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New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Aa. .--l-U? YL! . .111 A ,I 5 1 M, H ,f 7' i ' A ,C ,- M,-1, rf . nf- . A 1 .f Y. -yr, i 391661: f J R, x ' 1 - 'mf XL W, P Q " , if 1 . ,. xxx J ,, 1 , .4 00 Libris f' 7, 4 f 1 X L' LLC Wm l fx V I 1 I, .' V' W 1,1 .Is A , N 7 1 'J l ,n, ,J l JZ LANCE awww? I 960 X -E YQ' 5 ,PW4 lqpx Y 1 9 fx J MV E! X I ff xc 'Xxx A fb W JJ f-, x, VCL III A 1 1 'L 4 ,V L MW xW Ek! dw fqfbfrfvwv J HYDE PARK MEMORIAL LJ ,M NEW HYDE PARK, NEW YORK E 3 . lf ,X X' 4' .J - 1' D if s ,A it sf J N Q if Xb, is Q3 img! ' N Foreword "Bring back those good old days!', This is the phrase which all of us have had occasion to use and hear. When were those days that are wonderful enough to be wished back? After much consid- eration, it is our conclusion that in the minds of many, the Gay N ineties seem to be thought of as one of the most glamorous pe- riods in the history of our country. It is thought of as a time when family life was closer, living was at an easier pace, styles were love- lier, and school life was full of traditions to be long remembered and cherished. Were things actually as rosy as they have been pictured? After all, most of our opinions could only have been formulated by his- tory books, novels and motion pictures. Should we be desirous of the era and attempt to relive it or could it be over-rated? Mightnlt our lives today be pleasanter and more complete? Come with us as we try to discover by comparing our school days with those of sixty years ago. This area might have the greatest influence on our final decision, for it is here, at school, that most of our young life is spent and which dominates our thoughts above all else. 4 WW U PT nts f--. J C2 ulty ...,.. II Seniors .... . . . 25 Underclassmen .... , . . 47 Sports .... . . . 6I Clubs .... . . . 93 Memories... ...Il9 Ads .... .....,. I 27 if XX 'Z gi? f' r -n YQ MRS. ELSIE CLAYMAN MRS. EMMA GOLDFINGER MRS. ROSA BRISTOW MR. HAYDEN ALLEN Dedication' It has been said that a school is only as good as its students. This, of course, is true, but there is something more. Educational and moral standards must also be provided by its teaching staff. For more than twenty-five years, the teachers pictured here have given their knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience to their students. Some of these students have distinguished themselves in the pro- fessions, many have given their lives to a cause they felt was worth fighting for, while most have grown to be fine, upstanding citizens of the community. It is with great pride that we take this opportunity to recognize the achievements of these teachers, who have given their country its most treasured gift . . . an educated citizenry. wx, 'N MISS LENA GOULD .ff J ,ygyy MR. EWING ORGAN MR. ORA WALTERS 6 2,-If ,Y ,- J J , - J -.fn - gredneccing dass are ahon: 'QC became namion whose ieadershin is bein? chel- deterrnined and purnoseini enxaqonisg. must expect so he called uizcn tc aiienge. Eveijf year ig becomes increas- ni ihat this contesc beef.-,'een nzqaions is me in 'che Heidi of intelieccual and sci- c miie dchi verneni. "He are not time i4Jneric2ii'.s un- i fc ei iiling to face the issue, Cf ns Lie significance of the events of 'the past e ! i quite niacin. 'Xfe must begin to pinctice . ,Q rg rf f. Q ,V-Q -f-A -'yew MQ fl. Q-:QAQM1-, is i111 ic li wie cel., LU Elifli Qiicl will -. x,iiieleiiL,l,. c i ifc S scanderds of achievement 'chat we high, aching fer these standaiids we must he mdci X eil defined moral precepts. .As 21 peepie e un ciidewzrite erccelience, but w niuscc reiecit J A A. 7 , ff xx Q CW- 1 vm ij dflfl AJ. 4+,cgiLQCi-,fl , xl l fi J! I I f Principal . .,,. fc lain. inniy V Uccfemfg io hw, ffm wins CILTCU Hn, 'zu' ,lluislfznt 1 .ice Furccll I'-fir. john London . Q fi emzsISa1'1'z':ux xidlniizistraiiye Inferne Dr. jmome D on zltnn rzncl I Mr. Samuel Nadler District I6 Democracy is a competitive way of life. It progresses over the years in Hts and starts, sometimes losing ground, sometimes gaining, but always the long term trend is forward. It is not especially efficient, but endures because it is true to life. People are instinctively competitive and selfish. Young children show these traits most obviously. Our society has laws to protect us from those who disregard the rights of others. However, we try to main- tain the maximum amount of individual Mr. Thomas F. Eakins, jr. freedom. This can best be achieved in a Diflfiff 5 democracy, and under this form of govern- ment we have achieved our present devel- opment. Education also is a competitive thing. . n in ,Q The opportunity to learn is a right which Mr- Wlulam RYdef U T3 y you have, You must use this right to the Prmdent' Duma I6 M fi degree that you are required to attend A school. But those who accomplish most, 2 do so because they take full advantage of Mr- John Miller their opportunity to learn. Dimict 5 We must all compete with others to achieve anything worthwhile. Make the I most of your educational opportunities f f and ou will be re ared to com te for . 'L p Succezs. P P pe William E. Ryder if i President Mr. John J. Doyle District I7 1 f - 9 X 'V . ,qv . ,yi if g:f.f l "i: Mr. Seymour H. Kligler Mrs, Anne M. Boeckmann Mr. Russel F. Thomas District I7 District 22 Dirtrict 22 Mr. J. Edwin Russell Mr. Alfred G. Kiefer Mr. Alfred Loew .id District Clerk Dirtrict' Treasurer Afgomey it H 833'-Q ,gg f f 'tv , 2 be N f , 8 Mr. R. Lester Springer District Principal Congratulations on the publication of another excellent edition of The Lance. A yearbook serves both as a historical rec- ord of the school and its activities and as a mirror to reflect the aspirations of its staff. Your theme, "The Gay Ninetiesf, indicates a belief in the immediate future as one of "good times,', happy-go-lucky" attitudes, and confidence in the theory that "all's right with the world." I hope that your high school education has prepared you with an outlook of con- fidence in the future, a zeal to strive for success - both moral and material- pleasure in hard work resulting in deep in- ner satisfactions, and a willingness to work for a world that provides peace and hap- piness for all. Then there will be a close relationship between the "Gay Ninetiesl' and the "Sen- sational Sixties." I extend my very best wishes to every one of you for the fulfillment of all your dreams and aspirations. Robert L. Springer Principal of the District November 1959 'llivf Mr. Alfred B. Caine Assistant District Principal Central District Staff -K 'Q fri 'if ,V M 5? I -Zi' in , t - Mr. Alfred G. Kiefer Business Manager f I A .- W, , ,E f 1 ' 1 .siifnx if Dr. Jules A. Holub Administrative Assistant H . f' It Dr. Hugh Flaherty Director of Vocation Education Mr. Harry B. Spencer Director of Instruction and Pupil Personnel Services Dr. Hardin Davis Dental Supervisor Mr. Kenneth E. Place Dr. Jerome Niosi Dr. Thomas F. Looby Superintendent of Director of Director of Adult Education Buildings and Grounds School Publications y sbs A B. 1 Dr. joseph Heller School Physician Mr. Peter Carter Director of Phy. Ed. Health, and Recreation QW. .J - J .-fist FW .Q-sl Dr. Usula M. Stewart School Psychiatrist Mrs. Wilma Leadbeter School Lunch Supervisor 4 - s 9 Ar 4325, gm JVM! Art Mrs. Ruth Backiel Science Mr. Carl Eklund if F wif 4 5 , I is if English Mr. Walter Thompson ' - . ' Commercial Mr. Adolph Scholl Home Economics Mrs. Dorothy Levy , J i iiie . ' 4-if ,i. ' 3,3 51327 Languages Mrs. Zenobia Gilbert Library Miss Evelyn Mertz .ff 1 1 ' sr 4 I 4 4 Music Mr. Charles Hill School Nurse Mrs. Lena O,Connell . ' . rt75T , 5 V fitz -, , 2' ' , K, 'il nfl , . V -sf - . ,W . 8 Ki - -'i' , w .i.. "-s-- Y Girl's Physical Education lllafhematiw Miss Virginia Gill Miss Ida Ostrander ' -.,, I gi S Q M r ' H i ya' Social Studies Mr. Ira Wilder Industrial Arts Mr. Richard Wipper Subject Area Coordinators In the past Hfty years man has acquired more knowledge than people of all previous generations. Because of this incredible increase, the responsi- bility of providing an education which can include these advances has fallen almost entirely upon the school. Central High School District :ii2, consisting of six junior and senior high schools, has met this challenge with much success. Its program has been planned through the efforts of many men and women, who have spent much time and thought to give the young people of our community the type of education which can be a great asset to their futures. This is the main object of the Subject Area Co- ordinators. It is their function to insure the standardization of the curriculum in the schools throughout the district. In this way high standards are maintained and all students are given an equal opportunity to achieve the same levels of work which are essential in our present age. We seldom see the coordinators since their of- fices are located in Sewanhaka but we are all able to reap the fruit of their labors. i 0 'MM ff: DJ o'f0C'U'C JM , U wwf' A F I LW' LLM ,,4,,jl4!ffpLf?' T4 ff fig E9-'M-0 ,f 1, I Av, ff J A ::Q""k ,1 7 R W , - -7 N if My Citizenship Education Since the turn of the century, America has be- gun to realize and assume her role as a member of the community of nations. Due to these de- velopments, the aims of the Citizenship Educa- tion Department have changed from merely imparting a knowledge of ancient history, to preparation for the sharing of the responsibility which our ,present state demands. This program falls into two main categories: stressing the his- tory of our states nation and the world and em phasizing social cultural economic and political trends culminating in a course concerned with the problems facing our contemporay society No utmost 1mportance to be able to think mtelli gently about the problems confronting each of us daily. matter what our aims in life, we find it of the A yy cyc ,c b U Left to right: Mr. Charles Roberts, Mrs. Florence Dubin, Mr. Albert Koehler, Mr, Leslie ChaitoH, Mr. John McElderry, Mr. Bernard Wal lerstein, Mr. Arthur Delaney. Inset: Chairman, Mr, John McElderry. Eelgnlgir' iilirleiaiiiergisiig ATL: Marcia Sohl, Mr. Frank Terranova, Left to Right: Mr. Bernard Waller- Citizenship and En 'ish Education g C It is no longer possible for students to discontinue their educa- tion after the elementary levels as was the case fifty years ago. Be- cause of this change in our educational outlook the Citizenship Ed- ucation and English courses on the junior high level have been changed to not only give the student command of his language and basic knowledgqofkthis state and nation, but also to broaden his outlook in order tcgniihore fully reap the benefits of further edu- cation. K ,V ff if . f . U fxggp pl ,I ' 5 XA l lr' 4' jf go , ff ' if gp! if -1 J Mix, of ,ff pi N my Y, .4 - I J Q rl' 'K Judy Janosick and Charles Evans help Mrs. Dubin locate a place of interest for her World History class. American History comes alive as Mr. Chaitoff illustrates a point with an in- teresting vignette. 12 AUM . fl r Q I h f w Eng IS ,full W Although new inventions ma e tion much faster, the written and are still the most important forms sion. Back in 1890 it was equipped with these tools only if the were planning a professional career. tle importance for a girl to be to write effectively. Today, however, these are especially stressed in all areas of the English department. 'These teachers also work along with the student body in all related enterprises such as the newspaper, yearbook, and dramatic pres- entations, and they are always eager to help a student in his preparations for a speech, term paper or other literary endeavor. Courses in speech, creative writing, and journalism are also offered to those who wish to broaden their Eng- lish backgrounds. Mr. Donald Wolf, Mrs. Elsie Clay- man, SEATED: Miss Helen Mc- Grath, Mrs. Phyllis Butler. Inset: Chairman, Mrs. Elsie Clayman. . , X as zz? 1 i 'Q .'9'lufV , MW f I 1,1 W" frf 'H , , f X f A. nz? 1 AQ SEATED Cleft to rightl: Mrs. Rowena Muller, Mr, Grant Stein- hauer, Miss Marlene Boyd STANDING: Mrs. Diana Oestreicher, Mrs. Katherine Byrne, Mrs. Ruth Rosenberg, Mrs. Leona Oberstein, Mrs. Phyllis Butler, Mr. William Fried, Mr. George 'Costigan, Mr. john London, Mr. William McGahan. Inset: Chairman, Mr. Grant ,Steinha,u,er. ,A ,f if f ,f 'Q T , K , fx! ,ni ,Viv ZX,-f ee , fx Viva, I f, " X . f ' X , Q! , , ' ear., Q. 1 ,L ' f -f ' W Y ivL N L up X 1 . lf V- ' ' , lx-X' 5 - ,I fe, l 5 i -fi, -we J ff L, A W i ' ,-- ff xx I f Y 7'gL.f -'YQ l l 5 l l N Mr. Steinhauer breaks down the in- tricacies of grammar for his English class. Mr. Wolf comments on the week,s hap- penings to members of his 7th grade class. 13 1 I .f Left to right: Mrs. Dorothy Flannery, Miss Mildred Spano, Mr. Louis Anas- tasio, Mr. Ludwig Kronheim, Mr. John Whitebread Inset: Chairman, Mr. Louis Anastasio. Assets:Liabilities-l-Capital, is a real asset in Miss Scott's bookkeeping class. All we lack is "El Toro" himself as V fb? , Miss Spano and "matador" Ken N, Leupp display bullfighting accoutre- ments to Spanish class. Commercial ,Q Thousands of positions are P ,Qs I available today with firms who ,YY Mrequire trained employees. Hun- ' ldreds of students are given this mexperience by the Commercial U Department at Memorial with N , courses in all aspects of the busi- , ness field. Secretarial courses pro- vide typing, stenography and training on 'business machines, ,lf ly, while other courses in retailing 'll and merchandising offer addi- tional experience for the aspiring student. 14 Language Our country, because of its ma- terial strength, has assumed the leadership of the western world. To maintain this position we as a nation must acquaint ourselves with the languages and cultures of our sister nations. In our school French, German, Spanish and Latin are offered and Mr. Anas- tasio, chairman of the Language Department is also ready to give after school instructions in Italian, while other teachers sponsor lan- guage clubs in order to give the students a better knowledge of the customs and cultures of these countries. f , 'Ku Left to right: Mrs. Rosa Bristow, Miss Lucile Moseley, Mrs. Carita Panchisin Inset: Chairman, Miss Lucile Moseley. Q Home Economics Even with our highly industrialized civilization, the role of the homemaker is as important as ever. Though per- Miss Moseley "decodes, the intricacies of a pattern for her clothing class. and skill. Under Mr. Keller's direc- tion, young "do it yourselfl' carpenters gain confidence CLeft to rightj Mr. Silver Casbarra, Mr. Arnold Honig, Mr. William Budin Silver Casbarra. .ffl haps a bit hesitant to taste or model their first endeavors, the girls soon be- come more adept in the culinary and other domestic arts. Who knows, there might be an undiscovered Dior among our students, for many of their creations are quite impressive. Home decorating, nutrition and family relations also help to prepare these girls for their future roles as wife and mother. f f mp if K Organ. Inset: Chairman, Hayden Allen. Left to right: Mr. John Rooney, Miss Sara Scott, Mrs. Elaine Tede, Mr. Hayden Allen, Mrs. Charlotte Sapadin, Miss Gaile Balsam, Mr. Ewing Mr. 15 Industrial Arts The whirring of saws, banging of ham- mers and an occasional backhre may be heard at one end of Memorial. These sounds originate from that section of the school devoted to Industrial Arts, a rela- tively new development in present-day curriculum, which includes courses in woodworking and transportation. Today, educators feel that it is just as important, in the stimulation of a boyls creativity, to train his hands as well as his mind. F. Mr. Engertis Math class de- cides that numbers can be fun. 1,-f7'Y1'f Q yMr. ' attei stresses parallel nj? fp hile a student "an- 3l Q N C' gles" for attention. ' gicff ' ' f 1 lp f .1 1. .-ef WZ, my Mathematics If we stop and think about the im- portance of mathematics our conclusions are really astounding. It almost seems as if our whole society were based upon mathematical relationships, for there would be little progress without them. Those conveniences which we now con- sider as commonplace could not have been conceived had it not been for math- ematics. Of course one must go farther into this area to be able to understand these inventions in relation to mathe- matics. Our school provides a sound back- ground for further study. Courses in algebra at all levels are taught along with plane and solid geometry and trigonometry which will not only serve us in the future, but exercise our minds and teach us to reason at the present time. fleft to rightl: Mr. Anthony Mattei, Mr. Ignatius Guccione, Mr. Frank LoCasio, Miss Mary Povinelli, Mr. Kenneth Skidmore, Mrs. Emma Goldhnger, Mrs. Pauline Kondulis, Mr. James Kavanagh, Mr. Steven Crane, Miss Joan Zillman. Insets: Chairman, Mr. Kenneth Skidmore, Ass't Chairman, Mrs. Emma Goldfinger. 33 5 . .fx- , ' ...,. 2 7 f N Science Man's quest for knowledge grows with each new discovery. Academic institutions must provide for the accelerating need for all categories of scientists. To keep pace with the rapid progress of our atomic age, our Science Department has included many new subjects in their varied areas. The instruction of Biology, Chemistry and Physics has been enlarged to include the importance of the phenomena of Atomic Energy, The premise of the Science De- partment is to instill awareness and curi- osity so we may ask, "Why,,' and search for the answer. With all their regular duties, science teachers still find time to sponsor an annual Science Fair along with field trips of special interest to their par- ticular subject. FRONT: CLeft to rightj Miss Phyllis Man- dell, Mrs. Olga Platania, Mr. Ora Walters, Mr. David Johnson, Mr. Samuel Silverberg, Mr. Charles Tobias. REAR: Mr. David Gould, Mr. Stanley Goldman, Mr. Charles Spence, Mr. Edwin Heroy, Mr. Robert Pas- ter, Mr. Mario Genovese. Inset: Chairman, Mr. Ora Walters. Mr. Paster's 8th Grade sci- entists canlt quite decide whether the turtle is a snapper or a napper. Carol Watson and Charles Rovner wonder whether that really goes into bread during Mr. Genovesels Biology class. f ,p,,:,:'fQ wzfazviw 5 ' ,' f A M 'I X i 1 ' , v ' I I ru K ' g, 5 f' ' TT. 1 ' ' 'ff- "xx I W , ff-N., 5, , I , N, 5g,f4.., M4 ee i, A -. ,ri , in wi gg' 17 J Lp, bg J' JW' ,i6'VrMpIvM I-J, inlwbihclgv l YP wif? ir' . .rf . SEATED Cleft to rightl: Mrs. Irene Ryan, Mrs. STANDING: Mr. Sigmund Lichter, Mr. John Foley, Alice Valentine, Miss Mary Fleming, Mrs. Florence Mr. Martin Cheiken, Mr. William Brenner. Purcell, Mrs. Leona Oberstein, Mrs, Felice Golding, Pupil Personnel This department might be classified as Health and Welfare. The Guidance De- partment devotes its time to scheduling and advising students for courses, testing and vocational guidance. Today, because of increasing educational and employ- ment opportunities the importance of this service is fully realized and appreciated. The Health Department looks after the well-being of all students through periodic physical and dental examinations. By doing their work eHiciently, with their years of experience behind them, pupil personnel keeps Memorial running smoothly with a minimum of difficulty. The music suite reverberates with mel Mrs. Purcell emphasizes the value of ody as Mr. Millner spiritedly rehearses further education after graduation. the concert band. QQ' 18 lying. Music Despite changing moods and tastes music has remained essentially the same in that it continues to evoke the same wonderful emotions from young people. Keeping pace with modern trends Memorial can boast excellent orchestras, choral groups, and dance bands. Musical instruction ranges from the clarinet to the violin, while courses in voice and harmony are also provided. Looking at present accomplish- ments and to future plans, our school has instituted a musical program to suit all tastes and to provide background for future participation and enjoyment of one of the finer elements of our civilization. Art Left to right: Miss Shirley Homan, Mr. William Millner, Miss Jean Jackson, Mr. Bertram Konowitz, Miss Marion Donnelly Inset: Chairman, Mr. William Millner. Controversies still rage between the realists and the moderns. While we may have our own opinions about the type of art we like, we at Memorial are in com- plete accord as to the merit of the art work of our students. Under the able guidance of its capable teachers, students first learn the fundamentals and then pro- ceed to create for themselves. We owe a great debt to these instructors, not only for their aid to the individual, but for the attention they give to school decoration for dances, show cases and to art work in school publications. Cleft to rightj Mr. James DeNicola, Miss Lor- etta Epstein, Mrs. Janet Greffrath, Mr. Eu- gene Weinger Inset: Chairman, Mrs. James De X Nicola. An ash tray, a vase, a mug - Miss Ep- stein's art class features budding Rodins. X 134 sv l Q 19 Miss Ruderman acquaints eighth graders with the fine points of field hockey. ,.,- ir ire., .1 .1 Elaine Frank demon- strates passing tech- nique as Mrs. Limaxes and attentive Sopho- mores look on. Left to right: Miss Sheila Barad, Miss Judith Ruderman, Miss Rosalia Gioia, Mrs. Carolyn Tallow, Mrs. Livia Li- maxes, Inset: Chairman, Miss Rosa- lia Gioia. Girls Physical Education No longer are girls sheltered from phys- ical activity. With the emergence of women in our modern society, it has been found that physical activity plays an important role in the formation of a so- cially mature young lady. Not only are poise and coordination stressed, but citi- zenship and individual initiative become equally important. Gym teachers conduct numerous intrarriural activities and sev- eral service organizations, which offer the girls of our school an outlet for their youthful energy. " Almost everybody gets into the swing of things as Miss Barad counts cadence for cal- isthenics. 20 -J' .lim Fuller faces off to start '55-E 11" S an exciting game of soccer in Mr. Peterls gym class. D , f if Y M 'lf .ww W J 1 3 tr' Gym classes practice bounce 1 ', ,ff 4,4 passing during the basket- , ball season. Bo s - A' " t t af.. -V , A 2 , 'f 'N ,gf Physical Education Fitness, coordination and general well being are the aims of the boys, Physical Education instructors. In all sports, which at Memorial are numerous, principles of fair play are instilled in each boy. Under expert supervision our boys have achieved records which any school could be proud of. Along with regular gym classes, a var- ied intramural program and health and driver education, six interscholastic sports are offered. All these activities serve to bolster the morale of the entire student body. V, J' Y Jf J . f 41 M A XJ i' G m classes are lively as 7th ' Lf Y ' ,ff , graders indulge in calisthenics. ff I f 'y " X , ,D " gf' ' 1--1 , f . , 1 V, ,,1 f X A . fl f f ,f ,. f ff' fl' ,Ji w if if -' v .. f Z tl V UN , ,- M., , I X f f V' 'f' V , ,Q V ft N' gl -. ' I J ' J ' E-rf" 'Q ix, ,fl X , f' ,V f 1 fi ' 1 f 0 'v Qleft to rightj Mr. Samuel Stempel, Mr. W'll'am Peters, Mr. Leon Cohen, Mf- 1 1 David Star, Mr. Ambrose Moran: Chair- man, Mr. David Star. ,i Mrs. Kahn assists Doug Veit in the Senior High Library. , M. Mrs. Vanecek, with student aides, Judy Gioia and Nancy Zith help to lighten the clerical load. Secretarial Staff Behind the bustling activity of a modern high school like Memorial, is an alert and well trained olifice staff. Handling all correspondence, aiding our administrators, watching over the finances of school organizations are only a few of the duties of our ofhce staff. Students, teachers and visitors are guaranteed pleasant and immediate service when seeking aid or information. Library ly .tl Since our school was opened four years ago, our library has grown by leaps and bounds. In order to make available a place where students may do re- search or merely spend their time reading for re- laxation and enjoyment, one can always be sure of Ending aid here because of the desire of our librarians to help a student. 22 Left to Right: Winifred Plate, Gertrude Kahn, Mary Olsen, Elsie Vanecek, Ann Marchello, Ann Kemp, Mildred Bracy, Janet Stacknowitz, Winifred Spengler, Ar- lene Campbell, Lorraine Chylak. Left to right: Miss Lena Gould, Mrs. Dorothy Tootle. f , , ., .flf Of, ,V,f , iffzff . gf . w,:,f,,, .y W., Z 1 ,f f .. 4 W, Custodians Young people havenlt changed much in fifty years. Even though students follow certain standards of tidiness, problems of sanitation and maintenance do arise and are promptly taken care of by our custodial staff. These men and women, each a 6'Jack- of-all-tradesf' keep Memorial well cared for, both inside and out, while tending to the daily mishaps which are bound to occur in a building of our size. fleft to rightl B. McFadden, J. Caddyen Head Custo- dian, J. Gorski. Cafeteria One need not long wonder why all paths eventu- ally lead to the cafeteria, for here hundreds of hungry students buy their meals and chat with their friends. It is amazing how our cafeteria staff can prepare so many attractive meals, serve so many students and yet remain so pleasant. One has yet to discover a time when he has not received the warm and efficient serv- ice which characterizes the ladies comprising this staff. Mrs. Virginia MacNaughton, Mrs. Mickey Arrich, Mrs. Billie Borden, teacher-aides, survey the cafeteria after a busy day. FIRST ROW fleft to rightj: A. Munro, R. Owens, B. Hiller, W. Leadbeter, I. Basile, M. Michaels. M. Jack- son. SECOND ROW: M. McAndrews, A. Speigel, G. Box-man, J. Beyer, J. Slater, V. Carlson, D, Bruntrager, D. Waldron, T. Christensen. Mrs. C. Flower Matron, and Mr. J. Caddyen relax during a busy day. 23 I E C Left to right KFIRST ROWJ Mrs. Holm, Mr. Gardner, Mrs. Frieden, Mrs. Dubin KSECOND ROWQ Mrs Atkinson Mr Rovner, Mrs. Shapiro. P. T. A. Improvements in the fields of health, education and juvenile protec- tion are the general aims of the Parent-Teacher Association. Working in conjunction with the school ad- ministration and faculty, parents are able to fulfill the obligations required of an interested citizen. Funds from the annual PTA cake sale and bumper sticker drive are used for scholarships to worthy college seniors. This project, along with its other endeavors to better the school, make the PTA an indispensable group. Mr. Skidmore explains the activi ties of his students on Open School Night. Memorial girls hand out bumper stickers to be sold for the PTA Scholarship Drive. Seniors ff" ' Active in every area in which students may par- ticipate to enrich school life, Donald Oehl has spent many hours improving student government and furthering competitive sports with his sup- port. As Senior Class President and Junior Class Vice-President, Don has been greatly responsible for our pleasant memories of Memorial. He has 2 Wd MQW! ff! Mr. Lance Donald Oehl been a member of Junior Board and Delta Sigma Hi-Y. Athletically inclined, Don is Captain of our Cross Country team, Co-Captain of our spring Track team, Treasurer of Varsity Club, and a members of Boys Leader Corps. He plans to attend college, and later to pursue a career in aviation. 45M mW0JMCl My Miss Lance Maria Zanetti Alert, assiduous and affable is our demure Miss Lance, Maria Zanetti. Maria has had her hands full ever since entering Memorial. Her many ac- tivities include Future Teachers of America, of which she is President, Honor Society and an ed- itorship on the LANCE. Also, being politically minded, Maria has served on Junior Board and is currently treasurer of Senior Board. Perhaps the reason why she has always worked so diligently for her fellow students stems from the fact that Maria plans to enter a career in elementary teaching, which will also involve much of her time and en- thusiasm, 1- V ,N -f' X XXX. NA i.. ew 4 '+V 'Efll0rf Lest We Forget Maria and Don were always prepared, As Senior Class officers, They continually cared. ABRY, IVAN - 401 Terrace Blvd.- NHP, Hotel Manager, Soccer, Konkor- dia, Intramurals, Track. ACETO, MARIE - 88 Fourth Street, GCP, Teacher, FTA, Dramatics, Girls Service League, Sports Club, Intramu- rals, Bowling, Ecclesia. ATLAS, LINDA - 1727 Broadway, NHP, College, Honor Society, Girls Leader Corps, V. Choir, Soph. Board, Girls Service League, Girls Sports Club, Intramurals. AQERETT, BETSY - 568 No. Fifth St., ',-LN P, College, Scenici Players, Intra- lgrnural Sports. A LKELMAN, JOAN - 42 Primrose llf S mt NfPI'P, Teacher, Romanettes, Jr., 2 TA Scenici Players Honor is Mk' , ' ta Rho Hi-Y, Girls,Service League, Finch Club. ADORNO, JOSEPH - Joe - 500 Hill- side Blvd. NHP, College, Intramurals, Soccer. BAILEY, ALICE - 553 North Third St. NHP, Teacher, FTA, Jr., Sr., Chorus, Choir, Girls Leader Corps, Girls Intra- murals, Honor Society, Jr., Sr., Board, J.V. Cheerleaders, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Student Council. BANFELDER, GARY - 611 Terrace Blvd., NHP, Electrical Engineering, Track, Intramurals, Omega-Chi Hi-Vs, AGOSTA, JEANETTE - 34 Heat rl Lane, NHP, College, Stu t CWA jr., Sr., Board, Scenici r T', f dia, Intramural r A LV ALZMANNWMTQKY - 1010, rd Ave., NI-IP,'NC l e un- cil r. Red s 'ntramu l, hariot-, Spertsl, Clu l cclesia, F ure urses . ,. Z. f f f fllfml 1 ' w ffsg at ae, "'-. 1. ff' ..., V . r f l . ' ffj 1 1, ,-,X ' f' . Q 1 Q 1 Af. iw 1 1 . fe Q ii 67 Jr. Girls Leader Corps, Qrtisia ,fly ' tx Z3 Soph,f'Boa rench lu BA 1 H, A A1 .ig-1-24 La Eanwgt. Qi-1 , se!-IQ-2?1Q,5S mfs- murals, rex tling In Q, BLAIR -R3 01' Ingraliagn J ff 'lg 4 "'l f , ane. " , , 1 1n u , UV W VY S , 1' Chorus. HJ 504, Hillsi e d P College Key 'f'C1ub, Senior B rd, Intramurals. ASHKER, RICHARD - Richie - 113 ,gLpf,Campbell St., NHP, Drafting, V. Track, Intramurals. BECK, HOWARD - 18 South 12 St. NHP, Navy, Track. BECKETT, LINDA - 26 Plymouth St. NHP, College, Sr. Board, Sceneci Players, Chariot, Modern Dance, Chorus, Red Cross. BENNETT, ELIZABETH - Betty - 180 Kamda Blvd. NHP, Secretary, Girls Service League, Intramurals, Glee Club? BERKMAN, SAUL - 1644 West End Ave. NHP, Attorney, Intramurals, Jr. Sr. Board, Omega Chi Hi-Y, Ecclesia. BERTONI, PYHLLIS - 55 Corbin Ave. GCP, Art School, Tennis Club, Art Club, Library Club, Home Economics Club. BIANCO, ELLEN - 119 North Second St. NHP, College, Girls Intramurals, Chariot, Samarateens. ,ygfigrbaigsn , o A D - Don - 41!,,'i,., I X V ' 3 1 28 alll-ft in ik 5.0. 'X ' 'f f f 4'..,w'll lf ,1 4 f f , I f lx A rj Jil Lv n , ff ff 1 ly f Z f, +1 ixm, s',,,'f -f" 'ff f-, 'R ii . ' ,1 , ,M .W . f . ff, ff' 5 , ficfw 1 QM? ' ' Q ' ,, ff' ff? V 9. 4 ,V ., 1 fwgf' .X 5 ff' -swf 0-.AY gi, 471 fl 4"f 6 BIEGNER, ARLENE - 528 No. Sixth St., NHP, Secretary, Intramurals, Piano Club, Library Club, Glee Club, FHA, Sports Club, Jr. Board. BLAU, JANET - 177 Cellar Ave., NHP, Secretary, Home Economics, In- tramurals, Ecclesia. BOADO, JOSEPH - Joe + 1520 Fal- mouth Ave., NHP, College, Retailing Club, Intramurals, Ecclesia. BONGIORNO, MARIE - 1493 New Hyde Park Dr., NHP, Secretary, Sports Club, Soph. Board, Intramurals, Girls Service League. BOSAND, SANDRA - Sandy - 8 Elm Dr., NHP, Secretary, Twirlers, Sports Club, Intramurals. BOXT, IRWIN - 1516 Lowell Ave., NHP, College, Mathletes, V. Soccer, gfack, Volleyball, Intramurals, Science ub. CALLAHAN, DANIEL - 511 Beech St., NHP, Undecided, Intramurals. CANCRO, JEAN - 19 Elm Dr., NHP, College, Romanettes, Girls Service League, Girls Leader Corps, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Student Council, Typing Club, Sports Club, Intramurals, Latin Club, Honor Society. BOYLE, JOHN - 512 Lowell Ave., NHP, Undecided, Wrestling, Weight- lifting, Intramurals. BREITFELD, CHARLES - 30 Jeffer- son St., NHP, College, Track, Gymnas- tics, Wrestling. CARLIN, ROBERT - Bob - 101 No. Seventh St., NHP, Mechanic, Intra- murals. CARNEMOLLA, ROBERT - Bob - 154 No. Tenth St., NHP, College Intra- reiurals, Photography Club, Weightlifting lub BRIDGES, LINDA - 1514 Park Ave., NHP, Beautician, Sports Club, Twirlers, Girls Intramurals, Fresh. and Soph. Boards. BUGLIONE, ELAINE - 132 Second St., NHP, Secretary, Frosh., Soph. Boards, Intramurals, Sports Club, Jr. Red Cross. Usherettes, Girls Service League. CAROLAN, MARY - 528 Maple Dr. W., NHP, Airline Hostess, Chorus, Jr. Red Cross, FHA, Modern Dance Club, Glee Club, Bowling, Archery, Intra- murals. CERVELLION, JOSEPH - 26 Elm Dr., NHP, College, Photography, Retail- ing, French Club, Intramurals, Ceramics. BURKARD, NANCY - 23 Paul Ave., NHP, Secretary, Honor Society, Art Club. BYRNE, RICHARD -1657 Highland Ave., NHP, Mechanical Engineer, Honor Society, Chariot, Dance Band, Sr. High Band, Marching Band, Lacrosse, Science Club. CHRISTY, CAROL - 412 White Ave., NHP, Secretary, Library Club. CLEARY, DENNIS - 54 Dallas Ave., NHP, Undecided, Intramurals. f 'fi f., 1 , V - , ,,. 1 , Q ,., ,A ,V U 1 J,-if' , .ff -' I ,,,,f-fl-M129 2 I ,Qfff 'T J 'Y , fjg! ,,',f' ' XAL " Lest We Forget Angela and Helen gave service elite They were constantly cheerful, courte ous, and sweet. if T1 -1'-L 4.51: IQ our if Q-,, s...- F" rr JF 7 fe .gl N, .cz 's my f it , , E-2"-em fig , TJJNHP Gaiters - Sports oirrb, Glee oirrb, "til A I A i .ff F ys Q s, J CLUXTON, ELTON - Scooter - 575 N. Sixth St. NHP College Intra- murals. COSTA, PRUDENCE - Pmdy -- 66 r Kenneth Pl' ce NHP Secreta Girls In .,, 31 : ry ' 1:-rafriurals, ,,'N Bowling, Jr. Sr. Boards, Office '.1Assista?it, .DeFINA MARIA - 1734 Broadway - -- ' ' H " 'J' S6ph.,-Board, Girls Service Leag e, Intra- 3s"f'Q'.ff't X V murals, Usherettes. ' B ' ' '- I DQLEO, THERESA - Terry IQ f . A 1 Q, 1, 1, t , ,r':,,'f7Second St. GCP Retailing - Spd ts Clu ' r . -0 ul C wr, . , ,.,, E if . ,,. 1-W ' X',',gg,' ff'FHA, Jr. Red Cross, Lance, Rec Cl i N -" , , ' X eff! Jr. Board, Intramurals. t J " , A O " CRETA, CAROL LEE - 18 Oabl ' 'X X Drive, NHP Airline Stewar s,5ZGir, - -5. J if I Leader Corps, Romanettes, S rts b, Q 1 1 " L.. ' if Glee club. L 1 'L CYWINSKI, ALAN - 51 ew e ' sl ks' 'F Park Road, NHP Armed F rces 5 ra- , . murals, Photography, Weightlifting. li ' DENNINGER, HENRY -- ank - , x rarr T J J 1652 west End Ave. NHP - Sunfxyor, 5 ' I - V. Football, Basketball, Intra.rn rals, gl if , , Iieader Corps, Varsity Club, Track, Ec- A .rfL34T?i Q X . , 1' C esia. -J ' .ANY 3 MDESSNER, ROBERTA - Bert - 31 J' , rpgnorrway Road, GCP College - Art jf I 'fQ,ClJcib, Sports Club, Team Sports Club, ,',,r.Q3' W ,Leafder Corps Basketball Club, Honor ' f JJ' 5,Q..L'1g'QCiCiy, French Club, Chorus, Sr. Board, f Gmane est .A J ,tbAH'L,t.pr1iiENE - 507 N. sixth sr., , -NHPgfCbllege - Marching Band, Dance XY ,,Ba.?fd, Band,,,.fBowling, Chorus, Chariot, f f' lv"'fAuriga3Egiit6r, Honor Society. DAI,EYl,'THOMAS - Tom - 7 Ever- grsgzii Ave. NHP College - Ecclesia, S N X fn 5.--sv 5 '. est We Forget N.H.P. Honor Society was a capable group, NVith Liz and Pete at the head of the troupe. Photography Club, Gymnastics Club, Spanish Club, Intramurals. DICKSON, DONALD - Don - 15 Maple Drive, NHP Engineer - Key Club - Pres., Lance-Man, Editor, ,Scif ence Club, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Leader Corps, Track, Glee Club, Chorus, 81 Scroll, Honor Society. I .if DMUCHOWSKI, MARILYN -H-112.191 Millers Lane, NHP Airline Stewgardess Twirlers, Girls Service League, 'VSoph.. Board, Glee Club, Ecclesia, Student Council Intramurals. " DAVIS, ALLYN - 8 Evergreen Ave. NHP Engineer - V. Football, V. Base- ball, Boys Leader Corps, OHicials Club, JV Basketball, Key Club, Honor Society. DAY, DAVID - 1643 Belmont Ave. NHP English Teacher - Key Club, Band, Marching Band, Chariot, Quill 8a Scroll. DORAN, MARY - 1535 Falmouth Ave. NHP Secretary - Intramurals, Ecclesia. DRAVINSKI, JUDITH - Judy - 17 Pinewood Lane, NHP Secretary - FTA, GSL, Jr. Red Cross, Jr. Sr. Boards, Delta Gamma HI-Y, Chorus, Basketball. Kon- kordia, Sceneci Players. DREHER, MARGARET - 206 White Ave. NHP Stenographer - Girls Service League, Usherettes, Sceneci Players, Bowling, Intramurals. DZIOMBA, JOHN - 2136 Jericho Tpke, GCP Undecided Basketball, Intra- murals. DZIOMBA, PRISCILLA - 2136 Jeri- cho Tpke., GCP Business School Fresh., fr Soph., Jr. Sr. Boards, Student Council, Jr. Red Cross, Cheerleader, Intramurals, Sports Club, Girls Service League, Ec- clesia, Tumbling Club, 'Modern Dance. ECKERT, ROBERT - Bob - 3 S. 17th St. NHP Plumber - Soccer, Band, V. Club. 1 3,0 A ,ftxj 1 , ' - 1-.. XX 1 Wx 'WUI7 ,999 :W fs? 5 f in .f 95 1, 4 'N 3 .,. 1 r fl 5, Wx! f. nr . 9 a t... .r r f'. .,f3r.rr 5 my , . 4-:.:"Y "tm 1731" it , . Cf 5 U1 ,t ., :UQ Q Q 1 ECKLREITER, ELIZABETH - Betty - 1032 Cherry Lane, NHP, Stenogra- pher, Romanettes, Girls Service League, FHA, Modern Dance Club. EGAN, JOHN - 711 Terrace Blvd., NHP, Teacher, Boys Leader Corps, Var- sity Club, Lacrosse, Football, Intramurals. FINAMORE, ANDREW - Andy - 604 First Ave., NHP, College, Jr. Red Cross, Intramurals. FISKE, DOROTHY - Dot - 566 N. 7th St., NHP, Teacher, Chariot, Honor Society, Quill 8: Scroll, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Student Council, Jr, Red Cross, Election Commission, Soph. Jr. Sr. Boards. EGER, PATRICIA - Pat - 19 Sperry Court, NHP, Retailing, Chorus. EIPPER, MARIANNE - 45 Maple Drive, NHP, Teacher, Girls Service League, FTA, Jr. Sr. Boards, Usherettes, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Intramurals, Stu- dent Council, Chorus, Ecclesia. FITZGERALD, JOHN - 33 Redwood Rd., NHP, Undecided, Intramural Sports. FLEMING, EDNA - 34 Stephan Ave., NHP, Nurse, FNA, V Choir. EISELE, FREDERICK - Fred - 35 Court, NHP, Chemist, V Bas- Weightlifting, Sports Club, Stu- uncil. ERNST, MARILYN -- 25 Maple Drive, NHP, Secretary, Samarateens, FHA, In- tramurals. KLORLENZA, JERILYN - Jeri - 1692 ' ew Hyde Park Road, NHP, College, Romanettes, Jr. Sr. Boards, Girls Service League, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Ecclesia, Bowling, Usherette, Honor Society. FRANK, ELAINE - 165 Lawrence St., NHP, Teacher, Girls Leader Corps, In- tramurals, Basketball, Sports Club. ESCHE, DOLORES - Lorri - 111 Park Ave., GCP, Author, Marching gang, Sr. High Band, Chariot, Sports u . ETZLER, GUNTHER - Bud - 14 Central Ave., GCP, College, Intra- murals. FULLER, JAMES - Jim - 28 Tulip Lane, NHP, Army, Student Council, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Gymnastics. GALDERESI, SANDRA - Sandy - 31 Croyden St., NHP, College, Modem Dance, FHA, FNA, Girls Service League, , Sports Club. FASS, JOAN - 174 Kamda Blvd., NHP, Teacher, Chariot, FTA, Scenici Players, Student Council, Konkordia, Bowling. FELCZAK, CAROL -- 499 N. 6th St., NHP, Secretary, Intramurals, Basketball. FERRARA, DENIS - 19 Maple Leaf Lane, NHP, College, Intramurals, Ec- clesia, Omega Chi ',Hi7Y. - FEUR Y, KATHERINE + Kay - 34 Iris fane 'NHP Ufamatics Coach -lSQCI'l.lII'1 Playdrs,ifJFrench-'Cli1b, Jr. Board: . Agfthery, Tennis. , lm fi' 'F 1 f l 1 H i Kiwi I is 5 3.71.1 , , I, 'J XX 'N t I , f , V , '- it I ' 'i' l I X 1 x-.." I ' ,' r N, , t fr' 'wk' ' I R ,Ml v W E 1 X, . L ,c I R -I N .1 -, ,cr t N l WY 1 -fax XT lxlx 1 31 J X7 .f-' 1 ' ' ' if ,f V,-,fry A,41y"f , xi Q!" , if .. j'l riff Q-.S ""' fd? , , TTT' Lest We Forget Heidi and Chuck, Spike and Pat VVere the best dressed quartet, No doubt about that. Lest We Forget They led the work and led it well, In efficiency Diana and Dot did excel. , x n , . GILBERT, JOAN - 15 Jefferson St., NHP, College Instructor, Lance, Quill SL Scroll, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Bowling, Girls Service League, Student Council, Soph Board, Ecclesia, Glee Club, Honor Society. GILBERT, TIPP - 6 Maple Leaf Lane, NHP, Cartoonist, Student Coun- cil, Chariot, Frosh Board, Ecclesia, Intramurals, Art Club, Wrestling, Weightlifting. GIOIA, ROSEANN - 561 N. 3rd St., NHP, Receptionist, Girls Service League, Chariot, Business Club, Chorus, Intramurals. GLASS, FRANCES - Franni - 36 Kingston St., NHP, College, Scenici Players, FTA, Student Council, Red Girls Service Cross, Intramurals, League, Debating Club, Modern Dance Club. GARDNER, CAROL -- 5 Primrose Drive, ,NHP, College, Romanettes, Scenici Players, Honor Society, Soph. Jr. Sr. Boards, Student Council, French Club, FTA, Chorus, Girls Service League, Konkordia, Sports Club. GARDNER, MERYL - 35 Brisbane St. NHP, Secretary, -Scenici Players, Student Council, Intramurals. GLICKSTEIN, ROBERT - Glick - 26 Pearl, St., NHP, College, Varsity Club, Boys Leader Corps, Delta Sigma Hi-3Y,,Key Club, Sr. Boards, Bas- ketball, V, Track, V' Soccer, MV Cross Country. .A ' ,,,,, ,GOLDSTEIN,':MA'RTIN"'- Marty -- 67 West?-Maple-,Drive, NHP, College, SOccer,'Lacrosse:',' I GENOVESEQ' FRANCES 7 ,Tina - 65 Maple Druie, NHP, Secre'ta'ry, Ro- nianettes, 'Girls Servicei' League, ,Usher- ettes, Bowling, Hor1orC,Society, ,Intra- murals, Jr., Sr. Boards., Dfgta Gamma Hi-Y, Ecclesia, Business Club. J GENTILE, CLAIRE - 72 Fifth St., GCP, Ofiice Work, Sports Club, Intra- murals. GONZALES, THOMAS - Tom - 63 Bedford, GCP-Navy. GOODMAN, RICHARD - Rick - 42 West Maple Drive, NHP, Veterinar- ian, V Soccer, V Track, Key, Club, Archery, French Club, Sr. Board, Kon- kordia, Intramurals. , fc GIANNINI, TH,E,RESA1,.,C,, 9'76,,Ni' 5th St., NHP, T acher, FTAy' Sports Club, Jr. Board, Trench bQi11b, In-tra,-4' murals, Honor Society, " " GIANNINI, THERESUNM., 15 S.-16th'f' St., NHP, Secretary, FlTA,,Inframuralsl FHA, Samarateens. ,W ' " GORAL, ELAINE - 127' N. 3rd St., NHP, Secretary, Chorus, Girls Service League, Library Club. GRASSO, NEIL - Tim - 6 New Hyde Park Road, NHP, College, Foot- ball, ,,Lacrosse, German Club, Intra- murals, Ecclesia. GIANNATTASIO, FRANCIS - Frank - 2 Surrey Road, NHP, Engi- neer, Transfer Chaminade Radio Club, Intramurals. GIESE, GERALD - Gerry - 37 Dur- ham Road, NHP, Electrical Engineer, V Choir, Chariot, Student Council, Ec- clesia. GRAY, JOHN - jack - 50 Evans St., NHP, College, V Football, V La- crosse, Jr. Sr. Boards, Varsity Club, Ecclesia. GROSS, KATHY - 7 Linclon Ave., NHP, College, Honor Society, Sr. Board, Bowling, Romanettes, V Choir, French Club, Glee Club, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Girls Service League, Intramurals. 32 'ir' 'flag -., Q,.,.,r,sY,K ,if 2 k 1643! 15 W 'f ,V , ,W af, I f V ,, ,, ,I I A as 3 f 1 gf , ,,f ,. f , f I ff , ir X f I f " .V ,f 'ag 4, "W, ,fnf 2 ,, , an f f 1 , 1 Z7 1 f I f f X , ,X 1 f ij If X f 'r , ,,,.f 1 TLV ,Hifi I Y-we-7' f A J. Y 'fa 1 1. .. - wtf M.. .ff , . 'WO 'sms , I Y " l y, :- ,J-. , Zfsu-2-'Ga 'gm 1: ' . 54 Q. f HAHN, KAREN - 136 Sylvia Lane, NHP, College, Band, Choir, Girls . Leader Corps, Bowling, FTA, Intra- murals, French Club, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Sports Club. HALPERN, JUDITH - Judy - 22 Maple Court, NHP, Teacher, JV, V Choir, Sr. Board, FTA, Student Coun- cil, French Club, Soph, Jr, Sr Trio, Glee Club, Sr. Quartet, Dralnatics Club, Italian Club. HOPKINS, ARTHUR - Artie - 1615 Lowell Ave., NHP, Drafting, Art Club, Track, Soccer, Intramurals, Wres- tling, Weightlifting. HUDAK, KAREN - 8 Brisbane St., NHP, Business School, Student Coun- cil, Modern Dancing, Cheerleaders Bas- ketball, Choir, Leader Corps, Mixed Chorus. HARCHUT, CECELIA - Sis -- 21 7th Ave., GCP, Secretary, Jr. Red Cross. HEBENSTREIT, CAROLYN - 18 Ashland Ave., NHP, College, Jr, Sr Board, Lance, Scenici Players, Honor Society, FNA, Chorus, Intramurals, French Club. JACOB, JOHN - Jack - 63 Aber- deen Road, NHP, College, Chorus, Soccer. JACOBSON, ARLENE - 1661 Alad- din Ave., NHP, College, Romanettes, Leader Corps, Honor Leader Corps, Jr, Sr, Boards, Honor Society, Choir, Sports Club, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Bowling. HECKER, PETER - Pete - 41 S. 16th St., NHP, College, Soccer, Band, Intramurals. HIGGINS, ANGELA - Angel - 504 N. lst St., NHP, Secretary, Ecclesia. JAEGER, MARGUERITE - Margie - 531 Lakeville Road, NHP, College, Girls Service League, Sports Club, In- tramurals, FHA, Sr Board, Student Council, Oilice Assistant. JARDINIER, JOHN - 7 Cellar Ave., NHP, Commercial Artist, V Track, Stage Crew, Chorus. HILTON, CHARLES - Bud - 83 William St., NHP, College, Student Council, Varsity Club, Key Club, Honor Society, V Football, V Track, Basketball, Soph Board, Konkordia. HILTON, MARCIA - 1614 Fal- mouth Ave., NHP, College, Chariot, FNA, Jr, Sr Boards, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Artisans, Student Council, Honor So- ciety, Quill Sc Scroll. JOHNSON, CHARLES - 36 Ever- green Ave., NHP-Service. JOHNSON, PATRICIA - Pat - 36 Evergreen Ave., NHP, Secretary, Girls Service League, Jr Red Cross, FNA, Chorus. HINGULAR, CAROL - 26 Beech- wood Lane, NHP, Teacher, Intra- murals, Glee Club, Sr High Chorus, Varsity Choir, French Club, Student Council, Lance, Honor Society. HOENIG, CHARLES - Chuck - 1410 Lincoln Ave., NHP, Engineer, Track, Football, Varsity Club, Intra- murals. HOFFMAN, BRUCE - 14 Eric Lane, NHP, Navy Career, Weightlifting, Choir, Wrestling, Archery. HOOPER, JOHN - 1060 N. 5th, NHP, undecided, Intramurals. 33 V- A .' ' 4, t fwfaf uf 'fu '37 J' J 'C L... t 1-ft. Oqx .,. ,X X Lest We Forget Richard and Dick, a melodious pair. For rhythm and music, they had a flair. Lest We Forget A talented duo, Marilyn and Alice Made rehearsals seem Like a "Night at the Palace." !2""" .... f .' : s' J l .. 5 , xy 12, 'W' , W we TS? g 2 'ff Q, .l,. affmf + 4 I It so . ,,. A, A I e khrr Q :,. L. -X,i 1, e'ee' .s KONOWALOW, SHARON - Shari - 11 Maple Court, NHP, Fashion De- signer, Artiators, Artisians, Scenici Players, Girls Leader Corps, Chariot, Lance, Student Council, Modern Dance Club, Senior Board. KOPLIN, RICHARD - Dick - 1745 Belmont Ave., NHP, College, V. Foot- ball, V. Track, Key Club, Varsity Club, Boys Leader Corps. KOSINSKI, PATRICIA - Pat - 12 S. 18th St, NHP, Typist, Girls Intra- murals. KRUG, JOAN - 6 N. 11th St., NHP, Receptionist, Girls Service League, Intra- murals, Bowling, KALB, NANCY - 1629 Falmouth Ave., NHP, Medical Secretary, Romanettes, Jr., Sr. Boards, Zeta-Rho Hi-Y, Student Council, Sceneci Players. KEEFFEE, VIRGINIA, 2960 S. 10th St., Secretary, Intramurals, Jr. Red Cross, Art, Dramatics. KUPILLAS, CONRAD - 3 S. 10th St., NHP, Undecided, Intramurals. LANGAN, HELEN - 104 Lawrence St., NHP, Secretary, Girls Leader Corps, Honor Basketball Club, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Softball, Intramurals. KELLY, EDWARD - Ed -- 7 Dallas Ave., NHP, Engineer, Honor Society, V. Basketball, V. Track, V. Soccer, Varsity Club, Key Club, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Ger- man Club, Boys Leader Corps. KELLY, WILLIAM - Bill - 48 Wil- liam St., NHP, Accountant, Intramurals. LEAHY, JOHN - 15 Maple Court, NHP, Construction, Varsity Club, Track, Volleyball, Intramurals, Basketball. LEED, VALERIE - Val - 20 Red- wood Road, NHP, Secretary, Chorus, Intramurals, FHA, Dramatics. KENNA, ROBERT - Bob - 1634 Bel- mont Ave., NHP, Commercial Artist, Artisians, Intramurals, Sports Club. KEOUGH, DENNIS - 568 Cherry La., NHP, Navy, Intramurals. LEHMAN, RALPH - 151 Sperry Blvd., NHP, Undecided, Marching Band, Var- sity Band, Intramurals, Baseball, Basket- ball, Wrestling. LELLA, MARIA - 1714 Park Ave., NHP, Fashion Designer, Girls Leader Corps, Honor Leader Corps, Chariot, Jr., Sr. Boards, Intramurals, Basketball, Ar- tisians, Sports Club, Lance. KISSEL, LINDA - 1326 New Hyde Park Road, NHP, College, Varsity Choir, Girls Service League, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Scenici Players, Bowling, Tennis, De- bating Club. KOGAN, MYRNA - Koko - 40 Tulip Lane, NHP, College, Honor So- ciety, Student Council, Scenici Players, Girls Service League, Frosh, Soph Boards, Latin Club, French Club, Zeta Rho Hi-Y, Bowling. fd LEUPP, KENNETH - Ken T asmine Ave N P Teacherl arsi .I ' -1 ,H Club, Leader Corps, ,IV .Fbotbal'l,,,iN'L Track, Soccer, OfHcia1s,wQ1ub, tffntra- murals. .-" I-1' Mft' lf fflff LIPKIN, ALAN - 51O'fN. 12th sf, NHP, Lawyer, Chariot, Student Coun- cil. 34 . ,Lf LITWIN,- SANDRA - Sandy - 4 Evergreen Ave., NHP, Buyer, Girls Ser- vice L'eague, Usherettes, Intramurals, Student Council. . LONG, WILLIAM - Bill - 600 Wil- liam St., NHP, College Intramurals, German Club, Track. Q LUTKENHAUS, LINDA JAYNE - 99 Kenneth Place, NHP, Teacher, FTA, Scenici Players, Artisians, Intramurals, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Bowling. MACKAUF, PETER - Pete - 1508 Lowell Ave., NHP, Engineer, Honor Societg, Soccer, Varsity Club, Band, Key Club, acrosse Dance Band. MANGANADREJ, ANTOINETTE - ggni 117 S. 5th St., NHP, Retailing, orus. - MARINO, FIORE - John - 46 Old Stewart Ave., GCP, Engineer, Intramu- ra s. MCLAUGHLIN, JACQUELINE - Jackie - 54 Plymouth St., NHP, Col- lege, Chorus, Scenici Players. MCSORLEY, LELIZABETH - Chip - 216'Wilton St., NHP, College, Bowling, Intramurals, Library Club, Ecclesia. MARINUCCI, ANTHONY - Tony - 51 William St., NHP, College, JV, V. Football, Wrestling. MARKUSSEN, ARTHUR - 2 Lake- ville, Drive, NHP, College, Boys Leader Corps, JV, V. Football, Soccer, Key Club, Varsity Club, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Student Council. MEEK," CAROLYN - Lyn - 38 Jefferson St., NHP, Secretary, Archery, Chorus, Spanish Club. MERKERT, MARY - 71 Maple Drive, NHP, Secretary, Romanettes, Chorus, FNA, FHA, Student Council, Modem Dance Club, Jr. Red Cross, Intramurals. ,MARTIN, BARBARA - 7 Paul Ave., NHP, Artiators, Zeta Rho Hi-Y. Honor Society, Scenici Players? , MATHEIS, VIRGINIA - Ginny - 36 Manly Place, NHP, Teacher, FTA, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, German Club, Scenici Players, Bowling, Konkordia Intramurals. MESWARP, ELIZABETH - Betty 29 Sylvia Lane, NHP, College, Library lub. METZLER, ELAINE - 26 Oak Drive, NHP, Secretary, Choir, Jr. Red Cross, Bowling, Mixed Chorus, Archery, FNA, FHA. MAZURKIEWICZ, EILEEN - 105 Wilton St., NHP, Secretary, Girls Ser- vice League, Modem Dance Club, Scenici Players, Sports Club, Chorus, In- tramurals, Usherettes. MCCREA, EILEEN - Mickie - 136 - Bregman Ave., NHP, College, Choir, Chorus, Twirlers, Student Council, Ec- i' Lest We Forget Humor was the specialty of Bob and Elaine, They kept everyone laughing in their inimitable vein. Stl 'P' 4--..-5 X, fi M5 - 'X 'fix uf- N '- clesia, Frosh, Soph, Sr. Boards. 'J ELKJ' it MEYER, JAY - 2137 Jericho Tpke., ' 3,9 J GCP - Ballistics Engineer, Chess Club, . 7' - Science Club, Key Club, Jr. Board Var- , .f ,S , QS? 4 . -,Q sity Club, Football, Basketball, L ce, Jw ,gf 'i l Honor Society. E MEYERS, GEORGE - 41 tral X' Blvd., NHP, llege. Varsity Cl , ' X Leader Corp , . Basketball, eball,' 1 Soccer, Delta 'g it Hi-Y, KeyCQlub. ! uf' it ,gf 4 ..r'l ' J any J, W-wa., 'WNW ul? t liiflr Ll fy yn fl, crosse, Omega Chi I-Ii-Y QMQJQQ3' Y lo my M MIKO , AR - S. 12th St., NHP, Se e ck, I amurals, I MILBERG, A A 313 ace Blvd., NHP, ch , ha 'o FT FHA, Samar , ntramur 1, Club. MORAN, THOMAS Tom - 1 N. 4th St., NHP, College, fn Gymnastic Club, Varsity Club. MUELLER HEIDI - 934 N. 6th St., NHP Secretary Student Council Scenici Players Intramurals Girls Service League French Club Chorus V61 ent St., NHP, College, C rus, ng, Archery, German Club, F ' LLER, RUSSELL - 1052 . thi t., NHP, Lawyer, Student ou ilfj' Track, Jr. Board, Football. 1 jaw 5 , 9 , : , MILLEQL' MARGARET - Marge ,gg o P 15' 1 , xii? 5 620 ,V 3 , , Eng, ee , k '52 V, , , ' ' . . v -I ' X , ' ,gmt L , C C C ' '33 H ,ti ,NY ve., , r 1 wye V oot ' l b ll, os , S p , ' 'd Ke A . 'W 1 a : lg k 4 TR U E Pa X X e r Xl A Wk 3 Lest We Forget With a "please" or'a "thank you', they made the day right, Linda and Bob were the two most polite. College, Boys Leader r t Council, Jr. Sr. Boar , ll, - Crosse, Track, Intramur , . MULIERI THOMA - Ingraham Lan NHP as et- ball Boys Le er s, occ Intra- Welgh l ftin ICHA 4 C rt MULI, FRANK - 6 M o P, B a o J 4 Pr, ye C O ega Chi c s V sity b o a 61 tl1 g French C Ph a Intram ls Konkordia N P ITANO, K HLEEN - Kathy 97 Washingt Ave., NHP, College, l ' , t un , " u v I ., P, Accoun t, . ll ll, 'g ' , Q ub Sf , - - QFTA, r.ASr. r s, Student Council, Intr rals, E ' . N,' E WARD - Ed -- 154 . 10t ., P, Bell Telephone, Intra- urals. MO ON, BERT - Bob - 543 Map Drive West, NHP, Chemical En- gineer, Key Club, Lance, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Track, Science Club, Ecclesia, La- crosse, Honor Society. MONTE, NANCY - 38 Dallas Ave., NHP, Secretary, Transfer: Library Squad, Student Relations Council, Bowling Club, Swimming Club, Green Sc White Party. NEUSCHULZ, BRENDA, 39 Lewis Ave., FP, Teacher, JV Cheerleaders, Chorus, Jr. Sr. Boards, FTA, Scenici Players, Intramurals, Ecclesia. NEWSOM, GLORIA - 1014 Terrace Blvd., NHP, Dietician, Library Club, French Club, Typing Club, Intramurals. OEHL, DONALD - Don - 50 Yale Blvd., NHP Pilot, Jr. Sr. Boards, Varsity Club, Track, Cross Country, Boys Leader Corps, Delta Sigma Hi-Y. OGDEN, NEIL - 12 Carole Ave., NHP, Engineer, Sports Club, Varsity Club, Football, Baseball, Ecclesia. OGONOWSKI, EDWARD - Ed - 520 Lakeville Road, NHP, Service, In- tramurals. O'MEARA, MARILYN - 550 N. 9th Place, NHP, Secretary, Lance, Girls Ser- vice League, Girls Leader Corps, Scenici Players, Jr, Sr, Boards, Choir, Chorus, Student Council, Ecclesia, Intramurals. 36 IX hh.- 'ov 'lt""'W 544, we-.qvf ORR, HAROLD - Spike - 510 Lake- ville Road, NHP, College, Boys Leader Corps, Jr, Sr. Boards, Varsity Club, V. Lacrosse, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Ecclesia. PACIFICO, MARILYN - 90 Broad- way, GCP, Secretary, FNA, Intramurals, Sports Club, Girls Service League. PAETOW, PATRICIA - Pat - 43 Aberdeen Road, NHP, College, Lance, Quill Sc Scroll, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, FTA, French Club, Intramurals, Bowl- ing. PANTIN, MARIETTA - 27 Fourth St., GCP, Teacher, Sports Club, Samara- teens, FTA. PEARSON, DIANA - Dee - 26 Maple Drive West, NHP, College, Lance, Honor Society, Quill St Scroll, Artisians, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Ecclesia, Student Council, Scenici Players, Election Com- ENN, EDWARD - Eddie - 56 Wil- liam St., NHP, Printer, Wrestling, Arch- ry, Weightlifting, Intramurals. QUINLAN, KATHLEEN - 39 Or- chid Lane, NHP, College, Girls Service FTA, Usherettes, Bowling, Dra- French Club, Honor Society. A, MAUREEN - 18 Pinewood NHP, College, Student Council, Girls Servie? League I tramurals. PFLUCLE 1001 N Sev v Intramurals rritgaission. n S ., y, - . i I KA, JOAN - 15 First st., ff CP, Secretary, Girls Service League, Choir, Red Cross, Usherettes. RAZZA, ERNEST - Ernie - 38 Cor- win Ave., NHP, Undecided, Sewanhaka Leader Corps. REICH, GERARD - 77 Stephen Ave., NHP, Draftsman, Leader Corps, Sr. Board, Lacrosse, Officials Club.. POLISHUK, HARRIET - 1317 Park Ave., NHP, Buyer, Student Council, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Lance, Scenici Players, Ecclesia. POLITO, LYDIA - 46 Evergreen Ave., NHP, College, Student Council, Girls Service League, Dramatics, FHA, Intra- murals. REISS, BETTY - 116 Sperry Blvd., NHP, Secretary, JV, V. Cheerleader, Girls Leader Corps, Honor Leader Corps, Sr. Board, Bowling, Volleyball, Archery, Badminton, Softball, Basketball. RICKMEYER, JOAN - Ricky - 17 Jefferson St., NHP, College, Scenici Players, Sr. High Choir, Basketball, In- tramurals, Bowling, Glee Club. PROMMERSBURGER, RUTH - 1019 N. 5th St., NHP, Secretary, Girls Service League, Usherettes, Business Club, Jr. Red Cross, Intramurals, Honor Society. UATTROCHI. ,IOHN - 503 Premier vd., NHP, College, Soccer, Voll all, Lest We Forget At all our games. these girls led the spirit, Kathy danced, Eileen twirled. Arlene yelled so they'd hear it. Tiny 5 I ' 4. .F 3 gs LQ 4? 3 7--v tramurals. ,RI oN, ELIZABET - Be 109 if! 1 st.. NHP, mia ' , , Scenici Pla 'er, A i ' , ' ub' X It rim! eg ROTHKI A - mdway, NHP, Pri , l r. Boa ' . Q., D V i 5 S ' L. 'if' ' . tl- 2'fs 'x?1f:.,x . , as , 1 .. , 'A ,+,,,.,, ,-X, ', 37 57 kiwi. .'2Q"lf:.L '- ' I 5' s ff-ai Ai' 4554 7' 796 . - L M f 1 11 'G 'EIT' r-f-1 UYITY Lest We Forget Successful in sports at every try Pete and Brian were rated high. RUDDOCK, IRENE - 17 Wilton St., NHP, College, JV Cheerleader, Chorus, Choir, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Student Council, Sr. Board, Scenici Players, Ec- clesia. SALEMI, FRANCES - Fran - 22 Third Ave. GCP, Retailing, Jr. Board, Modern Dance Club, Sports Club, Ec- clesia, SCHNEIDER, BARBARA - 1642 Broadway, NHP, Undecided, Choir, Bowling, Intramurals. SCHOLER, FREDERICK - Fred - 17 Willow Road, NHP, College, Sr. Board, Student Council, V Lacrosse, Varsity Club, Dance Band, Concert Band, Key Club, Ecclesia, Lance, German Club. SANDSTEDT, EILEEN - 10 N. 11th St., NHP, Secretary, Sports Club, Girls Leader Corps, Chorus, Intramurals. SAVINO, ANGELA - 4-7 Dallas Ave., NHP, College, Varsity Choir, Scenici Players, Intramurals. SCHONEBOOM, BARBARA - 4- S. 8th St., NHP, Secretary, Girls Leader gprps, Honor Society, Intramurals, Glee ub. 1 SCHUPBACH, JANET - 119 Sperry., Blvd., NHP, Secretary, Sr. HighfGh,orusgf I Glee Club, Scenici Players, Intramurals. SCAGLIONE, EILEEN - 130 Aster H Drive, NHP, Retailing, Spanish Club, :Tv Soph. Board, Girls Service League. f SCHEDDIN, CAROL - 311 Coiert J Ave., NHP, Business School, Spanish Club, Intramurals, G.A.A. 'X SEAWOOD, CHARLES - 100 Maple' Drive, NHP, College, Football, Track, Varisty Club. SEFTON, ROBERT - Bob - 116 Fifth St., GCP, Navy, Student Council, His- tory Honor Society. SCHIRALDI, GERARD - Jerry - 144 N. 5th St., NHP, Commentator, Sports Club, Basketball, Intramurals, Soccer. SCHMID, MARGARET - Marge - 179 Kamda Blvd., NHP, College, V Cheerleaders, Jr., Sr. Board, Student Council, Choir, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Honor Society, Ecclesia, Intramurals, Lance. SEIBERT, ADRIENNE - 127 Gerard Ave., NHP, Nurse, Glee Club, FNA, Health Assistant, Guidance Assistant, Dramatics. SELTZER, ARLENE - 27 Yale Blvd., NHP, College, JV , V Cheerleaders, Honor Society, Jr., Sr. Boards, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, French Club, Konkordia, Student Council. SERWER, DAVID - Dave - 6 Avon Road, NHP, Labor Relations, Chariot, Key Club, Varsity Club, Jr., Sr. Boards, Student Council, Football, Track, Bas- ketball. SEYMOUR, JEAN - Bunny - 38 Hull Ave., NHP, Teacher, Choir, Scenici Players. 1 SHAPIRO, RICHARD -Dick - 70 Sperry Blvd., NHP, Doctor, Honor So- ciety, Football, Key Club, Delta Sigma Hi-Y, Student Council, Jr. Board, Var- sity Club. SHEEHAN, EDWARD - Ned - 576 N. 5th St., NHP, College, Student Coun- cil .f 38 N, ,X 1.11 fr? 'R' E5 I Sf, 'ZZ' '-...1 'tux :JJ HERIDAN, WILLIAM - Bill - 113 I I? S Q-4 fl 1 A 1 ' fiingmek DoI,oR,1Qs :T 1 N. L,X1f'AiJ. W , ,Vi f" , " " , ir' . , 1 SD Q 437 ' KSN 1 SHEERIN, JAMES Jim 1514 Highland Ave., NHP, College, Boys '1- Leadikk Corps, Varsity Club, Track. SH , DAN, JOHN - 113 First St., , G9 , arines. X, STOCK, RITA ANN - 43 Carole Ave. NHP, Nurse, Intramurals, Bowling, FNA, it Italian Club, Latin Club. ,t STRASSNER, ROSALIE - Ro - 47 Q J Kingston St., NHP, College, Student ' Council, Scenici Players, Election Com- Q-Q' ission, Soph., Jr., Sr. Boards, Lance, td r. Red Cross, Intramurals, Debating Club, Trampoline Club. First St., GCP, Engineer, Intramurals. SILVERMAN, IRWIN - 101 North 12th St., NHP, Dentist, Band, Intra- murals, German Club. v STRAUBMUELLER, ARLINE - 214 Terrace Blvd., NHP, Office Work, Chorus, Intramurals. SUBACH, ALBERT - 956 N. 3rd St., NHP, Engineer, Soccer, Track, Varsity Club, Key Club, Intramurals, Chess 8: ' 'V Checkers Club. SMITH, BRIAN - 565 N. 7th St., NHP, College, V. Football, V. Lacrosse, Varsity Club, Jr., Sr. Board. SMITH, FREDERICK - Fred - 17 S. 9th St., NHP, Undecided, V. Track, Varsity Club, Intramurals. 14759 . 1"""9 TOMASZEWSKI, MARCIA - 921 Bryant Ave. NHP, Nurse, FNA, Sr. High Choir, Basketball, Girls Service League. TRAPANI, RONALD - 35 Maple Leaf Lane, NHP, Service. SMITH, MADELINE - Maddy - 81 Central Ave., GCP, Bookkeeper, Girls Service League, Sr. Board, Modem Dance Club, Intramurals. I SMITH, THOMAS - 1640 Aladdin Ave., NHP, Real Estate Broker, Band, , Lacrosse, Soccer, Retailing Club. TRAPEO, JOAN - 182 Pnmroiilprive, NHP, Secretary, Girls Service, eague, Intramurals, FHA. , J " f ' I f TRUTT, WESLEY - wegjkif 103 2nd St., NHP, Engineer, V. Fjlrack, Var-'hz sity Club, Key Club, Cross Countryfl ,-. Drama Club. I fl' ,' f iq! SNELL, WAYNEE - LffchidZLane, ,iv NHP, College, 'x,Frosh, Board" Intray, J murals. ll 0 , . . , SOUTHERN, ENE , 4411 cafgie f Ave., NHT, cher, arsityi Ghdir iii, J -aaa . Chorus P1 lub B r Service League, A, B0 lflg, Urals, G'e!lIn'an ii! si L sr EE-Y, CA, L, C2165 Nwxgfv Bl X, CP,A5lecretaryf po s Club, Buv in ,slClub rls' Se ice Ileagtte Intra rals J Red Cross 4th, BH, NHP, Secretary, ,Sports Club, ,Stiazent Council, yt7WHirals, Business 1 . 1' ,E X, f Lest W F t e o rge 4, Q, i For the cheeriest of personality I' "7'3,' ,Z-Z! , I T "!'5' 525.2 V You could always count on T" 32753, Joan and Don's geninlity. 4.1 . fi ' gf ,C ,. ' fy xy ""-4F ,Q-414, ff!! Lest We Forget Nancy and Tina could not be beat. In typing and shorthand They were efficient and neat. s Q- is Us 7 ,Lf ""'-R' ev 'CSTY s. S-if arf' as-.I ' N6 WALLACE, MARGARET - Peggy - 1619 Imperial Ave., NHP, Teacher, Ro- manettes, Chariot, Soph, Sr. Boards, Student Council, Intramurals, Girls Ser- vice League, Ecclesia. WALLRA MARILYN - 114 Lo- well Ave., I , College, Girls Leader Corpsg. JY,EChe5leaders, Jr. Sr., Boards, Spor b In ,ur .s . wixssg ,g M6 ffs Lake- Vi ,yvi,lle1'kJ2Id College, Y sity Club, '3 ,X 9rl,F'ootb acr se, B fL ader Corps, H I ,7,,t- ,J elta ' agg,,Hi-Yy nt Activity --'-5' "f' ' ' 4 ,Mig I- ,chfilirtic Lacrosse, Jr., Sr. sg! f . 5 . Board. ,Nix 1,-f WEYH, WILLIAM - Bill - 62 Third I :f,S't., GCP, Photographer, School Photo- .f grapher, Chariot, Intramurals.. TURNQUIST, JUDITH - Judy - 54 Surrey Road, NHP, Model, Girls Ser- vice League, Chorus, Business Club, In- tralnurals, F HA, TUTTLE, EVELYN - 8 Ashland Ave., NHP, Secretary, Girls Service League, Intramurals, Sports Club, Spanish Club. WEINER, ARTHUR - Art - 530 N. 12th St., NHP, Dentist, Chariot, Weight- lifting, Sports Club, Soccer. WEISS, ELIZABETH - Liz - 1067 N. 7th St., NHP, Journalist, Chariot, Honor Society, Girls Leader Corps, Honor Leader Corps, Delta Gamma Hi- Y, Quill 8: Scroll, Student Council, Election Commission, Sr. Board. ULRICH, ALICE - 3 Elm Drive, NHP, College, Chorus, Band, Spanish Club, FTA, Senior Trio, Language News-paper, Delta Gamma Hi-Y, Scenici Players, Student Council, Honor Society. 'VANDERI-IOFF, PHYLLIS - 158 Cel- lar. Ave., NHP, Secretary, Girls Service Lfeague,.Sp0ffs Club, Intramurals, Sci- . 'ence Clubi i i VWQEIIMANN, ILSE - 74 Dyckman ' fAveI GCP Secreta Girls Leader Co s ,n i VY, YP : ff' Sports Club, German Club, Jr. Board. ,QWILLIAMSEN, BARBARA - 1612 ,Jasmine Ave., NHP, College, Intra- I murals, Twirlers, Soph Board, Student , -Council. QJVAUGHN, LARRY - 948 N. 7th St., NHP, Commercial Artist, Art Club, In- tramurals. VENEZIA, JEAN - 33 Lewis Ave., FP, Secretary, Girls Service League, Intra- murals, FHA, Ecclesia. WILLSEY, DONALD - Don - 544 N. 2nd St., NHP, Marines, Boys Leader Corps, Football, Track. WONDERGEM, JUDITH - 8 Old Broadway, GCP, Nurse, Choir, Library Club, Jr. Red Cross. VIARENGO, MARGARET -- 446 Leonard Blvd., NHP, Secretary, Ro- manettes, Girls Service League, Modern Dance Club, Usherettes, Sports Club. VIVONA, CHARLES - Chuck - 10 Surrey Road, NHP, Architect, Chariot, Key Club, Cross Country, Soccer, Omega Chi Hi-Y, Band, Jr., Sr. Boards, Quill 8L Scroll Honor Society. YAGHMOURIAN, GERARD - 818 Lowell Ave., NHP, Electrical Engineer, V Soccer. YOUNG, ELIZABETH JOYCE - 22 Elm Drive, NHP, Teacher, Band, Choir, Dance Band, Marching Band. 40 4:53:54- 'Q QT? ' x 'N m f-Q s : A' W . 1 WTI WWW ,W fwfr I .V , Q! XJ, I Q I 1 fi . X X ,ff . f fi" v ' Z I, l f O 1 , P , H 4? 7 3 7 JJ ' t n I f u o Z B YP-wr' Yun? 1000 Hillside I A AU. wB cher Lance Editor, FTA fo or Society r Sr. Boards, , ad J , tu - H . 565 l iv u , , , J Cl Zeta I o Hi-Y Konkordi rench Club In ura s l J- - -' - ent O' gr' L - ' .rf ene - Hi Isis d HNHP College Track ZDY O, LINDA - 73 Sixth St., GCP, Teacher, Romanettes. Girls Leader Corps, French Club, Intramurals, Sr. Board, Samarateens, Jr. Red Cross, Choir. ZIEGLER, CAROLYN - 571 N. 6th St., NHP, Teacher, Chariot, Romanettes, FTA, Delta Garnrna Hi-Y, Quill 8: Scroll, Sr. Board, JV, V Choir, Bowling, French Club, Honor Society. ZIPPER, PAUL - 1016 N. 4th St., NHP, College, V Lacrosse, Varsity Club, Intramurals, Basketball, Gymnastics. ZITH, NANCY - 60 Old Broadway, GCP, Secretary, Drum Majorette, Twirlers, Girls Service League, Usher- ettes, Modern Dance Club. ZOLLER, ANGELA - 81 Third St., GCP, Undecided, Girls Service League, Usherettes, Romanettes, Chariot, Intra- murals, Chorus. HORN, ARNOLD - 1629 Lowell Ave., , NHP, College, Band, Key Clu , irerlchvf I X Club, Dance Band, Football. jj 3' affix I AM jj' f- -"' X if X W yi i ia P ji xv ' O .' f rl f X l Nfl 'xv 1 ' 'X - -' L, n in ' erf o painting , ll V'-. 'il' X Q an -if ff scene, l Z , ,N -ss A Sharon an . ' ar a 'e su- Q9! lx I Q rget I f' 1 ' P ' M U l 1 g , . I A 7 M NHP, Undecided, Spor Clu ,f tra- murals, Honor Basketbal Club,f wfn Softball. X 1 ZIMA, JOHN - 12 Maple Driv , NHP, ,I ll ll lily ZIEGLER, ,IO CE - 1 o ., Marilyn and Jack made a good team For doing the lindy. they were on the beam. . M - .". arf A 1 'iv' 'E' J l l R. Qluv if Engineer, Key Club, I-Ili-Fi Club 'Radio Club Scien Club 1 1 gllnjl l u 'J MW L I I Z .lm li f I 'RA K jjj! , 6 ,W 5 ll , W ,M ll . ,leaf est We Forget 'J ' j jx, I lyq ifyxxl A John and Jay in the Chem lab were K, V ' XX V' always fixtures, lx When making compounds. they sure J lx 41 knew the mixtures. 1 Senior Board Although active participants in a wide variety of community and school activities, members of Sen- ior Board are dedicated to a com- mon goal and that is to make the Senior year the most memorable experience of the students, high school career. The first event of the calendar of the Class of 1960 was the pro- fitable magazine drive climaxed by the Senior Tea, which was well attended by parents and students, while the Senior play, 'gMy Sister Eileenf, and the lovely booth at the Bazaar ushered in Spring most pleasantly. Climaxing the school year was our long awaited Senior Ball, and of course, graduation 5 both of which were a collection of our most enjoyable days in high school. Left to right KFIRST ROWQ C. Gardner, D. Wassmer, M. Zanetti Mr. Stanley Goldman Advisor Nancy Kalb Corresponding Secretary D. Oehl, Mr. Stanley Goldman, H. Orr, M. Schmid, F. Scholer, N Kalb, KSECOND ROWj M. Hilton, Forlenza, E. Weiss, M O'Meara, T. Genovese, E. McCrea, A. Jacobsen, Halpern, J. Adel- man, J. Agosta KTHIRD ROWQ S. Konawalow, A. Seltzer, I. Rud dock, M. Smith, F. Muli, D. Anderson, G. Reich, P. Dziomba, M Lella, M. Wallrapp, B. Reiss. Donald Oehl President Harold Orr Vice President Margaret Schmid Maria Zanetti Recording Secretary Treasure' 42 Fred visits jailbirds in last attempt to sell some maga- zines. Salesmen reject Fred Scho- ler's plea to buy magazines. Fred Scholer - Business Manager. Seniors leaf through maga- zines at start of their drive. Cf? ll t L ,, K, 1 l, xy,-J' The Grand March has the end of the ball, With Queen Marcia and King Don leading us all. Floating on air with a great deal of charm, The usherettes' bubbles made a hit at our Prom. We danced to the music of the "Rhythm 8,', band we all agreed was great. "Fantasia', was the name of this gala affair, It was worth every effort it took to prepare. Fantasia Mr. Goldman gave our Prom real inspiration, We'll always think of him with great admiration, In rapt conversation beneath the sea, Were found our willing faculty. 44 Winter Dance To always a pleasure, ' Enjoyment was ours till the very last measure. Another Senior and Alumni Dance, Another memorable occasion for our 1960 LANCE. Mr. Goldman stands, rightly proud a.s can be, With a few former students of Chemistry. hear Marilyn sing was Seniors pose without persuasion For a picture of this happy occasion. Students and teachers in togetherness, Memories are made of this. A terrific faculty always our guide, Students and teachers side by side, 45 Parents, students and teachers are served by hostesses at tea. Senior girls prepare table for senior Tea under direction of Arlene X Seltzer. l Mr. Randolph congratulate First, Second, and Third place winners of the Oratorical Con- test, Alice Ulrich, Fran Glass, and Betty joy Young. Senior bandsmen relax after the Christmas Concert. Senior Hi-Lites Upperclassmen await ques- tions at Memorial quiz show. 46 Llnderclassmen Miss Junior Carol Leonard Ever smiling, never tiring, Carol Leonard is well known throughout Memorial as a girl upon whom one can always depend. Carol holds the oHices of President of the Girls Ath- letic Association, Co-Captain of the Twirlers, Corresponding Secretary of Junior Board and is a member of Girls Leader Corps and Scenici Players. With all her school activi- ties, Carol still devotes much time to out-of-school sports and is an active member of her church's youth organ- ization. Future plans include college and the teaching of high school English. Mr. Junior Peter Wolynec Pete, one of Memoriaias most ath- letically inclined students, may also add perseverance and industry to his other attributes. Voted most valu- able player of 1959 for Varsity Foot- ball, Pete is also on the Varsity Bas- ketball and Baseball teams, and is a member of Boys Leader Corps and Varsity Club. Even with this tight schedule, he still Finds time to serve his classmates as Vice-President of the Junior Class. B w V , 1 Nu FIRST ROIV: P. Balestrino. P. Augello. K. DeBari. Piccarella. Bliss KI. Spano. Bir. R. Engert. C. Leonard. P. XYolynec. A. Bfedina SECOND ROl1': C. Jablonsl-xi. C. Freidin. R. Kahn. E. Retarides. D. Pagano. RI. Cogan. D. Riiele. E. Wicks. Bi. Medina. J. Pratt THIRD ROIV: C. Johnston. Herbert. K. Ewald. A. Eide. R. Maxon. E. Fisher. BI. Guenther. G. 4 Kreyling. A. Seymour. C. Christiansen. XI. Schaller FOURTH ROW: B. Bergbom. B. Natalie. 1 R. Hlidmer. VV. Delvafllez, Rudell. R. Dennis. H. Cassman. R. Kiayer. ,Q ,R I if Bfiss Kiildred Spano "ef, , J Class Advisor iii: H . S3 Nj I t J' J' N M The Junior Board condr .s one of its many orga- J u r a nized meetings. One of the most eagerly awaited events of the Junior year was the distribution of class rings, which was the responsibility of the Junior Board. Fund raising was an impor- tant function of the Junior Board and was successful through the col- .f lection of class dues, the sale of Christmas cards, and a booth at the Student Council Bazaar. A large Christmas basket was contributed to the needy through the Junior Board. This group also coordinated the class' annual drive which gave eye- glasses for charity. A highly success- ful Junior Prom rounded out a very memorable year for the Class of '61. 49 Junior Hi-Lites Juniors discuss plans for their eyeglass drive. iv" 1 Oflicers of junior Class take time out to pose for a group picture. 50 Juniors display their award f , . or their pizza sale at last YC ar's bazaar. The Junior Class presents Carol Leonard with a cha- peau. Mr. Sophomore Walter Alexander This year Mr. Sophomore com- bines many of his personal interests with his school activities. As a devo- tee of modern jazz, Walt also finds enjoyment playing with our Senior High Band. As a sports enthusiast, he finds time to participate on our Cross Country and Track Teams. Being a members of the CHAR- IOT'S feature staff, WValt is able to exercise his abilities in the area of creative writing. Future plans in- clude college and a possible career in some area of the sciences. ' mtv Miss Sophomore Joyce Arkwright Industry, thoughtfulness and zeal are certainly a few of the attributes recognized in our active Miss Soph- omore, Joyce Arkwright, A member of Sophomore Board and Class Treasurer, Joyce also enjoys many varied out-of-school activities. High on her list of favorite pastimes are horse-back riding and water skiing. lVarm hearted and fond of children, Joyce would like to teach retarded children after college. ROW I S K. Ochl, Arkwright, T. Domogala, Mrs. Dubin, D. Reiner, D, Rigney, I. Bolina. ROW II - D. Lempicky, L, McGee, R. McCaffrey, Garfinkel, D. Hill, P. Rankin, M. Kutina, Iltis, A. Taub. ROW III 3 F. Tricolli, R. Gardner, M. Dolan, E. Feurey, A. Mrs, Florence Dubin Takemoto. Class Advisor. Sophomore oH:1cers strut down the hall. 52 Sophomore Board Entering the Senior High School entails many new responsibilities not previously faced. But these were ably met by the zest and ingenuity of Me- morialls Sophomore Board. Aside from collecting dues, the Sophomore Board sold transistor radios as a fund-raising project. Among the social activities spon- sored by the Board, were the Sopho- more Class Dance, "the Soph Hopf' held in the Autumn of this year and a booth at the Student Council Ba- zaar. Sophomore Hi-Lites Sophs have-um big pow-wow. 2 Judy and Arnold re- hearse their pitch for the radio salesdriw e Kathy and Diane make deco- rative flowers for their dance. 53 Payola? Sophomore officers puzzle over plans for their dance. A Junior High Joseph Spirio Ninth Grade Susan Hennings Ninth Grade Possessing those most laudable qualities of leader- School. It is with pride and confidence that we take ship, reliability and cooperation, these students have this opportunity to acknowledge such achievement been selected b-y their teachers as being among the and to hope for their further contributions to our most promising students of Memorial's junior High school and community life. George Schaub Eighth Grade Anita Charney Seventh Grade Steven Forrer Seventh Grade Jeanne Reichenbach Eighth Grade QA 54 FIRST ROW: Spirio, S. Hennings, Miss M. Povinelli, more THIRD ROW: E. Chao, T. Dilts, MacDougal Mr. W. Fried. S. Spachner, K. Sakal SECOND ROW: S. R. Rigdon, P. Levine. Matthews, P, Young, L. Demeo, A. Behrens, R. Fenni- Frosh Board The Frosh Board is responsible for the planning and supervision of all class ac- tivities. This year the agenda included a student-parent tea, a spring dance and a fortune-telling booth at the Roman Forum. ll 0 , 'aw 3 L- X i4 A ' Mr. William Fried , Class Advisor Susan Hennings. Presidenfg Susan Sparhncr. Vice-Prf-z'flfwnt,- Kzithe Sakal, Secrclafyf JUG Spirio. Treasurrrg Mi. Fried Advisor. 55 Frosh Hi-Lites Freshman eagerly set upa showcase reminding their class- mates about dues. Frosh Board discuss upcoming their advisor, Mr. Fried. events wit Suggestions are given for money-making projects Oiiicers take time out to pose for a snapshot with Mr. Fried. Eighth Grade Board fm! Mrs. Carita Panchisin Class Advisor Eighth Grade Officers: Chris Grau Treasurer, Philip Rigdon President, Maxene Grafinkel, Secretary and Kris- tin Atkinson Vice President. The Eighth Grade board. represented by each homeroom in the class. forms the governing body for the class. Along with welfare projects for the com- munity, the Board also provides service to the school by planning assemblies. dances. and showcases. FIRST ROW: M. Jacobson. C. Grau. P, Rigdon. Mrs. C. Panchison, Miss O, Plantana, K. Atdinson. M. Gn- finkel, L. Dimore. SECOND ROIV: K. Stock. hlier- zejeswki, L. Owens, P. Casillo, D. Bolino. P, Bielyn. S. Poyner. I. Briggin, E. Pollack, M. Neilson. THIRD ROIV: F. Aceto, B. YN'alker. YY. Howard. O. Ornind, D. Meadows, P. Monaco, P. Melvin. Schrader. Eighth Grade Hi-Lites The Air Force Band from Mitchell Field takes a bow at an assembly. Eighth graders, participating in class activities, take time out to pose for the cameramen. db! X . We showed our thanks by providing food for the needy at Thanksgiving. Mrs. Tootle instructs students on the proper use of reference books. H!-LJ ,le 1 ,ov 2 FIRST ROW: G. Petrocca, Reichenbach, Mr. S. Silverberg. C. Belev, M. DeRose SEC- OND ROW: B. Brindisi, D. Krause, K. Quince, B. Webster, L. Metze. Johnson, P. Felczak, B. Santucci, Bradford THIRD ROW: M. LaRoeco, YV. Berkman, K. Salvagione, W. Gel- christ, R. Frost, N. Curtis, R. Longabardi. Mr. Samuel Silverberg E,-. ,V Advisor B .f C. Belev, Vice-Presidentg G. Petrocea, Treasurerg Mr. Samuel Silverberg, Advisorg Reichenbach, Presidentg M. DeRose, Secretary. Board The Seventh Grade Board is charged with conducting all the activities of its class. Because these students are all newcomers to Memorial, the Board serves an- other important function. which is to train these young people for the greater responsibilities which they will encounter as each year progresses. It is a place where stu- dents may work together to solve class problems in order to reach a solution most beneficial to all. 59 Seventh Grade Hi-Lites Miss Spano records a French session. Chefs sample the wares before the Seventh Grade Seventh graders are intro- duced to the fundamentals of geometry. Class of l965 suggests plans for the Coming year. Seventh graders pose with assembled Yuletide gifts for the needy. 60 b Q 5 SPCRTS A-' -4-sewn-w - Left to Right KFIRST ROWj R. Miller Manager, J, Meyer, A. Markussen, B, Smith, R. Shapiro, C. Hoenig, A. Marinucci, D Wassmer, F. Muli, J. Grey, M. Milo, C. Hil- ton, Egan Manager KSECOND ROWQ Mr Sam Stempel coach, A. Zaino, E. Feurey, P Wolynec, D. Krogstad, J. Okulski, E, Pater- nostro, R. Sundstrom, P. Rothenbiller, G Slater, C. Giannini, R. Abbate, M. Mitek. P Nesteroke, Mr. Leon Cohen Coach. Co-Captain Bud Hilton shows how to crack the line The Gladiators take out the for a TD. opposing line. adsl? my af 't WW :af 5 "f!,,w7 afww 7 ,Hu Wafrttfw fiffwf' . X, The Gladiators broke even at 4-4 this season, after adding several new teams to the schedule and thereby showing how football has grown in only three years. Long, hard working days of practice and coaching by Mr. Leon Cohen and Mr. Sam Stempel, showed in perfection on the Held. For his steady performances, sprinkled with sensational run- ning and passing, Pete Wolynec was voted the Most Valuable Player. Seniors Jack Grey and Bud Hilton were honored as the Co-Captains by their teammates. Our stalwarts seem ready for anything., as they board the bus taking them to the Carey game. , ,'. Af 1 if .5355 WAQQWWX I if It .Q wr ' f ' 1 Q 3 Q , , may f , , 4- , W. ,, My, , , , ff, . . f u, di ff - ' f, 1 V. g,,..,.,l., V M, , ,Q f,f. , V. - ' '. 3 a ff- ,eww : -A ft: f'rf1ff'v ., -' V , ,, VV, f r 'safe , '., :fa 417' ' f-t- , ... , jp.. A .Wat K. K.. , , V M,-fw 5,5 ,.:. fs' J, 3,,,,.,'f: - ,,, ,,,,ff.w,,e M iw ,. Q. . . . ,M l f wa.. ZX Q 4, we 1 ,, V ""' f , W X 1 FootbaH A pose of the senior stalwarts on the '59 football squad. Swift Tony Marinucci excels in broken field running. 0 , . I f .,,' '. Q-lb : . fe- Q ,r 3 . . 'wr 4 -Q' 5 I Memorial' s ,leads the Hel coreboard ff charging line d in spirit. . Carey ..... . . 0 NHP Southside ..... . . 20 NHP Calhoun ....... . . 20 NHP East Rockaway . . . . . 14 NHP Elmont ..,....,.... . . 6 NHP Valley Stream No. ..., 33 NHP Herricks .......... . . 0 NHP Seaford . . . . 13 di..'bf'14':s..f M., ', A' 'f'- ,, WA. A Q-.,lg. 4 -N 1 -..fy 1 . 1. M -s-gflff-........s ,. A" U94 Pete Wolynec, MVP, skirts the end, tallying another Memorial victory. 2 " 14- PJ '. A ag x . gf' .L ' """"" - '- nmol--mass-2':-.fe V 63 - ."' - fs-J ' 2 A Ngq' -',.n ' 1.4 .. .- '- - ., , -. -1-..,,,:y. yyf - .yo t,J .XJ t fN . X "" .1 'X' , ' Xb It 1 M1- 4 14 it ' 1 .31 ,. M pw ' :wth Uwyl D I 1' i, J ' ,ff'Q,lf'. '- W .R QF, t. 5 i A. Y U , J 4 - ' xf L . 1, Y M . gl H ' 'J- . u f. . Q -X . V ,. . ' V :ff -we J ,, KD NJ. .K ti P ,, ff, - gil ' vm FIRST ROW: fRight to Leftj A. Rizzi, H. Gassmann, T. ROW: R. Ferrara, J. Spirio, R. Johnson, R. Harris Mr F McGuire, M. Ruisi, K. Pieper, S. Metzger, F. Troccoli, M. Locascio CCoachj, S. Mischo, W. Fortunato, J KalbHe1sch Caltagiano, W. Schroeder, F. Scholer, J. Olt SECOND W. Maupai. Hopes for the future shone brightly as the Junior Varsity swept through a schedule of seven games with an undefeated record. To open the season, the Gladiators trounced Carey, and tied South- side and Calhoun. From then on, it was one win after another, over East Rockaway, Elmont, Valley Stream North, and Herricks to complete an outstanding season. The boys were coached by Mr. Frank Locascio. Junior Varsity Football Scoreboard New Hyde Park . . . . . 26 Carey . . . . New Hyde Park. . . . . 6 Southside . . New Hyde Park . . . . . 20 Calhoun . . . . . . New Hyde Park . . . . . 14 East Rockaway . . . New Hyde Park . . . . . 8 Elmont ...... . . . . . New Hyde Park . . . . . 6 Valley Stream North New Hyde Park . . . . . 13 Herricks ...... . . . . . 64 Scoreboard Junior Varsity New Hyde Park Central . . . B a I I New Hyde Park Carey ...... .... , , New Hyde Park Levittown H This year the Junior Basketball team New Hyde Park Lawrence ' evenly split a schedule of eighteen games, New Hyde Park Southside O winning nine and losing nine. They were New Hyde Park Sewhanaka the unofhcial champions of the Sewan- New Hyde Park Elmont U . . haka district with a record of five and one. New Hyde Park Floral Park The junior Varsity was led by high- New Hyde Park Calhoun H scorer, Carlo Gianinni, and Richard John- New Hyde Park Central ' ' I son who broke the school record for points New Hyde Park Carey nbhhrr ".. s cored in a single game. The squad des- New Hyde Park Levittown. ignated Carlo Cianmni and W'illiam New Hyde Park Lawrence ' Fortunato Co-Captains. For his steady New Hyde Park Southside , playing and accurate shooting, Bill Dinke- New Hyde Park. H ' - ' ' Long Beach laker was noted the Most Valuable lblayer. New Hyde Park Elmont Mr. Leon Cohen deftly coached his sec- New Hyde Park tl.. H Floral Park ond Junior Varsity Basketball team. New Hyde Park Calhoun .. FRONT: P. Potenza, F. Mammano, T. Carlin, W. For- Cohen, L. Alexander, S. Ueland E. Paternastro, B. Dinke tunato, R. Johnson, H. Lohan STANDING: Coach Leon lacker, E. Luthy, A. Kutchins, C. Giannini, R. Harris. Scoreboard Basketball NHP NHP ...... NHP ...... NHP ...... NHP NHP ...... NHP NHP NHP NHP NHP NHP NHP NHP NHP NHP NHP NHP Central . . . Carey .,,. Levittown . Lawrence . Southside . Long Beach Elmont . . . Floral Park Calhoun . . Central . , . Carey ...... Levittown . Lawrence . Southside . Long Beach Elmont . . . Floral Park Calhoun .. This season the Gladiator cagers crossed the finish line with a blaze of upsets and victories. After a slow beginning, in which Memorial dropped five of their first six games, they picked up momentum and went on to victories over Lawrence and Levittown. Southside and Central edged the team in other close contests. Led by Joel Rudell with a 13.2 point average and Paul Rothenbiller with a 12.2 average, the team went on to a 9-9 rec- ord. Pete Wolynec and Bob Glickstein led the team with their fast breaks and tight defense which opened wide many a game. Coach Ambrose Moran looks forward to next season with MVP Joel Rudell and Co-Captains Paul Rothenbiller and Pete Wolynec returning to Memorial's court. Most Valuable Player, Joel Rudell, gets the tap in helping Memorial to victory over Long Beach. QV igfixq Ku KW 7 I s I FRONT: A. Medina, P. Wolynec, Mr. Ambrose Moran CCoachJ, J. i, R. Glickstein, REAR: W. Pouelson, P. Rothenbiller, G. Meyers, J. Rudell, E. Kelly, J. Olt. Senior Bob Glickstein scores on one of Memorial's fast breaks. 1 -+, nvl'-n-F"""',- Soccer The soccer team, heading into their second year in the SSAL, compiled a 11-4 record. Losing only to powerful Wantagh and Carey, our Gladiator booters fin- ished third in the league. Even though the team suffered the loss of All-Scholastic Gerhard Glaser, it was well compensated by the playing of Pete Hecker, Bob Glickstein, Bob Eckert and goalie Mike Cunningham. The New Hyde Park Booters racked up 76 points against the opposition's 27, denoting Fine defensive play led by Mike Fine, Don Miller, and Mike Cunning- ham. All-Scholastic Pete Hecker led the Gladiators in scoring with 24 points while Bob Glickstein followed with 14. Bob Eckert and Chico Medina had 10 points apiece. Graduation will mark the loss of Pete Hecker, Bob Eckert, Ed Kelly, Bob Glick- stein, Pete Mackauf, Marty Goldstein and Rich Goodman from Coach Bill Peter's fine squad. left to right, FIRST ROW: S. Arrich, D. Miller, K. R. Goodman, D. Roden, R. O'Keefe, R. Krogstacl F Leupp, E. Rockwood, M. Goldstein, A. Medina, R. Fein- Helgeson, Mr. W. Peters CCoachl THIRD ROW I Boxt berg, G. Medina, R. Hecker, J. Helgeson, SECOND E. Kelly, R. Dennis, P. Hecker, M. Cunningham R ROW: R. Mistretta, A. Guardia, P. Mackauf, M. Fine, Eckert, L. Schreiber. .Of No cr 'JJ fV A7 4, Q soszvrfjy 'FZ Vey Q-gf if UW G ee Qs' "0 -ff' 0' 'cv' oivfjrpw 3,2 QV! Nl' 1 1 , K if xv if ' rl is - ... 1' 'rf +9 X' I A , E , ,X LU ,"' If 24 ov- i 5, 'W f v, ,vJ.-Q.f3x V f . ' Q ' JH J Q , -W , rv! 9 . L . 68 J J Practicing booting goals, the soccer team warms up for another victory. . f - -4 '11, .fl1.2:?f3z""'?f"'- 1 , Mr. Star congratulates Pete Hecker upon being selected All-Scholastic for the second year. 1 7,1 '1x,V 0 li x, f,f1T,Q , Q., L' i -J , v Y, K I ' , ' .- ' A , J , - ,, 4 ' if 7.1p:f:Q7'a :lj 1,7 J , i4 ,N 'B ukffl -' , I 1' 4, 1 V234 qv.-f1'zL",',' 7.21, .qv , Y s 'lf 'H ,, Q er -. -M - t rl Q ZA! - V17 - . -,...,f., --fmt? 'fi .f. .. ""..:e -a-1-Q..-1.7:-Qe',tf'f-.a14'TfQ' A, ' 2 . N-f.l1f--- ' ur "1" V , 3 Lk 7' LAR 2' Yfxfn- HLA 7 f"l 'H - n . ' '-,.:.','l-"ff , - , , ,. fwfr- , 'iff if f -1-2ffj,,I4i" N' if wi . 11,1 1 1 '4."-'ly'-' g."'1 ", 4-541 117' Eff V A 3? - - A 'V' ,LZJKLO ' 7' ' X' ,"'f"55'iE'-, . ' --355-:gr tggg an 453.-A V ' '-2' .Y f. - - ' 1-.f N- - ' xii- vb 1. - "f -1 ' fm- ' 7 " ' JJ- vii' ff' - ,I . J ,pf '-5. "'z'fj:,- ' 'Q ' X, - . 1- , , M51-,fy . i R , Q 1, 2 - , UWM -5- 2 eu -4 ' , 3 nb - ' ' -A-A j ' .-an 5 wlw- , ,,,,-. Q ma.,--es - ,.,,- 71 f V ,: aff' -i4:f'.q.zn"". 1'-RA45, -Lil 1" ' ' -, ,117 ',11:. 'fx F, ,f -f re- ,.,, -fm., Q -4 2 A Q.-nv? .f mtg.,-1 ,.,, - ., A-H It Y, 3 X, Q. Y uf- I , ,j', A. , ""nvr. Q' -lg: ' W "' k . ,' 1 --f-. - I f If ,T , EV .- .. .1 -" .-'ff .ara--3.?"'v4'.::'.:-" aa. --L. '. ., w..:- 42' 1 vu' I ' l f f fl I ,L , .-I , 7 Scoreboard -4 I, ,. rj? 1' D, L .1 K,f NHP O Carey . . . . 2 NHP 6 Carey .... . . 2 NHP 2 Southside . . . . 6 NHP 0 Southside . . . . 2 NHP 7 Elmont . . . . . . . . O NHP 2 Elmont ........ . . 0 NHP 13 Valley Steam No. .. 2 NHP 10 Valley Steam No. .. 2 NHP 6 Valley Stream So. . . 2 NHP 6 Valley Stream So. .. 0 NHP 4 Lynbrook ....... . . 2 NHP 10 Lynbrook . . . . 2 NHP 2 Wantagh . . . . . 4 NHP O W antagh .... . . 3 NHP 6 Floral Park . . . . . O 69 l QW ! Baseball Memorial's diamond Gladiators ex- celled again by winding up a fabulous season with a record of 18 wins and only 4 losses. This well-balanced, well-coached, alert squad went all the way to the SSAL playoff finals before narrowly losing to Oceanside in the final game. Behind the strong pitching of Frank Bonelli, Bob Rankin, and George Mey- ers,'the Gladiator sluggers ran ramp- ant against the opposition. The Bonelli brothers, Frank, Ralph, and Tony, and Pete Wolynec and Tony Sorrentino- were standouts offensively and defensively. The battery of Frank Bonelli and Gary Heck were elected Most Valu- able Player and Captain of the team respectively. Ralph Bonelli was All- Scholastic, while Gary Heck, Pete Wolynec and Frank Bonelli received honorable mention. Coach Dave Starr, who regretfully leaves coaching this year for the press of other administrative duties, calls this the finest squad he ever coached. The boys made this season a most memorable one. Pete 'W-olynec, sliding in, tallies another run for the Gladiators. Left to Right KFIRST ROWj A. Bonelli, R. Bonelli, C. Giannini, R. Niles, KSECOND ROWj G. Meyers, S. Caltigirone, R. Rankin, G. Heck, R. Bonnelli, N. Ogden, CManagerl, H. Gassmann, P. Wolynec, T. Sorrentino, R. Sundstrom, Mr. David Star CCoachl. K V r l I, . ff' X WW ' A fin Q j ' A' Af' f Cr M1 Q 1 4 . K ,,y, X, Zi. , .. i , Q ff ? fi ' .tf.-p , ,,'k, R ,',,' 1,15 4. -",. y I V.., 1 , , L, i 2' 7 f 44:-:ni V z 2 '-"" . gn V f , 7 1.51: .:.. 1.1 V ,yg.,,.v,fs-V . . -i z., V., I , , gf i A ...r f-im .... 1 T' A v ' fs X f ui My W 1' 9 1' I f . '4v6,w1'C'f.'f-'W v T . 'T I i ' I ' A ' i .i., 4 l,.l5i . , . fi ., . .-l. l . . ff" 14525 -,-' Q- - " ' " W ,X 77, . M 1-sz' 7? ' K ., fx f., ' W' uf C, 4 W N ' ,, 3 . . N 2 xxju , gi y fsi tw 6 1 f A 5 U 'tff " " .ia -1- ff kai' 'V' X , , is . -sf N jww all "' if Ji' ,MJ Scoreboard NHP Carey .... NHP Elmont .... 4 NHP Carey ..... NHP Elmont .... 3 NHP Calhoun .. NHP Hempstead . 1 NHP Calhoun . . . NHP Hempstead . 3 NHP Long Beach . NHP South Side . 1 NHP Herricks . . . NHP South Side . 2 NHP Long Beach NHP East Meadow 9 NHP Freeport . . . NHP East Meadow 7 NHP Freeport . . . 'NHP Massapequa 1 NHP Hewlett .... 'NHP East Meadow 3 NHP Hewlett . .. . 'NHP Oceanside . . 3 +SSAI play Off V Dick Koplin clears the bar for another record. Left to Right KFIRST ROWQ Mr. Bill Peters CCoachl. R. Dennis, R. 1V1u1i, NI. Fine. D. Oehl, C. Hilton, E. Rockwood. B. Haig, D. Boland. KSECOND ROWj A. Edel, R. Koplin, XV. Trutt. R. Glickstein. A. Subach. J. Hooper. KTHIRD ROIVQ J. Sheerin, C, Hoenig. A. Guaria. A. Edel, R. O'Keefe. YV, Nata- lie, D. Serwer. KFOURTH ROWj J. Leahy, M. Milo. C. Seawood. W. Brogan. K. Pieper. Track and Field Scoreboard Last year Memorialls trackmen entered the tough Section 1 league in the SSAL. They had a losing season, but still re- tained the district championship by de- feating Carey, Floral Park, and Elmont in the district track meet. Co-Captains Bud Hilton and Don Oehl paced our team to league wins over Carey, Elmont, Floral Park and Long Beach. Coach Bill Peters rests this season's hopes on seniors Ed Kelly, Dick Koplin. Bob Glickstein and YN'es Trutt to pull our team over the hurdles to another Fine year. NHP 68 Carey ........ 36 NHP 30 Hempstead . 74- NHP 18 Sewanaka .. 81 NHP 51 Calhoun . . . 53 NHP 362 Freeport . . . 72173 NHP 602 Floral Park 432 NHP 172 South Side . 862 NHP 632 Elmont .... -102 NHP 192 Hewlett .... 752 NHP 522 Long Beach 512 NHP 46 2 East Meadow 572 NHP 192 Oceanside .. 8-12 NHP 30 Holy Cross . 7-1- 71 Scoreboard . NHP ..... . NHP ...... Sewanaka . . . . 14 4 Amityville . . . . H 2 7 NHP ...... 5 Carey ....... . . 7 NHP ...... 2 Floral Park . . . . 4 F' 1 .- NHP ...... 10 Baldwin ..... . . 1 ,QL NHP ...... 10 Clarke ......... . . 1 1 2 NHP ...... 13 East Meadow ... .. 3 NHP ...... 7 Lynbrook ...... . . 0 ' 4 l NHP ...... 7 Elmont ....... . l .tiff 'whfi NHP ...... 11 Bethpage ....... . . 4 N lio. NHP ...... 10 Walt Whitman . . . . . 9 NHP ...... 16 Half Hollow Hills . . . . . 6 NHP ...... 9 Carey ............ . . 12 it 'P NHP ...... 8 Floral Park ..... .. 3 A lr Bruce Roe checks Ed Comis- key of Walt Whitman. Lacrosse The Lacrosse team helped add lustre to Memorial's athletic scene with a fine record in only their second year of varsity compe- tition. Plunging into a stiff schedule, our Gladiators found them- selves more than equal to this difficult task and compiled an ad- mirable total of ten wins and four losses which placed them second in the Metropolitan Area Novice League. Our Junior Varsity squad was similarly successful through five contests with a perfect record. Don McAllister was voted the Most Valuable Player, and Vic Ivansheck and Tom Wilson were the Co-Captains. Coach Sam Stempel provided the inspired leadership for this group. X . l I : N V 1 ,ji E2 E3 U 72 Qs N.H.P.'s stickmen close in on the goal. Left to right QFIRST ROWQ M. Naso, Egan, D. Wassmer, T. Moran, T. Wilson, H. Orr, P. Zipper, B. Roe, D. McAllister, N. Baudo, B. Smith, W. Hall, V. Ivansheck, A. Zerkin, Mr. Sam Stempel Coach ISECOND ROWQ T. Connelly, A. Medina, D. Roden, J. Feurey, P. Greiner, D. Schaub, F. Scholer, C. Balestrino, M. Cunningham, W. Pouelson, R. Gian- danna, J. Gray, D. Miller, E. Feurey. KTHIRD ROWQ K. Berry, J. Kalb- fleisch, K. Cavanagh, C. Christie, R. Mayer, M. Mitek, P. Augello, J. Yan- nucci, J. Pratt, W. Erb,3. Finnegan, R. Tutschulte, F, Scholer, T. Dom- ogala, L. Sasso, G. Reich, J. Legg, P. Nesteroke, D. Krogstad, P. Balestrino. On your mark, get set . . . Left to Right KFIRST ROWj R. Veit, T. Finkel, D. Rigney, T. Con- nolly, T. Domogola, M. Henes, Cross Country New Hyde Park Memorial witnessed the arrival of a new Varsity team on the sports scene. Entering their first year of varsity compe- tition, the Cross Country team scored a victory over Carey and Elmont while placing second in their other contests. Chuck Hennings led the team in scoring while Don Oehl and Tom Con- nolly kept close at his heels. Coach Costigan led his team through a highly successful season. Next year's hopes rest on Juniors Chuck Hennings and Tom Con- nolly, to bring them through next yearis triangular meets. fy K A f 4 W' 5 fi? 79 ,fdfyvvf f IWW Kiwi . If gif1'f , WWW Ex A ' J Q 4 Q . .edfffa t 4. rn,-W: QW 1 ,rifle E A if ty A 1 , 1 A U, Y 'RV i ft V I K FX x i V 1: n .. ,f j U., t H4 KSECOND ROWQ Mr. George Costigan fcoachj, P. Benes, C. Vi- 'ii Q-f 1 are X 'Sli' lx li9'H.o i 'A H, lt'a.,fg,' . " ' 'H 'l U-Q5 , Vona, D. Oehl, B. Bergbom, A. Edel, W. Alexander, A. Kuchins. L- Scoreboard . and they're off again. .e if P 95? sx+ffA:3qq6fT?Qi.l ggggrlf-V I ii NHP 33 Carey 39 Elmont . 52 LL . .I tw-.aria A 3 NHP 49 Baldwin . 58 Mepham . 28 in 'gg A . ' 5-fagjw' "., 4 k . ,visa . V, .,,. W. , n Vi ' Q .ns 73 'Z Boys' Leader Corps Above average sports ability, a good scholastic average and top-notch leadership apply to the sportsmen of the Boys' Leader Corps. Organized to assist the teachers in gym classes, the Leaders provide an example for all boys. These hard workers can be found directing at athletic contests and selling tickets to Varsity games. Under the direction of Mr. Dave Star, the Left to Right KFIRST ROWQ B. Haig, G. Meyers, H. Orr, Mr. Dave Star, Advisor, P. Wolynec, R. Muli ISECOND ROWj R. Abbate, T. Mulieri, -I. Egan, A. Markussen, F. Muli, D. Wassmer, A. Medina KTHIRD ROWQ R. Koplin, R. Niles, R. Glickstein, A. Davis, W. Natalie, G. Reich KFOURTH ROWj F. Hegelson, W. Pouelson, D. Boland, D. Oehl, C. Giannini, K. Leupp, KFIFTH ROWj D. Willsey, P. Rothenbiller, Rudell, E. Kelly, M. Milo. Varsity Club oiicers ponder a motion from the floor. club is run by President Spike Orr, Vice President Pete Wolynec, and Secretary and Treasurer George Meyers. Mr. Star helps athletes plan the Field House fund drive. L. G. Dupre, of the Baltimore Colts, speaks at the Spring Sports Award Dinner. Left to Right KFIRST ROWQ A. Medina, B. Smith, D. Oehl, M. Milo, Mr, Dave Star Advisor, C. Hilton, D. VVassmer, K. Leupp, Leavy, KSECOND ROWj R, Muli, D. Bo- land, H. Orr, A. lviarkussen, R. Macoy, J. Egan, P. Mackauf, P. W'0lynec, R, Abbate, R. Koplin, KTHIRD ROWQ C. Hoenig, R. Niles, F. Muli, T. Syvertsen, W. Pouelson, R. Dennis, A. Davis, C. Seawood, D. Willsey, N. O den FOURTH ROWQ R. Glickstein g I . M, Fine, R. Eckert, H. Gassmann, C. Gian- nini, Hooper, C. Hennings KFIFTH ROWQ W. Trutt, M. Cunningham, P. Rothenbiller, G. Nieyers, Meyer, R. Sundstrom, P. Heeker, E. Kelly. I V , , Xs..f Varsity Club officers work hand in hand. Varsity Club Memorial's top-notch athletes compose the Var- sity Club. Because the club only inducts the select athletes of New Hyde Park, you can be sure the Gladiators work and play hard. The Varsity Club was formed to assist all athletic teams and functions sponsored by the Boys, Physical Education Department. Sporting their white sweaters and blue jackets, the boys delve into activities such as selling hot-dogs and soda at home games and co-sponsoring the Var- sity dinners for the teams. The club also sponsors the Student-Faculty Game and Dance. This year the officers were: President Bud Hilton, Vice President Mike Milo, Treasurer Don Oehl and Secretary Doug Wassmer, advised by Mr. Dave Star. l I1-Q ..1lvcf"s-M " Qi' .gii-.- 394 . 'Q' Q3 1 K I an .. gt-4f" n B9 sfwvn mi I1 , nilvmwwaiii , ,,. , 'gm Q!!! mf-4 -:QU , ,. X X it X . 4 L XL x 'F' 4 ' A 3 xl . V n 1 W M Q S 1 L 3 4 ' 'Unix .QQ Ly. li if 1 -. I f' . Mr. Millner gratefully accepts the United States Wcck trophy from Mayor Messina as our proud administrators beam approval. The Romanettes pause after complet- ing their routine. Our Romanettes are considerably en- livened by the antics of mascot Karen Zdyrko. XX W H W Captain Carol Gardner gives up coaxing the exhausted Romanettes to practice. Tw - NH wx, 1 Y , Y Eff? A' Cleft to rightl Jerri Forlenza, Joan Adelman, Carol Gard- Betty Ecklreiter, Margaret Viarengo, Carolyn Ziegler, ner, Tina Genovese, Arlene Zoller, Jean Cancro, Arlene Nancy Kalb, Mary Merkert and Kathy Gross. Jacobson, Linda Zdyrko, Roberta Dessner, Peggy Wallace, Romanettes Here they come! Here are the high stepping Romanettes, all sixteen Senior girls sporting white uniforms and kicking high as usual. The spectators applaud as the Romanettes march onto the field for their half-time show. Captain, Carol Gardner and Co-Captain, Jerry Forlenza lead the group in their routines taught to them by Miss Gayle Balsam, their advisor. Their long hours of practice certainly paid off because they were the pride of all Mernorialites. 79 New Hyde Park Romanettes act as honor guards in the United States Week parade. 'vt 'Y lla, ' "rr r we 1, Y 'r 5 fr pit ..qG"" Left to Right KKNEELINGQ J 4a, oanne Kirk, Marie De Lorenzo, Marge Schmid, Katie Ewald, Joanne Herbert KSTANDINGQ Gloria Battipede, Carol Freiden, Arlene Seltzer Betty Reiss. , Dot Pagano, VARSITY CHEERLEADERS caS-C-O- - as R E, shouted the Varsity Cheer leaders at all the Varsity Football and Bas ketball games to boost school spirit rain or shine and fight for "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!" These ten girls in the' l The smilin' cheerleaders shout out their favorite cheer, "We're From Memorial!" The Varsity does a good job bo ost- ing spirit in thei ' r new uniforms. 80 1r co orful uniforms livened the scene even when the score was against us. Vigorously led by Captain, Marge Schmid, Co-Captain, Arlene Seltzer and coached by their advisor Miss Sheila Barad, the cheerleaders were a syrnbol of the spirit of our school. JUNIOR VA S "We,ve got the pep!" is a line from a cheer which describes the unior Varsity Cheerleaders. Spectators at Junior Varsity Football and Basketball games always found the Cheerleaders shouting and boosting the spirit of the teams by raising cheers from the audience. Dressed in blue skirts and vests and white blouses the Jun- ior Varsity Cheerleaders also helped the Varsity squad at more important Varsity games. RSITY CHEERLEADER Captain, Eileen O Carol Becker also led the girls at pep assem- blies. liveto and Co-Captain, ,Ly J.V. Cheerleaders get ready to wel- come the visiting team. The girls smile prettily for the "Lance" photographer. 'l' an I X 'HI- 'Ln-df' -,-ML' Left to right Ckneelingj Ginny Manganaro, Marie DeMartino, Carolyn Hartwell, Kay Peet, Carol Trachtenberg Cstandingj Pat Van Cott, Alice Seymour, Eileen Ol' Carol Becker. iveto, Carol Watson, Captain, Nancy Zith leads warm-ups for the half-time show. One of the more intricate patterns in the Twirlers' repertoire is displayed at a pep rally. was Y Twirlers A hush came over the crowd and all eyes fol- lowed the sparkling batons of the New Hyde Park Twirlers. Performing at half-time shows the girls couldnit help performing well in their new white satin uniforms trimmed with gold braid and topped by plumed hats. BOTTOM ROW, left to right - E MCCrea, M. Hasenmeyer, C. Hern- andez, Schnabel, L. Willis, G Radimer, A. Frankowski, B, Isleman J. Haig, 2nd ROW, left to right - S 82 1 Ably led by Drurn-Majorette, Nancy Zith and Co-Captain Carol Leonard and instructed by Mrs. Carolyn Tallow, the twirlers marched at Roosevelt Field on Thanksgiving, during U.S. Week and on Memorial Day. 1 M' Schillizzi, C. Schillizzi, S. Bosand, D. DiGianno, B. Colagero, N. Zith, M. Dmuchkowski, K. Miller, L. Chris- ten, V. Kreyling, C. Leonard. Drum Majorette, Nancy Zith lines up part of her squad before a performance. 'I Twirlers strike a pretty pose before stepping out on the Held. Ill I1 L1 'll . . .Eg .5552 eader Corps Girls Leader Corps is one of the most active service organizations in the school. Member- ship is based on a series of tests. both written and practical. Later an interview, before the ex- ecutive committee and Miss Gioia, is granted each applicant. The girls are elected on a pro- bationary basis for six months and then another election of the executive committee determines the permanent membership. Our Leaders take "time-outi' from their more serious chores. 1 i x c 1 5 1 This organization participates in the Roman Forum and dispenses various types of refresh- ments, during the year, to raise money. The girls assist the teachers in gym classes and are easily recognized in their crisp white uniforms. Oflicers are: President Helen Langan, Vice President Jean Cancro, Recording Secretary Sandy Maher, Corresponding Secretary Bar- bara Kasper and Treasurer Arlene Jacobson. .41- yw. Left to Right QFIRST ROWj R. Dessner, B. Reiss, A. Jacobson, H. Langan President, R. Gioia Advisor, Cancro, S. Maher, B. Kas- per KSECOND ROWQ B. Schoneboom, C. Creta, M. Tureo, E, Wicks, C. Phelps. J. Pic- carella, D. Pagano, K. Miller, E. Frank, P. Abbato, D. Pies KTHIRD ROWQ R. Wes- singer, J. Dahl, S. Chaos, B. Leonard, V. Manganaro, K. Brennan. L. Atlas, E. Oliveto, C. Herandez, M. Wallrapp. lvl. Friedman KFOURTH ROWQ M. Schoneboom, Her- bert, G. lxlerrcll, L. Zclyrko. C. Leonard, P. Van Cott, K. Hahn. M. Lella, A. Bailey, R. Choinski. Leader Corps members show their versatility by caring for equipment. Class of '60 Leader Corps members get together for a last pose. Sandy Maher passes to Barbara Kasper in gym class. W Pl ,AW ff? if '77 Q 005' ff' l Cleft to rightj Elizabeth Weiss, Arlene Jacobson, Betty Reiss, Mrs. Limaxes fadvisorj W if Langan, Maria Lella. if ff' , X , f l ps i i ii , ,. yy. f K 4 v fleeeiiei f . ff f n f' , fy-if ay QI The members of Honor Leader Corps are elected by the ,'iii , fr . , . . .- T if y 1, f . regular members of Girls Leader Corps and the Physical Ed- . f . " V f ffff gp ucation teachers. The Five Seniors in this organization repre- t' if sent the top five percent of the Senior Leader Corps members. ff, y J , ., Under the leadership of their President, Maria Lella, the girls f i, az . ,y,a , I ' , . . , , . + mf, ', , I are easily recognized in their vivid red uniforms. ., ,yi e , ' X Y ff? f 0 V W ,N f, f,., M 1 UHIOI' CEI El' CYPS T Wrir' The members of Junior Leader Corps are appointed on the basis of an application scrutinized by the Physical Edu- cation teachers. All the applicants must be either eighth or ninth grade girls and must have or maintain a satisfactory mark in each subject. The officers of the organization, which is advised by Mrs. Limaxes, are President, Liz Ivansheck 7 Vice President, Paulette Casillo, Treasurer, Lorraine Dras- ser, and Secretary, Sue Rovner. 86 ' 1 FIRST ROW Cleft to rightl V. Caliveto, S. Fried B. Giordano, B. Leonard. C. Leonard, Miss Ruder- man, C. Christensen, L. Stumvull, B. Hochheiser, E Ivansheck, SECOND ROW V. Milio, R. Grannim, V. Luca, S. Mathews, Caltabiano, A. Taub, J Heck, M. Hoffman, E. Finnegan, P. Stevenson, L. Smock, M. Maxwell, B. Camilis, THIRD ROW A 1 gf W. Sparanese, N. Oosten, A. Smith, C. Schomburg. A Cherney, P. Outlaw, P. VanCott, C. Rommer, P BafTa, J. Scheed. C. Sasskind, S. Landau, M. Avilez FOURTH ROW' M. Sanchez, R. Petrilla. P. Lance G. Reison, C. Thieme, L. Zdyrko. J. Cancro, J Renna, M. Malton, D. Bolt, J. Janosick, A. Ehrsen ' ' E .9 9 I Z 2' . 5 I 0 0 Q f It i The Girls' Athletic Association is an organization which V . . . . T . Q J su rvises all intramural clubs and athletic s uads. The main . . Pe fl L K' ' body of the Association is made up of representatives from all homerooms. The members of Cheerleaders, Romanettes, and ' gi . ', ' Twirlers. along with the participants in other athletic organi- Y X t ' -2 ' g .nu-ol v ' A ' zations automatically become members of the G. A. A. N s i . . This general organization. under the leadership of its Presi- - 1' xg. gb ' dent, Carol Leonard and Vice President. Anita Subach, and . 1 under the Guidance of its advisor. Niiss Ruderman. attem ts to 4 . C3 P A broaden the sco e of the Phvsical Education De artment bv - . 3 P , P , Q, including all the activities which are requested by the mem- k 1 bers. if I .I . left to right - ROPV I. C. Grau. A. Bailey, S. Rovner. E. Ivansheck 87 Advisor, Mrs. L. T. Limaxes, P. Casillo. L. Sass, R. Frank, B. Hoch- heiser, M. Conde. ROW II. L. Fuelling. J. Leupp. G. Chalmers. C Christ, M. Macdonald, P. Levine. M. Holm. E. Chao. M. Fransen J. Carlsen, ROW III. D. Stillwell. L. Gilbert. L. Drasser. Heck. S. Eklofif, S. Lando, K. Kleinman. P. Brown. B. Stmka. ROI1' IV. D McAllister. NI. Eisenberg. P. Lance. C. Thieme. V. Odermzm. S. Hen- nings, P. Belyea, P. Outlaw, P. Palch. P. McAndrews. Q from left to right: KFIRST ROWQ M. Holland, E, Ivansheck, G. Chalmers, J. Heck, L. Sehonewald, K. Gillooly, L. Owens, KSECOND ROWQ A. Bailey, L. Fuelly, K. Scully, P. Brown, Miss J. Ruderman, J. Lukowski, J. Bouladier, J. Carlsen, B. Carlon, KTHIRD ROWQ C. Meek, C. Hingular, C. Thieme, S. Hennings, E. McSorley, B. Martin, P. Belyea. olley B 3 Bowling from left to right: KFIRST ROWj M. Holm, P. Wallrapp, L. Sass, P. Levine, G. Chalmers, C. Susskind, S. Eckloff, A. Ehrsharn, E. Ivansheck, KSECOND ROWj B. Branstein, C. Burne, J. Heck, L. Ross, C. George, M. Eisenberg, I. Mitura, D. Boldt, ITHIRD ROWQ B. Leonard, K. Kleiman, C. Thieme, S. Hennings, V, Oderman, C. Capaccio, C. Curley, J. White, M. Melton, P. Baffa. 88 from left to right: KFIRST ROWQ J. Carlsen, H. Rabinowitz. C. Phelps, L. Sass, S. Eckloff KSECOND ROWQ A. Taub, M. Eisenberg, C. Meek, W. Baum, K. Kleinrnan, NI. Belyea KTHIRD ROWJ A. Zoller, S. Maher, E. McSorley, C. Oderman, C. Hingular, S. Spachner V. Manganaro. l 1 Archery P0911 Jw if'..fgz.1fl.fltDs,f14f'iLWf'5 nf' 'ghshfnl f'l.1'n72 f A Q ' ', at K. . W. .,, FIRST ROW Cleft to rightl, M. Pesce, J. Dahl, C. Curley, J. White, E. Johnson, B Kasper, M. Lella, D. Pies, P. Abbato, E. Oliveto, M. Melton, B. Capaccio. K. Wobbe SECOND ROW, K. George. M. Conde, G. Brinclisi, B. Bronstein, J. Whipple, J. Frank C. Melton, C. Bourne, M. Holm, J. Leupp, P. Levine, L. Smock, G, Chalmers, S. Eckloff, E. Ivanshcek, H. Rabinowitz, L. Gilbert, F.. Finnegan, K. Scully, THIRD ROW, C DeNicola, M. Reilly, E. Frank, I. Mitura, A. Ehrsam, L. Drasser, J. Heck, K. Kleinman L. Ross, L. Sass, C. Susskind, M. Avilez, S. Lando, P. Baffa, D. Stillwell. P. Casillo, B Gulch, Miss M. Povinelli Cadvisorj, FOURTH ROW, Miss R. Gioia fadvisorb, A. Taub D. Boldt, G. Edwards, D. Lempicky, P. MacAndrews, V. Buonaiuto. P. Lance. F. Oster C. Thieme, S. Hemmings V. Oderrnan, J. Kalbfleisch, D. Kusko, B. Leonard, C. Brunnel M. Hoffman, J. Renna, Miss M. Povinelli. Basket b 1 3 Soccer From left to right: KFIRST ROWj B. Leonard, E. Frank, P. Abbato, M. Pesce, B. Kasper KSECOND ROWQ J. Parisi, A. Taub, Miss J. Ruderman, J. Renna, D. Boldt, M. Hoffman C. Phelps, C. Edwards. Badminton from left to right: K. Kleinman, M. Melton, P. Dziomba, M. Pesce. 'QW' 90 7 X 4 Girls' Week Refreshments are cordially served at the Leader Corps inductions. ,, , A -'T 'T 'fl Tumbling l V X yus. Leader Corps girls don't believe that "too many cooks spoil the brothf, 5 L. H u From left to right: R. Bomtz, D. S1- mon, P. Wallrapp, A. Ehrsam, P. Bel- 1 - I T X .,,ff' --it Miss Fleming addresses girls from the ference during Girls? Ylfeek. entire district at a Leader Corps Con- Mr. Randolph introduces the Top Ten Girls at the Girls Week Assembly. The inductees of Girls Leader Corps recite their oath at the candlelight cere- mony. 5 1 l Girls Week Miss Gioia's pleasant supervi- sion makes it easier for Leader One week each year is set aside to pay tribute to the girls of our school. During the course of this week, which this year was the week starting October 25, many events took place. The first day of the week is religious observance day, the best way to commence any week. Monday, during long homeroom, there was an Honor Girls Assembly at which various individuals were introduced for having performed special services. The Leader Corps District Conference was held Tuesday evening, and Wednes- day night was the time of the Father-Daughter Square Dance. On Thursday evening the Candlelight Induc- tion Ceremony of Girls Leader Corps was held. The week was brought to a spectacular close on Friday eve- ning when the LANCE - Chariot dance, Dateline Sa- lem, also toasted the girls of Memorial. Corps to prepare for Girls Joan Piccarella introduces the Week' members of Honor Leader Corps on Wednesday of Girls Week. CLUBS Ffh FIR . . , Adelman, B. Hilton, Mr. A. Honig J A , . gosta, D. Slater, P. Balestrino SECOND ROW: C. Friedi ' n, H. Polishuk, Herbert, ST ROW: D Wassmer ! fn! SEATED: fleft to rightj: Jeanette Agosta, fVice-Presidentj, joan Adelman KSecretaryj, Debra Slater Second Vice Presi- dentj, STANDING,' Bud Hilton fPre5identj, Mr. Arnold Honig CAdvisorj, Doug Wassmer fG.O. Managed, Phil Balestrino fTf6d5UTE7j. Doug Wassmer signs the First G 94 . O. Card. C. Vivona, R Strassne . r, E. Chao, E. Ivansheck, THIRD ROW: M. Schmid, G. Merrell, E. McCrea, C. Larsen, C. Gardner, J. Halpern. Student Council Because our government derives its strength from the desires of its citizens, it is of great importance to acquaint young people with the principles and responsibilities of a democracy. The Student Council, acting under the General Organization, provides a plan for a student governing body. It functions as the uniting force of student activities by providing funds for these groups and by its sponsorship of '6Blue and White Week." All council members are elceted, so that one may be sure that an enthusiastic student is work- ing for our school This year unde h , r t e guidance of M Ho ' r. Arnold mg, Bud Hilton was ' president of Student Council and Doug g Wassmer headed the GO. 5? ff ff T L, 1 4 f - W ,,. Z Ik f f FIRST ROW: Left to right: C. Ziegler, Fass, E. Weiss, D. Fiske, Mr. J. London, Mrs. R. Rosenberg, J. Piccarella, M. Hilton, A. Dahl SECOND ROW: B. Calogero, K. Tome, D. Pagano, S. Konowalow, C. ' 1 S ViVona, D. Serwer, D. Day, R. Strassner, B. Pfmz, C h a Fl ot Class politics, student achievements and h sports are only a part of the school news t at fills the pages of this publication. A literary su lement the Auriga, is added four times a PP 7 year which gives our newspaper the flavor of . . . . d professionalism it so rightfully eserves. The highest honor a school newspaper may receive, a Medalist rating, was bestowed upon the Chariot by Columbia University. This, added to its previous awards, is visual proof of ' ' ff and ad- the time and effort given by its sta visors. Dorothy Fiske was Editor-in-Chief under the b guidance of her advisors, Mrs. Ruth Rosen erg and Mr. Jack London. X f vrf .f g. f1'7,fV5 pi. J- NOVMJJ N Oil . eyfllv . U bflafvfvfl , f W9 Chao, M. Medina THIRD ROW: M. Milberg, K. Feurey, M. Messana, P. Wallace, G. Merrell, E. Piccini, S. Spachner, E. Bianco, J. Gilbert, B. Leonard FOURTH ROW: M. Lederway, T. Gilbert, G. Goth, B. Mayer, A. Lipkin, A. Wiener. Admiring their new banner, a most welcome gift, are Mrs. Rosenberg and editors. 'gAnd don't come back till they're all gon:-:!", shouts Dave Serwer as he anticipates sales money. 95 Honor Society Scholarship, character, leadership and personality are those traits required of the members of our school's chapter of the National Honor Society. Because membership is limited to the top Fifteen per cent of the Senior Class, this group is comprised of students whose grades are above average and whose personality and industry are of a high caliber. To further our school academically, these students participate in a daily tutoring service, offering aid in all courses of study. The group was led by President Pete Mackauf, Vice-President Marcia Hil- ton, Recording Secretary Arlene Seltzer, Corresponding Secretary Elizabeth Weiss and Treasurer Richard Shapiro. FIRST ROW: K. Gross N. Burkard E. Weiss A. Seltzer P Mackauf, M. Hilton R. Shapiro, M. Zanetti, D. Fiske, B Schoneboom SECOND ROW: M. Kogan, B. Martin, A. Dahl C. Hingular, C. Gardner, T. Giannini F. Genovese, A. Ulrich C Hebenstreit, J. Forlenza, R. Prommersberger, J. Gilbert THIRD ROW: J. Adelman, L. Atlas, K. Quinlan, J. Cancro, R. Dessner M. Schmid, A, Jacobsen, A. Bailey, D. Pearson, J. Halpern, C Ziegler FOURTH ROW: C. ViVona, R. Monson, E. Kelly, J Meyer, C. Hilton, A. Davis, D. Dickson, R. Byrne. Tutoring techniques are sharpened by enterprising Society members. 96 Arlene Seltzer, Richard Sha- piro. Marcia Hilton, Peter Mackauf, Elizabeth Weiss. FIRST ROW: Cleft to rightj B. Viarengo, R. Krogstad, E. Ivansheck, Mrs. L. Oberstein, J. Spirio, S. Hennings. Heck SECOND ROW: K. Scher, I. Mitura, A. Kuchins, V. Oder- man, W. Altevogt, H. Gro- theer, A. Lipshetzg M. Holm. Spirio. ing,' problem! SITTING. E. Ivanschek, S. Hennings STANDING: R. Krogstad, J. Heck, J. Nlernbeis tiy to solve a very perplex- V7 Junior Honor Society A newly created organization at Memorial, growing out of the increasing importance of high academic standards, is the Junior High Honor Society. just as in its Senior High coun- terpart, high standards in academic achievement are re- quired along with outstanding ratings in leadership and co- operation. 97 ,. v Diana Pearson iw , X Donald Dickson Marilyn O'Meara X Managing Editor Business I ' 60 L 'ce Every yearbo 4,9 rives resent graphically a compilation of scho args aci 'ties. Toward this end we hope we hay achie e our g?gi fh the presentation of the 1960 year. " s trust e years ahead hold not only the promise of P w er Editor-imchief lzfn e. ar in is o traye the highlights of Memorial's fourth col - 4 a l ers, but al the challenge of the "Soaring, i ating, and we hop , g'Scintillating, Sixties." We an- ' i at ' great eal r ss, being an integral part of this Q, ' x Diana Pearson 1 s L, . . , 5 f ' W t A Editor-1n-Chief X Harriett Polishuk as Pictorial X X X J we . 1 Q Ha 2 A W 7 1 f X WW , f I f f f r X f , f KG f 1 .M . Sharon Konlwalow Rosalie Strassner Art Sales and Distribution Q7 ,-4 p ffiff , Joan Gilbert A iiti Literary I I f , Maria Zanetti Senior Portraits 98 'Q Margaret Schmid Fred Scholer Sports Girls' Sports Junior Assistants: Don Krogstad, Janice Linek, Margie Werden, and Ronda Maxon. Mr. Arthur lgel Photography A ' 1: ,X ' ,q v Patricia Paetow '7i,7'7'9 i' ' Feature ' 1 ' ti 3 4 I J M R b tM Phagiogrzysliill ' JV gigogfzslglijn x LII Q 'i D1 fm V f if 5 ii '3 1 AW I M f i--- fl - if r rriargfvirller in Q fr o m . 4 'V ' us' e ' v f 0 ' , 6 b Mrs. P line ndulis Ch dvisor N .fm 'Sfjx Maria Lella and Sharon Konwalow discuss a pro- posed showcase display. FIRST ROW: HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES: E. Wicks, C. Trachtenberg, V. Colavito. K. Demetriades, E. Zupka, Silverberg, C. Roberts, L. Schonewald, L Rcss. B. Straka, SECOND ROW: S. Chao, C. Brogan, K, Miller, P. Lance, J Arkwright, G. Reisen, G. Slater. D. Pollack, P. Abbato, R. Maxon, Ginzburg THIRD ROW: C. Grant, B. Chludzincki, J. Kalbfieisch, R. Mchaffie, L. Hausch A. Gilberti, C. Hernandez, L, Svec, C. Smith FOURTH ROW.' E. Fitzpatrick, T Paradise, Fried, R. Winston, B. Housman, G. Shaub, M. Riola, R. Ginzburg, L Schroeder, R. Worth. 5 100 BUSINESS STAFF: Alice Ulrich, Don Krogstad, Mari- lyn O'Meara, Ronda Maxon. A ' AQ J. Agosta. FIRST ROW: PICTORIAL ASSISTANTS: A. Seltzer, T. Genovese, M. Eipper, N. Kalb. H. Polishuk, M. Zanetti, M. Lella, C. Gardner. L. Lutkenhaus SECOND ROW: Forlenza, D. Oehl, Fass, H. Orr, A. Bailey, R. Munson, V. Matheis, R. Lehman, Adelman, T. Gilbert, l Another picture, another page! . 101 "Anne and Peter" discuss the many complexities of life. A Y ,Iwi l ay 7 si- ' U R 9' f X vo Q 3 Y -. : -S P K - if n f f sy IE l si QD i I Diligently, the cast of "The Diary of ' Anne Frank" rehearses for their big X X moment of the vear. Sceneci Players "The Show Must Gpf0n!" and it does, with all the glitter and skill of the theater. It takes boundless energy to produce their annual play but the fruits of these students' labors are enthusi- astically received and appreciated by their audi- ence, This year's performance of "The Diary .of Anne Frank," was done with the utmost sensitivity and will be proudly remembered as an outstand- ing achievement. This year's officers were President Frances Glass, Vice-President Rosalie Strassner, Record- ing Secretary Jeanette Agosta, Corresponding Secretary Joan Adelman and Treasurer Kay Feurey. "Anne' again is the innocent victim of one of the many arguments in the apartment. K. Peet THIRD ROW: E Kohn, S. Olsen, B. Carlsen A. Galante. FIRST ROW: W. Delaney, B. Chludzinski, Jardinier, W. Cum- mings, J. White, R. Behrens, P. Teitzman SECOND ROW: K. White, C. Gerber, R. Frost, E. Mc- Sorley, N. Hunt-Jones, D. Gohring, S. Olsen, C. Evans, A. Galante. Mrs. Van Daan fRosalie Strassnerj checks to see how her son Peter's homework is coming. Konowalow, R. Rubinstein, 2 FIRST ROW Cleft to rightj: C. Gardner, M. Friedman, J. Adelman, K. Feurey, Miss M Boyd, F. Glass, Agosta, R. Strassner, J. Iltis SECOND ROW: M. Cogan, LI. VVerden, S B. Neuschulz, A. Ulrich, R. Genovese, H. Nlueller, C. Sciuto Mazorkiewicz. D. Steinmetz, A. Kemp, M. Thomson. J. Berman J. Kiefer, D. Spahr, Halpern, D. Gohring FOURTH ROW: F J. Seymour. N. Hunt-Jones, , B. Cummings, P. Balestrino, P. Teitzman, Giordano. B. Xlayer 103 I ..-me- 5l""' if in Flutes: M. Thomson, M. Melton, K. Kressel Clarinets: R. Mayer, B. Young, M. Olsen, I. Silverman, K. Schaeffer, N. Hunt-Jones, V. Manganaro, D. Boldt, M. Tureo, B Schaul, E. Morris, R. Mistretta, K. Wobbe, R. DiPavla, D Pedersen, P. Rankin, D. Day, A, Taub Comets: R. Eckert A. Hesensohn, C. Rovner, R. Niles, J. Dahl, P. Mackauf, R Thoden, D. Clair Percussion: K. Hahn, M. Quinlan, R Byrne, R. Cancro, F. Muli Saxophones: A. Horn, J. Gerth, Junior High Band The main objective of the Junior High Band is to furnish the younger musicians of Memorial with a strong foundation for the continuation of their musical education. It is of great importance to interest students in music at an early age so that their talents may be successfully developed thoughout high school. This seems to have worked very well, as can be seen by the number of students who continue their instruction in Senior High School and after graduation. Even though many of these students have only been playing for a few years, their performances at assemblies and the Christmas and Spring concerts were skillfully played and very enjoyable. 104 3 F. Scholer, E.. Feeley, P. Hecker, A. Dahl, Elaine Piccinni, E. Rockwood, F. Scholer Horns: T. Smith, A. Ulrich Trombones: J. Staab, K. Pieper, D. Reiner, C. Hennings, D. Miller, R. Tutschulte, Tympani: W. Alexander, A. Kemp Sousaphone: K. Bermingham, R. Harris Bats: R. Zysk Baritones: J. Kalbfleisch, R. Manners, T. Syvertsen Conductor: Mr. William Millner. tastes of all. Karch, J. Leupp, T. M. Mac Donald, D. Neih, J. Reichenbach, J. Heck, S. Hennings, T. Zeisler, N. Berger, J. Clarinetx: K. Scully, F. Oster, K. Trapani, N. Goetz, D. Mistretta, Jacobs, D. George, R. Schaefer, P. E. Bracy, S. Lando, C. Thieme, Finkel, L. Drasser, B. Phoel, D. Spangher, R. Goldstein, B. Gulch Saxophones: K. Muller, N. Kirsch, L. Hausch, A. Williams, A. Weisel, W. Webster, R. Shaffer, S. Hale, E. Leavy French Horns: D. Johnson, H. Arrich, B. Hillmer, J. Vantine, C. Roberts, C. Cancro Senior Hi h Band This year, as in the past, performances by the Senior High Band have been in great demand. Playing at all Senior High assemblies, football games, concerts, and parades, the Senior High Band has presented a great variety of classical and modern music. Their splendid performance at the Christmas Concert, with a clever ren- dition of "A Christmas Storyf, was enthusiastically received. The efforts of these students are always greatly appreciated for elevating the musical program of our school, while satisfying the It is gratifying to see the interests of these students expanding to many other areas of music such as to other instruments and to music appreciation and theory. bones: R. Hunn, L. Dahl, M. Maxwell, Helgeson, D Wood, G. Wright Tympani: C. Wessinger Basses: K Birmingham, R. Price, M. Fransen Trumpets: S. Head, F. Ianni, L. Alexander, R. Meier, D. Day, K. Scher, W Mazzara, R. Petillo, P. Puleio, R. Stegemann, S. Chmielew- ski, D. Pettit Percussion: S. Rothenberg, G. Chalmers, G Wallrapp, F. Freketic Flutes: L. Dimore, K. Julis, J Newark, Silverman, Hauser, YN. Lawrence Conductor. Shirley M. Homan. Baritonex: W. Hybbeneth, R. Young, W. Webster Trom- .-A 1 ,aww :QM ' 105 Senior High Chorus Peals of the Hallelujah Chorus ring through the schoolls auditorium as excerpts from Handells "Messiah' are skillfully performed by the Senior High Chorus during the annual Christmas concert. Many hours a year are spent by these hard working students in prepa- ration for holiday concerts, the annual school musical which was "Oklahoma" this year, and their performance at Commencement. Through this medium the student body is acquainted with the cream of both contemporary and classical music. SENIOR HIGH CHORUS - FRONT ROW, left to right: A. Smith, E. Fleming, P. Calquhoun, C. Hingular, R. Genovese B. Young, E. Mazurkiewies, M. Miller, R. Choinski, SECOND ROW: C. Roehrig D. Nicholas, K. Baum, N. Sarli, I. Latal- ladi,sC. Phelps, Miss Donnely Cadvisorb, M. Tomaszewski, J. Riccon, K. Gross, K. Sakal, G. Oflner, K. Brennan, E. Skelton. THIRD ROW: A. Taub, D. Lempicky R. Gioia, L. Dcmeo, A. Behrens, D. Spahr, C. Brasholz, A. Seymour, D. Zdziebrowski 7 7 J J. Roe, A. Bailey, M. Schmid, J. Halpern, V. Jacob, L. ,Atlas, I Neuschulz. FOURTH ROW: C. Reitz, J. Wonder- gem, M. Kaufhold, I. Cleary, D. Hill, N. Hunt-Jones, E. McCrea, A. Southern, L. Zdyrko, J. Seymour, L. Beckett, J. Mc Laughlin, K. Hahn, C. Becker, K. Hudak A. Ulrich, FIFTH ROW: W. Delaney? W. Altevogt, K. Greta, R. Lawrence, B Cummings, G. Krant, A. Potkin, Stabb B. Zyzk, M. Wilson, J. Giese, B. Hoffman D. Dickson, SIXTH ROW: H. Gluck- man, S. Metzger, F. Kohn, P. Balestrino T. Syuertsen, Jardinier, R. Behrens, P Teitzman, H. Pinkham, C. Gerbr, B Weih. ,jp- , , , ti, t U g f , jf . N .T 2 pw . l ,fy tw f , , L., . J., W, , , ,J "W" ' f of . Q. . pf lf 'if A M ,VS YL' 'U Mft -, ,I . .U . ij . J' ' l . 'V 1,-" ' fjf l x "' , ,f lf' ' . A W T . ' it fl gt' 'ff ,Y ,W - ffl! J' Lf Y :V by-' Ly It V' 1 ,',- ,f J ,Fl 'lk ff ' J, ' ft 4, ly l. gf ,f , rt., J -5 i .lvl ' 5, 'Q ff ,i l . Af" Q Miss Donnelly directs a practice for the Christmas Concert rendition of the "Messiah.'7 It-..,.. Al 07,1 J.H. CHORUS f FRONT ROW, left to right: R. Alpin, G. HauHer, R, Schneidewind, R. Sewell, WV. McElroy, L. Nicholas, E. Berk, L. Ross Ktreasurerj, K. McAndrews Kseaj, G. Messina, M. A. Fiorentinog SECOND ROW: B. Dorf, Nocito. VV. Adelman, Phoel, Kozyrski, C. Belev, l'vI. Smith, B, Bronstein, M. Pankow, D. Prucha, E. Berg, J. YN'hipple, C. Belotte, C. Kaider, THIRD ROW: V. Mallol, R. Des Roches, C. Johnson, R. Dubin, D. Birnbaum, RI. Neilson, E. Schwartz, Brown, W. Gregorio, 1.-N :LV r ii.l'Ul1i0I' High Q Chorus This year, Junior High Chorus members performed as an integrated group, instead of as two separate units. Working on three and four part harmony and more difficult pieces, the chorus made their older classmates sit up and take notice. Their perform- ances at the annual Christmas and Spring concerts were especially lauda- ble, giving them standards which they will have to work hard to maintain. but certainly ones which will give them the incentive to further their musical endeavors. D. Pollack, L. Smock, BI. Kadlic. C. George, S. Riatthewsi FOURTH ROW: R. NVells. Blair, G. Sotirhos, C. Lez- nevish, F. Hahn, D. Austin. V. YVeck, P. Christian, Blil- ler, A. Glaser, C. Hauptmann. A. Raizman, C. Romrg FIFTH ROW: lNIacDougall, H. Alenik, Latten, S. Uelnnd Kpresj, A. Kuchins Krice-pretj, L. Carlson, LI. Breit, H. Grotheer, V. Scully, A. ONysko, A. Yanderhoff, L. Blau, E. Eberle. ' -n .lei 42 5 ll i Ah 'W 1 PIANO CLUB - FRONT ROW, left to right: M. Conde, P. Brown, C. Sciuto, K. Baum, R. Goldstein, J. Johnson, G. Steinhauser, B. Viarengo, H. Arrich, D. Austin, Mr. B, Konowitz fadvisorj. SECOND ROW: K. Julis, V. Odemian, S. Spachner, L. Sass, W. Altevogt. THIRD ROW: L. Krabel, J. DiClement, L. Glass, R. Rubenstein, P. Lance, G. Smith. The newly organized String Ensemble, with its purpose of build- ing an orchestra for the school, is indeed a worthy addition to the Music Department. Under the leadership of Mrs. Jackson, on De- cember 22, they first appeared singing carols under the school Christmas tree. They hope to make other public performances in the Spring. DANCE BAND - FRONT ROW, left to right: R. Mayer, B. J. Young, A. Dahl, F. Scholer, E. Rockwood, A. Horn, R. Braunstein fPianoJ. SEC- OND ROW: D, Niles, Dahl. P. MacKauf, R. Tutschulte, D. Miller, Stabb, E. Zimmerman. THIRD ROW: M. Quinlan, R. Byrne, K. Birrn- ingham, R. Zyzk, Mr. W. Millner Cadvisorj. 1' . Piano The purpose of is to provide the students to play this requires much and it is not often find several piano Club the Piano Club opportunity for together. Since time and effort, the students can s in one place, this club is especially useful in pro- viding both the instruments and the instruction with which aspiring students may better themselves. Members also participate in the annual Christmas and Spring con- certs. String Q-Alwfaswffw-. Dance Band Expanding the musical offerings of Memorial's Music Department, the Dance Band offers that which goes beyond the traditional reper- toire. From rock and roll to more subdued forms, the Dance Band is on hand at several school dances each year and is heard at the school,s variety shows and concerts. F. H. A. The responsibility of providing homemaking experience partially rests with F.H.A. Naturally those tasks the members perform in their own homes are invaluable, but other aspects are shown to girls through F.H.A. Instilling leader- ship, teaching cooperation and ac- quainting members with techniques of good organization are a few of the goals achieved. And it is these characteristics which have great bearing on future successful home- makers. Ensemble FIRST ROW fleft to rightl: C. Larsen, G. Hudack, Miss L. Moseley, E Dietzel, M. Werden. SECOND ROW: C. Gentile, A. Biegner, A. Fiechter S. Martins, S. Smith, T. M. Giannini. THIRD ROW: M. Messana, M Jaeger, Gioia, B. Rippon. STRINGS - Violin: M. Olt, M. Kalish, Fricker, I. Sundheimer, N Grube, W. Gallimore, R. Chernow, B. Santucci. F. Helgesen, A. Williams garter, F. Lipkin, Bass Violin: R. Finnegan, M. Frangen, Bodamo. Cello C. Fitzgerald, C. Magnatta, S, Forrer, Mrs. J. Jackson CDirectorJ. FIRST ROW fleft to rightj: E. Wicks, C. Brasholz, C. Hingular. Miss S Scott, M. Zanetti. Halpern, A. Bailey. SECOND ROW: M. Aceto, J Linek, A. Taub, N. Sarli, M. Pantin, M. Wallrapp, D. Adorno, NI. Has- kins. THIRD ROW: C. Schrader, M. Milberg. Adelman. K. Quinlan A. Ulrich, B. Neuschulz, V. Matheis. FOURTH ROW: S. Maher, T. C Giannini, L. Lutkenhaus, M. Miller, A. Southern, A. Subach, K. Hahn, J 1 B. Hahn, G. Gabriel, E. Pollack, Viola: G. Gerth, R. Messina, N. Baum- Porr. F. T. A. F.T.A. functions as a vocational service to the students of Memorial in that it provides informa- tion to its members concerning educational require- ments along with acquainting them with the many different areas of the teaching profession. To supplement individual research, F.T.A. also works with the Guidance Office and various fac- ulty members in order to learn, first hand, about the responsibilities and duties of the teacher. Members also enjoyed a visit to a state teachers college, which gave them a view of the educational facilities open to future teachers in our state. , T As a boys, the Key Club service 358. and e Kiwanis Club ets and ushers events, and is now the making a school calendar. Their advisor is Mr. L. Chaitof. The officers are Don Dickson, Joe Rudell, Dave Day, Don Krogstad and Ed Kelly. ,A 1 -- X Future Nurses Members of the FNA are the stu- dents interested in entering the nursing profession. Participation in the club is a great factor contribu- ting to the course of study and the area of nursing they might wish to follow. First-hand instruction is offered by the school nurse and members work in the Health Office with both clerical and nursing tasks. X FIRST ROW Cleft to rightl: C. Hasselback, F. Muli, D. Day, G. Goth, J. X Rudell, Mr. L. Chaitoff, D. Dickson, E. Kelly, D. Krogstad, H. Kahl COND ROW: M. Olsen, P. MacKauf, W. Trutt, B. Veit,-M. Milo, X . Bee , W, Kwiatkoski, C. ViVona, R. Charney, D. Miller, M. Leder- way, . Price THIRD ROW: R. Glickstein, D. Shapiro, M Fine, P. Wolynec, R. Koplin, A. Markussen, P. Balestrino, R. Lawrence, B. Carlsen E. Morris, B. Mayer, K. Schaffer FOURTH ROW: S. Olsen, A. Subach J. Zima, H. Gassmann, T. Syvertsen, C. Gerber, J. Meyer, G. Meyers, iF. A J 7 Scholer, T. Temple. D. McNeil, A. Davis, R. Monson. ,fikjwj 4 ,Mft ' WW FIRST ROW fleft to rightjr A. Seibert, M. Tornaszewski, Mrs. A. V en- Z! ,V tine, A. Nichols, R. Kahn SECOND ROW: M. Pies, P. Osczapins !VW M. Gill, L. Andreassen, V. Schlott, A. Taub, N. Puchalski. f ff A 5 i mersberger A Zoller Mrs E Teecl E Oliveto A Eide L Schust D League Easily recognizable is the Girls Service League when members wear their red and white uniforms. Because members are chosen by certain standards, the club is com- prised of those girls who sincerely wish to aid their school. They ac- complish this by ushering at all school functions and acting as guides to visitors. This year the club was under the guidance of President Angela Zol- ler and their advisor Mrs. E. Tede. Weight Lifting VVeight-lifting is more than the glamorous activity it is pictured to be. It helps its participants gain the strength needed for endurance. Physical fitness, along with daily dietary needs is stressed. These combine to make weight-lifting more of a science than a sport. Their advisor is Nfr. John Whitebread. FIRST ROW: fLeft to rightl D. Miele, E. Wicks, R. Kahn, M. Werden, lvl. Cogan, E. Piccini, M. Messana, K. Miller SECOND ROW: B. Isleman, M. Pesce, E. Pinzl, Lukowski, S. Chao, E. Wolz, P. Abbato, M. Friedman, D. Pies THIRD ROW: E. Zimmer- man, M. Milberg, E. Bianco, E. Fisher, S. Maher, L. Krabel, C. Smith, B. Kasper. Members of the Samarateens get together for an informal chat. Samarateens One of the goals of secondary education is to help each indi- vidual to become a useful citizen. Samarateens helps the girls of our school to achieve this end by assisting in community service projects. This year, members participated in making puppets for under-privileged children and have future projects, of a similar nature, in mind. The work these girls do at present is not only beneficial to others, but is of great value to themselves. This year, President Marguerite Cogan was assisted by her officers Margie Werden, Roberta Kahn, Elaine Piccini, Alice Nichols, and Marianne Messana. 112 X X' Quill and Scroll Because this organization is part of a national so- ciety, its aims are based on those for which the society was founded. These were to achieve the highest lit- erary standards possible in school publications. Indi- vidual school projects are also part of this club's ac- tivities. This year Quill and Scroll is putting together the school's first handbook, to be distributed next September. To be eligible for Quill and Scroll, members must meet certain academic and personality standards. Each member must also be an active participant of either the Lance, Chariot or creative writing class. Under the guidance of their advisors, Mrs. Ruth Rosenberg and Mr. Jack London, the club was led by Joan Gilbert, Dorothy Fiske, Dave Day and Don Krogstad. .F-f Quill and Scroll Senior Advisory Board share a mo- ment with advisors, Mr. Jack Landon and Mrs. Ruth Rosenberg, Ofhcers, Roberta Kahn, Margie Werden, Elaine Piccini, Marquerite Cogan, Marianne Messana and Alice Nichols, pose for the camera. Members discuss the format of their proposed school handbook FIRST ROW Cleft to rightj: D. Krogstad, P. Paetow, J. Gilbert, hlrs. R. Rosenberg, lvlr. London, D. Fiske, M. Hilton SECOND ROW: E. Weiss, C. ViVona, C. Ziegler, D. Day, D. Pearson, D. Dixon, Piccarella. 113 Senior Hi h Library Club Already avid readers, members of the Senior High Library Club also turn their attention to the mechanical workings of our library, not only with the intention of making service more efficient but also trying to promote higher standards of reading among our students. Partly by impressive dis- play cases and partly by discussing books, individually, with fellow classmates, club members have contributed to our library by giv- ing of themselves. Junior Hi h Library Club Books are the keys to the knowl- edge of our rapidly shrinking world, and perhaps of greater im- portance to self-understanding. It is the aim of the club to instill within its members a thirst for knowledge and an addiction to good reading. The earlier this good habit is formed the more permanent its presence. I ill!!! 3111511 FIRST ROW Cleft to rightj: M. Dyer, B. Timmerman, C. Reitz, Miss L. Gould, M. Manafaro, M. Christon, G. Vento, D. Dobrovolsky SECOND ROW: V. Doerrer, C. Bianco, P. McKenna, J. Meek, J. Kiefer, R. Mchaiiie, E. Choinski. FIRST ROW CLeft to rightj, T. Fischer, E. Bebko, M. Schuerger, Mrs. D. Tootle, E. Berk, J. Marangello, L. Christensen SECOND ROW: M. Baumann, Y. Sundheimer, C. Yeongstrom, M. Fischer, D. Garnar, L. Clard, N. O'Steen, M. Genovese. Nails!!-, QM C. ' I ,4 4' ' X , 1 x 5 J ff! 1 1 I FIRST ROW: CLeft to rightl Cordani, Mr. A. Delaney, Mr. A. Koehler , , .1 , Q , . , .1 i. , ' r rx C. Obremski SECOND ROW: A. Takemoto, B. Havron, Congable. i R. Havron, Cordani, Mr. A. Delaney, R. Monson, A. Takemoto. Learning through the process of visual aids has been found to be a most effective tool in teaching. To serve the needs of our school, the Audio-Visual Squad super- vises and operates all projection equipment and thus provides for the entertainment and education of the student body, throughout the school year. Photograph Memorialls Photography Club, under the supervision of Mr. Arthur Delaney, performs an in- valuable service to the school by providing the equipment and the members: abilities in the processing and developing of photographs for organizations and school publica- tions. It is most useful to the news- paper and yearbook, to which photographs of school events are of the utxnost importance. Niem- bers also find time to learn new techniques of taking and develop- ing pictures which all add to the professional appearance of their Finished products. Le Ce rcle at L l Francais, 9, The purpose of Le Cferclei Francais, is two fold. Theljlirst is to improve the linguistic abilities of each member. The second is to broaden the cul- tural background of its mem- bers by showing movies and slides concerning France and by playing French music. The combination of these two objectives, provides an easier and more enjoyable study of French for the stu- dents and for their advisor, Mrs. Flannery. Debating Club . After topics are assigned, sides taken and research done, members meet and debate the question at hand, under the leadership of Mrs. Muller. It may be one of current interest or something dealing with other phases of our culture, but members learn debating technique and have a good op- portunity to strengthen their powers of reasoning and grasping of both sides of an argument. 1 sl i ll l l il 41 gl Right to Leftg FIRST ROW: M. Fine, B. Leonard, B. Schaul, Mrs. D. Flannery, G. Yaghmourian, S. Zuckman, Iltis SECOND ROW.' Fass, M. Aceto, G Hingular, Keifer, Berman, D. Spahr, C. Brasholz, R. Braunstein, D. Steimetz, M Kutina THIRD ROW: J. Hoenig, C. Rovner, P. Balestrino, G. Belev, T. Temple, M Shapiro. Left to right KFIRST ROWQ Weisberg, F. Glass, K. Brennan, G. Goth, Mrs. Rowena Muller. Adviser, R. Lawrence. D. Serwer, K. Peet KSECOND ROWQ M. Thomson, J. Rickmeyer, N. Hunt-Jones, L. Zdyrko, M. Jaeger, C. Greta, C. Sciuto KTHIRD ROWj J, Gillman, R. Miller, G. Yaghmourian, T. Gilbert. Retailing Club With the emergence of indus- trialism, great stress is now being placed on the well trained em- ployee, for there is so much to learn in this field that it has become necessary to train indi- viduals for a specific area. The Retailing Club has been formed to help fulfill this need. Through various activities and field trips, members become acquainted with the daily functions and problems facing those in this branch of the business world. Another great asset to the club is the school store, where members take charge of the sales of a great variety of school supplies, and in this way gain experience in selling. Chess Club Silence and strong powers of concentration are fundamental requirements of chess enthusiasts. Ingenuity and skill are taught by informal matches and organized tournaments. It is through this club, that members may find en- joyment, relaxation, and a way to strengthen a wide variety of admirable characteristics needed for intelligent thinking. FIRST ROW: M. Smith, E. Tuttle, F. Salemi, Boado, S. Galderisi, S. Litwin. J. Piorkowski, H. Polishuk, SECOND ROPV: E. Scaglione. T. lNIanganaro, P. johnson. M. Carolan, lvl. Jaeger, Ziegler. L. Bridges, B. YVilliz1msen. P. Eger. T. DeLeo THIRD ROW: Gilliam, R. Frost, B. Kelly, Boyle, B. Sheridan. FIRST ROW: P. Serahnn, R. Rudell, Mr. D. Gould, A. Lavenziano. R. Gold- stein, SECOND ROW: D. Kaplan, G. Schaub, Hahn, S. Hall. B. Sondheimer H. Berrent. Artisans Perhaps the most sought after students in th e school belong to the Artisans. They may be k as ed to furnish posters for another student ac- tivity, to make scenery for a school production or t h l o epdecorateashowcase. Of equal importance are their individual projects on which the members are able to work ' h wit the guidance and advice of Mrs. Gref- frath. FIRST ROW Cleft to rightj: B Mordecai E. B . , racy, K. Tome, K. Atkinson, Mrs. J. Greffrath, I. Latal- ladi, R. Maxon, M. Hilton SECOND ROW: M. Falk, P. Baffa, L. Svec, Roe, M. Kaufhold, B. Rippon, M. Lella, B. Michal, N. Ellis, M. Kriofsky, J. Stewart, S. Konowalow. Red Cross The provision of food and clothing for the needy and under- privileged is the main objective of the junior Red Cross, along with the annual fund raising drive for its parent, the American Red Cross. Members work zealously to make each drive a success and to further the ideals on which the club was organized. FIRST ROW: fleft to rightl M Melton, C. Hernandez, Mrs. F Golding CAdvisorj, R. White, J Renna, SECOND ROW.' E. San tucci, M. Co , . Walrapp THIRD ROW: M Walters, K. De Bari, R. Choinskil E. Zupka. gan, G. Vento P FIRST ROW Cleft to rightj C. Souther, L. Dimore, Mrs. F. Golding, D. Wassermann, T. Fischer SECOND ROW: N. O,Steen, C. Alston, P. Casillo, M. Genovese, M. Falk THIRD ROW: C. Landau, M. Garfin- kel, P. Igoe, C. Becker, L. Clark, E. Pollack. X PBC Memories 60 5 Students visibly enjoy themselves at "Dateline Salem." Memorial's Band and Twirlers proudly parade down Jericho Turnpike in celebration of U.S. Week. U 'S XI D'EI'e2.S Local dignitaries parade down New Hyde Park Publication Ball Twirlers capably display their talents during Parade. Week streets carrying U.S. Week banner. Younger set celebrates U.S. f R Week with their own pa- rade. As spectators watch, Romanettes lead Parade, proudly carrying flags. 120 ala? Carol Ginzburg and Lance staff enjoy refreshments while reminiscing about their year's experiences on the Lance. At the Lance tea our fac- ulty relaxed and conversed, while being served by Susan Klausner. Lance lilll Tea lllll hill gnu: .llll 5 , , g , f fi 1 mm . '4q Mr. London and Mr. Costi- gan were kept busy as stu- dents swarmed to buy their tickets to the bazaar. Student Council Bazaar 19 Messages were telegrammed throughout the bazaar by our lively Ninth Grade Board. A Gladiator scores a victory f 7 . g and wins a Lance sundite, X Eager and anxious onlook- ers await the fate of a hope- ful winner as he tries his luck. 121 Science Fair. Spectators watch in awe as John Zima demonstrates his tesla coil. Chriss Cancro makes .last minute check before start of Science Fair. Bruce Roe displays his Wilson cloud chamber to onlookers at Christmas Concert Chorus entertains audience at Christmas Concert. Under direction of Mr, Mill- ner, the band entertains at annual Christmas Concert. 122 Marty Petrella wards off bull at Pan American Fiesta as Paul Greiner referees. Science Mr, Randolph congratulates boys after winning award in the Science Fair. David Kaplan explains the circulatory system to inter ested observers. Fair 0 'l Girls display their costumes at the Pan American Fiesta. The Brass Ensemble helped make the Christmas Concert even 'Q more enjoyable. X Pan American Fiesta Miss Spano greets Judges at Pan American Fiesta. 123 Qver the Rainbow Seniors sup, juniors serve, A prelude to an evening of gaiety and verve. Happy faces one and all, A glittering and successful Senior Ball. ti ,rl fl! I fig 'sl tix I X ,,.-9 A 5 f,,.f" Festive clothing, dancing feet, No Senior Ball was more replete. , 3 Another King, another Queen, Jim and Rziyna reigned supreme Collete, Rayna, Carol and Barbaras two Pause briefly 'ere bidding the Ball sad adieu. .egg Sri Thanks to the faculty who were on hand, As chaperons, they surely were grand. 124 My Stephanie Widmer beams as the coveted diploma is finally bequeathed by Mr. Carell and Mrs. Southern. Commencement C5555 5959 Paul Greiner, valedietorian, welcomes parents and friends to commencement. Modestly, Martin Petrella and Paul Greiner accept the N coveted service and scholar- ship awards. Miss Donnelly leads the Choir in a parting salute to the Class of 1959. 'WK Hilclegarde Rierner, class salutatorian leads the reces- sional. Graduates turn in their caps and gowns, some a bit sor- rowfully. 125 I ul Art ............ Artiators ,........ . Audio-Visual Aids . .. Baseball ............ Board of Education Boys Leader Corps ..... Boys Physical Education Cafeteria Staff ..,....... Central District Staff .. Chariot ............ Chess and Checkers .... Citizenship Education .. Citizenship Education and Commencement ....... Commercial ....... Christmas Concert . . . Cross Country .... Custodians .... Dance Band ..... Debating Club .... Dedication .,......... Eighth Grade Board . .. Eighth Grade Hi-Lites . English .........,... Ex Libris ... .. Foreword ......... Freshman Board . .. Freshman Hi-Lites .. FHA F NA FTA GAA Girls Leader Corps ..... Girls Physical Education Girls Service League . . . Girls Week ......... Graduates ........ Home Honor Economics .... Leader Corps . . . Industrial Arts ...... Junior Board ........... Junior High Band ..... Junior High Library Club Junior Hi-Lites ,........ Junior Honor Society .. Junior Leader Corps Junior Red Cross .... JV Basketball ...... JV Cheerleaders , . . JV Football ..... KeyClub... Lacrosse . . Lance Index .. 19 . 118 . 115 .. 70 ....8 74 ..21 .. 23 9 ,. 95 ...117 English .. 13 ..12 .125 .. 14 122 73 .. 23 .108 .116 .. 6 ..57 ..58 .. 12 .. 1 4 .. 55 .. 56 . 109 . 110 . 109 87-90 84,85 ......20 . 111 91,92 28-41 .. 15 .. 86 .. 15 .. 49 .105 .114 .. 50 ..96 ..86 . 118 65 ..81 ..64 ..110 ..... 72 98-101 Lance Tea ........ Language .......... Le Cercle Francais .... Library ............ Marching Band . . . Mathematics .... Miss Lance . .. Miss Junior ..... Miss Sophomore .. Music . ........... . Office Staff .......... Pan-American Fiesta PTA ................ Pep Rally .......... Photography Club . .. Piano Club ........ Principal,s Address .... Publications Ball .... Pupil Personnel ..... Quill and Scroll .... Retailing Club .. Roll of Honor Romanettes .... Samarateens . . . Scenici Players . .. Science ..... Science Fair Senior Ball .... .. Senior Board ....... Senior High Band Senior High Chorus Senior Hi-Lites ....... Senior Honor Society Senior Sign Out ..... Seventh Grade Board Seventh Grade Hi-Lites . Soccer ................ Sophomore Board Sophomore Hi-Lites .. String Ensemble ....... Student Council ........ Student Council Bazaar Subject Area Coordinators Table of Contents ...... Track and Field Twirlers .....,....... United States Week Varsity Basketball ..... Varsity Cheerleaders .... Varsity Club ........ Varsity Football ...... Weightlifting Club 121 .. 14 116 22 .76,77 16 ...27 ...48 .. 51 .. 19 .. 22 123 .. 24 121 115 108 7 120 18 113 117 54 .78,79 .78, 79 102,103 17 128 124 42,43 104 106 .44-46 96 140 M59 ....58 .68, 69 52 53 108 ...94 121 10 5 71 .82, 83 120 .86,87 80 75 .62,88 111 Ad, Wi M W fgfjwipgfagwkw E I fffffwfiffw 1 WWW M ,Q N L, 5515554 W M W-W5 Wgikm v I-IUnter 8-2662 Let Us Be Your Key To Safety FLQI-QI Pork A-4291 NUZZI BROS- OSCZAPINSKI BROS. SERVICE CENTER - Distributors of Sunoco Products FLORISTS 1800 Je . ho T 'l' Nuzzl' Prrigiegl de Pork N Y Lowell Ave. ond North 9th Place New Hyde Pork, L, I., N, Y. ric u I e y , . . FLorc:l Pork 4-0821 Air Conditioned PARK DELICATESSEN N MUL ER CANTON HOUSE RESTAURANT ICH L COCKTAIL LOUNGE oisiiiiciive chinese cuisine 902 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Pork, N. Y. SPECIAL ORDERS TO TAKE OUT FL A-07-I6 1627 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Pork, N. Y. FL. 4-9325 FREE DELIVERY 1006 Jericho Turnpike "BEST IN MEATS" New Hyde pork' N. Y' FL 4.3595 1637-A Hillside Avenue New Hyde Pork, N. Y. and Phones: FL. 2-2971 - FL. 2-2972 1 914 Jericho Turnpike C HAIR STYLISTS INC. H k, N, Y. ' New 2233 1634 Hillside Avenue lneor Alon Thectrej New Hyde Pork, N. Y 1 A - . .. eg----if-If - - vw in 1 ' -- EF" gs 4' """ 4 i x fx ' -. . iacw n -- -I 5 g E 2: A i ' : - -- I-' 'S ' WI . i"LL'E!.' -i'f"4lii'1 Ei - 3' ?75-51- :E I1 r Jmjl- K 5, Q E. . -. ,g3i'7?f1j.,-',i 7-.ih..-.':"- f, ,qQ?:".ij1'.g3Q" A. 'F 231' '1 1- -L' ,ff -fx: 506 Lakeville Rodd FL-2-8989 JOSEPH R. SMOLENSKI, Manager RAYO OIL CO., Inc. 470 Lakeville Road New Hyde Park, N. Y. STANLEY SCH U LTZ ENJOY YOUR EATS AT CHARCOAL BURGER Hillside Ave. New Hyde HYDE PARK BEAUTY SALON l605 Hillside Ave., New Hyde Park, N. Y. EXPERT OPERATORS - PERMANENT WAVING BEAUTY CULTURE Mr. .lay LUCKAS PHARMACY I604 Hillside Ave. New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 42827 OPEN EVERY SUNDAY 'TILL Il P.M. EDW. G. BUEHLER, B.S. Phar. BOHN'S DELICATESSEN COLD CUTS - SALADS 934 Hillside Avenue New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 4-2621 FLoral Park A-3915 PARISI HARDWARE DU Pom PAINT - Scows GRASS SEEDS I3I4 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, N VILLAGE MEAT MARKET III5 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 4-5970 A. SCELZA, Prop. PARK AUTO SERVICE COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE - EXPERT IGNITION SERVICE I40 Lakeville Rd., New Hyde Park, N. Y. T dewater Gas ANGELO DE NICOLA FI. 4-9769 SKATELAND Hillside Ave. New Hyde Park GEORGE SCHAUB PHOTOGRAPHER .nl 'IWW f lm WMZMZZJ, Congra+ula+ions and fhe besf of luck! We of Lincoln are proud of 'rhe par+ we have had in helping +o make your classbook a permanen+ reminder of your school years, recording wifh phofo- graphs one of fhe happiesf and mosr excifing fimes of your life! We hope fhaf, iusf as you have chosen us as your class phorographer, you will con+inue 'fo rhink of Lincoln S+udios when you wan+ phofographs 'ro help you remember ofher momenfous days 'ro come! When you choose Lincoln porfrairs, you are sure of fhe finesl' craffsmanship a+ rhe mosf moderafe prices! LI COL W T D10 Foremosr School Phofographers in 'rhe Easi' NUZZI FUEL CO. SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU BIG ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU S S A L E E R V I S HEATING SPECIALISTS ' FUEL OIL ' OIL BURNERS C E Residential and Commercial FL 4-2258 625 Jericho Tpke. New Hyde Park, N. Y. ALAN PHARMACY, Inc. J. MEYER, B.S., Pharm. T618 Hillside Avenue New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 4-3037 J. NICHOLAS KRUG Phone: FL 4-3838 InC- TALK OF THE TOWN BEAUTY SALON I633A Hillside Ave. New Hyde Park, L. I., N. Y. CLOSED MONDAY COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE TEXAS BEEF CO., Inc. PRIME MEATS - FREE DELIVERY FL 4-9620 IOIS Jericho Tpke. New Hyde Park, N. Y. FLoraI Park 4-0280 MARV COOPER'S HILLSIDE MEN'S SHOP "YOUR STORE FOR IVY LEAGUE STYLES" I636 Hillside Avenue New Hyde Park, N. Y. 635 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, N. Y. Phone FLoraI Park 4-6495 or 8664 ALTMAN-ROSS DEPARTMENT STORE FOR SMALL THINGS, BIG THINGS AND TO SAVE MUCH MORE, BE SURE TO STOP AT ALTMAN-ROSS DEPARTMENT STORE. FL 3-4483 Jericho Turnpike ond Lokeville Rood New Hyde Pork, N. Y. HEADQUARTERS FOR THE LATEST "MEMORIAL" STYLES OFFICIAL GYM WEAR HAUSCH REALTY CORP. FL 4-1040 FL 4-7370 Es,ob,iS,,ed ,925 816 .I h T rnp k RELIABLE WASHER N Wd " I N Y YING . . . SELLING ER I E c . BU S Q LfUSrveYou" GE roI7-3353 WASHERS - DRYERS HENRY L. HOCHHEISER, Pre I200 Jericho Turnpike New H de Pork, N. Y. RESIDENTIAL Y LUMBER MASONS MATERIALS, Inc ALL MAKES REPAIRED FLoroI Pork 4-6420 Fleldsfone 7-2594 PARTS FOR ALL wAsHERs fzrfvifuj B I een New Hyde Pork Rd. ond Dento A Opp. Robert Hall 1 RICHARD'S BAKE SHOP F. W- WOQLWORTH CQ. SPECIALIZING IN WEDDING ond BIRTHDAY CAKES 422 Hillside Avenue OUR SPECIALTY DANISH CRUMB New Hyde Pork, N. Y. 1019 Jericho Turnpike B. J' REDMOND New Hyde Pork, N. Y. FL 4-8322 FLoroI Pork 4-1366 FLoroI Pork 4-4130 HELEN and RICHARD KLOEPFER, Props. Fleldsione 7-1418 FLoroI Pork 4-0104 MAX HOROWITZ 81 SON, INC. CONTRACTORS TO THE BUILDING TRADE 1105 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Pork, N. Y. HERMAN HOROWITZ , ,T A JOHN'S HAIRCUTTING PARLOR 1625 Hillside Avenue New Hyde Pork, N. Y. . . Where' Be,tter'Meo1sfBegi'hI IOpposiIe Meadowbrook Bankj MR. "MEADOW BROOK" SENDS BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS AMX. THE CLASS OF 1960 New Hyde Park OITic:e Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE GREAT ATLANTIC In PACIFIC TEA COMPANY , f I A ua if-ff ... lass Amuucrs nmunam sooo mmuunr use ' HILLSIDE CARPET CO. NO TACK MARKS WITH OUR SMOOTHEDGE TACKLESS CARPET INSTALLATION I637 HiIIside Avenue New Hyde Park, N. Y. THE NEW YORK PLUMBERS SPECIALTIES CO., Inc. 425 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, L. I, FLo raI Park 4-3268 MELODY MILLS, Inc. FABRICS - DRAPERIES - DRESS oooos Norlows - SuPcovERs - uPHoLsTERlNo 909 H II 'd Avenue N Hyd P k NY SAVE 7' IW fffff X Z?ZZW Z ZMZZ Z ZZ ZAZ QW DIVIDEND ff if ZZ!!! Z7 fi 7f7Z7 afffff iffy! ffffn ZZfZZ fag? W Nt X K N ffff awfa ZZWZ MORE RATE RICHMOND HILL 0 MAIN OFFICE 'Anticipated dividend beginning Octoberl 1959 wuth the continuance 3 yea' of favorable earnnngs. FLORAL PARK O HILLSIDE AVENUE IIS-20 Jamaica Au, at II6Ih Shut OFFICE 0 LIBERTY AVE. OFFICE 257-03 Hillzide Avi. II4-I9 Liberty Ave. at IISHI SfreeI al 257th Street PRCFESSICNALS COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF DR. 8. MRS. A. SHAPIRC EUGENE L. MAYER M.D. M.D. ffNi-Ywfiji-gf?-WSF E W W ff 9 W COMPLIMENTS OF COMPUMENTS OF DR- 8' MRS- H- QRR DR. a. MRS. NIGHTINGALE ll ll WMA? We Conqralulalions and lhe besl of luclc! We af Lincoln are proud of lhe par'r we have had in helping 'ro make your classboolc a permanenf reminder of your school years, recording wilh phofo- graphs one ol rhe happiesl and mos? excifing limes of your life! We hope +ha'r, iusl as you have chosen us as your class pholographer, you will confinue +o fhink of Lincoln Sfudios when you wan'r pholoqraphs +o help you remember ofher momenfous days To come! When you choose Lincoln porlrails, you are sure of fhe linesl crallsmanship af The mosf moderafe prices! LI COL W TUDIO Forernosf School Phofoqraphers in fhe Easf WM' LONG ISLAND BUS CO. INC. P.O. Box i,f221 New Hyde Pork ACKNCWLEDGMENTS MR. I. RANDOLPH HOMEROOM TEACHERS DR. I. NIOSI CLUB ADVISQRS MR. E. ORGAN I-IQMEROOM LANCE REPRESENTATIVES MISS L. CHYLAK LINCOLN STUDIOS CLASS ADVISORS MR. EUGENE BARNARD Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Zahn Mr. and Mrs. Hetzel Mrs. R. Cradclock Mr. and Mrs. John Wagner Barbara Chludzinski and Mrs. Bishar Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Anderson A. H. Becker Beyer A. Newark J. Mohl S. Tauber A. D. Biondi P. Reinig Garda jeffc Mr. and Mrs. Monte Mr. and Mrs. Allocca Mr. and Mrs. .rk Metz and Me Mr. and Mrs. Balletti A. Pacirico Mr. and Mrs. B. Eipper Mr. and Mrs. A. Ulrich Mr. and Mrs. Krogstad Mr. and Mrs. D. Wassmer L Boosters 139 Mr. and Mrs. C. O'Meara Mr. and Mrs. D. Genovese Mr William Mecca Mr. Clifford R. Bouclreau Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr . and Mrs. M. Cooper John Coviello Gene Godfrey Robert Peck E. Braem Mr. and Mrs. Strassner Tina and Jack Mr. and Mrs. C. Pearson Sub Debs Diana and jimmy Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mike Milo Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs lNIr. and Mrs Mr. Herman Air. and Klrs A. hlonson R. Merl-cert C. McSorley . Blcyer Mistrctta R. Muli . A. Marrinucci Mcsxvurp I. Klglxou o4Jkj5W Il? ggqtfwwwvi Senior QQ?Qd0M ZwQQflQ, X Sign-out aw W2-2 W fax 1 R yy . W-'WX TFP Wzfzwffffff MMV vw 0 ww 1 K AMW OM mf WWI MWQQSWM Sify fdigmiigggzf 5 ?5?WW'W?23QZy 'gs ' M-WWMM 7 W WTQWSQ Rf g WfWffligQ2f"Q,j,yW fs Al of fm ' qw 'U iz Wi ZQK? WJLLMAQQ WW QQZLTSIZLM JM M 'fr-ff A vuu:.,,..D -.-.""'1. My of xi 4 Mix 'N fo 'KU J' fy 4 Ag Wg ? Wy 767 Mijn 40 SQA? 5 KWWL JMU L Up? E QIAEMA Q ,V , T f fwqx U3U"50'f'x' 99,0110-GJJJAQ, f M mdmwlwbm nf, gj -" JL ,H ,f KM . ,, V I f , lifffsjfipidyf- fi '7 M ll V 544 Q . 15,71 f 11 gq 'A j ., . if-ff Q 3 5? ff .3511--: 3565 if WX" e555-Efwk R fd' .yi gf! v ,-:H

Suggestions in the New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) collection:

New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 71

1960, pg 71

New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 59

1960, pg 59

New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 121

1960, pg 121

New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 105

1960, pg 105

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