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 - Class of 1975

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...............-...--W . v , 1 TOWER l975 JERSEY CITY S TA TE C OLLE GE JERSEY CITY NE W JERSE Y 1? li -- , i 1 V G J Va ig? no 1 M- v- r- df w,...-.1 mf .nf,..G.pfv-fbfav.,A..,.,-,L1.,1. ,-.,,,.,,h.i , 5 1 , F1 gh, TQ, 2 , , .wif 4 whwww 1 ' ,Q f -wg 1' 5 EMM , . ,ll igfv-s . uf Kaz' b .Q- ,,,,. 1? QF 5 - - V E Tw, W 1, f X 1 1 Lf J Q ' Q N I V " 1 .fix ,.6"'f: - Us ' ,mx '- f gm' .-M f Y vi b.'Q.iQJ . E fi " 4 ,J wr T fe 5 Pr' x C 'tl 'aff E . 4 'Q 'K E5 T -.. ""' X C , J 'im Q W' 1, is , fx , ZF x E1 5 ,T 1 fi' ' r ,, - Y ZLL 4. , "' 0 Nwf I ' ,,'A A 5 ' gjjigqi,-iii., 3 f 7' Q ff 5 :'-153 T 'fig 5, 4fFW,..'jiap. rp, 1 f . gqrnff-' .gil H ' , . -e-"' lllgw. 3, V ?:'11gZ1':!m' :T 'gzlinf Qi F C Vi. .Qi '51 fy' 'ui ii- Q Yf A CHANGES .fu 'ww 0 A X if ' A. tear down the wall S T UDEN T LIFE page I8 Q? if FA CUL TY 62 SENIORS page 68 URGANIZA TIONS page 264 SPORTS page 334 I Mi' W 'ff T ADMINIS TRA TIUI page 46 HONORS page 242 SPEAKERS page 326 YEAR IN RE VIE W page 3 78 Ta x ! ,1 f I I Q F I Q e Q Zi 5 r I 4 Qu IEEE , ,, .gr 'ni'f'. W. 1 -45, 44 4 9' i EH5 ?f ,1 -Q , .Ml ,2 N, Zxiiv QI W7 FI DING NEW 'nf Q MVN ' , f ix , Y il I , V X '.:w,-vga: I 1 1 .Sify A, W 3 ' 5 1 ,rf 491 ' 4Z.f.1'Lf 'X , I -M Hr' , ,Q ig 1: f 2 e W N H! Y . A , , .., Q, Q. , Q 1 R , -. ,. , W K.. ffflwf W W 1 ',if!,f'f1J'.jj66, I , - , 7 I ,ff Vi f ' 4 N j ' f.. 'Q W Z, f-Aff? x' .. V-mf, ,k hQ'hN,Apw - .g -mf :'x:wWfx3f2".i' n -l 7 V, 43" 4, ,V ,. Q ,. . ',:,-f- ,iq W, ,v .ww-3 , 3,7 ff 1, ul 'fwlm A-Vg, , nf 1 , , , . , . A f :,',' J- vhs. If ff ,r"v ,rf'.". " My ,,f,ar,'M - if f he ' 'A 1 ,, I , , I L, ', 1 .ftx ,,7f, . vm 'ff .7 ff, .6.,,:. av , , ji , ,Eg F :iii 9 fi? f' 5 -Q., " -if .ff EAM Jifi. To the amazement of the student body, this was our campus for the opening of the 1974-1975 school year. The new Student Union Building, the square and the open air theatre, made J.C.S.C. into an obstacle course. Over these hazards, students were expected to climb, in order to pursue their education. It was not uncommon to see students and other members of the college community, tripping over planks and other building paraphanalia. One of the best events of the school year, was the completion of the sidewalks. Z-.- 3 II, L, 2+ r . 3 . 1 f ' i, 1 ,A ww. :rr za, r - f M, , r ', I' cms, X M, !'--v xx r W1 f s. W, , W41, I M AV I f-. uw .f V R304 fn, I if vp f .fggfdb ff? 5? ,A , ,W , . I ay ,.,vJf" ,A 2 M , mf. - 4J91'm..,,:, ' Wan" M W' QA, .f,M:Q.,,f:r?:., ,, W, 1" Vg. ., BM' M 3 124556 ,.,.1 1. 1 SED' QQ' Qwwaq.. 225' f . , fx fha.: A Us W . , W K iq-wtufvi J , 3-5 f K. My 'N 'I s ,A -ev 4, ffm- ...W A 3, x B. k x 1 qififf 'b -5-L .Q . " .,, , s WM, W f -ff . . I A. KIA if 5 mg " fm f W an A A 0 rw. - ' f, - fi M M , , 'f sf, :,, A J , ' W "' V . W ' ,. J uw' W 5 , WH, ' .,f 7 V-I ',,Z,,, WM 7,14 f . 6 ,, ,. M , df' if .,,.., A W , -7 "QQ" Q N ,, . , R it , N , MP,-hm 'Q ff i' 1 I 373' Til A' r pf'- 1 ,ff m. J' w s, ' 'H 9 'e an an Vw. ,gui , JK ld.. ...fv 2.0 WW Q: Irwin Library 4 . n , . WE f." ' 1 P . X lu x "HU W, 1 ,. .H TK' r - ff V. I I --: - 5 . F' I X l Rossey Hall . ,f""" ,. 4,g H,- J sim? f ggfwww 'W 'R 'mmA ' ' , -.Q gf, V-. I qi Ngr-:gig-5, . ,,-5.x 11 3:13 gm .. --:1 ., ,I 4 .,,,,.5 i Y ,j2w!.3 X W R - -'W v J ,- H2 'f .' nw . f 1-..... 1- , ,ww X 23 3572 iff 521 . ,-,QL . 1 ' J .' . ' X A5 MX - ff - 3: . .. X, .51 Xi. f Q ff ' i H . S -fggi:Q1s1L.i. ,W f W .. M my X me Sf , f ,- .fi . 4"""' ff 1, J Y ,pi w if ax? 'V ' 'f ,ff -fwilk' ui? I X "'--- as nisvwxxssx- w A gi v Q34 . L A . .. .i .'.Q i 21 5, ' 4 'ir NLT """fl. ,L 9 ' 'H x A Q , , Q -'LTV W. K jx sxhr xv LMS? xy, Y'-PMN - M x A X51 'L x . J: - 'jing ,. yum., mm' 'lv "my , Q,-, . ,QAM v .Aw"'Q, 'ff' ,f 1 im," ,V ' o T 'iz U L W4 T' M351 si fi ,W ,D-, Q sd ki E N., ,A-1, .,-...I is x .0 X ,X X .M just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes and I am left the same as I began. The more things change the more I am the same. It appears that my life is a cons- tant irony of maturity and regression, but my sense of progress- is based on the illusion that things out there are going to remain the same and that, at last, I have gained a little control. But there will never be means to ends, only means. And I am means. I am what I started with, and when it is all over I will be all that is left of me. Hugh Pratner THINGS DO NOT CHANGEg WE CHAN GE Hen ry David Thoreau Mwwmmu- we 1273 Now I've been smiling lately Thinking of good things to come And I believe it could be Something good has begun. V fu' ', 5 "H f 'A "" vfnf ,ga ' 4 , A " 'ff ,,.svl"w,'L hfb.. G ." .A M 04a .., 5 mu. 1 V. . V. A: 5 -,K f A ,, W. iaemw amxwmw 9 S V 2 +2 S f rf' ,,X S TUDEN T LIFE ADMINIS TRA TION FA C UL T Y Kc SENI ORS HONORS ORGANIZA TI ONS SPEAKERS SPOR TS YEAR IN REVIEW PRING DAY M IC It was a beautiful day in May and the Of- fice of Student Personnel sponsored Spring Day. The celebration itself was to bring the students together and just have fun. Spring Day started at 1 o'clock with a Frisbee Contest called the "Flip, Float, and Throw Tour- nament" sponsored by Schaeffer Beer. T- shirts and trophies were the prizes. There was a potato-sack race. Free beer was given out to all. The Freshman Class provided a calypso band for entertainment. I AND FRISBEES mag X gk N Sr wasp vm mi 5 :sux 3 6. 9 WI 5. F----, 1 z ,f ' , K1 ,f" I. xyy-Q I Q ' . H1 ra W ' M- Y -2 Jw, W 'QC . , , , f ,W , - ,, kv S' N , ' p,umgfvQH5S f COLOR The graphics, first design- ed for the Art Dept. in Grossnickle Hall hy Vance Stevens, were so successful, the administration requested that the Art Dept. design specific graphics for use throughout the campus. Dur- ing this past summer, with the aid of the Art Deptfs Mr. Gill, the ,l.C.S.C. students designed and painted the walls of ,l.C.S.C. Tony Pescatore, a student who helped create the art work expressed the real beau- ty of the art-"Instead of plain white walls, there is now a dimension. The school is a structured system-the graphics give a feeling of freedom." i BUS NG When the ground was broken for the Student Union building parking space became almost non-existent in the immediate campus area. The only feasible alter- native for the large segment of students who commute was to use Roosevelt Stadium for parking and take the School's shuttle bus service to the campus. Commuters are now getting to class on time and are less aggravated because they do not have to waste time and gas looking for that non- existent parking space. 1. '35 sfo fa '- QM. f Vs 'aa 33,533 P, vi MQ J ia f f Q w?" 'f wwf M gf ,r EW, A 4 .,, 'Lg V+ Sw N' Wg fi! if MZ ,, 3? 3 wg.. li ,,,z , A 2 E E I fi ,. 5 yww 4 f ,-"""'M' ,Ury- Y Where Are You Going Holis Jay? HOMECO ING WEEK Traditionally Homecoming Week has been an attempt to bring the alumni back to campus. In a sense it is meant to be a reunion of past and present. Homecoming Week falls on the week of our first home football game, and includes the entertainment of both rock and folk concerts, a play and movie. This year's line up included the play fMondayj, "Where Are You Going, Hollis Jay?" by Alpha Omega, concert fTuesdayj, Carolyn Hesterg movie fWednesdayJ, Jesus Christ Superstarg concert fThursdayj Dizzy Gillespie, football game fFridayJ, against Kean College, and a concert fSaturdayj John Sebastian. Ideally, it did not fulfill its purpose of bringing all students together, but those that did participate en- joyed the entertainment which was provided. arol n Hester Kc Mustang IT, A 1u.... fiklylffi O :JU xv DIZZ Y GILLESPIE Sc DON CARTER W ES IOHN SEBASTIAN .sz JOHN MARTYN W 1 gg-46? Ka' 1 1 w . sr 89 F49 QM .1- HL M5 Egg 2.5 59 31522 sw Sifg X link MM MMA W ff - .,,f5'5, 5 ., if 0.3. age 4525: H- fi, MM .A QQ m'g?15W,, , 'V FE, - gs-1,-egi'-if - 'J ' 1 if . ' ri -1:3513 M ,Ea 1153. K ,V-fi N x ,gg , G 5 .f 3 L 9 H ww u,Q',f?iw. " , whga 41. M e2g q1.fWfQf2 if Y 1: 15' ' .E , sz Q E if lgz . A ,W.,,,-, ,. E ' 2 K , 4 I 3 mr, 4, P I 4 5 321 2 ' ' Q 1 A-f.4.,.Y,,,,,,, , , . 4 , , WJ N, , W A A iM Wg g ' , A ' fn uw W1 V-,M g , I W - V M4-L ,W.QA.-,h.w ,MH A M' "" - my .. I M , ' JJ. V JI 4, i , , L , W "" 'MM' W-M -A ,.W,,,,4 , Q I 5 S , ? , f ? 5 5 5 E f . Q 5 5 ' 2 . M y V 5 , Mr li Q 2 ,F i ,I i ,E ' 2' ri 2 gil -s 1 5' 3 1 2 E ggi ', fa W M ,,,. fif . E? W ,,,,, M, M, VN N L ,,,, W, WW. U A ,,, Mi., 2 4-2 '55 E S E S .-.., ,,..?-an WW 'Nina ug A KN4 E 3 c 5 F5 NJ w,,,f if if ir 0 U mm pw ix X 2 N Q- 45-'WW W-w ll E 3 Qs ,Q Qi is 'if A -S .gy if 'bk F , A-1 gf-n ,SS 3 X wgifgg 1? '10 ff lay' ff' LF ,X ,f , S iq AQC, eff ffih' f 1 8 ,1 ,Z '1 if V ! -NIM, M, Viv 3 Q- ,,,- f , Q Q vv sf", if .I Q 3.1 , N S31 . """ ww-,W 1 .. f" Q 5 ' xg A3 5 k 9 3 3' S 3 ,Q W , . .... i wx Q , f' Q ai , ff hs, x , f , ul ' X" 5 Q .-,.... if 31 , Q., ,H s - K ft Q wifi, W nv, , gs: W Q, .ifainifv ella- -A .1 'W 7 . 1 , if , K :i, QX 1- , 8 . Q - K Q5 J gig- 5 9' 1 ,. ' 5 . 4+ ,X rw if N' as , ' ' ' 'Q xv, W f WM, m,,,W a. - ,vpn ,,', f , , f M ,.,. My 4 1,,,, f f ,,4g,fm,, 2, 3 f fi 1, , ' 'Z L Y X fu., X ,,. 5. f f.. an f ' , , ,V W: 5 'kc WL ,aifflww W I A fi ay I X vi! 'W . Y 21' gghw , if nkls f X .X 1 a 173' fm MMM, LA, X., ,yn f ,f 'z' 'fu iliai lx VV, ,,f,L,. ,Alf ...Y I I a. f " Q 1 M .1 by . rg,?7, .,-,, fr' f',,i. v Q 1 W-fi, 2 3'3" Qs' Y 5 .L Y 1 H.- 5 'IP ,-If-1 Q . f if ,gig -MM -nm.. .. 'Aff' X -5,9 . WS? fx fx j J-,fm-L' ', ' -wr s - 1 K W' f Q? af K -x g 1 ' ,,, . . Q' .dx-Q y , Q my- ,L' 1 lg 9.1- , 2, ,Bi V, My A rv.,-554 A Q, !,v,. J . c , 4 1' 1 ..7N ,zz x.. N1 fs . Q xl Q N s N . - ' v 'Q fx' -Q ' V fr Qi if we- -1. W , ,..,y Q fur J , .m-3, .us A A-Q1 i X ' may Y v .3- A 1, 1 e an , 4 4, y, N ,-.ou Q W n Q . '91 . I .',, ' J, 'H .--1 , ' fi rt ,Q 4,5 - s r . , 1 BOB WEEKS EXCITES CAMPUS WITH STREAK ' Q - H 5 . 4 ff 1 1 4 L I 1 , I JS Q Q Q55 X 1 .-wgzgww M , ' ' 0 'A f ,MNf,,'zL iv V ,gf 'fn -- " M 3.3 ' m ' f4'Qf. . f , , 1? qu ' L ' X L- W., J., f lr., ,Mqjf S? Q wN1L..a ,W , H Y- '1,y, 5-.W ,fr ,V w 1 fyfwi- ,, f , . HW'1,wge1f,1 W V, 2, su htm QV ,fgrqpygw iw, THEM ,gf ,, Rua -, ,VT-5 Z.:',,m,IMe ' ' 'W 'fffwffk 'UfwP:nlZ'1-'iw QC' W 9, V 7 f. ad, M., M W I I "Thanks for Stopping By Again.',, Fred Link, our own representative from the garment district, has become somewhat of a celebrity on campus. He is known throughout our Hallowed Halls for his hosiery collection which includes a variety of all styles and colors. A top notch salesman, Fred has been known to go through windows when doors are slammed in his face. Keeping up with changes going on around campus Fred offers us a change we all need. That is, a change of socks! Mtg - 4 ,Qfggfm ,QQ If ,. 'f my w, 7+,,.,'4..w:ku.,..ih"f?Qw1, " L' ' ,W W -rqdb' bv 7 1 -..,.,...,.-' 4 .W x Mt xx zz in 1 gmt nm am nm in ,ms f 1 im if 'Wx MI 3 .ia an Q 7245233 A ' . K, f "1 'iifzz fi Q35 -' Q gun 4,4 'Li , , 9 if ,gy W , I "W, 4-W 'fff 3,21 wmwwn, mf mwvmnmxmm STUDENT LIFE ADMINIS TRA TI ON FA C UL TY Sc SENIORS HONORS ORGANIZA TI ON S SPEAKERS SPORTS YEAR IN REVIEW 'IITQA Qiuisii XF'+4'o'x l'j' "The Commencement of the Class of 1975 marks both my first year as President of the College and my twentieth year at Jersey City State College. As a student, faculty member, and ad- ministrator I have come to know well both the strengths and the problems of our College and its students. I am confident that both are ready to face a future in which economic crises and rapid cultural change will surely test our strength and character as individuals and as members of an educational community. We live in rapidly changing times that make some people long for a past that was more simple. I do not share this view. I welcome the challenge of change, and I can assure you that I will bend every effort to move our College toward a changed future reflected in new career-centered curricula, new and ex- panded connections with our community, and a new role of leadership for Jersey City State in the family of New Jersey State Colleges. PRESIDENT WILLIAM J. MAX WELL Finishing his first full year as Jersey City State College's president, a post vacated in 1973, is Dr. William J. Max- well. Dr. Maxwell is a 1958 graduate of our college, and was named Alumnus of the year in 1967. He joined the faculty in 1961 to teach social science and became the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1969. With all the changes going on campus and off, we are happy and secure in knowing that the new administrator is an active participant of the college, who fully un- derstands the aims and needs of the college community. VICE PRESIDENT WILLIAM A. LIGGE TT DEAN OF GRADUA TE STUDIES DEAN UF ARTS AND SCIENCES . Dr. Dale Kahn DEAN OF ED U CA TION DEAN OF ED U CA TIONAL SER VI CES Dr. Harry L. Brown 2 W Z, f ? ? 3 2 4 3 ZW ,, ,, ff W ,D,VDD no DKDE "IWW Dorothy S. Anderson DEAN OF IN T ERDIS CIPLINAR Y S T UDIES DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Julian R b Dr. M N .N Lil lk , ?zff!,3 " 503 : ' iii? U1 . Sf, :ff-15 - ',,s. 'ge' " ' . . L I 'gi' "' ', lin ' X. K, . , xx , ' . , , f A , ' l' MZ, i ' K . A' K ' .- J , .W """' U 1 1 Qi? e 'A ' WW f 'il ,vfkzgfuifg f 'V pp-' N , f N , 4 3.3 4 ' , A vi V 1,i ., ,g x A. Q , X , , I A2 I 4 f ' k ' ' . " lvf'-fv:T1,Xs"wih 1 'I ' 4 , 1?'fY?"B " f 'fZf'Xe'g, Q 'Q 9 d,: 'v m If --J 1,5 ' x X ' C L. uv 05. ff -,Jr fy , .. is QD ' ' . 5 N 'Q xv-XA,-,1,f5, N , 5 f . V 1 ' N"" .. 5. ,-1, H, S., ,1 "i1fu'f mf' , ' , ' Ai , , J- A - Y Y ' ' -3 ' A me V ' rw 9 '," 'L ' "' - 531, . if . m J 7 . Q6 . ' : ' ii"f1, 2 ,ifjf?'? f 7'-T-fl 50729. f- ,I fi .M ,Eg A M A ' J' " hh: ' JK 1" f- . w, g',4:'1.,j ' -"Ui w ? 4 A Q 7125355217 ' . , 1 ' , V I cg-'a-TA 1 I-.. j - - . 5 .1 .if sf- . -1 ,, 'wx it g.,., I 3, ,wa , 4 i . 4 - 45: ' , , 3,5 V' 'f hw,-.X ' ' v -X' . , , "' ' ' A . - ' . . A Q if ' ' ,vxzqizjg ,A - B. as if v il 3 s I L - . -AK " ""-V. - ,Q ,Is-.' '. 1, 'yi- ? r " -,t g X e,,'?1'5.. A ' 't 1,1 f' s L f K , -- . .v Q . f 'f V 'W'-33' '-, ' . ,XY " if 3 .52 - - .rv ' .- kr, .Img fi , g 1' ' v " w 5. 1 - 1 , I ILA. -- ...mgvi ., - .ii ..' af, ' H., K Qu . ,ig Q' , ' 54, I Q ' 1 an--saw .. nn..- 'il :.... ata- Edwin C. Weisman VICE -PRESIDEN T OF FINANCE Alvin Neiman, Administrator of Grants NO' M 1615 1 '-Sf?" do S ,K up , E, V, M? 1 1 S V :f,, ' VZQV3 , .X S V4 N, V, ,z ' I f:::'.f1f.t:W"'..M.-T' g if ., WV S - ' M. 5152251355541 V . Zkimifiiilf-Nl , il 3 , I if 'fa i, 'fi 129555-,. wifi-Q-f's' V ' Q 14" f .MQ 5115 V .f . K, 5.27 ' H 7 3 so i 5 N' ,S V N .-35: Q 1 V, V + , J , J M K David Jacobson, Robert Mandel, Edward Dribnack, William Craven, Agnes Omelia BUSINESS OFFICE DIRECTOR OF ,O INSTITUTIONAL ,AA,,.' 1 PLANNING C I O V ' , 2 ' I 'f'1 sf Dr. Heman Adams 49 , L.,f, 1 'Y" 7 Wk ,"h I Q "1fffs,'Ll'2,g,j, ' AFFIRMA TIVE ACTION OFFICER Sesser Peoples Q ? ix , , X ALUMNI AFFAIRS Diana Femia CAMPUS CHA PLA IN ADMI I TRA TI VE SER VICE ADMISSIONS fW""'V ' Samuel McGhee Associate Director Cynthia jackson William Henry Director Seated Joseph McNally RE GIS TRAR Frank Carbone Vince Tagliareni Paul LaRoche Registrar Mike Calderaro Maureen Haggerty Mike Mahon ............,.t ik? ED U CA TIONAL SER VI CES E law ' J ' V " V L ' U he -4 HSI ED U CA TIONAL DE VEL OPMEN T CENTER Terry Callahan My Ehl' h Peter Hollenba k J ll S g Lill M Ph D Ph ll p She , D G y D Sp D tor. OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION John DeLorenzo, Warren D y Directorg Caroline Quigl y M Fosell D Sh d 'B COMPUTER CENTER Philip Wallack Director, Jorge Massana, Barbara Mattaliano, john Bielaszewski, Vincent Lo Re, and Dolores Kulesa. CEN TE C Lou Tiscornia, Chuck Saaf, Michael Wodynski, Joe Ruotolo. Q...-.NA lm., M l o FULLY! v 2 ,ww : It fb.. x f'Nx. lf P she QW WOMEN 'S CENTER ,i '4, EW , Anne Tisdale, Kathryn Speicher Co-Director, Donna Hoff- man. A ug CENTER F OR AFRICAN AFRO- AMERICAN STUDIES A ,A , Lee F. Hagan Chairman, Daniel R. Wiley, David Mulumba, Larry Palmer, Cheryl Geathers, Katherine Smith, Virginia Chisolm. Til. If Q -V-.fn-nnl NN TDE I fa .-w?"" 1. ar 0.S.P. Bob Diaz, William Kevy, Ella Mallard, Bon Carter, Jennifer Jones, Melvin Gregory, Veronica Pettiford, Lillian Edwards, Marietta Gadaleta. Seated: Sophia Viggiani, Pearl Hodge, Associate Director. FINANCIAL AID SER VI CE S 2 i T 1 ,w,,wf. 4 2 Q fc f R , Q 'H I Bob McBride, John Nevin, Mike Pitchford. W' STUDENT PERS ONNEL . H. Russell Bachman Diane H. Altbuch gl. ' VETERANS SER VI CES "5'zi'Q" mmH Mr. Bannon, Brenda Harris, Al Harris, Kathy Kernam COUNSELING H455 f lf' M SERVICES Y li R U rn l Florence 0,Donnell my A Henry Campbell, Director J 'YAK Allan Eisenberg 2 "AX l Geneva Lockerman Paul Fulfo rd CAREER PLANNING Sc PLA CEMENT Frank Capone, Direvtorg Molly Russ, Edward Stinson, Richard Vitale J- 1 Y 1... fin SEC URI TY Director Earnest Tiektke 1 E Mr. Chase Mr. Carter ,Q r ATHLETICS A sux Kb, P?- w . - , t Coach, Larry Schinerg Mrs V Gleason, Equipment Man 1 1? ff fi. Si , ' Rx if R . ager, Charles Finch. Seated Director, Mr. Gerrity. 5 67 w h E- e 5 3 , o -Q ,gy .wwn A ,LVM ,... 1- - www W-1 ,. wmwawmw wi ww-'N-A mswgfw www N, .W .,.,-Awfww-+ cw Q-w,WQ,:paQ - 1.15 xx, Q: Q A , x 9 X A 'S V' X v STUDENT LIFE ADMINIS T RA TI ON FACULTY sf SENIORS HONORS OK GA NIZA TI ON SPEA KE SP OR TS YEAR IN REVIEW Charles W. Boyens ART George Gill Dr. ,lean C. Lane Dr. Howard B. 1 Y Y. ..-.----- Stephen Munno my Doris Muller Charles Plosky Robert S. Russell Raymond Statlander Sister M. ,loan Steans Vance Stevens RR Dr. R. D. Walker Anneke Prins Laura Bilas Michele Carbone Kathleen Ann Casserly Joanie Cheshul Thomas Contrino Robert Davis E Elizabeth A. Duda Genevieve Dunlap Marion Fauciano Z Mun? A Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick Bonita Forlenza Jlnigaa john Franklin Caddie, Jr. Philomena Gironda aff f 1 1 1 f f Z3 if ,f 5 IQ" qi fy Wig Qffi.. o , g bf? Q 4-Q I 6 S Catherine Frost Pat rice Lynne Hanly l"""'b" 'S Illtf 'I F :--1' Margaret A. Haviland Roseanne Irmi Claire Kiken f 31 + ,sf -. if 1 ff ! f Joseph Kirk Theresa Alfano Krupinski ff, 4 L0l'l'8iIlC Lionetti Dannie Mae Gordon Roland McGrath Noel I. Medina Judith Mercazo Joan Mulewski F. Johanna Nardone ,f Laurie O'Donnell Patricia 0'Leary Mary O'Neill M We ,A A-f 1.. r 2 -T "5 Regina Paloian Rich Piazza Lydia Pollifrone Denise Ramos Theresa Reich Linda Reitzel Andrea Riggi Maria Rosali Lucille Scurti Mirella Signoretto Elaine Barbara Silverman .ef 5' Anne Simmle Mary Ann Smith Peter Smith I Marie Spundova Marilyn Sutcliffe Nadine Vermandere 7' M WY f 6.4.4 Margaret Weber Joseph G. Zacco Dagmar Zayes f .wilt Lena Galia N Barbara J. Pettit BIULOGY Muller Scott Dr. Catherine E. O'Neill Matthew X. Turner fiwqws f' ' 'E 5 if . r E Albert Albanese 'bm Diana Blankenship MaryAnn Chimento Emila Eileen DeMicco Dominic Barone Oscar Barrenechea P' Joseph Burzynski Marianne Barharito Cannon Nsenga Chillie Dickerson Anthony Vincent DiMailo x H H Jose E. Garcia ,il 5 Joanne Ferrara Mark Fincke Luis Gil John Giordano Gwendolyn Greenfield Christine Hardy Sam M. Kihato Deborah Kinder-El Leonard Kirschbrown Jamie Kleiman Nancy P. Kosinski Barbara J. 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Morgan AQ' 3 Joe Morone Jon C. Murillo 1 Christine I. Murawa in Richard Myrlak Ha n Perry Joseph Reccoppa John J. Reynolds Steven Rockoff Nickolas A. Roman Walter J Semchegyn John E. Slackman Laura Ann Tagliaferro Stephen Tremel Paul W. Waddell Alicia Walker Hi Catherine T. Webster Fuad Wern- Edwin D. Wise Nge Chan Wong Kathleen E. Yurgal FUUNDATIONS OF ED Dr. Jane: uw.-- A. Aloysius Charles Demarest Marian Hausman 1 , Q -xv ff 42 W . . Madeline B. Rafalides Irving M. Rose Dr. William A. Rubinfeld Claudette P. Weissleder ELEME TARY ED. Ruth A. Allen William A. Griggs Dr. Marjorie Kingsley Chairperson Dr. Virginia Harter M 1 c c Dr. janet Leonard Dr. Annie A. McDonald c c ,lames P. Regan Dr. Prentice E. Whitlock Abraham Resnick Dr. Lawrence Rhoades bow.-f""" Georgina A. Aminzia Amineh Abbasst NZ?Qi5SgQ'ii. Martha J, Alcon Loretta Ameruoso Frances Annunziato Diane C. Baiz Karen Bama Gail Sempier Bardia Patricia Bartolomoe W Lv 449V Anthony Francis Beatini Rachel Birchett Maureen P. Bergen Melinda Berry 42.5 john Bisozio Glenda Blake K X Frances Britton Y David Brown Janet Bogusat Birdie B. Brown Frances Bollwage Carol D. Brown MNMW Elvivian Brown Annie Bruington K fi . A 'TE X Patricia Burns Marguerite Bush John Bussanich Janet M. Buzzerio James Caine Susan Cappitelli Florence A. Ceglio Rita R. Ciambrone Josephine Carson fi 2 Y i Michael CCPPOIH Diane Cherchio V Annie Chisholm Maria A. Cogelia Joan A. Cole Aliene Crenshaw Maria Cruz Kevin Davis 'AK new-IM--"' ik A Victor G. Davis Nancy D'Elia Gerard DeMan Anthony DeMarco Susan DeMichael Camille Dente Y Mary Ann DiC0rcia Judy K. Diehl Gloria Dominguez Nancy Erbo Jane Falco 1 ' ' ' ig: 1, , ,,,, 22 'Zyl QM, ' Susan Alyce Feaster Maryellen Finck Karen Devlin Flannery Jeffrey Frey Joan C. Genzel Barbara Gewirtzman Edith Cohbons Charley Gilley Harriet Gordon Virginia Guider Maria Halkias Susan Harper f y fb' an 'Qgif' i'iu.,...f Helen Harvey Kim Hirschmann Kathy Hogan Kathy Hudson Diane Hughery Margaret Hutchinson My Frances Ianora Ronald S. Jackson Willie Jackson 405' W Mary Lynn ,laniec Donna Jeffas Ruth Ann Johnson ,flu V vw -W 21 f + 1 Margaret R. Jones Thelma Jones Christine Roche Kay Norma Foerch Kolbak Sandra Laden Gladys Elaine Lawson Willie Lee Judy Leibowitz Deborah D. Lemonie I 5'0" l Gale Lewnes Zena Light Mona Lisa i 'WW' i NWQZTQL, 41713 W Diane Little Yaroslawa Luchechko Carla Maillie WIQN LLL' xx Mary Lou Maita Francine Malvasi Jane Matthews iam' Patricia A. Mattox Jeanelle Marzocca Lillien Mays Karen Mazziotti Gail McDonough gwesl' Frances L. McKnight Melinda McQuage Francine Meyers Nathan Miller Thomesena Moss Patricia Nelson Marie-Elana O'Connell Q59 .. K ?Q ie Barbara Milcent M " , Q. A ti ,,,. 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Rost Nicholas Gordon Dr. Donald J. Silberman Rita Weinberg Tesler Robert A. Arey Seymore Eichel ", li U lp Barbara Keegan Hildner Oscar Muscariello Dr. Catherine J. Starke Aaron Steinberg Frank Urbaniak E Dr. Elizabeth J. Vessels M f , "f z. ' ff iw A 2 W . fi, W ' "" ' av i ff ' 5 1 if ' 'L,' T , H La fy b A , ..,, .HW Z? V at 4? 7 1 3 92: ff P ff' ' Q f ,,, , ,mi - 5, '7 , M I Y A ' fc , , nf- j ,A .iV, 4,1 4 , f f , . - ,fyw , M 9 A if - A , 'ii 'f W J, V"' Q fy L v ' if 4 2 if A if 7 , ,Qi , , Wa ' .,,, M'5--. va? :ggi , ,Q '2 ' , V ",, if ff ,.,4P""' ' My W-nw 'k X 91,6 Q , V V ,fl '1 ,,i'3gV',' W F W 'L W ya- 11,-B , in -.5 222 an 9 new ' 2' 3' v,, W, 'fi Q ! J 2 ,V , 437 Z TLV 49 3 ,rw am' uv'-"""" ,fl 2 Janet M. Balesterri jf wwf' Josephine A. Bruno Richard Caravetta Celia Tincani .MA Jose J. Costal ""':+-, . 1 ws, , 1 Q K' f r' -, ' R 4-,vpn 4, , , 1, ., . 3, n ., N, .Q fig uf., if 1 ,. r rg is rf' r 5,-Q rn.:-dj.: M E . 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Lott Chairperson ffl 5 5 5 F e 2 5 E E S 3 Z 5 f 5 5 Q 5 E E S E 2 GEOS CIE CE Wayne Bailey Benjamin Friedrich John Marchisin i Dr. John C. Navarra ,Iohn M. 0'Brien H. Parish Dr. Barry Perlmutter Dr. Joseph Weinberg Chairperson I N n Roy Bongiovanni Vincent P. DiBisceglie Robert C. Harris Suzanne Linfante Harry Lufft Helen Wilton HEA L TH CIENCE rm 7 -.-- - Virginia L. Dennis Evelyn Fowler Chairperson Ruth K. Hauser Dr. L. Riddick Lynch Mig-haf-I R, Mm-an Dr. Joseph D. Pikus Franklin S. Price O Patricia Williams ga Ei! gun' Erna D. Allen Magdelene P. Aranda ,lean Attles Verna Bailey Constance Barratt Marion M. Beisler " ' , E17 gf ' .50 Vivian Birkner Evelyn Boston Gloria Irving Fredericks Wi! if xg , X Aff f 5, 2 I 5. Regina Brennan Bryant Rogers A Mary Jane Budin Margaret Burke Alicia Hopkinson-Carter Rita Charles JoAnn Cheak Dolores M. Chmielewski William Clifton Violet Coates Mamie L. Conway ,,,,., fi ff f' Pharis L. Deane Elaine DiRicco Elwina Edwards Carol Endy Ethel G. Estabrook Gertrude Fowler Rochelle Dennigan Gay Anthony C. Gillins Lecie Gutzmore Dorothy E. Hinds Alveda Johnson Elaine Gerkens 5:32 Mary E. Hennelly Elizabeth Johnson fa. V 1-E53 ' - -. ..,.. - - cg i. lg 3 a Lf Q, .Hs , Fw l iv , W Mm W, ,mm AW! My i Y l Isabell Jones Shellie A. Jones Risa Korn i "iv a Patricia Grace Lamb Marilyn Lamberti Paul Laszcynski Nqr- Ethel Lawrence Rosita M. Linsangan ,loan McCarthy Reanee McClain Patricia McGhie Eileen Neblett Qirygw' Mary O'Shaughnessy Stephen J. Papenberg Joan Pelkowsky 6 Rose Pollara Marilyn Plunkett Antonie V. Lolk r , . Ellen Rinehart Romana Rossi affix innuw' V, I i , g,iw.i Jean St. John 5 6:0513 vlifa? 4+ 'fir 15 'o..'.o,,W 2 Brenda Jevoune Sandifer Vincent J. Smith Mary Stanislowski :YN Carolyn Taliaferro Winifred A. Taylor Theresa Ward Smith Alma Si D0lJ0l'3h Ann Tll0lTlPSOIl Eric Thornhill Marie Trosky K A K fm , 5-V' Doreen M. Wade Sadie M. Way Freda May Wint u ,nnfg -31, ' zgtiii :ffl 'Zig , 'S-ir 1. 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Caverly l Gerald Derman ..-- - H Y 5 -' George Daneluk Catherine L. Hughes K -.... u 11. 1vlacLaren Richard Rlggs John Rames Herman Rosenberg ,yunn lteckzeh Chairperson --.. .mm M. Schulte few .M K 1 Allan Adler Alicia M. Basiak 'E' I rw Gerald P. Campbell ik Leonard DeTrizio Patrick R. Caprara are-ww" Richard Fromholtz Anthony Callandrlllo .loan DeStefano X A J Maureen Just 'Claudia' M.Q.,,r my Lester Kaleja Karen Koval Kunseh Lee , .wwwlf ., M, a Michael Kvarta Thomas Marchese Giacomo A. Palumbo . eex, a Claire C. Pappas Barbara Parzel Karen Pastuzyn as ,wi fy Mwqbi -ff1g..J3" 'Aw Francine Eunice Peterson Robert W. Schilkie Geraldine Schuegler ,mm ' Q A V-f-"VV Emilia Skruodys Asma Nesheiwat Tadros Carol Topolski Lynn Tozzi Roseann Tuvel Bonnie Warnock 1 w . sg. ,Wi , L: 3 ld Q1 Q ,y A -Q sk X Q ek 5 f qw ' lv, R M Q, N. V 'Yi K .3 Q k K ffi . V ..,. .. X iv 2 R f f ig.. ,: x ua A 'Q x. .14 eel x z sf -.- If 4 N I rp W Q i -fi ski Mm?-f ,Q 9+ 1 s ,gli N, Nw X593 ,131 Wegxk LHMW' MEDIA ea nisenstein Frank Mlceh Chairperson ..uul'd UPOSSIIIHII i Genghis Nor Peter M. Bockman Jayson Harley Burg i 'Sturm ,I e Elliot Stephen Cohen John A. DiStaul0, Jr. Brian Fitzpatrick Mary Jane Grapkowski Russell Kearney W xg Joan Koehler Dennis J. Kohl James McGowan Linda Meyer Robert Petrosino Phillip C. Pfleger Raymond Pfeiffer ,fgfm 5 .mu y V' 3 r Larry Reed Sharon Shulman Mary C. Smits Gregory J. Stall Juan 0, Varela Nl 'QP ,ff Fred Yelverton Jill Weiss MUDER LANGUAGES Pat W Pierre C. Haber ' n i Onilda Jimenebocejo Y Veronica Massey George F. Monahan, Jr French Coordinator Antonio G. Mier Spanish Coordinator Fred Simeral ,: Q W. 'sw . XM-NN N-iff Grace Durr Doris Hanley Ellen Hannon French French French Frank 0. Mazza Bertha Miranda French French Roberta Nowicki .ludy M. Orecchio Victoria Zytko French French Biology I A ' J Pepe Casais Linda Joyce Costa Spanish Spanish Antonio Candelaria Carolyn Pompeo Helen Prebor Spanish Spanish Spanish ,L galil Nancy Sanchez Daniel A. Valdes Spanish Spanish "AG: "ww 5- 9 -f i YA Em gy 2 'W f x wfW 1, N, fwf QM? 1' f f ww 443x197 ffmfggq W, if MM 1 Af' X gif f L ,N fiif ,L 'V , sf A Afiifgfu ,A Q A , fz- , ff 114' ',,:af,"' , ' Y .df ' ,. .6 ,E , 5 W , 9 'fT'7.fy , f'V WJ. -1 , A - ' " ' ff 3 Fifa, I ,ir f, J Y ff, V' X' ff W , 4 ,Him fi g fa Q I fa W, 7 .,,A - Af - f JV' 'SJ' - x, 5751, fM?i.j?Q lc' ,, QQ! USIC is fx? ,i 5' M. Chairperson Stelio Dubbiosi Dr. Edna Cox Fishback 5 OBSIICI' Mrs. Abigail K. Hoffman Marion Verse james ,, Phillip S. Olson l Peter M. Sozio - , ----- Dr. Grady Wilson 16 4 imma R0y L- Anderson Joseph Michael Annecchino Betsy Blackwell l gl? Vg' V, ,,,, Joseph Cheshul Donna Corso I5 Frank D'Amelio Stephen DeBlasio Robert Dokus qw anim, 310' W 2 9, ,Q , James Iannuzzelli Clorinda Leo Marguerite Lesko . W Lucille M. Marciano Gloria Maglrolia f ,I Q L . Max i 133' ' , Michael Modero Anthony Montanelli David Osnowitz Sw- X 'N-ww Agostino Pansini Doreen Mae Plahouinsak Ann Louise Pellowski Frank Rotella James Tibbalts .. -'gk f, A 5 L, K Q jf, Judith Verrilli Elizabeth Vochecowicz nwfff ., J: ' L A " mg!,"'J W ,. Q," A 4,,, wr W. ,f 'WL :M in iv K-...QM w ir 1 ,K 5 W if 4 J ff . M is ' A M wa-1, 1 M M 4 fix ff , 1 , W ,ii - i if an we ,V , 4 . at v 4 J' f 4, .W , , J' bf ww A- 11 1 PHILO UPH Y l W 1 james F. Brown Leo Charles Daley Donald Emmons Dr. Edward Huang George Karnouigog Howard B. Schapker Pasqual S. Schievella Chairperson X' sv Q Q 3' ' N 'vf Q 1- - N ,- x sq L X - X K Ji'VWf'F!1- 105 'ihssv Jack Ali Sandy Carol Blum Charles Casserly Nicholas Ciocia Thomas Kopacz ri Ray DeGraw Paul Hansen 7, Jose Luis Linares Michael Vuocolo Lou Ann Woods John Michael Costello PSYCHOLOGY J l I Dr. Curtis Thomsen f Michael Anderson Curtis W. Branch Chairperson 3 Diane Borchelt Dr. Michael K. Dey Y 7, W. Ralph McCaw Bill McNulty 1, Bruce Burgess James Byrd Robert Carlucci 'Ulu' JW' Jessie Coffee Anne Marie Della Valle Connie E. Catson ww' Grace Astorino Frank Guenther Denise Harmon w w I fm- Susan Howarth Helene J. Jaros Michael Kovatch x , Ylxifmj Christopher J. Lukacs John J. McGarry Donna Miller ,df i 1 5 James P. Mullaney Frances Marie Ragonese Valerie Rota Susan Sharp S S S W- .---, George Stankiewicz ,.' u uv' Hi H" i 'fn 1' , In Q Peter F. Sullivan, III Louis Tedesco Barry L. Tekirian who Janice Wicke George Wnorowski Paul Zincke OCIOLOGY -- - ---------J 1 e ,143 ' Dr. . Howard B. Home e- -U----- Dr. Michael Kamell Director of International Studies Phoebe ,I. Slade Dr. james Vocalis Chairperson. UrbanfCammunity Sludivs Program Joseph F. Scott Chairperson Lorraine E. Williams Donald J. Adams Gail Donna Alamo Luls H. Avellana Mlrna Badlllo WW WDW Thomas Banach Carol Barry Z Charles Busch 42 Mary Louise Bethea Julia Bookttart Paul Cardone "QW Hazel Carver Lynn Cerciello Joseph Cincotta AW ff' Linda C010 William E. Cooper Cruz ,Ierylann Donohue Thomas R. 2 , Kg, gf? z , Z f Q i i - Joanne Edelmann William Eng .l0hIl F8Zi0 ,Z H 744 lfflu Stephen Fedowitz Felicia Basiak Mary Lou Foran Rosemary Gately Karen Graham Edward Gulch "it, ..K""' Hardy H. Holmes Deborah M. Horan Deloris Howard W Sandra Ingram Thelma Kilby hh k gas? f "" f ,fi -AL- N M 4-:M mf- Linda Kolling Susan Lacina Terrence McGovern Juanita McNair Sean C. Means A an Moore Maryanne Murphy in ,ff James Ockenhouse Robert O'Neil Anita Palazzo ff! 7 Q aQQ"11'9"' Sue Parks Mary Jean V. Pesce Linda Pruitt John F. Sheridan ,fqg Florence Nekesa Simiyu Jacqueline Sirchio John Solomita AFX 'R ,annul-fo. Philip Spanoza Schuyler Spaugh 9iW""' Gerald Stafford Rosalie Starilu XQQZ' Franis Strong Priscella Taylor Eloise Wheeler is-M. a1l"""""'Pf W' Maryann Wilenta Ann Vicente SPECIAL ED U CA TIUN W , J. ,K 1 William J. David Chairperson ' V g w i ? I fo i Dr. Alice Jeanne Ludwig Dr- Vern H- McGriff l 1 l I George Voller e e WW Regina Carrig Mary Ann Caruso Maria Casale W'24k I ,. ,,,, ,,f, vw MM-'ith if my Elizabeth Ann Castner Mary Casey Mary Cerbone 'N W Jean S- Chance Dianne L. Ciampi Anthony Cieri Carl P. Cimino Linda Cohn Chris Conklin N-uns.-..,, Mark J. Connolly Lawrence Conway Jacqueline Cox ,lacquelyn Crawford Thomas Damato Linda Daye Mary A Donna Eonald Ann julie Bogatch Farley Marybeth DeNigris Marianne Donnelly Kathleen M. Drozd nn-g Debra Fernandez Robert Ferraro 1 ,- ff? mf, fff 2 1? ff ,f M7 X129 ,4 3' 5 f 5 f if f Lisa Ferrucci Mary Ann Filodoro Sharon Ann Flannelly Yds" x..,,, Francine Flora Regina Footman Lizett Forbes 19" .jg-sei FN if no Rose Ann Franzone Gail Garbarini Diane fr M?-,WM ' I Aliza Gerstein Donna S. Gilbert x n g Maryann Giovacco Walter Glospie ll Carol Goldman ' .ggua-am.. Vwifoa' Deborah Gorelick Beverly Grecco Linda Gurak Mona Hausthor WM' Edna Hollins Barbara A. Hudacko Genevieve M Iervolmo Anita lungerman W Charles Jackson Shirley D. Jackson WW' Louise Jones NX V... ,, .. S N x Paula Jacobs Arnetta Jones , ,. K f 3' ,, ,:, V , 4, , , Paula Jones Muriukid D. Kahiga ff! Judith Gottheim Kammerer Diane M. Kane Kathleen Kelly kiwi Irene Kuklasinski Arlene Kuluicki Michelle Lakin Renee Lakin .Z fm' KZ 0 'r William Leeman Patricia Leppin ,Wil www Dean LaBate Nora Lazzarini Irene Leush Miriam Levine Beatrice Lobo Patricia Morrison Lombardi Thomas Loonie Rosemarie Lucas Helen Martin Elizabeth Anne Maughan Joan Malkinski Suzanne McCartin Donna Melll Anne Meyer when mm-'M Virginia Minnock Mary Miskewitz Lorraine Mitchell Delia Montanez ff, sl me A Ng x - .JT s Era Montis Carol A. Mosley Michael Mulligan Patricia Murphy Allen H. Navlen ,fx H--3. Maureen Neubig Karen B. Niedermeier Robert D. Noakes WSW' MWQWHH4-"F Peter Noonan Marilyn Milio O'Brien ,, J i Michael Ognewchuk William 0'Neill M Kimi? x Amy Onove Lesla Ostrowsky Nancy A. Pankewicz Patricia Parenta Kathleen Pasko W i Michael Pecklers Carol Pellet Anthony Pescatore Anne H. Pierz Johnel Polinik ' Roseanne Peeters Joseph Patrick Petillo Jean Pona 2 6' , 1 f 4 ,, ,A, .A X X Chrisiille Popyk Virginia Procuro Joanne Provede X Kathleen M. Rapacki Kathy Rauth Sharon Reinking ffflfv Lucia Henna Marie Riccio Jennifer P. Robinson 2 Maria Rocha William Ronzitti Elizabeth Ryan 4 Bonnie Rochester Robert Rogers 'qu-pw-M..-,,4 .za W ' m Pamela Rowe i W Carmine Rossetti 'UW' Deborah Jane Rybak Sandra Sabin Queenie Saunders Kathleen Scaglione Lillian G. Schiff ,Vg Karen Schoenbrun Janice M. Semienick Diane f',,,, Kevin D. Simon Sharon Sinton Beverly Smith 20 F' Robbie Sowell Barbara Spadaccini IK' Vincene Sparacello Linda Spiotto Judy Spruiel Michael Sugzda Marlene Tamburello Geraldine Christina Taylor Sharon Thall Emily Tolliver Zh X Helen M. Unger Linda Van Soest Celia Venancio nW'M ffl? afuuaiww-'M Linda Villanueva john D'Andrea Robert Corrado 7 x Neil Visone Paul Wagner Earl Williams Theresia Williams Martin Wojcik 253 Elizabeth Wolek Shirley Wright Linda Susan Zagacki 'PA M 5 ,, " "nf 5 411: , A ,.- , , , . , , ,QQ an ,+A an ' , -'QQ '32 f Q f S ' W, 1' A as M2 f Q 'f 32 aw Q W ' M A W l ki E ap . tw 2 E1 5' aw' 31: - we Q-A A Q W' QW! 1' wx, . V, it 'r B' yn 5 b i . W it Wm 'Y ' 7 W ji, A 9 gg, V R , A Q wi an W fa, i 0 1 , S ' ww ' ' , 1 ,y ,I fm .1 Q 3 is 5' new sv YQ .54 g. l 9 3 ru ., LW 'Wu Mft. , K U 4" Mann WWW ,,. Bernadette Almeida Alson E. Barrett, Jr. Joyce Baynard Eileen A. Carvalho Anabel Creveling V 1 Alexander Duroy Lynette M. D'Elia Deborah Farinella Anne Fiore Susan Katherine F Anine Margaret Gerity Debra Hegan Julia Hish Carol Hrychynszyn 66751 .M-wa had Mary Zoylena Jenkins Joanne Krupinski Anita M. Leone xX , Q N X X X N Y 3 S flew Jo Ann Lukasiuk Maureen Magis julie Manolio Virginia McLean 'Q' Michele Maida fix John R. Megale Addie M. Moseley Deborah O'Kane Donna Ortuso Susan Paganessi Emma Sciorsci Jeanne Smith U Q 14 r Debra Stein Charles Reid Taylor Deborah A. Taylor 4 ,, Odette Thomas Ellen Patricia Velez June Wanko l aaa aa I Dr. james Hengoed Chairperson O READING Kc if g:,?.X Mu-hae! Lahuda lil Ur. 'l heodore Lane ' tg ., Ur. hdith Nelson Susan Paganessi Emma Sciorsci Jeanne Smith , ,',' T Svslg ' fs: 1 Debra Stein Charles Reid Taylor Deborah A. Taylor 7960 479-.ap Maw' Odette Thomas Ellen Patricia Velez June Wanko U 4 URBA COMMUNITY S TUDIES if aww 'nj faiilu an E 'AP' -if Q A ,K VV ,Y nk- 7 . ,z..,1z: -3 , ff ' A ' 5 f fy 4 'QQ Patrick DeGennaro John J. Fasciano James J. Folger James K. Iorio John Liuzzo Patricia Martin Myiff Lmfc 3 'mt M Thomas Moore Debbie Pincar Jennifer Mary Thompson READING Sc L... Dr. James Hengoed Chairperson Nlu-haul Labuda I Ur. 'l heodore Lane hdith Nelson LANGUAGE ART Joanne Novello e Gertrude Rigel Barbara Rubin Charles W. Sokolowsky Dr. M. Jerry Weiss Y Distinguished Service Professor of ffnmmnnninnfinnn SECO DARY ED. Dr. Leo Auerbach William B. Fisher Dr. Janice R. Boone Dr. Harry Lewis Dr. Joseph Callahan Chairperson William J. Meisner PHYSICS W I PHYSICAL ED. 1 , Q Eugene E. Bacha Dr. james A. Baley Barbara 'l'. Doerffer C0'Chairperson The-ral I' Lillian Pearce Dr. Ali Tooshi fissistanl Dirvrlur of A 9l1l,ni,-.- Nusww: 2, IT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS T0 A MAN, IT IS WHAT A MAN DOES WITH WHAT HAPPENS TO HIM. We QE 4 E IOR DIRECTORY INEII ABBASSI, p.l04 ementaily Education B03 72n St., North Bergen, N.Y. ARY ANN ABRUNZO, p.87 nrly Childhood Education l-6 Pcarsall Ave., Jersey City, N.J. C.S.C. Dance Theatre DNALD J. ADAMS, p.l78 rciolo 55 Hia St., Newark, N.J. QLAN ADLER, p.l50 lathematics v5 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N.J. G.O. resident, Intramural, Athletic 'easurer, Student Evaluation Committee AIL DONNA ALAMO, p.l78 ,ciologiv P High and Ave., Newark, N.J. .BERT ALBANESE, p.79 ology 57 Jackson St., Hoboken, N.J. CRTHA J. ALCON, p.104 mentary Education 9 Willow Ave., Hoboken, N.J. leerleader IVID ALFONSE, p.l88 'ecial Education 10 Fulton Ave., Jersey City, N.J. nwer Players ,CK ALI, p.l70 nlitical Science '2 W. 20th St., Bayonne, NJ. INA D. ALLEN, p.l35 :alth Education Summit Ave., Newark, N.J. CRNADETTE ALMEIDA, p.2l0 eech Correction 5 Linden Ave., Keamy, NJ. V p Squad DRETTA AMERVOSO, p.l04 ementarg' Education -7 Audu on Ave., Jersey City, NJ. EORGINA A. AMINZIA, p.104 menta Education 0 No. Maple Ave., East Orange, NJ. EY L. ANDERSON, p.164 sic Education O. Box 114, Lake Hopatcong, NJ. mphonic Band, Concert Choir, College ,mmunity Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble, Per- ssion Ensemble, Early Music Ensemble, fllege Choir, Student Affairs Committee, udent Senate JPE ANDERSON, p.l88 ecial Education 3 Spring St., Woodbridge, NJ. E.C. ' IPHIA ANDREADES, p.87 rly Childhood Education 6 Magnolia Ave., Jersey City, NJ. 'SEPH M. ANNECCHINO, p.l64 sic Education Raymond St., Englewood Cliffs, NJ. I. Jazz Ensemble, College Community 'chestra .ROL ANNIBAL,f.87 rly Childhood E ucation 3 Banta Ave., Garfield, NJ. RANCES ANNUNZIATO, p.l04 ineral Elementary Education ' Manhattan Ave., Jersey Cit , NJ. uatic Club, Women's Swim 'Eeam RICK ANTONACCI, p. 188 Special Education 51 Charles St., Totowa, NJ. MAGDELENE P. ARANDA, p.l35 Health Education 7 Whitewood Rd., Edison, NJ. GRACE ASTORINO, p.l72 Psychology 929 Banta Pl., Ridgefield, NJ. JEAN ATTLES, p.135 Health Education 42 Mapes Ave., Newark, NJ. LUIS H. AVELLANA, p.l78 Sociolo 618 1451, St., Union City,,NJ. Sociology Club MIRNA BADILLO, p178 Sociology 33 Lentz Ave., Newark, NJ. VERNA BAILEY, p.l35 Health Science 1 193 Eastern Pkwy., Brooklyn, N.Y. DIANE C. BAIZ, p.104 Elementary Education 421 River Dr., East Paterson, NJ. Girl's Softball Team SHERYL D. BAKER, p.l78 Sociology 77 19th Ave., Newark, NJ. MICHAEL BALKUN, p.87 Early Childhood Education 754 Grove St., Irvington, NJ. JANET M. BALESTERRI, p.l25 English ' 226 Summit Ave., Jersely City, NJ. Sigma Theta Chi, Socia Committee, Tower Yearbook Co-Editor, 1974, Senior Class Representative, I.F.S.C. Representative. THOMAS BANACH, p.l78 Sociology 139 Hickory Street, Kearny, NJ. KAREN BANTA, p.l04 ' Elementa Education 26 E. 42 gl., Bayonne, NJ. Girls Softball Team GAIL SEMPIER BARDIA, p.l05 Elementary Education 11 Park St., Bloomfield, NJ. DOMINIC BARONE, p.79 Biology 130 Livingston Ave., Lyndhurst, NJ. DONNA BARRELLI, p.l88 S ecial Education 515 Ave. A, Bayonne, NJ. C.E.C. OSCAR BARRENECHEA, p.79 Biolog 420 BIYI Ave., Union City, NJ. Bowling Team, Tennis eam, Soccer Team, Art Club CONSTANCE BARRATT, p.135 Health Science 696 Eastern Parkway, N.Y.C., N.Y. ALSON E. BARRATT, JR., p.210 Speech-Theatre 669 Palisade Ave., Jersey City, NJ. College Choir, Concert Choir, Early Music Ensemble, Opera Workshop, M.E.N.C. CAROL BARRY, p.l78 Sociology 367 Union St., Jersey City, NJ. Sociology Club PATRICIA BARTOLOMEO, p.l05 Elementa Education 338 Ave. IZ, Bayonne, NJ. N..l.E.A. ALICIA M. BASIAK, p.l50 Igltahematics Ege e., .l C't NJ. Women's E'enci:f:'fl?eanb y, BARBARA BASILE, p.l88 Special Education 3 9 Webster Ave., Jersey Cit , NJ. Sigma Theta Chi, Senior Class Represen tative, I.F.S.C. Representative MARY BAVARO, p.l88 Special Education 241142: Bergenline Ave., North Bergen, N.J.. JOYCE BAYNARD, p.2l0 Speech Correction gi: gyainwright St., Newark, NJ. ANTHONY FRANCIS BEATINI, p.l05 Elementary Education 6121 Highland Pl., West New York, NJ. Gamma Chi, Radio Club MARION M. BEISLER, p.135 Health Science 597 Hillsdale Ave., Hillsdale, NJ. JOHN BELLUARDO, p.145 Histo? 421 7 nd St., North Bergen, NJ. JOSEPH BENNETT, p.95 Epoflomics S k t. K t NJ. n..k1ib2iin ' em" MAUREEN P. BERGEN, pl05 Elementary Education 37 Crossgate Rd., Jersey City, NJ. ANGELA P. BERNABEI, p.87 Early Childhood Education 100 W. 56 St., Bayonne, NJ. MELINDA BERRY, p.l05 Elementary Education 88 N. Walnut St., E. Orange, NJ. MARY LOUISE BETHEA, p.l79 Sociology 9 VanNostrand Ave., Jersey City, NJ. NEIL BETHEA, p.95 Economics 65 Treacy Ave., Newark, NJ. Economics Club, Intramural Basketball KAURA BILAS, p.72 I1 183 W. 32nd St., Bayonne, NJ. Freshman Class Treasurer, Art Committee, Sec!Treas.g Performing Arts Committee RACHEL BIRCHETT, p.l05 Elementa Education 31 Grantllive., Jersey City, NJ. VIVIAN BIRKNER, p.135 Health Science 66 Melrose Pl., Montclair, NJ. JOHN BISOZIO, p.l05 Elementary Education 189 Griffith St., Jersey City, NJ. BETSY BLACKWELL, P.164 Music 685 High St., Newark, N.J. Women s Choir, College Choir, Swimming GLENDA BLAKE, p.l06 Elementazy Education 32 Hinsd e Pl., Newark, N.J. DIANE BLANKENSHIP, p.79 Biology 8125 Kennedy Blvd., North Bergen, N.J. MARY BLUE, p.188 Special Education 21 Grenada Pl., Montclair, N.J. Voter Registration SANDY CAROL BLUM, p.170 Political Science 1200 83rd St. North Bergen, N.J. Political Science Monthy, writer. PHILIP BLUME, p.145 History 17 Hampton Rd., New Brunswick, N.J. History Club, Vice President, Student Ad- visory Committee, Instructional Resource Committee PETER M. BOCKMAN, p.l55 Media Ecology 510 Monastery Pl., Union City N.J. Managing Editor, Gothic Times, Sports Editor, Gothic Times, Manager, WBOX Radio Station, Soccer Team JANET BOGUSAT, p.l06 Elementalg Education 331 79th t., North Bergen, N.J. FRANCES BOLLWAGE, p.l06 Elementary Education 651 Franklin St., Elizabeth, N.J. W.R.A. ELAINE BOND, p.l89 Special Education 492 So. 10th St., Newark, N.J. Sophomore Class Vice President, Freshman Class Representative ROY BONGIOVANNI, p.l33 Geoscience 603 Shaler Blvd., Ridgefield, N.J. Student Representative JULIA BOOKHART, p.179 Sociology 162 Avon Ave., Newark, NJ. EVELYN BOSTON, p.l35 Health Science 48 Tillman St., Staten Island, N.Y. RONNI L. BOTWINIK, p.l89 Special Education 160 W. 26th St., Bayonne, N.J. GEORGE BOULAS, p.85 Chemistry 5701 Blvd. East, West New York, NJ. FRANCES BRITTON, p.l06 Elementary Education 267 S6th t., Newark, N.J. BIRDIE B. BROWN, p.l06 Elementary Education 99 Emmet St., Newark, NJ. CAROL D. BROWN, p.l06 Elementary Education 28 Walcott Terr., Newark, NJ. Black Freedom Society DAVID BROWN, p.l06 Elementary Education 641 S. 10th St., Newark, NJ. ELVIVIAN BROWN, p.l06 Elementary Education 244 Chadwick Ave., Newark, NJ. LYNDA BRADFORD, p.87 Early Childhood Education 112 Parkview Terr., Newark, NJ. REGINA BRENNAN, p.l36 Health Science 135 Fairmount Ave., Hackensack, N.J. ANNIE BRUINGTON, p.l06 Elementary Education 207 Hunterdon St., Newark, NJ. JOSEPHINE A. BRUNO, p.125 English 402 Danforth Ave., Jersey City, N.J. MARY JANE BUDIN, p.l36 Health Education 70 Hille Pl., Ridgefield, N.J. JAYSON HARLEY BURG, p.l55 Media Ecology 21 Stegman Pl., Jersey City, N.J. Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity, Photographer for Gothic Times, Tower Yearbook Photographer, Freshman Class Represen- tative, Junior Class Vice President BRUCE BURGESS, p.l72 Psychology 11 College Drive, Jerse City, NJ. President, Psychology Club MARGARET BURKE, p.l36 Health Science 59 Powell Ave., Atlantic Highlands, NJ. MAUREEN BURKE, p.189 Special Education 132 Kensington Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Radio Club, Performing Arts Committee, C.E.C. LINDA BURNS, p.189 Special Education 919 Woodcrest Dr., Spring Lake Heights, NJ. Secretary, J.C.S.C. C.E.C. Dance Club PATRICIA BURNS, p.l07 Elementary Education 33 Middlesex Ave., Iselin, NJ. W.R.A., C.E.C. JOSEPH BURZYNSKI, p.79 Biology 433 Hamilton St., Harrison, N.J. Basketball Team, A.1.B.S. CHARLES BUSCH, p.179 Sociolo Box 30gyLake Hapatcong, N.J. MARGUERITE BUSH, p.l07 Elementary Education 87 Tellinghast St., Newardk, NJ. JOHN BUSSANICH, p.l07 Elementary Education 1022 W'illow Ave., Hoboken, N.J. JANET M. BUZZERIO, p.l07 Elementary Education 7208 Tonnelle Ave., North Bergen, N.J. AZALEE T. BYRD, p.87 Early Childhood Education 261 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N.J. JAMES BYRD, p.172 Psychology 15 Siedler St., Jersey City, N.J. Track Team, Captain, Football MARINA CABRERA. p.189 Special Education 825 Washington St., Hoboken, N.J. Spanish Club JAMES CAINE, p.l07 Elementary Education P.O. Box 682, Newark, N.J. MARIA FELLIN CALAVETTA, p.189 Special Education 1211 Bergenline Ave., Union City, N.J. ANTHONY CALLANDRILLO, p.l50 Mathematics 203 Huttor St., Jersey City, N.J. Intramural Basketball LAURA CALDAROLA, p.l89 S ecial Education 31,8 East Ruby Ave., Palisades Park, N.J. C.E.C., W.R.A., Girl's Softball team, A.I.B.S. GEROLD P. CAMPBELL, p.l50 Mathematics IWI36 Kennedy Blvd., Bayonne, N.J. Laptain, Swim Team ANTONIO CANDELARIA, p.1fi0 Spanish 4205 Palisade Ave., Union Citv. N.J. Treasurer, S xanish Club, Hispanic Clul Hispanic Folkloric Dance MARIANNE BARBARITO CANNON, p.79 Biology 231 St., Fairview, N.J. Biology Club NICHOLAS CAPORALE, p.l45 Histor 530 42nd St., Union City, N.J. SUSAN CAPPITELLI, p.l07 Elementary Education 527 Jackson St., Hoboken, N.J. RAYMOND CAPPOLA, p.l45 History 5 Van Houten Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Vice President, History Club, Histo! Students' Services Committee, Instruction: Resources Committee, Phi Alpho Thel tHistorical Honor Societyj PATRICK R. CAPRARA, p.l50 Mathematics 304 Chestnut St., Newark, N.J. RICHARD CARAVETTA, p.l25 English 296 Division Ave., Belleville, N.J. Intramural Basketball YXIICHELE CARBONE, p.72 rt 167 Pearsall Ave., Jersey City, N,H, PAUL CARDONE p.197 Sociologg' , 96 W. St., Bayonne, N.J. ROBERT CARLUCC1, p.l72 Psychology 228 Kosciusco Ave., S. Plainfield, N.J. ' Vice President, Sophomore Class, Presj dgm. .lufllor Clas-sg appa Delta Phi Frate nity, Vice President, Senior Class: Co or inator, European Trips. A MARTIN K. CARMAN, p.85 Cllemistry 517 Mercer St., J. C' ' N, , Chemistry Club ersey IU, J REGINA CARRIG, p.190 Special Education 1 2 Paterson Ave., E. Rutherford, N.J. Psychology Llub, Chess Club, Riding Club. N.C.E.C. JOSEPHINE CARSON, p.l07 Elementary Education 428 Pacific Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Glymnastics Club, W.R.A., Treasurer, Juniol C ass Representative ALICIA HOPKINSON-CARTER, p.l36 Health Science 572 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn, N.Y. MARY ANN CARUSO, p.190 Special Education 1 Evergreen Ave., Nutley, N.J. EILEEN A. CARVALHO, p.210 Speech Correction I 19 Willow Ave., Hoboken, N.J. HAZEL CARVER, p.179 Sociology 212 Ber eley Ave., Newark, N.J. JOSE CASAIS, p.l59 Spanish 7 E. 27th St., Ba onne, N.J. Varsity Soccer, Sloccer Club, Intramura Basketball PEPE CASAIS, p.160 1Sganish W7 E. 27th St., Bayonne, N.J. Varsity Soccer, President, Soccer Club. MARIA CASALE, p.l90 Special Education 147 New York Ave., Jersey City, N.J. MARY CASEY, p.l90 Sgecial Education 3 2 Woodlawn Ave., Jersey City, N.J. KATHLEEN ANN CASSERLY, p.72 rt 152 Stover Ave., N. Arlington, N.J. Alpha Theta Mu Sorority, President Alpha Theta Mu. CHARLES CASSERLY, p.l70 Political Science 226 Lembeck Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Swim Team, Political Science Club. ELIZABETH ANN CASTNER, p.l90 Special Education 6 Waackaack Ave., Keansburg, N.J. C.E.C., JCSC C.E.C., Treasurer, Vodra Hall Floor Senator FLORENCE A. CEGLIO, p.l07 Elementary Education 169 W. 10 St., Bayonne, NJ. MARY CERBONE, p.l90 special Education .R.A., C.E.C., JSCS C.E.C., Vice President. LYNN CERCIELLO, p.l79 Sociology 369 Union St., Jersey City, NJ. Sociology Club MICHAEL CARRETA, p.l08 Elementa? Education 21 E. 50 t., Bayonne, NJ. RITA R. CIAMBRONE, p.l07 Elementary Education 404-42nd St., Union City, NJ. DIANE L. CIAMPI, p.l90 Special Education 1 Allen Terr., Secaucus, NJ. C.E.C., A. Harry Moore Camp ANTHONY CIERI, p.l90 Special Education 546 41st St., Union Cizy, NJ. Equestrian Team, C.E. . CARL P. CIMINO, p.l9l S ecial Education II9 Harrison St., Belleville, N.J. JOSEPH CINCOTTA, p.179 Sociology 32 Mercer Ave., Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Skin and Scuba Diving Club, Fencin , Swim- . 8 ming NICHOLAS CIOCIA, p.l70 Political Science 715 90th St., North Bergen, N.J. Vice President, Political Science Club, Curriculum and Instruction-ag Committee, General Studies Committee, Colle e Senate, Junior Class, Editor, Politicaf Science Monthlyg Student Representative of Political Science Department. JEAN S. CHANCE, p.l90 Special Education 243 Broadway, Carney's Pt., N.J. College Choir, Concert Choir, Women's Choir, Opera, C.E.C. RITA CHARLES, p.l36 Health Science 89 Belmont Ave., Jersey City, N.J. .IOANN CHEAK, p.l36 Health Sciences Y.:1rt:g?C2gllliiersey City State College, ' Q DIANE CERCHIO, p.l08 Elementary Education 127 W. 53rd St., Bayonne, NJ. JOSEPH CHESHUL, p.l64 Music 44 W. 27th St., Bayonne, N.J. Gymnastic Cluh, Jazz Ensemble ,AOANIE CHESHUL, p.88 N 75 W. 17 St., Bayonne, N.J. Swim Team MARY ANN CHIMENTO, p.79 Biolmwy 113 . 22 St., Bayonne, N.J. A.I.B.S. SILVIA CHINAGLIA, p.88 Earl Childhood Education 336X, Danforth Ave., Jerse City, N.J. Secretary, Gymnastic Clulil, Dance Club, Vice President, Dance Club ANNIE CHISHOL, p.l08 Elementa Education 100 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Newark, N.J. DOLORES M. CHMIELEWSKI, p136 Health Sciences 85 Auburn Ave., Staten Island, N.Y. DENISE CHOY, p.88 Early Childhood Education 238 A Academy St., Jersey City, N.J. Gymnastic Team WILLIAM CLIFTON, p.l37 Health Sciences 44 Midland Ave., Kearn , N.J. Gamma Chi Fraternity, Illresidentg Ski Club, President, Co-Captain, Cross Country Team, Sophomore Class Representative, Varsity Soccer, Junior Class Secretary THOMAS CONTRINO, P.72 Art 23 Sheridan Ave., Clifton, N.J. Gallery Committee VIOLET COATS, p.l37 Health Sciences 159 Midland Ave., Montclair, N.J. JESSIE COFFEE, p.l72 Psychology 113 N. Oraton PKWY., E. Orange, N.J. MARIA A. COGELIA, p.l08 Elementary Education 657 Chestnut Pl., Secaucus, N.J. Cheerleading ELLIOT STEPHEN COHEN, p.155 Media Ecology 539 North Broad St., Elizabeth, N.J. WJCS, WFMU, Gothic Times Writer LINDA COHN, p.l9l S ecial Education 289 Meade St., Perth Ambo , N.J. C.E.C., Tutor, A. Harry Moore School, Vodra Hall 3rd Floor Vice President LINDA COLE, p.l80 Sociolo 489 S. 111th St., Newark, N.J. Bowling, Swimming, Black Dance, Tennis JOAN A. COLE, p.l08 Elementary Education 214 Bertholdi Ave., Jersey City, N.J. CHRIS CONKLIN, p.l9l Special Education 8 5 DeGraw Ave., Newark, N.J. LAWRENCE CONWAY, p.l9l Special Education 3: Palisade Ave., Union City, N.J. MAMIE L. CONWAY, p.137 Health Sciences 101A Claremont Ave., Jersey City, N.J. MARK J. CONNOLLY, p.l9l Special Education 288 Sherman Ave., Jersey City, N.J. C.E.C. Philosophy and Religion Club MARY ANGELINA COOPER, p.88 Early Childhood Education 51 Crescent Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Pep Squad WILLIAM E. COOPER, p.180 Sociolo 88 OaklzSt., Jersey City, N.J. ROBERT CORRADO, p207 Special Education 312 Bloomfield St., Hoboken, N.J. C.E.C. DONNA CORSO, p.l64 Music 1510 75th St., North Bergen, N.J. LINDA JOYCE COSTA, p.160 S anish 137 W. 10th St., Bayonne, N.J. French Club, S anish Club, Right to Read Program, Yearbook Layout Staff, Kappa Delta Pi JOSE J. COSTAL, p.l25 En lish 145 49th St., Union City, N.J. JOHN MICHAEL COSTELLO, p.17l Political Science 29 W. 50th St., Bayonne, N.J. JACQUELINE CRAWFORS, p.I91 S ecial Education 28 N. 7th St., Newark, N.J. ALIENE CRENSHAW, p.l08 Elementary Education 64 Fth St., Newark, N.J. ANABEL CREVELING, p.2l0 S eech Correction 23 W. 51st St., Bayonne, N.J. Speech Club PATRICIA CROGHAN, p.l30 Geolgraph 20 oyd Sit., Jersey City, N.J. MARIA CRUZ, p.l08 Elementary Education 9 Lentz Ave., Newark, N.J. Hispanic Club MILDRED CRUZ, p.180 Sociology 249 Dwi ht St., Jersey Cit , N.J. Riding Club, Hispanic Ecllucation Associa- tion, reasurer ADA B. CULBRETH, p.88 Earl Childhood Education 79 Iiendenny Ave., Jersey City, N.J. THOMAS DAMATO, p.l9l Special Education 423 Woodside Ave., Newark, N.J. C.E.C., Boxing Club FRANK D'AMELIA, p.164 Music 914 Garden St., Hoboken, N.J. Jazz Band, Earl Music Ensemble, Trom- bone Quartet, Concert Choir, Jazz Band European Tour, Brass Ensemble, Orchestra JOHN D'ANDREA, p.207 Special Education 64 Lincoln Ave., Newark, N.J. Football Team KEVIN DAVIS, p.l08 Elementary Education 19 Clendenny Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Track Team, Swim Team, Media Club, Radio Club, Black Student Union, History Club, Vice President of the Black Law Students Association ROBERT DAVIS, p.72 Art 126 Court St., Newark, N.J. VICTOR G. DAVIS, p.l09 Elementary Education 135 Montgomery St., Jersey City, N.J. Track Team, Media Club, Radio Club, Black Stildent Union, History Club, President, Black Law Student Association. LINDA DAYE, p.l9l Special Education 2 0 Henderson St., Jersey City, N.J. LYNETTE M. D'ELIA, p.210 Speech Correction . 1 2 Seaview Ave., Jersey City, N.J. NANCY D'ELIA, p.l09 Elementa Education 73 Beachrgt., Jersey City, N.J. Delta Theta Episilon STEPHEN DEBLASIO, p.l64 Music 323 11th St., Newark, N.J. Symphonic Band, College Choir JOHN DECHIARO, p.l45 History 540 Kennedy Boulevard, Bayonne, N.J. PATRICK DEGENNARO, p.2l5 Urban Communiay Studies 385 Jersey Ave., airview, N.J. RAY E. DEGRAW, p.l71 Political Science 18 Cleacene Ave., Budd Lake, N.J. MARK F. DELORENZO, p.125 English 15 W. 9th St., Bayonne, NJ. GERARD DEMAN, p.l09 Elementary Education 422 Ogden Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Concert Choir Assompanist ANTHONY DEMARCO, p.l09 Elementary Education 1129 43 St., North Bergen, N.J. EMILIA EILEEN DEMICCO, p.79 Biology 206 Copley Ave., Teaneck, N.J. Newman Club, Color Guard, SUSAN DEMICHAEL, p.l09 Elementary Education 29 W. 33rd St., Bayonne, N.J. Kappa Delta Pi MARY BETH DENIGRIS, p.192 Special Education 31 Kenneth Ave., Parlin, N.J. Cheerleading MARY ANN DEPAOLO, p.192 S ecial Education 832 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ. C.E.C., Kappa Delta Pi. JOSEPH DESANTIS, p.I25 English 266 Columbia St., Orange, N.J. JOAN DESTEFANO, p.l50 Mathematics 369 5th St., Jersey City, NJ. LEONARD DETRIZIO, p.150 Mathematics 508 21st St., Union City, N.J. Intramural Basketball PHARIS L. DEANE, p.I37 Health Sciences 5645 Netherland Ave., Riverdale, N.Y. ANNE MARIE DELLA VALLE, p.l72 Psychology 69 Tiffany Blvd., Newark, N.J. Drama Club CAMILLE DENTE, p.l09 Elementary Education 8 Lee Court, Maplewood, N.J. VINCENT P. DIBISCEGLIE, p.133 Geoscience 627 36th St., Union City, N.J. Geoscience Club MARY ANN DICORCIA, p.l09 Elementary Education 204 Hutton St., Jersey City, N.J. DONNA DIDONATO, p.l26 En lish 518 Kennedy Blvd., Bayonne, N.J. JOSEPH C. DILEO, p. Economics 409 W. Elm Ss., Linden, N.J. ANTHONY VINCENT DIMAIOLO, p.80 Biology ' 2 Jo ce Place, Hazlet, NJ. Lamlla Sigma Rho Fraternity, President, Treasurer, American Institute of Biological Sciences Treasurer, American Chemical Society. WANDIA DEPAOLA, p.88 Earl Childhood Education 42 lloyd Ave., Jersey City, N.J. . ELAINE DERICCO, p.137 Health Sciences 169 Manchester Ave., Paterson, N.J. JOHN A. DISTAULO, JR., p.l55 Media 55 Bentley Ave., Jersey City, N.J. ROBERT DITOMMASO, p.95 Economics 283 Ridge St., Newark, N.J. SOPHIA DIAKOS, p.l26 En lish 61 aewkirk St., Jersey City, N.J. Cyprus Fund CATHERINE M. DISKSON, p.l92 S ecial Education 73 Zabriskie St., Jersey City, NJ. C.E.C. NSENGA LILLIE DICKERSON, p.79 Biology 5 Pomona Ave., Newark, N.J. S.E.C., B.F.S., Black Studies Advisory Board, President, Search Committee, Presi- dent, Black Freedom Society. JUDY K. DIEHL, p.l09 Elementary Education 139 Williams Ave., Jersey City, NJ. JOSEPH F. DILCO, p.95 Economics 409 W. Elm St., Linden, N.J. CLYDE L. DINKINS, p.l68 Philosophy 270 Henderson St., Jersey City, NJ. Vice President, Philosophy and Religion Clubg Personnel Committee Philosophy Department Student member, Philosophy Department Curriculum Committee Stu ent member. ROBERT DOLKUS, p.l64 Music 76 Newman Ave., Bayonne, N.J. Concert Choir, Swim Team, College Choir MADONNA DOLAN, p.126 En lish lla. 32 St., Bayonne, N.J. GLORIA DOMINGUEZ, p.l09 Elementary Education 6040 Highland Pl., West New York, N.J. DONNA DONALD, p.l92 S ecial Education 278 Pine St., Jerse City, N.J. Modern Dance Club MARIANNE M. DONNELLY, p.192 Special Education 1 10 Aileen Rd., Brielle, N.J. C.E.C. JERYLANN DONOHUE, p.l80 Sociology 20 E. 32nd St., Bayonne, N.J. MILDRED DORSEY, p.88 Earl Childhood Education 24 Byelmont Ave., Jersey City, N.J. JOHN G. DOUGLAS, p.95 Economics 49 Nelson Ave., Jersey City, N.J. MARY PAT DOWD, p.125 En lish 185 Fairview Ave., Jersey City, N.J. ANTHONY N. DRAGONA, p.l45 Histo 624 3'7'th St., Union City, N.J. History Club. KATHLEEN M. DROZD, p.192 S ecial Education 184 9th St., Passaic, N.J. C.E.C., Kappa Delta Pi. SOPHIA MARIA DROZOWSKI, p.126 En lish 235 3rd St., Jersey City, N.J. Economics Club, French Club, SlavicEas1 European Cultural Club, Secrets , Presi dent, Folk Dance, S.E.A., N.E.A.,rNJ.E.A. Historian Club, Women's Choir, Biology Club, English Club. ELIZABETH A. DUDA, p.72 Art 23 O'Beien Court, Bayonne, N.J. JANICE DUDEK, p.95 Economics 77 W. 12th St., Bayonne, N.J. Economics Club THOMAS K. DUFFY, p.130 Sociology ' 186 Charles St. Secaucus, N.J. Sociology Club, Majors' Committee- Sociology Department HEDWIG DULSKI, p.88 Early Childhood Education 630 Chestnut Pl., Secaucus, N.J. GENEVIEVE DUNLAP, p.72 Art 264 Ave. C, Bayonne, N.J. ALEXANDER DUROY, p.2l0 S eech Correction 1508 Garden St., Hoboken, N.J. Tower Players, Vice President, Hispanic Education Clubg Intramural Basketball. Spanish Club, Folkloric Dance Troupe GRACE DURR, p.l59 French 105 Tonnelle Ave., Jersey City, N.J. French Club, Right to Read Program, Stu' dent English Improvement Committee JOANNE EDELMANN, p.l80 177 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Modern Dance Club, Charles Weldmar Dance Theatre, Jan Wodynski Dance Co. Tower Players ELWINA EDWARDS, p.137 Health Sciences 31 Chestnut St., E. Orange, N.J. DAVID EMMER, p.95 Economics 1 900 Stuyvesant Ave., Irvington, N.J. Economics Club CAROL ENDY, p.137 Health Sciences 591 61st St., West New York, NJ. Swim Team ,mel ILLIAM ENG, p.l80 148 Prospect Ave., Bayonne, N.J. CHRISTOPHER ERB, p.126 En lish sosw. 27th St., Bayonne, N.J. Arts and Letters Assoc., Film Club. NANCY ERBO, p.l 10 Elementary Education - 504 4th St., Hoboken, N.J. ETHEL G. ESTABROOK, p.l37 Health Sciences '12 Oweno Rd., Mahwah, N.J. VINCENT EVERETT, p.l45 History 219 8th St., Jersey City, N.J. JANE FALCO, p.l 10 Elementary Education 1504 89th St., North Bergen, N.J. Iota Chi Sorority, C.E.C. DEBORAH FARINELLA, p.210 S eech Correction 836 Elizabeth St., Ridgefield, N.J. Girl's Softball Team, peech Club ANJULIE BOGATCH FARLEY, p.l92 S ecial Education 2g West Drive, Bayonne, N.J. C.E.C. JOHN J. FASCIANO, p.2l5 Urban Communities 153 McAdoo Ave., Jersey City, N.J. MARION FAUCIANO, p.7 2 Art 7502 3rd Ave., North Bergen, N.J. Art Club, Fine Arts Committee JOHN FAZIO, p.l80 Sociology - 13 Monroe St., Newark, N.J. Sociology Club, Philosophy and Religion Club, Intramurals SUSAN ALYCE FEASTER, p.110 Elementary Education 96 Charles St., Jersey City, N.J. STEPHEN FEDOWITZ, p18l Sociology 297 Woodlawn Ave., Jersey Cit , N.J. Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball FELICIA BASIAK, p.lB1 Sociology 284 Ege Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Women's Fencin eam, Women's Tennis Team, Ski Club, Iiorseback Riding Club. JOANNE FERDA,Ep.88 Earl Childhood ducation 57 ltladison St., Wood-Ridge, N.J. DEBRA FERNANDEZ, p.l92 S ecial Education 352 Walnut St., Newark, N.J. JOANNE FERRARA, p.80 Biolo 719 alle Court Ridgefield, N.J. ROBERT FERRARO, p.l92 S ecial Education 457 Walker St., Fairview, N.J. C.E.C. LISA FERRUCCI, p.193 S ecial Education 3I4 Grove St., Montclair, N.J. MARY ANN FILODORO, p.193 S ecial Education 38 W. 21st St., Bayonne, N.J. FRANCIS E. FINCK, JR., p.95 Economics 172 W. 24th St., Bayonne, N.J. MARYELLEN FINCK, p.l 10 Elementary Education 54 Zabrinski Ave., Bayonne, N.J. MARK FINCKE, p.80 Biolo? 1014 lmer Pl., Hillside, N.J. STEPHEN PATRICK FINN, p.96 Economics 94 North St., Jerse City, N.J. Economics Club, Biology Faculty Student Committee, 4-12 Club ANNE FIORE, p.2l1 Speech Correction 1409 79th St., North Bergen, N.J. Speech Club, Iota Chi Sorority BRIAN FITZPATRICK, p.155 Media 144 Grandview Ave., North Caldwell, N.J. T.V. Profuction, Photography IXIARY ELLEN FITZPATRICK, p.73 fl 1 Seaview Ct., Bayonne, N.J. MARY ELLEN FLAHERTY, p.96 Economics 277 Harrison Ave., Jersey Cit , N.J. Economics Club, Omicron Delta Epsilon Honor Society JOHN J. FLANAGAN, p.l45 History 183 Garfield Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Intramural Basketball, Football, Student Advisory Committee SHARON ANN FLANNELLY, p.193 Special Education 138 McAdoo Ave., Jersey City, N.J. KAREN DEVLIN FLANNERY, p.1 10 Elementary Education 725 Joralemon St., Belleville, N.J. FRANCINE FLORA, p.193 Special Education 9 Sanford Pl., Jersey City, N.J. JAMES J. FOLGER, p.215 Urban Studies 1246 Kennedy Blvd., Bayonne, N.J. Tennis Team 4 REGINA FOOTMAN, p.193 S ecial Education Isl Lincoln St., Newark, N.J. Professional Art Committee, Freshman Class Representative, Black Dance Club MARY LOU FORAN, p.181 Sociology 97 W. rd St., Bayonne, N.J. LIZETT FORBES, p.193 Special Education 2 40 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, N.J. RONITA FORLENZA, p.74 rt 417 Minton Pl., Orange, N.J. GERTRUDE FOWLER, p.138 Health Sciences 496 North Ave., Wood-Ridge, N.J. ROSEANN FRANZONE, p.193 Special Education 469 Riverside Terr., Rutherford, N.J. SUSAN KATHERINE FREDA, p.2ll Speech Correction 3 Atkins Terr., E. Rutherford, N.J. Speech Club GLORIA IRVING FREDERICKS, p.l35 Health Sciences 114 Bostwick Ave., Jersey City, N.J. JEFFREY FREY, p.1 10 Elementary Education 80 Clendenny Ave., Jersey City, N.J. RICHARD FROMHOLTZ, p.I50 Mathematics 'fi 1408 9th St., North Bergen, N.J. CATHERINE FROST, p.73 Art , 339 Kenned Blvd., Bayonne, N.J. ' President, Xrt Association, Pres., Delta Sigma Phi, Treas., I.F.S.C.g Ski Club, Radio Club. JOHN FRANKLIN GADDIS, JR., p.73 Art 243 W. Bergen Pl., Red Bank, N.J. Football, Baseball GAIL GARBARINI, p.193 S ecial Education 1g5 Carlton Ave., Jersey Citly, N.J. Swim Team, Gymnastic eam, Aquatic Club, Sigma Delta Phi JOSE E. GARCIA, p.80 Biolo 215 657th St., West New York, N.J. DIANE GARO, p.126 En lish 367 Cator Ave., Jersey City, N.J. ROSEMARY GATELY, p.lB1 19 Palisade Ave., Jersey City, N.J. CONNIE E. GATSON, p.172 Psycholog 39 Oxfordy St., Newark, N.J. ROCHELLE DENNIGAN GAY, p.138 Health Sciences 671 Victoria Ave., Paramus, N.J. MICHAEL GAYNOR., p.l46 Histor 2040 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, N.J. History Club, Intramural Basketball DIANE GAZZILO, p.193 Special Education 1303 27th St., North Bergen, N.J. JOAN C. GENZEL, p.1 10 Elementary Education 33 Andrew St., Bayonne, N.J. N.J.E.A. ANINE MARGARET GERITY, p.21l Speech Correction 5 I Francis Ave., Woodbrid e, N.J. N.J.E.A.g C.E.C., Speech Cluqr ELAINE GERKENS, p.l38 Health Sciences Box 253, Vernon, N.J. ALIZA GERSTEIN, p.194 Special Education 14 W. Palmer Dr., Nanuet, N.Y. Aquarius Coffeehouse, Secretary, Tower Players, Sophomore Class Re resentative, Jewish Collegians, Vodra Hall Slanate, Floor Secretary, Floor President, C.E.C., Rapline, Tutorer A. Harry Moore School, TKB BARBARA GEWIRTZMAN, p.l 1 1 Elementary Education 96 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N.J. EDITH GIBBONS, p.111 Elementary Education 120 Prince St., Newark, N.J. LUIS GIL, p.80 Biology 407-70th St., Guttenberg, N.J. President, Philosophy and Religion Clubg Gymnastic Club, Hispanic Education Socie- ty, Film Club DONNA S. GILBERT, p.194 S ecial Education 65 Mitchell Ave., Piscataway, N.J. C.E.C. CHARLEY GILLEY, p.1 1 1 Elementary Education 414 E. lst St., Roselle, N.J. ANTHONY C. GILLINS, p.l38 Health Sciences 40 Barbara Pl., Jersey City, N.J. JOHN GIORDANO, p.80 Biolo y 463 West Side Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Football JOSEPH GIORDANO, p.96 Economics 219 Rutherford Pl., North Arlington, N.J. Aquarius Coffeehouse, Baseball Team, Economics Club, Philosophy Club WILLIAM GIORGIO, p.l26 En lish 765 9th St., Secaucus, N.J. Varsity Football, Varsity Track, Indoor Track, Gothic Times MARYANN GIOVACCO, p.l94 S ecial Education 75 Randolph Ave., Clifton, N.J. C.E.C. PHILOMENA GIRONDA, p.73 Art 129 W. 21st St., Bayonne, NJ. WALTER GLOSPIE, p.194 S ecial Education 188 Booraem Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Senior Class President, Freshman Class President, Freshman Class Senator, Vice Pres. of Clubs, QSGOM Vice Pres. of Finance, QSGOJg Finance Committee, Treasurer, J.C.S.C., C.E.C., Treasurer, Kappa Delta Phig President, Search Committee DONALD GOETZ, p.96 Economics I9 Everly St., Old Bridge, NJ. Basketball CAROL GOLDMAN, p.l94 S ecial Education 257 Rosewood La., Port Reading, NJ. ANGELA GONNELLA, p.89 Early Childhood Education 858 West Side Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Aquarius Coffeehouse, Treasurer, Vice President. DONNIE MAE GORDON, p.74 Art 623 Ocean Ave., Jersey City. NJ. HARRIET GORDON, p.1ll Elementary Education 11 Church Pl., E. Orange, NJ. DEBORAH GORELICK, p.194 Special Education 1217 Cushing Rd., Plainfield, NJ. Dance Club KAREN GRAHAM, p.l81 Sociology 63 Resevoir Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Sociology Club MARYJANE GRAPKOWSKI, p.l55 Media 240 Freeman Ave., Jersey City, NJ. ANTHONY GRASSO, p.146 Histor 224 511th St., West New York, NJ. History Club BEVERLY GRECCO, p.194 S ecial Education 132 Burns Ave., Lodi, NJ. SILVANA GRECO, P.146 Histo 511 8l2nd St., North Bergen, NJ. GEWNDOLYN GREENFIELD, p.80 Biolog 306 Old Bergen Rd., Jersey City, NJ. Concert Choir. Vice President, A.I.B.S.g A.C.S., Early Music Ensemble, Dance Theatre, Biology Committee Freshman Representative, Biology Department Representative for dvisement Q Curriculum Committee, College Choir CAROL GUARINO, p.l 17 Elementary Education 232 Second St., Newark, N.J. FRANK GUENTHER, p.l72 Psychology 5219 Fairview Terr., West New York, N.J. Vice President, Psychology Club VIRGINIA GUIDER, p.1 1 I Elementarly Education 1218 Was ington St., Hoboken, NJ. LINDA GURAK, p.l95 S ecial Education 189 Martha Ave., Elmwood Pk., N.J. C.E.C. EDWARD GUTCH, p.l81 Sociology 36 Gautier Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Baseball LECIA GUTZMORE, p.138 Health Sciences 449 E. 14th St., New York City, New York MARIA HALKIAS, p.1 1 1 Elementary Education 133 Duncan Ave., Jerse City, NJ. Dance Theatre, W.R.A., Pres., Girl's Softball Team, A uarius, Performing Arts, N.J.E.A,, Volleyball Team. GLADYS HAMILTON, p.89 Early Childhood Education 26 Dwight St., Jersey City, NJ. DAVID J. HAMM, p.96 Economics 911 19th St., Union City, NJ. Intramural Basketball, Freshman Class Representative DORIS HANLEY, p.159 French 377 Virginia Ave., Jerse City, NJ. Cheerleading, French Club, Sigma Theta Chi Sorority PATRICE LYNN HANLY, p.73 Art History 105 Highland Ave., Jersey City, NJ. ELLEN HANNON, p.159 French 196 Virginia Ave., Jersey City, NJ. French Club, Secretary, Treasurerr. Ski Club, Dance Theatre PAUL HANSEN, p.17l Political Science 28 Woodland Dr., Hasbrou k Heights, NJ. President, Alpha Delta lang Economics Club, Secretary, Political Science Club. CHRISTINE HARDY, p.80 Biology 92 Astor Pl., Jersey City, NJ. DENISE HARMON, p.l72 Psychology 361 Forrest St., Jersey City, NJ. Psychology Club SUSAN HARPER, p.1ll Elementary Education 76 Centre Ave., Secaucua, NJ. BARBARA HARRIS, p.89 Early Childhood Education 295 S. 19th St., Newark, NJ. Black Dance Club DIANE HARRIS, p.l46 History 61 Beacon St., Newark, NJ. ROBERT HARRIS, p.l33 Geoscience 38 Graham St., Jersey City, NJ. Intramural Football, N.J.L.B. HELEN HARVEY, p.1I2 Elementary Education 35 Luhmann Terr., Secaucus, NJ. MARGARET A. HAVILAND, p.73 Art , 126 Brookwood Rd., Clifton, NJ. N MONA J. HAUSTHOR, p.l95 S ecial Education 2302 Pl mouth Pl., East Meadow, N.Y. C.E.C., Vodra Hall Senate, W.R.A. Tennis, Kappa Delta Pi, TKB, Tower 1975 Literary Editor, Tutor, A. Harry Moore School DEBRA HEGAN, p.2l1 Speech Correction 70 Seely Ave., Kearny, NJ. GALE HEISS, p.129 Speech Theatre 182 Rid e Rd., Rutherford, NJ. Tower Players, Treasurer MARY E. HENNELLY, p.138 Health Sciences 56 Schefflin Ave., Staten Island, N.Y. JUDITH DIANE HENRY, p.89 Early Childhood Education 294 Mt. Prospect Ave., Newark, NJ. DOROTHY E. HINDS, p.138 Health Sciences 1350 E. Front St., Plainfield, NJ. KIM HIRSCHMANN, p.l12 Elementary Education 18 Linwood Terr., Old Bridge, NJ. JULIA HISH, p.211 S eech Correction 352 Ave. C, Bayonne, N.J. Speech Club KATHY HOGAN, p.l I2 Elementary Education 191 Larch Ave., Teanecl, N.J. BARBARA HOJNOWSKI, p.l27 En lish 103 Ave. F, Bayonne, N.J. EDNA HOLLINS, p.l95 Special Education 125 S. Harrison St., E. Orange, N.J. Tutorer, O.S.P., Film Maker, C.E.C., Tower Yearbook Staff HARDY H. HOLMES, p.18I Sociology 99 W. Kinney St., Newark, N.J. , GREGORY HOOPER, p.127 English 32 Randolph Ave., Jersey City, N.J. 1 1 DEBORAH M. HORAN, p.18I Sociology 71 Liberty Pl., W. Keansburg, N.J. Senior Class Secretary, Finance Committee, Vodra Hall Senate Floor President, Sociology Club, Food Committee, TKB 3 ERNESTINE HORTON, p.89 Early Childhood Education 288 S. 8th St., Newark, N.J. DELORIS HOWARD, p.l81 Sociology 84 N. Ilth St., Newark, N.J. SUSAN HOWARTH, p.173 Psychology 17 Summit Rd., Elizabeth, N.J. JACQUELINE HOWELL, p.89 Early Childhood Education 4 Lexington Dr., Englishtown, N.J. CAROL HRYCHYNSZYN, p.2l1 S eech Correction 73 W. 29th St., Bayonne, N.J. BARBARO A. HUDACKO, p.l95 'pecial Education W. 26th St., Bayonne, N.J. . igma Delta Phi Sorority, C.E.C. KATHY HUDSON, p.1l2 Elementary Education 209 62nd St., West New York, N.J. Women's Choir, Tennis DIANE HUGHERY, p.l I2 Elementary Education 299 Park St., Hackensack, N.J. PATRICIA HUSSEY, p.l27 En lish 27g Columbia Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Tower Players, Arts and Letters Association Nlanuscript MARGARET HUTCHINSON, p.ll2 Elementary Education 22 Roxbury Downs, Upper Saddle River, NJ Q Q JAMES IANNUZZELLI, p.l65 Music 250 Summer Ave., Newark, N.J. Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble FRANCES IANORA, p.112 Elementary Education 837 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, N.J. N.J.E.A., Women's Choir GENEVIEVE M. IERVOLINO, p.l95 Special Education 509 Madison St., Hoboken, NJ. C.E.C. ROSEANNE IMRI, p.73 Art 23 66th St., West New York, N.J. SANDRA INGRAM, p.182 Sociology 13 Bidwell Ave., Jersey City, N.J. JAMES K. IORIO, p.215 Urban Community Studies 160 Belmont Ave., Jersey City, NJ. ANITA IUNGERMAN, p.195 Special Education 205 Magie Ave., Roselle Park, NJ. C.E.C. CHARLES JACKSON, p.195 Special Education 125 Pennsylvania Ave., Newark, N.J. RONALD S. JACKSON, p.1l2 Elementary Education 75 Farley Ave., Newark, N.J. Intramural Basketball SHIRLEY D. JACKSON, p.196 Special Education 48 Irvington Rd., Teaneck, NJ. Black Dance Workshop, C.E.C., W.R.A. WILLIE JACKSON, p.112 Elementarg Education 31 Beech t., E. Orange, NJ. PAULA JACOBS, p.l96 S ecial Education 75 Audubon Ave., Jersey City, NJ. MARY LYNN JANIEC, p.l13 Elementary Education 368 Washington Ave., Belleville, N.J. HELENE J. JAROS, p.173 Psychology 94 Kipp Ave., Lodi, N.J. DONNA JEFFAS, p.113 Elementary Education 31 Gail Pl., Secaucus, N.J. MARY ZOYLENA JENKINS, p.2ll S eech Correction 156 4th Ave., E. Orange, N.J. RUFUS O. JIMERSON, JR., p.146 History 143 Seymore Ave., Newark, N.J. O.S.P. Tutorer ALUEDA JOHNSON, p.138 Health Sciences 575 Ocean Ave., Jersey City, N.J. BRUCE JOHNSON, p.96 Economics 171 Grenville St., Woodbridge, N.J. Economics Club, Accounting Society ELIZABETH JOHNSON, p.138 Health 93 DeMott Ave., Clifton, N.J. RUTH ANN JOHNSON, p.1l3 Elementary Education 1321 Comanche Ave., Point Pleasant, N.J. ARNETTA JONES, p.l96 Special Education 84 S. 14th St., Newark, N.J. ISABELL JONES, p.l39 Health Sciences 194 Green St., Englewood, N.J. Health Science Club LOUISE JONES, p.l96 S ecial Education IE9 16th Ave., Newark, N.J. MARGARET R. JONES, p.113 Elementary Education 56 Coakley St., Islen, N.J. Alpha Theta Mu, N.J.E.A., S.E.A.E.K.N.E., Psychology Club SHELLIE A. JONES, p.l39 Health Sciences 17-N Parkwood Dr., South Amboy, N.J. THELMA JONES, p.l13 Elementaliy Education 2 Morton l., Jersey City, N.J. JEANETTE JOSEPH, p.l27 En lish 221 Tonnelle Ave., Jersey City, NJ. PAULA JUONE, p.196 Special Education 64 Warner Ave., Jersey City, N.J. MAUREEN JUST, p.150 Mathematics 246 Pandolfi Ave., Secaucus, N.J. Economics Club, Accounting Society MURIUKI D. KAHIGA, p.196 1 Special Education 249 Stegman St., Jersey City, N.J. Treasurer, Foreign Students Assoc., Tower Players, C.E.C. LESTER KALEJA, p.15l Mathematics 299 8th St., Jersey City, N.J. Speedball JAN M. KAMIL, p.l27 English 32 Overlook Ave., Cliffside Pk., N.J. Tower Players, Pres., T.V. Club, Gothic Times JUDITH GOTTHEIM KAMMERER, p.l96 S ecial Education 15 Demarest Pl., Maywood, N.J. C.E.C. DIANE M. KANE, p.l96 Special Education 74 Pavonia Ave., Kearny, N.J. W.R.A., C.E.C. CHRISTINE ROCHE KAY, p.113 Elementary Education 195 W. Prospect St., Waldwick, N.J. College Choir, Tower Choir RUSSELL KEARNEY, p. 1 55 Media 23 Skyline Dr., Jersey- Ciyt, N.J. KATHLEEN KELLY, p.l96 S ecial Education 95 Fairview Ave., Jersey City, N.J. C.E.C. FRANCES KENNY, p.89 Earl ' Childhood Education 3245 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, N.J. OLA M. KIDD, .98 Early Childhood,Education 779 S. 15th St., Newark, N.J. SAM M. KIHATO, p.80 Biology 168 Armstrong Ave., Jersey City, N.J. CLAIRE KIKEN, p.73 Art 70 Warner Ave., Jersey City, N.J. THELMA KILBY, p.182 Sociology 351 Claremont Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Ad Hoc Committee, Black Studies DEBORAH KINDER-EL, p.8l Biology 43 Bergen Ave., Jersey Cit , N.J. Tennis Team, G mnastic Team, Recording Sec., Black Freedom Society, S.G.O., Junior Class Representative, Black Dance Club, Black Science Student Organization ,LOSEPH KIRK, p.74 rt 69 Kennedy Blvd., Bayonne, N.J. LEONARD KIRSCHBROWN, p.8l Biology 3 Oakdale Rd., Jersey City, N.J. JAMIE KLEIMAN, p.8l Biology Rd. ffl Box 310, Englishtown, N.J. JOAN KOEHLER, p.l56 Media Ecolo 16 Stegman qerr., Jersey City, N.J. Women's Basketball Team DENNIS J. KOHL, p.l56 Media Ecology 140 Sherman Ave., Jersey City, N.J. NORMA FOERCH KOLBAK, p.1l3 Elementary Education 7421 lst Ave., North Bergen, N.J. LINDA KOLLING, p.l82 Sociology 160 Sycamore Rd., Jersey City, N.J. Sociology Club THOMAS KOPACZ, p.171 Political Science 32 E. 4-4th St., Ba onne, N.J. Political Science Olub RISA KORN, p.l39 Health Sciences 120 Queen St., Staten Island, N.Y. NANCY P. KOSINSKI, p.8l Biology 1605 Holly Blvd., Manasquan, N.J. KAREN KOVAL, p.151 Mathematics 353 7th St., Jersey City, N.J. MICHAEL KOVATCH, p.173 Psychology 22 Conover Ct., Clifton, N.J. BARBARA J. KOZAK, P.81 Biology 19 W. 11th St., Bayonne, N.J. CHARLES KRANZ, p.96 Economics 460 8th St., Hoboken, N.J. Economics Club LESLIE S. KRAUT, p.146 History 211 Jewett Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Phi Alpha Theta .IOANNE KRUPINSKI, p.211 S eech Correction 153 W. 30th St., Bayonne, N.J. Speech Club 'XHERESA ALFANO KRUPINSKI, p.74 rt 133 W. 5th St., Bayonne, N.J. DIANE KRAKOWSK1, p.127 En lish 482 Ave. A., Bayonne, N.J. Kappa Delta Phi, Language Arts Club IRENE KUKLASINSKI, p.l97 S ecial Education 271 Armstrong Ave., Jersey City, N.J. .E.C. ARLENE KULUICKI, p.197 S ecial Education 812 9th St., Secaucus, N.J. C.E.C. MICHAEL KVARTA, p.l51 Mathematics 838 Robert St., Rahway, N.J. DEAN LABATE, p.197 S ecial Education 15 E. 25th St., Bayonne, N.J. C.E.C. SUSAN LACINA, p.182 Sociology 244 Jersey Ave., Cliffside Pk., NJ. SANDRA LADEN, p.113 Elementary Education 19 E. 35th St., Bayonne, N.J. Kappa Delta Pi, Sociology Club MICHELLE LAKIN, p.197 Special Education 3 Elaollwood Dr., Livingston, N.J. RENEE LAKIN, p.197 Special Education 9 Knollwood Dr., Livingston, NJ. C.E.C., W.R.A. PATRICIA GRACE LAMB, p.l39 Health Sciences 179 Sycamore St., Staten Island, N.Y. MARILYN LAMBERTI, p.139 Health Sciences 240-725 Toralemon St., Belleville, NJ. PAUL LASZCZYNSKI, p.139 Health Sciences 1 19 Roosevelt Ave., Jerse City, NJ. Varsity Football, Varsity Track ETHEL LAWRENCE, p.139 Health Sciences 167 Bidwell, Jersey City, N.J. GLADYS ELAINE LAWSON, p.ll3 Elementary Education 471 Tremont Ave., Orange, NJ. Fencing Team NORA LAZZARINI, p.197 Special Education 8 6 16th St., Union City, NJ. KUN-SEH LEE, p.15l Mathematics 429 Fairmount Ave., Jersey City, NJ. WILLIE LEE, .114 Elementary Etfilcation 36 Baldwin Ave., Newark, NJ. WILLIAM LEEMAN, p.l97 S ecial Education 228 Danforth Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Student Mobilization Committee, S.G.O., Elections Comm., Veterans' Assoc., Advisor to Pres. of S.G.O., C.E.C. JUDY LEIBOWITZ, p.l14 Elementary Education 24 College Dr., Jersey City, NJ. STEVE J. LEMKEN, p.l46 History 137 Pearsall Ave., Jersey Cit , NJ. Vice President, Radio Club, Evditor-in-Chief, Gothic Timesg History Club, Student Ad- visory Council for History Dept., Perfor- ming Arts Committee DEBORAH D. LEMONIE, p.1l4 Elementary Education 1030 Hudson St., Hoboken, N.J. Kappa Delta Pi, N.J.E.A. CLORINDA LEO, p.165 Music 1615-73rd St., North Bergen, NJ. ANITA M. LEONE, p.211 Sseech Correction 3 Colle e Dr., Jersey City, NJ. Speech fgub PATRICIA LEPPIN, p.l97 S ecial Education 271 Park Ave., Lyndhurst, NJ. C.E.C. MARGUERITE LESKO, p.165 Music 52 Van Breeman Dr., Clifton, NJ. Concert Choir, College Choir, Tower Choir, Opera Ensemble, Modern Dance Theatre, Early Music Dance Ensemble, String Ensem- ble IRENE LEUSH, p.197 Special Education 347 Liberty Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Eastern Slavic European Studies Club MIRIAM LEVINE, p.l98 Special Education 9 Audubon Ave., Jersey City, N.J. SAMUEL S. LEWIN, p.96 Economics 3477 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, NJ. GALE LEWNES, p.114 Elementary Education 127 W. 50th St., Bayonne, N.J. ZENA LIGHT, p.1I4 Elementary Education 125 W. 28th St., Bayonne, NJ. Usherette JOSE LUIS LINARES, p.171 Political Science 361 Woodside Ave., Newark, NJ- Political Science Club, English Clubs F005 ball Team sUzANN1: LINFANTE, p.133 ' Geoscience . 68 Neptune Ave., Jersey City, NJ- Tutorcr, Veteran's Assoc. ROSITA M. LINSANEAN, p.139 Health Sciences 7 Whitewood Rd., Edison, N.J. LORRAINE LIONETTI, p.74 A t 71.2 79th St., North Bergen, N.J. Iota Chi Sorority, C.E.C. MONA LISA, 3.114 Elementary E ucation 161 5th St., Hoboken, N.J. DIANE LITTLE, p.1l4 Elementary Education 6723 Jackson St., Guttenberg, N.J. Twirlers JOHN LIUZZO, p.2l5 Urban Community Studies 1809 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, N.J. Eplgical Science Club, Italian American u N BEATRICE LOBO, p.198 S ecial Education 153 Union St., Newark, N.J. ANRONIE V. LOLK, p.140 w Health Sciences 362 Salem St., New Milford, N.J. PATRICIA MORRISON LOMBARDI, p.l9 Special Education 41 Linden Ave., Kearny, N.J. C.E.C., Kappa Delta Pi. KAREN LONG, p.81 Biology 41 E. 43rd St., Bayonne, N.J. THOMAS LOONIE, p.198 Special Education 663 Russell Snow Dr., River Vale, N.J. ROSEMARY LUCAS, p.198 S ecial Education 658 Harrison Gardens, Harrison, N.J. W.R.A., Philosophy Club, C.E.C. - YAROSLAWA LUCHECHKO, p.114 Elementary Education . 58 Country Village Rd., Jersey City, N.J. CARMINE LUCIANO, p.l46 History 25 Charles St., Jersey City, N.J. HARRY LUFFT, p.133 Geoscience 175 Winfield Ave., Jersey Cit , N.J. International Education fEngl'andj CHRISTOPHER J. LUKACS, p.173 Psychology 911 Madison Ave., Jersey City, N.J. .IO-ANN LUKASIUK, p.2l2 Speech Correction 7 Col an Ave., Carteret, N.J. Speecfl Club DONNA LYNCH, p.127 En lish 375 Edwards Terr., Ridgefield, .N.J. MAUREEN MAGIS, p.212 S eech Correction 1295 Broadway, Hillside, N.J. Speech Club MICHELE MAIDA, p.2l2 S eech Correction 8g Abisdon Ave., Staten Island, N.Y. Speech Club CARLA MAILLIE, p.1l4 Elementary Education 124 Poplar St., Jerse City, N.J. French Club, Gothic Times, Kappa Delta Pi MADONNA MAILLY, p.90 Early Childhood Education 168 Fairview Ave., Jersey City, N.J. MARY LOU MAITA, p.1l5 Elementa Education 12 Edwargs Ct., Bayonne, N.J. JOANN MALEJKO, p.90 Early Childhood Education 9 Reed St., Jersey City, N.J. Senior Class Representative JOAN MALKINSKI, p.l98 S ecial Education 698 Elite Ct., Ridgefield, N.J. FRANCINE MALVASI, p.115 Elementary Education 131 Clarke Ave., Jersey City, N.J. S.E.A., Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi. JULIE MANOLIO, p.212 S eech Correction 48 Lever Ave., Carteret, N.J. Speech Club THAMAS MARCHESE, p.l51 Mathematics 3 Zabrinskie St., Jersey City, N.J. lian Club QCILLE M. MARCIANO, p.165 uslc il Stover Ave., North Arlington, N.J. mcert Choir, College Choir, Women's aoir, Alpha Theta Mu, Pres., Music E5ucator's Nat'l Conference, Wind Ensem- , Opera Ensemble .INICE MARION, .90 :rly Childhood Effilcation L2 Randolph Ave., Jersey City, N.J. DCCO MAROTTI, p.97 :onomics 58 Holmes St., Belleville, N.J. sketball Team, Baseball Team, Economic tciety, Accounting Society, History Club LEN MARTIN, p.l98 ecial Education Second St., Newark, NJ. LTRICIA MARTIN, p.215 'ban Community Studies +0 Bayview Ave., Jersey' Cig, NJ. vlor Guard, Pep Squa , S. .O. Recording cretary CTOR M. MARTINEZ, p.97 'onomics I Peach Tree Rd., Maplewood, N.J. ZANELLE MARZOCCA, p.l 15 ementary Education A- Palisade Ave., Jersey City, NJ. EORIA MASTROLIA, p.165 'c l41lEge Ave., Jersey City, NJ. sherettes, Tower Choir Accompaniest, allege Choir, Tower Choir -IDREA MASTRONARD1, p.90 ,rly Childhood Education 1 3rd Ave., Jersey City, N..l. .NE MATTHEWS, p.l15 ementary Education 2 South 17th St., Newark, NJ. LTRICIA A. MATTOX, p.1l5 menta Education D SouthlMunn Ave., E. Orange, N.J. :Ita Sigma Theta Sorority .IZABETH ANNE MAUGHAN, p.l98 ,ecial Education 2 Hillcrest Ave., Wood-Ridge, NJ. E.C., W.R.A. ILLIEN MAYF, p.ll5 mentaryl Education 12 S. 15t St., Newark, NJ. IANK O. MAZZA, p.l59 ench I2 High St., Elizabeth, NJ. EREN MAZZIOTTI, p.115 mentary Education L3 Summer Ave., Newark, NJ. PAN MC CARTHY, p.139 :alth Sciences 16 W. 30th St., Bayonne, NJ. IZANNE MC CARTIN, p.l98 'ecial Education North Hill Rd., Colonia, NJ. neerleading EANEE MC CLAIN, p.14-0 :alth Sciences 8 Garfield Ave., Jersey City, N.J. ETTY MC CORD, p.l46 sto Fullyion Ave., Jersey City, NJ. story Club .ENA MC DONOUGH, p.90 rly Childhood Education 784 Devon St., Kearny, N.J. Sigma Delta Phi Sorority GAIL MC DONOUTH, p.115 Elementa Education 227 67thlSt., West New York, NJ. JOHN J. MC CARRY, p.l73 Psychology 60 Washington St., Harrison, N.J. Gamma Chi, secretar , Alumni Chairman, Vice President, Social' Chairman, I.F.S.C., Psychology Club, Intramural Football, Basketbal PATRICIA MC GHIE, p.140 Health Sciences 38 N. 21st St., E. Orange, NJ. MARY R. MC GLYNN, p.147 Histo 102 46th St., Bayonne, NJ. TERRENCE MC GOVERN, p.l82 Sociolgoy 88 Devey Ave., Colonia, NJ. JAMES MC GOWAN, p.l56 Media Ecolo 219 Oak St.?M'eehawken, N.J. Philosophy and Religion Club, T.V. Club ROLAND MC GRATH, p.74 l'I 1460 75th St., North Bergen, N.J. MARYANN MC KIERNAN, p.l28 En lish 21g New York Ave., Union City, N.J. FRANCES L. MC KNIGHT, p.115 Elementa Education 66 Third ISL, Passaic, N.J. Yearbook Staff VIRGINIA MC LEAN, p.2l2 Speech Correction 441 South 16th St., Newark, NJ. JUANITA MC NAIR, p.l82 Sociolo 106 Bicfxell Ave., Jersey City, N.J. MELINDA MC QUAGE, p.l16 Elementary Education 239 Beacon Ave., Jersey City, N.J. SEAN G. MEANS, p.l82 Sociology 289 Fluton Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Varsity Football, Social Club, C.E.C., Aquatic Club, Ecology of Forestry Club, College Choir NOEL I. MEDINA, p.74 Art 115 Clinton Ave., Hoboken, N.J. Spanish Club, Hispanic Education Club, O.S.P. Newsletter, .S.P. Junior Represen- tative, Chairman, Hispanic Club Publicity Committee Commercial Art Student Representative, S.G.O. Judicial Board. JOHN R. MEGALE, p.212 Speech Correction I Beekman St., Bloomfield, N.J. DONNA MELLI, p.l99 Special Education 14-6 73rd St., North Bergen, N.J. President, C.E.C. .IUDITH MERCAZO, p.74 Art - 1400 6th St., North Bergen, N.J. MARTIN MEREZIO, p.8l Biolcgy 255 oyd Ave., Jersey City, N.J. ANNE MEYER, p.l99 Special Education 2 Union Ave., Rutherford, N.J. LINDA MEYER, p.156 Media Ecology 150 Fairview Ave., Jersey City, N.J. FRANCINE MEYERS, 116 Elementary Education 60 Storms Ave., Jersey City, N.J. NANCY MELNICKI, p.90 Early Childhood Education 832 Newark Ave., Jersey City, N.J. N.J.E.A. BARBARA MILCENT, p.l16 Elementary Education 1109 88th St., North Bergen, N.J. DONNA MILLER, p.173 ' Psycholo 18 Noel SZ., North Arlington, N.J. NATHAN MILLER, p.116 Elementary Education 375 Madison St., Passaic, N.J. VIRGINIA MINNOCK, p.l99 S ecial Education Bloomfield St., Hoboken, N.J. BERTHA MIRANDA, p.159 French 85 Neptune Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Sigma Theta Chi MARY MISKEWITZ, p.199 S ecial Education 31 Belmar Ave., Oceanport, N.J. C.E.C. LORRAINE MITCHELL, p.199 Special Education 4 Kirk Terr., Wayne, N.J. C.E.C. MICHAEL MODERO, p.165 Music 1117 7th St., North Bergen, NJ. Jazz Ensemble, S mphonic Band, Early Music Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Trom- bone Quartet, Concert Choir, College Choir, Tower Choir, Opera Ensemble JOANN MONAHAN, p.l28 En lish 288 Woodlawn Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Gothic Times, Right to Read Program ANTHONY MONTANELLI, p.165 Music 366-8 No. 12th St., Newark, N.J. College Senate, Symphonic Band, College Community Orchestra DELIA MONTANEZ, p.199 S ecial Education 1209 Willow Ave., Moboken, N.J. Hispanic Education Club, Spanish Club ERA MONTIS, p.199 S ecial Education 181 Elm Dr., Ne tune, N.J. C.E.C., Delta Tgeta Epsilon, Tutorer-A. Harry Moore School IRIS VAN MOORE, p.l83 Sociology 543 So. 18th St., Newark, N.J. THOMAS MOORE, 41.215 Urban Communit tudies 1 10 Niagara At., Newark, N.J. SUZANNE M. MORGAN, p.97 Economics 17 1 Old Bergen Rd., Jersey City, N.J. College Choir, College Community Orchestra, String Choir, conomics Club, Accounting Society JOE MORONE, p.97 Economics 58 Broadway, Hackensack, N.J. ADDIE M. MOSELEY, p.2l2 Speech Correction ' 267 Dwight St., Jersey City, N.J. 4 CAROL A. MOSLEY, p.l99 Special Education 3-5 Baldwin St., E. Orange, N.J. W.R.A., Treasurer, Vice President, Black Freedom Society, Alternate Junior Class Senator THOMESENA MOSS, p.ll6 Elementary Education 71 Bostwick Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Performing Arts, Black Freedom Society JOAN MULEWSKI, p.75 Art 42 E. 35th St., Bayonne, N.J. JAMES P. MULLANEY, p.l73 Psycholog 391 Broatlivay, Bayonne, N.J. Ps cholo Club, Election Committee, Religion Club MICHAEL MULLIGAN, p.l99 S ecial Education sg Magnolia Ave., Kearny, N.J. President, Kappa Delta Phi, Vice Pres., Junior Class, Treas., Senior Class, Senior College Senator, Senate Executive Com- mittee, Chairman, Search Committee for Dean of Arts and Sciences, Planning and Developing Committee, Finance Committee, I.F.S.C. Representative, Booster Club, In- tramural Football and Basketball, C.E.C. CHRISTINE I. MURAWA, p.97 Economics 58 Condict St., Jersey City, N.J. Pep S uad, Treas., Secretary, Captain, Kap- a Dellta Pi, Pres., Omicron De ta Epsilon, Q'omen's Fencing Team, Economics Club, Secretary, Accounting Society, Secretary, College Choir, Slavic East European Cultural Club, N.J.E.A., S.E.A., Booster Club Committee JOHN C. MURILLO, p.97 Economics I7 Skyline Dr., Jersey City, N.J. Kappa Delta Phi, Vice President Standing Committee,'Swimming Team, Gothic Soccer Club, Soccer Team, Chairman, Speakers' Committee, Corresponding Secretary, Finance Committee, Alcoho ic Beverage Committee, I.F.S.C. Representative, Boxing Club MARYANNE MURPHY, p.I83 Sociology 388 Kennedy Blvd., Bayonne, N.J. PATRICIA MURPHY, p.200 Special Education 44FBeacon Ave., Jersey City, N.J. C. ..C. RICHARD MYRLAK, p.97 Economics 212 Sherman Ave., Jersey City, NJ. FRAN NAPOLITANO, p.l 16 Elementary Education 2007 Lindwood Ave., Fort Lee, N.J. F. JOHANNA NARDONE, p.75 Art 613 59th St., West New York, NJ. Swim Team, Equestrian Team, President. ALLEN H. NAVLEN, p.200 S ecial Education 3Y6 Beechwood Rd., Oradell, N.J. C.E.C. EILEEN NEBLETT, p.l40 Health Sciences 212 Quincy St., Brooklyn, N.Y. PATRICIA NELSON, p.l 16 Elementary Education 123 Wade St., Jersey City, NJ. N.J.E.A., Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary. MAUREEN NEUBIG, p.200 Special Education 1405 76th St., North Bergen, NJ. C.E.C. KAREN B. NIEDERMEIEB. p.200 S ecial Education Ig3 Lockwood Ave., Woodbridge, N.J. DIANE NIKONOWICZ, p.l28 English 68 W. 2nd St., Bayonne, ROBERT D. NOAKES, p.200 Special Education 3 I Clendenny Ave., Jersey City, NJ. PETER NOONAN, p.200 Special Education 2: I?-B-Cold St., North Arlington, NJ. . .C. LYNN ANN NOTRE, p.l28 En lish 72? 12th St., Union City, NJ. French Club LEONARD NOVAK, p.I30 Geography 110 Morgan Pl., North Arlington, N.J. Photography Club ROBERTA NOWICKI, p.l59 French 35 Sherman Pl., Jersey City, NJ. French Club, Ski Club MARILYN MILIO O'BRlEN, p.200 S ecial Education 783 John St., Teaneck, NJ. International Studies lDenmarkj JAMES OCKENHOUSE, p.I83 Sociology 96 Marne St., Newark, N.J. Intramurals MARIE-ELANA O'CONNELI., p.l I6 Elementary Education 22 E. Westfield Ave.. Roselle Pk., N.J. N.J.E.A., S.E.A., E.K.N.K., English Club, Spanish Club, W.R.A. DRUCILLA ODOM, p.l I6 Elementary Education 143 Chadwick Ave., Newark, N.J. LAURIE O'DONNEI,I., p.75 Art 40 E. 26th St., Bayonne, N.J. Vice President of Art Assoc., Ski Club, Radio Club, Aquarius MICHAEL OGNEWCHUK, p.20l Special Education 2 B Columbia Ave., Jersey City, N.J. PATRICIA O'HAI.LORAN, p.90 Earl Childhood Education 32 Jan Houten Ave., Jersey City, N.J. DEBORAH O'KANE, p.2l2 S eech Correction 77 East Bergen Pl., Red Bank, N.J. Pep Squad, Senior Class Representative, Speech Club JOHN P. O'KEEFE, p.l28 English 75 Audubon Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Kappa Delta Phi Fraternity, JCSC Security Of icer, Yearbook Literary Staff PATRICIA O'LEARY, p.75 Art 40 Maple St., Kearny, N.J. Dance Theatre ROBERT O'NEIL, p.l83 Sociolo I4-Il 37l,h St., North Bergen, N.J. Kappa Delta Phi, Treasurer, S.G.O. Representative, Finance Committee, Senate MARY O'NEILL, p.75 Art 310 Chapel Ave., Jersey Cig, N.J. Cheerleading, Sigma Theta hi, Art Associa- tion WILLIAM O'NEILL, p.20l S ecial Education 217 Jane St., Weehawken, N.J. AMANDA ORBE. p.8l Biolo y 200 Igudson St., Hoboken, N.J. JUDY M. ORECCHIO, p.l59 French 196 Shcpis Ave., Saddle Brook, N.J. French .lub Secretary, Representative Personnel Committee DONNA ORTUSO, p.2l2 Speech Correction 641 Franklin St., Elizabeth, N.J. W.R.A., Women's Fencing Team, Spec Club MARY O'SHAUGHNESSY, p.l40 Health Sciences 201 Montreach Ave., Staten Island, N.J. DAVID OSNOWITZ, p.l65 Music 60 Hearthstone Ave., Fords, N.J. Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Soci LESLIA OSTROWSKY, p.20l Special Education 2 Lexington Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Slavic Eastern European Studies Club AMY OVONE, p.20l Special Education 295 No. llth St., Newark, N.J. C.E.C. LUCILLE PACK, p.Il7 Elementary Education 33 Lembeck Ave., Jersey City, N.J. SUSAN PACANESSI. p.2l3 Speech Correction 401 Oncrest Terr., Cliffside Pk., N.J. Speech Club, NJ. American Speech 8 H1 ing Association ANITA PALAZZO, p.l83 Sociolo V 8508 siil Ave., No. Bergen, N.J. Secretary, Sociology Club, Iota I Sociology Student Faculty Committee ROSEMARIE PALERMO, p.l I7 Elementary Education 320 Harrison St., Hoboken, N.J. LOUIS PALMA, p.I47 History 450 North 8th St., Fairview, N.J. 1 History Club 1 w REGINA PALOIAN, p.75 rt 291 Franklin Ave., Cliffside Pk., N.J. GIACOMO A. PALUMBO, p.l5l Mathematics 207 44-th St., Union Cit , N.J. ' Alternate Senator, Fresltman Class, M Dept. Tutoring Club, Nlanusc-ript Staff KOMINOS, PANAGIOTA, p.I28 En lish 3 271 Summit Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Kappa Delta Pi 3 NANCY A. PANKEWICZ, p.20l A Special Education 166 Delaware Ave., Jersey City, N.J. C.E.C. AGOSTINO PANSINI, p.l66 Music 110 Willow Ave., Hoboken, N.J. Jazz Ensemble, College Commun Orchestra STEPHEN J. PAPPENBERG, p.I40 Health Sciences 617 Schuyler, Kearny, N.J. Vice Pres., Kappa Delta Phi .AIRE C. PAPPAS, p.15l lthematics 5 18th St., Union City, N..l. ench Club PWARD PAPSON, p.85 emistry 56 Kennedy Blvd., Bayonne, N.J. nerican Chemical Society ELAINE PARDEY, p.l28 l lish Lg Manhattan Ave., Jersey City, NJ. ATRICIA PARENTA, p.20l necial Education I4 9th St., Fairview, N.J. IE PARKS, p.l83 ciology tl Fairmount Ave., Jersey City, N.J. tciology Club, Sociology Major's Com- ittee IIRBARA PARZEL, p.l5l thematics - Lembeck Ave., Jersey City, N.J. a Delta Phi, Pep Squad, Math Tutoring EIT, S.E.A. ATHLEEN PASKO, p.202 ,ecial Education I Loretta St., Clifton, N.J. lE.C. EREN PASTUZYN, p.l51 thematics - E. 4th St., Bayonne, N.J. ith Tutoring Club, Kappa Delta Pi, College our ESEPH PAVLICHKO, p.85 emistry I Jackson St., South River, N.J. nseball, A.C.S. LEN PECK, p.l 17 mentary Education 08 76th St., North Bergen, N.J. ppa Delta Pi CHAEL PECKLERS, p.202 ecial Education Bartholdi Ave., Jersey City, NJ. sketball Team, Tennis Team SEANNE PEETERS, p.202 ecial Education E el-th St., Carlstadt, NJ. AN PELKOWSKY, p.140 alth Sciences Sussex Rd., Clifton, NJ. ROL PELLET, p.202 ecial Education Ifzenvil Ave., Succasonna, NJ. 'IN LOUISE PELLOWSKI, p.l66 usic 8 Main St., Somerset, NJ. sllege Choir, Tower Choir ARDEN PERRY, p.97 :onomics Z4 15th St., Union City, NJ. 'onomics Club, Accounting Society -JTHONY PESCATORE, p.202 ,ecial Education 12 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ. ,SC Graphics Art Work ARY JEAN V. PESCE, p.183 -ciology W6 7th Ave., Jersey City, NJ. tciology Club LANCINE EUNICE PETERSON, p.l52 thematics 13 Lyons Ave., Newark, NJ. ISEPH PATRICK PETILLO, p.202 'ecial Education 1604 3rd Ave., Asbury Pk., NJ. u Kappa Delta Pi, C.E.C., S.E.A., Sociology Club, History Club ROBERT PETROSINO, p.l56 Media 4407 Liberty Ave., No. Bergen, N.J. RAYMOND PFEIFFER, p.l56 M dia Ecology 26375 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, N.J. Veterans' Clu , Radio Club PHILLIP C. PFLEGER, p.l56 Media 252 Maple St., Secaucus, N.J. WANDA PlA,tp.1l7 Elementary E ucation 1003 New York Ave., Union City, N.J. RICH PIAZZA, p.75 A t 14 A Irving St., Jersey City, N.J. ANNE H. PIERZ, p.202 S ecial Education 3? Magnolia Ave., Kearny, N.J. DEBBIE PINCAR, p.2l5 Urban Community Studies 423 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, N.J. Swim Team, Sociology, Fencing Team DIANE PISTILLI, p.ll7 Elementary Education 47 Condict St., Jersey City, N.J. Basketball Team DOREEN MAE PLAHOVINSAK, p.l66 Music 778 Central Ave., Rahway, N.J. Zeta Epsilon, Concert Choir, String Choir, String Quartets, College Community Orchestra, Early Music Ensemble MARILYN PLUNKETT, p.l40 Health Sciences 14 Brandenburg Pl., N. Arlington, N.J. JOHNEL POLINIK, p.202 S ecial Education 126 35th St., Union City, N.J. ELAINE POLLARA, p.201 S ecial Education 65 Forest Ave., Caldwell, N.J. C.E.C. ROSE POLLARA, p.140 Health Sciences 9 Jacobus Ave., Little Falls, N.J. REGINA POLLATSEK, p.90 Earl Childhood Education 45 Henry St., Linden, N.J. E.K.N.E., S.E.A. LYDIA POLLIFRONE, p.76 Art 57 Magnolia Ave., Jersey City, N.J. PAMELA POMARICO, p.l 17 Elementary Education 92 Charles St., Belleville, N.J. Epilrling Squad, Usherettes, Geography u CAROLYN POMPEO, p.l69 Sganish 1 8 Greenville Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Spanish Club, Right-to-Read Program DONNA PONA, p.ll7 Elementa Education 71 W. 2011: St., Bayonne, N.J. Delta Phi, S.E.A., Biology Club, JEAN PONA, p.202 S ecial Education 75 W. 55th St., Bayonne, N.J. C.E.C. CHRISTINE POPYK, p.203 Special Education lll W. Linden Ave., Linden, N.J. Women's Basketball Team, Women's Tennis Team, Sigma Delta Phi, W.R.A. PRISCILLA POSTEL, p.128 En lish 1303 76th St., No. Bergen, N.J. HELEN PREBOR, p.l60 Spanish 410 78th St., No. Bergen, NJ. Spanish Club IRENE PRIETO, 8.91 Early Childhood .ducation 370 Chestnut St., Newark, N.J. VIRGINIA PROCURO, p.203 S ecial Education 7B Palisade Ave., Cliffside Pk., N.J. JOANNE PROVEDE, p.203 S ecial Education 315-41st St., Union City, N.J. C.E.C., N.J.E.A. LINDA PRUITT, p. 184 Sociology P.O. Box 1544, Newark, N.J. Sociology Club MILDRED PUGH, p.ll7 Elementary Education 550 Hawthorne Ave., Newark, N.J. FRANCES-MARIE RAGONESE, p.173 Psychology 14 Gwyneth Rd., W. Milford, N.J. Sociology Club, Girl's Football MARIE MASTROLIA RAIMONDO, p.91 Early Childhood Education 225 lan Nostrand Ave., Jersey City, N.J SHEILA RALPH, p.130 Geography 63 Van Reypen St., Jersey City, N.J. Kappa Delta Pi IAJENISE RAMOS, p.76 rt 6110 Fillmore Pl., West New York, N.J. KATHLEEN M. RAPACKI, p.203 Special Education g0EI::ughes St., Maplewood, N.J. KATHY RAUTH, p.203 S ecial Education 151 Bedford Rd., Dumont, N.J. C.E.C. SADIE W. RAVENELL, p.ll8 Elementary Education 810 Ocean Ave., Jersey City, N.J. JOSEPH RECCOPPA, p.98 Economics 507 Park Ave., Hoboken, N.J. Economics Club, Sociology Club, History Club LARRY REED, p.l57 Media 1210 Hermosa Pk., Lakewood, N.J. THERESA REICH, p.76 Art 313 Columbia Ave., Jersey City, N.J. SHARON REINKING, p.203 Special Education 302 High St., FairLawn, N.J. C.E.C. LINDA REITZEL, p.76 Art 108 Ogden Ave., Jersey City, N.J. LUCIA RENNA, p.203 Special Education 540 No. Maple Ave., E. Orange, N.J. Ski Club KATHY RENTLER, p.91 Early Childhood Education 365 Kennedy Dr., Fairview, N.J. E.K.N.E. PATRICIA RENTLER, p.91 Early Childhood Education 365 Kennedy Dr., Fairview, NJ. E.K.N.E. VALERIE RESTILLA, p.91 Early Childhood Education 50-59 46th St., Woodside, N.J. Usherettes, Vodra Hall Senate Floor Secretary, Yearbook Staff, International Education fEnglandj, TKB LEONARD RESTO, p.147 History 588 Ave. C., Bayonne, N.J. College Senate, Academic Standards Com- mittee, History Club, Chaigerson, History Dept., Student Advisory omm., History De t. Personnel Comm., History Dept. Rul,es Committee RUBY MARIE REYNA, p.82 Biolo y 316 Igingsland Dr., Lyndhurst, N.J. Women's Chorus JOHN J. REYNOLDS, p.98 Economics 92 E. 25th St., Bayonne, N.J. Council Member at Large, Kappa Delta Phi SANDRA REYNOLDS, p.91 Early Childhood Education 185 Claremont Ave., Montclair, N.J. MARIE RICCIA, p.203 S ecial Education 288 Sip Ave., Jersey City, N.J. C.E.C. LINDA ANN RICE, p.129 English 78 First Ave., Newark, N.J. English Club MICHAEL S. RICHVALSKY, p.118 Elementary Education 658 Ave. A, Bayonne, NJ. ANDREA RIGGI, p.76 Art 118 Beacol Ave., Jersey City, N.J. ELLEN RINEHART, p.141 Health Sciences 86 Manhattan Ave., Jersey City, NJ. President, Vice-President, Aquatic Club' Captain, Women's Varsity Swim Team, Physical Fitness Club JAMES ROARTY, p.147 History 63 Braunard Ave., Port Monmouth, N.J. JENNIFER P. ROBINSON, p.203 Special Education 7 River Rd., Nutley, N.J. JUAN V. ROBIOU, p.85 Chemistry 2056 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, N.J. VINCENT L. ROCCO, p.82 Biology 19 Pine Ave., South Amboy, N.J. MARIA ROCHA, p.204 S ecial Education 129 Sussex St., Harrison, N.J. C.E.C. BONNIE L. ROCHESTER, p.204 Special Education 34 Harrison Pl., Parlin, N.J. C.E.C. J KATHI ROCKAFELLOW, p.l29 En lish 5287 Grand Ave., No. Bergen, NJ. STEVEN ROCKOFF, p.98 Economics ' 214 Ave. A., Bayonne, N.J. Political Science Club, President, Economics Club, Student Representative to Economic Faculty, Academic Standards Committee MARIE RODRIGUEZ, p.l18 Elementary Education 1308 12th St., No. Bergen, N.J. BRYANT ROGERS, p.l36 Health Sciences 2 Howell Pl., Newark, N.J. ROBERT ROGERS, p.204 S ecial Education Hlill Residence, Greystone Pk., N.J. NICHOLAS A. ROMAN, p.98 Economics 14 Kelly Pkwy., Bayonne, N.J. JUDITH L. ROMANO, p.l18 Elementary Education 500-8 Gorge Rd., Cliffside Pk., N.J. ANNA A. RONE, p.118 Elementary Education 85 Conduit Way, Colonia, NJ. WILLIAM RONZITTI, p.204 Special Education 148 Terhune Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Gamma Chi, Performing Arts, C.E.C. MARIA ROSATI, p.76 A t 137 Pine St., Cliffside Pk., N.J. MYRA ROSOLOWSKY, p.85 Chemistry 168 W. 32nd St., Bayonne, N.J. MARY-PATRICIA ROSS, p.91 Early Childhood Education 4 Venetia Ave., Cranford, N.J. S.E.A., N.J.E.A., E.K.N.E., Psychology Club, W.R.A. CARMINE ROSSETTI, p.204 Special Education ll Ist St., No. Arlington, N.J. ROMANA ROSSI, p.141 V Health Sciences . 100 Linden Ave., Emerson, N.J. Kappa Delta Pi VALERIE ROTA, p.173 Psychology 6121 Grand Ave., No. Bergen, N.J. Psychology Club FRANK ROTELLA, p.l66 Music ' 612 82nd St., No. Bergen, N.J. College Choir, Student Conductor for Tower Choir ' PAMELA ROWE, p.204 Special Education 265 Sandford Pl., New Brunswick, N.J. Tower Yearbook Editor, Senior Class Representative, C.E.C., Kappa Delta Pi, President, Pi Delta Epsilon, inance Com- mittee, Vodra Hall Senate, Floor Treasurer, Tutorer, A. Harry Moore School, TKB MOLLYANN RUBIN, p.91 Early Childhood Education 350 Falmouth Ave., East Paterson, N.J. Tower Yearbook Secretarial Editor, Presi- dent, Secretary, Senator, Vodra Hall Senate, C.E.C., Tutorer, A. Harr Moore School, Ski Club, Rapline, E.IZ'.N.E., N.J.E.A., N.J.A.E.Y.C., Pi Delta Epsilon, TKB DEBRA RUTHERFORD, p.118 Elementary Education 372 Liberty Ave., Jersey City, N.J. S.E.A., Pep Squad CHARLES J. RUTKOWSKI, p.82 Biology 190 W. 4-9th St., Bayonne, N.J. Men's Swim Team ELLYN GAYLE RUZICKA, p.82 Biology 9 Bergen Ct., Bayonne, N.J. W Kappe Delta i, President, W.R. Secretary, A.S.C., A.I.B.S., Physical Edl tion Student Representative, Biol Department Committee Representative. ELIZABETH RYAN, p.204 Special Education 2 2 8th St., Hoboken, N.J. C.E.C. LORRAINE ANNE RYAN, p.92 Early Childhood Education 120 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N.J. E.K.N.E. DEBORAH JANE RYBAK, p.204 51,5 glallory Ave., Jersey City, N.J. SANDRA SABIN, p.204 Special Education W 269 Warren Ave., Fort Lee, N.J. ' ' W.R.A., Secretary ROSINA SAHERNO, p.l18 Elementary Education 45 Clifton Pl., Jersey City, NJ. V Y NANCY ROLON SANCIIEZ, p.l60 S anish 287 Grand St., Jersey City, N.J. Hispanic Education Assoc. Concert Cho BRENDA JEVOUNE SANDIFER, p.141 Health Sciences 238 Wilkinson Ave., Jersey City, N.J. ANNETTE ELIZABETH SAPORITO, pl Early Childhood Education 400 Shaler Blvd., Ridgefield, N.J. S.E.A., N.J.E.A., E.K.N.E., Iota I Psychology Club QUEENIE SAUNDERS, p.205 S ecial Education 19 Riverview St., Newark, N.J. KATHLEEN SCAGLIONE, p.205 Special Education 96 W. 51st St., Bayonne, N.J. C.E.C., NJ.E.A. SUZANNE M. SCHIEMANN, p.l18 Elementary Education W.R.A. LILLIAN G. SCHIFF, p.205 S ecial Education 283 Belmont Ave., Belleville, N.J. National Honor Society, Dance Club ROBERT W. SCHILKIE, p.152 Mathematics 408 4-6th St., Union City, N.J. Math Tutor Club, Student Representat Faculty Affairs Committee KAREN SCHOENBRUN, p.205 Special Education 74 Deborah Ct., Plainfield, NJ. l C.E.C., Psychology Club GERALDINE SCHUESLER, p.152 Mathematics 174 W. 19th St., Bayonne, N.J. MICHELE SCHUHMANN, p.l18 Elementary Education 7114 Bergenline Ave., North Bergen, N Kappa De ta Pi CAROL SCHULTZ, p.92 Earl Childhood Education 17 Colle e Dr., Jersey City, N.J. S.E.A., NqJ.E.A., E.K.N.E. EMMA SCIORSCI, p.213 Speech Correction 519 Garden St., Hoboken, N.J. Speech Club EILA SCULLY, p.168 ilosophy ' 5 Main St., Fort Lee, N.J. , ilosoplty Club JCILLE SGUIITI, p.76 fl L9 4th St., Jersey City, N.J. .R.A., Girls' Varsit Basketball Team, irls' Varsity Softball Team, Fine Arts lecial Committee, A.E.N.J. ' LLEN MARIE SELINSKE, p.119 ementary Education S9 W. 32nd St., Bayonne, N.J. noir, Orchestra 'ALTER J. SEMCHESYN, p.98 conomics I6 Clinton Ave., Jersey City, N.J. NICE M. SEMIENICK, p.205 ecial Education - Fairway Ave., Belleville, N.J. Ita Theta Epsilon, C.E.C. ARRY JAY SHAFER, p.85 Elemistry CFganklin Ave., W. Keansburg, N.J. IANE SHAFFERY, p.205 ecial Education K 4th St., N. Arlington, N.J. .E.C. USAN SHARP, p.l74 sycholo 29 Ave.8X, Bayonne, N.J. 'V Club, Psychology Club OHN F. SHERIDAN, p. 184 ociology 057 Garry Terr., Secaucus, N.J. LOSE SHOULARS, p.119 lementary Education '9 Chestnut St., E. Orange, N.J. IFIARON SHULMAN, p.l57 edia Ecolo 07 Ave. A.,8Bayonne, N.J. ssistant Editor, Gothic Times 'OERGEANN SHUSTAWICZ, p.l47 Iistorly I Be mont Ave., No. Arlington, N.J. HRISTINE SIENKIELEWSKI, p.92 arly Childhood Education 39 Terhune Ave., Jersey City, N.J. l.R.A., Women's Softball Team IIRELLA SIGNORETTA, p.76 rt 39 Washington Pl., Cliffside Pk., N.J. 'hilosophy lub ' LLAINE BARBARA SILVERMAN, p.76 .Pl 74 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N.J. 'LORENCE NEKESA SIMIYU, p.184 ociology , '.O. Box 415, Webuye, Bungoma, Kenya ETHEL SIMMONS, p.92 'Carly Childhood Education ,75 Thirs St., Newark, NJ. KEVIN D. SIMON, p.205 ipecial Education I 0 52nd St., West New York, NJ. ..E.C. - tNNE SIMONE, p.77 fl S01 Jefferson St., Hoboken, N.J. rlodern Dance Club VIARGARET SINGAGLIESE, p.I19 Elementary Education 338 Garden St., Hoboken, NJ. SHARON SINTON, p.205 Special Education 1 7 Coles St., Jersey City, N.J. C.E.C., Treasurer, Aquarius Coffeehouse JACQUELINE SIRCHIO, p.184 Sociology South Street, Morgan, NJ. Sociology Club BRUCE SISKO, p.147 History 7 Wilson Ave., lselin, NJ. Varsity Baseball, History Student Advisory Committee, Vice President, History Club, History Honor Society EMILIA SKRUODYS, p.152 Mathematics 25 Sherman Ave., Jersey City, NJ. JOHN E. SLACKMAN, p.98 Economics 14 Second St., South Orange, NJ. JOANNE SLUTSKY, p.l19 Elementary Education 727 32nd St., Union City, N.J. College Choir, Usherettes, Iota Chi, Booster Club, N.J.E.A. BEVERLY SMITH, p.205 S ecial Education 1502 Arlington Ave., Plainfield, NJ. C.E.C. CONSTANCE SMITH, p.l47 History 316 Arlington Ave., Jersey City, NJ. W.R.A., History Club JEANNE SMITH, p.2l3 Speech Correction 14 Mendl Terr., Montclair, NJ. Speech Club KATHERINE SMITH, p.ll9 Elementary Education 127 Randolph Ave., Jersey City, NJ. I MARYANN SMITH, p.77 A Art 41 Parkside Lane, Bayonne, NJ. PETER SMITH, p.77 Art 694 Bergen Ave., Jersey Cigy, NJ. Equestrian Team, Special rojects in Art, Pottery Sale Committee, Student Advisory Board Member THERESEA WARD SMITH, p.l41 Health Sciences 114 Bostwick Ave., Jersey City, NJ. VINCENT J. SMITH, p.I4I Health Sciences 28 Sherman Pl., Jersey City, NJ. MARY C. SMITS, p.l57 Media 327 49th St., Union City, NJ. W.R.A., Manager, Men's Varsity Basketball Team, Gothic Times Scorekeeper, Women's Basketball team JOHN SOLOMITA, p.l84 Sociolo 18 W. Sth St., Ba onne, NJ. Sociology Club, Sociology Majors Com- mittee VISTORIA A. SOTKOVSKY, p.l74 Psychology 234 Washin ton Pl., Cliffside Pk., NJ. Psychology Club, Right-to-Read Program ROBBIE SOWELL, p.206 S ecial Education 334 William St., E. Orange, N.J. BARBARA SPADACCINI, p.206 S ecial Education 816 27th St., Union City, NJ. C.E.C., S.E.A. PHILIP SPANOVA, p.1s4 Sociology 23 Bergen Ave., No. Arlington, NJ. VINCENE SPARACELLO, p.206 S ecial Education 25 E. 52nd St., Bayonne, NJ. C.E.C. , SCHULYER SPAUGH, p.l84 Sociology 131 Dewey St., Newark, N.J. CORNELIA BARNES SPENCER, p.92 Early Childhood Education 280 Henderson St., Jersey City, NJ. JEAN SPILLANE, p.119 Elementary Education 151 Belleville Ave., Belleville, N.J. LINDA SPIOTTO, p.206 Special Education 15 Windsoe St., Kearny, N.J. Sigma' Delta Phi, I.F.S.C. Representative, C. .C. MARY SPITALETTA, p.82 Biolo 282 lgglptune Ave., Jersey City, N.J. gcilggg Choir, Italian Cultural Society, JUDY SPRUIEL, p.206 Special Education 484 So. 17th St., Newark, N.J. C.E.C., Modern Dance Club, Black Dance Club MARIE SPUNDOVA, p.77 Art 397 Ave. C, Bayonne, N.J. French Club, Volleyball Club, European Slavic Club ' GERALD STAFFORD, p.185 Sociology 100 Zabriskie St., Jersey City, N.J. Sociology Club MARY STANISLOWSKI, p.14l Health Sciences 24 Lillian Dr., Hazlet, N.J. Health Club GEORGE STANKIEWICZ, p.l74 Psycholog 355 Farn Ham Ave., Lodi, N.J. Psychology Club ROSALIE STARITA, p.185 Sociology 182 Seaview Ave., Jersey City, N.J. JOHN T. STEFANO, p.l 19 Elementary Education 90 Hackensack Ave., Weehawken, N.J. Veterans' Club, Radio Club, TV Club, S.E.A. CATHERINE A. STEFFENS, p.129 English 67 W. 41st St., Bayonne, N.J. Kappa Delta Pi, N.J.E.A., S.E.A. Yearbook, Association of Arts and Letters DEBRA STEIN, p.2l3 S eech Correction 32 W. 40th St., Bayonne, N.J. EUGENE STEWART, p.147 Histo? 2161 erter Ave., Fort Lee, N.J. JEAN ST. JOHN, p.141 Health Sciences 196 Tremont Ave., Orange, N.J. FRANCIS STRONG, p.l85 Sociology 635 N. th St., Newark, N.J. GREGORY J. STULL, p.I57 Media Ecolo 830 Ave. C.,83ayonne, N.J. Film Club, Yearbook Photographer MICHAEL SUGZDA, p.206 Special Education 1 224 Princeton Ave., Jersey City, NJ- Men's Fencing Team PETER F. SULLIVAN, III, p.l74 Psychology 44 W. 56th St., Bayonne, NJ. Alpha Delta Mu, Psychology Club MARILYN SUTCLIFFE, p.77 A t 667 Keller Pl., Rahway, N.J. Riding Club ASMA NESHEIWAT TADROS, p.l52 Mathematics . 24 Jefferson Ave., Jersey City, NJ- Christian United Club LAURA ANN TABLIAFERRO, p.98 Economics 209 Columbia Ave., Jersey City, N.J. S.G.O. Secretary, Gothic Times, Finance Committee, Accounting Society, Student Coordinator of Tax and Services, Inc., Stu- dent Representative of Economics Dept. CAROLYN TALIAFERRO, p.l41 Health Sciences 3 Heckman Dr., Jersey City, N.J. Marlene Tamburello, p.206 Special Education 140 Biltmore St., N. Arlington, N.J. PAULA MARIE TARANTINO, p.119 Elementary Education 228 Clifton Ave., Newark, N.J. BARBARA TARZIA, p.119 Elementar Education 866 Broadvway, Bayonne, NJ. CHARLES REID TAYLOR, p.2l3 S eech Correction 159 Atlantic St., Jersey City, N.J. Town Players, Tutorer at A. Harry Moore School, Radio Station W.F.M.U. DEBORAH A. TAYLOR, p.213 Speech Correction 141 Danforth Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Black Freedom Society GERALDINE CHRISTINA TAYLOR, p.207 Special Education 46 Brighton Terr., Irvington, N.J. KAREN TAYLOR, p.120 Elementary Education 103 Bidwell Ave., Jersey Cit , NJ. Secretary, Black Freedom Society, Perfor- ming Arts Committee, Pep Squad, N.J.E.A. PRISCELLA TAYLOR, p. 185 Sociology 624 18th Ave Newark N -Q . -J- Choir WINIFRED A. TAYLOR, p.141 Health Sciences 135 220th Pl., Laurelton, Long Island, N.Y. LOUIS TEDESCO, p.174 Psycholo 620 Ave.gA, Bayonne, N.J. IBARIRY L. TEKIRIAN, p.l74 syc o og 8901 Ist Ave., No. Bergen, N.J. SHARON THALL, p.207 Special Education 3: ii- Fordham Pl., Colonia, N.J. . .C. ODETTE THOMAS, p.213 Speech Correction '7bDugan, P.O. Box 10181, Newark, N.J. 'iW.R.A., Speech Club, Women's Fencing eam DEBORAH ANN THOMPSON, p.142 Health Sciences 32A Williams Ave., Jersey City, N.J. Women's Choir, Basketball Team, Tennis Team fand woman's coachj, Vice President of Physical Fitness Committee JENNIFER MARY THOMPSON, p.215 Urban Community Studies 1870 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, N.J. Alternate Senator to Faculty Student Senate, Alternate Secretary Faculty Student Concerns Comm., Soph. Class Senate, Ur- ban Community Studies Comm. Urban Conference Panel ERIC THORNHILL, p.142 Health Sciences 635 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. CONNIE M. THUMM, p.129 English 6 eech St., Kearny, NJ. JAMES TIBBATTS, p.l66 Music 819 18th St., Union City, NJ. College Choir CELIA TINCANI, p.l25 English 45 7 Bergenline Ave., Union City, NJ. EMILY TOLLIVER, p.207 Special Education 32 Schuyler Terr., E. Orange, NJ. CAROL TOPOLSKI, p.152 Mathematics 16 W. 12th St., Ba onne, N.Y. Sigma Delta Phi, Ilrlath Tutoring Club ROSEMARIE TOTARO, p.129 English 15 Church Towers, Hoboken, NJ. Modern Dance Club. CAROL ANN TOZZI, p.129 English 31 3rd St., Jersey City, NJ. Sigma Delta Phi, Arts and Letters Associa- tion, Yearbook Staff LYNN TOZZI, p.152 Mathematics 14 E. 42nd St., Bayonne, NJ. STEPHEN TREMEL, p.99 Economics 449 Greylock PKWY., Belleville, NJ. Economics Club, Accounting Society, Junior Varsity Basketball JANIS TROCHIMCZUK, p.120 Elemental? Education 275W St. aul's Ave., Jersey City, NJ. MARIE TROSKY, p.142 Health Sciences 459 Wayne St., Jersey City, NJ. ROSEANN TUVEL, p.l52 Mathematics 127 McAdoo Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Economics Club, Vice President, Kappa Delta Pi, Math Committee, Accounting Society HELEN M. UNGER, p.207 S ecial Education 51 Cloverdale Circle, New Shrewsbury, NJ. Kappa Delta Pi SANDRA VALANZOLA, p.l29 English 58 Ferncliff Rd., Jersey City, N.J. Tower Players DANIEL A. VALDES, p.160 Spanish 6609 McKinley Pl., West New York, NJ. Spanish Club LUCILLE VALENTINO, p.82 Biolo 120 Igy6th St., N. Arlington, NJ. LINDA VAN SOEST, p.207 Special Education 508 Lincoln Ave., Pompton Lakes, NJ. 1 C.E.C. JUAN O. VARELA, p.157 Media Ecology 1414 Kerrigan Ave., Union City, NJ. Tower Choir, College Choir, Concert Cho Tower Players ROBERT N. VECCHIONE, p.l47 Histor 438 70'th St., Guttenberg, NJ. PATRICIA VEITH, p.120 Elementary Education 5506 Park Ave., West New York, NJ. ELLEN PATRICIA VELEZ, p.213 Speech Correction 24 Suburbua Dr., Jersey City, NJ. Speech Club CELIA VENANCIO, p.207 Special Education 16 Bogel Ave., N. Arlington, NJ. NADINE VERMANDERE, p.77 Art 145 Belmont Ave., Jersey City, NJ. JUDITH VERILLI, p.l66 Music 8 Baker St., Iselin, NJ. College Choir, Concert Choir, Early Mus Ensemble, Budget Committe Choreographer for Choir productions ANN VICENTE, p.l85 Sociology 210 5th St., Jersey City, NJ. Hispanic Club LINDA VILLANUEVA, p.207 S ecial Education 382 Park Ave., E. Orange, NJ. NEIL VISCONE, p.208 Special Education 327 Lembeck Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Kappa Delta Phi, Soccer, Senior Cla Representative, Social Committee ELIZABETH VOCHECOWICZ, p.l66 1 Music 32 A Van Wzigenen St., Newark, NJ. Percussion nsemble, Symphonic Ban College Community Orc estra, Women Choir, Stage Band, College Choir REGINA VOGEL, p.82 Biolo 47 Zaaiskie St., Jersey City, NJ. MICHAEL VUOCOLO, p.171 Political Science 15 Resevoir Ave., Jersey City, NJ. 1 Student Representative, General Studil Committee, Curriculum 8 Instructid Comm., Economics Club, Political Scienq Club, President. PAUL W. WADDELL, p.99 Economics 261 Pomona Ave., Newark, NJ. 1 DOREEN M. WADE, p.142 Health Sciences 196 Tremont Ave., Orange, NJ. PAUL WAGNER, p.208 S ecial Education 22 E. 19th St., Bayonne, NJ. Swim Team ALICIA WALKER, p.99 Economics 316 Woodward St., Jersey City, NJ. BETTY WALLACE, p.120 Elementary Education 547 15th Ave., Newark, NJ. ARTHUR JOHN WALTZ, p.120 Elementary Education 5 E. 52nd St., Bayonne, NJ. wim Team, Centec Media Technology UNE WANKO, p.2l3 ipeech Correction 24 Hartley Pl.. Bayonne, NJ. ipecch Club IONNIE WARNOCK, p.l52 Iathematics 0 E. 46th St., Bayonne, NJ. BETTY WATSON, p.l20 Ilementary Education 44 Claremont Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Iollegc Choir iADlE M. WAY, p.l42 rlealth Sciences 'I Mercer St., Newark, NJ. ILEADEL WAYE, p.l20 Ilementary Education lI4 Roselle St., Linden, NJ. IARGARET WEBER, p.77 Lf! 'omen's Studies Collective, Student omen's Collective, Student Re resentative o Art Dept. QFine Artsj Facuiiy., Gallery .ommittee IATHERINE T. WEBSTER, p.99 Economics i Kelly Pkwg., Bayonne, NJ. iccounting ociety ILL WEISS, p.l57 Iedia Ecology 0 Colle e Dr., Jersey City, NJ. 'ower Pllayers QUAD WERR, p.99 .conomics '27 Stover Avc., N. Arlington, NJ. loccer Team ZLOISE WHEELER, p.l85 ociology 9 Lincoln St., Newark, NJ. IRMANISE M. WHITE, p.l2l Elementary Education 9 Orient Ave., jersey City, NJ. ocial Club ANICE WICKE, p.I74 'sychology 35 Ridgedale Ave., Woodbridge, NJ. IIARYANN WILENTA, p.I85 ociology 56 Minnie Pl., Secaucus, NJ. IENRIETTA WILKINS, p.l20 ilcmentary Education S40 Duncan Ave., Jersey City, NJ. IIUDREY WILLACY, p.l42 Iealth Sciences R43 Main St., Paterson, NJ. EARL WILLIAMS, p.208 Special Education 628 4th St., Newark, NJ. C.E.C., Intramural Basketball, Black Historian Society IIAZEI. WILLIAMS. p.92 Early Childhood Education I7 Claremint Ave., jersey City, NJ. MARY L. WILLIAMS, p.l2l Elementar ' Education I09 Oak Sit., Jersey City, NJ. THERESIA WILLIAMS, p.208 Special Education Y 70 Munn Ave., E. Orange, NJ. ANNIE WILSON, p.I2l Elementary Education l5lI Shcrridan Ave., Bronx, N.Y. Tennis HARRIET WILSON, p.l20 Elementary Education I25 Audu on Ave., jersey City, NJ. WILLIE MAE WILSON, p.l2I Elementary Education 478 S. I6th St., Newark, NJ. HELEN S. WILTON Geoscience 5 Van Houten Ave., jersey City, NJ. Ecology Club, President, Geology Club FREDA MAY WVINT, p.I42 Health Sciences 288 Cilown St., Brooklyn, N.Y. EDWIN O. WISE, p.99 Economics 87 Dwi ht St., Jersey City, NJ. Black Igreedom Society GEORGE WNOROWSKI, p.l74 Psychology 468 Hickory St., Kearnv, NJ. Psychology Club, Ski Club MARTIN WOJCIK, p.208 Special Education 9 Arlington Dr., Denville, NJ. C.E.C. ELIZABETH WOLEK, p.208 Special Education Rd. K2 Box 125, Englishtown, NJ. Aquatic Club, W.R.A., C.E.C. NGE CHAN WONG, p.97 Economics 20 Clifton Pl., ,lersey City, NJ. LOU ANN WOODS, p.l7I Political Science 2040 Kennedy Blvd., Jersey City, NJ. Physical Fitness Club, Black Dance Club MADELINE T. WRIGHT, p.142 Health Sciences ll2 Marshall Concourse, Cliffwood Beach, NJ. SHIRLEY WRIGHT, p.208 Special Education I79 Osborne, Newark, NJ. FRED YELVERTON, p.l57 Media Ecology l04 Wilkinson Ave., Jersey City, NJ. Fencing Team SUSAN E. YOUNG, p.l42 Health Sciences 74 S.Munn Ave., E. Orange, N.,I. ,IANICE YUILLE, .92 Early Childhood Elilucation 659 Elm St., Kearny, NJ. Sigma Delta Phi, Pep Squad, Senior Class Representative KATHLEEN E. YURGAL, p.99 Economics 54 Lt. Zamorski Dr., Elizabeth, NJ. Economics Club, C.E.C., Student Represen- tative to Economics Dept., S.E.A. ,LOSEPH G. ZACCO, p.77 rt I7l Summit Ave., Cliffside Pk., NJ. Ecology Club LINDA SUSAN ZAGACKI, p.208 S ecial Education 252 Harrison St., Leonia, N.,I. Baseball Team Batgirl, Treasurer Physical Education Club, De ta Sigma Phi IRENE ZARBETSKI, p.l2l Elementary Education 523 Hami ton St., Harrison, NJ. LINDA ANN ZAVOCKY, p.82 Biology 124 Isabella Ave., Newark, NJ. W.R.A. DAGMAR ZAYES, p.77 Art 310 24th St., Union City, NJ. RAUL ZINCKE, p.l7 4 Psychology 6016 Jef erson St., West New York, NJ. Psychology Club DARLENE ZITZ, p.82 Biology 412 76th St., No. Bergen, NJ. Trirling Squad, Swim Team, A.I.B.S., Secretary, Iota Chi, NJ.E.A. CAROL .l. ZUCCHINO, p.I2l Elementary Education 688 Palisade Ave., Cliffside Pk., NJ. Women's Choir, Women's Center MARYANN LUCY ZUPPA, p.l2l Elementary Education 94 Terhune Ave., Jersey City, NJ. there is a certain securit to having things just as you remember . . . "Changes" It's a word to some. And then t's a clear reality to others. Like a collage, everything designed to reform the original, to :reate a newer, more complicated original. Whether or not the collection is complete or if .he gift it brings is enjoyable, rests on a variety of preferences. A taste for color, a certain new idea, or a different structure creates the basis for change. There is a certain security to having things just as you remember them. However, we must learn to adapt for times are changing. So whether its a change in the wind or a change of mind - say "Welcome." And let change guide your course through life. 23 9 Q K 1 Q A 2 , ,, Q5 .1 113' 1. fsaxi. ff W , M ,,L.xLfg5 1 wa, f:,g.:4 A X. 2,95 Q.. QV, mf 1 . gm-fm .- .W . Lf'- ,, W., X, .LMA , ' my 5-.fc . , , Q5 .wx , my . 919 .f y My ixv.ff?Q'-'S . 1 ' 'fliffi Ifr, fp xy .ix ,K .t Nygfif., .gif-Q , ,..-nm..-..,.q Mg W aw..-,.: w -w wsxuf ew L. fp: ww, , K Q: ,- Q-My'-,...1'.'::1: ..,. -. ,1 245. .,.,f, '1,-:N . f 'aww .M .4 5 H! P9115 11 . g,f3... 9 W. G., ,. kfxf'-XQEQ5 5 41' . A e W . 122. V mf ..,f.,.W , , M., ,H f,.,.,,f X 4,1g.,,ma.- f- , ffm .l gi 4.', F2 .5 fi: 5 . Q K 1275 - X NLR: 'WV Q VT f" """f" LM. L T' A. ,I 111. Mg .i......i.. . f.. X bk! A 0 g, ,ws Q, A Zi - ei Q 2 ff ll ,, f ,. L,,mgq,, 5, , wg- 3 ' gg, 5 - gfgfwfgfgig H k v'k' 3 3, im .74 . ,Q ay, ,V 13' 2 ,E,fw,4wa1f ' . fi' 2155535 ik.. fav g, fx f Y f :fffgy , ,, ' 22' V , ef' XV' ' ix? diff wi ,iw y ' X xx V ff' i M' 5, ,,fLM94., fbigw, if iw iw s wif ,, ,- S xi rg wi iw? wifi? ,ggw ,ei gggfvff ,, ya Mina, f .9 J'AJ1.4'-, ' ' me N ff X Z4 Wx H , ,iff A 'g MN B1 ga . M I' WW MQW, KW' ls, ,Mai -Q www NM .f If awww W F' , w w' f 45 , 2? if 9 4 iw 1 Qi? ,c V+ e ff? Jfg ,H by STUDENT LIFE ADMINIS T RA T I ON FACULTY 62: SENIORS HON URS UR GANIZA TI ON S SPEAKERS SPORTS YEAR IN REVIEW ' 44 WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES 62 COLLEGES FOR TY-SE VEN SENI ORS RE C OGNIZED FOR O UTS TA NDING A CHIE VEMEN TS This year forty-seven seniors share the honor of being selected for Who's Who Amon Students In American Universities Ang Colleges. The criteria for selection is based on a student's scholarship, participation and leadership in academic and extracurricular ac- tivities. lt also gives those chosen the distinct honor of having been recognized by their fellow students and faculty as having served their school. ANTHONY F. CIERI Anthony, has been chair- man of the Equestrian team for three years. He is also a member of the Council for Exceptional Children and Kappa Delta Pi, the educa- tion honor society. His future plans include receiving a masters degree in Ad- ministration and Supervi- Sion. ROBERT CARLUCCI Bob is a psychology major, who has been an active member of Student Govern- A ment. He has held the offices of Junior Class President and Vice President of the Senior Class. He is also a brother of X Kappa Delta Phi. After graduation he intends to con- tinue his studies is psy- chology. a "5 t ji A Www V fi 4 if"-f'.i."'h A ff-Q a . . fa WILLIAM F. CLIFTON Billy is an active member in Varsity Soccer and captain of Varsity Cross Country. He is the president of his fraternity, Gamma Chi and also of the Ski Club. His future plans evolves around his major, which is Health Science, and he plans to travel around the country. ,K MARY CERBONE Mary for the past four years has been an active member of the Council for Exceptional Children. She also has been a camp counselor for A. Harry Moore. Upon graduation, Mary plans to teach excep- tional children and become a Vista Volunteer and see the country. 46 if if ff .S 'E ,s CLYDE L. DINKINS Clyde, a Philosophy major, has been both past vice- . president and present presi- Q, is dent of the Philosophy Club. ff He is also actively involved in Q , 5 the Veteran's Association. C A i After graduation he plans to f attend graduate school. His ' philosophy of life is "without power or money you are nothing." yqgy- ROBERT FERRARO For the past four years, Robert has been an active member of the Council for Excep- tional Children, and a camp counselor for A. Harry Moore. He is also a member of the Jewish Collegiate and Christian Impact for Christ. His future plans evolve around teaching exceptional children and social work. l,HH4vsul'll'Y 0 . e Q s .M GAIL ELLEN CARBARINI Gail is a Special Education major. She is a sister of Sigma Delta Phi Sorority and an ac- tive member of the swim and gymnastic teams. She is the Physical Education Department representative and a member of the 1975 Tower Yearbook Staff. Upon graduation, Gail plans to teach and to attend graduate school. ? 13" .J Q WALTER GLOSPIE Walter, a Special Education Major has been treasurer of the Council for Exceptional Children. He is Senior Class President, past Vice President of Finance of Student Govern- ment and treasurer of Kappa Delta Phi. He has been involved in the Search Committee for the President of the College and a member of the Board of Directors of the Pub. After gradua- tion he plans to teach. GWENDOLYN GREENFIELD Gwen is a Biology major. She has been past Vice-President and President of the American Institute of Biological Sciences. She was actively involved in the American Chemical Society the College Choir and Dance Theater. In the future she hopes to attend graduate school for biology and chemistry. She hopes to become involved in a form of hospital work and also hopes to continue her study of music. 48 MONA HAUSTHOR Mona is an active member of the Council for Excep- tional Children and she is on the senior advisory board. She is a Senator for Vodra Hall Dorm and a member of Kappa Delta Pi. Mona is also the Literary Editor for the 1975 Tower Yearbook. Upon graduation she plans to teach special education and even- tually go to graduate school. PATRICIA HUSSEY Patricia, an English major, is an active member of both the Tower Players and the Theatre Department productions Her future plans include teaching high school English ?RANCINE MALVASI Fran is an Elementary Education major, vho is involved in the Student Education kssociation. She is the treasurer of Kappa Delta Pi. Her future plans are to teach elemen- :ary school. LORRAINE LIONETTI Lorraine, an art major, is a sister of Iota Chi sorority. She is a member of Council for Exceptional Children and the Equestrian team. She has been involved in the art association and her future plans include teaching in Australia. JOHN MC GARY John is a Psychology Major. He is the Vice-President of his fraternity, Gamma Chi. He is also an active member in the Psychology Club and plans to attend graduate school. 249 JAMES PATRICK MULLANEY James, a Psychology major, is a member of the Psychology Club. He ac- tively lectures for the health science department and has co-authored articles for psychological journals. His future plans include working in Public Relations. CHRISTINE MURAWA Christine, an Economics Major, is an active member in the Economics Club and Ac- counting Society. She is also the President of Kappa Delta Pi and a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon. She is captain of the pep squad and a member of N.J.E.A. Her future plans evolve around attending graduate school and receiving an M.B.A. degree. ' MICHAEL MULLIGAN Mike, a Special Education Major, is President of Kappa Delta Phi. He is treasurer of the Senior Class and also a member of the College Senate. He was the chairper- son of the Search Committee for the New Dean of Arts and Sciences. After graduation his future plans include teaching and attending graduate school. 'ff I Aff fl, WT Wwnw JONNA MELLI p Donna is a Special Education Major. She was a member of C.E.C. for four years, Shairperson of the Publicit Committee dur- ,ng her freshman year and lyresident for both sophomore and junior years. During her senior year she has been Chairperson of the Senior Advisory Board and Coordinator of the monthly one-to-one'sg recreational activities involving local handicapped children and our local C.E.C. chapter. After graduation she ould like to teach, attend graduate school nd travel. JON MURILLO Jon, executive Vice President of the Stu- dent Government, has been an active member of the Finance Committee. He is chairperson of the Speakers' Committee and is a brother of Kappa Delta Phi. He is involved in the College Senate, and after graduation he plans a career in business. 52 PAT NELSON Pat is an Elementary Education major and is secretary of Kappa Delta Pi. She is a member of the New Jersey Education Association and her future plans include teaching. ROBERTA NOWICKI Roberta is a French Major. She has been a past member of the French Club and the Ski Club. She participated in the Dance Marathons her sophomore and junior years, also she was a member of the Volunteer Mayor's Action Bureau. After graduation she plans to teach French on a high school level. 0 i 1 E 5 f lim I L . MIKE PECKLERS Mike, a member of th basketball team for thre years is also an outstandinj player on our tennis squad Mike is a special educatio1 major and has been activel involved in the Council fo Exceptional Children. Hi future plans include atten ding graduate school fo physical therapy. ,- X N X sf XX .xx .X me - MARY JEAN V. PESCE Mary Jean is President of the Sociology club. She has been a member of the Sociology curriculum com- mittee, Italian club, History club, and Radio club. After graduation she plans to travel, get involved in com- munity affairs, and attend graduate school. ARBARA PARZEL Barbara is a Math major. She has been resident of the Sigma Delta Phi Sorority, and member of the Pep Squad. After Graduation ie plans to teach Math on a high school level nd also to graduate school. 4 DEBBIE PINCAR Debbie is an Urban Studies major and is a member of the Sociology club and fencing team. Her future plans in- clude attending graduate school. L ELLEN RINEHART Ellen is a health science major. She is captain of the Women's Varsity Swim Team and held offices in the Aquatic Club and Physical Fitness Club. Her future plans in- clude teaching health science and coaching a swim team. id N 1 JOSEPH P. PETILLO Joe is an active member of the C.E.C. ana the Sociology Club. After graduation he plant to attend law school. .EONARD RESTO Leonard, a history major, has been an ac- .ve member of the History Club. He is a lember of Phi Alpha Theta, the history honor nciety. He is chairman of the student advisory ommittee for the History Department. His uture plans include teaching History on a igh school level. PAMELA ROWE Pam is a Special Education Major. She is Editor of the 1975 Tower Yearbook. She has been a dormitory senator, member of Kappa Delta Pi, and Pi Delta Epsilon. After gradua- tion she plans to teach and to attend graduate school for a degree in Reading and Language Arts. 6 SANDRA SABIN Sandra is a Special Educa- tion major and has been a member of the Women's Recreation Association, C.E.C., and History Club. After graduation she is look- ing forward to a career as a special education teacher. 4 w 4 5 'fb W ff MOLLYANN RUBIN Molly, an Early Childhood major, has been president of the Vodra Dorm Senate. She is Secretary for the 1975 Tower and a member of Pi Delta Epsilon, the national journalism organization. Molly is also a member of the Council for Exceptional Children. She plans to teach after graduation. 'brwgq ELLYN RUZICKA Ellyn is a Biology major and an active member of both the American Chemical Socie- ty and the American Institute of Biological Sciences. She is also a member of Kappa Delta Pi and the Women's Recreation Association. After graduation she plans to attend graduate school to study Biochemistry. JACQUELINE SIRCHIO Jacquie is a Sociology Major and an ac- tive member in the Sociology club. After graduation she plans to attend graduate school and teach. QW' LAURA ANN TAGLIAFERRO Laura is an Economics major and Presi- dent of the Accounting Society. She is a member of Omicron Delta Epsilon, the honor society in economics and is former Correspon- ding Secretary of S.G.O. She plans to become a certified public .accountant and then plans to attend graduate school. CATHERINE A. STEFFENS Catherine is an English major and is historian of Kappa Delta Pi. She has been a member of the Student Education Association and past treasurer of the Arts and Letters Association. Her future plans include teaching high school English and attending graduate school. 257 JUAN O. VARELA Juan is a media major who has been very involved in the performing arts at J.C.S.C. He is a member of the Tower Players, the Performing Art Club, the Dance Theatre and the Television Club. After graduation he hopes to be able to achieve success as a songwriter and a performing artist. ? ELIZABETH M. VOCHECOWICZ Elizabeth is a music education major who has been very involved in musical activities in- cluding the Percussion Ensemble, the College Community Orchestra and the Jazz Ensemble. After graduation she hopes to continue perfor- ming and possibly attend graduate school. 7" l, Z L J x M, K M 1935+ N as .Q fl I CAROL T. TOPOLSKI Math is Carol's major and she's put h knowledge to work in the math tutoring clu She has been a member of Sigma Delta Phi f three years and was elected vice-presidnet her senior year. After graduation she plans pursue a career in education. ODETTE THOMAS Odette is a Speech Correction major and is the vice president of the Speech Club. She is also the vice president of the Women's Recreational Association. After graduation Odette plans to teach or work on Wall Street in New York City. ROSEANN TUVEL Roseann is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and is the vice president of the organization. She is also chairman of the Math Student Personnel Committee as well as being an active member of the Accoun- ting Society and the Economics Club. After graduation Roseann plans a teaching career. 9 MICHAEL VUOCOLO Mike, a Political Science major, has been president of the Political Science Club for two consecutive years. He is an active member in the Economics Club, the Gothic Times Staff and Pi Sigma Alpha, the national Political Science Honor Society. His future plans include prac- ticing law and attaining a Ph.D. in Political Science. fav mfg' MARGARET WEBER Margaret is an Art major. She is an active member of the Women's Collective and the Art Association. She has recently been commissioned to design a sculpture for our campus. She plans to con- tinue studying art in graduate school and also to teach art. DARLENE ZITZ Darlene has been a sister of Iota Chi sorority, a member of the American Chemical Society and Kappa Delta Pi. She is secretary of the American Institute for Biological Science. After graduation she plans to teach science on a high school level and to attain a Masterls in Marine Ecology. NOT PICTURED JOHN CONWAY MRS. MARCIA DANOF F GAIL WOVNA IRENE WOZNIAK PHI ALPHA THETA XXX L Mr. Richard Kane, Tony Grasso, Leonard Resto, John Belluaroo, Raymond Cappola, Philip Blume KAPP DELTA PI , F x yy! X .ss ' 'Q 72' , oooe K it , , ,Fi XT y ,, Francine Mulvasig Treasurer, Pat Nelson, Secretary, Christine Muraivaig President, Roseanne Tuvelg Vice President, Catherine Steffensg Historian, Advisors, Claudette Weissleder, PI DEL TA EPSILO JOURNALISM HONOR SOCIETY Kenneth Murphy. , ,W , V Nilsa Perez, Debbie Huisman, Kathy Kenny, Pam Rowe, Fran Vincente, Greg Dowling, Steve Lempkin, Rich Monestersky, Frank Ferrara, Brian Rowe. K YS-in KX. . F, mv 3 ,n fx Lf . wi, xx Q 5 , STUDEWTLHTI ADMWWBTRATHNV PMCULTYKHHWUORS .HONORS ORGANUMTWWW5 SPEAKERS SPORTS YEAR IN REVIEW R i 2 3 E 266 S. G. 0. ELEC TI ONS The elections for Student Government Officers were held in April 1974. Elections for Class officers were held simultaneously. The end of the day proved favorable for Alan Adler, who was elected SCO President for the 1974-1975 school year. S. G. 0. MEETING 'K xi uf M,,.,,,...--w-- 1 E ? ' Xl' IBF Fig 52 or Mx Lemza ileen McFadden Jon Murillo ice President Qf Finance Vice President af Standing Comm. nna Fuime Alan Adler Diane Garcia wrresponding Secretary President Vice President Qf Clubs -KF ' .4 aribeth Bredehoft Wayne Podesta ecorcling Secretary Treasurer 26 70 PEAKERS COMMITTEE George Tutiven, Chairmang Jon Murillo, Bob Carlucci, Jim Cosides, ,lay Reynolds, Carre Bachman, Fran Vincente, Tom Capello, and April Pearsall. - ELEC TIO COMMITTEE f SU X A 2 Secretary, Jay Reynoldsg Tom Capello, April Pearsall, Advisorg Diane Altbuch, Fran Vincente, Carroll Bachman, Jim Cosides, Chairmang ,Ion Murillo. ,rw M ,W m f, 1 ,. N 4 ,,.,,,..4 .. W . Mggnw g'T?""' gwwy fy nw, ,M ,,,q,zM.,-5 Sfafflwlgx-Mr' mfg-,,"f-I W W , Makzfmfg ,Haifa W W . f :"f.'. .agen ffm?-..1w, Mm-ga, , V .-"".m:fS:f -iW""v441o , N 3.21115 WW!! rg as 4 3. fi :mf-W' vw-Q 1 "W" 5 , 1 .,.. it gf-'s".,., - W , 3 . , , .... in-nu ,G 5'3'w"'nWfN kk.. A Mm M, .V 2 " ' 'lick Otto, Maxine Bress, Joanne Frio, Ted Jankowski, Edna Johansen, ames 0'Connell, Darlene Ratyniak, Sue Wright, Susan Scornavacca, flaribeth Bredehoft, Diane Mclnerney, Frank Ferrara, Walter Glospie. OCIAL C UMMI TT E FI A CE COMMITTEE fl ,jf 'im Cosides, Advisorg Diane Altbuch, Pam Rowe, Frank Ferrara, Chairmang Eileen -llcFadden, Mike Mulligan, Diane Garcia, Debbie Horan, Walter Glospie, Smiley O'Neil. 271 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICER Diane Mclnerny, President Jayson Burg, Vice President Joanne Frio, Secretary Joe Benjamin, Treasurer SENIOR CLASS OFFICER Mr Bachman, 4dvisor Debbie Horan, Secretary Walter Closple President Bob Carluccl, Vice President Mike Mulligan Treasurer BLOOD DRIVE T0 WER PLA YERS -x S, A.. "LION IN WINTER IN y S 1 'X 276 T0 WER PLA YERS PRESENT Highlighting some of the Tower Players productions are Joan Cun- ningham clutching a knife while Bob Sylvester contemplates over his typewriter in Birdbath. Below: Linda Odeynko and Yvonne Alfano in Beatrice Cenci. They also appeared with Joe Garcia and Jose Torres. Far Left: Gerarad Cullity and Ellen Dretz appeared in the production of The loveliest After- noon of the year. M ...unix 7 JAZZ BAND 0 . 'f 'Q .wgv,. as-1 4 X Q Q 4-n Pi rw-sm, QM: C.E. C. Council for Exceptional Children is a club that does various activities for excep- tional children. The club is made up primarily of special education majors but everyone is always welcome. This year besides planned trips to Willowbrook, Woodbrodge, and the annual A. Harry Moore Christmas Party they also have a one to one once each month. This is where one child has one counselor working with him all day doing different activities as well as arts and crafts. The children come from various sec- tions of Hudson County. Z ,. -.. 4' N -, ,I '17 ,'., f Vvfi .1 , . PERF OR ING AR TS COMM. This school year the Performing Arts Committee has put on a great number of ac tivities. Included in this is Homecoming ir which they featured John Sebastian and Dizzy Gillespie. They have also shown a variety oi free movies. Q Q l 4 3 2 l s 5 E x s I I i Ghairman, Roseann Hozang Kathee Janiec, Emil Carara Balog, Greg Webster, Debbie Bojarski, Juan Varela, A4 Jr., Ogden Lewis, Martha Griffin, Marie LeFante, Paul visor, Gene Bannon. l .UREIGN TUDE T 3 astian flndonesiaj, Treasurerg Murieki Kahiga fKenyaj, Matsuko Kyojo fjapanj, ice Presidentg Hugh Hall Uamicaj, Presidentg Oscar Barrenechea, Jr. fPeruj, -cretaryg Mundia Kahiga, Advisorg Mr. Samuel McGee. T. V. CL B ITALIA CULTURAL SOCIETY n n President, Frank Mazzag Vice President, Tony Tropeanog zo, Hassih Faris, Francesca Drago, Lucia Salazz Carr. Secretary, Lina DeMaiog Rec. Secretary, Anne Marie Giuseppe Fiermonte, Patrick DeCieco, Claude! 4 Constantinog Treasurer, Alberto Totino, Cindy Costan- Weissleder. FRENCH CL UB 'easurer, Sonia Shahid, Secretary, Judy Orecchiog Hassib Faris, Jaba Haweileh, ihan Tanios, Frank Mazza, Francis Drago, Lucy Solazzo, Alberto Toyino, Fuad err. PANISH CL UB ggi' Dr. Owilda Jimenez-Ocejog President, Hugh Caballerog Vice-President, Ismail Reina, . Philip Russillog Secretary, Janina Terrazasg Helen Prevor, Angela Daniel, Guadalupe Aida Hernandez, Irene Pristo, Maria Leiva, Isabel Cunzman, Irma Fernandez, Carolyn and Linda Costa. ADVANCED H E IXLIH F0 JD LO. PH YSI CAI FITNESS DA Y 'STRESS A Health Fair was held in Vodra Hall, on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 12 81 13. Sponsored by Dr. Tooshi and the J.C.S.C. Health Department, its purpose was to educate the students in the field of physical fitness, giv- ing us an awareness of the im- portance of a healthy body. Some of the interesting ex- hibits for the two days in- cluded: A stress test, a strength test, hypertension test, a test measuring lung capacity, body fat measure- ment, a health food display, dentistry display, tran- scendental meditation dis- play and an exhibit on plann- ed parenthood. The Health Fair provided two days to ex- periment and be tested with various pieces of equipment. s XmESsWU! fwo Cflhmon 9 Ka 7 ig : if QS? Qt Qgii A . url X Q- J-E 1 , . iw 'Q MODERN DANCE CL UB 290 BLA CK FREEDO SOCIETY President Project Director Corresponding Secretary Jeanette Tindell Belinda White Barbara Jimperson Stephen Holloway Onaje Donna R. Andrews Carol A. Colson Nsenga fLillianJ Dickerson Timothy Washington Harry Melvin Annetta Lee Sally Rollie Roy Williams Dana Bratton Eileen Goodrum Nathaniel P. Peterson Jr. J Wi F-'vi Mi MW J ,Z-'S ' M3 M- 3 K COLLEGE CHOIR ,M . Y ,... . .P-1" f ""' in 1 f Asn , IW an Z 'Tr Q Ov 45. G N FUTURIS TIC BANQ UET This year the Department of International Studies presented an unusual affair for the college community. Dr. Michael Kamell and Dr. Van Alen Qrightj coordinated a program with assistance from the faculty and students of Music, Art, Dance and Theatre Departments. The evening could simply be described as unique. 4' R A x 4+ W '196 RAPLI E Standing: Joe Asconi, Butch Buccionti, Paul Fulford, DiRicco, Judy Santoro, Barry Weber, Mike Leeming an and Mike Hommer. Sitting: Joanne Luppino, Lois Maryann McGovern. Juniewicy, Don Dermody, Denise McGovern, Elaine """n I' 9 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Peter Monteforte, Jeff Rockoff, Gwen Greenfieldg Pres., Jim Eckertg V.P., Diane Jerowicz, Fran Bojar, Peter Granovetter, Sue Colacurciog Sec., Kevin Wignall, Llim Toback. AMERICAN INS TI TU TE OF BI O-S CIEN CE Tony DiMaiolo, Barry Shafer, Marc Klausner, Myra Rosolowsky Kenneth Ptaszynski, Gwen Green field, P. L. Garcia. 98 RADIO CLUB John DiStaulo, Jayson Burg, Joe Franicen. E GEUGRAPH Y CL UB Leonard Novak, V.P.g Pat Crughal Treasq Sheila Talafous, Sec.g Pal Pomarico, Pres.g Dale R. Lot Sponsor. SOCIOLOGYA D A THROPOLOGY Standing: Advisor, Prof. Edward Mednickg Dr. John J. Spurling, and Dr. Theodore Adams. Sit- ting: President, Mary Jean Pesceg Vice-President, John Solomitag Secretary, Ann Vicenti, and Treasurer, Thomas Duffy. ACCOU TING CLUB ,J as resident. Laura Tagliaferrog Vice President, Suzanne Clifford Smith, Ramon Garcia, John Balinski, Steve organg Sm-rotary, Christine Murawag Treasurernlanice Tremel, Roseann Tuvel, Maureen Just, Advisor, Mr. udek, Richard Gorman, Catherine Webster, Despina Leonard Goodman. 299 atzelis, Mike Alvarez, Karlene Moeller, Kunseh Lee, 00 A QUA TICS CL UB PHIL OS OPH Y CL UB Bottom: Willa Boscia, Marsha Ashby, Clyde L. Dinkins, Joann Cheak. Middle: Luis Gil, Edilberto Ruiz, Maria lppolito, Alton 0'Neill. Top: Robert L. Jones, Ronald Bugusz, Joseph Giordano. Frank Ferrara, Ellen Rinehart, Neil Cammerano, Brian Rowe, Debbie Pi car, Mrs. Pearce H W 'N TER F RA TERNI T Y-S OR URI T Y COUNCIL as EY ctw HMM. SCHUDL , L 4' CT -'wx' fi mf 'fa- MQ 19141 if LHS wwe 016' ,W JERSEY 0. 'THE TFXAINING TEACHERS FSR UXISZEQ ZH ITS 25,25 SCHOOLS mrmzmfzn easuror, Fran Vincenteg Vice-President, Lynn Campagnag President, Gene :llyg Secretary. Susan Sorce. The I.F.S.C. held a dance marathon for the benefit of the National Hemophiliac Foundation on February 27- 28, 1975. The goal for this year was to raise 310,000.00, which is double the amount raised for charity last year. SI GMA DELT PHI w Q ,warm x X5 xkb v x W5 , Y Q RN F Q NURSE 9 if President-Barbara Parzel Vivo-President-Carol Topolski Recording Secretary-Elena McDonough Treasurer-Diane DeRosa Sgt. at ArmsdLynne Campagna Sue Bianchi Karen Bordo Nancy Cirelli Chris Corello Mary Davis Kit Frost Gail Garbarini Josephine Grossi Celeste Hoppy Barbra Hudacko Mary Ann LaFonte Jan Lazorko Robin Menninger Chris Moriak JoAnne Musto Mary Claire McClean Jeanne O,Connell Barbara Petrokowski Debbie Piser Donna Pona Tina Popyk Peggy Richardson Ann Russo Mary Lu Savage Patti Savage Petrina Scabetta Linda Spiotto Barbara Talian Janice Yuille 4 DEL TA THE TA EPS IL 0 f7,, W, "M""'llfliH1rinuwM ' , KW, 'fs .1 , .,, A E W , . Ayf - yf V at N ' 7 0- , vga' . awww f M , vw, he E ..,,.W,,Wy T E.VT, ,W .,,NA We ,,,,,,,m E'T7 E ' ' I W ,V' . ' Q 5 y'Zy , E,EE in as M543 no T 1,1 ea gyhv A Ef i than M an WHEWM 'ffl 'G xzw W as JV V, I ' 1 ff -," 4 gk I 5 WEE, M W f -I A wr' E 45 ., We f i aw fa, A, 7 ' E , f,f, 2 ' Gi I Q 1- I President-Nydia Sote Vice-President-Donna Rechardi Treasurer-Karen Zubrycki Secretary-Susan Sorce Renee Bottona Margie Burhe Linda Clark Diane Cooper Cherly DeGraffinreed Jeanne Manzo ,Pat Matthews Terri McGrath Donna Michna Mary Jane Miscisal Diane Montgomery Era Montis Paulette Parher Donna Rechardi Tina Riolo Janice Semienick Susan Sorce Nydia Sote Mary Ann Walsh Karen Zerbrychi 5 ZETA EPSILO TA President-Joann Fierro Vice President-Maxine Bress Secretary-Darlene Ratyniak Treasurer-Edna Johansen Social Chairman-Pat Corea Historian-Jean Mahon Sgt. at Arms-Michele Popolizio Kathy Boffalow Maribeth Bredehoft Patty Bridges Terry Casella Janice Cesario Pam Costello Pat D'Amore Pat De Masi Lorraine Dombrowski Lois Eckmayer Joann Frio Karen Kelly Jayne Kody Margie Kleczynski Donna Laura Donna Long Marty Lumetta Josephine Luppino 06 Rosemary Maracich Eileen McFadden Diane Mclnerney Kathy Meola Lydia McCarthy Joann Novello Doreen Plahovisak Diane Rabbitti Muriel Roberts Donna Senise Terri Scalisi Susan Scornavacca Barbara Spada Terry Slauhack Lorrie Umhoefer Pat Vanora Mary Violante Rosemary Yancius X is S W' Yen! ! rw Am, , ,gr ' Y. vz S 1 A,-535 ,Q 25" 'A in '45 ml 7 I CCM M SIGMA THET CHI Prvsident-Janet Balesterri Vice President-Barbara Basile Secretary-Susan Nimon Treasurer-April Pearsall Social Director-Mary 0,Neil Roselie Anglin Carroll Bachman Cathy Benjamin Anna Calahrese Angela Cavuoto Joanne Cerep Cathy Fico Anna Fuime Diane Halasz Debbie Huisman Nancy Hynes Kathy Kenny Dorene Lesczynski Betty Miranda Norma Miranda Ann Marie Rokosz Angela Santino Mary Ann Silva Laurey Szulis Michele Tesslor Fran Vincente i""'-., xmmimu CAM A CHI P res id ent Vice President Treasurer Secretary Sgt. at A rms Historian Tony Beatini john Brown Jerry Bruno Marty Collucci Rick DelValle John Dunay John Fenyar Mike Franco Allan Gershenson Tim Green Steve Hern Bob Jack Vinny Kelly George Kopischke Pete Lynch Bill Clifton ,lim Corbett Sal Clappsy John Lord Vic DiSanzo Gene Kelly Jack McGarry Mike McMillan ,lim Nicholson Lou Pallante Matt Panyko Dom Rodrigues Bill Ronzetti Joe Smanski Ziggy Stepien John Sweeney Tom Sweeney Angelo Valle Benny Valle Bill Wells Nick Williams ii' Y KAPPA DEL TA PHI 10th ANNIVERSARY 1965-1975 President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sgt. at Arms Historian Jeff Abrams Mike Arnone Ed Barring Butch Bucciante Jayson Burg Ward Byrne Tony Calderon James Cappello Tom Ca pello Bob Carljucci Dennis Carroll Jo Cola Pinto Clay Constantino Joe Conti Mike Cekot Jim Cosides Ted D'Crecenzo Dave Font Dominic Frio Ricky Gerbehy Jerry Gheradi Charlie Gornicz John lwanowski Mike Mulligan Steve Papenburg Joe Ben'amin Walter lllospie Frank Ferrara Brian Rowe Ted J ankowski Ed Kelly Mike Lynch Tom Metzner Stan Mis Gus Mueller Jon Murrillo John 0'Keefe Bob 0'Neil John Ortiz Wayne Podesta Jay Reynolds Tom Reynolds Jeff Rockoff Jorge Tutivan George Villano Bob Violanti Neil Visione Mike Ward Lenny Ward John Nye Joe Ferrara Bergen King III ,Y MICR: ,' ,-'.', XA WM E' GOTHIC TIMES News Editor. Bob Weeks The Gothic Times has seen a great deal of change occur within its own organization during this past year. Finding it hard to publish a weekly paper with a cut in its budget from SCO it has attempted to become independent of the governing body. The new staff has tried to finance its efforts with in- creased advertising to supple- ment their budget. This year the paper has lost the mainstream of its art staff as Carl Hollenbach and Bob Giordano become alumnus of our own "Daily Planetn. But Steve "Don't call me Chief" Lemken and Bob "Jimmy Olsen" Weeks have done a good job organizing the new staff and meeting their ever constant deadlines even without a Clark Kent Superman. 314 i lr . wg zo V. D QQUL.. 8 QCII! 3 89 wa '-.2 UW OTE 1,-I" Managing Editor. Rich Monastersky N A H F. ,.,. VYYYVVVVVV A Y. ,E .,,. -En , -. ,,,,. AEMN,,.. , ., 2039 KENNEDY BLVD., JERSEY CITY, NJ. 12013 S47-3540 The Gothic Times is a student publication which hits the streets sporadicly during the academic year, Opinions expressed do not mean "The Gothic Times said," but rather "Someone Said in the Ubtlzir Times, lt is not the official voice of JCSC., but rather an attempt to translate that voice. STEVE LEMKEN'. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JANICE RICHARDI, Assn. Ed. NEWS FEATURES PHoroGRAPHv B09 WEEKS- Edlfof GREG DOWLING, Editor Lou MARTUCC1 SHAWN ROOTH CHARLES BARRGW STU METRICK MUNDIA KAHrGA HUGH HALL MAUREEN SULLIVAN PETER C. PATASIUS CARL HOLLENBACH, Editor Mgfggfg-2,l'lfQN ROSEMARY MCLAUGHLIN. EOE GIORDANO I L 4 1 , JAN KAMIL DENNIS MQLAUGHLIN MARCIA DANQFE R R SPORTS rom EUMEERA MANAGING PETE LY NCH, Editor MICHAEL E. vuocoro RICH MONASTERSRY, Editor PETE BOCKMAN, Co-Editor rim KISHLER ro ALICE ornamm BARBARA LEPPERT ' , . CLERICAL - DIANE SUGRUE EDITORIAL BOARD STEVE LEMKEN -' BOB WEEKS - GREG DOWLING- JANICE RICHARDI - LGU MARTUCCI CARL HOLLENBACH E- PETE LYNCH - PETE BOCKMAN -0 RICH MONASTERSKY OL,.s o6'I...JOCwOL.:3o0CJLgQ.JCLG'3CZ ODEGD 4':1'JOQoCfZiC3cQ otibo Eitifjo N' HU SMUK5Hi5 IC , 13 A i Q I L 3 X l :,,1, or 3 ,,-""" Editor. Steve Lemken Feature Editor, Greg Dowling 5 YEARBOOK STAF VV jf- Secretary, Molly Rubing Editor, Pam Rowe 6 fl! N4 jf 01.41, , sl Ci? 4-T77 Sl U ez .fm Huisman, Dave Font, Kathy Kenny, Pati Lom- Literary Eflilorg Mona Hausthor, Editor, Pam Rowe, Linda Costa, Barbara Talian, Patti Trapona, Sm-rvzaryg Molly Rubin, Nilsa Perez-Nauer, Faye Knight. 7 PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF K. Qi 4. Photography Editor, Brian Rowe Nilsa Perez-Nauer, Jayson, Stuart Pepose, Beth Bergner, Business Managerg Frank Ferrara, Brian Rowe M1 , EZQZELQQ ",,,i' 2 bzatg W f 1-4. A i ,. ,,, vlrlll , y A V , .-ann'-43" 'mms ,pf ON wmv-Pwsi v 10510 ADWTY ww , e, wmtc. 2323,-5. yemes Spw gm .1 1 ,ur-' 20 K STRIKER On the eighteenth of November 1974, FT members from eight State Colleges voted v collectively authorize a strike. And strike ney did, beginning the following Monday at fx o'clock a.m. Picket lines were set up at each ltrance of the school. Although there was no olence, striking teachers made clear what ley felt about students crossing the lines and ning to classes. The main issue of the strike as the State's hint of a possible wage freeze ld program cuts which could have meant 'bs from tenured faculty. The strike was held n a means of forcing the state to negotiate efore the budget was set. U if T31 ,age ' NES, I .L ,sz .f-1 .9 .. -,-f- .. ::wMf.smm......,afw -'mmf QRQS C UN CERNED S TUDENTE 4 TTEND MEETING Of the approximately 60,000 students affected, views on the strike were varied. There were those who wholeheartedly supported the teachers, picketing alongside of them. Others gave no support at all attending all of their classes, at least those that were being held. But for the most part no one knew what was going on. For this reason a meeting was held in order to in- form students concerned about the strike and its related possibility of a tuition increase. At the meeting, President Max- well and members of the Student Action Committee attempted to provide attending students with information on the strike. President Maxwell felt that there would be no more budget cuts and tuition would remain as it was. 4 SOMEHOW IT WAS UVER Although there were abundant reasons for the strike as it went into the second week, few people knew what it was all about. The picket lines grew thinner as more students and faculty didn't bother to show up. Even though the strike was a mystery it somehow came to an end over Thanksgiving weekend. Few people cared about the causes or reasons. By the following Monday everything was back to normal as classes resumed and people returned. mkwww ""---,,,-hm '--, TE D157 T . M5003 STA r cu Or """'M E 4mamzNnSQq,gf?'Am55y sv QE :Ti TIQN WOCALS -S S x 'Qilligxxl NNAR ,. .... e Q if wg 3 E P 2 Q Q f, Q, 2 W , , ,, an f Aggie ,gy- fsi?i i?S5"'4"?Gf L wiki' 5 ai, 9359 Q- wi ww usxwiws mf, :Y R 4 L A',k Q .. .i-1, -- 2 Q wsv rel'S2'h2 ii Es - ff 1 - ..,. h W :Jr 11. i2 .Q-Q si' 3 s' SE 11., Q M I N fy - L- aw? aw Q- Q ,W F -F M- .V 2-,fn-S 4-:ry f -1, 'N gf' W fig? Q U 1 A Yfw,.i:.L,':IfwdEF.,".:.'f-VE:' ' - VM, 'H , -V -M , H 4 1-55'1EZ'3'21fzwi,:.m'Will' 'Z " :9f"ZE5?!eff,-fx, 2 1 Z Myaef.'a,':-2-' ,1,.'51w, -- -- - E? ' ' 'GQ V Yi? 'Z 2e3",,zf- 'iff " Q if M W f W . 1. , 'Sm 5'0" 1 M N "" Q A 2- ', c 'lit WWW ary, ,. , .L S TUDENT LIFE ADMINIS TEA TION FACULTY .sz SENIORS HONORS OR GA N124 TIONS SPEAKERS SP OR TS YEAR IN REVIEW CALLS F OR LOCAL CHANGE CUCCI Campaigns Against Hudson County Bureaucracy Anthony Cucci, an educator who has entered the local Political Scene, came to our campus to discuss his new proposals for the Hudson County system of government. The independent candidate for freeholder described his program as a way to "eliminate the heavy bureaucracy in the county". Sponsoring the talk, the Political Science Club attracted an audience of local political followers who attended our school. AND NA TIUNAL C UTS Senator Proxmire Calls For Trimming of Budget Waste "Our economy can have a great future but will take some forceful action we havenit gotten yet," stated Senator William Proxmire QD-Wis.j as he addressed an audience here at the college. Speaking at the invitation of the Political Science Club, Senator Proxmire called on President Ford to rollback prices by using the "full power of his officen. He noted that the amount of waste the taxpayers are paying for is excessive and spen- ding should be cut on a federal level. Much of the "fat" can easily be trimmed from our federal budget. 9 COUPLES 2, 6 AND 9 T KE YOUR BREAKI9' 11- Sponsored by the IFSC, our annual 36 hour dance marathon was held this year for the benefit of the Hemophiliac Association. Dancing for a day and a half, the twenty four original en- tries probably consumed more Ben-Gay and Baby Powder than most hospitals need in a year. The jovial at- mosphere at the start grew to sore legs and yawns as they entered the night. The climax at the last five minutes saw the dancers crowded with shouts from the spectators. When all was over the couples had raised over S4000 for the association. jp. :.Q .. - 'rx : Q1 V X ,ff 'ir Wg-gf Q1 if : 1 1' I Q STUDENT SLIF ADMINIS TRA T I ON FA C UL T Y sm SENIORS HONORS OR GANIZA TION SPEAKERS SPOR TS YEAR IN RE VIE W A JM SOME OF THE CHANGES WERE ABRUPT After one of the finest seasons in the history of the school, our football team did not return with the spirit of the previous year. There were changes in the coaching staff. Coach Stephans left the team and the task of fielding a squad was put on the shoulders of Coach McKeown. He would feel the personnel changes after several Key players signed W.F.L. contracts and were ineligible to play. A disagreement between some players and the new coach caused a dismissal of a few top starters. Every scoreboard told the story in simple terms. From a top conference squad, the Gothics found themselves on the losing end of one sided contests. ww-ww 'Y K fi Q21 J f M W 1' f if 'L 0 ff ,mn 7' ie .,"' ff Q A 1 , 'Wi , L. L.,,,,,,,,,,, " fr ml' . 4f"'14"AKf1m " W , U U 3, E' Mali 'i s. yr , 4w-, , mewmwirfmw-fms 1 I' gl-K4-,ug '6- 3 K 35514 N' 'WUI - M. F' ew ' ' 3 5"'. f.. Q 7 X3 A .5 x I' I " I 67 if if ii- uuum""""""" ,JI ll' .I , Q vi? 6' 5 3 Ze, f ' A SQ ' ,Q ,- 1' Q ' ' 5' A I Q 5-ff -T1 .QU I M E: k..f' ' . ' ' ' 2 - I ' MF .af , 'fl My 1 AV E mi' 5 X '25, ,,-I , 'K M .f ' wh 1 fi r 5 A' V5 xg 6, ll' K 4 F N , ' kgs, VQHALAQK if ,fu A q 1 ?'f4s?f A M Qf" W AW - .MM A ' - ' Wgfviu W U Q , """" f QP' g 6 f , We . M, .V 'Mm w V -l f 'W 31 " 'fn ' Q Q ,244 ,H A ,Q ' ' " , qfg AM? 12: Q f W 3m 14-f' xi 'W ' if ' W 'm'? , '- Y A 5 if 14 fiffi f fm., A 1? "- 1 f 3 ?5 M ., A , I W U t , 3 2 . , 55,45 ,W Wt, 4 QE .,.,v-f.,J, is ik' 5' ff A' ' A"' 14231 3 QQ' AA W E I a"i . .,f'g'ff A Q .f 2 V li , ' , x , . 21? fw1-Yffisfff: 1 1 ' 11 V' ' '- . i ' Q 5 f ' ' Ui!!! A I Q A ' 5 I AAU 24 lg " 2, ' -or 'Nl ' if ' 9513 ,W X41 ,A V ll , T5 V ' Ye N' W 'A f X 4 ' 'Ji n W' ., rg i ., 1, ' X ' 'Wg' ' mis- .ff -': f "' A ' 1 .' 'I Wi-. -A .f . R : : .4 5 vi . Oi 'V - Q-if , 1 'L , . Q n 'QA I ' Q vi x , m-HMM '- sy. - - r s I A ru w X 'A 'f W Q, ,xx Q4 .. 'Y x 9 .1,, - K . . " ., 4 '4 ' 11 ,ff , 'xp ' L7 ,X .H 'Z-'L 44,-K X ' 'KP' V. N I' 'L X , ' , ...NYY 79' ' W M 9 ,MMI N 'nl A. N sb M J, A635 40 Q .. QW SW sa- fp N' N. K. .fx , A .gi qifggiwfifgiiiisigk 7 urwifgf' -N C i C Q 0 A Q iwkigwi ,ix us Q l an Q5 . ,X 0 wi C ,-EL Oli x I 1 W x QL -fs V Q-U1 mai QW sw F W ig 8 ww PM ' 1 i F ri faxffg' S, Y., gk 'W fm 1 at ahh: 42 BASEBALL '4We are a very young team with a great deal of poten- tial," Coach Babich said as he discussed the prospects for the spring of '75. This spring could find the Gothics a legitimate contender for New jersey State College Athletic Conference baseball honors. Coach Larry Babich,s young club enjoyed a 6-l record last fall during an in- formal program that saw the Cothics hit .296 as a team and steal an astounding 41 bases in 44 attempts. Although the Gothics finished with an 8-ll record in the spring of '74, the vic- tory figure was the highest in more than a decade at jersey City State and included decisions over both Montclair State and Glassboro State. Si' 'wa--2 Gyn' "i 'W '01 1414 'V' An in ' ,. 3 x .. .,, fqgkv dw H A- WVMM ,i 1 , HN-:www 4, My gif' Q.. r M? mam uf ,' A . K 1 , ffqivhw " ,, WQEM V ni , ' ' , we ' ' I ' My ,,. I UWA ,, we dw giggggfqii fl' , . YW f fi VW , ,W W f W x W 4 :A 5 'Q' , I -' W, ,W Wi? ,,. fm -'Q ff M W ,pf 59? EELW. G I , ww g M, 346 UCCER Bob McNulty begins his ninth year with the Cothics McNulty is assilsilnt coach fol the Soccer tea Jersey City State finds itself with a young and inext perienced team for the 1974 campaign since graduatior took staters. Three All- Conference and All Stat: players return. Dave'Malefsky, will be ir goal for the Gothics, hw much of his success will de pend on the defense in fron' of him. Mid-field could he thc strongest area with Pepe Casais returning for the thirc year. 4 x" v , -f x x N' 4 , ix as 3 X -4 4 xx , A ' W X xx xo 'i 421995 M' HV! E W Y KMA K , N ' f.., 1 -"' My A .- ' 1 'n , me ff , . wi A , 34 7 4 4 n , fm 'Q 351 .-.-W A+ f ir ,M f 6 Q -.'.. brag: 41 4 , I I Ie , sf 'u 'Z W ' 95-4 ff o H',9wf, . 1 W aw --'X kg' Coach Len Americo, ,lim Folger, Mike Ward, Mike Pecklers, Doug Lewiskin, Nick Poltewicz, Darryl Zingaro, Wayn Podesta. 5 ? 2 we 3 if Q4 Q? if ii ii F5 2 w .E MA if 9.2 ji f 2 i l 5 3. :Q M fi 'Q we 5 55 Q, 2 if 4, Q? fi SF 2 1 5 S 55 WOMEN 'S TENN S Standing: Deborah Thompson, Deborah Kinderel, Gail Phillips, Mary Ellen McCarthy. Kneeling: Louise Hajduk, Judy Alfano, Leslyn Byass, Linda Polilowski. .sf Starting off the team in the spring, Deborah Thomp- son was appointed as player- coach. Number 2 player Mary McCarthy was our most im- proved player. Gail Phillips, number 3, is developing into a top player on the squad. On the Doubles Team are Gail Phillips with Maria Gar- cia, and Deborah Kenderel with Helen Ruchala. A key reserve for doubles and singles is Leslyn Byass. assist' 7 X x .14 BBS 'O mf' CRUSS COU TRY h V. Tripp, Coach Sirangelo, Manager C. Thomas, M. Ensslin, J. Cicalese, Capt. J. Nicholson ' Hr 1' -,ws :gf '53 9 lb xr Wg.: ' Pm - Q ,AL J, uf'-0 f N' Y-1 ZQ Q' A J uni AW 6 9 ,?-----I . wh Q g TYYHQI HW UART 1'- Q, r Q fw ,f 4 X f .gum 1s::974Vf'47 'H' ee , 'Sr 5. :Wa 'gawk f 93?-x .Q' 'Q r ' av' W I A K '-'1 , 'f if x f E E S ' ff , 62 X iv M, VWMM ,M ,,,,V, ZW, W ,, W 6 3 aaa , Q 1 W' 4 , Q 3 x, , Q' , n I '59 4' ' 5 7 M , A Q- M19 'W 2' g 2 Q Q fa V1 ' 2' , if 'Q 5 41 J ,K fvyfdf, ,440 V 'WWW Q 'F Ln,,, AZ qi' f f . - H 5 ' , 'Q , A 1 V 'a W' ' gr" f v ,, fy P , , , .E-ff ., , V V, W M V Aj' V M, gf , ,,, ,, YV, A,,, V 'V Vu VV Vw 'WHT 7 , ,, KW " s V5 W ,fm W yV,'r"' V Y V1 V , V ,,,VV V , NV W - , WV VV 5 V , ,. . , 1',1'if'..v, ,ff - jf A 7 ,FV - 1 Vu- ' pw KM ' ,, V ' W gf fqwhil 7? N V Q , in H W ', f. , W . WFV 4 M V f 21' '54 ,awning ' , , : v 'V f' f ,f V 'U , My VV V uk VV 3 ,Qi ,- -. ,' , H' W ww- ' "' fd' , V M R wah V , VV QV V 3 A,,...... V V s- ,Q V V' VV Mist V, I-1 ., . - J as, , !f.z?x,u fa Q . 3, , . ,, lash. ff - Am? 'K 1325. 1 1' My . amy: fi.- ,W 14,11 -A Am :F .i 3- . n ,Mi , iii ' ' . ' 5, - .f ,xr Q fa ' A- - 1 1 .afzgwigl , muff Q, -'fag , . A 1 A? rg P2 is sf mv' ' I 'Q A abir 2,8 K - 5, . xx i at in QF , 1. if Y s Q if ,gm A-5 mf .r .ami v af vw al' Q Ai ik?-124 , Q, .7 ws ? '71 49 Jar 37 ' . fi' , g , ,fu :rv 6357 2,4 wr 2 4 1 1 9 'H v, vi H, 4, I inf- 1 V W ip? X 3 fffrf fi 1 f if f K 1 f , 1 24 xi Q , w 7 , 4 if w 1 li 1 ff I jk is e f Us , Q. kk V X 2 1 ,M 1 ,-4 ' Q 1 f, . ,TQETQSKQ 1 ' S? S ,f - v ,M f, ,l MA I 'Wifi' 5 fg qwf, y ' K .z' J -' '-tml' in ,,.MJ'H ,MM 'z :W vi. , 'AL 154 ' 'Map M--ff, 4? y,,g '9'? 9 vi. ' 1' 'N-n-.. : Amir . 2245233 Siva film 2 X 1 X if .,:. X TX , Q I X gi :fl N if as N 3 ,mf 5 x ii '-ix X 1 2 Xi XY X M VA. gr gk 4- "Hb-......--9 ir X Q wa, ' 4 JZ, ,Wk tlffi .M 1 ,, V 154, ' 4 M Meg 7 ff 5' f' M, W A 1 i gf f gf nf, f ,AV 4 .7 fs, . 1 W? sf ffffik ff wqfflf 4 ,ff M ff? 1 X K ' 1, X-...f 5.3 ' ,. Sak J, L, .Q W 370 WOMEN 'S BA KE TBALL Maribeth Miller, Joan Koehler, Lucille Scurti. Kneeling: Joan Koehler, Lucille Scurti, Conni Agostini, Mary Hurley, Peggy Canning. Standing: Managerg George Hopf, Coach, Mary Ann De Carlo, Marnie Bennett, Marie Stringile, Lisa Garguilo, Maribeth Kennedy, Maribeth Miller, Asst. coach, Noreen Pope, Co-manager, Joe Bennett. KJ' Front: Debra Chmielowicz, Barbara Leppert. Standing: Gladys Lawson, Pam Deaver, Virginia Palmer, Emily me Cr0mP0ne. V ' "1 " i ' W0 ME 9 FE CIN G 1 :SQ . ,Ag 2 ' -1- WOMEN 'S SWIM TEAM Sitting: Carol Fitting, Barbara Kiernan, and .lane Foley. Standing: Debbie Usher, Ellen Rinehart, and Mrs. Pele? 373 74 CHEERLEADER Split: Patty Drost. First Row: Donna Accursog co-captain, Candy Gianantonio, Charlene Mosca. Second Row: Mary Clare Drennan, Linda Sabha, Debbie Giblin. Third Row: Suzanne Mc Carling co-captain, Mary Beth De Nigrisg captain, Rose Pona. Missing: Diane Kraus. PEP SQUAD X we .- mmm, A Kneeling: Janice Kaplinskig secretary, Christine Murawag captain, Gail Mastandrea, co-captain. Standing: Kathy Landrigad, Linda Meyer, Rita Hoyt, Nancy Quigley. MEN 'S SWIM TEAM Managerg Ellen Rinehart, Co-Captaing Roy Anderson, Coachg Ed Dellert, Jim Toback, Managerg Barbra Leppert Back: Greg Monfet., Bob Dokus, John Brown, Jeff Rockoff. D 1 i M M yhvg f f.-'.- 'af'-1w..W,,.L., - 'V' em., - . km .:,,: - - A 5 ' ' f 13, -fevfgggffw, K 76 GOTHICS WOMEN ,S WOMEN ,S BA SKE TBALL ,ICSC Opponent 34 F.D.U. Teaneck 19 47 Rutgers-Livingston 43 49 St. Peter's 23 72 York 62 56 Brooklyn Col. 55 27 Wm. Paterson 64 35 Stockton 45 58 Delaware State 52 54 Seton Hall 66 70 Ramapo 5 1 56 Kean 82 56 Caldwell 32 94 Douglass 48 50 Monmouth 23 BA SEBALL .ICSC Opponent I 1 4 2 Pratt Rhode Island Bloomfield St. Peters Glassboro St. Trenton St. Kean Paterson Montclair St. Kean Paterson Lehman Monmouth Glassboro St. Upsala Trenton St. Brooklyn Ramapo Montclair St. FOOTBALL JCSC Opponent 7 West Maryland 37 0 Glassboro 52 6 Frostburg 46 1 8 Seton Hall 46 1 4 Kean 40 0 Trenton 60 20 Wm. Paterson 35 12 Montclair 59 12 St. Peter's 3 1 TENNIS JCSC OPPUUCH' 0 Montclair College 5 F.D.U. Teaneck 4 Drew Maderson 4 Upsula College 3 N.Y.U. 0 gpsula College 4 illiam Patterson Default Ocean County College 0 Seton Hall U. 5 S O C CER ,ICSC Opponent Maine 3 Ramapo F orfeit Phil Textiles 7 Wm. Paterson 6 Montclair 1 Trenton 3 Southampton 2 Glassboro 1 Point Park 4 Rutgers Newark 0 Kean 2 Monmouth 0 Sacred Heart 0 Bloomfield 1 St. Peter's 1 Q mwM,,-.Wm W- A SCORE BOX MEN 'S F EN C IN G MEN 'S JCSC Opponent S WIMMING 1 1 Montclair 16 5 Seton Hall 22 1 1 Temple 16 ,ICSC Opponent 19 Fordham 8 35 Monmouth 75 14 Wm. Paterson 13 54 Cathedral 53 8 19 ,Iohn Jay 8 39 GI b 53 8 -Ruigers-Newark 19 ass or? 26 St, egg,-'S 1 44 St. Francis 58 l l Brooklyn Poly 16 35 Trenton 73 8 19 Pace 1 1 H 43 3 10 Brooklyn Col' 17 gs Pl:iTsle'Textile 53 24 F.D.U. Ruther- ' 21 ford 3 43 York 10 Hunter Bl'00klyI'l 10 Baruch 17 56 Seton Hall 38 2 St' Johns 25 44 Wm. Paterson 62 10 Yeshiva 17 8 1 I 2 - 3 MEN 'S TENNIS MEN 'S 8 BA SKE TBA LL .ICSC Opponent 0 Glassboro 9 ,ICSC Opponent 9 John -lay 0 52 St. Peter's 67 9 Bloomfield 0 Kean I 1 Montclair 8 87 T S 80 4 Kean 5 renton t. 4 Baruck 5 77 Rutgers-Newark 49 4 N.C.E. 5 86 Pratt 56 3 rflfuigffs 2 48 Brooklyn Col. 54 9 Cali?l'ie'cii"al 0 gg ggxggir gg 1 "" '-"" 73 Glassboro St. 82 85 Trenton St. 80 MA I Wheeling Wm. Paterson 85 Quinnipiac 84 61 New Haven 86 52 Glassboro St. 69 63 Monmouth 78 47 Wm. Paterson 60 86 Western Conn. 79 76 Kean 70 78 Ramapo 62 85 Sacred Heart 80 78 Montclair 74 61 Dowling 80 81 Bloomfield 67 WOMEN 'S F EN CIN G ,ICSC Opponent 7 Caldwell 9 3 Penn. St. 13 8 U. of Penn. 8 6 Seton Hall 10 1 1 York 5 7 Stevens 9 9 St. ,Iohn's 7 4 Trenton 12 5 Wm. Paterson 1 1 4 F.D.U. Teaneck 12 3 Montclair 13 2 Brooklyn Col. 14 8 Rutgers-Newark 8 5 Tem le 11 4 F.D.8. 12 WOMEN 'S S WIMM IN G ,ICSC Opponent 33 F.D.U. 56 26 Delaware 9 18 Kean 63 28 Brooklyn 54 24 Wm. Patterson 72 16 Queens 83 32 F.D.U. 57 377 i ii K . .gf 3 Q Q Q SWS-K . - 'NW' I. ., 3563, ,. .XNNA .5 ,Q Q .. ' 4'N'af A A X mA..f..m i ,NA,1,,, it -w ww. -.5,s,d.t.' 1 fww--, ww,-.,,. ,W . ww F . Q ,Ng fx fiffdkf 'N 5 in 3- E2 mf .ig Q1 Rv, 533 W ax ffsff M gg: X ax X , 4 , ,R G Kx ge if Q, i ' s S TUDENT LIFE ADMINIS THA TION FACULTY 8c SENIURS HONORS OR GA NIZA T10Ns SPEAKERS SPOR TS YEAR IN REVIEW A PA TTY HEAR T KIDNAPPEI On Feb. 2, 1974, newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst was kic napped by the Symbionise Liberation Arm . The demand for he release was a mass distribution of free food, for the poor. Two months following the mass food distribution, Patrici Hearst made a stunning tape recording broadcast stating that sh joined the S.L.A. at her own free will. A week after her announcemen of joining the S.L.A., Patty Hearst was seen partaking in a banf robbery in San Francisco. It has remained a mystery whether she joined or was brain wasl ed into joining the S.L.A. Her whereabouts are still unknown to th F.B.l. VIXON RE SIGNS .... Speaking on television before the nation and the world Richard Nixon an- nounces his resignation from the office of President of the United States. Gerald R. Ford became 38th President of the United States on August 9, 1974-. 3 V V ' ' j g t" 1 3 , , x 11 ' Y2 7 , wi ff, 1 NELSO A. ROCKEFELLE ' QM mr Q' f --whsurn . WV aww K 93.-n' ,as 1-:H mv SH. f MMU Gpwnwmy 'E 01 W jgrnssiwsfvwwi' ,1 ,Am . NB, -qv. in sm SS!! 3353 K ,M-5 ,596 was SSN :mv an L :Ng .. CHOSEN AS VICE PRESIDENT CONFIRMED AFTER LONG INVESTIGATION INTO ROCK Y'S FAMILY ,IE WELS. Nelson A. Rockefeller was sworn in as forty-first Vice President of the United States on December 19, 1974. The oath was ad- ministered by Chief Justice Warren Burger. This oath was administered after much delay as the Senate Rules Committee had hearings on Rockefeller's qualifications to be Vice President. The eighty-four members of the Rockefeller Family are worth slightly more than one billion dollars! ,WL 4: M S AARON BEA TS RUTH NUMBER 715 BREAKS OLD MARK Atlanta Braves player Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run against the Dodgers in Atlanta, Georgia. With this home run he sur- passed Babe Ruth's record of 714 home runs. ALI BEA TS F URMAN WINS BACK TITLE AFTER LONG ABSENCE October 29th was the date of the Ali-Forman match in which Mohammad Ali won hack his title of the World's Heavy Weight Champion. The fight lasted eight rounds. INF LA TI ON BEA TS C ONS UMERS Onox M SOME WHERE THERE HAS T0 BE A LOSER. Prices everywhere are quick- ly rising. It is no longer lux- uries that people cannot af- ford, now the essentials are getting tougher to pay for. Food prices are sky high, gas prices have increased con- stantly during the year. Gas prices are making it more dif- ficult for people to travel as frequently as they had before. 6 I xml ' NIE IQKLS Q l . l , ll :mf S WWW :,..M - . - M-X ' E Q ' ,Q . K' L91 . H 3J"w- - A' ' V 'L , kr,- iq 47 x f j sw Ml X s --M ' --f-' ...f..,..., .. , 'Nh k,,,,,,,..n ,,.. NM...- 5- I, I fy v, in ll- .,...xv , f if E 5 4 V 449'-. iv - - . 5 N r-'X if ji' -1 if , , was A ,x if '. 4' fi R' "' 4. 1 f." 1 Q ' b Lx' QR' f f gf U . f v N ' 1 X S' i .i X x i - Wg . W QK 'f'w', X 'fir ,gh-I va .. + "Nl "-MB, V ,W 1 W x 2, vi R A qw ' - -ms: yyfx 6 1 JM Ni f K fb.. 1 1. 4 if L W fe,- M 5 ., ,. 4 -wwwmx fw ' , ,, R 5. 'Q :K ,f,, 'V I ,J S OME THINGS MX V " " ff'?ffw49fw NE VER CHAN GE I RE GI S TRATIO Q P32 if , V V' , L ,. - A W 6 V A A AW: 5 75 R W I T, V 5 I ,Q AM Ni M wx w A515 w QHU K W Um Jw im '-R517 PROC DURES HANGE SINCE FRO WW A' ' W f v'fl.l1f2Y'7I' 1 , V K -fm... ' in :FS ,, 1 1 3 3:31 ','fi??.h ,...... Q7 0 s aw Q ., 1,-4' -tg 1 ',"jk ,Z A 1-ZZ. 1 .AWWA u Q 'if' W, U, qw -"5 ui" vi ,fmqjs 'Wai .397 I MV' 1975 TOWER STAFF EDI TUR-IN-CHIEF PAMELA R O WE PH 0 TOGRAPH Y EDITOR BRIAN R U WE SE CRE TARIAL EDITOR M ULL Y R U BI N BUSINESS MANAGER FRANK F ERRARA LI TERAR Y EDI TOR MUNA HA USTHOR ASSISTANT EDITURS KA TH Y KENNY NILSA PEREZ -NA VER LA Y-UUT PHOTOGRAPHY LITERAR Y STAFF STAFF STAFF l inda Costa Brian Rowe Patti Lombardi F n Yineente F k Ferrara .l t Balesterri J l l N l P N Ag l P ll X l' W P d L ll B h ll F P R S S h Gail Garbarini J B g Debbie Huisman B h B g Tommy Cappello P p GENERAL S TAF F Faye Knight B b T l John 'N Pani Tmpgna I f p g Eile M F dd N fy Salduni Fl D R Catherin S ff I H b .l P Roberto Bu L S der B b F l William Ry B l Rutkiewiez A gl I Greg Stull ADVISOR DR. MARCO V. CIRINCION FOR PHOTOGRAPHS WE THANK f.P.l., pg. 378-389, Michael Wiaplano, Stewart Nletrick, and Ricky Gerbehy. Also. President fVlaxwell's loan of the 1954 cover picture. WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK RICKY GERBEH Y OF INTER-COLLEGIA TE PRESS EOR HIS TIME, HUMOR, AND PA TIENCE. E FEEL HIS ASSISTANCE, CREATIVE ADVICE, AND WHEN WE NEEDED IT - PERSISTENCE - WERE THE BEST! 'GTHANKS AGAIN, RICKY" FOR THEIR TIME, COOPERATION AND ADVISEMENT WE THANK he Athletics Department Phe Gothic Times Staff r. Russ Bachman SPECIAL THANKS TO viarty Arenson of Edward Martin Studios for his hours of work in the uccessful preparation of this yearbook. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND RICHARD K. GERBEH Y AND MAR TY ARENSON FOR THEIR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 4ND WE WISH TO THANK THE GIRLS ON EHE THIRD FLOOR OF VODRA HALL, WHO . OLDED, LABELED, AND STUFFED EVERY LETTER SENT OUT BY THE TOWER STAFF. 4 f N ,Ng ag-vw y G H -xy f 55.54 K i -- M ski :Rf ,, A , an Q3 . ,:,. is-1: xx - .5 SS' '44 7, N N ' F 35 r 20" 1 x Q k Yi fm le k Y X ' Xf Q GER K A ' we K 'Nl .. 3. ky. K Eg , ' ki 3 1 3 L QA? r my E if 2 f 5 1 A ,ivy l , Q , S 'W 'fl ' X K E 5,1 wi in WY -- ., K-TWV i 1- , Q QT' f . gf3 df . ', f , ,r fe , , is L N A? M i X b lf Q X i Q 3 4 ff ff- J- ff p Q J EN Uv fig. . it 312- 24?-3 X ,x i I Q . .i , 3 f A xe xx A I , is ' r Z 'Q 4 , mln!! wwf 'X , L f , qifvf . N av ln' 4 Wa-'N ' -Q x e gmgsk f.. X I 1- X I X '-Q N ' N I X Higff , 555533 . x M: gf- !.. N A , , ,J g .j'fZ'S.v g3, .f'f:1xf': R335-4 Q- F, Q95 r 2 lQ'P2'NfSIQ'N' : N Q'-wfff: -1.0. w.-xx-i"'s'N 'f m :hm . Sig Qkfm 'Q'e1tQ.'9i2?wx Nwifiakaw 'Kc x xv xx 'xl SREZQZQ sz: W-MSR?-S N mx 'km AQ 'QQQNQNFN . ' X QXQR- x'-S 4 '43 msxvg M mgiwkfwmwiri 4 s.wsw.f:Q.-.-.24 ,ii 2 - -9, ? "Q4':1iE Rza We NRM if 0' H i -' Nw vu -ea A ' , ' i .,, '1 1 fx, egg, H ,gg N' fa 2 s K- Sf X R If 11 an Q QAM" F XX A - 5 s H' . My ' N5 'fi 3 J g , , k ,- K y - - t F I , f W ,KM f X-L K ,g , 5, 4- it . W Q . x f, 'L, fn Q ' Q if V, ' A :L 59 'sw X 'Y I 1 'W 3, , dx Q WSJ ' :ix,F,.-xii-Y K 26? Y S 1 Q ly E., .5 N wb . 0, , , X af ,Y ' J 1 if, if +1 M ff Q A if V yt' Q V S if 1 "f-Fix RW , ' ff 1.. M 1 1 .v . .- as 'xxx if 1 ' f ,, K 'ax- ' 5 -.f k - . gg g . gi, .:,- , " ' Q af Y1?f"3f mfs : ' 1- .Ml fi N . 41!'fQ A f - , 1 Q I 'W N X 6 'R 51 A 1 P- A gif? f .1 f .. 3 H . 'g y -Ci ' gg Q, V g-, Ni x H4 ,Vs 1 ' lk' ' 5 1 - ? '- w L K W a 1 4. ,K 1 N ff I V, , , ,iv v f ww ,im V 22,54 vi 5 3 , X, M A 1 , , , -, fy ? ? f 1 if , f fi Q 5 HL M Ai Tl ik I 4 . g 'G' fy, I 34' , , we .,y,,f'?,?'fi,v Ji 4 , 'f 1 , ,fl M? UML, Q' 'f V, ,Ml Y M, X A ,M A ,f W Li, 4, gm 53 Zh ' ,L rf' ,M 4 ,V fl .g, 4, A 5, f ff ,, H, 2. Q x A ., H ,M-f1, -fin, , A H' + f f V g , M ,f MW i ,w , ' ,fam ' 4 , , A f ,'i' 2- - 4y,r 2 I K 5 K . .,,,-,, W ,, W 'f 'ifcif f,,' V ,yi I I ' ,w:!,,'j5j, " Wy' WMU i, S ,I ui, vii N' ' ,Wg w 'PYf,,Q',w, f 1 A W - --.Q-., ,,, V1 ,,f ,. ,, --aw . , . 4. x -af 5 ,f p E-.52-zz: ' . -. V fgggggg ' X ,t ", 1, fu' . f, 2 J , 7 ,,,, , , ,, , , V MW , ., ' 2'4" aww u f , A ' ". Q 'lil 7 x W 'N 1 I r.u-mv ""' -f " -VU LV. V . 'A ,MW .. N' , , H I .- f1. H., IM N Llnzkfn Ir 'A-1 il .Q- F: r S ,. .-. , 5 rl ' !?Q E1 rf-- 5 5. Il L .' gf ' . 3 . L, 2' ' Q , ii' 5 3 4 A Q i. Y QE 1 6 Q, 16 F 3' . 3' , fx I E. 5 , E. 3. 2, ef iz 5 Q f E' 2 5, F E ? If EE' 3 P Q 5 E r V 3, i xy . I I Q E E L. E. x

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