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School Class of 1950 F W7 M Wig 5 , . r ff , 0 if 4 1 vc ' : ,t 1 ,ll .J 1 . F r , ,Q P 5 ' . .' L ...I Vvtjf gf' L ig.. I 'F i If , , ,A . ,,, 9 'ffl "LR v..- L-U W .Lv If YN' yn, l 'x",'f"'vxu't 'I' f -,I fx' P ' . r i 1 :pf . .f ,. " 3' rv 'I' " J' 4 'ff i, , my 15,4 4 I I .-' FA' . 1, ?Q'f A f f ' I 4 11, in ,V J 1 ,Q 1 . '51-.,, , ,- y if , A V' fu- P4-. ,M ' -r 'Y ' ,-1 VV' .. 4 f' 'ff 'JV Q., N i, ! , I - 'J-5, A- 4 3"'W ' I ff l fu-. x ,fm I fx" 'li 5 V ,vi y . X , ,f K KY, A . 1' w at vtfi 1. .'v'f' I 1 fe y my i ,jx ' Q59 ' "PW . 'J Q X' K , V J Af Alma Mater Q ,C rj Z.,-.L ,. I Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, .M 9 W We with reverence sing to thee JW ?np7p4s A Of our love and our devotion, Of our faith and loyalty. We will cherish thy protection, We will strive to win thee fame, A YQQ-5 Ci We will thirst for thy affection, C-Z Ken Hi, we will always love thy name. Q 3 'A H. Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, . B., Q We with reverence sing to thee. fi yffwfff-fc W I , if SMQAJZQQ ewmigwa Wffgfjffnfvfvw' Wm c.xg,f,,,w,,2Q.,Qi 'ig X .. A ,, X , .E Q Q ' f 3 f Akhk V Si M H in ,. ' fum-x 41 " . The TALEGKEN 1950 New Kensington High School New Kensington Pennsylvania M, W W.. ..a ra Wg of 1901. The Taleoken this year commemorates the fiftieth anniversary of Ken High. After We had been in school a few Weeks, there came an announcement over the public address system stating that any senior Wishing to become a member of the Taleoken Staff was to hand in his or her name to Miss Boucher. This was the Hrst step forward in the publishing of the Taleoken. The members of the staff then met in an attempt to choose an appropriate cover for the year book. After long arguments and much voting they arrived at the decision of a gold cover in accord- ance With the golden anniversary. Then there was the task of se- curing advertisements. Each member was given the names of three or four business establishments and it was his job to secure from each one a pledge to support the Taleoken. This Was done success- fully by the good salesmanship of the members. Senior names were then handed out for Write-ups. This caused much excitement and many questions to Hnd out Who was Writing up Whom. The typists were now kept very busy. 4 The 1950 Staff confers with Miss Hawk, a member of the class ,. p y ' If u Mjjl' ff K' FM' The Taleoken Cover is selected LM' ,J if fl ,ff , ' 'Of' i it ' ff Clf JI, lpdfb qi, by the staff. There was much planning on the setup of the book and the buildin of th th ' ' g e eme and deciding what went best on each page. Names were to be Put in alphabetical order and pictures identified and a little written about each informal picture. The activities, classes, and athletic sections were then to be written and every one worked as long and hard as possible to have them complete in inform- ation. We then anxiously awaited the return of the plates from the engraver so that we could write the informal captions. Having everything written and the pictures planned on the pages, the Taleoken was then sent to the printer U on h - P t e return, there were many long hours spent on proof reading. Then, on the evening before the Taleolcen is to be presented to the student f K s o en Hi, a banquet is held for the members of the Taleok S ff en ta and as a fitting close for their diligent work they are given a preview of the printed Taleolcen. Our staff photographer catches the staff typists at work. 5 Within sight of the present Ken Hi build- ing, New Kensington High School came into existence in a small room in the Walnut Street building in September, 1899, when sixteen students reported for high school work. One of those students was Miss Irene Hawlc, a recently retired Ken Hi teacher to whom we are indebted for many facts and interesting experiences of those early days. The first teacher was Mr. Harry Piper, suc- ceeded very soon by Miss Mary Ashe, later Mrs. W. R. Alter, as principal. She was the instigating force in having the high school properly recog- nized by the State Department of Education so that, before the end of the year 1899-1900, the high school was properly accredited with a two year academic course. In May, 1901, the first class was graduated. In 1904, a three year course of study was adoptedg consequently, a larger enroll- ment followed and more teachers were needed. In 1908, the four year course was approved. There were six graduates in the first class but just one in the class of 1903, Hazel Schenclc, now Mrs. Lamont Bixler. The largest Ken Hi enrollment was in 1932 when there were 1539 students in the four upper grades. In 1949-50, there are 1050 in the senior high proper-tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. As the numbers grew, larger quarters were necessary. From the Walnut Street building the high school was moved to the Flynn building on Ninth Street, and from The Class of 1901 called the Walnut Street Building their High School. there, in 1908, to the new high school building on Fourth Avenue. Soon this building became too small and plans were made for the erection, in 1913, of the present high school building on Ridge Avenue. A new wing was added to this building in 1924 and 1925. The high school began with one instructor who served as teacher and principal. In the year 1949-1950 there are fifty-two regular teachers, the superintendent of schools, the high school prin- cipal, assistant principal, and dean of girls. This larger faculty is necessary because of the large number of students and because of the several courses of study and the many subjects offered. In the first years the subjects were academic, large- ly college preparatory. Today Ken Hi offers the following courses: academic, general, commercial, distributive education, and vocational. Many other changes and improvements have been evidenced through the years. Among these is consolidation with Parnassus. On May 20, 1930, citizens voted to consolidate into a single com- munity. Teaching staffs Were also consolidated and in September, 1931, the two high schools became one, the old Parnassus High building be- came a junior high building. Vocational train- ing began in the Ridge Avenue building but, when more space was needed, that department was moved to the Second Ward building. Later the W. P. A. building on Stevenson Boulevard was acquired for shop work. Again in the summer of 1948 another change was made-the junior high was moved from the Ridge Avenue building to the Fourth Avenue building and vocational classes were brought back to Ridge Avenue. Extra-curricular activities have played an im- portant part in the life of Ken Hi. The begin- nings were back in the year 1899-1900 when Friday afternoons were given over to musical and liter- ary programs. Now practically all extra-curricular activities, except athletics, are regulated by the Board of Activities. Classes, clubs, and musical organizations are numerous and diversified so that most students can belong to an organization which helps them to develop their special hobbies and talents. All of the activities of these groups are part of the Taleoken record. New Kensington citizens have always been actively interested in the high school sports pro- gram and have supported it loyally. Football and basketball have been major sports with baseball, track and field, cross country, tennis, and golf classed as minor sports. The aim has been to make it possible for a larger number of boys to participate in sports. In 1945, Ken Hi was a contender for the VJ. P. I. A. L. football cham- pionship but the team was defeated by Donora. In 1946 Ken Hi gridders won the W. P. I. A. L. double AA championship by amassing the largest number of points. A memorable occasion for Ken Hi was that Thanksgiving Day in 1947 when the Ken Hi boys, coached by Mr. Fletcher, won the "AA" championship by defeating Har-Brack 28-0 at Forbes Field. Long before football came to the fore we had been making an enviable record in basketball. In 1930 and 1934 Ken Hi won the W. P. I. A. L. basketball championship. With Mr. Glock,s coaching the boys participated in the playoffs at the stadium in 1931, 1932, 1933, 1937, 1940, 1944. Mr. Slosky's boys also participated in the 1949 playoffs but were defeated by Rankin in the first round. In 1939 Ken Hi's baseball team was entered in the W. P. I. A. L. section com- petition, winning one game and losing seven. In 1947 they won the first round of the non- sectional championship but were defeated in the second round. In 1948 Ken Hi, coached by Mr. Dunn, won eight games and lost three, thus win- ning the sectional W. P. I. A. L. championship but was defeated in the semi-final round of playoffs. In 1941, Ken Hi racket boys, with Mr. Vorlage as coach, won the W. P. I. A. L. championship and in 1946 Elmer Stevens won the runner-up position in W. P. I. A. L. playoffs. He also participated in the Harvard cup matches but was eliminated in the second match. Not so impressive is our record in golf, track, and cross country. Nevertheless, the latter two sports, with Mr. Chegwidden as coach, are attracting more boys and their records are improving each season. AB.. ak ,... The Class of 1950 will appear in this formation on Commence- 1 ment day. XX v-.I x NY N One of the most interesting pictures to come to the attention of the Taleoken Staff is that above-ground breaking for the New Kensington High School building now in use. Pictured are the Board of School Directors in l9l3 along with their children Who would soon be Ken Hi students. These men foresaw a great future for the high school. Today's Board of School Directors foppositej are also men of vision and foresight who are, even now, planning the beginning of the next Hfty years. x I . Administration iwiyigw, 1901-1950,1y'! 115519, iff 2 ,M 1+ WWW 4 Board of Education Seated: Mr. Herrington, Mr. Kronkoski, Mr. Blackburn, Dr. Vonderheid, Mr. Patterson, Mr. Kell-er, Mr. Little. Standing: Mr. McKean, Miss Mazur, Dr. Chapman. The Board of School Directors is comprised of a group of civic-minded men not too well known to the students of Ken Hi. These men, elected by the citizens of Ken Kensington, devote much of their time to the affairs of our school. They have worked vigorously ironing out the problems involving the interest and wel- fare of the student body. They also take interest in our athletic and social affairs. We are indeed indebted to these men. We, the fiftieth year graduating class, consider ourselves very fortunate and we wish to express our deep gratitude to the directors who made our last year one not to be forgotten. The members of the board are Dr. C. G. Vonderheid, Jr., president, Mr. Ralph M. Little, Jr., vice-president, Mr. James C. Patterson, Jr., treasurer, Mr. Frank E. Kronkoski, Mr. E. H. Blackburn, Mr. Oren Herrington, and Mr. Charles W. Keller. Dr. E. T. Chapman is superintendent of schools, Miss Veronica Mazur is secretary, and Mr. Frank W. McKean is solicitor. 10 if. ,Q MW Afzfvfl-14' . if 4 were upermtendent 'efwfw' EY t To the Class of 1950 congratulations and best wishes. It is something special to he the 50th graduating class of the High School. If you have average health you shoulcl live through the next half century. Maybe you can have an "Alumni Night,, in the year 2000. Much progress will he made in the years ahead. I hope your lives will be rich and full of accomplishment. -E. T. Chapman 11 1 Principal of the High School f f , Have you ever watchecl a passenger train ar- riving at a station and wondered about the clestin- ation of the people alighting from the train as they wandered off in various directions? Have you ever watched a Ken High graduating class at commencement time when each member leaves the stage, diploma in hancl - marching away to his parents, his friends, and his future? That is what you will be doing on May 25. The future belongs to you. May you have the health, happiness and good fortune you so richly deserve. -H. B. Weaver 12 ,LJ Assistant Principal and Director of the Vocational School To you, the graduates of 1950, it is my sin- cere hope that whenever you can, wherever you go, you will hold high the Ken Hi banner. Let all those with whom you come in contact know that your ideal has been and always will be -sound scholarship coupled with a capacity for further learning and thoroughness as a basis for service and leadership. A. Miller 13 'iw X QDX 11 Al , EJ' it' wx.. N xx Rx fx f . YQ SSQJQ . W. N Af C Faculty J. DALE APEL Chemistry JOHN H. ARMSTRONG Business Arithmetic and Geography JOHN BATISTE A Bookkeeping M. M. BAUGI-IMA f ,axle- History ' J. L. BLACK ' ' Mathema s and History LUCRETIA BO CHER Dean of Girls T. A. BURNETT Unitecl States History CATHERINE CASILLO Commercial Eclti ion SAUL DANOVIT W DOROTHY EIGES Guidance and History EDWARD EWING Machine Shop Practice FLORENCE EWING Library DONALD FLETCHER Mathematics ancl History MATHEW FRAZIER Pattern Making CARL C. GLOCK Health and Athletic Director MARY GOSETTI N Spanish THEODORE GREINER Physical Education RUTH GRIESEMER English and Library 190 DOROTHY HARTER Mathematics l CATHERINE HOOD Latin and English L WILLIAM L. JEFFERSON Science, Visual Education, and Biology JOHN KEISER Commercial Education and Guidance ALICE KLINKE Dramatics, Speech, and English C. M. KORDES Commercial Education HILDA LAUB Art JANET MATHISON Biology JOHN D. MATISKO Biology and Agriculture GEORGE H. MENK Commercial Education JESSIE B. MOORE Social Studies HENRY NALBACH Electricity FRANK OLIVER VJ' Band and Orchestra ! If ,'-FLXVVU f' JJ GENEVIEVE OLMER I 'I MY ' C, Clothing SADIE I. OWEN English ROSEMARIE PASCARETTA Physical Education and Health LA RUE PATTERSON French and English KENNETH PFEIFFER Distributive Education Faculty MARY VIOLA PHILLIPS Global Geography MARGARET S. POTTER Foocls O. REMY Machine Shop Practice JOSEPH RINGHOFFER History and German ALICE RORABAUGH Latin MARTHA E. RUSSELL English and Journalism KENNETH W. SLOSKY Drivers Training JANE TAYLOR English HELEN TERWILLIGER English FRED UPTON Related Drafting and Theory W. L. VORLAGE Commercial Education and Bank MIRIAM WACKENHUT Commercial Education MARIE WALKER Mathematics C. H. WALTER Physics ancl Biology BETTY JO WAREHAM Choral Director, Music History, and Theory R. F. WARNER Mathematics and Science Secretaries and Nurses ' RUTH K. FIELDS School Nurse CATHERINE JOHNSON School Nurse VERONICA MAZUR Secretary to School District MATHILDA MILAUSKAS Secretary MARY ANN MILBERGER Secretary NORMA WARSING Secretary JERIE WILSON Secretary ar Lv nu MW ' ,M . Y 7,,,,,,,7 , L iq, x ' for 44 . - or f1'i"'3 . . 1 D ' 1 Mr. Apel's chemistry lab class is absorbed in problems of its own. Several of Trade Schoo1's pattern makers are snapped in moments of great industry. Encouraged by M. L. and B. Corey, A. Grau, and D. Freiaidenhofen, B. Shaffner records her voice for posterity. S. Shearon, B. Kelley, A. Farina, and Baker gather for a closer inspection of the cash register. "In Union There Is Strengthv is demon- strated by these candidates and their man- agers on pre-election day. A. Schailer and R. Miller demonstrate their ability on the shaper. N Jayne, Janet, Rene, and Muggy jump high to lead our cheers. These boys seem to have an unwritten taboo against combining food and females. A girl's gym class takes their exercise on the downstairs floor. Ruthie Rapp demonstrates her piano playing ability for an admiring audience in jeans. Ken Hi's smooth dance band worked hard to get that way. These five girls appear a little worried about the test Miss Eiges is giving in the guidance office. Ken Hi graduates, now numbering more than eight thousand over half a century, are lead by the pioneer class of six, pictured above, which was graduated in 1901. Each had taken the two year academic course and almost the same subjects. The fiftieth class, that of June 1950, numbers three hundred forty students graduating, after four years study, from five courses each including required and elective subjects. To the right is a 1949-50 class in geography, one of the subjects offered in recent years. Classes 1901-1950 V Miss Taylor, J. Giordano, J. Kraft, Mrs. Klinke, G. Timmins, R. Wolfe, Miss Patter xl IX SENIOR OFFICERS ' President .........,... .....,.,,...........,..,....,...,.........,.. J oseph Giordano Vice-President ..,,.. ..... R ichard Wolfe 0 V Secretary ,....,... ............ J ohn Kraft " mf Treasurer ..... ..... G lenn Timmins , Pk N W J The past four years at Ken Hi will never be forgotten by the class of 1950. It seems like yesterday when a few of us arrived at Ken Hi in our freshman year. In 1948 we had new-comers from Parnassus and we found ourselves enthusiastically preparing for the Sophomore Hop. The following year students arrived from Stewart and we worked together selling candy and magazines in order to finance the Prom, an all year task. At last our senior year came. We, the class of 1950, were honored being the fiftieth grad- uating class. Many things were in store for us. Anniversary committees were chosen, including some seniors, for such events as Alumni Night, the Alumni Dance, and the pageant in the spring. But reminiscing about our senior year, we can remember that the first week of school we received our first order of senior rings. Next, we had class elections. After the campaign speeches were over and the votes counted, the finals brought in Joseph Giordano, president, Richard Wolfe, vice president, John Kraft, secretary, and Glenn Timmins, treasurer. Our sponsors, Miss Patterson, Miss Taylor, and Mrs. Klinke, guided us skillfully through a maze of senior pictures, com- mencement announcements, name cards and Taleokens. The special senior assemblies and exams gave many of us relief from classes. Plans were being made for Class Day and the Senior Private. During the months of February and March practices were held every night in room 105 for the senior class play. This year the senior class presented "Ladies of the Jury" under the direction of Mrs. Klinke. The last day for seniors had arrived and Taleoken Day, the long-awaited day. The memories of four years at Ken Hi will never be forgotten as we leave our best years behind us. ZZ eff ffiww Semors ROBERT LEE ADAMS-"Bob" is a member of the Ge a- phy Club. His chief ambition is to have a trucking company and his hobby is collecting stamps. "Bob" just can't forget Lois. JOHN ALERICH - John is one of Z14's draftsmen. His main interest is football and he lik-es to spend his spare time sleeping. BETTY ALQUIST-This vivacious redhead has fond mem- ories of Arnold High. Betty is a member of Com- mercial Club and Choir. Her main hobby is dancing and she will always remember her sophomore year at Stewart. MARY JANE ANDERSON-"Janey," as she is known to her friends, is very active in many clubs. Her hobbies are dancing and eating and she has happy memories of the chemistry lab. This petite senior seems to prefer musicians and her plan for the future is to become a lady in white. FRANCIS ARABIA-"Frannie" is an ardent sport fan and participated in football and basketball. He belongs to the Assembly Staff and Hi-Y. 'lFran,' is seen with Vange in his spare time. ARTHUR ROBIN ARMSTRONG-'tWally', is a future cattle ranch owner in Texas. He participated in cross-coun- try and baseball. He is a member of Monitors, Hi-Y, and Assembly Staff. CAROLE ATKINSON-Carole aspires to be a receptionist or secretary. Her hobbies are bowling and dancing. A certain "Johnnie," a graduate of Plum High, held all the attention of this friendly senior. DONALD LEROY ATKINSON-l'Ack," who is taking the Electrical Course, hangs his hat in Room 214. Roller skating and ice skating occupy most of this senior boy's time. He can usually be seen with Ray Ray. CLEONE BAILEY-Dancing is the almost exclusive pastime of this cheerful senior. Her plan for the future is to become a secretary. She thinks a certain boy at Arnold is tops. DONALD BAILEY-"Don's', one of the popular members of the Dance Band and his hobby is playing the trum- pet. He can be seen in his spare time with "Libby," He participated in cross-country and will always remem- ber Band camp. NORA LEE BAILING-Nora Lee is a Commercial student and hard worker on the bank staff. Her future plan is to be- come a secretary. She is active in many clubs and still finds time for her hobby which is drawing. Fond mem- ories of the Vandergrift game are hers. JANICE BAKER-"NanU is a member of D. E. Club and she has announced her plans to become a bride. Her hobbies include an ex-soldier. Nan's favorite song is "I'm Just Wild About Harryf, MICHAEL BAKER-"Mike,' is a member of the Dramatic Club and College Club and he takes an active interest in boy scouting. His plans for the future include college. MARIE BARHAM-"Rosie,', who is a member of sev- eral clubs, is vice-president of the Dramatic Club. .After graduation she wants to be an executive secretary. She likes to remember girl scouting and her summers in Michigan. DOROTHY BARKER-"Dot" belongs to the Commercial Club and wants to work in an office after graduation. Her hob bies are bowling, skating, and a certain Ken Hi gra uat ROSE w a green Chevvy. W ' ' , V , Adams Alerich Alquist f Anderson Arabia Armstrong X - 1 X , 1 NAtkinson Atkinson Bailey 1 I J5' 'Q Bailey Bailing Baker f- its ' Us 5 Y, P f 'lt-X fi Baker Barham Barker A " fl lx la J I ' R X XV XA 1 -5' 3 to lxqx ' L D is -x J Nell." Z3 as ' ' x X N X' r Q F - at YQ? wisp -X 5 i gr '13 53 e rl xi R 3 9 B X 'T ix s t J fly W' Barr Basta Beatty Benn Berger Baron Bateman Bendick Bennett Bergfeld Bartolacci Bazzano Benedict Bergad Berlinski Seniors 'i . r 1 e . .--551 , , . RALPH' BARR-Sports and' girls are "Bean's" hobbies. The Navy is included in his plans for the future. STELLA BARON-"Millie,,, who belong to the Tri-Hi-Y and Majorettes, enjoys dancing and reading. After grad- uation she wants to be an airline hostess. DORA BARTOLACCI-"Dora," who is editor of the Taleoken and president of the Home Economics Club, enjoys dancing and Spanish. College or nursing are included in her plans for the future. MARGARET BASTA-QQMargie," who belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y, Commercial Club, and Majorettes, likes dancing and watching football and basketball games. She likes to remember the Junior Prom. BERNICE BATEMAN-':Bernie," who belongs to many clubs including the National Honor Society, likes to play the piano and dance. She plans to become a teacher, and her weakness is red hair. PAUL BAZZANO-"Pauly" is a member of the Hi-Y, Col- lege Club, and Assembly Staff. His plans for the future PHYLL lk, E BEATTY-"Phil," who belongs to many is treasurer of the Commercial Club, likes to lay t and dance. She plans to become a sec- re ar , r we k he s is green Nashes. E Qi' 1 ' member of the Camera Club, ege 1 b irl's Chorus, likes to dance and l' en to music. e likes to recall her chemistry class- 9. ' . e plan o attend college. IN E osA BENEDICT-"Lin," .3 member of many cl i and president of Tri-Hi-Y, likes to play the piano. '- enjoyed Spanish and she plans to attend college. in l e college. Llb .Xe ' ki- a .: 4 ' t : Q L- , 6 E B D -"R d QC U , ll a .' RICHMD BENN-"Rich" is a member of the Camera Club and Red Cross. His chief interest is public speaking and girlsg his hobbies include hunting and fishing. Another Classical student. BERNARD BENNETT-Sports are "Denny's" hobby, he is on the track team and a member of the College Club. He plans to go to Penn State to study engineering. ETHEL JEAN BERGAD-"Ecu has pleasant memories of Band camp. She is partial to music and sewing. In- cluded in her activities are the Tri-Hi-Y, Taleoken Staff, and College Club. ROY BERGER-"BoBo" hopes to be a pharmacist. This member of the College and Geography Clubs prefers Mrs. Klinke's speech class, his favorite pastimes are girls and singing. MARY LOUISE BERGFELD - "Louie,', a Classical student, anticipates being a teacher. Her hobbies are skating, swimming, driving, and eating spaghetti. "Louie,, is a member of the Library Staff and a Choir member of three years' standing. THOMAS BERLINSKI-This industrious lad plans to attend Pitt University and become a pharmacist. "Tom," a member of the Key Club and Kentonian Staff, has stamp collecting as a hobby. '3 p J 'X 190 ROSE ANN BERNARDO-Rose Ann is an active mem- ber of the Tri-Hi-Y, Commercial, and College Clubs. She spends her leisure time playing the piano and plans to attend college next year. ROBERT F. BEVERIDGE-'iBob," an ex-Marine, has returned to his studies under the G. I. bill. He spends his spare time with a certain blonde on Fifth Avenue. W- MARY LOUISE BICKERT-This quiet girl plans a fu- ture in stenography. She belongs to the Bank and Taleoken Staffs and the Commercial Club. She is often seen with Rosie. ROBERT BLOOM-A busy young man of many hob- bies, including hunting, fishing, and singing, Bob belongs to the Script and Score, Choir and Band. He hopes to attend Penn State sometime in the future. HENRY BOBONIK--'ll-lerkyn hopes one day to become ' a railroad engineer. His hobbies-stamp collect- ing and hunting-take up most of his spare time. PARMA BONADIO-The spare time of this young miss P f is filled by swimming and dancing. "Tootsie" f' plans to major in geography. She belongs to rg the Tri-Hi-Y, Geography, and College Clubs. Her E favorite song is t'Stardust." RJOHN ROBERT BONK-Sports, including hunting, ' fishing, and cross country racing, occupy much of "Charlie's" time. Since he is a member of the Band, music also rates high. After graduating, he plans to enter the Marines. FRANK BOSUSKI-Frank was one of our football play- ers. "Bugs" has hopes of being a rancher after he finishes high school, if O? 5 -gg? i WILLIAM S. BOWMAN-Outdoor life occupies most of Bill's time. He plans to go to school to study Neon after completing high school work. He's an ac- tive member of Demolay. RUTH ELAINE BOWSER-'QRuthie" takes the Com- mercial Course and claims her favorite subject is bookkeeping. She has her eye on a certain sol- dier. Her favorite song is "Till the End of Timef, VERNON BRADLEY-"Dag," a popular senior, is known as a future M. D. He is president of Monitors, Dance Band, and Choir. With his fav- orite pastime being music, one of his ambitions is to play with a big name band. DELYGHT BRASFIELD -- Music and sports occupy most of t'Deedee,s,' time and her chief interest lies in Natrona. She takes the General Course. At- lantic City sounds inviting to her. PAULINE BROWN-This member of the senior class plans to go to college. "Paul" belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y and her hobbies are dancing and read- ing. She is interested in a boy nicknamed Q'Easy." THEODORE BROWNE1"Ted,' won first prize in the Pennsylvania contest. His hobby is driving and his interests are parties and girls. He belongs to Monitors, Hi-Y, Assembly Staff, and College Club. College looms ahead. LOIS ANN BUFFINGTON-"Buff,,' taking the Com- mercial Course, remembers her junior year. She belongs to the Commercial Club and collects rec- ords in her spare time. Her plans for the..future3 -- are a good job or commercial college. W ,P 5 ii ,f Lf 1-We W, 1 I 1 f' Q. ' fi . -' Hake!! e ' - ix' 4. , v' 'J-rw-n 'C' -'gps ' is s , So Jjfgii .ii gy' 45 , 9wfi,,,.,e iff- 1 i 1. ,. . f A ,xfiwv 1. ,WCA ,K lr 'J , kr "' Qvgtpf 'Dis 4,-fx 'MAT' -sp .N fr- J g ' V si' A . A 'Qffff 1 xi' 4 -.' f"f-ig l V id Bernardo Beveridge Bickert Bloom Bobonik l . ,N I x Bonadio Bonk Bosuski Bowman Bowser ' ml J ' Bradley Brasfleld Brown Browne Buffington f ,A H f f. 4 . '.,...,,,w" C ! A 1 ' .,- ,f ' i i' ' A., . 'S f if 5 1 f . ,, W- " -' - ' L t- ' . f 4--' 1 g ,f ri Q - - K, . , 1 , .. fs V --ers .. . , . .. f . 5 O. . ' ' 1 4 1 1 n j . v .. g 8 X :A I AMOR D. BULLERS-'QDon', plans to go to college to study . 5 forestry or agriculture. He belongs to the Dramatic Club Q and spends most of his time hunting and fishing. Track '41 RJ has been one of his favorite sports and, while in school, ai ' S he pursued the Classical Course. FLORENCE BURGLY-College is "Flo,s" goal. Among her plans is to be a dietitian. Roller skating ranks high ,Dv among her hobbies. She belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y and X College Club. X THOMAS G. BURKETT-Tom, taking the Vocational Course, plans to go to cabinet making school. He hangs his hat in 213. He claims wood working and fixing cars are his hobbies. ' DELORES CAMPBELL-"Dollee,' belongs to the Camera Club and Tri-Hi-Y. She plans to be a Wave or a nurse. Writ- ing poems and singing occupy most of her spare time. MARILYN CAMPBELL-Marilyn, a popular senior, has a sparkling personality. She spends most of her time sewing and rooting for each sport. She considers Miss Gosetti a proficient, popular teacher. College next fall. PATRICIA CAMPBELL-"Pat," the blonde twin, is an active member of the Dramatic Club, the Taleoken Staff, and Senior Choir. "Marianne" brings back many fond memories to her. DONALD CAMPITELLA-"Don" came to us from Saltsburg High. He was active on the Saltsburg baseball team. His hobbies are sports and swimming. SALVADOR CARDENAS-This future carpenter is better known as "Spaniard.'l He is in the Choir and also on the track team. The Ken Hi-Har-Brack contests will remind him of good times at Ken Hi. CAROL JEAN CARNEY-Dancing is a favorite pastime of Carol, who will go into nurse's training in the fall. She likes to remember the Rainbow Formal and public speaking class. WILLIAM CARRIGAN-"Bill', participated in track and foot- ball. He claims his lucky number is 13. His best girl is Kay. VIRGINIA DELORES CARTER-This quiet miss would like to become a social worker. "Dee" belongs to the Camera Club and Tri-Hi-Y. Her hobby is reading good books. RITA CAROL CASHELL-"Ree', is a member of the D. E. Club. Her plans for the future include the Bell Tele- phone Company and Charles. Her pastime is teasing her friends. MONA CEBULA-Her sophomore year brings back fond memories to "Tookie." This future air hostess is an active member of the Band, Tri-Hi-Y, and the College Club. RODERICK CHAMBERS-"Legs" belongs to the Camera Club. His plans for the future concern the service. He hails from 213. His hobby is walking out of the way. LOUIS E. CIANCUTTI-Playing football at Ken Hi held many exciting memories for "Gun" He is frequently seen with Arabia, Michael, Giordano, and Greenberg. Bullers Burgly Burkett D. Campbell M. Campbell P. Campbell Campitella Cardenas Carney Carrigan Carter Cashell Cebula Chambers Ciancutti L, 950 CHARLES R. CLAASSEN-Pretty girls and Braeburn are 'lPalooka,s', chief interests. He is a member of the College Club and Camera Club. His am- bition in life is to study medicine. ANN CLARK-Ann, a Commercial student, plans to at- tend business college after graduation. She has fond memories of the Prom. Her hobby is play- ing the piano. RONALD CLAYPOOL-This tall Band member has in- terests in a girl in Marienville. His hobbies are hunting and music. GWENDOLYNE JOAN COMPTON-Joan is an en- thusiastic member of the Rainbow Girls. She likes typing and public speaking. In the future we shall see her either as a nurse or a secretary. CAROLINE CONESKY4t'Carol,s,' plan for the future is nursing. She will always remember the Stewart School days. CARL CONALLY-Carl enjoys reading detective novels and singing in class. He hails from 213 and hopes to become a public speaker. CAROL CONNER-UTrigger" is a member of the Dis- tributive Education Club. Her hobbies are drums and horses. She is a future housewife. JACK CONRAD-Jack, who hopes to r-eturn to New Kensington someday, recalls pleasant memories of his junior year and Murt. His favorite class is Study Hall and in his spare time he plays the drums. He remembers the fun with the old gang. LAWRENCE CONROY-"Larry" has lived from time to time in sunny Florida. He is frequently seen riding his motorcycle. He is undecided whether to study medicine or to study law. He likes P. O. D. best. KATHLEEN CONWAY-A member of the Choir, Script and Score, Tri-Hi-Y, and the College Club, "Katie,' has plans for Indiana State Teachers Col- lege. Her hobbies are singing and playing the piano. BETTY JANE COREY-A future teacher. Betty Jane will never forget Band camp. She is a member of the Majorettes, Taleoken Staff, Red Cross Coun- cil, Tri-Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, and Commercial Club. MARY LOU COREY-This future secretary is a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, Commercial Club, Dramatic Club and Taleoken. "Lou,' thinks Dick is tops. LOIS ANN COULSON-This Stewart alumna hopes to be a bookkeeper or a housewife. She is a mem- ber of the Commercial Club and Bank Staff. Lois likes to swim and sew. Fa., DALE CRAIG--Dale is a member of the Red Cross Council and Geography Club. "Buds,' lik-es to play basketball and go hunting. He has pleasant memories of Stewart School. THOMAS R. CRAMER-l'Creampuff,, would like to join the Navy Air Corps. He is a member of the Geography Club and lik-es to play baseball. T-.. ' fs., ...Q 'HA I 1 Claassen Clark Claypool Connally Conner Conrad B. J. Corey I M. L. Corey Coulson w- . gi . s Q L J Compton Conesky Conroy Conway Craig Cramer Cribbs Crum Curcio Davis Dohmen Seniors MARIAN CRIBBS-A member of the Commercial Club and Kentonian Staff, she is partial to Arnold graduates. Marian plans to be a secret ry. Stewart School will al- ways hold fond memories or her. ISABELLE CROGNALE-" is planning to be an air hostess. She is a e of Distributive Education Club and Comme ' Club. 'll always remember the Junior rom. is BEVERLY CRO "B ' gs to the Commercial Club. She pla to be ce ' nis after graduating. She thin GK: Trade hoo nice. ROB C M obv belon m- lyasketball squad. He is m of the Mon' i-Y, Key Club, and the As ly ff. His ' . a is college and law and gi . LO 'E CUGLIETTA-Louise is from Stewart School. She belongs to the Commercial and Geography Clubs. "Lou,' plans to be a secretary and has pleasant memories of the Junior Prom. E VIRGINIA CUNNINGHAM-Known as "Dutch," V' ia belongs to the Band. She lik-es to danc ead but she has hopes of being a typ' t. 'H ALBERT CURCIO-His favorite pasti ting play- ing basketball. Nicknamed "t ef' Albert belongs to the Geography Clu . i ans are indefinite but he may join the Na - O S N DA i ean be ongs.t e mera Club Ho cs Clu er l el Giorgio. ann e e ceite CES D IDSO annie" is me er of the Choir, College d Taleoken an Atten ance Staffs. Her int e knitting, swimming, and listening to good r s. She is college bound. LORET A DAVIS-She belongs to the Choir and Geography Clubs. Loretta remember her explosion ' Mr. Her- linger em di s. Sgigwill 259-id co e e or work fl , H' - O ' on icy: ' and hunt- ng, but plan to, b pilot in ted States Air Force. He Es Pirates win the pennant this year. RALPH DeSIlVlONE-Ralph belongs to the Key Club, Script and Score, Monitors, and Choir. He is our popular school radio announcer. His future is college to study business as a major and music as a sideline. RICHARD DOHMEN-"Red," as he is known to us, enjoys hunting and fishing. After he graduates, he plans to join the Army or Navy. MARY LEE DOUTT-Mary likes to draw and to collect pic- tures of horses. After she receives her diploma she wants to become a nurse. LAURENCE M. DUDDY-Laurence belongs to the Geo- graphy Club and the College Club. "Icabod," who will never forget Pop's history classes, intends to enroll at Penn State. N A QE f .. v J 1 -5:1 gf Vxi. Crognale Croyle , 1, Ev' A gf Cuglietta Cunningham A i Q1 1 ,S-lil 5 Dahm Davidson Q X . Dembowsky DeSimone XY Q 1 'Q K 'N Doutt Duddy .X 1li5xX V RQ' si .il A 'N C fi zs S l A L sa Q i o 190 LEONARD DZIENGELEWSKI-"Jingles" elected the Distributive Education Course this year. Always seen with Ray, he wants to become manager of a chain store. JAMES EDWARD ELLIS+"Diego" wants to study en- gineering at Penn State after graduation. Jim, a fine tenor, is a member of the Camera Club and enjoys Spanish. RICHARD EMMERT-A member of the Geography Club and the Red Cross, 1'Dick" is undecided about his future. He enjoys hunting and Fishing. ROBERT FAITH-Study hall and gym are favorite classes of ':Bob." He plays on our baseball team and is looking forward to college or the Navy. ANTHONY FARINA-'tSonny" is president of the Distributive Education Club. He attended P.J. H.S., but spends most of his time in Arnold. He admires a good sense of humor. HELEN FARNETH-This attractive senior was our head majorette. She also belongs to the Choir, Tri-Hi-Y, and the Commercial Club. Helen plays a good game of basketball. RALPH FARNETH-Ralph pals with t'Skip,' and is a member of our cross-country team. He also likes to hunt and collect guns. ALYCE FENNELL-A pal of ':Sue," Alyce wants to be- come a secretary. She belongs to the Bank Staff, Choir, and Camera Club, she loves to dance and read. CARL FESTER-"Sonny's7, home room is 212. He wants to become a body and fender man or a machinist. DONALD FINK-After graduation "Don" wants to be a body and fender man or a machinist. JEAN FISCUS-Jean likes to take shorthand, eat, and danc-e. She is always seen with Sally, Ann, and Vange. She is a member of th-e Bank Staff and Tri-Hi-Y. BERTENA FLEMING-"Bert', hangs her coat in room 212. She is a member of Girl's Chorus and the Commercial Club. She became a bride during the' Christmas vacation. LAURA JEAN FLYNN-Laura, with her pretty red hair, is quite suitably called "Red" Dancing and reading are her hobbies. Her plans for the future are indefinite. Leo holds her attention. RODERIC My FOLEY-':Roddy', is a member of the Camera Club, Choir, and D. E. Club. Post card collecting and eating are his hobbies. He plans to manage Grants in the future. This veteran from Stewart School pals with Gene and Dick. JACK FRAZIER-His friends call him '1John." He claims swimming, driving, and loafing as his hobbies. This tall blond from 212 anticipates join- ing the Navy. ...J ,gma-ae. Pa... I' . 3 X K if Dziengelewski Ellis Emmert Faith' - Q' A Farina A Farneth Farneth Fennell C .J Z Fester K Y Fink - Fiscus Fleming Flynn Foley K J Frazier 5 Q ' - . 5 .ff i xg v -J 1 Q4J4l7.a,ll-.IC 1 4 1 ,ig 'fir A X X . K .'f-f' fo' I J Freialdenhof en F. Galzerano Germinara Gillis Goetz Gallian Gantzer Getz Giordano Golembiewski Seniors DOLORES FREIALDENHOFEN-This talker goes by the nicknames "Doe" or uFrye.', Tri-Hi-Y, F. H. A., Lead- ers, Camera and German Clubs take up her time. She plans to be a lab technician. Her ambition is to be a mortician's wife. DONNA GALLIAN-Donna belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, Script and Score, Majorettes, Leaders, and College Clubs. Her hobbies are basketball, swimming, and dancing. She plans to become a nurse at Allegheny General. A blond basketball player interests her. ANN GALZERANO--Ann is a member of the Commercial Club and plans to be a secretary. When Trade School moved to Ken Hi she was quite happy. Tarentum holds her interest. She rates the Har-Brack game tops. FRED CHRISTOPHER GALZERANO-Fred's nickname is Q'Galz.,' He is an active member of the Dramatic Club. His hobby is building model airplanes. He can really play the accordian. He has pleasant memories of his sophomore year. GLEN J. GANTZER-His friends call his "Jim," He, too, comes from Section Room 212. Going to dances in other towns seems to be his hobby. His plan for the future is to enter the service. DOROTHY M. GERLACH-"Chicken Killer" is a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' Chorus, Senior Red Cross, Tale- oken Staff, and College, Camera, and Leaders' Clubs. At Carnegie Tech she will take Home EC: Shiga' fond of a tall football player. 1 DOLORES GERMINARA--"Dolly",fwants to be a secretary. She belongs to Tri-Hi-Y,,G'i-rfl3"Chorus, Kentonian Staff, Commercial and Ca lra'Clubs. , A consta t tagodr, she still enjoys list ' d to recordsfand rEiac!li1g..,. -er pals are Nancy, , an ,Gevryj v' , , - ' ' SALLY Z1i"'Blon ie'L,ls'a membercof the Tri-Hi-Y and f ommercial Clu "Swimming, ing, and reading are 'Q her hobbi ,Lf er-plans foig' e future include being a st pher.'ShA,e and Frye make upfthe, undertone in iss Taylor's room. .- F I DOROTHY LOUISE GILL-"Gilbert,, is a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, Camera Club, Girls' Chorus, Home Econo- mics Club, Geography Club, and Leaders Club. Danc- ing, -eating, and sleeping are her favorite pastimes. She likes the song, "He's Just My Bill," and a blond-haired, blue-eyed sailor. SHIRLEY GILLIS4"Gillis,' belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y, College Club, and Geography Club. She likes a Tarentum football player, namely Joe Graff. Her main hobbies are dancing, eating, and swimming at the Willows. Be- coming a Navy nurse is her goal. JOSEPH BEROMING GIORDANO--"Joe" is a popular foot- ball player. He is president of the Senior Class and a member of the Board of Activities. The Prom brings back fond memories to him. He plans to attend col- lege in the fall. ISABEL GIORGIO+"Is" is a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, and Home Economics Club. She would like to enter the designing field after graduation. Her hobbies are reading, photography, and drawing. She is often seen with Ethel. GLENN GOETZ-Glenn is called "Goetz" by all his friends. He hangs his coat in room 212. Listening to records and playing ball are his favorite pastimes. He plans to enlist in the Marines. FRANCES GOLEMBIEWSKI-"Franny's" hobbies include ice skating, tennis, basketball, baseball, and roller skating. Sh-e hopes to secure a position with the Bell Telephone Company. HOW ,RD . GORDON-"Bob" is his nickname. He reports A.Ga1Zerano l Q o R he is not at shop. He is preparing Gerlach MF!Kj,!.f i,Lff'C." of be raftsman. Y uf- ,fl ! ',,,,-.7o . Pvc- V ' I! U 1' ff' f' ,fsfff .L , Glu I QQ-7 Us X, ,C .W ref Ig, dikalfl ,Lace -.4,f.wcf2.Q,i Giorgio A Y WJ ,Uv in . ,, G d li,:1."'!" L F 1 .. 5 'E - , , - R or on lk . izvlxkgj gp if-lbxigf Q' .LL.l1,,"5! ., Vfflbl ' ffilmc 'V 'I in 1 lo' ,iff f'C"it.,2-Qiwxw Q 5 K, 30 ii K V 1 n Qaegwl, , 'I f195O 'N 'B rs.: .f X 33 Pm ia- i is :sr .x . 3, N Ff- Q j .3 I it N 2 SP2 N-5 Lis is ROBERT GRAFF-Bob's favorite subject is math, while he has pleasant memories of the good times in drafting class. Drawing house plans is "Bob's" hobby. The future holds a draftsman's career or college. DORIS GRAHAM-Doris has been a snappy majorette for four years and also belongs to the Girls' Chorus and Tri-Hi-Y. Reading, skating and at- tending football games are her amusements. She plans to be a nurse. ' ANNA DORIS GRAU-"Ann DH is the top basketball player in sixth period gym class. She belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y, College Club, German Club, Ken- tonian Staff, and Girls' Chorus. Being a nurse is her plan for the future. She makes mischief with "Doe" and "Dorrie." IRVING GREENBERG-Irving reports each morning to Room 212. He is called "Hank', by all his friends. He enjoyed playing football for Ken- Hi. After graduation "Hank" hopes to go to college. ALBERT GRETZ-"Al" was the popular football man- ager for Ken-Hi's squad. Hunting and fishing are his favorite hobbies. "Ali, enjoyed the trip to Allentown very much. Going to college in the fall is his next goal. RAYMOND GRZYBEK-Leonard and Sonny are "Ray's" best buddies. He's going to manage a store someday. He has fond memories of P.J.H.S. Ray is pursuing the Distributive Education Course. LEDORA F. GUIDA-When "Lee,' isn't taking pic- tures, she likes to sleep. She tak-es her journalism seriously, writes the "Ken-Hi Kornern for the Dispatch. "Lee" and her camera are popular figures at Ken-Hi. WILMA GUTKNECHT-"Heidie" wants to dance, skate, and be Tonie's wife for the rest of her life. Her personality has won her many friends. JACK C. GUYER-Jack's friends are kept busy listening to his hunting tales. After graduation he wants to work in a machine shop. ROBERT HALL-"Bob" is the type of all around ath- lete that Ken Hi is proud of. He will never forget the '48 Ambridge game. He wants a career in the Navy via Annapolis. DANIEL C. HARKINS-"Dan" Claims membership in the Dramatic Club, Script and Score, Band, Choir, College Club, and Ken Hi,s own dance band. Music and photography are his hobbies, while accounting is his future. WAYNE HARSHBERGER-MI-lershie" counts on be- coming part of the campus life at Pitt. Heill re- member the Junior Prom and physics class. He is a shutter bug and is a member of the College Club. ' DONNA LEE HAWK-A good movie and "Tubby" are "Don's,' idea of a perfect evening. She is a member of the D. E. Course and her plans include marriage. JENICE HEFLIN-Reading, knitting, dancing, and swimming occupy this attractive senior's time. Shorthand is her favorite class. She plans to attend business college and then to become a sec- retary. EMERSON HEILMAN-Spanish is Emerson's favorite subject, but he likes to dance too. He and Noel compare fishing and hunting tales. He wants to be a chemical research engineer. efffldj Q Q9 G, W Graff Graham Grau - Greenberg Gretz Grzybek Guida Gutknecht Guyer Hall I-Iarkins Harshberger Hawk Heflin Heilman fe? QW Hepler Hilliard Hoglund S. Hollier Irwin Hessom Hobaugh Holeva W. Hollier Jack Hill Hockenberry M. Hollier J. Hrivnak F. Jackson 32 Seniors JOY HEPLER-Petite, brunette, and cute describe this senior. She was an ardent cheerer for our football team Dick had the ball. She wears a huge tape ass ringg Dick's of course. V " RICHARD DALE HE so ' A"Dick,' Olaf' emo ' S of Trade School it was at t Avy- ue - ing. Hewa 'vs to be a glass c tte omeday. his bies are airp a sand a c rtain from Har- . 1 " , GEQRC -, -Gibrge 's 'ack an who so belongs to , Choir, l o ta f, nd r hestra. "Gunk's', obbies ar-e m icyfand re ' , he will study en- neering in ege. I NQRMA .c. 'LIA O13-vligowboyf' as he ig known by his 1 'frie , is a ,esi of 211. Ile is taking the ma- 'winist cou istor is is avorite subject. ' LEE OQAU "H ppy," be-bopper, is ember of the onitors K y b, and ' ading for college. Th' A really et ro n and w have My memories Ken Hi, 1 I JAYN .HOCKyBERRY-Jayne is ember o the ri- 1- , oir, Home Ec. Club, nd Cheerlea e sq ad, a dancing and drawin for her ho i e ans to ecome a commercial artist. NOEL HOGLUND-Noel likes to fish and ta e re of his stamp Colle ion in his spare time. 1'Bub,X whose home room is 21 expects to go into the engine ring field. MARION O - tion - membershi in the Col- eg Dram ' ipt d S re, Tri-Hi-Y, A Senior Re ros Dodie,', ure nurse, col- cts souve If n re ember th rom. I L H l' -Muriel fro 211, is an ardent Bing sb an who belo g o the mo Choir and the o r Club e looks f rward to a telephone r s caree LEY OR AI HOL IER Shirley l ans toward ath- A l lu , ' C1 . I . Cr 4 s fa 0. l l-eti 'A as sh lays bas erb l and lik to attend foot- b a e . "Shirl, . - e ber of th Girlis Chorus and , hy Club, will b . salesgif. WA ' E LLIER-Wgggyn ikes t work with photography. P.O. . class is 1 X . orite of the day. He fol- lows the General C r e and hangs his hat in 211. n - I . ' . ' JOSEPH RIVNAK 'Joe' is another future Navy man and a ot r of Blac boys He whiles away his leisure hours y taking care of his Stamp collection. MARJORIE IRWIN-"Margie'l is a D.E. student who plans to continue her sales work. She loves to square dance, considers h-er senior year the best, and claims an in- terest in baseball. NANCY ANN JACK-This girl collects pictures and enjoys listening to records. Basketball games provide another interest for "Nance," a D,E. student from 211, who also thinks highly of h-er senior year. FREDEL JACKSON-Fredel plans to join the Army after graduation, has a hobby to fit in with his future: col- lecting guns. "Fred" is another of the 211 family. 950 RAYMOND W. JACKSON-Known as "Little Man," Ray will be sorry to leave Ken Hi. Mechanical work is his hobby, and a machinist or Naval career is his design for future living. NORMA JEAN JACOBY-Norma leans toward music as she belongs to Senior Choir, Script and Score, and College Clubs. She takes voice lessons and would like to study music at Indiana State Teach- er's College. LEON JAGODZINSKI-Leon, whose nickname is "Le," is most interested in preparing for his vocation. He has chosen Electricity as his course and hopes to get to the top in that field. ELIZABETH JARACZ-"Betty,,' is a commercial student, belongs to the Camera and Geography Clubs. Sh-e likes to dance, swim, and bowl. The Ken Hi-Vandergrift game was a top-notch sports, event. RAYMOND JASKEY-This inhabitant of 211 is inter- ested in sports. Called "Ray" by his classmates, he hasnlt decided yet what he would like to do in the future. ELIZABETH JEDLOWSKI-t'Betty', is a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, College Club, German Club, Tale- oken Staff, and Girls, Chorus. This future nurse is usually seen with Janie in Arnold. RALPH JENSEN-Ralph likes especially to loaf. He is appropriately a member of the Geography Club as he came from Texas. HARRY F. JOHNS-"Flash,, thoroughly enjoys shop and likes to remember the good times h-e has had at Ken Hi. A resident of Valley Camp his future is undecided. DALE ALLEN JOHNSON-Musically inclined, "Pro- fessorl' plans to attend Indiana College. He is active in the Choir, Script and Score, Assembly Staff, and College Club, he enjoys playing the organ. NORMA NEVELLA JOHNSON-l'Nonnie" is a future nurse, belongs to the Choir, Tri-Hi-Y, and Col- lege Clubs. Possessor of a beautiful voice, she is enthusiastic about Charles Brown and Sarah Vaughn. THOMAS JORDAN-A future college student, "T. J.,', is a member of the College Club and Hi-Y. Curly- haired Tom likes to collect guns, eat, and sleep. RUSSELL KARDIBIN-"Kardie," a member of the Civil Air Patrol, played high school football. This resident of 211 plans to attend a prep school next year. HELEN E. KECZMER-"Blondie,', a coming secretary, is a member of the National Honor Society, Commercial Club, Leaders Club, and Tri-Hi-Y. Sh-e particularly remembers the Ken Hi-Vander- grift away games. ANNA BLANC1-1E KELLEY-Interested in a football player at Michigan State, "Bunny,' belongs to Girls, Chorus and the D. E. Club. She is a friend of Rita and Ellen. Anna Blanche remembers playing girls, basketball. DOLORES KENDALL--"Mae,', a Commercial student, takes with her fond memories of Stewart School and shorthand class. This member of the Com- mercial Club plans to be a secretary of a telephone operator. 4 1- f 52 R. Jackson Jacoby Jagodzinski Jaracz Jask-ey Jedlowski Jensen Johns D. Johnson N. Johnson Jordan Kardibin Keczmer Kelley Kendall -. 1 KX I You 1 I I ian I at wif r 5 lx li xx Kerstetter Klein Kotowski Krause P. Leisure Kersten Kline Kowalczyk Kucharski R. Leisure King Konazeski Kraft Larko Leiter , ye' 1, Seniors PAUL A. KERSTETTER-An active member of the Band, Choir, and Dramatic Club, Paul plans to join the Air Force. Building model railroads and airplanes fas- cinates this active senior. NORMAN KERSTEN-"Norm" would like to join the Army. He is a Trade School boy who likes sports, of course he plays football. BEN KING-"King" would like to become a television tech- nician. Since athletics is one of his hobbies, he has participated in junior high basketball. MARLENE KLEIN-Marlene is in the Script and Score Club. Among her memori-es there linger two, Mr. Burnettis history class and eighth grade. ROBERT KLINE-"Bob,' has many hobbies, but he likes col- lecting money the best of all. He hasnit his future planned yet. He belongs to the Geography Club. MARY ANN KONAZESKI-"Mania', belongs to the Leaderis Club, Chcir, Commercial Club, and Bank Staff. Her ambition is to become a secretary. Playing tennis is her hobby. CLARA GERTRUDE KOTOWSKI-'iBoots" belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y and the Girls, Chorus. She always has a smile. She likes to collect poems. Her plan for the future is to become a wife. MARY LOU KOWALCZYK-"Marisia,, is bound for Pitt University. Her chief delight is dancing. She belongs to the Leaders Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Camera Club, and the Girls Chorus. JOHN KRAFT--uBabe" plans to be an engineer. He par- ticipates in basketball. College Club, German Club, and Assembly Staff are the organizations to which he belongs. He is secretary of the Senior Class. MARLENE KRAUSE-She pals with Roto. She'll be a sec- retary, someday. Marlene is a member of the Com- mercial Club. The tall, bashful type meets her ap- proval. JOHN KUCHARSKI-Music is "Koche,s" hobby. Although he has no definite plans for the future, he would like to study music. He will always remember room 210. RUDY LARKO-Gloria is "Rudy's" friend. Reading is his hobby. No immediate plans have been made for the future. We always see him smiling. PATRICIA LEISURE-uPat" belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y and the Commercial Club. She likes to dance and skate. Carol and Shirley are often seen with her. RUTH LEISURE--"Sparkle" will always remember our defeat at the hands of Vandergrift. She aspires to be a sec- retary, enjoys dancing to slow music and eating ice cream. She is a member of the Commercial Club, GLORIA LETTER-Girl's Leaders Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Kentonian, and the College Club occupy most of "Glow's', time. She not only -enjoyed lab classes but also making a cer- tain boy blush. 19O JANET LINK-Dark haired boys intrigue "Jan." She is an active member of the Majorettes, Choir, Dramatic, Tri-Hi-Y, and College Clubs and also the Kentonian and Taleoken Staffs. "Jann hopes to become an English teacher. JOSEPH LUBOMSKI-Mystery novels and sports maga- zines keep "Luber,' deeply engrossed. A career in engineering research is the aim of this Col- lege Club and Assembly Staff member. RAYMOND JOHN LUDWICZAK-Since "Pitt" likes woodworking and model building, his ambition is to become an engineer. This Choir memb-er also would enjoy being a lawyer. THOMAS MANGONE-"Buck', is Navy bound and is meeting the requirements of every sailor: a pool shark and a girl in every port. He is happy to bid senior science adieu ftoo much workj. JAMES MANNARINO-"Jim" is another of the boys who plans to sail the seven seas. "Juice Beriney' likes to swim and shouldnit have too much trouble if the boat sinks. Weight lifting is one of his hobbies. EUGENE MAPPIN - 'QGfene" also wants to join the Navy. He likes Spanish and model building. This Choir and Geography Club member at- tended Stewart School and is always seen with Roddy. EUGENE MARKIEWICZ-Playing the accordian and playing baseball are "Mark's', hobbi-es. He would like to become a full-fledged machinist and ac- cordianist. Link Lubomski Ludwiczak Mappin Markiewicz Marks McCollim McElroy MCElwain ,f 1 , U 5 V 3 , . .. will . . I uni 'ff 2 ROY MABKQSV - "Mark,?g is one of the' mf: '-versatile , .musicians in Ken He is a mei-Mir of the ' Band and Orchestra and plans to'ti-zach music in the futgr-eA"'l!Iis first freshiianfdance will always , be reimetnfliered by Roy rranggng and writing 5 music ard his hobibx? 'Si' f 1 I HE RIETTA MATWK -I-Ienriettaithc piher fresh- ' man air' vlras, tops. She li us dan e and - -aspi fo be a shopper for a ge firm. The utive Club claims h r as a mem r . f' - - - - ' 'x 1 , - jrv1ARk3SniET,'A13lslE McCABEj'lMuggy," 'a cheerlead r belongif to the Dramatic Club, Script and Score, and the Leader's Club, is the Handbook editor and a member of the Board of Act' i ' s. JOHN McCOLLI --"Hu " is foob f nd track man. He es was glli . Theffuture s a P. . i' a a jo as a machinist. LEON43 Q ackljparticipates in base- l He s l fin sk ,ing andmsquare Mil QA? to d in H. HARRY MCELW N rating 559,51 Jyeslrecfiyg take l'Mi k' ' tiny, If o e 3 srsports. Afle will b-e seen Q,!A'fiine shop after gradu ion. MARY JANE NKIN-A member of the 'or Red Cross, Tri-Hi-Y, Geography Club ' unkie" spends her time listening to "Star st She is preparing for a nursing career. RAYMOND MCKEEVER-A memb o the Distribu- tiv-e Education Club, "Tubby' ways looks for- ward to meal time. He will go to work in a 7' retail store after graduation. ,.- -filgjfif . ' CQQUUN . LQ' 5. ,kffn X ' X' . "" 3 xx - .Q-ju, r X, ' ws-IAN 1 ,V V x X gf.. A93 li ,mf D " K a,,,,,, " wow" X N .H lib ,,7,V5f"l K .575 X, x me fifrrw Mangone Mannarino Matviko McCabe McJ unkin McKeever aj J4- McKelvey McMiilen Meanor Mikesell L. Miller McKillop McMillin Merryman E. Miller Milisits B. McMillen McSweeney Michael F. Miller Milsom 36 Seniors LEROY McKELVEY-"Lee" sleeps in section room 210. He likes red hair and the clarinet section of the band. He is a drafting student. WILLIAM R. MCKILLOP-Starting from room 210, "Whimp" takes the Distributive Education Course. He plans to study retailing after graduation. ' BEN MCMILLEN-Ben is a member of the College Club, the Assembly Staff, and the Junior National Honor So- ciety. He plans to go on to college after graduation. I-IERMAN McMILLEN-The naval life looms ahead for "Mac" when school days are over. He spends his time drawing and collecting old coins. MILLARD McMILLIN, JR.-"Skip" is a member of the Hi-Y, Geography Club, and the Senior Choir. He has mem- ories of public speaking and rapid cal classes. PATRICIA McSWEENEY-Collecting old rag dolls and animals occupies "Pat's" time. She belongs to the Choir, Tri-Hi-Y, Camera Club, and Kentonian Staff. A nurse's career is ahead. MELVIN MEANOR-'iMel" is a resident of 210. He plans either to join the Navy or be an automobile machanic. MILTON MERRYMAN-"Mert" is a member of the Geog- raphy Club and Key Club. The main hobbies of this dark haired senior are fishing and eating macaroni. He plans to be an engineer. ' ERNEST MICHAEL-"Ernie" participates in football, basket- ball, and track. This star halfback likes loafing with his buddies. He is also an active member of the Key Club and Board of Activities. BEVERLY JEAN MIKESELL-Tri-Hi-Y, German Club, and Attendance Staff take up "Bev,s" time. This potential office worker prefers tall blond Navy men. She also likes to draw pictures. EUGENE MILLER-"Huey" is a member of the Coffee Club. His plans for the future are unknown but he is taking an electric course in Trade School. FRED MILLER-Girls and mechanical work are the hobbies of "Fritz.,' He likes to play football and plans to be an electrician. LOUIS MILLER-"Lou Al', reports to room 210. He doesn't know what the future holds but he is enrolled in Trade School and likes shop work. HELEN MILISITS4"Babe,' plans to be an air reservationist. She belongs to the Camera Club and Leaders Club. This blonde senior thinks her junior year was best. JOHN MILSON-The College Club and the Key Club are "Jack's" extra-curricular activities. Our star punter is active in football and track. He also likes hunting. 1950 DOLORES MOFFETT-Dolores wants to teach English but hates the nickna e "Delophie." She belongs to the College Club, Qhoir, 'Ca era Club, Tri- Hi-Y, and Ke toniah, aff. Sxhvglenjoys listening to other eop ' V lblems. 'U A' MAXINE MOR A 'Macs' jo s collecting keys, sin 1 g s a in and . S e is a member of t e f e i certain, but sh-e I gi 7 l 1 hope to b g t i X NA 'Q -A SE ' ancy ark tol become a secretary. ye e is a V er ofuhe Tri-Hi-Y, Camera Club, how me i Club, and ntonian Staff. eds -enroll t e omrqejaal ourse. LOU 'hi' L L-Q' enjo s listening to .. sic a e s her tinte ancing. She is i- ' ber o 5 e Co ege Club. he is fond of It pq of M MARY ' OCK-Mary Ann has fond memories unior Prom. Blonde-haired Mary Ann is req ently seen with Edna Mae. Her hobbies include dancing and swimming. RUTHANN MYERS-Ruthann is fond of a certain band member. She belongs to the Choir and Geography Club. Ruthann will always remember the Vandergrift game of 1949. LOUIS FRANCIS NAVIGLIA-"Louie,' enjoys dancing at the S.N.C. He has wonderful memories of Room 308. "Louie" hopes to have his own busi- ness someday. REGINALD NETOSKIE-"Reg" belongs to the 201 crowd. His favorite pastime includes listening to disc-jockeys. "Reg" plans to study engineer- ing. H-e pals with "Tassy." RONALD NICHOLS-"Nick's,' hobby is hunting girls, but he claims he will remain a bachelor. Rem- iniscing with his Stewart pals is his favorite pastime. "Nick,' belongs to the Geography Club. CAROLINE NOBLE-Known as uCarol', to her friends, she aspires to become a secr-etary. She pals with Gloria, Shirley, and Patty. Her favorite hobbies are dancing and eating. SUZANNE NOBLE-"Sue" someday hopes to become a model. Her main interest is Ralph. Sue be- longs to the N.H.S., Leader's Club, Commercial Club, Bank Staff, and Tri-Hi-Y. ELLEN NONAMAKER-"EI" is a member of the D. E. Club. She hopes to become a housewife. "El" is often seen around school with Rita and Blanche. GERALDINE ORAVEC-uGerry', is often seen with "Dot Gerlachf' She is a member of the Tale- oken Staff, Leader,s Club, Majcrettes, and the Choir. She has pretty brown eyes. YOLANDA PALETTA-"Yol" is often in 'tCeese's" company. She is a member of the Choir. LOUIS PALUMBO-'iLou," who is taking the Voca- tional Course, has pleasant memories of Par- nassus Jr. High School. He hopes someday to own his own restaurant. "Lou', enjoyed attend- ing the Ken Hi football games. I. pg. A, - 3,11 . . I l " ' ,rl Moffett Morgan Moses Mullica Mydock Myers Naviglia Netoskie Nichols C. Noble S. Noble Nonamalcer Oravec Paletta Palumbo 1 ,. '79, it G' Q1 Ufi 0 f7l-fl' CJ Juv Papaila Perotti Petrosky Pierce Posaii as Pavetti P-erriello Petrulak Pish Quetot Pelisari Perry Phillips Pollack Quick Seniors HARRY PAPAILA-"Russian" reports to room 201. His plans for the future are to raise horses and become a hillbilly. ROBERT PAVETTI-"Bob" -enjoys hunting and fishing as his ' favorite pastime. He is a future machinist. WILLIAM PELISARI-"Tassy" belongs to the, Key Club, As- sembly Staff, Hi-Y, and College Club. His hobby is photography but he plays a good deal of baseball. J -HP. Rot" is a future politician. He spends hi eisurg ime dancing, fishing, and playing base- l. His activities include Hi-Y, Kentonian Staff, Red oss, football and basketball manager. M PERRIELLO-Mary belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y, Camera Club, Commercial Club. Taking the Commercial Course, she is a prospective typist. She enjoys reading and "I Can Dream, Can't I?,' HAROLD G. PERRY-i'Hap's" hobby is going out with girls and palling around with Paul. A future coach, he hopes to attend Thiel College. He belongs to the Geography Club, Choir, and Hi-Y. PAUL R. PETROSKY-"Red7' prefers blondes. Baseball and hunting are his main diversions. His plan for the future is to work in a dairy store. ANN PETRULAK-Ann goes around with "Vange" and Sally, and plans to become a secretary. She is a mem- ber of the Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, Commercial Club, and Hand- book Staff. EVANGELINE PHILLIPS-"Vange" plays the piano and be- longs to the Commercial Club, Tri-Hi-Y, and Choir. She intends to go to commercial school or college. ELIZABETH ANN PIERCE-"Eliz,,' a future nurse, likes to sew. She is a member of the Geography Club, Dorcas 4H Club, and Airport 4H Club. RICHARD JOHN PISH-"Slim" wants to become an -elec- trician. A lover of sports, he plays basketball, goes hunting, fishing, and horseback riding. IRENE S. POLLACK-"Renee" takes care of her Spaniel "Porgy', as a hobby. Her activities include Cheer- leaders, Dramatic Club, Geography Club, and Choir. GLORIA POSATI -- "Glo" will never forget the good old days at Stewart. Dancing and eating are the hobbies enjoyed by this Geography Club member. Her chief ambition is to become a secretary. JOHN QUETOT, JR.-John would like to attend mechanics school in the army after graduation. Hunting and fishing rank highest among his hobbies. JOHN QUICK-Room 305 holds many pleasant memories for this happy-go-lucky senior. As hobbies he has chosen airplan s and drafting. He, too, will join Uncle Sam's forces. N Kyo I v I VV!! X. C W swf, .offs tQ1q,i,,,5,Q ,fhvaz . ,Inf ,Q-Lilrtxs A A.- , ' Eli ESTHER M. RADOWICZ-"Herkey', is a member ofa! the Distributive Educa 'on Club and aspires to be a telephone ope or. ' She would love to become betteri mmer and diver. JUNE FITZ NDOLPH-Petite June is an active memb ' of the Xfaleoken Staff, Dramatic Club, fx 'X TAY, i 'r, Coll-ege Club. She lists I ,Hpanis and g Gosetti among her likes. She X plans to d co-llege-P.C.W. ,f ROBERT S APP--"Noon belongs to the Taleoken if Dance Band, Hi-Y, College Club, Band, di Kentonian Staff. Competition for Tommy jjigorsey. He thinks health is a racket. He plans duff, to be an engineer. This 'tcowboyv likes to loaf ," in "Skinny's" room. 'RAYMOND M. RAY-"Ray Ray," as his friends call him, will never forget the good times in shop. Airplanes and Edna are his special hobbies. His future is undecided. ELVA REARICK-This member of the Distributive Education Club likes to spend her spare time either square dancing or reading. Elva is one of Ken Hi's ardent football fans. WILLIAM REEVES-Bill, known as "Old Bean," plans to do outdoor work after he graduates. He likes his home room-201. He spends his spare time fishing, hunting, and swimming. JAMES REMALEY-The Navy is in the future for this senior. "Red," a member of the Key Club and Geography Club, lists loafing and women as his hobbies. PAUL E. RESETAR-"Ba" is an ardent track star who ran the 220, high and broad jump. He has happy memories of the Prom, and is never seen without John, Paul, and Joe. "Gig,' and college is his plan for the future. ROBERT E. RIDENOUR-Sports, including hunting and fishing, occupy much of "Bob's" leisure time. He is a member of the Geography Club and his chief ambition is to become an aviator. ROBERT EUGENE RIECK-'Bohn is a loyal member of the Band. He hopes to belong to the State Police. He spends most of his time in the out- of-doors. d RUTH E. RODIBAUGH-Ruth spends her leisure time writing letters. She hopes to go into nurse's training aft-er she finishes high school. Her fa- vorite food is buckwheat cakes. DONALD RODGERS-"Duck" hangs his coat in room 201. He claims his hobbies are driving and girls. He is also a member of the Key Club. . LOVELL ROGERS-"Duke" would like to join the Navy. He is a member of the Geography Club. He will always remember a little girl from Van- dergrift. Talks bop. RICHARD DALE ROGERSON-Dale is a member of the Dramatic and College Clubs. He is always seen driving a red truck. He has pretty eyes and dark hair. DONALD ROSS-"Donn is a Navy man. He is a faithful member of the K-ey Club and Geography Club. He is often seen with a cute red-head. Radowicz Randolph Rapp Ray Rearick K K Reeves Remaley Resetar Ridenour Rieck W N, T. V , A . 4 4 1 A Rodibaugh Rodgers Rogers Rogerson Ross A , s. '- Seniors EMANUEL ROZPIERSKI-"Bale," as he is known to every- one, resides in Room 201. He hopes to establish a business. He spends his spare time fishing. JOSEPH G. RUCCI-"Ruse" plans to be an architect. He is a Vocational student and claims Mr. Danovitz is the best. He likes to drive brother Al's car. WALTER RYSAK-"Babe" enjoys hunting, fishing, swim- ming, football, and dancing. He plans to go to school. LOUIS SACK-Louis is called "Sad-Sack" by his friends. He's a member of the 209 family. His hobbies are driving, dancing, and sleeping. His future is uncertain. MARY JANE SALATI-Mary Jane is called "Mim" by every- one. She belongs to the Kentonian Staff, F.H.A., and the Geography Club. Her main interest is Eddie of Harwick. CECILIA SALVATICO-"Ceecy" is a member of the Tri- Hi-Y. She is one of Miss Phillips' children in Room 209. Her plans for the future are uncertain. She is often with "Yol." WILLIAM SANDERS-"Bill" belongs to the German and Geography Clubs. He hopes to attend college some- day. He resides in room 209 and has traveled a lot. ROBERT SARGENT-Originally a West Virginia boy, l'Bob" enjoys swimming, golfing, and reading the great novels. His future plans include a college career. BERNICE E. SCHAFFNER-"Bernie" will be remembered for her leading role in "We Shook The Family Tree." This member of many clubs plans to develop her talent in drama at Tech. CARL SCHALLER-"Carla rates basketball and golf as his favorite sports. After graduation he expects to study agriculture and perhaps become a farmer. VIRGINIA IRENE SCHANTZ-Swimming and dancing are the hobbies of this senior. "Virt," an alumna of Stewart, wishes to become a nurse. VICTOR STANLEY SEKSCINSKI--'lVic,,' who has pleasant memories of the Junior-Senior Prom, is taking a drafting course. His favorite subject is English and in his spare time he builds airplanes. He plans to join the army. ROBERT SI-IAEFFER-Playing basketball is "Staffs" hobby. He hangs his hat in 209 and is a member of the Key Club. CHARLES SHAFFER-A member of numerous organizations- National Honor Society, German Club, Band, Choir- "Shaf" looks toward college at Bucknell. He won first chair at the Southwestern District Band Festival. MARGUERITE SHANK-"Peggy', aspires to be a secretary. P ying basketball, dancing, and skating are the chief ho ies of this young miss. Rozpierski Rucci Rysack X Sack Salati Salvatico Sanders Sargent Schaffner Schall-er Schantz Sekscinski Shaeffer ' Shaffer Shank 4 . ' l V! yi? ya rf 1 xy Tx - Q m . N Q ' 'Sf , X cw J y K.. gy, k ,i - . 5 4 1 .5 M 3 - yi? . T 'lf 1 1950 ROBERT D. SHEARER-A student of the electric shop, "Bob,s" favorite sport is baseball, his favorite pastime, girls. SHIRLEY ANNE SHEARON-l'Shirl" is a D.E. stu- dent and is going into nurse's training after gradu- ation. Among her resolutions is controlling her Irish temper. CONSTANCE MAE SHEMER-"Conniev is the petite secretary of the Board of Activities and of Mr. Miller. In spare moments she reads and listens to classical music. NANCY ELLEN SHEPARD-"Suzie,', a cute blonde senior, is a member of the Script and Score and numerous other clubs. She plans to become a nurse. JOSEPH SHONESKY-This blushing senior still re- members the Ken Hi-Ambridge game. "Joe" is a member of the College Club and sport's editor of the Kentonian Staff. REGINA CATHALEEN SIUTA-"Ray," who aspires to be a buyer, likes ice-skating and collects horses. She belongs to Choir, Tri-Hi-Y, Geography, Cam- era, and Leaders Clubs. STEPHEN SLOVENEC - l'Peewee," who belongs to Geography, Camera, and College Clubs, hobbies with taxidermy and Woodcraft. A nature lover at heart, he desires to become a bridge builder. CLYDEEN SMITH-Clydeen thinks Trade School is tops, belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y, and plays clarinet in the Band. Her aim is to get an office job. ROBERT SMITH-He is better known as "Bob" and is the personable and friendly young chap who has been delivering your telegrams. His hobbies are automobiles and radio. JOANNE SNAIR-"Jo" is one of our outstanding fe- male basketeers. She belongs to the Camera and D.E. Clubs and plans to continue saleswork. ROBERT SNYDER-Bob, who hails from Bellvue, claims history as his favorite subject. Most of his spare time is occupied by hunting, fishing, and reading. He is bound for college. ROSE MARIE SNYDER-"Bo," to her friends, is the quiet, tall blonde who belongs to the D.E. Club. She hopes to become a telephone operator. EDWIN SOKULSKI-"Eddie,', who works at the bank, belongs to the Camera Club and College Club. He enjoys playing the piano and proposes study- ing law. RICHARD E. SPISAK-Better known as "Speedo," he enjoys photography. He intends to enter the commercial photography field or the Army. He remembers speech class and the sock dance. MARY ANN STARR-"Gig," one of our outstanding majorettes, also belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y, Com- mercial Club, and Choir. She plans to enroll in business college. Shearer Shearon Shemer Shepard Shonesky Siuta Slovenec C. Smith R. Smith Snair R. Snyder R. M. Snyder Sokulski Spisak Starr K: X., . Q , li.. j . fl . , . 4- s I Semors Vf.3.kJ?'F,."f . 1 www, , . i .hr XE it tg N xx Q A X NX Yes .--.Nh :Q gi x tix: NH. 'XX s 3 X Div 'sb fx .. Ni 1253 .X M u- ik Ns 4 .Q fi .X ay. AW Q KN u X X Stasak Stef f y Stonis Swider Taylor H. Steen Stepelc Sulirz Szemborski Thomas W. Steen Stirland Swager Tanner Thompson ANNA MARIE STASAK-Anna Marie, who enjoys football and basketball games, belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y and Col- lege Club and intends to enroll at California State Teachers College. HANS STEEN-One of our vocalists in the Choir, Hans lilies to build and enter racing boats in competition. He plans to become an airplane mechanic. WALTER STEEN-Walter is a member of the Key Club. He is currently interested in boat building. His plans for the future include mechanical work on aircraft. WILBERT SIEFFY-Everyone calls him "Willie," He be- longs. to the Key Club and his hobbies are art and painting. 'lWilliels" ambition is to be a draftsman. VIRGINIA L. STEPEK--'iTootsie" is a member of the Leaders Club and Major-ettes. She is always seen with the Beta Kappa Nu girls. Nursing is "Toctsie's" chosen pro- fession. ERNEST STIRLAND - "Ernie" belongs to the Geography Club. His avocation is taking pictures of girls. He en- joyed the Ken Hi-Har-Brack game and score. RONALD STONIS-"Stoney,', who belongs to the Geography Club, also reports to 209. His main hobby is building model airplanes. His desire is to go to college. DONALD SULITZ-They call Donald "Sootsul" for short. He's one of the 209 crowd and his favorite pastime is reading. ' RICHARD A. SWAGER-"Dick', belongs to the Geography Club and admires a girl named Jean. l'Dick's', fplan for the future is to become a Uloclceyf' WALTER SWIDER-l'Vudgie" rooms in 209. His hobbies are sports. He hopes to have a three year career in the Navy after graduation. LORETTA SZEMBORSKI-'lBlondie', is a member of the! Commercial Club and pals with "Sparlcle.', Her hobby is slow dancing and pollias. L ORLA TANNER-Orla is a member of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y and Script and Score. Her hobbies are music and collecting interesting things from the newspaper. i'We predict a brilliant career in music, ROBERT TAYLOR-i'Tates" lilies to hunt and drive new cars. He thinks a girl named Doris is nice. His future is going to be die-making. MYRNA THOMAS-Q'Boots" is a member of the Senior Tri- Hi-Y, Junior and Senior Majorettes, and Geography Club. Her favorit-e song is "Peg of My Hearti' and she enjoys Herman's company. PHYLLIS THOMPSON-Q'Jo's" ambition is to become a secretary or work for the Bell Telephone. She at- tended junior high at Stewart School. Shorthand is her favorite subject. 1950 GLENN TIMMINS-"Tim,' is a member of the Hi-Y and College Clubs. He plays basketball and plans to go to college to become a coach. His favorite song is "Stardust,,' especially when danc- ing with Donna. He pals with "Tassy" and Kraft. RAYMOND R. TROJANOWSKT-i'Trojan" belongs to the E. Club, Assembly Staff, Handbook Staff, Hi-Y, and College Club. His hobbies are ice- skating and women. He will never forget the Anniversary song. PATRICIA TYLINSKI-Pat, who is a member of the Camera Club, Leaders Club, Tri-Hi-Y, and Girls Chorus, occupies most of her time reading. She hopes someday to become a buyer. JAMES UNCAPHER--"UnkH enjoys watching and playing football. He would like to go to Thiel. He will never forget trying to makit the football squad this fall. ' RAYMOND URIC-"Ray,s', hobbies are wood working ' . and coll-ecting stamps. He would like to become a doctor. He can be seen with "Russian." RICHARDMVENATTA- ick plans to go to Indiana State Teachers College to study music. This ardent boy belongs to the Band, Orchestra, and Dramatic Club and has fond memories of the Dance Band. JOAN VERTMAN-Joan belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y, Hom-e Ec. Club, Taleoken Staff, and College Clubl Her hobbies are dancing and horseback riding. This popular senior plans to go to Carnegie Tech to major in dietetics. BARBARA FRITZ WAGNER-"Red," who belongs to K the Tri-Hi-Y, College, and Camera Clubs, plans to enter the field of nursing. Her interests are classics and the piano. ROBERT WAREHAM-"Bob" likes best to go to bas- ketball games. In later years he intends to go as a missionary to French Indo-China. He be- longs to the Geography Club. DONALD WATTERS-"Sea Hawkn is in the General Course. His avocation is to watch all sports. The Navy is his destination. He belongs to the 203 crowd. DONALD WAUGAMAN-This handsome boy is often seen with Marlene. He expects to go to Penn State. Don loves to take things apart and his pleasure is eating. CHARLESETTA L. WAUGH-"Babs" favorite class is cooking. She has sweet memories of the Junior Prom. Her main desire is to please Tom! She likes dancing, eating, and also boys. ANNA LOUISE WEAVER-"Honey" looks forward to a career as a school teacher. She is a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, College Club, Camera Club, Choir, and Home Ec. Club. Her hobbies are eating and dancing. JOHN E. WEISS-John takes the General Course and claims health is his favorite subject. He wants to became a barber. His hobbies are taking pic- tures and swimming. GEORGE WELSH--George is a Classical student whose wish is to go to Notre Dame to become a lawyer. His main interest is women. George is a member of the Hi-Y, Key Club, Assembly Staff, and Ger- man Club. Timmins Trojanowski Tylinski Uncapher Uric Venatta Vertman Wagner Wareham Watters Waugaman Waugh Weaver Weiss Welsh 1 s , jak' ., J .'. ff -. x s I -0' il 1 fy Q R ! . P J 3 5' X-f' 2 J.,-ff ' 1+ f" Aw Wesoloski Widmer Wilhelm J . Williams C. Wolfe Whann Wiedl Wilkinson Williamson R. Wolfe White Wiley B. Williams Wilson Yeager Seniors JOHN F. WESOLOSKI-He is known to everyone as "Stush." He looks forward to becoming a machinist in the U. S. Navy. His hobbies are collecting butterflies and hunt- ing. INA MARGARET WHANN-Ina is a classical student with a desire to become a nurse. Her favorite pastimes are reading and going to the movies. She is a twin. BEVERLY WHITE-"Bev" is a D. E. student with a delight- ful personality. Her main interests are "Pee Ween and art fdrawing that is., Her plan for the future is to become a housewife. THOMAS I ME -"Butch" is i g t be another New Kensi ,' P tis m's i s fishing, hunt- ' in : - Q:-,lo -Gin x ent. e enjoys watch- X ' g BQ on evisi e ry dnes ay night. K1 " Q' - ' li i kin ra Course. His 9 vq 'Q ,Qc cid " 1' j s r' 1950 Stude- ' -. fe '- No a e . e has a sonality and a p a nt smi . , HOWARD WILEY-Howard is the editor of the Kentonian and belongs to the College Club and Geography Club. He takes the Classical Course. Howard is seen quite often with Bernice and Joan. WILLIAM CLAUDE WILHELM-"Claude" whose favorite class is math, plans to join the Navy in the future. He likes to play basketball and enjoys girls with red hair. CHRISTINE WILKINS-"Chris" enjoys sports such as volley ball and ping pong. Her hobbies are reading and eat- ing. Her ambition is to become a nurse. BARBARA WILLIAMS-'iRosie,s" ambition is to go to At- lantic City to become a beautician. She likes dancing, but boys are her main interest. JANICE WILLIAMS-"Jan,' belongs to the Girlis Leaders Club, Taleoken Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, and Girls Chorus. Her hobbies are eating and a certain trumpet player. She is always seen with Phyllis. MATILDA WILLIAMSON-"Tillie" wants to be a nurse. She enjoys dancing and has an interest in a former Arnold bask-etball and football star. She pals with the Betta Kappa Nu girls. Sheis seen each morning dashing for Choir. RICHARD WILSON-"Dick', is a member of the National Honor Society, Taleoken Staff, and Dramatic Club. His plans include college and accountancy. He will always remember "Shaking The Family Tree." CLARENCE H. WOLFE-"Wolf" is an air-minded member of the Vocational Course. He likes to build model air- planes. After graduation he wants to be a pilot. RICHARD WOLFE-"Beek" is vice-president of the Senior Class. Another senior anticipating college. He is con- cerned about Joy. He is an active member of football and baseball teams. LOIS YEAGER-"Low,' wants to be a model. Swimming and Augusta Military Academy are her main interest. She holds fond memories of the P. J. H. S. prom. 950 JEAN YETKA-"Jeanie" is a member of the Geography Club. This friendly twin likes to square dance. JOYCE YETKA-"Joyce,, is the other member of the Yetka twins. She is in the Distributive Educa- tion Club. Square dancing and reading are her hobbies. JAMES YOUNG-"Edu likes to draw and dance. He hopes to wear the blu-e of the Navy after gradua- tion. He is a member of the Geography Club. ROBERT HOWLETT-Bob claims women as his hobby and track as his sport. The Navy looms ahead for Bob, who is in the Choir, Hi-Y, and Script and Score Club. ROBERT ZAHRADNICK-"Bob" is stationed in room vZ03,,and belongs to the Geography Club. His 'avocation is collecting stamps, Bob's ambition is to jcin the Navy. J. Yetka J . Yetka Young Zahradnik Zaleski Zenter Zieman Zito Zonarich JOHN ZALESKI-"Skeets" is always seen with Bonk and Sea Hawk. He plans to join the service after graduation. He says he'll always remember P.J.H.S'. DONALD ZENTER-Don, who is the bashful type, belongs to the Geography Club. His plans are indefinite. CARL ZIEMANN-Music and wood carving occupy Carl's spare moments. This member of the grand Ken Hi Band plans. to go to college. FRANCES ZITO-After graduation, Frances plans to enter college. She is a friendly miss who lik-es square dancing. She can be seen driving her girl friends to school. VIRGINIA A. ZONARICH-"Jeanie" pals with Mar- lene, plays the violin, and has college plans. She wears a diamond on her left hand. She remem- bers cheering at Stewart. Able i fig 3q,, ,M ffmfi' f4f"WMD Howlett A busy period in the library. The D. E. class prepares to do some display work. A girls' gym class playing volley ball. Miss I-Iood's Latin class Work hard on their sentences. The business machines students are being instructed by Mr. Vorlage. D. McArdle, F. Matt, D. Endlich, A. Schal- ler watch Mr. EWing's demonstration. 591:-5' Tri-Hi-Y initiates on the stairs of the front G. Timmins, D. Gallian, V. Stepek, ancl P. hall. Lojpersberger make up a foursome at the Tri-Hi-Y sock clance. Band members, majorettes, and cheerleaders 401 looks almost cleserteclg the library must enjoy a moment of relaxation during a game. be crowded. Dorothy Gill takes over as clean of girls on student government clay. 47 Q "' I 'l fi 1 l f . f A 'CC du f ,J396,f'l- 10 Junior Class 74 , K, First Row: P. Lojpersberger, B. Wrobleski. Second Row: Mr. Burnett, Mr. Menk, N. Noble, Mrs. Harter, J. Bickert, Mrs. Wackenhuti President .,.,,.,. ..,... B ernard Wrobleski Vice-President .,... ..... P aul Lojpersberger Secretary ....... ,..,.. N ancy Noble Treasurer ,,,..,. ..,.. J oseph Bickert As every year, the Junior class has many activities to which the students devote much of their time and ener . The bi est ro'ect of the ear is makin mone for the rom. gy gg P .l Y g Y P In recent years the most profitable way of making money proved to be the selling of candy and magazines. This year 160 students participated in these sales which lasted from September until the Christmas vacation. The sale of magazines exceeded those of last year by quite a margin al- though the candy sales didnlt amount to so much. Much credit for these sales must be given to Mrs. Wackenhut and Mrs. Hatter. Mr. Burnett is the juniors' financier. As the end of November approached we saw Mr. Menk in his annual state of hair pulling as the date for the Junior dance drew near. In previous years this dance had been called the Harvest Ball but due to the late date of the dance this year, it was called the "Snowball,', and with the ad- ditional attraction of crowning a king, Bob Shepard, and queen, Ellen Lee Toohey, it proved to be a successful venture. And here we leave the activities of the Junior Class of 1949-1950 while visions of prom bids dance in our heads. 48 I .- ps. 'S Juniors . Abraham, E. Adams, Adams, Allen, C. Alquist, M. A. Ameris. N 1 U., I R. Anderson, R. Arieda, T. Ar- mitage, K. Arvanetes, A. Ash- baugh, R. Baker. M. Ball, D. Barker, D. Barker, , C. Barniker, Barsky, A. ' Bartsch. i JF. Bazyk, E. Beal, P. Benedict, Q Bennett, R. Berg, D. Best. I. , ff, D. Betler, R. Beyeridgel - err, A. Bi -f l Bla I ' fb' ,fJU,"- ,-1 X, 943117 do 3 " , Wfyfafjf A .fs J' 1' - , . - L. Bloo , B. Bcvnatti, V. Boo- her, F. Bosuski, A. Bowser, R. Bowser. S. Bowser, G. Boyd, N. Brandt, F. Brasfielcl, D. Brisco, ' Brooks. D. Brown, J. Brown, S. Bruno, D. Cable, J. Campbell, Capizzi. S. Carnabugci, Carrai, L. Cartisano, P. Cashell, V. Cashell, M. A. Cervenak. E. Chambers, R. Chambers, B. Chestnut, A. Chilton, R. Ci- eslinski, A. Ciuchta. Juniors ':'.'?, ag 4 . ' - - rv V. N. Clements, T. Chmelinski, C. Conomos, J. Coulson, B. Cooper, B. Cooper. E. Croissant, F. David, K. Davis, L. Davis, L. Deemer, R. Del Duca. G. Demma, H. Duda, G. Dune- hue, Edgar, R. Egli, G. Engler. R. Engler, C. Esper, A. Fad- rowski, S. Faith, C. Fackiner, B. Fahrney. C. Ferguson, W. Fink, R. Flem- ing, M. A. Flotta, P. Flynn, N. Folser. H. Frampton, A. Francis, E. Franklin, R. Frederick, R. Frye, D. Galbo. -- - ' , 00.35.45 ,unlif ff' . , , f ,-.1 ' , Lzff' -1 D. Galli, P. Gallian, S. Gal- zerano, R. George, R. Good- bread, Greco. F. Greenberg, D. Griffiths, L. Grossheim, C. Gutgsell, Guzzi, S. Haddad. D. Hancock, M. Hanna, G. Harchuck, P. Harkins, S. Hartge, D. Hartman. L. Hartman, S. Haser, T. Haser, L. Haser, H. Hess, Hiles. P.ffF',.,Yj , g, ' P 1950 H. Hill, W. Hill, G. Hoskins T. Houser, N. Hubbard, D Huffman. ' f " ', V S. Huffman, B. Ireland, R. Ja- - cobs, J. Janus, B. Jaskiewicz W. R. Jennings. 5 A L ' - s N ILL" i 5 R f '41 J - P ' 'Pi an fi ' .IVXJJ L- ,lfx -f E. Jensen,jBf Jehnsop, C. Jcfhn- X son, M. Johnson! E. Jones, .ff QBf Kafo1vey.!',' ' , v ' Lf' K , L- - H . Miz , gl, f . . , JL, S,fQai1fman,lS. Kayafas, D. Kel- Qi ly, Kersten, R. Key, B. ' Kibarr. A. Kline, H. Klimczyk, T. Kos- cianski, A. Kress, P. Kregiel, R. Kunkle. J. Kuntz, S. Latimer, S. Lauff, P. Lavic, M. Lawrence, L. Leco cq. S. Link, Liotta, P. Lojpers- berger, A. Luka, Lucas, J. McIntyre. .. . ,fl as J . Ja, W. ML-Jai. K' - 1 f P ,az-es f- J' - H : G. Macshane, M. Malecki, P. Malecki, W. Mallin, Man- gini, C. Mangone. A. Manley, D. Marciniak, N. Marino, E. Marzulla, N. Mc- Afoose, N. McCullough. M. McKeever, J. McKillop, J. Menteclcy, F. Merlina, S. Mi- kesell, R. Miller. 1 7 Juniors S. Miller, Mohney, Moore, R. Moore, D. Morfit, C. Mor- FOW. R. Mosley, W. Moten, P. Mur- ray, R. Murray, P. Myclock, J. Myers. J. Neal, G. Nelson, A. Nesbit, S. Nichols, L. Niemiec, N. Noble. M. Ofiesh, R. Olivo, A. Opa- sinski, L. Orszulak, A. Pan- tana, C. Paris. NA. Paustenbach, N. Pavan, M R. Perhtel, B. Phillips, M Phillips, L, Pfeiffer. N. Poe, T. Powaser, E. Probel, E. Probel, S. Puchak, M Puglisi. S. Pugsley, H. Pyle, G. Rapp, R. Rapp, K. R-eecl, D. Reif- schneider. C. Reina, A. Renee, A. Revay, S. Rhodes, W. Robinson, F Ross. D. Rossi, P. Rossi, J. Rucci, D Rupert, V. Rupp, J. Ryan. J. Salego, A. Salego, E. San ders, F. Schneider, D. Sea bury, A. Sellari. 1950 J. Schall, G. Shank,,C. Sharer D. Shearer, D. Shihda, L Shimmin. J. Shuey, R. Sinclair, V. Sipe K. Slosky, B. Slovenec, B Smith. f'l'f. 1 1' I 1 ,. , .A-1- .. , ,, D. Smith, R. Smith, J. Smittle, D. Sopko, V. Sroka, J Spana. J. Spence, R. Stewart, E. Stokes, J. Stowkowski, G. Strong, P. Stuck. R. Sutter, M. Sypeniclc, J Siaina, Szul, E. Tamburol R.xTaylor. N. Thoznas, E. Toohey, R. Van- tine, V. Vasbinder, W. Ven- ter, B. Voyten. B. Wachter, R. Walter, G. War- ren, M. Watkins, S. Welsh, J. Wfessel. R. Wetzel, J. Whann, D. White- head, J. Wilber, W. Rearick, M. Windows. J. Wolford, M. Woomer, G. Wright, B. Wrobleski, C. Yanshalc, J. Yanshak. P. Yost, L. Zadai, F. Zaleski, F. Zalupski, G. Zilliac. 7 Ken Hi artists are engrossed in their work. After a hard morning the cafeteria has at- . . . . tractions. Marking a hem and stitching skirts keep the Sewing Class busy- Miss Gosetti keeps her Spanish class busy Music history class is attentlve to Mrs. Ware- Future Secretaries of America! ham's explanations. 54 I B. Schaffner and R. Wilson rehearse A drafting class at work. for "We Shook the Family Tree." Another U. S. history session with Mr. Mary Ann and Mathilda are quite pro- Burnett. ficient announcers on the P. A. system. J. Fiscus performs her duties as bank Ken Hi boys take over City Hall on telle. Heflin is a customer. Student Government Day. 55 Sophomores Class First Row: E. Fields, R. Carrop. Second Row: A. Fortson, Miss Casillo, Miss Hood, Dunbar. President ......... ...... R alph Carrop Vice-President ,.... ,.,.,... E arl Fields Treasurer ...... ..,. A lvin Fortson Secretary .,... ...., J acky Dunbar Our Sophomore Class has come a long way and accomplished much since last fall when we entered Ken Hi. As we walked through the building with the other students we felt strange and out of place. The noisy, crowded halls were new to us and it toolc some time to become accustomed to them. With the help of the teachers and upperclassmen we soon felt that we belonged and in no time at all we were participating in the many school activities. Our first major event was the election of class officers and members to the Board of Activi- ties. The enthusiastic campaign speeches help ed us to overcome the timidity we had felt at the beginning of the year. Although other dances were held at Ken Hi, to us the Sophomore Hop was the most important. In order to raise funds for our dance we sold homemade candy. The boys, as well as the girls, contributed candy and the sales were a huge success. Committees were busy planning the dance and we called it Cupids Whirl. To the Sophomores it was the perfect dance and we hope every one enjoyed it as we did. So ends our Sophomore year at Ken I-li but we know that we shall never forget it. We know our school better and are looking forward to our junior and senior years. 56 Sophomores F. Adams, C. Aires, M. Akins C. Alex, D. Allen, D. Al- quist. N. Ansel, A. Arbutiski, L Archibald, B. Arnold, C. Art- man, V. Artman. D. Arvin, E. Baker, H. Baker, D. Balla, J. Bazylc, D. Beale J. Beattie, P. Becker, D. Beigh- ley, I. Bell, B. Bennett, R Berger. S. Bianco, P. Biclcerstaff, D. Bielata, D. Bishop, M. Black, R. Blakely. D. Blose, J. Boban, T. Bor- donaro, M. J. Borclell, A. Boucher, S. Bowser. D. Boyer, H. Brinsko, T. Broff- man, G. Brown, J. Bryan, G. Buckley. R. Buffone, R. Bullets, R. Cable, A. Calabrese, G. Cambell, S. Campbell. P. Canaan, Canteras, R. Ca- ripolti, D. Carrop, E. Car- rop, R. Carrop. H. Carson, T. Cheatham, T. Chegash, J. Chovan, E. Cie- slinski, P. Clark. Sophomores C. Claypool, J. Clever, M. Cobb, V. Colin, E. Como, M. Con- well. G. Couknas, D. Crail, B. Cra- mer, C. Crawford, L. Crois- sant, W. Crowley. B. Davis, J. Davis, N. De Cecco, W. Deiserotll, C. DeVine, P Dewey. D. Dr-ew, G. Duddy, Dunbar, J. Dunbar, H. Dunlap, C. Dwyer. M. Easley, E. Eberbach, W Eberhardt, J. Edwards, R. Els- ton, L. Elder. D. Endlich, B. Evans, E. Evans S. Ewing, S. Farren, B. Febf rata. M. Feola, D. Fester, E. Fields B. Fisher, M. Fiscus, J. Fix F. Flemm, C. Fletcher, P. Flot ta, N. Fogle, E. Foley, L Folpe. A. Fortson, J. Frederick, B Frederick, R. Fry, A. Ganss G. Garner. Wy Gigler, M. Gillam, L. Gi ordano, B. Giovannelli, F. Gi ovannelli, S. Golembiewslci. 1950 R. Graham, E. Grzybek, M. Hadley, I. Harchuck, L. Har- ris, P. Harris. J. Harvey, L. Haser, B. Heise, M. I-Ieltion, J. Henry, M. Hilcl. T. Hladney, L. Hollis, Holt, P. Horvarh, D. Howard, R. Howard. W. Hrabczuk, A. Huffman, S'. Irwin, B. Johnson, E. John- son, M. Johnson. H. Joris, W. Joy, L. Kane, S' Kapalka, D. Kearley, C. Kei- gan. J. Kelly, E. Kersten, T. Kirk- wood, Koneski, A. Kowal- czyk, C. Kowalkowski. J. Kolakowski, S. Kraft, B. Kra- jewski, D. Krowsoski, B. Kur- pakas, D. Lang. J. La Russa, Latimer, E Leasure, W. Leasure, M. L Leibert, S. Levine. D. Lewanclowski, R. Link, R Litvinovich, R. Long, F. Lub- resky, M. Lucas. D. Magee, P. Mains, I. Male- cki, R. Manna, T. Marino, R Nlarr. Sophomores A. Marzullo, B. Matisko, F J. Marr, D. McArdle, D. Mc Caskey, E. McFadden. McFadden, McFall, Mc Fall, P. McGivern, D. Mc Killop, R. McNutt. G. McQuaicle, R. Mcsherry, C Mentzell, E. Michel, N. Mi chel, M. Mikesell. D. Milberger, C. Miller, R. Mil ler, S. Miller, V. Mitchell, H Mirreff. B. Moffett, F, Mooney, J. Mor- row, S. Naviglia, P. Nemy R. Nery. M. Nicklus, E. Noble, R. Nydes A Omecmski dow? jefff-52156 '11 J znc Ptjzff L. J. J. l P O 'ff gd! nian, R. Paul, L. Pedatella, S. Peters. Polczynski, B. Pope, R. Pros- ser, S. Purks, L. Pyle, M. Queror. Ramsden, A. Rapp, K. Reiss- ner, B. Reiter, T. Reiter, F. Resh. Rhoacls, H, Rhodes, T. Richards, M. Roarke, B. Roz- pierski, D. Ross. 1950 G. Ross, K. Ross, R. Ross, V Rucks, Rudowski, J. Rum mell. D. Salvay, R. Sanders, E. Scan ga, A. Schaller, B. Schlekat J. Schmitt. J. Seigworth, L. Serene, P Shalenko, C. Shank, R. Shar er, J. Sharkins. J. Shaw, D. Shemanski, C Shultz, A. Sicilia, C. Sicilia E. Sinclair. W R. Skillen, B. Smith, D. Smith G. Smith, G. Smith, J. Smith M. Smith, L. Snair, W. Sowers E. Sowol, A. Spana, R Sparks. 1 .9 7. 4 - , J 4, .. 4 1 . ea R: S'pr-Eedys, F. Spillers, R. Spin- 'el1i, H. Spittkii, M. Spru- mont, E. Staffordz' f 4 , . r J M. Stanko, N. Stanko, M. Stef- an, V. Stickley, M. A. Sto- kowski, B. Stratten. no ' . V is V, Suhlinsky, P. Sulitz, E Sundberg, B. Superczynski, J Suprano, M. Suscovich. V. Swider, J. Szajna, G. Szem- borski, B. Tadrzak, J. Talter C. Taradena. 1 9 9 Zilliac Sophomores E. Taylor, Taylor, P. Thomp son, A. Thornton, D. Throw er, F. Tobias. A. Tobin, K. Toney, C. Tylaur ski, N. Van Dervort, D Veitch, I. Virostecl. M. Votquenne, R. Waddell, C Wagner, C. Wagner, R. Wal ker, C. Walls. K. Wagner, W. Warriner, J Watters, B. Webster, W. Wei nel, F. Whalen. E. Wingrove, J. Willard, M Williams, H. Wilson, M Witcher, V. Wojcieckowski. D. Wolf, R. Wolf, Wright J. Wrobleski, M. Yenkala, J Yetka. P. Yohe, D. York, T. Zaleski G. Zavola, M. Zubek, E Zellerino. Charlie is busily working to lceep the school Mr. Slosky instructs.his driving class in rules in tip-top shape. ancl theory. It must be an English class. M. Holeva is checking senior picture rec- ords for L. Miller, Milsom. R. Engler and D. Ross are concentrating on D. Moffett gives a special report in Miss their shop work. , Russell's journalism class. 63 Ken Hi students through all the years of the school's history have been actively interested in literary societies, pageants, plays, con- certs, dances, clubs, and athletics, more recently designated as extra- curricular activities. Above is a reproduction from about the year 1914-1915 of some Indian maidens depicting a scene from the play, 'The Courtship of Miles Standish." On the opposite page is pictured a Tri-Hi-Y initiation scene which has become almost traditional at Ken Hi. 64 , V -Y -- -V-Y-Y-7 - - .V MXGL W5 ,ga .QL 1 dv W lb 2 " I ' JV 'elf bf fffffj 1 V ! f , 'L' UC1Vbi!Q,Y!g,KIjfYe0 XUNDV malffb Wt' p f ,UU ff 9 Wi 2 mi W9 wi f W? ,lLJLLVgrbnfYJWM pv. N SJ' L, V I7 JV Wawwpffiff, + W nf ry PUNK X,-lofwulyyfqikvfigj MM p M . mwfw My V1tiSS ojjfynyj giffw Pkg ky g, CfM1901-1950 it Vqjnjf WM 3 QQ fr A! 15 U, W 'rs V 9 -f K fi si 5 6 3 Ye if Q 2 8 3 a E 3 X X? gi Q fl 22 3 2 'J 2 2 Q 31 2 9 First Row: Link, Williams, M. A. Mydoclc, M. l-loleva, Randolph, Vertman, L. Guida, M. L, Corey B. Corey, M. Anderson, B. Jedlcwski, M. L. Bickert. Second Row: Mr. Keiser, E. Bergad, M. Campbell, D. Gerlach, L. Yeager, P. Beatty, D. Freialdenhofen, B Schaffner, D. Bartolacci, Miss Boucher. Third Row: G. Oravec, B. Rapp, P. Campbell, E. I-Ieilman, B. Crum, L. I-Iobaugh, F. Davidson, R. Wilson N. L. Bailing. TALEOKEN STAFF Editor ..,..,. ,..... E merson Heilman Co-Editor ............ ..... ..,.,,......... ....., .............,.....,.,....,.,.....,.... D o r a Bartolacci Associate Editors .,.....,.........,...........,.................. Joan Vertman, Frances Davidson, Marilyn Campbell, Patricia Campbell Editorial Assistants .............,.............,................ Mary Jane Anderson, Ethel Bergad, Betty Jane Corey, Mary Lou Corey, Dolores Freialdenhofen, Dorothy Gerlach, Marion I-loleva, Betty Jedlowslci, Janet Link, Geraldine Oravec, June Randolph, Bernice Schaffner, Janice Williams, Richard Wilson Typisrs .....,.......,....,.....,...............,.............,.,..,........,. Nora Lee Bailing, Phyllis Beatty, Mary Louise Bickert, Lois Yeager, Mary Ann Mydoclc Eports Editor .,....,.,.,..................,..,,,,...,,..,....,..,.,..,......,..,......,...................... Robert Rapp Assistant Sports Editors .,,... ....... R ohert Crum, Lee Hobaugh Photographer .........,........ ,...................,......,,,, L ee Guida Art .....................,,...... ., ., Don Seabury Circulation Manager ...... ................,.. . . ......,......,,,, Phyllis Beatty Sponsors .....,............, ...... L ucretia Boucher, John L. Keiser 66 KENTON IAN STAFF f First Row: Link, D. Moffett, l A. Grau, P. Mcsweeney, D. Freialdenhofen, M. Holeva, 1 D. Germinara, N. Moses, M. J. Salati. , Second Row: A. Petrulak, C. Q Barniker, B. Schaffner, G. Q Leiter, F. Davidson, P. Beatty, Y M. Cribbs, N. L. Bailing. Third Row: P-erotti, H. Wiley, T. Berlinski Shonesk 3 J' Y, Miss Russell, R. George. HANDBOOK First Row: R. Sutter, R. Troja- nowski, R. Marks. Second Row: B. Fahrney, H. Keczmer, M. McCabe, Miss Owen, A. Petrulak, B. Schaff- ner, S. Reed. .X XX, , f KEN TON IAN Our school paper is published every two weeks during the school term by the students in the journalism class. The student journalists are under the supervision of Miss Russell who is in charge of the paper and sees to it that the re- porters keep up to date with editorials, jokes, fea- tures, and happenings in the field of sports and news. The journalists are divided into different sections with editors for each section who are in charge of certain pages of the paper. The edi- tors' responsibility is to see that the work is done completely, accurately, and on time. The work is then checked and typed before it is sent to the printer. Two sections of the paper are reserved for the junior high schools which have their own reporters who cover the news. The editor-in-chief of the Kentonian is Howard Wiley. HANDBOOK STAFF Every spring, the Handbook Staff, under the supervision of Miss Owen, goes to work on the book to be used the following year. This book is composed of information concerning the pro- cedure used when a student is absent or tardy and wishes to obtain a readmission slip, and a host of other important things to do. This handy little book, given to all students during admission time each year, also contains the school calendar, the social calendar, scores from previous year's sports activities, school cheers and songs, and a reading list which tells which books may be read for book reports. This yearls staff, wich Mar- garet Ann McCabe as editor-in-chief, started work last spring and published, with the school board as Hnanciers, the very attractive little 'Qgolden an- niversaryi' handbook. 75 x BOARD OF ACTIVITIES A11 of our students have enjoyed the assem- blies and speakers brought to us by the Board of Activities. The Board, under the very capable direction of Mr. Miller, assistant high school prin- cipal, is responsible for the Friendship dance which is held at the beginning of every school year to help students become better acquainted. Another activity sponsored by this organization is a Career Conference Night, which enables stu- dents of various neighboring schools, as well as Ken Hi students, to meet representatives of some fifty colleges and also representatives from busi- ness and industry. The Board also entertained at a banquet which brought the sponsors and repre- sentatives of the clubs and organizations of Ken Hi together. Special guests at this dinner were the members of the retiring and incoming School Board. An excellent opportunity for student par- ticipation in school government is also made pos- sible by the Board. The concession stand at foot- ball and basketball games is also under the super- vision of the Board. BOARD OF ACTIVITIES First Row: E. Fields, E. Eber- bach, R. DelDuca, J. Gior- dano, E. Michael. Second Row: V. Artman, C Shemer, R. Cieslinski, Mr Weaver, Miss Boucher, Dr Chapman, Mr. Miller, M McCabe, McKeever. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: M. J. Anderson, N Shepard, Link, V. Stepek D. Graham, A. Petrulak, J Heflin, M. L. Corey. Second Row: B. Schaffner, J Randolph, M. McCabe, F Davidson, A. M. Stasak. Third Row: P. Campbell, M Campbell, S. Noble, I... Bene- dict. Fourth Row: A. Fennell, P Beatty, H. Keczmer, R. A Bernardo, D. Gerlach, B. J Corey. Fifth Row: R. Netoskie, B McMillen, W. Harshberger R. Wilson, T. Widmer, M Baker. Sixth Row: R. Hall, R. Troja nowski, R. Rapp. Seventh Row: C. Shaffer, G Hill, R. Crum, E. Hellman 1 D. Johnson, R. Bloom NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President .,..................,...,..,, ,....... ...... , R obert Hall Vice-President ,,..,. .... , .. Emerson Heilman Secretary ,.................,....,..,,.,,......,.... June Randolph Election to the National Honor Society is the greatest scholastic honor presented to students of Ken Hi. The members are chosen on the basis of their presenting: Scholarship, Character, Lead- ership, and Service during their years at Ken Hi. The group is selected by senior section room teach- ers and Mr. Weaver, Miss Boucher, and Miss Eiges, from names turned into the council by fac- ulty members. The group is made up of about fifteen per cent of the top ranking students of the senior class. A few are elected at the end of the junior year to carry the organization into the fol- lowing school year. Mr. Kordes is the organiza- tion's sponsor and Miss Walker is treasurer. Emer- son Heilman, president, Margaret McCabe, vice- president, and Helen Keczmer, secretary, served as officers during the first semester. COLLEGE CLUB First Row: V. Stepek, E. Jedlow- ski, M. Anderson, Link, M. Cebula, G. Oravec, A. Grau, D. Gallian, N. McCready, B. Wagner, S. Gillis, G. Leiter, C. Carney, M. J. McJunkin, P. Bonadio, L. Guida, M. I-Ioleva, N. Jacoby, N. Shep- ard. Second Row: D. Freialdenhofen, L. Davis, D. Gerlach, D. Cowen, R. Armstrong, D. Bar- tolacci, A. Weaver, E. Ben- dick, L. A. Mullica, K. Con- way, I. Pollack. Third Row: W. Pelisari, R. Net- oskie, D. Bailey, R. Rapp, E. Heilman, P. Campbell, B. Bateman, M. McCabe, Randolph, L. Benedict, N. Johnson. Fourth Row: R. Venatta, D. Johnson, G. Hill, L. Ho- baugh, R. Crum, F. Arabia, R. Wilson, M. Campbell, F. Davidson, Vertman, D. Moffett. Fifth Row: E. Sokulski, S. Slo- venec, V. Bradley, D. Har- kins, Kraft, G. W-elsh, T. Jordan, R. DeSimone, D. Rogerson, R. Berger, M. Bak- er, H. Wiley, W. Harshber- ger, Milsom, Lubomski. Sixth Row: C. Claassen, T. Wid- mer, G. Timmins, J. Shore- sky, T. Browne, R. Bloom, B. Bennett, N. Hoglund, C. Shaffer, Ellis, B. McMillen. GERMAN CLUB First Row: N. Shepard, B. Mike- sell, B. Bateman, A. Grau, Freialdenhofen, D. Gerlach, Hiles, D. Reifschneider, Greenberg, V. Booher, M. J. 1 Anderson, H. Jedlowski. FHHU Second Row: Mr. Ringhofer, l Capizzi, R. Wilson, R. Moore, S. Carnabucci, G. Welsh, Kraft, R. Sinclair, W. Saun- ders, Fix. COLLEGE CLUB The College Club, capably supervised by Miss Eiges and Mr. Keiser, endeavors to help its mem- bers choose the schools they will attend and the courses which they wish to take. On several days during the school year the senior members gather in 401 where they take various scholastic, apti- tude, and high school achievement tests. These tests serve the dual purpose of familiarizing the pupil with long, grueling college examinations and aid the Guidance Office in choosing those stu- dents who qualify to participate in the competi- tive National Honor Society and Pennsylvania State Scholarship tests. Each year a Career Con- ference Night is held in conjunction with the Board of Activities and the guidance department which many representatives from college and bus- iness establishments attend in order to talk with the students and their parents. These annual con- ferences not only help the college bound student in choosing his college but also help those who have immediate plans for entering the business world. GERMAN CLUB President .................,....,.......,..,.,.. Dorothy Gerlach Vice-President ..,.... .,.........,...,... R ichard Wilson Secretary ,............ ..., D olores Freialdenhofen Treasurer ...,,,.....................,....,.,..... Richard Moore The German Club, a new organization, is under the capable sponsorship of Mr. Ringhoffer. Every student taking German is welcomed into the club and, after completing two years of Ger- man, the student retains his membership during his senior year even though he is no longer taking German. The purpose of the club is to provide social functions at which the students can use their knowledge of German on a conversational level-with plenty of fun, of course, to justify the official name of the club-Die Gemuetlichen, which means "The Jolly Onesf' In good time the club hopes to build up an album of recorded group singing, Gespraech fconversationj, and Gesch- waetz fgossipj for which we get together. There is an annual picnic planned before the close of school in May. w s SENIOR TRI-HI-Y President .......................,.....,...,...... Linette Benedict Vice-President ..,..... ,...,... E vangeline Phillips Dolores Germinara Secretary .............. Treasurer .......,.............,...........,.. Betty Jane Corey The Tri-Hi-Y is one of the oldest organiza- tions of the school. Its membership is open to any girl in the senior class who can fulfill the club requirements and subscribe to its purpose. The informal initiation is held in the fall. The Tri- Hi-Y has been quite active this year. The Sock Dance was one of the most successful events of the fall season. Selling name cards proved to be a profitable venture for the girls. The Shamrock Ball is to be an important event in March. The Mother-Daughter banquet is a social event to which every Tri-Hi-Y girl looks forward. Mrs. Potter is the new sponsor of the club. At the request of the Lions Club, the March of Dimes tag day brought the Tri-I-Ii-Y girls very promi- nently on the streets with their coin boxes. JUNIOR TR1.H1-Y President ...,.....,............,..,........,........, Norma Pavan Vice-President ....... ....,....... S arah Haddad Secretary ..,.......... ....... B ernadine Voyten Treasurer .......,...,......,..,,.........,..... Patricia Benedict The Junior Tri-Hi-Y, under the guidance of Miss Boucher, is one of the largest organiza- tions in Ken Hi. This year the informal initiation was changed from the ordeal in school to a scaven- ger hunt in the evening followed by various stunts done by the initiates. The impressive candle light service in the Ken Hi gym is the most inspiring formal initiation of any organization in school. A candy-cookie day sale and a dance are projects the juniors have planned for spring. The girls hope these events will be financially profitable so that senior girls can be sent to the summer con- ference which was held last year at Slippery Rock College. Girls from southwestern Pennsylvania attended and they received training and inspira- tion to carry out finer activities in the Senior Tri--Hi-Y. HI-Y First Row: R. Rapp, W. P-elisari, G. Timmins, R. Trojanowski, P. Bazzano, B. Crum, R. De Simone. Second Row: D. Cowen, S Kaufman, R. Netoskie, F Schneider, F. Arabia, M. Mc- Millin, F. Brasfield, Mr. Apel Third Row: L. Hobaugh, D Browne, G. Wel:h, R. Arm strong, V. Bradley. KEY CLUB First Row: L. Hassr, P. Resetar W. Steffey, E. H-eilman, D Rodgers, R. DeSimone, T Berlinski, G. Welsh, R. Hall J. Milsom, W. Pelisari, R Netoskie, R. Barr, M. Merry- mah. Second Row: V. Bradley, R Crum, R. Engler, D. Ross, W Steen, T. Widmer, L. Ho- baugh, T. Armitage, R Shaeffer. Third Row: R. Moore, W. Net- oskie, A. Klein, H. Spak, J Greco, R. Del Duca, F. David, G. Rapp, S. Bowser. Fourth Row: F. Mooney, W Crowley, D. Wolfe, R. Long, R. Beveridge, R. Shepard, S. Kaufman, D. Marsh, W. Bonatti. Fifth Row: F. Brasfield, Mr. Vorlage, T. Reiter, S. Kraft, M. Smith, C. Fletcher, T. Haser, G. Timmins. 1 KEY CLUB President ...... ,..............,...,................ R obert Hall Secretary ,..... ...... R obert Beveridge Treasurer ...........,....,..,.................... Robert Shepard Ken Hi's fiftieth year marks the first full year of operation for the school's newest club, the Key Club. Although not an actual part of Kiwanis, it is an international club sponsored by the Ki- wanians. The local chapter was chartered late in the 1948-49 school year by the New Kensington Kiwanis Club working with Mr. Vorlage who is the adviser. This club was organized as a service club to the school and community and has been operating as such. Before Christmas the members aided a community project by gathering toys for the needy children. At a dance, sponsored by the Key Club, the first basketball queen of Ken Hi was crowned. "We Build," the motto of the club, is exactly what the members are doing. First semester officers were George Welsh, president, Robert Hall, secretary, and Thomas Berlinski, treasurer. HI-Y President .......... .........,........... G lenn Timmins Vice-President .... ....,. G eorge Welsh Secretary ........ ...,.. W illiam Pelisari Treasurer ,....................,...................... Paul Bazzano The Hi-Y, sponsored by Mr. Apel, has sought to keep up with its purpose of "creating, maintain- ing, and extending the high standards of Christian character throughout the school and the com- munity." These organized youth are supported by the local Y. M. C. A. and they have their initia- tions in September and again in April. This is a riotous event greeted by cheers and urging on,s by the on-lookers. The members of the club decor- ated the Christmas tree, which stands on the land- ing of the main stairs, again this year, adding the usual just right touch of holiday atmosphere. This organization holds forth to the young men of the school they deem eligible for the club the oppor- tunity of greater fellowship with those of their own age, creating possible life-long friendships. RED CROSS President .,...,,.,..... .,...,...... G loria Pavan Vice-President ..... ...,. R obert Beveridge Secretary ............ ..... L ouise Giordano Treasurer ............,....,..............,.........,.., Harry Spak The Red Cross Club is under the supervision of Miss Mathison. The purpose of the club is to give those students who are eager to be of service to others an ample opportunity to engage in char- itable work. All sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible for membership in the Senior Club, but only a limited number are voted into the organi- zation. Elections are held at the beginning of the year and one boy and girl are chosen to represent each section room. Their activities consist of bi- monthly meetings, an annual radio program and such worthy projects as knitting afghans for ref- ugees, filling Christmas boxes, and providing dolls at Christmas for under-privileged children. Some- times the members receive "thank you" notes from children who are receivers of the gifts. These small tokens of appreciation encourage all those who contribute. RED CROSS First Row: R. Rapp, L. Kane N. Pavan, M. Orris, R. Bow- ser, J. McGeever, G. Demma S. Link, V. Schantz, M. Ho: leva, N. Brandt. Second Row: B. J. Corey, M Szp-enick, A. Arbutiski, M. J McJunkin, Slharlcias, S Noble, B. Schaffner, L. Yea- ger, D. Gerlach, R. Benn, C Fletcher. Third Row: T. Chegash, R. Em- mert, Perotti, R. Shaffer H. Wiley, H. Spak, M. Mean or, W. Fink, R. Magee, H Craig. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First Row: P. Rossi, N. Shepard M. Ofiesh, J. Hockenberry G. Boyd, P. Gallian, G. Dem ma, M. A. Ameris, J. Kersten E. Bergacl, Dahm, D. Sop ko, M. Mangone, V. Booher S. Miller, R. Olivo. Second Row: L. Deemer, H Duda, M. Woomer, W. Mo ten, M. Sypenick, E. Probel J Vertman, M Williamson, I Giorgio, M. Salati, B. Voy ten, L. Shimmin, D. Smith E. Tamburo, J. Spence. Third Row: D. Barcolacci, A Manl-ey, Brown, R. Taylor A. Weaver, S. Hartge, P Campbell, D. Gill, D. Freial denhofen, E. Croissant, M 5 F. H. A. CLUB President .,............ ...... D ora Bartolacci Vice-President .... .,......,.,......... P at Rossi Secretary .,....,,.. .,,.., M arilyn Campbell Treasurer .,.,,..............,....,.,.,,.......,,.,..... Sally Miller This is the fourth year for the Home Econo- mics Club to be affiliated with the State and Na- tional Future Homemakers of America. This or- ganization is sponsored by Miss Olmer and Mrs. Potter and it is open to any junior or senior girl enrolled in cooking or sewing classes. This club serves as an opportunity to help develop one's knowledge in the field of homemaking. The motto, "Toward New Horizons," expresses the purpose of this organization-"learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrowf, Among the social activities of the club are an annual spring fashion show and a picnic in the spring. Each year a delegate is chosen to attend the all-county and state conventions in April. Campbell, Miss Olmer. ATTENDANCE STAFF l w W F. Davidson, B. Kibart, D. Huff- , man, R. M. Barham, Miss 1 Boucher, V. Sroka, B. Mike- , sell, G. Harchuck, L. Yeager. BANK STAFF First Row: Fiscus, L. Coul- son, H. Keczmer, S. Noble, J. Heflin, I-Iepler, M. L. Bickert. Second Row: Mr. Vorlage, M. A. Konazeski, P. Beatty, A. Fennell, N. L. Bailing, E. Sokulski. ATTENDANCE STAFF The Attendance Staff is an honorary group , but it is not a social organization. This year's staff is composed of junior and senior girls who are willing to devote a period each day to helping in , the dean's office. Their duties include making 3 up each day from the section room lists an ab- ! sentee sheet, then checking attendance each per- iod, and looking up telephone numbers. They must also keep track of those who have been excused, consult the files to check schedule cards to see if John Jones has study hall or gym the third period. This year the Attendance Staff is made up of the following girls: Rose Marie Bar- ' ham, Frances Davidson, Beverly Mikesell, Lois N Yeager, Virginia Sroka, Georgina Harchuck. Every year a member of the Attendance Staff is invited to attend the Board of Activities banquet with Miss Boucher. This year Lois Yeager repre- sented the Attendance Staff on this occasion. BANK STAFF The Student Bank was ogranized for the pur- pose of handling the business transactions of the school. Organizations, classes, section rooms, stu- dents, and teachers are benefited by it. Commer- cial students, through the recommendation of their teachers, are chosen in their junior year by Mr. Vorlage to work in the bank. The Bank Staff sells candy to secure funds for new machines for the business machine class. Supplies are also sold for the use of students. The staff consists of three tellers, Jenice Heflin, Jean Fiscus, and Lois Coul- son, a checkwriter, Suzanne Noble, a bookkeeper, Mary Louise Bickert, a ledger clerk, Phyllis Beatty, two auditors, Mary Ann Konazeski and Nora Lee Bailingg school activities, Joy Heplerg general yearbook, Alyce Fennellg and a messenger, Ed Sokulsky. Mr. Vorlage teaches his staff to be exact and assists them in being efficient in hand- ling the financial matters of our school. LIBRARY STAFF C. Conomos, M. L. Bergfeld, E Taylor, Dahm, G. Dune hue, Miss Ewing. MONITORS President .....,,,,....,.....,,.,....,........,.., Vernon Bradley Vice-President ......, ...... L ee Hobaugh Secretary ..,.....,.. ,,,,....,.. R obert Crum Treasurer .....,,...,..,.....,................ Ralph De Simone The Monitors are the boys you see at every busy corner in the halls. They keep everyone or- derly while changing classes and assist at fire drills. Also the Monitors marshall teachers and students to assemblies. Miss Rosemarie Pascaretta has proved herself a very capable sponsor, having made many improvements in the club during her initial year as the faculty sponsor. The club is composed of twelve junior and senior boys who are elected every spring by the members of the organization. Although the services of the Moni- tors are the dominant reasons for the club, they also hold a dance every year which is known as the "Srotinom Llabf' The proceeds from this dance are used to buy a pin for each member of the staff. MONITORS First Row: D. Lecocq, L. Ho baugh, B. Shepard, S. Kauf man, B. Cooper, S. Bowser. Second Row: V. Bradley, T Browne, R. DeSimone, B Crum, R. Armstrong, P. Loj persberger. LIBRARY STAFF Miss Ewing, our librarian, and her staff of four student assistants are ever alert to respond to - our requests for help. The library on the third floor contains about 5,000 books, including refer- ence works, supplementary texts, and recreational reading. The library is open to all students six periods a day, providing they have a permit. After school and in the morning one does not need a permit. Students may receive the permits from their subject teachers. A fine of two cents per day is charged for each two-week book kept after the date on which it is due and five cents for each overnight book. The books are arranged so it will be easy for the students to find the books they are looking for. We like to go to the library not only for the usual library purposes but to see what new plant Miss Ewing has added to her window garden. , . , o ' - ' , f .. . . , . . Q ,I ,I ,A ,, , , . . ASSEMBLY STAFF President .,...,.............,.............,..,... William Pelisari Vice-President .,...., ,..... E merson Heilman Secretary ............. ....,. W alter Netoskie Treasurer .,,......,,..,...........,.,.,,........... Sam Kaufman Through the diligent planning of Mr. Jeffer- son, this organization brings forty-five minutes of relaxation and motivated learning to weary class students by means of the projection of the latest educational movies. The boys are taught how to operate both sound and silent projectors and also to operate the public address system for school as- semblies. The training which the boys get in using all of the latest audio and visual educational aids enables them to learn much about movie projec- tion and sound systems which may be useful in the future. The equipment at Ken Hi includes sound and silent projectors, slide projectors of various sizes, the public address system, and wire recorders. The staff also takes care of stage prop- erties and floodlights. The staff, which has a membership of twenty-five to thirty boys, is an- other of Ken Hi,s service organizations. ASSEMBLY STAFF W. Netoskie, A. Kress, W. Peli- sari, R. Wetzel, R. Trojanow- ski, B. Crum, R. DeSimone, J. Lubomslci, Mangini, E. Adams, Mr. Jefferson. gs 1 .1-'L' 0 5 4 dw , F 5' Q,- Y may 47 N A 32, I my , 2 9 Sb f S g E , 'lf 'ig K: Tix ' Z2 , 5 ss- , WE' . pl T I Q, pg? N: .fp X Xb f, ,fa V, Y . JUNIOR grobxfw MEETING .ff I J wb 4 First Row: R. Rapp, B. Ireland, A. Bishop, E. Fahrn-ey, Miss Armstrong, D. Smith, Wil- bur, S. Bruno. Second Row: R. Egli, S. Kauf- man, G. Zilliac, R. Sutteri MacShane, L. Bloom. -f 5' U L - t ,D -1 .- t tt JUNIOR TOWN MEETING President .............,...,....................,.,. George Zilliac Vice-President ....., ...,...... R ichard Egli Secretary .....,............... ..........,....,.. B ernice Ireland The Junior Town Meeting, sponsored by Miss Armstrong of the Fourth Avenue Junior High, has sophomore and junior members this year. One of its main purposes is to further the interest of its members in current problems. The club had a very active year. In addition to several radio programs, groups of students presented several panel discussions on such subjects as, Q'How to Procure and Keep Better Teachers," "Farm Subsi- diesf, Q'Admission of Hawaii and Alaska to State- hoodf' These discussions were presented before several outside groups including the Kiwanis Club, Young Adults of the Parnassus Presbyterian Church, Mt. Vernon Parent-Teachers Association, and the Young Judeans. The highlight of the year was an invitation for a panel discussion at the Board of Activities banquet on the question, "Is the United States Drifting Toward Socialism." COMMERCIAL CLUB President .........,,..,....,............... Evangeline Phillips Vice-President ....... ...... L ouise Cuglietta Secretary .........,... ...... A nn Galzerano Treasurer ........................,..,.........,.... Phyllis Beatty The Commercial Club is composed of senior and junior students who take the commercial course. At the end of their junior year they are chosen by the commercial faculty to become mem- bers of the club. The sponsor of the club is Mr. Keiser. There are two meetings held monthly- one business, and the other social. At these busi- ness meetings representatives from the business world are brought before the group to acquaint the students with actual business conditions and new methods of doing things in the business world. Some of the activities that the club partici- pates in are a tea dance and pretzel day. A dinner for members only is held for the members to get acquainted. Candy is sold to buy machines for the use in the office machine practice class. They purchased one machine, the Monroe Electric Cal- culator. X COMMERCIAL CLUB First Row: B. Fleming, M. Basta J. Fiscus, L. Coulson, P. Lei sure, R. Leisure, A. Petrulak J. Heflin, M. L. Corey, B. J Corey, R. M. Barham, E Phillips, Hepler, I. Crog nale, M. L. Bickert. Second Row: D. Barker, D. Ken d-ell, M. Krause, H. Farneth B, Alquist, C. Atkinson, M A. Starr, S. Getz, R. Omecin ski, M. Perriello, N. Moses L. Szemborski, A. Galzerano M. A. Mydock, B. Croyle. Third Row: L. Cuglietta, N. L Bailing, M. Cribbs, A. Fen- nell, L. Buffington, P Thompson, P. Beatty, R. Bow- ser, D. Germinara, M. A Konazeski, H. Keczmer, S Noble, R. A. Bernardo. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB First Row: N. Jack, L. Crcg- nale, H. Matviko, C. Conner, J. Sinair, F. Golemb-eski, B. Kelley, Baker, Yetka, E. Rearick. Second Row: E. Nonamaker, C. Kotowski, M. Irwin, R. Mc- Keever, L. Dziengelewski, R. Cashell, S. Shearon, B. White, E. Radowicz. Third Row: M. Kowalczyk, R. M. Snyder, R. Trojanowski, B. McKillop, A. Farina, R. Foley, R. Grzyb-ek, D. Hawk, Mr. Pfeiffer. D. E. CLUB President .............,.......................... Anthony Farina Vice-President ...... ....., M ary Lou Kowalczyk Secretary ................,. ............... H enrietta Matviko Treasurer ............,............................... Janice Baker The D. E. Club, which is open only to mem- bers of the Distributive Education Course, is spon- sored by Mr. Pfeiffer. The purposes of the club are to promote the social welfare of the members and better salesmanship. As a whole, they con- structively criticize other sales personnel in whose particular line they are interested. They have set as their goal improvement in speech and personal appearance, and as sales persons, a better knowl- edge of their stock in merchandise. Once a month they have a business meeting and at least one social get-together. In April they make their annual excursion to Pittsburgh observing "behind the scenes operation" of a large, downtown store. The second semester in the main hall, they set up a display case, showing their ability in window display. DRAMATIC CLUB First Row: M. Mangone, A. Benedict, J. Randolph, J. Link, R. M. Barham, Corey, D. Freialdenhofen, Cor-ey, B. Bateman, M. Holeva, B. Schaffner, I. Pollack. Second Row: S. Galzerano, D. Adams, A. Chilton, P. Camp- bell, M. McCabe, Wilbur, B. Russell, A. Opasinski, M. Campbell, M. R. Pethtel, Mrs. Klinke. Third Row: R. Walter, D. Ven- atta, P. Kerstetter, D. Har- kins, G. Zilliac, D. Bullers, M. Baker, F. Galzerano, R. Wilson, D. Rogerson, L. Bloom. GEOGRAPHY CLUB First Row: R. Swager, R. Tay- lor, T. Cramer, L. Sack, W. Bowman, R. Emmert, M. Mc- Millin, R. Berger, S. Slove- nec, E. Mappin, H. Perry, R. Jensen, N. Young. Second Row: M. Thomas, R. M. Snyder, M. L. Mydock, E. jaracz, B. Williams, N. Mc- Cready, P. Bonadio, R. Bow- ser, D. Gill, G. Oravec, C. Noble, M. Salati, G. Po- sati, N. Shepard, I. Pollack, R. Siuta, S. Hollier. Third Row: Miss Phillips, E. Davis, E. Pierce, L. Flynn, B. Wagner, D. Gillis, F. Arabia, A. Curcio, C. Connally, D. Craig, H. Wiley, L. Rogers, B. Wareham, C. Waugh, M. J. Mc-Iunkin, L. A. Mullica, L. Cuglietta, M. Hollier, D. Campbell. Fourth Row: L. Duddy, R. Rid- enour, R. Stonis, P. Bazzano, D. Watters, D. Waugaman, R. Nichols, Remaley, M. Merryman, E. Rozperski, R. Adams, D. Ross, D. Zentner, E. Stirland, B. Saunders. DRAMATIC CLUB President ....,...,..,...........,....,......, Bernice Schaffner Vice-President ,..,.. ,...,. R ose Marie Barham Secretary ...,.....,.. ..,......... P atricia Campbell Treasurer .............,...................,.. Betty Jane Corey At the beginning of the year try-outs are held and those who show dramatic ability are elected to membership in the Dramatic Club. In November the club presented Hildegard Dolson's, "We Shook the Family Tree" at the Main Street auditorium. It was hailed a great success by the audience. As part of their annual treat, the club traveled to the Nixon in Pittsburgh to see NAS You Like It," starring Kathryn Hepburn. The remaining part of the year the members were kept busy working on radio programs, assemblies, or- iginal skits for initiation, and small plays pre- sented monthly at their evening meetings. Their coveted pin is earned by these presentations and can be worn only by those who earn it. Their last social gathering of the year is a picnic. The Dramatic Club is under the capable sponsorship of Mrs. Alice Klinke. GEOGRAPHY CLUB President .,,......,...,...,.,.,..,........,........., Gloria Posati Vice-President ...... ....,,.... H arold Perry Secretary ..,....,....,..,..,.............,..,.. Lawrence Duddy Treasurer ,..,....,.,........,........................ Regina Siuta The Geography Club, organized by its spon- sor, Miss Mary Viola Phillips in 1947, was estab- lished for senior geography class students who have an active interest in geography. Member- ship cards are issued to members signifying that they are junior members of the Geography Club of Western Pennsylvania and the National Coun- cil of Geography Teachers. With Regina Siuta as the club's popular program chairman they have succeeded in accomplishing many worth-while ac- tivities. One very important and worthy project undertaken was having each of the five classes sponsor a Care package for needy families in Europe. In addition to learning the geographical status of other countries from text books they had pen pals with whom they communicated, thus learning more intimately about other lands and people. The Ken I-li Geography Club is a purely cultural organization. CAMERA CLUB President ....,,,......,......,..,.....,..........A...,.,. Jean Dahm Vice-President ,,... ..,...,......... R egina Siuta Secretary ,.... ',....., ..,....,.,........,.,... A n n Clark Treasurer ...,....................,.....,. Patricia McSweeney The Camera Club has come a long way since it was first organized two years ago. Under the sponsorship of Miss Janet Mathison it has become a very active club. The purpose of this club is to give those students who know little about photography a chance to learn. Among the events of the Camera Club was the "Shutter Flutter Hop." At this time, Janet Link and Dick Venetta were chosen king and queen. A very active mem- ber of the club is Lee Guida. She takes many pic- tures for the yearbook besides action shots around the school. The members also made miniature graduation pictures for the students of the senior class. In the spring the members plan two trips. One trip is usually to Pittsburgh taking pictures of the different interesting sights. CAMERA CLUB First Row: G. Boyd, E. Jaracz M. Cebula, G. D-emma, G Oravec, D. Bartolacci, E. Ber gad, P. Bonadio, N. Mc Cready, B. Wagner, E. Ben dick, A. Weaver, V. George A. Clark, S. Haddad, R. Siu ta, N. Shepard, P. Rossi. Second Row: D. Carter, S. Getz A. Fennell, W. Mot-en, D Moffett, D. Campbell, I Giorgio, D. Gill, R. Snyder B. Voyten, D. Gerlach, N Moses, D. Germinara, R Omecinski, M. Perriello, R Cashell, L. Guida, R. Benn. Third Row: R. Foley, Snair D. Freialdenhofen, L. Davis E. Sokulski, C. Claassen, D Slov-enec, Ellis, S. Kraft, D Lang, W. Harshberger, P Tylinski, R. Litvinovich, J Capizzi. LEADERS CLUB First Row: V. Stepek, E. Phil- lips, M. Cebula, M. Ofiesh L. Niemiec, G. Oravec, H Milisits, R. M. Barham, R Siuta, S. Haddad, N. Shep- ard, P. Rossi. Second Row: S. Miller, L Guida, M. lVlcCabfe, D. Gal- lian, H. Farneth, D. Gill, D Gerlach, D. Bartolacci, S Noble, R. A. Bernardo, M Mangone. Third Row: M. Campbell, P Campbell, D. Fr-eialdenhofen A. Fennell, G. Leiter, P. Tyi linski, H. Keczmer, G. Mar- ciniak, M. A. Konazeski. 1 GIRLS LEADERS CLUB President ........,.,.....,......,...... Mary Ann Konazeski Vice-President .,.., .,.,.,... D ora Bartolacci Secretary ...,.....,,. ...............,...,....... S usanne Noble The junior and senior girls who make up the Girls' Leaders Club show marked ability in physical education and an average of C or better in all other subjects. The duty of the girls is to assist instructors of the Department of Physical Education. These girls who referee games in gym classes, check gym equipment, check locker rooms, etc., must show definite traits of leadership. In- cluded in such are dependability, iniative, willing- ness, and good sportsmanship. By this means, the club helps to form and promote general leader- ship and good sportsmanship. Tournaments and dances are a few of the social affairs which add to the attraction of the club. Miss Rosemarie Pas- caretta has the fervent enthusiasm to hold the club to its highest purposes. a r N -- J B K Q GIRLS CHORUS President ...........,......,............,..,....,..,,.... Sally Miller Secretary .,.,,. ....,.,,......... J anet Hiles Librarians ,.............,.. ...,.. M argaret Mangone Beverly Pope The Girls' Chorus is under the sponsorship of Mrs. Betty Jo Wareham. This group of soph- omore, junior, and senior girls was organized last year to give a larger number of girls an oppor- tunity for further training in chorus work. The girls meet every Wednesday evening after school, so we know they are really interested in music. Last year,s group numbered about twenty-Hve but now the membership has increased to sixty-five. At the Christmas assembly held in the gym the group presented several excellent groups of carols as part of the Christmas pageant. They will par- ticipate in the Spring Festival along with the Band, Senior Choir, and Orchestra. This group also functions efficiently under the student government system. Each girl feels a definite responsibility for the success of the organization. THE CHOIR The Choir is one of the largest and most active organizations in the school. Under the di- rection of Mrs. Betty Jo Wareham, .the Choir re- hearses every morning in room 208. It is com- posed of 110 carefully selected voices. During the Yuletide Season, its activities include an as- sembly, a radio program, Christmas carolling, and singing at the bank. In the spring the Choir sings for nearly every important school function. Top on the list is the spring concert which is a joint concert with the Band. They also have a part in the anniversary pageant at the stadium. Besides this, the Choir sang for Alumni Night, several school assemblies, and radio programs. This or- ganization made a trip to Vandergrift in an ex- change assembly. The Choir is under the new self-governing system, the purpose of which is to promote voluntary co-operation and responsibility. BAND e President .,...,. ......... G eorge Hill Secretary ......, ,..,,. W illiam Bonatti Librarian .i..... .........,. R oy Marks Our Band really has something to boast about this year. They have had the privilege of being the first high school band in this valley to appear on television. The Band is one of the most active organizations in the school. The Band. began their training at the New Kensington Booster's Camp at Salisbury, Pennsylvania. Ar camp, they practiced drills which they used dur- ing both the home and away football games. In the fall they performed for the Pittsburgh Steeler- Detroit game at Forbes Field. The Ken Hi Band also helped make the Band Festival, sponsored by the Dispatch, successful. Other bands which participated are Springdale, Har-Braclc, Arnold, Tar- entum, Plum Township, East Deer and many others. On March Z, the Band played in the Alle- gheny Band Festival in which five district bands appeared. They are Springdale, Har-Brack, Ar- nold, and Tarentum. Later the Band with the Choir and Orchestra performed at our own Festi- val at the High School. To wind up activities of this year, they played for Class Day, Commence- ment, and last of all, they marched in the Memorial Day parade. 83 MQ, Vffzmfw Mr If 'ggfitww VM W gjfff' ff oe-p,::g... MAJORETTES ELM, - ,pg I J f ff The Ken Hi Majorettes are fast becoming one of the mos active girl or ' ions in Ken Hi. They have performed this year as sensationally as they h e er ee years we th corps has been in existence. Last summer the Majorettes, alon With, the , n5,an'4enjo week of rigid practice and much fun at the Booster,s Camp at Salisb y en nia. At' mp , under the strlct training of Mr Oliver and Billie DeLuca, a forme gn J A ' . ' i d cl o' ' the Majorettes were well prepared to give the fans another seaso ar pg?jnheZn r- ing football and basketball games The Majorettes have beautif e ieqt r cor u uni forms with a trimming of white braid. After many bake sales co t in heir bwn money, the Majorettes were able to get these uniforms made in ti the ootball Myrna Thomas, anet Link Stella Barron, Doris Graham, Betty ane Mary Mary Ann Starr, Donna Gallian, and Geraldine Oravec J J Vf vs, f 81 5 . ' . . P. , .- n . gl v gift:-ne. Seniors leaving the corps are Helen Farneth, head Majorette, Vir ia Step , ar 1: ast ' I I J , ' J u V, 1 I i I ' ? .f if' F 1 SCRIPT AND SCORE President .,......... ,.............,. N orma Jacoby Vice-President ...... ..,.... P atricia McSweeney Secretary ,.,.,.... ........ K athleen Conway Treasurer ...............................,,.. Marilyn Campbell Five years ago a new organization, called the Script and Score, was added to the many organ- izations of Ken Hi. The primary purpose of the club is to present a musical production which would give the students with musical and drama- tic ability an opportunity to display their talents. At the beginning of the fall term Mrs. Ware- ham, the new sponsor, along with the officers of the club, chose the students who seemed to have the best ability. Then in the early spring the mem- bers of the club presented the operetta Tune In which was heralded a great success, largely due to Mrs. Wareham,s excellent directing. The names of Betty Johnson and Bob Bloom were featured in the leading roles. Each year the members journey to Pittsburgh to see a musical production. Last year the club saw Rigoletta by Verdi. SCRIPT AND SCORE First Row: P. Rossi, N. Shepard T. Stepelc, M. Holeva, O Tanner, N. Jacoby, M Hanna, S. Miller, A. Clarlc S. Latimer, R. M, Barham M. Phillips, Myers, Mrs Wareham. Second Row: N. Noble, B. Fahr-l ney, E. Toohey, D. Gallian H. Farneth, K. Conway, H Pyle, M. Kline, P. Campbell V. Zonarich, Wilbur, M McCabe, P. McSweeny, M Campbell, N. Hubbard, Mc Keever. Third Row: D. Galli, D. Bai'ey D. Harlcins, D. Venatta, R DeSimone, R. Walter. DANCE BAND 1 , First Row: D. Harlcins, R. Car rop, R. Venetta, V. Bradley, G. Hill. Second Row: N, Noble, C. Shalt fer, R, Rapp, W. Cooper, E Eberbach, R. Walter, W. Bon atti, D. Bailey, D. Boyer, Mr a Stevens. DANCE BAND The Ken Hi Dance Band, originally called the Kennsylvanians, is an active organization un- der the direction of Mr. John Stephens, new mu- sical director at Fourth Avenue Junior High. The student leader is Vernon Bradley. This group is comprised of lifteen boys. Miss Lucille Wright who is director of music in the elementary schools, plays the piano and gives much of her free time to this group. These musicians give us a fine array of talent at both student assemblies and dances. Occasionally they play for outside organ- izations. During the past year the band has re- ceived many a compliment for the splendid work done at the dances. They have decidedly come a long way since last year, but they will become a bigger and better band in the years to come. To the seniors leaving we wish great success. 7 w 1 1 Q- The faculty eats too-Mr. Keiser, Mr. Kor- N. Noble sings over the P. A. system at the des, Mr. Black, Mr. Batiste and Mr. Glock Sock dance while R. Omecinski holcls the seem to enjoy their lunch. microphone. Dancing is ever popular with Ken Hi I. Greenberg, N. Moses, S. Gillis and D. students. Germinara must be amused at E. Michael's Mr. Colao struggles to make the seniors antics' smile for their senior pictures. 83 '5 1 X X t v J L a u XX Y X Athletics then and now at Ken Hi has been a fascrnatlng sub- WQ N . . . . gf Q ject for those rev1eW1ng and dolng research Work on fifty years of xx Rx Q n a n Xhrstory. Whlle the athlet1c record does not rnclude the Whole half X century it does include some forty years as evidenced by the repro- X R a w Q xp t1on on th1s page of the p1cture of the l9l0 football team. On ll K the right hand page is the 1949 team, coached by Mr. Fletcher, With record of four games Won, two tied, and two lost. AN ' N Sb sf N N R Ulf ' e x E3 Q S X x XXX WX - NS 5 if R Q or ,N XX. Vfxl A N r ijflf 'L.SL-ME5QiP WXQ Zahfggqy X . Athletics 1901--1950 'VCE MR. GLOCK Faculty Manager Here is another of the hard working men who stays in the background when the honors are passed out. He is known as The Faculty Manager of Athletics. His job con- sists of many parts. The first is to take care of tickets for the games. He is also in charge of keeping the books balanced and making reports to the School Board of the Athletic Department's financial status. Director of Athletics Here is the man who is responsible for the fine schedules arranged for the Ken-Hi athletic teams. This is a tiring and some- times discouraging job which is very ably handled by our Athletic Director. Mr. Glock is the person who is always pushing hard, hard enough to keep the athletic pro- gram improving each year. MR. VORLAGE 86 amp? l if ,, 4 page-au 4 Z gong, 4,60 67 M fined JALIQ, bi? 454 ' , .4,a'-at 4' fit!-avi, ,gg .,,'eiw 4 L ff !Ll4L,d,! ,Lexi X Wifi ZA" - aw, Z ' ezealfff. f- ,254,a,g,aaa aaa i Wfffy --V VCU Q r 5 Z' .V - n. . l 3 Q A , - I. Pollack, N. Noble, Hocktenberry, Myers, M. McCabe. g - Vs A., xr T ,The 1949-50 Cheerleader squad was made up of five members, three seniors an ivo juniors: Margaret McCabe, Irene Pollack, Jayne I-Iockenberry, Janet Myers, nd Nancy Noble. These girls deserve the admiration and praise of the entire -e student body for their energetic cheering, both at the welcome pep rallies and at all the games, at home and away. In their snappy red skirts, white sweaters and caps to match, the squad introduced several new cheers throughout the season. Last summer the Cheerleaders spent a week with the Band at the Boosters Camp at Salisbury, where they put in long hours of hard practice learning new stunts and routines, how to work in unison and in co-ordination with the Band. Cheerlead- ing calls for a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and good humor which must be trans- ferred to the crowd. Ar the close of the football season they were guests of the School Board at a banquet given for the football team. During basketball season they kept up their reputation of being able to call forth rousing support for our teams. The Cheerleaders are under the sponsorship of Miss Pascaretta. 87 F- ,Ti 1 L ' 4-464, A ,N WUT' 'T fMCheerleiiJde'rsff wwf ,aww aff p ff W ,!7'7'2.-Zf14f:4"1z-KJA LZ!-:fi gifglfyp-at J M fb J4 if h . j0frL, 6'J J 194 A. , fi.. i5v,,,.Ar, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Slosky. Mr. William Jefferson is the custodian of equipment and heads the managing depart- ment. His hard work is highlighted by the performance of his duties, as Ken-Hi teams are al- ways well equipped. Coach Don Fletcher, as head football coach, receives no admiration without deserving it. Mr. Fletcher is considered one of the finest football coaches in the state and has lived up to his reputation this year by developing an excellent team as the season progressed. Coach Fletcher is rated tops by his players, the students, and people of New Kensington. Coach A1 Dunn--is a capable assistant to Mr. Fletcher in assembling a football team. Mr. Dunn is also a basketball Coach at Parnassus Junior High but his main interest is building a win- ning baseball team for Ken-Hi. Mr. Dunn makes Ken-Hi a feared opponent on the diamond. Coach Ken Sloslcy is a likeable energetic mentor who, when he isn,t directing varsity basket- ball, also helps put together a football team. One of his chief duties as assistant football coach is to scout the opponents. His good work in this field counts much toward winning. 88 a Ja, ff , , , ,I llfffif , A jf, if f Mjiootball Emi. its Q x 1 NXXX was 5 Q E FQ QQ First Row: K. Sloslcy, D. Netoskie, J. Kolakowski, G. Hoskins, R. Magee, A. Zellerino, R. Fry, L. Archibald, D. Wolfe, T. Broffman, D. York, B. Johnson, R. Sutter, C. Artman, J. Frederick. Second Row: J. Perotti, T. I-laser, S. Carnabucci, E. Marzullo, F. Brasfield, R. Murray, F. David, R. Buffone, T. Cheatham, R. Blakeley, R. Graham, M. Conwell, F. Tobias, R. Nery, J. Willard. Third Row: J. McCol1im, I. Greenberg, F. Bosuski, R. DelDuca, R. Wolfe, Milsom, W. Vent- ner, R. Hall, E. Fields, B. Wrobleski, E. Michael, F. Arabia, L. Ciancutti, J. Giordano, A. Gretz. Varsity Football ' The varsity football squad, after losing practically all of last year's first team, made a very fine showing. Considerable tribute should be and has been paid to Coach Fletcher and his assistants-Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Dunn and Mr. Sloskey--who worked hard with the team. After starting slowly, the team gradu- ally built itself up until they beat Vandergrift and Har-Braclc to climax the season and thus become one of the valley's leading football powers. The final record for the "Red Raiders" was four wins, two ties, and two losses. 89 L fam Q Q24 .x . .W Semors 1949 V21IS1tY F. Arabia L- Ciancurr Giordano R. Hall E. Michael . Milsom R. Wolfe 90 1. A host of tacklers from Mooseheart are 3. Mooseheart carrying the ball in an attempt converging on Joe Giordano. 2. Joe Giordano making a goocl attempt side step a Central Catholic tackler. Ken Hi ,... ..,... Ken Hi ,... ....,. Ken Hi .,.. ....., Ken Hi .... ...... Ken Hi .,.. ....,, Ken Hi ........ ..,.,.... Ken Hi .... ....i. Ken Hi .,.. ...... 14 21 12 to elucle E. Michael and Joe Giordano. Recl Murray makes the tackle. to 4. Red Murray and Joe Giordano blocking the Central Catholic attacker from Fran Arabia. O Duquesne .,..,. ...... 2 7 o Johnstown ,..,... ...... 2 o O Mooseheart ....., ....,.. 0 Altoona .........,..... ,,..... 1 3 6 Central Catholic ..... ......, 0 Allentown . .,.... ....... 2 1 Vandergrift ., O 7 Har-Brack ..... ....,,. 6 91 MR. SLOSKY Junior Varsity Coach The coach of the Jayvee squad is quite a ball player himself. Coach George Veitch starred for Wake Forest several years ago and now is developing future stars in his duties as coach of the Jayvee squad. Basketball Coach The coaching job is almost continuous for Coach Slosky whoiis assistant football coach and varsity basketball coach. ln his spare time he teaches Ken Hi students to clrive. i l MR. vE1TcH 92 l ' ' l 1 J Basketball I I .. if ,J W tg .-Q s 1 F. Brasfield' G. Timmins, E. Fields, E. Probelfizimjpersberger, R. Hall, r B K ,I HovEericR. Crum, S. Car- : .9 , ' ,. 0' - lun AV. Q 'pb -J s Jd 9 f v 9' 'Q 0 V0 I I H. Hill, Perotti, D. Galli. First Row: L. Polczynski, W. Sanders, C. Fester, R. Mage-e, T. Broffman, A. Rapp, R. Graham. Second Row: R. Long, L. Snair, C. Tyburski, R. Caripolti, M. Conwell, F. Whalen. Third Row: D. Bishop, Kolakowski, S. Kraft, D. Wolfe, A. Forston, L. Volpe. Varsity Basketball Under the coaching of Mr. Slosky, the var- sity basketball team displayed excellent training and sportsmanship in 1949-1950. Winning four- teen games while losing only six, the team re- luctantly took second place behind Ford City in Section I. Win or lose, the boys had a steady backing by many loyal fans and school mates. The underclassmen regretfully said goodby to Hall, Timmins, and Crum, seniors on this year's squad, while looking forward to next year. Mr. Veitch's jayvee squad furnished some excitement along with the varsity squad by com- pleting a fair season with ten wins and nine losses. There should be some good varsity ma- terial for next year's team from this year's Jayvee squad. We may well be proud of our teams for their good sportsmanship and loyalty. We are looking forward to the 1950-1951 season, but will scarcely find one so exciting as that just ended. Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken 'kKen Ken 5'CKen "'Ken 'kKen ,"Ken xKen "'Ken "'Ken 3"Ken XKen bkKen "'Ken ":Ken Varsity Springdale McKeesport Farrell ........... Greensburg ..... Leechlnurg ,....., Wilkinsburg .....,..,.. Ford City .....,. North Catholic ...,.... Vandergrift .. Kittanning ...,.,.. .,..., Har-Brack ....,,....,.. Arnold ...,..... Butler .,...,..... Ford City .. Vandergrift Kittanning ..... Har-Brack ....... Arnold ..... Butler ..,........ Leechburg ....... Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Jayvees Springdale ...... McKeesport ..., Greensburg ...... Leechburg ........ Wilkinsburg .,., Ford City ......., North Catholic Vandergrift .... Kittanning .,...... Har-Braclc ..,.,.,. Arnold .,,... . Butler ......... . Ford City ........ Vandergrift .... Kittanning ........ Har-Brack ......,, Arnold ..,.... . Butler .,....... , Leechburg .,...... Baseball First Row: A. Davis, F. David, E. Marzullo, R. Armstrong, D. Mydock, Perctti, R. DelDuca C. Scanga. Second Row: R. Mcsherry, D. Brown, C. France, A. Oravec, R. Chorba, P. Petroslcy, R. Faith, B. Febbarro, J. Ross, P. Cochran, G. Rapp. Third Row: R. Kozikowslci, T. Armitage, E. Lipski, E. Graham, W. Pelisari, R. Wolfe, R. Hall, P. Lojpersberger, A. Kline. Baseball 1949 Ken Hi's baseball team, coached by Mr. Dunn of Parnassus Junior High School, had another successful season. With an excellent record of eight wins and two losses, the Kenmen reluctantly took second place behind Har-Brack, which incidentally was the only team in the circuit that beat them. If the team had copped the sectional flag, it would have been its third in succession. Ken Hi ...,. Ken Hi .,,.. Ken Hi ..,.. Ken Hi ,,... Ken Hi ..... Ken Hi ,..,. Ken Hi ,,.... Ken Hi ...... Ken Hi ...,,, Ken Hi ...... Har-Brack Springdale Arnold ..,, Tarentum East Deer Har-Brack Springdale Arnold .... Tarentum East Deer ,.,,,,11 Z ......10 0 1 2 5 5 Z 4 'i X.. ,lflffe ,f ' V." r ,,. vM,,,,.-auf-'r ""A me .- 1 ' ff . T k ' ' f 4' '-" L gf "f..:' , Q. uiffhg rrftl.. lug! C!',,.,,1-we 1.4-P""5 ' ,l . .QA f ldnlafidbi F Al.,.,-L I Q npr..- TRACK V First Row: T. Rider, R. Bowser, R. Fry, W. Morrow, Sisley, W. Leisure, McCollim, E. Michael, D. Rogerson, A. Forston, H. Bland, R. Carrigan, R. Cable, F. Mooney, Adams. Second Row: J. Zaleski, D. Harkins, R. Tudor, R. Rapp, A. Nicastro, L. Lecocq, M. Shamey, S. Yansak, R. Howelett, H. Spak, Bickert, C. Ferguson, W. Fink, R. Bullers, R. Buffone. Third Row: Mr. Chegwidden, R. Poe, G. Hill, B. Bennett, D. Rodriguez, K. Slosky, Shaw, P. Resetar, Milsom, T. Bretthauer, Wenger, B. Bowman, D. Bullers, Greco, Waring, J. Adams. First Row: R. Armstrong, L. Lecocq, W. Leisure, R. Rieck, S. Cardenas, W. Kaforey, G. Buckley, B. Bowman, R. Bowser, F. Zaleski, J. Bonk. Second Row: E. Beal, V. Bradley, L. Hollis, C. Taylor, F. Mooney, R. Cable, C. Shaffer, D. Fink, S. Brooks, L. Polczynski, P. Resetar, T. Rider. Third Row: J. Adams, D. Allen, L. Tillman, D. Highlands, J. Flynn, J. Greco, F. Matt, J. Bickert, J. Armitage, Mr. Chegwidden. Track 1949 The 1949 track team, coached by Mr. Chegwidden, participated in seven track meets, three of which were wins over Jeannette, Plum Township, and Turtle Creek, one triangle meet, and the County Meet at Greensburg. The team as a whole scored 339W points while Jim Turner headed the list for Ken Hi with 64V2 points. Cross Country 1950 Although Coach Chegwiddenis cross-country team has been at Ken Hi for only three years, they made a fine showing for the 1950 season. Their record of four wins and four defeats was the best season yet seen at Ken Hi for cross- country. They were victorious over Shadyside, Wilkinsburg, Brentwood, and Kit- tanning, while dropping meets to Connelsville, Mt. Lebanon, Central Catholic, Penn Township. V 96 " . Tennis f , J First Row: R. Egli, A. Kress, Zilliac, S. Kaufman, F. Brasfield. ' L,j3'!i I Slecond Row: R. Sutter, Iverson, B. Mason, G. Zilliac. N ' N ft ji I Il' l f 1.4, . I " 1 A , karl A 1 111 li . Tennis 1949 The tennis team coached by Mr. Vorlage had a fairly successful season. Although the boys did not win them all, they improved greatly as the season prog- ressed. Latrobe, last year's WPIAL winner, was the only team that took all the matches from Ken Hi. Aside from Bryant Mason and John Iverson, the entire squad was back for 1950. Ken Hi ...... ......,,. 2 Kiski ,...,....... . ......, 3 Ken Hi ...,.. ,..., 5 Wilkinsburg .,.... ..,. . .0 Ken Hi .,,... ,..,..,, 0 Latrobe ......,...,,........ ....... 5 Ken Hi ....,. ...,.,.. 3 Central Catholic .....,. ....... 2 Ken Hi ....,. ......... 1 McKeesport ......... ...,.., 4 Ken Hi ..,,,. .,,.,.... 0 Latrobe .,.,..... ....... 5 97 Miss Phillip's geography class is interested in some illustrative explanation. Emily and Louella, as usual, are preparing something goocl for lunch. A practice session in the new band room. A trade clrafting class is busy on some proj- ect. Changing classes at Ken I-Ii. Mayor Walley congratulates Bob I-Iall as he takes over his duties as mayor for a day. COLAO STUDIO 5519 Walnut Street Pittsburgh, Pennsylvan tShady del Q IIFFICIAL Pll0TOGllAPIIEBS F011 1950 THIS BOOK IS BOUND CENTRAL DRUG STORES in a "Famous for Low Prices KINGSKRAFT COVER New Kensington, Pa. Kingsport Tennessee Compliments of ll-EVE WEAR EVER T dak ALUMINUM TRADE MARK PLAN YOUR FUTURE Take time to train for ermanent em- P ployment. There is no short cut to success. NEW KENSINGTON COMMERCIAL SCHOOL 156 McCargo St. N. K. 434 ASH SHOES 961 Fifth Avenue A Fit for Every Foot A Style for Every Taste 100 Best Wishes Compliments of co the Class-1950 W. T. GRANT CO. DEPARTMENT STORES UNION SPRING AND MFG. CO. 849 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pennsylvania Compliments of THE ALLEGIIEN Y VALLEY IN DUSTBIAL UN C0 CIL WE CONGRATULATE YOU THE FUTURE CITIZENS OF AMERICA MAY YOU GO ON TO BIGGER AND BETTER ACHIEVEMENTS President, Ted Settlemyer Treasurer, Harry Yobp V. President, Fred Matthews Guard, Merle Young Secretary, John F. Haser Trustee, Charles Stubert Fin. Secretary, A. H. Janssen Trustee, Harvey Custer ,, . ..-, ,,.. , ,,,, , .W ,ff ,ff .M AKA-S1 A GRADY s BAKERY P . I UMW 'QYQUJ HFN' Grady's Bake Like Mother A f S"'7"'Es ii i? f ..., M ---f--N-- -4--N '--"- My , ...,.. N ..,..,,.,,,,.,,,,,, 4 . aff f f Z A W W . , I , ., WW . A f! ,,,,, M VV V V ,, y Used to Make N W V X ff' W4 ' 74 2465 ' ' ffl'M.42Ws 1, 421-9th St. 1625-7th Street . A . "" ' W f Ne K nl 0 D If . ,.,.,,, ,, . W e 9 95 New Kensington' Pa loss FIFTII .wlaxrn :ww luasslxlrrox. lu. Compliments of H. A. KLINGENSMITH 86 SONS Hardware and Sporting Goods 912 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 101 Compliments of FERGUSON AUTO GLASS SERVICE REPLACEMENTS FOR ALL MAKES CARS AND TRUCKS 731 Church Street Phone 1357 New Kensington, Pa. 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Suggestions in the New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) collection:

New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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