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lil v H 1 ' 14 THE CAVALIER THE CAVALIER PUBLISHED BY SENIORS OF NEW KENT HIGH SCHOOL New Kent, Virginia 1954 We the Senior Class of 1954 dedicate this yearbook to our former schoolmate Jack Joyce who was killed in an automobile accident on April 4, 1953. CONTENTS CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ADVERTISEMENTS MR. CLARENCE JENNINGS Supe rintendent Mr. Jennings was educated at William and Mary College where he received his B. A. degree in 1915. Later he attended Virginia Poly¬ technic Institute and there he re¬ ceived his M. A. degree. He has been the superintendent of the Tri-County schools since 1924 and is known and respected by all. MR. BRYANT B. HARPER Principal Mr. Ha.rper, a Virginian by birth, was educated at Hampton-Sydney Col¬ lege where he obtained his B. A, de¬ gree, and then he attended the Univer¬ sity of Virginia and received his M. A. degree. He has been our principal for three years. During this time he has proved his ability as a teacher and leader. OSCAR S. MEARS Coach and Assistant Principal Mr. Mears was a graduate of William and Mary College where he received his B. A. and M. A. degree. He has been with us for five years and is an outstanding leader of young men in athletics and all he endeavors to do. 5 FACULTY VIRGINIA L. HANSEL, B.S. Longwood College Chemistry, Biology and General Science FRANCIS LAURINAITIS, B. A. University of Richmond 8th Grade DOROTHY E. MEARS, B.A. Western Maryland College History, English JOSEPHINE H. NEWTON, A.B. William and Mary College Librarian and Guidance GEORGE A. WALDROP, A.B. Randolph-Macon College Algebra, Latin and General Math JOHN D. WELLS, B.A., M. A. Denison University and William and Mary College English, Math and Spanish ELIZABETH W. ROBERTS Albany Business College Commercial I LA S. WILLIAMS, B.S. Radford College Home Economics 6 . . Reporter . . Secretary . . President Vice President . . Secretary Fred Burnette . Janice McCormick Jean Taylor Kathleen Fisher Mitzie Harper . CLASS HISTORY One bright sunny morning forty red eyed boys and girls were gathered in the First Grade room of New Kent High School. Miss Phipps welcomed this group. As we lookbackon it. . . now, it was . . . . really a soft year, since we we rebellowed to rest our heads on the desks during the day. We all survived our first year and went back as second grader Here Miss Jarvis was our teacher . She well prepared us for the third grade and happily sent us to Mrs. Perry. In the fourth grade we gained Billy Chapman and here we learn ed that “we must not talk in class” from Mrs. Christian. Upon entering the fifth grade, we discovered the secrets of arithmetic fractions. With Mrs, Waldrop, we took a successful trip of Williamsburg and during this year Ralph Randolph was add¬ ed to our enrollment. The sixth year brought Fred Burnette and more homework was given to us by Mrs. Brightwell. Mrs. Potts taught us as grown-up seventh graders. Here was added lipstick and powder and well combed hair. Now we were rulers of the grade school. In the eight grade we gained Wilford Throckmorton. The grade was like a story with a surprise ending. The surprise was that we were all promoted to high school. Mrs. Perry was our teacher and our entire class will always remember how she taught. In September 1949, twenty-four freshmen discovered that we had at last reached high school. Trying as best we could to adapt ourselves to these entirely new surroundings, we proved quite a problem in Mr. Waldrop’s homeroom. To make this year more interesting, we had several picnics and parties. From the experiences of the Freshman year we overcame our timidity and learned that in high school every one cared only about himself and tried in every was to aggravate the teachers. In this sophomore year, again Mr. Waldrop had the responsibilities of being our homeroom teacher. In connection with the Batin and World History, which the students were taking, the whole soph¬ omore class went to see “Quo Vadis” and toured the Valentine Museum in Richmond. We also attended a session of the Gen¬ eral Assembly. With half of our high school days behind, Helen Parsley be¬ came a member of our class. This Junior year was filled with much excitement. Mrs. Roberts, our homeroom teacher, spon¬ sored our Junior Play “Sound Your Horn.” We attempted our first formal Jr. and Sr. Prom and banquet, which was quite suc¬ cessful. Also, the Jr. and Sr. English classes went to see the broadway musical “South Pacific.” After receiving our school rings, we realized that finally we were ready to become digni¬ fied Seniors. Now as Seniors, we look back upon our happy experiences of the past and realize with regret that our school days are a rapid¬ ly coming to an end. This has been a busy year in our attempt to pack our trip, play, yearbook, and graduation and a little studying into nine short months, but with all the work and worry, we will always remember our dear ole days at N. K. H. S. „ MOST POPULAR Fred Burnette Kathleen Fisher MOST ATHLETIC Betty Barfknecht Henry VVaxmunski MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Mitzie Harper Billy Chapman BEST LOOKING Henry Waxmunski Betty Jane Davis BEST DRESSED Steve Bowmer Kathleen Fisher BEST ALL AROUND Fred Burnette Jean Taylor ANDERSON, JAMES KENT Monogram Club 3, Sec. 4; Beta Club 3,4; Senior Play; I eep Va. Green Club 3,4; Football 2,3,4; 4 " H Club; Basketball 4. SENIOR BARFKNECHT, BETTY ANN Monogram Club 2, 3,4; Annual Staff; Senior Play; Junior Play; F.H.A. Presi¬ dent 4; F.T.A. 2,4; Library Club 1,3, President 4; Literary Society 1, 2, 3,4; Forensic, Poetry 1, Public Speaking 2, 3; 1-Act Play 4; Girls State 1953; Basket¬ ball 1,2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Softball 3, 4, Manager 2; Safety Patrol 2, 3,4. BOWMER, BALAAM STEPHEN III Class President 2; Monogram Club 3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Senior Play; Junior Play; Literary Society 1,2,3; Boy ' s State 1953; S.C.A. President 4; Keep Va. Green 3,4; Football 1,2,3, Most Valuable player 4; Basketball Manager 4; Track 3,4; Visual Aid Club 1,2, President 3. BURNETTE, FRED WALTON Class President 1, Reporter 4, Vice President I; Monogram Club 2, Presi¬ dent 3, 4; Annual Staff, Assistant Busi¬ ness Manager 3, Manager 4; Beta Club 2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; Senior Play, lunior Play, B oy’s State 1953; Keep Virginia Green 4; Bus Driver; Football 1, Co-Captain 2,3; Baseball 1,2,3; Track 2,3. CHAPMAN, WILLIAM WALKER Class President I; Beta Club 2, Vice President 3, President 4; Annual Staff, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Senior Play; Paper Staff 3; Literary Society 2; Forensic, I-Act Play 1,2,3, Prose 3; Boy ' s State 1953; Monogram Club 2, 3,4; Latin Club 2; Keep Va. Green 3, 4; Visual Aid Club I, 2; Bus Driver 3,4; Football 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball Manager 4. 1 10 DAVIS, BETTY JANE Class Secretary 3; Beta Club 2,4, Sec 3; Annual Staff 4; Senior Play; Paper Staff 3, Assistant Co-Editor 4; F.T.A. President 2; Literary Society 1,2,4, Vice President 3; Glee Club I, 2, 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Forensic Play 3; Latin Club 2; Cheerleader I; Basket¬ ball 3, Captain 2. ELLYSON, GEORGE ALLEN Monogram Club 3,4; Junior Play; Glee Club; Visual Aid Club I, 2, 3; Keep VA Green 4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 2,3; Track 2,3,4. FISHER, ORA KATHLEEN Class Vice President 3,4; Treasurer 2; Annual Staff; Junior Play; Senior Play; F.H.A. Vice President 4; F.T.A. Secretary 2; Library 1, 3; Literary Society 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3,4; Cheer leader 4; Latin Club 2. HARPER, MADALINE ELLA Class Secretary 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Dramatic Club 2,3; 3- Act Play 2; Senior Play; Paper Staff co-editor 4; F.T.A. 4; Glee Club 1,2,3; S.C.A. representative 4, S.C.A Health-Welfare Committee Secretary 3; Latin Club I; Eaglettes Tri-Hi-Y I. LEO NT UK, IVAN JOSEPH Paper Staff 1,3,4; Senior Play; An nual Staff 4; 4-H Club I; Literary Society I; Safety Patrol 1,2,3,45 Visual Aid Club 2. McCORMICK, JANICE MAE Class Treasurer 4; Annual Staff; Junior Play; F.H.A. Secretary 4; F.T.A. 2; Library Club 1,3, Vice President 3; Literary Society 1, 2, 3; Glee Club I, 2, 3; Girl ' s State 1953; Paper Staff Typist 3,4; Latin Club 2; Office Secretary 4; Basketball 1,2, Manager 3. PARSLEY, BESSIE LEE Junior Play; Senior Play; F.H.A. Treasurer 4; F.T.A. 3; Library Club 1,3, Treas. 4; Glee Club 1,2,3. PARSLEY, HELEN VIRGINIA F.H.A. Parliamentarian; Senior Play Prompter; Cafeteria Helper RANDOLPH, RALPH RUSSELL Class President 3; Monogram Club 3,4; Safety Patrol I; Visual Aid Club 1,2, 3, 4; Football 3,4. TAYLOR, GORDON VENABLE Monogram Club 4; Literary Society 2; Keep Va. Green; Football 4; Baseball Manager 3; 4-iI Club 1. TAYLOR, JEAN EVELYN Class President 4 , Secretary 2, Mono¬ gram Club 4; Beta Club 3, Secretary 4; Annual Staff; Junior Play; Senior Play; Paper Staff 3; F.T.A. 2; Literary Society I, 2, 3,4; Glee Club 1,2,4; Girl ' s State 1953; Cheerleader 3, Captain 4; Safety Patrol 3,4; Latin Club 2; Basketball 2,3; S.C.A. Repre¬ sentative 3. THROCKMORTON, LINWOOD WILFORD Paper Staff 1,2,3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Literary Society 1,2,3; Latin Club 2 • Visual Aid Club 1,2, 3; Baseball 1,2,3. WAXMUNSKI, HENRY LEWIS JR. Class Treasurer 3; Senior Play; Mono¬ gram Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4; Keep Va. Green 3,4; Bus Driver 3,4; 4-H Club; Football 1,2,3, Co-Captain 4; Basket¬ ball 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Track 2-. 13 LUST WILL AID TESTAMENT We, the class of nineteen hundred fifty-four, do hereby make and declare this to be our last will and testament,to be read on the ninth day of June and was hereby witnessed by the following officers of the Senior Class: Jean Taylor Mitzie Harper Kathleen Fisher Janice McCormick “Major” Anderson wills his ability to draw in class and to pay attention so well to Walter Philbates. “Red” Barfkneckt wills her height and hipping ability to Elizabeth Watkins for basketball and her loud mouth to her sister, Beverly. “Muscles” Bowmer wills his muscles to Kent Renalds and one leg of his football suit to Raymond Ryan and the other to John Gra ve s. “Frederick” Burnette wills his red hair to Bryant Kent and his wise cracks to anyone who can get by with them. “Dare-Devil” Chapman wills to James Dinwiddie, his ability to be editoi of the annual, so he may miss classes and cause dis¬ turbance, and his ability to get along in chemistry class to Frank¬ lin Elliot. “Flirt” Davis wills her scholastic ability to Sandra Morris and her “Swing” to Loretta Oates. “Hero” Ellyson wills his height to Harry Lee Batkins and his love for hillbilly music to anyone who can stand it. “Giggles” Fisher wills her mischievous ways to Doris Waxmunski and her sarcastic remarks to Inez Crump. “Yackie” Harper wills her height to Martha Jane Randolph and her ability to laugh to Kitty Davis. “Shiek” Leontuk wills his mustache to Billy Perry and his typing skill to Bobby Mills. “Jan” McCormick wills the office typewriter and her pleasant greetings to visitors of the office to Barbara Taylor. “Ditchem” Parsley wills her wit to somebody who thinks they can control it and her ability to get in trouble to Mary Anna Marvin. “Silent” Parsley wills her love for shorthand to Dorothy Seward and her ability to go steady to Karen Highland. “Quiet” Randolph wills his ability to be quiet to Bill Jones and to be able to graduate to anyone that can do so. “Bashful” Taylor wills his ability to be good at all times to Sherman McLaughin and his bashfulness to Eddie Smiley. “Smiles” Taylor wills her ability to make good grades in solid geometry to Jane Graves and her smile to Janet Davis. “Sleepy” Throckmorton wills his ability to doze in class to Drexel Crump and his heart to Betty Anne Peace. “Pretty Boy” Waxmunski wills his looks to anyone who can stand them and his ability to study in study hall to Tyrus Fire- ,, sheets. PROPHECY — — Looking into my crystal ball I see the year 1964 and many things have happened during these ten years. On June 9, 1954 at 8: 00 a group of happy-go-lucky seniors shed a few farewell tears as they received their diplomas. Gazing further into my crystal ball now each person is coming into view. James Kent Anderson is now a military general and special advisor to the President. Fred Burnett joined the Air Force after graduation and now has his own trans-Atlantic air line. Gordon Taylor went to V.P.I to study engineering and he must have done pretty well because he has recently constructed a bridge across the English Channel. Bessie Lee Parsley went to business school and is now traveling round the world as private secretary. Henry Waxmunski went to the University of Honolulu and is now Vice President to the Assistant Vice President at the Chesapeake Corporation. Kathleen Fisher went to Business School during the day and at night she studied music. She is now using both--her family lives on a strict budget and she sings lullabies to her twins. Ralph Randolph went to V.P.I and studied agriculture. He has recently taken Mr. V. B. Perry ' s place as County Farm Agent. He seems to be doing an excellent job along with the other county officers--Steve Bowmer is sheriff and Allen Ellyson is game warden. He spares no one and has caught his old classmate, Ivan, five times without a hunting license. Ivan says being an artist is a wonderful thing, but there isn ' t much money in it. Mitzie and Betty Jane went to Madison and studied chemistry. Wilford is farming here in the county. I see Mrs. Peace still drives the bus and has an awful time controlling her grandchildren. Mr. Parsley says he has the same trouble with Helen ' s children. You know she finally married George and they have a successful hardware business in Quinton. Janice studied Home Economics at Radford and is now Head Dietician at Medical College. Everyone enjoys reading the editorials of the Providence Forge Bugle written by its editor, Billy Chapman. Betty Anne was selected Academy Award winner for the New Kent Theatrical Guild for her performance in Bolts and Nuts. A cloud is coming into my crystal ball, the future and past are fading away. -gl nWr’TM pr ; v; ap a ■ n |. i ff IS , i i i ■ tp ail j V 1 v|J Ci Vi uniord Walter Ph ilbates Vice President We are now entering the final step of our high school life. As we reminisce the many enjoy¬ able moments which we spent as Juniors, we simultaneously look ahead to our final year. This past year has been one of our most difficult; however, all facts considered, it has been our happiest. Doris Waxmunski Reporter In past years, our class has had the largest class repre¬ sentation in sports, and has been identified with other in¬ terscholastic activities, espec¬ ially those of a literary nature. We are now looking forward opti¬ mistically to our closing year at New Kent High School. . . ■ 1 ; J William Boroughs Drexel Crump Inez Crump Kitty Davis Evelyn Dillard James Dinwiddie Jane Graves Bryant Kent Miron Mihalcoe Shirley Mihalcoe Robert Mills Sherman McLaughlin Dorothy Seward Eddie Smiley Calvin Smith Barbara Taylor Elizabeth Watkins Doris Waxmunski PROVIDENCE FORGE. VIRGINIA Feeds Coal i Hardware Home Appliances Fertilizers Shirley Cobb Janet Davis F ranklin Elliott Tyrus Firesheets John Graves Bruce Gregory Roger Gregory Emily Hobson William Jones Arlene Keeton Mary Ann Kurdziel Kendell Libscomb Mary Anna Marvin Doris Parsley William Perry Floyd Philbates Karla Plummer Charles Post Raymond Ryan Jerry Shifflet Jane Steward Ethel Thompson Catherine Walker Benjamine Ward Lionel Webster Not Pictured, Charles Mihalcoe Johnnie Wines Catherine Walker, Secretary; Tyrus Firesheets, President; Kendal Lipscomb, Vice President; Bruce Gregory, Reporter; and Charles Mihalcoe, Treasurer. Wheat Oats Call us for latest quotations $25633 1 st Hull Street Richmond 1 l mm m ■ Jk I v 1 i mmm ■l I W- 4XiHf w$x n i mm sBs® |K« $ i t " HP • i jjfcmkJL JW£? i Wmm ' . " lis2 4 V kP .7 MmrWtwk . m. . yIJi ' 4 ’ kk, .:. JjJ ‘ ; mXF ■ S Qj|k. 7’ " ir ' ' . ' ! k jf l 1 v % 4P § f T | % ■’NJI ' " jsK k Lfjj F fSi i ■ i IsjpLJ Pil Binwood Smith William Stewart Charles Thompson Not Pictured: Donald Dean William McCracken James Perry Charles Mullen, President David Burroughs, Vice Pres Billy Richardson, Secretary Clyde Cobb, Treasurer E!9 »»1 s ; s jhrii ■ W ' «X «) MH ' Jj k 6;: i w ' mSf lx u 1 v ' i 1 . 1 1 1 I T | 1 I BK « j Beverley Barfknecht, Charlotte Batkins, John Baughan, Bobby Cheatam, Mary Christian, Louis Combs, Sally Combs, Thomas Couch, Ann Davie, Carroll Davis, Chris Davis, Joyce Drudge, Clyde Goodman, George Gregory, Alvin Hockaday, Woodrow Hockaday, Eddy Ittenback, Victoria Kurdziel, Lucille Linka, Vera Linka, Julian Lipscomb, Kent McLaughlin, Earl LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Drudge, Secretary; Mary Christian, Mills, William Morgan, Vera Parsley, Treasurer; George Gregory President; Howard Cole, Vice Bettie Steward, Bobby Timberlake. President. Not Pictured: Howard Cole Jimmie Adams, Shirley Adams, Ann Carol Banton, Marjorie K. Batkins, John Clark, Emmett Couch, John Dalrymple, Dexter Davie, Isabel Davis, Ned Davis, Billy Denton, Leon Edwards, Larry Gibbs, Ben Graves, Gay Griffith, Josephine Hamilton, Kay Hardin, Jackie Kent, Edgar Kirby, Lewis Linka, Donald McKay, Alton Parsley, John Pearman, Julianna Renalds, Virginia Taylor, Barbara Upp, Patsy Westmoreland, Matthew Wooten, Lyston Wyndham. Not Pictured: Joseph Reynolds. MRS. ROBBINS, Teacher. Bruce Adams, Peggy Alexander, Shirley Alexander, Betty Jean Barden, Rose Boroughs, Kenneth Bowyer, Paul Burnett, Grace Cutright, Thomas Dean, Durwood Dyer, Arthur Garthright, Betty Gregory, Elizabeth Harris, Robert Higgins, Branch Hobson, Roland Johnson, Betty Ann Kirby, Joyce Martin, Nancy McCoy, Robert McCormick, Richard Morris, Lona Mae Pack, Robert Paul, Charles Richardson, Artis Rook, Jean Seward, Nancy Smiley, Carolyn Smith, James Smith, Graham Smith, Robert Stafford, Rose Marie Stuck, Henry Ward, Herbert White, Anne Whitley, Kathleen Williams, Not Pictured: Catherine Adams. Nancy Anderson, Norman Batkins, James Christian, Carolyn Clark, Ronald Combs, Margret Cutright, Rose Cutright, Frances Davie, Lawrence Davis, Judith Dean, Peggy Dean, Gerald Ellyson, Mary Ellen Ellyson, David Frank, Carolyn Cray, Joyce Hamilton, Daniel Hardin, Karen Harper, Marlene Henn, Jack King, Theresa Leon- tuck, Joyce Lloyd, Beatrice Parsley, Shirley Parsley, James Pearman, Glenn Priddy, Carl Richardson, Dennis Skinner, Nancy Smith, Alberta Stewart, Betty Stewart, Joseph Stewart, Shirley Sumner, Julian Thompson, Betty Walls, Charlotte Wooten, David Zawadny, Not Pictured: Patsy Couch, Carl Handley, Billy Johnson, James Shipes. FIFTH MRS. HUBBARD Teacher GRADE i i j ! FOURTH GRADE MISS CHRISTIAN, Teacher Lorraine Adams, James Ashley, Patsy Banton, Bonnie Barfknecht, Lewis Barnett, James Belvin, Robert Burroughs, Roger Clark, Wanda Cobb, Mary Combs, Bettie Jane Couch, Archie Crowe, Betty Davis, Mable Dean, Marsha Dean, Ruth Dean, Mary Hamilton, James Hockaday, Ray Howard, Jimmy Hylton, William Johnston, Jane King, Frances Kirby, Marilyn McCormick, Russell McCoy, Russell Parker, Shirley Parsley, Julia Philbates, Sidney Philbates, David Roberts, Thomas Roseberry, Sharron Starkey, Brenda Swindell, John Throckmorton, Otis Timberlake, Edmond Turner, Kerman Ward, Ralph Westmoreland, Barbara Williams, William Young, Not Pictured Andrew Kurdziel, Robert Parsley. THIRD GRADE ( Melvin Adams, Dianne Ballard, Beckie Barfknecht, Carolyn Belvin, Arnold Branch, Ralph Branch, Charlene Cobb, Joan Combs, Lilly May Cutright, James Davis, Buddy Dalrymple, Barbara Davie, Rich¬ ard Dean, Harry Douglas, Myrtle Douglas, Linda Edwards, Dean Frame, Joyce Hamilton, Ruth Hylton, Charles Johnson, Dorothy Kirby, Susan Lindsay, Frances McCormick, Karen Mountcastle, John Mullen, Joe Parker, Herbert Parsley, James Parsley, Jane Parsley, Wayland Parsley, Virginia Philbates, Anne Pomeroy, Richard Potter, Jeffrey Richmond, Clyde Thompson, Frances Thompson, Bobby Ward, Billy White, Emmitt White, Ryland Williams, Barbara Wooten.(Not Pictured:) Michael Henn, Rex Hatchett, Natalie Gregory, Charles Parsley, Marshall Philbates. MRS. ORANGE, Teacher 28 SECOND GRADE Dianne Adams, Gloria Adams, Pa¬ tricia Adams, Joseph Alexandra, Robert Aneton, Eugene Barden, Linda Banton, Wayne Cheatham, Marshall Chenault, Mike Clark, John Combs, Juanita Cutright, Farron Davis, Robert Davis, Billy Dean, Gilly Dean, Lin- wood Dillard, Joan Douglas, Carole Harrison, Patsy Hodges, Jimmy Johnson, Lee Roy Lloyd, Jane McKay, Dianne Morris, Dolores Mullins, Mary Ellen Mullens, Norma Parsley, Jimmy Powers, Sandra Priddy, Elsie Ren- alds, Joe Riggs, Nancy Roberts, Rex Roseberry, Charles Stewart, Herbert Stewart, Charles Smith, Douglas Skinner, Ethel Timber- lake, Will Wallace, Charles Wharff, Sherin Stewart, Not Pictured Jean Griffith, Cornelia Handley, Edward Johnson, Sandra J Otey, Brenda Parsley, James Parsley, Carol Stuck MRS. FISHER, Teacher MRS. LITTLEPAGE, Teacher James Adams, Terry Lee Batkins, James Boroughs, Arthur Branch, Clyde Brenneman, John Britt, Ryland Christian, Johnny Davis, Jerry Douglas, Roy Dyer, Tony Harris, John Hodges, Ronnie Jordon, Harrey Kirby, Glenn Redman, Eugene Shipes, Pari Sites, Charles Williams, John Wooten, John Zawodny, Carol Lee Burnette, Gloria Clark, Jane Curie, Carol Davis, Charlotte Ray Evelyn, Sandra Hammer, Karen Hatchett, Claudia Hazelwood, Merrianna Hylton, Jenny Lynn Harling, Sharon Potter, Joanne Black, Marion Wallace, Diane Wyatt, Not Pictured Gilbert Sprouse, Donald Waxmunski. MRS. PEACE, Teacher NEW BUILDING Our new primary building is rapidly being complet ed and should be ready to relieve some of the crowded conditions of the present building soon. OUR HELPERS CAFETERIA Our cafeteria has been greatly improved this year by the addition of a new steam table, stove and refrigerator. Mrs. Peace and her cap¬ able workers have made it a point to provide the students and faculty with a good hot meal each Mrs. Meadows Mrs. Batkins Pearl Abrams Mrs. Peace, Manager o, rc cinizcL tlond ANNUAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief.William Chapman Assistant Editor.James Dinwiddie Business Manager.Fred Burnett Assistant Manager .... Elizabeth Watkins Art Editors.James Anderson Ivan Leontuk Copy Editor.Mitzie Harper Typists.Janice McCormick Betty Barfknecht, Kathleen Fisher Layout Design.Betty Davis Jean Taylor Advisor.Mr. H ar P er .c. The Student Cooperative Association, consisting of Executive Council and voice of the Student Body, is the governing organization at New Kent High School. REPRESENTATIVES-- Mitzie Harper, Bill Jones, Aubrey Rook, Chris Davis, Evelyn Dillard, Mrs. Mears, Sponsor. SEATED: Eddie Smiley, Vice-President; Steve Bowmer, President; Mary Ann Kurdziel, Secretary; and Gary Mead Richardson, Treasurer. BETA CLUB The National Beta Club is an organization that stands for character, leadership, and achieve¬ ment portrayed through its members. Every Beta strives to be ever watchful for op¬ portunities to improve the school and student functions. Its motto is “Let us lead by serving others.” BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Catherine Walker, Jane Graves, Doris Waxmunski, Kendall Lispcomb, Floyd Philbates, Steve Bowmer, Jimmy Dinwiddie, James Anderson, Mitzie Harper, Mary Anne Kurdziel, Elizabeth Watkins, and Evelyn Dillard. SEATED: Eddie Smiley, Treasurer; Betty Davis, Reporter; Bill Chapman, President; Fred Burnett, Vice President; Jean Taylor, Secretary; Mr. Wells, Sponsor. This page is sponsored by: RICHMOND DAIRY COMPANY Richmond, Virginia 32 Sponsor, Mr. Wells, Co-Editors, Inez Crump, Mitzie Harper, Assistant Co-Editors, Betty Jane Davis, Barbara Taylor. Typists-Janice McCormick, Doris Waxmunski, Jane Graves, Elizabeth Watkins. Assemblers- Wilfrod Throckmorton, and Fred Burnett. The Literary Society of New Kent is organized to encourage, to foster, and to promote interest and participation in such ac¬ tivities as public speak¬ ing, prose reading, and acting. Two major events of the year are the one act play and the foren¬ sic meets. BACK ROW, FIRST FROM LEFT: Elizabeth Watkins, Billy Richardson, Jane Graves, Catherine Walker, Mary Anna Marvin, Betty Ann Peace, Betty Jane Davis, Betty Barfknecht, Janice McCormick, Jean Taylor, Marie Firesheets, Doris Waxmunski. Mr. Wells, Sponsor. SEATED: Loretta Oates, Betty Parker, Shirley Cobb, Imogene Bowes, and Mrs. Newton. This page is sponsored by: CENTER PHARMACY 3 West Nine Mile Road Highland Springs, Virginia The Future Teachers of Amer¬ ica is a club designed to give its members information about the teaching profession. Often in the absence of a teacher, these students are called upon to sub¬ stitute. STANDING, BACK ROW, FROM LEFT: Imogene Bowes, Marie Firesheets, Billy Richardson, Barbara Ashley, Betty Ann Peace, Mitzie Harper, Catherine Walker, Arlene Keeton, Betty Anne Barfknecht, Shirley Cobb, Karla Plummer, and Miss Hansel, Sponsor. LIBRARY CLRR The Library Club, was organiz¬ ed to promote a better under¬ standing of the library for pupils throughout the school. Students are encourged to use the library as much as pos¬ sible. STANDING: Dorothy Seward, Betty Peace, Mrs. Newton, Sponsor, Bessie Lee Parsley, Betty Anne Barfknecht. SEATED: Doris Parsley. Marie Firesheets, Imogene Bowes, Loretta Oates, Julian Lipscomb, Benjamine Ward. This page sponsored by: PENINSULA BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Williamsburg, Virginia The F.H.A. is a national organ¬ ization of pupils studing Home Economics in Junior and Senior High Schools. Our motto; “Toward New Horizons, ” expresses the meaning of this organization-learning to live better today so that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. The officers of this club are: President: Betty Barfknecht, Vice President: Kathleen Fisher, Secretary: Janice McCormick, Treasurer: Bessie Parsley, Historian: Shirley Mihalcoe, Parliamentarian: Helen Parsley, and Reporter Betty Ann Peace. STANDING: Kathleen Fisher, Helen Parley, Shirley Mihalcoe, Janice McCormick. SEATED: Betty Hamilton, Sandra Morris, Arlene Keeton, Betty Barfknecht, Shirley Cobb, Bessie Parsley, and Doris Parsley. FIRST ROW: Martha Jane Randolph, Vicki Kurdziel, Jean Taylor, Shirley Cobb, Jane Graves, Imogene Bowes, Karla Plummer, Frances Hawkins, Elizabeth Watkins. SECOND ROW; Kathleen Fisher, Inez Crump, Mary Anna Marvin, Marie Firesheets, Catherine Walker, Betty Parker, Betty Jane Davis, Loretta Oates. THIRD ROW; Barbara Ashley, Arlene Keeton, Barbara Taylor, Sandra Morris, Ethel Thompson, Janet Davis, Doris Waxmunski, Mrs. Roberts, Director. This page sponsored by: The Glee Club was organized to train the voices of the students and work primarily on special music for Christmas and graduation. Much enjoyment is derived from its musical contribution for school functions. HERFF-JONES COMPANY SHIMOKIN FARM 300 E. Main Street Breeders of Purebred Duroc Hogs Richmond, Virginia Tunstall, Virginia LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Mills, Sonny Borroughs, Gordon Taylor, Allen Ellyson, Bill Jones, Walter Philbates, Roger Gregory, Tyrus Firesheets, James Kent Anderson, Drexel Crump, Henry Waxmunski, Eddie Smiley, Bryant Kent, Billy Chapman, Ralph Randolph, Calvin Smith, Fred Burnette, Steve Bowmer, Franklin Elliot, Jean Taylor, Martha Jane Randolph, Johnnie Wines, Barbara Taylor, Inez Crump, Charles Mihalcoe, Betty Barfknecht, Doris Waxmunski, Shirley Cobb, Evelyn Dillard, Catherine Walker, Mary Anna Marvin, Dorothy Seward, Betty Jane Davis, Betty Parker, Jane Graves, Janet Davis, Mr. Mears. LiiiiE Managers, Charles Thompson, Tyrus Firesheets and Charles Post, were constantly on the job to assist the team. Coaches, Mr. Laurinaitis and Mr. Mears, talk over strategy with Charles Mihalcoe and Henry Waxmunski, co-captains. Continuing their winning streak, the New Kent Rebels defeated all challengers to secure the District E Championship for the third con¬ secutive year. The team was led by seven Seniors: James Kent Anderson, Steve Bowmer, Billy Chapman, Allen Ellyson, Ralph Randolph, Gordon Taylor and Henry Waxmunski. Next year the Rebels will be supported by the remaining underclassmen to uphold the standards of the team. FOOTBALLI to -t)Ay SCHEDULE King William West Point Pleasant Hill Christ Church Tappahannock (canceled) Gloucester Middlesex w ' ft MM ■1 ZM Bill Chapman Clyde Cobb Crump Cecil Goodman i ? Q Bill Jones Sherman McLaughlin Charles Mihalci Richardson Randolph [ J 1 | 4 11 y W _ j i " ■ i ™ : ' ' in 1 S« jDK? _ fl i n- - •i -r • ' . j - ' ‘ . ■ i f - " .: v ” • ! : JI { 1 f t » - 11 j! .- : ! ' 4 : 1 . ’: J ft t. ft s Wti 0L , ' . F ! LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Graves, Dorothy Seward, Betty Barfknecht, Inez Crump, Doris Waxmunski, Janet Davis, Imojean Bowes, Marie Firesheets, Shirley Mihalcoe, Sandra Morris, Arlene Keeton, Catherine Walker, Mary Anna Marvin, Barbara Ashley, Mary Ann Kurdziel, Elizabeth Watkins, Shirley Cobb, Evelyn Dillard, Betty Parker, Loretta Oates, Karla Plummer, and Martha Jane Randolph. Mrs. Mears, coach. Our girls embarked upon their 4th season of basketball in January. Under the competent direction of their coach Dorothy Mears and their co-captains, the team endeavored to continue their past success. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE January 8 Marriott Home January 12 King William Home January 15 Gloucester Home February 5 Pleasant Hill Away February 9 Toano Home February 12 Middlesex Away Co-captains Inez Crump Betty Barfknecht Coach Mrs. Mears 40 F ebruary 16 Mathews Away LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Shifflet. Sonny Boroughs, James Anderson, Tyrus Firesheets, Donny Leffel, Calvin Smith, Bryant Kent, Charles Post, Bill Chapman, Henry Waxmunski, Charles Mihalcoe, Bill Jones, Allen Ellyson, Drexel Crump, Walter Philbates, Eddie Smiley, Steve Bowmer, and Coach Mears. New Kent High School began its basketball season in January, under the direc¬ tion of Coach Mears. This is the second year of basketball competition and the team showed improvements over last year. We hope that it will continue to improve each year. SCHEDULE January 8 January 12 January 15 January 19 January 22 January 29 February 5 February 9 February 12 February 16 Co-captains . .Walter Philbates Henry Waxmunski Coach. . . .Oscar Mears LEFT TO RIGHT: Janet Davis, Betty Parker, Barbara Ashley, Kathleen Fisher, Jean Taylor, Kitty Davis, Doris Waxmunski, Mary Anna Marvin, and Martha Randolph. With many a yell and cheer the cheerleaders under the capable leadership of Jean Taylor lent much enthusiam added greatly to the morale of the play ers. With a step that is steady and strong, For old New Kent High march along, True to the colors we bear, Dark blue and white so fair. In bonds of true fellowship. That the days and the years cannot sever, United in friendship we stand. For school, for friend, for alma mater forever Millwork Building Supplies West Point gima Well Drilling Pump Service COLLEGE PHARMACY O. C. BRENNEMAN Phone 186 Providence Forge. W. T. Henley, Propietor Duke of Gloucester Street Williamsburg, Va. P. P. JOHNSON Meat Groceries Feed Fertilizer Phone 701 Quinton, Va. Compliments Of GLEN L. REYNOLDS, AGENT CITIES SERVICE OIL COMPANY West Point, Va. PHAUP S SERVICE STATION 375 East Williamsburg Road Amoco Products J. C. PRICE 307 East Williamsburg Road Sandston, Va. Telephone Fairfield 2009 Sinclair Gas Oil Bulldozer Work Clearing Grading WILLIAMSBURG DRUG CO. The Rexall Store Next To The Post Office Williamsburg, Va. SEAFOOD and SPAGHETTI BOUNDARY ST. PERRY ' S STEAK HOUSE Spcoializino in Western Prime Beef Steakb 214 N. WILLIAMSBURG, VA. Mountcastle Lumber And Building Supply Co. Providence Forge Virginia A Complete Line of Building Supplies Hardware Paints Compliments of W. W. RICHARDSON, JR. Phone 321 Home 3 01 KATHRYN JOYCE AGENCY Insurance of Every Kind Providence Forge Virginia V. M. WATKINS Providence Forge, Va. Phone 251 General Merchandise Gasoline, Oils Everything Good T 0 Eat DEPT. STORE Home of Better Values BROOKES PONTIAC Phone 3 97 West Point, Va. Citizens and Farmers Bank West Point, Virginia Service Since 1927 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation m — It Is Fast It Is Clean It Is Modern It Is Dependable It Is Economical BOTTLED GAS APPLIANCE CO Telephone 5 Prompt and Courteous Service West Point, Va Route 33 at Eltham West Point, Virginia Compliments THE VALUE SHOP 1 Telephone 4174 TIDEWATER REVIEW West Point, Va. All Kinds of Printing Completely Air Conditioned O’CONNELL ELECTRIC CO. Compliments of Electrical Contracting THE WEST POINT Fixtures And Repairs PHARMACY Phone, 345 West Point, Va. ■ % YORK SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Feeds,Seeds, Fertilizers, Farm Supplies Ice, Coal, Building Materials West Point, Virginia Compliments of WEST POINT DRIVE-IN THEATRE West Point, Virginia MC INTVRE IMPLEMENT COMPANY, INC 1413-17 East Franklin Street Richmond, Virginia THRIFTY HARDWARE Phone: 606 West Point, Virginia Plumbing Supplies General Hardware Sporting Goods Lowe Bros. Paints FURNITURE STORE Home Furnishings JOHN H. STEWART Restaurant, Groceries, Fresh BROWNING CHEVROLET Meat, Gas, Oil and Ice Phone 60 Lanexa, Virginia STEPHANS FARM EQUIPMENT Provivence Forge Va B. W. GRAVES Windsor Shades, Virginia General Merchandise Phone 431 or 498 YORK TIRE RECAPPING CO., INC. Route 33 At Main Street Telephone No. 390 West Point, Virginia H. E. STEWART SON General Merchandise Phone: 461 or 608 Eanexa, Virginia MONTROSE CLEANERS 1712 Williamsburg Road Phone 28594 Richmond, Virginia JAMES E. ASHLEY General Merchandise Phone 2 91 P. O. West Point, Va. Eltham, Va. PROVIDENCE FORGE ESSO SERVICENTER Clean Restrooms Providence Forge, Virginia Telephone: 111 A. S. Adams, Proprietor TREVILIAN AND OLIVER Hotpoint Appliances Phone 342 West Point, Virginia Compliments of JAKE AND JOHN’S GULF SERVICE West Point, Virginia Compliments of C. LINWOOD FISHER JOHN W. GUTHRIE Staple and fancy groceries Choice meats and vegetables West Point, Va. Phone 92 C. J. Britton WEST POINT CONFECTIONERY Home Made Ice Cream And Home Cooked Foods Our Specialty Next to The York Theatre DARI TREAT Frozen Dairy Products And Hot Dogs 14 St. West Point, Va. T. O. SALES, INC. Quality Furniture and Maytag Kelvinator Appliances Mohawk Carpets Phone 660 One block from stop light West Point, Virginia THE PASTRY SHOP Albert Douglas, Prop. Fancy Cakes-Pies Bread and rolls Phone 2 98 Duke of Gloucester Street SANDSTON DRY CLEANERS SERVICE 124 East Williamsburg Road Sandston, Virginia Deliveries in New Kent County BRINKLEY CO., INC. Petersburg, Virginia. THE VIRGINIAN RESTAURANT Phone Providence Forge On U. S. Route 60 Lanexa, Virginia W. R. SNYDER Groceries-General Merchandise Texaco Gas and Oil Frozen Foods Building Material Phone 64F23 Toano Va. Compliments of RICE SHELL SERVICE Bottoms Bridge, Virginia Compliments of GLEN PARK The Refreshment Shop In Sandston, Va. Headquaters For--Happy Moments Hallmark Cards School Supplies Relaxation Bert McLaughlin, Prop. 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Route 60-25 miles east of Richmond Providence Forge, Virginia ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Eugene Smith, Prop Sandston, Virginia CHICKAHOMINY MOTORS, INC Your Automobile Merchant Day and Night Wrecker Service N. R. Martin TOANO-DRY CLEANING LAUNDRY Shoe Repairing-Pick up Providence Forge and vicinity Monday and Thursday ERNEST E. ORANGE Groceries, Fresh Meats, Gas A Complete Line Of Gas, Oils, Heating Oils And Greases A. E. GAULDING JR. Groceries-Fresh Meats Gas and Oil Rt. 3 Richmond, Virginia (In Hanover) J. W. BLACK Merchant Quinton, Va. FRIGIDAIRE MADE ONLY BY GENERAL MOTORS Sto ROBINSON APPLIANCE CO. S6 » VINCENT G. ROBINSON 22 E. NINE MILE ROAD Highland Springs. Va Compliments R. H. HUGHES AND EMPLOYEES ' SCHMIDT FLORIST Quality and Artistry In Flowers For All Occasions Duke of Gloucester Street Williamsburg, Virginia Phone 665 Compliments WESTS ESSO SERVICENTER Complete Service For Your Car Bottoms Bridge Quinton, Va. JEFFERIES SICHOL Insurance--Real Estate Highland Springs, Va, Phone Fairfield 2603 LAYFIELD-PARKER INCORPORATED Sandston, Virginia Cars Sales Trucks Service SELDEN VARIETY STORE Highland Springs, Virginia Holly Avenue and Nine Mile Road G. A. KELLY Watchmaker--Jeweler Exclusive Dealer for Gibson Guitars Phone 636 West Point Virginia ROSES 5£ 10£ 25£ STORE Duke of Gloucester Street Williamsburg Virginia Compliments of PRODUCERS CO-OPERATIVE EXCHANGE Richmond Drive-In Theater Williamsburg Road Sandston, Virginia

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