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New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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The Cavalier Presented by the SENIOR CLASS OF 7 964 NEW KENT HIGH SCHOOL New Kent, Virginia Editor-in-Chief Linda Harrell Sponsor Mrs. Charles Roberts Business Manager Joseph Saunders FOREWORD New Kent High School is a portal through which we, the hopes and dreams of the states and nations, pass. We do not pass with minds unaltered, however. Here we learn to see beneath the surface, to distinguish the shadings of truth and illusion. As you turn each page and look at each picture in the 1964 Cavalier, may each reflect for you a happy experience or a sad one, but always a memorable one. ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ATHLETICS CLASSES ELEMENTARY ORGANIZATIONS AND ACTIVITIES ADVERTISEMENTS 3 I I Dedication WE, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1964, DEDICATE THIS ISSUE OF THE NEW KENT CAVALIER TO MRS. ELIZABETH M. PEACE, CAFETERIA DIETITIAN. THROUGH THE YEARS SHE HAS PROVIDED US WITH THE NOURISHMENT FOR OUR BODIES WHICH HAS ENABLED US TO CONTINUE THE NOURISHMENT OF OUR MINDS. SCHOOL IS NOT ONLY FOR GROWTH OF MIND BUT ALSO FOR GROWTH OF BODY. WE EXTEND OUR THANKS TO MRS. PEACE FOR HER PART IN ENABLING US TO ACCOMPLISH BOTH. 4 OFFIl mm Byrd W. Long Superintendent Mrs. W. J. Studer Secretary John Averett Science, Phys. Ed, Mrs. A. S. Dalrymple Librarian Juliette S. Cornett English Mrs. W. B. Cluverius, Jr. English, Math Paul Gilley Vocational Agriculture 6 Mrs. O. S. Mears History, Math Mrs. T. V. Pomfrey Latin, Spanish, Math Willard B. Mount joy Geography, Phys. Ed Mrs. Charles N. Roberts Business Edward Stansfield English, World History Claude Roger Rowland Science Mrs. A. L. Thomas Music Mrs. J. A. Williams Home Economics There is a time in every man’s education when he arrives at the convic¬ tion that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide; that he must take him¬ self for better for worse as his portion; . . . The power which resides in him is new in nature, and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried. Emerson in ’’Self Reliance” These words of the American essayist attempt to instill in us a confidence in our own abilities and our own thinking. Your task as you make the transition from the high school classroom to the college halls, the shop, or the home, is not only to seize opportunities to enrich your life and to serve your fellow men, but TO CREATE such opportunities. Your goal must not be adjustment to your environment, but MASTERY of it. For twelve years you have studied -- acquiring information, accumulating facts, drilling, diagramming, outlining and summarizing. Much of what you have gained will be utilized in the years ahead. Many of the facts, however, will be forgotten, much information will find little application, and you may never diagram a sentence or use a Bunsen burner again. But if, through the fu lfillment of your classroom requirements, you have found the satisfaction that comes from a realization of your own ability to recall, to solve, to imagine, to create and to express, and have gained a confidence in yourself that enables you to confront the challenges which your chosen vocation presents, you have received an education. Again from Emerson: To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men -- that is genius. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President - Farron Davis Vice-President - Carol Stuck Secretary - Patsy Hodges Treasurer - Dickie Mapp SENIOR CLASS Class Flower: Yellow R ose Class Colors: Gold and White Motto: 10 ROBERT OLAND ANERTON, n RUTH ANN CAROLYN FAYE BELVIN FARRON ELAINE DAVIS JOAN CAROL DOUGLAS WALTER DZULA,JR MYRTLE EMILY DOUGLAS SYLVIA MAE CAROLE ELIZABETH HARRISON LINDA LOU HARRELL DICKIE EUGENE MAPP PATSY JEANETTE HODGES NANCY JEAN SANDRA KAY ROBERTS PRIDDY PATRICIA DIANNE MORRIS JOSEPH ROHRIG SAUNDERS CHARLES MELVIN SMITH CAROL LEE STUCK BRENDA CAROL SWINDELL MARION HERBERT STEWART. JR. 14 JOYCE ANN ETHEL LOUISE TIMBER LAKE WALLS CHARLES THOMAS WHARFF SHIRLEY KAYE WHITTAKER WARD CAN YOU IMAGINE ? Diane Adams not being friendly to everyone Robert Anerton doing his homework on time Ruth Ayers not being co-operative and nice Carolyn Belvin reciting for an audience without her knees knocking Farron Davis having a steady boyfriend Joan Douglas being a history teacher Myrtle Douglas not participating in all the available sports Walter Dzula being really serious Linda Harrell not being busy every minute of the day Carole Harrison asking a sensible question Sylvia Hobbs not liking boys Patsy Hodges not having done her Latin IV Dickie Mapp not following Shirley around everywhere she goes Diane Morris with black hair Sandra Priddy not laughing or joking Nancy Roberts not enjoying music Joseph Saunders as a professional wrestler Charles Smith not walking to school Bert Stewart going through one whole basketball game on his feet Carol Stuck not being active and lively Brenda Swindell not being good-natured and jolly Ethel Timberlake having long hair Joyce Walls as a stock-car racer Joann Ward being the one man life-guard team at Woodhaven Shores Charles Wharff being a 98 pound weakling Shirley Whittaker not saying " ain’t " 16 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT I, Diane Adams, will my ability to get along so well with my Romeo to Peggy Colley, and my love for softball to Sandra Farmer. I, Robert Anerton, will my ability to be against everything to Jeff Jones. I, Ruth Ayers, will my seat in the senior class to my brother, Joe, (if he makes it) and my love for Latin to Dennis Mountcastle. I, Carolyn Belvin, will my love for swimming from beach to beach at Woodhaven Shores to Judy Waterhouse. I, Farron Davis, will my love for talking to Ray Davis, who I know will carry it on very well. I, Joan Douglas, will to my dear little sister, Benita, the ability to stay out of trouble (?) and keep quiet. (? ?) I, Myrtle Douglas, will my love for doing crazy things to Gloria Adams. I, Walter Dzula, will my brain to the science class. I, Linda Harrell, will my problems to Dennis Mountcastle and Clyde Brenneman, and I leave my ability to run around to Jane Curie. I, Carole Harrison, will my love letters to Vicky and Kendall Harrison, who have read them all anyway. I, Sylvia Hobbs, will my love for talking to Frances Dreisbach. I, Patsy Hodges, will my ability to always manage to carry home an arm load of books to anyone who wants to take up weight lifting. I, Dickie Mapp, will my beloved mouth pieces to Taylor Moore. I, Diane Morris, will my ability to talk in Study Hall without getting caught to Yvonne Turner, and my love for Shorthand to Gloria Adams. I, Sandra Priddy, will my ability to play basketball sitting down to Bonnie Presley. I, Nancy Roberts, will my love for typing to Susie Hannabass. I, Joseph Saunders, am leaving--thank goodness! I, Charles Smith, will my position on the football team to Milton Armandt. I, Bert Stewart, will my ability not to gain weight to David Paul, and my love for all sports to John Woodson. I, Carol Stuck, will my ability to take four years of Latin and still not know anything but " amo te” to anyone who loves (?) Latin as much as I do. I, Brenda Swindell, will my love for laughter to Yvonne Turner, and my driving to Beckie Barfknecht. I, Ethel Timberlake, will my ability to try and out-yell everyone on the cheering squad to Charlotte Evelyn. I, Joyce Walls, will my love for Drag Racing to Sandra Otey and Claudia Hazelwood. I, Joann Ward, will my ability to be confused and to confuse everyone else to Sandra Colley. I, Charles Wharff, will my ability to lose weight to Mr. Mountjoy, and my love for math to Marke Weber. I, Shirley Whittaker, will my ability to receive my share of hard knocks at basketball and softball practices to my sister, Frances. 17 MOST ATHLETIC Carol Stuck Charles Wharff MOST STUDIOUS Patsy Hodges Joe Saunders BEST ALL AROUND Linda Harrell Bert Stewart WITTIEST Walter Dzula Sandra Priddy MOST COOPERATIVE Dickie Mapp Farron Davis MOST BASHFUL Charles Smith Joyce Walls ' H MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Joe Saunders Shirley Whittaker FRIENDLIEST Walter Dzula Myrtle Douglas BEST DRESSED Robert Anerton Diane Morris BEST NATURED Brenda Swindell Charles Smith MOST COURTEOUS Ruth Ayers Bert Stewart MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Ethel Timberlake Charles Wharff HISTORY Graduation seems a particularly fitting time for us as a class to look back- back to September, 1952, when we first assembled as a " class " of forty-two eager beginners. Only now do we begin to see that our teachers and our parents have struggled to teach, to guide, to encourage, to discipline, to stimulate, to mold, to praise, to criticize, with but a single purpose--to make us into the kind of citizens that will be a credit and an honor to our school and our community. Along with our learning of the fundamentals in grade school, we remember with fondness the many class parties and the fun we had preparing for May Day each year. The trips we took to Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Washington will never be forgotten. As we entered high school it became quite obvious that we had much to learn, outside of class as well as in, not the least of which was passing from class to class quietly. This took much practice. Any worries that we may have had about being ignored by upperclassmen were banished as we practiced our " tiptoe " marches around the auditorium. All eyes seemed to be on us. Other changes we remember--we had a representative in the May Court each year, we joined clubs and organizations, we took part in all sports, we entered contests, we sold magazines, and we gave parties after the games. As juniors we received the coveted PTA Scholarship award for having the largest percentage of students on the honor roll, received our rings, put on a play to earn money for our treasury, and had the fun of planning and sharing in the Junior-Senior prom and banquet. Our senior year has kept us occupied with selling refreshments at the foot¬ ball games, giving the class play and other fund-raising projects. The trip to New York, the prom, the banquet, and finally graduation highlight this, our last year at New Kent High School. As a class, we have worked hard, and we have had good times. " These are happy moments to remember. " JUNIOR CLASS Beckie Barfknecht Terry Batkins James Boroughs Gary Bradley President - Charlotte Evelyn Secretary - Susie Hannabass Reporter - Jane Curie Vice-President - Peggy Colley Treasurer - Donald Waxmunski Gloria Adams Patricia Adams Milton Armandt Clyde Brenneman John Britt Carol Burnette Charles Carlton Kathy Carson Peggy Colley Robert Couch Jane Curie Carol Davis John Davis Paul Dean Frances Dreisbach Linda Edwards Charlotte Evelyn Carolyn Ferguson Karen Forbes Joe Gray Jean Griffith Suzanne Hannabass David Hatcher Claudia Hazelwood John Hodges Dorothea Hudock Nancy Huffman Violet Hysell Ellen Levis Jane McKay Tim Norman Sandra Otey John Richardson Roger Staskiel John Throckmorton Yvonne Turner Donald Waxmunski Charles Williams John Zawodny President - Sallie Mountcastle Vice-President - Dennis Mountcastle Secretary - Anna Hollins Treasurer - Edgar Walker Edward Allen SOPHOMORE CLASS Patricia Arthur Twyla Jones Edward Binns 24 Marie Bostick Jo Ann Dean Sandra Farmer Sharron Hobbs Jerold Britt Joel Douglas Sandra Forbes Barbara Hodges Carolyn Chisenhall Robert Dzula Linda Gray Anna Hollins John Davis Sandra Ellyson Gayned Hadad Charles Johnston 25 Jeffrey Jones Sallie Mountcastle Robert Seitz Steven Ward Linda Mills Cheryl Pate Brenda Shiflett Judith Waterhouse Taylor Moore Joe Peace Edgar Walker Shirley Waxmunski Dennis Mountcastle Catherine Pomfrey Juliet Walls John Woodson President - Jimmy Bradley Vice-President - Ray Davis Secretary - Frances Whittaker Treasurer - Janet Renalds FRESHMAN CLASS Joe Ayers William Battle Emory Beauman Randolph Bennett Robert Bennett Jimmy Bradley Jo Anne Burnette Brenda Cheatham Betty Chenault Jimmy Chisenhall Sandra Colley Roger Cornett Raymond Davis Vin Davis David Dillard Linwood Gregory Natalie Hannabass Sue Anne Hockaday Carolyn Hysell Raymond Dillard Diane Duckworth Dennis Dudley Steven French Terry Isgett Shirley Johnson Ronald Jordan Mary Beth Luce Linda Martin Russel Norton Ruth Norwood Angelia Otey Norma Parsley David Paul Courtney Pomeroy Jerry Powers Yvonne Presley Janet Renalds Suzanne Spell Linda Studer Elizabeth Walker Marke Weber Frances Whittaker Temple Wilson W " r :,t ir 1 % jr 9 iS K Bj Danny Moody Virginia Moore Debbie Morrison Richard Mountcastle Kent Ellyson Charles Evelyn Jo Ann Fair Roger Ferguson Diane Fisher Gwendolyn Fletcher Susan Flowers James Hannabass Betty Lou Hockaday Carol Jones Charles Leftwich Robbie Lindsay Jane Long Richard Long Edward Marston Andrew Martin Kenneth Naggy Donna Norton Andrew Pitts Carol Pitts Corbett Price Anita Renalds Marsha Rose Carol Shepperd Lois Sorhell Charles South Jane Sutton Kay Swindell Nancy Valentine Robert Walls Virginia Ward Janet Whitman John Wooten Linda Wooten Ronald Worley Jerry Zawodney tv! i fe x ;W par v •. i • % | ihi HP ii pP w Wmr _1L_ V, PRl K . mW tv 13Bt a ' t fl| mr gvC. President Bert Stewart Vice-President Jane Curie STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Senior Ethel Timberlake Junior Carolyn Ferguson Junior Jane McKay Freshman Diane Duckworth Freshman David Paul Eighth Charles Evelyn Secretary Sallie Mountcastle Mrs. O. S. Mears, Sponsor Bert Stewart, President Sophomore Pat Arthur Eighth Carol Jones 34 Linda Harrell Peggy Colley Jane Curie . Farr on Davis .President . . . .Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer .Reporter Sponsor: Claude R. Rowland character] V HE Nancy Roberts Shirley Whittaker Captain Ethel Timberlake CHEERLEADERS Jane Curie Carolyn Chisenhall Charlotte Evelyn FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Sponsor . . . .Jane McKay . . . Yvonne Turner . . Susie Hannabass Mrs. J. A. Williams Treasurer. . Historian . . Photographer Reporter. . . Beckie Barfknecht . . Temple Wilson . Brenda Cheatham , . . Linda Studer 38 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS Sponsor.Mr. Gilley President.Bert Stewart Vice-President of Federation . . Walter Dzula Vice-President.Bil ly Dean Secretary.John Davis Treasurer.Gary Bradley Reporter.David Hatcher Vice-President of Chapter.Bobby Dzula 39 GLEE CLUB Secretary: Farron Davis Pianist: Ellen Levis President: Diane Adams Sponsor: Mrs. A. L. Thomas Vice-President: Charlotte Evelyn Pianist: Nancy Roberts Treasurer: Jane McKay 40 SPEECH AND DRAMA . . Secretary . . Reporter . . President . . Treasurer Vice-President Anna Hollins . . Carol Stuck . . Linda Harrell. . Joe Saunders . . Susie Hannabass Sponsors: Mr. Stansfield Mrs. Cluverius Business Manager.Joe Saunders Sponsor.Mrs. Charles Roberts Editor.Linda Harrell Linda Harrell Susie Hannabass Joe Saunders Peggy Colley Typists Diane Adams Ruth Ayers Joan Douglas Diane Morris ANNUAL STAFF P.T.A. CARNIVAL BRENDA CHEATHAM, CARNIVAL QUEEN crowned by O. S. Mears, Principal Anna Carol Hollins Donna Battle Jane McKay Brenda Cheatham Sandra Priddy Natalie Hannabass Charlotte Evelyn SENIOR PLAY Robert Anerton Carol Stuck Ethel Timberlake Shirley Whittaker Linda Harrell Jo-Ann Ward Patsy Hodges Dickie Mapp Linda Harrell Bunny Harrison 43 VHp p.. p 1 W 4f i ' [ 1 1 7 - - ' !«■ r j - •- I 1 - • • ! • ' P yj. g ' u ' ? . I . ? : " 1 L a % I I , ' : y . " ' 1 1 » Wr - ’ J I 1 P ' ' ' | 4 1 » -v a •« ' Vk ' ImL fpw 11 1 «J | ...i_ 1 " " " ' -I Hr V- ■ SB ! .m ,:, | fjHBIitMBlBBKBBW § ■ ' , ,pl S3JB Coaches Mr. Mountjoy Mr. Mears Mr. Averett Co-captains Bert Stewart Charles Wharff Managers David Dillard Jimmy Chisenhall m m % rnjmm ur Igf? p 9 j ■ _ . 4! mm x UKt; 1 C. Brenneman Tackle All District C. Smith End All District B. Stewart Quarterback Most Valuable Player R. Davis Center All District C. Wharff Halfback All District M. Armandt End J. Arthur End J. Boroughs Halfback V • ■ppir jUIl A- 1 w i • 1 |4 _a-J W. Dzula Center J. Douglas Center C. Davis Halfback C. Johnston Guard J. Hodges Tackle L. Gregory Fullback J. Gray Tackle Q ' , 3J I i J. Richardson End J. Powers Quarterback D. Paul Tackle J. Peace Halfback M. Weber Guard D. Waxmunski End B. Walker Guard R. Seitz Tackle Coach Mears J. Woodson Halfback J. Zawodney Fullback C. Williams Guard f Vfll ' fra--—l! i ( ti ;—. iH J if W J m WT j rm ' SH fJ ; » J • - f 4 fc : , ' ft?- B i : » ■» “ ' j EW « ' ■ J 1 " ■ ' ■ " 4 j? BOYS’ BASKETBALL Front: Charles Smith Joe Gray Bert Stewart Charles Wharff Dennis Mountcastle Robert Anerton Back: Jeff Jones Johnny Woodson Donald Waxmunski David Hatcher Charles Carlton John Davis Coaches: Mr. Mountjoy Mr. Averett Co-Captains Bert Stewart Charles Wharff ACTION SHOT OF THE TEAM Manager: David Dillard Back: Johnny Woodson Roger Cornett Joe Ayers Jerry Powers Ray Davis Front: Vin Davis Edward Marston Jerry Britt John Davis Steve French 50 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Front: Carol Burnette Patricia Adams Jane Curie Charlotte Evelyn Frances Dreisbach Jane McKay Back: Carol Stuck Farron Davis Jo-Ann Ward Shirley Whittaker Myrtle Douglas Sandra Priddy f 1 n li III SENIORS COACH Shirley Whittaker Carol Stuck Jo-Ann Ward Farron Davis Myrtle Douglas Sandra Priddy Mrs. Mears Back: Brenda Cheatham Linda Studer Cathrine Pomfrey Jo-Ann Burnette Shirley Waxmunski Front: Linda Martin Sandra Colley Frances Whittaker Linda Mills 51 ELEMENTARY Mrs. John Averett First Grade Sue Ayres Elementary Supervisor Madeline Carswell First Grade Mrs. F. R. Littlepage Second Grade Mrs. R. F. Brake Second Grade Mrs. J. T. Tunstall Third Grade Mrs. W. P. Tunstall Third Grade FACULTY Mrs. Hugh Fisher Fifth Grade Mrs. R. K. Taylor, Jr Fourth Grade Mary Christian Fourth Grade Mrs. W. C. Taylor Sixth Grade Mrs. E. W. Upp Fifth Grade Mrs. S. C. Robbins Sixth Grade Mrs. Joseph Potts Seventh Grade Mrs. C. C. Davis Seventh Grade SEVENTH GRADE Gayle Allen Earl Anderson Dale Barlow Henry Barlow Grace Binns Wanda Black Elwood Boroughs George Bridewell Steve Chisenhall Lloyd Christian Russell Curie Billie Davis David Dudley Carole Dzula Virginia Fletcher Patricia Glenn Marsha Gray William Gregory Karen Hadad Kendall Harrison Clayton Helms James Hobbs Ruby Hodges Nancy Luce Randolph Miller Monty Mills Barbara Mountcastle Loretta Mountcastle Warren Mountcastle Geraldine Norwood David Oakes Dennis Otey Robert Peace Curtis Powers Larry Puckett Seventh Grade Cont. Susan Shearin William Shearin Ethel Shiflett Christine Spell Ray Sprouse Mary Taylor Robert Taylor Connie Tuck Mary Waddell Paul Ward Mary White Alice Whittaker Debra Wilson John Wilson Susan Ylonen SIXTH GRADE Travis Bridewell Jacob Browning Tommy Burnette Elizabeth Cheatham William Chenault Graves Crump Marian Davis Janis Dean Glenn Dowdy Susan Dudley Larry Dzula Patricia Eckhardt Deborah Ernest McCoy Farmer Kathy Forbes 57 Sixth Grade Cont Ellen Hannabass Mary Hockaday Robert Hogan Virginia Hogan Judy Hubbard Patsy Hubbard Debra Hudgens Paulette Johnson Jackie Jones Jeri-Lynne Jones Jeffery Leftwich Thomas Marston Mary Martin Joseph Mihalcoe Joan Mountcastle Dean Mullins Dorothy Oakes Elaine Otey William Pearson Charles Pitts Frances Sprouse Willie Sprouse Burnis Stanley Eugene Stewart Ronald Studer Reginald Wallace Michael Ward Margaret Whitman Ray Blevins FIFTH GRADE Glenn Barlow Janet Batkins William Briggs Harold Brown David Carlton Fifth Grade Cont Joseph Chassereau Elwood Croswell Michael Davis Phillip Davis Chris Easter Thomas Gordon Allen Guy Cardwell Hannabass Mac Harris Vicki Harrison William Hazelwood Jerry Hobbs Gloria Hodges Johnny Hubbard Charbert Jones Sylvia Johnson Frederick Kirby Wiley Levis Johnny Linka David Lockwood Paul Morrison David Mountcastle Mary Lou Mountcastle Tommy Mullins Donny Norman Michael Norwood Marvin Peace Robert Piper Mary Ann Pomfrey Mary Potts Ted Priddy Cody Rose Willard Saunders Dot Shiflett Eugene Sorrell rf FOURTH GRADE Theresa Eckhardt Darlene Ernest Thomas Evelyn Kenneth Farmer Michael Figuly Fifth Grade Cont. Nancy Sprouse Betty Stewart Renee Taylor Charles Upchurch William Valentine Gwen Via Veronica Williams Richard Wooten Frank Yelinek Karen Ylonen Daniel Adams John Adams Thomas Anderson Ricky Arthur Michael Bennett Gail Berry Herman Berry David Bradley Joyce Brown Charles Chisenhall Wendy Christian Laura Cifers Catherine Crump Charles Davis Cynthia Davis Edward Davis Gladys Davis Kenneth Douglas Jeannine Duckworth Gary Dudley Fourth Grade Cont. Donald Fox Janet Gammon James Garey Thelma Guy Virginia Hadad Allen Hazelwood James Hockaday Jay Hubbard Terry Iroler Jeffery Keene Julian Martin Kenneth Miller John Morgan Patricia Oakes John Pitts Michael Pitts Richard Puckett Catherine Saunders Catherine Seitz Glenna Stanley James Stewart Theresa Stuck Marjorie Sutton Dennis Taylor Wade Timberlake Margaret Via Wayne Walls Sheryle Wilkinson Bobby Deen THIRD GRADE Deborah Adams Diane Allen Starr Andrews Susan Andrews Karen Berry 61 Phillip Figuly Eddie Fisher Wanda Fox Margorie Garey Judy Green Robert Green Diane Haley Susan Hazelwood Amanda Helms Kim Hennaman Kim Isgett Chris Leftwich Connie Marston Sawyer Mears Jackie Mihalcoe Susan Mihalcoe Paul Miller John Mills Robert Morgan Elizabeth Mountcastle Third Grade Cont Michael Chassereau Janice Cifers Michael Cooke Larry Croswell Victor Croswell Diane Black James Boyd Bobby Briggs Julia Britt Michael Burnette Carolyn Davis David Davis Rosemary Deskins Michael Dillon James Eades CQ W PllSI jq ■ 1 ♦ 1 ♦ -j ■ : t % . 1 V V %■ 1 1 f ' ' • § 111. . I • ■ ' • " " vf 1 1 |fc :- ij 1 4 r i m jvi 4 1 1 EplPf „ jjrjB j r mdk a 1 ' ■; 1 :; ' W mj2S aj ;i H[ HJr ' I ' 1 - .. -ffiy - ' l3j , ■ K 4 MBBa T BMI 1 HR fj§j’ j §i 4Hpfc. 1 r J I 1L 4 »f • Wm MKB mWm IKBSKIIt 4 ffc f§|j ° fll 1 1 | W ■ 1 ™ 1 (SfT •«! mBIIIIIIp " " 145®P 1 1 1 j, I ' 1Ki% •- ill 1 1 IP ig 3i KwRI_ 1 NO PHOTO AVAILABLE 2 4 7 1 f 1 1 HsSaiJ b gg j_ j : ..-M ijjlli 1 g JV | |fJ %■ MM ' M I ■ f J«f 1 I f ' p¥ r nji i . I ■ ■ I w ¥ 51 pja W « •» ! - ,J I • 1 1 f FIRST GRADE Debra Allen Debbie Alvis Linda Ayers Gayle Bennett David Black Michael Bowery James Burcham June Burnette Kathey Chassereau Patricia Chassereau Ricky Cifers Richard Cothran Sharon Drake David Evelyn Sheila Figuly Irvine Fowlkes James Fox Jerrol Gammon John Garey Shelia Green Benny Guy Ann Hatfield Elaine Hazelwood David Hennaman Tressie Hissom Johnny Hockaday Robert Hubbard Susie Hubbard Karen Hudgens Sharon Hudgens Wayne Hughes Pete King Russell Layman Kay Leftwich Joe McLaughlin 65 Cont. First Grade Bruce Moody Ray Mountcastle Stephen Norwood Penny Nuckols Mickey Peace Rose Pitts Paul Reynold Michael Robinson Terry Lynn Rose Anne Shiflett Regina Sorrell Geraldine Sprouse Jerry Sprouse Teresa Stewart Penny Stone Jimmy Talley George Tate Cynthia Thomas Bob Thompson Scott Wallace Rose Whitman ni, ff . fT ' .- mmm nr 1 i ' j 1P ’ s P l V - 1 Iff ,, 1 ||L i . w j ■ in " HOUR OF HONOR " ONE-ACT PLAY Linda Harrell Joseph Saunders Sandra Ellyson Suzanne Hannabass Dickie Mapp MRS. W. B. CLUVERIUS Director FORENSIC ACTIVITIES 7 963-64 JOANN WARD Prose Reading First Place District Third Place State CAROLE HARRISON Poetry Reading JULIET WALLS Public Speaking MRS. W. B. CLUVERIUS Sponsor The New Kent High School Negative Debate Team captured the State Group III Debating Championship, defeating affirmative teams from West Point and Mathews in district competition and Rappahanock and Chatham High Schools in the State Tournament. The New Kent team was the only Group III team in Virginia to go through both district and state com¬ petition undefeated. Frances Dreisbach Steve French EDWARD STANSFIELD, Sponsor Susan Sowder Jane Curie I h « . - S BBB» » ' Blip ’ ■ ■ ' i - ' - ' 1 |Pr ' % " f PPPT ? £ ■» " v. .-JBB I ‘ ' 1 ■ 2 hhP : Left to Right, FIRST ROW - Coach: Mrs. Mears, M. Douglas, C. Stuck, F. Davis, J. Ward, S. Whittaker, J. Walls. SECOND ROW - L. Martin, A. Otey, J. Burnette, F. Whittaker, S. Hockaday, A. Hollins, J. Curie, F. Dreisbach. THIRD ROW - L. Mills, P. Arthur, B. Cheatham, L. Studer, S. Waxmunski, C. Burnette, C. Evelyn. DISTRICT CHAMPIONS 1964 SCORES New Kent 5 vs Mathews 2 New Kent 12 vs Marriott 0 New Kent 30 vs King William 0 New Kent 20 vs Pleasant Hill 1 New Kent 9 vs Middlesex 2 New Kent 28 vs King William 3 New Kent 18 vs Grange Hall 2 New Kent 25 vs Charles City 0 Manager: Jane McKay Coach: Mrs. Mears Manager: Ethel Timberlake 100 220 DASH John Woodson Tim Norman Marke Weber 440 RUN John Richardson Joel Douglas Clyde Brenneman 880 RUN John F. Davis Eddie Binns Dennis Mountcastle MILE RUN Eddie Binns 180 YD. LOW HURDLES James Boroughs Vin Davis Ronnie Christian HIGH JUMP Charles Smith Charles Carlton BROAD JUMP Dickie Mapp John Woodson James Boroughs SHOT DISCUS Charles Wharff Walter Dzula John Hodges John Zawodny Manager: David Dillard Coach: John E. Averett ‘ . as DISTRICT MEET-NEW KENT THIRD PLACE Walter Dzula Charles Wharff - ♦Eddie Binns John Woodson Charles Smith Tim Norman Vin Davis James Boroughs - First in Discus Throw Second in Shot Put Second in Mile Run Third in 100 Yd. Dash Third in High Jump Fourth in 100 Yd. Dash Fourth in Low Hurdles Fourth in Low Hurdles ♦Eddie Binns placed fourth in state competition MYRTLE DOUGLAS ROBERT ANERTON SOWDER HODGES SUSAN JOHN CAROL STUCK JOSEPH SAUNDERS A AYERS, SHELIA FIGULY, IE ALVIS, CINDY THOMAS. MAID OF HONOR: SYLVIA HOBBS CHARLES SMITH ETHEL TIMBERLAKE CLYDE BRENNEMAN SALLIE JOHN MOUNTCASTLE BRITT YVONNE TURNER PAUL DEAN GAYLE MILTON L ANERTON ARMANDT DIANE MORRIS JAMES BOROUGHS wSB - ft v ! w JB ‘ i- 1 Wgm M .... )a MEfe wiiSu 9L IBP HkJ| | y Yv 1 ft Bfcy. 1 M ■ ' : ■ jjBjBBr-- ; _ RUTH AYERS BERT STEWART JOYCE WALLS ROGER STASKIEL MYRTLE DOUGLAS ROBERT ANERTON ETHEL TIMBERLAKE CLYDE BRENNEMAN BRENDA SWINDELL DONALD WAXMUNSKI JOANN WARD TIM NORMAN CAROLYN BELVIN GARY BRADLEY PATSY HODGES JOHN DAVIS YVONNE TURNER PAUL DEAN 9L $ fPBg 1 Ki • ! ; ' 41 iw? if if K E ' " 1 9 i| ■ Jft wB ■ Ji mi - j NANCY ROBERTS JOSEPH MESSENGER CAROL STUCK JOSEPH SAUNDERS DIANE ADAMS TERRY BATKINS JOAN DOUGLAS CHARLES WILLIAMS CAROLE HARRISON JOHN RICHARDSON MAID OF HONOR: SYLVIA HOBBS CHARLES SMITH MAY COURT 1964 DIANE MORRIS JAMES BOROUGHS SHIRLEY WHITTAKER DICKIE MAPP FARRON DAVIS WALTER DZULA Valedictorian Salutatorian PATSY JEANETTE HODGES LINDA LOU HARRELL Martha Dandridge St. Patrick Womans Club Scholarship Smith Award GRADUATION 1964 Class President FARRON ELAINE DAVIS Historian CAROL LEE STUCK Girls Athletic Award Giftorian RUTH ANN AYERS Boys Athletic Award CHARLES THOMAS WHARFF I ' HR ' kAHOMIW MOTORS. 11. 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West, Jr. Mechanicsville, Virginia PI6-5068 Compliments of DR. F. W. HOWARD COLONIAL DELICATESSEN 761 Scotland Street Williamsburg, Virginia Open 9 A. M. 12 P. M. Phone: CApitol 9-3598 Compliments and Congratulations TO A GREAT CLASS Attleboro, Massachusetts Class Rings . Pins . Medals . Club Insignia Trophies . Plaques . Diplomas . Invitations COLONIAL TYPEWRITERS 601 Prince George Street Williamsburg, Virginia CApitol 9-5818 Royal Typewriters Victor Adding Manual Machines Electric Calculators Portables School Supplies Jorcph ojffpHA fi 304 N. Sixth Street Telephone: MI 4-2321-2-3 Just off Broad Street Richmond 19, Virginia HARRIS-FUPPEN Sportsmen’s Headquarters Since 1890 Sixth and Main Streets Richmond, Virginia BETA CLUB ICHAKACTSjr New Kent High School Dial MI 4-3019 4 Tv Stop at the Texaco Sign CHARLES B. ESTIS Route 33 at Eltham Phone 406 West Point, Virginia EUGENE ' S COMMUNITY SERVICE STATION West Point, Virginia Phone J. W. 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West P oint, Virginia Telephone West Point 9993 Bessie Frankie Ashley Telephone 1060 West Point, Virginia TAYLOR HARRISON, INCORPORATED Providence Forge, Virginia 1 CHEVROLET Sales and Service SENIOR DIANE VERNE LL ADAMS F.H.A. 1,2; Glee Club 3, President 4; Vice-President of Class 3; Annual Staff Typist 4; Senior Play; Softball 3; May Court 3,4. ROBERT OLAND ANERTON Baseball 1,3; Basketball 1,3,4; F.F.A. 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; May Court 4. RUTH ANN AYERS Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Beta Club 2,4, Secretary-Treasurer 3; Vice-President of Class 2; May Court 2,4; Annual Staff Typist 3,4; Senior Play. CAROLYN FAYE BELVIN Literary Society 1; Glee Club 1,2; F.H.A. 1; May Court 4. FARRON ELAINE DAVIS Glee Club 1,2,3, Secretary 4; F.H.A. Vice-President 2; Co-Ed Correspondent 2, Presidents, Federation Treasurer 4; Speech Drama 3,4; Beta Club 2,3, Reporter 4; Secretary of Class 1,2; President of Class 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Senior Play; May Court 4. JOAN CAROL DOUGLAS Basketball 1; F.H.A. 1,2; Glee Club 3,4; Annual Staff Typist 4; May Court 4; Senior Play. MYRTLE EMILY DOUGLAS Basketball 1,3,4; Softball 1,3,4; May Court 4. WALTER DZULA, JR. Football3,4; S.C.A. 3; Speech and Drama 3; Vice-President of F.F.A. 4; Bus Driver 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; May Court 4. LINDA LOU HARRELL Speech and Drama 1, Reporter 3, President 4, S.C.A. 1; Spanish Club 1; Annual Staff Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; President of Class 2; Beta Club 2, Reporter 3, Presi¬ dent 4; Basketball 2,3, Scorekeeper 4; Softball Manager 2, Scorekeeper 3,4; Girls ' State 3; Senior Play; Junior Play; May Court 4; One Act Play 4. CAROLE ELIZABETH HARRISON Glee Club 2,3,4; F.H.A. 2,3,4; Speech and Drama 3,4; Beta Club 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; May Court 4. SYLVIA MAE HOBBS Red Cross Member 1,3; Secretary of Class 1; Secretary of Spanish Class 1; Student Council Representative 2; Junior Play; May Court 4. PATSY JEANNETTE HODGES Glee Club 1,2,3,4; S.C.A. 1, Secretary 2; F.H.A. 1 Reporter 2; Beta Club 2,3,4; Speech and Drama 3,4; Secretary of Class 4; Girls ' State 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Forensics 3,4; May Court 4. DICKIE EUGENE MAPP Football 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Track 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Treasurer of Class 4; One-Act Play 4; Beta Club 4; May Court 4; Bus Driver 4. STATISTICS PATRICIA DIANE MORRIS F.H.A. 1,2; May Court 1,4; Glee Club 4, Treas urer 3; Senior Play; Annual Staff Typist 4. SANDRA KAY PRIDDY Softball 1,3,4; Basketball 1,3,4; Glee Club 1; Treasurer of Class 3, Reporter 4; Senior Play ; May Court 4. NANCY JEAN ROBERTS Glee Club 1,2, Pianist 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. 1; Speech and Drama 3,4, 3rd place in District Forensics 2; Beta Club 3,4; PTA Carnival Queen 1; Annual Staff Typist 3,4; May Court 4. JOSEPH ROHRIG SAUNDERS Beta Club 2,3,4; Speech and Drama 3, Treasurer 4; Annual Staff Assistant Business Manager 3, Business Manager 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; K.V.G. 3; Latin II Tourna¬ ment; One-Act Play 4; Forensics 4; May Court 4. CHARLES MELVIN SMITH Football 3,4; Basketball 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; F.F.A. 4; May Court 4. MARION HERBERT STEWART, JR. Football 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4; Basketball 2,3, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Track 3,4; Vice-President of Class 1; S.C.A. 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Speech and Drama 3,4; President of F.F.A. 4; Debate Team 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; May Court. CAROL LEE STUCK Beta Club 2,3,4; Speech and Drama 3, Reporter 4; Reporter of Class 3, Vice-Pres¬ ident 4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Debate Team 4; Senior Play; One-Act Play Stage Manager 3, One-Act Play 4; May Court 4. BRENDA CAROL SWINDELL Glee Club 1,2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,2; May Court 4. ETHEL LOUISE TIMBERLAKE Cheerleader 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4; Softball 1,2, Manager 4; Glee Club 3,4; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; S.C.A. 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; May Court 4. JOYCE ANN WALLS Softball 2,3,4; Glee Club 4; Senior Play; May Court 4. JOAN ANN WARD Glee Club 1,3,4; Speech and Drama 3,4; Forensics 2; Secretary of Class 3; Softball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 3,4; May Court 4. CHARLES THOMAS WHARFF President of Class 1; S.C.A. Treasurer 1; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Base¬ ball 1,2,3,4; Track 3,4; Speech and Drama 4; Senior Play; Junior Play; May Court 4. SHIRLEY KAYE WHITTAKER Beta Club 2,3,4; F.H.A. 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader 3, Captain 4; Treasurer of Class 1,2; Junior Play; Senior Play: May Court 4.

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