New Jersey State Teachers College - Seal Yearbook (Trenton, NJ)

 - Class of 1941

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New Jersey State Teachers College - Seal Yearbook (Trenton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 162 of the 1941 volume:

f Q . , " 1 I xy: ' rl I , 1 . , an -.1 v1 , Th 1 4 Q ! If V A., J. i n 1 A ' . 'M x , 1 ' s -.f 'u 1 xx H 1 ia I . I' ' 1 5 is K: 5 i 1 1: i 1 1 3 4 1 X. i' A 1 2 Q v 3 E L ' V E 1-5 '. 1 , '. r "1 5 x 7 if NEW - K 1 C WE Mig.,-.N 4 . ' 'I' IERVSEY s'rA-'rE4 E TEA CHERS COLLEGE 'Y' Q 'Sv I I . - m , A 4. as U x 'E X 0 f ur" " fu. X 1 ff' Ei 'ii COLL :wif EGF HT TRENTON' tbl 8. . A , H ...,...,, ,, ' 1' A -M' --r' g - -il INA T3 -by 'T' ,BH If i - T "if--+s1,- - 11 ra c.'fr:1-wiv' T ., . Q ,fag Ama '- -34 nfjv.. - , '-,q,', ,Ju fs., Af ,M -'-' ff" , .v,',' T .-34,7 J " 1'f?:fL. X , fi . S, .-x' 1 f. ,N 1,3 . A'g,f'l' V Q ' 5 v 1-if-t .J . t-2:,fli:,.,i. 5,2 'A ,xg ', 5' ' Nfl '.,.fvi9,Lik4, V, ki, -Q5 -,. ., - A I f,.'f-. 5-gg-, . . - y., , it , 'l M' fb """"5'ui? " ye , . ' rv fi 5 ,I Q .I ' ,fi .. ' , 1 773, 5 I i "' ,.,-1 " +- ' "-7 f' ' ' ,V '. ' ll? ',' "N , QZZ, ,T E 'Sy' Q vi. I u .,, .TV,-.V .a Q I ixrv, A .xx , 1 W 1 . a . , ,V . . - P, ,, h f I I - 1 . ' Xxx '- v ,I ,,' , 1 It 'Q , ' . 1 P "-K.,,,,.f " 21 . N' ' we ' ,4 f' W, ,v': r ,f ..-' W, Here you will find The Seal's-Eye-View of Trenton State Teachers College in 1940-41. In this volume we have tried to preserve for you the various aspects of college life, the academic interests and activities, the faculty relation- ships, the college traditions, the social affairs, the athletic events and the moments of fun as Well as some scenes of the campus, snapshots of you and formal portraits of upper classmen. We hope we have caught the spirit of campus life and that this volume may be an album of memories for you in future years. 0.-.V vwmswsqvfs' A.. . ,,,,,,,,,,Q, I P E fi 5 3 it Trenton a we have allege lifeg y relation- ie athletic scenes of ts ol11PPef us life wid tor you in fawvg, X ff f' . if 33 I f X M 4 " f X Qs if .5 I t f r Q in - ' 4 7,1 if -. 3 f jf H. M, ff . H .5 ,X is Q f f 7352 Hi f iff, V. . ,rf .f st ,tc 4' gf. f X- w" " rf lixcefy Nt .19 ff sly lrlf,s,,,, ff LY We outnumber our faculty about eleven to one, but rely upon their guidance and interest one hundred percent. They stand for all that stu- dents look for in scholarship, honor, and high ideals. Our problems are their problems. They guide our steps with perfect understanding. ,,Mi1Zf.,Xv I 4 , M- ,V f 'ei mg . 'J 1 A-lv" f r , fm 1 f X if X , X ,, t.. i 7 tg 1 K gy N f" . 9 l 'fits .rs :if t 43 ,rss ,, v, t,. ,X fu V.,-tt, I 4 1 .R 5 ' ri il WX' t , ff t . ff 7 'N bf .i f . V eff r til fi? ...J -Y, .1 4.4 wp fcxcgwff ix-. 1 Vg, Here we pose as students in the most formal phase of our college life, our classes. But look further on and see the equally important to us, in- formal campus life. It is often a prob- lem to us to know whether campus life is the gap between classes or classes the lull between campus life. ..- -an ,,m:':w,,Q1h "' K if 3 f J if . gf ffl V ,f""t'-s ,fi 3 Sit if , , i -t N ,ff 5' ffm- to fo fl. gif-'32 fr if" . W . , 3 , 4 Q if, S., S? if-If , ty . 4 , 1 W, xg. fs, ,, . 05 . Students make a college. We stu- dents strive to make our college more than Halls of Learning. Our re- lationships through its many' activi- ties- provide competition and a spirit of friendliness. More than this these activities make our college alive and afford opportunities for us to broaden our interests. 5 f J 41 " if ,'1 I K If . ,Q r. f l " X ,M - Q. 4 ff! r 1 . f M , 3 et 1 y . .Xie rip iw, Many colleges are known mainly through their 'athletics Between women's and men's varsity athletics and the strenuous intra-mural pro- gram we have little time to special- ize in any one phase of sports. The fun and sheer enjoyment had by the participants is ample proof of the success and necessity of athletics as part of our college lite. -"' mm. -SWS-v V. , r M f' f QA Q ,Q ff ,.. Q ' 1 .f 5 xg lu., X A, f A. , In gY ig is ,, -4, N, A - - F . 1 .M i' I F' iw I , S .I .,- I H - -- A 43 I ,f y . A ' .- If 5, 1' - Ji " I , W: ffl - fx! , I S21 v 'Z . Q ,' "'.i3iY14 Q O 0 0 TO RACHEL MARION IARROLD, WHOM WE. ALL RE- SPECT AND ADMIRE AND WHOM WE SHALL ALWAYS REMEMBER E OR HER DEEP SINCERITY, HER HELPFUL GUIDANCE, HER SENSE OE HUMOR AND HER DEMO CRATIC WAYS, WE, THE CLASS OE 1941, GRATE- EULLY DEDICATE THIS SEAL. sg i 1 . , ' 1 1 I A I , L, E 1 'XLL RE- QWAYS ELPFUL DEMO GRATE- xi an F! 1 1 .-' ,4 .f ,f Odlimm. ,1 4 0 E J V, I : . 1 PRESIDENT ROSCOE L. WEST VICE-PRESIDENT FORREST A. IRWIN Under his democratic leadership our college A fine person who is well' known for his keen has become outstanding in educational train- DGSS, his TGCL Gnd hiS DOiSS-- ing. t 5 v f ,. ld ll i fs P3 Nw. -M wa. -W XM XXX xx 11 ,Tx, 'Q 7 . , , me . , .,..,,,WNx-,n.,.,,. , , - 49 1 4.4 Q, QN Q-X..-. Q . W M .X ,420 .. . W ,IH x bf 4 W V Y, jgtlyy , N, 2,7 :fn W, VI I , ,, , , y f . V. . ,, Z. f,,,g,., ,, wwf' ,Q Y ,H .N ' - V . K - '1,, WT 1' Q wgw- f, . , . 1, W - H1 .N ,, 4 .sf"!"5Q'!ffff'Xgg'f"uf g.f'9xx ' X - V , A K . . ' f " f 1,6 swf-I , J siyfx' 'mfg -md. QQ Z' x fy, N.4:,,,Q,gt WSS 9:3 I 5 V fp. gm' Q, f ,, f ,Q ' -,Q .ff-42' --sm'-f 's Q lfgw-wff,..f .,:,rf 'wwf rv -5 V ' .. ' "' f' ,,,z,,.,4w "X" .uvwxwzhtigf Affff g I' 1 - 1fvfffvfgffffmffpfw,V , f , ' Q3 'X ,fy 'X ,f M W-,j7.,J,LgQi'. 6' 1q"fw My bf, .. -.1244 ff-+H"f 'ine I " 'W x 'wwf'-93557131 J ,L W L af "4 Www Q1 , , ww .Lv ufzys ,ff-1-zgi1yi'i'g,,i-f'4f,,fKX.?1f -pim-A. W "se, , MMA ve - ,3g2,',i,j' 2,5 'A , -X z . f .:.f, ,, , ,,,,5,,.Q , .I Ms... M, 7615, . . , Y,,4f,,!, ,, -M A .P , , Mix A My ' - Wff--ff-2 4,-X fm, A ffl' , , ' 5f"f'C?1zfw11F',?'? ff " 1 ' ' - x L- .3 " '.i,1j21f2mw.?? 741 2 E ' Q ,J2wk'f 'A -1 . i ,- , :f7"'9"X'3w. UW f ' 'Iv -1' ' ' vwffx ' "'-1, 's 1' 'xwf ff' X?f.L',42fKgxQ .X 'lf , ,M ' ' ' - 1 . ' .M ' QV-'i'E:e,'i:" 'Thi-'f"' ,.. :Ag 'fa' x I Y" , . K" fr.-., - ,'Yf'1.""" ' 1' F' V V I f. 'mf Q - ,uf 5 fx, ' . .,, , .,4gi,Zj',Q,. ff xv 4, .fi Q5 t y ,Q A 1 I Ma- : '- f pw- , . , 'Q , fx. A , A , ,l . 1: , .wayfff-E? R ,X jul. 54913, ,qw Y, A , , , ,,mfg:,f'i1', X' 'l M 'V ,La?"5W4X.,f:A' Q. ,, ' , fr 'W' , 3' . X-UW1 f' , . ,Jeni f .. , i., V . ,Y Q ,Y ,. , 44 .ffuvvm g K V wx . W ,uf I 1 ,,,f,m.,,,.iQ,MQ,1U!f, , ,, . I , ...X iv, ' . ,, W.. 4. 1 3 J "' f2Ps"?if,i"pf,w5?'w?"Nf ' . . ' ' ",.-Vi fx 'V '. 'W' ,431 - 7' ' X7 'yfr , W fight' if: fl ' : . V , , vmxynfi' 7' 1 4. ,,,.4Lf,4,,m,, A lf, f. f ,,,s,.f ,vu V, Q 4 .f , , ., -'W' ,.y ,f,,. i. 'fZ"Xf-5',f,x: 7,1 - ,Q A - ' 2' 2 ' ww an W. 1 af . ff, ,- ,ff A, w-Wi. ff , f , 1 , 5, Mmm. Vf 'fr vw ,. W ' l A ,, . 1, fs- f I . . , , , ,am '14 7--.JW 4, f V X- 14" , ,, ,, ,, V'7iw'i' 1 1 'UQ Ili 'Q' 5: I 1 1 9? r if Vtffff. 1 ., Q' 1 14'- ' . 1- V .-,f. ' '. -35' . .l,1'l V' , .- , x 1 D 1' 5' ' .14 y ' 4' xr' k J'-5. F 'fn ,, 'a V ' A mf gf ,Q A ' ,V . A I5 V ., . f ,ga v Q ' YY' 2 ,if 1 +V H ' . J . 4 9-' f . "-f P gif? if -75? 55527 I V r S L? If . V: uh r', A fit? 3. f T' V .- fp, Q f '1- ,gi Il. ,I 44 A ,Ag ' -' QL -1 V , . . , Y- .1 , , 1,3 Vg..u'ii, ,gm 4 . , g,:5g'rf' H y fQ'p?, ,gas-,if 'A ' - ' ' " A . . 5- . l 419 . V' '1 ' . V 5 D V 'lf' n O 'I Q a U... ggi! l Y, si an 41. ' o 14, S. f"-. ,I 1 -x." g x, ,. V., ' 4 AWN rg. 'ii'- . -1' -' 144 45 1 V ,, .,, if ' 'P' ff .vi ,, V'f' .,.. If ,Qc . I 'Cl' 1 0 1 f J" y., 4 if V !'.""K,": ' V , , , L. .,, 4 I-. 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V U 1 , f , . , -' ' f ,..,.:' f X fy H ,.'. ,px H' ' f -V Af f WWJPW 'f ff , , V " " ' -f , 9 01 . .547 .dk I ' ' -' ' ,I "J , ., ,, 'M ,,WN-.gM,,:f..Xy'N'N-m16f'5f f Q' f fri '-Z,-W -WW ' ft , ,, . ,w , , 1. ,,f , ,km Qin 4' .2 ' Q 1' , , M if ' V ,W , L ,UV ? :L ' 5 Q1 ' . , , f m ,, K ff.. 'fx - ff' 3-125 Y' . I Q , . Q qxlwsf ' K .zww ..,f,,,, :f219Y L ' w va, n -fy W' . :J-'V ' . , . ' .xx ,f 'M' 1 '- W , 7 ,+.. Q ' Viva -- .M , ,I , f f - .,.1 4' G , G .A x -.,A..,.,. Q. ! i ,. l L Q A. 5' vi 4 r -- 3:1 -' !-':.,'sff5 .xg - 22' ,f L-5" , . ,e 1, "JA LY., , .. ,, WMA X. .x,. y - Q.,M.fX, , x ., f V -.,,,.,,,, .37 if , x x .. 4 L ,N ,, 7 Q 5 1 , W .X ., , , 41 .f 1 ' X , t , Y A x' N Y A,..,,f, 5-,, gi' , J, 4 . 14 V 2 r 1 ,. 'lufwsfl-,M 'X' 'V M Qlsamrf V . 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W ' gg ,W.,.wN,..k,.W.M,1s..QbMp.-.-ivan-wad-K N ,M .f X A M Ns 1 x it xf? x if 3 f , f 4,- fl, A WW xg f ff ff 40 ,' fl .LS 3.1. ,l-3 m :nu W wWfh, . , Bernice Reed Baier: Instructor ol Education, Lanning Demonstration School, Sixth Grade, Trenton State Teachers College, BS. Irene S. Brauer: Instructor ol Education, Lanning Demonstration School, First Grade, State Teachers College, West Chester, Pennsylvania, Teachers Colle e, Columbia University, BS., A,M. Bertha Frances Carr: Instructor of Education, Lanning Demonstration School, Second Grade, Central State Normal School, Edmond, Okla- homa, University ol Missouri, B.S., Teachers College, Columbia University, A.M. A I 4 Bose B. Fradusco: Instructor of Education, Lanning Demonstration School, Fourth Grade, New Iersey State Teachers College at Trenton, BS., Teachers College, Columbia University, A.M. William Hausdoertler: Instructor ot Education, Lanning Demonstration School, Mathematics and Science in Grades Seven and Eight, New lersey State Teachers College at Trenton, BS., Teachers Coll 999. Columbia University, A.M. I I Kathryn Sherman Hipple: Instructor ot Education, Lanning Demon- tration School, Third Grade, State Normal School, Oneonta, New York, New York University, B,S., A,M., Graduate Study, New York University. UA 27a at fy Mablel E. I-Iolliesi Instructor of Education, Lanning DcmOHSU'GIlOn S l ' ' c oo, Kindergarten, Trenton State Normal School, Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University, BS., Graduate Study, Teachers College, Columbia University. , Miriam Hackett Kitchen: Instructor ot Education, Lanning Demonstration School, Fourth Grade, State Teachers College, Glassboro, Nlew Iersey, BS., Graduate Study, Teachers College, Columbia University. Isabel W. Riddell: Instructor in Education, Lanning Demonstratwfl School, Filth Grade, State Normal School, Bridgewater, Massa- chusetts, Teachers College, Columbia University, BS., AM. Dorothy Bogert Savidge: Instructor in Education, Lanning Demonstra- tion School, Trenton State Teachers College. Ella Harris Scharring-Hausen: Instructor ol Education, Lanning Dem' onstration School, English, History, and Art in Grades Seven Gnd Eight, Trenton State Normal School, Rutgers University, BS., Ed-IW Alice C. Smithick: Associate Professor, Principal of Lanning Demon- STFCIHOH SCHOOIQ Supervisor ol Demonstration School Practice, NOrmGl School Bridgewat M - ,Q er, assachusetts, Teachers College, Columbid UUIVSYSIYY. BS., AM., Graduate Study, Cambridge University, England. 1 7 I -,,,. 'W .f-f' ' f- fc iff' WILLI glstrufml Cr t lu ltosgzlhtllqrglelsl PRED S' Professf, AQMS1 Ililillanmencl Ind 8.390 State T any Teacher S A lnsfflllff L- HH fllsrgill Umxode ' Sit rsi Ffflnclf Teftobil Deb ' eqch W :iw mmeni ofa Ul't'vl FIIQISH f GI-C Frelhurglf of pen Whse ' Gellnc Mia Profeiff- BRAY Detrqit E Ol Mug Utq S 011 ' S Choo, SSI? , E T .rf Q r 5 V, . 2 wwf fast-xm a: xsxsaawas W, W-ws W fi fS Wx W 'fsyf 0 Q 5 7 f .' iii S 1 f X QA 7 4 4 7 X Q Q s ' - vi X X - QW :V 12 wg f""' 5 - I' , , i 4, 2 fl fmawww' X i ,mil i l it to it HELEN LOUISE SHAW Instructor, History Western Michigan State Teachers College, University of Chicago, Ph.B., University ot California at Berke- ley, Foreign Fellow from Bryn Mawr College at the Universities of London and Oxford, Bryn Mawr College, A.M., Ph.D. LOIS MEIER SHOEMAKER Assistant Professor ot Science Wellesley College, AB., Institute for Foreigners, Ber- lin, Germany, Prussian University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Teachers College, Columbia University, A,M., Ph.D. MORRIS BENNET SHOEMAKER Instructor, Science Rutgers University, Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versity, BS., AM., Graduate Study, Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University and Rutgers University 9 rg ' 2 ff f f -na-wauuawb CARL N. SHUSTER 22223231 of Mathematics, Head oi Mathematics De- Trenton State N 1 S h 1. T lumbia UniversitcyimlSS.,CAFltjlJ,' euchers College' CO' CHARLES C. HEWITT assistant Protessor ot English rinceton University, A.B,, T f School, Graduate Study: Univd1i,Tt3nofSligfnswEl?1hT1?1 and Teachers COHSQQ, Columbia University G EVELYN E. TILTON Instructor, Geography State Normal School, Genes N College, Columbia UnivefSit5?',WAiviik: Teachers if ..'-' 3 MICHAEL A. TRAVERS Assistant Professor of Business Education, Dean New York Universit B.C. y - otM Bs., Ed,M, Y' S' Rutgers Unlvefsifil. SHIRLEY M. TROXEL Assistant Professor of Scienc e Ill 's Wesleyan University, Bl ' 1 - . B gn? University of Illinois Urbcciiigrumilijriioisuhnols' Pho. ' ' ' M-S-I I BWCHE lie' InS"'c:oC0lleg Sdrqerlteflnsflv Sllllersiwllz U Educdlloi Uni' ff New Yo! I LYN B' Cltfcfofl Fil LDS fall Stale i Yorkvlilli Tgmple Um it A te 1. 1 4 3 3 t i l uuwhik W if WINIFRED WELDIN Associate Professor of Kindergarten-Primary Educa' tion, Chairman oi Kindergarten-Primary Curriculurlllllib Teachers College, Columbia University, B-S-f A' " Graduate Study, New York University: I-9lCm9i Sign' tord University, California, Iohns Hopkins University HELEN W. WEST Instructor, Music , D - Trenton State Normal School, General and HMUS1? if Dqflmentsz University of PSI'l1"1SY1VGniG7 UYUVNSIE te M1Ch1QC!f1: University of Vermont, Trenton U Teachers College, BS. C Iitittfs w Un, Hum' S-'HM Tfiiltrsltl client' LUL ers Qollelggi Re9iEnCL0UG I Trent Ilr HH tint? Suite Teqqiergegechfrlgog We -ICQE R on' De utgers Um of Men fllvers. loom ngto a n, . GHG. min - Illinois 01s, MS, ,v " ,V saw' lull' n'5YrhESgicu A MJ ' a 'I l r ifsiw, B'SdS1Q'1 -itY? Leliinivefslty lopklns n . De- d MUSIF ol 111 .diinivefstgafe fildunenfgrl Hy. BLANCHE E. O. GRAHAM Instructor, Health Education Sargent College, Boston University, Harvard Univer- sity, Pennsylvania State College, B.S., Columbia University, A.M., fDiplorna "Supervisor ot Health Education"J, Graduate Study: Temple University, New York University, University of California CAROLYN R. HAMMOND Instructor, Physical Education Trenton State Normal School, University ot Wisconsin, New York University, B,S., A.M., Graduate Study, Temple University, University of California mah. IANET E. HEATH Library Assistant Trenton Normal School DARREL I. MASE Assistant Professor of Sp.eech and English State Teachers Colle e Em oria Kansa - I Q , p , s, B.S., Uni versity of lowa, University of Michigan, AM. K. ELIZABETH INGALL S Instructor, Music Trenton State Normal School, New York University, B.S., Teachers College, Columbia University LLOYD HARDIE IACOBS Professor oi Business Education Head of Department of Business Education Boston University, B.B.A Harvard University Ed M Graduate Study, Rutgers University Teachers Col lege, Columbia University New York University RACHEL M. IARROLD Professor of History, Head of History Department Mount Holyoke College AB University of Illinois A,M., Graduate Study, Columbia University Teachers College, Columbia University EFI-'IE G. KUHN Associate Professor of Speech Head of Speech De Wellesle College, A.B. Noyes School of Expression Boston, urry School ot Expression Boston Teachers College, Columbia University AM Ph D partment 5 mg y AQ: CHARLES W. HARP Instructor, Science University of Maryland, University of Arizona, AB., Teachers College, Columbia University, A.M. LULIJ CLOUGH HASKELL ' Registrar Trenton State Normal School, University of Pennsyl- vania, Teachers College, Columbia University, B.S., Teachers College, Temple University, Ed.M. x ,M-gzwv-L. x , N4-22 vw if ' 4 ,f ky Educ i Q50 gevlgsicgl Olumbiqufution 1oHN s. QUIMBY Ufliverf Business Manager Rider College NA G PACKER MARIAN . Professor of Physical Education, Head of Health and DORIS M. PERRY Cataloguer and Reference Librarian Geneseo State Normal School, Geneseo, New York, New York State College of Teachers, Albany, BS., School oi Library Service, Columbia University, B.S. 'cs and 1235? indiftits jerrllnivefslmf 1 Ol id 1 Univefsly 100 ' ' tori' Instfucllersiljillff Jer! Rfidmbiff 29 I 4, wi' C1011 Y, Insfft' peddgfgy, of Niuif umvef- O . 1WUnivef51lY Physical Education Department Wellesley College, Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versity, New York University XM! ANNA C. PAXTON Instructor, Mathematics I I I State Teachers College, Farmville, Virginia, Teachers College, Columbia University, B,S., A.M. CAROL M. PITTS Assistant Professor of Music I Omaha Teachers Training School, Northwestern Uni- versity, B.M.E.D., Omaha University, AM. GLADYS E. POOLE Associate Professor of Psychology Normal School, Mankato, Minnesota, University of Minnesota, BS., A.M. CHARLES R. ROUND5 Professor oi English. Head oi English Department State Normal School, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, Uni- versity ol Wisconsin, Ph.B., Harvard University, Ed.M. MABEL W. ROUNDS Instructor, Music Linde-nwood College, St. Charles, Missouri, Western College, Oxford, Ohio, Indianapolis Conservatory of Music, lndiariapolis, Indiana, Chicago College of Music, Wisconsin College of Music, Milwaukee, Wisconsin ELEANOR P. SABARY Instructor, Piano and Harmony New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, West- minster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania: Syracuse University, Sherwood College, Chicago: Sorbonne, Paris, France, Piano with M'lle Eisler, Paris, France, and Theodory Leschetizky, Vienna, Austria E. CLARE SCHOOLER Assistant Professor of Health Education Ohio State University, B.S., Teachers College, Colum- bia University, A.M. 'MR yn M ,vga I ---. nn-uf' 'W . 4 ....-n--nw-,ow ' W-.'iX-v fx-ng 1. -1229-1. ,..,,, pa, -9' --4... 1 5.- . . V 11.7 . . 934, . : 'fa ' - c.: .af H Mhz X, l ,nz 1. e Cqson Q' 'elqnd 'stsittgihlafrt , ous Y, Teqchgs f H K' 5 1 Q L 2 1- 3 ,E f S' 'V 1-Qulr. 4, , , x ' K""is. gd? 7 7 fi ' 'fl' 'iii av' .iii F11 5 ggi V:-:If , - 5:15. 'flegg Qi, ' . ,L f r: ,sm ff ' 35193 225' Stlllllltl .... Four years of college have swiftly gone by. We, class oi '41, move on to new fields-eager, yet sorry to leave the campus We've come to love so well. The memories of our picnics, dinners, dances, and ot the impressive events of graduation time will linger with us always. To our faculty we express our appreciation tor their constant guidance and inspiration. To our officers We express thanks for good leader- ship and adherence to the Wishes oi the majority. To the underclassmen we express the hope that they and all succeeding classes will do their utmost tor State Teachers' College, Trenton. And to ourselves-we express the desire to make the World a better place for our having lived in it. OFFICERS President ,....,...... ....,,.............. ...,.,,.,.........,..., I a ck Elmer Vice-President ....... ......., M argaret Van Doren Secretary ......., ....,... H elen Margaret Burke Treasurer ,.... ,.,... .,........ W i lliam Ennis ,ON ge, BAS' achers College' nw' 'l TQPIIY' CNY' 3295255 ilylcollege GEORGE ABEL SHIRLEY MARIE ANSTEDT N AUGUSTINE ADDISON HELEN BALL DOROTHY ASAY ELEANOR A. BARTO 4 ? x W' wif ,Qui FRANK N- BATES HIRAM 1. B1-:Lus MILDRED M. BAUER HAROLD Y. BILLS DOROTHY BERGER VERNA BLAKE G 1Ef 1342 Siafwgui Councll .2 R41a1ioH5J Vail? 4' U 2121 A5516 14r'Ofk5h3p J 11 G5 1701 11 H U urer 2: A11 eng Advisoi Board 3, 4? P5ychc1oQY 2, 3. KaPPU D911 Smd O 3 F 413 Cen Phi Alpha Evening Ar' Committee E ketball 1, 2, 4, Secretary 4: Assistan Manager 21 4: Outside 1 D Gi 921 S. 1 Kms Dei Goode Geo Choloqif C11 Ofchestra 1 3, 4. Heaith 1413 Q KC1pp Ezonhi Omen! 1011 C1 1 41, Al 2' gl 1 Q- 'Q ' BRRTQ LLAKE GEORGE ABEL General Secondary tEnglish cmd Historyl 1342 Liberty Street, Trenton Sigma Tau Chi, Historian 4, Commute-rs' Council 2, 4, Treasurer 3, International Relations 2, 4, Treasurer 3, Modern Lan- guage 4, Treasurer 2, President 3, Sig- nal 2, Assistant Editor 3, Editor 4, Radio Workshop 3, Outside Club Work 3. DOROTHY ASAY General Elementary 1701 6th Avenue, Neptune Kappa Delta Pi, Philomathean Sigma, Small House Council, Secretary-Treas urer 2, Allen House President 4, Wom- en's Advisory Board, Chairman 4, Social Board 3, 4, Country Life Club 2, 3, 4, Psychology Club 2, 3, 4, Women's A. A. 2, 3. FRANK N. BATES Industrial Arts 413 Central Avenue, Ocean City Phi Alpha Delta, Chaplain 3, Friday Evening Artists Series 2, 3, 4, Campus Committee 2, Intramural Soccer 1, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity "S" Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Men's A. A. Board 2, 3, 4, Assistant Track Manager l, Track Manager 2, Senior Varsity Manager 3, 4, Outside Club Work 3, 4. DOROTHY BERGER General Elementary 921 S. Clinton Avenue, Trenton Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Phi Alpha, Goode Geographical Society 2, 3, Psy- chology Club 2, 3, Country Lite 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, Outside Club Work l, 2, 3, 4. VERNA BLAKE Health and Physical Education 1413 Clinton Avenue, Irvington Kappa Delta Pi, Ionian Sigma, Nors- Worthy Council 1, Allen House Council 3: Women's Health and Physical Edu- cation Club 2, 3, President 4, Women's A. A. 2, 3, 4. AUGUSTINE ADDISON General Elementary 249 Columbus Avenue, Asbury Park Outside Club Work l, 2, 3. HELEN BALL Kindergarten-Primary 125 Iohn Street, Princeton Outside Club Work 1, 2, 3, 4. MILDRED M. BAUER General Elementary 115 Union Avenue, Irvington Arguromuthos Sigma, Recording Secre- tary 3, Y. W. C. A. l, International Re- lations Club 2, 3, 4, Modern Language Club l, 2, 3, Recording Secretary 4, Country Life Club 2, 3, 4, Outside Club Work l, 3. HAROLD Y. BILLS General Secondary tMathematics and Sciencel 56 Maddock Avenue, Trenton Theta Nu Sigma, Motion Picture Commit- tee 4, Comrnuters' Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 2, Apgar Society 2, 3, 4, Varsity "S" Club l, 2, 3, 4, Men's A. A. 1, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY MARIE ANSTEDT Kindergarten-Primary Lyons Road, Liberty Corner Ionian Sigma, Psychology Club 4. ELEANOR A. BARTO General Elementary 323 Wyoming Avenue, Audubon Theta Phi, Historian 4, Country Life Club 2, 3, 4, Philomela Glee Club 3, 4. HIRAM I. BELLIS Health and Physical Education Ringoes, N. I. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Track l, 2, 3, 4, Outside Club Work 2. X 'vt 4 ti 1.5, Q-. PRACTICE TEACHING TRENTON STATE TEACHERS EVELYN MAE BOWKER Business Education Barnegat, N. I. Kappa Delta Pi, Gamma Sigma, Treas- urer 4, Ely House Council, Treasurer 3, Ely-Allen-Brewster Council 3: Assistant Secretary Executive Board 2, Secretary Executive Board 3, Social Board 2, Cal- endar Committee 3, Lecture Series Com- mittee 2, Class Captain l, Business Edu- cation Club l, 2, 3, 4, Psychology 2, 3: Signal l, Handbook, Associate Editor 3, Philomela Glee Club 3, Choir 4. RUTH MARGARET BOWNE General Elementary R. F. D. No. l, New Brunswick Kappa Delta Pi, Nu Delta Chi, Vice- President 3, Country Life Club 2, 3, 4: Psychology Club 2, Philomela Glee Club 2, 3, 4. ETHEL BRAY , General Secondary 20 Washington Street, Trenton Ionian Sigma, International Relations Club 2, 3, Modern Language Club 2. HELEN MARGARET BURKE Business Education 1006 Bond Street, Asbury Park Theta Phi Sigma, Recording Secretary 3, Brewster Vice-President l, Class Secre- tary l, 2, 3, 4, Social Board 2, Advisory Board 3, Business Education Club l, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club, President 4, Radio Workshop 3, Philomela Glee Club l, 2, Choir 3, 4. LUCILE G. BUSH General Secondary tEnglish and I-listoryl 83 Concord Avenue, Trenton Gamma Sigma, Commuters' Council 2, Vice Chairman 3, Chairman 4, Women's Advisory Board 2, 3, English Club 4, International Relations Club 3, 4, Radio Workshop 3, Women's A. A. 3, Secre- tary 4, Outside Club Work 3. FREDA BYER Business Education 825 Princeton Sigma Phi Alpha, Club l, 2, 3, 4, So Education Bulletin Avenue, Trenton Business Education T0 Speak 3: Business 3, 4, Chairman Tech- nical Staff 3, Associate Editor 4, Outside Club Work 3. TRENTON EVELYN MAE BOWKER RUTH MARGARET BOWNE ETHEI. BRAY HELEN MARGARET BURKE LUCILE G. BUSH FREDA BYER STATE TEACHERS 5 . . G 3 1 4 i Y ' .fi p si, H' 'if OLE' 'IDL 'A 4.0.3150 f .T 0 ' 1 J BS N Q X 4 3, .. " 'EE:ff5:?.' w X Z x TRENT RUTH CAMPBELL IANET CARSWELL MARY CHALLENDER l. PHILIP CARDINA RUTH E. CARTY RUBY CHURCH vit MM STATE O N RUTH CAMPBELL General Elementary 260 Chadwick Avenue, Newark TIIGTCI Phi: Women's Advisory Board 45 Country Life Club 3, 45 Philomela Glee Club, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, 4. I. PHILIP CARDINA General Secondary tEnglish and Historyl 2l6 Shepherd Avenue, Bound Brook Theta Nu Sigma5 Executive Board 3, Second Vice-President 45 Social Board 35 Elections and Limitations Committee 3, Chairman 45 Modern Language Club l, 25 Psychology 35 lnternational Relations Club, Treasurer 25 Goode Geographical Society 35 Signal l, 25 So To Speak 35 Handbook l, 25 Choir l, 2, 45 Radio Workshop5 lntramural Archery 4. IANET CARSWELL Kindergarten-Primary 25 Orange Heights Avenue West Orange, N. l. Kappa Delta Pi5 Theta Phi Sigma5 Ely House Council 25 Elections and Limita- tions Committee 3, 45 Psychology Club 45 Industrial Arts Club 45 "Seal" l, 25 Philomela Glee Club l, 25 Choir 3, 4. RUTH E CARTY TEACHERS General Secondary CHistory and Englishl 57 Thropp Avenue, Trenton Kappa Delta Pi5 Arguromuthos Sigma, Vice-President 3, President 45 lnter- Sorority Council 45 Commuters' Council 25 Y. W. C. A. l5 Modern Language Club l, Secretary 2, 35 lnternational Re- lations Club 2, 3, 45 Psychology Club 2, 3, 45 English Club 45 "Seal" 25 Signal 35 Radio Workshop 3, 45 Outside Club Work 3, 4. MARY CHALLENDER General Secondary tEnglish and Historyl 7th and Spruce Streets, Florence lnternational Relations Club 2, 3, 45 Modern Language Club 2, 3, 45 Publicity Committee 3, 4. RUBY CHURCH General Secondary CI-listory and Geographyl 545 First Street, Westfield Theta Phi Sigmap Goode Geographical Society 2, 3, Treasurer 45 Class Captain 2, 3, 45 Outside Club Work 3. MAXINE M. COHEN General Elementary 1204 West State Street, Trenton Sigma Phi Alpha: Country Life Club 2, 3, 4: Philomela Glee Club l, 2, 3: Labo- ratory Theatre l, 2: Outside Club Work. TRENTON STATE TEACHERS HARRY R. COOKE Health and Physical Education 335 Dunellen Avenue, Dunellen Phi Epsilon Kappa, Secretary 4: Bliss Hall Council l, Vice-President 3: Ad- visory Board 3: Class Captain 3, 4: Varsity "S" Club 2, 3, 4: Men's A. A. l, 2, Vice-President 3, President 4: Football l, 2: Basketball l, 2: Baseball Manager l, 2: Golf 2, 3, 4: Outside Club Work. BARNEY COHN General SecondarY tlvlathematics and Sciencel 12 Carmen Street, New Brunswick Commuters' Council 2, 3, 4: IUl9fUUliOnU1 Relations Club 3, 47 APQCIT 21 3' Tfecs' urer 4: Modern Language 3, Treasurer 4' MAXINE M. COHEN BARNEY COHN IOHN CONCIALDI General Secondary tMathematics and Sciencel 19 Hamilton Street, Somerville Kappa Delta Pi: English Club 2, 35 Apgar Society 2, 3, 4: Outside Club Work 2, 3, 4. JOHN CONCIALDI HARRY R. COOKE MICHAEL F. CORIO HARRIET R. CRAIG MICHAEL F. CORIO General Secondary tMathematics and Sciencel Box No. 2, Princeton lunction Modern Language Club 2, 3, President 4: Commuters' Council 4: lnternational Relations Club 4: Apgar Society 3, 4: Laboratory Theatre 3: Intramural Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4: Outside Club Work l, 2, 3: Cast Disraeli 4. HARRIET R. CRAIG Kindergarten-Primary 324 Pleasant Street, Hammonton Ionian Sigma, Recording Secretary 4: Industrial Arts Club 2: Choir l, 2: Out- side Club Work 3. llfql Secretary 'llellslller Y' W, C. EMILY ii? -1 t v in I. l 2 JANET pg Iltlt llv 57 I Ifllllqn S ClSlY 2 Philomgl Work 3' UILD1 Ondflty ld Science, it, Somerville Chl , b 4' Q11lSld9 NCIALD1 1 ! 4 I I I I 1 I ET R. CRAIG L CRAIG Wpftmofi' Il at, Hammonlo' L , CGCIQMIY -dinf! 'fl 2, OU-' 7, Choir I EMILY B. CUBBERLEY General Elementary R. E D. No. 5, Trenton Arguromuthos Sigma, Corresponding Secretary 45 International Relations Club 2, 3, 4, Modern Language Club 1, 2, 4, Treasurer 3, Country Life Club 3, 4, Y. W. C. A, lg Outside Club 'Work. KATHERINE MARION CUOMO General Elementary 166 Witherspoon Street, Princeton Arguromuthos Sigma: International Re- lations Club 3, 4- Modem Lgm ug I Q Q19 Club 2, 3, 4: Country Life Club 2, 3, 4. EMILY B. CUBBERLEY KATHERINE MARION CUOMO MABEL DANI Wim IANET ELEANOR DAVISON WESLEY ANCIL DAVISON LINDA IEANNE DEEGAN IANET ELEANOR DAVISON General Secondary Cltflathematics and Sciencel 57 Newkirk Avenue, Trenton Ionian Sigma, Secretary 4, Apgar So- ciety 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, 47 Philomela Glee Club 3, 4, Outside Club Work 3, 4. WESLEY ANCIL DAVISON General Secondary Ilvlathematics and Sciencel Cranbury, N. 1. MABEL DANI General Elementary R. D. No. 1, Ringoes Kappa Delta Pi, Arguromuthos Sigma, Psychology Club 4, Country Life Club 2, 3, 4, Garden Club 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Philomela Glee Club 1, 2, Outside Club Work 3. BENTON STATE TEACHERS LINDA IEANNE DEEGAN Kindergarten-Primary 172 Seton Place, South Orange Philomathean Sigma: Social Board 1, 2 Them Nu Sigma: Apgar Society 2' 3' 4: 3, 45 Outside Club Work 3. Commuters' Council 4: Band 1. BEATRICE DI BRIGIDA IEWET-L IRENE DRUMM IEAN ELM Norsw0fw ELIZABETH HELEN DORETY IA NIRA ELLIOTT IACK F. ELMER icfft Club 9- YES gfgw WILLIAM H. ENNIS DOROTHY H. FARDELMANN EDA EPIFANIO - 3021: IRENE FILICE ELIZABETH 1-'Esxo pHY1,L1s FINKLE: u.1i5toYY 1e4 East some State mqurommhos WIL 400 Fai Theta Nu Siq Lecture Serie Board 47 Ctus 2, 3, 45 Choir Orchestra 1, E1 G tEr 1035 Sout GUTUUICI Sir M41 Inte dem 41 Ete mittee 2, At 42 Intemqt Mtldern LQ, 23 1 Sigma Society 2 C0l1I'1Iry Reg F ww -it BEATRICE DI BRIGIDA General Secondary tl-listory and GeogrCIpl'1Yl 184 East 18th Street, Paterson Norsworthy Council 4: Goode Geograph- ical Society 3, 4: Modern Language Club 3. IA NIRA ELLIOTT General Elementary State Highway, Burlington Arguromuthos Sigma: Country Lite Club 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM H. ENNIS Music 400 Fay Avenue, Elizabeth Theta Nu Sigma: Budget Committee 2: Lecture Series Committee 3: Social Board 4: Class Treasurer 4: Psychology 2, 3, 4: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH FESKO General Secondary tEnglish and 1-listoryl 1035 South Clinton Avenue, Trenton Gamma Sigma, Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 4: Inter-Sorority Council, Vice-Presi- dent 4: Elections and Limitations Com- mittee 2, Advisory Board 3: Social Board 4: lnternational Relations Club 3, 4: Modern Language Club 2, 3, 4: Signal 2. PHYLLIS FINKLE General Elementary 23 Union Street, Larnbertville Sigma Phi Alpha: Goode Geographical Society 2, 3: Industrial Arts Club 3, 4: Country Life Club 2, 3, 4: Band 1. ELIZABETH HELEN DORETY General Secondary tMathematics and Sciencel 22 Woodside Avenue, Trenton APQCIT SOCiety 2, 3, 4: Philomela Glee Club 4: Outside Club Work 3, 4. IEAN ELM Health and Physical Education 445 East 29th Street, Paterson lonian Sigma: "Seal" 3: Modern Danc- ing Group 2, 3, Treasurer 4: Women's A. A. 2, 3, 4: Manager 3. EDA EPIFANIO General Elementary 1417 South Broad Street, Trenton lonian Sigma: Women's Advisory Board 4: Country Lite Club 2, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4. IRENE FILICE General Elementary 726 Chambers Street, Trenton ciety 2, 3, 4: Country Life Club 2, 3, 42 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3. Sf IEWELL IRENE DRUMM General Elementary 100 Clinton Street, Lambertville Kappa Delta Pi: Theta Phi Sigma: Coun- try Life Club 2, 3, 4: Industrial Arts Club 3, 4. IACK F. ELMER Business Education 2811 Carlton Avenue, Atlantic City Kappa Delta Pi: Theta Nu Sigma, Presi- dent 4: Class President 1, 2, 3, 4: Social Board 1, 2: Budget Committee 2: Motion Pictures Committee 3: Calendar Commit- tee 3: Men's Advisory Board 2: Lecture Series Committee 2: Psychology Club 2: Business Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Out- side Club Work 2, 3. DOROTHY H. FARDELMANN Kindergarten-Primary 217 Alexander Avenue, Upper Montclair Philomathean Sigma: Elections and Limi- tations Committee 4: "Seal" 1: Philomela Glee Club 2, 3: Outside Club Work 3. Ji' lonian Sigma: Goode Geographical So- lV2CN2DAY TRENTON STATE TEACHERS GILBERT L. 1-'1NNf: T R E N T O Industrial Arts 403 Stockton Avenue, Roselle Motion Picture Committee 2, "Seal" 1, 27 Signal 17 Band ly Outside Club Work 3, 4. SYLVIA RUTH FINNE Business Education 124 West Iersey Street, Elizabeth Ionian Sigma, Business Education Club l, 2, 3, 4, Industrial Arts Club l, 2: Y. W. C. A. lp Business Education Bulletin 3, 4, Outside Club Work 2, 3. MARIORIE E. FLEMING Music Hillwood Lakes, Trenton Theta Phi Sigma, Choir l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Band 4. MILDRED T. FRAZIER General Elementary Beverly Road, Burlington Nu Delta Chi, Secretary 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Industrial Arts Club 2, 3, Country Life Club 4, Outside Club Work 3. VIRGINIA M. FREED Business Education 3 North Sovereign Avenue, Atlantic City Kappa Delta Pip Sigma Phi Alpha, Treasurer 3, 45 Norsworthy Council 4, Auditing Committee 2, Psychology Club 2, 37 Business Education Club 1, 2, 4, Secretary 37 Business Education Bulletin 3, Orchestra l, 2. TEA GILBERT L. FINNE MARIORIE E. FLEMING VIRGINIA SYLVIA RUTH FINNE MILDRED T. FRAZIER FREED pu- i gf W if I Z A 35' l I l CHERS v C N T ARTHUR GEILFUSS CATHERINE GIBSON CAROLYN GOODRICH , X,-nw t 'R 1 wh-ns., X.-.rffhirgff F, ' ,Vv ? I x , 1 STATE TEACHERS MARGARET GAYDOS General Secondary IHISIOTY and Englishl 2 Sallie Street, Trenton KFPPG DGIICI Pi: Gamma Sigma, Custo- Cllllfl: Assembly Program Committee 2, 3, 4: Women's Advisory Board 2, 3, 4, Commuters' Council l, 2, English Club 2, 3, President 4, Psychology Club 2, International Relations Club 3, 4, Mod- em I-GUQl1CIge Club l: Signal 2, Class Cfiptain I: Laboratory Theatre l, 2, 3, 4: Radio Workshop 3, 4, Assistant Direc- tor Disraeli 4. ARTHUR GEILFUSS Business Education 250 Temple Street, Paterson Kappa Delta Pi, President 4, Sigma Tau Chi, President 4, Inter-Fraternity Council, Secretary 4, Psychology Club 2, Signal l, 2, Business Manager 3, So To Speak, Circulation Manager 2, Business Educa- tion Club 2, 3, 4, Choir, Secretary-Treas- urer l, Outside Club Work I. EMILY B. GEORGE General Elementary l394 Roosevelt Avenue, Carteret Philomathean Sigma, Treasurer 4, Allen House l, 2, Advisory Board 2, 4, Social Board 4, Country Lite Club 2, 4, Treas- urer 3. CATHERINE GIBSON General Elementary 70 Tyrell Avenue, Trenton Industrial Arts 3, 4, Outside Club Work l, 2, 3, 4. SAUL GILMAN Physical Education 1726 East State Street, Trenton Phi Epsilon Kappa, President 4: Inter- Fraternity Council, Vice-President 4: Comrnuters' Council 4, Calendar Com- mittee 4, M. A. A. Board 3, 4, Senior Intra-Mural Manager 4, Football 1, 4: Basketball 1, 2, Truck 2: 3: 41 BGSGMH 2, Club Leader Y. M. I-I. A. CAROLYN GOODRICH General Elementary 2061 Pennington Road, TTGYIIOH Ionian Sigma, Industrial Arts Club 3: Country Life 2, 3, 4, Y. W. C. A. l, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Outside Club Work 2, 3, 4. CATHERINE C. GORMLEY General Secondary tl-Iistory and English? 42 Roosevelt Avenue, Butler Theta Phi Sigma: Brewster I-louse, Sec- retary 2, Treasurer 4: Executive Board lg Advisory Committee 2, 3: Elections and Limitations 3, 4: Publicity Commit- tee 4: International Relations 2, 3, 4: Modern Language l, 2, 3, 4: Y. W. C. A. l, 2: Industrial Arts Club 4: "Seal" 2, 4: Signal l, 2, 3, 4: So To Speak 2, 3. TRENTO STATE TEACHERS BEATRICE W. GREENBERG Business Education 879 Bellevue Avenue, Trenton Sigma Phi Alpha, Vice-President 3, Pres- ident 4: Inter-Sorority Council, Treasurer 4: Motion Pictures Committee 4: So To gpzali 3, 4: Business Education Club l, LEONARD GRANDINETTI Industrial Arts 429 Division Street, Long Branch Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Alpha Delta, Cor- responding Secretary 3, Chaplain 4: Ex- ecutive Board 2, 3, 4, Second Vice-Presi- dent 3, President 4: Elections and Limi- tations 3: Moving Picture Committee 2, Chairman 3: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Golf l, 2, 3, Captain 4: Outside Club Work l, 2. MICHAEL IOSEPH GRAYCAR General Secondary tlvlathematics and Science! 253 Grand Street, Trenton Apgar Society 2, 3: Psychology Club 2, 3, 4: Choir l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, Concertmaster 4: Band l, 2, 4. CATHERINE C. GORMLEY LEONARD GRANDINETTI MICHAEL IOSEPH GRAYCAR 4 BEATRICE W. GREENBERG HELEN L. GREVILLE BERNARD GREENFIELD HELEN L. GREVILLE General Secondary tHiStary end English: 49 Broadway, Freehold BERNARD GREENFIELD Industrial Arts 1232 Evergreen Avenue, Bronx, N. Y. Phi Alpha Delta: Football l, 2, 3: Track Philomflthean Sigma, Chaplain 4: Ely 1, 2, 3: Intra-Mural Basketball 1, 2, 3. HOUSG, Vice-President 2, 3: Norsworthy Librarian 4: Inter-Dormitory Council 3: Glee Club 2, 3, Gl 342 Philomtllh Norswofl 9I1'5 He Club: M' Board 2' aflef 3' GERTRI E1 . l . , I ti ' tt. ,V :leg Lf l l E 1 '-2 . ' .. .35- L , i J Lg afar .4 'vl T., I i".. l ,, , . :S . ll IU l l S Phil Clulmmll l l H. l tl l IH GMYCAR ffjndqry Scltinosj Sl, Tfgmon 3Ych 1 Orcllgii glib 2 1, 2, 4. T 2,3 SEPH GRAYCA5 it V, JREENFIELD :FIELD iS Broriifi N' Y' 1 2 3? Traci! atliflll 1' Z' J' GERTRUDE GROENDYKE Physical Education 342 Travers Place, Lyndhurst Philomathean Sigma: Dormitory Council, Norsworthy l: Advisory Board 3: Wom- en's Health and Physical Education Club: Modern Dance Club: W. A. A. Board 2, 3, 4: lntra-Mural Sports, Man- ager 3. GERTRUDE GROENDYKE 484' ELAINE GROSS ELAINE GROSS Kindergarten-Primary l202 West State Street, Trenton Iouifm Sigma: outside Club work 3. ROSA A. HAGIN 'N IUNE M. HALL DOROTHY HAMLIN CLAUDIUS HAMMOND i T ROSA A. HAGIN General Secondary iEnglish and Historyl 764 Broad Street, Elizabeth Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-President 4: Argu- romuthos Sigma: Publications Board 3: International Relations Club 2, Vice- President 3, President 4: English Club 2, 3, 4: Psychology Club 2, 3: So To Speak 2, 3: "Seal" 4: Laboratory Theatre l, 2, 3, 4: Radio Workshop 3, 4: Choir 2: Glee Club l: Cast, Disraeli 4. RENTON STATE TEACHERS IUNE M. HALL DOROTHY HAMLIN CLAUDIUS HAMMOND Kindergarten-Primary 9 Main Street, Farmingdale Philomathean Sigma: lndustrial Arts Club 4: Glee Club l, 2, 4, Librarian 3. General Secondary il-listory and Englishl 370 I-leckrnan Street, Phillipsburg Brewster Council 2: Elections and Limi- tations Committee: Lecture Series Com- mittee: International Relations Club 2, Recording Secretary 3, 4: Y. W. C. A. l, Treasurer 2: Modern Language Club 3: Laboratory Theatre l, 2, 4, Treasurer 3: Radio Workshop 3, 4: GIGS Club 1, 2: Class Captain 2, 3, 4: HSGCIIH 2, ASS0' ciate Editor 3, Acting Co-Editor 4: So To Speak 3: Cast, Disraeli 4. General Secondary Cl-Iistory and Geography? R. F. D. No. l, Freehold Sigma Tau Chi: Goode Geographical Society l, 2, 3, 4: Choir l, 2: M. A. A. 3: Varsity Sports, Baseball l, 2, 3: Outside Club Work l. DOROTHY E. HARKER RUTH HARRIS WARREN L. HARKER IANE HEARSEY RUTH E. HAUSER CLINTON C. HEYER w 6'-TX LOUISE HOLZMANN EDITH R, HOUGH ELIZABETH MARCIA HORNER - 1 EVELYN HUDSON EVELYN HOULROYD LOIS C. JONES I 16 Audiiiflg 5 cj tiorl EI Secfeft 11755 Edu Club 1' Hal Philomrlfl cil 2. 45 3' 47 SGI 417 Philomuf Publicaiiw tion Mar 43 I1'1dl1S7 Luboroto Club Wc 717 Arquf tee 2, cg' Club 1, 10H191c1 1 KQPDG Glee DOROTHY E. HARKER Business Education 16 Hough Street, Pemberton Auditing Committee 3, International Re- lations Club 4, Business Education Club 4, Secretary 2, 3, So To Speak 2, Busi- ness Education Club Bulletin 2, 3, Glee Club 1. RUTH E. HAUSER General Secondary tEnglish and I-Iistoryl Hamilton Avenue, Leonardo Philomathean Sigma, Norsworthy Coun- cil 2, 4, International Relations Club 3, 4, Seal 4. LOUISE HOLZMANN Kindergarten-Primary 417 Chestnut Street, Arlington Philomathean Sigma, Advisory Board 3, Publications Board 4, "Seal," Subscrip- tion Manager 2, Acting Editor 3, Editor 4, Industrial Arts Club 4, Glee Club 3, Laboratory Theatre l, 2, 3, 4, Outside Club Work 3. EVELYN HOULROYD General Elementary 717 Atlantic Avenue, Trenton Arguromuthos Sigma, Publicity Commit- tee 2, Chairman 3, 4, Modern Language Club l, Country Life Club 2, 3, 4, Phi- lornela Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4. LOIS C. IONES General Secondary tl-Iistory and Englishl 641 Garden Street, Elizabeth Kappa Delta Pi, Theta Phi Sigma, Brew- ster House, President 4, Inter-Dormitory Council 4, Calendar Committee 4, Psy- chology Club 2, 3, 4, English Club 3, 4: Glee Club 1. WARREN L. HARKER General Secondary tMathematics and Science? 117 N. Willow Street, Trenton Kappa Delta Pi, Apgar Society 2, 3, President 4: Psycholoqy ciub 2, 4, vice- President 4, Modern Language Club 2, 3. Corresponding Secretary 4, Qutgide Club Work l, 2, 3, 4. IANE HEARSEY Kindergarten-Primary 21 Davis Avenue, East Orange Gamma Sigma, Ely Council, Secretary 3, President 4, Inter-Dormitory Council 4- Social Board l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l Librarian 2, Choir 3, Secretary 4, W. Al A. Board 4. ELIZABETH MARCIA HORNER Kindergarten-Primary 705 4th Street, Ocean City Theta Phi, Corresponding Secretary 4, Industrial Arts Club 4, Glee Club 2, Choir 3, 4, Outside Club Work 3. EVELYN HUDSON General Elementary IO3 Fall Street, Trenton Country Life Club 2, Y. W. C. A., Out- side Club Work. RUTH HARRIS Business Education l097 Edgewood Lane, Palisade Ionian, Treasurer 3, Social Chairman 4, Social Board 2, 3, Secretary 4, Business Education Club l, 2, 3, 4. CLINTON C. HEYER Music R. E. D. No. 2, Box 141, Matawan Theta Nu Sigma, Advisory Board 1, Orchestra 3, 4, Choir 2, 3, 4, Librarian 1, Band 1, 3, President 4. EDITH R. HOUGH Kindergarten-Primary 1465 Pennington Road, Trenton Philomathean Sigma, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, Psychology Club 4, Outside Club Work 1, 2, 3. H? SX. SENIOR PICNUC TRENTON STATE TEACHERS KAY IOST T R E N T O N Physical Education 298 West Hazelwood Avenue, Rahway Philomathean Sigma, Modern Dance Group 2, 3, 4g Choir 2. RUTH E. KANE General Secondary CEnglish and l-listoryl 122 South Street, Somerville Kappa Delta Pi, Arguromuthos Sigma, Historian 2, Corresponding Secretary 3: Publicity Committee 2: English Club 2, 3, 4, Psychology Club 2, 3, President 4, International Relations Club l, 3, 4, Li- brarian 2, Corresponding Secretary 3, 4: Thencanic Society l, 2, Y. W. C. A.p Modern Language Club 2, Varsity De- bating l, 2, Iersey-Pennsylvania Teach- ers College Debate League Champion- ship Team 2, Laboratory Theatre l, 2, 3, 45 Handbook l, 2, 35 Radio Workshop 37 Outside Club Work 2, 3. GRACE A. KENNEDY General Secondary tl-listory and Englishl 843 Lyndale Avenue, Trenton Gamma Sigma, Recording Secretary 4, Election and Limitations Committee 3, lnternational Relations Club 2, 3, 45 Eng- lish Club 47 Psychology Club 45 Radio Workshop 3, 4. ANN KISS General Secondary tEnglish and Mathematicsl R. E. D. No. l, Princeton Kappa Delta Pig Arguromuthos, Custo- dian 3: Signal 3, 45 English Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4: Apgar Society 3, 4, Garden Club, Treasurer 3. WALTER KLOCKNER Health and Physical Education Lawrenceville, N. I. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Vice-President 45 Varsity "S" Club 2, 3, 4, M. A. A. 3, 4, Varsity Sports, Football l, 2, 3, Co-Cap- tain 4, Outside Club Work 3. BEULAH V. KNOX General Elementary 57 Dayton Avenue, Toms River Kappa Delta Pip Arguromuthos Siqmqg Psychology Club 2, 3, 4: Country Life Club 3, President 4, Goode Geoqrqph- ical Society 2, Garden Club 2, Philomelq Glee Club l, 2. KAY IOST GRACE A. KENNEDY WALTER KLOCKNER RUTH E. KANE ANN KISS BEULAH V. KNOX ,ff Q! ll' JJ f 2".9 O STATE TEACHERS G 1 -v MARIO ntittffh HOWABI 'I G 1. .5 if E t L 4 t t l t F , , TRENTON MARION P. KRIEGNER THERESA RITA LA MANNA HOWARD ORRIN LE SHAW 4165 NELLIE KUNZE RHODA H. LAVINE HARRY R. LINTHICUM Q f 514341: iff", MARION P. KRIEGNER Business Education 2800 Madison Avenue, Trenton Ionian Siqmg, Treasurer 4, Auditing Committee 3, Chairman 4, Business Edu- cation Club l, 2, 3, President 4, "Seal" 2' S0 TO Speak 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Business Education Bulletin 3. NELLIE KUNZE Business Education 48 Middaugh Street, Somerville Philomathean Sigma, Auditing Commit- tee 3, Advisory Board 4, Business Edu- cation Club l, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, Treas- urer 3. THERESA RITA LA MANNA General Elementary 5907 Buchanan Place, West New York lonian Sigma, Allen Council 2, 3, Coun- try Lite Club 2, 3, 4, lndustrial Arts Club 2, 4, Vice-President 3, Psychology Club 4: Y. W. C. A. l: Outside Club Work 3. 3 RHODA H. LAVINE General Secondary CEnglish and Mathematics? 547 Bellevue Avenue, Trenton Sigma Phi Alpha, Secretary 3, 4, Apgar Society 3, 4, Modern Language 2, Club Leader 3. STATE HOWARD ORRIN LE SHAW Business Education l8 Fulton Avenue, Iersey City Sigma Tau Chi, Treasurer 4, Social Board l, 2, 3, 4, Auditing Committee 3, 4, Business Education Club, Business Education Bulletin l, 2, Editor 3, 4, So To Speak 2, 3, "Seal" Staff 3, Intra- Mural Soccer l, 2, 3, 4, lntra-Mural Basketball l, 2, 3. TEACHERS HARRY R. LINTHICUM General Secondary tEnglish and l-listoryl 827 Pearl Street, Camden Theta Nu Sigma, Secretary 4, Dormitory Council 3, Executive Board 2, 3, 4: Ad- visory Board 2, 3, Elections and Limita- tions 2, 3, lnternational Relations Club 4, Signal l, 2, 3, "Seal" l, 2, 3, Outside Club Work l. 1 I I I t I v I 4 L t 1 t l t t t t t t t t t t t '-Q--ff-wwims.-easier' HELEN LOBDELL VIRGINIA LOCHNER PAGE LLOYD Kindergarten-Primary General Elementary Kmdergartempnmclry 8 East High Street' Bound Brook 222 South Clinton Street, East Qrcmge 23 South Westfield Avenue, Trenton 1 I , . . , - ' 7 Women's Advisory I S 7 1 d 1 1 At Club 4, Philomathean Sigma, Country Llfe Club Gamma S1fJ1'IlG dEgnc1u1Snf4,nolfSlQZ C122 work 3. 2, 3, 4: Industrial Arts Club 4, Glee Board 22 Oufslde Club Wofk 3- Club 3. PAGE LLOYD HELEN LOBDELL VIRGINIA LOCHNER TRENTON STATE TEACHERS RUTH LOVEMAN General Secondary tl-listory and Geographyl 503 Farragut Avenue, Trenton Philomathean Sigma, Recording Secre- tary 45 Executive Board 41 Commuters' Council 2, Goode Geographical Society 2, 4, Secretary 3, Laboratory Theatre l, 2, 3, 45 Outside Club Work 2, 3, 4. M' 4 4' , ,, X ' 2 NZM 'X f Q: NQZ X Z ff x eff M4 if Avy X f W , fi X xx W f 1 c 'NM , .ff :, RUTH LOVEMAN MAE MCFADZEAN HELENE MCGARRITY MAE MCFADZEAN Business Education 2l5 Little Street, Belleville KCIPPCI Delta Pi: Ionian Sigma: Ely House, Treasurer 4, Executive Board, Treasurer 4, Chairman Budget Commit- tee, Chairman Student Activities Fund, Psychology Club 2, 35 Business Educa- tion Club 2, 3, 4. HELENE MCGARRITY General Elementary 37 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Trenton Gamma Sigma. 404 Ionidn l Club ll DOB 1 C A r l ROS Siqmc Ullllee Hess Qqer retlton Advisory NEB Q -4 RRITY Y Frerllon DORIS R. MCKINNEY BERNARD BENJAMIN MERRILL GERALDINE E. MEYER Kindergarten-Primary Industrial Arts General Elementary 404 Suthefldud ROGC1, Trenton 305 Netherwood Avenue, Plainfield 547 Emmett Avenue Trenton lonian Sigma: IUd1-lslfifll ANS 4: Glee Phi Alpha Delta, Chaplain 2, Vice-Presi- Philomathean Sigma- Social Board 3 4- Club l, 2, 3, 4- dent 3, President 4: lnter-Fraternity Goode Geographical Society 2, 3, golmcllf Treasurer 4: SOC1Gf1'BOCIfd 3, 4: Country Life Club 2, 3, Librarian 47 sychology Club '2, 3:HAv1ation Club, Philomela Glee Club 2, 3, President 4, Pfesldefli 3: VC1fS1'lY S Club 4: lntra- Outside Club Work 2, 3. Mural Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Outside Club Work l, 2, 3. DORIS R. MCKINNEY BERNARD BENIAMIN MERRILL GERALDINE E. MEYER ROSE RUTH MEYERS SALLY MOHR SAM MONROE, Ir. ROSE RUTH MEYERS Business Education 14 Union Street, Toms River Sigma Phi Alpha: Lecture Series Com- mittee 2: Student Activities Fund 3: Busi- ness Education Club l, 2, 3, 4: Thencanic Society l, 27 "Seal" 3, 4: So To Speak 2, Circulation Manager 3, Business Man- ager 4g Business Education Bulletin 3, 4. SALLY MOHR Physical Education 205 Rosemont Avenue, Trenton Philomathean Sigma: Health and Physi- cal Education Club 3, 4: MOd9T1'1 DGUC9 Group 2, 3, 47 Folk Arts Group 4: W. A. A. Board, Manager 3, 4. TRENTON STATE TEACHERS SAM MONROE, Ir. General Secondary CMathematics and Sciencel 8 Columbia Avenue, Trenton Commuters' Council: Apgar Society 3 45 "Seal" 3, Photography Editor 4: Sig- nal 4, Tennis 3. MAUREEN MONTGOMERY FRANCES E- MORRIS RUTH E. MONYER 6, T. DOROTHY PANASUK ALICE E. OLSEN IANE E. PENROD It P35 I I W R I GEORGIANNA PHILLIPS GLORIA MARIE POINSETT HARRIET PIERCE mx? X BETTY REICHEY ROWLAND E. REEDHEAD MAE MGCMILLAN REID MMT 26 GG' D It E455 gic- aw 1 2 iff' G Ocean G Del lfilpl Gm ViCe.Presid man of Sll cholofJY Cl .ical Soflell Club 3, 42 philomela 4 GE4 I ll 344 I Arquromut lary 45 Elm miltee Z5 I English Cl 25 Interna' Signal 3g ROY l444 Nr Siqma Tal l, 2, 3, 4, Work 3, M 8 Li ilu Delta : Imemc ern Lung W1 5 MAUREEN MONTGOMERY t 26 Garden K pa Delta Pi, PENROD iljnma Sigma- G 1 Choir l. 2, 3, 4: Music Street, Littl-e Ferry Recording Secretary 45 Radio Workshop 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Band 4. ALICE E. OLSEN General Elementary Ocean Avenue, Island Heights AE ,5..w11H' Kappa Delta Pi, Corresponding Secre- tary 45 Gamma Sigma5 Executive Board, Vice-President 45 Social Board 3, Chair- man oi Student Life Committee 45 Psy- chology Club 2, 3, 45 Goode Geograph- ical Society 2, Secretary 35 Country Lite Club 3, 45 Class Captain l, 2, 3, 45 Philomela Glee Club l, 2, 3. GEORGIANNA PHILLIPS General Secondary Cl-Iistory and Englishl 344 Newkirk Street, Trenton Arguromuthos Sigma, Recording Secre- tary 45 Elections and Limitations Com- mittee 25 Modern Language Club l, 25 English Club 3, 45 Commuters' Council 25 International Relations Club 2, 3, 45 Signal 35 Radio Workshop 3, 4. ROWLAND E. REEDHEAD Business Education I444 North Olden Avenue, Trenton Sigma Tau Chi5 Business Education Club l, 2, 3, 45 Class Captain 45 Outside Club Work 3. MAE IMQCMILLAN REID General Secondary tl-listory and Englishl 8 Lillian Terrace, Woodbridge Nu Delta Chi5 Allen House Council 2, 4: International Relations Club 2, 35 Mod- ern Language Club 25 Y. W. C. A.5 Gar- den Club 2, 3, 45 Philomela Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 45 outside club work 1, 2. RUTH E. MONYER Kindergarten-Primary 249 Fernwood Avenue, Burlingion Y. W. C. A. l5 Philomela Glee Club 1 2 3, 45 outside Club Work 3, ' 1 T. DOROTHY PANASUK General Secondary fl-listory and Englishl Robbinsville, N. I. Kappa Delta Pi: Psychology Club 2, 3 45 Class Captain 4, 1 HARRIET PIERCE Kindergarten-Primary 423 Palisade Avenue, Cliffside Park Philomathean Sigma5 Allen House Coun- cil l, 2, Secretary 35 Advisory Board 35 Social Board 45 Industrial Arts 4. BETTY REICHEY Kindergarten-Primary 50 Hudson Street, Freehold Philomathean Sigma: Norsworthy Coun- cil 45 Social Board 2, Secretary 3, Presi- dent 45 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Outside Club Work 3. FRANCES E. MORRIS General Elementary Morris Park, Phillipsburg Ionian Sigma, Treasurer 35 Country Life Club 2, 3, 4. IANE E. PENROD Music 130 Amber Street, Beach Haven Gamma Sigma5 Norsworthy Council 45 Radio Workshop 3, 4: Choir l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Band 3, 4. GLORIA MARIE POINSETT General Elementary R. D. No. 4, Trenton Kappa Delta Pi5 Country Life Club 2, 3, 45 Industrial Arts 2, 35 Psychology 45 Band l, 25 Orchestra 15 Glee Club 2, 35 Outside Club Work 2, 3, 4. semori BALL TRENTON STATE TEACHERS MARY nnonns T R E N T 0 General Secondary CHistory and Englishl 135 Brighton Avenue, Perth Amboy N Gamma Sigma, Norsworthy Council 3, MARY RHODES President 4, Women's Advisory Board 3, EVELYN M. RICHTER International Relations Club 3, 4, Goode LESTER W. RICKER Geographical Society 3, 4. ELLEN N. ROBINSON EVELYN M. RICHTER General Elementary Dayton, N. I. Kappa Delta Pi, Arguromuthos Sigma, Country Life Club 2, 3, 4, Garden Club 2, 3, 4, Goode Geographical Society 2, Psychology Club 4, Outside Club Work 3. LESTER W. RICKER Physical Education Kiel Avenue, Butler RITA LEE ROBINSON THELMA ROBINSON Phi Epsilon Kappa 3, Treasurer 4, Ex- ecutive Board l, Men's Athletic Associa- tion 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, Outside Club Work 2. ELLEN N. ROBINSON Music Franklinville, N. I. Kappa Delta Pi, Gamma Sigma, Execu- tive Board 4, Social Board 2, Advisory Board 3, Psychology Club 2, Radio Workshop 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, Vice-President 2, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Women's Athletic Association 3. RITE. LEE ROBINSON Business Education 544 East Second Street, Plainfield Sigma Phi Alpha, Lecture Series Com- mittee 2, Student Activities Fund 3, Busi- ness Education Club l, 2, 3, 4, Business Education Bulletin 3, "Seal" 3, 4. THELMA ROBINSON General Elementary 5 Pornpass Avenue, East Riverton Industrial Arts 3, 4, Outside Club Work 1, 3. TE ST ATE ACHERS DOW MALGOLI RENO CHTER INSON NSQN X ' ' 1 ft . 1, t q S TRENTON DONALD H. RODIMER MALCOLM BYRON ROSZEL RENO D. SANSONE DORIS ROESLER FRANCES RYPL VIVIAN F. SATTERTHWAIT M54 'K Q... STATE TEACHERS DONALD H. RODIMER Music 30 Lawnwood Avenue, Newton Theta Nu Sigma, Bliss Hall Council 2, Radio Workshop 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Orchestra l, 2, 4, Treasurer 3, Band l, 2, 3, Conductor 4. DORIS ROESLER Physical Education 220 Poplar Avenue, Hackensack Philornathean Sigma, Health and Phys- ical Education Club 4, Women's A. A. 3, 4. MALCOLM BYRON ROSZEL Industrial Arts Dutch Neck, N. I. Phi Alpha Delta, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Aviation Club 3, 4, Intra-Mural Soccer 2, 3, lntra-Mural Basketball l, 2, 3, Out- side Club Work 2, 3. FRANCES RYPL General Secondary Cl-listory and Englishl 654 Van Buren Avenue, Elizabeth Nu Delta Chi, Treasurer 4, Allen House Council 2, Brewster House Council 3, International Relations Club 2, 3, 4, Modern Language Club l, 2, 3, 4, Goode Geographical Society 2, 3, 4, Garden Club 3, 4, Y. W. C. A. l, 2. RENO D. SANSONE Business Education l7 Doughty Street, Raritan Kappa Delta Pi, Theta Nu Sigma, Secre- tary 3, Business Education Club l, 2, 4, Vice-President 3, Men's A. A., Treasurer 2, 3, Football Manager l, 2, 3, Outside Club Work l, 2. VIVIAN F. SATTERTHWAIT General Elementary 29 Hudson Street, Freehold Nu Delta Chi, Vice-President 4, lndus- trial Arts 3, 4, Country Life Club 2, 3, 4. ARNETTA SCHANCK GLORIA SCHEUERMANN GRACE MATILDA SCHMIDT Kindergarten-Primary General EIGITISUICIFY Kmdergmtewprimcry 100 Ridge Avenue, Neptune 2072 Pennington Road, Trenton I 1352 Taft Road, West Englewood Outside Club Work 3 Gamma SiQmU- Theta Phi Sigma: Brewster House Coun- TRENTON STATE TEACHERS WILLIAM M. SCHRAMPF General Secondary tlvlathematics and Sciencel ll63 Myrtle Avenue, Plainfield Theta Nu Sigma, Corresponding Secre- tary 4, Bliss Hall Council 1, 4, Executive Board 3, 4, Assembly Program Com- mittee l, 2, Elections and Limitations Committee 2, Men's Advisory Board 3, Austin C. Apgar Society 2, 3, 4, Psy- chology Club 3, Varsity "S" Club l, 2, 3, 4, Men's A. A. 2, Football 1, Track l, 2, 4, Outside Club Work 1, 2, 3. cil, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 4, Pub- licity Committee 3, "Seal" l, Industrial Arts 4, Glee Club 2, 4, Secretary 3. ARNETTA SCHANCK GLORIA SCHEUERMANN GRACE MATILDA SCHMIDT WILLIAM M. SCHRAMPF IEAN RUTH SCHOFIELD MILDRED GRACE SCOTT JEAN RUTH SCHOFIELD MILDRED GRACE SCOTT PhYsical Education Physical Education 206 North Pearl Street, Bridgeton 346 Merchant Street, Audubon Theta Phi Sigma, Glee Club 2, 3, Wom- Ionian Sigma, President 4, Inter-Sorority en's A. A. 2. Council, President 4, Norsworthy Coun- cil 2, 3, Health and Physical Education Club 3, 4, Women's A. A., Manager 2, 3, 4. Gl sa PQHHSYI' siqwfilaf Cqptalfl 'Z 4. Choir 1' 4l Band I' 2 GEOR S THELMI Tl U31 Mum Arqulolhi HOuSe Q Apqur 3 ViCe'PIe 1 T food 'E Colin. 4' Pub. iustriql Y 3. fIMIDT it L . Y 1 1 5 Q ! 1 '-Y' , " ' I COTT t bon SOf0Illy Y Colm' iucatiofl taqef 2' GEORGE W' SEE IEAN SEIDENGLANZ Music Kindergarten-Primary 58 Pennsylvania Avenue, Flemington 1305 Chambers Street Trenton Sigma Tau Chip Advisory Board 2, Class Them phil Recording Secr 1 4. P - Captain 1, 2, 3., 4: Radio Workshop 3, Chology Club 4: Indusmcleiiiz Ciubsgi 4: Choir 1, 2, Vice-President 3, President Glee Club 11 2, 3. ' 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4- GEORGE W. SEE IEAN SEIDENGLANZ IEAN C. SHINN . ,,,,,, , , S. M 3 -, sw - , f its , ' yx, ff Q -4 K ,, THELMA RAE SHUSTER STELLA A. SINCLAIR VERNON SKIDMORE THELMA RAE si-rusrlan STELLA A- SINCT-Am General Secondary Kindergarten-Primary tEnglish and Mathematicsl 319 Beechwood Avenue, Trenton Mantua Grove Road, Paulsboro Nu Delta Chi, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Out Afquromuthos, Treasurer 3, 45 Brewster Side Club Work 3' House Council, Secretary 35 Signal 3, 47 APQCIF Society 2, 3, 45 Garden Club 4, Vice-President 3: Glee Club l. IEAN C. SHINN Kindergarten-Primary 235 West Broad Street, Burlington Theta Phi, Industrial Arts Club 25 Pub- licity Committee 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Out- side Club Work 3. TRENTON STATE TEACHERS VERNON SKIDMORE General Secondary Cl-listory and Geographyl 414 East Fifth Street, Lakewood Theta Nu Sigma, Corresponding Secre- tary 37 Goode Geographical Society 2. Vice-President 3, Presldent 4: Choir 2. Outside Club Work 2. SAMUEL R, SMALLS RANDALL E. SMITH MARIE F- STP-DLER MARYBELL SMITH MARTHA F. SPRAGUE KISS, A fi ELIZABETH STANZIALE U ,.wfnf35l 4 fx - X , " - va, A, I X 1 Hx Q F, H. HAROLD WILLIAM STEPHENS IEANNETTE E. STOUT HELEN -I-ART K-'lawn 5 JANE M. STEPHENS RUSSELL A. swANsoN ELIZABETH T. TEEL Blffm ,AHIT H 1, TEH' SAMUEL R. SMALLS General Secondary CMathematics and Sciencel School for the Deaf, West Trenton Kappa Delta Pi, Psychology Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Apgar Society 2, 3, 4, Radio Workshop 3, Outside Club Work 1, 2, 3, 4. MARTHA F. SPRAGUE Business Education 77 Woodside Avenue, Newton Theta Phi Sigma, Treasurer 4, Brewster House, Treasurer 3, Auditing Committee 2, Motion Picture Committee 3, Wom- en's A.dvisory Board 4, Business Educa- tion Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3, 4, Philomela Glee Club l. HAROLD WILLIAM STEPHENS General Secondary tMathematics and Sciencel 120 South Walter Avenue, Trenton Sigma Tau Chi, Commuters' Council 2, Apgar Society 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Outside Club Work 2. RUSSELL A. SWANSON Business Education 512 George Street, Pen Argyl, Penna. Theta Nu Sigma, Lecture Series, Chair- man 2, 4, Business Education Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Orchestra 1, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Golf Team, Manager 3, 4, Outside Club Work 1, 2. ELIZABETH T. TEEL Kindergarten-Primary 21 Ingleside Avenue, Pennington Theta Phi Sigma, Outside Club 'Work l, 2, 3. MARYBELL SMITH Kindergarten-Primary 129 Locust Ave., White 1-lorse, Trenton Kappa Delta Pi, Theta Phi, lndustrial Arts Club 2, 3, Outside Club Work 3. MARIE I-'. STADLER Kindergarten-Primary R. F. D. No. 3, Trenton lndustrial Arts Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Outside Club Work 3, 4. IANE M. STEPHENS Music 22 Carlton Place, Glen Rock Theta Phi, President 4, Radio Workshop 3, 4, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Band 3, 4. HELEN TART Kindergarten-Primary 428 Lynwood Avenue, Trenton lonian Sigma, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Out- side Club Work 1, 2, 3, 4. RANDALL E. SMITH lndustrial Arts 215 Embury Avenue, Pitman Phi Alpha Delta. ELIZABETH STANZIALE General Elementary 491 Princeton Avenue, Trenton Theta Phi Sigma, Glee Club 1, Outside Club Work 1, 2, 3, 4. IEANNETTE E. STOUT General Secondary C1-listory and Englishl 915 Bellevue Avenue, Trenton Argurornuthos Sigma, Advisory Board 3, English Club 1, 2, Secretary 3, Vice- President 4, Signal 1, Feature Editor 2, Associate Editor 3, Rewrite Editor 4, Radio Workshop, Script Editor 3. 1 :Z GRADUATION TRENTON STATE TEACHERS TRENT G N CHRISTINE A. THOMPSON 669 Stuyvesant Avenue, Trenton CHRISTINE A. THOMPSON A BETTE BERYL THORPE Kappa Delta Pi, Arguromuthos Sigma, Vice-President 4, Psychology Club 2: VINCENT TUNNEY GLORIA VALDISSERI Choir 11 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3' Stu- dent Conductor 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4: W. A. A. 4. BETTE BERYL THORPE Kindergarten-Primary 738 Wesley Avenue, Ocean City Nu Delta Chi, Industrial Arts l, 2. VINCENT TUNNEY - Business Education l Crosswicks Street, Bordentown Modern Language Club l, 2, 3, Business Education Club 2, 3, 4, So To Speak 2, 3. GLORIA VALDISSERI Business Education Buena, N. I. Kappa Delta Pi, Ionian Sigma, Secretary 2, Allen House, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, Advisory Board 3, Calendar Committee 3, Psychology Club 2, 4, Secretary 3, "Seal" l, 2, 3, Busi- ness Manager 4, Business Education Club 2, 3, 4, W. A. A., Treasurer 2, 3. MARGARET VAN DOREN Kindergarten-Primary 27 Valley View Avenue, Summit Kappa Delta Pi, Philomathean Sigma, Brewster, Vice-President 3, Publications Board 3, Class Vice-President l, 2, 3, 4, Psychology Club 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Class Captain l, 2, 3, 4, Outside Club Work 3. - WWE ma RENE DOUGLAS VARRIN lndustrial Arts 69 Forest Street, North Arlington Sigma Tau Chi, Social Board 2, 3, Cam- pus Committee 2, 3, Men's Advisory Board 3: Apgar Society 2, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 3. MURIEL VASBINDER Kindergarten-Primary Lake Mohawk, N. I. Pi Beta Phi CCornell, Delta Chapterl, Glee Club 4, Outside Club Work 3. MARGARET VAN DOREN RENE DOUGLAS VARRIN VERA VAUGHN MURIEL VASBINDER VERA VAUGHN General Elememary 41 Bellevue Avenue, Trenton S T 'A T E T E -A C H E R S Cvoode Geographical Society 2, Outside Club Work 1, 2, 3. 4e'3' ,tv b . NO Health 1 355 Long BI . Epsilon IM- A- Aa ball 1. VgrsilY Side Club W III 114 H Phi AlPhf1 varsity "S bun 1, 2, l B Country 1 Work 2, 3 I.0l 237 Afqu Ciluubnllllu C Oloqy 35 Pllllom Club wo. City . 2. Secretary asurer 2, Board 37 laqyffltutn 3 Eu' T. J, :I- Educcticf, urer 2, 3. RIN Eittqicn 2, 35 Cm' gdviscft' tjiC9.Pre51' .Ou NORMAN E. WALSH Health and Physical Education 355 Long Branch Avenue, Long Branch Phi Epsilon Kappa7 Bliss Hall, President 47 M. A. A. 3j Football l, 2, 37 Basket- ball l, 2, 37 Golf l, 2, 4, Captain 37 Varsity "S" Club 2, 4, Treasurer 3j Out- side Club Work l, 2. EDNA E. WASHINGTON General Elementary 410 West Fourth Street, Palmyra Industrial Arts Club 3, 47 Outside'Club Work 3, 4. KENNETH H. WEBER lndustrial Arts ll4 Haslach Avenue, Trenton Phi Alpha Delta7 Aviation Club 3, 47 Varsity "S" Club 47 lntra-Mural Basket- ball l, 2, 37 Soccer 2, 37 Track 2, 3, 4. ROBERT THOMSON WELLER, Ir. Business Education 269 Glenwood Avenue, East Orange Theta Nu Sigma, Treasurer 37 Bliss Hall 27 Bookstore l, 2, Chairman 3, 47 Assem- bly Committee 2, Chairman 3, 47 Motion Picture Committee7 Business Education Club l, 2, 3, 47 Handbook 27 Class Treasurer 37 Outside Club Work, l, 2, 3. MARYMINTA WHITE General Elementary R. D. No. l, Cranbury Country Lite Club 3, 4j Outside Club Work 2, 3. PATRICIA WHITEHEAD Kindergarten-Primary Upper Ferry Road, Hillwood Lakes Philomathean Sigma, General Program Chairman 3, Corresponding Secretary 47 Women's Advisory Board 27 English Club 2, 3, 47 Signal 1, 27 "Seal" 47 Laboratory Theatre l, 2, 3, 47 Outside Club Work 3. LORRAINE E. WOOLEY General Elementary 237 Virginia Avenue, Trenton Arguromuthos Sigma7 Modern Language Club l7 Country Lite Club 3, 47 Psy- chology Club 47 Orchestra l7 Band l, 2, 37 Philomela Glee Club 2, 3, 47 Outside Club Work 3, 4. .mr - N.. we-. 7... TRENTON NORMAN E. WALSH EDNA E. WASHINGTON KENNETH H. WEBER ROBERT THOMSON WELLER, Ir 1 I. ., .,-1 xx ,: lilt I 0 I A aim . ks f M, ff sf amy , ff X- 7 f ,. V, .ww e .. , . , t smRX f , MARYMINTA WHITE PATRICIA WHITEHEAD M. MARCUS KERR LORRAINE E. WOOLEY M. MARCUS KERR Vocational Education s T A T E T E A c H E R s 9 tsl' ,mm 'xr ir, 'iNiih Qnree-ogngrriers oi iheir ooiiecre coreer hehinov rhern, ihe Cioss oi WML iooics iorworo io iis senior NIQOT GYKQGCKOYYSXNI one QOQQTXXI, ond hopes io snrposs in orchieverneni grid enioilrneni, ihe ihree inii Xjeors ins, cornpieieo. ' Looicinq hook npon iheir occornpiishrnenis oi ihe years, Qneq perceive wiih soiisiooiron ihox, os o qronp iherl iniiiiieo ihe ohiiqoiions necessary io ihe sicrins oi ' ' npper ciossrnen .' ' , 'XNiih ?oni Gi-qv-n os Qresioeni, ohh! ossisieo. hi! Eiichord XN oqner, YTioe?resioeni, Xeon Lone, Seoreiorq one 'Lori Quinn os Treo-snr er , ihe Xnnior oioss cornpieieo iis ihiro 'XIQCIY oi orqonrzeor eurisience nnoer ihe eirceiienr nioonoe ond oireciion oi Miss Cioire Schooier. rnosi snocessini socioi eveni oi ihe XIGOY, wiih - ' oi ihe 'innior Prorn which ciirnoureo ihe eniire schooi on Mori '2fE5ih, 'Nos off. The Ciorss Qoihere oiiernoon, Xonn- 'nC3. 606 The e eulcepiron socioi ociiviiies oi ihe ior Dinner one View D ilrfinosinrn on Soinr dow' 'onol Qornes one donor niioi dinner oi ifiiiiw o ' eni. oi onhf ihe inn in ihe ooiieqe Q . ow iiih, ior reoreoii oioseo ihe ooxf Wiih on inior inn, which wos ioiioweo hy enieriorinrn The irooiiionori siep-sinoinq exercises n resenied on irnpressive speoiocie noi io he iorqoiien, hni oiso seni ihe Cioss oi XCADJL inio its iorsi nnoeroroon- r wiih oh ihe honors ond responsihiiiiies oi C19 H790 I . . heinq seniors. 7, .. i -- , Q . . 1 Aa X . rf 53 9 or Q, MW dm gcffeg.jX?'fyiw.x1QSs535,-Zffgfifrdw '- 1' M, Q, R, -, fy , - , 'r 5 - - . 'w:f,i,fgix42g:gr:V ' 'rhiwafzg .f 4 Jw, HW JHNIHH MHS 3r Wfnl w iw Zu ,qVX 1 J M 'fi 'lx Az. Q Q :wi , aw-5 F V 21-1 . V 1 X , K . in R ? Yeh fx w W 42 , 3 ,JH S, V 4,3 4' me , N. ,x .. LMT, , ACKER1 Phu Nw ALBE, I Ge: 95 ALDEN. Mu Ne' ALLEN, Ind 325 ALLEN, Phi 33 ALVINC Kin 544 ANDER Ge Rin APOST Ge 29E ASTBU1 Ge SEBI BABBIT Ge 31f BACKE Ge 14l BALDV5 Ph 18 Tre J' 'tilt- eyv ::?. AA1,A, . DRAKE FRANCIS Busmess Education 321 Sherrdan Ave Roselle Park DuPUY ADELE G Business Educatlon 22 E Devonshlre Ave Lrnwood EKLUND ROBERT I Mustc 77 WGTW1Ck St East Orange ENT HELEN Busmess Education Maln St Stockton EVERLETH ETHEL Leonard St Lakewood FANCI-IER DORIS General Elementary Clayton Ave R D N 2 114K Toms R1ver FARAS IOSEPHINE Kmdergarten Prrmary 1772 Randall Ave Trenton FARLEY ELIZABETH General Elementary 263 Jackson St Trenton FISHER CAROLYN ANN Kindergarten Prlmary R D No 1 Stockton FOSTER ROBERT Industnal Arts Atlantrc Crty Blvd Bayvrlle FRANK GLADYS HELEN Physical Educatxon 427 Sprrng Ave R1dgewood FRAZIER HOWARD M General Secondary Central Ave Blackwood Box FRIEDMAN MARCY A General Secondary 24 Farm La lersey Homestead FURINO STEPHEN Industrlal Arts 831 St St Marys Pl Plarntteld GEIST CAROL IEAN Kindergarten Prrmary Matn St Cahfon GLASER ROSALIE General Elementary 59 Thompson St Rarltan GLASS IOHN V Industnal Arts Cla1rmont Ave Beltord GLENN DORIS Kxnderqarten Prrmary 117 W 16th St N Wrldwood GLENN GERTRUDE General Elementary 117 W 18th St N Wrldwood GLYNN PAUL Physxcal Education 10 Parker St Franklrn GOLDMANN EVELYN General Secondary 527 Second St Trenton GOLLNER EILEEN General Secondary 505 Sth Ave Asbury Park GOODELL IEAN General Elementary R D No 2 Flem1ngton GREENBERG MARIORIE General Secondary 21 Eldsworth Ave Trenton GROSS ERNEST General Secondary 39 Church St New Brunswtck GROSSO NICHOLAS General Secondary 182 Anderson St Trenton GRUNOW VIOLA General Elementary Mannherm Ave Egg Harbor GRUSH RITA General Elementary 299 Wrndsor Rd Wood Rldge GUHR CHARLOTTE Kmdergarten Prrmary 35 N Tallahassee Ave Atlantrc Crty GULLIVER DORIS Busmess Educatxon 22 I-Iamrlton St Newton GUSZ NICHOLAS F Physrcal Educatton 72 Kearney Ave Trenton GUTTMAN CAROLYN Krndergarten Pnmary 492 Amboy Ave Perth Amboy HAAS MARGARET PATRICIA General Elementary 83 Mary St Bordentown HABINGER MARIE General Elementary 167 E Washrngton Ave Washrng ton HADDON ALEX M Busmess Educatlon 119 Camden St Roselle Park URL Hmlnif an E nl HPIQLI East I HANCOU gene 339 It nal HI Indus 1609 HENDRICI Genet as Al HENDRICI nude R, F. HEHITAGI Kmde 407B HEWIIT Genel 17 Br HOFSTEA PhYsi 33 O Orfml HOLMES, Gene: 42 Sp HUGHES, Gene 48 A ' ., ., ., " 9 1 - 1 1 ' . . . A . -1 -I - -1 ., Q if ' ' .' . ' . .I - .I - . .I I I 4 Business Educatron - .' . ., - . 1' 'I . ., , , ., . . o. , , , ,I . ., . ' ' I ' ., . . .I ,, . I . , , . . . , ., ' . , ., ., ' 1 1 I I T . ., ' ., . . . , - -1 -1 ., 1 Brunswick 'renton I gg Harbor Y . 10001-Ridge fylive.. Atlantic 1 ewi0H 1 Trenton mirth Amb0Y ATRICIP- LIY anlown hivq' LIYAW WGS lil " lc ,Bowne PM HALBURIAN, ADRIENNE IACKSON, ELIZABETH Business Education General Elementary 607 Bergen Blvd., Ridgefield 1308 Central Ave., Wildwood HAMMELL, CLARA IOHNSON, ALICE E. General Elementary Buslffess Educallofl East Mountain Rd., Sparta 83 Mme St-1 Flemmqlofl HANCOCK, ERNEST 19H1Qli9Nf IHEERTVC' General Secondary VYSIE? I ucalson 339 Main St., Metuchen KAHAISG LILLYTES urg HAYES' W-ALTER F' Kindergarten-Primary Induslnal A115 17 Philip Pl., Irvington 1609 Genesee St., Trenton KAISER GERTRUDE HENDRICKSON, BERTHA M. General Elementary General Secondary 50 McKinley Ave., Trenton 35 Annabelle Ave., Trenton KELLQCK, SHIRLEY HENDRICKSON, MABELLE General Secondary Kindergarten-Primary 706 Stuyvesant Ave., Trenton R. F. D. No. 6, Trenton KQMISAR, NAQMI HERITAGE, MARGUERITE General Elementary Kindergarten-Primary R. F. D. No. 1, Ringoes 407 Broadway, Camden KONCHES, VIOLET I. HEWITTI VIRGINIA General Secondary General Elementary 749 Harrison Ave., Harrison 17 Brighton Ave., Pleasantville KOPNIKI ROS? HOFSTEAD, IUNE General E ementary Ph . . Passaic St., Ogdensburg ysrcal Education KORT RUTH 33 Orange Heights Ave., West Physical Education Orcmqe 152 E. Main St., Paterson HOLMES' AU-EN KRAUSS, IOHN F. General Secondary Music 42 Spring Si., Trenton 33 Clay St., Milltown HUGHES, MARGARET LEBOFF, PEARL General Secretary Business Education 48 Annabelle Ave., Trenton 6712 Bergenline Ave., North Bergen LENSU, ARMAS A. General Secondary Robbinsville LIEBERMAN, BLANCHE Business Education 412 Oak St., Passaic LOCKWOOD, BETTY Business Education 3209 Nottingham Way, Trenton LONG, IEAN Physical Education 302 La Reine Ave., Bradley Beach MOLONEY, LOUIS General Secondary 339 Ellis Ave., Trenton MARCHAND, ED Physical Education R. F. D. No. l, Yardville MAUTHE, EDWARD Industrial Arts 266 Herman St., Hackensack MCCLELLAN, RUTH E. Secondary 443 Parkway Ave., Trenton MCEVOY, HILDA General Secondary 184 Rutledge Ave., East Orange MCGRATI-I, MARY ELLEN Physical Education 221 E. Broad St., Burlington McKAY, KENNETH Industrial Arts 233 S. Horace St., Woodbury MEEKS, CLIFFORD P. Industrial Arts 118 Cleveland Ave., Riverside fra! f,::: f MEWBORN, CONSTANCE BECHTEL Kindergarten-Primary 110 Prince St., Bordentown MIDDLEDITCH, DORIS Kindergarten-Primary Monmouth Hills Club, Highlands MILLER, HARRIET MAXINE Business Education 1223 Third Ave., Asbury Park MOONEY, THOMAS Industrial Arts 205 Passaic St., Trenton MOREAU, EVELYN B. General Secondary 14 Yard Avenue, Freehold MORRIS, ELIZABETH General Elementary Iaclcsonville Rd., Mount Holly POPE, DORIS Physical Education I4 Burrows Ave., Bernardsville QUINN, KATHLEEN A. Business Education 829 Monroe Ave., Elizabeth RAFTERY, VIRGINIA Kindergarten-Primary 610 Salem Ave., Elizabeth RASH, DOROTHY Kindergarten-Primary 64 Ross Ave., Hackensack RHINESMITH, BETTY General Secondary 108 E. Washington St., Washington RICARDS, LLOYD General Secondary Main St., Cedarville '54- 4' J PERELMAN, LEO General Secondary 320 Rector St., Perth Amboy PERRY, GRAYCE Kindergarten-Primary 700 Schiller Ave., Trenton PETERSILGE, RUTH General Elementary 431 Cecelia Ave., Cliffside PHILLIPS, DOROTHY Kindergarten-Primary 73 Tulip St., Summit PICKERING, IEAN E. General Elementary Main St., Greenwich POLHEMUS, BETTY Kindergarten-Primary R. F. D. No. 2, Englishtown 'ff 4 , ... rv-v K Q A C 'W if . ,, N I W Q7 av X is If X57 Q I ...-. C 3 x X ' .. ,N . . - ggi! s fy r Q ' l f ,. .Q 1 ,,,N . SARKADY, ELIZABETH General Elementary 813 South Clinton Ave., Trenton SCHIVAL, MARGARET Business Education 95 Branch St., Mount Holly SCHLETZ, ELIZABETH I. Kindergarten-Primary 118 Norway Ave., Trenton SCHULER, ELIZABETH Physical Education W. Saddle River Rd., Saddle River SCHWARZ, DORIS Physical Education 615 Larch St., Roselle Park SCRIPPS, ANNA M. Business Education 27 N. Clinton Ave., Trenton A . -.:: . Q .1 kiwi., . 1 4 I pw ' I f K , 4 7 Z X f .fla w i 4 X K on L Z t 2 . , ,I -m y , X ' f . y,, . it - .vi . . , nf f . ,, V " wi . .f W- I L A V . 1-My ' , 9 . f rf' ' " 2 f ws ', RISSETTO, LEWIS General Secondary 107 Park Ave., Dumont ROBINSON, DORIS General Secondary 207 Park La., Trenton ROBINSON, IOYCE AILEEN Physical Education 62 Moreland Ave., Trenton ROCHE, IOHN A., Ir. General Secondary SEELY, METTA E. Music 323 S. 3rd St., Hammonton SEKTBERG, IEANETTE Physical Education 105 Maple St., West Orange SINGLEMAN, JOAN A. Kindergarten-Primary 17 Carol La., Bergentield SKOKOS, ALETHEA General Secondary 1461 W. State St., Trenton SKOROPAD, OLGA 1448 Stuyvesant Ave., Trenton General Elementary SAGOTSKY, RUTH L, Business Education 118 William St., Trenton SMITH, ELEANOR Business Education 10 Throckmorton St., Freehold 51 Martin St. pmerson Trenton Dlly llon Bqddle River Dark '9r1l0n 2 je 'F 5 SMOLAK, IULIET F. Business Education 48 Tuttle St., Wallington SMMOVIGO, MONTE General Secondary Wertsville Rd., Hopewell STADNIK, ANNA General Elementary 54 Thompson St., Raritan STONER, WILLIAM B. Business Education 358 Connecticut Ave., Trenton STILES, WINIFRED E. Music 111 Linden Ave., Arlington STEELE, RUTH M. Physical Education 6 Dempster Rd., Chatham TAYLOR, EUGENE, Ir. Business Education 51 Seventh St., Salem SUTCLIFFE, MINA Kindergarten-Primary Woodbury Rd., R. D. No. 6, Trenton THORNER, FLORENCE Business Education 518 West 3rd St., Plainfield TIGHE, CHARLES Industrial Arts 253 W. Pine St., Audubon TITMAN, EVELYN M. Physical Education 285 Dodd St., East Orange TRAUTWEIN, ISABEL Physical Education 1318 Washington Ave., Woodbury VAN NESS, YOVA Music 3895 Nottingham Way, Hamilton Square VAN SCIVER, ELIZABETH BERTHA General Elementary R. F. D. No. 1, Box 47, Beverly VASCO, ANDREW Secondary 880 Paterson Ave., East Rutherford VRABLIK, MARY Business Education 154 Palisade Ave., Garfield WAGNER, RICHARD Music 180 Hollywood Ave., Irvington WASILEXNSKA, HELEN General Elementary Grover's Mill Road, Plainsboro 2 W , its 1 f Q. 4. 1 443 . .h V ' 17 M 1 tv 'K X X H , J ..,. f I Q. vs. f f .uf lr. ,Af-W Q S.. M -M... irrkxw 5 . .J f if I by , , 'N , Q. .fa . . l Q, V SF sz , 1 . I 7 ' tttt 'f g A IA Jmonlotl Ofdrlfle Gield fenlon 1109 JH ,f .12- f STANTON, CATHERINE M. General Secondary 1131 Hamilton Ave., Trenton STRUCKER, IO1-IN F. General Secondary 148 Iackson St., Trenton STUART, NANCY Kindergarten-Primary 225 N. Clinton Ave., Margate SUMMERS, HELEN General Secondary 407 Chambers Ave., Camden TI-IORNE, RITA Kindergarten-Primary 230 Laurel Ave., West Keansburq TERHUNE, ELIZABETH M. General Elementary Fairview Ave., High Bridge TRIMBLE, MARGARET LEE General Secondary 12 North Terrace, Maplewood TUNIS, HARRY B. General Secondary 1181 Lincoln Pl., Elberon TURNER, IEAN-RAE General Secondary 45 Hansbury Ave., Newark TVERSKY, ARNOLD D. General Secondary 603 Monmouth Ave., Lakewood VanDERPOOL, DEAN General Secondary 273 Weber Ave., Trenton VAN NAME, XENIA General Elementary 152 Hopkins Ave., Haddonfield WERNER, MARIE Business Education 26 Charles St., Roselle Park WILDRICK, DOROTHY E. General Elementary Blairstown WILLIS, IOHN T. General Secondary 306 3rd St., Riverton WILSON, SARA B. Kindergarten-Primary 7 West St., Bordentown WILTS, GRACE Physical Education 64 Vanderburg Ave., Rutherford WOOLLEY, MARIORIE IANE General Secondary 908 17th Ave., Belrnar 1 I WYCKOFF, HARRY YOUNG, LOUISE YOUNG, MARGARET L- Physical Education Physical Education ElementarY 1140 Hamilton Ave., Trenton 122 Lakeview Ave., Paterson 447 North Maple AVS-, ECISI Orfmqe ASSENHEIMER, PAUL E. Music 280 Nassau St., Princeton BACKSTROM, DAFFIN T. 2164 Liberty St., Trenton BERRY, WILLIAM Music 231 Third St., Dunellen BLANCHARD, IOHN F. 139 Academy St., Trenton CHRISMAN, TI-IO L. 620 Riverside Ave., Trenton COLICCI-IIO, MARIE Business Education 21 Iohn St., Elizabeth DRIVER, ELWOOD General Secondary 30 Fountain Ave., Trenton GILMAN, MILDRED 1726 E. State St., Trenton HAMILTON, CHARLES T. 849 Floral Ave., Elizabeth HUTCHENSON, GEORGE D. 135 Ingham Ave., Trenton KASE, DORIS 196 Custer Ave., Iersey City LEIGH, EDWARD E. Music Varsity Ave., Penns Neck, R. D No. I, Princeton MALICE, IUNE I-I. Edgewater Park, N. I. OTT, DOROTHY General Secondary 300 Greenwich St., Belvidere WALDRON, GRACE B. 6 Audrey Pl., Trenton East Orange ay City Neck, R. D- videre The Sophomore Class started its Calendar Year by electing to office, during the close of its Freshman year, Mr. Morris B. Shoemaker as class advisery Charlotte Heier, President, Roy Van Ness, Vice-Pres- identy Marion Staqq, Secretary, and Iohn Parker, Treasurer. Mr. Shoemaker has been a great help to the class, and his aid has been greatly appreciated, The first outstanding achievement of the Class was the Freshman-Sophomore Dance, held Septem- I PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAIORS GENERAL SECONDARIES ber 20, l94O. This dance will long be remembered by those who attended. The Sophomore Class not only sponsored this dance but had full charge of Fresh- man Week. Then came the Ice Cream and Cake Sale as the next event. This class was the first to raise money to be used along with that given by the Administra- GENERAL SECONDAHIES BUSINESS EDUCATION MAIORS tion. The purpose for raising the money was to make the Sophomore Formal a more spectacular affair and to finance a class picnic in the Spring. The Sale was a success, all committees function- ing to make it so. The Sophomore Formal Dance was held March l5, l94l, and the theme was "The ldes of March." 5-1 gf-...W 5223 KINDERGARTEN PRIMARY MAIORS GENERAL ELEMENTARIES INDUSTRIAL ART MAIORS MUSIC MAIORS ENS' FL 29 CIC! LLEN, REB 191 W0 ARMSTRON 252 DG ARNOWITZ 151 EG AUSTER, H 135 CC BACSO, IE 237 Be BAINBRIDI 2 Con BARRICK. BARTLETI 438 I BATHMA' 502 I BEKE, E1 11111 1 BENTLEI 11 I I BORDEI I I0 BORINI 5IE BRASC 145 BRENN 15 BRES 3 BREZ1 5 AHRENS, FLORENCE 29 Cranford Ter., Cranford ALLEN, REBECCA 191 Watchung Ave., Chatham ARMSTRONG, CATHERINE 252 David St., South Amboy ARNOWITZ, HARRY 151 East Holsman St., Paterson AUSTER, ROSALIE 135 Codwise Ave., New Brunswick BACSO, IEAN 237 Bert Ave., Trenton BAINBRIDGE, LILLIAN 2 Conover St., Trenton BARRICK, FRANCES Pittstown BARTLETT, IOI-IN 438 Fairmount Ave., Iersey City BATHMANN, PATRICIA 502 Doremus Ave., Glen Rock BEKE, ETHEL 810 Chestnut Ave., Trenton BENTLEY, CHARLOTTE llll Greenwood Ave., Trenton BORDEN, EDWARD 110 N. Martindale Ave., Ventnor BORINI, IOHN 516 Wistar Pl., Atlantic City BRASCA, IOHN 145 Richards Ave., Dover BRENNAN, ROBERTA 1506 Greenwood Ave., Trenton BRESETT, FRANCES 36 Oakwood Ave., Long Branch BREZNIK, ANNA 51 Butler St., Franklin BRITTON, CHARLOTTE 106 Barrickle St., Trenton CLASS OF 1943 BROWN, ARTHUR 268 Randolph Ave., East Rutherford BUZBY, THERESA Chatsworth CALLAN, IOHN 42 Perry St., Lambertville CANTONI, PAUL Main St., Port Norris CARD, BARBARA 38 Parent Ave., Trenton CARTER, GERALDINE 413 North Montgomery St., Trenton CARTLIDGE, VERNA 274 Mercer St., Hamilton Square CARVER, LOUISE 50 Sylvania Ave., Neptune City CASS, KATHERINE Englishtown, R. F. D. No. 2 CHANTZ, PHYLLIS 12 Bloomfield Ave., Flemington CLANCY, IOHN 229 Tyler St., Trenton CLARK, HELEN 17 Iarvis Pl., Trenton CLAYPOOL, IACK 801 Lenola Rd., West Moorestown CRANMER, BENJAMIN 38 Elizabeth St., Pemberton CRYAN, HELEN 415 Monmouth St., Trenton CURTIS, WINIFRED 294 Briarcliffe Rd., West Englewood DAHL, HELEN 112 Eighth St., Beach Haven DAVIES, IANET 552 Wyndham Rd., Teaneck DAY, VIRGINIA West Main St., Mendham DELLAIRA, FRANCES 645 Brunswick Ave., Trenton DeROSA, ANGELINA 80 East Somerset St., Rariton DEUTSCH, ELEAZER 349 Broadway, Long Branch DIENER, IOSEPHINE 401 Cedar Ave., Collingswood DISBROW, DOROTHY 137 South St., Manasquan DOBBINS, ANNA 72 Woodside Ave., Newton DONALD, ROBERT 26 Spruce St., Princeton DOSCHER, DORIS 621 Spring Ave., Ridgewood DRENTLAU, MILDRED 370 DeWitt Ave., Belleville ENGHOLM, ANN ll Church St., Sea Bright ERRICKSON, GORDON Harmony Gate Farms, Harbourton FEUERBACH, IACOUELINE 219 Baltimore Ave., Pt. Pleasant FINKEL, FLORENCE 26 Linden Ave., Verona FORRESTER, LEO 1159 Chambers St., Trenton FRAZIER, DOROTHY 33 Clinton Ave., Eatontomm FRITZ, MARGARET 105 E. 17th St., Wildwood FUHRMANN, VIRGINIA 267 Hollywood Drive, Trenton GASKILL, IRVING 121 Hill St., Mount Holly GAVERNIK, AUGUST 704 Dunellen Ave., Dunellen GROVE DOROTHY 274 Edinburg Rd Trenton GUEST, ELIZABETH 52 Euclid Ave., Haddonfield HAGER, HELEN 214 Highland Ave., Trenton IAOUINS, MARIE 113 Autumn St., Lodi HANDIS, NORMA 301 South Cook Ave., Trenton HANSEN, CHRISTIAN Whitty Rd., Toms River HANSEN, EVELYN 1130 18th Ave., Belmar HARDT, KATHERINE 105 Farley Ave., Fanwood HARKER, DOROTHY 363 Lynwood Ave., Trenton HARMAN, ELIAS 6 Homestead La., Iersey Homesteads HART, IANETTE 66 Little Falls Rd., Cedar Grove HERRMANN, RUTH 338 Carlton Ter., Ridgewood HILLER, LOIS 171 Third Ave., Westwood I-IOCH, GLADYS Washington Crossing Rd., Penning- ton I-IOFMANN, ROGER 4411 Bergen Turnpike, No. Bergen HOPKINS, IEAN 208 Union St., Boonton HUEBNER, RUTH 847 Bergen St., Newark INGALLS, DOROTHY 16 Sanhican Drive, Trenton IZAREK, MARGARET 36 Rose St., Phillipsburg IAGGERS, MARIE 58 Mapleshade Ave., Trenton JOHNSON, DOROTHY 108 Church St., Bridgeton IOHNSON, MARION 248 Mansion Ave., Audubon IOHNSTON, GEORGE 2453 Main St., Lawrenceville IONSON, ANNA Cedar Lane, Closter KAY, IACK 631 Belmont Ave., Newark KEARNEY, MARGARET 26 Chetwood Ter., Fanwood KINEY, MARIE 686 Center St., Trenton KING, DORIS 18 Clinton St., Newton KIRSCH, RAY 381 Gorge Rd., Cliffside Park KLAUSER, MADELINE 928 Chestnut Ave., Trenton KOTT, MILTON 726 Lyons Ave., Irvington KRAVITZ, LEONA 116 Main St., Manasquan KUDY, CHARLES 218 McClellan Ave., Trenton KUHN, MARY LOUISE 117 Donaldson St., Highland Park LANGFORD, ALAN 11 Iarvis Place, Trenton LATT, LILLIAN 819 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City LEIGH, ROBERT 37 Bank St., Princeton LOCICERO, BENEDICT 280 Bridge Ave., Red Bank LOCKWOOD, IEAN 2295 Nottingham Way, Trenton LOURIA, SYLVIA 234 Tyler St., Trenton MACAK, WALTER 5 Park Pl., Metuchen MAIORINO, LUCY 146 Hamilton Ave., Trenton MAIR, MARY 42 Valley View Ave., Summit MAKIN, BETTY 351 West Second St., Moorestown MASON, STANLEY 491 West Hanover St., Trenton MCCRAITH, EUGENIE 1226 Robert St., Hillside MCDONOUGI-I, MARGARET 27 Madison Ave., Red Bank MCGUIRE, DOROTHY 305 Kipp Ave., Hasbrouck Heights MILLER, SHELDON 88 Van Reypen St., Iersey City MILLS, WILLIAM 1902 South Clinton Ave., Trenton MOLDOVAN, CARL 866 South Broad St., Trenton MOONEY, WILLIAM 205 Passaic St., Trenton MOSER, MILDRED 250 Cummings Ave., Trenton MUELLER, IOHN 23 Prospect St., Trenton NEWMAN, IRVING 86 Hawthorne Ave., Newark NICODEMUS, DOROTHY 21 Church St., Mt. Holly NOTTERMAN, IOSEPH 16 Homestead La., Iersey Home- steads ORCHANIAN, FLORENCE 3 Glenn St., Cliffside Park OTTO, MARY 6703 Irving Ave., Merchantville 111UMBC 28 W 11111LNTf 187 1 PAHICER1 1418 PARKER, 20 C PEARSAI 30 L PEARSO 24 S PERLIN, 207 PERLINI Ill PETERS I3 PIERCE 27 PRAGI AI PRITCI 31 RAYN Lg X: .. I ' 15, nton uCl'1en 'e 'I Trenton We., t st, M,,,,es,0m 51' St., Trenton Iillside ARET Red Bank 'asbtouck Heights ., lersey City Ave., Trenton t., Trenton anion 1, Trent0f1 111011 V Newark v io1lY IerSOY Home E Park 2 SADLEY, ANNE Yardville SAGOTSKY, EVELYN 10 Throckmorton St., Freehold PALUMBO, CARL 28 Washington St., Trenton SARKADY' VIOLET 210 Hamilton Ave., Trenton PARENT, ALICE 187 Ellwood St., Trenton SCHAEFER' MORRIS 407 Park Ave., Perth Amboy PARKER, IOHN 1418 Madison Ave., Atlantic Cit SCHMELZ' WILLIAM PARKER, NAOMI I 20 Cavell Ave., Trenton SCHUMACHER, MILO A ' . ' . ' tlantic Ave 'dt Flrst St, Matawan 23 Sixth Ave., Roebhn PEARSALL, IANE 30 Lafayette St., Rumson SHEPHERD' LORRAINE 107 Annabelle Ave., Trenton PEARSON, IEANNE 24 Steiner Ave., Neptune City SCHULTZ' BEVERLY Main St., Mt. Freedom PERLIN, LILLIAN 207 Monroe St., Passaic SIEGEL' BERNARD 224 Lawrence Pl., Paterson PERLINI, IEAN 1ll Roff Ave., Palisades Park SIRI' HERMAN 523 Elm Ave., Audubon PETERSON, FRANKLIN 13 Whitfield sf., cqidweil SOLIMANDO' ROSE 33 Emory Ave., Trenton PIERCE, CHERIE 27 Alexander Ave., Madison SOUTHGATE, ETHEL Railroad Ave., Iarnesburg PRAGIT, ELIZABETH IE Alpha Second Ave. SOVICZKI' SOPH 9 Rancocas Ave., Hainesport PRITCHETT ROBERT ' ARGARET 3151 Tuckahoe Rd., Camden STACKHOUSE' M RAYNER, NANCY ARION 50 Tremont Pl., Montclair STAGG' M Station A, Trenton REEVES, DORIS RNAR, MARY New Lisbon STA 146 Center St., Clinton REIER, CHARLOTTE ELE, SARAH 71 Hillcrest Rd., Caldwell STE 2750 South Broad St., Trenton REXON' RUTH STEVENSON, WILLMA Laurel Rd., Stratford 27 Columbia Ave., Trenion RICKLIS, HENRY TANKLE, BEATRICE 947 "C" St., Washington, D. C. 292 North Willow St., Trenton ROBINSON, ALAN TERRACCIANO, CATHERINE 248 Broad Ave., Palisades Park 55 Roland Ave., South Orange ROCKEL, CORNELL 533 New Willow St., Trenton ROHLAND, MARGARET I8 Ocean Pathway, Ocean Grove TILTON, AUDREY Box 329, R. D. No. 2, Victor Place Neptune TOMKINSON, ELSIE 147 South Cook Ave., Trenton TROXELL, LOUISE 49 Schultz Ave., Phillipsburg UMSTEAD, MARIE 224 Huff Ave., Trenton VACCARO, ASSUNTA 311 Elberon Ave., Allenhurst VANDERHOOF, DAVID 772 Lake St., Newark Y 152 E. Westfield Ave., Roselle Park VAN IDERSTINE' JANE Crescent Rd., Rocky Hill VAN NESS ROY Q WAGNER, IEANETTE Sovereign Ct., Chelsea Village, Atlantic City WATSON, RICHARD 244 Cuyler Ave., Trenton WEISS, MARIORIE 137 Hunter Ave., Trenton WELLS, ALBERT 137 Highland Ave., Iersey City WHALEY, ELLEN Box 401, Bernardsville WHITE, ROBERT 88 Knickerbocker Rd., Englewood WIEBE, HELEN 540 61st St., West New York 213 Cleveland Ave., Highland Park WQQDS' FRANCIS 215 Easton Ave., New Brunswick ZIEGLER, DOROTHY 1400 Brunswick Ave., Trenton ZIEGLER, HERBERT 17 Washington Ave., Riverside ZISKA, CAROL 692 Broadway, Long Branch MUSIC MAIORS KINDERGARTEN PRIMARY MAIORS Early in October, there was a special meeting of the Freshman Class for the purpose of nominating its officers. Short speeches were given by the nominees for the various offices. The Class has selected Blue and White as the Class colors, and the motto is "Porro et sublime," which translated means, "Onward and Upward." IHISHMIN OFFICERS President .....,..,,... ,......,,,....,......... ................... S c ott Fox Vice-President ....,..,......... ....... C IICIYIOUG IVVCIIICGT Secretary ..,,,.,..................... ..,..,...... ,.....,.......,. . . . .,,....., Dorothy King Executive Board Members ...,,. Paula I-lermansen, Virginia Fahrety Men's Athletic Association ,,,.,........... ........... I ack Cogger, Fred Smith Adviser ...,..... ....,................ ...... M 1 ss Vlctoria Frederlck N! 4 5 PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAIORS GENERAL ELEMENTARIES On February 5, the Class sponsored an all-Fresh- man Party, held in the gymnasium. The Freshman Physical Education Majors were hosts at the affair, which was for the purpose of becoming better ac- quainted. On March l, the Freshman Class held their formal dance in the lnn. BUSINESS EDUCATION MAIORS GENERAL SECONDARIES INDUSTRIAL ART MAIORS GENERAL SECONDARIES AARONS, IRA DAVID 330 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City AIOGIN, ANNE Englishtown ANDERSON, EVELYN T. Front St., Crosswicks ANDREICSIK, ANNA MARIE 332 McAdoo Ave., Trenton BAAB, SUEMARGARET 83 Catalpa Ave., Hackensack BARTO, NORMA Cooper Rd., Red Bank BECKER, DANIEL 79 Washington St., South River BELOTT, IUNE A. 217 Elberon Blvd., Elberon Park BERNSTEIN, BARBARA 348 W. State St., Trenton BICKEL, ELSIE 112 Belmont Ave., Patterson BIDGOOD, ELIZABETH M. 41 East 38th St., Bayonne BIRNBAUM, MIRIAM Oak Lane, Yardville BLACK, GLORIA H. 427 Hemlock St., Roselle Park BLANCHARD, CHARLOTTE E. 83 N. Union St., Lambertville BOCCIA, EVELYN 102 Montrose St., Newark BORDEN, ELSIE 11th and S. High St., Burlington BOYER, EDMOND A., Ir. Washington Rd., Penn's Neck, Princeton BRADLEY, MARY Wrightstown BRECKWOLDT, WILLIAM L. 77 Oakdene Ave., Teaneck BRIMFIELD, DORIS C. Hammonton CLASS OF 1944 BRODZIK, SYLVIA 147 Hamilton Blvd., South Plainfield BROWN, ANN 100 W. Federal St., Burlington BROWN, HAROLD A. 209 Belleview Ter., Hillside BUCK, LILLIAN 243 Second Ave., Garwood BURD, MARGERY Lawrence St., Bound Brook BURDEN, EDISON Peddie School, Hightstown BURTIS, ELEANORE Davis Station Rd., Allentown BYRNE, IEAN 417 Lynwood Ave., Trenton CAPUTI, IANE 6417 West End Ave., Merchantville CAREY, MARION Hamilton Square Rd., Yardville CARUSO, MARY LEONARD 104 Mechanics St., Burlington CI-IRISTIE, MURIEL V. 515 White Horse Pike, Audubon COGGER, IACK 1347 South 2nd St., Plainfield COMBS, ANDREW C. W. Warren Ave., Spring Lake COX, DOROTHY 300 Grand Central St., Lavalette CRAMER, RUTH 421 Benner St., Highland Park CRANCH, EDMUND 701 Coleman Pl., Westfield CREVELING, HELEN l Walker SI., Newton CRINE, IAMES Iron Ore Rd-, Englishtown CYMBALUK, THEODORE 427 Dermody St., Cranford DALY, AUDREY 434 Lincoln AVG-, Rutherford DAVIDS, DOROTHY E. 60 Large Ave., Westwood DAVIS, HARRISON 731 Monmouth St., Trenton DAVISON, GEORGE W. 620 Church St., Pleasantville DAWKINS, COLIN C. 681 Avenue C, Bayonne DE CAMP, JANET 52 Collamore Ter., West Orange DEY, IOYCE Upper Ferry Rd., Trenton DILLON, HELEN 1912 West Seventh, Dunellen DOHERTY, BARBARA Stockton and Boardwalk, Seaside Heights DOLTON, ELEANOR LOUISE 22 Edgemere Ave., Trenton DORRELL, IANE LOUISE II6 N. Union St., Larnbertville DOYLE, HELEN R. D., Belle Mead DRISCOLL, IANE ELIDA 114 Cherry St., Hammonton EGAN, MARION 116 Reading Ave., Trenton EICHER, EDWARD 268 40th St., Irvington ELLIOTT, VIRGINIA Olive St., Florence EMERSON, DOROTHY 29 McKinley, West Orange EMERY, IOYCE M. Mercer St., Phillipsburq FAHERTY, VIRGINIA 10 Apollo St., Iersey City FAY, MARGUERITE North Broad St., Phillipsburg FELDENZER, IOHN I. I8 Ashmore Ave., Trenton OTHY E. Av e., Westwood rson Outh Sr. DRGE W. 1 Sr., I Trenton Pleqsantvme LIN Q 9 C' BUYOIIRQ ET -9 Ter., West Orange ' Rd-, Trenton evenlh, Dunellen ARA Boardwalk, Seaside DR LOUISE Ave., Trenton OUISE St., Lambertville and ILIDA Hcrmmonton ,eu Trenton inglotl ce I 51 Ordflfle sbllfq rel' CW IilllP5buIg Trenf0U FETTER, IEANNE FRANCIS 2 Conellen Rd., Hopewell FOX, M. SCOTT 84 E. Van Ness Ave., Rutherford FREEDMAN, WILLARD 175 S. Broad St., Trenton A GAINES, BETTY 212 Sixth St., Lakewood GAYDOS, IRVIN A. 2 Sallie St., Trenton GEISER, ELIZABETH 811 S. 13th St., Newark GLANCEY, CLARE R. F. D. No. 1, Bordentown GOLDMAN, SHIRLEY 39 Union Ave., Passaic GOLLNER, FLORENCE 505 Sth Ave., Asbury Park GRABANIA, OLGA Wrightstown GREENBERG, DOROTHY 38 Eleventh St., Lakewood GUSZ, MARY 72 Kearney Ave., Trenton HADELAND, MARTHA 36 Walnut St., Ridgewood HALL, E'I'HEL R. D. No. 1, Newfoundland HARRIMAN, RUTH 1238 Bryant St., Rahway HART, FRANCES Monmouth Beach 1-IATFIELD, MARIE 319 Stout Ave., Scotch Plains HERAN, DONALD F. 877 Stuyvesant Ave., Trenton HERMANSEN. PAULA S. Washington Ave., New Market HERSHEY, ANNA IEAN 99 Mountainview Rd., Millburn HEWITT, EILEEN 17 Brighton Ave., Pleasantville HILL, ANNA E. Hopewell HONER, ELAINE 1305 Langford St., Asbury Park HOREN, EDWIN 127 Iackson St., Trenton IACKSON, PHYLLIS E. 18 Eglantine Ave., Pennington IACOB, YOLANDA 1038 Pennington Rd., Trenton IOCHEM, WARREN 215 Paterson Ave., E. Rutherford IOHNSON, LOIS M. 36 Coryell St., Lambertville IOHNSON, RICHARD 49 Forest Place, Rochelle Park KAISER, LILLIAN E. 224 Perry St., Trenton KATILIS, LUCY 440 Dock St., Wildwood KATZ, ESTELLE 142 65th St., West New York KATZ, RUTH E. 218 River St., Hackensack KEINER, LILLIAN 12 Union St., Trenton KELLY, CLAIRE 19 Glen Ave., Phillipsburg KELLY, KAY 91 Oak St., Teaneck KELVY, MARION E. 230 E. Third St., Florence KEMBLE, BETTY 430 Ash St., Delanco KEVIT, KATHRYN, E. R. 62 Maitland Ave., Hawthorne KING, DOROTHY E. 200 Sanford St., East Orange KIRK, HELEN 52 Coeyman Ave., Nutley LEVINSON, STANLEY 439 Elmwood Ave., Maplewood LIESCH, IULIA D. 221 William St., Trenton LIPMAN, INA Lafayette Ave., Washington Crossing LIPMAN, MARILYN G. Lafayette Ave., Washington Crossing LISS, SYLVIA Main St., Birch Bldg., Freehold LITTLE, CATHERINE 120 Arlington Ave., Iersey City LOVELAND, THEODORIS 166 Bridge Ave., Bay Head LOWERY, BETTY Talmage Rd., Mendham LUFKIN, BETTY LOU 124 W. Clinton Ave., Tenafly MARTIN, DOROTHY 375 W. Bangs Ave., Neptune MARTIN, MARGARET Allamuchy MATERA. GERALDINE 130 Culbertson Ave., Trenton McDADE, EILEEN 148 Crosswicks St., Bordentown McDANIELS, RUTH . 30 Curtis Place, Maplewood MERRILL, IEAN Hewlette Ave., Patchoque, L. I., N. Y. MERRILL, LOUISE ETHEL 11 Passaic Ave., Pompton Lakes MESCHTER, IEANNE B. 46 K. St., Penn's Grove MEWBORN, MARGARET E. 110 Prince St., Bordentown MICHAEL, ANITA LOUISE 92 Beechwood Ave., Trenton MICHELFELDER, MARTHA Riverside Drive, Millington, MILLER, FLORENCE 22 W. 38th St., Bayonne MILLER. MARYN A. 514 Prince St., Bordentown MILSTREY, DELORES 72 Zingsem St., Hackensack MINTZ, GOLDIE 113 Market St., Trenton MODOCK, WILLIAM Rd. No. 1, Pittstown MOREAU, FLORENCE 14 Yard Ave., Freehold MORRIS, ROBERT 527 church st., Spring Lake Hts MOTT, ALMENA 50 Carson Ave., Metuchen MOUNT, ALBERTA V. R. F. D. No. 1, CranburY MULDER, HARRY 51 Bamtord Ave., Hawthorne MURPHY, LOIS L. 201 Chestnut St., Pleasantville NORTON. IANE 1 44 Elmhurst Ave., Trenton OWEN, WALTER F. 100 N. Second St., Millville PARK, BARBARA H. 317 Sharp St., Hackettstown PARRISH, HOWARD 103 Edinburg Rd., Mercerville PEKARCHIK, IRENE R. E. D. No. 3, Freehold PI'I'I'S, PATRICIA 35 Fisher Place, Trenton PLATT, WILLIAM A. 49 Klein Ave., Trenton POWELL, DOROTHY 170 Valley Rd., Montclair PUTMAN, IANE Mt. Airy Rd., Lambertville RHODES, MILDRED 850 Parkside Ave., Trenton RICE, BE'I'I'Y 155 Grove St., Passaic RICHARDS, KENNETH 313 S. Cook Ave.. Trenton RICHARDSON, WALTER E. 301 Broadway, W. Cape May ROMEO, CLARA 46 Conrad St., Trenton ROUAULT, BETTY 915 Prince St., Teaneck SAPER. WALTER 1.. 523 S. Warren St., Trenton SCOTT. WINFIELD Lakeview Ave.. Pine Hut SELTZER, EDWARD East Madison Ave., Cresskill Q Lqke Uflhen ury lhflrne sdnlvllle 11011 llvilte tstown rerville cl I ir lle ill l IY . I, H If ,gf f SHEETS, MARGARET E. 82 Brunswick Ave., Bloomsbury SINCLAIRE, KATHERINE 25 Carmita Ave., Rutherford SMITH, DONALD 326 Irwin St., Phillipsburg SMITH, FLORENCE P. 55 Midland Ave., Glen Ridge SMITH, FRED E. 356 Whittier Ave., Dunellen SMITH, MARGARET R. 55 Bridge St., Lambertville SMITH, RUTH V. 51 Martin St., Paterson SOLAN, RUTH 951 Quinton Ave., Trenton SPEWAK, DORIS 588 Roosevelt Ave., Carteret STAMATAKAS, MITCHEL 6 Sunnyside Ter., East Orange STANTON, ALICE 1131 Hamilton Ave., Trenton STECKER, LORRAINE R. D. No. 2, Phillipsburg STEELE, WILHELMINA 1803 Summerfield Ave., Neptune STEINBERG, LEONARD Stelton Rd., Stelton STELLAS, IACK GEORGE 1508 Belfield Ave., Atlantic STEPHENS, LEONA M. Mount Olive, R. D. No. l, Hackettstown STEPLER, DORIS 834 York, Camden STODDARD, MARGARET 113 Orchard St., Elizabeth STOUT, WILLIAM A. 7 Lowellen St., Hopewell TALMADGE, LOIS M. t 10 Alexander Ave., Madison TERHUNE, IANICE Grove St., Pt. Pleasant TER MEER, LORENE 1... Summit St., Norwood City THORNE, IANE 315 Redding Ave., Trenton TONKENS, ALICE Budd Luke Rd-, Hackettstown TOTTEN, IEAN 132 First St., Keypori TREFZ, LORETTA 407 Shreve Ave., Barrington TROUT, VIRGINIA 58 Laurel Place, Trenton TRUCH, IOHN 125 Hancock St., Trenton VAN WART, LEE 120 Westover Ave., Caldwell WALKER, CHARLOTTE 150 Walnut Ave., Bogota WALLACE, RICHARD Arlington WATERS, DORIS 1819 Pennington Rd., Trenton WEIPPERT, CLEMENTINE Gilford Park, Toms River WEIS, IOSEPH 324 N. Broad St., Trenton WEISSCUP, Benjamin 26 Second Ave., Long Branch WESP, GEORGE H. 1508 39th St., North Bergen WESP, VIRGINIA Alpine Rd., Closter WILLEY, BE'I'SY 2458 Pennington Rd., Trenton WOEHLE, ELVA Phillipsburg WOELBER, EILEEN 194 Clinton Ave., Newark WOODING, VIRGINIA Columbus YATER, RUTH E. 316 Walnut Ave., Cranford YOS, DAVID Harney's Corner, Trenton ZELLEY, EVELYN 20 General Greene Ave., Trenton ZIEGLER, ANNE M. 17 Washington St., Riverside 1 ! 2 I I r 15,1 llc n 1 'vm nm r r 4 . 4 J . v .,....,., , 2 .W .4 1 3,-5'-Z' the ' .v "'v.lf rf Q 3 L. . , ,N ,.. , . ,, 'Y-galil 4.4 ,f , 5 - ,Lu ' e 'ii- f."-K. ,JV f- J, Z - fn... '?'Wo.,,5x:' - .,..., , If:- : fy f., f .MQLJ 5 1 "Y-, 1' T 5 , 4 1 Jf'ff,.f.,. . Z, 1 f .L 5. ? 'Qr...,,'::J fn 4 , ,JL I .v .,. ,. . - , 2 ra any. ?.g .... l 1 . . .4 Awf- -4-Q' -'Un .-,z. , ,J-dawg' ' , ' 3 ':3':5':r -,Q gl. f' F Mfffw nm. ,. 1 an 1 vib- , 51 ,. Ao r.' ,x'Q:. 'rt ' WJ... as ,,V , ff ff fa", M-.F , I 1 Q 0 'r H n E E 1 L z. 1? .W ' v 55, 1 . . . . ' L' 1. l , iw . ,, ' Q' WMA, U ' .4g!gP1j2f'fg"f f,'2'21ihf7 vyf, gang x V I ,, 2' g, 43 A fr' H I M, ,- an x ,x . is Q qi: s 4 ff '. - ' . 1 "ziggy, Y 'A wrfl .1 .Q '-.- . , X--ww - ., ' ,, 1, 415 f vi 'Q 2" '?AFf"f'N7'f ' 4 vii? Wi ' W, D il ,X " N 1 xg-2f,w 1 X x 5 Q Q? I Q r 4 .rs Q5 if ml KAPPA f I h 1 , i The Gm pleted UH able not 1 csmpus. This series oi individus yi Ihr persof GI wc In add Gnd in hi speck s much KAPPA DELTA PI OFFICERS President ...,, Vice-President:il-,-.i-.iiHin'in'-'gill'--Ahiipxrtlliur Glilfuss gorresponding Secretary ,,,.. I U Tfggggigg Secretary ...,..,. . . .Maureen Montgomery ...,,...lvlae McFadzean . . . .Miss Rachel Iarold ...........Al1Ce Olsen Sponsor ..... ..4, .Y el v-arf The Gamma Zeta Chapter ol Kappa Delta Pi com- Dleted an active year ot activities w able not only to members but to other students on CCIIr1pus. This year Gamma Zeta ap series ot programs centering on the relation ot the individual to the problems met by him in his search fOr personal satistactions from the arts and religion, d f r Gnd in his relationship to society. We arrange O Speakers on these subjects a U1UCh worth while. In addition to these new activities hich were valu- Ch ter sponsored a nd found them very and our tradi- it k'?Qj . tional ones which included our Christmas program, our annual open day tor high school students, and book awards to the sophomores with highest scho- lastic attainment, we sent a large delegation to the o en meeting ol the Executive Council in Atlantic P City on February 25. Dr. Leman Bryson was the speaker. Gamma Zeta looks forward to an active year ahead. THE CHOIR The college choir made many appearances dur- ing the year, both on and off campus. Besides sing- ing at the Dean Wicks Vesper services, they sang at the Thanksgiving assembly. The first big concert was given at Christmasg the other in the Spring. Early in the Christmas season the choir sang Crt the Ir. 3 high schoolp in February they gave C1 PTO' gram for the National Music Education Conference at Atlantic Cityp and in April they sang for LSIITGT1 services in Trenton. Mrs. Pitts entertained the group at her home in March. The choir represents both music and general stu- dents and has for its officers: President ----- ....... G eorge 569 . . . . .Donald Rodimer Se-Cfelflf Y- . ....., ........ I ane HearseY Treasurer ...... ..... M onte Somrnevigo Vice-President.-:iiiHH'HHHU This club of women students is the oldest musical organization on the l 4 ippecrcmces duf- ,u5, Besides siI19' pvices, ihei' Sung at Chrisirnflsi me dl lhe Cl'lOlf sang QCIV ,TEH Conference i song for W J at her home ln' . and general slug C 1g6 1 ceo dllodma 'pillow 3 Qu ,I campus, and is always one ot the most popular. lts membership includes be- tween sixty and seventy girls who are not majoring in music, who Wish to develop their singing voices and Who enjoy singing beautiful music. Miss lngalls was the conductor this past school year. Under her leader- ship, the girls gave a Christmas concert in Allen House on a Sunday evening. ln this performance, the girls sang un- directed. OFFICERS President ...,......,........ Geraldine Meyer Vice-President ........,,.,.... Violet Bormuth Secretary ...,... ..... B etty Lockwood Treasurer. .... ............... B arbara Card Librarians Margaret Young, Iune Van lderstine Publicity Chairman ..... Catherine Terraccino PHILOMELA GLEE CLUB ,ra THE BAND Membership is open to any student who plays a band instrument. By making available opportunities for stu- dent ensemble and leadership this organization hopes to become a needed and integral part ot college lite. The Band played at all home football games and traveled to Montclair for that contest. February brought the annual assembly concert with soloists and small ensembles. Alumni Day again saw the Band in action. Student and Faculty Directors conducted the weekly rehearsals, which were held in the Auditorium. Soloists and small ensembles participated in various activities. The members also became acquainted with representa- tive selections ot Band literature. OFFICERS President .......... ,............ ..... C linton C. Heyer Vice-President ....., ..... ' ....... ...... W i lliam Berry Secretary ........ ,.... E llen Robinson Treasurer .......... ,..... A lan Langford Faculty Director ..,. ....... S . F. Monroe Student Director.. . .... Donald Rodimer Librarian ......... .,,,,. I ohn Kra'uSS :lays a band ities lor stu- tion hopes to ge lile. games and amy brought 5 Gnd Sllldll nd in action. 1 the weeltll yum, Soloists aus Gdlvilies' h fepfesellla' I, t Hgybf ilvlllcm WZ Ellen Robmsgd i Alan lA1I19l0 N old llllvhfl W5 THE ORCHESTRA The orchestra makes its contribution to the weekly as- sembly period in the form ot an introductory selection which serves to create a mood appropriate to the program which follows. lt also accompanies the assembly singing. This year the orchestra provided music tor the All-College Play, Disraeli, which was given in March. The activities ot Music Week were brought to a climax with the annual orchestra concert. The program included the tirst movement ot Grieg's "A Minor Piano Concerto" played by Ellen Robinson, the fourth movement ot Dvorak's symphony "From the New World," and the "Overture to Russian and Ludmilla by Glinkaf' OFFICERS President ......... ................ .......... W i lliam Ennis Vice-President ...... ......,.... ..... V i rginia Purhmann Secretgry ,,,,,,,, .... E ClWC1I'd Eichmann Tre-Qgurer ,,,,,,., ....... A lex HCIddOI'l Conductor ...,...... .....-.-. S - F- Monroe Student Concluctor, .. ..., Christine Thompson ,, fa f, V MUUEH D!-l EE The purpose of the Modern Dance Group is to afford for the college students who are interested and skilled in the art of dancing an opportunity to gain a funda- mental knowledge of Modern Dancing, to improve their dancing technique and to experiment with creation of dance compositions. In this its fourth year the membership of the Group has increased, as has the interest in the art of Modern Dancing. Twenty-eight girls were active this year. Newly organized, the group operated in three divisions: the program group, the auxiliary group, and the stage and costume technician unit. During the year talks on costuming and design, and the use of instruments in the dance were presented to the group. Many members attended performances of well known dancers, as Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman, and led discussions of these with the group. As a culmination of the year's work, the Modern Dance Group presented an evening program to the college in the spring. OFFICERS President ..... ............... ...... I e an Long SeCfefGfY ---- .................... ....... D o ris Roesler Treasurer ...... .lean Elm Faculty Advisers . . f fM'iss'MdfiLsii MdiiiH,'M1ss'Dsdn Andrews Ll SE The olc upplled t' its 52nd entered ll all the V1 experienf gqnizatio tions of proven it Trenton 5 its OIQGU as long C Throug kept abr todoy tif tri ip is to otlord ad and skilled goin cr funda- improve their th creotion ot ol the Group qrt of Modern re this Year' Hee divisions: md llle stdge 1 deSiQUf and re Pfesenled 3gflOfIl'lfmCeS mphrei' and rl these Wim the Modem to the W ...ilrttlill .Dofizdn Ein? W leaf' Andre ALUMNI ASSUEIATIU The old adage, "Time Proves All," can be readily applied to the Alumni Association which celebrated its 52nd anniversary this year. The association entered the second half-century of its existence with all the vigorous activity of youth and the valuable experience of age blended together to form an or- ganization that will continue to uphold the tradi- tions of the college. The Alumni Associatior has proven its worth to the students and graduates of Trenton State Teachers College many times since its organization in l889 and will continue to do so as long as it has the loyal support of its members. Throughout its entire history, the Association has kept abreast with the growth of the college and today finds itself sharing With the college the re- sults of years of fruitful labor. Our membership has been steadily increasing and the members have availed themselves of the many services and oppor- tunities offered by the organization and the College. With departmental representation, an Executive Sec- retary and increased activity, the Alumni Associa- tion looks forward to this second half-century with high hopes and great plans. We cordially invite the graduating class to take their place in our ranks and lend their strength to the establishment of a stronger and better Alumni Association. OFFICERS Executive Secretary ..........,............ :. .Iona I. Packler President .....,............................. Iohn E. Callery Vice-Presidents ........... George Warner, C. Milton Iochem Recording Secretary ................... Mrs. Albert T. Stretch Treasurer ............. ............,. M rs. Betty H. Iohnson a X - . bw f QL ' , ,,,,,,,, ...- gl. f,, -. ,n A K i 3 f M 11 Z . I . tb 'QF' t ' ., f' ' h an 2 Ai .N .- ,l-.,.- K , ,f Q i ? MF 1 1 mm.. 'GE w I EL v 4 ,4 .qt F A sv I Q, A s 15' f 3 fe I gg X n f if E Y s"""'X4 - xl' ...- , f K X ' in ' 4 - ""1,"1', , Q , .. N -t ,, A. .V N I vt ."v,' , N f.v',: 1,3 YSg,'gS,f M N 2 . 1 , A v--H.--Ax--A , V , l Q t :L , V t R , A, h 'Q I E . -, , ,. f . W. , g . ' f ' ui I! 2 'isf , m 3 9 u 1 d , sus 1 ... : 1' . , -. ,Q , i' W. A 'il " kf1i'9RifS?Q f E T i s Wifi fl W , f ' yy 'N U, 'I' .I K ' LJ 2 . ,kv , QQ. QR gf, - 'f Ai Q ? , x - S- . 1 M fl 1. C' , 5 .2 gf 4 if ,V f'- 3 vis! 068, I ,uh 3? X , L. f ,LV ,V '51 7' , , X Z4 f Mk? -Q' .- M br K Q v f ' 7 N Hrs , ,erin mb .fp -'19 J E f ff .af H .-,W Q, W ,1 fm .1 ' , C- .. .J .fm M. . V, 5 . , ,Q , fa, ,ff f V? 'W A if I K net f , W1 , f 1' 4 1 5 A, , 1 I B! ' ' 1 X f' ' 3431, 4 1 " P ,EVKZ 1 ,VL-15 -If ' 2 'gwp 'X 4 . Y 1 1 QQ' ' L7 'fx , , W ij' f 'Ni , sf X Z 5 F9 Q lg . p a R W wail W1 'v Rx , . 5 ,F W .P Za y - , 4, , f w 4 f . -' ' 3 M ,y,4Q,1 ,A ff, H 459 ,ff , S 121, , , ' fi 1- f yfifflg, f ' i " , 1' , fy? T4 f ' ff 'ff' . I' 5123, My T ?'k ' : ' 'A , , f ' 'f 4.4, ,gif , 1 , 'v ' u yf flLb5fff7"f' ff ' m'4'f f- , H ,ff-' , w ff' V 2 fn f ' ljfqff , 2 4 My "". -xf 1- ix '. ?': 'fv . f Wm I 40.51 , ,. Z-. .M-,z f, , 4 ,, , . . A M f i, 4 0 'Y' s. K! A MM"'N'llw ----L--.-47.4--.H ,. H.. .... - A A .Lg,..,.AM,,N ,,, Dyk COUNTRY LIFE CLUB The purpose of the Country Life Club is to pro- mote the interests of rural education and country life among the students of Trenton State Teachers College. During the year l94U-41, the Club made a study of American folklore and thus learned much about isolated rural sections of the country. "Stars Fell on Alabama" and l'Listen for a Lone- some Drum" by Carl Carmer, one of the year's assembly speakers, and "Down Iersey" formed the basis for the Club study. At an open meeting a program consisting of colored slides showing campus views and of Mrs. I-laskell's movie "The Road to Glory" was presented to club members and guests. The social activities included a Christmas party, a song fest, and the annual banquet in May. vt orricsss President ...................................... Beulah Knox Vice-President ...... ........... ...... E d a Epifanio Secretary ........ ........................... B etty Farley Treasurer ........................,......... Margaret Young Librarians ,................ Rose Kopnik, Charlotte Anderson Advisers ........ Miss Eleonor Lindeman, Dr. Mary H. McLees Y' Q , ENGLISH CLUB Selecting for its theme, "Humor and the Hurncr- ists," the English Club planned this year to develop in the student body interest in this field of literature. The annual Friday assembly program, entitled "Humor Through the Ages," was organized, di- rected, and acted by the members. lt consisted of scenes from Shakespeare's l'Much Ado About Noth- ing," Dickens's "Pickwick Papers," and Leonard Boss's "Education of Hyman Kaplan." The club founded the English Club Magazine for the purpose of compiling the work of its members, keeping a record of the assembly programs, and including the winning contributions of the Short Story and Poetry Contest held during the year. Guest speakers, including Vernetta E Decker, Charles C. Hewitt, and Darrel I. Mase, were invited to give readings before the group. President ......... A ........................ Margaret Gavdos Vice-President ...... .. ........... Doris Kase SSCFGUITY --..--- .... M arie Collicchio Treasurer ..... ......... A nn Kiss GC This A the Got active : the pro activitie One proved lcmd us has bei mphy One gram ' geogro Socir gather' who W Presider Vice-Pre Secretq Trecsur , .wiv ,,.. 4. if 'WL and lllf llllfly. '5 YES? to develfw meld oi literature 3f09m, entitled s organized, di- lz ccnszsied cf lld: About llcfi- . " I 2 cm leoxiri ww ,, 24, if 1 z., .im .-LGQJZLE k cf xexrers, -- rf--,-.fn ff-w v I:..f.J.u..1L?., u..4 ...f 11' . 4 Crm ,-. ,X ,-. :MJ ... i..C x..,.... .-M :fp "cm ....u ...V Iv-44 ,nw F Tiylv ,,,...A .. Sw..-. f,,, ...M-r--'Q ..:E hm: f',.,.., 1-'.. 5,-I.. Pnl- YM: V - M.. ,,,. I A " GQ N if GOODE GEOGRAPHICAL INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB SOCIETY This year under the new guidance of Dr. Botts the Goode Geographical Society has had a very active season. As Well as lectures on geography, the programs of the organization have consisted of activities and social gatherings. One of the activities of the society which has proved to be of lasting value was the making of a land use map of the Pennington Road area which has become a part of the equipment of the Geog- raphy Department. One of the outstanding lectures in the club pro- gram Was given by a member of our society on geography methods and making maps on field trips. Social events were Well illustrated by the social gathering at Dr. Botts' home to welcome the seniors who were returning from student teachings. ' orricizas u President ......,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,,,, V ernon Skidmore Vice-President .... .... ..... B e tty Rhinesmith Secretary ....... ...... H ilda McEvoy Treasurer .... ..... R uby Church The Industrial Arts Club was formed for the pur- pose of promoting interest and constructive partici- pation in Works of art, craft and general industry. Any student attending Trenton State Teachers Col- lege who is interested in participating in this ac- tivity may join this club. The meetings are held from three to five each Wednesday, at which time each member is free to Work on any craft she chooses. Miss Burgard is always present to give any sugges- tions to the girls. Numerous handicraft articles are made, such as basketry, Weaving, metal etching, Wood burning, leather work, needle point, and painting. The last activity of the club is usually an off- campus banquet for all the members. OFFICERS President ..........................,.. ........ P eggy Burke Vice-President .... ........... ..... G e rtrude Glenn Secretary ,..,.., ......... G race Reier Treasurer ..... ........ K athryn Hardt Adviser ..,.. .... M iss Madge Burgard mmwwf ww X l 4 fi-'i"', X , -4, mf y if vnahdisey 1 5 nm :fd Q 3 . 1 I fb -.Q Af nf wr' sf P QM i 'T' , - J , ...,..N, 55: v , ,......-.--- ,.....i' t AND iTlON gi no piped -H to the l-ledth 1. women students .d Physical Edu- tc standing wor- clved, on oppor- the lleoltt ord czirnpus-ttis tc gms, neetrgs ith other protes- st year consisted ani bomueli Gm t on the eww . l it Education Clio AL :ition tlorouQl1l5 A , , , ,Verna Elite tem Holewin , loifel llwl, .Doris lloeeel ,'J INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB International Relations Club began the third year on the campus with the election of Dr, Helen L. Shaw as adviser. An election day rally drew the enthu- siastic supporters of both parties. Donald Grant, a representative of the International Educational Alliance, helped to establish an understanding of the point of view of present-day England. The Club joined the Rider College Forum Club in a meeting on "The Impact of Totalitarianism." Other meetings dealt with "German Culture and the Assimilation of France," "The Lend-Lease Bill," "Hemisphere Defense," "South American Culture," and "Propa- ganda." Two representatives attended the regional con- ference of International Relations Clubs at George- town University in December. Twelve new books were added to the club library during the year. I OFFICERS ' President .................................,..... Rosa I-Iagin Vice-President ..., ...... ...... ...... G e o rge Abel Secretary ....... ..... D orothy Hamlin Treasurer .... ..... I ean-Rae Turner Adviser ..... ..... D r. Helen Shaw FOLK DANCE GROUP Every Wednesday night, the youngest organiza- tion on the campus met to discuss and illustrate the folk customs and dances of the "old countries." The Folk Dance Group was organized because of the enthusiasm and interest of several students, led by Rose Salimando. Italy, Romania, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Czechoslovakia and many other countries were represented, some authentic, and some made by the girls themselves. In the spring season of this year, the Club made its first public appearance in a program of folk dances. Also included in its activities was a trip to New York to observe folk dancers. The Folk' Dance Group has been an overwhelm- ing success its first year, and has insured its place on the campus program. . OFFICERS General Chairman ........,......... .......,. G race Wilts . . .Rose Salimando . . . .Mary McGrath Secretary ............ ............ . . Treasurer ...,...... Bm VARSITY "S" RADIO WORKSHOP P The members of Varsity "S" Club adopted a policy to sponsor worth-while recreational activities for non-varsity men. Early fall found five softball teams playing after dinner in an organized league. The change back to Eastern Standard Time from Daylight Saving put a stop to the league, making it impossible to play, due to darkness. The entrance of Daylight Saving Time in the spring again saw the league go into action. During the winter, bowling was introduced. Each fraternity entered a team, thus forming an Inter- Fraternity League. Both bowling and softball met with great success, and it is the hope of the mem- bers of Varsity "S" that they may be continued in the future. OFFICERS President ......... ........... .,.. ...... P a u l Glynn Vice-President .... ............ ...... F r ank Allen Secretary ....... ....... N ick Gusz Treasurer .... ....... E d Marchand The Radio Workshop was organized last year to increase our knowledge of all phases of radio today, together with an awareness of its place in the class- room. Anyone who shows proficiency in one or more of the fields may become a member. This year's activities included two sponsored Friday night programs in November and May, a trip to New York City in Ianuary, where members saw programs of the three major networks, and banquet in May with a well-known person in radio as guest speaker. OFFICERS Chairman of Meetings ............... ..... L illyan Kahan Secretary .........,..., . ......................... Carol Ziska Treasurer ........... ............,,. B en LaCicero Faculty Adviser ,.... Mr. Robert B. Macdougall The 1918, wc Associdti members Colleges. for inten: involved agencies teacher t studied t of field fr ln Oct ci series George effect 1 twenty The Glinudl leQ9 on Adviser. . . .... Dr. Carl Shuster T9Sulls OP nf.-,. x, - wmv N , V -,E PSYCHOLOGY CLUB The Trenton Psychology Club, organized in COMMUTERS' COUNCIL CT v Z.. iecr ts , amy. ,i he ' .. 'I ...- Cliba- CHE C' v i SQGTSSIEJ ' i 1 'KG .-.Gl', G l 6 IIEYDDSFS JICILS, CHU CH YCGlC v 1- M.- 4,,'3".1Z K...-.. CH-Q lit: H 4..- - ' .,..,. ,- if' ' . -, ,,,.... v- ..- 3 l-l:cc:.9-'- 1918, was the originator of the New lersey State Association of Psychology Clubs, which draws its membership from the six New lersey State Teachers Colleges. Each year the association selects a topic for intensive study. The state-wide topic for l94O-4l involved a survey and study of the facilities and agencies in the community which may help the teacher to cope with her problem children. The club studied the agencies in the Trenton area by means of field trips and conferences. ln October an innovation, a "work co-op" ban- quet, was held. Another new successful project was a series of Saturday alumni luncheons. One of the outstanding guest speakers at these luncheons was George Campbell, who spoke on the psychological effect of regaining one's sight after being blind twenty years. The highlight of the year was the association's annual conference at Iersey City State Teachers Col- By bus and car about 325 commuters from outly- ing districts arrive at college each day. To provide for the comfort and happiness of this group, the Commuters' Council was set up. Bus conditions have been improved. For the commuters' comfort, two commuter rooms have been provided. The Council has been instru- mental in improving the appearance and comfort of these rooms. For the enjoyment of the entire college, the group holds an Annual Amateur Night-an event long looked forward to and long remembered. The Commuters' Council attempts to make the commuter feel that he belongs to the college and that he plays an important part in college lite and in the college program. . . OFFICERS lege on May 2' at Whlch mme the Club presented the Chairman ........ .............. ..... L u cile Bush results of its survey made in the Trenton area. Vice-Chairrncm .... . . ..... lean Baldwin OFFICERS Secretary ....... ......... A lethlelg Ekatzi President ......... .,,.............. ......... R u th Kane Treasurer ..... ....... Q . . . . lic nee Vice-President .... ..,....,.... ...,. B e tty Lockwood P-dViSer.. .... Miss ert a awre Secretary ....... .... F lorence Thorner Treasurer ............ ...... ..... .... S a m uel Smalls 3 3 T, U " 5 , f ' X N is 1' 3 ' x A -dstwitffffi A . P ilu.. Ks ff? If . , , .3 A at fi ' 'N 3 JZ E Z 4 Ag - i Z x 'Q it INTER-SORORITY-CCUNCIL The Inter-Sorority Council, which is made up of all the sorority presidents, is an organization formed to plan, regulate, and superintend all sorority activi- ties throughout the year. Because of the efforts of this group, a fine feeling of spirit and cooperation exists between the sororities which otherwise might have been impossible. At its annual tea in Allen House Drawing Room, the Inter-Sorority Council and all sorority members entertained the freshmen women. An attempt is always made at this affair to acquaint the freshmen with the Council and the different sororities, and to foster a spirit of friendliness with the upperclassmen. Next in the line of events was the lnter-Sorority Christmas Ball, which was held, as in previous years, in the college gymnasium. Committees for this tradi- tional dance were comprised of members from every sorority, and their eagerness and cooperation made the affair a social highlight and a great success. Afte pfeSld' the Rl pldrl Vt hedrte with G betwel was O 5 v 5 v- L A., nf. v- 'L ,,r I 1. J r-Ny -'-LLLSQ . ,L Q -.lflgrga 'tleif i up E 'v MH x ' in :CV-l V Q.. zlmlpbx lI',t.': l Nl'S3'u R' rw, if L 1 Y, . xhitpn, ' ' -vi it 'lt 59312 sggmm p -, A f'QUGdi Q Y. .T V t C 1.055 ev A ery upelilllon mod '- . n rc 1 Q ' V '-If SQQQQSS After a thorough discussion in the Council, each president carried back to her sorority a new plan for the Rushing Season. The sororities agreed that the plan Was a valuable one, and it was adopted Whole- heartedly. The rushing season progressed smoothly with a feeling of cooperation rather than competition between the sororities, and the Work of the Council was once more successful at the end of the year. A oFr1cERs . President ......, ............... .... M 1 ldred Scott Vice-President . . . .................... Elizabeth Fesko Secretary ...., .............. I ane Stephens Treasurer... ............ Beatrice W. Greenberg Adviser ................,.......,..... Miss Victoria Frederick MEMBERS Margaret Haas Ruth Petersilge Betty Polhemus Ruth Carty K, 'li may f fx:-A if ARGURCMUTHOS SIGMA Argo's first formal activity of the year was a tea given in honor of Miss Alice L. Brewster, friend and former adviser to the sorority. Miss Brewster spoke to us about her hobby, old glass. A The Old Fashioned Square Dance, sponsored by Argo in November was the first of its kind to be given on the campus. The gym was turned into a huge barn full of dancers in colorful costumes engaged in swinging their partners to hill billy music. On Ianuary l7th and 18th, Argo's Week-end took the form of a Winter Carnival. The annual banquet was held on Friday evening at Fisher's Tea Room and the formal dance the following evening in Hillwood Gymnasium. In keeping with the sorority's policy of presenting a program during the Friday open period, Argo presented a combined lecture and piano recital in February. Dr. and Mrs. Paul Nettl, refugees from Czechoslovakia were the guest artists. For the second consecutive year, Arguromuthos sponsored a contest to stimulate a wider reading interest in modern literature among our students. The prize, ten dollars to be spent in the purchasing of books, was awarded on Class Day. . orrrcsas President ........... ..... ................ ...,... . ..... R u t h Carty Vice-President .............. .,.......... ..... C h ristine Thompson Recording Secretary .....,... .,,,, G eorgianna Phillips Corresponding Secretary ..... i...... E mily Cubberley Treasurer ,,.........,...... . . . . .Thelma Shuster Historian ,.........,..,,.. .... E lizabeth Schletz Custodian ..,....,..............,.............,.........,................... Mary Carlucci Adviser .....,.................,...........................,......,.. Dr. Mary H. McLees Seniors: Mildred Bauer, Ruth Carty, Emily Cubberley, Katherine Cuomo, Mabel 'Dani. Dorothy DeCesare, IaNira Elliot, Rosa Hagin, Evelyn Houlroyd, Ruth Kane, Ann Kiss, Beulah Knox, Georgianna Phillips, Evelyn Bicter, Thelma Shuster, Ieanette Stout, Christine Thomp- son, Lorraine Wo'oley.. Iuniors: Mary Albe, Ruth Alden, Emily Bastin, Ruth Beatty, Mary Carlucci, Marguerite Carnvale, Betty Carroll, Margaret Cavanaugh, Margaret Christie, Ieanne Clarke, Marie Colicchio, Marion Cottrell, Doris Fancher, Betty Farley, Doris Glenn, Gertrude Glenn, lefim Goodell, Bertha Hendrickson, Margaret Hughes, Gertrude Kaiser, Rose Kopnic, Constance Mewborn, Harriet Miller, Dorothy Ott, Doris Robinson, Betty-Schletz, Anna Scripps, Arm Stadnick, Mary Vrablick, Margy Woolley. Sophomorest Katherine Armstrong, Roberta Brennan, Helen Clark Helen Dahl, Angelina DeRosa, lean Lockwood, Margaret McDonough, Alice Parent, Anne Sadley, Mary I-OU Starney, Louise Troxall. n cess c T perfor T Dcmc. furthe lf ingtor GS GC by th histor T cttrczo R Next T lunioi Pre 'd Viczlti Record Cones Treqs Cusrolfl Fqcuh. S Gfflcea lune p l A-dell: Heritq Perry, Steele S Stork? Unen Rqynel Riggs X n in honor ol Miss ity. Miss Brewster i in November was was turned into rr i in swinging their e iorrn oi cr Winter .ing ot Fishers TSG .iwood Gynnnosiun. program ClUl'ittQ ille md piano recital Hi rosiovalio weft tr rnsored o contest I0 nooks WGS Glade Ruth Call rfcnnrr ltttil Ge0f9l0nmubteri2i ,nitric SW SCM: ' ' ,ilizabellhcwrnco AD? -MNH. .' 'I CuoU10. me erirlflllssitnnoiti' him Chllsune . B 'nit Garluffl' lifgiiutt larleanne Cliirerri is Gnrtr. ontgr Hose Kop iiletz. Anna Milli? Helen Dahlilffl M' idlk' sgtllel' We GAMMA s SIGMA "By the Light of the Moon," the annual Harvest Dance was a social suc- cess on October 25 at the Inn, The sorority traveled to Philadelphia for the opening night oi Helen Hayes' performance in "Twelfth Night" at the Forrest Theatre. The joint Christmas Party with Theta Phi was repeated this year. An Hour Dance with Philomathean Sorority was given on February 19, carrying out further one of Gamma's purposes, "to promote friendship between sororities." Hearts were happy at the "February Fantasy" banquet held at the Wash- ington Crossing lnn on Saint Valentines Day, where we were proud to have as Gamma's Sweetheart, Miss Vernetta Decker. The week-end was climaxed by the "Sweetheart Ball" which turned out to be the biggest dance in the history of Gamma Sigma Sorority. ' The appearance of the Ballet Russe at the War Memorial in Trenton attracted many ot the Gamma Girls. Rush season was ushered in with a tea in the Allen House Drawing Room. Next was a Novelty Party, followed by the Southern Plantation Dinner. The sorority also awarded its annual prize of twenty-tive dollars to a Iunior tor excellence in English. OFFICERS President ................ ............... ..... E l izabeth Fesko Vice-President ............. ....... G ladys Frank Recording Secretary ......... ..... G race Kennedy Corresponding Secretary ........ ....... . . . ............. ..... K athleen Quinn Treasurer .................................................................. Evelyn Bowker Custodian ............................................................... Margaret Gaydos Faculty Advisers ......... Mrs. Eleanor P. Sabary, Miss Mabel E. Bray, Miss Marion Martin MEMBERS--1941 Seniors: Evelyn Bowker, Lucile Bush, Elizabeth Fesko, Margaret Gaydos, lane Hearsey, Grace Kennedy, Virginia Lochner, Helene McGarrity, Maureen Montgomery, Alice Olsen, lane Penrod, Ellen Robinson, Gloria Schuermann, Mary Rhodes, Iuniors: Dena Alvino, Ruth Astbury, Iean Baldwin, Dorothy Bodine, Alice Cantwell, Adele DuPuy, Carolyn Fisher, Gladys Frank, Rita Grush, Charlotte Guhr, Marguerite Heritage, lean Long, Ruth McClellan, Mary Ellen McGrath, Doris Middleditch, Grayce Perry, Doris Pope, Kathleen Quinn, Dorothy Rash, Margaret Schival, Ioan Singlexnan, Ruth Steele, Nancy Stuart, Iane Van Iderstine, Yova Van Ness, Louise Young. l n harlotte Britton Barbara Card Louise Carver Helen Sophomores: Rebecca Ale , C , , . Clark, Doris Doscher, Mildred Drentlau, Virginia Fuhrman, Dorothy Grove, Dorothy Harker, Ianette Hart, Ruth Huebner, Dorothy Iohnson, Marion Iohnson,IFlorence Orchanron, Nancy Rayner, Charlotte Reier, Marjorie Weiss, Dorothy Ziegler, Patrrcla Bathman. ION IAN SIGMA SORORITY Ionian Sigma Sorority officially opened its social season with an informal party in the Princeton Room. This was followed by other informal gatherings for returning practice teachers. oh February 8th the sorority held a very successful tea-dance, after which the members of the sorority had reserved tables at dinner in the inn. The rush party season began with a formal tea, which was followed by a cafe party and our annual breakfast. Ionian Sigma Sorority's social calendar came to a close for the year with our week-end, consisting of a formal banquet at Fishers on April 4th and a formal dance held in the college gymnasium on April Sth. On April 23rd Ionian Sigma held its annual 6:30-7:30 dance in the form of a dance contest. U orrrcizas U President ............. .............. ..... M 1 ldred Scott Vice-President .......... ........... .... B e tty Terhune Recording Secretary ....... ..... I anet Davison Corresponding Secretary . .. ....... Harriet Craig Treasurer ................. .................... M arion Kreigner Sergeant at Arms .... Q.. ...................... Florence Ahrens Social Chairman .............................................................. Ruth Harris Faculty Advisers ..................................... Miss L. MacDonald, Mrs. R. Hipple Seniors: Shirley Anstedt, Verna Blake, Ethel Bray, Harriet Craig, Ianet Davison, Iean Elm, Eda Epifanio, Irene Filice, Sylvia Finne, Carolyn Goodrich, Elaine Gross, Ruth Harris, Marion Kriegner, Theresa La Manna, Page Lloyd, Mae McFadzean, Doris McKinney, Frances Morris, Mildred Scott, Helen Tart, Gloria Valdisseri. Iuniors: Anna Barrett, Verna Curzon, Adrienne Halburian, Marie Iaggers, Shirley Kel- lock, Doris Schwartz, Betty Terhune, Rita Thorne. Sophomores: Florence Ahrens, Frances Barrick, Myrtle Bemhardt, Iane Clayton, Helen Cryan, lean Cuesick, Frances Dellairo, Florence Finkle,'Mary-Fuccello, Helen Hager, Iean Hopkins, Marie Kinney, Leona Kravitz, Mildred M ser, Dorothy Nicodemus, lean Perlini, Doris Reeves, Lorraine Shepherd, Sophia Soviczki, Sarah Steele, Marie Umstead, Assunta Vaccaro, Ieanette Wagner. K: V. Q. Q . eg. AW. sw.. . f . z Aj :fi pfvyfff, 3 . E ,:1,.,y',..::,..X 45 X '. 'if 'ff I ll W X if , lx 2 -. f-5' 47 rt. af' ,vp ., 4,1-, gb. X f'4'41aQgu ,o.Wg ' N on Sl dqunt to G l ll Hevie co-ed consis enjoy to COI T Party vided T This i held f Vl and s Preside Vice-Pri Record Corresl Treasu: Advisei Membe Se Viviun lun Gruno So Y t Hal h an nrnm, gulllellngs le inn. followed by G for the M 011 April lrh lh. 79 in lhe lonn .Mildred Smit ..Belty Terhune - .lfmet Davison ,. .Harriet Craig viarion Kreigner 'lorence lllirens ....Ruth Harris Mrs. R. Hipple t Davison, lean ass, Ruth Harris. oris McKinney, ns, Shirley Kel- Clayton, Helen en Hager, l0G11 5, 19011 Pefllfllr rsteod, Assunta I 'foo NU DELTA CHI M Nu Delta Chi Sorority began the year's activities with a Doggie Roast held on Sigma Tau Chi's Island. The weather was a bit cold, but this did not daunt the girls. They first conducted a scavenger hunt and then came back to a blazing tire and good food. November 27 marked the night of the sorority's second annual Coiffure Review. 'Fifteen college girls displayed their original coiffures to the other co-eds. After much discussion, the judges awarded the three prizes, which consisted of permanent waves from local beauty parlors. The Review was enjoyed by all and the sorority hopes to continue the Review in years to come. Three upperclassmen were initiated into the sorority at the Christmas Party held at Miss Weldin's home. After the initiation, the new members pro- vided entertainment, and later refreshments were served. The Sorority's Week-end loomed next as the climax oi a successful year. This week-end was late in March. However, before this, Rush Parties were held for freshmen. With this behind us, we look forward to new years of as much happiness and success as we have had in the past. OFFICERS President. .- .............................,........... ...... R uth Petersilge Vice-President ............ ........... ..., V i vian Sautterwait Recording Secretary ........ -...- M lldfed .ROb?l'iS Corresponding Secretary ..... .............. I QCD PICIKGTIPQ Treasurer .................. . . . . .................................' . . .Mildred Frazier Adviser ....... l ..............................,................,........... Winifred Weldin Members ................................. Helen West, Bertha Lawrence, Lily May Dodgen Seniors: Mildred Frazier, Mae Reid, Mildred Roberts, Frances Rypl, Stella Sinclair, Vivian Soutterwait. ' . , Iuniors: Charlotte Anderson, Iennie Buss, Virginia Hagemann, Marie 'Hab1nger, Viola Gruno, Elizabeth Morris, Ruth Petersilge, lean Pickering, Elizabeth Van SCIVST. Sophomores: Virginia Day, Dorothy Ingalls, Betty Makin. -in! PHILOMATHEAN SIGMA SORORITY 5.1-4 'Q 53,11 L11 Q I Leading off the year with the annual fall fashion show, Philomathean Sigma Sorority displayed everything from rainy-day boots to evening hair-dos for the penny wise. budget. In the English manner, the Yule log was carried to the fire at Christmas time, with appropriate ceremony and revelry. Guests assembled at the Inn, to celebrate the joy of the season with Philo. ln February, members entertained at a bridge party for all students in Allen House Drawing Boom. On February 19, in cooperation with Gamma Sigma Sorority, Philo helped to stage an hour dance in the gymnasium. Early in March, annual week-end festivities began with the Alumnae tea and banquet. Guests were members of Philomathean Sigma Beta, alumni chapter. Dancers were transported to the blue isle of Hawaii at the formal dance in Hillwood Gymnasium, March 8. The theme for the week-end was "Hawaiian Holiday." Staging famous paintings, Philo presented "Living Pictures" in April, with the co- operation of Phi Alpha Delta fraternity. Early in the year, five framed pictures, fruit of a campus-wide drive, were presented to the Student Life department. Rush season was ushered in with all the fun and frivolity of party time. The newly organized Alumni Scholarship Fund made itself manifest by the awarding of the Philomathean Sigma Beta prize of S10 to the commuting senior woman whose extra- class participation had been outstanding in scope and effectiveness. , orricians President .........,. ...,.,,.,..,,,..,.................,.. .... B e tty Polhemus Vice-President . ..,,..... ..,,......, ..,, A l ethea Skokos Recording Secretary ...,., .....,. R uth Loveman Corresponding Secretary ,,.. Patricia Whitehead Treasurer ..............,, ..... ......,. E m ily George Chaplain .......,.,.,.., ..,...................... H elen Greville Sergeant at Arms .........,.,... , ....,...,,....,..............,....,..,..,.....,.....,....,.... Edith Hough Faculty Adviser .....................,......... . ...........,........,... ,,.... , ..Miss Mary Louise Corning Seniors: Doroth A ' ' ' y say, Ieanne Deegan, Dorothy Fardelmann, Emily George, Helen Greville, Gertrude Groendyke, Iune Hall, Ruth Hauser, Louise Holzmann, Edith Hough Kay lost Nellie Kunze Helen Lobdell, Ruth Loveman, Geraldine Meyer, Sally Mohr, Harriet Pierce, Betty Reichey, Doris Roesler, Mar aret Van Doren Patrici ' Q . a Whitehead. ' Iuniors: Theodora Apostalacus, Helen Boyle, Edith Dill, Eileen Gollner, Iune Hofstead, Violet Konches. Ruth Kort, BettY Polhemus, Betty Rhinesmith, Ioyce Robinson, Metta Seely, Ieanette Sektberg, Aletb6G Skokos, Eleanor Smith, Kay Stanton, Helen Summers, Winiired Stiles, Grace Wilts. Sophornores: janet Davies, Dorothy Disbrow, Iacqueline Feuerback, Evelyn Hansen, Ruth Herrmann. Doris King, Madeline Klauser, Mary Mair, Mary Otto, lane Pearsall, lean Pearson, Margaret Bohland, Marion Stagg, Willrna Stevenson, Catherine Terriacciano, Audrey Tilton. Sigmq Mein Dim-ie WGS to its theme. Slmgc WGS the h the Wdshi unprecedey U Miss D Ill q preiep Y, flirted Tre After G plflfles llxhqs ' and In lhfu theater Dun I1 the Plesid nt VICQ pe - . RAC I- Fesldey clrfldlns s Tfeqsspondili Willett HOSEEMOYSA ilflefsl Nqgmi IESIS. S 'IH SQQQETQOUQJ SORQHITY in R. hem Sigma Sorority nny wiste budgfl' Cphlistinai Uma! wil celebrate the loin .ents in Allen HOW mio hellved 'O We ae tea and banquei' l ii im it Hillwwl oiiii with 'le 'O' fed lo preset ,el were ll Willa awww estjgn whose exiia we .ezus I Biligjegoglkolg . , .. .V ' 'E Pttfgiiii gill? V . 'v'l Helen .ijjQ,.-Howl! ,l'urg,,lZu5filj vwl",iJfl"' SIGMA PHI ALPHA SORORITY l i , WU 4 . -vt f - i ..s. .... W , .. 7' I 'I I 1. I f in 4 ,Til ' F , 1 L. 1 4 if wif f -N, f' X '4' fag? if . , F A. ily if 2 is ii Q G? Sigma Phi Alpha opened a very full and enjoyable year with an informal Chow Mein Dinner shortly after the return to school. An ice cream sale was held in early October. This was followed by a 6:30-7:30 dance the night before I-Iallowe'en, using Hallowe'en as its theme. Simga Phi Alpha's week-end, immediately on the return from the Christmas holidays, was the height of the sorority's winter social calendar. The formal dinner-dance, held at the Washington Crossing Inn, open only to sorority members and their friends, was an unprecedented success. Miss Doris Perry, faculty adviser of the sorority, entertained the. sorority at her home in a pre-examination party. This year at its Friday Assembly Program the sorority presented Rabbi Holtzberg, noted Trenton Rabbi. After a novel and festive rush season, the sorority took in many new members to fill the places of the nine staunch and true seniors who were graduated. lt has been our policy to foster fellowship and friendship among the sorority members, and in the future we shall continue this policy through the medium of a tea dance, theater parties and informal gatherings held at the dorms and homes of the members. OFFICERS President ..,,.......,..,. ............... ..., B e atrice Greenberg Vice-President ...., ' ..,..... ........... ....... R u t h Sagotsky Recording Secretary ..,,,,..., ...,.. R hoda Lavine gI,:0ffeSPOr1ding Secretary, ...... ,....,. , ., ............................... ,,...... ............ L ilyan KPahaS reasurer ........ ........ . .' ..,........,...,....,..................................,......... irginia ree FGCUIIY Adviser ,.... , ..,.......,...,..............,.,..,.,,,........... ..,... E ........ Miss Doris Perry Seniors: Dorothy Berger, Freda Byer, 'Maxine Cohen, Phyllis Finkle, Virginia Freed, Rhoda Lavine, Hose Myers, Rita Robinson, Beatrice: Greenberg. , luniors: Rosalie Glaser, Evelyn Goldmann, Marjorie Greenberg, Carolyn Guttmann, Lilyan Kahan, Ndomi Komisar, Blanche Lieberman, Ruth Sagotsky, Florence Thorner. ' n ' 1 Sophomores: Rosalie Auster, Phyllis Chantz, Norma Handis, Ray Kirsch, Lillian Perlin, Evelyn SUQOlSky, Beatrice Tankle. WW fri' nf? iff! SIGMA SIGMA SORORITY Sigma Sigma Sorority, whose aim is to further wholesome recreation in the group, has followed up a well-rounded program of activities during the past months and has many plans for the future. Beginning with a get-together picnic at Carnegie Lake, at which time canoeing, swimming and a doggie roast were en- joyed, the group continued to hold monthly afternoon socials in the Princeton Boom, where knitting needles flew and recipes for fudge were exchanged along with lively discussions of world affairs. Next came the formal initiation of two upperclassmen and the annual Christmas party at the home of Mrs. Ferguson, Sor- ority adviser. Ianuary l and February l were hailed with enthusiasm since they stood for a trip to New York in celebration of the sorority week-end. A play, dinner together and the afternoon performance of "Fantasia" made up the schedule for the day. The Sorority income is supported by the sale of birthday and seasonal cards and by ice cream and cake sales held in the Dorms each quarter. y oFrrcERs T ershl in ll thing A whic cum of U help ivir Q fr Grow clasf H cmd Their C Stcc' help' Presic Vice-l Recor Corre Trees Histor Serge Fucul Fccul E Ruby Gorrr Seidi lane l Virgi Eliza Trim 4 i Silt i i A President ,................................... ........ M argaret Haas Vice-President ...,...............,........, ..... E lizabeth Sarkady Recording and Corresponding Secretary ..., ., . .Evelyn Blackwell Treasurer ........,..........,,............ ......... D oris Gulliver Publicity ,.....................i ......... ...... ......... I o s ephine Faras Adviser ........................................ - ..... Miss Dorothy Ferguson Iuniors: Evelyn Blackwell, Iosephine Faras, Doris Gulliver, Margaret Haas, Elizabeth Sarkody, Helen Wasilewska. Sophomores: lean Bacso, Lillian Bainbrige, Ethel Beke, Lillian Latt, Sylvia Louria,'Violet Sarkady, Rose Solirnando. THETA PHI SORORITY ORITY to further wholesome well-rounded pioncn 11s inony plans loi ie qt Cumegie lnleml loggie roost weielfn' ly afternoon SOFW as llew and IWC ISE , discussions ol worn rclasmtn nl li iilslefefnn Sl' 1 with enll1t15l05lll Sm ebrotivfl Ol me 3 Qllemoon WHO ie dal' mhdqwld new ,I in , ,nn..Qn rtttliit Theta Phi Sorority was originally a fraternity, but under the lead- ership of Mr. Charles Hewitt and Professor Burt, it became a sorority in 1910, and since that time has accomplished many worthwhile things. Always ready to cooperate with the faculty in any project for which assistance may be needed, Theta Phi again sponsored the annual Thanksgiving Drive to provide for the less fortunate families of Lanning School. The drive was very successful, enabling us to help many needy families. The gifts were presented at the Thanks- giving Assembly and added much to the Thanksgiving spirit. The first social event of the current year was a picnic at Green Grove, when sorority members renewed acquaintances, and upper classmen were rushed. Rush season, starting with a tea, was entered with great spirit and was climaxed by a Cabaret Party on board the good ship Theta Phi. Our weekend consisted of a banquet and a dance held at the Stacy-Trent Hotel. The alumnae chapter, a very active organization, helped to make this an enjoyable event for all. OFFICERS President ............. ................ . . . lane Stephens Vice-President ........... ............ . . . Margaret Young Recording Secretary ....... .... I ean Seidinglanz Corresponding Secretary .... ...... B etty Homer Treasurer .................. . . . Martha Sprague Historian ......,...... . ....... Eleanor Barto Sergeant-at-Arms .... ........ H ilda McEvoy Faculty Adviser .... ..... L ois M. Shoemaker Faculty Member ............................................. Rachel M. Iarrold SENIORS: Eleanor Barto, Peggy Burke, Ruth Campbell, Ianet Carswell, Ruby Church, Beatrice Di Brigida, Iewell Drumm, Marjorie Flem1ng,.Catherme Gormley, Betty Horner, Lois Iones, Grace Schmidt, lean Scofield, jean Seidinglanz, lean Shinn, Marybell Smith, Martha Sprague, Elizabeth Stanziale, lane Stephens, Elizabeth Teel. ' IUNIORS: Violet Bormuth, Constance Busch, Ethel Everleth, C'la1re.Hammell, Virginia Hewitt, Betty jackson, Hilda McEvoy, Dorothy Phillips, Virginia Raftery, Elizabeth Schuler, Olga Skoropad, Evelyn Titman, Isabel Trautwein, Margaret Trimble, Xenia Van Name, Margaret Young, n SOPHOMORES: Theresa Buzby, Kay Cass, Ann Engholm, Dorothy Frazier, Elizabeth Guest, Lois Hiller, Anna lO1'1SO1'1. Mcllfgclfet KGCITUSYI DOFOYIWY MC' Guire, Elsie Tomkinson, Kathryn Hardt, Helen Weibe. fin, .,.. - ftp!-ri.: if ii .,...... "" ...W in L --,. Gulllfeli JS. Ge Elhelwel -4 I .gnfergdafernify Counci Y ffi Purpose-To promote a cooperative spirit and good Will among the fraternities of the campus and to decide upon controversial issues and make rules regarding fraternity activities. The lnter-Fraternity Council again sponsored and directed the Inter-Fraternity Ball. Needless to say the dance was a great success. The most important function of the council is to guide, direct and suggest the policies and activities of the different fraternities and the successful year enjoyed by the fraternities proves that the council carried out its duties with great efficiency. PHI ALPHA DELTA Purpose: To conduct some phase of industrial research, raise the standards of scholarship, and promote the welfare and fellow- ship of the Industrial Arts Department and its members. This year the fraternity sponsored both a social program'of usual fraternal activities, including the informal at the Inn Wllh a nautical theme, and its pledge dances, and educational pro- gram which provided an assembly speaker and several speak- ers at Industrial Arts Departmental meetings. A ' Phi Alpha Delta cooperated with Philomathean Sigma 11'1 putting on their "Living Pictures" program. In the Spring the first concrete bench was finished by the group and placed on the campus. We hope to arouse the interest of other campus organizations so that they might help us extend this project. We feel that this will add to the beauty of the campus. The annual dinner-dance was held at Greenacres CountrY Club on May IO. OFFICERS . President ............ . . ............... ....... B enjamin Merrlll Vice-President ............. ........... ..... I . Kenneth McKay Secretary-Treasurer .......... ........ M alcolm ROSZGI Corresponding Secretary .... ...... . ......... E dwin Cranmef Chflplain ...................................... .... L eonarcl Grandinettl Alumni Secretary .................,....................,. Stephen Furino Seniors: Frank Bates, Leonard Grandinetti, Bernard Greenfield, Malcolm Roszel, Randall Smith, Kenneth Weber Iuniors: Curtis Allen, George Brehrne Edwin Cranmer Stephen Furino, lOhn Glass, Walter Hayes, Carlyle Kilby,IEdward Mauthef Kenneth MCKCIY- Chffo d M k ' r ee s, Thomas Mooney, Charles Tighe. .1 S0DhOU10fGS1 lohn Bartlett, Benjamin Cranmer, Christian Hansen, M10 Schumacher Herrn " . S1r1. Faculty Advisers: F. O. Armstrong, I. I. Crawford. .fr X THETA NU SIGMA The purpose of Theta Nu Sigma fraternity is to promote among its members an educational and social program that will be ot benetit to them and to the college in general. The fraternity fulfilled this purpose in many ways this past year. The All-Skate Nights provided for a new and enjoyable activity for the entire student body. A short program by a military band trom Fort Dix proved to be entertaining and educational. The Theta Nu Sigma Male Chorus continued its splendid work and is one of the outstanding musical organizations on campus. The fraternity's dance was held on November 2, at the Inn. The Annual Dinner and Dance at Washingtons Crossing Inn on May 24 ended the fraternity's activities tor the year. OFFICERS President ......,....,. ..,.........,... . I ........ Iack Elmer Vice-President ............ ............. .... R i chard Wagner Recording Secretary ....... ...... H arry Linthicum Corresponding Secretary ,.... .... W illiam Schrarript reasurer .................... ............. ..... E u gene Tay or Hlstorian .............................................,,....... Frank Cantwell MEMBERS 'Seniors-Harold Bills, Philip Cardina, Ancil Davison, lack Elmer, William Ennis, Clinton I-Ieyer, Harry Linthicum, Donald Rodimer, Reno Sansone, William Schfampf, Vernon Skidmore, Russell Swanson, Robert Weller. Iuniors-Frank Cantwell, Robert Eklund, Robert Foster, Alexander Haddon, lQl'1I1 Krauss, Monte Sommevigo, Eugene Taylor, Arnold Tversky, Andrew Vasco, Richard Wagner, Sophomores-Harry Arnowitz, Iohn Brasca, lack Callan, lack Claypool, Alan I-Gngford, William Mills, Iohn Parker, Cornell Rockel. 1 1. ' :. PHI EPSILON KAPPA E 'l Ka a sponsored a Pep Rally preceding our first Phi psi on pp football game. Speeches, demonstrations and football movies were . . . . . d in order at that time. For its part in the Friday open perio assem- h f aternity presented a demonstration entitled "Goal I-Ii, the blies,t e r New Basketball Creation," given by two members, Prank Allen and Robert lohnson. This program was repeated the following day at the Tri-State Basketball Clinic. Throughout the year, speakers were presented at the regular meetings, including some of the national officers. Problems and sub- jects pertaining to the field of Health and Physical Education were discussed. The annual banquet and dance was held at Washington Cross- ing Inn May third. OFFICERS President: ........... .............. ,,,,,, S G ul Gllmqn Vice-President ..... .......,.... , . , Walter Klockner Secretary ,.....,. ............. .... H a rry Cooke Treasurer .,.... ...................................... L ester Ricker MEMBERS SENIORS: Hiram Bellis, Harry Cooke, Saul Gilman, Walter Klockner, Lester Ricker, Norman Walsh. IUNIORS: Donald Ackerman, Frank Allen, Paul Glynn, Nick Gusz, Robert lohnson, Edward Marchand, Harry Wyckoff. SOPHOMORES: Milton Kott, Sheldon Miller, R. Beverly Schultz. FRESHMEN: lohn Peldinzer, William Moldock. 5 folllCt enjOY went. Bowli activl T the P senta over DGY ' books 1938 ' T 17, ar acade entert Mr. ll Tl pledg S incluc ings. the lr' Presicl Vice-I Corre: Recon Treost Sergei Histor G Cliorlt Arthur lengu Notter Henry Siegel Van I Zlegle A'- ' Am Yugi H .S C llxGLUlMm ii so-1 were ei salem' .94 Nl H1 he flat and M.: QQY I M W ul .iv ,-,tat Q lffgulur Gnd sub. -mention We 'srmglifl CIOSS. , . u L Saul Gilmqn fl "HD '---1 me: tH1rwQuf L . lesterltcier ite: Kccher, Lester 1 llizk Gusz, Robert :sua Braun' SIGMA TAU CHI Si ma Tau Chi's opening activity this year was the erform rollickilng melodrama, FIREMANl SAVE MY CHILD! whichp was Flilcfriuggfhlg enjoyed by a large representative part of the college. From this the group went on to win the bitterly-contested championship of the Inter-fraternity Bowling League and to engage in an enlarged program of sports and Sociql ctivities. G The regular activities of the Fraternity were again carried on, among them the presentation of the annual Professor Quiz program, engaged in by repre- sentatives of the twelve Greek letter organizations, and this year presided over by George See. The Book Drive continued its work, through the Penny Day collection, in bringing to the college the best current fictionp the total of books added to the library since the inception of the Drive in the spring of 1938 was raised to one hundred eighty. The banquet and dance was held at Washington's Crossing lnn on May 17, and the Fraternity sponsored three informal dances during the year. Along academic lines, in addition to the work done by the Book Drive, the Fraternity entertained as guest speakers Dr. Botts, who spoke on New Zealand, and Mr, Mase, who spoke on the teacher's role in speech work. The fraternity admitted two groups of pledges in the spring and fall pledge periods. , Sigma Tau Chi during the spring engaged in a widespread sports program, including soft ball and other field events. And besides the many social meet- ings, picnics and outings were held in various neighboring localities and on the fraternity island located opposite the lnn in Lake Sylva. OFFICERS President ................ ,.......,,,.... ...,. A r thur Geilfuss Vice-President ............. ........... .,... E r nest Hancock Corresponding Secretary .... ....... H arry Tunis Recording Secretary ....... ....... W illiam Stoner Treasurer ............... , . ....... Howard Le Shaw Sergeant-at-Arms .... ............ . . .Claudius Hammond Historian ...................................... .... ............ G e orge Abel MEMBERS George Abel, Robert Babbitt, William Berry, Harold Brown, Paul Cantoni-, Charles Kudy, Les Deutsch, Howard Frazier, Leo Forrester, Irving Gaskill, Arthur Geilfuss, Nicholas Grosso, Claudius Hammond, Ernest Hancock, Armas Lensu, Howard LeShaw, Louis Molony, Samuel Monroe, Iohn Mueller, loseph Notterman, Leo Perelman, Franklin Peterson, Rowland Reedhead, Lloyd Ricards, Henry Ricklis, Lew Rissetto, Iohn Roche, Morris Schaefer, George Snee, .Bernard Siegel, Mitchel Stamatakos, Harold Stevens, William Stoner, Harry iunis, Dean Van Derpool, Rene Varrin, Richard Watson, Al Wells, Robert White, Herbert Ziegler, .1 L is .gf- ,ss :fr f ?ll'llfi .5 'Q Hn. Q.-, . ,Q n.'- .EEE .-. :r 'fl' -5 A-M .... -.-.. ... .,-.- .,.- .... 4... 1"-I :YT --.A .:... ",',' 211' I-.A .:.. ..... -'-- v :JJL L-:. .LQ-g ,,- -rc" III: r"""" 1-1!'?J 1-1 - " ' Y . Bi E .v .-M. jf 5 X x xg i in x WJ ' 1 2 175 3, is ' .. , Q . V, ,I 'vf,. ',f,j'2'xj4pev',,fAV45 rm ' ,ffziwx gi i 45, 2 'vii 1,3 V ,I vgdrnfrx 5 v .- vb , ,- PW . , , qua ,, f , ,H -Awww . -X , f. Q:-fvf, - ,k UQ ag2fL f jg , xy, , fig! ,f 4 fi 5, .v ' V, 1, I. . ,. X 94 , ,MS V vf if wi 2' N M bf .0 '5 ' ' , Mi, m 3 FQ? if f Egg? . ,MX x. 4s . , Nxwfxwfs J Vyft , Yi j yfg A ,K .K Y N 3 f .1 aw' . 32 e '., 0 WX R .. -Q M I 4 ,MV 1-. fn Ju, ,f 442.434 - f , ,N,M,w ' N ,Hai W n.g,,v-.Q f V. '20 ' X .M ,. Q,.g,,,, 51,45-X21 5 E - ""2?w ' My Nm. in U, 'i f!bZ'9Y42 " v f r w, R W, V.. , . , ,. M,-, V wx "U" Wa 1 W ',"' i .W , . X Q 'ar' " gr q I ' at I vi ' V v Q MQ Qs-, W A RE. TD ' 2 A Q: . 4,1 ' ' 'fx ,M V+ J' f 1 7 'if xlf A f ' H of If .J F fl 61715 iv fi '54 ' 1 if Q R - -, 'CL K evwq ,. 5 rf ,, xt .Q A Nz. y J ,, Q. 145316 , ,,,- , .ru - ,H , ,f 7, ' ,Vs 9 'AJ mv. , fyfu ' . yuan-.,,.. ,f ,f f - A X' 4,24-75 ,rw - , P, vzgylj v 'va -H" Q Q,l"f2ffz+'- 'Z' bww ' v 'rnffzfa , ' f 4" f.57 , Z wi w we ,Z,f+f,fg-,xv 1 e 'S , I P If 1, ,ff , ,,. .tg :KW gf ,xx .4 x '. r . .. X 'Mt H ' . 'ws ,X ' :V-4 .W .' , , ', 5 l af , - f . I. I 'V . :- K-g I 1, In - W :' if I .1 A- ,, I.: , V 1 Ae l ,, .- . . ' 1,11 .' . M ' 'J :jk - Nw. fx ws: 1 ' ,sg , I' M U If -. ,Q , . .v , - , jg' '- ,K ' 1 -f 'f r ff n: Lf, 2 4 X ., 3 ' f f 1 3 :T , :' 9 ,' ,w V, V: I 'I'-K : 4 k ,-lx I U' xx F f, 1. 'N - I A .. I 4 Q V . ,. I A , M M ' 'I w l I 4 1 V? ,Vik V .isa f an wa! lo 1 :Haig I 9' WVR H if v' ii 1553 , ,' ,ff , f s , N - - fl ,I V ' v X. X w 'K ' '- ' ' ,, ' vm . 1 . 1 as ', 'f ' 1' 4 - ,.,, ,fir - . ,, MM Y M g A A ,?w5 sg I K, L X A ,, Zim 1 avi gi M tk 4 X, . . -,74 i 6 ' s 5 , X I -MM - W.-0 , .- ,, I x . 1, ,, , x-Wm.. . 74 Football at State this year hit an all time low as our light team was overpowered by its opponents in every game. A green squad began strenuous practice under the tutelage of Coaches Dean and -Zavitkovsky, and although they knew they had little chance of victory, they played for the love of the sport, and the realization that there is more to football than just the final score. Before the opening game with Bergen College, Steve Furino, veteran backfield performer, fractured his finger and was unable to play. State, playing before a loyal l-lillwood crowd, gave a good demon- stration of line play only to have Bergen take to the air and go on to a 32-O victory. Co-Captains Bicker and Klockner with Bd Marchand showed up best in the Lions' line. The next week State invaded New Britain to do battle with the undefeated Kaisermen. Bill Stout suf- fered an ankle injury and the weakened Blue and Gold team succumbed to a 45-U count. "Ace" Parker and Iohn Brasca were outstanding in the contest. Undaunted by this defeat State met Arnold the next week and showing great team spirit outplayed the New Bnglanders only to lose out on a lucky pass. Arnold 6, State 0. Panzer defeated State in the next contest, 12-O. "Big Ed" Marchand's plunging made us a constant threat throughout the game, but we were still un- able to score. Failure to take advantage of scoring opportuni- ties cost us the game against Hofstra which was S7 played on a muddy home field. Brehme's line play and Van Ness' running highlighted the tussle. Playing their last collegiate game Bicker, Klock- ner, Grandinetti and Greenfield led the Deanmen against our highly touted rivals-Montclair. After a great struggle in which Furino and Parker were injured, Montclair won, 24-O. With practically the entire squad back, pro- spects look much brighter for next season. 'Q 4 X 'Q W 5 IW Q 1 lv W 3 !""""x, ' +5 fa, ,. mf,-' ' E! :JN .R :W .gf sy 'nys' ,, .pa 'fgtur e"' f !'?.f I ,. 'D ,Vx a , V9 s 5 lt ' wwf f-V9 wr? , 1 X Xiqq , iw 1 lfffg if 1 f 1 , , A 4 . , 4 f y , , .Y Q, , f V ', Wh ,df A 'f lf, n. , V ' 1 'frfixv , ' n A Q, f.?',"', ' I 17' I ' Q yf Jilf .1 2 J f ' I A N , , . 6 , f , W x , 5, ' XX xs ff' A Z V X I ,ff K A 1,15 i . ,fy X1 xl, ak!kf'gg 4912 MJ' f 5 Xf my Q v f, K, I' If HT' ' f"Wf, ff, iff wi: , ff .,f,'f Lf wi Q ff ,af 1454, .. f. 5 pg U" ,7 1,1 ' .aff '.,?'z',,i -S 'x. RAY. Mi: 3 Qt.. , w i A 1 in P With a veteran team returning from last 'year State again came through with a winning season this year. In the opening game with the alumni acting cap- tain, Leo Perelman, along with centerman, Frank Allen, led the Lions to victory. Their 24 points were plenty to sink the hapless Alumni. State rolled over the "Ole Grads" by 57-14. After this warm-up our courtsters met Rutgers University and lost a heartbreaking contest after an uphill struggle all the way. Score-Rutgers 3l, State 28. On December 13 the team left on their annual northern trip. Another thrilling ball game ensued in New Britain, Connecticut, which ended abruptly in the last seconds when Captain Allen parted the cords on a lay-up shot. Allen and Palumbo shared scoring honors with the final score being 34-32 in our favor. Less than 20 hours after this hard earned fwfr-M.. The final weeks of the campaign saw the Blue and Gold register 69 points against Princeton Sem- inary as Allen rang the bell with 17 markers high for the season. A 39-36 trimming was handed to Montclair to make up for a previous defeat. How- ever, State lost the final home games against Pat- erson and Rider by scores of 38-31 and 29-26, Palumbo scoring high in both contests with 8 and 16 points. With only Captain Bills lost to the next year's squad an impressive season is forecasted. victory our team was on the ribbed floor again this time against Arnold College in New Haven. After a poor start, the regulars found the range and with clock-like precision bombed the Arnold hopes with a crushing 51-34 defeat. Palumbo ripped the cords for 15 points while Allen totaled ll in the first successful road trip in many a year. Then came victories over Paterson by 30-24, Iersey City 41-25, and Newark Teachers 47-14, interspersed by defeats by Rider and Montclair. East Strouds- burg was handed a scare but managed to beat out our Lions 49-43 in another thriller. Playing four games in a week State beat Arnold and Iersey City in return engagements, but lost to Hoftsro 43-37 and 36-34. fri ' If ff' A 'SAQ QQ: -:uri War, 66,5 SGW Princelon Sem- 7 mcrkers high was hunded to 1s deiect. mes c1qc1ins1Pcl- !-31 und 29-26. estswi1h8f1nd lost to the next is iorecusied, ihe Blue How- 16" fo 3 SZ A new coach-new material-and a new spirit make prospects look fairly bright for a successful baseball season this year. Coach Ackerman is working hard to make this team as powerful as the '40 outfit which lost only two games. He will have three veteran pitchers in Mickey Kott, Al Wells, and Gus Gavornik to toe the rubber during the strenuous campaign which has been scheduled. Freshman curve-baller, Bill Breckwoldt is expected to bolster this trio consid- erably. Behind the bat, Carl Palumbo will handle the slants of the various pitchers, and at the bat is ex- will be in right field. Iohn Parker, veteran center- fielder, will probably be cavorting there again, with Frank Allen, fleet-footed, fly-chaser roaming in left field. Iack Bartlett, Monte Somevigo, and Sheldon Miller will be held in reserve. SCHEDULE April 22-Rider-home May 14-Upsala-away April 25-Paterson-away May 17-Pratt-away April 30-Kutztown-home May 21-Montclair- May 3-Mi1lersville- YIOIHG' home May 24-E. Stroudsburg May 7-Wagner-home -GW'-'JY May 10-Alumni-home May 28-Montclair- away Coach .......... ,..... .......... G e orge Ackerman Manager .... ......... I ohn Brasca if fb" 'lf Q? 4. .1 45 I - .I .p 744, fi' lr 33 pected to lead the Lion hitters. Catchers Corio and Richards will see plenty of action in the bull-pen. The infield presents many possibilities with Stout, Shultz, and Watson, all candidates for the initial sack, and the other infielders practicing at the various other positions "around the horn." Bill Mol- dock and Don Ackerman have seen action at second base, while Steve Furino, veteran keystone man, has switched to shortstop and is getting some competi- tion from Cranch and Rockel. Meanwhile, at the hot corner Schmeltz and Wyckoff are improving from day to day. In the outfield it looks as if "Lefty Leo" Forrester QE HUM :,At Q ' 4.12 X . ,N K r- ' .ffftsi xl I r 'L in xitffg , 45 LJ for 4 rer, veteran Cerner. rg there ogqin' with ls? Wino in lei! woo. or srerrrn ' l4xUpsol Y ' rr morrow N -owe ' 21NMontcloir-Y home r 24NE. Stroudsburg Newer r 28-Montcloiw away . . .. .George Ackerman ,..,,r..,..lohnBrusco D r. f A I fi' 1 J , I ij, : ' , 7 - ff .fr w -.f . ,, H Q Wir om? Q 'H-my f X If A' ,lsr , .xv 1 er F if 4 14" AW 5 sf ,gf M M ,, Wm ,QV 'MW ik 5911: .4 fo' 'Vg' ,F I' of Wjggfi! My GW We 954' 'ini if if lm we iv 3 4' ee e owl WW My -I QVQNMV sariww, 65? 43.4931-f 'VM Saw 1 rro Q M JV, r o A R 4 .QL 1451! vw K-mow' wfmo A wwe Captain Nick Gusz, Moe Greenfield, Art Brown, Hiram Bellis, Ed Marchand, Roy Van Ness, Ken Weber, and Bob Donald carry Trenton's hopes for a good track season on their broad shoulders. These men are the hold-overs from last year's better than average team. Since the loss by graduation of Kuzianik, and the transfer of De Caro to Rutgers, Trenton's hopes in the dashes will be pinned on the flying feet of two freshmen, Fred Smith and Dick Iohnson. Gusz will double in the quarter and half-mile, while Brown and Greenfield will be the other quarter-milers. No one wants to knock down the hurdles and it looks as if Nick Gusz will be made "hedge-hopper" Number 1. For the mile and two-mile, the veteran Bellis will be in there "picking 'em up and laying 'em down" with Lou Maloney also good for a number of points. There is more strength in the field events, where Marchand holds sway in the shot and discuss, with freshman Bill Platt improving every practice. Van Ness will be throwing the javelin further than ever, and Donald is ready to hit the clouds in the pole vault while Weber and Friedman will be the high- Jumpers. SCHEDULE April 26-Panzer-home May Z-Quaclrangular Physical Education Meet-home May 9-East Stroudsburg-away May 17-Montclair-home May 24-St Peters, Iersey City-away Captain. Coach ........... .... ....,................ E a rl H. Dean Manager. . . . . . .Charles Tighe Gusz The i plcyei sched numb and o as cg Thi than strive Swcr roe u Roch roste- Cu We ff? 1 X 49 QQ, 4 V 5,4 C. , 40,4-vf"v 1 v verf' x ,g,.swn fs , r f ' 'f " "Yard 1EW1""V. '7 ' ' ' 6 5 , , ,Ng -Nyce fr r f e ' 4- 1' ' ,ls Z, . Q Q Z ' s n x Neff f 17 i 'ff f 1 '41 7' lm" 4- :ff www , .41 z veteran Bellis wil l laying 'em down" a number ol points. held events, where it and discuss, with very practice, Van 1 further than ever, clouds in the Pole ri will be the high- cation Meet-home W Nick GW iw . . alles 'flglte 0 The Lion tennis team presents a veteran group of players all "raring to go" on their eleven game schedule. Last year bad weather held down the number ot contests the netsters were able to play and as a result the tinal record showed three wins, as against tour defeats. This year Captain Leo Perelman promises better than an even split and the rest ot the team will strive to back up his statement. Ed Cranmer, Russ Swanson, Bill Stoner, Henry Ricklis, and Sam Mon- roe are the vets of the "forty-love" club, while Iaclc Roche and Bernie Seigal aim to find a place on the roster. Coach Charles Rounds will probably have ditti- culty in torming his line-up from this group of hard- hitting, evenly matched tennis players. The schedule as released by Manager Ricklis shows contests with all the New Ierseyi Teachers Colleges as well as some from Pennsylvania, along with the annual Rider and Alumni rivalries. SCHEDULE April 25-Iersey City-home April 30-Kutztown-home May 3-Millersville-home May 6-Paterson-home May 7-Rider-home May 10-Alumni-home May May May May 14-Newark-away 21-Montclair--home 24-E. Stroudsburg-away 28-Glassboro-away Wir-1 WS: With Captain Lennie Grandinetti, Norm Walsh, Harry Cooke, and Harry Arnowitz back again on the links, a winning season is predicted for the golf team this year. Coach M. A. Travers will also have Bob Iohnson, Al Haddon, and Ted Cymbaluk avail- able to replace any of the veterans should they begin to slip. These seven should easily avenge the six losses which our team suffered from major op- ponents last year. me Aga X sm Russ Swanson, manager of the team, has again rounded up an extensive schedule against leading universities in the east. Three open dates remain, but it is expected that these will be filled soon by Fordham, Temple and Drexel. Seton Hall, who was beaten last year 5-l by our golisters is again on the schedule, while West- chester State Teachers and Hofstra College of Long Island are new opponents. SCHEDULE May 2-Rutgers University-away May 6-Rider-home May 7-Delaware University-home May 9-Westchester Teachers-home May 14-Hofstra-away May 17-St. Iohn's University-home May 23-Seton Hall College-home Captain ...................................... L. Grandinetti Manager .... .... R uss Swanson Coach ..... ..... M . A. Travers :mm ...., t H If , ,... if it S 3 . y . Q WW y 2 5 ,XY f If f s 4 f , ' J.. 5 ., A, Q 9 V Q 4 23, N J'm'f? F' "Nina rm The varied every ol the The Dodge terrific league Associ Allen T as we Duri into a- tourna Ted Cl Stama leilm. lntrc handh mural Y- fl il S2 Qi - f 1 Qt? the l me GQ0lHSl leqding em' he Gem il il is expected thai Ufdllfllll, Temple and eaten last year 5-l by chedule, while Wesl- lstm College ol long sity-away 'ersity-home eacliers-home zersity-l10lI19 allege-home Grandinelli ,Hlluss Swanson .'.A' v'IM,A,'ll0YEl5 The intramural athletic program was the most varied of any activity in the school. Practically every man in the college took part in some phase of the program The annual soccer tournament was Won by the Dodgers, captained by Iohn Strucker, after some terrific struggles With the Celtics and Rovers. This league was so successful that the Men's Athletic Association acting on a motion by Vice President Allen voted to make soccer a minor sport next year as Well as an intramural activity. During the inclement weather, the courtsters went into action, and for the second successive year the tournament was won by a freshman aggregation. Ted Cymbaluk, Irv Gaydos, Bill Stout and Mike Stamatakos were the big guns of the winning Penn team. Intramural director Don Ackerman then revived handball, and instituted table-tennis as other intra- mural competition. These activities were run on an MEN S INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS elimination basis until a winner was found in each tournament. A softball league followed, to wind up the intra- mural program for the year. Some of the games were played in the gym when "Iupe Pluvius" kept the men from competing on the diamond. lf plans materialize volleyball may be added next year to this already extensive program. OCIAL I WoIvIEN's ATHLETIC COUNCIL ,S The Wornen's Athletic Association, of which every woman in the college is a member, aims to foster and promote at all times keen participation, to ini- tiate a love for sports and activityg to instill some de- gree of skill and give enjoyment to every woman in the college. In carrying out the aims, an extensive and varied intramural program is ottered season- ally. The Women's Athletic Board, composed of women representing every curriculum in the college, arranges and sponsors this program. ln addition to the intra-mural set-up, the W. A..A.. sponsors archery meets, basketball tournaments, in- tercollegiate play days, co-ed sports nights, and at the end ot the season, an annual awards dinner, when the various awards of the year are given out. BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND MANAGERS President .................................... lean Baldwin Vice-President .................................... Ruth, Kort Secretary ....... ........ L ucille Bush Treasurer ..... .... K athleen Quinn Wwe REPRESENTATIVES S Business Education ................ Elementar y .............................. Kindergarten Primary .... ...... Music .......... .... Physical Education. Archery ....... Basketball ..... Bowling ....... Equipment .... Fencing ..... Golf ....... Hiking .... Hockey ........... Lacrosse ........... Modern Dancing ...... Point System ....... 'S7' . . . . . . . . .Marie Colicchio Evelyn Hansen . . . . . lane Hearsey Christine Thompson . . . Marion Iohnson Secondary .................................... Ruth Hauser MANAGERS Recreational Games ..... Softball ............ Swimming .......... Tennis ............ Social Dancing ..... Signal Reporter .... ,..................... ....... Ruth Steele Mary Carlucci KayCass Isabel Trautwein lean Elm . . . Ruth Herman . . . Harriet Miller Emily Bastin . . . . Gladys Frank Sally Mohr . . . . . . Doris Roesler . Ieanette Sektberg . . . . . . Mildred Scott . . . Ioyce Robinson . .. Verna Blake Mary McGrath .. Charlotte Britton Seal Reporter G File Cabinet Manager. .Gertrude Groendyke wullowjfiynll such U hug cfremv Wednesday a SFO' assistedbotg beginnj Muglll fume A5101 come gud the wdllf usedlg Clwecgislllit dance was haf interest 01 lowdld Modem Dm girls Who lumed ou This QYOUP' unc ond IGGY' Long' not Composition fum on ite ' oupS, 0 Varrous QT mee yhen work Gi 0 BOWLINC Bowling, the YOU was one ol the mos Il you were to g allemoon and hear you would know tha down the alleys. Katherine Cass, Hooglond. leon Meri lor the season. YES ,,,, Marie Coliccliio ,,,, Evelyn Hansen "":,.,,,,laneHearsSl Chr' r'nel'nompS0H . ..,1lifi1rionl0hn50l' ""WRuihHauser 3. l Ruth Sleele . . .'.'.'.'. -Mm KGY C455 . . . . . Tmulwein Iewfll' ""' jiljgh Herman .....---Harriet -" "" feqnetle Lewis 'Mildred . EIU soc1AL DANCING Wallflowersl Well, how can there be any here at State with Such Q huge turnout at Social Dancing classes held every Wednesday afternoon. Mary-Ellen McGrath, manager, ably assisted by Q group of lunior physlcal education students, fgughf both beginners and more advanced pupils how to be- come a future Astaire or Rogers. Both victrola and piano were used, and the waltz, fox trot, 'tango and rhumba were taught. At the close of the winter activities cz very successful informal dance was conducted by the dance pupils. f MODERN DANCING That interest on the campus is turning more and more toward Modern Dancing, was proved this year by the fifty girls who turned out for the intramural group. This group, under the direction of Sally Mohr, lean Elm and lean Long, not only improved their own skills but worked on composition fundamentals to create dances of their own. Various groups, after perfecting these compositions, presented their work at a meeting held with the Modern Dance Club. BOWLING Bowling, the youngest and newest of the intramural sports was one of the most popular. If you were to go by Slocum's Bowling Alleys on a Friday afternoon and hear much laughter and an occasional shout, you would know that the girls of S. T. C. were trying their luck down the alleys. Katherine Cass, the manager, was ably assisted by Kline Hoagland, lean Merrill and Kline Hoagland were high scorers for the season. ECREAT ff Io 1' 17 wiigeQtl-Oggbers Q mjnfoenis SD QQ re If 1 O I2 W O1-I S CQI4 17 1 , U1 S dl ' ld Q hjj S- P,-D alno We 'E' Qcirvjfjeg Qtyrqitfyot Ci Dongnih wif Zopulqr. S , , ev In Order,-ery O11 ,O Qcpyl, Lzfgeb eqdlj ity, W er DO ef I Thu the e QS OQFQ, ners e C Q hu DLUQ 0 O rsdq UIQ ho , p 0 Un plqy ndred. F DJQ pe? U, Y Qlfe HY Qfff ckey Offer' H flue ccfnsid , Y 1- Q b 1 er list. A CQ-d fn Qddjrflghfsese Crcygfffn. S who nd bQsCZL Qndlsf of and sus 'U .ogqmes 11012 fo were 11 ities 1 Dqmclkn etbQ11 bw- Cc sf on 112 Sd -o ,Q are U, Sf. e CQU pri Dfqy ,fheCkefrogfogdqncecifege, 1, mls 1917 S Of Or he e 17101. ts IIQVYMSTS reC1- qeffn e of th e provaddedeatlonoiff ef!! in ed en. fo UZ fe fufzizqbff LACROSSE Action, lite, and freedom are what make la- crosse loved by so many girls. A demonstration lacrosse game was played at the Hockey Playdqy, with the hope of spreading the love ot this sport to other parts oi the State. This year we doubled, almost tripled the qt- tendance of any previous year. Lacrosse is still con- sidered a new sport on campus, but the enthusiasm shown both in the autumn and in the spring proved to the manager, Gladys Frank, and the captain, Ieqm Long, that this vigorous, skillful game has taken its rightful place at S. T. C. ARCHERY Zing Went the strings ot their hearts When they hit the gold. Yes, archery once more played a part in the extra-curricular lite ot many students during the past year. Under the management ot Ruth Steele, Who was ably assisted by several captains, the would-be Cupids really made a mark tor themselves reen. The mass turn-out for this activity made it necessary to have three divisions. Some ot advanced archers, chosen by means ot try- outs, participated in Tournaments and Playdays throughout the year. Quite a representation oi male students showed on the g the more an interest in this sport also. E E sits. TE mad adVf groi Sper prec up C roun drav N. I- Oper drav SVl I from great ing c the 3 l lnstrl ing r tcug. instrl othex w K3 DHERY is of their Y once In heflrts Wim management of Eflis dum Wider fitting rl S Hlork for luntouf for tlemtiil IG thi - . , 'h1Srq,,,,., on. 1 rs, Chosen by mes Some ,I UIIIQHIEIIIS Qndqgsolq. mf mule So, Wed Students Sho I fe of In OTE Gny stud Um. TENNIS IN TRAMURALS The new organization of this sport this year has made possible greater accomplishment by both advanced and beginning groups. The general group, composed of beginners and intermediates, spent the greater part of the time in learning and practicing skills, while the W. A. A. group, made up of more experienced players, was engaged in a round-robin tournament. Two doubles combinations drawn from this group represented State at the N. I. C. Playday and won both their matches. An open elimination tournament was held in the Spring, drawing a variety of well matched players. SWIMMING Any Wednesday a splash could be heard from the pool, and we knew swimming was in great demand. Recreational swimming and Life Sav- ing courses were in session during every season of the year. A growing interest in Senior Life Saving and the Instructors' course has been shown this year. Dur- ing recreational swimming the different strokes were taught and the Red Cross tests were given. The Iunior Physical Education class helped with instruction, while Ioyce Robinson, manager, and other instructors conducted the Life Saving courses. BASEBALL CGIRLSD "Keep your eye -on the ball" was the maxim of the girls' baseball league this spring. A spirit of friendly competition and fair play was prominent in the groups' activities throughout the season. Baseball is an ever popular sport and the at- tendance records at practices ranked high among the spring sports. HOCKEY Once again hockey reigned as queen of our fall sports. The weather did not seem to bother its enthusiastic followers, in fact, rainy days found them playing indoor hockey. Emily Bastin and Gladys Frank came back from Hockey Camp all set to teach the latest in hockey. The girls had quite a struggle in the game with the football squad, but they were finally beaten at their own game. The Alumnae Hockey Playday closed a very successful season. The "old timers" tried their hard- est to show the girls they still had it in them. Every- one out for hockey served in some way or other. A buffet supper was held afterwards in Norsworthy. Emily Bastin, the manager, was in charge of this event. FENCING "On guard" all you fencing fans! Here we hav a re ort of the foil thrusters and their activities on P campus this past year. Due to the lack of equipment d t articipate, only fourteen fencers were allowe o p so the first ones to sign for this activity were ac- cepted. Practices were held on Monday afternoons, nducted by lean Elm manager of the sport. It is co , hoped that in the near future more equipment clan ' t is 9 be obtained so that more students may en1oy popular sport. HIKING The Hiking Club of State Teachers College is an organized sport operating under the W. A. A. and college extra-curricular activities. During the year the membership increased to such an extent that it necessitated the formation of two separate hiking groups. 'These groups took hikes ' f ' t 'round the col- to many different places o interes a lege campus and surrounding countryside. After- wards, the hikers would get together and compare notes on any unusual or different places to hike. The members all enjoyed the many hikes taken in the beauty and color of the fall and spring. GGCLF Fall and spring weather smiled upon our S. T. C. golfers this year. The few cold and rainy days found the enthusiasts in the gym, swinging clubs at cotton golf balls. Techniques of good golf were taught by the Pennington Country Club golf pro, Mr.. George Field, and by Ruth Herrmann, manager. This year saw the largest number of future Byron Nelson s and Pattie Bergs 'in the history of the sport. New Clubs and mats were bought for the increased number of participants. SCFTBALL Softball, one of the major s rin s orts, showed definitely the athletic prowess GI'?d Ifeamwork Of many of our college girls. Mildred Scott, manager, enlivened interest in the ball games by forming an intramural league. Early spring evenings found many' of the teams out for a friendly sports hour GPP1Y1I'1Q all their softball skills and techniques. wg N ,.f f.:e, APM' XY, XJ ' If my ff . ff? I ff' ff : NJN ! V55 'Z 10 ,Z Jr. xr M Ji. , , K RE, . 5 h I W I MW A., Q xi - In N . M' - , '?,', . .Mrff "Q '-'ifik 1yf--A ' fav -r x." Q ' , Q . ' 1:-Q "PM" 1 1 X ,gb 51- ggi .7 va?-If QA J ai? 'u,:vg.?ar,r-.,i-faq? ,-Mg. ,J ,x QM ,I 1 A i f-h W A ,,f'1. A , .R X i 7,- ,wi , X A f 1 LQ S, 5 E- . A 1' -'- 1 q Sw fre f , A g w . ,. ,Q , K rv . 3, , f ' .T,...-1' A 'X Ui x', JVALQ Q ..1. S .Fit V fl A , .2 , , . N .5 .. 'D R . , H 2 ' X . KNO! wg, 'f X. y if X Y , 55,5 If-g., - f - V: -v ' fx 'Q ' 1 Fin V X l f, 0. " , S- ' X , , Mft Q' QR? :'S.,,,4f' ,w. a "' X ' ' wk-' 1' . - ' ,Xn,,,, LA ft ,355 ,, gif,--kv .X L 111, -w':A.5m..hhH, AN X X . .,,,4,f.?gf1 Md b,i5iYg2,E,'i:q A jf?-.:s. -IHV AJtfqlix'-5'fL1fgLQ.,,4'.1 il ffyjifl 3 , ' S 3"54L-'.- 5 ,f'?f?z-5975?7TIb,S?fiZN31'trifi 'f?'!?.'f3xi25?f' 'SAW S , . 'Q 8 A .'22w,a-ws , . A. ' '- , .. ff Q . M ff . -- in mwp- ,Jw " ......Q,k.. . 1 01' 'Qi' agar' . X u-Uk Alf XY X ,W-'pf Q 3-rw M ,4,, .M 'M Vx I v Ak 1 v Tal 5- .AN s' A nfs' ,,.e '.2f:z X Q . L 1 ' A 4 , 4 fp? A 1 4 r x 9 fix - f QW, ' 'il' , S , Q, - We 3 - K , 1 . , f , V VN f , Q ,Q W 7 1 4 fy V , :yy , ' uf' M 5 1 4 1 ' ' 'iv f K :L 0 f f f 4 ' f 1 x , 5 x - .. f Q X Jr S 'E 0, , 2' 8, S X ,i 1 X at , 'rx W, yin I f . . 5 iff . f X K in Xlxzvxz' ' X ,Z H 426 hh flrffif '5 ' , , f f, ar V new ' ,jf ' fr f m,,.,. pf . F f , Q , gt Q5 I dy Q .ii . ww Q W ' .. f 2 f wi 72 . ' A-X 4 f fu A MW' Nw NN X. N 4, .:- l 2 -. If 5" wx.-fm, .5 1. i we Y- ' 4' K5 I .3 .,,, - " 16- 'V .P ev' W . N fm ,Q , I , wk W Q h QQ h I, ,, Af' if wxn, F i 0 U ex S I 1 ' 3 Q sf f K 5 K Nj, A . , W 3 , 4 1. f Y ff I V+' 'QV' -IL as NJ ,A - . W5 ,s if J' MMM-aqm I , A Q L U ! f , 7 . Q Jw, . is I v, 4, .yj 1 ,, . f -',' ' . Www ' f ' x ., . .715 ' H, A ,Qx fr ' iq' 'I 5 I Vx 317, 'Q 54 . A '- f " .. ' ' ' ,,,A," ' 4 "'A:'j I f.f4lfm Q 'if' "'1'. , 714 , 'M' ,, - Q u My n g I I, V ,gp .llr ,Z 1. I W ' ' "gif 0 V pu l,Q:'7" W uf! X 1+ I K J fl. V 4, - 'Ci :Wf , Q A 2" 'M . ,f A 'N'hi- , Y r it 0 V I I . 1 ,, ,. 74, N . X I 1 Jullf I W! GW I - ,yzsjt . V - J J. ' f z + Af A , ,Q v' 1 J ' Q, ' f . UISH ELI CTaken from the March 22 Signal l The "Signal" believes it speaks for the entire stu- dent body and faculty when we say that this even- ing's production of "Disraeli" will be an overwhelm- ing artistic triumph, and deservedly so. It is evident that Director Effie G. Kuhn has spared no effort to assure the play's success. The forty members of the cast have likewise done their best to prepare for tonight's performance. ln addition, literally hundreds of students have assisted in the necessary technical phases of the play. We believe that everyone in any way connected with the production had but one idea in mind: namely, to see to it that "Disraeli" sur- passed any previous all-college effort. One of the most important reasons for such a proj- ect as an all-college play is the cooperative spirit which it produces. Some people may enj oy the lime- light, while others, equally important, will remain in the shadow. Few of us will ever learn who per- formed the countless, nameless, unremembered tasks, without which tonight's venture would be well-nigh impossible. But of one thing all of us may be fairly certain, and that is that every one who worked on the play rendered service according to his or her ability. The artistic or financial success of "Disraeli" must not be measured, by ordinary professional produc- tion standards. State Teachers College produces ed- ' -N.. ox., 3yG2"- " Y.. , , ,. , ,, -. f x . .. C .Q P it --,'gr"' NVW- W- N 'N M I ' . : 17. K D ,7Q3"a' V ,t 421- ' -N. -T 21 . H., " I ' QM. 7 ' f ."s. I' N 'N ITP' G' A Q ri QS 'sf . in .15-, 7lt,"k ,. -rm ' -'if' ' is I 'K -It W.: 'PQ 5 sskqipfg. VP: xr 'T '4 'T.."' 'Q 5 -. , .5 -j-Z'-5 - A ,, vu wg ASQ " Q 412' 57' 3 . ' S:-fs .sew .Q , :ef-r.'ef 9' - ff- .,2s,f Q .sf , sf f ev-2-..: A+ ',' 2 -21 J 51 L' ' fl' nf me D'l 'W M40 ucators, mainly. Therefore this play is but another medium to enhance the training, development and growth. of future teachers. With this view in mind, we believe the play is a real success and that every one associated with its production deserves the warmest praise from the entire college. THE CHARACTERS IN THE PLAY The Duke of Glastonbury . The .Duchess of Glastonbury Clarissa, Lady Pevensey , Charles, Viscount Deeford Adolphus, Viscount Cudworth Lady Cudworth . . . Lord Brooke of Brookehill . Lady Brooke ,.,, The Rt. Hon. Benjamin Disraeli Lady Beaconsfield . . , Mrs. Noel Travers . . Sir Michael Probert, Bart. . Mr. Hugh Meyers . . . Mr. Lumley Foljambe . . . . . . . Clifford Meeks . . . . . Dorothy Hamlin . . June Belott . John P. Mueller . . . Jack Cogger . . . . Doris E. King . . . . Irving E. Gaskill . . . Jeanne-Francis Fetter , M.P. . . . Morris Schaefer . . . , Mary Muir . . . Dena Alvino . Michael Corio . Cornell A. Rockel . . John F. Strucker Mr. Tearle, Disraeli's Secretary . George Davison BUT . Benedict Lo Cicero . . . . . W. Ancil Davison . . . . . Ira D. Aarons . Barney Cohn ler at Glastonbury Towers Bascot, Disraeli's Butler . Potter, Disraeli's Gardener . Flooks, A Rural Postman ...... Diplomats, officers, and lords in Act IV: John Borini, James Crine, Colin Dawkins, John Glass, John Feldenzer, Alexander Haddon, Stanley Iixeginson, Harry Wyckoff, I-Iarold Stephens, Eugene Taylor, Robert ite. Ladies in Avt IV: Carol Geist, Rosa Hagin, Louise Holzmann, Phyllis Jackson, Lillyan Kahan, Ruth Katz, Madeline Klauser, Ruth Loveman, Ruth Sagotsky, Elizabeth Schletz, Marion Stagg, Mina Sut- cliffe, Patricia Whitehead, Helen Weibe. DIRECTOR OF THE PLAY: DR. KUI-IN PRODUCTION NOTES Assistant Director: Margaret M. Gaydos Scenery by Junior 5, Junior 6a and 6b Secondary Classes and students from the Industrial Arts Department. Directors: Miss Burgard and Mr. Armstrong Properties by the women of the Junior 5 and Junior Sb Secondary Classes assisted by volunteers from other classes. Directors: Miss Corning and Miss Burgard Costumes rented from Brooks Costume Company of .New York. Costume Committee: Women of the Junior 6b Class assisted by volun- teers from other classes. ' Director: Miss Corning Stage Committee: Men of the Junior 6a and 6b Classes and volunteers from the Industrial Arts Department. Chairman: George Brehme ff f,f' e Aw. iii? -'iff , ,f'f 6 ..-A' . M' 1 x5"'x,0- M e XQ, ,,,fiiT23ffw . A 5. gg? ,. f,,,f"!,,,,f" x,,,5-MWAQ: X ' - N ', , ,ww Jn - .,,-f' f fff' XXL e.f -cifamwnxfwfme f 5x e ,wgm k if - K ff -' X v We fg',.:,,'f" " - .f Q ff' ,f"'U+v nL,fkQ-:MM 'V W ,,,"',..w 'W , P, W A . ,Q L:Z3'y,AX1':'e.fAi! ,ff X wx ' H 2,4 J 0. ,ff V, s-f 4 , ,M .f M ' .MK nf, , X NX 14-'N ,V v' V MA 1 ' 2 V' 9 ' - V fx , X49-:S4f,f-it 3, ,A fic S8365 ,L A ff ww wx buy, f ,, 1 . 1V'j,,1- J. W, f,,, ' 1 J Vx, 50 , fgft, , ' P-K , j we ,sf -4 ' , ,- f ' ffff M' we Af.-.J - X' .ww .wi q f ,-3,--3 , f Q., ff 1 A ,, x- wiwfrv-'f Q55 4' , , I .f 1 ,1 Mfg, ' I '. f Y- ,lf f f " ,ff ' nf' 'ffL.Qg,'3f' , f e J A Q :S 51" Q- X , x UW! .f , N f , ' 'A .eff -.5 Z., ww W ,A QA., , I A ,V V ,f f- v ,W ve 2 f , Q7 f ,s 'if' c-N we .x ,,..A...,...y rx , xfwlwb- W, X we . I " 5 l 'W . ' K . N X ff ggi!-Mp, X A ,V , , ' 5 K 1 , , x -, , I ,A, !,,4CXh Q: X e e , ,p,. Q, go fffxhl,-f , M, , V A x 'Q -if - M If J yy' ' X ' uf, 1 JFK "qi ,swf .Sf V' ,JM-'ff' 'fi r if V, A "'?7j,j..f-" . 'fvf' W X Nw' we ,-P"'w"' , ' X, AQ auf. XX Vik, ,,.id,,' H'v2M,,.P' f, , f ,ff 01,5 A , 1- 7 1 gmc nf ' ' H , 5, .. -NV , iffV4v 'f 0 KX ff, fl-:ff !6Y , , X -v- If e4f ,eff V X :lf Nyc' f ,, A fx f 1,2 S , , X J. VN ff f' 6 H' 1 J ' Q I X fffgx. 2 47102 f A J Q Q., 'e 4 1 , . x -fflsjf? J 0' I , ffgfxs ,Shy , 5- f' ' 2 .Q ' r ,-N, . 51343 fi'L!?J :f NN gfff 'fav ffe x A ' f 'X f V x S X " .'f.,. 'fs ,- f V, , , 4. X , . ffl ff' ' xo f,!,I f if If ffig' s ff e 4 9 f 'Q 5 5 . Q Z 54 f '49-I f , ' 5 ' 11,1 Hwy 51,2 ' ' " iff' 'ff'if5?G'O' V ,Q 0, Aj' 5 T SQA of' Pea fern out cow C edw Row vent theg topic Th been WNW gene dwh rubs and danr EdHo Asms Spod Rewd Feum Techr News Copy! Sodei Phmog ARRL Advse Repom ""'f Nw ve f sit YT.- 34, ,. . Qc f Cf? f,a 1 f'i . X, 1' fy if I ,. I 3 'fp fr v rg 17 SIE AL This year, for the first time since 1936, the State Signal was awarded Medalist rating in the schools of education division of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. This rating is the highest one con- ferred by the organization, and only one other paper Ont of a field of forty competitors throughout the country received a similar rating. On March 13, 14' and 15, seven members of the editorial and business staffs and Professor C. B. Bounds, editorial adviser, attended the annual con- vention of the C. S. P. A. in New York City. At one of the general meetings, Professor Bounds spoke on the tgpic, "Preparing and Editing Copy for the Printer." The primary aim of the editorial staff this year has been to insert an air of informality into its issues without sacrificing appearance, readability or the general rules of good journalism. This was accom- plished mainly through the elimination of column rules, the use of more pictures and feature stories, and the adoption of a headline schedule to aid in planning the layout of each issue. EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief ................... George Abel '41 Assistant Editor. . . . . .Frank Cantwell '42 Sports Editor .... ...... A rmas Lensu '42 Rewrite ........ ..... I eanette Stout '41 Features ..... .... I ean-Bae Turner '42 Technical .... ......... H arry Tunis '42 News ....... .... C atherine Stanton '42 Copy ........ ..... C arl Moldovan '43 Society .......... ..... N aomi Komisar '42 Photographer .... .... S amuel Monroe Artist ........................... ,. Nancy 'Stuart ' Adviser ............................. C. B. Bounds Reporters-Ann Kiss, Thelma Shuster, Marie Werner, Ioseph Notterman, Ernest Gross, Nicholas Grosso, Muriel Christie, Kay Kelly, Edwin Horen, Louise Carver, Willard Friedman, Charlotte Britton, Harrison Davis, Alice Stanton. BUSINESS STAFF Manager ...................... Marie Colicchio ' Assistant Manager ................ Lillian Perlin ' Associate Manager .... ..... B oberta Brennan ' Circulation ........,. ..... L loyd Bicards ' Advertising ........ .... H arriet Miller ' Adviser ....... ..... C . N. Shuster ' 42 43 43 42 42 13 s 1r""F .,,. aw " .m,,..M-, V, ,,,,,..s . WMM-.,,.N, . Sw ,ra ,I s.Q,.m-4. X ,5- wif ""TZf"" 5,2 .fig wc. . ...W Q . ....-F F ,sv-.WY W , i 3 , 2 5 I Qtiflw.. HICHON M" Q . Edith: . C0 Edxmofe, Eduofs- .,' Yedwre Fav I 4 Pnoxogx, 6956. 1 .A- 'rf' ab. Q 451,724 0172 N, DIARY Sept. Z5-Secondary meets secondary over the teacups. Sept. 28-Mr. Rounds' Shakespeare classes invade Washington to call on the bard. Oct. l-Donald Grant, an Englishman and a scholar- Oct. 4-Pep Rally-even though we don't have a bridge. Oct. 5-Bergen vs. Us. Oct. 8-Arthur Cone on Australia and New Zealand. Did- you re-ally, Mr. Cone? Oct. 9-Founders' Day. Oct. 12 Oct. l3 Octf 15 Those departmental meetings were tops. Dr. Nash on "Union NOW." Now? -Old Chris is still a great guy! --"A sock or a mitten We're knittin' for Britain." -Here's to a good sport-Iim Thorp. Oct. 16-Registration for Selective Service. Oct. 16- Oct. 17 Oct. 18 Oct. 24 It's drafty around here. Philo's Phasions or Filo's Fashions-it was a good show which ever Way you spell it. --Political experts focus attention upon I. R. C.'s election rally talso upon the cider and doughnutsl. -Patricia Travers and her violin. -The Presidents dine. Oct. 25-School elections decide that Scott Fox and Wendell Willkie should be presidents of the Class of '44 and the United States trespectivelyl. Oct. 30-Kappa Delta Pi dines and initiates. Dr. Botts tells us "His Grandfather Was a Cannibal." Nov. l-"Doc's special" orchids to the Radio Workshop program, Nov. 2-Hofstra vs. Us-some nice passing, tool Nov. 4-Senior secondaries are unit-ing. Second and Third Quarters Nov. 12--Arthur Train, Ir. Ioan of Arc heard voices tThey had been foreordainedl But when We heard the story The voices had been Trained. Nov. 16--Trenton S. T. C. vs. Montclair-we lost 24-O. Football. Nov. 19 Our last game played on lVlontclair's field--although we didn't Win it A fighting team for S. T. C. was right there every minute. -Thanksgiving Services-Theta Phi offerings. Dean Wicks. The great and gentle dean said, "Oh, be glad you're living In the land of the free-this American Thanksgiving." Priscilla procession. I-lillwood's priscillas demurely wended Their Way to the lnn and atmosphere lended, As grateful for comfort and peace and plenty, As the first Priscilla in 1620. Nov. 20-25-Vacation. Nov. 26 -Mary Colum. From Madame Bovary to Finnegan's Wake We listened an hour for literature's sake. Nov. 27-Nu Delta Chi's coiffure contest Defy fashion's dictum if you dare The smarter the girl, the shorter the hair Ask Nu Delta Chi, if you doubt The short bob's in, and the long bob's out. Iohn Althou Dec- 3' me V Dec. Pslqma Siqmd Are WO! From Tl To lout: Some fu Movies- No noise One nigl While li: Such but 4 Dx. 6-Margaret From Ha Miss We lmpressiw She's qu Def- ll-Bcsketbu DEC. l3Nphi1O,s Y The TSVQ Pefhqps De c. 14-lntersorot TlllSG1 QI To fflshlm Def- 17 xchoir P11 NO Udlet 5 to th . e Rudro Workshop mn Wt Dice . ""SS1hrr,rr,,,r 9 urrir-ing. Th. nd Quflfters times orduinedi the story r Trained. Moritclcrir-we lost 240, Fmhqt d on Morrrcluirs field-'Jlthcuqh we r S. T. C. wus right there every es-Theta Phi otterirrqs. le dean said, "0h.beQif1drvr'f2 free-this American l'i1UY1h5tilll39'l F demuygly wended Im and atmosphere tended' ron and peace and plenli. ,ua in 1620. . 's wake my to Fmfleqan if ra uwrdtmels sake' www ,mrvwm Awww aww' .sour ,div whdif what 'S, Iohn Mason Brown, play critic. Dec. 3' Although the footlights were his goal fHe'S veddy, veddy much like Noell He flopped. l-le's now dispensing chatter. Sophisticated "critic patter." We loved it! Dec, 4-Sigma Tau Chi's "Fireman, Save My Child." Sigma Tau Chi's histrionics Are worth eleven potent tonics From Tunis' diabolic snare To Louis with the light blond hair. Some fun. Movies4"All This and Heaven, Too." Bette Davis. No noise could Travers tolerate One night about a quarter to eight, While listening to Bette enunciate. Such bad little boys and girls at State! Dec. 6wMargaret Webster-Artists' Lecture Series. Dec. l l- Dec. l3- Dec. 14- Dec. 17- From l-larnlet's dad to "out, damned spot" Miss Webster's all is in her "aht." impressive in the London manneh She's queen of all Shakesperiana. Basketball with Rutgers. Lost Sl-28. Philo's Yule Log Party. The revelers were a happy bunch Perhaps it was the potent punch! lntersorority Ball. Tinsel and glitter and smell of pine To fashion the mood of Christmastime. Choir program, NO adjective can amply say Dec. 19 We think the choir's fine its SPGCiQ1ty is sending thrills UP and down our spine. Christmas festivities. Christmas Dinner. House parties, Presents and singing and turkey and all the trirnmin's- YUM! A Whipperdo of a preview of all the things to come Am-ll TUUY We take this time to say we really got a kick Out of the regular teller who played the good St. Nick, Dec. 20-Ian. 2-Vacation. lan. lO Ian. l4 Oh, where did they go tthey go so devilish fastl. Those old vacation days I used to know tthey couldn't lastl. -The Trapp Family-Artists' Lecture Series. The lively Von Trapps Handsome and gay Entertained yodelly The Tyrolean Way. -David Cohn. The funniest stories we'd heard in ages Stepped from Sears, Roebuck catalogue pages. Theta Nu Sigma's Skating PCITTY- Twisting, turning spotliqhls Uncovered lots of fallltls As couples glided To the skater's Waltz. Hot drinks and cookieS Tasted just right After Theta Nu's first Skating-dating night. Dec. 14 Ian. 18 lan. 28 Feb. 6 Feb. 14 Feb. 18 Flash! Signal editor interviews east basket in GYH1- nasium. -Flash!! Signal editor interviews west basket in Gym- nasium. We thought we'd see the Wood Butchers Play ltisket-ltasket Before we'd see an editor Interview a basket And before we had scarcely time to recover He turned right around and interviewed another. -A Recital in Black and White. That clever artist fellow Surely went to town On the story of the soldier, The dancer, and the clown. Kindergarten-Primary Banquet. A huge success, although the guests were in for a surprise- As usual, the place was overrun with Lycia Martin's spies Each time they tried to take a bite, with startling clarity Some flash bulb would record the mouthful for posterity. -Girls Dance at Fort Dix. Thirty State damsels in their best array Did their duty for the U. S. A. And danced with the privates in all their glory. "Lights Out"-was the theme of the Wrightstown story lf you want to know the line that the Army's usin', Ask Mrs. Blow's youngest daughter, Susan. -Mr. George Selke. Up in Minnesota, they should be plenty proud Of President George Selke, of STC, Saint Cloud. Feb. 28- Roy Van Ness' Diving Bell Demonstration. He Went down to the bottom of the pool and stayed With nuthin' but a bucket to cover his haid. Bravely Roy showed us the latest in "toppers," Thank you, but we think we'll take the forty-one coppers. Grant Wood-Artists' Lecture Series. Battling the wildest snow of the season, Grant Wood came and we found him pleasin'. We liked the story of the mammoth matches And we like the stuff that his paint brush catches. Mar. l-March came like a lamb to watch the youngsters prance Mar. Mar. 15 Mar. Mar. 22 To lilting music at the Freshman dance. 14-Medalist for the Signal, and what more appropriate, pray? ' Worth those 2 A. M. Wednesday morning make-up blues, what say? -Sophomore Formal. Fragrant corsages and stiff black ties- Truly a sight to dazzle the eyes. 18-lohannes Steel. The magnetic Steel proved so adept lt's safe to say that nobody slept While he had his impelling, straight forward say fAnd Faye wasn't bad either, by the wayl. -All-College Play, "Disraeli." They cheered as the final curtain dropped, "Why go to Broadway? This has it stopped!" A most professional presentation, Of Dizzy, the builder of a nation- And tops in student cooperation. mg Bell De nt: the S mill . btlllcm of th It H10 e Q 1 1 1 Ducxel to cover Ulu slltt sd U . S U19 lulgsi in H to it W9 think PM welt Wie the its tists' Lemme Sed - es. st Spow A ot tha sn . ycsmy .9 qnd we I omd him plezsm, YY of C ' is mflmmoth mms Stuff E1 - . at his Dmnt bmsh Em 1 . c .Gm to watch lie YUM.: M vig ll ite Freshman dm e mid. and what more qw... ix. M. Wednesdmf momkg gig W? Y es ani suit black ties- ! JL ff- dme ue etfi :eel PWM 59 Cdepl itat nobody Slept , vfovlhnc straifllllmlsf 15 113. ' " bv We 'ml' :E eitliiff 'N cell," ,V 'Ds , , 'l I .1 ' . rms has it SM xzdwuli ,al Pfesenmonl :it Lilder ol U nam, ww- . jen, aww! ' 1 I ?i i T ji 1? ACKNCWLEDGMENTS he editors Wish to express their appreciation to: Mr. C. R. Rounds Editorial Adviser to the Seal Mr. Lloyd H. Iacobs Business Adviser to the Seal Mr. G. Bruce Kamp Representative ot Campus Publishing Co., Philadelphia Miss Ann McCarthy Representative of Zamsky Studio, Philadelphia Mr. Hawley 'llwiss Representative ot the National Cover Co. T . V, .r 2, 5111, . an if ex fs , is? :gs 3, iff g, fn , l 31 - Y ,Q I. M I i ., lilly if Xl 5-13550 Q ,La ss Z , 4 1?-54,5 W I ,fffc -.: awe llf fi Q5 ,- .tf M 1 w,s.s,ff. .ey X,, ,, J, 21. . SIGNIFICANT FACT, too obvious to require much elaboration, is the growth of the f Campus Publishing Company. From seven to seventy yearbooks in three years, to make us the largest exclusive year- book publishers in the east. One Way to explain it is to say that Campus in not an engraver, a printer, or any other type of processor, but a service organization vvell acquainted with the "ins and outs" of yearbooks, co-ordinating all the phases of yearbook planning and processing. Not being a processor, we can cover the field more completely. There is no budget too small or too large in which we are not interested, nor any reproductive process that we cannot supply-letterpress printing, engraving, offset printing, or gravure. Using these processes to the best advantage, we now make available five different means to a good book. In letterpress printing, C6 7, MASTER-PRINT and "ENG-RAV-PRINT." In offset printing, NMASTERTONEH and HVELVETONEH - and in gravure, "REGENTVURE." All five, from start to finish, are handled alike, receiving the same "Perceptiplan" servicing, specialized handling of your yearbook from the "infant ideav to delivery of a fine finished edition. All five are Campus books through and through. These five - differing in price only as they differ in desired effect and budget limita- i tions -possess in full those superiorities in I I' ' ' t appearance, economy, and general effect that have, in three years, made Campus the leading service organization that it is. my 1 PUBLISHING coMPANY, mc. ' 1509 SPHUCE ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. Xiuggi' ef" vf,,4fpJ.j,zf'-uf - N, This is a Campus "Master-print" yearbook. ,ww Lfxifl R Knowing How is a fiftyfflfty combination of ability and experience. U When it comes to photography, we're particular about qualityg We fuss with true rendition, we dote on the subjects of lighting, color harmony and rhythm of composition. Maybe that's why we get along so well with particular editors and advisers. An intelligent service endowed with a spirit of friendly cof operation has been the important factor in bringing Zamsky Studios to the position of LEADERSHIP in the school annual field. Maybe that's why "The Seal" turned to us for their photography in 1941. We hope you will turn to us soon and we invite your inquiry. ZAMSKY STUDIO Photographers to particular schools for over twenty years 1007 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 254 York Street, New Haven, Conn. 1 :ir md yedfs 1 yfe'g an fi Y En. A 54 x r . , 'f fiizzl- fi., 'i 41 I' v l ' ! aww.:-J-.1 danish:-L 411- GLM -A 1 f:', -'SAI f ' A X t w I ,I -L z ' r ! . ' I , . 1 ! S I 1 1 I 1 I X I . 1 'A . . l ,A I I 1 J. I Q N -C . I f ' 1 , .R I 0 1 1 .g. V I l L 4 Q , N L ... W ' 1. ,. I 1 0 4 I . t x -J p , 51 x if 1 if v ' ln .a.4. ......!A,L.4.

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