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New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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.+4I'I11bl Y 11- 1 ? f ff , fW6Wf f WWA ff WW W W W 5 WJ A jp 4 W W JM NV G 1 l 1 KV B n K . lu' UBR5 I2- TLT 1959 . . iiunabi , . Q 2 1 'p . . 4. g ,fb I-N. ,. ' k 4. . ,,. ,I . VCL. II i '+ W fymW',y4,f'zgf 'rv 1 NEW MEMGR 4 K ' A , gr, Q,- HYDE PARK IAL HIGH SCHOGL Mrs. Violo S. Southern in every communiTy people become ossocioTed ociively wiTh one or more groups unTil The idenTiTy is compleTe ond we connoT Think of one wiThouT The oTher. So iT is wiTh The educc1Tion of children. In surveying educoTionol leoder- ship in The communiTy, whether iT be The erecTion of odequoie schools, on im- porTonT lioison beiween The porenTs ond The school, or o reol friend To The boys ond girls of New Hyde Pork, one person sTc1nds ouT os synonymous wiih Tireless public service. Becouse of her greoT coniribuiion To educoiion, we of New Hyde Pork Memoriol High School ore especiolly hoppy To dedicoie The 1959 Lonce To our good friend ond neighbor, The PresidenT of The CenTrol High School Boord of Educoiionz Mrs. Violo S. Souihern. 4 Foreword NEW YORK CITY! What magic these Three words perpetrate in the minds of men! One instantly visualizes Towering skyscrapers, teeming millions, bright lights and a busy center of international travel, Trade and commerce. However, New York is not only The symbol of business and The work-a-day world to a great mass of people, but in addition it is the symbol of recreation, relaxation and culture to an even greater number of people in This country and in foreign lands as well. Broadway, Carnegie Hall, the ivlet and Madison Square Garden as well as numer- ous museums, libraries, colleges and universities show forth the variety and depth of the Hner things in life to be found in the Big City. Truly no other metropolis in the world offers so many enriching cultural opportunities To so many people from all walks of life. Come along with us as we take a stroll along Those famous sidewalks of New York, the city which has so profound an efTect on The lives of us all. Table of Contents Faculty ............ 9 Student Government. . . 2I Seniors ........... . 4l Sports. . . . 57 Clubs. . . . . 83 Memories ..... . . I I I Advertisements. . . . I I7 Mr. Thomas F. Eakins District 5 M. V , , I' 5-ji Mr. H. Frank Carey District I7 V- in f , a .1 , A i, , , J I s ji: -, ' f. 1' Mr. John J. Doyle District I7 ,,:q L .,fq, Mrs. Anne M. Boeckmann District 22 Mr. Russell F. Thomas District 22 Mr. William E. Ryder District I6 fb f' .I , 'F' . 2, ,W rw x, ' V swf Board Education Mrs. Viola S. Southern President, District 5 Were I to be given the assignment of writing a book on education, I would choose as my title, "Task Force-Education." This book would tell the thrilling story of America's most valuable asset, the children in the classrooms of our schools today, and the role our schools must be prepared to play in the complex cold-war world of tomorrow. It is upon these children and upon our schools that the hope and future of our country rests. Theirs is the great responsibility of carrying on, under conditions more challeng- ing than ever before in our history, the glorious traditions and the national heritage which is America. The responsibility of preparing our children to meet this challenge, rests, as always, upon proper administration of our public schools. We must insist that our teachers ob- tain the best possible professional preparation. Our schools must be fully staffed, our curriculum complete, so as to prepare our students properly for their place in the world as useful citizens. However, theirs must be more than an education in the basic fundamentals. It must be implemented with an appreciation and understanding of the moral and spiritual values of life, together with a deep and sincere love of country. Without these, they would be human machines, able to calculate but devoid of spirit. These are the problems confronting our task force. This is Ame-rica's challenge. Our schools must be prepared to meet it. Viola S. Southern President, Board of Education Central High School District No. 2 Mr. Samuel Nadler Mr. J. Edwin Russell Mr. Alfred G. Kiefer Mr. Alfred Loew District I6 District Clerk District Treasurer Attorney . . , , I , Y v I ff , .L 19 . g ' W -.1 Mr. R. lester Springer District Principal , . Mr. Alfred B. Caine Assistant District Principal Dr. Ursula M. Stewart School Psychiatrist Mr. Kenneth E. Place Superintendent of Buildings 81 Grounds 2 h X Dr. Harry Rosenberg School Physician Dr. Jerome Niosi Director of School Publication lll!!!!! Central District Staff Congratulations to the statt of THE LANCE on another fine publication! This yearbook records the highlights ot school activities. After graduation, many will continue your education, some will obtain employment, some will become homemakers and a few will con- tinue to seek your place in this community. Most of you will want to live on Long lsland. What a wonderful opportunity to grow and spend your years of greatest contribution in one of the most rapidly growing communities in the United States where opportunities abound unlimited. On Long Island, higher educational op- portunities are expanding rapidly. Business and industry are coming to this section in in- creasing numbers and on a planned basis. Population is increasing at a rapid clip. Fa- cilities for recreation, entertainment and cul- tural opportunities are ever expanding. Nearness to New York City is a cultural asset. Congratulations on your achievements and best wishes tor much success and happiness in achieving your potential in lite. Robert L. Springer Principal of the District Mr. Peter Carter Director of Physical Dr. Charles McNeeley l5ClUCOliOf1, Health Dental Supervisor and Recreation Q. C, E W 15 K Mr. Harry B. Spencer Director of Instruction and Pupil Personnel Services Efif , 1f'N .-4 A 'ts' E-I .tt H , Dr. Jules A. Holub Administrative Assistant N .L ,QQ iv., A '1 X. ix - , Ni 'x it it X Dr. Hugh Flaherty Director of Vocational Education Mr. Alfred G. Kiefer Business Manager Ji xr V, Iii , Mrs. Wilma Leadbeter School Lunch Supervisor Dr. Thomas F. looby Director of Adult Education 74. v Art Mrs. Ruth Backiel it, Home Economics Mrs. Dorothy Levy interscholastic Athletics Mr, Alfred Kumerow Library Miss Evelyn Mertz . A Wt 4- 4 - ,, it . ,- A . A . Music Mr. Charles Hill Commercial English Mr. Adolph Scholl Mr. Walter Thompson Subject Area Coordinators Central High School District 52 is a complex net- work of six iunior and senior high schools, which is controlled by a central oftice. So great is this net- work that one often wonders how the curricula in each of the schools are kept so uniform. At this point, we become aware-of the Subiect Area Co- ordinators. It is their function to regulate the uni- formity of these curricula in the schools throughout the district. In order to do this, each Coordinator is familiar with every phase of subject matter and student-teacher relations within his department. Coupling this knowledge with a vast store of actual teaching experience, the Coordinator performs his du- ties quickly and etticiently. Although we never see these Coordinators be- cause their ofhces are located at Sewanhaka, these people play an important role in the lives of each and every student in the district. ffx,:?,.-.--ff. - - School Nurse Science Mrs. Lena O'Connell 8 Mr. Carl Eklund Girls' Physical Education Miss Virginia Gill -. . ' Q -:I 21"1'1gfi" f" :f 1.',: s w ig. 4, f ss g 1 .. , in rf' ff r ' .rs , 'Q -- . ,,,,Q"'fft7l:r:.." I 3 YZ 1,51 .2 . sr-21 ' "2-1.E"f ., if industrial Arts Mr. Richard Wipper Ju l TVWF5 - Q Languages Mrs. Zenobia Gilbert Mathematics Miss Ida Ostrander . 4 Q 5 ,A pi-gf. r r F182-f igsgfi -5 L .43 x,..:3-,.,' -1 , 1 ., wg, SQQAA Social Studies Mr. lra Wilder 1' G l S - Dr. Jerome Niosi Assistant Principal Mr. John Randolph ll I T" . Principal ' Mrs. Mary Olsen Secretary to Mr. Randolph l fs Mrs. Ann Geehan Secretary to Dr. Niosi 8 Pupil Personnel Services Mr. Nicholas Carell Administrative Assistant Executive Speaks TO THE CLASS OF l959: You are graduating from high school at a time when the educated man or woman is held in higher esteem than ever before. Therefore, it is our hope that you will all continue with your education. Whether you attend college or seek employment, you will find many op- portunities to build upon the education that you already have. Take advantage of them. Dis- play the same qualities of courage, self reliance and ambition that have been charac- teristic of you as a class during the past three years. It has been a stimulating experience to work with you. We are proud to be able to look upon you from now on as alumni. John S. Randolph Principal , W1 I7 ffzfw-xz 4 5.57, 4 .1 f X . srttt J e. T . f ff , f to l X f ff. f 4 A fm X ,fi it Mrs. Florence Purcell T. 1 ,. is X77 if y ' vfiflxf Q, . '15 Mrs. Elizabeth Hummel Pupil Personnel Service 'Sf fv- CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Albert Koehler, Mrs. Sheila November, Mr. John McElderry, Mrs. Florence Dubin, Mr, Leslie Chaitoft. INSET: Mr. John McElderry, Chairman. English lf man could not communicate with his fellow man, gone forever would be great metropolises such as New York City and all other evidences of civilization found in the world today. The vital duty of acquainting Memorial's students with their native Tongue is given to the English Department. This department meets this challenge by conducting studies in the fields ot litera- ture, composition and grammar and in so doing equips our students with a vital tool which they can put to effective use in keeping the wheels of progress steadily turning. LANGUAGE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Louis Anastasia, Mrs. Dorothy Flannery, Mr. John Whitebread, Miss Mildred Spano, Mr. Ludwig Kronheim, INSET: Mr. Louis Anastasio, Chairman. A- Citizenship Education The goal of the Citizenship Education Department at Memorial is to train young men and women to lead lives as useful, well-informed citizens. Here students are versed in European and American History as well as in current events. These courses serve to instill in the minds of Memorial's students an understanding and ap- preciation of our American ideals and traditions, as well as constructive attitudes toward responsibilities and privileges enioyed by the citizens of our great nation. The work of this department is of primary im- portance, for the future of our land and of the world rests in the hands of today's students. Z -..-Q5 .-l ENGLISH: FIRST ROW, Left to right: Mrs. Diane Oestrcicher, Mr Grant Steinhauer, Mrs, Rosalind lNeiss. SECOND ROW: Mrs Katherine Byrne, Mr. George Castigan, Miss Marlene Boyd, Mr UST Jack London, Mrs. Ruth Rosenberg. INSET: Mr, Grant Steinha Chairman. Language New York is a melting pot of people of many na- tionalities, each with his own country and native tongue. In man's quest for a fuller life and more thorough understanding of his fellow man, languages play an integral role. Here, at Memorial in teaching German, French, Latin and Spanish, the language de- partment acauaints students not only with basic g'am- mar and vocabulary, but also with customs and teachings of the people who speak these languages. f . f , 1- ,, ,I Mr. Kenneth Skidmore Chairman Math Mathematics plays o vital role in the lives ot every one of us. The Mathematics Department realizes this and ofters courses to meet the demands of each and every student in Memorial from college aspirants to future housewives. In addition to the regular classroom study of mathematics, a number ot contests and field trips, which serve to broaden the student's knowledge of mathematics and its applications, are sponsored by this very active department. MATHEMATICS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Kenneth Skid- more, Mrs. Pauline Kondulis, Mrs. Rosalind Deutschmann, Mrs. Constance Stoll, Mr. Anthony Mattei, Mr. Allan Schwartz, Mr, Ignatius Guc- cione. Science Keeping right in step with our modern era of space satellites and in an eftort to meet the increased de- mand tor science in all levels of education, our Science Department otiers courses in physics, chemistry, biology and other fields ot science. Here students learn and are acquainted with actual laboratory procedures and methods used to solve problems logically. ln addition, field trips and an annual Science Fair are sponsored to foster an interest in science throughout the student body, SCIENCE: SEATED: Mr. Ora Walters. Left to right: Mr. Charles Tobias, Mr. William Brookes, Mr. Stanley Goldman, Mr. Fabian Glassman, Mr. John Romano, Miss Phyllis Mandell. INSET: Mr, Ora Wolters, Chair- ITIGH. A X t JUNIOR HIGH MATH AND SCIENCE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Mario Genovese, Miss Patricia Devlin, Mr. Frank Lo Cascio, Mrs. Emma Gold- finger, Mr. Edwin Heroy, Mr. Thomas Amendola, Mr. David Gould. H - 2 -. F' -1 ,V if 'sri . .-.Fr Mrs. Emma Goldfinger Chairman Citizenship Education Math and Science and English Under the curriculum of this department, students study the past and the present while learning the ideals of our American heritage in Citizenship educa- tion classes. English classes teach the students hovv to express themselves clearly. Thusly, this department lays the toundation for training the students of today to be the usetul citizens ot tomorrow. Basic training in mathematics and science courses is given to junior high students by this department. ln addition to straight subiect matter, students receive orientation in processes ot thinking a problem through and solving it logically in courses designed to meet each individual's needs. These courses serve as a fine stepping stone, tor future citizens, to more advanced fields ot mathematics and science. CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION AND ENGLISH: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Leona Oloerstein, Miss Marcia Sohl, Miss Helen McGrath, Mr. Charles Roberts, Mrs. Elsie Clayman, Mr, Arthur Delaney, Miss Marlene Boyd, Mr. Bernard Wallerstein, Miss Loretta Carney. INSET: Mrs. Elsie'Clayman, Chairman, 'I' 'Wk' - ..X -I1 Miss. Gould is C'lWGY5 ready To lend G Mr. Koehler makes his classes interesting by "lt's quite easy girls. You iust need ten helpms hand- discussing current events as Lois Maystrick fingers and hours of practice," that's looks on. Mr. Organ's advice. "The idea is to make something useful," says Mr. De NiCOlG. Miss Gioia referees an active game of soccer. Viola, violin, or bass, Mr. Weinberg plays them all. lass Room JA. Topography is used by Mr. Steinhauer to help explain American literature. i i 7 5 !.,..,f f 2 f Mr. La Cassio demonstrates to the class the process of osmosis. 14' In x Wa- ew Mrs. Hershey initiates neophytes into the intricacies of pastry baking. ,XBQV Miss Boyd presents "Around the World in minutes." Mr. Star "drives" home a point as Nick Baudo steodies himself to drive home the crowd. 47 Mrs. Kondulis and Marcia Hilton par ollel instruction for parollel lines . . . Mrs. Golding's examinations are strictly "root - ine." Candids H "Here is where you turn it on." Mr. Honig ex- plains to the boys. Up, up, up it goes as Mr, Wolters ex- plains oir pressure to his Physics closs. 15 Mr. Anostasio and Susan Rapp show us how to navigate about Memorial "en Espanol." Girls' Physical Education Fit and alert are the watchwords of this vital department. Developing poise, coordi- nation, skill and sportsmanship in Memo- rial's girls is accomplished by means of a curriculum which includes social dancing and intramural sports programs in addition to regular gymnasium and health classes. Moreover, a great deal ot pleasure is derived by each participant from the vari- ous programs sponsored by this depart- ment. I LIBRARY: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Dorothy Tootle, Miss Lena Gould, Chairman. Commercial When one thinks ot centers ot business, New York ranks high on the list tor it is the center ot innumerable domestic and in- ternational industries. Naturally these ac- tivities demand a great army ot otiice workers. The Commercial Department at Memorial helps meet this demand by train- ing hundreds ot students in commercial fields ranging from retailing to secretarial work. This department has been so success- tul that commercial students from Memorial have encountered little dilticulty in secur- ing advantageous positions in the business world. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION: LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Rosalia Gioia, Miss Livia Olmeda, Miss Judith Ruder- man, Mrs. Carolyn Tallow. Inset: Miss Rosalia Gioia, Chairman. Library A school without a library would be like an army without weapons. Our library is a vast storehouse ot knowledge tor the in- quiring student and our well-trained library staff is always ready with the key to un- lock the door leading to these treasures. COMMERCIAL: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Hayden Allen, Miss Gaile Balsam, Miss Elaine Bernard, Miss Sara Lee Scott, Mrs. Charlotte Sapadin, Mr. John Rooney. Inset: Mr. Hayden Allen, Chairman. BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr William Peters, Mr. Samuel Stemple, Mr. David Star, Mr, Ambrose Moran, Mr. Leon Cohen. Inset: Mr. David Star, chairman. Art Just as New York City is noted as a center of all types ot art work, the Art De- partment is making Memorial the scene of great activity in such tields as painting and ceramics. I-lere future artists are given in- dividual training and attention while work- ing on such projects as tastetul showcase displays and school decorations. This pro- gressive department certainly is a credit to Memorial. MUSIC: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. William Millner, Mr. Donald Weinberg, Mr. Bertram Konowitz, Miss Shirley Homan, Miss Marion Donnelly. Inset: Mr. William Mill- ner, chairman. Boys' Physical Education A healthy mind works best in a healthy body. Keeping this in mind, the Boys' Physi- cal Education Department trains the bodies ot young men in a program which begins with gymnasium classes and progresses in intensity to varsity teams in six interscho- lastic sports. ln addition to this, health and driver education courses are oFfered to stu dents by this hustling department i J is 74 I- .Q A24 .X ,A ""'f:l 17 ART: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Lloyd Huyser, Mrs. Janet Greftrath, Mr. James DeNicola, Mr. Eugene Weinger. Inset: Mr. James De Nicola, chairman. Music Music from contemporary "pops" to the classics and all varieties in between can be found in the great cultural center, New York City. We at Memorial are fortunate in having a Music Department which also ot- ters a wide range ot musical selections. For those vocally inclined, there are several choruses while we have concert and dance bands tor the instrumentalists. ln addition, the Marching Band has proven itselt the best in the District, thus attesting to the energy and success ot our fine Music Department. X1- YQJ. ,KT f he QR Ar' 5-is U Pupil Personnel This department consists of the Guidance and Health Departments. Each performs specific duties for the students. The Guidance Department takes care of all problems relating to studies and voca- tions while the Health Department keeps the students physically able to fulfill their obligations. They do their work wisely and well and so we have a happy Student Body at Memorial. PUPIL PERSONNEL: SEATED, left to right: Miss L. Place, Mrs. E. Hummel, Mrs, F, Golding, Dr. U. Stewart. STANDING: Mrs. M. Connolley, Mr. M. Cheiken, Mr, J. Foley, Mr. W. Brenner. Home Economics Charged with the duty of training teenage girls for careers as successful homemakers, our Home Economics department boasts a well-rounded pro- gram of instruction. The busy whir of sewing ma- chines and the tantalizing fragrances wafting through the corridors in this section of the building make students at Memorial aware of the great amount of activity in this department. HOME ECONOMICS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Marian Hershey, Mrs. Rosa Bristow, Miss Lucille Moseley. INSET: Mrs. Marian Hershey, chairman. Industrial Arts New York City is typified by towering skyscrapers and wide spread construction. The men who erect and repair these great buildings received intensive training in their manual skills before entering the world of heavy construction. Here in our Industrial Arts Department, students receive the rudiments of such subiects as mechanical drawing, woodworking and auto mechanics, which prepare them for more intensive training in these Helds, as well as providing practical knowledge for home repairs. INDUSTRIAL ARTS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Silver Casbarra, Mr. Arnold Honig, Mr. William Keller. INSET: Mr. Silver Casbcirra, chairman? Custodians New York City's vastness gives rise to many prob- lems of sanitation and maintenance. Here at Memor- ial, we encounter similar problems and dealing with these problems is the duty of the custodial staff. Evidences of the staff's efficiency can be found throughout Memorial, outside on our well-cared for grounds and inside our clean, sanitary building. CUSTODIANS: PICTURED, left to right: B. McFadden, .l. Caddyin, Head Custodian, J. Gorski. NOT PICTURED: C. Flower, P. Guili- ano, F. Janovsky, G. Knipper, T. Leopold, P. Mancuso, J. Melillo, J. O'Connell, E. Rivera, C. Russo, R. Slingo. Cafeteria The cafeteria staff here at Memorial must meet the daily demands of hundreds of hungry young students. Each day they prepare a choice of meals which not only look, smell and taste good but which are also nutritionally well-balanced. In addition to satisfying appetites, these meals contribute greatly to the happy atmosphere one Hnds prevalent in the cafeteria, at all times. CAFETERIA: SEATED, left to right: B. Heller, J. Beyer, R. Owens, I. Basile, M. Michaels, S. Simone, J. Vivona. STANDING: A. Spei- gel, D. Walgron, A. Munro, V. Carlson, J. Slater, D. MvCrea, D. Bruntrager, M. Reitz, T. Christensen. Office Staff Behind the scenes at Memorial is the capable, efficient oftice staff. Issuing daily bulletins, keeping tabs on all school correspondence and revising rec- ords are some of the duties of this busy department. However, in spite of this great activity, our office staff is always ready and willing to lend a helpful hand to the student or teacher who seeks aid. OFFICE STAFF: SEATED, left to right: A. Geehan, M. Olsen, K. Heimer, L. Chylak. STANDING: A. Mayer, W. Spengler, H. Hop- kins, M. Bracy, E. Vanecek, G. Kahn. P. T. A. PTA: FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. O. Edel, Mr. J. MacDonald, Mrs. W. Tornow, Mrs. A. Shapiro, Mrs. E. Mackauf. SECOND ROW: Mr. C. Roberts, Mrs. L. Holm, Mrs. E, Dubin, Mr. l. Trachtenberg. We at Memorial High School are fortunate in having a very active Parent Teacher Association. Fortunate, for it is the primary function of the Parent Teacher As- sociation to foster understanding and cooperation be- tween the faculty and the parents of the students of the school and this, of course, is vitally important to the smooth functioning of any educational system. This year our PTA has sponsored many programs to improve relations among students, teachers and par- ents. Included among these were several open school PTA Membership Committee volunteers nights and student-faculty panels which discussed prob- lems common to those connected with Memorial. By no means forgetting the students of Memorial, the PTA has originated and is perpetuating a PTA Scholar- ship and Student Loan Fund, from which it makes an annual graduation award to a deserving Senior. ln order to raise money for this fund the PTA sponsored a number of cake sales, dances and other social events during the year. Mrs. Tornow, PTA President, presents sign up new recruits during Back to PTA member, Mrs. Freiden, serves Mr. Randolph at Mr. Randolph with a scholarship check School Night. the tea held on Teacher Recognition Day. for some outstanding senior. CLA Fs 9 f,., ,vw M rs. Florence Dubin Advisor 'Mi ff iw. ,fre ig, Paul Greiner President Catherine Murphy Treasurer SENIOR BOARD: FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Tom Wilson, Paul Greiner, Mr. L, Kronheim, Mrs. F. Dubin Advisers, Martin Petrella, Catherine Murphy. SECOND ROW: Emilie Flack, Frances Calia, Pauline Rubelsky Lynn Gustafson, Mary Bartkowski, Dot Junge, Janet Young, Eleanor Romano. THIRD ROW: Gail Becker Joan Fasone, John Onysko, Donald McAllister, Edward Blair, Andrea Berg, Anita Simonsen. Senior Board This, our last year at Memorial, was a very mem- orablefgne as the Senior Board was kept busy initiat- ing and regulating the many different activities ot the Class ot l959. Early in November the Board sponsored a prot- itable magazine subscription sale which was closely followed by the very successful Senior Tea. The tirst Senior Alumni Winter Dance, "Sleigh Bells" was the highlight of the winter social season, while the Sen- ior play and our booth at the Bazaar were also highly successful. Topping oft the year were the Sen- ior Ball and, of course, Graduation, both of which were the source ot some ot our fondest memories of our wonderful years in high school. Martin Petrella Vice President f,fiZi",,fZ9"5 ff . I ff V' f ,,. ' Q ,V..., fi, 3, Thomas Wilson Madeline Belitz SCCVQTUVY Student Council Representative 22 Members of the Senior Board are re- minded of the goal they have to reach for the class trip. Seniors never let up on the books until after graduation. Bruce Roe and Tony Sorrentino make sure that they will pass that LAST math regents. Mrs. Hummel instructs members of the Class of '59 on the proper procedure when taking scholarship tests. Hi Lites is-K. L- ...Amd , t yr. H W , SX - Fran puts the seniors in the "dog-house" for not selling enough magazine sub- scriptians. Dress-up Day finds our Seniors "sportin" the very best. Judy Erb, Angela Casale, and Carolyn Campo believe that "practice makes perfect." ' V it J nik I ,. , J - X rl f xx .L s Class Prexy, Paul Greiner tells the Senior Assembly of the planned events of the 1 Coming year. Gary and Nick take a last look at Officers of the Senior Board spend all of their time working hard for the class of 59. all the school trophies. I t .-.Q G r -347 Mrs. D'Auria and Mrs. Breit smile for the photographer as freshments. Fran Calia, Dot Junge, Joan Fa- sone, Bunny Johnson, Bruce Roe, Gary Metzler and Ed Sakai enter- tain their mothers at the Senior Tea. Beaux and Belles dance amidst the many flowers of Shangri-La. prettily they enioy the re- Joan Vanecek, top seller for the magazine campaign receives her prize from Paul Greiner, Senior Tea Mrs. Rosenberg serves tea to Mrs. Flannery, Mrs. Tootle, Miss Gould and Stan Lozowski. Nancy Fuelling, Barbara Ostro, Irene Finkel, Maddi Belitz, and Andy Berg prepare the re- freshments tor the Senior Tea. Sha ngri-La King Philip DeNicola and Queen Mary Bartkowski smile as they begin their reign at the Junior Prom. Chris Christie, Susan Farber, Mar- lene Joerg, and Joan Vanecek are pleased with their rewards for ex- cellent magazine salesmanship. Jeanette Agosto, Linda Kissel and Carol Gardner escort Mr. Petrella into Shangri-La. anno Rayna D'auria and John Jaeger doing . . . a Cha Cha? Good music and entertainment were su , I P' l'll bet thot's Gus Longabardi grinning as plled bY 'loe Bows Bond' he dances with Mary Ann Sciallo. leigh .f. , ,. v ' 'M ' it c s . L A , df r 'ef' gn if 'AR X I Z.'vl'lE. O lf - I I A iltfzg sy . A . r .I-1. .gf xi iv J-f K l l - 1- 1 :- .- -'ri' a- .4 -ffl -if-' 'fr -t ' 51' , ' - sf ' .aj My Chairmen of "Sleigh Bells," Barbara Charlie Allio and Barbara Anderson, a 1958 Lance editors return for a Osto, Paul Greiner and Marty Pet- bouncy twosome at Memorial lost year, visit to their old alma mater. rello, dance a slow one with their don't look as if they had changed a bit. dates. Memorial's faculty graciously chap- Alumni ond dares enioy ,he erones the dance, . . . . . "pause that refreshes." i959 Lance editors enloy the holiday season with their dates. A l -ix.. I 1-1 all F. Salemi. Mr. Stanley GOICIFUGN Advisor JUNIOR BOARD: FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Wallrapp, M. Zanetti. J. Adelman, Mrs. Sapadin, Mr. Gold- man, Mrs. Weiss, Advisers: M. Milo, T. Genovese, B. Neuschulz. SECOND ROW: A. Rothkin, R. Strassner, C. Hebenstreit, R. Shapiro, C. Vi Vona, D. Serwer, J. Forlenza, M. Turner, M. Eipper, A. Seltzer, K. Napoli- tano. THIRD ROW: l. Weitmann, D, Fiske, A. Jacobson, L. Zdyrko, P. Dziomba, T. Giannini, J. Wondergem, Junior Board Earlier this year the members ot the Junior Class eagerly awaited the arrival ot their class rings. Order- ing these rings was one of the projects sponsored by the Junior Board. ln addition to collecting class dues, the Board sold Christmas cards and ran a booth at the Student Council Bazaar to finance our various proiects. Our class trip and the Junior Prom were the high- Members of the Junior Board "pay up" to receive their rings. lights ot the Junior Board's activities and both will long be remembered by the members of the Class of 1960. Our otticers were President, Michael Milo, First Vice President, Harold Orr, Second, Vice President, Donald Oehl, Recording Secretcgyoan Adelman: Corre- sponding Secrc2gZry,n,,4Timgf1, enovese, Treasurer, Maria Z tti,,. ur a 's FljLfvvAaslMr. Stanley Goldman . fi if f if ff, f , ,fp l ,,,, I by JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: STANDING, left to right: Harold Orr, Michael Milo, Donald Oehl. SEATED: Marie Zanetti, Joan Adelman, Tina Genovese. Alice Bailey, Maria Zanetti, and Joan Adelman make treasure chests to be used as decorations for the junior prom. Tina Genovese and Don Oehl arrange the display case to announce the junior prom, "Aqua Mist." Junior IE.-3 2 Junior bays wait patiently while Mike Mila is fitted for his ring. Hi-Lites 5 as xx Mr. Goldman supervises the collection All Juniors must pay their dues or else' of money from the greeting card sales campaign, Junior olticers approve of the material to be used as prom decorations. Members of the iunior class pose for the photographer on "Dress-Up Day." x 9- L- 'VN Z lu, Senor and S3'noritas . . . the iuniors are Skilled in any language. if V' ' , X ,- ,.,. ff 5' Y ! 1 U . F. Salemi. Mr. Stanley GOICIFVIGV1 Advisor JUNIOR BOARD: FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Wallrapp, M. Zanetti. J. Adelman, Mrs. Sopadin, Mr. Gold- man, Mrs. Weiss, Advisers: M. Milo, T. Genovese, B. Neuschulz. SECOND ROW: A. Rothkin, R. Strassner, C. Hebenstreit, R. Shapiro, C. Vi Vona, D. Serwer, J. Forlenza, M. Turner, M. Eipper, A. Seltzer, K. Napoli- tano. THIRD ROW: I. Weitmann, D. Fiske, A. Jocobson, L. Zdyrko, P. Dziomba, T. Giannini, J. Wondergem, Junior Board Earlier this year the members ot the Junior Class eagerly awaited the arrival of their class rings. Order- ing these rings was one at the projects sponsored by the Junior Board. In addition to collecting class dues, the Board sold Christmas cards and ran a booth at the Student Council Bazaar to finance our various proiects. Our class trip and the Junior Prom were the high- Members of the Junior Board "pay up" to receive their rings. lights of the Junior Board's activities and both will long be remembered by the members ot the Class of l96O. Our otticers were President, Michael Milo, First Vice President, I-larold Orr, Secondy Vice President, Donald Oehl, Recording Secretary Qoan Adelman, Corre- sponding Secret rylTimxj' enovese Treasurer, Maria Z tti, ur aazscflfvlkasx Mr. Stanley Goldman. 12 fi' I I , e W' gy.- fi M' fj ' ,GM 4 ' . .. ..iy.yti'-5. yiil:i...,,li,ig. ':jjM:Iy11f'iM,g..t . .itwif'g1,4myiwmwiys::-It :Wi il W Wilililil :gy 'itil 'ill' 421-W all P .li init ,f 1' ? . f .V Y JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: STANDING, left to right: Harold Orr, Michael Milo, Donald Oehl. SEATED: Marie Zanefti, Joan Adelmon, Tina Genovese. ,ao "' 4 I 2 Wy!! Alice Bailey, Maria Zanetti, and Joan Adelman make treasure chests to be used as decorations forthe iunior prom. Junior Mr. Goldman supervises the collection All Juniors must pay Tina Genovese and Don Oehl arrange the display case to announce the iunior prom, "Aqua Mist," th of money from the greeting card sales campaign. Members ot the iunior class pose for the photographer on "Dress-Up Day." Junior ofiicers approve of the material to be used as prom decorations. Junior boys wait patiently while Mike Milo fitted for his ring. H I- Lltes x sf 'YN 5 S 'A 1 eir dues or else! ' 1 N 'ir Senor and Sgnoritas . , . the iuniors a e s i ed in any language. x 1 T Miss Sophomore Joanne Piccarella AmbiTious, conscienTious and hard-Working - These Three adiecTives cerTainly apply To our Miss Sophomore, Joanne Piccarella. Joanne, who very ably led The Freshman Class lasT year, was elecTed PresidenT of This year's Sophomore Class. The admirable ambiTion of becoming a nurse is one enTerTained by This perT miss. ln addiTion, she would like To do some Tree-lance wriTing once her educoTion is compleTed and she has had a good sTarT Towards achieving This goal by serving as an ediTor on The Chariof. Mr. Sophomore Philip Balestrino This yearfs Mr. Sophomore combines many apTiTudes and characTerisTics inTo a winning com- binaTion. His many inTeresTs range from aThleTics To music To poliTics. A recognized leader, Phil was elecTed Recording Secreiary of The Sophomore Board and SecreTary of The Choir. His ready smile and willingness To Take parT in dramaTic produc- Tions will sTand him in good sTead as he aspires To enTer The world of enTerTainmenT aTTer college. I U U4 fr? SOPHOMORE BOARD: FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Zizzo, B, Calamis, R. Lo Curto, Miss M. Spano, Advisor, sm? J. Piccarella, D. Pagano, N. Furiolo. SECOND ROW: V. Manganaro, V, Kreyling, K. Ewald, A. Eide, C. Leonard, M. Guenther, L. Schust. THIRD ROW: P, Augello, K, Weise, W. Natalie, P. Balestrino, J. Rudell, D. Boland, R. Abbate, A. Medina. Q... .... ,, Sophomore Board Here we are at last! We finally made it into the Sen- ior Highl Along with the privileges ot our advanced class standing we encountered many new responsibili- ties. Meeting these responsibilities was the task ot the Sophomore Board. In addition to coping with these responsibilities, the Board also initiates and regulates the activities ot the Sophomore Class. Social activities headlined the busy calendar pro- posed by our Class Board. Among these activities were our Sophomore Class Dance, "Autumn Leaves," which was held on November 26 and our booth at the Stu- Mary Ann Messana, Roberta Kahn, Phil Balestrino, Joan Pic- carella, Peter Augello and Miss Spano discuss the plans and ac- tivities tor the coming year. 5 I Advisor dent Council Bazaar. During the tall term members ot our Board could be seen busily hurrying around Me- morial selling ielly apples to hungry Gladiators. As part ot our service program, we filled Christmas bas- kets and donated money tor eyeglasses to people in need in our community. Our othcers were Joan Piccarella, President, Peter Augello, Vice President, Philip Balestrino, Recording Secretary, Libby Christon, Corresponding Secretary, Dennis Boland, Treasurer. Our advisor was Miss M. Spano. SOPHOMORE DANCE COMMITTEE: FIRST ROW, left to right: Elise Wicks, Miss M, Spano, Mr, F. Glassman, Advisors, Kathleen De Bari, Diane Miele. SECOND ROW: Elaine Retarides, Dot Pagano, .loan Piccarella, Carol Johnston, Kathy Ewald, Phillip Balestrino, Audrey Eide, Peggy Weiss, Maggie Cogan, Jackie Zizzo. 1 i v v-liprl Miss Spano and Mr. Glassmon start the campaign for old The decoration committee for the Soph Dance look over eyeglasses for the needy with Louis Schreiber, Joanne Pi- their handiwork. carrella, and Don Krogstadt. Soph Hi Lltes Roberta Kahn, Phil Balestrino, Pete Augello and Mary Ann Messona study a favorable treasury report with Corps. Miss Spano. Many Sophomore girls were inducted into Leaders' Wayne Kwiatkowski is helped with his make-up tor his important role in Little Women. Happy "Sophs" pack canned goods for ci Sophs get ready to play Santa Claus for a needy family at Christmas time. XV -AAKS needy child. Ninth T Grade 'UO-nn 4 David Rigney Joanne llfis The Roll of Honor The fuTure leaders pictured on This page are, in The eyes of The Teachers of The Junior High School, Those That besT exemplify The ideals of characTer, integrity, personaliTy and scholarship so sought afTer Today. QT? Wayne Webster Jules Fried 5' " 'asv' Eighth Grade Seventh Grade 33 A 'S- Marilyn Holm Kristin Atkinson 'in 7+-5 me f V I f , Aa ,-.. FRESHMAN BOARD: FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Reiner, Carole Watson, Cheryl Edwards, Joe Savage. SECOND ROW: Edward Feurey, Bob Zysk, Victor Kane, John Stabb, Randy Harris. Freshman Board Composed ot representatives from each of the eleven ninth ,grade homerooms, the Freshman Board actively directed the activities of the Class of 1961 while help- ing prepare the members of the class for the transition to the Senior High School. ln addition the Board also lends its support to the various school-wide functions held in Memorial. ' Among our various activities was included the dec- laration that all assembly days be considered Freshman Dress-up Days. The Board's hard-working constitutional av committee headed by Ed Feurey did some outstanding work this past year in helping solve the problems facing the Frosh Board. Highlights ot the Board's social calendar were our booth at the Student Council Bazaar and the Class trip to Jones Beach in the late spring. David Reiner served as our President, Carol Watson as our Vice-President, Cheryl Edwards as our Secretary and Historian and Joseph Savage as our Treasurer. Our advisor was Miss Mary Fleming. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. M. Genovese, Miss M. Fleming, Miss P. Mandell, Advisors. SECOND ROW: Joseph Savage, Treas- urer, Carole Watson, Vice Presi- dent, Cheryl Edwards, Secretary, David Reiner, President. sc sf- A if 'af l fu-K Ninth Graders make up an im- Mr. McGahan adds a few smiles portant part of Miss Donnelly's to a serious study of literature. chorus. lass KN ,rg Miss Mandell points out that "big vol- canoes from little eruptions grow." Miss Homon gives the downbeat and we hear it from the band. I962 Mrs. Flannery proves that time can be precious in any language. Pear-shaped tones help in making "la prononciotionn sound passable. Mr. Schwartz proves to ninth graders that his puzzles are able to be solved L. 35 Mr. William' Fried Advisor EIGHTH GRADE BOARD: FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Bomborcl, M. Breit, W. Fried, T. Dilts, J. Splrio. SEC- OND ROW: K. Demetriades, J. Heck, L. De Meo, R. Winston, T. Bongiorno. THIRD ROW: V. Oderman, C. Rommell, S. Hennings, S. Ueland, R. Walsh. Eighth Grade Board A variety of services to the school and community as well as the coordination of all activities of the eighth grade keynoted the func- tions ot this year's Eighth Grade Board. A class dance as well as other social events ranked high on the agenda of the Board. Keep- ing the members of the eighth grade well versed in its activities was taken care of by the Board in its publication of a class newspaper. The otiicers were Maxine Breit, President, Thomas Dilts, Vice- Presi- dent, Marie Bombara, Secretary, Joseph Spirio, Treasurer. Our ad- visor was Mr. William Fried. Otticers of Eighth Grade Board Maxine Breit and Marie Bom bara pose with their advisor Mr William Fried. Joseph Spirio, Thomas Dilts, SEVENTH GRADE BOARD: FIRST ROW, left to right: W. Kudrika, P. Carpentieri, K. Sadlo, Y. Scheid, P. Bel- yea, L. Clark, C. Thompson, B. Rizzy. SECOND ROW: A. Marchelli, G. Armstrong, B. Hollins, J. Helgeson 2 C. Wessinger, R. Pense, A. Heimer, L. Breitfeld, L. Mancuso. in ' Seventh Grade Board The Seventh Grade Board is charged with the task of conducting all the activities of the seventh grade. In addition to this, the Board fulhlls the vital obligation of giving the seventh graders a voice in how they are to be governed by enabling them to choose their rep- resentatives to the Board and to elect their class ofhcers. Seventh grode assemblies and social events highlighted the activities of the Board. Our officers were Marcia Falk, President, Louise Schoenwald, Vice- President, Donald Day, Secretary, Catherine Thompson, Treasurer. Our Advisor was Mr. Roy McDonald. SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS: SEATED, left to right: Marcia Falk, Mr. MacDonald, Advisor, Louise Schonewald. STANDING: Cather- ine Thompson, Donold Day. Even Eighth Graders find that a voting machine works easily. Carol Hauptmann and Barbara Zimmerman look over their prize winning poems of the eighth grade poetry contest. Seventh and eighth graders participate in the annual Christmas Concert. All "spifted" up for Dress-Up Day. I O 0 HI Lltes Seventh Graders t p the light CI a S S fantastic" at then rdance-Chariot I 9 George Schaub and David Cohen par- Record Hop. Dave Rigney, Council Prexy, acts as ticipate in a chess tournament to deter- moderator for a panel discussion for the mine the champion. Marcia Folk and Enid Pollock seventh and eighth graders. are the first and second win- ners in the seventh grade poetry contest. ,Clif yr f " .1 .- 1 f 1 D - ,Q STUDENT COUNCIL: FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Balestrino, B. Gregorio, P. Kane, D. Miele, B. Arnett, T. Gilbert. SECOND ROW: J. Cervellion, E. Holm, C. Balestrino, V, lvansheck, Mr. A. Honig, Adviser, F. Scholer, C. Hilton, S. Farber, S. Lascari. THIRD ROW: M. Milo, A. Smith, S. Konowalow, B. Paschette, M. Schmid, G. 1- -.f 7, 4, Merrell, E. McCrea, J. Feldman, M. Alzmann, R. Strassner, J. Porr, R. Miller. FOURTH ROW: M. Dmuchowski, S. Chao, N. Kalb, M. Guenther, J. Odin, B, Augello, W. Webster, N. Kirk, B. De Meo, C. Schultz, L. Rozzi, S. Rapp. Senior Hi h Student Council The Senior High Student Council is an efficient, well- organized body which makes our school a more func- tional unit in democratic living. All of us in Student Council devote our energies to a common goal. Each student in the Council learns to participate more effec- tively in group dynamics - one of the basic techniques of a democratic society. Student Council is an organi- zation consisting of representatives of each homeroom whose chief function is that of improving the school in any or all of its many aspects. Highlighting the year's activities was the Student STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: FIRST ROW, left to right: Elizabeth Holm, Mr. A. Honig, Advisor, Victor lvansheck. SECOND ROW: Charles Balestrino, Fred Scholer, Charles Hilton. Council Bazaar which was a tremendous success as most of the student body turned out and enioyed them- selves at it. In addition, Council helped boost school spirit at our annually sponsored pep rally and a GO. card was readied for publication in the fall of l96O. Victor lvansheck served as President, Charles Bale- strino as Vice President, Fred Scholer as Recording Secretary, Charles Hilton as Corresponding Secretary and Elizabeth Holm as Treasurer. Our advisor was Mr. Arnold Honig. Doug Wassmer receives a parking sticker from Barbara Arnett, Student Council member. i-1 iw . n.1i1f1n L X R linux: - . -.n T' JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL: FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Bertini, E. lvonsheck, D. Sloter, F. Ruguso, B. Stroke, R. Mosson SECOND ROW: S. Lorson, VV. Webster, D. Rigney, Mr, Roberts, Advisor, R. Zysk, F. Moxey, R. Bellemente. THIRD ROW: C. Alston, B. Schoul, F. Oster, J. Reitmon, W. Plote, S. Gordner, J. Fried. FOURTH ROW: C. Tuclcer, M. Messono, S, Hennings, J. Olculski, T, McGuire, R. O'Keefe, W. Byrnes, J. Arollo. Junior Hi h tudent Council 111-h - - In e meeting will novv come to order. These words were often heord this post yeor os the Junior High Stu- dent Council corried out its function of reguloting the octivities of the iunior high orgonizotions. The Council olso provided the seventh, eighth ond ninth groders with the opportunity of polrticipoting in o olemocrotic form of self-government, thereby troining these young boys ond girls to be good citizens of the future. Under the guidonce of Mr. Chorles Roberts, the JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Chorles Roberts, odvisor, Flora Moxey, Dovid Rigney, Woyne Webster, ond Robert Zyslc. 1 . I alpi gl . . - Council vvos extremely octive this yeor os it initioted on orientotion progrom for future seventh groders. It olso plonned the publicotion of o school hondbook to supplement this progrom ond, in order to roise needed money, the Council sponsored o condy sole. Dovid Rigney served os our President, Robert Zysk os our Vice President, Floro Moxey ds our Secretory, ond Woyne Webster os our Treosurer. Junior High students surge to the polls on election doy. xv i Paul Greiner, our Mr. Lance, typities the All-American boy. He is in every activity from Varsity Lacrosse to Honor So- ciety, ot which he is president, andustill tinds enough time tor his studies to make him 'number .one in the Senior Class scholastically. Paul has also used his qualities ot leadership, reliability, and industriousness to benetit Memorial as he also serves as Senior Class prexy, Literary Editor of the Lance and treasurer ot both Delta Sigma and Key Club. When he's asked to take on a task, dimples appear instead ot a frown. Paul plans to attend college and pursue his studies in physics. 42 AAL Lance Paul Greiner ,J fr ..i9l ' I I I X LLL' I 4 f L L A ii '15 H, in , ,Ii Ce hl L L fwtfl " mf J iff its ' ZLLC' i, 'l f fiiifif' 'A 12 L, lf WLC if ,flrzllfl VY iwfxgfgf, 5 ' , 223' Y f Z' V Miss Lance Barbara Ostro if Sincere and wholesome is our Miss Lance. Barbara is eternally on the move as she busily performs her duties as Drum Maiorette, Captain of the Tvvirlers, and Senior High Choir President. Reliability is one ot her outstanding charac- teristics as was demonstrated last year as she served as Vice President of the Junior Class and this year as she served as an editor on the Lance. Barbara, in addition to being quite a sports enthusiast, is a serious student who likes science best but who does well in all subjects. As tor the future, a career in secondary school teaching ranks high on her list ot goals yet to be attained. 43 i sfivvi ., "wwf ?' Q,gq,..5,,e 9-'W ul , an 4' .. Y h Yr ALLEN, EVELYN - 25 Herkomer St., NHP, Nurse, Future Nurses, FHA, Bowling Club, Intramurals, Library Club, Chorus ALLOTTA, CECELIA - B24 Bryant Ave., NHP, Secretary, Sports Club, GSL, V. Choir BARTKOWSKI, MARY - 30 Fourth Ave., GCP, College, Ro- manettes, Honor Society, Lance Editor, Soph, Jr,, Sr. Boards. GSL, Chair, FHA, Sports Club, Intramurals, JV. V. Glee Club, Ecclesia BAUDO, NICHOLAS - Nick - A Kingston St., NHP, College, V. Lacrosse, V. Soccer, Varsity Club, Jr., Sr, Boards, Delta- Sigma-Hi-Y, Student Council, Ecclesia, Lance, Intramurals ALTEVOGT, JUDITH - Judy - I4 Redwood Rd., NHP, Col- lege, Chieftain, V. Glee Club, Lance, FHA, Intramurals, Student Council ARNETT, BARBARA - 33 Franklin Ave., NHP, College, Student Cheer- 7 fl" , Council, Election Comm., Glee Club, French Club, FHA, Intra- murals, Student United . V , I X ' 'll BAUM, LORRAINE - Lorrie - 52 Kingston St., NHP, College, ' Romanettes, Lance Editor, Frosh, Soph, Jr., Sr. Boards, Chariot. , ' Honor Society, FTA, Eta-Tau-Hi-Y, Konkordia, GSL, Le-Cercle- M Francais, FHA .VJ I , -g BAY, HOWARD - lO5 N. Seventh St., NHP, College, German Club, Key Club, Phy-Chem-Bio AUGELLO, BENEDICT - Benny - 73 Kenneth Pl., NHP, Law' yer, Omega-Chi-Hi-Y, Weight Lifting, Track Club, Wrestling - H BAER, VIRGINIA - Ginny - I0 Gerald Ave., NHP, Secre- .Ji , tary, Romanettes, GSL, Frosh Board, Student Council, Los Chicos 'fy Intramurals, Chorus, Tennis, Utopian, Ecclesia BECKER, GAIL - ll? Sylvia Lane, NHP, Artist, JV. V. 5 leaders, Artisians, Lance, Zeta-Rho-Hi-Y, Sr. Board, Ecclesia BELITZ, MADELINE - Maddi - IOO N. l2th St NHP ., , C Chicos, Coalition. ollege, Eta-Tau-Hi-Y, Student Council, GSL, Los Soph, Jr., Sr. Boards, Konkordia, FTA, Scenici Players, FHA BALESTRINO, CHARLES - Charlie - 63 W. Maple Dr., NHP, Aeronautical Engineer, Student Council, Jr., Sr, Boards, Ecclesia, Varsity Club, Delta-Sigma-Hi-Y, Key Club, V. Football, V. La- , crcsse, Intramurals 5' BALKOSKI, GEORGE - eos Hillside Blvd., NHP, College, v. if' y' Football, Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Sports Club BERG, ANDREA - Andy - 1500 Highland Ave., NHP, Col- lege, Chariot, Lance, Scenici Players, Eta-Tau-Hi-Y, Honor So- ciety, FTA, Jr., Sr. Boards, V. Chorus, Konkordia, FHA 'T ii BERGBOM, KARIN - 99 Central Ave., GCP, Business School, I I I , , 3 . GAA, Tennis, Basketball, Sports Club, Totem, Archery, Jr. Red Cross, Scenici Players, Los Chicos, JV, Glee Club BERK, KATHE - 25 Lincoln Ave., NHP, Nurse, Zeta-Rho-Hi-Y, Lance Editor, Future Nurses, FHA, Intramurals, Honor Society, JV. Glee Club, Los Chicos, Debating Club BERNSTEIN, LINDA - l3lA Belmont Ave., NHP, College, Chariot, Literary Magazine, Eta-Tau-Hi-Y, V. Choir, Konkcrdia, Orchestra, Le-Cercle-Francais, FTA, Honor Society BLAIR, EDWARD - Ed - 51 Brisbane St., NHP, College, Hall Squad, Retailing Club, Omega-Chi-Hi-Y, Sr. Board, Spanish Club, Ecclesia, Key Club BOCCIO, ARLENE - T420 Broadway, NHP, Nurse, Leader Corps, V. Choir, Sports Club, Intramurals -ad! W6 7 , Linda, Gary, and Steve with rhythm and beat Their musical selections were always a treat. 44 -9 V21 V S4 lk X '99 s 3 . ,, fi Ji I ' i K is f if 1 s ,, ,LW JM, 1 L ' is gl '19 ,ff 1 3 ey ff! I . 'L , it ,f,. 1 f .lr my Q, aw Xwff iff W! fi ZW f Q 'Cf f I ., If a, yi ' ' fi, , ,ly lf ' 71 J fi ft? Nw' y 4 f 'V f I Z, ir sw' f f . X zyyyyr my 0 s 'fm ' I ,, -Q ,Q -ei' ' K Q 'r Q' Y F lice 1 xi Ii fi' -fi? ,A if e4fZ70e? .. BONELLI, FRANK - Frankie - 37 Lewis Ave., FLP, Pro, Base- ball, Intramurals, V, Baseball, Varsity Club, Weight Lifting BORA, JOSEPHINE - Jo - IAI7 Plaza Ave. NHP, Secretary. FHA, GSL, Sports Club BOUCHARD, BEATRICE - Bea - 22 Lewis Ave.. NHP, Sec- retary, FHA, Intramurals, Jr. Red Cross BREIT, DEANNA - Dee - 569 Lakeville Rd., NHP, Secretary. Twirlers, Student Council, Los Chicos, Intramurals, Bowling, Ec- clesia, Chorus BROGAN, WILLIAM - A6 Yale Blvd., NHP, Air Force, V, Foot' ball, Varsity Club, V, Track, Leaders Corps, Sports Club, Intra- murals, Scenici Players, Cross Country BROWN, RICHARD - Richie - IY6 W. Maple Dr,, NHP, Engineer, Lance Editor, Jr. Board, Student Council, V, Soccer, Phy-Chemriios, Key Club, Honor Society, French Club, Intra- murals CARLISI, GERALDINE - Gerry -f T25 N Yrid St., NHP, Secrer tary, Intramurals, Scenici Players, Jr Red Cross, FHA CASALE, ANGELA - Ang - 517 Beech St., NHP, Secretary, Los Chicos, Romanettes, Chorus. FHA, JV. Glee Club, Student United, Ecclesia BRUMLOP, EVELYN - 23 Tulip Lane, NHP, Secretory, Los Chl- cos, FHA. Sports Club, Bowling, Intramurals CALIA, FRANCES - Fran - I9 Iris Lane, NHP, Secretary, Soph, .lr,, Sr. Boards. Student Council, JV V Glee Club, Le- Cercle-Francais. Dramatic Club, Intramurals, Lance CASTELLANA, LESTER - Les - 106 W Maple Dr , NHP, Pharmacist, V Football, V Bond, Omega-Chi-Hi-Y, Student Council, French Club, Intramurals. Frosh Lacrosse. Frosh Football CELLUCCI, DANIEL - 978 N Ath St,, NHP, Drafting CALTAGIRONE, SALVATORE - Sal - AIO Central Blvd., NHP, Delta-Sigma-Hi-Y, Varsity Club, V Football, V Track CAMPO, CAROLYN -- 4l7 Beech Sl., NHP, Secretary, Student United, Los Chicos, JV V. Glee Club, Honor Society, Choir, Ecclesia CERNKOVIC, ELIZABETH - Betsy - 7 Dallas Ave, NHP, Secretary, GSL, Sports Club, Library Club, Intramurals. Los Chicos CERVELLION, JOY - 26 Elm Dr, NHP, Nursing School, Future Nurses, Student Council, Chorus, Jr. Red Cross, Intramurals CANTARERA, CYNTHIA - Cindy - 531 W Maple Dr. NHP, Secretary, Spanish Club, FHA, Sports Club, Jr. Red Cross CAPPELLO, ANTHONY - 6 Bedford Ave., GCP. Service CHRISTIE, CHRIS - I Whitehall Lane. NHP, College. Golf Team, Thespians, Intramurals. Chess Club, Boys' Service League Future Engineers, Male Chorus. Della-Sigma-Hi-Y CLAIR, RALPH - AA Oak Dr, NHP, College, V Band, Le- Cercle-Francais, Intramurals With books and brains they played the game, Knowledge, of course, was Colette and Paul's aim. ,- v"N Rb av' Y' t. fr. h . "' 5? by vs iq -ff' , Lf.. ' 1 In - fdi Oil -4645 We 7 . . . Whether a Lindy, Waltz, Fox Trot or Tango, Warren and Janet sure put on o good show. A iiw:,w,::. i I C I F ' f JK. 4 I ' ls. I . J-QQJ 1 , ' A-il 2, fr ' 122- T41 ,ff of w ,, f I -L., r f' 613,951 'V ffof . A. i:" 4 E DARCY, JAMES - Jim - 912 Bryant Ave., NHP, College, Varsity Club, V, Football, Sports Club, Wrestling, Gymnastics D'AURIA, RAYNA - 939 Lakeville Rd., NHP, Teacher, Student Council, Lance Editor, Chariot, FTA, Ecclesia, Frosh, Soph, Jr., Sr. Boards, Le-Cercle-Francais, Student United DEEKEN, JOSEPH - Joe - 200 Jericho Tpk., NHP, Electri- cian, Hall Squad, Gymnastics, Weight Lifting Club i I i . ,l T 5 DELL vEcc6lA,sKQfiGELA T if 'qi N. z, ,P, secre. ' , Y If 1 f . , 3 tary,, ntpq. ' als - ' I ir' ' wr'-rs :ii '+-fr I r . . . ,f -1 Eg a ,f J, 1, , , C5 4 MQ,1f5. A 'kr ij If ji A ig A 1.,,.ztsr1,:q1 1 g Q COLLINS, CORNELIUS - Ronnie - 30 Pearl St.. NHP, Col- lege, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Weight Lifting, Gymnastics COLQUHOUN, MARY ANN - 90I N. Sth St., NHP, Secre- tary, FHA, Sports Club, Marching Band, Sr, Concert Band DE MEO, BARBARA - 54 Corwin Ave, NHP, Teacher, Lance Editor, Student Council, Soph, Jr., Sr. Boards, Honor Society, JV. V. Cheerleaders, Artisians, Konkordia, ZetafRhofHi-Y, FTA DEMETRIADES, GEORGE - 80 Maple Dr., NHP, College, German Club, Hall Squad, Student Council, Intramurals COOGAN, BRIGID - Bonnie - 975 N, Fifth St., NHP, Secre- tary, FHA, Intramurals, Totem, Chieftan CORNET, COLETTE - 64 Bregfnan Ave., NHP, College, Honor Society, Zeta-Rho-HifY, Lance Editor, Scenici Players, Student Council, Chariot, Soph Board, FTA, Student United, L'Oriflamme DE NICOLA, PHILIP - Phil - ll Fourth Ave., GCP, Unde- cided, Jr., Sr. Boards, Key Club, Intramurals DENNIS, JANET - Jan - 51 Oak Dr., NHP, Teacher, Roman- ettes, Honor Society, JV. V. Choir, Delta-Gamma-Hi'Y, lr. Board, Student Council, Artisians COX, ROSEMARY - English - II7 Sixth St., GCP, Airline V Hostess, German Club, Debating Club CRAWFORD, GAIL - IIS Laurel Dr., NHP, Nurse, Romanettes. Zeta-RhofHiAY, Scenici Players, Soph, Jr. Boards, Student Coun- cil, Riding Club, Tennis, German Club, Jr. Red Cross DE ROSE, LOUIS - Lau - 98 W. Maple Dr., NHP, College. Honor Society, Key Club, V. Soccer, Omega-Chi-Hi-Y, Student Council, Frosh Board, French Club, Asfanomy Cliiajcclesia, Intramurals ,,f3!ky ,l 'is DILTS, WALTER - dl Durham Rd., NHP, College, V. Traclc, Student Council, Artisians CRUICKSHANKS, ELIZABETH - Beth - 35 Dyckman Ave., GCP, Salvation Army Nurse, Future Nurses, FHA, GSL, Band, Chorus CUFFARO, JERALD - Jerry - I330 Fifth Ave., NHP, Business Administration, Photography Club, V. Soccer, Omega-Chi-HIYY, Intramurals DIMORE, JEAN - I205 Terrace Blvd., NHP, Secretary, Studertt Council, Frosh Board, Los Chicos, JV. V. Glee Club, V, Choiri, Student United, Ecclesia DODGE, GRACE - A? Nugent St., NHP, Nurse, Zeta-Rho-Hi-Y, FHA, Sports Club, Intramurals, Bowling, Future Nurses, Eonacs .yr 1 . 5 Ji' iw ,, , X4 I f X' I I my A ff, f Mm? f . C i r 4, if X , , if f C ff! C N f if , fi .im f,,fw,,, ,, f f fs A , , , af. " W fn! WZ? O W f f W pw ' PU 1 f j' if iq., I I f 1 fa!! X 1, 1 ' tt 1,4 4 ,Vi ' v .,.1f'4:':ri '55 , V. , ' rail' ,vi qi' 1 - gmt w'.'-Wit,-Sfiifr, ,ia-:ig f.,:,'.:,v wgigun "it 15.522 wz. f. x." ,ur- f i ai J-'ff' J' r rr 'S ,Nt '..,: Mg . ,f,.,,:, . tl .1 til F 9 1 ,, ,guitar .-' , "' 'sri iz f ,.J.,3"" Ref DONALDSON, ADRIAN - 2188 Jericho Tplc., GCP, Teacher, 05" . . CLIV- FTA, FHA, Library Club, Mixed Chorus .Qw- D'ORSO, MARILYN - 641 Alvert St., NHP, Secretary, FHA, IW GSL, Chorus JM fee FIELDER, LESLEY - 2 Mason St., NHP, Doctor, S ici Play- ers, Future Nurses, Jr. Red Cross, Intramurals K FINKEL, IRENE - 58 Pearl St., NHP, College, GSL, Eta-Tau- I Hi-Y, FHA, Ecclesia, FTA, Library Club, GAA, Hockey fi: v EDEL, ARTHUR - Ame - 35 Redwood Rd., NHP, undecided, Frosh Track, V. Track, Intramurals, Chorus, Omega-Chi-Hi-Y, Los Chicos f' '- ,1 91, 'f 4 iii EICHNER, BARBARA - Bobs - 111 S. Ninth St,, NHP, Secre- tary, Scenici Players, Library Club, JV. Glee Club, FHA, Stu- dent Council, German Club, Jr. Red Cross fi V in X' 4 ,, FISCHETTI, ARMAND - 1059 N. Seventh St., NHP, College, Student Council, German Club, Intramurals f FLACK, EMILIE - Em - 908 Bryant Ave., NHP, Business , Qi Z . if School, Jr., Sr. Board, Eta-Tau-Hi-Y, FTA, Chorus, French Club, Konkordia, Intramurals 'D 1 X W xv eau, iuomi - Judy - im washington Ave., NHP, Medi- , R 55, 47 ,. 1 4 AA -Sd ' cal Stenographer, Leader Corp, Chorus, Chariot, Eta-Tau'HifY, V , ' . ' Sports Club, Intramurals, Ecclesia, V. Glee Club, Le-Cercle- ,' ,A if Francais, Honor Leader Corp, Honor Society ' ' 'E Z ERBACHER, ROBERT - Bob - 3 Kingston St., NHP, Unde- A' cided, V. Football, Varsity Club, German Club, Sports Club. Intramurals FORTUNATO, BARBARA - 535 Maple Dr., NHP, Undecided l 0-1' , Ja!-1 1 L, . FRANKEWICH, VERONICA - 15 Baxter Ave., NHP, Airline Stewardess, Photography Club, Student Council, FHA ESPOSITO, ANN MARIE - 922 N, First St., NHP, Jr. College, - 3 A V Student Council, GSL, Jr, Red Cross, FHA, Totem, Intramurals, Q Sports Club, Tennis '3' Q 5 ,. 45 -J 5' 'wif' FARBER, SUSAN - Sue - 47 Millers Lone, NHP, College, Sr 1 In f Board, Student Council, Leader Corp, Eta-Tau-Hi-Y, FTA, Kon- Irordio, JV. Glee Club, Lance FRASCO, MARIE - 1752 Aladdin Ave., NHP, Nurse, Soph X l Board, FHA, Future Nurses, Artisions, Intramurals, Mixed Chorus ' FRASSANITO, JOHN - Jack - 7 Broadway, GCP, Art School, Broolrsionions, Chariot, Omega-Chi-Hi-Y, Acquarium Club FARRELL, GERALD - Gerry - 504 Maple Dr., NHP, Air Force, Sports Club, Los Chicos FASONE, JOAN - I5-1 N. Seventh St., NHP, Nurse, Student Council, Jr,, Sr. Boards, V. Choir, Future Nurses, Scenici Play' ers, Le-CerclexFrancais, Tennis, Sports Club, Konkordia FELDMAN, JEAN - 18 Beechwood Lone, NHP, Dental Hy- gienist, JV. V. Twirlers, Student Council, GSL, Le-Cercle-Francois. Los Chicos, JV. Glee Club, Totem, Coalition, Ecclesia, Sports Club FEUREY, JOHN - Joe - 34 lris Lane, NHP, College, Band, Chariot, Football, Dramatics, Bowling, Debating llaeszgfziil ,gc .W Lffz1lQj'13 92'5b' ,, -1,-mi' '7 --If Avi 1.-rf' 'wg -,fj:Fr'lQ15j, lot M.. . rf. -. . . . 't C bf? : 2:51115 I .:,s. .- , ,, A , - . if .sv .1 Hx- t .1 . ,:f.g. is , edz 706 7 . . Gordie and Carol in print were competitors, But the Chariot ond Lance were mighty proud of their editors. 47 Z ly .,,, ww' is M., , J' f FROMM, CAROL ANN - 956 N. Seventh St., NHP, Secretary, JV. Glee Club, Student Council, Sports Club, FHA, GSL, Jr., Sr. Boards FUELLING, NANCY - I752 W. End St., NHP, College, Leader Corps, JV. Cheerleader, Student Council, Intramurals, FHA, Li- brary Club, French Club, Art Club , GOLDSTEIN, ROBERT - Goldie - I6I7 Park Ave., NHP, Coll lege, V. Band, JV. Band, Marching Band, Spanish Club, Hall Squad, Intramurals, Fresh Football GONZALES, DOLORE5 - Dee - I737 Belmont Ave., NHP, Secretary, Intramurals, JV. Cheerleaders, GSL, Glee Club, FHA GERTH, BARBARA - 64 Williams St., NHP, Secretary GILCHRIST, WILLIAM - Bill - I2 Paul Ave., NHP, College, Football, Sports Club, Weight Lifting, Gymnastics GRAM, LORANN - I8 Aberdeen Rd., NHP, Secretary, Library Club GREGORIO, BEATRICE - Bea - 93 Third St., GCP, Medical Assistant, JV. V. Cheerleaders, Student Council, Jr. Red Cross, Intramurals, Totem, GSL, FHA GILTRAP, MILDRED - Millie - 50 Eric Lane, NHP, Nurse, JV. Glee Club, Intramurals, FHA, Scenici Players, Jr. Red Cross GINZBURG, CAROL - T28 Sperry Blvd., NHP, College, Lance Editor-ln-Chief, Honor Society, Leader Corp, Ecclesia, Soph, Jr. Boards, Eta-Tau-Hi-Y, Scenici Players, V. Glee Club, FHA, Le-Cercle-Francais ,- GREINER, PAUL - A Redwood Rd., NHP, Physicist, Honor Sos ciety, Sr. Board, Student Council, V. Lacrosse, Varsity Club, Lance Editor, Ecclesia, Band, Delta-Sigma-Hi-Y, Key Club GRIMM, MARION - 'IHI Belmont Ave., NHP, College, Sports Club GIORELLE, ROBERT - I8 Corwin Ave., NHP, Service, Hall Squad, Intramurals, Bowling Club GLASER, GERHARD - I2 S. 2nd St., NHP, College, V. Soccer, German Club, Varsity Club, V. Choir, JV. Soccer, Sports Club GRZANKA, ALLEN - Al - ll Manly Pl., NHP, College, Ger- man Club, Student Council, Utopian, Omega-Chi-Hi-Y, Election Comm., Soph, Jr. Boards, Science Club GUSTAFSON, LYNN - 8 Birch Lane, NHP, Medical Assistant, Choir, Eta-Tau-Hi'Y, Sr. Board, Future Nurses, GSL, Intramurals, Bowling HALL, WILLIAM - Bill - A6 Manly Pl., NHP, Lawyer, V. Bas- ketball, V. Lacrosse, V. Soccer, Varsity Club, DeltasSigmo-Hi-Y, Key Club, Student Council, Frosh Board, Honor Society, Chariot, Ecclesia HAVRON, ELIZABETH - Betty - I502 Highland Ave., NHP, Nurse, V. Choir HECK, GARY - 6 Elm Dr., NHP, Pilot, V. Football, V. Base- ball, Key Club, Honor Society, Delta-Sigma-Hi-Y, Leader Corp, Varsity Club, Frosh Baseball, Student Council, Ecclesia -HILTL, ROBERT - 30 Franklin Ave., NHP, Constructor, Accor- dion Club, V. Choir, V. Chorus, Hall Squad, Weight Lifting .4641 We 7 . . ln the Gym, in games of all sorts. Janice, Arlene, and Judy were tops in sports. 48 , x 25 e- . y ..,, ,V 24.4 f f I f L HINOJOSA, CHARLES - Charlie - T502 Washington Ave., NHP, Research Chemist, Aeons, Science Club, Las Chicos, Hall Squad, Audio-Visual Aid, Glee Club, Choir, Camera Club, Stu- dent Council, Intramurals HOCHREITER, JOHN -Johnny - 230 Kamdo Blvd., NHP, College, German Club, V. Choir, JV. Choir, Sports Club, Ac- cordion Club HOFFMAN, WILLIAM - Bill - 8 Cedar Lane, NHP, Scientist, V. Soccer, Varsity Club, Omega-Chi-Hi-Y, V, Band, Marching Band, Hall Squad, Phy-Chem-Bios, Le-Cercle-Francais. Intra- murals HOLM, ELIZABETH - Betty - 22 Aberdeen Rd., NHP, College, Student Council, Leader Corps. Zeta-Rho-Hi-Y, Bowling, Intra- murals, Honor Society, Ecclesia HOLM, JANICE - 31 Aberdeen Rd., NHP, Journalist, Roman- ettes, Chariot, Leader Corp, Chorus, Zeta-Rho-Hi-Y, Intramurals, GAA, Sports Club, Honor Leader Corp, Chieftan HORAN, GERARD - Hogey - B3 Dennis St., GCP, Navy, V. Football, Frosh Football, Omega-Chi-Hi-Y, Hall Squad JOERG, MARLENE - 600 Lowell Ave., NHP, Secretary, Ar- tisians, Delta-Gamma'Hi-Y JOHNSON, ELAINE - Bunny - 28 Maple Dr., NHP, College, V, Choir, Artisians, Totem, Lance, Sr. Board, Le-Cercle-Francais, Riding Club, Ecclesia 'L 1 it V N I ONE, ADELINE - Addy - T638 Jasmine Ave., NHP, Sec- .XN ary, FHA, GSL, Chorus, Intramurals vi in Bl . V 4 PPOLO, FRANK - l50 N. Third St., NHP, College, Baseball. it ff' restling, Intramurals, Hall Squad A . , all XJ N JOHNSON, KAREN - 20 Paul Ave., NHP, Secretary, Sports I Club, Jr. Red Crass, GSL, FHA, Riding Club ANI JuuANo, cAnoL - za Park Are., GCP, undecided, FHA, ' Sports Club, iv. one Club, osi all A IVANSHECK, VICTOR - Vic - 7 Sperry Court, NHP, Doctor. Honor Society, Student Council, Soph Board, Ecclesia, Frosh, V Football, V. Lacrosse, Key Club, Varsity Club, Bond, Dance Band JACKSON, JAMES - Jim - 507 Beech St., NHP, Undecided, I Hall Squad, Photography Club JUNGE, DOROTHEA - Dot - 960 N. 3rd St., NHP, Nurse, to . it QT' 1 W is 'R ,WN bij '.,- QS I . 5. N- ax fs K' x 9' x F, ..,.. ls Twirling, Jr., Sr. Boards, V. Choir, Jr. Red Cross, Future Nurses, Sports Club, Chorus if -- KAIDER, CAROL - 63 First St., GCP, Secretary, FHA, Intral -Q. L murals ..-Assy JACOBSON, MADELYN - Maddie - T05 N. Fifth St., NHP, Nurse, FHA, Future Nurses, Bowling Club JENKINS, ROBERT - Bob - 403 Lowell Ave., NHP, College, Key Club, Camera Club, German Club, Ecclesia KANE, PATRICIA - Pat - 22 Gerard Ave., NHP, College, Ro manettes, Scenici Players, Student Council, FTA, Choir, Soph X Q . crtc K Jr. Boards, Jr. Red Cross fi , , li KARSHICK, DOROTHY - Dotty - 153 Wilton St., NHP, Sec x if ' I f Tennis Club, Scenici Players. Lance, Intramurals 49 ' 'i retary, FHA, JV. Glee Club, Le-Cercle-Francais, Zeta-Rho-Hi-Y, S 71 2 EL 91 Z O J ft S cu O 9 O 3 O. Z O Q 2 ID B S nowned, Examples of perfection could always be found CCC X QF'N , 'Q .xy t I E, '1 'U' egg, , 6-'r w I IM, if- -., .ls is ,ov ge-P if X1 I K. i ,5 l eip , .. x I I I led! We Always busy, industrious too, Rayna and Pat would always come through. tary, Library Club, FHA, Spanish Club, Intramurals, Lance Chicos, Artisans, Library Club, Lance, Intramurals brary Club Future Nurses, Soph Board, FHA, Jr, Red Cross 'V Vg, , I KENNEDY, JOSEPH - J0e - QII First Ave., NHP, Army, Soccer, Photography Club KIRK, NANCY v II9 Laurel Dr., NHP, College, JV. V. Cheer- leaders, Chariot, Student Council, Scenici Players, Modern Dance, LefCercle-Francais, Soph, Jr Board LASCARI, SALLY - IO7 White Ave,, NHP, Retailing Buyer, Latin Club, Student Council, Retailing Club, GSL, Intramurals, FHA, Konlrordia, Scenici Players LASKARIS, JOANN - 52 Croyden St., NHP, Secretary, Jr. Red Cross, JV Glee Club, GSL, FHA KLAUSNER, SUSAN - Sue - IAA Sperry Blvd., NHP, Col- lege, Honor Society, Leader Corps, Romanettes, Lance Editor, Jr,, Sr. Boards, Zeta-RhoAHiAY, FTA, V, Glee Club KOHN, STEPHEN - Steve - 132 Third St., GCP, Criminal Lawyer, V. Band, Marching Band, Dance Band, SHS Band, Omega-Chi-Hi-Y, Hall Squad, Los Chicos, Ecclesia, Service Club LATALLADI, LYDIA - 5ll Lakeville Rd., NHP, Teacher, Zeta' RhoAHifY, FTA LATSKO, NANCY - 5 S. l6th St., NHP, Nurse, FHA, Leader Corp, Sports Club, Jr. Red Cross ii KONDRACKI, JOSEPH - T06 S. l0th St., NHP, Electrician, Intramurals ' Q ., Korisn, CHRISTINE - rind - idai NHP oi., NHP, unde- cided, v. oiee Club, oeiid-odiiiiiid-Hi-Y, osi, Student Council, W sdpti addid, Riding Club i ,,,., Al I 4 ' , iff ' P2 LEAVY, THOMAS - Tom - T07 Old Farm Rd., NHP, Mu- sician, Frosh Football, German Club, Varsity Club, Dance Band, - Marching Band , LERSSEN, VIRGINIA - Jinny - 39 Hillside Lane, NHP, House- ! , ,Z wife, Archery, Tumbling, Art Club 3 ll J KRAUSE, EVA - 24 Pinewood Lone, NHP, Nurse, V. Chair, 2 X Student Council, FTA, Future Nurses, Jr. Red Cross f' 4 f kirkk f il' J il KRAUSE, FLORIAN - Roy - 640 Wayne Ave,, NHP, Service, 'Z fp SK 'J Student Council, Weight Lifting f 2 , K' K , JJW Lsvv, cactus - iosi N. mi si., NHP, secididfy, Ji. Red .ww Cross, FHA, Tennis Club if ii LIK, FLORENCE - Flo - 607 Terrace Blvd., NHP, Secretary, GSL, Tumbling, Dramotics, Jr. Red Cross 50 KRAUT, FRANCES i Fran - 34 Hoffman Rd, NHP, Secre- KRIOFSKY, BARBARA - I5 Hillside Lane, NHP, College, Los KRUPSKI, JOSEPH - Joe - 944 Cherry, FLP, Contractor, Li- KYLE, JANET - II Fifth St., GCP, College, Le-Cercle-Francais, 'ei ismf A ig"' i ,ug iff' A Ink' - ' rl, . . 1-A, L- ,, -' .f z ,'f' V :1i,.i:-.if di , A E 5' 6 X Q LE M 71 S, A VK 4 Y 5 Em , A 2 if 1 V H -.4 an I 2 . f , "-.' , i'd' ,y K It 1 2 im In ., Af ,, , y I i ii - fx , i iiii ,- y I, I jj, I I ,V ,A My it Z! y Q sf' r il A f 1 T 2, W ,P 1 W fi? f, Q, 5 . A, . ,. ,yi , N , 1, 5 'ff . f 4 f ,Q , 5, ,W .1 f ,,f ,i fy 6!, Qu, My yy 1 X , A 4 M QQ I i A136 .ll ff. Y 91 X Lv iff, J 1 J 'WF 4. It LINEK, CAROL - 3 Carol Ave., NHP, Teacher. FTA, JV V. Chorus, Zeta-Rho-Hi-Y, Modern Dance, Sports Club, Ecclesia, Intramurals, String Orchestra LOZOWSKI, STANLEY - Stan - 503 Beech St., NHP, Artist, Sludent Council, Key Club, OrnegaAChi-Hi-Y, Dromatics, Honor Society, Lance Editor, Chariot, Student United, Artisians, Kon- kordia, Wrestling MINUTILLO, THOMAS - 1631 Jasmine Ave., NHP, Printer, Frosh Football 5' MIRECKI, JOAN - 191 Nassau Blvd, GCP, Secretary, FHA, ,, Mixed Chorus, Jr, Red Cross LUCA, JUDITH - Judy - 89 County Court House Rd., GCP, , Office Worker , MARCHESE, DONALD - Don - 612 Lowell Ave., NHP, Fu- neral Director, Sr. Board, Hall Squad, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Intramurals, Lance MOCULESKI, STANLEY - Stan - 1216 Jericho Tpk., NHP, Engineer, V. Soccer, V. Baseball, Varsity Club, Student Council, Omega-Chi-Hi-Y, Hall Squad, Photography Club MORAN, WILLIAM - Bill - 961 N. First Sl,, NHP, Unde- if , 1 wf ,C f Lt, , mf' .1 V: . , , H V ,, -- I Q . i I . cided, Tumbling, Intramurals ' X McALLlSTER, DONALD - Don - 1644 Falmouth Ave., NHP, Undecided, Soph, Jr., Sr. Boards, Los Chicos, V. Band, V, Bas- 'Q ketball, V. Lacrosse, Intramurals, Varsity Club, Wrestling it KZ.. MCCOOK, JOAN -- 72 Lakeville Rd., NHP, Secretary, Sports Club, Chorus, FHA, GSL 7 ,r MOTYLINSKI, MARY ANN - 41 Old Stewart Ave., GCP, Sec- retary, FHA, Mixed Chorus, Intramurals if MURPHY, CATHERINE - Cathy - 11 Elm Dr,, NHP, Nurse, - FHA, Jr., Sr, Boards, Jr. Red Cross, GSL, French Club, Student X ll i Council, Delta-Gamma-Hi-Y MCNULTV, MAUREEN - Mo - 1715 Pork Ave., NHP, Ro- manettes, V. Glee Club, GSL, Art Club, Future Nurses, Intro! fb r if murals ' - if "" ' , ".' 43" lx METZLER, GARY - 975 Lakeville Rd., NHP, College, Swimming, .f 3 Art Club, JV. V. Choir, Intramurals Y ' I NICOTRI, RUSSELL - Russ - 1853 NHP Rd., NHP, Air Force NORDMAN, EDWARD - Eddie - 1728 w. Eng Ave, NHP, 1 I ". L Draftsman, Scenici Players, Hall Squad, Intramurals l MEYER, JANICE - Jan - 2137 Jericho Tpk., GCP, Secretary, Scenici Players, Chariot, Lance, Student Council, JV, V. Glee Club, V. Choir, German Club, Spanish Club, Jr Red Cross MEYER, MARIE - 953 N. Third St., NHP, Business School, Scenici Players, Intramurals, Leader Corp, Chariot MICHAL, CAROL - 119 Aster Dr., NHP, Undecided, JV. Glee Club, French Club, Artisians, Lance MILLER, CYNTHIA - Cindy - 143 N. 10th St., NHP, Soph Board, Sports Club, FHA, Jr. Red Cross, German Club 645 We 7 OH Bi 51 the basketball court, with shots galore Dick, and Tony would boost the score. ?l ' 1 . .54 I, ,. if ffm 'U' 2 A O'CONNOR, JUDITH - Judy - 16 S. Sixth St., NHP, Secre- tary, French Club, Sports Club, Tumbling Club, FHA, Saph Board OKULSKI, PATRICIA - Put - 31 Hilton Ave., GCP, Secre- tary, Leader Corp, Honor Society, Lance Editor, Intramurals, Zeta-Rho-Hi-Y, Chariot, FTA, Jr. Red Cross, V. Choir PELKOWSKI, CONNIE - 39 Hoffman Rd., NHP, IBM, Math Circle, Delta-Gamma-Hi-Y, FHA, Leader Corp, Bowling, Intra- murals PELZER, ALBERT - AI - 1506 Gilford Ave., NHP, College, Intramurals OLIVETO, DOLORES - 617 Albert St., NHP, Stenographer, Frosh Board, Niandians Co-Y, Delta-Gamma-Hi-Y, Sports Club, Dramatics, FHA, Jr, Red Cross ONYSKO, JOHN - 15 Kingston St., NHP, College, Sr. Board, Student Council, V. Soccer, V. Baseball, Varsity Club, Kon- kcrdia. Key Club PETRELLA, MARTIN - Many - 40 Sperry Court, NHP, Medicine Honor Society, Student Council, Jr., Sr. Boards, V. Band, Chariot, Lance, JV. Soccer, Konkordia, Key Club, Marching Band, Dance Band PIETROWSKI, PATRICIA - Pat - 1038 Hillside Blvd., NHP, Beautician, Glee Club, Jr. Red Cross, Intramurals ORLANDO, FRANCES - Fran - 95 W, Maple Dr., NHP, Secretary, Los Chicos, Scenici Players, FHA, Bowling OSTRO, BARBARA 4 N. 10th St., NHP, College, Honor S iety rum a' tte, Twirlers, Lance Editor, Soph, Jr., Sr. G-Q NRr5!1? ports Club, Basketball If 0 'Y' IgE, O, B RBARA 504 urs ., NHP, Secretary, Chess ylub, fiirjglee l o RA , RO -Q 207 NHP Rd., NHP, College. Fra V. Football, Soph oard, Delta-Sigma-Ht-Y, V Baseball, on ordia, Varsity Club, Leader Corp OTTO, BARBARA - Babs - 1628 Broadway, NHP, Secretary, FHA, Glee Club, GSL, Intramurals PASCHETTE, BARBARA - 46 S. 17th St., NHP, JV. V. Cheer- leaders, Delta-Gamma'Hi-Y, Usherettes, Soph Board, GSL, Stu- dent Council, Honor Society, Intramurals, Ecclesia RAZZA, MARGUERITE - Margie - 38 Corwin Ave., NHP, Business School, V. Choir, Band, Latin Club, Sports Club, Intra- murals, Modern Dance REIS, EDWARD - 113 N. First St., NHP, Service, Gymnastics, Basketball RENWICK, ELLEN - 38 Nugent St., NHP, Telephone Co., Chariot, Scenici Players, Debating Club, Jr. Red Cross RIEMER, HILDEGARDE - Gurcly - 78 Maple Dr, NHP, Col- lege, Chariot Editor-In-Chief, Honor Society, Romanettes. Leader Corp, Zeta-Rho-Hi-Y, Ecclesia, German Club, Student Council, Eanacs Co-Y, V. Glee Club RING, DONALD - Don - 14 Millers Lane, NHP, College, V. Basketball, Delta-Sigma-Hi-Y, Key Club, Varsity Club, Stu! dent Council, Band, German Club RIORDAN, PATRICIA - Pat - 26 Irons Pl., NHP, Secretary, Sports Club, FHA, Spanish Club A twirler, a Romanette, and a cheerleader! What are gd! Wg 7 their names? Barbara's all three, to be found at our games. 52 . J 'F 'Q sf I :QW v' - fy, fglg, ff X . 4,,,f,ff ,, . f L ' 5 if f , , W f I 'iffy' A ,' , ,c, , -L ' , , J , IZ ,, ,, Wifiljtf V ,ff I A f 4 1 Cyffr 'KJV -46417067 ,, RIVERA, BEATRICE - Betty - I4 Old Stewart Ave, GCP. College, JV, Cheerleaders, Student Council, JV. V. Glee Club, Lance, Ecclesia, Jr. Red Cross, Sports Club, Leader Corp, Las Chicos, Intramurals ROBERTS, RICHARD - 6 Haddon Rd., NHP, Draftsman, V. Track, Cross Country, Intramurals I t I. -si N xxx as W -2, g. . I 'NE , I .qi .' A , I . -.f . ROE, BRUCE - I545 Highland Ave., NHP, College, V, Soccer, V. Lacrosse, Varsity Club, Intramurals, Hall Squad, Omega-Chu Hi-Y, Chorus, LefCercle-Francais, Aeolians ROMAN, HENRIETTA - III S, 6th St,, NHP, Receptionist ROMANO, ELEANOK - 36 2nd St,, GCP, Secretary. Dra- matics, Photography, FHA, Mixed Chorus, Sr. Board, Service League ROSE, DIANE - 30 Herkamer St, NHP, Beaulician, FHA, Future Nurses, Bowling, Intramurals SCHAUB, RICHARD - Dick - 103 Sperry Blvd., NHP, Col- lege, German Club, JV. Band, Student Council, DeIta-Sigma- Hi-Y, V. Basketball, V, Soccer, Intramurals, Sports Club, Var- sity Club, V, Lacrosse, Honor Society ' SCHLOSS, CHARLES - Chuck - 28 Spruce Lane, NHP, Sbles- man, V, Soccer ROSENBAUM, MARTIN - Matty - IO6 Maple Dr- NHP, Trading ROZZI, JANET - 30 Sixth Ave., GCP, Secretary, GSL, Chorus, FHA SCHMIDT, WARREN - Smitty - I643 Imperial Avenue, NHP, Undecided, German Club SCHULTZ, CAROL - Schultzie - 200 Lowell Ave, NHP, Col- lege, Romanettes, Honor Society, Choir, Student Council, JV Glee Club, Lance, Sports Club, Intramurals, Bowling, Ecclesia RYAN, ELLEN - I03O N. 7th St., NHP, College, Rcmanettes, Delta-Gamma-HifY, V. Choir, Eonacs CofY, Frosh Board, FHA. Charleston Line, Student United, JV. Glee Club, Le-CercIe- Francais RYAN, KATHLEEN - Kathy - l302 Lincoln Ave., NHP, Sec- retary, Student Council, FHA, Future Nurses, Chorus. Intro' murals SCHWEIZER, CHRISTIAN - Chris - IOI9 Jericho Tpk, NHP, Navy, V. Soccer, Sr. Bank, Varsity Club SCIMONELLI, ROSARIO - Roy - 906 N, 6th St,, NHP, Me- chonic, Intramurals, Gymnastics RUBELSKY, PAULINE - I74 Primrose Dr., NHP, Secretary, FHA, JV, Glee Club,'Astranorny Club. Los Chlcos, Camera Club, Soph, Jr., Sr. Boards, Lance, GSL SAKAL, EDWARD - Ed - I8 Birch Lane, NHP, Civil Engi- neer, Student Council, Key Club, Societas-Latinas, Lacrosse, Astronomy Club, Bookman, Photography Club, Audio-VisuaIfAid, Intramurals SILVERSMITH, MERLE - 1609 Washington Ave., NHP, Secre tary, Student Council, V, Glee Club, Frosh, Soph. Jr Boards Tuocs SIMONSEN, ANITA - 8 S Ath St., NHP, Secretary, Sr Board, V. Chair, German Club, Debating Club, Library Club They walked our halls hand in hand, Frannie and Phil, "Ain'l love grandI" , I Z ri Jill! i V- ,wif f . , kffiiiilit 'I fs.'i,'zf.-hifigfffvsi , ' Zllip ,'ffHffi- 15,f,,.-1, ' ' ftw ll f,'.4a'ggyg.1jl, . -.gym ff' nw-, 1,2 .I-itil-I" I 3 ,Mft .l1?ll2f, L ,aw .-,.n.isii I as ,ii , 7 11,1 lu is if I 1 XX Q ' ls ', -4,641 We 7 . With Andy and Nick there never was quiet, When they got together, oh, what a riot! TW? SINACORE, PETER - 524 6th Ave., H Mechanic, V, ball, Lacrosse, Soph. Jr. Boards I SIRIAN cided, I SKWER SMITH, Marchin f, - Club, ln f ,,., ' . 1, ,X gig i W Nurses, Eta-Tau- STEPHENS, PATRICIA - Pat - 108 Fifth St., GCP, Engineer, Lance Editor, Chariot Editor, Leader Corp, Student Council, Scenici Players, Math Circle, Photography Club, Intramurals, Phy-Chem-Bios, German Club STEWART, MARGARET - 162 Cellar Ave., NHP, Nurse, Eon- acs. Sports Club, Intramurals, JV. Glee Club, Los Chicos STOUT, .IUDITH ANN Ju 651 Sixth Ave., NHP, Teacher. Char ot Editor, ea Corp, Honor I. ader Corp. Zeta-Rho-Hi-Y, a rals Sports Club, Saph B rd, V. Glee Club FHA l I SURPRENANT, VAUGHN - A19 P Rd., HPX is Idez, JV. Soccer, French Club, Baseball, B , D nce B d, - ing Band, Intramurals nl Nl, FRANK - Frankie - 800 5th Ave., NHP, Unde- ntramurals, Hall Squad, Frosh Football, JV. Baseball. Utopian SVEC, DIANNE - 1005 N. 7th St,, NHP, College, Delta- Gamma'Hi-Y, V. Choir, Los Chicos, GSL, Intramurals, Tennis TATE, PATRICIA - Pat - 223 Nassau Blvd., GCP. College, Romanettes, Leader Corp, Zeta-Rho-Hi-Y, FTA, Los Chicos, JV. Glee Club, GAA, Sports Club, Intramurals A, PETER - 123 Hillside Blvd., NHP, Navy, Delta- Sigma-Hi-Y, Rifle Club GRANT - Smithy - 74 Wilton St., NHP, Navy, g Band, Dance Band, Concert Band TAYLOR, EDWARD - Eddie - 140 N. 7th St., NHP, Business Executive, Omega-Chi-Hi-Y, Chess Club, Hall Squad THODEN, MARIE - Rie - 1725 NHP Rd., NHP, Jr. College, Jr. Red Cross, Dramatics Club, Los Chicos, Intramurals, Library Club x . t SORRENTINO, ANTHONY - Tony - AA Elm Dr., NHP, Air Force, V. Basketball, V, Baseball, Delta-Sigma-Hi-Y, Varsity tramurals, German Club, Hall Squad SPACHNER, LAWRENCE - Larry - 200 Wilton St., NHP, Un- decided, Holl Squad Retailing, Jr., Sr. Boards, Delta-Gamma-Hi-Y, Concert Band, 5 if ,fi -5 Q ff a 14,2 ? V TOWNE, MARJORIE - Marge - 1534 Imperial Ave., NHP, 4' J f X Marching Band, Retailing Club, Intramurals USINGER, JOAN - 1411 Washington Ave., NHP, Teacher, FTA, Student Council, FHA, Chieftan, Debating Club, Intra- murals, Mixed Chorus. Totem SPIEGEL, SALLY - 310 lngraham Lane, NHP, Nurse, Future FHA, Intramurals, Chorus STEGEMANN, JEANETTE - 933 N. 5th St., NHP, Business, Hi-Y, Artisians, German Club. Intramurals, Frosh Board VANECEK, JOAN - 99 Laurel Dr., NHP, Teaching, Zeta-Rhc- Hi-Y, Chariot, Romanettes, Honor Society, Le-Cercle-Francais, GSL. Ecclesia, Scenici Players, Student Council, JV. Glee Club VENEZIA, THERESA - Terry - 33 Lewis Ave., NHP, Secre- tory, Jr Red Cross, FHA. Tennis Club, Intramurals 71 '- f yr. .e hx, ' '2 i f!.,i.f af' 'I ' f, , . .f,,zQ,'f.Qf7 . if ,!.,,f4 SH- I ff, , , ,M .V iff f fi WALDRON, THOMAS - Tom f 557 N 7lh St , NHP, Radio, Varsity Club, Track WALKER, BARBARA - I67 Laurel Dr, NHP, Teacher, Ro- manettes Zeta-Rho-Hi-Y, Soph, Jr Boards, FTA, GSL, V, Choir, .tr Red Crass, Scenic: Players fix 974441, Q . , rr ll' I 2 ' fr 16 1,5 ' 4 Y , ,Q , M, , , final? wid , 'QC ' T , , Q 1 K my gf , 7 7 emfwffy WH A sf , 5 ,ofa , , ,O I A we , , I i A CX ,, Cv I I .X I ! K' YOUNG, JANET - Maggie - IO7 Aster Dr., NHP, WEBER, JANET - jun - 102 N, rim gi, ' I Omce Teacher, JV, Cheerleaders, Delta-Gumma4Hr-Y, FTA, Astron- Worker, Sports Club. FHA, Modern Dance, Debate Club, Intramurals WEBSTER, WARREN 4 574 N 6th St., NHP, Engineer, Stu- dent Council, Intramurals, V. Choir, Ecclesia, JV. Football, Omega Chi, Sr Board, College WEISS, CAROL - 39 Croyden St, NHP, Secretory, FHA, German Club, GSL WESTERMANN, ELIZABETH A Lil - 25 Magnolia Dr , NHP, Medical Secretary, Tennis Club, Intramurals, Jr. Red Cross, Mixed Chorus WIDMER, STEPHANIE - IAI6 Belmont Ave, NHP, College. Chariot, Honor Society, Leader Corp, Eta-TauAHi-V, Ro- manetles, Niandians, Los Chicos, Math Circle, GSL, Intra- murals WILLDIGG, ARTHUR - Artie - lll Leonard Blvd., NHP, Navy, Hall Squad, Rifle Club WILLIAMS, YVONNE - I6 Cellar Ave, NHP, Nurse, leader Corp, Romanetles, Glee Club, V. Choir, Debating Club, Latin Club, Totem, Intramurals WILLIS, ROBERT - Bob - 2188 Jericho Tpk., GCP, Col- lege, Student Council, Soph, Jr. Boards, Chariot WILSON, THOMAS - Tom - 39 Williams St., NHP, En- gineer, Sr. Board, Key Club, Delta-Sigma-Hi-Y, Ecclesia, leader Corp, V. Lacrosse, V. Soccer, Varsity Club, Biology Club, Hi-Fi-Club WRIGHT, EILEEN - Dee - 1649 Highland Ave., NHP, Secretary, Leader Corp, Delta-Bamrno-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Intramurals, Choir, Chieftan 55 omy Club, GSL, Sr, Board LEGG, EDWARD - Ed - 706 Bryant Ave., NHP, Navy, Intramurals, Track CAMERA SHY: James Astin, James Reilly. lat We? With Richie, Sue and Louie, there was nought they couIdn't do. When they did a problem oh how the numbers flew! e4z'70e? Marty, Gail, and Stan were handy with brushes, Scissors, paint, paper and decorative flushes. t6 '?"02f223"Ti.w SR ana-f1Va21,m-J x 'B 95 DKMZQ 3J79fMW XS'-3' Aazf..5.,.,4 Jmz.:,.,,z51m3,,.?7H3E5,wPl-S CWM Qfgxvy WW 'iff QVGTQJMEQQM iffy Q CW W ffl ,,,,?wiiL Zlifgwi-'-W M ,EM fy! K 2,25 i WQ2fi2f+ifyfif ' D' !fW"""', . ' ' f f ,mf am-0 W M 532152, 'fag' abwwgfqgjgomkmm wi' 555'-f dfmik 95-5f'af7iak if Z7 Qggwwy BQ 62-f.,9.3m-pe Senior X 0 Autograph . I T MX JQF. All y ZMW mp t ,ri- 0 is 1 ,mc f ,V . AW K! Lf 17' ,ffl LC' ll f . ,..,,.. . ,,,,,., ,.., . ...- ..,,,,N!f,,,MM f 4 cf if new f ls M if' Et . E? FOOTBALL: FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. F. Lo Casclo, Coach D. Wassmer, V. lvansheck, R. Rankin, J. Darcy, G. Heck, C. Hil ton, C. Balestrino, R. Erbacher, J. Feurey, G. Balkowski, W. Pouelson, Mr. L. Cohen, Mr. S. Stempel, Coaches. SECOND ROW: A. Davis, Manager, P. Augello, R. Bellamente, G. Slater, K. Pie per, B. Smith, J. Meyer, D. Serwer, R. McCoy, W. Del Vallez, J. Gray, J. Campagne. THIRD ROW: R. Abbate, F, Erb, D. Krog- stad, E. Paternostro, N. Ogden, M. Milo, P. Wolynec, C. Hoenig, R. Shapiro, K. Leuppe. FootbaH Coach, Leon Cohen and Memorial High can well be proud of the 5-2 gridiron record posted by the T958 Football Team. The Gladiators swept through their schedule, losing only to Calhoun and Seaford. These successes were achieved only after long hours of hard work and practice. The Gladiators opened the season with three decisive victories over Floral Park, Elmont, and Eastern Military only to be knocked from the ranks of the unbeaten in a muddy battle with Calhoun. Bouncing back from this defeat, N.H.P. beat East Rockaway and then took Carey. However, the sea- son ended on a sadder note when we lost a hard fought battle to Seaford. The outstanding plays of quarterback, Pete Wolynec, halfback, Vic lvansheck, who was voted Most Valuable Player, and Co-captains, Charles Balestrino and Bud Hilton sparked the team to the successful season that they had. Jim Campagne kicks off to get the action rolling again. Strategy being planned - opposition beware! The opposition is stopped tor no gain. Coach Cohen capably combines iobs as he directs team and his daughter's leisure activi- ties. ' Date Opponent Oct. IO Elmont ....... Oct. i7 Eastern Military Oct. 25 Calhoun ...... Nov. i East Rockaway Nov. 7 Carey ....... Nov. i5 Seaford Vic Ivansheck and Bud Hilton receive awards from Coach Cohen. Septl 26 Floral Park ... .. Pete Wolynec runs interference for Vic lvansheck. Scoreboard Where We They Away . . . . 27 6 Home . . . 28 O Away . . . . l4 7 Home . . . . O 6 Away . . . . 25 i4 Home . . . 28 25 Away . . . . O 6 Our boys show their spirit at the Football Jamboree, 59 'wMnv"Q1-4' 1 M V ,, U ' -f-E' ,M . v ' 4.1 u- -- 1 - . SOCCER: FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Hecker, W. Hall, T. Wilson, F. Helgerson, C. Schloss, T. Syvertsen, A. Subach, Manager. R. Eckert, G. Glaser, R. Schaub, A. Medina, B. Roe, C. Schweizer THIRD ROW: M. Goodman, M. Fine, S. Moculeski, W. Hoffman, SECOND ROW: E. Kelly, R. Dennis, R. Glickstein, M. Goldstein, G. Tuffaro, C. Vi Vona, A. Weiner, Mr. W. Keller, Coach. Soccer ln their first season of league play, the Soccer Team booted their way to an eventful season. lts record of 8 wins, 3 losses and 3 Ties clinched third place in the tough South Shore League. The boaters showed a strong beginning by going undefeated in their first four games, thus extending their record of consecutive un- beaten games to sixteen. However, a strong south side Chico Medina faces the opposition of his teammates in prac- tice. team handed N.l-l.P. its first defeat in two years. The Gladiators proceeded to end the season in fine style losing only to Elmont and again to South Side. Because of his exceptional playmaking, Gerehard Glaser was voted Most Valuable Player. Pete Hecker received the honor of being elected Captain. The coach of the Soccer Team was Mr. W. Keller. Peter Hecker and Gerhard Glaser, our Soccer All-Scholastic Team members. The team practices their daily heading drill. The Gladiators sharpen up on their tactics Gerhard Glaser about to kick another goal. Date Sept. Sept. Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Scoreboard Opponent Valley Stream S. ... Long Beach ....... Wantagh . .. Carey ......... South Side ........ Valley Stream N. ... Elmont ........ Long Beach .. Wantagh . . . Carey ......... South Side ........ Valley Stream N. ... Elmont ........... Valley Stream S. ... Where We They Away 2 O Home 8 2 Away O O Away 2 2 Home O 6 Away 6 2 Away 2 5 Away 2 O Home O O Home lO O Away O 7 Home 8 O Home 2 O Home 6 2 - l Chico Medina faces the opposition of his teammates in Bob Eckert tights tor possession ofthe ball, practice. VARSITY SQUAD: LEFT TO RIGHT: Alex Medina, Donald Ring, Edward Kelly, Paul Rothenbiller, George Meyers, Richard Schaub, Bob l-lousman, Anthony Sorrentino, Robert Glickstein, Peter Wolynec, William Hall, John Dziamba, Jay Meyer. Va rs ity T-E-A-M! yea, Team! and many other cheers were familiar sounds as the New Hyde Park Cagers completed their first season of league competition. While their win-and-lost record was not sensational, the 1958-59 edition of the Gladiator basketball team provided more thrills and surprises than has any previous team. Even though pitted in a highly com- petitive league and matched against teams of superior height, the Gladiators Hoopsters capped five victories - 2 over Freeport, 2 over Elmont and a single win over Carey. An al- most victory game was turned to defeat as the team lost to Calhoun in overtime 53-52. It's hard to pick one game which was any more thrilling than another, but more people will probably remember the game with Elmont on Feb. 27. Losing 55-52 with 50 seconds left to play, the NHP gladiators managed to pull it out and win 56-55. The success of the team can be attributed mostly to the rebounding and play-making of Paul Rothenbiller, Tony Sorrentino, and Pete Wolynec, and the dead-eye sho-ating of Dick Schaub, the most valuable player, and cap- tain, Don Ring. The boys were ably coached by Mr. Ambrose Moran. Date December December December December December January January January January January January February February February February February February February 62 5 13 16 19 23 6 9 13 23 27 30 3 6 11 13 17 24 27 Basketball Scoreboard Opponent Where We Floral Park . Away 50 Carey ..... Home 55 Hempstead . Away 59 Hewlett .... Home 69 Long Beach . Home 59 South Side . Away 61 Freeport . . . Away 65 Calhoun . . . Home 59 East Meadow Home 48 Elmont ..... Away 51 Hempstead . Home 40 Hewlett .... Away 58 Long Beach . Away 61 South Side . Home 59 Freeport . . . Home 55 Calhoun ... Away 52 East Meadow Away 48 Elmont .... Home 56 They 55 44 73 75 63 80 50 68 64 49 56 73 75 74 50 53 55 55 1' ms Paul Rofhenbiller leaps high for a Memorial rebound. Dick Schaub adds inches To his stature as he strains far a iump ball. ' it , , palm 'f'451f . s. -.. 1 .ff Don Ring tickles the ball in for fwa points. Junior Varsit JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL: FIRST ROW, leff io righi: T. Cannelley, H. Kohl, K. Niles, W. Fariunafo. R. Charney, D. Roden, C. Giannini. SECOND ROW: J. Okulski, E. Paternastra, R. McCoy, C. Hennings, W. Del Vallez, A. Rizzi, J. Rudell, 6'1- 1s FW fu, "WK 'I' gn, fk r-ci " Evil BASEBALL: FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Rankin, J. Onysko, F. lappolo, G. Heck, G. Meyers, F. Bonelli, Mr. D. Starr, Coach, T. Nichols, S. Pace, P. Wolynec, A. Sorrentino, R. Bonelli, N. Ogden. Bat Boy: P. Dzebrewski. Baseball Few high school teams are very successful in their Scoreboard first season of play but the Gladiator's Baseball Team hung up its spikes at the end of the season Dale Where Whefe We Tl"eY with a terrific record of l3 wins and only 2 loses. April l4 Plainview ...... Home 6 l New Hyde Park was noted tor its ability to "knock A ril 15 5 05591 ,,,,,,,, Home 5 the cover oft the ball." Throughout the season, the p Y l I I b r r I f IOI ' I5 e A .I18 L . D. .. A oca oys rang up a oa o runs in gam s, Aprll 22 Hevlllolllm lvlslon HWOY 1? ? while holding the opposition to only 26. Tom Nichols prl emc S """' Ome led the fence-busting parade with a .452 mark, tol- Apfll 24 CUVGY ---- ---- A WUY 2 3 lowed by Pete Wolynec's .438 average, Gary l-leck's April 29 Elmont . . . .... Home 2 l .36l average and Tony Sorrentino, who batted .34l. Mgy 1 Elmonf ,-,,,.,. Away 6 1 No team can do without a pitcher, however, and Moy 5 Hom' pork HH. Away 3 O grank Bonelli! dipl a splerydici iobdin thaLlinE-.dl-le wan MG 9 Elmont AWG 7 2 gamesw ie osing ony an was ac e up y Y ' " "" Y Bob Rankin and George Meyers. MGY I2 Herricks ------- l'l0me I7 l Because at his highly successful season on the May l3 Floral Park ..... l-lome 8 3 mound Frank Bonelli was voted Most Valuable May 15 Qmey .-.'-.,-' Home 4 O Player and Tom Nichols was elected Captain. The May 2l Carey .... .... A way l 5 Couch WGS Ml' D' STOP lvlay 26 Elmont ........ Home ll l lvlay 29 Floral Park ..... Away l3 2 Third baseman, Tony Sorrentino, waits impatiently for his turn Shortstop, Tom Nichols, gets ready to "knock the cover oft at bat. the ball." I Mar W M I If I V,, . ,, The crack of a gun and the sound ot teet running QQQQQS 5 QQQQEQ QQ TRACK AND FIELD: FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Haig, D. Dick- son, M. Milo, D. Wilsey, J. Hooper, T. Walderon, R. Glickstein K. Leupp, D. Boland, F. Maxey, C. Honig, M. Naso, A. Subach SECOND ROW: R. Niles, B. Carlsen, R. Muli, R. Tintle, T. Syvert- sen, K. Pieper, C. Seawood, R. McCoy, K. Berg, K. Cavanaugh 4 . 'NJ' ' 1. K Q" T' S 54 M. Ruboken, B. Bergbom. THIRD ROW: T. Dillon, B. Natalie, D. Oehl, B, Bellamante, R. Dennis, P. Weiss, A. Edel, B. Wagner, R. Koplin, C. Allio, S. Trachteriberg, B. Hilton, S. Caltagirone, E. Kelly, R. Roberts, A. Hopkins, I. Boxt, F. Smith, R. Ashker, D. Serwer, J. Leahy, K. Berg, Mr. W. Peters, Advisor. Track and Field X gy f over a cinder track were commonly heard on Me- morial's track field prior to and during a very suc- cessful track season. As "Peter's Men" beat Syosset in their tirst outing by a score ot 75-29 it was evident that the team would do well that season. To no one's surprise, Mr. Peter's fleet-tooted, high-iumping and tar-throwing track men combined their many talents in victory after victory and completed the season with a spectacular record ot il wins and O losses. The New Hyde Park Memorial Track Team brought its season to a grand climax in the First Annual District Meet when it overwhelmed all its opponents and won the meet. As a result of his hard work and leadership, Pete Weiss was voted Most Valuable Player and Bud Hil- ton and Steve Trachtenberg were elected Co- Captains. Up and over goes pole-vaulter, Charles Sea- wood. X Scoreboard Date Opponent Where We They April i958 Syosset ..... Home .. 75 29 April i958 Elmont . . . . Home . . 74 30 April i958 Carey ...... Home .. 7QVs 3l26 April i958 Syosset ..... Home .. 76 28 May i958 Floral Park .. Horne .. 64 40 May i958 Elmont ...... Away .. 64 39 May i958 Floral Park .. Away .. 64V2 39V2 May i958 Wheatly ..... Home .. 63Vs 4035 May l958 Carey . . . . Away . . 63 40 Speedy Pete Weiss flashes to another victory. ji sr I P' 4 .lf l r, ,i .. i "' r X ' x 3 '.'. . Eel. .34 e-QL LACROSSE: FIRST ROW, left to right: Mr. S. Stempel, Advisor, T. Wilson, B. Roe, W. Hall, R. Murphy, N. Baudo, V. lvansheck, .C. Balestrino, D. McAllister, H. Orr, D. Wassmer. SECOND ROW: T. Moran, P. Greiner, F. Scholer, J. Campana, D. Miller, B, Smith 1 J. Gray, R. Giandana, T. Smith, P. Mackaut, A. Medina, E. Razza i F N. Graso. THIRD ROW: T. Conley, J. Pratt, R. Andrews, M. Cun ningham, D. Finnegan, S. Stout, J. Eagen, J. Campanis, D. Krog stad, C. Collins, P. Zipper, W. Pouelson, A. Mackowski, C. Rich N. Laskowitz, R. Doumar. g Lacrosse .ln its first season of competition in the Metropoli- ' ftan Novice Lacrosse League, the New Hyde Park "stickmen," through the leadership and superb play- Date Opponent Where We They ing ot Vic lvansheck, Spike Orr, and Doug Wass- A M16 Elmont AWG 4 3 mer, posted a noble record at 9 wins, 3 losses, and p ' I """" Y 1 He' April Qi F oral Park ..... Home TO 6 Lacrosse is truly a sport which requires speed, en- Apfll 24 Carey ----- - - . Home O 6 durance, skill and quick-thinking. The New Hyde May l Uniondale ..... Away 6 TO Park Memorial Lacrosse Team displayed all at these Mcy 5 Corey .-'..'..- Away 3 9 qualities and was well rewarded when it defeated MO 8 E TM d H H 4 Floral Park in the final game of the season and Y as eg OW Ome clinched the District Trophy tor Memorial. MOYJ2 Flmonl -"'-'-' Home 6 5 Doug Wassmer received the Most Valuable May l4 WOlT Whitman .. Away 9 4 Player Award, Vic lvansheck was elected Captain, May IQ Lynbfook IIII.. Home 7 2 and Mr. Stempel was the coach. Mcy 22 Amnyvine H-.H AWOY 5 5 May 26 Halt-Hollow Hills Home ii 0 May 29 Floral Park ..... Away 8 5 Team members receive last minute instructions from Coach, Mr. Stemple. i ,... 0 ad ,X , X VN K W A I . . bil., In ,Pg ew J - to ,l f :sl ,X a ,J 3-V-I-1 ,.., ' ' ' ' ., A ,fl :Z - Rf, 6 jx, s. -9- X C., . V +3 .- as r 1 i 't . r..' 4 is-'J . me s. -.. Ji? . ax, .R - ' ' .1 . . Q, - fsewf. , V l . r 'l T 7 Mr S Stemple Coach congratulates 332.-if: ' rt ' "lg 'tw' Charles Balestrino Sends ard Murphy Doug Wassmer and F f h U ,, 5 A ' V. -if f , a pass to All Scholastic Team members, Rich- sb j 1 -. E ' 4 , his fegm mares. -:F I : at ' ' l ' ' ' 132, :r ' l Q 1 3 ' has if ' 1 f 5 - .T Vic lvansheck. 'Q r . - ...V Q ' Ny- - '+- ri, . John Stabb, Martin Wilson, Gary Mctzler, and Don Dixon entertain at the Sports' Award Dinner. VARSITY CLUB: FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Balestrino, G. Heck, L. Cohen, Adviser, N. Baudo, R. Schaub. SECOND ROW: A. Medina, P. Mackaut, D. Wassmer, D, Ring, J. Onysko, J, Gray, R. Rankin, R. Glickstein, W. Pouelson, P. Greiner, A. Subach, D. Oehl, P. Wolynec, C. Hoenig, K. Leupp, J. Leahy. THIRD ROW: R. Abbate, R. Giandanna, T. Wilson, B. Roe, A. Sorrentino, A. Varsity The Varsity Club is an organization composed of and dedicated to Memorial's athletes. Along with their extensive program and benefits to the Gladia- tors, the club plays an important part in school sports and other functions. Such activities and selling hot-dogs, cokes and programs at home games are a few ot the projects sponsored by the Varsity Club. Membership in the Varsity Club is conhned to Markussen, G, Glaser, N, Ogden, H. Orr, C. Schweizer, V. Ivan- sheck, W. Hall, R. Koplin, J. Darcy, R. Eckert. FOURTH ROW: C. Seawood, B. Smith, C. Schloss, E. Kelly, A, Edel, C. McAl- lister, T. Waldron, J. Meyer, G. Meyers, P. Hecker, S. Caltager- one, C. Hilton, M. Milo, W. Hottman, D, Servver. Club those athletes vvho have been outstanding enough in their field to merit a varsity letter. Membership in this organization, therefore, comes only as a result of many hours of hard work. The otticers are: Co-president, Gary Heck and Nick Baudo, Secretary, Richard Schaub, and Treas- urer, Charles Balestrino. Mr. David Star acted as advisor. Bud Hilton, Co-captain of the Football Team, re- ceives a trophy from Mr. L. Cohen. sumptuous meal. Mernarial's Gladiators enof BOYS' LEADER CORPS: FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Mull, R. Ab- bate, G. Reich, P. Wolynec, H. Orr, G. Meyers, W. Pouelson, D, Oehl. SECOND ROW: F. Helgeson, B. Haig, W. Natalie, R. Boys' Lead BOYS' LEADER CORPS The Boys' Leader Corps is a group of boys organ- ized to be of service in physical education classes. The members are a select group with the qualifications of sports ability, a better than average scholastic record and above all, good leadership ability. The main activity is that of instructing pupils in the . .. ff ,X ,QM W . .in 'Mgr ' Glickstein, 1lK"lDavis, 421' Rankinf- F. Md,llffffl'lTR'D ROW: T. Nlulieri,"J. Egan, Af-x,M'aDrkLEse'n, E. Kelly,fsMTl Milo, T. Wilson, J. Sheel'in,,,l2f"lQ'oJ5li11. i V U figs, Q' T . , Vjc,w -- ,.,VV ,P A y' , ,,s- vdffv i N' ' , Y' ll if ZQLTQ' er Corps' fundamental principals and skills of the major sports. Other activities aside from these have been selling tickets at sport contests and sponsoring a student- faculty game. The ofticers were. President, Harold Orr, and Vice President, Arthur Markussen. The advisor was Mr. L. Cohen. Bill Pouleson helps the younger boys during gym classes. Pete Wolynec demonstrates the "proper" use of a baseball bat to Spike Orr and George Meyers. Will! W .... if nt' Leader Corps men take a "coffee break." L My ,pw 'AME Q 95 my . -if 4 gif.. vw E fr"'A?T" fu if 1 1 'L 'MR 23.8-agix nm , !7:Ys',YR. H, 1 n ,sf me 1 TW ' 4:,4, 1--12, 'p i wr., Q .-1, T. Q , W.-- ICF fi 'f r 45 D2 uf. 'nge 34, V 1. .., :.42?'!'7"'i '4 'fel' f f remain. pl.. 5-'gkgigym , .jog '--iwgsf, 5,121 2 Ap . he --fs' i r E x -. f 0 .1 f -Fwd hd K Q 2 3' if? if. Vw 9 X .. Ta gy 'nf . A .3 N. L 5 IRM il x , 1 4 ! c s s ' A in 'if .4 x, i 9 I V N, , ,, ,f :if , ' 1 uw '-' ff - ,, ,, . film gk ,. Nr ,, .ff " " , x' 4 jg , ui ,-w ' -fi . , t 'g f , A , . h 5 , - pn'7ff :Q " 4' P J Q: f 4 wi . . .' f 1. fnf 'X x 1, I JVC- , , -'WV'-Af ,' ' I, " U, jqla ' A I .Z ,Rf .1-1, N gf , 1 ' 11 'pp' 1 av .rvfg " 1 A ,47 vii x 1 Q x - N -K 1,A KX A .2 Z, XL -Qfq 15 , N .b .xkk , f LJI+opQaDw , "KVI 42 W' Q,-55: ,A I, .QU k ,W fi, , Q 15 -2 u' Ei' ' of 8335 Q , 1 2:12 .2-:EM,F?!iX . H+- -E 'C 04.2 A " .' O -gg 0' r ,?, g7KUmgVgL. IE 'E.v 'E'f'o . v " 1 Q of 'g ' -0-',E -D A "O 5: E m CV h 9, Q2 2? oqgffg-. mor, Eiwvfg' 0 K' .E U ,off-' . I L ,, N-Y-F 2 fic L31 A , 4 gb I OV. .X ,zwgn -is Q E c. cz, . -ug 'HU 0 Qu ug...v rw,,'3 uf,- Lx ,,' i. 4-nu 90:76, gs Q Q. ,H ' U.wb ev Ma28sA 'Z' ,j' V, tgp. ,D ff? M-CAL'-A ap ' ,Q Af un..A, b , ff. V-,'-'C 2, K an gi E' . , 'Q eiemfgf 'IE h , 24 C 9- , .. io Q QD, ' A '-.Ju ,igrhlih :ti 2 lui? 1,5 .HX .' ii: .tx . 1 '- S4 "'..4,:1.-afJ'+.-' if VT' 'V ' lfzvkkllixf :B 5 s A-:fly 4 "SB: Kb... TWIRLERS: FIRST ROW, left to right: Eileen McCrea, Jeanne Feld- Carol Leonard, Virginia Kreyling, Carmen Hernandez, Jeanne man, Deanna Brent, Dot Junge, Nancy Zith, Marilyn Dmuchowski, Snabel, Karin Miller, Libby Christon, Barbara Calogero, Diane Sandra Bosand. SECOND ROW: Barbara Ostro. THIRD ROW: De Gianno, Leona Balcuk, Barbara lslernan. ' j Twirl ers l With flashing silver batons, bobbing tassels on their boots, and clocklike precision, the Memorial Twirlers strutted onto the field dur- ing the football half-times. Combining natural ability with a great deal of practice, the girls put on many a dazzling show and added color and pep to the band performances. Ably led by Captain, Barbara Ostro, Co-captain, Nancy Zith and Mrs. Carolyn Tallow, their advisor, the girls were special attractions at the United States Week Parade and at our pep rallies and special assemblies. The Twirlers form an "M" as part of their Marching Drum Maiorette, Barbara Ostro, leads the Varsity Band routine. Twirlers in their routine. Twirlers display their I ability at the Football A I A , ' 5 7 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Reiss, Arlene Seltzer, Barbara De Meo, Nancy Kirk, Barbara Paschette, Margaret Schmid, Gail Becker, Janet Young, Joanne Herbert, Bea Gregorio, Varsity Cheerleaders F-l-T-E, tight team tight!! yelled the ten girls on the Varsity Cheer- leaders. Their new royal blue princess line outfits with high collars were seen in motion at every Varsity Football and Basketball game, pep rally, and special assembly as they help lead Memorial on to victory. With pep, vim and vigor the girls, led by Barbara Pachette, Cap- tain, Margie Schmid, co-captain, and Mrs. Constance Stoll, their ad- visor, were alvvays there boosting school spirit and fighting for V-l-C-T-O-R-Y. With sideline urging, concentration, and that extra "push," the Cheerleaders "F. . .l...T. . .E" almost as hard as the boys on the field. gridiron Gladiators. Cheerleaders' confident smiles assure victory for our R H41 A n 5. X,. 9 - 'lYp':eaSdh7!s", Cheer- Q A- A . ,, if .f'f9v,,v,,t leaders t'practice", 51,3 ,Q gs f- fl 'Q L ,fm 8 ' n, QQ X ,'5-' Qi - ' V ,, 'l iaqf l Result. poise and ' Q., ,Q 5. vi' T ' 3 55' 1 l V' r f V ' Q' A' -j , Vff-av ' 'Z perfection. g ffm? 0: G , ' . 7 ,, 1 Lf ". H MWA ' 'tti, , , ,-4, Qgxmn, 6. 1 ' if l , fa M . if 1 fgrrf v fe tss . f 1 ' ' A . . is ,M l ga ff ' - ff - . - .sz W W . NV . .V by li , x.vAL , ,. 'X E Y . - '- Q . E A 'li '. K ff ' L Cages? Q B , QV lv I l K L I - -r- " n i, I I . ,mfr :ig : "'t ' C K- , - f '5 T ' 'f '. f, - V- .- 1 C 473 ..,. ., -. .4-,fs 4 L., -nz. 1 -. if f ,ef .W ., J.V. CHEERLEADERS, "A" SQUAD: LEFT TO RIGHT: Dot Pagano, Alice Bailey, Marie De Martino, Marilyn Walrapp, Betty Rivera. Nancy Fuelling, Irene Rud- dock, Brenda Neuschulz. Junior Varsit " "Cheerleaders With arms waving, legs kicking, voices cheering and skirts flying the Junior Varsity "A" Cheerleaders proudly cheered at J.V. football and basketball games and at our pep rallies. Dressed in blue and white, they stood ready with a cheer for each gain or victory scored by Memorial. Led by their advisor, Mrs, Constance Stoll, Captain, Betty Rivera and Co-Captain, Nancy Fuelling, the girls strove tor perfection. "VVe're from Memorial. We couldn"f be any prouder . . ." .l.V. Cheerleaders know that practice makes perfect. Q if rw Q K' A gk vi fm . . . f 2 'tis ' k f ff V - A-uw' , , " "cf zu - fu- 'X' , W. . . . tifefffif Captain, Betty Rivera, and her cheer- wg, '27 . :'s" K., gs X 'rffrgs J ',33ff?- - 7 W 34 ' , Tiff' ,-f , iv ' X "Q leading squad have plenty of pep and . . .gtg s W' ., f-'f ,. " " C I .g,',"3-1 s pi rut. ...Y f -34' J.V. Cheerleaders rise to the occasion with a rousing cheer. 72 qiiifgl ma , V., if' f, , 5 :until 3 1...-1 : - S J.V. CHEERLEADERS, "B" SQUAD: RIGHT TO LEFT: Nancy Firrioli, Carol Freiclin, Nancy Ellis, Eileen Olivefo, PaT Van Cc-TT, Joann Kirk, Marie Di Lorenzo, KaThy Ewald, Alice Seymour, Carolyn Hartwell. Junior Varsity " " Cheerleaders "We're from Memorial," shouTed The energeTic Junior VarsiTy "B" Cheerleaders as They added Their voices To The oTher shouTs urging our J.V. FooTbalI and BaskeTloall Teams on The paTh To vicTory. AT each pep rally Their skirTs and vveskiTs in our school colors could be seen as They did Their loesT To encourage more school spiriT. Through consTanT pracTice under The leadership of Mrs. ConsTance SToll, Advisor, CapTain Nancy Firrioli, and Co-capTain, Joann Kirk, The girls conTinued Their rouTines. "Aces high, deuces lovv, Are you ready? LeT's go!" M ss, 9459" -V f. ' X f N M " ' v .Y Q rs . . T 1 , - , ,, ,ye:,.,x T Af M 'f ge' -- , A .. N wr E -if' Ng' .f,'- rf : WMI . M- , V ' ,, ' ' ' Y ' 'E ' A l J . H ,u W V Mg, ,L -Fi Q ff V 5 . X 4' i 5 Ski Q 5' ' 1 T ..-. 41 -fi " ' V - Cf A These big smiles keep our Teams win - iv, H X. asf- ,, 1 -,sas-re., J . s..s ss .. .X sux... T MQ- W :T "ws - 2' T - reef' A-T-Ee N-rf r11:wfM5'mw+:emsf'q?:,. . -W e 5315 ' . M fl ,W X 5,N,.,', . ,gg ..' . X N vw, Th, .g , , sg,?."'21w.'i V -A is Junior VarsiTy "B" Lheerleaders always prac- Tice faiThTully. 73 ROMANETTES: LEFT TO RIGHT: Gail Crawford, Janet Dennis, Ellen Ryan, Barbara Walker, Yvonne Wil- liams, Janice Holm, Patricia Tate, Hildegarde Riemer, Susan Klausner, Romanettes One, two, three, kick! Over and over again, day after day lvlemorial's precision dance line, the Ro- manettes, worked hard and long to blend eighteen individuals into a synchronized, coordinated, whole. Although at times the members of this organization were discouraged, they stuck it out and were re- warded in September by the applause they received in response to their spectacular performance at the Football Jamboree. ln February their Charleston Routine was the talk at the school. Romanette oiahcers, Janice Holm, Stephanie Widrner, Pat Tae, Jan Dennis, Virginia Baer, and Mary Bartkowski, exemplify style and rhythm. To be selected as a Romanette each girl had to pass a personal interview and an equally difficult tryout in which dancing ability was tested. From. the many applicants eighteen were selected. Under the guidance ot Miss Gayle Balsam, the advisor, Captain, Pat Tate and Co-Captain, Jan Dennis, the girls strove tor perfection and came as close to their goal as is humanly possible. Patty Bartkowski, the mascot ot the Romanettes, and an uni dentihed canine friend pose at halt-time. , el ft , I , .v.',, NH! ,dup awp' ali' ROMANETTES: LEFT TO RIGHT: Maureen McNulty, Virginia Baer, Stephanie Widmer, Lorraine Baum, Carol Schultz, Joan Vanecek, Angela Casale, Mary Barfkowski, Patricia Kane. The Romaneftes, a new group in our school this year, did much to add to school spirit. fi 296 Q 4 f " ' iii'i A ffffi - J , ' ' ff' N 'i w V' ,i 4 P it i f ' "' y x I' io' 'V I 'f xl ", ,, , 5, - fi ' X i f i ' ' i L. , Our Romanettes proudly display their precision dancing at the poll Foofbclljcmbo,-ee. The Romanettes always have their best foot forward 1 505 dst p , is 'T"N ,ik . W 4 xvgq-K II, fix. -. , I NC., ,XXX I X . JWLQ x. SENIOR HIGH GIRLS' SPORTS CLUB: FIRST ROW, left to right: E, Metzler, A. Jocobsen, J. Halpern, R. Dessner, L. Afios, E. AIIen, M. Frosco, A. Smith. SECOND ROW: D. Boldt, M. Merkerf, Q.lISVM5OVff1L,eE-LAlQJl- Iey, Miss J. Rudermon, Advisorf'JA Soufhern, H. Longon, P, Von Coff, J. Porr THIRD ROW: M. Gunther, J. Zeigler, K Hohn, M. Miller, I, Weifmonn. -XL --44, , ., K-fx, - ,,,.g.-... .X uw., xx-,nil . gxkkg- g X I 1 .,- f. , C .-.C K., E .fi -f 5 'sf -X R -. .A - . X., I XN2 Y . -M .....-i1xnlL1 - a: Senior H' h SENIOR HIGH GIRLS' SPORTS CLUB: FIRST ROW, Ieff to right: B. Colcxmis, I. Muller E. Wicks, A. Boccio, P. Abbcto, M. Pesce P. Weiss, D. Pies, B. Kasper, E. Oliveto SECOND ROW: M. Tomcszewski, C. Meek C. Hingulor, E. Frcxnk, J. Erb, M. Thoden Mrs. L. Limoxes, Advisor, J. Kirk, M. Turner V. Doerrer, A. Eide, A. Riccon, E. Weiss THIRD ROW: E. Renwick, G. Dodge, L Gustafson, L, Zydrko, K. Dibczri, D. Kcilish K. Ewold, V. Mcmgcinero. ARCHERY: FIRST ROW, Ief'I fo righf: M Miller, K. Hczhn, C. Hingulor, V. Mon- gcncro, J. Herbert, A. Southern, L. Zdyrko E. McSorIey. SECOND ROW: D. Koiish, J Lersen, M. Turner, H, Longon, E. Mefzler, M. Merkert, K. Feurey, J. Adelmon, B. Kos- per, A. Riccon, P, Von Coit, D. Wright CENTER: E. Wicks. f 1 1 1 1 ntramurals BOWLING CLUB: FIRST ROW, left to right: E. Wicks, N, Fuelling, J. Halpern, P. Van Cott, H. Langan, A. Riccon, J. Bouladier, B. Cczlamis. SECOND ROW: M. Miller, D. Wright, K. Hahn, A. Southern, J. Ziegler, E. lVlCSorley, K. De Barri, V, Huclak, V. Doerrer, D. Boldt. HOCKEY AND SOCCER CLUB KBELOWI: FIRST ROW, left to right: Arlene Boccia, Patricia Abloato, Marie Pesce, Doris Boldt, Annette Riccon, Audrey Eide, Janice Holm, Judy Erlo, Linda Zdyrka, Joyce Ziegler. CENTER: Elise Wicks. vq . ADVANCED DANCERS CLUB LMIDDLE RIGHTJ: LEFT TO RIGHT: F. Salemi, lvl. Via- rengo, S. Gcilderisi, P. Dziomba, K. Hukak, M. Smith, E. lvlazurkiewicz. CENTER: D. Leonarski. APPARATUS AND TRAMPOLINE: FIRST ROW, left to right: E. Frank, A. Riccon, M. Pesce. SECOND ROW: P. Alabato, A. Boc- cio, V. tvlanganaro, J. Porr, E. Wicks, E. Allen. THIRD ROW: H. Langan, L. Zdyrko. X F .4 7th GRADE GIRLS' INTRAMURALS: FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Brown, B. Carolan, C. Sanchez, N. Hahn A. Bora, R. Palmieri. SECOND ROW: N. Grube, E. Rodgers, P. Keck, L. Fuelling, B. Straka, J. Langone, J. Dis- cald, J. Latsko, J. Heflner, C. Alexandra, C. Christ, K. Sadlo, A. Bailey. THIRD ROW: I. Isnardi, C. Belotte, K. Atkinson, M. Sanchez, C. Grant, E. Pollack, V. Ruffert, D. Stillvvell, A. Nachemson, L. Schonewald, R. Spec- tor, J. Clark. FOURTH ROW: A. Ress, E. Eberle, J. Greftrath, M. Roberti, D. McAllister, K. Birmingham, A Yasinoski, C. Roberts, S. Rovner, F. Oster, R. Zambito, B. Reile. 1 I Junior High JUNIOR HIGH SOCCER AND FIELD HOCKEY: FIRST ROW, left to right: V. Oclerman, M. Holm, E. lvansheck, G. Robertson, R. Jaeger, C. Roberts. SEC- OND ROW: A. Tarb, L. Beauclet, M. Thomson, Miss T. Olmecla, Advisor, M. Melton, R. Wessinger. JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' SPORTS CLUB: FIRST ROW, left to right: E. lvansheck, M. Holm, J. Arnett, L. Drassner, L. Cornell, J. Heck, G. Smith, L. Johnson, J. Freidman, P. Walsh, V. Weck, S, Zuckerman. SECOND ROW: G. Robertson, A. Taub, C. Phelps, S. Lando, M. Breit, N. Brown, J. Van Oostrom, L. Carlson, L. Zdiebkovvski, A. Laky, D. Lempicky, R. Wessinger, P. Lance, S. Georges. THIRD ROW: J. Joerg, D. Steinrnetz, M. Thomp- son, B. Capaccio, I. Cleary, V. Odermon, S. Hennings, K. Keshian, C, Christiansen, S. Pollett, D. Spahr, R, Jaeger, M. Melton. I I . . .. , . il 1... ..m..,.M.-e,..,m...l ..m... ,. 7tI1 GRADE GIRLS' INTRAMURALS: FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Wolf, K. Scully, K. Camp, J. Newark J Carl sen, M. Conde, M. Falk, L. Saccoccio, A. Charney. SECOND ROW: A. Kane, M. Fleming, M. Fransen B Hockeiser, R. Frank, S. Selvern, V. Milio, M. Holland, A. Ehrsam, N. O'Steen, J. Fricker, B, Juliana THIRD ROW: L. Owens, P. Kciessinger, J. Kalbtletsch, L. Beaudet, A. Wesely, D. Hulett, J. Reitman, l. Briggin C Sather, C. Kosinski. FOURTH ROW: H. Moriber, M. Piemonta, P. Casillo, P. Belyea, M. Messano V Buo naiuto, P. McAndrews, M. Macdonald, E. Kinsella, E. Miller. Intramurals JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS' TUMBLING CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: E. Rodgers, K Scully, A. Ress, E. Eberle, M. Piemon, J Langone, J. Arnett, R. Spector, M. Fran- sen, P. Keck. SECOND ROW: S. Zuck- man, L. Soccoccio, l. Isnardi, P. Ca- sullo, K. Birmingham, Miss J. Ruderman, Advisor, A. Yasinowski, K. Steinmetz, J Joerg, S. Georges. Junior High Girls of the Tumbling and Apparatus Club get a Miss J. Ruclerman, Advisor, helps the girls of the Tumbling and workouf on The equipment, Apparatus Club perform stunts. at -X 1 , . .mn-s..y.W,.., -f . ,, . A , ...,,,, , .V-is 1 fi 'ii .15 L.,,N ,-4. GIRLS' LEADER CORPS: FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Stephens, E. Frank, J. Cancro, E, Holm, J. Holm, B. Rivera, E. Weiss, N Fuelling, C. Creta, J. Agosta. SECOND ROW: H, Riemer, S. Wid mer, L. Atlas, M. Lella, J. Erb, A. Baccio, J. Stout, A. Jacobson R. Dessner, D. Pies, C. Pelkowski, THIRD ROW: V. Manganaro, K. Miller, M. Wallrapp, S. Konowalow, K, Hahn, S. Klausner, P. Okulski, A. Bailey, H. Langan, Y. Williams, D. Wright, M. Za- netti, B. Schoneboom, M. Tureo. FOURTH ROW: I. Weitman, V. Kreyling, B. Kaspar, J. Porr, G. Merrell, S. Maher, L. Maystrick, J. Herbert, A, Riccon, J. Piccarella. Girls Leaders' Corps Girls in white gym suits, with quick smiles, and helping hands were seen throughout the two girls' gymnasiums as they went about their jobs as mem- bers ot Girls' Leader Corp. Under the guidance ot Miss Rosalia Gioia, their advisor, the girls assisted the physical education teachers in the classes, om- cioted at intramurals, and arranged and took part in the Girls' Week Observance, the referee clinic, During a gym class, Leader Corps girls help teach modern dance techniques. and many varied playdays. Color and enioyment were added to their year by the Christmas Party, annual dance, Mother-Daughter Dinner, and the camping trip to Pawling, New York. The club otticers were Arlene Boccio, President, Arlene Jacobson, Vice President, Patricia Tate, Treasurer, Maria Lella, Recording Secretary, and Elizabeth Weiss, Corresponding Secretary. Stunts and tumbling are part of the Leader Corps training. Members of Leader Corps, who assist in gym classes, go over the fundamentals at tield hockey. 1.9 HONOR LEADER CORPS: LEFT TO RIGHT: Arlene Boccio, Judy STouT, Judy Erb, Miss R. Gioia, Janice Holm, PaT Tate. Girls' Week AchievemenTs in leadership, characTer, ciTizenship and service of The girls of New Hyde Park Memorial were broughT into vievv in The Second Annual Girls' Week Observance on OcTober 25-31. Special religious services, held on SaTurday and Sunday, marked The beginning of The Week. On Monday The Girls' Leader Corps, in a solemn serv- SOCCER PLAYDAY: FIRST ROW, leff To righiz G, RoberT- Honor Leader Corps The five girls of Honor Leader Corps were chosen ioinTly by The members of The Girls' Leader Corps and The Girls' Physical Edu- caTion DeparTmenT for ouTsTanding service and abiIiTy. WiTh Mrs. T. Limaxes, Their advisor, The girls, dressed in red uniforms wiTh a whiTe N, added To The efflciency in The gymnasium boTh during and aTTer school. ice, inducTed iTs new members. A FaTher-DaughTer Square Dance vvas held on Tuesday. Wednesday was marked by The Third Annual Honor Girls' Assembly. On Thursday a disTricT volleyball playday was given and The Senior High School Physical Edu- caTion DemonsTraTion climaxed The week an Friday. W' r T Th Valle ball TournamenT ose happily for The son M. Holm, E. lvansheck. SECOND ROW: V. Oderman, inne s o e y p S. Fetrowski, C. ChrisTensen, A. Laky, K, PeeT, R. Jaeger. phofogrcipher. ug I 1' riff . Lf . LC , J 1 I 21 Ti J 81 gak. A -., lnductees anxiously await the Leader Corps lnduction Cere- Members ot Girls' Leader Corps decorate for the Father- mony on October 27. Daughter Square Dance. Girls' Week Oct. 26-3l 1 Fathers and daughters "swing their partners" at the command of the square dance caller. Arlene Boccio conducts a meeting of the Girls' Week plan- President, Arlene Boccio, addresses parents and Leader Corps ning committee. members at the lnductlon Ceremony. r- 82 U-0 L in .' iff" . ,: 'mmk -' 5 Q Q I ' A ffcfiff W A fy' ,?f Mgiff ,.,, Z,. -gf 5,3 .5 vig ff, "ffff 4 fbi, Q5 3 4' 1' , Sue Klausner Managing Editor Carol Ginzburg Editor-in-Chiet Patricia Okulski Girls' Sports sfw.. Y - T Patricia Stephens Q af- Photographer 'HN K Rayna D'Auria Richard Brown Business Sales and Distribution I99 This is the second publication ot the New Hyde Park Memorial LANCE. In it we of the LANCE statt have tried to produce a pic- torial record ol Memorial's i958-59 school year. We hope that in years to come you will leaf through this book otten and that it will bring back fond memories ot your high school days. As is the case with any worthy endeavor, we encountered many obstacles along the i . ',-1f,1gxr.3g.-V - I . f ire -Qlia? 'ff-4 4 l 3 Lorrie Baum Contracts QD" Kathe Berk Donald Ring Group Pictures Boys' Sports 'J 'dr-s.,. 'V M- 5' .44 , ,-of New editors ol the Lance and their advisor, Mrs. Kondulis, attended the Hofstra College Yearbook Forum in the spring. Mary Ba rtkowski Senior Portraits Martin Petrella Co-Publicity ,M , n ,fy svi .. h LOUlS De Rose Bqrbqrq Qstro X, SGISS and Dl5TVl V ldentitications xx . yy ' . A AJ' . A? is Lance way, but through the cooperation of the LANCE stalt we were able to surrnount them, satisfactorily we hope. I would like to express my sincere grati- tude to the entire 1959 LANCE stat? and advisors for their assistance and coopera- tion. l would also like to' express a special thanks to Mrs. Kondulis, our advisor, with- out whom the publication of the i959 LANCE would not have been possible. Carol Ginzburg Editor-in-chief .1 Lancers discuss the day's photography schedule. Barbara De Meo Co-Publicity Paul Greiner Literary Colette Cornet Feature X Mr. Bernard Wallerstein l . . i Business Advisor I Mrs. Kathleen Byrne Literary Advisor Stanley Lozowski M Art r i. 43' Mrs. Pauline Kondulis Chief Advisor ll K 1:1 xh it ag, rf' ' vu? .., Q -Q r. James De Nicola Art Advisor "Z 5 LNB ZW ,ani 6 LANCE HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES: FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Hecker, A, Lavenziano, K. McCook, E. Berk, P, Walsh R. Palmieri, A, Ehrsarn, J. Greffrath, V. Buonaiuto, R. Long, W. Ambacker. SEC- OND ROW: R, Greco, N. Brown, E. Cho- inski, D. McCormick, A. Ahlers, J. Porr, L. Maystrik, A. Eide, M. Manotaro. THIRD ROW: I, Briggin, C. Roberts, I. Krieger, P. Young, M. Dreher, L. Wankel, E. Goral, B. Siegel, M. Cogan, L, Feroldi, J. Zizzo. FOURTH ROW: C. Hilton, L. Hausch, C. Becker, J. Adelmarr, L. Zdyrko, E. Metz- ler, L. Krabel, R, Maxon, C, Smith, R. Abbate. Lance LANCE BUSINESS STAFF: STANDING, left to right: Doanld Marchese, Rayna D'Auria Ralph Clair. SEATED: Maria Zanetti, Carol Leonard, Carol Christiansen, Joan Adel mon, Nick Baudo. LANCE PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Arthur Delaney, Advisor, Roberts Jenkins, Patricia Stephens, Charles Hinoioso. ff mw Staff LANCE ART STAFF: LEFT TO RIGHT: Stan- ley Lozowski, Gail Becker, Mr. De Nicola, Advisor: Gary Metzler. LANCE PUBLlClTY STAFF: LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara De Meo, Martin Pe- Trella, Elaine Johnson. ki z X. .EA 85" -,273---4 WU' Qvv I LANCE PICTORIAL STAFF: STANDING, left to right: Stanley Lozowski, Martin Pefrella, Barbara De Meo, Rayna D'Auria, Carol Schultz, SEATED: Mary Barfkawslci, Barbara Osfro, Sue Klaus- ner, Nancy Kirk, Virginia Baer. DELTA SIGMA: FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Christie, W. Hall, P. Greiner, D. Ring, R. Schaub, S. Caltagirone, A. Sorrentino, N. Baudo, SECOND ROW: R. Shapiro, R. Giandana, G. Heck, E. Delta Delta Sigma is a boys' organization dedicated to the ideal of serving the school, the community and themselves to the best of their ability. Boosting school spirit was one of the major projects under- taken by this active group and the Delta Sigma boys could be seen around school publicizing the various athletic and social events conducted during the year. The booth at the Student Council Bazaar was a big success and the various social functions this club Delta Sigma boys are very hard on Kelly, G. Meyers, C. Balestrino, R. Glickstein, R. Rankin. THIRD ROW: H. Orr, A. Markussen, W. Hoffman, R. Monson, T. Wilson, G. Glaser, A. Davis, D, Wassmer. Sigma ran for its members were also very successful. Their meetings were conducted in an atmosphere of hard work tempered by good fellowship. This past year was truly a fruitful year for Delta Sigma. Our officers were Richard Schaub, President, Robert Rankin, Vice President, Gary Heck, Secre- tary, Paul Greiner, Treasurer, Sal Caltagione, Sergeant-at-Arms, Donald Ring, Chaplain, Our ad- visor was Mr. George Costigan. Look out! Delta Sigma's newest satellite members who refuse to pay clues. Another well organized meeting of Delta Sigma. President Dick Schaub, is being launched 1 - 11, 4 ZETA RHO HI-Y: FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Stout, C. Linek, E. Holm, L. Kissel, C. Cornet, K. Berk, G. Dodge, M. Hilton, B. De Meo, G. Crawford. SECOND ROW: M. Turner, H. Langan, Zeta Another organization here at Memorial dedicated To The ideal of service To both The school and the community is Zeta Rho Hi-Y. This organization boasts an active group of girls who had a busy calendar planned for This year. AT The Top of The list were Their proiects Tor Christmas and Easter. During The Christmas holidays this group visited various hospitals and orphanages To bring gifts and holiday cheer To The patients. At Easter The members all pitched in to address enve- J. Holm, S. Klausner, H. Riemer, B. Walker, J. Vanecek, M. Zae netti, B. Martin. THIRD ROW: A. Jacobson, J. Adelmon, N. Kalb, K. Hahn, D. Fiske. Rho lopes in which Easter seals were to be mailed. ln addition to all The work, members had Time to relax and enioy Themselves at various social meet- ings Throughout The year. Our ofhcers were Kathe Berk, President, Pat O'Kulski, Vice President, Marcia Hilton, Recording Secretary, Grace Dodge, Corresponding Secretary, Colette Cornet, Treasurer, Linda Kissel, Historian and Chaplain. Our advisor was Mrs. Sheila November. Members of Zeta Rho make beautiful music Mrs, November, Zeta Rho advisor, conducts a Zeta Rho girls have charm and per Together. board meeting. sonality. Delta Gamma girls sample their wares. DELTA GAMMA HI-Y: FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Eipper, A. Genovese, L. Lutkenhaus, B. Paschette, M. Schmid, J. Young, D. Seltzer, J. Dennis, Mrs. F. Dubin, Advisor, T. Kotish, J. Forlenzo, Oliveto, C. Ziegler, P. Paetow. THIRD ROW: C. Murphy, K. Gross, D. Pearson, D, Svec. SECOND ROW: M. Joerg, V. Matheis, T. E. Weiss, D. Wright, M. Towne, C. Pelkowski. Delta Gamma Service to the students, the faculty and the com- munity is the purpose ot this busy organization. Activities for the year included a service project tor a hospital and a Student Council Bazaar Booth. This Hi-Y also took subscriptions to and distributed the New York Times and the Herald Tribune to stu- dents and faculty. This proiect was deeply appreci- ated by all those served. Tina Kotish served as President, Jan Dennis as Vice President, Arlene Seltzer as Corresponding Secretary, Gerry Florenza as Recording Secretary, Alice Ulrich as Treasurer, Marianne Eipper as Ser- geant at Arms, and Diane Svec as Chaplain. Our advisor was Mrs. F. Dubin. Tina Kotish, a tall prospect for presi- dent. other. Delta Gamma girls depend on each Omega Chi boys conduct very prohta- ble activities. OMEGA CHI HI-Y: FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Vi Vona, M. Milo, L. De Rose, Mr. Koehler, Advisorg S, Lozowe ski, E. Taylor, S. Kohn. SECOND ROW: G. Cuttarro, S. Moculeski, A. Grazanka, E. Blair, L. Castellano, B. Roe, B. Augello, G. Hogan. Omega Chi Omega Chi Hi-Y is a boys organization dedicated primarily to service both to the school and the com- munity. Various plans to raise money were carried out during the last year including a school-wide treasure hunt climaxed by a Satelite Dance. Their Student Council Bazaar booth also proved a great success by capturing a Hrst place ribbon and three silver dollars at the 1958 Bazaar. Stan Lozowski served as President, Ed Taylor as Vice President, Mike Milo as Recording Secretary, Louis De Rose as Treasurer, and Warren Webster as Sergeant at Arms. Their advisor was Mr. A. Kohler. These boys seem a bit confused. ski, is top man in this hi-y. lt's easy to see that President, Stan Lozow I f i 2 SENIOR HIGH CONCERT BAND: Flutes M. Col uhoun Cl ' t R2 : q , anne s: now, M. Tureo, C. ViVona, B. Young. Cornets: L. Castellana, R. R. Bellamente, D. Day, W. Hoffman, A. Horn, N, Hunt-Jones, S. Clair, R. Eckert. Percussion: K. Hahn, M. Towne, R. Byrne, M. Maher, V. Manganaro, R. Mayer, R. Mistretta, E. Morris, M. Ol- Quinlan, F. Muli, Mr. William Millner, Advisor. sen, K. Schaeffer, C. Schweizer, I. Silverman, T. Temple, W. Tor- Senior Hi h Band This past year was auite a busy one for the Senior High Band as it saw the band participating in more and more programs as part of an ever-expanding program sponsored by the Music Department. In addition to play- ing at numerous assemblies throughout the year, the band performed at a patriotic concert given during United States Week in October. Who can forget their rendition of LeRoy Anderson's "Sleighride" given at the Christmas Concert. The Spring Concert was also a huge success drawing both parents and students to hear the JUNIOR HIGH CONCERT BAND: Flutes: N. Clair, L. Dirnore, K. Julis, M. Melton, J. Newark, J. Silverman, M. Thomson, Clarinets: E. Bracy, R. Dipaola, L. Drassner, T. Finkel, R. Goldstein, B. Gulch J. Heck, S. Hennings, K. Korch, S. Lando, M. MacDonalds. Trum 1 wide selection of melodies. However, the band does not merely provide enter- tainment for members of the school and community. It also performs the vital function of providing students who are musically inclined with the opportunity to ex- ercise those talents that they possess. Our ofhcers were Steve Kohn, President, Marjorie Towne, Vice President, Richard Giandana, Treasurer. Our director was Mr. William Millner. pets: L. Alexander, D. Clair, .l. Dahl, D. Day, S. Head, F. Ianni D. Mangano, Percussion: W. Alexander, R. Cancro, G. Chalmersi Miss Homan, Advisor. 1-. My SENIOR HIGH CONCERT BAND: Saxophones: A. Dahl, P, Hecker, T. Leovy, E. Piccinni, E. Rockwood, F. Scholer, V. Suprenont. Horns: P, Greiner, T. Smith, A. Ulrich. Cornets: R. Goldstein, V lvonscheck, P. Mcickciui, M. Petrello, Trombones: R. Giondono I Junior The Two-Told purpose oT The Junior High Bond is To odd To The cuITurol life oi The school ond community Through The medium of music ond To Teoch junior high sTudenTs musicionship ond on opprecioiion of beTTer bond music. Keeping This purpose in sighT, the eighTy-piece bond periormed brilliontly oT The Christmos Concert ond The Spring Concerf. IT cilso ployed ot severol ossembly ond oTher speciol progroms os o service To The school. To JUNIOR HIGH CONCERT BAND: Clorinetsz D, Misfreito, F. Oster, A. PoTkin, M. Rankin, B. Schclul, K. Scully, J. Spcingher, C, Thieme T, Tromponi, K. Woblne, A. Tciub. Suxophones: S. Hole, L. Housch, N. Kirsch, A, Williams, E. Feeley, F. Scholer, W, Webster, D, Aud- ley, J. Gerth. Horns: C. Roberts, P. Stevenson, J. Vontine. Trum- pets: W. Mozzoro, R. Meier, A. Nesensohn, R. Petillo. R. Niles C. Hennings, D. Miller, K, Pieper, G. Smith, Buritones: J. Kolb- fleisch, D, Ring, T. Syversten. Tubos: K. Birmingham, W. Lucress, M. Rozzc1.Tympc1ni: S, Kohn, High Band show The younger musicions in The disTricT iust whoT o high school bond wos like, the bond sTc1ged o concert Tor The grode schools in New Hyde Pork. Donold Clciir served os PresidenT, RoberT Ccmcro os Vice PresidenT, Joyce Dohl os Secretory, Ross TuTschulTe os Treosurer ond Amy Toub, Lois Housch, Meredith Thomson, Morgciret Ronkin ond Mcirthcx ivielTon os Li- brorions. Our director wos ivliss Shirley Homon. C. Rovner, K. Schcr, R. Thodrrn. Bciritones. H. Dc- Woltofi, W. Hyb- bcneth, R. Monners, W. Wohstcr, Trombones: L. Dohl, R. Dipoolo, R. Hunn, D. Reiner, J. Stoluh, R. Tutschulte, G. XNright. Boss: K. Birmingham, R, Horris, R Price, R. Zysk. Percussion: F. Freketic G. Wollropp, C. Wessinger. DANCE BAND: FIRST ROW, left to right: Saxophones, Thomas Le a v y, Betty-Joy Young, Arlene Dahl, Vaughn Surprenant, Fred Scholer, Gui- tar, Eleanor Zimmerman. SEC- OND ROW: Trumpets, Martin Petrella, Peter Mackaut, Victor ivansheck, Trombones, Grant Smith, Richard Giandana, Donald Miller iabsenti. THIRD ROW: Drums, Steve Kohn, Mr. W. Millner, Advisor, Piano, Veronica Braunstein iabsenti, Bass, Robert Zysk iabsenti. Dance Band Providing a solid dance beat in any tempo ranging from a Iindy to a polka - that's what the Dance Band is tor. The band features several instruments such as bass, guitar and piano not ordinarily found in a con- cert band. l The band's heavy schedule included engagements at several dances held at Memorial and the Christmas Concert. in addition, the Dance Band was invited to perform at the Mardi Gras held at Sevvanhaka this past year. Our advisor was Mr. William Millner. Piano Class The purpose of the Piano Club is to afford pianists the opportunity to play the piano in an ensemble. Members are taught to integrate two or more separate parts into one harmonic, musical unit while performing their specialty, four and eight hand compositions tor the piano. This past year our members participated in the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert and in a piano recital held in the spring. Our advisor was Mr, Bertram Konovvitz. l r m ,,,f N. PIANO CLASS: FIRST ROW left to right: B. Chluczinski, G. Smith, C. Phelps, Mr. B. Kono- witz, Advisor, C. Sciuto, G Steinhauser, S. Spachner. SECOND ROW: C. Jackson B. Leonard, L. Krabel, E. Salcal, C. Gerber, M. Melton, R. Braunstein, R. Wessinger. 1 1 French Club This year The members of The French Club spoke only French aT mosT club meeiings and one wonders how anyThing could be accomplished in The face of This ob- sTacle. This club seems To have The problem solved as iT acquainTed members vviTh The culTure of France Through such media as slides, records and guesT speakers. Our advisor was Mrs. D. Flannery. CHESS AND CHECKERS CLUB FIRST ROW, left To righh L Mancuso, l. lsnardi, H. Berrent Mr. D. Gould, Advisor, D. Kap lan, W, Ross, P. Serafinn. SEC OND ROW: N. Grube, J. Clark, A. Ress, K. Leonhardt, J. Van Tine, F. Rudell, B. Sondheimer THIRD ROW: R. Alpin, R. FusT S. Gardner, G. Schaub, P Morea, K. Karch, R. Long FOURTH ROW: L. Meyer, L Breiffeld, R. Masson, A. Laven ziano, C. Wolff, A. Chavatte. FRENCH CLUB: FIRST ROW, lefT To righiz M. Messana, K. Gross, C. Ziegler, Mrs. D. Flannery, J. Halpern, K. Peei, M. Kogan. SECOND ROW: K. Feurey, J. llTis, J. Tomlinson, K. Quinlan, M. ZaneTTi, A. Selizer, J. Ark- wright, J. Whife, B. Siegel. THIRD ROW: C. Gardner, D. Spahr, R. Dessner, L. De Rose, R. Goodman, R. Brown, C. Hingular, C. HebensTreiT, J. Adelman. Chess and Checkers Developing skills in chess and checkers as well as fosTering a compeTiTive spiriT were goals of The Chess and Checkers Club. Informal rnaiches and organized TournamenTs helped decide The Top players in our school and members dream of The day when DisTricT- wide compeTiTion will be a realiTy. Our officers were Dave Kaplan, PresidenT, William Ross, Vice PresidenT, Howard Berrenl, SecreTary- Treasurer. Mr. D. Gould was our advisor. t-4' We CHARIOT: FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Meyer, M. Hilton, J. Holm, D. Fiske, Mrs. R. Rosenberg, Mr, J. London, Miss L. Carney, Ad- visors, H. Riemer, S. Widmer, J. Stout, J, Vanecek. SECOND ROW: E. Renwick, J. Piccarella, S. Konowolow, E. Weiss, L. Zdiebkowski, E. Fischer, A. Berg, C. Ziegler, J. Fass, D. Pies, B. Leonard, M. Bauman. THIRD ROW: M. Merkert, P. Stephens, M. Lella, J. Erb, M. Messana, A. Zoller, E. Bianco, M. Milberg, D. Esche, M. Medina. FOURTH ROW: M. Lederway, D. Day, R. Mayer, C. Vi Vona, D. Serwer, D. Krogstad, T. Gilbert, A. Lipkin, A. Weiner. Chariot "Get your papers here! Read all about it in the Chariot!" Sixteen times during the past year the staft of our school paper struggled to meet a deadline and print a newspaper for the news-hungry students at Memorial. During the earlier part of the year the loyal members of the Chariot's staff weren't even slowed down by the wide spread strike ot the newspaper delivery men. This year was a year of many accomplishments. ln addition to being the first newspaper in the district to be published every other week, our paper again won a second place award at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Our staff consisted of l-lildegarde Riemer, Editor-in- Chiet, Dorothy Fiske, Managing Editor, Stephanie Wid- mer, News Editor, Judy Stout, Feature Editor, Joan Pic- arella, Junior High Editor, Joan Vanecek, Exchange Editor. Mr. John London, Mrs. Ruth Rosenberg and Miss Loretta Carney were our advisors. The Chariot art stat? draws editorial cartoons while advisor, Mr, London, and editor, Hildegarde Lost minute corrections are made on Riemer, look On. copy before the Chariot goes to press. Sales boom as the Chariot is eagerly bought. 96 Stephanie Wi mer eps anice om ig her candle ai The Tall Induction Ceremony. HONOR SOCIETY: FIRST ROW, IefT To righiz B. OsTro, C. Cornef, L. BernsTein, A. Berg, K. Berk. FOURTH ROW: J. Stout, Y. Williams, J. Dennis, C. Ginzburg, Mr. lvlcElderry, Advisor: P. Greiner, P. J. Holm, C. Michael, B. PascheTTe, S. Lozowski. FIFTH ROW: Okulski, lvl. BarTkowski, SECOND ROW: B. De Meo, S. Widmer, G. Heck, D. Ring, W. Hall, D. Schaub, M. PeTrella, R. Brown, L. Baum, H. Riemer, S. Klausner, V. lvansheck, C. Schulfz, E. Holm, J. Erb. L. De Rose. THIRD ROW: C. Campo, J. Stegmann, J. Vanecek, Honor Society CharacTer, Service, Leadership, Scholarship! These Tour words keynoTe The purpose and obiecTives of The NaTional Honor SocieTy. Composed of The Top TiTTeen per cenT of The Senior Class, This organizaTion requires These Tour TraiTs in all members and seeks To TurTher develop Them Through o naTion-wide program. Members were deeply impressed by The inducTion ceremonies which made us full-fledged members of The Honor SocieTy enTiTled To all The privileges of member- ship. AcTiviTies in sfudy hall QI3 weren'T always conducTed on The highesT inTellecTual plane buf were Tun anyway. One of The mosT imporTanT proiecTs To The members was The ordering of our Honor SocieTy pins. We also car- ried on The TuToring service originaTed by lasT year's members. Our ollhcers were Paul Greiner, PresidenT, ColeTTe CorneT, Vice PresidenT, JaneT Dennis, Recording Secre- Tory, Pafricia O'Kulslci, Corresponding SecreTary, Carol Ginzburg, Treasurer, Richard Schaub, SergeanT-aT- Arms. Our advisor was Mr. John lvlcElderry. Ofhcers, Jan Dennis, Colette Cornet, Paul Greiner, Carol Ginzburg and Paf Okulslci, polish The Scholastic apple. d h l J H I I ht Paul Greiner, president, and other oTTicers welcome inductees To Honor Society. y ,vnu 44 6' P ,- I : +-Ls . li .L "is jf' ' I 'T I T T111 ' , T T . I , 1 l T I 4 'L A ,,- . I ' .K '1 i T """N 9 SAMARATEENS: FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Belitz, S. Widmer, J, Erb, Mrs. K. Byrne, Advisor, L. Bernstein, l. Finkel, M. Milberg, M. Pantin. SECOND ROW: M. Pesce, P. Abatto, M. Werden, M. Sama This past year savv the creation of a new club to add to the long list of extracurricular organizations here at Memorial. As their name implies, the club is composed of girls who are willing to give of their time to help those less fortunate than themselves. Hard work char- acterized their many activities, all of them keynoted by their ideal of service to others. Among the various activities of the club were in- cluded a booth at the Student Council Bazaar and various projects to buy food, clothing, etc. for needy people in our area. Friedman, B. Pinzl, B. Kasper, D. Pies, E. Wicks. THIRD ROW: D. Miele, E. Volz, C. Smith, E. Zimmerman, E. Fisher, M. Messona, L. Zdyrko, S. Chao, J. White, D. Hance. rateens All work and no play is not good either. The girls certainly showed that they believed this theory, as they held many social functions for club members. Linda Bernstein was our President, Andy Berg our Vice President, Margaret Werden our Corresponding Secretary, Mary Ann Messana our Recording Secretary, Stephanie Widmer our Treasurer and Diana Pies our Historian. Our advisor was Mrs. K. Byrne. The meeting is adiourned on a note of Energetic President Linda Bernstein Officers' smiles demonstrate the spirit of the or- cordiality and the feeling of a iob well moderates discussion. ' ganization. done. 98 RETAILING: FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Latsko, S. Lascari, K. Johnson, C. Allotta, Mr. J. Rooney, Advisor, R. Cox, M. Giltrap, M. Meyer, K. Ryan. SECOND ROW: B. Picerno, T. Venezia, M. Retailing Club Organized to promote interest in the tield at retail- ing, the Retailing Club was very active this year. In addition to etticiently running the school store, the members participated in a luncheon given for the employers of club members, in a behind-the-scenes trip to o department store and in a trip to the stock market. Mariorie Towne served as President, Edward Blair as Vice President, Sally Lascari as Secretary, Thomas Smith as Treasurer and Roy Scimonelli as Sergeant-at-Arms. Our advisor was Mr. Rooney. JUNIOR RED CROSS: FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Weiss, C. Hernandez, J, Clark, P. Belyea, Mrs. F. Golding, Advisor, E. Sondheimer, R. Greco, V. Allen, E. Pollack. SECOND ROW: M. Fleming, C. Souther, V. Kreyling, R. Chainslci, K. De Bari, K. cv .4 if Towne, P. Skwera, C. Fromm, E. Krause, P. Pietrowski, H. Roman. THIRD ROW: E. Reis, R. Scimonelli, E. Blair, J. Fallacora, G. Smith, P. Sinacore, l. Silverman. Junior Red Cross Another ot Memorial's active service organizations is the Junior Red Cross. Aiding the school ond community in every possible vvoy vvos the goal ot this year's busy group. During the year members raised an impressive sum ot money in a membership drive, which they sent to aid the American National Red Cross in their work. Our advisor was Mrs. F. Golding. Keshion, A. Wentel, G. Steinhouser, L. Dimore. THIRD ROW: M. Fransen, M. Wolf, J. Fricker, T. Fischer, C. Landau, M. Melton, A. Kane, J. Kalbfleisch, V. Milio, M. Conde. if ' VW ' 1 I A AUDIO-VISUAL SQUAD: FIRST ROW, left to right: Edward Feurey, Mr. A. Koehler, Mr. A, Delaney, Kenneth Birming- hcim. SECOND ROW: Roger Chartrand, Wayne Kwiatkoski, George Demos. Audio-Visual Squad Photo Squad Need a microphone or a record player? The Audio- Charged with the responsibility ot providing the Visual boys are the ones to see. This club is in charge school with an agency to perform necessary photo- ot the transportation, operation and maintenance ot graphic services, the Photo Squad enjoyed ci busy, pro- the schooI's audio-visual equipment, including record lfductive year. The boys were kept hopping by requests players, movie screens and proiectors, the public al!-fl from teachers and department heads for the develop- dress system and the facilities ot the ouditorium.,J,V ing and printing ot pictures for school publications and Our advisor was Mr. Albert Koehler. Jfinstructional supplements. A y f pl, fyf' In spite ot all this activity the members still tound if' rf ,i.'V T time to read and learn about new and interesting fl Q75 techni ues develo ed tor use in the Held of ff bf Ci P , g, ' fy! photography, A, V N XV i f Our odvisor was Mr. Arthur Delane . 4, yf ,Q , pf Y 7 f ,if lx A 714 fe If ,..f IV, nj. Mp, Mfg x ff' . f .l K! ff' J 1 , fl A-f' V Q., Af Ll, X. A. X , I' . ,Lf 1. fl., I PHOTO SQUAD: FIRST ROW, left to right: A. Heimer, D Rive, P. Stephens, Mr. A. Delaney, L, Zclziebkowski, A, Galante, R, Scaglione. SEC- OND ROW: R. Chartrond, P. Metzler, R. Frost, W. Weik, F. Scholer, R. Jenkins, C. Hinoiosa, M. Henes, i e . ,Q ARTIATORS: FIRST ROW, left to right: Carol Schillizzi, Cheryl Roberts, Mrs. Greffrath, Advisor, Edith Bracy, Shirley Schillizzi. SECOND ROW: Darin Baum, Jeanne Kiefer, Ann Subach, Janice Berman, Janet Greffrath. 0 0 Artiators Consisting of young craftsmen from the seventh, eighth and ninth grades, the artiators work on art pro- iects that have been requested of them by other organi- zations here in Memorial. Signs, posters, display cases and various other proiects are designed and executed by this club. This work benefits the members in turn by enabling them to develop their artistic and creative talents. Our advisor was Mrs. Greffrath. rtisians Organized to advertise school events, decorate show- cases and make displays, the Artisians carried out many activities during the year. Among these were in- cluded designing the posters and scenery for the Scenici Player's Production of "Little Women," making props for the Choir, and sponsoring field trips of interest to the members. Our officers were Elaine Johnson, President, Shari Konowalow, Vice President, Diana Pearson, Secretary, Maria Lella, Treasurer. Our advisor was Mr. Weinger. ARTlSlANS: FlRST ROW, left to right: M. Hilton, J. Agosto, S. Konowalow, Mr. Vveinger, Advisor, E. Johnson, D. Pear- son, C. Ottesen. SECOND ROW: R. Maxon, J, Roe, L. Lutlcenhaus, G. Metzler, M. Rubolcen, K, Duhnoslci, K. Tome, J. Linelc. 7 i I ' 1 . 1 ' SCENICI PLAYERS: FIRST ROW, left to right: C. l-lebenstreit, R. rell, E. Fisher, L. Glass, N. Kalb, K. Feurey, K. Peet, THIRD ROW: Strassner, J. Linek, J. Agosta, Miss M. Boyd, Advisor, L. Lutken- L. Fass, V. Matheis, P. Augello, P. Balestrino, L. Kavanagh, D. haus, J. Adelrnan, F. Glass, S. Konowalow, B. Siegel. SECOND Leblanc. ROW: C. Gardner, M. Thoden, P. Stephens, S. Martins, G. Mer- cenici Players "Curtain time - five minutes" was heard lust before the Players presented their brilliant version ot "Little Women" on December llth and l2th, Parents, teachers and students were unanimous in voicing their acclaim tor a job well done. This play was only one facet ot a program which included a road company ot "Little Women" To tour the local elementary schools, helping with the Senior play, a dramatic work-shop which produced a series of one act plays and the presentation ot awards to Our "Little Women," Frances Glass, Kay distinguished members at the end of the year. This program was conducted with an eye to the pur- pose ot the Scenici Players, that is, to make it possible for students to develop their interest in drama and to enrich the cultural lite ot the school and community. Our ofhcers were: Fran Glass, President, Linda Lut- lcenhaus, Vice-President, Jeanette Agosta, Recording Secretary, Joan Adelman, Corresponding Secretary, Janice Meyer, Treasurer. Miss Marlene A. Boyd was our advisor. Feurey, Pat Kane ond Margie Werden Miss Boyd, who directed "Little Women," beams Pat Kane as "Jo" convulsed the audi pose for the photographer. with relief at the play's success. ence with her imitation of Aunt MQ,-Ch ir lg 1 i KEY CLUB: FIRST ROW, lefT 'To right S. Lozowski, C. Vl Vona, P. Mackauf, D. Day, E. Sakal, D, Anderson, A. Subach. SECOND ROW: M. PeTrella, D. Ring, W. Hall, P. Greiner, L. De Rose, R. Brown, Mr. Brenner, Advisor, G. Heck, Cf BalesTrino, P. De Nicola, E. Blair, THIRD ROW: R. Koplin,'W. TruTT, R. Monson, E. J Key The Key Club is an organizaTion sponsored by The Kiwanis Club of New Hyde Park which seeks To be of assisTance To The school and To The communiTy, while promoTing high standards of scholarship, sporTsman- ship and leadership. The pasT year was a very busy one Tor The Key Club as iT saw The members of This organizaTion performing many Tasks in accordance wiTh The Key Club ideal of service. AT ChrisTmas They collecTed money To donaTe Kelly, F, Scholer, J. Meyers, R. Glickstein, R. Shapiro, R. Jenkins, A. Horn, R. Clark. FOURTH ROW: J. Zima, V. lvansheck, T. Wil- son, A. Markussen, C. HilTon, D. Serwer, M. Milo, A. Davis, H. Bay, J. Onysko. Club To The SalvaTion Army in response To iTs annual Tund- raising appeal. The Key Club also helped ouT aT vari- ous social evenTs run by The Kiwanis Club by organizing a coaT check concession. Louis DeRose served as PresidenT, Donald Dickson as Vice-PresidenT, Richard Brown as Recording SecreTary, Charles ViVona as Corresponding SecreTary, and Paul Griener as Treasurer. Our advisor was Mr. William Brenner. Louis DeRose, president, accepTs The Key Club's Certificale of Organization from The Key Club members enioy The dinner given by The Richard Brown and Louis DeRose Kiwanis Club. Kiwanis Club of New Hyde Park. proudly hold The Key Club's Cerfiflcale 103 l 'T T 5 15553 is 5,5 , -R M..-v if 2 . FUTURE NURSES, FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Fresco, E. Allen, OND ROW: E. Cruickshunks, M. Razzo, M. Merkert, M. Pucitqco, D. Junge, J. Fosone, J. Cervellion, G. Dodge, L. Gustafson, SEC- E. Metzler, M. Stewart, M. Tomaszewski. Future Nurses The FNA serves to provide students who wish to en- ter the Held ot nursing with some vitol loosic instruc- tion. Members of Future Nurses ore tamiliorized vvith the oidvointoges of a career in nursing. Here they ore also prepored for the vorious types of problems which they might encounter and ore ocguointed vvith the different types ot nursing coreers. Our otzhcers were Morgoret Stevvort, President, Joy Cervellion, Vice President, Groce Dodge, Recording Secretory, Evelyn Allen, Corresponding Secretory. Mrs. Alice Valentine vvos our advisor. FUTURE TEACHERS: FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Pantin, K. Nopolitano, J. Drovinslci, B. Neuschulz, M. Millberg, S. Farber, M. Werden, SECOND ROW: C. Murphy, l. Finkel, J. Young, B. Walker, Miss Scott, Advisor, J. Usinger, P. Kone, E, Kraus, Future Teachers F.T.A. vvos orgonized to ocquoint interested students with the vorious aspects ot the teoching profession. The club cooperates with the Guidance Department ond with various teachers in the school in order to loecome tomilior with the rou-tines, duties and special requirements of each tield ot teaching. The memloers ot this club olso enioyed a visit to ci stote teochers' college this post yeor. Our otticers were Joan Usinger, President, Borlooro Wolker, Vice President, Jonet Young, Secretory, Pot Kane, Treasurer, Evo Krouse, Historian. Our odvisor was Miss S. Scott. J. Feldman, THIRD ROW: J. Agosto, M. Aceto, C. Linek, K. Feurey, C. Gardner, J. Halpern, J. Adelman, M. Zanetti, P. Pae- tow. FOURTH ROW: J, Foss, M. Rotto, M. Eipper, T. Giannini, A. Berg, l.. Lutkenhous, E. Fischer, M. Belitz, V, Motheis. . s. su i -s......f :vc r FUTURE HOMEMAKERS: FIRST ROW, Ieff To righiz C. Fromm, P Rubelsky, C. Kaider, Mrs. BrisTow, Advisor, M. D'Oi'so, A lacono, G. Dodge. SECOND ROW: E. Cruickshanks, D. Gonzales, Future Homemakers This club is charged wiTh The viTal responsibiliTy of Training high school girls oT Today To become The well informed homemakers of Tomorrow. ln addiTion To ac- auainiing The members wiih The pracTices oT homemak- ing, This organizaTion sTrives To develop The personal qualiTies of leadership and cooperaTion and To provide service To The school. Marilyn D'Orso served as PresidenT, Pauline Rubel- sky as our Vice PresidenT, Grace Dodge as our Record- Ann Calquhoun as our ing SecreTary, Mary Corresponding SecreTary, and Adeline lacono as our Treasurer. Our advisor was Mrs. M. Hershey. '1 A. Donaldson, B. OTTO, M. Colquhoun, D. Karshick, F. Orlando, L. GusTaTson, J. Lucka. THIRD ROW: S. Spiegel, B. Gregorio, J. Mirecki, J. Usinger, E. MeTzler, M. MerkerT, E. Romano, N. Lafsko. Council Force Here aT Memorial we have a sTudenT body of some l,9OO sTudenTs. NaTurally when These sTudenTs pour inTo The halls beiween classes, some TraFHc problems are bound To arise. To alleviaTe This siTuaTion is The iob of The Council Force. The members of The Force are also seen keeping unauThorized people ouT of The halls beTween classes. STeve Kohn was our PresidenT, Charles I-linoiosa our Vice PresidenT, RoberT GoldsTein our Corresponding SecreTary, Bruce Roe our Recording Secrefary and Donald Marchese our Treasurer. COUNCIL FORCE: FIRST ROW, IefT To right: RoberT GoldsTein, Charles Hinoiosa, STeve Kohn, Donald Mar- chese. SECOND ROW: Edward Blair, Bruce Roe, William I-loTTman, George Demilriades. Nazism wr ,w mzwfmc- an I f :vague Q L' PL v 'ya' GIRLS' SERVICE LEAGUE: FIRST ROW, left fo right: J. Bora, C. Juliana, A. Zoller, N, Zith, J. Piorkowski, Miss Bernard, Advisor, B. Paschette, L. Kissel, T. Kolish, R. Prommersberger, M. Maher, S. Lascari. SECOND ROW: S. Farber, A. lacono, B. Donovan, J Rozzi, D. Gonzalez, B. Otto, A. Eide, L, Maystrik, C. Christian I sen, M. Guenther, L. Schust, M. Smith, J. Muzzonigro, D. Oliveto, N. Sarli, M. Silversmith. THIRD ROW: M. D'Orso, J. Forlenza, C. Woltien, P. Leuthner, E. Oliveto, M. Eipper, T. Genovese, J. Feld- man, M. Belitz, J, Adelman, C. Gardner, K. Quinlan, l. Finkel, K, Tome, M. Dreher, K. Gross. Girls' Service League "May l help you?" was a tamiliar phrase to those who entered Memorial's main othce seeking help ot some kind. The members ot the Girls' Service League were hard at vvork throughout the year in the guidance and main othces, performing myriad tasks to lighten the burden ot work that talls on othce personnel. In addition to helping out in the othce, the Usherettes served at various school tunctions including school assemblies and dances. Heading the list ot their many social activities was their booth at the Student Council Bazaar. All to- gether this past year was one that saw the Girls' Serv- ice League accomplish many things and in so doing, it served the school admirably. Our otlicers were President, Barbara Paschette, Vice President Linda Kissel, Recording Secretary, Joan Piorkowski, Corresponding Secretary, Ruth Prommers- berger, Treasurer, Nancy Zith. President, Barbara Paschette, gives Angela Zoller collects attendance cards, a Service Memorial's Usherettes are honored mem out the week's assignments. League function. bers of Girls' Service League. Q-1 SENIOR HIGH LIBRARY CLUB: FIRST ROW, left To right B. Ca- ham, C. ReiTz, A. Simonsen, A. Nichols, J. Krieie, J. Maiorana, lamis, R. Maxon, N, Jones, Miss L. Gould, Advisor, G. Goth, G. A. Rulewich. Newsome, F. KrauT, P. BerToni. SECOND ROW: R. Jorbc, H. Pink- O 0 g 0 Senior HI h Junior Hi h O O Library Club "Cooper's books? RighT over There under F-C." Or- ganized To promoTe inTeresT in The use of books and The library, This club TaughT iTs members hovv To oper- aTe a library and hovv To be of service To The library's paTrons. During The year members enioyed Themselves aT a ChrisTmas ParTy aT Their STudenT Council Bazaar booTh and on a TTeld Trip To New York CiTy To see a Broad- way play. Our advisor was Miss Lena Gould. Our ofhcers were: William Tornovv, PresidenT, Ralph Jorba, Vice- PresidenT, George GoTh, SecreTary, and Ronda Maxon, Treasurer. JUNIOR HIGH LIBRARY CLUB: FIRST ROW, lefi Io rlghi: L. SOC- coccio, T. Fischer, M. Fleming, J. Fricker, D. Spohr, D. Tooile, Advisor, L. Feroldi, M. Garfinkel, J. Hahn, M. Frc.nsen. SECOND ROW: J. Clark, l. Briggin, Y. Jundheimer, J, Garfinkel, J. Mane Library Club This club enclovvs iTs members wiih a deeper, more meaningful appreciaTion OT liTeraTure as iT sTrives To- ward iTs goal of providing The iunior high sTudenTs vviTh beTTer library service and oT promofing higher reading sTandards. Under The leadership of Mrs. DoroThy TooTle, advisor, members of The club can always be counTed on To do Their besT To help The iunior high library render more elTicienT service To iTs paTrons. Our ofhcers were. Doris Spahn, Presidenf, Linda Leroldi, Vice-PresidenT, Maureen Fleming, SecreTary, and KaThy Birmingham, Treasurer. gano, K. Birmingham, E. Sondheimer, F Beck, C. Alston, E. Sahon. THIRD ROW: R. Paniin, C Schorvberg, R Mcl-IUFITQ, P. Belyea, J. Kuiriier, C. Wolff, R. Phoef, G Gcibrid. m . az:-l - -le fa-1 an1as. wl- a nav4:w-v-ua-nn 1 glflui--ing BOYS JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS: FIRST ROW, left To right: M. N. Rothfeld, S, Veland, R. Wells, H. Harlem, J. Latten, E. Luthy Neilson, P. Melvin, S. Elgort, R. Dorf. SECOND ROW: R. Mueller, M, Smith, R. Schubert, FOURTH ROW: T. Oswald, B. Hillmer, D A. Kuchins, J. Mallol, G. Sotirhos, Mr. B. Konowitz, Advisor, A. Leznevich, G. McFarland, VV. Adelman, J. Mirecki, G, Haufler, R Hall, T. Rive, R. Wech, D, Austin. THIRD ROW: J, Mac Dougall, Young. J 0 I lo h J 0 I It h 9 ' 9 Boys Chorus ln this organization The young men ot the iunior high are given The opportunity of learning iust what iT's like to sing together in a chorus. Under The able leadership ot Mr. Bertram Konovvitz, our advisor, we sang in sev- eral programs put on during the year, thereby training our voices in the best vvay possible Tor "practice makes perfect." This chorus is well able To train its members forthe Turther use ot their musical talents in the Senior High school. GIRLS' JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS: FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Caronia, K. Messina, D. Stillvvell, A. Bailey, C. Mileo, C. Grau, J. Carlsen, E. Allen. SECOND ROW: W. Kudrikci, R. Rizzi, B. Straka, G. Messina, K. McAndrews, Miss M. Donnelly, Advisor, W, Allen, M. Roberti, C. Grant, C. Belotte. THIRD ROW: J. Kalb- Girls Chorus Performing at the annual Christmas Concert and Spring Concerts vvas iust one ot the many things the iunior high girls chorus did in accordance with their purpose. The chorus was organized To bring out and develop the talents of musically inclined junior high girls, to endow each ot them with a lasting apprecia- tion of good music and To provide each of them with enioyable experiences accompanied by pleasant mem- ories. Our advisor was Miss Marion Donnelly. fleisch, E. Eberle, D. McAllister, J. Turnquist, A. Glaser, P. Mc- Andrews, L, Beaudet, M. Breif, A. Vanclerhoini, V. Weck, J. Dicle- ment, J. Grefirath, L. Fuelling. FOURTH ROW: C. Kaider, D. Hul- ett, B. Gross, B. Zimmerman, V. Scully, L, Blau, P. Belyea, B Sears, J. Ryon, C. Hauptmann. Q' SENIOR HIGH MIXED CHORUS: FIRST ROW, left to right: A. Boc- cio, E. Metzler, M. Merkert, L. Christon, L. Schust, T. Manganaro, B. Havron, A. Casale, D. Svec, L. Beckett, A, Straubmueller. SEC- OND ROW: A. Savino, M. Tomaszewski, P, Tate, L. Bernstein, A. Berg, Miss M. Donnelly, Advisor, L. Kissel, B. Walker, E. Ryan, J. Roe, M. O'Meara. THIRD ROW: J. Dimore, C. Campo, K. Gross, J. Rickmeyer, A. Eide, D. Hill, J. Meyer, G. Merrell, A. Bailey, LJ. Wright, B, Ostro, L. Atlas, N. Kalb, B, Young, L. Gauthier, M. Werden, L. Latalladi. FOURTH ROW: P. Robertson, J. Cheskay, P. Augello, R. Hiltl, J, Jardinier, W. Kwiatkoski, G. Glaser, J. Staab, D. Dixon, G. Metzler, W. Lucress, A. Finamore. ' M26 Senior Hi h Mixed Chorus Q Organized to develop the talents ot its members and to endow them with an appreciation of good music, the Senior High Mixed Chorus was a very active organiza- tion this past year. The Chorus performed at the United States Week Concert and sang holiday songs at our Christmas Concert. They also Went caroling through the halls as part ot their service to the school. In March they appeared in the production "Finian's Rainbow" and later on in the year at the Spring Concert and at Graduation. SENIOR HIGH MIXED CHORUS: FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Di- more, C. Campo, A, Casale, E. Johnson, D. Junge, M. Walter, C. Linek, E. Sandstedt, D. Le Blanc, A. Seibert, C. Contarino, E Wicks, J. Dravinski, J. Cervellion, E. Krause, J. Erb, L. Gustafson, Y. Williams. SECOND ROW: S. Metzger, K. Creta, R. Giese THIRD ROW: J. Fasone, D. Spahr, A. Kemp, P. Okulski, J. Won- dergem, J. White, C. Tome, N. Sarli, S. Chao, B. Roe, J. Jacob f Several choristers also perto me' i u quiem presented at the Nassau unt ll-State Fes tival on December 5th and oth. 4 J Chorus officers were PFGSICIGIT t + J' ' , ar ra s , i President, Judith Hal ern- Re din e feta , i . p I C Ulrich, Corresponding Secretary,y0I'pf"BcHestJo.,m" advisor was Miss Marion Donnelly. 60'-,L R. Ranking, F, Kohn, E. Skelton, L. Atlas, C. Brasholz, M. Maher, A. Taub, M. Miller, J. Dennis. FOURTH ROW: C. Hingular, M. Turner, R, Gioia, J. Holm, L. Schust, J. Cirenza, G, Merrill, E. McCrea, M, Wilson, W, Kwiatkoski, P. Balestrino, W, Webster, P. Augello, T. Syvertson, A, Bailey, J. Halpern, A, Ulrich, L. Zdi- ebkowski, M. Kaufhold, A, Southern. L.,MA.- f V - --LVM e-e ..-. . ,, -1 Mv f . ,n1vmv' 11gnl.l4 u- 4 Bw! JUNIOR HIGH MIXED CHORUS: FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Melvin, D. Austin, S. Elgort, G. Haufler, R. Mueller, E. Allen, A. Bailey, C. Mileo, G. Messina, M. Baumann. SECOND ROW: V. Weck, E. Eberle, A. Glaser, L. De Meo, A. Behrens, Mr. B. Kono- witz, Advisor, V. Scully, S. Veland, L. Ross, A. Kuchins, M. Breit. THIRD ROW: E. Berk, L. Fishen, J. Ryon, H. Grotheer, A, Onysko, B. Zimmerman, A. Johnson, J. Gunderman, C. Kaider, D. Hulett, L. Beaudet, C. Hauptmann. FOURTH ROW: VV, Adelman, R. Schubert, G. Sotinhos, J. Mac Dougall, E. Luthy, N. Rothteld, A. Hahl, M. Smith, B. Hillmer, G. McFarland, J. Mirecki. Junior Hi h Mixed Chorus The Junior High Mixed Chorus was organized to perform at assemblies and in our annual Christmas and Spring Concerts as a service to the school and the community. Junior High Students blended their voices together in a wide variety of musical selections to de- light the ear of the most critical listener. Having a good JUNIOR HIGH MIXED CHORUS: FIRST ROW, left To right: J. Lai- ten, R. Young, T. Rive, M. Neilson, D. Leznevich, R. Wells, T. Oswald, J. Mallol, R. We-ck, R. Dorf, H. Harlem. SECOND ROW: D. Stillwell, C. Obremski, K. McAndrews, J. Caronia, VV. Plate, W. Baum, B. Sears, K. Baum, J. Greftrath, K. Sakal, B. Straka, J. Kalbfleisch, THIRD ROW: C. De Foe, V. Allen, K. Messina, M. time while doing all this was naturally unavoidable and members of the chorus are looking forward to the time when they can sing in the various Senior High musical organizations. Our advisor was Mr. Bertram Konowitz. Roberti, P. Belyea, J. Turnquiest, A. Kane, L. Blau, A. Vanderhott, M. Borman, VV. Kudrika, R. Rizzi, J. Carlsen, C. Grau, FOURTH ROW: C, Belotte, C. Grant, C. Romer, S. Matthews, P. McAn- drews, L. Carlson, B. Gross, F. Lipkin, M. Fiorentino, H. Rabino- witz, M. Eisenberg, B. Piccioni, D. McAllister, L. Fuelling. 's11u ' m ,n 41im1umnf41m:n - ir The '59 editors scrutinize carefully Mr. Randolph, Dr- Ng,-,sg and Mrs. the work of the '58 editors. Kondulis are pleased with the eftorts Arlene Scholer and Mrs. Kondulis present the first of the mst yearbook sniff. Yearbook of New Hyde Park Memorial High School. Fred Maxey, president of the Student Council, chats with Mayor Messina at the Student Government Day Dinner. Mr. Ora Walters, Chairman of the Science Department, exhibits the awards to be presented to the win- ners of the Science Fair. May the best man win . . , such is the cry at the Junior High Student Coun- cil election assembly, XS 1' Y 'M"1w:,.qg,, . .flq , . An active volcano - one of the prize- winners at the Science Fair. Memories of Mr. Carell and members of the student body dine with local ofhcials in honor of Student Government Day in New Hyde Park. '51 swf FA Dennis Boland enters his Civilian Defens radio in the Science Fair. Members of the iunior high, campaign vigorously for council candidates. x Leon Taub and Dave Rive show their original de- signs exhibited at the Air Show. f E it-nb 'Q' J Y "K.f"'1""-Q, sx sXi Si f w' X ,gf W 'Til lX,g7iI ' fl 9 1 iorioa Sooner BEAN TOS Honor Society members .lo Ann Sceneci Players "Wheel of Fortune" I draws a lot of attention Student Coun- i Und Steve, dmw Glielmon fe me" dl Bazaar. "Basket-Loon"ll Key Club's version of basketball draws "bean toss" booth. 1 a lot of players. The Chariot booth was a huge success at the Student Council Bazaar. Dr. Niosi accepts a telegram from Arlene Boccio, Leader Corps Member, at the Student Council Bazaar. Maurice Santangelo performs in behalf of Konkordia at the Election Rally. KONKORDlA the atten- Art Club's Roman Soldier draws tion for people to have their portraits drawn. ' Sand' Marie Reiss, Ecclesia Queen, surrounded by her lovely court, reigns at the Election Rally. Charlie Allio and Mary Ann Reinecke, King and Queen of the i958 Student Council Bazaar strike a regal pose. ' WE CNE GRKCN e STAMPS f 5 Here's an interesting booth at the W Bazaar . . . it gives green stamps. Nothing can dim the campaign spirit of the junior high electioneers. STAND . - r1111 1.-1.5:-run.nma.u11 jwn' ig Ja 4 'Ui' W A f,.,f K L ' 4 ., x 45 9 7 2 "' xQ1i.2 5 ii If 98,2 31323 ,xx Pay: , fffl ' 6 yi, ffw i 431 T, T 5 r ., N f MW QQWQ' y f s 1 'T , , 6 I I 'A"' " V X KWH . Ronald Stanley, Joan Natalie, , wx J I 'V 'K Anthony Christon and Mary Ann J ' I Reinecke lead the Grand March, -5- N 1 Class advisor, Mr. Anastasio, stops to chat, Happy couples relax after a delicious dinner. Twilight Time Charles Allio escorts his "lady fair," Barbara Anderson, to the Senior Ball. , LX Gus Longabardi and Carolyn Wondergem, co-chairmen, smile with satisfaction ata iob well done. Miss Marion Donnelly and Mr. Theodore Lambrinos entertain. Couples Lindy at Stewart Manor Honored guests enioying the Senior Ball. Coumry Club. Belles ot the ball . , .our Lance editors! WW .-auzf-' , S t E i i D 5 T ln ik f ti is f 5 V .,c V JL! is E-mms' ' 1- akzxwe- A ti i , Q Art ..... Index 16 Artiators . . . . 101 Artisians ......... . 101 Awards Assembly . .. . 112 Baseball ......... . . 64 Basketball ......... 62, 63 Board of Education .... 6 Boys' Leader Corps ...... .. 68 Boys' Physical Education .... .. 17 Cafeteria ............... . . 19 Central District Staff . . . . . . 7 Chariot .............. . . 96 Chess and Checkers Club .. 95 Citizenship Education ............ . . 11 Citizenship Education and English . . 13 Classroom Candids ............. . . 14, 15 Commencement - 1958 ....... . . . 114 Commercial . . ,..... . . 16 Council Force . 105 Custodians .... . . 19 Dance Band .. .. 94 Dedication ......... . . 4 Delta Gamma Hi-Y .. 90 Delta Sigma .......... .. 88 Eighth Grade Board . . . . . 36 Eighth Grade Hi-lites .. 38 English ............. . . 1 1 Ex Libris ... .. 1 Football . . . 58, 59 Foreword .,... . . 5 French Club .... .. 95 Freshman Board .. .. 34 Freshman Hi-lites . . . . . 35 FHA .......... 105 FNA ......... . . 104 FTA .............. . . 104 Girls' Leader Corps ...... .. 80 Girls' Physical Education .... .. 16 Girls' Service League ..,.. . 106 Girls' Week ........... 81, 82 Graduates ......... 44-55 Home Economics ..... . . 18 Honor Leader Corps .. 81 Honor Society .,...... .. 97 lndustrial Arts ... .. 18 Junior Board ....... . . 28 Junior High Band ........ 92,93 Junior High Boys' Chorus . . . . . . 108 Junior High Girls' Chorus .... . 108 Junior High Intramurals ... 78, 79 Junior High Library Club ,.. ... 107 Junior Hi-lites ............. .. 29 Junior High Mixed Chorus ... ... 110 Junior High Popularity Poll .. 33 Junior High Student Council .. 40 Junior Red Cross ..... JV "A" Cheerleaders JV "B" Cheerleaders Key Club ............ Lacrosse ...... Lance Editors Lance Staff .... Language ..... Library .......... Marching Band ......... Mathematics .... . ........ Mathematics and Scie DCS Memories ....... ........ Miss Junior .... Miss Lance ...... Miss Sophomore . . . Mr. Junior ...... Mr. Lance ...... Mr. Sophomore Music ......... Ottice Stott ..... Omega Chi Hi-y Photo Squad .... Piano Club ......... Principal's Message PTA ............. Pupil Personnel .. Retailing Club ... Romanettes .... Scenici Players .. Science ....... Science Fair Semarateens .... Senior Board ..... Senior High Band ...... Senior High Intramurals .. Senior High Library Club .. Senior High Mixed Chorus Senior High Student Council Senior Hi-lites ........... Senior Sign Out ........ Seventh Grade Board Seventh Grade Hi-lites Soccer Sophomore Board ....,. Sophomore Hi-lites ....... Student Council Elections .. Subiect Area Coordinators Table ot Contents ,...... Track and Field Twilight Time ....... Twirlers ............. Varsity Cheerleaders .... Varsity Club ......... Zeta Rho Hi-y .. 99 72 73 103 66 84 86, 87 11 16 69 12 13 . 111 27 43 30 27 42 30 17 19 91 .. 100 94 10 23, 24, .. 20 .. 18 .. 99 74,75 .102 .. 12 .112 .. 98 .. 22 92,93 76,77 .107 .109 .. 39 25,26 .. 56 .. 37 .. 38 60,61 .. 31 .. 32 .113 8 5 65 .. 115 70 71 67 89 AM IW "Look to Us With Confidence" JOSEPH V. CALTABIANO Real Eilafe and Izlrzzmfzre Agfllfy' 40 3 JERICHO TURNPIKE NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. FLoral Park 4-1742 PARK DELICATESSEN JOHN MULLER FLoral Park 4-1366 FLorrrl Prrrk 4-4130 HILLSIDE CARPET CO. N0 Tack Marky Wiify Om' Snzooifaedge Tarkleu Carpe! 111.1121111112011 1637 HILLSIDE AVENUE 902 Jericho Turnpike New Hyde Park, N. Y. 7 FL 4-0716 NEW HYDE PARK, N. x. WING WAH LAUNDRY 1006 JERICHO TURNPIKE New Hyde Park, N. Y, FL 4-3595 FORIER'S SERVICENTER, Inc. HILLSIDE AVE. - HERRICK RD. Williston Park, N. Y. ANTON FORIER FLorul Park 4-0094 Martin S. Berkman PLESSER HARDWARE DIVISION fFormerly Samuel Plesserj Ha1'du'ar'e - Hn11,i'eum'e.f - Dame .md Pilnburgla Paint 700-702 JERICHO TURNPIKE New Hyde Park, N. Y. ALAN PHARMACY, Inc. J. MEYER, BS., Pharm 1618 HILLSIDE AVENUE New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 4-3037 NELSON'S Sc and 10c STORE 914 JERICHO TURNPIKE New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 4-6833 HESSING'S MARKET "l1'ff1e1'e Qlmlily Refgur Suj11'emr" Prime Meats and Poultry 1103 JERICHO TURNPIKE New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 2-7170 BROWN 'S AUTO BODY Auto Painlizzg - Repuirf 161 LAKEVILLE ROAD New Hyde Park, N. Y. R. Brown, Prop. FL 4-3445 N. Y. PLUMBERS' SPECIALTIES CO. 425 JERICHO TURNPIKE New Hyde Park, N. Y. Tel. FI 7-2036 - FL 4-3304 F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 422 HILLSIDE AVENUE New Hyde Park, N. Y. B. 1. REDMOND RICHARD'S BAKE SHOP Specializing in Wfeddizzg and Birthday Cake.: Our Specialty Danish Crumb 1019 JERICHO TURNPIKE New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 4-8522 Helen and Richard Kloepfer. Props. VILLAGE MEAT MARKET 1115 JERICHO TURNPIKE New Hyde Park. N. Y. FL 4-5970 A Scelza, Prop. .-1...423:11-:-ce:-:-1-1 gf ...gui4.3.3.-13:-z-111:23 ,5.3.5,3.3.-1 ,gf,3:3.g.5.3.-:-.-:-:-.-.'. ,5 -,3,3.3,-y .- ...... ., 4:5f3f523f1fff5f3f3f3 :3:i:':l:3:i:3:f? Vg?" Egigigi' g1j1g1gEgEgErEgEgEgEg5gp' J V..,I.1133313313:-:3:3.::3:I ,A QEEEQEEEEESEE . .. 155E?2E55Eei2i25522232122 ' 21212225213333322225?5:5,5g3Q35g ,,' " f 312:-'izijz-:'.3,1:3,'. va-5-9: .. 'f1f1f5 12S522Eij5i1:1i1i222i2Z2?i:s . i'-1235135511 ..,4..,.. i2EgEg1jEg1gE'Eg' 1f'2.I5'1gEj'jE2,f if .- ,- gf A ' V l"3'5'1'1'llglgf-QQ22.Z.QQ:QQ13:3zzz-zz:52:1:3:1:2:E:2ff2:ff3Ef3:E5 1' 5 12511.iQ..lQ.f.2f5.iLil25l3al2l5.:iz.Ei1Q5i? '-f:2:E:E:E:EQff3EQ2f2222222552 f f f f f ' f 1 f f 'f f f f f 1 Money in the bank can help solve budget problems When your expenses are less than your income,don't let the left-over money slip away. Deposit it in a Richmond Hill Savings account. You'll have a balance you can draw from when your expenses exceed your income. Make steady deposits in your account at Richmond Hill Savings Bank and end your budget problems. I a year LATEST DIVIDEND L O 4 Q3fX, regular plus VAX, extraj RICHMOND HILL FLORAL PARK g MAIN Qpprgg 0 HILLSIOE AVENUE Il 0 Jamaica Ave. at llblh Street OFFICE O LIBERTY AVE, OFFICE 257-O3 Hillside A e II4 I9 L berfy Ave. af lISfh Street af Z579h 501229 l 119 ALTMAN -ROSS DEPARTMENT STORE For Jmall thingy big thingy and to Jarfe-17211619 more, Be fare to Jtop at Altman-R051 Department Store. FL 4-4485 OUR FIFTIETH YEAR Jericho Turnpike and Lakeville Road NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. Headquarters for the Latest "Memorial" Styles OFFICIAL GYM WEAR FL 2-8155 --6 REALTOR Courtesy - Servire - Appreriatiorz PETER H. BENSON 1603 HILLSIDE AVENUE Cor. New Hyde Park Rd. New Hyde Park, N. Y. DONG YOUNG CHINESE LAUNDRY 1621-A I-IILLSIDE AVENUE New Hyde Park, N. Y. FLoral Park 4-3915 PARISI HARDWARE Dil Pant Paint - Sroffy Gran Seedf 1314 JERICI-IO TURNPIKE New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 4-0556 - 7 RICHARD WILLIAMSON, Inc. Real E nate 2020 HILLSIDE AVENUE New Hyde Park, N. Y. 4-104 O FL RELIABLE WASHER SERVICE CO. Washers - Dryers 1200 JERICHO TURNPIKE NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. ALL MAKES REPAIRED Party For All Warberf 4-7570 -QM All YOUR BANKING CENTRAL " BANK 6 TRUST CQ Member F.D.l.C. -A, GREAT NECK ,of LYNBROOK if EAST HILLS if NEW HYDE PARK 'Af PORT WASHINGTON S N77 ' ' 12 I "I MATHIAS C. SEIBERT Iflfzmzzire 127 GERARD AVENUE NEW HYDE PARK. N, Y. FLorz1l Park 2-982 3 NEW HYDE PARK PHARMACY 1219 Jericho Tpkc, at lngraham Lune New Hyde Park, N. Y, Phone FL 4-0289 Morris Belitz. Pl1.G. First Pharmacy Established in New Hyde Park Drugs - Hwllfy Snjipliei - Cm111rl!r,i THE SIMON AGENCY, Inc. lflilzitzmx l.illd6l'Zl'lfft'7'1 1208 JERICHO TURNPIKE New Hyde P.irk, N. Y. FI. 2-670l FLoral Park 4-0280 Marv Cooperfs Hillside Meri's Shop "Your Snare for Iry League Sfylef' 1636 HILLSIDE AVENUE New Hyde Park, N. Y. PR 5-8544 SEEBA'S DELICATESSEN flume Made S.1l.1d.i' - Frmr-y Grm'er'ift 36 LAKEVILLE ROAD HAUSCH REALTY CGRP. Established 1925 sie JERICHO TURNPIKE NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. Buying . , . Selling "Let Us Serve You" Une Block Off Jericho New Hyde Park, N. Y. "-3335 21 NUZZI FUEL CO. Main Offlce: 625 JERICHO TURNPIKE NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. FL 4-2258 Fuel Oil - Oil Burners - Heating Specialists AUTOMATIC DELIVERY SERVICE 24 Hour Service Complimentf of THE SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS DEPT. HENRY L. HOCHHEISER, Pres. R E S I D E N T I A L LUMBER MASONS MATERIALS, Inc. Floral Park 4-6420 Fleldstone 7-2594 2030 HILLSIDE AVENUE NEW HYDE PARK, N, Y. Between New Hyde Park Rd. and Denton Ave. OPP. ROBERT HALL THE THOMAS F. DALTON FUNERAL HOMES 29 ATLANTIC AVENUE qopp. RR Depoty FLORAL PARK, N. Y. FL 4-0634 50 NEWBRIDGE ROAD fC0r. West Marie St.J HICKSVILLE, N. Y. WE I-0262 THOMAS E. DALTON GEORGE E. DALTON "If C0415 N0 More to Call Dalfoif' 122 FLushing 9-9507 SANFORD SERVICE STATION General Auto Repairs Batteries - Accessories - Washing - Lubricating and Simonizing 164-16 SANFORD AVENUE FLUSHING, N. Y. RAYO OIL CO., Inc. 470 LAKEVILLE ROAD NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. Stanley Schultz FL 2-8989 NEW HYDE PARK FUNERAL HOME Centrally Located All Morlerfz COIIZVIIIEIIKEY joseph R. Smolenski, Mfznfzger 506 LAKEVILLE ROAD Cor. Lowell Ave. New Hyde Park, N. Y 123 gy fhe MR. "MEADOW BROOK" SENDS Ben' Wirbef for Szzrfesy to THE CLASS OF 1959 ization al NEW HYDE PARK OFFICE Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ISLAND FEDERAL SAVINGS 8a LOAN ASSOCIATION HEMPSTEAD - NEW HYDE PARK - SYOSSET 1606 I-IILLSIDE AVENUE NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. FLoral Park 4-4120 RONALD K. LAING Auf. Vile P1'e,U1f6'lif C07llfIli7llEl7f,f of DR. 8: MRS. EDWARD G. ROSS AND FAMILY Compllmefzlr of DR. 8c MRS. ALBERT SHAPIRO Complimenlr of DR. BENJ. N. SCHWAID JOHN P. BELLAMENTE THE BELL INSURANCE AGENCY 412 JERICHO TURNPIKE New Hyde Park, N, Y. FL 4-0908 FI 7.1443 124 TEXAS BEEF CO., Inc. Prime Meal! - Free Delivery FL 4-9620 1015 JERICHO TPKE. New Hyde Park, N. Y. PARK AUTO SERVICE Compfete Aulo Servire - Experl Iglzitirm Sefz-'ire 140 Lakeville Rd., New Hyde Park, N. Y. Tidewater Gas Angelo De Nicola FL 4-9769 HILLSIDE HEIGHTS LAUNDROMAT 2048 HILLSIDE AVENUE New Hyde Park, N. Y. him Q, ll of ' It to c' '- f if Complimerzls of HARRY HONES FUNERAL HOME FLORAL PARK, N. Y. FLoral Park 4-3268 MELODY MILLS, Inc. Fabriry - Dmlberiei' ' Drew Goody Nofjom - S!jlUf0Z'6l'J' - Upfyofilerizzg 909 HILLSIDE AVENUE NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. PILGRIM PHARMACY William Mecca Robert Peck Hillside Ave. at New Hyde Park Rd. NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. FL 4-7952 NEIGHBORHOOD TAILORS Alteruliwzf Our Specially - Cleuzzefi - Dgeri' - FIll'l'IL'!'f 1519 Jericho Tpke., New Hyde Park, N. Y. C. Margagliotti FLoral Park 4-0262 20fZy Discount with This Ad BOHN'S DELICATESSEN Cold Cult - Sufadx 934 I-IILLSIDE AVENUE New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 4-2621 LAKEVILLE MOTORS Textzw Certified Serrice 167 LAKEVILLE ROAD New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 4-9795 Complete Automotive Service ALBINO'S ROAST BEEF MANOR Cwztiuefml Czfiiizze Store: FI. 2-3052 LAKEVILLE HARDWARE Garden Snfrjfliev .md 7'fmIr Relllfd Chef Albino Orders to Take Out 1101 JERICHO TURNPIKE Pittsburgh - Cook and Dunn Paints and Supplies fAt 11th St.j New Hyde Park, N. Y. 926 Hillside Avenue FL 49454 Chester Sparling New Hyde Park, N. Y. 1. NICHOLAS KRUG AGENCY INC. Complete Imlzrazire Service 635 'IERICHO TURNPIKE NEW HYDE PARK, N. Y. Phone FLoral Park 4-6495 or 8664 HYDE PARK BEAUTY SALON 1605 Hillside Ave., New Hyde Park, N. Y. FL 4-9628 Experl Opemlort - Permmzefll IIHJIIIIKZ Betmly Clzlflzre IVIISS ANN INIR. JAY FLoral Park 4-0821 Air Conditioned CANTON HOUSE RESTAURANT COCKTAIL LOUNGE Dirtirzrtire Cbifzefe Cniiifze Special Orders to Take Out 1627 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park, N. Y. .nl l I WM? ZW Congrarulafions and fhe besf of luck! We af Lincoln are proud of The pari we have had in helping To malce your classboolr a permanenl reminder of your school years, recording wirh phofo- graphs one of +he happiesf and mosf exci+ing limes of your life! We hope lhai, iusr as you have chosen us as your class phorographer, you will conrinue +o 'rhink of Lincoln Srudios when you wanr phofographs ro help you remember orher momenfous days 'ro come! When you choose Lincoln porrrairs, you are sure of The finesf craf+smanship af 'rhe mos? moderafe prices! LI C011 W T DIO Foremosr School Phofographers in +he Eos? 126 'WWW f W Connie and Sonny Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Renna Mr. and Mrs. M. Petrella The Manzos Marie and Russ Mrs. Carolyn Tallow The Zwillingers Mr. and Mrs. J. London Mr. and Mrs. J. Byrne Harry Coughter Wally Bankowski Mr. Neil Mork Albert G. Ambrosia Frank Delia Benny and Maryann Ann and Eddie Cindy and Sal Linda Brown Mrs. M. Brown Richie Brown Mr. T. Bartch Mrs. H. Arrich Mr. Mr. and Mrs. T. Negredge Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mills and Family Mr. and Mrs. John McMeehin Mr. and Mrs. C. Sackman Mr. and Mrs. John Lilly Dick Schaub Don Ring The Big Four and Mrs. Raymond Hillmer BOOSTERS Mr. and Mrs. H. Christensen Mr. and Mrs George Schust Mr. and Mrs. Warren Leonard Mr. and Mrs Nichols and Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCrea Mrs. Mordecai Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Du Tot Mr. and Mrs. William Denniger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stewart Mr. and Mrs. George Long and Family Mr. and Mrs. Hernadez Mr. and Mrs. F. Leonard William Rueck Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blair William K. Stephens Mary Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ericson Marlene Latella Edward McGann Mrs. Anna K. Stephens Erna White Warren Miller Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Drasser William Rausch Mr. and Mrs. T. Lavenziano Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kutina Harold Hauser Mr. and Mrs. P. MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. S. Sefton james Barrett Mr. and Mrs. D. P. D'Auria 127 PRODUCTS OF DISTINCTION A H lorlmericis Schools 5 I 51 if nnouncemenrs I P - where .l0STEN'S is! Q 153404 . Class rings of matchless beauty X Q Announcements of distinctive elegance o Trophies of masterful design and finish o Awards of lasting satisfaction j 7 X Y 7 MT TIZQSHIVING Amnlcxs must sruomrs . roi so Yuns ' SINCE 1897 ' ' W "At Your Service" ANDRE ARCENEAUX EUGENE BARNARD BRUCE BARNARD PAUL MAUS JOHN ZANGLER SUnset 1-7448 ACKNOVVLEDGMENTS The H1959 Lance" is grateful to: Mr. Ewing Organ Mr. John S. Randolph The Class Advisors Dr. Jerome Niosi Homeroom Teachers Mr. Arthur Delaney Club Advisors Miss Arlene Meyer Homeroom "Lance" Representatives Lincoln Studios LONG ISLAND BUS CO., Inc. P. O. BOX 221 New Hyde Park, N. Y. A 123 if 7J7QQf gm ZWM Mx QQUJ Qiffhwk .fC,f1-Jngg, Jbqfx IAQ-I Q! C30'77Z,fL. . X Wjw nu wt.-2... Y-'IL .eu 14.15-S40-s...6'a,:Lp WOM 1 i V' 1,15 HN-ix

Suggestions in the New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) collection:

New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 77

1959, pg 77

New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 52

1959, pg 52

New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 40

1959, pg 40

New Hyde Park Memorial High School - Lance Yearbook (New Hyde Park, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 119

1959, pg 119

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