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New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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NEW KENSINGTON VE' E TE' HIGH CLASS OF 1931 I C .E 5 s V 6 an-..i an sr- , R' Q. ,, . . 5 0- K , E l s ln 5 ' , S- Q - Y 1 . , L e -Q A E 5 3, 5 - 4' '- 6- A 3 B a 4 if :X 4 A 5 7 1 "W A ' 0 I , 1 ' 1 K y 1 XNIXI 11 tn mm OL Alllll U11 X IIT TLX YtI1C Slllg to I OU! OX t OU! Q LX OUO 1 ll! Xl I ul Km H1 11 11 K I QTISI f V PIL LIIUII FNI 51 llfutu 1 111 L Tit UU I1 N I NI U , " " ' ,Y lx' I li 1 Hg 'I 4 I IV, 4 Nl: QVC V- 1 , ,CW 6 ' J tl Ut, l OF Al'-11113 'I" ll. OI- 11 ' faith 4111'I lox: Ity. WK- VII cl1- ll ly' -mtv' 1 Vik- will 511-iw ro win rlwe Iilllllll XV- vll 1111.1 ft 4 tl1y 1 ' 111: - ', we willnln-.1115 I Lvx'L - 1l1v 4111 - H4 'I ro rl r .Akll Ll lqu-1: wk. W- 11 H.,..L. ,.t. nu. U Hb U, till?- "TGS xv M '1' sa .Q , vX,"i3 -sq 3 , X hJd ,37 -.,, 5 n ze f ' gn 1 -' x : my fx film. IRQ' .1 9. is ui 61 ' Q ,K ,E gs.: fx t, 'z W -' r , Q' 11 W ,, if , f. 7 Nm vmhigpf 8 ' 15' , , ,Q x A QW , N .h ,9 - ,. SQL. . f 19 'L 251763 'E'2...'. u - - lg 922 ' ' 3? 55" R i , 41 , ' Q 25 Q5?1lf.E,,::- 'i"'-We 'Hi' A , iq! Is. vm ,, - M 6 ,, , . .A .1 get R . -3 wi' ' 1- Ti "wi X- A Y fs wmv' W T Y if QAA L X 1 4-gf 1... ,W V If 3. 7, 'nr' N A - .. .f in Q I X ,gf , , , 3, , ffvfffiiiirisgviigish-f M A ff' ' V, f."if'?,gqfi:rlf 41 'st Q-K I K." tl s, W 1 f . Q., s Q YA' QQQD ' 'Q Cf ,J A . 4' -, V Jr "' 4 3Q', e , g 'AF-1. Q Q. :lj . ff' Q "', WY, f gl pq' what LE 5 Ef s 1 kv 3 -as ff' .wg , -. V , A ,J .Q if I Q Q I . 4 - fQ,,,.,.f : t WJ ,fy Qxpkm, nnglrfu - ,, K fx liwifiw - . Y. 4, ,Q 'M ,,,,...A,. ,.wymw..,, ' I - + " a-1.12 f W -J .-: L- f "JK 'L 'M' " -J 1. 1 fv'3Pf5,K it ,Q ,lg--f 'L uf, 'f H'T'Tf'f"'b'41"'S-':iLxvgi1rwg.-rv6 R 7 1 ,, ' ' 4 fi , V -'5G:,22.-?,g,',i-1. fl . - 'WW 'f,?f:'Mfi,1s,r3' ' , . Srjkkgiwmir K, Q ...Q f-,L. -1 sf 1 i ,, . ,, V--1 . - , 1 x if ?flz!L,,.,n,9"M ' , ,ww N wr ', M an ff ,vu ,E A- :Mw- ,Q ,, I ,vw ,, .wifi i , ,iffy . ,. 531 va -. ,- . 4: ,qw-. ,-Mfif . 35 1 , Xi! 1 if A wus? f Hi I 5 -3 P 59 Jr ,A f 4-Q l ma-wp L aw, - ,, hmm 4. V .-M., fjvj .,.,, E '," . if v av B I J 1 W If I L1 IIALIAONHN I SI XIOR ll OI THIA N Ix 1 II I SI I ww mwsixc I vm IINNSXI xxlx ff, .JI 'XII I ljyzx BII va M 23 Aft 'rt' I'X,nIIyI,, 'MIIJ Pl I,,n X: I Ar! ,J LDV ,SL Inq' II .Ik 1' fl' 'UQ nf' ugly! 3 I 'HM 'I , f ' ,W I F' I NH-f HML-iw. girl? f KINJIII 431' AAIIIUIIII - ' WJ- Ly 'I If' Il I W ,ff I, I If , , ,f IIIIII ,I I, I I 'MXSS Thls r a d 1 o program must have been a good one to keep ser1ous faces on these boys The library as crowded wlth students seelcmg more knowledge ,J--v" The p1ctures on these pages have been 1ncluded to gnve a cross sect1on of learnmg act1v1t1es at Ken H1 Courses of study are varled, permlttmg the student to choose the academxc or college preparatory the general, the com merclal the d1str1but1ve educatlon or the vocatronal, accordmg to what h1s plans are after he leaves Ken Hx Ken I-I1 students have made envxable records 1n col lege, 1n busmess and in lndustry 1f they have chosen wlsely the course best sulted to thexr needs ....,, Q I , , f . fi " A L, M..,q,, "' , . 7 9 " 1 11" 1 fl I Y, A 4: ,U V 'f . I W 3, Ja,-vf"J"'hrN A, 1' The publlc relations program 15 a deflmte part of the h1 h school program Keepmg the publrc mformed of the hlgh school curricular and extra currlcular act1v1t1es IS clone through the press the radlo and many actlvmes open to the publlc The weekly radlo broadcast durmg the school year glves students an excellent opportunlty to brmg to the publlc many phases of well as extra currxcular ct1v1t1es W l L VL wwf! -A iff' rm, S6tIl s S-pinnslm c1as mg hard g un oo class wo IMQ 5 W7 CVHW! ,dl'iAfWA1,vc srf'V The College members look worrled about the test they are about to talce 'rfb . X I Nj: s V-by gf? . .1 , ' H If h 1 fr 1 A V . X pf t . , . . , . 7 . 7 ' . . . r ' fl as I . ' fy l It if 'Z ,a I I Y I ,l Pic" 5 Z ff I JI' 'I ' l I , , , N. J! ' ,,-' Af 'H , 'f N Y-J f V f ' ff ' ' " .' ,N fr 'MYVOJ f fl' ' U' if ' f 9' We f , y, or 4, y .1 , ' f' Q 4' , . V N x.,xW"", f Q. ev 'T-.K , 5: 5' ,af 5 1. 22-- lx n 'I 1 .ll 1 ln, ,ill m Ill. xx... H4 kkx ' 4 - 4.. xx., al., Ax ya, :KX '11 Au 'Ya N1 xx..,, , aff ff' gi' 1 K "Q-stiff 'z 'T i fy .5 Y 1' it . I l iff? f , :-'K-veg,-n 'H ew ,- ,J Q! .M 4 . e J, z 'N if--wi Seated Mr Herrmcton Mr Kronlcoslm Mr Blackburn lVlr Patterson Dr Vonderheld Nlr lVlcKean hlr Little Stanclmg 'Vhss Mazur Dr Ch'1pm'1n Baan! of gcfucalaan Wxthout the capable cllrectlon of the Board of Education the school system could not functxon properly The men of whom the School Board IS comprised are elected by the people of our commumty because they have shown an lnterest xn the welfare of the student body Not only do they supervlse the bullcllng program the CCOIIOIHIC and fnanclal slde of the school system but they also help to regulate our athletic and soclal affairs As we the gracluatlng class of 1951 are about to leave Ken H1 me wish to express our SIHCCFCSI thanks to those men who have glven thelr txme and efforts 1n makmg our Alma Mater the school of whlch we are so proud The followmg are members of the Board of Educatlon Mr ames C Patterson r Preslclent Mr Oren I-lerrlngton VICE Presldent r F E lxronlcoslcx Treasurer Mr E I-I Blackburn Mr Charles W Keller r Ralph Llttle r Dr C G Vonderhelcl r Dr F T Chapman superlnten dent Mr F W Mclxean Sollcltor Miss Veronica Mazur Secretary 10 wp nlafgcfzaoh To Dr. E, T. Chapman we, the Class of '51, wish to acknow- ledge our appreciation of his efforts as superintendent of schools to secure for the students of Ken Hi the best possible in instruction, in equipment, and in buildings. Throughout our school life his has been the guiding hand in bringing us to the goal-graduation from New Kensington High School. ll -5-A Xxx +- 4 Jhgh Salma! To Mr H B Weaver hlgh school prxnclpal the Class of '51 makes grateful recognltlon of his ceaseless mterest ln the wel fare of hlgh school students both as classes and as 1nd1v1duals Not only IS he mterested ln those who are still attencllng Ken H1 but he 15 deeply concerned about the future of each Ken H1 grad uate We Semors have always found Mr Weaver ready to llsten to our problems and advlse us about them 12 p . . LP, a y 4 r'y A A lkggkm X , fi for Nuufanl .4494 School 19 fbmeolaa of 71 School To Mr J A Miller ass1stant hlgh school prmcxpal and voca tlonal d1rector the Class of 51 wxshes to express gratltucle for h1s help and guldance to the students of Ken H1 Although very busy wxth regular supervlsory dut1es, he devotes many hours to problem solving and plannmg ln the extra currlcular Held, for he IS also presldent of the Board of ACIIVICICS The mdlvxdual student fmds a wlse counselor m Mr Miller 13 . r? D I f aww, ,ff APEL ARMETRONG BATISTE ' BAUGHMAN n Q - . N A X A.- f . DALE APEL L I 6 I . K 9 J2- Chemlstry ' ' JOHN H. ARMST NG Commercial Educatlon JOHN BATISTE Commercxal Education M M BAUGHMAN HISIOFY J L BLACK Mathematlcs Hlstory Engllsh LUCRETIA BOUCHER Dean of GIIIS T A BURNETT United States Hlstory M 'A , Q-9 Q- !LUW'0'M ffl'-A BLACK BOUCHER CATHERINE CASILLO Commercial Education SAUL DANOVITZ Draftmg DOROTHY EIGES Guxdance and Hlstory LDWARD EWING Machme Shop Practlce FLORFNCE EWING Llbrary DONALD FLETCHER Mathematics and Hlstory MATHEW FRAZIER Pattern Makmg BURNETT CASILLO DANOVITZ EIGES EWING EWING FLETCHER FRAZIER 14 f 1 GLOCK GOSETTI CREINFR GRIFSEMFR HOOD JEFFERSON CARL C GLOCK Health and Athletic Director MARY GOSETTI Spanish English THEODORE GREINER Physical Education RUTH GRIESEMER English and Library CATHERINE HOOD Latin ancl English YVILLIAM L. JEFFERSON Science, Visual Education, 'J I. . fx JOHN KEISER f Commercial clucation and Guidance KLINKE KORDES LAUB MATHISON ALICE KLINKE Dramatics Speech and English C M KORDES C ommercial Education HILDA LAUB Art JANET MATHISON Biology JOHN D MATISKO Biology and Agriculture JAMES A. MEIGHEN Commercial Education GEORGE I-I. MENK Commercial Education MATISKO MEIGHHN 1951 KEISER MENK 15 460414, MOORE NALBAOH OLIVER OLMER IESSIE B MOORE Soclal Sflldles HENRY NALBACI-I Electrlclty FRANK OLIVER Band and Orchestra GENEVIEVE OLMER Clothing Biology SADIE I OWEN Engllsh ROSEMARIE PASCARFTTA Physlcal Education LA RUE PATTERSON Og' Ev French and English OWEN PASCARETTA KENNETH PFEIFFER Dlstrlbutxve Education DARIS PHILLIPS Health HISIOFY MARY VIOLA PHILLIPS Geography MARGARET S POTTER Foods O J REMY Machlne Shop Practlce JOSEPHJ RINGHOFFER Hlstory and German PATTERSON E Q , 1 1 P 4 E fig-klmgql. ljou ton1'm',lso1.rHJ.. bww-U-Q1f1f,1v0fH1v:1r H"14fa'6 7 W? "'H'Bf +L -. PFEIFFER I6 "L :JMLMALJ "5'9'l'Mlly J 'WI Dglfj sl,.Ii'J.lQ...c:: PHILLIPS PHILLIPS POTTER REMY RINGHOFFER 33 1951 fi ,ff ww' f ROBERTSON RORABAUGH RUSSELL SLOSKY TAYLOR TERWILLIGER . I d . I d I , 7 7 WILLIAM W ROBERTCON Mathematlcs ALICE RORABAUGH Latm MARTHA E RUSSELL Engllsh and ournallsm KENNETH W SLOSKY Drxvers Trammg JANE TAYLOR Englxsh HELEN TERWILLIGER Engllsh UPTON VORLAGE xxx FRED J UPTON Related Draftlng an Theory W L VORLAGE Commercial Eclucatxon Bank an MARIE WALKER Mathematlcs C H WALTER Physlcs and Blology BETTY JO WAREHAM Choral Dxrector MUSIC HISIOFY and Theory R F WARNER Mathematlcs and Science WALKER WALTER WAREHAM WARNER 17 .Semeiafuu anal flfwmei 4.1 CX. CI UVILFY FIELDS MAZUR MILAU KAS VA DOROTHY D CRUMLEY MARY ANN VALENT LENTINE WARSING WILSON INE School Nurse Secretary RUTH K FIELDS NORMA XVARSING School Nurse Secretary VERONICA MAZUR 'IERIE WILSON Secretary to School DISIIICI Secretary MATHILDA MILAUSKAS Secretary 18 M, O H' J, The Guidance Office bulletin The geography class is in hoard holds much interest for terested in their maps. students. A nice day finds the boys long- ing to stay out of doors. Miss Laub's art class is hard Miss Casillo is holding the at at work with their pens. tention of all the girls in short hand class. 17 , . Az? w 1 'QL Lgf1:? 1 fd., E ' Aig- M.-.4,, , 1 . V Jmifv. K Us wr' Pr I,-,,,,,... ,,,, , , , W,-My H-M1 Qi Ni 4 i x ,M may 11 'KP' ff-'lllnlwmsil' ,W 4-f K ff as I. 'fx A1 3 'I Y ? iw., Q., . 'lf 's C' ,. K , .3 ' F I l . Q , Q E nr I 1 a i ns,- iii? ' 4 ' s WM: ' ""mn..,.., 'NMA 1 nl. ai" 'fy ' ve 99' .AY V, iw .E A . ff? .SK , we 5, ek ,gf 5 ' A 'fi 3' " vu QL? E5 vw ,M qs, 1. W 52' sf Jig' Y Q4 Mr M, . ,. V-"WZ , -:.:,'-- 5 - :W fx 4 V 1 -3 xv 2 5 6 f -W jfs ff" Tw? 'iff' :Ari 1 ' f 'WT' ff 1 N? .+V ki A14 fl Lldxvillrx X rffjx' J XXX! of , M, First Row W Mallm P Rossi E Probel B Wrobleski Second Row Mr Kordes Miss Walker SENIOR CLASS School Days School Days Dear old golden rule days, Again the time has come for another graduating class to leave Ken H1 and become part of the Alumni When some of us arrived at Ken H1 from Parnassus and Stewart, we found ourselves in a state of utter confusion as we traveled through the un familiar halls to classes which were never where we thought they were After we came out of this daze, we began working enthusiastically to make the "Sopho more Hop" a great success Our sophomore year having passed quickly by, we became juniors This year we sponsored the "Snowball I-lop" and had the added attraction of crown ing a king and queen who were Bob Shepard and Ellen Lee Toohey Durmg this year we worked diligently selling candy and magazines to finance the bug gest dance of the year, the Prom. The Wishing Well seemed to be the center of attraction for certain couples. The color scheme was blue and gold. Our sponsors who helped to make this dance a great success were Mr. Burnett, Mr. Menk, and Mrs. Harter. Then came our last year of school-one not to be forgotten for many, many years. One big event was the arrival of class rings. After many stirring cam- paign speeches, the class elected Edwin Probel, president, Bernard Wrobleski, vice-president, Patricia Rossi, secretaryg and William Mallin, treasurer. Miss Russell s section ro o goes through its mornn e CISCS N 3 A rl I 532.4 55 Al" Through the winter months we ordered pic tures name cards announcements and Taleo kens with the and of our sponsors Mr Kordes Miss Walker Mr Black Miss Phillips and Miss Russell Those extra assemblies were always wel come if we could avoid a class Plans were made for the Shamrock Ball held on March 16 During March and April room 105 was kept busy as boys and girls got into the swing of Swing Fever the senior class play Mrs Klinke had charge of this comedy production Soon thoughts were turned toward the Senior Private and bids to the arrived and w friends we had leave the halls Mater we take Prom The last day for seniors laughingly signed Taleokens of made here at Ken Hi. As we and class rooms of our Alma with us some of our happiest memories. CLASS OFFICERS President , , , Edwin Probel Vice-President . Bernard Wrobleski Secretary . , Patricia Rossi Treasurer A , , . William Mallin CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Korcles, Miss Walker, Miss Phillips, Miss Russell, Mr. Black. tw ,lst at w l ABRAHA ALLEN ARMITAGE BAKER D BARKER J ADAMS ARIEDA ARvANETEs ASHBAUGH BA1 1 D BARKER BARNIKER BARSKY 44b0d J RICHARD ABRAHAM Abe plans to enter e1ther bus1ness or college after graduatnon Spcrts coverage IS h1s hobby He IS a mtmber of the Red Cross Councxl and res1des 1n room 214 EDWARD ADAMS Eddles hobby IS takmg mov1es Thls member of many clubs plans to be a photographer Edd1e and h1s camera are popular flgures at Ken H1 OHN ADAMS John IS a D E student and plans to jonn e Navy after graduatnon Most of h1s spare t1mc IS occupuzd by huntlng flshlng and campmg JEAN ALLEN Blcnd1e a future nurse l1kes boys Wlfh baby faces She IS an active member of the Trl H1 Y and E H A Her hobbles are dr1v1ng and horseback rldlng MARY ANN AMERES Mare a D E student plans to jom the Waves after graduatlon She has fond memories of the u11or Prom She lnkes to hear the name Melvin RICHARD ARIEDA Pete claxms membershlp 1n the Band H1Y College Club and Scxence Club Com coll tlng IS h1s hobby He plans to enter college 1n the fall C7177 ,V THOMAS ARMITAGE Terry lusts huntmg and playmg baseball as h1 hobbnes He IS catcher on the baseball team Shlrley holds h1s 1nterest Future plans are n defxnxte ap Q KATHERINE ARVANETES ine a future beautlcxan mtere ted 1n N1ck She has fond m mor1es of the Pntt Mnlltary B111 Dancmg IS her hobby Her pals are Dorothy and Eleanor AI ETHA ASHBAUGH Lu Lu IS 1 member of the Cho1r and Geography Club Skatxng and dancxng are her hobbxes She has no defmlte plans for the future RUSSELL BAKER Russell who takes the General Course l1kes Detentlon Hall Huntmg IS hxs favor1te hobby Russ partlcxpates 1n track and would lxke to VISII Canada someday MARY ISABELLE BALL Mary who IS 1n room 214 likes roller skatxng and sw1mm1ng Her future IS st1ll uncerta1n but she has a great 1nterest 7 DOLORES BARKER Dolores D E student w1ll always remember P H S Sh narucmat s 1n vollevball and belongs to the D E Tr1H1Y and F H A Clubs De De would l1ke to be a nur e DORIS BARKER Dor1s mcknamed Red belongs to the Trl H1 Y Her hobbles are playmg the P1300 and collectmg sheet muslc Romant1c boys w1th a temper are her type CHARLOTTE BARNIKER Chlckxe appeared 1n the Drama IIC Club play She belongs to the Trl H1 Y College and Leaders Clubs Her hobb1es are lxstenlng to good muslc and drxvmg ChlCk19S future IS nursmg JOAN BARSK can takes the Classical Course re members her freshman ear at P H S Her hobbxes are wlmmmg and playm b sketball oan belongs to Trx H1 Y and Leader Cluo rw!! ll 144!JWw 21425644 anew q'U'4"q Q60 U f-.fs 'fu Ef- 3932 Pffvifff if X5 Gwfffffffffv I I ' ' A -K f K 4 1' . -X Sp' lL L ,L E151 ,' ' -' L2 1 I" 17 Q2 ' , X , . , l L V' ' ,1'L"..f 1 JA, I f f 1 4 , L- I ' ' , .f K' 1 , L ,f , th . . . ' . ' . A ' v 1 K - ' YT- E I 3 7 A I I - . in 4 y - ' , - V I ' - 1 f' . , . I sawn. Z 1 - v . .ix , - y y h - . . ' ' ' . i - . I u A I , 5 ' 1 . , . . 6 - , . . . , IS ' If W s ' ' . e ' ' 3? , , - ' K ' X T T Y Y XE! . . K . K K . . . N N - , iv 1 . . Y . gg 1 . XXV ' . . in -l3. . -. sw 4 L y Z v 3 - ' a xl . . . e ' ' e ' 1 YY X11 - , F T Rl N ' ' -.J J H W , - . , .- V l I . A I . ' K 1- . . 1 - . J 4 .1 .- V I , . , , 3 , ,Q l 'N KA R T 7 W I ' - -Xxx n - - . . . u s 2 a . J t '- '- 5 ' . Q 1 L., M . -tj L I ,.. , 4 If f if ' , i ,I ,fl lf 7 ' I j 4 ., . JT K , V, X X 5 I If a X . ff Z 4 , f , A .1 1 A ' - 1,6 fw ' gf ,s A . I - . lf I f C , , ' fo .lf 24 J , f A , 1951 ALICE BARTSCH A D E student she belongs to the Home Ee -md Trl HIY Clubs AIS f-lvorxte sports are b1sket ball and volleybill Her hobbies are skating ind bowlmg Plum High his attmctnons for her FRANCES BAZYK Frannle plans to be an elementary te ch Thxs member of many clubs ltkes to read bowl an pliy tennxs She thought her junlor year was top an wnll 'always remember Mr Fletchers hlstory class EUGENE BEAL Eugene 1 fllrt with the glrls 15 on the track te-lm 'md belongs to the Camera Club Fmgers llkes avxa txon 'md plins to attend college nn Callfornla KENNETH BENDER Kenny who pursued the General Course remembers Miss Gosetus Spanlsh cl1ss Loafm and shooting pool are his hobbles Kenny belongs to the H1 Y Hls pl1ns for the future are uncert1m PATRICIA A BENEDICT A future nurse who re'1ds good book 1nd pl1ys Frnends call her Pat She belongs to the Trl H1 Y Dramatlc Club and College Club She want II known I enjoyed Engllsh JOAN C BENNETT Skatlng at Melwood Skatlng Rmk thus D E Club members hobby oanles future IS store work 'md Stush HELEN 'VI BENOIT Helen wxll be found ln the future at Murphy s She remembers her first day at Ken H1 Movles eitmg 1nd writing occupy her lensure time ROBFRT BERG Colonel would llke to have his own dance band some d1y Bo1t1ng 'ind weight lxftmg 'are hls hob bles His course IS voc1t1on1l DAVID BEST College bound Besty s favorlte subject IS chem xstry He belongs to the Georgraphy Club and College C ub unxor hrgh brmgs back memorles DONNA ARYL BETLER D A B aspxres to be a house wlfe Math and Bob attract her She belongs to Tr1 H1 Y Future Homemakers of Amerxca and D E Club She remembers P H S ROBERT E BEVERIDG l2 who just loves blondes IS often seen wlth Sherwln Bowser Law 'ind the F B I loom m hx future He belongs to thc A embly Staff and the Key Club s presxdent OSEPH BICKERT Joe will watch 'my football game and s uncertnxn 'about his future He remembers decc mtxng for the Prom 'md rapxd cal class He was class treasurer xn hns junior yc1r ALICE BISHOP Often seen with Chuck Grove Cnty Col lege 'ind ehemxstry delnght her She belongs to r Town Meetxng Cholr Band College and Scxence Clubs Band and B'1nd c1mp h1ve been a h'1ppy actlvxty MELVIN BLANDFORD Buz IS '1 D E student who enjoys m-nth Hls hobbxes 'ire focused on sport especially bas ketbsll He wxll go unto the remllnng llne LARRY BI OOM Thxs populir senlor IS president of the Dr'1m1t1C Club 'md he IS planning to m1ke the dr1m'1t1c held his future A certain gxrl from T'1rentum holds his chief mterest BENOIT BETLER BISHOP x ff 4 1? BA7YK Bl-NEDICI BERG BEVERIDCI BLANDF-ORD If BENNETT BEST BICK ERT BLOOM , , . - ' t 7 . . . , . , K - - . 1 1 - is 1 . - ' c f ,. ' I t I I . ' - ' . a - 5 ,, . Q . M , . " ' 4 w. ' , - - ' - . ,, ' - rf , f , V f gf - ' ' l 'E .af fx 15,12 1 1 4 I , f 7 V Y K A , . .. . K I . g . . I I I - . Y 9 . l C V s . 1 , ' , - - . ' , 3 , ' Q. . ', ,y ri K-15,5 e A al if 5, xl . , .f Q A l - . , . . y ' I ' 1 y - - 3.2 . . 46: . ' . . '. . , --fi V ' ' ' ' ff ' A 'V u i' A r ' 1 4 , I ,:5: E!,: - f ' . K . ' ' 7 , . . . . ' i o , , 4 I V . K . . . ' 's . as is , W N , . -I Q ' K 1 K i L C I . C I C H - - L I . . D V , i it v a 1 1 4 . C I 1 L I . V 1 ' Q . . A . . ' ' . 3, ' - A i , K , . . V K 1 Q K I It K 1 1 I 1 S ' ' ' , ' 1 A Y 1 ' l mf" ' ' l U , L . l , ,I 1. f r .1 , 1. 25 BOOHER S. BOWSER N. BRANDT BROOKS BRUNO fi as Qi J 'U Senialzd WILLIAM BONATTI-Bill has pleasant memories of all the trips the Band took. Among his hobbies are music, golf, and model airplanes. His plans for the future include pre-med college. VIRGINIA BOOHER-Ginger is a member of the Classical Course and her favorite subject is chemistry. Her soph- omore year brings back many pleasant memories. She is college bound. FRANK BOSUSKI-Franklin has two ycars of varsity foot- ball to his credit. A P. G. student who plans to find a steady job and have a long future with A. F. ALMA BOWSER-Alma will always remember P. H. S. This ardent Band member's favorite class is typing. Music is her hobby. She aspires to be a good secretary. SHERWIN BOWSER-Sherwin belongs to the Monitors and College Clubs. He plays basketball, his favorite sport. Loaf- ing is his main hobby. A certain majorette is tops with him. College ' ahead. GERS-J E6N A , G ns t wo college, the be an ol mai Am er hob- bl ' a in . e o some- thi ful 'fe QQ A, ROBERT BRADY-Bo m us rom ng ig Ale was active on the Indiana basketball and baseball t ams. A member of Trade School, his future is undecided. NANC PAT BRANDT-This petite, brunette senior is the h ' d majorette.JNance will always remember the fun she fhm at Ba dfcamp and the l948 Sock Dance. College ' lies ahead r her. l .1 AN C. BRASFIELD, JR-Tag's hobby is sports. He has leasant memories of his freshman year at P. H. S. Math is 's favorite subject and his plans for the future include e 'neeriggx DONALD Iscpit-A member of the D. E, course, Mole's hobbies are,h ntinlg and working on old cars. An alumnus of Stewart School, he remembers his freshman year there. He plans to enlist in the Navy. JOYCE BROOKS-Joy reports to room 214 every morning. Her special interest is listening to good Stan Kenton records. She plans to include dietietian work in her future. DELORIS BROWN-Dolly, a future secretary, is often seen with Pat, Lou, and Sue. Skating and eating are her hob- bies. "I Can Dream Can't I" is a favorite. JEAN BROWN-Geno will never forget her public speaking class. An active member of the Choir, she plans to be a beautician. Who is your "certain person," Jean? SARAH BRUNO-A very active member of the Junior Town Meeting, Sarah plans to study law at Duquesne Univer- sity. Writing poems and presenting speeches are this ambitious senior's hobbies. DONALD LEE CABLE-Cueball's strange hobby is collecting ecimens of small animals and bugs. He is a member of Coll ge Club. Don hopes to study medicine. N N 5 nge 1951 JANET E CAMPBELL Glggles who has no deflnlte plans for the future llkes to roller skate and play mush ball She IS a member of the Geography Club JAMES CAPIZZI Jlm IS a member of the Camera College and Germ1n Clubs Flshlng and boat ng are f1vollte pas tlmes Plans for the future are elther college or the Navy SALVADOR N CARNABUCI Sam IS 1 popular football player A member of the Germ'ln and College Clubs Hls best study IS Bucky He hangs hls har ln Room 213 ULIUS CARRAI After graduatlon jules has blg plans for an offlce job He calls 213 hls home LAURA EDNA CARTISANO Crllege or ng make up the future for thls lass from Stewart aura belongs to the College Club and her hobbles are drlvlng and taklng care of her dog PATRICIA CASHELL Pat reports each mornlng to room 213 She belongs to the Commerclal Club and she thmks that danclnsf reacllng and swlmmlng are tops Pat plans to be a IYPISI VIRGINIA LFE CASHELL Mlckey a future housewlfe b longs to the D E Club Her m'llrl lnterests are Skaflng at Melwood Park and Doug She halls from room 213 MARX ANN CERVENAK Blondle the secret'lry of the Ge graphy Club collects postcards Secretarlal work wlll play a part m her future Stewart School and senlor Engllsh ln summer school hold fond memorles EDWARD CHAMBERS Pott 19 IS 'lctlve ln the Sclence Cholr College and H1 Y Clubs He llkes basketball and floatlng about ln a blue convertlble We see a mllltary academy ln hls future RUTH ALLEAN CHAMBERS-Blues and bOO219WCOgl9 are flrst on Plnky s hlt parade of dance muslc She expects to enter nurses tr1lnlng Collectlng stamps IS her hobby M 4 Q-.,, BETTY JANE CHESTNUT Ba Ba belongs to the D E Club and her hobby IS skatlng at Melwood Her lnterest 15 a blond frcm Bon Alr After graduatlon she wlll contlnuf to be a salesglrl ALOHA F CHILTON Chlle 15 an 1ctlve member ln the Dramatlc Club Trl Hl Y College Club Taleoken Staff and Devotlonal Commlttee She enjoys swlmmlng school sports The future 15 undeclded THERESA CHMELINSKI Theresa 15 a member of the Leaders Commerclal and Camera Clubs She f1vors short hand d1rk halred boys and the song Harbor Ilghts She plans to do secremrlal work RENETTA CIESLINSKI Petlte Renee enloys football and clanclng She belongs to the Trl Hl Y Cholr and College Clubs College wlll be ln her future ANTHONY CIUCHTA Tony hangs hls har ln 213 belongs to the D E Club and IS lnterested lh bulldlng model houses He hcpes to own 1 small buslness some tlme C- 27 CAMPBELL CARRAI V CASHELL R CHAMBERS CHMELINSKI if CAPIZZI CARTISANO CERVENAK CHESTNUT CI ESLINSKI CARNABUCCI P CASHELL E CHAMBERS CHILTON CIUCHTA J . . - ' A ' . , . . , .I AIA. -1 1 - 1. f iff " , . h I t'.t y IAEA , 1 : A 1 ' , I , el 5 t g F Q D if L A , - . u V K b C. If S .C . y f . . Y x s - . ' . u 5, wa' .tg ' ,. 1 Q, . . . . 1' X K A .xi . .- K . ' XX 3 N E 1 ' I .' U Q. A A .. X . V' i .- . 'T 5 K , if I' lil . . K , . Lghr , ,V lg, . . A Ai' 1 1 - I .tx 7 .K l K' A , y 4 ' Q I - s ' ' N3 u . Y 1 11, . ll I I? .1 A qq . I yt I I V, .1 e 1 f Ill! 1'll 'a 4 , 1 ,lux , f CLARK B COOPFR CRIBBS K DAVIS DEMMA CLEMENTS W COOPER CROISSANT L DAVIS DUDA CONOMOS COULSON DAVID DEL DUCA DUNEHUE N It WMV aim' VERYL CLARK-Ve l or Jackya e was sometimes called, was a Vocational student who left Ken Hi to join the U. S. Marines. Our loss is Uncle Sam's gain. NORMA CLEMENTS-Norma, a member of the Geogra- phy Club, formerly attended Stewart School. Her future plan is to be a seamstress. She pals around with Mary Ann. CHRYSANTHY CONOMOS-Chrys, a commercial student, belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y and Kentonian Staff. Her hob- bies are collecting records and dress patterns. She is in- terested in journalism and would like to travel. BEVERLY COOPER Bev who belongs to the Geography Club and Home Economics Club plans to be a beauti clan She likes to swim and has a special interest in roller skating WILLIAM COOPER Bill a member of the College Club H1Y and Monitors is one of our few Uke players He plans to go to college and IS always seen smiling JOHN COULSON Slug belongsytflthe B nd and H1 Y He spends a lot of his t e w t cute d majorette has no clefim e plan for t jut ,Z H RR R s hails from room S? n to mist e likes being in a ior c on room re there are so girls fi ELIZABETI-I A C O ssd-rl' Llz an activ member of manyvfl s, ing the National Honor Society plans to take p home economics at Indiana State Teachers College Her hob ICS ar pewmg and collecting stamps FRANCIS DAVID Frann ernber of the football and 'K b sketball sq d 1 ested in a certain dark haired majorette H d ion he may take an engineering S course Q KENNETH AVIS-Loafing is Butchs plan for the future He lik to remember the days at P H S and the Ken H1uAmbridge game of 48 Always seen with Leo LOIS JEAN DAVIS-Satch a D E student likes retailing class the best She plans to be a telephone operator Soph omore study hall holds pleasant memories for her She prefers the name Bill RONALD M DEL DUCA Huck a football and baseball player remembers the time Ken H1 beat Har Brack 7 6 in 1949 He is a member of the Assembly Staff College Club and Board of Act1v1t1es GLORIA DEMMA Goo Goo often seen with Bernadxne and Helen belongs to the Tr1H1Y and Commercial Club She likes to swim and dance and hopes to become a secretary HELEN DUDA Helens hobbies are dancing and swimming and her best pals are Gloria and Bernadme She belongs to the Commercial Club and Tri H1 Y Someday she will be a secretary GARNET DUNEHUE This member of the Llbrary Staff and Trl H1 Y 1S a loyal Pirate fan Garnet who resides in 213 aspires to become a secretary after graduation 28 I xg - ' . Y ,- X . 4 IT I L 4, , Q , Q' 4- I- I f . 1' - Ml W I. . ' ' lj 'l N - '- ' , -. , fp k 1 If ' ff f If .f A IWPKL . . ' . . .- I? ef, '-I I g, . 9 ff ' - - ' y 5 gl . . . . h I Li' 5 U akn ' all i ' A . , I L . U ,, ' ' '. I I Y ' I I 4 Y fi., a f . if f W i 4 LQLWQI Z 1' Zo, ., f Ur-M' ' Y . li I . My " ' Y I r eff fa .f ft i it JEANNEVVMARIEI EDG -Jeanne H8325 to become a Ma- rine' or live on a ranch in Montana. Jeanne just loves horses. Another member of 213, she belongs to the Com- mercial Club. RICHARD EGLI-Rich, the magician of Ken Hi, will be re- membered as Dickie in the Dramatic Club play. A mem- ber of the Junior Town Meeting and Assembly Staff, he hopes to be a radio announcer. LEE ELDER-Lee is a Trade School student. Hunting and fishing are his enthusiasms. He hopes to be a machinist in the future. DOLORES EILERMAN-llo Do, a member of the College Club, finds that reading and tennis are her favorite pas- times. She would like to become one of Americals teachers. GLORIA ENGLER-The Prom and Rudy hold special interest for Glo. She is a member of the Commercial Club and Mr. Miller's secretary. Shorthand is her favorite subject. RICHARD ENGLER 1 Dick, another vocational student, claims that hunting, fishing, and girls occupy most of his time. This senior hopes to own a good paying busi- ness in the future. CONSTANCE ESPER-Connie remembers her summer in Illinois and Mr. Fletcheris history class. She is a member of the Commercial Club and is preparing to be a secretary. PATRICK EVANS-A member of the Choir, Patis interest is confined to art and music. His future plans inclu-:le entering an art school and becoming a commercial artist. CORINNE FACKINER-She belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y, College Club, Dramatic Club, and Choir. Corinne enjoys roller skating, square dancing, swimming, and ping pong. Her future plans include college. ALICE A. FADROWSKI-Yolice, a member of the Choir and president of the Tri-Hi-Y, enjoys reading, dancing, and dates with Frank. She likes to remember the -lunicr Prom ELIZABETH L, FAHRNEY-Eedifi c member of the Band, Cboir, Script and Score, Tri-Hi-Y and editor of the Handbook. College is her destination next year. SHIRLEY ADELE FAITH-Snooks, a Distributive Education student, anticipates entering the field of retailing. Her hobbies are skating and collecting foreign stamps and picture playing cards. CHARLES FERGUSON-This member of the senior class is Alaska bound with Harry Spak. Chuck is a member of both track and cross country teams. WALTER FINK, JR.-Walter takes the Classical Course and claims his favorite subject is physics. A member of both track and cross country, he plans to enter college next fall. SARAH RUTH FLEMING-Known as Ruthie to her friends, she aspires to become a secretary. She likes to read and watch football. Ruthie thinks a certain boy in Tarentum is tops. N 0112,-1.42 Qu S XJ iivbllffl M' . ' 1 ELDER f-PLM . . , i ELLERMAN ts. matrix iz. ENGLER J' lf l i Eseerz EVANS FACIUNER f flf f FADROWSKI FAHRNF FAITH f' L X 1 - . , . fi J L V flu! X ifmzotisow FIN ' ff f'Ll7UEMIyG X l V ' lllf ikfn .' ff J If r- Zi,-' ,- ww J 'V in I X ff ,Af lfff' i VV' . JJ - IJL 2 i ZZ V , 1 L1 if il- i Lf 1 Cs 29 f . . fl X 4 -,ff x JJ!! Int! X FLVNN FOLSER FRANCIQ FRANKLIN R FREDERICK W FREDERIC FRYE GALBO GALLI GALLIAN CAI 7ERANO GEORGE COODBRI-AD GRECO GRFFNBI RC Swann PATRICK FLYNN Pat s home room IS 212 He enjoys shoot mg bnlllards xn hrs spare time and hrs future plans m clude workmg In the Aluminum Company NANCY FOLSER Plano playing and motoring are Nancys favorxte pastxmes She plans to enter Indlana State Teachers College She thinks that Miss Gosettx 15 a very wonderful teacher ANITA FRANCIS Nlta xs a member of the Leaders Club and the Tr1H1Y Her plans for the future mclude nursing Nlta has fond memorxes of the HFS! snx weeks of chemxstry ELEANOR FRANKLIN El llkes sports and plans to go to South Amerxca wlth Dorothy She IS a member of the Cholr leaders Club Science Club and Camera Club RONALD FREDERICK A Classxca sgzent Nuts chooses Journallsfn as hls favorlte SUIDJQCI Hrs fufufe Includes Alaska and college Havxng a good tlme ns hxs hobby He partlclpatecl ln tenms WILLIAM FREDERICK B111 lxkes to go huntmg He 15 a member of the College Club and Geography Club He RALPH FRYE Chlps partrclpates ln baseball whlch IS hns hobby He would lxke to go to V M I Chlps enjoys makmg teachers angry DIANE GALBO Dee Dee 15 a member of the Commercnal Club and Bank Staff She ms nearly always seen with Norma ean She hopes to be a secretary or attend an art school DOIVIINIC GALLI Dom llkes to see neatly dressed g1rls He also lrkes to dance to Sammy Kayes dreamy music Dom hopes to travel He 15 a basketball manager and llkes the glrls PATRICIA GALLIAN Pattys main mterest I5 Buster She lxkes to remember chemlstry class and Mr Apel and also P H S and cheerleadmg She lnkes swxmmmg and hopes to enter college SAMUEL GALZERANO Nnck whose favorite pastxme xs playing ln hxs own band 15 planning for a career ln music He IS a member of the Dramatic Club REGINA GEORGE Jeannle Ken Hx reporter for the Drs patch and editor of the Kentonxan plans to go rnto free lance journallsm after graduatlon Frequently seen halls searchnng for news RICHARD GOODBREAD Tooky ns a member of the Col lege Club Sclence Club and the Band H15 favornte pernod IS lunch and hrs hobbxes are sports and eating JOHN GRECOQ-Known as Greek to hrs many frlencls ohn ns 1 cross countfy and a track star He ns a member of the Handbook fstaff Hrs future plans are nndeflnxte FRE GREENBERG Freda whose hobby IS sewxng hopes a uture ome Economxcs She 15 a member of the Leaders C German Club College Club and the Taleokenmtaff V 7 1 4 JJ I t N QI 7 l r I L rl v K K I K. K . L I , 1 f 7 y H v - ' L S-4 - 0 y. cl' A ., . 5' 4- - 7 ' l ' :::' 5 5 . . . . 1 -1 ',jEg,L.Q -'f- 1' would llke to go to Penn State. Q G . X . . X . x . W , J 1 L Y ' ref! 1 . T , . I kj ka . ' . N . S F i . J. . . ' 4 ' ' ' XI mx ' X -1 ' U I 'I 3 ' ' Q, . . 4 1 1 . n .4 X, keg. M - 4 , h . . , A .I . , . Q.-.ide V 1 . ' . in ' Y I I ' I - I , Y L , . 4 I ' h A I ' , I I K -f z ' ' , . 7 A ' 7 0 ' or in EI ' . ' f I Lp, 4 , 4, J 1 I .J 4 4 I 4 X -' - I I . 4 5 1 . XXI' X X If sc, .' 1 , so -' 1951 DOROTHY GRIFFITHS Dot whose hobbles are slngmg and playlng the plano IS a member Of the Chou' the Trl Hl Y She would llke to be elther a secretary or a model LELAND GROSSHEIML-A me Q of f all 212 Leo y that hls most pleasant memo of sch6ol IS sum er va catlon T1lclng the General sc he hopes U0 nd a good Job CAROU: J GUTGSELL-tqgfaes femme sul, ects are dm mg and glo ll eogfa y She 15 a m.Q er of t e Geo graphy Club d the fl Hl Y Hdjlo by IS basltetry ANN GUZZI jo s favorlte pas :me IS Slnglng and HX1l'1g halr e PlBl11S IQ be 1 beautl lan She llkes a certaln es .green e es HADDA Playfn baseball IS Reds favorlte pas tlme She sh member inf the Trl Hl Y Leaders Club Taleolcen .yrd the SCIENCE Club Sarah IS looklng J lVlONTEl GAE l'lA,NNA Thls frlendly 5 t lgelldngs to SCIIP d Scoie Cholr Kento'nlan t f T141 HlY and Collage Club She would like to be a lr tcr of rellglous edu tlon GEORGINA HARCHUCK Geany 15 a hard worker on the Attendance Staff and ember of the Taleoken Staff Readmg and slnglng are her hobbles She also has lnter ests ln 1 prep school PATRICIA ANN HARKINS Pat as she IS known by her frlends plins to be a nurse or tele one operator Her mam lnterest IS a cert1ln Henry SHIRLEY ANN HARTGE Shlrley a member of the Cholr lllces to slng draw and cook Although she plans to be a boolclceeper her favorlte class 15 art Shlrley remembers the operetta Tune In forward t ollege next year LORIS ANN HARTMAN Ccllectlng newspaper cllpplngs and roller slcatlng occupy most of thls future salesglrls spate tlme Its Summertlme Agaln brlngs back fond memorle to Lorls She belongs to the D E Club LOUIS HASER Lou never mlsses a school d'lnce He enjoys agrlcultur and he llkes to remlnlsce about the unlor Prom To be a doctor IS hls ambltlon SHIRLEY HASER Shlrl 15 a member of the D E Club and has announced her plans to become lm s wlfe In school she I5 often S891 wlth DOFIS THOMAS HASER Next year wlll End Beetle at Penn State studymg agrlculture SIDCE he hopes to buy a large farm ifter college He partlclpited ln football durlng hls soph omore and Junlor years HENRY HESS JUHIOI' a member of 712 IS talclng the Gen eral Course Hls favorlte subject IS coolclng but he also lllces to partlclpate ln sport JANET HILES-Edltor of the Taleoken member of he Dramatlc Trl HlY and German Clubs ans plans ln clude college She IS often seen wlth Aloha Dorrle and Bernlce x X X X x N ' X x I G Il' 'Tl-IS CUZZI HARLHUK HARTMAN I HASFR. X l I 1 l Y QROSS rylvl GJTG9E'I HANNA NA KINSNP' HARTGL if l Hfxsek s HAS!-R lip 5 HII es 'V i I fx' , f 1 rf , X H x v x, 1 X X X 31 CJ x A l K5 L X-JMJ U HILL HUBBARD IRELAND JASKIEWICZ B JOHNSON I HOSKIN HUFFMAN JACOBS J ENNINGS M JOHNSON l1OUaER HLWFNAN JANUS JENSEN JONES r L N ' Seaton HARRY E HILL JR a basketball man Spa to gp fa or t IS p ure are s Cl emg n He l J GAYLE onny a Kuivefgrugg st a the ramat ndMTor Re fCrosm 0 b collectmg H1s Jewel 1l1ar slght 1 Ken THOMAS HOUSER Janet c 1ms basketball as h1s sport and ccllecrmg stamps and ll e ornaments as h1s hobbmes All h1s mtere ts are 1n a certam g1rl from Vandergrlft NANCY HUBBARD A member of the Cho1r Tr1H1Y Scrxpt and Score Nat1onal Honor SOCIQIY Taleoken Staff and College Club Nance Fmds t1me to play the p1ano College lS ahead DORIS HUFFMAN Gcmg to movxes 15 Huff1es favor1te past1me Her most mterestlng subject IS home econom1cs All her IHIEYGSIS are 1n m She pals wxth Betty and Sh1rley SHIRLEY MAE HUFFMAN Llke her s1ster Sheryl also l1kes home econom1cs She enjoys readmg good books dancmg and remembermg P H S After graduat1on she plans nursmg BERNICE IRELAND Bernlce belongs to un1or Town Meet1ng College and Dramdu: Clubs Her mam IDIBTESIS are pxano playmg and D1 lf Bernxe a future college stu dent pals w1th anet Wat, and Dor1e RAY JACOBS-Kraut one of the "ll gang claxms member sh1p 1n the Geogra y Club H15 hobby IS collectmg old co1ns Someday he l be known as an electr1c1an OAN JANUS Jo atmember of the Bank Staff and Com mercl l!Club hzys' pleasant memorles of St Marys and Stewa School tcatmg bcwlmg and hgurme palntlng f6SC1 te thls ,kos ctlve secretary BBTT J JASHIEW Bloncl1e who pals wlth Huff1e thinks hlghly ofrqx B a1rsv1lle boy Her favorlte past1me are eatmg and sleepgn She deslres to become a Wave ILLIE RUTH JENN 5-Bllly s favorxte past1me lS eatmg spaghatu and l balls A certa1n sold1er IS very ofen dr thoughts smgs wlth the ChOlf and partlc1pates seba gam s ELI IENSE lond1e though born 1n WISCONSIN came yhere from exas Th1s member of Cho1r Leaders and Commer1cal Clubs pla1s to attend busmess college Her mam mterests are dancmg eatmg and Ronn1e BETTY ARNETTA JOHNSON Betty fondly remembers Tune In and County Chorus Thls future Walt D1sney enjoys cartoon drawmg and smgmg Mlflle belongs to Dramauc Club and G1rls Tr1o and pals w1th Sh1rley MAUDE JOHNSON Jeanne spends her lexsure t1me clancmg and hstenmg to records Her favonte courses are SCIBDCQ and mathemat1cs and she plans to become a b8E1UIlCl3h ELMIRA JANE JONES Myne who reports to room Zll at terxdecl Stewart School She 15 very much mterested 1n sew1ng and collect1ng hanclkercluefs What she w1ll Cl next year IS uncertax-1 JW . f, N fb JJ QQVN J Q ,xv . - Rx' X ' 3 YQ F N R . '11 Y ee X , . ., 1 x J J 'L N .gn ,Q , ily J- 1 1.1. ,L J -M J. L, A F X , N . ..,, IX . t,'eoa-fW-ef wx,f' h.,ff-A ' 1. -, 4 Q , f K -l.Jk , .J-1, xl . Ili " In Vp Q I - 54 Z ' r 1 ' .A N V' .l , . 'ry' .leg 1d b "' , 1 3 I if d' 1 ' lll. rj I ' J b I - I ' V I 9 ,A X, . A er . """'f' V M71 . - ,- K t 1 , el - o V ' Xp V, sy y is . r S. . . V , .. . .t - i. -A ., .- .U , s A M- 1 - I J 5 , . l 1 7 . . J , ' J ,X i '- J J - Q 'L A y - gf' . y S, . . -. . , X . , ' 1 . ' ' A ' Sql I A Ez A A ' ' A ,. . I . . I . . S X 1' ,J -" l A W .K . , . . , .A ,L i . e g . . . . ' in h . . . . . ' - V f' in . J'-I f g J' 45 . ' ',l A ' ' ', I M Anil' X I I ' I V 1 v A I A , , - . J F X X D, S. 1 Vp X x 1 hx , ' 5, ' X 1 J Jw J' If JN b " -' l Nav I ld .J lf ff . I 1 MT. A X I V 1 ' X J UL 1956 HAROLD lJdDRlQ-llH nting fishing and baseball are Sonny s hobbies A stude t of Trade School he plans to become an electrician after graduation STEVE KAYAFAS-Steve who is often called George is an all around sportsman because he is interested in basketball swimming hunting and trapping He is often seen with Bob and Stan RICHARD MELVIN KEITY Dick comes from 211 and is interested in girls and olcl cars His mam ambition is to become a pressman OYCE KERSTEN Joyce belongs to the Tri Hi Y ancl the Commercial Club She enjoys dancing A future secre tary she spends most of her time with Dick ROBERT KEY year He belongs to the College Club and would like to ccntinue studying at Penn State Bob anxiously awaits hunting season each BARBARA LOU KIBART Barbara a future nurse loves t gab Babs belongs to the Geography Club and will always remember Miss Phillips seventh period health class ARTHUR KLEIN Art is messenger for the school bank and may study accounting Although he likes to bowl he is hoping for a career in professional baseball HELEN KLIMCZYK Blondie enjoys dancing and swimming and You re Mine You She is often seen with Theresa and would like to become a bookkeeper or a telephone operator GERALD KNAPP This Vocational senior from Mr Black s room would like to be a machinist Gerald s special hob bies are hunting and fishin AARON M KRESS lgger belo s to the Assembly Staff College Club and Dramatic Club Pleasant memories in clude a black hearse and his summer at Lake Chautauqua JOSEPH KUNTZ joe a member of the Band and Choir will ?Lways remember Band Camp and the unior Prom He ll b 1 es ta runettes and se nor science College is his goal SHIRLEY L LATIMER An active member of the Choir Girls Trio and Script and Score Shirl wants to follow a musical career or to become a secretary. She too comes from Stewart School. STANLEY LAUFF-A baseball enthusiast Stan divides his time between the Geography and German Clubs A Stew- art School alumnus he is frequently seen on Seventh Street Hill. HOWA basketball and claims girls as his hobby. A member of the College Club and Choir, he intends to go to college. RD LAVERTY-A resident of room Zll Pete likes PATRICIA LAVlCK+Pat, a member of the Commercial and Camera Clubs, wishes to become a telephone operator. She likes to swim and enjoys playing tennis. X log AFAS KELLY KLEIN KLIMCZYK KNAPP 'B ff I l Q, Y l. L ,I , IS , ' L . f , ff ' KEY KIBART ' JMAL, hj, ,e l KERSTEN . ,W 8 4 1 Q KRESS KUNTZ LATIMER ' Q f 1 , - LAVLRTY LAVICK Dlx ,fVf-04-Z7 yd-ffl Qg-0'-fl? L1f07"-'l':7""7?"l'U6L K! JMJLALEFF N l J ' ' - ww Mew fffwffcf' f ff I I A -ky, OLJQYIZLMAJA V 35 , iZ"7 Q- if 4-fz"T' f f S I X-QX LAWRENCE LIOTTA MACSHANE MALLIN MANLFY f7 LECOCQ LOJPERSBERGER M MALECKI C MANGONE MARCINIAK ur! 7-1, I I INK LUCAS MALECKI MANGONF N MARINO 10,3 qfjl fl? L emma ll WW MARCIA ANN LAWRENCE arcxa who enjoys chemistry hopes to enter Putt to take pharmacy She enjoys swlm mlng reading and sleeplng and belongs to the College Club Science Club 'I'r1H1Y and the Taleoken Staff LOUIS LECOCQ A member of the Cross Country and Track teams Louis seems college bound He belongs to the Scmence 1n College Clubs I-Ie rv s s a Monxtor a a a drum major m the Band LZJ4a U2 SYLVIA LINK Known as Red Sylvia declares her mam xn terest ns ohnny An alumna of St Joseph s School she wlshes to become a student at the Cmzens General Hos pxtal JASPER LIOTTA A member of the Band ay llkes to play hxs clarmet An alumnus of Stewart School ap IS often seen wlth Lowell and Rabbit Hts ambltxon ns to attend college PAUL LOJPERSBERGER Paul who claxms basketball and baseball as hxs sports llkes to dance A member of the Monmtors and College Clubs Ace wants to attend college AMES LUCAS Thrs Classxcal student may often be seen with anet Luke xs a member of the College and Geo graphy Clubs He IS debatmg between college and the Arr Force GORDON H MACSHAN oc Rn con stant smlle has plans to be an inventor or scxentlst He enjoys throwmg satxrlcal remarks at women MICHAEL MALECKI Mxke spends spare moments flshmg and huntmg Hxs two chxef desxres are to be an expert machmlst and to travel Glrls seem to attract htm PATRICIA L MALECKI Because of her Interest m secre tarlal work Pat IS the Presldent of the Commercxal Club and a member of the Leaders Club She has a great mterest at Arnold WILLIAM MALLIN Thxs Stewart alumnus IS constantly seen with his buddies from Kmloch B111 presndent of the Na txonal Honor Society 15 also a member of the Science and College Clubs and Taleoken Staff CHARLES R MANGONE Mouste xs a member of the Choir and I-lxY He plans to attend Indiana State Teachers College Chuck wxll study and later teach musxc MARGARET INIANGONE Marge IS a member of the Dram atlc Club Leader s Club Tr1I-I1Y and Attendance Staff She has pleasant memornes of cheer leadlng for football games ALICE MANLEY Alice IS a member of the Cholr Collectlng postal cards takes up some of her leisure time She pals wlth ean and Wlller Mae She aspires to be a nurse DOLORES MARCINIAK Dolores w1th secretarlal ambltxons wlll always remember St Marys School She IS a very athletlc senlor who IS mamly mterestecl oe She IS actlve m many clubs NORMA MARINO Norm ltkes Jo Stafford records and 15 a member of the Taleoken Staff Tr1I'I1Y Commercxal Club and Choxr Norma lxsts secretarxal work as her career W ' xl I U - l X- T . J . , 51" X-X ' l ' ' 3 d y . I A . j . . s Nj ' . - y . A nfl! If ' J - A ' , N ' ll ' ' ' ' - t 5' . 5 , . - 'J ' I - . . . l J . fxb I pl -.- ' s , I E E , N v Q I or M J I f L f J ' . . ' lu f' I h X I .. W . . .4 - iq . . Y. - , . 1 in I I y . . . LA ,Nb . . X rx T N' st . I I A ' . I , ' - X, Q, . . . . X , . M f . S, NJ I' ' . l . , 7 - I - -u V- ' .4 ,, , ,A , A - .J N13 Q L - . I - . ef jc, J - . 'N X-5 . -1 .J . 1 , . ' :F A . , . ' , . '. . - tn J . X my - . H A . of - ' if . P. V' , M. . X' L -. f 3 Q, Z' , 'H , 11 If ' ' 34 97 , we f U1- x ss I I A O I ,H ,J 7 fx ,K j, '79 Q -S I X: rf,I , . Kg Lv' L I 66' W, MMV hvlfhiylftd ' .WM A 1951 fi 'iliijlfiuidjiwmf In liirglub L if if MP5 NORMA JEAN MCAFO E-Dancing is Macs hobby but she also wants a secretarial career. Norma is a member of the Bank Staff and the Commercial Club. JOHN McCOLLIMQHumpty is an active participant in foot- ball and track. He was college bound but heard Uncle Sam calling so enlisted. MARGARET A. MCCOLLOUGH-A member of the Geo- graphy Club, Peggy's hobbies are reading and swimming. She wants to be a beautician and is always seen with Jon and Glo. JACK L. MCINTYRE-Mac is a member of the College Club. His favorite pastimes are driving and hunting and he plans to enter college next fall. IVIARJORIE MCKEEVER-Board of Activities, Choir, Script and Sccre, Tri-Hi-Y, and Taleoken Staff occupy most of Margieis time. This attractive young senior is destined for college. JOHN MCKILLOP-Rabbit is a member of Band and Hi-Y. His hobbies are hunting, driving, and Nancy. Rabbit is Air Corps bound and will always remember his days at Stewart. JEAN MENTECKY-Jean lists her hobbies as painting, cook- ing, and sewing. A member of the Bank Staff and Com- mercial Club, Jean wants to be a secretary after graduation. FRANCES MERLINA-Frannie is an active member of Choir, Commercial Club, and Tri-Hi'Y. Singing and dancing are her hobbies and she also finds football and a football player very interesting. SHIRLEY IVIIKESELL-Shirley collects odd pictures and en' joys listening to operas. Football ranks as the favorite sport of this future lady Marine or secretary. RICHARD IVIILLER-Preacher enjoys going to church and making friends. This valuable Choir member classes deer hunting and swimming as his main interests. His plans are to go to Bible School. RONALD MILLER-Taking the pattern making course, Gyps likes making things from wood. He expects to learn a trade, then start a business of his own. He has pleasant memcries of our good assemblies. SALLY MILLER-Sally belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, Script and Score, Leaders, Dramatic and College Clubs and Tale' oken Staff. She still finds time to be seen with her Cadillac and Judy. JOHN MOORE-Jackie, a coming bricklayer, hails from 210. He finds dancing and swimming most enjoyable. He is headed for bricklaying school next fall. RICHARD lVlOORE+lVluley or Ears draws cartoons. He is a member of the Key Club and the German Club. Model building and target shooting are his hobbies. He wants to be a florist. DONNA MORFIT-Donna is a member of the Commercial Club and the Future Homemakers of America. Collecting salt and pepper shakers is her hobby. She enjoys danc- ing and Ronnie. A I' p s , ,I fi 7 f f A " 77!! X 7.'7 35 2' 1 McAFOOSE McINTYRE MENTECKY R. MILLER J. MOORE McKEEVER MERLINA R. MILLER R. MOORE ,S is Ill' McCOI.LOUGH McKILLOP MIKESELL S. MILLER MORFIT l I I -A5 ty i. .Lf 1 j J 'ff' X .1 fb ful, . 1,1 ,A . A f , .W . 1 MZ' ' 1 1. MORGAN MOTEN MYDOCK NEELY NICHOLS f f bf MORROW P MURRAY MYERS NELSON NIEMIEC fr MOSLEY R MURRAY NEAL NETOSKIE NOBLE at ,?.,L . ' I , ', ' ' . -3. U . . - I H , ' . , if ' . , - .I .- . 1 s ff" ., Y - Y, . 1 . . . ' J Y ? I i ' ' - ' Y 1 ' . y s I - . . . Igge' Vg J . A A as J. , A 'Mhz N , s A 'V 1 sl ny L lamp?-i," .y y '. 1, .h .- y 6X My '. A , 1,4 . jg.. 'I , . . - I - 'uk Q y NORMAN MORGAN-Rex Dane plans to be a frogman in the U, S. Navy. He is new at Ken-Hi this year and has made a great hit. He excels in all kinds of water sports, in track, and W. P. I. A, L. competition. CHARLES A. MORROV7-Morrow hangs his hat in 210. He remembers the one year he spent at Plum High. Hunting and girls are said to occupy this senior's spare time. RUSSELL MOSLEY-Weight lifting is Batys favorite pastime. Finds music, science, and mcst sports to be most interest- ing. Plans for the future include enlistment into the Air Force to study radio mechanism WILLER MAE MOTEN Bill is a member of the TriH1Y Camera Club and Choir She hopes to become an Angel of Mercy Her happiest years were spent at Main Street PATRICIA MURRAY A very snappy majorette and a mem ber of the Choir Leaders Club and Commercial Club Pat is fond of dancing and roller skating Famous saying Has anyone seen Rita Farineau7 RONALD MURRAY A very popular football player Red is often seen with Frannie Moose or Humpty He enjoys listening to the radio and dancing Future plans are the Air Corps DONALD MYDOCK Duck is a member of the Red Cross He likes hunting and fishing and baseball His plan for the future is the Air Force JANET MYERS A pert cheerleader and a member of the Choir Script and Score Tri H1Y Taleoken Staff and College Club anet is going to college She has vivid memories of chemistry lab JOANNE PHYLLIS N-EAL An active member of the Band Choir Orchestra Geography Club and Script and Score She is fond of reading and dancing oan expects to enter Greenbrier BARBARA NEELY A cute member of the Geography Club Babs likes to travel to new places She plans to become a beautician She has fond memories of her sophomore vear GRANT NELSON General has the hobby of raising English bulldogs and playing chess He reports to 210 He is undecided about next year WALTER R NETOSKIE Walt is a very active member of the Key Club Assembly Staff and College Club He plans to study architectural engineering Walt has a friendly personality SHIRLEY NICHOLS-Nick as everyone knows her is active in the Commercial Club and Red Cross Skating and Tom Armitage are her mam interests Nick plans to become a a bookkeeper LORETTA J NIEMIEC Lory is a member of the Leaders and Geography Clubs Writing letters and dancing are her hobbies Nursing will play a part in her future NANCY JAYNE NOBLE Nancy a cheerleader belongs to the Choir Leaders Club Script and Score Tri HiY Dance Band and College Club Slippery Rock College summons her Main interest is Duce 36 1951 L X M ml aww' MADELINE OFIESH Muddo belongs to the Commercxal and Leaders Club She enjoys foreign correspondence to eleven countrxes Her ambxtxon 15 to become an alrlme hostess She ts a pmg pong champ RITA OLIVO Thns attractlve majorette belongs to the Trl HI Y College Club Choxr Taleoken Stflff 'md FHA Indxana s Home EC sounds attractnve She as fond mem orxes of the football season -Cf ANNETTE OPASINSKI Nan 15 a member of the Commer cxal Leaders Dramatxc Clubs and Taleoken Staff She washes to be a secretary She llkes novels tennts and foot a JAMES OSTROSKE Slum plannmg to make the Army hls career xs ln the R C T 935th Engmeers and the Organ ized Reserves He belongs to the College Club and llkes track and desxgnmg model axrplanes CAROLYNN PARIS-Carolynn 15 part of the Gab Sessxon of 210 Witty Carol belonglng to the College 1nd Leaders Club pl1ys the piano After graduatxon she plans to at :end Pm NORMA C PAUSTENBACH Norm enjoys Spanish class She belongs to the Tr1H1Y Band and College Club Indlana State Teachers College may be her address next year NORMA PAVAN Ta Ta belongs to the Trl H1 Y Commer clal Club Red Cross and Choxr Among her mterests are dancmg and someone ln 206 She plans to be a secretary MARY RAY PETHTEL Mrp hangs her coat IS 210 She claxms membership ln the Dra Club Cholr Boys uartet and a few other clubs ts mcluded ln her future LOUIS PFEIFFER Lou belongs to Boys u'1rtet Choxr Band and College Club Hxs future includes gcmg to Indiana State Teachers College CHARLES L PHILLIP3C5u1'zZ try 1 l'1l?!P'iV0l' 9 subject He was one of the lmemen on the o Lball team He expects to choose the field of bust ess mmlstratxon m college MARCIA ANN PHILIPS-This c senior thlnks t at Mtss Gosettl ns terrific She belo s to many l b NH future includes Penn State e hopes to teadlx H e Ec WILLIAM K PHILLIPS-lBxl 1.5 at member of the Geflgraprhy Club Hts pastxme ns re mg rll jf ndeclded bout hns future NORMA JEAN POE Norm wx always remember h r jumor year She hopes someday o be a secretary r nny and Norma -are often seen wtth thts l1ss1e THERESA POWASER Teres IS a member of the Commer cxal Club To be an office worker seems 'tttractnve to Theresa She ns often seen wxth ean and Patty EDNA MAE PROBEL Edna Mae llkes to dance and lxsten t0 popular records Hcr mam xnterest IS B111 She 15 an ardent basketball fan WWW 1? veil uv ,541 OFI I-SH OSTROSRF PAVAN C PHILLIPS POE 5'1mW"f OLIVO OPASINSKI PARIS PAUSTENBACH PETHTEL PFEIFFER M PHILIPS W PHILLIPS POWASER F PROBEL if 6 as L9f""'l,,:0'-' 'W 5. Ma H-vt' V -f"""' 6 dawn Ma E PROBEL PUGLISI PYLE QUINN R RAPP K REED REIFSCHNEIDER REINA REVAY f' 1 4j.,f.,A J4- -f-A-4 -ae ,gf RHODES 'ivvv get PUGSLEY G RAPP S REED RENEE ROSS 6040114 EDWIN R PROBEL Pro 15 presxdent of the Senxor Class and a member of the Board of Act1v1t1es Hes a popular basketball player Pro 1S often seen wxth a cute blonde MARILYN PUGLISI Mar1lyn s hobby 15 llstenmg to po ular records Her ambxtlon 15 to be a laboratory t clan or a secretary She w1ll always relriirfxber th H1 Y Sock Dance Yi V SHIRLEY J RUG LEY So lifts at p an pumpkm pxek fut pomts to secretarlal w or be mg an a1r IS cute senlor has a won mil er hfhty PYLE Th1s head majorette ha b'nd emor1es after the Ken H1 Arno basketball gain he na Bowser ap peals to her S plans to work"f the el of Chr1st1an educatron L JAMES Q IIN ame rompp ale and partx clpate 1 s et l cl T s future IVlar1ne spen le1sure me eat: sually seen w1th GEO IS Kel1 HIS Gene Krupa and IS a e Torme He loves to travel dance Q pl y 13run:7, d he hopes to become a professlonal r m LL T e IS a cute redhead and a member nd a She has fond memorles of the unxor rom urh plans to enter Penn State 1n the fall M y 1kCS football and baseball Her hobby las coll t g mm tures Her ambl on IS to teach and she plans t atten Sl1p cck Col She halls from room 201 SHIRLEY R h1r a .a.ct1ve member o Natlonal Hon ety mat1c C and Handb Staff Her es m e sw1 ng an e s to at ege e fa F IDE Donna it 6G 435511: Lea rs u ure a1r ostess e sw1m and w hlng foot games e 15 onyx ARM R z1gLLg,,,57fEy:F, V ds 1 clu 1n r favor ue mp by 6 Perry Com ANDREA RENEBAndre ongs to the Ge raphy Club an colle sou 1rs m has hippy mem o es o t e rom n wnth e of I 9 , wood CHIC Wl Her spare r s ent 1 e ANDRE R Y Q stewajih 2:3255 the K ch cr wcl m of the ona Honor So ty He IS usu en w1t l nd a SHIRLEY A R DES-A memb he Geo ra hy Dusty spends ure t1me datmg a duate fro pollo The crystal ball s her as a telephonfoperator or use wx e FRANK R ROSS-Dlck who belongs to the Kent n Geography Club and College Club plays baseball and enjoys huntmg eatmg basketball sleeping and g1rls Im medxate plans are the Navy W , . 5, 4- . g K lr a . l 5 Q . , . - to F I 121231 -525 ll ' l . I ' 1 'U - V . liye t e l h ' cl if V S . V Aj H . . . 1, - A K3 5 ' I l 1 l' . ' ' A ' alrrt I I ' 7 I ' K Q 1 . gk fi , A- n . ' A 4 ,4 ' . e is ' D' . ' C. - fp " ' V e ' e ll d . , , , 1 ' 1 1 ' cl V r. V , L V . A ,J ' Ll AP ' I ln ff V th o' . ' 'W' Q , A l : ' .I 4 1 - U I - V A I J ' . I . fl ' - c VV -'.., ' V V ' V V . . S . . 5 ho ' ' 11' ' ' auf' avg. Sh ' . nd l ' . ' ' L. I S n to ed fx , l Cr erV lu , a I Cl b. ' ' rsh ' 0 g . C' ' a o Ke 3 V ' ' . V e l'st - . V V , V . d, . I ,, if' 'lm ' J" I xl 11 ' . ' . if VV . ' Iii V V . ei II ' ' ' V I I . E - dy V 5 i V . V is 'Q V V 1 ... V nf , E V . ' , a , sl f - ,f,,,. Jyx! 1 ,R - ra,--.p .t"u7- ., V Y, . I V: ,N A-VwVi..s V, V V, 38 in 4 3-1, V.4u-V,'A fxfyy'-val! V ,V,f-,..."".... 1 HVVVV MV VV. .- T I KVVV XY 1 V 7,7 .Y '.,,, 115.5 4.x'v':J Vw LVJJ IRAN I , A lyweg M-bat 1951 Saeupwiiw DIANA G ROS D1anes hobb1es are sew1ng p1ano and organ Has memor1es of Spanxsh class She IS actnve 1n Sr Tr1H1Y Taleoken College Leaders and Camera clubs She may be a teacher PATRICIA J ROSSI Part ongs to the Dramanc SCTIPI and Score and Taleoke Clubs wxll never forget MIHIWHHCR Patty may make a career IH mus1c She also l1kes to read HORACE RUCKS Horace one of our star basketball play ers l1kes collectmg old co1ns and Enghsh class Learmng a trade w1ll follow hl5 course as a draftsman DONALD H RUPERT Don w1ll remember last summer wlth the boys at Chautauqua H15 HCIIVIIIES 1nclude the H1 Y Assembly Staff and College Clubs He expects to study engmeermg DONNA W RUPERT Th1s pet1te blond who belongs to the Tn H1 Y College Band and Taleoken Clubs l1kes sewmg Reta1l merchand1s1ng may be Donnas VOCHIIOD An dent basketball spectator F L RUPP Vern whose favor1te teacher IS lVl1ss Russell en joys Enghsh chem1stry and Ruth1es sm1le HIS hObbl9S are huntmg and dogs What he w1ll do next year IS st1ll uncertam 50,661 BEVERLY RUSSELL Bev never t1res of sw1mm1ng dancmg and especlally watchmg W1ll1e at football games She enjrys mus1c hlstory and belongs to the Dramat1c Cho1r and College Clubs OAN RYAN This tall blonde who belongs to the Commer c1al Club w1ll soon be a secretary o plays basketball and l1kes to dr1ve her shmy Plymouth NORMA ALTHEA SALEGO A member of the D E Club Al s hobb1es are dancmg and sw1mm1ng She plans to jom the A1r Force and IS often seen w1th Sue ELEANOR SANDERS Read1ng and dancmg occupy much of Sandy s t1me She IS a member of the Commerc1al Club and plans to work 1n an off1ce after graduat1on JAMES PAUL SCHALL Chub IS a member of the College Club and SCIENCE Club He has part1c1pated 1n track wh1le at Ken H1 He looks forward to studylng eng1neer1ng at college ALBERT R SCHALLER Shorty hopes that 1n the future he can advance 1n the mach1n1st fxeld He enjoys roller skat mg and flxmg cars He IS a Stewart School alumnus RUTH ANN SCHALLER Sue IS amb1t1ous to be a telephone operator after graduat1on Roller skatxng and play1ng the p1ano are her hobb1es She IS a member of the D E Club DONALD J SEABURY The Assembly Staff Taleoken Staff Kenton1an Staff and the Band occupy much of Don s t1me He IS very much lnterested 1n a certa1n ma jorette by the name of oan ALFONSO SELLARI A member of the College Club Al hopes to have h1s own bus1ness some day H1s hobby IS Clancmg and he l1kes g1rls who are not stuck up wwf' 1 D ROSSI P ROSSI RUCKS D RUPERT RUPP RUSSELL J RYAN SALEGO SANDER SCHALL SCHALLER R SCHALLER SEABURY SELLARI N liilfwl QL Vx , AS . l V,-. Y - Q- ' I . sf M E f . - . , . . y . , ' I- I- V 7 Y 7 . E Q, A . - , o Q ', I ' T . - . . dj Q . 5 ' . . . ' 1 ' n , . U he I 4' I' a 9 1 ' A - , :LJ . . . , . , . ar- 1 'J My , 1 - gl . X 3 1 In 4 C ,Q- J . 7 ' - Gr 1, - . Y, , , 1 T., I , - - - . A! - - -ij, l ' iw? , .. ' , WEA ff c AX f ' ' . . , . 5 W ye S EQ' . . . . Q .cz N 1 'T 3 N . N , 1 . J . V .. It ' V6 3 is A ' D' . 1' I ' Li 'A - 4-' W ,, 1 1 A, 39 weak SHANK D SH EPARD SHIMMIN SLOSKY R SMITH SHARE-R R SHFPARD SINICLAIR SLOVFNE-C R SMITH 1,f1"ff.2'Q5W'Q 'AM5rNL, 0 MMS SHEARFR SHIHDA SIPF D SMITH SOPKO Seauafzd GLORIA -IOYC SHANK Glo a boolckeepmg student IS a member of t e Commercnl Club Th1s quxet m1ss l1lces swxmm ng h sebaclc rldmg and roller slcatmg She pals w1th Pe CARO MA HARER Lefty IS a member of the Geography Cl b Bd Camera Club She l1lces the name of Don and a 1 the p1ano Her pals are Dee and Dot O L L ARER Don w1th hls ready smlle d1v1des are mong huntmg baseball and g1rls Dutchs h t l IS favorl E1ther the navy or college IS 1 o br th fun l ver , E RD T 1or who IS everyone s fr1en to deve ICIU nd 15 an ardent mov1e fan A er of ch eogr y Club Don asp1res to be a good sman R G SHEPARD An act1ve member of the H1 Y Key Club 'ind Monxtor s taff Shep IS lnterested 1n msurance You may have seen h1m either at Chautauqua or dr1v1ng an undermker s he'1rse DAVID SHIHDA Dav1d w1th h1s shock of wavy ha1r calls 217 h1s home He belongs to the Geography Club but also enjoys basketball and football College 15 a probab1l :ty next year LORRAINE SHIMMIN Chxclcles mam mterest IS Pete A member of the Tr1 H1 Y th1s popular person l1lces base ball aIlClhg and sw1mm1ng She has fond memor1es f the unlog Prom RONALD M SINCLAIR Although a member of numerous clubs Ron finds t1me for stamps and g1rls Wah memor IES of MIIC9 and decoratmg for the un1or Prom he IS headed for college or the A1r Force VIOLET SIP V futurynew per oruer ,I acuiuh jrwar ,wfuzfi stgfx ancfzaft sg? befonfsgto t Afenyu? Sta fend eografphy Clldb KENNETH SLOSI4 enny IS a pdpu'lja'r!mLmb!r o Ken H15 football and traclc teams On the off season h worlcs lh a t1n shop He w1ll take busmess adm1n1strat1on 1n college BARBA A SEQ ENEGA-Toto s cxrowmg glory 15 the envy of ma y 1 gxrl T IS petxte Cho1r and Tr1 H1Y member I1 es to da cexjnd asp1res do become somebody s secretary DE RA ITH g collect1ng books and clatlng occupi xgqih ofgibbirs t1me She belongs to the Cho1r and' the D arhaud Glub To college then nursmg R ERT M XSNIITH Although Sm1tty l1lces Ken H1 he re X members the n1ne years at Arnold Thxs Kenton1an Staff member l1lces to square dance A draftsmans job IS 1n store for hxm ROBERT F SMITH Another Smltty also hangs h1s coat 1n 201 He has fond memor1es of h1s years at Stewart He takes the D E course and IS pres1dent of the D1str1but1ve ECIUCSIIOD Club DORIS SOPKO Th1s petlte semor belongs to the College Club and expects to go to college Dorr1e hlces to play the p1ano drlve and sw1m Blue Nashes hold her eye 40 .xk 1951 c iffirv 'A HARRY SPAK Ken H1 s track team w1ll m1ss th1s pop next year He answers to the name ts to take a tr1p to Alaska w1th h1s l c Per u JEANETTE SPA p0I9hIlal s ary Glna pals w ere 1 een a es mus1c and Fran 9'K s smgmg aP to her What was your Hrs re her falgxxe' ords Egblfggl c A has M1 .1 vo 1,311 player on the f 1rl akes thxs ture of ce worker an act1ve 1' She a1ms nmg to record and the Navy 1nter s er CAR L PILLERS Carols home room IS 709 The Commex 1al Club roller skating and readmg take up most of her spare t1me After graduat1on she w1ll become a secretary VIRGINIA SROKA Gmny who IS another secretar1al asp1r ant IS a member of the Sr Trl H1 Y Commercnl Club and the ChOlf Her hobby IS collectmg post cards MARY STEFAN Mary who has made many frxends at Ken H1 cla1ms needlework and sewmg as her hcbb1e Mary plans to become a pharmamst and the return to her na., t1ve land Greece ROBERT L STEWART R-1 Bob was El u Qmlughaml J- XL basketball player snacdentflfaElj1spZ1 member o the College and SCIENCE ubs He look's forward tzixgtte ng college ,JJ ELIZABETH ANN STOKES L1bby lnclucles college 1n her plans She IS a member of the Band Sr Tr1 H1 Y Taleo ken Staff and College Club She has fond memorxes of the un1or Sen1or Prom JOANN STOKOWSKI Jo'1n1e would lxke to become 1 reg1s tered nurse after graduauon Her hobb1es are playmg softball l1sten1ng to the rad1o and bakmg cakes GORDON STRONG Sk1p s favor1te class 15 typmg and h1s hobb1es are photography and glrls Sk1p plans to enter the Army A1r Force Pals w1th Potts and Lucas PATRICIA A STUCK Pat plans to become a secretary after graduauon She IS a member of the Bank Staff and the Commerc1al Club Her hobby I5 playmg the P1300 ROBERT W SUTTER Sutter who IS a member of the Hand book Staff and the un1or Town Meetmg plans to attend Penn State Th1nks the best teacher he ever had was h1s mother MARTHA J SYPENICK Marcys spec1al held IS the secre tarlal She IS secretary of the Commerc1al Club and VICE presldent of the Leaders Club Her f'1vor1te song IS Nevertheless THEODORE A SZAJNA Ted lS one of the Valley Helghts boys He plans to go out West and look for adventure Dr1v1ng and sports are h1s ma1n hobbles JOSEPH S S7UL A future college student oe belongs to the College Club He was tall enough to part1c1pate 1n lun1or h1gh basketball and track HIS home room IS 209 9 off' .ff M, pf 4. I 7 I lr ' f 1 1 9' 1 ' R., ,f VJ 14, 'I A14 P, Jvc. tx ' l 1 Q I 1 sf' 1,0 sv ty N ., ,lik 4 lv! ff Y 'NY YWW 9 114,441 S SPANA SPENCE SROKA STEFAN STOKI:S STOKOWSKI STUCK SUTTER SPAR SPILLERS STEWART STRONG SYPI:NICK QML :ML ll! SZAJNA SZU . y - L 'TQ A L f 1 . -1 'K' ' R f' - . . 1- , X " . V , t f. , c I he 1 --ff 1 f t -' ' Us 'f f'XX --1 -I 'T , , r . ly, I , f A I , 4 A, 1, t , 4 A r If l f , - I I I f I4 ' f xv ' ., I f 1 ,L fs rl' Y, F 1 'r I. i f , V f r - , ' K - ,- ' 1 . iw" mf' ,1 I J 4 1 . .- 1 L. J ' -' 4 1 , ff - I h , I .. ' X - ., , 1 . d -1 Pl by . u e I' ' P . . , sw S 3 in 1 Sa V A ' ' A X ' . . . ve ' ,- lr. , , VLAN' KP: , , J ' N lce a . I 2 f' S' ' m ' ' 1 rf - - - - U 1. I 1 b ' es h F 'es. 9 X73 : f ,fs T' . , " ' Y 7 1 ' . 5 I i 1 Y V C .C K . - uf' w - ' ' v K v W . 2 . , I . H . wt, 1 "- 1 L ' L lr , i 1 A V L- ll N M .. , ,L , I, VJ I ' , 'L " 'C' L.L1,UK, , R . , +" 1 V , X 1 WY I 1. .f 4,1 ' ' ,f f 2: ' 5 . ' , Lnxj ffulxf ' I 'A 1.- ' I :A sr A I .p . . . J 1 f Af! -,C J - . . , , V 1 K , . C ' K . - , ll . 1 1- .J Y 7 " ' . 1 A , ' A - Q J , , . . vm U K V K I . 4 - ,J , H p 1 .- A . . rl ' - ' J' ' - X -Y C41 ' 1 'W lk! h.,,v , 174, Uv. ,ty l -4 T ,BV , E 1 Q -V ffl ,i ,,, 4, as 1 Q y 1 ,--' T .px ', 1 .r af sr -, . 1 ' 1 I PT , I ' I V . ' ' -' 'ff..ff.fl"'5-lllre V 4 ..' f.. ' , ,L'C.fdf 'K ' A ' iii TAIVIBURO VAN TINE VJALTER WETZEL WINDOWS M TAYLOR TOOHEY VENTER VOYTEN WARREN WATKINS EEN TAMBURO Emerreen belongs to the Leaders ub Commercxal Club Taleoken Staff and Bank Staff She enloys dancmg to Nevertheless wxth an Arnold graduate Her hope IS to become a secretary ROMAINE TAYLOR W1ll1e Ro ns a member of the Trl H1 Y Dramauc Club Devotxonal Commlttee and Choxr She would llke to study medlcme ELLEN LEE TOOHEY Thxs attractlve senlor belongs to the Scrnpt and Score Trl Hx Y Leader s Club Taleoken Smff College Club and Girls TKIO E lxkes dancxng and Sp1n1sh College xs her next goal ROBERT VAN TINE Perry a member of the Choir llkes to smg and play the guitar Thls Trade School boy thmks Mr Frazler IS tops ncertam about hrs next venture XVILLIAIVI VENTER a 1 ot all at Ken Hx holds pleas ant memorxes for thxs pop lar senior Wllll9S interests 'ire huntmg hshlng and Beverly He w1ll always re member the Prom BERNADINE VOYTEN Bernle a coming secretary belongs to the Tr1H1Y and Commerclal Club Thls basketball and football fan enjoys dancing and swlmmlng Her pals are Helen and Glorxa RICHARD WALTER An active member of the Scrxpt and Sccre Dramatxc Club College Club Band and Choir Bugs looks forward to studyxng muslc at Indlana State Tc1chers College GLORIA WARREN The Dxstrlbutxve Educatxon Course and Her future 15 undeclded Glo enjoys skatmg dancmg and dark haired boys MARNEESE XVATKINS Neecle 15 Club take up much of Glo s txme 1 member of the Geo rexgn of hve years She hopes to go to a beautxclan school m Pittsburgh R CHARD W WETZEL Wlndy 15 a member of the Assem jf bly Staff Choir and College Club He hopes to enter def, enn State Pleasant memorxes of hxs unxor Prom still nger EPH L WHANN Hls friends call h1m Stuey He IS a member of the Geography Club and has been with the E track team for two years Hts spare txme xs spent xn Free 7 port JUDITH XVILBER Musxc IS Juclys hobby She belongs to B1nd Choir Taleoken Staff Dramatxc Club Dance Band 'und Scrlpt and Score Her next dest1nat1on xs college MARTHA WINDOWS-Samt Clemens holds many pleasant memorles for thus little talker She lakes to wrnte love poems about boys with blond han' and blue eyes She p1ls around wlth oan JACK WOLFORD Jack hangs hrs coat m 209 H15 hobbies 'Ire football and baseball Parnassus holds pleasant mem orncs for K His favorite class IS Mr Glock s health class GUY S WRIGHT Guy ns a member of the Band Orchestra College Club and Choir Itchy xs a Crystal C1ty alumnus He has fond memories of Band camp WHANN mga fl 5 WOLFORD WRIGHT X xr J-' y at Jtkl-ff LD JV fu Ytsv - ,J jf . 7 1 at ', J , J K , , I A . f N f f ,, I 4 A f ' ' ff S f .1 I I ' x Ury I fyjji C I jj ' L l f -fl V it A , , - XV. Q . , . - - 7 A 7 I I 1 ' A 4 , - I f. ,Q . - E . ' . I' , E' I . . ' A . e i ' ' . Y A . .yr . - .4. Q - l . R graphy Club and is one of our peppy majorettes with a if A .. A ' ' I , ' , T - A - y I u 4 e J A v ' . sl In - . , , V , , r,Q.O I h . . . . 1 f 9 , . . Y f, ' 'a y, I I A I . Q5-Vyd lx , , Q, - x I u 3 . - ' XX J IJ 1 , he 'Q -P Aja sf 'A 7 n X ,A-f' X J s X ll' 4 - Ty Xt if 1951 BERNARD WROBLESKI Bernte belongs to the College Club and Red Cross H15 plans are to go to college Berme ts 'always concerned about where he c1n loc1te Fr1nces CONSTANCE YANSHAK Better known 15 Buz she hangs her cout m 209 Buz belongs to the Commercnl Club lnkes to draw and plans to be a secretwry JEAN YANSHAK Gtggles IS treasurer of the Commercxal Club and ltkes to swxm and eat Her favorxte pastnme 15 wrntmg letters to a pol ter She would lxke to be a secre tary DOROTI-IY YENICALA Dot g30hgS e Commerctal Club Ita ers 'Club and Red Cross e lkes basketball softbaall ancmg affd swxmmmg ,fshe IS plannmg to go to South Amana PATRICIA YOST Pat belongs to the D E Club and expects to continue her job as a sales glrl Her mim mterest 15 skatmg and the Air Force WALTER LOWELL ZADAI Lowell belongs to the Band Dance Band and Chou' He lnkes mustc modelmg axr planes and huntnng He represented Ken H1 tn the D15 trxct B1nd festival FRANCIS ZALESKI Buns ts taking the Vocatlonal Course He belongs to the Kentontan Staff and lnkes to collect stamps plctures and alrplanes He plans to attend Callfor ma State Teachers College FRED ZALUPSKI Fred belongs to the College Club and ltkes to hunt fish and play golf He 'also lnkes the gnrls and plans to be a store manager VIRGINIA ZIKAKIS Gmger came from Ltttle Rock Arkan sas She belongs to the College Club and Home Ec Club She swxms ltke a fish and llkes to dance Choir r Town Meetlng and College Club His fivorxte class ns music hxstory He lnkes to pl1y tennis read and tmvel DORIS MITCHELL Dorls 15 a new commerclal student xn Ken Hx commg here from Tarentum H1 She plays basket ball ts an ardent football fan and enjoys music and clanc mgs She expects to do offlce work Not pxctured '14 43 -A-'Af' as -is Q J O Q . A x ' A . S . , ' ' x, Cx Q, ' . ,m ' , I 4 . , X ' ,A n A' N V Q W n f I ' W A 4 I V EN " Ti , - Img A- . b-. ' A V' ' f s - , "' ' w . - - , . A ..- 3' 4 - ' , K t R " I I ll I ' I . .l A V H I - , f I kk I. . E l I ' I I .Q U . I E . C ' . - '22 ' ' . ' ll- Q I I X , -. I' 3 . V h D . , I ' X' l ...f- 7' cu ' ' 'S ' , - , I - 4. Y .-. 4- . o ' ' - X, i . - I V f Nhd A OX. Q .. F Z' 4 I I V - qgsfx I 4 A A 'Q - - 'f t -Q t -Y . J- ' A I ' I :D ' V A A I " A . X XT K 1 l - - , . R i 5. . , l g , ' tk - I t Q Q V . . KX -r , 5- . . V - I A I W f Kp ze" 4 I . 'O . - U2 .. r- . V 'A U7 ., ' Z - . 8 5 X V3 1 Q. I 3+ 7' 4 -I 3, Z U3 I nf 7' Q YENKAI A YOST ZADAI KAI I-Slxl 7Al UPSkI IIKAKIS First Row D York C Tyburslu Dunbar Kolalcowski Second R M ow r Burnett Mr Armstrong Mrs Griesemer Mr Menlc UNIOR CLASS Our sophomore year at Ken H1 started us on the greatest adventure of our lives We entered our new scho l l o on y to find a sea of unfamiliar faces and a maze of strange corridors Then we slowly became accusto d me to rms new and different life Because of this change we were bl not a e to get much work done as a class. Our junior year continued this great adventure, but when we entered Ken Hi this year we weren't confronted by an unfamiliar school or by quite so many new faces. Therefore we could act as a class immediately. As our last year's major project had been a dance, the Sophomore Hop our ro' f h' , p ject or t is year was also a dance the junior-Senior Prom So to lead h . us t rough the many financial activities, we elected class officers. Then we began selling magazine subscriptions. This proj- ect was under the leadership of Mrs G ' . riesemer. To add more to our prom fund candy bars were sold the first semester. Mr. Armstrong extended a helping hand for this projcet We also held an inform l d . a ance and, following tradition, we called it the "Harvest Hopf' Finally Mr. Burnett, who took care of our funds, 44 Fmgers are movmg quxckly th1s typmg class ln .ff ff' W! 'mr' Vu an sald that our capltal had reached the pomt where we could begin the actual work of the prom The decoratmg commlttee planned the maglcal trans formatxon of the gym and all the other commlttees X ttiuux D ll ID j of Q fl drd thelr part toward sponsormg a prom the sen ations were the major actxvttnes ln our jumor year we stnll found txme to order our class rmgs and produce several unusual assemblies As we come to the end of an eventful year chmaxed by the umor Senlor Prom we all look forward to the last chapter nn our hugh school life The memories of the hard work and the good txmes of our Junior year wxll remam In our hearts forever CLASS GFFICERS Presxdent ohn Kolakowskl Vlce President Charles Tyburskl Secretary Don York Treasurer acky Dunbar CLASS SPONSORS Mr Menk Mrs Grxesemer Mr Burnett fx, Mr Armstrong 45 . ' s A - 4' ffl!! A f"f"!d l of f lllnxw A A an f M, I My Mfr fc! Oowf Kidd S X , J , Jy .X ,f JM of gf rf' X X iors would never forget. While the prom prepar: ,, 91? . L A4 ' - e f . . . . W A gy 5- U , f Q . 1 s J - I !!V . ,fag ff? xwff' lf,,,, xt t x n Ltr.-z stef Www Fxrst Row F Adims C Artes M -Xlcxns C Alex D Allen D Al quxst Second Row A Arhutlslcx L Arch nbwlcl R Arnold C Artman V Artman D Arvm Thlrd Row E B1ker H Baker Balla Bizyk I Bell D Beile Fourth Row Beattxe P Becker Bcxghley B Bennett S Bianco Bxckerstaff Fifth Row D Bnelna D Bishop Black R Blalceley D Blose o in Sxxth Row R Bordonaro M Bor dell S Bosal: A Boucher S Bow ,ser D Boyer Seventh Rm H Brmslco T Broff man G Brown Byran G Buck ley R Buffone Elghrh Row B Bullers R Cable A Calabrese G C1mpbell S Camp bell Canteras Nmth Row R Carnpoltx D Carrop E Carrop R Carrop H Carson T Chegash Tenth Row E Cxeslmslu P Clarlc C Claypool V Colm E Como C1 Coulcnas U ' o-A , Z V I Q . , , 45 .3 9, B5 ' C 5 - 1 lv - ' in G. Q G - K , A Y . , sl "A ' V Q y A A fx, ,' 5 , Q I l .xgkxl I c--' 'Ft' ' G' . 5 f r - 1 v - v f, :.: .e A 3 A A wawt 5, S-' lf + .. 11. n . ,D -5 Q, F' ' , . , . ' , M 4 1 , he Lia , Q cf XY g, f' 1 5, ' 1 . ' I , . C , Nl K t K , . , . , J. B ' I A 'si ' b. " ' ,, A I A . G gt . I I , - F v gl? 'V B ' ' . I , u . , V- gi g i, C, I Lv A L l L ,, N Y V , . :ft HM af ' . A if Ja N N K O . VI . ' , . - A M I , - , J- - ' + M fi Bill , B sf V Q ' : . , . , .. . A xl , j. Q 7 t ,X t t sr t X R ti t f ' V' Q I 'K 'J ' : . ' 4, , C . ,Q K X l V . I 3 7 A K I Y X ' ' - I . .. I 'Ak 'x . ma alll my ,1,. C , al . D j D A A .2 H , D . J ' 1 - - I v - , . K' ' ' y - 9 - y - .. I . Q.. ' if f , , N "HL f-:Q:.f ei. 1 '27 N- Q! 11 J-,l Jr-VIA! ff! ff! 1951 Furs: Row B Crimer C Crawford L Croxss1nt W Crowley B Davls Davxs Second Row N DeCecco W Delse- rot C Devme M Dxxon D Drew G Duddy Thlrd Row Dunbar Dunbar H Dunlap C Dwyer E Eberbach R Elston Fourth Row E Evans W Evans S Ewxng B Febbraro M Feol1 D Fesrer Flfrh Row E Flelds M Flscus B Fxsher Fnx F Flemm C Fletch e 7 JwA f1f5 64004 foci C! f' X 1xrh Row P Florra N Fogle E Fo ey L Folpe A Fortson Frederick Seventh Rew R Fry A Gfmss K Garner C Glbson L Gxordano B Gxovannelh Elghrh Row F Cnovannelh S Go lembxewskl R Graham E Grzybek I Harchuck P Harrxs Nm Harvey Hiser E M Helxon Henry L Tent ow Ho ka, Ho z, P Horvarh, R Howard, W Hrabc zuk, A Huffman S I jiijwwyu ILL-x,L. MW H 5 1' '95 ui ' f' r A 36 fav- P Q 'Ir N Q viii sw R Ma HX-.Q m ' 'f ai f-1 ...P T D L 4 7' ' 3 1 X ww X K ' 'h .A ' 4, ,,AfJ.- V .. f - A P f ,U v - J x X 5 . ' , X Q W .h. .1 K P 1 fV?q35f3 P .H P fffi., , ' : . 1 , . , 6 if 5 U J- ' P P Q W, ' , , ' V 8 sz f rx, L -PMN .Q 1 . if - - . L 1 : . I , . - R .S Q, h, . . , ' , . v f ' 1 - .f , ' . H. . , , ir mbsf M ' A M the . xx 1 ' 1 L . V Q . 1 J, , J. , . Q, q 4 V- U 5, s , A y - , . 'f" Y g 4 Q, I x I al 'A I I 3- 2 - , 4 - 9, U ' , . , . . 4' ,Q K ,,.. s S Vr,L 1 V K . Q lik .' .v HJ fir r 5 5 ' I 1 - H y - Vg 'P 35 , t 1 4 a I 1 - y - ' V I ' M I , ' - 52 r f , ' ' P P , -6 S: 7 - K if ,gill ,lyisgsx i L fx 6 . P is 5 ' 'f Xxxlwi ,':' ' W , ,D ma e W 5 j- ,A L P ' ' : , . . P 4 W 6 ' ' , S ' 1 ,E . , . , 1. N , y w I V' I :gf , I I Q X fi I , v , , 1 . K Z In j A L-f , . 5? 61 FW , in . Q , S, 1635252 - f?': . , . ' L I fr - PM LQ11-'..g111f21 f Q ,, A Z A D, I . J ,. ' ' ' I I Jw' 'A V , x . i K 5 i A P JJ A ' V R 1 J. l , . 4 , . , 7, G '- G 1 ' Q 4 , - K , fr lS ', ,fix ' ' 'fl Hi' Y X 1 K I . Z W Q X A i f 'K ff - N A L - ' "4 h R 1 C. 1 J, I . 1' if e v L... M-AA: 1 gi wflfflfl 'fini S sw K 'LR A NN1 xx -J K? R at Fxrst Rom S Irwm ennxches XV ohnson E ohnson W J y Kane Second Row C Kelgan E Kerst xrlc ood Klm ensmn n hmrd Row Kolakowslu Koneslu A Kowalczyk C Kowallcowslcl S Kraft B Krajewslcn Fourth Row D Krowsoslu B Kur pakus D Lang Laumer L Russa M Lelbert Flfth Row S Levxne D Lewandow sz R Lmlc L ng F Lubreslcy MQWW Snxt Row R Magee Mams I Maleclcl R Manna T Marmo R Marr Seventh Row D Marsh A Marzullo B Mausko F Matt D McCaslcey E McFadden Elghrh Row McFadden -I McFall J McC1eever P MCGIVCFD D Mc Ktllop R McNutt Nlnth Row G Mc uaxde R Mc Sherry C Mentzell E Mxchel N Michel M Mxlcesell Ms wc f Tenth Row: C. Miller S. Miller D Milberger R. Mitchell V. Mitchell B. Moffett 1951 Fxrst Row F Mooney hlorrow Nax1gl11 B Neiler P Nnmy Nery Second Row M Nncklus R Nydts Orlowskx M Orrxs Orszuhk Orszulak Third Row OTremb'1 M uetot M A Paletta R Pamgn P P1uI S Peters F urth Row L Po1czy1s 1 B Popt R Prosser S Purks L Pyle Ramsclen Flfch Row A Rapp H Rearxck Relssner B Rexter T Rexter Resh Wfijn 3,1 CMM Slxth Row Rhoicls H Rhowdts Richards M Roarke D Ross Ross Seventh Row G Ross K o s B ROZDIEYSRI V Rub S ,I Rudiw sky Rummell Eighth Row JD S'1lv1y R g'll1dL!'S E Scang1 B Schlc-kit Sus, worth L Sexcmskx Nmth Row P Shalenko CP Shank Sharkms Shaw D Sheman skx C Schultz Tenth Row A SICIIVX C S cl 1 E Smclaxr S Sxmpson Sklllen Smlth 1 if hw 0 X V. 'kr -ki Qi- 3 W N- ,...-lv io Q x in of att X his W' B we xl if ,,...-4 Q X15 2 -lf' Wil lt! -41' fy! J A V' .4 Q me How unload Fxrst Row G Smxth Smxth Smlth M Smlth I. Snalr E Sowol W Sowers Second Row A Spana F Splll ers R Spmelln H Spxttka M Sprumont E Stafford M Stanlco Th1rcl Row N Stanlco V Stlclcley P Stoltz M Sto kowslcn W Stratton D Sub llI1SlCl P Sulltz Fourth Row B Superczynslcl Suprano Nl Suscovxch V Swlder Szajna R Szoch B Tadrzalc F1fth Row Talter C Tara dena E Taylor Taylor P Thompson A Thornton F Tobxas Slxth Row A Tobm B Tru slalc C Tyburslu N Van Dervort D Vextch I Vlro stek M Votquenfue I 4 ,145 'X ! gif! f Seventh Row R Waddell C Wagner C Wagner C Walls B Walm ley W War rmer J Watters Eng nh Row X Wfexnel F Whalen Wlll rd M Wll llams E WlHgfOV9 M Wxt Cher V WOjCl9ChOWSkl 'Nlmth Row D Wolfe J Wolfe R Wolf Wrobleskl Wyant M Yenlcala -I Yetka Tenth Row D Yor T Zale slu E Zellermo Zllllac Zubek umors Not Pxctured R Berger R Bullers M Cobb Crall M Easley Elnerhardt P Canaan Clever VU Freclerlclc Ga ual M ohnson R Lever avlllc E Speedy M Thompson Q. if as ,i 'J' .U MJ.. ,Z L C H Ig y, sift-'Ml D L: Q, -' H V 3 ' . - 5 . I ' . Q ,,.. 5 if , - U X A- , . , . , 1 l-'l Q " 2' C W Q ' 8- ' "l ' , ' e,.vl,, - H Q, W tlllsb t so 737 'Q' C x , H A ' : . , . F - U .I if .., E 4' ', . , ' . W C A C : ,lunkl Q . ,, y is b E . ,7 ' . ' eeess W W A io N X H sl Y 4? -tzz o l ' .C K C l i 'i ll Q in - V Q , 4 y Y AA , . , C M' M M oyls M Y A 3 1 , A ,loy ., A hhtl 5 "lf K -A l .Z ' f D . , - 7 T 'l::.' 1 1 he F - A T W 15' YVL' A H : VLVI .. ,-" A to . , V I R 7 M5 1 ,git K f ' l "Z I , I ' ' f T at l gf. l lr h 5 , ' -Q nf ni V 7 . T ' T -f, 1 'f D N X f so t." fflfl Q ' ' ' I ' ' ' A l it W Xu 3,1 . V zkgg k,, A V ' Y 7' , . v V t .K I . r- k.Z .. A .E' " A A f T if . 1 ' t ki ' ' v A l'o" - f v l ' M "1 H T' . ' ' ' ' ' T x ,, f' fly, ai uk! 1'Vi 1 if J- A -DVA W ,f f 2 gig v ,. I . J . , ff A W , , 1 l E': ' - , . , . , , lrfjfg Q lvl' , N ,L 4 ' A r - J , - , w ifin. ' .lA ,.:, W W e nt .l - P ' , . P e i f e r, R. ,Lf ,,f f I JJ!! VJ! , 4, J XV!!! These boys are concentratmg on thelr M Nlatlslco s blology class IS having shop work ln the Trade School an outdoor sessxon Charlle IS busy keepmg the school The teachers have to eat too W3 fm M155 Phlllxp s health class IS enjoymg The Key Club Ib cleanmg up the the lesson Stadium v ,N Rl 1 ,V V1 . l f ' 1 1 f" QI! I , . f'I',i" I ff!f, "' , ' - f , 'l' , . . , eff' J w 1 " f- ' -,f -.,-e f ,1,' 1 4 - -X1 ' f ' ' 'ffff V., f s , 7, ff If K s , f M' 1 I 2 If f s ' 1 f , fn-' 4' f . . ri . , . K . , First Row B MCCOlllfh F Salvatore E Alessio Second Row F Lomo Miss L,-nsillo Third Row Miss Hood Mr Apel SOPHO lORIz CLASS The school year 1950 1951 was a big one for Ken H1 A sophomore class of over 400 made their way through the doors and literally took charge of their new environment After the election of officers and Board members they started right in to accomplish their one goal to raise money for the Sophomore Hop A sale of homemade candy was held for this purpose and under the direction of the sponsors Miss Hood Miss Caslllo and Mr Apel it wound up a huge success These big hearted sophs took it upon themselves to invite the entire student body with free admission for this dance and on a chilly January evening with the gym depicting a winter scene hundreds of students arrived The anxious hosts and grateful guests made it a gala affair This group of tenth graders proved to have great scholastic ability The largest number of honor students came from this group and the entire student body was especially proud of their accomplishments. Up until the very last moment this class has put every opportunity to good use. Their untiring efforts made this sophomore year a memorable one. 52 Mr efferson IS showmg IS bxology class an experlment Soph rntbnes 0 IOA 1 o 3 CLASS OFFICERS lolf Presldent Frank Salvatore VICC Presldent Frank Como 'Z Secretary Evelyn A165510 i 3 S-Qi' X S 'S-'E.4""' Treasurer . , ., , .. Blanche McCollum CLASS SPONSORS Miss Hood Miss Casillo Mr. Apel J!! 53 'W59 F S-1 - ww wt, XL ' lu. ' 'AW UF First Row B Ackley Adams L Adimslcy T Ajeclc E Alessio G Alex Stconcl Row D Aljoe B Allan Almasy S Anchors A Arabia T 'xr"lbl'l Third Row D Arbuclcle Armitage F Arthur P Athey Atkinson 'VI Atkinson Fourth Row F Bacu E Barham H B1rlcer Barra V Bartlett N B1sh Fifth Row D Bateman W Baum'm R Bayne B Beal D Beattie B Be1tty Sixth Row S Behanna R Bell N Bennis -I Berarducci M Berg B B rlcey Seventh Row D Bernardo P Betler S Bitar E Blick M Bogany H Borland Eighth Row: A. Boucher. W. Bridgen N, Brinlt M. Brock L. Brooks M Brown,-, ' lglinth Row: Ri Brown A. Bruno G Buckley R. Buffone M. Buisch P. Burlbaugh Tenth Row: E, Burgly . Calhoun B Camp M. Canne A. Caputo B Carabin 1951 First Row E Cirter G C1rson Cashell R Ccrx en1L Ch1ll1nt Cholrco Second Row G Ch1ney E Charlton P Chmellnslcl N Clmorlsa lVl Clpollonc G Clausen Thxrd Row B Clark Clowes Como Cooper Cooper Cooper Fourth Row XV Covert P Covey Cowan D Cow1n S Crug Crxbbs Flfth Row E Crlbbs V Crognale C Curcxo A Dista B Davls Davis Sixth Row P Dmls XV Decker lVl DQGlgllP D DCGlglll7 G Deleo Nl Derbaum Seventh Row j De-Simone N Dreon Drew Drew D Dudelc P DlFonzo Elghth Row L Dorocmlc Y Edgar K Edwards S Edviays P Endhch D Elder ,4 f Nlnfh Row S EV'll1S B F1ZClf1S Fntch Fxtzgcmld S Fletcher Flynn Tenth Rom D Folk Fonmme C Fortscn I. Fox Frampton R Freda -As . 'B X fly C Q X 22 il. ggf X if B 9 X vs.x.,A 4 W H I 4' : 1 M' V f-iffi f t ' W 3 s: G .5 A v f' , s 5. 1 i , g X Mx Q ill t .46 'ki 4 Qt l it I L Wistar:-MH S. ' Q1 ti? I ol X was 4 .-S'a First Row: L. Gallo, P. Garvey, C Geiger, C. George, F. George, T George Second Row: G. Germanic, Giglcr W. Gigler, K. Gibson, F. Gillis, A Giordano Third Row S Gull R Greco Gretz Grillo T Grzylnelc Guyer Fourth Row N Haddon F Hagy masi N H1wker G Hazlett V Heclcer N Henderson Fifth Row W Henry W H ssom D Highlands W Hilinslci M H11 11rd Hixson Sixth Row B Hobi C Hollier L Hooper D Howard I Hrabczulc R Hrivnak Seventh Row B acobs R acobs aslcey C ohnson F Johnson K ohnson Eighth Row R ohnson ohnston ohnston ohnston N ohn ton E ones Ninth Row R ones E urgaites H Kapp C Karr S Kennedy V Kiehl Tenth R w C Kiser C Klein F Koscianslci K Kottas R Kowalczylc G Krayniclc 1951 First Row R Krolxckx R Krolnclcx Nl Kunes D Kyllonen A Liboslcy D l 'icey Second Row M Lindxs Luusbcrg E Lebert F Leeger M Lemmon L Leslcy Third Row P Leslie N Levy I5 P Lex err R Llghtner R Lxnde muth S Lochner Fourth Row Logue R Lubomslxl Lubresky K Lucis C Lucchctn D Ludwmcrzk Flfth Row B Migee D Magrmx Mahr M1nd1lc Mangone Manley lxth Row D M1nley V M1rr1 Marsh I Mwrtm F Miyher M1zur eventh Row P Mizur McDonald R McDonald W McEntyre R McF1ll B McCollum xghth Row H Nlcifrtvldy R Nlrl or C MBISDCFQ F Q e F Nlcl ville F Mcrrltts Ninth Row W Meyers P Nllchael Michel M Miller R Nlxller D Mxtchell Tenth Row E Mutchell Nlntchell S Nlltchell R Mltteff A Mlmlx R Moln1r 'As f i nm lmmiia. X Sf' V -V . , , , . 1 , . - v, xr - , ,L L r, L , A 1. W L A 'Q f, Q Y f . L ivfm L Crib L . I - 5 Y h Q W , -M A tl '13, . ' L, , 7 if ui '- 5 'L - ' - 4 A :Qf:', Vw A , L ' M Q A R t L . .518 ' 5 1 if . , A 3 -LV ' t g le gk I J - E V l , ' X . . K , - I, , 6. .. 5 0- l f s ' Ein EXM' L .wiv ' : . t , . ' . L. -H .tt K ,F ' ' el gl , y , . . , . , R, w N y A , A - n t ,Q - s Z.. gg 1 " .L fr T 8' r 1, L, X "R ' , X A f. S : A K 7 1 A my K3 . ' at . , . , : , . ' tr NP'- A L L - 1 ti Ef Y O ' ' W ' A 5: ' at K L, Al -1' K 5 X l , Sl My fax? f I .Af L 5 x I ' E I, I .b 1. I.. .lf .ni V sl K. ,s is A Q " - e ,W if t ' ' V , - K my 2. I ll W IH gl! X At W I 5, ix X I . i J.. ' ,.',.'.. f f " W of a Mix I L 1' R 'J K ' Q ,'A, Z Y fr' . , - A 'Em V- ,AKC Q X gli..-:WN 1 E f- A E T ' X ' I if V . 'JJ' i . will 1+ N' f fm' rv, it ' w.. I 'RXQSEL :SWK 'f 1, wif QQ Mx Oiled First Rom P Monsouxr Nlorgant D Moses E Mrvwn C Murmy Nl Murrwy Svcond Row Naccirito R N c xc L Nelson NlC1SIfO M Noullct T OWCZYLOWSRI T lrd Row A OITICLIHSLI N Os burn B Ostroslm E OTrcmh1 M I unter R Pintwno Fourth Row M Paskey Patterson G P'1tz L Pechtc-111 E Penman A Pcrdeus Flr Row D Pnercc D Piper Y irc R Pomylnh R Potts Prltcl lxth Row R Riught I: Rive 1s Cro t A eeves R Rc oh Rcmi R Relnert Scxcnth Row K Rcltcr Remlch RC9klCWlCZ R Rox sly lch nrdson. N. Relsch Eighth Row: R. Rishcl, H. Roblnson T. Robinson. L. Rocco. S. Rochna E. Rodgers Ninth Row: P, Rorabaugh. A. Rosen quest. R. Rowley. A. Salati. F. Sal vatorv. F, Santora Tenth Row: F. Santoro, T. Schaffner P. Schafer, E. Schrecongost, G Schweinsberg. D. Seman 1951 First Row I. Sedhcelx S Sekcmskx Settlemyre B Sexcmnekl F Sey hart T Shiffer Second Rom I Sh1mey S Shinlx A Sh1rk1ns Shcftlc B Shellham mer R Shtplcy Thlrd R vs I QIITIPSOH R Simpson F Sxnclilr S Singleton R Smlth R Smith Fourth Rom S Smlth D Snlziskx W Speedy R Spencer E Sperslcm H Sroka 1 th Row 1rr S Smm Stone Stroup R SIFCHROWSRI F Stump Sxxth Row I Stump R Sudnlk T Sydortck E Sypulskm D Twdrzik T1kosky Seventh Rom C Tiylor E T1ylor B Thrower L Txlmins S Toney F Torok i-tghth Rov. S Trzecmlx V Tyhur sk: C1 Txhnslxl D Tyson B Um lwugh R Una lpher Nlnth Row: G. Urhany. A. Yan Nor- m1n. R. Vin Tint: Nl. Xaresco. S. Xenus. H. XV1chtler Tenth Row: M. Vfadc. C. Vfagncr. R. Whlker. I. Vfalsh, I.. XY"asyI1k. XV. Whugh ANN Q err' . . ,Neem an na :EJ L ff 4 Z? fi 5 W BN ,f B. iv xx G ki. 21. lg! 551 iv gfvffw Fnrsr Rm vv B Werncr K Wheeler E White T Wfldmcr H WIIQS N VV1ll11ms Second Row E Wfllls R WIIISOH XVI son B Wise D Wolfe Wolfe 3 Third Row B Xvoodrow Wootexi R Wfrnght B VC yant A Y'msh1k I YCI1Ix'll'1 SN Fourth Rc,w Yobp L Yohe I Young Nl Zichirns P Zinottx R Zaleskx Flfrh Row A Zellefrow E Zxto Spb Zubek R Zubek V0 2 fi. Sophomores Not Pictured Aribn A Bmdy L Cousins COUSIDS S F'1rren Fllnn B HCIIHSRI P Kenzer R Kush E Leisure D McBride A Mccullouzh S Miller Mxcha 115 R Morg1n E Mrvin Noca M Ofiesh W Pexfer B Sakulsky G Z1vol1 I3-'XMLJ R Tx NN if AC f 4 I , B r 'PG' QLfQ31'L'V7! 1 is f B 7' " ' ' - , 3fZ32?5?i4?2SQQ7 '75 f FB B ' X I' u - AA 1 ,H . 5, l ,Q .1 3 I Q' , W4 'V 14161, Z""' A ' my 1' - ' A f Y. 414 ' ,X I 5 ' gif ? . ff ,' d B Y 1 - M B fl 'V 5 If " Q 'V "' .-1' 4 11 . . , " on ' ' A ' ' . u x .,, " W? A R f A B A ., A W ff-2:-1 I F A' was - 1 ,B + fr ' 1 . 4 , B I Mfg - ,fl ---, , ,B ' of ' , , i Br R? ' ' Q , I 1 B . ' . Q . I 4 B, WM 2, - K-1 . , i , E, V -f f B J Q Q g. If Xq , , B 4 T f B B rg A A 'gjyj ' A N - Y- - ' C P B.: Q . PU 3 B B qv These Latln students seem to be quite Miss Olmer IS glvxng lnstructlons to mterested ln their work one of her students Louella and Emlly are preparmc Miss Boucher IS hearing another good food for the caf terla story These glrls are kept busy Wlfh trans Come on, boys' Some of you aren r scrxpnon work trymg 61 '79 51 ' I at ' X, ' . . , N Q . I . B- . 4 . . D ' 1 . . n . j ."',,,. 1 S, .. . '41 ii I 7' v 4 X ff "v 1 s f"""' wa. A x , gf .al-w 43256-up 4' 'I' f 'ugfig 1 A - 1. Q. W I T? far il 2' 3 ,av x fq n iff A f. 1 ' 412 4 ,af BOARD OF ACTIVITIES First Row V Artman M McKeever E Eberbach G Engler R Greco Second Row R DelDuca R Carrop E Probel F Ccmo F Salvatore Third Row Dr Chapman Mr Miller Mr Weaxer Miss Boucher ACT IV ITIE The extra curricular activities which Ken Hi offers to sophomores Juniors and seniors give each member a social advantage outside of his school work Alrhougn several of the organizations are for boys or girls exclusively the majority ofthe clubs consist of mixed groups During the past year several new clubs have been organized and seem to be functioning quite well Last year the newly organized Key Club under the spon sorship of Mr Vorlage performed various social services for the school and com munity At the beginning of school this year, the Science Club sponsored by Mr Walter and Mr Apel and the Sophomore Tri H1 Y under the leadership of Miss Hood had their start The sophomore girls have been very active in their affairs often having guest speakers at their meeting Various musical organizations such as the Band and choirs give those who are musically minded an opportunity to demonstrate their talents Mr Oliver and Mrs Wareham have supervision of the music department. In our school just as in most schools there are a few budding actors and actresses who get their big chance through the Dramatic Club. The Monitors an organization for junior and senior boys help keep order in the halls. Boys who are members of the Assembly Staff show movies which are a welcome attraction to any class. The sponsors of these two groups are Miss Pascaretta and Mr. efferson. Since last years Taleoken went to press the Board of Activities and the Mer- chants Division of the Chamber of Commerce sponsored a parade for the fiftieth anniversary celebration of Ken Hi. Mr. Fletcher was in charge of the construction of floats sponsored by the various clubs. The winners in the parade were the Vocational School first prize' Key Club second prize' and the Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y and the Distributive Education Clubs who split third prize. 64 These boys and girls are en joymg themselves at the annual Tri H1 Y Sock Dance CJQ 1X DI X Another activity of last years anniversary program was the pageant directed by Mrs Klmke This brought back memories to former tudents of Ken H1 as they watched their sons and claugh ters take part in skits depicting days gone by Although every club and organlzation has its own officers all the dances cookie sales, or any other affair they wish to hold must be approved by the Board of Activities This organization is made up of three members of each of the three classes sophomore, junlor, and senior and their advisors Dr Chapman Miss Boucher Mr Miller and Mr Weaver If any group wishes to start a new club it must present to the Board of Activities a petition with the names of a sponsor and twelve signatures of interested students Also a constitution must be written. If both the petition and constitution are approved by the Board the club may be or- ganized. Every student in Ken Hi should be an ac- tive member of at least one club or organization. The activities of Ken Hi should be given all your s pp t. 65 Fxrst Rom D Rupert N Nlarmo G Bryd R Olno E T1mburo R Rapp S Reed M Phlhps I: blokes M Lauren L N Br ndt P Rossx Sccond R X A Chxton P G1ll11n S Hacldwd Nl lV1cKeever G Harchuclc F Greenberg E Toohey Hxle S Mlller R George F Bazylc Third Row N H lnhard Mr Kexser A Op1SlHSlCl D Scahury E Adam Wfxlher M15 Boucher N Folser .ae L, J ,eff 11 44 we A74 i 117 DCA ff Mui!!! fer- ? fffflwfnf fi if ff 7"5f VA' K A746 Z, 4 ff Q 7 ,ci,,fLL,, 774 fin, ffffd if M' 4-IZ! 41 Avffffffq fe Zfffel '!j,,f,,,7Kf ffffffdfc! fr. f eff ffffr ri it KE I QTAFF 1 Edrtor anet Hxles X XM!!! 'Lff dltorlal Assrstants Gertrude Boyd Nancy Brandt Aloha Chilton Nancy Folser ZLL Patty Galllan Regina George Freda Greenberg Sarah Haddad Georgina Harohuck Nancy Hubbard Marcla Lawrence Norma Marlno Marjorle Mc Keever Sally Mlller Rlto Olivo Annette Opasmslcl Marcia Philips Ruth Rap Shlrley Re Dlana Rossl Patrlcla Rossi Donna Rupert Ellzaheth Stp es Ellen LeeyToohey Judxth W1lher TyP1SfS Frances Bazylc Emerreen Tamburo Spogs Edltor Wllllam Mallln Photographer Edward Adams tlst Donald Seabury XSpohsors Mr Kexser Miss Boucher 63 A ': . . . . ' , . w , . " . . . . . . , . , . '. . " . . r ' CK . . S . . R . ,. 'l , ' u. , A . . r . , , t , . ' , . 1 , . , . , 5, . , . , . . ' : . ll . . . ' , A. 4 ' '. . 1. T , . . 5, ' , 43 ' 4 , 7 . . X IV, 2 f K , I7 ,I , , . 7 W ' I ' D' A 5 , f' - "f X ' i- , ' " , , . Q ' ' k"' V' ' ' ' A , , f ,f ' , ' ' f n I , , ,f X Lfl",f5,AjA XCLCL ' tf, 1 C' i' ,Aff J, M ' tc ,Q-!"f4'f"7f 1 lt V' ff 42 1 c 'Z I 7 . . - ' A 14" f 4 V " ' 'fn' 4' X K 4lL',vf"f'q. ,, ' ' -, , , , I f ff' 1 ,V t f '-' , 1 - , ' L ' ' A ' flew., f f fn: ff 4 v f ff fl , ,f f ,f ' I, , f'21'f f . .iff ,. ,' K , f- ,ff ' N ' A' I g X!! :KK-CZ, My fff L g 'Iliff . 4 Z ff, f x I l ff, -- .gif . 4, J I 4,51 If 'i I at . 'K , ' I , X ,rf ' 47, ,fe f , f X , W ,, , ff ff ,I ,Aff A fl 1 . 'Q - f- .-ff' 7111! r K f- ' ,, ,' 4 ' yy! V , 1 L Q K- -'-, ' ' ' 1 f, A - , ff - I -1 ,V ,J J I X1 A V ' if V V ,' V . ' f' " 1, E - , , , , f -X4 . . . , , H a v s a ,- s 7 a 7 ' J' RJR' vs l f Z ' ' 7 QA Ia ' l ' s 1 QP' ' 9 CJ, R s s s X, . . xx! , , J' ' N - 1 J 'l . . . . J -f' , . if J 4 L X .1 . -J b R o - , 1, J" .l N - A ,N . Ng. X rx - wi -'X . 7 JX- 1 . - L. Rf X411 21 f KENTONIAN STAFF First Row: N, Bash, E. Alessio, S, Reed, M. G. Hanna, R. George, Wilber, D. Dudek, S. Mitchell, C. Conomos, L. Aclamslcy, E. Barham Second Row: Miss Russell, R. Smith, Ostroske, D. Sea- bury, F, Zaleski, R. Fred- erick, F. Ross, A. Arabia, E. Adams D Wolfe HANDBOOK STAFF First Row V Stickley H Pyle A Thornton B Fahrney S Reed P Rossi Second Row E Eberbach R Sutter Greco E Fields C Fletcher Miss Owen KEN TON IAN The Kentonian, our school paper is pub lished every two weeks with twelve issues during th school t rm Throughout its pages are in teresting stories containing news facts features editorials and sports The lournalism class der the supervision of Miss RL ell strives to live up to the papers motto Our chool exactly as it go s Each student has an assignment and a four pages and their job is to block th page nd see that the work is don in Drop r n w pap r fashion Each Thursday a taff me ting is held for all the outside staff members to conven to see how the paper has be n olann d Two mem bers of the staff attended th Wfe tern Pennsyl vania School Press conference at We t Vi w High School in Pittsburgh Th ed tor ofthe Kentonian is Regina George THE HANDBOOK Aga n Ken Hi tudents were greeted on their return in Sept mber 1950 by another edition of th Handbook This mall publication has come to be almo t indispensable to students especially taose att ndrno Ken Hi for the first tim In it one can final information on almost any subject in connect on with high chool life courses of study athletics clubs school and social calendars absent or tardv or ill a list of teachers a bank tat ment and many ot mer it ms This years st ff with letty lou lqahrn y as editor in chief and Miss Ow n a sponsor and with the Board f Fducat on as fnancier pibli hed th attr ctiv lttl red and black Hanclboc' , . ' : . A , . , . , . , . , . : . ', . , J- - , . , . , . , .Q h li W . S . e , , e 2 . ' 4 - e . " s ' ' . ' . . . . D v 7 7 . C , h . , . , un- . . e 5 e. .es , . . . , ., . . . . Q , Q - V t .- - , , - . D ,, . Q . h 1 Q . h - . . . , ., , . 4 , beat. A page editor is selected for each of its cheers and songs, a reading list, what to do when r ' e ' e e 5 e . f . l ' ' t '. " . " T7 . s . e . . . - ' . 2 . J - - ' e 4 ' e 1 1 Q . a . " . o e . -3 , F 1 . 5 . . ' , ' As e a ' : , 3 5 - 3 L. ' r c. fii. e h . S Ae' A 67 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Natlonal Honor Socxety IS an organlza tlon whose members are chos n on the basrs of scholarshlp character leadershlp and serv1ce Whlle names of students may be proposed by any faculty member, the actual electing IS done by a councll of semor sectlon room teachers Mr Weaver, MISS Boucher and Miss ElgCS About fifteen per cent of the top ranlclng t.1dents of the senior class are ellgxble for membership First semester offlcers were Wllllalh Mallxn president, Nancy Hubbard vlce president and Andrew Re vay secretary Miss Elges IS the organlzatrons sponsor and MISS Walker IS treasurer DFFICERS--Second Semester President Robert Stewart Vice Presldent Robert Sutter Secretary anet I-Ill s NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FIYSI Row P Rossx P Gallxan M Pethtel R Ceslmslu F Bazylc M Phxltps R Ollvo D Rupert Second Row I-llles M Law rence R George H Pyle E Tamburo 111115 Rapp J Spence Thnrd Row M Sypcnnck Fmnlclm D Yenlmla Hubb1rd E Crolssant Bxshop S Reed Fourth Row M lVlcKeever Greenberg S Haddad Mentecky B Fahrney Wllber Fifth Row D Cable R S111 cur A Revay W Mallm F David Snxth Row T Szajna R Sut ter R Stew1rt, W Bon-lm F v I B l J X COLLEGE CLUB The College Club under the capable super v1s1on of Mxss E1g6S and Mr Kelser, helps nts members choose a course that w1ll be of use them In the future Durmg the year, the senlor members assemble 1n 401 to talce varlous scholas txc apt1tude and hngh school achlevement tests These famlllarlze the students wlth the long col lege examinations A Career Conference IS held on one evenmg durlng the year whlch many rep resentatlves from colleges and business establlsh ITICHIS atrend to present mformatlon to the stu dents and thelr parents These conferences ald these students ln choos1ng thelr college or work after graduatlon from h1gh school x I I A , , i ' ', . , 4 , - a z ' , 4 - , . , - r , K , J, J. , R. ' 1 . I , E , ' , , . r, N r , . ' - , A 1 . , F , . L , J , . , J l.' , --. , . ' ' : . I ., . I ' ' L L V, ' Kof' , VC V1 ' W flilfrq -f' I f If V .V I f H X. t- ' KL ,fl K "' fjxfr X 4 I it if J' rr fp, -l il NV! 1 0 V -, - , 5 , Al' .JT - K TJ.-'L '-1 r It Q x f A l A!,,,f" . , . l Q 7 l a I - l to . . . D - , - . , . , L . . I 7 ' V ' h . 5 1 . . I - . , 0 . . . - 7 . - . 3 - . . - , . . 68 GEOGRAPHY CLUB The Geography Club under the leadersh1p of its sponsor Miss Mary Vlola Phlllxps has had many lnterestxng and worthwhlle HCUYIIICS the past year One of these was the makmg of a poster entltled What Our Communxty Offers the Trav eler Thls poster was made for a Pennsylvanla Week contest sponsored by the Pennsylvanla Hotels Assoclatlon Each member who has an actxve lnterest 1n geography IS a memb r of the Geography Club of Western Pennsylvania Among the act1v1t1es of the club IS the sending of Care packages to n edy famxlles ln Europe Members of the club also correspond with pen pals thus learnmg much more about forexgn countries OFFICERS President Shlrley Rhodes Vice President Mary Ann Cervenak Secretary Beverly Cooper Treasurer Loretta N1em1c Program Chairman Carol Gutgsell GEOGRAPHY CLUB Fxrst Row L Nlemlec Campbell M Watkins Clements B Cooper M g McCullough S Rhodes Second Row D Shepard Frederlck C Shearer Ashbaugh V Slpe Brown K Reed S Lauff B Phillip Thlrd Row Whann F Ross R acobs Lucas E Pro e G Rapp D Best Shlhda Miss Phllhps GERMAN CLUB Fmrst Row S Lauff C Wfalls Taylor I-l1les L Cowan F Greenberg V Booher R McSherry P Nemy Second Row XV Crowley R Manley G Schwxensberg D Manley S Carnabucc1 D Boyer D Fester R Bullers Thxrd Rom lVlr Rlnghoffer Capxzzx R Smclur D Elder G Claassen B Hob: -I FIX R Szoch GERMAN CLUB Under the sponsorslup of Mr Rmghoffer the German Club IS open to any student who takes German or has taken the course 1n pre vxous years The club offers soc1al functlons that prove to be much fun The members learn Ger man songs and games that provlde experlence ln speakxng the language The members also took a trlp to Plttsburgh where they saw a program of Austrxan dancing and muslc Some of them had the pr1v1lege of speaking IH German t f of the persons who partlclpated ln the program Other trlps were planned to help further the knowledge of German and the enjoyment of the students OFFICERS Presldent Ronald Slnclalr VICE President ack Fix Secretary Freda Greenb rg Treasurer Stanl v Lauff , 7 . . . . 7 v -l er - . ' . ' ' ' ' o a ew 9 : , ' ' , , . ' , N. , . . . A. Cervenak, C. Gut sell, M. : . . , B. ' , . , A, ' , , . -J YJ- - - - b l, . . , . , D. Jr .J. ' Q . . Q b , . V: .A I. l J' SENIOR TRI HI Y The Senlor Tr1 H1 Y orgamzed by the Y M C A IS the glrls Chr1st1an organ1zat1on of Ken H1 It IS a SCFVICC club whose purpose 15 to ald worthy char1t1es Throughout the year the g1rls hold numerous projects to ra1se funds Among these w re the sellmg of name cards and sponsorm of two dances the Sock Dance and the Shamrock Ball Wlth the proceeds from these events the g1rls sent C A R E boxes to Europe The club also sent two g1rls to the Central West U N conventlon ln Indlana and to the Ctat U N conwenuon at Harmsburg At the conclus1on of the school year the annual Mother Daughter Banquet IS held Any sen1or glrl w1ll1ng to fulhll the club requxrements IS el1g1ble for membersh1p MISS Darls Phllllps IS the sponsor OFFICERS Pre 1dent Allce Fadrowslcl VICE Pres1dent Nancy Hubbard ecretary Renetta C1esl1nsk1 Treasurer Dlana Rossl Chaplam Betty Johnson JUNIOR TRI HI Y The Jumor g1rls have orgamzed agam thlS year the1r own Tr1 H1Y wh1ch IS one of the largest organ1zat1ons ln Ken H1 Th1s group un der the guldance of MISS Boucher has much to extend to others the h1gh standards of Chr1st1an character The act1v1t1es of th1s club 1nclude two candy cookle sales held dur1ng the noon hour a dance 1n Apr1l planned as a jomt functlon w1th the sophomore Tr1H1Y The proceeds from these events Wlll be used to send sen1or glrls to a summer conference and to do SCFVICC work 1n the commun1ty At th1s conference the gxrls re CBIVC tra1n1ng 1n Tr1 H1 Y work Pres1dent V1ce Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Chaplam OFFICERS oyce Taylor AIICC Thornton ean Rhodes Joan Orlowslu Rose Howard SENIOR TRI I-II Y JUNIOR TRI HI Y . . , . . . ., , . . , ' ' 5 2 . . .. . . g 1 ' ' ' , . . . . . ' ' - . . . D . . . ., - . , - ' ' . 3 ,,.., , . ,,.. .. , ....... .....,.. .,.. . . -I Q . . . J ., , ..., .,,... . ,.....,.,.,,.. . ., SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y HIY GTZ Jffifalw J ze- O K ff!-9.1 y SOPHOMORE TRI HI Y HI Y Although the Sophomore Tr1 H1 Y IS an en t1rely new orgamzatzon 1n Ken H1 IIS amb1t1ous members under the competent gu1dance of MISS Kay Hood have already made lt a very act1ve club A dehmte program for the ent1re year has been planned w1th one execut1ve meet1ng and two regular bus1ness meet1ngs each month At one of the bus1ness meet1ngs there IS a IOPIC for d1scus s1on wh1ch usually features a well mformed speak er The other meetlng IS dedlcated to the serv1ce project of the month One of these projects was the adopt1on of an eleven year old boy from the Greensburg Orphana e for Chr1stmas OFFICERS Presndent Evelyn Aless1o Vice Presldent Nancy Chorba Secretary MQIJOIIS Bu1sch Treasurer Sh1rley Loehner The purpose of the I-I1Y IS To create mamtam and extend throughout the school and commun1ty h1gh standards of Chr1st1an character Our school chapter 3dVlSCd by Mr Apel and sup ported by the Y M C A holds to this purpose through dlfferent projects dur1ng the year Sev eral members had the opportun1ty th1s year to attend the state conxentlon at ohnstown The CIIFISIITIHS Splflf I5 carr1ed out 1n school dur1ng the holldays by the members decoratmg a beau t1ful tree wh1ch stands on the landmg of the mam staxrway The boys work hard to bullcl greater fellowsh1p among themselves and to make l1fe long fr1endsh1ps OFFICERS Presxdent Donald Rupert VICC Presldent Alv1n Fortson Secretary Ronald Fredenck Treasurer ack F1tzgerald , ,N-, -J, ' F. 'T FT' ,. 'Fla 31" ff' Zlbf! 'V - Y I Q ' X 1 f ,W - ,, 1 J ,J M ,f fy, ., . - - - as . , y . 1 - . .... , 71 RED CROSS The Red Cross Club is an organization of students whose purpose is to do service for others ienced in charitable work All high school stu dents are eligible to become members of the Senior Club but only two representatives a boy and a girl from each section room are elected 1ntO the club Under the guidance of Miss Math ison their sponsor they have bi monthly meet ings and many activities They knit afghans for refugees fill Christmas boxes provide dolls for under privileged children put on a radio pro gram and in the fall conduct a drive for Red Cross members OFFICERS President Charles Ferguson Vice President oseph Mangone Secretary Donna Reifschneider Treasurer Fred Mooney RED CROSS First Row: D. Reifschneider, T. Marino, L. Giordano, P. Benedict, S. Loehner, N Chorba, B. Heise, B. L. Wyant, Patterson, M. Va- resco, M. Lawrence Second Row: Mrs. Griesemer, A. Arbutislci, R. Link, B. Reiter, N. Pavan, D. Yen- lcala. M. A. Cervenalc, S. Nicholas, D. Dudek, G. Rcss . ohnston .Wrob- eslci Third Row: V. Crognale P. Horvath A. Arabia R. Bev- eridge C. Mangone C. Gutg- sell M. Miller D. Bateman Fontaine Dunbar Fourth Row J Bickert D My dock P Shalenlco A Revay R Revay R Spencer R Mc Fall R Freda Mangone Fifth Row H Spak C Fergu son D Alquist Morrow R Abraham F Mooney G Hoskins R Kowalczylc M Smith R Cable C Tybur ski G Claassen Miss Math ison KEY CLUB First Row G Urbany B Shep ard F Mooney R Miller R Netoskie R Beveridge W Crowley W Bonatti G Rapp D Wolfe Fletcher R Long Second Row C Taylor Stroup Fitzgerald F Sal vatore Armitage J Flynn ones re a Wright M Smith Third Row A Arabia F Como B Ostroski J Davis ohnston A Sharkins Hazlett B Smith R Revay W Robinson Nlr Vorlage KEY CLUB The Key Club although not an actual part of the Kiwanis is an international club sponsored ship of Mr Vorlage was organized as a service club to the school and community and has been operating as such The club finds out what is most needed for the school and then sets out to ac complish that task During football season the boys voluntarily act as the clean up committee This year the boys were the hosts at the tourna ment basketball games They also sponsor a dance for the students We Build the motto of the club is exactly what the members are doing FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President Robert Beveridge Secretary Walter Netoskie Treasurer Thomas Armitage , J J , J l J- ' y J- I I , . , J- : . I , . - , - , J- , V , . i ,I . , - 1 J- , : I . , Y J- I . . - , J- , - , R. J , R. F d , R. , . 7 ' .1 ' I ' Y J- J , I- i J- Y I ' Y ' 7 I V 7 s . . I , ' . This gives them an opportunity to become exper- by the Kiwanians. The club, under the sponsor- I I I I . . . 3 l 7 I ' l , . - . . . - , . l , 9 7 ' ' ' . s . 9 I - ' ' ' ' te f n . I , I . I I 7 7 ' 72 CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club of Ken H1 owes much of nts success to 1ts sponsor Mlss an t Mathlson The purpose of the club xs to g1ve those students who lcnow a little about photography a chance to learn more The members make mlnlature pxc tures for the senlors take a trip to the Buhl Plan etarlum and several trxps ln the New Kensmgton area to further thelr mterest and slclll ln photo regular meetlngs on some phase of photography The blg aim of the club at the present t1me IS to acqulre a clarlc room somewhere xn the Rndge Avenue bulldmg OFFICERS President D3Vld Lang Vice Presldent Davld Manley Secretary oanne Fontame Treasurer Marlan Bogany Future Homemakers of America Th Future Hom makers of Amerlca was ln troclucecl lnto the JUHIOI' and semor hlgh schools to promote a growxng appreclatlon of the joys and satlsfactlons of homemalcmg SIHCC It IS an integral part of the program of home economlcs m the schools of Amerrca lt offers opportunlty for the further development of pupil 1n1t1at1ve 1n planning and carrylng out act1v1t1es related to organwed ln Ken H1 but for a new club lf IS very actlve The members of the club malce coolcles and candy and sell them 1n the front hall clurmg the lunch perlocls They also hold many social meetmgs and are plannlng a fash1on show ln the s rmg OFFICERS Presldent Sylvia Llnlc VICE President Vaughn Artman Secretary Wlller Mae Moten Treasurer Beverly Cooper General Chalrman LOUISE Cnordano Camera Club Future Homemakers of America ' ' 2 4 .5 3 ' ' ' '. ' . C ' . graphy. Informative lectures are given at the homemalcing. The club is just beginning to get . I - . ' QP A . THE ATTENDANCE STAFF The Attendance Staff is an honorary group but it is not a social organization. The girls on this staff devote one period every day to help- ing in the dean's office. Their duties include making up each day, from the section room lists, an absentee sheet, and checking the attendance slips that are made out every period. They also keep track of those who have been excused and consult the files to check schedule cards to see if Jane White has gym the third period or whether she should be in study hall. This group was rep- resented at the Board of Activities banquet by Georgina Harchuck. BANK STAFF The Student Bank was organized for the pur- pose of handling the various money accounts of the school. Organizations, classes, section rooms, students, and teachers are benefited by it. The Bank Staff sells candy to secure funds for new machines for the business machine class. Sup- plies are sold to the students. The staff, com- posed of commercial students chosen in their junior year by Mr. Vorlage, are recommended by their teachers. The staff consists of four tellers, a checkwriter, a bookkeeper, a ledger clerk, two auditors, cafeteria ticket sellers, and a messenger. Mr. Vorlage teaches his staff to be exact and efficient in handling the finances of our school ATTENDANCE STAFF First Row M Mangone ers Yenkalm F Hagym1s1 BANK STAFF Reina M Phi ips Galbo Vorlage . . V , , . , . - 1 ., . . z . z , . , . ,J-J- C. , . 1 , . . , , J- , , . , .J , Hiles G Harchuck B Bull Second Row Miss Boucher M First Row T Mariao F Tam buro D Marciniak anus Second Row N McAfoose M Sypenick Mentecky A Klein P Stuck E ones Mr LIBR ARY STAFF C Conomos G Dunehue Miss Ewmg E Taylor MONITORS Fxrst Row R S h e p a cl E Eberbach A Zellermo F Mooney W Bonattx Zll lac Second Row L Lecocq J Wxl lard M Smxth P Lojpers berger C Fletcher S Bowser of JJALM jjwfff J WWA A WTA ,Jef MI ,mi A-5 f fox' V MJ ff' A My ZW 25 ,Lad 1. Zigi KWQLQM U71 frf Mfg jf 'ZWQW LIBRARY WN , wi M16 JTOMV One of the most popular places 1n our school MIM n:Z IS the lxbrary The lxbrary contams reference books magazlnes and books for readlng enjoy ment Everyone 1n Ken H1 IS entxtled to use the hbrary any of the sxx perlods durmg the day as long as he has a permnt from one of hrs subject teachers The llbrary whxch IS located on the chrrd floor contams about 5 000 books whlch are arranged so that students w1ll be able to find easlly the book they wlsh ASldC from the books many students enjoy the plants 1n the w1ndow garden Mlss Ewmg a capable lxbranan and three student asslstants are nn charge of the lxbrary I ff carett IS CO C VC Z-In SCHIOI' K are ele d the me ers They t e a lctxve hL afi7a1rs of they school 771 t as traffic mana T 12,391 v jobs namely lceeplng orddgrly dur1ng the changlng of classes assxstfig at HFC drllls and conductlng sectlon room students to thelr places when assemblies are held At the end of thelr semor year each member YCCCIVCS a Mon xtor s pm as an award for the duties he has per formed during the year They also hold a dance each year before Thanlcsgxvlng OFFICERS Presldent Sherwin Bowser Vlce Presldent Paul Lojpersberger Secretary Robert Shepard Treasurer Louis Lecocq ,,' jv Q -x v f' ' . I ,r ' : . r , . ,Y -' EJ-Y 'L 1. Q. j A ,T ni .. 'L " ' J f ' . ,, , ,.,,,- , . Z' " ll JF79 f Aff flu? LAIJJ ,Z If s 1. If 5 TM uf . L r' fig! .,, . sJ,l,,b- " fl! CF J I ,O ' - f ar A ' iyavfrv ' l up .S U1-sp f s ewa- . . . . . P. e . . 9 . v . . ' 'f e'b'9 ' V . . .. . . . f A ye ' ' ' ' ' s A e i s f I-VM . , I . If, ' I 75 J 1 xrwi GIRLS LEADERS CLUB First Row: C. Shank, P. Rossi I. Bell M. Ofiesh A. Francis 1 N Nobe He1se C Ke1g'1n B Super czynslc1 B Carrop S Bow ser P Murray Shaw M Mangone Second Row R Berger E T m bt1slc1 L Cart1san N Stanl-co D M1lberger Opasmslu Barsky A Ar tsk1 L Cartxsan Greenberg L N1em1ec L Gxordano T Martno D Re1fschne1der S M1ller ensen D Ross1 Dunbar Dunbar S Haddad I Hrabchulc Th1rd Row S Levme D Mar c1n1ak Talter D Ve1tch Stokowslu E Franlclm D Yenlc'1l'1 M SYPEBHICR Rummel Sharkms P M1 1 B o er Szajna T Chmellnslcx B Pope H Pyle E Toohey K Arv1nctes C Barnxker ASSEMBLY STAFF FIFSI Row R Buffcne C Walls E Adams R Bevemdge W Ebcrhardt E Eberbach L CfO1SS1hI Nlr e ferson Second Row D Seabury D Paul G Rapp A Rapp R Sherry 11rd R w P DcDuc1 Phu IPS D B1shop X LEADERS CLUB ASSEMBLY STAFF L T e purpose of thls club IS to ass1st mtruc Few of us reallze the great amount of plan tors m the department of phys1cal educat1on lhe g1rls dut1es 1nclud1ng refereemg games 1n gym classes checkmg gym CQUIPITXCIII checlcmg locker rooms and ass1st1ng 1n many other ways The club also helps to develop and promote general leadersh1p and good sportsmansh1p throughout the school The membershlp IS made up of Jun1or and sen1or g1rls who have average grades and are 1nterested 1n athletlcs Also to be el1g1ble for membersh1p g1rls must show d1st1nct qual1t1es of leadersh1p mcludmg dependablhty 1n1t1at1ve sourcefulness w1ll1ngness and good sportsman sh1p Tournaments and supper dances add to the mterest of the club Mtss Rose Mar1e Pascaretta IS the enthus1ast1c sponsor of the club GFFICERS Presldent Nancy Noble Vtce President Margaret Mangone Secretary Martha Sypemclc n1ng and organ1zat1on whlch go 1nto our v1sual edt1cat1on program whlch IS carrled on by Mr efferson and hls Assembly Staff Near the close of the school year teachers 1n var1ous subject flelds are g1ven an opportun1ty to choose Hlms whlch w1ll be helpful 1n malcmg the1r classes more 1nter est1ng A deflmte schedule must be worked out for the films and also for the boys who show the films The Staff also takes care of stage proper t1es and flood l1ghts The Staff whlch has a membersh1p of twenty five to th1rty boys IS an other of Ken H1 s SCFVICS organ1zat1ons OFFICERS Pres1dent Walter Netoslcl VICE Presldent Ronald Del Duca Secretary Ralph Carrop Treasurer Edward Eberbach B, Flsher, .Y l, B , - - ,Ja 1 u' ', l ',. 'o,AF. , . , . ' , A t' ', . , . - bu ', . . ' . o, F . ' 1 7' I . ', E J , - H J- 1 J- 1 - , .. ,JI A Q I V. J. , . Q , . ., . b , 1 leck', . R zpi ski, bl '. , .J? Wetrel, .R.cMdNutt, R. MC. Tl ' : .r. 1 1, we VR 'K' Q' 5- or N3 ' Qslf x ,Xi My 'Q -L g l l 4 I t U . , . . . . 4 A , r A A - 7 7 J A ' .,. . ..,....,re- - . ,. - 76 Egh L Folpe R Carrop C DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB The Dxstrtbutlve Educatlon Club whlch IS composed of members of the D E course IS sponsored by Mr Pfelffer The members of this club have classes xn the mornlng and worlc m the downtown stores each afternoon They have a busm ss meetlng once a month and a few social get togethers An Important event was a trlp to Plttsburgh to observe behind the scene act1v1 t1es of a large department store The purpose of the D E Club IS to develop competent aggres sive business leadershlp to strengthen the conh dence of young men and women 1n themselves and thelr work and to create more mterest and understandlng m the lntelllgent cholce of busmess occupation OFFICERS President Robert Smtrh Vice President Thomas Armitage Secretary Shirley I-laser Treasurer o Ann Bennett DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB Ftrst Row A Salego D Bar lcr D Betler Nl A m eres A Bartsch L Hartman C1 Warren H Benolt V Cishell Second Row P Yost R A Schaller L D1v1 E Chest nut S Haser Bennett S Filth Mr Pfelffer Thtrd Row Nl Bl1ndford A Brxscoe -I Adams COMMERCIAL CLUB xrst Row Ollt Spence P lVlurr1y D Nlor ht R Flemmg N lVl1rmo emi G 'tn Nlchols S Pugsley C Spill ers Kersten P lmxclc D Gilbo V Srolci tcon Row B Voyten H u 1 'inu F hfltrxni T Chmelxnslcl F Bizylc G Demm1 T Pcwastr N Nlc Atoose D Brown N Pivin N oe s er Knmczyl-c D lxfllrcmmk E T1mburo E en C1 Thtrd Row K Arvinetts E S1nder D Yenlvlla Yan s 1 S Hartge C an shak P Maleckx J Edgar Ry'1n D Grtffxths Opasmslcl M Sypenlclc P C'1shell P Stuck lNlr Nlelg hen COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club lb composed of senlor students who talxe the Commerclal Course Dur mg the year they held one of the most popular dances The Rag Dance flrst of 1ts lclnd ever held ln Ken H1 Representatlves from the busl ness world were mvlted to talk before the group about the state of busxness condmons 1n the world today During the year a v1s1t by all com merc1al students was made to the Alumlnum Com pany They held two monthly meetlngs one a soclal and the other a busmess meeting They con trlbut d twenty five cents a month for the beneflt of the club As a hnal actxvlty at the end of the year they held a dlnner for all members Mr Mexghen IS the sponsor of the Commercial Club At the end of the school term the semors elected COIHlU6I'Cl21l Junlors who wlll represent the club next year OFFICERS President Patrlcla Maleclcx Vice Presldent Bernadme Voyten Secretary Martha Sypenlclc Treasurer ean Yanshalc . l ,I fe sv - f J Q, f ' K, .' f A . Ciuchta,.T.'Armit:1ge.. Di F' : M. Kish. cf RP' ., fs H. t, sf S' d T T: . ' . . D dr.J.J. 5. . xl .. .P,,4C. E'p.,l"lT . , sg htk, , . , . Y. - J. . "1 , A. DRAMATIC CLUB Under the very capable sponsorship of Mrs Al1ce C Klxnke the Dramatlc Club IS one of the most actlve orgamzatlons ln the school As 1ts annual play the club presented A Young Man s Fancy a hllarlous three act comedy whxch toolc place 1n a progresslve co ed summer camp At the1r monthly meet1ngs the entertarnment IS pro Vlded by the members themselves IH the form of var1ous small plays or sluts The goal of each member IS to earn seventy po1nts 1n order that he may recelve a DFHIHACIC Club p1n OFFICERS Presldent Larry Bloom Vxce Presldent Rlchard Walter Secretary Judy Wllber Treasurer Beverly Russell JUNIOR TOWN MEETING The Junlor Town Meet1ng sponsored by MISS Armstrong of the Fourth Avenue unxor H1gh IS composed of sophomore junlor and senxor members thls year The seniors members outnumber all other members The club had very actxve year In addltlon to two radxo pro grams groups of members presented several panel dlscussrons on such subjects as The Four POIDI Plan Is the I-I1gh School Pupll Too Soclal M1nded These d1scuss1ons were presented before several outsrde groups as well as the C1v1c Club of Fourth Avenue un1or Hlgh The outslde groups were the KIWHDIS Club Young Adults of Parnassus Presbyterxan Church and the Young udeans The club has produced some eloquent debators OFFICERS Presldent Sarah Bruno VlC6 Presxdent George Zxlllac Secretary Bernlce Ireland DRAMATIC CLUB Elrst Row P ROSSI P Benedlct 1 n d D Smlt A Chnlton M Black S Mxl ler M Phxllps M Mangone Second Row B Pope C De vxne B Johnson B Russell Talter C Fackxner R Taylor Wxlber A Opas lnslcn B Re1ter C Barmker Thlrd Row S Galzerano E Adams L Bloom R Eglx -X Kress G Hoskms T Zale slcl R S1ncl11r G Micshane F Adams D Walter JUNIOR TOXVN MEETING Fxrsr Row G Boyd R Howard Sm1th E Aless o Thornton A Brshop Starr L Adamsky S Bruno B Ireland Second Row F Adams G Macshane L Folpe G Zrl IC gr J Zllllac Bloom E Eberbach . I , . , J ' 7 ff 7- ' 4. ' , . aa 1 - ' , ' - ' . a , Q , . K. . ,, . . - 77 Q1 ' ' ' . , , , , . ,, . , ' 7 ' s ' : . ', . ' , B. I r e I 1 , . 'h, S. Reed, M. R. Pethtel, J. Hiles, . , . 1. , . '- , . , . . : . , . - I Y ' 7 'I ' JA , . , - , J- , - - , V 1 - 1 . r , . I , . , . ', I . , . , . 1 - , . . , . . . , . , . . : , , . , D, ' , , 1 , A. , . ' , J. K 5 ' V ' 9 1 . , . 3 ' 7 ' I I l'a , R. E l', . ' , L. , . .1f' '- Chop F J ff Glrls Chorus CHOIR The Choir IS one of the most outstanding and exclusive organizations of Ken H1 Ir is com prlsed of about II5 students lVlembers are se lected through exacting voice tests of range qual :ty and ear tramlng The Cholr gxves concerts at Chrlstmas time m the sprlng and occaslonally at other schools Thus year representatives of the Cholr are going to a festival at which a Fred Xvarlng staff muslclan will dlrect the choxr lVlem bers of the Choir attended the County Chorus at Greensburg where I ouls Pfeiffer dnd so well that he was chosen to represent the county as well as Ken H1 at Ellwoocl Clty on February 7 8 9 10 OFFICERS Presxdent Rlchard Walter Secretary Nancy Noble Lxbrarxans Frances Merlnna Domenxc Galll iai GIRLS CHORUS This newly formed group of seventy glrls from the sophomore junior and senior classes is under the able dlrectlon of Mrs Betty o Ware ham Thls group was organxaed to glve an op portunnty for further tra mng and chorus work Girls Chorus rehearses every Wednesday morning at elght o cloclt In Room 708 Ar the Chrxstmas program in the gym rh Girls Chorus presented several excellent selcctlons ln four part harmony On several occa 1ons this group has sung for the high school radio programs Along with the Band Qenlor Cholr and the Crchestra they will partlclpate ln the Sprmg Festlval This group also functxons effmclently under the student govern ment system OFFICERS Preslclent Ratrlcla Rossi S cretary anet Myers L1brar1ans Betty johnson Fllen Lee Toohey f y L ' A , F v, . . I I I ' X A 'r .ji 1 .J . . 1 V I 0 ' L AJ lx 'fl lf' K .J , ,J I 51 , . ,f L .X I 'J 0 , l, . J J 'f 1 l 1 ' I ., 'J 1 ,- KJ, 1 'f' , ,0 , Q . I 1 U 1' ,f' J ff ,J 'X l I 1' 1 f A 3 B I ,V I 1.1 I ' nf , A . JJ ,I nfl, A 1 Aj lf" - Af 7 J I 12 If I . A I 5,-f A ,- , ff f me f E so C ,F I , W 1 K Q vb In hrf. ,322 - , 4 if 7 A 0' E F4116 I 'Y' l ti' in V . .I . - Q 7 . . 7 K . Q . 7 . , D . . . ci . ' 7 1 7 K I I 4 ' - I 1 Q A 1 H Q 4 ' 'S I ' 7 J 1 . , 4 r . K 4 R R. . 1 9 7 1 Y 5 ' - Y C I 1 V ,Q , , , . 1 ' 4 . ' 79 ,-.........4. ancf ThlS year our Band 15 the largest rn the hlstory of Ken H1 Approxlmately 90 Band members spent a week of rxgxd tramlng and recreation at the New Kensington Boosters Club at Sallsbury Pennsylvania under the able leadershlp of Mr Olxver After learning new drllls they anfcxously waltecl to perform at both home and away football games In the Sprmg and Fall they spent much time clrllhng at the stadlum and on Woodxxmont Avenue Thxs year they had the prlvllege of enter taining Governor Duff when hxs tram stopped brlefly at New Kensmgton during Pennsylvania Week 'md appeared agam on t6l8Y15lOI1 They also played for pep ral lles assemblles home basketball games and marched ln numerous parades They practlced a full perxod every day preparmg for the D1spatch Band Festlval Alle gheny Band Festlval and the Sprmg Festxval wlth Cholr and Orchestra This year three representat1ves Guy Wright Donald Boyer and Lowell Zadal were sent to the All Dlstrlct Band at M1llvale Among the last actlvmes that the Band partlcnpated m were Class Day Baccalaureate and Commencement Every senlor that had been actxve ln the Band for two years recelved a beautlful heavy whlte sweater OFFICERS Presxdent W1ll1a111 Bonattx Secretary Rlchard Walter Llbrarxan Guv Wright SO ffzfifdfff' 444' ff A! 57 ee' CCXZJ' luafaaell' We We The hlgh steppmg majorette corps have completed thelr fifth year of enter talnlng the fans at football and basketball games Other SCKIVIIICS whlch the girls partlclpate ln are The Dispatch Festlval The FIVC Band Concerts and also several joyable week at the New Kensington Booster Band Camp ln Salusbury Pennsylva ma At camp they learn new twlrhng marchmg and dancing routlnes In splte of the work whlch IS done there IS also time for play The corps consxsts of thxrty sux glrls with five asslstant head majorettes and one head majorette During the football season when the majorettes are the most actlve the organlzatlon IS run lllte the Band and Choxr wlth check marks being glven for tallcmg 1n lme and helng late for practice The unlforms of the corps are snmple one plece red corduroy whlle three new white unxforms were added this year for the head majorettes The senlor majorettes who are graduatmg thls year are Nancy Brandt head majorette n Pyle and Pat Murray asslstant head majorettes Rlta Olivo Andrea Renee 'mi Marnese Xvatlqns ' I -f 4.1 cf? L, t ' , Q ' 7 K 7 ' ed t , f parades throughout the year. The majorettes, along with the Ba7nd, spend an en- 'X 'N 81 " I DANCE BAND The K n H1 Dance Pand xs a well known or ganlzatlon at Ken H1 These IHUSICIHHS play for the school dances and for some outside engage ments Under the cllrectlon of ohn Stevens mu slcal director at Fourth Avenue the band prac tlces hard each week to make their muslc good Their student dlrector I5 Richard Walter who ably directs the group ln the absence of Mr Stevens Semors ln the band are Richard Walter George Rapp Judy Wllber Lowell Zadal and Louxs Pfeiffer OFFICERS Presldent Rlchard Walter Vlce President Louis Pfelffer Llbrarlan August Caputo DANCE BAND Fxrst Row D Boyer G Brown L Zadar Wxlber R Car rop F Como N Noble G Rapp Second Row R Walter A C1 puto L Pfeiffer Good bread F Mooney Arm: tage McDonald SCIENCE CLUB Flrst Row M A Paletta C Kengan I Harchuck B Pope B Renter Dunbar Dun bar E Croxssant N Van Dervort N Stanlco Wrob leslcl B Supert V Stlclcley M lawrence Second Row W Bonattl Zll c P Nemy R Paul Devme A Bnshop A Thorn ton Rummel F Resh S Purks Mr Walter D Rupert W Fxnk B Ma txslco G Macshane W Mal lm R Revay F Mooney Fourth Row F Brasfleld R Smclanr L Lecocq Holt XVlll'1rd R Goodbre1d R Ameda SCIENCE CLUB The SCIENCE Club was newly organized thxs year under the sponsorshlp of Mr Walter and lxlr Apel The club has b en organized to assist 1ts members In learning scnence and IS open to Jumors and senxors havmg a B average ln science courses and having an mterest ln sclentlflc work In the future the group hopes to become one of the most actxve clubs ln the school TYIPS to the Buhl Planetarlum the observatory and other places of SCICHIIFIC 1nterest are among the lxst of poss1ble actlvxtles Experxments are planned and presented by the group at regular meetmgs This club has proved qulte successful OFFICERS Presldent Wlllxam Bonattx VICC Presldent Louls Lecocq Secretary Fred Mooney -Q , ,V J! . , - - ' ,,, 1 ' ' 'IA aj ' ' 1 4 D V 1 ' :4 . v, . , . K . , , . - . ,-I. . ' .J, -,J. - ': . . ',J, '- lin , . , . r , C. ,J- Y A Y - Third Row: Mr. Apel, D. Cable, ' , - 7 , K . .K . , , , T , E , l , , 7 7 , 7 82 Trade school boys learn house wrrmg Bull Cooper pomts to the farlure lnst rn the elecrrnc shop on Stevenson Boule as others look on anxrously varcl SCl.1dCDtS 2lnXlOL1Sly awalf the at the close of the lLll'1Cl'l hour Mrs Gleba writes out her reports for FIVE solld geometry students worlc the nurses thexr problems on the board 83 1 w -t. I K as f' n 4 Q f' P' ,K 'Q Q. A ,p K .634 A iv W ' ' fi ' swf? ' Q VIL . . 2 gl' kP'x'?3,f2 Nh if.. ' 'q 1 :Ly f".-X - V5 . 0 r 1' A Q I 2 Q i , s " 'Q '1 N. gf' RMA ' '1 ' L v PT ff ' if W 5. v ' fiat-? ' 53555 1 -.QP K1 iw Q 4' l, . xx A Awww, , '5 ,,4 - 5 " H' s ' .N ,f ff-, w""""1v R wh' . . . ,,f -5 v , , . :V ,W , ' "" is 'ff z li QE. -mfzzeggf, f' i Et. pf, , 1 ,,,x -Q- W Eg ,A , -my 'ww 7. 5, ,W tif , ' fi 'f .3 , I f A 35-1 .I 71' . .Q ff 5 .. 1 , .V if - 1 ,gg-4. .- 4, M ,MW uf, 3' ,- E ,-v, Ls, MM. ,p E by , 4 X 4' J., K ,- M Sw ,J W -.4 gf' ,g,,v,:M, ,. ., .,.f,., he A f ,km ' QQ-1 71. ,U , ,vgwgi-, , M, , dh, fbr Q, Q g ' Ln -. Hieaeff' 1 W9 s. V pw.- S Q , xr 5 A typical Ken H1 pep rally in the gym THLETICS 1950 1951 As usual Ken Hi fielded a variety of athletic teams. From September through May the fields and gymnasium of the school were filled with boys eager to earn their letters and teams anxious to make a good showing. Some did well, and some didn't do quite so well. Nevertheless, the teams all brought only honor and glory Fortson checks ln equlpment from Wagner and T0bl3S to ken H1' And the flery compet1t1ve sp1r1t w1th wh1ch the games were played dxd much to bulld the m1nds and bod1es of the boys who part1c1pated 1n them Not only the boys part1c1pat1ng but the ent1re student body beneflted from the athlet1c program at Ken H1 The athlet1c contests of all types furmshed wholesome recre at1on for the student body and created much school Splflt Athletlcs keep a school al1ve to the students teachers, and outslders alllce Loyalty to the Alma Mater IS one of the chlef by product of athletlcs Another phase of athlet1cs IS the coach 1ng department Ken H1 IS fortunate nn havmg a very capable group of coaches and faculty advlsors Another essent1al segment of the athletlc program IS the staff of student managers These boys glVC much t1me and effort to lc ep the numerous teams well equlpped w1thout wh1ch the athlet1c program could not eust Athletxcs at Ken H1 IS made poss1ble by the comb1ned efforts of the boys coaches student body and managers who 1n turn YCCCIVC the rewards and S3flSf3ClIlOl'l of part1 Clpatlng 1n the sports program 9 ' ' ' H U ' , . . . Q 9 s , . MR GLOCK AND MR VORLAGE .ibweclaa of fqfhlelwa The dlrector of Athletics at Ken H1 xs Mr Glock H15 great knowledge of sports and fine directive 3b1l1tlCS have had much to do wlth the constantly lmprovmg athletic program at Ken H He IS also responslble for the well balanced schedules for the athletic teams QM MG416984 His IS a job of much work and little pralse Among his many duties he balances the books and keeps the School Board lnformed of the financial status of the Athletlc Department 'Zabel' lffanaqea Mr Pfe1ffer has the very lmportant and te dnous job of selllng tnckets for all Ken H1 games He does h1s task very effxclently and effectlvely 88 MR PFEIFFER i. ' ' - Ken Hils Faculty Manager is Mr. Vorlage. CHEERLEADERS lrst Row Nl Nlangone L Glordano N Noble B Pope Nl ers r J Gkemleafleu The 1950 51 fheerleaders squad was made up of three seniors and two junlors anet Myers Nancy Noble Margaret Mangone Beverly Pope and Louise G1or dano Try outs are announced near the end of each school year and el1mmat1ons are held to declde the new members each year At the end of the year each Cheer leader IS awarded a large K These glrls deserve the support and admxratxon of the entlre student body for their peppy cheerlng at both pep rallles and all the games at home and away Each summer they spend a week wxth the Band at the Boosters Camp at Cahsbury where they spend many long hours of hard practice composmg new che rs and learnmo to cheer ID unison Each cheerleader dressed xn her snappy red slurt and w h1te sweater must be able to transfer her pep and enthu slasm to the crowd Each year they are guests at the banquets gn en by the School Board for the basketball and football teams The Cheerleaders are under the sponsorsh1p of Miss Pascaretta 89 7 LLL X V." ' y P ' . . , , T tyr, V: .... .. . , 4 . .J. fy . V Yr ' P tx ,. , All ily IVIE' T I V! vu V if Y 'V' Hi , r Uaacfau BASKETBALL COACH Mr Slosky IS Ken H1 s very able basketball coach Also he IS the HSSISIHHI foot ball coachmg and clrxvmg mtructor FOOTBALL COACH Mr Fletcher IS the head football coach at Ken H1 HIS reputauon as a coach IS state wlcle and he has the aclm1rat1on of the ent1re school Mr Fletcher always recexves the respect and the best efforts of h1s players BASEBALL COACH Mr Dunn IS head baseball coach and h1s ab1l1ty for molclmg w1nn1ng teams has earned h1m the n1ckname of Mr Baseball throughout the commun1ty Mr Dunn IS also one of Mr Fletcher s ass1stant football coaches and ba ketball coach EQUIPMENT MANAGER Mr Jefferson IS Ken s HIS Equ1pment Manager All the flnely outfitted Ken H1 teams bear WIIHCSS to the excellent job he cloes JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL COACH Mr Veltch has the job of developmg future players for the VBFSIIY ln hlS cap RCIKY as junlor varslty coach A former star h1mself he has always chschargecl h1S dutles 1n a line manner TRACK AND CROSS COUNTRY COACH Mr Chegw1dden 15 Ken HIS very able track and cross country coach M Chegwldden a former track star hlmself has the double job of coachlng and creat1ng mterest 1n these two rather new sports at Ken H1 However he IS clomg both of these tasks very well 90 . ., . . ' ' ff 7, ' ' . y ' 5 at Parnassus Junior High School. . , ., . - 1 . . ., . - . r. . , , ' 7 Fxrst Row C Artman McColl1m L Brooks C Llghtner R Buffone C Wagner R Frye D Wolfe I Martm W Wilson R Buffone Second Row F Whalen F Bosuskl R DelDuca F Brasheld R Blakely R Murray E Zelle rmo R Graham L Hooper R Morgan R Smlth B Wrobleskl Third Row S Kraft E Flelds E Burgley K Sloslcy F Lubreslcy R Nery F Toblas L Sed hcelc Kolakowskx F Davld W Venter S Carnabuccl R Long VARSITY FOOTBALL The varslty football squad m1nus many regulars from the year before held up the traditionally hugh standards of football at Ken H1 Agamst a very tough schedule the Red Ralders sollt even wlth four wms four defeats and one t1e Much crecht should be gwen the coaches Mr Fletcher Mr Dunn and Mr Sloslcy who worked long and hard wnth the team Also the boys themselves deserve PFHISC for thelr tlreless efforts and hlgh standards of sportsmanshlp The team reached nts peak when nt elxmmated a powerful Greensburg eleven from the un defeated ranks m the Class AA competxtlon 91 . , . , . , . Z . , . , . , . , . r , . , . - , - , - , - , - , - 3 ' 1 - v -V s - a - I r ' 1 ' 9 ' ' - YJ- , - , - , - , - H . ,, . . . . ' . , s a ' 'T . , . , . lx'v n - :' ." , J 1 . fu JK, 111. J ., ! - l V4 A1 ' v' ' '-LJ" f,1 1-f . yy: l " Rf 1 4' f J , ' 'JA it x"m' 'tb 1 yt t ,I 'Y' l I I' iff , T 1 in J :Ap KA X!! . "' I . .IJ 'fl ' R x s 1' val , 1' K 0 +, 'eff w- I W ,W 1 1 will , ZQZAMJWMM Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken aalgayfijgwiejfwefi Hi ...,., ....., 2 O Hi ..... .12 Hi . .... ., 6 Hi .. ,. ,...i 6 Hi ,..... ....... 0 Hi ..... .,i,. 8 Him.. 6 Hi .... ...... 7 Hin.. 6 Erie Tech ,,,,.. . Duquesne .. Johnstown ..4,. .. Central Catholic Altoona .............. Greensburg ., Har-Brack ...,... Ellwood City ,. Vandergrift ffniwi ,-,t, -1 W5 xr L IA. BOSUSKI BRASFIELD CARNABUCCI DAVID DEL DUCA 4 AJQL K-"' If 1 , Dx?-111.3 A ll, 4 fvcw- X E I K' V x. ' 14fn N jg X ,J 1 1 it 1, xl xl' i fig 'N , V N L13 of A "l1IrA if 3 i McCOLLIM MURRAY SLOSKY Y VENTER WROBLESKI VARSITY BASKETBALL The varslty basketball squad coached by Mr Slosky dxsplayed fine trammg and true sports manslup ln the 1950 1951 season After fThlSl1lflg m tlurd place ln Sectxon I competltlon the team went on to wm the Allegheny K1SlCl Valley Baslcet ball tournament Wl'l1CT'l was held at Ken I-I1 The thrxlls of the season were many and school spirit ran very hxglu during the entxre season The senxors on the team Brasfleld Probel Bowser Ruclcs and Lojpersberger w1ll be mlssed come next season Badzeiddl VARSITY First Row: T. Broffman F. Brasfneld H. Ruclcs R, Long L. Snair R. Magee A. Rapp econd Row: M. Cipollone S. Bowser I: Probel P Lojpers berger E Fields Mr Sloslcy JUNIOR VARSITY Fxrst Row F Melville H Glee Lausberg T Sydorxclc Germamc R Morgan Como F Salvatore Polczynslcn Second Row C Fortson o 11 n s o n C Tyburslcx Davxs L Sedlacelc Sham K Renter Mr Vertch JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL The jayvee squad furmshed an added attrac tlon by presenting well played games dxrectly be fore the VHFSIIY games Coached by Mr VCIICTI they won a lugh percentage of t1'1e1r games whlle fulfxllmg tlwelr mam purpose of developing talent for the varslty Basketball at Ken I-I1 was fast clean and ex clung gammg the support and xnterest of the student body and many adults , Y y S 1 1 - v - ' , - y - . 1 - I 4 1, 'L 1, , .,,- ' , . A, , .1 t- 1 J. , , , G. . , . . , F. , . I , L. : . , F. J I , . ', J. , . , I ' ey, Fitzgerald, E. Otremba, . , . 1 - ' , . - . - . . . , , . 1 9 1 l A Y v 9 ' . . , . I T 1 1 v - , 1 93 Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Bafikeidall R600-71644 VARSITY BASKETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY Ctntral Cxtholic Springdale Arnold Rankin Greensburg Wilkinsburg McKeesport West View Butler Kittanning Vandergrift Har Braclc Ford City Arnold Midland Butler Kittanning Vandergrift Ford City Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken ALLEGHEN Y KISKI VALLEY TOURNAMENT Ken Hi Leechburg Ken H1 Swissvale Ken Hi Penn High 94 Central Citholic Springdale Arnold Rankin Greensburg Wilkinsburg lVlcKeesport West View Butler Kittanning Vandergrift Har Braclc Ford City Arnold Midland Butler Kittanning Vandergrift Har Braclc Ford City Hi 52 - . ' 33 Hi 23 , ,. ' Hi 38 ' , 39 Hi 20 ' . Hi 46 26 Hi 22 Hi 38 ' 52 Hi 36 ' Hi 49 50 Hi 36 Hi 64 ' ' I A 53 Hi . 27 ' ' Hi 38 57 Hi 32 Hi , 54 A 41 Hi 23 ' Hi , 42 43 Hi 43 Hi 69 ' ' , 51 Hi 46 ' ' Hi 60 ' 59 Hi 45 ' Hi 53 - 35 Hi 40 - Hi . . 33 ' 49 Hi 26 ' Hi .. 38 ,. 40 Hi . 30 Hi 54 ' 52 Hi 41 ' Hi I 38 ,. 54 Hi 40 Hi ,, 54 ' ' . 33 Hi 30 ' ' , Hi 52 ' 68 Hi 44 ' Hi 54 ' , 71 Hi 45 - Hi 34 ' ' 56 37 ' 64 ' 57 ' 54 ' 36 1950 ll First Row Mr Dunn F Ross W Swlder N Febbmro D Cowen Perottx Davxs H Mc Mullen S Lauff Second Row R Armstrong R Frye R DelDuca R Hall A Klem P Lojpersberger Kola lcowslcl R Beveridge H H111 Thxrd Row C Wagner D Cra1g T Armitage Zubelc W Pellsarl R Falth G Txmmms P Petrosky Bazylc L Sn'11r F GlOV3Dn9lll Ken HIS baseball team coached by Mr Dunn of Parnassus unlor High School had a good season FlnlSl.'1lI'lg thlrd m the sectlonal race the team de veloped much talent whlch should prove very helpful m the coming 1951 campaign 95 s I 1 f q 1 I l l f 1 1 ll Tx V F' Q K ff M i x ' I I , Q- 4 ' A L' 1 ' Q : . , . ,.',. t , . , 4, . ', . - Il: l. 4 , . Q , . , , , . A , . ' , - ' :Y .I , y, A ' , . ' , , . ' ', . ' , . 4 ' , . , , . .', . ' ' ., , n J . . , ' . . . . . . , l '7aac!z First Row R Lmk C Ferguson H Spak L Folpe C Flynn R Rowley C chnson L Tllmans C Thaxton Greco Hollls Second Row G Buckley W ohnson R Cable Whann R Bullet A Fortson R Frye F Mooney W Leasure C Fortson S Cardenas Third Row G Hoskln G Henderson C Taylor W Bowman T Shaffer R Zaleskx M1lsom T Renter W Funk K Slosky L Adams Mr Chegwlddea Flrst Row D Allen K Edwards F Krueger L Hollls C Taylor L Lecocq L Polczynskx W Johnson Second Row B Berkey Clowes C Bash E Cleslmskl C Flynn W Eberhardt L Folpe H Laverty B Carson Third Row Mr Chegwldden R Rowley D Kearley C Ferguscn Grcco F Mooney J Adams TRACK 1 9 50 The 1950 track team coached by Mr Cheg wldden, partlclpated ln seven track meets two of whxch were evens over eannette and Butler the County Meet and the W P I A L Meet The boys and the coach deserve pralse for thexr hard work and ceaseless det rmmanon CRCSS COUNTRY The Ken H1 cross country team coached by Mr Chegwldden spht even m the 1950 sea on with four wms and four defeats Smce ch re has been a cross country team at Ken H1 for only four years thelr record was very fine l l , Y, , ' 1. ,- ,- ,- ,- ,. ,-J ,- A,- ,J- ,J. 2- , -J ,- ,J- ,V S,- ,- , . , . ,. ,. A 2- ,- ,- , . ,- ,. ,J- I 7 ' 7 ' 1 ' A 7 ' 7 ' A ' 1. ,. ,. ,- ,- ,- ,- -, 5- QJ' v ' 1 ' 1 ' s - 1- 1 . ,. A 1 . ,- ,- ,- ,J- ,- , 9 ' ' ' 9 7 ' 7 S , J . . . 9 , . - , ..... . , . e ' '. 96 7enmJ1 Zll ac R Sutter G Zll ac R Netoske G Macshane The tenn1s team coached by Mr Vorlage had a rather meager season How CVEI' tl'1C boys FCCCIVCC1 gfeat bCl'lCf:ltS fI'OITl the game and the SPOIT gained 111 POFJU lar1ty throughout the school The boys and the coach deserve much PFHISC for the1r :r- N '1 D.. E o '1 vw- SU 3 Q. 'L' H l 0 V7 V1 0 'H 'Fu o V1 FY VI o V1 P1 o Ph P1 :- F9 U1 .rn c N O- 5 "1 0 FY s: V1 E :s oo '95 o "I ,.. NO XII Cdf K, Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Latrobe Central Cathohc Arnold Latrobe CROSS COUNTRY Central Cathohc Mt Lebanon Shadyside Wilkxnsburg Connellsvdle Penn Township Brentwood Latrobe J, ii , . , . ii , . i, . q ' I . ' N fy J Hi .,.. ,.,t...... 1 .... , , . .,t., ,, 5 'L 'L 5 Y Hin ,. .. H3 ' .... , ,.... 1 Z l, 'XE Hi ., ,2 ...,., ,.,, , . ,. .. .. . .3 J x Ken Hi . , ...,.. 1 Arnold, . .r.... ., 4 ' ll i ' X Him 0 .. , . , 15 it -2 1 Hi ...33 ' ,22 Jifi Hi , 36 . , , 19 1 L . Hi 15 ' . , 1 . ,40 . 1 111 ' ' 2 Hi . 36 ' ' 19 Hi , . 32 ' ,, 23 1 1 Hi 24 ' 31 4, Hi 19 1 36 1424 Hi 25 1 , 30 ' 97 Robert McNutt and Tony Rapp walt untll students are seated so they can start the movxe projector Eatmg lunch 1n the cafet r1a always provzcles a welcome relxef from the day s act1v1t1es Students are hard at work ln 401 Dlck Abraham Walt Netoslcle Don Rupert, ancl Bob Smlth seem to enjoy In IDUSII1 SS lT13Cl'l1I1C PFHCUCC SCHIOI' g11'lS learn l1OW to 0P"I'Z-IIE the VHFIOUS U13 Cl'l1I'lES The SIHIFWBYS afe always CI'OWdCCl HS SU.ldCl'ltS l'lLlI'I'y to their classes . . , Q ., . ' ' I their drafting class. , . 2 . . 3 . . , . , . , . . 98 Qt p LI T0 Wllllll AT MURPHY My name ls Betty and I have a story which I thlnk wlll mterest many of you Its about my ex perlence m the retallmg field Believe me Varlety Store busmess IS fast movmg and interestlng Each counter IS a store m itself Here at Murphys one learns retalllng from the oottom up' I started out as an extra salesglrl workmg every day after school When I was graduated I was fortunate to be placed ln charge of a counter I never knew how really Interestlng thls work could be it s just hke havmg a shop of my own Im growmg here taklng more responslblllty as I go Theres stlll more room for advancement I can work myself lnto a pos1t1on of merchandlse buyer sectlon supervlsor or bookkeeper ln the 0fflCe Soon I hope to be selected to traln for the job of Personnel Dxrectress ln a large new Murphy Store All of us at Murphy s have an equal chance to better ourselves From what I can see Murphys IS tops m trammg and there isnt a store in town to beat Murphy s on Emplovee benefits' If you re ambmous to make a. go oi Letalhng 10111 the Gang at lluzphy s soon as you can. G C M RPHI UUMPAY 99 CIOC a S Q . . , I . - . . .. . . ' I . . . . ' . , .. . . . . ,, , ' 1 . . ,. . . ... . , . . , . , . , . . - . . ! , . . .. , ... Y 1 " 4. n , " -' su' n - 1 n , nl C O CENTRAL DRUG STORES "Famous for Low Prices THIS BOOK IS BOUND in1 , KINGSKRAFT COVER New Kensington, Pa. Kingsport Tennessee Compliments of EAR E ER WEAR EVER ALUMINUM QW TRADE MARK PLAN YOUR FUTURE Take tllne' to tram for permftnc-nt employment There IS no short cut to ucce s NEW KENSINGTON COMMERCIAL SCHOOI 156 lVIcCargo St N K 434 ASH SHOES 961 Fnfrh Avenue A Flt for Every Foot A Style for Every 'I1ste 10k - EHS C lla Ui Pl' Of' S Sf. I Best Wishes Compliments of to the Class-1951 R DEPARTMENT STORES UNION SPRING l AND MFG CO 849 Fifth Avenue New Kensington Pa Compliments of FERGUSON AUTO GLASS SERVICE REPLACEMENTS FOR ALL MAKES CARS AND TRUCKS 731 Church St Phone 1357 New Kensington Compllments of Compllmems of G LD C E T DAIRY Glock s Sportlng Goods Co O Leedfiui Road 706 F1fth Ave Phone 3241 Telephone 3738 SIHCC 1910 MYERS FURNITURE co T1"ffYOn Yew of Dependable Shoe Service 838 Flfrh Avenue 839 Fifth Avenue New Kensmgton P New Kensmgton 11 Compliments of TRESS PRINTING SERVICE Booklets Publxcatlons Fold rs ob Prmtlng Unlon Prmters Constxtutxon Blvd Phone 1696 GRADYS BAKERY A A f M GradyS Bake Llke Mother M Mfr W'q"""' Used to Make 421 oth Sf 1675 7th Street Z MM EY A New Ken 9095 New Kensington Pa los rn-'rn nexus um Krxslvrrcn Compllments of H A KLINGENSMITH 84 SONS Hardware and Sportxng Goods 917 Flfth Avenue New Kensmgton P 101 I l . I 4 , . . I 1 . , Pa. , . . 1 ' . 5- , 1 1 . , a. ' , JK . , W. 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QAMMNA7 0I+If Il I KI l'IIO T01 Il 1I'lII IIS I Ill! l'I rl N ,A 1 W X1 V J 5519 anut treet its ur , ennsylvanicr M. hvy, , , I cg r K Na sxw f 7 A qi , f I Af, 1" JV, X, ,yy 4j,'7,,1,L A1 V ' ,I 'J 1 W uw fivw 7' WWW ldflza, V owl .Aff " VMMAL -.W DQ 'Q'-51 W "f ', 'K :via ,0-A 1 'V fa tybl iq , I IV ' 'V A "IL I' lift A +V' if f R 1- ' I L MACLZL 1 ' Q .1 .H ,I , ,,l' 'II ' , 'Q 'NL '3, LAW ' V if Q. I ., L 'M' ' I X ! ' ' , 2 1 ,4?,fjv., -..'L- 1' X U i Q 1 L A r A l 5 L 1 X 1 , ,' H M w N HAVE THE DISPATCH Dellverecl to Your Irlome Allegheny Valleys Greate t Newspaper KEYSTON E DAIRY COMPANY uallty Dairy Products YOUR PATRONAGE WILL BE APPRECIATED Call 666 For Home Service Our Store 379 Slxth Avenue HAMILTON 86 ALTER Gram Feed Flour 776 Maln Street Phone 67 New Kensington Pa New Kenslngton Typewrlter Co G1ffS Greetmg Cards Typewrxters and Offxce Supplies 931 Elfth Ave Phone 1665 ALTMEYER Home Store Interlor Decoratlons for Every Home Corner 4th Ave at 10th St N mm www qmva 5 Better Values in Smarter Fashions Exe usxve wxt us iitefmm Authentlc Eashlons 964 4th Avenue New Kenslngton P Comphments of LARRY S AUTO REPAIR 506 Eighth Street Phone 711 New Kensmgton Pa Compllments of YELLOW CAB CO Phone 3400 New Kensmgton Pa PERR BROTHERS Outfitters for Men and Bovs 950 Flfth Avenue Phone 3116 Compllments f EMROSE DRUG STORE Tel 7637 818 Elfth Ave New Kensmgton Pa ARCHIE MILLER For Better Mens Wear Phone 170 946 Elfth Ave I . b ' 1 - -11 - - 1 Q 1 1 li ' ' 7, , ' , 21- 1 I . 7 . 1 5 , A , . .I , . 1 . I , . 1 1 CK S! 1 1 ' o L 1 1 1 . Ns 1 Z .L , 'q, dn ,. N, , , ,,,,. 1 1 7 104 I I' BXI FIIUII F0 Attleboro Massachusetts Class Rmas and Pms Dlplomas Personal Cards Commencement Ir1v1tat1ons L DI KI INGENSWIITII 446 t Mlsb mb glwl 105 V ,Jo Io 1 J V ,f 0 Represented- 1, 1 e w , 0 0 J L, L - h 5 D ' t. C a Pt J 6 P Ayl ' CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1951 For uallty Cleanmg Try IDEAL CLEANING COMPANY A Neat Appearance nsa Good Investment 1151 Taylor Ave Phone 5377 Complxments of Eazer Confectionery Store Corn r Seventh St 86 Flfrh Ave Phone 9820 Phone 474 LAMENDOLA S MARKET Qualxty GFOCCYICS Frult and Produce Shepard Bu11c11ng Phone 22 SHEPARD 86 COMPANY Real Estate Mortgages Since 1892 New Kensmgton Pa Compllments f CROWN JEWELERS 804 Fourth Avenue Meet Crown Wear D131h0ndS Harmony Lme Harmony Lme Charter Bus Service to Any Place at Any Txme Telephone 222 Lucy P1ewa Mgr WAINWRIGHT S INC M1111nery Underwear Dresses Hoslery Curtams C1earf1e1c1 Furs 936 Fourth Avenue New Kensxngton Pa JESS TAUB JEWELER 940 5th Avenue New Kensmgton Pa C:0l'1'1p1ll'I'1C1'1tS f TURNER BOOK STORE 919 Fnfrh Avenue New Kenslngton P JENNY SHOP Ladles Ready to Wear 975 Fourth Avenue New Kensington P Smart Styles for Less Q . . , , , I , , ,,,,-,-,,- l . - ' 1 f 1 , 1 ,,, ,, 5 T 5 TTC TTTTT T FT . o , 4 1 tc ' 9? Short Short 3 ' 1 ' T' 1 o 9 1 a - . . 1 I . 1 A , 3. T , ' , a. 106 Compliments of THE KLI EGHENY VALI EY IN IDU l'llI KL UN l0N CIIUNCIL WE CONGRATULATF YOU TI-IE FUTURE CITI7ENS OF AMERICA MAY YOU GO ON TO BIGGER AND BETTER ACHIEVEMENTS Pre td t Ted Settle e H1 y Y VC Prsdent Frd M tthc ad M e Y crt y F u A rdEBd Compliments f l NITI ll STIYIL W 0llKl BS 0F AWII4 BIIA Local No 307 W N Rupp Fresldent Wm ohnson Vice Preslclent W S Conley r Secretar oseph Bordonaro Fmanclal Walter Nllsczalc Treasurer C H Wolfe Guxde Leroy I-Iarkms Tnslde Guard S Morgante OUIS1dC Guard olfm Roffol Trustee R Shxpley Trustee P F Belglwley Trustee Smcere Best W1Sh9S to T e Secretary Graduates 107 f i A 'YV T L L 1 Q T 1 s' en , myer Tr asurer, . rr i e e i , e a ws Gu. r , erl oung Se ear , John , Hascr Trustee, John F ln Financial Secretary, . H. Jansen Trustee, Theodore Vt l Trustee, Leona '. ir ' o Y v I 1 1 1 1 F ' A 4 x 4 4 4 1 Y L 4 f t . - . . , . . , .I ,, y J - - T Y . . , 5 - , J , . ', . . , 1, . , h IN NEW KENSINGTON Its the Fashxon Fxrst Store or uallty Fashlons and Accessorles B L O S E R S OFFICIAL JEWELERS TO KEN HIGH 960 Fourth Avenue Gerlach Poultry Market GEORGE BROTHERS 86 CO The Cut Up Poultry Market FLOWERS Chickens Turkeys Farm Fresh Eggs Wh le le or Renal Next Door tO Liberty Theater Op n Thursday Fr clay and Saturday 864 4th Aye New Kensmgton 2742 Compllmems Of DIAMOND TRANSFER Autenrelth s Dollar Store AND STORAGE COMPANY 924 Fourth Ave New Kensington 1004 Stanton Ave New Kensmgton EICII MOTORS Dodge Plymouth Dealers Dodge Trucks New Kenslngton at the Bridge Oalcmont 609 Allegheny Avenue Tarentum 412 Ross Street Compliments of S E R HAYES APPLIANCES Han SfU1P'Ufmg Exclusxve Methods Patented 847 Fourth Ave Phone 4580 Room 205 207 F1rstNatlonal Bldg New Kensington P Phone 4612 New Kensmgton Pa MILLER BROS QUALITY SHOES FOR sz YEARS 908 Fifth Avenue New Kensmgtons Largest Shoe Store 108 , , . 0 9 9 , If - M QC I7 ' , 14 o sa i e , i . , 1 l . L - l l R1 . 4 9 . . IQ ' 39 Q a' . 7 . . ' I WV J' if MMM, my ,QQ 'ifgffffff :W Sf af My fjdfff ff W pf GLA S CEBAMIL AND SILICA SANDWUBKEBS 0F AMERICA U dWSd DddWFll gf N 1 ef- iyfy MV. ' . Jef, , X 355 WK , tv J? I Q Complime ff M if H J , OF ,fj,, l AW N KENNY S TOG SHOP 917 Fourth Avenue 1V1us1ca1 Instruments and Supplies Musxc ind Art Center COOPER BROTHERS Dlspensers of Happmess New Kenswngton Art Glass 86 Mirror Works t d es Phone 791 Cor Stanton 86 Walnut M J STEINER Say It Wlth I-lowers 874 Fxfth Ave Phone 70 3550 lo a cl a T ty th e Years W R GOTT Arnold Pa ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES an FURNITURE New Kensmgton Pa HAROLD L WALLEY Insurance Real Estate All Kmcls 205 6 Broad Bldg New Kensington UNITED CLEANING CO 419 Tenth Street Phone Certlhed Oclorless Dry Cleaning E J Murtha WM C LEASURE tSucces o to G 1ney 66 W I1 yl 755 Fxfrh Ave New Kensington Pa Flre Auto General Insurance Phone 590 or 1377 Complxments f JEROME MOTOR CO OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC Phone 2448 New Kensmgton NU KEN CANDY 86 CIGAR CO CANDIES AND CANDY NOVELTIES FOR EVERY SEASON Fifth Avenue Phone 1310 ' 9 ' 1 315 J. B. Pie-mme, Prop. . . Ar Glass, Mirrors, Bevelmg, an R ilvcring Plate and Xvindow Glass " ' " s r u' a e ' . or Q 1 - 7 1 "Re1ia ility n Qu lity 1 "' '- For wen - re N 1 -,- ' ' o cl 1 ' , Pa. 1 647 ' 110 Compliments of Menmory Lane Flower Shop Phone 3447 704 Flfrh Avenue New Kensmgton P1 CONGRATULATIONS May the C1ass of 1951 Have Success rn A11 Their Efforts GLENN BUICK CO 710 nth Avenue New Kensmgton Pa Comphments of Sllverman s Drug Store Ma n and Fourth Streets New K nsrngton Pa Compliments of ARNOLD LUMBER COMPANY STORM S HOSIERY SHOP FOR GIFT ITEMS I-Ioslery Gloves Purses Costume ewelry Handkerchxefs Llngerle Pajamas Umhre11as 945 Frfth Avenue New Kenslngton Pa Comphments of ZINAMON S 977 Flfth Avenue New Kensington Comphments of Comphments of SCOTTS BAKERY LEVITT BROS 777 North Avenue N K P Dep ndah1e Furnlture Since 1906 CW 6I'lSlI1gfOI1 3 Phone 3755 N w Kenslngton Vandergrlft CLOVER FARM STORES SYKES TIRE SERVICE We Specmlxze xn Meats And Fresh Vegeta1:a1es A1so Bnrds Eve Frozen Foods I S Patl 86 Sons, Tallors or Lidtes and Gent1emen Cleinlng Altering und Presslng Thlrd Avenue Phone 4539 7th St and 6th Ave New Kensington Pa Comphments of Pollack Furniture 86 Apphance Co t Ave at llth St Phone 1854 , .. ' 7 1 . . . 1 f 1' 1 - ' 9 7 e ' , . 1 ' , . . 1 Frank Nlonnco . y ' ' 1 J . . f K A , I , 1. S- ' 4 h . . 111 A STORE OF VALUES Shop J C PENNEY co 825 Flfrh Avenue New Kensmgton P Phone 936 u d Re ANGEI and CERVONE Ladies and Gents Tallors 740 Elfth Ave New Kenslngton Pa EASLEY FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE lOut of the W1y Less t Pay1 515 Valley St Phone 2049 J Compllments of DORICH S MARKET 930 Seventh St Phone 1360 L01 A New Kenslngton Phone 640 THE Compliments of MEADOW GOLD DAIRY INC Call New Kensmgton 963 964 Phone 3216 Edward Adams REEL flm Servzce Photostats Photos Recordlngs MOVIES TAKEN AND SHOWN Weddxngs a Speclalty 719 Fourth Avenue Compllments of ROBSON S BAKERY 411 Freeport St Phone 6148 LUNIBI' ll I 01VIl'ANY Tarentum Phone 74 LUMBER STORE OF T1-IE VALLEY Compliments f ALEX SLOAN Flfth Avenue New Kenslngton P 112 1 1 1 . - - 1 l 1 ' , a. ' - T xe o mal A , Jr, . , U : : ' . , o 1 New Kensington, Pa. New Kensington, Pa. 1 - 1 . , 3 , 1 l 1 Y 1 E1 A Y I A , J 1 1 ' 0 943 ' . ' , a. 5 NEW KENSINGTON HIGH CLASS UF 1951 GL ' wb. x

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