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:Es f' N fx N Q X 5 ' .Nz ,F 'Q K QE X? sf V991 mx ggi s .y Ai, X R XE x. E- E Q Q. f-15 - X .R W .A x - 5 'Q " N. -.. if . 'E xx E5 f xii is 1 1 H' 1 - i .555 1 X,- 3232 Il t -i gb ENR . is X is X X-gk? V 11" New Kendin an -- Xx,,q- iff- y ai, 4 ,. Tiff :ff-7 ulhlt pin!! nj JQFK 'SSE ' L -. 15' g. 1:11, 1,4-K. Q v kr If J, I, 1 'lgpsf , . if' Aw -. X? X Z f' P 55 ' F 5? ' t 5 ? P151 ,J 2 Q- -. -vga' aww- if Vi 'P 'I-Yew? Y' 5: ' 'V' ' ' ' ' 47 I" ' L '. '- WQZVL- LRJWQS4-A'4.."' ' ' ,X ' 3, 1' ' E 'iff A Ql'.5hJ1ffL1"' 'l.5f"'.!3 'If ,nj -N121 .e ,wb A-, , Q f A -f 4 . A .A 4' 4. E-.zfmc . AQ .1a"f-A'-.fvihzm , A I My-sry H , zr uffmj -fla -' -" .1 . 1-jr. Lgvgg- ff'-, yff.-3 ,fy-5'-gf 1:4-1 g'gx','m5..p.f1.v,. -.-, :jf V ,Wg-.N M J Z w.1-0. Q,"-A-'rg f ,,g,.A:'1..e.,Sf- gh' JG 3 nw, .. ' - r Q' V L 'I Q, 4 ',fw2T'ff'l.ff4i1f awflfwiyfxazi f :'2Ff'i" QF? W" PT -5?i?'5v"i':i'?P" gf' Y.--"'f'ff:',:1.1 FH K' qw .2 s Q e k Lg Q' 'V :- . , -1' V, h, .-Ffa-1 2 ,.' ' ' ra. ,. j- :Nw ' . .gf Lv ' s ' 'A , '- , - 1 . - A s .rg .- , 1. 1 ' refrlx-ii , '-iff, iv? A b 1 A - ., ' ' ' "t 'f f'-1 -. '. , ffl FW. ,-' 'Ui' 4. ' " J A ' A' A ag" -- ,.Q.z1" Y '4 -A b I FG -Wg: I' F' I 1" M' ,,.. 4 ,r all , f,"'i-:Qi . ,- 'KV ,N , ,W '. 11 .xJ 0 - Maur 0 :six 'I as 53 -I 15 as qv .G fi .P .w A rv as ! I 1 6 , Wg-fw ,, Q ,Q x 'ffl , W 74: - 2 119' . . 'w wa. ' 1 I 1 ,fl ft lvpfffwtlty FOREWCRD The magic of television has brought personalities, special events, and sports into your home. Via television over the coaxial cable, the Class of 1956 of New Ken- sington High School proudly presents the Ken High Spectacular. This is the story of your school in four acts, starring the faculty and you, the students. The scenes are the classrooms and corridors of Ken Highg the time, the school year of 1955 and 1956. So, sit back in your easy chairs while the camera focuses on Act I, the School Board and Faculty, which comprise the govern- ing body of our school. The camera swings to our Second Act, which consists of three scenes, the ethereal minded seniors, penny pinching juniors, and wide eyed sophomores. Don't turn your dial for now comes the enjoyable part of the program, the Clubs, of all var- ieties to suit every student's taste. The final Act brings you the thrill of that 80 yard run to the goal line and , x 4, I W4 the basket made from the middle of the gym. We hope 4 you will enjoy the program and another amazing fea- 4 sr ture of this Ken High Spectacular is that all c mercials come at the end. - "S J W2 A T if 1 ' Aft? 4 Wfff time "x fEZMj!ll4f,WL LW MM f W , .WJ 5 M J 'i f .ffl ,X 'fluff' 1 Xifbf, M ff 9 Nb We H575 W Wt. W it 'lea ll 'it , N y NY? , bil N - X W H MR. J. A. MILLER Mr Miller explains the make-up of a generator to some trade school boys. Mr. Pandalph. DEDICATIO We, the graduating class of 1956 and all other past and present members of New Kensington Senior High School, wish to pay tribute to Mr. J. A. Miller for the tireless and unselfish service he has rendered to the student body and faculty between the years 1916 and 1956. Mr. Miller, assistant principal of the High School and director of the Vocational School, has long served as president of the Board of Activities. Despite the great amount of time required by his many duties, he has always aided, counseled, and remained a friend of the entire student body. Because of his high moral standards, Mr. Miller has always set a fine example for others to follow. His leadership and service will be greatly missed following his retirement at the end of this term. It is with justifiable pride that we, the members of the Class of 1956, dedicate our TALEOKEN to Mr. J. A. Miller. WW it Mgfgjlgf a. My Discussing a milling macliine, Mr Mil ler points out a special feature to Mr Frazier, Mr. Mason, Mr. Nalbacli and FACULTY 1 'mm f X 1.-E THE NEW KENSINGTON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1956 presents THE TALEOKEN TABLE OF CONTENTS TI-IE ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY . . . 10 -18 CLASSES V Seniors . . 24 - 4 5 Juniors . . . 46 - 5 2 Sophomores . . 54 - 61 ACTIVITIES . . . 64 - 87 ATHLETICS Football . . . . 90 - 92 Basketball . . . . 93 - 96 Track . . . 9 7 Baseball . . . 9 8 Tennis . . 9 8 N 1 wma X O - , a p . f N, 352' -slim AUM, My Jw! A if K "fu +-MF .1 f ff fi--qw if Eff.-fggfg 355 wifi I . gf, - " 5 fi-Q ky- V-may xx- , fa' ' -L,.f,ff , 71? 7 A A. 'A' 'J' W i W Q " . Lb' f ,Q J, -U1 ' LXw':Q " Y3f5'f'ffl7fF Y k 5543 -f W I-2 .nw SYN J ik 5 3 "W -'wif' ... 'T' 1 , M R-Q " -N ,K-lm, ' f k ,W f M .V M1 L , X gin . K. 5 -1, , A R.-,.. ,, -7'- W. Li W, A ., Mfg- .,'- My H Q H Wgwfgxlf.-kr,-Q-Aw mmf X .wwf V mf, :ff 'S my ,. my v L ,ilgilva a q xlff-wma "'3"'w ' Q,.W.., 'K , . --I-W ,:,'f-,::f-25. 1' Mnmy' -1 I A . , ,rg Xt 4? ,kit mkaimffqff 'Xi gg, W 'Www as MM r .L www ,M ,Q Q W-xx M XVAWA , , . ,,. , A f 7'fF:+Qfw :Q , - WS? K 45 Silwv M' -fm, U ., ' '- , . f ' Q - fb A " A R XL ssl Nz Jflf F' ':' ' fha x"?":i' " f- :+G 1 1 A- " . 1 ::3'5-::":ff- 1 ' f ie- 'MW VV .xi ii A : 'VL 1,v:: h ,K ., kg ' 9 fgkm, M H . X W Q .4238 ds- :V ilwvggiww . Lwwm-W 'TM Mr. Vaughan. Mr. Patterson. Dr. Vonderheid. Miss Mazur. Mr. Jones. Mr. Jefferson. Mr. Keller. Mr. Gensamcr. Mr. Little The Board of Education lt is the members of the Board of Education who control our school system. Their work not only includes the hnancial and economic side of school. but also the athletic and social affairs carried on. Throughout the past year, they have worked untiringly on the plans for our new high school, which, when finished, will be one of the most modern and best equipped in this area. We, the Class of l956, thank these men for providing us with the opportunity to receive the finest education possible. MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATION President ....,... MR. GARFIELD .loNias Vice-Pn-.sidvrit MR. RALPH M. l-ll"l'LE, JR. Treasurer . . MR. CHARLES KELLER Superintendent MR. W. L, JEFFERSON Secretary .... . . Miss VERONICA MAZUR Solicitor .... . MR. FRANK W. MCKIQAN MR. BLAIR E. GENsAM12R MR. C. H. VAUGHAN. JR. MR. JAMES PATTERSON, JR. DR. C. G. Vownuniiizm. JR. 10 Superintendent of Schools MR. WILLIAM L. JEFFERSON Mr. Jefferson is the man behind the scenes in the New Kensington School Dis- trict. He meets monthly with the New Ken- sington School Board and plans the best educational program possible for the youth of New Kensington. We, the Senior Class, congratulate Mr. JefTerson on his capable administrating and wish him continued suc- cess and good fortune. Mr. Jefferson dictates a let ter to his secretary, Mrs. War- ying. Faculty and members of the School Board enjoy the annual Board of Activities Banquet. Principal MR. FRANK G. OLIVER We, the Class of 1956, are deeply appre- ciative to Mr. Oliver for the wise guidance and tireless patience that he has given all of us. Constantly striving for the betterment of Ken High, Mr. Oliver has done a great deal in the planning of our new high school. We can never forget his thoughtfulness and friendliness. G, 4 'L '-5, if GUST J. BABALlS German. English , wr 'LQ LARUE PATTERSON French, English MARY GOSETTI Spanish ALICE RORABAUGH Latin CAROLYN BRUNO Choral Director. Music History. Music Theory MUSIC 1 3 CATHERINE Hoon English, Latin LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Q T'i As E JOHN G. STEVENS Band DEPARTMENT J. DALE APEL Chemistry C. H. WALTER Physics, Chemistry, Senior Science ALICE KLINKE Dramatics, Speech, English JANE TAYLOR English JANET MATHISON Biology JOHN D. MATISKO Biology SCIENCE DEPARTMENT ws 'QV fi' SADIE I. OWEN MARTHA E. RUSSELL WALTER SHEARER English English, Journalism History, English ENGLISH ' -- 'i ' gyygyg A g :re 4 DEPARTMENT iir HELEN TERWILLIGER English I -A-.n,Q,,. --W .v.m.f-vv'-w- ' ""v"'nF"""f ' ' ' ' 1.4 1, if I, If MATHEMATICS Sirk A I L: I .Q DEPARTMENT DONALD FLETCHER ELIZABETH THOMPSON MARIE WALKER Mathematics, History Mathematics Mathematics me. nf' HOME ECONOMICS I S1 3+ DEPARTMENT A lx 3 K 4 GENEVIEVE OLMER MARGARET POTTER Clothing Cooking M. M. BAUGHMAN History '. VIARY VIOLA PHILLIPS Geography A Q SOCIAL STUDIES - ,..i 3--iii. SCi l DEPARTMENT T. A. BURNETT JESSIE B. MOORE United States History Social Studies 15 li E pl K my Q R 3. A 'il COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT JOHN H. ARMSTRONG JOHN BATISTE Bookkeeping Commercial Education A I . , t W I yj lggf RUTH. EZEOSBY, CATHERINE CASILLO JEAN D. DELIA C- M-' KORDES Commerma ducatlon Commercial Education Commercial Education C0mme2:alg5dUCaU0l1, ge ra W. L. VORLAGE Commercial Education ETHEL VORLAGE Commercial Education I iw ifstqi A R . 'i"ii T- A. DUNN THEODORE GREINER MARY ANN HOBAUGH ROSEMARIE PASCARETTI Health, Physical Education Health, History Physical Education Athletic Director HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT 16 " L,:' K J- L- Bl-AVN SAUL DANovi'rz MAHHIQW Fmznau HNOVY- Mi'Ph0'W1liCN- Drafting Panllcrninaiking English 3 ' i 0 37 s , . in f, .. if RUTH GRIESEMI-IR linglish Q 4 .N ... 4 J.. 'iz ' x ' .V v ' . 'sm' Q' Fiuan J. UPTON M Rclutcd Drufti LX Thcory 1 X45 M IJ, J , JOHN MASON HENRY NA1.nAc'ii 1 1 VOCATIONAL SCHOOL FACULTY Machine Shop Flcctricily NN up 7 'U -LQVL '1 . w i 1 i 1745! K Mil ' ,JLJ V cf , F A , 4 4. ' , I J i , . .gihzyt f LJ L , U N "" --V , ' L 5 V A R. F. WARNER EUGENE PANDOLPH Mathematics. Science Machine Shop 1, X Ui ' . xi' LUCRETIA BOUCHER Dean of Girls ' SQL 1,Q .,.- ' sr. - -. 1: - . .,s.34 xi-if V B DOROTHY EIGES Guidance, History SPECIAL EDUCATION Library FLORENCE EWING GERTRUDE I. FRY JOHN KEISER KENNETH PFEIFFER KENNETH W. SLosKY Crafts, Art Guidance Distributive Education Drivers Training CHRISTINE ANTONACCI RUTH FIELDS Secretary School Nurse SECRETARIES AND SCHOOL NURSE if VERONICA MAZUR MATHILDA MILAUSKAS JANE PETIT NORMA WARSING SCCFCIZFY of .Secretary h W, Secretary Secretary Board of Education C X x W . 4 .S WW ,- fy - X .MW . ,ri X . ie . u l A I Di' R, iw . Q-f Qmm, . x A . ,.. If I M X E ,, f x S , N , , X '- -A ,Q li i f A ""' ' ' 7 4 U' f ' s ' L , 1 L7 Q7 - Q . A xgx , Q Y S ,Q .... , Q Q 0 A xv, me , xt +,.' n - i ' A x . v m , Q Q I 5 M gd gk: ?5QQgg! Vgwa f N . vi .fn fy Eg, f F ,. x,1,-K1-'lov K M W . . '4 Jfy, H ' sew, ww: my i faqallizf fix 2 Q 'F -v-,ex ir . , Qs., A pg X ' 5 K . M5 l A , Mm V. L' " Q. '?:'43 y'2fE k tu I 1 'f .. 3 ' 1 P, f A . : 'gi 1' i. 'af-, ' - ' Q, ,L 1 1 K 5 f, A ,L ,f - W w A-'ww . WR W W 'M I ' W' f , kv Q x Nj, I X " 'P i -, 55 'BPS QW' K .af . 'E -L LL.. mmm-mm 1 ff 'W N' af. 4, fl? gm 'Q-..,,. QB as Phyllis Boguny lHlII0lllll'L'.S' the C'l1ristnm.x' ' pmgrnnz. Seniors begin the pr0cc.v,vi0nal into the Sftllfflllll for gruzllmiion. Senior Class of 1956 The year of 1956 has proven to be one of the busiest on record. Starting in early August we took out our best suits and dresses and got ready to have our pictures taken. Then as school time rolled around, we found ourselves scrambling to order our class rings, name cards, and announcements. After that came a num- ber of tests, including Betty Crocker, College Board Exams, and many scholarship tests. As soon as test clouds drifted over, we found ourselves being entertained by senior talent, a poet, and a counterespionage agent. Following this came the an- nouncement of National Honor Society awards and the class prophecy. This was followed by the Senior Class play, g'Time Out for Ginger", election of queen for the All-Star Game and the election of king and queen for the Shamrock Ball. Finally came the long awaited events-the Senior Private, the Junior-Senior Prom. and the issuing of Taleokens. As we go to press, Baccalaureate and Commencement are just around the corner. ll4is.s' Bruno zlirrfcis the Choir 22 Nu. Larry Daniels, Pat Phillips, Lee Porzecanski, Jim Lagoon, Mr. Black, Mr. Walter Semor Class Officers President . A . . . JAMES LAGOON Vice-Presidenr . A LEoPo1.Do PORZECANSRI Sec-rerary , LARRY DANIELS Treasurer, . , PATRICIA PHiLLiPs Sponsors , MR. BLACK, MR. WALTER 23 -- nxwi? ' AMES ANTONACCI ARTMAN ATKINSON BALDRICK ANDREWS, R. ARTHUR ASHBAUGH, M. , BAILEY BARKASI SEN IORS SUE AMES ACADEMIC-Cheerleaders II. IV: Leaders Club III, IV Suzie. whose main interests include Dick, will always remember the fun-hlled basketball and football games. MARTHA ANDREWS ACADEMIC4College Club Sis likes sports and plans to attend college where she will major in physical education. RAYNAL ANDREWS ACADEMIC-Mixed Choir II, III. IV: College CIub: Stamp Club II Ray, who enjoys music and is rated as a top dancer by many girls, plans to further his education by going to BETTY ANTONACCI DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club IV Chubby seems to find the world of business appealing and thinks that business school is her future after high JOYCE ARNER DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club IV Ioy, a neat, quiet senior, is making plans to berome a beautician. college. school. JOHN ARTHUR GENERAL John, who has a ready smile for everyone, will go lo work unless he decides to give the Marines first chance. JOHN ARTMAN ACADEMIC John has plans for college and engineering after he graduates from Ken High. DOUGLAS LEROY ASHBAUGH COMMERCIAL Juggles, a basketball enthusiast, will head for the Navy upon his graduation. MARY ASI-IBAUGH COMMERCIAL-Mixed Choir III, IV: Band II, III. IV: Tri- Hi-Y IVQ Handbook Staff III: Nacional Honor Societv Babe, whose winning manner has gained her many friends. will be a secretary. PATRICIA ATKINSON COMMERCIAL-Geography Club IV Pat plans to go to work after leaving Ken High where she has especially enjoyed sports. JANET AYSSE GENERAL-Mixed choir II, III. IV: Tru-n.Y II, III, IV: Devotions Committee IV Ace, one of our most willing and active class mem- bers, is looking forward to business school. JUDY BAILEY COMMERCIAL-Mixed Choir II, III, IV, Majorertes III. IV: Tri-Hi-Y IV: Geography Club IV Judy. whose singing has won her much applause. would like to major in music in college. BARBARA BALDRICK ACADEMIC-Dramatic Club III, IV: Future Nurses IV: Leaders Club IV Barb will always be remembered as Emily in "Our ROBERT BALDWIN GENERAL-Band II. III. IVg Assembly Staff II. III, IV Bob loves to hunt and fish in his spare time. LOIS BARKASI COMMERCIAL-Attendance Staff III, IV: Camera Club II. III Town." Lois, a future secretary. enjoys working in the office. 1956 RICHARD BARRON VOCATIONAL Dick, a tall blond, reports to 201 when he is not attending Trade School. CLARENCE BARTLETT VOCATIONAL Peanuts plans to get a job at the Aluminum Company after graduation. BARRY BASI-I COMMERCIAL-Track II: Band II, III, IV: Assembly Staff III, IV: Camera Club II: Hi-Y III, IV: Monitors III, IV Twerp will go into the service when he graduates. JOAN BASTA COMMERCIAL-junior Town Meeting II: Mixed Choir II, III. IV: Majorettes III, IV: National Honor Society Joanie, a high stepper, plans to be married after gradu- MARION BAUMANN ACADEMIC-Handbook Staff II, III: Future Nurses II: Camera Club II, III: Leaders Club III, IV: College Club: Taleol-:en Staff IV: National Honor Society This very active senior plans to study physical therapy. BEVERLY BECK DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club IV Tike, a tall blonde. will attend business school after ALICE BEITNER COMMERCIAL-Tri-Ha.Y II: Camera Club 11. III The hobbies of this future secretary are swimming, skating, and tennis. NANCY BELL COMMERCIAL-Leaders Club III, IV: Camera Club IV: Com- mercial Club IV: Girls Chorus II Nancy would like a secretarial job after graduation. REGINA BELLI ACADEMIC-Mixed choir II. 111. IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, 111, iv, Taleoken Staff IV: College Club: Girls Chorus I'I: National Honor Society Regina, a future college freshman, enjoys music very ALBERTA BENN DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club IV: Tri-Hi-Y III: Camera Club II Al, or Little One. likes marching for the Firemen's Majorette Corps. LORETTA BENN DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-Girls Chorus III: D.E. Club IV: Camera Club II Lorry, a fun-loving girl, is always smiling. PHYLLIS BENTLEJEWSKI COMMERCIAL-Commercial Club IV: Camera Club II: Tri- Hi-Y III, IV: Girls Chorus III Phyllis, a friendly senior, plans to become a secretary. SAUL BERGAD ACADEMIC-Assembly Staff II, III, IV Saul is quiet in school but loads of fun outside. JOHN BEST ation. graduation. much. VOCATIONAL Activities outside of school take up this good-looking Trade School senior's time. ROSEMARIE BIELATA COMMERCIAL-Commercial Club IV: Tri-Hi-Y IV: Handbook Staff IV This future secretary enjoys sports and is fun to be with. BARRON BASTA BEITNER BENN, A. BERGAD 25 BARTLETI' BASH BAUMANN BECK BELL BELLI BENN, L. BENTLEJEWSKI BEST BIELATA SEN IORS LUDY BITTCHER COMMERCIAL-Band II. III, IV: Mixed Choir IV: Dance Band II. III, IV: Dixieland Band III, IV Hiney, a popular drummer, is president of the Dance GARY BLUBAUGH VOCATIONAL Shorty, a blond Romeo, has a way with the girls. PHYLLIS BOGANY ACADEMIC-Camera Club II: Mixed Choir II, III. IV: Major- ettes III, IV: Girls Chorus II, III: Dramatic Club IV: Taleoken Staff IV: Future Teachers III. IV: College Club: Red Cross Council II: National Honor Soclety Phyl, a very active girl, is secretary of the Choir. HOWARD BOLAND ACADEMIC-Hi-Y IV: Science Club IV: Geography Club IV: College Club: Camera Club II. III, IV Howdy likes sports and hopes to be a chemist. IRENE BORDELL DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club IV: Camera Club II Irene, a friendly, quiet girl, likes popular music. MARY BORRELLI COMMERCIAL-Tri-Hi-Y II, III: Bank Staff III, IV: Taleoken Stal? IV: Commercial Club IV: National Honor Society Mary, a quiet but active girl, is president of the Com- mercial Club. Band. DONALD BOSAK DIS'QllBU'I'IVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club IV: German Club II. I Bo drives the Silvermnn's Drug Store car in his work- JOSEPH BOSCO GENERAL-Basketball II: Monitors III: Hi-Y IV: Geography Club IV Joe, who enjoys all sports, is undecided about college. JOAN BOWSER COMMERCIAL-Band II, III, IV: Choir III. IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV .loanie is taking the beauty operators' course after JOHN BOWSER VOCATIONAL-Football II: Camera Club III: Assembly Staff III. IV: I-Ii-Y IV Bowse, who enjoys working with trains, plans to work at the Aluminum Company. ERNEST J. BOZICH GENERAL--Boys Chonxs III: Monitors III, IV: Hi-Y II, III. IV: Camera Club II, III Ernie. a likable chap, was the treasurer of the Monitors his senior year. YVON BRASFIELD COMMERCIAL-Tri-Hi-Y IV: Commercial Club IV Von always has a smile for everyone. J AN ICE BRAZER GENERAL-Geography Club III. IV: Future Teachers III. IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III: College Club Jan is one of the Geography Club's hardest workers. DENNIS BROOKS VOCATIONAL-Basketball 111. IV Big Shorty, one of the Trade School boys, will always be remembered for his play on the basketball court. ROGER BROOKS GENERAL-Baskerball'II. III. 1V Roger, one of our basketball stars, always has a friendly smile for everyone. ing hours. school. BITTCHER BOLAND BOSAK BOWSER. J. BRAZER 26 BLUBAUGH BORDE LL BOSCO BOZ ICH BROOKS. D. BOGANY BORRELLI BOWSER, .I BRASFIELD BROOKS, R. -I BROWN, B. BRUNI CALABRESE CEBULA CIPOLLONE BROWN, K. BROWN, M. BRUTSKY BURIN CAMP CARUCCI CHANEY CICOLINI CLAYPOOL CLONTZ 1956 BARBARA ANN BROWN COMMERCIAL-Bank Staff III, IV, Taleoken Staff IV: Com- mercial Club III, IV: Camera Club III, IVg F.H.A. II Barby, a friendly, quiet senior, will uphold the honor of Ken Hi in the business world. KAYE BROWN DISTQBUTIVE EDUCATION-Mixed Choir II. III. IV, D.E. Club I Kayce Horowitz, a D. E. student, will always remem- ber the Mixed Choir. MARGARET BROWN COMMERCIAL Margie, a quiet miss, was a newcomer to Ken Hi her senior year. FREDRIC BRUNI ACADEMIC-Basketball Manager II, III: Boys Chorus III: Monitors III: I-Ii-Y II, III, IV, College Club Speedy pals around with Roger and Ernie and always has a cheery hello for all. SYLVIA BRUTSKY ACADEVIIC-Band II, III, IVQ Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Future Nurses III, IV Syl, a pleasant senior, is a loyal Ken Hi fan. JOHN R. BURIN ACADEMIC-Hi-Y II, III, IV: College Club: National Honor Society John will never forget the home room basketball tournament. He hopes to go to St. Vincent's after graduation. LEON CALABRESE ACADEMIC-Football III, IV: Geography Club III. IV: Monitors III, IV Cal will never forget .Mr. Fletcher and the football DONALD CAMP COMMERCIAL-Arr Cluh Don, the proud winner of the Kozikowski Award, is very much interested in sports. ROBERT CARUCCI 160771. VOCATIONAL Bob's plans for the future are uncertain. He reports to Room 209. GREGORY L. CEBULA GENERAL-Choir: Band: Assembly Staff: Monitors: College Club Greg plans to attend college in the fall. SALLY JANE CHANEY COMMERCIAL-Girls Chorus: Leaders Clubg Tri-Hi-Y Sally plans to do secretarial work next year. RICHARD CICOLINI GENERAL-Art Club Chick's future is uncertain. ADELA CIPOLLONE ACADEMIC-Taleoken Staff: Tri-Hi-Y: Leaders Club, Future Teachers: College Club, National Honor Society After graduation Adela plans to be a school teacher. GLENN CLAYPOOL GENERAL-Bandg Choir, Dance Band: College Club College is in GIenn's future. ERNEST CLONTZ Ernie hangs his hat in Room 209. His future is un- certain. VOCATION AL COATES CONNOR CROGNALE DAVIS, R. DICKEY COLLINS COOPER DANIELS DE CECCO DI FONZO CONLEY COWEN DAVIS, R. DE SANTO DOHMEN SENIORS NAOMI COATES COMMERCIAL Na, who has fond memories of Ken Hi, plans to enter the clerical field after graduation. ROLLIN COLLINS ACADEMIC-Track Team: Key Club: Monitors: Taleolcen Staff: Kenronian Staff: National Honor Society Rol, one of Ken Hi's most popular students, is col- lege bound. VIOLET CONLEY COMMERCIAL-Leaders Club Vi can usually be found at C lara's. THOMAS ROBERT CONNOR ACADEMIC-College Club: Hi-Y: Science Club: National Honor Society Herk's interests are hunting and fishing. MERVYN COOPER ACADEMIC-Track Team Manager II: Choir III, IV: Camera Club II, III: Stamp Club II Merv was top salesman for the junior magazine sale. LEROY COWEN COMMERCIAL Tim reports to Room 209 and is usually seen with George and Richard. ROSE CROGNALE COIVllVlERCIAL1Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Commercial Club IV: Red Cross III, IV: Girls Chorus III: National Honor Society Rose is a quiet, popular senior in Room 209. LAWRENCE DANIELS ACADEMIC-Basketball II: Choir IV: Geography Club II: Hi-Y II, III, IV: Monitors III, IV: Secretary of the Class of '56 Larry D, a popular senior, will always remember the Junior Prom. RICHARD DAVIS ACADEMIC-Baseball III, IV: Choir III, IV: College Club: German Club II, III, IV Dick is active in sports and music. RITA DAVIS COMMERCIAL-Clmoir III: F.H.A. III: Geography Club III Rit is a friendly member of the senior class, pretty I00. BARBARA DE CECCO GENERAL Barbara is one of the nicest and quietest girls in Ken Hi. JOAN DE SANTO COMMERCIAL-Majorettes III, IV: National Honor Society Joan is a peppy majorette whose hobby is dancing. GEORGE DICKEY ACADEMIC-Football II: Geography Club III: Art Club IVQ Red Cross Council III, IV: I-Ii-Y IV Diablo is everybody's friend. RITA DI FONZO ACADEMIC-Girls Chorus II: Camera Club II: Future Teachers III: F.H.A. IV: Geography Club IV Rita is active in club work at Ken Hi. SARA DOHMEN COMMERCIAL-Commercial Club IV Sal, a friendly senior, is often seen with Sally, Donna, and Marion. 1956 COMMERCIAL-Girls Choms III: Band IV: Tri-I-Ii-Y II, III, IV Janet is a cheerful senior aiming for an ofjice position. JANET DOROCIAK LOUIS DURBOROW GENERAL-Band II, III, IV: Choir II, III, IV: Dixieland Band II III, IV: Dance Band III, IV: Monitors III, IV E1ephant's main interest lies in music. AUDREY EDWARDS ACADEMIC-Choir II, III, IV: Majorettes IV: Leaders Club III. IV: Future Nurses III, IV Audrey is a friendly senior with a pleasing personality. EVELYN ELDER ACADEMIC-Gioir II, III, IV: Band II, III, IV: Future Nurses IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III Evey, a red head. is a future nurse. ALBERT ELIAS GENERAL-Choir III, IV: Dramatic Club III, IV Al, an artist and a poet, has a smile for everyone. RONALD ENGLER ACADEMIC-Cross Country II: Band II, III: Dance Band IV: Dixieland Band IV: College Club: Hi-Y II Lizzard, a friendly senior, plays a cool sax. SHIRLEY EVANS COMMERCIAL,-Commercial Club IV: Tri-Hi-Y IV Shirl's interest lies in roller-skating and square danc- ing. GEORGE FAITH GENERAL-Band II: Hi-Y IV: Geography Club III Smoky .spends all of his spare time with Martha. CLARENCE FARNETH VOCATIONAL Sonny, from 203, is an avid hunter and fisherman. LAWRENCE FEBBRAIO VOCATIONAL Larry, a handsome mechanic, drives a blue Ford. JANET FERRI COMMERCIAL-Tri-Hi-Y Jan is often seen with Darlene. Her main interest is u Trade School boy. RICHARD FISCUS DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club IV Dick, with his good looks, draws many customers into Isaly's. JOHN FISHER VOCATIONAL Johnny hunts. fishes, and junks cars. CAROL FORBES COMMERCIAL-Band II, III, IV: Attendance Staff IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Geography Club IV: Taleoken Staff IV: Red Cross II: Bank Staff IV Carol, a friendly senior, does cheerfully any task asked of her. GEORGE FREDERICK ACADEMIC-Band II: Choir II: Hi-Y III: German Club II: Science Club III. IV: Kentonian Staff III, IV Fuzzy, the hard-working editor of the Kentonian, will always remember Band camp. 4 ..:..wusz.1ieaMae,i DOROCIAK DURBOROW EDWARDS ELDER ELIAS ENGLER EVANS FAITH FARN ETH FEBBRAIO FERRI FISCUS FISHER FORBES FREDERICK 29 JEANNE FRYE ACADEMIC-Girls Chorus II, III: Future Nurses II. III, IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Geography Club IV: Red Cross Council IV: F.H.A. III: National Honor Society Jeanne is much interested in nursing. JOSEPH GENSBIGLER ACADEMIC-Tennis II. III, IV: Choir II, III, IV: Key Club II. III, IV: Kentonian Staff IV: Devotions IV: Handbook Staff II, III: National Honor Society Gens, a taxidermist who watches birds, would like to become a dentist. BETTY LOU GIBSON ACADEMIC-Girls Chorus II: Tri-I-Ii-Y II. III, IV: F.H.A. IV Betty Lou enjoys writing to her boy friend: her future is undecided. ROBERT GOCH GENERAL-Track III, IV: Assembly Staff II, III, IV: Dramatic Club IV Goch scored a hit in "Our Town." DELORES GOLON COMMERCIAL-Tri-Hi-Y II. III, IV: Bank Staff III: Taleoken Staff IV Dolly, a likable senior, is always laughing. CHESTER GRAMMAR ACADEMIC-Football III, IV: College Club Chest, a husky fellow, is well liked by his classmates. GARY GRAY GENERAL-National Honor Society Gary, one of the 203 boys, is one of the quieter and more serious seniors. ELLA MAE GRAYSON GENERAL-Nurses Club II, III: Tri-Hi4Y IV The plans of this quiet senior include a career in nursing. BERNARD GREENBERG GENERAL--Basketball II. IV: Choir III Green may he small, but he is very powerful on the basketball court. MARY LOU ISE GREGORY COMMERCIAL-Girls Chorus III: Tri-Hi4Y II, III. IV: Com- mercial Club IV: Kentonian Staff IV Mary Lou, a coming secretary, attena's all the dances. She also likes to draw. RICHARD GROSS GENERAL---German Club IV: College Club: National Honor Society Dick, a quiet senior, is always seen with his brother. THOMAS GROSS GENERAL-German Club IV: College Club Tom, the other twin, is one of Miss Walker's boys. JOYCE A. GROW COMMERCIAL-Girls Chorus II, III: Commercial Club IV: Tri-Hi-Y II. III. IV: National Honor Society A popular, quiet senior, Joyce is usually standing near the gym. HARRIET HAMMOND GENERAL-Geography Club IV This likable senior enjoys geography and writing NEAL HARADZIN VOCATIONAL-Band II, III, IV This Trade School senior will always remember Band. letters. SE IORS FRYE GOCH GRAY GREGORY GROW 30 GENSBIGLER GIBSON GOLON GRAMMAR GRAYSON GREENBERG GROSS, T. GROSS, R. HAMMOND HARADZIN 1956 fit!! HARMON I-IARTGE HECKER, D. HECKER, W. HEGEDUS HEISE HEISTER HERRINGTON HESS HILLIARD HINES HOAK HOBAUGH HOCKENBERRY HOGG DONA HARMON DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club IV Shorty, a quiet senior, is not .seen around too much as she works half a day. KEITH HARTGE ACADEMIC-Bank II, III, IV, Dance Band III, IV, Key Club II, III, IV, College Club Keith will always remember the good times in Band. DONALD HECKER VOCATIONAL Don likes to talk about his many adventures at shop. WILLIAM HECKER VOCATIONAL Willie, happy-go-lucky, has not decided upon his BERTHA HEGEDUS COMMERCAL-Tri-Hi-Y II, Camera Club II, III, IV Bertha is a very ambitious girl, quiet, demure, and MARGARET HEISE COMMERCIAL-Majorettes III, IV: Commercial Club III, IV, Girls Chorus II, III, Bank Staff III: Kentonian Staff IV, Taleoken Staff IV, Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: National Honor Society Friendly Peg, a clever head majorette, wears a Plum Hi ring. MAUREEN PATRICIA HEISTER COMMERCIAL-Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Attendance Staff III: Band IV, Red Cross Council IV Maureen, an attractive red head, is always ready with a smile and a cheerful word. MARY HERRINGTON COMMERCIAL-Tri-Hi-Y II, IV Mary, petite, mischievous, and giggling, is fond of fun. PATRICIA HESS future. friendly. COMMERCIAL Pat, from 210, is quiet but she has a nice smile. ROBERT HILLIARD VOCATIONAL Red is always ready with a big smile. He's quiet but JOSEPH HINES SEIHERAL-Geography Club IV, Football II. III, IV, Basketball Joe, an all-around sportsman, is popular with all who MARCUS HOAK Mark, a hard-working chap, is quiet but always ready with a smile, very easy-going. JERRY HOBAUGH Ho is not very talkative, but he's sincere about every- thing. PATRICIA JEAN HOCKENBERRY ACADEMIC-Camera Club III, IV, Tri4Hi-Y II, Girls Chorus 2, Cql?5e Club, F.H.A. IV, Dramatic Club IV, Red Cross ouncn Pat, who is quite active in school, has a sunny dis- CHARLOTTE HOGG ACADEMIC-Tri-Hi-Y III, IV, Camera Club III: Art Club III. IV, Leaders Club IV, Junior Town Meeting IV, Devotions Com- mittee IV, Science Club IV, College Club, Taleoken Staff IV, Kentonian Staff IV, National Honor Society Charlotte is talented in art and is very active in club work. fond of fun. know him. GENERAL VOCATIONAL position. 1 HOLOWITZ HORVATH HOWIESON J ERNIGAN J ON ES HOOVER HORNETTER HOURIGAN HOWARD JACOBS JANSSEN JOHNS JOHNSTON J ONES KAFOREY SEN IORS ROBERT HOLOWITZ GENERAL-Band II, III, IV, Assembly Staff III, IV Bob is quiet, but popular. He toots a horn in the Band. JANICE HOOVER COMMERCIAL-Camera Club II, Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV, Com- mercial Club IV Janice goes to all the games with Phil, Norma, and the gang. DARLENE HORNETTER COMMERCIAL Darlene is an attractive girl with a peaches and cream complexion. MARTHA HORVATH ACADEMIC-Girls Chorus II, III, Future Nurses II, III, IV Martha is sincere, friendly, quiet, and loyal. JOSEPH HOURIGAN ACADEMIC Joe is slow moving but fast with clever remarks, has a dry sense of humor, takes things just as they come. RICHARD HOWARD ACADEMIC-Football II, III, IV, Basketball II, III, Geography Club III, IV, Class Secretary III Bum is a popular athlete, frequently a star. CAROL JEAN HOWIESON COMMERCIAL-Girls Chorus III, Tri-Hi-Y II, III. xv, com. mercial Club IV Jeanie has unusually pretty brown eyes,' she's friendly and quiet. JACK JACOBS ACADEMIC-Choir IV, Future Teachers III, IV, Hi-Y III, Col- lege Club Hajji Baba is devilish and popular, naughty but nice, personality plus. BARBARA JANSSEN GENERAL-Tri-Hi-Y III, IV, F.H.A. IV Jan is the blonde spark plug from 210 with the gift of gab, a real live wire. RONALD JERNIGAN ACADEMIC-Key Club II, III, IV, junior Red Cross III, IV, College Club Ron has a reserved personality and a rare sense of humor. CARL JOHNS VOCATIONAL Where did Slim get that blond wavy hair? WILLIAM JOHNSTON VOCATIONAL Bill is big and strong with a weakness for turtlenecks. BONITA JONES COMMERCIAL--Girls Choir III: Commercial Club IV, Ken- tonian Staff IV, Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV Bonnie reports to 210. GARY JONES ACADEMIC-Baseball III, Basketball II, Monitors II, III, College Club Nippy is easy-going and friendly. EMIL KAFOREY GENERAL-Band II, III, IV, Dance Band III, IV, Dixieland Band IV, Choir IV Emil expects to attend college. 1956 ROBERT KAMINSKI VOCATIONAL Myron is undecided whether to become a machinist or join the Navy. ROBERT W. KEIBLER ACADEMIC-College Club Governoris' future goal is college. PATRICIA KEIGAN COMMERCIAL-Girls Choir II: Commercial Club IV: Taleoken Stall' IV, Tri-Hi-Y II, III. IV Kiro, a pretty blonde, expects to become a secretary. THOMAS KELLEY DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-Choir 11, III: Assembly staff II: Monitors II Tom is counting on joining the Air Force after grad- nation. WADE KELLY GENERAL Wade, who reports to 211, is uncertain about his plans for next year. DONALD KERSTEN ACADEMIC-Hi-Y IVg College Club Don is a good looking chap who wants to go to college. PAUL T. KLINE ACADEMIC-Hi Y: Science Club, Geography Club: Camera Club Paul likes his section room which is 211. CLAIR KNAPP VOCATIONAL Clair, a quiet, friendly fellow, plays the guitar. JESSIE MAY KNOSKY ACADEMIC Toni is ambitious to become a laboratory technician. MARJORIE KOVACH COMMERCIAL-Girls Chorus II, Camera Club II, III: Com- gnercial Club IV: Tri-Hi-Y II3 Bank Staff III, IV, National Honor ociety Margie is looking forward to a job as a secretary. PATRICIA A. KOWALESKI COMMERCIAL Patsy, a friendly senior, is always seen with Dolly. BERNARD KOWALKOWSKI ACADEMIC-Choir II, 111, IV, stamp cxub Bernie will never forget the good times he had sing- ing in French class. DOROTHY KOWALSKI GENERAL Dot belongs to Room 211 and is always good for a jolly time. ROBERT KRAJEWSKI GENERAL-Art Club Bino likes all his pals in 211. JOSEPH KRAUSE GENERAL-Arr Club III, IV Bra, a friendly senior, is always joking with someone. KAMINSKI KELLEY, T. KLINE KOVACH KOWALSKI 33 KEIBLER KELLY, W. KNAPP KOWALESKI KRAJEWSKI KEIGAN KERSTEN KNOSKY KOWALKOWSKI KRAUSE SENIORS JUNE ELAINE KUNES COMMERCIAL-Girls Choir III: Commercial Club IV: Tri-Hi4Y II, III. IVQ Kentonian Staff Junie hopes to become a secretary after graduation. RONALD KUNISH DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-Monitors: D.E. Club Ron. a quiet senior, is from Room 211. J AMES LAGOON ACADEMIC-Choir II, III, IVg Band II. III, IV, Dance Band IVg Dixieland Band II, III, IV, Board of Activities II, III, IV: National Honor Socieryg Class President III. IV Grapesqueezer will always remember his gooa' times at Ken Hi. ROBERT LAMBERMONT ACADEMIC-Baseball II, III, IVQ Choir II, III, IV Bob is well remembered for his baseball skill. JOHN THOMAS LAMONT VOCATIONAL-Football II Goose plays basketball for Trade School. EVELYN LANGE COMMERCIAL-F.H.A. Ev is always seen with Bertha. SANDRA LASHER ACADEMIC-Choir III, IV: Future Nurses: Art Service Club Sandy, a pretty blonde, just loves those kilty skirts. HERMINA LAUFF GENERAL Tootsie is a etite and very uiet irl who has a . U 11 . ll sf friendly smile for everyone. DENNIS LEEBEL DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Den, a friendly and very lively senior, always seems to be having fun. RONALD WAYNE LESSIG ACADEMIC-Band II, III, IV, Dance Band III. IVg Stamp Club II, III, Science Club IV, College Club Les, a quiet senior, enjoys collecting stamps as a NANCY LEVENDORF ACADEMIC-Choir IV, National Honor Society: Leaders Club Nanc is a pert brunette who wins many friends with her charming personality. DONALD LEWIS GENERAL-Football II, III, IV: Baskezball II, III, IV Don, a popular figure at Ken Hi, has been an active participant in sports. PATRICIA LINGENFELTER COMMERCIAL Lingie, as she is known to all her friends, is a very sweet and quiet girl. WILLIAM LINK hobby. VOCATIONAL Bill enjoys hunting and will probably go into the serv- ice after graduation. FRANK LOCHETTA GENERAL Loc, a popular and very friendly senior, always has a clever comeback. KUNES KUNISH LAGOON LAMBERMONT LAMONT LANGE LASHER LAUFF LEEBEI. LESSIG LEVENDORF LEWIS LINGENFELTER LINK LOCHETTA 34 ,I . iv , LUPORTER MANDAK MARTINEZ MASTERS MCCLINTOCK I xv as M fix' , . . ' eefi I X , ,sts I N I is wp . X A L I 'V 5, L, , XM ,Q kg. , -. ,tl t ,gi Etc' g its W J , K, I I , as X V . 'if . MALECKI. C. IWALECKI, .J MANG MAPPIN MARTS MASSI MATHABEL MATISZ IVICCLOSKEY IVICCOLLUNI 1956 LAWRENCE R. LUPORTER VOCATIONAL Lou likes drawing, painting, and woodworking. He would like to receive an apprenticeship, then go to college for engineering. CONSTANCE MALECKI COMMERCIAL-Tri-I-Ii-Y Connie, a clever and peppy senior, enjoys volley ball and swimming as her hobbies. JOHN MALECKI VOCATIONAL-National Honor Society Junior, a friendly but very quiet senior, enjoys playing the piano in his spare time. LOUISE SIMONE MANDAK ACADEMIC-Choir II, III, IV: German Club IV: Class Presi- dent II: National Honor Society Louise expects to go to college to study languages. JANE MANG ACADEMIC-German Club II, III. IV: Tri-Hi-Y II. III. IV: Taleoken Staff IV: College Club: National Honor Society Janie, quiet and reserved, is headed for Thiel College and a future of elementary teaching. DONALD E. MAPPIN ACADEMIC-Choir II, III. IV: Key Club II: Geography Club IV Map. everybody's pal, sees a future in the Air Force. MARIE MARTINEZ ACADEMIC--Tri-Hi-Y II, III. IV: College Club: Taleoken Stal? IV: Leaders Club IV Marie, with a warm smile and cheery word for everv- one, looks forward to college. JOHN MARTS GENERAL-Monitors IV: Camera Club III, IV: Science Club IV John, friendly and ambitious, expects to major in science in college. J OANNE MASSI COMMERCIAL-Tri-Hi-Y III: Commercial Club IV: Red Cross Council Jo is a sparkling personality, who is a prospective secretary. NORMA JEAN MASTERS ACADEMIC-College Club: F.H.A. IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV Norma. with her pleasing smile, is going to college to study elementary teaching. CLAIR MATHABEI. VOCATIONAL-Assembly Staff II. IV: Art Club IV: Red Cross II. III, IV Clair is ambitious to be a draftsman. BARBARA MATISZ COMMERCIAL-Commercial Club IV: Tri-Hi-Y III: National Honor Society: Kentonian Staff IV Barb is an excellent typist and future secretary. NEIL MCCLINTOCK ACADEMIC-National Honor Society Mack expects to attend Carnegie Tech and study electrical engineering. RICHARD MCCLOSKEY VOCATIONAL Dick, a cheerful senior front 212, is a sports enthus- SHELLY K. MCCOLLUM ACADEMIC-Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: F.H.A. IV: Geography Club IV Shelly has been accepted at Indiana State Teachers College to study elementary teaching. iast. MCCOY MCCULLOUGH MCCUTCHEON MCDOWELL MCGREGOR MCJUNKIN MCKALLIP MCKELVEY MCKILLOP IVICKINLEY MCQUAIDE MEANOR MEDLEY MEISNER MENTECKY SEN IORS PATRICIA L. MCCOY ACADEMIC-Tri-I-Ii-Y IV: F.H.A. IV: College Club Pat is a petite blonde with a friendly .smile who expects to go to college. FLORENCE IRENE MCCULLOUGH DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-Tri-Hi-Y IV: D.E. Club Irene, quiet but friendly, has added matrimony to her career. DOROTHY MAE MCCUTCHEON COMMERCIAL-Tri-Hi-Y IV: Commercial Club IV: Kentonian Staff IV Dotty, a coming secretary, is a quiet little girl who is always typing for someone. JAMES McDOWELL ACADEMIC-Hi-Y IV Kosher, who has a crazy laugh, expects to go to college. ELWOOD MCGREGOR VOCATIONAL-Assembly Staff IV: Art Club IV Woody, a Trade School boy, hopes for good job. He's lots of fun. ROGER MCJUNKIN GENERAL-Hi-Y IV: Monitors IV Mac. from 212, has a blond crewcut, is always EILLEEN MCKALLIP COMMERCIAL-Tri-I-Ii-Y IV: Geography Club IV Eilleen. who is friendly and quiet, will make an ex- cellent secretary. CHARLES MCKELVEY VOCATIONAL Chuck has enjoyed his courses in Trade School. l THOMAS MCKILLOP GENERAL--Baseball II, III, IV: Geography Club IV Tom, smiling. friendly, and nice, usually drives a black Ford. THOMAS MCKINLEY ACADEMIC-Choir IV Tom, an ardent pianist and Dixieland Band member, hopes to attend college. GERALDINE MCQUAIDE DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Gerry, with her friendly smile. expects to become a homemaker. MARGARET ELIZABETH MEANOR COMMERCIAL-Choir II: Kentonian Staff II: Tri-Hi-Y III: Commercial Club IV Peggy, a friendly, quiet red head, will do secretarial work. smiling. PENELOPE MEDLEY DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-Senior Tri-Hi-Y: D.E. Club This attractive senior is an active member of the Tri-Hi-Y and the capable president of the D.E. Club. FRANK MEISNER VOCATIONAL Mouse is seen with his friend Andy driving around town almost any evening. PHYLLIS MENTECKY COMMERCIAL-Tri4Hi-Y: National Honor Society: Handbook Staff: Commercial Club: Taleoken Staff: Bank Staff Phil is a hard worker on the Bank Staff, Her future plans include being a secretary. 1956 RICHARD MEYERS ACADEMIC---Choir IV: Hi-Y IV Dick will always remember his good times at Ken Hi and his many friends. BARBARA MILLER GENERAL-F. H. A. II Barb's future plans include being a housewife for which she has prepared by belonging to the Future Homemakers. ROBERT MILLER DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATIGN-D.E. Club Bib, one of our D.E. students, hangs his coat in Room 212. THOMAS MILLER GENERAL--Art Club: Hi-Y: Geography Club Moonhead, as he is known to his friends, enjoys al- most any sport. His plans for the future are uncertain. BARBARA JEAN MITCHELL DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club Mitch always has a ready smile for her many friends. BETTY MARIE MONTGOMERY DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club Though Monty works in the afternoons, she still attends Ken Hi and visits her friends in the mornings. JOHN MONTGOMERY GENERAL-Science Club III, IV Hunting and fishing trips take up most of Jack's time when he isn't busy with school work. CARL MOORE ACADEMIC-Choir II. III, IV: Dramatic Club: junior Town Meeting: Key Club: Assembly Staff: Handbook Staff: National Honor Society This active senior helps to make the Dramatic Club plays a success by his effective management of the lights. ROGER MORGAN ACADEMIC-Key Club II, III, IV: Dramatic Club II, III: Monitors III, IV: Choir II, III, IV Rog can always be seen faithfully watching his corner in the main hall with a friendly smile for everyone. MARY JANE MUDER ACADEMIC-Future Nurses II, III, IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: German Club IV Mary lane's smile and personality will long shine in JUDITH MULLICA COMMERCIAL-Girls Chorus II: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Taleoken Staff IV: F.H.A. IV: Commercial Club IV: National Honor Society Judy is a happy senior whose chief interest is Don. MARSHA NAAMY COMMERCIAL-Girls Chorus II. III: Commercial Club III, IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: F.H.A. II: College Club Marsh, a quiet senior, hopes to become a secretary. ARTHUR NACCARATO DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club Art is a friendly little senior who hangs his hat in 213. HOWARD NADER ACADEMIC-College Club: Key Club Nad is an active senior who enjoys weight lifting. JOSEPH NAVIGLIA our halls. GENERAL Joe enjoys hunting, fishing, and working with cars. MEYERS MILLER, T. MONTGOMERY, J. MUDER NACCARATO 37 MILLER, B MITCHELL MOORE MULLICA NADER MILLER, R. MONTGOMERY, B MORGAN NAAMY NAVIGLIA SEN IORS CAROL NELSON ACADEMIC-Majorettes IV: College Club: Geography Club IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: F.I-I.A. IV: Future Nurses III, IV Carol, a pretty blonde majorette, is anticipating col- GARY NICHOLS GENERAL-Band II, III, IV Nick will be remembered for his fine job as drum JANET OLSON COMMERCIAL-Bank Staff III: Tri-Hi-Y: Librarian: Commercial Clubg Red Cross Council Janet is an active senior who hopes to become a HARRY OMECINSKI VOCATIONAL Omaha spends much of his spare time bowling and fishing. PATRICIA JEAN ORLOWSKI ACADEMIC-Tri-Hi-Y: Taleoken Staff IV This attractive senior enjoys swimming. MARTINA OROSTEK ACADEMIC-Majorettes II, III: Camera Club III: Girls Chorus II, Future Nurses II, III, IV Tina is full of fun and hopes to become a nurse. BARBARA JEAN PARKHILL COMMERCIAL-Majorerres II, III, IV: Mixed Choir II. III, IV: Tri-I-Ii-Y II, III, IV Barb is a peppy senior whose interest includes mainly Tom. lege. major. secretary. RAYMOND PAROBEK ACADEMC Ray is found with a sly little grin on his face. He likes hunting and fishing. ALYCE L. PATTERSON ACADEMIC-Mixed Choir IV: Girls Chorus II, III: Future Nurses: Geography Club: Dramatic Club IV: Leaders Club Better known as Talky, Alyce is an active gal known by all. KATHERINE JEAN PATTERSON COMMERCIAL-Majorettes II, III, IV: Bank Staff III, IV: Commercial Club III, IV: Taleoken Staff IV: Kentonian IV: Dramatic Club IV: Girls Chorus II: National Honor Society Kathy, our head majorette, is a gal with a winning LEYDEN PAULI Butch enjoys riding motorcycles, hunting, and skating. He likes the song "Black Denim Trousers". NANCY PAVLIK COMMERCIAL-Taleoken Staff IV: Commercial Club III, IV: College Club: Girls Chorus II. III This pert senior, who claims dancing as her hobby, hopes to attend Indiana State Teachers College in ADRIANNE PAWLUK S?lNilXlN:lERCIAL-Commercial Club: Library Staff: Bank Staff This attractive brunette likes swimming, dancing, and listening to popular records. GAIL PETTERS COMMERCIAL-Majorettes IV: College Club: Tri-I-li-Y IV: Commercial Club A lively majorette, Gail's interests include Penn State and Pinky. smile. GENERAL the fall. DARLENE PHILLIPS ACADEMIC-Band II, III, IV: Dramatic Club IV: Tri-Hi-Y: College Club: Mixed Choir III. IV Dar is almost always in a hurry. She greets everyone with a friendly "Hi." NELSON NICHOLS t OLSON OMECINSKI ORLOWSKI OROSTEK PARKHILL PAROBEK PATTERSON, A PATTERSON, K. PAULI PAVLIK PAWLUK PETTERS PHILLIPS, D. 38 Tw 3, ggi, lv- XX .AIP PHILLIPS, P. PIROCH PORZECAN SKI QUARLES RANDOLPH PIERCE POLAK POST QUIGLEY REED PIKE POMFRET PRONESTI RADESHAK REEVES 1956 PATRICIA PHILLIPS COMMERCIAL-Class Treasurer II. III. IV: Cheerleaders II. III. IV: Board of Activities II, III. IV: Leaders Club III. IV: Geography Club IV: Tri-I-Ii-Y II. III, IV Pat is a popular senior who has been very active in extra-curricular activities. MARGARET PIERCE COMMERCIAL Margie, a blonde, likes especially to swim and skate and listen to popular records. WILLIAM PIKE ACADEMIC-Band II, III. IV: Mixed Choir III, IV: German Club III. IV: Kentonian Staff IV Bill is a very friendly, active senior who likes music ANDREW PIROCH GENERAL-Art Club This friendly senior is from 213. Amly's main interest JOAN POLAK COMMERCIAL-Majoretres II, III, IV: Choir II, III. IV: Senior Tri-Hi-Y This attractive mnforette l1ll.Y a smile for everyone. Chi Chi is the reigning Miss Poland. JOHN POMFRET Johnny's time is taken up playing golf. He also likes to listen to "Rhythm and Blues." LEOPOLDO PORZECANSKI ACADEMIC-Class Vice-President IV: junior Town Meeting IV: Camera Club IV: Science Club IV: Band IV Lee is our popular foreign student from Uruguay. He has done a wonderful job as our vice-president. RONALD POST VOCATIONAL-Assembly Staff III. IV Ron, a student from 213, is a member of the Assem- bly Staff. He can always be seen with Dot. JANET PRONESTI COMMERCIAL-Majorettes III, IV: Commercial Club IV: Tri- Hi-Y: Art Club III, IV: F.H.A. IV This petite miss is active in the Majorettes and the Art Club. .lan really keeps the mailman busy with her letters to Jupe. DONNA QUARLES DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club IV Suify, as she is called by her friends, is in Miss Patterson's room. CAROLYN QUIGLEY COMMERCIAL-Mixed Choir II, III. IV This pert senior has a friendly smile and a "Hi" JOHN RADESHAK This friendly senior from 214 can be seen driving around town in his Ford. MARIANNE RANDOLPH ACADEMIC-Taleoken Staff IV: F.T.A. IV: College Club: Tri- II, III: Science Club IV: Camera Club III: National Honor ocnety Randy, who always makes the honor roll, is one of the nicest girls in Ken High. DOLORES REED Dolly is a quiet senior from 214. She hopes to be a secretary when she graduates. J EANNE REEVES ACADEMIC-Mixed Choir II, III. IV: Taleoken Staff IV: Hand- book Staff II, III, IV: Dramatic Club IV: College Club: National Honor Society This bright miss is n loyal Ken High fan. Jeannie plans to attend the University of Pittsburgh after graduation. especially. is art. GENERAL for all. GENERAL COMMERCIAL ti REGOLI REMA LEY R IDDLB RODGERS RUSEK REIMER RESEK RISKO ROSS SANDERS REISCH RICE ROBERTS ROSSI SANGERSON SEN IORS .lOHN REGOLI ACADEMIC-Baseball II, III, IV: Basketball II: Hi-Y III, IV Johnnie is a friendly, popular senior who has helped keep our class full of fun. JOHN RICHARD REIMER ACADEMIC-Track II: Monitors III, IV lack, a good-looking member of the class, enjoys DONALD REISCH ACADEMIC-Taleoken Staff IV: College Club: Camera Club II, III. IV: Science Club III, IV Don is an amateur photographer who snaps pictures at games and assemblies. EDWARD REMALEY ACADEMIC-Junior Town Meeting IV: College Club: F.'I'.A. IV: Taleoken Staff IV Intelligent Ed is looking forward to a career in THOMAS RESEK ACADEMIC-Basketball 11, III, IV: Key Club 11, III. IV: College Club: Class Vice-President II Tom, a member of our varsity basketball team. is a welcome addition to the class. CLINTON RICE GENERAL-Mixed Choir II. III. IV: Band IV: Junior Town Meeting II: Key Club II, III, IV: Devotions III, IV: Dramatic Club III, IV Clint plays a French horn and has a baritone voice, The De Molay takes up much of this senior's time. JUDITH RIDDLE DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-Geography Club II Judy is a short, dark-haired senior who is making a success in the business world. WILLIAM RISKO ACADEMIC-Baseball II. III, IV: Hi-Y IV Bill, a future elementary school teacher, .spends most of his spare time playing baseball and fshing. BEVERLY ROBERTS GENERAL-Tri-I-Ii-Y II, III, IV: Future Nurses III This little girl, Bev, looks forward to a happy future with Tom. hunting. teaching. MARILYN RODGERS COMMERCIAL-F.I'I.A. III: Commercial Club IV Morton, a dark-haired future secretary with her happy smile, is popular with her classmates. JOHN ROSS ACADEMIC1Junior Town Meeting II, III, IV: College Club: Taleoken Staff IV: National Honor Society Politics and world affairs are the main interests of Jack for whom we predict great success as a lawyer. DONALD ROSSI GENERAL-Band II, III, IV A car enthusiast, Dino is always ready for a good time. RICHARD RUSEK ACADEMIC Rich, a cheerful senior, is an avid sports fan. NANCY SANDERS GENERAL-Tri-Hi-Y III: College Club Nancy, a clever senior, is often seen with George. MARY SANGERSON COMMERCIAL-Red Cross IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV This cheerful senior is often seen with Dolly. 1956 MARIS SANNER COMMERCIAL-Tri-I-li-Y II, IV Known to be witty, Mare is found with Judy and Sweeney. HARRY SCOTT GENERAL-Geography Club IV Scotty, a good-looking senior, is well liked by all. LOIS SCULCO ACADEMIC-Choir IV: National Honor Society, Cheerleader, Leaders Club, Dramatic Club, College Club Lois is an active senior who has red hair. JOHN SEARIGHT ACADEMIC-junior Town Meeting, National Honor Society, Key Club: Kentonian Staff, Devotions Committee, College Club, Dramatic Club John was in "Our Town." BARBARA SEKSCINSKI DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-Geography II Barb is completing her D.E. course by working at Murphy's. GENE SERAFINE VOCATIONAL Trade school ana' training for a fob keep Geno very busy. JAMES SHAFFER ACADEMIC-Science Club III. IV, Camera Club II, III, IV, College Club Jim is an active senior who enjoys photography. RICHARD SHANK Richard's interests lie in driving and Trade School. RONALD SHARER VOCATIONAL-Band II, III, IV, Dance Band IV Ron's interests lie in music and Trade School. CAROL SHEPHERD COMMERCIAL-Geography Club IV, Tri.:-n.Y IV Carol reports to 214 every morning. She is often seen with Mary. BERNARD SIEMONOF DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Simonize, who is everyone's buddy, plans to enter the Navy after graduation. E SALLY SIMMERS I ACADEMIC-Tri-Hi-Y IV, Leaders Club IV, Science Club IV Our happy wanderer of the Appalachian Trail, Sally, enjoys all sports. VOCATIONAL VICTORIA ROSE SKOHUT COMMERCIAL Petite and friendly, Vicki is happy with all her friends in 315. RONALD LEE SLIFKA ACADEMIC-Hi-Y III. IV, Assembly Staff IV, Science Club IV, Choir III, IV, German Club II, Vice-President of the junior Class Ron, a popular senior, is always the life of the party. CAROL LYNNE SMITH COMMERCIAL-Girls Chorus III, Commercial Club IV, Tri- Hi-Y II, IV With her dark hair and infectious smile, Carol will be an asset to the business world. . Quik. SAN NER SCOTT SEARIGHT SEKSCINSKI SHAFFER SHANK SHEPHERD SIEMONOF SKOHUT SLIFKA 41 SCULCO SERAFINE SHARER SIMMERS SMITH, C. ii .ii SEN IORS ' JANET SMITH COMMERCIAL-Mixed Choir III. IV: Band II, III: Senior Tri-Hi-Y This pert senior, Janet, plays the clarinet in the Band and sings in the Choir. WILLIAM J. SMITH Smitty, who belongs in Mr. Walter's room, is destined for a career in the armed forces. LOIS ANN SMOUSE COMMERCIAL-Band II, III, IV: Mixed Choir III. IV: Senior Tri-Hi-Y: Geography Club IV A pretty senior, Lois has made many friends at Ken MARIE SNYDER COMMERCIAL-Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV: Geography Club IV Marie, often seen with Pat and Janice, would like to become somebody's secretary. PATRICIA SOENTGEN ACADEMIC-Junior Town Meeting II, III. IV: Kentonian Staff IV: Science Club IV: College Club: German Club IV: Taleoken Staff IV: Tri-Hi-Y II, III: Leaders Club IV: Camera Club II. III: National Honor Society Pat, one of the most active members of this year's class, will attend Seton Hill College. VOCATIONAL High. JOHN SOKOL ACADEMIC-German Club III, IV: Science Club IV: College Club: National Honor Society John, fond of math and science, is bound for an engineering school. ELAINE SOLIDA RISTXRIBUTIVE EDUCATION- D.E. Club IV: Majoretzes Elaine, another one of our fine majorettes, likes to dance and tint her hair. .IUDITH SOLOMON COIVIIVIERCIAL-Senior Tri-Hi-Y: Commercial Club IV Jude, who is always with Mare and Sweeney, hopes to become a secretary. BARBARA STANKIEWICZ PISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION--Majorettes III, IV: D.E. Club V Babs, a tall blonde majorette, is vice-president of the D.E. Club. DONNA STEWART COMMERCIAL--Majorettes This quiet little .senior lists swimming, skating, and marching as her hobbies. EVELYN ANN STEWART COMMERCIAL-Geography Club IV: Commercial Club IV: Tri-Hi-Y IV Evie, as her friends call her, is a quiet senior who calls Ken High her home. DAVID STICKLEY ACADEMIC-Key Club II. III, IV: Monitors III, IV Dave, a product of Parnassus, directs traffic at the top of the stairs. PHYLLIS ANN STITT ACADEMIC-Majorettes II, III, IV: Tri-Hi-Y III: Future Nurses II: F.H.A.: Dramatic Club IV Phyl, a smart and active senior, is usually with Pat. GEORGE SUTORKA VOCATIONAL-Assembly Staff III, IV: Art Club IV George hopes to find a job in industry after grad- uation. ROBERT SWANK VOCATIONAI.. Bob is a mild-mnnnered senior who enjoys hunting. SMITH, J. SMITH, W- SNYDER SOENTGEN SOLIDA SOLOMON STEWART, D. STEWART, E. STITT SUTORKA 42 it s, . 5 : R. . , it smouss soicor. srswxmwicz sricxtnv swsmc fe T if SWEENEY TAKOSKY TAYLOR THOMAS THOMPSON TOBIN TOROK TRINCIANTE TURK TURNER TRZECIAK, B. TRZECIAK, T. TROFKA TROMZA TYLINSKI 1956 ARLENE SWEENEY COMMERCIAL-Tri-Hi-Y IV Sween is a vivacious and amiable senior from 315. ' MARION TAKOSKY ACADEMIC-Tri-Hi-Y II, IV: Geography Club IV: College Club: Art Club IV Marion, who enjoys swimming and music, plans to enter college. JANET TAYLOR GENERAL-Mixed Choir III, IV: Girls Chorus II, III: Tri-Hi-Y II, III. IV: Leaders Club III, IV: Future Teachers IV: College Club Jan is a pert senior who has many interests, includ- ing music. SYLVIA THOMAS COMMERCIAL Syl hopes to have a job doing clerical work after graduation. EVELYN THOMPSON DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION-D.E. Club IV Letter writing and popular music are Dolly's special PATRICIA TOBIN ACADEMIC-Cheerleaders II. III, IV: Leaders Club II: Future Nurses II, III, IV: Geography Club IV: College Club Pat hopes to attend college after graduation. ROBERT TOROK hobbies. VOCATIONAL Bob enjoys hunting and nshing. ROSE MARIE TRINCIANTE COMMERCIAL-Majorettes II, III, IV: Choir II, III, IV Dolly, friendly with Pat and Barb, is another one of our snappy majorettes. She is also a top singer in Miss Bruno's Mixed Choir. THOMAS TURK QENERAL-Cross Country III, IV: HLY Turk is especially interested in sports. EARL TURNER ACADEMIC-Assembly Staff III, IV: Science Club IV: National Honor Society The Navy comes after graduation for Smokey, tall and dark-haired. BARBARA TRZECIAK GENERAL-Tri-Hi-Y II. IV Barbara. always smiling, will never forget health THOMAS TRZECIAK ACADEMIC-Monitors: College Club Mot, a tall, good-looking senior, has plans to atteml St. Vincent's College after graduation. BARBARA LEE TROFKA GENERAL-Leaders Club III, IV: Tri'Hi-Y II, III: Geography Club IV: Attendance Staff II, III Trof is an attractive senior who is very active and CAROLINE TROMZA COMMERCIAL-Bank Staff III, IV: Kentonian Staff IV: Leaders Club III, IV: Commercial Club IV: National Honor Society Cal is energetic and always lots of fun. MARY JANE TYLINSKI ACADEMIC-Tri-Hi-Y: Future Nurses Club: Leaders Club Janie's one ambition is to enter Citizens General Hos- pital in the fall. classes. friendly. ,ZX -ii, t .1 URBANY WADDELL WAREHAM WATSON WEBER VANNORT VOEGTLIN WALKER WALSH WASHLASKI WASYLIK WATTERS WAYNER WEITZEN WERTZBERGER 44 SEN IORS CATHERINE URBANY ACADEMIC-Geography Club, Future Nurses Club Citizens General Hospital will claim this quiet senior after graduation. DAVID VANNORT ACADEMIC-Hi-Y, College Club The University of Michigan hopes to enroll Snort in the fall of 1956. DAVID VOEGTLIN ACADEMIC-Hi-Y: College Club V0gie's plans for next year include attending Slippery Rock State Teachers College. CARRIE ANN WADDELL ACADEMIC-Choir II, III, IV, Future Nurses Club Carrie is one of our pretty seniors who will enter nurses training in the fall. BERNARD VVALKER GENERALiTrack II, III, Cross Country III, Assembly Staff Butch is interested in mechanics. He has had good training in audio-visual work. PATRICIA WALSH COMMERCIAL-Leaders Club, Bank Staff, Commercial Club Pat, a blonde-haired senior, has plans for a secre- tarial position after graduation. ANN WAREHAM ACADEMIC-Mixed Choir, National Honor Society, Dramatic Club III, IV, Devotions Committee III. IV, Kentonian Staff IV, Handbook Stall II, III. IV, Taleoken Staff IV, Red Cross Council IV, Leaders Club, Ken High Corner II, III, IV Ann is a popular senior who has a friendly smile as she interviews someone for her Ken High Corner. LORRAINE WASHLASKI COMMERCIAL-Girls Chorus II. III, F.H,A. III, Tri-Hi-Y II, III, IV, Commercial Club, Taleoken Staff IV, National Honor Society Lorraine has a warm smile for everyone. PATRICIA WASYLIK COMMERCIAL-Majorettes III, IV, Tri-Hi-Y IV, Geography Club IV, Red Cross Council IV, Attendance Staff IV Pat, the brunette with shining eyes, always has a ready smile and is willing to lend a hand. ROBERT WATSON Ace joins the crowd in 307 when not at the Trade School Shop. He lzas a winning smile. PHILIP WATTERS Phil likes to hunt, has a pleasing personality, and reports to 307. DOUGLAS WAYNER VOCATIONAL-Art Club IV, Assembly Staff III, IV Douglas will especially remember Mr. Danowitz and the Assembly Stajf GEORGE WEBER ACADEMIC-German Club, Science Club, College Club, Na- tional Honor Society Doc, the walking encyclopedia, will probably go far. He is very friendly and easy-going. ALLAN WEITZEN GENERAL-Bank Staff IV Allan, who is in 307, is usually seen with Tom. MARGARET ANN WERTZBERGER GENERAL-Girls Chorus III, Geography Club, Future Nurses, Tri-Hi-Y IV Peggy, the pert red head, has a glowing personality and will be worth getting sick for. She was a good pizza salesgirl for the Geography Club. VOCATIONAL GENERAL 1956 GENERAL-Art Club II: Track III Tale is rememberea' mostly as a fooball player. Tl1is handsome blond is always a perfect gentleman. DALE WILEY ACADEMIC-Football III. IV Dale, a very quiet student, will always remember the football team. DANIEL WILHELM Dan is quiet, but pleasing, and was especially good in Latin Class. SYLVIA WILHELM ACADEMIC-Girls Chorus III: Future Nurses III. IV: Geogra- phy Club IV Sylv, with her ready smile, will be a good nurse. Her cohort is Catherine. BRATTON WILLIAMS VOCATIONAL Whitey finds a great deal of enjoyment driving his EILENE WOLFE COMMERCIAL-Art Club II. III: Commercial Club IV Wolfe enjoys all types of art-oil painting, sketching -and is good ut them, too. Her hobby is talking. NANCY WOLFE GENERAL-Tri-Hi-Y II. III, IV: Kentonian Staff III, IV: College Club I I Little Wolhe. in 307, a literary critic, loves to read, and usually rooms the halls with Marsha, Monna, OTIS WOLFE Oats is Il Trade School boy who especially enjoys swimming as a pastime. DIAN WOODS GENERAL-Majorettes III, IV: Mixed Choir III. IV: Leaders Club III. IV: Tri-Hi-Y III. IV: F.H.A, IV: Kenronian Staff IV Dee is now training for the Ice Capades. She may be famous one day. LORETTA WYGON I K ACADEMIC-Future Nurses II, III. IV: Science Club IV: College Club Lorie, pleasant and amiable, is looking forward to a career in nursing. RICHARD WYGONIK ACADEMIC'-Choir IV: Science Club IV Genial and talented, Richard spends much spare time playing the accordion. MONNA LEE ZABEC COMMERCIAL-Triel'-Ii-Y II, III. IV Eves that sparkle, full of fun, this vivacious senior, Monna, likes to swim and dance. CHARLES ZALESKI ACADEMIC+Hi-Y IV Chuck, tall and blond, enjoys sports and coin collect- ing as hobbies. MARGARET JEAN ZALUPSKY COMMERCIAL-Commercial Club IV Jolly, loquacious Margie, a future secretary, likes to play tennis and dance. JANET E. ZAYDEL COMMERCIAL-Commercial Club II, III. IV: Taleolcen Staff IV: Kentonian Stall' IV: National Honor Society Quiet and sweet. Janet serves as an excellent school THOMAS ZAYDEL Tom, who likes to play the guitar, can often be seen riding with Otis. BERNADETTE ZOLA COMMERCIAL-Commercial Club IV: Choir III, IV: National Honor Society A quiet, attractive member of our class is Bernie, who plans to enter the business world. PATRICIA STOSIC Patty, who belongs to Room 315, is very quiet and friendly. CLAYTON WILEY ACADEMIC CHL and Janet. VOCATIONAL reporter. VOCATIONAI. GENERAL "wwf Q, Q w. AfnfwN1 -I' I if ' - EASE.. I e 933 X Q- .. sr N - WILEY, C. WILEY, D. WILHELM, S. WILLIAMS WOLFE, N. WOLFE, O. WYGONIK, L. WYGONIK, R. ZALESKI ZALUPSKY ZAYDEL, T. ZOLA WILHELM, D. WOLFE, E. WOODS ZABEC ZAYDEL, J. STOSIC Fllllll-V lmrt. unior Class of 1956 The activities of the Junior Class year goes on. Although the Junior-Senior Prom is responsible for most of the work of the class there are other functions tha functions include assemblies, bookkeeping, and social responsibilities. But the three main functions of the Junior Class are the candv sale the maga7ine sale 'ind h t e Junior-Senior Prom. Work on the candy sale begins in September and continues until Christmas. The work of this campaign is done by the junior girls who sell d . can y until a goal of about 52,000 is reached. This sale raises about ohe-half of the money needed by the class. The second money raising campaign of the Junior Class is the magazine sale that begins in mid October. This sale lasts for four weeks 'ind it raises the other half of the money needed for the class to function After the sales are over and a fine orchestra for the Prom is picked, the work of putting together a Prom begins. This lasts for three months. Then on the linal two davs before the P rom all the decorating of the gym is completed and the work of theijunior Class is over. These three activities of the class are only the main ones but they keep the class working most of the year. are many and varied and increase as the t have to be taken care of also These "Otto," the my nm.vr'0I. loolcrfzl oval' flu' p1'0gl'e.i'.x' of ilu' Hllllifllillll' C'llHlI7tllglI, wlzila zluily high .S'lIlt'.Ylllt'll rc'c'vix'czl vnwazlr- IItLfl'llI0lIf from Alun Puri. 46 if t'!IHll'l'N on jun wr girls 1'l'Ull'lI'lll,Q urolllm' ni Go.w!ri'.x flvxlc ru l'.Yf'lIIllI,L'l I P111 Burnett First Row: Steve Fryncko, Rose Marie Pccardo. William Kraft. Alam . . Second Row: Mr. Bzthztlis, Mrs. Terwilliger, Miss Gosetti. Mrs. Thonipsort. Mr. Mr, Fra7ier umor Class Officers PI'C'.S'flfC'III ALAN PA'I'z Vive-Presidenr XVILLIAM KRAIf'r Sevrerary ROSE MARIE PECARDII Treasurer STEVE FRYNCKO Spwzsar-s MR. BAIIALIS, MRS. TERWILLIGIQR, MISS GOSETTI, MRS. THOMPSON, MR. BURNETT, MR. FRAZIIER 47 s a . . . F . . l ,,.E.Q Z1, . '.,.' , K1 I -.:, it P ID- u . 1 f oi. if A W I xy ' - Q. ' K. . K-K. 53, - A . i .XF - . , -- , . . ' A X 51 it .QQ 2 - L l 3 6 if' 25 4 V A A v A LK.. A ' Q M gf Q 'N l ,iii f D EA Q:" l 1 :ff i - xv . 5 W h,A ' A X A A E X i A l 1 1.4 ' 2 . . i R ' . 1 zlk., 1 . I Q. .. 1 ,E A ' k ai - Tv, 5 . j F. R :..f - . A 1 :-,. ZNV K : K F i F V , s. A me 3. f ,..........,f ,,........... . - L53 f 2: Q . . First Row: M. Aekles. .l. Adams. W. Adams. W. Adamsky. .l. Adkins Second Row: l.. Akins. D. Ameres. G. Arabia. R Archibald. .l. Bailey l'hird Row: Ci. Ballard. B. Baumann. D. Beatty B. Becker. R. Bednarik Fourth Row: B. Bellas. P. Bentley. A. Bergad. R. Her- linski. M. Herta. T. Black. B. Blaniar. .l. Block l.. Bohickylf Borrelli I-'ilithk,+lovvf'R. M. Bougher. G. Braslimeld. R. Brewer' i ' N - . N 5 .L . X X. X l Y 2 E . AA A . i f ttttf. .E 3 is lf" t ' I ' J. Brooks. A. Bruni. P. Buiseh. W. Burke. R. Burl- baugh. A. Caliliore, .l. Caliliore Sixth Row: R. Campitella. F. Carahin. M. Carrop. A. Cepull, .l. Chmiel. A. Cianeutti. G. Compton. E. Cook. M. Cook. A. Covert Seventh Row: M. Coward. Ci. Cowen. M. Cowen. S. Croyle. .I. Crusan. .l. Dahm. l.. Davis. U. DeFloi'io. I.. Dominik. M. .l. Double Eighth Row: .l. Drake, F. Draper. H. Dudek. M. Dudek. R. Dunkel. N. lidwards. T. lilston. G. Fmmert. C. Fndlieh. N. Fndlieh JUNIOR x -2. K' Y K' 'W J 'ii f M N t X 5 Q'i Q '55 1' S "va, fi is R M K Q.. if W A t N J W M SH? are t X J , fr! N K K W X 1X'- 7 I 1-v QI 8 I Q st tht f .- ' N i jr km is r ,.,, Q 'sb s QL . sss X F 1 . J ... .. in u F K ' ' , G 1 sf.- .' Q Q . -Q , X X .u 5 , F Q A 'xiii Q 1fL F Yi. First Row: M. Fabrick. J. Faith, R. Falcon. R. Feb- hraro. V. Feil Second Row: M. Fester. l.. Finney. J. Fiscus. C. Fisk. Fitch Third Row: J. Fix. J. Flinn. C. Flynn. C. France. E Frederick Fourth Row: C. Galzerano, S. Fryncko. B. Fry. P. French, S. Freeman. B. Gaston. R. George. P. Ger- hart. E. Germanic. D. Gilkey Fifth Row: Y. Gillis. C. Giordano. F. Girardi. C. Gorleski. .l. Grammar, G. Grayson, M. Guiney. A Gutgscll. R. Hass. G. Hahura Sixth Row: J. Hahura. R. Hack. R. Hajel. N. Han- cock. D. Hand. M. Hansotte, M. Hardy. D. Harsh- herger. W. Hartmann. H. Hawk Seventh Row: D. Heckman. P. Helcnski. D. Hemp- seed. D. Hem'y. R. Heuser. F. Heuvcl. H. Houser M. Hudak. M. Hudson. S. Huntington Eighth Row: D. Hutchison. C. Huth. J. Jackson. J Johnston. F. Jones. W. Justham. C. Kane. J. Kane R. Kapustik, S. Karpinski x a X , t 5 f ... .P PY P liiggf WWE 5. .1 X -4' , . , , ..- ivgixi' '1 'fig . h '5'.zf'Y4 xt Li : VN e.1:'L-fieg' 5Skr.1:1f2:' is .. , , ., bk 5 32, gm? me A 4 k Q xl X u. ar 'il 'J I' I V . x 'N 2 . I .. . .k.k V 4 h i. . . il . J J . x 5 yr J fl - ig., . ., I .K ' Qb - x 1 H 5 : K . .3 AL .ik LN,. S J A A L .I .., 1 . . f. , K V 5' 15 1 . x . ..-. J sx . ' t A Asif A . A . uf A . " in J , , E J 'Q ' 5 Ale. s . 3.5 ix .gil Y 4 all , . ff S K ., .. .S 1 3 I was 1' A . J A A 2 S A ff eg" Q E k .. K "tt T' 'f,. 27 .- ' ft 'Qi .S S M L Q ,,. , A K J lg 5 J? X 1 H ',,. , . A K . I N J . F Z: . K .,:- S.. -as H . ,. 5. 5 QL . J V l A."-T 57 D F 1 A , - . ig Sr' I 3 ., Vg L' mm, K J QXMQ Sei .qhuli tfk. - J QU's7k Q .Sl e . ,,Q, A .,,J,. .,A,. 1 1 C :XN . N D I . m e - i l it G , , - I J . L . . X .X f ' i A ' First Row: R. Keezmer. J. Kelley. P. Kempinski. P. l.aRussa. R. Lztczek. T. Lasher. li. l.eehel. R. Kengor. J. Kenmuir Second Row: K. Kennedy. P. Kihurt. M. Kirkwood. J. Klimz1xhk0.C. Knapp Third Row: W. Kobelenske. P. Kondek. R. Kormn. F. Kosmok. li. Kowztlkowski Fourth Row: R. Kozel. J. Koziurski. B. Kraft. M. Krause. D. Krider. G. Kriatof. J. Krompltz. M. Kulick. M. Kunicki. C. Kuras Fifth Row: J. Kuslock. J. Kyllonen. S. J.li2lIll.1,J . . 11 .-,J X, J X . I ' C X1 X4 x A Leeger, J. lesky. H. Lekniuk Sixth Row: A. levendokky. B. l.evine. D. Lewzmdow- ski. N. lewis. P. Listwuk. R. litz. M. Long. .l. Louviziux. A. l.ovic. A. l.ucchetti Seventh Row: B. ludwick. T. l.utly. C. Lukomski. J. Lukomski. .l. Mugowan. F. Maier. M. Munjuck. C. Mannella. R. Murini. P. Marriott Eighth Row: F.. Mutisz. H. Mztttern. J. Mzizur. M. lN'laZur. W. MeAlister. C. McBride. A. McCloskey. R. McCoy. J. McCullough. J. MeCrue UN IOR s i ' f s Q' a t J' ' ., .kk gf 'A i l 5 X xx tl KJ x l L '- J A x wi As 5 , . i V ' V tl X x S Y fi is J A . -1.1. az A . . J .sr f x fx 3 . at 'F fir Q ""'- 'Sgt . . - J . .lf . . ,. . W -1 5' P lg, Y S J .gi jx fu We LL t .. ' 6 , 2 1' xy X . . . .- V . K J Q. . N i, my rg 5 tm. , is K yi K N W E . g. vt- A .x I A+. .. First Row: J. Mcllwain, J. Mclntire. K. McKinney. C. Medley. J. Merrick Second Row: D. l.. Meyers, K. Michel. A. Mikesell. T. Miles. D. Miller Third Row: D. Mitchell. D. Mitchell. A. Moore. K. Morran. R. Morgan Fourth Row: G. Morton. P. Mosher. M. Murdoch. D. Murray. K. Murray. D. Myers. D. Myers. l.. Namey. P. Napierkowski. D. Neasi Fifth Row: E. Norrick. l.. Orkis. B. Orszulak. CP. -is tr rf J' N , F if - ' A 'ti in as . P .- . 'HP' F 'GQ . 13 X i Us I PM i i iiloysge A Ql F' A e ' . A FJ.. . ll Q- .1 5 A , K . 2 .- in K . E .'.. . . 'E i".-., ,.,, -,M .jx '-,'. D K - " ' J . 5 . ..-. PS.. 54 --. Osburn. K. Page. A. Panian. N. Parker. M. Patera. A. Patz. D. Paulovich Sixth Row: E. Pearlman. R. M. Pecardo. R. Peck N. Pelino. W. Penman. l.. Pentek. R. Perriello. G Perry. J. Pessolano. R. Phillips Seventh Row: M. Pisano. G. Pronesti. B. Protzek B. Prouser. E. Pugslcy. J. Ray. B. Rea, R. Recd B. Reitler. B. Roberts Eighth Row: J. Roberts. C. Roethele, J. Rogerson. R. Romeo. W. Rowles. R. Rowley. W. Roys. J. Ru W ski. J. Rupp. B. Rusek , 1 . -7' if f0 . 7 1 N ffffftkfwvm . Af.. ' -f2ffz,f'f!M17 K.- 5. tj 5- ga Q' ai, M N1 K s uh 2 . . ii fl ' .. A . ,H W .gf . aj: K 1 kg. 5 ' W-7 j TE 1 Ox 3 ' lm... g X 5 T271 -, .... , V' W .W ft I L .. f 5? " V Q-T 1 , , V . I . g 34 . , Nm in m LXL5 Ls Q 2 55,5 use X ii it 0 t A K' sl C ig, " fi .I I A ni .V in 4 , . - fii f . . , .X ' Y 1 I .. . 1 ., 3 wx. ' P, -.X l , ,-351. , iv ' 1 El f S' - f 4, .E , x V z k ,V ,W , --.W U.: f',., -I QT: . I S in ' R I f ii -A 4 - R Q if i F .1 R- . . . a . f a W- - x . i R T f X ix x X rj ' W x . I Q ' I .fn is f f ix 'ii .L ,,.. .ig-fa nf?" 3 ' I tx , , lf at Q kg K V . -x -S1 E ' , A HJ ' R A .g - ' . m . f' 2 f I rl NJ X . To 15kt a 4 . I R if ' mx A ltuu . M.. " ,. . R 4 ., . i if 'A 'F R H .N K- K ky C... .. R as K. K Q Rn . , . , ,. .,.. .r - .f i. . , w , L,,f . . ms.. M . x f K 1 ' jg I 53. X. X' l ' . fm A fsnb A 1 Q , J . tala . ,. a . . a . f A-S gif: :I i af ' L Lv' , .'- J J ..... V. 1 Q 1 Eff Lg aaii 1 ' First Row: Ryan. S. Ryan, M. Ryba. R. Rychlik. M. Rzecz- kowski. W. Sams. G, Sanders. E. H. Schafer Second Row: R. Seijo. j. Sennetr, R. Serventi. B. Scylnold. B, Shaffer. R F. Shank Third Row: L. Shank. E. Sharpe, P. Sicilia. R. Silverman. R. Sinclair. J. Sopko Fourth Row: D. Spana. S. Speer. E. Srolca. N. Stafford. R. Srokowski. J. Sweeney Fifth Row: Swutof. K. Sylalc. P, Sangerson. R. Santoro. Serafine. C. Seria. Cv. . Shamblin, B, Shannon Shiring. N. Shrum. T J. Smith. F. Snizaski Spencer. Spillers. P. C. Stone, P. Sullivan Symionof. N. Sypenick. C. Tadrzak. C. Tadrzak. C. Tarkowbki. C. Taylor. F. Thomas. Thrower Sixth Row: M. Thrower. Tinstxnau. F. Tiziani. Y. Tocco. S. Torok. Touchstone. O. Trains. S. Troutman. Vallev. Nl. Vellri Row' E Venglik. Vernam. A. Verzinslci. C. Vitale. Seventh . . K, Vorlage. W. Wagner. S. Walker. R. Walter, C. Wcsr. C. Wetzel Eighth Row' W Whitaker. L. Willa, C. Witcher. C. Wolf. J. Wolie, Wolfe. Woods, N. Woomer. M. Wray. J. Wright Ninth Row: W. Wright. E. Yarcma. Zajdel. R. Zaleski. T. Zaleski. A. Zappala. R. Zenrncr. P. Zilncr JUNIOR X Y I S " X as QQ----.w....-gg 5 gg . Q 39? N NP ,. wb? if , ,r 'S Q x we xv- Q gf X . wil .. J'-4 1 ,af as fig Li' J Y' :YL X Q , , J qt ,, qwm V' . T' 1 J' T. D 'I r na'- rxx I W Tw X if-fp KU ky ' X 1 X if --if M A lvuf nntvlvoolx is the topic of ilia- c'11.v.x'im1 by Illl'.Yt' .XIlltll'll1.X'. Sophomore Class of 1956 The Sophomore Class began their hrst year at Ken Hi with an orientation pro- gram on the first afternoon of school. Mr. Miller presided and presented Mr. Oliver and other special teachers to the sophomores. This program was followed by a tour of the building. A later assembly acquainted the sophomores with clubs and other organizations. Then came individual interviews with the guidance counselors. Miss Eiges and Mr. Keiser, concerning future plans and courses ol' study. The sophomores then turned their attention to raising money for the Sopho- more Hop, by selling candy on four successive Fridays. Some ol' the more talented sophomores entertained at the sophomore assemblies. The year was not all play. however, as the sophomores were required to take an l.Q. and a preference test. As the school year came to a close a few sophomores got a peek-in at the Junior- Senior Prom as special aides. Tri-Ili-Y IlH'IIllTl'I'.V lmrv if vainly mlv. Drum' lllltl Amir nrt' lzwzalual for lIvrrmmlo'.x lIftll'1Ill'll-X V Morgan. Miss Hood. Miss Olmer First Row: S. Heid, . Second Row: B. Shaw, E. Collodi Sophomore Class Officers President . . , .EUGENE COLLODI Vice-President , . VIRGINIA MORGAN Secretary . .. . . SUSAN HEID Treasurer , .. . I BRUCE SHAW Sponsors . . I IMISS Hoon, MISS OLMER 55 H' . ,,., ...i ,.Qf:. ' 5 tiiai X I , 'ISV . . J Q ,gugf.. 7 2 Q R. Mfg it I . f S it :Ai I. it I X ' FX. A I . K K 'K A If. . A jeg X Q . K.. x K 5 5' .Qi 2 N. ' I . K I i I 'Qi I Ti X A t ii ii X t"'i.g?i'LZi -i. 1 T' T . iw T J RM f" .,'t -I if - 5 lb ?,h bu Z S S iw : ,. Egg. qggd 5? T 'iif. if f fr J Ti T is T if E . f,.'. IQ' , is 1 Q i ii lin. if " A L I QS 3 I .,.: : H? - .-: fl- - .tr -' 2 I X. I MTB tx f 235553 EWiigPz e.ea!E:. afiv? i,i 1 .ig fit 1 . if .fik fkig , tm ew .E is . 1 .i.xQ.i . 1x.s?wQ.' A... , A t jfiil-LR . 'T . 'T . T ' fix it ia. First Row: S. Ahrzthzun. C. Aftunztn. I.. Anderson. .I. Andrziny. R. Amuni Second Row: D. Aruhizt. S. Amhiai. T. Arhutiski. R. Aysse. N. Baker Third Row: R. Baker. R. M. Bzixtzt. S. Beck. P. Bergmann. .l. Berkohcn I-'ourth Row: .I. Berlinski. ID. Bcrtti. CI Bianco, C. Bishop, M. Bixhop, B. Bitair. R. Bitair. A. Black. D. Black. .l. Bluir I-'ifth Rowi A. Blandford. T. Boguny. Cf Booth, .I. Boxzik. M. Bosuk. Ii. Bouru. M. .I. Bowers. Ii. Bowser. .I. Bowser. W. Bowser Sixth Row: E. Brooks, I.. Brooks. M. I.. Brothers. D. Brown. K. Browne. M. Bryant. J. Bubcn heim. S. Burgzirt. M. Burke. W. Burke Seventh Row: K. Burkett. D. Fztemzir. C. Famp. K. Campbell. I. C'umphcII. B. Cunning. R. Cztppcllo. M. Cappone. W. Curion. S. Carter Eighth Row: I-'. Caruso. T. Chulfztnt. D. Chambers. B. C'hui'ckon. C. Chezithzun. B. Chcckeyc. B. Cicolini, F. Cipollone. NI. f'Iontz. F, Clowes SOPHOMOREI J gg' f . 5 T T f . K t L1 . 6 t . Lf' 3 x . 1 f' 'Q f . - ffl -- isa , T3 ... 'J L :gig I L E" .. V P :KL i .- ii 6 , fl 5 4 rr - ' A 5 59591 if . 1':h ' . ., , t s - was t T N':'- ' h" . 1 aa ' 'L p 3 4 t kk ' .37 L . f .a 2. 1 K sf UK, A' f- J 1. First Row: E. Collodi. E. Cook. W. Cook. J. . I Q. W K K5 .,. P' J 2 -, ,. x .Q e s Couehnrtn. D. Coury . ..,. iF F .t N A i t .sk ...-"" Q ' ' Q. R Second Row: A. Couturiaux. P. Cowfer. F. Cox. R. Craven. S. Crutehman Third Row: l.. D'AChille. F. Damhroski, K. Dananay, B. Daniels. H. Davis Fourth Row: C. Davis. D. Davis. R. Davis. W. Davis, .l. Del Duea. D. DeMao. R. Drake. M Drew. R. Domianiek. A. Duerr Fifth Row: W. Dunlap. M. Duvall, R. Dzurovcin. G. Easley. .I. Eherhardt. G. Elwood T. Estenfelder, G. Evans, B. Ewing. R. Ewing Sixth Row: T. Faith. W. Faith. .l. Farneth, D. Fassett. K. Fassett. N. Feola. P. l-esta. T. Fill gerald. C. Flenory. M. Fletcher Seventh Row: P. Fogle. D. Forbes. A. Fox. R. Fronduti. E. Fularz. .l. Eularl, T. Eularv E. Furniss. R. Fulton. C. Gate-1 Eighth Row: G. Gavhart, P. Gazdo, B. Gensamer. l. Ciensbigler. D. Gilbert. C. Girartli M. Golon. A. Gonella. D. Gorlewski. T. Gorney l956 .N 'A Q13 " if . 1 Ani VERA 0. 2. 6? L as-j ! . :N 5 1 Q fam R .. .H he 1 'F- K. '2' -,HW . Ivy-s A u t ' G is A""?' :QD .ji gli .z , x H S' if K 1 g ,.,A.,A AM. fa, N. My ff -ng ggxox. ...T . L--4 3 a Y..,W..- 1 s a I' gr, Q: .. 3' . -my X X ?tf+irfV' g Xl . K A R use ' 2 -qv. , S ,,.: I S J .g y W . . ,y 6 .U s, ., .ix 1 . i J P B 'se S ' 5 J Aj' K' .'vW Q N ,g it f " . :-" - . . 2 4 f A :,, K - Qllf , ' ' , 1 .'. -. ' in ,- ff li 5' A D' aft: A 3 ' : . 1 P . g tJ g AY K .. W MV K L , , ki.. 7 7 ? Q .L , l First Row: J. Goss. N. Gould. J. Grabowski. F. Grando, J. Grantz Second Row: G. Gray. A. Grazier, W. Green. G. Gregg. P. Guida Third Row: P. Guiney, .l. Gutknecht. F. Guzik. D. Habura, .l. Haddad Fourth Row: D. Hnladik. S. Harrick, H. Haser. B. Hasson. C. Hawk. G. Hazlett. G Heavner, H. Heavner. D. Heffelhnger. S. Hegedus Fifth Row: S. Heid, B. Helenski. T. Henderson, M. Henkel, M. Hess. H. Hessom. R. Hill. B. Hilliard, R. Hollis. R. Holloway Sixth Row: P. Householder. I.. Hughes. R. Hutcherson. J. Hydock. V. lgnozzi. W. lmm. S. lwanski. B. .lackson. .J. Jaraczy. B. .Johnson Seventh Row: J. .lohnson. M. Johnson. T. Johnson. W. Johnston. N. Jones. E. Joyce. A. Juiliani. D. Kaforey. S. Kaminski. S. Kapalka Eighth Row: M. Keller. .l. Kelley. G. Kendall. F. Kerr, R. Khalil. A. King. D. Kipp. T. Knosky. M. Kobelenske. M. Komora SOPHOMORES K y . .., s - X G 'N tl .- . M - X ,div Y . - Xe . l?nf'ff't tx. X ' "A JUS' lf 7 wwf. s I . . .gl . Q35 t J . ti J S es. is saw 'J Lx t i s 5. 4 K QS.. Ill Q 5 m 1 - A s ik it A I i i N N is A viii ' X . M fa ' -T is v Pvt ,V owl i Kfgi l i is . tJ ' . XB' 7 A A 1 .ti f 'T iw I --N I K .,s x . I! l i ' 2 X . 1 S X f i E . . fr t First Row: B. Koneski. J. Kopelmztn. R. Kopczynski. M. Korenowski, B. Kozztr Second Row: L. Korzon. P. Kosheba. R. Kovuch. M. Kowal, B. Kowzilkowski Third Row: P. Kowulkowski. E. Krcitzer. R. Kruse. F. Kubizik. L. Kuchairski Fourth Row: L. Lumhermont, P. Luskey, B. Lavery, H. Leslie, D. Lesniuk. A. Lessig. F Linderman, M. Link, J. Liotta. J. Lipinski Fifth Row: .l. Lizzi, R. Loughrun, R. Luhresky. T. Lubresky. J. Manga, A. Mzigrini. F. Marino D. Marriott, B. Martucci. M. Mamiale Sixth Row: G. Matyas. G. Maxwell. .l. Maxwell. .l. McCall. .L McCullough. P. Mcfutcheon C. McEIwain. S. McGeary, J. McGivern. J. McGregor Seventh Row: S. McKee, J. Medley, N. Medley, R. Mester, C. Meyer, S. Meyers, E. Michel C. Miles. E. Miller. L. Miller Eighth Row: S. Miller. P. Misczzik, K. Mishler, .l. Modolo. P. Monsouir. V. Montgomery B. Moore. S. Moore. P. Moore, V. Morgan 59 5 Q- . K s ,- .kl x Q Q 'Q :rf.veeoe . 5 W . X :sf ' wr gl ffv9i':' A . ' N kip? K , Xi V l 'Wh . P U . ,, X . ff. , . f" iw ik -2: . .1 6 . is 1? H? :R . .Q , . gf r x .2 , , ., + I .ii . tll I . ' ., if 1, '-'-. f X . :., 5, ii , .x I 'A if -31 1 . W . ...ZF X X In Ui . ' , ,.L,r In K4 Xkri 1 X fkm iw if Vi 0 Q X X ,gl . . P , . jx K ij ,, Fha . ! K' ' if Q XX x-N' w i K K . .Q . ' ..::':,, 'if Q 1' ,.L . Rf- - up K .Q Q . 1 i' Q. Q' :52 q,,:1, ., W W i . - 1 hzwr Q Eff? 9 Q ln V NK' I Q. i rr.. f' g k, L is I ii eg . .gf J 'nf . Q . r wx my wgqs N97 YE y X 3 Q35 X lwui Row: R. lVlui'r.m. D, IVIUM-N. Ii. Minh-x'. H. Nluller. L. Murnr SL-rmwl Row: H, Nlurphv. M Mvvr.. Li Navigha. P. Nealer. P, Nviiimlu lmnih Rum: ci. min.-ii. is 1 J P if.. ..,. ihircl Row: R. Ni-lxun. S. Nnvsly. N. Nm: Ci. Nora. C. Oliver ii. OQNL-ll. Nl. K5rrhik. iii. Qjrmchher. R. Orrin. hirohcl-4. W. Pavurvk, B. Pnvlik. D. Peck. l, ,. llitih Row: K. Pvrllciio, R, Prrrlciiu. K. Poasnlano. T. PL-thvrifk. H. ilhilhpx.. S Pu-rfv IJ Piku. G, Pirnfh. S. Pirrone. lf. Phulxxuu Sixrh Row: K. Ni. A, Presl-c L. Puglim Sv.-vonrh Row: R. Rvmich. Pol-cram. I. Pulczvnbkm. Cf. Pmnirvl, H. Powell. en. D. Prmkvv. S. Prima. rl. Pryor. l.. Pryor. K. Qmglcy. Radakvr. l.. R1-nd, E. Runmlcy. T. Rice. Ci. Rim-Ck. Ii, Risko. W. Rodriguvl. l.. Rogomnaki Eighmh Row: Roll. R. Romlg. Rnmk. D. Roxen, C. Rom. C. Rozpicrwki. Rufkun. A. Rumu, C. Rychlik. D. Rygclmkl Ninth Row: R. Snrfanmno. N, Samx. H. Srhaefvr, Ci. Srhaller. A. Schielrnma. ,I Si-hh-kar. P. Schmitt. S. Schwartz. C. Stott. K. Svigwnrth SOPHOMORE! - 11" as S l Y ws C : A 1 X , 555, . . Q 5 -'wx Q5 1, N 3 , 'X Q . . 5, gi K3-,ggi R W... gg, N . Q ., . Y X 'Ah l xl 1 l Ai W. . X il. H , . S fl ." ks' f ,av-.N ' f . A A ix ki' K 1 . xy. A N K t. " J' . A-E5 i , , .I X8 1 X if . gg I x ' - sr 5 f f- - iftzr' . if 4, x f' +2 kt A . J k .IA X k X l kj X si - .. - . l ' 1' X First Row: Scijo. R. Sol-cula. B. Svnnett. L. Scnnett. L. Sevifk 956 S1-fond Row: P, Sharkey. B, Shaw. N. Shaw. H, Shearer. Shoncslcy Third Row: A. Shulcia, G. Smith. H. Smith. l., Smith. L, Solomon Fourth Row: G, Sprumont. L. Siapen. S. Stayur. R. Stevens. P. Strenkowski. S. Stringfim-ld. Studebaker. M. Suclnlk. 1. Sullivan. W. Swank Fifth Row: rl. Swvotland. W. Smyna. D. Szvmanski. C. Thomas. J. Thomas. M. Thompson. K. Thornton. P. Timmins. T. Timura. li. Tiziani Q I r C, x-- E Y fi . X 'sb 5 Q. Y X ,5 C .. K In 1 i xi ln 53 E NS , C C X C C V Ja' L . ix 'Ts s lk. EY Xp X if: v X - ' w ll-.Y 1 ' R . . L. x - '- , A L ii Qi x xl 'fs l K ll xr M 1 Q .... :Q ig .SA '-., 3. 95 Lf I B W, l fgvwfxi, . L , . Y... at Sixth Row: Torok. D. Trzeciak, L. Trzvciak. W. Turner I. Tvlixiski. M. Unfapher. P. Uptvgraph. L, Vanrine. R. Veitch. C, Vensel Seventh Row: Venus. C. Verncr. M. Vining. D. Walkt-r. K. Walsl1. T. Watsoia. Waugl1. L, Wl1cclcr. L. Whipp. L. White Eighth Row: P. Widmcr. D. Wiley. G. Willard. Williams. 1. Willianmb, WiIliai115. M. Wilnurx. j. Wojzasii15ki, J. Wood. F, Woodivard Ninth Row: J. Zahorsky. C. Zaydel. R. Zavdt-l, H. Zvdlalc. R. Zeolla. W. Zimmerman. Zingrovc. D. Zipp. Zipp J- W xg' Q ,gg x A B 4 . .gg Af . 4 sf A . ...s . ki.. F. , XA, H W- l pf 1' V ' Prom couples were all smiles as they posed for the cameraman. Ann and Rol were snapped coming in. Those long lines on the dance tloor were part of the "bunny hop," Members ofthe class of '56 posed in front ot' the pillars while others watched the proceedings from their seats. Judy Bailey and Ron- nie Slifka, Barbara Parkhill and Tom Miller admire the elaborate decorations. 'xiii T111 ,kk N1X .l,, ,x N 1' H Working on wriim' panels ure Clmrlnitv, Pat, June, !Vluriz'. um! Mnriunnta Through the television screen we see members ofthe Taleoken Staif working on the subscriptions, pictures, advertisements, and typing. Members of the stat? along with Miss Boucher and Mr. Keiser worked hard and sometimes long hours prepar- ing this year's TALEOKEN. I'l1yIli.v, Jwilzrm. will Murizm nrt' rvmling tIlfYf'l'fiAill,Lf Rol, Jac-A, Ed, Pliyllis, Aflvln, um! Fam! vlwrl. Tulvokcri proof whilv Put. Arzrm, mul lhqqilzu look nwr their .x'1lh.x'c'rip1ior1 li.s'I.s. slzuulflvrs. D Colon C. lforlwx. IIrsr Row: P. Nlentefky. P. Orlowgki. B, Hrnwn. Zayclel. P. Soentgen. M. Baumann. . Second Row: MIAA Bourlwr. A. Cipollone, M, Borrelli. K. Patterson, P. Heise, P. Keignn. lVlIIllIr:I. N. Pavhk. M. Martinez. I.. Waslnlaski. R. Belli. P. Hogany. Mr, Kaiser nrd Row: Rom.. lf. RL-Inalvy, D. RI-ixclm. R, Collins., ,l. Shaffer. Reeves. C. Hogg. A. WIIrI-IIIIIII. Nl. Run dolph. Nlang Taleoken Staff l'D-Edirmnv . . ROLLIN COLLINS, JACK Ross .fl.S'.S0l'itlfl' Eflimr . .,.,. ANN WAREIIAM l1'llff0I'ftl1A.X'.Yf.K'fllllf.X' . . lWARlON BAUMANN, REGINA BELLI, PIIYLLIS BOGANY. BARBARA BROWN. ADELA CIROLLONE. DOLORES Go- LON, CHARLOTTE HOGG, PATRICIA KEIGAN, JANE MANG, MARIE MAR- TINEz, JUDY MULLICA, PATRICIA ORLOWSKI. NANCY PAVLIK, MARI- ANNE RANDOLPH, JEANNE REEVES, EDWARD R E M A L E Y. PATRICIA SOENIUEN .S'pnrr.v Edimr ..,.. ROLLIN COLLINS 1'ypi.v1.I- . JAN!-fl ZAYDEL, KATHERINE PATTER- SON. CAROL FORBES. MARY BOR- RELLI, PEGGY HEISE, PHYLLIS MEN- 'I'IaCIcY, LORRAINE WASHLASKI PlIl!f0j,'P'tlf7llf'l'A' JAMES SIIAEFER, DONALD REISCII . JOIIN L. KIaIsER, l.UCRE'I'lA BDUCIIER Spm1.I'0r.v 65 Firsr Row: N. Link N W . . olfe. D. McCulcheOn. B. Marisz. C. Tromva, Kunea, P, Sharkev. A, jiulizmn P, Meanor, V. Morgan. P. Heise. K. Patterson. D, Woods, Second Row: Miss Rubbell, H. Scott. G. Weber. P. Soentgen. M. Drew. C. Hogg. M. L. Gregory. J. Zaydol J. Kelley. G. Cebula, R. Korzon, W. Pike. A. Wareham. Mr. Shearer Third Row: G, Frederick. J, Cvensbigler. A. Duerr. B. Hartman. Searight. R. Collins. Shaffer. R. Brooks. D, Lewis ' if Kentonlan Sta Editor . . GEORGE FREDERICK A.v.xOc'i11l1' Iirlimr . . ANN WAREHAM Nvwx Iiilizwzi . . DIAN WOODS, PA I' SOENTGILN I-'euinn' Edizmav . .... . ALBERT ELIAS. NANCY W0l.lfli Spam- Edimf-.v . JOHN SEARIGHT, Blll. PIKE, JOE GENSBIOLER, ROLLIN COLLINS llapfirzmmr Edimm ..... GEORGE WEBER. JAMES LAOOON Club Eflitorx . KATHERINE PATTERSON. PEGGY HEISIE Suplmmorc Eu'imr.v . . ARVID DUERR, PAT SHARKEY AJ'IfA'I.Y . . CHARLO'I'I'E HOOG, MARILYN DREW Plmrogruplwrx , , . BILL HARTMAN, CAMERA CLUB Iffffmrrmav ROGER BROOKS, MhRV COOPER, JOHN KELLLY, DON LEWIS, HARRY SCOI1, GREG CEBUIA, ROBERT KORZON, NANCY LINK, .lANli'I' ZAYIIEI.. VIRGINIA MORGAN 1',vpi.w1A DOROTHY MCCiU'lCiiEON. BARBARA MA'I'lSl. CAROLYN TROMZA, MARY LOU GREOORY, PEGGY MEANOR, BONNIE JONES. JUNE KLINES A1lvi.wr.i .....,. Miss MAR'l'HA R U5bI:l.L, MR. WALlhR SHEARER 'Hr Millw' mu tary Q A ifaiinn uwctirzg. Farsi Row: Pl, lwlaser. P. Kempinski. P, Phillips, Nl. l"lcIfl1vr. Dulci- Sernnd Row: W. Kraft, Lagoon. L, Porleranski, B. Shaw Third Row: Mr. Oliver, Miss Boucher. Mr. Miller Board of Activities in honor for any stu e Membership on t e z . are elected by their classmates for periods of one or three years. These, with four faculty members and a secretary, constitute the board. The chief duty of the Board of Activities is to regulate the extra-curricular activities in the high school. lhese include approving organization of new clubs, securing sponsors. arranging exchange assemblies, and other school assemblies, and sponsoring dances after basketball games. Eagerly anticipated each year is the Board ot' Activities banquet attended esentative and faculty sponsor of each organization. h Boxrd of Activities is 1 d nt. Students by a student rcpr anim Luqnmi, lIrm'c Slinug um! Molly f'ilt'lI'lll'l ' r'lrl.i1v 4'l4't'Ii1m.i. wlnininq llzv vvur'.w plum in Board of J . K kvpl IVIIXAV !'UIHlIiH-Q lmllnlx for ilu ivitim lIl!'HllWl'l'.K ul an UFAQHII , -.wp ASSEMBLY STAFF The Assembly Stali. under the direction of Mr. Danovitz. operates visual and audio aids as a service for the school. These forty-five boys are trained to operate movie and slide projectors, tape recorders, and other equip- ment. Movies are chosen in co-operation with the subject teacher. Stal? members frequently sacrilice study halls in order to operate this equipment. This year a new sound movie pro- jector and two television sets have been added to the list of equipment operated. OFFICERS Presitlwzr . . . Roaukr Horowitz Viw-Pnai-irlmr . Rominr Moizoiw .S'cw'vrr1rQv . . RONALD SLIFKA 7'r'1'a.rr11'w' . . ALAN PAT7 ASSEMBLY STAFF First Row: C. Galzerano, C. Kane. Haddad. R. Bald- win. C. Moore. R. Holowitz. T, Black, S. Fryncko. Kane. B. Hajel, R. Gnch. T. Sicilia. B. Bellas St-cond Row: R. Davis. Kyllonen. D. He-clcman. T. Fitzgerald. T. Rice, D. Wayrier. Bowser. R. Post. E McGregor, C. Mathabel. W. Wagne1'. Carabin. Valley. B. Walker. G. Cv' hula. C. Witcher. R. Morgan Third Row: R, Bednarik. La Russa. Adkins. Drake, R. Sliflca. R. Archi- bald. T. Orme:-sher. J. Chmiel. A. Verzinski. E. Turner. S. Bergad, W, Kraft. A. Pau. R. Morgan, Mr. Dzuritrvirl ART CLUB The Art Club is open to any art student interested in special work. Under the cap- able sponsorship ol' Miss Fry. the club meets during the activities periods on Friday morn- ings. The members exchange ideas. see demon- strations. and hear talks on art. The club has these four aims: to make social contacts with others who are interested in art. to aid in the school's activities, and to plan and execute any art work. and to improve their own skills and knowledge, OFFICERS PI'l'.l'il1t'Ilf .... MARILYN DREW .Sat-rerury ROSFMARY Kovixcii 'I'rm.wn'w- fllARl.0TTF Ouviin Flmpluin . JEAN l.UkoMski ART CLUB First Row: D, Ameres. E. L Yarema. P. Srolca. K Brown. J. Bosak, J. Pro- ncsri. Lulcomski, D Paulovich. M, Kunicki. N Endlich. M. Krause. J Dahm. C. Oliver Second Row: P, Sharlcey. D Szymanslci, R. Kovach. M Takosky. S. Lasher, M Drew. C. Hogg, Klim ashlco. S. Schwartz. R Howard. D. Camp. C. Fisk J, Block, C. Mathabel, D Wayriifr. A. Piroch, Ti. Mc Gregor. llfliss Fry Third Row: G, Cowen, J Sweeney. l.. Cowen. R Cicolini. W. McAlister. J Leaky. G. Dickey. A. Duerr A. Gutgsell. T. Miller, J Radeshak. R. Stokoski. R Kelley. Kraus.- Romeo. D. Miller. T. Ar butiski. W, Adamsky. B Krajewslci. Brooks. J D. Krider. J ATTENDANCE STAFF lfirsr Row: L. Barlcasl, S, Ames. M. Nlarziale, N. Edwards Second Row: Miss Boucher, N. lwalvs, P. Wnsylik. S. lVIrCollum. C. Forbes ATTENDANCE STAFF The Attendance Stall, an honorary group. deserves praise for the fine work it does. The girls give up one study hall a day to check the attendance. Their duties include making up from the section room lists, an absentee chart. then checking the attendance from the slips brought in each period. On occasional days when the baseball team, the football team, or Band and Majorettes are excused for special practice, the girls are really busy trying to keep track of everyone. STUDENT BANK The Student Bank acts as a depository for all of our school organizations, both high school and elementary schools. The total funds handled during i954 and l955 exceeded 390,000 School supplies and cafeteria tickets are sold in addition to ordinary banking. Eleven commercial students, seniors and jun- iors, receive training for one year in this work. The personnel positions correspond to those of a regular bank. Mr. W. L. Vorlage. the faculty supervisor, deserves recognition for his cap- able supervision and valuable assistance. STUDENT BANK First Row: Bailey, A. Paw- lulc. M. Horn-lli. P. Sroka. C. Tromm Second Row: A. Weirzerm. Olson. M. Kovach. K. Pat' tersun. P, Nlenu-cky, B. Brown. P. Walsh. Mr. Vorlagu NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Miss Russell. J. Basra. B. Marisz. N. Leven- dorf. L. Sculco. j. Mullica. R. Crognale. Cirow. Miss Rorabaugli Second Row: M, Horrelli, J. DeSanto. B. Zola. A. Cip- ollone. P. Bogany, Frye 1 Third Row: C. Tromza. K, l Patterson. P. Heise. L. l Washlaski. R. Belli. M. A. Randolph, M. Kovach Fourth Row: Zavdel. L. Mandak. M. Baumann, Reeves. C. Hogg, 1. Mang. P. Mentecky Fifth Row: A. Wareham. P. Soentgen Sixth Row: G. Gray, N. Mc- Clintock. Bunn, C. Moore, G. Weber Seventh Row: Gr-nsbigler, J. Malecki, Sokol, Lagoon Eighrh Row: R, Connor, E. Turner. Searight, R. Collins, R. Gross, Ross NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the National Honor Society is an honor coveted by every senior who is proud of being a good student. Scholarship, leadership, character, and service are traits which National Honor students are to possess in great measure. Top ranking students are elected by the faculty council on the basis of the above mentioned characteristics. Members of this group are eligible to take the National Honor Society scholarship examinations. Miss Rorabaugh is the sponsor of the group and also chairman of the faculty council. OFFICERS Pl't'.Xid4'IlI .... Jour: Smiuoiii' Vit-u-I'ru.si1lwir . . GEORGE Wumiit Smwtziry . Piivrris lVlEN'l'liC'KY 'I'n'r1.rl1l'1'f' . . . MR. WAIQPER DEVOTIONS COMMITTEE Contributing much to the spiritual life at Ken High is the Devotions Committee. under the direction of Mrs. Alice Klinke. Their duty is to plan a morning devotional program to be presented each month over the public address system. Four members of the committee choose a special theme, find a suitable Bible selection and someone may write a sermonette or prayer about the subject. Often some music is used as a background for the speaker or as a part of the program. DEVOTIONS COMMITTEE First Row: A, Warelmam. M, Hudson. A. Lovic. R. Sin- clair. ,l. Aysse. C. Hogg Second Row: D. Silverman. R. Morgan, 1. Searighr. K. Hartge, Gensbigler. C, Rice, Mrs. Klinke CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club, sponsored by Miss Mathi- son, gives those students who are interested, but do not know much about photography, a chance to learn. lts activities are many and varied, including demonstrations of camera techniques, arranging a darkroom to process negatives and prints, training the school photo- grapher, visiting studios, and taking field trips. Pictures are taken at assemblies, basketball games, and other school activities. A banquet closes the social season. OFFICERS Pl'l'.Xf41l'lII .... DoNA1.n Raiscn .S'uu'w1m',v JAMES SHAFFER fl'l'll.Ylll'l'l' . . JOHN MARTS Boland, D FUTURE NURSES CLUB The Future Nurses Club promotes the re- cruitment of nurses, Mrs. Ruth Fields, the sponsor, helps girls evaluate their credits and guides them in selecting a good nursing school. The group sells Ken High pencils and has a bake sale to raise money for various field trips. This year, one half of the girls visited Shady- side Hospital, while the others visited Mercy Hospital. The group also attended open house at Citizens General Hospital. OFFICERS PI'l'.8'l.lll'llI ..... SANDY lksnua l"ir-a-I'r-miflwrl . . PM' MARiuo'i"i' St'l'I'l'ItI"4V . . .lliANNIi FRYH Trm,mr'w- Sw vm Blu' rsm' CAMERA CLUB First Row: M Duvall lk Pokrnnr, K. rr Pussolano. D P111 wi li Haddad, B. r Nlatliison Second Row: r mn N, Bell, K. D1 aiay H Maru, J. Slmtl r A Dum-ri l.. Korzon, or H1-gedus, P. 1 FUTURE NURSES MIXED CHOIR The Choir, under the able direction of Miss Carolyn K, Bruno. is one of the most outstanding organizations in Ken Hi. This year the Choir of l IU voices sang for the othcers of the P.T.A. organizations. At Christmas time. besides giving the yearly program for the high school, they also participated in the Christmas program given by the Valley Choral Festival. Their solo performance ot' "Trapak" with the dancers was the highlight of the Festival. They gave several other concerts includ- ing the annual Spring Festival. The Choir, sponsoring many projects. raised enough money for another Musical Week-End in New York City. OFFICERS Prmiflwzr . ..,... l ,xml-is l.AoooN l"in--Prvxitlwir ..., Roorak Moacms .Sat-1'v1111-im PHYLLIS Boofxmg ANN Waaieimxi Lll7l'!II'itlll.V . Jtiov BAILEY, BARBARA Psaxiiiii Rolw A4u.s'fw'.i . M may l,oNo. RoNu.n S1 IFKVX 72 SOPHOMORE CHOIR The Sophomore Choir was added to the musical organizations this year. Under the direction ol' Miss Bruno it was organized as a training class for the advanced Choir and to give boys and girls the experience and the fun that come from joining together in song. The rehearsal period is usually divided into singing and listening to records or having special performances by small groups within the Choir, The sophomores made their debut this year at the sophomore assembly and will participate in the Spring Festival. OFFICERS l,l'l'Af!fl'l1I , .... . JACK Rosmc l'fi-4--l'rv.x-iili-111 . . . Motu' Fl.lil'l'lllfR .N'wt-rvriirivv . DoNNA KXFORFY, lu.-KRIl,YN Bisuov 73 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB The D. E. Club, sponsored by Mr. Kenneth Pfeiller, is composed of Distributive Education students. Occasionally the club holds breakfast meetings, and local businessmen and mer- chants are invited as guest speakers throughout the year to speak to the members. The club also sponsors a trip to an outstanding industry. This spring the club members are planning their trip to the Latrobe Woolen Mills. Again this year, as in the past, the D. E. Club will send two delegates to attend the State Club meeting to be held in Lancaster. OFFICERS PI't'.l'ff!t'lll .... PENNY MEDLEY Vive-Prmiflwiz . BARBARA STANKIEWIU Secretary . . . RICHARD Flscos Tn-a.v1m'r . . BETW ANTONACVI Third Row: DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION First Row: L. Benn. D. Harf mon, A. Benn, I. Bordell, l. McCullough. B. Sekscin- ski, M. Uncapher, Mr. Pfeiffer Second Row: E. Thompson, B. Mitchell, B. Montgoml t-ry, J. Arner, K. Brown, D. Quarles, Riddle, B. An' tonacci, G. McQuaide. P. Medlev. E. Solids. B. Stan- kiewicz R. Kunish. D. Fiscus, D. Bosak. B. Sie- monof, D. Leebel, T. Kel- ley, A. Naccarato. R. Miller COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Jean Delia, is composed of senior girls taking the commercial course. Guest speakers from the business world are present at the monthly meetings. One of the club's service projects this year was the selling of kitchen kits. The Harvest Hop was also under the sponsor- ship of the club. A banquet was held at the end of the school year and pins were distrib- uted. Each girl in the club is striving to find better methods to use in her future work. O F F I C E R S l're.vidv1zt .... NIARY BORRELLI Vf'cv-Prvsiflwir . l.oRuAiNF WASIILASKI Sl'f'l'!'flIl'-V . . . MENTECKY 7'n-asiim' . . .lANiaT ZAYDEL nesti. D. Stewart COMMERCIAL CLUB First Row: P. Bentlejewslci. D McCutcheon, B. Matisz, N Pavlik, R. Crognale, M Borrelli. A. Pawluk, Y Brasfleld. Mullica. P Keigan. J. Hoover. j. Pro Second Row: Mrs. Delia. E Stewart, C. Tromza. B. Brown, P. Meanor, M. Za- lupsky. B. Zola. 1. Solo- mon. G. Petters. M. Heise. K. Patterson. J, Grow, L. Washlaski. B. Jones Third Row: M. Namev, Massi. M. Rodgers. C. Smith. Olson. M. Ko- vach, E. Wolfe, S. Evans. M, L. Gregory. R. Bielata. ,l. Zaydel, P. Mentecky, P. Walsh Second Row: Miss Phillips, Third Row: G. Nichols. T, GEOGRAPHY CLUB l'irsr Row: Bailey. C. Nel- son, P. Tobin. B. Parkhill M. Krause. E. Stewart, C Urbanv. G. Serventi, P Wertzberger, R. Dilionzo J. Brazer. P. Phillips. . McCrae. D. Srewarr. . jones H. Hammond. C, Shep- herd, M, Talcoskv, M. Sny- der, P. Atkinson, R. Reed. R. Krajewslci. H. Boland. D. Harshberger. Bosco. R. Howard, Regoli. L. Davis. D. Mappiii. R. Mc- Coy. H, Scot: Miller. R, Ludwick. L. Calabrz-se. P. Kline, M. Long. S, McCollum. E. Mc- Kallip, R. Davis. B. Trofka, P, Wasy'lik. C. Forbes, Frye. A. McClosky, M. A. Rzeczlcowski, A. Patterson GEOGRAPHY CLUB The Geography Club of Ken High was established for those students who have an active interest in geography and wish to know more about the subject. The club is a section of the Geography Club of Western Pennsyl- vania and the National Council of Geography Teachers. Miss Mary Phillips is the sponsor. The club membership consists of juniors and seniors taking geography. One ol' the major activities is to participate in the Geography Show held at the Buhl Planetarium each year. OFFICERS l'rt'.sitlm1 .... JANICE Bimzmt Vive-Pres-iilwif . l.liON CALAnREsia .Sl-4-retury . . Pifoov WIQRTZBERGER Trvn.vurf'r . . Blu. .loNEs HANDBOOK STAFF Sophomores and new students at Ken High find the little "Red Book" almost indispensible. In it are the answers to almost all their queries, such as courses of study. graduation require- ments, and student organizations. along with the various rules and regulations of the school. Upperclassmen, too. use it as a directory of student activities and the "English Reading List." Under the direction of Miss Sadie Owen. the appointed stall' carefully compiles and edits the book. HANDBOOK STAFF First Row: K. Vorlage, M Ashlnaugh, R. M. Bielara. P. Marrioir, N. Svpenick. M, Hudson. A. Wareham Second Row: Miss Owen. A Parz. D. Silverman. J. Sea- right, M. Baumann, P. Menteclcy, Reeves, B. Hartman, B. Whitaker, Gvnsbigler. C. Moore s is Y . l,, 1 DANCE BAND First Row: S. Frynclco. L. Durborow, L. Bittcher Second Row: K. Hartge, R. Lessig, G. Claypool. E. Ka- forey, R. Engler, R. Shafer, N. Haraclzin. Mr. Stephens Third Row: M, Berta, P. Ken- gor, j, Lagoon. O. Traini DANCE BAND The Ken High Dance Band, which is com- posed of fifteen of the high school musicians, is very active. The Band plays for assemblies, pep rallies, dances. and the Mixed Choir hop. Director Stephens organized the Band last sum- mer to play a concert at Memorial Park. They held many practices at Band camp. The Band also traveled to Penn Township to attend the first gathering of the high school dance bands. All but Tom McKinley are members of the high school concert and marching bands. OFFICERS Prvsitlwzf .... Lum' BITTCHER Vive-Praxidvrrl . . EMIL KAFORRY l.i11rurian . . . RONALD ENGL:-za FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America Club is a group of juniors and seniors who hope to make the teaching profession their life work. With two excellent representatives of that profession, Miss Eiges and Mr. Keiser. as sponsors, this group has an opportunity to become acquainted with the problems, requirements, and rewards possible for a successful teacher. At various times through the year other successful teachers have met with the group to point out the ad- vantages and opportunities in the field of education. O F F I C E R S lmniiflwir ...... I ACK JACOBS Viva-Pri-.vidwif MARIANNI-. RANDOLPH Sm-rmurlv . . Yo1,ANnA Tocco FUTURE TEACHERS First Row: D. Beatty, N. Staf- ford. Y. Tocco. P. Boganv. J. Brazer. A, Cipollone. Taylor Second Row: Miss Eiges, N. Svpenirk, C. Taylor. H. Dudek. E. Remalev, G. jones, Jacobs, S. Mc- Collum. M. A. Randolph. A. Bergad. Mr. Keiser -Q. FUTURE I-IOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA This club's membership is open to girls studying cooking and sewing in the high school. The following are some of their projects: a candy sale before Christmas, filling Christmas baskets, a formal initiation, a bake sale in February, attendance at the state convention in the spring, attendance at the county meet- ings and supporting the club's national projects. Their main project will be to give a party for veterans at the Aspinwall Hospital. Miss Gene- vieve Olmer is the sponsor of the F.H.A. OFFICERS lvwiilmir ..., IDONNA BieA'i'TY Viet'-PI'1'.YfIf!'llI . Noiuxm JEAN MAsTiaRs Sven-:tu-y . . . CAROL Nr5LsoN Trm1.vuf-vr . PHYLLIS S'I'I'I4'l' FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA JUNIOR TOWN MEETING The Junior Town Meeting, under the spon- sorship of Mr. Shearer, is an organization which provides students with an opportunity to study and discuss controversial subjects be- fore various groups. The group presented panel discussions at monthly meetings and also sent panels to several Parent-Teachers' Associ- ations, various church groups, and service and civic organizations. Junior Town Meeting mem- bers find that the experience they receive helps them a great deal after they graduate. Again this year the Junior Town Meeting brought a foreign exchange student, Leopoldo Porzecan- ski, from Uruguay. OFFICERS l'n'.liflwir ..... JACK Ross Vit'v-Prm-itll-fir . . JouN SIZARIGIIT .S'm'rv1u1jv . HRISNDA Pnousiau TI'l'!I.llll't'lA . . CARI, Mooiua JUNIOR TOWN MEETING First' Row: P. Soentgen. G. Elwood, M. Nlurdoch, C. Oliver, M. Hansotte. N. I-Ianrork, B. Proust-r Second Row: Mr, Shearer. M. Drew, C. Hogg, L. Porn-- canski, E. Remaley, Sea, right, L. Dominick, H. Du- dek. C. Moore, Ross, S. Schwartz KEY CLUB The Key Club which is an international service organization, is sponsored by the Ki- wanis Club. Among its many activities this year are cleaning the stadium after football games, helping with a tratiic survey, setting up the Red Cross bloodmobile, serving as ushers at the College Career Conference, operating the concession at home basketball games, and washing dishes at the Kiwanis pancake dinner. Last year the club sent Rollin Collins and Keith Hartge to the International Key Club Con- vention in Detroit. Mr. Vorlage is the sponsor. O F F I C E R S Pr-cxirlwir .... Roi.i.iN CoLLiNs Viffl'-Pfl'.X'flll'l11 . . Room MORGAN Secretary . DICK SILVERMAN Treasurer . . BILL WHITAKER KEY CLUB lodi. C. Bergman. Kelley T. Resek. R. Jernigan B. Rodriguez SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club is an organization of stu- dents who are primarily interested in science as a career or hobby. This year the club under the direction of Mr. C. H. Walter and Mr. Dale Apel plans to tour several industrial laboratories and visit the Buhl Planetarium. At each meeting, reports with scientilic backgrounds are given by the members. Interesting experiments per- taining to physics or chemistry are carried out. The Science Club also aids pupils who are in- terested in entering the Buhl Planetarium School Science Fair. OFFICERS l'rc.virlw1r . . . Jmihs Simrruk Vive-l'n'.s'idr-nr .louis MoN'rooMERY Svcrozrzry . . Giaonua WEBER 7'rvr1.s1n'vr . . DUNALD R raiser: SCIENCE CLUB lwrst Row: R. Rowley. R Second Row: P. Klin gad. R. Hauser, R. Mr. Walter First Row: L. Solomon W Ilustham. A. Levendoskv I Muder. R. Perriello, Srirkley, R. Peck. H, o Moore. D. Kipp N. Fenla, R. Polcrant Scrond Row: Zaborslcy P Shaw. P. Moore. John son, If. Draper, W. Sey bold, W. Wagner, D. Mit clxcll. P. Buisch. C. Rm Third Row: Mr. Vorlage R Collins. K. Hartge, H Na dvr. R. Silverman. R. u wlclc, Searighr, B. Whit alcer, R. Romig. M. Berta il. Gensbigler. R. Morg-un sig. G. Weber. G. re erirlc. L. Wvgoiiik. S. Sim mars Chmiel. M. Randolph C Hogg. K. Vorlagc. A Bef Manu A. Levendoslay, P. Shlrlng l.. Porzeranski. T. Zat ki Third Row: Marks. R. Con nor. H. Boland. W. Wright O. Traini. C. Witrl1er Shaffer. W. I-Iartman R Wygoiiik. Sokol Thomas, D. Re-isrh Montgomery. R. Slifka Mr Apel larsl Row: S, lirvnclco. ,l S0 'I'l Miss Ifwing. R, Serarine. M. lx P GERMAN CLUB lkanc. I. lalrski. R. Row- lvy, R. Yuitrh, Znborslcy Ci. Welvt-r. G. Fra-dr-rick, R Phillips, W. Capponv, M ,l. Nluder. B. Prouser sv cond Row: Mr, Babalis, I. Nlanclnk. Nlang. ,l Sclilt-kat. C. Flvnn. C, Med lt-v. M, Barra. O. Traini R. Davis. j. Sokol. W jusrham. G. Schaller. C Wt-sr. D. 'lirzeciak nrd Row: A. Patz. Ch mmol. W. Most-s, R. Shaffer G. Easley, johnson. Mcfftilloirgli. W. Kraft, P. Kt-rigor, T. Gross. R, Gross. I.. Solomon. C. Nlvver GERMAN CLUB The German Club. the only language club at Ken Hi, is a social club sponsored by "Herr" Babalis and its purpose is to provide its mem- bers with a better understanding of Germany and its customs. The club. made up of members of the German class. held its annual dance with entertainment provided by the German Band and other club members dressed in the German fashion. The proceeds are to be used for a German banquet-all German delicacies are to be served. OFFICERS Prvsidwif .,,.. Joins KANE Vim-I'n'.i1flw11 RoNAi.n Rowwv .S't'r-ratfzm' . . . JANE MANQ Tf'!'ll.S'Ill't'l' . Giaokcaia Wiamau LIBRARY STAFF Few of us realize how great a task it is to keep the library in order. This task is handled competently by the Library Stall under the able guidance of Miss Ewing. They are always ready and willing to help us locate and select reading material. By relinquishing their study halls, the staff keeps Ken I-Iigh's center of activ- ity neat and attractive. Always a source ol' knowledge and recreation. the library is well equipped with approximately 5,000 books ranging from reference books and supplemen- tary works to recreational reading. LIBRARY STAFF 'on-iora. j. Olson. A. awv luk. R. M. Basra LEADERS CLUB First Row: P. Kempinski, K Page, S. Ryan, J. Mazur, M. Martinez, L. Sculco, S Ames, N. Levendorf, P Tobin, P. Phillips. .I Bailey, P. Mosher. Hudson Z ZU3 Second Row: E. Leebel, Kovach, Taylor, Woods, M. Pisano. Hancock, C. Flynn, Fis cus. P. Sullivan, B. Bald rick. C. Tromza. S. Sim mers. T. Miles. A. Cip ollone, Y. Tocco Third Row: A. Wareham, C Hogg, E. Germanic, R Berlinski. M. J. Tylinski P. Walsh. B. Trofka. N Sypenirk. S. Chaney, A Bergad. P. Soentgen, M Baumann, A, Edwards LEADERS CLUB The Leaders Club, this year, was sponsored by both Mrs. Decker and Miss Pascaretta. lt is made up of junior and senior girls who help out in gym classes and in the dilgferent tournaments. Refereeing the various games is another of their responsibilities. Girls are selected at the end of their sophomore year and must show outstand- ing qualities of leadership, good sportsmanship, dependability, and willingness to help. A dance is held each year to raise money for medals that are awarded to tournament winners. OFFICERS l'rv.vidwzt . . . NANCY Ll:VENDORl' Vice-Prmiflwir . . Clumrw lV1ANNELLA .Skvretrrry . . PEGGY MOSHER Trwzsimv' . PAT KEMPINSKI MONITORS liirsr Row: Bosco. Cv. Jones. F. Bruni. L, Durborow. D. Sricklev, E, Bozich Second Row: l.. Calabrese, L. Daniels, Reimer, R, Mor- gan. Mr. Dunn Third Row: T. Trzeciak. R. Collins. Radeshak, R Nlcjunkin. Marks. G. Cebula e-.g MONITORS Under the supervision of Mr. Dunn, the Monitors assist at hre and air raid drills, keep order in the halls between classes, and direct the home rooms to their assigned places in the gym for assemblies. This year the boys acted as guides for the College-Career Conference. This organization has been operating eiliciently since its founding in l940. The Monitors are boys in the junior and senior classes who have applied for membership, have been approved by the principal and the dean, and then elected by previous members. OFFICERS Prmirlwif . . . . FRED BRUNI Vim'-Prr'.s'ifl1'r11 . . Rol.l.lN Co1,1.lNs SL'K'7'l'fllI'-V . Room MCJUNKIN Tft'lIAIIrt'I' , . FRNIIE Bozlrii .LQ ,. Sefond Row: Mrs. Fields, H RED CROSS COUNCIL The Junior Red Cross is well known to the student body for its outstanding charitable work. The annual Roll Call Drive for l955- l956 was completed in December with a mem- bership of X554 and a total cash contribution of fli327.88. The American Red Cross recognizes the splendid work of the Junior Red Cross members who have served in the many activities which are sponsored by the group. The elected student representatives on the Council are un- der the sponsorship ol' Mrs. Griesemer. OFFICERS l'rinvitlw11 . . . RoNA1.n JERNIGAN I'if-4'-I'i-mitlwriz JACK Ki.lMAsHKo .S'f-iwriii-y , . JANE PALMIZR T"t'!l.lHl'l'l' . LINDA lVllIRAR ,,,,- F. Mau RED CROSS COUNCIL irst Row: G. Pronesti. B Jones, T. lfsrenfelder. N lin-ola, Masai. P. Horlcen berry. M. Heistt-r. R. Crog nale, M. Andrews. C, VI tale. M. Kowal. R. Kop czynslci, N, Festa, D. De Smith, D. Pike, S. Heid, L. Murar. Y. Tocco, A. Russo. R. Phillips, W, Szajna. R. Birar. j, Fiscus, M. Carrop, A. Warchaln. L, Naamv, Palmer, M. Kirkwood, Pg-rdeus, P. Wasylik, I. Tylinski. S, Lasher, Frye. j. Olson, Lukomski, D. Beatty. Mrs. Griesemer Third Row: B. Moore, E. Col' lodi, T. Brooks, C. Moore. J. Klimashko. C. Mathabi-l. A. Panian. C. France. li. Venglik, K. Seigwcrtli. R. 'ln-rnigan. D. Voegtlin, F. Guzik. G. Dickey, R. Mantz, H. Boland, T, Turk. L. Pt-ntelc, T, Resek, B. Mur' phv, W. Wright, T, Sicilia STAMP CLUB The Stamp Club is sponsored by Mrs. Helen Terwilliger. This year the members have sub- scribed to Stamp News and have also joined the United Nations Stamp Club. At their meet- ings, which are held during the activities periods and after school, the stamp collectors enjoy discussing and trading stamps in their col- lections. OFFICERS Prvxiilwir . . . Siiivu SCHWARTZ lf"ii'v-Prmifii-fir . . LARRY Dorstmix .S'vci-vrziry , KARI Sialowoa ru STAMP CLUB First Row: B. Kowalkowslci. F. Muder. S. Schwartz, T. Est:-nfelder. Mrs. Terwil- Inger Second Row: K. Seigworth. L. Doinimrk, A. Dua-rr, L, Stnpcn. Mags SOPHOMORE TRI-I-II-Y "To seek-To End-To share" is the objec- tive of the Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y, under the leadership of Miss Kay Hood. Their many serv- ice projects this year included sending gifts to Aspinwall Veterans' Hospital, packing Thanks- giving baskets, adopting an orphan for Christ- mas, sending CARE packages to Europe, send- ing children's books to the Pediatrics Ward at the local hospital, and participating in the fair held at the Y.M.C.A. to raise money for the World Service Project. The club concluded a successful year by holding the famous Sham- rock Ball. O F F I C E R S Pl'l'.S'fliL'llf .... ARLENE JIULIANI Vit-1--Pr-vmlwir . . MOLLY FLETCHER Ser-rvrmgv . . JANE GENSBIGLER Trm.v1n'er . CYNTHIA Ross ,agggwfv SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y First Row: Miss Hood, DuVall. S. Meyers, A. Jiuliani. S. Heid, Gensbigler. M. Keller Dananav. E. Miller, Berlinski. L. Sevick. M. Sudnik, B. Koneski, Burgarr. J. Schlekat, Kozar HI-Y The Hi-Y is a Christian organization sup- ported by the local Y.M.C.A. and advised by Mr. Apel. lts purpose is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and com- munity high standards of Christian character." The outstanding projects of the year were the dance and decorating the Christmas tree. This year the Hi-Y sent representatives to confer- ences at Indiana and Harrisburg to participate in student state government activities. The boys worked hard to make life long friendships and to develop greater Christian fellowship among themselves. O F F I C E R S Presiflwzr ..., LARRY DANIELS Vic-rf-Prvyiilwzr . RICHARD SILVERMAN Sm-rerury . JAMES MCDOWELL. Trvuxnrw- . . THOMAS Mll.l.ER I-II-Y endosky, R. Hajel. P. Sh J. Regoli, D. Varinort, Daniels, Burin, G. Fre R. Silverman, O. Traini. Slifka. l. Lipinski, W. R Dickey, G. Arabia, D. Gilkev S Miller. M. Marziale. M S Moore, G. Willard, D. De Mao, C. Ross, M. Fletcher. J Second Row: S. Newby, C J P 7S O Z 'L r c E M I fu va :I- 52 5 Za :l C:-:xr Cu 2532252 at mi!-ro vg:'r?'1FF E21 ' 'H O .. 3' Ergo? 535:22 Ev fa.:-2 fri 9555 PF A-Z EU:-7: Shonesky. D. Szymanski S. McGeary. J. Del Duca D. Householder, M. Hess F. Dambroski, C. Aftanas B. Willard, P. Guiney, G Heavner. C. McElwain, S B First Row: Mr. Apel, A. Nas carato, B. Burlbaugh, R Mester, F, Tiziani, W Burke. B. Gensamer. J Touchstone. F. Bruni, R Loughran, J. Johnson, G Grayson. C. Osburn, E Bozich, J. McDowell, J Lallussa Second Row: P. Kline, P Buisch. Merrick, B. Bau mann, W. Justham, A. Lev ir ing, R. Brewer, T. Gorney T. Turk. J. Bosco. T. Black L d erick, L. Lambermont, A Bruni, R. Stevens, S Schwarrz, R. McJunkin, R Ludwick. D. Marriott Third Row: J. Adkins, R Connor, D. Voegtlin, T Lasher. D. Mitchell. A Patz. W. Rovs. M. Berta R is ko. C. Zaleski, F. Locherta R. Archibald. T. Miller, G R Myers, D. Kersten, W. Sey bold. R. Shamblin. H. Bo land. S. McKee. L. Smith SENIOR-TRI-HI-Y JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y The Junior Tri-Hi-Y membership is open to any junior girl who can fullill the club requirements and subscribe to its purpose. The formal installation of ollicers was held in the new Y.M.C.A. where later the girls enjoyed various sports and used the swimming pool and other such facilities. The Tri-Hi-Y has had an active year. Among their projects was the sending of money to the Veterans' Hospital for the purpose of buying records for their enter- tainment. The Junior Tri-Hi-Y is under the guidance of Miss Boucher. O F F I C E R S Prexirleriz ..... SUSIE LAATU Vfft'-PI'l'.8'fl!l'llI . . MARLENE COWAN Secretary . . . POLLY ZILNER Treasurer- . CARMEN MANNELLA SENIOR TRI-HI-Y The Senior Tri-Hi-Y, under the guidance of Mrs. Terwilliger, is an active service club sponsored by the local Y.M.C.A. The club has met several times in the new "Y" building with use of its facilities. A car wash was conducted and name cards and Christmas cards were sold to raise funds for their major project, Suzanne Swerts of Belgium, whom the club adopted this year through the Foster Parents Plan for War Children, Inc. The Senior Tri- Hi-Y is open to all senior girls. OFFICERS Prvritlwzr . . . CnARLo'r'rE Hood l"ive-Frm-iflerzr . PATRICIA MCCov Sm-relury . . JOANNE MAssl Tfl'llSlll'l'l' . . PENNY MEDLEY DRAMATIC CLUB First Row: Bailey. P. Bur nntt. Crusan. B. Baldriclc D. Phillips, P. Horkt-n bt-rrv. M. Hansotte. L Sciilro. l.. Hobick. S. Free ITTHH St-rond Row: P. Bngany. K Patterson. P. Stitt. C. Gal ft-rnno. C. Moore-. Sen nt-it, R. Ht-user. R, Goch Mrs. Klinlce Third Row: l7, Sullivan, A Patterson. A. Wareliam, J Ret-vc-s. T. Lasher, R. Mor gan. W, Whitaker. C. Rice R. Morgan, N. Lt-vcndorf DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club. under thc direction of Mrs. Alice Klinkc. is composed of juniors and seniors interested in amateur theatrical work. This year the club presented the very dillicult "Our Town." a play which is well-known to members of the junior and senior classes. As the actors did a superb job. the club was highly commended for its work. Once a month the members meet during an activity period to plan their many activities. This year the club made trips to sec several enjoyable dramatic presentations. OFFICERS l'l'l'.XlflL'Ill . . . . CARI NTOORI-. lf'ire-Pmsiflwil Roc:i1R lVloRtaAN Svc'rv!ury . ANN W.ARlilIAhl Trvamrvr- BARBARA B.-Kl.DRlC'K llrunmlic' Clulv 1m'Hllwr.x in Iwo .lf'l'llL'.l fronz "Our TUIVIIH. Thr rm'1'l1y l'lilIll'l'llHlllll l'iAill't1 flu' Mujn1'vI1z'.x ut ilu' flium mul than wvnl In flu' lziluh Arlzfml. :Lv IIAIHII Ihr' ftildlllllfll u'u.x' juflllrml lu fH'A'f'Il l'lll.X.Kt',X, lull Ilia .Nfll1ll'lIf.Y in Illm' lilvrf uml c'lm,w.x n'4'rc H'lIl'Ixill.L' f1'ilig4'l1Ily. BAND Ken High's Band is quite an important part ot' the high school life. They arc seen at every football and basketball game. The Band also marches for many parades. Every summer, the Band and Majorettes spend a week at the Booster's Camp near Salisbury, Pa. Here new music and drills are perfected to present at the coming football games. Annually, the Ken High concert Band joins with four other Valley bands to present a concert. This year Carol Knapp, James Haddad, and James Lagoon represented Ken High at the district band group. Evelyn Elder and Louis Durburow attended district orchestra. We also can he proud that James Lagoon was chosen to attend state band which is quite an honor. This organization is governed hy the check mark system are the Majorettes and Choir. OFFICERS Imaxirlwzr . . . . liixiu Kufokin' Viw-Prcxirlwzr . l,oLiis lltfaaoaow Sucrulary . ..,. MYRNA Cixaaov l.ihmrifm.v . Hmmm Paotssiaa. limo Imaam 86 CHEERLEADERS MAJORETTES The Ken High Majorette Corps, a very active and popular school organization has been a welcome addition to the High School Band for ten years. The Corps is under the direction of Mr. John Stephens and consists of forty-four girls who train with the Band at Salisbury, Pennsylvania, to prepare their eye - appealing, tricky dance routines and drills for the coming season. The "Rockettes," applauded wherever they perform, are led by head majorette, Katherine Patterson. Her assis- tants are Peggy Heise, Judy Bailey, and Myrna Carrop. This organization through its tireless efforts and hard work has gained renown as the finest high school majorette corps in the valley. CHEERLEADERS lflrst Row: P. Phillips. C. lluth. P Tobin Second Row. S. Ames. Y. liotfo. L. Sfulrn MAJORETTES lwrst Row: -l. Bailey. Nl. Cfarrop, K. Patterson, P. liens.- St-rond Row: Prom-stu. D. Caesar, ll. Parklull. ll Sioka l ll: ti ililllfd Row: P. Bogany. G. SCYVQIIKI. S. Moon-. I' Gt- J. Woltit' Fourth Row: S. Croyle, Desanto. M. llirowi-r, D. Kal v ll l v P. Ko.-xnpmsl-ci Fifth Row: P. Stitt. IJ. Beatty, J Nlrlntlrv. A l"tln.ntl ll N1 ll nl Sixth Row: H. Smith. C. Nelson. P. Vlasylilt. lf Gt-rm. pn R. Bt-rlmski St-vt-ntli Row: R 'llriliriantt-. P. lfrt-nrlx. l7. 'Wootls S ,-Xl ali n l S x The Senior Cheerleaders are Sue Ames, Pat Phillips. Lois Sculco and Pat Tobin and juniors, Carol Huth and Yolan- do Tocco. This active squad began their training for the N55-56 season at the Booster Camp at Salisbury, Pennsylvania. These spirited six, attired in red sweaters and white skirts, cheered the football and basketball teams on to victory. Along with their able sponsor Miss Catherine Hood, they are invited to attend the football and basketball banquets. At the conclusion ol' the season each girl is awarded a letter which is a large "K" placed on a mega- phone. They receive our commendation for their hard work. Swinging around the corner, the tele- vision camera spied a group of boys ad- vertising the German Club dance, several choir members practicing their Trepak Dance, the rush in the halls between classes and an art class working faithfully at its tasks. - 1 1 N First Row: T. Brooks, Willianis, W. Carion. R. Nelson. R. Froiiduri, C. Cheatham. D. Halvura. B. Gensamet. E. Collodi Second Row: E. Sharpe, M. Orchik. Grammar, D. Camp. Hines, Drake. R. Howard. D. Wiley. C. Wiley. C. Grammar. R. Hajel Third Row: W. justham. C. Davis. Lipinski. H. Haser. R. Drake. R. Perriello. B. Shaw. R. Khalil, Rosak. R. Lubresky. W. Bowser. Touchstone Fourth Row: A. Levendoslcy. W. Green. D. Marriott, D. Lewis. I.. Calabrese. T. Arbutiski. Edmond. J. Adkins, W. Rays. Lallussa. B. Archibald, Eberhardt Varsity Football 1955 Facing one of their toughest schedules in history the Ken High Red Raiders compiled a record of 3 wins and 6 losses this year. Although they lacked the size and experience necessary for rough Class AA competition, the sophomore studded varsity showed great promise for next season. The coveted Renaldo Kozikowski trophy was won by lineman, Donald Camp. FOOTBALL COACHES Mr. Primozic, a newcomer to Ken Hi's coaching staff. helps Mr. Fletcher develop the Iinemen. Mr. Slosky trains the boys to become hard hitting. quick thinking backs. Mr. Fletcher. the head coach, develops Ken Hi's stalwart forward wall. This is Mr. Fletchers seventeenth year of coach- ing at Kcn Hi, during which time he won thc W.P.l.A.l.. championships in 1946 and l947. Mr. Marshall coaches the junior varsity team and is responsible for scouting Ken Hi's opponents. i?' Y ' Q as 1 f f, 5 we 3' af ., f .. 'Q 'T Xfgfxi , s mf , is Q . R55 we 3f.+ mf K Ea!--' J 1+ KJVZ ff f,-1 ,gb ff 1 5 f f 6 , 'sQs'f' ,, A N . I .Ji ff . 'S 48 f 5 1 Q fl 1 , P 4,4' y i 0 4 . x , ' , -l. L ' Q, g' 4 if - xg: . s' R -N. . A Lx-Q' , .Q 4' . ,- QQYQSFWGQS , ,M Q. X . ,f 1 k . , - x f s s s-. ' ik 9' G 45-' f Q A Qs , S- ,ef 1'- . 'S' L x 5 X,-A A A 'Y' X' 1- 3QiqQ"?'i"w 1 . 1 Y i S, Y 7112, l i I K3 3 R 1 - 1 I 5 , K5 1 , Q ii".W.3- N E ' u . , K . x, -A V o 'FK ,,. Q u ,, gf. ,,. , f s 4 S I' ' A pu I 1 L vi' lk Il Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Football Scores 1955 Hi I3 Erie Cathedral Hi I9 Vandergrift Hi 7 Johnstown Hi 7 Turtle Creek Hi 0 Altoona Hi 7 Greensburg Hi 0 Har-Brack Hi 6 Mclieesport Hi l3 Latrobe 92 Firm Row: R. Drake, D. Camp, R. Perriello, R. Howard, R. Fronduti, T. Brooks, T. Eber- hardt. R. Khalil e on ow: . LaRussa, T. x- S c d R J A butislci, D. Lewis, R. Archibald. L. Calzbrene. C. Grammar, C. Davis The boys pause for the National Anthem. A Rez! Raider goes for .xlmrl yardage against Van- flargrifl. BASKETBALL 1955-56 First Row: j. Haddad. B. Greenberg. B. Shaw. Rosak. N. Jones. T, Resek, R. Hxitchisoii Second Row: R. Fronduu. H. Haser. G. Easley. D. Brooks. R. Brooks. D. Lewis, W. justham Varsity Basketball This year our basketball team had a very successful season. They regained the Section l title that they lost to Ford City last year and completed the regular season with I9 wins and 3 losses. Although they lost to Carnegie in the opening round of the W.P.l.A.L. playoffs, we can be very proud of the excellent play and line sportsmanship they showed throughout the season. Another highlight of the season was the breaking of the individual season scoring mark by Rodger Brooks. Mr. Slmlfy, Kali Highs' llL'!l!I' cmlrli. Iwi his f'fllQl'I'.S' In ll wry .r14i'4'c'.v.s xtuxwi. This year the tcflm won the W.P.l.A.L Sectimi I lirlv. 94 Danni UIIILY ri rebonml ax Rodger gait reuzli to lend z1.s'sis1unc'f'. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Ken Springdale Ken Scottdale Ken Leechburg Ken Tarentum Ken Greensburg Ken Verona Ken Midland Ken Shaler Ken Butler Ken Arnold Ken Vandergrift Ken Monessen Ken Kittanning Ken Har-Brack Ken Ford City Ken Butler Ken Arnold Ken Vandergrift Ken Central Catholie Ken Kittanning Ken Har-Brack Ken Ford City W.P.I.A.L. Playoll' Ken Hi 50 Carnegie .I :mx uppzarx II hair XIHIIALS in his frat us he out jumps Dvmiy trim' ll jump xlm! rt, unit Mom urn ulule Rml'L,cr a lullrr oppomnr Javk, mul Nolan wutvll Shaw W M es. E. Cipollone. E. Collodi. C. Cheatham. R. Sekula. B. 7 ydel, R, Drake. C. Davis. D. Coury. G. Eaulev. D. Marrimxrt, H. H JUNIOR Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Mr. Vvitvlx IX the Junior V!ll'.X'if.V vmzc' VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORFS Springdale Scottdale Leechburg Tarentum Greensburg Verona Midland Shaler Butler Arnold Vandergrift Monessen Kittanning Har-Brack Ford City Butler Arnold Vandergrift Central Catholic Kittanning Har-Brack Ford City lwlps lllr. .S'l0.x'L-v wilh ilu' Vtll'.l'if'V sqmul. 96 29 24 32 42 46 33 48 33 65 49 26 46 25 58 55 50 32 46 55 34 42 54 ll uml ul.m TRACK AND FIELD TEAM iiirat Row: C. Wlltfvh li. 'Lili ani. Wtxlfc. G. Szajim Ni. Orfhik, F. Girnrdl Second Row: R. Rorzon. D Hzlrsixhilrger. R. Rowley. H Goth. G. Pitts. L. Rvntvk A. Panian. D. Ashhnugh Third Row: R. Lt-cgcr. H Miltls. T. Znlt-ski. O 'I'r.iini, R. Haier. G. Gay hart. C. Vaughan, if Nlatht-ws, B, Kraft. Mr Chegwiddcn Fourth Row: W, Royn. L Rutkownki. V. Fibk. R Cieglinaki, R. Cnllinx TRACK AND FIELD CROSS COUNTRY Ken Hi SV: 3 Greensburg I I I Q Jeannette 42V2 Ken Hi 25'fi 3 Shziler lOl I6 Ken Hi 38 3 l4g Jeannette 88 l I I4 Ken Hi 371 Scottdale 90 Ken Hi 30: Butler 97 Ken Hi 561 Hur-Bruek 62 Westmoreland County Truck Meet Ken Hi I Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Marion Center 37 Latrobe Perry Langley Connellsville I5 3I 24 25 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM iiirst Row: H. Imm. R. Hoi- loway. Bohrer. D. Keiser. H. Courhman. R. Bulger St-rond Row: Mr. Chegwid- den. L. Howard. F. Linder- man, O. Trami, D. Harsh- burgr-r, L. Pentek. R. Row' ley. L. Korzon, R. Aiessio T. Znleski Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1955 Regular Schedule Hi 3 Arnold Hi 2 Freeport Hi 5 East Deer Hi I Har-Brack Hi 6 Tarentum Hi l Arnold Hi I5 Freeport Hi 8 East Deer Hi 3 Har-Brack Hi I0 Tarentum Section Playoff Hi 5 Hur-Brack W.P.l.A.L. Tournament Hi I3 Elders Ridge Hi 9 Shaler Twp. Ken Ken Won Lost Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken rua-w -- -1-- . . . . 9t Paw T0 0liK AT URPHY' My name is Betty and I have a story which I think will interest many of you. It's about my ex- perience in the retailing field. Believe me, Variety Store business is fast-moving and interesting. Each counter is a store in itself. Here at Murphy's one learns retailing from the bottom up! I started out as an extra salesgirl, working every day after school. When I was graduated, I was fortunate to be placed in charge of a counter. I never knew how really interesting this work could be . . . it's just like having a shop of my own. I'm growing here, taking more responsibility as I go. There's still more room for advancement . . . I can work myself into a position of merchandise buyer, section supervisor or bookkeeper in the office. Soon I hope to be selected to train for the job of Personnel Directress in a large new Murphy Store. All of us at Murphy's have an equal chance to better ourselves. From what I can see Murphy's is tops in training . . . and there isn't a store in town to beat Murphy's on Employee benefits! If you're ambitious to make a "go" of retailing, join the "Gang" at M1u'phy'3 soon as you can. G. C. NHRPHY C0lVIPA Y 99 5'-"f "1 ' -w-'w-1-'- - 'rw-W-f---Y -- -- THIS BOOK IS BOUND CENTRAL DRUG STORES in a "Famous For Low Prices' KINGSCRAFT COVER New Kensington' Pa' Kingsport, Tennessee Compliments of WEAR-EVER WEARIEEVER deli ALU MINUM TRADE MARK li.-11 REMEMBER! BOB MILLER SHOES A Business Education Doesn't Cost . . It Pays 961 Fifth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON COMMERCIAL SCHOOL "Shoes For The Entire Family" 156 McCargo Street EDison 7-3611 100 869 Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1956 UNION SPRING AND MFG. CO. JIM WOLFE'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Electric and Acetylene Welding Ornamental Railing 2540 Leechburg Road Phone: ED. 5-7441 New Kensington Compliments of FERGUSON AUTO GLASS SERVICE Replacements for All Makes Cars and Trucks 731 Church Street ED. 5-1131 New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of Cooper-McKee Insurance Co. SMITH McKEE, JR., Prop. 1038 Fourth Avenue Compliments of KAMP'S SHOE STORE 921 Fifth Avenue C0,np1fme,,,S of Phone: EDison 9-9375 Little's Doctors Pharmacy C A N D Y L A N D 422 Ninth Street Home Made Quality Candies Phone: EDison 7-7669 417 Ninth St. New Kensington, P Phone: EDison 9-9861 . 24-Hour Towing Service LUCCHETTI AUTO WRECKERS VINCENT LUCCHETTI, Prop. JUNK CARS BOUGHT - USED PARTS SOLD 2300 Constitution Blvd. New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of RIVERSIDE BAKERY Fourth Avenue New Kensington EDison 5-4761 Compliments of H. A. KLINGENSMITH 86 SONS APPLIANCES, HARDWARE, AND SPORTING GOODS 912-91 8 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 101 IJ JLIA MM " OU PICK THE SPOT-WE'LL SEND YOU" Th W rld ai Your Doorstep mN Add't' IC If Y 1-3? ' AIR STEAMSHIP 0 Z soR'rs OIT'-EL c uls ouns ,,o, C . LEONARD F. PALETTA ::,,: I all EDISON . 'ziz 9-9604 Travel Service GENERAL INSURANCE 1230 FIFTH AVENUE NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Compliments ALLEGI-IENY VALLEY INDUSTRIAL UNION COUNCIL NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 102 STREM ST DIOS inf .I if JJ? 865 FIFTH AVENUE NEW KENSINGTON, PA. YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE CLASS OF '56 103 Compliments of A L E X S L O A N 943 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. KEYSTONE DAIRY T H E L M A ' S Quality Dairy Products v For That Something - Phones - I , Different and Better ED1son 7-3568 MOntrose 1-3020 329 Sixth Avenue 964 Fourth Ave. New Kensington, Pa. G Compliments of VICTOR SPANIEL, Owner LARRY'S AUTQ REPAIR 2015 Freeport Road 506 Eighth Street Phone: EDison 7-6331 EDison 5-5011 New Kensington, Pa. New Kensington Typewriter Co. C"m"'i'm""'1 of Gifts -- Greeting Cards I Y Typewriters and Omce Supplies 912 Seventh St. New Kensington 931 Fifth Avenue EDison 7-3525 EDison 5-9440 NU-KEN CANDY AND CIGAR COMPANY Notions - Drugs - Toys - Candies For Every Season 647 Fifth Avenue EDison 7-8821 New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of EMROSE DRUG STORE , EDison 5-2941 818 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. ARCHIE MILLER Better Values in Smarter Fashions For Better Men's Wear EDison 5-4212 946 Fifth Avenue 104 L. G. BALFOUR CG. Attleboro, Massachusetts Class Rings and Pins Diplomas Z Personal Cards Commencement Invitations Represented . . . C. M. KLIN GEN SMITH 424 Greenhurst Drive Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh 16, Pennsylvania 105 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1956 For Quality Cleaning Try IDEAL CLEANING COMPANY A Neat Appearance Is a Good Investment 1151 Taylor Avenue EDison 5-5961 LOGAN LUMBER CO. With Three Convenient Locations At 845 Bames Street-300 Fifth Street 415 Fourth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. - Tarentum, Pa. Gladly Serves Both Young and Old New Kensington - EDison 7-3527 Tarentum-ACademy 4-2400 ED 7-4204 Lucy Plewa, Mgr. WAINWRIGHTS, INC. MILLINERY -- UNDERWEAR - DRESSES Compliments of TURNER BOOK STORE HOSIERY - CURTAINS EDi50n 7-761 1 CLEARFIELD FURS 936 Fourth Ave. New Kensington 919 Fifth Ave' New Kensington BELLAVIA'S MARKET A. S. BELLAVIA, Prop. Diabetic Foods, Fruit and Produce EDison 7-6404 801 Fourth Avenue Compliments of CROWN JEWELERS "Meet Crown Wear Diamonds" Shepard Building EDison 5-2222 SHEPARD 86 COMPANY Real Estate -- Mortgages Since 1892 New Kensington, Pa. JESS TAUB JEWELER 940 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of A FRIEND PERR BROS. "Outfitters for Men and Boys" 950 Fifth Avenue EDison 5-8441 106 ALWAYS For Leadership in LOOK TO Style and Quality New Kensington, Pa. B L O S E R ' S OFFICIAL JEWELERS TO KEN HIGH 960 Fourth Avenue GEORGE BROTHERS 86 CO. "FLOWERS" Next Door to Liberty Theater . For All Your Insurance Needs Knapp Insurance Agency 1043 Edgewood Road Phone EDison 5-7532 New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of Autenreith's Dollar Store 924 Fourth Avenue New Kensington DIAMOND TRANSFER AND STORAGE COMPANY l004 Stanton Avenue EDison 5-2331 New Kensington House ov SINCERE SERVICE AT THE BRIDGE-2nd AVENUE 8: NINTH STREET Successor to Eich Motor Your Dodge - Plymouth Dealer New Kensington, Pa. PESCATORE'S QUINIO'S GAS - OIL H ' , S . - ACCESSORIES - TIRES - TUBES G", Wwe f""'t"""g , 1 Pick Up and Delivery Service Room 205, First National Bank Building Seventh Street 8: Constitution Boulevard EDison 7-7251 New Kensington M I L L E R B R O S . QUALITY SHOES FOR 50 YEARS 908 Fifth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON,S LARGEST SHOE STORE 107 COMPLIMENTS OF United Glass and Ceramic Workers of North America CIO-CCL LOCAL No. 17 ARNOLD PENNSYLVANIA "United We Stand-Divided We Fall" Compliments of POLLACK FURNITURE 86 APPLIANCE CO. 4th Ave. at llth St. EDison 7-3204 The Best Comes From A McKEAN'S HARDWARE Established 1890 Corner Fourth Avenue and Ninth Street Phone: EDison 5-1411 Musical Instruments and Supplies Music and Art Center COOPER BROTHERS Dispensers of Happiness HAROLD L. WALLY I nsurance - Real Estate All Kinds 205-6 Broad Building New Kensington NEW KENSINGTON ART GLASS 86 MIRROR WORKS Art Glass, Mirrors, Beveling and Resilvering Plate and Window Glass J. B. Piemme, Prop. EDison 5-1903 Cor. Stanton 8: Walnut UNITED CLEANING CO. Certified Odorless Dry Cleaning 419 Tenth Street EDison 5-7011 E. J. Murtha M. J. STEINER "Say It With Flowers" 874 Fifth Avenue EDison 7-4547 "Reliability and Quality For Twenty-Eight Years in Business" Compliments of ADOLPH'S SHOE STORE 878 Fifth Avenue Phone: EDison 5-6111 Compliments of MEADOW GOLD DAIRY, Compliments of JEROME MOTOR CO. INC. OLDSMOBILE - CADILLAC can EDison 7-7635 Phone: EDison 7-4563 1240 Fourth Ave. Amold . New Kensmgton J. C. PENNEY co. Always First Quality 825 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. nxehth.. Compliments of MEMORY LANE FLOWER SHOP Flowers of Distinction Phone: EDison 5-1051 704 Fifth Avenue New Kensington Compliments of 7 ARNOLD LUMBER COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS . . . May the Class of 1956 Have Suc- cess in All Their 'Worthy Efforts GLENN BUICK CO. Phone: EDison 7-4589 STORM'S HOSIERY SHOP FOR GIFT ITEMS Hosiery - Gloves - Purses Costume Jewelry - Handkerchiefs Lingerie - Blouses - Umbrellas 710 Fifth Avenue New Kensington 945 Fifth Avenue New Kensington l 1 Compliments of Compliments of SILVERMAN'S DRUG STORE Z I N A M O N ' S Phone: EDison 77691 , 972 Fifth Avenue New Kensington 401 Freeport St. New Kensington Compliments of - SCOTTS BAKERY EDison 5-3751 727 North Street New Kensington Compliments of LEVITT BROS. Dependable Furniture Since 1906 New Kensington Vandergrift J. s. PATIQSL soNs PROM FORMALS FORMAL WEAR FOR ALL OCCASIONS COMPLETE RENTAL SERVICE 857 Third Avenue Phone: ED 7-4751 110 PROSPER DO WELL I SUCCEED AND INSURE WITH . . . ALLEN -MORGAN AGENCY THE LEADERS FOR ALL INSURANCES REALTORS - MORTGAGES EXPECT TO BE TREATED GRACIOUSLY AND EFFICIENTLY PARNASSUS BANK BUILDING GENERAL PRESS CORPCRATION 350 East Seventh Avenue - D Tarentum, Pa. Q L QS' 'Amin fan .. 6 f., ' .vzwfgl A I Va ug . iq . A Ji .M XE " if gs A ..,, J 'H 'F A 'QE' ww W J u is J' x M if . .sf 1 JV -Q " W f 5 dm Q ini Ms K :I an K 2 if X K I .- , -. , ,I - ,, .ig ML 6 K: K i ,xx Q g m m fx in w m m a E , ,I " 5 A ,lulz T i f E V ,:.' Y K ' 6 ' , 5, ,1 , ' :' .:': W ' Q 'Xu K Q K Yf K ,Q ,aw . - ..1 Q : W W 3 L ' 2 'X A . Zimmerman Engraving Company lr: Tx 3, .Hx fq xv- V. I . ,-. ,, 4, f ff,-H .1 gn. ff' "fir" G. , N . A ' , ,,'i',', ' 'T 3 V, rl ',. 5.4, I L,-5.1 -, -, ,. F. 5 . , . ., a' A- t- K' , ME' x ,J-ivwf 1 QQ. 1' ,, ' j'--,- L .x .avg H- 'ef , .s-"Q 1'-' .Y-1. 1 i . 1 in Ir. ,gf , Y .. . . 1 .-, En.. I-v fs, '- .1 ' . 'X ! . Af, im if-3 i. x 1 1 . , , - : 1 W, .AE , , .LV . , Ai rv .-1 3' , Y arm. K:,L1U. -R 41 v 1 F. . 4- ' R 1. 's+xfE'1 - V, ,J-11:45-. wa" Mm 1 X I X, A v ,V FH h , .1 ., . ff 'T' ,, L Hf', 4, . 4' ,vi J,., . 4, izfelf- . '35 3 Num- , -,gf -V lif- ,., ,. .W:,, 2,-31 k 1.-,314 ,V 'nf' w ' nf, . A ,,' A 3: 1, M. . in ' QQ V7 "+iLfQf"'.f,.-, Y 14,-, g-WJ ,..z ,,,:531, Z ,v ,x - 11104, 'lj " ' x- -ii' IL.. Q . na ,. -1" J - ..n. , ,u Q, -- W -1.n..,1- K 4, wa 4 .3'. 4. -sf' 3 ,k - I J. . - .m N, g. 5. . L., .V f Is,-A 4 -' -Q ' -f -vf.-sV"'1r6"3' M - ' . 14.71 A., .A h si: gf' New Kawilln an xx C"-QQ F- -f'Qx"1:1 -1-. ei ,f Qxfx--X 'N - T 5 E I E . a a .4 4 A 1 543139 EN? 1 XB 433 QNX: 55-X Wi' Rf wa-1 -K "JM Y k1flY!,f'iY4IMSQ3YllQ'ZW'HHMI.WKHfdlMl i L H V. 9 KX x Ns E' ,NT xii 09 xv . y 4-E 5 5339 xi as Jaffa, eau of 1956 qi , an . xxl wi? V ! ! sf: Q N ff: 5 xg N Y Q33 Ns M Xl w.- S X. B94 E P Q. , , 1 I X, X 5' if H4 li 'Y xx- S E

Suggestions in the New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) collection:

New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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