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 - Class of 1963

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Text from Pages 1 - 236 of the 1963 volume:

I J A m W .'I X I r 1 r 196 3 Volume 52 TRENT TRENTO Pllblished Sllldent C 1 9 6 3 Volume 52 TRENTON STATE COLLEGE TRENTON, NEW JERSEY Published by the SEAL staff of the Student Cooperative Association 'EAT f Hwy' ng Q IC F Z M if ll E o f S Bo pix' QM ! X E K If E H N5 W 5 ll E fy X we N ew egg 85 . . . .,,,.a- . N1 31 . Q, wx:-fm-wPf:f'rre,'fesf-rs1fsw1m2iis:rb'!5fmm5rH:s. E?7Df'??1?-f7:'I'i'.fT-f' 1963 S AL J. F . 1 Dedication ...................... 4 Foreword .......................... ....---- 6 Campus -------------------------- ----------- 8 " - ' 1 Ll V535 it -,,,a,, ,J ff, 1 Administration and Faculty .... 20 ' A' 'U e ' ' ' Q 5, A ' A Students yi A ' J . ,Y Q 41 I W so ' Seniors --------------------- --------- - -- S 38 ,fr A ' .P ,, i 4i ,,,.,,.,,.,.i-... Uilderclassmen ---um-un --nun 3449 rf, -fi Kwik it N' '1'e 3' A"' t"""""""' ' " 1' N . ' .vt,f.f21!wlfi Activities .................................... 130 , 3- 5 Q14 f ,ig f. ff . I - 4 lx. 3,2 v ll Y Q Q Memories .......................... 146 I or -W' f 5 A, A- L 1 +' . . " A wi' Wskf-wW"t3 Organizations ............................ 154 , -:. ,3 it A gg W, , Greeks ---'-..------.--.----..---------------.- V 1-5' .14 x I , ' Sports ........................................ 198 T 2 1 ' Senior Directory ....... . .. ....... 4. 216 dei- A y 5 Junior Directory ...................... 225 , ly 7 ff , ffi gg: ,Q 'S 'Q ' Editor-in-Chief A A ' V' W Ag? A SHEILA MCKEOWN A fjgfff-11 ' if . I. . ".',-" ' ff Q .ff -, ' 1-- 'Q Senior Associate Editor 'Q jvf SANDRA DoNN 1' if 'Junior Associate Editor I ' A JOANN FEDEYKO A , sf Q' Advisor 'V' iv 1' 'S As DR. MICHAEL A. ' ' TRAVERS , , , V A A A Q- ,,-, . 9 f ,.- ' -11 , . 1-- ' - ,v vw- 3-Ir 'T -, fm 'N ." -iY , 1 - b A -,T 'nr 1,-'-in-ev 1 w f wif vs T'J."'w 'ff -M. W ,. ,V.1, xwsxq-1A,w,ig::': 5 noai. N al, ,vvdi Xi -, 'XR ,vmqwffx W I K mfxw aj, li M yt V ,E f' H , zz. X , ,, A ,-,ww -em, , P '+" 'X ' Q '4 . '- ,V X ,, ' A H' . 1 ' . " 1 qv: IL. ,R .fi fm fl' -it " Ky' 51 ' Q u tfsvhs! RV- fu-Mp 5' ,S . Ig. "' U 'kiwi 3 B Z ' Y A ' W .W A 'sz M U1 Xaqgs' i W' 'I 'di ' .lv . A - 'Q A 1 , . .l I s :F,'a,va 'YQ I' ' "1 K':5f"nqxv . NY' ' 'fb A l i . 5 ,.,. if A. h N, ' Q41 A ' n X' 5 - -A ,Q 1 I 1---I -Q-- ,J M df' .f . 2 -4-. i .,. " -1 'I 4 rf 1 .U W ML A 1- 'V u - ,nv gn' - ii' ,- 44 s. pw-'N' "ww M fm ha-1+ ww. 4 'A 1:- .w A ., 5 y w 9 1. K 4 ...V-,J Ui' ny, W," jf' Ku. 1. ww .f"?'19A " WU' 'IN' X . 'XE' - " 5' 1 ' 7 K 'YL 3 WE' ,jx 11, . N , fx,.+ ' .f f f-Q 1, ' , W!.L'l W:x"u wi ye 1 --'iff X A51 f - 'x Sf 1 vp- i' ,.,. , hoto by Doug Parrxsh 331' ng- ' Y. .yu .R ' 1 J 5 , . 1 . I 1 4 4 5 1 In H n the Seal 1963 we have endeavored to portray our college life-the ever-changing campus, the challenging academic environment, and the variegated personalities of both the students and the faculty. The physical aspects of our college are readily apparent to any- one. To the graduating senior, however, we hope this book will be more than a recapitulation of the materialistic side of Trenton State College. We have endeavored to introduce personal interest and individ- uality to this book. Our purpose is to symbolize to each graduate the true meaning of our college-the friendships, the loyalties, the memories-all of those intangible, unforgettable experiences which have made their four years complete. We, the Seal staff, sincerely hope that no matter how far you travel from Trenton State College, this book Will ever present to you those fond reminiscences of that delightful voyage-your college life. gelife-the ilmelltarll amlty. mmm? nkwillbe antmSlaIe ndinivil- had-u me .mm IBF' HUF' duel ALMA MATER Q Alma Mater, blue and gold, Trenton College, blue and gold. Name still blazing as gf Old, Thy brave spirit ne'er grows old, Hearts We pledge that thou shalt be, And though fal' OUI' paths may lead, Shining through eternity. Thou wilt guide our thoughts and deeds. Brighter as the years unfold, O11 to heights as Yet Ullfeld, Alma Mater, blue and gold. Alma Mater, blue and gold- , fl M ' . ft 5 1 ' N lf' .' t Z 3 X 4 1 .2 , ff x y . V . if X X W, 1' R 3' 75 . ft ' - f ' f 4 X t lssflif. 1 . . 4 I 1' , , fy .1 ..f?ffff If i , T The Main Entrance to Trenton State College He who chooses the beginning of a road also chooses the destination. -Author Unknown A Campus 0 Veralant Beauty Anal Builalings We Learned to Looe Pictured on the section dividers are: Garden House ,---,,,,,,,-.,.,- ........... T he Presldentls Home Em, Hr Iames M, Green Hall ........ ......... A 6l1TLl1'LiSIf1'Ctli011 Building Hesidenceforw and Classrooms Roscoe L. West Library ........ ...................... L ibrary, Classrooms, Audio-Visual Aicl Department Calvin C. Kendall Hall ......... ........... A uclitortums, Classrooms William F. Phelps Hall .,............i. ....,..... D ming Hall, Snack Bar Physical Education Building .......... ..............., G ymnasium, P001 , YVVV W Vrvvi V i i y . i Q . I W "fg,s.T,fq-,j,L,x - vw" J , . , X I K I 4 K .x I N' , N4 M iv? rt Q 6 5 u X , .3 ' I ' A ' 'N ' , 'f 1. ' f' XY ' I k ' - V " I , A . ' 1.1 ' 'P ' P' 'X .' - . -N , -- , I, ,tw , , , ,, , g .,. ,Ma ., V, , I , .. .i x.: Ay, in ' . 'K' t au.: 'I Wrfg? ALUMNI MEDITATION CHAPEL 9 Ed THE ALLEN UNIT I0 Love We ling Oms ELY HOUSE pms, Residence for women lent 077119 Bar Pool EEZ a 1:9 + X . , .. E 'WR .ws ,,..., . .Jef ' f , :E 'I' ' RWE "" 1, ALLEN HOUSE Residence for women and center of many social activities BREWSTER HOUSE Residence for women R MEDITATION W CENTENNIAL HALL Residence for women and center of many social activities ff! BARRETT HOUSE Residence for women F SAMSON HOUSE Residence for women KWH 1 Q .ag 4, AQ. .M f ' 1-' 'fy 7 ,Mr ,w U' Q r , A -My ds ,, V ,ga-7 -f X 1, NN gm N, 5,5 fx, , msn ,pf .X-1f,-1, Q W, . 'Nf.W,. N, . ., M y ! 5 fiffj, Sw , , f wrzlwizf JMR. fzffgrfofedw b W Q, T'-if , o f 'X lwiwwyfz Q 'Z Qfsvf -Q.,-, X -:ff'- -ff: f ., , , v, ,x f ,., ' -1, , gy y ep.. KN X if . 5- 11.341-35793 gg' 1 ,-S. mug g i 5 , L23g:S'zi'ifjf-f.V::.2yv ..f1. 0 55, gf I F' JK sr 49 Q. W, Q, S q ' s W ik nr 5, Sy? igygwx YA.. QV Xi 4: .. A. H: 1 . , ..,, , V -6 - "vb-.K . nh'- m7Q .Mix M4 NORSWORTHY HALL Reszdence for women and location of the college mfirmary ,f-fywnywepi ,,.,-af" ,,,.,-'ff' . f fl '. X f , l mtwlw ' jx-.Ly-4-Vx 1 AQ 4 I vm.,1m. ,. V ,y . lirlf I, I 1 2 5, , Eg fn' 1 vi 1 1 ' IP' J. Wu' L f' M' C? sl W ! .W Nl . jg I fulffwfkl ' 'Y '-, .lg 1: wx '1 4 if ,J A ' 1 ffl , A ,Iv ,xx X , .9 -3. fs 3 A Y ' mg., f Q 4' Q KN it .. 'En 1 f- v . 1 Q I , .- in HI 3 C F ' Q K z. . 3. M FL - ' . . ' f '!:"g"m2 ..' If ., h ,Q ' .1 , Inn 5.-, .ff 1 '.'L'fG1'f 7g"iL ' 4 .4 ,5"5I-"s.'t,.'5r: . "fHNS4ff.j11 Q Wwfss H or LAKESIDE ence for Oc ' IU qnghon the Pommt' Englwh Dem .-4-11"-Q 1,,.1-ff' -,,,.,..--" , I 1,1-a-v""" U nf If ,,,.. 1.-1-1 q'-u-- VEW HUUSE 1 en Residence form ,,-. 4,4 3 N -1-fs + M1 ef w e 'L f . .L " The ' i 3 " L ,ft N.. M..,.-., - - V ,mt H Y , f i 1 V .r U ' 1, ""---.. L Y ., ,, N Q- V V 1. we NN W I M W M HMII' X ff -If'-Mmm' F sf.. - A H'WWeM.t-Aww, ,M - E M X I ,QTL f 1- 12' W ' ' W, . Q iii X , khkk M Q time , We WV my A 1 Y., , ,E , X - 4 V,..,a...e s., '. at W.. S' fp. 42-,. W M - ' 1 1 'Q N ' - W ' ' " 1 x L L M A,A, , E+ 5 L' -N TN7'7""""WMm,.W ,"' W"""'is-. 5 mm Y T'-nn , Jlxtstx' ii , BLISS HALL Residence for men L gf 155, 42 '21, 62 fate i "f " iff fe L 7 M R E kit 2. be QF" Ji". L' in. fe? Q ' , .1-av-"" fd -- M- 'fd' . ' " '--M ' - 1 va' .. uv" . -- 1- . M ' A '- GABLE HOUSE LAKE HOUSE Home of the English Department Home of the Music Department ,,,,.. I I PHELPS HALL Location of the Calendar and Health an Physical Education Offices WW -. '. iw ,W all If , f'f.c 4' 4 if f ,af , , ,xgfff I Y 57' 1 " if mV','fm5 ' f ffniiflfw' "VV X - BROWN BUNGALOW 5 Home of the Social Studies Department 1 1 1 X I Side view of the gymnasium showing the new addition W zu, , .-"Ql:" ALL m Office? Construction of new dormitory for women Architectural drawing of new gymnasium I W 4,." - , rw A ' V --1' A ,Hi ' 'W' ll 9, 1! A A, .,34l:2'-1 7 Q-'T " f.1'!"if" ' A 'fag Yr A , if 1 N tif. yu.. , ,xxx 1 ,x i ik X 41 . 1 aff ,. - -'SP , '. J , , 1 .' J WRX, ff. if j -543 ' .S "5 K aj J .2 4 .fy . -'dig ' 'a v -v M, :si , A ' 1 1 1 'fn 1 , I 1 4 1 Magi. 'xx 1 ARTS 0 Srr E L Own JE BY +A' W I , W . 'lbufgf , , ,I w ' 2 'ab-52 ff-4 4, l J .' W '41 il W' E 17-an . v " I W V V' , Fl l " n E I 'NDLSTGIA , mem NL A Ecolil L W.Nr .V L Q 5mx".ENVg E cnqwflzuwq 1 1 I 5 I r . , 1, A, , I, 'vs si x!! A 'f fi' ' Construction of new Industrial Arts building Architectural drawing of new Industrial Arts building -1 A""" ' 'A M r H Construction of new Math and Science building. ' I Architectural drawing of new Math and Science building. 5911, N, -. 5 YQ. x C R .331 44 97' 1855. 1925. 1926 1927. 1928. 1929. 1929. IVIILESTONES IN THE COLLEGE HISTORY Act of New Jersey Legislature established New Jersey State Normal and Model School. Authorization to grant B.S. degree. First bacheloris degree granted. State Board of Education requested that the downtown site be sold and buildings be built on a new location. 395,000 appropriated, one hundred iive acres at Hillwood Lakes purchased. Elementary and kindergarten-primary cur- ricula extended to three years from two. An optional fourth year led to the B.S. de- gree. Name changed to State Teachers College and Normal School at Trenton. 1930 Trenton Normal Schoool to 1936. Buildings erected at Hillwood Lakes: Green Hall, Kendall Hall, the Library, the Physlcal Education Building, five dormitories Qfour for women and one for menj, and the power house. 1935. Elementary and kindergarten-primary curricula became four-year programs. 1937. Name changed to New Jersey State Teachers College at Trenton. 1940. Eighty additional acres purchased, total area now one hundred eighty-iive acres. 1946. To accommodate returning war veterans, Federal Housing Authority assisted in building a temporary dormitory to house fifty-five students. Also erected were two apartment buildings accommodating sixteen families. 1947. Authorized to grant the degrees: Bachelor of Library Science and Master of Science in Education. 1947. Ten temporary housing units constructed for twenty families under the State Housing Authority. CThese were dismantled in 1955.J Industrial Arts Building erected by Federal Works Administration. 1951 Citizens of New Jersey approved fifteen million dollar bond issue for construc- 1951 tion on teachers college campuses. First master's degree awarded. and 1952 Two family apartment buildings converted to temporary dormitories for women. 1954 1954 1955 Library Science minor added to curriculum. Construction begun on womenis dormitory and food service building. Dedication of William F. Phelps Hall, a dining hall and student center, and Centennial Hall, a dormitory for 203 women. Authorized to offer graduate cur- riculum for teachers of deaf or hard of hearing. 1955 and 1956. Year of Centennial Celebration. 1957. Authorized to grant degree of Master of Arts in Music. Library named the Ros- coe L. West Library. 1958. Name changed to Trenton State College. Alumni Meditation Chapel started. 1959. Approval of School Nurse Program, Undergraduate Curricula in Speech Arts and Speech Correction, and Graduate Programs in Business Education and Spe- cial Education. 1960. Passing of the Second Bond Issue for the advancement of higher education in the state colleges, Rutgers University and the Newark College of Engineering. Approval of graduate programs in Science, Mathematics, and Industrial Arts. Opening of the William Antheil Demonstration School. , Dedication of Alumni Meditation Chapel. Granting of Bachelor of Arts degree for the first time. 1961. Approval of undergraduate program in Special Education. 1962. Construction begun on an addition to the Health and Physical Education Build- ing, a new women's dormitory, a new Industrial Arts building, a new Music building, and a new Science and Mathematics building. 1 1 11 l I f of A l 1 If V U . ' Z! fi!! lf' lv 4 if Ugg If A f W4 .V I V I i XA ' 1 , 523. 'Q 5 I lr, 1: H 4-- Q MQSFK1. NW" P' 'rsfwfri '-"' iff' 1245 " 'sw -fx, R.L.N.:qE1f5S'55 ggi., 'ss' " ' 1: :f.f3gg,,.5:j.1:fEs553:'9i,eQ+'NSo.5'L- J ig? 1 , X KXM- x '-nw: KNH. 1 1555 5, y""'v' fx. P' " Lf +13 Q, '--. . ' QA' 'E' 'Q2X.",:-4" vyg.-2.1595-12-jj-"ww ."QJ.'-i1L.."lff'f3"1'-'f'7?f"1g,I-.FFW' J :. . X. N .N Q F' ,NP ,S -42 'V-1: Q- --'--5-5 K Q2Zr'4Q.'2-'z-5:R- 1' m 1fy5?3"l'-,a:fi'yc'p-.:5.1,q M- 1 -al'-,,.'2',e?fFi'-1!'f.'r4'uT4,,'.,'fi-I" ' " 'f 1 1-x x -11... 5- 1 M- . 4' W.. M r' s. f.11,-,.1.,-- , ,- ,-.M ffm?-r.f,y5, 4' ,, .,a:,1.z'.-Lv,-,f.---.L Q, f W ,- .K ,N Q X 'N' - . 1-:N , -,. ,lx N .as 4 J, 1 . V fini. ,Ju ,G IQ-.14-,p4vv'.y.,,,,, .-.,., 5 1- .v.g'g,yJ.c,,,-,x1.,6'.., v,.,,g ..,,,,..5.-,, -,.,y,.- v- .. L.. f, - .-If 1 N -fx ff-A. - U -. . -K. 1-W' .2 'L' ff - 11-MB-1-f. -'fm A-fm waA5'w"'4:- f ,-:'w.y:ff-mfzf's-4214.42,51nw-'-.w-gw-:awf' - 1 . , M I . :eh -,.N.... Q. 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'iz .,:g,v M. H- usa' 1 ' '11 ' J .c, 'ktff 'LU ffl 1 11'T -M . tj. . 5111! .itll Q-FE: JL: '11-2 .. . x 'Ku' 2.6 ,MA . 525' -"Z: 'PIB 1.'i'i 1 fff A Ig , 11,- ..f- . a-.qs IH" QQ". . . ...rv - I 'ffl ' - - . wi: ' . . 'liz I I . .fu . F ,F ilk! . Q . . ...qi ' ' . ' - . ' f2fQz ., , Mig? -.- , T ,... I A EV. ' . what . ' , ' ' 'nil ' ' . iii. - .- - , . rififf' :JP -.vm - :sax g-'Zi ',I-gg. LII!- 5221" ..k. 155' . ,15- ".':. Ti? ffxf. ,Epi ii? .lzfzt 33:2 ,. 'ik K' ' -X. In ' X 1 , . 4. .'.1X ' L' , 13:3 11. 't-F. I Ljgx . 'f-,lf - V :ar 1 . g 1., .-:wil .- -Q -. -. . I 'iw . +1 4 if 4 ,, I '- 13.3 ' K " ' 'Q' 9 'P ' Ui 3-ali ' 'iiif 1 Sn " 1 by S ' Y ' V.1,.Qi...' 5:2 . r- L 1, Mu 'U H Q. Wxg, - 1 'I -L 'f X ,, f . A . , . ,L','l-'?'f?fi,i',g'g'g ,,:lg'35'l,J.f' fl ' ff M ffm? " ' we 9"?K5ffSS?f?K.f'rP'Y'-' 1 ' x - """" V-fi? --'-"f-'1f.:+z:k.:Hmf:-- --.-V. -- ,.-,- . , . -. - -J ,, VW wjiii. if 'jj-214'-r' ' 71'-' -wg fi fj'Qi5XYFS:'fiQkjfgxfgi-5,f5Tlf:.'EIE-::':QI.-Sxs-'IQRTX'.fL5jfT'Q cy'-5+ i, T l Q- ' ' 1 ff' 1... 1-4.-a','r. L.. -1-if v,-1-f-5-pw-.1K'-4.,,'-Q.g.,yX--'.-"-1'.":-'1.,-4"-f- Q..g..:,4, -- 4- . . - N, JLQK hx 14 f'f',5:fg,f,.51 g,x,.,sa1rgw2:e:.::'Qar-?::.Q.S43:g-:if'iafsb--1iwaq-4.:.-Ls.- 11 -4 . .. -4 w. Nb .v x Zff?'5.Q"'4Er.:1:5.-1251-c'f.'-1 2,6-iii 51 'AE-' 71- +51-ii Jf- 9-T-'7fL"'f1'- , .-'. t '- '. " ' I . 1 fi 'fJ"11-"3 A-N Ni 4 WZ -c:r44M'fC':"5f:.x31g"1Ni-'P'vY"f:QF?1Wi'fi1'-31-:i4:CTsP"?51Y',::,TT''-Fifi-F,ZsfX'3.I'-'S , .. '-'- X . Jwgjmguwf ,M , ,wg .akx'y,,.u ...V ..s..f .,--. iw .,.. ,. 4. ,ze L' -X' " 421-fi ,w.Rv3f. , -H' f-fx ,ees-L55542139-ggr'-'rag-'iwzcfwh-5-P-.-:ki.Q:,g3L.q-1-afzf-Y .1-15-'Gl.'.v:.:',:," . . .-if 1,wG'-Yi' V' 'dfffie ,g.1f2',,,,.--I F1-E-Ir" 21?1?S-:'11g,-'.--Ji-fl"---12'-3 S l---2'-'gl " V,-'H - - K '. 'C-"-+--f-0-he'--'S :J Is'-3" ' vh3'a'5":'fufaEx3fsv?f:1?FnTs:'::p1'iw3ff:r1.'f'J:wf5:afGv-':.if--Q-:-.1cf-':rspf- X 1?-'b s fx . . 32 If . . . x.. X f keg' 'P ff' "'fIf51. ?'1..fQ.?g3,'Sk. 'M x LFVNV , . .. .Q . I... , um. .,.,.,., . U.. ... . 'us we-in " -, e::-- 'X'k'::.ff---ua-'1-. .. - .. :ff.f:f.'.-Q... .N ,- -1-V-" - , ' - 1 'W'-s. ' '.: . .15-fl ff1211-25-frw-:.':2:Z.+v.--n.:-. . J-Y' 1. vm 'i'i.'.-"..i'.53!tE5?fsnf-. .m?.2:r.16::s,Z'f+'E.lfRk':f:':R13-ul-fr' 1-Arn.. -- .K EDWIN L. MARTIN President In the past few years Trenton State College has undergone a period of great progress. This progress is evident on every hand in the construction of the new buildings on our campus. Progress in other areas, though less obvious to the casual observer, is more sig- nificant and profound. In breadth of curricular offerings and cultural resources, in quality of faculty, and in the performance of students, improvement has been marked. You, the members of the June 1963 graduating class, have been a part of this college community during its period of transition. As you leave this changing scene, we express our best wishes for a success- ful and rewarding professional career. . 02? IAMES 1. Dean of DR- JAM Delln of M., Z '4iKwuagn.,.e JAMES I. F ORCINA M. WILTON PBUITT Dean of Instruction Associate Professor of Student Personnel Associate Dean of Students ? Q H 4 ' ator of Student Group Programs x ..,,i -1 Ss . DR. JAMES KELZ THOMAS R. KINTER Dean of Administration M X . aww be fa 'E 23 PAUL H. ANDERSON Assistant Professor of Education Assistant Registrar faq! 1- HOPE ADELAIDE IACKMAN Associate Professor of Education Coordinator of Housing Services BERNARD W. MILLER Assistant Professor of Education Assistant Director of Field Services BERNARD A. REED Associate Professor of Student Personnel 24 DMINISTR TOR PATRICIA JOAN BLACK Assistant Professor of Student Personnel Coordinator of Area Programs MICHAEL S. KLINE Professor of Education Director of Student Teaching, Placement, and Follow-Up SIDNEY O. MURDOCK Assistant Professor of Education Assistant Director of Field Services BERNICE RYDELL DONALD K. CAREW Assistant Prolfessor of Counse ing Psychology Counselor Student Personnel Services wks CARL A. KREDATUS Assistant Professor of Education Assistant Director of Field Services JAMES M. ORR Associate Professor of Student Personnel, Registrar ERNEST E. RYDELL, JR. Assistant Professor of Education Ass' t t EDITH G. CARRISON Assistant Professor of Education, Evaluator Field Services Division GERALD L. MARCHILDON Assistant Professor of Student Personnel it ....-my DORIS C. PERRY Associate Professor of Psychology Psychological Counselor Student Personnel Services NANCY JANE SHRIVER Assistant Professor of CLIFFORD- E A EMANUELSON SSlStLlTtt P rofes Outdoor Educilliogf and School Campin Director of the New 1536 School of Conservation y HENRY H. MATELSON Assistant Professor of Education Evaluator Division of Field Services .1-"' WINSTON H. PUTTICK Assistant Professor of Counseling Psy0h0l0g!l Counselor I Student Personnel 56101063 DAVID W. SMITH 1 t Professor af Assistilnt Personnel Director of Admissions - ' 'S fm. fo Education, Evaluator Stu 611 farm Director of Admlsslons Division of Field Services Coordinator, Ama Prog 3 EDWARD D' WA Associate Pffifjfs' W it S narrator of W ROBERT C. BUF Professor of Ar Chainnan of Art Dept r f SS, r QR, , . , Lx. sv P1 X MIIEMEL A Emfehor dilcqm if? Educaii Wen: I Aggnsilmt . CL iiliimii-i Olixltdiiilt P'iieii. ' nd 01 Darticy0,sfmi school of IQ: . an adj -Ji. i HENRY H. iiiil. Assistant Prof, EMF Division ofiiziif 4 ir: ig WINSTGN Hi fi- Amxrant Priiffif Counseling P Cgumiiif, Student i'f?fi0Mi'i ii' '.. DAVID P Studia' ,indie Coordinator' 'Nw so .fowl EDWARD D. WATSON Associate Professor of Education Director of Field Services X ff s ' s jx Y ff I S 4 ROBERT C. BURNS Professor of Art Chairman of Art Department , it ,AP-.:.7., ,, 'WJ' I -1- MICHAEL A. TRAVERS Professor of Business Education, Chairman of Business Education Department RAYMOND WHEELER MARY ALICE WHITE , C00'difWt0f Of Assistant Professor of Auxiliary Enterprises and Student Pefsmmel Student Activities Fund Coordinator, Area Programs DEP RTME T OF RT HOWARD GOLDST EIN Assistant Professor of Art HENRY W. AHRENS Associate Professor of Art DEP RTMENT OF BUSINESS EDUCATIO NANCY D. WHITE Assistant Professor of Education, Coordinator of Social Programs -eq, DOROTHY D. TITUS Assistant Professor of Art GLENN E. FROMM CARMELA C. KINGSTON ELLIS R. THOMAS Professor of Assistant Professor of Business Education Business Education Assistant Professor of Business Education DEP RTME T OF EDUCATIO CLAYTON R. BROWER RICHARD B. BROWN CHARLES C. CARNTAN Professor of Education Assistant Professor of Pf0f6S-901 Of Education Chairman of Education Education Department LEON I. DURKIN Professor of Education Coordinating Principal of Antheil Demonstration School DERWIN I IEFFRIES Associate Professor of Education ESTOY T REDDIN Assistant Professor of Education 26 71. 2 W, i ffr f's arg CSX sci.: .M V .4 , 2- .lf LAURENCE E. ELY Professor of Education Coordinator of Secondary Education i,-' SALVATORE M MESSINA Assistant Professor of Education l 1'-V" FRANCIS A ROMANO Assistant Professor of Education EVELYN B. FRANZ Professor of Education Coordinator of Elementary Education Mnssqg, I' ,JMD PETER F. CANNON Associate Professor of Education, Principal of Elementary Dioision Antheil Demonstration School -.Aff LEBERN N MILLER WARREN C NUTT Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of Education Education Coordinator of Audio Visual Education STRATEA G S0r of Edt!! HERBERT B. GOODEN Professor of Education 3 "--Y' 43 3 DOROTHY GOETZ PETERSEN Professor of Education Chairman of Graduate Council ALFRED P. HOLB Professor of Engl Chairman of Engl Department FREDERICK S 1 Assistant P'0f0Ssor W8 IS MAG Y..-J" ELEANOR M. SALMON JAMES F. SILVER CHARLES W ,msc Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of SOKOLOWSKY WMP HNEIDER Education Education Assistant Pr0ff2S-90' of Engflfwso, Education wh of 5 2' XV 3 ' ' . -N 1, Q. , . 4' A I I i I A, ' ' is . is I 475- Q - .' ' I ' ' ,. ' . ' "' f " ef ,ff ' P ia . K ' . is ' J .... 21-3 525 ' ' as 5 if ' V' ft 'f w a-, Z . Nw' ' . , I 1 . I ,wx - , 5 X A, g . V 2 as 3 ' 52 .NSS H ' ' V 1. s r, 1' 12, . ' L f K , ' 1 HEMERT B. craig Professor of Ei, .J Q ,w, '73 . I H rl 1,-.J r Q 5 1 onorm Q25 D PETEBEU 1 ffmrni 5' C Couflffl PTZJZESSOI Ufffg 1,3 1? I Ii' X. .ESR CHAN ev s0K023s Afswugzufdll IB CLARA STRATEMEYER Professor of Education MARY LEWIS YATES Assistant Professor of Education, Coordinator of Kindergarten-Primary Education riaugqhax RQEUGK' 03-N- ALFRED P. HOLMAN ANDRAS BALINT DEP RTME T JOHN EDWARD CHARLTON Assistant Professor of Education JOSEPH F. CARROLL Professor of Education OF E CLI H nik.. DOROTHY JOHNSON Professor of English Assistant Professor of BARTON Chaiman Of Engmh English Associate Professor of Department English ,.. J Sf we A Zi I f Xf , X ,lf f' A W F 5' Z, su, W ,Mardi f , wx 1 My 41 , A 22 ' Zur 'No ff , AA vgffhf s ,1 f gi. J ya teigg -wzgw' f f . 3' D fw f f? in '. 3' f fer fffli ffsfy 0 . ,, . :ti 9 'sham i mma, i 'Q HUGH D. FORD Associate Professor of English FREDERICK S. KILEY MILTON I. LEVIN ALEXANDER S. FREDERICK I- MASBACK Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of LIDDIE, IR- AS-9iSflmf Pf9f0SS0f Of Englrggh English Assistant Professor of English English A-T Alzz' F. ESTHER BARNARD 4 I g,gq,. Assistant Progssor of 4 . , V ,:s,,, . Eng is I f .Q ,,., , 21 I X , y . Q 4 r , Z is 1 X j Q X, X f j JOANNE B. DETLEFF X A Assistant Professor of English RICHARD SCHNEIDER ARTHUR S. TIFFANY HERMAN M. WARD, JR. Assistant Professor of Associate Professor of Professor of English English English GEORGE H. KRABLIN Professor of Health and Physical Education Chairman of Health and Physical Education Department DEP RTMENT OF HE LTH A D PHYSICAL EDUCAT10 EDWARD F. BRINK Assistant Professor of Physical Education Assistant Coordinator, Student Personnel CAROLYN R. HAMMOND Professor of Health and Physical Education FW? CHRISTINE D. LEAR Assistant Professo H 1 and Physical Eilifliatijri th f A ON A fmftssor 0f immfgal AVL? K-- milf , P 11, X I H 2' ,L YS j .c y 1 , 4 X .N MILLICENT X. LOEB Assistant Professor of Health Education A V Av -'HPI ' 2 Jfwhz L. f .A .IX A ,?Q,,Q5lii I, X A . 4- -ff. ag, 1 , e-f' -'xg 4. ' -1 :s,,.,' x K- f' . .' ,ggi ffl? . ffl .'g, ' JUNE ' '-' T fl 9235? I T' 32.51 f xg 20 fin? 5 1 70 I 5. Z rr K2 fi-.1 .' S 2 1 ' s. it , ,. , .-1 sxg"ic2?zt . K 1 , 'ft j 1 , M, psy V . .Ay 'M ,, .V .Q f ,g fb, ,3 ,, X W N, Q-,A - V f 22-sxxiifiimiifffi A , .fs ' ' f ' I aff, TVA ' 'Si lafgiftqt. , gg .-,.s.J4,syjj , ,aw 'iw ., W 1.1 v'i,--f,:t.,- 1if.,g3-f-'tif milk!" if 'I . fs.-2-fig erm? 'st Q-:tg V! .f - spate.. ffm' S37 f i: est fyif fri? 1 'f" 'ff 'r1 A 35' 'E 41135-mix WILLIAM J. MEDVE KENNETH C. RUNQUIST ROBERT E. SALOIS Assistant Professor of Professor of Health and Assistant Professor of Health Physical Education Physical Education and Physical Education DEAN ANDREWS Assistant Professor of Physical Education DIANE M. ARMSTRONG Assistant Professor of Physical Education BERTHA G. SCHNEEMAN Assistant Professor of Health Education DONALD E. WILLIAMS Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education MELVIN R. SCHMID Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education ELLEN I. SEABER Assistant Professor of Physical Education 4 , IW I ROY W. VAN NESS Associate Professor of Physical Education PATRICIA C. MORRIS Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education LILYAN B. WRIGHT Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education W 'l i FELIX E. HIRSC Professor of Histc Librarkm -4 I X .1 gag?-'5'3 I li tra B. ,,-J.. 1' K K Q , . Vai 5 3 A 3 FMU H0T1EgTg1' fihrairrp AD Lib' r0l9SSOf of all Sem Libmnfn DEP RTME T OF o ,, INDUSTRIAL ARTS I gr. 'L HERRING H. 5212222229 3222132229 5:22 R lshizitftrfft' of Department W LTIQ 1 A RISTLI I 1 . and Physical 5' JIS MELVLY H. S. Health Associate Prijay tion and Phyiifaii ITHA G. SCHNEEMM Assistant Profeassftffll Health Educ11110fI WALD E, wltums t P ofessor vi Wh ginlzygical Educawfl ' N Bl WRIGHT ,ILHA awww! ' P few . Zfiihiiffdl EW' Q fi- , imrgffm A 4-QQ , I X , .-,5E.1iJf..e ' CONRAD I. JOHNSON RUTHERFORD E. Associate Professor of LOCKETTE Industrial Arts Professor of Industrial Arts 1 , Pwr . T ""s' ' x s '9 gy ! ,, f in ff, I I S' s,, txiw... i ,, ' WALTER I. MACAK Associate Professor of Industrial Arts DEZSO D. SEKELY Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts LIBR RY 'si-0-A4 W lp 7 'fa' NJ GK-QR chin f K FELIX E. HIRSCH JOYCE H. BRODOWSKI DOROTHY WARREN Professor of History Assistant Professor of FERGUSON Librarian Library Science Assistant Professor of Readers' Adviser ,f .fxwx ff, I X f 1,4 Q9 r ' f if --H , X 4 I fy f ' Q 4 ,f'iL lx X f li":,fZXff 24245 A emit, QT? i f .V aivgfff Y vflff f ' 4' 7 nv J Z' iw ,Y + 1 4 an rv i W fi 4 f I J 32 ' f 1 f YH Z Z2 f s 6 1, ,, Q rw , Q Z A 'TA 1' fi flair, ,t MAGNUS M. C. HOMESTEAD Assistant Professor of Library Science Catalog Librarian f fit?-, A f Fi! fax 1 N 4 . 4 L , 3 ,f H . 213,245 it I, .wa wtf ,. , , VICTOR I. KLOPP Assistant Professor of Library Science Assistant Librarian Library Science, Supervisor of Library Science Program ff 'SHOW 'f nn i qs Q , g -5 W.. .15 4 N ,' x r X ,sw A f s ' ' ' . ..' Q, ' I ,W W.. ks -: -X, S - . ' ' ' unanisivw ,X ,X X . , K . X., T. A e ' 19 t in V A gm 7 9' x 4 Q x .1 t , 1 3' ,s f Sagas fi I ixaffgey T ' T ' , . DORIS M. PERRY Assistant Professor of Library Science Reference Librarian CHARLES B. PACKARD Assistant Professor of Library Science Circulation Librarian Q, if . 1, . I A ,-X ' 3 .fffif ff .' I , W5 frm 'IM , . ' ' Q1- Mset , I, h, , ,I . ,. , is GEORGE I. RUSS Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts I we 'Z f Q L7 -., ff Iff ,sf , 4 ' ' f 4 'fd .es .1 ,ggi ,. Y K J ,W Wig L f 5 -an h V.. I I X 37 4 ., ,f MXN Q' A A55 f I . if 1 , X5 fs CYNTHIA C. HAMM Assistant Professor of Library Science Catalog Librarian ROBERT I. BERKLEY Assistant Professor of Library Science Acquisitions Librarian W, DEP RTME T OF Chairman of M THEM TIC WILLIAM H NORMAN E CROMACK HAUSDOERFFER Associate Professor of Professor of Mathematics M 0th6m0t1CS X Mathematics Department OSCAR R. E. BARKER Assistant Professor of Mathematics SIEGFRIED HAENISCH Assistant Professor of Mathematics ' ' 1" P ..,r eiri f ISAAC L. BATTIN WALTER EHRENPREIS WILLIAM GOLDSTEIN Assistant Professor of AS-Sociate Professor of M th t' Professor of a ema ics Mathematics JANE ANN MCLAUGHLIN Assistant Professor of Mathematics JOHN B. McILROY, IR. Associate Professor of Mathematics DEP RTMENT OF PHILO OPHY AND Mathematics ROBERT V. PRICE Associate Professor of Mathematics MODERN LAN UAGE ELISABETH F. HIRSCH Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Modern Languages DEP RTME T OF MUSIC ARTHUR W. BERGER STANLEY S. AUSTIN ASS0C10t5lZ4ZEES0r of Music Associate Professor of Music n of Music Department HARRISON ANN . me Pr0fW0' of MW . S 5? 4 MZABETH E. ROGERS Lfisfant Professor of Music 5 essor 0 Ch Pillchologgm MARSH Prof AL? P. ' a NEIL WILLIAM . E---'-,E W-1... 5 x ., .K 2 .Ap Kgs A it I I A x A R, W NA... A . - ' l A A-K a A A . GOLD . '1W'g',afePf0f...,5TfD RUTH ANN HARRISON athmmu 01 Associate Professor of Music R ROBERT VI PM A'g'0W1f0Pr0fem, . A A Mwhemmof riffs. A Qi? V A V. ' I 7 f, Ani , : ' Q' K nw . si 1 f A :gg ..,. A f . , ' :if 1355, A :ttf-3 ' A Infwx . ffvfgw. -, . ,Maw . " . 191,54 A X5s41:w y - -,fi is -R .A . '-A .. ,,,.,,..alR.- Q...-1 ,Q if ' ,Qu . Ks ' .wifax 4 ':,11"n'l'g:JnTe '-- . " X wp' 'w ma .. 'TA ELIZABETH E. ROGERS Assistant Professor of Music . X Neff f . . N if 5" is . . 'fixffrgfisfj' Q A N- l 5-fi'Qf ff it 4 f- ' A. A P A A , X fo? .af , . .., , A xy: ... ., g X, A mix X A AX , , K f 'inet 1 f rf-.ffft '. was is if gi 'A Mm if ,g Ai-5,-N ng! N S X . A- . ,. A '..yf,..i R.-sfp. , wx- s .4 ,. ,, A..-,..a., . - OTTO H. HELBIG Associate Professor of Music ARTHUR N. SMITH Assistant Professor of Music ALBERT LUDECK, JR. ROGER W. MCKINNEY ARTHUR L REDNER Assmant Pfvfessvr Of Music Assistant Professor of Music Assistant Professor of Music SHIRLEY S. BAT CHELOR Assistant Professor of Music ROBERT W. ECKERT Professor of Education Coordinating Principal of Antheil Demonstration School LAWRENCE I. IN TRAVAIA Associate Professor of Music DAVID A. UBER Assistant Professor of Music Professor of Psychology DEP RTME T OF PSYCHOLOGY MARSHALL P. SMITH ENID H. CAMPBELL FRANZ G. GEIERHAAS DAVID A. LIDE Associate Professor of Associate Professor of P1'0fe-9307 Of PSy0l10l08y Psychology Psychology Chairman of Psychology Department SYLVIA T. O'NEILL GEORGE H. SAXTON ARTHUR M. STEINMAN FRANOES L. TIFFANY Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of ASS1Z9fG1lt P 10f 9-SSW Of AS-wcglte llifalfessor of Psychology Psychology Psychology SVC 0 ogy ROBERT J. STIERHEM Assistant Professor of Psychology 4 El VICTOR L. CROWELL JAMES E. CRUISE JUDSON J. FINK, JR. pmfesso, of Science Professor of Science Assistant Professor of Science Chairman of Science Department DEP RTMENT OF SCIEN E ,nn-"' .hM,,,. HORACE GEORGE HAMILTON Assistant Professor of Science .411 .einen Q CHARLES W. HARP PAUL S. HIACK ALAN LUTZ HERBERT A. MOSES HOWARD NECHAMKIN Assocmte Professor of Assistant Professor of Science Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of Science Professor of Science Science SCi61'lC6 RAY A. PALMER Assistant Professor of Science Q .. 5 , Wm, .ty iii FRED T. PRECCER HERBERT E. SHIRLEY M, TROXEL VINCENT J. ZICCARDI Professor vt Svi-21109 TREUTINGI JR' Professor of Science Assistant Professor of Science Associate Professor of Science DEPARTME T OF gif SOCIAL STUDIE K .,. 1 V ADELBERT K- BUTTS CHAMP CLARK CAENEY HELEN McCRACKEN P 'gf 98801 of Geography Associate Profes 0 f CARPENTER Chairman Of Social Studies G h S T 0 of History Department eogmp 9 Professor :E 'ICE M' CAS Frvfwof PEB HEI of Geogfaphy r V!! 10HN P. KARBAS ,um Professor of H iSf0fU v FUEL A. PORTNOY i LW Pfofessgf of 1 V LOUIS SC Edupmfefsor FW Dcatmn, f 0 Education N .4 ,ff x10 M. CASPER Professor of Geography H0 IIEIASE GEORGE ASS. Y 4 rstant Professor of Sify JOHN P. KARRAS Professor of History HOWARD NECHQC Professor of Srign . 54 f 1 'J SAMUEL A. PORTNOY Associate Professor of History VINCENT 1, ZICS5 r ALFRED COHEN Assistant Professor of History K 1 . A, . ,. x 'X ft" -P "' 51 if - 'r WYQZQQZ ' f 1 11 " S I J ia 5' riffs 'rw' . ss- ,,s .V f .s - Q Y, .Q X371 Yisw A sv r r .Jf:J2i.f.' " 4 DONALD L. KINZER Associate Professor of History L , 1 55,1 A ROBERT B. REVERE Assistant Professor of History . 15 . I jflilyx ri. -f Q 4 P171 H..-.. . P? is .gm . r X f 5 ,, '- r'J..f THOMAS A. FAUGHNAN Assistant Professor of History ABRAHAM MELEZIN Assistant Professor of Geography ff I- T N 'ein if ' 4 '-42 ' ff ,,,,, If ' mx? Air fi ff I DONALD C. HES-TER EUGENE HULL Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Political Science Economics MARY-ELIZABETH ARTHUR L. PARKS MURDOCK Professor of History Assistant Professor of History tl .JT1 AXA, ' if is ,. ...gigs X3 IESSIE R. TURK CLAIRE A. VAN DEUSEN LEON B. WOLCOTT Associate Pro essor o Assistant Professor of Professor of Sociology f f Geography X I M fl I X w 'f 5 fl 4 Sociology DEP RTME T OF Assistant Profmo' of " ,JW 'ws PECI L EDUCATIO W LOUIS SCHWARTZ PAUL I. KATZ 156 P f S ' 1 A ' te Professor of HELEMENTEH ry Educhfirifiofghocfirnijailolf the Lgsigggal Education 0fH1Sf0 ' Department of Special Professor Education RICHARD H. HUNCERFORD Assistant Professor of Special Education PAULINE M. IENSON Assistant Professor of Special Education 33 DEPARTMENT OF PEE H ,:. HILDA STAHL WACNER Egflgglgfgiy- 5221155322 cg? 2211221 Assistant Professor of Speech Department 2 ,. WADE C. CURRY Assistant Professor of Speech PATRICIA STAFFORD Associate Professor of Speech 1 FRANK H. CLARK NORMAN A. HEAP SIDNEY JORDAN il Assistant Professor of Speech Assistant Professor of Speech Assistant Professor of Speech f, WILLIAM L. ANTHEIL DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL 1 . R 1,9 i eff V Q X s 1 i r z A ,rrs . A PETER CANNON FRANK R- COLE WILLIAM M. cosT DORIS M. DOBBINS Principal, Elementary School English Science Sociaz Studies - A 1 5 RICHARD EVANS 1 Fifth and Sixth Grades I 34 BARBARA HARNED Fourth Grade MARION E. HARTMAN Instrumental Music RICHARD C. HEWITT Social Studies I Sixth Gn LEONA I LEON DURKIN RICHARD MYE ELIZABETH M KATE BRINTOI LAHNA F. msn PHOEBE FORM WAYNE FULL ALBERT MARY E, JOAN KI E E- GA1 GARCI RTLAN - hs, f. -- . A . ..4' .TY ,. , M. 'R Af Speech A 't P'0f0SsorURRY of Speech ICIA STAFFQRD r Pfofeggof of speech SCHOOL DORIS M. DOBBINS Social Slildm Mini l Sixth Grade Second Grad 1 45-7+ is bg rs' A ,,,, .Q-1 ,og V 92 , ,fx hr Q? , "Q1vn-w'l,S SSSS rf LEONARD THARNEY Mathematics LEON DURKIN ....... ,..,........ JOHN F- KILHEENEY DORIS I. LOPER JAY T. MILLS HERMAN MINTZ 9 Industrial Arts Business Education ritfifwm' 1 J so ' I ,Sis is PATRICIA L. VAN NESS BARBARA WEICAND Second Grade Third Grade Coordinating Principal RICHARD MYER ,..,,,... -.... , - Principal, junior High School ELIZABETH ANNICH ....,. KATE BRINTON ........ LAHNA F. DISKIN ..... PHOEBE FORREST ....... WAYNIE FULLER .............. ALBERT E. GAHWILER ...., MARY E. GARCIA .......... JOAN KIRTLAND ...... Second Grade Librarian English -- First Grade Mathematics Social Studies First Grade English STEPHEN KOVACS ....... IACQUELINE LAUFFER ..... THEODORE O. LYNCH ....... WILLIAM MAZZOLA ........ CHARLES RICHTER ..... VERA ROWELL ................. HELEN JOAN SEKELY .,..... CAROL TATLER .... .. ................. - CATHERINE M. VOLANTE WILBUR WIMBERG ............ - .......... Mathematics Sixth Grade Social Studies Science English Third Grade L- ........... First Grade Physical Education Kindergarten Physical Education Z 'Z Vi, 1 Pi QM 5 iw i V .---yy .,NQx,',f-v'.1 XM,-,f,ff, " www J. f -'qafppfis ftfffuiv -qi "M jf ylnff2lM: , - ' X Q ' A W, ' ,M ,A ,,,., , -J, g X J f A 3 . Q pn. E 4 ,V . M . X W X , , X. I N X ' I A w 1 1 l X 5 wwf? ..:-K n N r f I h N- .j:'gg::.q'.g:NQg.-3.51--Q3-5ggzj'-kg.:11-EA: z A,-:,.' ,f -4, ':-4-E"2jfi2f:Q?1'EgT5555-T-1g1.5'15l2--tg-:gy 1g-ijfjz, .1..: 'ww Q -A-gm'-.'.,'.rffgkg.-w:5'i,,'-"' 3 , -' '-if-,.'f1:.ff,.3f- -.5-Epi:.f:'-f.11y':?.,rw.::g.11,fn:.,1 Q-A: -A A . '--.Va-L.-px, -,-X91--wtf: b: -1 - . Y: . -,-Z-.-llfffzirlii'-.. V T'r'lw1:--"H--?-''rffui1--tal: 1f V . - A 1 -' '4'-,j",- "E- -4.5. :sax -2- ' " , .:' : 'J' 1"-I -Q1-if-.":.if,:1 .-,f2,f"f-2-un:-f -ff: - ,A '- v-: ' ' '.,",EE1'.. v,,3g5.fM '-K"-as-1-2511, ' '-' A '- nf- , V .. I--sz--'-73+ -.-'.-'PQF'-f"1,xZ.-zzz'-2' -.Ye-if 15.-'f '-if, '. f, -12124 i f , f " :,. 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" ,' 5112211 , L1 e'g:3fv.2.g,,,1'f-t- ,L,f,, ay "j34,5q1-,, V , " ,J'Y"1-SWE'-4sT"1fff1 '57-:' , fu-ff-V-. - -Q " H234 N SR 'f'-- Fm' .-" A ' m" "'z'w--'WT 4.: S1551-. 41Gf:f'.-u-lu, pf- . -3' Jf"'-'laik'-"" . 7114 1-'f 'f"M:C1f:ffY,..,-.if -551 'vi mfs' M ffm,-' 1 ''fj':-F1 ".ff:-'f :?9,h-eiflwugf' I 5'THL" .' :eh 1519-'.1f'?w':4JE -. 2,3555 wg','I-gl 'ezi'?Qff3i I 3 4 'Tz,2E,f',L :ij ,jg-L, -' - 1' , .. :N-41'-fr-f 4.1 .g, 5- 'vm .:."3.,A:1, .A , ,F-X: 1f1f,':, Win- Z f.' " A f, up '. 4 5- ' L: gy"-E' ,iffy-1 iq- Mfg, A if J- fc .f ,- pE.5egQfezi: g ligzffsariiimg ,am 31 - ' ff1g:,a?. V , ff ' ' ' 'li' Y: ri" 13.f':"'.,5f' fg?5cEw ?'aN-31-m17'r?5ff -'QF-1 if 143 i,-!,s'1:fk- " ' +V' , ff' 1'1-4if1Wf22f33B1-5'-'MLKV551 9 f L- 7 f 'Q'T'i'i'lL".'?171ff?2-Rfifiigify'lei?-3'fl5:f-5'1"71A',3'J'f1'Q91ffE31':'9?'ffA-'Q V3 7??Ef:5.'?'i1fff ." - 1 , ,. , v1...ii. 'F' ,S-il-4, 5 il, -A: , .- Z5 ,T ,J , Aifi iff' A:i1"CQ'-gt'233141wixgjigillfifliggi31 2 V' " Q , l K .vi .,. ., ,. , g .Y I Y ',, ,Al - .Moa - . .. ,-4 n 31 ' f' 1 -pkeep climbing for'tl1ere'z1s aluga s a goal A ,Tw ", W 'tink " l, 2 ' ' ' 31. 'zu' ' af.. W , yi -0 y ,. . r J"- - . hy: " I ' - h"': 5 ' ,Jr " --'F W ' 1 - 30 I 'f"75"f Q f' 1 ,lwfl , QW. f""ji. ' -.I ' Q - -1-, .JL .1 - ,gl A gfl- si' xl. ,, -Migif' :' - , N A . in W. I I bl . qvtzlfdh , ' f . V- ' 1. .I 1' '-,,'-.,! T- ' , . 1 ' '7,7' '+V "fig,-,rf ' gig.. ' , VV, 1, ' , W 4' ' xx' ' f I 4 I , I . . -If JAMES M4 GREEN HALL , L s,-...1.:..-.L:,.v-,., .Ax-, V. xg., A---.f.-xnx..,A.-v..,...,-,y . . H., , ,, , . M .1 4 R HARRY Il Health and P X ELLE Heal!! N M SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS "l"dP'w' MJ rf' IERS 'ink gff wh Tall gli-'Bm ,,,A TFWY ,dp-.0--f ti HARRY D. ACKERMAN Health and Physical Education CAROL A. ADESSA Kindergarten Primary rw' ELLEN M. ALFANO Health and Physical Education T sqm! KAREN E. AHLQUIST Kindergarten Primary Wf- ,4,.a-...Qv1v"V' HENRY ALLISON Elementary M" GLORIA ANN ALU Mathematics f , 5 SHIRLEY H. AMMERAAL Mathematics CHRISTINE W. ANDERSON qMRS.p Music X, '1 IOSEPHINE ANDERSON School Nurse 1 1 w 1 R ? E 15. . 1 i R ANTOINETTE ANDREADIS I h History CAMILLE D. ANDREWS i l Kindergarten Primary I KATHRYN G. ARBEGASTI' 40 Health and Physical Educat1011 H 125' ham 1 ntlfff to 1 K DLLNNA S. ASH Health and P, 4 1 l I fi I A1 1 li 6 ELIZABETH SEPHINE ANDERSON School Nurse It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed -Theodore Roosevelt 'TUQAQM DIANNA S. ASHENFELTER QMRSJ Health and Physical Education X,-V what A55 VIRGINIA ASMAN Elementary . ,rua-9 if Z, , xCA HY.' 'f nd PW T ELIZABETH A. BARONE HBEGZW9 History al W L-OUISE ANN .BASSO Health and Physical Education ELIZABETH M. BARNISH Health and Physical Education 521256 ELIZABETH I. BAUMANN Elementary 41 KATHLEEN A. C. BAUMLIN QMRSQ English X BARBARA I. ,BECK Elementary 3 N-at 1-11-:rye RICHARD E. BEACH Health and Physical Education .X EDITH H. U. BELITZA CMRSJ English JANET B. BEAVERS CMRSJ Music ARLENE I. BENKE Elementary . milfs: ROBEB Ind L 1' :BT B. BEAVERS may im ROBERT B. BENSON 19 nf! Industrial Arts MARION F. BERC-EN Elementary , , CAROLYN L. BIDEWELL Kindergarten Primary ' B i 5 . THE JOHN BILCIK M5 HLENE Bm Elementary IRIS B. BING CMRSJ gmfwnani History The jirst element of success IS the cletermznation to succeed SYLVIA T. BLAKE Author Unknown Elementary JOAN M. BLANK Elementary GAIL GRACE BLUE Kindergarten Primary d Reading In wrlli 1 JAMES R. BODNAR CAROL E. BONHEIM Kindergarten Primary SUZANN E BOOKSTABER Elementary Science MARGARET s. BOTTONE HMP-S-D Kindergarten Primary IUDITH S. ' RAE A. DNAR Reading maketh a full man,' conference a ready mang writing an exact man. -Francis Bacon 'M-xii? SUSAN A. BRECKLEY Elementary IUDITH S. BRAUN CMRSJ Music W ns..w.m1.,,,o 'Btwn' MARILYN E. BROWER Kindergarten Primary RAE A BRINKLEY TONE CNRS, Elementary Primary , V-df COLETTE BRICE Kindergarten Primary BONNIE LEE BROWN Health and Physical Education i GERALDINE I. BRUCATO Y English l V 46 Elementary JOHN B-RUTHERS History ALYCE K. BURNS English Hxfnwfvf' IOSEPH A. BHYCE Mathematics Q-gd' EDWARD BUTRYM English Q MARIE J PATR1ciA L. BURATT1 mere 11, a . iw MARGARET M. BYRNE Elementary A PATRICIA CASARICO QMRSJ English BBYCE MARIE ANN BYLCIW ms English ff ,. mx Q ge .g,4Mh, A llrvv JVM' JACQUELINE A. CATTI Business Education 32' JACK G. CHIRIKDIIAN Science There is a time for speaking anal a time for being still ,DIANE BEVERLY CHOKO -William Caxton History PATRICIA L. CIMAGLIA Kindergarten Primary VICKI D. CLARK Science x23 CAROL ANN CIMINO Elementary gy H kA'V Q I ' 2 A -,f - My xi 16 2'-Qc Q, ',.A.:r.. 5 ,M , Q t GX f we NANCY E. CLAUER Mathematics CAROLYN S. CLARK CMRSQ Speech Correction . 4 N' le Wat y0ll , ntl m your I STEPHAIN Kinderga BARBARA ANNE CLAYTON Elementary filo A There is no dead encl There is always a way out What you learn ln one failure you Llfl.llf6 in your next success. -Author Unknown --1,.w"' vi 'G' f 4. :ki i A WILLIAM W. COLLIGAN Science I S. CLARK KNIRSQ STEPHANIE L. CLINE ich Corredi I All .ANNE CD gemwfafl JOSEPH COLLURA Elementary on Kindergarten Primary yimfdi IAN B. CON OVER History 1 HOWARD B. CONDO, IR. U05 Business Education I .N I ,gf WAYNE W. CONOVER Science WWW! ANTOINETTE L. COPPOLA Elementary RUTH E. CRANS Science JAMES T. COSABOOM Industrial Arts DAVID COWPERTHWAITE Music WILLIAM N. CSEH Business Education PAUL M. CURRY Health and Physical Education I , I fl I DOLOBE Health and 1 I I I I I I IUDITH I I I I A A ery S., ,S R Music A 'P J WRU' DOL-ORES T. CUSANO Health and Physical Education STANTON R. DAVIS Health and Physical Education CAROL IANE DAWSON Health and Physical Education 6Sx fffw IUDITH ANN DELOTTO , Nl, CUHH5 MW Elementary physicdlf U CONSTANCE DEMBOSKI Elementary As every minute particle of gold is valuable MARYANN J. DESANTIS So 1.8 6U6ly mllnule of -Author Unknown -Business Education ' . ARTHUR T. DEVITO Business Education ALICE M. DEVLIN M usic I V I I 110116 10 In I wan! 10 be I wan' 'U zo AWS Sm 5 A R MARTIN P. DEVLIN III TIAIIOTI-1 LORRAINE DI AMORE Elementary CONSTANCE MAE DIBBLEE Health and Physical Education Health and Physical Education 4331 ANCELINA V. DI GIORGIO Elementary I I 9 E QVLIN III al Education I I have to live with mysem and so I want to be fit for myseyf to lcnowg I want to be able as days go by, Always to look mysey' stralglzt ln the eye. -Author Unknown TIMOTHY WY DILLON -f""k,, YIWX m,t.t,.Ww-41 rwwwtf eeXV,f'l1' SUSAN E. DI PALMA Elementary NANCY E. DOBINSON Kindergarten Primary English w ,,,,,,..,i SANDRA C. DONN Elementary JANET Kg DONOVAN Elementary EILEEN F. DOOLEY Elementary IUDITH A. DOTZERT English PATRICIA E. DROBNAK Elementary LINDA DRADA Kindergarten Primary IOSEPH W. DUDZIK Elementary SUSAN 1. DRANEY English PATRICIA G. DUNCAN History T EARL V Indu 1 N I 5 er I . Y w CAIL E W we make 5 6 'Hake NEY EARL VV. DUNHAM Industrial Arts GAIL L. DURAZZI Kindergarten Primary T xl GAIL EDNA EDELBACH INCA1 Elementary SUZANNE I. EDNVARDS JANE E. DWYER Elementary gent! Elementary We make a living by what we get, We make a life by what we give. KATHERINE L, EI-A1X1ER -Author Unknown Kindergarten Primary ix ROBERT EMMONS M atliematics 'A I v is I aiu N1 W" lui WW Fof zhvgwer I 1 H SUZANNE ENGELHARD Q Elementary E A WILLIAM ERWIN A FREDERIC Qi Industrial Arts Ti I I1 uf I l l I J I. ia iz yi sl It 11 '1 1 BEVERLY J. FARLEY Business Education 1 BARBARA FEDOR I Elementary MARY E. FEIND A 55 Elementary I Indu: FREDER1 Matt RWIN Arts ND Not what we give, but what we share, For the git without the giver IIS' bare. R. Lowell -...,W,,X '- as 1 I I FREDERICK W. FELICE Industrial Arts fg f"'iup, . , I' , JOHN A. FENNIMORE Industrial Arts ta- 4 W " , .NX Af. fi VV X I K fr 'W' f, L.. "'-- - -. , I . .4 . ',.... V Y I FREDERICK A. FINK Mathematics ROBERT A. FINK Mathematics EILEEN S. FINK CMRSJ Elementary safes' - fi-'i JUDITH B. FINKEL Elementary ARLENE R. FINOCCHIO Kindergarten Primary minib- EDWARD T. FISCHER Elementary DOROTHY A. FIZEP1 Elementary Qx " A ', .9 xj ' WILLIAM E. FORRESTER Music JUDITH E. FITZGERALD English ' -S 51? -Q-1"-"""'fl" . BONNIE E. FRANKE Mathematics tg:- : 'r I I DIANE L. Elef I s i I w T6 If: 'QV 4 I I I I I 6 3 I I S' 3 lflcg tho ll 'low not 5 T17 g K I JZCERALD DIANE L. FRIEDMAN H Elementary '35 f' a r 5. IOAN M. F URRY y FHANKE Kindergarten Prim ary nafiff Since thou art not sure of a minute, ! ,TW IUDITH ANN FRIEDMAN Business Education IUDITH ANNE FRIEDMAN Speech Correction ik rw AUBERTA I. GALUSHA Kindergarten Primary throw not away an hour KATHRYN IEAN GAMBLE Author Unknown Health and Physical Education iw. BEVERLY A. GARDNER Elementary D. VIOLA CEROULD Kindergarten Primary -Q E IMP PATRICK M. GARZILLO Speech Correction ,814 GAY A. CASTON English JOYCE C. CIERISCH Kindergarten Primary 'WSU SHARON L. GIERSCH QMR3-P Kindergarten Primary If is i,,'Z.ff1-ffm Be W Mba do li well DOROTHY C Elez STON 1 01 0 mek is once begun, never leave it till it s cloneg Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all -Author Unknown j"xT"'T'rf"X ki fx.. ,. DOROTHY GIEZENDANNER Q-r'+ LINDA M. C-IFFORD Elementary tif' CAROL S. GLICKMAN Elementary Elementary fi SANDRA JEAN CLOOR SCH fylllsl Elementary Irfylillfy MABEL A. GNANG Elementary IEROD L. GOLDSTEIN Speech Correction I ' a , :Nl -cfwzz., -.1 . Xfjiffyh ' . W " yi VL, U, lui i, ,V 3 'si f sr, , ' if A K' . 3 VA PATRICIA A. GOODWIN ROLE Elementary ROBERT W. GOODLING Industrial Arts IUDITH M. COLDSTEIN Elementary 5-fly Jim IUDITH A. GORDCN 'X X Kindergarten Primary ALICE A. GORDON Elementary FIIANCINE I. GOIICEY Before yo Elementary u s 'S . ww . , '-a s - : . 1w L X GOODWIN RONALD GOTTUK my Industrial Arts R -swf! F ff ' RANSOM I. GRAHAM ,OHDON Inclastrial Arts Pffllllllu lm JU! IGAN THERESA GRADZKI Elementary FREDERICK W. C-RAESSLE Elementary K, .. .NX f 'en CAROL J. GRAY Health and Physical Eclucation Befme YUU SCUV6 YOU must have fl Emal FRANKLYN R. GREENBERG Author UI1kHOiWI1 Health and Physical Education 6 HELEN GREGORY Elementary BRENDA GRUENDYKE Elementary f""4'fy, IRENE M. HALIGOWSKI Business Education the Let 115 Wh 0" 51,11 avhw Learn ll 34 NANCY Speer CAROL LEE HALL Health and Physical Education DOLORES ARLENE HALL Elementary awww PATRICIA A. HALLIDAY Music Yr l V 0 GOWSKI :ation Let us then be up and doing, llhth a heart for every fate,' Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor ana' to wait -Longfellow NANCY ALICE HAND Speech Correction .,: 7,5 f I I ,M I If ' R fi I it 7 V, ,f "'71,'g'1f- f K- .- fwe i- A V ,,,,, Q, W .W , E I 1, , I Marvel L. ,fr f Mfr M A PATRICIA L. HANICAN Elementary fur'- ,f-We-r PATRICIA A. HANNISCH Health and Physical Education WW CAROLYN RUTH HAYES Kindergarten Primary JANET M. HARDING Kindergarten Primary LLLIDAY MARY MARGARET HANSON Elementary f.. ,MV MARGARET HEISLER HUNM Business Education MARIORIE R. HEINE Elementary JOHN E. HAYMOND English V,,,. t ' Y ...V-1av"9'f 403 MAUREEN E. HIGGINS Elementary RALPH HENDRICKSON History GAIL P. HENDERSON We ne Elementary 5 ver ISLER Hon RONALD M. HILLIARD r N THOMAS HOBSON Health and Physical Education RONALD L. HOENES Industrial Arts 3 GGINS U f 1 , ,Q ' MARY ANN HOPPE Kinclergfarten Primary We never know the worth of water till the well IZS' dry. lm. -IPQX. W .Y . 1. GEORGE A. HORSEFIELD A A History SANDRA L. H. HORTON CMRSQ -Thomas Fuller English ...X ,- o MARION A. HOUGHTON Business Education LANCE HUF F History IUDITH A. HOWD Elementary QGTQQXY f Mae W6 gwggevv ' W - . .Z ELAINE P. HUFF Elementary xt , xl. x Hx gin fx UDITH B HUFFMAN . ' ggi' ,fbmfgffy Q I ' " Q vsgfgfgixi r. Kindergarten Primary fggsfwgg V -", W 1 - T , ya: . fr - gg' -fy K ' A A aww lgififwiw lf .Y 3 my ' , ,LQ . E " " fri if V Y -Evx' , ' "fin"-"rl Sf -Q A iixglfifcif 'S' 2 LK , N, .ilnkia i 1ix3fSs.i:tXk., at t RAYMOND I. HUGHES Elementary I Health ami it jbqnofl 511166 1 35 WIL SP foe shut the door on yesterday and thrown the key away- Yo-morrow holds no fears for me, Since I have found to-day -Vivian Y. Laramofe by V,.,, -',,:, ,,., 5 '. o f f f ' f-QtfMA'a-ffvf l. H JFF WILLIAM G. HUME Speech Correction S ef? LAVINIA R. HUNT English -'UN YHQMW.. ., H+.. WM' l l"lTt""?v- LYNN S. HUNTER Science 4-nv tw VITO MICHAEL INGERTO ygl-IES Health and Physical Education CARMELA ISITORO Elementary JACQUELINE F. IVES Elementary PAULETTE I. JACOB DIANNE L. IOHNSEN Elementary ,fffai ,-4-044' GERALDINE L. JONES Kindergarten Primary L X Mathematics IOAN IONES 70 Health and Physical Education IOAN T. IONES KMRSJ Elementary RONALD S. KADY Mathematics IONES . SANDRA B. KAPLAN Tlmllf . . U Business Education ""l'1'37"" ,fd-wx LINDA GAIL KILMER Kindergarten Primary CAROL R. KISH Kindergarten Primary EUGENE KISH KADY I ndiistrial Arts icS ..- JOYCE L. KISH Elementary The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist, the hole. SUSAN I. KISNER MCL. Wilson Elementary ANDREW C. KISTULENTZ English JEAN M. KLINCENBERG Elementary . 'HWM SUZANNE M. KOENIG GLENN H. KOHLEH Health and Physical Education NEVETTE E. KOLL Kindergarten Primary Elementary MICHAEL C. KORSCHUN Mathematics en :he 50" Ont WS and on 4 7. is 5 .J CE I0 -5 11 ,S U TS Two men look out through the same bars. One sees the mucL and one the stars. -F. Langbridge GERALD KOVAC History .NK ' ARLENE M. KRASNANSKI Elementary ff 4, .1 CHRISTINE W. KRIEGER Nursing ff .ww I --www ' PATRICIA A. KROMKA Geography ARLENE A. KRAYNICK Elementary 519 ,uw IEANNE E. KRONMILLER Kindergarten Primary xavwf New? NERMA B. KRUGLER N, ,Q , wg ff CARL A. KURTIAK Elementary IW M7 ANNETTE T. LACIOPPA SUSA Elementary Elementary MARY ANN LA MGNICA Mathematics ROBERT LANTERMAN, IR. Elementary 5435 I lm-,MW f SANDRA C. LEES Kindergarten Primary Make 'IOPPA SUSANNE M. LERETTE A 'UN Elementary SANDRA B. LEVEN SON Kindergarten Primary wan-5 ,ww 'ff . Jeff" re ' fx . fe, ' . ink IES VNU MARQIA G. LEVITT ' Elementary LENORE S. LEVY Elementary Make haste slowy -Emperor Augustus -1 MURIEL M. LEVINE QMRSQ Elementary 'NAV MYRA SUSAN LEVY Elementary IUDITH M. LIMYANSKY Elementary LINDA L. LISCIAK English CAROL A. LITTERINI RUTH LLOYD History JAMES I. LODGE Elementary Kindergarten Primary Fi? JOHN I E. LOPIS Industrial Arts ' w Losb l uw 80 N0 Www HERf I ERINI VU Lost, yesterday, somewhere between Sunrise and Sunset, two golden hours, each set with szbegf diamond minutes. No reward is offered for they are gone forever -Horace Mann y . we ' R X- ' V Q, fk .Q . f. 1' ,X 5 Bmw. , A ' .Fw E "' ',. .- , a t NORMA R. LUDWIG Elementary . y ' f -"' fl'-lf," v .,.g'-nlph' ,WJ "-. , - 53. L'-.f 3'fgf,i. - u f? . 1? il" 5' L2 fbi' iff A iz"-5" 2 fi' 'QfS:':'15..221? ,',f 'QLZZT my -gi ':1C,'E?'5E:'Q 13'-11111 y ., wif.-1g'1f-wi-gli:-', f '-"lik ' I .Z I--zgg,.:":ri.:, ,....t.:f.,.1,. at x -T-32"3.'-' '1'3?Zi1. - i Z' -F3-'l'F. . PI? ,1"f2.:f.2TQv" Zi "-bf q"','. J ' .. ,- ... - ,g3g:,.i.,, ,g.A,'..5. .x W - YH? iii--N :PQI T-1233 5 J J. 9 :,V i - "viii fisziiftf'-iii",Fir-."'13.i1. s 1 HERBERT 1. LORENZ Industrial Arts N-Md pd-KQO MARK Bl. MADDEN Elementary s-445' ., M-,,,,,,.,Qv" PATRICIA F. MALONE MM 5' My X PATRICIA MALEC Health and Physical Education WALTER R. MAHN S History I5 Music 17 JUNE ANNE MANGER Speech Correction MARILYN Y. MARING Kindergarten Primary NANCY A. MARAGNO Elementary M IRMA C. MARSHALL Elementary VERON ICA S. MARCO Geography , KW KAAREN A. MARTIN Elementary Il I8 yo ..,,.a-Il' vi AHCC EDMUND A. MASON ll . Science OAN M. MAYBERRY I KHTIN Elementary f Il is never too late to give ,f"'Wf. AUDREY MATTHEWS Elementary BARBARA A. MCALISTER Elementary WALTER H. MAY Geography W mx , ..e, .3 BETTY IANE MCCREA y0ur prejudices. -Thoreau Elementary NEVA MCEVOY School Nurse KATHLEEN E. MCKENNA English ARTHUR I. MQFARLAND Industrial Arts SHEILA S. MCKEOWN Elementary 1 I i I L JAMES P. MQGOUGH History CAROL ANN T. MELILLO Kindergarten Primary A117116 lea Drink 'W Mere Sha, Ami flrlllk' PAULE ADI Health 1 P. NIQGOUGH Flistory ,f a' v T. MEULLO lrfen Pffmml l A little learning is a dangerous thing. Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring, There shallow alraughts intoxicate the brain, Anal clrinlcing largely sobers as again. -Pope PAULETTE MELLOTT' Elementary WW ADELE MICHALSKI Health and Physical Education ,Mmm MARIORIE F. MERICHI Kindergarten Primary WILLIAM PETERSON METZGER History ......-ny' BARBARA 1. MIDURA Elementary CATHERINE M. MILI ER English I II' I I II I I I I I I1 'I II II I II I f II 4 III- II II IE A I I II II I' I ,I I I II I 'I I I VII III IIN , III' I I:,If ' If II IM I I I I I I I I I II I I, I I DOROTHEA V. MOHR I I Health and Physical Education I I Y I is I wk? I I WILLIAM D. MILLER I Health and Physical Education I I I. ROBERT L. MILLER g Industrial Arts I II 1,3 I , I I. I I I IIIII I III f I II IQ I I I1 'I I III II I IIII IU I II I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ROBERT T. MONTGOMERY I ' 82 History l II I HERBERT LAUREN MOORE Industrial Arts JOHN R. MORELLO Science V. M OHR ROBERT EARL MQSIER Cal Educmion History ,N 1,33 'ugfwwc an , CAROL MUENCH Elementary 0973- LO PATRICIA AA. MURRANKA , MOREL Business Education gience firm J - ,fy , ' :M MARYROSE L. MUSTO LAURA E. MUNSIE Kindergarten Primary ,Q ' J' 3 ' Ziff-,V 1 " 1 2 iff 444' Elementary Genius is 270 inspiration and 9870 Perspmmon' ROBERT A. MUZZARELLI -Thomas Edison Speech Correction is ANN MARIE E. NAPLES Elementary DOROTHY A. NEMETZ Elementary 5-WWW FRANCES A. NEWMAN SANDRA L. NIXON Elementary X. E M-4' TIMOTHY F. NOLEN Music Kindergarten Primary HAROLD R. NORCROSS, IB- Business Education ,. a.: Emvlafey Keep Cdl paddle lz 54. ROS, Bus 1 Q ' P. sf x" X, ER B , Emulate the duck. Keep calm on the surface, but paddle like fury underneath, -Author Unknown X , JEWMAN ROSALIE A. NOTO Pffmflfy Business Education rfifft RICHARD D NYE CROSS IB' Industrial Arts ,ation LOIS L. NOVACK' Mathematics IOANNE T. NOWICKI History IN MARGARET 1. C. OBERT Music CHARLES R. OLSZEWSKI History I 3, y wg W.: 'J' 5 T 1 N SUSAN M. PAPP F HANK Elementary PATRICIA H. OWENS 1 Elementary G 1 I l ELAINE B. ORLICK Kindergarten Primary A rs l W GARY MILLS PARSONS A THOMAS ' A History lm I EDWARD W. PARRISKI Industrial Arts we JANE E. PARP. wemust , 86 Health and Physical Education ll R .I ,252 F X P .Q--W,,.ff'f' W...-af' M. PAPP qemary FRANK CMPATTERSON uszc rd-...e-"dr JOHN S. PEMBER English V AW MARIE A. PERONE Health and Physical Education 9 J '-wtf' ,,,,4nnQ' if 'Wx 'fm THOMAS PETERSACK 'S LS PARSGA Industrial Arts istofy MARY A. PETRICK Elementary When we have not what we like, we must like what we have. ELAINE M. PEYSER Bussy-Rabutin , Business Education 1 I ' 1 113 1 i If I 1? 1 11 w 1 1 N 1 N 1 1 , 1 1 A YVONNE ADELE PICOU Kindergarten Primary RICHARD C. PIERSON Geography Y 1 3 1 J 1 1 I 1 X, li 1 l i 12 H '1 Q1 y GRACE M. PIRHER f Kindergarten Primary 1 -'1 'N 1 ,. 1, X1 A rl 1 Q MARIANNE E. PONDAK y English 3 31' 1 N W N11 AA ki 88 W? Wi P51 I 11 O O JOHN A. PIETROWSKI Industrial Arts ROBERT R. POOLE Industrial AVIS just Sm, jf0uf56' jhlrlk 'U instead IC Health c ANIN Kind TROWSKI 'l AUS 4. POOLE al W fust stand and watch yourseyf go by Think ofyourseyf as View Instead of I . -Strickland Gillilan ei 63 A A X New ,, lA wi fi ' mf-, AW ' 1,535 A , f . ,Q X ' z ,ily ti SUSAN J. PURSELL Kindergarten Primary IANICE H. RADZIKOWSKI Elementary JOAN POTPINKA Health and Physical Education 'VW ' , , 'xkf 13,11 K , ANNE F. RAGAZZO Kindergarten Primary wW"""""!ls-. ISABELLE R. RACAZZO Kindergarten Primary SYN? PARTICIA S. RAKACS Kindergarten Primary N i N W l l i T JOHN T. REILLY l MAHYI Elementary N ERIN ALLYCE REILLY Elementary i l l 1 IACOB T. REGIEC, IR. llnclustrial Arts l x I H l 1 1 LADISLAUS ROKOSZ, IB- Geograpliy r CLAIA 3 El l MARY SUE RITTER t Elementary A M l 0 . i .nl P9011 MARGARET H. REILLY ,lei h 8 IS5 Kindergarten Primary jf , l GL' 5 3 E EILLY Lary YQ. Q: I pKOSZ, lil' lzy 49"K-- WN MARY ELAINE RON CA Music ,in-.....SNu JANET ISABEL ROSE Health and Physzcal Eclueatzon IEANN E T RUBBA mira. CLAIRE RUDEN Elementary Englzsh L... .. I VIRGINIA D. RUSSELL Elementary- Many people climb to eonsialerable helghts by remainlhg on the level JOAN L, RYDELL -Author Unknown Elementary ROBERT ALAN SANDOR History LAWRENCE I. SARNER Science MARY LOU SCHACK English ROSANNE M. SCHIPPER Music NORMAN B. SCHAAB Elementary iv FRANCIS , I. SCHMID Elementary Kfp0iUl5a :haf li 'T SUSAN I. J KlTld4 IOAN ii. -I .f 4 Knowledge is the only zristrument of production that is not subject to dl'm1'n1'shzrig returns. .. wx CHMB SUSAN I. SCHNEIDER QMRSJ ry Kindergarten Primary .ww IOAN B. SCHUTZ Music -Author Unknown MARIJEAN SCHOFIELD Elementary ,f 'F 404 'ff EILEEN S. SCHULMAN Elementary HG!" fi? MARTHA 1. SCULL S Mathematics STEPHEN T. SCURATO History Q. ? , x we I EUGENE R. SEAMAN NORINA E. SEHRING Elementary l ei!! WILLIAM C. SEIPLE M usio English JOYCE LOUISE SHAFTO Elementary fN l """'--rf JOAN N E K. SHEEHAN Elementary I '-4"""r""""' LORETTA SHENKO Business Education E DAL Kind I I i 1 1 I 1 Make 8 5. 1. RX K A J A 1 , SEIPLE C fk ps IENKO Accliifm DALE RUTH SIAM Kindergarten Primary HALDRI ANN SJOVCLD Kindergarten Primary Little drops of water SIMA S. SILVER QMRSQ Elementary - MWA, 'N-W . N ATALIE M. SKRZYDLINSKI IANICE M. SIMPSON Kindergarten Primary . Elementary lzttle grains of sanal Make the mlglrty oceans and the pleasant land BARBARA K, SMITH -Julia A. F. Carney Elementary CONTENT IANE SMITH Kindergarten Primary MK MARGARET K. SMITH English ROSALYN EDITH SMITH IUDITH K. SOBEL Business Education rim WILLA H. SPURGEON Elementary Health and Physical Education 391 Qi, JOSEPH 1. STEMMLE Industrial Arts We lzttlft by! file m 4 N 'i JAMES 6? Q' "T LXLYN EDITH SMITH V1 and Physical Edufi ""'-41 .wht .qs los Indugri The heart of the fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of the wise man is in his heart -Franklin A-f"""' CHARLOTTE R. STILES Elementary JAMES A. STERMAN Science ' WW! WW JAY W. STRYKER, IR. Science NORMA E. STOY Mathematics GAYLE A. STOKLEY Business Education FLORENCE G. SUSSER Elementary LEAMOND W. SUTTON Industrial Arts W CHRISTINE E. TAYLOR Mathematics . TZE T. TAN Music If S 1.51,-v NANCY A. TERINGER Mathematics ROSALIE A. TARN OFF M athematics' PENELOPE E. TERRITO Kindergarten Primafii yum BARBAP Bu Music lm a Sllvag To Sofffm " 'Won K- TARNOFF matics' TERRIT0 :E arten Primdft su-""'m' IUDITH A. THERKELSEN Elementary ,R EE K T K 74 fn . Hi s , V X Q :fl -sf ,I F1 ,WN we A T E. KATHLEEN M. THOMPSON English 111' BARBARA ANN TREMBLAY Business Education Music hath charms to soothe 5 PHYLLIS C. TRENCH ROBERT THOMPSON Health and Physical Education " X . i'isl!'f2,?if lg g' fi vm 1 Q as Q, English a savage breast, T To soften rocks, to bend a knotted oak. ROBERT E. TROUT Congreve Mathematics .--we CAROL JEAN UTESS Elementary are 9.7 ssl? IRMA VELA Elementary Triumph is just Mumpw added to cctrylf A MDW li '-'VALASIN THOMAS P. VIVARELLI WC Health and Physical Education SUSAN L, WARREN Ll VINCZ Kindergarten Primary 15 lish Author Unknown CAROLYN U. WALLACE Kindergarten Primary ,L KATHLEEN A. WAUTERS Health and Physical Education ROBERT R. WALTON English CAROL ANN WEAVER History PHYLLIS I. WEISS Elementary BARBARA E. WEISMAN Elementary JOYCE G. WEBSTER Kindergarten Primary HQ!-1 MARGARET A. WESTLING A Mathematics MARIORIE A. WELLER Elementary ll' CC Wh W 102 I 4 1 JOAD Health c 0 nobl, at ga WEISS tary AG QTVR, fs 4 ' , ff Q -,f JOAN MARIE WETZEL Health and Physical Education RUTH A. WILEY NJN- may 'lk Elementary GAIL TODD WILKINSON Elementary 'I ...A-.ff RICHARD W. WILLEY, IR. Science , , . MARYANNE WIMBERG The noblest guestzon ln the world IS English 77 uWhat good may I do ln it? Franklin CAROL A. WOICIECHOWSKI Kindergarten Primary -'ww NW DIANA WONG Kindergarten Primary aff MARY L. YOUNG Elementary JOYCE YOVINO Kindergarten Primary PARTICIA M. ZAMBRANO Kindergarten Primary H , Y F Mt X NC MX me GAIL E. ZIMMER Science ELLWOOD C. ZIMMERMAN, IR. Music Here, at the parting of the ways, We stand, and toward the future gaze, Elementary Our paths, that side hy side for years Haoe kept us one in smile or tears, Have run their course and Godls great hand Leads out in ways none understand, While echo-like some far-off hell The words, g'Good-hy, but not farewellf, MARTHA 1. zulco We wonder, "Shall we meet again? And idly question, "WhereP,' and "WhenPv But God can really know, So blindly on our ways we go. He who hath led us all life,s way Is just as powerful to-day, And so we hraoely try to tell These friends, "Good-hy, but not farewellf, - Edith Putnam Painton M! 1 O ,rf Iumor af . S5 fm. LEFT TO RIGHT: Gail Harris, Sec IC retaryg Clare Dvoranchik, Treasurer PAATQRW Tom Fox, Vice-Presidentg D1Ck Swan- 4 son, President. SUSAN Elerm 1 I U' 5' -A Q '4 SHEILA BE' Eng I J NIUR Healthi Edur , ,.. ,QYBM Q .lieu , , ,, , eaa A A Q, as W 'A- fl ' A fxm.. Q s.fz2ff2fs 16 'T 'R A EDITH C. ABBOTT TOM ACCIAVATTI JOHN E, AGINS BARBARA A. BARBARA ANDERSON IRENE ANDREEFF Health df Physical Business Education Industrial Arts ALEXANDRE English English Education Kindergarten-Primary 'E 4 MA-RI ANN El I 91114 Ig, EM, -mf.. . , 5, iv "inn, fy-1 ,r vgf. , Q ,gr . ZX, iff 7 uf' rpHEEFF liill Q K ' A ROSEMARY AUER Business Education I it -. 5 ,press Q A XX .. ' .. S i E x ',s i X Dx 4 X Q E N 1 Xxx , PATRICIA BECK Mathematics SUSAN BIES KY Elementary SHEILA BETH BLOOM English SAM BRUCCOLERI Health ir Physical Education rf--ff ff' vw of 9' ' '-51. , fl 4, 1 W I, N . . . 73' "' f ez: ,f j MARIANNE N. CAPP Elementary VIRGINIA BADINI Business Education ,Q SANDRA BECK Elementary LOIS BINOVI Science 40" 'S- 'WS CAROL BRADBURY Kindergarten-Primary LOIS BRUNISHOLZ Business Education BARBARA BADISHIAN Elementary fa? S ANTONIA BALLARE Elementary BEVERLY M. BERKE Kindergarten-Primary PATRICIA BISHOP Business Education fu H., K l. fir .id , f , 0 M3 , L "V' 32 1 3.1 UV r I ..,C X X l DEAN BRATIS Science LOIS BUCKMAN Elementary 1 fr-M", JERRY BEROSH Industrial Arts QUILLIE BIVENS Elementary ww? PAUL BREEN Industrial Arts KATHERINE BUONOCORE Social Studies 4I""'7' BARBARA CAPUTO KindergartenFPrimary Is., 'Q' CAROL ANN BARNWELL English LINDA BEVELHEIMER Elementary JOHN H. BLACK Health dr Physical Education CAROL BRENNAN Kindergarten-Primary IRENE BURRIS Kindergarten-Primary , -of ... .....-. ....,....,..,, . I CATHERINE GAIL CARMIGNANI CHESTER CARSTEN CARDINAL Elementary Hwfvfv Kindergarten-Primafy GAYLE BARTON English it A Y ll , . 5:3 T lp. X f Zt..,r1.p - lx CAROL BIESKY Elementary RITA BLANCO Health dr Physical Education K 'Qs wi EILEEN BRODY Elementary WILLIAM R. CAPIE Science "' 'it fti - tf i ..,,..... A , t 'Qc ,.,, ,,,, I lQ,1S??3E? IONNIE CARTER English DOROTHY CART WRIGHT KindergartenFPrimary 25 K Q J W l st . .:: . BARBARA CASALE Music ,t sf'- +1 1 rx as -yr f Q' A ' CLAIRE CLARK Elementary IUDITH A. COHEN Elementary MARIA CHRISTINE CLARK English BETH COHN Speech Arts fit BHK MURIEL CAWLEY Elementary .4-' " wit ' -4-A 'ff' 1 fffsxww MARY LOU CLARK Science PHYLLIS COLACUORI Elementary rf" ARISTOMEN CHILAKOS Health dr Physical Education -.wil CAROL CLYDESDALE Elementary BETTY JANE COLEMAN Elementary f 'WW WWW? v IUSTINE CHILDS Mathematics Ip- .AMJ 1, :Ihr lm -, M ,, 'Q A 'TWV r ' , V W., V , . l V g dis f PAM COANE Speech Correction IUDITH ANN COLLIGAN Kindergarten-Primary ,--5 aw 'PW-"7 e ' Ir 7 JUDITH ANN CHUNKO Elementary Zfiy MARILYN COCUZZA Elementary MARY BETH COLTON Elementary 433 ,,,, 4 M ,yi ff.,f I ,W IW" ii ,lfgiif Ma 'sw 'wif ' 'xg fo f JUDY CONNER English DIANE CREITZ Kindergarten-Primary ami If 1 'sim Wie XA A fr j A 'uf 'Q lf: IUDITH CONOVER Elementary NANCY CRUM Elementary ix. BERNICE DAVIES FRANK DEGREZIA English Industrial Arts R. JAMES COOPER Industrial Arts JANET DALY Elementary fs., Q18 Nmqr CAROL DEISCHER English RICHARD A. COPPOLA Health fb Physical Education MAIIA DAMBIS History Q lu, . ,UZ A , Q3 ' " 1 I. fy? I 4 ' rih DIANE DELATUSH Elementary MYRON CORMAN Industrial Arts CLAIRE DAMBROSIO Elementary fri 'Nfwfif' 'I Y G I gi' N as NN X XZ X s CAROLE ANN DELL Kindergarten-Primary DONALD COTGREAVE Industrial Arts CATHERINE DANLEY Kindergarten-Primary -f ' in mga. ,NM , 1 X , 'f t if :tg Q I , 5 Q f ' ,Wig A X .Nw Q w nl- I V , YK-,fffv d r X. 4 gy X -QI A. l CONRAD DERETIS Health if Physical Education EN gfgggnrr zwffw' Ed jf ea CAROLE D14 Kindergvffen' um G WILDONNE1 Industrial Ed has I f ,RN A Y It CARO EARN Elemef PATRIC ENGEL Kinderga,-gen S 5 VI-I A- UNIKEXN llentary .gr W- AN cocuz ?m0M0nJ ZA FETH Couox Iemenmr, 'Z 'is 'ff ,r..Y, 4' n0NALD IGREAVE uslrial Arid mnnws DANLEYI ganenfftmafv LORENCE IISEROBERTIS Business Education r' 'A ,-In 752 5 W' fm 3 L ,Le CAROLE DIGRAZIA Kindergarten-Primary WILLIAM GEORGE DONNELLY Industrial Education Q CAROLEE EARNHART Elementary PATRICIA M. ENGELMAN Kindergarten-Primary K . P. GWENDOLYN FARBER lMrs.J Kindergarten-Primary ROSE MARIE a . H.1?5,S21iFS- 1 MAEZEERITE Educatiozigwa Kindergarteslirimar JUDY DEWITT ELLIN DIEHL SUSAN DISNEY y Elementary social studies E1em,,,,,a,y I Az, ,5,., I VV ,.,. 4, ,I-.S f n .....g x ,QW-x fqyi- ,xl eg? . 5 qk v ,r Q' A A I W .el it cv Msg 'W , -V '- ,,"" Q f, .,1,L, 1 . 'ftt a n 5 ' xfsw f X . Ah CARL DIX Business Education EVAN R. DOPF Industrial Arts X ,fx s 75 f S 1: .:g-yf . ' -5 ,V gyms -- ,ty if it ' 'J' .H , W Q . 4 It fr CHRISTINE EBERHARDT Elementary LORRAINE ERHARDT Business Education ,Jr fffgs Whs Wx ,Ji A IOANNA I. FEDEYKO Elementary A ,lzaq 4, BMX ,Q , 4' wi X H .i V, ,g Sai? x V: g .-gif. ' X "Ny f X SUSAN DOERT Social Studies CAROL DURMER Kindergarten-Primary Vfwiwvc S ffm W X EX 1 J? is 4 ss 4 M-, f E ,' 'S z .Ag , W xx, , , f K fy vfff' .52 89 'Q ' Q Xi TL-ie, ., LYNNE BARI ECKER Elementary MARIANNE ESTERHOY Elementary -"""x , f "1 AG? -W-f l 7 5, A 3 ' ,Z W ,, .. TRUDY FEIL English Gm ,,,, . . . BARBARA DOMANSKI Business Education CLARE DVORANCHIK Elementary 'WR if NANCY LEE EDWARDS Kindergarten-Primary PATRICIA EVANKO Elementary ROXANNE FELLNER Science fry.: IANICE ANN DONALDSON Kindergarten-Primary WILLIAM DYER Elementary ,mm K W.. Xa .. '-sw 'T' , ' 7 z M I I' 1.27 I, n , ,M , PATRICIA DONNELLY Kindergarten-Primary EVELYN DYROFF Health 0 Physical Education at-wt Q.,. ,f .sy ta--2 ffl ' If , ff 3 Q' 1' ,Pr iw 4 .J iii 1 ,. f , s ' 55. " ' ,lm ff-.':"4 5 f' ff-111 ' I' W M. DIANE ELLEL Business Education ALICE C. FAGANS Health fb Physical Education 1-wr MW 1 R F ',,:., I , iisffi f I X.. f, OAN FENELI I Kindergarten-Primary KATHY EMERSON Elementary IUDITH LANNING FAHERTY C Mrs. J Kindergarten-Primary 15, M' . ., Es V t , A Es. " A is I SYDNEY FIEMAN Kindergarten-Primary DARRAH FITZGERALD Elementary MARIE FOGGIA Elementary MARGARET FOLEY Speech Arts S 12257 , f N X jfifrfn X at J r I C wg I A BONNIE FRAME Elementary ALBERT G. GASIOR Industrial Arts .Q 'X w. w an s ..- Q FREDY J. FRUHBEIS Industrial Arts ROY W. GASKILL History JAMES GILROY JUDITH C. GLASPEY History Mathematics MARY ANN GORTATOWSKI JOANN GRAZIANO Elementary Mathematics S ELEANOR GUEAR Q Mrs. I Elementary ,,-1 J UDITH GUERIN Social Studies ROCHELLE FUCHS Social Studies JAMES W. GELTCH Industrial Arts ,ad GARY FORD Mathematics l fVW' JUDITH GALVIN Music S UZANN E GEMZA English , M , , fi 'MI nz: A is , U " . W - .wif X :Z la dp W f it Xl ,f 4? X 1 1 is 4 -A 1 gf f X X , ,F MN. QW NANCY GLOECKNER Elementary MICHAEL GRECCO Speech Correction BRUCE H. FOSTER Elementary if-av' GAIL CANT Health dr Physical Education CARMELA GENOVESE Elementary ff? -many N, .... I a. V fm- was' MARILYN GOLDFINE SHIRLEY GOODMAN Elementary JUDY GRENELL English -p.4...y Science JOHN CROENVELD Industrial Arts THOMAS FOX Elementary WAX, A 4' ii, t V I f 1- v x S C , M I 4 41 K . , ' ' '7 as af 74 Gai . X, W f f X ff MARIE GARDNER Health dr Physical Education BETSY GILLINGHAM KindergartenfPrimary r"' 4 A' I -5- rygfgyflgff ff? 2 I 1 5 1 it 'K ' SUSAN GOODWIN Health dr Physical Education MARIE GROSSO Mathematics I ...- ,55 ' , . 3 f x f I xi! Max: 2, , ""'rQ .1 Q :rr ' GU1gg11fIggiYc1firS E CPg1ISimfiUg1DLAcH v. AURELIE GURDA , . ea . I K. - . Elementary Educatioyfica .mdergarten Primary X HELEN GUSSIS Elementafy ABF! Bu-U" 1 I CAROL I Ele PATRICT1 Ele1 A 'Q Q' H Q . ' x ' CAROL Elen JOHN H1 S01 :M wa. DONNA . Elem KS p l tnhmgx NN N 'D GARDN if Plum? mation LLINGM, 'len-P r ? ,J GOODWIN , if Phutiwl 'ucatiw E cnosso hemufiu i A, N GUSSIS MW ARLEEN GUZIK Business Education if T945 . V RUSSELL HABEEB Industrial Arts I OE HABERKERN Health ir Physical Education FAYE HAFETZ Elementary 'Wt 'UT ii h 21 CAROL HANDERHAN Elementary PATRICIA HASCHAK Elementary 'diff CAROL HIGGINS Elementary JOHN HOLLOWAY Science W 7' .. A 1 DONNA HUBSCH Elementary A 4 sf VI if f JANE HANN Health ir Physical Education JOAN HAUSTOWICH Kindergarten-Primary TSX X 3 " W. 'ffl 5 if X -v . , if H: I t ,...-1. cw Q 5 -W , 33 A "rf-W, Iss X DOROTHY HIRST Elementary ANTHONY HORNER Industrial Arts MARILYN HUDASKO Elementary .1-ask ' ' wg ,- . X A , W., KL i 'lv J 5 WL 01 v- 1 .5 Wy A 3 If sf DIANA L. HARBESON Music JUDY HAVRILLA Elementary M U ., f ,327 Q SRX , ff ,ffl 2' , N 5 fs. 1 'fav ' , f AUDREY HOCKIN Mathematics KAREN HOUSEHOLDER Kindergarten-Primary NELSON HALL Industrial Arts DOUGLAS HARRIS Elementary MARJOLYN HEALY C Mrs. J Elementary .INN CHARLES HOFFMAN Mathematics HARRIET HOUSTON Health sl: Physical Education PATRICIA E. HUGHES Business Education X , BARBARA HURD Elementary GAIL HARRIS Elementary BARBARA HEMINGWAY English KATHRYN HOLCOMBE Business Education KENNETH R. HOWLETT Industrial Arts , i' JOAN HUTCHISON Elementary VERNON HALLOWELL Industrial Arts - .I I X A 2 -43 ', ligl' ,V BARBARA HARTUNG Elementary SANDRA HENCIN SKI Elementary f-5, 'Vi 'bf PATRICIA HOLLIS Kindergarten-Primary PHYLLIS HUBLER Health fb Physical Education MARLENE BARBARA ILLARIO Elementary RICHARD IVARONE Music Ii-A x 5, .,,, As, X we JOYCE JOHNSON Kindergarten-Primary ELAINE KAPLAN Kindergarten-Primary N n ,.t,f,,3' 7' L nw 32" me ' ANN KENN EY Kindergarten-Primary WILLIAM KLEIN Industrial Arts .ein AQQ .E- 'f- E AJ' '-, e --'tfeqwy .fha 1 u :N pf I I' I .,e , 2 , ' A r ,Q 1 ROBERT KONDRAS Elementary BONNIE IVORY Elementary MEREDYTHE JOHNSON Kindergarten-Primary ARLENE KARIAN Elementary gs. 'lbw , ffl? 'fi x 1 V' . .f 1 j .f A 5? 'fg f se ,Q ve' ha :fix we 1 j"--.Rx I ARLENE KEREZSI WILLIAM I. IELINEK Mathematics ' 7 'Www' PATRICIA JOBES Kindergarten-Primary if -.v J ,', ..,, Z7 'Q Qi 65 PATRICK JOHNSON DORCAS JOHNSTON Elementary Elementary KATHLEEN KEARNEY JUNE E. KEDERSHA History Kindergarten-Primary if 15" 1 ft: , 'LA In . ,ftfi y A, mit' 4 '4':':- ev .np 14 A I ,F ,Qty S . LORNA c. KERP. -,ff 'Y' Gaza. 'Y yi' A, t , is , 3' fw- AYW' ' xr 3 SHIRLEY KERSEY CAROLYN JOHNSON Elementary 1-Q ,tx-v x A , 'f MARILYN N. JONES Health dr Physical Education HOLLIE KEEGAN English .E V 'ei 1 iz. .. 3155" X-ax ,Q .t Q- team! , S s-. , - wwf, JOANNE MARIE History Elementary Health dr Physical KIELY Education Mathematics MARY KLESKEN ELIZABETH KLINCER RICHARD KLUMB GAIL KMIECINSKI Elementary English Elementary Kindergarten-Primary fn? 1' - 'X if - - y , V ,,:- A Y? ,- I ws, R Q . i ,. ly.. . E i. 15 f N N 'L i . :II t t: V , -I my F4 ,s, Jaox fam., 1 '-:eff .., I 1 , J A ' 1..r , "'.' V. JOYCE KOPPANYI MARYANN KORCH DAN1 Business Education Speech Arts KOVALOEII-SKY KREIJQESKJEEIKI Industrial Arts Kindergarten-Primary 9 V Q I A 'vt'-f w JANET L. 1onNsoN Elementary ,E MARILYN B. KADUSON Elementary FRAN KENNEDY Kindergarten-Primary , Neei"T?7c t K N , . 1 - I fi. :-ef K1 . ,L JUDITH KLEIN Mathematics LORRAINE KNAPIK Elementary 5' - tl e fi ' fn' ' x IW. Q ' ei X mx., ,,.-' ,J X ELAINE KUCHEN Elementary HN I0 W QE 1 ROSALIIS I JOANNE Heath Ed 2 1 1 'P 2 J KAREN I Elem ANN 15 Elem Q -2 E F A vw HM DEL elllth Q, Educ YI' L ' E"mel.lful'S0N MARILYN KADUSONB' Elefllenlary ldergafgmprimanj ' Q fu 9 . kk 4 R: EXW JUDITH KITHW Mathemdwl oRRAINF KWH ' Eiemgntdfl J 4' I at Wah JOHN M. KUDRICK IndustrialArts rf' ROSALIND LEVIN SON Music J OANN E LOVETTE Health fb Physical Education yougwexv- ' ' .ivuge 'wi IS' 1 'wmv il A, .S W KAREN MARCASON Elementary ANN MARTIN Elementary -0 DELORIS MAZZAGATTI Health fb Physical Education JIM KUSHMERICK Health fi: Physical Education i K fav,-,. 2 is s s ,ls - 23 I IM LADOTA Mathematics ,,.-fag A -! 'fR'f v f l., : "9 5'.x - X I . . X , 'X is ,--. M .. i -.M K fl ? W A Q DARLEN E LIMOLI Music ELLEN LUND Kindergarten-Primary as is W X BL' ff- 'P " it I x p 42? Z ! Q-XFN ' , , X dx. f .ji is 2 y as .fs ,Q Whig sg, A if CHARLOTTE MARGERUM Elementary LEE MARZ Kindergarten-Primary '00 BARBARA McCAUSLAND Mathematics PAT LIPPINCOTT Elementary CAROLYN MACIOCH Speech Correction ELIZABETH MARINELLO Elementary CLAIBORNE H. MASON Industrial Arts , I . Mix I f 1 , tw, f f '16 I X f Rv I OANN E LAFLEUR English I A3452 Q-if MARIE H. LODGE Business Education DAN MAGLIONE Health vb Physical Education www BRENDA MARINIELLO Elementary ALICE MATTHEWS Kindergarten-Primary STEVE McCLUSKEY PATRICIA McGUIRE Science Mathematics MICHAEL LAIRD History X . eiifyf -3 LORRAINE GLORIA LOUIS History TOBY J. MAHLER English JUDY LANNING Kindergarten-Primary ,fjffeez If ' f '- We 3. ff- lv f wif., . V I K 1 I.i.1.swx.....f ,. A, , E1-.......... CAROLYN LOVELL Mathematics JOYCE MAIER Elementary af-u 3 V I-.,,.a f ANN ETTE MARINO Elementary MURIEL W. MATTISON Kindergarten-Primary KEN MARTELL Health dr Physical Educatzbn ROBERT MAURO History s t K A Nw. . ,. xy 7 ggi A X . Q . il A A Q I A ,-,' KATHLEEN McLAUGHLIN Kindergarten-Primary bly- 332' U g fi X I if A ,ss LINDA MEGILL Elementary BOB METZ Health if Physical Education A e via A L, , S 4430? A 'T' ,NNI -'27, Z.. A ww BARBARA MINKIN Kindergarten-Primary SUSAN MORRIS Elementary .Q If ,, 555' ,L Af. l 1 2 ,Wk ELAINE NAROZNIAK Elementary PAT O'KEEFFE Elementary 71' Jw . as til 3 . ,ff M- , .1 .2 ,,.,i ,,... ,- P' ft tw X, , A , eff I ff l' I fx fc K Q lf S W 1 efggu Q f f fu ALEX PAPP Industrial Arts ANTHONY E. MEYER Speech Correction BETTY MILLER Music -vrfvy K 'AQ-V 'ZF' ff FRANK J. MITCHELL TOM MOLINEUX Industrial Arts Health if Physical Education GERALDINE MULLEN ELAINE MUNI History JANET NEWALL Elementary MARIANN E ONUSHKO Elementary Speech Correction 'Y JUDY NICHOLSON Health dr Physical Education GEORGE OPRE Mathematics V7 o-Zlyyf DOUG PARRISH Industrial Arts MARGARET PARRONCHI Business Education J UDITH MARIE MILLER Kindergarten-Primary . ,G fi wk, SALLY MOLNAR Speech Correction PAULA MURDICO Elementary ,415 :vw A X 1 JEAN NICKLIN Elementary ETHEL ORLICK Elementary RICHARD A. MILLER Mathematics .mi , gsf""'v Li 1 gr- -42 ! W! f f f 'lv 4 ,ff 4 Xi. . Z, A t rm--pf JOAN C. MONICHETTI Elementary ANTHONY NAMI History P 4? .Jr f Jo WILLIAM E. NORCROSS, JR. Industrial Arts DOROTHY ORR Elementary ,,,..,v MARTHA PATTEE RENEE PAUL Kindergarten-Primary Health if Physical Education JEAN MINARD Elementary I 1 V. Q A 1 1 gg' ' f Q -ji JF, , ,, X "W - V!! ,V , the CAROL MOREHOUSE Kindergarten-Primary ROBERT W. NANNAY Industrial Arts A-ff , 4' if if "L 1 ' 11 , f ff I ' ' , in :iran f 9 Z, . , f M... ij GEORGIA ANNE N URKO Kind ergarten-Primary SUSAN LOUISE OSTMAN Health dr Physical Education V N555 'ii V .5 Wikis- . Q I W Sis bk 5- M. ggi A 3 J-X: fx -, . We KATHY PAZDAN Health if Physical Education A31 ,ZW A MA PI' Spee4 CARO Kinder FRANCI Eh HEL JANE R Mm 'Mm 'WSI' ag, MOREHO lg0Tlen.PrimE-3E KT W, NAN duXvt1ialAmNAY QI Vi I F- 1 .1 1 ORGIA ANNE NURKO I gfgafltn-PTWIUVV SAN LOUISE OSTMAN I alth 0 Pbvwl EdIlCEll0Tl AN of 1'52'iw Lwigufgifrn CAROL A. PEASE Kindergarten-Primary -VME' MARY ANNE PICARELLO Speech Correction CAROLE PORRONI Kindergarten-Primary ,SM . 5.61.2 . VI N .wg A .-ee FRANCIN E UAYLE Q Elementary HELEN REPKO English 'W7 A , 1 l K ,lx ll 'iq if I f ff JANE RIESENFELD Mathematics PATRICIA PEDANO Elementary vs' --. ....... :Ei , W " "' X ? I -44 I ON PIEI A Industrial Arts MARIANN E POTOCKI English X f if Wiz X . f ', Xa?- ., xi? 3 ' ' wif 7 'Q' N 4 1 2 '7 .wh fu' MARY ALICE QU IGLEY History BARBARA REZANKA Elementary ,, W ELIZABETH PERRY Elementary Fil 5 'V .-' ,. 1 fy isa if I V., sl., H f, X: 162' ' ' vf ' , A ,e ' , ,M , We ,F ,M ,Q ,M ' WIP: QE!!! A DONNA PINKUS Elementary TRUDY PROBSTIN G Elementary A-uri CAROL RACKOSKI Health dr Physical Education CAROL A. RICCA Science 43" ALLEN RIFKIN Business Education WENDY RINGEISEN Elementary BARBARA PETERSON Elementary ,-S NANCY PETERSON Elementary ,, Xt f -4' if i. , 'JJ -QI' .' DAVID N. POIN S ETT History PAT PSOTA Kindergarten-Primary M J A tw rx X Q f SX , 4 . K I , in X Y 7 X fx f f .X XI I, CHRISTINE RACZKOWSKI Elementary BONNIE RICHEBACHER Health fb Physical Education -' if P ii. QQWGXV. , -- ., ,H ,Wy we AX I -hX ,- Q- X W A, X A ' is Q, IOANN RUTH RISSLAND Elementary .wen- CAROL I EAN POLIACIK English KATHLEEN PURSELL Speech Correction fy, Q ei.. HERBERT RADEER Elementary S UZANN E RICKER Kindergarten-Primary Aa PAUL RISTOW Health if Physical Education CAROL PHILIPSON Elementary -eww if? ' I ff 3 ,. if Q A NP, A. A EDWARD POPOWSKI Mathematics BILL PUZO Geography SHEILA RANDOLPH Health if Physical Education PAUL RIEGERT Industrial Arts BOB RITTER Industrial Arts IRENE RITTERMAN Elementary -it . 5 ggi? L.,- ' PATRICIA ROONEY English JUDY RUPPERT Kindergarten-Primary Wi s-it Fw I , LINDA SALMONSEN Elementary JOSEPH SCHIENHOLZ History ,gy 'E G. RONALD RIZZO History GAIL ROSEN Elementary ARTA RYMON Elementary fig, V is 1 9 wk WWW, Q V , .ig JOAN SARISKY Elementary NATHAN SCHIENHOLZ History Mahdi N unn' iw. 'E ,'l P' sf o 4 -'wer' K DIANE F. SCOTT LORRAINE SCULL Mathematics Elementary JAMES ROBERTS Industrial Arts ,wa an V' .4 'N ' S A 5' sm I' fi' N lx Q, A A 1 gag' ,41:'ifKK. viK ' was ' f AW' 3 JEAN ANN ROSLAN Elementary BARBARA SABO Health ir Physical Education N A , Q Y-4' , f f l ,, f I AWK '- " F! MARY JANE SAUNDERS School Nursing RUTH SCHILDHORN Elementary 92... .'-w.,.W N V .KX wiiiy Q f W J .E 5 'T 1 1 .- 1 :1 JUDY SEDWICK Health mf: Physical Education MICHAEL R. ROBINSON Industrial Arts ,um MARY ELLEN ROSS Music LILLIAN SAKOWSKI Elementary 'A74 MARGARET SAVIERS Health if P'hysical Education STANLEY R. SCHULTZ Health dr Physical Education -s-QA vii, lx ,-9 CAROLYN SEILER Mathematics MARY ELLEN ROES CH Elementary , '64 A , I 44 1, X 1-'f' ""' f, "s...,, f ' f ' XO f I HINDA ROTH Elementary ELAINE SALICOS Business Education '!W4!!' ANGELO H. SCAROLA Industrial Arts ROSEMARY SCHULZE Elementary , i 1 nfffy wwf fl 'QF' - R , . A "1 A 1 A ,, ffw , 'J .A fi wx jk - Nm, QE, ' LUREN E SENF Geography REGINA ELIZABE ROGERS TH Elementary ff ...Q-' af, JOAN OLEX ROUZE1 I Mrs. J History ROBERTA SALLY Elementary "2 ' I,.,f.v X Y Q ,',,, ' ::gs::.. fl , fe N l ix 'rf 1 ff! XV V , 'gg gs' if , 32 , 9' f fl ff , 6 if , ' , ROS ALIN D SCHATZMAN Elementary NINA SCHWEITZER Elementary dfsw MQW I ws' Q....w5f 'Six-s im. - 2 was . ,f QR CAROL SERWELL Elementary 'I ws ARL 1 PAT1 I JOSE He BARB SU Kinde, I5 Q' 53213 mlm :sw 3 Q, an if JLEX Mmnom 'Wu ITA SALLY Wltntary SALLNID ATZMAN nnenlflfy gmvmm -menlafll SERWELL ,mgnllfll JANE SHAFER, MRS. School Nursing I f' X as A 'Sk X f , ...wx , -I X- si . 'Q ' X iw!-1. -.X .......,-y ARLENE SINGER Elementary PATRICIA SMITH Elementary x s x I . . .. f ' I 'R Q Q .I I , ' A , . .54 I JOSEPH SOVIERO Health 0 Physical Education BARBARA ELAINE SUTTERLIN Kindergarten-Primary ,,t f A , .N W .-1' ,' ff nf ,,', ,,, f Q. ,VL 1 ' 'jig , ta , N 1 bf, ff, Z M 1 A I I 1 V ji' V ff MARJORY TRAVIS Business Education ANNA MARY SHARGO Speech Correction ,,.'t --...Q DOROTHY SISCO Elementary ROBERT G. SMITH Geography ANITA SPEZZANO Music JOSEPH D. SWALUK Industrial Arts ,,..r-v- ...f GARY SHERMAN Industrial Arts 5 ei? Kaffe? fs 1 V ,-at JOYCE SKINNER Mathematics DOROTHY SOLWAR Mathematics ANNA STERN Elementary RICHARD SWANSON Industrial Arts 3 IWW: , W y -MQ if , -'W'-'73 WL PHILIP A. TUMMINIA BARBARA TUNISON H istory Kindergarten-Primary SUSAN SHERMAN Elementary ,,"i?!mN Tx ls' ' x '30 Qi 1 M, I if ' -X b y I f-Quo . ,M - "xi .. 620 we MARYAN N SLIWA History WILLIAM SOMERS Music "J A ,lp LINDA SIGMUN D History .--Wm ,. 1 ary f fy. 1 f-K4 CHRISTINE S MITH KindergartenFPrimary GAIL SOREN Kindergarten-Primary HAROLD STOUT Industrial Arts HELEN TATARSKY Elementary ' .Il K .A r j X f X I ,, X i mtl f X' f "f,,,i.I: JANE LIPPINCOTT TURNER English FRANCES ANN SULLA Kindergarten-Primary BEVERLY TAYLOR Kindergarten-Primary ,3sft,?K f sb ne f 'M 1 A Y X I X ,V af? ' A' I 1 " ' " , " X X Q Jvfffv I i i" , ' I VALERIE URBANOWITZ Science JUDITH ANN SIMONDS Health dr Physical Education 'ZF 'ff . cf ,, 2' I W 7 fit 40 f ,. , f, GLORIA SMITH English ELSIE T. SOSINSKI Elementary fu 2- BETTY SUSKEVICH Elementary JOYCE TRAPHAGEN Health dr Physical Education ' vague I 'Fw rex . I V: S A fx " L SW A E S . , g ' ' 4 xx ' I-1135. ,V AQ fins JOAN A. VALTA Kindergarten-Primary JANE VAN ALST Science KATHLEEN VANCZAK Elementary RAYMOND A. VERNER Industrial Arts MARTIN WINAR History "N-ww SUZANNE VOLOWITZ Elementary ELIZABETH WEDEMEYER Kindergarten-Primary wo! JANET VAN DERVEER Kindergarten-Primary SUSAN WALLING Elementary GEORGE WEINROTH Speech Correction KENNETH VARCOE Mathematics ,av-, ii! ..- ., W .,, , - if 2, ' - urfgw JENNIE WARD Health ir Physical Education KENNETH WESTCOTT Music THERESA VENANZI Elementary CAROLYN WARREN Kindergarten-Primary JOYCE WHITE Elementary 'TK 'Ula fri , f XQWWNA J' M. E. ELIZABETH ROBERT H. WHITEHEAD WIDMANN Elementary Health dr Physical Education ARLENE WOLFF Kindergarten-Primary ry A Q - 1 7 'WZ Q wh f Q, fs "' A5544-r " I i 'Q ' W5 I ,IQ ,VI fa-5 f JUNE YODICE BARBARA YOUNG Kindergarten-Primary Mathematics JEAN WOODHULL Kindergarten-Primary PDQ- QR JUDITH C. YURINA Elementary PATRICIA WRIGHT JOAN WILLIAMS M athematibs ROBERT WURTZEL CAROL J. VERGARI Social Studies BOB WEBER Industrial Arts MARY YENCARELLI Kindergarten-Primary Industrial Arts Kindergarten-Primary lat ,Q a,o, 3 -:- ,.., ' I A' an V' s J,V, L J I AAAA N .,V:, J 6 V Q Lv ttf 'N ' I , - i f' eau, 51 Q1 ' l 'N fl lrrt fl I ' Mm if 1 lf. EUGENE I- ZAIAC DONNA ZUZZIO STANLEY ZWEBACK Mathematics Business Education Elementary JL I. 'Wsvm 5 Ig X , '59 X N? 15 OB WEBER wdustrial Arts NZM? MN I S f '5 if N 1haf AVIGIE I ' .,, --. suv, v 'sk' S, , N X HM fx Q QM N ww f, Xff . , XXv ,ig ' T ,f as 1 4" a W 3 fi l 1 W ' ,f-rg Y 55 J ' Q ,fl ,ff QW N!! .f,,'-. ' Q 5,11 11, I U., MJ , ' . ,019 f, - ' ",fzw,. , 91 MM' if ff fi' 5 4 14.2 . , , s M 4 l 'TV 4 2 a . xv: In I mt ,,- in ri I n Ll, THE.. l ,V Nw... I ,X ,Ss-X 2. f" f?f qflx f SOPHOMORE S FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Sposato, P. Spilatore, I. Syby, S. Scully, C. Sponcl, D. Stuart. SECOND ROW: D. Smoot, C. Sulzer, M. Serchia, R. Starets, D. Sassaman, I. Susinski, C. Story. SOPHOMORE T - Z FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Zilka, D. Woodruff, M. Vitale, E. Vacca. SECOND ROW: L. Yanis, R. Willging, L. Ullrich, R. Wallace, B. Zurgard, P. Thorn, J. Vaughan. THIRD ROW: H. Zielensky, R. Torgesen, L. Tilton, L. Wightman, B. Van Der Beek, I. Tedesco, I. Vanacore. C197 Rx W Freshman Class Officers FRE 7 4 wif f f , JT? ' FRESHMAN A - C FIRST ROW, left to right: I. Console, M. Bechtel, P. Cooke, C. Czado, A. Ciak E. Barclar K. Clochessy, M. Blasse. SECOND ROW: C. Cadovius, L. Abbott, M. Calisti, R. Cartwright P. Coven, I. Adamo, I. Cook, K. Barnes. THIRD ROW: C. Bevelheimer, H. Buechner, S. Burton, D. Barnett, P. Bohlmann, J. Batistoni, M. Bayuk, C. Brown. Xb, . X all .Qi K ' L ,1 ,,. 5 ,rg X Cl :Ai ,M Qr LE 'QSO MZ' 3 l 3,314 , 4 -1 . 3 'MM :S '1 Sw, 5:3 . ll 2 iff I s hi, 1 f 1 ' W ff Y 1 I w , w Z A , f , A WW L f f ff? X W F? 1 W ' x , i 5 1 ,. , Q , , ff , .fin f . Z f yew if V 2 Q, Z w ,fi ibn-hunk.. fn FRESHMAN I L FIRST ROW left to right E Levine K Lawson K Lewis B Lefkoxutz N L Fl S LeShaW F Lalcher SECOND ROW lx Labuza P Kopac E Iones D Keith ni elgfaut blatt I Ivors S Kuchner I Kopec THIRD ROW A Lemire I Longwoith M Kudak K Koenlg I Kitchell I Jolly I Iaworaki A Kihm C Iezek 4,9 V197 43 FRESHMAN M - N FIRST ROW, right to left: B. Murphy, I. Malarkey, K. Norton, I. Nixon, L. Moini, D. Man- ning, M. McGrath. SECOND ROW: S. Millington, Z. Miller, M. Nemec, M. Murphy, I. Mulcahy, L. Miller, D. Manenty. THIRD ROW: E. Martz, I. Magee, M. Malwitz, I. Mason, C. Malone, M. Miller, D. Niemiera, FOURTH ROW: D. Menditto, T. Milsop, I. McAleer, R. Mikolon, W. Nicol, I. Mironov, R. Markley, C. Miller. ' 4 Av' . Y f Y' ' R f .,, .ly W n -all ' A ' fs I f f up W? .V M,,,-1" ,,. .Q 1 1 ,ff- 5 2 ,uv .1-n ff' X' I R L,,L. LL QW x iz gf -'Oh ff 1' il FRESHMAN T V FIRST ROW left to right S Tflylor C Thorpe S Uhl A T l h M T l SEC ROW C Unkel N Taubel M Tsorlano C Trueland A Tswlzlfl IR Vlxetumoo OND ,K fit WW? W4 ' L " . ' ' . ni .9 uv FRESHMAN W - Z FIRST ROW, left to right: E. Wilcox, D. Williams, L. Westphal, R. Wannen. SECOND ROW: B. Yoos, M. VVedemeyer, B. Wellman, C. Weiss, D. Winkie, M. Warman, P. Yacovino. THIRD ROW: W. Yarosiewicz, C. Wichowski, R. Worthington, I. VValter, S. Weber, M. Williams, T. Williams. JACK CHIRIKDIIAN Egypt FOREIC EXCH GE S DE LADYLEASE RECENT GOODRIDGE Panama ,3""M 417' YOSHIKO MIKURIYA Iapan 'pdf MARION LORRAINE MOFFAT Canada Io RRAINE MOFFAT 3 , -Canada Trenton State College affords its students first-hand experiences in international living through the residence of eight foreign students on its campus. Six of these students are on unilateral agreementsg two, from Cana- da and Scotland, are on reciprocal agreements. These two students and those from Panama, British East Africa, and North Borneo receive either part or all of their support from the student body of Trenton State. These foreign students and the students of Trenton State have and will continue to gain world understanding and citizenship through their interactions with each other. 9505, W? TAN TZE TONG North Borneo JOHN CALLEB ODIMA British East Africa M3315 JOYCE D. L. WOOD Scotland ln-sq vxfx f is vx , 3 Maw, 1 1 M., ,, ix F' P fd L 5 ? T i ,E 4 . 6 L! n a Q .-.-.11g:Nx":'5'-" '-' 4743211:,gn.wul:r--ug-n,,,-rf,-.--.Q.-.-,npr-..,...--.Y. ............ .. . - ' 1 f,-S -ui-1' 2' "T " safe. 4 1 , "K f ,f , W-fir R A H ' f J 11 fflff WWl!1f52'1'71'l"1JJ5'5'v- M ruf' VXYQAG-f ' . THEIR!!! 'Q' EE'i?EYREv. 155KE1T0S5lX:f45-F5'.3'LEkElSE2I-.'i'iL1'fl:E122.LC'r'3.A1ihQGC:'-TSX?-'i..Y""Yf-'S':r2'k:l'f --'fl fi- " 2-N' YNY.-1,1 dxf: 'X ' ' I -2'5,' 151: ft-51' ,5.., ffxf 1 F. 5 1312: .f:1 My-. W 1 :cs hlafi :yel- ! . . fl Z !'!- iii? 5 li- 11.1 Ellf -,. -15.5, rx'-1' .MF VE-I PSY. xii. W4 ffjgi ji' . -. . Jinx IST .folk .-. 1, -:- .3253 . .Y GZ , -keg .3272 .gs 1 , XE- . 'ESI -,,,, ,, JL. CHARLIE MAN NA . 'Air 1 The up-and-coming young comedian, Charlie Manna was featured during the annual Fall Week End. He appeared in Kendall Hall on November 1, to start the week-end off wit'h a bang. Manna has been favorably received by audiences in the Radio City Music Hall and London Palladium, among other ap- pearances. In addition, he has made sev- eral successful record albums. Joey Dee, of Peppermint Lounge fame, was a part of the entertainment program for the Fall Week End. He appeared with his group in Phelps Hall on November 2. A variety of rock and roll and twist numbers were fea- tured in the two consecutive shows put on by the group. Large crowds were on hand to witness both perform- ances. -Sir William Osler Joey Dee and 1178 Starllghters i croyv dllflf 31106 Kava Studl WHS 1 repre acadf the C MSIY J JA' Cmlledian, 'ming the Pelired in F Start the :eived by usic H311 Oillf-31' ap. Dade sev. W 5' 9 'vs 3 R t , 1 gf' , l U f W ' 31' i 'f iw f X 2 D 2' T r if l , T if f JL a li ? M K - i l ww . Miss Trenton State A high-light of the Fall Week End was the crowning of Miss Trenton State, which took place during the intermission of the Joey Dee perform- ance on November 2. Miss Trenton State, Pat Kavalek, was crowned by the President of the Student Executive Board, James McCough. She was selected by the vote of the student body to represent Trenton State College during the '62-63 academic year. The runners-up and members of the Queenys Court were Marguerite Mika and Mary Curtis. Marguerite Mika Pat Kavalek and Mary CUIUS J 1 K 1 1 w W 1 l 1 9 A N , - r , Q if: J i'i"4l N . ,' .. f ' 'M a - :,, - A , V ' 4 ff The exciting homecoming game with Wagner College. Students and cheerleaders support our team. M, ., I 72' yt , ff' K g ws 1 R Q. Q ,Q Lx f,.- is j Q wgkgfye, , ,, ,fm f N" . U if N z fb f xi. V ' 77' Q at if "Z . Jf'45fef he ' is rx, ' Q64 'xr ' fi , W ' ,wwf t.k7Mr2'W 'Hifi--fWD7e!v,w +1 IQQKQ W W Jijifffoief ' ,Ns MAWZM A Q sv. Q ' ff f 7 A ,M -1 0 . . is -NS lp ,Q ., , X Y A K 6 3 1 i -V 5 W 5 i . L , X Sf zz: -1 -:A:- ff'-RN 4 W ,M ,i fig 1 7 fs Y ,, i 'Q ' t' ' , it it 4 if- Q i"-or 'X "' W i " AA, 2 is i or X fp . 221'-7 I af' li 95: ,cfs Q ks? ' fi ,f 7 M wt ,rg 3 in ww, if k-Q W V A royal ride for Miss Trenton , State and her attendants. , nr' ,sf 6 f'-4 Q 134 UT Miss Tfenton er attendants, First Place Iunior Class Float Third Place Lambda Mu 134 135 I THE P R O G R A M Q 0 M M I T T E E P R E S E N T S l Don Cossack Chorus and Dancers On September 27 the General Platoif Don Cossack Chorus and Dancers 3 - peared on the Trenton State Camplg Their program featured a variety of mul sical numbers, including liturgical muqic folk songs, love songs, Cossack battle songs, and a group of English songs, In addition, they presented several authentic dances of the Cossack regiment, national dances, and the exciting Cossack Sword Dance. The Don Cossack Chorus has toured five continents and presented over 7475 concerts. The membership of the chorus has always been comprised of those White Russian emigres possessing the best ob- tainable vocal talent. ll Te COWFU T5f6S21 Y WGIS the l dall Ha lllllpauiedl and the C Uoupepfesf i5hdaI1c6Sa anCeW21S GI es an costltffl terfalnefs' Daflc F as Teresa y su lefal . Jancefsaiog S Companla Espanola le Campll' l rlgty of mug. IEW0, Teresa Y Su Compania Espanola 11 so aflle were the featured performers in -alanglln Kendall Hall on October 18. Ac- ent uthfmlic "' companied by the beat of the guitar :Sagknat10I1al and the click of castinets, this SW0rd P troupe presented a variety of Span- h ish dances and songs. The perform- 1 as toured ance Was enhanced by the colorful : giver 7475 costumes and accessories of the en- ih e 01101115 tertainers. Osewhite he best Oh. fllariel Woyson "Two Livesv, the dramatic story of Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sulli- van was presented by actress Muriel Wolf- son on December 6 in Kendall Hall. Miss Wolfson played all parts, changing her costume and make-up on stage. Tracing the blind-deaf-mute child's struggles for communication with the guidance of her teacher, "Two Storiesv portrays the tri- umph of two Women over great personal handicaps. 5 55 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 '5 5 5 5 5 '5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 '5 5 '5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5-QC he 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 JI 5 5 1' 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 55 1 . 5 55 5 ' 3 I5 G 55 QF Q 4? iw 5! .f 5 5 2 '55 55 55 '5 5,5 355 55 '55 555 5 ,55 5 553 '5 4 '5 55 5 5 55 55 55 555 555 55 '5 5 ,I 55 ' 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 55 Canadian Players Cm February 6, the Canadian Players brought the stimulation of first rate live theatre to our campus by their performance of Shakespeare,s delightful comedy Twelfth Night. This play focuses on the mistaken iden: tity of a set of twins. Around this central point of fun and pathos, Shakespeare skillfully weaves two or three hilarious sub-plots but as in so many of his comedies We are not let off entirely free, for we are made to seg the cruelty that arises towards several of the characters. Shakespeare seems quite often to tell us that While we all enjoy fun and a good laugh, it too often is at someone else's expense. The Canadian-Players have performed consistently for longer than any other touring theatre company in Can- ada. We were indeed fortunate to have this distinguished company of actors appear on our campus. l brought the I Campusb Qgmedg ustlken idenl ' POUR of fun two of tllree hm Comedies, 5 made to see he Chal-ac hat while Wg ters Jnsistently for lpfml' ill Can. d1Stm3l1iSl1ed Chad fwtchell Trio The Chad Mitchell Triois return to our campus on March 14, was an answer to popular request. Once again they captured the audience with their unique style of folk sing- ing. Last spring, this trio was hon- ored by our State Department's choice for a South American good will tour. Kendall Hall appearance of Chad Mitchell Trio He' The official theme for the annual Christmas Week End at Trenton Bm State College was "Carnival Weekendf, which was featured on Decem- ber 14, 15, and 16. The festivities began on the evening of December 14 with the Theta Nu Sigma tree-lighting ceremony. Following the ceremony, Phi Epsilon Kappa held its annual Talent Show in Kendall l Hall. The Jingle Bell Rock, a dance sponsored by Lambda Mu and 1 Omega Psi, was another event of the evening. On Saturday afternoon, December 15, Theta Nu Sigma presented dall Hall That evening Phelps Hall became the a Jazz Concert in Ken . , . scene of the annual Christmas Formal. The theme of the formal Was "Winter Carnivalf, Music for the glamourous affair was supplied by the Opus 14 Band. On Sunday, December 16, Philomathean Sigma presented its an- nual Yule Log Ceremony in Centennial Main Lounge. There was also a College Choir program in Kendall Hall and a Holiday Hayride spon- sored by Arguromuthos Sigma. Other traditional activities of the Trenton State Christmas Season include Theta Phi Sigma's presentation of the "Littlest Angelv and the nightly rounds of the Carolers. 1 1 1 l Talent Show lap' lwnners y l l . FTRST PLACE WINNERS l Bill Seiple, Sue Ormond, Larry Sarner H l L' i"' I W l 1 If 6 1 Theta THIRD PLACE WINNER Sue Osftman SECOND PLACE WINNERS TOP TO BOTTOM: Barbara Moch, Marielain LaRuss0, Geraldine Marra. 141- 4 W FF'-fe K s: 1'-A -Da? 1 P' X Wi ,311 -1 I5- , .1- 4- A . , 4 if rp 0. L. 711 n. SI' le 111 ld fd 16 HS JY Q. S0 Q. H1 16 Show Heap on more wooclf the wincl is chill But let it whistle as it will? I , We ll keep our Christmas merry still -Scott The Carolers. ll6fS iii?-ifl.f,jf3W , E 'r'A' A 2 ' i,l ' NNERS , . C 1 Lfi1'1'YSamer 5 , if-it - , lf. ' .tttt T riil T i,iiii' ,ili ,T 'rw b el ,, 5 iiVA iG 5 4 I E l - f f I , f ,'f,, f:f"'27i7f 2 r of T at 5 lam UW' ,g ,ii, , Theta Phi's "Littlest Angel." The Christmas Formal. Philo's "Yule Log Ceremony MThe Lady? Not for Burningw A romantic comedy set in 15th century Eng- land, "The Lady's Not for Burning" appeared in the Studio Theatre of Kendall Hall as the Erst college production of the year. It played for five consecutive performances from October 2-6. The plot centers on an arrogant, World-sick ex-soldier and a girl Who is called a Witch because of her independent nature. Their plights are resolved through a series of events which add to the humor and excitement of the play. r century Eng- g" appeared in rll as the lirst rlayed for live ober 2-6. Tlre sick ex-soldier ecause of her are resolved , to the humor Cloak Homeward Angel 99 l Under the direction of Dr. Wade Curry, "Look Homeward Angelv, was presented in Kendall Hall on November 16 and 17. Based on a novel by Thomas Wolfe, "Look Homeward Angelv was adapted into a play in 1958. It soon won both the Pulitzer and the Critics Circle Awards. All the characters in this play are based on individuals who actually lived in 1916. The story centers on Eugene Cant, a member of the penny-pinching Gant family, which resides in a small. Dixie town. CCT he Death of Bessie Smithw On January 10 and 11, "The Death of Bessie Smith", was presented arena- style on the stage of Kendall Hall auditorium. T he play is the story of a dying Negro woman, Bessie Smith, who was refused treatment by a mun- ber of hospitals because of her race. It is based on events which actually happened in Memphis in 1937. i "Bessie', in the rehearsal stage of production. C24 Panorama o Rodgers and ffammersleinw it .51 rsijs' JS fl , IJ' Q , X iw" "- -mf as vs " E S 4 On October 19 the brothers of Theta Nu Sigma and the sisters of Theta Phi Sigma paid a tribute to Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II. They performed numbers from such well known musical shows as Oklahoma, South Pacific, Flower Drum Song and The King and I . Interpretations were made through both song and dance. Harry jones arranged the musical score from the original Broadway musical scores. F i . 1 i J l vs ction. momonl iers of Theta Nu Fheta Phi Sigma logers and Oscar formed nurnbers lusical shows as f, Flower Dom' , Interpretahons Song and dance, ,Q musical score y musical scores Jeff Corelli, Bill Hogan, Mike Gallina. CREEK REVIEW c'The Most Beautiful Girl in the Worldv was the theme of the Greek Review, pre- sented on November 29 and 30 in Kendall Hall. Sponsored by the 'sororities and fra- ternities of Trenton State, the show took the audience on a journey through many lands in Search of the most beautiful girl in the World. WNNW X -Y. 1 I 1 14 qi .. 'i wi' ' ' -.1 I P NQ-g,. 'M 'X QW Y' 1' Oops! That meets on Saturday. If I take L and C at 3 0'cl0ck, Fll be able to . . . A REGISTRATION "SW i ' 'H' - 'w.....444I n One down, seven to go! xr' SQ!!! lust three more cards and FZZ be safe. L- jlw , Ytsg . 5YQY,,x5 , ,...-1 lu 3 I X, able to... y , - ' J , "'.QTJ45t' w j' ,- .44 L ORIENTATION WEEK Freshman Orientation Week, organized and conducted by the Sophomore Class, served as a means of acquainting the freshmen with the other students and the Trenton State campus. The frosh Were at the mercy of the upperclassmen until the afternoon of the de-dinking ceremony held at Phelps Hall. The Week's program consisted of dinners, in- formal activities, and special programs held especially for the freshmen. "Square your dinklv Ma this humble freshman have the audacity to request your most mfr and y honorable signature upon this most conspicuous plaquef, Y' W i 9 K2 I I 3 . It-i A of '59. Class of 1963 as they appeared in the Fall THREE TIMES DAILY , He may live without hooks, -what is knowledge hut grieving? Number, lease! He may live without hope, --what is hope but deceiving? He may live without love, --what is passion but piningP But where is the man that can live without dining? -Owen Meredith P Not one piece of chocolate. Wont be long now' Seconds anyone? Coffee tea or milk? AILY WILLIAM L. ANTHEIL Demonstration School 'ut grim p All the flowers of tomorrow ng- are in the seeds of today. Dining? , . tan live N en Meredith if 'si t fir? fy He teaches best, who feels the hearts of all men in his breast ancl knows their strength or weakness as his own. -Bayard Taylor No bubble is so irriclescent or floats larger than that blown by the successful teacher. I love to teach as a painter loves to paint, as a musician loves to play, as a singer loves to sing, as a strong man reioices to run a race. -William Lyon Phelps A teacher afects eternityg he can never tell where his influence stops. -Henry Brooks Adams if Wapalanne, here we come It L9 in make W to W1 ' r X vw: Class-bound seniors. Wk tk WTAYV' Cards, records, notebooks statzonery, nooeltzes A K1 Entrance to The College Store. Qi! 1 F: - x K 2 44 ' ' ? . ,ff 1 .f'f,. Q 1 E 1 W. .Y vb. , fx s , A Z ?fW , fv' 2 ' 1--1 E fm X ' ii! lf 5 2 155 , 1 1 5 H' .V '12 L 1 ff 1 , f 1 " ' ' .. 1 , 1 ,.,,, 53 , X' 1 ' 511 5 W F' ' 5-f 23 5 V s U , .5 A . ,I 1 Y. D I I f It is in our daily work that we make our future what we want it tohe,... is WIN ,ws xii., 4, ,K , '.' r in ,-a' ' X I M K Y I' , l ' 1 Q f , 5 . ,mi . . . , however, we mast also had time to relax. Some hooks are to he tasted, others to he swallowed, and some few to he chewed and digested. -Bacon 0 lib ffm Who lives here? The old . . ,..,3u V , H ere's my library card. , X .V ' 1 1 - Stun E X ,Lf and the new. mssgfg 'Xi Students admire an art exhibit in Green Hall. r I I r I l i l A place for everything and everything in its place. 1 -Samuel Smiles 5 l i i I l l x l The multi-purpose Student Lounge in Phelps Hall is used for relaxation, discussion, exhibits, auctions, hour dances, and other social activities. A familiar campus site. The pause that refreshes. H. 4,4 w r.-QL' 1 3355- Q1 gg nf 1-,wi-fm-pfiz1g+f.-rf-ff nf-1-N-7-nf,-4...,.. W. 1 ..,f K f5fV:E'fa' I ,:4'n:'-f gf fifllf' 22.955-' "5":f'fff v ,,1v':g1f ?ai"?ii4, ' I fi'Afr:3f :f rip" jf,'.7x2 T: .' Q., ,- - , .., , fl, ,L ,jwff,'j, .171-if, wwf p f Rf' : ,'. Hi. , ,f Q , -1 f ,f if IA, E , , I . f 1 -1 V f 4 W 4 x ' P I4 'I x STUDE T EXECUTIVE BOARD ff?-T i Z BILL Puzo President ................. ...... ---------------- Ist Vice President ........ 2nd Vice President ..... Recording Secretary ........... ......... Corresponding Secretary Organizing Secretary ..... ....... Treasurer ............. NSA Coordinator ..... JIM MCGOUGH Jim McGough - ........ ---- ........,........ Bill Puzo Frank Van Dalen Ann Marie Naples Diane Creitz Sue Clayton --- ............ Carol Muench M ............ Judy Guerin mygx .. '95-Q' FRANK VAN DALEN FIRST ROW, left to right: A. M. N l , F. V D I SECOND ROW: D. Creitz, I. Traphrjgefi S. Claay1fon,al?l PTIIEICTRCIQ ?-f9rrZ15f22EOQ- Hoffman, B. Thompson, J. E. Kulpa, J. Steffen, R. Fink, R. suebraz, K. Adams The Student Executive Board is the student representative body of the Student Cooperative Association. All registered students are members of the SCA. S.E.B. membership is determined on the basis of elected representatives from each class. In addition to the eight representatives from each class, there are four officers elected by the total student body. The budget is comprised of funds from the Student Activities Fee. These funds are allotted by the Board to the munerous organizations on the campus. The great majority of student organiza- tions are committees of S.E.B. and responsible to that board. The board also initiates projects, and considers all matters of concern to the stu- dent body. The purpose of the organization is tocultivate a democratic educational atmosphere in which the student may fully develop his potential capabilities, and to foster a spirit of cooperation among all the various groups in the College. To this end the Student Executive Board operates and has been very successful as a long standing or- ganization on campus. , Participation in S.E.B. affairs is open to all students and their involvement is continually encouraged by the Board. General meetings are conducted on a Weekly. basis with numerous other meetings held during the week. The Student Executive Board office is the center of all student activities on the campus. The interaction of the Board, Ad- ministration, and Faculty has a profound effect on campus life and is Worthwhile of the commitment of all the student body. . The purpose of the Student Education Association is to in- crease the members, understanding of education as a career and contribute to their professional and personal growth. It provides opportunities for members to explore and have their voices heard on educational trends and issues through pro- grams on such topics as "Should Teachers Join Unionsf' The S.E.A., enables members to multiply their contacts with others preparing for teaching through such activities as the Student N. I. E. A., All-college Conference, S.N.I.E.A. Spring Conven- tion, the Leadership Conference, etc. Membership entitles one to participate in the "world's biggest education convention" held by the N.I.E.A. each November in Atlantic City. The S.E.A., with its excellent program of providing guides for any visitors to the campus, performs a valuable service for the college community. As a member one receives the monthly magazines, N.I.E.A. Review and the N.E.A. journal. Besides the other varied activities of the S.E.A., one may participate in the Student N .I.E.A. State Speakers Bureau. STUDE EDUCATIO ASSOCIATIG OFFICERS President ...................................,.., --.Elaine Muni Vice President ..........................,.,, Georgia Nurko Recording Secretary ..............,, 1 ,,,,,,,,, Ruth Wiley Corresponding Secretary ...... Linda Bevelheimer Treasurer .....................,................ Audrey Hockin Historian ................................,..,,, ,,,,,,,,, , Pat Jobes Publicity Chairman .............. Betty Wedemeyer Guide Chairman ...................,,,,, Maxine Galanty Membership Chairman .............,.,,, Cargl Higgins FIRST ROW, left to right: A. Hockin, L. Bevelheimer, P. Iobes, B. Wedemeyer, E. Muni, G. Nurko, M. Calanty, R. Wiley, C. Higgins. SECOND ROW: P. Goodwin, M. Whittall, N. Crunden, M. Vitale, I. Ives, B. Farley, M. Haney, S. Beck, I. Charney, L. Krautblatt, M. Quigley, I. Fedeyko. THIRD ROW: I. Fitzgerald, D. Manning, C. Durazzi, M. Hanson, M. Zipco, B. Donnell, L. Binovi, M. O'Keefe, P. Haschak, I. Kopec, I. Haligowski, V. Della Torre, M. Merighi. FOURTH ROW: I. Marshall, C. Dvoranchik, C. Earnhart, C. Malone, I Magee, R. Willging, D. Kleyo, M. Nemec, S. Engelhard, S Cloor, D. Hare, C. Pease, I. Klein, M. Kowalczyk, C. Wilkinl son. FIFTH ROW: K. Martin, L. Knapik, L. Shenko, I. Webb S. Weber, L. French, P. Murranka, B. McCrea, B. Cardneri I. Jolly, R. Spagnola, L. Wightman, E. Grayson, E. Ferrier, B Perry, S. Haddon, 1. Limyansky. PROC The student tion GH pfopfid year- I gramSf from th ditional as l10St groupS- gram t0 invited. STUDI 1 FIRST ROW 1 f g0HeSP0nding QQ ewall, M. Levitt, . The Moti gvlfy is Se " alllfday , Students , i glanced by Comm Cessfiil ' ..Blug'eE1- prank, 91 1 e Shown unify 158 l59 PIO T10 iS WEMIIEM . Tfleorgia Nmufi ,Liflllulhlllilev . 3 evellliillifr Xmldlel' Hocljn 'X-.Paljlm . Bert? lvedmiw 'N 3751116 Galanh, . C. Malone, I. Engelhaxcl, S. zylc, G. Willin- lenko, I. Webb, ua, B. Gardner, 1, E. Ferrier, B. PROGRAM COMMITTEE The Program Committee consists of both students and faculty members. Its main func- tion entails discussing and determining ap- propriate programs for the following college year. In order to finance the various pro- grams the committee receives appropriations from the Student Executive Board. An ad- ditional function of the committee is to act as hosts and hostesses for the performing groups. Receptions are held after each pro- gram to which both faculty and students are invited. LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Stiebritz, R. Blanco, B. Puzo. STUDENT EXCHANGE COMMITTEE FIRST ROW, left to right: I. La Fleur, Treasurer, I. Friedman, President, L. Novack, Corresponding Secretary. SECOND ROW: G. Zimmer, I. Cordon, L. Goodndge, I. Newall, M. Levitt, I. Wood, M. Moffat. The purposes of the Student Ex- change Committee are to organize and promote an international aware- ness among students at Trenton State College. The Committee, with help from the student body and scholar- ship assistance, sponsors foreign stu- dents on our campus each year, it also sponsors reciprocal annual exchanges with Canada and Scotland. Students from our campus visit abroad during the summer by participating in the Experiment in International Living, and for three Weeks each stunmer, foreign students are brought to our campus through the Experiment Workshop. MOTION PICTURE COMMITTEE I The Motion Picture Committee's main ac- tivity is selecting and obtaining films for the Saturday and Sunday entertainment of the students, faculty and guests. The movies are Hnanced by the Student Executive Board and are shown free to the members of the college community. The program has been very suc- cessful and is one of the best in the state. SOine of the movies which have been shown this year are' "The Robe N "The Hustler H "Blue Deninif, and "The Diary of Anne Frankf' Robert Dorner and Harold Dill. l l ! l l l l l i. l l l i E 2 Z i Q l l HUMAN RELATIONS COMMITTEE The Human Relations Comm1ttee studies and Works toward developing better relations between different religious and racial groups not only on campus but on the state national and international levels F ilms discussions and guest speakers will focus their attent1on on the problems of the Migrant Worker, the Puerto Rican, and the American Indian. Com- mittees Work toward bringing interesting pro- grams to the campus which will not only aid the campus situation but help the students reap benefits as future teachers and as future neighbors. FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Vergari, Treasurerg D. Harris, Co-chairman. SECOND ROW: M. Levitt, N. La Fleur, M. johnson, I. La Fleur, J. Cuerin, C. Zimmer, L. Coodridgeg M. Dambisg M. Feind, N. Havens, Secretary, A. Segel. SNACK BAR COMMITTEE The Snack Bar Committee is the governing body of all student functions taking place in the Snack Bar. The services rendered by the Committee include the purchase of record albums, chess and checker sets, and a television set, usable on Weekends and for special events which are of educational and intellectual value to the college community. The Committee also spon- sors the "Creep Meetf' The Committee consists of members of the Student Body who are enthusiastic and con- cerned With the interests of their fellow students. SEATED, left to right: L. Johnson, S. Ostman, C. Sherman. STANDING: I. Poole, M. McClure, A. Stoll. CHIMES The Chimes, now in its sixth year, is our campus creative Writing magazine. It is published once a year in the Spring. The Editorial Staff is chosen on the basis of a competitive examination that is open to all stu- dents. The members of the Staff then vote to select an Editor and an Associate Editor. The intent of The Chimes is to encourage crea- tive Writing among the student body and to act as a vehicle for the presentation of the highest quality material available. FIRST ROW, leftt 'ht: .P b Ed' - B. Ivan, Associate Ecdilnhg. I em er, ltor, Kappa Delta membership in undergraduate leeds that of all lilffllnerica, T 'gh Profession 03231126 Outstand . a1HmaZeta will 1931 3 ACU member repproxlmately iii We tam meetings heal? Each Ye lues -ent' lIl0lud . ed mllslc Session El S,a IONS ilte e ttelr relalioni flclal groups .eu attentl0I1 ' W0rker, the Indian- C0111 terestiug Pro: Slot only aid e Sllltlenlg and ag e 6 r lv in. STANDING: FIRST ROW, left to right: L. Novack, G. Gaston, I. Blank, R. Wiley, M. Heisler. SECOND ROW: P. Haschak, E. Reilly, M. Healy, M. Levitt, E. Sosinski, N. Sehring, P. Rakacs, A. Naples. THIRD ROVV: J. Fitzgerald, V. Asman, I. Klein, G. Stokley, C. Seiler, L. Binovi, P. Beck, D. Solwar, I. Dotzert. FOURTH ROW: B. Franke, N. Clauer, B. Davies, A. Crordon, H. Gregory, A. Kerezsi, H. Repko, K. Vanczak, C. Pease, M. Ritter. FIFTH ROW: R. Mosier, L. Sarner, M. Westling, C. Warren, A. Lacioppa, C. Poliacik, E. Butrym, I. McGough. Kappa Delta Pi is the only honor society in America whose membership includes both male and female graduate and undergraduate students. It has a total membership which ex- ceeds that of any other educational fraternity or honor society in America. The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage K PP DELTA high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and rec- ognize outstanding contributions to education. Gamma Zeta Chapter Was installed at Trenton State Collegei in May, 1931 and has since had a total of 1084 student and A I faculty members. Elections and initiations are held each fall. I year, 15,531 Approximately the highest five per cent of the junior Class and It is publls ten per cent of the Senior Class are eligible for election. . OFFICERS Bl nk is ofa .The Pfogfam Of Kappa Delta Pi includes frequent Closfed 52if,'d53.fag5f331111131331jiiiiiiijiiijiiijijijrli?Casio. ,tl16 has ul, dllmer meetings and a series of lectures open t0 the 6I1f11'C Secretary -------------- --------- M aw Aim HOPPC to all 5 Cam E h f hensive Treasurer .......... 4 ...... .... . . ......... LOIS NOVfiCk pill H Vote gg t PHS- aC year the group selects a t eme or C0ff1PfCd Hm0,mn-nep0,-fer ..... ............ R urh Wiley F 6 reatment. In 1962-68 the theme was Latin America an activ- Editoragecrea, ities included a series of speakers, recorded Latin American .ncollf d to act music sessions, and art, book and other exhibits. 01312 highest 0 161 l r, NFJFG' FIRST ROW, left to right: G. Zimmer, Treasurer, C. Nicholls, President, T. Fowler, Vice President. SECOND ROW: VV. Capie, Secretary, L. Sutton. The Social Studies Association, under the expert guidance and di- rection of Professor Felix Hirsch, is primarily concerned with bring- ing outstanding speakers to Tren- ton State to speak on topics of vital interest to the nation and world. These' speakers have ranged in background from the British Labor Party Leader, Hugh Caitskell, to the former head of the Provisional Government of Russia in 1917, Alexander Kerensky. Other noted speakers have been Professor Arn- old Toynbee, Harry Schwartz of the "N ew York Timesv and General Telford Taylor. APCAR SOCIETY The Austin C. Apgar Society is com- posed of students who share a common in- terest in science. These students meet to discuss current problems in any of the fields of science, hear speakers, see movies, plan research projects and field trips, and promote fellowship. The group has recently participated in projects in which they studied the effects on plants due to the lack of certain miner- als, and they established a weather station, With subsequent recordings of daily weather conditions. All is not work, however, for the annual Christmas party attended by students and faculty is always a huge success. SOCIAL STUDIES ASSOCIATION I FI Ga Re la! chz The Trent Cluh is a prole personal and r Physical Eclucas Health and Ph riculum party, 1 FIRST ROW, left to fight: C. Vergari, I. Guerin. SECOND ROW: R. Mosier, Pfesi' dent g L. Dabney ll10l1rlleld ang hs' LHYHH Wr tThe Ocalllpug theS ' Its pflllg lhe of lilly, ' 00lleg 9. llent .'H011th. lllS.d,f,Q0w, ll W1 1' W Holllew, A cle : V. H0 :A M,pein 5' is Com. Dmmllll in. Ultbet to IS ml' of the lee.m0vies, - Illpg, and lcipated in the effects lam Hllller. iher station, ls of daily the annual lldents and as. R' Mosierx P FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Glenz, Treasurer- M Gardner, Vice President, C. Gray, President, S. Ostinan, Recording Secretary, I. Clymer, Corresponding Secre- tary. SECOND ROW: S. Klemser, I. Simonds, A. Mi- ROW: I. Dougherty, M. Saviers, S. Millington, N. Clauer P. Hannisch, D. Woodruff, J. Getelman, K. Kalesia, I Rose. FOURTH ROW: I. Parr, C. Iezek, M. Herckner D. Parmerni, L. Smith, M. Burriess, C. Story, M. Perone, chalski, I. Jones, A. Bucceroni, R. Blanco. THIRD M. Bendotti, A. Trurnbatore, K. Pazdan. 7 ref" 163 The Trenton State College Health and Physical Education Club is a professional organization providing opportunities for personal and professional growth in the Held of Health and Physical Education. Various activities of the group include the Health and Physical Education Demonstration, a yearly cur- riculum party, and a Sports Fashion Show. Prominent people in our Held and in related fields are frequent guest speakers. Mrs. Lilyan Wright is the faculty adviser. WOMENQS HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB INTERNATIONAL CLUB The International Club is a new addition to campus activities, having been formed in the Spring semester of the '61-'62 school year. Its purpose is the promotion of international understanding through programs of a social- informational nature which would encourage the exchange, appreciation, and understand- ing of different cultural backgrounds. Membership is open to all students, fac- ulty, administration, staff, and alumni of the college. Alternating between programs of folk-singing, dancing, and talks by our stu- dent travelers, the group meets twice a month. FIRST ROW, left to right: G. Zimmer, I. Riesenfeld, I. Friedman, W. Babbit, I. Wood, M. Moffat. SECOND ROW: J. Simonds, M. Maring, L. Kerr, M. Johnson, I. La Fleur, A. Galusha, P. Goodwin, L. Novack. THIRD ROW: V. Asman, E. Diekil, M. Pattee, I. Nevvall, S. Greguska, H. Cussis, M. Levitt, B. Clayton. FOURTH ROW: A. Benki, L. Goodridge, M. Raff, C. Posthumus, M. Feind, I. Gordon, D. Iohnston, L. Bevelheimer. P FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Dobinson, A. Spezzano, D. Harbeson, I. Castranova, I. Tuozzolo, A. Devlin M Ross P. Obert, I. Galvin. SECOND ROW: P. Halliday, R. Schlpper, F. Patter- son, W. Mahmls, L. Kennedy, K. Ort, A. Berger, D. Siam. MUSIC EDUCATOR'S NATIONAL CONFERENCE Trenton State College's chapter of MENC is an organization open to Music, Elementary and K-P majors, Its main purpose is to promote the advancement of music in the public schools. This year, in addition to sponsoring concerts and trips forthe college community and programs on music education for the member- ship, the group has been actively Working with the other student chapters in the State to promote better relations and communication between the schools. The College Choir is made up of students who can qualify vocally and musically and is active in the performance of choral music on and off campus. The choir consists of forty-five voices who are devoted to the performance of the finest in the repertoire of choral music. This CHOIR year the choir has sung at a number of schools in the state as well as a full concert on campus. In March the choir sang at the MENC Na- tional Convention, appearing with the Trenton State College Brass Choir in an original composition by Mr. Uber Written for Antiphonal Brass Choirs and Voices. The College Choir is under the direction of Mr. Arthur N. Smith. 5. ix ..,1 V , Q 1 - NR, - X X x , l -- N'-x. A ' r as " I a..r FIRST ROW, left to right: K. Ort, A. Gatti, V. Routh G. Marra, E. Majaros, M. LaRusso, A. Spezzano, I. Brown: M, Reilly, B. Casale, P. Ferreira, I. Castronava. SECOND ROW: A. Smith Cconductorl, D. Harbeson, I. Hilton, I. Corelli, K. Wescott, I. Hyde, R. Hartley, G. Small, P. Fan,- 164 . l I 1 . AH . . . 6113, L- Hunt, A. Paulus, R. Levinson J. Calvin. THIRD ROW: L. Kennedy, F. Van Note, D. Ivanone, B. Laing, T- THH, R- G0OdI'iCh, I. Tuozzolo, M. Galina, I. Hopper, B. W00dS0H, E- Zimmerman, D. Naylor, R. Becher, C. Schab. lv, BAP lL . VCE is chapter is is I mai0rs. lf0I1iOte the 1 the Public aflfiition to inps for the h programs e member. ien 21CtiVely lei' Student to PT0m0te lmunicaiiqm alify vocally iusic on and e devoted to music. This f as well asa MENC Na- ollege Brass r Antiphonal direction oi 'JU HRD ii' it ciwb ,.:..--.- A ...-. a.:r.-.A.g.Qur,:f ,1- ,Q 5 5-N ' ,,,Q,,,.m... . Maw aww-M-W BAND Mr. W, , UNM M M 1 w, The Trenton State College Band is composed of students from all departments throughout the college. The maiority of its personnel is enrolled in the "Music Education Curriculumn. The Band functions as a service organization to the college and the State. In this capacity it contributes to the cultural life of the student body through the study and performance of music literature of the highest quality, as Well as adding color, spirit, and enthusiasm at athletic events. In addition, it performs at public schools throughout the State during its annual tours. The Band, respected as one of the iinest collegiate bands in the east, is conducted by Stanley S. Austin and Lawrence I. Intravaia. GRCHESTRA The present Trenton State College Symphony Orchestra includes approximately sixty players. The majority of these are music majors although other departments are also represented among the personnel. ' , In addition to formal concerts Cincluding an annual childrens concertj, the orchestra is sometimes reduced Cabout 25 players, to play.1n the pit for stage presentations. It also- functions as a laboratory unit for reading student composi- tions orchestrations and for student conductors. The orchestra also provides train- ing for future symphony players. At present, three of the students are regular members of the Greater Trenton Symphony Orchestra- 16 -v D D1 t I Fede ko Vice President SEC- FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Danley, Province e egg eg . y , K. Marcason, P. Donnelly, Deischer, D. Manenty, M. Haney. THIRD ROW: S. Gadbois P. Ciongoli, M Rail A. Grega P 'Yacovino, P. Kopac, M. O'Keefe, M. Pattee, Maiorano B. zwigard, M' Codleski L. Knatnik, C Higgins. FOURTH ROVV: E. Sosinski, s. Uhl, cf Pancko, I. Susinski, M.. Murphy, R. Willging, D. Kleyo, I. Zdanowicz, P. Engelman, K. Van czak, I. Ferguson, I. Yovino, B. Perry. FIFTH ROW: N. Teringer, F. Surgent, I. Poole, A. P C t A. Griffin, S. Cross, E. Dragon, L. Barca, Meyer, T. Fowler, R. Kane, R. Kamin, . a anese, I. Iaworski. OND ROW: M. Petrick M Kowalczyk, C. Iezek, A. Ciak, E. Kohler, B. Clayton, M. emec, NE WMAN CL UB RELICIUUS ASSOCI TIONS FIRST ROW, left to right: I. Ritterman, Corresponding Secretary, I. Klein, Vice President LEL SECOND Row. A. Segel, A. Wolff, M. Galanry, M. Corman, B. Weisman, M. Levitt G Zimmer. ., I I 166 167 .UB PROT ES T ANT FOUNDATION FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Guenther, Treas- urer, P. Iobes, Vice President, A. Calusha, President, S. Haddon, Secretary. SECOND ROW: M. Maring, C. Pease, C. Warren, I. Gordon, L. Bevelheimer, E. Orlick. lice President. M. Levili, C- IN T ER VARSITY CHRISTIAN I FELLOWSHIP FIRST ROW, left to right: I. Clyma, Second Vice-President, M. Burness, First Vice-Presi- dent, S. Breckley, President, N. Dobinson, Sec- retary, J. Skinner, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: D. Parrnehhi, L. Grayson, J. Norberg, L. Yanis, I. Rose, D. Nilson, M. Snider. THIRD ROW: I. Nixon, L. Robinson, R. Mikolor, H. Sjovold, M. Williams, N. Glenz. CAN T ERRUR Y CL UR FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Barton, Record- ing Secretary, Y. Picou, Corresponding Secre- tary, M. Whittall, Treasurer. SECOND ROW A. Hockin, L. Goodridge, R. Worthington, M Kudak, M. Wedemeyer. LUTHERAN ASS OCIA T I ON FIRST ROW, left to right: I. Marshall, Presi- dent, S. Kisner, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: C. Spinanger, C. Brice, M. Herckner, K. Martin. A LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Poinsett, Bill Stryker, Robert Wurtzel, Georgia N urko. RADIO STATION WT C OFFICERS Station Manager ....... ........ R obert Wurtzel Assistant Manager ....... ......... D avid Poinsett Secretary-Treasurer ......... ......... C eorgia Nurko Technical Director ....... ............. S tephen Mirota Assistant Director ..... . ............ William E. Norcross Special Technical Assistant ........ William Stryker Faculty Advisor .................... Mr. Warren C. Nutt 168 The purpose of WTSC is to act both as a communicator between news-making groups and the student body, and to extend to the student body an opportunity to engage in a type of activity not found with other extra-curricular activities. Beset with technical difliculties, WTSC is gradually improv- ing its equipment until, hopefully, its quality is unsurpassed. Because of the unique type of technical problems presented, the staff of WTSC is apioneeringa' and experimenting to find the best type of broadcasting techniques for the situation. The many problems of types of programs are slowly being solved by attempting to present programs suitable for all. News programs consist of world, local, and campus news, with the emphasis upon campus activities. A list of current motion piC- tures and the theaters in which they are showing is also broad- cast. WTSC hopes to be able to broadcast with FM so as to be able to reach the commuters. We would also like to buy 3 low-priced closed circuit television hookup for televising some plays and special features on campus to monitor sets located in the dormitories. .1 .K t 1 tt- ll I sEAnED1 L- C' A, Gflldmf E 5 Burton, 53223 M, Greer Ct The counse lege is a part dent through sonnel Service dent with acat lems. Working time counselii psychiatrist. f to help the st terferes with academically counseling psi tion leaders ar entation leade S0plH1mores. H SHIH rou 4 them ilith Ida first few wee dent C0unselo available to academic 01 communicator body, and to gage in a type activitiei lually iIHPf0V' , unsmpassed. ms p1'eS6I1lCd1 ing to lllld the 1ati0!1. 3 sloWlY being e for all News .eWS, with tile nt m0li0l1 Plc' lis also bfoad' PM so as to be H149 to al6Vi5ing S031 mr S65 lot 00 SEATED: L. Cohen L. Krautblatt, I. Schwartz, P. Haulenbeek, S. Hersh, A, cmdm, c. Eberiiach. STANDING: R. Bassman, D. Pestka, P. Bona- pace, S. Burton, L. French, P. Yacovino, J. Peterson, L. Niero, R. Spagnola, R, Hart, M. Greenberg, M. Gurtcheff. STUDENT C UNSELOR The counseling program of Trenton State Col- lege is a part of the services offered to each stu- dent through the department of the Student Per- sonnel Services. This department helps the stu- dent with academic, financial, and personal prob- lems. Working within this program are three full- time counseling psychologists and a part-time psychiatrist. The purpose of these counselors is to help the student with any problem which in- terferes with his effective functioning-either academically or socially. Working with these counseling psychologists are the student orienta- tion leaders and the student counselors. The ori- entation leader group is composed of interested sophomores. Each of these students works with a small group of freshmen--helping to acquaint them with campus and college life during their first few weeks at Trenton State College. The stu- dent counselors, living on and off campus, are available to all students who wish to discuss any academic or personal problem. THE LINUS LIUNETTES The Linus Lionettes a group of Freshmen Women attended a series of training sessions in the fall and were selected for this service club on the basis of personal interviews The purpose of this group is to provide a service to the college com- munity in the following ways- ushering at major college functions- hostessing for many college activi- ties- and serving at coffee hours teas and other re ceptions on campus. SEATED, left to right: I. Stermen, J. S. Pember. STANDING: I. Fitzgerald, B. Clayton, P. Trench, S. Breckley, B. Gruendyke, J. Bubba. DEBATING LUB A comparatively new organization, the Debating Club offers its members invaluable training and ex- perience in various forms of public address, such as public speaking, discussion, and intra-mural and intercollegiate debating tournaments. Previous debate engagements have included teams from Rutgers, Temple, New York University, Glassboro, Trenton Junior College, F airleigh-Dick- inson, Franklin and Marshall, and many others. FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Heming- way, C. Deischer, D. Gleason, C. Hig- gins. SECOND ROW: S. Gemza, P. Rooney, T. Maurizi, C. Pancko, M. Bech- tel. OFFICERS U President ...................... William Rudolph Vice-President .................... Ken Westcott Secretary ..... . ...... ........ Mike Gallina A Treasurer .............,...... . ........... Mike Stosz Sergeant-at-Arms ............ Philip Levborg On March 31, 1962, the music department Fraternity membership is open to any per- of Trenton State College was proud to an- S011 who Shows 9- genuine appreciation Of fine music. The brothers and pledges Work to- nounce the formation of the Lam'bda Nu gether to do their share in maintaining the Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, one of the high quality and standards set up by the Na- largest men,s professional music fraternities ' 1 tional office. in the country. Established in 1898 and na- Phi Mu Alpha Carries with it a high degree tional in scope, Phi Mu Alpha has over two of prestige. Among Sinfoniis membership hundred Chapters in Over forty States' Dedi' are found some of the outstanding musicians cation and appreciation to the enhancement of the day, performing in every major city of good music is one of the fraternityjs major and music center, teaching in the Nation's objectives. universities, colleges, and high schools. SEATED: B. Woodson. FIRST ROW: R. Hartley, T. Nolen, I. Klesken, M. Gallina, W. Ru- d 1 h T A Passerella R Iavarone I Tedesco SECOND ROW: P. Levbarg, I. Kulpa, 1. F. o p , . . , . , . . Corelli, P. Fanella, F. Van Note, F. C. Patterson, Esq. PH 'Phi All slonal fra. 111 1925 1 m0ti11g f fini wi of therilg of All Str' ifjcial lk ghly Si Year wid Allllla ph fits active ellsmal I Xhlllit 31 ence at A asj Udol 'estegg Salina " Stogz fevborg W Der. of fine 'Tk to- UE the iie Na. Clegree vership sicians Jr city ation's FIRST ROW, left to right: I. Sawluk, A. Scarola, B. Weber, I. Pieja, M. Robinson. SECOND ROW: T. Ramsin, I. Cosaboom, F. Felice, P. Reigert, R. Kamin, I. Roberts. R. Verner, THIRD ROW: I. Fennimore, A. Horner M. Corman, E. Parriski, W. Donnelly, I. Agins. FOURTH ROW: M. Nath, I. Celtch, W. Norcross, F. Fruhbeis, R. Wurtzel, R. Hoenes, T. Petersack, W. Arace. PHI LPH DELT Phi Alpha Delta is the industrial arts profes- sional fraternity at Trenton State. It was founded in 1925 by a group of majors interested in pro- moting fraternal ideals and common interests. Along with the vast improvements and enthusi- asm brought about through the greater facilities of the new industrial arts building, the brothers of Phi Alpha Delta have taken tremendous strides to make this year one of their best ever. Striking a blend between professional and social aspects, Phi Alpha Delta has produced a highly successful combination, leading off the year with an enjoyable Fall Dance - The Phi Alpha Fling. Along professional lines, the broth- ers actively participated in the Annual Fall In- dustrial Arts Conference and set up a laudable exhibit at the State-wide Industrial Arts Confer- ence at Asbury Park. OFFICERS President ........................................ Robert Weber V' P 'd t A 1 S l ice resr en .............................. nge o caro a Recording Secretary ..............., Michael Robinson Corresponding Secretary ..........., joseph Swaluk Sports C o-ordinator ........................ Paul Reigert Chaplain ........................... ............... I ohn Agms Sergeant at Arms ....... .................. . Mark Nath Historian .................. ............ R obert Wurtzel The 1962-63 school year saw a new group of services being performed for the College Com- munity by Phi Alpha Delta. The bulletin board in the main lobby of Phelps Hall was designed, built and donated by Phi Alpha-only one of the many items of improvement planned for the fu- ture. This year also marked the beginning of our first Alumni Newsletter, an accomplishment praised by brothers and Alumni alike. The highly successful Phi Alpha Delta pledge season was culminated with a formal induction ceremony and our annual dinner dance, that was well attended and enjoyed by both brothers and alumni. Our Spring picnic brought to a close a successful and enjoyable year for the men of Phi Alpha Delta. FIRST ROW, left to right: S. Bruccoleri, R. Metz, R. Cappola, R. Iones, C. Smith. SECOND ROW: I. O'Hare, W. Austin, D. Maglione, I. Soviero, A. Shadell, W. McEvoy, J. Kushmerick. THIRD ROW: I. Haberkern, K. Adams, R. VVidmann, A. Chilakos, R. NVojciechowicz, L. Loughridge, R. Cenci, R. Stiebritz. FOURTH ROW: T. Molineux, S. Cross, P. Ristow, K. Martell, J. Black, C. Deritis, R. Kirschbaum, I. Farrell. FIFTH ROW: C. Vitola, H. Acker- man, M. Curry, S. Davis, B. Thompson, T. Vivarelli, F. Greenberg, R. Beach, V. Ingerto. PHI EP ILO KAPPA OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,.,,,,..,,.............. Richard A. Coppola Vzce Preszdent .................................. Robert Metz Recording Secretary ,,......... .Sammuel Bruccoleri Treasurer ..,,,,..,,.,.............................. Robert Jones Hrstorum .,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,...,..,,.....,...... Ioe Haberkern Corresponding Secretary ................... .John Black Parliqmentarian .................. ......... R obert Austin Sergeant at Arms ........... Guide ...................... Smith ----------.Ralph Stiebritz Phi Epsilon Kappa was founded at the Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union of Indianapolis on April 12, 1913. It is the only national professional fraternity for male students and teachers of health, physical education and recreation. ETA Chap- ter of Trenton State College was founded on May 4, 1924 and takes great pride in being the seventh oldest of the forty-five na- tional chapters. The primary aim of the fraternity is to elevate and support the standards, ideals and ethics of those engaged in the Held and to unite in true brotherly relations in social as Well as professional activities. In the past Phi Epsilon Kappa has sponsored dances, physical fitness clinics and published programs for home football games. In addition to this, the fraternity has offered its services as guideS to visiting teams and brought some prominent figures in our field to speak on our campus. This year's plans include a drive to enable the brothers to donate a gift to commemorate our new gymI1HSil11T1- Among the highlights of the fraternity's program is our annual talent show which enables campus talent to compete for trophies. Other activities include the senior dinner, which is given in honor of the graduating brothers. Our dinner dance and picnic brings each scholastic year to a close. T ROW, ld We Rosa. SEC McEVOYf BUS DO Ct llege ofthe 12, 1911. It tudents and ETA Chav- 4, 1924 and my-Eve na- is to elevate 1 engaged 11 Jcial 25 Well ces, Physical vtbau gms' ceS21Sgu1deS our 'ive i0 enfble 1 ymnaslum' Sgour annyal 1101110111651 h0fl0l' girl ivell in . FIRST ROW, left fo fight: G' Williams, R' VV0jCieCh0WiCZ, SEATED, FIRST ROW: I. Graham President- P Breen R. D6 Rosa- SECOND ROW: J- L0PiS, B- TTOUC B- NiC01, B- SECOND ROW: I. Regiec, Treasurerg I. Lodge. STAND- MCEVOY- IN G: F. Francisio, I. Pember, E. Kish. BLISS HALL COUNCIL NEW HQUSE C00-NC,-L DORMITORY 1 COUNCILS . es' iff. fi CERKE HOUSE COUNCIL S. Draney, C. Muench, D. Giezendanner. MASON HOUSE COUNCIL SEATED: M. Lamonica, N. Peterson. STANDING: C. Kmiecinski, P. Malone. I-.Catti, Secretaryg I. Friedman, Presidentg R. Tarnoff, Vlce President. BARRETT HOUSE COUNCIL QW? L. Mounce, E. Kuchen, C. Story, Secretary, R. Blanco, Vice- President. EL Y HOUSE COUNCIL SEATED, left to right: L. Knapilc, Treasurer, M. Vitale, I. May- berry, President, D. Fain, Vice President. STANDING: P. Clark, Secretary, R. Raimondo, S. Garth, G. Asman, I. Yovino, S. Pic- azio, B. Clayton, L. Smith. ALLEN HOUSE COUNCIL 2 , THE LLEN UNIT I, Conner, Secretz dent. LAKE SEATED, FIRST ROW: I. Wandless, I. Pandoli. SECOND ROW: N. jordan, I. La Fleur, Vice President, W. Spurgeon, President, I. Norberg, Secretary. STANDING: P. Jacob. BRE WS TER HOUSE COUNCIL CENTENNIAL SEATED: S. Burton, I. Palatella, Treasurer, E. Forster, WILLIA Secretary, L. French, R. Owens. STANDING: P. Goodwin, Vice President, A. Segel. BROADHURS T HOUSE COUNCIL S S i l Q HOUSE COUNCIL SEATED, FIRST ROW: M. Moyle, Secretary. SECOND ROW: S. Uhl, L. Westphal, M. Kaduson, Vice Presi- dent. STANDING: F. Esposito, B Guenther, Treasurer. MCCLEES HOUSE COUNCIL SEATED, left to right: M. Ritter, Presi- dent, L. Draper, Secretary, G. Zimmer Vice President. STANDING: E. Vacca, B. Evans, Treasurer, S. Kisner, Resident Assistant, B. Donnell. r HOUSE t , r. ,L E-. M. V' . mD11ff5lf'pI'Q,Qaf T I- Yoviuoglsl PEC. UNCIL UNIT T surerg E. FW' QSIING: P' Goodwin, E COUNCU 1 iris. ,. Y I ,s-. SANS ON HOUSE COUNCIL 3 P I. Conner, Secretary, T. Feil, Presi- LAKESIDE HOUSE COUNCIL dent. C. Brucato, Vice President, M. Pondak, Associate President, C. Smith, Treasurer, K. McKenna, Secre- tary, M. Wimberg, Associate President. NORS WORTH Y HOUSE COUNCIL Viv li MTU J. Yodice, President, D. Zuzzio, Secretary-Treasurer. WOODSIDE HOUSE FIRST ROW, left to right: L. Brown, C. Durazzi, C. Handerhan, K. Ijubuza. SECOND ROYV: S. Ammeraal, W. Sonta, H. Houston, S. Millington, Nemec, R- Llebmafm- THIRD ROW: C. Persinko, Corresponding Secretary, I. Cochran, Historian, C. Warren, Treasurer, S. Benke, - - . ' - Sk R d'n Secretary. 175 First President, P. Buratti, Second President, J. inner, GCOI' 1 S 'E Q f Xi f r, 6 aW4 ngnal Lxxxvn No.1 - Editor-in-Chief ........... ............ Associate Editor ......... ...................... S ue Sherman News Editor ........... ........... E lizabeth Whitehead Sports Editor ......... ' ..... - -- ............... Bruce Foster Photograph Editor ........ .......... D ouglas Parrish Copy Editor ............... ................ G ail Zimmer Exchange Editor ........ ............... M aryann Lucama Typist ........................................ Business Manager ........... - ................... Circulation Managers .................... Peggy Ciongoli TRENTON STATE COLLEGE. TRENTONI, N. JL - Friday, seppembp- 7, 1965 STAFF -Walter H. May Margaret Parronchi Monty Buck Sue Gadbois WALTER H. MAY Editor-in-Chief 176 SU 4 :Nl -s- , X 4 V- f' -ul, l. A Q -J 5 it .1 al day, Sepkmbhv 7 M ' '5- 5 I .,,, r WM ! I 'fx AN SEATED: W. May. STANDING: L. Whitehead, S. Sherman, C. Mason, G. Gaston, B. Foster. The college paper is the pulse of the college community. Through the pages of the Signal the editors have tried to be the heart of the Trenton State campus. With Words and pictures the Signal has been a modern means of expressing opin- ions, the rights of groups and individuals, -school policy and a window revealing the multitudinous college activities. The Editors and Staff express the hope that those who continue to carry the Signal banner will be in the forefront of a college going on to greater accomplishmentsg that they will truthfully mirror the quality of an expanding institution, that they will adhere to those principles which made this countiy one of the greatest in the world, and that they will regard it as their sacred duty to guard those principles in perpetuity. ' 1 3,5 X , ' J -Q. .F -s-.q,,,,-4 FIRST ROW left to right: B. Farley, V. Asman, I. A. Friedman, D. E. Kleyo. SECON D ROW: C. S 'th, C.,DiG ' , S. G1 o , M. Hanson, C. DUTHZZI, I. Snnonds, I. Ives. THIRD ROW. M. Dlzllnbis, I. Halgogvski, S.oHlzclclon, L. Shenko, S. Engelhard, N. Maragno, I. Llmyansky, B. Clayton. FOURTH ROW: I. Webb, S. Weber, D. Scott, I. Gordon,.I. Rydell, B. D'8.V16S, G. Edelbach, A. Lacioppa, P. Murranka. NOT PICTURED: I. Gradzlu, D. Wong, Pancko, M. Bass, J. Baumgarten. S E A L STAFF Editor-in-chief ................... ....... S heila McKeown Senior Associate Editor ........ .......... S andra Donn Junior Associate Editor ........ ......... I oanna Fedeyko Co-ordinatory of Sections .................... Annette Lacioppa SECTION EDITORS Introduction .................... Judy Limyansky, Sandra Cloor Administration and Faculty ...................... Virginia Asman Seniors ............................................................ Sandra Donn Juniors ................. ........ I oanna Fedeyko Underclassrnen ....... ................... B arbara Clayton Activities ............. ......................,......, I 0a,11 Rydell Organizations ....... ....... B emice Davies, Diane Scott 'G1'66kS -------------- ..........-................ A nnette Lacioppa SPONS ----..--------- -............-........................ I udy Simonds Directory .................... Marjorie Merighi, Joanna Fedeyko Photographers ........ Clay Mason, Doug Parrish, Ion Pieia Business Manager ............................ Judith Ann Friedman Advi-907' --------------------------.----.-.-..... .. Dr. Michael A. Travers Distribution ......... ........ T heta Nu Sigma Fraternity SANDI sewn A-of The many never he realn one has. .nurse layout, arrang typed, alphah oiate the final hours of then of all those co' given onselhsl an-rg, 'S ,Qi SHEILA McKEOWN Editor-in-Chief ones of 1962- IC Pin .w EOWN :href ffm cg SANDRA DONN Senior Associate Editor DR. MICHAEL TRAVERS Faculty Advisor JOANNE FEDEYKO DOUG PARMSH junior Associate Editor The many facets involved in publishing a yearbook can never be realized when looking at a completed edition, unless one has nursed each page of every section, considered the layout, arranged for the pictures, collected the Write-ups, typed, alphabetized, and proof-read he can not fully appre- ciate the final copy. The people who have contributed many hours of their time, efforts, and talentslhdeserve the thanks of all those connected with Trenton State College. They have given unseltlshly so that all might enjoy and share the mem- ories of 1962-1963. r ION PIEIA Photographer . ,, ,af , P: . ,M .. ' SZ 1 vi' ' V? I f le 2 I .H ,,,, if ,Q :fb We 'f f:f?'4?2i:Wa1a65,gi ,Zara 54354 ' ' Mr f wif 0. F' if lf' i ? if if f W' H """' CLAY MASON M1 , ,fe Photographer iV A fftpzar, ' ,e V , P , Lf M-f Zz, xi ' ,-afar, f 3,2 H ip' 'hw , f Lx' T-fiaigff 'ff' '- 'ff , f,,,f , f ,f 1 ,, L fag, f, ff ,- it' yy I , , V 5 iq ,A ,,5, 's"fK.f' f ' is f ' 'Milfs - 'fr .ff , - x .Quin , ,MM , R Cf, ,WMA L , ,,,g.z,,,,,,f4f , ., 1, ,to V 1 - . ffffiyng, ff We ,reds af " 57 fm! Q X f ' A 1 wat . wg va ,Q , f. ff '4 . -ziirfff? if '15 I rf. ,f 5" ,, -,Q M -,z ,- 1 2 QI - fr , , 3- gf zz If f, e.43?',"'l rf f-of ii f, ,, t'!7,, 'Qf ,, " ' ' I I 5 ' . my , E -e' .' I' ' ef ' - fy., ,,, - iki- ' 4, WZ 1 serif' , W 1 ff , e f WW? 1 .fn f I Photographer K . A NF 5x . if afra- '4 law, .L-gggnr V . . x - r W lllll l ,qn.,.JI-- I W? Arr px is -W . - -U w .-,.. 'Q "' X M: 9 1 . in ,' Asl' kv 'ff 1' A 'fx P W , ' L u!"' T - 3 5 A i V K V I if is i RQ ' W! Q -s' Vg , K 3 fi 9 x S . .fiPAfl?fff'8S,, lhslbzg fgcndshys K 1 . I - ' G REE K .- L- ' A 4 ""k'1x.J'Ex YL -:mf . fm- , is-M ,,r KM Vs li A flu, ' h: B. B cl' h' , F. DR b rt's, B. Salmonsen, C. Serwell, M. Quigley, B. Anderson. FOURTH Trllgli? 1IlL4t?VXI,avlfll1egf.tCSEllgOlNID RCTVG? Yencafellci, SMT La- ROW: S. McKeown, B. McCaus1and, C. Warren, P. McGuire, Monica, C. Dawson, J. Williams. THIRD ROW: M. Foley, L. L. Hunter, G. Barton. I TER ORORITY OU CIL OFFICERS President ............. ----- C 21f0l5'I1 HQYGS Vice-President ....... ............ B everly Taylor Secretary - ,,,,,,-,,,, .,.... F lorence DeRobertis Treasurer ,M ,,,,,,,.,,....................... Muriel Cawley Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Barbara Badi-shien The Intersorority Council of Trenton State College is comp0Sed of the presidents and vice-presidents of the twelve sororities on campus. Intersorority Council provides an opportunity for the sororities to meet and work together as well as to set common goals and attitudes It handles problems of intersorority concern, serves in an advisory F8- pacity to any individual sorority, and establishes the rush and pledglflg seasons. The annual Creek Review, the Christmas Formal, and the Pledge Show are projects sponsored by the Intersorority Council in c00Pera' tion with the fraternities. It also gives support and gifts to a Greek child under the Foster Parent Plan. Basic to all these activities the III' tersorority Council strives to further the social, cultural, and educa- tional aims of our college. . U30 ll lc . 890 fvlllllllhfmfofk f WLOBS: Leprefllam 51MB0L1 OFFIC irfsllwl i'ia-PWM W! Fgsardiflt swam I fjndllldmg Smmrv T ,!umMOSec16WV -" flitsllftf -f-""' fiwnlfl --"' T iudwn -ff' ' ffflgf llasftf ---' Exim ----' mu How, left to lllfffll, B. Taylor, SEC0lll ROW: E. li Zlfigard, L. Brovm, Hou: E. Orin N, licher, C, Gundlach I 7 . ARG Rom THO sic FOUNDED: 1890 COLORS: Shamrock Green and White SYMBOL: Leprechaun X .' 1 . j j fm' 'I OFFICERS 4 President --------- ----- - ------------------- B evefly Taylor Vjcwpfesident ,,,,-,,,,,.... ..... C arolyn Warren ' Recording Secretary ........... ...... I rene Burke Coffesponding Secretary ....... ....... M ary Raff Alumnae Secretary ......... ........ S andra Beck Treasurer ..,.......... ..... - ........------ I Oyce Kfmpanyi V Historian ,--.---- , ,-,,,,.. - .......... Carrol Posthumus Custodian ,,--,,, ,,... B arbara Thorn-ton pledge Master .,,,,, ..,......... B arbara Guenther ----- Mrs. Mary L. Yates Advisor ........... Arguromuthos Sigma, the second oldest sorority at Trenton State College, was founded on Saint Patrick's Day, March 17, 1890, as a de- bating society. It has two alumnae chapters with over a thousand mem- bers. Argo displays green and white as its colors, the lily-of-the-valley as its flower, and the leprechaun as its symbol. The sorority emblem signifies unity, strength, and friendship. Argo,s purpose is "to promote intersorority spirit among all the women on campus and to promote a unifying bond of Sisterhood within the sorority." Each year the Argo sisters enjoy many activities and informal get- togethers. These activities include pizza parties, the Family Picnic, Saint Patrick's Day Dance, Installation Dinner, and Shore Weekend. Two annual service projects are a picnic for the children of the Indus- trial Home and the donation of the Alice L. Brewster Book Award to the college library in memory of Argos former members. In past years, other services have included the March of Dimes campaign and an information project for the Peace Corps. But to its members, Argo means much more than just a weekly meeting or a list of activities-it is a close, lasting Sisterhood. The Argo sisters' pride in their sorority is shown as they sing "Hail Arguromuthosf, FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Thornton, C. Posthumus, M. Raff C. Simonds, E. Kohler. FOURTH ROW: C. Morehouse, M. Whittall, D. Warren, B. Taylor, I. Koppanyi, S. Beck, I. Burke, B. Guenther. Solwar, K. Dell, L. Sigmund, D. Sassaman, B. Gruendyke, I. Haligow- SECOND ROW: E. Mina, L. Novack, L. Scull, L. Binovi, G. Rosen, ski, K. Martin, M. Dambis, C. Friend, Y. Picou, P. Haschak. FIFTH j B. Zwigard, L. Brown, C. Persinko, M. Hoferek, M. Godleski. THIRD ROW: M. Parronchi, I. Marshall, C. Taylor, K. Kruger, I. Cochran, ICISOH- FOURTH j ROW: E. Orlick, N. Grunden, C. Pease, J. Wysochansky, B. Riche- T. Melroy, C. Herman, R. Lloyd, C. Poliacik, I. Mmard, C. Marg- .rren,P.McCu1If, j bacher, C. Gundlach, J. Vaughan, C. Garrison, S. Ammeraal, I. erum, M. Kowalczyk,S. Morgovsky,I. Boas. College 15 sororlfles fort C l d 1 goals HU 165 in an jhe rush 211 mnalf ai? d t d . 0 'D U... 'T 1' cultural' an GAMMA FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Kaye, V. Badini, P. Beck, C. Dawson, M Cawley, C. Cray, B. Fagano-. SECOND ROW: P. Manning, M Potocki, I. DeWitt, B. Solinsky, S. Garth, M. Szymlzowski, I. Cohen, A. Marino, K. Kalesia, P. Thorn, N. Leonhardt, G. Boston, S. Hen- cinski, P. jacob, I. Nicholson. THIRD ROW: I. Norberg, I. Miller, M. Schack D. DeMeis, P. Hafnnisch, M. Lodge, P. Pedano, L. Erd- berg, B. Hurd, S. Ostman, S. Kleiman, C. Philipson, P. Hughes, K Oh, we'll love you GAMMA SIGMA, We'll be true to the Black and Gold, And welll forsake you never, As the years unfold. Founded in 1885 as the "Society of Literary Workersf, Gamma Sigma's Emerson, C. VanHise. FOURTH ROW: S. Settembre, M. Feind, J. Ward, N. Knechtel, C. Story, R. Bush, G. Stokley, A. Gordon, A Gurda, I. Schupp, H. Repko, A. Maiorano, N. Peterson, B. Pizzaia, E Eyre. FIFTH ROW: R. Sally, L. Smith, s. Kersey, N. Clauer, FQ Klunder, A. Scelba, K. McLaughlin, E. Abbott, C. Morrell, J. Ferg- uson, I. Skinner, J. Conover, I. Clymer, P. Orr, I. Ielmert, P. Malec. motto was then, as it is now, "to refine and elevate the mind." A sorority with the theme of the American Indian, Gamma fosters an equal balance between the social and intellectualvabilities of each sister. A few of the many service projects to which Gamma has contributed time and interest in the past are the installation of the chimes in Green Hall and the contribution towards an amplification system in the Student Union. Each year Gamma presents the Nancy Raub award to a sophomore girl who presents the best social and intellectual qualifications and a scholarship to a junior English major with the highest average in her field. In addition to the interest given to the college community, the Injuns of Gamma enjoy good times together. This busy year got OH to a great start during Homecoming Weekend when Gamma sponsored the Harvest Moon Ball and on the same day entered a float in the Homecoming Parade. As the year progressed, sisters enjoyed their annual Christmas Party, partici- pated in the Greek Review, and concentrated on enlarging and bettering the sorority newspaper, "Smoke Signals." What Injun could ever forget the smiles and tears of rushing and pledg- ing, the pool parties, spaghetti dinners, capping ceremony, marching, in- formal initiation, pledge show, and Hnally, Formal Initiation. Many a mother had a little trouble keeping up with her "Papoose on the Loosef' but for all the season held wonderful memories. After the Block Dance given in cooperation with Theta Nu Sigma, the final get-together of the year, the Alumni-Installation banquet was given by the seniors. At the last friendship circle of the year, Gamma Injuns were both sad and happy, sad because some were leaving the "Happy Hunting Grounds," but happy for the bond of Gamma love will last "through the years. SIGMA FOUNDED: 1885 COLORS: Black and Gold SYMBOL: Indian OFFICERS ' Carol DZWSOU President ........................ ......------ - - Muriel Cawleb' Vice-President ............. ..------ Recording Secretary .......... ---------- C afol Gralf Corresponding Secretary .......... Virginia Badim Patricia Beck Beverly KHYC Alice Fagans Treasurer .................... ........ ------ Historian ....... .... - ----- Custodian ..... .....- ------ - - Advisor ,,,.,, ....... M iSS Jessie R' Turk ED: 1910 OFFICE ,!,, Secfrwnl ff Secwwfll f f',,,,.. fic! Treasurer --f . .,r-ynlmjj ,,,..- 'ga SWYUVU --- mg'-if-,,,.. .rr .M-f ...I 'l...-- Q: Cimmitief? ...- Z'-ie Hall, Carol Rub EEST ROW, left t0 EL-Il, P. McGuire, S, 5 Piifett SECOXD E. Sosinslry. P :I Hifi U. Choke :ml Q, Dumzi i n I 4 I 1 1 s I l l V l w 4 X wx fa D2 1958 Aflua and Sand Pmeapple L leyer, A. Reich, K. Pa- Severi, B. Tunison, r, B. Young, K. Puri ergman, B. Mesar, ii. LAMBD President ------------ -----................ - Mary Yencarelli VlCe'P'eSid-'mt ------....-.. ..... F lorence DeRobertis Revvfding Secretary ,,,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,-,,, Judy Yurina Coffe-9P0f1ding Secretary ........ Barbara Caputo FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Perry, B. Caputo, A. Bucceroni, F. DeRobertis, M. Yencarelli, I. Yurina, M. Block, M. Bendotti, N. Gloeckner. SECOND ROW: P. Buratti, B. Garrison, C. Biesky, S. Biesky, E. Alfano, B. Sutterlin, I. La Fleur, I. Mason. THIRD ROW: B. Gillingham, P. Evanko, R. Schulze, E. Salicos, C. Tis- sot, J. Sarisky, M. Heisler, A. Singer, P. Smith. FOURTH ROW: L. O'Lear, I. Hruby ,F. Goldberg, L. Whitehead, P. Spilatore, K Umstead, B. Frame, M. Merighi, C. Rubinstein, N. Jordan, J. Friedman. FIFTH ROW: L. Hoffmann, E. Fowler, C. Vergari, L Stevenson, H. Gregory, B. Peterson, S-. Coburn, L. Bouma, C Dvoranchik, D. F izer, E. Makow. Lambda Mu Sorority was founded in 1958, and since that time lt has prospered in both numbers and spirit. The experiences shared by its slsters promote the purpose of developing friendship, unity, and understanding in all. The character of Lambda Mu is clearly seen in the banner of grey and blue. Blue is indicative of the dignity and responsibility of womanhood grey, of the quest for knowledge and understanding. Purity, hope, and good ness, for Which each sister strives, are partly exemplified by the pure white OFFICERS Treasure' ------------ -............... N ancy Gloeckner Hlstoflfm ---------------- ....... A ndrea Bucceroni Sergeant-at-Arms - .... ,,,,-,,-,,, B etty Perry Chaplain --------- - ------ ......... M arjorie Block Pledge MU-97597 ....... Maureen Bendotti End' Adam' ----- ------- ..... M rs. Roland Glenn cameo, the symbol dear to all the sisters of Lambda. The sisters are also very devoted to their favorite animal, a little grey kitten with blue eyes The Sorority is active in Working on a service project at the Trenton State Hospital and is currently initiating other services to the community The many activities of the year include the spaghetti dinner given by the sophomore sisters, the annual Beatnik party, the Mother-Daughter Luncheon, the jingle-Bell Rock with Omega Psi, the F ather-Daughter D1n ner-Dance, and the installation banquet. The highlight of the year 1S the Southern Belle Ball, and, culminating the year's events, is the Shore Week Through these activities Lambda Mu feels it is fulfilling its purpose of su ortin the intellectual cultural and social life of the campus commu PP S r ' , , nity. It is the desire of the Sorority to continue and to add to these aCt1V1t16S in the coming years. And so We sing: FOUNDED: 1958 COLORS: Blue and Grey SYMBOL: Cameo Lambda Mu the grey and blue You have taught us all we know. Your kindness welll remember In the sweet afterglow . .. Originally founded as the Normal fSchool'sD Dramatic Club, Nu Delta Chi adopted the name of its alumni chapter when it became a Sorority in 1925. Th NU DELT CHI e motto of "Light, Knowledge, and Friendship" is carried out in all Nu Delt's activities. Nu Delta Chi prepares and presents the booklets "Guide to Trentonf' to all new students and faculty members every September During the college year, we sponsor lectures and art exhibitions. l Because Nu Delta Chi is a very small sorority, all the sisters gather easil for frequent social affairs. Regularly the "lit'l stinkersv gather around OFFICERS y . 0 . President Lynn Hunter a piano for a Sing-along in one of the domes. For special occasions, a pany Vice-President Maw Alice Quigley is quickly arranged. Fore1gn students are 1nv1ted to our seeial affairs, Such Treasurer Marie Mcclure as our Halloween Party, SO that 63011 of US may learn and understand the other better. The Christmas Party is an occasion to exchange new games and tricks learned in the nine curriculums represented by Nu Delta Chi Sisters. Annual picnics are held at a sister's home in the Spring and Fall. If the Recording Secretary .................... Donna Smoot Corresponding Secretary ............ Donna Nilson QI,'fj,fQ",Qn'jjjjjjj "s""' ' ""' jjjjj"gg,fldtofjffof weather cooperates cane if hasnt latelyb, an ice skating party takes place Publicity in n.---- B- M -.-- W -------- Loma Ken on the lake during the winter months. Social --W -.---- -M ----- - ---- Linda Bevelheimer In a small sorority, everyone must work together on the venous Projects Advisor -W ---- Miss Jane McLaughlin and help most of the time. For this reason, the sisters know each and every other sister well. Our friendships are kept alive with the annual Alumnae Tea given in the Spring. The song with which we always close our meetings seems to express the theme of Nu Delta Chi better than anything else can: This is our aim: service to all sisters In heart, all through the years SYMBOL: Skunk Loyal sisters of Delta Chi. FOUNDED: 1901 COLORS: Black and White FIRST ROW, left to right: M. McClure, M. Q 'gli , L. H t , D. S t. SECOND Egg: C. Bidewell, C. Brice, I. White, D. Nilscg, Rose, lgerr, L. nlbfbcvelheirner, D. n ofn. FIRST ROW, I D. Mazzagatti, Klemser. SECC Jonson, S. Chol M. Iaoobus, E. Ference, S. We FIOIII the da ?E:tfiwmn.wirhl1 3 I S' - . in idlnamlycl lmsell lowal-d a 1- Tlle pink torch of valor and T, reminds S of hope. lll Ma hlllaxed beeamea Q elihibiu 0115. all the Sisters our social and Fall know fllthe else Can: STGTS D D. F FIRST ROW, left tlo right: M. Kaduson, M. Westling, J. Johnson, Rossi, A. Cuzik, N. Donn, B. Goldber R. Wallace C. Kmiecin- D. Mazzagatti, B. Badishian, J. Ruppert, P. Clark, J. Clark, S. Klemser. SECOND ROW: M. Marino, C. Caporaso, J. Brooks, L. ski, J. Epifanio, L. Knapik, C. Serweli, C. Johnson: M. Picarello. FIFTH ROW: L. Swarts, A. Nydick, J. Volta, A. Grega, C. Zack, Jonson, S. Cho-ko, J. Ianniello, P. Zorn. THIRD ROW: P. Coane, J. F eneli, A. Lacioppa, S. Donn, S. Ostroff, L. Frank, M. Herck- M. Jacobus, E. Johnson, C. Esposito, C. Burns, L. Munsie, B. ner,, M. Levy. Ference, S. Walling, D. Kriss. FOURTH ROW: M. Foiggia, L. From the day of its founding in 1958 until the present time, Omega Psi has grown. With the lamb as its symbol, the "Princesses" of Omega Psi strive to attain sincerity in their daily relationship with others. With a high regard for the ideals of character befitting a young woman, the Sorority has pro- gressed toward a knowledge of and aim for leadership. The pink and white shield of Omega Psi characterizes its ideals. The torch of valor, which pierces the heart of love and understanding for one another, reminds each sister of her obligation to her fellowmen. The scepter, 21 Symbol of strength, is closely linked to the optimism symbolized by the ladder of hope. The ideals of the Sorority are exemplified by the crown with 1tS seven prongs, The unity with which the Sisters of Omega Psi have worked accounts for the successful year-round activities. These include an annual semi-formal dance, "Cafe Moulin Rougef, the proceeds of which will be used toward a Scholarship fund to be presented at the Awards Assembly, a parent-daughter dinner, a Christmas drive for gifts and a party for the aged at the Odd Fel- l0WS Home, an informal dance in collaboration with Lambda Mu for the I-S--I-F. Christmas Weekend, an Easter drive and May picnic for the chil- dren at St. Michae-l's Orphanage, a "Jester Jouncev pledge hour dance, shore weekend in May, and special dessert and pizza parties. The Sorority's activi- t1es are climaxed by a shore reunion in the summer. OEC PI OFFICERS President ........................... ---- Barbara McAlister Vice-President ...................... Barbara Badishian Recording Secretary ....... ..... D olores Massagatti Corresponding Secretary ....... -. Judith Ruppert Alumnae Secretary - ....... - ........ --. Myra Levy Treasurer .................. - .................. Joyce Johnson H rstorian ,............... ....... M ildred Jacobus Sergeant-at-Arms ....... ........ P atricia Clark Art Director ...................... .......... L inda Frank Assistant Art Director ............ Jeanette Brooks Music Director .............. ....... S andra Ostroff Literary Director ...... ....... B arbara Ference Advisor ,...,,.,.... ...... M rs. Ernest Rydell FOUNDED: 1958 COLORS: Pink and White SYMBOL: Lamb J 189 0. FWZ Pram' Z Secrewfll ' Secrefa' W K ff X- FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Zilka, I. Chun-ko, G. Harris, D. Cart- wright, C. Clydesdale, L. Salmonsen, E. Kuch-en, D. Delatush, C Brucato, K. McKenna, L. Levy. SECOND ROW: P. Psota, N. Steup, M. Mika, L. Einselen, P. Murdico, B. Alexandre, S. Draney, D. Fitz- gerald, D. Zuzzio, C. English. THIRD ROW: I. Yovino, M. Bergen, I. Slavin, M. Murphy, K. Pazienza, L. Marz, M. Koll, B. Suskevich I K. Marcason, C. Spond, I. Rogers, R. Auer. FOURTH ROW: G, Ingram, E. Woolley, M. Higgins, R. Blanco, M. Moyle, M. Drugan, R. Levine, B. Domanski, I. Yodice, K. DeVincentis, B. Rezanka, C. Smith, S. Digney. FIFTH ROVV: B. Klinger, N. Teringer, V. Atkin- son, E. Lund, M. Wimberg, M. Serchia, S. Kisner, M. Kozlowski, T. Probsting, M. Hudasko, S. Bloom, B. Kip, M. Pondak. PHILOMATHEAN SIGMA Philomathean Sigma was organized as a literary society in the year 1897 with the motto, "lovers of learning." From this group has emerged a sorority whose aim is to work together in striving for a greater appre- clation of the dignity of Wornanhood. The sisters of Philo proudly wear their gold and white shields as a symbol of the enduring bond of friendship among the members. This bond iinds further expression in Philo,s motto, 'ccor unumf' "one 'heart,', and in her flower, the daisy, whose many delicate white petals are bound together at the center or heart by a single gold circle. The daisies have a busy program of yearly events-a spaghetti sup- per, Fashion Show, Yule Log Ceremony, Mother-Daughter Luncheon, Auction, Father-Daughter Dinner Dance, Alumni Luncheon, Melon and Ice Cream Party. OFFICERS Philo is the campus sponsor of the World University Service, a non- politically afliliated organization designed to aid students all over the world in time of crisis. The friendship, loyalty, and golden spirit of Philo radiate as the sis- ters sing: "Join hands with one another, Philomathean Sigmas, And share in the happiness of Philo Love." FOUNDED: 1897 COLORS: Gold and White SYMBOL: Daisy President .............. ..... - ..........-- - -- IOYCG Shafto Vice-President ........................ Linda Salmonsen Corresponding Secretary .......... Diane Delatush Recording Secretary ............ DOffi6 Cartwright Alumnae Secretary ....... ..........-- I l1dY Chunko Treasurer ................ ..... C arol C1Yde5da1e Chaplain ------- ---,,-,, G erri B1'UCfif0 Historian ...... .......... K afhb' McKenna Advisor ..... ....... M IS. F5-Ward Bunk Mar ff Fudge MGSW l FOUNDED: 1897y COLORS: Red auf SYMBOL: Red am FIRST ROW, left lIcCausland, B, ROW: N, Marag. CUSS: D- Kleyo, Y h. , x I Auer. FOVRTH ff, M: lf- 5101: ll if Dfl inttnir. E. A mu, X, T.,---. we OFFICERS President -----,----- .-,----,--,-,,,, ---,A L inda Gifford Vice-President .----,-.-,,-,,,, H Barbara McCausland Recording Secretary ...A........------ Beverly Farley C0,,e,p0nding Secretary ---------------- Carol Ricca Treasurer -'-,------,----- ,---------,,-,-,,,,.,, G ail Edelbach Historian -4----,-- ----,,,, L orrainie Bernasconi Custodian V,---A-,----,-- ,,,,,,,-,, B ormie Bittner Pledge Alggfer --,...... ...... -------- M YT 3' Karwatt Assistant Pledge Masfef ------ ----- F em Duval ----. Mrs. Mcllroy AdviS0f ------- -------- --------- ' - FOUNDED: 1897 COLORS: Red and White SYMBOL: Red and White Carnation ICMA SIGM ' Sigma Sigma sorority originated in 1897 as a Shakespearean So- ciety. Through the years, Sigma has evolved into a social sisterhood, adopting the Orient as her theme, Red and White as her colors, and the Carnation as her flower. Throughout these changes our desire to be "Wisely Bound Togetherv remained in our motto, "Sophos Sundaetaif' and in our hearts. Red and White is iirst seen en masse on campus in September when the sisters gather together on ETX island for their annual marsh- mallow roast. Pizza parties, picnics, hour dances, the traditional Sweet- heart Swing in February, informal holiday parties and alumnae get- togethers keep the sisters of Sigma close during the school year. In the Spring, Trenton State is the scene of a pledge-sponsored campus drive, beneiits of which go to the Cancer Fund. The school year is climaxed by a banquet in honor of the newly installed officers and graduating sisters. All gather again to welcome summer with a shore week-end. As we part, some for the summer, some forever, our circle song reminds us that though our paths may never cross again: "Sisters of Sigma weill always be, Happiness to which we hold the key, By which we can unlock the door, 3. And weill be happy fofreoer moref' .. on 1. ' I , R' , L, B C ', F. D l, B. son, D. Orr, M. Houghton, I. Newall, C. Okie, I. Claspf-DX, K- fdlilsaiglirgdlr,1ElSftFlijrl2ygihtG.C Edialbfach, Ivi3.rnIr2SaCrCiiiatt. SEEICDND Householder. -FOURTH ROW:. D. SampsonCMa Clagc, B. gifs: ROW: N. Maragno, P. Ciongola, B. Shugerman, A. Hockin, man, E- MUH1, K-1 inaflan, l- L1mY3f1SkY, .l- Of OU, - 1 : Gussis, D. Kleyo, M. Zipco, S. Engelhard. THIRD ROW: C. Wil- C. Hamrah, C- N10 e- OFFICERS M,,,,Iwfl' ,,Lind25ll" ' D5 ecraf1fJf'Dwm . Wy X Dotdefim W ffflndlm amide -"Z 'lf An " ntblw rin FW ,122 I 'DED1 182, are RS, Gold or PM 7 f fr , . ff f r Z, Q4 f- W-iw SV gs, OFFICERS u Eps1lon Ch1 founded 1n 1958 1S a small sorority Its them Preszdent - Barbara Anderson the Roaring 20's and the Flapper colors are green and grey. A tin Vwe Pfesldemf -------- GaY1e Bamn kitten with green eyes is the sorority animal. Recordmg Secretary ....... Roberta Weber - - . Th1 ear TEX s onsored a lzza art an h - Carre ondmg Secretary ....... Georgine Seltz S y P P P y, OL11' d3.I1CC, El. ClLl'1St- 577 . Treasurer --- ...... Sue Ricker mas party, and a shore weekend. The sisters also supported the Cystic Hwfofum --- ------ Barbara Park Fibrosis Foundation. Custodum --- Dorothy Geason , . Pledge Master an Susan Goodwin The Flapperst feel that TElX s SIZC enahles them to Work together FOUNDED 1958 . . COLORS Green and Grey Through the years we song thy prazse SYMBOL The Flapper Loyal to lifeis ending. FIRST ROW, left to right: S. Goodwin, G. Barton, B. Anderson, S. Ricker, G. Seitz, R. Weber. gEgOc5IJD- ROW: B. Park, P. F airhrurst, S. Bednard, I. Ives, I. Vela, D. Gleason, P. Iracci, . a ons. FIRST ROW, left t Wick, M- F0l9Yr K' I. Franchini, C. Ml Wolfersberger, I. Hr HOW: A. Naar, C. ner, I. Weiner, A. Brennan, C. Bradbt The motto of luldw the Angels t lm Off to a hea lille home of the m0Pl9P3Iati0ns fq mill- The theme After this ca m0C'f0ber, numer chmhnas time of Image- The An H and the .0 embed E llle Kg they began f , I tion F and ne ueinn , I LH ny h lf ar U . d nj, dance, a praise A Q FIRST ROW, left to right: I. Hankins, B. Oxfam, L. Johnson, J. Sed- wick, M. Foley, K. Kearney, C. Fain, S. Gottfried. SECOND ROW: I. Franchini, C. Muench, A. Spezzano, R. Blackmore, M. Curtis, I. Wolfersberger, I. Hones, C. Dibblee,'D. DiUmberti, J. Kinler. THIRD ROW: A. Naar, C. D'Ambrosia, E. Hines, E. Dooley, D. Giezendanf- ner, I. Weiner, A. Bifulco, B. Peterson, J. Tamm, M. Cocuzza, C. Brennan, C. Bradbury, C. Bamwell, I. Mayberry. FOURTH ROW: The motto of Theta Phi is "Live to learn and learn to live." This I. Getelman, P. Kavalek, B. Mariniello, W. Spurgeon, S. DiPalma, L Glushenok, K. Chonka, D. De Bruin, C. Kish, L. Ecker, M. Sposato I. Donaldson, I. Traphagen, K. Gamble. FIFTH ROW: C. Sturgeon, G. Arbegast, 1. Daly, M. O'Brien, P. Colacuori, S. Dewar, S. Hoffman A. Martin, C. Macioch, I. Havrilla, I. Graziano, J. Blank, L. Basso, D Creitz, M. Colton. THETA PHI guides the Angels through a hectic year filled with varying activities. The I . year is off to a heavenly start with a watermelon party which was held at the home of their advisor this year. The Angels were quickly thrown into preparations for a show which was given with Theta Nu Sigma Fra- ternity. The theme of the show was "A Salute to Rodgers and Hammer- stein." After this came the annual Krazy Kapers Dance which was held ICMA Pregrdent ,.,,....,,. , ---- ................ Carolyn Hayes Vice-President in October, numerous pizza parties, and the dramatic presentation at Margaret Foley Recording Secretary ............... ---- Kathy Kearny Corresponding Secretary .......... Lynne Johnson ChIiStmas time of "The Littlest Angel" on campus and at St. Michael's Alumnae Orphanage. The Angels will always remember the hectic rush and pledge 59218011 and the "delicious,' spaghetti dinner. One of the most enjoyable and cherished events of the year is the annual Dinner Dance. Following this the Angels headed for a fun-filled week-end at Seaside Heights, after which they began preparing for the Spring Choir Concert and officer- iHSfal1ation dinner. Last, but not least, came the "Senior F arewelln on the islalld and the sound of "Theta Phi girls, time has come for some to say adiell, but we will remember always, fun we've had with youf' Secretary .......... ............. D iane Fain Treasurer ,,,,,...,,......... ........ I udy S6dWiClC Historian ,---,,,, ........ B arbara Oram Custodian ,,,-,,,,,, ...... I an-ice Hanikins Pledge Master Adozsor .............. ....-- F OUNED: 1910 Sharon Gottfried Mrs. Melvin R. Schmid COLORS: Blue and White SYMBOL: Angels and Devils 193 N Q 1. :fs ffz NW asa., -J xml sin-L beg if! ,azz ZET AU SIGMA FOUNDED: 1958 COLORS: Brown and White In September of 1958, Zeta Tau Sigma Sorority was founded by seven girls. The theme which these seven sisters chose was "Dogpatch Days." This theme of Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae can be found in all the projects Zeta Tau has throughout the year, namely, the Burlap Bounce, and the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. Among the activities held throughout the year are our annual charity project, pizza parties, bowl- ing and splash parties. Our spring activities include a family picnic, our annual alumnae dinner, and our shore weekend which is attended by all Hill- FIRSIT ROW, left to right: P. Bowen, P. Donnelly, OFFICERS President ...................................,,,,- Mary Young Vice-President ............. ........ G gil Cal-mignani Recording Secretary ..............,. Chris Eberhardt Corresponding Secretary ........ Jean Ann Roslan Treasurer ................ - .................. Artalee Ryxnon Songmaster ....... .....,,,,,, P at Bowen Pledge Master - ........ ................, - ,, Diane Lane Sergeant-at-Arms ....................,,,, Elaine Kaplan Advisor ------------------..---. Miss Clallfe Van Deusen billies as a close to a year's hard work. The objectives of Zeta Tau includeestablishing traditions and carrying out its aim and motto of "Friendship and Loyalty above all" along with ac- quainting all with the colors of brown and white. Our flower is wheat which symbolizes strength and purity. The spirit of Zeta Tau can be seen in each and every one of its sisters who not only enjoy their endeavors and work hard to fulfill them, but also are usually seen flashing that famous Zeta Tau smile. A. Rymon, G. Carmignani, M. Young, C. Eberhardt, I. Roslan, D. Lane, E. Kaplan. SECOND ROW: D. Pinkus, A. Wolff, M. Reister, R. Schildhorn, M. Grosso, I. Radzikowski. THIRD ROW: R. Noto, R. Paul, E. Orlick, K. Wauters, C. Danley, N. Glenz, M. Consiglio, L. Louis. FOURTH ROW: J. Sadley, K. Van Cza-k, I. Raub, V. Burfeindt, I. Lazerowitz, I. Klein, B. Weisman, B Bennett, I. Grenell, M. St. John. Pfewient Vlce'P'GSidenr Recording Se Tremrer Pledge Master FQU COL r S M Gail aIyY"'111e Cififei lean rhildf Ani: Roslin P RMU at Bowen Diane Lane Elaine Cir. ,H Ei: ork, .ude eslabhshhl n H1030 0? Ong With ic. - and White, es strength and town seen each and ,Only enlol' their 'ln them, but also am0l1S Zeta Tau E. rx i. GT FIRST ROW, left to right: L. Della Barca I Dudzik N S h b L. Sutton, W. Meek. , E. M lk ,h a - , . C aa , T. Eowler. SECOND ROW: Nicholls, D. Warren, ClSLloyd,El1lVl,dbcfel J. Stermen' THIRD ROW' J' Poole' W' Caple' G' OFFICERS President ---------- -- ----------..... ....... I oseph Dudzilc V506-President ,,,,,,-,---- - ----.-- Norman Schaab Recofding Secretary .........,..,, ,.,,,, J my Nicholeg Treasure' -------- --------- --------.-.... . L ouis Dela Barco Pledge Master ----..-- --i--------- T ed Fowler FOUNDED: 1960 COLORS: Green and White DELT H1 EP ILO Delta Chi Epsilon, Trenton State Colleges newest frater- nity, received its charter on October 14, 1961. The fraternity is committed to the enrichment of the social life of its member- ship, to the instilling of a spirit of brotherhood Within that mem- bership, and to the motivation of the intellectual development of the brothers and the college community. The fraternity em- bodies a small group philosophy. Past and tentative projects of the group include the coordination of an educational forum, the development of the picnic area, stereo record concerts, nu- merous social activities, and the organization and distribution of a social etiquette pamphlet. 195 L....- i F E y l z fy f lffiffil if- , i 7 5584! i A L We ,S t.. if tile? 3, X . . 3 3.5.4 -M D 1 M S I lr w J FOUNDED: 1928 COLORS: Blue and White OFFICERS John Lopis THETA N ICMA Theta Nu Sigma has existed as a fraternal organization at Trenton State st social fraternity on the campus College since 1928. This makes it the olde The word social is important, because it is the key to our purpose for existl ence. Our aflirmed purpose is to exist for the enjoyment and welfare of the brothers, though this is not our only purpose. We also exist for the benefit of the entirelschool and surrounding community. The activities which we sponsor provide numerous recreational interludes for the student body of our campus. It 1S in this endeavor that we render our greatest service to our fellow students. President ---- ---'-' - " """" """""""' ' Vwg President ----' '-"""' """"" """"" Recording SeC1'6l'0Ty ------ ---------- Corresponding Secretary ........-- .--- G GOfg9 OPTG Alumni Secrefdfy ---------- ----4------- Treawfef ------- ---'-- - - Hrstorum -------- ------f ----f---------' ---- Master of Ceremonies .....,.... Robert Muzzarelli Chgrus Director .------'--- -------------- Band Director ,...... Sports Director ...... Advwor ...-.------- Gary Hume Montague Buck Ronald DeRosa Gary Sherman Ronald Schuster Tex Nolan Bill Seiple Walt Treacy Sigma. Mr. Karras FIRST ROW, left to right: J. XVolfersburger, R. Schuster, R. De- Rosa, G. Sherman, I. Lopis, G. Opre, W. Treacy, T. Miller. SEC- OND ROXV: G. Tedesco, VV. YVoodson, W. Sink., A. Stoll, R. Forte, V. Hallowell, D. Cowperthwaite, R. Mosier, R. Rizzo. THIRD ROWV: XV. Bitner, M. Battaglia, R. Hartley, I. Adochio, E. The activities sponsored by the fraternity this year included a variety of entertainment. In September, a dance was held. This dance was stra- tegically placed early in the year so as to make the adjustment to college life a little easier for the freshmen. Theta Nu Sigma also held a musical show honoring Rodgers and Hammerstein in cooperation with Theta Phi Sigma sorority. In addition, the fraternity took part in the annual Greek Revue and in the Homecoming activities. Each spring Theta Nu Sigma conducts a unique pledge season. A pledge season in which pledge and brother begin a friendship that will be bonded through the years under the banner of blue and white. This is Theta Nu Popowski, H. Stout, S. Dart, R. Hoenes, D. Kovalovsky. FOURTH ROW: I. Kulpa, R. Trivane, I. Hooper, R. Trout, H. Norcross, S. Garchinsky, R. Blazovsky, J. Odima, I. Holloway. FIFTH ROW: Z. Targonski, E. Downes, j. Hinds, I. Dehaan, E. Brien, E. Dopf, S. McCluskey, K. Howlett, H. Eble, P. Tumminia. 5 , l ,X ,,' 'w , 1 . , , ,, xl . ,Y I gi ' X. '. Y , R. , W V , , ,, 45 w. b. 'I 'x 'E 5 'Q V: 1 ' W I' .' , , 1 5- N 'i , i W P Y Xi Ni' ,i 1 ,E I , , I 'Z AX I V, f , L , , 5 fl 4,1 r' . ,,, . ,pw ,,, . sl, I ,,: , 'N T lp 2 , 31 . I 2, ij ' 1, Q, Q, , " w ,, , , N 4, w W , 1 , I I , I 1 , f I I 1 .' lx N 1 5, il EL ki il 'QL , 4 3, i. W : ll I 1' A 13 ,X ,. , i4 ' , N N U . ,, , , , , , .,- -g..g, Lg 1.-,,-W fw,.,. .--- J'-1: -,- 1 ,H , X x , K. . .MN , .- , . . .. .-- , ,.,,- ,, . ,,., Ag., L . .-W.. -, ,f..-1--S-, , --.1.-.---'- :gg ,-.,:,.. .-.-. .nn-,.. .Hx ,-- ,fv.-- 'J--f"" 1 , -x ,L -.155 , 'N -TL ., . X,-.-.l.S.':.,l-s.N.3L5-,A,..4,s,.,,.,g,,15.p,n,.., - -,... ...5.,,.L,q,.-,,P,..-.-- ,- .. . -X...-, , ,AFV - rw- , 1 A ,- .r .1 1 , , . ,, ,,.. A ...,,.,,A ,. ..,.. Y.. -. vf -- 1- V- f If ..-rw.-ww.--. V- -1-A K ., , J- .. - Q f' 0 W' A A 'I ,. , , . , . .. , UUA- ,,,,,- ., -. . ...445 .1 .7 .g.,--.-. . g.,:.L.,1.j,.L-5,1 1-xw'-.1.:2.'j'Ei.j"f: 1f.,'f'7f "'-1"' .N-Lttvdjr1L'.f:.ik:1:.:"E1..,5'5-F1Z-a':Q2'i5f'1S:.4.-,s:sri-,.1?Jifff2f:.e.p1-,t-ffz1.N':..:.'-Af-f-W aw- 1- ""'f1f' - --5-'iff W- 'H--'Q-' H'-'f'-' -' ' "' ' , ,, , , ,, , ,, K -, .,. 1 A...--4 - ----14.-r -4+-1'-ff,:g. f-4:5-.Af 1.,5.ffg.c'r-g1ff:"-.rfwfrrififf a-1,tPQrE '-:fLg"'7f"' I . .G,.:,.-1 -i-rg 1' 5.5--7-.-1-ptr-z.:-. yg.,.1-,.1 ?,y1-PL-yuiw'fv,.L,.5"TTvy.'.2:'.'4.fI',Y".-5,fff2'11E.L'-1''S-'9Qf7:,'f',L31-l'3x'Z!,L5z.'H,1lf.1'f04229121-5r,'ff,'.f,f5g L--,Q-ff! Q ,f-'gg'-,f.,1Q A T 5 ::,,:Z, Q , , .- N x -, 4- . M - -'-1-.SP-QE"ls.-'-'.-'11-15:7 --"-Tf-rT--:1'.'-L-Z'f':iP.:-"'zA1:'1f-,:.J- N:E'.-ff:-I.-1-"-'15--1:.IQTQvL',-xfiwrsn?-5.5-ir.-2D,?T5:r'f3:ar-rfzlfiif .u'.'Q1.""'.5:'1i1T"235:1f.'1'QI'-','a71,5'55'i5fV ' '-1122 '- .'- 'iv' 3.1 'f-7'fzJn A H .' ' .- ' . N . . xy, - N. , - , .. .,-,7q-mf. ,..-,g-Q-4,.- -, 3-,...,.,.',1,,. -g.,..--,--g.-A N ,,,-1-r.y1:L.,f,,5. .L .5 -,.z,q,-,,- 33 ..., ...y f.',.- m,,,,gv,5.5,- 5.4,-f 44,-.,.:,. ,,,-gg.:.g,--.Q-w,g-Agn-,,,,,-.',.. 55,-5,-11:-nz-4, 4- ,. , 1 '- x -, .FN Lx -A5:,-:L.4::'ff-gf-'11:,73,gf3:E? . . E ,W ,g Q. : ' - --4445113.34-:ff54a'.t.Q:f1:,If'51153,25-gt?-335''I1::.,v,f1,LT1f'.3-'viwq,:1r:1::"': ,,.1,y. A.,-.1 - ... . , . 1 X -- . - - . ' 'fnfqiffg w1:x:..a5-. aw:-fmqzm-fsqg :3m:5'4qvw1 - f ,, mfg:-gm-...J-1.4, 1- .ff 'Q'-T'-""'fF'F0Bi, vfwfl-':ffr':-.-rv-bmw'74-f:r'.'fT41 ' ' ay - -' Q-,f:'eb?f-' - if ' P- , f, . 1... ' A A , . ' ' ' f- b.N-lwwlyihx xg .,:f,fg,,,,,yy3,,,x4 V . ,.i'...-xetfym-5.5. use -,i-,lmgfz-sa-, -M .1 1, :Vg ' 4. ,.-4-I-M 'girl'-1' ' ' X-:-.A...!, ,v :-.P .M - .,,5.,M- .- -QQ.1!?..g.,4gpQQ gn,-,Q i.f..,,,--:.,- .: v , ., Wg., I 1 - bf A ,mq,,f,,:,L ... . Mg -, aqu a. 1- qv- qt ., bswqmg. 1. .. , V .. -V .---:ig -mf, -'rg 2 -v "iv.i,f,QQ9g,11ME.-.3-Q' 1,3277 -' '-. z ws r.,-as-1 H'+-H-, 4-155-?'g'av-kr-'-11 -a' "r, .4-.. 'Ji V A-g:1fw'f-.".,4-....ffm 1 -, ,. 1:Lirmwfeafffiwhf.16.-'gf?1',. H, v-1355137rSMvFsF:f1,:i:fw.74 - - .,,, A ,Q -,, ,,,.,,,,,, X M, 4.,,,,-1, . . 1. .f,f4f., A..,1,...xlfg--4h-.x .-g..vr,,.ghQr-ag ,.,, XyL+.kA-.M -,W -V , 1-1.1-me--., M- . v . b .wx ., ,, ...QW-f.'. .W.m.-4 Qqmfrw-.-. .. ,B .. . . 1, ': F1 'JUL 141' 7.C""'J,QMl."f-"J "A xkffl-01 :1Q5"n'f3 3' "-4.5--'iS5f'5f'-C-'f' -ZQQ"""f"L"' 'Thr K ...J ,-x,- 5. .,-Q., -.,, 3, L MQ-1. H- ., . ..,. Ltr' mn. . -. .- . " 115 'ff --FTS -41 ":1'51Q5,:Sf,'f"?'PS 13.534-E5"1'5'-Cf:1'..l' f'--.v,1?5:.1'L3 '.- 1-SH-f?-fe'--e-xz1g,gfg,g.,-V:5-aff,-:"naw'-4?4,'2':.g1r,,ar- -fxffmm-.-1'-V :sew - '- X L 711 . V HSA , iw X MQ, , xxx P , . , . 1 A 'ti lfed lihq ' a soujzd mind . . , A , -- U. . . aclzie,i2erfzerits grbatbr than victor 'or defeat b -1 1 .1' I 1 f- 9 P GR ,, ' -PHys1CAL EDUCATIO 'BUILDING fa 4f.,. ,mammv-was ""'.Sms 4'J,:-:'ip .Y ,gr '. FIRST ROW, left to right: A. Michalski, C. Dawson, E. Abbott, K. Wauters, C. Serwell, N. Clauer, M. Perons. SECOND ROW: D. Cusano, D. Woodruff, M. Curtis, R. Torgesen, M. Toma, B. Fagans, M. Hoferek, I. Mayberry, I. Wetzel, M. Jones. THIRD ROW: C. Gray, N. Sutphen, I. Parr, B. Hansen, B. Guenther, M. Gardner, I. Leigh, I. Skinner, C. Hall. WOMENQS RECREATION ASSOCIATION President .,...,......... ....... K atie Wauters Vice-President ................................ Edie Abbott Corresponding Secretary ............ Nancy Clauer Recording Secretary ........ Kathleen McLaughlin Treasurer ....................... ............. C arol Serwell 200 The Womenis Recreation Association, better known as the WRA, sponsors a program of recreation for the Women students. Every Woman student automatically is a member of this organization and may participate in all of its activities. The activities of the association are organized and directed by the members of the Legislative Board. The Board Hrmly believes that a Worthy use of leisure time is essential to all college women. The association has ac- cepted this challenge, and offers team sports and indi- vidual and dual activities to meet this need. To quote the aim, "We do not place emphasis upon skill alone, but upon the enjoyment which each girl de- rives from being with a group . . fl AQUA Aquatic . ll ml? Swumglflw 9 9011179 geek to learn W3 'ce those alfea ipilch an the club lilies a time WPT Lillg -T0 RIGHT germ Dkrflarfou' A -031' .91Sler lj ' ' 'cle' , ' ll Fllw me auefand'D0El1an a on, better known ecreation for H10 t automativllllll pmtcipaeinal ed Zlltl he re ergarlil .tive B02Id' T e of leitllfe me heat di. 5ociati0U Sports and H1 sed. 5 Glflphasil ch each UPUH de- UAT IC RTS The Aquatic Arts Club opens its season in late September by inviting all those interested in syn- chronized swimming to join the seasoned veterans in another year of watery fun. The girls partici- pating are grouped according to ability and meet once a week to learn new stunts and strokes, and to practice those already learned. A show which is given by all the club members for the college and visitors brings a climax to the yearis program. . www-.X fe ff .7 I ffff. 5 3 annum nmxanu 3 nnnnuannuuaunnu '-LQ " . ' " r f I ' P-.1 .nn . I 4 ' gt E 'nr . H - I . .26 V " is 4. .' , . .- . A fp VW. U... 4 - " .. , .. - , . . Ur' -" '4"' ' infra ' 27 .91. Ja Q ' fWW?i'.1-fgwddf ' - W' E., f Q ' ' 'N 'f' W 4 .. Q 1. -- . ., V. ,m m , . . .v .. ' 'W f f-W' 'ff .rx f f' ' C SG.. .-.Mi ffl? 2f2frm'f2a -M e ' a f it fiiiwnif-. '.-fitfif . , 1 1' f -ew - 'mtg 1. e ...W 'VQXWW-V ff - ,jjj J. ,ggi ,,Q,,f..,,g, S e , -,hp rv... .. . DIVING BOARD, left to right: N. Knechtel, N. Steup, M. Bfldell, C. Story, S. Bednard, E. Lise- hora, N. Foley, C. Morrell, M. Kudak. SEAT- ED: D. Carroll, managers-K. McLaughlin, E Abbott, I. Cierisch, R. Torguson. 4 - WIM CLUB The Swim Club offers an opportunity to learn the skills and techniques of competitive swimming and diving. Instruction is offered on all levels of ac- complishment. There is intramural competition and also a chance to compete in dual meets with other colleges. The breast stroke, butterfly stroke, free style, and back crawl are among the many events in which the girls compete. LEFT TO RIGHT: K. MC- 1. Laughlill, D. Carroll, A. Trum- I batore, L. Kreisler, C. Pancko, B. Orr, I. Gierisch, E. Abbott M' Foley- Managers-Nancy Clauer and Donna Carroll. BASKETBALL Winter brings the basketball season With all its fun and excitement. Basketball is one of the most popular WRA-sponsored activities. Skills are improved, rules learned, and one game after another is played, enjoyed, lost and Won. This year both an intramural program and a basket- ball team, which participates with other colleges, are offered. STANDING, left to right: I. Leigh, H. Taubel, I. Mason, M. Bax- ter, K. Varga, B. Guenther, A. Scelba, L. Heyne, E. Abbott. KNEELING: C. Rackoski, A. Stoddard, I. Logan, A. Spinner, L. Gavak I. Parr. SITTING, left row: B. Fagans, G. Dudzik, K Wauters I. Wetzel, M. Hoferek, M. Burness, C. Panckal. SIT- TING, right row: I. Iones, M. Lecak, K. Waters, R. Paul, N. Glenz I. Norberg, C. Iesek. Hockey is one of the many activities sponsored by the Women's Recreation Association. This game was originally played by men but it is now ere Thfou k110W A spring MO DI modem chit and women to are three . 1211 techmf iam to 110 the EXC Pfvgftu HO KEY growing in popularity as a Women's sport. It is often thought of as a "rough and dangerousv sport but through the skillful use of stick and body many of the dangers of play are eliminated. , FIRST ROW, left to right: Diane Q Yacuk, K. Kalesia, C. Dibblee, B. Richebacher, M. Reister, I. Rose, L. Hang, A. Trumbatore, M. Bur- ! ness. SECOND ROW: L. Gavak, I. Skinner, I. Wetzel, C. Iezek, N- Glenz, N. Foley, I. Parr, B. Han- sen, C. Rackoski, K. Pazdan. THIRD ROW: K. Potts, C. Hig- ginbotham, H. Buechner, L- Heyne, S. Ming, I. Schupp, I. Fefr- guson, M. Hoferek, E. Abbott, I. Mason, D. Parmellia, K. Norcross, Mrs. Wright, coach. ti '1 'lt' -el, J, M350 - Hem if li,Q',fQ Kogan: A. L gm! G- D"d1ll.,K ss, C, pandml SIT- ersn R- Paul, N, , 'ghtz Didnt it npibbiw, H- I l'i6lSlCra I' umbatore, M' wk G awk an. ROW: L' a gl' ' ' . lskia K' K' Pow, A L. T rs flistlltbojoli lelliaf K' Nor Mb. 902 I MODERN DANCE The modern clubs offer equal opportunity for bgth men and women to develop their dance potential. There are three groups and everyone who is inter- ested will find a place in one of the groups, Through techniques and movement explanation, students learn to hold their own group in choreography and know the excitement of performing their own creations. A spring program is the climax to the years wgrk, YQ-- -zu vw 329 4 3 gf ff? ,if ami ffm 37 I af A , f, , .M 4 ,fi 'Q 5? X' imff E X' N , . ..,'f'W VW, , 4' M M, fr W '71, P 3 LACROSSE In the year 1961-62 Trenton State College introduced a new women,s recreational activity-Lacrosse-a game first played by the American Indians. Under the leadership of Mrs. Lillian Wright and Kit Saunders, the season was opened with an indoor clinic which enhanced the beginning of diligent practice. Aside from meeting twice a week, the players had two excellent opportunities to be coached by the women on the North Jersey Lacrosse Association. As an added attraction Miss Margaret Boyd, Captain of the English Lacrosse Team for fourteen years, served as our hostess during which time she conveyed many of her proficient skills. Again this year lacrosse offered excitement and fun for all those participating. 203 FIRST ROW left to right Bonnie Ivory Lynne Ecker Bonnie Brown Alice Gorden Ioan Blank Patti Malec SECOND ROW Kathie Gamble Carol Kish CHEERLEADER Again this year, the T.S.C. Cheerleaders were seen at every game, cheering our teams onto victory. They started off with a Pep Bally and Bonfire before the first game, and from there stayed behind the men on our teams all the way through the season. In order to do the best job possible in supporting our teams, the cheerleaders need cooperation and par- ticipation from each and every student. Let's really get behind them and do our part in leading our teams on to a winning season. Linus the Lion boosts the spirit of T SC . if f ME AE Frequent . Vile-Pre,-id 's were seen ictory. They Fore the first men on our 1 supporting on and par- :'s really gel teams on to SC. . 11 , gt 92,51 SEATED, left to right: R. Miller, B. Jones, A. Certisim M . S l ' K V B M ' Krablen, M. Curry, Mr. Van Ness. STANDING: I. lgodner, hlngllhomsoall-F Wojciechowicz. lVIEN'S THLETIC ASSOCI TION President -------- ---- ...... P a ul M. Curry ViCe"P"eSidenf ------- ....... K enneth Varcoe Secretary ---------- ....... R obert Metz Varsity and intramural athletics for men at Trenton State College are governed by the Men's Athletic Association. The purpose of the MAA is to institute, regulate, and promote athletics for all the men of the college. The organization co- operates and works with the director of athletics and the athletic staff to coordinate and organize men's athletics. Varsity teams participate in foot- ball, soccer, basketball, baseball, track, and ten- nis. Men's intramural sports are promoted for the purpose of providing a large number of men with opportunities for recreation and enjoyment. All male students are members of the MAA. The governing body of the MAA is the Men's Athletic Council. It is composed of two repre- sentatives from each class, the president, vice president and secretary. f-""' Na. W , 1 205 l l l t t I l l l l i l l at l . I s ' ll 5. V I s T i l. ' l t l . i 5 l. . 1' i t t l . o'-. 1 s Q l 3QfQTQ . . - 1 '., . l F' -Lf. 1 . N t - W , e -24' i l 1... X ,E X E-WM: bgrhi l f 1 3 . : . 5 if 'ff 41' .' iii Wa.: , r If . Q2 J,fQf.?ei ,f gi. if fsgsfferfi 3 Us Yi 1 V161 t . t X 1. N , N J- . I . ,. t l . ll f' tl: l 1 i 1 l CO-CAPTAINS KNEELING, left to right: Jim Bodnar, Bob Ritter. STANDING: Mike Curry. F C GTB LL The Lion Football Squad entered into its Hrst year of National Collegiate Athletic Association com- petition this year. It played a rougher eight game' schedule, picking up Juniata and Brockport State. Coach Robert Salois, team, which continued to rebuild this year, was hampered by numerous injuries throughout the season. These particularly hit the back- field slots. The team lacked returning depth from the 1961 squad, especially on the line. With a strong freshman crop and the loss of only two seniors from the 1962 squad, Coach Salois can look forward to strong return- ing depth in future years. 5 A 5 ? a . 3 5 J... SEATED, left to right: J. Wolfersberger, R. Wojiechow- icz, L. Loughbridge, J. Kushmerick, B. Ritter, M. Curry J. Bodnar, A. Chilakos, A. Certisimo, F. Mayer, H. Field: ing, S. Houston. KNEELING: I. Soviers, P. Bimbi B Widmann, B. McEvoy, J. Giambrone, M. Korschuni Adams, V. Ingerto, J. Porter, I. Cross C. Woodward. STANDING? I. Mastriani, L. Mellachi, T. Molineux, B. 101168, F. Pfister, L. Migliaccio, M. Mrvica, I. Lewis, E. Ovmes, R. Chiste, P. Tumminia, G. Hilton, M. Coen, - T. May, B. Scott. 1' to its first ation 00111. ight game ff Stare, Hlinu ous inlllrieg to It the llaclg. In the 1961 8 freshman H1 fhe1962 011g relum. ard QB w,E ,050 . I Juniata C. W. Post - 'Q '4.""2l-5i.' 'W' .- ! h N W . . , . 4, .1 , I RN ' X0 7 is 1 Q f .,, S, A f .Q : '- ..,,, h v .f ' -- ' .fx , All rilntgx-j Wm! M In ings, S.. , , Q., 1 1 , aff' f.,,-,LI K- Y :hi ,, fm-wk My W 4 ' S' 'f 1 4 ., x4.vf , H- . , S' f 'ffm Y fvjvbf y fi ", ffff ' ,.. "v. ' . -1. 5'gU'. . 2 -' 1 rw " W SCORES Trenton , In M. 1 H 6 .......... ,. King's College ...... - ' -fl-Sa A M ' - 0 L 12 Montclair S. C. 0 K A . g Brockport S. C. 8 . I, S l' ' , iS C tral Conn St 8 l U Www 'Mk' A 5 S en . . ........ 4 A A Q .X , -. .... Wagner ....... 0 f 7 2 P W5-5 ff.. W . I F X ,M pf: TP rs if ,M U. ,ga ' '. . 5 . - ,M 1 1 lf jj , Q gg 5 A 4? lg Q 5 Y' .. Shaq ...QE ! ' g .W-E . sqm Fgfiffgfl 245353 l , . I . X N, V. 64 ., gy y o WS-ff f in 44.-4 . vw wx 19' 4. LEE COOK .,. ,.L..i-,,d,,....----- .-.. LL- MERICAN SOCCER HO OR Three Trenton State College soccer players have been named to American soccer team. A. Huntley Parker, Chairman of the All-American Soccer Committee of the National Soccer Coaches Association informed Trenton coach Mel Schmid that joe Schmidt and Lee Cook, both freshmen and outstanding full- backs, and Captain Ralph Stiebritz, a junior, stellar outside right, were elected along with players representing Dartmouth, Penn, Michigan State, Navy, Temple, University of Pittsburgh, University of St. Louis, Yale, Army, Duke, and other colleges across the nation. h' C lle e of Philadelphia were the only schools Trenton State and St. Iosep s o g with three team representatives. This trio constitutes the first All-Americans ever named at Trenton State, as well as the only New Iersey collegiate selections in 1962. 9 tx Aff Bm 2ffMM Zxfww Zfnww o ff IM 2!!,m gffxr 1!,uM 2f,dm o,,UW 0, Patel The 1962 SO0C9r T6 llel Schmid and Md, the best for a Lr they were undefeated. T ot highly touted Drexel, stty of Bridgeport Trenton won its thir Terence Title in the last rlht-1 record in confe the Lions post a 5-0 rece ing tonferenoe foes to o t Q .greg T OE SCHMIDT RALPH STIEBRITZ CZPUHH Ralph Stieh and Bob Thompson was F St B P N in e. .I p l SCORES i . Opp. Trenton i 0 ........... . Newark S. C. ..... ..,, 6 4 ,..... ..... B ridgeport ....... ..,, 3 2 , .f....... .. Montclair S.C. ..... ..,, 3 2 ..,..,,.. .. Monmouth S. C. ......,,. - 6 2 ...... E. Stroudsburg S. C. ...... 1 0 ,,,,,,,... Jersey City S. C. .......... 3 2 ,-.,,, ,.... L ockhaven ....... 3 3 ,--,,, Drexel ......... -- 0 1 ,,-.,, Eastern Baptist ........ -- 7 , 95 Inf F kN' H STIEBIUTZ 2 .......,.. Classboro S. C. .......... 8 1 0 .,........ Drew University .......... 5 E STANDING, left to right: Ralph Stiebritz, captain, Ed Bilof, l 0 """""" Paterson S' C' ""'-"'-'- 10 KNEELING: Dick Miller, Mel Schmid, coach. I I I The 1962 Soccer Team, under the direction of Coach Mel Schmid and Assistant Coach Ed Brink, posted a 9-3 record, the best for a Lion Soccer Team since 1942, when they were undefeated. The three losses were at the hands of highly touted Drexel, East Stroudsburg, and the Univer- si of Brid eport. I ty Trentong won its third New jersey State College Con- ference Title in the last four years, and over that span has a 16-2-1 record in conference play. The 1962 season saw Q l s Q .in I the Lions post a 5-0 record and score 30 goals while hold- 5 ing conference foes to only 4. Captain Ralph Stiebritz was high scorer with 11 goals and Bob Thompson was second with 10. l FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Miller, L. Cook, M. Korschun, W. Austin, S. Bruccoleri, R. ..:,, , Stiebritz, F. Shultz, R. Vemer, I. Ivors, J. Johnson, T. Vivarelli. SECOND ROW: Mr. Schmid, B. Foster, I. Haberkem, W. Meekins, J. Schmidt, E. Bilof, A. Scarola, B. Thompson, R. Patton, C. Vitola, W. Huston, W. Griffiths, J. Farrell, H. Ackerman, R. Troell, P. Ristow, Mr. Brink. X - gy 1 .ikv 14 f, 6, , 83'-4 'AQ- Avi-VB BASKETBALL Coach Ed Brink was once again faced with a height problem and partially came up with the answer in 6'1" Lou Raba and 6,3v Pete Catanese, a transfer who d.idn't become eligible until the second semester. Trenton made up for lack of height with a team that hustled from the opening whistle to the last. Standout players for the Lions this year were John Black, Lou Baba, Pete Catanese, Bob Poetsch, jim Car. rigan, and Jim Ruhnke. Going into the final game of the season, the Lions had posted a 6-13 record, a slight improvement over last year's 3-17 record. Co-captains Jim Carrigan and Iohn Black. ' . 49" 0, fb .-. , X, -X '23 Z T Z QENTQW , I XQUKT U, Q ,ff L t H if N"" i Q ll! 'Lil , N it I ,rag ax K L, C , . M .. . -5 . m X ug x Head Coach Ed Brink and Assistant Coach William Medve. it 210 1 1 x M0I1mouth Seton Hall. Fairleigh L Montclair Paterson St Glmboro S Newark Sta my City East Stroud Newark Star Newark C01 Drew Ullivf Paterson ste Montclair S1 MW City in Haut snr rr Phlgiimfield delphia E FIRST ROW, left to right R Nannay I Ruhnke I Mastnam R Cenci I Vanacore I Carrigan, I. Haberkern SECOND ROW R Poetsch R Cale I Riewe W Bitner I Mc Aleer, C. Cuneo I Black THIRD ROW P Bistow W Emener T Nelson D Barnett R Lightbody, A. W1ll1amson Schedule Monmouth Seton Hall-Paterson F airleigh Dickinson-Madison Montclair Paterson State College Glassboro State College Newark State College Jersey City State College East Stroudsburg State College Newark State College Newark College of Engineering Drew University Paterson State College Montclair State College Iersey City State College Seton Hall-Paterson Glassboro State College Bloomfield Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Schedule Fairleigh Dickinson Springfield Fairleigh Dickinson E. Stroudsburg St. Peter's U. of New Hampshire Hampton Institute Jersey City Paterson Kutztown Newark Paterson Montclair Rutgers Kutztown Glassboro Newark Montclair Monmouth Iersey City Upsala Glassboro Princeton f C 4: 'Wt -WLM A B EBALL Coach Robert Salois entered the 1963 baseball season with what might be called ideal conditions. He lost no one from his 1962 rebuilding squad, and in addition received a fresh batch of pitchers and fielders from the freshman class and by transfer. Assisting Salois on the field were coaches Marty Devlon and Frank Nappi, both experienced ball players. Once more first baseman Bob Thompson assumed the responsibility of captaining the Lions. In its first year of NCAA ball the State nine faced a rugged 23 game schedule with Princeton, Rutgers, University of New Hampshire, Hampton Institute, Up- sala, and Springfield added to last years slate. t , ,, , x f- , s 6 Q V- 5 Qi -Q fi ' - r " , .X ' f ., , X " ., u, ' -A ..:v-iss. Q l A H L Q I, , , - Q , f N 4 ,Q Y if , , I, L X er , v ga 'H -5- p X if , N X , .- n 1 I prima ,, A, E . f , ,x g Q , Wa t fr , 3458? - X as V 5 f X -. I.. , ati, 14 3 lg f ri . , ' 5 15' ' if . f A rs' 4 P 1 f I ' . ,t if, I 7 Q g gi, 2. . W :Q t . X K , , ,. . ,, M Bill Seiple performing Iron Cross . rat might be iuad, and in eshman class Frank Nappi, mson assumed ame schedule lnstitute, Up- : i -an Bill Seiple performing the difficult Iron Cross. CYMNASTICS The Trenton State College Exhibition Team has completed its second suc- cessful season by presenting a varied gymnastic program to five high schools in the area. The team was enthusiastically received at Hamilton Township High School, Morrisville High School, West Kenny Ir. High School, Ewing High School, and Crice Ir. High School. Captains Fred Surgent, Dick Cappola and Chris Gundlack lead the team through activities on the side horse, parallel bars, flying and still rings, horizontal bar, uneven parallel bars, free exercise, hand balancing and synchronized drills. Members of the exhibition team also represented Trenton State College in two competitive gymnastic meets with Montclair State College and Jersey City State College. U I O 7 G, B , M. Briden. R- Coppola, Mr. Williams, coach. 213 ll ff n TRACK AND FIELD After a year's absence, Trenton State,s Roy Van Ness again headed the Lion thin clads. During the past three years the Lions have rolled up an impressive 15-3 record. Eleven lettermen returned to improve this log. Heading the weight men were John Lopis in the discus, and Rich- ard Starets in the javelin. Charles Woodward again headed the hurdlers, while Riewe, Surgeon, and Tedesco were fighting for top pole vaulting honors. The team was lead by co-captains Frank Creenburg and Herb Lorenz. Schedule Kutztown Wagner and Brooklyn Penn Relays Millersville Cheney Collegiate Track Conference Jersey City NAIA District 3 Montclair Princeton New Iersey Collegiate Meet KNEELING, left to right: B. Weber, Nelson Hall, F. Surgon, F. Green berg, I. Dodd. STANDING: Coach Van Ness, I. Farrell, L. Lorenz, I C0 Captalns Herb Lefeflz and Frank Greenberg R16W6,J. Lopis. with Coach Van Ness 34' wi Sie' Cz- WR' ,reenberg, ll' Captain Tom Vivarelli and Coach Kenneth Runquist. M. Iannone, D. Beach, B. Mosier, T. Vivarelli, B. Miller D. Miller, B. Austin, Dr. Runquist, coach. TENNIS Having tallied a 30-4 overall three year record and three consecutive State Conference Championships, Tren- ton's N etmen returned with the same team which corn- piled this impressive record. Back at the number one spot was Bob Mosier, Ed Fisher at two, captain Tom Vivarelli at three, Mike Iannone at four, Bill Austin at five, and basketball star Bill Miller at six. Rounding out this squad were Rick Beach and Dick Miller. Two' prom- ising freshmen, Max Fry and Stan Smoller aided the tennis squad. Schedule St. Petefs College Iersey City S. C. E. Stroudsburg S. C. Kutztown Newark Princeton "B" Montclair S. C. Glassboro S. C. E. Stroudsburg S. C. Rider NAIA Tournament Glassboro S. C. Newark College of Engineering 7 HARRY D. ACKERMAN, 36 Ruff Court, North Haledon, N. J. 0 Phi Epsilon Kappa 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4. CAROL ADESSA, 24 North Drive, Livingston, N. J. 0 Elections and Limitations Committee 3, Omega Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 1, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. KAREN E. AHLQUIST, R.D. 44-'1, Box 654, Ryders Lane, East Bruns- wick, N. J. 0 Arguromuthos, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 4. ELLEN ALFANO, 17 River Street, Paterson, N. J. 0 Lambda Mu 1, 2, 3, 4, Women's Recreation Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Women's Physical Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. HENRY ALLISON, Route 46, Delaware, N. J. GLORIA ANN ALU, 1194 Parkway Avenue, Trenton 8, N. J. 0 Kappa Beta Xi 1, 2, Treasurer 3, 4, Student Education Association 2. SHIRLEY AMMERAAL, 575 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, N. J. 0 Arguro- muthos Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Norsworthy House Council 2, 4, WRA 1, 2, Student Education Association 1, 4. CHRISTINE ANDERSON, R.D. 1751, Box 370, Flemington, N. J. 0 Elections and Limitations Committee 2, Theta Phi Sigma 1, 3, 4, His- torian 2, Band 2, Choir 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, MENC 1, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPHINE A. ANDERSON, 626 Carson Avenue, Perth Amboy, N. J. ANTOINETTE ANDREADIS, 18 South New Jersey Avenue, Atlantic City, N. J. 0 Zeta Tau Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Seal 1, 3, Student Education Association 4, Social Studies Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Exchange Club 4. CAMILLE ANDREWS, 71 South Dover Avenue, Somerset, N. J. 0 Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. GAYLE ARBEGAST, 247 11th Street, Brigantine, N. J . 0 Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, WRA 1, 2, 3, 4. DIANNA S. ASHENFELTER, 93 Shell Street, Beachwood, N. J. 0 Class Cabinet 1, 2, Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA G. ASMAN 0 Allen House Council 4, Signal 2, Seal Sec- tion Editor 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 3. WILLIAM F. BANGE, 13 W'hite Horse Pike, Egg Harbor, N. J. 0 Student Executive Board 2, Social Services 1, 2, Class Cabinet 1, 2, Theta Nu Sigma 3, Football 2, 3. ELIZABETH BARNISH, 2336 48th Street, Pennsauken, N. J. 0 Class Cabinet 1, Arguromuthos Sigma 1, Pledge Master 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, Women's Physical Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH A. BARONE, 51 Park Avenue, Newark, N. J. 0 Student Executive Board Representative 3, Omega Psi 1, 2, 4, Recording Sec- retary 3, Student Education Association 4, Social Studies Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Exchange Club 4. LOUISE BASSO, 705 Trenyon Avenue, Point Pleasant, N . J. ELIZABETH J. BAUMANN, 2122 Pennington Road, Trenton, N. J. 0 Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN BAUMLIN, 677 Parker Street, Perth Amboy, N. J. 0 Lambda Mu 1, 2, 3. RICHARD BEACH, 925 Melrose Avenue, Trenton 9, N. J. 0 Phi Epsi- lon Kappa 2, 3, 4, Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4. JANET BEAVERS, 200 Regional Court, Flemington, N. J. I Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, Kappa Delta Pi 4, MENC 3, 4. EARBLARA BECK, 156 Briner Lane, Trenton, N. J. 'O Gamma Sigma , 3, - EDITH BELITZA, RDL Box 264, Penns Grove, N. J. ARLENE BENKE, 780 Oxford Street, Belvidere, N. J. 0 Argurmuthos Sigma 2, 4, Historian 3, Woodside Council 3, Norsworthy House Council 4, WRA 1, 2. ROBERT R. BENSON, 62 Chestnut, Trenton, N. J. 0 Phi Alpha Delta 1, 4, Treasurer 2, President 3. MARION BERGEN, 84 West 42nd Street, Bayonne, N. J. 0 Social Services Committee 3, Philomathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, WRA 4, Stu- dent Education Association 1. 216 CAROLYN L. BIDEWELL, Little York, N. J. 0 Nu Delta Chi Secre- tary 3, Band 1. JOHN BILCIK, Box 413 Freehold Road, Hightstown, N. J. IRIS BRESSMAN BING, Edgerstoune Road, Princeton, N. J. SYLVIA BLAKE, 429 North Ocean Avenue, Atlantic City, N. J, 0 Student Education Association 1, 2. JOAN BLANK, 916 Revere Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Theta Phi Sigma 11 21, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, President 4, Booster C u 3. GAIL BLUE, 20 East Lawrence Street, Milltown, N. J. 0 Philomathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES BODNAR, Rudville Road, Hamburg, N. J. 0 Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4. ANTHONY BOGDAN, 105 Sykes Avenue, Trenton, N. J. CAROL E. BONHEIM, 3211 Nicholson Drive, Fair Lawn, N. J. o Class Cabinet 2, 4, Philomathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, WRA 2, Radio Station 1, 2. SUZANNE BOOKSTABER, 463 Gregory Avenue, Passaic, N . J. 0 Stu- dent Executive Board 1, Theta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, Allen House Secretary, Kappa Delta Pi 4. MARGARET BOTTONE, 126 Mott Street, Trenton, N . J. 0 WRA l. JUDITH M. BRAUN CMrs.J, 41 Louisiana Parkway, Jackson, N. J. 0 Philomathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, Student Education Associa- tion 4, MENC 3, 4. SUSAN BRECKLEY, 113 North Street, Ocean City, N. J. 0 Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, Student Education Association 3. COLLETTE BRICE, 1 Brice Road, Lavallette, N . J . 0 Nu Delta Chi 2, 3, 4. RAE BRINKLEY, 122 South 12th Street, Newark, N. J. 0 Snack Bar Committee 2, 3, 4, Theta Phi Sigma 3, 4, Drama Minor Role 1, Stu- dent Education Association 4. MARILYN BROWER, 240 Tiller Avenue, Beachwood, N . J. BONNIE BROWN, 1230 Hamilton Avenue, Trenton, N. J . 0 Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Women's Recreation Associ- ation 3, 4, Booster,Club 2. GERALDINE BRUCATO, 116 Retford Avenue, Cranford, N . J. 0 Philomathean Sigma 1, 2, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, Sanson House Vice President 4, Signal 1. JOHN BRUTHERS, 3438 East State Extension, Trenton 9, N. J. JOSEPH BRYCE, 1036 Fairmount Avenue, Trenton 9, N. J. 0 Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA BURATTI, RFD iifl, Box 73, Bound'Brook, N. J. 0 Elec- tions and Limitations Committee 2, Social Services Committee 2, 3, 43 Lambda Mu 1, 2, 4, Vice President 3, Norsworthy Coimcil 4. ALYCE KATHLEEN BURNS, 659 Rutherford Avenue, Trenton, N. 1- E gtlhdent Executive Board Representative 2, Philomathean Sigma 1, EDWARDUBUTRYM, 1650 Pennington Road, Trenton, N. J. 0 5418014 Bar Committee 1, 2, 3, Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, Drama Major l, 2, 5181101 1, News Editor 2, Associate Editor 3, Chimes 2, Assistant Editor 35 Kappa Delta Pi 4. MARIE ANN BYLCIW, 8 Circle Drive, Sunset Village, Flemingf0I1, N 5 l- ' Nu Delta Chi 1, 3, Treasurer 2, Drama Minor Role 2, Student Director 2, 3, Signal 1. MARGARET M. BYRNE, 252 Somerset Street, New Brunswick, N- I- 0 Class Cabinet 3, 4, Drama 1, 2. PATRICIA JOY CASARICO fMrs.l, 290 Taylor, Trenton, N. J. ' Nu Delta Chi 3, 4, Drama Student Director 2, Signal 2. JACQUELXN CATTI, Oaklawn Terrace, Vineland, N. J. 0 Electi0I1S and Limitations Committee 2, Social Services Committee 2, 3, Lamb- da Mu 1, 2, 3, Barrett House Council 4. 1 ,gr cHuuKDILAN, flulive Board Htpfesenta 4,gigm,Tau Chr 1, 2, 3,4 DIANE CHOKO, 231 in Conuniffee 21 35 Iam PATRICIA LOIS CIMA1 md, N, 1, o Zeta Tau S ation 1, 2, 3, 4. cum 4 c1M1No, as 44,x11,2,s,4, Smdentl c4noLYN CLARK, 345 Sin 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama M Delta Pi 4 XTCKIICLARK fMrs.l, 2221 lxgcuhve Board NSA Mell Gu 1: 37 41 4144 Society 1, 2. :lim 1, 2, 3, 4, Women's Wfffary 4, Signal 1, 1 QUJBQIM CLAYTON, 3 44, H4 fm- gum , -31 4Q A-Wldhon 4. all ms 12 2, 3, 4l S fRHilIELrCL1NE3 f,,z,,4.Ha,,,,,,g.1 ,t,2,Ch0 , 3' ms lx 2, 3, 4 M00 DECO E COLLICAN, ll i0wA,EiM' 115 Clinto SW Chicoimo, Jn qlleepresidegl, 2, 4, R RD, if 44, im sigma 55 lllllfgo it Club 3, E1 ,3,m,,TZ?VEB, 737111, iu,PsBehln1,c.l0glJl?LA, gh, THOMAS ' 14vmDd0?3,4 00341140 lisftgtiwv '41 324343445 Yun V. N. I., Phi Sigma 45 Boggtn lomathean H Tau Ch, U, N. , A125 llllll l. I, 0 Sm. Seffleiilyg ' WRA l. Jn, N. 1. a an Associi. 0 Gamma Delta Chi Snack Bar ole 1, Stu- 1. 0 Theta ion Associ- i, N. 11 1S0l1 l'l011S6 ,N.l- I, oSig1113 3 I, c Elw nw 21 3' il4. elllolli N' ll in Sitllm 1' 0 Sntfl it Editor 3' lgwlfllii N' NJIONU Elevm 3135 wah' Rear view of Centennial Hall. IACK CHIRIKDJIAN, 1 Adly Street, Cairo, U.A.R. 0 Student Ex- ecutive Board Representative 1, 2, 3, 4, Exchange Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Apgar Society 1. DIANE CHOKO, 231 Randall Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Social Serv- ices Committee 2, 3, Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education As- sociation 4, Social Studies Association 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA LOIS CIMAGLIA, 617 Beachwood Boulevard, Beach- wood, N. I. 0 Zeta Tau Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Associ- ation 1, 2, 3, 4. CAROL A. CIMINO, 35 Rutledge Avenue, Trenton, N. I. 0 Kappa Beta Xi 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Executive Board 1, 2, Drama 1. CAROLYN CLARK, 345 Miller Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Major Role 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 1, Seal 1, Kappa Delta Pi 4. VICKI CLARK fMrs.D, 229 Victoria Avenue, Trenton, N. I. 0 Student Executive Board NSA Member 2, USNSA Committee 2, Tau Epsilon Chi 1, 3, 4, Pledge Master 2, WRA 1, 2, WTSC Assistant Manager 2, Apgar Society 1, 2. NANCY CLAUER, 855 Prospect Street, Roselle Park, N. I. 0 Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Women's Recreation Association 1, 2, 3, Correspond- ing Secretary 4, Signal 1, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Booster Club 2. BARBARA CLAYTON, 3260 Merchantville Avenue, Pennsauken, N. I. 0 Snack Bar Committee 2, 3, Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Allen House Council 3, 4, Signal 1, 2, Seal Section Editor 4, Student Edu- cation Association 4. STEPHANIE L. CLINE, 30 French Street, Pennsville, N. I. I Ionian Sigma 1, 3, 4, Historian 2, Broadhurst President, Synchronized Swim- 113, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Seal 4, Student Education Association 4, STEPHANIE L. CLINE, 30 French Street, Pennsville, N. I. 0 Ionian Sigma 1, 3, 4, Historian 2, Broadhurst President, Synchronized Swim- LIt1IE11gKI,52, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Seal 4, Student Education Association 4, JUDY COHEN, 401 Lamberton Street, Trenton 10, N. J. WALLACE COLLIGAN, 169 Union Street, Lambertville, N. JOE COLLURA, 115 Clinton Street, Hightstown, N. I. HOWARD B. CONDO, JR., 26 Maple Street, Somerville, N. Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 4, Recording Secretary 3, New House Council 2, 3, Vice President 1. IANDCONOVER, R.D. iii, Box 49, Farmingdale, N. I. 0 Student Ex- ecutive Board 4, Sigma Tau Chi Assistant Treasurer 4, Varsity Foot- ball 35 Men's Glee Club 3, 4, Student Education Association 4. WAYNE CONOVER, 737 Putnam Avenue, Trenton 8, N. I. ANTOINETTE COPPOLA, 305 Mott Avenue, Burlington, N. I. 9 Kappa Beta XI 1, 2, 3, 4. IAMES THOMAS COSABOOM, Stokes Road, Medford, N. I. ' Phi Alpha Delta 2, 3, 4. DAVID COWPERTHWAITE, 3 Willow Street, Cranford, N. I. 0 Theta Nu sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Mu Alpha 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 44 Orches- tra 1, 2, 3, 45 Music Educators National Conference 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTH CRANS, 304 Vail Avenue, Dunellen, N. J. 0 Student Educa- tion Association 1, Apgar Society 3, 4. 4CSEH, 414 Ewingville Road, Trenton, N. I. 0 Sigma Tau PAUL M. CURRY, 624 Bailey Avenue, Elizabeth, N. I. 0 Phi Epsilon Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Football I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Track 1, 2, Men's Athletic Association President 4. DOLORES CUSANO, 5 Reid Street, West End, N. J. 0 Majorette 1, 2, 3, Women s Recreation Association 2, 3, 4, Women's Physical Edu- cation Association 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 1, 2, 3. STANTON DAVIS, 537 Grand Avenue, Leonia, N. I. 0 Phi Epsilon Kappa 3, 4. CAROL DAWSON, Old Shore Road, Cape May, N. 1. 0 Gamma Sig- ma 1, 2, Vice President 3, President 4, Women's Recreation Associa- tion 3, 4, Student Education Association 3, Women's Physical Edu- cation Association 1, 2, 3, 4. IUDITH DELOTTO, 19 Witman Road, Trenton, N. I. CON STANCE DEMBOSKI, 186 Columbia Avenue, Passaic, N. I. 0 Kappa Beta Xi 1, 2, 3, Student Education Association 4. MARYANN DeSANTIS, 6103 Durham Avenue, North Bergen, N. I. 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, Brewster House Council President 1, WRA 1, 2, Student Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. ARTHUR DEVITO, 1072 Franklin Street, Trenton, N. I. ALICE MARY DEVLIN, 317 Cleveland Avenue, Riverside, N. I. 0 Tau Epsilon Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 4, Music Educators National Conference 1, 2, 3, 4. MARTIN P. DEVLIN,'III, 132 Abernathy Drive, Trenton 8, N. I. 0 Phi Epsilon Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. LORRAINE DIAMORE, 2 College Circle, Stratford, N. I. 0 Philo- mathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4. CONSTANCE DIBBLE, 18 Elm Street, Bordentown, N. I. 0 Theta Phi Sigma 2, 3, 4, WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Womenis Physical Education As- sociation 4. ANGELINA DiGIORGIO, 252 Cummings Avenue, Trenton 10, N. I. I Kappa Beta Xi 1, 2, 3, 4. TIMOTHY DILLON, 23 South Walter Avenue, Trenton, N. I. SUSAN DiPALMA, 614 Bayview Drive, Absecon, N. 1. 0 Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 4. NANCY DOBINSON, 15 'Victor Avenue, Trenton 9, N. I. 0 Music Educators National Conference 3, 4. SANDRA C DONN, .45 Centerton Road, Bridgeton, N. I. 0 Omega Psi 1 2, 3, 4, Seal 1, 2, Section Editor 3, Associate Editor 4, Student Education Association 3, 4, Social Service Committee 3, 4. JANET K. DONOVAN, R.D. 413, Box 208, Freehold, N. I. 0 WRA 2, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2, 3. CES DOOLEY, 50 G ove Street, Somerville, N. I. 0 1, 2, 3, 4, Lakeside Treasurer 2, Student Education Association 1, Booster Club 1. 217 JUDITH DOTZERT, 26 Hanford Place, Trenton, N. J. 0 Signal 3, Chimes Treasurer 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. VVILLIAM DOWD, 916 Southard Street, Trenton, N. J. LINDA DRADA, 171 Nargansettle, Medford Lakes, New Jersey 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, 3. SUSAN DRANEY, 275 Beech Street, Teaneck, N. J. 0 Student Execu- tive Board Representative 1, 2, 3, Program Committee 3, 4, Philoma- thean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Williams House Secretary 3. PATRICIA DROBNAK, 623 Miller Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Ionian Sigma 1, 2. JOSEPH DUDZIK, 731 Rutherford Avenue, Woodbridge, N. J. 0 Delta Chl Epsilon 1, Recording Secretary 2, Pledgemaster 3, Presi- dent 4, Student Education Association 1, 2, Music Educators National Conference 4. PATRICIA DUNCAN, 135 Central Avenue, West Trenton, N. J. EARL DUNHAM, How Lane, Route 105, New Brunswick, N. J. 0 Phi Alpha Delta 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 3. GAIL DURAZZI, 771 Columbus Avenue, Phillipsburg, N. J. 0 Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 4, Recording Secretary 3, Norsworthy Congress Member 4, Seal 4, Student Education Association 3, 4. JANE DWYER, Blackpoint Montgomery Road, Zion, N. J. I Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. GAIL EDELBACH, 147 Washington Avenue, Egg Harbor, N. J. 0 Sigmas Sigma 1, 2, Treasurer 3, 4, Seal 4, Student Education Associ- ation , . SUZANN E EDWARDS, 9 Warren Place, Montclair, N. J. KATHRYN ELMER, 215 Hollywood Drive, Trenton, N. J. 0 Kappa Beta Xi 1, 2, 3, 4, Elementary Chorus 3. ROBERT H. EMMONS, R.D. 5, Box 91, Flemington, N. J. 0 Student Executive Board Representative 1, 2, Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Bliss Hall Treasurer 2, WTSC Assistant Manager 2. SUZANNE ENCELHARD, 771 Columbus Avenue, Phillipsburg, N. J. 0 Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Seal 4, Student Education Association 3, 4. VVILLIAM ERVVIN, 119 9th Avenue, Seaside Park, N. J. 0 Student gxcfcutive Board Representative 1, Sigma Tau Chi 1, Phi Alpha C ta . BEVERLY FARLEY, 713 Keep Street, Linden, N. J. 0 Sigma Sigma 1, 2, Recording Secretary 3, 4, WRA 2, 3, Signal 1, 2, 3,, Seal 4, Stu- dent Education Association 2, 3, 4. BARBARA FEDOR, 36 Dunbar Avenue, Fords, N. J. MARY ELAINE FEIND, 1401 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton, N. J. 0 Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal News Editor 1, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK W. F ELICE, 129 North Hamilton Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Phi Alpha Delta 2, Secretary 3, 4. JOHN A. FENNIMORE, R.D. -ffl, Stockton, N. J. 0 Phi Alpha Delta 2, 4, Vice President 3. EILEEN SIMON FINK fMrs.J, 688 Broad Street, Shrewsblny, N. J. 0 Lambda Mu 1, 3, 4, Pledge Master 2, Drama Minor Role 2, Com- muter's Council 1, 2, Hillel 1, 2. Rear view of Green Hall. FREDERICK A. FINK, 309 94th Street, Stone Harbor, N. J. 0 Safe and Traffic Committee 1, 2, 3, Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Bliss Hzill Council Representative 3, Junior Varsity Basketball 1, 2, Track 3. WTSC Program Manager 3, Student Education Association 1. , ROBERT A. F INK, 309 94th Street, Stone Harbor, N. J, 0 Student Executive Board 4, Safety and Traffic Committee 1, 2, 3, Class Presi- dent 4, Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Bliss Hall Council 3, New House Vice President 2, Junior Varsity Basketball 1, 2, Student Edu. cation Association 1. JUDITH FINKEL, 600 Corlies Avenue, West Allenhurst, N, J, 0 Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 1. ARLENE F INOCCHIO, 23-14 Morlot Avenue, Fair Lawn, N. J, 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, WRA 1, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD FISCHER, 10616 2nd Avenue, Stone Harbor, N. J, 0 Sig- ma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2. JUDITH E. FITZGERALD, 6 Allan Street, Hallett, N. J, e Social Services Committee 3, 4, Student Exchange Committee 3, Williams House Council 1, Broadhurst House Council 3, President 4, Drama Minor Role 1, Signal 1, 2, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3. DOROTHY FIZER, 649 Edgewood Avenue, Trenton 8, N. J. 0 Hu. man Relations 3, Lambda Mu 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Associ- ation 1, Music Educators National Conference 3. JOAN FLETCHER, 1955 Pennington Road, Trenton, N. J. WILLIAM F ORRESTER, 1322 Brunswick, Trenton, N. 0 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. BONNIE FRANKE, 49 Lyons Place, Westwood, N. J. 0 Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 4. DIANE LINDA FREIDMAN, 1242 Church Road, Toms River, N. J. 0 Social Services Committee 3, Tau Epsilon Chi 1, 2, Treasurer 3, Brewster House Council 1. JUDITH FRIEDMAN, 2365 Baird Boulevard, Camden 5, N. J. o Student Executive Board Secretary 2, Social Services Committee 1, 2, Student Exchange Committee, Chairman 4, 1, 2, 3, Lambda Mu 1, 2, 3, 4, Barrett House President 4, Drama Major Role 1, 2, 3, 4, Seal Business Manager 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2. JUDITH F RIEDMAN, 307 4th Avenue, Belmar, N. J. 0 Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. FUARRY, 42 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Kappa Beta I 7 I 3, ' AUBERTA GALUSHA, 315 Mountain Ave., North Caldwell, N. J. 0 Gamma Sigma 1, 2, WRA 1, 2, 4, International Club 4, Human Re- lations Committee 3, 4. KATHRYN GAMBLE, 315 North Pleasant Avenue, Ridgewood, N. J. 0 Theta Phi Sigma 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Women's Physical Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3. BEVERLY ANN GARDNER, 585 Belvidere Avenue, Phillipsburg, N. J. 0 Kappa Beta Xi 1, 2, 3, Student Education Association 4. PATRICK M. GARZILLO, 2314 Park Avenue, South Plainfield, N. J. 0 Student Executive Board Representative 1, 2, Safety and Traffic Committee 1, 2, 3, Sigma Tau Chi 1, Corresponding Secretary 2, Vice President 3, President 4. 4 lite ,iii www llilohl ug SW A JOYCE GI lw'i.?l Hia . swiwmmg all I QOHOTHI eg? Emlidorf mill G1 sllrwlfej ,Mum . ClH0L Gi l, 21 ' SSVDHA S Kappa Beta lLlBEL 4'-I Gamma 5121 1Ell0D G0 Snack Bar 0 ILDITH GC dll Services 3, -lg Sllltlelll ROBERT G Alpha Delta . PATRICIA 1 Cabinet 3, I hurst VicefP: L Music Edl FHANCINE Sigma Sigma ALICE COR ln 1, 2, Rec 'liBO0Sf61'Cll IUDITH A. Shi-U80 C0131 Student Eduf HONALD 11111 SHUI Mamg loliciln. il 3, 4: it igilllilllcli .W 2, 3 Chl ll 21 3, 4. QARO , lml 2 -' dmtihon 3001- N 2 ' -J. ,l.l1t.Bdlll l0c1ati0Il1.rack3s tr, N tl gl- ' Sn 1 4 ECI nl fllfomcfgllim. ' 'shldmf E51 lllenh lcliitiollmff N' l. e talr Lawn, . larbo N Smdllt i3l,,,2,fJ,tl5 lett N .' -1.03- 1m1ltee3- .tml Pf0Sident,4lvmml5 Student 8, N, I' . t Edllffation ln, N, 1, IDD, N. l- ' Band 11 N-J.vlon1nsim. li TOHIS River, NJ 1 1, 2, Treasure, 3f Camden 5, N,1,i lces Committee 1, 2, 3, Lambda Mu l, 2, Role 1, 2, 3, 4, sell tion 1, 2. i, N. J. 0 Theta Pli , N. J. 0 Kappa Beta rth Caldwell, N. JJ Club 4, Human le , Ridgewood, N. l- Womelfs PllY5iUl venue, Pllillilsblll ll Association 4- .011111 4 Safety and Twill ling Secretflfl law Y ALICE GASTON, 1034 North Chew Road, Hammonton, N. , ELI-Iuman Relations 4, Signal News Editor 1, Associate Editor 2, Edl- tor-in-Chief 3, Student AdV1SOI' 45 Seal l., Section Editor 2, Chimes Editorial Board 2, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, Vice President 4, Roscoe L, West Book Fund Committee 2, Treasurer 3, Chairman 4. D. VIOLA GEROULD, 2505 Woodbridge Avenue, Nixon, N. J, o Ion- ian Sigma 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2, 4. JOYCE GIERISCH, 4-01 17th Street, Fair Iawn, N. J, o Class Cabinet 2- Gamma Sigma 1, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, Historian 2, Mason I-louse Council 3, 4, VVRA 2, 4, Recording Secretary 3, Synchronized Swimming Manager 2, 3, 4. Seal 1, Student Education Association 4. SHARON L. GIERSCH, 538 Donald Drive, Trenton, N. J. DOROTHY GIEZENDANNER, 51 Fairchild Place, Whippany, N. J. 9 Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Brewster House Council 2, 4, Student Counselor 3. LINDA GIFFORD, 38 Hillsdale Avenue, Hillsdale, N. J. 0 Sigma Sigma, Treasurer 2, Recording Secretary 3, Vice President 4, Student Education Association 1, 2, 3. CAROL GLICKMAN, 814 74th Street, North Bergen, N. 1. o sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, Student Education Association 1, 2, 3. SANDRA GLOOR, 711 Hillcrest Boulevard, Phillipsburg, N. J, o Kappa Beta Xi 2, 3, 4, Seal Section Editor 4. MABEL ANNE GNANG, 610 Thomas Avenue, Riverton, N. J. 0 Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2. JEROD GOLDSTEIN, 128 Montgomery Street, Bloomfield, N. J. 0 Snack Bar Committee 3, 4, Drama Minor Role 3. JUDITH GOLDSTEIN, 610 Randolph Street, Camden 5, N. J. 0 So- cial Services Committee 2, Junior Class Cabinet 3, Lambda Mu 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT GOODLING, 767 River ,Dell Road, Oradell, N. J. 0 Phi Alpha Delta 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA GOODWIN, 712 Oak Avenue, Westfield, N. J. 0 Class Cabinet 3, Ionian Sigma 1, Corresponding Secretary 2, 3, 4, Broad- hurst Vice-President 4, WRA 1, Student Education Association 2, 3, 4, Music Educators National Conference 3. FRANCINE GORCEY, 65 Pavilion Avenue, Long Branch, N. J. I Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. ALICE GORDON, 1060 Revere Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Gamma Sig- ma 1, 2, Recording Secretary 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 4, Booster Club 2. JUDITH A. GORDON, 84 Church Street, Allentown, N. J. 0 Ex- change Committee 3, 4, Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Seal 4, Student Education Association 3, 4. RONALD GOTTUK, 10 Riverview Avenue, Rumsen, N. J. 0 Safety and Traffic Committee 1, 2, 3, Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, WTSC Pro- gram Manager 1, 2. JOAN GRADSKI, 142 Division Avenue, Garfield, N. J. I Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 1, 2, Seal 4, International Club 4. FREDERICK W. GRAESSLE, 127 Firth Street, South Plainfield, N. J. Elioccer 2, 3, Band 1, 2, Orchestra 2, Radio Station 1, 2, Sigma Tau ' 1, 2, 3, 4. JACK GRAHAM, 1317 Idaho Avenue, Cape May, N. 0 Safefb' and Traffic Committee 1, 2, 3, Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 4. CAROL J. GRAY, 4 Earyrestown Road, Vincentovvn, N. J. 0 Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, Recording Secretary 4, WRA 1, 4, Student Education gssociiation 3, Women's Physical Education Association 1, 2, 3, Presi- ent . FRANKLYN R. GREENBERG, 518 Prince Street, Bordentovvn, N. J. 0 Phi Epsilon Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4. HELEN GREGORY, 256 Main Street, Matawan, N. J. 0 Lambda M11 2, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 4. BRENDA C. GRUENDYKE, 174 Mountain Avenue, Hackettstown, N. J. o USNSA 1, Arguromuthos sigma 1, 2, 3, 44 Brewster House Council 1, Norsworthy House Council 2, WRA 1, 2, 43 Student Edu' cation Association 1. IRENE HALIGOWSKI, 234 Caspian Street, Elizabeth, N. J. 0 AfgUf0' Inlithos Sigma 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 3, WRA 1, 3, 4, Seal 45 Student Edu' cation Association 2, 4. QAROL LEE HALL, 146 Hillcrest Avenue, Edison, N., J. ' Zeta T231 31811421 1, Women's Recreation Association 3, 4, Women s PhYS1C9-1 E ' ucatlon Association 1, 2, 3, 4. DOLORES HALL, 53 Silver Spring Road, Short Hills, l. 0 C1823 Cabinet 2, Vice-President 1, Treasurer 3, 4, Theta Phi 1, 2, 3: f WRA 1, Student Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN HALLIDAY, 302 Slocum Place, Long Branch, N. J 0NuDeltaCh11,2,3,4,B d1,2-Ch'123 . Q tion Association 1, MENC 1,5212 3, 4. , ou- l , ' 4, Student Educa NANCY HAND, 132 Kamm Avenue, South River, N. J. I Arguro- muthos Slgma 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 3, 4. PATRICIA A. HANIGAN, 1580 M t' A S h Pl ' N . Philomathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4- ar ine venue, cotc ams, . J. PATRICIA HANNISCH, 20 Metekunk Drive, Trenton, N. J. 0 Gamma E5iiIlt,1H2l, 2, 3, 4, Women's Physical Education Association 2, Booster MARY M. HANSON, 740 Holmdel Road, Hazlet, N. J. 0 Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 4, Seal 4, Student Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. lANET M. I-IARDING, 53 Avenue C, Haledon, N. J. 0 Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Williams Area Chairman 1. CAROLYN HAYES, 30 Swan Road, Livingston, N . J. 0 Student Execu- tive Board Second Vice-President 2, Representative 1, 3, 4, Elections and Limitations 1, Chairman 2, Intersorority Council President 4, Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, President 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 4, Student Edu- cation Association 2, 3. JOHN E. HAYMOND, 167 Rossell Avenue, Trenton 8, N. J. 0 Signal 3. MARJORIE HEINE, 2370 Baird Boulevard, Camden 5, N. J. 0 Tau Epsilon Chi 1, Treasurer 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, Student Edu- cation Association 1, 4. MARGARET HEISLER, 314 E Street, Millville, N. J. 0 Lambda Mu 1, 4, Treasurer 2, 3, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. GAIL HENDERSON, 49 Pettenger Avenue, Freehold, N. J. 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, 3, 4. RALPH HENDRICKSON, Front Street, Crosswicks, N. J. MAUREEN HIGGINS, Box 189E, R.D. -til, Jamesburg, N. J. 0 Philo- mathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, WRA 4, Student Education Association 4. RONALD HILLIARD, 196 Stanley Place, Hackensack, N. J. 0 Theta Nu sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chen 1, 2, 3, 4. THOMAS HOBSON, Sullivan WY NJSD, West Trenton, N. J. RONALD L. HOENES, 2304 Oalc Street, Cologne, N . J. 0 Theta Nu Sigma 2, 3, 4, Phi Alpha Delta 2, 3, 4. HARRY M. HOGAN, 11 Altamawr Avenue, Trenton, N . J. 0 Tennis 1. MARY ANN HOPPE, 105 Sherman Avenue, Glen Ridge, N. J. 0 Class Cabinet 3, Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Mason House Council 3, 4, Sig- nal 2, Kappa Delta Pi 3, Secretary 4. Interior of Alumni Meditation Chapel. GEORGE W. HORSEFIELD, 1159 Hughes Drive, Trenton 90, N. J. 0 Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Major Role 2, 3, Minor Role 1, 3, Student Human Relations Project 3, Chess Club 1. SANDRA HARWEEN HORTON CMrs.J, 837 Edgewood Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Minor Role 3. MARION HOUGHTON, 11 Juniper Street, Mt. Holly, N. J. 0 Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 1, Student Education Association 1, Record- ing Secretary 2. JUDITH HOWD, 1409 Sixth Avenue, Neptune, N. J. 0 Sigma Sigma 1, Alumni Secretary 2, 3. ELAINE HUFF, 110 West Franklin Street, Bound Brook, N. J. 0 Student Executive Board 1, Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Educa- tion Association 1, 2. LAN CE HUFF, 63 Church Street, Bloomsbury, N. J. JUDITH HUFFMAN, 1953 East McGalliard, Trenton, N. J. 0 Class Cabinet Secretary 2, Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, College Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Music Educators National Conference 3, Booster Club Vice-Presi- dent 2. GARRETT HUME, 28 Marlton Road, Woodstown, N. J. 0 Student Executive Board Representative 1, Theta Nu Sigma 1, 2, 3, Vice- President 4, Bliss Hall Representative 4, Varsity Track 1, 3, 4, Drama Minor Role 3. LAVINIA R. HUNT, 558 Bordentown Road, Trenton 10, N. J. 0 Tau Epsilon Chi 1, 3, Corresponding Secretary 2. LYNN SUSAN HUNTER, 40 Beechwood Terrace, Matawan, N. J. Nu Delta Chi 1, 2, Recording Secretary 3, President 4, Signal Art Edi- tor 1, Photography Editor 1, WTSC Radio Station Treasurer 2, Apgar Society 1, 2, Vice-President 3, 4. VITO INGERTO, 512 Metlars Lane, New Brunswick, N. J. CARMELA ISITORO, 50 Conrad Street, Trenton, N. J. 0 Student Edu- cation Association 3, 4. JACQUELINE F. IVES, 38 Sunset Place, Bergenfield, N. J. 0 Inter- sorority Council 2, 3, Tau Epsilon Chi 1, 4, Vice-President 3, Record- ing Secretary 2, Seal 4, Student Education Association 4. PAULETTE JACOB, 153 Barkley Avenue, Clifton, N. J. 0 Gamma Si a 1 2 3 4- Norsworthy Representative 2, Brewster Representa- gm 3 7 7 7 tive 4, Signal 1, 2, Booster Club 1, 2. DIANA L. JOHNSEN, 10 Island Park Avenue, Ramsey, N. J. 0 Philo- mathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, WRA 1, Signal 1, Student Education Asso- ciation 1, 2. GERALDINE JONES, 15 Columbia Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Lamb- da Mu 1, 2, 3, 4. Students use the facilities of Audio-Visual Aids Department. JOAN MARIE JONES, 117 Wood Terrace, Leonia, N. J. 0 Snack Bar Committee 2, Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, Women's Recreation Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Women's Physical Educa- tion Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2. JOAN THERRIEN JONES, 45-A Hawthorne Drive, Sommerset, N. J, 0 Student Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. RONALD S. KADY, 126 Magnolia Street, Highland Park, N, J, 0 Stu. dent Executive Board Representative 1, Safety and Traffic Committee 1, 2, 3, Social Services Committee 2, 3, Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Bliss Hall Vice-President 3, Tennis 2, Student Education Association 1. SANDRA KAPLAN, 1643 Pennington Road, Trenton, N. J. 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, LINDA KILMER, 5 Poplar Tree Lane, Sparta, N. J. 0 Class Cabinet 3, Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Mason House Council 3, 4. CAROL R. KISH, 220 Emanuel Street, Trenton, N. J. 0 Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 1, 2, 3. EUGENE KISH, 89 Watson Drive, Dover, N. J. 0 Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, New House Vice-President 3. JOYCE KISH, 1017 Adeline Street, Trenton, N. J. SUSAN J. KISNER, 25 Lenape Trail, Manasquan, N. J. 0 Philoma- tlliean Sigma 1, 2, Alumni Secretary 3, 4, Centennial Hall House Coun- c' 3, 4. ANDREW CHARLES KISTULENTZ, 9 View Street, Manville, N. J. 0 Signal Photography Editor 3, Chimes Editorial Board 1, 2, 3, 4. JEAN KLINGENBERG, R.D. 3, Boonton Avenue, Boonton, N. J. 0 Ionian Sigma 1, 3, 4, Recording Secretary 2, Mason House Council 4, Kappa Delta Pi 4. SUZANNE M. KOENIG, 22 Grant Avenue, East Orange, N. J. 0 Philornathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. GLENN H. KOHLER, 119 Columbus Avenue, Trenton 9, N. J. 0 Var- sity Baseball 1, 2. NEVETTE KOLL, 27 Bennett Avenue, Rochelle Park, N. J. 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, 4. MICHAEL KORSCHUN, 724 Dorbett Place, Plainfield, N. J. 0 Stu- dent Executive Board Representative 3, Student Curricula Committee 2, 3, Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4, WTSC Radio Station 1, 2, 3, 4. GERALD KOVAC, 29-B Stenton Court, Trenton 10, N. J. ARLENE KRASNANSKI, 378 Grove Street, Perth Amboy, N. J. 0 Student Executive Board Representative 3, 4, Theta Phi Sigma 1, 4, Pledge Master 2, Vice-President 3, Booster Club 1. ARLENE ANN KRAYNICK, 1043 Liberty Street, Trenton, N. J. 0 Student Education Association 4. CHRISTINE W. KRIEGER, 331 South Cook Avenue, Trenton, N. J. PATRICIA KROMKA, 33 Fardale Road, Ramsey, N. J. 0 Intersorority Council Assistant Secretary-Treasurer 3, Arguromuthos Sigma 1, 4, Vice-President 3, Custodian 2, Student Education Association 4. JEANNE KRONMILLER, Box 55, R.D. 1, Dover, N. J. 0 Philoma- thean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. NERMA KRUGLER, 439 South 3rd Avenue, Highland Park, N. J. 0 Lambda Mu 1, 2, 3, 4, Choi-r 1, 2, 3, 4. CARL A. KURTIAK, 48 Sixth Avenue, Port Reading, N. J. 0 Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, Signal 3, Student Education Association Association 4, Foreign Film Chairman 2, 3, 4. ANNETTE LACIOPPA Weymouth Road, Newfield, N. 0 SOCiHl S ' C mmittee 3' Oinega Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, Seal Staff 3, Co-ordinator ervice o , of Sections 4, Greeks Editor, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 4, Student Education Association 3, 4. MARY ANN LaMONICA, 11 Anderson Street, Raritan, N. J. 0 Kappa Beta Xi 1, Recording Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, President 4. ROBERT,W. LANTERMAN, Main Road, Lafayette, N. J. o USNSA 3, 4, Men s Intramural Council 1, 2, President 3, 4. SANDRA C. LEES, 534 Kearny Avenue, Kearny, N. J. 0 Arguro- muthos Sigma 1, 2. SUSANNE M. LERETTE, 20 Pine Avenue, Bordentown, N. J. Tau Sigma 2, 3. SANDRA LEVENSON, 167 West Main Street, Somerville, N. J: ' Keppa Beta Xi 1, 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, Student Education Association 3. MURIEL LEVINE tMrs.D, 400 Kossuth Street, Riverside, N. J. 0 Elec- tion and Limitations Committee 2, Zeta Tau Sigma 1, 2, 35 B9-Hd 29 Orchestra 1, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. 0 Zeta 220 Ban MARCIA A- LEVUT, N, J, 4 Social Services t 45Hum311 Rights Coml 3, 4. LENORE LEVY, 122 Phiiomathean Sigma 1, 5 ation 1, 4, Student Educ MYRA LEVY, 30 Semir 2, 3, Alumni Secretary 1 JUDY LIMYANSKY, 55 Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Seal S ion 3, 4. noon uscnut, ooo B CAROL ANN LIl'I'ERl iw Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4 Edumtion Association 4, Hlllli LLOYD, Tuckah 5?t314sExchange Comi Jltlfgllromuthos Sigma 5 ad 23 N0l'Sw0rth Residen 0n1!2: 3: WFS LODGE, 1 west wf1ff1cCommiuee 1, 2, t . ew House Treasurer 25 i0HN iliecutillt? lllfgt lililumident If lherilr HERB President 4s Trai I ERT L Ell5l0I1 3, 4, iw LUDWIG 4 Hflllsegabiilet 1, ,2- Zg Winn lined 3' R0Siden1 MARK B it so 1 TERR 21o6 21334. Womenys PATHI .CM 'Iwi Si MALONE, 1 iU1nM,mm'1t2 3 Z lt, , ' 5 N oTaucEll1l5,1l0,?'g11?et til CY, ' 1, vga s'gmMl'lIlflciNf,i' 401 n,,2jHct S ' '41 st W2lim4S,gmaMAflg0, 1 ' Whit. Ysical ,,,1 . I l9l.N,Il ii 'Q l-is ul. 113, . mmf Q OW S Cabin, ri., Ph, at ci 1 Pbiioma. use Cgun, ville,N,1, L 21 3, 4. 11, N. 1,0 omni, B, N. 1, o l. I, 0 1731. l. 0 Omega I. I. U Siu- Committee iv. N. I-' Sigma Ll rn, N. I. ' enton, N- l- mtemrfdiil igma . on fl e Philoma- mi, N. I-' 1, o Sigim AMW 1' 4 Sodtl rdiitiii E0-Edumll0U I, o K2PPl t 4 o USNSA :NSW 1,0109 .00 .ML Bank in Green Hall. MARCIA A. LEVITT, 319 North Eighth Avenue, Highland Park, N, J. 0 Social Services Committee 35 Student Exchange Committee 35 45 Human Rights Committee 45 Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 45 WRA 1, 2, 35 Kappa Delta Pi 4. LENORE LEVY, 122 West Caranetta Terrace, Lakewood, N, J, 0 Philomathean Sigma 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 35 Women's Recreation Associ- ation 1, 45 Student Education Association 1, 2. MYRA LEVY, 30 Seminary Court, Bergenfield, N. J. 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, 3, Alumni Secretary 45 Student Education Association 1. JUDY LIMYANSKY, 534 Hamilton Street, Somerset, N. J. 0 Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 45 Seal Section Editor 45 Student Education Associa- tion 3, 4. LINDA LISCIAK, 603 Boesel Avenue, Manville, N. J. CAROL ANN LITTERINI, 2153 Edwin Avenue, Fort Lee, N. J. 0 Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 45 WRA 15 Elementary Chorus 3, 45 Student Education Association 45 MENC 4. RUTH LLOYD, Tuckahoe, New Jersey 0 Human Relations Commit- tee 3, 45 Exchange Committee 2, 3, 45 Exchange Student to Germany 35 Arguromuthos Sigma 2, 4, Recording Secretary 35 Woodside Coun- cil 25 Norsworth Resident Association 3, 45 WRA 25 Student Associ- ation 1, 2, 3, 45 Social Studies Association 2, Secsretary 3, 4. JAMES LODGE, 1 West White Horse Pike, Berlin, N . J. Safety and Traffic Committee 1, 25 Class President 35 Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 45 New House Treasurer 2. JOHN LOPIS, 429 West Maple Avenue, Bound Brook, N. J. 0 Student Executive Board 2, NSA Coordinator 15 Snack Bar Committee 3, 45 Class President 15 Theta Nu Sigma 1, 2, Vice-President 3, President 45 Bliss Hall President 45 Track 2, 3, 4. HERBERT LORENZ, P.O. Box 172, Browns Mills, N. J. 0 Delta Chi Epsilon 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4. NORMA LUDVVIG, 4 South Kinderkamack Road, Montvale, N. J. 0 Class Cabinet 1, 25 Zeta Tau Sigma 1, 2, 3, 45 Norsworthy Hall Hoilsg Coiincil 3, Resident Assistant 45 Seal 45 Student Education As- socia on . MARK B. MADDEN, South Riber Road, Cranbury, N. J. 0 Class Cabinet Member 4. WALTER ROBERT MAHNS, 45 Throckmorton Avenue, Eatontown, N- l- 0 Choir 1, 2, 3, 45 Music Educators National Conference 3, 4. PATRICIA MALEC, 2106 Bell Place, South Plainfield, N . J. 0 Gamma 3181118 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Women's Recreation Association 3: 3,443 Women's Physical Education Association 3, 45 Booster Club PATRICIA. MALONE, 17 South Little Rock Avenue, Ventnor, N . J. I Iowan Sigma 1, 2, 3, 45 Mason House President 3, 4. JUNE MANGER, Coronet Gardens, Stemberger Avenue, West End, N- l- 0 Tau Epsilon Chi 1, 2, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3. EANCY-MARAGNO, 401 Columbia Avenue, Cliffside Park, N. J. 0 lgma Slgma 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Education Association 2, 4. VERONICA S. MARCO, 1036 Maple Avenue, Linwood, N- 1- ' Af' gliromuthos Sigma 1, 2, 35 Class Cabinet 25 Exchange Student Com- mittee 2, 3, 45 Memorial Scholarship Committee 2, 3, 4. The campus Post Office. MARILYN MARING, P.O. Box 353, Blairstown, N. J. 0 Kappa B ta X1 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Education Association 15 Intemational Clube4. IRMA C. -MARSHALL, 2202 Palisade Avenue, Weehawken, N, J, o Class 'Cabinet 1, 35 Arguromuthos Sigma 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Education Association 1, 2, 3, 45 Music Educators National Conference 2. KAAREN MARTIN, 791 King George Road, Fords, N. J. 0 Arguro- muthos Sigma 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Education Association 4. EDMUND MASON, 53 Baylor Road, Trenton, N. J. 0 Varsity Foot- ball 1, 25 Varsity Track 1, 25 Student Education Association 4. AUDREY MATTHEWS, Columbia Avenue, Ridgefield, N. J. 0 Philo- mathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. WALTER H. MAY, P.o. Box 183, Lakehurst, N. J. o Signal Reporter 2, News Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4. JOAN MAYBERRY, 3 North Wissahickon Avenue, Ventnor, N . J. 0 Student Executive Board Representative 25 Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, 3, 45 Allen House President 45 Women's Recreation Association 2, 3, 4. BARBARA MCALLISTER, 211 Harmony Road, East Keansburg, N. J. 0 Omega Psi 1, Pledge Master 2, Vice-President 3, President 4. BETTY JANE MCCREA, Little York, N. Y. 0 Arguromuthos 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Education Association 3, 4. NEVA MCEVOY, 152 Hawthome Drive, Mount Holly, N. J. ARTHUR MCFARLAND, 1058 Southard Street, Trenton, N . J. JAMES MCGOUGH, 370 South Olden Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Stu- dent Executive Board Vice-President 3, President 45 Elections and Limitations Committee Chairman 35 USNSA 2, 3, 45 Drama Minor Role 25 Kappa Delta Pi 45 Social Studies Association 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN MCKENNA, 27 Edgemere Road, Neptune, N. J. I Philo- mathean Sigma 1, 2, Recording Secretary 3, Historian 45 Samson House Council 4. SHEILA MCKEOWN, 25 Claude Avenue, Denville, N. J. I Social Services 35 Intersorority Council 45 Ionion Sigma 1, Pledge Master 2, 3, President 45 Seal 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Student Education Associ- ation 3, 4. CAROL MELILLO, 258 Ampere Parkway, Bloomfield, N . J. 0 Kappa Beta Xi 1, 2, 3, 45 VVRA 1, 2, 3, 4. PAULETTE J. MELLOTT, Hopewell, N . J. 0 Zeta Tau Sigma 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Education Association 3. MARJORIE MERIGHI, Fir Avenue, Richland, N. J. 0 Lambdu Mu 1, 2, 3, 45 Seal 45 Student Education Association 4. WILLIAM P. METZGER, R.D. 31, Box 18, Chester, N. J. Student Executive Board 1, 2, 3, 45 Elections and Limitations Committee 1, 2, Chairman 25 Snack Bar Committee 2, 3, 45 Class Cabmet Vice-Presi- dent 45 Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 45 Social Studies Association 4. d N. . 0 Ar uro- '.l.Eti.25EslQfaHfIifI3,f'.2153.11195ii3S'l'.allf.?.pii1fZ2Zi.'..0nl1, 2, Emi Member 3, 45 Women Physical Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA JOAN MIDURA, 715 Ohio Avenue, Trenton 8, N. J. 0 Kappa Beta Xi 1, 2, 3, 4. CATHERINE MILLER, 434 East Fifth Avenue, Roselle, N. J. 0 Philo- mathean Sigma 1, 2- ROBERT MILLER, 500 North Clinton Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Phi Alpha Delta 4. WILLIAM MILLER, 98 Wittingham Place, West Orange, N. J. DOROTHEA V. MOHR, 55 Betts Avenue, Trenton, N. J. I Snack Bar Committee 2, Cheerleader 4, WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Women's Physical Edu- cation Association 2, 3, 4. ROBERT T. MONTGOMERY, Bridgeboro Road, Beverly, N. J. LAUREN HERBERT MOORE, Box 140, R.D. -732, Woodstown, N. 0 Safety and Traffic Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Delta Chi Epsilon 2, 3, 4. JOHN R. MORELLO, 338 Heckman Street, Phillipsburg, N. J. 0 Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Bliss Hall Proctor 2, Apgar Society 1, 2. BOB MOSIER, 28 Woodhampton Drive, Trenton, N. J. 0 Student Ex- ecutive Board Representative 2, Class President 2, Theta Nu Sigma 2, 3, 4, Varsity Tennis 1, 2,.3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Social Studies As- sociation President 3, 4. CAROL MUENCH, 44 North 20th Street, East Orange, N. J. 0 Stu- dent Executive Board 3, Treasurer 4, Program Committee 4, Social Services Committee, Chairman 3, 4, Class Cabinet 1, 2, Secretary 4, Theta Phi Sigma 1, Alumnae Secretary 2, 3, 4, Brewster House Coun- cil 1, Secretary 2. LAURA MUNSIE, 369 Vail Avenue, Dunellen, New Jersey 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2. PATRICIA MURRANKA, 498 Kuser Road, Trenton 9, N. J. 0 Social Services Committee 3, Ionian Sigma 1, 2, Treasurer 3, 4, Seal 4, Stu- dent Education Association 4, Student Counselor 3. MONICA MURRAY, 15 Devon Avenue, Trenton 8, N. J. MARYROSE MUSTO, 405 Hudson Street, Hackensack, N. J. 0 Kappa Beta Xi 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 1, Student Education Association 3, 4. ROBERT A. MUZZARELLI, Harding Highway, R.F.D. ntl, vine- la.nd, N. J. 0 Student Executive Board Representative 1, 2, Snack Bar Committee 1, 2, 3, Theta Nu Sigma 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 3, Bliss Hall gegresentative 1, 2, Choir 1, 2, Orchestra 1, 3, Drama Minor Role ANN MARIE NAPLES, 482 Cleveland Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Stu- dent Executive Board Secretary 4, Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 3, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Human Relations Committee Co-Chairman 4. DOROTHY NEMETZ, 287 Nagel Street, Cliffside Park, N. J. 0 Stu- dent Education Association 1, 2. FRANCES A. NEWMAN, 31 North Jackson Avenue, Manasquan, N. J. 0 Kappa Beta Xi 1, 2, 3, 4. SANDRA LEE NIXON, Cedar Street, Alloway, N. J. 0 Philomathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. TIMOTHY F. NOLEN, 48 Cedar Green Lane, Berkeley Heights, N . J. 0 Theta Nu Sigma 2, Band Leader 3, Chorus Director 4, Phi Mu Alpha 3, New House Proctor 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama Major Role 2, 3, WTSC Radio Station Announcer 1. i New House is lost to the college community. HAROLD R. NORCROSS JR., 65 Elizabeth Street, Pemberton, N. J. 0 Theta Nu Sigma 3, 4. ROSALIE A. NOTO, 434 Warren Stree, Phillipsburg, N. J. 0 Zeta Tau Sigma 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 3, Student Education Association 4. LOIS LYNN NOVACK, 311 Melrose Avenue, Middlesex, N. J. 0 Ex- change Committee 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, 4, Arguromuthos Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, Treasurer 4, Student Education Association 1, 2. JOANNE T. NOWICKI, 365 Riviera Drive, Bricktown, N. J. o Stu- dent Curricula Committee 3, Sigma Sigma 1, 3, 4, Pledgemaster 2, Stu- dent Education Association 1, 4, Vice-President 2, President 3, Social Studies Association 2, 3,.4. RICHARD D. NYE, 35 Locker Street, Beachwood, N. J. 0 Phi Alpha Delta 1, 4, vice-President 2, Secretary 3. MARGARET OBERT, 2 Mine Street, Flemington, N. J. 0 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Student Education As- sociation 4, Music Educators National Conference 1, 2, Treasurer 3, President 4. CHARLES R. OLSZEWSKI, 1070 Forest Drive Ancora, Hammonton, N. J. 0 Drama, Major Role 3, 4, Minor Role 1, 3, Chorus 2. ELAINE ORLICK, 40 Bridge Street, Sewaren, N. J. 0 Arguromuthos Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, WRA 1, Student Education Association 2. PATRICIA OWENS, 423 Middlesex Avenue, Woodbridge, N. J. 0 Lambda Mu 1, 2, 3, 4. SUSAN PAPP, 665 Amboy Avenue, Fords, N . J. 0 WRA 1, 2, 4. JANE PARR, 344 Avenue A, Bayonne, N. J. 0 Arguromuthos Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Women's Physical Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4.- EDWARD PARRISKI, 394 Hewitt Street, Trenton 1, N . J. 0 Phi Alpha Delta 1, 2, 3, 4. GARY M. PARSONS, 138 South Green Street, Tuckertown, N. J. 0 Student Executive NSA Coordinator 4, Sigma Tau Chi 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1. FRANK C. PATTERSON, 80 Asbury Street, Trenton, N. J. 0 Theta Nu Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Mu Alpha 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, MENC 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN SCOTT PEMBER, 82 Kuhlthau Avenue, Milltown, N. J. 0 Mo- tion Picture Committee 1, Class Vice-President 3, New House Presi- dent 3, Drama Minor Role 3, Signal 3, Feature Editor 4, Chimes Edi- torial Board 1, 2, Editor-in-Chief 4, WTSC Assistant Manager 1. MARIE PERONE, 400 Verona Avenue, Elizabeth, N. J. 0 WRA 3, 4, Women's Physical Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3. THOMAS PETERSACK, 47 Green Row, Oxford, N. 0 Phi Mu' Al- pha 3, 4, Baseball 1, Men's Intramural Council 2. MARY ANN PETRICK, 2368 Pennington Road, Trenton, N. J. F iremen fight smoke and heat of N orsworthy fire. I ttf, .Wu RICHARD JOHN Pm GMCE sow 1' L NWN! new at oBEHT P' lan cn 1, T ,ont POTI nnwlivn A d,tion1,2,3 AN PUB 22, 2, 3, 4. JAMCE H411 Zen Tau 5151 ,notation 1. .nNE RAGt Sig1na1,2,3, ISABELLE f theanSig1na1 PATRICIA S. tions and Lin lambda Mu 1 3,4. noon T. RE dent Exchange Treasurer 4. ERIN HEILLl 1, 2, 3, Kappa I IOHN T. REIL SUZANNE RE ation 1. I lLiRY SUE R Chit Cabinet It UUH Association IADISLAUS R WY ELAINE lUIJ1anSigma 2, MET I. H051 ft 4' Tf941Surer ioociation 1, 2, f',HgL not n Offetttondi WINE T. no 7-' "0me p nmA550dahlJl1l CLAIRE E. non al' ,i 4' -H , . , , 5, "' V ,H ff' . , ,,. , , ' 'fl' - xg , A. ' L.. ff ,' .dpi , , -51, y' ,, X - ,,, .,,. , if? --- F: ai - 1 ,' 1-4' 'N ' A i NP. ' ,, 5 . to 1933155 wtluqauon M IREHT Won nW,f'E4s Stud NCR fl u"'0'Hol 625W.I r N r 1 mfg, N I rhsoehgagfeu I ' SA, ' "Er sndeiiliiiiriiios tn ttown N ledge! 'i"Stn. Presiilariiei-2,5095 ' 1 l, N' it . Phi Alttlta ,N. 1 ,B d ' and 1, itftrtitgi ln s anmonlm, i. Q Ar siaiion 2. gmomuthns N. J, O 'WRA 1, 2, 4. 'tillromuthos S' rcatiorr mgociggiz n 1: N' 1' Tuckertown, N. 1, a .11 Clli 2, 3, 4, Bagket. renton, N. 1. 0 Then . 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorrn 1, Milltown, N. I. 4 Mo 3, New House Prei- Editor 4, Chimes Edi- lstant Manager 1. till, 9 an ii 3, 4, Booster Club 2, .ds N' 1, 0 Phi rrr Al' ,d, Trenton, N. l- E PEYSER, 705 4th Avenue, Asbury P k, N. . G 2, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3. ar I O amma NE A. PICOU, 1257 Rose Street, Plainfield, N. J, o A - Ixllilds Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, College Ch0r11S 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Edubilfi-dh Association 1. RICHARD PIERSON, 242 Park Lane, Trenton, N. J. JOHN PIETROWSKI, 150 Flock Road, Trenton, N. J. E M. PIRHER, 43 Virginia Street, So th R' , N. . S' 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Associatioli 4. wer J . lgma MARIANNE PONDAK, 725 South Valley Avenue, Vineland, N, J, o Elections and Limitation Committee 2, Social Services Committee 2, Philomathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Sanson House Council 4. ROBERT POOLE, 1207 Lincoln Avenue, Burlington, N. J. o Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 4, Historian 3, New House Treasurer 3, Football 1, JQAN POTPINKA, 135 Fourth Avenue, Roebling, N. J. 0 Womelfs Recreation Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Women's Physical Education Asso- ciation 1, 2, 3, 4- SUSAN PURSELL, 51 Elizabeth Avenue, Sussex, N. J. 0 Ionian Sig- ma 1, 2, 35 4' JANICE RADZIKOWSKI, 16 Wadsworth Terrace, Cranford, N. J. 0 Zeta Tau Sigma 1, 2, 4, Recording Secretary 3, Student Education As- sociation 1. ANNE RAGAZZO, 127 Mott Street, Trenton, N. J. 0 Philomathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. ISABELLE RAGAZZO, 127 Mott Street, Trenton, N. J. o Philoma- thean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA S. RAKACS, 91 Benjamin Street, Cranford, N. J. 0 Elec- tions and Limitations Committee 2, 3, Social Services Committee 3, Lambda Mu 1, 2, 3, 4, Williams House President 3, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. JACOB T. REGIEC, 114 South 11th Avenue, Manville, N. J. 0 Stu- dent Exchange Committee 3, 4, Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, New House Treasurer 4. ERIN REILLY, 381 Stelton Road, New Market, N. J. I Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, Kappa Delta Pi 4. JOHN T. REILLY, 47 Sandstone Lane, Levittown, N. J. SUZANNE REILLY, R.D. ii'4, Box 340, Jackson, N. J. 0 Tau Epsilon Chi li 2, 3, Signal 1, Kappa Delta Pi 4, Student Education Associ- ation . MARY SUE RITTER, 221 White Marsh Way, Cherry Hill, N. J. 0 Class Cabinet Member 4, Signal 1, Kappa Delta Pi 4, Student Educa- tion Association 1, 2, 3. LADISLAUS ROKOSZ, 514 Willow Street, Lakehurst, N. J. MARY ELAINE RONCA, 164 Atlantic Avenue, Long Branch, N. J . 0 Ionian Sigma 2, 3, 4, Band 3, Choir 1, MENC 1, 4. JANET I. ROSE, 41 Jacob Street, Bloomfield, N. J. 0 Nu Delta Chi 1, 4, 'Treasurer 2, 3, WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Women's Physical Education Association 1, 2, 4, Vice-President 3. CAROL ANN ROSS, 5 Water Street, Belvidere, N. J. 0 Sigma Sigma 1, 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, 4. JEANNE T. RUBBA, 733 Bella Donna Avenue, South Egg Harbor, N. J. 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, 3, Signal 1, Feature Editor 2, Student Educa- tion Association 1, 2. CLAIRE E. RUDEN fMrs.J, 7 Campbell Road, Kendall Park, N. J. VIRGINIA RUSSELL, 387 Brunswick Avenue, Trenton, N. J. IOAN LYNN RYDELL, Box 325, R.D. ill, Blairstown, N. J. 0 Social Services Committee 3, Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 1, Seal 3, 4, Stu- dent Education Association 1, 2. ROBERT SANDOR, 206 New Street, New Brunswick, N. J. 0 Kappa Delta Pi 4, Student Education Association 4. LAWRENCE J. SARNER, 23 18th Street, Brigantine, N. J. 0 Drama girior Role 2, WTSC Radio Station Program Manager 2, Kappa Delta NIORMAN SCHAAB, Cologne Avenue, Cologne, N. J. 0 Delta Chi Ep- 31011 1, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, 4, Signal Photography Edltor 5 Student Education Association 1, 2. 12-GARY LOU SCHACK, 165 Wright Plaza, New Brunswick, N. 0 3 HSS Cabinet 2, 4, Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Intersorority Council 2, , 45 Basketball, WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Drama 2, 3, 4. iles-ANNE. M. SCHIPPER, 97 Grand Avenue, Ridgefield Park, N. J. 2 Oman 31811121 1, 2, 3, 4, Lakeside President 3, Choir 1, Orchestra ,3,4, Chorus 2, 3, MENC 3, 4. I . y , X, in ! . fi if' t K pf, 2 ' . lin! !2Q?f':i A .r Est at Llii iM WWA fi. r ,Eff 53, "Qin 'I 'Nfl . if fff., .ily NLR'-.2 ' 'JPY 9' Campus construction necessitates the construction of a bridge. FRANCIS SCHMID, 201 Madison Street, Riverside, N. J. SUSAN SCHNEIDER, 1260 Edgewood Avenue, Trenton 8, N. J . 0 Student Executive Board 1, Lambda Mu 1, 2, 3, 4. MARIJEAN SCHOFIELD, 201 Clearfield Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Gamma Sigma 3, 4. EILEEN SCHULMAN, 776 Boulevard, Bayonne, N. J. JOAN SCHUTZ, 1403 Richmond Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Choir 1, 2, 3, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, MENC 1, 2, 3, 4. MARTHA I. SCULL, 18 E. Lindley Avenue, Pleasantville, N. J. STEPHEN T. SCURATO, 711 Lee Avenue, New Brunswick, N. J. EUGENE R. SEAMAN, Box 115, Glen Gardner, N. J. 0 Signal 3. NORINA SEHRING, 602 Hudson Avenue, Rivervale Westwood, N. J. 0 Safety and Traffic Committee 2, 3, Signal 1, News Editor 2, Asso- ciate Editor 3, Seal 1, Section Editor 2, Kappa Delta Pi 4. WILLIAM C. SEIPLE, Mounted Route 12, Phillipsburg, N. J. 0 Theta Nu Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Soccer 3, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, College Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Apgar Society 1, 2, 3. JOYCE SHAFTO, Karen Avenue, Neptune, N. J. 0 Philomaethean Sig- ma 1, 2, Vice-President 3, President 4. JOANNE KATHLEEN SHEEHAN, 110 North Jerome Avenue, Mar- gate, N. J. LORETTA SHENKO, 10 Spring Street, South River, N. J. Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, WRA 2, 4, Seal 4, Student Education Association 4. DALE SIAM, 98 Robinson Place, Shrewsbury, N. J. 0 Nu Delta Chi 1, 3, 4, Pledgemaster 2, Chorus 3, Music Educators National Confer- ence 4. SIMA SUSSWIEN SILVER lMrs.J, 33 North Dean Avenue, Trenton, N. J. E MAY SIMPSON, 122 H mestead Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 lags? Beta Xi 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 1,02, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Music Edu- cators National Conference 1, 2, 3, 4. HALDRI SJOVOLD, R.D. 32, Box 194-A, Milford, N. J. 0 Nu Delta Chi 1, 2, 3. NATALIE SKRZYDLINSKI, 919 Beeay Street, Trenton, N. J. o Argu- romuthos Sigma 1. BARBARA SMITH, 67 Randall Road, Princeton, N. J. CONTENT SMITH, 661 Rosedale Road, Princeton, N. J. REN SMITH, 14 Eat Powell Street, Millville, N. MltRgJAEt1?qE1gKji1d Limitations Committee 2 3' Class Secretary 3, 1- 6 - ' T ,th H - ' 1, 2, 4, R rdmg Secretary 3, Norswo y ouse Cldi-iilciljlll, 2l,glS13mson Houseegouncil 3, 4, WRA 1, 2, 3, 45 B00Sfe1' Club 3. 223 ,F -2"""Hz -'AQ 'f ,1- ROSALYN SMITH, Pascack Avenue, Westwood, N. J. 0 Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Allen House Council 4, WRA 1, 2, 3, 4, Women's Physical Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 3. JUDITH SOBEL, 26-A Stenton Court, Trenton, N. J. WILLA H. SPURGEON, 148 Maple Street, New Providence, N. J. 0 Theta Phi Sigma 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 3, Allen House President 3, Brew- ster House President 4, Women's Recreation Association 1, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2. JOSEPH STEMMLE, JR., 142 Moore Street, Princeton, N. J. JAMES A. STERMAN, 105 Belmont Avenue, Bridgeton, N. J. 0 Delta Chi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Executive Board 4, Executive Com- mittee 2, 3, College Union Committee 3, 4, Apgar Society 1, 2, 3, President 4, Radio Station 1. CHARLOTTE STILES, 82 North Main Street, Medford, N. J. 0 Stu- dent Education Association 4. GAYLE ARLENE STOKLEY, 340 Edsam Avenue, Pitman, N. J. 0 Student Executive Board Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Exchange Commit- tee 4, USNSA 3, Gamma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 2, 3, Seal Business Manager 3, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4, Student Education Association 4, International Club 4. NORMA STOY, 170 North Union Street, Lambertville, N. J. 0 Nu Delta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Pi 4. J. WILLIAM STRYKER, 32 Stuart Aveniue, Trenton 8, N. J. 0 Ex- change Committee 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, WTSC Radio Station Manager 2, 3, Technical Director 1, Apgar Soci- ety 4, International Club 3, 4, Human Relations Project 3, Hlunan Rights Committee 3, 4. FLORENCE SUSSER, 141 Franklin Street, Verona, N. J. LEAMOND SUTTON, 16 East Green Street, Millville, N. J. 0 Safety and Traffic Committee 2, 3, 4, Delta Chi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2, MENC 4. ROSALIE TARNOFF, Perry Street, Dover, N. J. 0 Tau Epsilon Chi 1, 2, Barret House Council Vice-President 4, Signal 3, Student Educa- tion Association 1. CHRISTINE E. TAYLOR, Whitehall Farma, Pittstown, N. J. 0 Argu- romutlios Sigma 1, 2, 4, Alumni Secretary 3, Band 3, Student Educa- tion Association 4. NANCY TERINGER, 44 Cooper Avenue, Somerset, N. J. 0 Philoma- thean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. PENELOPE TERRITO, 29 McKinley Avenue, Trenton, N. J. JUDITH THERKELSEN, 32 Milton Avenue, Metuchen, N. J. 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 1. KATHLEEN THOMPSON, 322 Beechwood Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 3, Chimes Editorial Board 2, 3, 4. ROBERT R. THOMPSON, 946 Hillcrest Road, Ridgewood, N. J. o Student Executive Board Representative 4, Phi Epsilon Kappa 1, 2, 4, Vice-President 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, MAA 3, 4. BARBARA TREMBLAY, 116 Wilmuth Street, Mahwah, N. J. 0 Stu- dent Education Association 4. PHYLLIS TRENCH, 107 Wheeler Avenue, Westwood, N. J. 0 Zeta Tau Sigma 1, 2, Orchestra 1, Seal 3, Synchronized Swimming 1, 2. ROBERT E. TROUT, 187 Atlantic Street, Bridgeton, N. J. 0 Theta Nu Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Bliss Hall Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1. CATHERINE UPTON, 437 W. 5th Avenue, Roselle, N. J. 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, 3, 4, Womenis Physical Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. CAROL UTESS, 120 Parsippany Road, Whippany, N. J. 0 Nu Delta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 1, 2, Student Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA VALASIN, 3 High Street, Carteret, N. J. 0 Exchange gognnlittee 4, Lambda Mu 2, 3, 4, Choir 2, Orchestra 2, MENC 1, CAROLYN VAN HISE, Allentown, N. J. 0 Gamma Sigma 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 3, 4, Booster Club 1. IRMA VELA, 12 Leonard Street, Dover, N. J. 0 Tau Epsilon Chi 1, 2, 4, President 3. JANE VINCZ, 112C Johnson Place, South River, N. J. CHARLES VITOLA, 28 Rivington Avenue, West Long Branch, N. J. 0 Student Executive Board Representative 2, Sigma Tau Chi 1, Phi rlillpsiiori Kappa 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 1, 2, 3, rac . THOMAS VIVARELLI, 730 cherry siioor, Vineland, N. J. e Phi Epsilon Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4, Soccer 3, 4, Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN U. WALLACE, 25 State Park Drice, Titusville, N. J. ROBERT WALTON, 2735 Main Street, Lawrenceville, N. J, SUSAN WARREN, 55 Benson Avenue, Westwood, N. J. 0 Lambda Mu 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2, 3. I 224 BARBARA WARWICK, 226 Cuyler Avenue, Trenton, N. J. KATHLEEN A. WAUTERS, 2671 Main Street, Lawrenceville, N. J. 0 Intersorority Council 3, Zeta Tau Sigma 1, 4, Vice-President 3, Pledge Master 2, WRA 1, 2, Vice-President 3, President 4. CAROL WEAVER, 187 Pennington Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Student Education Association 3, 4. JOYCE W. WEBSTER, 1012 17th Avenue, West Belmar, N. J. 0 Social Services 3, Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, WRA 1, 2, 3, Wesley 3, 4. BARBARA WEISMAN, 88 Locust Avenue, West Long Branch, N. J. 0 Zeta Tau Sigma 2, 3, 4, Seal 1, 2, 3, Student Education Association 1, 2, 4. PHYLLIS JOAN WEISS, 327 Harper Place, Highland Park, N. J. O Lambda Mu 1, 2, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3. MARJORIE WELLER, 168 Freeman Street, Woodbridge, N. J. 0 Zeta Tau Sigma 1, 2, 3. MARGARET WESTLING, 136 West Gibbons Street, Linden, N. J. 0 Omega Psi 1, 2, 4, Corresponding Secretary 3, Kappa Delta Pi 3, 4. JOAN M. WETZEL, 1236 Golf Terrace, Union, N. J. 0 Theta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4, WRLA 3, 4, Women's Physical Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. RUSSEL WILBERT, 71 New Kirk Avenue, Trenton, N. J. 0 Sigma Tau Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTH WILEY, Main Road, Hewitt, N. J. 'O Kappa Beta Xi 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 1, Kappa Delta Pi 3, Historian-Reporter 4, Student Educa- tion Association 1, Historian 2, Recording Secretary 3, 4. GAIL TODD WILKINSON, 3-44 31st Street, Fair Lawn, N. J. 0 Zeta Tau Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2, 4. RICHARD WILLEY, 4 Malaga Drive, Trenton, N. J. MARYANNE WIMBERG, 556 St. Louis Avenue, Egg Harbor, N. J. 0 Philomathean Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Sanson House President 4. CAROL WOJCIECHOWSKI, 146 Jersey Street, Trenton, N. J. 0 Kappa Beta Xi 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 1, 2, 3, 4. DIANA WONG, 50 Wellington Place, Westwood, N. J. 0 Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Education Association 1. MARY LOUISE YOUNG, 546 Linden Avenue, Woodbridge, N. J. 0 Zeta Tau Sigma 1, Historian 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, Presi- dent 4, Norsworthy Council 3, Student Education Association 2, 3. JOYCE YOVINO, 24 Grove Avenue, Metuchen, N . J. 0 Philomathean Sigma 1, 3, 4, Pledge Master 2, Brewster House Vice-President 3, Women's Recreation Association 2, Choir 1, 2, Student Education As- sociation 1, 4, Booster Club 1. PATRICIA ZAMBRANO, 364 Westwood Avenue, Long Branch, N. J. 0 Ionian Sigma 1, 2, 4, Corresponding Secretany 3, WRA1, Student Education Association 2. GAIL ZIMMER, 25-26 Southern Drive, Fair Lawn, N. J. 0 Student Executive Board Representative 1, Social Services Committee 3, 4, Motion Picture Committee 2, 3, Student Exchange Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, USNSA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, McLees Council Representative 3, Vice-President 4, Drama Minor Role 3, Signal 1, Copy Editor 2, 3, 4, Apgar Society 1, 2, Treasurer 3, 4, International Club 3, 4, Human Relations 3, 4. ELLWOOD C. ZIMMERMAN, Morris Street, Stewartsville, N. J. 0 Theta Nu Sigma 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 4, Music Educators National Conference 1, 2, 3, 4. MARTHA J. ZIPCO, Scott Road, Franklin, N. J. 0 Sigma Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4, Signal 1, Student Education Association 3, 4. NAMES SELECTED FOR NEW CAMPUS BUILDINGS Dormitory for women ............,, VERNETTA F, DECKER HALL Health and physical education building MARIANNA G. PACKER HALL Industrial arts building ............ FRED O. ARMSTRONG HALL Music building ...,... ,,,,,,- M ABEL E, BRAY HALL BOT! ITH C- AB iii ACC'AV'fm JOHN E- AGM BARBARA A' ALE 4 E ANDREEFF OSEMABY AUEH LJIRGINIA BADINI ARA BADISHI mlm BALLAR CAROL ANN BARN GAYLE BARTON PATRICIA BECK SANDRA BECK ...... . BEVERLY M. BERK JERRY BEROSH ...., LINDA BEVI-:LH1-in CAROL BIESKY ...... SUSAN BIESKY ...... LOIS BINOVI .......... PATRICIA BISHOP . QUILLIE BIVENS .. JOHN H. BLACK .... RITA BLANCO ........ SHEILA BETH BLO CAROL BRADBURY DEAN BRAIIS ........ . PAUL BREEN ,......... CAROL BRENNAN - EILEEN BRODY ..... SAM BRUCCOLERI Lois BRUNISHOLZ Lois BUCKMAN ..... KATHERINE BUONQ IHENE BURRIS ........ WILLIAM N. CAP glAHIANNE N. CAIIEEP CHEM CAPUTO GAIL CPXIRNE CARD1 CHESTER MIGNANI CARSTEN IONNIE CAR EOROTHY MRM CASALE , IUSTINE CHILD A IUDITH ANN C5 CLAIRE CLARK U C CLYIJITNN . co,-,N MABJLYN E LUDITH Al QOH Pm COHN EN BEIYLLIS JUDTEYHJANE MARY ANN JUDY BETH JUDITEIOSISVE MA'WEs CESVER HARD MYRON C515 MAN Ne - 0 31, N Vesled I Auth. N. A Assuqiamlli ark. N. I, Ee, N. I , dan Elia Pi -31.5 I Then, Ssociition 1, -l-'Sigma H Xi l, 2, 3 tdent Eduwj lwnn N. I, O U 1, 2, 4. tlarbor, N, int 4. 1011, 3 Jn 1, 2, 3, 4, I l- I Ionian tbridge, N. 1. :tary 3, Presi- :iation 2, 3. Philoniatliean e-President 35 Education is- . Branch, N. I. RA lg Student I 1, o Student mmittee 3, 41 111111111109 1, A cLees CUUDU1 .e 35 Signal 1' lg lnternationil lwllles N' ' ,lg 0161195151 A1 igma Sigma lt CKER HALL ICKEHHAL QONG HALL nlttlw -------- ---------- 3 CllfltO1'1 PL, HaCkenSaCk TOM ACCIAVATT1 -.----------- -------- 2 610 Arctic Ave., Atlantic City JOHN E, ACINS ........---------------A-,-----------. 38 Hartley Ave., Trenton 90 BARBARA A. ALEXANDRE .......... 235-D Reiellelt Rd., New Milford BARBARA ANDERSON .-..----- -------. 6 2 Merritt Ave., Neptune City IIIENE ANDREEFF ....----- ---.-........... 5 3 Hudson St., Freehold RQSEMARY AUER ....... --------.--.,.......... 3 9 George St., Millfown VIRGINIA BADINI .......... ..................... 3 9A Davis St., Phillipsburg BARBARA BADISHIAN ........ 245 Coolidge Ave., Hasbrouck Heights ANTONIA BALLARE ....---------------- 117 Haddon Pl., Upper Mgntclair CAROL ANN BARNWELL ---------,---------- 873 BOgCI't Rd., River Edge GAYLE BARTON ........---.-----------------------. 2203 3rd Ave., Spring Lake PATRICIA BECK ................. ........ 1 18 So. 5th Ave., Highland perk SANDRA BECK ............. BEVERLY M. BERKE ..... 334 H21rClWiClC St., Belvidere 225 Crestview Dr., Red Bank JERRY BEROSH ........-....------ ------.- 4 8 Knight Ave., Clementon LINDA BEVELHEIMER ........ ....... 3 27 Orenda Circle, Westfield CAROL BIESKY ............... .......... 3 04 River Ave., Belmar SUSAN BIESKY ......... .......... 3 04 River Ave., Belmar LOIS BINOVI ................ ....... 2 1 Jenny Lane, Park Ridge PATRICIA BISHOP ...... QUILLIE BIVENS ........ 120 Boesel Ave., Manville 24 W. Ingham Ave., Trenton JOHN H. BLACK ................. .................. 4 08 Prince St., Bordentown RITA BLANCO ................................ 1009 Arnold Ave., Point Pleasant SHEILA BETH BLOOM ........ ........... 5 2 Van Duyn Dr., Trenton 8 CAROL BRADBURY ........ DEAN BRATIS .............. PAUL BREEN ............ CAROL BRENNAN ....... EILEEN BRODY ........... SAM BRUCCOLERI ..... 157 Beech St., Belleville 146 Oakland St., Trenton 6 Powder Works Rd., Kenvil 184 Bogert Rd., River Edge 34 Shelby Ave., Paramus 23 Clover Ave., Trenton LOIS BRUNISHOLZ ............... .................... 6 Aster Ter., Mendham LOIS BUCKMAN .............................. 270 Hollywood Ave., West End KATHERINE BUONOCORE ............ 629 Garfield Ave., lersey City 5 IRENE BURRIS ........................................ 311 Conover St., Burlington WILLIAM R. CAPIE ............................ 201 Reading Ave., Barrington MARIANNE N. CAPP ...... 414 Garden State Dr., Cherry Hill Estates BARBARA CAPUTO ........................................ 246 New St., Belleville CATHERINE CARDINAL ...... ........... 1 51 Irvington Ave., Yardville GAIL CARMIGNANI ........... ..... 4 35 Commonwealth Ave., Trenton CHESTER CARSTEN ..,,.,,..,,,,,,,,.,,............ 100 Purnell Ave., Palmyra ,IONNIE CARTER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, 194 Chippewa Trail, Medford Lakes DOROTHY CARTWRIGHT ..............,........... 10 Eton Pl., Eatontown BARBARA CASALE .......................... 702 Raritan Ave., Perth AIIlb0Y MURIEL GAWLEY .................. 515 John Mitchell Ave., Phil1ipS1Jl1Ig ARISTOMEN CHILAKOS .............. 240 Raritan Ave., Highland Park IUSTINE CHILDS .................. ....... 6 0 Columbia Ave., Hopewell IUDITH ANN CHUNKO ....... ..,......... o aklawn Ter., Vineland CLAIRE CLARK .............................................. 335 Tioga St., Trenton MARIA CHRISTINE CLARK ............ 110 Femwood Ave., Burlington MARY LOU CLARK .......... 4084 Nottingham Way, Hamilton Square CAROL CLYDESDALE. ...,.......................... 72 Rutherford Pl., Keamy PAM COANE ....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 305 Pingree Ave., Trenton MARILYN COCUZZA ....,....... 47 Congressional Parkway, LiVingSt0f1 IUDITH A. COHEN ....., ,..,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,.,.., 2 92 Madison St., Passaic BETH COHN ..........,....,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,.,,,,,,, C enter Grove Rd., Dover PHYLLIS COLACUORI ....... ..... 3 3 Freeman Pl., West Orange BETTY JANE COLEMAN JUDITH ANN COLLIGANU--U ' MARY BETH COLTON .... JUDY CONOVER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , IUDITH CONOVER .......... R- JAMES cooen ............,. .,,..... RICHARD A. COPPOLA .. MYRON CORMAN ............ R, D, 411, Stockton 15 Dix St., New Brunswick 49 Fitch St., Carteret 53 Kings Rd., Chatham 124 Troy Hills Rd., Whippany Brunswick Ave., Bloomsbury 567 So. Clinton Ave., Trenton 54 Lake Dr., Roosevelt DONALD COTGREAVE ............ DIANE CREITZ .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NANCY CRUM ..,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, JANET DALY ................. MAIJA DAMBIS ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 561 Cedar Ave., West Long Branch - -------------- -----.- 2 18 Palisade Rd., Linden Washington Ave., Titusville 33 Hoover St., North Arlington 619 River Dr., East Paterson CLAIRE DAMBROSIO ................ 124 Westwood Ave., Long Branch CATHERINE DANI-'EY ------- ----------- 5 6 Evergreen Rd., New Egypt BERNICE DAVIES ........... FRANK DE GREZIA ........ CAROL DEISCHER ...... DIANE DELATUSH ........ CAROLE ANN DELL ......... CONRAD DE RETIS ........... 125 Waterwitch Ave., Highlands 1013 Main St., Paterson 221 Lawton Ave., Cliffside Park 7 Sheraton Lane, Rumson 825 Plum St., Vineland 232 Commonwealth Ave., Trenton FLORENCE DE ROBERTIS-U-.HT ..... 315 Wyoming Ave., Audubon 6 ROSE MARIE DE SANTIS .... 920 Pleasant Valley Way, West Orange MARGUERITE DEUTZ ---------............. 8 Wendover Rd., Yardley, Pa. JUDY DEWITT ------------- ............. 2 9 Patton Dr., Trenton 8 ELLIN DIEHL ----------- ............... 2 0 Wilson Ave., Chatham SUSAN DISNEY ----------- ........ 4 9 Brandywine Rd., Ho-Ho-Kus CAROLE DI GRAZIA ---.-. .................... 2 0 Park Row, Wallington CARL DIX ------------------..-. ......... 2 754 Nottingham Way, Trenton SUSAN DOERT -.-.-...-............... .......... 4 8 Peartree Lane, Levittown BARBARA DOMANSKI .......................... 111 George St., South River JANICE ANN DONALDSON ........ .... 6 91 Millbrook Rd., River Edge PATRICIA DONNELLY .......................... 118-66 St., West New York WILLIAM GEORGE DONNELLY ........ 14 Bentley Ave., Trenton 9 EVAN R. DOPF ..........................,. 860 Bogert Rd., River Edge CAROL DURMER ............................ 1350 Edgewood Ave., Trenton 8 CLARE DVORANCHIK ....... WILLIAM DYER .............. EVELYN DYROFF ............... CAROLEE EARNHART .............. CHRISTINE EBERHARDT ........ 395 Devon St., Keamy 74 Union St., Medford RD 1754, Box 350, Jackson 203 Prospect St., Phillipsburg 74 Magnolia Rd., Iselin LYNNE BARI ECKER ........................ 639 Woodland St., Trenton 10 NANCY LEE EDWARDS ........... 252 Wilson Ave., Trenton DIANE ELLEL .......... 12 Harbor Terrace Apartments, Perth Amboy KATHY EMERSON ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,................ 405 Division St., Trenton PATRICIA M, ENGELMAN ,,,,,, ,,.,,, 1 21 Runyon Ave., Middlesex LORRAINE ERHARDT ........... ........ 1 22 Railroad Ave., Alpha M ARIANNE ESTERHOY ,,,,,,,,, ..,,,.... 3 21 S. Main St., Manvilie PATRICIA EVANKO ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.... 11 Heath St., Trenton ALICE C, FAGANS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 48 Chester Ave., Riverside JUDITH LANNING FAHERTY tMrs.J .........--- 3 Poplar Bde Ringoes P. GWENDOLYN FARBER tMfe.J .................. Box 116, Flemington- Whitehouse Rd., R.D. 33, Flemington IOANNA In FEDEYKO ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 805 State St., Perth Amboy GERTRUDE FEII-, --,,-,,,,,,,' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, C enter Street, Highlands ROXANNE I:-ELLNER ,,,,,,, ,..,,.... 5 Baywood Blvd., Osbomville .--.---'---.---- ,-.,--,,-,,,,,-,,,,, H OlII1eS Ave., Vineland SYDNEY FIEMAN -"-,,,,.,,,- -,,,,,,,,,,, 3 50 Gardner Ave., TI'ent0n DARRAH FITZGERALD .............. 105 Throop Ave., New Brunswick MARIE FOGGIA ,-,--,,,-,'.,-,- ,,,-,,,, 7 3 Second Ave., LOI1g BI'211'lCh MARGARET FOI-,EY --,----,- ,,,,,,,,, 2 23 Day Ave., Cliffside Park -----'---"-..--.-- ----.,. 2 4 Ngrth Main St., L3.I'flbCl'tVil-le BRUCE H. FOSTER ...... ..... 8 8 Millville Rd., Mays Landing THOMAS FOX ,,,,,,,,,,,, 16 Mansfield Ave., East Br1111SWiCk BONNIE FRAME ...-.--------- FREDY J. FRUHBEIS ------- --------- ROCHELLE FUCHS ...... JUDITH CALVIN ....... GAIL GANT ............. ..-- MARIE GARDNER ........ ALBERT G. GASIOR ......... ROY W. GASKILL ------------ - JAMES W. GELTCH ......... 410 Washington St., Toms River 180 Johnson Ave., Dumont 52 N. Arlington Ave., East Orange 594 Adamston Rd., Osbomville 304 Church Rd., Brick Town 25 Levinson Ave., South River 1384 Whitman Ave., Camden 426 Cedar Ave., Highland Park 30 Partridge Ave., TTCHIOH 225 t SUZANNE GEMZA .............. CARMELA GENOVESE ...... BETSY GILLINGHAM ........ JAMES GILROY ................ JUDITH C. GLASPEY ......... NANCY GLOECKNER ........ MARILYN GOLDFINE ........ 148 Prospect St., Garfield 94 Lanning Ave., Penns Grove 2 Worthington Ave., Spring Lake 11 Belair Ave., Maple Shade Box 115, Greenwich 66 Sherwood Rd., Tenafly 67 Main St., Englishtown SHIRLEY GOODMAN .................... 19 Cedar Ave., North Bnmswick SUSAN GOODWIN ........................ 3441 Quaker Bridge Rd., Trenton MARY ANN GORTATOWSKI 236 Bunting Ave., Trenton JO ANN GRAZIANO ...................... 2350 Nottingham Way, Trenton MICHAEL GRECCO ................ 32 Simpson Ave., Atlantic Highlands JUDY GRENELL ........... .......... 1 55 Lake Shore Drive, Rockaway JOHN GROENVELD ........... ....... 3 09 Park Ave., Collingswood MARIE GROSSO ...................... ............. 4 93 Highland Ave., Orange ELEANOR GUEAR fMrs.D ................ 395 Lakeside Blvd., Trenton 10 JUDITH GUERIN ................................ 12 Blackstone Dr., Livingston DOROTHY N. GUERNSEY CMrs.J .....,........ 430 Sked St., Pennington CHRIS GUNDLACH ............................ 381 Sutton Ave., Hackensack V. AURELIE GURDA ...................... 36 Fairmount Ave., Hackensack HELEN GUSSIS ........ 44 Guilden St., New Brunswick ARLEEN GUZIK ........ .................. 2 48 North 5th Ave., Manville RUSSELL HABEEB ...... ........................... V an Dyke Rd., Hopewell JOE HABERKERN ................ 207 N. Montpelier Ave., Atlantic City FAYE HAFITZ ............................................ 376 Perwyn Ave., Trenton NELSON HALL .......................................... 316 Parisen Ave., Bayville VERNON HALLOWELL ....... .......... E ayrestown Rd., Mt. Holly CAROL HANDERHAN ....... ...................... 1 63 Liberty St., Fords JANE HANN ...................... ...... 5 Farnsworth Ave., Bordentown DIANA L. HARBESON ....... ...................... H ollister Rd., Towaco DOUGLAS HARRIS ......... GAIL HARRIS ......,.......,..,. BARBARA HARTUNG ......... PATRICIA HASOHAK ...... JOAN HAUSTOWICH ......... JUDY HAVRILLA ................... 5112 Madison Ave., Burlington 1535 8th Ave., Neptune Box 349, R.D. -Til, Andover 38 Martindale Rd., Clifton 134 Gary Dr., Trenton 90 47 Beech Ave., Trenton MARJQLYN HEALY fMrs.l .................. 150 Johnston Ave., Trenton 9 BARBARA HEMINGWAY ....... ...... 1 40 Washington Ave., Elizabeth SANDRA HENCINSKI ......... .................. 1 13 Brace Rd., Cherry Hill CAROL HIGGINS ......... ........ 2 14 Burrwood Ave., Collingswood DOROTHY HIRST ........ ...... 1 21 S. Fillmore St., Gloucester City AUDREY I-IOCKIN ........... .............. 2 38 Fowler Ave., Jersey City CHARLES HOFFMAN ............................................ Box 568, Freehold KATHRYN HOLCOMBE ............ 238 W. Delaware Ave., Pennington PATRICIA HOLLIS ............. JOHN HOLLOWAY ......... ANTHONY HORNER ............. 101 Nelson Ave., Trenton 9 1113 Gowdy Ave., Point Pleasant 45 Moorhouse Rd., New Egypt KAREN HOUSEHOLDER ...................... 524 Maple Ave., Trenton 8 HARRIET HOUSTON ................ 18 Rockview Ter., North Plainfield KENNETH R. HOWLETT ............ 128 Summit Ave., Neptune City PHYLLIS HUBLER .................................... 37 Stecher Ave., Riverside DONNA HUBSCH .................... 266 W. Upper Ferry Rd., Trenton 8 MARILYN HUDASKO ........ .......................... 3 0 Seventh St., Fords PATRICIA E. HUGHES .................................. 19 Sturgis Rd., Edison BARBARA HURD ........................ Shore Rd., Cape May Court House JOAN HUTCHISON .......................................... R.D. 45751, Hightstown MARLENE BARBARA ILLARIO ................ 61 Eastern States Pkwy., Somerville RICHARD IVARONE .................................. 12 Hickman Dr., Trenton BONNIE IVORY .................... 157 Chicago Ave., Point Pleasant Beach WILLIAM J. JELINEK ........................ 65 Kaufman Ave., Little Ferry PATRICIA JOBES ............. CAROLYN JOHNSON ........ JANET L. JOHNSON .......... 3 Juniper St., Mt. Holly 137 Pinnacle Rd., Ocean City 1 Eglantine Ave., Pennington JOYCE JOHNSON .................. ....... 6 32 Bloomfield Ave., Clifton MEREDYTHE JOHNSON ...... ............. 1 775 Park Blvd., Camden 3 PATRICK JOHNSON ........... DORCAS JOHNSTON ..... MARILYN N. JONES .......... Clover Hill Gardens, Mount Holly 922 Cleveland Ave., Westfield Law-Penn Rd., Lawrenceville MARILYN B. KADUSON ............ 515 SO. Prospect Ave., Bergenfield ELAINE KAPLAN .............................. 85 Burnet St., New Brunswick ARLENE KARIAN .... 31 Winthrop Rd., Franklin Township, Somerset KATHLEEN KEARNEY ..... I .................... 11 Woods End Rd., Clifton JUNE E. KEDERSHA .............. ....... 2 Lone Oak Rd., Middletown 226 HOLLIE KEEGAN ....... FRAN KENNEDY ......... ANN KENNEY .......... A ARLINE KEREZSI ....... 1 Raymond Str., Englewood Cliffs 312 Division St., Keyport 324 Bradshaw Ave., Haddonfield 12 Florence St., Nixon LORNA C. KERR ................ ........ O ld School La., Laurence Harbor SHIRLEY KERSEY ................. 25 Monroe Ave., Dover JOANNE MARIE KIELY ....... ........ 1 438 Stuyvesant Ave., Trenton JUDITH KLEIN .................. . ................... 325 Fabyan PI., Newark WILLIAM KLEIN ........... MARY KLESKEN ................. 615 Colford Ave., Collingswood 7 111 Harding St., Trenton ELIZABETH KLINGER. ...................... 6 Kathleen Pl., Morris Plains RICHARD KLUMB .......... ....... I 23 East Coranetta Ter., Lakewood GAIL KMIECINSKI ......... .................. 2 10 Woodland Ave., Fords LORRAINE KNAPIK ...... ROBERT KONDRAS .......... V. JOYCE KOPPANYI ......... MARYANN KORCH ........... 490 Johnson Rd., Sicklerville DANIEL KOVALOVSKY MARILEE KOZLOWSKI Box 106, Wharton 309 Redman Ave., Haddonfield 36 Fogarty Dr., Trenton 9 126 Market St., Perth Amboy 9 Taylor Rd., Franklin ELAINE KUCHEN .................... 1503 Wickapecko Dr., Wanamassa JOHN M. KUDRICK ....... ............................ 2 5 Sabo St., Carteret JIM KUSHMERICK ......... ............ 5 3 Finlay Pl., Newark JIM LADOTA ............... ................... 5 Mather St., Bridgeton JOANNE LA FLEUR ...... MICHAEL LAIRD ........... 82 Greenbrook Rd., Dunellen 58 North Hamilton Ave., Trenton 9 JUDY LANNING ........................ 3710 Nottingham Way, Trenton 90 ROSALIND LEVINSON ............................ 31 Sanhican Dr., Trenton DARLENE LIMOLI ........ PAT LIPPINCOTT .................. MARIE H. LODGE ................... 1801 Oaktree Rd., Islin Odessa Ave., Pomona 21 Park Dr., Cherry Hill LORRAINE GLORIA LOUIS .......... - 296 George St., New Brunswick CAROLYN LOVELL ..,............... ....... 5 20 Ewingville Rd., Trenton 8 JOANNE LOVETTE ............... ........ 7 06 N. Shore Road, Marmora ELLEN LUND ................. ...... 1 O1 Willow Ave., No. Plainfield CAROLYN MACIOCH .............................. 384 Carteret Ave., Carteret DANIEL MACLIONE ...................................... 44 Finlay Pl., Newark TOBY J. MAHLER ........ 33 Jefferson St., Menlo Park Ter., Metuchen JOYCE MAIER ...,...,............................ 80 Henderson St., Phillipsburg KAREN MARCASON ................. ...... 1 4 Messer St., East Brunswick CHARLOTTE MARGERUM ............ 12 West Main St., Penns Grove ELIZABETH MARINELLO ...... ....................... 1 39-4th St., Newark BRENDA MARINIELLO ....... ANNETTE MARINO ....... KEN MARTELL ........ ANN MARTIN .................. LEE MARZ .......................... CLAIBORNE H. MASON ALICE MATTHEWS ....... MURIEL W. MATTISON 249 Marvin Ave., Hackensack 104 First Ave., Raritan 2-17 32nd St., Fair Lawn 6 Kings Highway, Middleton 111 Lexington Ave., Westwood 48 South Broad St., Penns Grove 604 E. Second St., Plainfield 76 Broad St., FlemingtOI1 ROBERT MAURO ............... .......... 2 1 Oak Crest Rd., West Orange DELORIS MAZZAGATTI 18 South Madison Ave., Hammonton BARBARA MOCAUSLAND ...................... 728 Sixth Ave., River Edge STEVE MCCLUSKEY .................... 25 West 4th Avenue, Runnemede PATRICIA MOGUIRE ........................ 65 South Logan Ave., TI'6I1t0D KATHLEEN MOLAUGHLIN .............. 246 Poplar Ave., Hacker1SaCk LINDA MEGILL .................................... 12 Third Ave., Neptune City BOB METZ ................ 208 North Main St., Cape May Court House ANTHONY E. MEYER ............................ 22 Carnegie DI., P1'II1CCt01'l BETTY MILLER ...................................... 23 Downing Rd., Trenton 8 JUDITH MARIE MILLER .................... 116 Hamburg Tpke., Wayne RICHARD A. MILLER ...... .....,.. B er 277, Wilfred Ave., Titnsville JEAN MINARD ............... .................... F nr Chase Rd., Chester BARBARA MINKIN ......... ................... 1 6 Ravona St., Clifton FRANK J. MITCHELL ........................ 429 Malibu Way, BriCkf0WH TOM MOLINEUX ..........................,..... 29 Washington Pl., MGFUCIICH SALLY MOLNAR ............ 129 Colonial Ave., Cape May C011If House JOAN C. MONICHETTI .... 219 Mechnic St., Cape May Court House CAROL MOREHOUSE .................................... 793 Ashton St., Raritan SUSAN MORRIS ...............,........ 205 West Kings Highway, Audubon GERALDINE MULLEN ..,........,.........,.......... 1116 Park Ave., Trenton ELAINE MUNI .......,......,,.,, ............ 2 49 Connecticut Ave., Trenton PAULA MURDIOO ....,,... ................ 3 64 Branch Ave., Little Silver ANTHONY NAMI ........,,....,.,.., 3564 Quaker Bridge Rd., Trenton 90 ROBERT W. NANNAY ....... ........ 14 Black Horse Pike, Runnemede 5 ENLNIAEENEWML l YMCHOLSOT IUD NICNLIN EAN OE EILLMM ENISJE GEORGIA O'KEEl E 0NUf DUROTHY CEE 0 ,....... S526 PARRISH . NAEGAHET PAQ? MARTHA Pm TENEE H- PAUL 'T KATHY PAZDAN -A CAROL A. PEASE PATRICIA PEDW ELIZABETH PERB BARBARA PETERSN NANCY PETERSON CAROL PHILIPSON MARY ANNE PICM ION PIEIA .............. DONNA PINKUS DAVID N. POINSEI CAROL JEAN P011 EDWARD POPOWS. CAEDLE PORRONI NTEIANNE Poroci TRUDY PROBSTINC PAT Pson .............. KATHLEEN PURSEI BILL Enzo .............. FRANCINE QUAYLE MARY ALICE QUIGI cnoi Incrosn . CHRISTINE RACZKI HERBERT RADEEP, SHEIIA RANDOLPH HELEN REPKO ........ BAHBAPA REZANKA cANo1 A RICCA - BONNIE RICHEBA8 SUZANNE EICKEII 4 PAUL EIEGEET, ' JANE NIESENFEEIS' ALLEN RIFKIN WENDY RINGEISE. IOANN RUTH Riss ......... IHENE INTTEENTAN' G- RONALD MAH L R- ROBIN YELLEN R0 iiiiim Euzftttlis CIA R0 GAIL ONEY, II-IAN ROSEN Y E mt iii? ROSS 0 ........... JUDY Riff ROUZE AHTA RY ERT ..... B MON mmm, Sm ......,... E SAK0 ........ ggliiiiifggett DA S LY. JO -.... MAA'gSARISK3NSEN JANE S lift! X.. ' W tl .eo 1 we W-.. .1 .----.-- -A - f- - --v-W--"-.:r",..,'Tr"i" or ,I En Vision St C1115 Ave I' Kelp ., H, .on rltgaelloe . 'r lt lumodgeice Ham Sant Avdell Dove' Pl., Zglgollintnvxrl I rr. m',T'et1ton 113 Ter., Uflland Ave., ,gli Bon 106, What: o Rtntttrnrri t S 'I 1, Perth An nn Rd., siddmlfqal allor Fmukli to Dru i Sabo Sr., Cane? the Sr., na Jroolr H gem Bda Dlllltlllen ton Ave., Trentont 1' Wal, Trenton 90 lhimn D1'.,Trenton 1 Oalrtree Rd.,1r1t, ltlessa Ave., Pomom illt Dr., Cherry Hjtl St., New Bmnqnitlr :ville Rd., Trenton8 llore Road, Marmora Ave., No. Plainfield nteret Ave., Carteret l Finlay Pl., Newarlr Park Ter., Metuchen rson St., Plrillipslanrg 1 St, East Brunswick lain St., Penns Grove 139-4tl1 St., Newarl rin Ave., Haclrensadt I4 First Ave., Raritan 32nd St., Fair Lain Highway, Middleton gton Ave., Westwood .md St, Penns Grove Second Sr., Plainfield ,mad st., Flemineltt not Rd., West Orange on Ave., Hamnlonton nh Avel,RlVBIE11ge Avenue, lllmgenlidog Lorne Ate" 'E lil! AVe'r 1 Ave" Nepmnliooe ,pe May Cowl, , 'C Dru Pnncgto ggi nd., Tfttltti E oboe Tvktgemr 'ilfred Ave-1 oter X Chliflotl .6 Mona Slliidldonn t.t:..iif. 0 no May C03 ,nn pg A1311 C0 Bgillll a A5hl0l1SA" ban 93 ' wnlr Audu E, High Ave, rrenttt 161701 ve, Trfelon gh V " ron llridge R0-I one Plkes ELAINE NAROZNIAK ....... 320 Willow Ave., LOI1g Branch JANET NEWALL ------------ ------------------ 3 Keswick Ave., Trenton JUDY NICHOLSON ............... ....... 1 01 East 15th St., Ship Bottom JEAN NICKLIN ....-------------- ------- ------------- 6 1 Sanhican Dr., Trenton WILLIAM E, NORCROSS JB. -----------. 35 Bloomfield La., Levittown GEQRGIA ANNE NUBKO ----------------------------.. Box 407, Robbinsvillo RICIA O'KEEF E 162 Westervelt Ave., North Plainfield PAT """"""" MARIANNE ONUSHKO ------------------ 1130 South Broad St,, Trenton GEORGE OPRE --------------- -------------- 9 Ninth Ave., Roebling ETHEL ORLICK ..........------ -------- 1 4 Herbert Ave., Milltown DOROTHY ORR ........------------- --------......... R oad 32, 'Biidgeton SUSAN LOUISE OSTMAN ------- ------ 3 35 Cedar Ave., Ridgewood ALEX PAPP ........................ ----- ----.. B t . 130, Road Jil, Yardville DQUG PARRISH .................................... 9 Clement Ave., Trentgn 8 MARGARET PARRONCH1 ------------------------ 10 La Grange St., Raritan MARTHA PATTEE ............---------- 429 Evergreen Blvd., Scotch Plains RENEE H. PAUL ...... KATHY PAZDAN ...... CAROL A. PEASE ....... PATRICIA PEDANO ........ ELIZABETH PERRY ....... BARBARA PETERSON ....... NANCY PETERSON ............ 2611 Westfield Ave., Camden 5 309 Mott Ave., Burlington 74 Broad St., Freehold 505 East Broad St., Millville 1675 Burnett Ave., Union 807 Fifth St., Ocean City 7 Navesink Dr., Monmouth Beach CAROL PHILIPSON ............... ..-----...-.. 9 00 85th St., North Bergen MARY ANNE PICARELI.-O ....... .......... 4 1 Altamawr Ave., Trenton JON PIEJA ............................ DONNA PINKUS .............. DAVID N . POINSETT ......... CAROL JEAN POLIACIK ...... EDWARD POPOWSKI ........ CAROLE PORRONI ......... MARIANNE POTOCKI ........ TRUDY PROBSTING ....... PAT PSOTA ....................... KATHLEEN PURSE-LL ....... BILL PUZO ....................... 532 Oakdene Ave., Ridgefield 271 Hobson St., Newark Ellisdale Rd., Allentlown Highway 202-206, Somerville 40 Outlook Ave., Sayreville 301 Bert Ave., Trenton 708 Puritan Ave., Trenton 8 209 Howard St., Riverton 229 Sheridan St., Perth Amboy 418 Knowlton St., Belvidere 27 Glen Stewart Dr., Trenton FRANCINE QUAYLE ................ 335 Norwood Ave., South Plainfield MARY ALICE QUIGLEY ........ ............. 5 Scammell Ave., Trenton 9 CAROL RACKOSKI .................... CHRISTINE RACZKOWSKI HERBERT RADEER ............ SHEILA RANDOLPH ...... HELEN REPKO .............. BARBARA REZAN KA .......... 11 Laurel Ave., Linwood 72 James St., Englewood 45 Swan St., Lambertville 298 Church St., Trenton 646 Beatty St., Trenton Mitchell Ave., Watchung CAROL A. RICCA ................... ..,... 1 77 Madison Ave., River Edge BONNIE RICHEBACHER ...... ...... 2 04 Greenland Ave., Trenton 8 SUZANNE RICKER .......... PAUL RIEGERT .,..,,,,,,.,,,,, JANE RIESENFELD ........ 113 Washington St., Westfield 217 Southview Dr., Cherry Hill Box 151, R.D. 3, Jackson ALLEN RIFKIN ....................... .............. V illage Road, Dutch Neck WENDY RINGEISEN .............,...,,,..,. Box 366, R.D. 452, Cranbury IOANN RUTH RISSLAND ........ ................ 1 8 Varsity Ct., Newark PAUL RISTOW ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BOB RITTER ....,,.,,.,,.,,,,,,,, IRENE RITTERMAN ........ C- RONALD RIZZO ,,,.,.,,,,,,, 222 Hunter Ave., Trenton 134 Newkirk Ave., Trenton 71 East Front St., Red Bank 251 Voorhis Ave., River Edge IAMES ROBERTS ...............,,,,. ,..,,,,,,,, 3 6 Hardwick Dr., Trenton MICHAEL R. ROBINSON ......... ..... 4 1 Oak Grove La., Metuchen MARY ELLEN ROESCH ................,,,,.,.......... 715 Grove St., Railway REGINA ELIZABETH ROGERS .......... 608 Greenway Ave., Trenton PATRICIA ROONEY .....,......,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,, 9 Haug st., Union Beach GAIL ROSEN ..............,..,.,, ,,,,,, 2 35 75th sr., North Bergen IEAN ANN ROSLAN ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 34 Elm St., Dover MARY ELLEN ROSS .,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, M t, Holly Rd., Burlington HINDA BOTH .................,,...,,.,,,.,,,,.,, 321 Clearfield Ave., Trenton 8 IOAN OLEX ROUZE CMrs.J ............ 1301 Greenwood Ave., Tr6I1t0I1 JUDY RUPPERT ................. .,,,, 2 97 Lawrence Ave., North PlaiI1fi61C1 ABTA RYMON ,,,,,,,,,,,,--, BARBARA SABO ................ LILLIAN SAKOWSKI ....... ELAINE SALICOS .......... ROBERTA SALLY ........... LINDA SALMONSEN .... IOAN SARISKY ......... R.D. .79f:2, Washington 215 Pershing Ave., Carteret 22 East Kupsch St., Sayreville 222 Blake Ave., New Brunswick ....... 579 Fourth Ave., North BrunSWiCk 108 Wedgewood Dr., Riverton 388 Jeffries St., Perth Amboy MARY JANE SAUNDERS .......... 424 Worthington Ave., Spring Lake MARGARET SAVIERS .......... 7 ANGELO H. SCAROLA ........... 15' Northwest Durham Rd., Metuchen .H-.ui """" "-- 2 Garfield Ave., JOSEPH SCHIENHOLZ ....... NATHAN SCHIENHOLZ .......... RUTH SCHILDHORN .......... STANLEY R. SCHULTZ ...... If ROSEMARY SCHULZE ....,,,,.,,,, NINA SCHWEITZER ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,----,- DIANE F. SCOTT ....,, 50 Head LORRAINE SCULL ....... 425 Magnolia St., Highland Park 14 Albans Ave., Trenton 8 14 Albans Ave., Trenton 8 18 General Greene Ave., Trenton 8 27 Lincoln Ave., Lambertville 703 West Scott Ave., Rahway 32 BOI1d St., Passaic of the Bay Rd., Buzzards Bay, Mass. 341 Sixth Ave., Absecon """"""" """"'-'- ------------- ----- 1 6 B OSS Ave., Madison LURENE SENF R -------- ---------- 5 05 Melrose Ave., Middlesex 3 Allentown Rd., Yardville CAROL SERWELL ........ R.D. 4751, Camplain Rd., Somerville JANE SHAFER CMISA ---------------- ----------- -------........ 6 G rant St., Titugville AN-NA MARY SHARGO . GARY SHERMAN .............. SUSAN SHERMAN ......... 153 North Hamilton Ave., Trenton 9 18 O1'C1laI'd St., Mendham ......... 424 Brighton Ave., Spring Lake LINDA SIGMUND ""'----------- ---------------- 4 7 Orange Pl Irvington IZIZIISGQQAONDS ------- ----- 1 31 Central Ave., West Trenton 8 DOROTHY SISC ------------- ----------------- 3 -12. Dorothy St., Fair Lawn OYC ' O ---------- --------- 2 53 Hamilton St., New Brunswick I E SKINNER ---------- -------------------.... M ain St., Harrisonville MARYANN SLIWA ......... CHRISTINE SMITH ....... GLORIA SMITH .......... PATRICIA SMITH .......... ROBERT G. SMITH .......... DOROTHY SOLWAR ........ WILLIAM SOMERS ...... 321 Klagg Ave., Trenton 531 Lehigh Ave., Burlington 63 Sunset Blvd., Trenton 2111 Aldene Ave., Scotch Plains 7 June Way, Middlesex 2018 Dill Ave., Linden 7 Dowlin Ave Audubon E -, GAIL SOREN -------------- ........ 5 28 Johnston Ave., Trenton ELSIE T- SOSINSKI ...... .............. 1 11 Main sr., South River IOSEPH SOVIERO .-------- ................... 1 0 Cross St., Little Silver ANITA SPEZZANO ........ ......... B ox 360, R.D. -712, Farmingdale ......,,..,,,,,,, -,,,,,,,,.,-.----,-----.,'-,----------- C reamridge HAROLD STOUT ............... .,..,,...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 Third Se, Keyport FRANCES ANN SULLA .............. 578 Bridgewater Ave., Somerville BETTY SUSKEVICH ........................ 23 Whitehead Ave., South River BARBARA ELAINE SUTTERLIN ................ 613 Grand St., Trenton JOSEPH D. SWALUK .............................. 22 Westminster Pl., Nixon RICHARD SWANSON .......................... 1034 Hamilton Dr., Vineland HELEN TATARSKY ............ 1001 Magill Ave., West Collingswood 6 BEVERLY TAYLOR .............................. 359 Litchfield St., Ridgewood JOYCE TRAPHAGEN ........ 44 Pinewood Dr., Neptune MARJORY TRAVIS ................ ................. 3 17 East Oak St., Millville PHILIP A. TUMMINIA .................... 1376 Whitlnan Ave., Camden 4 BARBARA TUNISON ........ ...... 2 1 North Cedar Pkwy., Livingston JANE TURNER ,,.......................................... 248 Moore St., Princeton VALERIE URIBANOWITZ .............................. 390 Spring St., UIli0I1 JOAN A, VALTA ,,,,...,,,., 301 Washington Ave., Point Pleasant Beach JANE VAN ALST ................................ 1074 Pennington Rd., Trenton KATHLEEN VANCZAK ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 151 Fitzftandolph Ave., Trenton JANET VanDERVEER ...... KENNETH VARCOE ..... CAROL 1. VERGARI ................. Route 9, R.D. 414, Freehold 5 Shearman Rd., Succasunna 522 Hudson St., Trenton THERESA VENANZI ..............---.------------------ 555 Mountain Ave., Bound Brook RAYMOND A. VERNER ...... Pembertown-Juliustown Rd., Juliustown SUZANN E VOLOWITZ ............ SUSAN WALLING ............. ...................... JENNIE WARD ............... CAROLYN WARREN ................ 501 North Hermitage Ave., Trenton 137 Division St., Keyport 7 Brook La., Bordentown 906 Leland Ave., Plainfield BOB WEBER -'..-------'--..----,- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 8 Cadwalader Ter., Trenton ELIZABETH WEDEMEYER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 330 Sherwood Dr., Paramus GEORGE WEINRQTH ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 7 101 Lee Ave., Pennsauken KARL WESCOTT ,,,,,,,,,,,, Q ,,,,,,, 400 West Reading Ave., P1eaSaI1tVi11G JOYCE WHITE --'----.------.------- ,,,,,,,,,,,, 2 14 Seventh Ave., Long B1'3tlC1'l M. E. ELIZABETH WHITEHEAD .... 1405 Wabash Ave., Northfield ROBERT H- WIDMANN -.-----'--,,,, 126 Summit Ave., West TIC-3I1t0I1 8 JOAN WILLIAMS .............. ....-...------ .------- MARTIN WINAR ......------- ARLENE WOLEE ......... JEAN WOODHULL ........ PATRICIA WRIGHT ....... ROBERT WURTZEL ...... MARY YENCARELLI ........ JUNE YODICE .............. BARBARA YOUNG .......... JUDITH C. YURINA ....... EUGENE J. ZAIAC --------- ---------- DONNA ZUZZIO ............. .....---. STANLEY ZWEBACK ........ 621 Beatty St., Trenton 1 Buttonwood St., Trenton 9 43 Krotik Pl., Irvington 3 Ellesdale Rd., Allentown 15 Main St., New Egypt R.D. 4152, Englishtown 1709 "M" sr., Belmar 78 Kings Rd., Little Silver 62 Heights Ter., Middletown 649 Court Ave., Perth Amboy 54 Dolan St., Sayreville 403 East Second St., Plainfield 209 Chestnut St., Lakewood 227 Q All experience is an arch to build upon. -Henry Brooks Adams V t. ' ,

Suggestions in the New Jersey State Teachers College - Seal Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) collection:

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