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E 2 E E 2 if I ru .n 5 Fi F! if 2 un S z 11 P A x 4 6 n The Student Savings Bank serves as a medium of exchange for all the clubs and organizations of the high school. All money is deposited here. Wlien an organization wishes any of its funds Withdrawn, the sponsor requisitions a check. Records are kept so that an accurate and up-tofdate balance may be obtained at any time, The records are kept entirely by the students from the junior commercial classes, chosen because of their ability. The student bankers are Frances Silagyi, Helen Howard, Ellis Rosenberger, William Heinritz, Kathryn johnson, Virginia Trees, Dorothy Park, Amelia Piemme, and Emma Spakowski. The Tea Dance Orchestra is so called because its main purpose is to plly for the afternoon tea dances held by the various organizations of the school. The first orchestra of this type was organized during the l93l-32 school term by Edmund Manganelli. During the past two years, the Board of Activities has held the first tea dance of the year and with the proceeds has furnished the music for the orches tra. This year the orchestra was organized by Victor De Santo. The rhythm section consisted of Yingst and Davisong the saxophones were manned by Renni Myers, Mazzotta and Coheng the brasses were handled by Lodowski, Bulger, Guida and Poole. fPuge 82j Student Savings Bank OFFICFRS President ........ Mr Weaxer Cashier . .. .... Miss qleighter 1 K t fee Tea Dance Orchestra 5prn1,m1'x .............,.. . . . . l Leaders Club OFFICERS l'resirler1z ....... Regina Shipman Vice Prexident .... Dorothy Cook Secretary .......... Helen Allan Treasurer ...... Florence Marotti . . . . . .Miss Higham, Miss Davis I Band The Leaders Club has been an active organization since 1931. lt was organized for the purpose of promoting cleaner and better sportsmanship and creating leaders in girls' gymnastics. Any junior or senior girl who has excelled in gymnasium classes is eligible for membership. Besides sponsoring girls' basketball and volleyball tournaments, the club has enjoyed various social activities. A tea dance, a semifprivate dance, and the cus- tomary Play Day were sponsored by the girls. Of all organizations there is none that has rendered more service to the school than the band. During the last year it has evoked much favorable comment from athletic fans and musicians alike. This has been due to the efforts of Mr. Gregory under whose direction the band has been molded into an accomplished musical unit. With rare enthusiasm it has mastered and added to its repertoire a dozen well known marches. Its activities have included playing for part of the assemblies and for all athletic events. fPage Slj I-lome Economics Club OFFICERS President ........ Anna Burchick Secretary and Truaswrer ....... Ferneligger Spo11so'fx. .Miss Bryant, Miss Lyon Orchestra Less active than some clubs but none the less important is the Home Economics Club. lts membership includes all girls of the department who wish to join. Organized entirely for social purposes, the club meets once a month. At these meetings, the girls sing, dance, present readings and plays for their own entertain- ment and serve refreshments. Toward the end of the year it is customary to take a trip to Pittsburgh to visit places of interest. The annual fashion show is the occasion for exhibiting dresses made during the year. Ken Hi may well be proud of its orchestra this year for it has developed into an organization far above high school standards. The orchestra consisting of thirty- two members has played a wide range of instruments, such as the violin, cello, bass viol, clarinet, cornet, trombone, bassoon, oboe, flute, French horn, and drums. Under the fine leadership of Mr. Gregory, it has accomplished splendid work in playing at assemblies, at the Thespian and Class Plays, and at Baccalaureate Service, Class Night and Commencement. flange Xllj JUNIOR SCHOOL PATROL 'iSave the life of a child and you contribute to the manhood of America." These words can well be said of the boys who form the junior School Patrol. It is an organization of civic-minded students whose purpose is to make school chil- dren safety conscious. The patrol was organized in 1932 through the co-operation of the New Ken- sington Police and the student body. Under the able leadership of Officer Will- iam B. Fowler, the patrol has won the good will of all those about them. Each member wears a Sam Brown canvas belt and a nickel-plated badge. They guard their corners four times daily. Whether the days bring sunshine or rain, fog or snow, these public spirited boys are in their places. Reward for meritorious service is provided by their leader and by the local theater managers. The junior School Patrol oath is: "I hereby promise that I will fulfill the du- ties of my office as laid down by officers of patrols and in such a manner as to a- void accidental injury to myself or others. I furthermore promise that I will at no time attempt to operate from a position in the roadway or assume any authority over automobile traffic which I under- stand is the function of the Police Department and the responsibility of the driver. In the interest of safety I will co-operate with my parents, the principal of my school, the Junior Safety Council, city authorities, and the general publicfl fPage 79f COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS The Commercial Club has boasted a membership of approximately one hun- dred thirty during the past year. Since only juniors and seniors have been eligi- ble to membership, the club has been assured a group interested in commercial work. Regular meetings have been held the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. The club has endeavored to fuliill a two-fold purpose: to keep in touch with modern business methods and to furnish enjoyable social occasions. At one of the meetings, Mr. W. C. Murphy gave a demonstration of the mimeograph show- ing how even the daily comics can be duplicated. The club has earned the money to add some other office appliances to the Munroe calculator purchased last year for use in office practice classes. Plays, pantomimes, and sketches of life in the office have been presented to show how to get the job or to please the boss. Helen Gowaty, winner of the club's typing contest, set a record of ninety-nine and four tenths percent accuracy. Maxine Prager proved to be the speediest typ- ist with a rate of sixty-one words a minute. This was the first contest of the kind held for some time and was received enthusiastically. Besides these activities there have been dancesg a Christmas party, which Santa Claus attended with surprise packages for allg an amateur hourg and to top them all a silent movie of the old days "The Phantom of The Opera" with the phan- tom there in the flesh! Everyone hopes to carry out of school many practical things learned here and to try "To do Bigger and Better Things." fpclgl' President ....... Frank Schwelss Vice President ...... Edna Ashby Secretary .,...... Helen Kondzlk Treasurer ...... Sophia Symansky Sponsors ....... Miss Barranco Miss Klingensmith, Mr. Kordes NATIONAL TH ESPIAN GFFICERS Prexiilenr ....... Walter Shearer Vice President .... Gabriel Ofiesh Secretary ....... Florence Cooke Treasurer . . . , . .Williarn Shearer Sponxm' . .. ........ Miss Fiscus The Dramatic Club has, through a charter obtained, become Troupe 14 of the National Thespian Dramatic Honor Society for High Schools. Cnly eleven other schools in Pennsylvania have been able to meet the requirements for membership. The aim of this society is fivefold: to develop a spirit of active and intelligent interest in dramatics among high school boys and girlsg to assist directors and students in the selection and presentation of high school plays that are worthwhile and to facilitate many of the problems connected with rehearsals and general stage workg to provide a suitable reward for excellence attained in high school drama- ticsg to acquaint directors and students with the general progress made in drama- tics among other high schools and to encourage the exchange of ideas among the various members ofthe societyg and to secure for the benefit of the members re- duced royalty rates on the best plays available for high school purposes. Since it has become a national organization, the club has endeavored to make its meetings both profitable and enjoyable. At every business meeting there has been a speaker to address the members on some subject from the great field of drama. At each social meeting several one-act plays or original skits have been presented. The outstanding achievement of the year was the presentation of a three-act comedy, "Here Comes Charlie." lt met with such instant approval when pref sented in New Kensington that the cast was invited by Duflbs Business College to repeat the play for their student body. Wage 77 f LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS President ....... William Shearer Vice President. . .Frank Fessalano Treasurer .......... Louise Ritter Secretary ......... Virginia Ziola Sponsor .... .... M iss Patterson lt was back in 1929 under the able guidance of Miss Patterson that "Le Cercle Francais" was organized. The French Club has aimed to promote a better knowledge of the language, people, and customs of France. These objectives were attained in the past year by speeches, songs, and plays which were presented at the meetings which were held the first Thursday of each month. Also a large number of students have be- gun correspondence with students in France. In this way much is being learned about the schools, homes, and amusements of the French people. The social festivities were inaugurated by the tea dance for which "Le Cercle Francais" may well be remembered. This affair was characterized by the extensive sale of good homemade candy which helped to make the dance a success. The annual picnic in May, held at Memorial Park, wound up the social calendar for the year. The four officers ofthe club were elected by members to pilot the club through the school year. This they have done skillfully and arduously. No small number of students are proud to wear the French club pin which had its origin this year at Ken Hi since there have been sixty-two students enrolled. That the year has been a success for uLe Cercle Francaisl' no one can contra- dictg the reason can be expressed in the one Word, Co-operation. fPuge 761 Pruztlcnt ........... Fred Keller Vice President. . .Edmund Geiger Treasurer ....... Donald Sprowls Secretary ...... Frank Schweiss Sponsor . , . ..... Mr. l-lollibaugh CONCILIUM SCIENTIAE OFFICERS The Concilium Scientiae, Council of Science, now in its second year has been endeavoring to arouse a co-operative spirit among the science students of Ken l-li for the common benefit of all. ln the fall of 1935 leadership of the council changed hands. Mr. Walter, ef- ficient leader since the founding, was replaced by an equally competent sponsor, Mr. I-lollibaugh, instructor in biology and general science. Candidates desiring membership have been invited to submit their applications, to the president. Upon receipt of any such applications, the council has voted to determine whether or not the candidate should be admitted. Council activities have included instruction in some of the sciences, oral re- ports by members, and nature hikes. This instruction, outside the classroom, has permitted the members to engage in a more detailed study of some particular subject. Mr. l-lollibaugh's instruction was supplemented by the verbal reports given by members who were especially interested in the subject being studied. The nature hikes, extensive in warm weather, have provided some actual geologi- cal and biological experiences for our future geologists and biologists. Frogs and other small amphibians have been captured. Fossils and various stone formations have been collected and identified. Such collections and other specimens have been taken back to the meeting room or laboratory for a more thorough study or analysis. The able guidance of the faculty and the interest of the students in council meetings have given promise that the organization will become one of Ken l-li's outstanding clubs. fPagc 751 STAMP CLUB OFFICERS President ....... William Walley' Vice President .... Billy Robertson Secretary ........... Ada Fulton Treasurer ........ Edgar Morgan Sponsor . . ..... Mr. Gantz Ever meeting the new and varied interests of the student body, Ken Hi has off ficially recognized the rapidly growing hobby of stamp collecting by organizing the Stamp Club under the capable leadership of its sponsor, Mr. Gantz. The club was conducted more as an experiment during the latter months of the preceding school year. The programs consisted mainly of stamp stories, stamp exchanges, and informal exhibits of stamps and covers at the social meetings by experienced philatelists as guest speakers. This year the club has sought to accomplish its aim as stated in the constitution: "to increase our knowledge of stamp collecting and to develop a more general in- terest in stamp collecting throughout the school." The club has certainly done this by the numerous talks given on the technical details of stamp collecting, the competitive tests presented, and the arranging of stamp exhibits, posters, and bul- letins in the beautiful exhibition case in the library. The club also cofoperated with the president in completing a stamp map of North America. They felt like Byron that since "a thing of beauty is a joy forever" the maps should be continued every year as a series of educational and worth-while projects. The addition of the weekly "Philatelic Gossipf' "Scott's Monthly journal," and a 1935 edition of 'iScott's Catalogue" to the stamp literature of the library has greatly aided the club members by furnishing them with the latest news of their hobby. fPugc' 741 TRI-I-II-Y OFFICERS FIRST Sumizsriait Prexidcnt ....... Florence Cooke Vice President. . ,Regina Shipman Secretary ...,..,. Yvonne Aiman Treasurer .......... Edna Ashby Siacoun SEMESTIIR President ....... Maxine Prager Vice President. . .Florence Cooke Secretary ........ Yvonne Luther Treasurer .... Verna Mae Mitchell Sponsors ..............,..., Miss Doherty and Miss Sleighter In 1929 a group of junior and senior girls organized a club which was to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christain character and to promote better sportsmanship among the students of New Kensington High School. This club was called the Tri-Hi-Y. Since its inf ception the club has endeavored to maintain the high standards framed by the charter members. Ken Hi girls have considered it a great honor to be chosen inf to its membership. All students of Ken Hi, as well as many residents of New Kensington, are fa- miliar with the splendid work that the TrifHi-Y girls have carried out for the bene- fit of the school and community. At Christmas time it has been their custom to solicit aid from the student body in order to pack a number of baskets of food to be distributed to the needy folk of New Kensington. Each year they have had a number of social activitiesg the first one was a semi' private dance which came in the early fall. A tea dance was held to help earn the necessary money needed for the Christmas baskets. Une of the most unique and delightful affairs was the Faculty Tea when the members proved themselves efiicient hostesses. Then each spring the club has held a Mother and Daughter Banquet at which time the mothers have been the guests. Besides planning and carrying out these activities, the club has endeavored to suggest campaigns that would create more school enthusiasm. fPuge 731 HI-Y OFFICERS Senior President. .Charles Shetler lunior President. .Donald jacohus Sophomore President ......... .................Ralphl.acey Sponsors .......... Mr. Sisley, Mr. Hollibaugh, Mr. Stoner The HifY, this last year, under the directorship of Mr. George D. Wheeler and sponsored by three faculty members, was principally a character building club, as the purpose implies. Through the courtesy of the Kiwanis Club, the HifY was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hear such men as Professor Lady of Slippery Rock, Dr. Hoyt of Grove City, Dr. Galbraith of Westminster and Father Tasch of Pittsburgh. These men presented problems which are bound to face all the youth of today when they step into the world about them. These problems included war, poli- tics, and liquor control, all of which are vitally important as well as interesting. The club was not with out social activities. The calendar included both a Father and Son, and a Mother and Son Banquet. Their girls were entertained one evening especially set aside for them and a semi-private dance was also held. The HifY was represented at the Hi-Y Camp on Lake Erie in August and at the Older Boys' Conference at Punxsutawney in December. ln both instances, programs and activities were discussed and exchanged in order that the short com- ings of one club might be remedied by something that had been used to a good advantage in another club. A new method of membership was also inaugurated whereby membership was thrown open to all high school boys. In this manner, the Hi-Y was able to reach many more boys, the number being between seventy-five and one hundred. fPage 721 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Fiasr Siimissnia President ......... Edward Bellas Vice President. . .Regina Shipman Secretary ........ Yvonne Luther Treasurer . . ....... Miss Taylor Sponsor .......,..... Miss Hawk Slacown SEMESTER President ....... Charles Sherler Vice Prexident. . .Donald Sprowls Secretary ...,... Regina Shipman Treasurer .........., Miss Taylor Sponsor . . .... Miss Hawk The National Honor Society was first organized by Dr. Edward Rynearson at the Fifth Avenue High School in Pittsburgh fourteen years ago. Since then there have been more than five hundred charters issued to schools ranging from Maine to Hawaii. New Kensington High School was granted its charter January 21, 1925. Each year the Faculty Council of the high school chooses a maximum of fifteen per cent of the senior class and five per cent of the junior class as those likely to succeed our great Americans. The judging is based on the qualifications of scholar' ship, service, leadership, and character. These qualifications are interpreted as follows: scholarship is the high standing in one's respective classesg service is the willingness to render cheerfully and enthu- siastically help to the school whenever called upon to do sog leadership is to demonstrate a degree of initiative in class-room activities, which leads to higher scholarship for all, as well as contributing ideas which may be useful in the civic life of the schoolg character is the manner in which a student meets his obligations to his school, by the spirit he puts into his class work and by the influence he has on his school associates. The National Honor Society's activities aim to increase the progressiveness of the schoolg therefore there are few which concern the welfare of the society itself. lt encourages citizenship in the school by presenting awards to the best senior boy and senior girl citizen. fwge 711 BOARD OF ACTIVITIES OFFICERS Ken Hi has been fortunate in having a Board of Activities whose duty it has been to keep the social affairs of the school in smooth running order. At the beginning of the year the board acquired two new members from the sophomore class, and it didn't take these new members long to realize the diversity in the scope of the board's work. lt acted as an arbitrator between classes and clubs, it considered applicants for any official position in the high school teamsg and to the best of its ability, it coped with the numerous little details that bobbed up. The board has been able to help some of the students to pay their activities subscriptions by its yearly candy sale. Also, with the permission of the organiza- tion, a novel entertainment was put on in the form of a musical comedy which was sponsored by the junior class. The board has helped Victor De Santo's or- chestra by sponsoring the first tea dance of the year, the proceeds of which were used to purchase music for that organization. The outstanding social event was the banquet, an annual affair in which representatives of all the clubs were brought together. The Board of Activities has included the following representatives: Mr. Chap- man, Mr. Weaver, Miss Watson and Mr. Vorlage of the faculty: joy Edelson and Sammy Sampson of the Class of 19365 Edith Roberts and William Alex of the Class of 19375 and Helen Murray and Richard Freeman of the Class of 1938. fPuge 70 j President ........... Mr. Vorlage Secretary ......... Maxine Prager Treasurer .. .... Miss Sleighter KENTONIAN Editor-in-Chief ..... james Akers Associate Eclitors ..,.. Margaret Buhl, Regina Shipman, Myrtle McGranahan Feature Editors .............. Florence Marotti, Betty Beggs Sports Editor ...... Edward Bellas Business Managers .... Howard Endean, William Delbauve, Angelo Monaco Advisors ............... . . . . . . . . .Martha Russell, Jetta Frech Fifteen years of high school journalism! Since 1920 the 'iKentonian" has been the herald and recorder of the student activities at Ken Hi. lt has been not only of service to the student body, but also of value in giving its editors and reporters practical experience as evidenced by the number of former Kentonian workers now engaged in active newspaper work. Primarily a student publication, the "Kentonian" has given its staff members an excellent outlet for self-expression. Consequently, the fifteenth volume of the "Kentonian" has been no exception in regard to new ideas. This year the paper has won wide acclaim through its series of "Guest Articles," which were written for the "Kentonian" by well-known leaders in business, educa- tion, politics, industry, and the sciences. Outstanding among these were Henry Horner, Governor of lllinoisg j. Edgar Hoover, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Roy A. Hunt, President of the Aluminum Company of America, State Senator Benjamin H. Thompson, Edward R. Weidlein, Director of the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, and Harold L. lckes, Secretary of the Interior. Two additional features inaugurated by the staff of 193586 were "The Man in the Hall" and the "Roses and Thistles" columns. As a special Christmas attraction, the HKentonian" was printed in two colors, with an exclusive Christmas story by Betsey Barton, daughter of Bruce Barton. The Kentonian stag, at the end of a most successful year, may feel justly proud that it has set a precedent which future journalism classes will do well to follow. 1Pugc 691 THE TALEOKEN EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief ............... Associate Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor ...... Senior Class Editors . . . Junior Class Editor .... Sophomore Class Editor. . Freshman Class Editor Trade School Editors ..... . . Feature Editors ....... Photography Editors. . . Organization Editors. . Sports Editor ....... Copy Editors .... Typists ....... Artists ...... ....BenBeacom ..................JamesAkers ,...............Regina Shipman .....Bessiejoseph, Yvonne Luther ..................jeanYeakIey ............................DorothyLeipertz ............................MaryLouiseCassel . . . .Dom C1uida,James Deegan, Richard Huttinger . ..,. Robert Martz, Yvonne Aimen, Florence Cooke, Thomas Klingensrnith . . . .Fred Keller, Donald Sprowls, Betty Truby, Lois Schriver, Oscar Daughenbaugh . . . . . . . . . . . .Howard Alter, Edith Middleby Sampson . . . . . . . .Myrtle McCvranahan, Sophia Symansky . . . . . . .Audrey Roof, Mary Ponzetta, Ruth Haaren . . . . . . .Ada Fulton, Frank Schweiss, Paul I-Ieinritz BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ......... ...................... ..... F r ank Schweiss Assistant Business Manager. . ..............,... .... E dmund Geiger Advertising Manager ........................... ...... W illiam Shearer Assistant Advertising Manager ..................... ..... L eslie Armstrong JUNIOR STAFF Associate Editor-in-Chief ......................,... ,... W illiam Faloon Photography Editor ....... .................. ....... K a rl Finger Organization Editor ..... .... R ebecca Russell Sports Editor ..... Copy Editor ........ Advertising Manager. . . . . .William Alex . . . .Alberta Cable . . . .Edwin Hart 92 .2 EIHKIFIEEHMHWE ' 4, k 'fa My "X X4 gEEEiS ':EE5EEE?EELi Wfieaieiiei if E if.-'T mgpim i 'F lv f 25.1 - - ww f 1 f 5 D W, a 2? X ,- , ,W 14 N I fr! av 2 7 ' 'V 5 N ff' A Q' A Inf! MM, W MMJW WWZMM ff M1i'i1g AM, NS ZATKD -GRGANI FORT HAND Fort Hzmkl situntul num' tlwc prcscnt situ ol' Nortlx XK'I1l5lllT1,LZfOI1,XYklSlWLlllf in N77 lwy Colonel Huml as 21 rcllugc for surrounding surrlfrs from tlwc lmlizms. lr was one of tlw two posts wcst of tlwc Allqglwnics, aside from Fort Pitt, gnrrisoncll Llurf img tlw Rcvolution lw continental solyllcrs. It l i ml ' durirw tlw lmllm klcprcf 1llSO SCTYCL CUDYCU C X ,., . dntlons us ll rnugzmzinc lor war supplws Ill llclcnmp of tlw l-rontiur. BOOK III Urganizcztion Vocational School Webster defines a vocational school as one in which students are prepared for the technical arts and crafts. The boys attending our vocational department have their choice of one ofthe following trades: drafting, pattern making, and machine shop practice. Along with their trades they are taught such related subjects as shop mathematics, shop theory, science, and geometry. English, civics, and economics are the classical subjects included in the course. The instructors are all men who have had years of practical experience. Following the guidance of our capable instruc- tors, the student has every opportunity to learn more in less time than if trained in some shop or factory. During the three year course, the instructors attempt to impress upon the minds ofthe pupils the importance of safety in the shop and elsewhere. The boys of trade school also get much practical experience, such as doing repair work, making cabinets, planning new fire alarm systems, designing, together with many other projects for the school and commercial trade. The graduating class of this year is the first class to have started the regular course in the new building. It is also the largest class that has graduated since the Vocational School was founded. Activities other than the regular course are: a Hi-Y Club, sponsored by Mr. Anderson, two basketball teams-a freshmen team and a varsity team sponsored and coached by Mr. Black, and a group interested in aviation organized as the "Silver Hawks Flight" of the "Junior Birdmen Club," sponsored by Mr. Warner. Vocational education has gone far toward increasing the supply of skilled and semi-skilled labor. It enables the children of the laboring class of today to become skilled craftsman. JUNIOR CLASS ROLL Albert, John DePalma, Michael Duda, Joseph Farineaux, james Garlitts, Don Genutis, Walter Greco, Louis Adams, Ralph Bavera, Ernest Beacom, Clare Beacorn, Clyde L. Beattie, Ray Behanna, George Boggs, David Daugherty, Daniel Davidson, George Duncan, R. Miles Dunlap, Alvin Richard Dunn, William D. Ebel, Daniel Famurak, joseph B. Faulk, Robert fPage 641 Hanna, Nadeen Hebner, Fred Hollier, Marnard Hosac, John lgnozzi, Joe John, William Kaminski, Thad Keller, Theodore Kosheba, Lewis Lesky, Michael Marcantonio, Angelo McAfoose, Ray Parkhill, Vernon Peli, Harry FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL Garlow, Wilbert Hancock, Lester Hartge, Howard Horzempa, Charles Ignozzi, Eugene Kaib, Russel Keitzer, Jack Kurpakus, Anthony Linko, Adam Lloyd, Walter T. Mahan, Samuel W. Mangone, Robert Mateya, Stanley Matovcik, john Moore, Leyden Morgan, Donald Naviglia, joseph Nelson, Robert Olszewski, Alex Redetzki, Robert Richardson, John Richardson, Thomas Ross, Wfilliam Ruppel, james A. Russell, Edwin Rymarz, J, Adam Rysz, Edmund Sadesky, John Powell, David Ray, Frank Shearer, Earl Timmins, Ralph Tomkins, Alfonso Traini, Dewey Zywan, joe Salata, George Seman, Michael C. Sheasley, Ralph Schall, Dean Sheppard, Walter Shindledecker, Jack Sis, Paul Smith, Meryl Steets, Andrew Szuch, J. Louis Treciak, Paul VC'alker, Blaker Warren, Perry Yockman, John Zelaney, Stanley Abraham, Georgetta Abraham, Henry Albert, Philip Alex, Alexander Anderson, Peggy Antonnaci, Alfred Arnold, James Ashley, Billy Askin, Grace Bable, Mary Barone, Bruno Basuski, John Bates, Dorothy Baysek, Alfred Beard, Sarabyrle Beattie, Carl Beighley, Robert Beuth, Helen Blackis, John Blean, Mary Rita Bloom, Evelyn June Boland, Joseph Bonidy, Margaret Bowers, Clarence Boyer, Wayne Bradley., Mary Buchanan, Hazel Buffone, Lucille Bultzo, John Burford, Harry Brychkowsky, Paul Cabell, Nancy Cable, Bertha Camplani, Irma Camptell, Harry Caruso, Sam Cassel, Mary Louise Checco, Joe Cherveny, Cecilia Cheppetta, Merlie Chobanian, Nazareth Choltko, Helen Christopher, Olympia Christopher, Virginia Christy, Kenneth Christy, Ray Clark, Katherine Clements, John Clowes, Lois Connor, Samuel Conroy, Kathryn Conwell, NValter Cooke, Margaret Corey, Lenore Cowen, Gilbert Crawford, Frank Cromer, Edith Crooks, Jeanne Crummie, Edward Davidson, John Davis, Helen Defassio, Mary Deleo, Marie DeLuca, Millie ' Demma, Joseph DeSanto, Alphonse DeSimone, Floyd Dickson, Bessie Downard, Donald Drag, Emily Dunham, Charles The Class of Nineteen Thirty-Nine CLASS ROLL Dunn, Eva Edwards, Mary Embrie, Clarence Esa, George Estep, Leonard Fafinski, Josephine Falcon, Edward Farneth, Pearl Edith Finch, Norma Fitzmaurice, Genevieve Flick, Donald Fontaine, Eugene Foster, Billy Fuary, Theresa Gatto, Carmen Gatto, Carmella Gawlik, Helen Gawrys, Leona George, Hazel Gibbs, Betty Gibson, Albert Glock, Betty Lou Goll, Nancy Gorleski, Valeria Goryab, Evelyn Goss, Mona Grabowsky, Lottie Graybek, Elizabeth Green, Clarence Grillo, Katherihe - Gruver, Robert Guida, Angelina Guiney, Dorothy June Haddad, Afifie Hajel, Thelma Hans, Julius Hardy, Ralph Harurch, Richard Heasley, Marie Heigley, Roberta Hemphill, Helen Hereda, Frank Hileman, Herschel Howard, Mary Margaret Jablonski, Genevieve Jackson, Dorothy Jackson, Grace Jannello, Virginia Jedlowsky, Sophie Johns, Albert Johnson, Billy Johnson, Doris Joseph, Medelia Juiliano, Ida Kajut, Norman Karcher, Dorothy Kearney, Clara Kedzierski, Florian Keller, Robert Kifer, Ruth Kirch, Gerald Kirkwood, Elizabeth Kleinhaus, Bessie Klimczyk, Stella Kline, George Koontz, Lee Kottas, Louise Ann Kowalczyk, Chester Krieger, Frances Kruse, Theodore Kunkle, John Lange, Elizabeth Lange, George Leasure, Dorothy Lecnar, Harry Leese, Bernyce Lemon, Frank Leslie, George Linney, Mary Ellen Listwak, Stella Lowdermilk, Shirley Machara, Helen Maglicco, Albert Magoulis, Pauline Makowski, Laura Malyn, Doris Mancini, Mary Mancini, Onorina Mantz, Helen Martucci, Theresa Matthews, Harvey Matway, Jenny Mazur, Wanda Mazzotta, Rosella McCaw, Agnes McClosky, James McConnaughy, Louella Jane McDade, Betty Menk, Clyde Miller, Harry Miller, Wanda Milisits, Andrew Mohr, Evelyn Monaco, Elvera Moorhead, Cloah Morfit, Laurabell Morgan, Jack Morhack, Pauline Morrow, Homer Moses, Emma Moses, Frances Mowry, Ralph Murphy, Doris Ann Neff, Helen Nesbit, Thomas Novak, Leonarda O'Dell, Margaret OlHara, David O'Hara, Warren Gtremba, Edward Paletta, Rose Parker, Malcolm Patera, Mary Patterson, John Patterson, Lee Hugh Pavasser, Helen Paydo, Ann Pelczarski, Wanda Pethick, Betty Louise Petrey, Arthur Phillips, Nelma Pierce, Garnet Piernik, John Pope, Margaret Anne Post, Arthur Price, John Puhalla, Florence Elizabeth Rebar,.Frank ' Q Reihard, Donald Richards, Mary Jane Robinson, Norma Rodites, George Rodites, Pete Rodites, Tony Ross, Franklin Rutkowski, Lydia Sam, Edna Mae Sam, Edward Samuelson, Sam Sandora, Elizabeth Sandrey, Mary Scandrol, Donald Scarpinti, Mary Schafer, William C. Scholze, Betty Ann Senkoski, Sophie Serafine, Nora Belle Shaffer, Paul Shipman, Rosemary Shultz, Charles Sicilia, Mike Silagyi, Edward Smith, Janet Spakowski, Constance Speck, Frances Stapinski, Eugene Stratton, Robert Sutter, Doris Sutter, Richard Swank, Ruth Swanson, La Vera Swigart, Virginia Swiner, Victoria' Taker, Esther 4' Taylor, Marjorie Thomas, Jack Timblin, Annabelle Tom, Demetrius Toney, Rose Marie Torchia, Anne Treziak, Harry Trgine, Mary Truby, Raymond Tusing, Kathlyn Typinski, Elizabeth Veltri, James . Veltri, Rose Vigrass, Robert Wagner, Betty Walker, James Wanat, Rose Warchol, Frank Ward, Hannah Wareham, James Waugh, Robert Weston, Betty Jane Whittaker, Celia Wiant, Harry Wilhelm, Lawrence Wills, Lester Wilson, John Wolfe, Kathryn Wolfe, Marshall , Yockey, Virginia Yute, Thelma Zabec, George Zaleski, Virginia Zimnicki, Irene Zingrove, Pauline Zipp, Josephine f Page 631 OFFICERS President , ....,. ............ . . .Herschel Hileman Vice President .... ......... S am Caruso Secretary ....... . . . ..... Mary lane Richards Treasurer . .. .................. Bernyce Leese Sponsors .... ..,. M iss Klingensmith, Mr. Ganr: We, the Class of 1939, began our career in New Kensington High Schoolin the fall of 1933. That year, as seventh graders, we found many new rules to follow. The next year we tried our hardest to become the ladies and gentlemen we were expected to be. We were pleased at the end of the year to see Mary jane Richards and Sammy Caruso receive the American Legion Awards. But it was in our freshman year that we became socially prominent. There was the skate where hoys and girls together glided along, The biggest event, however, was the annual Saint Patrick's Day Dance. We finish the year looking forward to three more years in Ken Hi. fPage 62 j Wage 611 Johnson, Kenzo Johnson, Mary Jones, Josephine Joseph, Emaline Joseph, Hilda Juare, Gertrude Kalwarski, Stanley Kanaan, Nagy Kunicki, Edward Kautzmann, Rita Jane Keitzer, Charles Keizmer, Rose Keller, Eulah Kerr, Jimmy Kersten, Lillian Kieszek, Edward Klaes, Anna Mae Kleisner, Ruth Klingensmith, Miriam Kochanski, Walter Konselman, Sam Kopczynski, Walter Kozikowsky, Reinalcl Kozilnicky, Mille Kozlowski, Sophie Kraft, Anne Krause, Dorothy Krynicki, Wanda Kubit, Blanche Kubit, Stanley Kuchta, Joseph Kumacheski, Betty Kuntz, Clair Kurocik, Martin Kyle, Alvin Lacey, Ralph Lamie, Katherine Laporte, Sam Latona, John Laughlin, Edward Lavery, Charles Lavery, Jim Leech, Raymond Leipertz, Mae Dorothy 4 'L Libengood, Jack Lilli, Robert - Lindh, Harold Lindh, Paul Little, Ralph Litvinovicz, Anna Litvinovicz, Sophia Lloyd, Ethel Mae Long, William Lucci, Sam Lukomski, John Luther, Dana Lyle, Dorothy Jean Magoulis, John -fPage 601 CLASS ROLL, continued Mangini, Charles Mangone, Frances Marello, Rose Marin, Sam Marotti, Anna Helen Marrash, Louis Mashick, Arthur Matergia, Orlando Mateya, Leo Mazoski, Lottie Mazur, Helen Mazur, Regina Mazza, Edith McAllister, Eugene McCready, Wilbur McGinnis, Ruth McHugh, Doris Mcllwain, Betty McKeever, Walter McKinnon, Louise McQuaide, Janet Mears, Margaret Ann Menk, Ruth Mennitto, Reynold Meyer, Loa Jane Mike, Dorothy Miller, Louis Mishtal, John Mohr, Dorothy Mohr, Rosetta Montgomery, Harry Moran, Joe Morton, Eugene Mufiley, Albert Mulholland, Lester Murray, Helen Naamy, Edna Nader, Joseph Nasser, Edward Neahmia, Mary Neahmia, Rose Nealer, LaVerne Nevling, Marjory Niland, Dot ' Nolf, Ethel Mae O'Brien, Betty. ' O'Connell, Catherine Ohl, Glenn Olbeter, Albert Olivo, Joe Olivo, Sam Olszewski, Lottie Osesky, Stanley Pallone, Minnie Pallone, William Park, Marie Parsons, Bettie Pati, Joseph Peck, Amelia Pedatella, Susie Pelegrinelli, John Pennington, Elva Pessolano, Carl A. Pethick, Harry Piemme, Walter Preisser, Albert Primozic, Robert Poole, Carl Quigley, Dolores Rakvic, Olga Ratini, John Redman, Charles Redman, Emily Reed, Dudley Reisch, Olga Renock, James Ride, Glenn Roberts, David W. Robertson, Lynn Robinson, Joseph Robinson, Robert Roethele, Marie Roof, Lois Ross, Billy Ross, Melvin Rutkowski, Wanda Sack, Anna Sam, Abraham Sam, Joseph Sarkras, Alvira Schall, Jane Schlarman, Virginia Schweiss, Helen Sconing, Charles Seaman, Edward Semran, Martha Serafine, Milford Sert, Pearl Seymensky, Frances Shaffer, Edward Shearer, Wayne Sheldon, Robert Sherosky, Mary Shonesky, Mike Shulick, Margaret Silagyi, Alex Sinegal, Tony Singer, Jean Sipe, Betty Jaynne Skiba, Ernie Slater, Dorothy Slezycki, Stanley Smatana, Eileen Smith, Phillip Smith, Violet Socka, Frank Soentgen, Gertrude Sommer, Edna Speck, Olga Speck, Walter Spewalk, Katherine Spohn, Arvella Stadterman, Paul Staniszewski, Joseph Stanley, Jeanne Starr, Margaret Steinhagen, Laura Stracuzza, John Stresky, Val Jean Stuben, Walter Summerville, Lucille Svenson, Byron Symansky, Ruth Szostek, Bernice Taylor, Vaughn ' Templin, Richard Thomas, Mary June Thomas, Ruth Thompson, Rita Timko, Cecilia Timko, Steve Treese, Marie Turney, Nancy Tylinski, Wallace Vaitkus, Peter Van Ameringen, Fra Veitch, George Venus, William Wachter, Ruth Walsh, Eugene Walls, Geraldine Waltenbaugh, Ralph Wardsinski, Virginia Weichsel, Charles Weltner, Joe Weinberg, Raymond White, Myrtle Wielobob, Clara Wiles, William Wilkins, John Williams, Betty Williams, Henry Williams, Janet Wise, Sydney Wisneski, Florence Woomer, Raymond Yinsgt, Sam Yuschak, Steve Zender, Lois Ziola, Agnes Zine, Frances Zunic, Matt nk The Class of Nineteen Thirty-Eight OFFICERS President ....... ........... ..... J a mes Lavery Vice President ..... .......... B illy Ross Secretary .,...... .... G enevieve Gowaty Treasurer . . ......... John Pelegrinelli Sponsors. ..... Miss Fink, Mr. Walter An interesting study in contrasts would surely be afforded by peeping at the awed, though not altogether subdued, seventh graders of four years ago, and then observing the confident, self-assured sophomores of today. The advancement we have made is something of which to be proud. We have supplemented our regular school work with helpful clubs, such as Glee Clubs, Civics and Stamp Clubs. Socially we have added out bit to the high school records with successful freshman and sophomore dances and skates. Many lasting friendships were made when the graduates of Main Street Junior High came to Ken Hi last fall. - As we look forward to the remaining two years, we pay tribute not only to the spirit ofour fellow classmen-their initiative, originality, friendliness and spirit of cooperation--but also to the teachers who have helped us to advance thus far. CLASS ROLL4: Abbott, Billy Abdo, Dorothy Abraham, Nagi Adams, Frank Adams, Kathleen Adams, Robert Aiman, Allan Akins, Minnie Albert, Moses Albert, Nick Allan, Georgene Allen, john F. Allen, Robert Alter, George Alter, Lurenna Anderson, Grace Marie Anderson, Marie Anderson, William Ansilio, Joe Aszkiniewicz, Edward Baish, Geraldine Banachowski, Stada Baranowski, Chester Barber, Doris Mae Barnes, Robert Bayne, Iuanita Beacom, jane Beadnell, Herbert Beals, Sylvia Jayne Bell, Betty Bell, ,lack Belli, Alfred Belli, Rita Benzer, William Beringer, Margaret Bettor, Philip Beuth, Dorothy Bevan, Richard Bitterice, John Black, Robert Blotter, Robert Bonidy, Anthony Braden, Don Breed, William . Broffman, jimmy Brown, Richard Brunelli, Dorina Bruno, Palma Bryan, Lyle Buckner, Thresi Mae Burchick, Ann Burgart, Bill Butler, Donald Cable, Jean Cable, Robert Campbell, Lavina Carrier, Ruth Carter, Albert Caruthers, Geraldine Chamrad, Norma Cherom, Mike Cherry, Jean Cohen, Bessie Conley, Charlotte Conner, Edison Conner, Irene Conner, Robert Cowen, Deloris Cox, Lawrence Cunningham, John Custer, Martha Jane Davis, Paul Davidson, Virginia Daugerdas, Rose Dawson, Ruby DeFelice, Arthur DeFelice, Fanny Delotto, Bob DeLuca, Manuel DeMayo, Albert Dickey, Lamont DiGirolamo, Sue Domansky, Steve Domen, john Dmet, Louis Drzymala, Helen Dyer, Charles Easley, Geraldine Eastes, Don Eckels, Torn Eckman, Donald Edgar, Peggy Edmond, Dixie Mae Edmond, Louise Egger, Ferne Elliott, Shirley Entry, james Euwer, Edith Everhart, Jean Eyler, Mildred Farneth, Ida Mae Farneth, Marie Fassett, Howard Fassett, Mary Feledik, Mary Ference, Stella Finch, Betty Lou Fink, Helen Finney, John Fitzgerald, Evan Fitzgerald, Merle Fitzgerald, Raymond Fitzmaurice, Robert Fletcher, Dennis Fletcher, Trueman Flynn, Robert Fontaine, Carolyn Forbis, Ann Foryt, Sophie Foryt, Tom Freeman, Richard Fryer, Mildred Gabel, Walter S. Galant, jerry Gallagher, Marcella Galzerano, Mary Gancas, Mike Garrison, Grace Gatto, Beatrice Gawlik, Stanley Geiger, Dorothy Geiger, Henrietta George, Anna Mae Gides, Martha Gilmore, Bertha Giuliani, Valda Glendening, Mary Belle Gloviczky, Margaret Goodlet, john Gould, Vernon Gourlay, Faye Gowaty, Genevieve Gray, Harry Grays, Mamie Grazier, Margaret Grinderfsylvia Grossheim, Edwin Guz, Jennie Gymala, Anna Hancock, Merle Hankey, Ruth Hanna, Thomas Haley, Kathleen Harkens, Glenn. Hart, Mildred '39 Hartman, Pierre Haslett, Clyde Hasson, Eva Hayes, Betty Hebner, Emma Heidrich, Rollo Henderson, Patty Henderson, Robert Henry, Virginia Hess, Ernest Helgert, june Heyer, Bertha Hicks, Irene Hileman, Harold Hobaugh, Harry Holt, Frank Hollaway, Kathryn Honick, Irvin Horsfield, Edith Howieson, Corinne I-Ironec, Sadie Hryczyszyn, Mary Hughan, Robert Hurlbut, Mansil Huth, John Imm, Dorothy Isaac, Rhoda jackson, Lena Mae Johnson, Arthur johnson, Ethel Johnston, Florence johnson, Helen johnson, john K. A IPM 591 X fPage 571 Myers, Sampson Nassick, Louis Neff, lack Netoskie, Flora Ofiesh, Gabriel Ogle, john Olivo, Artence O'Millian, Pete-U, Otremba, Lucy V Painter, Harry Paletta, Clara Paletta, Teresa Park, Dorothy Parkowicz, Joe Parulski, Paul Perdeus, Antoinette Peck, john Perr, Rosella Peters, Richard Philipps, Hazel Piemme, Amelia Pietryka, Stella Pillitteri, Sam Pottle, Robert Powell, Wallace Powell, William Powers, Elvira Praniewicz, Marcella Prince, LeRoy Pryor, James Rader, LaVerne Rakvic, Julius Rausher, Albert Reimer, Richard fPage 561 CLASS ROLL, continued Reimer, Wallace Reisch, Carloyn Repp, Wilbur Rexa, Evelyn Reynolds, Walter L. Ritter, Mary Roberts, Blanche Roberts, Edith Robertson, Billy Rosenberger, Ellis Rossing, Mary Rusnock, Margaret Russell, Rebecca Russick, Stella Rygiel, Stanley Rywak, Katy Sakulsky, Freda Salvatore, Virginia Sam, Freda Sam, Norman Saunders, Freddie Mae Schafer, Ruth Scheftic, Harold Schlekat, Esther Schupbach, Robert Schwartz, Laura Semoni, Florence Shamey, Casey Sharick, Susanne Silagyi, Frances Silagyi, Helen Silvis, Mary Frances Simon, Sam Simpson, Alice Sinclair, Eugene Skimba, Mary Skinner, Pearl Skupieski, Frederick Smeltzer, June Smith, Shirley Smith, William Smith, Paul Smith, Ethel R Smutsky, Bernard Solomon, Martha Sopchack, George Soulcheck, Ann Spakowski, Emma Sparks, Sarah Spiering, Salome Sproull, Richard Stapko, Anna Stashinsky, Edward Steele, Sharolet Stevens, Billie Stratton, Louise Stuckley, David Surowski, Gertrude Susek, Reinhold Suzio, Felix Swiner, Edward Taylor, Hilda Thomas, David Timblin, Rosalyn Trees, Virginia Turco, Yolande Tusing, John Typinski, julia Van Ameringen, Molly Vanery, Anna Veltri, Angeline Vestrand, William Wachtler, Norma Walker, Edith Walker, Mae Rellor Walker, Mabel E. Wareham, Richard Washington, Lucy Watson, John Watt, Roy Waugh, Kenneth Weinstein, Rose Weltner, Wilma Wiedl, Francis Williams, Edward Whitehead, Dorothy Whitehead, Kenneth White, Jessie Mae Wierney, Joe Winslow, Wilson Wojtkiewicz, Stanley Woomer, Ethelbert Woznicki, Genevieve Yates, Sam Yeakley, jean Yetter, Thomas Yohe, Carmen Zaif, Arnold Zajdel, Edward A. Zdila, Emily The Class of Nineteen Thirty-Seven ln retrospect, the past years have been a colorful historical pageant, built against an unusually effective setting, the characters admirably portrayed by the Class of 1937. The scene opened with the class as seventh and eighth graders. Very little happened because everything was new and we had to adjust ourselves. The music clubs helped to relieve the monotony of the regular routine. Then as freshmen, being the upper classmen in Junior High, we began to take part in the activities of Ken Hi. The class promoted a skate and a com- mendable Saint Patrick's Day Dance which led up to a fascinating climax, the Junior High School Commencement. Now, the scene changed for we had reached the Senior High School. With the epithet "Sophs" now affixed to the characters, growth and development were very noticeable. All could see that the skate and Sophomore Hop were events worthy of an older and more experienced group. As juniors, advancing upward in the scale of importance, the Masque Ball came to life amidst a variety of intriguing colors and costumes. Looking forward to the climax of this year, the class began preparation for the Junior- Senior Prom by presenting a musical comedy entitled "Betty Who?," an extremely successful and historical venture. A new scene lies ahead-one of new experiences, new experiments-a scene in which our class hopes to accomplish more than ever before. Anticipating the grand finale, commencement, in which the massing of the entire castrwill be the most im- pressive scene of all. the class will find that painstaking and enthusiastic production offers rewards worthwhile. CLASS- :ROLL Abdo, Edward Abdo, Jennie Abraham, George Adamosky, Joe Adams, Dorothy Adams, Hazel Albert, Helen Alberta, Ector Albrick, Eggie Alex, William Allen, Harry Allison, Don Alter, June Alter, Ruth Ambrose, William Artman, Kenneth Ashbaugh, Ruth Askin, Wilbert Atkinson, Edna Austin, Anna Barkasi, Velma Barsky, Thomas Beighley, Harold Belli, Albert Bello, Charles Bigley, Virginia Black, Bettie Bonadio, Carl Booth, Charles Bowersox, Violet Boyd, James Boyer, Helen Bracco, Aldo Bradley, Charles Broad, Dan Broad, Frances Brodala, Elizabeth Brown, Juddie Buchshire, Theresa Bulger, Eddie Butler, William Cable, Alberta Cable, Nellie Caesar, Jack R. Cameron, Robert Cavaliere, Louis Chesney, Mary Louise Chesnick, Johanna Chiodo, Rita Cicerchi, Adelene Ciukowski, Jennie Clarke, Allan Clark, Keith Clark, Gertrude Clawson, Genevieve Coffman, Irene Condelli, Yolanda Connor, Howard Coscarelli, Clara Coulson, Paul Coval, Helen Coval, Betty Croyle, Beatrice Czubiak, Walter Datres, Eugene Daugherty, Ray Defelice, Attilo Derbaum, Raymond Dinsmore, Sara Jane Dodson, Dorothy Donnici, Kathryn Drag, Joe Dudek, Helen Dunbar, Robert Eastes, Jane Edwards, Ruby Elliott, Wilma Elston, Beatrice Elwood, Margaret Erenstein, Harold Evanck, Anne Fafinski, Helen Faloon, William Farneth, Mildred Felt, Ralph Ferguson, Clair Fineman, Morton Finger, Karl E, , Fitzgerald, Robert Fleming, Eleanor Flotta, Betty Flynn, James Flynn, Jack Frank, Louis Fredrick, John Fredricks, Helen Gabbel, Virginia Gans, Margaret Garella, Edith Geer, Chester George, Loretta George, Bernard George, William Gmerik, Regina Goodiski, Michaline Graff, Sally Grau, Alfred Grays, Leo Greenwald, Ruby Grossheim, Dorothy Guiney, Atha Lee Gutknecht, Katherine Guyer, James Habura, Eva Hardy, James Hart, Edwin Hartzell, Clair Haslett, Harold Heckman, Bill Heinritz, William Henderson, Dale Henry, Geraldine , Herford, Laura Belle Herman, Joe Hferschute, Joseph Hill, Josephine Hilliard, Kenneth Holetich, Elizabeth Holt, Dorothy Honick, Maurice Howells, Samuel Howard, Helen Huffman, Emma Jane Hughan, Isabell Hugus, Robert Hulton, Jean Hunter, Lorna Hyzer, Dean Ireland, John Jackson, Clifford Jacobs, Erwin Jacobus, Donald Jameroone, Helen Jannello, Adeline Jeannette, Kathryn Johns, William H. Johnson, Jean Johnson, Clifford L. Johnson, Kathryn Jordan, Betty Kanko, Joe Kasprzyk, Stanislaws Kautzman, Wilbert Keenan, Mary Louise Keller, Dorothea Kennedy, Virginia Kline, Ben Kondzik, Stella Konesky, Carl Kreitzer, William Krepley, Maxine Krukowski, Ruth Kuchta, Mike Kunkle, Carolyn Lacey, Sally Lange, Clifford Lapato, Mary Laughlin, Mary Jane Lavery, Hugh Lawrence, Clarice Lawson, Quentin Lewis, Kost Lilli, Eugene Lucas, Elsie Mae Luley, Howard Machuga, Ann Maglicco, Nick Mantz, Matthew Margolis, Harriet Lois Martin, W. Lee Mason, Dorothy Mazzotti, Joe McAndrews, Cyril McChesney, Richard McCollum, Robert McCool, Arthur McCracken, John McCreight, Elvie McGeary, Lester McGregor, Rose McSweeney, George McVey, Robert Menk, Charles Menk, David Mentzell, William Middleby, Francella Mike, Louie Mikesell, Charles Edward Morgan, Edgar Morhach,'Andy Morrow, Vera Mortimer, Doris Murray, Robert Myers, Robert fPage 551 mi aj Ben Beacom Martha Bauman Wayne Everhart Anna Lou Stevenson Walter Shearer John House ,lim Akers Maxine Prager l,eslie Armstrong Florence Cooke Helen McGranahan Virginia Kajut Howard Alter Myrtle McCvranahan Merriam Perry Bettie Truby Regina Shipman Anna Mazza Fred Keller jean Holmes Sam A. Buffone Alice Fulton Marjorie Walters Howard Yingst Edna Ashby Lucille Kennedy Mary Sopko Mildred Vfylie Wfanda Rowe Marie Fisher Bill Shearer IPage 531 Through a Transom, continued they get their fastest starts on an empty stomach .... lt is generally conceded by the tea-dance clientele that Victor DeSanto would be champ concussion man at a Ubangi war dance .... Jim Cassel picked up a hot penny in physics class fa case of Cassels in the airl .... Remember when: Ethel Kislig remained unruflled as a rocket went off in her automobile fshe was tipped offlg Anna Renock fell under her seat in junior business training class, Helen Krop rolled down the stairs to the cafeteria, Herbert Goldberg put a quarter into an unresponsive telephone, Floyd Polhamus and John Listwak ignominiously solicited rides to Renton via the thumb, Jerome Reznick kept a reminder on his thumb for a week not to pick up hot money, Les Armstrong tried to blow out a Bunsen burner, Simon Beuth came to school plumb tuckered out after dragging several pounds of terra firma around in his ga- loshes ..., The "Got it Bad" Club: Wayne Everhart, Eddie Bellas, Buzz Endean, Dick Ames, Leonard Benson, and Babe Krupa .... jack Villella, the big dame hunter . . . .What Doc johnson can't find out about a physics test isn't worth knowing Qhe spends his spare time grilling members of other classes, .... Sam Buffone's customers have affectionately KU named him "Nick" .... "All gentlemen without adenoids will kindly close their mouths" quote I. R. Sisley .... By general assent, Bessie joseph's report card should be exhibited in the trophy case .... Dick Brown, the 'iriot of rhythm," holds cloak-room audiences spellbound with his rendition of "Dan McCwrew" .... Potential June brides: Emily Kline and Peg Huet .... William Craig's philosophy is "Quien Sake?" .... Tri-Hi-Y initiations result in the disillusion- ment of several males .... jack fPlayboyl Flynn and Bert fRip Van Winklel Kerr show rare enthusiasm pursuing Morpheus .... Found: Tom Klingensmith's weak- ness-poison ivy .... jim flron Firemanl Akers is fast becoming a household ap- pliance at a red brick dwelling on Charles Avenue .... O. Daughenbaugh couldn't remember whether he had a toothache on a certain afternoon or not. Result: plenty of time to recollect .... ln addition to being a "right" guy, Ed Almasy is a clever artist .... Who says scrubbing the gym floor is a cinch? Ask Roger Sharp . . . .Miss Moore's PO D Classes endeavor to come down to nickles and dimes after handling upwards of 50 G's in the local banks .... Fred lmm's cockeyed beret would go well with a palette and an easel fwithout Fredl .... A one-word descrip- tion of Stanley Burk: Phlegmatic .... The center of masculine gravity seems to be Lois Steiner fand why notl .... Walt Shearer, after successfully resisting the wiles of several well-meaning UD females, finally fell for-whom? .... Add strong silent men: Waddie Abraham, Harry Croghan, RobertWalker, Robert D'Orazio, Andrew Ellis, Steve Farcus, Alex Linko .... Richard Scanga uses the Swiss Movement milk- ing his cows .... Byron Miller is destined to become the city's best pants salesman . . . .The mutual admiration society: Harold Farcus and Harold Farcus. . . .Nom- inations for president of the Tall Story Club: Ed Carter, James Williamson, Wade Masters, Vernon Pierce, Charles Willmore .... Only three males: Bob Timblin, Frank Schweiss, and Vincent Livorio, are enrolled in stenography. Watta life .... Pauline Stelmach shows partiality to at least live members of the athletic teams -an All-American girl. fPage 521 Through a Transom An innovation: Bruce QFogJ Leslie wears a different expression .... Dick Ames was a swell guy before he started writing poetry .... Bill Linn cuts down the over- head and takes the little woman to the matinee .... Jack Evans did a blackout when he heard of his beloved brother's election to the National Honor Society .... Don Menk and Sam Sampson model Mr. Hadden's Tyrolean costume fif they could only yodell .... Nikoline Gatto has a passion: collecting posters, programs and other finanimatel school relics .... Someone squealed on Bernard QA. W. G. LJ Lecnar and he was sent up for life .... Al Eger wore a green shirt in honor of St. Patrick .... Phil Sweeney, the Colossal Celt, traced his lineage in the Sunday paper . . . .Judging from what comes out of Al Cohen's sax he is suffering from acute melancholia .... Bill Shearer, it seems, is a frequent borrower from the Prager Loan Corporation .... Mike Berardino's chief asset fand liabilityl is his stock of hot air . . . .Genial Jack Krupa's social attributes would be somewhat limited in an under- taking parlor .... William Freeman will be long remembered as the man who could make his Adam's apple do his bidding .... A swell brother and sister team: Bill and Ella Alex .... Wanted: Vic Berejka, a physics notebook Ccompletelg Betty Beggs, more circumference, Mary Helen Secchi, a dictaphoneg Audrey Horton, higher bat- ting average on gags, Harry Miller, a pair of 'ear muffsg james Girardi, a pair of suspenders .... lt has been said that our Tea Dance Orchestra is an excellent ex- ample of rugged individualism .... Ken Hi lads seem to think the more ancient the lineage of the hat, the newer the style, eh Joe Sam? .... Ada Fulton will go down in history as the only girl taking the course in physics in 1936 .... Lois Schri- ver's sneeze goes well with her diminutive size .... Stanley Oyler's nonchalance is something to write home about .... Look-alikes: Kitty Harker and Patsy Kelly .... The Greta Garbo CI want to be alonel Club: Eleanor Flick, Helen Garlow, Paul- ine Sandrey, Alice Fulton, Udel Colbert, Edward Hoderowski, Dorothy Askin, Marjorie Walters .... Study-hall sleepers: Louis Flower, Roy Watt, jimmy Glock, Walter Kamprad, Ray Litavets .... Chuck Uughaidl Shetler, the guy who could if he would, but won't .... Poolshark Provenzo .... Deficient in: "Ambish", Archie Marshall, girls, Paul Vanderwulpg cerebral cortex, Theodore Rybag crust, Andy Monaco, same as Archie Marshall, Wilbur Smith, .... A certain teacher is said to lie awake nights trying to think up problems to stump Henry Ryba .... she hasn't done it yet .... The question has been asked, "Did the McGranagan girls put Walley and Sprowls in the fog?" .... We recommend: rest, Howard Trees, a nurse, J. C. Welling, a new boy-friend, Yvonne Lutherg an alarm clock, Columbine Matergiag a muzzle, Walter Skohutg a shovel, Walter Dembinskig a padded cell, Floyd Davi- son .... A self-made man who worships his creator, Edmund Geiger .... It has been said that Rita Kraiewski and Margaret Milko are modeled on the lines of German frauleins .... Another Babe Didrickson, Amelia Wielobob .... We predict that Bob Martz will be another Boss Kettering .... A successor to Mrs. Pennyfeather, Fran- ces Weiss .... General Kuzmick leads the army fon the way backl .... Somebody ought to buy Frank Pessolano a Latin pony .... Nominations to the Run-For-Theiv Lunch Club: Charlie Burns, William Loos, Stanley Gancas, Stanley Franczak .... fPage 511 ADOLPH MAZUR "Kid', Machine Shop Practice VICTOR MAZZOTTA HEEL! Machine Shop Practice. 0 ' Q,-ff ' .ff JACK PASANAC 'D "Zami Pitts" Patrernmaking FRANK PAZUL 'Tien Patternmalcing SALVATORE PIRONNE 'Stormy Mex" Patternrnaking MICHAEL PRANIEWICZ "Mike" Machine Shop Practice JOHN RICHARDSON "Richey,' Machine Shop Practice PAUL G. SALATA "Paul" Machine Shop Practice WILLIAM SHRUM "Bil1', Machine Shop Practice WILLIAM E. STIRLAND "Cowboy" Drafting ALBERT TONEY "Al" Machine Shop Practice JOE WAITKUS "Swakie,' Machine Shop Practice SANTOS VELTRI "Sandi, Drafting BERNARD WALKER "Barney'y Machine Shop Practice BENNY WEISSENRIEDER "Dimples,' Drafting ALFRED WENZLER "AIU Drafting JOSEPH WOZNIAK Woe" Patternmaking A' Not graduating fPage 501 THOMAS COLONELLO UChubby" Machine Shop Practice PAUL COLBERT "Lefty" Machine Shop Practice SALVATORE CONDELLI "Legs" Machine Shop Practice SAUL DANOVITZ "Schlz1me,' Drafting JAMES R. DEEGAN "Ham" Drafting JAMES E. DONAHUE "Jim" Machine Shop Practice GEORGE A. ELIAS "Kid" Patternmaking JOHN FALDOWSKI, Jr. "Kid Faldou Machine Shop Practice STANLEY J. GRABEK "Mathematician" Machine Shop Practice JOHN GUDINAS "johnny" Machine Shop Practice DOM GUIDA "Dom" Machine Shop Practice EMIL HERCHUTE '4Pinky" Machine Shop Practice ROBERT A. HUTTINGER "Bambi, Machine Shop Practice JOHN ILNICKI "Nickie" Machine Shop Practice DANIEL JOSEPH "Bee Jayu Patternmaking JOHN KERTIS "Kertyy' Patternmaking ROBERT LASKO "Nifty" Patternmaking ZACKIE S. MACKOOL "Handsome,' Patternmaking I Page 49 j GEORGE WASHEIM "Washie" General FRANCES WEISS "Fran" Commercial AMELIA WIELOBOB "Ally Oop" Commercial J. C. WELLING "Red" General JAMES WILLIAMSON "Jimmy" General CHARLES WILLMORE "Tedl' Classical ANNA WOLFE "Anna" Commercial 'Q M RED WYLIE 'Mid" Commercial 1 HOWARD B. YINGST "HowdyU Classical RICHARD YOUNG 144.4-4 L "Dickl' General HELEN ZAYDELL "Foozy" Commercial FRANCES ZAWROTNY "Frances'l Commercial VIRGINIA ZIOLA "Jimmy" General THOMAS ABRAHAM "Bryn Parrernmaking ROBERT ANDREWS "Smileyl' Drafting FRED BAYSTER "Pro" Machine Shop Practice JOHN BULEBOSH "Bully'l Patternmalcing 1'Page 481 JOSEPH SCHICK crjoenf T . I ROBERT TIMBLIN "Bohn Commercial PAUL TOASO "Tsai-al' General HOWARD TREES "I-Iiggins' Commercial ADDA TROJANOWSKI "Adda" General BETTIE JULIENE TRUBY "Hersh Commercial PAUL VANDERWULP A'Pau1l' General THEODORE VASILOPUS "King" General J ' DALLAS VIGRASS "Dal" General WILLIAM VIGRASS "BilI,' General JOHN VILLELLA "jack" General FREDDA JANE WACHS "Miss Chicago" General ROBERT WALKER "Pee Wee" General WILLIAM E. WALLEY 'Tiillyy' Classical JOHN WALSH "Jo Elo" General MARJORIE WALTERS "Margie" Commercial CECILIA WANAT "Cel', Commercial ROSE XWARD 'ARosie'7 Commercial FRANK WARDZINSKI "Lun'l Claxsical fPage 471 :F CARL SOPCHACK "Cal" Classical MARY AGNES SOPKO "Mary,' Commercial ANNIE SPEWOCK "Annl' Commercial DONALD SPROWLS "Dink" Classical LOIS L. STEINER "Rusty" Commercial PAULINE E. STELMACH "Pauly'l Commercial ANNA LOU STEVENSON "Lui" Classical JAYNE STILLWAGON U,l:mie" Commercial MARY SUPRANO "Budiel' Commercial LORETTA SUTTER L'RcttaU Clasxifal PHILIP SWEENEY "Phil" General WANDA SWIERGOL 'Shriggsl' General SOPHIA SZYMANSKY "Blackie" Commercial JOSEPH SZUCH "joe" Commercial THERESA TARADENA "Terry" Commercial LEROY TAYLOR "Pee Wee" General HUGHES RICHARD TERRANA "Dick" General HENRY TESCHE '4Hank" General fllage 461 I 4 w LOUISE SEQUITIERI J "Toms" General rl "Reverand'l Classical , CHARLES SERENE ABRAHAM SHAMEY 1 "Shamey" Classical X Ya ROGER C. SHARP "Ruger" Classical ALVIN SHEARER "Gas" General NEVA SHEARER 'Babel' General WILLIAM SHEARER "Shearer" Classical FRANK SHEROSKY "Pat" General CHARLES SHETLER '!Chuck'l General h ll REGINA DOROTHY SI-IIPMAN "Queen" Classical X r, SAMUEL SHIPRAK X ' "Shipwreck Kellyll General RALPH SICILIA "Ralphl' Commercial WALTER SKOHUT "Walt" General FLORENCE SMITH "Smitty" General WILBUR SMITH "Will" General FRANK SOBOTKA N "Daws'l General N Q ISABEL SOLBES I "Izzy" Classical N ROSA SOLBES ,V "Rosie" Commercial X- fPage 451 K, le 1 FRANK RENNA 'KCha'l Classical ANNA RENOCK "Annu Commercial JEROME REZNICK "Professor" Classical LOUISE RITTER "Ritter" Classical XWILLIAM RODNITE Ullillu Commercial AUDREY ROOF "Arid" Commercial WANDA ROWE "WaI111ie" Commercial HENRY J. RYBA 'Al-lats" General THEODORE RYBA mlledv General FRANK RYSZ 'ASchoolboy" General EDWARD SAM "Guy" Classical JOSEPH SAM "Knoblvy'l A General ,ef , X1-N j'!fifffJ 57 JESSE C. SAMPSON " f 'illorkf' Classical ,.X,,fW!!!V MZ . f PAULINE DELORES SANDREY "Pauline" General RICHARD SCANGA "Dickl' Classical LOIS ARLENE SCHRIVER "Bucky" General MARY HELEN SECCHI 'Al-lelenw Commercial LEYIJEN C. SEIGART "Seem" General fPage 441 ELIZABETH PELEGRINELLI HLibby" Commercial BERNICE PERDEUS Ullemien Commercial MERRIAM PERRY "Pee Wee" Commercial FRANK PESSOLANO "Frank" Classical VERNON PIERCE "l3one'l ROBERT PLAYFAIR "Bob" Commercial Classical YELOYQ QLH '4I.em" General ' 1 MARY PONZETTOWJM4 if LUV "Mime JOSEPHINE POST "ilu" Commercial Cfmfferqalfvlq MAXINE PRAGER "Mav:kyU Commercial CARMEN PROVENZO Klang" General MINNIE MAE PURKS 'LMcGurk', General WILLIAM C. QUERY "Bill" General ANITA IJ. RATINI "Rinny" General JANE RAXVLINSON '4Rawley', Commercial MARTHA REEDY "Pee Vlleew Commercial SARAH REIMER '4Sarie" Classical ROGER REITENBAUGH "Rug" General lPage 431 VIRGINIA MILLER "-linnyn Commercial VERNA MITCHELL 'llvlonk" General DOROTHY MOHNEY "Dot" General ANGELO MONACO W, f "Andy" General 4 ,rf LOUISE MORGAN "Date" Commercial 5 77 Mawr MOR W H 21 ll 1c'11'E"f6ld JOHN MOSES ' "luck" General MILTON MYERS "Munk'l General GEORGE E. NADER 'lGeorgc" General MALCOLM NEVINS "Mal" Classical RICHARD NOLF "Dieu General AMELIA OLIVO "Mil', Commercial STANLEY OYLER 'lStan" General FRANCES FAY PALLONE "Fr:mees'l General HARRIET PAPLINSKY "SallyH Commercial RAYMOND PASNIESKY Hsweepyl' General x SAM PATERA S "Prof" Classical Nl :Q STEVE PAWLAK 'lRulwb" General fPagc' 421 VIOLET MATWAY "Vi" Commercial ANNA MAZZA 'lDimples" Commercial PAUL C. MCAFOOSE l'Mackl' Claxsieal VELMA JEAN MCELROY 'lVee jayl' General HELEN AGNES MCGRANAHAN "Hammy" General MYRTLE E. MCGRANAHAN '4Irish" General :F DAN MCKINLEY "Dan" General GRACE MCKINNON 'lRed', General HARRY MCNUTT 'T'ete'l General GEORGE MCALLISTER, jr. "Mac" General DONALD A. MEN ff! "Don" Classical ROSE MENNITTO "Snonks'l General JOSEPH MEYER "joe" General EDITH MIDDLEBY "Ediel' General ANGELO MIGLIORISI l'Horse,' General MARGARET MILKO 4'Margie" General BYRON MILLER "Baron" General HARRY W. MILLER "Dick,' General page 411 CHARLES LODOWSKI "Cl1ickU Claxsieal WILLIAM B. LOOS "I5illl' Classical RUTH LORD "Boots" Commercial DOROTHY LUCAS HDMI? General LUCILLE LUFFY HDizz" Commercial GARNET LYLE "Garnet" General VINCENT MACHARA "Vince" General KATHRYN MACHUGA "Kitty" General PAUL MAHAN HI'oIIyl' General N I HN MARCINKO SKI "John" General JAMES MARLOXVE 'ljimmyn General f .. A ,.. FLORENCE MAROTTI "FIorence,' General ARCHIE MARSHALL "Archiel' General ROBERT W. MARTZ "Robertl' Classical LORAINE J. MASON 'KT0l3y" Commercial MARION MASON Ulvlayl' General WADE INIASTERS '4Tass" Classical COLUMBINE MATERGIA 'AConnie" Commercial fPage 40 j RENATHA KOPEREK "Rene" Clasxical RITA KRAIEWSKI "Pie" General EDA KRISLEIT "Ede7' Cmnruercial HEL "Km pie Commercial JACK KRUPA 'yy all fly-1 aj ,, ,. , N 5 . Dead Man I laxxical X WALTER KRUPA K'Babe" Clasxieal THEODORE KUZMICK A'Teddy" General ROSE LASCOLA UROWH Commercial DOROTHY LAUGHLIN "Dot" Commercial ANNE LEASURE 'KAnne'l Classical BERNARD LECNAR "Bunny" Classical BRUCE LESLIE "Fug, Classical ALEX LINKO "Alu Commercial ,A - , I-f' WILLIAM LINN "BilIl' Classical OLGA LIPINSKI K'O1gy'l General JOHN LISTWAK Ujohnw Classical RAYMOND J. LITAVETS "Ray" Classical VINCENT LIVORIO Hjimmyu General fPuge 391 ,- fc' 2 A 3 v . .7 BESSIE H. JOSEPH "Bess" Clasxieal STANLEY KACZMARCZYK 'ADucky" General IRENE D. KAJUT "Red" Commercial VIRGINIA V. KAJUT I f "Ginger', General M l ' WALTER KAMPRAD "Walt" General PAUL A. KIHXTANCHICK "Wickl' General FRED KELLER "Fred" Claxxieal ROBERT KELLY "Machine Gun Kelly" General :F LUCIILE KENNEDY KCDLICCY, General PAULINE KENNEDY 'Tollyu General THOMAS KERNAN "Teek" Classical BERT LAYDEN KERR "Bert" General ETHEL KISLIG UESSICU Claxsieal BERTHA LORRAINE KLAES "Benn Commercial BERENICE KLEIN "Ben" Classical EMILY JEAN KLINE "Kliney" General THOMAS KLINGENSMITH "Tarun Classical HELEN KONDZIK "SuImyl' Commercial fPage 38j ,ok JACK F. HASSON, Jr. 'ijohif' Classical PAUL HEINRITZ "Heinie" General VIOLET HERFORD "Vi" Commercial ALBERT HIMES L'Al" General EDXVARD HODEROXVSKI "Ed" General JEANNE HOLMES "Jeannie'l General ROSE JOSEPHINE HORENZY "Rosen Commercial AUDREY HORTON "Little Atidreyl' Classical LEONE INIAE HORTON "Snookums" General JOHN HOUSE "Jack" General DOLORES HUET "Deen Commercial MARGUERITE HUET 'Tookiel' General FRED IMM "Ted" General "l3londie" Commercial ELEANOR JACKSON "Shorty" Classical KATHRYN JANNELLO "Kitty" General GEORGE JOHNSON 'ADocl' Classical ARTHUR FLOYD JONES "Floyd" General fPage 37f ANNE MARIE JABLONSKI q JIMMY GLOCK "Pete" Classical VIRGINIA MARIE GODFREY "1immy" General DOROTHY VAYE GOGLEY l'Dor" Classical HERBERT GOLDBERG "Herbeyl, General HELEN GOWATY 1 I "Helen" Commercial :ff WILLIAM GRAY "Bill" General LENA GUIDA l "Lech General MAOELIFWWA ily uyyggb c Commfrcial DOLORES HELEN GUIDICE "Gracie" Commercial MARGURITE LaRUE GUINEY "Brown Eyesl' Commercial LAURANNA GUMPP f'Gumppy" Commercial RUTH HAAREN "RuthieU General GERALD F. HALLAHAN "Gerry,' Classical HELEN HALUSZCAK "Toms" General THOMAS HALUSZCAK "Cl1eve'l General JOSEPH HARACZNAK "joe" General KATHRYN HARKER "Kitty", General DOLORES HARRIS UI-Ion" Commercial fPage 361 MARIE FISHER 'AMarie" General ELEANOR FLICK 'lEleanor" General SOPHIE FLORENCE "S0pl'1i6l' Ct?1ll71lL'7'L'llll LOUIS FLOWER l'LoL1iel' General STANLEY ERANCZAK Jw'-'U 'AStanleyl' General W XWILLIAM FREEMAN "Bill'l Classical ADA FULTON "Ada" Classical ALICE FULTON "Alice" General OLGA GAMBLE "Oggie" General STANLEY GANCAS Ugfilfilill General HELEN JANE GARLOW "l'oorsl' Classical NICKOLINE GATTO 'LNicky" Commercial EDMUND GEIGER "Gigger" Classical HELEN GIDOS A'Giggles" FRANCES GI FFORD "Fran" Commercial Commercial HELEN LUEMMA GILLESPIE "L0u'l General THOMAS GIORDANO "Tuckerl' General JAMES GIRARDI Hlvlaxl' General 1Page 351 5 XVALTER DOM ANSKI Wfootsl' Commercial ROBERT D'ORAZIO 6'Bob" Classical RAY EAGIN "Iggy", General THELIVIA EAKIN "Tommyl' General JOHN S. EASLEY UEas" Classical JOY I. EDELSON Hlledl' Commercial ALBERT EGER UAV' General ANDREW ELLIS A'SCl1oollJoy" General HOWARD ENDEAN "Bm" Classical ABRAHAIWI ESBER "Bud'l General ROSE ESPER "Smiley, Clasxical ' JACK EVANS ujackl' General KENNETH EVANS "Ke1my', Claxsical HAROLD FAITH "Pete,' General I FRANCES FAMURAK "Frances" General HAROLD EARKAS "Hall, General STEVE FARKAS "Steven General MELBA EENN K'Meb" Commercial fPage 34j XVILLIAM CRAIG "Craig'l' General HARRY CROGHAN UHarry" General EVA CROOKS "Litsle Eva" Claxsieal AGNES CRUMLEY "Agnes" Commercial ISABEL CUNNINGHAM "Isabel" Commercial IRENE CYPHER "Ikon Classical MARY CZUBIAK "Happy" Commercial HELEN JOAN DALSAS UIQ" Claxsical . x oscAR DAUGHENBAUGH ' 1- Y ' 'lDutchl' Classical WILSON DAVIDSON 'lRed" General FLOYD IDAVISON l'Bud" Classical ALDA DeFELICE "AI" Commercial NANCY DeFELICE "Nanl' Commercial WILLIAM E. DELBAUVE "Bill" General 'if JOHN H. DeLUCA "Curly" General WALTER DEMBINSKI 'lTaberski" Commercial VICTOR DeSANTO "Niny,' Commercial ALFRED DESIIVIONE "Fred" General fPage 331 ri, Zim! jlif vwwwlif JAMES CASSEL "jim" Classical CRISS CATORIS "Steam Boatll General EDITH CHARLTON HEdie', Classical CLARA M. CHERRY KlChSl'I'y'll Commercial HARRY V. CHOLTCO "Cocky" General GAYL CHRISTY 'AGay" Commercial HARRIETT CLARKE 'Harsu General CHARLES CLEMENTS "Chuck" Classical BLANCHE LORETTA CLOVER "Bebe" Commercial 4 , f ALFRED s. QOHEN My' pax! "Al" General I BENJIMAN COHEN "Burch Quinnn Classical UDELL COLBERT "Udall" General ROBERT CONNOR :'Connor,' General ' ' DOROTHY cooK "Cookie" Commercial FLORENCE R. COOKE "Cookie" Classical EDITH COSTANZO "Edith" Classical JUNE COUDRIET 'lFrenchie" Commercial 'F ROBERT COWAN "Robert" Commercial fPuge 321 MARY ELIZABETH "Betty" Classical EDXVARD BELLAS 'lgiuopl' LEONARD BENSON A'I3enny" Claxxieal BEGGS Cmnmereial MICHAEL BERARDINO "Mike" Classical VICTOR BEREJKA "Flash" General ALICE BERINGER "Skeeter" Cmnmereial GERALDINE BERLIN "Karyn General THOMPSON BEST "Thompsie" General SIMON WILLIAM BEUTH 'ISV' General RICHARD BROWN "Dick'l General JANE BOYD "jane" Classical SAM A. BUFFONE "EauFfl' Classical M. SAMUEL BUFFONE 'ASam" General N MARGARET BUHI. 'XX "Mari, Commercial MARIE BURCHICK "BubIvles'l Commercial STANLEY BURK "Blakey" Classical CHARLES BURNS "Chuck" General EIDWARIJ CARTER "Champ" General fPage 311 WADDIE ABRAHAM "loc" General YVONNE AIMAN "Yv0nnel' Classical ' JAMES AKERS uhm" Classical ELLA ALEX "Brown Eyesn Commercial HELEN ALLAN 'KSc0tty', Commercial EDXVARD ALMASY 'lSnakehips" Classical HOXVARD R. ALTER, jr. "Russ" Classical s f' AXRICHARD AMES fal,aU-'l4- J' '. "DickU Classical i " r X ,V X LESLIE ARMSTRONG i ly! "Army" Classical ROSE ASADURIAN 'lRose Petals" General EDNA ASHBY "Dolly", Commercial DOROTHY FRANCES ASKIN 'illotll General GLADYS ATKINSON "GlaLl'l General HELEN BAKSIS "Helen" Commercial FRANK BARANOWSKI "Lim" General 21: MELVIN BASHIOUM "Mel" General MARTHA MAE BAUMANN "Mzirtl1y'l Comrnereial DOROTHY V. BEAlJNEI,L 'lDot'l General fpage sof EVERHART S1-I EARER SCHWEISS BEACOM LUTHER SHEARER The Class ol: N I neteen Thirty-Six WAYNE EVERHART Classical BEN BEACOM Classical Class treasurer ...... member of the National Editor-in-Chiefofthe "Taleoken" ...... band Honor Society .... member of the Dramatic Club .. . . ..ofF1cer in the Hi-Y. . . . . .in the limelight in the class play ...... an all round sport ...... particularly enjoys mushball and tennis ...... interested in baseball, golf, and swimming ...... likestheladies ...... courteous ...... perhapswill own a newspaper someday. WALTER SH EARER Classical Class president ..,. president of the National Thespians ...... member of the National Honor Society ...... plays a mean game of mushball . . . . . . expects to go into the advertising business . . . . . .brought down the house as Uncle Aleck in "Here Comes Charlie" ..... a perfect gentle- man ...... and a lad most likely to succeed. FRANK SCHWEISS Commercial Vice-president of the class ...... president of Commercial Club ...... won a position on the tennis team and a letter ....., member of the National Honor Society ...... plans to own a Steamship line and rival Bill Shearer ...... charter member of the National Thespians ...... in the class play ...... has a dynamic personality. member for three years ...... charter member of the National Thespians ...... witty and wise . . . . . .can speak fluently on any subject no mat- ter how trivial ..... National Honor Society member ...... behind the footlights in the class play ...... original and quick-witted. YVONNE LUTHER Classical Class secretary ...... secretary ofthe National Honor Society Hirst semesterl ...... secretary of the Tri-Hi-Y fsecond semesterl ...... seems doomed to be a secretary ...... member of the Dramatic Club ...... member ofthe French Club , . . . . .a coy little mademoiselle. . . . . .a senior editor on the Taleoken staE ...... versatile, active, intelligent, and industrious. VVILLIAM SHEARER Classical Advertising manager of "Taleoken" .... . . treasurer of National Thespians, ..... plans to own New York someday ...... a marvelous busi- ness man ...... president of the French Club . . . . . .one of the personae dramatis of the class play ..... frank and straightforward in his man- ner of speech ,.... quite a ladies' man. f Page 291 fPage 281 FROM A SENIOR I Backward, turn backward, O time in thy flight- Make me a freshman just for tonight. Let me again feel the thrill I once knew, Help me recapture that fresh point of view. II Let me be bashful, wondering, and shy- Look on the seniors with worshipping eye. Let me forget all the facts I have learned, Leave but the incense my dream gods have earned. III Backward, turn backward--let me once more Dwell in that sunshiny heaven of yore, Warm me with memories ere I say "Goodbye" To all my loved school-days in Dear Old Ken Hi. -Edith Middleby QWirh apologies to A. M. W. Ballj s ' X WG? . - I! M: , -Sf ' 1 'if' ,Q f' 9 , V 5 4' K iQ ,V Z Q.,. -- ' II WI IHI IWHH ' Zi Lliffh 'fl RQ if' , 1 M f ,,,,.. ,S if - ly A S X, J,-J F W , . ' I f ' kwa. Q MM M ES SS LA ' C FORT CRAWFORD 1'n-Liominzimt in P1OI1CL'I'111Nf0I'YU1iUllI'1INlNL'L1 intc vicinity was Fm'rCmwtlm1 w1iic11 wzis crccrui iwy Cloliwm-1 VC'i11i:im Cixiwfiurri o1it1ic Virginia Rcgiiiicnr. T1ic1lwr rlw commzimizmt ut Port Pitt in OI'L1CI'I'O5.ZLl1ll'Q1 r1ic fiorii air r1ic mouth U14 1'L1c14cty Cfrccia zigziinsr wcsrcrn Imiiqm sc:i1pimg pzirrics. Uzirrimncii inn-rf mitrcnr1y, spring iimi winrcr imly, froiii 1778 ro 1193, it scrvcii :is ii pmt for scouts ami ot11cr wiiiicry. Artur 1793 it f'u11 rapidly into disrcpnii' -1 . 218 111C 1TUI1f1CIA IDUYCL1 XVUSY. r was 1mi1t :ir t1ic rcqiicsr of' BOGKII Classes ALMA MATER Dear Old Ken Hi, Dear Old Ken Hi, The school we back with love and loyalty We'll honor you Our whole life through, Dear Alma Mater, Ken Hi. MARGIE R. MURPHY Gorham Maine State Normal School English DOROTHY HANKEY Westminster College English KATHERINE M. YINGST Cvrove City College lunior Business Training, Civics MARTHA G. OSBURN Indiana State Teachers College Arithmetic HARRIET MATHISON University of Pittsburgh Geography MARIO N. ZEOLLA Duquesne University General Science R. J. ANDERSON University of Pittsburgh Pattern Making 0. J. REMY University of Pittsburgh Machine Shop J. L. BLACK Grove City College English, Economics R. F. WARNER Carnegie Institute of Technology Mathematics, Shop, Science, Junior Business Training if gs' r J C Lux' :. V, Ay 1 fPage 231 P' T. A. DUNN Slippery Rock State Teachers College Physical Education DOROTHY ERITZ Allegheny College Algebra, History HARRIET HART Carnegie Institute of Technology Library, English fpdgqi' 221 M. M. BAUGHMAN University of Pittsburgh United States History WILMA BRANTHOOVER Indiana State Teachers College History, English CHARLES A. DAVIS Indiana State Teachers College Music JETTA FRECH University of Pittsburgh English M. J. GENSBIGLER Pennsylvania State College Industrial Arts MARY MCCRACKEN Slippery Rock State Teachers College Arithmetic MARGARET E. BEATTIE Geneva College Latin, French, Civics MARY ANN HOBAUGH Slippery Rock State Teachers College Civics, Physical Education ELIZABETH W. DUGAN Indiana State Teachers College Geography JOSEPHINE SEATON University of Pittsburgh Art J. K. STONER Indiana State Teachers College Business Training, Bookkeeping W. LEE VORLAGE Susquehanna University Commercial Law, Office Practice, Mathematics J. ROBERT SISLEY Grove City College Physics, General Science ETHEL SLEIGHTER Indiana State Teachers College Shorthancl JANE TAYLOR Pennsylvania College for Women English MARY OLIVE WEINEL Slippery Rock State Teachers College Geography, Arithmetic C. H. WALTER Grove City College Biology FLORENCE EWING Hood College Librarian RUTH KENNEDY Methodist Episcopal Hospital Nu rse MARIE WALKER Wooster College Mathematics E. LUCILLE FINK Grove City College Business Training, Typewriting HAZEL HYKES University of Pittsburgh Tests and Measurements Visual Education MILDRED GREGORY Indiana State Teachers College Home Economics fPage Zlj E. AGNES MCNAMARA Slippery Rock State Teachers College Mathematics MARY M. O'LEARY Indiana State Teachers College Shorthand La RUE PATTERSON University of Pittsburgh French fPage 201 CAROLYN E. LYON Carnegie Institute of Technology Home Economics EMMA E. MARTIN Slippery Rock State Teachers College History P. L. MAXWELL Grove City College Chemistry, General Science JESSIE B. MOORE Grove City College Problems of Democracy SADIE I. OWEN University of Pittsburgh English MARTHA RUSSELL University of Pittsburgh English KATHERINE MANEVAL University of Pittsburgh Latin, History JANET MATHISON University of Pittsburgh English HELEN E. MCGARR Edinboro State Teachers College Art ST ' EN E. G NTZ ity of t r h ble Dem r ' ' s i of 1 , MARY E. GOSETTI Clarion State Teachers College English HARRY HADDEN University of West Virginia German CARL GLOCK University of Pittsburgh Physical Education A. GREGORY Indiana State Teachers College Music IRENE HAWK Grove City College Latin GEORGE O. HOLLIBAUGH Slippery Rock State Teachers College General Science, Biology, Industrial Geography HELEN C. KELLY Hood College English C. M. KORDES Grove City College Bookkeeping, Commercial L K ROSE HORNER Indiana State Teachers College Geography MARY C. KLINGENSMITH Allegheny College Typewriting' F. W. LFNOX Westminster College aw History fPage191 HELEN DAVIS lndiana State Teachers College English, Civics THOMAS A. BURNETT VUashington and Jefferson American History DOROTHY B. EIGES University of Pittsburgh History fPage 181 HAZEL ARMSTRONG Slippery Rock State Teachers College I Geography, Mathematics SARAH BARRANCO Carnegie Institute of Technology Typewriting K. L. BLAMEY Pennsylvania State College Industrial Arts FRANCES C. BRYANT Carnegie lnstitute of Technology Home Economics STELLA DOHERTY Grove City College Booklceeping ADA FISCUS Thiel College Ehglish, sp.-sch R. A. ARTMAN Wasliington and jefferson Mathematics MARY N. BIGHAM University of Pittsburgh Physical Education LUCRETIA BOUCHER Beaver College English .4 1 l I.. C. FRENCH O. W. IQHNSON Supervisor Principal of Elementary Grades Junior High School J. A. MILLER MARY Q. WATSON Principal of Assistant to the Principal of Vocational School High School WM C570 the Graduating Glass of 1936 JNQZU Kensington Cgfigli School The Members of the Board of Education extend to you their heartiest congratulations and best wishes for future success. Rspectfully, E. H. Blackburn, President of the Board BOARD OF EDUCATION S. H. McCracken H. M. Herr R. B. Cooper W. F. McCabe. . . E. H. Blackburn. Frank McKean. . H. L. Wiwlf ...... W. A. Thomas E. T. Chapman. . Elizabeth Morgan .... . . . . .Treasurer . .... President .....:. .Solicitor . . . . . . . .Vice President . . . .Superintendent of Schools ................Secretary -C fflyfl i V 1 Wi. r .A .aw fa an 1- May this Tfialeoken beiiaitome of the memories of Ken Hi. May the book recall fa period of development and beauty in your life even thonwoflds of space will separate you after graduation. May the goals you have attained and the happy hours you have spent here in the halls of Ken Hi be only a prelude to a greater achievement. H. B. Weaver,i Principal of the High School if . , 'T Wai. '-I Mann an ' . .4 n Q . M, it its , ng..-,'..i, ' lr 5'1ri'El4f,, g fx' W .wi '-if l., . 3 T '+s. gn.. HM, 1 'Fo the Qlass of 1936 I extend to you congratulations and best wishes for a happy and successful future. Sincerely yours, E. T. Chapman, Superintendent of Schools. X 65' 4' Ax 'Ik 5 V 040' 'Xlg A. K. !I!llIIllL 'NN W MQ , g,"""l Ililqu UW.-.air " 21 , , 5 4 QS' 5 ,Y if ' X.- - if ...- ,a no 2 Q1 ln' Y r KV -. ,f . N KWWL 'sf ' Ma tz?-A W U MW! ON -ADMINISTRATI FORT PITT Fort Pitt, or Fort Duqucsoc, thc highly covctcd sltuzxtlon :lt thc forks mf 1 thc Allcglwny :md Mo' rwolugzlhclzl Rivcrs, was given up lwy thc Frcnclm only nftcr thc arrogant Ut-ncrul Braddock will-1'ctl il JISZISTTULIS tlcfcnt alt their hands in 1775. In I779 thcy CV2lClI2ll'Cd amd lm fact' of IIITQC odds. This lctt thc key to thc wcst in thc lmmis of that i rut Fort I3llLllICSIN.' in thc I1LiOl1lif2ll5lC lmlizm figlurcr, Ucncrzll Forlws, who crcctcd ll ncw fort which lu' czlllcd Fort Pitt, in honor of' Englz1mf's grczlt For- cign Ministcr, Wfillialm Pitt, BOOK I Administration ACKNOWLEDGMENTS In the publication of this annual we are indebted to various persons who have contributed materially and otherwise to the success of our enterprise. These few lines are dedicated in recog- nition of the services rendered by these. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Louis Wise, representative of Jahn and Ollier, whose help with the layout has been indispensableg to Mr. Ben Strauch for the excellent photog- raphyg and to the Berlin Press for the printing of our book. Also we wish to extend special thanks to Mr. Joseph Robbins of Irwin, Mr. John Haudenshield of Carnegie, and Mr. John Watson of New Kensington who have helped us to secure the most authentic his- torical references available for our division pages. Among but faculty credit is due Mr. Artman, who assured the financial success of the bookg Miss Taylor for managing the candy salesg Miss 'Barranco for assistance in the typing departmentg and members of the faculty in general who have helped to collect or judge the material used. Finally to the student body we express our thanks for their enthusiastic support and interest without whichrthe publication of the book would have been impossible. ' In sincere appreciation of one Whose patience, per- severance and buoyant spirit in connection with her work as editorial di- rector and Whose cornpef tent advice and Willing assistance have made the publication of our year book possible, we, the Class of 1936, dedicate the tbird annual edition of the Cgaleoken to MISS MARIE WALKER f v'.5'3.f.III1i ---v Til ' A- 1.1 3.4: ,A ' vztgjf-px . :1f,', ., '. 'Y'-i-,.-,L ' 12-, 'Q--I 31,5 , . ', 4.3 -. , 5 . I' f' I ,Q-1 ' . , f , , . N ,.,- ,',. if ,--A.: 1 , -l.1 - Q ' "i' iff T11 1 I .. a 2"' ,z--. I 475 hnrfaufv "t' :Qi 'ti-' ' F' -Q ' I ., '-',,'. t ' we f f ' ' 'i" r s .fl 1",' I, 'iluv-'if "'A. is :i f .,-. I -.r'- t.rr j ff. fi? X 'fel --,4 -vril ' gi, alll if -,I- r I iivi f ' l'f"fff'i'fL ' LE I If if A, V' .Ia P9 J p' Avvi ',vV fiff "iI rt s 3 -i',f.. fvgtj ,wg v,'I, I7 4f?4 'I "I"' 1. " X" 4"H59ah"' E p-l.,4l..f- ' . ,- . ' -, 1 1' 'fi5"Z-22353, ,f - I -' ' - V, if QQ- 1-,kiifiewvi FOREWORD In presenting the third annual Cffjaleolqen we re- alize that any year hook is only an attempt to catch the spirit of the school and pass it on to you. While trying to do this, We ofthe staff have also tried in the theme of the hook, to catch something of the spirit of the pioneers of our val, ley. We trust that our school spirit is identical with their initiative and de- termination and we hope that in some Way every page of this hook will reflect the real spirit of Ken Hi. TALEQKEN f ,,r L RIT ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF TI-IE SENIOR CLASS IIII OF X I INGTON I-IIGI-I SCHOOL S ON 0 PENNSYLVAN I A THE me V' ' r i lH, Q !MlN l s1 1 1 H i "-'XQQPW 1 , I-. 5W1'!?ffY5i' lin, . ' V ' ' v - " :ja ,, LN' '-uWmxxlXlNlllmwmllllxulllfllluq . :Nwv :- Q :misc .' H . -5' -V ' rf?- XN 64 ? ,, 14 .5" ug .. .. , Slug ' M' LKE1 X f S u t ' J igs! IH' "wh L WMQ3 - II ' f W, Ea in ' ix-Ir hi P' gum Q IX ' W -f'Mi 'W L YHUIWV ly Wn?5f 1" 'Nm ' N - ' - f ligiii? im j f Y ffm W qsaw wus 1: fi I1 '1 1 4 ll- 23,225 , f 15 W fgqi W ' is ' Nl, ' 9625? , "" tihilffa I Q 2 vnu 1511 nl wav 1 .uunm H" f?5j., L5?sXQ QQf5l1f:Ti2 9?WiVfQ?+Q,1 11 1 I "- mwlf ' 1-v Tvlgzjm --N. 4, '1.. g1,:,NL4:L5,i,,f.:5'Q' if " "" SW M mi' i x"' 'Ei 4 w gi Q f'Ylj Q1xIl.5 , T, :A ' ,f irm H E H1 1 - ,.... fi: QQ! 14.5 , .xir j1, -aw, if vw 1" 'lg iffifffi? S "5'f f'IlZ if igfdi' sllli g? P6 1 ' fy NEW KENS .321 B. -' M r 4 4 :mth 4, NEW KENSINGT f, . ,f- ,A THE TALE 0 K E N QQ 1936 f Vf 'Va Af Sirfi S HWS U ,nm gsfji 31 EEE' offv Aw wfafvp f f ff VX X if9 A1 Z" f ' N if 1 V as 1 'Mm 5 9 Hifi? 'ffm H . fm: ff fLf'I??,j X MM Ifffovgm ff 5 I M I f -I ,WYE 22' ,g B.. gl:- ll ug . ,K l J -L 1- ." 4 t L 'ii ,S A KA xi - .L EFX T2 , ff 'dv .. as 2 QNX Y Ei 7? f O-an K , any ww W " ' Aff Y, fffn 7' ' 9 M 1g V..- . I 1 ' ' ulmamazx 1 ' 'CK Inwtlmwtmwamilvfedzmwmkleimnwm ndwzrns 3-.wma ,uurl:hl'm4.1wmrmnu:., W1 .nw 'W ,sz xmimdsgh-nl .918 1' n A X r Q v 1 if D, f 4 1 F. 5 ., , fr n 4 M Q. ..:, Q' ' xg 91.3.34 'h1f'KE1mu'Qssf+wr.sbmM v- :Q . he H M M1m..:,s,?x ar H. A. Klingensmith and Sons "If It's Hardware, We Have It" I Congratulations McCUTCHEON'S 746 Fifth Avenue M'KEAN'S-Have Needles, Shuttles, Bobbins, Belts, Oil for all makes of Sew- ing Machines. Sharpen Scissors, Saws, Tools, etc. Make Keys. Repair all makes of Locks, Guns. McKEAN'S HARDWARE New Kensington Compliments of NEVIN S MEN'S WEAR Phone 1 196 Fourth Avenue at Tenth Street New Kensington, Pa. United Cleaning Co. 419 Tenth Street Phone 315 New Kensington, Pa. Certified Odorless Dry Cleaning Compliments of HARTS Meet Your Friends eat Reymersl Reymers' is the smart gathering place for Luncheon-for Afternoon Tea-for a delightful snack from the fountain and for those good Reymers' Candies. 9 Five Convenient Locations to Serve You Oliver Building 239 Fifth Avenue Jenkins Arcade Tea Room Fountain and Lunch Tea Room 6018 Penn Avenue Fountain and Lunch Union Trust Building Fountain and Lunch g'Page l02j Benjamin Myers NEW KENSINGTON 'S MOST MODERN FURNITURE STORE 838-842 Fifth Avenue COMMERCIAL PRINTING 8: BO0K STORE PRINTERS AND STATIONERS 717 Fifth Avenue Phone 440-W JOS. SZYMCZAK Compliments of Parnassus Ice Company A HOME INDUSTRY Fashion Hosiery Shops 881 Fifth Avenue NEW7 KENSINGTON, PA. Everything in- SILK STOCKINGS, LINGERIE SPORTWEAR Quality Merchandise at Economy Prices Join Our Hosiery Club and Receive a Pair Hose FREE If It's Done with Heat YOU CAN DO IT BETTER with p NATURAL GAS Peoples Natural Gas Company 858 Fourth Avenue "Buy UL Homew THE ANTIDOT E FOR DISSENSION C, Di. Bedeom Logan Trust Building Auto Spring St Repair SPRINGS FOR ALL CARS FREEDOM GAS AND OIL Freeport Street and Fifth Street Lipp Auto Electric Co. Inspection Station No. 7457 OPEN EVENINGS Phone 520 810 Third Avenue Johnston Hardware Company AIR CONDITIONED HEATING Fairbanks-Morse Conservator REFRIGERATORS 1034 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. fPagc l01j SENIORS "STOP-LOOK-LISTEN" The Cross Roads of the Future Are at Hand. We Wish You All Green Lights on the Road no Success . Thank You for Your Patronage in Your High School Days. May We Serve You in the Future FIFTH AVENUE DRUG STORE CAcross from Libertyj Formerly Shaners DOCTOR TRUITT ATTEND SUMMER SCHOOL , al the Demi NEW KENSINGTON ' COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Phone 290 986 Fifth Avenue For Information Phone 434-J Compliments Watson SL Lasher REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 849 Fourth Avenue ICE CREAM and Dairy Products 971 Fifth Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Phone 1727-J Evenings by Appointment Mappins Beauty Salon FREDERIC PERMANENT WAVE ELECTRO MANICURING Compliments of Hamilton Ice Cream Co. 1032 Fifth Avenue New Kensington Phone 107 1025-4th Avenue Doctor john J. Flynn THE FIRST Eyes Examined 979 FOURTH AVENUE Frank Condelli gg ' 77 WMI' -Ever Allllllllllllll TAILOR , We Call For and Deliver 431-10th Street Phone 677 New Kensington, Pa, COOKING UTEN SIL WAS MADE 36 YEARS AGO Compliments N031 Oi1erUl00DiVIiflion re in se ai y BOOK STORE fPage 1001 MILLER BROS. SHOES HOSIERY 908 Fifth Avenue New K ensin gton's Largest Shoe Store Storm's Hosiery Shoppe LADIES' HOSIERY, LINGERIE, GLOVES, HANDKERCHIEFS, LOUNGING PAJAMAS, GOWNS 945 Fifth Avenue SIEGEL'S LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S READY TO WEAR 932--4th Avenue New Kensington, Pa. Compliments of Hamilton SL Alter F LOUR FEED Central--Reliable Drug Stores "Drugs for Less'f New Kensington, Pa. Shorall's Tea Room Where All Good Fellows Meet for Their Home Made Ice Cream and Candy Compliments of A. H. PRAGER General Contractor Phone 969 1140 Woodmont Avenue 35,000 People Read The New Kensington Daily Dispatch Allegheny Valley's Greatest Newspaper 35.00 by Carrier 366.00 by Mail HERMAN AUTO ELECTRIC CO. Phone New Kensington 211 Battery and Electric Service On All Makes of Cars 506 Eighth Street BURLEYS A GOOD PLACE TO BUY SHOES 839 Fifth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON, PA. 1 Page 991 Eich Motor Co. Dodge--Plymouth Sales and Service AT THE BRIDGE Phone 2690 W. R. GOTT -Arnold, Pa. WESTINGHOUSE REF RIGERATORS EASY ELECTRIC WASHERS HOOVER CLEANERS PHILCO RADIOS Compliments of A. H. Michel BARBER SHOP Main Street American Drink Shop THE HOME of Better Hamburgers and Plate Lunches 329 Tenth Street Phones 9400, 9498 Telephone 1277-J F. A. MONACO QUALITY CLOTHIER Made to Order Ready to Wear 415 Tenth Street New Kensington, Pennsylvania PHONE 474 joseph Lamendola QUALITY GROCERIES, FRUITS AND PRODUCE 801 Fourth Avenue, New Kensington, Pa. Logan Lumber Company New Kensington Tafentum Phone Phone 640 24 THE LUMBER STORE OF THE VALLEY 1 Page 981 ADOLPH'S Fmkzfiizysziaizyffisssfhe MUSICAL SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY SUPPLIES M. I. STEINER AND "Say it with Flowers" F5V2IE1EfhZ2?5?i2ifE?? PRQDUCTS A Specialty 874-Sth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. PHONE vo-J George Brothers SL Co. FLORISTS Next Door to Liberty Theatre New Kensington, Pa. Cooper Brothers Dispensers of Happiness The Keystone Dairy Co, MILK, CREAM, BUTTER COTTAGE CHEESE and ICE CREAIVI S pevial Orders Delivered Prom ptly 329 Sixth Avenue Phone 665-666 Since 1898 EUWERS' -HAS MEANT- GOOD FURNITURE in NEW KENSINGTON We Sell Nationally Known Merchandise Only CLUB CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS, MALLORY HATS T N HOSE IN ERWOVE FAULTLESS UNDERWEAR HORNER PAJAMAS Perr Bros. Logan Bank Building 1Page 971 v Cnmplzimenzts Of can Friend Ben Strauch Studios SUPERIOR PORTRAITS AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 225 Broad Building, New Kensington, Pa. PHOTOGRAPHER TO KEN HI I Page 961 Phone 585 PEARSON'S SMART WEARING APPAREL 864-66 Fifth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON, PA. The "Fashion First" Store SILVERMAN'S NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Compliments of WAINWRIGHTS 936 Fourth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON, PA. H. M. YINGLING CROWN'S -. 4? CREDIT JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS 911 Fourth Avenue NEW KENSINGTON, PA. Compliments of The C. E. Ward Company New London, Ohio I GOWNS FOR CHOIRS AND GLEE CLUBS PULPIT VESTMENTS AND CHURCH SUPPLIES BAND UNIFORMS, GRADUATION CAPS AND GOWNS NURSES CAPES AND UNIFORMS, ETC. qree Gatalogs fPage 951 Fraternity, College and Class Jewelry COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS INVITATIONS, DIPLOMAS Jeweler to the Senior and Junior Classes of New Kensington High School L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Manufacturing Iewelers and Stationers ATTLEBORO, MASS. You Can Depend on Us for Service and Quality Printing Goodyear Service Stfeef Phone PRINTER Brake Service :: Road Service We Use High Speed Equipment A A THE Manganelli's Music Tress Printing Service Store Phone 1696 New Location 336 Ninth Street 912 Stanton Avenue, New Kensington New Kensington, Pa, BLOSER'S Since 1873 jewelers and Optometrists OFFICIAL JEWELERS TO KEN HI GRADUATION GIFTS 960 Fourth Avenue M. S. Laughlin 8: Ed. Brisbine CITIES SERVICES STATION 155 Mccargo Phone 680 I Page 941 VVe are sincerely grateful to our local business men who have been interested enough in our school and its activities to help promote our project through their gen' erous use of our advertising section. ln appreciation of their valuable contribution to the "Taleoken", we urge our student body and faculty to patronize and in every Way support our advertisers. Junior High School Basketball SQUAD Boyer, Waiigh, Sutter, Lemon, Schultz, Camptell, Cowen, Bowers Cmanagerj, Leslie fmanageij. SCHEDULE 1935-36 Ken Hi 10 ................. Springdale 8 Ken Hi 10 . ., ,... Parnassus 21 Ken Hi 21 ... ... Vocational 13 Ken Hi 15 . . . .... Arnold Z0 Ken Hi 25 . . . ...... Stewart 30 Ken Hi 16 . .. .... East Deer 9 Ken Hi 16 ... ... Springdale 13 Ken Hi 10 . . . .... Parnassus 11 Ken Hi 17 . .. ... Vocational 18 Ken Hi 22 . . . .... Arnold 24 Ken Hi 22 . . . ...... Stewart 38 Ken Hi 15 ... .... East Deer 23 The junior High Basketball team provided the fans many a thrill the past winter. They played their games as preliminaries to the regular varsity contests and proved themselves able contestants in close, interesting and well-played games. Outstanding were the games with Parnassus and Arnold, arch rivals of Ken Hi. Arnold, who went as far as the junior W. P, l. A. L. finals, was given a real tussle each time. The Arnolclites mustered every ounce of strength to down the plucky little Kensters. Much credit is due Mr. Lenox, the coach, for the fine spirit shown by the boys. The boys showed splendid team work. Each did his best for the good of the team. lt is this training and spirit that will some day make the boys valuable members of the varsity. fPage 921 Vlfarchol, I o h n s, Hileman, VARSITY Abraham, Albert, Bayster, Eule- bosh, Faldowslci, joseph, Kertis, Mackool, Mazur, Parkhill, Tim- l mins, Richardson fmanagerl. VOCATIONAL BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1935-36 Vocational 33 .... ....... Y . M. C. A. Vocational ..... .... N . K. Falcons Vocational S ........,..... Tarentum Vocational ............. Y. M. C. A. Vocational 16 ...... Vocational Alumni Vocational .,........ Ken Hi Ushers Vocational 22 ............... Freeport Vocational .... ..,... R oosevelts Vocational 33 ............. Roosevelts Vocational .... ..,.,.. T arentum Vocational 17 ......... Ken Hi Reserves Vocational ......... Wayne Lumber Vocational 20 .......... Ken Hi Seniors Vocational ......... United Service Vocational 34 .............. St. Marys Vocational ...,. .... N . K. Falcons Vocational 38 ...... Ken Hi junior High Vocational ........... N. K. Falcons Vocational 36 ....... Y. M. C. A. Ideals Vocational .....,.... Valley Heights Vocational 24 ........... N. K, Falcons Vocational Tannas Cdefaultb Vocational 29 ..... Leechburg Reserves Vocational .... ...... L lnited Stores Vocational 26 .......... Ken Hi Seniors Vocational .... ..... V alley Heights Vocational 26 ..... .... L lnited Service 1- Opponents . .. Vocational .... ...,..... ..... 7 2 8 The Vocational School supports two basketball teams, a freshman or junior high team and a varsity team on which juniors and seniors play. Mr. j. L. Black, former Kittanning High School coach and an official referee, acts as coach for both teams. The freshman team, a member of the junior High League, had a very poor sea- son, winning only two games out of twelve played. These losses were attributed to lack of practice and to the fact that the boys had never played together before entering Vocational School. The varsity squad enjoyed a much better season than the freshmen, winning eighteen of the twenty eight games played. Of this group of players only three will remain to play next year. At the end of their season the varsity team had the pleasure of participating in the Falcon's junior Gold Medal Tournament in which they reached third place. Ralph Timmins received medals for sportsmenship and for being the outstanding player on the losing team. Timmins and joseph both won places on the second All Star Team. Each boy who played in the tournament for Vocational School received a bronze basketball as a token of his accomplishment. BASKETBALL VARSITY Villella,Flayfair,l3e1las,13erejlca Sproull, jackson, Sweeney, Krupa lohnson, M 0 n a c o Cmanagerj Myers Qmanagerj, Hasson fman agerj. SCHEDULE 1935-36 Ken Hi 34 . .. ........ Alumni 22 Ken Hi 33 .. . Duquesne 29 Ken Hi 25 . .. ....... Duquesne 26 Ken Hi 31 .,.. Springdale 28 Ken Hi 31 . .. .... Duquesne Frosh 31 Ken Hi 13 .... Ford City 33 Ken Hi 41 ... .......,. All Stars 37 Ken Hi 35 ......... Kiski 52 Ken Hi 15 ... ....... Ford City 20 Ken Hi 32 ..... Tarentum 25 Ken Hi 23 ... ... Springdale 24 Ken Hi 29 .... Freeport 15 Ken Hi 22 . .. ........ Scott 35 Ken Hi 27 ...., Arnold 35 Ken Hi 19 ... .... Tarentum 21 Ken Hi 37 .... Har-Brac 31 Ken Hi 42 . .. ... Freeport 24 Ken Hi 31 ... Ambridge 29 Ken Hi 19 . .. .... Arnold 35 Ken Hi 41 .. . Vandergrift 32 Ken Hi 24 . .. ...... Kiski 26 Ken Hi 50 ..... Duquesne 25 Ken Hi 26 . . . .... Har-Brac 30 Ken Hi 34 .... Leechburg 30 CKen Hi 714. Opponents 6951 The close of the 1935-36 basketball season marked another successful campaign for Ken Hi. A glance at the records would show that the Kenmen were rather slow starters. The Red and Black were able to win only three of the twelve games in the first half of the schedule, also playing a tie for the first time in their history. The latter part of the schedule showed a marked improvementg the boys lost only three, while winning nine. A totaling of the records would show twelve victories, eleven defeats, and one tie. The Kenmen were able to break even in the season's "warm up" games. The sectional race seemed well-balanced. The Kenmen won five and lost five, placing third with a .500 average. For the second consecutive year in as many starts, the Red and Black won first honors in the A. K. V. Tournament. The Flying Dutch- men were presented the beautiful Fintex trophy, which they must win twice more to keep for all time. fPage 901 VARSITY Q hute, Almasy, Benson i, Shukis, Linko, Shonesk o Shiprak lxernan M nm, Kreitzer, Kaczmarczylc . , I Y Y Y C a Painter, Sampson Cman lye-rs Cmanagerj. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE-1935 lien H . . ...... 12 Belle Townshi . . . 6 Ken Hi .... .... 6 Har-Brac . . . . . . O Ken Hi .... .... O Arnold ..... ...., O Ken Hi ,,,, ,,.. O Charleroi ..... . . .r ..... ,... . 15 Ken Hi .... .... Z 5 Mclieesport . .. ,..., g ..... . . . . .19 Ken Hi .... .... 9 Monessen . .. ...... . . . .. 7 Ken Hi .... .,.. 3 4 Braddock ... . . , . .12 Ken Hi .,.. .,.. O Greensburg . . . . 6 Ken H1 .. .... O New Castle . 6 Ken Hi's record for the season of I935 reads as follows: won five, lost three, tied one. The record doesn't reveal, however, how difficult was the schedule which they successfully faced. Of the nine opposing teams, no less than six were Class AA. Coach Glock presented, as always, a clean, hard-fighting eleven. Belle Town- ship served as a test in the season's opener. Har-Brac was met abroad in an eve- ning contest. Arnold, Ken Hi's traditional rival proved to be very stubborn, hold- ing the Glockmen to a scoreless tie. The Red and Black met their first defeat at the hands of a passing team from Charleroi. Ken Hi Hopened up" for the first time of the season coming from behind to run and pass its way to a close victory over a clever Mclieesport team. The Kenmen proved their defensive strength in a very close decision over a highlyftouted Monessen team. The Flying Dutchmen proved to be too strong for the visiting Braddock team. Greensburg was the fifth Class AA team to be met. The Gloclcmen fought valiantly, but suffered their second defeat by a single touchdown. Nine seniors played their last game for Ken Hi when New Castle defeated the Red and Black in the Ken Hi Stadium. fPuge 891 Cl-IEER LEADERS OFFICERS Cheer Leaders ..... Verna Mae Mitchell, Billy Walley, Freda Sakulsky, Dorothy Mae Leip- ertz, joe Moran, Lamont Dickey Mascot ....... Chester Anderson Sponsors .............,...... . . . .Miss Doherty, Mr. Haddon Cheer leaders were selected this year to encourage the fighting teams of Ken Hi on to victory. They were determined to organize a better cheering section and received splendid co-operation from the student body. "Ken" and "Kenna," red and black yarn dolls, were made to earn money for the cheerleaders' uniforms and met with instant success. Several new yells were introduced: "Yea Team, Victory," "Yea Red, Yea Black," and the very popular "K", New motions were applied to "Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight," "Fight, Team, Fight" and the spirited "Hit 'Em High, Hit 'Em Low." Much school spirit was also created by this new song: FLYING DUTCHMEN CTune-"ON W1scoNsiN'lJ Flying Dutchmen, Flying Dutchmen Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight Take that hall right down the field We've all our faith in you-Rah, Rah, Rah. Flying Dutchmen, Flying Dutchmen Win this game today And for us bring victory To old Ken Hi. fPage 88j W Q , 1 1 f 'H sn aww w f 5 ' ? f ww Y , 1 K I! X M ml ' K My W M 4.14, M WWZMQQQWJZMLCQ Z S . C ET I-IL -AT FORT ARMSTRONG For one brief- yezir Fort Armstrong was tlie szilient position ol- tlie Westt-i'ii Frontier. Ir wus built by Colonel Pmaiyairtl in H79 :it-ter Colonel Armstrongjs expedition ziguinst tlie Slinwnees :intl lVlOl1lC2ll1SZlflqlfflllililligl,IlWCIi2lSffUIUlllMll2lI1 town, lizitl effectively cruslietl tlie power of tlie lntlixlns in tliis sector. It fell rapidly into tlisuse soon alter its erection because tlie frontier now was efficiently guzirtletl by scouts. Pay H95 the fort wus nearly obliterated. BOOK IV A thletics SENICR CLASS PLAY Property Managers ....... CAST Parkes, the butler ...... ........ ........ F r ank Schweiss Susie, a maid .........,.. ............. E thel Kislig Ottily Howell, a bride ........ .... A nna Lou Stevenson Mrs. Winnecker, the aunt ...... ........ F lorence Cook Daphne Charters, Ottilyk sister. . . ..... Verna Mae Mitchell Nicholas King, stranger ........ . ..... Edward Almasy Ned Pembroke Jr., an only son .... .... S ammy Sampson George Howell, a bridegroom ..... ........ J arnes Akers Dougherty, a police sergeant .... ..... W ayne Everhart lim Mooney, a policeman ........ ........ B en Beacom Clancy, a policeman ............... ..... W illiam Shearer Mrs. Fleming, owner of apartment .... ....... I oy Edelson Vera Vernon, a show girl ........... ............... E lla Alex Mrs. Pembroke, from Boston ..... ............. R uth Haaren Directors, , ..,............. .... M iss Russell, Miss Fiscus UA Full House," a three act mystery comedy by Fred jackson, was chosen as the Senior Class Play. Imagine a reckless and wealthy youth who writes ardent love letters, an attorney brother-in-law who steals them and then gets his hand bag mixed up with the grip ofa burglar, and the burglar who tries to recover his plunder. Add to these the maid, the English butler, and the police who proceed to live up to the name "flat feet." And finally, picture the screamingly funny situations in which these and other characters may find themselves and you have a play where the swiftness of the action never halts for an instant and where the lines themselves hold a fund of humor. flange 84j Stage Managers.,lohn Bulebosh Frank Pazul, Walter Shearer Lois Schriver, Dorothy Cook Varsity Club OFFICERS President ........,. jack Villella Vice President. . .Leonard Benson SccreraryfTreasu.rer ......... .............AlbertDe Mayo Sponsor .......,..... Mr. Lenox Vocational l-li-Y OFFICERS President ...... john Richardson Vice President ...... Fred Bayster Secretary ...,..... Zakie Mackool Trcasimsr ,........ Saul Danovitz Advisor ..... Mr. Anderson The Varsity Club, an honorary athletic fraternity composed of lettermen in any of the athletic fields, proved itself a capable unit in the management of the A. K. V. Tournament where they directed the visiting teams, managed the locker rooms and handled the check room. In addition it presented a trophy to the third place team in the tournament. Meetings were held irregularly and only when the necessity arose for a meeting. The club was dissolved after basketball season when its period of utility was over. The Vocational Hi-Y was organized in the year l934. it is supervised by Mr. R. J. Anderson, vocational patternmaking teacher, and is governed by a group of four officers. The club promotes many good projects helping to keep the Hi-Y ideals of clean spirit, clean bodies, clean minds, clean speech and of perfecting a better understanding of true friendship. y f Many interests are included in the activities sponsored by the club. A repre- sentative has been sent to the Older Boys conference and to a Hi-Y training camp. The organization as a group has visited various industries, among them being the Aluminum Company plant and the Allegheny Steel works The club holds an annual benefit show, the proceeds of which are used in the initiation of new members. fPage 831

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New Kensington High School - Taleoken Yearbook (New Kensington, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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