New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA)

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New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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• ' £. • .5. . 58 CAVALIER Ghe c5 en or Glass Gew Jtent Jficj i ScAooG Cew Jlent T) ry nia CJon en s Administration Seniors t Juniors Sop iomores Ares 12 men Junior Jfic Ji C lementarij Athletics Draanizations Advertisers O cfitor .y The 1957-58 Cavalier is offered as a reminder of teachers, friends, and activities of the past school year. To our sponsor, Mrs. Richmond, may I say a special " thank you " for your help and inspiration. Many thanks also go to the other mem¬ bers of the faculty for their support and encouragement. I wish to thank the annual staff and the student body for their efforts and co-operation in producing this book. Yours truly, Bettie Stewart In recognition of the knowledge, wisdom, and guidance which he has imparted to us through the years, we, the Class of 1958, respectfully and gratefully dedicate our book to GEORGE ARCHER WALDROP I wish to express my appreciation to the Faculty, Board of Education, Students and Parents for their excellent co-operation in making this a successful school year. OSCARS. MEARS Principal a 9 e Editor--- Assistant Editor-— Business Manager- Assistant Business Manager Secretary —- Typists- Proofreader- Advisor- -BETTIE STEWART . BARBARA UPP BEVERLEY BARFKNECHT -SHIRLEY ADAMS .ANNA PENUEL - CHARLOTTE BATKINS VICKIE KURDZIEL SALLY COMBS -MARY CHRIST AIN MRS. LOIS RICHMOND G. M. HODGE Superintendent of Schools O. S. MEARS Principal BETTY WALLACE Secretary ' ’ nB M TTSpa |1k MRS. EDNA DALRYMPLE Richmond Business Col¬ lege; Librarian. MRS. LOIS R. RICHMOND Fairmont State; Eng¬ lish, Geography, History. MRS. ELIZABETH G. A. WALDROP MRS. DOROTHY MEARS ROBERTS Randolph-Macon; Western Maryland Col- Albany Business College, Math, Latin, History, lege; History, Math, R. P. I. ; Commercial Physical Education. Subjects. MRS. JACQUELINE R. PERRY Longwood College; Biology, Chemistry, Physics. J K VERNON BANKS Lambuth College; English, Science. G. R. POINDEXTER, JR. MRS. ILA WILLIAMS University of Richmond, Radford; Home Eco- Columbia University; nomics. cS cfoof ffoarcf WILLIAM WALLACE E. PEARSON BINNS G. M. HODGE, Superintendent G. LOUIS HOCKA DAY RAYMOND W. DAVIS County Officials B. Carter Graves, Comm, of Rev. C. Linwood Fisher, Treasurer Donald C. McKay, Sheriff John S. Pearman J. Winfrey Brown W. P. Tunstall, not pictured Samuel Crump, not pictured Board of Supervisors SALLY COMBS Reporter BEVERLEY BARFKNECHT Treasurer MARY D. CHRISTIAN President CHARLOTTE BATKINS Secretary VICTORIA KURDZIEL Vice President MOTTO He who conquers himself, conquers all. FLOWER MRS. MEARS Sponsor COLORS Purple and White BEVERLEY BRENDA BARFKNECHT Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Softball Manager 1,2; Softball Scorekeeper 3,4; May Court 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4 Glee Club 2, 3,4; Class Treasurer 3,4; Assistant Busi¬ ness Manager Annual 3; Business Manager Annual 4; Junior Play; Senior Play. CHARLOTTE MARIE BATKINS Basketball 2,4; Softball 2, 3,4; Cheerleader 3,4; Glee Club 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; FHA Vice President 4; Annual Staff 4 Class Rep. 1; Class Secretary 3,4; May Court 3,4; Cheerleader Captain 4. JOHN ROBERT BAUGHAN Monogram Club 3,4, President; Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4; Basketball 2,3,4, Captain 4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; Junior Play; Boys’State; SCA Representative 1,2; SCA Vice President 3. ZELDA PAGE BOWERY FHA 3; Senior Play; Cafeteria 2, 3,4; May Court 4 ROBERT WILLIAM CHEATHAM Football 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4; Junior Play CLYDE WOODROW COBB Football 1, 3, Manager 2; Track 3; Basketball Manager 2; Monogram Club 3. SALLY MARIE COMBS Softball 1, 2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3, Captain 4; Monogram 2, 3,4; May Court 4; FHA 3,4; Junior Play Senior Play; Class Reporter 3,4; Annual Staff 4. THOMAS EDWARD COUCH Bus Driver 4; May Court 4; Junior Play LLOYD CHRISTIAN DAVIS Class Vice President 2; SCA Treasurer 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Varsity Basketball 1; Basketball 2,4; Basketball Manager 3; Baseball 3,4; Track 2, 3, 4; May Court 4; Bus Driver 4; Monogram Club 2, 3,4; Junior Play. JAMES DONALD DEAN May Court 4; Junior Play. GEORGE EDWARDS GREGORY Football 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 3,4; Track 3, 4; KVG Club 3; Boys ' State; Junior Play; Senior Play; Class Treasurer 2; May Court 4. MARY DOUGLAS CHRISTIAN Class Secretary 1; Class President 3, 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3,4; Cheerleader 3,4; Beta Club 2, 3, President 4; SCA Representative 2; FHA 1; Literary Society 3, Vice President 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; May Court 1, 4; Homecoming Court 3; Girls ' State; Annual Staff 4. CLYDE GOODMAN Football 2, 3,4; Baseball 2, 3,4; Track 2, 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Class Treasurer 1. WOODROW CARLTON HOCKADAY Junior Varsity Basketball 2; Football 3,4; Track 3,4 VICTORIA ELIZABETH KURDZIEL Basketball 1,2, 3,4; Softball 1,2,3, 4; Cheerleader 1 2,3,4; Glee Club 1,2, 3, 4;FHA 1,2,4, President 3; May Court 2,4; Monogram Club 2, 3,4, Treasurer 3; Beta Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4; Literary Club 3,4, President 4; SC A Secretary 2, President 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Class Secretary 2, Vice Presi¬ dent 3,4. EARL WAYNE MILLS Class President 1,2; Beta Club 2,3,4; SCA 3; Boys State 3; Football 3; Baseball 2,3; Junior Play; Senior Play. BETTIE CUMMINGS STEWART Softball 1, 2, 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Literary Society 3; Secretary 4; Junior Play; Assistant Editor 3; Senior Play; Editor-in-Chief 4; May Court 4; SCA Council 4. CHARLES RANDOLPH THOMPSON Football 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3; KVG 3,4; Monogram Club 2, 3,4; Basketball Manager 4; Bus Driver 4; May Court 4. GEORGE WILLIAM MORGAN Football 1, 2, 3,4; Baseball 1,2; Track 3, 4; Beta Club 2, 3,4; May Court 4. ANNA MARY PENUEL Literary 3, 4; FHA Treasurer 3, 2; President 4; Beta Club 4; Annual Staff Secretary 4; May Court 4; Prompt Junior and Senior Play. Gfass 3 fistory One bright sunny morning back in September, 1946, eleven bright-eyed and frightened little boys and girls of the present Senior Class became part of the first grade. The eleven members were: Beverley Barfknecht, Charlotte Batkins, Mary Douglas Christian, Victoria Kurdziel, Bettie Stewart, Johnny Baughan, Bobby Cheatham, Chris Davis, George Gregory, Woodrow Hockaday, and William Morgan. Mrs. Peace welcomed us that first morning. For the rest of the year, she not only had the job of teaching us, but also dressing and undressing us every time we had a recess. We survived that first year and came back as second graders with Mrs. Fisher as our teacher. In the third grade Mrs. Barnette was our teacher and Sally Combs became a member of our class. Again Mrs. Peace was our teacher--in the fourth grade. The fifth year brought Clyde Goodman to our class under Miss Shorter. That year a new experience confronted us, taking examinations. In the sixth grade Mrs. Mears was our teacher. Earl Mills joined our class. By the time we reached the seventh grade, the class had to be divided into two groups. We changed classes for the first time that year and our homeroom teachers were Mrs. Mears and Mr. Wells. On the last day of school, we all dressed in white to receive our diplomas and so graduated into high school. Thomas Couch joined us in the eighth grade with Mr. Laurinaitis as our teacher. George Gregory was our class president. Sally Combs represented our class in the May Court. In the ninth grade Mr. White was our homeroom teacher. We were really in the swing of high school now. We gave our first party—a dance after one of the football games. Earl Mills was our class president. Mary Douglas Christian represented our class in the May Court. Mr. Waldrop was our homeroom teacher in the tenth grade. That year Anna t»enuel and Donald Dean joined us. Earl Mills was re-elected as our president. Victoria Kurdziel represented our class in the May Court. Our Junior year was full of hard work, but we had fun too. Zelda Bowery and Clyde Cobb joined our class. That fall we received our class rings. Under the direction of our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Richmond we successfully gave our Junior play, " Redheaded Royalty From Arkansas. " We helped the Seniors serve the Corn Club banquet. We gave the annual Junior Prom. The theme was " Dancing in the Dark. " Our class president, Mary Douglas Christian, represented our class in New Kent ' s first Homecoming. Charlotte Batkins and Beverley Barfknecht represented our class in the May Court. As Seniors we undertook the task of making money for our New York trip. To succeed in this task, we had a concession stand at the football games, gave parties, collected junk, sold candy, served suppers to various clubs, gave bake sales, and presented the Senior play, " Girls Are Like That. " Charles Thompson joined our class this year. Mrs. Mears sponsored our class for the third year. The Senior Class was honored with a Banquet and Prom. Mary Douglas Christian was again our class president. So ends twelve years of work and fun. Good-by from the Class of ' 58. Most Athletic SALLY COMBS JOHNNY BAUGHAN Best Dressed MARY CHRISTIAN CHRIS DAVIS Most Bashful BETTIE STEWART THOMAS COUCH Best Looking VICKIE KURDZIEL GEORGE GREGORY Most Popular CHARLOTTE BATKINS JOHNNY BAUGHAN eaj Tien 7 ficj i Tc ooZos. C) ass 0 5 $ Hear ye, hear ye! The court is now in session, Judge Beverley Barfknecht presiding. The jury has reached a verdict and has found the entire Senior Class guilty as charged. The accused will now come forward. Mary D. Christian, I sentence you to spend the next 4 years in the New York Architectural College where you wil 1 design the plans for the new gymnasium of New Kent High School. Johnny Baughan, I sentence you to diligently pursue studies for 4 years at V.P.I. after which you will supervise the actual construction of the above stated gymnasium. Charles Thompson, I sentence you to 5 years of labor as head of the " Rockpile Gang " where you and your helpers, Donald Dean and Woodrow Hockaday will crush rocks to a size suitable for use in driveway at N. K. Zelda Bowery, I sentence you to a career as Head Dietician in the new cafeteria. Thomas Couch, I sentence you to 3 years of work and study of Interior Dec¬ orating at R.P.I. whereupon you will be in great demand for decorating for all school proms. Sally Combs, I sentence you to a long career as the girls ' athletic instructress and also as typing teacher at New Kent High. Clyde Goodman, I sentence you to a long " run " on Broadway where your great dramatic abilities will be enjoyed by all. Bettie Stewart, I sentence you to 2 years of studying at the Peabody Conserv¬ atory of Music after which, you will conduct a school of music. Chris Davis, I sentence you to 10 years of parading on the fashion runway in one of New York ' s leading men’s shops as their top male model. Earl Mills, I sentence you to 15 years in the Army where you will attain the rank of Colonel, which will be converted to " Kernel " when you retire to your farm in New Kent County. Charlotte Batkins, I sentence you to 10 years of loving labor as the best " grease monkey " in the garage owned and operated by your husband. George Gregory, I sentence you to 10 years in the state of Kentucky where you will own a large farm for breeding famous race horses. Bobby Cheatham, I sentence you to solitary confinement in the Navy where you will specialize in the " WAVES " Department. Clyde Cobb, I sentence you to the " Gas Chamber " of your Eltham Texaco Station, formerly owned by Charles Estis. Vickie Kurdziel, I sentence you to many long years of traveling around the world with your Air Force husband in his private jet plane. William Morgan, I sentence you to 20 years of hard but " clean " labor in your own dry cleaning establishment. AnnaPenuel Custalow, you have already imposed your own sentence by join¬ ing the " Ball and Chain Gang. " I hope that any new links added will be only " little ones. " I, Beverley Barfknecht, do hereby hand in my resignation as judge of this cou’-t, in order that I may become a full-time housewife. Most School Spirit SALLY COMBS GEORGE GREGORY Best All Around BEVERLEY BARFKNECHT JOHNNY BAUGHAN Wittiest VICKIE KURDZIEL CLYDE GOODMAN Most Likely to Succeed MARY CHRISTIAN EARL MILLS Most Cooperative BETTIE STEWART THOMAS COUCH ft (1 ■1 J SP $ i i 5P IMW " ■ u| ■A A 1 A iff H Hr A A ■ y A Bast Wdf and des lament We, the Senior Class of 1958, being of our right mind, do bequeath and bequit, leave, give, and get rid of the following: Beverley Barfknecht leaves her love for service men to Patsy Couch and her red hair to Judy Dean. Charlotte Batkins leaves her height to Wayne Taylor and her ability to pop gum to Barbara Upp. Johnny Baughan leaves his athletic ability to James Smith and his love for Chemistry to Henry Clyde Pace. Zelda Bowery leaves her love for Biology to Jimmy Christian and her witty remarks to Rose Boroughs. Bobby Cheatham leaves his football uniform to Herbert White, in hopes that he will fill it well, and his laziness to Donald McKay. Clyde Cobb leaves his nickname NUMP to Kent McLaughlin and his long school career to Julian Thompson. Sally Combs leaves her athletic ability to Wanda Cobb and driving ability to Betty Walls. Mary Douglas Christian leaves her ability to stay home and study, instead of going to parties, to Julian Lipscomb and her place in the senior class to Bradley Moore. Thomas Couch leaves his cooperativeness and dependability to Jackie Kent and his love to climb ladders to anyone who is not afraid of high altitude. Chris Davis leaves his second year of Chemistry to Ben Graves, in hopes he does better than he did, and his love for James Blair to anyone who can make out over there. Donald Dean wills his parking place at Taylor ' s Store to Johnny Pearman and his ability to distribute gum to Mrs. Roberts. Clyde Goodman wills his outstanding feature (his nose) to Mary Ellen Ellyson and his Polly Bergen figure to Betty Gregory. George Gregory wills his ability to buy catty clothes to Luther Leber and his football position and sweat socks to Emmett Couch. Woodrow Hockaday wills his ability to mumble in English class to Mrs. Richmond and his corny jokes to Ben Graves, who needs some new ones. Victoria Kurdziel wills her love for parties and dances to anyone who is willing to give his sleep, and her turned-up shoes to Mrs. Mears. Earl Mills leaves his love for Hopewell to Carter Richardson, who likes to travel, and his acting ability to Glen Priddy. Pete Morgan leaves his love for West Point to Dee Dalrymple and his love for school to anybody fortunate enough to stay. Anna Penuel wills her love for shorthand to anybody who can pass it and her ability to get married in her senior year to Gay Griffith. Bettie Stewart wills her position on the softball team to Rose Stuck and her love for History to Shirley Adams. Charles Thompson wills his ability to dodge cops to anyone who can, and his love for literature to Bobby McCormick. BEN GRAVES, Vice President - JOHN PE ARMAN, Treasurer KAY BATKINS, Reporter - BARBARA UPP, President - GAY GRIFFITH, Secretary un ors SHIRLEY ADAMS KAY BATKINS EMMETT COUCH DEE DALRYMPLE ISABEL DAVIS BILLY DENTON LEON EDWARDS BEN GRAVES GAY GRIFFITH JACKIE KENT LUTHER LEBER LUCILLE LINKA JULIAN LIPSCOMB BRADLEY MOORE DONALD McKAY KENT McLAUGHLIN VIRGINIA TAYLOR CARL WAYNE TAYLOR BARBARA UPP MATTHEW WOOTEN LENNY MADISON Treasurer KENNETH BOWYER Reporter DOROTHY WYNDHAM Historian BUDDY JOHNSON President HENRY WARD Vice President Catherine Adams Shirley Alexander Rose Boroughs Kenneth Bowyer Arthur Garthright Betty Gregory Branch Hobson Buddy Johnson Robert McCormick Leonard Madison Henry Clyde Pace Robert Paul Jean Seward Carolyn Smith Gray Smith James Smith Rose Marie Stuck Henry Ward Herbert L. White Thomas Wilson Dorothy Wyndham CARL HANDLEY Treasurer JAMES PEARMAN JOYCE STAS KIEL JOHN HODGE Vice President Secretary President Jreshmen Nancy Anderson Edward Baggett i} Steve Brown James Christian Ronald Combs Patricia Couch Judith Dean Wanda Duzla Gerald Ellyson Mary Ellen Ellyson David Frank Carl Handley Karen Harper John Hodge Jack King Theresa Leontuck Joyce Lloyd Joyce Martin Richard Morris John Pearman Nancy Prevish Glenn Priddy Carter Richardson Joyce Staskiel Betty Walls Ann Whitley Charlotte Wooten RUSS PARKER BARBARA WILLIAMS Vice President Reporter SHARON STARKEY RUTH DEAN MARSHA DEAN President Secretary Treasurer C ioni i Oracle James Ashley Mary Baggett Bonnie Barfknecht Lewis Barrett Norman Batkins Robert Boroughs Wanda Cobb Betty Couch Robert Couch Mable Dean Marsha Dean Peggy Dean Ruth Dean John Fedors Janet Hope Carvel Jenkins William Johnson Jane King Marilyn McCormick Russell Parker Beatrice Parsley David Roberts Sharron Starkey Brenda Swindell Julian Thompson Shirly Parsley Julia Philbates Sidney Philbates Barbara Williams William Young David Zawodny Otis Timberlake Patricia Truslow MRS. HILDA WALDROP Madison College First Grade MRS. LORRAINE HANDLEY Mary Washington College First and Second Grades MRS. JANE LITTLEPAGE Mary Washington College Second Grade MRS. CECIL ORANGE Mary Washington College Third Grade MRS. NANCYE SHELTON Longwood College Third and Fourth Grades MISS MARY CHRISTIAN Longwood College Fourth Grade MRS. GLADYS UPP Madison College Fifth Grade MRS. PHOEBE TAYLOR Mary Washington College Fifth and Sixth Grades MRS. GERTRUDE ROBBINS Mary Washington College Sixth Grade MRS. ELIZABETH DAVIS Longwood College Seventh Grade MRS. ALICE FISHER Mary Washington College Seventh Grade Beckie Barfknecht James Barlow Carolyn Belvin James Belvin Charlene Cobb Joan Combs Mary Combs Gloria Couch Shields Dalrymple Betty Davis James Davis Richard Dean Arlene Deskins Betty Duncan Linda Edwards Dean Frame Natalie Gregory Rex Hatchett James Hockaday Charles Johnson Dorothy Kirby Charles Leber Charles Lewis Susan Lindsay Francis McCormick David Moody Karen Mountcastle Joe Parker Herbert Parsley Jane Parsley Shirley Parsley Marshall Philbates Virginia Philbates Ann Pomeroy Richard Potter Jimmie Powers Virginia Ragland Marie Richards Jeff Richmond Lester Ryan Elizabeth South Freddie Stephens Wayne Thompson Frances Thompson Johnny Throckmorton Harry Ward Emmitt White William White Barbara Wooten Dianne Adams Robert Anerton Dianne Ballard Kay Barlow Louise Bashlar Jo Ann Conklyn Farron Davis Horrace Dean Paul Dean Randell Deskins Joan Douglas Myrtle Douglas Walter Dzula Jean Griffith Cornelia Handley Carole Harrison Judith Helms Patricia Hodges James Johnson Carroll Kelly Dianne Morris Sandra Otey James Parsley Wayland Parsley Sandra Priddy Elsie Rena Ids Russell Riggs Nancy Roberts Joseph Saunders Charles Smith Herbert Stewart Carol Lee Stuck Clyde Thompson Ethel Timberlake William Wallace Joyce Walls Joann Ward Robert Ward Charles Wharff Shirley Whittaker Doris Wooten Gloria Dale Adams Patricia Adams Joseph Alexander Gordon Banks John Barlow Terry Lee Batkins Joanne Black James Boroughs Clyde Brenneman John Britt Carol Lee Burnette Charles Carlton Wayne Cheatham John Combs Derwood Conklyn Jane Curie Carol Davis John Davis Robert Davis Linwood Dillard Harry Douglas Frances Dreisback Billy Evans Charlotte Evelyn Herman Green Karen Hatchett Claudia Hazelwood John Hodges Mary Ann Hope Harvey Kirby Mary Ellen Levis Leroy Lloyd Jane McKay Erwin Mettler Charles Parsley Norma Parsley Sharon Potter David Ragland Maxine Richards John Richardson Yvonne Turner Marion Wallace Donald Waxmunski Charles Williams Ryland Williams Diane Wyatt John Zowadney James Adams Edward Allen Richard Barlow Lonnie Beaver Ray BeIvin Edward Binns Marie Bostick Ellen Bowis Jerold Britt ' Ryland Christian John Davis Albert Dean Jo Ann Dean Perry Deskins Jerry Douglas Joel Douglas Robert Dzula Sandra Ellyson Sandra Farmer Toni Gragg Barbara Hodges Anna Hollins Charles Johnston Ronald Jordon Charles Leftwich Linda Mills Taylor Moore Dennis Mountcastle Linda Mountcastle Sallie Mountcastle Suzanne Parker Joe Peace Andrew Pitts Catherine Pomfrey Donald Prevish Barbara Richardson Robert Seitz Charles South Gilbert Sprouse Edward Taylor Robert Walker Julie Walls Steven Ward Shirley Waxmunski John Woodson John Wooten Elaine Wyatt Linda Adams James Alexander Dale Barlow Henry Barlow Jimmie Bradley Jo Ann Burnette Brenda Cheatham Calvin Davis Raymond Davis Worth Davis David Dillard Raymond Dillard Bobby Gragg Linwood Gregory Clayton Helms Sue Ann Hockaday Kathleen Hope Rodney Jenkins Shirley Johnson Virginia Kelley Alice Jean Lloyd Carol Lloyd Mary Beth Luce Linda Martin Danny Moody Ruth Norwood Angela Otey David Paul Courtney Pomeroy Jerry Powers Henry Ragland Janet Renalds Jackie Richards Marie Snow Susan Sowder Suzanne Spell William Stephens Linda Studer Betty Walker Robert Walls Ruth Ann Wells Marlene Westfall Frances Whittaker Temple Wilson James Wooten Clarence Wyatt Jerry Zawodny G. G. Allen Gayle Anerton Robert Armandt Edward Boroughs Betsy Bowis Carolyn Britt Nannie Clark Wallace Conklyn Myrtle Deskins Benita Douglas Kent Elleyson Crystal Evans Charles Evelyn Diana Fisher Gwendolyn Fletcher Glenn Handley Randy Harper Betty Hockaday Bobby Hogan Sarah Johnson S econcf 3 racfe Patsy Lewis Bob Lindsey Virginia Moore Richard Mountcastle Kenneth Naggy Myron Pulley James Redfield Anita Renalds Betty Richards Steve Scarborough Albert DeWitt Willy Sprouse Jane Sutton Kay Swindell Kathryn Taylor Connie Thompson Hallie Wallace I Virginia Ward Janet Whitman jwgjyfc Linda Wooten Ronnie Worley Dianah Adams Earl Anderson Grace Binns Wanda Black Sidney Blevins Edward Bowmer George Bridewell John Curie Billy Davis Marion Davis Carola Dzula McCoy Farmer Virginia Fletcher Patty Glenn William Gregory Kendall Harrison Berry Hatchett Ruby Hodges Frank Johnson Clyde Lloyd Nancy Luce Monty Mills Barbara Mountcastle j ' Jracfe Janet Mountcastle Joan Mountcastle Loretta Mountcastle Warren Mountcastle Geraldine Norwood Dennis Otey Elaine Otey Earl Parsley Bobby Peace Curtis Powers Margaret Rettig Jennie Snow Chris Spell Frances Sprouse Mary Taylor Mary Waddell Nancy Westfall Charlene Weston Faye Williams Mary White Alice Whittaker Bobby Wilson Deborah Wilson gE., Km : . pi j vJI : IP ' flift " ' “ tlM sss iH fi| tSF S%: 15 wmm M fflh 1 •«$ ££ g ft A ' c fiVl ' ??-flnW yflk % 1 Charlotte Batkins, Captain, Mary Douglas Christian, Vickie Kurdziel, Barbara Upp, Betty Gregory, Gay Griffith, Jean Seward, Nancy Anderson, Jackie Kent, Betty Walls Kay Batkins. _ O. S. MEARS, Coach Captains: BOBBY CHEATHAM JOHN BAUGHN GEORGE GREGORY Managers: HENRY PACE HERBERT WHITE BUCKY BAGGETT CHARLES THOMPSON lost Valuable Player: GEORGE GREGORY SMITH Fullback GREGORY Fullback BOWYER Center PEARMAN Center CHRISTIAN Guard KING Guard WILSON Guard FRANK Guard McKAY Guard COUCH Tackle TAYLOR Tackle WARD Center MR. MEARS Coach CHEATHAM Tackle BAUGHAN Guard DISTRICT E 1957 Middlesex Battlefield King William Christchurch Mathews Pleasant Hill cs rs , fy n t WL w ji £3 t t ) f ' ; m w g— J§§ Mk M I 3; r ■ HOC KA DAY Halfback JOHNSON Halfback PEARMAN Halfback CHAMPIONS Schedule We They 21 0 MADISON End GOODMAN End MORGAN End DALRYMPLE Quarterback DENTON Quarterback SMITH Halfback HODGE Tackle PAUL Tackle DAVIS Tackle McCORMICK End PRIDDY End HANDLEY End David Frank, John Baughan, Chris Davis, JohnPearman, Kenneth Bowyer, Robert Paul, Mr. Mears, Coach, Roland Johnson, John Dalrymple, Ben Graves, James Smith, Henry Clyde Pace, John Hodge, Charles Thompson, Manager. S Joys’ L£)asJ?ef6a r MR. O. S. MEARS Coach JOHN BAUGHAN Captain Nancy Anderson, Mary Ellen Ellyson, Wanda Dzula, Jean Seward, Gay Griffith, Virginia Taylor, Mary D. Christian, Beverley Barfknecht, Rose Boroughs, Manager, Mrs. Mears, Coach, Patsy Couch, Kay Batkins, Betty Gregory, Sally Combs, Dorothy Wyndham, Carolyn Smith, Julianna Renalds, Vicky Kurdziel. MRS. DOROTHY MEARS Coach SALLY COMBS Captain mum Vfw Officers ANNA PENUEL.President CHARLOTTE BATKINS-Vice President VIRGINIA TAYLOR - -- —-Secretary DOROTHY WYNDHAM.Treasurer JACKIE KENT.Reporter JEAN SEWARD- Photographer ROSE BOROUGHS.Historian MRS. WILLIAMS..Sponsor Betty Gregory, Vickie Kurdziel, Mary Christian, Barbara Upp, Gay Griffith, Mrs. Perry, Anna Penuel, Isabel Davis, Rose Stuck, Emmett Couch, Herbert White, Ben Graves, Earl Mills and Lenny Madison. Charlotte Batkins, Betty Gregory, Beatrice Parsley, Vickie Kurdziel, Joyce Staskiel, Joyce Martin, Dorothy Wyndham, Jackie Kent, Nancy Anderson, Mrs. Roberts, Kay Batkins, Wanda Dzula, Isabel Davis, Mary Christian, Gay Griffith, Beverley Barfknecht, Shirley Adams, Betty Walls, James Ashley, Lewis Barnett, Robert Couch, Jean Seward, Theresa Leontuck, Marilyn McCormick, Barbara Upp, Pat Couch, Karen Harper, Luther Lebe r, Julian Thompson, Billy Johnson, Nancy Prevish, Sharon Starkey, Bonnie Barfknecht, Julianna Renalds, Virginia Taylor and Charlotte Wooten. TKonoaram ( uf) Dee Dalrymple, Vickie Kurdziel, Sally Combs, Mary Douglas Christian, Beverley Barfknecht, Jackie Kent, Rose Boroughs, Betty Gregory, Kay Batkins, Charlotte Batkins, Mrs. Mears. Ben Graves, Gay Griffitji, Bettie Stewart, Johnny Pearman, Chris Davis, Johnny Baughan, Virginia Taylor, Jean Seward, Charles Thompson. oilerary Society Mr. Poindexter, Bettie Stewart, Mary Douglas Christian, Vickie Kurdziel, Buddy Johnson, Virginia Taylor. Julianna Renolds, Jackie Kent, AnnaPenuel, James Christian, Dee Dalrymple, Betty Gregory, Theresa Leontuck, Betty Walls, Nancy Prevish, Nancy Anderson, Kay Batkins. Jean Seward, Jimmy Pearman, Matthew Wooten, Kent Me Laughlin, Kenny Bowyer, Wanda Dzula. Kay Batkins, John Pearman (Treasurer), David Roberts, Mr. Waldrop (Sponsor), Rose Boroughs, Bettie Stewart, Nancy Anderson, Betty Gregory (Secretary), Victoria Kurdziel (President), Ben Graves (Vice President). Holly Ball Queen BETTY GREGORY KtNv-courj •wli f Vcini ' tor Gordon Thompson vjafezer a Staff Elizabeth Peace Dietitian Zelda Bowery Rachel Dean Bessie Batkins Matthew Wooten Dorothy Wyndham r uers Charles Parsley Charles Thompson Thomas Couch Chris Davis Julian Lipscomb John Baugh an John Pearman Elizabeth Peace Rachel Dean The night Mas a thousand eyes And the day but one; et the light of the bright world Mies With the dying sun. MARY D. CHRISTIAN VICTORIA KURDZIEL SALLY COMBS Valedictorian Salutatorian Best Girl St. Patrick Smith - Athlete Citizenship Award Ruritan Scholarship BETTIE STEWART Beta Club - Courtesy Award JOHN BAUGHAN Best Boy Athlete Hargrave Scholarship GEORGE GREGORY Hargrave Scholarship MR. MEARS Coach Mathews Marriott West Point Pleasant Hill King William Middlesex JOHN BAUGHAN P ' l , . ' , if ■ JM ifTp ■V ;V, : ' jP ' SB ijjw - ■ 9H «««■ a BBL B’iwfll 3L - HHr WE THEY MRS. MEARS Coach Mathews Marriott Pleasant Hill King William Middlesex Charles City MARY D. CHRISTIAN Captain i 3P Sk, |4 ' 4 w ■QH ||i !► jm A 1 VICTORIA KURDZIEL - May Queen GEORGE GREGORY MARY DOUGLAS CHRISTIAN - Maid of Honor JOHN BAUGHAN WANDA COBB DONALD DEAN ANNA PENUEL WILLIAM MORGAN SHIRLEY ADAMS WOODROW HOCK A DAY BET TIE STEWART THOMAS COUCH 40k m ■- M SALLY COMBS EARL MILLS WANDA DZULA CLYDE COBB ZELDA BOWERY BOBBY CHEATHAM BEVERLEY BARFKNECHT CHRIS DAVIS CHARLOTTE BATKINS CLYDE GOODMAN CATHERINE ADAMS CHARLES THOMPSON iA MBS? mi ■ 1 Compliments of FRANK A. BLESSO INC. 286 Sheldon Street Hartford 14, Connecticut J. W ADAMS General Merchandise Dealer in Pulp Wood and Dogs Home Phone - Quinto 406 Store Phone - Quinto 402 Tunstall, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of Tunstall, Va. Compliments of JENSON’S MOTEL and MARTHA WASHINGTON DINING ROOM THE CHESAPEAKE CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA West Point, Virginia Giant Milkshakes Giant 5TUCKYS PECAN SHOPPE 10 Miles North of Williamsburg, Virginia Route 168 YORK INN Sea Food Specialists Phone 759 14th and Lee Sts. 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Tires and Accessories Curb Service Phone 700 West Point, Va. VIROINI X MACHINERY WEILL COMPANY 1319 E. Main Street Richmond, Va. Plumbing Wholesale Distributors Heating Water Systems WILKINSON GEDDV GENERAL MERCHANDISE Compliments of ■R’. T MARVIN 143 5 Richmond Road Williamsburg, Virginia Sporting Goods Toano, Virginia Hobby Shop PENINSULA BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Williamsburg, Virginia Compl iments of JAKE ' S GULF STATION West Point, Virginia DARI TREAT Frozen Dairy Products 14th St. Route 33 West Point, Virginia For the Finest in Farm Machinery and Service Deal With STONEMAN FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY Richmond, Virginia Allis-Chalmers Dealer CARLTON ' S TV SALES R. C. A. - Zenith and Motorola The House That Service Built West Point, Va. Phone 3 92 T. W WOODS AND SONS EAST END STORE 1709 East Franklin St. Richmond, Va. WESTLY C. STIGALL and J. LESLY MARTIN 3. W. OTEY AND SON Plumbing, Heating, Cooling JOHN Main St., West Point, Va. 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Suggestions in the New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) collection:

New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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