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TRENTON STATE CCLLEGE Then and now 4 SEAL 1980 mmm' llli lllillllilli I I 5-2 ' ' WF: 1 ' . ' ...W , ., Lf -mpasrr, 4' E' " 3 L 4 ' vu. Y nine. 5 qgixhs ' 8 'W72 b,:,M Qi' els 4 if fu! , E' ' 3' ,, Q , W V 11 W 15 - 4,141 , M1 f WFS? B M L, . yu 4 V t 4, .WV 5' ash . ' M . ,. Q Q.. ffl z 51501 .... FOREWORD: This, the year of nineteen hundred and eleven, marks the debut of THE SEAL. Its originators hope for its perpetuation through the loyalty of their successors. May it prove, indeed, a seal by the memories which it preserves, binding not only the members of this class, but of each succeeding one into fonder relationships. - 1911 SEAL BH.-. BIT--- lf" w,",i22'- yyu: 12 Foreword BII--- BII--. BH.-- F d13 TSC . . Now Now FGREWORD: This, the year of nine- teen hundred and eighty, marks the six- ty-ninth volume of The Seal, and also the one hundred and twenty-fifth birth- day of Trenton State College, formerly the Normal State School, and the New Jersey State Teachers College. The orig- inators of the Seal hoped for its perpet- uation through the loyalty of their suc- cessors. We, the 1980 Seal Staff, wish it the same. The yearbook has indeed proved to be a seal by the memories which it preserves, binding not only the members of the 1911 class but of each succeeding one into fonder rela- tionships. y --- 1980 SEAL 1417 d NoW...NoW...NoW J L. 'T hminisiraiiun .J TSC Welcomes D . Harold Eickhoff, the 14th President If the ease with which Trenton State College welcomed its 14th presi- dent last month is any indication of what the future holds, Dr. Harold Eickhoff should enjoy a long and happy tenure on the Ewing Township campus. Ten years ago when the college needed a president, two top educators turned down the job and 14 stri e-filled months characterized by student and faculty unrest elapsed before Dr. Clayton Brower was named to fill the position. This time the president's mantle chan ed hands quietly. And for the Kansas bom and bred Eickhoff, the TSC presidency repre- sents medium size public college today. "If you visit the student center, you can't help but come away with the feeling of excitement," he said, smiling. "The students are remarkably involved in what goes on in the classroom here. There is a level of intellectual excitement here which make this one of the most exciting campuses I've ever been on." A gentle looking man in his early150's Eickhoff sits comfortably in his Green Hall office. A graduate of t e University of Kansas City with a bachelor' s degree in history and master's degree in history and govem- ment, Eickho f received his doctorate in history from the University of Missouri-St. Louis. A former administrator at Old Dominion University, Norfolk Va., Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kan., and the University of Missouri-St. Louis, Eickhoff is no stranger in the land of higher education. "I love learningbgnd I like to teach," he said. "After a long, soul- searching period a ut 20 years ago, I decided I could best serve i I went into administration," he said. Although national forecasters and New Iersey's Higher Education Chancellor T. Edward Hollander have predicted that the 1980's will be a tight time for public and private colleges, for Eickhoff the reasons to attend college today are as persuasive as they were 50 years ago. "The opportunities available for a person with a colle e education are still greater than those available to a person without a digreef' he said, simp y. "In a complex industrial society, the educated person is always relied upon to provide leadership and make a civilized society what it is " And the reasons students interested in education should attend Trenton State are even more persuasive, according to choose Eickhoff "Trenton State College is committed to quality education and in son: wzys that's something of a rarity," he said. ickhoff has only praise for a decision predecessor Brower made al proximately five years ago to raise rather t an lower the colle e's admi sion standards in response to the shrinking pool of college-bound stu dents. "Public education is funded on a pre-student level," he explaine4 "That can become a trap for colleges who find themselves forced 1 lower standards in order to maintain fundin levels." Brower's decision to raise admission standards has apparently pai off, according to a recent study by the higher educaton department. Trenton now ranks eighth in selectivity out of the state's 31 public ar private colleges. "The decision to become more, not less selective took ot of courage," Eickhoff said. "I have come to the conclusion that Trenton State College is nized to the extent it deserves," he said. "I hear far too many not recog referencf to the college that have an apologetic tone. That bothers me, partial because of my position but more important because no apology is ne essa ." "TSC may very well be one of the best investments in education New jersey. It's a good collegke and it deserves more recognition. That one of my goals, to see -that t e college-gets the recocgnition it deserve Trenton State College is an excellent opportunity for an student. II that's going to be a mayor goal," he said firmly, ad ing: ' e one of the best colleges in the state and it has one of the in body's in the country. All of that spells good news for New dents," he said. st stude: jersey sti Eickhoff said he hopes to spend a lot of time talking to studen during his stay at Trenton State. "The students here can be, and are, very much involved in ing and creating the excellent educatonal environment Trent noted for," he said. "I want to make sure that doesn't chang . - 1 Pat Read, Trenton maintain on State e ,, an 2-24-I Y rinripals uf Qfhv Nw .Wrxzwvu Stain' :Nuruwl .I ' . '1fL 'LLIW fi - X V f iling rf. NY xv Wilfizxlxr Iffillvipi fllulm Sikiztrr Jivwiss1U 3911imf1u:i EiR1feEuzmwsxTliawhruxlrk .Mums 5Ii.6rcrn 2855-1864 zaefwavi Q -- fi wi , ,,,w,,,.,,. f www Af-,mga-Q-k rw -f 1 :wr rin, zmfff- H -A ,1 1' 11,11 K ' ,. f -Q-11 sliver, - -L " Q , fffiiiffi ' f:"f'f': ffl- 'af H39 fa -M 1 "1 wi "' ,. A 'G "z'4Q,fI,"if ??4"iUif'liA .-1 .1 ':14g1w. mf W 1 -4w.15g.A:,ck ,Q ,ag kg J wi-me -2,:,m',.,Wfxwx2wffQ 1,:lk,,. , .f J 4 , X., W wx, .U ,, -,,,.,11 ,.4f:,.,-,,,,,,,f,,,1,'Pa,A, ff .:Q'..1f pf, ' jg fg 15' ,Q ,,1'-f,-1:3 1a,ggg'jgxf"fwr 'S''gig-?2WV?1-f1ik3,f5,Q,i'1'.wg5 X4 Administration 19 Trenton State College 1980 Adm1n1strat1o 1 5 't 1 i V 'I g,1llw1lmm A IM itll ' ml W MIM W6 ' vw sw wc-9 -we m l l- ,w ,,,., ttttt wt ,,,.t wt ,,., ,,-t, 11-t tw ,,,., ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,' ,,., ,,'-' Q ,,,.t President Executive Vice President and Provost Vice President of Finance Vice President Academic Affairs Dean of Students Dean of Arts and Sciences Dean of the School of Education Director of Business and Economics Director of Industrial Education and Technology Director of Nursing Harold Eickhoff Gordon Goewey Peter Mills Sheldon Halpem Iere Paddack Wade Curry Phillip Ollio Anthony Hantjis Robert Thrower Sandra McDougal Vice President AC3dCm1C Affairs I 20 Administration Sheldon Halpern W f W. 1, , iffy 5,w,,f:4f, 44 WGWQW Zee' ' ,. f 6 WWW ..gsu9"" Wa N Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Admmzstratlon 21 Director of Industrial Education and Technology Robert Th 1 - . , ,Q y if fr d Dean of the School of Education lf Q P Ph ll p o11 IN IH! l vvfwfvf " nv 24 Campus Tour ID I MW ,..-Q, 11 !1'f Wsxkpwn Q r .TM ' ink k fl 4 ,fx K YL I y C O 'X A ff fitxx fx 1 YN 422, Q QA 6 .grg-.fy M ' x xp, X . win ,X fx .X XLKV up E ,,1 ,," Qgg f , YQ-is V6 1 VD .. ff :Qmii 'AA., QQQQEH . ' . 5 wil:-V ' A ', ,K f 'm-' is mmTA' Q ,f f A .1 W C ' I L11 'ff f,, Mf , .f v-7V-m +. .. 1 . leg-11:1 f , . I ,' u , K kr.-4' ' 'ZX -V JU fx Q Null lY,.f,l, ,X X.,, bf' ' 1 , I4 I I ini ,M ',,f ::? f 4 ,J E5 ' J , A , I 4156" i'3v:,iWf . ,X-,VE , , X -. V LwL,g - .as f 47 f xx - i , Q -glafis Wkxwz 'T ,f-f' AY K ' . fm fu sf X . My., A ,f... f X. f . - ' X'f,3, 4 1 3 ' x H kAji:Q5i'iff?ij :. iffsyyf . ffglfh ' ' f . sei? Vi fix' gf X H ' A Lf K ffl J, W hw f 2 X05 X A 5633's N I ' F M , Q '- i f Ki, ' D , 1 L . Lfi A -I - -. my 5,-, 44: ,Q fy f-5, 5 P ' .Nf3g' 3 gf.Sff .af 25, ':'. , 3 - "1 - - E, ' '. V, . ,, fp ,, ,M 1 5 M' 1 nmlfmw 1,-Y.:,,,,.,..w , L AAiZ E - . .W " K gk 5,0 QI'-if -xx .. .W ,.., XM ,1.. , I, A L ' r .mfr , 9 - ,.. x f , ....W,,,,,,.-n- ..- Campus Tour 25 -ll gan gal Q3- -II- -ISS -HI- CpT 1" .X X X1 m l, ,. Q. 'X -x -xxx Campus Tour 27 Elin ',f1,lcm'lMhllMQl,i will at ,. Ex 1 A 1 -ml-,iw :waviwwwlwlma ,ata X X ww Wwwrsflw fewwilwlwlwilmm wwtfswi ,mm wi wtwwiwwvwwi,batman ma I M . J wi rrW'ffw"M-:a- Q-, ,,,,,,,,,. ,,,., ,,, ST' ,,,, ,,,, i ,,,,i2w:121w 1,.wryws-wwwwxwt,,,,,,, tgqfrmsai ,. iv'1ww.. ,, , 'ii- . 1 A 1 llllll e Bray Hall Mabel E. Bray passed away on Sunday, May 27, 1980 at the age of 101 years. The music building on the Trenton State College campus is named after her. Bray came to TSC in 1918 to organize and administer a new special music curric- ulum. Because of her high degree of competence as a music educator she was largely responsible for the development of the excellent program which now exists at the college. Bray was active in organizing various high school choral groups for the purposes of improving music instruction in the public schools throughout New Jersey. She participated frequently in programs of national meetings of music educators. Bray served as Head of the Department of Music from September 1918 until her retirement. She was given the academic rank of professor in 1935 and she retired in 1948. Bray attended the University of Michigan, Detroit Con- 28 Obituaries servatory of Music, Thomas Normal Training School, Detroit, New School of Methods in Chicago, Detroit, S Louis and New York. Before coming to Trenton, her professional experienc included supervision of music in public schools 4 Moorhead, Minnesota from 1899 to 1900, at Carlislf Pennsylvania from 1900 to 1902, at Westfield, N.J. fro 1909 to 1917. She was also head of the music department the State Normal School at Cheyney, Washington fro 1905 to 1909, and at the Teachers College, St. Louis, Mi souri. Just prior to coming to Trenton, Bray taught in a priva music school at Westfield, N.J. and was the author 1 numerous music textbooks. She was bom in Madison, N. on January 3, 1878. yew w--ww if 1 'ww mm wrarfcmfxwtgw- .Mt .wafavs t.wwwmstfyfayfiutiawtttwn' .M f,i,5..w,t1,WW,wi,g4,.i3:'4Qw .W .. . . LE, kan ww wi, will pw .M--W-w,wlf.f gags!-w,.. , fu- tw t il, l,,,,,,,ggt- X . ef.taE,YEfl.,YLfm2iaeg-1 rf,-A. W- rwzzxfsf.. '. M- M, taedfgggggrfgmiwrl- will as In Memorium . , 'Y' Roscoe L. West Library Fomier President of Trenton State College, Dr. Roscoe .. West passed away on October 6, 1980 at the age of 87. A native of Wilton, Maine, he came to Trenton in 1921 as 'irector of Elementary Education for the Trenton Public chool System and became Assistant Commissioner of ducation for the State of New Jersey in 1926. Dr. West became President of TSC in 1931 and retired in 957. During his tenure, the college, located on North Clin- in Street, was relocated to the Hillwood Lakes campus. He served on the Trenton Board of Education from 1962 r 1968 and was a member of the Trenton Charter Commis- sion and the Board of Managers of Annandale Reforma- tory. A graduate of Farmington Maine Normal School, class of 1910, he received his BS and masters degrees from Harvard University and his doctorate from Rutgers University. Dr. West was past president of the American Association of Teachers Colleges. Included in various publications by Dr. West are "Elementary Education in New Jersey" and "Volume Seven in the New Jersey Historical Series", spon- sored by the Tercentenary Commission. Obituaries 29 It Really Is A Student Center Roxanne Vaughn i - 30 Student Center Too Ay """""'--. . SHE? Photos by Dan Ryan and Jeff Young Q 5 I '-'1 vgfww A fvamsw 5" sirlhgq Student Center 31 A P :wings ' Molly Cribb 8a The Good Rats fi On Oct. 30, I979 the rats invaded Kendall Hall. They were the Good Rats, a jazz rock group originating from Long Island. Their innovative style has earned them a solid fundamental reputation in the New York area, particularly playing in small clubs along the Long Island circuit. The Good Rats are the Hbrain child" of Peppi Marchello, the lead singer and songwriter who along with his brother Mickey are the only original members of the band still re- maining. Other members ofthe band include Lenny Kotke on the bass, John Gatto on lead guitar and keyboards, drummer Joe Franco and a recent addition John Gatti play- ing the sax. Opening the concert was Molly Cribb, a band of local musicians playing mainly country southern rock. Regard- less of their size tsix membersl they showed diversified talent playing a wide range of numbers drawing an ap- preciative response from the audience - Patty Byrne Concerts 37 4 Q 'Tv fix Q X m Y X X x X ,.," J i l?.XNg - sw 2- fi X , S - K' 9 ' In ,fix 4 ,k-.w- as 'X ' .. N R A 3 ag ' QV Q ' 5 ' Q + J' ae 19 i si f I I ,, 0? , . wr- a U. liebka 0 I , v :,.-fiq Q 3 'ff 1531 i ff' 5 X Dx Q Y Six 1 3 I gl I El . 5 . xfk. . w Q Q "ing 1 Y , 'Q X X 41 .J , s McGuinn Clark SL Hillman Concert Q gy His voice can be coarse, gravelly, yet tender. But you don't care so much about what Harry Cha in sounds like as you do about the way he sings. And what he sipgilabout. Wllen Harry Chapin and his younger brother, Torn, appeared in Kendall on March 26, there was the feeling that these were real people who could reac out and touch their listeners in some way with what they know best: their music. From the moment they walked on stage, Harry and Tom were in complete control, establishing a rapport with the audience that had the effect of completing an electric circuit, charging the atmos- phere with anticipation of what they were going to do next. They are story tellers through their songs, really. At this concert, Harry told mostly serious stories tsongsl leaving the humor to his brother. And through it all they seemed to thrive on the audience as if it was all that really mattered. When Harry sang, Tom improvised on either six or 12 string guitar and supplied vocal harmonies with his clear voice. In fact, it was not uncommon for Tom to improvise the whole back up band, as he did for Harry's "Moming DI". When there were yells from the audience for Harry's infamous "30,000 lbs. of Bananas," he quelled them, explaining it would come later. "A good concert's like a date," he said. "You don't start out in bed, you work your way there." Tom started out with "Traveling Man" giving the chorus part to the audience. "I know you're going to be good," he told them. "Too good. So start out small, as if you don't quite know it, then get stronger each time. Except for the fourth verse. That's the climax. I want that part." Sure enough, the chorus did start out small. But it soon warmed to the part and b the fourth time around, it wasn't going to let Tom have it back. But everyone was having a goocztime. They sang songs about the crisis of education where students must conform, about getting up the nerve to talk to a girl, about love, about losses - about life, both humorous and serious sides. When they sang, you knew they knew what they were talking about. There was Harry's "Story of a Life," which was "written on a barf bag" in an airplane. Tom gave a tribute to St. Patrick's day in an Irish Ballad about a sadistic young maid C'written by a jewish Harvard Professor' 'J. just when it seemed that the energy level couldn't get any higher, there was a comlplete tum- around with Harry' s, "A Bitter Place to Be," "the most gentle song I've ever written' And the audience's attention was riveted on the man in the blue lspotlight. But the most moving point in the evening was when arry stood center stage and sang "Mail Order Annie" with Tom picking guitar in the background. Harry used no amplification, making the ballad seem all the more plaintive. His voice, while having some gruffness to it, was gentle, almost heart-rendering. Tom followed with another tender song, "l'll Be Fine," and his clear voice was filled with emotion. The music just flowed from him and the audience listened, mesmerized. But no Harry Chapin concert would be complete without a rendition of "30,000 lbs. of Bananas," and Harry decided it was time. At this point, the audience was no longer just the audience, but official members of the TSC Memorial S itkicking Choir with the designated duty of singing the chorus, shouting "Bananas!" at appropriate intervals. The concert was coming to an end with Harry's "Taxi." It was made complete with Tom's almost flawless voice on "the high art" and instrumen- tal work, and together they brought the audience to its feet applauding for more. The Chapins didn't disappoint their fans, re- tuming for one more tune, "All My Life's a Cir- cle," and a plea to help the world's hunger- stricken people. - Gwyn jones, Signal 4-8-80 Photos by Dan Ryan 40 Concerts 0 4 - I P ,F W ,ff ' "' Q My v , wx . ,. w SQ -, .i Y 3 Q XX Lionel Hampton People may have wondered if Lionel Hampton was ever going to show up when, half an hour after the concert was icheduled to start, the stage was still empty and the only nusic to be heard was Stevie Wonder recordings over the aound system. But there was no doubt in anyone's mind by the end of he concert that the jazz great had given them one of the nest performances to come across Kendall Hall stage. From the moment he eased into "Mr. PC" Hampton held Qhe audience that almost filled the theater willingly captive nusicanship on percussion. The tide turned however, when four standing ovations md an encore later, Hampton and his band were barely ible to break the audience's hold and make their escape. The sheer energy with which Hampton performs makes it ifficult to believe he's been in the business for 45 years. e was having such a good time on stage while producing 1rst rate jazz, that it would have been difficult for anyone within hearing distance to leave without some of that good 'eeling. Another facet of Hampton was his versatility, swing, 'unk, boogie woogie, blues, latin, even moderate rock - he played it, and played it well. Through it all, Hampton was mesmerizing. Often, his mallets became a single blur as he moved easily and masterfully up and down the vibes. He was no stranger to the piano either, as he proved in several tunes. On another number, he challenged drummer Richie Pratton a second drum set for what could be termed as "Dueling Drumsetsf' Through "Sweet Georgia Brown" to l "Cherokee" to some original funk Cget downj and boogie woogie, Hampton had the audience l in the palm of his hands. He had them clapping their hands, singing along, and before the first T phrase of f'In the Mood" was complete, they were dancing in the orchestra pit in front of the stage and in the aisles. Yet in slow tunes such as "Old Man River" the theater was silent except for the mellow vibes backed by brushes on drums, organ and bass. Musically, it would be difficult to find fault with Hampton and his group. As an ensemble, it was tight, with Pratt on drum set, "Wild" Bill Davis on organ and Barry Mazzroppi on bass forming the backbone. Three trumpets, three saxes Cdoubling flute and clarinetl and two trombones completed the band. Each musician had at least one chance as soloist, and none were disappointing. Curtis Fuller's trombone solos were especially nice, played with a style that made it seem as if he were playing to himself. The dark, rich tone rounded and put the finishing touch on his musical ideas. On tenor sax, Paul Meon was smooth, working up and down the range of his horn with apparent ease. Roy Roman, on trumpet, put Maynard Ferguson to shame, playing in the stratoshpere and reaching notes that belong more to a piccolo than a trumpet. In "Gonna Fly Now" he was brilliant. And his range was not limited to the outer limits. Lower parts seemed to come just as easily. - Gwyn Jones, Signal 2-12-80 Concerts 43 Photo to the Left Fam L to R: Dwight Brown and Cy Orfield. Above P oto from L to R: Sandra Counts and jill Goley. 44 Happenings Lou Gibilesco TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERO A Ehurio .... peed ...., , . Valentine ...,... 'roteus ........ ulia fSebastianl 'ucetta QCaesarioJ ... .... aunce , .....,. ntonio ....... . uke of Milan .... , . ylvia ...,,..... ,.., ,...,Dwi htBrown . , , . Allen .. Lou Gibilsco .....Tom Price .... Lisa jabaut Colette Lawson Ian Applebaum Malcolm Butler . . . . Cy Orfield Sandra Counts Cast Eglamour ....... Tavem Host ..., Milkmaid-Soprano Passion Girls , ..... . . . . Chorus ..., . . . . Ieffre Dean . . . . Tyrone lilarvey ...........IillGoley . . . , . . Pamela Bearce . . . Rochelle Johnson Rhandi Stedje-Larson . . . Regina Willis , ....,., Debra Smith . . Gwindolyn Smith Happenings 45 if' fi, . jj ,,,f f i ' , W . 5 5 . v Q ff' 'A K", ,. . A 'yv ' - "lr I ,. ,L mf ,.f , f W ,, , I " New QE ,1V 1l tax ' s , -M. 1 1 VVVV 05 Y X A! W 'L"'L A ' fifvyg-1 f W, 1 E , , 9 s gfx m m , N3 F ,,.-K' Estelle Parsons in Miss Margaridzfs Wa on Q Committee on the Cuggggff' Performing Arts COLUMBIA ARTISTS THEATRICALS CORP. Y Who said All-Nighters were all Work ix? Photos by Jeff Young Happenings 51 On your mark - Get set - go Decker - Cromwel. x 2 lr :J 55 i. W, My lm: 1'1- Photos by Dan Ryan Happenings 53 os by Dan Ryan 1 Two by Two in the Rathskaller SECOND ANNUAL AWARENESS DAY APRIL 30. 1980 3:00 PM - WHEELCHAIR "It's really hard to be handicapped' ' ing in sets of three in a set course on Quimby's Prairie. "I've never been in a wheelchair before," said sophomore special education major Jim Wilfong. "It was a different experience, but a good way to experience how other people go mobile." "It was a learning experience," said sopho- more Jim Patton, a business major. "Very tough on the hands though, if I had to use one Cwheel- chairj, I would have a motorized one." Delta Zeta Soroity won the women's division for the second year in a row. Sharon White, Patty 'QIOONOON MARATHON RACE AT Kukfa, and Audrey Tatko finished the course in AWARENESS EXPERIENCE , grupgm CENTER GREEN HA'-L 7:26, good enough for a case of beer and olympic 6:00 PM - WHEELCHAIR BASKETBALL GAME - COLLEGE GYM - SPONSORED BY: TRENTON STATE COLLEGE OFFICE OF SPECIAL SERVICES AWARENESS DAY COMMITTEE ENTRY OR TICKET INFORMATION CALL 771-2571 OR CONTACT INFO. BOOTH AT STUDENT CENTER FUNDED BY S.F.B. An elevator here, a ramp there. Physical barriers to the handicapped are finally breaking down. But the invisible barriers societyis attitude toward the disabled cannot be toppled so swiftly. Two years ago, Trenton State College decided to chip away at the sterotyping of and discrimination against the handicapped and on April 30, 1980 the Office of Special Services held its second annual Awareness Day. About 60 people, a combination of faculty, students, and administration hopped into wheelchairs to learn first-hand what mobility problems millions of the disabled face every day. One group of the ablebodied climbed into wheelchairs and tried to perform the simplest tasks, making a phone call or traveling about the campus. "I felt more compassion for the disabled and am more aware of the problems and difficulties they face," said Linda Pasmansky after the experiment. "It's really hard to be handicapped." Others took their wheelchairs to the speedway, compet- style medals. "We used the same strategy as last year," said Tatko, an urban recreation major. "We used the same three as last year, but it's still hard to do. It's harder than it looks." The Brewster team won the men's division with a time of 5:56. The Special Education teams No. 5 and 4 took second and third, respectively, in the women's category. The day also featured informational displays put together by program sponsors, including agencies which service the visual and hearing impaired. A big highlight of the program was the wheel- chair basketball game held in Packer Hall. The New Jersey Blue Devils and the Bordentown Elks played an exhibition game. The Elks won for the second year in a row. This time the score was 68-54. Pacing the Elks was captain Tomy Lewis, who led all scorers with 29 points. Although President Harold Eickhoff made the opening speech and former Mayor of Ewing Bill Klepper, now di- rector of central administration at TSC, and Hamilton As- semblyman and Director of Recreation Francis McMani- mon both spoke at halftime, it was "Big Shot" who stole the show. Big Shot is the mascot for the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team and his antics produced chuckles from the 50 people in attendance. During halftime a game between the administration's basketball team and a combination of the two professional squads was featured. It came as no surprise that the admin- istration lost 8-2. After the game, a reception was held in the Student Center. Don Schulze awarded a plaque to a Bordentown Elk representative to conclude the day's activities. -- Mary Ann Tarr Happenings 55 fbrgaxiizzrtinns .1 Little Sister of Alpha Chi Rho SCJ ,,,., Front Row from L to R: Sue Teevan, Helene Bomstein, Joanne Montanelli, Diane Michak. Back Row from L to R: Sue Berman, Nicki Stark, Janice Melored, Karen Froehlog, and Kiri Novhan. 58 Organizations E Q.. .Ju One of the newest organizations at Trenton State Colle is the Little Sisters of Alpha Chi Rho. Formed in the Spri of 1979, the society joins a national association of siste whose purpose is to serve as a supplement to the Fratemi of Alpha Chi Rho. The sisters will help the brothers org nize and assists in fund raising charitable events and soci' functions. The charter members of the Sisterhood are Kip Nouhan, president, Helene Bornstein, vice-president Karen Froehleg, secretary, Linda DeMaria, Treasurer, S Berman, Janice Breithaupt, Janice Melmed, Diane Micha Jeanne Montanelli, Nicky Stark and Sue Teevan. The Litt Sisters look forward to a promising career at Trenton Sta College. A ipha Phi embership Includes: Charlie Weiner, Barbara Gallagher, Joanne Strickler, Bob Adams, Louis Corrado, Diane Paul, Cindi owman, Lori Arida, Lisa Palma, Patty Zenchak, Keith Reason, jill Bloch, Prof. Robinson fadvisorj. ECA Distributive Education leads to a degree in teach- ing high school students different areas of marketing and distribution. There is involvement dealing with extra curricular activities. The main contributions are to the students of New Jersey. It entails partici- pation in conferences on the Regional, State and Na- tional levels, and maintaining the data bank for these conferences. This major leads to a very rewarding career. First Row from L to R: Io Ann Zeck, Marianne Kuliszewski, Liz Karel, Donna Hart, Kathe Krebs, Bonnie Seeman, Cindy Cutter, Michele Dimicele, Cathy Genger, Camille Marano. Second Row from L to R: Allyson Bart, Valerie Ellas, Nanc Tomozak, Noreen Carey, Tricia yme, Helen Ward, Lynn gtto, Sue Sterling, Nancy Travers, Io Ann Haring and Angela Ernst. Organizations 59 American Industrial Arts College Student Association - Trenton State Chapter .M -,,, First Row L to R: Dave Potts fsecretaryj, Dr. Keith Finkral fco-advisorj, Sherry jammer, Herman Ference Csgt. at armsj, Dr. john Hutchinso fco-advisorj. Second Row L to R: john Betts, Frank Agli, jancees deHaan fvice-presidentj, Dennis Van Malden, jeffre L. Young fpresidentj Rich Woracke, Patti Berhemann, Leon Wojtenko, Bill Appleton Creporterj. Missing From Photo: Scott jenkins, Shletty Egeland, Rhond Browning, Linda Mendenko, Glenn Preiss, Steve Rapaport, Steve Swetsky, Greg Taylor, Kevin Varga, Bill Wetherill. 60 Organizations Hillel . First Row L to R: Dave Goldstein, Ieff Kelson, Carol Acorbach, Ira , Lavinson, Ilene Horowitz, Gail Feafeld, Los Brook, Ben Horz, Karen Denker, Paula Garson, Second Row L to R: Harriet Rosenberg, fadvi- f , sorl, Matt Cooper, Wendy Cohon, unidentified, Karin Kerensky, k"""" Third Row L to R: Ira Hochhauser, Emily Noshamkin, Cheryl Krunitz, Rob Klepner. Speech and Hearing Club 4832 'tw f sieve .W f ,f'fQ,4,n 'Iembers include: Andrianna Dundon Cpresidentl, Nancy Lynn Glover ftreasurerj, joanne Latawiec fsecretaryj, Class Representativ- sz Mariellen Kunichi ffreshmenj, Nancy Poor fsophomorej, Mary Hansen, fjuniorj, Pat Sculley, fseniorj, Juanita Awstin, Susan Qweiel, Lee Wilke, Michele Amster, Laurie Staub, Lynn Balewiz, Glenn Imdinski, Eileen Firgiau, Marybeth Lichtenstein, Peggy J'Neill, Regina Bruschi, Carolyn Watford, Francine Sanders, Ioan Lublein, Pam Prickett, S erri Kunze, Tami Martins, Linda iorini, Tom Macaluso, Mary Chattin, Ann McTigue, Colleen McCann, Peggy Hoover, Michelle Raymond, Linda Ferrante, Joann Sreenfield, Ellen Holtzman, Heidi Wolfinger, Windy Robbins. Organizations 61 The Towers Residence Association is the governing body of the Travers! Wolfe residence halls. They form policies concerning the towers facilities. They also organize social, educational, and entertaining pro- grams for the Travers!Wolfe residents. Members include: Ellen Alzin, Denise Amari, Jim Barker, Colleen Betts, Liz Bisogno, Eileen Boland, Joel Branham, Steve Braun, Les Brook, Sue Colditz, Joanne Del Vecchio, Lisa Diorio, Lauren Early, Lynne Early, Marcie Edlis, Do- lores Evans, Helen Farrell, Maxine Flanagan, Christine Francois, Vanessa Fresca, Mike Ful- giniti, Dorothy Gergely, Miriam Giaccardo, Dave Golish, Debbie Graper, Sharon Gruber, Linda Halbruner, Maureen Hall, Suzanne Hickson, Ilene Horowitz, Chris Horton, Beth Hyman, Jeff Kelson, Karin Kerensky, Joanne Kessler, Jeff Kisty, Sue Klein, Sherrie Kunze, Frank Libexi, Linda Ljoka, Barbara Lee Logan, Joe Lutz, Karen Lynch, Eileen Mangino, Jill McGlennan, Debbie McGotty, Joan McGrory, Reginna McKenna, Patty Mahoney, Jean-Marie Merritt, Linda Miller, Lisa Miller, Carolyn Nak- licki, Wilberta Ortiz, Kathy Patrick, Steve Pic- cininni, Tom Rojy, Robert Schuch, Debbie Scelfo, Nancy Scimone, Amy Silver, Debbie Soukup, Sue Stern, Gene Stice, Bob Swan, Larry Trost, Cheryl Tucker, Joe Volpe, Pete Waldvow, Jim Watson, Ardelle Walter, Darleen Welker, Leslie Woods, Audrey Wynder, Lauri Zimmerman. L to R: Bill Klepper, Terri Delahunty, Donna Marie Peseux, Frank Mazza, Chris Wolfslayer, Donna Bourassa, Bub Kovacs. Blue Key is an honorary leadership frater- nity that recognizes outstanding leaders. The Trenton State Chapter of this national frater- nity has been in existence for three years. Members include Terri Delahanty, Bub Kovacs, Donna Peseux, Karen Roth, Jere Paddock, Bill Kleeper, Donna Bourassa, Frank Mazza, Glenn Felix, Terri Hartsing, Glen Davis, Cindy Woolbright, Lorianne Lowy, Robert Waldron, and Christopher Wolfslayer. 62 Organizations Towers Residence Associatior Blue Key Executive Board: President - Bruce Kleiman, Vice President - Kathy Kirk, Secretary Beth Brown, Treasurer - Cindy Leary, Executive Board Secretary - Ruth Bluemer. ivision of Business and Economics The Board of Student Directors was established in the Fall of 1977. The board is made up of :presentatives of all organizations in the Division of Business and Economics CAccounting Club, larketing Club, Economics Club, Society For Advancement of Management, Phi Chi Theta, 'elta Mu Delta, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Business Senators to the SGAJ. The objectives of the Board are to establish a better system of communication between students, tculty, and administration. The Board programs activities for the entire Division of Business and conomics, and acts as a coordinating body between the various Division organizations. First Row IL to Rl: Howie Trachtenberg, Chris Wolfslayer fpresidentl, Roberta Oravsky, Ienny Neumann, George Sargent. Second Row IL to Rl: joe England, Ioanne Kessler, jim Rodzon. Organizations 63 Gospel Choii The TSC Gospel Choir serves as a public relation- ship and involvement for students not familiar with Gospel music. It serves , l the different campus orga- C , nizations at their request f C 5' Y . and also performs in C M K 1 l events in the surrounding Trenton area. The main function of the TSC Gos- pel Choir is to uplift the i,lh ostrl ,L , spirit of Trenton State Col- 5' A7 S? as , lege through song. -tue e Y ' i , - President - Barbara Farmer, Vice President - Ronald Taylor, Treasurer - Felecia Dixon, Secretary - Paulii Holness, Pianist - Ametta Stockton, Advisors - Wanda Hendricks, Bennie Bames. Buck Row L to R: Ton Williams, Ronald Taylor, Second Row L to R: Leslie Woods, Fred Robinson, Gerald Thompson, Bill Griffin, Wann Hendricks, Edward Rothmoller. First Row L to R: Linda Hurdle, Iacquelyn Nichols, Sandra White, Dee Alle Felicia Dixon, Lora Paden, Gail Hobbs, Barbara Farmer, and Ametta Stockton. Members not in photo: Brent Bryant, Brenda Hill, Beverly Mitchell, Cedric Miller, Donna Black, Gena Brown, Mary Ballard, Paul Sanders, Rei Smith, Russell Peterson, Sandra Rogers. College Choru Front Row L to R: Catherine Doucette, Antoinette DeSantis, joel Blady, Holly Mariano, Jacqueline Gantz, Ben, Seabro Marsha Fahrer, lim Smith, Nancy Herd, Carol Andrews. Second Row L to R: Jenny Parr, Marge Peterson, Iohn Boron Diana Gierveld, Don Hansen, Alan Cray, Nancy Poor, Barbara Vella, Diane Bergen, Diane Rebrey, Stan Kryzwonos. Th Row L to R: Carl Van Hise, Steve Ioostema, Ameha Stockton, Larry D'Oria, Lisa Traina, Michael Pugliese, Ro Hoffman, Walter Smith, Fourth Row L to R: john Fish, Kevin Glenn, jill Goley, Michael Bama, Dave Chambers, Ia . . Carter, Dave Williamson, lane Wasser, Lou Gibilisco. Director - Dr. Ruthann Harrison. 64 Organizations Drchesis Modern Dance Company S., The Orchesis Modem Dance Company has become a well known student organization in the past hree years. Under the direction of Jana Feinman, we have sponsored a modern dance concert each pring that has been very successful. The company is open to all who are interested, with or without xperience. We strongly encourage participation from the college community. Orgmiizatiorzs 65 The Kung-Fu Club was Front Row L to R: Catherine Doucette, An- toinette DeSantis, joel Blady, Holl Mariano, jacqueline Gantz, Ben Seabrook, Marsha Fahrer, jim Smith, Nancy Herd, Carol An- drew. Second Row CL to RJ: jenny Parr, Marge Peterson, john Boronow, Diana Gierveld, Don Hansen, Alan Cray, Nancy Poor, Bar- bara Vella, Diane Bergen, Diane Rebrey, Stan Kryzwonds. Third Row KL to RJ: Carl Vanttise, Steve joostima, Ametta Stockton, Larry D'Oria, Lisa Traina, Michael Pugliese, Robin Hoffman, Walter Smith. Fourth Row KL to RJ: john Fish, Kevin Glenn, jill Goley, Michael Bama, Dave Chambers, james Car- ter, Dave Williamson, jane Wasser, Lou Gibilisco. Director: Dr. Ruthann Harrison. Concert Choii Kung-Fu Clu established in the Spring of 1979. Its purpose has been to give instruction in Hung-Gar Kung-Fu. Kung-Fu is translated as time and work. Through instruction of the Hung-Gar style, the club aims to develop and teach self-defense, self- confidence, and self- discipline. A further pur- pose of the club has been to make students more aware of another coun- try's culture and philoso- phy- In February of 1980, the club's members partici- pated in the Chinese New Year celebration in New York City. The club also put on a Kung-Fu demon- stration for Spring Week and is planning more in- volvement in town events and school activities for the future. Front Row L to R: George Kocsis, Ricardo Sabogal, Barry Feldman ftreasurerj, Mark Wassmuth, Frank Simo Debbie Stacchini, joseph Midiri fpresidentj. Second Row L to R: Keith Weidenhot, john Houtenville, Peter Wic ersty, jim Murray, Nang Sun Lee, Rich Lee. Missing from photo: Marie Vasta, Mark Edenfield, Ralph Midiri, Hele Skafidas, Raymond Crane. Engineers Club 'he Engineers' Club of Trenton State College is affiliated vith the Engineers' Club of Trenton test. 19143, a Irofessional-social society composed of many engineers mployed in the Trenton Area. Student Membership is ,pen to any student of the college. In addition to field rips, guest speakers, and various social functions, mem- vership gives the student the opportunity to speak with prospective employers, practicing engineers, and to spread Lnowledge of the TSC engineering technology curricur- ums. First Row K L to Rl: Ray Radner, Mike Brost, Kevin Dwyer, Charles Parkin- son Cpresidentl, Mark Durkee, Paul Rogowyi, Second Row L to R: Cris Cristono, Peter Scrensin, David Wright, Sid Bames, Maurice Leblon, Gilbert Daye, Don Drost, Mark Smith, Ion E. Dutton, Mike George. Missing from Photo: Dave Franco, loe Varga, Masoud Kiam, Tim Fvnari, Ed Lavis, jim Scalan, Steve Langan, John MacCallum, Ioe Garozynski, Matthew Szapocki, Dale Murray, lim Gatti, Bill Tryanowski, james C. Skene, Douglas Walsh, Daniel Chan, lim Risley, Bill Dale, Len Nicoletti, Iames Brown, Bud McGuinness, Robert Iayson, Carl Yacono, Dorothy Evert, Mike Smith, Matt Wilson, Pat Defelice, Victor Fregoness, Eric To- bye, Irene Smolney, Bob Dorrance, Stan Akahoshi, Chris Hams, joan Seibert, Gregory P ayer, Bruce Studier. Organizations 67 Professional ursing Organizatior First Row L to R: Cathy Rowland, Val Elias, Susan Shetzline. Second Row L to R: unidentified, Sharon Godowski, Russ Perry, Rand Wagner, Andra Hand, Debbie Baxter, Beth Dickinson. Third Row L to R: uniden- tified, unidentified, Mary K. Falvey, Therese Crowley, Diane Denicsik. 68 Organizations The Professional Nursing Organization of Students ' comprised of students interested in the profession of Nur. ing. Consistent with our philosophy of Nursing, the PNO works to provide opportunity for personal, intellectua professional, and social growth of our members. Much this is incorporated into the health information and servic we provide to the campus and community. Members a encouraged to cultivate leadership and skills within the or ganization and in the National Student Nurse Associatio CNSNAJ and New Jersey Nursing Students CNJNSJ. T active PNOS member is aware of the issues, respo sibilities, and needs of the Nursing Profession and the pub lic it serves. PNOS activities include: Health Fair, Mini-Conventio Career Day, Senior Recognition Ceremony, Incomin Freshman Tea, Big!Little sponsorship, and other educ tional and social projects, including a monthly newslette Nurse's Notes. Protestant Fellowship at TSC ff v. ommuter Alliance M3 Formerly sponsored by the Protestant Foun- dation and now by Trenton Campus Minis- try, the Protestant Fellowship is an interde- nominational Christian group for students, faculty, and staff. The Protestant Fellowship represents the major Protestant churches but is open to all. Opportunities are offered for worship, Bible study, fellowship, counsel, service, leadership, and interfaith events. 9 . l , Front Row L to R: joe Strickland, Heidi Knoll, Louise Rubalow tadvisorj, Scott Stricker ftrea- surerl. Second Row L to R: Beth Price, Donna Hirth fsecretaryj, Frank Sz mkowski, Bruce MacRae, Wolfgang Bogacz tchairpersonl, Carol Fitzpatrick fvice-chairpersonl, Mary Rose Quigley Cpublic relationsl. The Commuter Alliance is an orga- nization which seeks to integrate commuters into college life at Trenton State College. We are trying to ac- complish this through various pro- grams such as: carpools, orientation instruction, and activities which will be of interest to the commuter. Our two primary responsibilities are to work as an advocate for the commuter, and also to provide fun activities for over half of the TSC population who commute to school. Organizations 69 The Austin C. Apgar Society has and does function as Tren- ton State College's bi- ology club. We spon- sor various social ac- tivities throughout the year which include: picnics, dinners, par- ties and carwashes. Lecture presentations are given periodically by pertinent speakers throughout the year. The Apgar Society welcomes all biology majors as well as any- one interested in biol- ogy. L to R: Bill Grepka, Kathy Rinchler, Terri Ecker, joAnne jordan, Brian Ma er, Luba Hjidaj, Brian Mooney, Michelle Falon, gharlie D'Amico, Pat De- Felice, joe Tobias, Shiela, Tom Rojy, Lilli Anne, Linda Cook. 70 Organizations Apgar Society I , V L ,., Active Members: Walter Boruch, Tom Burroughs, Rosalie Chipman, Lyn Cook, Wayne Cromwell, Charlie D'Amico, Pa Defelice, Ronald Eccles, Ann Marie Ecker, Lillianne Falco, Michelle Fallon, Carol Foster, Bill Gerepka, Nathan He Luba Hladij, joanne jordan, Ann Kasulis, Marilyn Knoettner, judie Kreseski, Frank Lenartowitcz, Brian Mayer, Chri McCabe, Brian Mooney, joe Ondersin, Kathie Rinschler, Thomas Rojy, Sheila Scott, Bruce Silverberg, joe Tobias Bemadette Weiss, Susan Witowski. Physics Clu n International Student Association F? l'at-Wai Liu, Tat Yan Liu, Louis Loizou, Emmanuel Lopez, Mahesh Vlahtani-Secretar , Ialeh Mehrabadi, Fridoline Mgbenwulu, Man- auchehr Moa arolinamaleke, Ghoam Hasan Mo'alal, Mohammad Reza Sllotamedi, Slhagufta Nasreen, Habibollah hfatanzi, Okeibuoji C. Nlwarache, Carlos Ortiz, Celestine Onyeagocha, Kemdi Opara, Chong Yun Park, Claudia Pena, Shahin Peyman, Afshin Rastegar, Ali Reza Sahebkhtiari, Thomas Sandy, Parvin Sattarzadeh, Rino Scelli, Bijan Sepahpour, Ahmad Shadpayam, Shiu-Ying Tang, Chukwujeku Udechukwu, Stephen Ugorji-Vice President, Chi-May Uenniferl Wanlg, Vlao-Lon Wang, Tatsuya Ya i, Chuan-Yi CAlexJ Yang, Chian Len y Yu, Clariiel Page, EXCHANEE STUDENTS, Dietrich Arens, Brigitte Schmitt, PERMANENT RESIDENTS, Marco Navarrete-Presidente, Goree Moikobu, Nicky Trinh, Nang San Lee, Eva Benchimol, Martin Schreiber, Helmut Klingenberg, Phan Huu Huynh, Marcan Shefcheck, Phuong Thi Tran Thuy, Ersav Zantor. ADVISOR, Glenn A. Felix, 'NTERNATIONAL STUDENTS, Ishmael Abass-Shereef, Mohammad Amineddoleh, Dordaneh Bakhtar, Mendel Barak, Karman Barkhordar- zadeh, Amar Benmara, Daisy Cheng, Tsung-Hua CBil1yJ Chou, Farhad Daghigh, Marlene Diamond, Xiomary Diamond, Sylvester Ezewuiro, Maureen Feeney, Tina Fung, Maryanne Gelsing, Abdolali Golesorkhi, Nader Hashemi, Yong Woon Hwang, Jude Iheoma, Charles Brown Ike, Hasan Iawaid, Kirsten Iepp, Anastasia Khoury, Assad Khoury- Treasurer, Maoud Kian, Young No Lee, Pin-Yuan Liu ima The Intemational Student Association was established during the Fall Semester 1978. The purpose of the organization is to provide a fonim for Intemational Student concems, an opportunity for Intemational Students to sponsor programs and services for the cam- pus, and a social interaction program for Intemational and American students. Mem- bership is open to both International and American students. The primary objective of the Intemational Student Association is to make Intemational Education a reality on this campus and to serve the cause of Inter- national understanding. During its brief his- tory the ISA has sponsored receptions for International Students, Exhibitions, Dance Programs and Dinners, as well as other social events. Or am atzons Delta Psi Kapp Front Roug L to R: Tammy Desmond, Louarie Breen, Rose Wagner, Maureen Wahl, Norma Arnesen, Sahara Diller. Back Row L to R: Kathy Burrel, Eileen Guien, Nancy Murphy, Debbie Le Clair, Leslie Craig, Brigett Schrepfer, Diane, Stephanie Million, Lyn Koch, Laurie Knutson, Liberty Delgado, Delta Psi Kappa is a National Health and Physical Education and Recreation Professional Fraternity. Sophomore, Junior and Senior women who qualify with high enough cumulative averages pledge for four weeks and take a national written test before becoming a sister. The group participates in several service projects including: Deborah Walk-a-thon, Unicefl projects and Children's Christian Fund. The social functions include pledging parties, Annual Spring Dinner Dance, and Intramurals. Money making projects include raffle selling, selling bumper stickers, and bake sales, bagel and ice cream sales. f Delta Psi Kappa was founded in 1916 and established the Beta Epsilon Chapter in 1963. 72 Organizations Delta Omicron Delta Mu Delta First Row L to R: Cathy Doucette ftreasurerj, Susan Penrose Cpresidentl, Barbara Vella fsecretaryj. Second Row L to R: Dr. M. Bisgrove fadvisorj, Iody Iadack, Ann Moriarty, Susan Claypool fvice-presidentj. Omicron Tau Chapter of Delta Omicron was founded at Trenton State College in May 1964. Classified as a professional fraternity and a member of the Professional Panhellenic Associa- tion, Delta Omicron limits its membership to female music majors and organizes its activities specifically to promote professional competency and achievement within that field. .Zia .Ag 1 i 4 E Organizations 73 Society for the Advancement of Management The Society for the Advance- ment of Management was orga- nized in order to further provide an educational experience for anyone with a sincere interest in the art and science of manage- ment. Through the interaction with faculty and practicing man- agers, students, by participating in the clubis many various ac- tivities, become enlightened to the insights of the management profession. The American Marketing As- sociation Club at Trenton State College is affiliated with the Pro- fessional American Marketing Association. Through campus activities such as speakers and workshops, outside activities such as field trips to industries and advertising agencies, semi- nars, conferences, and Market- ing research projects, we pro- vide students the opportunity of meeting important members of the marketing community and enable them to gain first-hand, practical marketing knowledge and experience. 74 Organizations i N a First Row L to R: Frank Santini, Dou Magill, jenny Neuman tpresidentb, Loring Magee, jeff Kelson, lin Cronin texecutive v.p.J. Second Rowi to R: Dr. William Feldbaumer tadvisorj, Ioann Daniels Csecretaryl Alicia Perone, Donna Wenk, Denise Russo, Karen Maginnis, Kristi Owens, Carol Barr. Third Row L to R Greg Schnitter, Chris Wolfslayer, Esta Margulies CCCPP secret J, Patty Maggio, lim Rodzon fv.p communicationsl, Steve Shaginaw, Melody Feinberg, Steve Cray?2'1.p. activities, American Marketing Association I Front Row L to R: Kevin Van Malden, Debbie Reinhardt, Dana Michlowitz, Antoinette Banks. Second Roz L to R: Craig Simms, Barbara Kessler, Caroline Young, Cathy Pontelandolfo, Terri Sheehan, Heathe McArthur, Kathy Collins, Mike Chunko. Back Row L to R: Dr. Nick L. Nicholas tadvisorj, Scott Dalton Nancy Loniewski, Bette Kaminsky, Danette Horcher, Iennie Zazzarino, Christine Weaver, Mike Iackson Kendall Chumney, Greg Schnitter, Jim Rodzon. g ath Club The Math Club of Trenton State was formed in 1973. The iain purpose of the club is to promote academic schol- rship in the mathematical sciences, to improve faculty- tudent relationships, and to stimulate wider interest to- fard all aspects of mathematics. Each semester the club ponsors three lectures which are related to the mathemati- al sciences. The club has also made contributions to local harities. Each year the club invites the community to par- cipate in a contest involving either mathematical ques- ons or a backgammon tournament. Kneeling: Wendy Blackman, fPresidentJ, Nancy Stanley, Anny Litterio, Jennifer Cossaboon, Ed Casta na. Midde Raw: Pat Olsen, Dorthy Parkstale. Top Row: sob Lauer, Mike Lombardi, Beth Kaufman, Anna Kawalik, john Kobos, Pin-Yuan Liu, Dr. Edward Conjura, fAdvisorJ. Mis- sing from photo: Linda Temple CTreasurerD and Carol Engel fSecretaryJ. Organizations 75 Photos by Jeff Young 76 Organizations Y , s Q - M, . w ew ' ' f 1 f -g, f I 'ndbx-1, Y H -' x My '- " . V' . QR' -f f LU' L., L., US? i ' Q, Z 5 4+ " ' ' img" ff 1. fy? 1 Lf'JS,Hi52l.fKb+4.J,'- k , , .apt N f f ff Q M W A ,. f za-Z, ' 551' 3 in 4 a ,., "' fum? , f .V J" , - V nw ' A K I M Y 1 Q3 4,31 wg, ,,,, , ' 'I W Hwyli' 5,10 1' L,-'S-'f'?1' , M , L. . 1+ 'H ,gf , --ww-,. ,, , my-fm: ,, hh, , ,ww 'vifffk 1 -1 ' wmewl-ynyyg, :nw 'W ' "La1-w-"f1we:sa-fff'Zf- ww' fry., .V ,, 1, "" - lg -- . .,,, 1 wr ' w H Wai' if fi -- W- IQ: AS. Jim- an A "- . 4 5 -HIWQ , ' fn -Q Halftime at Dean Field an um ...... - K t , ,,,,,,,.k,f, ,.,,,,,., , mm EN -0 -v- ,-5 A V "" ,, v ,, ,I P H V 'X Vi . 1, V A: Organizations 77 Phi Chi Theta Phi Chi Theta has been organized to promote the cause of higher business education and training for all womeng to foster high ideals for women in business careersg and stimu- late the spirit of sacrifice and unseltish devotion to the at- tainment of such ends. 78 Organizations r Front Row L to R: Melinda Maioana, Roberta Oransky, Sandy Springel Michelle Ioclan, Teresa Toculer, Diane Polamski, Holly Adler, Buck Ro L to R: Lois Robenson, Pat Patterson, Silvana Finizio, Mary Lynn Tras' Gwen Confalioe, Patty Ma io, Sandra St. Amour, Ester Hooker, Ma I Paslawsky, Lynda Heller, Ffa Cohen. Missinifrom photo: Valerie Wes treirker, Ioanne Mc Gell, Sandra Connar, Deb ie Reinhardt, Ann Banks Anne Marie L nch, Ioanne Kessler, April Anson, Anne Holloway, Dan. Michlowetz, gina Mastroberti, Rita Terris, Heather Mc Astder, Iackit Murphy, Diane Ligtti , Dawn Campbell, Beth Bondarwicz, Doreen Cook, Cathy Pontelanfolfo, Beth Glassen, Kristi Owens, Gabby Poulin Bimdeni Fessell, Fran Kupghik, Kim Chambers, Tessell johnson, Karen Malnar, Bette Kaminsky, Amy French and advisor Dr. Harriet Hinck. TSC Jazz Lab b 61501 .... mhBII---mhBII V. , X , Y wr , I vcr- A BH--- BH... BH-.- Us Old photos courtesy of Trenton State College Archives, Mr. Mathews, Curator. If s.Q - J, :AI ' c 'J 'W 'fy sf N, i i - -ff. 1 ' Q - - sfo ' gg N J :1. K -,V 4 1 . l ' -' H. , ,Lak . gf, . - f 1 Q - ' f .2 we Y 'r- . Si - 1 -2 lfzsrx WM. 2 , , XI, X ' ' V f H my Sf' 1 ' v ' .Q 'f 1' t so so 11, -' 2 ' A 4' . . Y ' ,- . M 4' . 2 ' .ye P sf. t ' X 1 i 'Nr 2--. f'-M 5 X -,L 1- 'A KU- Qfwwi si Then and Now 81 When . - - GITIBII V BU.-- BIT.-- BU..- 394 rw' l 7 QQIGY .1 nr H07 1+ 2 1 E . A Q I i. VC li 10: Then and Now BII zmh Ufll..- Trenton State College started as the New Jer- sey Normal School in 1855. It was originally lo- cated on Clinton Avenue in the city of Trenton. In 1931, the school moved to its current location at the Hillwood Lakes Campus in Ewing Township. The school became a four-year Teachers College in 1937 and the training of teachers was its pri- mary program. The college began to change its emphasis and to broaden and diversify its pro- grams in the late 1950's and during the 1960's and the name was officially changed to Trenton State College. A master plan was developed in the late 1960's and a great building program and improvement of the grounds on the campus took place. The at- tractive campus that exists today is due in large 84 Then and Now part to this program of activity. Enrollment ha: grown from the initial class of 15 students to ove 10,000 full-time and part-time undergraduate stu dents. Since its founding in 1855, Trenton State Col lege has been committed to quality education. In over a century of growth and development, tht college has evolved into a multipurpose institu tion offering undergraduate and graduate pro grams in more than fifty professional and prepro fessional fields. The college is comprised of th4 School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Edu cation, and divisions of Business and Economics Industrial Education and Technology, Nursing and Graduate Studies. ufn--- nfn--- nfn.-- .VW '-Q '11 y .5 :Q I' , Then and Now 85 Student Finance Board i Photo to the Ri ht: Jim Schuck, Assistant Chairperson and Pete Posario, C ariperson. Photo Below: Pete Rosario and Judy Clark Members include: Dorri C. Scott Robert Edenzon Diane Adamo Vincent Eades M L nn Troisi Biarglaytchley Amy Miller Melissa Zuravner Kevin Irish Mike Jacobs Paul DiPasquale Patricia Fierst Shari Reinstein Lisa Grant Joseph Schmittinger Russell Perry Michael Ferrea Denise Gandolfo Karen Elamn Mind Schwartz Blonceell Pearson 88 Organizations Student Government Association Michelle Polites Sharon J. Lane Dianna Freeman Alexander Christian Gwen Confalone Dave Wexler Ben Walters Linda Wyatt Luba Hladij Lorianne Lowy Marc Held Janice Shade Joseph Giorgianni Pam Bailey Cliff Zatz Wendi Dillion Diane Luftig Robert Ekelmann Jose Maldonado Kathleen Kirk Dorri Scott, president , , , Over 1,100 people, including administration, faculty, stu- ent leaders, and friends attended a formal reception No- ember 30, 1979 in honor of Trenton State College president, Ilayton Brower, who has retired after ten years of dedicated ervice to the college. Clayton Brower, along with his wife Dorothy and their tree children, Carole, David, and Lynn, stood at the front of ie reception line, greeting well-wishers, some of whom had zaited half an hour in order to see him. The wait did not discourage the crowd from having a good me, as there was plenty to eat and drink, Music was pro- ided by the Jazz Quintet. Bob Newman, president of the Trenton State Alumni As- ociation read from the framed "Resolution in Appreciationl' Thank You Clayton Brower which was presented to Brower. Newman praised Brower's administration and also his committment and ded- ication to the Alumni Associa- tion. 'tHe has served as a catalyst in the development and con- tinued growth of alumni partic- ipation in scholarship pro- grams for academically tal- ented students," Newman said. Perhaps the most moving speech was given by Wade Curry, dean of arts and sci- ences. Curry said that "Clayton Brower was perhaps the finest president Trenton State ever had. He created an atmosphere which persued excellence from a number of people." Curry also talked about the changes that Brower has made here. 'fHe also developed a sense of community here, allowing others to become involved in decisions," Curry said. Curry felt that "Brower as president was friendly, and outgoing a symbol or college model of what an academic person should bel' Brower was also presented with several gifts. One, a scrap-book including letters to Brower during his presi- dency from Ueverybody who is somebody," and a page with Signal headlines over the past ten years. Brower was also presented with a gold clock. - Marilyn Joyce, 12-4-79 Signal The 1980 SEAL Staff From L to R: Edward Musantry - Editor-In-Chief, Linda Gugliotta, Cesar Cantor - Happenings Editor, Dorothy Gergerly - Co-Sports Editor, lim Wilfong and Susan Boza - Senior Editor. Thanks Staff, for all your help. I'm glad we got to know each other at the retreat to Camp Mohican. We became more than a staff, we became friends. I had a great time and really enjoyed this year. The work was more than any of us expected but this yearbook will be one of the finest at TSC, thanks to all of you. - Ed Musantry 1980 Editor-In-Chief Jeff Young and Dan Ryan - You made the difficult job of Photography Editors seem very easy. Hope you keep with it because you're both really talented. Thanks. Stephanie Millon and Dorothy Gergerly - You teamed up together and nothing could go wrong. Your working so well together produced a great finished product. Thanks alot. jeff Young - Co-Photo Editor Dan Ryan - Co-Photo Editor M.-'Qnms-l"""'1Il'- -" Stephanie Millon - Co-Sports Editor Seal Staff 91 Special Thanks to some special people Sue Boza - You are a really nice person with a great personality. Your work with the yearbook was great and I really appreciate it. Cesar Cantor - Your title tit well. You not only knew what was happening on campus but you were in everything that was happening on campus. Thanks for all your help. il.. Cesar Cantor Sue Boza Dorothy Gergerly swf ,ff J 92 Seal Staff Linda Gugliotta and Ed Musantry W Linda Gugliotta - Thanks, Lyn, for all your support. When the work got hard, you were always right by my side. I could always count on you to help me through. Art Steinman - I'll always appreciate and remember how you were always there when we needed you. When we had a problem, you had the solution. You offered your opinion but always let us make the final decision. You taught me much more than how to create a yearbook. You are a great person and I'm glad I got to know and work with you. Sandy Povio - My successor - Your extra help with photography was appreciated. Good luck with the 1981 Seal. Art Steinman - Advisor Mary Ann Tarr Pat Fox CFoxyJ - You will always be a special person to me. Thanks for the long hours you spent in the yearbook office. You're the best. xfiiillill I!! l'U'IY! 'Y ' X Y Si t 1 fi " lv: Pat Fox - secretary N Homecoming Cake for Mary Ann Tan' Mary Ann Tarr - I saved my thanks to you for last. You're a true blue friend that I could really count on. Your dedication to the yearbook and college is outstand- ing. Thanks, thanks and thanks again. Seul Stuff 93 Y in 94 Utimme Umana Utimme Umona!Lo Voz Oculto First World Productions February l 980 Vol. l3: Issue l Trenton State College gf Block History Month it .3 Q 4... YI A w'l Photo Counesy UUXLVO timme Umana!La Voz Oculta Staff: Sitting, L to R: Deborah Higginbotham, Gloria jordan, ludie Clark, Gabe McC1emore, Doreen Eawford, Carmen Brock, Brenda Pinkston, Derrick Spadyp Standing: Richard Wright, Cindy Sherwood, Wesley McDonald, William cLean, Lewis Stephens. Not pictured: Elroy Chase, S ari Harris, Kevin West, Pau Sanders, jonetta Smith, Chaucette Smith, Sharon ampbell, Elizabeth Reason, Daniel Simmons, Cindy Harris. Editor-ln-Chief Managing Editor Production Manager Business Manager Campus News Editor Photography Editor Art E itor Sports Editor Poetry Editor Copy Editor Prison News Editor Head Typist Judie A. Clark Lewis X. Stephens Doreen Crawford Gloria G. Jordan William S. McLean Richard C. Wright Mark Malone Paul Sanders Cyril Reed Kevin West Deborah Higginbotharn Cindy Harris Nate Harris, Sharon Campbell jackie Nichols, Carmen Brock Elroy Chase, Brenda Pinkston, Faye Koonce. A visor: Professor Donald T. Evans Afro-American Studies Dept. Judie Clark S 5. 5 'V 9: S ri 3 za xo U1 WTSR 91.3 The Alternative 96 WTSR Paul Vagnozzi The Staff of WTSR: Ioe Accardi Ioe Agron Iosep Altomare Bruce Appel Susan Atatamier Glen Bienstock Steve Brant Greg Caiola Richard Capparelli Linda Chell Lou Costa Mark Didia john Dowling Missy Drozdoff Johnathan Fleck Mike Fullerton Susan Glassey David Herman Donna Ienssen Norm Latham joe Lutz Budd McNellis Tom Kllerritt George Mott james Natale Barbara Nearier Erin O'Brien Sue Paterson Tim Quinn Scott Reich Don Rettman Bill Romano Anna Russo Hank Schmidt Lois Shepard Dave Silvertein john Sinton Keith Tienken Bill Van Melissa Waton Keith Weinman Scott Yetka ll' ,gg is Fitting L to R: Paul Vagnozzi, Gregg Bemicker, Dave Meg esy, Kneeling L to R: Nanc Reilly, Donna Iennsen, Patty Weston, Marcia LeRoy, Sue Atatimur, Anna Russo, Third Row L to R: Bill Hart, Bill Van glenthysen, Keith Weinman, Bruce Appel, Mike Fullerton, Wagllne Cromwell. Fourth Row L o R: joe Accardi, Toivo Vilgats, Ioe Lutz, Dave Sayles, Bill Romano, Don Rettman, Mike Rinnegan, John Dowling, Dave errnan, james Natale, Scott lleich, Bob Sinton. Not Pictured: Mark DiDia, Gene Lanzoni, Missy Prozcloff, Tom Merritt, Norm Latham, Matt Copper, Susan Glasse , Linda Chell, ohnathan Fleck. George Mott, Steve Brant, Sue Patterson, Barbara Nearier, Erin O'Brien, Melissa Waton, Don Hansen, Tim Quinn, gary Gurman. Xvjf 'hoto Courtesy of the Signal mn In , V' , flvdvvnuy viii ,V I 'Nw -I ' 'Qi '55 Wayne Cromwell WTSR 97 H 1 Photo Courtesy The Signal Signal "I'm so glad we had this time together." Bottom row, L to R: Chris Vota, Jeanne Brady, Patricia Fierst, Peggy Ballrnan, Colleen O'Neilg Second row: Marilyn Ioiyce, Suzanne Dafhlian, Anne Marie Russo, Sue Doan, Third row: Altamese Sherrell, Bill Haacker, Ron Lewis, Ief Urban, Tim Quinn. 1a-is , .W Above: "Old" Signal staffers, Bill Haacker and "Tilt" Meyer drop in for a visitg to the left: Sue Doan, features editor. 1 Photo by Sandy Povi 100 Mohicun Outdoor Resource Center Q ,4 ve W, 4: 52 E M5 E Photo by Sandy Povix Mohican Outdoor Resource Center 'ex rrf Z r'Q l r'-rfrr' gf? ',r , ', W 'fe' Ja "'- fm ' - A 5: 'e-o- L Photo by Sandy Povio Mohican Outdoor Resource Center 101 by Sandy P " if 0 "1 Greek J 104 Greeks 1. Greeks 105 106 Greeks Dan Ryan Qi Greeks 107 Goodwill is the monarch of this house . . . Alpha is built on the precepts of high scholastic standing, high moral character, personal prog- ress and brotherly love. Since the establish- ment of Iota Iota chapter at Trenton State Col- lege the brothers have constantly expanded on these ideals. The dedication of all brothers has led to community projects, financial projects and so- cial events that aid in the development of black people everywhere. Young men with 2.5 GPA's, tenacity, lead- ership qualities, and love of mankind can de- velop these qualities further be checking into the world's oldest black greek letter fraternity . . . in fact, I am the college of friendship, the university of brotherly love and the school for the better making of men. I am Alpha Phi Alpha. Alpha Phi Alpha AWA 35 il , il Alpha Chi Rho A XP Alpha Chi Rho is a National Fraternity involved mainly in community service projects, social activities, and anti- hazing policies, here at Trenton State College. 108 Greeks l 1 i HE Ionian Sigma Gamma Sigma Gamma Sigma Sorority, founded in 1855, is the oldest sorority on campus and the third oldest in the nation. Dr. Jessie Turk, who is a professor in the Geography Department, has been advisor since 1949. Gamma Sigma's many social function on cam- pus include the annual Harvest Moon Ball, a Weiner roast on ETX island, a Christmas Party, and weekends at the shore. Gamma also held a benefit and raised over S600 for the American Heart Association. Their is an annual Dinner Dance held at the end of each school year. First Row L to R: Jeanne Bonanne, Ruthann Gillert, Judy Ferrazzoli, Nancy Schenkel, Francine Cicora, Margaret Potenza, Second Row L to R: Shelly LaVecchea, Lori Schenker, Anne Kleinberg, Joyce Borenstein, Suzanne Schnitzer, Cindy Pressler, Sally Schmelling, Third Row L to R: Bernadette Fougherty, Cindy Sheer, Linda Fraizer, Sherry Jammer, Maryellen Flood, Michelle Gaudet. '5-ii ,,.,, , Greeks 109 Omega Psi Phi Qwg-D' Omega Psi Phi Frater- nity, Inc., Iota Gamma chapter became the tirst black fratemity on the campus of Trenton State College, as well as the state of New Jersey, on November 8, 1970 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. was founded here at Trenton State College on April 16, 1974 when six young ladies pledged and founded Omicron Epsilon Chapter. It is the first undergraduate chapter of Zeta Phi Beta sorority to be estab- lished in New Jersey. Members L to R: Celeste Hand - treasurer, Dawn lanes - president, Karen Carken - secretary, Ingrid McKenzie - corr. secretary, Pauline Holness - asst. treasurer, Donna Larken, Karen Mallory - vice president, Rosemarie Feimaintt, Brenda Woodand, and Gloria Wil- son. 110 Greeks 4 Zeta Phi Beta ? 2 E R Chi Rho Sigma A Z Delta Zeta Chi Rho Sigma are a group of men who ques- tioned the values of the existing fratemities and strived to find a unique image of gentlemen who conducted themselves as such. The ability to recognize the values gained from socializing experiences and the pursuit of intellectual and athletic achievement form the links of this brotherhood. Yet the individuality of each its members is maintained. Membership is selec- tive, and is determined through the Spring rush season. First Row L to R: Larry Post, Steph Howe, Second Row L to R: Tom McCann, Gary Guiliano, Malesa Mahtani, Dave Pennala, Third Row L to R: Charlie Weiner, Tom Martin, jeff Hoffman, Mike Forhez, Craig Walters, Bob Macneil, jason Sorel. Missirz from Photo, Gregg Powanda, Dave Clarke, lim Ladd, 'fem Zalardi. Delta Zeta is the largest Na- tional Sorority in the United States and has membership of over 60 women at Trenton State College. Although Delta Zeta was founded in 1902, the Lambda Lambda Chapter at Trenton is only two years old. Delta Zeta stresses schol- arship, sisterhood and friend- ship. The sisters have the honor of having the Gauledette College for the Deaf as their National Philanthropy. rst Row L to R Lori Metro, Nancy Sim, Pam Bergin, Iody Zohn, Lorraine Low , Second Row L to R: armel Sca lioni, Barb Bubco, Wendy Robbins, ind Mills, jackie Truidell, geri Colatrella, Audry ichow, Feizce Teltcher, Mary Racelis, Denis Gatti, Iudyy Silokowski, Barb Bursik Shown, While, Mary hrens, Third Row L to R: Pat Hawley, Margie Malley, Ienney King, Merry Outkevitch, Amy Miller, anne Vena, Nancy Lee, Patty Kufka, Iudy Miller, Brenda Antonelh, Karen Tigarelli. Greeks 111 f Sparks E A 116 Sports Soccel ,xg ' , 5 3 Q: lei 5 Sitting L to R: Tordai, Somma, Inverso, Ronayne, Kim. Kneelirgg L to R: Wyder, Fomatato, Meeks, Bergson, Kierner, Luke, Gage Prunett Patterson, Urbano, Tori, Ramsey. Standing L to R: Coach Hin Iey, Mativier. Di Iorio, Nykolyn, Kassel, Rooney, Cutri, Lovern, Castald Wilson, Shirk, Coach Ciccarelli. wi Y wife, - "2 A 9 - fin! W 2 , f. 'Nw 5 . ' if x ' "4'j','53-4,62 'W?WfQelf: 2 hi'-,fw 5 ' +2 ' 232131252-ii1',, '- , . x. . . Y. 0 M-1:1 7' an we M xx ,JV , . gg. . -, , 1- 2 gf ., ,M f V. ' 1 1 ff' I w b . 1 .fi-f' '322!1f,:liF?f 'vis' 2.6.1-ff,:. H: , ,3:wQg!Qgf1f5lg-fz. 1-Q-' gpivfggu f'L,-T'g,gu 11 1 wggilgw- VS'-5v:i::f-'sss::f2::W,.. --.f- W L - , X V '- M .. 5, 532 M ., ig ,- - aggui f Q Q ,5' i A , ' W'-- x '--.' 5- -2 , i ,A L1 --all YM. ' - . f-,, ' i1i1'?'Mp.Q Y i K ' x.,,,g, " F Pi .N Q my kS..,5 'Q W L i Sports 117 Women' s G mnastics 118 Sports J, muah f Donna Cilento Lori LGUZHFO Photos Courtesy of the Signal Sitting L to R: Nancy Grant, Donna Cilento. Second Row L to R: Patti Robb, Debbi Otto Gorman, Lisa Maiueri, Lori Lanzaro, Suzanne Bonnici, Ienny Forsyth, Third Raw L to R Lacina, Crystal C ollet fcoachj, Stephanie Million, john Fig fasst. coachj, Lori Baily. Men' S Gymnastics M SP Wrestling 1 P Above: Heavyweights Mickey Aikens CTSCJ vs Bill Spindler CUniv. of Georgiaj just two seconds before the pin of the last match which decided Trenton State's victory over Universi- ty of Georgia. Sports 121 Game and entire 19 9 football season dedicated to Keith Watters was a former studentlathlete and assis- tant football coach at Trenton State College. He was fatally injured in an automobile accident on April 23 , 1979. His presence on the TSC campus extended a great deal further than his accomplishments on the football field. He was a member of the national fratemity Kappa Alpha Psi, serving as president in his senior year. He was honored by the Delaware Valley Football Hall of Fame Foundation as Trenton State College's outstanding Scholar-Athlete in 1976-1977. When not studying or playing football, he was involved with the minority students assistance program on campus. Upon graduation, he worked with juvenile delinquents at the Jordan Day School in Princeton. As an athlete, Keith's prowess was evident from the time he arrived at Trenton State in 1973 as a health and physical education major. He was a member of the foot- ball team for four years and started 37 consecutive games at the defensive end position, earning all-conference hon- ors three times. As a coach, he made the players work just as hard as he did and in turn they respected him for it. He proved to be an excellent teacher of the sport and com- municated easily with the players both on and off the field. - Raymond J. Veth, Sports Information Director and assistant football coach at TSC. the memory of Keith Watters. 1 I Photos by Jeff i i 3 ...Q 1 ERIC HAMILTON Coach of the Year New Jersey Football writers selected Eric Hamilton as their 1979 Coach of the Year. Hamilton was the first Trenton State College football Coach to be so honored. Ironically, Hamilton was the first TSC gridder to be named All-American when he was a four-year center Standout. Hamilton became the youngest college football coach in the country in 1978, when he was 23. He went 4-5 in his first campaign, 6-3 the following and went 7-3. Never in TSC's history have back to back teams won 13 games. jeff Young Sports 123 124 Sports 5 4 Front Row, L to R: Carol Mutchler, Debbie Schimpf, Sandy Springer, Cathy Berardini, Brigitte Schrepfer, Sue Fusciard Pam Bookman, Sharon Goldbrennerg Back Row: Repy Hattersley, Donna Aramando, Leslie Craig, Iudy Abbott, Kath Perry, Mary Venettone, Coach Melissa Magee, Missing From Photo: Sharon O'Keefe. Field Hockey Women' s Volleyball ,..W5a,.gd?f'- ' K N-N, Men's Cross Countr First Row L to R: Wilberto Ortiz, Vince Lotacono, jeff Miller, Kevin Vanmalden, Gary Thomas, Second Row L to R, john Schott, Iohn Bayliss, Andrew Shachat, Steve Wynne, Ed Parks, Rick Mc Corkle fcoachj, Sports 127 128 Sports Women' s Cross Country - X' 1 l Team photo: Front Row, L to R: Marie MacDonald, Ieannette Cleary, Cindy Savino, Pam Cannuli, Back Row: Norma Arnesen Margaret Moore, Iudy Reynolds, Coach Brain Volz. Missing From Photo: Karen Brent, Eileen Guinee, Lynn Coch. l Women's Basketball , ,. gp .5 f' I Women' s Swimming SP ff!! fl!! ffff f!-If ffl! I f .ff Affff .ff.f,.f f fe ff' , , f 1 J f ,wifi ,, , omen's Tennis 5' A Members L to R: Linda Zucker, Karen Connors, Sandy Strippili, Donna Weeks, Annemarie Hoffman, Donna Leeper, Rose McLaughlin. Sports 131 132 Sports Men, S Basketball X x , qxzr ,J The Pride of Dean Fielc Front Row - Ed Costello, co-captain, Coach Hamilton: Tony Notarobertofco-captainlg 2nd Row - Coach Veth, Tim Kapp, Sam Saunders, Dave Dudeclw jim Puhalski, john Hendricks, Dave Forsman, Steve Butfilowski, Bob Eley, Vander Thompson, Gary Acquaviva, Bob Hayes, Ken Lozier, Coach Slikei 3rd Row - Brian Young, Iohn Mordaga, Mike Lee, Dave Felix, Keith Weidenhoff, Owen Henry, Steve Deady, Marcus Floyd, Brian Marshall, Ric Kleinkauf, Bob King, Mike Taylor. 4th Raw - Coach Vichroski, Tom Casperson, Irv Fine, Andy Holzheimer, Mike Branco, Steve Gazdek, Sa Miserendino, Ted Stratis, Scott Chiaccio, Ron Anello, jeff Williams, jim Carvalho, Coach Gillece, Sth Row - Sylvester Cumberlander, Iohn Hartmaii Ioe Volpe, Santiago Orasco, Mike Mastellone, Chris Ioyce, Chuck Dimick, Ed Bell, Tom Stark, Bob Lockhart, Brian Tams, 6th Row - Coach Kristbergs Clarence Allgood, Brian Kuiken, Ed Hoagland, Ioe Borowski, Pete Rossi, Chuck Grace, Bill Pantale, Robert Clauser, Dave Gering, Berry Tumer, Bi Simms, Coach Hartshomg 7th Row - Larry Potoker, Rick Kozlowski, jim Tumer, joe Cotone, Andy McDade, Dominick Apollo, Tony Strong, Tor King, joe Difalcog 8th Row - Coach Myers, Gary Wright, Bill Curry, Ioe Peoples, Marty Perricone, Bob Sellari, Ed Costello Ir., Ieff Kaighn, Mik Walton, Art Scotto, Coach Covin. 'THR 134 Sports Sports 135 136 Sports fm vi was 4 Q Q f 5 3, '34 U1 nf , " B. MA.. I Lv Dan Ryan Sports 137 CH uk IH Men,s Tennis 140 Sports A1 Kandell Coach Hindley SfIen's Baseball Paul Patsko itting, L to R: Karl Weidman, Gary Benedict, Keith Lippai, Tim Laspe, jim VanDerveer, Jeff Pettit, Guy Chiarello, Mike McSpadden, Fred York, Ioe lujawa, Gary Leslie, Standing, L to R: Coach Gary I-lindley, Mike Sannino, joe Eldridge, Bill Braun, AlKande11, Shawn Conlon, Mark Ziolkowski, Phil Jlshevski, Paul Patsko, Wayne Loux, Tony Notaroberto, Frank Torrissi, Bill Noonan, Iohn Carroll, Steve McCormick, Coach Mike Sculley, Coach flickey Kessler. l Sports 141 142 Sports Women, s Softball 'iii ' ef' Men's Track and Field 5' K W sri ' N? : ' .fest I M.. Kneeling from L to R: john jones, Steve Wynn, Vincent Lolacone, A1 Gunter, john Schott, Chris Harkins, Standing from L to R: Ken Holloway, Gar Thomas, Ron Maugeri, Tom Harrington, Mike Bersch, Kim Miller, john Syslo, Eddie Rothmaller and john Bayliss. From L to R: Tomm Harrington, john jones, Coach - Dennis Hursey, A1 Gunter and Eddie Rothmaller. 3 K 144 Sports 9 Women' s Track and Field .v A Intramurals Intramurals g fa! 'f-q-14fffyuzQ--m.'f- ,ra 6 Sp sir by D n Ryan 1 A i V.. .wg 1 Q , i Q ..... MA l L, ,,.,.,...-4 5i....zv" 1 -' ' ' C' 2 559, f lf-K I . F2 Co-Rec Soccer TSC United Co-Rec Softball Ely Aces Flat Football 4A Sigma Phi Nothing Flag Football WB ivision I Long Johnny Wads Division II W ippets Brower Cup Travers 10th Women's Volleyball -- Co-Champs Wild Wolfe One Centennial Penthouse Pub Athletic Club Ta pa Ke a Brew Woligang lfffrrmann Steve Langan Hanne Herrmann Pat Murray - Reza Saraf Wolfganga and Hanne Herrmann Men's Volleyball 4A Men's Volleyball WB Tennis - Singles WA Tennis - Singles QFFB Women's Mixed Doubles Co-Rec Doubles 1st place 2nd place Doug Millen and Pam Bergen Fall Co-Rec Bowling 4- Team Trouble Shooters Most lmproved Marilyn Lisa Women's -- High game, series, average Kris Patten Men's -- High game, series, average jim Callan I TRAMURAL CHA PIONS 1979-80 Super Trot lce Hockey Men's Basketball 919A Lffleflf Miller TSC Representative Individual Wrestling 944A 4B Team Wrestling Softbal Men's A WB Women's Indoor Soccer Deck Hockey Outdoor Basketball Volleyball Co-Rec ilk B Spring Co-Rec Bowling -- Team Most mproved Women's High game Men's High game Women's High series-average Men's High series average John Felip 16:30 Flames C.H.A.N.C.E. Woodland Express Sophomore Physies C.H.A.N.C.E. Woodland Exiiress 130 -- Mike Pe land 140 -- Kevin Learly 150 -- William Smit 160 - jose Nievas 175 -- Keith Holcombe 190 -- Ioe Borowski HWT - Brian Your: 150 -- Ieff Hornhoniclg 160 - Mike Corberry 175 -- Drew Devind 190 -- Santiago Orosco HWT - Larry Potaker Pub Ath etic Club Dirtbags Mu e Bug's Allggaz Arrows Centennial All-Stars Pub Athletic Club Wizzards Panthers Collen O'Nei1 Meryl Green Barry Furrer Kris Patten jim Callan Intramurals 147 1 Good Luck, Graduates -nw- 1" Graduation 149 1 l i I 4 I P l r 5 I i Y I 5, r i i gr LW P , E 9 x X 5 2 x hx' . A .1 I H , Sertinrs I kr' any Gif? Diane M. Abrams Gary C. Acquaviva Debra 1. Adams Mary Ann Ahrens f Donna Albanese Monica Alessi Meropi Alfieris Glenn F. Allaway Donna M. Allen Joanne H. Allen Deborah A. Allo 152 Seniors QW .-gn Donald W. Amadio 3 . mi Nw .-5, W eeimgr . Q 4 S, . ' "N , w ,, L . X . . 1 qi, ,' April I. Anson Iames M. Arose in Susan P. Babinsky Frederick A. Baier Norma 1. Amaral Denise L. Anderson Kathy A. Anderson Linda S. Anderson Norma I, Arnesen Ronald W. Asson Lenoria Baker Lynn-Marie A. Balewlor Margaret Ballman Seniors 153 E X .X X X Q R Christine E. Banda Diana R, Barbaccio Laurie A. Barbour Nancy Baron Margaretann 5. Barrett -0""' 41 As!" Allyson S. Bart Edward Alan Bayer Patricia A. Baylog Pamela A, Bearce Iames W. Becker Susan B. Beinstein Lynnette C. Bell 154 Seniors '15 eff' H1141 H., Ioseph B. Bellina Denise L. Benciuengo Irene V. Benincasa Barbara T. Bennett Ioan M. Bennett L B2 X. ' B if! ' M ,L Irene L. Benson Enrique Berdecia Ir. Deborah C. Berger Pamela M. Bergin Gail L. Bernbaum Carol L. Beron Af Seniors 155 'aw Karen E. Bihler Irene M. Bihun Debbie A. Bink Lori I. Birchak Linda P. Bishop Anita M. Black Cindy M. Black Brenda B. Blackburn Susan M. Blanchard Wesley H. Blatt 156 Seniors . .N Abbe L. Blonder jean M. Bonanne Lisa A. Boniello Susan L. Borenstein Peter A. Borowski Gail Boudreau Pamela S. Bowen james Bower C. Sue Bowermon Nancy L. Bozarth joseph 1. Branco Audrey A. Braun Rosalie A. Briglia Carole A. Brodbeck Dwight V. Brown Louane Breen Cheryl A. Briggs Margaret M. Bright Gina O. Brown Beverly j. Bruce Seniors 157 Karen E. Bryant Barbara C. Bubko Deborah M. Bucca Denise E. Bullock x. , Angela A. Burns Iohn W. Burns C9 Q Gail L. Burton Michael A. Busch Marian R. Businsky David Buzby Catherine A. Cahill 158 Seniors 1'15iil'E.L::lQE Liz:-f,gg .1 155, ' :-3, ffflf . . . 1: ii ifltifiii Debra A. Cahill Patricia A. Calabro Kimberly A. Callahan Robert G. Callahan Corine R. Calvin Dawn M. Campbell john M. Cammarata Betty L. Campbell 173' Scott S. Campbell Eileen M. Canavan Cristine Cancellieri Deborah A. Capone Leslie A. Carter Karen L. Cartwright Seniors 159 Samuel Catalano David S. Chambers Debra L. Chamberlain Daisy K. Cheng Michael A. Chengeri Carolyn M. Cherichello Iymee A. Chicko . Iohn P. Chillari Iohn E. Chojnowski Ir. Michael S. Chunko Laura M. Cilino lam? Civitella 160 Seniors 'CX Angelo Ciliento Ellen E. Clark Virginia M. Clark r l w l Toya I. Clayton Patricia M. Cleary Q Alice L. Cole William I. Cole iii" Cathleen E. Collings Scott K. Compton fis- 'irmsur 8- Gwen C. Confalone Mark C. Coniglio Ann M. Consentino Brenadette M. Contento Barbara J. Cook 5 , i Karen L. Coppadge Denise M. Correnti 162 Seniors -W-qi Edward B. Costantini Karen Costantini ft 5 Paula L. Costantini Sw C k N nc M Courtne Randall B. Craig Darlene A. Crofcheck Chrisann Cromack LyndaE. oo a y . y 'ln---0' Ann M. Crouthamel Cindy L. Crowde r Vivian L. Crowell William R. Crowley Lizabeth 1. Dabinett 93 at?" In h l D A ' joann M. Daniels Gilbert G. Dave Carol 1. Davis Caroline V. Dailey C ar es 1. ' mico 7 1 ffre P. Dean Liberty R. Delgado Carolyn Davis Glen W. Davis jo Ann Davis je y Seniors 163 Linda M. De Maria Diane L. Demcsik D. 1 . M ...NE Daniel B. Dempsey Mary L. Denham Richert A. Dennis Mark C. Dennish Toni R. DePina Mary E, Desanctis Charlene Dewees Doreen A. Dirnonte Diane M. Dispenziere 164 Seniors , , G" is-X '1!?"" Annrnarie K. Dobay Ruth W. Donald Ann E. Dooley james Butler Doud Bernadette E. Dougherty Carolyn Christine Downie W.. . . ui, . lil Debra I. Dpigas Adrianna R. Dundor Mark C. Durkee Vincent james Doyle Carolyn Dragon Sheryl A. Drury Marjorie I. Dubell Merry E. Dutkevitch Seniors 165 Kevin L. Dwyer Carol L, Dziadul Tammy I. Ebeling Aprilette R. Eccles Robert A. Edenson Lary B. Edgar jessica A. Edwards Walter B. Eggert jr. Karen L. Egloff Kurt C. Ehrlich Michael E. Eisenstein Russell E. Elliott jr. 166 Seniors Jeanie Englert john I. Ennis Karen Sue Elman jeffrey E. Epstein Susie Eutsey ,,,. ., . , , , , , . V ., r X "Hn, -',.f'? T. ' ' A f: wx,- . . .. . a . . . 31 ,A f A X we M A A L' nun., N. '.e, A ' F ' f ., ,ZZ E. :,. by L ,k..., 4 5 ,LN ...L ,Q 1, ,A W,,,,., , lwxily, Swv , I - " I i'f' ,.,' A,-., . . 'N J' 2 7 xx, . . joseph R. Fabian Ir. ichard L. Falcone Kathleen M Fallon Mary K Falrey it ill! wa.xg,r. Bernardine M. Farrell Mary M. Farrington Seniors 167 Hi H+. Elaine M. Fasulo Andrew N. Feldman Roger e F I rt F ll Julianne Ferencz Iohn F. A. Ferraro el' tangy . szafmge WWE .-.T ,,,, k mwwe i ig , t- we Z S1 ... . ' 11 ,ffm en.l.e Michael I. Ferrea Rhonda D. Ferrie Malcolm M. Fetty Christine V. Fiore 168 Seniors Ln... Marcie L. Fishman Eileen C. Fitzpatrick Sally 1. Flanagan Mary Ellen Floo Kathleen A. Fogarty r 'Nflifv 2 , , - T 1 2 I ffivff... X ,N . , xg X Q . qv Y' . . S . David C. Forsman xx, , ,Y s fi. Burbridge T, Frank Velma F. Fray Diane S. Frazer Yvonne L. Free f' Rl lj!! 55" Felice HL. Fleisher g3'f'-Q" , X , 9 c mx. i David 1. Franco 3? y-T? 'vmiv K L.. -If Kurt F. Freudenberg Ay Karen E. Froehlig Tina P. Fung Susan M. Fusciarcli Phillip D. Gage Gail M. Calfo Seniors 169 f Feieri 45, ,gm 'fmt mf,,.w ww aww DMM Qi iwaeslgolnaibire L?m' 5 Left Donna I. Gall Myroslaw M. Galyk Q 2 Y 23 if Kathryn I. Gamache Sharon A. Garrison Susan C. Garrison Denise M. Gatti Michelle M. Gaudent Deborah R. Gaul Martha E. Gause Karin A. Gellman Margaret E. Genovesi 170 Seniors A4 if .1 Holly D. Genwright 199 Karen R. Girsch David A. Glaser Sharon L. Godowski y.. ' f 1,l 3 :Ng in K K kk.. Georgette L. Gibeau Deborah M. Giddens james I. Gilligan Andrea D. Ginsburg Clarissa A. Givens Nancylynn Glover Thomas T. Goletz Barbara 1. Gombos Monica H. Gort Tamara L. Graham Seniors 171 Joseph G. Gramlich Lawrence C. Graves Gayle Grear Carol E. Greenaway Maria M. Gross fha I . Q Ianet L. Gugger '--' 'nyc L 1. . u ' 'D' ' ru-. , - fx, R Francis W. Gummins Albert L. Gunter Gary Gurman Richard Hager Heather M. Hahn Siri Hammarstrom 172 Seniors Iohn Haney Patricia A. Haney Richard W. Hanf Sharon L. Hansen Susan D. Hardifer Ieannette Hargroves Thomas R. Harrington Nancy R. Harris Pamela M. Harris Sylvia A, Harris Patricia L. Hawley la ..., Seniors 173 Nu, s-Q.. -X 4 A , was KW" vm ' 11. A , 'fy V av -,, x. 3 wa N . . W ,r. , , mf, Q f1 M 4? " ., gy 75 Dfw fi ik 4, w H 8 . W. ., m A X . + 4' fx , , ,.,, , K +4 'E ' ig 9 ' 1 f' - M ' , il ,, -1 K 1 I we Vw :YY -of 2 , Vg I Q 41 S nw X I If +41 Gwen M. Hill V . "'WfZK as f 3 E f- j,gkf'f'f Laurie E. Hoch Mary E. Homor Esther M. Hooker F, . Q'-M1 Sheila A. Hill Sharon B. Hirsch Luba Z. Hladij Elizabeth F. Hobor if", Mary A. Hoffman Scott D. Hoffman Donna L. Hollingshead Gwen 1. Holmes Mary E. Hooper Glen 1. Hoos janet S. Hooton ai- st f f' tW'i Mary T. Horan Kathryn A. Housman Denise L. Howard Venecla D. Hoyles Kathy A. Hunter Seniors 175 Ol judith D. Hutchinson Elaine A. Ilkowski Robert A. Imbriaco Carolyn Ingold William A. jochem Bishop M. johnson Sr Stephen M. johnson Susan E. johnson Connie L. jones Diane E. jones Luvert johns jr. 176 Seniors sl - K Marianne M. jones Gloria G. jordan Lisa A. jachetti Melvin K. jackson Pamela R. jackson fc. Debra L. jaeger V Patrick j. januszka Mary A. jeremias Brenda R. jenkins Sally A. jennings Susan B. Kagdis Nancy L. Kanyuck Timothy j. Kapp Elizabeth A. Karel Seniors 177 Alyssa A. Karvelas Cindy M. Karvelas Ann M. Kasulis Madelyn W. Kaufman Phyllis A. Kaufmann Thomas A. Kavanagh Andrew G. Kelly Carolyn A. Kelly Thomas I. Kemly Judith A. Kern john S. Kim Catherine M. Kimock 178 Seniors Audrey H. King Iennifer S. Kin 1 g E eanor M. Kinsey Marie A. Kinslow Kat hleen R. Kirkham TC' Ka nm Kathleen T. Klagholz Mark 1. Kmetz Therese M. Knecht Laurie K. Knutson ren L. Kirwan Donna M. Kisslan jfs.. Hail ci rw Adion kc' we by Loud Qoniar,-X' ..,, A f 1 j,Mf..x P' I , I., . f Q Wd "" ,ini mf 1 ,ff .1-11 ' ,,f. K4"ffi'?? L""Z MM .ff Seniors 179 I . 1 Roberta L. Kolstein Christine M. Kostinas N. Debra L, Kozesnik Constance I. Koziatek Thomas W. Krudewig 1 "'J95z"' , L , W, 'K CYVV Bettina M. Krusch Stanley M. Krzywonos Ir. Francine R. Kupchik Ellen B. Kurzner Bonnie D. Kyhrnann 180 Seniors 1.- Martin Lacon Denise 1. Lagattuta Joyce M. Laible Dorothy M. Lanzalotti Lois M. Lapierre 'TI Karen S. Larsen Brenda I. Latchford Pamela S. Laurel Susan F. Lawrence Linda M. Layer 'Ib an W 1 Kit " X 4-.1 . g Richard I. Lee Iudy H. Leeds Cathy A. Lehman Barbara A. Leigh Dawn M. Leming Ellen L, Leoniy Sharyn Letson Marybeth Lichtenstein loan D. Lieberman Ronni L. Lindsley Seniors 181 - Linda M. Lofiand Patricia Long Lorianne Lowy Cathleen M. Lutz Anne Marie Lynch Lisa A. Lynch L. ' . X A . ,.., ' -- in " LL x ,iii Paige C. Lynch Richard Lynch Cassandra D, Macon David P. Maconi Karen L. Maginnis 182 Seniors tluix 'C' 94' Barbara A. Magliozzi Sara I. Mahan Anita I. Maiorino Kathy G. Makwinski Margaret M. Mallon Richard I. Malta Nicholas A. Mancywoda Gerald I. Mangine Patricia M, Manna Sandra D. Manow George Marchuk Robert M. Marcus Kevin P. Margiatto Carl D. Markay Seniors 183 Donna M. Masia Carol A. Martin Frances M. Martin lean S. Marrapodi R. Kenneth Mason 'Ui Robert E. Mastriano Diana L. Matthews f . " .I 5 .i R -A 'L X xt.. 'U'-sm nr i Sz ! 0 Pamela I. Mayer Francis X. Mazza Cynthia M. Matuszewski Cindy M. Medina Linda M. Mendenko 184 Seniors are-v james E. Meringer Sandra L. Metz if ' Kathleen A. Miller Wendy D. C. Milstein Annette Minervini Bridite Mitchell av--' Karen Molnar judy L. Moncrief ,fi kyxs 9 J f ,J , ,Xk,,aM .:. , - . 1, . ,ff VU 3 ea 1-Eig",fc3i., Patricia E. Monahan Michael V. Monticello Phillip E. Money Ir. Eileen K. Moran Robert I. Morecraft Rose A. Mortensen Karen M. Moscarello Samuel F. Moultri Robert A. Muhlbauer Ir. Iacklynne I. Murphy Seniors Steven C. Murphy Patrick K. Murray Carol A. Mutchler Karen M. McAleer Michael P. McCarthy l if or Heather L. McArthur Caroline A. McCracken Joanne V. McGill Kathleen P. McGowan Elizabeth C. McLaughlin Ioan B. McNeil Bernard 1. McNel1is Ir. Sharon M. McNellis Patricia McNulty Stephen C. McMahon Maureen G. McQuade Anneese McRae Daniel I. Nagle Maggi Napoleon Barbara L. Nearier Seniors 187 Laura L. Newcomb Kim M. Nouhan Robert I. Notta Edward W. Nugent jay Oberndorf lane M. O'Connor Maureen C. O'Laughlin 188 Seniors Thomas A. Newkirk Iulia M. Norbut Francis E. Nowicki joseph V. Ondersin Roberta M. Orausky Lawrence A. O'Rourke Timothy I. O'SuLlivan Kristi K. Owens Ricky W, Paetzell Mary T. Page Susan Palmer Diana L. Pallo Patricia A. Palumbo Paula L. Paoli Debra A. Parenti Lidia R. Parrotta Sandra L. Pasman Mandy L. Patterson Seniors 189 Kenneth D. Paul Joanne M. Pedorie Deborah Pelicon Diane 5. Pelis Claudia A, Pena Susan J. Penrose Russell T. Perry Donna M. Peseux Susan E. Peters Ralph K. Pfleger john S. Phillips Leslie G. Pickus 190 Seniors new Charles R. Plams Elizabeth R. Polinsky Linda I. Polt Iacquelyn Pooley Mary H. Porter Lawrence A. Post Gabrielle L. Poulin Maria E. Pozsgai Mark T. Prach .,..uaqq,,,r.- -5"'Rm wh m Rory Prisco Mary C. Procita Seniors 191 Ianice L. Prominski Gregg Prussing Lynn K. Pugh H i5iiL?L"5?4W?31fvif11f' ' 'TWT' N 'X Michelle Pugliese I , e X x Thomas E. Pulkowski M 4 4 . - P'r+qzf,'g:1- K 4 f , ij o ,K ,, 1 f ii gi 3 5 Audrey I. Puzyr Carol A. Quelly Raymond j. Radner Deborah I, Raimann Carmela C. Rao 192 Seniors fs ll ,A as g 9. 5- N if 'Y A A Denise J. Ravenfeld Barbara A. Regan Maureen A. Regan Cyril F. Reed Lennon Register Nl- .. X -v Q 1 iirii .fy I 5' - Elizabeth A. Reilly Nancy I. Reilly Iudith A. Rekow Christol M. Relling Muriel D. Rhynes 'Qt s lr' - it X x M Donald I. Rica David P. Richman Cheryl A. Ridarick joseph G. Ridolfi Mary T. Rinaldi Susan G. Ritchie Dean A. Roberts Kathleen D. Robinson Lois E. Robinson Mary E. Rocelis Seniors 193 Karen De Rocker Carol L. Rogers Donald A. Rose Allan Rosenshein Karen A. Roth Lori A. Rothenberg Lisa Rothman Kathy Route Miriam R. Rubin Linda A. Ruis 5115311 M- Runski 194 Seniors its Michele M. Ruscavage Patrice M. Ruscavage Denise E. Russo Kathleen A. Ryan Timothy I. Sabins Claudia 1. Sablik Diane L. Sabo joanne Saclirnas Ahmad H, Saladdin R A - R N. .. . f ff Q :- . Roselle M, Salla Mala S. Samuels Paul E. Sanders Therese A. Santoro Louis Sarbone Q Seniors 195 W in-iw Adrienne M. Samo Lisa T. Schecterman Mary C. Schiavone Lynda P. Schill fam' 'Sk i -'iff' pg.,-4 . V 2f'?7Q' 'aww' i 5: ,- 344-. Q Robert L. Schlosser Brititte Schrepfer Debra A. Schuck Dorri C. Scott 196 Seniors Beth E. Schlanger 7, . . Judith A. Scott Lynne E. Screnci Patricia Sculley Anna R. Senicz Stephen I. Shaginaw Philip C. Shannon David E. Sharpe Timothy I. Sheehan Zemmer C. Sheffield Darlene F. Shiber ' , ,xx . 4"' J Patricia A. Shurtteff Nancy E. Sim Harry Sievers vrwf1'H" .j 2S, ...,i1"':' A M L W p K My Y Debra L. Simko Seniors 197 Susan A. Simko june I. Simoni Sandra L. Simpkins Helen Skafidas james C. Skene - V: , .A iii ,, in 4 . ' .. if 5 Teresa I. Skwira Michael G. Sladden Cindy L. Smith David W. Smith Kimberly A. Smith 198 Seniors '.. 'X Linda A. Smith Mark W. Smith Michael I. Smith Renee I. Smith A ---:: 1 ' i"ttt ' G ,.,. ,,. '- ' i i. . W 'll' ie 4--f -f W K- - X ,X A-5: N - , . 'll Q- . Walter A. Smith Io-Anne M. Smytana Ioyce M. Snyder Barbara L. Soda Richard C. Smith Cindy M. Soltesz mr QD 'Q 'l'7""-Q Deborah R. Sommerfielcl Beth Sonnenschein Ann M. Soos Patricia A, Sorensen Peter l' Sorensen . A- . 'X 1 'in 1101 an Ex ix , Charles E. Spinella Eileen H. Spitale Debra V. Stacchini Natalie Y. Stacchini Sandra A. St. Amour Seniors 199 Paul D. Stang Anne M. Stefane 909' Mark G. Stein George E. Stone Ir Peter B. Storey james C. Studioso Steven A. Stukes Robert D. Stuono Thomas M. Sullivan Laura I. Sunderland Mark W. Sutor 200 Seniors X' 3 .-14 VM? tw-an www Anne Marie M. Swatkoski Michael F. Swem Steven D. Swetsky Lynn M. Tanrierlbaum Mary A. Tarnecki Mary Ann Tarr x iii. Hollee P, Tarver Julius K. Taylor Scott L. Taylor .1 5 is Fl William V. Taylor Cheryl B. Teitelbaum Linda E. Terry Dawn M, Tettemer Karen L. Thom Seniors ?x Keith H. Tienken Kimberly A. Tinnes joseph I. Tobias Ir. Anne Toccaceli Sandor A. Tordai jr. Porfirio Torres-Gonzales l. L Yftvl' Michele L. Townley Susan K. Tray Janis E. Traub Marylynn Troisi Kim M. Turner Michael A. Vagnozzi 202 Seniors s. 11 SEX FE x M N 1 K +1 'E L kg X X Paul 1. Vagnozzi William S. Van Benthuysen M. Grayson Van Camp Charles I. Van Fossen Ill Susan I. Van Saun .Af A 413' Joseph B. Varga Mary L. Venettore Karen M. Verdel Michael T. Veth Susan E. Vetkoskey Ioann V. Vonada v ,,f',4" w rf' .VW Seniors 203 r r. ,,'3L?,y .. 10 5, :l,i:0l5it Q M ffl: W " ff 4 1 c 1 Karen I. Wagner Randy L. Wagner Rosemary Wagner Elizabeth M. Walker Kathleen M. Walter P A 4' X X l Cynthia E. Walters David M. Wandishin joseph M. Ward George Wm. Warner janet S. Watson 204 Seniors :- Wh 32. 4? 5 X N :gt Christine M. Weaver Nancy L. Weaver Charles Weiner Lynn R. Weltman Io Anne Wentzel Kathleen M. West Yvonne M. Wharton Leonard S. White Patricia E. White Diane Whitehead Richard I. Whitehouse jeffrey Wiecek Andrew I. Wierzbowski Peter M. Wighton Leon G. Wilk Nancy E. Wilkinson Shirley A. Williams David F, Williamson A. Shirley Wilson janet Witherspoon Seniors 205 w K X 311,32 i i W R-,L X ff Fifi Angela Wright Norman T. Wright Susan Yaeger 206 Seniors I' Y Susan N. Witkowski i P Chris D. Wolfslayer Marianne Wooley George F. Wostefeld N., 5' 2 Kenneth M. Workham John Wozniczka i S 3 Ianet A. Zamorski Carole A. Zalinsky Clifford L. Zatz Anthony Zazzarino Ann I. Zohn Denise D. Zumbardo Seniors 207 Abrams, Diane M., 1903 S. Clinton, Trenton NJ 08610 Acquaviva, Gary C., 7 Alaska Avenue, Jackson NJ 08527 Adams, Debra J., PO Box 393, Eatontown NJ 07724 Adams, Robert G., 837 Ship Ave, Beachwood NJ 08722 Ahrens, Mary A., 567 Herrmann Ave, River Vale NJ 07675 Albanese, Donna 217 Rankin Ave, Cranford NJ 07016 Alessi, Monica 33 Old Farm Rd, Old Tappan NJ 07675 Alfieris, Meropi 4 Daniel Place, E Brunswick NJ 08816 Alicea, David 696 Coville Drive, Browns Mills NJ 08615 Allaway, Glenn F., 41 Chelsea Drive, Whiting NJ 08759 Allen, Donna M., 9 Gerard Road, Yardville NJ 08620 Allen, Joanne H., 316 Park Ave, Hightstown NJ 08520 Allo, Deborah A., 18 Bloomfield Av, Somerset NJ 08873 Almasi, Catherin M., 867 Quinton Ave, Trenton NJ 08629 Amadio, Donald W., 864 Wayside Ln, Haddonfield NJ 08033 Amaral, Norma J., 31 Ross Hall Blv, Piscataway NJ 08854 Anderson, Kathy A., Rd 3 617 Rvrside, Toms River NJ 08753 Anderson, Linda S., 1033 Kilsyth Rd, Elizabeth NJ 07208 Andrews, Anne F., 134 Lafayette Rd, Beverly NJ 08010 Andrews, 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Hammonton NJ 08037 Chojnowski, John 823 Pine St, Trenton NJ 08638 Christ, Joyce B., 500 Adams La Apt, No Brunswick NJ 08902 Christian, Maryann 41 Canoebirch Rd, Levittown PA 19057 Chugh, Sudesh 9 Manor Ridge Dr, Princeton Jet NJ 08550 Chunko, Michael S., 814 E Frech Ave, Manville NJ 08835 Ciccariello, Steven B., 465 Charleston R, Willingboro NJ 08046 Ciliento, Angelo 37 Federal City, Trenton NJ 08638 Cilino, Laura M., 36 Rolling Lane, Hamilton Sq NJ 08690 Vivitella, Jane 7 Amendola Dr, Netcong NJ 07857 Clark, Ellen E., 211 Lowell Ave, Trenton NJ 08619 Clark, George T., 272 Ward Ave Apt, Bordentown NJ 08505 Clark, Michael B., 3224 Douglas Tm, Comwells Hts PA 19020 Clark, Virginia M., 50 Prospect Vill, Trenton NJ 08618 Clarke, Lynn M., 6 Surrey Lane, Eatontown NJ 07724 Claypool, Susan L., RR 2 Box 174, Trenton NJ 08620 Clayton, Toya J., 1506 Randy Lane, Cherry Hill NJ 08003 leary, Patricia M., 172 Concord Ave, Trenton NJ 08619 levenger, Virginia E., 124 Lafayette Av, Trenton NJ 08610 ole, Alice L., 145 2nd Ave, Toms River NJ 08753 ole, William J., ll Winton Rd, East Brunswick NJ 08816 ollings, Cathleen E., 7 George Taylor, Tumersville NJ 08012 ompas, Edward 147 Valley Drive Churchville PA 18966 onboy, Rosemary E., Box 278 Holiday, Montague NJ 12771 onfalone, Gwen C., 2253 Sunrise Crt Scotch Plains NJ 07076 oniglio, Mark C., 2 Clauss Ave, Paramus NJ 07652 onnolly, Ellen M., 25 Coral Dr, Trenton NJ 08619 onroy, Joann S., 321 Clearfield A, Trenton NJ 08618 onsentino, Annmaria 241 Chambers St, Phillipsburg NJ 08865 ook, Barbara J., 14 Romondt Road, Pompton Plains NJ 07444 oppadge, Karen L., 809 Laings Ave, W Bristol PA 19007 oppage, Robert B., 809 Laings Ave, W Bristol PA 19007 orda, Cynthia J., 102 Bradford Ct, Willingboro NJ 08046 osta, Benjamin A., 225 Rancocas Ave, Riverside NJ 08075 ostantini, Edward B., 359 Redwood Ave, Trenton NJ 08610 ostantini, Karen 815 Revere Ave, Trenton NJ 08629 ostantini, Paula L., 359 Redwood Ave, Trenton NJ 08610 ourtney, Nancy M., 50 Oak Grove Rd, Caldwell NJ 07006 ovin, Donald 290 Long Branch, Long Branch NJ 07740 ox, Brian S., 765 Simmons Dr, Toms River NJ 08753 raig, Randall B., 26 Fisk St, Manasquan NJ 08736 ritchlow, Francis X., BX337 Hrburtn-Wd, Pennington NJ 08534 rofcheck, Darlene A., 58 No 16th Ave, Manville NJ 08835 romack, Chrisann 180 Franklin Cr, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 rowder, Cindy L., 609 Chatham Rd, Fairless Hills PA 19030 rowell, Vivian L. 50 Delawareview, Trenton NJ 08618 ummins, Francis W., Apt 1306 Delawar, West Trenton NJ 08628 urran, Debra A., 47 Charlotte Dr, Bridgewater NJ 08807 abinett, Lizabeth J., 51 Bridge Ave, Bay Head NJ 08749 ail, William K., 119 W Prospect S, Hopewell NJ 08525 amico, Charles J., 919 Mulberry St, Trenton NJ 08648 avis, Carol J., Blackwell Road, Trenton NJ 08638 avis, Carolyn 171 Parkinson Av, Trenton NJ 08610 avis, Denise J., 737 Independence, Trenton NJ 08610 aye, Gilbert G., 1283 Stockton Dr, N Brunswick NJ 08902 eak, Joseph W., 1743 Brunswick A, Lawrenceville NJ 08638 ean, Jeffrey P., 2825 Mead St, Yorktown Hts NY 10598 eangelo, Anthony H., 5 Klein Avenue, Trenton NJ 08629 efelice, Pat J., 896 Kuser, Trenton NJ 08619 efeo, William J., 879 Linden Ave, Langhorne PA 19047 elgado, Liberty R., Dennis Ave, Browns Mills NJ 08015 elorenzo, Gerald A., 303 Hudson St, Trenton NJ 08609 emaria, Linda M., 5-09 Hartley Pl, Fair Lawn NJ 07410 emcsik, Diane L., 287 Frohlin Driv, Basking Ridge NJ 07920 enham, Mary L., 507 Park Ave, Collingswood NJ 08108 enicola, Teresa Reed Rd, Trenton NJ 08628 ennis, Richert A., 8 Century Way, Trenton NJ 08690 enver, Peter R., Bently Rd, Hightstown NJ 08520 epina, Toni R., 2 Dunbar Homes, Burlington NJ 08016 erocker, Karen 13 Monterey Dr, Hazlet NJ 07730 esanctis, Mary E., 40 Kino Blvd, Trenton NJ 08619 eubler, Mary B., 1010 Country Lan, West Trenton NJ 08628 ewees, Charlene 230 So Grand St, Hammonton NJ 08037 ey, Kevin F., 30 Longwood Dr, Trenton NJ 08620 idia, Mark D., 40 Markham Rd, Edison NJ 08817 iliore, Judith 40 Surrey Lane, Willingboro NJ 08046 ilullo, Donna M., 42 Mendham R, Gladstone NJ 07934 imitropoulos, Sylvia 205 Platt Ave, Wlightstown NJ 08562 imonte, Doreen A., 364 Cold Soil Rd, Princeton NJ 08540 obay, Annmarie K., 4134 S Broad N-1, Yardville NJ 08620 onald, Ruth W., 7 Princeton Ave, Princeton NJ 08540 ooley, Ann E., 74 Sparta Avenue, Newton NJ 07860 oud, James B., 3 Stones Throw, Wilmington DE 19803 nugherty, Bernadet E., 717 Ramapo Ave, Pompton Lakes NJ 07442 ouglas, Deborah L., 519 Grant Ave, Plainfield NJ 07060 nviak, Lucille A., 3 Brook Dr E, Kingston NJ 08528 ownie, Carolyn C., 835 Colonial Rd, Franklin Lakes NJ 07417 oyle, Vincent J., 30 Annapolis Dr, Hazlet NJ 07730 ressman, Stepharri L., 11 Limerick Pl, Hazlet NJ 07730 ringus, Stephen J., 73 Clubhouse Dr, Willingboro NJ 08046 rury, Sheryl A., 22 Vincent Ter, Whippany NJ 07981 ubell, Marjorie J., 110 Walnut St, Bordentown NJ 08505 undon, Adriamla R., 316 Fifth Ave, Belmar NJ 07719 inlap, John J., 145 Fetter Ave, Trenton NJ 08610 uran, Carol A., 520 Wood Ave, No Brunswick NJ 08902 urkee, Mark C., Rd 1-13 Marjorie, Hackettstown NJ 07840 utkevitch, Merry E., 22 Anthony Blvd, Lincoln Park NJ 07035 utton, Jon E., 526 Ganttown Rd, Turnersville NJ 08012 Dwyer, Kevin L., 124 Horseneck Pt, Oceanport NJ 07757 Early, Jacqueli M., 24 Brafman Drive, Trenton NJ 08610 Ebeling, Tammy J., 19 Bradford Pl, Tumersville NJ 08012 Edenzon, Robert A., 112 North Fourth, Highland Park NJ 08904 Edgar, Lary B., 340 Grant Avenue, Eatontown NJ 07724 Edwards, Jessica A., 56 Jensen St, Ea Brunswick NJ 08816 Edwards, Sheryl D., 321 Witherspoon, Princeton NJ 08540 Eggert, Walter B., 1133 Hughes Driv, Trenton NJ 08690 Egloff, Karen L., 7 Middlesex Ave, Paramus NJ 07652 Elley, Robert L., 321 Sicklerville, Williamstown NJ 08094 Elliott, Russell E., 26 Coleridge Ave, Trenton NJ 08620 Elman, Karen S., 683 Winchester, Union NJ 07083 Endres, Marie T., 404 Florida Trai, Browns Mills NJ 08015 Ennis, John J., 72 Hearthstone A, Fords NJ 08863 Enslin, William L., 71 Deer Path, Princeton NJ 08985 Epstein, Jeffrey E., 191 Johnson Ave, Dumont NJ 07628 Ernst, Angela M., 149 Milltown Rd, E Brunswick NJ 08816 Eutsey, Susie 841 Pennington, Trenton NJ 08618 Fabian, Joseph F., 102 East Main St, High Bridge NJ 08829 Fagan, Jan M., 32 Buckingham Dr, Jackson NJ 08527 Falcone, Richard L., 11 Bernard Rd, E. Brunswick N' 08816 Fallon, Kathleen M., Apt3B Bld2 Roger, Trenton NJ 08618 Farina, David E., 41 Sherbrooke Rd, Trenton NJ 08638 Farrell, Bernardi M., 3 Locust Rd, Bordentown NJ 08505 Farrington, Mary M., PO Box 7221, West Trenton NJ 08628 Fasulo, Elaine M., 3821 Herbertsvil, Pt Pleasant NJ 08742 Faustini, Robert M., 1176 White Horse, Trenton NJ 08619 Fedorochko, Paula A., 13A Phyllis Road, Freehold NJ 07728 Feeney, Frances M., 409 Linden Ave, Riverton NJ 08077 Feinstein, Susan B., 18-23 Hillery St, Fair Lawn NJ 07410 Feldman, Andrew N., 64 Kingsley Rd, Kendall Park NJ 08824 Fell, Roger C., 11 Helen St, Fanwood NJ 07023 Fellman, Frederic G., 5145 Euston Ct, Cornwells Hts PA 19020 Ferencz, Julianne 1142 Lower Ferry, Trenton NJ 08618 Ferraro, John F., 322 Hancock St., So Plainfield NJ 07080 Ferrazzoli, Judith A., 14 Fourth St, New Brunswick NJ 08902 Ferrea, Michael J., 1613 Oakwood Rd, West Belmar NJ 07719 Feucht, Albert E., 2 Charlestown Ct Medford NJ 08055 Fiore, Christin V., 42 Flower Ave, Washington NJ 07882 Firestine, Regina P., Box 369 Rd 2, Vincentown NJ 08088 Fitzpatrick, William E., 283 Ward Ave, Bordentown NJ 08505 Fleck, Jonathan O., 5 Greenvale Rd, Moorestown NJ 08057 Fleisher, Felice H., 826 Marlowe Rd, Cherry Hill NJ 08003 Flcdmand, Richard S., 18 Longwood Dr, Trenton NJ 08620 Flood, Maryelle 33 Tower Dr, Springfield NJ 07081 Fogarty, Kathleen A., 6867 Lee Ave Pennsauken NJ 08105 Ford, Wendy L., 202 Bakers Basin, Lawrence NJ 08648 Forker, Edmund S., 35 McClellan Ave, Trenton NJ 08610 Formica, Anthony J., 329 Garfield Ave, Trenton NJ 08629 Fowler, Kathleen M., 100 Hempstead Rd, Trenton NJ 08610 Franco, David J., 404 Stelko Ave, Phillipsburg NJ 08865 Franco, Sylvia, Rd 1 Box 287 Pennington NJ 08534 Frascella, Carollou A., 241 Elmer St, Trenton NJ 08611 Frazer, Diane S., Bx618 Churchhill, Branchville NJ 07826 Free, Yvonne L., 801 Brunswick Av, Trenton NJ 08638 Fregonese, Victor 18 West Broad St, Bergentield NJ 07621 Freudenberg, Kurt F., Herod Pt Rd Box, Wading River NY 11792 Friedberg, Barbara R., 37 Bank St, Princeton NJ 08540 Frisch,"Rosemar R., 21 Highland Dr, Yardley PA 19067 Froehlig, Karen E., 1 La Marcus Ave, Glen Cove NY 11542 Fuller, Patrice 247 Duane St Orange NJ 07050 Fung, Tina P., 7 Hillside Avenu, Trenton NJ 08618 Fusciardi, Susan M., Box 148 Bellis, Bloomsbury NJ 08804 Galfo, Gail M., 96 Terrace Ave, Rochelle Park NJ 07662 Gall, Donna J., 18 Shellflower, Trenton NJ 08690 Gallagher, Barbara A., 107 Winding Way, Trenton NJ 08620 Gamberzky, John R., 8 Arlene Dr, Middletown NJ 07748 Gancarz, Alice I., C299 N Flowers M, Langhorne PA 19047 Gankiewicz, Roman P., 45 Florister Dr, Trenton NJ 08690 Garcia, Henry J., 1547 Kuser Rd, Trenton NJ 08619 Garczynski, Joseph H., 204 W Clifton Av, Blackwood NJ 08012 Garrett, Kevin O., 12 Winton Road, E Brunswick NJ 08816 Garrison, Sharon A., 150 Reservoir Ro, Hopewell NJ 08525 Garrison, Susan C., 28 Shawnee Drive, Hamilton Squar NJ 08690 Gary, Patricia H., 1238A Birch St, Ft Dix NJ 08640 Gaszynski, Stephen 517 Harrington S, Perth Amboy NJ 08861 Gatti, Denise M., 624 Davis Rd, Cheltenham PA 19012 Gaudet, Michelle M., 510 Runyon Ave, Piscataway NJ 08854 Gaul, Deborah R., 255 Baldwin St, NW Brunswick NJ 08901 Gaw, Robert W., Springfield Rd, Jobstown NJ 08041 Gellman, Karin A., 1939 Pennington, Trenton NJ 08618 209 Georgiana, Karen M., Box 312V Ellison, Somerset NJ 08873 Gerstemnaier, Katherin M., 62 Eaton Rd, Pennsville NJ 08070 Gibeau, Georgett 4228C Fcn, McGuire Afb NJ 08641 Gillespie, Thomas D., PO 154, Adelphia NJ 07710 Gilligan, James J., 1006 Cider Mill, Flemington NJ 08822 Gilmore, Mary E., 136 Homecrest Av, Trenton NJ 08638 Ginsburg, Andrea D., 22 Essex St, So River NJ 08882 Girsch, Karen R., 142 Parker Rd, W Long Branch NJ 07764 Gladrrick, Lorriane A., 1017 Birch Road, Warminster PA 18974 Glaser, David A., 36 Hoover Street, Freehold NJ 07728 Glover, Nancy L., 15 Strossberg Ct, Trenton NJ 08690 Godbolt, Phillip 123 Wedgewood Dr, Burlington NJ 08016 Godbolt, Shawna M., 123 Tamarac Gard, Burlington NJ 08016 Godowski, Sharon L., 18 Glenwood Ave, Sayreville NJ 08872 Goldberg, Cheryl L., 9 Ivy Lane, Cherry Hill NJ 08002 Goldberg, Rona L., 12 Oxcart Lane, Mercerville NJ 08618 Goletz, Thomas T., 19 Little Brk La, Jamesburg NJ 08831 Gombos, Barbara J., 189 Nebraska Ave, Trenton NJ 08619 Gore, Greogry G., 775 Shady La, Trenton NJ 08619 Grad, Mary J., 180 Franklin Crn, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 Graff, Frederic E., 7 Northgate Ct, Willingboro NJ 08046 Graham, Tamara L., 33 Deerfield Ter, Mahwah NJ 07430 Gramlich, Joseph G., Rd l Box 327 A, Waretown NJ 08758 Grande, Lisa V., 165 Roosevelt, Westwood NJ 07675 Grant, Cheryl D., 106 Lincoln Rd, Wenonah NJ 08090 Grant, Phyllis L., 415 S Cook Ave, Trenton NJ 08638 Graves, Lawrence C., ll-Loring Ave, Trenton NJ 08638 Grays, Ramona G., 434 Comell Ave, Pemberton NJ 08068 Grear, Gayle L., 5 Robin Rd, Somerville NJ 08876 Greenaway, Carol E., 124 Ames Ave, Leonia NJ 07605 Greenspan, David A., 17 Denman Drive, Fords NJ 08863 Gregory, Richard F., 409 Shirley Pkwy, Piscataway NJ 08854 Groo, Robert C., 30 Greenland Ave, Trenton NJ 08638 Groppe, Joseph V.,-20 University Dr, Mercerville NJ 08619 Grzesczuk, Walter J., 171 Hazelwd Cir, Willingboro NJ 08046 Gugger, Janet L., 1105 Scenic Dr, West Trenton NJ 08628 Gunter, Albert L., 118 Birch Ave, Princeton NJ 08540 Gurman, Gary D., 26 Summit Ct, Westfield NJ 07090 Haggerty, Marc J., 99 Lakedale Dr, Lawrence Twp NJ 08648 Hahn, Heather M., 173 Tillotson Rd, Fanwood NJ 07023 Hammarstrom, Siri 54 Mendham Rd, Gladstone NJ 07934 Haney, John J., 20 Exmoor Lane, Trenton NJ 08690 Haney, Patricia A., 120 Ruth St, Feasterville PA 19047 Hanf, Richard W., 459 Ridge Rd, Lyndhurst NJ 07071 Hansen, Sharon L., 2302 Country Lan, Trenton NJ 08628 Hardifer, Susan D., 700 Schlhse Rd, Brielle NJ 08730 Hargroves, Jeamrett Pob 3, Comwells Hts PA 19020 Harms, Diane A., 171 Van Sant Ave, Island Hts NJ 08732 Harris, Glenn A., 272 Ward Ave Apt, Bordentown NJ 08505 Harris, Pamela M., 502 4th Ave, West Cape May NJ 08204 Hart, Donald T., 19 Hemlock Dr, Parlin NJ 08859 Hart, Maureen 180 Franklin Cor, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 Hatchett, Esther L., 622 Edgewood Ave, Trenton NJ 08618 Hatton, Thomas E., 1151 Livingston, North Brunswich NJ 08902 Hawley, Patricia L., 1 Volt Place, Middletown NJ 07748 Hayes, Michael C., 116 Woodbine Ave, Feasterville PA 19047 Hazard, Natalie A., F-2 Burlington C, Burlington NJ 08016 Hearney, Lucille E., 972 So Broad St, Trenton NJ 08611 Hechler, Joan E., 745 Linton Hill, Newtown PA 18940 Heft, Karen L., 631 Williams Ave, Forked River NJ 18940 Heisch, Nancy L., 19 Samantha Ln, Trenton NJ 08619 Heitzman, Cheryl A., 20 Westwood Dr, W Trenton NJ 08619 Henderson, Carol S., 31 Montgomery Av, Rocky Hill NJ 08553 Henderson, Christie M., 1238A Birch St, Fort Dix NJ 08640 Henderson, Pamela 41 Summer Ave, Dover NJ 07801 Henderson, Ronald J., 45 Victory Pl, E Brunswick NJ 08816 Hendricks, John J., 107 No Main St, Lambertville NJ 08530 Henry, Edward A., 526 Thomas Ave, Barrington NJ 08007 Henry, Terry L., 88 Armour Ave, Trenton NJ 08619 Herbert, Kenneth G., 175 Central Aven, Hackensack NJ 07601 Hespe, George A., 23 Hawthorne Rd, Redbank NJ 07701 Hicks, Alfred B., 32 Lawrence Ave, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 Hiemstra, Jean E., Rd 1 Box 124B-8, Frenchtown NJ 08825 Higgins, Thomas E., 257 Prospect Ave, Dumont NJ 07628 Hill, Sheila-A., 17 Lancashire Dr, Mt Holly NJ 08060 Hiller, Theodore J., 63 Hawthorne Dr, Somerset NJ 08873 Hinger, Donald J., 201 E Collingswd, Oaklyn NJ 08107 Hirsch, Sharon B., 48 Red Twig Trl, Bloomingdale NJ 07403 Hoch, Laurie E., 246 Lindbergh Bl, Teaneck NJ 07666 Hoffman, Maryann 11 Garden St, South River NJ 08882 Hoffman, Scott D., 40 E Plaza Plaza, Pleasantville NJ 08232 210 Hogeland, Peter Rt 5 Box 5170A, Browns Mills NJ 08015 Hollingshead, Donna L., Maple Ave, Waterford NJ 08089 Holmes, Gwen J., 507 Moravian Ave, Delran NJ 08075 Holmes, Virginia E., PO Box 5337, Trenton NJ 08638 Hooker, Esther M., 308 Melrose Ave, Maple Shade NJ 08052 Hooper, Mary E., 476 Fordham Rd, Wendnah NJ 08090 Hoos, Glen J., 6 Lincoln Ave, Carteret NJ 07008 Hooton, Janet S., 73 Montrose Ave, Fanwood NJ 07023 Hoover, William F., 178 Oak Manor Pk, S Plainfield NJ 07080 Horan, Mary T., 5233 Baker Ave, Pennsauken NJ 08109 Horcher, Danette M., 17 Hardy Rd, Levittown PA 19056 Horn, Charles R., 14 Longwood Dr, Groveville NJ 08620 Hornyak, Anne B., 59 Annabelle Ave, Trenton NJ 08620 Housman, Kathryn A., 25 Bakun Way, Trenton NJ 08638 Howard, Denise 196 King Avenue, Trenton NJ 08638 Howell, Bruce W., 240 N Olds Blvd, Fairless Hills PA 19030 Hrynick, Suzanne Rd 2 Box 450 B, Jackson NJ 08527 Hulbirt, Linda S., 418 Franklin Ave, Princeton NJ 08527 Hulej, Robert R., 80 Beechwood Ave, Trenton NJ 08618 Hunter, Kathy A., Rd 2 Box 59C, Lebanon NJ 08833 Hutchinson, Judith D., 506 Kuser Rd, Trenton NJ 08619 Hutchinson, Susan E., 2 Samantha Lane, Trenton NJ 08619 Huynh, Phan H., 42A Eatoncrest D, Eatontown NJ 07724 Ilkowski, Elaine A., 9 Collins Rd, Maple Shade NJ 08052 Ingold, Carolyn 111 Hillside Ave, Verona NJ 07044 Irwin, Colleen M., 146 Woodstream A, Marlton NJ 08053 Ivory, Hazel B., 3802B FCN, McGuire Afb NJ 08641 Jachetti, Lisa A., 89 Englewood Blv, Trenton NJ 08610 Jackson, Clyde W., PO Box 481, Cookstown NJ 08511 Jackson, Frances B., 411 Sked St, Pennington NJ 08534 Jackson, Garry R., 52 Monmouth Ave, Freehold NJ 07728 Jackson, Pamela R., 7 Freedom Ave, Piscataway NJ 08854 Jaeger, Debra L., 214 Hamilton, Piscataway NJ 08854 Jankowski, Joanne M., 449 Tennent Rd, Morganville NJ 07751 Jansen, Cynthia L., 740 Dianne Ct, Rahway NJ 07065 Janssen, Halleck B., 110 Large Ave, Hillsdale NJ 07642 Januszka, Patrick J., 937 Pattonstreet, No Brunswick NJ 08902 Jarrett, Thomas F., 240 S Main Stree, Lambertville NJ 08530 Jawaid, Hasan 4 Linwood Ave, Trenton NJ 08638 Jenkins, Brenda R., 129 N. Clinton St, E Crange NJ 07017 Jennings, Sally A., 652 Fairview Ave, Piscataway NJ 08854 Jeremias, Maryann 1014 Melrose Ave, Trenton NJ 08629 Jochem, William A., 146 Herbert Terr, Saddle Brook NJ 07662 Johnson, David W., 11 Elder Dr, Morristown NJ 08960 Johnson, Gerald C., 432 Dartmouth Av, Pemberton NJ 08068 Johnson, Joseph E., 1321 Comanche Av, Pt Pleasant NJ 08742 Johnson, Stephen M, Rd 1 Box 103, Jackson NJ 08527 Johnson, Susan E., 506 Hartford Dr, Cinnaminson NJ 08077 Jones, Connie L., 232 Drum Pt Rd, Bricktown NJ 08723 Jones, Dawn E., 405 South Clinto, East Orange NJ 07018 Jones, Diane E., 25 Union St, Dividing Creek NJ 08315 Joostema H S., 146 Ridgedale Av, Madison NJ 07940 Jordan, Gloria G., 889 So 18 St, Newark NJ 07108 Jorgensen, Diane M., 45 Elizabeth St, Sayreville NJ 08872 Juliano, Donna M., 226 Saybrook Ave, Trenton NJ 08619 Kagdis, Susan B., 91 Wooding Ave, Edison NJ 08817 Kain, Gail L., 535 Fairhurst Rd, Fairless Hills PA 19030 Kandebo, Dorothy J ., 58 Pennwood, Trenton NJ 08638 Kaplan, Janice M., 2502 Helen Dr, Northfireld NJ 08225 Kapp, Timothy J., 915 S Olden Ave, Trenton NJ 08610 Karel, Elizabet A., 9 Springwood Dr, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 Karvelas, Alyssa A., 1344 Ute Road, No Brunswick NJ 08902 Kasulis, Ann M., 11 Copperfield, Scotch Plains NJ 07076 Kaufmann, Phyllis A., 1354 Well Rd, Bridgewater NJ 08807 Keephart, Joann 605 Greenway Ave, Trenton NJ 08618 Kelly, Andrew G., 1915 Margerum Av, South Belmar NJ 07719 Kelly, Carolyn A., 10 Hartman Dr, Trenton NJ 08690 Kemly, Thomas J ., 6 Valley Lane, Upper Saddle R, NJ 07458 Kemp, Stanley M., 4124 Princeton P, Princeton NJ 08540 Kennedy, Susan E., 658 E Bay Ave, Barnegat NJ 08005 Kenny, Paul L., 22B Alfred La, Bloomfield NJ 07003 Kerzner, Faye H., PO Box 1436, Cherry Hill NJ 08034 Kiley, Deirdre E., 15 Bittersweet, Trenton NJ 08638 King, Audrey H., 33 Mercer St, So River NJ 08882 King, Jennifer S., 720 Old Orchard, Connersville IN 47331 Kinsey, Eleanor M., 304 Franklin Ave, Northfield NJ 08225 Kinsey, Joann Rd 2 Flyatt, Vincentown NJ 08088 Kipp, Ronald W., 129 Clover Ave, Croydon PA 19020 Kirby, Milton C., Box 412, Johnsonbu NJ 07846 Kirwan, Karen L., 1930 Riverside D, Trenton NJ 08618 Kisslan, Donna 120 Walter St, Linden NJ 07036 leczek, David J., 134 Lancaster Dr, McGuire Afb, NJ 08641 lein, John D., Box 2456A Rt 2, Browns Mills NJ 08015 etz, Mark J., 129 Summit Ave, Elmwood Park NJ 07407 necht, Therese M., 505 Chews Lnd Rd, Haddonfield NJ 08033 noettner, Marilyn S., 913 West State S, Trenton NJ 08618 och, Patricia E., 1 Spruce Ct, Hightstown NJ 08520 olbus, Robert J.', 123 Main St, Metuchen NJ 08840 iolstein, Roberta L., 33 Parkway East, Bloomfield NJ 07003 Iostinas, Christin M., 443 Genesee St, Trenton NJ 08611 lovach, Louise A., 810 Union Ave, Lakehurst NJ 08733 lozesnik, Debra L., County Route 13, Belle Mead NJ 08502 lramer, Gerald M., 459 Penn Ave, Forked River NJ 08731 iraun, Colleen A., 3520 Nottingham, Hamilton Sq NJ 08690 irimmel, Eleanor A., PO Box 133, Penns Park PA 18943 irudewig, Thomas W., 604 Foxcroft Dr, Cinnaminson NJ 08077 lrusch, Bettina M., 323 Clearfield A, Trenton NJ 08638 Irzywonos, Stanley M., 722 Strawberry, Trenton NJ 08638 iuhmalm, Bonnie D., Box 273 Rd 1, Neshanic NJ 08853 iulakowski, Robert T., 336 Ernston Rd, Parlin NJ 08859 iupchik, Francine R., 123 Harper Terr, Cedar Grove NJ 07009 lurtz, William Box 264 Rd 1, Lambertville NJ 08530 iurzner, Ellen B., 19 Fox Hill Rd, Spring Valley NJ 10977 ,acon, Martin M., Melboume Lane, Willingboro NJ 08046 .acus, Kathleen T., 371 Hogeland Rd, Southampton PA 18966 .agattuta, Denise J ., 5 Mayfair Rd, Holmdel NJ 07733 .aible, Joyce M., 801 Orlando Rd, Cherry Hill NJ 08034 .ake, Cheryl M., 29 W Shore Rd, Denville NJ 07834 .amberty, Millie 232 A Ridgedale, Jackson NJ 08527 .and, Robert D., 47 Church St, Beverly NJ 08010 .ang, Phillip G., 30 Oregon Ave, Jackson NJ 08527 .anzalotti, Dorothy M., 5280 Clayton Ave, Pennsauken NJ 08109 .apierre, Lois M., 120 W Railroad, Blackwood NJ 08012 .arsen, Karen S., Rd, Annandale NJ 08801 .atchford, Brenda J., Rd 2 Box 73, Wrightstown NJ 08562 .atella, Laura M., 913 Hamilton Ave, Trenton NJ 08629 .aurel, Pamela S., 25 Bernard Drive, West Trenton NJ 08628 .awrence, Susan F., 1928 Riverside D, Trenton NJ 08618 .ee, Jeffrey K., 45 Fletcher Ave, Manasquan NJ 08736 .ee, Richard J., 35 Cranbrook Rd, Trenton NJ 08690 .ee, Youngno 251 Hollowbrook, Trenton NJ 08638 .eeds, Judy H., 23 Winterberry, Willingboro NJ 08046 .ehman, Cathy A., 44 Clement Dr, Somerdale NJ 08083 .eight, Barbara A., 112 Prospect Dr, Hightstown NJ 08520 .eming, Dawn M., 171 Burlington, Spotswood NJ 08884 .enartowicz, Frank J., 1410 Princeton, Trenton NJ 08638 .eoniy, Ellen L., 205 Sutton Lane, Edison NJ 08817 .etson, Sharon 5 Bell Court, E Brunswick NJ 08816 .evenson, Hope A., 185 Share Drive, Morrisville PA 19067 .eyden, Geraldin M., 537 Herbert Blvd, Williamstown NJ 08094 jchtenstein, Marybeth 15 Rues Lane, East Brunswick NJ 08816 .ieberman, Joan D., 78 W Cedar St, Livingston NJ 07039 .indsley, Ronni L., 5 Rolling Rd, East Brunswick NJ 08816 .iu, Tatyan U. 2890 Brookfield, New York NY 10598 .ong, Patricia 201 Clerk St., Jersey City NJ 07305 .ongstreth, Jennifer 275 Hollywood Dr, Trenton NJ 08609 .owy, Lorianne 1909 Huntington, Cherry Hill NJ 08003 .uciano, John R, 12 Wilson Ave, Parlin NJ 08859 .ufft, Harry J., RR3 Elm Wood Dr., Vincentown NJ 08088 .umia, Charles V., 2063 Princeton P, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 .utz, Cathleen M., 24 Royal Ave, Livingston NJ 07039 .ynch, Anne Mar 200 5th St, Brooklawn NJ 08030 .ynch, Lisa A., 25 Second St, Bordentown NJ 08505 .ynch, Richard 25 2nd St, Porgenton NJ 08505 .ynes, Linda S., 1107 York Rd, Cherry Hill NJ 08003 flaccallum, John A., Rte 6 Box 6340, Browns Mills NJ 08015 flacdonald, Thomas S., 172 Kimberly Rd, Colonia NJ 07067 flacmurray, Christop M., 216 Dorchester R, Cranbury NJ 08512 flaconi, David P., Box 611, Penns Brove NJ 08069 flagliozzi, Barbara A., 17 Elizabeth Ave, E Brunswick NJ 08816 flaiorino, Anita J., 2341 Rt 33, Robbinsville NJ 08691 fiakwinski, Kathy G., 9 Ellison Avenue, East Brunswick NJ 08816 flalley, Margaret M., 30 Ivy Hill Rd, Red Bank NJ 07701 flalta, Richard J., 1004 Wickapecko, Wanamassa NJ 07712 Jancuso, Patricia A., 337 S Cook Ave, Trenton NJ 08629 flancywoda, Nicholas A., 24 Tice Ave, South River NJ 08882 flanfra, Laurie J., 1474 Parkside Av, Ewing NJ 08635 flangine, Gerald J., 57 Jersey St, Trenton NJ 08611 flanzini, Serena 27 Sheffield Rd, E Windsor NJ 08520 flarchuk, George 122 Morningside, Union Beach NJ 07735 flarcus, Robert M., 1F Franklin Gree, Somerset NJ 08873 flargiatto, Kevin P., 13 Patrick St, Carteret NJ 07008 Markau, Carl D., 24 Lowell Ave, Trenton NJ 08619 Marrapodi, Jean S., Post Office Box, Metuchen NJ 08840 Marrow, Sandra A., 1415 Wildwood Av, Camden NJ 08103 Martin, Carol A., 3-03 17th St, Fair Lawn NJ 07410 Martin, Frances M., 517 E Seventh St, Florence NJ 08518 Martinasco, Peter J., 61 Drew Pl, Toms River NJ 08753 Martindell, Charles A., Neshaminy Greene, Bristol PA 19007 Martcrana, Maria G., 1548 Hillside Dr, Cherry Hill NJ 08003 Masia, Donna M., 513 Lloyd Rd, Matawan NJ 07747 Mastriano, Robert E., 15 Leshin La Box, Hightstown NJ 08520 Matthews, Diana L., Box 98 R D 2, Belvidere NJ 07823 Matuszewski, Cynthia M., Rd 1 Box 271, Lambertville NJ 08530 Mayer, Pamela J., 44 Karla Dr, Whippany NJ 07981 Mayer, Scott 128 James St, Morristown NJ 07960 Mazza, Francis X., 217 So Garfield, Moorestown NJ 08057 Mazza, Kenneth R., 75 E Cliff Rd, Colonia NJ 07067 McAleer, Karen M., 815 Scenic Dr, Trenton NJ 08628 McArthur, Heather L., 891 Midland Rd, Oradell NJ 07649 McCabe, Christin M., 48 O Toole, Westwood NJ 07675 McCarthy, Michael P., 9 Emerald Rd, Kendall Pk NJ 08824 McClelland, Arthur P., 272 Tabb Ave, Piscataway NJ 08854 McCracken, Caroline A., 1205 Newton Ave, W Collingswood NJ 08107 McGill, Joanne 28-A Frnkln Grns, Somerset NJ 08873 McGough, Patricia A., 21 Bonnie Rae Dr, Trenton NJ 08620 McGowan, Kathleen P., Rd 1 Box 230, New Egypt NJ 08533 McGrann, Bonnie D., 2000 New Rodgers, Levittown PA 19056 McKelvey, Carol 904 Indian Hill, Toms River NJ 08753 McKnight, Gary C., 120 Michael St, S Plainfield NJ 07080 McLaughlin, Elizabet C., 16 Washington St, Butler NJ 07405 McMahon, Stephen C., 15 Crestmont Ter, Collingswood NJ 08108 McMahon, Thomas J., 400 Tanner Ave, Hatboro PA 19040 McNeely, Judith M., 137 Glenview La, Willingboro NJ 08046 McNellis, Bernard J., 10 Thoreau Rd, Trenton NJ 08690 McNulty, Dennis P., 505 Washington S, Riverside NJ 08075 McNulty, Patricia 4 Needwood Ln, Willingboro NJ 08046 McPeek, Michael P., 74 Woodlawn Rd, Phillipsburg NJ 08865 McQuade, Maureen G., 3260 Nottingham, Trenton NJ 08619 McRae, Anneese 2-17E Kingsbury, Trenton NJ 08611 Meara, Brian J., 1827 Exton Ave, Trenton NJ 08610 Mehlman, Shira CIO Sue Musselma, Pennington NJ 08534 Meichel, Phyllis L., PO Box 76, Sergeantsville NJ 08557 Melnick, Robert P., 11 Sumutka Ct, Carteret NJ 07008 Mendell, Bethann 43 Enter Tum, Willingboro NJ 08046 Mendenko, Linda 836 York Rd, Hightstown NJ 08520 Meringer, James E., 705 W State St, Trenton NJ 08618 Merkowsky, Joan M., 724 Valley Dr, Lakewood NJ 08701 Metz, Patricia A., 603 E Vail Rd, Landing NJ 07850 Metz, Sandra L., Timberbrook Rd, Rockaway NJ 07866 Michak, Diane V., 84 Clark Ave, Ocean Grove NJ 07756 Millenbach, Marylynn M., 149 Pearlcroft, Cherry Hill NJ 08034 Miller, Craig W., 5 Andover Rd, Jackson NJ 08527 Miller, Kathleen A., 31 Trenton Ave, Clementon NJ 08024 Miller, Robert F., 3249 Sandy Lyn, Corn Hts PA 19020 Milsop, Cynthia A., 12 Norwick Ln, Willingboro NJ 08046 Milstein, Wendy C., 3808 Hunters Gle, Plainsboro NJ 08536 Minervini, Annette 396-9 Kettlecree, Toms River NJ 08753 Mis, Mary 1544 Princeton A, Trenton NJ 08638 Mizutowicz, Wanda J., 25 Cannon Dr, Trenton NJ 08690 Mollis, Victor D., 807 Nottinghill, Trenton NJ 08619 Molnar, Karen 2602 Pheasant Ho, Plainsboro NJ 08536 Monahan, Patricia E., 216 Virginia Ave, Westmont NJ 08108 Moncrief, .Iudy L., 14 Spring St, Beachwood NJ 08722 Montgomery, Christop R., 24 Louellen St, Hopewell NJ 08525 Moran, Eileen K., 31 Asmus Rd, Closter NJ 07624 Moran, Wayne A., Rd 1 Canal Rd, Princeton NJ 08540 Morecraft, Robert J., 161 Woodland Ave, Fords NJ 08863 Morris, Janet E., 1410 Pennington, Ewing NJ 08618 Mortensen, Rose A., 135 Trenton Rd B, Fairless Hills PA 19030 Moscarello, Karen M., 9 Wedge Dr, Trenton NJ 08610 Moss, Monica A., 66 Mulberry Ln, Freehold NJ 07728 Moultrie, Samuel F., Rte 8 Box 8574, Browns Mills NJ 08015 Muhlbauer, Robert A., 1431 Lafayette, Woodbury NJ 08096 Murdock, Linda L., 23 Rockleigh Dr, Trenton NJ 08628 Murphy, Jacklynn I., 15 Whitman Avenu, Cherry Hill NJ 08002 Murphy, Steven C., 212 Collings Ave, Collingswood NJJ 08108 Murray, Patrick K., 4752 Oak Terrace, Pennsauken NJ 08109 Nadler, Patricia L., 26 Johnson Rd, Somerset NJ 08873 Napoleon, Maggi M., 109 Richardson R, Robbinsville NJ 08691 Nasen, Randy L., 17 Arlington Ave, Maple Shade NJ 08052 Nawrocki, Dawnlynn M., 319 Center Stree, Phillipsburg NJ 08865 Nearier, Barbara L., 77 Fairmount Ave, Clifton NJ 07011 211 Newkirk, Thomas A., Box 95A Rd 2, Pleasantville NJ 08232 Nguyen, Bao D., 524 E Centre Ave, Newton PA 18940 Nims, Mary K., 406 N Washington, Moorestown NJ 08057 Norbut, Julia M., 6 MacArthur Dr, Matawan NJ 07747 Norris, Wayne L., 64 Clyne Ave, Spotswood NJ 08884 Notta, Robert J., 38 Federal City, Trenton NJ 08638 Nouhan, Kim M., 24 Hillcrest Ave, Clifton NJ 07013 Novotny, Karin 1470 Parkside Co, Trenton NJ 08638 Nugent, Edward W., 13 Shawnee Ln, Old Bridge NJ 08857 Nugent, Robyn E., 26 E Glencove Av, Northfield NJ 08225 Oberndorf, Jay 31-04 Heywood Av, Fair Lawn NJ 07410 Obrien, Thomas M., 516 Miller Ave, Trenton NJ 08610 0Connor, Jane M., 427 E Park Ave, Maple Shade NJ 08052 OKeefe, James T., 1622 Red Oak Rd, Williamstown NJ 08094 0Keefe, Karen A., 1622 Red Oak Rd, Williamstown NJ 08094 0Keefe, Sharon L., 1622 Red Oak Rd, Williamstown NJ 08094 0Laughlin, Maureen C., 420 Sutherland D, Trenton NJ 08638 Olschewski, Ronald E., 25 Elton Ave, Yardville NJ 08620 0Neil1, Peggy A., 4 Ave F, Kendall Pk NJ 08824 Ongaro, Henry L., 412 Tindall Ave, Trenton NJ 08610 Oppler, Charles S., 668A Shaler Blvd, Ridgefield NJ 07657 Oravsky, Roberta M., 36 Valley View, Yardville NJ 08620 Orourke, Lawrence A., Rd5-Box 354A, Jackson NJ 08527 Orrell, Kim 55 Twig Lane, Willingboro NJ 08046 0Sullivan, Timothy J., 20 Buttonwood Pl, Hazlet NJ 07730 Padalino, Nicholas P., 10 Whittier Dr, Englishtown NJ 07726 Paetzell, Ricky W., Rd2 Bx59 Stamets, Milford NJ 08848 Page, Edward V., 161 Franklin Cor, Lawrenceville NJ 08902 Page, Mary T., 14 Garrison Cir, Willingboro NJ 08046 Pallanta, Ronald A., 37 Ambling Lane, Levittown PA 19055 Pallo, Diana L., 17 McKinley Ave, Washington NJ 07882 Palmer, Nancy L., 1408 Country Lan, West Trenton NJ 08628 Palmer, Susan 28 Dartmouth Rd, Parlin NJ 08859 Palms, Charles R., 108 Rossell Ave, Trenton NJ 08638 Paoli, Paula L., 214 Woodbine Dr, Marlton NJ 08053 Parenti, Debra A., 443 Henry St, Scotch Plains NJ 07076 Parkinson, Gregory A., 24 Stearns Rd, East Brunswick NJ 088 Parks, Rose W., Red Mill Rd, Glen Gardner NJ 08826 Parr, Eldora L., Box 12 Main St, Juliustown NJ 08042 Parrotta, Lidia R., 8 Wexford Drive, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 Pasman, Sandra L., 48 Mara Rd, Lake Hiawatha NJ 07034 Patterson, Mandy L., 914 Tampa Ave, Cherry Hill NJ 08034 Paul, Gary J., 330 Chamber St, Phillipsburg NJ 08865 Paul, Kenneth D., Rd 1 Box 245, Hopewell NJ 08525 Paulick, Michael J., 146 Bull Run Rd, Trenton NJ 08638 Pedone, Joanne M., 930 Neal St, Toms River NJ 08753 Pelican, Deborah 1983 Sweetwood D, Forked River NJ 08731 Pelis, Diane S., 8 Wesleyan Drive, Trenton NJ 08690 Penrose, Susan J., 17 Gerald Terr, Hazlet NJ 07730 Perham, Robert K., 17 Bayberry Ln, Middletown NJ 07748 Peseux, Donna M., 119 Birch Ave, Shrewsbury NJ 07701 Peterla, Susan E., 93 Miry Brook Rd, Trenton NJ 08690 Peters, Susan E., 2149 Redwood Dr, Sea Girt NJ 08750 Pfleger, Ralph K., 7 Tina Dr, Titusville NJ 08560 Phebus, Andrea S., 206 Baltimore Bl, Sea Girt NJ 08750 Phelan, Marie F., 1023 Greenwood, Trenton NJ 08609 Phillips, John S., 43 Hallberg Ave, Bergenfield NJ 07621 Pica, Michael J., 218 Maxwell Dr, Trenton NJ 08610 Pickus, Leslie G., 333 Clearfield A, Trenton NJ 08618 Pillows, Michael C., Rt 8 Bx 8515, Browns Mills NJ 08015 Pittinger, MaryJo 55 E River Dr, Willingboro NJ 08046 Pitzele, Marilyn Box 262, Trenton NJ 08602 Pleskus, Albert C., 1038 Washington, Old Tappan NJ 07675 Polinsky, Elizabet A., Box 121 US 1, No Brunswick NJ 08902 Pooley, Jacquely 8 Wedgewood Pl, Gibbsboro NJ 08026 Porter, Carole P., Brisbane Hill Dr, Colts Neck NJ 07722 Porter, Mary H., 405 Morgan Ave, Palmyra NJ 08065 Post, Lawrence 218 E Central BV, Palisades Park NJ 07650 Poulin, Gabriell L., 1224 Woodland Av, Plainfield NJ 07060 Pozsgai, Maria E., 13 George St, So River NJ 08882 Prach, Mark T., 18 O1 Short Hills, Millbum NJ 07041 Pressens, Felicia A., Box 133B Rd 1, Frenchtown NJ 08825 Price, Joseph T., 2065 Pennington, Trenton NJ 08618 Procacci, Rosanne C., 4107 Baker Ave, Pennsauken NJ 08110 Procita, Mary C., 28 Louis Dr, Budd Lake NJ 07828 Prominski, Janice L., 816 Heritage Rd, Cinnaminson NJ 08077 Prussing, Gregg S., 113 Hawthorn Ave, Springfield NJ 07081 Pugliese, Michelle M., 11 Walt Whitman, Trenton NJ 08690 Quelly, Carol A., 75 Old Smallytwn, Wan'en NJ 07060 Quick, Donna L., 822 Whtehrse Ave, Trenton NJ 08610 Racelis, Mary E., 1176 Stone St, Rahway NJ 07065 212 16 Rao, Carmela C., 448 Allentown Rd, Yardville NJ 08620 Recht, Gordon A., 2 Northfield Ct, Livingston NJ 07039 Reed, Cyril F., 247 1 2 Washingn, Mt Holly NJ 08060 Regan, Barbara A., 23 Andover Rd, Jackson NJ 08527 Regan, Maureen A., 11 Hayward St, Bound Brook NJ 08805 Register, Lennon 75 North 7th Str, Newark NJ 07107 Reilly, E1izabetA., Main St Bx 57, Crosswicks NJ 08515 Reilly, Nancy J., 101 Minturn Rd, Toms River NJ 08753 Reisser, Rose M., 6 Geranium Rd, Levittown PA 19057 Rekow, Judith A., 272 Rockland Ave, River Vale NJ 07675 Relling, Christol M., 20 Margaret St, Old Bridge NJ 08857 Rica, Donald J., 46 Epping Drive, Kenilworth NJ 07033 Richard, Marianne P., 1510 Riverside D, Trenton NJ 08618 Richman, David P., 5 Ingram Circle, Matawan NJ 07747 Ridarick, Cheryl A., 280 Irwin St, Phillipsburg NJ 08865 Ridolfi, Joseph G., 8 Braver Drive, Trenton NJ 08610 Rinaldi, Mary T., 125 Throckmorton, Old Bridge NJ 08857 Ritchie, Susan G., 209 E Broad St, Burlington NJ 08016 Ritter, Mary B., York Road, Hightstown NJ 08520 Rivers, Carinne A., 33 Florence Ave, Trenton NJ 08618 Roberts, Dean A., 124 Thomas St, Cranford NJ 07016 Robinson, Kathleen D., 224 Progress St, Riverside NJ 08075 Robinson, Kim S., 1033 Washington, Cape May NJ 08204 Robinson, Thaddeus A., PO Box 2147, Trenton NJ 08607 Rodgers, Daniel G., 4 Lynnfield Dr, East Windsor NJ 08520 Rogers, Carol L., 310 Hillcrest Av, Trenton NJ 08618 Rogerson, Ellen F., 240 Woodruff Ave, Avenel NJ 07001 Roman, Stephen P., 2326 Dixon Ave, Croydon PA 19020 Ronayne, William D., 26 E Miami Ave, Cherry Hill NJ 08034 Ronyecs, Michele L., 250 W Delaware, Pennington NJ 08534 Rosen, Mindy 22 Lamont Ave, Mercerville NJ 08619 Rossetti, Michael A., 481 Thomas St, Phillipsburg NJ 08865 Roth, Karen A., 13 Tyson Lane, Freehold NJ 07728 Rothenberg, Lori A., 2 Crane Terrace, Wayne NJ 07470 Rothman, Lisa 180 Franklin Cor, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 Route, Kathy 19 Stanford Dr, Toms River NJ 08753 Roy, Catherin M., Rd 3 Park Ln, Whitehse Sta NJ 08889 Roy, Timothy A., Rd 3, Whitehse Sta NJ 08889 Rozycki, Thomas W., lst St, Flagtown NJ 08821 Rubin, Miriam R., 115 Jeffery Rd, Colonia NJ 07067 Ruis, Linda A., 411 Highland St, Cresskill NJ 07626 Runski, Susan M., 325 Clearfield A, Trenton NJ 08618 Ruscavage, Mitchele M., 63 Middleton Ln, Willingboro NJ 08046 Ruscavage, Patrice M., 63 Middleton Ln, Willingboro NJ 08046 Russo, Alyce M., 1305 W State St, Trenton NJ 08618 Russo, Barry J., 342 Elmer St, Trenton NJ 08618 Russo, Denise E., 69 Cedar Grove R, Somerville NJ 08876 Rutkin, Linda L B., 12 Emory Avenue, Trenton NJ 08611 Ryan, Kathleen A., 1100 Hazelwood, Middlesex NJ 08846 Sabins, Timothy J., 13 Carolina Ave, Trenton NJ 08618 Sablik, Claudia J ., 509 W Fifth Ave, Roselle NJ 07203 Sabo, Diane L., 609 Harrison Ave, So Plainfield NJ 07080 Sadimas, Joanne 300 English Ct, Bridgewater NJ 08807 Salla, Roselle M., 325 Clearfield A, Trenton NJ 08618 Sanders, Paul E., 32 Grant Ave, Lawnside NJ 08045 Santoro, Therese A., 5 Lee Ave, Harrington Prk NJ 07640 Sapienza, Sandra 15 Ormond Dr, Chadwick Bch NJ 08739 Sarbone, Louis 139 Kline Blvd, Colonia NJ 07067 Sarno, Adrienne M., 2802 Bridge Ave, Point Pleasant NJ 08742 Scaniffe, Angelo Rte 5 Box 5523 P Browns Mills NJ 08015 Scelli, Rino 45 Redding Circl, Princeton NJ 08540 Schaaf, Michael R., Bldg 4006 Apt F, McGuire Afb NJ 08641 Scherzer, Charie L., 3861 Bristol Rd, Comwells Hts PA, 19020 Schiavone, Mary 7 Barton Road, Old Bridge NJ 08857 Schill, Lynda P., 103 W Charles St, Palmyra NJ 08065 Schlosser, Robert L., 36 E Chester Cir, New Brunswick NJ 08901 Schollmeyer, William F., 23 Florham Ave, Florham Park NJ 07932 Schon, Glenn D., 744 Estates Blvd, Trenton NJ 08619 Schrepfer, Brigitte 22 So Clinton Av, Maple Shade NJ 08052 Schulke, Paul C., 16A Hampton Arms, Hightstown NJ 08520 Schurig, Theresa A., 135 Torringtn Ln, Willingboro NJ 08046 Schwartz, Pearl 70 W Elizabeth, Richboro PA 18954 Scolari, John T., 190 Cornwall Rd, Glen Rock NJ 07452 Scott, Judith A., 44 Leonardine Av, South River NJ 08882 Screnci, Lynne E., 2222 Laurel Dr, Cinnaminson NJ 08077 Sculley, Patricia A., Bx 411 Rd2 Maple, Freehold NJ 07728 Sefchick, Raymond J., 101 Winthrop Rd, Edison NJ 08817 Seibert, Joan C., 23 Cook Place, Hopewell NJ 08525 Sejnoski, Lynn M., 194 Terhune Rd, Princeton NJ 08540 Senicz, Anna R., 354 Miller Ave, Trenton NJ 08610 Serson, Paul 109 George St, Carteret NJ 07008 haginaw, Stephen J., Rte 70 Rd 1, Vincentown NJ 08088 hannon, Philip C., 108 Columbia Ave, Trenton NJ 08618 harpe, David E., 1311 Highland Av, Cinnaminson NJ 08077 heehan, Timothy J., 15 Montclair Dr, Delran NJ 08075 hiber, Darlene F., 6 Frederick St, East Brunswick NJ 08816 humard, Robert J., 122 Taylor Blvd, Bricktown NJ 08723 hurtleff, Patricia A., 115 Jacobs Creek, W Trenton NJ 08628 llbering, Nan C., 33-06 Fox Run Dr, Plainsboro NJ 08536 im, Nancy E., 795 Hemlock Rd, Union NJ 07083 imko, Debra L., 19-23 Prospect A, Fair Lawn NJ 07410 imoni, June J., 19 Falmouth Rd, Yardville NJ 08620 impkins, Sandra L., 56 Midway Lane, Bellmawr NJ 08030 kafidas, Helen 297 E Clinton A, Bergenfield NJ 07621 kene, James C., 185 14th St, Woodridge NJ 07075 kidmore, Harry F., 95 Heights Ln Ap, Feasterville PA 19047 kwira, Teresa I., 16 Vandoren Ave, Somerville NJ 08876 ladden, Michael G., 11 Broad St, Flemington NJ 08822 later, Charles I., 85 Hauser Ave, Yardville NJ 08620 mith, Cindy L., 1809 W Main St, Millville NJ 08332 mith, David W., 2 Forge Court, Freehold NJ 07728 mith, Kimberly A., 2440 Princeton, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 mith, Linda A., 3 Stonehenge Dr, Lincroft NJ 07738 mith, Mark W., Route 7 Box 7258, Browns Mills NJ 08015 mith, Michael J., Bx 116 Bowerstwn, Washington NJ 07882 mith, Prudence W., 21 Crosswicks-Ex, Yardville NJ 08620 mith, Renee I., Main Rd, Richland NJ 08350 mith, Richard C., 10 Lincoln Avenu, Edison NJ 08817 mith, Robert A., 28 Wolfpack Rd, Mercerville NJ 08619 mith, Susan 992 Lawrencevill, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 mith, Walter A., 23 Hickory St, Metuchen NJ 08840 mytana, Jo-Anne M., 6 Cornell Drive, Hazlet NJ 07730 nook, Donald A., R D 4 Bx 38, Newton NJ 07860 nyder, Joyce M., 16 Essex Drive, Mendham NJ 07945 oda, Barbara L., 6 Stanley Ave, Princeton NJ 08540 oltesz, Cynthia M., 223 Woodland St, Trenton NJ 08611 omma, Bruno 245 No 11 St, Kenilworth NJ 07033 ommeriield, Deborah R., 6560 N Park Driv, Pennsauken NJ 08109 onnenschein, Beth Apt 131, Trenton NJ 08610 orensen, Patricia A., 26 Division St, Closter NJ 07624 orensen, Peter J., 26 Division St, Closter NJ 07624 oss, Karen 521 Lalor St, Trenton NJ 08611 oto, Valerie A., 37 Icker Avenue, East Brunswick NJ 08816 owinski, Donna M., 85 Maiden Lane, Bergenfield NJ 07621 pady, Derrick L., 117 Forman St, Hightstown NJ 08520 pinella, Charles E., 5 Beverly Dr, Towacc NJ 07082 pitale, Eileen M., 8 Mill St, Elmwood Park NJ 07407 qureck, Mary I., 540 Parkway Ave, Trenton NJ 08618 t Amour, Sandra A., 19 Thomas St, South Amboy NJ 08879 ttacchini, Debra V., 36 Ash Ave, Absecon Highla NJ 08201 ttacchini, Natalie Y., Box 342-B, Absecon NJ 08201 tang, Paul D., 10 Cherry Tree L, Cherry Hill NJ 08002 ttanton, Judith F., Rd 2 Box 1651A, Ringoes NJ 08551 tarks, Joann T., 48 Harrington Ci, Willingboro NJ 08046 ttefane, Anne M., 421 Hutchinson, Trenton NJ 08610 ltein, Mark G., 29 Chalford Lane, Willingboro NJ 08046 ltevens, Rosemari J., 47 Ewingville Rd, Trenton NJ 08638 Ltiles, David P., PO Box 417, Dublin PA 18917 ltone, George E., 399 Ocean Blvd, Cliffwood Bch NJ 07735 ltorey, Peter B., Lake Valley Rd, Morristown NJ 07960 Ltoy, Gary R., 1161 Lawrencevil, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 itudioso, James C., 35 Jefferson Trl, Hopatcong NJ 07843 ltukes, Steven 235 Wilson Ave, Keamy NJ 07032 ituono, Robert D., 12 Nicholas St, Towacc NJ 07082 lullivan, Thomas M., 362 Concord Aven, Trenton NJ 08618 iunderland, Laura J., 10 Gedney Rd, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 iutor, Mark W., 415 18 St, West Babylon NY 11704 iwatkoski, Annemari 27 Gerard Rd, Yardville NJ 08620 iweeney, Steven M., 49 Vanness Drive, Brick Town NJ 08723 Lwem, Michael F., 575 Emmett Ave, Trenton NJ 08629 iwetsky, Steven D., 10 Leamoor Dr, Whippany NJ 07981 iwickle, James A., 10 Copper Hill R, Bridgewater NJ 08807 lzurley, Linda A., 14 Blueberry Dr, Milltown NJ 08850 Farnecki, Mary A., 71 Caroline Ave, Trenton NJ 08610 Faylor, Julius K., 1064 Stuyvesant, Trenton NJ 08618 Faylor, Scott L., Rd 1, Allentown NJ 08501 Feitelbaum, Cheryl B., 101 Grayson Plac, Teaneck NJ 07666 1'erry, Linda E., 39 Maple Ave, Trenton NJ 08618 l'horn, Karen L., 716 New York Blv, Sea Girt NJ 08750, 1'ideman, Thomas T., 185 West Passaic, Bloomfield NJ 07003 l'innes, Kimberly A., Rd 1 Box 139, Pittstown NJ 08867 Fobias, Joseph J., 107 Park Lane, Trenton NJ 08609 Toccaceli, Anne 46 Herbert St, Red Bank NJ 07701 Tomaschik, Lydia J., 7 Thistle Rd, Levittown PA 19056 Tordai, Sandor A., 305 McClellan Av, Trenton NJ 08610 Townley, Michele L., Woolman St, Masonville NJ 08054 Traina, Annalisa Rd 3 Box 588, Stockton NJ 08559 Travea, Joseph J., 450 Cooper St, Beverly NJ 08010 Triano, Joseph A., 419 High St, Dunellen NJ 08812 Troisi, Marylynn 2231 Camplain Rd, Somerville NJ 08876 Troy, Susan K., 1320 W State St, Trenton NJ 08618 Tryanowski, William W., 56 Deerfield Lan, U Saddle River NJ 07458 Turcich, Joseph P., Delaware Ave 719, Delancc NJ 08075 Turner, Kim M., 19 Calvert Ave W, Edison NJ 08817 Vagnozzi, Michael A., 17 Buckingham Av, Trenton NJ 08618 Vagnozzi, Paul J., 20 Wiltshire Dr, East Windsor NJ 08520 Vanbenthuysen, William S., 11 W Main St, Farmingdale NJ 07727 Vancamp M Grayso 15 Carlton Ave, Trenton NJ 08618 VanFossen, Charles J., 724 Division St, Gloucester NJ 08030 VanKline, Sandra Y., 411 Catherine St, Elizabeth NJ 07201 VanNozzi, Robert J., 245 Ward Ave, Bordentown NJ 08505 VanSaun, Susan J., 16 Virginia Ave, Pompton Plains NJ 07444 Varga, Joseph B., 407 E 4th St, Florence NJ 08518 Venettone, Mary L., 67 Ferry St, Lambertville NJ 08530 Verdel, Karen M., 214 Armour Avenu, Trenton NJ 08619 Vetkoskey, Susan E., 466 Buttonwood A, Maple Shade NJ 08052 Vonada, Joann V., 207 Blough Crt, Fairless Hills PA 19030 Wagner, Karen J., 1926 Riverside D, Trenton NJ 08618 Wagner, Patricia M., 3 Red Maple Lane, Kenilworth NJ 07033 Wagner, Randy L., 451 Winding Rivr, Brick Town NJ 08723 Wagner, Rosemary C., 61 Berry St, Dover NJ 07801 Walker, Elizabet M., 13 Martha Dr, Trenton NJ 08610 Walker, Jeffrey L., 22 Hamilton Rd, Marlton NJ 08053 Walsh, Patricia B., 237 Rusling 2nd, Trenton NJ 08611 Walter, Kathleen M., PO Box 215, Toms River NJ 08753 Wandishin, David M., 16 Wardman Ave, Trenton NJ 08638 Ward, Joseph M., 771 Williamsburg, Brick Town NJ 08723 Warner, George W., 34 Elm St, Lambertville NJ 08530 Warner, Henry L., 2129-A Sheridan, Atlantic City NJ 08401 Wasko, Cynthia S., 29 Clearwater, Willingboro NJ 08046 Watson, Janet S., 111 Laning Ave, Pennington NJ 08534 Weaver, Christin M., 187 Pennington, Trenton NJ 08618 Weaver, Nancy L., 53 Wgn Brge Run, Moorestown NJ 08057 Weiner, Charles 3-09 Morlot Ave, Fair Lawn NJ 07410 Weltman, Lynn R., 1 Nase Court, Warren NJ 07060 Weltmann, Richard 11 Florister Dr, Trenton NJ 08690 Wentzel, Joann 1424 S Clinton A, Trenton NJ 08610 West, Kathleen M., 31 Beechwood Roa, Florham Park NJ 07932 Wharton, Richard J., Monmouth Rd, Cream Ridge NJ 08514 Wharton, Yvonne M., 102 Ivins Ave, Merchantvill NJ 08109 White, Andrew C., 139 Hillcrest La, Willingboro NJ 08046 White, Dorothy M., 5 Poe Court, Kendall Pk NJ 08824 White, Patricia 1491 Parkside Av, Trenton NJ 08638 Whitehead, Diane 695 Midwood Rd, Ridgewood NJ 07450 Whitehouse, Richard J., 109 Burlington A, Spotswood NJ 08884 Wiecek, Jeffrey 192 Brooklyn Ave, Spotswood NJ 08884 Wierzbowski, Andrew J., 35 Dawes Ave, Trenton NJ 08638 Wighton, Peter M., 199 Federal City, Pennington NJ 08534 Wilk, Leon G., 106 Pinewood Rd, Howell NJ 07731 Wilkinson, Nancy E., 131 Torrington, Willingboro NJ 08046 Williams, Laney M., 5 Brafman Dr, Trenton NJ 08610 Wilson, Diane M., 76 Whiton Rd, Neshanic NJ 08853 Winn, George E., 219 Somerset Dr, Willingboro NJ 08046 Witkowski, Susan N., 42 Heil Avenue, Trenton NJ 08638 Wolfslayer, Christop D., 224 Kings Croft, Cherry Hill NJ 08034 Wooley, Marianne 15 Hoffman Rd, Mendham NJ 07945 Workman, Kenneth M., 9 North St, Ocean City NJ 08226 Wright, Glenn E., 50 Falmouth Rd, Yardville NJ 08620 Wright, Norman T., 13 Millhurst Rd, Englishtown NJ 07726 Wrzesinsky, Ernest R., Rd 1 Benton Rd, Columbia NJ 07832 Wustefeld, George F., 7 Canfield St, Stanhope NJ 07874 Wynne, Stephen G., 30 Dartmouth Dri, Hazlet NJ 07730 Yaeger, Susan 15 Wellington Ct, Colts Neck NJ 07722 Yagi, Tatsuya 180 Franklin Cor, Lawrenceville NJ 08648 Yersak, Gary R., 18 Merion Ln, Maple Shade NJ 08052 Young, Ann L., 328 Bellevue Ave, Trenton NJ 08618 Zalinsky, Carole A., 260 Old Post Rd, Edison NJ 08817 Zarodnansky, Michael 557 Bordentown, Trenton NJ 08610 Zatz, Clifford L., 323 Clearfield A, Trenton NJ 08610 Zazzarinc, Anthony 26 Deerfield Rd, Whippany NJ 07981 Zimbardo, Denise D., 48 Mt Horeb Rd, Warren NJ 07060 213 U s - Winston-Satem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY - North Carotina Steve Merln, Philadelphia, Pennsylvama Representative 1 K

Suggestions in the New Jersey State Teachers College - Seal Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) collection:

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