New Jersey (BB 62) - Naval Cruise Book

 - Class of 1953

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New Jersey (BB 62) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 28 of 222
Page 28 of 222

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Page 28 text:

half the fun of It Peace at Pler Seven the Real meaning

Page 27 text:

...,.-..-.xnmrn :Agar ,,.,,:i. .sr . ,.,,, ....g. f..sf,'..-411: :-9. s -.X . .ce . sff::::ffffq:f.-i:-v1sr:wf-''fffif- . . f --. .1 f-- ,-.f ar: ,..r.:f.-A .. -1-.. -sms.. r2::w::,:.1:1 A':-14511-11 f:1:iS':.: .,.1,4 . .. .....,..,l..,.......:1 ....-. Y. .. ........- . . .. v., ..- ,.. 1 ,,. .,,. ,,-,..... ,,,,..................i.... , . ,..-:H -W. f,.,..,. .f -.. ...n1--,.-::.'.,- : za: I-sau:-::::,'2aa1g::'f51-iv-2 ., 7 ,.:. . . ff. - .. ..,. -. ..-... ., ..... iv .. V. Y - ,,.:.,, -.fimwqrgrnx :scf :.:mg:,g,g'sv5:22s15q .. -:meme-5var:7:ie?s,z. IN ileizsnkiisiaf'.2211la1:f'4::21'51Q1-zffffflaz-efe7z5a1'.1 h1211:14151ifa15'+-.f '-f1v1::p:::-:-:f::::A nw ,.,....,...,1..--L':.:...:.'.., ,:,:..g.',:.:f,..:..p.,.. 4-,mf ,. .. v . . .... , ....,. . .,.., .,1-.... , .,,..,, . .Q-...-L.,:...4.,.,.1: Hs... . . , . , , . - ,r ,. .V :'5..'51e"3,'5f5'r'P::H5:'srh-2"':"'f"rfffr:2ff5'w-2-'Mr-wrt'ri":1'1f:1-ev-new-'tviff.fa'n'f,s., f.7f...v-f.w.4...:-4 4' 4 rv--' 0'1" V M, . . .,- . .I -.. . , . . . ,, . MYERS, A.C., GM3, 6th, North Tarrytown, N.Y. MYERS, J.R., EM1, E, Tampa, Fla. MYERS, R.F., SA, 5th, Jacksonville, Fla. MYERS W.G., SA, '7th, Shepherdstown, W.Va. NADEAU, R.K., SK3, S-2, Waterville, Maine NADEAU, R.J., SA, 7th, Caribon, Maine NAGELLA, A.P., CSSN, S-1, Ravenna, Ohio NAGY, J.R., FA, M, Carteret, N.J. NAKASH, R.G., SN, 3rd, East Orange, N.J. NAMISHIA, M.R., HM3, H, Syracuse, N.Y. NANCE. L.J., FTSN, FA, Bladenboro, N.C. NAPOLETANO, S.A., DCFN, R, Laureldale, Pa. NAULT, E.E., QMS3, Q, Ishpeming, Mich. NAUMANN, Jr., G.W., GMC, 5th, Newport, R.I. NEAL, P.J., BM2, L, Virginia Beach, Va. NECLE, Jr., D.J., EMFN, E, Olyphant, Pa . NEDEAU, D.K., SA, 4th, Watervliet, N.Y. NEEDHAM, H.C., CS3, S-1, Abilene, Kans. NEILSON, L.J., MMFA, M, Idaula, Oreg. NELLING, W.E., FN, B, Ashtabula, Ohio NELSON, E.R., SN, 7th, Houston, Tex. NELSON, R.G., SN, T, Lutsen, Minn. NELSON, T.B., QM2, Q, Pooler, Ga. NESTER, I.C., GM1, FM, Hutchinson, Kans. NEUMANN, Jr., J.D., SA, EX, Silver Spring, M NEVE, P.A., SN, lst, Beverly, Mass. NEVILLE, J.G., SA, L, Bronx, N.Y. NEWCOMB, J.F., FN, B, Quincy, Mass. NEWELL, J.R., SH2, S-3, Spartanburg, S.C. NEWELL, R.L., BT3, B, St. Marys, Pa. NEWTON, Jr., H.J., ENS, K, Alexandria, Va. NIBLETT, N.L., SN, T, Laurel, Del. NICELY, M.E., SA, lst, Clifton Forge, Va. NICHOLAS, N.G., SA, 4th, N.Y., N.Y. NICHOLS, R.W., AMAN, V, Idaho Falls, Idaho NICHOLS, W.A., AD3, V, Idaho Falls, Idaho Ei: A i i i .... . ...... A-2555 .,.,,,... , zz: .safe I 1:5153 555,523 ' '2:2 522121: rzr E rir 2251225151225rE1EfEr21EfE1E1E2EIEIEIEIEIE2 d .,,, M. Q ,.... g.g:5:E:s:z-g-g::::...,e:e:e:e: e:z:z:z 21f' : .,.,: W.. 52552. H '-153252222222 'zii 2 .,. ,.,. , f or 'r'r1111 , F l NIEDERHUBER, F.E., PFC, 8th, Steubenville, Ohio NIELTOPP, R.L., FN, R, South Amboy, N.J. NIENABER, N.H., YNSN, R. Covington, Ky. NILES, K.O., RM2, C, Selma, Ind. NIX, R.T., SN, 4th, Pensacola, Fla. NOLAN, H.M., SA, 7th, Pittsburgh, Pa. NOORA, M.0., RM3, C, Norfolk, Va. NORGAARD, R.L., ENS, C, Minneapolis, Minn. NORMAND, E.J., FA, M, Berwick, Maine NORRIS, R.H., BM3, 2nd, Charleston, Ill. NORTON, C.C., FN, M, Clarks Summit, Pa. NOWOTARSKI, J.M., FN, M, Reading, Pa. NUGENT, T.J., MM3, M, Brooklyn, N.Y. OAKES, F.W., SA, lst, Conimicut, R.I. OAKES, J.T., SN, 6th, Oxford, N.C. OBERBROECKLING, E.J., CHBOSN, D, Davenport, OBRIEN, Jr., E.J., FN, B, Patchogue, L.I., N.Y. OBRIEN, J.H., SKC, S-2, Chillicothe, Ohio OBRIEN, R.F., GM3. 5th, Boston, Mass. ODELL, K.G., CS3, S-l, Mill City, Pa. ODENTHAL, J.T., CAPT, 8th, Chicago, Ill. ODONNELL, R.M., SN, Q, Somerville, Mass. ODYMALA, S.C., MM3, A, Perry, N.Y. OGARD, R.D., BT3, B, Omaha, Nebr. OHM, R.L., LI3, EX, Tuscaloosa, Ala. OHMAN, T.D., AM2, V, Ironwood, Mich. OHRMANN, H.W., MMC, M, Baltimore, Md. OKEEFE, J.J., FN, B, St. Albans, L.T., N.Y. OLDHAM, J.E., MMl, B, Wilmington, Del. OLEARY, J.F., YN3, FM, Yonkers, N.Y. OLNEY, Jr., N.G., YN3, EX, Marathon, Iowa OLSEN, Jr., L., FTSN, FA, Jersey City, N.J. OLSON, O.A. SA, S-l, Flint, Mich. OLSTAD, W.E., GM3, 5th, Edgerton, Wis. OMARA, J.L., SA, 4th, Syracuse, N.Y. OMMERMAN, V.D., GM3, 4th, Norfolk, Nebr. ONDO, A.E., SK1, S-2, McKees Rocks, Pa. ONDREJKA, J.J., MMFN, B, Windsor, Ohio ORIFICE, C., SA, 6th, East Haven, Conn. ORLANDO, J.P., FTSN, FA, Westerfield, N.Y. ORLOFF, R.J., SA, lst, Brooklyn, N.Y. OSULLIVAN, J.T., SN, lst, Ozone Park L.I N.Y. oT'1', Jr., W.G., BT1, B, Providence, R.I. ' OVERTON, C., SN, '7th, Carrollton, Ga. OW, J.W., MRC, A, Pittsburgh, Pa. OWENS, J.F., FN, B, Rome, Ga. OWENS, W.B., CSSN, S-1, Jack, Ala. OWENS, W.E., MM1, M, Pensacola, Fla. OWNBY, J.F., CS1, S-l, Portsmouth, Va. PACE, C.B., BT2, B, West Provo, Utah PAGAC, C.H., TESN, C, Southampton, N.Y. PAGLIALONGA, A.C., SA, S-3, McKeesport, Pa. PALMESE, N., SA, FA, N.Y., N.Y. PARENT, E.D., ENS, FA, Newtonville, Mass. PARFITT, J.W., MM3, A, Luxor, Pa. PARIS, R.L., IC2, E, Santa Ana, Calif. PARKER, R.P., SA, K, Lynchburg, Va. Iowa K .,.,,,. C f i""i' ,,,- 1 iiil 5 PARKS, W.E., FN, B, Towson, Md. PARKS, W.J., SN, S-1, Blairsville, Pa. PARKS, W.T., FT2, FA, West Liberty,.W.Va. PARMELE, W.J., RM3, C, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. PARNIN, J.J., SN, lst, Wellesley, Mass. PARRISH, P.F., CHMACH, M, Portsmouth, Va. PARROTT, Jr., C.R., DT3, HD, Kansas City, Mo. PASCERI, V.A., QMSN, N, Br00k1Y11, N-Y- PASSIOTTE, J., SA, 6th, Yonkers, N.Y. PATTERSON, Jr., O.F., GM3, lst, Oliver Springs, T PAULSON, D.D., EN3, A, Elk River, Minn. PAYNE, B.L., SN, 6th, Barre, Vt. PAYNE, .JG., FN, A, Patterson, N.J. PAYNE, L.A., SA, K, Warrenton, Va. PAYTON, H.D., YN3, R, Alden, Iowa PEAK, Jr., C.A., GM3, 2nd, Chilhowie, Va. PEARSALL, H.H., CS2, S-1, Coplague, L.I., N.Y. PEASE, J.I., DCC, R, Norfolk, Va. PEDERCINE, L.J., GM3, 7th, Adams, Mass. PEEBLES, K.D., FA, B, Wilmington, Ohio PEET, F.F., MMFN, B, Charleston, W.Va, PELIOTES, S.G., PFC, Sth, Muskegon, Mich. PELKEY, R.A., SA, S-3, Whitehall, N.Y. PELLEGRINO, V.J., SA, 5th, Bronx, N.Y. PELLETIER, K.J., BT2, B, Norfolk, Va. PELTIER, A.R., SN, lst, Cheboygan, Mich. PELTON, L.J., SN, V, North Platte, Nebr. PENDLETON, Jr., C.H., SA, 5th, Washington, D.C PENROD, J.W., CSSN, S-l, MCN3TY1 A152- PERKINS, A.D., FN, M, North Platte, Nebr. PERONT, D.L., ENFN, A, Methuen, Mass. PERRIN, D.E., FN, A, Norfolk, Nebr. PERRY, C.A., QMC, Q, Norfolk, Va. PESNELL, W.L., SN, 4th, Bellevue, Ohio PETERKIN, W.C., HM2, H, Queens Village, N.Y. , P. . ' PETERS F., ENS, FA, Washington, D.C. PETKOSH, R.A., QM3, FA, Beaverdale, Pa. PETROLA, J.D., SA, C, Washington, Pa. PHILLIPS, G.H., SN, D, Brooklyn, N.Y. PHILLIPS, H.N., SN, 7th, Toledo, Oreg. PHILLIPS, M.L., SN, S-3, Bluefield, W.Va. PHILLIPS, M.L., SN, 4th, Downey, Idaho PHILLIPS, S.R., MMFA, M, Haskell, Okla. PHILLIPS, Jr., W.B., PFC, Sth, Langdale, Ala. PHILLIPS, W.C., SA, FA, Ashburn, Va. PHLEGAR, D.M., FA, B, Salem, Va. PICKEL, M.F., PACT, S-2, Mount Wolf, Pa. PIECZYNSKI, H., SN, 5th, Buffalo, N.Y. PIFER, P.L., SN, 4th, Massillon, Ohio PILAROWSKI, W.J., HA, H, Buffalo, N.Y. PIMENTEL, J.J., SA, 4th, East Boston, Mass. . , . . . , . . . 61111.

Page 29 text:

I TRAINING GUA N TA NA M0 In January, with Christmas be- hind us, we sailed southward to Guantanamo for training exer- cises. Although all of the ship's func- tions were tested in those cease- less drills, the knowledge that Korea lay ahead gave particular emphasis to those phases involv- ing gunnery . . . We now know that those hot and busy days paid precious dividends! 3 I Q 4 9 I

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