New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA)

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New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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,.lsfJ7rLb 'yy'-A QV f X7-'05 ,ffl Q ddyf fgy-fl""""". 'J1 f fi?1? J f6LV0AL. I , Mfyfff M ffm f'7 Z7iiL M I ff !,,L,Wf0 von!! Aww wifi, .' ff, .f .X ? ,x,DMdP42AuJ fl 5342 H, ,Inu fL4yu f Af!,yL,.fyvf' . N'y",k ,, Tr16 P 'U '5 HAD rvow NCR NIL, SLAC Q UDIO P P CO EWS 4 5 f x F ' 1 'T f ra- 5- . QIC' rg 3 ZIP.'.T.'EF,..I.' N ... ' A 'Q N IO. Sy ': 1--, V' .1:y. ' THT E.'C'LE ?F.ILI'l'ERY, Amt. B tlf , .'-..'yl " .hctzg 'irhyz Pttflz. gl, .rt "L ' CC"sf : Eff' S'f,, T V' HX WHEN NEW HENEINEIUN wmv umsvwmuw PHEEENHU MGH EEHUUL MNNQHLVWA fbeaa Siaclemii We have prepared the Taleoken thls year as a memorlal of a happy year spent at Ken H1qh Thls book deplcts you ln your classes your clubs and actlv 1t1es and your athlet1cs We have strlx en to preserve for you partlcular rernem brances of your hlqh school days We have endeavored to make 1t posslble for you to recapture 1n future years the unparalleled memorles of a school year complete W1th classmates dances and sports enthuslasm Th1s book symbollzes your hte at Ken H1 lt shows you at work and at play a year full of earnestness zeal v1vac1ty and fun Wh1le rem1n1sc1nq thrs year book w1ll help to recall the thrlll of recetvlnq sen1or rlnqs the ardor of exchanqlnq them the bustle of sen1or p1ctures and wallets bulqlnq Wlth lrkenesses of fellow classmates Then there were the act1v1ty p1ctures ambltrous tudents rushlnq to and fro wlth the hopes of qettrnq to each one on trme and the teachers weary of mterrupted classes ln the meant1me sen1or name cards had been ordered from Tr1 H1 Y mem bers and there was the same eagerness of collectrng them as the p1ctures Then the Sock Dance the successful annual affa1r where qrrls donned Jeans and plald shlrts and everyone parked hrs shoes 1n the check room 4 I In I I 'I Q , l '- ' I 1 1 V I- I I I I l I. ' .. . I .. S . the Momtor s Srotrnom Llab whose turkey door pr1ze turned out to be a m1n lature chocolate turkey the Camera Clubs flrst venture mto Ken HIS soctal domqs w1th the Shutter Flutter Hop complete Wllh a chosen Mr Kodak and Mtss Ansco Remember those club 1n1tat1ons when you were decked out m com1c re qaha the paddles treatmq upper classmen w1th respect and the eccentrtc ant1cs you had to perform all part of plcture Then there was the er1thus1asm that meant a football game and the an1mat1on that meant a basketball game the Joyful sp1r1t after a v1ctory and the mournful s1lence after a loss but always belnq proud of two Wonderful teams And then Sprmq the end of the year Senlors nostalq1cally puttmq away books the S1q1"l11'1Q of year books and the pomp and ceremony of qraduat1on We have s1ncerely trled to preserve for you these preclous memorles so that m future days you w1ll have a lastmq record of a school year spent at Ken H1 Smcerely The Taleoken Staff Ken H1 March 14 1949 5 . 1 11 . 1: . 1 . 1 , . .1 . . . 11 11 . 1 1 ' , . 1 1 ' 1 1 H1 aummmwwwuuw WWII UHLWEE EW IE M3353 HE Sdzaal Mr Menks typ1nq class 1S a busy place Mr Herhnqer keeps hrs hnqers crossed as he watches Dolores Campbell do an expenmenl Nhrle Wayne Harshberqer and Bob Hall look MISS Rorabaugh explalns a constructlon to Nancy whlle everyone else studres Sophomore qrrls are 1ncreas1nq the1r Ward robes Y , Wonder rt they wrll eat rt when rt s done Mrss Russell s Enqlxsh class lrstens to Brll Bee trrce s speC1al report A regular early rnornmg practrce sessron for the chorr 501 IS the scene ot Mrss Patterson s ttrst year French class W ,qf . CJ . Sckaai Gordon MICPIGG1 Inn Lovett ond Bunny Mtller ore wovlnq cr good ttrne 1n phYS1CS closs doe nt 1t'9 Come on qtrls get tho e bucks strouqht Thts btoloqy close 1S Lertcunly louqhlng t somethtnqt 1 . . . . Business machine practice looks lntereetinq, Q ' ' , ' S ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' CI l pledge allegiance to the 'lag of the Umiecl States ai Amerrca geography class Barbara Lange experiments with the new wire re order before the speech class Miss Goseiti is very patient with her Spanish f lasses IZG Miss Phillips appears to be pleased wiili her A U KA I N I g Those who are devoting their lives live in our minds lor what they have done for us to mcrkihq our lives richer cmd more fruitful. These are the people who will P Eaafzcf of Z ' Seated Mr DeS1mcre Dr Vonderhetd Mr Blackburn Mr Kronlcoskr Mr Patterson Mr Dauqhen bauqh Mr Vaughan Standmq Mr M Kean Mrss Mazur Dr Chapman No school system m Pennsylvama can come rnto ex1ste-nce or functlon wrthout the dtrectlon of 1lS Board ot Educatlon elected by the c1t1zens of the commumty New Kensmqton may Well be proud of the members ot 1ts Board of Educatlon who devote so much t1me to the qeneral planmnq and eft1 crent tunctlonrnq ot our pubhc schools Problems of frnance bulldmq per sonnel courses ot study equrpment and athletlcs requlre lonq hours of d1s cusston and 11'1V9Sl1QCIl1OH mg our last year ID the newly renovated semor h1qh bu1ld1nq The pastel shades of pamt and modern hqhtrnq rn each class room and study hall have made our senlor year eas1er and happler rn th1s pleasant env1ronment Our qratrtude to the Board of Educatlon who planned all th1s for Ken H1 The board members are Mr F E Kronkoskl presrdent Mr Ioseph Srmone v1cepres1dent Mr C H Vaughn treasurer Dr C C Vonderheld Ir Mr E H Blackburn Mr A F Dauqhenbauqh Mr lames Patterson Dr E T Chapman lS superlntendent of schools MISS Veronlca Mazur 1S secretary and Mr F W McKean 1S sohcltor 14 We, the forty-niners, feel very fortunate to have had the privilege of spend- . . . ', ' 5 . De- Swpmmlemfenl of Schaald Conqrotulotrons to the Closs of l949 You ore the forty nmth clorss to qrcrduote from the New Kensmqton l-hqh School When Commencement IS over you wrll belonq to or smoll army of over erqht thousoncl Ken Hlqh qrocluotes Moy you cxlwoys hove hcrppy memorxes of your school days Ken Hrqh Wlll olwoys be yours ond Wlll oe recrdy to serve you rn ony woy 1t con E T CHAPMAN, Supermtendent of Schools 15 I + 3 114 l W1sh I could th1nk of some rnaglc word to say rn thxs short boy and g1rl graduatmg th1s year After graduat1on you are QOIHQ to be on your own more than at any tlme before 1n your hves no matter Whether you go to college work tn a factory or an offlce For many of you th1s year W1l1 be the d1v1d1ng tlme be tween school and the expenence of earnlng a l1v1ng between boyhood and manhood g1rlhood and wornanhood D1IGCt your act1v1t1es to useful ends both for yourself and for those who are gomg to llve Wlth you Good luck to all of you H B WEAVER 16 1? Z ? greeting that would guarantee happiness and success to every ' ' afzaeyfsasuwd MISS BOUCHER MR MILLER Deon of Grrls Dlrector of Voccxironcxl School Assxstcrrt Hxqh School Prmcrpcrl MR IOHNSON MR SISLEY Supervrsor of Elementary Grades Prmmpol of Iumor Hugh School 17 emma, Iohn Armsironq Ichn Bctiste M M Buuqhmcm I L Back T A Burnett CCITIIGTIHG Cus111o Saul Dcmovuz Dorothy Ezqes Edward Ewmq florence Ewmq Io hn Armstrong Busmess Anthmehc Ceoqrcphy Umted States Hxstory 4:1 Iohn Butlsie Bookkeepmq Commerclcl Educcmon Edward Ewmq Mcxchzre Shop Pmctlce M Buuqhman Hlstory Druftmq Florence Ewmq L1brcrry IL Back MGlhGmGf1CS Economics Hlstory Guxdunce- . . 1 ' M. . . . 1 T. A. Burnett Catherine Casillo Saul Dcmovilz .7 I Doroihy Eiqes x 'K V. , I a ' f , 18 Donald Fletcher Mathematlcs Htstory Theodore Gremer Phy 1cal Educatlort Matthew Frazrer Pattern Makmq Ruth Grresemer Enqllsh Llbrary Cathenne Hood Enqhsh Latm 1949 Donald Fletcher Matthew Frame-r Carl Glock Mary Gosettl Theodore Gremer Ruth Grtesemer Dorothy Hcrrter Fred Herlmqer Catherme Hood Wtlham lefterson Carl Glock Mary Gosettx Health Atnle-tm D1rector Enqhsh Spctmsh Dorothy Harter Fred Herlmger Mathe-matlcs Che-mtstry Wrllram Ieilerson Sctence Vsual Educatlon Blcloqy , . x, t. V 19 amy, ohn Ke1ser Ahce Klmke C M Kordes H11dc1 Luub Icrnet MGfh1SOH ohn Mczusko Georqe Menk IGSSIE B Moore Henry Nulbuch Frank Olrver Iohn Kexser 4 ommercml Educcmon Cguxdcxrce Icmei Maihlson Bzology Alxce Klmke Enqhsh Drcmutlcs Speech lohn Mahsko BlO1OQY Aqnculture Henry Nalbach Electrxcuy C M Kordes Commercrcxl Education George Menk Lommercmzl Educcmon Frank Olxver Bond Orchestra Hxldu Laub r Iessxe B Moore SOCICII Studles .J -L rw'W'1 uvvdv , V' u ' .I U? D4 'V L. ! v U. Y' V 'Wil' 4. il. , JV ,I x -M", , ,' ' A 'v .x.' -rl, J v v - "2 I I " Q Q, - If f ,J Q I ' r x. Q 1 .. IS! J 'Al ' ' , ' , ' ' Ar Z0 HY Genevxeve Olmer Sewmq Kenneth Pfexiter D1str1but1ve Educahon Sadxe I Owen Enqltsh Dans Phzllxps l-lealth O I Remy Machme Shop Practtce i 71 519 of 1-1 1949 Ge-nev1eve Olmer Sad1e I Ower Rosemarxe Pascaretta LaRue Patterscn Kenneth Pfelffer Dans Ph1ll1ps Mary Vrola Phtlhps Marqaret M Potter I Remy loseph l Rtnqhoffer Rosemarie Pascaretta LaRue Patterson Phystcal Eclucatlon Mary Vxola Phllhps Global Geography Ioseph I Rmqhoffer Htstory German French Enqhsh Margaret M Potter Foods Q' I I 5 ' EG" E 4 . , . K L ,EKV l . . , , 'R ELSHSEQQT A tr , 3.5 A 1 - ty ' L ll - , V' in :" My 1 D 4 k V if aw .vi -V w 1' , 41 E I o. , 7252- 1- ' ' Fsmtcttrr 'if ' GM 'N aaoulfy Alice Rorabaugh Martha E Russell Kenneth W Slcsky lane Taylor Pelen Terwilliger Fred I Upton W L Vorlage Mrram Wackenhut Marie Walker C H Walter R F Warner Enogene W Truxel Ahce Rorabauqh ' Martha E. Russell Kenneth W. Slosky lane Taylor Latin English Driving English 22 Helen Terwilllqer English Mane Walker Mathematics Fred I Upton Related Drafting Theory C H Walter Scierce W L Vorlage Commercial Education R F Warner Mathematics Science Miriam Wackenhut Commercial Education Emoqene W Truxel Choral Director Dorothy D Crumtoy Ruth K Flolds Mary lone Kurtz Ve-romccl Mcwur Mct htldo Mttcxuskus 'vlory Arn Mtlberqer Dorothy D Crumley School Nurso Mary Iune Kurtz Secretary Mcxthllda M lauskcs Secretory Semelmm am! fVm4e4 R u Ruth K Fl6ldS School Norse Veromcu Mazur Soc etory to School Dxstrlct Mary Ann Mxlberqer Sm mtuxy Z5 P ' A x , ' . U 1, 5 ,fix , 5 , A Nm- X . Taese X he hav been our Classmates rhrauah years calf fr nas al year aare by E L M g Q lg S l Af e ' . af work ana ei pleasure. These are the paaes to which we will tum to re- -I w-if ww.. 4' rx, P ,pal Preslderrt Vrce Presrdent Secretary Tren Adwsors Mr Kordes Mrs Kh 740 S George France Rrchcxrd Brown Paul C ochrcm Io eph Cushell nke Mr Black ' Glam S! ,X SUIGI' .......................................... , .......................................................................... S .................................................,.......... . , . ' , . All good thrngs must borne to an end but httle d1d we realrze the end would come so soon R llnrscrng aj lrttle we found ourselves sophomores eagerly preparmg for theu Sophomore Hop ln l948 we were h1gh pressure salesmen elllng candy and magazines ln order to frnance the Prom the last thrrll of the enlors l school days Bfacatron came 1n the tall we were the class of 49 On September 8 tlne econd day ot school came the flrst order of enror rmgs wh1ch we proudly d1splayed to the underelassmen Class elect1on tol dent Paul C ran secretary and Ioseph Cashel treasurer We took part 1n all the 1m rtant events ot the year Special assemblres and exams gave us rellet from clas es Early IH eptem er Colao had a tough tlrne gettmg that pose for senror pxctures Ma came st and our WOIIIGS began Plans were under way tor the Class Qty program and the Semor Pnvate The toprc of the day was the Prom dazt Another spe ral day 1n May was the last school day for Semors and the long awarted Taleolcens ot l949 when Senrors thronged the halls to secure clas mates srgnatures All these events are sweet memor1es trled away forever as we look torward to the day when we w1ll appear rn the black robe ot a g aduate and leave behlnd the best years ot our llves . ! l A 5 1 . 1 , 5 1 . A I f 'V I . S 4 I ' . ,, r s ' , ' S ' . . 4 f. .' . .- lowedg the tma brought rn George France, pzjesr ent, D1ck Brown, vrce presl- l 7 I , - L 2 , , I - 1 fn I . - 5, u n 'N Z C, I C V A ' ' ' v' L ' ' Adamovrts Alex Alqtnst Andree E Armstrong R Armstrong Ashor Austm Barsler B Baker D Baker Balla Barnes Bauman Baumrller Sefuaad CHARLES ADAMOVITS Aaamov ts Industr1al Course hrstcry rs hrs favorrte class enloys all sports hangs coat m 214 lrkes to loaf ANNA LOU ALEX Known as Lou College cmd German cllrbs Tr1H1Y Scnpt and Score and Choir mterested rn sltatmg languages and Iohnny college bound CEORGE ALOUIST Known as Herman essentral Bard member General Course remembers Stewart School belongs to the famous Drclc Bud and Herm trto LORA LEE ANDREE Lee Tr1H1Y German and Commercral Cldbs remembers P I H S and cheerleadrng em ys danc1ng future secretary loves to srng rn German class ELLA MAE ARMSTRONG Red School Photo Bug Classrcal Course lrlces Spamsh class Tr1H1Y Taleoker Staff N H S Camera and Geography Clubs memor1es of chool lunch hour future teacher ROBERT ARMSTRONGW Butch Classxcal Course H Y Monltors Clubs compet1t1on for Harry lames loves musrc emoys playmg for dances Hand book Staff wrll attend college LOTUS? ASHOR Classlcal Course remembers Mr Herlrngers h rmstry iss Tr1H1Y Home En Club Ch 1r AUDREY AUSTIN Wrta Classlcal Course Trl Hx Y Leaders College and Camera Clubs enloys physrcal sr' ence plans to go to college asplres to become a dretrtran ROY DEVERE BAISLER Remembers speech class Class1cal Course College Club enloys musrc plans to attend Threl College BERTHA B BAKER Bert Classrcal Course Tr1H1Y Geography Clubs heads our Ma1orettes remembers football games and Band camp swoors when Perry Como smgs Because DOROTHY IEAN BAKER Dot Drstrrbutrve Educatxon Club remembers 48 football games enloys roller skatrng future buslness executxve or nurse home 15 214 IOHN BALLA Nrckname Arun Industnal Course favors rrg shop holds most of hrs pleasart memorxes lrlces huntrng f1sh1ng future servrceman reports to 214 HARRY B BARNES ludge H1Y and Dramatlc Clubs favonte class health Machme Shop Course seen at drug store wrth the boys emoys all sports ROBERT BAUMAN Bob Classlcal Course Taleoken Kentonlan H1 Y Geography clubs wants to see Alaska hrs hobby IS Collectlng guns NANCY BAUMILLER Cute cheerleader beautrful flashmg smrle belongs to Tr1H1Y and Red Cross wr always have pleasart memcrles of cheerleadmg hoobres are sports and danc1ng future plans are college Z8 O I , , , . . B A 9 ' Vli , 4- - , r .. ,f , .f Ol . . . enroys Spanlsh Class . . . plans to attend college. . . . V '- . . . 'll 1949 "Q ROBERT BAXTER Bob hrs home room rs 214 Indus tr1al Course emoys health class regular attender at football games future truck drrver WILLIAM BLESTRICE Ntckname IS B111 very talkatrve blushes easrly favorzte subyect IS health takes General Course hObb19S are huntmg and skatmg future ts work ANTHONY BELLI General Course l1kes geography class best known as an ace trombom t plars to be an automobrle salesman HAROLD BENNETT Sonny D E student most mterested rn math contxnually dreammg of Mary Lou tough football player l1kes huntrn frshmg future manager of a c fun sto e LA li fl: M5175 'I' 6 wt ANGZILO lZLBER'A!BDONE Ch1d Mac 1r1st Ccurse f dfuoys health Y Dfignatnc C ub Chotr l1kes s ngrng tb tqudfktglk g to Mr Mrller played Tradgkih baiketball future Arr Cadet drslrkes stuck ups E EARL BERKEY Better known as Berk Vocatronal student has pleasant memorres of mnth grade graduatton has chosen radro mamtenarce as hrs future work WANDA LEE BEVAN Wanme Classtcal Course rr H1 Y member l1kes to remember her Iunror Prom wtth Harold plans to be a dental hygremst ll vf IOHN BLACK Bud Dramatrc Geography ard College Clubs Scrrpt and Score and Band Famous for hts gurtar and poems future musrcxan GEORGE E BOBONIK Machm1st collects gtrls prctures ardent football fan remembers Trade School machrne hop Arr Force bound vtsrts Tarentum often NORMA IEAN BOLT Bolts formerly of New Castle has ford memorres of cuttmg classes and decoratrng for the prcm last year College Commerclal and Leaders Clubs also Tn H1 Y and Choxr I-IELEN BORATYN Geography and Home Economrcs Clubs Ken toman Staff football and basketball typmg plans to be a secretary DIANE BORDONARO Bords remembers I-I l1kes Spanrsh P O D a plres to be a Journalrst TrxI'l1Y oken and College Club DONNA IEAN BORDONARO Classrcal Course an emoys P G class and and Dave Kentoman Tale l1kes all her sublects Scrrpt and Score Chcrr Geography Club Tr1H1Y College Club Kentoman l1kes to twrrl a baton pamt dance and swrm IOSEPI-I BOSSO Bczo plans to become a dentlst Classrcal Course favorrte class health plays bas ketball unpleasant memorres of trme spent rn offrce College Club Semor Red Cross Dramatrc Club IACK BOWSER Vocatronal Studert pattern worker energet1c devrlrsh l1kes health class ccllects stamps and prctures enthusrasnc about football future plans rnclude the Navy t 1 K Baxter Beestnce Bennett Berardone Bevan Black 0 1 Boratyn D l Bordonaro Bosso Bellr Berkey Bobonrk D Bordonaro Bowse , V - J- fr 1 C 4 ' Q? 1 Ill I I ... 4 ..'. 1 ,KQJJ 3 .A-' I' H'-H..l, xx 1 In I 'I I X' -A T., I' ...,yT.t."" 1A... fps, H I H lb ,rf A . U ... 4x ' " 7' Q - Y ll EH H n 5 ' D.. f K' 5 P.I..S...i' ,... " ...I 'I va- I H I .,. X ' lx ks 7,, -of I' x I I , I ' Q' Bl . . ' . 'A lt ,' l b f I ,h ,. J X ' M - P .x v N 3 ' 'NX I A v K ll K5 Xp X H YF X ,xx 29 Semen THOMAS BRETTHAUER Lefty takes Clas ical Course and belongs to Dramatic Club track star remembers Mr l-iaddens first year German class mam hobby girls future naval offrcer VVlLLlAM BBINSKO Takes Machinest Course favorite class rig everyone calls him Bill likes to htrnt and ish likes his home room 214 IEAN BRlSCOE General Course likes all her subiects Geography Cu has happy memories of Stcwart School wishes to be a telephone operator AUDREV ETTA BROOKS Mop Maiorettes Leaders Club Choir Dramatic Club and chaplain of Tri H1 Y hobbies are namely Sam Carence and Bruce quote Sock Darce of 1948 Wow General Ccurse RlCl-1ARD BROVVN Dick Classical Course vice presidcnt of Senio Class everybodys friend members Ambridge aame football basketball and baseball player plans to attend college NORMAN BRUCE Bean Classical Course happiest in music history l-l1Y College and Geography Clubs enioys basketball and baseball pans to 1o1n .Army Air Force DONALD R BUCKNER Buck Clas ical Course favciit subJectBancl H1Y Choir Script and Score memories include going to the football games with the Bard music career LESTER BURLBAUGH Les Commercral Course plays baseball Band auto clrrving favorite class has memories of lfen H1 s great football teams plans to go in busines for himself DORIS C CALABRESE Dor Classical Course fond memories of football and baske ball games hobby imitating likes P O D college bound brown is her favorite color ALlCE IOAN CALLAHAIN Commercral Course bookkeeping is her subiect choice typist for Kentonran pep squad freshman and sophomore years at Stewart were happy ore to attend Duff s Commercial Ccllege DARLENE CAMPBILLL Dar D E Course D E Club Home EC Club remembers freshman year future as telephone operator or housewife interested in the Air Force ROBERT I CAMPBELL Vocational Course likes English Cam basketbal player pastime flirting with all the girls pla s o be a basketball coach coNsTANcE CARNAB -Jcomie rf1H1Y Bend Ken tonian Staff Ge ral Course happy memcries of football gam s pans to be a secretary or telephone operator ROCCO CARTISANO ed Cross, College Club . . . Rocky . . . likes che 'stry . . . Classical Course . . . will rever forget days t' Stewart S lx . . hobby, dancing . . . plans to ter advertisi field. ALBERTA LXCMUSO--Co ercial Ccurse . . likes English . . . likes toTernember fo all games , . obby, dancing . . . ' rest in Oakm ntff. . listens o ay hn Monroe. x yt J T E B so Bretthauer Brooks Buckner Callahan Carnabucci Brinsko Brown Burlbaugh D. Campbell Cartisaro Briscoe Bruce Calabrese R. Campbell Caruso Cashell Chorba M Conroy Crttchlow Curclo f e tazzo Cochran Conway Crouse Dahm ervenak L Conroy L ourson Cunnrngharn D Andrea 1949 IOSEPH CASHELL Iumor Classrcal Course fond memorres ot days at Stewart hobb es huntmg and frshmg College Club RAYMOND CENTAZZO Ray Patternmaker enjoys shop lrkes playrng pool durtng hrs lunch hour hobby musrc ncertam plans EDMUND CERVENAK General Co.1rse Cervy lrked draftmg H1Y Dramatrc Geography clubs hobby huntrng 1ts the Marmes for Ed RAYMOND CHORBA Chorb Classrral Course lrked chemtstry H1Y Monrtors N H S Handbook Staff Dance Band memorzes of football games as plans for college PAUL COCHRAN Ltke musrc theory sport baseball Band Scrrpt and Sccre College Club Dance Band Doodle plans to take up musrc former student at Stewart LARRY CONROY Larry favors trrgonometry hobby burldrng kayaks watts for srx week perrod for hrs grades plans to attend college takmg General Course MARGARET CONROY Margre Classrcal Course I1 H1 Y Geography Club grrls chorus remembers D T thmks of Mrke plans to be a nurse has trav eled JD South Amerrca hrs hobbres are skattng and washrng drshes ore ol Mr Kordes boys rn 213 Navy bound EUGENE STANLEY COURSON Stush Classrcal Course wrll remember health clas and the mad rush n e halls plans to go to the Army RICHARD CRITCHLOW Crrtch Machtnrst hkes draft 1ng remembers when he was caught playmg hooky played basketball for Trade School ROBERT CROUSE Babe Classrcal Course College Club Geography Club played iootball basketball hrs hobby rs sports plans to go to college CHARLES CUNNINGHAM lndu trral Course Englrsh class rs best Wrll remember the football games plans to srgn up rn the Army after graduatron MARY CURCIO Ccrks Commercral Course Commer cral Club a good shorthand student hobbres are sewtng and mustc wrll remember typtng class plans to be a secretary DOLORES DAHM Dolly Classtcal Course presrdent of Home Economrcs Club plans to enter nursmg er motto IS ltfe rs what you make rt ANGELINA MARIE DANDREA Commercral student ltkes health class and the teacher nrcknamed Angre lrkes readmg ard sewrng plans to be a secretary or beautzcran remembers sophcmore year 31 RAY CONWAYv"Legs" . . . Machinist . . . likes shop work . . . -" "...2l3... ' David Delasin Dohmen Dunbar Dupltnski Davies Deleo DuBois Dunlap Dztengelewski Day DiFonso Duffy Dunn Eazer ANNIE DAVID Se-mor Tr1HrY Home Ec Club member remembers games and summer school wants to be a sports wrrter hobbres are readmg stngrng hockey and baseball ARCHIE DAVIES D122 Academtc studert spectal rn terest rs German says he has lots of school memorres has many plans for the future lOANNE DAY Commercral Course mcknamed I lrkes to dance to Srboney member of Seruor Tr1 H1 Y Red Cross and Commercral Clubs thrnlcs back on P I H S football games and prom LEE DELASIN Classrcal student who lrkes physrcs belongs to Assembly Staff College Club and Dramatrc Club Lrkes showrng movtes and radro future plans rrclucle college ELEANOR DELEO- Al Wtll always remember health class entoys skattng swtmmrng and dancrng wants to be a secretary pals Wllh Lrl sorry to leave the football games behtnd THERESA DIFONSO Drstrrbutrve Educatron Course Tres would lrke to become a telephone operator danc 1ng swrmmrng and slcatrng are favorrtes amorg her vctrrous hcbbres lrkes Englxsh lOHN M DOHMEN lack lndustrral Course lrkee hrs class rn pattern malctng so much he plans to become a patternmaker enjoys outdoor sports one of the quret ones rn sectron room ALFRED E DUBOIS Favorrte class IS rapzd cal remembers those l947 football games belorgs to Geog raphy Club plans to Work rr a servtce statron DOLORES DUFFY Duffey Classtcal Qaurse Dolores entoys her musrc hrstory class Tr1H1 Y Taleoken Staff H excrtrng memorles of school are the football games whrch Ken H1 won favorrte hobby ts ar plans for the future undectded IAMES A DUNBAR hm Classtcal Course most rm portant subtect rs physrcs College Club Natronal lumor Honor Soctety hobby rs boat racmg pleasant memorres of school were the ophomore year future metallurgtst DONNA MAE DUNLAP Classrcal Course keenly mterested rn typmg Dorna Wrrtes poems and draws plans for the future are unclectded sectron room 213 NANCY DUNN Classrcal Course favortte subtect IS Chem tstry Tr1H1Y Leaders Club pleasant memorres of school are the lunrcr and Sen or Prom l948 Sock Dance October l948 expects to attend College Unrverslty of Mramt Flortda VIOLET DUPLINSKY V Dlstrrbutrve Educatton Course lrkes to recall the football games of l94'7 favortte hob bres are slcatmg and swtrnmrng Drstrtbutrve Educa trcn Club DOROTHY DZIENGELEWSKI lrngles Classrcal Course lrkes to go to health class Home Ec Club hobby 1S sewmg a future rurse pleasant memorres are the frrst and last days of school pals W1th Dolly CIDNEY EAZER Buck Classtcal Course favorrte sub te-ct ts publtc speakmg Red Cro s Club College Club pleasant memorres of bemg drsmrssed from school when games were won hobby IS gorng to football and bas lcetball games school chum Hoody Eldot Faust Fmk D Foqle Fowler Sefuou ly! 1 RUTH FRAZIER Albany Tr1HlY Taleoken Staff Ken tontan Bank Staff recalls cheerleadmg P I H S toys Ken H1 and Arnold basketball games pals wtth Iantce and Beverly AUGUST FREDA Augte Classtcal Course prefers chem1stry College Club Chotr German Club remembers last years prom and baseball and football aames lzkes to buxld planes Notre Dame bound GERTRUDE MAE FRY General Course hkes bookkeepmg Tr1H1Y Geography Club wtll remember the Prom and rootball games lrkes to skate future book keeper once attended Parnassus Iunzor H1gh School ROSE GALE 212 D1str1but1ve Educauon Course belongs to D E Club enthusrastxc about the football games hkes skatmg and dr1v1ng REBA I GARNER Commerc1al Course parttal to bookkeep mg Tn H1 Y remembers Trr Ht Y truttatton ltkes to wrxte letters blonde ha1r reports to room 2l2 BEVERLY GEIGER Bev General Course eager to learn musrc theory Band and Orchestra remembers all county Band Festtval and 401 study halls lrkes to skate and go to the movres hopes to go to Cahforma VIOLA GERQRT V Classtcal Course ltkes publtc speaktnq Sr Tn Hr Y College Club pleasart memones of Tn H1 Y Sock Dance Stewlart School proms liYes horseback r1d1ng swlmrntng dgncmg rs a future nurse PATRICIA GIESLER Pat General Course favonte class ll Enghsh Trll-IY Home Economrcs Club Geography Club Taleoken Staff happy memorres of Iumor Prom a future nurse known as the g1rl wrth the frtendly smtle and cheery word 1n the cafetena DOROTHY GIGLER Grg Gereral Course prefers drwmg and home economrcs Geography Club remembers Ken H1 Allentown football game lmkes to sew and read ROBERT GLOVIER 212 Class1cal Course German Club football games are outstandrng memcrtes hkes golf and 1ce skate KATHRYN GOLL Katre Cla srcal Course prefers health class Tr1H1Y Taleoken Staff Leaders Club College Club had a good trme makmg punch for Prom collects souven1rs for Stunt Book college ln the fall charmrng persoralrty DOLORES GRABOWSKI Cookre D E Course Club remembers sophomore geography class hkes to dance read and cook EUGENE GRAHAM Red Classtcal Course remembers W P I A L hohdays baseball star agnculture ts hrs favorrte class emoys sports future brtck layer HOWARD GRANTZ Classtcal student pleasant memorres of soltd geometry class College Club hobby hunt mg wants to attend Bxble School and become a mrs sronary HELEN GREER Peppy cheerleader General Course pres1dent of Tr1H1Y Chorr Taleoken Staff College Club enjoyed the Iumor Prom sparkhrg per sonaltty college next fall 34 Frazier Gale Gerber! Glovier Graham Freda Garner Giesler Go Grantz Geiger Gigler Grabowski Greer x K LUJVAJ N Mft M0 .J Guerrm -E-CHHKW' Hardy 'HdTtge B Hartman Haser R! r.,-...,1,,. Helqley rn e Herster 1949 DONALD GUERRIN Duck clarms Enghsh 1S hrs most helpful sublect Taleoken Staff Geography Club Kentoman Staff follows General Course trterested 1n free lance lournalfsm MARY HADDAD Prefers shorthand Commercral Club Tale oken Staff Bank Staff Nattonal Honor Socrety pleasant mernortes of football games asp1res to be a secretary RONALD HANNA Corky Classrcal Course H1Y Geography Club often thmks of the P I H S Fresh man Prom hcbbres are basketball and swtmmmg plars to 1o1n the Army ADELE HARDY D1str1but1ve Educatton Course Frenchte fond memorres of P I H S Ere hman Prom emoys dancmg and swlmrmng future telephone operator WILLIAM HARRIS Butlds radtos Classtcal student w1ll always remember the Ken H1 Allentown game prefers phys cs class wants to be a rad1o techmcran CHARLOTTE L HARTGE Mus1c enthus1ast follows Classxcal Course Orchestra German Club emoys mustc theory plans to study mustc at P M I remembers when orchestra went to Prttsburgh Symphony Orchestra concert BETTY HARTMAN Betts Dxstrrbutxve Educatron Course favorrte subyect 15 Ereddte Lee pleasant memorres of last years football games her mterests he tn an ex sallor good at drafttrg always hkes a day off a member of Trade School basketball team a future draftsman ROBERT HARTMANN Bob Classrcal Course hkes phystcs belongs to the Band college rn Septem er especrally remembers the l946 football game wtth Beaver Falls IOHN HASER Iohnny Classrcal Course ore of our outstandmg football players kncwn to be the strong s1lent type lrkes pubhc speaktng and Journaltsm RICHARD HEASLEY Huck emoys Englrsh class really had a good trme tn Tom Sawyer play college to take up Journallsm belongs to H1 Y Dramatrc Club Chorr Kentonrar' Staff known as the ltttle boy wrth the b1g personaltty PAUL HEFFELFINGER General Ccurse favor1te class f rt can be called such 15 study hall pleasant memorres of sophomore Englrsh class the army 1S hrs future BEVERLY IEANNE HEIGLEY Bev General Course favorrte sub1ect ts agrrculture belongs to Tr1l-I1Y Geography Club a future Wave comphmented for her pretty blond har MARY ELLEN HEINLE Bea Classtcal Course prefers Engllsh Tr1H1Y Taleoker Staff College Club hkes to read and swrm w1ll be a Journalrst er frrends wtll remember her for her sweet smtle and charm mg perscralrty IOSEPI-I HEISTER Ioe Class cal Course ltkes Eng IS belongs to Geography Club plans to attend college fond of talkma 35 .I yy' W gt 'k,..QfS3-" Av - 'XXL' ' 'W' I . . ,:yn,,h2jv, Y 5 C' f t yu-1 lf' U' It Cf Wm CHARLES HARTMAN-"Charley" . . . Industrial Course . . . f . . . ' , 1 I 1 ff ff- , C. s . , ..,.. ,H . - 1 A- ' I 4. L62 L, , x., t LLL -r,,lJ L,L in X Q X. H- , v . N of' .I I Q X -gh A 5 I ,J 5 V N X., Xl.. L! X 1 IV EK. X" W I 3 ' ,, If 1 "V I V My A I K ,V y I ' X AJ, . L xx If SX X 'XNN N 'J U -r ee, , xg K .. . Helenski I-Ienery Hicks C. Hill L. Hilliard W. Hilliard Hohn Holeva Howe Hrabczuk Hess I. Hill Hobaugh Hourigan Hrivnak . W , , Kun, Q REGINA I-IELENSKI-"Virgie" is a Commercial student . . . favorite subject, health . . . Commercial Club . . . collects pictures . . . finds something attractive about Eighth Street . . . future secretary. SARAH LOUISE HENERYi"Saraha". . . D. E. Club . . . plans to take organ lessons and attend beauty school . . . likes the Little Theater presentations . . . hobbies include read- ing, bowling, and piano. DOLORES I-IESS-Commercial Course . . . Majorette . . . Tri-Hi-Y . . . "DoDo" remembers a happy time at the Iunior Prom . . . hobbies are dancing and sports . . . would like to travel. CHARLES HICKS+"Chuck" . . . is a classical student . . . likes to study English , . . quiet in a talkative sort of a way . . . pastime, reading . , . plans to join the Navy. CHARLES HILL-"Bubbles" is a Patternmaker , . . Trade School boy . . . works at Ken Kamera . . . reports to Mr. Black in 211 . . . "Uncle Sam" will decide his future. IOAN HILL-Nickname "Io" . . . Tri-Hi-Y . . . College Club . , . has happy recollections of tenth grade at Stewart . . . favorite subject, public speaking . . . will take up home economics at Indiana. LUCILLE HILLIARD-Interested in geography . . . likes the as- semblies in 401 . . . General Course . . . favorite pastimes. reading arid movies . . . 211 . . . will be a telephone operator. WILLIAM I-IILI.IARDeHis friends call him "Bill" . . . enjoys hunting and boating . . . attended the football games . . . much interested in chemistry . . . future plans include the air corps. AUDREY HOBAUGHvComes from Valley Heights . . . Script and Score . . . TrifHi-Y and Commercial Club . . . enjoys being in Choir . . . pleasant smile . . . desires a secretarial position. WILLIAM HOHN-"Wee Willy" . . . Industrial Course . . . his- tory is his preferred subject . . . member of DeMolay . . . basketball player . . . 211 . . . wants to be a baker. DOLORES HOLEVA-"Dorie" . . . Leaders' Club, College Club . . . Tri-Hi-Y . . . Red Cross . . . remembers the football sea- son . . . a future nurse. NORMA HOURIGAN-Classical Course . . . likes health class . . . Leaders' Club , . . Tri-Hi-Y, College Club . . . basketball star . . . aspires to be a nurse . . . naturally curly hair . . . "Giggles" BLAIR HOWE-211 . . . Electrician Course . . . Trade School . . . basketball squad for 2 years . . . hobby is building model airplanes . . . future plans include the Navy. GEORGE HRABCZUK, IR.-' Rub" . . . Industrial Course . . . from Trade School . . . best class is related drafting . . . plays basketball . . . hobbies are sleeping, loafing, and driving . . . future barber. ANDREW HRIVNAK-Health class is popular with "Shorty" . . . will always remember Hi-Y initiation . . . collects records . . . wants to be a pilot . . . likes sweet music and Mary lane. I f K L I ' L A . fx Ji" P 'i. -1 ,fl e A l L..' 36 !.6,L-ff l L, 1949 HARRY IRELAND Zap Kentonxan ed1tor secretary Dramat1c club Taleoken Staff College ard Camera Clubs GCIIV9 1n DeMolay affa1rs l1kes Ken H1 orgamzed Defeated Deweynes IOHN IVERSON Pee Wee Class1cal Course l1kes publ1c speak1ng MOUIIOTS H1Y Dramat1c Club Band Dance Band many memones of Band tr1ps terested 1n mus1c future engmeer dxd flne work as head Ma1or ALICE IACK Kentoman Staff Tr1H1Y l1kes mus1c h1stcry class often seen at W1llows remembers football games wavy ha1r w1l1 take up phys1cal educa IIOH IAMES R IACK Plays trombone 1n Band Class1cal Course rm College Club w1ll go to Penn State a nat1ve of Butler hobb1es are sw1mm1ng and dr1v1ng BERNICE IARACZ Shorty Tn H1 Y remembers gab sessxons held 1n home room future pulse feeler l1kes rap1d cal class ccllects records l1kes to sw1m HARRY FILLMORE IOHNS Flash Patternmaker l1kes shop and shop teacher future carpenter hobbies are sw1mm1ng boat r1d1ng and guni Cnc LARRY IOHNSON General Course Iones a l1kes health class best of all hang coat 1n room Q Q 'J future ,4- LINDA IOHNSTON Erloys health and Span1sh classes remembers school dances and football games neat dresser l1kes drummers future a1rl1ne hostess Ma1orettes Ann1e alumna of St losephs ANNA E IURGAITES 1nterested IH sew1ng and dr1v1ng H future secretary ADAM W KAMINSKI Babe plans to be a coal m1ner cant WGII for last day of school enyoys h1story class CATHERINE KAMINSKI Kathre future housew1fe happ1est 1n her sophomore year D1str1but1ve Edua t1on Club FRANK KAMINSKY Frankle MGChlHS Shop Course Coast Guard mater1al keen about sw1mm1ng and f1sh1ng MARTHA LOU KAPALKA Future temperature taker cellent accord1an1st Kenton1an Staff College Club Mart1e Lou NICK KAYAFAS N1cky loves school Ken HIS Gene Krupa plans a med1cal career Band H1 Y GEORGE KEIBLER Very undec1ded about h1s future names htstory as h1s IGVOIIIS subject General Course 37 Ireland I ack Iohnson A Kam1nsk1 Kapalka Iverson Iaracz lohnston C Kam1nsk1 Kayafas A lack lohns Iurga1tes F Kammsky Ke1b1er ' ' "y , In if 1 'zxgi ,M-,.,.. Y "...tll.,. I .., 5 ' 211 sf, ,., .ve A U - ...ex- -I 'I'-fl:-P Jlavdk S Kan-,N RONALD KETTZER Keitzer class de esparol friend Brain MARGARET KELLER Quiet speaking remembers football games roller skating is her hobby plans to be an interior decorator General Course looks forward to M1ss Gosetti s future naturalist everyone s called Peg emoys public LEONA M KERR Lu Lu future secretary Bank Staff loves football games Commercial Course friendly nioys horthand class remembers the Freshman Prom at P l H S ADELE KHALIL Debie a1ms to be a typist Tri H1Y Leaders Club Commercial Club Kentcman Staff lovely black hair loves semor health class IOSEPH KING- Bud says Ergllsh is hrs favorite subiect emoys hunting and fishing plans to be a good ma chinest NANCY LEE KIRKWOOD Nanc General Course ri l-l1Y remembers lr home room 205 likes turned up noses and sport clothes future business woman EUNICE KISER Eun Classical Course likes to wcrk 1n chemlstry lab Taleoken Staff Leaders Club r H1Y Choir College Club her Jurior year was the best ln: s Stardust EILEEN KLINE L1zz1e future nurse Classical student prefers Latin likes to dance ard eat Abe is her main interest GERTRUDE KOPEREK Dorcas General Course likes French ll Choir Scr1pt and Score Tri H1 Y Taleoken Staff reads poetry and listens to good music hopes to be an cpera tar AUDREY KOPP Pretty blonde hair dancing and writirg letters are her hobbies wants to be a nur e members tenth grade and Ambridge game Com mercial Club HOWARD KOSTICK Corky Dzstributive Education Course D E lub cross country in 48 his plans rnclude the Coast Guards cadet 1n the Civil Air Patrol HARRY KOWALCZIK Russian Patternmaker likes history best of all remembers Upper Burrell Town ship likes to read and draw irtends to fcllow patternmaking. RENALDO E. KOZIKOWSKI-"Kozi" . , . General Course . . . likes health . . . Geography Club . . . will never forget football at Vandergrift . . . plays football, basketball, and baseball . . . future coach . . . made All-Star team. ALFONS KRUSE-"Al". . . P. I. H. S .... favorite subject health . . . collects stamps . . . finds the Marines inviting . . . belongs to Polish Falcons. IO ANN KULlCKfDancir1g and eating are among her pas' times . . . sophcmore hop a viv' ' emory . . . aspires to be a private secretary . . . Tri- ' , Leaders Club, Com- mercial Club. X. J ' 1 y l X K. 'J 38 Keitzer Khalil Kiser Kopp Kozikowski Keller Kerr King Kirkwood Kline Koperek Kostick Kowalczik Kruse Kulick Kwiatkowski La Russa Leah Lipski Luffy Lacir ski Lavick Lecce Lovett Lukehart l . Q3 Lange Lawson Linney Lucci Slfachuga 1949 FRANK R. KWIATKOWSKI-Big Frank pals with Kozi . . . hopes to attend college . . . loves to play football and basket- ball . , . also enjoys fishing . . . he, too, likes health class . . . Classical Course. VIOLET LACINSKI-"Val" . . . Distributive Education Course . . . hopes to be a dress designer . . . remembers sophomore biology class . . . likes men who are over six feet tall . . . enjoys swimming. BARBARA ANN LANGE-fTri-Hi-Y, Choir, Leaders Club . . . "Bobby" . . . remembers Chemistry lab . . . likes football es of I nior Prom . . . fplayersl . . . likes getting up on cold, are reading and driving . . . . General Course . . . most g . Com- secretary . . . enthusiast . . . sec- retarial future. CURTIS LAWSCN-"Curt" . . . Classical student . . . enjoys physics' class . . . College club . . . interested in photog- Xraphy . . . plans to be an architect. 'R ROBERT LEA!-I-Classical Course . . . Bob plans to go to college t . . .l remembers Mr.. l-lerlinger's chemistry lab and 1947 Vandergrift game ff. . favorite subject is public speak- ' ing . . . College Club. LLECNARDAIICTOR LECCE-"Babe" enjoys driving new cars and datiag beautiful girls . . . Choir, Geography Club . . . 3, Hi-Y . . . College Club . . . remembers decorating for last N yecrr's prom. FEDWARD LlNNEYW"Limy" . . . l-li-Y, College Club . . . enjoys A , chemistry class . . . remembers decorating for Iunicr-Senior Prom . i . plans to attend college . . . Classical Course. EDWARD LIPSKI-"Lip" . . . Classical Course . . . good in ad- vanced algebra and health . . . Assembly Staff . . . re- members football games . . . plays baseball . . . a po- tential engineer. IAMES R. LOVETT-"lim" . . . Classical Course . . . Band and Choir . . . collects old coins . 210, his home rocm . . ., plans to attend medical school. - I PATSY E. LUCCII l1',4BdHd, crfoif, Drcqnoticfqiid Script and score, Qlubsff . 4 remembers football games L' . . srriooth dancer ,. ff. , . likes to play' the drlurns . interested irf majorettes. IAMES LUFFY-"Luf" . Nlac inest . favorite class is trig . . . has ford recollections of. Stewart School . . . enjoys hunt- ing . . . expects to follow rnachinest trade in the future. Sl-HRLEY ANN LUKEHARTA-"ghirl" . . . enjoyed health class , . . Commercial Club . . . remembers football games . . future nurse . . . interested in a certain marine. MARGAR MACHUGAA-"Margie" . . . Classical Course . . . Choi, Tri-Hi-Y, College, and Geography Clubs . . . Ken- tonian Staff . . . charming personality . . , junior Prom is outstanding social event . . . future nurse. 5 39 1 Magee Mahan Malone Mangone Marco Martonik Mason McCain McCall H. McElroy M. E. McElroy McFall D. McNutt D. McNutt Mele V I , . . 1 1 .W yi? yn, . ny' . Q J ' 'Q ' y q- -. .r LOIS IEAN MAGEE-Commercial Course . . , short and cute . . . Commercial and Leaders Clubs . . . Bank Staff . . . would like to be a secretary . . . favorite song. "It's Magic." KATHLEEN RAE MAHANA--"Kay" . . . Classical Course . . . beautiful brown hair . . . remembers the basketball games . . . thinks l3 is a lucky number . . . future nurse. IOANN MALONE-"lo" . . . Classical Course . . . believes health class is best . . . Trivf-li-Y and Hcme Economics Club . . . often thinks of Iunior Prom . . . plans to enter nursing in future. PATRICIA MANGONE-"Pat" . . . Commercial Course . . . a good shorthand student . . . Leaders and Commercial Clubs . . . an ardent basketball fan . . . works at Murphy's 5 6 lO . . . a probable secretary. LQRRAINE MARCO-Beautif singer . . . takes Classical Course . . . best periods are hoir and Spanish . . . belongs to Script a S ore eoken Staff. Tri'Hi-Y, Dramatic and Coll e ub . snappy majorette . . . remembers Iu- riio o . .1 re radio expert. M M -Nickname . . . Vocational student . . . es cially good in drafting . . . belongs to Choir . . . X hobby' is raising pigeons . . . future college man and X - draftsman. R. BRYANT MASONeClassical Course . . . likes to be in German class . . . belongs to German, Camera and College Clubs . . . e'njoys lab work in chemistry . . . hobbies are radio, photofgraphy, model airplanes . . . may specialize in ' chemical engineering. SHIRLEY MCCAIN-f"Shirl" . . . neat and fashionably dressed . . . ' likes music-history , . . belongs to Choir, Tri-Hi-Y , . . -.4 Kentonian Staff, Leade-r's Club, Geography Club, and Taleo- ken Staff . . . enjoys swimming and dancing . . . considering being a mortician. SHlRLEY McCALLaTakes General Course . . . Shirley's favorite class is chemistry . . . hobby is sewing . . . comes from Freeport . . . really likes all her subjects . . . future nurse. HAROLD MCELROY-"Maggie" . . . home room 210 . . . Machin- ist . . . English is the class he likes best . . . mechanically inclined. MARY ELLEN McELROYeKentonian reporter . . . Classical Course . . . does her primping in room 210 . . . favorite subject is shorthand . . . hobby is dancing . . . future plans include nursing. MARY MARGARET MCFALL-Nickname "PeeWee". . . Come mercial Course . . . favorite subject is health . . . belongs to Red Cross . . . likes to attend football and basketball games . . . hobby is collecting pictures . . . future stenographer. DOLORES MCNUTT-Commercial Course . . . nickname "Dolly" . . . belongs to Tri-Hi'Y. Commercial, Geography Clubs . . . remembers dates and parties . . . likes to travel and write letters . . . came from P. I. H. S. DONALD MCNUTT-Classical Course . . . "Nuts" . . . works hard in algebra . . . onetime Vocational student . . . star football player . . . song choice is "Dorie" . . . won the Little Abner contest . . . National Honor Society. THERESA MELE-"Terry" . . . Commercial Course . . . typirg. her best subject . . . Tri-Hi-Y, Kentonian typist, Band . . . football fan . . . fond of Ford City . . . future plans. to be a secretary. 40 O 1949 DOLORES A MERLINA Classrcal Course lrkes Englrsh Leaders Club Attendance Staff Chorr College Club Dory readrng rs her hobby future plans nursrrg or college GORDON MICHEL Gay Classrcal Course lrkes all hrs subrects hobbres are Irshrng camprng and sports may enter college next fa I-IrY College Club loctball Ian GEORGE MILISITS Tottre chose Patternmakrng as hrs vo catron hrs subyect chorce rs drattrng remembers the strrke rn hrs runror year plans to rom the servrce CHARLES E C MILLER Bunry Classrcal Course lrkes health Monrtors Hr Y College Club memorres of workrng rn chemrstry lab hobbres movres and most rmportant Grrls' Calrtornra bound DONALD LEROY MILLER Mrller lrkes publrc peakrng General Course ' Dramatrc Club remembers class day pho rfplly rs hrs hobby plans to own a truckrng com IAMES R welt crqmmr cqms 11 S hearth ly Stal ollege ub Dramatrc lub lrkes to mber rom lgsfsall player hobbres are rw spzis sle vn a d enrngy interested rr Deborah Q ENR J- azre 7 Lommercral Course em P3 of s phomore year spends trme wrrtrng red harr excellent secretarral possrbrlrtres Score Dramatrc Club College Club remembers hrs frrst solo rn the sprrng Iestrval hobbres musrc dancrng and eatrng antrcrpates a musrcal career or accountrng RAY DWANE MINNICK Mrrnre Drstrrbutrve Educatron Course D E Club Assembly Staff Crvrl Arr Patrol DeMolay lrstenrng to records rs hrs hobby future mortrcran or merchant MARION MISKINIS Emoyed chemrstry Cla srcal Course N H S Trr Hr Y Leaders Club remembers Workrng rn the lab hobbres readrng swrmmrng college IO N MIZ K I d e r graduatron enroys e tr ans to be a VICG U1 CISIYI WILLIAM MORROW Bulldog lassrcal Course I-IrY Red Cross College Club erroyed publrc speakrng remembers chemrstry lab frlth perrcd hobbres are drrvrng and grrls plans mclude dresel school ANN MOYES Moyes Commercral Course Malorette helped to decorate for Prom emoyed study hall rnterested rn berng a mortrcran pals wrth Srs party hostess future undecrded IOSEPH G MRVAN Coat Frrendly Crrcle Club most rrterestmg classes are hrstory and math proud of our football team plays baseball collects corns MARY LOU MURTI-IA Murt remembers Oh What It Seemed To Be lrkes to dance pleasrng persor alrty Trrl-l1Y Chorr Leaders Club Scrrpt and Score Taleoken Merlrna C Mrller M Mrller Mrskrnrs Moyes 41 Mrchel D Mrller Mrllrgram M zak Mrvan Mrlrsrts I Mrller Mrnnrck Morrow Murtha 4f'x" .f ,, ,4!s 9 I EI, V ll. I A l- - sern Qv"C JET , ' . . . ' re . . . . ' .IV A V L N, WXXM ,, f . :ME IS LE I EMERSON N. LLIGRAM-Classical Course . . . Script and H " " .. O. . . o 'D l ct' o .. Q.-tr r o i d ' A ub .. e s r ri ' ' . . p n . -" " . . .21 . . ' f" "...2Ol... ' . f" "...2Ol...' ' RICHARD MYDOCK Drck Classrcal Course Assembly Staff memortes rnclude school dances and games day dreamer emoyed chemrstry 1nterests are basketball and Cheswrck planmng to enter college ANTHONY NICASTRO tory General Course emoys lunch the most remembers Stewart School Ou1et7 7 'P future undecrded LILLIAN NICKLUS Ll Ccmmerctal Course belongs to Geography Club and Taleoken Staff toyed raptd cal and typmg memorres of football games collects prctures would lrke to be a sec retary CLARA NOVAK T1ll1e most enyoyable class was raprd cal Remembers sophomore geography class Favortte song IS To Each I-Irs Own NEIL ODONNELL M1dn1ght Patternmaker memortes of Iunror Prom plays basketball 1oyed the hbrary hopes to contmue patternmakrng RAYMOND OFIESI-I Sandy General Course Chotr member emoys Enghsh fond memorles of Trade School future plans mclude schocl HERBERT R OLBETER Herbert hangs h1s hat rn Room 201 hrs favorxte subtect rs htstory hrs favorrte sport rs huntmg he plans to become a machmr t THERESA OLSZEWSKI Red wants to be a secretary remembers Enghsh 1n summer school hkes to read Tn H1 Y Geography Club favorrte sublect 15 raprd calculatton FLORENCE M OPASINSKI Flo preparmg for a nursmg career Tr1H1Y College club and Gtrls Chorus Spantsh class xs really emoyable has fond memorres of Iunxor Prom ANDREW ORAVEC Came from Sprmgdale star baseball p1tcher General Course an absorbmg pastrme IS GIRLS oh those eyes' ALFREDA ORKIS Collect1ng recrpes rs FTIIZS hobby s e takes the D1str1but1ve Educatron Course belongs to the D E Club DOLORES ORLOWSKI D remembers her sophomore year and chemrstry class asptres to be an Enghsh teacher Trl I-I1 Y lrkes P O D class reads and sews IACK OWCZYKOWSKI Oats formerly from P I H S plans to become a dentrst collects odd obtects Momtors recalls hrs frrst whrte drnner racket Iavorrte subrect physrcs Cla srcal Course EDWARD OWSIANY Stamp collectmg and huntmg keeps Oats occupled wants to make a career of the Army has memorres of D T and 401 study hall ROSE MARIE PANKOSKA Roste Commerc1al Club Talecken Staff Leaders Club has secretarral ambr t1ons mam rrterest l1es m Parnassus en1oys drrv mg Iavortte subject health 42 Mydcck Novak Olbeter Oravec Owczykowskr Nrcastro Nrcklus O Donnell Ofresh Olszewskr Opasmskx Ork1s Orlowskt Ows1any Pankoska i .S ' -""'...2Ol... 4 -Y"i"...2Ol... ' ...en- -' "" '...2Ol... ' I ..., ' "...2Ol.., ' ' ...en- - . . . , 9 ... . ' -" "...2Ul... . r I . 4 I ' , I iw ,, J I H . In-H - Q4 . XX. Qlell Patterson Peters Pce Rabold Remy Pavan Prerce Potocnak Rerfschnerder Rxchards Perez Ortoskr Ouetot Rerssner Rrdenour 7949 CLEO PATTERSON Kloxee rs always wntmg letters hkes to eat cmd dance Geography Club F H A Kentoman Staff General Course Ambrrdge and Iohnstown games stard out especrally GLORIA E PAVAN Glo plans to be a secretary remembers decoratmg for last years prom Chorr raleoken Staff Comme-rcral Club ardent football fan AUDREE PEREZ W1ll never forget the Prom emoys srngrng dancmg Tr1 I-hY Chorr Scrrpt and Score a 1orette Taleoken Staff would l1ke to become an Eng lrsh teacher SYLVIA PETERS Pete Commercral Course Leaders Club Bank Staff Taleoken Staff remembers decoratmg for IunrorSen1or Prom future certrfred pubhc ac countant be t penny shooter m lunch room HELEN PIERCE Commerclal Course commercral law fa vorrte subrect typ1st for Kentoman hobbres photography and roller skatmg pleasant memorres of sophomore year rnterested 1n a certam anrouncer MARIE ORTOSKI Ree memorres of rumor year Classrcal Course lrkes Spamsh Il hobb1es dancmg and col lectrng photos always een w1th Drane Bordonaro future telephone operator 'VL RUSSELL POE Russ General Course spmol' sarence favorrte class future Army thug Qi H Brack game m semor year a 9 5 1 tumor year RITA POTOCNAK Com Zceblfgiel rlled typ1st belongs to Mao t s and mmdr a Club hobby readrng. oyed fbo games future secretary AE UETOTI' The Brrd X Drstrrbuhve Educatron Courgqf belongs to E Club hobby smgmg rqmembers ophomore year pals w1th Marjorre Rrde nour future Mrs Charles Bull EDWARD RABOLD Eddre one of the Trade School boys favorrte class study hall partrcrpated rn basket ba plans to become a machrnrst ALICE REIFSCHNEIDER Red Commercral Course typrng 1S her favorrte class member of Taleoken Staff Commercral Club and Tr1H1Y looks back to Iumor Semor Prom Wllh pleasure HILDE REISSNER D1str1but1ve Educat1on Course fmds geog raphy an rrterestrng sublect hobbre accordran play mg and photography her future to own a store spends a lot of trme w1th Tommy BEVERLY REMY Bebe Commerclal Course a profrtable class health member of Bark Staff future sec retary pals wrth Ianrce Ruth and Helen moved to Oklahoma ANN RICHARDS Red Classrcal Course Taleoken Staff hkes Englrsh class Wont forget game w1th Vandergrrft rn sophomore year and days at Martm enyoys class1cal musrc the nursxng professlon beckons er MARIORIE RIDENOUR Margre Drstrrbutrve Educatron Course D E lub w1ll never forget sophomore year emoy Buss company art1st1c touch desrres to be a competent house w1fe 43 ' . . . '- '- , ', ' lm . . . M - ' ... s ' ' .'.. . f ' I ' , lar-r ' ' r ' " , ,- g -J and sten raphfr . 5 . 'likes a fontrolled temper. I Lf DN Q ' in . H' . .- . . . . NJ! s .. . - '11, . . ' 'H' ' . h . Rcdgers Romeo S Ross Rukavma Scanga Rodnguez Rogerson Rostnskr I oss Rowles Rucct Saltba Savka Schafer Schull V IANE RODGERS Commercral Course wtll always remember days at Farrmont Ir I-Itgh Commerctal Club enyoys raptd calculat1on lanes hobby ts eattng wrll probably be a secretary DONALD RODRIGUEZ Don General Course acttve member on Assembly Staff geography class rs hrs favortte part1c1pated rn cross country runmrg WILLIAM RODGERSON Answers to Brll Speedo Classtcal Course Dramattc Club I-lx Y NI-I S College Club espectally ltlced POD has memorres of Stewart plans to go to college IOSEPI-I ROMEO Ioe General Course Assembly Staff Chotr Geography Club basketball was good 1n senror sctence mernorxes of Ken I-I1 s athlettcs hobby IS fruttman Navy wtll clatm h1m VICTOR ROSINSKI Russtan Patternmakrng wtll never forget Ken I-Its last mmute vrctory over Vardergrrft emoys stamp collecttng plans to Jam the servtce IAMES ROSS hm Classrcal Course Board of Acttvmes member baseball team emoys dr1v1ng class pleasant memortes of Iuntor Prom future plans lnclude professxonal baseball SHIRLEY ANN ROSS Shtrl Clert al course Matorette r members Freshman Prom plans to be a house wtfe has rnterests rn a certam matlmar GILBERT ROWLES G1bby Vocatronal cross country football for Arnold ltkes a study hall remmtsces about Old Trade School emcys drawrng may enter a commerczal art school NICOLINA V RUCCI Ntckte D strtbuttve Educatton Course D E Cub rntere tea 1n busmess Engltsh wrll never forget Ken Hrs football games plans to be a Bakers WIIS ARMENA RUKAVINA Rukr Spartsh favorlte sub1ect member of Tr1I-I1Y College Club Kentontan Staff and Taleoken Staff has memortes of Iumcr Prom plans to go to college MARY ELIZABETH SALIBA Commerctal Course Mary ltkes shorthand has mernortes of yumor year spends lersure trme readmg and sewmg future ecretary EDWARD S SAVKA Ed favortte sublect Englrsh lrlces grrls and shoottno pool plans to be a machrmst from Trade School and thtnks Ken H1 ts f1ne CARL SCANGA Scang takes General Course lrkes P O D helped to decorate for the Prom plays baseball always seen clr1vmg a red truck future Marme 'WILLIAM SCHAFER Shaf Classrcal Course lrkes German played basketball at Stewart hobbtes sports danctng playmg p1ano and readmg future student at Gettysburg College IANE SCI-IALL Member of Trxl-I1 Y Leaders Club College Club an N I-I S also has memorzes of Stewart often seen wrt Ah and Ierre a future nurse 44 O E . ' - ""'or" f- H H c ' s -1-Q0 ' ' . Y . Q 1 .. -R , I 0 , , 0 X ,,. P 1949 G ALBERTA SCI-IANTZ Peaches D E tu ent enjoyed helprng Louella rn Junror and senror years lrkes the teachers at Ken plans to lotn the Waves ELFRIEDA SCI-IANTZ FYIYZ raptd cal favorrte sublect has many pleasant memorxes of football games one man grrl future housewrfe VIRGINIA M SERAFINE Gmny D E student often talks about Mrs Terwrllrgers Enghsh class roller skat mg rs her hobby future store executtve thrnks a lot of Martrn MIKE SHAMEY Syrran General Course belongs to Assembly Staff wrll never forget the fun of berrg a football manager has a hobby of eatrng future enqmeer pals around wxth Dum Dum RICHARD C Sl-IARKINS Drck Sharky 'Electr1c1an Course strll remembers exghth grade graduatron lrkes to work on autos hence plans to be an auto mechanic THOMAS SHIMMIN Dum Dum Classrcal Course lrkes Spantsh remembers Iumor prom hobbtes are basketball shootrng pool darcrng and gtrls lrkes Lavender Blue and pallrng around wrth Greek BETTY SHOEMAKER Butch Geography and Home EC Clubs lrkes to remember her Junior year and Mr Burnett s hrstory class hopes to be a prrvate secretary some day mercral Club memorres of Iumor Prom l1kes to dance and sew no defrmte plans for the future THELMA M SINCLAIR Member of the Commercral Club lrkes Mtss Phrllrps health class plays the prano actrve member of the Rarnbow Grrls future stenographer formerly attended Stewart School VERONICA SIROTA Ronnre belongs to the D E Club remembers her Jumor year and fcotball games pals wrth Nrckre and Edna hopes to be a housewtfe IOHN SISLEY Drgger Momtors Handbook Staff Band Cholr attractrve personalrty pretty eyes lrkes physrcs class no defrnrte plans for the future LOREN SPARKS Bugs Drstrtbutrve Educatron Course member of the D E Club emo e berr Course future selhng sh store aclmrres WILLIAM B W ,-A552 B nd arQe,rh,G.lvub College Club ond memprres he ore Hop emoys huntrng and photoqra p ans to study pharmacy at Gettysburg Condg MARTHA IOAN SPIERING Mert actrve rn the Geography and Home Ec Clubs happtly recalls Stewart School and Ken H1 dances plars to be a beaut1c1an DONALD SPILLERS Irggs ltkes Engltsh class best mus1c lover has secret fear of Frrda e 13th plans for the future A Schantz E Schantz Shamey Sharkrns Shoemaker Srmpscn Srrota Srsley Speer Sprertng Q Serafme Sh1mm1n S1ncla1r Sparks Sprllers ' 4 . H' ,I - . .4 .fjfu 1 . ' Hi . . . ' ' ' ' I y all "...209... ' HENRIETTA SIMPSON-Another Stewart School lass . . . Com- . ' f ' . . ' ' - DQ 'sf . . . f ' QE i at 'oe . . . ' ou . . R pu " . . . . I A , 9- . . ' . . . ' . . no A 4' L - '- u ' I 'A y P A . .4 45 r-7, ff cf MM Spittka Stefan Stuck Tcxmburo Thompson Stcmko Stewcri Swonqer H. Taylor Thrower Stcxsok Strong Surmcx I. Taylor Txdd x.- If lf ,n y 5 wy V,ut ,Avy1.,.f' o if W f Tocco Torkeo Tudor Turner Valentrne Voyten Wachtler P Wagner P Wagner Walker Ward Werner Wess Whalen Whrte 1949 ROBERT TOCCO Future sarlor called Bob Commercral Course hkes Raprd Cal has emoyed the last day of each school year hkes to read sports boooks and travel IOI-IN TORKEO Ieep takes the General course and enyoys semor scrence plays basketball tn hrs spare trme future plars lommg the Navy RICHARD TUDOR Drck wxll enter Mrchrgan State College and study forestry he has pleasant memorres of the old school schedule when there was trme to fcol around College Club varsrty football IAMES TURNER hm Classxcal Course hkes publrc speakmg Track Team H1Y Band pleasant memorres of Ken H plans to 1o1n the Track team for Lmcoln Unrverstty would lrke to break or tre world records rn broad Jumps cr hrgh Jumps hobby 1S musrc HELEN VALENTINE Babe Commercral Course Tn H1 Y Red Cross collects artrcles from specral events has memorres of lurtor year and Iunror Prom future offtce worker PATRICIA VOYTEN Commerctal Club president Leaders Club Tr1H1Y and Board of Actrvtttes member hkes to recall P I Commencement and Iunror Prom WILLIAM WACHTLER General course llkes public speak mg wxll always remember the Ken H1 Ambndge game hkes to go coon huntmg wrll torn the Army PATRICIA WAGNER a takes the General Course the North Cathohc Ir Prom collects snapshots lrkes boys wtth blue eyes and blond hatr PATRICIA CFRITZI WAGNER Pat Chorr hkes plare geometry remembers the Vandergrtft game has a warm spot tn her heart for Fred asptres to be a nurse SAMUEL T WALKER Sam future electrtcal engmeer belongs to The Frtendly Ctrcle emoyed Ken H1 s sports events hkes to take thmgs apart EDNA WARD Takes D E Course most helpful class busrne s Englrsh Chozr D E Club wtll always remember football games hopes to be a buyer for a store PATRICIA WERNER Pat enrolled rn the Classtcal Course happy tn health class Trr H1Y and Chotr remembers P I H S looks forward to nursrng career MARIE A WESS Takes Drstrtbutrve Educatron course and b longs to the D E Club ardent football fan and basket ball Ian clarms her hobby IS collectrng prctures asprres to be a swrtchboard operator ROSALIE WHALEN Rosle actrve rn Choir Tr1H1Y Lead ers Club Taleoken Staff and Commerctal Club peppy cheerleader fond memorres cf the Iunror Prom and Iack RAY WHITE Lemo Classrcal Course hkes math class remembers the Ken H1Ambr1dge game hunt rn spare trme future sarlor 47 . . H. S .... ' . -"Pt"... agriculture her favorite subject . . . will always remember . - ' ' ' ' e- emau EDWARD WILES IASPER ha1ls from 203 and claxms P O D as hrs favorrte sublect Classtcal Course belongs to the orchestra and Kentoman staff emoys musxc and hopes to contmue study rn that f1eld IEP-HE LEE WILSON General Course 'l'r1l-I1 Y G1rls Leaders Club Kentoman Staff Bark Staff Commercral Club and Taleoken Staff remembers the days at Stewart School and Iumor Prom IANICE WOLFE WOLFE Commercral Course favorrte class typrrg Tr1H1Y Mmorettes Commerclal Club and Kentoman Staff remembers the Freshman Prom plans to be a prtvate secretary IULES WOLFSON Wolf iavorxte class Pubhc Spealcmg Chcxr Scrrpt ana Score and Geography Club remembers broadcastmg over W K P A eryoys Stan Kenton plans to qo to Cahfornra MARY LOU WRIGHT Lou D E Course D E lub and Home Ec Club remembers freshman year and skatmq at Mellwood STEVE YANSHAK Russran Classzcal Course favortte class Pubhc Speakmq belongs to the College Club outstandxng guard cn the football team plans to go to college BLANCHE YENKALA Iolo D E Course enloys Iob Problems Class remembers her sophomore year rxdes and skates ln her spare t1me EVELYN ZEDIAK E Commercxal Course hkes typmq class fond memorres of sophomore year emoys football games plans to be a TYDISY Wtles Wxlson Wolfe Wolfson Wrlqht Yarxshak Yenkala Zedrak l 48 O X . ' -UVM... I I It rw l t N Pl typ 0 , x 0 fr fl t 1 College Club members on Career Conter The Monltors have spec1a1 reserved seats ence mqht for all assernbhes years blqqest soclal event and Llnda pose for a p1cture at the Trl H1 Y sock dance Srnlle nlcely for those plctures boys 49 Everyone is dressed in his best for the What, no shoes? Gloria, Bernadine, Ioan, Ns. Pres1dent V1ce Presldent Treasurer Advlsors Mr Burnett Mrs Grlesemer Mr Ioseph Glordcxno George Welsh Ernest Mrchczel Menk Mrs Hcxrier anim GZQM Js Secretary ...........................................................................................,.................,....... Helen Fcirneth As has been the hlstory of prevlous Ken H1 Jun1or clas es thls years 1un1ors have been very busy earnrng the money wlth Whlch they w1ll frnance the1r var1ous proyects 1n the Junror and senlor years most 1mportant of whrch 1S the Iumor Semor Prom P The maqazlne drrve has been one ot the most successful ventures ever to be undertaken by a 1un1or class at Ken H1 The constant supervlslon of Mr Menk and Mrs Harter has made thrs possrble but ot course We cannot forqet the ever urgrnq and d1re threats ot Mr Burnett rn all hrs hlstory classes Mrs Jrresemer too has done a marvelous 1ob 1n handllnq the candy sales One hundred thrrty n1ne JUHIOTS partrcrpated 1n sellrnq 1970 boxes of candy The sale began September 28 and ended December 17 Bes1des selllnq candy and maqazlnes the Junrors have put on two assem bhes dlsplaylnq the talents of fellow classmates The assembhes were under the supervlslon of the home room sect1on teachers The Harvest Ball was an unforgettable success wlth our local band leader Buddy Lee and h1s Sextet The Iun1orSen1or Prom comrrnttee are belnq chosen accordlnq to the amount of candy and maqazrnes sold by each 1nd1v1dual The Prom 1S ex pected to be one of the brqqest and most successful at Ken H1 The Junrors have shown them elves capable of takrnq a Job and maklnq that 1ob somethmq to be proud of These many undertakrnqs successfully completed turmsh excellent tra1n1nq for the future c1t1zens of New Kensrnqton . . ... -. 1 c ..,..,, 1 . , s, fw. . . . 1 1 ' L. , ' . 1. 1 , . 1 . .. C 4 . . - 1 1 1 . .- I NIH " 1 fi T1 Xrx 1 7 TWIN unload 194 9 N 'S 77 L LI U Q 51 I I f fu I 1 A if ' f fu Q? 1 4 , 1 I VII:-' 11 F111 rms, ' 111' 1' '1'1 yv' V. 111,11 " .-'-.11:'1.111. f .fX:1. 1 In A1111.1'1 1111 F-.HL 1151111 Q. ftz' 111: 11, 51.2111 F'-J. I.. 1411. 2111. S9131 11,2 5,313+-y fn. 1111f,y, M, Ezxkw , Fukf: D. E.,1:kff1. Q. B11..:. IF, P1111 ,111 11 M. E"1'.C F. 3C1ff:11f,111, Q. FL1ll!T.TY11'1 P. ENKQII' .c111'5. T1111 1 fvv.-.'. EN. I-31 1"1,' 'L fi- li 1. 1' 1' ' 1' 1:1 fl. H1-11: ", H1111 H. 1 112 H. I. E-'II 1111 P' 1'::t--11 33. 1411 111 Y 1 31 1' E' 131'-': Q? 11 f '11 111 T, 1' , V L V ' -. F 1:11 Qi if? V, V113-,' ' f 19: 7.-13111 I P: V. 1-1 u-111 . . . h 1111, Huw: T. E1g':.'r1 L. 5,1!f1:1:tf111 Q, F11 1 F. E11.11y 1. 11:11 1, 1 H1:::1'1111,-1 ff. ffc1tt3g.111 ?. Cazztig :ell S, Q':11if,- 3 ff. fftirtfy 3. ffcshell. I I S17If':-RfW'.'fI f.1.L'-1..t1 Q, 711111 ."1 C' j1Tu'i3'I1 Q.. ",:11'k 9. V,',f'11.Q ' . 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A ' ...........................,.............................,.......................... . ' , ' ' dv1sors award Laverty Samuel Kaufman Ronald M Murray r Herhnqer M1 ss Cas111o GZQ44 To those of us who attended R1dge Avenue Iun1or l-hgh enter1ng Ken H1 last fall as sophomores was l1ke return1ng to an old frlend But to many of us 1t was a strange new expermece We were a l1ttle awed by the s1ze of the bu1ld1ng the large number of students and teachers and the many actlv 1l19S wh1ch we saw about us But now we all feel qu1te at home here The students and teachers are our fr1ends and We have begun to take our part 1n the var1ous GCl1V1l19S of Ken H1 One of our f1rst act1v1t1es was the elect1on of off1cers and Board of Act1v1 t1es members Through the nomlnatlons and campa1gn spee hes We became better acquamted W1th our classmates Among the th1ngs We enloyed most were the Prlday mornlng assembl1es These usually cons1sted of guldance per1ods but on four occas1ons dur1ng the year We met together as a class for spec1al programs These were superv1sed by our sect1on room teachers and pre ented by student talent lt was then we learned that there IS mus1cal and dramat1c talent 1n our class These programs offered a var1ety of plays, sklts and mus1cal select1ons The most 1mportant soc1al event of our class th1s year was the Sophomore Hop held 1n the spnng Almost as much fun as the dance 1tself was the pre parat1on for 1t when we Worked together on comrmttees Our sophomore year has been 1nterest1ng and pleasant and We are look 1ng forward eagerly to our 1un1or and sen1or years 115 '11JVM 11111 1 H 1+.51'U1 1 Rm T14 1 N dnf UT IROA 1 KJGS11m-11 5 B 1 1711 11 owncrd 1 1 1 H Q 316111 Por1C1111 11 11 A ,x L1111 Drawn F 1:1 v C1 1111 ' 1 W 111118 1c F1 C19I1A Sophcunaaei 1949 A 1111 A 11111 1 1 1 1 E11 enum 11 Ddq 1 I V IQII D11 Q V Raw D 1u111o F 1 P Q11 111114 L11 L1 WC I1 J dl 1:11 111 w 1 ,D uma 11c1d11 1 1 1'IUf'VHGI'1 1-16111111 '1 GSL 5 HUD-C 61 1 111 f 111111 11113 7511 B L11 Bran L11 I1 b J111 1 HF P11 15141 5 -J 111 G11 1. 41111, urns 1' 't 1' ': 11. 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U 1.. 1Jw::111:' 11. DH. i1.11'L1, fl. 'Q 1114, 1 3' , f. F 4 f G. . 31'lM"'. Eighth ov: f. .. 1. ', 2. EJ11, L, E..1w: G. EVIL--1 E 41111, Cf E151 1-1' Q". 111 2:1 fy A. 11.1 111.1 ' H. Ff11.11, S. 111111, 11. 71.11111--y. N' .'11 H1113 47. S011 111111, Fl. F.1f11111 1 11. 11111111 fl 111:11 P.. 1'1:111 '15 H. 1'1i1111'i11I1, 11. 1111: en: , 111. e '14 P., FIY9, P, F A Q. Tv 1.1 1 ': . Q' ' , 1, GJCI111, P. G111111':1, 11, -Q' t1f11s, 11. L1 1111- Q11111' H, 1fS1:1111, 11 1, 1. . eq., . Y' we-1111-1 1, D. 191111211 1.. C:.:ss111-1111. E1ev 11 -2 Q. G11 "1.-.1 1. " S. " 'JJ 1111. 11l,1YlI11 15. 111171. '14, P. 1i":1' .' S, 11' tg, Vf 1 L. .c.. ' 11 11 ' 1'1" K cg model f949 1 0 - 1.,11, 1, ' 11: 11. ' , 11111. f1 51.11 I 11, 1'. . 111111111111 '.1I':111:, 1 1111 ' -1 . 'L' 1, 111:11 .' 'ff i' f 111111.15 1 -111 1 111111: ' :nz . 1,1 .111-.1 ."ll 111 ,' 21 1111: ., 5- , 1. 1l1-..-' 111 f" 111- ff H1 111 111111 1 Y. 11111111 - 'f K fl' 111--i. I '.1.'11 xiii ', 'I '.'.'L11'1' 1: ' S. '.-51:-ri 1' Rf: 1.1111 :K ss ' P' .11 W1 X1 ss: S 1,IY1:1 ' 1.1 1,1115 is f-1.5 1' ' 1.'1'-15 i.g..11 Q 1' 1'k1 P. ff ' 11.1 , "1 1:1 1:1 gqri- f,Q111::-12 H1112-j.' 1.1lIf,E'II1 fb. xf1QIf '1111 Ii ff. f1i,12s'- f lf 1f111.':1- 1.1 If ..::, ll. .11 1'f1 i, 1-117111.71 P 1f1 '11, f ff 1.71 'fix' .1 f,'111 51-1, 11 11111111 -A '.'111 :.11--y 11. A' ' 7 . :I1', '. ff ' '. 7.' 'X' ff ' 1111111113 f' 11111.11 V My '. 11-111 ' f. - .1111 fx f. 1 f. ' ,-1 .A fl x 1 fl: f1 1-11. '11 1 1 51-' 11-1 'I .2111 xi 11 '. Q 1. .' 1, : 1.: 1 '. ' 115.111 'N 111 1 ' 1f311'.,,. ..,1.1: V., 11 ,,..w"" 1949 F1121 Ro 1 I1111l 11111 Ll ' 1 R OlY'I'1 Rum Nos S A 1- DIP In Ir w JHII 1 V us' 1 JIM 1x1 111tI U 1 XI IQIII .CMI .W Sr K QS ama4e4 194 9 x 1 w 65 he ' . W: N. Puff I IDO'.2'f.I,' -1, EI,I'Xr1-1-3 I71..1fQ IQ. P L.:I1s: S 1 152 if F1 Tj." R, 9511: f. H. Rflrxriwk, M, II1'1I11111-1, il'-1-11111 Hww: Iivwi .3 I-T f.I In If 1111, Il' 1: " I- 1 I- Q III.. IF.Ii.1-1111111.11111 II, 211:54 I' If-ua., 'VI' I w: IV. H1531 If. 511:11 I IC111- 1' I7 V .5111 I :' 11: 1' E' rw I :",' 1:1 L51' 1 If. dfrs I. S1'I111II J'-.. Q1 ?111lI--1 Fr 1,11 H1.w: H.S1-111.11311 if-I..111 IF. L51 :i1111.1y 5,1-s .T 51111111 .1 .1I.1lI1.l ' 231. 111: . SI1- 3. Sh-11x11Qi I3. SI1111iIC1 L, SI1Ilf1II.'Il. Ffth atv: N .1311 K. Slgslzy' B. S...,',"111. ' E. SfI.'I. .. irzzgz. F S:1..tI1 '. 5:11115 Sopko, PI. Sgnk I.. Spcmz. . N 1: I. S11-9 Q. Sgx1IIf1s, SIDPQI ff. Svfiizii 2 S'e1'.1i'1 3, 1.-5111i I. I.j'Q:1f'.'1SS "1 'e Q. S11:n1, P Sink R. SQL" -1'. S1319 I Rum,-.13 I1l.Sj'j1-111'I:,f'. 5751111111 f ....f.1I EQ ,:11.: .2 If. 1',' 1 ' ,T"5'l' If. If. fl..Zi 3 'I' . V .-l111I'-: Y' 112: I., V1-21,111+ E111I1tI1 H1 .11 Ii, X'w,'1111 55, I.I'11'I.1v1 In I1'f11:1 1 5' 1" :-1 ,. 1111.1 3 ,'.'11:: I1 HV1' ES. I1'f1:I.'I1 H V.U11c.' I. 'ff1,111111 I3 '.'fI.3'ffI."1I N .1 HLA,-J: F. 'f.'1.Ef..: P. V,3I.111115, fl. '.'."111: ' I, ' 11 ff ..,1:. f1 I .'f11g:. 'vV1'11g:Ivsl' , 1'. ." f.'1k I. '1' 111.13111 IW. Y 11:J1..1. 'IA ' .1 R'-I P. Yksi Q. Z11.111.. If ZI1I-151111, F. 1.11.3551 J. Z.1','...4 I Qu.--1 Dorf t they look beautlfull Thank lseavehs Trl l-l1Y lI'11llCllOI'1 comes Just once a year The students look forward to commerclal as emblres Everyone scrambles to ee the emor proofs 66 lhstallatforl of offrcers was a Very formal occasrorx for the Future l-lomemakers of The qym IS certamly decked out for the sock dance These couples are emoyma themselves or at least rt looks that Way America. A 4 A 1 C . s r s ' , ' ' , t l t Hernelnher tho e campalqn pronmses boys? A very lnlormal se slon Pennsylvanra contest wtnners Norma Bruce lohn lverson and lane Schall are pre ented awards by Nr I L Patterson 1n the presence ot Mr Weaver 67 Ken HIS cleerleaders really qet tlre1r exercr e Ruth Frazrer snnltnqly hands over her de ells lunch tlclcets Could be dlsrntssal trme rudqrnq by the speed of the students descendrnq from l S ' posit to Beverly Remyf fwhile Leona Kerr - - ,A H s . ' . S 1 . . . ' ' s . ' . . 401. II E V I WI Ig S wee Q ClT1lZC1JUO'n1S 'W1'llC1' lel 0 L CI e our school nqefe mterestmq emo Uwe cm em ertumfy te uee eur tdems We C1 qreclter degree thin lS pesslble 1 ihe . ces room W , A xvffj W1 t m1 I I I TH I I 1 7 . X, -U . A A. y ,, K, , . , md VA . A . A . , J ut 4 ., L K., -ef - , . 1 'Nm nw f- c- . R, X L, -4 . 5. I f X , , ..,M. 1 A.A. , -vw ,,,,. . 1 X i . iv. 5 Q T- H lrs w E A Bnqavtrd B r a rne D rtdro D r e Farne-th A etschr tder r E Krse K no Second Bo s c A Paha ds L N -clus M lradd d D 'Ddfcv G Pdxan s P Pdnfcoslca H Plemrn P ez l ,1 llr K1 r lhrrd Bow B aurrdn l Steic H lrelard rrm r r 7G!80A6l'Z rdrtor Lorrarne Marco Assocrate Edrtors Helen Flernnn Dolores Duftey Drane Bordonaro Assoctate Edrtors Artnena Buka Jtna Ann Btchards Phylhs Surrna Mary Haddad Mary Ellen l-lernle Glorra Pavan Sylvta Pe ers Patty Gresler Alrce Be technerder Audree Perez Mary Lou Murtha Eunrce Kreer Kathryn Goll Bob Bauman Iames Stefan Donald Guerrln Sports Edrtor Wayne Farneth Photographer Ella Mae Armstrong Crrculatton Manager Harry Ireland Typrsts Bosernarre Pankoska Lrllran N1clclus lerre Wrlson Bosahe Whalen Ruth Fraeler Sponeors Lucretra Boucher lohn L Kerser 70 gg - .-... -f.. i H ,M Q h. l , F t Fic 3 . M, rrristrorq, A. AQ . . Vfhclen, F, Su ni , lf E. lr , Borda 7 'et rs, f. . B 1' re' I. Vllsori B. Brazier, , ' r, . D ll. rr wr Mrs B usher . .1' r . id . l 'a' , 1 ' ff , . ' , P. Gre ler, , .Q , . A. er L. lvfarco, ll. L, Ml' rzha, 4 . e'se, " r . i , B . , . ri . . D. Gue ' , AN, Fa neh. H . , . .........................,......... , ., , . . ' , , , - . , . 1 t t f - 1 . . 4 , , I A L.. 1 I 1 I - t A t A f , e - , H . - .................,.............,..................,............,.............,........................ r , . BOARD OF ACTIVITIES First Row: R. DelDuca, M. Mc- Keever, M. McCabe, H. Fad- rowski, P. Voyten, I. Boss. Second Row: E. Michaels, I. Kraft T, Armitage, Cf. France. Third Row: Mr. Weaver, Miss Boucher, Dr. Chapman, Mr. Vorlage. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: D. Stasak, M, Misk- inis A. L. Alex, L. L. Andree, Fadrowslci, L. L. Iohnston, A Richards. Secord Row: Miss Russell, D. Orlowski, D. Duffey, V. Lavick, M Haddad, H. Flemm, Miss Phillips, Third Plow: E. M. Armstrong, N. D nn I. Wolfe, I, Schall, L. Marco, K. Goll. rth Bow: P. Surma, M. L. Murtha, E. Kiser, P, Voyten, Fifth Bow: B. Hartman, B. Arm- strong, B. Chorba, C. Miller, I Iverson, C. Fitzgerald. Sixth Row: W. Bogerson, W. Schafer, W. Ford, S. Courson, P Cochran, I. Sisley. on BOARD OF ACTIVITIES The Board of Activities offers an excellent opportunity for student participation in school government. This year, the Board chose a new president when Mr. Vorlage, who headed the board for many years, resigned. Mr. Miller, assistant high school principal, took over the post. Among the activities sponsored by this organization are a Friendship dance at the beginning of each school year and a Career Conference Night, which enables students of Ken Hi and other neighboring schools to get acquainted with some fifty or more colleges in the state. The Board also entertained at a banquet which brought the sponsors and repre- sentatives of the various clubs in Ken Hi together. The concession stand at the Ken Hi stadium and during basketball sessions, at the gym, is under the supervision of the Board. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is an organization whose purpose is not only to promote scholarship, but also to create interest in service and leadership and to build good char- acter. Election to the group is a great honor that should be received humbly by its mem- bers. While names of students may be proposed by any faculty member, the actual choosing is done by a council of senior section room teachers, Miss Boucher, and Mr. Weaver. Since membership in the group itself is honorary, its members are able to be leaders and members of other clubs. New officers, except the treasurer, are elected every semester. Miss Russell is the treasurer and Miss M. Phillips is the club sponsor. At the end of the junior year, five per cent of that class may be elected to membership so that there will be members to carry the club over to the next year. ASSEMBLY STAFF F1rst Row: VV. Farnoth, P. Baz zano, R1 Trcjancwski, R. Crum De S1rnone E L1psk1 Lecce I om k1 Mr etfer son Second Row I M1ller Vt Pel1 sar1 M M1 en R rm strong E He-lmar I Kraft F Arab1a lf Rom R M1DH1Ck L e las1n T Browne G Vvelsh D Rodr1g1 cz' I Romeo MONITORS F1rsf Row C Muler R Chorba R Arms ong I Owczykowsk1 R Armstr ng R De SITFOHG V Bradley Second Row I Iverson I S1sley rcwn Crum L o laugh Nr lcerhnaer THE ASSEMBLY STAFF Prc sun nt Edward L 1 sk1 V1 Q Prts dcr Pa sy L C1 Secretary Ralph De S 'none The Assembly Staff under the capable arre t1on of Mr Iefferson 1S always ready when called on to show the much wanted movles for the varrous classes ID Ken H1 The boys are taught how to operate the d fferent pro1e tors botn sound and S1lGHt and how to hook up the publ1c address system for school assemblles rn the aud1tor1um Th1s tra1n1ng the boys get whlle members of the Assembly Staff not only enables them to be of servtce to therr school but also offers thern opportumty to learn many thmgs about mov1e proyectron and sound systems twat may some day be of great use to them Th1s tra1n1ng may be as serv1ceable after grad uatron as 1t l1as been to the school wh1le they are here THE MONITORS Pres1dent Iohn Iverson V1ce Presrdfr Ray Chorba Se etary Tr CI rcr Bob Arrns rang When the warn1ng bell rmgs to change classes vor, 'mght not1ce a fellow near you sl1p from h1s seat and s1lently depart from the class The e boys are the Momtors who act s Ken HIS tra1f1c managers It IS the1r Job to keep COHTUSIOH at a mm1mum durmg the changmg of classes assrst at f1re dr1lls conduct sect1on rooms to therr places when assem bl1es are held and to act as COUTIQTS wh1le on hall duty The club consrsts of twelve mem bers and a faculty sponsor Mr Fred Herhnger Ea h member re SIVQS a MOHITOT s p1n as an award of merlt at the end of h1s SQHIOT year provrded ne has completed at least a years erv ce Bes1des flWG1T regular dut1es the Momtors featured a successful soc1al event the Qrotmom Llab or Monrtors Ball spelled backward It was a pre Thanksg1v1ng dance and a turkey was QTVGD away as a door prlze R. 11 , . , L. , .Lub S , .I - '. B. 1'c'll , 1 A - Th' d rr . , . D - . Y ' 14. . . . tr , . ' T, B e, R. , . H, 5 ' .' . I . 1" F- E 1 1f ..........,..... . ..,....,........,.. ,... . ,. ,, ,. ....... ..,...,.,......,. .,.,.,.,. ....,. , . . t uc ' Treasurer ., . , ,, ..,,.,.... ..,..,. , .,.., , . ,.,,.... .,... ...,....,..,., .,..,.,. ,,....,,,. ...,.........,....., .,.,..,.. ...,.............,...., , I o h n K 1' aft 1, A , . 1 v - 1 1 1 C , 1 , ' I 1 A , 1 1 1 . A . 5.1 - I A O .1 1 1.1., .,........ I ...ll.fQ.Q'f.'ff.'.ffff.ff.Qff.Q.fff.ffQQ'ffff'.'.'ff.f..QfQ.'.f.f.f.'.ffff.'.f',QQff,ff.Q' .cr - er su I ..... ,... ..,......,.,. .... ..........,.....,..... .,..l.,,, .,l,,, ...,T,...,r,,.,,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,l,l,,,,,,,l,l,.,.. N 1 t . , 1 W . . 1, , 1, rv ,, I. , . . , . . . LA , . 1 1 , .,.. , 1 .S 1 ' 1 . , . 1 . f- f- A , . . c 1 , c ,, . , , , i , C- l ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 . o 1 , , , , F' ' T 1 1 4 , , 1 s. A, f Iumor Tr1 H1 Y SENIOR TRI HI Y Pres dent Helen Greer VICG Preszde-'1t KCIfl11'Y1'1 C-Oil Secretary Mary Lcu Murtha Treasurer Ella Mae Armstrong Chqplqm Audrey Brooks The Tr1 H1Y IS open to any g1rl IH the en1or class who can tulf1ll the reau1rements and l1ve up to the purpo es and obl1gat1ons of the club wh1ch has been organ1zed by the Y M C A The Ken H1 Tr1 H1 Y has been qulte a t1ve th1s year The Sock dan e was a soctal success of the tall season The glrls together w1th the lunlor Tr1 H1 Y ass1sted at the theaters where the merchants entertalned the ch1ldren at the hol1day eason Helen Greer and Mary Lou Murtha attended a conference at lnd1ana at wlnch t1me a Un1ted Nat1ons Conference was held Both g1rls were ele ted to represent the d1str1ct at Harr1sburg 1n March when the state convent1on Wlll be held Qellmg name cards proved to be a prohtable venture for the glrls Most 1mportcfnt of the soc1al events IS the annual Mother Daughter banquet held 1n May M1ss Dans Ph1ll1ps 1S the sponsor IUNIOR TRI HI Y Pres1dent Dora Barlolacm V1ce Pres1dent V1rg1n1a Stopek Secretary Suzanre Noble Treasurer Bern1ce Schaftner Becau e of the contmued 1nterest of Ken H1 g1rls 1n Tr1 H1 Y work the 1un1ors aga1n have the1r own organ1zat1on The a1ms and purpo es of the two groups are 1dent1cal although each undertakes 1lS own pro1ects but supports the act1v1t1es of the other The 1un1ors d1d ex ceot1onally well w1th the1r candy cook1e day sale and added mater1ally to the1r treasury They also ass1s ed at the theaters 1n look1ng after the chlldren when the merchants sponsored a mov1e for the youngsters lntormal 1n1t1at1on as well as formal 1n1t1at1on 1S never to be forgot ten expenence A dance 1n the sprmg IS be1ng planned The g1rls are also hop1ng to send tlce1r ott1cers to summer Tr1H1Y camp where they w1ll FGCGIVG 1nsp1rat1on and tra1n1ng to carry on next year s work M1 s Boucher 15 the adv1sor tor the group Cemor H1 Y . . S N - Q . . . r l - . . I . .- .- . C . r . C - - ' I ' ' I S . . n . . . . - v . L4 . - C , . . . . rn .- , . . L. . . . . 1 N . . ' 1 1 ' ' - . . -. I . . . G . - .., . L. ' RED CROSS President ..,............... ...............,..,..........,.,.........,.,.,.,......v...........,..,.......,.,............,...........,.,.,... ...............,...,..,. l o hn Perotti Vice-President .....,.,.,............,.........4...........,....,.,.......,......,.,.,.,....,.........,...,.,..,.....,4,........ ................. ...... l o seph Bosso Treasurer ............. ,.,.......,.,...,..,.,,...................,.,.....,.....................,.,....,.,.....,......,.........,,,....,...,.,............ S uzanre Noble Reporter ......,.,.,....,..............,...,,,... ,....,. .,.,........................,...........,............,, ....,.,., ,....,.........,.....,.,,.,... W i l l iam Morrow The Red Cross Club is an active organization under the sponsorship of Miss Mathison. lt is one of the clubs in which its members can find real satisfaction in doing service for others. Cne boy and one girl are elected to it by each section room every year. These students lead and plan campaigns to knit afghans for refugees, make up Christmas boxes, and provide dolls at Christmas for under-privileged children. Annually, each section room, led by the Red Cross representative, fills ct box to go to some child overseas. The club also puts on a yearly radio program over the local station. ln the fall the club conducts the annual drive for Red Cross members. Sometimes the members re :eive a "thank-you letter" which gratifies those who help. HI-Y President ...,..,..,.... .,... . ...............,. .... . . . ,.,.... .............. .................,.. .... ...... ...,......,............ .........,... . . , . . Vice-President ..,.......,........,..,...,...,.. ...............,..........,...... Treasurer ........... ...,............... ...,,..... ......,................,...................... i.... .......,.....,.,..........................,..,.,...... Secretary ....................... ,... ........ .....,........... ,,......................... Chaplain ..... .......,,.............. ....,........... ...,.........,.............................................,.....,..,..........................,.,.........,.... The Hi-Y ranks as one of the top organi to create, maintain, and extend high standards and community." Consequently the I-li-Y offers spiritual and social development and Christian Charles Miller . Ray Chorba john lverson George Welsh Bob Crum zations of the school. its purpose is "To seek, of Christian character throughout the school any boy in the senior high opportunities for service. The initiations held in September and early spring are the most colorful and eagerly awaited events of the school year. The club, sponsored by Mr. Ringhoffer, attends conventions, sponsors dances, and decorates Ken Hi's Christmas tree every year. Christmas boxes were sent to the needy in Europe. The Hi-Y is very closely associated with the Y. M. C. A. having a basketball team in the "Y" league, attending the annual Y. M. C. A. dinners and district HieY conferences. The members are al- ways welcome in any of our many Y. M. C. A's. Red Cross Councll H1Y Future Homemakers College Club Of Amenca COLLEGE CLUB The College Club was organrzed for semors who are college bound Throughout the year the members hear speakers and repre entauves from varrous colleges whrch enables them to become more fam1l1ar wrth the schools of hrgher learnmg ln our Unlted States Tests are glven durmg the year whrch g1ve the future college student a prevlew of the1r future work There are approxrmately 90 members Mo t of them are classrcal students but the club IS open to students of any course Thrs year together w1th the Board of ACLIVITIGS the club sponsored a Career Conference The members of the club were hosts and hostesses for the evenmg About 2000 people attended not only to see the representatrves but the par ents of the students were anxrous to see Ken H1 s new look The club IS sponsored by Mlss Dorothy Erges and Mr lohn Kelser FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Pres1dent Dolores Dahm Vtce Presrdent Patty Rossr Treasurer Renetta C19Sl1D5k1 Hrstorran Ieanme Spence The Home Economrcs Club has been affrhated wrth the state and natronal Future Home makers of Amenca for three years lt offers an opportunrty for the future development of puprl 1n1t1at1ve rn planmng and carrymg out actrvrtres related to homemakmg The motto Toward New Horlzons expresses the purpose of the organrzatlon learnmg to llve better today m order that our hves and those of our famrlles may be better tomorrow Membersh1p 1S entlrely voluntary and the club 1S open to anyone enrolled rn the sewmg or oooklng class es An annual sprmg fashlon show a tr1p to Plttsburgh a skate and an annual party are among the act1v1t1es of the club A delegate partrcrpated ln the state conventron at York Pennsylvanta, 1n Aprll MISS Olmer and Mrs Potter are the sponsors for th1s actrve and help ful organrzatron Q ,. . , 5' V f . Q . . . ., , - , , I v l 1 nf 1 I 1 .. . Secretary .......... ,......... . ..,,... . ..,..,..............,.........,...,.,......,,..,.............................,...,.,....,.,,....................... B everly Russell - 1 H . H , . . . , nf x.: 27 I 5-f - - , L , , - A I Library Staff M. Bergfteld, M. Willtamzon, T Dahm, D. Campbell, G, Dune hue, C. Conomos, Miss Ewing. Bank Staff Frrst Bow L Magee M L addad B Remy I lN1lSOH L Fowler L Kerr Second Bow S Pe e s L Andrec Mr Vorlace NX F ncth l K rck B Frcz LIBRARY Our L1brar1an Mrss Ewrng and her staff are always hard at work to satrsty all cur needs The ltbrary IS open to all students seven penods ot the day provrdrng they have a llbrary permlt Students may recerve the necessary permlts from tnerr subrect teachers Students and teachers have access to the library before and after school al o The llbrary rn Room 319 contarns about 4500 books rncludmg reference works supplementary texts and recreatronal readrng The borrower IS responsrble for all books taken by htm and must for each two week book kept after the date on whlch 1t IS due and frve cents tor each over nrght book Besrdes berng a very wellequrpped llbrary the room contarns a very rnte est mg drsplay of plant hte BANK STAF F The Bank Staff consrsts ot students who are capable of handllng the books and money Through the Student Bank come many busrness transactlons Students teachers ectron rooms clas es and organrzatlons are benehted by the bank Mr Vorlage the cashrer elects tlne members when they are 1n therr Junlor year He chooses the members w1th recommenda t1ons from some of the1r teachers These new members are taught the system by whlch all bustness transactrons are made The Bank Staff sells candy so that they may have money to secure new machtnes tor the buslness machrne class For the use of the students the Bank Staff sells pencrls and tablets There are three tellers Leona Kerr Beverly Remy and Ruth Frazler tour bookkeepers Ierre W1lson Lols Magee Tora Lee Andree and Mary Haddad two aud1tors Sylvta Peters and Lourse Fowler a checkwrrter Io!-Xnne Kullck and a mes enger Wayne Farneth 76 . Y . ' .y .W , G.: K . 'ul , . ' cr. t l , , M - V ' V V L , I V . . . . 1 . . pay for all those lost or damaged while charged to htm. A fine of two cents per day is charged n A I C n . , , - c ' ' ' ' Q 1 - 1 - - 1 1 -f I I . -L 2 , ' ' 1 ' , g , 1 ' . ' ' : ' , ' : s , . ATTENDANCE STAFF From all the g1rls at Ken H1 a few are selected each year to erve on the Attendance Staff The Attendance Staff 1S an honorary SOC19lY but 1t 1S not a soc1al group Rather 1t 15 a QGIVICG group be ause the g1rls must sacr1f1ce study halls IH order to spend one per1od a day n MISS Bouchers off1ce The qlIlS are cho en from the en1or 1un1or and sophomore classes Th1s year s staff IS made up of the follow1ng g1rls Dorothy Gerlach Sh1r ley Shearon Ruth Bowser Norma Iacoby Alrce Fadrowsla and Dolores Merllna lt IS the duty of the e glrls to l1st ab entees check attendance and to ass1st the dean 1n her work Each year a repre entat1ve 1S 1nv1ted to the Board of ACllV1l19S banquet Th1s year Dolores Mer l1na the only sen1or on the staff attended the banquet Th1s organ1zat1on 1S 1mportant to the smooth operat1on of Ken H1 THE ORCHESTRA The Orchestra IS another of Ken H1 s many mus1cal organ1zat1ons wh1ch IS called upon frequently for enterta1nment and accompan1ment Th1s year the orchestra pract1ces after school con equently students must sacr1f1ce many hours of the1r own t1me The orchestra plays for many occas1ons but we especlally look forward to hear1ng them at the Sprmg Fe trval and at baccalaureate and commencement Th1s year a new performance IS ant1c1 pated when the orche tra w1ll accompany the chorus for the operetta Mar1anne March 24 and 25 The e students 1nclude a number who are really talented along mus1cal lmes and who w1ll perhaps make a career of mus1c We shall be 1nterested to watch the1r progress after tl ey leave Ken H1 Of course Mr Frank Ohver waves the baton for th1s group Attendance Staff Scaled N laroby B. Bowser A Padrovwsct btandm D Gerlach S Shearon MISS Bodcher D Merlma Orchestra PlISl Bow P Lucc1 B Marks E Cro1ssant V Zonar1ch E M1ll rgram E Bergad C Hartge nd ww D Toknson Bradley G H1ll B Ge1ger M Cebula M Mclieever M Ollver Tmrd Row D Harlctns D B11 lc ner R Venatta R Arms rorg G Wr aht C Shaffer C Fttz gerald 77 S 1 . . , ., V . 1 . S S , Q a - I - 1 1 1 1 - Q . . Q . . - ., , , . 1 1 1 q C .. . . 1 , c . c 1 3 , . - A . 11 . 11 D N . . . . . , . . 5 V 4 A . 31 - . V , K' nn A v. oeco Bo . . 1 1 , V. , . , T. . , , , . 1 ,, . i . . 1 . Y CIRLS CHORUS The Grrls Chorus rs o newly formed orgo nzottron ot twenty frve grrls from the sophomore 1un1or cmd enlor clgs e They prdctr e three trmes or week durrng tlre thrrd perrod At the Chrrstmos progrom rn tre gym the group pre ented severol excellent serectrons 1n three port hctrmony On everctl o cotsrons th1s group hots sung tor the hrgh school rotdro progroms on Wednesdoy ottternoons Along wrth the Bond Seruor Cholr ond Orchestro they wxll portrcr pdte rn the Sprmg Festrvol Tl"e1r numbers ore usuolly emrclossrcol After the resrgno tron ot Mrs Emogene Whrto re Truxctl the e grrls were trolned ond spon ored by Mrs leon Dreher Thrs group whrch has token the pldce ot the Grrls Swrng Group whrch wds composed of twelve grrls who grdductted lost yeor KENNSYLVANIANS The Kennsylvcmrons ore under the ctble sponsorshrp ot Mr Frank Olrver our competent bond ledder Thrs group of musrcrons wos orgonrzed rn 1946 They hove been dorng o frne Job ot ploryrng for the donces ond ctssemblres ot Ken H1 ond hove contrrbuted rmmense ly to the succe s ot mcrny extrct currrculor GCl1V1l19 They occoslonolly ploy outsrde of school for other orgonrzotrons ond clubs lt rs not or very lorge orgomvotron but they moke up tor lock rn number by the excellent quolrty of musrc they produce They now number trfteen but ore expected to rncred e rn number ln yectrs to come The recognlzed tudent leoder IS Robert Arm trong He 15 ct enror th1s yeor olong wrth numerous other members It would be well to wcttch th1s orchestro be ou e rt hos o greot future ond we dll wrsh them the be t of luck Guls Chorus roy Boc Chorbo Mr Olrver 78 -. ' - I , S S S. C r . . , Y 1 , . . K L u L, 1 S C . . . , ' I I T ' T ' c s ' ' s . L 1 T I - , 3 - . . A 3. . , S , . A ' . S . Q . Q . . . X r ., . - . T . T ' . c rs ' s . Q sf, , W ix fr? ' Q '.rr ,T '1 TT 5 ,yVV T, T, T kt, T t , . X , xl A I . V' , . -1 N. B11 , S. .. 'O . ' ro , . B , . x l k. Fzrst Row N Shepard F Oposr s S Lorrrner P Brown B Wogner M Hondo M Bcrsto Second Row Mrs Truxol B Al qurst H Pyle C Kctowskr C Waugh l GSOTIQIO M Con Thrrd Row B N htte D Grdhcmr o mg Hart e Crrbbs K Conway D Gollrdn Kennsylvanlans F1rst Row C Frtzgercxld P LUCCI D Horkms I Iverson P Coch n V rcrdley G Hll Second Row C Shaffer W Cooper G Wrrght R Wglter D Burley R Armstrong R The Script And Score E Chou' THE SCRIPT AND SCORE CLUB Presldent Emer on Mrlltqrarn V1LCPYGSlClGHl Anna Lou Alex Treasurer Audrey l-lobauqh The Scrtpt and Score Club 1S composed of students who are parucularly outstandlnq IH mus1c and dramat1cs Audtt1ons are held at the beamnlnq of each school term and the most talented persons are elected for membershtp by the club sponsor and 1ts otttcers As a result of Mrs Emoqene Whrtacre Truxals res1qnat1on Mrs lean Drener has now taken over the sponsorshrp ot the club The clubs operettas are always well recetved ln March of th1s year the members presented the operetta Marranne by Yahres and Monroe Whtch starred Anna Lou Alex Harnet Eadrowskl Emerson Mrlltqram and Patsy LUCC1 Each year the club attends an opera presented rn P1ttsburqh by a famous opera company Last year the qroup attended the productron G1rl Crazy at lnd1ana State Teachers Colleqe starrlna Helen Earth a former member of the club CHOIR The Cholr rs one ot the most acttve groups at Ken H1 At erqht flfteen each mornlnq 1n Room 208 the Chorr qrves out w1th lusty volces The Chotr was formerly under the leadershrp ot Mrs Emoqene Whttacre Truxal who restqned because of rll health Mrs lean Dreher has tak en the posrtlon At the beqrnnmq ot the year the Cholr begrns to practlce for the Chrtstmas sea son Srnqmq at the bank durrnq Chrlstrnas Season has become a tradltton for the Cholr The smqmq of the Cho1r at Easter t1me has also become trad1t1onal The Cho1r has been corn ohmented on therr SIHQIDQ at the F1TSl Presbyterlan Church durmq Holy Week The Cholr has also several radlo broadcasts of Whlch they can be proud Thls year the Chotr s member shlp has reached one hundred and slxteen w1th many more appl1cants The Spnnq Fes trval IS the tlnale of the year l l l l t . C , , Secretary ..,4,,.,... .......... ......,.,.,...... . ..,............. ......,.,........, ,.............. ,..........,..............,.,....................., . , . G l crta Pavan s ' ' ' . . ' 1 ' . f . I . ll 1 fl ' v f f f , - . H . H , . , . . , . . - . , - i 1 I A A . I I . , - . . Commercial Club First Row: L. Magee, G. Pavan, A D'Andre A I-lobaugh M. Haddad R Pankoska A Khahl S Peters L Fowler P Margone D M Nutt Second Row V Lavtck S Luke hart M Cu1rc1o L L Andree H F1nlc A Iurgaues I Day H S1mpson H Fadrovwslu R Potocnak Tturd Row V Helenslu I Wll son P. Whalen P Voyten H Greer T Stnclar N I Bolt I Kulrc-c M Sal1ba I Wolfe A Re1fschne1der Dxstnbutwe Educcxhon Club FIYST Row M L Vtnqht E Ward V S1rota A Orkts I Strong N RUCCI R Gale K Karrnn slct A Hardy V Seraltne A Schanz Se ond Row V Duphnslcl M Stewart T D1 Fonso B I-tart mar D Camp ell D Baker M R1denc.1r B Yenlcala S Henery E M Ouetot Th1rd Row M Vxess H Retss ner H Bennet P1 Mrnnzck P Stuck H Kostrck Mr Ptelffer V La 1nsk D Grabowskr Not p1 tured L Sparks COMMERCIAL CLUB Pr stdent Patty Voyten V1 e Preslder SYlV1G Peters Se reta y Helen Fmlc Treasur r Rua Pctocnak The Commercral Club 1S composed of tumor and en1or students who take the commer cral ourse They are selected to be rn the Club at the end ot the1r tumor year Meetrngs are held twrce a month one a socral meet1ng and the other a busrness meet1ng Spe 1al meet 1ngs are someumes called when representatrves from the bustness world are 1nv1ted to talk to the students about bus1ness cond1t1ons and new methods ot do1ng th1ngs rn the DUSIDGSS world ot today Some ot the act1v1t1es that the Commercral Club partlclpated rn thls year were the Plg Slam Hop and a get acqualnted dmner tor the Club members only They also sold candy to buy machrnes tor use 1n the otnce machlne pract1ce class They pur hased tour mach1nes One electr1c typewrrter a comptometer and two ele tr1c Frtdens Mr Ketser ls the sponsor ot the Commercral Club DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB Pres1dent Theresa D1 Fonso V1 e Pre rder Darlere Campbell Se retary Vrolet Duplrnskr Treasu er Altreda Orkrs The D E Club Whrch IS composed ot members ot the Drstrrbutron Educanon Course 1S sponsored by Mr Pte1tter One ot the purposes ot thrs club lS to promote better salesman sh1p As a group they cr1t1c1ze constructlvely other salesmen and glrls 1n whose work they have taken part1cular 1nterest The most of the1r act1v1ty concerns the work 1tselt Not only do they stress good salesmansh1p but corre t speech personal appearance and knowl edge ot the1r stock Other actlvrtres also were part of the1r program tor the year One eve n1ng a tureen drnner was held at the hrgh school Another tmportant event was a tr1p to Prttsburgh for a tour of the large department stores and a gltmpse of behrnd the scene ac t1v1t1es Learmng combtned Wlth recreatlon makes th1s club Worthwhlle , . c . N . 1 , , , . c ' ' Lo ' 1 , f . c 1, . , cf - . 'r . e ..... .. , ...... .., ....,. ............ ....... ,. ..,... C ' lf ............ ,.... ......... .,.,.,.....,.. .......... , .... .......... , . ., c r ...... . ..... ......,.. ...,.......,.. ............. .... .... ' e ..........., ......,. ...... .... ........... . . . . S - ' F' C - , . . , . . , N. A . , . C H , . 1, . . , . M .1 . - A . , A . . c - . , , c . c - s .t ...,........ ........... .... ...... , c .... ..... ............ . ..... ........ ..........,...,.............. . ..... ' ' . . , L , . A - V I N I , . H . ,1 . , , . Dramatic Club First Row: B, I, Corey, M. L Corey A Perez I Bandolph P Campbell M Campbell A Brooks L Marco M McCabe B Schailner M Holeva I Pol lack R M Barham Second Bow H Barnes H Ire land M Baker E Cervenak I Iverson H Eldot B Black E Mrllrgram P Luccr R Heas e Thrrd Row A Beradone I Mrll er T Bretthauer L Delasrn F Galzerano D Mrller W Bog erson I Bosso Mrs Klrnke Camera Club Ftrst Bow M Perrrello L Gurda S Barron E Be-rgad I Gror Q10 E Iaracz I Hockenberry I Oravec M A Mydock Second Row H Mrlrsrts B A Meyers R Sruta D Gerlach I-I Maurko C Pantana I Dahm B Omecrnskr 1rd Row M Herlrnger D Frrealdenhoten P Tylmskr E M Armstrong B M Snyder M L Kowalczyk Mrss Math zson DRAMATIC CLUB Presrdent Iohn Ivers n Vrce Presrden Bud Bla k Treasurer Lorrarne Marco Thrs year the Dramatrc Club s presentatlon was somethmg entrrely drtterent tne some chrllmg mystery TEN LITTLE INDIANS by Agatha Chrrstre The cast was carefully chosen to ht each role The play was presented at the Mam Street Audrtorrum on March fourth at 8 I5 oclock and was well re erved by the audrence Part ot the proceeds made from thrs productron enabled the entrre club to make 1ts annual trrp to Prttsburgh where they attended Oscar Wrldes The Importance ot Bemg Earnest at the Prttsburgh Playhouse These actors are kept busy workmg on orrgrnal skrts tor mrtatron radro programs assem blres and smaller plays whrch are presented monthly at the clubs evenmg meetmgs In thrs way the members earn therr much coveted pm Who knows but that there may be a fu ture Lunt or Fontanne rn therr mrdst? Mrs Alrce Islrnke rs the clubs capable and well loved sponsor CAMERA CLUB Presrdcrt Lee Gurda Vrce Presrdent Ella Mae Armstrong Secretary Re-gma Sruta Treasurer Mary Perrrello The newly organrzed Camera Club has developed succes tully thrs year sponsored by Mrss Ianet Mathlson The club enrolls about forty Junlor and senlor grrls and boys The purpose ot the club rs to grve those students who are mterested the crrance to learn the technraues of photography The l949 Camera Club has been extremely actrve and energetlc Le tures on portrartures exposures lens and negatrve contrasts vrsrts to local commercral photo studros and a prcture takmg Iaunt to Prttsburgh were among the proJects of the group The hrghhght ot the club s actrvrtres was the Shutter Flutter Hop when Kmg Kodak Drck Brown and Queen Ansco Pat Vo ,Iten were chosen unanrmously trorn the Senror Class to wear the crowns Camera Club photographers were present that nlght for request prctures l y. , , I, . , . , . Th' c : r. , . ' ' I ' ,- - . ,..........,.,...,.,.,. .,.,.,.,..,....................v...................,...,4........,....,..4,4,.,..,...........,,..,,.,,.,.,..., . ,.,.,.. , c Secretary .,.......,. , ..,.,..... ..... .... . . ,.,...v...,......... .......,.,....,......., .,.,.4.,4,..,..,.,,,,4,4.4,4,44,,,4,......,..,.,r,..,..,...,,..,,, H a r ry Ireland U A 7 A - I I ' . I A . , . c . . . 1 . , . . y , I H . H , If If . , . IL. . , . . I I I I . . , . . , . . . L - . . . . y . , , - I I A . C , , , I I . I I 1 n ' I I I X I L GEOGRAPHY CLUB P t-sident Bud Black N1 e Pr siden Ella Mae Armstrong be retary Bertha Baker T easurer Donna lean Bordonaro The Geography Club ot Ken l-li was establish d tor those students who have an active interest in geography and wish to know more about the subtect The club is a section ot the Geography Club ot Western Pennsylvania and the National Council of Geography Teach ers Miss Mary Phillips istlse sponsor and any student who is a member of a senior geo graphy class is eligible tor membership The club undertook various activities but the most important and worthy was the sponsoring of two Care packages to two needy families in Europe This deed ot unseltishness should show the people ot the world that the geography that they are also interested in the people thern elves GIRLS LEADERS CLUB rr sidert Sylvia Peters Se retary Norma lean Bolt T cast rrr Mary Lou llurtha The club is made up ot Junior and enior gir s maintaining a satisfactory grade in physi cal education and an average ot C or better in all other subrects The purpose ot the club is to assist instructors ot the Department oi Physical Education The e girls referee games in gym classes check gym equipment check locker rooms and showers and assist in many other ways To be eligible for membership the girls must show di trnct qualities ot leader ship including dependability initiative resourcefulness willingness and good sportsman ship The club also helps to develop and promote general leadership and good sportsman ship throughout the shcool Tournaments and supper dances along with many other social events add to the interest ot the club Miss Rosemarie Pascaretta is the enthusiastic spon sor ot the club 87 Q 'HTQTTT.fffffffffffl.lflfffff.fffff..fffff.'fffffffff.flff.f'ffffffffflfflQ'ffffffff'ffflffffffQfffff.ffff'Lm"'A"'4"""l"l'l . T c ............ ....,.,....,..,., .,.....,............,....,.,..,......,,...,.........,...,... ....,..,,.,........,.,........,........................ Y ' 5 ............, ....,.........,. . ., .................,.,......... ,......,......,... ........,. ,... . . .,,........,....,, . . , , 9 U . . 4 Y I I I l I wk In I - l 1 v I I 4 u 1 r students ot Ken Hi are not only interested in their climate, resources or political party but ' ' c ' ' ' ' .A ' ' 1. s ' Q ui., ' .T T, we Geography Club G1rls Leaders Club Blftuui A F Z.0.,,4:U.M Hand Book Staff F1TSl Row V Lav1ck B Schaft ner R Troyanowskr R Chorba L L Iohnston M McCabe Second R w MISS Owen Tlurd Row R Marks C F1tz gerald E M Armstrorg I S1s1ey R Armstrong Kentoman Staff F1rst Row P G1esler S MCCGIH A Rukavma R Fraz1er D Holeva P Surma M Machuga A Iack M Sahba T Mele M Ortosk1 A Khahl C Carn c1bucc1 D Bordonaro Second Row M E Hemle H Pterce N HOUTIQGU I Wolfe M Kapalka I Farneth I W1l son N Baum1lle1' H Greer KlS9f M L Murtha Whalen A Callahan H Bc ratyn D Felt S Shearon Th1rd Row R Heasley R Bau man H Ireland R Adams E Wtles I Haser H W1ley D Guerrtn M1ss Russell C Pat terson HANDBOOK The Handbook Staff under the sponsorsh1p of MISS Owen has the task of comp1lmg the Handbook manual ln the Sprmg ot the pre v1ous year they hold regular meet1ngs at wh1ch t1me ass1gnments concern1ng the book are g1ven and rece1ved Sports schedules new clubs and teachers rules and regulat1ons course ot study and Just an all round check IS made to secure accurate and correct 1ntormat1on tor publ1cat1on 1n the Handbook for the beneht ot the students the followmg year Thls IS the Ken H1 student s r1ght and wrong do lt or dont book It IS here that 1ntormat1on ot all types can be located Several other schools have u ed 1t tor a model for the1r own books Ella Mae Armstrong IS ed1tor the staff and lYplSlSlI'1ClLld9 R Armstrong C F1tzgerald R Chorba R Marks M McCabe I S1sley R l'ro1anowsk1 I Lutty L Iohnston and V Lav1ck KENTONIAN The Kentoman our school paper IS publ1shed every two weeks dur1ng the school term by the student 1ournal1sts MISS Russell who IS m charge of the paper sees to 1t that the re porters keep up to date w1th ed1tor1als 1okes features and happemngs 111 the held of sports and news The Journahsts are d1v1ded 1nto four groups These groups are then asslgnfazl a certa1n page ot the paper and an ed1tor for the page 15 chosen whose respons1b1l1ty IS to see that the work 1S done completely accurately and on t1me Two sectlons ot the paper are reserved tor the JUHIOI h1gh schools and they have the1r own reporters who cover the news The 1ournal1sm class prov1des an excellent opportumty for students to demonstrate ab1l1ty 1n creat1ve WTIIIHQ and or1g1nal1ty IH ldeas The ed1tor1n ch1ef of the Kentoman IS Donald Guerrm and the ass1stant ed1tor 1S D1ane Bordonaro 3 cz' . .. 1.' . 1- V'- 1, 1-' :. ., , I 1 1 o 1 - 1 1 . . . C . ..' c . , . ,. 1. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. 1. . . 1 1 ' I I T 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , . M H mm may e K Q19CIII'l me ctmbutes of fCIlfO1CIY cmd qood sportsmcmshlp iicipcfte cfs players or SDQCTCITOIXS cmd in which, reqcrrdless of what our position b,.v,'f ' 'A '. P 5 ip es? 5.3 ax "QP 33,5 ,1 gig If E 'A f"Q""WQ' 2 mg 9 am! After thelr annual outing at summer camp in Salisbury Pennsylvania Ken H1 s Band returned to the city ready for the football sea on Tlceir week of r1g1d tra1n1ng and fun under the competent leadership of Mr Ollver had prepared them for a tough schedule of performances with new formations and a new mascot Kenny Rus ell Kenny is now a favorite of all Ken H1 fans ln all the Band performed before over a hundred thousand people during the season They entertained at the All Star game in Pittsburgh the Steeler Detro1t game and all Ken H1s games ln addition to th1s the Band plays at all the home basketball games and practices a full period every day 1n pre paration for the Dispatch Band Festival the Allegheny Band Festival and tlce All District Band concert A change in the Band Festival plans for this year 1S scheduled Har Brack Tarentum Springdale and Ken H1 bands will pre ent a Joint program 1n the Ches Arena in Cheswick rather than a program in each of the high schools as they had done before. Bob Armstrong a trumpet player and a member of the graduating class has attended the State Band concert for two years in succession. 86 V . 'V . Q 5- '55, .- J ' K . ,' 5' I 1- r'X F' If ,' rf Q c an V ' Y PN ' J , . J -N' . kk., IJ - V V 1 :Rx B I 'f 'f ' Srnce Malorettes are now a part of every hrgh chool s band Ken H1 can well be proud of her mgh steppers' Under the drre lon of Mr Frank Ohver the corps has become Well known throughout Western Pennsylvanra Early th1s fall the group performed at Forbes Freld as guests of tl'e Prtt Burgh Steelers Many hours of drhgent practrce have maae the marorettes o Well tralned and pre 1 e that they are often referred to as Ken H1 s Rockettes Each summer the marorettes along wrth the Band spend a week rn the clean mountam arr of the Boosters Camp rn Sahsbury Pennsylvanra Thrs httle Jount helps to grve them the pep and energy to perform so arduously and thus rnsprre our team The enror maworettes are awarded beautrful heavy whre sweaters wrth a ma,orette rnsrgma rn vrvrd red ln the corps there are eleven graduates who wrll turn rn therr batons at the end of the term They are tl e followrng Bertha Baker he.,ad marorette Rlta Potocnak lanrce Wolfe Audrey Ptta Brooks Ann Moyes Shlrley Ross Dolores Hess Betty Stanlco Lorrarne Marco Lrnda Iohnston and Audree Perez 87 . , 1 F 1 1 - A D 1 1, . ,, . an . N. . 1 . . H . H , Q A . 1 c . .1 11 11 CS 1 1 A 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 w , . at , Q ' f . - , , . 4 ..,. . . 1 - 1 1 1 -' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , . 8!1.ew1lea1!m4 N Baumrller R Vlfhal n l kollack M McCabe H Greer The l948 49 Cheerleaders were made up of frve members three senlors and two Jumors Nancy Baumrller rlelen Greer Rosahe Whalen Irene Pollack and Margaret McCabe Last summer they attended the Boosters Camp at Sahsbury wrth the Band Whrle at camp they practrced old cheers and com oosed several new ones for the comma sport easons Durmq football season the Cheerleaders held pep ralhes rn tne school ayrn and led cheers at all games at home and away At the clo e of football eason they were quests of the School Board at a banquet qrven for the football team Wrth the comma of basketball season the Cheerleaders were aqarn on the Job backtnq the team Under thelr sponsor Nh s Pascaretta they oraanrzed Ken HIS frrst Pep Squad These arrls deserve the admlratlon of the school and faculty for the sp1r1t they try to 1nst1ll throughout Ken H1 SS . r . , , 1 19 , . , . , . ' 1 1 . 1 1 . 1 + 1 A 1 1 1 1 - 1 , . , A ' C 5 . .. . L, . . 1 C Q . C N . 1 . . .1 . Q . , V , L . . . . . 1 . ' amf eacwfzed in ln re ent years the ranks of d1rectors crea ed con d n 1 have 1n y ssoc1ated for many years w1th Ken H1 Athlencs s r Glock who 1S now d1rector of Athlencs Mr Vorlaqe 1S faculty manager wh1le Mr lefferson has charge of eqwpment Head football coach IS Mr Fletcher who IS ass1sted by Mr Slosky and Mr Dunn Mr Slosky heads the basketball coachmq staff W1th Mr Ve1tch as h1s ass1stant Mr Dunn 1S baseball coach Track and Cross Country Coach 1nq IS chrected by Mr Cheqvmdclen 89 . gg c ' and coaches at Ke H' ' - S si erably. Closel a ' ' ' ' 1 M. ' ' ' . . ' Qaazfdall 'kdm Frrst Row L C1arcutt1 1 Gcerxberq I Wanna W Carrraan T 1-laser F Bosuskt P. DelDuca R Sutter B Cooper Second Row A Gretz K Slosky H Wand D Zentne H Ftuclfs F Araba F1 Wolfe W Vente F Davtd G 1-lcsrcns E M rzulo I Mlsom Carrtabuct Thtrd Row I Fredrtck M Shamey R Cart cno S Yartshak 1-1 Bennett I Haser I Gzordaro E Mchaels C Phtlhps B Wroblcskr F1 Br Wn I Perottt I Wtllard Fourth Row 'W Thrower R Crouse F Kwtatkowskt R Koztkowskt R Tamburo R Tudor D McNutt R Hall G France VARSITY FOOTBALL The varstty team losmq one qarne came very cloee to wmmnq the AA r-hamptonshrp for the thtrd year tn successton Constd rable trtbute has been patd to Coach Fletcher and h1s asststants Mr Iefterson Mr Dunn and Mr Slosky who led the falthtul team' on to tts many vtctorte The team went on undefeated to a record ot twenty two wlns and one They were then defeated by Vanderqrttt by a score ot 20 14 At the end ot the season the Red and Blacks record to be totaled for the past three years was twenty three wms one loss and one t1e Ken Central Cathohc Ken Iohnstown Ken Steubenvtlle Ken Allentown Ken Ambrtdqe Ken Vanderqrnt Ken Har Brack OO 1-11 ............,.,........................... 20 ' ..................................,....... U Ht ..r..................................... N41 .........,...........................................,... 14 Hi ...,.......,r..........,.................. 20 ' . .......,......................,.................... O -1 Ken Ht ...............,,.....r................... 32 Altoona .........................................r..................... 13 -A Ht ..r........,,............................. 7 .........,............................................... 7 Ht .......................................... 25 ' ..................r..............,....................... 19 1-li .................,........................ 14 ' ..........................................,........... 20 1-Ii .............,............................ 19 V .....................................................,...,.. 7 I fi V --.-I J.a.4..4,.,,, ff...,:,g 4, ZYM' wfia 'V Nw MJ ,UMJJQ 15,5-qhwsixz 5 .X 6:3 QTL' WWW , 1 ,M mi A i Sr Q' Xxx .1 n VZ- Mr f. - mg ' if ' 'i ' H Q ,,. 7.1 Mk Q v .SF A65 1, ,Wg ' ' " J Kai' v ! -ag1 g', ff ,, L, ,V A 3 X , E ,. N '- ry Gr' K.. U 1' - F if ,mn M' Q' uw W'f 5 'Q M f- A " f L xx . . -Y? , W1 ,gil . W , -' fa: La 'ffl-:fig gf? AN, uk ' , i if A ' fe : - -,:, : M Hr 3- fy ' uf " 3Z.f15fff f , "fM':,fwg'4 Z,-X j"fT",Qf if . A f 1' 'Z W9 1 li 'K as My ' -sh , . WN it W X ,X K. . . , 9 1 . r , 9 1 M, 1 J 1 . 1 - .5 fb if is-gg I Wilhfiiggg -. , if 'wggy K, My , , -A W fi ' R , 1 - , as ,P , gf Q W f ' hiv ' . I rg f' fl 79 4'- f 55 ' , M Q 4, , x -Q, , 4 .Q ' , Mr Remy explalns to Rlchard Crltchlow Everyone rs lwavlnq a aood tlme at Trl how to operate a lathe H1 Y meetlna Mr Fletcher Qeems to tlnnlc Wrlllesspeech Rutlne Haan dlsplavs ner talent before IS very entertammq lanet Nancy VITQIHIG Alma and Nancy Angelo talks W1ll'1 Mr Remy whlle Don and D1clc are busrly at work 93 5. V . . . 1 t t - ' '-' Z' . , - f 1 1 f - er C ran Pc r L H. C 's ,.. , w, F .ce S C , 1 :1.,, , 1. Cr l. 1. T11 l. ?C'lfl. 1 H , 1 . , ,ul . e ', H art, . Folie. Second RCW: B x TOlJlCSCl 5 B , , , E. :xc Da " , T. rf l I 1 . . S h I . . A , . , c . ' 12' f 1 1 I I I I I 5' 2 1 . 1 I . 1, , , . . 1 . S U . . ' - s ' . . , .1 VARSITY BASKETBALL Under the coachmq of 'Vlr Slo ky the vars1ty basketball team drsplayed excellent tra1n1nq and sportsmanshlp 1n l948 l949 Wrnnrnq seventeen games and losmq four' the varsrty team became Se t1on l champ1ons However they met defeat when they played Hankrn rn the frrst round of the WPTAL at the P1tt Stadrum The team had a steady backmq by the many loyal fans and school mates The underclassmen reqretfully sard qoodby to 1 rance Thrower Tamburo Brown Campbell Bosso Koz1kowsk1 and Crouse semors on th1s year s squad Mr Ve1tchs layvee squad rurmshed some exutement along w1th tl1e vars1ty squad by completmq a successful season mth f1fteen wms and llV9 lo ses There IS plenty of vars1ty materral for next year s team from tlns ex cellent layvee squad We may well be proud of our teams for the1r qood sportsmansh1p and loyalty We are lookma forward to the l949 l95U eason but Wlll scarcely f1nd one so excrtrnq as that mst ended 94 Varsxty F1TSl Row R l-a R Campbell TOLGQBI rw lrrw e ond Pow T7 ua 1 I Owczy kcwsk1 P E M Qhaels Kraft F T ns F Ara 1 Iayvees FITSI Row lfl Sy ak Praslxeld E a .rl c 1 Sparks l'l Lav rty ks R Slew Qwser P r berqer l Kuntz W Kl wal o K arno Lf K I1 K 1 ken eil 'K 1 fl KL? 1-11 K Il Ken PHIL. VARSITY IAYVEES S JJFI Fcllb A , rm dale kms' urq N TL 'ieesu 11 lv C HY' J F 1 F01 s Aw I1 C111 nsi S LIT I I1 YI! 1- H1...,,.. . .,.,. 35 Be ' ' ! ' .. , .,...,.. M22 Eff-11 H1.., .. . . 2. B1-f1'w Q.- 111 151 .... , ., ., 58 P1711 v--111111 ., ,b .......... 22? EQ, 11 Iii, , , , H ,,,, ,QQ F1151 U 1- 1, 'L H1 ,...,..., ., ,..,. .... ,.......,..... 5 7 'L cg , ...,, ....,., ...,....,... 4 3 Ken Hi .......,., .. ., .,.., .... .,..,. 3 2 Sy iiiqd 'f .. Ki Hi ..... ., ...... ,.... .,.. ...,., 6 O Vfgl .J ..,. . ,, ..,.,. . ....., .H44 Kfin H1 .,.,....,. . ,. M38 '.1'1lk1 ' 111113 i'i:I H1.,,.., ., ., . 57 IIV1 . ,.,..,..,.. ., ., ,..,.,,.,.. 34 I-Ln H1, ,,,,, , , 1 , .15 I1-,-,qp , Km: H1 .,... ,....,....,.. 45 MQ. ' ,O ,... ....,. ....,....,.. 3 U Ken '11 ,,,4,..,,,, M H LQKL9 pi U 1 2 1 Hi ,...,..., ,, .,.,.,. ...,,..,. H43 Fcrreif .,.. ..,...... . .,..,..,.,,. 35 K ,,. n H1 .,,,, H , H 1 32 Fgyfygl K iii .,... . ,., ...,., 43 F-1d C y ,,., .. .,... ....3U KWH Hi, .,,.,, A 1 , W V .25 F791 Vpy +1 H1 ...,..,.,. ., . .,.,. 36 'L:r1J1:1'1g1'1ir .... ..... . ,.,,..33 315.11 HL, ,,,, , , V H I ,,m3.1 Ygngjgg J-11 H H1 ........ .,.,.. . .. ..... ...AB KL'fUI'1N1HQ ,....... ..,,.,, ,......,. ......... . . 5 4 X53 H1 lnll H llll M42 K3-Cmmnu E Ken H1 .,... .. ., M155 Ei:11fE: fk .. ...,.. .,... . M20 31. Q 111 N H42 3511, gm -1: Q K1-11 H1 .,.. . .. 61' ::.II1,i',i . .,., . , .... .H37 33 H ff! A H Qi' ,yn ,Q H H H Ken H1 ...,...., .,., .,...,57 Eptif-F. .,.,,. ,. ., ,.,, .....45 gen Q V In I H 24 235.5 1 H111 H1 ,... .. .,., .61 fr'.-an . ,. .,... .. .63 Qing 351. V b ,gg A H1111 H1...,. , ,.,i11 Fri '1'y , ..,..42 gj ,115 , Mfg 711 -1-1, V K- n Hin. ,..... .,,. -155 f:,Iff1 .QfQ1ih1,1L' ........., .56 Kin Hi QQQV H H 33 -'v3Al:V?IQr::f Ken Him. , .,.., ....,-L7 Ycndergrift 49 V U M W K1-11s11.,V.,. , 53 3:11111 1.15 ..., 1, N50 fm 'U' " Ji "Wm 1' 111.11 ., ,. Q2 HJI 51 114 , ,. . 41 VH H1 -1 1 5911 513 'k 1 Kfifl Hin. , ., ,. 58 1l.r::Qi .. ,.,. ..,... , . , ,W47 Kkr ., . . . .l.rn:-j ., , EZ: , . 54 .'.,f z ., . ., ., 35 ggi 351 ji 5 A-gf 'LP 1, e Grimes 95 'M' ' ' C A , A . Nr v , . . First How D Ferqnson C Best l Ross D Cappel F Marroti H Vestrand A Oravec R K zikowski Second Row W Pehsan C Scanqa R Chorba E Lipski M Enaler A Davie G France E Grcham P Cochran Third Row R McSherry C Moses C Schatier G Rapp A Kline A Curcio G Michel F Tobias Mr Dunn BASEBALL 1948 Ken H1 s baseball tearn coached by Mr Dunn ot Parnassus lunior High School had another successful eason With a record ot eiqht wins three losses and one tie the team played very excellently all season ln the tirst elirnin ation qarne Ken H1 defeated West Deer but was then upset in the second qarne by Vanderqritt Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Vanderqritt Arnold Har Brack Tarentum East Deer Har Brack Arnold Tarentum East Deer Har Brack Springdale 5 West Deer U Vanderqritt 9 Hi ................................................... 4 ' Hi ................................................... 6 ......... Hi ............................,...................... 2 - Hi .........,......................................... 2 Hi ................................................... 3 Hi ................................................... 8 Ken Hi ................................................... 1 Springdale Hi ....,.............................................. 14 ........, Hi ................................................... 16 Hi .................................................., 5 Hi ...................,............................... 1 Hi ............................................,...... 7 ' W. P. I. A. L. Elimination Games Hi ................................................... Hi ................................................... ' 6 '7aw!a I TRACK Frrst Row R Fredenclc I Adams C Ferauson P Resetar E Mlchael R Bowser S Yanshak I S1C111O I Spana L Sparks I Bmckert L Lecocq Second Row I Wenaer I Mrlsom R Howlett I Turner D Iolnnson R Hall B Wrobleslu W I-lorrell I Wanna I Netosk1e I Klem Thrrd Row Mr Cheawrdden R Troyanowskr R Walls W Thrower H Bland I Zale lm R Tudor C Latek W Bauman I Bullers L Adams CROSS COUNTRY Second Row I Zaleskl E Beal D Rcdrtauez R Farneth F Mooney L Lecocq R arrop Thrrd Row R Bowser P Resetar C Ferauson I Greco I Wenger L Adams TRACK 1948 The 1948 Track Team coached by Mr Cheawldden oartrclpated m even track meets one trlanqular meet at Ieannette and the County Meet at Greensburg The team scored a total of 2563A pomts Ernle Mlchels had a total of 49141 pomts for top scorer Wrlhe Thrower B111 Horrell Irm Turner and W1ll1am Walls set new record for Ken H1 CROSS COUNTRY 1949 Coach Cheqwldden s well orqanlzed Cross Country team part1c1pated 1n n1ne meets dur mq the 1949 season The team won two meets and lost seven The team although losrnq d1d very well for the season for a cross country team that had been orqanrzed for only two years First Row: R. Cable, R. Rieck, W. Fink, Cr. Buckley, I. Bickert, W. Rhodes, I. Gilmore, R. Mtller. Roxy Cehtozzo lohh Fern Geho Pesce ond lock Bowser Trode school boys eem The hbrory IS such cr quret plocel Frcmk George D1clc Mrlce ond Albert eem to be emoymq themselves lvlr Klmke cue ln Vlolo Howard Sld hey Potsy lules Bob cmd Vmce for o Evldehtly o perlod of reloxolloh for B1ll Nomcy Bob look ond George 2 50 IS the be t Mme of the doy I l - l' f- ' ' ' 1 1 - O- D 1 I ' very studious doh't they? rodio broordcost. 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COMPLIMENTS OF FERGUSON AUTO GLASS SERVICE REPLACEMENTS FOR ALL MAKES CARS AND TRUCKS 731 Church Street Phone 1357 New Kensmgton Pa Comphments of Comphments t Mlckey Demma s Fruit Market Glock S Sporting Goods C0 Cholcest Frurts and Vegetables 706 Frith Ave Phone 32411 FREE DELIVERY 416 Nmth Street TFOCQIIHO Bowling Alleys 400 Freeport Street 8 A B C Scznchoned Alleys For Reservations Call 9997 Roxle Bell: Manager BURLEY SHOES Thxrty Years t DEPENDABLE SHOE SERVICE 839 Fxtth Avenue New Kensmgton Pa COMPLIMENTS OF TRESS PRINTING SERVICE Booklets Publlcatlons Folders Iob Pnntmg Un1on Pnnters 912 Conshtutlon Blvd Phone 1696 PERR BRQS NEW KENSINGTON MEN S WEAR TYPEWRITER CO Grits Greetmq Cards 950 Fmh Avenue Typewnters and Ottlce Supphes New Kensmqton Pa Phone 3115 Frith Avenue Phone 1665 COMPLIMENTS OF R R CROYLE Bulldlnq Contractor COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL BUILDING STORE FRONTS FLOOR SANDING ALTERATIONS AND REPAIRS Estlmcxtes Gwen 357 Rlvervlew Dnve Phone 36 107 I I o . , . , . - . 1 ' Q Ex G. 1. l ' ' ' ' . . 931 ' O O HAVE THE DISPATCI-I DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME Allegheny Valley s Greatest Newspaper Keystone Danry Company Quallty Dany Products YOUR PATRONAGE WILL BE APPRECIATED Call 666 For Home Servxce Our Store 329 Slxth Avenue HAMILTON 86 ALTER GRAIN FEED FLOUR 226 Mlm Street Phone New Kensmgton Pa G Exe usxve Wlth us f77mZnum Authentxc Fashlons 964 4th Avenue New Kensmgton Compllments I LARRY S AUTO REPAIR 506 Eighth Street Phone 211 New Kensmgton Pa Compl ents of The V 86 M STORE 5C and l0c Pamassus P ALTMEYER H O M E S T O R E lnte or Decoratlons for E ery Ho Corner 4th A e at 10th St BECOHSVY S Valley Hezghts U S KEDS George Skegas Market Grocerxes Meats Fruxts G Vegetables Phone 9471 209 Sth St New Kensmqton Pa COMPLIMENTS OF PENN TRANSIT COMPANY 105 I . 1 . . 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Suggestions in the New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) collection:

New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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