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New Kent High School - Iliad / Cavalier Yearbook (New Kent, VA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 84 of the 1956 volume:

' mm Published by the R CLASS OF 1956 ENT HIGH SCHOOL - Kent, Virginia WILLIAM PHILLIP KURDZIEL In loving memory of Bill Kurdziel who was killed in an automobile accident on September 27, 1955. (£Mtcdt4 ADMINISTRATION SENIORS UND ER C LASS M EN GRADES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS TYRUS FIRESHEETS EDITOR-IN-CHIEF As editor-in-chief of the 1 956 year¬ book, I would like to thank the annual staff and the advisor for their time and patience in helping to prepare this CAVALIER for publi¬ cation. It has meant hard work for all of them, but they join me in hoping you will en¬ joy the finished product and that the CAVA¬ LIER, 1 956, will evoke pleasant memories during the coming years. - THE EDITOR ' DeeUcati t As a means of thanking Mrs. Paul S. Richmond for two years of hard work and unselfish devo¬ tion, we wish to dedicate the “ Cavalier ” of 1956 to her. We are extremely grateful for her encouragement and enthusiasm at the times when our zeal was gone. She has helped to make our work enjoy¬ able, and we trust that this volume will be a reminder of her years at New Kent High School. O. S. MEARS, B. A..M.A William and Mary Principal Coach GLENN RUDACILLE, B. A Randolph-Macon Coach and Assistant Principal CLARENCE JENNINGS, B. A., William and Mary Virginia Polytechnic Institute Superintendent SCHOOL BOARD SEATED: Vivian Anderson, John Pearman, Clarence Jennings, Supt.; John Baughan, Lemuel Ellyson, Mary Griffith. STANDING: Winifred Brown, Pearson Binns, Whit Tunstall, Carter Graves, Linwood Fisher. MRS. ILA S. WILLIAMS, B. S. Radford College Home Economics MRS. DOROTHY E. MEARS, B. Western Maryland College History - Geography GEORGE A. WALDROP, A. B. Randolph-Macon College Math - Algebra - Latin MRS. JACQUELINE R. PERRY, B. S. Longwood College Biology - Chemistry - Physics - Science MRS. FREDERICK A. PHALER, A. B. Longwood College Spanish - English ARSTELLE’PRESLEY, B. S. Richmond Professional Institute Business Education MRS. PAULS. RICHMOND, A. B. Fairmont State College Davis and Elkins College English MRS. CHARLES ROBERTS Albany Business College Richmond Professional Institute c THE LEADERS OF THE CLASS OF 56 ARE: Secretary - Shirley Cobb; Treasurer - Raymond Ryan; Presi¬ dent - Mary Anna Marvin; Vice President - Tyrus Firesheets. All the members of the class have worked to raise money for the annual Senior trip to New York in the Spring, and as ad solicitors for the Cavalier. CATHERINE MAE WALKER " Catherine " Monogram Club 2, 3,4; F.T.A. I, President of F. T. A. 2; Class Secretary 1,2; Beta Club 2,3,4; Literary Society I, 2,3; Glee Club I, 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,4; Softball Man¬ ager I; Junior Play; Senior Play; Girls State 3; S. C. A. Treasurer I; Junior Achievement Sales Manager 3; Office Secretary 4; Forensic 2,3; Annual Staff 4. 7 SHIRLEY ANN COBB " Shirley " Monogram Club 2,3; Monogram Secretary 4; Beta Club 3; Beta Secretary 4; Literary Society I, 2,3; Class Treasurer I; Class Secretary 4; Cheerleader 3; Cheerleader Captain 4; F. H. A. 2,3; F.H. A. Treasurer 4; Junior Achievement 3; Basketball 1,2, 3,4; May Court 2; Glee Club 1,2, 3,4; An¬ nual Staff 4; F.T.A. 1,2; Junior Play; Softball 1,2,3,4; Senior Play. VERNELL TYRUS FIRESHEETS " Tyrus " Baseball 1,2,3, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Football Manager 2; Monogram Club 2, 3,4; Annual Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in- Chief 4; S.C.A, 3; Junior Achievement 3; Glee Club 3, 4; K.V.G, 2,3; Class President 2; Vice-President 3; Track 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Bus Driver; Boys ' State. JEANNETTE ANITA DAVIS " Janet " Monogram Club 2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4 ‘» Softball 1,2,3, 4; Glee Club 1,2, 3,4; Cheerleader 2,3,4; F.H.A. 2, Re¬ porter 3; Junior Play; Annual Staff 4; Junior Achievement 3; F.T.A. Secretary I, Treasurer 2; S.C.A. 4; Senior Play; Class Reporter 3; Literary Society I, 2; Science Club Treasurer I. JOHN FREDERICK GRAVES " John” Football 1,2,3; Captain Football 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Tra ck 3,4; Basketball 3,4; Monogram 3, President 4; Class Sec¬ retary 3; Bus Driver 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play. BRUCE McCULLUM GREGORY " Bruce” Monogram 3,4; K. V. G. 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Baseball Man¬ ager 2,3; Junior Play; Reporter for class 2. ROGER GREGORY, III " Roger " Football I, 2, 3,4; Captain 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Monogram 2, 3,4; Class President 1,3; Boy ' s State 3; Track 3. MARY ANN KURDZIEL " Mary Ann " Softball 1,2; Basketball 2, 3, 4; S. C. A. I; S. C. A. Secretary 2; Beta Club 2, 3; Beta President 4; Class Secretary 3; Mono¬ gram Club 4; Girl’s State 3; May Court I; F.H. A. 2; Vice President FHA 3; President FHA 4; Glee Club 3,4; Junior Achievement 3; Cheerleader 3,4; Annual Staff 4. WILLARD KENDALL LIPSCOMB, JR. " Kendall " and " Lippy " Football 2,3, Captain 4; Track 1,2,3,45 Basketball Timekeeper 3,4; Class Vice President 2,3; Beta Club 2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; Monogram 3,4; Junior Achievement 3; Bus Driver 4; S.C. A. Vice President 3, President 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Boy ' s State 3; Assistant Business Manager Yearbook 3, Business Manager 4. ARLENE LEE KEETON " Arlene” F. H. A 2 , 3,4; Basketball I, 2 ; F. T. A. 1,2,3; President of F. T. A. 3; Glee Club 1,2, 3,4; Junior Play; Cafeteria Worker 3; Annual Staff 4. WILLIAM MacDONALD PERRY " Billy " Beta Club 3,4; Senior Play 4; Football Manager 4, CHARLES EDWARD POST " Buddy " Monogram Club 2,3,4; Football Manager 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3, 4; Glee Club 4; Senior Play 4. FLOYD MANLEY PHILBATES " Manley " Football 2,3,4; Be ta Club 2,3,4; Junior Achievement 3; Monogram Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Senior Play 4. RAYMOND WHITING RYAN " Raymond " Class Treasurer 1,4; Library Club i f 2; Visual Aid Club I; Safety Patrol I; Football 2,3,4; Basketball 3,4; Forensic 1,2,3, 4; Monogram Club 3,4; Pub. Chairman Junior Achievement 3; Annual Staff 4; Senior Play; K. V. G. Club 4; Literary 1,2. MARY ANNA MARVIN " Mary Anna " Glee Club 1,2,3,41 Literary 1,2,3; Monogram 2, 3,4; Cheerleader 1,2; Softball 2,3, 4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; May Court 3; Senior Class President; Annual Staff Typist 4; Girls’ State 3; Junior Play; Senior Play; Correspondence Secretary Junior Achievement 3. BENJAMIN LEE WARD " Ben " Library 1,2, 3,4; Glee Club 2, 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Cafeteria Worker 1,2,3; Safety Patrol 1,2; Literary Club 1,2; Annual Staff 4. JANE KATHY STEWART " Jane” Literature Society 1,2; F.H.A. 4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Li¬ brary Club 2,3; F. T. A. 1,2. We, the Senior Class of 1956, being in our right mind, do bequeath and bequit, leave, give and get rid of the following: ARLENE KEETON leaves her height and big feet to Charlotte Batkins, and her ability to sing on the school bus to Jackie Kent in hopes that she may do a little bit better job. BENJAMIN WARD leaves his stocky build to Kent McLaughlin and his ability to forge excuses to Harry Batkins in hope that he can get by Mr. Mears with them. BILLY FERRY leaves his ability to duck cops to Betty Parker, and his love for broken down Plymouths to Oscar Mears, Jr. BRUCE GREGORY leaves his bashfulness to Gratton Stephens and leaves his library of jokes to Chris Davis. BUDDY POST leaves his short hair to Billy Richardson and his baseball position to Ben Graves. CATHERINE WALKER leaves her long wavy hair to Virginia Taylor and her ability to get by with wearing cool plaid socks to Carl Forrest. FLOYD PHILBATES leaves his football position to Dee Dalrymple and his ability to be quiet in class to Tommy Marvin if he can use it. JANE STEWART wills her love for Cadillacs to Barbara Updike, and her love for boys by the name of Fred to anyone who likes that name. JOHN GRAVES wills his ability to catch a pass to Jackie Anderson, and his ability to run the 880 to Charles Mullen. JANET DAVIS wills her ability to flirt to Waverlee Davis and her basketball uniform to Kay Batkins. KENDALL LIPSCOMB wills his ability to study to Julian Lipscomb and his ability to take two laps around the football field to Clyde Cobb. MARY ANNA MARVIN leaves her position as bench warmer on the softball team to any¬ one who can fill the position, and her ability to go steady for three days to Martha Randolph. RAYMOND RYAN leaves his ability to sing solos in typing class to Loretta Oates, and his energetic dancing to Gary Richardson. MARY ANN KURDZIEL leaves her driving ability to Jimmy Perry in hopes that he can find a use for it, and her mischievous ways to Gay Griffith. ROGER GREGORY wills his football helmet to Donald McKay, and his ability to go steady to George Gregory and Charlotte Batkins. SHIRLEY COBB leaves her unpredictable left hook shot to Vickie Kurdziel, and her well stocked hope chest to Barbara Ashley. TYRUS FIRESHEETS wills his flirtatious ways to Lin Smith, and his love for Physics to anyone who can pass it. Now, we, the Senior Class, just leave. 12 Catherine Raymond Kendall Janet Arlene Bruce Mary Ann Mary Anna Shirley Dear N. K. H. S. Underclassmen, Just a note to tell you about our 12 years at N. K. H. S. It was not all play, but quite a bit of work. One bright, sunny morning in September 1944, six red-eyed boys and girls of the present Senior Class entered the halls of New Kent. The six members were: Roger Gregory, Catherine Walker, John Graves, Charles Post, Jane Stewart, and Floyd Phil- bates. As we look back on it now, it was a really soft year, since we were allowed three recess periods a day. Mary Ann Kurdziel joined us in the second grade and we took up more serious studying under our teacher, Mrs. Fisher. The third grade brought us Kendall Lipscomb. During the fourth grade with Mrs. Peace as our teacher, we accepted into the class Raymond Ryan, Mary Anna Marvin, Tyrus Firesheets, Bruce Gregory, Janet Davis, and Billy Perry. After arriving in the fifth grade we found that we had grown so in numbers that we had to be divided into two classes. Mrs. Upp and Mrs. Waldrop were our teachers and they introduced us to the pleasure of taking examinations. Benjamin Ward and Shirley Cobb were added to our class. Mrs, Mears undertook the task of keeping us quiet in the sixth grade and we added the last member of our graduating class, Arlene Keeton. We took our annual class trip in the Seventh grade to Richmond to see the leg¬ islature in action. In the eighth grade we encountered the mysteries of high school life under the guidance of Mrs. Newton. In our Freshman year, under Mrs. Richmond’s leadership, we felt as if we had at last earned the name " Teenagers. " We learned that there were other things in life besides books, and we took our turn at going to football games, dances, and anywhere else we could go to keep from studying. When we advanced to Sophomores, Mr. Wells had the honor of being our home¬ room teacher. We started our fund raising campaign by sponsoring a Christmas Dance. Our Junior year was one of our best years. That fall we received our class rings and got our first glimpse at being Seniors. Our Junior and Senior Prom went off with a bang! Our theme " Moonlight and Roses " was carried out with an outdoor garden scene. Under the direction of Mrs. Richmond, who was our homeroom teacher, we success¬ fully gave our Junior Play, " The Big Blow-Up. " As you can see this hasn’t been a bit dull, now has it? So the best of luck to the underclassmen. We hope you have as much fun, and as much co-operation from the students and faculty as we have had. Sincerely yours. The Senior Class 14 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Catherine Walker, Kendall Lipscomb WITTIEST: Mary Ann Kurdziel Bruce Gregory BEST DRESSED: Mary Anna Marvin, Tyrus Firesheets 0bcm 0 ' 56 ' %otcU ‘Remim NEW KENT, Nov., 1970 - The Senior Class of 1956 held its annual class reunion in the new recreation center at New Kent High School. For the first time since graduation, the group was complete. Music was furnished by Bill Hailey and his " Comets, " featuring Miss Shirley Cobb on the clarinet. Miss Cobb joined the Comets after studying at the Boston Conservatory. The former Arlene Keeton who is now the Hostess of the Conrad Hilton Hotel of Cario, supervised the serving of the banquet. The former President of the class, Mary Anna Marvin, gave the welcoming speech. After graduation, she took a short business course, became engaged, and is now raising a football team. John Graves, Olympic Track star, recently returned from the Olympic games in which he topped his old record of 3 1 2 minutes for the mile, gave a talk on " Feet and How to Care For Them. Miss Jane Steward entertained the group by singing " Mabelline. Jane is now emcee of the Old Dominion Barn Dance. Before the Orchestra could assemble for the dance, the nominees for president. Democrat Kendall Lipscomb, and Republican Billy Perry got in an argument over the big political issue, " The Rise and Fall of the Price of Eggs in China. " Tyrus Firesheets has turned out to be another Rudolph Valentino. All Hollywood is praising his academy award winning role in " Moonshine and Honeysuckle. " Ben Ward arrived carrying his wife. He is another Charles Atlas--the world Champion Weight lifter. Buddy Post is now the head plumber in the White House. He arrived early in order to pre¬ pare the swimming pool so that Miss Janet Davis, another Esther Williams, could give an exhibi¬ tion in swimming. One of the classmates unexpectedly present was the former Catherine Walker, who has been traveling around the world with her sixth husband, a gay Senor from Mexico. Raymond Ryan, Pulitzer Prize Winner was present. He won the award with his biography of Bruce Gregory, who is now a big game hunter in Africa. Mary Ann Kurdziel and Roger Gregory, both made a late entrance. Roger after furthering his education at William and Mary and playing around in local politics, was appointed the Sec¬ retary of the Argiculture. Mary Ann, who was secretary to the president of the James McGraw Co. , for the past few years, just returned from her world tour with her husband Alton Adams. Floyd Philbates who is now a very well known wheat farmer in the midwest, farming one mil¬ lion acres, drove off on one of his tractors. 17 QUIET: Jane Stewart, Charles " Buddy " Post BEST ALL AROUND: Mary Ann Kurdziel, Tyrus Firesheets V 6 INTELLECTUAL: Catherine Walker, Kendall Lipscomb LARKS: Raymond Ryan Jane Stewart 18 BASHFUL: Floyd Philbates Arlene Keeton underclassmen Johnson Haley Marie Firesheets John Peace Frances Hawkins Jimmy Perry Steve Renalds Tctvumi. Gary Richardson Sandra Morris NOT PICTURED Billy Bowery Gratton Stephens Robert Sarver Lin Smith Aubrey White Martha Jane Randolph Charles Thompson Beverley Barfknecht Charlotte Batkins John Boughan Mary Douglas Christian Louis Combs Sally Combs Thomas Couch Anne Davie Chris Davis Donald Dean Carl Forrest Clyde Goodman George Gregory Woodrow Hockaday Eddie Ittenbach Victoria Kurdziel Vera Linka Julian Lipscomb Kent McLaughlin Earl Mills William Morgan Verna Parsley Anna Penuel Bettie Stewart NOT PICTURED Robert William Cheatham Shirley Adams Ann Carol Banton Kay Batkins Emmett Couch John Dalrymple Dexter Davie Isabel Davis William Denton Leon Edwards Benjamin Graves Gay Griffith Jacquelyn Kent Lucille Linka Barbara Upp Donald McKay John Pearman Julianna Rena Ids Joseph Reynalds Virginia Taylor Matthew Wooten Catherine Adams Shirley Alexander Rose Boroughs Kenneth Boyer Paul Burnett Ned Davis Thomas Dean Larry Gibbs Betty Gregory NOT PICTURED Eugene Barlow Arthur Garthright Richard Morris Henry Pace [Branch Hobison Roland Johnson Louis Linka Thomas Marvin Robert McCormick Robert Paul Jean Seward Nancy Smiley Carolyn Smith Graham Smith James Smith Rose Stuck Joyce Throckmorton Barbara Updike Henry Walters Henry Ward Herbert White Anne Whitley Thomas Wilson Dorothy Wyndham Tyrus Firesheets, Editor-in- Chief; Billy Richardson, Assistant; Kendall Lipscomb, Business Manager; Steve Re- nalds, Assistant, The entire senior class actually belong on the staff, for every¬ one helped to secure ads, snapshots, type copy, write copy, and all the other things that are necessary to preparing a yearbook for publica¬ tion. Arstelle Presley, Sponsor; Typists: Shirley Cobb, Mary Ann Kurdziel; Writers; Mary Anna Marvin, Arlene Keeton; Layout designers: Roger Gregory, Janet Davis. Sfenteutany acuity MISS MARY L. CHRISTIAN Longwood College, B. S. in Elementary Education 4th Grade MRS. HUGH P. FISHER Mary Washington College 7th Grade 1 MRS. JANE F. LITTLEPAGE Mary Washington 2nd Grade MRS. CECIL MARION ORANGE Mary Washington College 3rd Grade MRS. GERTRUDE TURNER ROBBINS Mary Washington College 6th Grade MRS. LOLLIE D. PRINCE Radford College 1st 2nd Grade MRS. NANCYE G. SHELTON Longwood College 3rd 4th Grade MRS. PHOEBE B. TAYLOR Mary Washington College 5th 6th Grade MRS. GLADYS B. UPP Madison College 5th Grade MRS. HILDA B. WALDROP Madison College 1st Grade 25 Severi l (fade FIRST ROW: James Ashley, Eugene Aycock, Patricia Banton, Bonnie Barfknecht, James Barlow, James Belvin. SECOND ROW: Robert Bor¬ oughs, Mary Combs, Bettie Couch, Frankie Davie, Betty Davis, Mable Dean. THIRD ROW: Peggy Dean, Ruth Dean, Joyce Hamilton, James Hockaday, Gerald Itten- bach, William Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Jane King, Marilyn McCormick, Shirley Parsley, Sidney Philbates, David Roberts, Sharon Stark¬ ey, Freddie Stephens. FIFTH ROW: Brenda Swindell, Julian Thompson, John Throck¬ morton, Edmond Turner, Ker¬ man Ward, Barbara Williams, Andrew Kurdziel FIRST ROW: Bruce Adams, Nancy Anderson, Shelby As- bury, Norman Batkins, Thoma$| Chapman, Patricia Couch, Ronnie Combs. SECOND ROW: James Chris- , Larry Davis, Judy Dean, Wanda Dzula, Gerald Ellyson, | Mary Ellen Ellyson, Joyce Faulknier. THIRD ROW: David Frank, Fal Gray, Judy Hall, Carl Handle y! Shirley Harrel, Karen Harper, " Jack King. FOURTH ROW: Theresa Leon- tuck, Jerry Lodge, Malinda Painter, Beatrice Parsley, Shir| ley Parsley, James Pearman, Nancy Prevish. FIFTH ROW: Glenn Priddy, Carter Richardson, Betty Stew¬ art, Shirley Sumner, Betty Walls, Charlotte Wooten FIRST ROW: James Davis, Arlene Deskins, Rex Hatchett, Karen Mountcastle, Dorothy Kirby. SECOND ROW: Herbert Parsley Richard Potter, Lewis Staples, Emmett White, William White. THIRD ROW: Lewis Barnett, Wanda Cobb, Archie Crowe, Marsha Dean, Ronald Goodbar. FOURTH ROW: Mary Hamilton, Eddie Hatcher, Billy Johnson, Russell Parker, Julia Philbates. k : P n n ci v •• T FIFTH ROW: Otis Timberlake, William Young, David Zawodny. m t mi ' FIRST ROW: Dianne Ballard, Shields Dalrymple, Beckie Barfknecht, Richard Dean, Carolyn Belvin, Randall Des¬ kins, Charlene Cobb, SECOND ROW: Charles John¬ son, Joan Combs, Gene Lodge, Barbara Davie, David Moody, Myrtle Douglas, Joseph Parker. THIRD ROW: Linda Edwards, Wayland Parsley, Natilie Gregory, Marshall Philbates, Joyce Hamilton, James Powers, Susan Lindsay. FOURTH ROW: Jeffrey Rich¬ mond, Frances McCormick, Lester Ryan, Jane Parsley, Clyde Thompson, Virginia Philbates, Harry Ward. FIFTH ROW: Anne Pomeroy, Robert Ward, Elizabeth South, Carmen Woody, Frances Thompson, Joyce Walls, Barb¬ ara Wooten FIRST ROW: Dianne Adams, Patricia Adams, Robert Aner ton, Linda Banton, Kay Bar- low, Ralph Branch, Wayne Cheatham. SECOND ROW: John Combs, Robert Davis, Horace Dean, Joan Douglas, Harry Douglas Jean Griffeth, Cornelia Hand ley. THIRD ROW: Patsy Hodges, Carroll Kelly, Lee Roy Lloyd Dianne Morris, Sandra Leigh Otey, Charles Parsley. FOURTH ROW: James Parsley, Sandra Priddy, Joseph Riggs, Nancy Roberts, Charles Smith, Herbert Stewart. FIFTH ROW: Carol Lee Stuck, Ethel Timberlake, Joann Ward Charles Wharff, Shirley Whit¬ taker, Ryland Williams rfttct vJtincC f- 1-4 BP _ r r % ft ft ft ( .. - A J JgSfc. S I 0 % , w Secottd tade IOT PICTURED: FIRST ROW: Edward Allen, Dhn Britt, filbert Sprouce Nancy Asbury, Ray Belvin, Edward Binns, Ellen Bowis, Virgil Bowman. SECOND ROW: Jerald Britt, Johnny Davis, Albert Dean, Jo Ann Dean, Perry Deskins, Joel Douglas. THIRD ROW: Bobby Dzula, Sandra Ellyson, Ronald Jordan, Johnnie Harrell, Anna Carol Hollins, Alice Jean Lloyd, Will Mann. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Mount- castle, Linda Mountcastle, Sallie Mountcastle, Suzanne Parker, Joe Peace, Andrew Pitts, Catherine Pomfrey. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Richard¬ son, Bobby Walker, Juliet Walls, Steven Ward, Shirley Waxmunski, Johnny Woodson, Elaine Wyatt. O rs ft m FIRST ROW: Terry Lee Batkins, Johnny Barlow, Joanne Black, Barbara Bowman, Arthur Branch, Carole Lee Burnette, James Boroughs. SECOND ROW: Charles Carlton, Ryland Christian, Jane Curie, Johnny Davis, Linwood Dillard, Jerry Douglas, Charlotte Evelyn. THIRD ROW: Mary Faulkneir, Minnie Faulkneir, Irene Harrell, Karen Hatchett, Claudia Hazel¬ wood, Edward Johnson, Harvey Kirby. FOURTH ROW: Roswell Miller, Norma Parsley, Sharon Potter, Donald Prevish, Glenn Redman, John Richardson, Charles South. rm ft ft C FIFTH ROW: Charles Staples, Donald Waxmunski, Charles Williams, John Wooten, Dianne Wyatt, John Zawodny. H I- -t jam ft) IP ,V 4 r Hk 3»V - 4 jk m 1 .. ft ft v» ... •r FIRST ROW: James Alexander, Toni Gragg, Charles Johnston, Barbara Hodges, Kenneth Mill er. SECOND ROW: Linda Mills, Daniel Moody, Angelea Otey Thomas Painter, Robert Seitz THIRD ROW: Linda Adams, Henry Barlow, Brenda Cheat¬ ham, David Dillard, Virginia Kelly. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Gragg, Norma Owen, Robert Harrell Judy Sites, Willie Sprouse. NOT PICTURED: James Asbury FIFTH ROW: Linda Studer, John Wingard, Temple Wilson FIRST ROW: Regina Blackburn Carol Aycock, Jo Ann Burnett, Dale Barlow, Linda Hamilton, Wade Britt. SECOND ROW: Sue Hockaday Ray Davis, Shirley Johnson, Vin Davis, Mary Luce, Worth Davis. THIRD ROW: Carol Lloyd, Raymond Dillard, Linda Mar¬ tin, Charles Faulknier, Dwan Redman, Linwood Gregory. FOURTH ROW: Janet Renalds, David Paul, Courtney Pome¬ roy, Jerry Powers, Marie Snow Willie Stephens. FIFTH ROW: Susan Sowder, Robert Walls, Suzanne Spell, Clarence Wyatt, Betty Walker, Jerry Zawodny, Frances Whit¬ taker. activities The F. H. A. is a national organization of pupils Studying Home Economics in Junior and Senior High Schools. The motto - “Toward New Horizons,” expresses the meaning of this organization--learning to live a better today so that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. TOP PHOTO, SITTING: Mary Ann Kurdziel, Martha Randolph, Ann Banton, Victoria Kurdziel, Arlene Keeton. STANDING: Gin Taylor, Shirley Cobb, Julianna Renalds, Mrs. Williams, Sponsor; Anna Penuel, Gay Griffith, Barbara Ashley. BOTTOM PHOTO, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Smiley, Rose Boroughs, Dorothy Wyndham, Betty Gregory, Jean Seward, Joyce Martin, Carolyn Smith, Barbara Updike. SEATED: Betty Parker, Kendall Lipscomb, Mrs. Jacqueline Perry, Sponsor; Mary Ann Kurdziel, Shirley Cobb. STANDING: Loretta Oates, Imajean Bowes, Billy Perry, Marie Firesheets, Billy Richard¬ son, Barbara Ashley, Catherine Walker, Gary Richardson, Floyd Philbates. FRONT: Imajean Bowes, Mary Douglas Christian, Barbara Upp, Loretta I Oates, Mrs. Roberts, Sponsor; Victoria Kurdziel, Julianna Renalds, M ary I Ann Kurdziel, Martha Jane Randolph, Ann Carol Banton, Betty Gregory I MIDDLE: Shirley Cobb, Betty Parker, Mary Anna Marvin, Jane Stewart, Beverley Barfknecht, Janet Davis.I Gay Griffith, Virginia Taylor, Marie Firesheets, Waverlee Davis, Barbara Ashley, Dorothy Wyndham. BACK: Charles Post, Billy Richardson, Carl Forrest, Steve Renalds, Tyrus Firesheets, Ben Ward, Arlene Keeton, Catherine Walker, Jean Seward, Nancy Smiley. FIRST ROW: Emmett Couch, Robert Sarver, Charles Thompson, Jimmy Perry, Gratton Stephens, Harry Batkins. SECOND ROW: Jackie Anderson John Graves, Raymond Ryan, Tyrus Firesheets, Roger Gregory, Charles Mullen, David Boroughs. " A FIRST ROW: Martha Jane Randolph, Shirley Cobb, Betty Parker Barbara Ashley, Janet Davis, Victoria Kurdziel, Mary Ann Kurd ziel. SECOND ROW: Gratton Stephens, Tyrus Firesheets, John Graves, Catherine Walker, Roger Gregory, Mary Anna Marvin, Imajean Bowes, Marie Firesheets. THIRD ROW: Charles Thompson, Charles Post, Floyd Philbates, Charles Mullen, Mr. Rudacille, Raymond Ryan, Kendall Lipscomb, Clyde Cobb. WW: ■0 ; ML pH ■ m A ■. -’S, lC v’J _ m ] The Student Co-operative As¬ sociation was first formed in 1953 by Mr. Harper. It is the governing organization at New Kent. Student problems and plans are brought be¬ fore the council and possible solu¬ tions are suggested. It is composed of four officers who are : Kendall Lipscomb, President; Betty Parker Vice-President; Victoria Kurdziel, Secretary; Ben Graves, Treasurer. SEATED: Betty Parker, Vice-President; Kendall Lipscomb, President; Victoria Kurdziel, Secretary. STANDING: Buddie Johnson, 8th Grade Representative; Janet Davis, Senior Representative; Mrs. Dorothy Mears, Sponsor; Barbara Upp, Freshman Representative; Mary Christian, Sophomore Repres¬ entative; Gratton Stephens, Junior Representative; Ben Graves, Treasurer. sports Martha Jane Randolph, Shirley Cobb, Captain; Betty Parker, Co-Captain; Barbara Ashley, Janet Davis, Ann Carol Banton, Waverlee Davis, Victoria Kurdziel, Mary Ann Kurdziel IJi 77 p |flB| (l i John Pearman Center Gary Richardson Fullback Raymond Ryan End Aubrey White Fullback James Perrj Tackle Charles Thompson Quarterback Charles Mullen Guard David Burroughs Halfback William Morgan Guard Floyd Philbai Tackle John Baughan Guard Gratton Stephens Tackle Emmett Couch Tackle Kendall Lipscomb Tackle JJfjji i rYi Jackie Anderson Quarter-Back Robert Cheatham Fullback Robert Sarver End Clyde Goodman End George Gregory Half-Back John Dalrymple Quarter-Back Johnson Haley Guard Clyde Cobb Tackle r Yi ‘ ' ' " MB , s . r-m M __ M M ' • % IkVi Dexter Davie Julian Lipscomb Lin Smith John Peace Eddie Ittenback Half-Back Guard End Halfback Guard Tri-Captains: Kendall Lipscomb, John Graves, Roger Gregory Coaches: G. S. Rudacille, O. S. Mears Managers: Billy Perry, Ben Graves, Buddy Post King William Christ Church Wash. Henry Matthews Pleasant Hill West Point Gary Richardson, Timekeeper; Raymond Ryan, Chris Davis, Tyrus Firesheets, John Graves, Jackie Anderson, Gratton Stephens, Julian Lispcomb, Manager. KNEELING: John Baughan, Charles Post, David Boroughs, Charles Mullen, Robert Sarver, John Dalrymple. Tyrus Firesheets Captain Glenn Rudacille Coach In the locker room 39 ottjS FIRST ROW: Janet Davis, Martha Jane Ran¬ dolph, Sally Combs, Gay Griffith, Kay Bat¬ kins, Charlotte Batkins, Mary Anna Marvin, Victoria Kurdziel, Ann Davie, Catherine Walker, Jackie Kent, Mary Ann Kurdziel, Mrs. Mears. SECOND ROW: Shirley Cobb, Imajean Bowes, Scorer, Frances Hawkins, Manager, Julianna Rena Ids, Mary D. Chris¬ tian, Marie Firesheets, Betty Parker, Barb¬ ara Ashley, Barbara Upp, Virginia Taylor, Sandra Morris, Beverly Barfknecht. Co-Ca ptains: Shirley Cobb, Janet Davis. Asst. Coach: Mrs. Dorothy Mears Not Pictured Coach: MISS NELLIE AVERY 40 » - • ' . ' i r [| j! ' JL 1 I ® KM 44t __ IrJHaiif • •; :- LIBRARY WORKERS Matthew Wooten Gin Taylor Barbara Upp Julianna Renalds Ann Ban ton Isabel Davis Benjamin Ward Mrs. Dalrymple The old Library Club has been disbanded, but its former members still help the Librar¬ ian, Mrs. Dalrymple, by working in the library during their study periods. Mrs. Edna P. Dalrymple Librarian BACK ROW: Mr. Charles Parsley, Kendall Lipscomb, Mrs. John Peace, Mrs. Pelton Dean, Gary Richard son. FRONT ROW: Charles Mullen, John Graves, Tyrus Firesheets. Every day that school is in session, the bus drivers are faithful to their task. The task is driving our busses the length and breadth of the county--wherever there are children to be transported. We are indebted to our drivers ' TJtec tuUc Mr. Charles Parsley is the mechanic who keeps the busses in running condi¬ tion, much to the sometime sorrow of those who did not prepare homework the night before! Mrs. Dean, Zelda Bowery, Mrs. Peace, Pearl Abrams, Mrs. Batkins Cun iretfrenb Gordon Thompson Janitor Mrs. Elizabeth Peace Cafeteria Manager advertisers R. T. MARVIN JAMES E. ASHLEY Sporting Goods Hobby Shop 1435 Richmond Rd. General Merchandise Phone 291 -s i i i n t • VINCENT FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Prompt Efficient West Point, Va. Phone 1 H. E. STEWART SON General Merchandise Lanexa, Va. Phone Providence Forge 461 or 608 TAYLOR AND HARRISON, INC. Providence Forge, Virginia " Your Chevrolet Dealer for 24 years " CENTER PHARMACY 3 West Nine Mile Road Phone Fairfield 4711 Highland Springs, Virginia Automobile Delivery P. P. JOHNSON General Merchandise Quinton, Virginia Phone 701, Quinton, Va. BARNES RUBBER CO. Richmond Road Williamsburg, Virginia Why wait for Trouble? Buy Your Set of Now...Today! r PENNSYLVANIA DARI - TREAT FROZEN DAIRY PRODUCTS 14th St. Route 33 West Point, Virginia Compliments of DR. FRANK RHINEHART Highland Springs, Virginia Compliments of JAKE AND JOHN ' S THE PASTRY SHOP Albert Douglas, Prop. Fancy Cakes-Pies Bread And Rolls Gulf Service West Point, Virginia Phone 298 Duke Of Gloucester Street Williamsburg, Va. Compliments of F. H. BOEHLING CO. WHOLESALE FEEDS Compliments of T. W. WOOD SONS East End Store 1709 E. Franklin St. Richmond, Virginia 1801 E. Cary Street Richmond, Va. DISTINCTIVE FURNITURE Wesley Stigall, M. W. Marable, J. Les Martin BUTTS FURNITURE COMPANY " Our Neighborhood Location And Resulting Economies In Overhead Make Our Prices Consistently Lower " Williamsburg, Virginia SHARP ' S GROCERY Fresh Meats And Vegetables Stop 22 Nine Mile Road R. F. D. 3 Richmond, Virginia Phone Fairfield 2863 SANDSTON VARIETY STORE General Merchandise Toys Sandston, Virginia Compliments of HAWTHORNE ' S CLEANERS Dependable Dry Cleaning Laundry Highland Springs, Virginia MARSHALL ' S TEXACO SERVICE Oil - Lubrication - Accessories 320 W. Williamsburg Rd. Phone Fairfield 3323 Flowers For Every Occasion JOSEPH SCHMIDT, FLORIST Phone 665 Duke Of Gloucester Street Williamsburg, Virginia Pontiac G. M. C, BROOKES PONTIAC Phone 397 W est Point, Virginia Pontiac G . M. C, SANDSTON DRY CLEANERS Service 124 East Williamsburg Road Sandston, Virginia Deliveries In New Kent County Compliments of DAVIS SHOE STORE 1547 East Main St. Richmond, Virginia KINGS HILL PHARMACY Phone 7-6742 3004 Williamsburg Road Richmond, Virginia SEPUL ' S RESTAURANT 801 East Grace St. Richmond, Virginia SANDSTON PHARMACY Rhus Tox For Poison Oak Drugs Prescriptions PARSLEY ' S SERVICE STATION Fair Oaks, Virginia MOBILGAS Stop 36, Nine Mile Road Phone Fairfield 9910 S M htC. JOHN DEERE DEALER QUALITY FARM MACHINERY New Location Hermitage At Overbrook Road Richmond, Virginia KATHRYN JOYCE AGENCY EARNEST E. ORANGE Insurance Of Every Kind Groceries, Fresh Meats, Phone 321 Home 301 Gas, Oil, Ice Providence Forge Virginia Providence Forge, Va. Phone 321 ‘Wtc ' ltttty ' ie 1 rttfiientent 1413 -17 E. Franklin St. Richmond, Virginia Petti4cula Williamsburg, Virginia Leaoetts A ■ A I r rnT CT nr DEPT. STORE Leggetts Home of Better Values West Point, Va. MAIN STREET CLOTHING CO. 1561 E. Main St. Richmond, Va. Clothing And Shoes For The Entire Family. " Home Of Famous Brands " LAYNE BROTHERS General Merchandise Highland Springs, Virginia Compliments of Your REXALL DRUG STORE Highland Springs, Virginia Phone: Fairfield 2807 2808 2809 Compliments of LEIGH BOWLING CENTER Highland Springs, Virginia O ' CONNELL SERVICE STATIOL 601 E. Nine Mile Road Phone 97-9935 Highland Springs, Virginia Compliments of IRtcktuottci ' Dainty (? Mtfca tty ttc moact, Vvityi tia For the best milk and ice cream GEO. H. MEYER SONS g. p. BISKS TEXACO 1601 West Overbrook Road P. O. Box 343 Richmond, Va. SERVICE STATION Rt. 60, Providence Forge, Va. prohdem roue inciirm rrovidence rorge, Va. Ernest E. Orange and Ernest E. Orange Jr. Prop. A Complete Line of Gas, Oils. Heating Oils and Greases Phone 321 2020 Lewis Street, Richmond, Vi FUEL OIL-KEROSENE GASOLINE MOTOR OIL COAL and WOOD Phones 3-9116 3-9117 THE CHESAPEAKE CORPORA TIOH OF VIRGIHIA West Point, Virginia Providence Forge DEMENTI STUDIO ESSO SERVICENTER PHOTOGRAPHERS Clean Restrooms Grace at Second Providence Forge, Virginia Richmond, Virginia D. D. Adams, Prop. Phone 111 Phone 2-9003 Lubrication Washing MONTCASTLE LUMBER BUILDING SUPPLY CO. Paints-Hardware-Electricai Plumbing Supplies Providence Forge, Va. 9921 Jefferson Ave. Phone 221 Warwick, Va. MATTHEWS ' ESSO STATION 1420 Richmond Road Williamsburg, Va. r English and American ANTIQUES BOZARTH OF WILLIAMSBURG 1437 Richmond Road Williamsburg, Va. Phone 635 Compliments Wholesale Fruits of BRINKLEY CO., INC. G. C.TAYLOR and General Merchandise Produce New Kent, Va. Petersburg, Virginia WEST ' S ESSO SERVICENTER Bottoms Bridge Quinton, Vo. Complete Service For Your Ca PHILCO T. V. Radio and Appliances Sales Service Quin ton 751 HERFF-JONES COMPANY Manufacturers of New Kent High School Rings Virginia Representative James L,. Deck 300 East Main Street Richmond 19, Virginia V. M. WATKINS Providence Forge, Va. Phone 251 WOODY ' S RESTAURANT 2 1 2 Miles West Of West Point On Route 33 Phone 9193 Serving Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Home Cooked Pies TWIN OAKS ANTIQUE SHOP Paul Richardson — Prop. BarhamsviIle, Virginia Cigarettes, Canned Goods Soft Drinks, Gas, Oil General Merchandise Gasoline, Oils Everything Good To Eat T. G. Layfield, Jr. P. R. Layfield Compliments of CASEY ' S , INC. Duke of Gloucester St. Williamsburg, Virginia STEPHENS FARM EQUIPMENT Allis Chalmers Tractors And Implements om LUTHER BERNARDS BARBER ANTON ANDERSON SHOP Quinton, Va Richmond, Va KNEELING: Gratton Stephens, Roger Gregory, Kendall Lipscomb, Gary Richardson, John Dairymple. STANDING: Glenn Rudacille, Coach; Bruce Gregory, Raymond Ryan, Tyrus Firesheets, John At the District E Track Meet, held at William and Mary, New Kent placed a close second behind West Point piling up 33 points to West Point’s 37, Highlights of the meet were - Lipscomb 2nd place 100,220; Perry -2nd place Discus 104; Relay team (Lips¬ comb, Ryan, B. Gregory, Graves) 1 st place: Shot Put (Stephens, Ward) 3rd, 4th place; Graves - High Jump 5 6” Graves - 880 John Graves, State yard run. Champion for Group III High Schools in 880 yard run. He clipped 3 seconds off of the previous record and estab¬ lished a new Group III Record of 2 :3.2 seconds. The meet was held at Charlottes ville , Va., on May 12,1956. He won State 880 two years straight and set the new record in 1956. Dancing of the Maypole er ATTENDANTS AND ESCORTS: Maid of Honor - Mary Anna Marvin, Tyrus Firesheets. Catherine Walker Bruce Gregory, Victoria Kurdziel, Raymond Ryan, Jackie Kent, Charles Post, Jane Stewart, Floyd Philbates, Betty Gregory, Kendall Lipscomb, Arlene Keeton, Benjamin Ward, Janet Davis, John Graves, Loretta Oates, Gary Richardson. Queen s escort - Roger Gregory. Crown bearer - Linwood Davis. Flower Girls - Sue Ann Hockaday, Susan Sowder, Suzanne Spell, Mary Beth 2.UCCK 0{f THatf MARY ANN KURDZIEL fycdecticfo ' Uatt CATHERINE MAE WALKER CLASS FLOWER: Red Carnation CLASS COLORS: Red and White KENDALL LIPSCOMB CLASS MOTTO " Words may show a man ' s wit but actions his meaning " CATHERINE MAE WALKER JOHN GRAVES JANET DAVIS FRONT ROW; B. Stewart, B. Ashley, Mary Anna Marvin, V. Taylor, J. Davis, G. Griffith. SEC¬ OND ROW; Mrs. O. S. Mears, Coach; M, J, Randolph, V. Kurdziel, F. Hawkins, M. D. Christian, M. A. Kurdziel, C. Batkins, B. Barfknecht, Manager. THIRD ROW: J. Kent, S. Adams, I. Davis, S. Combs, K. Batkins. The girls’ Softball Team had a bad season, winning only- two of six games played. COACH AND CAPTAIN Coach: Mrs. O. S. Mears Captain: Janet Davis FRONT ROW: J. Graves, C. Mullen, J. Anderson, T. Firesheets, C. Goodman, J. Pearman, G. Richardson. SECOND ROW: B. Graves, D. Boroughs E. Mills, C. Thompson, W. Morgan, J. Baughan, J. Dalrymple, C. Post. West Point Mathews Mar riot King William Pleasant Hill Charles City Middlesex Middlesex COACH AND CAPTAIN Coach: Mr. O. S. Mears Captain: Tyrus Firesheets New Kent High School won five and lost three baseball games during the season.

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