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New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION HIGH SCHOOL CLASSES ORGANIZATION ATHLETICS ELEMENTARY ADVERTISERS | §88 ... gf 18 IS FOREWORD As you leaf through the pages of the 1960 Cavalier, may the warm, happy memories of teachers, activities, events, classmates, that were a part of your life at New Kent High School return to you as vivid as they were in the living. We, the staff, hope that through the coming years, your yearbook will be one of your links with those folk who join in these recollections with you, whether all be physically miles apart or not. Though shared by many, this Annual is uniquely yours, only yours. Editor CAVALIER STAFF JUDITH MAY DEAN Editor BARBARA WILLIAMS Assistant Editor WANDA DZULA Picture Editor GERALD ELLYSON Business Manager OTIS TIMBERLAKE Assistant Business Manager CHARLOTTE WOOTEN, JOYCE STASKIEL, PAT COUCH Typists MRS. ANDREW LEE ROBERTS Sponsor DEDICATION To express our appreciation, we, the Class of 1961, dedicate our 1961 CAVALIER to Mrs. Charles Roberts. Her sincere interest in us all, her patience with our imma¬ turity, and her energy in helping us has lifted our school life markedly. PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE To the Class of 1961: Twelve years ago we came to New Kent School together. This day was then so far off in your future that it had no reality for you. But through the years as we have worked with one another, we have reached out into that Future and made it the Past. And that far future has become the NOW in which we stand. I stand in it to say to you, " Thank you for your twelve years of many successes emphasized by occasional failures; for twelve years of pleasure in sharing in the transmu¬ tation of children into young men and young women; for twelve years of just plain fun through companionship in academic and in athletic experi¬ ence. " And to say to you as St. Paul wrote to the Philippians, . . I hold you in my heart . . . You, even with your Mercury feet, stand, briefly through it may be, held in this NOW by a sense of the Past through which we together have brought New Kent Elementary, New Kent Junior High, New Kent High School into larger, fuller service for our County. Because the Past has been so good, so full, so rich, there will be a bit of mist - not cold but with an enduring warmth - in the light as you run on to the course of the Future before you. God speed each of you to the victory of a full and satisfying life. Sincerely, (P £ PT sloa Mr. O. S. Mears Principal ADMINISTRATION % MR. G. M. HODGE Superintendent MISS SUE AYERS Elementary Supervisor MR. OSCAR SAWYER MEARS Principal MRS. PAUL RICHMOND Guidance MRS. JOHN ANDREW HUBBARD Secretary FRANCIS BRITT COMER William Mary Mathematics JAMES ROBERT COUCHMAN William Mary Asbury College and Seminary English MRS. A. SHIELDS DALRYMPLE William Mary Richmond Business College Librarian MRS. JOHN FEDORS William Mary Latin, History, English MRS. OSCAR SAWYER MEARS Western Maryland College History, Geography, Mathematics MRS. ANDREW LEE ROBERTS University of Virginia N.J. T.C. at Montclair French, History, English MRS. CHARLES N. ROBERTS Albany Business College Business CLAUDE ROGER ROWLAND Randolph-Macon Cornell University Science MRS. JUSTICE P. WARD University of Southern California University of West Virginia Science, Mathematics MRS. JUNIUS ALBERT WILLIAMS Ferrum Junior College Radford Home Economics ' ■ ' % ; I i ■ k it % 1 »■ mm pi 1 ’Me Wm ijr WW® || : ■ 1 SENIORS SENIOR CLASS MRS. MEARS, Sponsor President: JAMES PEARMAN Vice-President: JOHN HODGE Treasurer: GLENN PRIDDY Secretary: PATRICIA COUGH WHITE ROSE Class Flower PURPLE and WHITE Class Colors TRUTH CONQUERS ALL Class Motto JAMES STAMPER CHRISTIAN, III Literary Society 2; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Mono¬ gram 2,3; Boys ' State 3; KVG; Football 1,2 3; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Bus Driver 4; May Court 4. PATRICIA ANN COUCH Softball 1,2, 3,4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co- Captain 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3; Literary Society 3; SCA 4; Junior Play; Girls State; Class Secretary 4; Annual Staff 4; Senior Play; May Court. JUDITH MAY DEAN Beta Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Reporter 4; FHA 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2; Junior Play; An nual Staff 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; May Court 4. WANDA NELLIE DZULA Basketball 1, 2, 3; Class President 3; FHA 1, 2, Vice-President 3; Literary Society 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; May Court 1, 2, 4. MARY ELLEN ELLYSON Literary Society 1, 2, 3; Monogram Club 1, 2,3; Basketball 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4; Soft- ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' State 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; May Court 4. DAVID WALLACE FRANK Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Most Valuable Player Award, Tri-Captain 4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4 Tri-Captain 4; Track 1,2,3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3; KVG 3, 4; May Court 4. KVG 3, 4; May Court 4 BERT CARL HANDLEY, JR. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3; Track 2, 4; KVG; Junior Play; Senior May Court 4. JOHN ADAMS HODGE Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 3,4; Class President 1, Treasurer 3, Vice- President 4; Beta Club 2, 3, Vice-President 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3; KVG 3, 4; May Court 4; National Science Foundation Sum¬ mer Science Scholarship 3; Junior Play; Senior Play . JACK CLAUDE KING Monogram Club 2, 3; KVG 3,4; Football 1, 2,3, Tri-Captain 4; Basketball 2, 3, Tri- Captain 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Track 2, 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Bus Driver 3, 4; May Court 4 dor Football 1,2, 3, Trt-Cap?ain 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 4; Class Vice-President 1, President 4; Beta Club 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3; KVG 1, 2, 3, 4; May Court; SCA 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Literary Society 1, 2, 3; One- Act Play 1; Junior Play; Senior Play; National Science Foundation Summer Science Scholar- u J d V Ijf GLENN EMORY PRIDDY Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 2, 3, 4, Tri-Captain 4; Track 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 1, 2, 3; KVG 3, 4; May Court 4 CHARLES MacARTHUR SIMMONS Football 4; Track 3; May Court 4 - a pQX - JOYCE ANN STASKIEL Softball 3; Class Secretary 1; FHA 1, 2, 3; Photographer 3; Literary Society 3; Glee Club 1,2, 3; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Senior Play; May Court 4 V BETTY LEWIS WALLS Beta Club 2, 4, Reporter 3; Class President2, Secretary 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; One- Act Play 1; Forensic 1,2; FHA 1,2,3; Mono¬ gram Club 2, 3; Literary Society 1, 2; SCA Secretary 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; May Court 2, 4; Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Captain 4 0 c £ , • - CHARLOTTE ANN WOOTEN Softball 2, 3, 4; FFtA 1, 2, 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Literary Society 3; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; May Court 4 ' - 9 - DAVID NORRIS WARD Transferred from Highland Springs High School. KVG 4; May Court 4 £ . l ir C n - a - i f- l CLASS PROPHECY While in New York, the class of 1961 visited a gypsy camped in Rockefeller Plaza. She read their tea leaves; and this is what she found: James Christian, in the uniform of a famous Virginia Institute. James immediately saw a VMI Commandant handing him a diploma. Patricia Couch, the secretary of a high school. The principal was standing by her desk. They were wearing matching wedding bands. Judith Dean was pictured as married to the boy who now courts her. Following in her mother ' s footsteps, Judy’s daughter will be editor of the 1980 CAVALIER. The gypsy was puzzled by Wanda Dzula ' s future. A few minutes of deep concentration showed Wanda, a private secretary of Taylor Publishing Company. Gerald Ellyson was told that he would become Director of the Fish and Wildlife Service, and that he would become a private flyer. Mary Ellyson was told by the gypsy that she would marry the boy with whom she has gone for the past four years. David Frank’s tea leaves were electrically charged. The gypsy said that he would marry the girl who likes to wear his sweater. Arthur Gathright, manager of the station where he now works, has quite a distance to commute to work from King William each day. Carl Handley was pictured as Secretary of Agriculture, and in private life a rich and experienced farmer. The gypsy told John Hodge that he would be a famous doctor at MCV. His tea leaves formed dollar marks, foretelling prosperity. Jack King was seen as head of the Forestry Department, and still holding the title WGKC - World ' s Greatest Knuckle Cracker. James Pearman was seen in he uniform of a Naval Chief Petty Officer. He will be accepted by the Three Stooges as their fourth member. Glenn Priddy’s tea leaves formed the letter " F. " He was seen as an All-Star Football player. Mr. Comer is his coach. Charles Simmons, having completed the final steps of the first successful rocket, the REBEL, is taking a trip to the moon with his wife. Joyce Staskiel ' s tea leaves formed CTHCRSW - clerk-typist Hazel¬ wood Car Repair Shop, Williamsburg. Betty Walls was pictured as a famous organist, upon her graduation from Peabody Conservatory. Charlotte Wooten was visioned as a private secretary for her husband’s construction company that is located in Williamsburg. David Ward was seen as an English teacher after his graduation from the University of West Virginia. WHO’S WHO CUTEST Betty Walls James Christian WITTIEST Charlotte Wooten James Pearman FRIENDLIEST Patricia Couch John Hodge MOST HELPFUL Judith Dean Gerald Ellyson MOST QUIET Joyce Staskiel David Ward MOST COURTEOUS Wanda Dzula Carl Handley LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT In the name of the County School Board, oh me! This, the ninth day of June, 1961, we, the Senior class of New Kent, being in weak state of health but of perfect minds, or vice-versa, thanks be to the faculty, and calling to mind the amazed uncertainty of grades that it is, nevertheless, appointed all mankind to be graduated after twelve years of school, do make this our last will and testament in typing as follows: James Christian leaves his ability to catch flies in History class to whoever can; and his love for that " dear old 12th grade history " to Frances Craft. Patricia Couch leaves her love for shorthand to Peggy Dean; and her position as catcher in softball to anyone who likes to be hit on the head. Judith Dean leaves her old Annual dummy and all her headaches over trying to produce a successful Cavalier to Barbara Williams; and her love for Barhamsville to Joan Combs. Wanda Dzula leaves her wit and her memories of Williamsburg to Walter Dzula. Gerald Ellyson leaves his love for nature, especially birds, to everyone. Mary Ellen Ellyson leaves her love for basketball and softball to Caroll Lee Stuck; and her love for French to Joyce Martin. David Frank leaves his football position to David Moody; and his ability to have political debates on the bus to anyone who can stand the noise. Arthur Garthright leaves his love for typing to Robert Boroughs; and his ability to collect more teachers ' autographs than anyone else to the coming Seniors. Carl Handley leaves his baby talk to Jeffrey Richmond; and his ability to be hit on the head with a football to Edmund Turner. John Hodge leaves his curly hair to all the boys with flattops; and his Nixon pins to posterity. Jack King leaves his title of Worlds Champion Knuckle Cracker to Mrs. Mears. James Pearman leaves his love for football to Charles Wharff; and his ability to cause disturbances in class to anyone who can get by with it. Glenn Priddy leaves his love for Plane Geometry to Lewis Barnnett; and his basketball position to Terry Lee Batkins. Charles Simmons leaves his ability to talk like Donald Duck to . . . Donald Duck; and his black hair to Reverend Couchman. Joyce Staskiel leaves her love for Williamsburg and cars to Mable Dean. Betty Walls leaves her love for playing the piano and organ to Charlotte Evelyn; a nd her ability to pop gum to anyone who wants all the cavities it causes. David Ward leaves his love for Government to Bonnie Barfknecht; and his brains to the school. Charlotte Wooten leaves her love to Toano and Williamsburg to anyone who is willing to stand the complication the situation brings. efcsfv- Upon arriving at school in September, 1949, to enter the first grade, we were all met at the door by our teacher Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Cornelia Perry was substitute teacher part of the year. Nine pupils of that class are being graduated in June. They are James Christian, Patricia Couch, Judith Dean, Gerald Ellyson, Mary Ellen Ellyson, Carl Handley, James Pearman, Glenn Priddy, and Betty Walls. We tem¬ porarily lost Joyce Staskiel and Wanda Dzula. In the second grade with Mrs. Mary Anthony as our teacher, we had our first trip as a class. In the spring we went to Richmond on a sight seeing tour. We arrived in Richmond by train from Williamsburg. Charlotte Wooten had joined our group in November. In the third grade, Mrs. Cecil Orange was our teacher. We took our second trip, this time to Yorktown. Jack King had joined our class that fall. Miss Mary Christian was our teacher in the fourth grade. We learned our multiplication tables. While we were in this grade David Frank joined us. Waiting for us in the fifth grade in 1953 was Mrs. Edgar Upp. She was the first teacher under whom we had those horrid examinations. In the May Day our class danced the Square Dance. In the sixth grade we were under Mrs. Gertude Robbins direction. Wanda Dzula rejoined our class. Mrs. Hugh Fisher was our teacher in the seventh grade. One early spring morning, Mrs. Fisher took us on an educational trip to Richmond, capitol of our commonwealth. We were guided throughout the Capitol Building where the General Assembly was in session. Across from Capitol Square, we visited the State Museum which contains exhibits of Virginia ' s fauna, flora, minerals and many relics. For lunch we ate cafateria style at the Hot Shop. This was a most delightful day, filled with many pleasant surprises. This year on the last day of school, we received our diplomas and were graduated into High School. In the eighth grade, Mrs. Jacqueline Perry was our Home Room teacher. This was our first year of high school. We went on a class trip to Moores Lake this year. Jimmy Pearman was our class president. We were represented in the Homecoming Court by Betty Walls and in the May Court by Judith Rumsey. Mr. George Waldrop put up with us in the Ninth Grade Home Room. Algebra and Latin were added to our studies. We increased our funds by having a party after a football game. John Hodge was class president. Wanda Dzula represented us in the May Court. In the tenth grade Miss Clarence Garland was our Home Room teacher. We had been a big class but this year it decreased in number. Betty Walls was our class president and also represented us in the May Court. At last we became Juniors and we realized that graduation wasn’t far away. Mrs. Paul Richmond was our Home Room teacher. The high lights of the year were: our very successful play, " Deadly Earnest " with Mrs. Temple Pomfrey directing us; the Junior-Senior Prom whose theme was " Cinderella Ball " and the Banquet. Charles Simmons and Authur Lee Gathright joined us. This was the year we received our class rings. Wanda Dzula was our class president and she also repre¬ sented us in the May Court. Mrs. Oscar Mears is our Home Room teacher in our Senior year. David Ward joined us. There are nineteen of us including Joyce Mar¬ tin, who is a graduate student. We sponsored the Shack during football games. We had the Senior Play called " House of Strangness " with Mrs. Mears directing us. Jimmy Pearman is our class president. We are looking forward to our Class Trip to New York and graduation Day. JUNIORS I BARBARA WILLIAMS Secretary JANE KING President SHARRON STARKEY Treasurer EDMOND TURNER Vice-President JUNIOR CLASS James Ashley Bonnie Barfknecht Marilyn McCormick Otis Timberlake Frank McCreery . Jr A j . vM’T ' j y Ac. . y Julia Phil bates y A y it Edmond Turner Sidney Philbates Kerman Ward L4C » UJL V y Barbara Williams Wayne Sprouse William Young Sharron Starkey David Zawodny SOPHOMORES v MARY LOU HANNABASS President ANNE POMEROY Secretary MARSHALL PHILBATES Vice-President NATALIE GREGORY Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS Norman Batkins Carolyn Belvin James Belvin Charlene Cobb • rTKta :ombs couch 1 Joan Combs Gloria Shields Dalrymple. James Davis V J (7 Yf ' Arlene Deskins Dorothy Kirby Susan Lindsey Betty Duncan Dwayne Martin Dean Frame Frances McCormick Natalie Gregory David Moody Mary Lou Hannabass Marshall Philbates Rex Hatchett ia ‘Pftilbates Robert Smith Anne Pomeroy Frances Thompson Marie Richards Harry Ward Jeffrey Richmond Sharron VanAlstine Avrel Seabolt, Jr. William White Daniel Simmons Emmett White FRESHMEN I CHARLES WHARFF President FARRON DAVIS Secretary HERBERT STEWART Vice-President SHIRLEY WHITTAKER Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS j} " j . f Ir yJF I V lr y h n i a vw Diane Adams Robert Anerton P ' Ruth Ann Ayers l otViopino RoiO -vl r Katherine Barlow Beckie Barfknecht Jo Ann Conkl yn Robert Couch Farron Davis Paul Dean Joan Douglas Myrtle Douglas Walter Dzula Linda Edwards Jean Griffith Cornelia Handley Patsy Hodges Terry Isgette Caroll Kelly Diane Morris Herbert Parsley Jane Parsley Sandra Priddy Elsie Renalds Nancy Roberts Joseph Sanders Nancy Shepperd Charles Smith Herbert Stewart Carol Stuck Brenda Swindell John Throckmorton Ethel Timberlake Joyce Walls H A O N a Joan Ward Charles Wharff Shirley Whittaker Doris Wooten JUNIOR HIGH CHARLES WILLIAMS President JAMES BOROUGHS Vice-President SUZANNE HANNABASS Secretary JOHN DAVIS Treasurer EIGHTH GRADE Gloria Adams Patricia Adams Milton Armandt James Barlow Terry Batkins James Boroughs Gary Bradley Clyde Brennaman John Britt Carole Burnett Charles Carlton Janice Childers Sue Cox Jane Curie Carol Davis John Davis Randall Deskins Frances Dreisback Charlotte Evelyn Suzanne Hannabass David Hatcher Karen Hatchett Claudia Hazelwood Judith Helms John Hodges Harvey Kirby Mary Levis Jane McKay Sandra Otey Shirley Parsley Wayland Parsley Sharon Potter Maxine Richards John Richardson Gordon Robinson Carol Seabolt Sharon Sheppard Daniel Smith Clyde Thompson Yvonne Turner Donald Wasmunski Charles Williams John Zawodny 1960 Queen MARY LOU HANNABASS First Runner-Up JANE KING 1959 Queen GLORIA COUCH Second Runner-Up MABLE DEAN ■■ ORGANIZATIONS STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President: JAMES PEARMAN Vice-President: JANE KING Secretary: VIRGINIA PHILBATES Treasurer: CHARLES WHARFF Sponsor: MRS. O. S. MEARS FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS President: VIRGINIA PHILBATES Treasurer: RUTH DEAN Vice-President: WANDA COBB Historian: ELSIE REYNOLDS Secretary: MABLE DEAN Reporter: MARY LOU HANNABASS Photographer: CORNELIA HANDLEY Sponsor: MRS. J. A. WILLIAMS mttm - r v f, N r24vJ ' " ■ 5| « ? !» H «l • « ‘ i »iML«i.K.»M-’ li ! • BETA CLUB President: JAMES PEARMAN Vice-President: JOHN HODGE Secretary-Treasurer: JANE KING Reporter: JUDITH DEAN ■ ' J ■ J9I .xfw] GLEE CLUB The Glee Club is of high school girls who are under the direction of Mrs. Roberts. CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Elizabeth Peace is head dietitian, with the help of Mrs. Dean, Marie Thompson, Mrs. Batkins, and Pearl Abrams (Not pictured) serve us well-balanced meals throughout the year. BUS DRIVERS KERMAN WARD JAMES CHRISTIAN EDMUND TURNER GLENN PRIDDY JAMES PEARMAN Not pictured - Mrs. Dean, Mrs. Peace, Mr. Parsley, and Jack King. ATHLETICS CHEERLEADERS NANCY ROBERTS VIRGINIA PHILBATES FRANCES McCORMICK BONNIE BARFKNECHT RUTH DEAN ETHEL TIMBERLAKE FRANCIS CRAFT JANE KING NATALIE GREGORY GLORIA COUCH BETTY WALLS GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST STRING KNEELING: Mary Ellyson, Patricia Couch, Charlene Cobb. STANDING: Jane King, Sharron Starkey, Wanda Cobb, Bonnie Barfknecht, Frances Craft. MRS. O. S. MEARS Coach MARY ELLEN ELLYSON Co-Captain PATRICIA COUCH Co-Captain MARILYN McCORMICK Manager SECOND STRING KNEELING: Shirley Whittaker, Joann Conklin, Faron Davis, Natalie Gregory. STANDING: Dean Frame, Julia Philbates, Sandra Priddy, Ginger Philbates, Carol Stuck. BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM SITTING: John Fedors, Edmond Turner, Glenn Priddy, Sidney Philbates. STANDING: David Frank, David Zawod- ny, and David Moody, Manager. MR. O. S. MEARS Coach JACK KING Co-Captain DAVID FRANK Co-Captain GLENN PRIDDY Co-Captain SITTING: Otis Timberlake, James Ash¬ ley, Shields Dalrymple, Marshall Phil¬ bates. STANDING: Jeff Richmond, Jack King, James Davis. —a; - ELEMENTARY MISS MADELINE CARSWELL Flora MacDonald College University of North Carolina First Grade MRS. ALBERT CARL HANDLEY Mary Washington College First and Second Grades MRS. FOSTER RYLAND LITTLEPAGE Mary Washington College Second Grade MRS. JAMES THOMAS TUNSTALL University of Virginia Mary Washington College William Mary College Third Grade MRS. WHITMELL PEARSON TUNSTALL Madison College William and Mary College Third and Fourth Grades MISS MARY CHRISTIAN Longwood College Fourth Grade MRS. EDGAR W. UPP Madison College Fifth Grade MRS. WOODSON COWLES TAYLOR Mary Washington College Fifth and Sixth Grades MRS. SHEM COLUS ROBBINS Mary Washington College Sixth Grade MRS. CLYDE CALVIN DAVIS Longwood College Seventh Grade MRS. RICHARD KEMPER TAYLOR, JR. William and Mary College Seventh Grade SEVENTH GRADE Joseph Alexander Edward Allen Patricia Arthur Dianne Ballard John Barlow William Battle Edward Binns Marie Bostick Ellen Bowis Jerold Britt Wayne Cheatam Derwood Conklyn John Combs John Davis Robert Davis Horace Dean Jo Ann Dean Lynwood Dillard Harry Douglas Joel Douglas Wayne Dowdy Robert Dzula Sandra Ellyson Sandra Farmer Barbara Hodges Anna Hollins Edward Johnson Charles Johnston Ronald Jordan Charles Leftwich Linda Mills Taylor Moore Dennis Mountcastle Sallie Mountcastle Suzanna Parker Charley Parsley Norma Parsley Joe Peace Catherine Pomfrey Robert Seitz Charles South Robert Walker Juliet Walls Steven Ward Shirley Waxmunski Edna Wendt Ryland William John Woodson PHOIO t AVA MU SIXTH GRADE Linda Adams James Arthur Joseph Ayers Lonnie Beaver Ray Belvin Thomas Bogart James Bradley Jo Ann Burnette Brenda Cheatham Calvin Davis Raymond Davis Worth Davis Albert Dean Perry Deskins David Dillard Raymond Dillard Diane Duckworth Steven French Linwood Gregory Natalie Hannabass Sue Anne Hockaday Shirley Johnson Virginia Kelly Mary Beth Luce Linda Martin Daniel Moody Ruth Norwood Angelia Otey David Paul Donald Prevish Andrew Pitts Courtney Pomeroy Jerald Powers Janet Renalds Lois Sorrell Susan Sowder Suzanne Spell Gilbert Sprouse Deana Stokes Linda Studer Elizabeth Walker Marke Weber Frances Whittaker Temple Wilson James Wooten John Wooten FIFTH GRADE Gayle Anerton Robert Armandt Henry Barlow Richard Barlow Dona Battle Norma Bogart Elwood Boroughs Betsy Bowis Carolyn Britt Myrtle Deskins Benita Douglas Jerry Douglas Kent Ellyson Charles Evelyn Diane Fisher Gwendolyn Fletcher Susan Flowers Betty Hockaday James Hannabass Shari Johnson Robbie Lindsay Edward Marston Andrew Martin Virginia Moore Richard Mountcastle Kenneth Naggy Anita Renalds Bettie Richards Carol Sheppard John Stewart Jane Sutton Kay Swindell Nancy Valentine Hallie Wallace Robert Walls Virginia Ward Ronald Worley Janet Whitman Linda Wooten Jerry Zawodny James Adams George Allen ! w 1 FOURTH GRADE Dinah Adams James Alexander Gayle Allen Earl Anderson Robert Barlow Grace Binns Wanda Black Sherry Bogart George Bridewell Nannie Conklyn Wallace Conklyn May Cox Priscilla Cox Russell Curie Billie Davis Marian Davis Carole Dzula McCoy Farmer Virginia Fletcher Patricia Glenn William Gregory Glenn Handley Kendall Harrison Barry Hatchett Winston Helms Robert Hogan Ruby Hodges Donna Johnson FOURTH GRADE Nancy Luce Monty Mills Barbara Mountcastle Loretta Mountcastle Warren Mountcastle Geraldine Norwood Dennis Otey Elaine Otey Robert Peace Curtis Powers Jackie Richards George Richardson Neil Richmond Sharon Seabolt Susan Shearin William Shearin Christine Spell Raymond Sprouse Harvey Stewart Mary Taylor Connie Tuck Mary Waddell Paul Ward Mary White Alice Whittaker Deborah Wilson John Wilson THIRD GRADE Barbara Anderson Robert Batkins Travis Bridewell Gail Bogart Thomas Burnette Elizabeth Cheatham Graves Crump Janice Dean Glenn Dowdy Larry Dzula Deborah Ernest Ellen Hannabass Mary Hockaday Gail Hogan Paulette Johnson Frederick Kirby Jeffrey Leftwich Tommie Marston Carolyn Martin Joseph Miholcoe Joan Mountcastle Linda Newton Earl Parsley Marvin Peace William Pearson Charles Pitts Marie Seabolt Catherine Sowder Frances Sprouse Willie Sprouse Betty Stewart Ronald Studer Reginald Wallace Michael Ward William Wendt Elaine Whitman Faye Williams Betty Valentine William Valentine SECOND GRADE Janet Batkins Glenn Barlow William Briggs Joyce Brown David Carlton Judy Conkyln Jay Deskins Lee Douglas Chris Easter Kenneth Farmer Donald Fox Thomas Gordon Cartie Hannabass Mac Harris Allen Hazelwood William Hazelwood Gloria Hodges John Hubbard Sylvia Johnson Joseph Lawerence Wiley Levis John Linka David Mountecastle Mary Mountecastle John Lee Morgan Michael Norwood Robert Piper John Pitts Mary Ann Pomfrey Mary Jo Potts Ted Priddy William Saunders Harold Seabolt Wayne Selph Eugene Sorrell Milton Sprouse Nancy Sprouse Rosa Sprouse James Stewart Renee Taylor Richard Wooten Gwendolyn Via FIRST GRADE Danny Adams John Adams Dianne Allen Tommy Anderson Ricky Arthur Michael Bennett Bradley Bogart David Bradley Bobby Briggs Wilbur Brown Catherine Crump Carolyn Davis Charles Davis Cynthia Davis Joanne Davis Wayne Davis Rosemary Deskins Kenneth Douglas Jeannine Duckworth Jimmy Eades Darlene Ernest Michael Figuly Tommy Evelyn Janet Gammon Amanda Helms James Hockaday Jay Hubbard Julian Martin Kenneth Miller Bobby Otey Dickie Richards Cathy Saunders Catherine Seitz Jeffery Sprouse Elmer Stewart William Stewart Theresa Stuck Kay Sutton Dennis Taylor Wade Timberlake Margaret Via Wayne Walls Clyde Wendt Nancy Wooten Ruby Wooten JAMES PEARMAN Valedictorian St. Patrick Smith Award JOHN HODGE Salutatorian Ruritan Scholarship PATRICIA COUCH BETTY WALLS JUDITH DEAN Historian Class Representative Giftorian GLENN PRIDDY Best Boy Athlete MARY ELLEN ELLYSON Best Girl Athlete May Court MAY DAY Theme: RHYTHM AND MOODS OF MAY May Pole £M 1 .... m Joyce Staskiel Carl Handley Judith Dean Glenn Priddy Charlotte Wooten James Pearman Wanda Dzula Mary Ellyson David Frank Diane Morris David Ward SSSH; Escort CHARLES SIMMONS Gloria Adams Gerald Ellyson Dorothy Kirby James Christian FORENSIC 1961 MARY ELLYSON Public Speaking SHARRON STARKEY Poetry Reading Third Place DAVID FRANK Public Speaking Third Place ANNE POMEROY Spelling VIRGINIA PHILBATES Prose Reading Second Place JEFFREY RICHMOND Prose Reading TRACK Handley 100 Dash, 220 Dash, Shot Put, 880 Re¬ lay, Broad Jump. King Broad Jump Pearman 220 Dash Priddy 880 Run, 3rd Place. Frank Shot Put, Dis cus, Low Hurdles(3rd). C. Simmons 440 Run. Ashley Broad Jump 100 Dash. Turner Ward 100 Dash, 880 Low Hurdles Relay. 2nd Place. Young Zawodny 880 Run, 1st shot Put, Dis Place. cus. Fedors 440 Run Batkins Broad Jump Discus. Richmond High Jump, 880 Davis Moody 100 Dash, 880 880,880 Re Relay. lay. Philbates Shot Put, Dis D. Simmons High Jump. MR. MEARS MR. COUCHMAN BOROUGHS pm I mt. j l 1 f r t 1 f 1 J f m 1 k , ntv 1 % jJ|p % 1 p I ' » | IP ' Ns, " lr j f i i rS 1 5 SOFTBALL FIRST PLACE —DISTRICT SCOREBOARD Mathews Marriot Pleasant Hill King William Middlesex Charles City Middlesex Coach MRS. O. S. MEARS WML HPPl ah ilMK flBi i- ' -i ■ ij BASEBALL SECOND PLACE — DISTRICT SCOREBOARD We They West Point 5 1 Mathews 7 1 King William 2 0 Marriot 12 1 Pleasant Hill 7 1 Middlesex 2 8 Charles City 13 3 West Point 0 1 Coach MR. O. S. MEARS ADVERTISERS A An Good G. W. OTEY AND SON WOODY’S RESTAURANT Sea Foods - Steaks Fried Chicken West Point, Va. Route 33 MRS. CORNELIA HOWARD Prop. Phone West Point 9i93 Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Main St. , West Point, Va. Phone West Point 462 or Locust 4-3780 REXALL VILLAGE DRUG STORE Highland Spring Va. RE 7-2807 CANDIES FRESH - DELICIOUS Shicley s T ecan Shoppe CASEY’S, INC. FINE PECAN CANDIES SOUVENIRS Box 366 THE PASTRY SHOP Williamsburg, Virginia ALBERT DOUGLAS, Prop. Fancy Cakes - Pies Bread and Rolls Shop in Restored Birthday and Wedding Cakes Williamsburg Phone CA 9-2731 Duke of Gloucester Street Williamsburg, Virginia YORK INN Sea Food Specialists Southern Fried Chicken Smithfield Hams 14th and Lee Streets West Point, Virginia New and Used Cars and Trucks E. P. BINNS Sales - Service Texaco Gas and Oil LAYFIELD MOTORS, INC. 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Suggestions in the New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) collection:

New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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