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sk 'V Q 0 A I A 319' 'A H ,- f ,f '!"m"""'O 70111 fd 14, aw, Engravings: JAI-IN Bc OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. Printing: Chicago, Illinois THE EAGLE PRINTERY Photography: Covers Butler, Pennsylvania COLAO STUDIOS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania KINGSCRAFT COVERS Kingsport, Tennessee :HW -we-ff X 508 x K Q .1 , 1 ,- ,g L XJ F X ,WgW7!w 194 7 xl 7 -- Published by the -- ,I , Axugfv f g'71.f"-ff! GNEW KENSINGTON HIGH SCHOOL S E N I O R C L A S S NEW KENSINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA My AYIIY- ' III!- 'auii v av ins- Jai X7 5 QV in . dfff QWF' At the pealc of Indian Summer, 1946, the doors of Ken Hi swung open once again to the stream of students, reluctantly return- ing from the carefree Summer days. Con- fused and bewildered, the new students anxiously sought their classrooms. The long line outside Mr. Weaver's office revealed the annual mix-up in schedules. When order again reigned over disorder, and students were finally seated in classrooms, many new faces in teachers and students were discov- ered. Ken l-li's many organizations initiated their quota and settled down to the year's activities. Politically-minded students began campaigning for class offices. Picture time came and students stood in long lines wait- ing their turn before the camera. Not once, but twice, because of camera defects. Care- fully attired seniors' designated the week of senior pictures. Football season was ushered in with lusty cheer practices. Newly garbed in smart uniforms, our band and corps of majorettes made their debut. The season was climaxed by the winning of the WPIAL. The successful play, "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthuris Courtf, and the Harvest Ball were this season,s outstanding social events. Um 5 7a june With an onslaught of basketball and name cards, Winter came to Ken Hi. College Club tests were taken. The Yuletide season was welcomed to Ken I-ii by the Christmas tree at the Trophy Case. The Christmas assembly was high lighted by the collapsing of the bleachers. After vacation, Wfinter winds chilled the glove- less hands of seniors as they sported their class rings. The Winter was brought to a climax by the Valentine Dance of the Tri-Hi-Y and the Shamrock Ball. Spring fever held the students with a magnetic force. This season brought baseball and track to Ken I-Ii. The Senior Class play, "Stage Door," chalked up another dramatic success for the year. Spring is best known, however, as the season of social events. The Sophomore Hop began the whirl of dances. The whirl continued with the Senior Private and the National Honor Society Dance, both farewell parties to the seniors. Red ribbons and black ties signifiy Class Day when the seniors bade farewell and welcomed the seniors of next year with the presentation of the lantern. Taleoken Day was the last day for the seniors and, as always, the halls were full of seniors getting autographs and promising to write and keep in touch with one another. The Prom was, of course, the highlight of the entire year when the juniors and seniors blossomed forth in formals and danced gayly to the music of Nino Lent and I-lis Collegiate Orchestra in the decorated gym. With Baccalaureate and Commencement the year was ended. Summer would come soon, the one season Ken Hi would not re-echo the noise of students in the halls. With the return of Fall, however, another round of seasons will start, one more in the history of our school. -f ,- ,xy 1-7,1-,IJ ,f w , x,1 ..,Q f,,m- 'Q ,'.V.a1:w,.L-wi.. .af .,i,L1.,14 ., Mu.. 1 ,Q .fp1.-.,.4:u',,,-1 M.. C-ADMINIS TRA TION QPACULTY ?'RESHMEN ORGANIZATIONS ffOOTBALL We Zia!! Aaah I saw game Seated: Mr. Blackburn, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Churchill, Miss Mazur, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Daughenbaugh, Mr. Vaughn. Standing: Mr. lVIcKean, Dr. Chapman. T e Board oi Education Through our twelve years of school, we have been guided by a group of men not too well known to the majority of students. These men are the members of the Board of Education, chosen by the voters as their representatives. Quietly and adeptly these men have handled all the problems and crises arising in the New Kensington schools. They have made possible the efficient system of our schools and created for them an impressive record of accomplishments. They have taken an interest in our athletic and social affairsg they have cheered our victories and mourned our defeats. As we, the class of 1947, prepare to leave New Kensington High School for the last time, we wish to express our gratitude to the men of the Board of Education for their interest, guidance, and above all, for their friendliness to us in our school live. The members of the board are Mr. H. V. Churchill, president, Mr. Cecil Fisher, vice-president, Mr. H. L. Wolf, treasurer, Mr. E. H. Blackburn, Mr. A. F. Daughenbaugh, Mr. Howard Stewart, and Mr. Charles Vaughn. Miss Veronica Mazur is secretary and Mr. Frank McKean, solicitor. Dr. E. T. Chapman is superintendent' of schools. S-4 Swpeainllencfunl Greetings to the Class of 1947: You are about to enter the Post War World. It is a world of considerable chaos and confusion. Your High School Education should give you an awareness of the problems America faces. Winning the war has not yet meant winning the peace. We must carry on the fight for Liberty, Freedom and Democracy. We must tackle our problems with new vigor. When Albert Einstein was asked how he discovered the Theory of Relativity he replied, "I challenged an axiomf, Do not shrink from the problems that will face you. Attack them courageously, fearlessly, and you will find pleasure in the doing. F. T. CHAPMAN To the Seniors: For real company and friendship, this 1947 TALEOKEN will be a constant reminder of your happy days here at KEN HI. It has a life, a character, and a story of its own and it is filled with good fellowship. You'll find those forgotten names, her picture, an event,-yes, all those things that meant so much to you this year. You will come back to this book many times and you will always find an old friend unchanged. I hope the pictures and stories of Ken Hi will be an inspiration to keep you growing in your success in the years to come. H. B. WEAVER 10 Miss Boucher Mr. Miller Dean of Girls Principal of Vocational School Mr. Johnson Mr. Sisley Supervisor of Elementary Grades Principal of Junior High School 11 qacu H. Armstron J . Armstrong Ba liste Branthoover Baughman Black Burnett Cas HAZEL ARMSTRONG Civics JOHN ARMSTRONG Commercial Education JOHN BATISTE Bookkeeping WILMA BRANTHOOVER History, Geography M. M. BAUGHMAN History Crouse FLORENCE EWING Library 12 Eiges Ewing J. L. BLACK Mathematics, Economics T. A. BURNETT History CATHARINE CASILLO Commercial Education MARTHA B. CROUSE English DOROTHY EIGES History, Guidance Hadden Hai-ter Hawk Hex-linger Heymers DONALD FLETCHER Mechanical Drawing, Nlath-cmatics, jr. High Shop M. P. FRAZIER Patternmalcing J. A. GIBSON Science, Health, Physical Education CARL GLOCK Health, Physical Education, Athletic Director MARY GOSETTI English, Spanish CHARLES A. HEYMERS Machine Shop 13 RUTH GRIESEMER English, Library HARRY C. HADDEN German, History DOROTHY HARTER Mathematics Latin IRENE HAXW FRED W. HERLINGER Chemistry 1947 Fletcher Frazier Gibson Glock Goseni Griesemer amid, Horner J eiierson Julius Keiser Klinke Kordes z - X i J Q1 A i f K Q J,. .ft Mft A BM ff I Long athison Matisko Mooney J. Moore M. Mo I -I ROSE HORNEIA C. M. KORDES Mathematics, History Commercial Education WILLIAM JEFFERSON GENES-A LONG Science Commercial Education I-IAYDN P. JULIUS JANET MATI-IISON Drafting Biology JOHN L. KEISER JOHN MATISKO Commercial Education Biology, Agriculture ALICE C. KLINKE NVALTER MOONEY English, Dramatics, Speech Plane Geometry, Guidance JESSIE B. MOORE Social Studies 14 I j . 5 1947 Oliver Olmer Owen Owens Pascaretta Patterson D. Phillips M. Phillips FRANK G. OLIVER Band and Orchestra GENEVIEVE OLMER Sewing SADIE I. OWEN English WILLIAM R. OWENS Distributive Education ROSEMARIE PASCARETTA Health, Physical Education LA RUE PATTERSON French, English Remy Rorabaugh Russell Salkeld DARIS PHILLIPS Health MARY VIOLA PHILLIPS Global Geography 0. J. REMY Machine Shop Practice ALICE RORABAUGH Latin, English MARTHA E. RUSSELL English EDGAR SALKELD Electricity 15 amy, Seaton Slosky Stuclxell Taylor Tcrwilli Upton get Vorlage Walker Walter Warner Whitacre JOSEPHINE SEATON FRED UPTON Art R-elated Drafting, Theory KENNETH W. SLOSKY W. L. VORLAGE History Commercial Education MARGARET M. STUCHELL MARIE WALKER Foods Mathematics JANE TAYLOR C. H. WALTER English Science HELEN TERWILLIGER R. F. WARNER English Mathematics, Science EMOGENE WHITACRE Choral Director 16 DOROTHY D. CRUMLEY - School Nurse RUTH I. KENNEDY l School Nurse 1 MARY JANE KURTZ 1 Secretary l l J LYDIA MANNING 1 Secretary l l l l l w Semel'mie4 am! !Vm4w1 Crumley ml Kennedy Kurtz Manning 1 L Mazur Milauskas 3 i Milberger Miller VERONICA MAZUR Secretary to School District MATHILDA MILAUSKAS Secretary MARY ANN MILBERGER Secretary CAROLE MILLER Secretary Not Pictured: JOSEPH J. RINGHOFFER History, German CHARLOTTE KIDNEY English, History. 17 Anxiously waiting to get on the field, the team sits rigidly on the bench while Mr. Jefferson looks on. The junior high football squad takes time out at a practice session to enjoy being photographed. Dr. Chapmanls office staff, Mary Jane Kurtz, Veronica Mazur, and Lydia Manning, seem happy about th-eir work. Howard Kress has become really profi- cient with the camera and is a familiar figure in Ken l-li's halls and classrooms. Pole vaulting seems -easy for Charlie Latek as he goes over the bar. Chuck Best looks as if he is going to use that pumpkin as a basketball. "Smile just a little moref, says Mr. Colao to the seniors. The Band is all sprucfed up for action. Norma Graff, Donna Veitch, Erla Weaver, and Peggy Rice, officers of the Home Ec Club, pose for a picture. The girls must be enjoying the Com- mercial Club dinner, especially Leila Pfeiffer. In 401 the students work diligently for 45 minutes sans talking. The Kentonian Staff seems to be having trouble as they line up for a club picture. I9 4mhmen First Row, left: R. Ahraham, B. Adams, Balla, R. Barham. First Row, right: L. Flynn, R. Foley, M. Formento, D Freialdenhofen, D. Gans, G. Goerman, S. Getz, I. Giorgio, F. Golembiewski, A. Grau. Second Row, left: L. Barnes, D. Bartolacci, M. Basta, R. Baxter. Second Row, right: A. Gretz, W. Gutlcnecht, Guyer, R. Hall, D. Harlcins, G. Heclcer, E. Heilman, J Heplier, G. Hill, L. Hobaugh. Third Row, left: P. Bazzano, G. Beck, L. Benedict, D. Benincasa. Third Row, right: Hoclcenberry, N. Hoglund, D. Hohmann, M. Hollier, N. Hornetter, C. Houser, C. Howard, M. Irwin, D. Jaracz, D. Johnson. Fourth Row, left: E. Bergad, M. Berfeld, D. Bezold, M. Bickert. Fourth Row, right: N. johnson, T. Jordan, B. Kasulas, B. Kelly, E. Kozlowski, Kraft, A. Lytle, E Mappin, R. Marks, H. Matvilco. Fifth Row, left: R. Bloom, Bringe, T. Browne, L. Buffington. Fifth Row, right: M. McCabe, N. McCready, L. McElroy H. McElwain, B. Mcrviilien, M. Maviiiiin, B. Mikef sell, H. Milisits, Mills, Milsom. Sixth Row, left: D. Campbell, D. Carter, R. Carvin, R. Cashell. Sixth Row, right: R. Myers, R. Nitowslci, Y. Palerta, J Perotti, A. Petrulalc, E. Phillips, E. Pi-erce, I. Pol- laclc, S. Pollelc, P. Resetar. Seventh Row, left: Catoris, M. Cavaliere, M. Cebula, C. Claassen. Seventh Row, right: R. Ridenour, R. Rieclc, L. Sack, C Salvatico, B. Schaffner, F. Schneider, B. Shaeffer P. Shearer, P. Shenal, N. Shepard. Eighth Row, left: Compton, Conrad, D. Cowen, G. Cowen. . Eighth Row, right: Slcryp-ek, B. Smith, C. Smith, R Smith, Sl. Slovenec, M. Solomon, R. Spisalc, H ' Steen, R. Stonis, A. M. Stasak. Ninth Row, left: T. Cramer, V. Cunningham, A. Curcio, J. Dahm. A Ninth Row, right: F. Thomas, M. Thomas, R. Troja nowski, V. Umbaugh, J. Vertman, B. Wachter. Tenth Row, left: F. Davidson, L. Davis, R. De Simone, J. Dohmen. Tenth Row, right: A. Weaver, W-eiss, G. Welch, J Wenger, I. Whann, B. White. El-eventh Row, left: L. Ducldy, Ellis, R. Emmert, D. Febbraio. Eleventh Row, right: Yetlca, Yetlca, R. Zahradnilc A. Zatwarniclci, M. Zegarelli, F. Zita. Seared:,F. Davidson, secretary, R. De Simone, president E. Heilman, vice-president. Standing: Mr. Armstrong, J. Conrad, treasurer. 20 1 7 I Y 5 .. 'Q I 21 4 First Row: I. McLaughlin, C. David, M. Smith, W. Huffman, S. Kanaan, N. Dewalt, G. Smith. Second Row: D. Lorant, S. Wilson, Miss Boucher, N. Graff, H. Faith, J. Guinn. Third Row: J. Hessom, D. Greco, G. Marshall, E. Belli, A. Alvarez, L. Maxwell, L. Jordan, M. Davis, Mr. Keiser, S. Erickson, J. Lindsey, J. Romig, A. Crouse, P. Kernan, R. Hughan, H. Kress. TALEOKEN STAFF Editors-in-Chief ..... ..... G ladys Marshall, Shirley Kanaan Vocational Editors ....,. Joseph I-lessom, William Huffman Business Managers ,.,., ..,.. D elois Lorant, Irwin McLaughlin Athletic Editors ,.., .,.. ..,., .... ......,..,...,...., B e n J ohnston, George Smith Assistant Editors ,..i...,....,,.,,,,..,.,,i .. .........o......,.. ......... A merica Alvarez, Ann Crouse, Marilyn Davis, Suzanne Erickson, l-lelen Faith, Dorothy Greco, Janet Guinn, Ruth I-lughan, Lucile Jordan, Patricia Kernan, Lola Maxwell, Jacqueline Romig, Martha Smith, Joan Wyant Photographers ..,..........,....,,,,,..,.......,....,...,,..... ...,...,........ H owarcl Kress, Thomas Hill Artists ..,.....,..... ...,,..................,......,...,.............. E sther Belli, Norma Dewalt, Norma Graff, Don Wagner Typists . .,.......,....,.,.,,,....,....,....,....,..........,, Clara David, Delois Lorant, Janet Lindsey, Shirley Wilson Advisers . . ....,,,,., ........... ,.,.......,..,........ L u cretia Boucher, John L. Keiser 22 Editors Gladys Marshall and Shirley Kanaan make plans for the 1947 Taleolcen. Lots of help pasting the senior pictures as Howard Lucilc Jordan and Ruth Hugan consult the files Kress, Norma Graff, Ann Crouse, Martha Smith, ancl Tom Hill work on cap and gown prints. Business managers, Irwin McLaughlin and Deluis Lorant, check the ads. 23 First Row: Miss Walker, F. Spak, L. Maxwell, J. Wyanl, F. Palumbo, D. Compton. Miss Hawk. Second Row: J. Guinn, J. Stnlder. L. Jordan, J. Romig, M. Davis, S. Wilson. Third Row: B. Miller. S. Kanazm, G. Marshall, J. Lindsey. L. Osesky, P. Beighley. Fourth Row: A. Tomer, D. Greco, S. Erickson, L. Fadrowski, D. Rodriguez. G. Smith. Fifth Row: W. Brctthauer, J. Shields, B. Johnston, G. Asher. A. Nemy, D. Haddad, F. Detchmendy. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Membership in the National Honor Society is the greatest scholastic honor in New Kensington High School. Although scholarship is the foremost requirement for eligibility, character, leadership, and service are also important requisites. As its name implies this group is part of a nation-wide organization of top ranking high school seniors. Senior section room teachers, Mr. Weaver, and Miss Boucher constitute the faculty council which elects the members. Awards are made at Com- mencement to the best boy citizen and the best girl citizen in the senior class. The club,s sponsor is Miss Hawk and the treasurer, Miss Walker. The officers for the first semester were Diego Rodriguez, presidentg Walter Bretthauer, vice-president, and Marilyn Davis, secretary. The second semester James Shields served as presi- dentg Gilbert Ashor, vice presiclentg and Joan Wyant, secretary. Z4 -Q. BOARD OF ACTIVITIES Une of the highest honors which can come to any student as a result of election by his classmates is that of membership on the Board of Activities. Problems deal- ing with extra-curricular activities are discussed and acted upon. On October 25 and 26, Mr. Vorlage and several members attended the convention of the Pennsylvania Association of Student Participation in School Government. First Row: W. Yee. P. Voyten, A. Kotowski, P. Dunn. H. Tamburo, C. Kaufman. G. France. Second Row: R. Tamburo. L. Fadrowski. Mr. Vorlage, Miss Boucher. Dr. Chapman, Mr. Weaver, C. Best. ...fe ww First Row: W. I'4IufIinan. Mr. Black. Second Row: J. Nlyslinski, A. Curtis. I-I. Nleanor VOCATIONAL BOARD OF ACTIVITIES The Vocational Board of Activities, headed by Mr. Black, is elected each school year by the student body. Their responsibilities are attending to student affairs such as dances, assemblies, and sports events. Regular meetings are held to plan for these coming events. They also sponsor the Vocational basketball squad. These students and their sponsor give much time and thought to school problems. 7 HANDBOOK STAFF A guide book given to each student at the beginning of each year, the Hand- book contains information from "scholarships" to "how to become a cheer-leaderf' as well as the cheers and songs of our school. During April and May, Miss Owen and Miss Armstrong, the sponsors, choose a staff of students and the work of assembling material for next year,s handbook begins. First Row: N. Foulkrod. G. Smith, S. Wilson. Second Row: W. Bretthauer, C. David, Miss Owen, D. Smith, C. Best, J. Evans. First Row: S. Wilson, N. A. Thomas, L. Balch, D. Kantorski, P. Green. Second Row: H. Lanclowski, J. Turner, J. Stalder, Mr. Vorlage, R. Castro, C. Bickerl, M. Kapp. BANK STAFF An activity involving great responsibility is membership on the Bank Staff. These persons are chosen by the cashier, Mr. Vorlage, because of their reliability and ability to handle money and accounts and to keep books. Through this bank all financial transactions are effected. Each class, section room, or organization which has a treasury has an account in the Students Bank. 26- 1 THE ASSEMBLY STAFF These boys are the most appreciated group in the school, for their presence means an enjoyable period of movies. In charge of all the motion picture and audio- visual equipment, these boys have proven to be expert in the management of their equipment. The officers of this non-social club are president, George Smithg vice- president, l-loward Kressg secretary, Al Nemyg and treasurer, Diego Rodriguez. Mr. W. L. Jefferson is the adviser of this club. First Row: A. Nemy, R. Young, R. Rupert, M. Goldberg, A. Kipfer, A. Eazer. Second Row: E. Stevens, G. Smith, H. Kress, Mr. Jefferson, G. Ashor, D. Rodriguez, H. Daugherty. First Row: C. Best, R. Basla. Mr. Nlooney. E. Stevens. lVlanley. Second Row: D- CGPPBIY D. Belli. S. Woodard, R. Marshall. G. Wilhelm. D. Powers. G. Smith, D. Rodriguez, J. Shields. MONITORS One of the most active clubs in the school is the Monitors, sponsored by lVlr. Mooney. The duties of its members are to supervise traffic in the halls and help lceep confusion down to a minimum during the changing of classes. They also assist the students during fire drills and take section rooms to their places at assemblies. The officers are president, George Smith, vice-president, Diego Rodriguez, and secre- tary-trcasurcr, Elmer Stevens. 17 gan! Under the very capable tutelage of Mr. Oliver, Ken I-li's band rose to greater heights this year than ever achieved before. After two weeks spent at camp in Meyersdale, the band returned and axiously waited for the seasonal sports to open so that they could go to work. Attired in snappy red and white uniforms, the band put on admirable performances at each game. The band steadily increased until finally Mr. Oliver had seventy-eight members in his group. Every day in the sixth period, strains of martial music floated through the halls, usually enticing a few students to stop working and listen. In the spring and fall, they go outdoors and practice marching down Ridge Avenue. This year, the band participated in the All-Western Band with a total of eight representatives and in the Allegheny Valley Band Festival which gave a series of four concerts. Bob Armstrong, a sophomore who plays the trumpet, was the only member to participate in the All-Stare band which met in Lebanon, Pa., on March 12, 13, 14, 15. 28 Ma' No high school band is complete without its majorettes and Ken Hi is no exception in this respect. These two groups have worked in complete harmony to bring additional fame to Ken Hi. Football games and basketball games would not be nearly so colorful without the Band and Majorettes. Led onto the field by Nellie Mae Johnson, Betty Lee Fox, and Kathryn Janibagian, the majorettes made a delightful panorama each time they performed. This group of thirty-nine girls was newly organized last spring by the leader, Mr. Oliver. All summer long, they worked steadily and diligently to achieve the perfection that was displayed during each of their performances this year. They, too, spent two weeks up at camp where they practiced each day with the band. Beverly Salvatore, a little fourth grader, acted as the mascot. She made a spectacular figure on the field when she executed difficult maneuvers. Ar the basketball games, the majorettes danced at the halfg each time they did something unusual and different, making the entertainment exciting. 29 N. Foulkrod, J. Evans, G. Henry, H. Greer, C. Kaufman, N. Baumiller, N. Hotfman, D. Smith. The cheerleaders of 1946-1947 deserve the praise and admiration of the entire student body. In the summer of 1946 under the supervision of Mr. Oliver they accompanied the band to camp for a week. In their snappy red skirts and white sweaters the squad of eight began the season with several new cheers. The climax of the successful football season was the thrill of cheering in Forbes Field before seventeen thousand people. After the big football season they "cheered for the basketball team,', attending every game. In January they held a general dance for the high school students. Their expert cheering is the result of many long hours of practice under the eye of their peppy head-Diane Smith. They received rousing support at the welcome pep rallies. They are under the supervision of Miss Pascaretta. 30 - 0 p Quadra W. L. Jefferson, J. A. Gibson, D. Fletcher. K. W. Slosky, T. A. Dunn. W. L. JEFFERSON Mr. Jefferson is in charge of all the athletic equipment used in the sports program at Ken Hi. This is a difficult job, for it is one that must be worked on the whole year. J. A. GIBSON Mr. Gibson is assistant football coach and head basketball coach. His team took second place in league play. Mr. Gibson also teaches physical education. D. FLETCHER Mr. Fletcher, head coach of the football team, has finished a very successful season. His boys won the W. P. I. A. L. crown and went through the season undefeated. K. W. SLOSKY Mr. Slosky is assistant football coach and coaches Junior Varsity. His team has just completed a very successful season and is undefeated. T. A. DUNN Mr. Dunn coaches the Parnassus Junior High School basketball team and also coaches baseball. Mr. Dunn's squads have furnished much of the material for the Varsity teams when they come to Ken Hi. 31 46-alia!! First Row: C. Moses, W. Riesen, H. DeFelice, A. Ofiesh, I. Moyes, H. Stroud, L. Fontana, C. Phillips, R. Tudor, W. Yee. Second Row: J. Klein, T. Ciancutti, H. Vestrand, F. Greene, G. France, W. Horrell, S. Yanshak, R. Ciancutti, Nl. George, A. Kotowski, L. Feroce. Third Row: G. Churchill, R. Simon, R. Kozilcowski, G. Smittle, J. Netoskie, D. McNutt, R. Crouse, F. George, R. Brown, M. Shamey. Fourth Row: N. Polas, W. Thrower, F. Henry, W. Sennett, B. Schrccengost, J. Crouse, V. Pisano, R. Tamhuro, H. Tamburo. The 1946 football squad is one of which we can always be proud. For the first time in the history of Ken Hi, the Kensters won the W. P. I. A. L. championship. One evening we were in fifth place but before midnight the next day we found our- selves the champions, when, contrary to all predictions and expectations, Ellwood City defeated Ambriclge and Redstone defeated Duquesne. Thus Ken Hi, by the point system, emerged on top. The road to this title was long and hard but the team started with a bang by defeating Beaver Falls and continued with that same spirit through the entire league season to the last game when they smashed the much- heralded Vandergrift machine 21-0 at Forbes Field before a crowd of 18,000 fans. The team and their coach, Mr. Fletcher, and his assistants, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Slosky, and Mr. Jefferson will long be remembered in Ken Hi. The assembly at which Mr. Ballentine, in behalf of the W. P. I. A. L., presented the trophy was indeed a memorable occasion. 32 Ciancutti H. Vestrand W. Thrower H. Tamburo Feroce W. Horrell J. Klein T. Kotowski France George Greene 33 R. R. V J. R. Tamburo Simon Pisano N etoskie Kozikowski Marilyn Davis pleacls for Arm Crouse's forgiveness in a senior assembly. Close your mouth, Sally Claster, you,re not the only one being tortured in Leaders, Club initiation. The Kensters canit wait to get to their next class. 34 Sam Woodward shows Diego Rodriguez, Dan Belli, Dick Johnson, and Dick Crumley some mathematical problems. Watch you dorft fall out of the bleachers, gang! Mr. Hadden purposefully eyes a dish of baked apples. Hold that pose, girls! Joe Bazzano and Joan Dodson seem to interest Rita Walters. The Trade School Choir look all dressed up for some occasion. Students stream out the back entrance at 3:15. Watch out, Charlie, your fist might slip. Russ Wagner seeks Miss Boucher for advice while Patty Werner looks on. Chow line at Band Camp. Dick Masters and Martha Smith hand Delois Lorant a ticket while Maxine smiles cheerfully. Practice hard, Band, we've got to win the next football game. --ul 35 . M, -UH , W. X 336 E gb: M j Sl 'C :T if 5 A H sz S S :H SOPHOMORES 7-DUNIORS CLUBS CBASKETBALL 7!ze Wudea Hank I I , 4 W W wif lf 4 N x 'I i Q . ,V X N. -X Mika M.. . DMM 7, . S First Row: C. Adams, A. Alex, Ameris, B. Anchors, L. Anclree, E. Armstrong. Second Row: R. Armstrong, L. Ashor, A. Austin, D. Baisler, B, Baker, D. Baker. Third Row: R. Bartlett, R. Bauman, N. Bau- mill-er, W. Beestrice, A. Belli, H. Bennett. Fourth Row: A. Berarclone, W. Bevan, H. Boratyn, D. Bordonaro, D. Borclonaro, J. Bosso. Fifth Row: Bowser, T. Bretthauer, A. Brooks, N. Bruce, D. Buckner, D. Calalnrese. zf A einem Sixth Row: S. Callender, D. Campbell, C. Car- nabucci, W. Carson, A. Caruso, D. Carter. Seated: Miss Moore, Mrs. Terwilliger. Standing: P. Lucci, R. Chorlna, C. Fitzgerald, R. Heasley. SOPHOMRE CLASS OFFICERS President ,.,..............,....,,.....,....,. Cecil Fitzgerald Vice-President ,..... ........ R aymond Chorba Secretary ........ .,..,. R icharcl Heasley Treasurer . ..........,. Patsy Lucci 1947 First Row: R. Chorba, Cobb, L. Conner, B. Crouse, M. Curcio, D. Dahm. Second Row: A. D,Andrea, Davis, Day L. Delasin, E. Deleo, T. Di Fonzo. Third Row: D. Dulfey, Dunbar, D. Dunlap N. Dunn, V. Duplinslcy, D. Dziengelewski Fourth Row: S. Eazer, E. Edwards, H. Eldot, G Endlich, E. Esper, H. Fadrowslci. Fifth Row: O. Fall:-enberg, W. Farneth, R Faust, D. Felt, G. Ferazzoli9H. Fle . ' WS Sixth Row: H. Fink, C, Fitzgerald, Fitz- gerald, S. Fogle, S. Formento, L. Fowler. Seventh Row: G. France, R. Frazier, A. Freda, P. Fritz, G. Fry, R. Gale. R. George, P. Gi-esler, B. Geiger.- Eighth Row: K. Goll, R. Gallagher, R. Garner, Ninth Row: D. Gigler, N. Gralnigel, D. Gra- bowslci, D. Graham, H. Greer, M. Haddad. Tenth Row: R. Hanna, A. Hardy, W. Harris, C. Hai-tge, B. Hartman, R. Hartman. v U 5,-CK. ,? it ii :ll R. E2 gx KAN .. Q-N -f A 'b X5 39 7' X ws N if xg' U4 5,5 il 2' Sz -I. 1 ii? is ft' First Row: Haser, D. Heasley, P. Heffel- Hnger, M, Heinle, B. Heigley, Heister. Second Row: V. Helenski, S. Henery, D. Hess C. Hicks, M. Hill, A. Hobaugh. Third Row: D. Holeva, N. Hourigan, I Howard, A. Hrivnalc, D. Hughan, H. Ireland. Fourth Row: Iverson, A. Jack, B. Jaracz L. Johnson, L. Johnson, Johnston. Fifth Row: A. Jurgaites, C. Kaminslci, M. Kane M. Kapalka, N. Kayafas, L. Kasulas. Sixth Row: G. Keihler, L. Keibler, R. Keitzer M. Keller, L. Kerr, A. Khalil. Seventh Row: N. Kirkwood, E. Kiser, P. Kline, G. Koperelc, A. Kopp, R. Kczilcowslci. Eighth Row: Kruse, Kuliclc, K. Kunes, V. Lacinski, A. La Russa, R. Lashley. Ninth Row: V. Laviclc, R. Leah, E. Lebby, L. Lecce, K. Lessig, E. Linney. Tenth Row: E. Lipslci, Lovett, P. Lucci, S. Lulcehart, L. Luther, M. Machugan. 1 1 Saplmmoaea lf-,. lei' ' ' xl 7' 0 I . ' -uf l J Lf' 1. , fu 5- . I1 . .V ly , 5 , .L 41 U ., V- . -"Q I ,. l -.1 f 1 ,l.-1.1.39-Q'b'v' S lil Y 'I' A f947xe7Q ll' f N Nl 1, 1 1 Q mf Y First Row: L. Magee, K. Mahan, Nlalonei ' P. Mangone, L. Marco, D. Marini. . - 1 r' V! ,V A, An Second Row: S. McCain, M. McElroy, M. Mc- ' Fall, R. McLaughlin, D. Lloyd, T. Mala., u ' J . s N ,V y N .vs I 5 - .I - x X- xll T rd Row: M. Melucci, D. Merlina, G. Michel, . C. Miller, M. Miller, E. Milligram. . . N Fourth Row: D. Miskinis, A. Moret, A. Moyes, M. Mudd, M. Murtha, R. Mydock. Fifth Row: L. Niclclus, P. Nonamalcer, C. Novak, Owczykowski, T. Olszewslci, F. Opasinski. Sixth Row: D. Orlowslci, R. Pankoslca, C. Pat- terson, G. Pavan, A. Perez, S. Peters. Seventh Row: H. Pierce, R. Poe, R. Potocnalc, M. Powell, E. Quetot, H. Reissner. Rodgers, D. Rodriguez, Romeo Eighth Row: A. Richards, M. Ride p W lffw Ninth Row: S. Ross, N. Rucci, A. Rulcavina, B. Ruclcs, D. Ryan, E. Salati. Tenth Row: M. Saliba, B. Sekelslcy, W. Sen- nett, V. Serafine, M. Shamey, D. Shepard. QV ff gffffw First Row: T. Shimmin, B. Shoemaker, C. Simon, C Sinclair, V. Sirota. Second Row: J. Sisley, L. Sparks, W. Spear, D. Spillers E. Spittka. Third Row: B. Stanco, D. Stasalc, Strong, P. Stuck, P. Surma. Fourth Row: D. Tamburo, S. Teorslcy, R. Tocco, A Tomer, S. Truax. Fifth Row: R. Tudor, J. Turner, C. Umbaugh, H. Val- entine, P. Voyten. Sixth Row: W. Wachtler, Wagner, P. Wagner, Walters, E. Ward. Seventh Row: M. Ward, P. Werner, R. Whalen, R. White, E. Wiles. Eighth Row: Wolfe, Wolfson, M. Wright, L. Wygonik, S. Yanshalc. Ninth Row: B. Yenlcala, Yetlca, D. Zasada, C. Zecliak, D. lVlcNutt. ,I Q ff ff fy!! .V rl, AZ if ef. T .B gf ' . 1 , , 2.1 , J ,I fllrf 'In tg. ' 'rj .1 tg ff S , l 71 Safdramaau First Row: C. Adamovitz, R. Adams, W. Barn-es, G Bobonilc, W. Bririslco. Seconcl Row: R. Centazzo, W. Christy, R. Conway, R Critchlow, R. Deemer. Third Row: R. Geiger, C. Hartman, C, Hill, W. Hohn B. Howe. Fourth Row: G. Hrabczulc, F. Johns, A. Kaminslci, D Kelly, L. Kiehl. Fifth Row: T. Kiehl, King, H. Kowalczilc, R. Kunlcle W. Kustra. Sixth Row: C. Laufl, R. Lccocq, T. Llewellyn, Luffy W. Martonik. Seventh Row: R. McDonald, H. McElroy, G. Milisits, H Olbeter, Paul. Eighth Row: R. Paul, Pawlilc, E. Ralnold, B. Ray, V Rosinslci. Ninth Row: E. Savlca, D. Shannon, A. Surma, R. Shar lcins, Smith. Tenth Row: G. Soulcheclc, G. Spohn, W. Steffy, H Taylor, Taylor. Eleventh Row: S. Walker, F. Woodward. s Who said only girls could type? just look at that. Isnjt Mervin doing the problems cor- rectly, Mrs. Harter? Trade Scl'1ool's hard working drafts- men seem unaware their pictureis being taken. Three of our Monitors are discussing an important matter. Lineup for Band practice on a fall day. 44 Ken I-Ii's impressive Band Worked hard All aboard! Another clay over. r r th.: 1 . O ge Q Wqy One of Ken Hrs dances-just look at Take it easy, Jackg that Hoor is hard. the stag line. Let,s see, five for that and ten- Wreire proud of our trophies. The busy Bank Staff pauses to pose for the photographer. 45 anicvzd Seated: Miss M. Moore, Mr. Burnett, Miss Stuchell. Standing: Netoslcie, D. Cappel, S. Woodard. JUNIOR OFFICERS President ,..... Vice-President Secretary ...... Treasurer .. .....-Iohn Netoslcie ....,..Dal1n Cappel .....William Luffy Samuel Woodard First Row: G. Abraham, G. Ach-enne, C. Adams, L. Adams, D. Allan, Arabia. Second Row: N. Armani, G. Armitage, E. Austin, G. Austin, A. Bailey, E. Baldwin. Third Row: E. Baldwin, V. Batch, A. Bar- ham, A. Barron, A. Bartolacci, B. Basra. Fourth Row: D. Beestrice, P. Busler, M. Bell, D. Belli, Bengston, M. Bengston. Fifth Row: C. Best, P. Biclcerstaff, L. Biclcert, J. Blose, G. Bolvin, M. Bonk. Sixth Row: Booher, G. Bowser, F. Bowser, J. Bowser, W. Bowser, K. Boyer. Seventh Row: M. Bradley, D. Brinslco, R. Brooks, D. Brown, Bullers, C. Campbell. Eighth Row: D. Cappel, M. L. Carnahan, W. Carney, E. Carrop, Carter, Carvin. 1947 First Row: E. Checco, D. Christmas, G, Church- ill, R. Ciancutti, R. Clark, S. Claster. Second Row: L. Clever, E. Conrad, F. Canto I. Cooper, L. Corbin, Craig. Third Row: M. L. Crail, H. Cribbs, Crouse, J. Croyle, E. Crummie, E. Czapliclci. Fourth Row: C. Davis, H. De Felice, L. Deitch, E. De Mayo, De Simone, B. DeVine. Fifth Row: E. Dicello, M. Dorocialc, A. Doug- las, J. Ducldy, S. Duncan, E. Ellerman. Sixth Row: M. Engler, Evans, H. Faldowslci, J. Falcon, S. Fatula, B. Fazekas. Seventh Row: N. Foulkrod, D. Fennell, D Ferguson, L. Feroce, L. Festa, L. Fester. Eighth Row: D. Fisher, E. Fitzgerald, Flen- ner, B. Fox, D. Frederick, D. Frederick. Ninth Row: D. Fusco, N. Galli, R. Galzerano, M. A. Gans, Gantzer, P. Garris. Tenth Row: L. Georgevich, M. Goldberg, D Golembeski, S. Greenberg, A. M. Guida G. Guyer. Eleventh Row: H. Guyer, B. Hammond, A Hampson, W. Hairston, H. Hartge, E Hawk. r auziau. First Row: M. Heaclley, C. Heasley, G. Henry, D. Hill, K. Hoglund, C. Holmes. Second Row: J. Howard, M. Howells, P. Howie- son, A. Hrabczuk, M. Hull, K. Janibagian. Third Row: L. Jenkins, Jenson, N. Johnson X Johnston, B. Kaufman, C. Kaufman. 1 Fourth Row: V. Keclonis, C. Kernen, S. Ker- nan, S. Kerr, D. Kidd, T. King. Fifth Row: J. Klein, J. Klingensmith, R. Koch- anski, E. Kost, Kronkoslci, P. Krowsoski. Sixth Row: Langlois, A. Lee, M. Leeger, N. Lewis, E. Linza, L. Lipski. Seventh Row: D. Lotwis, M. Luka, P. Lusk, H. Macshane, D. Malek, A. Malyn. Eighth Row: D. Mandak, R. Mangieri, Mangone, E. Manley, W. Mantz, M. Marino. Ninth Row: F. Marotti, G. Marsh, R. Marshall,' J. Marziale, Mason, C. McCutcheon. Tenth Row: M. McDonald, G. McKeever, J. McMillen, E. McNutt, S. Means, M. Melucci. Eleventh Row: D. Merritts, D. Michel, P. Mildren, H. Milisits, B. Miller, R. Miller. 1947 First Row: R. Msore, S. Moore, R. Morgan D. Morrell, C. Morrow, C. Moses. Second Row: I. Moyes, R. Murray, C1. Naviglia J. Netoskie, L. Nicastro, R. Novak. Third Row: A. Ofiesh, A. Ondako, I. Owsiany A. Pappas, Parker, D. Pelisari. Fourth Row: F. Prerriello, D. Petrie, Pettit B. Pfeiffer, C. Phillips, F. Phillips. Fifth Row: W. Phillips, L. Phillips, W. Pierce V. Pisano, F. Pomvkala, S. Price. Sixth Row: L. 'ProlJcl, M. Pryor, S. Purks, D Putzu, E. Raaln, A. Radeshak. Seventh Row: S. Rapp, P. Reed, R. Reed, B Reese, W. Reimer, E. Rhodes. Eighth Row: W. Riesen, D. Robinson, Rob- son, G. Roffol, T. Romeo, S. Rosenberger Ninth Row: R. Ross, A. Rucci, D. Rupert, H. Rutka, L. Salego, G. Sandrey. Tenth Row: B. Schrecerigost, S. Scott, B. Sen- n-ett, Shalkoski, L. Shank, R. Shank. Eleventh Row: Y. Shaner, C. Shank, V Shihda, M. Short, Sicilia, C. Shaw. -ff ' - i1 First Row: Sheffer, Shenal, E. Shepherd S. Shetler, B. Sill, K. Sinclair. Second Row: Slcegas, Smatana, Smith M. Smith, R. L. Srnith, R. M. Smith Third Row: G. Smittle, M. Sorenson, J Sowol, Spana, D. Spiering, P. Spohn. Fourth Row: T. Sprowls, F. Steen, Steer, I Stefanowicz, R. Stirland, E. Stevens. Fifth Row: L. Stewart, H. Stroud, C. Szul W. Taylor, R. Teorslcy, G. Theis. Sixth Row: F. Thomas, N. A. Thomas, G Thomey, Thompson, H. Trgine, G Toohey. Seventh Row: B. Tracz, P. Treasure, G. Tress D. Truitt, J. Truitt, E. Turiak. Eighth Row: N. J. Turner, J. Van Norman J. Vairo, R. Vreitch, G. Veltri, B. Venter Ninth Row: W. Vonderkall, W. Walls, S Walter, S. Walters, E. Ward, R. Wassall Tenth Row: T. Watkins, B. Watt, E. Waugh M. Weber, B. Wilson, N. Wingrove, Eleventh Row: J. Wolfe, E. Wyant, F. Wylie, C. Yoder, B. L. Young, Young. Twelfth Row: W. Young, B. L. Zaborsky, E. Zmijewslci. 2 First Row: M. Aszkiniewicz, R. Bavera, E. Bentley, R. Bertocki, W. Bolt. Second Row: R. Colussy, W. Cox, A. Curtis, Davis, R. Davis. Third Row: A, Dubois, Febbaro, D. Gaizerano, J Glotnis, W. Grundmann. Fourth Row: F. Harpster, Heasley, W. Heffelfinger A. Henry, A. I-Iladney. Fifth'Row: W. Huntington, E. Jedlowski, F. Kclizuny E. Kavinsky, M. Kayafas. Sixth Row: C. Keiiar, R. Kell-ey, H. Kemp, W. Luffy, F McGraw. Seventh Row: H. Meanczr, D. Nlinor, R. Nlodolo, C Moore, Moyer. Eighth Row: R. Ofiesh, C. Ostrovecky, R. Sharpe, J Sipes, Smatana. Ninth Row: S. Stanek, Starr, W. Swaney, F. Taiierico J. Toney. Tenth Row: W. XX"ess, W. Young. -3011 CHOIR "I hear music-with songs of love and spring, songs of hope and patriotism." The Ken Hi choir is one of the most popular organizations in the school. Miss Emogene Whitacre, the most capable choir leader, has produced quality and quantity from her well-organized group. Many public appearances are made each year, including the radio programs, with the Spring Festival as a finale. R. McLaughlin, J. Wiles, D. Buckner, R. Pyle, E. Milligram, First Row: G. Myers, N. M. Johnson, N. Foulkrod, E. Belli, P. Miss Whitacre, P. Lusk, P. Marr, B. A. Sekelsky, C. Heasley, Second Row: V. Ch'orba, J. Smeltzer, J. Romig, J. Guinn, A. L. L. McGee, M. Bell, M. A. Gans, R. Loach, N. Graff. J. K Third Row: G. Conner, G. Smith, J. Spadaro, C. Shaw, L. Jenk B. Artman, R. Whalen, E. Checco, C. Campbell, J. Lindsey, Howells, D. Lorant, B. Miller, I. Moyes. i Beighley, D. Kidd, E. J. Raab, Y. Shaner. B. Reese, S. Means, G. Pavan, J. Evans, D. Chambers, S. Claster, A. Caruso. Alex, L. Pfeiffer, S. Greenberg, R. Brooks, J. Vairo, M. Davis, ser ins C 1 C. Marra, L. Deitch, W. Phillips, D. Smith, H. Fadrowski. L. Marco, E. Quetot, J. DeSimone, G. Armitage, A. Geiger, l Kaufman, M. Marino, I. Cooper, L. Phillips, B. Venter, M. Fourth Row: G. Ashor, W. Young, S. Toney, F. Greene, J. Lilly, G. Tress, B. Czaplicki, S. Moore, B. Elliot, E. Brown, A. Berar- done, J. Romeo, P. Lucci, D. Allison, A. Rucci, W. DeLuca, R. Heasley. Fifth Row: R. Basta, R. Marshall, D. Powers. F. Detchmendy, J. Sisley, J. Manley, R. Murray, G. Koperek, C. Davis, J. Bazzano, C. Fitzgerald, R. Rupert, W. Hairston, R. Masters, H. Tamburo, T. Reese. First Row: S. Moore, H. Faith, J. Smeltzer, P. Lusk, L. McGee, E. Belli, N. Graff, J. Lynch, J. Romig, Y. Shaner. Second Row: J. De Simone, H. Fadrowski, J. Guinn, I. Cooper, B. Miller, L. Deitch, D. Hohman, A. L. Alex, N. Foulkrod, N. M. Johnson, M. Davis, Miss Whitacre. Third Row: C. Kaufman, L. Hickox, E. Raab, L. Marco, W. De Luca, J. Manley, G. Conner, W. Hairston, E. Milligram, A. Rucci, M. Howells, G. Koperek, W. Phillips. SCRIPT AND SCORE The Script and Score was organized in 1945 for students possessing musical and dramatic tal- ent and has grown by leaps and bounds under the direction of Miss Whitacre. The club affords an excellent opportunity for combining these two forms of art when the members present an opera or an operetta. The club members attended a professional opera performance in Pittsburgh in 1946. 52 ATTENDANCE STAFF The Attendance Staff is a group of girls from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes who work in the Dean of Girls' office during their study halls. They list the absentees, check attendance, assist the dean in the clerical work, and gener- ally malce themselves useful. The group is not a social one and the girls are to be commended for their excellent service. First Row: P. Werner. J. Vairo, C. Davis, R. Whalen. Second Row: D. Chambers, G. Henry, Miss Boucher, P. Marr, M. E. Heinle, R. Gale. First Row: E. Milligram, C. Kaufmann, D. Hohmann, G. Hill. W. Phillips, L. Delasin, M. Headley, R. Marks. E. Bergad, C. Hartge. Second Row: H. Steen. R. Armstrong, M. Engler, D. Kidd, R. Basta. S. Waller, E. Lebby, C. Sinclair, R. Rupert. Third Row: Mr. Oliver, D. Cappel, D. Ormeshrer, E. j. Raab. J. Wolfe. Fourth Row: M. Howells, G. Welsh, J. Vertman, j. Sisley. ORCHESTRA Under the excellent leadership of Mr. Frank Oliver, the Ken Hi orchestra has become very well trained. In the case of the orchestra it is not so much the number of members as it is the musicianship of each member. The violins blend in with the other instruments to malce sweet-sounding music. Any one who is capable of play- ing any orchestral instrument is eligible to try out for this organization. 53 THE I-II-Y The purpose of the Hi-Y is "To seek, to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Chris- tian character throughout the school and communityf' Every boy at Ken I-li in his senior year, will- ing to accept this purpose, is eligible to join. The club sponsors a dance and decorates Ken Hils Christmas tree each year. Members of the club attended a rally at Blairsville and the Y. M. C. A. annual dinner. First Row: E. Stevens, D. Cappel, W. Scott, T. Shimmin, R. Kochanski, R. Heasley, E. McNutt, R. Basta. Second Row: Mr. Batiste, R. Wassell, W. Young, J. Shields, M. Martin, C. Best, D. Allison, W. Barron, H. Crawford. Third Row: G. Conner, T. Reese, D. Rodriguez, J. Spadaro, G. Smith, D. Belli, D. Powers, R. Marshall, R. Murray, A. Kipfer. COLLEGE CLUB First Row: Miss Eiges, D. Nichols, N. Dewalt, M. Redline, V. Chorba, J. Romig, A. A. Churchill, F. Palumbo, M. Smith, J. Dod- son. D. Smith, J. Guinn. P. Marr, G. Myers, J. Lynch, J. Lindsey, L. Jordan. ' Second Row: Weaver, E. Henery, L. Maxwell, E. Belli, S. Erickson. Third Row: Grantz, Fourth Row: F. Henry, K. McBride, C. Marks, B. Johnston, G. Kernan, H. Kress, R. Lodowski, D. Allison, S. Turner. Fifth Row: D. Morrow, W. Bretthauer, C. Aspinall, F. Martz, er, G. Ashor. F. George, T. Ciancutti, H. Tamburo. E. Weber, L. Ciukowski, H. Gerbert, J. Stalder, Mr. Mooney, L. Frederick, W. Scott, J. Manley, A. J. Bazzano, R. Walters, M. Davis. L. Hickox, A. Geiger, J. Smeltzer, S. Kanaan, A. Middlehurst, E. Eazer, J. Everh-art, G. Conner, D. Greco, F. Spak, G. Marshall, R. Misner, R. Masters, J. Wiles, N. Hoffman, B. Miller, A. Crouse, P. R. Crumley, J. Shields, G. George, C. Johnston, A. Bruno, D. Wern- Sixth Row: P. Redline, R. Johnson, T. Reese, A. Orlowski, D. Wagner, R. Wagner, F. Detchmendy, A. Resek, H. Daugherty, A. Nemy, D. Haddad, D. Rodriguez, G. Smith, H. Crawford, R. Simon. The College Club is an organization for seniors who are planning to enter college. Under the capable supervision of Miss Eiges and Mr. Mooney the members are directed in their selection of a college and their courses of study. Tests are given through the year to determine which students will later compete for scholarships. On Career Conference night, March 18, representatives from colleges will be here to talk with seniors and their parents. 54 THE GIRLS' LEADERS CLUB After the familiar initiation, the senior girls chosen as members of the Girls, Leaders Club are prepared to assume the position of assistant to their sponsor, Miss Pascaretta. Each girl assists in one gym class a week if her schedule permits. Dependability and initiative are learned while physi- cal health is aided by the healthful activity. Several social events add to the interest of the club. First Row: R. Walters. J. Bazzano, B. Miller, D. Smith, F. Palumbo, Evans, N. Hoffman, Miss Pascarctla. C. Marral, N. Graff. R. Smith, P. Treasure, S. Claster. M. Smith. C. Davis. Second Row: I. Choltco. V. Shaw, J. Dodson. N. Foulkrod, P. Kernan. B. Morgan. D. Ferguson. E. Checco, S. Means. J. Wy'ant, A. Crouse, J. Lindsey, L. Deitch, E. Crummie, D. Kantorski, J. Hurlbut, N. Dewalt, S. Fatula, G. Hllrlbut, M. Johnson, T. Watkins. Third Row: D. Allan, P. Bickerstalf, M. Bell, M. McDonald. J. Pettit, J. Stalder. J. Romig. C. Campbell. I. Cooper. J. Sheffer. L. Shimmin, D. Lornnt, M. K. Weber, K. Sinclair, R. Hughan, G. Henry, B. Venter, J. Shalkoski. B. Devine. First Row: M. Goldberg. F. Detchmendy, G. Ashor, M. Martin, R. Young, R. Basra, C. Best, T. Hill. Second Row: R. Crumley, D. Powers. H. Kress. A. Nemy, H. Daugherty, W. DeLuca, B. Johnston. J. Shields. G. Conner. R. Masters. BOYS' LEADERS CLUB This organization, sponsored by Mr. Glock, consists of boys seeking physical strength and leadership. The members assist Mr. Glock in the gym classes. The initiation in the Fall is remem- bered by those subjected to it. One of Ken Hiis newer clubs, it has not listed as many activities as our other clubsg in the future, however, it will become one of the most active. 55 THE COMMERCIAL CLUB The club, sponsored by Mr. Keiser, is composed of junior and senior commer- cial students. Two meetings are held monthly. At social meetings, held on the third Thursday of the 1'l'1OI1tl'l, Persons Wl'1O are COnf1eCted the business world are invited to explain actual business conditions to the students. Some of the club's activities include a tea dance and pretzel day. First Row: G. DeGiglio, C. Bickert, P. Dunn, J. Ross, H. Landowski, Mr. Keiser, D. McNeil, L. Shimmin, P. Green, D. Kantorski, F. Giovanelli, M. Johnson. Second Row: C. Urik, A. Patsakis, D. Ferguson, M. Kapp, I. Neeley, M. Morrone, D. Obidowski, L. Balch, L. Fadrowski, F. Birch, P. Rice, L. Osesky, I. McLaughlin. Third Row: C. David, B. Elliott, R. Hughan, E. Davis, E. Kline, D. Lorant, D. Adams, M. Mappin, A. Alvarez, R. Castro, G. Hurlbut, L. Pfeiffer, J. Hurlbut. First Row: J. Riley, L. Traini, H. Kaluzny, P. Love, A. M. Mydock, F. Pier-nik, J. Phillips. L. McCollim, AI. Moorhead, A. Kaminski, C. Santora. Second Row: M. Toney, M. Kostick, T. Hutchison, A. Longo, A. Mishtal, M. O'Connell, J. Ganlzer, E. Tagliapietra, V. Carnevale. Third Row: H. Cochran, H. Sennett, Mr. Owens, D. Uric, V. France THE DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB The Distributive Education Club was organized in 1945, when Mr. Owens, its sponsor, first came to our school. The members of this club are all students of the course bearing the same name and, after having classes in the morning, work in the downtown stores each afternoon. They graduate with full credits from this course and have still gained valuable experience for their future worlc. 56 VOCATIONAL HI-Y The Vocational members of the I-li-Y have been very active in the interest of the school in campaigning on co-operation, clean speech, and honesty not only in school but in everyday life as well. They also participated in a rally at Blairsville. They also have sponsored successfully dances and other events. The members are under the guidance of Mr. Upton. First Row: P. Fraino, M. Kayafas, R. Jones. J. Myslinski. Mr. Upton, R. Kelley, F. Rapp. D. Stapinski. Second Row: R. McPheron, F. Kaluzny, Malxnder, V. Rhoades, H. Mennor, J. Heller. F. lVlcAninch, J. Petras. Third Row: W. Huffman. J. Sipcs, R. Shnndeck. A. Krause. First Row: F, lVlcAninch, D. Kediierski. li. Bentley. W. Nonamaker. F. Rupp. R. Campbell, D. Nlinor, W. Christy. Second Row: Heller, J. Petrus, W. Luffy. J. llessum, Nlyslinski, Mrs. Griesemer, Miss Miller. lf. Beatty. R. Beers, T. Llewellyn. THE V-NEWS This paper which is published monthly at the vocational building has upheld its record for six years. It has been received through the mail by our servicemen in all parts of the world. This was made possible by the efforts of Mrs. Griesemer and the staff. James Heller has been an excellent editor for three years. Dan Kedzierslci is associate editor. 57 BASKETBALL First Row: C. Best, D. Cappel, R. Campbell. Second Row: W. Scott, D. Allison, H. Vestrand, T. Ciancutti, E. Snyder, J. Lavick, J. Faloon. Third Row: W. Thrower, B. Schrecengost, D. Ferguson, J. Netoskie, S. Woodard, R. Tarnburo, G. France, W. Carney. Basketball has long been a popular sport at Ken I-Ii and the continued demand for tickets is evidence that N. K. l-l. S. fans still like their basketball. Coach Gibson had a spirited team willing to learn and take directions. The team finished in second place in the section and provided the crowds with many a thrill. Arnold proved to be our only nemesis by defeating us twice. Those games were the most exciting of the season. Ken l-li also participated in the Westmoreland County Tournament at Greensburg and reached the semi-final round but was defeated by Greensburg. Recognition must be given to the Jayvees for their excellent record this year. They completed the 1946-47 season undefeated. Since the Jayvees furnish much of the material for the varsity, next year,s outlook is promising. The Vocational basketball team is made possible by Mr. Black who coaches the team. They have come through many a time with flying colors. The boys are given a try out at the beginning of the season and then Mr. Black has the task of choosing his team. Games are scheduled by the Board of Activities. Much enthusiasm has been displayed by younger players. Coach Armstrong's junior high team came through with an enviable record. Even fifth and sixth graders, under the direction of Mr. Vorlage, have had their teams and have competed with groups within the New Kensington district. The above is an indication of the desire of the athletic director and coaches to make the en- tire athletic program as comprehensive as possible and to include in it an ever increasing number of students. 58 Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken VARSITY SCORES Penn Twp. Ford City Vandergrift Beaver Falls Ford City .. Greensburg Vandergrift East Deer ,. Springdale Arnold ,..,. Tarentum , Slialer Twp. East Deer .. West View Penn High Har-Brack Springdale Arnold . . ,, Tarentum . Shaler Twp. West View Har-Brack Scottdale Arnold . Greensburg BASKETBALL Jayvees First Row: E. Linney, R. Trojanow- ski, D. Cappel, J. Klein, R. Kozi- kowski, R. Armstrong, R. George. Second Row: W. Walls, R. Cian- cutti, J. Owczykowski, D. Fergu- son, R. Crouse, W. Sennett, J. Bosso. Vocational First Row: J. Cavaliere, L. Fontana, R. Howe, J. Lewis, R. McPheron, M. Mangone, C. Adamovich. Second Row: R. Bertocki, D. Adam- ovich, 1. Davis, D. Perry, H. Beatty, Mr. Black, P. Fraino, A. Kaminski, E. Rahold, C. Hartman, H. Barnes. Ridge Avenue Junior High First Row: S. Bowser, S. Kaufman, L. Sack, R. Goodbread, E. Mar- zullo, T. Browne. Second Row: Mr. Armstrong, E. Michael, J. Kraft, G. Welsh, R. Hall, R. Howlett, R. Bloom. Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Ken Hi Vocational Vocational Vocational Vocational Vocational JAYVEES Penn Twp. Ford City Vandergrift Beaver Falls Ford City Greensburg Vandergrift East Deer Twp, Springdale Arnold Tarenturn Shaler Twp. East Deer Twp. West View Penn Twp. Har-Brack Springdale Arnold Tar-entum Slialer Twp. West View VOCATION AL Har-Braclc Romas Dukes Arnold Sport Shop Adams Gold Crest Vvotizltiulizll Vocational Vocational Vocational Vocational Vocational Vocational Vocational Vocational Wfolysons Hi-Y Roinas Dukes Arnold Sport Shop Gold Crest Adams Wolysoiis Hi-Y RIDGE AVENUE JUNIOR HIGH Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Ridge Avenue Hi-Y Plum Twp. 7th St. Sportsmln Natrona St. Joseph Plum Twp. Elks Oalcmont Springdale Stewart Arnold Lincoln Park East Deer Twp Parnassus Oalcmont Springdale Stewart Arnold Lincoln Park East Deer Parnassus XJ f ff ,M- N f X My W, cms A 1 W 6 K .hs 5 3-.V rv ..wi:"" 'NN SENIORS CLUBS CBASEBALL TRACK gow ybyft' Qwyfa 'M TENNIS . J k?nJfX7N S . fjyxmx QL -X - ' 'f'dl,?N'W K 2.-6,435 AjJxlx.,lm X H ,1 rv LJ! Seated: Mr. Mooney, Mrs. Klinke, Mr. Kordes. Standing: F. George, W. Huffman, D. Evans, J. Shields. The school years have passed quickly. It seems a very short time since our arrival at Ken Hi for our sophomore year. Many of us, of course, were in Ken I-ii for our earlier school years, but the majority came from various schools through- out the district. Slowly prejudices were forgotten and friends were made. The routine of this much larger school was a little frightening at first. Soon, however, we became accustomed to it and felt at home in the crowded halls. Each successive year was crowded with activities and seemed to fly. At last the senior year came. We were the Class of 1947. This year brought even more activities than the others. We had capable officers to see us through this busy year-Fred George, president, William Huffman, vice-president, Dale Evans, secretary, and James Shields, treasurer. Our sponsors, Mr. Mooney, Mrs. Klinlce, and Mr. Kordes guided us skillfully through the maze of Taleolcens, rings, and Commencement announce- ments. The twelve years are almost over and it seems such a short time. The halls we thought so confining now seem surprisingly dear to us. We leave sorrowfully, leaving behind our fun-packed school days. 64 Seniaad DIANA ABRAHAM+Diana wonit forget th-e good old days at P. H. S. She likes global geography and is taking the Commercial Course. DOLORES ALLAN-"Doe" is a member of th-e Leaders' Club ing, but dislikes conceited boys. She wants to be a secretary. HELEN ALERICH+uAl,' too, rem-embers P. H. S. This smiling miss plans a career as a nurse. DOLORES ALLAN+"Doe', is a member of the Leaders, Club and wants to be a nurse. She is always seen with 'green Palumbo. Her favorite song is l'Stardust.,' DAVID ALLISON-"DaveU is a member of the Hi-Y, Senior Red Cross, and Choir. He takes part in basketball and baseball and plans to be an engineer. AMERICA ALVAREZ-America won't forget the Scott game. A member of the Commercial Club, she hopes to be a stenographcr. ESTELLE ANDERSON-"Red" plans to be a housewife. She takes the Commercial Course, likes dancing, and wonit forget Sheila's party. PAULINE AREZINA-Dancing and global geography are hobbies of this senior. Always seen with Honey, Paul has pleasant memories of Stewart School. GILBERT ASHOR-A member of the Boys' Leaders' Club, National Honor Society, and Choir is Gib. His favorite song is "Battle Hymn." He enjoys tennis and dancing. CALVIN ASI-7INALLfuCal" likes Harry James and keeps a sports scrapbook. His future includes a visit to Alaska. LEONA BALCH-Leona would like to be a secretary. The Commercial Course, Bank Staff, and health classes are listed as pleasant school activiti-es. LELA M. BARHAM7Lela, Ruth Browns pal, plans to enter a music conservatory after graduation. Singing and skating occupy the spare time of this neat dresser. ARTHUR W. BARKER-This industrious lad plans to be a draftsman. "ButchI, is a Trade School graduate. WILLIAM BARRON?ltBuddy Billl, left Ken Hi at the mid- dl-e of the first semester. This Hi-Y member plans to enter the field of advertising. JOSEPHINE BAZZANO-This popular senior plans to be a mortician. "Jo" enjoyed public speaking classg she was a member of the Choir and several other clubs. HOWARD A. BECK-English proved to be this returned serviceman's favorite subject. t'Hutch," college bound after graduation, spends his free time building minia- ture electric motors. JUNE BECK-uHoney,,' a quiet student, is preparing to be a telephone operator. Her hobbies include art and roller skatingg she recalls geography classes with pleasure. PATRICIA BEIGHLEY-"Pat', looks forward to being a pri- vate secretary or a housewife. Dancing and skating are the hobbies enjoyed by this National Honor Society and Choir member. 65 1-.1 Seniau ROBERT BELL-"Ding Dongi' is a student of the General Course. This blond, ex-sailor hangs his hat in 212. ESTHER BELLI-A future commercial artist, "Es" is a mem- ber of the Tal-eoken Staff and College Club. The con- certs and art classes are pleasant memories for her. SHIRLEY BENNETT-g'Rickie" plans to be a nurse or a doc- tor. Her greatest joy in school was seeing that she wasn,t on the failure list. DOMINIC BERTOLINO-uDom', looks forward to a career as a mechanical engineer. This shy senior enjoyed typing class. AUDREY BETLER-Audrey, a commercial student, plans to be a bookkeeper. This sweet miss hails from Arnold. CATHERINE BICKERT-Shorthand holds Cath-erinels atten- tion. She is a member of the Commercial Club and hopes to go to Commercial College. FLORENCE BIRCH-Parnassus Junior High will always be close to Florence's heart. She is taking the General Course and likes global geography. Her future plans are nursing. SHEILA BLACK-"Sis" plans to be a stenographer, She takes the Commercial Course and prefers bookkeeping. As a hobby she collects pictures of her friends. VERONICA BOZIK-UV-erniew will be a future telephone operator. She is a member of the F. H. of A. Global geography is her favorite class, her favorite pastime skating and dancing. SONNY BRADIGAN-Not only is Hying Sonny's hobby, but he also displays a pilotis license. He is taking the General Course and is a member of the Choir. WALTER BRETTHAUER-'QBuddy', hopes to be an engin- ' eer in the future. This member of the Handbook Staff and National Honor Society prefers pre-flight class and football games. EVELYN BROWN-"Brownie', will study music and hopes to follow Miss Whitacre's footsteps. Choir and music history are her favored subjects. ANTHONY BRUNO-Anthony will never forget the raccoon he brought to school. A member of the College Club and Audubon Society, he lik-es to study birds and play the piano. EVELYN BUCHANAN-A future Home-Maker of Amer- ica, "EvieU likes agriculture, football, and basketball games. She pals with Alice Walker and has pleasant memories of her fr-eshman year. THEODORE CALLAHAN--l'Ted" is a member of the Vet- erans' Club and plays basketball for the Vets. He is married and plans to enter college. NORMA CAMERON-Q'Norm" is a member of the Kentonian Staff and enjoys math. A soldier holds her interests at the present time, but typing is the future job for her. PATRICIA CAMPBELL-"Pat,' takes the General Course and hopes to study dr-ess designing in New York. She enjoys senior science class and her work on the Kenton- ian Staff. BARBARA CARNAHAN-'lBarb," a commercial student, anticipates being a nurse. Her favorite hobby is skating and she remembers with pleasure those exciting foot- ball games. 66 1947 JACK CARNAHAN-Pre-Hight class ranks first with Jack, who takes the General Course. A sports addict, Jack en- joys football games. VIRGINIA CARNEVALE-This jolly senior likes to dance with a boy in West Tarentum. She belongs to the Dis- tributive Education Club and aspires to be a telephone operator. ROSETTA CASTRO+Rosetta belongs to the Commercial Club and Bank Staff. Her main interests are dancing and an ex-football player. DONNA LOU CHAMBERS-Petite Donna takes the Classical Course and belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, Attendance Staff, and the Senior Red Cross. She remembers her cheerleading days at Parnassus. JOHN CHERRY-We see t'Buster,' only one period a day here at Ken-Hi. He plans a career as a mortician. JOSEPHINE CHICKERELLA-"Chicky' enjoys writing for the Kentonian. Her favorite hobby is dancingg her fav- orite place, Brackenridge. She plans to be a "woman in whitef, IRENE CHOLTKO-Irene likes to remember her role of an Indian in a junior assembly play. Her hobbies are swimming and dancing. A classical student, her favorite class is German. VIRGINIA CHORBA-Virginia belongs to the Dramatic Club, Choir, and College Club. California sounds in- viting to her. She likes music and German class. ALICE ANN CHURCHILL-"Bunky'y takes the Classical Course and belongs to the College Club. Her future plans include a course in Home Economics at Hood Col- lege. She remembers last yearis prom. THOMAS CIANCUTTI-Tom takes the General Course and claims his favorite subject is English. In his spare time he enjoys reading. He plays both football and basket- ball, He expects to enter college after graduation. JOSEPH CIPOLLONE-His nickname to many is USip." Joe takes the Classical Course and likes health. His plans for the future are indefinite. LEON CIUKOWSKI-Leon is known as "Pix" to his friends. He is a Classical student. His hobby being music, he chooses music theory as his favorite subject. HELEN COCHRAN-Helen is one of the many ambitious girls taking the Distributive Education Course. She in- tends to study horology after completing her high school work. DOROTHY JEAN COMPTON-Shge is one of the many stu- dents coming from Stewart School, continuing her work in Ken Hi. Dorothy Jean pursues the Classical Course and enjoys public speaking. GEORGE CONNER-Someday we may be able to call George "farmer Conner" because scientific farming is the field he plans to enter after graduation. He is still another classical student. ROBERT COULSON-"Bob" wants to enter Westminster College in the near future. His favorite subject is health, strange as it may seem. SARA CRAIG-Sara is enrolled in the General Course, her favorite subject being home economics. She hopes to enter college and continue study in her chosen field. HOWARD CRAWFORD-He is known to everyone as "Scratch.', Howard takes the Classical Course, claiming preference for solid geometry. College looms ahead. 67 Smiau JANE CREEVY-Jane is a student of the General Course. Her favorite class is sewing. She will always remember the junior prom. Her chief ambition is to become an exc-ellent typist. ANN CROUSE-She is taking the Classical Course and says she enjoys history most. She favors the intellectual type of person. Ann is a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, Dramatic Club, and the Taleoken Staff. RICHARD CRUMLEY-Solid geometry was a snap for this bright lad. His future is uncertain but he is enthusiastic about baseball. HAYWOOD DAUGHERTY--'lDoc'y hopes to remember everything that has happened in the past twelve years. He is interested in sports, journalism, and girls. CLARA DAVID-"Davie' 'is a commercial student who is sure to become a stenographer. She is bound to win with her pleasing personality. ELEANOR DAVIS-Besides her interest in shorthand and basketball, Eleanor is interested in Room 211. She has happy memories of the prom. MARILYN DAVIS-Marilyn will make someone a good nurse, although she is a very talented singer. She is active in the Script and Score. GLORIA DE GIGLIO-This quiet little miss has snappy dark ey-es. She is a commercial student interested in football. WILLIAM DE LUCA-"Bill" was Ken Hi's drum major. He hopes to study music in college. Horseback riding and skating occupy much of his leisure time. FRANK DETCHMENDY-"Dutch,l' California's gift to Ken Hi, Finds P. O. D. class tops. Tall and lanky, he starred as Merlin in this year's Dramatic Club production. NORMA JEAN DEWALT-This ambitious senior is noted for her oil paintings. "Deen considers her senior year the best. JOAN DODSON-Very active in school, Joan will be missed at Ken Hi next year, but college is calling her. She will never forget the Shamrock Ball. OLIVER DREON-uOlli-eu takes a keen interest in science. His plans for the future are undetermined. PATRICIA DUNN-"Patty,', a member of the Board of Activities for three years, spends her spare time dancing and dating "Fran.,' She will make a very competent bookkeeper. ARTHUR EAZER-"Arty finds collecting coins and keys, driving the family car, and "Eleanor', all interesting hob- bies. He expects to enroll in college in the near future. BARBARA ELLIOTT'-This tall, vivacious, blue-eyed girl plans to become a private secretary. "Judy', finds danc- ing and a certain baseball player right in hier stride. SUZANNE ERICKSON-Red-haired Suzanne plans to at- tend Carnegie Tech. To "Su2ie,y solid geometry and physics are absorbing subjects. RUSSELL EVERETT-A member of the Kentonian Staff, llRuss', would lik-e to become a journalist. He spends his spare time collecting animal brains. 68 . ma af' 1947 JOHN EVERHART-This fellow, sometimes called "Hand- someu by his friends, is a member of the Classical Course and enjoys physics class and sleeping. LEONA FADROWSKI-l'Blondie," a member of th-e National Honor Society, dreams of becoming a secretary. This smiling lass will always remember summer school- 1946. ALICE FAITH-This young lady, particularly interested in the Army, finds commercial law an interesting subj-ect. "AI" looks forward to becoming a stenographer. HELEN FAITH+Nicknamed "Bunny,' by her friends, Helen considers her sophomore year tops. She is secretary of the Tri-Hi-Y, GLADYS FENNELL-"Skinny,,' whose weakness is arguing, will always remember Ken Hi's football games. She hopes someday to be doing office work. DORIS FERGUSON-Short, cute, and everybody's pal, "Fergie', is treasurer of the Tri-Hi-Y. She is also activ-e in the Leaders Club and Commercial Club. LAURA JEAN FINK-Chemistry class is especially enjoyable to Laura Jean. This commercial student is planning to become a nurse. CECIL FISHER-All "Wide Awake" Cecil can think of is sleep. Senior science and football take up some of his time. MILDRED FISHER-!'lVlickey" takes the Commercial Course, but German is the subject she prefers. She is quite the sportswoman who plans to become a beautician. WAYNE FISHER+The other twin would like to run a laundry. Wayne came from Parnassus and is active in football. EVA MAY FOWLER-Eva will never forget the junior prom. This call senior would like to become a model. "Toodles', is active on the Kentonian Staff. VIRGINIA FRANCEh"Ginny" is very interested in th-e University of Pittsburgh. She is a Distributive Educa- tion student who belongs to the D. E. Club. JOHN L. FRANKLIN-John calls Room 211 home. He is one of those many veterans who stands 6 feet 7V2 inches. LOUIS FREDERICK-"Lou', plans to enter the service after graduation. He claims solid geometry as his favorite class. BETTY FURLONG+She is the 'lGreta Garbo girl" who likes to be alone. Betty is P. H, S. student who likes especially uprisoner of Lovef' MARIAN GANSS-Marian will always rememb-er plane geometry class. She would like to be saying "Number please" about this time next year. JOAN GANTZER-The memory of Stewart School and its prom will be with her forever. '!Frenchie', takes the Distributive Education Course. AUDREY L. GEIGER-"Geigs,' enjoyed the school holidays. She takes a lively interest in th-e Choir. Next fall, she hopes to work at the Wearever. 69 adam FRED GEORGE--Athletically inclined "Abdo,,' the Senior Class president, was also co-captain of the football team in his last year. Physics class was his delight. GEORGE GEORGE-'George plans to 'enter college next fall. He loves to listen to Sammy Kayls arrangement of the "Old Lamp Lighterfl KATHERINE GEORGE-Her best friends call h-er Q'Kathy.', She always insisted on going to the away football games with her churn, Peggy. MARY LOU GEORGE-This vivacious brunette, whose fond memories are of the iunior prom, aspires to be a nurse. Sh-e is an ardent Notre Dame football fan. MICHAEL GEORGE-Shy and bashful "Mike" was a very determined football player. Math class held all his at- tention in his senior year. HOWARD GERBERT-'tFrenchie', was a favorite speaker in public speaking class. Coming from Stewart School, he plans to go on to college. JO ANN GETHING-Dancing is the almost exclusive pas- time of this cheerful senior. Her club work was centered around the Tri-Hi-Y and Senior Red Cross. FLORENCE GIOVANELLI-Typing came naturally to "Mike," Her l-eisure time is taken up with drawing, dancing, swimming, and tennis. RUTH GOETZ-'lMouse," as she is called, is crazy about Vaughn Monroe. One usually finds her working out crossword puzzles. GEORGE GOLDINGER-Fishing and loafing were the two things that made life worthwhile for "Goldie.'l He took the General Course. JAMES GRADY-"Jim" is an ardent sports fan and par- ticipated in baseball and football. He reported to Room 210. He is planning to attend college in Pittsburgh. NORMA GRAFF-"Energyy' has a sparkling personality. She belongs to many clubs and is the treasurer of the Home Economics Club. REBECCA GRANTZ-A classical student, she responds to the name "Becky" Her favorite memory is of her Latin I class. Her future plans are to go to Bible School and then to Africa as a missionary. SHIRLEY GRAZIER-"Shirlu belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y and the Home Economics Club. Her sophomore year was outstanding. Dancing and 'QCurly" are her hobbies. DOROTHY GRECO-'lDct" is a classical student, whose favorite classes are French and Latin. Trips to Pitts- burgh are very popular with her. Coll-ege is her goal. PEGGY GREEN-Peggy is a commercial student and a hard worker on the Bank Staff. She remembers football games and dances. ADELL GREENE-MHe is known to everyone as "Flint.,' Football and the coach ar-e his favorite topics. He has a likeable personality and is friendly with everyone. We can't forget his "Ol' Man Riverf, ARTHUR R. GUINEY, JR.-He answers to 'lBud,H takes the General Course, and enjoys all his classes. College is in the future for this ex-navy man. 70 1947 JANET GUINN-A classical student, this quiet girl has a pleasing smile. A member of the Script and Score, Tri- Hi-Y, Taleoken Staff, National Honor Society, and Choir, Janet plans college after graduation. DANIEL HADDADYA classical student, Dan's favorite class is physics. He is good natured, but qui-et. He plans to be a physicist. EARL HADLEY-Earl took the General Course, and enjoys mechanical drawing most. He was a member of the track team and plans to be a farmer. LUCY I. HELTION-Lucy, of Cherokee Indian descent, plans a future in painting. She also dabbles in music. EVELYN HENERY-'QEVH has a pleasant memory of French class to take with her to college. She also enjoys the gift of a pleasing personality. FRANCIS HENRY-"Fran," one of the three males in the Virgil class, is an active member of the football squad and track team. GENE HEUVEL-This ex-Navy man is fond of English in school and hunting outside. He is also a former Trade School student. LENORA HICKOX-Script and Score and Band have an alert member in i'Len.U With this excellent background, she has plans for a future in music. THOMAS G. HILL+"Tom," a spirit-ed constituent of the Boys, Leaders' Club, remembers those hay rides. Photo- graphy is the chief hobby of this young man. CHARLES HOFFMAN-The favorite subject and hobby of "Flattop,,' in school or out, is women. The prom re- mains a pleasant and exciting memory to him. NANCY HOFFMAN-This lively Cheerleader was a member of many clubsg among which were the Dramatic Club, Tri-Hi-Y, College Club, and the Girls, Leaders, Club. AL HONICKQThe Army gained this senior when Ken Hi lost him. Graduating despite leaving school at the be- ginning of the year, "Ain is remembered well. RUTH HUGHAN+This future secretary leaves an active past behind. She served as president of the Commer- cial Club and the Taleoken occupied much of her time. GERALDINE HURLBUT-l'Jerry" is one half of the twins and enjoys shorthand more than any other subject. She aspires to be an air stewardess. JACQUELINE HURLBUT-ujackief' a member of the Leaders' Club and Commercial Club, remembers the freshman prom vividly. She, like her sister, dreams of "flying high." KENNETH HURLBUT-A veteran, "Ken', has returned to take up his studies in the General Course and finds his agriculture class a pleasant one. THELMA HUTCHISON-The Air Corps and the Distributive Education Course take the time of this future tele- phone operator. MINNIE JACOBS-With a career of nursing planned, ujakey' enjoys typing and the memory of her first school sweetheart. 71 A , Seniaad JOHN JANIBAGIAN-Njohnniew spends his leisure time in the study of airplanes and lists study hall as his favorite class. ROSE JIGLIOTTI-This young lady plans a career as a beautician and shorthand and transcription have been profitable classes. CHARLES JOHNSON-HChuck', may take a post graduate course at Ken Hi before coll-ege. His term at Far Rock- away High School in New York was a memorable experience. MARCYBELLE JOHNSON-Another petite senior will be a secretary and will carry with her memories of typing and the junior prom. RICHARD JOHNSON--Three years of basketball and his physics class have made "Doc's" school years fly. Col- lege is ahead. BEN JOHNSTON'-A member of numerous clubs-Leaders' Club, Tal-eoken Stafif, and National Honor Society among them-Ben looks toward Pitt's Dental School. GEORGE JOHNSTON--t'Jonney,', a returned veteran, en- joys general math class. Everyone will remember when he played football for K-en Hi in 1940-41. He is a member of the Veterans' Club. BETTY JONES-All the football games, especially Vander- grift's, were enjoyed by Betty. She is a member of the Home Economics Club. Her favorite subject is global geography. LUCILE JORDAN-UCeil,s', future plans include college. She is a member of the College Club and Taleoken Staff. She enjoys speaking incomprehensible French with l'DotU Greco. She is everybody,s friend. HEDY KALUZNY-!'Gremlin,,, as her friends call her, likes dancing and singing. Q'Dolly,' Mishtal is her constant companion. Hedy would like to sing for an orchestra. ANN KAMINSKY-Ann hopes to become a telephone oper- ator. She takes the Distributive Education Course. Her interest is in West Tarentum, but Frankie is her favorite singer. JOHN KAIVIINSKY-John plans to join the Army after graduation. Blondes interest him most. He is a member of the Red Cross. SHIRLEY KANAAN-Shirley, active in many clubs, is a charming, popular girl. After graduation she will attend Duquesne and major in pharmacy. Her time is spent reading, swimming, or playing tennis. DOLORES KANTORSKI-"Babe" will someday make a good secretary. She enjoys typing, shorthand, and school dances. She likes football players. GLADYS KAPP-!'Mac's,' favorite subject is typing, and she is active in the Commercial Club and the Bank Staff. Her hobbies include sewing and roller skating. VIRGINIA KENDALL-Virginia is a nurse in the making. Her favorite subject is German. She will remember the Sharon football game. PATRICIA KERNAN-Patty, an active senior, enjoys French class. Her freshman year at Parnassus leaves her with pleasant memories. She hopes to take up retail mer- chandising. A ALBERT KIPFER-This' popular guidance orator is active in many clubs. "lVluck', is an office habituee. 72 1947 JEAN KISER-Jean, a popular senior wants to wear the blue uniform of the airline hostess. Jean sings in th-e choir and belongs to the Tri-Hi-Y. ELEANOR KLINE-Eleanor, of the red tresses, proudly claims her heart is in the Navy. She is a commercial student and enjoys German. WARREN KLINGENSMITH-Sports, including hunting and fishing, occupy much of Warr-enls leisure time. After graduating from the General Course he expects to enlist in some branch of U. S. service. CECILIA KNAPP-Another attractive senior is preparing to do fashion designing. 'lSissyl' is quite a sports fan. She also enjoys sewing, dancing, and roller skating. RICHARD KORBER-After sailing the seas for three years, "Dick" returned to Ken Hi to prepare for the engineer- ing profession. NICKOLAS KORENOXVSKI-"Nick" is an aviation-minded boy, His future id-eas are dehnite-stay single, get rich. He is also interested in hunting and fishing. MARIE KOSTICK-"Dolly'l looks forward to loafing for a long time. She is treasurer of the Distributive Education Club. ANTHONY RICHARD KOTOVVSKI-"Tony," an outstand- ing football player, was adjudged the player of the year. He can also hold his own in baseball, basketball, and track. His future plans include professional baseball. RUTH EILEEN KRAUSE7Ruth is a girl who enjoys senior science class. This blonde once attended Stewart School. HOWARD KRESS4"HakU will be remembered as the one who snapped pictures and portrayed King Arthur. This member of many clubs plans to become an optom-etrist. GLORIA JUNE KRUSE-Gloria, a commercial student, wishes to become a beautician. In spare moments "Junie,' likes to dance and cook. ROSEMARIE KUCHEK-Rosemarie has pleasant memories of the Harvest Moon Ball. Sh-e is a typist for the Ken- tonian and wants to be a secretary. DOROTHY KURPAKUS+English is tops with "Dot.,' She would like to be a fashion designer. She remembers her days at Stewart School. HELEN LANDOWSKI-Helen is a m-ember of the Bank Stag, Commercial Club ,and National Honor Society. Secre- tarial work has already claimed her. CHARLES LATEK-Sports have made school years fly for this senior. "Charlie!' wants to continue boxing or baseball. JOHN LAVICK-Typing rates high with this pleasant senior. Q'Johnny', has taken an active part in basketball and football. JAMES LILLY-This commercial student will always remem- ber his junior year. His interest lies in music, as proven by his membership in Choir and Band. JANET LINDSEY-'!Jan7' is planning to go to college. She is a member of the Taleoken Staff, Dramatic Club and National Honor Society. 73 Seniaad ROBERT N. LODOWSKI-"Bob" plans to continue studying at Northwestern University. He takes part in the Col- lege Club, Senior Red Cross, and Kentonian Staff. ANTOINETTE LONGO-Antoinette would like to become a mail clerk. She is a member of the Distributive Educa- tion Club. DE LOIS LORANT-"De" is a member of the Taleoken Staff, Choir, and Commercial Club. She plans to be a secretary. PEARL LOVE-The Distributive Education Course and Club take up much of Pearl's time. Her main ambition is to open a dress shop of her own. JOAN LYNCH-Joan's favorite sport is football and her chief hobby is "Dick." She belongs to the Script and Score and College Clubs. JAMES MANLEY-"Jim" is an active member of the Choir and Monitors' Staff. Besides being a doctor, h-e also hopes to travel. MELROSE MAPPIN-A member of the Tri-Hi-Y and Com- mercial Clubs, "Mel" is partial to last yearls Springdale prom. Her red hair attracts quite a few compliments. PRISCILLA MARINO-"Zazu" likes to think of last y-ear's prom and football team. A member of the Commercial Club, she likes to eat and type. CHARLES H. MARKS-An enthusiastic member of the Dra- matic Club, "Charlie'sl' favorite class is agriculture. He likes to go hunting and fishing. PHYLLIS MARR-A Tri-Hi-Y, Choir, and College Club member, "Flip" is noted for being w-ell dressed. She likes to dance. CONNIE MARRA-Secretary of the Girlis Leaders Club, Connie is also active in the Choir and Dramatic Club. She likes dancing to good music. GLADYS MARSHALL-A future teacher, "Glady' enjoyed being in the Dramatic Club plays. She is one of the Taleoken editors and is in the National Honor Society and Colleg-e Club. MERVIN MARTIN-A livewire member of the Hi-Y and Boys, Leaders' Club, "Pete" played on the Junior Var- sity basketball team. He is famous for his plaid shirts. FRED MARTZ-Fred expresses himself freely in speech class. He is a member of the College Club and is taking the Classical Course. He likes physics class. JAMES MASON-His friends call him "Mace," He likes to make trinkets and repair gadgets. His ambition is to become an aviator. RICHARD MASTERS-"Dick,' played football in his sopho- more year. He is a member of the Boys' Leaders' Club, Choir, Dramatic Club, and College Club. He wants to be a lawyer. LOLA MAXWELL-Lola is a member of the Dramatic Club, Taleok-en Staff, and College Club. She is taking the Classical Course, and will make good college material. MARVIN MAXWELL-He is known to everyone as "Coffee.'l He enjoyed Miss Taylor's English Class and likes to drive and work on cars. 74 7947 JOHN McBRIDE-"Knox,' is taking the Classical Course and calls solid geometry his most intriguing subject. He has played football. To be an engineer is "Knox's" plan for the future. LYDIA McCOLLIMgLydia reports to Room 209. She is a member of the Distributive Education Club and is tak- ing the Distributive Education Course. NORMA L. MCGEEVER-"Norm" is taking the General Course and finds global geography fascinating. She is a member of the Commercial Club. Norm is happy when driving a car. EUGENE MCKEEVER-"Gene'l is an alumnus of Stewart School where he played basketball. He is often seen with Bob and George. H-e is raking the General Course and likes senior science, EVELYN JANE MCINTYRE-Her friends know her as "Ebbie.,' Her sophomore year at Stewart School brings back many fond recollections. She will say "Number Please?'l in the future. LOIS McKILLOP-"Lo" is fond of art work, dancing, and study hall. The night of the junior prom brings vivid memories to Lois Jean. She is a pal of Joan Palsgrove. IRWIN S. MCLAUGHLIN-Football games are fun, especially the ,46 Vandergrift game. Irwin takes the Commercial Course but French and global geography are also im- portant subjects. DOLORES lVlcNEIL+Coming from Stewart, dancing is "Dee,s" especial hobby. She takes the Commercial Course and has secretarial ambitions. FLETCHER MERRIWETHER?Fletcher, who is also known as "Flowers,,, thoroughly enjoyed band camp. He is a member of the Choir. ALTA IVIARY IVIIDDLEHURST--l'California here I come!" is appropriate for Alta who likes fashion designing and dancing. She anticipates being an elementary teach-er and is a member of the College Club. ANNA MAE MIDOCK-'Har-Brack is the favorite spot since the Ken Hi and Har-Brack basketball game. Her desire is to open a ladies, accessory shop. BARBARA ANN MILLER-"Babs'l is a member of the Tri- Hi-Y, Girls' Leaders Club, and Choir. Horseback riding and costume designing hold her interest. CHARLES MILLER-"Chalky,' hangs his hat in 204. He is registered under the General Course and is an active member of the Veterans' Club. KENNETH R. MILLER-"Bob" was a member of Stewart's basketball team. The junior prom was a memorable event. His buddies are Gene and George. AIVIELIA IVIISHTAL-"Dolly,' participates in sid-eline foot- ball and basketball games. She is often seen with Hedy and the gang at Shorall's and will always remember junior history class. GILBERT NIISNER-liGibbyl' always looks forward to lunch time. He likes to dance, hunt, and fish. German and English rate as his favorite subjects in school. EUGENE D, MITCHELL-"Casanova Genefi is very fond of bookkeeping. He has the patriotic hobby of collecting War Bonds. He also likes electronics and girls. JANET MOORHEAD-"Your senior year is bestf' "Weesi-el, thinks. She has interests in Springdale Hi and Navy veterans and is now working in Lucerne's Jewelry Store. 75 I I I fi, .fb f ,fr A, gt, uf BETTY ANNE MORGAN-Betty Anne is active in th-e Tri- ' Hi-Y, Leader's, and Commercial Clubs. She likes to dance to "Stardust,7' especially with Springdale boys. MARY MORRONE-As her hobby, Mary selects anything odd. Shorthand and typing rate high on her favorite list. She wants to b-e a secretary. DONALD MORROW-i'Don', is a Post-Graduate who is in- terested in football and baseball. His plans for the future include Navy or college. CHARLES MOSS-This happy-go-lucky senior belongs to the Veterans, Club. He hopes to take up -engineering after graduation. GERTRUDE MYERS-"Gert" is taking the Classical Course, choosing chemistry as her favorite subject. She is a member of the Tri-Hi-Y and Choir. IRENE JANE NEELY-Irene will never forget second period study hall in her junior year. Work on the Kentonian Staff and Commercial Club keeps Irene busy. ALFRED NEMY-Al favors the Brooklyn Dodgers. He claims membership in the National Honor Society, Kentonian, and Assembly Staffs, Boys' Leaders' and Dramatic Clubs. OLIVER NEUBERT-Oliver plans to attend college after graduation. He has pleasant memories of the sale of magazines in his junior year. ARLETTA NICHOLS-uSpeed7, is fond of Walt. She former- ly attended Arnold but now claims Ken Hi as her Alma Mater. DORIS NICHOLS-A member of the Home Ec and College Clubs, Doris plans to attend College. She enjoys being teased by Nick. DOROTHY NONAMAKER-Her sophomore year is a mem- ory she will take from Ken Hi. "DotH will be a future typisr. LAWRENCE NOVAK-Aeronautics and model making con- sume 'lLarney,s', time. A future salesman, he is now tak- ing the General Course. DORORTY OBIDOWSKI-"Dot', enjoys shorthand class and belongs to the Commercial Club. She hopes to be- come a secretary. ELEANOR ORKIS-This blond-e member of the Home Economics Club is interested in sewing and bowling. "ButchH has happy memories of the prom. LEONA ORKWIS-This future beautician likes cooking class and is a member of the Home Economics Club. "Betty', likes skating, dancing, and Joe. ARTHUR ORLOWSKI-This form-er student of St. Joseph's in Natrona likes Spanish class. "Archie" likes swim- ming and plans to attend college. FRANK ORRIS-Frank enjoys agriculture class and is taking the General Course. He hopes to join the Navy. LILLIAN OSESKY+l'Lil', remembers the good times she had during her sophomore year. She is a member of the Commercial Club and is enthusiastic about shorthand. 76 1947 RAY OWCZYKOWSKI-This future salesman has many memories of Parnassus Junior High School. "Oats" enjoys driving new cars, study hall, and dancing at Savor's. JOAN PALSGROVE-This m-ember of the Commercial Club likes to ice skate. Hilo" remembers May 18, 1945, her sophomore commencement night. FILOMENA PALUMBO-She is a member of the Leaders' Club, Dramatic Club, Kentonian Staff, and College Club. "Fil" is interested in sewing and designing, and going to college. DORIS PARKHILL-This future secretary enjoys typing class. The 1946 prom was a happy occasion. Doris belongs to the Kentonian Staff and collects records. ANGELINE PATSAKIS-This member of the Commercial Club likes to spend her time going to the movies. "Angie', likes typing class and is going to be a secre tary. PAT PAUL-Pat likes to hunt and bowl. He hangs his hat in 203 and is preparing for dentistry. LEILA PFEIFFER-Leila is an active memb-er of the Choir, Commercial Club, and Tri-Hi-Y. Her hobbies are sing- ing and dancing. Office work sounds attractive to her. JANICE MARIE PHILLIPS-Dancing and basketball helped pass the time for this senior. "Phil" is a Distributive Education student who may go to Detroit after gradu- ation. NORMA GENE PIERCE-'Norma looks forward to being a beautician. For recreation she dances and swims. FRANCES PIERNIK-Upunkai' has an interest in Har- Brack. Sht-'s a future jeweler with dancing and golf as her hobbies. NICK POLAS-Originally a West Virginia boy, Nick exc-els in football and track. He's a great one for the ladies. DOLORES PRANIEWICZ7Public speaking is this redhead's favorite class. Her future lies in modeling or music. RAYMOND PYLE-The field of aviation holds great inter-est for this lad. "Ray" is also a valuable Choir and track team member. VAE RANKIN-"Red" hails from 203 and takes the secre tarial course. She'll be found frequently at the movies. MELVA RAY-This Stewart alumna is taking the Commer- cial Course. Roller skating is her hobby and her future will be with the telephone company. MARTHA REDLINE-Martha is activ-e in the College Club and Red Cross. She likes basketball, dancing, and the song "Rumors are Flying." Her bright face may soon be seen on some college campus. PAUL W. REDLINE-Paul is a veteran and is taking the col- lege entrance course. After graduation he plans to take Pre-Dent at Ohio State. FLORENCE REEDY-UFl0'7 is a member of the three mus- keteers: Ethel, Margaret and Florence, She is inter- -ested in a certain boy named Jim. She is also a mem- ber of the General Course. 77 S . THOMAS REESE-Tom is a member of the Hi-Y, Choir, and Dramatic Club. His plans for the future are the Navy or college. MARGARET REINERT-Margaret takes the General Course and her favorite subject is global geography, Office work lies ahead for her. AL RESEK-A returned "vet" Al is taking the Classical Course in preparation for college. He is an active member in the DeMolays. PEGGY JEAN RICE-Taking the Commercial Course, l'Peg" enjoys sewing class most. She is president of the Home Economic Club and a member of the Dramatic Club. JEAN RILEYA-Interested in displaying counters, Jean is a member of the Distributive Education Class. She has pleasant memories of the meetings in the halls between classes. RUTH RILEY-A student of the Commercial Course, "Lassis'sN especial interest is global geography. After graduation, she will go into nurses' training. DIEGO RODRIGUEZ-Diego, another Classical student, finds Spanish class stimulating. He is a member of the Na- tional Honor Society, Monitors, Hi-Y, and Assembly Staff. JACQUELINE ROMIGh'qJackie', takes the Classical Course and her favorite subject is German. She is a member of the Leaders' Club, Script and Score, Taleoken, and College Club. JOSEPHINE ROSS-"Jon comes from Parnassus and is tak- ing the Commercial Course. She is preparing to be a secretary after graduation. CESARENA SANTORA-Cesarena is a member of the Dis- tributive Education Club and takes the Distributive Education Course. She is one of Ken Hi's ardent foot- ball fans. BETTY LOU SCHAFER-With high hopes of becoming a typist, "Blonked', will leave Ken Hi. Collecting glass animals has helped her whil-e away many leisure hours. RICHARD SCHALL-'lDick,, likes to think of the girls at Stewart School. He enjoys being a spectator at hockey and baseball games. WILLIAM SCOTT-Q'Bill,' was an active basketball manager for three years. Basketball seasons and Hi-Y made school years speed for this cheerful lad. WILHELMINA SELL-'tBillie's', pleasant school memories include Springdale,s prom. She will soon be saying "Number, Please?" Bust-er is her main hobby. H. MARION SENNETT-Marion is a member of the D. E. Club. She likes to ice skate and to remember July 20th. Marion aspires to be a model. ' LUCY SERENE-'lLou" is an ardent basketball fan. Her hobbies are dancing and swimrningg future plans in- clude a typing position. GEORGE SHALENKO-School holds many pleasant memories for this happy-go-lucky senior. Someday he will be a radio technician. 'lGov-ernor" pals around with Mc- Keever and Miller. VALJEAN SHAW-"Jeanie'l is a member of the Leaders, Club. With happy recollections of German class she leaves Ken Hi to begin nurses, training. 78 ", ' Ii, I, . if DORIS SHEARER-"Dorriel' enjoys cooking and baking. She likes to recall summ-er school of ,46. A future in nursing lies ahead of this friendly senior. STUART SHEARER-Senior science is the favored subject of this Navy-bound lad who answers to the unusual nickname of "Choke.,' WALTER SHEFTICK-'lWalt,, is a very active fellow who comes from Arnold. This student is interested in a petite miss from 203. JAMES B. SHIELDS-"Jim" has taken an active part in politics during his high school years. He was also active in Hi-Y and Leaders Clubs. Jim will enter college. LOIS JEAN SHIMMIN-Lois Jean likes twins. She took an active part in the cheering section during football sea- son. She is another potential secretary. ETHEL SIMON-"Et" finds public speaking an enlightening period. A future as a practical nurse will come after graduation. RONALD SIMON-"Fuzzy," as he is known to his friends, was the messenger boy for the football team. He also shines in baseball and solid class. HOWARD SINCLAIR-"Howdy" is an ard-ent fan of pre- flight class. Registered in th-e General Course, he re- ports to 203. JOAN SMELTZER-Joan is a music enthusiast belonging to the Choir and Script and Score Club. Joan wants to study music after high school graduation. DIANE SMITH-The peppy senior Cheerl-eader, Diane, is the president of the Girls' Leaders' Club. She is also an active member of the Handbook Staff and the Tri- Hi-Y. GEORGE SMITH-"Gus', is a future M. D. He is an ardent track star. This tall and handsome senior belongs to the Monitors, Taleoken Staff, and the Assembly Staff. He sings in the Choir and pals with l'Nook." MARTHA SMITH-"Smittyy' is a charming blond with a great personality. A popular senior, she belongs to the Taleoken Staff, Kentonian Staff, and College Club. She looks forward to a trip to South America. EDWARD SNYDER-This flashy forward on the basketball team goes by the nickname of "Snitz." An ardent Q'Pool shark," Ed enioys Mr. Gibsonys health classes. JOHN SPADARO-"Spiz," tall, dark, and handsome, is Ken Hi's renowned trumpet player. He is a choir enthusiast and is a solid foundation in the bass section. John plans his future in music. FLORENCE SPAK-An ardent English student, "Flo" en- joys reading and music. A member of the National Honor Society and College Club, she plans to t-each. LOUIS SPANA-"Lou'y is a follower of the General Course. He is interested in all types of sports and likes gym classes. He will join the Navy. DOROTHY SPILLERS-This girl, whom we call "Cassie," likes typing. Her future plans are centered around dressmaking school. She is a member of the Home Economics Club. JEANNE STALDER-She is a member of the National Honor Society, Leaders' Club, College Club ,and Bank Staff. Jeanne likes the informality of German class. 79 Seniofzfi GEORGE A. STANKO-As a drum major, "Sonny,' did his bit for Ken Hi. His hobby is writing letters. The Navy will welcome George. ANN STEPEK-This commercial student's nickname is "Honey.', She lik-es to dance and will work in Murphy's Five and Ten. ILLENE STODDARD-Illene is famous for her interesting hair styles. Her favorite subject is Spanish and col- lecting pictures of Peter Lawford, her hobby. LOIS ANN SWAGER-Q'Shorty" will become eith-er a nurse or an interior decorator. She has a great interest in Grove City College. EVELYN TAGLIAPIETRA-We call this future telephone operator Q'Tag" for short. She takes a great int-erest in the Distributive Education Course and in sports. HARRY H. TAMBURO-One of our football players, "H.H.,' is a member of the Hi-Y and Boys' Leaders' Club. He likes to sleep. ISABELL THAXTON-Our "Que-enie" belongs to the F. H. A. Club. She leaves behind her love for football fplayersl. Isabell came here from Roxboro, N. C. ALFRED TOCCO-'!Toke" is a popular boy who likes to bowl. He,s taking the Classical Course and likes English. ALBERT TOIVIER-"Alu is an all-around good student and enjoys physics class most. He has fond recollections of his freshman study halls. Who is M. F.? MARY TONEY-"Toni,' is partial to dancing and football games. She is an active member of the D. E. Club. Memories of ninth grade will always remain with her. PETE TORKEO-Pet-e, alias Q'The Turkf, chooses study hall as his favorite subject. His chief interest seems to lie in the opposite sex. LILLIAN TRAINI-This member of the senior class aspires to be a beautician. "Lil" is one of our gym class ath- letes. She is also a member of the D. E. Club. THELMA TUCKER-Geometry is a favorite with Thelma. A pleasing personality is one of her outstanding traits. STONEY TURNER+"Rocky," the man with the horn, will be one of our future doctors. He will always remember the weeks at band camp. DOROTHY URIC-Included in Dorothyis plans for the future is a trip to Hawaii. Football and basketball rank first with her among the sports. She shows a decided preference for a certain ujohnnyf' CLIFFORD URIK-Since shorthand and typing ar-e Clifford,s favorite subjects, he plans a future in stenographic work. He answers to the nickname "Sonny.y' EARL VAN NORMAN-Earl,s future is yet to be decided upon. As hobbies, he has chosen hunting and fishing. DONNA JEAN VEITCH-This bedimpl-ed lass admires a cer- tain ex-sailor. A beautician is her choice of occupation. She is vice-president of the Home Economics Club. 80 1947 JOSEPH VRANESEVICHWJoe is the Romeo of 204. Senior science heads his list of favorite subjects. He has a particular interest in English class. DONALD WAGNER-One of cur veterans, "Duck,' now plans to enter college. He is active in sports and his hobby is Cartooning. RUSSELL WAGNER-"Woody,,' a vet, played football, bas- ketball, and baseball, and -enjoys skating. College is his goal. He's always seen with "Duck.', ALICE WALKER-Alice remembers the junior-senior prom. Global geography is her favorite subject. Her hobby is collecting photographs and phone numbers. RITA VUALTERS-"R-eet" is college bound. A prominent member of the Leaderis Club, Senior Red Cross, and president of the Tri-Hi-Y, Rita was chosen DeMolay Queen for 1946. THOMAS WAREHAM-P. O. D. is Tom's favorite subject. He claims that hunting and eating don't bother him much, -either. Football chalks first in his sport's interests. ERLA JEAN WEAVER-College is Erla,s goal. She plans to be a dietician. Bowling and dancing rank highest among her hobbies. EDWARD WEBER-"Ed" is known as '!Cowboy'l among his friends. His favorite subject is mechanical drawing, and sports are a major interest with him. DONALD WERNER-"Burp,, takes the Classical Course, and Spanish is iust tops with him. Engineering and Shirley Wilson are his plans for the future. JAMES WILES-'This senior's nickname, "Happy,,' denotes his character perfectly. He has four loves in life-music theory, singing, piano ,and a girl. GEORGE WILHELM JR.-The Navy is in the future for this monitor. He is taking the General Course and answers to the nickname of t'Willie." THOMAS WILLIAMSON-Tom has pleasant memories of his first prom. He was a former Trade School student, but he is taking the General Course at Ken Hi. JANE WILSON-"Pinky,' likes German and "To Each His Own.,7 She hopes to become a nurse. SHIRLEY WILSON-Typing is the favored subject of this senior. "Shirll' remembers the prom and Tri-Hi-Y initia- tions. DORIS WISE-Doris takes the General Course and remem- bers the football games. A car-eer as a telephone operator is planned. JOAN WYANT-Office work in the future and fun in the afternoon section room period make life and the future a pleasant picture. JOSEPH YENKALAf"Joe" is taking the General Course and lists among his ulikesi' study hall, bowling, and swimming. DELORES ZIEMANN-Bicycle riding is the favorite hobby of this future nurse. The Classical Course and the Home Economics Club claim her time. 81 enia-M DONALD ABRAHANI-5'Don,, is an electrician who enjoys singing in the Trade School Choir. H-e collects stamps and coins as a hobby. DANIEL ADAMOVITZ-A draftsman, UDan" wishes to join the Navy. He is one of the Trade School basket- ball players. EDWARD M. ASHBAUGH-'lBud'l is a machinist, likes English, and participates in sports. He will join the Navy after graduation. RICHARD AVERSA-"Richie', enjoyed most in the high school days th-e holidays. This talented young man sings in the Choir, writes short stories ,and plays the piano. BRUNO BAKER-This bright young fellow, known as UBrain,H chose machine shop. He has been offered a position in a bakery and intends to accept. GREER BAKER-Greer made pattern shop his course. His hobby is collecting pictures. Economics ranks first among school subjects. LOUIS BARKASI, JR.hNaming math as his favorite subject, "Lew-ye" builds airplanes as a hobby. He plans to wear "Bell Bottom Trousersn soon. HAROLD BEATTY-Harold studies in the pattern shop, too. Bask-etball is his favorite sport. He wants to enlist after school days are over. ROBERT S, BEERS-This choir member makes skating and dancing his hobbies. He's enlisting in the Navy after graduation. JOSEPH BELLAS-'Q-joe" likes drafting class, enjoys playing football, and is another machinist. He is interested in mechanical engineering. NEAL CABLE-Still another machinist, Neal likes to fish and hunt. He enjoys math and is planning to be a baker. JOSEPH CAVALIERE-The Bachelors' Club keeps "-loen low in spending money. He plays basketball, likes hunting, and wishes to join the Navy. ROBERT CHECKEYE-English is Q'Bobys,' favorite class. He likes to remember the days of the assemblies at Ken Hi and the football games. EDWARD CHMIEL-!'Ed" selected the machinist course and will continue the same course in his future work. His hobby is guns. ' PATSY DELEO-Another student of the machine shop, his hobby is roller skating. He enjoyed his senior year most and has machine shop work in mind for the future. DALE EVANS-A white collar job would please Dale upon graduation. A member of the track team, he spends many spare moments in hunting. LEVEO FONTANA-"Glimpy', is another pattern maker and finds music and football to his liking in sports. He plans to go into business. PATSY FRAINO-"Pat,,' an electrician, is an active Choir and Hi-Y member. He would like to work in the Duplate after graduation. X 82 1947 ARMAND FRAMPTON-"Bud" enjoys reading in his leisure time and lists English as his preferred subject. CHARLES GAITO-"Chuck" spends much time dancing. An- other member of the Trade School Choir, his most im- portant subject is math, GEORGE L. GIGLER-George, known as the "Fat Boyf' plans to go to night school at Carnegie Tech. ROBERT GREGORY-Patternmaker Robert uses his skill to build model airplanes in his spare time. His most in- teresting class is economics. HAROLD HAUGHT+'tWeasel', lists basketball as his favor- ite sport. He plans to enlist after his session in the pat- tern shop is done. JAMES HELLER-To be an Army radio technician would please Wfinyf' Holding the offices of senior class vice president, secretary of the Hi-Y, and editor of V-News keeps him busy. JOSEPH HESSOM-"Joe" chose machine shop and has pleasant memories of his school years. The Navy is in th-e future For this lad, active in sports and dancing. WILLIAM E. HUFFMAN-President of Trade School senior class and vice-president at Ken Hi, 'lBiIl" is an ex-Navy man. He belongs to the Hi-Y, Taleoken Staff, and Board of Activities. GERALD LEE IRVINE-Another machinist, Gerald enjoyed th-e sports and dances at school. He, too, will join Uncle Samis forces. HENRY JABLONSKI-If study halls are considered classes, they are '!Herkey's" choice. He's a patternmaker who wishes to join the Navy. RICHARD JONES-"Dick" belongs to the Choir and Hi-Y. He is anoth-er destined for the Navy. DANIEL F. KEDZIERSKI+"Dan" liked economics and re- members all the pleasant things of school. He is happy in designing and building models. JOSEPH G. KEDZIERSKI-A student of the machine shop, Joseph's favorite subject is Englishg his favorite pastime, building mod-els. ANDREW KRAUSE-To become an electrician is "Andy's" ambition. This active Hi-Y member always wears a grin. DONALD KULICK-"Don" goes to dances and is active in school events. He names study halls the best hours of the school day. He will continue his trade as a machinist. JOHN LEWIS+"Lefty,' belongs to the Bachelors' Club. He is one of Trade School's basketball stars. CHESTER MALECKI-"Ches" is an ex-Navy man. He would like some day to become an electrician. His hobbi-es are hunting and fishing. MERLE M. MANGONE-He has pleasant memories of high school football games. "lVloe'7 is another basketeer for Trade School who shines in math. 83 JAMES MAUNDER-Electricity is "Moon-ey's', course in Trade School. He's active in Hi-Y and likes dances. He, too, plans to join the Navy. HARRY MILLER, JR.-A draftsman with the nickname of t'Junk," Harry nam-es math as his favorite subject. He spends his spare time and vacations hunting and fishing. JOSEPH MYSLINSKI-"Mish', is very active on V-News Staff and Board of Activities. He,s president of Hi-Y and would like to play in a band besides being a drafts- man. FRED MCANINCH-gThe Choir, Hi-Y, and DeMolay are activities which keep Mack busy. He really likes to eat and sleep. ROBERT MCPHERON-A draftsman, "Bohn thinks he would lik-e to join the Navy. Playing basketball for Trade School is his athletic interest. DOMINICK NACCARATO--"Dom,s', hobby is collecting stamps. This English-loving lad plans to open a shoe store. RICHARD NOEL-"Ditch" is a hunt-er, fisherman, and gun collector. An electrician, he has his eye on the Navy Blue. FRANK WALTER OSTROSKT+"OzzieH is a "fuse blowerw of fame. Upon graduation, he plans to join the Navy. EUGENE PAGLIARI-Study halls, school events, and roller skating make life b-earable for "Geno.u DONALD PERRY-A member of the Chcir, "Donn makes basketball and dancing pass the time for him. He's planning to attend college. JOHN W. PETRAS-A machinist, John is active in the Hi-Y and likes sports. He hopes to return to Alaska. JOSEPH PRITELi'!S'pik-eu selected'machine shop in which to study. A future politician, he plays basketball. JOSEPH A. RUSAK?Joseph is a draftsman excelling in math. He is sometimes called "HappyH and plans to become a barber. SAMUEL SANTORO-'tSammy" says his best class is math. In his spare time he builds airplanes. He may join the Navy. ANDREW SHICK-"Andy,' likes to Fish and to tell jokes to the '!Freshies" in the machine shop. His most pleasant memories are of the shop. FRED SHULTZ-Fred is a machinist at present, and expects to continue as such. He likes hunting and economics. ROBERT L. SHONDECK--Happy memories from Parnassus Junior Hi will always go with "Bob,', an active mem- ber of the Hi-Y. DONAL STAPENSKI-Another draftsman of the future, "Step" names math as his favorite subject. He belongs to the I-Ii-Y. 84 1947 ANDREW THOMAS-"Mac" names study hall at the top of the list. Another member of the Hi-Y, he would like to join the Navy. LESTER THOMAS-Football is an important sport, but "Les" also likes girls. He is a member of the Hi-Y. DONALD TIPTON-"Tee" chose pattern shop for his study. A future business man, he enjoyed dances and school events. ROGER WEISTER-"Sunny' is a machinist and treasurer of the seniors. His hobbies are skating and dancing. RONALD YOHE-"Yo-hoy' thinks there is a future in farm- ing. He claims the distinction of being the smallest senior electrician. SENIORS NOT PICTURED MITCHELL ALEX CHESTER G. ANDERSO ROBERT A. ATKINSON GERALD B. BELL HOWARD R. CAMP JOHN W. CHESMARK HENRY A. DUDEK DAVID R. FINK ROBERT M. HURLBUT JOHN ISAAC CLARENCE R. JENSEN JAMES W. JENSEN WILLIAM F. JOHASKY N, CLYDE L. KERNEN DORIS MARIE O'CONNELL PAUL A. OWCZYKOWSKI PETE PALUMBO JOHN S. SIERACKI EDWARD R. STADTERMAN EDWARD TURIAK JAMES R. WHALEN BERNARD R. YOHE ELMER H. FREDLEY RAYMOND LESSIG, JR. CHARLES PACK JOSEPH P. TEMPINSKI 85 K fi rf! ' i 1 Mr. Fichthorn seems to have traded the school truck for a power lawnmower. Those hip boots indicate that Coach Fletcher is going fishing. Nancy consults Mrs. Klinlce for some hints in her role as Madame Le Fay in 'lConnecticut Yankeefy 86 Donit eat too fast girls, you have 45 min- utes till the Mr. I-ladd-9 study halls. Ken Hiis hoolcworms view. bell rings. n has absolute quiet in his students suddenly become when the camera comes in Headaches are numerous for our l'Com- just rt little higher--did he malcv it, fx mander-in-Cl'1icf.l' Calvin and Haywood? . First year typists strugglc along. A half dozen of tltcsc and Z1 dozvn of ' h these, ls tlmt all. Gt-urge? Ev-Qrylnocly sccms to bc cnjoying himself VUL- clidift lcnow thc gym could loolc as a in biology Class. lJC3L1tiFul as it Clinil on prom night. Q 87 TRI-HI-Y The Tri-Hi-Y Club is one of the service organizations of the school and com- munity. Activities during 1946-1947 included attendance at the Blairsville Rally, and the Y. M. C. A. annual dinner, a clean-up campaign, paclcing a box of clothing for Czechoslovakia, aiding in the tag day drive for polio funds, a Valentine Day dance, and a Mother-Daughter banquet. Miss Casillo and Miss Boucher are the sponsors. First Row: J. Dodson, G. Myers, P. Marr, H. Faith, R. Walters, Miss Boucher, D. Chambers, S. Grazier, D. Ferguson, S. Wfilson, B. A. Morgan. Second Row: C. Kaufman, I. Cooper, C. Campbell, J. Guinn, M. Mappin, S. Means, N. Graff, M. George, L. Pf 'E G th' . ei er, J. e ing Third Row: N. Foulkrod, J. Evans, P. Dunn, N. Hoffman, A. Crouse, J. Kiser, J. Bazzano, J. Lindsey, J. Wyant, B. Miller, D. Smith. First Row: V. Kendall, B. Furlong, E. Anderson, V. Bozik, J. Creevey, A. Geiger, L. Serene, D. Chambers, S. Grazier, N. Cameron J. Dodson, C. David, M. Ray, Miss Phillips. Second Row: J. Wilson, D. Ferguson, M. Bonk, D. Wise, I. Choltko, B. Morgan, J. Gething, P. Arezena, J. Lindsey, B. Miller. Third Row: V. Shaw, E. Henery, F. Spak, A. Walker, B. Schafer, M. Jacobs, E. Buchanan, S. Bennett, M. L. George, N. McGeever M. Davis, A. Crouse. Fourth Row: R. Krause, D. Shearer, R. Grantz, A. Betler, R. Walters. J. Bazzano, K. George, E. Weaver. H. Alerich, C. Hoffman Fifth Row: F. Birch, M. Reinert, E. Simon. E. Brown. M. Ganss, E. Fowler, F. Orris, D. Abraham, G. Marshall, A. Guiney. Sixth Row: I. McLaughlin, T. Wareham, R. Miller, G. Shalenko, R. Everett, L. Novak, J. Wiles, C. Shank, F. Greene, R O k k' wczy ows l. Seventh Row: S. Shearer, S. Bradigan, M. Martin, F. Merriwether, D. Bertolino, J. Lilly, A. Bruno, J. Spadaro, W. Klingensmith J. Mason, E. Snyder, J. Kaminski. A GEOGRAPHY CLUB The Geography Club of Western Pennsylvania is a branch of the National Council of Geography Teachers. Here in Ken Hi it is a newly organized club. Any student or teacher of geography is eligible for membership in this National Council. The object of this organization "shall be to foster geographic educationf' Miss Mary Viola Phillips is the sponsor of Ken l"li,s Club. 88 SENIOR RED CROSS This worthy organization, under the direction of Miss Mathison, has well accomplished its part in the National Red Cross yearly activity. This year the or- ganization took part in the annual roll call, a radio program, and the sending of Christmas packages to children of foreign countries. The membership consists of a boy and girl representative from each section room. First Row: M. L. Wright, C. Hensley, R. Potocnnk, S. Purks, B. Devine, Miss Mathison, S. Moore, N. Wingrove, B. Artman, V Kedonis, N. A. Thomas, M. Redline. Second Row: A. Freda, G. McKeever, D. Allison, M. Machugan. P. Dunn, J. Gething, R. Walters. P. Kernan. N. Baumiller, B Miller, E. Kiser, D. Dahm, S. Haddad, D. Chambers. J. Dunbar, A. Malyn. Third Row: J. Spadaro, J. Ross, G. Gantzer, J. Kronkoski, J. Cipollone, J. Bosso, A. Ox-avec, W. Reimer, R. Lodowski, R. McLnugh lin, R. Tamburo, P. Redline, H. Vestrand. First Row: C. Fletcher, E. Stokes, C. Wfagner. A. Kowalczyk, Miss Branthoover, S. Bruno, M. Thomas, R. Barham, R. Beveridge. Second Row: R. Sutter, P. Bazzano, D. Freialdenhofen, E. Hohman, A. Lytle, J. Weiss. M. Smith. JUNIOR RED CROSS When Christmas boxes were packed and sent from Ken Hi to help the under- privileged children in Europe, the Junior Red Cross was behind it. They are also responsible for the annual roll call, It is composed of the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades and is guided by Miss Branthoover and Miss Armstrong. Each room has two members in the council who act as representatives. 30 .flag-., ,I , KEN TONIAN STAFF The Kentonian is Ken Hils newspaper published to acquaint students and their families with all high school activities. This staff of students and their sponsor and teacher, Miss Russell, strive to make the Kentonian one of the outstanding high school publications with editorials, feature articles, news stories, personals, and sports events reported and written carefully and accurately. Al Nemy is the ener- getic editor. First Row: J. Chickerella, A. Douglas, S. Bennett, E. Weaver, M. Smith, F. Palumbo, P. Campbell, M. Campbell, E. Fowler, S Kanaan, N. Cameron, L. Shimmin, J. Randolph, F. Pettit, M. Williamson, L. Swager, D. Parkhill, B. Zaborsky. Second Row: B. Fox, R. Kuchek, J. Ross, I. Neeley, B. Elliot, E. Davis, A. Crouse, Miss Russell, D. Allan, B. Wilson, J. Howard A. M. Guida, J. Lynch, M. Baker. Third Row: W. Pelisari, C. Fitzgerald, A. Malyn, S. Turner, R. Lodowski, R. Masters, W. Cox, D. Wagner, A. Nemy, H. Kress J. Kcdzierski, C. Marks, T. Hill, R. Wilson. First Row: D. Spiering, E. Orkis. S. Black. S. Craig, S. Grazier. J. Creevey, M. Coudriet, P. Marino, P. Garris N. Lewis, E, Belli D. Zieman, F. Reedy. Second Row: B. Tracz, I. Thaxton, W. Pierce, V. Bozick, A. Walker, D. Veitch', E. Weaver, N. Graff, E. Czaplicki, P. Rice, K George, D. Nichols, Miss Stuchell. Third Row: Miss Olmer, F. Pomykala, T. Tucker, B. Orkwis, D. Buckner, E. Baldwin, G. McKecver, B. Jones, M. K. Weber, Wise, N. Wingrove, J. Mason, S. Truax, L. Jenkins. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club has been affiliated this year with a national organi- zation called The I-lomemalcers of America. The club is sponsored by Miss Olmer and Miss Stuchell. The members of the club arranged and staged two fashion shows and attended one in Pittsburgh. Mothers of the girls were guests at the fashion show in the high school. 90 D THE VETERANS CLUB The Veterans Club was newly organized at Ken Hi this year. The Club was sponsored by Mr. I-ladden, who was himself a returned veteran. It was organized for the purpose of making those returning to resume their studies feel more at ease in the unfamiliar classrooms and to afford an opportunity for discussion of their problems. Its activities included sports and social functions. First Row: A. Resek, E. Turiak, G. I-leuvel, D. Wagner, R. Wagner, Mr. Hadden. H. Beck, T. Callahan, J. Lamont, P. Redline, A. Guiney. Second Row: G. Johnston, R. George. L. Zimmerman. W. Heavner. W. Reimer. J. Franklin, E. Baldwin, W. Cox, K. Hurlbut, C. Adams, C. Miller. First Row: J. Wyant, V. Chorba, J. Lindsey, A. Crouse, N. Hoffman, Mrs. Klinke. N. Graff, C. Heasley, L. Maxwell, N. A. Thomas, G. Marshall. Second Row: S. Claster, P. Treasure, 5. lkanaan. Nl. Davis. J. Bazzano. S. Shetler. P. Rice, R. Smith. C. Marra J. Evans, F. Palumbo. Third Row:A. Nemy, H. Kress, R. Masters. j. Wiles. F. Detchmendy. A. Eazer, D. Haddad, C. Marks. DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club is doing its part to help the advance of dramatics. This year the club presented the play, "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.', Their pin can be worn only by those who earn it. Once a year they journey to Pittsburgh to the Nixon. Informal meetings are held at the homes of the members. Mrs. Klinke is their capable sponsor. 91 l' :N - , 8 1 Down in 105 Marilyn Davis, Frank Detchmendy, Howard Kress, and Arthur Eazer spend long hours rehearsing for the Dramatic Clubis UA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court." Across on the other side of the building Miss Olmeris sewing class is apparently working against a deadline. The Taleoken Staff memb-ers are alo- sorbed in problems connected with the publication of the year book. Shirley Wilso11 transacts some Business with Jean Stalder at the Students Bank while Ros-etta Castro works on the books. Coach Chegwidden takes a few minutes from coaching track to pose for the Taleolcen photographer. 1-vf""M! 92 rh ,lx F Thomas Sprowls looks as if he were afraid something is about to explode in the chemistry lab. Class Day is an unforgettable clay at Ken Hi. The Taleolcen Staff is busily helping the Colao photographers taking senior pic- tures. 93 1 The monitors inclustriously directing traffic. Open your mouths wider, girls. The seniors are nervously waiting to receive their diplomas. Ken Hi's new corps of maiorettes strut about. BASEBALL 1 946 First Row: R. Simon, J. Veltri, M. Bailey, R. McLaughlin, R. Livingston, R. Edwards. Second Row: J. Schaeffer, D. Ferguson, H. Vestrand, J. Shields. C. Fisher, R. McLaughlin, T. Kotowski. Third Row: D. Cappel, C. Latek, W. Harrell, M. Engler. Fourth Row: J. Shaffer, G. Farneth, W. McPheron, J. Ross, R. Crumley, C. Best, T. Williamson, G. Goetz, F. Marolti, W. Sennett, S. Lipski, Mr. Dunn, A. Rucci, W. Carney. Baseball, although it doesn,t attract so many spectators, is a favorite on Ken l'ii's athletic program. The team, guided by the able coaching of Mr. Dunn, placed second in our section. The pitching staff was a winning combination and two mem- bers are eligible for the 1947 team as well as several other varsity players. The team showed great spirit and their record is another of which Ken l-li students and graduates may well be proud. Ken Springdale Ken Arnold ...,. Ken West Deer Ken Har-Brack Ken Tarentum Ken Springdale Ken Arnold Ken Har-Brack Ken Tarenrum Ken West Deer TRACK 1946 First Row: J. Bray, R. Egli, W. Bowser, G. Churchill, W. Walls, W. Hairston, J. Macshane, J. Cooper, J. Sowol, C. Aspinall, G. Michael. Second Row: L. Adams, F. Henry, H. Stroud, W. Thrower, D. Buckner, J. Manley, W. Bretthauer, G. Smith, T. Mayhood, J. Turner, L. Feroce, E. Hadley, D. Allison, D. Werner, F. George, N. Polas, Mr. Chegwidden. For the first time in several years Ken Hi entered a track team in 1946 in the W. P. I. A. L. The additional sport is another evidence of Ken Hi,s expanding athletic program and the response on the part of students participating was gratify- ing. In spite of the fact that we won no meets, the team showed spirit and improve- ment uncler Coach ChegWidden's instructions. Dave Allison won the mile race in all meets except the triangular at Greens- burg which Warren Bowser won. Allison defeated the W. P. I. A. L. mile champion by covering the distance in 4:52.5. Tony Kotowslci was high scorer for Ken Hi and also won the broad jump in the first triangular meet. Scores Ken Hi 35 Jeannette 792 Ken Hi 32 Derry Township 95 Triangular Meet at Greensburg Ken Hi 37 Greensburg 42 Derry 82 County Meet at Greensburg Ken Hi 21 1,'8 Latrobe 35 7f'24 Derry Township 71 1f4 Norwin 32 IX8 Jeannette 36 23j24 Greensburg 28 lf4 Triangular Meet at Penn Township Ken Hi 30 Turtle Creek 38 Penn Township 92 95 Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken A GOLF SCORES Plum Township Har-Brac .....,... Butler ....,... ..,.,. Plum Township Har-Brac .,....... Butler .. Kiski .,... 16 Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken Ken wk Golf Team 1946 C. Shank. Tennis Team 1946 M. Melucci, T. Browne. TENNIS SCORES Hi 5 Jeannette .,..,.,...,....A. ...... 0 Hi 0 Latrobe 5 Hi 0 Latrobe ..... ...... 5 Hi 0 Kiski ...,.........., ...,., 5 Dk Hi 0 Kiski 4................. ...... 5 if Hi-Jeannette cancelled Qnon-leaguej Mr. Gibson, H. Crawford, I. Moye T. Mooney, R. Kochanski, R Richardson, A. Malyn, T. Rees E. Stevens, R. Wassall, H. Kre l' rf: The Tmcle School boys undcrstlncl the Fine polnts of H1'lCl1ll'lC Work A hnlfd workout fill' GUI' f!"1ClC fC'll'l1 Watch your hand boys The ptrctnt age of industrml wcciclents is high Patsy Fraino tightens a bolt in motor study while Don Abraham, Frank Os- troski, and Sammy Santoro loolc on. Waiting lor the noon bell. This class cloesnlt look very busy. 97 l' Q r Av .1 Tom Ciancutti and Fred George examine the W. P. I. A. L. trophy they helped to win. Beverly Artman and Carolyn Campbell admire the silver t-ea service presented by the classes of 1944 and 1945 in memory of Miss Mary O. Watso11 and the New Kensington High School students who gave their lives in the service of our country. 98 Mr. Heymers is doing a bit of welding in machine shop. Henry Jablonski and Bob Gregory operate the rip saw. This Book is Bound CENTRAL DRUG STORES In a KINGSKRAFT "Famous for Low Pricesv COVER New Kensington, Pa. Kingsport Tennes INSIST ON NEWFIELD or RENTON COAL CALL YOUR LOCAL DEALER OR CHAMPION COAL COMPANY Plan Your Future AT Take time to train for permanent employ- ment. There is no short cut to success. Roblee Shoes for Men 840 Fourth Avenue Naturalizers for Women Phone New Kensington 434 Buster Brown for Children 99 C l' f Compliments of omp lments O W. T. GRANT CO. WESTMORELAND DEPARTMENT STORES TRANSPORTATION CO. 849 Fifth Avenue Ralph M. Paris, Manager New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of WEAR - EVER VlEAR'EVER gills C AlU MINUM TRADE MARK 21 O11 6 1, al OI' 7 X Q Phone 677 4 l mn ufn Suits Made to Measure f , wwf ,ng f W Z .Wi 5 f A, Mcn,s and Boys' Wear Z ff K Furs Glazcd and Remodeled A Q Vg 7 fo 1 Z 2 if , f VW. , Cleaning 9 4 Ave, Ngw Kensington H135 FIFTH AVENUE NEW' KENSINGTIDN. PA. Compliments of H. A. KLINTGENSMITH 81 SONS Hardware and Sporting Goods 912 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. 100 I Compliments of I X Thirty Years of DEPENDABLE SHOE SERVICE Phone 3400 New Kensington N SBQKHMT Avenuep l ew ensmgton, a. I Compliments of DOM the HATTER , 5 Mickey Demma's Fruit Market Men,s Hats and Furnishings l Choicert Fruits and Vegetables I I FREE DELIVERY C 10 h 5 h orner t and t 851 Fourth Avenue 1 Compliments of MODEL FRUIT MARKETS "IF IT'S ON THE MARKET-IT'S AT THE MODEL" New Kensington, Pa. PERR BROS. NEW KENSINGTON MENS WEAR 1 TYPEWRITER Co. 1020 Fifth Ave. l Gifts . . Greeting Cards Typewriters and Office Supplies New Kensington, Pa. 931 Fifth Ave. Phone 1665 COMPLIMENTS -oft THE ALLEGHENY VALLEY INDUSTRIAL UNION COUNCIL WE CONGRATULATE YOU THE FUTURE CITIZENS OF AMERICA MAY YOU GO ON TO BIGGER AND BETTER ACI-IIEVEMENTS Theodore Settlemyer, President -- Tim Gregory, Vice President John I-Iaser, Secretary Frank Mazza, Financial Secretary Frank Malkovitch, Treasurer Frank Gnarra, Trustee Charles Stubert, Trustee Anthony Gabrish, Trustee Merle Young, Sgt. at Arms 101 HAVE THE DISPATCH DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME Allegheny Valley's Greatest Newspaper BUY KEYSTONE PRODUCTS Your Patronage Will Be Appreciatecl Call 666 for Home Service Our Store 329 Sixth Avenue HAMILTON 86 ALTER Grain - Feed - Flour 226 Main Street Phone 67 New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of THE V 86 M STORE Sc and 10c Parnussus, Pa. Compliments of TOPP'S SHOES THELMA GERMAIN FINE MILLINERY WlRTH'S Compliments of HERMAN AUTO ELECTRIC COMPANY 506 Eighth Street Phone 211 New Kensington, Pa. PEERLESS CLEANING CO. QUALITY CLEANERS and DYERS Phone N. K. 540 1126 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pa. Since 1910 MYERS FURNITURE CO. 838 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of PENN TRANSIT COMPANY L. G. BALFCDUR CC Class Rings and Pins Diplomas-Personal Cards Commencement Invitations 1 Represented by - C. M. Klingensmith 424 Greenhurst Drive Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh 16, Penna. 103 1947 CONGRATULATIONS AN BEST W TO SUCCEE 1947 D ISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE D: Think Successfully, Act Successfully F Phone: Plant 1165 g eel Successfully, Look Successfu 000 Phone: Store 53 1151 Taylor, St., N. K., Pa. . Cgmplimenfg of i Shepard Building Phone 2 Eazer Confectionery Store SHEPARD 85 COMPANY Corn-er Seventh St, 66 Fifth Ave. I REAL ESTATE ' MORTGAGES I Phone 9820 ' Since 1892 New Kensington, Pa. Phone 474 Phone 585 Lamendola's Market PEARSON'S QUALITY GROCERIES FRUIT and PRODUCE SMART WEARING APPAREL 804 Fourth Avenue Fourth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. -',-' ff' f1:f't:ef .,.. .4 1 HARMONY :..,r, HARMONY . ..., f f " f ' ,.,:. 2,,, , , ,,, SHORT SHORT ,.,. T' ' -, ,... .. .e z 1 -15 1 : :::z:2:f:1:5 2:Eig5zg2:5 Tito -'-'-' Telephone 222 'C Lucy Plewa, Mgr. Cornplinients of WAINWRIGHT,S, INC. r TURNER Millinery Underwear Dresses Hosiery Curtains Clearfield Furs . ' 939 Fifth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 936 Fourth Ave. New Kensington "BEST VUISI-IES" CRUSHED CUBES UCRYSTAL CLEAR" BLOCKS THE CITY ICE and FUEL CO. Seventh and Second Ave. Phone 135 C . K. Malaspina, Mgr. New Kensington, Pa. 104 lly Sincere Best Wishes to Graduates of 1947 UNITED STEELWORKERS OF AMERICA District 19 Local No. 1323 New Kensington, Penna. George Brothers 86 Co. HAROLD L- WALLEY ffplowersv INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE N D Lib Th All Kinds ext cot to I erty eater 205-6 Broad Blclg. New Kensington C0mP1imemS of DIAMOND TRANSFER AUTENREITI-PS DOLLAR and STORE 1 STORAGE COMPANY 924 Fourth Ave. New Kensington 1004 Stanton Ave. New Kensington AUTO D E SPORTING GOODS PARTS GUNS FISHING TACKLE AND . SKATING EQUIPMENT ACCESSORIES ARCHERY TACKLE 201 9th Street at the Bridge Compliments of 1 - 1 H ' W s 1 ' E' R' Hayes Appllances "Exc1Zsi've lifljthoills pgzilltgniedi' 847 Fouffh Avenue Phone 4580 1 Room 205-207 First National Bldg. New Kensington, Pa- i Phone 4612 New Kensington, Pa. MILLER BROTHERS S H O E S I-I O S I E R Y 908 Fifth Avenue New Kensington's Largest Shoe Store 105 COLAO STUDIO 9 Walnut Street Pittsburgh, Penns l C Sh d d Q ir OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR 1947 KENNY'S TOG SHOP 912 Fourth Avenue, Ne w Kensington, Pa. Musical Instruments and Supplies Music and Art Center COOPER BROTHERS Dispensers of Happiness New Kensington Art Glass 86 Mirror Works J. B. Piemme, Prop. Art Glass, Mirrors, Beveling and Resilvering Plate and Window Glass Phone 291-J Cor. Stanton BL Walnut SNYDER BROTHERS HUDSON CARS and TRUCKS 1420-22 Fifth Ave. Phone 4276 New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of ROBSON'S BAKERY 411 Freeport St. Phone 4210 M. J. STEINER "Say It With Flowers" 847 Fifth Phone 70-J Ave. New Kensington, Pa. W. R. GOTT Arnold, Pa. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES WM. C. LEASURE lSuccessor to Guiney BL Walleyj 755 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Fire, Auto, General Insurance-Phone 590 Compliments of G. C. MURPHY The Big Store on the Corner 5c to 51.00 and and FURNITURE Selected Items SKY LINER BARBEQUE Congratulations Dancing Every Gradtsating Leechbllfg Road Night Including Class SUl1d3Y Owned and Operated by Childs Restaurant 107 COMPLIMENTS of N FEDERATION OF GLASS, CERAMIC AND SILICA SAND WORKERS CF AMERICA LocalNo.17 A lap yl ' ir "United We Stand-Divided We Fall" 108 GREETINGS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES -: from :-- LOCAL NO. 602, GENERAL ELECTRIC WORKERS UNION GQAQLRADIO 8 6 a N 6- Q 0 E 9' 'E : Wh' STORIVPS A STORE OF VALUES 1 shop 1 J. C. PENNY co. 825 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. KOPPER KETTLE HOSIERY SHCP For Gift Items ' r Gloves - Purses Hosle y - Costume Jewelry - Handkerchiefs Lingerie-Pajamas 945 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. PARNASSUS NEWS MoLDs Fon TEA ICE CREAM ALL OCCASIONS 414 Tenth Street, New Kensington, Pa. 359 Main Street Phone 1045 Compliments of Compliments of Si1verman's Drug Store , i Main and Fourth Streets Pollack S Furniture New Kensington, Pa- 1101 Fourth Avenue Phone 1854 J. S. K Son, Tailors G O O D L U C K f Ladies andmGentlemen Class of 1947 CLEANING 7 ALTERING and PRESSING Third Avenue Phone 4539 1300 Leishman Avenue Phone 9821 COMPLIMENTS of A L E X S L O A N 943 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa 109 Compliments of COnnie's Market 355 Main Street New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of And 's Restaurant Y Francis C. Datres, Mgr. 302 Ninth St. New Kensington Omer Miller HAIR STYLIST Alter Building Compliments of ARNOLD LUMBER CO. FISHERS Logan Bank Building WEARING APPAREL Men, Women . Girls and Boys Sykes Tire Service 7th St. and 6th Ave. New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of Levitt Bros. Dependable Furniture New Kensington Vandergrift Compliments of HERB'S DINER New Kensington, Pa. Shoralls Tea Room "The Best Place in Town" For Home-Made Ice Cream Lunches and Candy ANGEL 86 CERVON E Tailors Ladies' and Gents' Tailoring 748 Fifth Ave. New Kensington, Pa JEROME MOTOR CO. GMC Trucks - Oldsmobile - Cadillac Phone 2448 New Kensington, Pa. Higgins Camp Trailers and Boats CLOVER FARM STORES Frank Monaco We Specialize in Meats and Fresh Vegetables Also Bird's Eye Frozen Foods NU-KEN CANDY 85 CIGAR CO. CANDIES and CANDY NOVELTIES for EVERY SEASON 647 Fifth Avenue Phone 1810 LOGAN LUMBER COMPANY New Kensington Phone 640 Tarentum Phone 24 THE LUMBER STORE OF THE VALLEY Compliments of MEADOW GOLD DAIRY INC. Call N. K. 963-964 CLARICS Beautiful SHOES TAILOR TRED New Kensington, Pa. 940 Fifth Avenue ARCHIE MILLER FOR BETTER MEN'S WEAR Phone 170 964 Fifth Avenue EASLEY FLORISTS 101 McCargo Street Phone 2049-J New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of Parnassus Ice Company CUXKD. Mk 'iw Nw 5kns1n4ion.h. Better Values in Smarter Fashions United Cleaning Co. Eclw. Murtha, Mgr. Certified Odorless Cleaning 419 Tenth Street Phone 315 Compliments of Van AMERINGEN 412 Ninth Street New Kensington, Pa. Phone 1471-72 Mortgages General Insurance Real Estate Compliments of ADAM'S MARKET 930 Seventh Street Phone 1360 Compliments of ZINAMON'S 972 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. IN NEW KENSINGTON IT'S THE FASHION FIRST STORE W T V W For Quality - Fashions and Accessories BLOSER'S OFFICIAL JEWELERS TO KEN HIGH 960 Fourth Avenue GREETINGS TO NEW KENSINGTON HIGH SCHOOL -1 ITYOITI it Spring and Foundry Workers Local Union No. 1323 New Kensington, Pennsylvania THE AUDREY ANN STUDIOS OF DANCING --: offers 1- CONGRATULATIONS Dancingly Yours Helen Schultz Congratulations ancl Best Wishes to the C L A S S O F 1 9 4 7 FACTOR'S THE VALLEY'S MOST DISTINCTIVE NIGHT SPOT Route 56, Cheswiclc, Pa. Phone 428 112

Suggestions in the New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) collection:

New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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