight Straker Co. Scrap Materials, Wapak Rd. St. Marys, Ohio Swonguer and Schneider Quality Furniture Tasty Sandwich Shop Mildred and Flossie The Gordon-Hauss Folk Co. The Union Building 8: Loan Co. Save With Safety Wiseners 'rc to 31 Store St. Marys, Ohio. 48 CI-IOR First row: flefl to right! Jean Henkener, Marilyn Henkener, Ruth Warner, Annett Aufderhaar, Janice Eversman, Miss Caroline Brigner ldirectorl, Joyce Froning, Marlene McCullough, Carol Schroer, Ruth Hoge, Mary Buddemeyer. Second rouz' Marlene Wissman, Janet Elshoff, Annette Hinze, Phyllis Schrolucke, Nancy Wierwille, Ann Fledderjohn, JoAnn Kuck, Elaine Kuck, Mary Lou Kiefer. Third rnuu' Mary Schrolucke, Shirley Kuck, Nancy Haberkamp, Marilee Settlage, Betty Parke, Wanda Bam- bauer, Ramona Eschmeyer, Lee Ann Walters, Joyce Henkener. Fourth row: Glenn Williams, Alfred Manbeck, Ned Katterheinrich, Thomas Fisher, Melba Henschen, Ruby Lutterbeck, Lois Schroer, Dean Hoge, Roger Eversman, Leonard Elshoff. Fifth row: Lee Deerhake, Donald Heidt, John Hole, Robert Deerhake, Richard Shroyer, Ronald Kuck, Larry Clausing. Sixth row: Henry Telljohann, Allen Vordermark, Roger Bamhauer, Don List, John Schroer, David Arnett, Roger Deerhake, Lester Settlage, Lee Clausing. The chorus began the l952 school year with 55 members. This year we are under the direction of Miss Caroline Brigner. We presented our spring concert on April 18th. A large crowd was present for this annual event. On May 5 our chorus took part in a county wide chorus concert. This was presented in the Memorial High School auditorium in St. Marys. Wfe, the seniors of 1952, wish the chorus the best of luck in future years. -19 BAN First row: flcft to right! Joyce Schroer, Elaine Kuck, Joyce Henkener, Robert McClure, Marlene Wissman, Mr. Carl Frische fdirectorb, Eileen Clausing, Paul Ott, Sharon Vordermark, jean Henkener, Marlene McCullough.. Second row: Janet Elshoff, Nancy Haberkamp, Dean Hoge, Annette Hinze, Karen Lammers, Billy Hinze, Ned Katterheinrich, juliann Hoge, Lester Settlage, Lee Deerhake, Donald Heidt. Third row: Glenn Williams, Phyllis Schrolucke, JoAnn Kuck, Marilyn Henkener, john Schroer, Allen Vor- dermark, Roberta Schrolucke, Ella Mae Kuck, Ramona Eschmeyer, David Arnett. Fourth row: Marilee Settlage, Lee Ann Walters, Robert Deerhake, Dean Deerhake, Alfred Manbeck, Roger Evcrsman, Carol Schroer, Leonard Elshoff, Annely Wierwille, Ruth Warner, Paul Katterheinrich. Fifth row: Roger Deerhake, Ruth Hoge, Thomas Fisher, Bill Henkener, Roger Bambauer, Nathan Stienecker, Donna Eschmeyer, Melba Henschen. Sixth row: Willis Telljohann, Henry Telliohann, Arlene Wierwillc, Ann jones. The band started the 1951-1952 school year with a new director, Mr. Carl Frische. There are 54 students in the band. On October 30th the band marched in the Halloween Parade in Wapakoneta. The following evening the band participated in the Halloween Carnival given at St. Marys. The Christmas concert was given on December 9th. There was a capacity crowd present for this annual sacred performance. The band performed at the New Knoxville-Buckland basketball game on january 25th. Another sterling performance was given at the New Knoxville-Minster basketball game on February 15th. The spring concert was presented in the school auditorium on April 4th. A large crowd was present at this program. The Senior Class of 1952 wishes the band real success in future years. 50 First row: fleft io right! Allen Vordermark, John Schroer, Glenn Williams, Ned Katterheinrich. Second row: Elaine Kuck, Jean Henkener, JoAnn Kuck. Joyce Henkener, Ruth Hoge, Bill Henkener, Carol Schroer, Henry Telljohann, Roger Eversman, Marilyn Henkener, Mr. Carl Frische fdirectorl. Firxt row: fleft lo rigblj Patricia Hinze, Karen Rain, Marta Hoge. Second row: Tad Kattman. Third row: Charles Schroeder, Annette Hinze, Dean Hoge, Nancy Wier- wille, Bill Beickman. 51 EOPHYTE MUSICIANS Firxl row: fleft to riglatj Beverly Warner, Elnor Arnett, Grace Settlage, jean Evers- man, Janice Aufderhaar, Doris Heidt. Second row: Don Warner, Gene Deerhake, Kenneth Kuck, Robert Wierwille, Dennis Lammers, jay Stauffer, james Henschen, Tad Kattman. GRADU TI G MUSICIANS First row: flefl lo rightj Ramona Eschmeyer fflutejg Marilyn I-Ienkener ftrumpetbg Lee Ann Walters iFrench hornbg Elaine Kuck fclarinetb. Second row: Allen Vordermark Ctrumpetbg Melba Henschen fbaritonelg Carol Schroer ftrombonelg Henry Telliohann fdrumb. 52 nm SENIURS of SCHOOL present ACTTVTTIES THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOlR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF TNWO DOLLARS OR MORE Carl A. Abe Coal Co. Coal, Builder's Supplies, Purina Chow Auglaize Furniture Co. Everything for the Home Bowsher Hardware Co. "Everything in Hardware" L. E. Brandt 81 Sons, Incorporated Bryant Manufacturing Co. Calvin's Hi-Speed Station Lee Tires and Tubes Chesbrouglfs Market 119 W. Auglaize St. Phone 5341 Connaughton and Weger, Attorneys at Law Doering Hardware Co. Hot Point Appliances, Plumbing 81 Heating Equity Dairy Store Gross Lumber Co. East Benton at Wagner Ave. Hemmert's New Shoes Rebuilding and Orthopedic Service Herring's Half-Hour Laundry Home Savings 81 Loan Association Insured Savings, Real Estate Loans Hoopingarner 81 Co., Puetz Building Certified Diamond Engagement Rings Idle Beauty Salon Kah and Co. Meats, Groceries. and Locker Service Lyman's Central Restaurant Advance Auto Company Chevrolet Sales and Service M. C. Bernhold General Insurance Agency Minster Motor Sales Oldsmobile Sales and Service WAPAKONETA Miller's Laundry 8: Dry Cleaners Quality 8: Service not our motto: it's our Business Miller's Sc to S1 Store 21 E. Auglaize St. Moore's Associate Store M. Peters, owner. 18 W. Auglaize St. Ohio Seed Co. C. J. Puetz Co. Purdyis Garage Studebaker Sales and Service Reed's Market Fine Foods Sell's Tractor Sales Ford, Tractor, Dearborn 84 New Holland Equip. Sheiplines Firestone Store Tires, Tubes, Batteries, Home, and Auto Smith Bros. Electric Co. Maytag, Frigidaire and Hoover Sweepers Steining Thrift Drug Store 118 West Auglaize St. Stolte, jeweler Bulova Watches Teddy Bear Fine Sandwiches 81 Fountain Service Wapakoneta Farmers Grain Quality Feeds, Fence, and Fertilizer jacob Werner 81 Sons Meat Packers since 1894 Wineburgh'S "Apparel of Distinctionl' Dr. Vern J. Woehler MINSTER Sommer's Sales and Service Pontiac Motor Cars, Case Farm Machinery Streaker's, Minster and 'Wapakoneta Oliver Farm Equipment Westerheide Motor Sales Ford Cars, Trucks, Tractors 54 CHHUCE Q .-i"f'i?T-'Sui L Slumling: fleft to rigbtj Ann Fledderjohn, JoAnn Kuck. Seated: Ruth Hoge, Don List, Shirley Kuck. IJBRARY 1 ei Left to right: Larry Clausing, Roger Bambauer, Ruby Lutterbeck Cstudent librariansj, Mrs. Selma Grewe Clibrarianb, Ann Fledderiohn, JoAnn Kuck Cstudent librariansh. 55 Riff E IOR CLASS PLAY "Spring Fever" First Row fLeft to rigbtj Elaine Kuck ....... Ramona Eschmeyer .... Franklin Sawmiller Lee Kuhlman ..... Carol Schroer .... Standing Melba Henschen. . . Norman Wierwille. Allen Kuck ...... Henry Telljohann. Lee Ann Walters.. Allen Votdermark. james McCullough ..... Marilyn Henkener, Lois Schroer ,..... CAST . . .Gloria Park, Roger's heart-interest ..........,.....Phoebe Purcell, Annels mother ...Henry Purcell, Anne's father, a rich manufacturer Burns, a chemistry ...Lou Herron, a journalism . ...Vivian George, Vic's heart . . . . . .Roger Carter, a pre-medical ...Dr. Dixon, President of Brookfield Lewis, an art . . . . . . . .Anne Purcell, Howard's heart . . . . . .Howard Brant, a senior at Brookfield student student -interest student College student -interest College .....Professor Virgil Bean, of the zoology department Maude Corey, Howardls Spinster aunt from California Mrs. Spangler, the landlady The Senior Class presented the play "Spring Fever" on March 28, l952. The play was attended and enjoyed by a large and attentive audience. The Seniors express their thanks to their director, Miss Phoebe McQuilkin, for directing the play and all others who helped to make their play a success. 56 UNIUR CLASS PLAY "Great Scotts" cAsT Silling: lleft to righlj Mary Buddemeyer ......... Natalie Scott, 17 year old daughter of Edward and Edna Scott Don List ......... ..................,.......... P hil Evans, a boy about town Mary Lou Kiefer... ...... Geraldine Scott, younger daughter of the Scott's Ruby Lutterbeck .... ........... G randma Scott, Mother of Albert and Edward Scott Mary Schrolucke ........ Edna Scott, Edward's wife and Mother of Natalie and Geraldine Standing Roger Deerhake .... ........,........ A bner Eskeson, a boy about town Ann Fledderjohn .... .... J ulia Scott, Albert Scott's wife and mother of Marian Shirley Kuck ..,. .... C laire Roberts, 17 year old girl friend of Marian Scott Howard Smith ,... ....................... A lbert Scott, father of Marian David Arnett .... ................. E dward Scott, father of Natalie and Geraldine JoAnn Kuck ...... ...., M arian Scott, 17 year old daughter of Albert and Julia Scott Elton Stienecker .... ....................... D arrell Woods, Marian's boy friend The junior Class presented their class play, "Great Scotts" on October 19, 1951. The play was enjoyed by a large and appreciative audience. The cast greatly enjoyed working with their director. Mr. Kenneth List, and express their thanks to him and all who helped to make their play a success. 57 CAFETERIA mini' ' .k...uf'- 1' . S.-S: A, Barb row: fleft to rigbll Lee Ann Wzllters istudent helperl, Mrs. Louinc List. Mrs. Dorothy Katt- man, Mrs. Valada Katterheinrich, lcooksb, Marilyn Hcnkcncr lstudcnt cashicrj. FUTURE FARMERS of AMERICA Firxt row: Cleft to right! Roger Eversman, Lee Dccrhakc, Lloyd Kuck, Ralph Schrolucku, David Arnett, Allen Kuck, Lester Settlage, james McCullough. Second rouu' Paul Katterheinrich, Wayne Bamhaucr, Larry Clausing, Paul Ott, Luc Clausing, Robert Dcerhake. Donald Heidt. Thin! rozr: Mr. Norvillc Frcymuth iadvisorb, Glcnn Willialmms, Ned Wicrwillc, Charles Schroeder, Dale Ht-nkcncr, Larry Wfcsthay, Dale Stolzunhurg, Don Mcffullough. 58 HOME ECONOMHE 'UQ First row: flefl to right! Carol Schroer, Nancy Wierwille, Lois Schroer, Joyce Froning, Wanda Bambauer, Betty Parke, Mary Lou Kiefer, Arlene Wierwille, Ramona Eschmeyer. Second f'0ll'.' Mary Schrolucke, Melba Henschen, Mary Buddemeyer, Greta Hole, Marilyn Henkener, Ruth Warner, Nancy Haberkamp, Marilee Settlage, Lee Ann Walters, Marlene Wissman, Janet Elshoff. Third mum' Miss Phoebe McQuilkin Cinstructorl, Shirley Kuck, Annette Hinze, Janice Eversman, Annctt Aufderhaar. FARM SHOP Silting: fleft lo riglatj Lloyd Kuck, Ralph Schrolucke, David Arnett, Elton Stienecker, Larry West- bay, john Hole. Standing: James Niemeyer, Dale Henkener, Ned Wierwille, Lester Settlage, Mr. Norville Freymuth finstructorl, Glenn Williams, Don McCullough, Roger Deerhake, Richard Shroyer, Allen Kuck, Dale Stolzenburg, Carl McCune, Lee Deerhake, james McCullough, Ronald Kuck, Leonard Elshoff, Charles Schroeder, Norman Wierwille, Roger Eversman. 59 ANITOR ' I BUS DRI ERS 3, ,, Us , K , Ffa t, .3 - : ,- N fx 4: 'frat .4 :uv Sb vii Q 12 " 2 , K fm. gp .-5 I' t g- Q4 1 . I b Q X K , n f n f ' 4. 1 , , bf ,Q wiv fe ' 3 W - ' 'J 9' ' ' -.11 N wn:fM"' ".., . Leroy Schroer, Arnold Haberkamp, Oliver Buddemcyer, Clement Stienecker, Kenneth List. 63 THE SENIORS of SCHOOL present ATHLETICS THESE FRIENDS MADE THIS "MEMOIR" A SUCCESS WITH THEIR GIFTS OF TWO DOLLARS OR MORE NEW BREMEN American Budget Company We Pay 401 Interest, Why Take Less? Amstutz Hatcheries U.S. Certified and Approved Chicks Central Auto Service Parts 8: Service For All Make Cars Cox's Greenhouses Flowers For All Occasions Crown Cleaners Cleaning, Pressing, Dyeing Ernie's Barber Shop Expert Sanitary Service Gilberg and Hegemier Funeral Directors and Home Furnishings Gruebmeyer's Welding: Acetylene and Arc Hoeft Cleaners Cleaning, Pressing, and Tailoring Home Furniture Store Where Price Tells and Quality Sells IGA New Bremen Everyday Low Prices Koeper's Shoe Store Home of Ball Band Rubbers, Shoes 8: Repairing Kuenzel Mills Co. New Bremen Blankets, 10076 Virgin Wool Moore's Store Auto Accessories, Paints and Toys New Bremen Implement Store Phone 43, Allis Chalmers, New Idea 8: Dunham New Bremen Rubber Co. "Stretch Your Efforts" New Bremen Sports and Hobby Shop Everything for the Sportsman Lewis Poppe Dealer in Boots, Shoes, Fine Shoe Repair Schwieterman's Drug Store Corner Washington 8: Monroe St., Phone Stamco Inc. Steel Mill Equipment Sun Printing Co. job Printing of Every Description The First National Bank Treasure Bedding, McKay Wfoolen Mills Blankets, Woolen Batts, 8: Yarns Vornholt Brothers and Son Funeral Directors SIDNEY Bishops Citizens Ice and Coal Co. Zero Locker Service Cook's Spot Mighty Fine Hamburgers Corsaro, james Highway Market Dekker's Greenhouse, Florists 768 Spruce St. Economy Savings 8: Loan Co. 108 West Poplar St. Electro Hygene Sewing Machines, Sweepers, Sales 8: Service L. B. Ferree Plumbing, Heating 8: Home Emergencies Flinn's 5, 10, and 25C Store Variety Merchandise Francis and Goffena Shelby County's Largest Furniture Store Harris Jeweler Dick Helman Auto Sales, Inc. Oldsmobile 8: International Trucks Holloway Cleaners 405 E. Poplar St. Jerrold's Good Clothing for Men and Boys Kalamazoo, Sales and Service Kaufman's Store Kiser's Market, john B. 8: John E. Fresh Meats and Groceries A. G. Langhorst, Inc. Buick 8: Pontiac, Sales and Service 62 Minton's Market Groceries and Meats Dorsey Nevergall Peoples Federal Savings 8: Loan Ass'n. South Side Public Square Pickering Insurance Agency 221 S. High, Complete Insurance Service Rhees Clothes Men's Apparel Ross Pattern 8: Foundry Development Aluminum, Alloy, Heat, Treated Castings Sarver's Music Store "Everything In Music" Dr. G. Schroer M. D. Sexauer's Bakery, Inc. Shanks Shoe Store Sidney Oliver Store Superior, Oliver, Cletrac Sidney Printing 8: Publishing Co. Sidney Typewriter Shop 500 North Miami St. Singer's Sewing Center Subler's Super "E" Market The Klipstine Lumber 8: Supply Co. The Miami Grain 8: Feed Co. Grain, Seed, Salt The Sidney Paint Company Thoma jewelry, Since 1838 Willman Furniture Shelby County's Leading Furniture Zimpher Electric Service N. Dixie Highway Phone 7560-1 Store I Roster of Baseball Prospects Sitting: fleft to right! Bill Henkener, john Schroer, Allen Vordermark, Norman Wfierwille, Henry Telljohann, Lee Kuhlman, james Niemeyer, Roger Bambauer. Kneeling: Alfred Manheck, Glenn Williams, Leonard Elshoff, Lee Deerhake, Bill Beickman, Ned Katterheinrich, Dean Hoge. Standing: Lee Clausing, John Hole, Donald Heidi, Paul Ott, Paul Katterheinrich, Wayne Bambauer, Larry Clausing, John R. Musser fcoachl. Roster of Basketball Prospects Firxl row: Kleft to riglotl Lee Deerhake, Paul Katterheinrich, Donald Heidt, Larry Clausing, Alfred Manbeck, Wayne Bambauer, Robert Deerhake, Ned Katterheinrich, Lester Settlage. Second row: Roger J. Stauffer fvarsity coachb, Lloyd Kuck, Ralph Schrolucke, john Schroer. Franklin Sawmiller, Norman Wierwille, Bill Henkener, Allen Vordermark, Roger Bambauer, John R. Musser freserve coachj. Third rou: Lee Clausing, Dean Hoge. Dale I-lenkener, Charles Schroeder, Glenn Williams, Bill Beickman, Ned Wierwille, Ronald Kuck, 65 VARSITY BASEBALL First row: flef! to rightl Allen Vordermark, Lee Kuhlman. Second row: James Niemeyer, Henry Tell- johann, Lee Deerhake, john Schroer, Bill Henkener, Bill Beickman, Norman Wierwille, John R. Musser Ccoachb. Third row: Dean Hoge, Leonard Elshoff, Lee Clausing, Alfred Manbeck, Glenn Williams, Larry Clausing, Roger Bambauer, Wayne Bambauer, Ned Katterheinrich. 1951 FALL RECORD R H E New Knoxville 5 3 5 Buckland New Knoxville 4 4 2 New Bremen New Knoxville 5 5 1 Buckland New Knoxville 15 7 3 Cridersville . New Knoxville 6 5 0 St. Henry .. New Knoxville 5 5 2 Cridersville . New Knoxville 13 8 5 Botkins .... New Knoxville 5 5 2 New Bremen New Knoxville 14 ll 2 Minster .... 1951 FALL SEASON The New Knoxville Rangers, under the leadership of their new coach, john R. Musser, enjoyed a successful fall season, winning eight games and dropping one. The graduation of three regulars left the Rangers inexperienced in several positions. Due to good weather conditions, which allowed for more games and practice, the Rangers improved steadily, and gained much valuable experience. Highlights of the season were Henkener's no hit, no run game against Cridersville, and the combination of good pitching and errorless fielding to defeat a strong St. Henry team. 64 VAR ITY BASEB LL 1951 FALL PLAYERS AVERAGES PLAYERS POS AB H BA FA Bill Henkener. . . . p 81 3b 29 11 379 920 Lee Kuhlman .... . . 2b 8: c 21 3 143 980 James Niemeyer. . . . lf 24 4 175 800 Allen Vordermark ss 28 9 321 947 Henry Telljohann ..... . . cf 26 5 193 400 Roger Bambauer . .. lb 21 4 190 902 Norman Wierwille .... . . c 11 l 091 936 John Schroer ..... ., 3b 84 p 25 6 240 882 Glenn Williams . . . . rf 16 5 187 800 Bill Beickman .... .. rf 16 3 187 833 Wayne Bambauer. .. cf 0 0 000 000 Lee Clausing ..... . . lb 4 0 000 1000 Larry Clausing . . . rf 1 1 1000 000 Dean Hoge .... rf 10 1 200 1000 SPRING BASEBALL The varsity baseball squad is anxiously looking forward to the spring season. With the return of the experienced veterans, the Rangers are looking forward to a successful season. Their immediate aim will be to ready themselves for the Auglaize County tournament. The Rangers won the tournament last year and hope to duplicate that feat again this spring. FRESHMEN BASEBALL PLAYERS The call for fall baseball practice was ansswered by eight ambitious freshmen. Four of them saw limited action in the fall of 1951. Continued practice has helped them considerably to improve themselves. Learning the rules and the finer points of the game may land them a spot on the varsity squad in the future. First rou-: fleft to right! Larry Clausing, john Hole, Lee Clausing, Dean Hoge. Second row: Paul Ott, Paul Katterheinrich, Wayne Bambauer, Don- ald Heidt. 65 GRADUATING LETTERMEN L .J , A n .,Q.' 'U iii: 'KQWQQ'-I Lee Kuhlman Henry 'l elljohann Second Base Ce-nterfield Allen Vordermark Norman W16fWlllC Shortstop Catcher Franklin Sawmiller Forward Allen Vordermark Norman Wfierwille Guard Forward 66 E CHEERLEADERS Marilyn Henkener, Annette Hinze, JoAnn Kuck, Mary Budd PUBLICITY MANAGER Howard Smith MANAGERS Allen Kuck Lee Kuhlman 67 VARSITY BASKETBALL Ifirxl row: Roger J. Stauffer Qcoachl, Lloyd Kuck, Lee Deerhake, John Schroer, Ralph Schrolucke Second row: Franklin Sawmiller, Allen Vordermark, Roger Bambauer, Lester Settlage, Bill Henk ener, Norman Wierwille. New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville Knoxville 1951 - 1952 RECURD Score by Quarters final Score by Quarters final lst 2nd 5rd 4th score 1 st 2nd 5rd 4th score ll 17 51 44 44 St. Henry . . 12 20 50 45 45 18 28 44 57 57 New Bremen 12 21 28 41 41 4 19 37 52 52 Buckland . . 5 13 18 37 57 21 36 62 sz: sz sf. Joseph ... . . .15 zz 54 55 55 12 19 25 55 55 Minster ...... , . .ll 22 45 60 60 15 19 36 57 57 Ft. Recovery 13 39 55 72 72 17 44 60 85 85 Waynesfield 7 20 56 56 56 19 26 46 67 67 Cridersville . . . . .22 42 57 70 70 16 29 36 55 55 Shawnee ..... . . .14 25 55 52 52 9 51 44 64 64 Spencerville 18 56 47 65 65 26 40 56 76 76 Holy Angels 13 26 38 54 54 12 28 54 49 49 Anna ..,..., . . .12 24 41 58 58 18 56 60 80 80 Buckland . . 18 51 40 50 50 15 51 50 65 65 St. Rose ..... . . .20 55 47 64 64 10 26 40 65 65 New Bremen 18 26 33 54 54 15 52 55 75 75 Coldwater . . . . . .12 25 54 48 48 11 28 50 71 71 Botkins .,.. 5 19 31 37 57 15 30 40 54 54 Minster . . 15 24 42 58 58 68 VARSITY BASKETBALL 1951-1952 VARSITY SEASON The New Knoxville Rangers closed a very successful basketball season, winning twelve games while losing six. The Rangers needed experience and teamwork early in the season and began to reach their peak about midseason. They were feared by all their opponents after up- setting a highly favored and undefeated Spencerville quintet, 64 to 63. A New Knoxville built up a five game winning streak just before the end of the season, defeating teams from Allen, Auglaize, Mercer and Shelby County. They were all set to end the season with an upset over highly favored Minster in the last regularly scheduled game and missed by only four points, 58 to 54, in a very well played game. LEAGUE SEASON ' The Rangers finished in third position in the Auglaize County League. New Knoxville lost to their perennial competitor, Minster, early in the season and to Cridersville in a very close game by three points. The Rangers had no trouble defeating the teams in the bottom half of the league and finished the season with three league victories and two defeats. INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS RECORDS Games FOUL SHOTS Total Av. PLAYER Played Attempted Made Av. Points Game Franklin Sawmiller .... ..... 1 8 57 34 596 181 10. Allen Vordermark .... ..... 1 8 64 40 625 210 11.66 Norman Wierwille ..... ..... 1 7 79 47 595 221 13. Bill Henkener ...... ...., 1 8 43 26 604 242 13.44 Ralph Schrolucke . . . ..... 13 32 19 .593 67 5.15 John Schroer ..... ..... 1 7 16 9 562 62 3.65 Lee Deerhake ..... ..... 7 2 1 500 1 .14 Lester Settlage ...... ..... 1 1 2 1 500 9 .8 Roger Bambauer .... ..... 5 3 2 667 4 .8 Lloyd Kuck ...... ......... I 5 23 ll 478 115 7.66 AUGLAIZE COUNTY TOURNAMENT The Rangers drew an opening round bye in the Auglaize County Tournament. Their opening game was against Buckland who had defeated New Bremen. The Rangers played like champions against luckless Buckland and won their game 76 to 39. The fortunes of the Rangers changed in the final game of the tournament. Both Schrolucke and Kuck were out of the lineup because of an appendectomy and sprained ankle respectively, and the Rangers became the luck- less team, as they were outshot and outguarded by a much taller Minster quintet. The Rangers lost 70 to 47, but received the runners-up trophy, and also advanced to the Northwestern District Tournament at Celina. NORTHWE STERN DISTRICT TOURNAMENT The New Knoxville Rangers drew St. Henry for the opening game of the Northwestern District Tournament at Celina. St. Henry was the Mercer County Tournament Champion. The game was very close. The lead changed hands many times throughout the evening. The Rangers were leading by three points 16 to 13 at the end of the first quarter and held on to their slim margin of three points at the half, when the score was 30 to 27. It looked like the Rangers might get revenge for their one point loss to St. Henry in the opening game of the basket- ball season. The game was close and hotly contested throughout the third quarter. The Rangers held on to a two point lead when the quarter finished, 38 to 36. The final quarter continued to keep the fans on the edge of their seats until St. Henry forged ahead in the closing minutes, winning the game by one point, 50 to 49. This game ended the New Knoxville Ranger basketball season and the high school basket- ball career for the three graduating seniors. 69 L E ER E BASKETBALL First row: flefl to right! Alfred Manbeck, Ronald Kuck, Lee Clausing, Bill Beickman, Dean Hoge, Ned Katterheinrich. Second row: Wayne Bambauer, Donald Heidt, Larry Clausing, Robert Deerhake, Paul Katterheinrich. Third row: John R. Musser fcoachb, Charles Schroeder, Dale Henkener, Lloyd Kuck, Roger Bam- bauer, Glenn Williams, Ned Wierwille. The New Knoxville reserve team had difficulty finding a winning combination as players were shuffled back and forth all season. The squad included many freshmen who were inex- perienced and lacked the speed to compete with the teams of neighboring schools. The team finished the season with a record of eight wins and nine defeats. Many of these defeats came in the latter half of the season when members of the varsity squad playing on the reserve team were recalled. The reserve players received valuable experience, with the hope that they will gradually improve, and fill in the vacant spots created on the varsity by the graduating lettermen. New Knoxville St. Henry... New Knoxville ...... Shawnee New Knoxville New Bremen New Knoxville Spencerville New Knoxville St. joseph .. New Knoxville ...... Holy Angels New Knoxville Buckland .. New Knoxville Anna ..... . New Knoxville Minster .... New Knoxville Buckland .. New Knoxville ...... Ft. Recovery .... .. New Knoxville ...... St. Rose.. .. New Knoxville Waynesfield New Knoxville New Bremen New Knoxville Cridersville . New Knoxville Coldwater .. New Knoxville Minster .. . ..... .30 GIRL,S GYM CLASS ACTIVITIES BOY'S GYM CLASS ACTIVITIES 71 SEVENTH and EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL First row: fleft to right! Karen Lammers, Nathan Stienecker, Clark Froning, Sharon Vordermark, Lee Schroer, Dean Kuck, Juliann Hoge. Second row: Bill McCullough, Ned Niemeyer, Nolan Harlamert, Roger Wierwille, John R. Musser 1 coach 7 . Third row: Dean Deerhake, Billy Hinzc, jay Stauffer, james Henschen, Willis Telljohann, Dennis Lammers, Robert McClure. 1950-195 l BASEBALL TROPHIES AUGLAIZE COUNTY X ' NORTHWESTERN DIST TOURNAMENT TROPHY ,N RUNNERS-UP TROPHY . R H R H E New Knoxville ..,.. 6 7 New Knoxville ..... 5 6 5 Lafayette .......... 3 6 Cfidefsviue ---' - -- 4 4 3 ' New Knoxville ...., 8 11 New Knoxville ""- 10 14 5 Delphos Jefferson . . . 3 5 Waynesfield . . . . . . 5 4 4 New Knoxville . . . . 5 5 . Convoy ........... 4 6 New Knoxville ..... 5 6 8 1 Minster 4 4 6 . ' New Knoxville .... 5 5 Lima St. Rose ...... 9 7 The 1950-1951 year marked another successful baseball year for the New Knoxville Rangers, who won the Auglaize County Baseball Tournament and advanced to the spring of 1951 they advanced farther than any other year. finals of the tournament. St. Rose eventually won the state the Northwestern District Tournament. In The Rangers lost to Lima St. Rose in the championship. This year also marked the end of the coaching career of V. E. Katterheinrich, who was baseball coach of the New Knoxville Rangers for fifteen years. It was Mr. Katterheinrich who revived the sport of baseball in the spring of 1937. During his period of tenure the New Knoxville Rangers won the County Championship eight times beginning in 1940 with six consecutive championships. The Rangers missed out in 1946 in the finals of an extra-inning game and again in 1947 by a score of 1 to 0. The Rangers came back with the championship in 1948, only to lose again for the next two years. In 1951 the Rangers won both the Auglaize County Championship trophy and the Northwestern District Runners-Up trophy. The Rangers played a total of 166 games during Coach Katterheinrich's career, winning 118 while losing only 48 for a percentage of 710. Highlights of Mr. Katterheinrich's fifteen years of coaching include the six consecutive Auglaize County Championships, playing against Ney in the second game of the 1943 District Tournament with Ned Gar- ver now star pitcher of the St. Louis Browns pitching against the Rangers, and playing Lima St. Rose in the finals of the Northwestern District Tournament in 1951. 72 A Gi ' ax . iff? :gf , ,it Taz? , V iii?

Suggestions in the New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH) collection:

New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


New Knoxville High School - Memoir Yearbook (New Knoxville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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