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New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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L-rsM. ■ $ f |4MNw CAVALIER The Cavalier Published by The SENIOR CLASS of NEW KENT HIGH SCHOOL New Kent, Virginia 1957 Foreword . ipf of the 195T Cavalier. As editor-in-chief adv isor. for L want to thank Mi. f cU her time and pauence of « w the so generously, and efforts and hard J • » th ;““ " vei ' S — They work in P ie P in§ d d they join rae in „ave all th u a. one of you. hoping J« m " T s of new Ken. High most precious memones _ 1 _ 1 School. editor We, the Senior Class of 1957, wish to ex¬ press to Mrs. Dorothy E. Mears, our deepest appreciation and thanks for the helping hand she has given us throughout our high school life. We hope that this token may remind her, always, of our deep admiration and respect for her. In Appreciation Dedication Advisor MISS ARSTELLE PRESLEY The Annual Staff Left to right: Gary Richardson, Layout Designer; Imajean Bowes Secretary; Billy Rich¬ ardson, Editor; Steve Renalds, Business Manager; Beverley Barfknecht, Assistant Business Manager; Marie Firesheets, Proofreader; Sandra Morris, Layout Designer; Martha Ran¬ dolph, Layout Designer; Loretta Oates, Typist; Frances Hawkins, Typist. Not pictured: Bettie Stewart, Assistant Editor. MRS. ELSIE B. MARTIN Secretary A dministration O. S. MEARS, B.A., M.A. William and Mary Principal Coach CLARENCE JENNINGS, B.A., M.A. William and Mary Virginia Polytechnic Institute Superintendent MRS. EDNA P. DALRYMPLE, Librarian Richmond Business College WALTER HUNT, B.S. in Mathematics William Mary Algebra, Geometry, Physical Education DOROTHY E. MEARS, B.A. Western Maryland College History, Physical Education MRS. JACQUELINE R. PERRY, B.S. Longwood Biology, Chemistry, Physics ARSTELlE PRESLEY, B.S. RPI, Longwood, Radford Business Education MRS. PAULS. RICHMOND, A.B. Fairmont State, Davis-Elkins English, Geography, History MRS. CHARLES ROBERTS Albany Business College, RPI Music OSIE TRIMMER, A.B. Blackstone Jr., William Mary Madison, U. of Virginia English, Latin GEORGE A. WALDROP, A.B. Randolph- Macon Math, Algebra MRS. ILA S. WILLIAMS, B.S. Radford Home Economics Faculty Seniors BARBARA ANN ASHLEY " Barbara " Class Treasurer 2, Vice President 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; May Court 4; Monogram Club 2, 4, Secretary 3; Beta Club 2, 3, Secretary 4; FHA 2, Secretary 3; Literary Society 4; FT A 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1 2, 3, Captain 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecoming Queen 4. Senior Class Officers Left to right: Charles Mullen, Treasurer; Loretta Oates, Secretary; Imajean Bowes President; Gary Richardson, Vice President; Martha Jane Randolph, Historian. Seniors ROBERT JACKSON ANDERSON " Jackie” KVG Club 3, 4; Monogram 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Football 1, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 2,3,4. IMAJEAN CARROL BOWES " Jean” Class President 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; May Court 4; SCA Representa¬ tive 2; Monogram Club 2, 3, President 4; Beta Club 2,3, Vice President 4; Literary Society 4, Secre¬ tary-Treasurer 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Achievement 2; FT A 2, Treasurer 1; Girls State 3; Softball 1, 2, 4; Basketball Manager 1, Scorekeeper 2,3,4; Annual Staff Sec¬ retary; Senior Representa¬ tive in Homecoming 4. HARRY LEE BATKINS " Pete " KVG Club 3, 4; Football Manager 4; Monogram Club 4. Seniors DAVID ANDREW BOROUGHS Baseball 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3, Captain 4; Basket¬ ball 3, 4; Track 4; KVG Club 3, 4; Class Vice Presi dent 1; SCA Representative 4. MARIE HUNTER FIRESHEETS " Rhea” Glee 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club 1; Literary Society 1; Beta Club 2, 3,4; Monogram Club 2, 3, Secretary 4; FT A 1, Secretary 2; May Court 4; Junior Achieve¬ ment 2; Softball Manager 1, 3, Scorekeeper 2, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Annual Staff Proofreader 4; Girls State 3. WILLIAM SAMUEL BOWERY KVG Club 4; Bus Driver 4, Seniors JAMES JOHNSON HALEY " Johnson " Football 1, 2, 3,4; KVG Club 4, FRANCES ANN HAWKINS " Frances " Glee Club 1,2, 3, 4; Literary Society 2, Secretary-Treas¬ urer 4; FHA Reporter 4; Basketball Manager 3; Soft- ball 1, 3; Monogram Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Beta Club 4; Senior Play; May Court 4. t CHARLES DANIEL MULLEN, JR. " Charles " Class President 1,3, Treasurer 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; KVG Club 2, 3, 4; Foot¬ ball 1,2,3, Captain 4; Basketball 3,4; Boys’ State 3; Baseball 3,4; Track Manager 2,3; Bus Driver 3,4. Seniors JAMES OLIVER PERRY " Jimmy " Football 2, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; KVG Club 3, 4; Senior Play. SANDRA LEE MORRIS " Sandra” FHA 1,2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; May Court 4; FT A 1. I STEPHEN SZLOBODA RENALDS " Steve " Beta Club 3, 4; Paper Staff 1; Glee Club 3; KVG Club 4; Basketball 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Boys ' State 3; Annual Assistant Business Manager 3, Business Manager 4; Track 3, 4. Seniors GARY MEADE RICHARDSON " Gary” Football 1, 3, 4; Baseball 3,4; Track 3, 4; Literary Society 4, Forensic One-Act Play 3; Beta Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4; KVG Club 4; Visual Aid 1, 2, 3,4; Senior Play; Boys ' State 3; Bus Driver 3 f 4; Class Vice President 4; SCA Treasurer 1, President 4; Monogram Club 4; May Court 3; Library 1,2; Annual Staff 4. LORETTA FAYE OATES " Loretta " Library Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Literary So¬ ciety 1, Secretary 2, Vice President 4; Forensic One- Act Play 2; Beta Club 2; Secretary 3, President 4; FHA 2; Class Secretary 2, 4; Historian 3; May Court 3, 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Girls ' State 3; Annual Staff 4. % WILLIAM WINFREE RICHARDSON, III " Billy " Class Secretary 1; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Literary Society 1, President 4; Forensic One-Act Play 1, 2; Glee Club 3; Annual Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; KVG Club 4; Class Treasurer 3; Basketball Scorekeeper 1. Seniors WARREN LINWOOD SMITH Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 4; KVG Club 4, BETTY VIRGINIA PARKER " Betty” Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheer¬ leader 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class President 2, Secre¬ tary 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; May Court 1, 4; SCA Secretary 2, Vice President 3; Monogram Club 1, 2, 4, Vice President 3; Beta Club Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Reporter 4; Literary Society 1, 2, 4; Forensic One-Act Play 1; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. GRATTON EARL STEPHENS, JR, " Gratton” Literary Society 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; KVG Club 3, Captain 4; Bus Driver 4; SCA Representative 3; Football 2, 3, Manager 4; Monogram Club 3, Vice President 4; Baseball Manager 4; Track 3, Manager 4; Junior Achievement 2; Basketball 3, Manager 4, Scorekeeper 2. Seniors AUBREY CLYDE WHITE " Aubrey " Football 3, 4; Library Club 2; KVG Club 4. i I MARTHA JANE RANDOLPH " Marthie Raye” Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mono¬ gram Club 1,2,4, Vice President 3; Class Vice President 2, Historian 4; Basketball 1, 2,3; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; May Court 2, 4; FHA 3, Vice President 4; Annual Staff 4; Senior Play; Cheerleader 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4; Beta Club 4; Holly Queen 4. Favorites WITTIEST: Gratton Stephens Martha Randolph BEST DRESSED: Billy Richardson Loretta Oates MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: Betty Parker David Boroughs BEST ALL-ROUND: Martha Randolph Charles Mullen Class of ’5 7 BEST LOOKING: Barbara Ashley Gary Richardson MOST POPULAR: Imajean Bowes Charles Mullen MOST ATHLETIC: Betty Parker David Boroughs MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Gary Richardson Loretta Oates Class History I was the first to reach the first grade classroom in September, 1945. Mrs. Hockaday greeted me at the door. Seven of the first grade pupils are my classmates today in the senior class. They are Frances Hawkins, Sandra Morris, Loretta Oates, David Boroughs, Billy Bowery, Gary Meade Richardson and Lin Smith. In the second grade under Mrs. Fisher, two pretty faces joined our ranks - Martha Jane Randolph and Barbara Ashley. In the third grade Miss Ward was our teacher and Marie Firesheets became a member of our group. Mrs. Peace taught us in the fourth grade. On the first day of school, I spied two new faces - Jimmy Perry, who had skipped a grade just to be with us, and Charles Mullen. My first day in the fifth grade was a confusing one. There were so many new pupils - Betty Parker, Steve Renalds, Jackie Anderson, Johnson Haley and Billy Richardson. In the sixth grade Mrs. Mears was our teacher. We went to Richmond on our class trip. Mrs. Peace was our teacher again in the seventh grade. This year, on the last day of school, all of us dressed in white to receive our diplomas and so graduated into high school. At the beginning of the eighth grade, Mrs. Reynolds was our homeroom teacher un¬ til just after half-term. Then the fun began! One teacher after another came to teach us, but we were just too much for all of them except Miss Hansel, who finally got the job. Our class president, Barbara Ashley, represented our class in the May Court. Imajean Bowes joined us in the ninth grade. We were really a part of the high school now and as our debut, on October 29, we gave our first party - a Sock Hop after the football game. Mr. Waldrop was our homeroom teacher and Charles Mullen, our pres¬ ident. Betty Parker represented our class in the May Court. In the tenth grade Mrs. Mears and Mr. Alexander were our homeroom teachers. This year Gratton Stephens and Aubrey White joined us. Betty Parker was president of our class and under her direction we undertook our biggest money-raising project; we sold drinks at May Day. Martha Jane Randolph represented the tenth grade in the fes¬ tivities of that day. The eleventh grade was the most fun, and the most hard work yet. Mrs. Phaler was our class sponsor and Charles Mullen, our president. Harry Lee Batkins had decided to stay back and become a part of the class and we were mighty glad to have him. On March 23, after weeks of practicing and partying we gave our Junior play, " Don’t Be Bashful.” This year on May 4, the Juniors and Seniors of New Kent attended the most beautiful prom ever given. The theme was " Hitch your Wagon to a Star. " Loretta Oates represented our class in the May Court. As seniors, we sponsored the Corn Club banquet, sold refreshments at ball games, and gave a play, " Everybody ' s Getting Married. " All this activity was for raising funds for our New York trip. Barbara Ashley was Queen of New Kent’s first Homecoming. We leave you, fellow classmates, an accurate account of the happenings of the Class of 57, and hope that you may find the happiness and joy throughout your twelve years in school that we have experienced in working together as a team. We leave you now, only our great class, and I, as " The Spirit of the Class of ’57, " hope that these memories may all be pleasant ones. Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of 1957, being of our right mind, do bequeath and bequit, leave, give, and get rid of the following: Barbara Ashley leaves her ability to be the dumbest girl in geometry class to Jean Sew¬ ard and her love for sports to Mary D. Christian. Imajean Bowes leaves her ability to have a party every day in shorthand class to Vickie Kurdziel and her ability to wear her pin in the oddest places to Barbara Updike. Billy Bowery leaves his reputation of the most careful bus driver to Julian Lipscomb and his love for chemistry to Leon Edwards. Marie Firesheets leaves her giggling during study hall to Mrs. Dalrymple and her ability to become engaged at the From to Gay Griffith. Jackie Andeison leaves his ability to never, never pick up his feet when he is walking to Jimmy Pearman and his athletic ability to Donald McKay. David Boroughs leaves his nickname to anyone who can stand being teased about it and his ability to always get along with everyone during class meetings to Henry Ward. Johnson Haley leaves his position on the football team to Tommy Wilson and his love for English to Kent McLaughlin. Frances Hawkins leaves her driving ability to Beverly Barfknecht and her love for book¬ keeping to Kay Batkins. Jimmy Perry leaves his limousine to anyone who will steal it and his vocal arrangement of " Ricochet " to Emmett Couch. Steve Renalds leaves his ability to always be tardy for school to anyone who can get away with it and his intelligence to Woodrow Hockaday. Gary Richardson leaves his ability to get along with teachers to Carter Richardson, who needs it, and love for the rhythm and blues to Bobby Paul. Sandra Morris leaves her ability to pass notes in class to a certain friend to Betty Gre¬ gory and her height to Carolyn Smith. Lin Smith leaves his ability to sing going to basketball games to Kenny Bowyer, and love for algebra to Herbert White. Aubrey White leaves his ability to work those " hard " geometry problems to Tommy Marvin and his love for Toano to Donald Dean. Gratton Stephens leaves his ability to crack " corny” jokes and to be always talking to Clyde Goodman, and his love for the sophomore room to William Morgan. Martha Randolph leaves her ability to never agree with anyone and constantly throw sarcastic remarks to Gin Taylor and her love for home ec. or anything connected with " marriage " to Mary Ellen Ellyson. Charles Mullen leaves his conceited ways to Dee Dalrymple and his ability to always cause trouble in the Senior Class to George Gregory. Betty Parker leaves her ability to hurt everybody’s feelings and leave everything in total confusion to Jackie Kent and her love for parties to Karen Harper. Billy Richardson leaves his catalog of jokes to Chris Davis and his love for music (especially " bopping " ) to Johnny Baughan . Loretta Oates leaves her ability to get thrown out of English class to Barbara Upp and her charcoal jumper to Shirley Adams. Harry Batkins leaves his curly hair to Bobby Cheatham and his love for ' 57 Fords to Bobby McCormick. Prophecy June 7, 1967 Dear Jean, Gee, how time has flown since we finished high school. Seems no time at all since Miss Press was telling you to " watch that temper! " You must be enjoying your travels since your husband joined the Harlem Globetrotters. I hear he’s even up for manager of the " Trotters " next year. Is that true? Have you kept in touch with many of our classmates since graduation? I saw Martha Randolph the other day. Married now , she is quite busy with her brood. There were six at the last count, I believe. Martha told me Betty Parker is now a professor at Duke University, teaching school- spirit. Jimmy Perry is chief warden for a boys’ reform school. His motto is " .. .put off to¬ day what you can do tomorrow. " Jean, you remember Aubrey White and Johnson Haley. Well, Aubrey is now count¬ ing the 1, 2’s for Lawrence Welk and Johnson is giving voice lessons. I saw a school paper from our alma mater the other day. It seems that Harry Batkins is now giving driving lessons to school children. Other news was Gary Richardson. Gary, a science teacher at New Kent, was having a chemistry experiment when the right side of the building blew up. They think he mixed the wrong chemicals. Barbara Ashley was recently married. After being a first-grade teacher for five years, I guess she thought it was time for a change. I saw Steve Renalds not long ago. He said he was leaving for France the following week to visit one of our former classmates. He told me Jackie Anderson had a growing business with his original car model, Goodspeed. Jean, I heard that Frances Hawkins is now traveling through the Western States. I understand she will return to Virginia soon with her new husband. Sandra Morris and Lin Smith are both residents of the growing community of New Kent. Sandra is now a prominent housewife in the county and Lin is postmaster. The other day Lin got a parcel too large to handle. It was a pink elephant from his Africa- exploring friend, Gratton Stephens. I hear Patty Boroughs is topping all records for this country in the Olympics. I know you remember Billy Richardson. At present, he is a promising young lawyer, residing in Washington, D. C. He is secretary to the Secretary of Labor, trying to avoid labor himself. Mrs. Richardson, nee Miss Loretta Oates, is his secretary. Billy Bowery and Charles Mullen are doing very well. Billy has a high position in New York at Macy ' s. I understand he is playing Santa Claus. I always knew he liked children. Charles organized a Lonely Hearts Club soon after his completion of high school. Well, Jean, my husband is calling me to prepare his dinner, so I shall close for now. Do write to me. Your ' 57 classmate, Marie BEVERLEY BARFKNECHT CHARLOTTE BATKINS JOHN BAUGHAN ZELDA BOWERY ROBERT CHEATHAM MARY DOUGLAS CHRISTIAN CLYDE COBB SALLY COMBS THOMAS COUCH CHRIS DAVIS DONALD DEAN CLYDE GOODMAN Junior Class GEORGE GREGORY WOODROW HOCKADAY VICTORIA KURDZIEL LUTHER LEBER JULIAN LIPSCOMB KENT McLAUGHLIN EARL MILLS WILLIAM MORGAN VERNA PARSLEY ANNA PENUEL BETTIE STEWART Sophomores Shirley Adams Kay Batkins Emmett Couch " Dee " Dalrymple Isabel Davis Leon Edwards Ben Graves Gay Friffith Louis Hiltz Jacquelyn Kent Lucille Linka Donald McKay Bradley Moore John Pearman Julianna Renalds Virginia Taylor Barbara Upp Matthew Wooten THOMAS COUCH CHRIS DAVIS DONALD DEAN CLYDE GOODMAN Catherine Adams Peggy Alexandra Shirley Alexandra Rose Boroughs Kenneth Boyer Arthur Garthright Betty Gregory Branch Hobson Roland Johnson Louis Linka Lenny Madison Robert McCormick Ninth Grade Thomas Marvin David Purky Henry Pace Robert Paul Joe Rumsey Carolyn Smith Graham Smith James Smith Jean Seward Rose Stuck Barbara Updike Dorothy Wyndham Henry Ward Herbert White Thomas Wilson Jerry Ellyson Mary Ellen Ellyson Joyce Faulknier Nancy Anderson Edward Bagget Norman Batkins Steve Brown Jimmy Christian Ronald Combs Patricia Couch Lawrence Davis Judy Dean Wanda Dzula Eighth Grade David Frank Carl Handley Karen Harper Polly Higgins Jack King Theresa Leontuck Joyce Lloyd Richard Morris Malinda Painter Jimmy Pearman Nancy Prevish Glenn Priddy Carter Richardson Judith Rumsey Joyce Throckmorten Betty Walls Anne Whitley Charlotte Wooten ft o V ' MISS MARY L. CHRISTIAN Longwood College, B. S. in Elementary Education Fourth Grade MRS. HUGH P. FISHER Mary Washington College Seventh Grade MRS. JANEF. LITTLEPAGE Mary Washington College Second Grade MRS. CECIL MARION ORANGE Mary Washington College Third Grade Elementary Faculty MRS. LOLLIE D. PRINCE Radford College First and Second Grades MRS. GERTRUDE TURNER ROBBINS Mary Washington College Sixth Grade MRS. NANCYE G. SHELTON Longwood College Third and Fourth Grades MRS. PHOEBE B. TAYLOR Mary Washington College Fifth and Sixth Grades MRS. GLADYS B. UPP Madison College Fifth Grade MRS. HILDA B. WALDROP Madison College First Grade n James Ashley Eugene Aycock Bonnie Barfknecht Mary Bagget James Barlow Robert Boroughs James Belvin Wanda Cobb Betty Couch Mabel Dean Marsha Dean Peggy Dean Ruth Dean John Fedars Ronald Goodbar Seventh Grade Janet Hope Billy Johnson Jane King Andrew Krudziel Charles Leber Judy LeMarr Marilyn McCormick Russell Parker Beatrice Parsley Shirley Parsley Julia Philbates Sidney Philbates Marie Richards David Roberts Sharon Starkey Brenda Swindell Julian Thompson Edmond Turner Kerman Ward Barbara Williams Billy Young David Zawodny Lewis Barnett Archie Crowe Otis Timberlake Betty Stewart Beckie Barfknecht Carolyn Belvin Charlene Cobb Joan Combs Mary Combs Shields Dalrymple Bettie Davis James Davis Richard Deon Arlene Deskins Randall Deskins Myrtle Douglas Linda Edwards Dean Frame Natalie Gregory Rex Hatchett Judith Helms James Hockaday Charles Johnson Susan Lindsay Frances McCormick David Moody Karen Mountcastle Joe Parker Sixth Grade Jane Parsley Herbert Parsley Shirley Parsley Wayland Parsley Marshall Philbates Virginia Philbates Anne Pomeroy Richard Potter Jimmy Powers Johnny Purkey Lester Ryan Jeff Richmond Elizabeth South Freddie Stephens Clyde Thompson Frances Thompson John Throckmorton Joyce Walls Harry Ward Robert Ward Emmett White William White Barbara Wooten Dorothy Kirby Dianne Adams Gloria Dale Adams Patricia Adams Robert Anerton Dianne Ballard Kay Barlow Wayne Cheatham Farron Davis Horace Dean William Paul Dean Harry Douglas Joan Douglas Walter Dzula Jean Griffith Cornelia Handley Carole Harrison Patricia Hodges James Johnson Carroll Kelly Jane McKay Fifth Grade Dianne Morris Sandra Otey Charles Parsley James Parsley Sandra Priddy Elsie Renalds Joe Riggs Lee Roy Riggs Nancy Roberts Bridget Smith Charles Smith Herbert Stewart Carol Stuck Ethel Timberlake James Tuttle William Wallace Joann Ward Charles Wharff Shirley Whittaker Ryland Williams Carmen Woody Third Grade James Adams Edward Allen Richard Barlow Ray Belvin Edward Binns Ellen Bow is Jerold Britt Johnny Davis Albert Dean Joanne Dean Perry Deskins Jerry Douglas Joel Douglas Walter Dzula Sandra Ellyson Sandra Farmer Toni Gragg Barbara Hodges Anna C. Hollins Charles Johnston Edward Johnson Ronald Jordan Charles Leftwich Alice Lloyd Linda Mills Dennis Mountcastle Sallie Mountcastle Linda Mountcastle Taylor Moore Danny Mordy Angie Otey Tommy Painter Suzanne Parker Joe Peace Andrew Pitts Catherine Pomfrey Robert Purkey Donald Prevish Barbara Richardson Suzanne Rumsey Robert Seitz Gilbert Sprouse Charles South Robert Walker Julie Walls Steven Ward Shirley Waxmunski Suda Withers Johnny Woodson John Wooten Elain Wyatt Lynda Yeatts Linda Adams James Alexander Carl Aycock Dale Barlow Henry Barlow Regina Blackburn Jimmy Bradley Jo Ann Burnett Wade Britt Rickie Brooks Brenda Cheatham Ray Davis Worth Davis David Dillard Raymond Dillard Charles Faulknier Virginia Kelly Bobby Gragg Linwood Gregory Clayton Helms Sue Ann Hockaday Vin Davis Second Grade Kathleen Hope Shirley Johnson Carol Lloyd Mary Beth Luce Linda Sue Martin David Paul Courtney Pomeroy Jerry Powers Janet Renalds Jackie Richards Judy Sites Suzanne Spell Marie Snow Willie Stephens Linda Studer Susan Sowder Betty Walker Robert Walls Temple Wilson Frances Whittaker Clarence Wyatt Jerry Zawodny Not pictured: Jimmie Bradley Bobby Lindsay First Grade Dianah Adams G. B. Allen Gayle Anerton Sidney Blevins Elwood Boroughs Betsy Bow is Jean Breeden Carolyn Britt Charles Crowe Myrtle Deskins Benita Douglas Carroll Ellison Chuckie Evelyn Charles Faulkiner Gwendolyn Fletcher Glenn Handley Randy Harper Bettie Lou Hockaday Bobby Hogan Freddie Jones Bettie Lou Johnson Sarah Ann Johnson Barry Mills Virginia Dale Moore Joan Mountcastle Richard Mountcastle Kenneth Naggy Elaine Otey William Purkey Margaret Rettig Anita Reynalds Bettie Lou Richards Vernon Sites Virginia Sprouse Willie Sprouse Jane Sutton Kay Swindell Hallie Wallace Virginia Ward Faye Williams Linda Sue Wooten Ronnie Worley K ‘A Cheerleaders Co-Captains; Martha Randolph, Betty Parker. Left to right: Charlotte Batkins, Mary Douglas Christian, Gay Griffith, Barbara Ashley, Barbara Upp, Victoria Kurdziel, Betty Gregory, Jackie Kent PAUL, Tackle GOODMaN, End GREGORY, Back THOMPSON, B MORGAN, Guard JOHNSON, Back CHEATAM, Tackle DALRYMPLE, Back WILSON, Tackle BAUGHAN, Guard BOROUGHS, Back WARD, Guard RICHARDSON, Back BOYER, Tackle COUCH, Center DAVIS, Tackle SMITH, End MARVIN, Back PERRY, Tackle HOCKADAY, Back McKAY, Tackle WHITE, End MILLS, Tackle PEARMAN, Center MULLEN, Guard PERKY, Back HALEY, End Champions of District E SCORES COACH AND TRI-CAPTAINS David Boroughs, Charles Thompson, Coach Mears, Charles Mullen V H Middlesex 0 18 King William 14 26 Mathews 0 0 Battlefield Park 14 52 Christ Church 21 6 Tappahanock 0 19 West Point 0 19 MANAGERS Henry Pace, Gratton Stephens, Harry Batkins Boys’ Basketball David Boroughs, Johnny Baughan, Jackie Anderson, Lin Smith, Mr. Mears, Steve Renalds, Tommy Mar¬ vin, John Pearman, Buddy Johnson, Dee Dalrymple. Kneeling: Gratton Stephens, Charles Mullen, Chris Davis. Coach: MR. O. S. MEARS Captain: CHARLES MULLEN F.H.A. Club Sally Combs, Sandra Morris, Charlotte Batkins, Kay Batkins, Victoria Kurdziel, Martha Randolph, Gay Griffith, Anna Penuel, Frances Hawkins, Jean Seward, Betty Gregory, and Mrs. Williams. F.H.A. Club Rose Stuck, Mrs. Williams, Carolyn Smith, Dorothy Wyndham, Zelda Bowery, Virginia Taylor, Theresa Leontuck, Rose Boroughs, Jackie Kent, Julianna Renalds, Nancy Prevish, Wanda Dzula, Betty Walls. Glee Club Front: Mrs. Elizabeth Roberts, Julianna Renalds, Dorothy Wyndham, Shirley Adams, Jackie Kent, Victoria Kurdziel, Martha Jane Randolph, Jean Seward. Middle: Marie Firesheets, Barbara Ash¬ ley, Sandra Morris, Gay Griffith, Virginia Taylor, Betty Gregory, Charlotte Batkins. Back: Ima- jean Bowes, Betty Parker, Mary Douglas Christian, Frances Hawkins, Kay Batkins, Barbara Upp. Beta Club Front: Loretta Oates, Mrs. J. Perry, Imajean Bowes, Barbara Ashley, Gary Richardson, Betty Parker. Second: Mary Douglas Christian, Marie Firesheets, Victoria Kurdziel, Isabel Davis, Steve Renalds, Earl Mills. Third: Billy Richardson, Martha Randolph, Gay Griffith, Barbara Upp, Frances Hawkins. Fourth: Pete Morgan, Ben Graves. K. V. G. Club First row: Charles Mullen, George Gregory, James Perry, Billy Richardson. Second row: Gratton Stephens, Billy Bowery, Lin Smith, Steve Renalds, Johnson Haley, Gary Richardson. Monogram Club First row: Charlotte Batkins, Mary Christian, Gay Griffith, Martha Randolph, Betty Parker, Barbara Ashley, Victoria Kurdziel, Jackie Kent. Second row: John Dalrymple, Imajean Bowes, Marie Firesheets, Mrs. Mears, Frances Hawkins, Sally Combs, Beverly Barfknecht, Gratton Stephens. Third row: John Baughan, Charles Mullen, Chris Davis, Charles Thompson, John Pearman, Ben Graves, Gary Richardson. Literary Society Standing, left to right: Jean Seward, Betty Gregory, Anna Penuel, Mary D. Christian, Gary M. Richardson, Victoria Kurdziel, Kent McLaughlin, Jackie Kent, Gratton Stephens, Julianna Renalds, Betty Stewart, Kay Batkins, Dottie Wyndham. Seated: Betty Parker, Barbara Ashley, Miss Trimmer, Sponsor; Billy Richardson, President; Loretta Oates, Vice President; Frances Hawkins, Secretary-Treasurer; Imajean Bowes. S. C. A. Standing, left to right: John Pearman, Sophomore Representative; Mr. Waldrop, Sponsor; Kenneth Boyer, Freshman Representative. Seated: Betty Walls, Eighth Grade Representative; John Baughan, Vice President; Gary M. Richardson, President; Gay Griffith, Secretary; Betty Gregory, Treasurer. Homecoming New Kent 18 Middlesex 0 With the stands crowded with old grads plus members of great New Kent, the power-laden football team welcomed Middlesex for the Homecoming Game. Barbara Ashley was crowned " Queen of Homecoming, 1956 " by Mr. J. W. Cox. Cafeteria Staff Elizabeth Peace Dietitian Marie Thompson Matthew Wooten, Zelda Bowery. Peace, Pearl Abrams, Elizabeth Rachel Dean, Carrie Edwards, Janitor Gordon Thompson Mechanic Bus Drivers Back row: Julian Lipscomb; Mrs. Pelton Dean, Mrs. John Peace, Billy Bowery, Charles Mullen. Front row: Gary Richardson, Gratton Stephens, Jackie Anderson. ' m J (R m PENINSULA BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Williamsburg, Virginia Compliments of THE COLLEGE PHARMACY Williamsburg, Virginia Compliments of R.T MARVIN 1435 Richmond Road Williamsburg, Virginia SPORTING GOODS HOBBY SHOP HENRICO JAMES E. FOOD CENTER ASH LEV Groceries, Fresh Meats GENERAL MERCHANDISE Produce Phone 291 Stop 26 9 Mile Road P. O. West Point, Virginia Highland Springs, Virginia Eltham, Va. Distinctive : Furniture BUTTS FURNITURE COMPANY “Our Neighborhood Location and Resulting Economies in Overhead Make Our Prices Consistently Lower” Williamsburg, Virginia Compliments of R. M. HUGHES AMBULANCE VINCENT FUNERAL HOME 11th Street Between Main and Lee Streets West Point, Virginia Phone 1 Cemetery Monuments Compliments of B. CARTER CRAVES Providence Forge, Va. MAIN STREET CLOTHING CO. “Home of Famous Brands” 1561 E. Main St. Clothing, Millinery and Shoes for the Entire Family Richmond, Virginia Compliments of U. W BLACK PULPWOOD DEALER Quinton, Va. SANDSTON DRY CLEANERS SERVICE 124 East Williamsburg Road Sandston, Virginia Deliveries in New Kent County M I LLADY ' S BEAUTY SHOP Providence Forge, Va. GRACE ADAMS CHICKAHOMINV MOTORS, INC. Providence Forge, Virginia T elephone Providence Forge Dial 241 Me INTVRE IMPLEMENT CO., INC. Farm Machinery - Sawmill Machinery Farmall Tractors Home Refrigerators - Home Freezers Genuine Parts and Service 1413 East Franklin Street Phone 3-0232 Richmond, Virginia West Point, Va. Branch Phone 275 woody ' s RESTAURANT Specializing in Sea Foods - Steaks - Chicken Two Miles West of West Point on Route 33 Phone West Point 9193 MR. AND MRS. H. C. WOODY, Props. P P -JOHNSON Member of Richmond Food Stores and Also Southern States Agency General Merchandise Amoco Gas Quinton 701 Compliments of C. 1— DEXALL LASSITER VILLAGE DRUG STORE Highland Springs Fairfield 2807 Pine, Hardwood, and Cypress Piling Providence Forge, Virginia Phone 701 NAGGY’S GARAGE Sunoco Gas and Oil Hudson and Rambler Sales and Service Phone 274 West Point ERNEST E. opa n ir i — V. _ 1 Nvc tzz Groceries, Fresh Meats Gas, Oil, Ice Providence Forge, Va. Phone 321 Compliments of the EXE BARBECUE VIRGINIA WOOD CRAFTERS Cabinet and Mill Work Providence Forge, Virginia CHARLES W Compliments of SEPULS BRABRAND John Deere Farm Machinery Homelite Chain Saws Bolens Garden Implements 14th Street West Point, Va. RESTAURANT 801 East Grace Street ' Richmond, Virginia Compliments of 1 ir " “ n it— i r " DARI-TREAT FROZEN DAIRY PRODUCTS 14th St. Route 33 West Point, Virginia 1 1c — In 1 _ v_ y FURNITURE CO., INC. Sandston, Virginia CHARLES CRANK, Manager JOHN CRANK, Assistant Manager BUHRMAN SON8, I NO. Farm and Sawmill Machinery 1436-8 East Franklin Street Phone 7-2679 Richmond 19, Virginia GREEN ' S WILLIAMSBURG LAUNDRY ESSO SERVICENTER and AAA Road Service Pick-Up and Delivery We Give Green Stamps on All Purchases Phone: Fairfield 9959 200 W. Nine Mile Road Highland Springs, Va. _ Compliments of T W WOOD SONS EAST END STORE 1709 E. Franklin St. Richmond, Virginia WESLEY C. STIGALL J. LESLIE MARTIN BRINKLEY CO v INC. Wholesale Fruits and Produce Petersburg, Virginia COLLINS DRY CLEANING CO., INCORPORATED Williamsburg, Virginia DAVIS SHOE COMPANY Shoes for the Entire Family 1547 E. Main St. Richmond 19, Virginia Compliments of LEIGH BOWLING CENTER Highland Springs, Virginia EDDIE ' S RESTAURANT AND DRIVE-IN (Two Locations) Williamsburg Road and Charles City Road Curb Service Tun PASTRY SHOP ALBERT DOUGLAS, Prop. Fancy Cakes - Pies Bread and Rolls Duke of Gloucester Street Williamsburg, Virginia Compliments of BINGHAM TRUCK SERVICE 107 W. Canal St. Richmond, Virginia PA MUNKEY MOTOR SALES Fourteenth Street Telephone 310 DeSoto Plymouth West Point, Virginia YOUR ATLANTIC DEALER E. R. SMITH Sand ston, Virginia Phone 321 Home 301 KATHRYN JOYCE AGENCY Providence Forge Virginia Compliments of 0-zzc. Duke of Gloucester St. Williamsburg, Virginia MOUN TCAST LE LUMBER AND BUILDING SUPPLY CO. Paints - Hardware - Electrical and Plumbing Supplies Providence Forge and 9917 l 2 Jefferson Ave. Phone 221 Warwick, Virginia Compliments of 151 CE ' S V. M. WATKINS SHELL SERVICE Ouinton Virginia Providence Forge, Virginia Phone 251 Everything Good to Eat General Merchandise Gasoline and Oils A Complete Line of Gas, Oils, Heating Oils and Greases PROVIDENCE FORGE OIL COMPANY Providence Forge, Va. Phone 321 ERNEST E. ORANGE AND ERNEST E. ORANGE, JR. Proprietors J. R " PARKER COMPANY, INC. Grain Dealers Providence Forge, Virginia HERFF- JONES COMPANY Manufacturers of New Kent High School Class Rings Announcements and Cards jsso west ' s ESSO SERVICENTER Bottoms Bridge Virginia Representative Quinton, Virginia JAMES L. DECK Personalized Service for Your Car 3110 West Marshall Street Philco TV - Sales - Service Richmond 21, Virginia Quinton 751 TAYLOR X HARRISON INC. Providence Forge, Virginia " Your Chevrolet Dealer for 25 Years " PROVIDENCE FORGE ESSO SERVICENTER Clean Restrooms Providence Forge, Virginia D. D. ADAMS, Proprietor Lubrication - Washing Phone 111 Flowers for Every Occasion CHEVROLET 0 FLORIST Phone 665 Duke of Gloucester Street Williamsburg, Virginia Complete Banking and Trust Services Since 1927 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Lemetts jjvwu DEPT. STORE i Home of Better Values West Point, Va. o. w. ADAMS MATTM E W S GENERAL MERCHANDISE ESSO STATION House Phone Quinton 406 1420 Richmond Road Store Phone Quinton 402 Williamsburg, Va. Tunstall, Va. CHARLES B. ESTIS Route 33 at Eltham Phone 9161 West Point, Virginia " Stop at the Texaco Sign " Compliments of SANDSTON PAINT AND HARDWARE l_. ISA INC. ELLYSON 3 East Williamsburg Road Sandston, Virginia Tunstall, Virginia j Phone: Fairfield 2859 GENERAL MERCHANDISE Lanexa, Va. Phone Providence Forge 461 or 608 Compliments of T ICMIS IOND DAIRY COMPANY Richmond, Virginia For the Best Milk and Ice Cream AAA Recommended Recommended by Duncan Hines THE Williomsburg Virginia Charcoal Steak and Seafood House x!k THE LAFAYETTE Telephone Williamsburg 880 1203 Richmond Road Lafayette Specialty Shish Kebab and Pilaf Live Maine Lobsters From Our Neptune Tank Wl LSON PEED CO. Wirthmore Feeds Seeds - Hay - Fertilizer - Chicks 1910 Hull St. Ph. 82-0959 Richmond, Virginia Compliments of I T LUMBER COMPANY Artesian Well Drilling Pumps and Water Systems Phone 186 Providence Forge, Va. HARRIS P=L_IR P IN X CO. Distributors of Sporting Goods 713-715 E. Main Street JT cc pj ' jr Air Conditioned Specializing in the Finer Beauty Services Richmond 19, Virginia Hair Cutting and Styling to Suit the Individual Personality and Looks For Appointment Call Williamsburg 1559 1262 Richmond Rd. COPLAND TRACTOR COMPANY Ford Tractors and Equipment New Holland Balers Rakes, Mower, Wagons Sales and Service Phone 561 Providence Forge, Virginia MOUSE OF FORMALS 113 N. 8th Street Richmond 19, Virginia ENGINEERING A boy or girl who prepares for a career in engineering will always be in demand to do useful, interesting, highly paid work. Ask your teacher, your high school principal, about the essen¬ tial courses in mathematics and science. A marketable ability is the only true security! VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY DIXIE SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 211 N. First St. Richmond, Virginia WILLIAMSBURG, VA. ‘ Clothing for the Entire Family” Open Friday ’til 9 P.M. Phone 1575 STEPHENS FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY Allis-Chalmers Tractors and Implements Sales and Service Phone WO6-2206 Providence Forge, Virginia Purina Feeds Chain Saws Jean Billy Compliments of GILLIES BARBER SHOP 18 E. 9 Mile Road Highland Springs, Virginia The Best Yearbooks Are TAYLOR MADE TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS. TEXAS May Court QUEEN-Martha Jane Randolph Escort-Gary Richardson Maid of Honor-Barbara Ashley Escort- - - - Charles Mullen Flower Girls ------ Gayle Anerton Betsy Bowis, Jane Sutton Kay Swindell Crown Bearer-Richard Mountcastle Train Bearers-- - Ronnie Worley Chuckie Evelyn (Attendants and Escorts identified on page two) May Day, 1957, had a Disneyland theme and in it were represented all the wonders of Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Davy Crockett, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Snow White, Robin Hood, and the dancing of the May Pole. All the grades from one through twelve were represented by two hundred and thirty-five participants - the biggest May Day in the history of New Kent. Mrs. Roberts was assisted by the teachers of the grades in arrangements. Bradley Moore had charge of the art work required. May Queen Marie Firesheets Betty Parker Sandra Morris Linwood Smith Jimmy Perry Steve Renalds Loretta Oates Charlotte Batkins Kay Batkins Billy Richardson Harry Batkins Billy Bowery Frances Hawkins Imajean Bowes Beverley Barfknecht Aubrey White Gratton Stephens Jackie Anderson Betty Gregory David Boroughs Judith Rumsey Johnson Haley Barbara Ashley Charles Mullen Valedicto rian MARIE HUNTER FIRESHEETS Salutatorian IMAJEAN CARROL BOWES Best Boy Athlete CHARLES DANIEL MULLEN Best Girl Athlete BARBARA ANN ASHLEY Citizenship GARY MEADE RICHARDSON HHHB Forensics ONE-ACT PLAY Steve Renalds, Martha Randolph, Barbara Ashley, Betty Parker, Dee Dairymple, Jackie Kent. DEBATE TEAM Charles Mullen, Gary Richardson, Betty Par¬ ker, Gratton Stephens. POETRY READER BOY PROSE READER GIRL PUBLIC SPEAKER Barbara Ashley Kenneth Boyer Marie Firesheets SPELLER Roland Johnson GIRL PROSE READER Loretta Oates BOY PUBLIC SPEAKER Jimmy Perry ELIGIBLE FOR STATE MEET Perry - 2nd Place Discus; Richardson - 2nd 220 Yd. Dash and 2nd 100 yd. Dash; Mar¬ vin - 2nd High Jump; Goodman - 1st 880. Standing: J. Perry, C. Cobb, J. Anderson, O. S. Mears, Coach; C. Davis, T. Marvin, C. Goodman. Kneeling: G. Richardson, D. Boroughs, G. Gregory, W. Hockaday, J. Dairy mple. SCORES West Point Us 3 Them 4 Mathews 11 1 Marriott 10 5 King William 2 0 Pleasant Hill 7 2 Charles City 21 4 Middlesex 1 2 Charles City 10 7 Captain: JACKIE ANDERSON Coach: MR. OSCAR S. MEARS Baseball Team Back: Bobby Paul, Gary Richardson, John Baughan, John Pearman, Chris Davis, Mr. Mears, Clyde Goodman, Jackie Anderson, Johnson Haley, Emmett Couch, Tommy Marvin. Front: Dee Dalrymple, Ben Graves, David Boroughs, Charles Mullen, George Gregory, Earl Mills, Aubrey White, Henry Clyde Pace. SCORES Mathews King William Marriott Charles City Pleasant Hill Middlesex Captain: BARBARA ASHLEY Coach: MRS. DOROTHY E. MEARS Softball Team, Back: Rose Boroughs, Betty Parker, Isabel Davis, Barbara Ashley, Mrs. Mears, Jean Seward, Bettie Stewart, Beverley Barfknecht. Middle: Shirley Adams, Julianna Renalds, Sally Combs, Victoria Kurdziel, Imajean Bowes, Mary Douglas Christian. Front: Dotty Wyndham, Betty Gregory, Jacquelyn Kent, Martha Jane Randolph, Charlotte Batkins, Kay Batkins. The Seniors Junior-Senior Prom in New York Tour by boat. Bobby and Sandra New Kent girls and U. N. ’’Let ' s sit this one out. New Kent boys and the U.N. ’’After the dance.

Suggestions in the New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) collection:

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